Exciting times ahead

Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 20:16
There are so many Lee related things to look forward to at the moment.
  • Continuing saga of Lofty in Casualty, how will the association with Dylan pan out? 
  • The Lee and Stephan comedy show at the Pheasantry and then in Horsham (can't wait).
  • Three more Some Enchanted Evening concerts in interesting places and the Christmas concert at The Garrick. Will we have the big snow machine again? Take your scarves, just in case!
  • We go to Birmingham over Christmas (Oh Yes We Do) to see Alladin. I'm really looking forward to seeing Marti Pellow as the baddie. (Wet Wet Wet are touring next year!!!)
  • Then in May until September Chitty Chitty Bang Bang around the country. He'll be perfect for the role, comedy, singing and a bit of dancing too. So pleased for him.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 20:19
I am feeling better, not 100% but better.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 20:32
...ooh loving the decor - fancy you choosing pink Jo!! xx
TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 20:33
Carol, you need glasses, it's purple and lilac ;)
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 20:57
Thanks so much for the new page Jo! I was just thinking yesterday that the old one was getting slow. It's lovely seeing all the Meady goodies listed. Lots to get excited about!

OK - I can't see pink or purple and lilac. I'm seeing Stage Loppy red on the header then shades of grey. Eye test needed!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 21:34
Can I do a concert near Reading in the evening after CCBB matinee in Newcastle? That'll be a NO. Damn it!
Nightlee night
luckymoilee wrote:
Thursday, October 22, 2015, 06:58
Thank you for tbe new page Jo .I cannot se the beautiful decor though.
glad you are now almost to 100%.lets hope it will not be long before you are a full 100 .when are you making Cardiff Jo do you know?. Waiti g to hear from ploppy to find out when he will be released from hospital, my bags are paacks.... love to you all.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, October 22, 2015, 07:06
Thanks for the new page, Jo. Excellent timing as I won't have to scroll for ages to bottom of page on the iP*d while we're away. It's about time App*e added a go to bottom of page feature!

MinL given clean bill of health (obviously excluding the Alzhe*mer's). Ploppy wasn't happy that he ended up having to spend nearly all day at hospital. Good thing he now works 4 days otherwise DK how we'd have managed with all the recent appts.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, October 22, 2015, 07:30
Morning all and we have only just woken up! As a result think we missed any early morning rain they forecast - I can even see some blue sky. Oh that's good about MiL, hopefully put Ploppy's mind at rest a little. Agree Diana, much easier to use the ipad to post when we are away this weekend - it was taking quite a while to get to the end of the page! Chantale safe journey home - I am sure Nicholas will be pleased to be out of hospital. Ah so bad timing issue for the concert in Rxxding then Jo - what you need is to borrow the Txrdis! Had a lovely morning baking and we had a nice relaxing afternoon, eating, drinking and putting the world to rights. Twin stayed over of course and Lindy and Janice went at 9pm (after we had all had a little weep at DXY SoS) just before The App'ice (couldn't believe one of the girls had no idea where Dxver was!!). Twin is off back home this morning as she is off to the chiro late morning, and MM and I are off on a shoe hunt (I need new ones for winter in both black and navy but has to have a heel, has to have a bar, has to be comfy but smart - you'd think it would be easy!!). Night in tonight so need to catch up with last week's episode of Unfxrgxtten before we have this week's! That takes care of viewing from 8pm onwards! Morning BHB, you like the new look in the Bistro but think there should have been more pink? Oh I see, you have put pink flowers out and are those pink lampshades on the table lamps? Goes well with the purple and lilac I think! (You might sneak some pink cushions in too? Good idea). Let's grab the pink champers (to toast the makeover) and the cheese scones and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (I know she is awake!).
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, October 22, 2015, 07:52
Morning all,, looking a bit brighter today. Thanks for the new home Jo, the decor is just lovely, purple and lilac, very smart, mind I do see pink around as well! I will be off home soon as I am seeing both my back ladies today, so should be very good afterwards!
Glad the MiL is ok Diana, even if Ploppy didn't enjoy his day,
Hope you get Nicholas home Chantale, I'm sure it will be a relief.
Morning BHB oh how gorgeous the bistro looks, of course it in pink, what else? Let's get another bottle of pink champers and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Thursday, October 22, 2015, 08:23
Morning all. Another wet and very windy day, and I've been outside!

Jo,- thank you for the new website. It looks very clean and tidy!

Hello sweetheart. My, you have been busy decorating. Just as well, because I can't see any of the pink, purple or lilac. I think I'll go with Jane and have my eyes tested! I'll have a coffee, thank you and a snuggle, please.

Yesterday was one of thse waisted days. I could barely get out of bed through the day. At one point I thought I would never make it to London and the Pheasant next weekend. Today I feel much better. I've even had a shower and washed my hair. After breakfast I popped in to the little supermarket on the ground floor! I hope this goes on, as I think I need many good days before my travels next weekend.

Carol,- new shoes, or boots? Or both? Winter boots with heels? Not in Norway with the snow and ice. We're just waiting for the first snow fall here.

Diana,- good to hear that your m-i-l is OK, except for the Altzheimer of course.

Jo,- there is a concert you can't make? Well, I never. GO will be in tears!
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, October 22, 2015, 08:42
....well all my boots (bar one pair and a pair of snow boots) have heels Eva .....well yes I do need a pair of pull on ones, but in Navy, same as the black ones I bought they other week.....but the main focus today is the shoes!!
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, October 22, 2015, 08:43
...and posted before I had said that I was pleased you were feeling better - you need to be well enough to travel! Also omitted to leave lots and lots of oooohhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsss in the bank!
Ali wrote:
Thursday, October 22, 2015, 13:10
Afternnon. Lovely new home, thanks Jo.
Picked up my new car this morning, have 't decided on a name for him/her yet!!
Got back and took Jack to 'work' for brunch, he managed 6 pancakes!!
Now sorting out clothes for holiday as not much time free. I'm taking sloppy to see a play tonight, working tomorrow then having my hair coloured. Never been so disorganised before a holiday.
Hope you're feeling better for next weekend Eva. Will I see you? I'm going Sunday
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, October 22, 2015, 17:08
...back from the RT, sadly no shoes or boots. Did buy some Chrissie presents, and bought two tops, two pairs of trousers and some bedding. The search goes on............ Six pancakes is quite impressive Ali!!! In case I forget have a lovely holiday. Imogen Ann is taking her Mummy and Daddy to Spxin for half term!
TK wrote:
Thursday, October 22, 2015, 17:54
Eva, be serious of course it's not a Lee concert I can't go to. He'll be in Newcastle in CCBB. It was another concert. I do go to see things non Lee related .............. occasionally.

Yes, sorry about the delay in the new page. It's really not difficult for me to do. Just in my ill state I was not up to non normal actions. I've been meaning to do it for some weeks.

Carol, you are very organised. I'm sure you'll find the right shoes soon. I really can't be bothered trekking around for shoes. My last short boots were chosen by me describing the boots I wanted to the shop assistant, ankle, no heel, no shiny metal decoration, round toes. She went away and came back with several pairs. I had said black, she offered a burgundy pair which were in the sales. Perfect, matched my new coat too. I've done this successfully before in big shoes shops. A good assistant knows the stock, not all is on display sometimes.

Oh Spain for half term, nice to get away before the darkness descends.

Ali I hope your new car settles down with you very soon. Does it have a place for the stuff you have in your car? I had problem with my current car, where to put the can of dc? Worked it out in the end.
TK wrote:
Thursday, October 22, 2015, 18:09
Just had to pop off and get USA 5Live up and running.

Diana, glad MiL is OK. Hospitals can eat up time sometimes, at other times you breeze in and out surprisingly quickly. Trouble if you can never tell what you are going to get.

Time for fruit and yoghurt I think
TK wrote:
Thursday, October 22, 2015, 18:23
Westend Frame Interview
TK wrote:
Thursday, October 22, 2015, 18:36
Nice bit about the fans at the end
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, October 22, 2015, 19:27
Evening all, I came home from Twin this morning then went and had a lovely massage at my chiro. Fell much better for it.

Eva so glad you started the day feeling a bit better. Hope it stayed that way. You have a very important date next weekend.

How lovely getting your new car Ali. What colour is he/she? I agree with Twin. 6 pancakes is very impressive!

Thanks for the link Jo, what a lovely interview. So he wants to tour again next October. I feel he may do more northerly venues if he can. Lovely words about the fans.

Carol29 wrote:
Friday, October 23, 2015, 07:16
Morning all - little bit grey here but dry and looks like it is brightening up. Lovely article, Jo (especially the last part!). Looks like he was already going to take the year out from C'lty before he got CCBB. Caught up with Unforgxttxn last night and then watched last night's episode. Think it is really good. As I said when we saw the first episode, it has a brilliant cast. Ali, keep us posted on the new car's name please, and have a lovely time away. MM off to see his office today (so I made one cake last night for him to take and have to make one this morning - orange and chocolate last night, apple and cinnamon today). I will drop him at the station and then continue my quest for shoes! Bit miffed at the moment MandS have still not sent me the new loyalty card, nor or there any in U'bridge. When I was in one of the stores yesterday the check out assistant asked me if I had a Spxrks card, so I said no, not been sent one and she said trying going on line. To add insult to injury the till receipt said "you could have earned Spxrks points if you had used your card today" - grrrr!! Came home went on line and there is nowhere there to say you want one, only that you need to validate your card. Booked tickets for us to go and see the new Bxnd film next Frxday (very much MM's sort of thing!). Tonight we have choir practice. Apart from that nothing planned! Leaving lots of ooohhhmmmmmsssss for the poorlies and the needies. Morning BHB, let's grab the Vanillita and the scones and have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket. You can tell me all about your plans for the weekend whilst we wait for the DCM!
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, October 23, 2015, 08:51
Morning all, another grey day, it would be nice to see the sun again, but it could be much worse! I am being a LWL today with Ari's mum haven't managed to see her for a couple of weeks so we have some catching up to do! Must get a small bit of the i word done first though. I need to be ready for the weekend.

Ali have a lovely holiday, I'm sure you need it! Hope the weather is good for you.

Twin I hope you manage to get the new card soon. I'm so sorry I have one. Really odd, no idea why I got one sent to me and you didn't.

Morning BHB, so what have we today? Oh of course it is Vanillita day. Lovely. Let's get another jug and find the CM.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, October 23, 2015, 09:04
...so I creamed the butter and sugar, added the eggs, sifted in the flour and spices and thought - this smells odd. Looked up and I had added cumin instead of cinnamon..........anyone for apple and cumin cake? No me neither - into the bin with the mix and new apple and cinnamon now cooking nicely!!
Jane E wrote:
Friday, October 23, 2015, 11:20
So – whose concert is Jo missing. Not Lee obviously; Cliffy? No surely Eva would know…got it! SS!! Sue has converted her! Love that interview. He’s so lovely about his slightly bonkers fans!

Chantale hope Ploppy is home and recuperating now.

Eva – glad you are feeling better. Would hate for you to miss out on the Pheas..

Diana – glad that MiL is OK. And totally agree about the bottom of the page button!

Carol – I can scarcely believe the ignorance of some of the people on the Ap…. I remember the team that thought Christopher Columbus was British too. Sigh!

So Pauline can see Pink and Purple too. That’s it! Come on Eva let’s get that eye test!

Can we have a name your car competition Ali? Have a lovely holiday!
Karen1 wrote:
Friday, October 23, 2015, 11:20
Hi all

It’s me!! Just popping in from the recovery bay to say a huge thank you for the absolutely stunning flowers and the lovely pink Loppy (I love her!) as well as all the cards and good wishes. You guys really are the best!

I’m starting to feel a bit better, still have some numbness and tingling in my left arm and sometimes it doesn’t do what I tell it to (a bit like Ploppy!) and I feel very tired all the time but other than that the main problem I’m having at the moment is dizziness, which I’m told is a side effect of the new meds. I know it doesn’t sound like much but sometimes it’s very debilitating. Some days I can hardly move the dizziness is so bad. I’m told it will pass, I just hope it’s soon as it’s a horrible feeling. Still, if that’s the only problem I have, I think I’ve been very lucky. I have to go for a brain scan (not sure they’ll find one!!) in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I just have to take it easy and not stress myself out worrying (yeah, right!). My GP said it’s my body’s way of telling me to slow down! Easier said than done, but maybe it’s the kick up the butt that I needed to make me start looking after myself a little better. It was all very scary and I kept thinking about how devastated my poor Mum would be if anything happened to me!! Until now, I hadn’t considered that she might ever have that to contend with, you always think it will be you looking after them, not the other way round!! Ploppy has been brilliant, I don't know where I would have been without him!

I dont know if I’m going to make it to The Pheasantry, I really don’t think I’ll be up to it. I’ll be gutted, as I so wanted to see this new venture but, hey ho, it’s not the end of the world is it!! Anyway, I hope those of you that are going have a fabulous time. And I have the Christmas concert to look forward to. And, of course, now CCBB too. Just the news I've been waiting for, very exciting!

Thanks again. Love to all. xxx
evam wrote:
Friday, October 23, 2015, 16:10
Afternoon all. Sorry I haven't been in earlier, but I've slept most of the day. As it was chemo night last night, maybe it's not too surprising given my present condition. I'll do my best to stay awake a few hours so I can watch some telly.

Kk,- how lovely to see you. Your description of your condition sounds scary, but we have to trust the expertice when they say it's temporary. Will they find any signs of your brain, I wonder? Please let us know! I keep thinking about you and yours. I'm sure your lovely ploppy is your strenght.

Ali,- have a wonderful holiday. Yes, I will hopefully be at the Ph both Saturday and Sunday.

Jo,- thank you for the link. Wonderful interview, especially the last bit. I think he loves us!

Carol,- any luck with the shoe hunt?
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, October 23, 2015, 17:11
KK lovely to see you and so glad you like the little bunny - has she got a name yet?? Does sound scary but think it is right that your body was telling you to "whoooaaaa - slow down" - now LISTEN to it!! Sad you won't make the P'ntry but Gxrrick to look forward to at the end of the year. Eva, the shoe hunt was partially successful - got my boots, which had 20% off, and then bought some black shoes which don't quite tick all the boxes but a lot of them. Will wear them until I find the right ones.....still looking for navy ones! Also got my SPXRKS card - they were in the U'bridge store, and signed you up on line there and then so you could collect points today. Very nice young man (who coincidentally is doing the Marxthon next year for MND) said the sending out of cards was at random selection from pooter - object was always to do it in store. Lady J it is worrying isn't it, that these candidates are supposed to be bright!!! Off to choir in a moment then feet up before we go off tomorrow.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, October 23, 2015, 18:21
Evening all. Had a lovely lunch, very long as usual and lots of chat. Had a good catch up. Very nice.

KK so lovely to 'see' you. Glad you are feeling better, thought the dizziness sounds horrid. Fingers crossed it goes soon. Glad the flowers were ok and helped cheer you a little. Of course your Ploppy is a tower of strength, no surprise there. Now do as Twin tells you, look after yourself and slow down a little. So sorry you can't make The P. However there will be other gigs and you need to take care. PS, I hope they can find your brain!

Well I suppose lots of sleeping makes a nice change for you after lots of sleepless ones Eva, but it would be lovely for you to have just a normal good night I'm sure.

Ali wrote:
Friday, October 23, 2015, 19:07
Evening. Think we're all packed. Middle scollop has just had the 'staying home alone lecture'!
My car is a metallic bluey/grey hatchback. Think the name might be Bebe simply cos of the numberplate znc Jack keeps saying it so has stuck.
How lovely to 'see' you KK, glad you are being looked after.
Been for a trim and colour at the hairdressers. Grey all camouflaged once more.
Think I might watch a bit of telly and try and have an early night as ploppy intends to leave by 7 tomorrow
TK wrote:
Friday, October 23, 2015, 20:27
Hii KK. Lovely to 'see' you. I hope the dizziness goes soon as to must be difficult to do normal things.

More to look forward to (from FB):
Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday 8th December for the charity Bloodwise. The concert, Christmas with the Stars, will help fund the charity's work with blood cancers like Leukaemia. The concert starts at 7.30pm and you can book through the RAH website www.royalalberthall.com.

1st concert 2016. Poole Lighthouse on Wednesday 23rd March. The venue has very kindly given us priority booking days for you and tickets will go on sale - by telephone and counter sales only - from Friday 30th October until Sunday 1 November. Box Office telno is 0844 406 8666. The password is ECLIPSE please.
TK wrote:
Friday, October 23, 2015, 20:52
Just found out today that one of our chaps is leaving next week as a full time job gets in the way of his music career. (Heard that somewhere before.) He finds it hard to get in the studio, hmmmmmm
They aren't bad
sue-1 wrote:
Friday, October 23, 2015, 21:57
Fi, condolences on the loss off Ploppy’s dad, sudden death is always a shock.
Evening all, this is turning into a regular Friday night communication!
Sorry to see you still feel so poorly, no wonder you’re fed up with it.

Eva, what a lovely surprise, you get the housework fairies and a little one to cuddle up to, not quite worth being poorly for but lovely all the same.
Good to hear you have a cleaner now. Blinkin’ eck she knows how to charge though!!

Carol, love the idea of the cufflinks, if only Ploppy would wear them. The only thing I’ve come up with so far is a cake with HOW OLD??? on it. Had that idea because one of the drivers who works with Ploppy had a leaving do at the pub last Friday and someone had brought him a cake iced in black with a clock face in white, hand pointing to 5 o’clock and underneath ‘that’s AM mate’ a reference to him being frequently late on the job!

Maeve, hope your cold is better now.

Talking of cheques, I had one from our building society this week £100 compensation for their lack of response to four letters I have sent over the past year, they also added £6 for a phone call I made that kept me hanging on listening to rubbish music for half an hour and still didn’t get to speak to anyone. I said thank you very much

Chantale, that lodge sounds just perfect, exactly what you needed.

Jo, all the years I worked for the County Council I saw at least four re=organisations, by the time we got to the fourth we were back where we started!
Ohhhmmmsss for TK, poor girl.

Loved the West End Frame interview, so good to know he values all of us and realises that he is the reason we’re all friends. Haven’t said it for a while but I do love that man!

I must have missed where you’re going Ali, but hope you have a lovely time.

Carol, what a waste of a cake……….

KK, lovely to see you! Hope you’re back to ‘normal’ soon, I say that loosely  seriously get well soon missus, look forward to seeing you in December.

Ploppy home from the pub with a kebab, better go and help him with it……….night night x

Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 06:09
Morning all and ver dark outside, although of course it will be even darker tomorrow when the clocks go back. Not that I will be (a) up at 2am (official changeover time) (b) here to do all our's! Off down to Sxmersxt today of course - mind you the weather doesn't look to brilliant so my NT visit house and gardens may be amended slightly. We have decided to eat lunchtime en route so that we can start the marathon tv watch that is the Sat night routine! Hope Ali and family have a safe journey. Can report that Imogen and her Mummy and Daddy are safely at their hotel (they posted a photo)! Jo thanks for the info - trying to locate my 2016 diary - it's here somewhere!! I need it anyway as Twin booked for us to go next March (funnily) enough to see the lovely Tom C in Prxvate Lxves which is touring next year. Lots of nice things touring next year!! Sadly can't do the RAH concert! It's that busy time of year for us. Sue lovely to see you will email you a link to the site I used for the cuff links as they do lots of other age theme pressies, just in case you see something apt! (just popped over to send it whilst I remember!). Ah and another one with a cheque - mine all seem to be paying out ones at the moment and just had the C Card bill which includes our French trip, afternoon tea for MM's birthday and the Wxr Hxrse tickets (sigh). Depositing lots of oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmsss for all the poorlies. Which reminds me Mr Chris saw the Insultant yesterday and his PXA level had dropped to 1.9, which is brilliant and the biopsy from his op to remove the lesions from his bladder showed they weren't cancerous. So that's good news. They will still want to see him every two months, but it is looking positive. Morning BHB it is a little gloomy so let's light the pink lamps. If you bring the Drxma Queen, I'll fetch the pink blanket and the apple and cinnamon cake (pleased to say that one worked!) and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 08:10
Morning all, just dashing in as I have to get to Twin. Hope we can find something nice to do :) Thanks for the info Jo. Had seen about the RAH and there are very few tickets left and those are in the ceiling! Good news there will be some concerts next ear as well as CCBB.

Nice to see you Sue. Even if it is only once a week, much better than never.

Morning BHB, yes I am in a hurry but there is always time for you and a cocktail So what have we?Drxma Queen? Lovely. Let's get another jug and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 08:48
Morning all. Wet and windy here, so no change.

Hello sweetheart. You had a shock this morning? Pauline was in early? I know, how inconsiderate of her. (Hehehehehe) I have time for a coffee and a cuddle if you don't mind? You don't? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

I had about 4 hours' uninterrupted sleep last night, so don't feel too bad. As you know, I usually do most of my h***w**k on a Saturday morning, but I'm skipping that today. My cleaner is coming on Tuesday,- HUUUUUUURRRRRAAAAYYYYYYYYYY I have changed the towels and put them in the washing machine, so I'm not quite useless.

Twins,- have a safe journey westwards. I was wondering why you're going? (No, I'm not.) I hope you can get to see what you want at the NT estate. Enjoy!
What good news about Mr.s Chris. He's clearly not out of the woods yet, but he's on his way.

Jo,- thank you for the info about the RAH concert. I leave the UK in the morning of the 8th. MY luck, eh? As for the Poole ticket, I have to put my thinking cap on.

Sue,- nice to see you. When is Ray's birthday?

I'm off ofr a quick trip to see the parents, but not much else is on the agenda for today. Have to be fighting fit for tonights telly marathon.
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 09:41
Sue has reminded me, TK's eye was fine by the morning.

Carol, not surprised the RAH is out for you. You have to get your singing for the festive period set up, or words to that effect. As you know the RAH is my fav venue. I was beaten to a nice little single tik last night. It was there and when I clicked it was gone. Nevermind there was a not bad one left. There are lots of tiks available, but I have standards. Have a good weekend, where are you going? ;)

I have been fighting the NHS referral service for a few days. I found out by going online that I was booked into one on 24th Dec at 08:30. The trouble is I think it is with the wrong doc. So I have had to write a letter to his secretary to ask if he is doing that clinic, as there is no way on the booking service to find out which doc the appt is with. The previous method was you were sent a letter with a set appt and if you couldn't make it you changed it, worked for me. The idiot I spoke to at the booking service yesterday seems to have booked me in when I was asking which docs were doing which appt. I would not have known if I hadn't gone into double check the appt times available.

Have a good weekend all, I'm off to the horses
maeve12 wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 12:50
Lovely to hear from you, KK, must have been very scary and dizziness sounds horrible but hopefully it will pass soon.
Good to 'see' you too Sue, when's the trip to NY?

Cold has now gone, so won't mention again!

Eva, do hope you can make it to Pheas. next week, you are having a bad time.

Had a lovely evening in Cambrdge yesterday with b-and s-in-law and dollop, scrummy meal at Lch Fyn and then saw Chas III at The Arts theatre,
stayed the night at dollop's

Slightly worried. about the Tlk Tlk business, told to change password but the website says not available at present, hope for the best.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 16:03
Arrived safely. Wet journey down and big jams on A3x3 by S'henge. So we elected not to do the NT and had a nice long leisurely lunch instead. Diversions around the Octagen so we had fun getting to the hotel. Huge tv and sofa in our room so all set for tv viewing marathon.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 16:03
Arrived safely. Wet journey down and big jams on A3x3 by S'henge. So we elected not to do the NT and had a nice long leisurely lunch instead. Diversions around the Octagen so we had fun getting to the hotel. Huge tv and sofa in our room so all set for tv viewing marathon.
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 17:48
Georgia Salsa- looked a bit untidy in places. I know it was a hard dance, but no way was it more that a 7.5 compared to her dance last week.
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 17:58
Carol -VW. Bit wobbly in places, she has improved. 5.
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 18:01
Anita- Tango. I didn't like the choreography/music or the costumes and make up, she danced it very well. 8.
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 18:18
Peter - Rhumba looks good, but not his best 7

Kirstie- VW, looked very good 7
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 18:26
Ainsley- Jive. Strangely hunched, but gave impression of a jive, not as fast as some. 6
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 18:34
Jamilia-FoxT She did looked like he was being pulled bout at times, but at other times looked very good. 6
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 18:45
Katie- Salsa. Not her dance a bit scrappy in places but she looked the part. 7.
evam wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 18:47
Evening all.
Carol,- glad you're safely at the hotel, even if you didn't get to see the stately home. Get comfy on the sofa.

The Norwegian Jury is ready and willing again, although still a bit shaky. Will do it's best.

Here are the votes from the Norwegian Jury:

1. Georgia and Giovanni, salsa.
Difficult choreography. She's absolutely in step all the time. Great body control. Sexy? Not sure.
8. Points.

(I don't like Darcy's hair style. She should leave the straighteners in the cupboard.)

2. Carol and Pasha. Vienese waltz.
Beautuful dress. Arms too stiff. Bad hands. She moves well in hold.
6 points.

3. Anita and Gleb, tango.
She's got her hip action from her mum! Fantastic start. Krikey! This is good!fantastic!
9 points.

4. Peter and Jeanette, rhumba.
Oooohhhhhhh, sexy! Great arms and hands. Loved it!
8 points.

5. Kirsty and Brendan, vienese waltz.
Opening too long. She moves well in hold.
7 points.

6. Ainsley and Natalie, jive.
Flat feet. Good rhytm. His feet all over the place. Sorry Ainsley.
5. points.

7. Jamelia and Tristam, foxtrot.
She's floating across the floor. One mistake? Beautiful movements. Pity about the ending.
7. points

8. Katie and Anton, salsa.
Not good hips. She didn't convince me. Oi, a mistake in the lift, but was it her or Anton?
4. points.

I've got to eat. Back soon.

TK wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 18:51
Jeremy -Waltz He should have danced with Camilla, would have looked much more suitable. In the waltz he looked like he was the dad dancing with his 10 year old daughter. It was a bit boring, saw not much wrong. 7
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 18:58
Helen -Quickstep. Lovely 9
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 19:05
Jay -Pasa. He's good with his legs. I didn't like the choreography/music but the dance was completed in a dramatic way. 9
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 19:13
Kellie- Jive. Too fast for her. Kevin was giving it his all, it looked like she was 40% of his activity. It would have been amazing with a female doing the dance as well as Kevin. Sorry Darcy I do not agree. But good. Just not great 8
evam wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 19:19
Back from the table.

Jeremy was stiff as a board, poor man. Not a good waltz.
Helen's quickstep was booooootiful. Loved it! Jay's pasa double was very good. He's on his way back up. Kellie's jive was so fast I could hardly follow!

The two in the dance off should be Katie and Ainsley or Jeremy, but I'm never right so we'll see.

TK wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 19:22
Bit of a rush after coming back from horse riding. I even did the h**v*ring, only a little. I had to get it out as there was a particularly hairy saddle cloth to wash. Thought I'd fill the container up while I was at it.
I took an 11 year old out this afternoon. She had sat on a horse/donkey only in walk before. She was rising trot in less than 10mins of trotting, a natural. A bit scared, but she could be really good. My little horse remembered this week to drop his shoulder to to help me off. It took him a few seconds last week before he remembered he has to assist. Talk about riding for the disabled!
evam wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 21:02
Only a few glimpses in the beginning, but nice what was there.

Good night. See you tomorrow.

TK wrote:
Saturday, October 24, 2015, 22:47
Oh well he can't be in each episode, there are lots of other actors.
Nightlee night
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, October 25, 2015, 08:49
Morning all. It is a really nice one here, blue skies and sunshine, yippee. Had a wet journey yesterday, but stopped for a lovely lunch then got here for the TVs marathon last night. Loved Helen in SCD, also K & K. Thought Georgia good too. Fear for Ainsley tonight, but we will see, not sure who else. Off out somewhere today but back in good time for tonight! Sqeaaal!

Morning BHB, you are in a hurry? Me too so let's get another jug and find the CM.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, October 25, 2015, 08:50
Morning all. Blue skies and sunshine. Loved Helen and A, Anita and Gleb although not so keen on the dance itself, , Kevin and Kellie although she was flagging at the end, Jay and Aliona though he did a lot of walking, thought Peter handled the dance of death very well, great improvement from K and B. Off out today and going somewhere this evening...forgotten where. Morning BHB you would like to leave early today? Of course. Let's grab the raspberry Bxllini and the paninis and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Sunday, October 25, 2015, 09:08
Have a nice day Twins, I'll see you later.

I hope my neighbours in the other half of the semi weren't disturbed last night by TK running up and down the stairs with her toy mouse, she when mad for about 20mins. It was before midnight, but they go to bed early.

Chilly this morning, but it is end of Oct, so to be expected.

I'd better get ready for my trip, as I was a bit too busy last night to wash my hair etc.

Maeve glad your cold has gone. They are particularly nasty at the moment.

Loved the thought of Sue and R and the dogs fighting over the post pub kebab the other evening.
evam wrote:
Sunday, October 25, 2015, 09:19
Morning all. It's a mix of sun and showers here, so not quite safe to go out without a hood or an umbrella.

Hello sweetheart. You're in a hurry? Going to a concert tonight? My, you do like your music, don't you? Just like us SLs. (Now he's got that funny look on his face again. Better change the subject.). How about a coffee and one of your delightful snuggles? You'd like that too? Goody. Did you watch Cas last night? Not enough Lofty? My sentiments exactly.

I have been outside, but only to take the paper rubbish to the container outside the block. I have a very practical big, blue bag which I freely admit I nicked from Deal. I think it belonged to the house rather than me, but the town council hasn't come after me yet!

The lucky ladies going to the concert tonight,- have a great time and blow him kisses from us Cinders. You can raise a glass to us as well,- if you insist!

Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, October 25, 2015, 09:45
Morning all. Blue skies and sunshine. Loved Helen and A, Anita and Gleb although not so keen on the dance itself, , Kevin and Kellie although she was flagging at the end, Jay and Aliona though he did a lot of walking, thought Peter handled the dance of death very well, great improvement from K and B. Off out today and going somewhere this evening...forgotten where. Morning BHB you would like to leave early today? Of course. Let's grab the raspberry Bxllini and the paninis and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, October 25, 2015, 09:46
Morning all. Blue skies and sunshine. Loved Helen and A, Anita and Gleb although not so keen on the dance itself, , Kevin and Kellie although she was flagging at the end, Jay and Aliona though he did a lot of walking, thought Peter handled the dance of death very well, great improvement from K and B. Off out today and going somewhere this evening...forgotten where. Morning BHB you would like to leave early today? Of course. Let's grab the raspberry Bxllini and the paninis and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, October 25, 2015, 09:46
Morning all. Blue skies and sunshine. Loved Helen and A, Anita and Gleb although not so keen on the dance itself, , Kevin and Kellie although she was flagging at the end, Jay and Aliona though he did a lot of walking, thought Peter handled the dance of death very well, great improvement from K and B. Off out today and going somewhere this evening...forgotten where. Morning BHB you would like to leave early today? Of course. Let's grab the raspberry Bxllini and the paninis and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, October 25, 2015, 10:18
Carol,- you don't have to post 4-four- times. We're not that slow,- and on a time delay as well. Have you been watching too much Dr W?

Diana wrote:
Sunday, October 25, 2015, 12:19
Afternoon all.

It's only midday but I've done lots, the extra hour is great though must remember to go to bed early to get a long sleep tonight.

Lovely to see you Karen. Hope the dizziness soon stops - make sure you take it easy!

Hope you're feeling better this week, Eva, so fine for next weekend.

I had a nice surprise in the post yesterday - £50 of rail vouchers following Barnst*ple journey complaint. They will come in very hand for CCBB.

Not much Lofty last night but we've been spoiled recently.

Ploppy's at his last world cup rugby game today - he had golf first!

Our current gas & electricity deal ends soon and I've been looking at what's on offer. Think we'll be moving to a new provider but not sure who, it's so complicated. Better have another look as I want to get it sorted this week before we go.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, October 25, 2015, 14:18
Do any of you have experience of Green Star Energy? They're coming up as one of the cheapest providers, I've looked at their reviews and generally OK though recently a few comments that customers have difficulty getting through to them. As they charge £30 per fuel to exit early, it's a lot to pay if you change your mind. Currently we're with e.on and been pretty happy with them but their new tariff isn't very competitive.
TK wrote:
Sunday, October 25, 2015, 16:59
Sorry Diana I can not assist with electric.
Weird when free WiFi provider in Y says 'welcome back jo'. I barely remember being here before.
This time I've walked more of the town. It is bigger than I thought last time. I think I was rather tired last time.
Looking forward to the concert. Twins are somewhere about. Not seen them yet. There is 90 mins before the concert starts so not concerned.
I had a surprise driving down, played a couple of new CDs. One was really not what I expected. It was good, but not the singer I was expecting. A bit like playing a Manfred man CD and getting mike d'bo when expecting Paul Jones .
evam wrote:
Sunday, October 25, 2015, 17:47
Evening all.
Glad you're safely in Y, Jo. Nice weather? Enjoy the concert.

Diana,- sorry can't help you with the electric, but when I lived in the UK, I used to go on the internet and the comparason websites for car insurance, gas and electricity every year. I think I saved quite a few pounds over the years. I also did the same for my Shirley. She had been with the same providers for yonks, and was very surprised and angry when she realised what her loyalty had cost her.

I'd better start connecting to UK telly so everything is ready for the dance off.
evam wrote:
Sunday, October 25, 2015, 20:02
The right person had to leave tonight, and I was half right. Halloween theme next week, and as I hate Hallowen, I don't mind being somewhere else!

Since I wasn't at the concert tonight, I decided to create my own entertainment: I tackled the i*****g mountain! HAH!
TK wrote:
Monday, October 26, 2015, 00:24
Well you missed a treat. He was so smiley, bouncy and excited. Voice was amazing. He is back!!! There was dancing without any 'I can't dance' comments. I'm glad about that as he can dance, just not as well as eg Craig from Jo. (He's not really built for it.) He has a new suit. Trousers are the right length, but they are a good fit for jeans. I say no more. Amanda was really good on stage, chatting to the audience. He said he has 4 weeks left on Cas and then panto. He said lots more, but I forget.
He is buzzing about CCBB, we got a line or 2 from a couple of the songs. I'm looking forward to seeing him in it. My 'he's perfect for the role' has now got bells on.
Lovely to see the Twins.
Sue1 the seats were perfect, thank you.
Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, October 26, 2015, 07:18
Morning all. Lovely day. We managed some RT, had a lovely lunch, went back to the hotel and got ready for the concert. Met Jo, my feet were aching so didn't go up to the bar but went to our seats. He was in fantastic voice and as Jo said very "tigerish" and bouncy. New suit is a far grey and has a waistcoat. He wore it with a burgundy tie. We had brilliant central seats, so thank you so much Sue. Loved Amanda's new blue dress. She stayed on stage for TWYL tonight. Abridged version of the Louise story, but the news he has bought a place in S'end so Bxtsy can see more of her grandparents. Tour next year will probably be Mxdlxands and Nxrth and start Oct. We had a couple of changes to set. CED and BHH in place of All oh Yxu and......not sure. Also switched things around so we had One for The Rd in the first half. Different sax and d bass players, but Mike on piano. Oh and Mason has had a baby girl. Standing ovation at the end. Stood and waited at the S Door. Chatted with Amanda, then GO came out looking scrummy in military looking overcoat. He was driving himself back to Cardxff. There were a couple of the Clty production team there and they were off for a drink together. All in all a fabulous evening. Today we are planning NT visit en route for home. Rehearsal tonight so Twin will be going home. Morning BHB, you are looking chipper. Let's grab the Lavendula and the pink blanket. I'll fetch the cookies and we can have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket. I'll tell you all about the wonderful concert we went to last night.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, October 26, 2015, 07:55
Morning all, wow what a fab concert. He was looking very gorgeous (as usual) in his new suit and as the others said, he was so chatty and bouncy. I am sure he is in such a good place now and very happy about CCBB. He did say he was asked to do the whole year, but felt that to be a bit too long, hence the time he is doing. He is sad to be leaving C but the nice chief exec has said they will try and get him back. We were talking to Amanda after the show, and she said she understood his need to go back to the theatre, she hopes to be able to do the same at some point, oh and she has a new man! As Twin said, he looked fantastic in the military coat, yum! As Jo said the seats were fab, thanks so much Sue.
Morning BHB you had a great night too? Let's get more Lavendula and find the CM and you can tell us all about it.
evam wrote:
Monday, October 26, 2015, 11:29
Morning all. Wet and windy here. Heard it before?

Hello sweetheart. You look happy? The concert last night was faboulous? Oh, I am pleased for you. Did you have a good seat? BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
What did I do?

Jo and Twins,- I understand he was fantastic? Lucky you. I saw a photo of Amanda on FB as she was ready to go on stage, and she looked great.
Buying a house in S'End makes sense, especially now as the coming year will mean a lot of travelling for him. Then his Betsy can be with her grandparents whenever her daddy is home.

I have been and done my weekly shop, and I feel tired. I'm not up to much yet. The plan was to visit the parents when I'd finished my shopping, but realised I had to get myself home. I rang them instead. Not the same according to mother!
Jane E wrote:
Monday, October 26, 2015, 13:26
Drat! Yesterday's post has disappeared. And there was me giving you the benefit of my wisdom on SCD! Actually it was pretty similar to what Eva and Jo said.

I also said a big Hello to KK and oohmms that she could make it to the Pheasant*y. Alas since then I have had an update from her - she's not going to risk it which is sensible - but sad :-(

Diana - sorry I can't help with elecy.

Ooo Jo, carol and Pauline! What a treat to see the GO when he's so excited and bouncy! I hope he starts to gain some confidence dancing because as you say he really CAN dance! Thanks for all those lovely details. Interesting what he said about Cas. And Amanda has a new man eh? Good for her!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, October 26, 2015, 17:59
...home safely. We went to NT house that we tried to go to last time we stayed in Y'vil, where we hadn't been able to go into the house due to the filming of W Hall. So today we went back and saw the house today (we did the gardens last time). There were some of the costumes from W Hall in the house, and videos and photos. All stunning. Then we drove home (usual jam near S'henge). Stopped and had a lovely lunch. Bits coming back that I didn't put down from last night - when the GO came on for his curtain call he had a small plastic blow up Bxdgie the Hxlipoter in his hands and a hard hat on his head - he said he found them in the dressing room! He also said during the evening about his bad couple of years and how difficult it was to have a split in the public eye. Another thing he said was the Amanda is like the sister he never had. If I remember any more I'll let you know! Best of all in the second half he and Amanda did what he called "his SCD audition) and they did a cha cha together!
TK wrote:
Monday, October 26, 2015, 20:33
Win a bumper panto package
in Birmingham
TK wrote:
Monday, October 26, 2015, 21:13
His spirits bode very well for the 2 shows at The Pheasantry, as that will be amplified with Stephen in the vicinity.
I'm sad that KK will not be able to come, she must get well.

TK wrote:
Monday, October 26, 2015, 21:49
Been trying to get stuff done, but tired now. So
Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 06:56
Morning all - still on BST I think as I woke at 5.30 am! Still it's given me a chance to read back - no idea why I posted four times, and three of those on a time delay! Sorry Diana, not come across that company. Well done on the ticket refund though!! Agree right person went from SCD, although I don't think J&T will stay too long now, as she obviously doesn't have public support. Going to be very interesting in a couple of weeks when we have all the good ones left. Suspect it will all come down to which dances they are given as to whether they go or stay. Agree Jo, a Tiggerish GO and Stephen should make for a lively evening! Off to do our food shop this morning (my friend Lindy took aunt to SLAPPAS yesterday). Then we have a meeting at church with the new Vicar this afternoon and then round off the day with a rehearsal. Looks a little chilly out this morning - very much the time of year when I never know what to put on. Dressed quite warmly yesterday and then felt too hot going round the NT house! Eva, of course it wasn't the same as seeing you! Hope you are feeling a bit better this morning. Amanda's dress was a beautiful colour. Leaving lots of oooohhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsss for the poorlies and the needies. Morning BHB, yes it does look chilly so I think the pink blanket it a must. Let's grab the paninis and the Autumn Glxry and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 09:34
Morning all, another one who is still jet lagged! I woke at 7.30 though. 5.30 is just silly Twin! Still I suppose for me it has meant i have been able to wash my hair then put the first wash on. So much activity for first thing! Got home yesterday evening and came in and turned the hall light on and nothing happened. It is a sort of modern chandelier type and has six bulbs so don't think they can all have gone in one go so I suppose I will have to find an electrician. Grrr! Had a fab weekend. Sad this run of concerts is coming to an end, so pleased he will be doing more next year. He did say that he gets fantastic pleasure from them cos they are his baby and belong to him. So let's hope that means he will always do them when he can. Agree Amanda looked lovely, her new dress was perfect. Loved our visit to B Court yesterday. Beautiful house, though it is kept empty, the costumes were so interesting to look at, the amount of work in them was fantastic and even close too they looked opulent.

Today apart from the wash and trying to find an electrician I need to go and get some food, so I should have enough to keep me busy, though maybe not as busy as Twin!

I have never heard of that supplier either Diana. Hope you have managed to sort it out.

Morning BHB, so what have we today? Autumn Glxry? Sounds very nice, let's get another jug and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 09:38
Morning all. It's overcast here, but I can see small bits of blue as well.

Hello sweetheart. I look tired but pleased? I'll tell you why,- my arms started aching again last night, so I haven't had a very good night. I can hear the h****r working, and I'm not the one holding it! Yes, it's my cleaner's first day, and it feels wonderful having someone to do the work. I showed her round when she arrived, and she said:" This looks so clean it hardly needs anything doing!" I'm sure she'll find all the dust when she starts!

The shows at the Pheasant sound better and better, with GO and Stephen in extra upbeat mood. I have already started to pack!

I spoke to mother on the phone about an hour ago, telling her I felt poorly. Just now father phoned,- there were a few things he wanted me to do for him! I told him NO, not at the moment. I think he was quite taken aback, but I said that now Mrs S is semi-retired, she can do more. Father said she's so busy with the boyfriend, but my answer was that even Mrs S's love life had to take a step back at themoment! Are you proud of me?
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 14:31
Eva I am very proud of you. It is so hard saying no to the parents, but when you are not well it has to be done. To them you are probably still about 12 instead of 27, so it is hard for them to realise you can't always do everything for them. The mind is willing, it is just the body that is rebelling! I'm sure Mrs S can manage to help a little. Sorry you do feel poorly, but how lovely you have the cleaning lady now.

Weirdest thing, the hall light now seems fine! I think the gremlins have been messing with me! I will see how it goes and if it does it again I will call for and electrician to have a look.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 15:11
Hello all

My poor laptop which has been glitchy since I got it has gone into laptop hospital. I won't get it back for at least two days.Not good timing seeing as I need to do stuff online for mum.

I've loved reading the extra bits about the concert. Thank you Jo Carol and Pauline and if you remember any more do share!

Eva I am very proud of you. About time you were firm with them.

Twins love the sound of your trip out!

Sending ohhms for needies!
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 15:25
..Eva gold star!! It is hard, but you really do need to stand firm. Just need to remind your Father that your health is more important than Mrs S lovelife. Of to church meeting shortly. Have made soup and will heat that up once we come home as not sure how long the meeting will last - mind you need to be before 6.30 when ITT starts. Lady J - Ro has posted a review of the concert on her Timelxne, if you want more detail! All I will say is it is the best I remember hearing him sing! Really looking forward to Saturday although sad we will be without KK, but understand why she can't be there.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 18:53
Evening all. Good to hear that you think I was doing the right thing re father. I had a visit from Mrs S this afternoon ( She wanted some help with her ipad, and as the techie genius I am, I managed to solve her problem.). I told her what I'd said to father. She said: " HUMPH!" And then she said I was right! Let's see how long it lasts.

I have a funeral to go to tomorrow. Sadly a very good friend and collegue died last week. He was suffering from MND, so of course we knew it was only a question of time, but still...... We were in the same class at the Police College and worked together for many years. He was always there with a joke or a hug if you needed it. It will be a difficult day.

Pauline,- maybe the gremlins just tested your patience?

Carol,- hope you have a good meeting with the new vicar.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 20:02
Eva, well done. MrsS will just have to helpout. I'm sure she can do that and see her boyfriend. It is very important you are will for your priority trip to London. Not to be missed. I have 2 packets for you too. I hope the funeral goes well. A celebration of the good times, no dwelling on the last months. That's what we did for Kay.

Stuff finished and out. Sooo good.

Waiting for MrT tonight.

Pauline, if it was my house I would have said that a socket had been wetted and then it has dried out. But you don't have that problem.

Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 20:38
Carol I've seen Ro's review on timeline. It sounds like a wonderful concert!

Eva very sorry to hear about your friend. All the best for funeral
TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 21:31
Shopping put away and item bought for neighbour across the road delivered.
Nightlee night
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 07:04
Morning all.

Another horrible Wednesday.

Eva, well done.

Sorry that KK won't be there at Phe*santry but completely understandable.

Hope your laptop comes back working properly, Jane.

Thanks for Yeovil reviews. Sounds like a I missed a great evening.

Thanks for your comments re energy supplier. Ended up staying with e.on. uSw*tch has a special e.on deal which is cheaper than e.on are offering direct, even to customers! So I got the best of both worlds (I hope) - cheaper than a lot of providers but still with a reliable one.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 07:29
Morning. Posting from a very foggy Worcestershire. Having a lovely break at the foot of the Malvern Hills. Cottage is lovely with the added bonus of a hot tub in the garden. Jack has been in every night. Had a walk up one of the hills, done some shopping: mainly sloppy buying clothes as she only does when I'm with her but I have got a handbag!
Off to cinema tonight, ploppy and Jack to Spectre, sloppy and I to Suffragette.
Tomorrow is ploppy's surprise birthday pressie, a drive in a sports car followed by a tour around the factory.
Trying to summon ip the energy to get up and shower
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 08:03
Morning all and looks like the rain has passed us by - oh just noticed it is drizzling, so obviously it hasn't! Seems like a good solution Diana - hadn't heard of the Green company before! Ali, I loved Mxlvern Hills - one of my college friends (mother of one of my goddaughters) lived there for a while (her husband was in the RxF) and I used to go and visit them. Pleased to welcome a new handbag to the Loppies (and not I am not commenting on anything that may have happened over the weekend whilst we were away, but Jo knows). The surpise pressie sounds lovely! MM and I are off to see Spxctre on Friday (not Twin's cup of tea). Have missed S'gette, but will probably buy on dvd and watch at LACE at some point. Today we are off to Cheltenham to see MM's daughter and grandchildren - she is staying with a friend there. Hoping the weather improves for the drive! Eva, hope the funeral goes as well as it can - like Jo says we always make any funerals for our family celebrations of their lives as much as we can. So Mrs S was impressed by your techie expertise then! Morning BHB, yes it is a bit gloomy, but some Mxmosa, a snuffle under the pink blanket and some scores will help! We can carry on talking about the concert I saw at the weekend until the DCM arrives!
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 09:34
Morning all, very wet and dreary here at the moment, but it is supposed to dry out over the next couple of hours, well so they say! As I have the ixxnxxg to do not really a problem. Other than that the day is my own!

Hope you get your laptop sorted soon Jane. Horrid being without.

Glad you got the energy crisis sorted Diana! Well not a crisis I know but it is such a pain all the shopping around.

Ali your holiday sounds blissful and just what is needed. How lovely to have a hot tub as well. Such a beautiful part of the world. Enjoy the movie, I am so sad I seem to have missed it as I really wanted to see it. Such very brave ladies and we have a lot to thank them for.

Have a good journey Twin and I hope it is drier on the way there and back than it is here at the moment!

Morning BHB, so we have Mimosa today? Just right I think, so let's get another jug and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 12:26
Hello all

It seems that Pauline and I have the same manky weather today!
I hope it's not miserable weather for the funeral Eva's is going to. And I hope it is a lovely celebration of a life.

Sounds like a fun holiday Ali - I love the idea of the hottub! Hope Ploppy has a FABULOUS birthday. What a brilliant birthday treat you've aranged!

Nicely done with the leccy company Diana!

Enjoy your day visiting Carol!

Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 13:03
Hello -on such a wet miserable day - too wet (torrential rain at least it showed us where our gutterings are blocked!) and miserable even to be dreich!

Eva - funerals are horrible. As Jo says concentrate on positive times. Difficult of course if there are none! - and I am not talking about your friend! Good for you for standing up to your dad - and for talking to Mrs S about it. I will have to get lessons from you. Sloppy still keen to go to l.ndon - now wants to see Ch lights - and thinks dad can come too! The thought of having the 2 of them going round L.ndon at Ch time is scary. I am going to suggest they take a bus tour from their city - as will see much more. Not sure that will placate sloppy.

Diana - we must look at changing our supplier too. So busy sorting out oldies financial affairs never get time to do our own, but must try and go thro things and get better deals. Tho eldest scollop thinking of busying a flat so get daily emails re mortgages - so busy trying to help him sort thro the options.

Ali - we love the M.lverns. Hope you enjoyed the film - like Carol I will have to wait until DVD now. Ploppy's pressie sounds fabulous.

Lovely to see you KK. Do take it easy.

I have to admit that like KK I don't think i will make Saturday eve. Tho i am better from my flu my dizziness has come back. not badly - except at night when i cant sleep as room spins. But we are going to a wedding on Sat morning (finishes at 2pm ) and I am not sure that the dashing about that I would need to do to get to l.ndon plus the thought of navigating tube and train on my own late at night when i often feel dizzy would be a good thing to do. I am learning that when I get dizzy it is a sign to slow down. Keep hoping the dizziness will go but been there since last Friday.

Not been to Ch.ltenham Carol. we were so near it this weekend when in Glos fro ploppy uni reunion. The reunion went well - ploppy had organised it. But as he had been busy last few weeks I had done quite a bit at end so think that what has tired me out - esp as some people had little snipes about how arrangements not quite what they had thought - and so I was like a warrior princess - no-one (except me!) was "dissing" my ploppy! . There were 19 people. We visited Sl.mbridge - which was wonderful. then day in Glos on sat - loved the cathedral. then on Sunday before we drove home met up with a lady we had met on hols - she is fun. Called in at step m-i-l . We found her frail and confused - and home staff says not sure she even understands her husband is dead. according to b-i-l she has organised whole funeral and everything in it is what she wants. Hmmm. Tho to be fair I am sure she has confused and less confused days (bit like me!) However I always think that funeral arrangements are never worth arguing over.
Luckymoilee wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 15:05
Have got a spare ticket gor pheasantry o Saturday. Nicholas is doing good progress but feels thst 4 hours on the train maybe too soon to travel . I will be going of course but without my sticking plaster!!! So if someone wants his ticket ket me know or emsil me.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 18:47
Evening all. sorry I'm here so late, but it's been a loooooong and hectic day. I hadn't planned to leave home until 11.30 am for the funeral. It's quite a long drive, so I wanted to have plenty of time. Then I heard on the local radio that there had been a traffic accident on the road there, and the road was temporarily closed, so I thought I'd better get a move on in case of long delays. Then Mrs S called and told me there was something wrong with her iphone and could I help. I explained that I had to leave earlier than expected, so no, I couldn't. She was quite miffed, I think!

The funeral could have been lovely, but the vicar was a disaster! He was mumbling away, so nobody could hear half of what he said. He was reading straight from a manuscript, never looking up. Fortunately the memorial speeches from relatives and friends ( 7 in all) made up for it. The church was packed,- many colleagues there to say goodbye to a popular and trusted friend. He is the first from my year at Police College to die, so it was very poignant and special to take in.

I wasn't back home until 5 pm, had a quick meal and a rest. The nerd called a little while ago. I knew they were having the ultra sound today, so was eager to hear if my next great child would need pink or blue clothes. It's another boy (!) , due the 30th March. I said I'd send him on a course to learn how to make girls! Of course I'll love the new boy to bits!

Ali,- your holiday sounds blissful. I hope Ploppy enjoy his birthday present.

Fi,- I will miss you Saturday night, but fully understand that you have to take things easier. Do you think you can get your mum to understand that too? Good luck to eldest scollop with his first house buy. Where does he plan to buy?
Poor m-i-l. No wonder she is confused. I hope nobody makes trouble for her about the funeral.

Jane,- get well soon to your laptop.

Diana,- glad the electric is sorted. I don't have that problem any more. Living in a block of flat, it's the same provider for all the units and it's negotiated by the board every year.

Carol,- have a lovely day.

I'm going to take the chemo tonight instead of tomorrow night. I'm doing it like that for once, so that if I have any bad effects tomorrow, it will give me an extra day to recover before my UK journey.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 18:57
TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 19:14
Very busy day today. But not bad. I did remember to fill the car with petrol on the way home.
2 concerts arranged for next year already. Busy busy.
Luckymoilee wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 19:47
Eva hope your funeral went ok always do do sad.
Fi I hope you are better. You poor m-I-l is it a blessing that she does not reslise that she has lost her husband I dont know.I am sorry to miss Kk but like hubby she is being sensible. C wont be the same without Lee but then I think it is a good thing he is going back on stage. Ah well Ninite all
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 20:07
Evening all. well the rain did stop mid morning and we had a very nice afternoon in the end. I got my ixxnxxg done then went to wxlwyn this afternoon as I had a b'day pressie to buy.

Eva glad you managed to get to the funeral alright and how lovely that there was such a big turn out. Not so good about the vicar though. So another boy for your family. There are far too many about at the moment. We need a few girls! Boys are lovely but so are girls!

Shame if you can't make the P this weekend Fi and the same for Nicholas Chantale. What with them and KK we are ot doing well are we. Hope that all are better soon.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 21:33
Eva glad you managed to get to the funeral OK. Shame about the vicar. That could have have been a bad thing, just as well there were some good friends about.
I've been to see Felf and she is OK.

Nightlee night
Ali wrote:
Thursday, October 29, 2015, 06:45
Morning. Foggy start yesterday but then it was a beautiful day. We ended up in Stratford and had a wander about before heading to Worcester. Both films were excellent. Saw some trailers for new films and duly noted them for future watching.
Ploppy thinks we're off to Glouc today as still no idea about his surprise. We'll do Glouc tomorrow.
Glad the funeral went as well as these things do Eva. Congrats on new baby boy, are you planning a family football team?
You need to take it easy Fi, def a good idea to put your parents on a bus tour.
Hope scollops house/flat hunting is successful.
Oohhmms for poorlies x
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, October 29, 2015, 07:45
Morning all and looks like another nice day, although a little breezy out. Ali, hope Ploppy (and you) have a lovely day out. It was indeed a lovely day yesterday by the time we set off and nice and warm in C'ham so I only needed a long cardi and not my coat. Took the family out for a meal (nightmare for the staff I imagine - four adults, two teens, one almost teen and two seven year olds!), but they did brilliantly and even gave us a free bottle of wine as the order was held up! Left the children with chocolate advent calendars, which went down well - only problem is they may not last until December! Massive roadworks taking place around Oxfxrd so took us about half an hour longer coming home but got here about 6pm. Watched the new Pxlice drxma set in Brightxn and the The App'ice, before falling into bed! Eva glad the funeral went well (apart from the Vxcar - such a shame). So another boy? Still hoping for a sister for Imogen, but will have to wait until she/he arrives before we find out! Feel we need to redress the balance! Lady J, like you, I love the idea of Ali's hot tub. Fi, as someone that worked in Rxgxnt Street for years I would tell your parents the best way to see the lights is by coach - it really is. The pavements are full and quite scary at times due to the volume of pedestrians. They usually put barriers up to stop people being pushed into the road, so it would not be a comfy experience at all for your parents! Poor MiL, I suspect she may realise, but doesn't want to - think that's what happened with my mum. I hope Eldest Scollop has been told that the fee for your help in finding him a flat is providing you with accommodation when you come up to L'don!! Sorry you aren't feeling well enough to come at the weekend - you'll be missed. Same for Nicholas, Chantale. Which reminds me I need to check for line closures over the weekend - I used to get notifications but they seem to have stopped for some reason. Glad you remembered to fill the car up Jo - they tend to go better when fed! Today we were going out with friends for a belated Birthday lunch for MM, but came home to a message to say friend very unwell (she sounded it) so we have postponed until she is better. This is turning into a very long lasting birthday. Vicci and the children have him his present yesterday - an authentic Times newspaper from the day he was born. He spent the time I was watching the App'ce reading through it - I saw some of the ads for outfits - so us girls (not!). So, now a free day until this evening - will put some laundry on (how exciting) and catch up with some admin for the show, and maybe select my hymns for next weekend, as we are doing the services on R Sunday morning. Suspect if it stays nice MM will go into the garden - sadly I feel it is time for the solar lights to go into hibernation! Morning BHB, yes it does look a nice bright morning, but I think we should have the pink blanket just in case. If you will kindly bring the Bluebxrd, I'll get the paninis and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, October 29, 2015, 09:44
Morning all, it is a bit grey here though dry at the moment. I have to go to the s/market later then sadly I have to think about the h/work again, I may even do some! Sadly the hall light has had another hissy fit so will definitely have to find an electrician to come and look at it. Such a pain. Also must get my hair cut, so need to make an appointment for that as well.

Ali I do hope you all have a lovely day today. glad the films were good. Even sadder not to have seen S/gette now.

Morning BHB, ah, we are having Blxebird today are we. Very nice too. Let's get another jug and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Thursday, October 29, 2015, 09:54
Morning all. It's quite nice here, but a bit chilly, so no terrace for me!

Hello sweetheart. The azur blue blanket? That was quick,- no time to say good morning? You just want to be assured I have what I want? (Hmmmm,- I wonder what he's after?) You have made me a coffee, put the blanket on the sofa and your arms are ready to embrace me for a snuggle? Blimey! You missed me yesterday morning and want to make sure I'm here EVERY MORNING! ( Another hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I can't promise that, can I?) OK,- lead me to it.

GO's new album is now available for pre-order on A*azon:

Would you believe it? I had an email yesterday from the SP, welcoming me back, and saying if there was anything I wanted, let reception know, and they would get it for me! It must have scared them properly when I did my review on T*ip Advisor after my last stay there in September. I said the room and "bathroom" was so cramped that you couldn't turn round. I had an email from them then, apologising for my discomfort, and when I booked again for this up-comimg trip, I was offered an upgrade to a double room for £10 which I accepted. I wonder if they've made their red carpet ready?

Ali,- as we already have 4 1/2 boys, the family can certainly do a five-aside game. Just give us another few months.

I'm feeling OK today, so I have some bits and bobs to do at home. Two loaves are rising as we speak, I have a pile of i****g that needs doing, and I'll finish my packing. So you see, busy, busy, busy, but not too much.

When we were making a memory wall for my late friend on our FB page (Old collegues, closed site) I found some great photos from our time at the Police College, which I posted. This one of him and myself shows him cheering me up before I'm going to the classroom for an oral exam:


Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, October 29, 2015, 10:59
Hi all. wet here. But h'work followed by having my hair done in afternoon. I do feel slightly better today so may risk l.ndon! I will see how I go today and tomorrow. Discussions round funeral and will going on - so feel i need cheering up! I am a hard nut BUT don't feel too sorry for m-i-l!

Ali - hope ploppy has fab time. Visit the cathedral, the renovated docks and the Quays in Glo.c. the latter has lovely outlet shops!

Eva - nice pic. His clothes do date the pic! Glad funeral went well - despite the vicar! that can happen. Ploppy's family all boys - have to go back generations to find a girl. but boys much easier to bring up - at least compared to my friends girls I think they are.

Carol - with the amount of input to mortgage discussion my fess would already cover a nice holiday I think! He hopes to buy in R.ading - that is where he is based. UB scollop in l.ndon and will never be able to buy there.
Luckymoilee wrote:
Thursday, October 29, 2015, 13:54
How funny comment this morning did not publish. I was asking if you girls think I should offer Nicholas ticket to the lmas as it is an intimate performance and not like a theatre I am not sure how you would feel. What do you think .
I have booked Wimbeldon for the Saturday 23 evening for CCBB..
let me know by emsil about the ticket as I am off to the gym soon ! Maybe dear Jo would oblige.
Luckymoilee wrote:
Thursday, October 29, 2015, 17:18
Golly that was nice I was fed up with them last time as we did not get out 15 pounds voucher reception said I should have ordered when I booked but it was done by phone. 3 years agobutvwas 375 for 3 days and andvthis time 475 for 2 days so you can understand my unnoyance. Not staying there this week got booked into kensington premier .X
TK wrote:
Thursday, October 29, 2015, 20:48
Busy evening checking arrangements for the weekend. I've also asked Mr and Mrs Postman if they'd like to come to Wimbledon, Ch**stm*s present in the summer.
I've had to unfollow The New Theatre Cardiff, they are doing far too many Tweets which is masking ones I want to see.
TK wrote:
Thursday, October 29, 2015, 22:00
Just started doing some editing from Searchers concert, they have a strict rule at their concerts that photos and videos have to be taken with as many flashes as you need. I took some photos too, of course no flash required.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, October 30, 2015, 06:48
Morning all - bit gloomy out and rain looks like it is on the horizon. Poured last night when we went to rehearsal, not heavy rain but the drizzle that soaks you. We were at the church hall just round the corner from us so about a four minute walk, but we still got wet! Managed to get the i word done yesterday afternoon, so that's one thing out of the way. Ah, the new album has been available for a while on A'zon, Eva - so have placed my order already. Five months wait now! Lovely photo of you and your friend - but as Fi says his clothes tell you it was a while ago - remember that fashion!! I am assuming you passed the exam! Well you can't say the SP don't think you are a valued customer. Fi do hope you feel up to it, would be lovely to see you. Ali, I agree with Fi, the Cxthedral, and the shopping centre by the Qyxys are worth a visit. Ah I didn't get tweets Jo but used to get emails from NT in Cxrdiff - have unsubscribed for this year!. Taking MM off to the hospital for physio this morning, then this afternoon we are off to see Spxctre (Twin not wanting to see it so it will be just me and MM). Need to do some food shopping for the weekend too (something for MM for tomorrow, and something quick for Sunday as it is going to be a busy day!). Leaving lots of ooooohhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsss for any poorlies or needies. Morning MM, yes it is still rather gloomy out, so let's grab the Vanillita and the scones and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, October 30, 2015, 10:02
Morning all and a very damp one it is too. Mind it is very mild for the time of year, so not all bad. I may get damp as I am taking the car to the garage to do her tyres and fill her up. Other than that I can stay in the dry for the rest of the day.

Ali I agree with Fi and Twin about where to visit in Gloucester. I loved the cathedral, the cloisters made me feel like I was in a HP movie!The big stained glass window is just magnificent. Hope you have a lovely day. Oh and I hope Ploppy enjoyed his birthday treat. Those cars are just fab, so much character.

Nice picture Eva, lovely idea to have a memory wall on f/book. The SP definitely loves you!

What a good idea for a C/mas pressie Jo, especially as you will have to go too:)

Morning BHB, you look a bit woebegone? The CM went for cocktails with MM this morning? Oh I'm sure she didn't mean to ignore you. Never mind we can get another jug of Vanillita and we'll take the green blanket and have a lovely snuffle. I think you'll find she will come and join us!
evam wrote:
Friday, October 30, 2015, 10:59
Morning all. It's overcast here, but no wind, so not too bad. A storm is forecast for the weekend, so it's just as well I will be somewhere else!

Hello sweetheart. Carol didn't want to have a drink with you this morning? Maybe MM needed extra strength for his hospital physio? I'm sure she'll have 2 drinks with you tomorrow morning.
I look miffed? Well, last night I was blasting angry, so just as well you didn't see me then. You remember I said to Mrs S earlier this week that she had to do the things the parents asked me to do? Well, last night she called me and said she'd just told the parents that I was doing what they needed today, because she was taking Mikkel out to buy him new winter boots! She said it suited her to do it today instead of another day, and it wouldn't do me any harm to do something for the parents for once! I won't bore you with the resulting shouting match, but it left me with a thumping headache. I will be taking the parents out,- father to the dentist and the bank, mother to have an eyetest. Nothing to it, really! HAH! It will take hours. Sometimes I think I should have slapped Mrs S more when we were children!

Jo,- excellent x-mas present. Did the postman think so too?

maeve12 wrote:
Friday, October 30, 2015, 11:08
You're right Pauline, it's surprisingly mild, it'll be a shock when it does get cold, it was raining earlier but has now stopped.
At last, Wimbledon tkts. available on Monday, I've been waiting for them.
See some of you on Saturday, can't wait!
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, October 30, 2015, 11:20
Hi all. Silly question - am I supposed to have my Ph.asantry ticket? - cos if so I cant find it. decided to coem down and was about to book hotel (same one as you Eva) but thought i better check where my tic is before I commit more money!
I am feeling dizzy still - but will survive. I did fall over yesterday - but that was after cleaning en-suite - so i solved that by not doing any more cl.aning!
Been busy this am. solicitor for aunt and uncle now playing silly b.gger so had to help ploppy concoct suitable email.
Eva - grrr. My sis just sent email to say she is away this weekend so can we be on standby to look after parents. no! Neighbour across the way phoned to ask would we do their weekend shopping - no. We had offered on wed to pick up a few things as going in that afternoon. not going back to supermarket now.
The CCBB tcs for N'ton don't seem to be on sale yet .
Hope to see some of you on Sat
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, October 30, 2015, 12:25
...back from collecting MM and have been and done the food shop. BHB, so sorry of course I meant to come with you, just got up early to get MM to the hospital - hence the confusion! Eva - I am surprised we didn't hear the shouting here. That is really really naughty of her! Think you could be right about the slapping! Saw a man in a jacket with a N'wegian flag on it this morning. Fi think Twin has emailed you as you need to stop looking for a ticket!! Maeve there were lots of fur lined boots on sale everywhere today - think they have taken the warning about a possible hard winter to much to heart. No one buying any as it is so warm out! Right just going to have a sarnie and then off to see the film. I can sit and tell you about my morning BHB whilst we finish off the Vanillita!
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, October 30, 2015, 16:44
Hi all. Busy day. been out to garden centre with ploppy - it has a new cafe! Then came back to visit sick neighbor and bring her some flowers. She is even less than 27yrs and has been in hospital with p.ncreatis. Called in on elderly neighbours who (yes ploppy was right) are looking for someone to do their weekly shop EACH Week. Eva - shall I give them your name!!!! Cos I felt bit guilty ( i did tell them (again) that their nephew (who has PoA) could do online shop for them from his home, but they are not keen) . I have offered to go in and downsize all their cupboards. yes i was feeling lightheaded! when I came back a friend on doorstep with lemon cake for ploppy as she had just heard about his dads death. she offered to help with neighbours downsizing - so will see if neighbours agree to that.
I am going to the Phe.santry tomorrow :). yeah. have booked overnight hotel. Prices much lower than they have been so just went for it.
Right must go and get ready as we are at a wedding tomorrow morning and early aft before heading for the big smoke.
Ali wrote:
Friday, October 30, 2015, 18:10
Evening. Got very wet as we arrived in Glouc. Dried off in the cathedral. Amazing building. Nice dry walk around the quays then a little retail therapy in outlet shopping centre.
Now packing before we head out to a village pub nearby for dinner.
Ploppy and Jack just had final dip in the hot tub.
Home via Cad*ury World tomorrow. After my trip to Phes on Sunday I need to get back on my diet!!!
evam wrote:
Friday, October 30, 2015, 18:44
Evening all.
Fi,- great news that you are coming to London tomorrow.

It took 2 1/2 hours to get the parents sorted today. Mother sometimes scares me,- she forgets from one minut to the next. I told her I had to get up around 3am to get to the airport in time tomorrow morning. She asked me where I was going. 10 minutes earlier she asked me when I was going to London!

I'm having an early night. Everything is ready, only the toothbrush left to pack. Hopefully the wi-fi onboard the plane will be OK tomorro.

See some of you tomorrow night.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, October 30, 2015, 19:46
Safe flight Eva. Will see you tomorrow evening! Glad you enjoyed Gl'ster Ali - and that the boys liked their treat yesterday. Really enjoyed the J Bxnd film - highly implausible of course, but good fun!! Fi DO NOT FEEL GUILTY! You have more than enough on your plate!!
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, October 30, 2015, 19:54
evening all, well it did stop raining, but stayed very damp and dull. I did at least get the car sorted withpout getting soaked. Spent the rest of the day doing house things. One thing about rainy days I suppose, I do get h/work done.

Eva Mrs S is very naughty, are you sure it is too late to give that slap? Best not I suppose. It is worrying when the parents come up with things like that, I actually almost got used to it in the end. Have a safe journey tomorrow, at least our forecast is a bit better tomorrow for you.

Glad you enjoyed G/cester Ali. I loved the cathedral, very lovely.

So pleased you are meaning to come to London Fi. Fingers crossed there is no dizziness!
TK wrote:
Friday, October 30, 2015, 19:59
evam wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2015, 06:45
Morning all. Up, up in the air in my......something.....something!

Hello sweetheart. You here? You borrowed the Tardis for a quick flight up here in the hope of a cocktail? No cocktails here I'm afraid, but I'm sure a coffee will do you good. I'll even buy you a Danish if you want? You do. The stewardess is just coming down the isle now with her trolly. No,- I don't think it's Pauline.

I actually managed 4 hours' sleep, so I didn't feel quite dead when the alarm went,- only half dead. I has 2 plums and half a youghurt for breakfast. That's all I can face at that time of the morning.

Carol,- glad you enjoyed the JB film. Like Pauline, they're not really my cup of tea. I did enjoy the early ones, but them the techie gizmos seemed to take over, and stuff like that bores me,- just like sci-fi and fantasy films.
I'm sure I'll enjoy tonight's show though. No sci-fi or fantasy there. Pure reality!

I have a hair appointment at my usual salon across the street from SP at 10.30am. I had also booked a pedicure, but cancelled that. I think I'll be too tired. My hair certainly needs a boost. The chemo is playing havoc with it, so it gets thinner and deader by the day. I hope the hairdresser can do something to give it some life back.

I'll see some of you soon.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2015, 07:34
Morning all and see Eva is safely on her way. Dry out but a breeze, think it is due to stay like that most of the day! Have a morning of doing various things around the home (including wrapping our Christmas shoe boxes for Operation C'mas Child - we bought all the items a couple of weeks ago but haven't yet packed them, and we need to take them to church tomorrow). Twin over this afternoon and then we are off somewhere......where was it? Sure it will come to me at some point, or maybe Twin will remind me! Really looking forward to it as love GO and S together. Also lovely to see everyone of course!! Will hopefully be able to watch SCD when we get home, but Dr W and C'lty may need to wait! Leaving lots of oooohhmmmmmmmmmmss for the poorlies, the needies and the Cinderloppies. Morning BHB, you have been up in the Txrdis to check on Eva already? She's ok but a little tired? That's great. Let's grab the Woo Woo and the pastries and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2015, 07:54
I had to get up early today, so that I could get the cats breakfast, so their very early tea won't upset them too much.

Hi Eva and Carol, good to see preparations for the evening has started already.

I had a bit of a restless night. Proved by the dream memory I have from last night. I never remember my dreams unless I probs with sleeping, which is very rare.

I have set the recorder for tonight, to record to the hard drive, more reliable. Just takes time to get to the dvd.
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2015, 08:21
Morning. Been busy morn already. You know when you get a ph call at crack of dawn ... And you hear ploppy say " well it was a nice way to go..."! Lady neighbour died in her sleep. So glad I went across yesterday, had tea with them ( even tho I had to remove the mouldy teabags from teapot first!) and offered to help them. Ploppy across with man , helping him with police etc. she was 92 and had Alz. tho not badly. Not sure what will happen to him. Very mentally alert but disabled. We have to be off to wedding in 1.5 hrs so a busy busy morning. I will prob take you up on your offer Jo and not arrive until near door opening time if that ok. Text me if any issues. You know that film "4 funerals and a w.dding" - think we may be starring in it! I am glad I booked train and hotel as otherwise think I may have not gone but can't lose all that money. Just can people bring matchsticks to prop my eyes open!
Jo - I too had vivid dreams and like you virtually never do. In mine both my parents turned up to tonight's concert ( seemingly I had invited sloppy but dad turned up as well) but they couldn't get up the stairs ( seemingly our seats were in the u. Circle) and then we all got lost on the t.be trying to get them home. Lots of worries coming tog there methinks! Ps.ch.ps.chol.gist would have a field day.

Eva - have good journey. Ooh beauty salon - wonder if they do relaxing massages!

Carol - I meant to do shoebox but never got round to it. But our church do food parcels for f.odbank clients so will do one of those.
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2015, 09:06
I thought Eva had let me off literally lightly this trip only 2 books. This morning 2 more packages arrived. I think I'll unpack them.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2015, 09:20
Oh Fi, that's sad, but lovely that you were over there yesterday. Understand what you mean about 4 Fxnerals!! Think the night out (and the wedding this morning) will be good for you and take your minds off things. Don't think you will need matchsticks once Himself is on stage! Ah so you will be the one with the long arms and lots of parcels then Jo!! Now strangely I often have vivid dreams which I remember in the morning, but this week I haven't! See some of you later and promise to raise a glass to cinderloppies.
Jane E wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2015, 10:05
Hello all

I have had a busy couple of days getting all mum’s legal stuff together for selling her house. On top of work of course. I am livid because a very well respected colleague has been given a ‘must improve’ rating by her manager – who is completely incompetent himself. We all believe that is simply because he didn’t like her telling him that he wasn’t supporting her properly. GGRRR!!

Anyway the good news is laptop is back and is behaving nicely.

Eva - Oh dear. That the vicar should not have mumbled through the service. It must have spoiled things. Though at least the rest sounds lovely. Ooo Mrs S though! She wants a a kick up the bum! The memory wall is a great idea! I hope the SP welcome you like the royalty you are.

Fi – Very sorry you can’t make it to the Pheasantry tonight...oh you’re coming! How lovely! (It’s a shame Nick can’t go too). I hope you enjoy the wedding. Sorry to hear about your nieghbour

Jo – I found the same about New Theatres tweets! I’m liking your idea of Chrissy pressies.

Carol – it sounds like you had a lovely day on...er was it Wednesday? It’s hard to keep up when I’ve not been around for a couple of days!

Ali – I hope you are enjoying Glouster. I’ve been reading the Pauline and Carol Travel Guide. It sounds like an interesting city.

Jo, Eva, Pauline, Carol, Chantale, Fi and all the others going to the Pheasantry tonight have a WONDERFUL time! My turn is tomorrow Smile
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2015, 10:13
Morning all, it was a bit grey but now I can see the sun coming out. Forecast to stay dry at least which is fab. Really looking forward to tonight of course, if only I could remember why....as if I could forget! Will be off to Twin then we tackle the weekend underground which is always fun, and should be more so than usual. A huge bonus of it being today is that I avoid the Trxck or Trxxters tonight.

Fi how sad, but she was a good age and if showing signs of Alzhxxmers she would not have got any better. Nice you spent time with them yesterday though. One thing about your dream is the u/circle thing is not an issue! There isn't one!

Good that Eva is on her way and going to be all glammed up for tonight.

Morning BHB, so you look excited. You are off to a small gig later, well so are we. What a coincidence. Let's get another jug of Woo Woo and we can chat about it with the CM.
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2015, 13:42
just had a DM that my passenger is leaving her house, so won't be long before we are off
Diana wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2015, 14:40

Great you can make it tonight, Fi. Shame not everyone can. Hope Eva got to the hotel on time.

Been on the go since 6.30 this morning, nearly got everything done - washing done, case locked, ir*ning finished so won't have a pile to face when we get back on top of the holiday washing. Ploppy of course has been out since first thing at golf and will then be watching the rugby final at the club house. He's been told to come home afterwards and not drink much - he hasn't even got his stuff out, let alone done any packing, he's also got the light switches to set up. I will not be a happy bunny to get home tonight and find he's fallen asleep on the settee and he's not done everything!! I'd better finish off here, do the last couple of things and then wash my hair and have a bath. See some of you soon.
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2015, 14:50
Not as posh às EVA this morning but we àre on the train now. Really excited
evam wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2015, 17:21
Afternoon all.
The journey here to the hotel this morning went without incidents,- just the way I like it. I did check in at the SP at 10am, but of course my room wasn't ready. (I didn't expect it to be.). I left my suitcase with the porter, had a quick coffe and then went to the hairdresser. As I said yesterday, my hair sorely needed some tlc, and I had the bright idea of highlights instead of a full head colour. I discussed it with the hairdresser and she agreed it would give my hair a lift. The roots got a lighter colour than earlier. I must say I'm pleased with the result, although I think she cut it too short. When I ask for a trim, I mean a trim, not an inch off. Never mind, it will grow back.

When I'd finished there, I went for a walk round CG. Krikey,- it was busy! We almost walked in a queue. I did pop in to M&S, had a look around and found Jo's Christmas present! Wasn't that clever?

I had lunch at a small cafe/restaurant and then went back to the SP. I did get a double room, but it isn't the largest room I've seen. It would have made a nice single! I did get my £15 voucher, so I'm not grumbling.

I'm meeting Fi in half an hour, so I'd better jump in the shower.

Pheasantry,- HERE WE COME !
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2015, 23:23
Brill concert , they were buzzing. No room for bouncing, stage too small.!!
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 1, 2015, 00:51
Well, back home after amazing evening. Such a mix of songs, Take That, Joni Mitchell and some of the usual suspects. Included Better, which was very good. Luck Be A Lady, but you all expected that.

Yes, there were expected laughs.

Lovely to see Chantale, Diana, Alison, Maeve, Carol, Pauline, Fi and Eva. I think all enjoyed it. I may be wrong. Thanks to Chantale for keeping me company before the show.

I did tear my eyes away from stage at one point (yep only once) and all the people I could see were staring at the stage with smiles on their faces (even the chaps). One benefit from the 'we agreed we both would stay on the stage for the whole concert' rule was that I had no need for my counting while listening routine, as I could listen and look elsewhere. I was sitting near the back, so out of the zone which can easily be seen from the stage.

Same again Sunday:)
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 1, 2015, 07:29
Morning all and it is somewhat foggy here at the moment!! Had a wonderful time last night. Lovely to see everyone, of course, and huge thanks to Jo (aided by Chantale I think) who queued for us. We had planned to be there by no later than 5pm, but tube engineering works and delays to Cxrcle Lxne meant we arrived about 5.20pm to join the already growing queue on the stairs. Sadly when we got inside the two tables weren’t near to each other, but Jo, Diana, Twin, Me, Maeve and Fi (first half) were on a table near the bar facing the stage and Chantale, Eva (Fi second half) and Alison were near where we sat in the summer, off to the side. Two new musicians – excellent pianist (Steve), who was a friend of Stephen’s, and a double bass (sorry name eludes me at the moment!). Mason was apparently at home writing the arrangements for the Hxrsham concert! We are taking that to really mean that Mason didn’t want to leave new baby Beatrice! They were late starting (in fact late letting us in – close to 6.50 than 6.30 when they started letting us in!), but it was worth the wait! Both wearing “interesting” shirts – GO’s was a blue with a white patter, Steve’s was small ditzy print. They started (after some chat about how the concert came to be) with Luck B a Lady, and then alternated songs with chat and much laughter. The bond between them is obvious! Eclectic mix – including two songs from SE Evening tour by GO, and the duet he normally sings with Amxnda (Steve said it was too high a key for him). GO also sang “Bxtter” - Steve sang my favourite of his “A Cxse of You”. GO;s house purchase in S’end hasn’t exchanged yet – it is on the seafront, where his parents used to take him to play when he was little. He is selling the flat in L’don. Steve’s wife and parents were there, but mainly I think it was the usual suspects. Did I mention how much we enjoyed it? They had a ball, we had a ball – what was not to like. Concert finished after 10pm and MM collected us and we were home just after 11pm. Really was a brilliant evening. Twin and I then watched SCD before falling into bed. Those going tonight will have a wonderful time. We did raise a glass to those of you who couldn’t be with us. It was lovely to catch up with Maeve, Fi and to admire Eva’s hair! Hope Diana arrived home to find everything packed – have a great break Diana! I have a busy day today – Twin off after breakfast, we have church, home, rehearsal, home, church, home and feet up! Morning BHB, let’s grab the pink blanket (a must I feel), the Unexpxctxd Pleasure and the pastries and have a lovely snuffle whilst I tell you all about my lovely evening last night!
evam wrote:
Sunday, November 1, 2015, 08:23
Morning all. This will be a short post as I'm meeting Fi for breakfast in 13 minutes.

Hello sweetheart. Did you enjoy the concert you went to last night? (He's nodding.). So did we. The chemistry between GO and Stephen is fantastic, so there is half the battle won. They were giggling so much those two, in between presenting us with wonderful songs. The audience had their laughs too. When Stephen went down on his knees, declaring his love for Go, we were in stitches! I'm really looking forward to seeing the show again tonight.

Gotta run. Fi will be waiting. See you later.
Luckymoilee wrote:
Sunday, November 1, 2015, 09:08
Amaxing gig yesterday both on the stage the whole gig . Loved it all to bits shame the tables were separated but fid not spoil the evening.. so jice to see all that came missed the absenteese.but if you have the chance to go and see this go it is scrumptious.and it did work so well at the pheasantry. On the train home now .love to you all
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 1, 2015, 10:17
Morning all and a fairly foggy start though the sun is doing it's very best to burn it off. I am home again after a really quite magical evening last night. As Twin has said our journey getting to the venue could have been a lot better, but thanks to Jo and Chantale we were very well seated. The bigger table we were on was facing the stage, which was a huge treat as we have always been sat to one side before. Eating was a very rushed affair as we were so late being admitted, those hopefully the photo shoot which apparently caused the delay, will prove to have been worth it. The show was just fabulous. They have such a close bond and the same sense of fun which really came across. Lovely choice of music as well and it means Hxrsham is promising to be a fantastic night. Just loved Steve surprising Lee with a song he didn't know was coming and singing it as a love song to him! It was just hilarious! I just love that venue. It is so intimate and has a great atmosphere. All in all a huge treat. Twin and I were very lucky as MM came up in the car and visited his friend who lives nearby and so he could give us a lift home. Beats the tube any day! So lovely seeing everyone. Eva with her hair looking lovely, the colour is beautiful and so nice to see Fi and pleased she managed to see himself after all this time. Glad Chantale was able to give us a good report about Nicholas, even though he was not up to the long journey. Many thanks to our two bookers, so sorry you weren't there, though I knowat least Jane will get to see tonight. Enjoy!

I wonder if Diana strangled her Ploppy or got home to find he had done everything and was all ready for the off. Hope you have a wonderful holiday Diana. I'm sure you will. I just love the Caribbean and am green!

Morning BHB, so we have Unexpected Pleasure today? You are always a pleasure my dear, never unexpected! So let's get another jug and find the CM and we can swap stories about our evening.

Karen2 wrote:
Sunday, November 1, 2015, 11:50
Hi Ladies
Thanks Jo for the link to the new page. So how are you all? Jenny & I were thinking of you last night and it sounds like the show was everything it promised to be. I’d have loved to see the two boys together live, I have a real soft spot for Stephen (any friend of Lee’s……) and I have watched his Youtube of A Case of You so many times! However this weekend wouldn’t have been possible. Aside from getting a lot of renovation work done at home and being mega-busy, we are off to Portugal tomorrow. I won the holiday in a raffle that Jenny sold tickets for in aid of her lovey SpOlym club, so lucky! (Jenny of course is coming also as the prize was a week for two in Vilamoura) The show at Horsham falling the weekend before the Garrick makes that a non-starter also, I just hope they plan one or two more for next year, fingers crossed.
Eva – your new hairdo sounds gorgeous. I see Diana is off on hols again, very nice! Glad to hear that a good bunch of SLs were at the show last night, and more again tonight – it’s nice to know that even when we can’t make it we have our pals there!
Take care everyone xx
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 1, 2015, 12:03
I do feel grateful to be able the go to the Pheasantry. It is such a good venue for the more gentle singing acts. I didn't realise Fi had not been before.

I too hope that Diana has got off OK very early this morning. She has promised to do virtual holiday reports for the rest of us. It's a place I'm intrigued by but doesn't make the top 20 places I'd really like to travel to. Diana always finds something interesting for me in places she goes to.

I think I may ask Felf to do teas tonight as they didn't have their breakfast early this morning.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 1, 2015, 13:15
Felf is doing teas tonight, so they will be happier than last night when I got back.

My backup for the laptop is only at 41%, I can't have done it for ages. Naughty me.

Better finish getting dressed. Purple sheep skin slippers and teal fleece are not a good look for London.
maeve12 wrote:
Sunday, November 1, 2015, 13:43
Just lost a long text so this is a brief resume.
Loved the show, great fun, Stephen's love song to Lee, very funny, both in good voice.
Enjoyed catching up with everyone, it's been a while.

Journey home horrendous, defective train ahead, drunken man sitting next to me wouldn't stop talking,
train stopped and turned round before my station so taxi from there, home about 12.15.

However all worth it, hope those going tonight enjoy it as much.
maeve12 wrote:
Sunday, November 1, 2015, 13:52
In my haste not to lose my post again, I forgot to thank Jo for getting us such a good table and the bookers Jane and Sue, so thanks very much to you!
Luckymoilee wrote:
Sunday, November 1, 2015, 20:27
Hello gjrls well they must have started their gig how I wish I was there again. Jo it was lovely to have been able to keep you company awaiting the tables. Had a gokd journey back terribly foggy but once in Plymouth the sun and heat was wonderful.
Glad to know you will be back in Cornwall again and this time for a whole month Eva.
Forgot to say loved walking back to the station yesterday through Kings Road loved the lit shops.
Ok tine for bath as I hsve trsining tomorrow. Ninite all
TK wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 00:24
Maeve I can take no credit for the tables, as they were the ones that were suggested. I've sat at both before so know they'd be OK.
Chatale thanks for joining me in the wait, which is part of the fun, I actually quite enjoy it. I know I'm slightly bonkers.

Tonight, great to see Ali, Eva and Jane. The concert was different to Saturday, some said slicker. To me it was different, but excellent. Lovely singing and laughs. I really enjoyed it again. Apart from near the end when we were nearly gassed by the smell of flooring adhesive coming from the renovation of Boots nextdoor.
Ali wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 02:24
Finally home! Uneventful journey there. Joined Jo and Jane in the queue. Really loved the cameraderie between the boys. Fab choice of songs. Would love to see it again. Thanks for booking Sue.
Nice walk down King's Rd, long wait for my train. Slept for a bit, last part of journey was a crawl due to engineering works then foggy drive home. Ploppy snoring 😠
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 07:28
Morning all and foggy again this morning (it only lifted briefly yesterday afternoon). It was really foggy when we went to church in the evening. No surprise that last night was enjoyed (although probably not the potential gassing!). Assume they did the same songs?? Can't wait for Hxrsham - mind you don't want it to come too soon as it is the day after our little show at the local church, and that is nowhere near ready to be seen yet! I have now managed to catch up with all the tv from Sat evening - few nice Lxfty moments in C'lty (which I watched when we got home from church last night). Today, being Monday, it is of course SLAPPAS, then I have the bedding to launder as I didn't get round to doing it over the weekend. This evening is small choir rehearsal so that takes care of my day! Is Eva on her way back today - forgot to ask her when I saw her. Hope the fog lifts in time for her to take off if so. See it was the warmest recorded Nov day in Wxles yesterday (sadly due to the fog here I can't say it was that warm here!). Morning BHB, yes it is very foggy, so the pink blanket is a must. Let's get the Lavendula and the hot pastries, and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives. You can tell me all about the friends you saw last night.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 08:26
...just realised I missed K2's post! Lovely to see you found your way here. I am with you I really like Stephen - they both work so well together! How lucky are you!! Hope you have a fabulous holiday in P'gal. That's where Twin, MM and I were this summer (not same location but in P'gal). I think it is a popular destination from the Emerxld Isle as we encountered lots of your fellow countrymen there! I think they are seeing how the Hxrsham one goes, but certainly from what they were saying on Saturday they are hoping to do more over the next couple of years!
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 10:17
Morning all and we have the fog here this morning though it is lifting a bit and the sun trying it's hardest to break through. I have to go to the s/market today then I have the ixxnxxg of the bedding to do, so I will be kept busy too. I managed to get hold of a neighbour yesterday who I know has had a lot of work done and she gave me the name of an electrician, so I am hoping to get him to come and look and my hall light. Mind I am a bit busy this week so not sure I can fit it in!

Hi K2, what a lovely prize to win. Hope you have a great holiday. As Twin said it is obviously the destination of choice from Irxland as there were so many there when we were!

Glad the concert was as good last night, not that I doubted it! Not sure the smell of adhesive would add much to it though! I feel you and train journeys are jinxed Ali! Glad you got home safely if very late though.

Morning BHB, you look a little tired, you have had a busy weekend seeing lots of friends? Oh lovely, let's get another jug of Lavendula and find the CM, we want to hear all about it.

TK wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 10:56
I'm kn*ck*red even with the lie in. I've been online since 9:20 ticket buying. As others have said I find it quite stressful. I think I'll go out for a little walk before I get stuck in to stuff.

There were some different songs last night, I have no idea which they were. You wouldn't really expect anything else would you?

Back later

PS Ali that was some journey you had. Glad you got back safely
Ali wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 13:44
Eva said Bring Him Home was new last night, sounded lovely as a duet and gave me the usual lump in the throat.
TK wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 14:30
Of course Ali BHH, I forget so easily. I could blame the fumes, but you all know I'd be lying.
evam wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 14:51
Afternoon all. We are finally in the air, more than 3 hours delayed! Flipping fog! I should have known that I wouldn't have had to get up at 6.15 this morning!

Last night was another wonderful concert. A bit tighter schedule, but still a lot of laughs between the two of them and us in the audience. Yes Jo,- BHH was new last night, and it was hearstoppingly beautiful! I wish I could go and see them in Horsham, but it's too close to the Christmas concert.
Lovely to have time to talk to Jo, Jane and Ali last night as well. It's funny that, never a silent moment when the SLs get together!

Ali,- your journey sounds as bad as mine. I won't be home until approx. 6pm, so I'll probably fall into bed after phoning the parents.
sue-1 wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 17:00
Hello, didn’t make it Friday I was in Vienna, two day trip to see Alfie in Classic Quadrophenia, not exactly my cup of tea but needs must when it’s a certain tenor. Concert was fabulous, standing ovations seemed to go on forever and when Pete Townsend came to take a bow the place erupted with people calling Pete, Pete, Pete. Very emotional.
Sat on a plane for four hours next to the runway at Vienna airport, (fog at H/row) when we finally got home it took a further twenty minutes for the ground staff to get the tunnel in place. My friends from Jersey had another plane to catch from Gatwick, managed to get a seat on the last flight out and then sat for an hour before they could fly. Twelve hours door to door they were shattered.

Glad to see good news about Mr Chris, fingers crossed it stays that way.

Ray’s birthday on 27th Nov Eva, exactly 4 weeks before the C word, although I’m gonna have to say Christmas now we’re in November!
Good to see you putting yourself first for a change with the parents, well with father in particular! You must look after yourself, you’ll be no good to anyone if you continue to get worse.
Sad to hear about your friend with MND, evil disease! My ex-colleague who has it continues to live, but you can’t call it that, she has been totally unable to do anything at all for about a year now, can’t even move her finger which was how she communicated yes and no.

Maeve, off to NY a week on Wednesday, pretty excited I have to say. Ploppy not too excited to learn I have tickets for Alfie’s last show at the end of February! Had no intention of going twice but sort of got talked into it. I’m being very cheeky and asking for pennies this Christmas.

Diana, well done on the rail vouchers. Re fuel suppliers we’ve been with N Power forever, I know I should shop around but as you say it’s complicated to sort out. Let me know how you get on with choosing.
Ah I see you stayed with your supplier but at least got a bonus for doing it.

Carol et al, glad to hear the seats were good, did you ever get the tickets?

Fi, I think a bus tour to see the lights is the best and sanest idea for your mum and dad.

Have to go Ploppy at a funeral, one of his old bosses but will be back very shortly so I’ll have to catch up later.

TK wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 17:37
Ah ha Sue. I noted a Tweet with Vienna in it, wasn't sure if it was the place or not. I suppose I could have checked but I was rather Steve and Lee busy.

It is annoying sitting around for the plane to get off the ground. I just fall asleep, but I understand it is not as easy for others to do that.

Well, a day off nearly finished :(

I see from Twitter Marti P has written a song for Lee in Aladdin, and one for himself. I'd love it if they had a song together. I've seen (on TV) Cliff and Marti, Lee and Marti would make 2 thirds of the set. (The full set is not possible now.)
Diana wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 18:15
Morning all from Antigua.

We sat on the plane for an hour before it took off, thanks to the fog. Landed just after 3.00 pm local time and had a 30 min drive across the island to our hotel, We're staying at the Inn at English Harbour. I'll try to add a link later but we've lost internet connection at the mo. Hotel is very nice, 28 rooms so small. Reception, dinner restaurant and evening bar are at top of hill, with rooms, pool, breakfast & lunch restaurant and bar at the bottom. Transport is available to run you up and down all day. There;s also a water taxi to take you to the town.

We are staying in a cabana, one room with ensuite plus outside covered patio with couple of chairs & table. We are literally on the beach and 25 feet from the sea! Only four couples here at present as the hotel only reopened yesterday for start of the season so it's very quiet. More guests expected today. The hotel is owned/run by an Italian couple.

Dinner was vg, I had vichychoisse, scallops and pineapple & sorbet. Menu is same Friday to wednesday, Thursday is BBQ - plenty of nice sounding dishes to choose from. We are 4 hours behind UK. Slept quite well last night but woke early not surprisingly. Weather not good today - already had 2/3 heavy showers, odd glimpse of sun but it's still warm - around 28 degrees. Time for breakfast so will continue later.

Sorry for typos. I bought the iPad keyboard but no suitable table in room so doing this on bed and knees.

Have been lying on our sunbeds on sand in front of room, some sun but quite a lot of cloud and have moved to patio as it's raining again. Breakfast was vg. I had plate of tropical fruit and eggs benedict, Ploppy cereal and omelette. Good thing we're only on half board otherwise I'd be going home a lot heavier! HB is one of the reasons we chose this place; we don't eat lunch in hot climates and I don't like drinking alcohol in the heat of the day so all in, as most of the hotels in Caribbean do, would have been a waste.

We are just opposite Nelson's Dockyard - we can see one end directly opposite, the main part is hidden round the bay. WE will probably visit tomorrow. Today we're just chilling and Ploppy's catching up on sleep, though given he slept on flight and slept for about 10 hours last night, I dont' see how he's still tired. The girl came along a little while ago with a fruit kebab, this afternoon there;s complimentary tea, and you get water during the day and at turn down, they certainly look after you here. After breakfast we had a wander round, looking at the pool and fitness centre - only 3 piece of equipment plus weights which was a bit disappointing. There are also a few hammocks, providing I can get onto one, I'm looking forward to gentle swinging to and fro.

Ploppy just asked me if I bought the charger for the iPad. I'm not stupid, unlike him who forgot toothpaste so is using my small tube. I'm typing this into a text ap to post later but can't remember how to save, it does it automatically every few mins but I lost some of what I'd written earlier when closed the programme.
Diana wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 18:27
Have looked at instructions and don't think the ap is working properly as it's supposed to ask you if you want to save when selecting close; its also not deleting old files, so I'm now using Notes. I've got 3 text aps and none of them seem to be working properly though probably partly me.

Really enjoyed Saturday evening. Lovely to see several of you. Thanks for sorting, Jo, and thanks to Jane & Sue for booking. Liked most of the new songs and looking forward to the revised set list at Horsham. Hope Sunday night was also good.

Ploppy just left the hammock and came under cover as it's pouring, sky is not looking nice and wind driving the rain across the sea. Think I'd better stop and put the iPad away before it gets wet.

it's now 2.30 and we've given up sitting outside - rained very hard for about 30 mins and had a further couple of short showers since. Ploppy gone to gym for 45 mins, i've had another go at CCBB tix but think I'll have to wait until the weather's cleared as the connection keeps going. So will catch up on here now.
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 18:56
Loved, loved sat concert. Loved the venue, songs, Go and Stephen - and the opportunity to catch up with Loppies. Thanks to all who helped organise it all for us. X
After long brekkie with Eva putting world to rights then I wandered round Tr sq, popped into Nat portrait gallery to see the S. Schumacher rooms and still caught 11 am train home. No delays - your journeys didn't sound good Ali or Maeve. Mind you UB Scollop in Br.ssels for long weekend - and his flight been cancelled. Over 24 hrs to his new one. His new work not happy as he as due on a new client job.
Went to friends yesterday and looked after her adult daughter with le.rning disabilities who is going thro a rough patch. Not sure how my friend copes as I was shattered after couple of hours. Life is so hard for some people.
Guess when neighbour's funeral is? Yep same day as ploppy' dad so obviously can't go to neighbour's.
Off out to a chocoholic party now. And I am not even keen on choc but neighbour up the road asked me and as they look after our garden when we are away felt I had to go.
Jo - I didn't get to book k.ttering today as v busy at work but will try tomorrow. So near to me ( (50mins) so would be rude not to.
Diana wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 19:00

pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 20:03
Evening all. Had an exciting time doing the food shop and ixxnxxg today, so not a lot to report really. All this sitting on a/c waiting for weather to clear really takes me back. There are a fair few hours of my life spent in a similar way. I suppose for me though it was an occupational hazard! Your hotel looks gorgeous Diana. Shame about the weather, but hopefully it will improve and give you nice sunny spells. I seem to recall it used to rain mainly late afternoon, in fact at a great time to repair to the bar for sundowners! 28c sounds lovely anyway.

Sue how lovely to go to Vienna, somewhere that is on my to do list as I have never been.

Of course both funerals fall on the same day Fi! Still at least there is no contest as to which one you need to go to!
TK wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 20:32
just caught up with SCD. 2 couples stood out, almost faultless Jay and Helen. Can't remember their professionals.

Got to check out the first Antigua holiday experience.
Jane E wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 20:33
Hello all!

I just wanted to say I'm home safe. I LOVED last night's concert. It was lovely to spend time with Eva, Ali and Jo. And thanks to Jo and Ali for keeping me company in the queue. Weren't we lucky to be sat on the same table?

It was also good to see Ro, Sue F, Trudi et al,

So kind of Jacqui to see me home.

I have a report for you but it needs to wait until tomorrow - suffice to say - mission accomplished :-)
maeve12 wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 20:45
Your holiday location sounds wonderful Diana, you just need a little less rain.
How lovely to win a holiday K2, I hope you and Jenny have a great time in Portugal.

I booked my CCBB ticket for Wmbldn today, they wouldn't let me book a single on line so I had to
telephone, I've got a good seat but no confirmation e-mail has arrived, I have a feeling the chap didn't
get my e-mail address correctly, not sure whether it matters so long as the seat is booked the ticket should be sent.

Fog cleared here round lunch time and it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, but it's foggy again this evening..

TK wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 20:49
Diana, what a lovely hotel. I checked out the activities, horse riding? Nope, but they do advertise golf. Now that did surprise me ...... not. I hope you have a lovely time. I have to admit I had to check where Antigua was. I did know it was a tropical island. I am now typing through a swishing tail, really annoying.

sue-1 wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 20:58
I’m back, briefly have to go to work at 9 for a couple of hours.

Nice photo Eva. I see the arrangement with Mrs S didn’t go to plan, you’ll just have to be firmer!!

Fi, I reckon you have enough to do without the responsibility of your neighbours shopping! I look after one or two old people, housework, shopping, visits to doctor/hospital etc and I charge an hourly rate, maybe you should try that!!

Ali, I seem to have missed how your Ploppy got on with his car drive. I got Ploppy a drive in a racing car for his 40th, he loved it.

Oh dear have to go again, duty calling………
TK wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2015, 22:23
Ah Maeve a little trick with the single ticket thing. I learnt it in the queue at the weekend, must have been Saturday's queue. If there are an even number of tickets left in the row to the left (or right) of the ticket you are trying to buy, try moving the ticket you are trying to buy to the right (or left) and the pooter may let you. It worked for Ro anyway. Or, of course, phone them if it in box office hours.

Glad you got back home safe Jane.

Back to w*rk tomorrow oh goodie.

Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, November 3, 2015, 07:26
Morning all - and no fog!! Think it has moved up country though. See it affected several of our travellers though. I am off to a meeting at church this morning, then have the remainder of the i word to do, and then church again this evening for another meeting. Diana, the hotel looks amazing - hopefully the rain was just a blip yesterday. How strange they should offer golf there..... See the Sunday P'ntry visitors had a great time (no surprise there!) - and liking the sound of BHH as a duet (wonder if that was why he popped it into his set at Yxovil). Glad to read everyone is safely home. Thank you for mission undercover too - well done! Of course it would be the same day for the fxnerals Fi - that went without saying. I'd better not let MM know that there is such a thing as a chxcxholic party! He would definitely be there. At Vxxnna - one of my favourite places - spent some time there years ago when my boyfriend of the time was posted to the office there. Beautiful city - did you get to see any of it Sue? Maeve sometimes they won't let you book 3 on line either (possibly for the same reason) - Twin quite often rings and speaks to a real person! Had pooter problem yesterday - it was fine when I posted first thing, then MM came to do something on it yesterday and we lost connection with our hub. My laptop downstairs was fine (MM says he didn't do anything....but I am not so sure!). Anyway I snuck up on it this morning and reconnected - hooray - success!! Morning BHB, isn't it lovely the fog has gone? Let's grab the Sea Wxve and the scones and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 3, 2015, 08:43
Morning, just off to hairdresser so can't stop. Just popped on to see BHB and get the morning cocktail. What is it today? Sea Wave? Lovely. Let's grab some and find the DCM.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, November 3, 2015, 09:05
Morning all. It's a dismal day outside, with the rain coming down sideways!

Hello sweetheart. Sorry I missed you yesterday, but I was so tired when we finally got up in the air, I was almost comatose! I see I wasn't the only one affected by the flipping fog yesterday!
When I got home, I phoned the parents to say I was home, then had a light meal and went to bed. I watched the news (at7pm), read 2 pages in my book and then fell asleep! I did wake up a couple of times during the night, but wasn't properly awake until 5am. Not a bad night's sleep at all.
I can feel the afteraffects of yesterday's sitting on uncomfortable airport seats for hours! I'm aching all over and stiff as a board. I have to go to the surgery for a blood test and to the chemist, but that's it for today. Father will have to wait for his whisky until tomorrow!

Diana,- your hotel looks heavenly. Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather for you. So Ploppy will be off for the golf course as soon as it stops raining?
Btw.- had Ploppy done his chores when you came home Saturday night? We are all waiting for your answer!

Sue,- your Ploppy is a saint! 2 visits to Viaenna and then NY!

My fingers are hurting, so even writing on the keyboard is bad. I'll hopefully be back later.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, November 3, 2015, 13:38
Hi all,

I have just had a text from KK that started OMG and hand lots of exclamation marks - which means I am safe to post my report from Sunday without fear of the little surprise getting spoiled:

I felt a little sad setting off from Bradford on Sunday morning. A little sad and a bit anxious. KK, who had been so excited at the thought of seeing Lee and Stephen's new show at the wonderfully intimate Pheasantry, was unable to come. It's always a sad when someone can't make a show but this time I had an extra worry - getting back to my hotel after the show, late at night and alone. (Of course you all realize my sense of direction is remarkable. Remarkably crap that is.)

Jo, bless her, found travelling companion for me; a lady I didn't know but I assumed a good egg coz, hey! She's a Lee fan! This was going to be an adventure.

Glorious sunshine bathed London and had it not been for an Autumnal nip in the air I could have believed it still summer. Though come to think of it the masses of fallen leaves were a giveaway too.

At 2pm, after a shower and copious amounts of tea I set off for Chelsea figuring I would find some lunch on the way. I found sustenance in the firm of a bag of Monster Munch (yes I know – stop nagging me about the joys of a banana or whatever) and strode off down Kings Road pausing only for the now traditional loo stop at McDonald's. For once I felt utterly confident having visited the venue twice before. I knew I just had a straight road to follow - what could go wrong?

Well walking right bloomin' passed it for a start!

I arrived at the Pheasantry just after 3pm.

The waitress seemed a little perplexed that I wouldn't sit down at a table. I explained that I was looking for friends (for 'looking for friends' read 'checking if a queue had started) but she eventually allowed me through to the stairs. I could hear at once chatter in the stairwell. Yep. The queue had started! When Lee fans queue we QUEUE!

I felt a bit awkward at first, not having anyone I knew with me, but I got chatting to the charming lady, Gail, standing next to me and soon enough Jo arrived, followed about 30 mins later by Ali.

Queuing at the Pheasantry requires some dedication. The stairwell is hot, cramped and uncomfortable (forgive the tautology – coz yeah, hot and cramped couldn’t be described as comfy) yet Jo, Ali and I gabbled away to each other, and other familiar faces, and the time flew – well jogged by at a moderate pace.

I knew we were too far back in line to get the best seats, but the waiter suggested a table to the right of the stage just one row back as it were. We had booked a table of two and a table of three, so I was pleased to see that the two table the waiter wanted to give me was next to a three table, which meant Jo, Ali, Eva and I were able to sit on it together - with one empty seat where KK should have been. Sniff!

It was lovely having a proper chance to chat to Eva and Jo - and especially Ali, who I've not seen in ages.

Now to the concert...

But first let me tell you about my trip to the toilet. No honest this is relevant because as I headed for the loo Lee and Stephen walked into the stairwell. Lee seemed to be warming up. At least he was singing snatches of song in the unconscious manner of someone in the shower. Ro (who was coming out of the loo as I was heading in) said something very articulate and complimentary while I managed to mumble 'Ooo nice.'

Lee was quite obvious but Stephen gave me a big grin and a nod.

A few minutes later with me back in my seat, Stephen and Lee made their entrance - which involved them walking right passed our table.

They both appeared happy and relaxed. Both looked mighty fine in patterned long sleeved shirts and suit trousers. I suspect they'd intended to wear full suits but that they'd left off their jackets due to the heat in the room.

Lee and Stephen were supported by Steve, a pianist, and Don, a double-bass player. I love double bass. I think gives a pleasing depth to a song.

I think we all accept that these Both Sides Now Pheasantry concerts are pilots. They experimenting with their formula in front of this select, supportive audience. Stephen spoke to us as though we had all been there the previous night. I'm sure he was 90% right. When Lee asked if anyone had seen the SEE concert Stephen laughed and said 'Of course they have!'

Lee started by explaining why the two of them had decided to form a double act. He talked about meeting Stephen during West End Men with Ramin K and how Stephen and Lee decided to go it alone.

Not surprisingly they opened with their familiar duet, Luck be a lady, A good choice it being such an upbeat number and one they always have such fun with.

Stephen then sang True Colours. Stephen often gets to jazzy for my taste but I'm pleased to say he more or less left off the jazz for the evening so personally I enjoyed his performances even more than usual.

Next Lee took his turn at the mike. He explained that he's been single for s couple of years but now feels ready to start dating again. Then he launched into song - With or Without You. A surprising choice I thought. It suited him perfectly though allowing him to express his emotions with soft melodic verses soaring into the powerful refrain.

Then followed a number every one calls ‘The Adele Song’ probably because it has such an unmemorable title. The song is lovely though and Lee and Stephen sang it beautifully. Steve the pianist has worked with Adele and was teased all night about it. He gave as good as he got! He's a funny personable guy and joined in the banter - leading Lee to declare 'I think we've just become a trio.' to which Steve replied 'At last! .

OK from now on I'm a bit blurry about the order so I'll just talk about the songs as I remember them.

Now I have to confess that as enjoyable as the concert was it wasn't quite perfect. Some of the duets still need a little work. This is hardly surprising as the pair of them have had very little rehearsal time thanks to Lee's busy schedule. They've been rehearsing over Skype, according to Stephen. It's a helluva achievement to have created so many great duets this way. And from what I was told it seems they are improving with each performance.

I loved their brave duet version of BHH. Lee's rich tenor combined with Stephen's remarkable falsetto stunned me. If they keep it in I believe it'll be a highlight of their show.

When you go to see Lee in concert you don't just get to hear a singer with a beautiful voice; you get a comedian. When Lee and Stephen are together the comedy escalates.

Especially when Stephen is being evil.

So I come to the funniest part of the evening - Stephen serenading Lee with a love song.

Because of the position of our seats I couldn't see much of Lee during Stephen's solos so I missed seeing some of his facial expressions. But the howls of laughter from the left of me said it all. Those I did see had me rocking backwards and forwards as I guffawed! The looks of surprise, puzzlement and confusion passing over Lee's face becoming more exaggerated as Stephen became more passionate had me in hysterics.

More laughs came with another of Stephen's solos which had a lyric about a 'white moon'. He sent Lee onto the balcony to play the moon, which of course he did by wiggling his decidedly pert bum at the audience.

Stephen is an extremely generous performer repeatedly allowing (even insisting that) his friend to upstage him.

I can't remember what ended the first half but as the the lads left the stage I realised I was sitting right in the way of their exit route. I moved onto the seat which should have been KK's, out of their way. Lee turned to me with a huge sunny smile that had my little loppy heart go thump thump thump.

On the way out to the loo at interval (yes I know I go a lot) I found myself following Stephen who, like the gentleman his is, held the door open for me.

What other songs did we have?...

After the interval Lee sang Better. (Err as in the song, not as in improvement. Because he didn’t need to improve - oh you know what I mean!) I've not heard him sing that since the Love Tour. It was like hearing from an old friend.

Stephen gave us A Case of You which has been a favorite of mine since the first time I heard him sing it.

And they sang the Happy Days Are Here Again and Get Happy mash up that Lee normally does with Amanda. Now I really like the version he does with Amanda but the version he does with Stephen is superb. The two strong male voices balance each other beautifully and there is no sense of one performer taking the lead over the other.

Stephen had another solo, which I wish they had duetted on: Kissed by a Rose. He started it with a Bollywood spin which I'm not convinced worked. It might grow on me.

Another song I really enjoyed was Lee’s somewhat coy version od Take That's Want You Back for Good. This was a whole heap of fun as Lee encoured the audience to sing the backing vocals.

Stephen also did an audience participation song. I sang along with gusto but can I remember what it was? Can I heck!

The best song of the evening? Lee's Feeling Good which is now magnificently strong and powerful. He didn't hold back for the small venue but filled the to with his majestic voice. Sigh!

The concert ended with whoops and cheers and cries of more!

As the concert finished I again moved to let them off stage and this time Lee accompanied his beaming smile with a Thank you. LOVE THAT GUY!!!

I went to the loo (OK OK - I know this has been the story of my bladder movements. Shut up! I have a point!) and bumped into Steve the pianist who I thanked and complimented on his performance. He seemed very pleased.

I headed out into the mercifully cool air with Eva and Jo, my mind buzzing with delight. We said our farewells to Ali. Then Eva too had to go.

Now I had a little mission, involving a get well card for KK. I didn’t expect I’d fulfil it but, but when Jo and i went back inside to find Jacqui a familiar curly haired figure was at the bar. I didn't want to intrude but I saw that he was posing for photos with other fans - so in I went humming Mission Impossible under my breathe. I managed to speak to first Stephen. Taking the blank card out of my handbag I explained KK's predicament to him and asked him if he would mind signing a Get Well card. He was so charming! He said he was sorry to hear that - and he wished her better. He took the card from me and was writing an epistle in it when I caught Lee's eye.

Not a good plan! Meadmush time! But I took a big breathe, and some how managed to explain to him. 'Oh no!' He said, 'That's terrible'. And he ask when it had happened and how she is now - and was generally very concerned. He also wrote a lovely message.

Aren’t those guys lovely!

Jo introduced me to Jacqui my escort back to KX. If you are reading this Jacqui – it was lovely to meet you and your friends. We had a really pleasant journey back chattering all the way.

And so that's it.

Another concert – another wonderful evening. Thank you to everyone who made it so special!

Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, November 3, 2015, 13:56
EEK! I had no idea my post would be that long!! So sorry everyone!!

I've tried to catch up:
Eva, Sue, Ali, Diana, Maeve – how infuriating that fog was! So many delays and seemed to effect everything - planes, cars.

Diana – I hope you now have time to relax after that very long flight. Looking forward to reading your travellog exploits

Sue – it sounds like you had a lovely time despite the trouble on the way back. It bet there was a fabulous atmosphere even if Q- isn’t your thing.

Jo – interesting news about Marti P’s new song for Alad*n. Thank you!

K2 – fabulous news! Have fun on your holiday!

Maeve – I am hoping to arrange a trip to Wimbledon too. Glad you got your good seat in the end.

Carol – BHH really was tremendous!

Fi – oh dear. Of course it’s typical the two funerals are on the same day.

Happy new haircut Pauline!
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 3, 2015, 19:20
Evening all. So had my hair cut and coloured, toss toss, feeling much better. While I was sitting waiting for the colour to take I got an email via my phone with a 20% off for colour from my hairdresser during Nov. Well this is Nov and I got 20% off, which is good. Journey there a bit of a nightmare. Must remember not to book quite so early in future!

Thanks for the fab review Jane. It sounds as if it was much the same as when we saw it apart from BHH, so it must be a lot of what will be in the show. Should be brilliant. Btw for anyone that hasn't seen it, the 'Adxle song' is Make You Fexl My Love! Well done on getting the card done for KK. I'm sure she is thrilled with it.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, November 3, 2015, 19:31
Jane, I would have had to take notes to remember so much. I just go into the GO zone, remembering little until I get reminded. One thing I have to add is Lee reminding the audience at the beginning of the 2 nights that Stephen is the Brad Pitt of Asia and how big his concerts are over there. Stephen also makes sneaky mentions (in a joky way) during the show which mean most of the audience are here due to Lee. I do agree with Jane that Stephen's voice really grew on me as the songs were not jazzy. Not sure about the Indianisation of the song either.
Well done with the card, I'm positive KK loved it.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, November 3, 2015, 20:55
Afternoon. We're enjoying afternoon tea just by the beach, at least I am, Ploppy,s on his 2nd beer.

Just managed to book my CCBB tix for MK and Wimbledon. Wasn't able to select my seats unfortunately (probably iPad compatibility issue) but got a row A so happy.

Another vg dinner last night. I had shrimp fritters, grouper and cheesecake. Weather has been much better today after a couple of short sharp showers at breakfast.Going back to room now so will continue later.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, November 3, 2015, 22:09
Eva, yes Ploppy had done everything and gone to bed when I got home Saturday.

We've had a very lazy day, mostly lying on the sunbeds near our room. We had a short meeting with the travel co rep this am and have arranged to go to the island of Barbuda on Friday and to hire a car for a couple of days next week. Went for a short walk along the beach, lay in a hammock and sat in the sea for a while. Then sat on the patio in the shade. It's six o'clock now and getting dark. Its Italian evening tonight, not sure what that involves. Ploppy's having a snooze while I'm on the iPad, with the Tv on In The background. We get lots of US TVs channels but also BBC America and BBc World.

Tomorrow we're taking the water taxi after breakfast to Nelson's Dockyard and to have a look round the town.



Diana wrote:
Tuesday, November 3, 2015, 22:27
Jo, Ploppy's not intending to play golf here, I'm not bothered if he does.

Lovely review, Jane.

Better get ready for dinner. Night all.

Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 06:50
Morning all - a bit gloomy out at the moment, but it is early! We are off to doctor for blood tests this morning - fasting ones, so need to be at the surgery at 8.30. Ah so Ploppy had been obedient then Diana!! Sounds a lovely relaxing holiday - the dockyard looks fascinating! Thank you for the long report Lady J, and for managing to get both gentlemen to sign KK's card. No wonder she was thrilled!! Eva, we had it announced over here that there will be no more Lxwis programmes made. In fact next week's episode will be the last ever - really sad as enjoy them so much. Had a good meeting with the new Vicar yesterday morning, then came home to finish off the ixoning and then back to church for the PCC meeting. Had a call from the PCC secretary a short while before we left to say she was unwell so would I please take the Minutes. As a result I have to get them typed up at some point today. It is LACE today, so also need to bake a cake this morning. Twin will of course be over for LACE and then staying overnight. Morning BHB, yes it is getting brighter, but I suspect it is chilly so we will need the pink blanket. Let's grab the Raspberry Bxllini and the cakes and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 09:40
Morning all, not a nice one at all as it has been raining since I got up. Looks like I will have a wet drive to Twin later.

Well done to Ploppy for doing his allotted tasks, or maybe he was scared of the consequences if they weren't done Diana! Lovely links again, I am getting greener by the day! Hope the sun continues to shine on you.

I'm sad about the end of Lewis as well though I haven't liked the new chief at all. Felt he hasn't fitted in at all well.

Morning BHB, so what have we today? Raspberry Bellini? Just right, let's get another jug and find the CM, she'll need a drink after losing blood!
maeve12 wrote:
Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 10:20
Swimming today, wish I were in Antigua!

Went to 'Suffragettes' yesterday, very good.

Fantastic review Jane and great dispatches from the Caribbean, Diana,
thanks to you both.
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 10:20
Morning - very wet here. Just bought 2 tics for K.ttering - Jules and I are going. She is coming round for day tomorrow. were going to go for walk round local farm - may not do that now!
Monday bought our tics for Ch.lsea flower show, never been. My 3 uni friends all going too - so a uni reunion.
Your hotel and hol looks wonderful Diana. Glad ploppy had got prepared.
Jane - well done on achieving your mission. lovely review. they do seem to get on so well those 2 boys. both very caring - and joyful:).
Off out to meet a friend. seemingly i need to meet a friend of hers who wants to set up a business around caring and wants my input! Funnily church have also invited ploppy and me to a carers event. i said we weren't carers but lady vicar said that yes we were and we def needed to be treated to an aft tea - and anyway she hoped I could give some ideas to other son how to cope!!! Just found out that ploppy is executor of Shr.ps relatives will - they haven told or asked him. Along with someone else we have never heard of!
Agreed Pauline re L.wis. Guess he has gone to B.rgen for his hols Eva:).
Must dash. have a good - if wet- day everyone.
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 12:19
Hi all,

I'm still buzzing from Sunday but work is doing it's best to bring me down to earth!

Pauline - thank you! The name of the Adel* song was really bugging me. I am glad you knew it!

Jo - I usually have a KK to remind me of songs. I'm sure I missed loads out - oo yeah - like the Title Track for starters! Do you think the GO would notice if we sat in the front row with a notepad and pen?

Diana - your holiday sounds lovely and how nice that Ploppy is behaving. I'm not a sun worshiper myself but I'm starting to be jealous of you relaxing on your sun-beds!

Fi - Of course you are a carer! Just and unpaid and uncredited one. I think you are an excellent person to ask about your experiences.

Carol - hope you've managed to have breakfast now. I suspect even if L*wis is cancelled they'll do specials and stuff.

Maeve - thanks for the recommendation of Sufferg*ttes. I'm considering going.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 12:56
Afternoon all. It's a lovely day here after an iffy start.

I have been buzzing about all morning. First a visit to the parents with father's whisky, so now he is a happy man! I then went down to the shopping center to do some food shopping, then to the book shop to get father another book he wanted. I thought I'd give Iselin a ring and see if she was home. I am long overdue for a visit. She answered saying no, she wasn't home,- she was in the shopping centre! I told her where I was standing, and 2 minutes later she was there, with Emilian fast asleep in his buggy. We walked over to the nearest cafe, had a coffee and a waffle each. Much cathcing up to do, and then a certain young gentleman let us know he was wide awake and wanted to join the party! He was fed a smoothie I'd bought for him, and in return he showed me his new tooth,- no 4!
It was lovely as always to see them. Juan was in school, but he rang when we sat there, so I got a kiss over the phone!

Jane,- thank you so much for your wonderful review. I don't know how you do it, but keep on doing it. How brilliant that you got both GO and Steve to sign the card. I bet KK was delighted.

Diana,- I, like Pauline, am going greener and greener when I read about your hoiliday. Like Jane, I'm not a beach person, but those boat trips sound just like something I'd love. I hope the food is as good as it sounds.
I am glad to hear that Ploppy had done all his chores when you returned on Saturday. I think you are bringing him up well!

Fi,- if you and Ploppy are not carers, I don't knowwho'd have the right to that title. Of course they've made Ploppy the executor of the will without asking him. Why change the habit of a lifetime?

Twins,- enjoy your LACE day.

Lunch is calling.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 19:33
Yes Diana I have to agree, a beach hols never really appeals to me, but the sights on the links are just lovely. Really jealous. Glad Ploppy did his tasks before you got home. Not fun going on hols with a broken bone ;)

Listening to an interesting CD recorded live in Sweden during 3 sessions '63, '64 ans '67. I can now say 'Thanks' in Swedish (with an English accent).

Really odd day at w*rk. Started off with a nice breakfast thanks to a colleague. From time to time she brings in Indian food she has made and leaves it on my desk. Very good start to a day. She is vegetarian, so no probs with eating.

Bit of a (nice) surprise this evening when I logged in. I now have a tik for Weston-super-mare. On sale today. I'd better book hols as it is a Thurs.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 19:35
I meant to say Geri's book is on sale today. I went and looked on Amazon and they have sold out.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 20:43
Evening all.
I've finally caught up with my i****g. It was rather a big pile, but done and dusted now,- until I put another wash through the machine!

I have an early start tomorrow. I have a 9 o'clock appointment in the handsome consultant's surgery. Not with him, unfortunately, but with his nurse. Because of my osteoporisis (sp?), I was taking a tablet once a week, but it was followed with some awkward instructions, so I had a little moan about it to my consultant at the hospital. He said no problem, I could have an injection once a year instead! Saving the Norwegian NHS quite a bit of money at the same time, so tomorrow I'm off to do it. I'll have to leave before 8am because of the rush hours traffic.

Jo,- what a lovely treat from your colleague! She sounds like a very nice person.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 5, 2015, 07:34
Morning all and so far the promised rain not in evidence (think they are saving that for this evening when Twin goes home). Looking quite breezy out though. Still haven't managed to see S'gettes Maeve, think it will have to be the dvd when it comes out. Fi you will love Chxlsea - make sure you have comfy shoes though! Not surprised people want to pick your brains on cxring - just an unpaid and in the main unappreciated one. Jo did she bring the food in as it is Dxwxli? Our neighbours sometimes bring us food during the festival. Fancy a ticket mistakenly being bought for WSM!! Ah the four letter word designed to try and make you forget the nice things of life, Lady J!! Just hang on to your memories of loo visits to keep you in the zone. See you had a lovely unexpected meeting yesterday Eva. Hope you get on ok with the injection - sounds a much better way of dealing with it, and if it saves the NXS money it is a win win situation! Have my normal bruise following the b test yesterday - MM of course has not a mark to show. Went and had breakfast afterwards and then came home and did some baking for yesterday afternoon. We watched The First Wxves Clxb yesterday - I'd read the book years ago, Lindy hadn't seen the film, Twin fetched the DVD and it was a total hoot. Enjoyed a very nice SB whilst we were watching and then had our cakes, so all good. Today we are off for some RT (well Chrissie shopping) and then MM and I have rehearsal tonight. Morning BHB, yes it does look a little gloomy but not too bad so far. Let's grab the Chxleston Gxrl and the cakes and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, November 5, 2015, 08:33
Morning all. A very grey day an I think a very wet one on the way. I am still with Twin for today and think I am in for a wet drive home. Certainly will put a dampener on bonfire night I think.
Fi I know you will adore Chxlsea, the smell when you first go into the main marquee is something you never forget, it's wonderful. My favourite gardens are the small ones. As Twin says comfy footwear is essential!
Hope your jab is ok Eva. Much better than the tablets. My mum had to take those and they were a pest!
Fancy you buying a ticket for WSM Jo, can't think what you will be going to see. How brilliant that Geris book has sold out.
Morning BHB so what have we today? Charlestown Girl? You must have been watching SCD! Let's get a jug and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Thursday, November 5, 2015, 10:38
Morning all. It has been very foggy here this morning, but the sun is burning it away now.

Hello sweetheart. I look happy? That's because my injection went very well. It took 20 minutes for it all to drip-drip-drip into my vein, and the nurse had to stay with me all the time. While I was sitting there, my handsome consultant popped his head round the door and asked me if I had time to come and see him after the drip-drip-drip had finished. I always have time to see him, so that was unexpected pleasure and a nice start to the day!

When I was finished there, I drove to my local shopping centre to buy a new doorbell. The old one has died on me.

Fi,- I'm sure you'll love C*elsea flower show. I've been once, and then I met Alan T*tchmarsh. I smiled at him when I saw a well known face, and then my brain clicked in, and I think I blushed! But he just gave me a lovely smile back.

Jo,- such good news about Geri's book. I hope it goes on selling.
dddiana wrote:
Thursday, November 5, 2015, 11:05
Morning all.

Itching bites kept me awake for a while in the night but otherwise i've slept very well here so far.

Italian night on Tuesday evening turned out to be a four course meal with a glass of prosseco We chose to have the matching wines with the meal, a glass of wine to suit the dish. Started with a fish carpaccio, gnochi, fish and can't recall desert. As the weather was better we ate outside and had a table at the edge with lovely views over the lights in the hotel grounds, Nelson's Dockyard and English Harbour. As we're not getting much exercise, we are walking up to the restaurant most nights, it's a steep climb of about 10 mins.

Yesterday morning was lovely. After breakfast we took the water taxi to Nelson's Dockyard and had a wander round. Both of us were very impressed, the restoration has been done very well, with the buildings now housing a museum, bars, restaurants, the odd shop as well as still maintaining boats. There are lots of info boards telling you about the buildings. We each bought a T-shirt. We walked right to the end of the dockyard, along a rocky path, where there used to be a fort protecting the entrance to the harbour, which is opposite our hotel. Ploppy bought some toothpaste and then we wanted to sit down and have a drink. By this time the place was getting rather crowded, mostly with American tourists, probably off a cruise ship. We were very glad we'd got there early. The first bar had a long queue but we found a small hotel/restaurant/bar by the water, it was lovely and peaceful. Ploppy had a couple of beers [they only seem to do halves here) while I had a very refreshing non=alcoholic fruit cocktail. We caught the water taxi back, it's only a 5 min ride. We spent the rest of the day lazing. It was hot so I lay on the sand just in the sea a couple of times to cool off. Haven't been in the pool yet.

We had afternoon tea again, this seems very popular, most guests partake. You pick your choice of tea bag (Tw*nings) and they bring a pot of hot wate with a plate of finger sandwiches and a couple of coconut biscuits. While we were enjoying our tea a little bird, who we've christened the Antiguan robin as it has a bit of red high on it's chest, flew onto one of the unoccupied chairs at our table and hopped around, at one point he was only a foot from me, they don't seem at all shy. The previous day during afternoon tea we'd watched another bird try to take a sachet of sugar, it was so amusing watching him. He was only small and the sugar was too heavy for him and he gave up in the end.

I took some photos during tea and we then sat outside on the patio and I watched the sun set, taking photos. Out of the blue it started raining but the sun continued to shine, the rain was very light and didn't last long. There was a lovely light as the sun set behind the hill but sadly no pinky clouds.

Another excellent dinner last night. I had seafood vol au vent though it was more of a small pie; pork and a yummy chocolate mousse in a brandy basket, washed down with a very pleasant Italian rose. A lot of the wines are Italian as the owners are Italian. Then we were a bit naughty and had a special coffee - rum, coffee ice cream, cream and I can't recall the other ingredient. We took the taxi back down the hill, didn't fancy walking down the hill, which isn't well lit.

We're not going anywhere today. I will probably walk up the hill to take some photos of the view from the restaurant before/after breakfast before it gets hot. Otherwise just lazing around. We both love this place, the service is extremely good and very friendly, the food excellent and the facilities (other than the gym) excellent, and it's very peaceful, as I sit on the bed I can hear the waves on the beach. Time to get up.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, November 5, 2015, 11:58
Your holiday sounds idyllic Diana. Sadly very grey and miserable here. Last weeks holiday seems a distant memory. Work has been busy, good but tiring. With Ploppy's dreadful snoring I'm not sleeping well either so I'm grateful of today at home. Done some washing and made a curry but otherwise catching up on some tv I recorded last week. Not looking forward to weigh in tonight as I am under no illusions that I've gained a few lbs!! Still, better to draw a line and try hard next week.
Glad your treatment went well this morning Eva.
Tomorrow night sis and I are taking sloppy to theatre for her birthday to see Vincent and Flavia dance. Having a meal first. Not good for the diet but ...
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, November 5, 2015, 13:14
Gosh - busy busy busy again today. Carol you are right - I just need to concentrate on all those lovely trips to the loo I made on Sunday :-)

Eva - I'm glad the jab jab went OK. Nasty things but necessary.

Diana you're holiday sounds fab! I will ready your travel log when I get home and imagine I'm there!

Jo - great news about Geri's book being sold out on Amazon. I believe it's available from the publishers though MX Publishing.

Ali - you'll be fine - that was a tiny weeny pizza on Sunday :-)
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 5, 2015, 18:41
No Carol- the food was not brought in for any religious reason. Her group was doing a 'bring in lunch' day so she syphoned one off for me as she knows I love them. We are getting sweets tomorrow from another girl, who is going for the 'bring in English sweets' approach for Diwali as she hates Indian sweets. (2nd generation, some traditions waning.)

There have been some fireworks today, not too bad.
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 5, 2015, 18:42
Diana, that holiday is sounding better and better. Afternoon tea, some old buildings to visit, sounds really lovely.
evam wrote:
Thursday, November 5, 2015, 19:33
Evening all.
Diana,- I think I'll borrow the Tardis and join you and Ploppy. When I read your menus, my R*vitas (my evening meal) don't look very tempting any more!

When I got my injection today, I was warned that I could feel poorly for the next few days, with flu like symptoms. As it's chemo night tonight, I'm not especially looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning!

Alim- Jane is right. It was a very healthy and THIN pizza you had on Sunday! Good luck at the weigh-in.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, November 5, 2015, 19:47
Wonders will never cease. My weight stayed the same! It wasn't so much the pizza but the fish and chips and cakes I ate ladt week 🍟🍩🍪
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 6, 2015, 08:02
Morning all and I think it has stopped raining for the moment. Diana, holiday sounding idyllic but I am sure you would rather be in wet (but not cold) UK! Managed to get quite a lot of small tree presents yesterday, and by coincidence a new pair of trousers and a top for Christmas Day fell into my basket. Had a nice late lunch down by the G Union Cxnal and Twin left us about 7.30pm. Rehearsal was almost inaudible over the sound of what sounded like heavy bombing in the trenches! Sadly didn't see any fireworks, could just hear them! Eva hope you aren't feeling too bad today and how nice that your handsome Insultant saw you too. See Ali has managed to avoid putting on any weight (really well done!) despite being on holiday last week!! I understand about the Indxxn sweets - our neighbours bring us some when they are celebrating a festival - they are usually a very lurid colour, and I can't say what they taste like as I am sorry to say we usually put them in the bin! This morning I am off for hot shell treatment on my back, then MM is off to the dentist. I must finish the Minutes from Tuesday night this afternoon and then we have choir practice at church. Preordered G's book so expecting it soon, oh and Eva I had notification from A'zon that I can now download the third Kim Stxne book so will read that soon! Morning BHB yes it is a little gloomy but I am sure it will brighten up. Let's grab the Vanillita and the paninis and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Friday, November 6, 2015, 09:24
Morning all. A very wet day here, but not too windy. We have been told to expect gale winds later.

Hello sweetheart. You look surprised to see me. You were half prepared that I wouldn't check in this morning? Well, I did feel rather tired last night, so I wasin bed and asleep before 10.30pm. I had a good night's sleep though, so when I woke up at 5.30am, I didn't feel too bad. Still OK (ish), and have already done some baking,- horns. The dough is rising as we speak, and if they turn out all right, I'll pop down to my parents with some.

Iselin sent me this photo yesterday from our get-together on Tuesday. Emilian looks sooooooo cute:


Carol,- I have ordered the 3rd Kim Stone book, and it's on it's way to Jo today. (She doesn't know yet!)

I don't think I've ever tried Indian sweethes, but I remember trying Turkish delight once, and they were so sweet I couldn't swallow it. In Spain I never bought cakes, because they were much too sweet as well.

Ali,- congrats! Imagine, all that fish and chips and still no gain. You must have done a lot of walking.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 6, 2015, 09:32
...Eva lovely photo - he is going to grow up a handsome young man and break hearts I suspect!! Glad you aren't feeling too bad - horns sound nice!! It has just started raining here (of course as I am off to the salon)! MM said he thought nasty weather heading your way! Know what you mean about T Delight (or non delight!!).
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 6, 2015, 10:06
Morning all, another rather grey and damp day and there is a bit morew of a breeze than there has been. Hopefully we will avoid the really high winds but think this will shake a lot of the last leaves off the trees. I am back home again of course. Came through a lot of rain to get here last night. There were a few fireworks around but I think most were rained off. Today I have to pop to the s/market for a few bits and am doing a small wash so I am bang up to date as I won't have time for much over the coming week. So a very exciting day in prospect!

Well done Ali, how fab not to have put weight on, that is fab. I always knew fish and chips must be low calorie!

Thanks for another fab report Diana, it all sounds so gorgeous, sigh.

Lovely picture Eva what a happy, bonny baby he is, but then as he has you for a Grauntie he has lots of reasons to be happy! Glad you are feeling not too bad today. Fingers crossed you stay that way, or even better would be good.

Morning BHB, so it is Vanillita day today, one of our favourites, so let's get another jug and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Friday, November 6, 2015, 18:42
Just a quick pop in as I have 4 pheasants waiting for me, watching SCD IT2, back later
evam wrote:
Friday, November 6, 2015, 19:12
Evening all.
I've just had a long conversation with youngest sister on the phone. Father is having yet another operation on his hip (op no 5), and has finally been given a date,- 30th November. So all that is OK. The problemis that mother can't be alone while he is in hospital or when he is convalescing (sp?) afterwards. I said that I couldn't take on the resposiility of looking after mother, as I have days when I can barely look after myself. She agreed at once, and said that mother can stay with them, and if it takes weeks, Mrs S can share the responsibility. She's got a huuuuuuge house, so is not lacking space,- and she is fit as a fiddle! (Jo,- you would have been proud of me!)

Btw.,- can you please roast one of those pheasants for me?
TK wrote:
Friday, November 6, 2015, 20:00
Pheasants are cooking.


They were quite big ones, first of the season.

Eva, you can see his daddy in Emilian now. Glad you weren't too bad today. Yes a book came today. Felf must have not been on delivery watch, so I've met some new neighbours who moved in 2 weeks ago.

Lucky my smoke alarm is not working, just set fire to a piece of toast.

Ali well done, you must have been more active on your hols than you thought.

TK wrote:
Friday, November 6, 2015, 20:01
Well done Eva. Sorry no congratulatory roast pheasant, boiled??
TK wrote:
Friday, November 6, 2015, 20:02
Very good example of keep low in a smoke filled room going on in my kitchen now.
sue-1 wrote:
Friday, November 6, 2015, 21:05
K2, hope you’re having a great time in Portugal, how lucky were you to win that!

Maeve, glad the show was good, the journey home sounds horrible.

No sooner here than I have to go, work calls but I did get as far as reading Diana’s post, Antigua sound fab, (a place I’ve wanted to visit since my step brother worked there fifty odd years ago) not liking the sound of all that rain though. I’m wondering if it’s ever going to stop here, it’s forecast locally for the whole of next week.

Back later hopefully…….
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 07:53
Morning and it looks very much like what Winnie the P would call a blustery day outside. Need to go into U'bridge to the bank and then we are home and in for the rest of the day. I still have my service to write for tomorrow, then need to wrap various birthday pressies for the N Forest contingent, and get everything ready to pop into the case tomorrow. MM got off lightly at the dentist and only needs £120 of treatment - peanuts as I told him! Had a call from the surgery and need to see a doctor next week about my b test results....rats! Eva well done, and how lovely of youngest sister to step up to the mark. Who is going to tell Mrs S?? Ah Jo, the number of times when the office was in Rxgxnt St that we were evacuated cos the firm above us had set fire to toast! Alarms would all go off and we'd all assemble outside and watch the fire brigade arriving - broke up the tedium of the day! We had lots of fireworks going off again last night - have only seen a couple light the sky, but the bangs seem much louder these days. Gemma completed on her house yesterday and is now squatting with June and Barry (they have a smallish three bed house, so with three adults (think Jon is staying at the house whilst they decorate and do various works) three small boys and two dogs, I imagine it is going to be quite cosy! We will see for ourselves on Monday!! We've had three days of rain here Sue, but I am hoping it will be dry tomorrow for the R Sunday outside service, and then the drive down to W'chester. We are only a four minute walk from the theatre and restaurant where we are meeting up, but you can get very wet in four minutes......... No C'lty tonight due to the Festival of R'brance at the RAH, but SCD and Dr W on as normal. Usually need a large box of tissues for the RAH Festival. Morning BHB, yes it is very gloomy out - don't think it is actually raining at the moment but it is quite windy. Let's grab the Mimosa and the pastries and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 08:50
Morning all. It's not a bad day here, so when the morning mist clears, it will be quite nice.

Hello sweetheart. How are you doing? Getting ready for a concert tomorrow? My, my,- another one? (Better not say anything more, or I'll probably get the kitchen door slammed in my face!)

I have only done the tiniest bit of h****w**k today,- changing the towels in the kitchen and bathroom. They are in the spin dryer as we speak. The rest of the h****w**k? I HAVE A CLEANING LADY!

I saw on T*itter that there will be no Cas tonight, but maybe I'll tune in on the iplayer and watch the episode from last Saturday. I was somewhere else then!

Carol,- youngest sister has offered to tell Mrs S. Good luck to her, I say! She won't be quite as cramped as June and Barry are.

I'm off for a little visit to the parents with some homebaked horns and sone chocolate muffins I baked a while back. I'd forgotten about them, as they were hiding at the back of one freezer drawers, but it'll be an un-expected surprise for the parents.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 09:04
Carol thanks for letting me know I have a night off certain duties, I hadn't realised it was this Sat for the RAH service, for some reason I thought it was next Sat.

Eva, well done to youngest sister from me too.

It's not too windy here as I'm protected by the hill near my house. I suspect it will be rather blowy at the stables so I shall dress for that.

Have a good day all.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 09:45
Morning all, very wet here at the moment but it looks a bit more hopeful for later on. I want to go to the bank this morning as well and also see if one of my friends is around. She has just come back from a month in Peru and Bolivia on what she laughingly called a holiday. She sent us regular blogs and it seemed more of an endurance test to me, but it is what she and her husband love. Each to their own!

Eva I'm also very proud of you. Good for younger sister as well. Mind don't envy her the task of telling Mrs S! That will be an interesting conversation.

Nice to see you Sue, albeit very briefly! You must be off to NY soon? Hope if so you have a fantastic time.

Those pheasants look ....very dead Jo! I'm sure they will be much appreciated by the cats!

Morning BHB, not a great day I agree, so let's get more Mxmosa and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 11:18
I've been to see the parents and they were very pleased with the bakery gifts. And who would pop in while I was there? Yes, you're right,- Mrs S! If you had seen the dirty look she gave me, you would have cringed. But I know her, so I just stared back. However, she didn't say anything in front of the parents. I suppose youngest sister has had her talk with her. Tomorrow Mrs S and the boyfriend are picking me up in their car. It's Sondre's naming day tomorrow. First we go to the Grieg Hall where the ceremony will take place, and after that we're going to Sondre's home for the family party. I have a sneaking feeling that Mrs S won't say anything in front of the boyfriend though. She won't want him to see what she can be like!

Jo,- you're right about Emilian looking more and more like his daddy'
Those pheasants look great, but boiled? No, thank you very much.
Have you put new batteries in your smoke alarm yet? If not, get it done NOW!

diana wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 12:21
Good morning all.

Unfortunately another cloudy morning in Antigua, though not as overcast as yesterday, there is some blue sky.

Despite the weather, we enjoyed the trip to Barbuda yesterday. We had a taxi to the capital, St Johns. Despite being small, the roads in the town were very busy. St Johns is supposed to be the best place for shopping but we didn't think much of the shops we could see. We went on a large catamaran which took getting on for 2 hours to get there. The sea was very choppy so the boat was going up and down a lot and we got sprayed several times despite sitting on the top deck. The boat pulled into 17 Mile Beach - a never ending thin strip of sand. The beaches on Barbuda are supposed to be even better than those on Antigua - Pr*ncess Di*na used to regularly stay there and they have renamed one of the beaches Pr*ncess Di*na Beach. We had a paddle and walked a little way along the beach but it started running so went back onboard. Lunch was taken onboard - chicken and fish with rice, veg & salad. Drinks were included and I had at least 3 rum punches and a captain's special - pineapple juice and I DK what else. After lunch we were due to go to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary but as we were leaving the boat, it started raining heavily again so I stayed back - didn't fancy getting soaked, especially as I have a new camera, but Ploppy went. Those going got into small boats and were taken over to the other side of the lagoon (the water in the lagoon was far choppier than the sea) to see the birds. Ploppy thoroughly enjoyed the trip and seeing the birds close up - fortunately for them the rain hadn't lasted long. The trip back didn't seem quite as up and down, I think we were all rather mellow from the drink! We got into the taxi and 2 mins later the rain started and this time it bucketed down and went on for most of the journey back to the hotel, we were lucky it held off until we were under cover.

It rained heavily most of the evening and overnight but the sun is shining now, though don't think it will last. IT doesn't feel so hot this morning. There was a new menu for dinner last night - several yummy sounding dishes. I had crab cakes, red snapper and pecan pie, with another good bottle of wine. Depending on the weather, we may pop over to Nelson's Dockyard as Ploppy wants to take a photo of something and I might buy a couple of presents. Or I might walk up the hill and take some photos. But mostly it'll be another relaxing day. Time for breakfast - I'll add a couple of Barrbuda links later.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 14:29
Diana, that sounds lovely (again), just shame about the rain.

I've done a bit of cleaning at the stables. Came home and did some repairs on some of my clothes. The repairing pile was getting a bit high.
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 18:36
Evening all.
Diana,- thank you for another travel description. Getting greener all the time.

The Norwegian Jury has sharpened it's pencil and is ready for tonight's Strictly:

evam wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 19:55
1. Peter and Janette, charleston.
Great opening. Very light on his feet. Great routine. Some exciting lifts. Very, very good, Peter.
9 points.

2. Jamelia and Tristan, waltz.
She moves beautifuly. A lovely waltz including the collition with the guitar.
7 points.

3. Carol and Pasha, American smooth.
Awful hands. Out of step. Poor Pasha,- it was like he was lifting a sack of potatoes. It might have been American, but smooth it wasn't.
4 points.

4. Helen and Alijaz, rhumba.
Talk about footwork. Talk about bodywork! It was gorgeous!
9 points.

Corrrrr,- Len is grumpy.

5. Jay and Aliona, Argentine tango.
His footwork is impeccable. The rhytm is in his bones. Great dance. Loose the stony face!
9 points.

6. Katie and Anton, quickstep.
Fast and furious. She moved very well, but was out of step several times.
6. Points.

7. Anita and Gleb, jive.
She is out of step. Some incredible moves. It lacked something,- don't know what.
7. Points.

8. Kellie and Kevin, waltz.
Beautifully danced. She is a natural. Strange costume choice for a waltz.
8 points.

9. Jeremy and Karen, tango.
Don't bend the knees! That is a strange tango. Fun, but.........
6 points

10. Georgia and Giovanni, samba.
She is a samba- girl!booootiful fotwork. Well done, Georgia.
9 points.

TK wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 19:55
Well, I totally missed seeing Georgia in that dance, bit of the Brendan effect.
Just some notes, as I was rushing about. Loved Peter A's dance. Disappointed for Anton as it boded so well from the rehearsal footage.
Jay was excellent.

Off to vote
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 20:02
Eva I have to agree about rhumba it was good, but that means I'm agreeing with Len that it wasn't a proper rhumba as I don't like that dance normally.

There are a lot of bangs going on outside.

Just realised I forgot to watch last Saturday's DW on iplayer.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 20:53
Brilliant opening from P & J - loved that charleston! I really enjoyed the rumba - really difficult dance to pull off but Len was just being extra grumpy tonight I think. Wish Jay would have more expression - I can admire the dancing but never feel he is totally involved. Enjoyed the waltz from K&K, liked the samba but thought it a little messy in places, what shall I say about the western tango - he obviously loves dancing! Sadly C & P much as usual, which is a shame as she is such a nice person, shames about the quickstep, it had the potential to be wonderful. J&T I could take or leave, enjoyed A&G as normal - wouldn't like to say who will be in the DO, but feel Helen and Alaj may be in danger simply from where they ended up on the scoreboard.................
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 21:05
Well seems we all agree Peter's Charleston was fab. As Claud would say, it was his dance! Suited him down to the ground. Thought Helen's rumba was lovely, though I do not like the dance at all. Hope she is ok. Thought Len was unfair, as with Giovanni and Georgia. Seems wrong to mark the celeb dance down cos of the choreography. G&G very good, though felt she was a bit out in places. I think Jay concentrates so hard on his dance he forgets to emote at all, so comes across as a bit wooden (in character, not dance). think he had his fan club in tonight. Find Jamelia forgettable. Poor Carol. Jeremy is just having a ball so I think everyone loves him for it...even Craig!

Just watch Dr W. Got a bit scared in places. Mow on Remembrance at the RAH. Hankies ready!
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 21:17
I'm having cat issues again. TK's is annoyed that my hand is touching her tail and I'm annoyed her tail is swishing on my hand. Visitor is using my thigh as a scratching mat every 10mins.
Just trying to update my spreadsheet
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 22:21
Spreadsheet updated and checked against tiks received and in the folder (shelf above the toaster). A good use of the surprise evening off I think.
Nightlee night
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 22:53


Another mostly cloudy day, at least we only had a few spots of rain and did get a some brief glimpses of the sun. We chatted to another couple at afternoon tea. They were here same week last year and only had one rainy day so we're unlucky, this isn't typicL weather. I had (American style) pancakes for breakfast, I chose gingerbread flavour with honey sauce, they were yummy so will try the chocolate pancakes one morning. Also had a yoghurt and toasted bagel. Breakfasts are vg.

Hope those going to Winchester have a great time.

Just answered the door to the maid doing turn down service and she had her umbrella up so looks like the rain is back! My throat's been a bit sore today, my nose is now feeling funny and I'm feeling a bit achy so think I'm coming down with another cold. It might have been the taxi back yesterday, the air con was on full blast and the interior was freezing. Hopefully it's only a short lived chill. I'd better dose myself up at dinner. The forecast for tomorrow is showers and sun, I'm feeling very unenergetic at the mo so another lazy day is on the cards. Hope both the weather and me are better Monday for the island exploring day one. Better get ready for dinner.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, 22:57

Just found this description of the frigate bird sanctuary. I will read it myself later so I know what I missed!
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2015, 07:15
Morning all and thank you for the continuing travelogue Diana - what a shame about the rain. I remember years ago going to Yugoslavia and it rained all the first week we were there. Sun came out and I managed to get sunburn on my back! Have to say it looks a fascinating place. Pleased to say the rain has stopped here, which is good as we go out to the Gxrden of R'brance after my service this morning and lay wreaths, and although it will doubtless be muddy at least we won't be cowering under brollies. When we get back Twin should be here, so it will be throw things in the case and off we go. Hoping to have enough time to unpacked and get changed before we meet the others at the restaurant (it is only a few minutes from our hotel so we should be ok!). We are staying two nights so we can see the family whilst we are down in that neck of the woods! Morning BHB, yes it is much nicer to see a little bit of blue sky. Let's grab the Lxst Wxrd and the pastries and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2015, 08:25
Lovely place for a holiday Diana, thank you for the updates.

I have been very naughty. I have just popped to the DS spoiler thread for SCD. My lips are sealed. It was the first time this series I've done it.

See some of you later.
evam wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2015, 08:51

Morning all. We have sunshine at the moment, but I can see some very dark clouds in the horizon.

Hello sweetheart. I'm just here for a quick hello and goodbye. I'm off in 15 minutes to the naming ceremony for Sondre, but I had to pop in for a quick snuggle. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Lovely.

I'm not sure when I'll be back today, but I suspect the concert goers will have left home by then. Have a lovely one, ladies, and blow him kisses from us Cinders.

Diana,- I'll read your travelogue tonight. Haven't got time now.

Ali wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2015, 09:05
Morning. Sun was shining a moment ago but at least its not raining. Just about to get ready for Remembrance parade with Brownies.
Enjoy the naming day Eva, pics if possible?
Safe journey concert goers
Jo, I did the same re:result. Lips sealed also.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2015, 09:34
Ali, glad it is not just me with no will power to wait. My prob is I forget to watch Sunday episode on iplayer, so I wait until Monday's SCD ITT. I've not watched a full Sunday episode of SCD all series and I think I've only watched part of one episode. For me it is not 'right' being on on a Sunday, I'm not in the mood for it.

I've found an interesting female detective series set in 20s Australia on 5USA, Miss Fisher. (Like Miss Marple's niece.)
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2015, 10:27
Morning all, gloomy here but no rain thank goodness. Let's hope it stays that way for the whole day and evening and so we don't get soaked.. I have to pack then will be off to Twin later and then off we go! Wheeee! Of course will raise a glass to the Cinderlops and blow kisses for you. The concert is the main event but I am also hoping to visit the cathedral, which I never have and maybe see the round table as well, so really looking forward to it.

Well as it is confession time Jo, I have too! You are certainly not alone! Felt justified this week as we won't have a chance to watch the d/off. I wish they would do it Saturday too, though I quite like a bit of SCD on a Sunday. My main wish would be that they would all drop the pretence of it all happening on a Sunday. I doubt if there is a person left who doesn't know it is recorded Saturday night! DS is very useful, but my they can be very mean and vitriolic about people!

Thanks for the links again Diana, I am still a deep shade of green. Shame about the rain, though if my memory serves correctly it is at least warm rain! It is very late for you to get such unsettled weather, sickening. Hope it cheers up and gives you nice days and also you feel better soon.

Have a lovely day Eva...oh she's gone...well I hope it is a lovely one anyway!

I have seen that series Jo. It has been on Alibi for a bit. Not bad though I didn't love it. I though it had a flavour of the Mrs Bradley things the Beeb did with Diana Rxgg and Neil Dxdgeon, which I really liked a lot. Could just have been the 1920's setting though!

Morning BHB, so what have we today? The Lxst Word? A new one. Well I think we need to try it immediately! Let's get another jug and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2015, 11:26
Yes Pauline, I thought of the Diana Rigg thing too, just couldn't think of the name of the show.
I've been in the park with Mr and Mrs Postman and the dogs. The big one is even more wobbly now.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2015, 12:26
...forgot to say to Eva have a lovely time (well of course she will) and I'm another naughty one Jo, for the same reason - we will miss the results programme as we will be.....somewhere else! Just going to pack, Twin is en route and then we are off!! We will of course raise a glass to all Cinder loppies and blow the required kisses!!
evam wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2015, 20:05
Evening all.
The dance off has just started, and I don't have to see the end to know who's leaving the show. It will be the right person.

We've had a lovely day together. The ceremony went off without a hitch. 21 babies were having their diplomas with their name on it. You would have expected some crying, but no! they were all as good as gold,- not a peep out of them. Sondre was asleep most of the time, as he'd promised his dad!
Then we drove to their home where we were served a lovely lunch, cooked by Viljar's dad. He's the chef of the house and a really good one. He'd made a casserole, a Beef Bourgogne (sp?) with a potato/parmesan mash. Delightful. Afterwards there were 5 different cakes to chose from. I only managed to sample 4 of them!
I took some photos, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow before I transfer them from my phone to my photo bucket.

Jo,- I have watched that crime series on Norwegian telly. It's OK, but not one of the best.

As we speak, the concert should be well under way, and I'm sure they are all having a brill time. Enjoy!

I'm falling asleep in my chair, so I won't be long for my bed. See you tomorrow.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2015, 20:54
this yacht sailed into English Harbour this morning. I looked up and there was this massive ship not far away. Don't think we'll be chartering it, just a touch out of our price bracket!!!

Weather has been much better today, sunny until around 2.oo pm when it partly clouded over. So have spent d
Hay lazing g on sunBed and then chair on patio.

Sorry for typos, I forgot to bring my glasses and can't read what I've typed.

Another good dinner last night. Pate, prawns in curry sauce, pineapple crepe.

Ploppy wants the iPad.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2015, 20:56
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2015, 23:12
Diana, that yacht is something else.

The concert tonight was excellent.
Lovely to see SueX, doubly lovely as she supplied the best seats for us. You know the ones 5 rows back so you can see all the stage, OF COURSE I JOKE. The middle of the first row. The stage wasn't too high, so very good seats. Lee was in happy mood, not as bouncy as Yeovil, but almost. We got a few mimes from Chitty but not much. He was very happy the theatre had sold out. (There were 12 seats left at about midday, but that is sold out to me too, as all but one were on the back row of the balcony.)

The songs were the same as we have had before. The 2 not 30/40s musical songs were Lullaby and BHH. He was wearing a tux with a pin tucker shirt. Very nice. Said 'the name is Bond, Lee Bond' or something similar. Made me smile anyway. He was in excellent voice. He also mentioned his fans from various places, yes, he did say Norway, Eva. He said they were in the first 2 rows. At the interval I looked around the first 4 rows were mostly regulars.

I'm sure there will be more erudite reviews posted on here, I just thought I'd put my few words in as I remember.

The food was very nice at the restaurant, good choice. I still haven't got over that were was a choice of chips, chunky or French fries. Good suggestion from Julie about the starter it was lovely.

Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2015, 07:34
Morning all. Lovely to see SueX after so long and hear that Howie is doing well. Also to see Jane, Jo and Jules....the three Js. Restaurant and theatre only about 4mins walk from our hotel. Food excellent. Thanks for organising Lady J. Lovely little theatre (it holds 400) and brilliant seats, so HUGE thank you to Sue. As Jo said he was bouncy again, but not quite as much as Y'vil. Amanda wore a black dress in second half but that it was the one she wore to G'Ick last year. As Jo said he wore tux in first half, hence the Bond reference. Second half he took the jacket off. Joked he had had a martini in the interval. Spoke about the new house, which is 100 yards from the sea. Norway did indeed get a mention. He really is in excellent voice at the moment. As Jo said the two out of set were Lullabe, just beautiful, and BHH and also CED. We did the SD before going back to the hotel and had to wait for the GO to reverse his car off the pavement so we could pass. He waved at us then and again when he drove off. Amanda said he is on set at 7am today. We are off to visit Moving aunt and June today. Haven't checked what the weather is doing yet. Morning BHB. Let's grab the Lavendula and paninis and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives. I can tell you all about the wonderful concert we went to last night...
evam wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2015, 08:49
Morning all. I don't have to look out the window to know what the weather is like. The rain is lashing down the windows and the winds are howling. I had to close my bedroom window during the night, because the winds were so noisy.

Hello sweetheart. You look pleased? Good concert last night? (He's nodding, looks very pleased with himself. I wonder why?) Ooooohhhhh, that was a big hug? You're so pleased I'm Norwegian? ? ? ? ? ? ? (I'd better not comment, just hig him back.)

Glad to hear that you all enjoyed the concert last night. Himself in a tuxedo, eh? I love that look. I presume it will be back on him for the Christmas concert. So he still loves me then?

Carol,- have a nice time with the relatives. I hope the journey goes well.

I'm off to do my weekly shop and also to buy Emilian's Christmas present. He wants a book with children's songs. He told me!,- almost. (His mother translated the gurgling for me.)

When I get back I hope I can fix the photos from yeasterday. With W*ndows 10, I keep looking for my downloaded photos for ages. They pop up in the most curious places, so I need plenty of time.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2015, 10:08
Morning all. Bit late and only have a few minutes before we leave. Just wanted to add my thanks to SueX and the lovely Mark for our wonderful seats last night. The concert was fab and he was on great form and his voice is fantastic and he is gorgeous.... well you get the idea! Lovely few smiles for the front row as well which I think I can safely say made us all very happy!

Nice day here, we can actually see sun! Right must dash.

Morning BHB, you look happy? You went to a great concert last night? Oh so did we, let's get more Lavendula, find the CM and exchange stories.
evam wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2015, 11:56
Still morning here. I've been and done my weekly shop and ordered Emilian's Christmas present at the bookshop.

I managed to find the photos on the PC, so just follow this link. The first photo is at the end of the ceremony when Sondre had been given his diploma. The two little terrors look as if they've been caught being naughty and expecting to be arrested! If you click backwards from that photo, you'll see some photos of me with the children plus photos of some of the cakes. Of course you can help yourself!

evam wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2015, 16:27
This is strange. I posted a second link earlier because the other one just gave you the first photo without the arrows. I checked that the link worked, but it has disappeared. I'll try again:

evam wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2015, 16:29
Well, it's there now, so I hope it stayes.
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2015, 18:54
Evening. Lovely to hear about the concert. He has obv got the tux out ready for the C concert.
Scollops were at home over weekend (well oldest Scollop didn't arrive home until 11pm on sat night!) so good times. Fab fireworks display in village on Friday night. We were out at friends on sat eve. UB Scollop was a star. They are friends with daughter with learning difficulties and she has been close to our family for years. Scollop talked to her all eve and she loved the attention.
I have t worked out how to open links , or cut and paste love nks , who n tablet so will look at photos later Eva.
Diana your travelogue is great as ever.
Re SCD afraid I have no idea even where to look for spoilers - so I have to watch the show! Mind you I only see the results show as have been out all sat eves and can't be bothered watching it in catch up.
Very tired tonight after long day at work. But off to book club later. I haven't read book - but they do nice tea and cake!!!
Jane E wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2015, 18:56
Hi all,

The Winchester report is a bit rough and ready I am afraid as I lost my first draft and had to rush this second one. I hope you like it though!

What a wonderful weekend! It started with a fab trip to the West End to se Bend It Like Beckham, and ended with a tremendous concert.

So Bend It Like Beckham then...

Don’t worry, I’m only kidding. Let’s go straight to the main event.

I feel truely blessed having been able to attend so many of Lee's concerts this year. And two in a fortnight! What a treat! I just wish all my friends could be so lucky.

Originally KK and I had planned to go to Winchester together. However, KK had to chose between Winchester and seeing Stephen and Lee at the Pheasantry. She opted for the latter, but, to make sure I wouldn’t be going alone she persuaded Julie to keep me company instead. (I think Julie is incredibly grateful KK!)

Julie and I met at Waterloo and travelled from London together. We met the gang for dinner. It was great to see Pauline, Carol, MM, Jo and particularly, after such a long absence, Suex. Jo had already spotted Mr Mead. I took that as a good omen.

The Royal Theatre is charming. It's a proper traditional theatre from the period when architects liked their buildings ornimental. As we settled in to our front row centre seats ( courtesy of Suex) we realised we were going to have one helluva view.

Mason and the band came on to welcome applause. Then, with his customary energy, Lee dashed on to the stage.

I've been trying to find the best way of describing how he looked. I'm going to nick a phrase I heard someone behind me say. He looked like a Greek god. I'll revise that a little - he looked like a modern Apollo. His curls clustered over his forehead, his eyes shone, his brilliant smile turned the stage to sunshine.

And as he approached the front of the stage he looked straight at me with what almost seemed like recognition. I swear he gave me a little nod. Meadmush set in. If you want to know what I was like for the rest of the concert, imagine a jelly with an inane grin.

He didn't launch straight into song but posed in his new tux, joking about being Lee Bond.

He started with Where or When, a song that has lately become one of my favourites. I love how his voice to soars towards the climax. He followed up with A Foggy Day in London Town, as normal.

Then he made his usual complimentary comments about the town and the theatre, and remarked on how full the theatre was, pointing up at people in the circles. He thanked the audience for coming and he asked:
'Are you all from Winchester?"

'Noooo!' came the call from the front of the audience.

'This lot aren't.' Lee explained to the rest of the audience. 'The front two rows have come from Scotland and Yorkshire and Norway (that'll be you Eva!) and Holland...'

'And Liverpool' cried Suex.

'Liverpool? Wow!' And he teased her a few times over the course of the evening.

And as normal I lost track of the song order, but I shall do my utmost.

Singing in the Rain came quite early on. He seemed to be enjoying himself immensely and laughed as he sang. Oh and the dancing! He’s really come on. Yes he was still comedic (he actually referred to his ‘comedy dancing’) but some of his moves were quite sophisticated.

He introduced Some Enchanted Evening by saying it is one of Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s favourite songs, and spoke briefly about working with the Lord.

He told a cut down version of the story of his first snog as the lead up to I Fall in Love Too Easily, which he sings beautifully – though I always think it’s a down-beat song to follow such a cheerful intro.

Now can anyone help me? It’s Almost Like Being in Love – what film was that used in? Every time I hear Lee sing it I get a half-memory of first hearing it in a film but can’t remember which. I adore Lee’s version though.

Lee finished the first half with Luck Be a Lady – a good, light-hearted way to head to interval.

Eek Amanda! Sorry Amanda! Amanda was in fine voice and looked very glamorous in a blue dress I’d not seen before. She told us how much she’s going to miss Lee when he leaves Casualty – awww!

Actually Amanda second set was pretty much unforgettable. After Somewhere Over the Rainbow she stayed on stage. They did the Get Happy/ Happy Days Are Here Again mash up then Lee sang The Way You Look Tonight to Amanda. Another awww!

Next Amanda sang Fly me to the Moon to Lee. Lee got silly. Very silly. He pulled faces as Amanda tried to be romantic to him; he danced with her then pretended to pull a muscle – and all the way though Amanda carried on regardless like the lady she is, playing the straight man to Lee’s clowning superbly. (Think Shirley Bassey on the Morcambe and Wise show – yeah. You’ve got it!)

How Lee can switch from his outrageous tomfoolery to something as beautiful and sorrowful as Bring Him Home still amazes me – but he did!

Most of the set was the same as other SEE concerts, but as well as BHH he also gave us Close Every Door to me. How I have missed that song!

His finally was again See You In My Dreams and, in response to some SERIOUS applause and cheering he came back for ADWD – complete with audience choir – a truly joyful end to a fabulous show!

Going to the Stage Door involved skirting some pretty ‘orrible puddles, but the danger of soaked socks was nothing to our intrepid band. We had a nice chat with Amanda, and once she left Lee appeared.

I hadn’t intended to speak to him, but as there wasn’t a huge queue I thought what the hell – I’ll thank him for signing KK’s get well card. Suex had a nice chat with him and Julie took their picture – then bless ‘em them, they both got pictures of Lee and me too. Which was lovely of them!

We finished after saying goodbye to the others the three of us finished the evening with a little drinky at the hotel bar – what a nice way of ending a delightful day!

I wish everyone could have been there but it was lovely sharing it with Julie Jo Suex and the Twins!

TK wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2015, 19:15
Eva, thank you for the photos. I've clicked through your photos and here is my favourite


Jane your review reminded me of the impression of ALW he did. Not totally flattering ;) He is really developing his comedy side. Who would have thought of it when we saw.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvnKLMhu0Mg I didn't realise still give me goose bumps. You'd think I'd be immune by now through over exposure.

I've had an assessment at w*rk to see if I get the job I want in the reorganisation. Who knows, and in some way who cares.
TK wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2015, 19:25
Jane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qYCDEsersw Brigadoon
Jane E wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2015, 20:01
Ali – well done on the weigh in. We said those pizzas are tiny.

Eva – well done in recruiting youngest sister to look after mum. And I see I’m not the only one who’s after Jo’s pheasants. Hi hope you had a lovely time at Sondre’s naming day.

Hi Sue! – Waves!

Enjoying the holiday reports Diana – did I hear you mention rum punch? Oh dear – I’ve just read about you having a chil. Hope you feel better soon.

Fi – UC Scollop is lovely!

Jo – tee hee – yes those impressions were funny! Thanks for letting me know about Brigad*on but I have the feeling I have heard it from another film more recently. Shriek maybe?

Off to watch SCD and see if I agree with the Loppy experts.
TK wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2015, 21:42
Just been around to see ManW3D, except he only has 2 now. I took the pheasant meat around for the dogs. The cats turned their nose up at it. Partridge yes, pheasant no. He seems OK, though his knee is hurting. He reminded me of my duties as executor and the paintings he has left me. That'll be fun. I walked there and back easily, so getting better. (It's not far, but a couple of months ago it would have been like 10miles.)
Diana wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2015, 22:25

I wasn't very tired Saturday evening and felt a bit hot so sat up in bed and watched 2.5 episodes of NCIS. Sunday evening was American football!!

Another nice dinner last night. I had shrimp tempura, steak with chips and lemon meringue pie.

Today (Monday) we have been out all day in the rental car. The car's not all that - the battery connection is loose and when we stopped once Ploppy couldn't get the car to start, and one of the hub caps doesn't fit properly. Luckily we're not driving far and only going slowly. We've seen most of the west and north side of the island including some beautiful beaches. We stopped at Jolly Harbour and had a stroll round followed by a drink. We also stopped at Sir Viv R*chards Cricket Ground and were able to walk right in and around the ground, Ploppy was pretty chuffed. We finished at Shirley Heights, the next hill along from the hotel which has fantastic views over all of English Harbour. Got back in time for afternoon tea.

Tomorrow we'll see the south and east side of Antigua.


Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 08:39
Morning and a warm day forecast! We are off to the Cathedral and to see the round table before we head for home. Lady J it is indeed from B'doon...same composer as M Fair L. Think it appeared in Antz, but has been recoded by the likes of NK Cole, Frank S and Shirley B. Was a stage show but made into a film with Gene K and Cyd C. We performed show at our local theatre when I had a temp of 102...no understudies in amdram. Morning BHB think we can open the patio doors this morning. Let's grab the Woo Woo and the scones and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives...
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 09:52
Morning all. Grey but so very mild here at the moment. Really looking forward to seeing the cathedral today and the round table too of course. No time to read links so will do that tonight. All sounds lovely Diana and glad your day went well Eva.

Morning BHB. So it is Woo Woo today? Sounds perfect. Let's get another jug and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 10:41
Morning all. No open windows here, because it's still raining buckets and blowing a storm, so staying indoors is the sensible choice.

Hello sweetheart. I look relaxed? That's because I can hear the h****r humming, and I'm not the one running it! That's right,- my cleaning lady is hard at work.

Jo,- I am astounded that you prefer a photo of GO instead of the ones of all my babies! I agree with you about Jack The Knife. I can still remember the smell of burnt blouse while I was gawping a the telly and totally forgetting that I was i****g!

Jane,- thank you for another lovely review. You write so well that we almost feel we're there.

I went to a meeting with the co-op last night. It seems that the lift in the house is in dire need of an upgrade. We've had a quote from the company that does the maintenance on it, and it's for about £ 40 000! Quite a sum, eh? We had to decide whether to apply for a bank loan to cover the cost, or whether eack unit should pay £ 1350 each. I would have liked to vote to pay the whole sum myself, but it was decided that we'd cover the costs by taking up a loan. It makes sense, bacause then they can get started sooner rather than later. If the board first has to collect the money from each unit, it could take a long time until everybody had paid up. In the meantime the lift could come to a complete stop. The expenditure on repairs only in 2015 was £7000 so far. We'll be paying the cost with an increase in the monthly maintenance cost by £ 30 per month.
Everything costs money, doesn't it?

I hope the Twins have a good day round the table today. Have a safe journey home.

I'm going to cook a very nice winter soup today,- with cubes of beef and plenty of root veggies. Yummy!
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 11:06
Morning. So mild here, doesn't feel like Nov at all. Really enjoyable eve at Brownies last night. Such a lovely group we have and makes it all worthwhile.
Just done ironing while chatting to eldest. His dog is recovering well thankfully. I'm currently waiting in car while he is at a job interview. Offered him a lift even though it's just on outskirts of town. Fingers crossed for him. Not really what he wants (local meat processor) but regular hours and overtime close to home and good employers.
Thanks for a great review again Jane
Will have to look at Eva's photos and Diana's links on laptop later.
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 14:52
He got the job, and was offered an apprenticeship in butchery to start in the new year. He is chuffed!
evam wrote:
Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 17:46
Ali,- congrats to eldest scollop! And you a veggie! Hehehe. You can send all the nice meat to me.
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 19:53
Hi. Nice mild weather. Ploppy is mowing lawn every week as keeps growing - it still thinks it is summer!
Ali - well done to Scollop. What will you do with the samples he brings home!
Eva - lovely pics. Repairs to communal areas is something eldest Scollop worries about as he is flat hunting - which is not going well. Seemingly as he lived abroad last yr for 6 months he is ineligible for most major providers. Not sure how that relates to eu freedom of movement!
Had v cheeky email from sis in law re floral tributes for f-I-l . We had asked what arrangements are for charity donations but Seemingly "all the people who matter" know that step m-I-l wants flowers. That confirms our original decision of donation to Alz soc in lieu of flowers!!! I have to bring an extra strong zip for my mouth tomorrow!!! Ploppy in doghouse with me too as just discovered he doesn't have white shirt and no bright blue won't do instead. He is off to Mr T now.
I am trying to catch up with new crime show with Ben W.shart. Is the whole episode this slow and boring?
TK wrote:
Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 20:09
Fi, yet another amazing revelation from your extended family. Hope you manage not to dislodge the zip tomorrow. Have you got plugs for your ears to stop the steam from coming out?

Ali, well done to eldest. I have heard that with the decline of local butcher shops there was a shortage of fully trained butchers now that supermarkets have decided to have them in their shops.

Diana, that place is lovely. Still jealous here.

Eva, that is a nice sized bill. Just as well it has been decided to get it started quickly.

Waiting for MrT.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 22:57
Evening everyone.

We've really enjoyed our two days exploring Antigua. We had a couple of heavy showers yesterday but today it's been dry since we got up and mostly sunny.

The first place we stopped at this morning was the interpretative centre, part of Nelson's Dockyard national park, which is further up the hill from our hotel. It tells the history of the island and was very good. There was a gift shop there and we bought a few souvenirs and pressies. We continued to the top of the hill to see some of the ruins from when the British navy was here. The views from both places over English Harbour were great.


We then drove to Half Moon Bay - exactly as it's name implies, a beautiful beach on the south east Atlantic side of the island. We had thought of staying there for a while but it was quite windy so we just had a short walk along the beach.
This pic doesn't do it justice but if you google the place and select images there are some lovely pics.


Our next stop was Devil's Bridge on the eastern coast - the sea crashes into the rocks and causes loads of spray. Ploppy got rather wet. There's a bridge of rock where the sea washes underneath and the spray rises above the bridge. A very special place. I took loads of photos and a few videos.



We stopped briefly at Long Beach, another lovely beach, for a drink and Ploppy bought a shirt from a beach seller.

Our final stop was Betty's Hope, a partly restored sugar mill on a former plantation.

Now looking forward to lazing on the beach or round the pool for the rest of the holiday - just hope the weather is mostly sunny. Time to get dressed for dinner.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 07:54
Morning all and it looks like we will have a dry day. We were quite lucky with the weather yesterday - after we had breakfast and checked out we walked up to the Great Hall to see the round table and read some of the history of the place (since MM and I last went they have added a "Long Gallery" with pictures and information, and more importantly nice loos!). Then we walked down through the pedestrian area of the Town (ok I might have sneaked in a very small pieces of RT) and then got to the Cathedral just as it started dampening with rain. Love the interior of this Cathedral as it is so lofty. It has memorials for the Kxngs Rxyal Riffle Br'gade there, which is the regiment my grandfather belonged to during WXW1, when he was an army bandsman and stretcher bearer. This is in fact a statue of a rxfleman as a memorial in front of the Cathedral, and of course as it had been R'brance Sunday there were lots of poppies on it. Twin and I are not really crxpt people, but MM went down, and then a guide said it was only a very short flight of steps, so we ventured down so we could see the Antony Gxrmley figure entitled "Sound". The guide said it looks very effective when the crxpt is flooded (which happens regularly) as there are lights in the ceiling and you can pick out the statue reflected into the water. When we had finished our tour we went out and found it was just started to rain fairly heavily so we walked back through the shopping area and collected the car and started off for home. We had lunch when we were almost home and just managed to miss rush hour. Twin watched ITT with us and the Oxe Show to see the Rxckshxw Chxllenge for CiN arriving in W'chester to turn on their Chrissie lights, then Twin left and we set off for rehearsal. When we came back we watched the very last episode of Lxwis (Sob) before falling into bed! Had a lovely few days (forgot to say June was looking a little fraught when we were there on Monday....and it was only day three of the mass invasion!). Diana the views on the links look stunning....not sure about the part showing D's Bridge saying you are there "at your own risk" and stating "no swimming"! Fi, well we aren't surprised are we? Hope it all goes as well as it can. Presume once today is over you may never have to deal with s-i-l again?? Well done to Scallop, Ali - really good about the apprenticeship and that it is so close to home. Understand what you mean about the lift payment, Eva, but if the loan will mean it can be done straight away I can see why it was voted for - having been trapped in a lift in the office a couple of times, and once in Mxlta, I suspect getting the repairs down as soon as possible is the best option! Jo your cats have obviously been overindulged! Hope the Mw3D's dogs enjoyed them! That's the phxxsants not your cats - just read that back and realise it might mean you were feeding them to the dogs!! MM has a doctor's appointment (following blood test - mine is on Friday) and then physio. This afternoon Twin is back as we are off out for Janice's (our namer) Cupcake birthday meal - it was her birthday a week ago but this is the first Weds we could all make. We are going to the restaurant we went to for my Cupcake birthday meal, and the food was lovely (Italian). Morning BHB, yes it is a bit blustery, but at least it is dry!! Let's grab the Scarlet Lxdy and the cupcakes and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 09:58
Morning all. I am back home, well momentarily anyway! I will be back to Twin later for the meal. It's all go! Had the most wonderful weekend. After the main event, which as you know, we all quite enjoyed(!!), we had a lovely day visiting Twin's relatives. Her Moving Aunt is very nicely situated in her flat and seems very happy there which is great. Poor June is all I can say about that! the house is chaotic and at one point she just said very quietly to me, "it's the noise, it never stops!" Hopefully she will get more used to it in time, but I think all will be glad to get sorted. The children are poppets but 3 little ones are never going to be easy! Anyway we got back to the hotel and had a very nice meal 'in house' as they had a special deal on. Have to say the food was delicious and the waiting staff lovely, sadly everything took ages as there was a function going on in the hotel and they were obviously not sticking to schedule and causing chaos in the kitchens. We weren't in a hurry so were fine and as I say the food was lovely so worth the wait. Yesterday was sight seeing, first to the magnificent Great Hall where the round table is. I had a poignant moment there as looking at the table I know it was something my Dad always wanted me to see and promised to take me. Sadly illness meant it never happened. Loved the whole place. Down to the cathedral and wow what a wonderful building. Spectacular architecture and so much history. Paid homage to Jane Axsten's tomb of course! I just loved it and in fact, the whole of Winchester is fascinating and I hope to get back there one day.

Fi I hope today goes well and you can resist stuffing s-i-l's flowers down her throat! Tempting but probably best not!

Ali many congrats to Scollop. Well done to him. Always happy to help out with any meat!

Managed to look at the pictures Eva and what amazing cakes! Yum!

Thanks for yet more lovely travelogue Diana. I see you found the view over the dockyard I was on about!

Morning BHB, so what have we today? Scxrlet Lady? Wher? I'll kick her out of our Bistro! Oh you mean the drink! Right let's get another jug and find the CM

Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 11:55
Hi Jo – glad to hear that you are walking better but sorry to hear Mw3Ds is now Mw2Ds. And I’m still happy to have the cats’ share of the pheasants!

Diana - holiday cars can be so…interesting. It sounds like you had a lovely trip out in it though.

Antz! Carol thank you! That’s it! I knew I wasn’t thinking of Brigadoon – I’ve not seen it since I was a nipper. Then someone said it was Groundhog Day but I couldn’t remember it in that.

I am very sorry to tell you Eva that I’m with Jo. When it comes to pictures of babies, however adorable, watching the GO performing Mack the Knife is always going to be preferable. EEK! I hope your lift gets repaired quickly!

Well done scollop, Ali!!!

Fi – stick to your guns. If there is just one nice flower arrangement that’s all that’s needed – and the donation will be of more help in the long term.

Twins – what a lovely visit to Winc*ster you had! I really like that city. It holds even better memories now!
evam wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 12:00
Morning all. No nice weather here. It's very windy and wet, and according to the weather forecast it's going to stay that way for a while. Lovely,- NOT!

Hello sweetheart. About time, you say? Well, I had things to do this morning! OK, I'll sit down, shut up and drink my herbal tea. May I have a snuggle too, please? Loverly! (I knew he couldn't stay angry with me for long!)

I've been to pick up mother's new glasses, but first I had to go to them to pick up mother's reading glasses, as those would only have new glass, not frame. The bi-focals were all knew, in a very smart dark purple frame. So it was a bit to-ing and fro-ing. When I left them, mother kept taking the glasses off and on and off again, looking very confused. I left her to it.
I also did some RT, bought a new top, red with a lace front. Just right for a certain Christmas concert, I thought.

Diana,- thank you for another travelogue and for the links. It looks so beautiful, even if you had to be careful round The Devil's Bridge. Enjoy the last days,- hopefully in sunshine.

Twins,- you have had a busy and lovely few days. Poor June, I don't blame her for being exhausted.

I'm off out tonight. It's a social evening with the police pensioners. It's too long since I've been to one of those, so I'm looking forward to it.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 17:11

...well MM had a clean bill of health from the doctor, but he was told off by the physiotherapist for not doing his exercises - she put his through a painful half an hour to get her own back I think!! That will teach him!! Twin safely here and we will be off out just before 7pm. See Eva is out on the razz too - have a lovely time! Ah Groundhog Day Lady J, love that film!!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 18:25
Busy day at w*rk today. Slightly kn*ck*red.Just watching TV before SCD ITT.

Diana, such an interesting place as well as beautiful. Thank you for the links. And NO I would not go swimming there. or walking across the devil's bridge
Luckymoilee wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 19:05
Well done scollop ali you must be very pkeased.vwhat great review Jane.glad thst SueX was there.
I have started my trai ing for Rock slolid in March next year the 19th actually. Oh boy not easy trying to get fit for it. Got to improvemy strength and energy..... ah well we shell see. Nicholas will be a marshall for it. Need my little sticking plaster near me.
Love the news re pheasantry.
Diana your hol soubds divine. TK take it easy
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 21:57
It's been a lovely day here, mostly sunny with some clouds which are welcome as it's warm and a bit humid. Spent the day mostly lazing on the beds, paddled in the sea a few times and went in the pool to cool off. More of the same tomorrow, weather permitting, though we may go for a short walk around the bay.

Ploppy's being vg and is in the gym again. The only time I've been I've been in there was to have a look. If the equipment was better I would have gone a few times but at least this holiday has given my knees a good rest.

Italian night again last night so a glass of prossecco before dinner. We had crispy calamari, vegetable lasagne, wahu (fish) and cassata (not one of my fav desserts). We again had wines to match each course.

As tonight is the last night of the current menu I want to have jerk pork. We're going up a bit earlier tonight for a pre dinner drink. Might have a Dark & Stormy (rum and ginger beer), which is one of Ploppy's favs. The other night I had a Caribbean Sunset - rum, fruit juices and grenadine I think.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 22:18
Easting, resting and a little walk, a lovely day's holiday. (still green here)
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 22:49
Eating not Easting
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 12, 2015, 07:55
Morning and it is nice and bright here although looks just slightly foggy in the distance (or it is the lingering smoke from the fireworks last night!). Jo I think the whole Blog page has a green tinge!! Glad the weather has improved for you Diana. Relaxing sounds just lovely. I see Chantale is putting us to shame and getting herself fit and ready for the Run next year. Hope you had a lovely evening Eva and the top sounds lovely! Very festive - is it artificial snow proof?? Had a lovely meal last night - I had baked mushrooms with gorgonzola to start, then mussles in a cream sauce, followed by a white chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce - not a calorie in sight! It must have been birthday night at the restaurant last night as we keep hearing the strains of "Happy Birthday" (we sang to Janice of course!) ringing around the place! Twin is off back home (not having been there much these last few days) this morning and I have the w&i to do. Tonight it is rehearsal ...ooh it has become foggier as I have sat here! Very odd!! I know the weather is getting colder tomorrow but I think it is still forecast to be mild tonight. We had a late night as we watched The App on catch up when we got home - carnage in the boardroom!! Tonight is the last episode of Unforgxtten, which has been excellent. We will need to watch that when we come home tonight to see who the murderer is! Morning BHB, yes it is a bit on the misty side isn't it - let's grab the Gxldeneye and the paninis and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Thursday, November 12, 2015, 08:24
Morning all. It's raining gain here and the winds are blowing, so......just normal.

Hello sweetheart. I look tired but content? Well,- I did have a really nice time last night. There were about 40 of us, so I got a lot of hugs! The entertainment was a local artist,- well known in our necks of the wood. He makes his own texts, and they are hilarioua. He plays guitar as well, and as some of his songs are so well known, we had a few sing-alongs too. As I was driving, I only had tonic to drink. I tried to imagine there was a splash of gin in there as well, but didn't succed! All in all a very enjoyable evening.

I told you about mother's glasses yesterday. A couple of hours after I'd left, she rang me: one of the pairs didn't fit. The "arms" were too short. They wouldn't reach to the back of her ears. I told her that was inpossible, because they had fitted perfectly when I was there. She then said that that the 3(!) pairs confused her. I told her that she only had 2 new pairs. While this conversation was going on, she kept taking the glasses off and on. Twice she cut the connection on the phone! When I rang for the third time, father answered the phone. He said we had to let the matter rest, because by then she was totally confused. He can't see well enough to help her distinguish between the different pairs. We agreed I'd ring back after a few hours when she had calmed down, which I did. Who answered the phone but mother, and when I asked if she had sorted the glasses, she laughed and said of course she had! Nothing for me to worry about. I asked her about the short "arms" and was told not to be silly! Of course they were fine! She'll drive me round the bend one of those days!

I have a very stiff neck, so I ned to move my head very carefully. It's rather painful too.

Diana,- never mind missing the gym. You've done what was needed for your holidai, i.e. relaxed, eaten well and paddled in the sea. Sounds perfick to me.

I'd better have a late breakfast. Didn't feel like eating earlier.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, November 12, 2015, 08:33
Morning all, bit murky as Twin says, but I think I see signs of the sun trying to break through. Had a lovely meal last night and I hope Janice enjoyed it too. It is a rely nice restaurant and they try to make birthdays a bit special. There was a Happy Birthday banner up by the table and Janice's dessert was beautifully presented with a candle in as well! I think this must help make it popular for birthday celebrations. The various renditions of Happy Birthday were enhanced by our table...rent a choir! Well not me, I kept my mouth shut as I felt my caterwauling would not enhance their efforts! I am off home after rush hour as I feel the w&i calling me too! I can hardly contain my excitement.
Glad the weather seems to have improved Diana. Agree the whole blog is green!
Hope you enjoyed last night Eva, and you weren't blown away. The weather does not look too special up your way
Morning BHB, so what have we today? Goldeneye? Very James Bxnd, now why does that sound familiar? Let's get another jug and we'll find the CM.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 12, 2015, 18:07
...had an exciting day doing the i word and still not finished! Have made some celery soup for supper and will be off to rehearsal in about an hour and a half. MM has mown the lawn and tidied the garden as well as painting the shed (and his face) green! It turned into a showery day but it is fine at the moment. Think we will feel a drop in temperature tomorrow!
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 12, 2015, 20:00
Busy day again. Good news ( I think/hope) in the dept reorganisation at w*rk I have got my first choice for a job. The section was over subscribed by 3 persons, so we had to be assessed. We got the news today who had got the jobs. 3 of the chaps did not, so they have been given some other jobs to choose from. I've not been worried as I have specific knowledge which I think that sections needs, of course I could have been wrong or have messed up the assessment. (I could have done better, but it worked.)
evam wrote:
Thursday, November 12, 2015, 20:46
Jo,- congrats with the new job! I really hope the new work environment is kinder to you than the present one and that you'll be happier there.

I have been asleep for most of the day. I went back to bed after breakfast and kept going in and out of sleep. I had an energy bar for lunch, so I was very hungry tonight. I made myself a big bowl of pasta and feel much better now. It's chemo night tonight, so I hope I've done my sleeping for this week! I have no plans for tomorrow. I'd better keep the day clear in case I need more sleep!
Diana wrote:
Thursday, November 12, 2015, 22:33
That's great news, Jo, really pleased for you.

Enjoyed another excellent dinner last night. It rained briefly just as we finished so we went into the bar for another drink then took the shuttle back to our room. BBQ tonight at the beach bar.

Watched another couple of episodes of NCIS last night so it was after midnight before I went to sleep. When Ploppy turned the TV on when we woke up Dr No was on so we watched that for a while. Another James Bond film followed but with P Brosnan. We're fed up with most of the US TV, especially the US presidential elections - they're a year away. It the news channels are full of stuff about the candidates. Also fed up with the medical ads which go on for ages and tell you not to take the advertised medicine if you have this side effect, that side effect, etc etc etc. You just wouldn't take any medicines based on the ads!

Very hot this morning so sat out for a while, then moved the bed under the shadow of the palm tree. It's a hard life! It clouded over for a couple of,hours but cleared again mid pm. Wouldn't be surprised if it rains again tonight.
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 12, 2015, 22:38
Oh the job will be much the same for ages, as we pass over the information. Same place, same people so I'm not over excited about it.

Eva I hope you feel better tomorrow and the sleep has been beneficial.

I've been doing some video editing tonight, not too bad, bit shaky.

Nightlee night
maeve12 wrote:
Thursday, November 12, 2015, 23:05
Well done Jo, reorganisations at work are never fun.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2015, 07:41
Morning all and bright here at the moment with no sign of Abxgail, although they are forecasting thundery showers later in the day. Oh that's good news Jo, that you will be doing the job you want - suspect it will still take up far too much of your time though!! Diana I usually spend all my holidays under a tree or a sun umbrella - either that or I turn into a bright pink lobster! Hope Eva is ok after the chxmo yesterday - the saga of the glasses brought back memories of my Mother. Watched the last episode of Unforgxtten last night - have really enjoyed it and see there will be another series. Will now start to watch Rxver on catch up as MM shouldn't now get confused with the characters. That's the hope anyway. Off to the doctor in a moment for the results of my blood tests, have been called in so think I may get a telling off as obviously something not as it should be. Then I need to go to the bank to get some money to pay the wedding choir tomorrow and then it will be home to finish the last of the i word. I also need to bake some cup cakes for tomorrow's CiN cake sale at church. Evening in though tonight so hooray! Morning BHB, yes it is becoming a little more blustery isn't it. Let's grab the Vanillita and the pastries and have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2015, 08:51
...back from the doctor, cholesterol was slightly up but nothing to worry about. Everything else was all ok. Was offered flu jab but declined (you may recall I was quite ill after last year's). Doctor said it wasn't compulsory so I thought "fine!". Of course my baking is tomorrow not today - blonde moment! Doctor saw me early so now having a cup of coffee and have put another load in the washing machine. Isn't it now when Sue is in NY watching Alfie by the way? Bet she is having a wonderful time!
evam wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2015, 09:49
Morning all. It's not raining at the moment, but I don't think it's far away. Still mild here, + 10.2 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. You're pleased to see me up and dressed? Well, after a good night's (and a good day's) sleep, I don't feel too bad. Not much of an apetite though, so only had one slice of bread with cheese for breakfast. I've sorted some bills online, amongst others my credit card bill (gulp!), so I'm hopefully up-to-date.
Yes please, I would love another coffee and a loooooong snuggle. I promise not to fall asleep (I hope!)

I spoke to father this morning, and amongst other things asked how the spectacle saga was going. He laughed, said he was sorry they had worried me, and said everything was OK. He'd thrown away mother's old glasses, just to be on the safe side. It might be necessary to adjust her bifocals, as they were a bit tight, but not too short any longer. I promised we'd do it sometime next week.

Jo,- sorry I misunderstood about the new (or not so new) job. Do you get more money then?

Carol,- if you're not on cholesterol tablets, I would think it's normal that the levels go a bit up or down. As long as it's nothing to worry about, it's good.
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2015, 10:21
Hi. I did survive funeral. it was fine. My zip only came undone once - ok twice! Grandchildren were airbrushed out of whole service. Minister's mouth fell open when I introduced his GRANDCHILDREN(In a very loud voice) - he had no idea he had any despite being his vicar for 4 years! F-i-l had written the own outline of his life for the service and of course no mention of grandchildren - tho at least he did mention poppy (unlike in our wedding speech!) . B-i-l backed out of saying any words about his father - as he was due to do. so only service I have been at where no tributes were paid - says it all really. Sad but lovely to meet up with all family. Also a huge turn out - I knew there would be as majority of village are elderly - and they do love a good f.neral - and tea! Scollops hadn't seen aunt and uncle (not the Shrops ones) for 10 yrs and charmed them both by telling them they looked just the same as last time they saw them! Scollops looked very handsome in their suits. And on way there and back we stopped off to do some C shopping at new shop centre outside R.gby. I got lots for scollops and all the nieces and nephews. So a good day:)
Jo - congratulations on keeping same job - not easy in today's world! Ex deputy of mine has just lost her 4th job in 3 years. She texted to ask me what she was doing wrong. do NOT ask me a direct qu if you do not want a direct answer- So i told her! she was shocked but after a few tense texts back and for she did thank me for being honest with her. i hope it helps (Tho I said nothing I hadn't already told her - but perhaps more diplomatically (hard to be diplomatic by text!) in appraisals). I did point out all her positive qualities too and told her to concentrate on those whilst trying to dampen down her less "sellable to employers" qualities.
Eva - love the glasses story/saga!
Diana - your hol sounds relaxing.
Ok - don't want to make any of you feel bad but I am now off to wrap C presies!!! (they do have to be delivered next weekend)
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2015, 10:34
Morning all. it is a very windy day here at the moment, with a nasty drizzle around. Still apart from having to go and buy some bread I can stay in if I wish and do the laundry. I am a bit late as I overslept badly, but feel I needed it. I have not been sleeping that well as I have been quite hot and kept waking up. Feeling much better now.

Well done on the job Jo. Whatever is wrong or right about it at least you got the one you wanted which is very good.

Ah the joys of US tv Diana! I see nothing has changed!

Glad the doctor visit went well Twin. Never nice to be called back to the headmaster! Well that is what it feels like! think you could be right about Sue. At least tv won't bother her, she has other things to do!

Eva good your Mum has sorted her glasses out, well your father has done it for her! My main problem with Mum was her teeth, think the glasses may have been a bit easier to deal with!

Morning BHB, oh it's Vanillita day. Always welcome so let's get another jug and find the CM.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2015, 11:50
Eva, glad you are feeling ok! I am on cholesterol tablets and have been for years....since they found my level was 9.5 (highest the doctor had ever seen). It is apparently not what I eat but the fact that my liver produces more than it should! They just like to keep an eye on it! Fi, you get a gold star for not saying too much. Can't believe....silly me, of course I can....no mention of your lovely sons! If it makes you feel better I have already wrapped one or two C pressies that need to go off sooner rather than later!
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2015, 19:55
Evening all. We have had a very windy day, but feel it is as nothing compared to what happened in Scotland. I have just been doing house things today as I have neglected it for a week or so.

Fi I missed you this morning. Well done on keeping quiet, it can't have been easy. It is just dreadful that the vicar wasn't aware about the grand children. So far I have just bought one small C pressie. I feel it will be the usual panic in December!

TK wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2015, 20:02
I still find it amazing Fi that your children were airbrushed out. They seem to be such good lads (well brought up!). A shame. I suppose I shouldn't feel surprised after all the tales.

Eva glad you aren't too bad today. You have to be well for your travels in a few weeks time. (No money increase, I've been at the top of the pay band for current job for years. I was on manager's pay and now I'm not a manager. I don't expect a pay increase before I retire.)

It's not CiN without TWogan.
TK wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2015, 20:13
play the Aladdin game ?
TK wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2015, 20:54
Eeek, just opened my latest credit card statement. At least there won't be many more tickets to buy in the next year.
Diana wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2015, 22:17
Evening. Almost dark here. It's been another hot day. Ploppy hasn't been feeling 100% today so stayed in the shade. He's just turned on the TV on BBC World and picked up the breaking news re Paris attacks. Awful.

No plans for tomorrow other than packing in the evening.

Have a good weekend.

TK wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2015, 23:36
I picked up from Twitter there have been many attacks in Paris, watching BBC News channel now. Lots of hostages in a theatre too. Really bad.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 08:21
Morning and have just woken to learn that the Pxris attacks were much worse than thought when I went to bed last night and that they currently think over 120 now dead with 80 more seriously injured. Awful news. We watched CiN earlier and had stayed on Beeb 1 to watch the Nxws and saw the first reports. Quite a grey day here - hoping the forecast rain stays away for the wedding we are singing at (1pm). Then it is the bake for CiN that I thought I was doing yesterday. Spent the whole afternoon doing the i word and just a few bits to irxn today that weren't dry enough yesterday. Barry's birthday today and he and June should now be safely in Prxgue (although she did tell me when I rang yesterday that the forecast is wet). Still on my hit list of places to visit! Morning BHB yes it does look a little grey, but it's dry. We have Mxmosa to brighten things up? Lovely, let's grab that and the cupcakes and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 09:26
Morning all. It's grey and wet here,- again.

Hello sweetheart. I look tired? Well I didn't sleep too well, as my neck hurts. Something new every day, isn't it? You find it fascinating? I find it bl**dy irritating and painful! (Aaahhhhhhhh,- I do like those consolation hugs he gives me.)
Jo,- I really do hope my week in hospital will help me get ridof some of the pains and make life more bearable and less exhausting. Don't worry, I'll be there for the Christmas concert even if I have to crawl!

I went to bed early last night, so I didn't know anything about the awful news from Paris until I turned the radio on this morning. The latest count is 128 dead and 99 critically wounded. It sends shivers down my spine, because it tells us that nowhere is really safe. On the other hand, we can't let terror attacks like this scare us from leading our lives normally. If we did, the terrorist would have won! These kinds of happenings put a damper on one's mood, though. It's difficult to push to the background.

Fi,- I think you were so good zipping your mounth shut. As someone else said, maybe it's the last time you have to face the in-laws, so no loss to you. On the other hand, it was your f-in-laws loss who never let himself get to know his wonderful grandsons. aathe old so-and-so only have himself to blame. I'm sure your scollops are both wise enough not to let it hurt them.

Carol,- I hope the sun shines for the wedding, and I'm sure you'll sing beautifully.

pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 10:00
Morning all, not a very nice day here, all wet out there. I think that they are getting a deluge further north so not complaining too much! The news from Pxris is just dreadful. However I totally agree Eva, we can't let these people win by being frightened to do anything. On a much brighter note CiN have raised a wonderful £37+million on the night which will increase hugely. You really do see the best side of humans through things like this.

I just have ixxnxxg to do today, well plus anything else round the house that might inspire me! On days like this I don't feel the need to go anywhere I must say.

Sorry you had a bad night Eva. I too hope your time in hospital can help ease your aches and pains. You'll have a good rest anyway!

Morning BHB, oh a nice sunny Mimosa today, we can think of Diana on her lovely island. Let's get another jug and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 10:45
Have you seen this:


GO is confirmed as a guest for 2015. The tickets are reasonably priced, and there are some good ones going. Me? I'm of course going home in the morning!
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 15:46
Yes Eva, I suspect you would crawl. I've had the ticket for the post garrick concert since 23Oct!!!

Been sorting saddle cloths at the stables this morning, there were so many I couldn't put the clean ones away. They have needed sorting since the summer, but I wasn't well enough to stand on the 10inch high tub which I need to do to get to the back of the shelves. I now have a pile to wash and take back and a pile to wash and take to the dogs home for bedding. There would have been more for the dogs home but one of the Saturday girls needed some new saddle cloths as she now has a bigger horse.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 16:49
...yes sadly I can't make it Eva as it is my busy season! It has been raining all day here - poor bride in a strapless dress. They were taking the photos inside rather than outside after the ceremony as it was really heavy then. Cakes in the oven, so will get them iced and put in the tin, then do supper and put feet up for the marathon Saturday night viewing! Have forgotten when you are off to hospital for your week of r&r Eva - am I right in thinking it is the week after next?
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 17:38
Evening all. It's pibbing down outside, so it's nice to be warm and snug inside. I've had a really lazy day, but I managed to watch Cas from last Saturday, so I'm up-to-date there.

Jo,- why am I not surprised that you already have a ticket for RAH? Maybe because I know you too well?

Carol,- I'm going into hospital Monday the 23rd for a week or more. Hopefully I will be released at the weekend even if my stay is extended into the next week as well.

FB is making me cry, with all the tributes to France, to Paris and the French nation.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 18:29
Yes, Eva I am predictable.

BBC1 seems to be taken over by Paris talk. It was a terrible set of events. People enjoying themselves, doing activities they have done before, upsetting for all.
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 18:51
OK,- The Norwegian Jury is up and running, so bring it on!
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 19:18
Missed some dances, due to washing duties.
Jamilia, not sure what dance it was but it was not good, knees apart when they should be close together at cross over. Oh it was Samba, not clear. It looked scrappy.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 19:26
Blond call the midwife, Helen? Tango. I didn't like it. Looked odd to me. Judges are keen on it. What do I know?
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 19:38
Anton and K with Rumba, dress was amazing. I'm not fond of Rumba, but they did it well. Len really liked it as there was a lot of the steps, passed me by!!
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 19:43
Kevin and Kellie, Samba to Boom shake shake the room. I never thought you could do a samba to that. But it was AMAZING. Kevin has done so well with this, needs 4 x10. I'm sure with no sound it would look like a samba, but it was excellent.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 19:45
ps I'm with Len I don't like hip h music either (or babies crying)
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 19:50
Peter A, the VW. Not sure if it was meant to be, it looked like they were running a bit. I think it was too fast. There wasn't enough turning round and round for me. But he did it really well.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 19:58
G and G Charleston. Fast, don't think she made a mistake. Brill. 4x10 from me
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 20:05
J Vine quickstep. What can I say, it was very JV. Sometimes the steps weren't quite right, but it was charming.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 20:09
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 20:11
1. Anita and Gleb, quickstep.
Lovely dress. Yes, it was quick and it was good.
8 points.

2. Jay and Aliona, foxtrot.
Krikey,- that is beautuful dancing! I didn't see any mistakes.
9 points

3. Jamelia and Tristan, samba.
Her footwork is impeccable. She can wriggle all the right bits and has great rhytm. What's not to like?
8 points

4. Helen and Aljaz, tango.
Brilliant start.it's so good it's scary!
9 points

5. Katie and Anton, rhumba.
Too much of the same moves. They are dancing too far apart. Sorry, not impressed.
7 points

6. Kellie and Kevin, samba.
A hip-hop samba? Why not? I enjoyed it.
8 points.

Gotta eat.

Back in time for a final comment. I loved Peter' waltz, Georgia' charleston was fantastic and Jeremy's quickstep............well, he ran and he jumped, but he didn't dance!

Jeremy should be in the dance off, and from this week's dancing, Katie or Jamelia.

evam wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 21:52
Good night all.

TK wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 23:33
What a good bit on the fire escape.

Wasn't too keen on the 'up to the elbows' in blood bit.

And DrW was a quite scary in the head today. I'm glad I didn't see it when I was young or I wouldn't want to go to sleep ever again.

Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2015, 07:28
Morning all, and agree Jo - the fire escape bit was lovely, but wasn't so keen on the van incident! Re SCD - favourite dances were G&G Charleston (rather her than me with the back flip thing!), H & A Tango (lovely dress too), P&J VW (loved that dress best), thought A&G did well, but can see that she has problems with her feet at times, J&A FT - he still doesn't engage me emotionally - he's a really nice guy and his years of dance training mean he has lovely fluid arms and legs, but he just doesn't connect (another lovely dress - A's not his of course!), liked K&A rumba but agree with Eva (she looked stunning!), really didn't like K&K's number - they did well, but it was just so weird, felt really sorry for J&K - he is so tall it is very difficult for him to be graceful, but he has very good timing. J&T Samba was very messy to my mind......so DO tonight? Well it should be J&T and J&K or K&A I think, but who knows! Made my cakes and will take them along to church this morning. After that we are skyping young Imogen Ann, who is 3 today (we are seeing her next Sat), then we have rehearsal all afternoon. This evening will be feet up, Results show and possibly starting to watch Rxver which we have recorded. Looks quite blustery and dull out but not raining yet - think the Nxrth is getting a battering today. Morning BHB, yes it is very gloomy out. Let's grab the Alxbama Slxmmer and the cupcakes and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2015, 09:25
off to spoiler thread can't wait.
Then stables
Have a good day all
evam wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2015, 09:46
Morning all. It's quite nice outside with some blue skies. Mild, + 8.3 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. You look relaxed? Carol let you have a lie-in? She didn't wake you up until nearly 7.30 am? Oh yes, that's a lie-in in Carol's book!

So far this morning I haven't done much, exept putting a lamb roast in the oven for a slow roast and wrapping a birthday present for the PH. It was his birthday on the 11th, but the coffee and cake party is this afternoon.

Carol,- Happy Birthday to the delightful Imogen.
I think we mostly agree about the dancing last night. Our Craig was having a couple of hissy and sulky fits, but I suppose that's his perogative! If he turned all nice and cuddly, we'd be scared witless!

pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2015, 09:57
Morning all, and wow that was a very windy night. I think I felt it as it was banging straight into my bedroom window. It is a bit better now but still blowing hard. Nothing too exciting to do today though am hoping to get an email that I can go and collect a jumper I ordered. I am doing dinner with my LWL friends and the lady hosting has decreed we have to wear a Christmas jumper, sigh. Managed to get this one for £14 so not expecting high quality, but as long as it does for the night that's ok. Loved SCD last night, thought G&G's charleston was excellent, she is a brave girl! I think the dance suited her and could actually be her finest hour! We'll see. Felt sorry for Jay tripping up as it was a lovely f/trot. Agree his dance training has helped him to make lovely lines with his arms and feet. Helen was fab as usual. and her dress was gorgeous. Peter did a lovely VW and Janette had the dress of the night, Fantastic. Anita did well and as one with no experience of dance or even pop movement I think she is fab and most improved really. Katie looked drop dead gorgeous and did a good rumba which I still don't like as a dance. Jamelia was very average and Jeremy....was Jeremy! Some lovely Lee bits in Casualty though not the cheeriest of episodes! Agree Dr W a bit scary Jo!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Imogen Ann Twin. Hard to believe she is 3 already.

Morning BHB, Alxbama Slxmmer today? that's a new one. Let's get another jug and join the CM.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2015, 13:35
Back early as it was a bit blowy. Can't go riding as I'm on call. 4 phone calls yesterday, didn't have to go in to w*rk though. I've not had a call today ......... yet.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2015, 15:30
Around where I live there are several large houses with flag poles. Today one was flying the French flag. That pole usually flies the Union Jack (Union Flag, if you prefer) or nothing.
evam wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2015, 20:04
Yep,- the right couple left tonight. Another one I knew who it had to be even before they had danced and the judges hd passed their judgements.

We had a very nice coffee and cake party. Lovely cakes,- the birthday boy had made a carrot cake. (He can be as good as me one day!). Guess who was at the centre of everyone's attention. You're right,- Emilian was his usual happy self, delighted to be the parcel in Pass The Parcel! We took some photos (Iselin did.) for the family in El Salvador that will be sent with the Christmas parcel. We all contribute to that. We have so much and they so little.

Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2015, 20:09

...well agree about who went but in a way sorry to see him go.....feel J & T may be the next to fall - she has now been in the DO four times! Well fancy Emilian being the centre of attention! Have spoken to Imogen Ann - her favourite presents were a scooter (Frozen) and a baby doll that you feed with a bottle and then it wees!! She also has a crash helmet for the scooter..............and it is bright Pink!!!
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2015, 20:27
Another who agreed it was the right result but am quite sad. He was so joyous about it all. I think J is quite lucky to still be there!

I have now got my jumper and sadly I actually quite like it! Not too thick either so hopefully won't boil alive in it!

I'm sure Emilian was the star of the show. He could upstage anyone that boy!

Not too sure about a doll that wees, feel that is getting a bit too realistic!

Diana wrote:
Monday, November 16, 2015, 02:27
Hi everyone,

We're waiting at Antigua airport, the plane is delayed and it's cold in the airport and I'm shivering so not a good end to the holiday. Internet connection has been very poor for last 3/4 days so not been able to pick up emails nor do much online. Weather last couple of days has been good - hot and mostly sunny. Haven't done much, just lazed and read. Overall a really good holiday and definitely want to return to the Caribbean and Antigua. Not looking forward to coming back to the cold and especially not to w*rk. Better turn off as Hopefully boarding will start in about 15 mins. Hope dinner is served quickly as not eaten since breakfast nearly 15 hours ago.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 16, 2015, 07:28
Morning all - just had the most glorious pink fluffy clouds in the sky and tinge of pink still remaining so guess that's bad weather later! Diana, have a safe flight and hope you get fed sooner rather than later! SLAPPAS this morning of course, then have some admin to do, and this evening is small choir rehearsal, so not too busy a day. We watched the first part of River last night, which I recorded so as not to confuse MM whilst we watched Unfxrgotten. Interesting concept - will definitely watch second part and see how we go (it's fitting in the viewing as coming up to manic time of year for us!). Must wrap some Chrissie pressies too and Imogen's birthday presents for when she visits on Saturday. Morning BHB, yes it is a lovely sky. Let's grab the Lavendula and the pink blanket (think we need it today) and the paninis and sit and snuffle whilst we watch the clouds. Suspect the DCM won't be along for a while.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 16, 2015, 10:01
Morning all, another grey day, though it is at least dry at the moment and still mild. I think we are threatened with cold at the end of the week so am making the most of it! Nothing too exciting happening today, well I don't think there is! May take the opportunity to go and see Ari's Mum, if she is in.

Hope you managed to get something to eat fairly quickly Diana! That is a long time without eating. Shame about the delay, but not that surprising considering the bad weather we have had here and then there will be extra security everywhere I think.

Morning BHB, oh it's Lavendula day, goody. Let's get another jug and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Monday, November 16, 2015, 11:55
It's a horrible day weatherwise here. It's building up to yet another storm.

Hello sweetheart. You've got my herbal tea ready? Aren't you kind? (He's nodding.) You are lovely, you know. (He's still nodding.) Can I have a snuffle, please. (He started nodding, then he realised what I'd asked for and now he's shaking his head.) No use trying to fool you, is there? (Now he's shaking his head again.) I'll settle for a snuggle then.

I've been and done my weekly shop. Fortunately I didn't have to go into the open air, as Hazel is happily housed in the garage beneath the house, and the shopping centre only has indoor parking. I've filled my freezer with fresh fish (cod and salmon). They were on special offer today, minus 50%! The I picked up Emilian's Christmas present which was ordered from the bookshop.. He wants a children's book by Andre Bjerke:


It was Iselin who told me what he wanted, and I did ask Emilian himself. His answer was a beaming smile, so I translated that into a Yes.

Diana,- hopefully you are in the air by now and have had your meal. Have a safe journey.

I haven't wrapped my Christmas presents yet, but I have done all my Christmas cards. With my bad hands I have only done about 3 a day, so I thought it best to start early.

Today's lunch will be poached cod. Yummy.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 16, 2015, 12:03
I hope this will still be there as it is a real treat.


It is from the GO on Gaby yesterday as a tribute to the French and must have been done with no rehearsal. I found it moving and rather lovely. Sadly I think it may be taken down soon so go go go if you can.
evam wrote:
Monday, November 16, 2015, 12:27
Pauline,- thank you so much for that heads-up. How beautiful and poignant it was. So right as a trubute.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 16, 2015, 12:36
Wasn't it just Eva, brought a lump to my throat. On a different level I was so impressed with how the GO's voice stood up against Blxke. They are all classically trained boys and yet the GO sounded just as good. Proud!
TK wrote:
Monday, November 16, 2015, 22:10
Ah ha, when I came on here earlier there were 'men at work' signs all up around and my short post did not save. Hence my email. Lets see if this works.
TK wrote:
Monday, November 16, 2015, 22:16
Looking good. I've been busy this evening. Then Felf phoned me as she could not access her recorded prog from last night. Neither could I using her box but as I wanted to get back to finish off what I needed to get done I set her up to watch it through iplayer as her new box is linked to my wifi. I told her she was getting it through the wifi. 'What difference will it make' I was tempted to say in 10 mins the TV will explode but I just said, it could stop if the wifi stops. I left saying I'll come back tomorrow to try and find out what has happened. I might have to do a reset of the box.
Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 07:29
Morning all and apologies that the Bistro was closed part of the time yesterday.....electrical testing of the equipment! (Actually glad it wasn't just me - I was getting a 404 error since mid afternoon!). All now well. Looks quite breezy out this morning and I know heavy rain is coming in. I am off for lunch with my friends in the office today, but first going to Hxmlxys to buy a bear for the forthcoming baby. Will have to be a brown one as I bought a white one for Imogen. Your weather forecast not looking too good either Eva! (As you know MM keeps an eagle eye on it!). It was pouring with rain here when we came home from rehearsal last night, but was dry when we took aunt shopping in the morning. Didn't get all my admin done yesterday so will probably tackle that when I am home from Lxndon. Rehearsal tonight of course! Morning BHB, yes it does look a blustery day out there. Let's grab the Blue Lxgoon and the waffles and have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket until the DCM arrives.
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 08:23
Morning. Writing a quick post while I have 5 mins spare. Seem to be busier than normal and not enough hours in the day!
I have skimmed so keeping up with you all as best I can.
Thanks Jo for keeping the blog sorted for us, much appreciated.
Will try and pop in more often if poss
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 09:59
Morning all. It is grey and still here at the moment, but I think it is not going to stay that way. We have another ghastly storm heading our way this afternoon. I was going for a pedicure and was thinking my feet would be getting very wet, however I have just had notification that a parcel I was expecting tomorrow is coming this afternoon now, well so they say. That decided me and I have shifted the appointment for my feet to tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a bit better day for it.

Have a lovely lunch Twin and take care out there as I think it is going to be very very windy.

Al;i it is lovely to see you whenever you can make it here. I think you are the busiest lady I know and I know a lot of busy ladies!

Morning BHB, yes it is a rather nasty day looming. I thinkg a few jugs of Blxe Lagoon and a snuffle will improve it no end, so let's find the CM and do it!
evam wrote:
Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 11:07
Morning all. It's another horrible day outside today. It's raining cats and dogs in between hail showers! Today I had to go outside and got soaked, so I'm not best pleased.

Hello sweetheart. Why do I look so cross? Because I had an appoinment to have a pedicure this morning. I have to park around the corner from where the beauty salon is, so as I hurried along my umbrella was turned inside out by the wind, and the rain was bucketing down. When I got to the salon's door, it looked very closed, and there was a note on the door: Closed due to illness. Fair enough,- everybody can get ill, but isn't it customary to phone the customer and tell them that the appointment is cancelled? Well, not in my salon,- obviously! Then I had to run back to the car and got even wetter.
I decided to go and pick up mother to have her glasses fixed, which I did. So now she is a happy bunny. I was a very wet one!

Carol,- if you are out driving in similar weather, please take care.

Jo,- thank you for the cleaning up on the blog. It looks pristine!

Pauline,- so no pedicure for either of us today.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 12:14
Hello all

Sorry to have been away from the blog for so long. I have been working through lunch breaks. It's been insanely busy (a bit like Ali and Fi's lives).

I have had some sad news.

I went too see Jo*ls Holl*nd with Caz (who some of you have met) and Sal on Friday. We really enjoyed the concert (though a lot of the music wasn't to my taste and I don't care for JH) but when I was on my way home I got a text from Sal. Her dad had been taken into hospital.

He died in the early hours of Sunday morning.

A great shock to Sal.

On a happier note - thank you Jo for cleaning the blog up. I can see you've been hoovering.

I also see you've all been enjoying that lovely you-tube of BHH. The other sing*rs have great voices but I love the light and shade in Lee's voice - he gives so much of himself to his singing.

That's it. Lunch time over. I'm back to it
carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 17:14
...nightmare journey up to Txwn. Met Line severe delays, Bxkerloo severe delays and the Central Line (which I took) ground to a halt due to an incident at Chxncery Lane - ended up taking me over two hours to get up there (via Pxddington!). Arrived to find torrential rain lashing down. Did however manage to collect the bear from Hxmleys (and buy another to go to Oz for Christmas). Fortunately journey home much easier!! On the up side we now have tickets for CCBB in C'bury (staying over with our friends), and Brum. Just drying out before we go off to rehearsal - it is still pouring out there!!
evam wrote:
Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 19:17
Evening all.
I have begun to pack for my hospital stay. A couple of nighties, dressing gown, 5 T-shirts, 1 pair of leggings, 2 swimming costumes, undies, slippers etc. etc. Heavens,- I'll need a large suitcase. I am also going to bring 4-5 books and my ipad, and I've re-directed my newspaper so I'll get it every morning. The T-shirt and the leggings are for the gym(!). Me in a gym? I'm not looking forward to that bit, I can tell you. I wonder what I've forgotten.

I'll be watching DA in a minute. I think it's the last epidode of this series. Do I remember right when I think there won't be any more DA? Maybe a Christmas special?

Carol,- your journey in to town sound a right nightmare. Glad the journey home was easier.

pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 19:19
Wow that is one bad journey Twin It was lashing down here as well and I wondered if you would get caught in it. Dry now but the wind is howling around again.
My parcel turned up exactly when they said it would! Very impressive. So glad we have managed to sort some more CCBB visits.

Poor Sal, Jane. Such a sad end to her weekend.

So not only no pedicure Eva, we have the same weather!
TK wrote:
Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 20:57
That was some journey Carol. I've been really lucky with the Bakerloo, there have never been delays on it when I've needed to use it.

I've had two technology successes by doing nothing. The blog mended itself and Felf's TV recorder worked this afternoon when she tried it. I'll remember that next time a software package stops at work.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 22:03
Just planned my little trip to the Midlands on Saturday. Just a weekend off and I've missed going to a concert.
Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 07:25
Morning all, and the wind seems to have died down a little - it was VERY windy last night. All the doors and windows were rattling where we rehearse and there was a tree down on alongside the road we use to get to rehearsal. See Jo has been booking tickets too! Must have been something in the ether yesterday. How annoying Eva - agree you would expect a call! You may remember a couple of months back I was due for a hot shell massage and the salon rang to say they had a power cut but would keep me informed - and they did. They rang me a couple of times and in the end rearranged. Eva there is going to be the C Special for DA - and that will definitely be the last one. See you have your priorities right and are taking plenty of reading matter with you in your case. Currently reading Lxst Gxrls myself! I managed to make quite an inroad when I was sitting on the train yesterday waiting for it to go somewhere, anywhere! Taking MM to the dentist this morning - it's difficult to park so I drop him by the dentist then go into the small retail park about six minutes walk away and do a little RT (it's where the Sainsbugs is that we use on Mondays). Petrol is also cheap so we will fill up! This evening we are off to see a local amateur group performing "Scxxge" - it has two friends in it so we felt obliged to go, although would have preferred a night in as we are out rehearsing tomorrow and Friday. Morning BHB yes I am pleased to say the Bxstro is still standing and there doesn't seem to be any damage. Let's grab the Artxc Spxce and the croissants and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 09:34
Morning all. The weather isn't too bad today, only ordinary rain and the winds are resting!

Hello sweetheart. You've had a windy night? Nothing ruined, I hope? You managed to mix the cocktails this morning? So all is well with the world then?

I had to go out for a flying visit to the little supermarket in the basement early this morning. I had decided to bake a cake, but realised I didn't have enough eggs. Very handy, that shop.

Jo,- you're planning another weekend trip? Well, I never! That's not like you.

Carol,- maybe I should send Mrs S to join you at the theatre tonight? She might have second thoughts about several things! Poor MM. I hope the dentist visit isn't too painful. Give him a hug from me.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 09:53
Morning all and it is a much better one so far. Breezy but the howling gales have eased and we have actually had some sun. Ok so it has gone now but it's nice to know it's still there. I am hopefully going to get my pedicure today, so I will have cold tootsies by the time I get home, but they will at least look nice, if a bit blue!

Love your packing Eva, you won't have time for the gym, you have things to read. Not sure the doctors will see it quite that way though. Sorry I missed your post last night, as Twin has said the C episode is the last ...until they make a movie of it! There are rumours! Anyway the C'mas one is a continuation of this last series, not a stand alone so think it will resolve a few outstanding things. I feel Mrs S is a lost cause somehow!

Jo I feel that the missed concert isn't the one in Lichfield!

Morning BHB, so we have Arctic Spxce today? Different, well let's get another jug, find the CM and we'll give it a try.

evam wrote:
Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 10:51
I've just had a very apologetic phone call from my foot lady. She said she was sorry she hadn't phoned me yesterday, but there had been a family emergency. She offered me an appointment tomorrow, which I accepted. So I'll have my totsies looking nice when I go to the hospital.
Pauline,- I can try that line on my doctor, but I have a feeling it won't go down too well!
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 11:48
Hi all

Look at me on twice in two days.

Pauline - thanks very much for your kind words. Sal's family is very close (like KK's) so it's distressed her terribly.

Eva - 5 books? Very wise. You don't want to be bored stiff. All the best.

So Jo is off to the midlands. I wonder where abouts!
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 12:20
...MM survived the dentist and I did a little RT (also looked for various outstanding Chrrisie pressies). Now have a few ideas. Lady J, I am so sorry, I somehow missed your post yesterday so sorry to hear about Sal's father - huge shock and somehow always seems worse coming up to C'mas. She must be devastated. Well you can try sending Mrs S over Eva, but I am not sure it will be too successful......Still very blustery out here. See both Eva and Twin having their toesies done today! Mine are feeling quite neglected!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 18:57
Jane, must be distressing for Sal as it was so sudden. Things you wished you'd said, or not said.

Talking about things that should not have been said. One of my colleagues had 2 customers in on Tuesday. The customers live in Paris. She asked after their family and friends. Unfortunately they had a friend killed and a cousin seriously injured. My colleague said she wanted the floor to open as the customers explained the whole situation and shed some tears.

It was windy last night, Felf's tarpaulin covering her wood pile for the stove was flapping wildly.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 20:06
Evening all. It has been a very windy day here, but the sun shone and it was nice and mild. Went to have my pedicure and it was a nice day for it as I have to walk to and from the car park with flip flops on. Anyway feet now all sparkly and lovely, see?

Oh dear your poor colleague Jo, but she wasn't to know so I'm sure the French customers didn't mind even though they are understandably upset.

I'm sure your doctor won't mind you having a week in hospital to catch up on your reading Eva! I can't see a problem at all!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 20:53
I amused myself at w*rk today. Some in my group were commenting on Cliffy and said how I was obsessed by him. Previously I'd said if they heard he'd died, don't expect me in w*rk. (My old team knew this.) I said I wasn't obsessed as 'I only went to the local city to see him in concerts. It's not as if I go to Glasgow or The Channel Islands to see him.' I added about the mad Cliff fan I met who went to Australia for a couple of his concerts. My manager still concluded I was obsessed. Made me smile.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 21:11
Tired tonight
Nightlee Night
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 19, 2015, 08:15
..obsessed? Not you Jo! Well the show last night was dire.......really was! Direction was awful, the Scrxxge was totally miscast (and had an unfortunate evening when he forgot the dialogue and the words to quite a few of his songs. Really wanted to leave in the interval (it was also really hot in the auditorium), but as we had to see our friends we stayed put. On the plus side Juliet was there so we had a long chat, another friend was there too, and in the interval someone approached us and it was someone I hadn't seen for about 26 years - in fact I went out with him a couple of times! He too was considering fleeing, but we agreed to meet in the bar afterwards (where else?) and had a catch up on mutual acquaintances, so not an entirely wasted evening. Our friends had made most of the costumes and they were excellent. Today I have chrissie pressies to wrap (and Imogen's birthday ones) and houseworky things to do. We do of course have rehearsal this evening. Need to catch up with The App'ice from last night as well at some point! Morning BHB, yes it is a little gloomy out but I think quite mild. Let's grab the Pxnk Flxminxo (very Alice in W Land!) and the waffles and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Thursday, November 19, 2015, 08:57
Morning all. It looks like it's going to be a nice day here. Spots of blue sky can be glimpsed.

Hello sweetheart. You OK? Of course you are,- your very own delightful self! You don't have to carry me to the sofa! I can still walk. Yes please to a coffee and a snuggle. The sky blue blanket? What a good idea.

Carol,- I see the show last night was as bad as you feared it would be. So you think it would have been too harsh punishment even for Mrs S? Good though that you had a good catch-up with friends, even old boyfriends!

I'm off later for my pedicure (Yours look lovely, Pauline.), but first I have to take mother back to the optician. Now her new glasses are too tight on the left side! Sigh.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, November 19, 2015, 10:06
Morning all, it is a bit dull here at the moment but the wind has dropped (hurrah!) and I think it is due to brighten up. Still mild but I think the last day as winter is arriving tomorrow! I think our temps will drop down into single fugures for the first time this autumn. Sigh, it has been nice while it lasted. I have even heard mention of the s word, not yet please! Today I want to sort my food shop for the weekend and may even do a small bit of C,mas shopping, but as we aren't in December yet I'm not panicking!

Twin the show sounds dreadful, however glad to hear Juliet is feeling fit enough to get out and about and nice to meet up with a long lost friend.

Enjoy the pedicure Eva, My feet still feel terrific!

Morning BHB, so we have Pxnk Flamingo today? I think you have been reading the cocktail book again! All sounds lovely so let's get another jug and find the CM.
maeve12 wrote:
Thursday, November 19, 2015, 11:28
Just seen my visitor off after three very hectic days. We went to The House of Illustration, The Foundling Museum, The John Soane Museum
and The Hunterarian Museum, plus of course, many pit stops for food and drinks, finished off at War Horse yesterday evening, excellent as ever.
All great fun but quite exhausting, now need a couple of days to recover!
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, November 19, 2015, 13:42
Have done my shop and it is pretty miserable out there. Managed to get one pressie and my cards so I have made an early start. Well it is early for me!

The BxC have announced the C/mas special SCD line up. Thought it might be of interest. Two of my all time favourites in there.

Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, November 19, 2015, 16:49
hello all. i am writing this while on phone to HM.C . they have sent me a totally incomprehensible tax notification. i know i don't owe tax as we sorted it all out in feb. the note at the bottom of their letter says the amount shown is EITHER " what you have to pay OR what we owe you" . ploppy says i have to tell them i am going for the latter option !!! not sure they meant i had a choice BUT...
JANE - so sorry to hear about Sals's father . pass on my condolences. i may email her - would that be ok do you think?
ploppy tired after 2 days sorting out Shrops relatives flat. he has taken back boxes and boxes of old paperwork which they just didn't bother to get rid of. He has mountain of shredding to do.
we re off to my parents for weekend
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 19, 2015, 19:31
Fi, I can imagine how much paperwork there might be as I was weeks shredding mine for the last 30years of records.

Poor Carol and MM, it must be worse for you to be at a poor show as you would be thinking how to fix it. Me? I'd just be thinking about something else or counting things until I could make a fast exit. (Well that's what I did in LMis.)

Busy day at w*rk. Including phone call from manager (working at home) trying to plan roles for after the reorganisation on 1st January. Yes I'm reorganised to ....... do the same as I'm doing now. As I expected.
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 19, 2015, 19:47
Nice piece in newspaper

TK wrote:
Thursday, November 19, 2015, 20:21
I've cancelled my appt with the wrong consultant on 24th Dec ('should I change my meds?' appt). There is no free appt with the wrong consultant or the right one, so I have to walk around with a reference number and a password on the off chance they phone me with an appt. If I can't say a ref no and my password they will not give me the appt. The fact that the phone number was given to them via the passworded acct doesn't seem to matter. If they don't phone by 3rd Dec I have to phone my docs, that'll go down well. The suspense is driving me nuts. I'll just forget about it again.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 20, 2015, 07:45
Morning all and it is a clear sky out so I guess that is the start of the cold snap they are promising. It was still quite mild last night when we walked back from rehearsal. Thanks for the link Jo - very nice article! Have to say the appointment system seems a little odd. Is this system the same for everyone? Was just thinking if that had been an appointment for my mother she would never have managed! Fi, I think you should indeed tell them you are going for the "what we owe you" choice! MM had lots of problems with that organision after he retired and went back to work part time - they were trying to charge him for working a full year - it took several long letters to put them right and to get it corrected. One plus point was MM had a refund as a lump sum! Have a lovely time with your parents. Know about shredding - we ended up having to shred all the old AmDram Society papers a few years back - we actually went and bought a bigger shredder to cope! Maeve, I can see why you need a few days of r&r - that sounds like a full programme. Spoke with Barry and June last night, safely home from Prxgue. On Monday when they went out for afternoon tea June walked into someone.....Benedict C! Literally walked into him that is! He was filming and just about to walk into shot. Their flights were delayed going out but not too badly (they went Friday when the events were unfolding in Pxris). They said Prxgue is the place for shopping ...might not tell MM that part!!...and food is really reasonable. Definitely on my hit list now! MM has physio this morning but late morning, so will take him, go on to the garden centre and wander the C'mas shop then collect him and we will go and do our food shopping. We have church choir this evening. Big thank you to Eva for organising the meal for G'ick concert. Morning BHB, yes it is a tad chilly so I think we definitely need the pink blanket. Let's grab the Vanillita and the toasted sarnies and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 20, 2015, 10:04
Morning all. Another grey day but it is very still which is nice. Sadly not going to last and tonight is going to be another wild one I think. Anyway taking advantage of today I am going to be a LWL with Ari's Mum. It's been a while so we need to catch up. I have tried to see her a few times but either she is not in or her road was so clogged with builders vans I couldn't park! Parking is always a night mare on her road, but at the moment there are two houses having major work done, and I mean major! One of them is having an extra floor put on. I think the planners are mad, the road is being severely over developed and there is no off road parking for at least 90% of the houses. It would drive me mad.

Jo that is the weirdest system. It sounds like you are trying to get an appointment with the secret service! Hope you can sort it.

Prague sounds lovely Twin. Glad June and Barry enjoyed it. So now it is back to the mayhem for them!

Morning BHB, so it's Vanillita day! Hooray! You look a bit sad? You are leaving your other job today? Aww never mind. Let's get a nice jug and and find the CM. I'm sure we can cheer you up!
evam wrote:
Friday, November 20, 2015, 11:37
Morning all. It's a beautiful but c-c-c-cold day here. When I got up this morning it was -1.2 degrees, and everything was covered in frost.

Hello sweetheart. I look a bit flustered? That's because I am. My laptop has been playing silly b*ggers this morning. Suddenly my page was enlarged so I couldn't scroll down. Trying to fix it took a looooooong time and a lot of swearing. I think I'm back to normal now. I lost and finally found my Bookmarks and Tool Bar again. I can't live without them.

I have been down to the shopping centre to do some last minute shopping for my hospital stay. It was so crowded down there you'd think Christmas Eve was tomorrow, not more thatn a month away. I got out as soon as I could.

Youngest sister has told me to find out which book I want for Christmas. Sensible lady,- they always give me books for Christmas and my birthday. I had a browse in my favourite bookshop and came up with a choice of 4.

I have now sent an email to our eating place to ask which menu we can choose from and if they mind if we mix up the menus. I can't start making a proper list (!) until I know the answer to that.

Pauline,- the parking (or rather no parking) in Ari's Mum's street must be an absolute nightmare. I don't think I could live somewhere without off-street parking.

Jo,- does the hospital staff understand that appointment system?

I've never had the choice between either a refund or paying back tax from our IR. I'm just told!
Jane E wrote:
Friday, November 20, 2015, 12:31
Hi all

I've been catching up on the blog but lost my half written post. I'll try to remember it.

Jo - that appointment system seems insane! I bet you'd not have those problems if you are able to see them privately. Not that I'm dissing NHS who are fabulous, you are understand. Yeah right - you are SO OBESSED with Cliffy!

Carol - that show sounds like it was 'orrible! I've just told Geri about your friend BC sighting. She seems interested!

Fi - do what?! How can anyone send a letter like that!! Have you called them?

Sorry to hear you have laptop trouble again Eva.

Sending OOHHMMS for all needies!
Ali wrote:
Friday, November 20, 2015, 14:53
Afternoon. Just waiting for nephew to come out of school so having a quick catch up.
Rather pleased as I lost 3.5lbs this week. I put on 2 last week so was very determined to lose this week. Going to be very good again this week and aim for min of 1.5 if poss
Very bright and sunny here but cold! Forecast not great for tomorrow 🌧❄️🌫
evam wrote:
Friday, November 20, 2015, 18:49
Evening all. I've done this week's mountain of i*****g. PHEW!

I haven't yet had any answer from out eating place. I sent my email around noon. I hope it can be cleared up before Monday. Organising an SLfest from the hospital could be problematic. Oh well,- no need to panic yet.

I "spoke" to Emilian today. He was yodling to me over the phone!

Now I need to put my feet up and watch telly.
Karen1 wrote:
Friday, November 20, 2015, 18:59
Hi all from the rainy windswept North!

Gosh it's getting cold! The white stuff has been forecast here this weekend. Yuk!!

Just thought I’d pop my head round the door and say Hi. I'm still here. I'm just not having the best of times right now! I have had the results of my stroke assessment and it has been confirmed that what happened was a TIA. Not really what I wanted to hear as I was clinging to the hope that it was something else! To make matters worse my insultant thinks it was caused by an underlying heart condition!! Really not what I wanted to hear!! I’m now waiting for appointments to have more tests on my heart. I’m told that if it is what he thinks it is it can be controlled with medication which hopefully will alleviate the symptoms. In the meantime, there’s nothing I can do to ease the symptoms so I'm feeling constantly grotty (that's a medical term!)

I'm still hoping to be at the Christmas concert, I just hope I feel better by then!

Don't mean to moan, I know things could have been a lot worse, I just hate feeling ill all the time. Ok, I will stop moaning now!

Sorry not to keep up with you all but I do think of you all.

I'll pop in again when I can.

Love to all xx

pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 20, 2015, 19:10
Evening all. Had a very lovely lunch and lots of great chat going on. One of my other friends was able to join us for a while and so it was a nice get together. It has been a nice day here but noticeably colder and we could wake to snow in the morning, but it should soon disappear. We'll see.

Well I'm sure they will reply Eva, but whatever happens we will sort something out.

Lovely to see you KK but that is not nice. Mind I think that the big problems with heart conditions happen when you don't know you have one. Still lots of ohhmmms and fingers crossed it is not too bad and is manageable and most important, you can get to the Christmas show!

Ali that is brilliant weight loss. Well done.
TK wrote:
Friday, November 20, 2015, 20:24
KK just moan all you like. Must be very difficult. Not feeling well is depressing. The chap at w*rk who had a TIA took a few months and then returned to w*rk.

Eva, if the Christmas meal is not sorted before you go for your 'spa' break, we will take over, as you say it might be difficult to do from the hospital.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 07:15
Morning all and you feel the temperature has dropped - trees in the garden are blowing well so guess that's the cold wind. The temperature had dropped quite considerably when we went out to choir last night. Not worried though as a ray of sunshine coming today - Imogen is bringing her Mummy to see us for a visit (well and to get her birthday pressies a week late!). No sign of the S word here, but just had sleety rain a few moments ago. Tonight we are off to see Rob (ex Vicar) so will sadly have to watch SCD and Dr W and C'lty on catch up - I will find the time somehow! Watched ITT when we got home last night and some of the dancing loots to be really good. KK lovely to see you, and of course you can moan. So sorry you are feeling grotty still, but at least you have a diagnosis now (if not the one you want) and it sounds like mxdication may be the answer. Do hope you are able to come to the Chrissie show! Ah I have those types of conversation sometimes Eva - I hope you answered appropriately! By the way I don't think I said on here, but as you know every year we sing Cxrols in the local precinct for S the Children (and have for more years than I care to remember) - this year bureaucracy has won and they put some many obstaciles in our way (risk assessments, £5 P I insurance, bucket collectors not allowed to do anything other than stand next to us) that we aren't going to do it. So pleased we did the concert a few weeks back, so S the C have some money. Suggestion is that next year we do a Chrissie concert for them locally and raise the money that way. Morning BHB, yes it is definitely a pink blanket day (heavier sleety rain now), so let's grab the hot toddy and the paninis and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 08:56
Yes Carol, much chillier this morning. I woke up in my bed fleece, so must have been cold last night. Such a shame that you can not sing in the local precinct, I'm sure you will be missed by the shoppers.

The wind is blowing here too. Heating has been turned up.

Eva I have 2 lists on the go for today's activities. Can't forget to do things before I go off northwards. I'm not used to these activities on a Saturday, so I thought lists were needed.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 09:20
hope you all can keep warm and dry if you are out and about
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 09:35
Morning all. We have blue skies outside, but we also have SNOW for the first time this year,- 1 month later than normal. Mind you, I'm not complaining. It's only a sprinkling anyway, so the sun will melt it quickly. We had - 2.4 degrees when I got up this morning.

Hello sweetheart. You look pale? You're afraid I'm going to drag you to Norway and get you on skies? Would I do that to you? (He nods!) You know me too well, my lovely, but you can calm down. There isn't enough snow to go skiing. You'd better dig out the royal blue blanket and we can sit on the sofa with a strong coffee and have a snuggle.
WOOOOOOOOSSSHHHHHHHH! He's off to get the blanket.

Carol,- what a shame you can't do your singing at the shopping centre. Those flipping know-it-alls, eh? Have a lovely time with Imogen.

KK,- so lovely to see you, but sad to hear you're still feeling rather poorly. Underlying heart condition doesn't sound too good, but if they've discovered it early, as you say it can be controlled by meds. I so hope you can make the Christmas concert. Not only will we miss you, but GO will be sad as well, so you'd better be there!

Jo,- making lists, eh? I knew that with lot of patience I could convert the SLs to my way of thinking. Now it's just the rest left!
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 09:41
Morning all. A cold and wet, windy one here now. It did do that white stuff overnight, well a light covering, but thankfully it is all gone now. Not got to do too much outside today thankfully. I do need to venture out to get some bread, but other than that I can stay in and have a fun day changing the bed and doing the washing. Gosh I know how to live!

Jo have a safe journey, I think there is a strong possibility you will enjoy it! I think he has left C now so he should be very relaxed about time! Mind he will probably want to get back to Betsy!

Have a lovely day with the gorgeous Imogen and her Mummy Twin. Again I feel it is a given that you will! It s such a shame about the precinct, they are really being a lot of Grxnches about it. Still you raised a terrific amount for StC at you concert so that is very good.

Morning BHB, you look excited. Oh you are off to see friends later. Always lovely. Now what have we? Hot toddy? Oh perfect, just what we need. I'll get another jug and the green blanket and we'll find the CM.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 12:35
....just seen the Lee is ill and the concert tonight is cancelled!! Hope Jo finds out before she gets there.......................
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 12:59
...apparently he has a severe throat infection and has completely lost his voice - what a shame. Feel so sorry for those who were going tonight.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 13:44
Oh dear poor Lee, he's poorly! Sorry I should have resisted that one. I am so sorry for everyone, especially those who were getting to see him for the only time . Most of all though I feel for him as I am sure he is devastated and feels he is letting people down, which is rubbish of course. We all get ill sometimes. He needs to look after himself and protect that lovely voice.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 14:20
Shame I know about concert, does mean can watch SCD, DrW and Casualty. Got to look on positive side. Gutted really. Just hope he gets well soon. I suspect the 'working really hard then have a few days off and get ill' syndrome. I used to get it each January a few years ago, after w*rking all Christmas. Ha can't do the concert with no voice.

I was thinking what can I do now, so Felf phoned for me to fix her tv. Loose connection as I just moved the box and it worked. Then I saw the 2 big black bags of saddle cloths which I was going to drop off at the dogs' home on the way up north.

Better get going.

Oh I have cleaned out the soap dispenser of the wmachine, running a cleaning hot wash now
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 14:24
Just love this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=altzrUn_8lg
Will Young's voice is amazing
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 15:59
Dogs' bedding delivered. On the way I called into the local brewery and am now well into a pint of IPA. Seemed the right thing to do
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 17:24
...Jo did Diana get the message in time??? Imogen and her Mummy just gone. She is such a poppet. She can now write Imo for her name - working on the rest of it! Victoria now quite large....bless. Now off to get ready to go out - will have a lot of catching up to do and hoping to watch SCD as soon as I get home! Enjoy the evening viewing!
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 17:43
Afternoon all.
I see Jo is back home again. I sent her a text as soon as I read Carol's post. Don't know if she got it. Poor GO,- I'm sure he 's feeling bad, not only in his throat but also at the thought of the people who had booked tickets. But we know him so well and know he wouldn't take a cancelling lightly.

Carol,- Imogen is a little genius! Is she getting excited about the new baby?

Jo,- I didn't know the IPA (International Police Association) made their own beer. Is it nice?

I had a h*ll of a time connecting to the UK telly tonight. At one point I thought my laptop had crashed! But after half an hour's hard work, I finally got there. PHEW!
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 18:54
I was looking at the outside thermometer with a sideways look and thought it said: -16.1 degrees! I looked again, and it said -1.6 degrees. Bad enough.

The Norwegian Jury is ready and waiting.

TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 19:10
Sorry Eva, I thought I'd texted back. It was a bit manic as I was trying to get hold of Diana as I hoped she would not have left yet. Unfortunately she had. Well done to Sue for thinking of a different way to try to get hold of her. I never actually started on my way, as I wasn't going to leave until about 2.45. Diana is now on her way home.

I was making the rolls for the stables when Jay was dancing, I did see some of it. He is such a good dancer.
Jane E wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 19:13
Hi all

I am so sorry for Jo and Diana and all those intending to see the GO today. The poor love sounded devastated on twitter he felt like he was letting everyone down. It was lovely seeing the fans rally round him. And at least he can talk again so that's an improvement.

KK - it's lovely to see you back on the blog. We'll do everything in our power to get you to the Xmas concert. I know it's a horrible thing to have but it really is far better to have the problem diagnosed now than have it and not know or have it treated.

Eva - you've done sterling work organizing the meal but continuing to organise while in hospital would be as silly as ordering tickets while in a dentist's chair! Between us we will manage to sort it out I'm sure.

Carol you are right it's CHUFFIN' cold!
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 19:14
Jamila, eeeee that quickstep was really fast, lots of steps. She has got better. BUT she is a bit scrappy in places.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 19:22
wow Anita was amazing in the Paso. Also big credit to the lighting, the costumes, the extra dancers and choreography.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 19:23
and the staging. It all came together 12 out of 10
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 19:31
Katie and Anton, beautiful, she looked amazing
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 19:41
Peter jive. for me the worst choreographed jive I've seen for ages (where were the kicks and flicks?). The lights did not complement. His dancing looked a little scrappy. Yes he was rushing about, but didn't produce. 6
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 19:48
G ad G she looked beautiful, looked perfect to me
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 19:57
Helen's Charleston was mesmerising. Excellent, but I agree with Craig it could have done with a little something (quirky) to make it extra special.
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 19:57
1. Jay and Aliona, salsa.
Let's see a salsa face, Jay! Ooh,- raunchy! There is no doubt about it,- he's a terrific dancer. His face wasn't too bad either.
9 points.

2. Jamelia and Tristan, quickstep.
Love the dress. Did she step wrong? She's so light on her feet and her rhytm is bang on.
8 points.

3. Anita and Gleb, pasadouble.
I like the opening! I was too busy watching all the bare chests, I forgot to watch her. What I saw, looked great! Lots of attitude.
9 points

4. Katie and Anton, American smooth.
Gorgeous dress. She's having a ball. Moves with elegance. Some minor faults.
8 points

5. Peter and Janette, jive.
I don't know if I like it or not. He seemed a bit slow in places, and I find it confusing with all the other dancers. His dancing is good.
7 points.

6. Georgia and Giovanni, American smooth.
She is such a great dancer. It's in her blood. Boooooootiful.
9 points.

7. Helen and Aljaz, charleston.
I don't like her dress. That fluffy thing in front is ruining it. Oh, you want to know what I think of the dancing? Great charleston. Not my fav dance.something went wrong. Out of step?
8 points.

I need to eat.

TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 20:03
Quick step from Kevin and Kelly has wiped the floor with Jamillia's. Excellent.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 20:06
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 22:00
Marathon viewing done for the night. Dr W very sad and had a tear at C as well! Happy days! Nice Lofty to cheer me up, not lots but some quality I think!

SCd was lovely with some surprising results. I loved G&G she has turned into a lovely dancer. Katie looked fab and it was lovely to watch though a few wobbles, fantastic dress as well. K&K were great and agree Jo their q/step showed the shortcomings of Jamelia. Thought Anita was brilliant as well. Liked Helen's charleston though I was apt to agree a bit with Craig.It was all a bit elegant, but then it was very tricky and she danced it brilliantly. Jay was excellent and a bit more expression though still could be better in that way. The shock was Peter really. Not a good jive at all, very few kicks and flicks and what there were weren't right at all. Interesting to see who goes. Jamelia is now the weakest dancer, and I'm sure Peter is too popular to be in the d/off. Could be anyone.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2015, 00:26
I had a few technical probs tonight. All OK in the end.
Off to see spoiler thread.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2015, 07:29
Morning all - Eva she now just says there is going to be a baby, and doesn't comment on whether she wants a boy or a girl. Her little giraffe has a nappy on, and she calls that her baby Jessica. The baby doll she had for her birthday is called Annabelle, so I am thinking she might expect a girl still!! Victoria is leaving work next Friday - she is getting quite tired now she says. They sent me a text to say they were safely home in time for SCD. The Hxmlxys bear has been duly handed over and it looks like new baby will be here just before C'mas rather than just after. Apart from a snxw flurry first thing we just had a very cold snap yesterday (very chilly windy). It was 2C when we went off to Rob's and 1C when we came home - the sky was clear and the stars were really bright. Rob doing well - still missing us of course! Managed to watch SCD tonight - agree Peter was the surprise, in fact I wouldn't have known it was a jxve if I hadn't been told. No flicks or kicks.....J&T's QS was better but she is still a very obvious candidate to go. Loved the other dances, although I thought K&K QS overmarked as it wasn't (to me) as good as the QS H&J did a couple of weeks back. Interesting to see who is in the DO! Off to church soon of course and then rehearsing all afternoon. Will watch the results show and then may be C'lty from last night (I can save Dr W for when MM is not around as he doesn't watch it). Eva I am assuming you may pop in tomorrow morning, but just in case, and in case I don't make it back on later, hope your "rest" in hospital goes well and they manage to sort out the best pain relief for you. Such a shame about yesterday's concert - poor GO must be devastated at the thought he has let people down. I see they are hoping to do the concert later. Let's hope he is better soon. So Diana had an announcement at the station? Glad to hear you hadn't set out Jo - was worried you might be half way there. Just seen that we have a beautiful pink sky at the moment - hope it's not a case of "red in the morning Shepherds take warning!". Morning BHB, yes it is definitely pink blanket weather. Let's grab the Over the Wexther and the hot paninis and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2015, 08:28
It is chilly this morning.

No Diana didn't hear the tannoy. Not certain if they played it. I have it by text that she was met by Sue and they had a coffee whilst waiting for a return train. Shame, but I expect he woke up ill and was hoping he could still sing, but when he lost his speaking voice (the term he used on Twitter) he decided he had to cancel. He knows there would have been people on trains already, as he always raises an eyebrow (or 2) when he repeats Yorkshire to the question 'where have you come from'.

Glad Imogen is becoming to a non female sibling.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2015, 08:51
Morning all.

Well that was a fun day yesterday! Wasted 8 hours travelling though it was good to see Sue & Ray. Big thanks to both for looking after me. Most annoying thing was that I had to buy another train ticket back to London as mine was for a specific train today - new ticket cost more than the original return ... and then no-one checked it. And they say it pays to be honest! On the bright side I now have all day today at home to do stuff including a "nice" pile of holiday washing to be ir*ned. Hope Lee is feeling better today.

It's been a busy week catching up since we got back but I'm getting there. Haven't caught up on here yet. I really recommend Antigua if you want a relaxing holiday in the sun with a few places of interest to see.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2015, 09:29
got to go,have a good day all
evam wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2015, 09:32
Morning all. We have another bright and sunny day her, but it's still cold, -2.6 degrees at the moment. No more snow so far, and I think it'll be turning milder tonight.

Hello sweetheart. I'm not to come near you???? What have I done? Oh, you're full of germs and you don't want to share them? That's good of you. I'll just help myself to a coffee and read the Sunday paper.

Carol,- so Imogen is in training for changing nappies. I think she'll find there is a difference between a squirming baby and a toy giraffe!

Diana,- poor you with that wasted journey and the extra expence on the train ticket.

Now I'll settle down to do some serious work,- doing my nails!

pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2015, 10:06
Morning all and it is the coldest one yet this winter. I can see the cars are all icy. Still it is bright and sunny so actually like it better than the grey, wet and windy weather of the last few days. I just have a nice pile of ixxnxxg to do today, very exciting, not!

Glad to hear the GO is now able to speak again though still suffering poor lamb. What a pain about the rail fare Diana, such a shame you didn't find out till too late. Mind nice to see Sue and Ray but rather an expensive coffee I feel! Antigua must feel a long tome ago now. I told you it was lovely! I adore the Cxribbean. In fact I wouldn't mind being there now!

Eva I second what Twin says about your hospital visit. I'm sure it may be a bit tedious but if they can find things to help you it will be worth it. I hope the hospital has wi-fi so you can stay in touch?

Morning BHB, oh dear you are a bit croaky, I think maybe a cocktail will help. Let's get another jug of Over The Wexther and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2015, 17:24
Afternoon all.
It's been a quiet day on the blog, I see. I have had a lazy day. The packing is almost finished,- only the last minute bits to do tomorrow morning.
Yes, I'm quite sure there is wi-fi at the hospital, so the ipad is coming with me.

Just to let you know that Jane has taken over the booking of the SLfest before the Christmas concert. There was no way I could finish it before tomorrow morning, so the lovely Lady Jane offered to take over. THANK YOU, JANE!

Now it's time for my afternoon coffee (decaff) and a choccie bisquit.

Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2015, 18:45
..oh that was a pain Diana - we've just taken a friend back to the station to get the underground up to Town and then the train out to Brightxn. He said the train ticket is cheaper for him than driving the car up. Such a pity about the concert - really feel for everyone who thought they were going. Now home and sitting with feet up waiting for the results show. It is very cold out (it is a very chilly wind) but I suspect not as cold as where Eva is - it has been dry and bright though so that was a bonus. Lady J thank you for stepping into the breach. That's good to hear you will be able to post whilst having your Hospital Vacation Eva! I am sure if nothing else you will get a nice lot of reading done. I am currently half way through Lost Gxrls. Just going to have a coffee to warm up!
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2015, 18:57
Bit chilly out today. Not too bad for me as I was layered up. Had a lovely ride with a couple, it was a birthday present from the chap. She did very well considering she had 2 lessons about 10 years ago. He was on the really quiet beginners horse, so was fine.

Forgot to tell about my meeting with one of village's postmen yesterday. He was walking up my road pushing a trolley. I asked him where his van was. He said he'd been taken off the vans as they were short of vehicles. I said in my head 'Oh nothing to do with you parking one of the vans on a hill without the hand brake and it rolling backwards into a car across the road, then?' My reply yesterday was 'oh well it'll keep you fit.'
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2015, 19:56
Dance off just proved to me (ie seeing it again) that a jive to River Deep Mountain High was a bad idea,
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2015, 20:07
Evening all. It was a nice day today biut I was doing a pile of ixxnxxg and cleaning bathrooms so was in for most of it. My life is just one thrill after another!

Not really surprised about the result of SCD, but I think it was a close run thing!

Lady Jane you are a star for taking over booking duties.

Very nice of you to leave that postman to his fantasies Jo!
Ali wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2015, 20:07
Grrrrr we're not happy with the result here. We agreed with Len!
Thankyou Jane
Eva, enjoy catching up on all your reading and I hope the stay is ok. See you soon x
maeve12 wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2015, 20:45
Hope all goes well for you next week Eva, enjoy the rest!
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2015, 21:05
I'm trying for an early night
Nightlee night
evam wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2015, 07:19
Hello and goodbye.
I don't have time for anything else. Thank you for all good wishes. I'll be back here when I can.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2015, 07:40
...oh I've missed Eva - do hope all goes well and you enjoy the rest and the reading! Nice pink sky here again - think it will be cold again today. They did forecast fog for us but no sign of it. Have to say didn't think PA danced the "jxve" any better on the DO, but I suspect part of the rationale for sending J&T home was that they have been in the DO five times, she is in fact weakest dancer and if they had sent PA home there would have been only one male left in the competition (Jxy). Today is SLAPPAS Day of course, and then I have the laundry to do so I can do the i word tomorrow. Must find a piece of music for this evening's rehearsal with the small choir - know it is here somewhere!! Twin will tell you we have quite a lot of music in the house.......... I did catch up with C'lty from Saturday (watched it after the Results Show), quite sad really, but always suspected Matilda was not Cal's! Liked it when Rita said Lxfty was a "sensitive soul". Morning BHB, yes it is chilly so definitely pink blanket weather! Let's grab the Pxrisian Sunrise and the waffles and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives!
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2015, 10:01
Morning all, and another very cold but bright day. I think we are getting wet and windy back overnight. I have to do the s/market run today. I am also giving a little thought to C/mas so maybe a bit of a shopas well. Mind as usual at this stage I have no idea what to get anyone!

Eva I hope the hospital stay isn't too tedious, or involve too much gym work! Fingers crossed. Also hoping you can stay in touch.

Agree about C Twin. Thought RW was excellent as the dad who wasn't. They look to be having a good C/mas episode. Joan on the forum found this.

"The Christmas episode this year is going out on the 19th December between the Strictly final and the results, which is amazing for us because we haven't had an episode air on that Saturday for a very long time. The episode is going to be really big for Cal and really big for Connie and Jacob too. I'm really excited that we've got Sean Hughes as one of the guest artists in that, and the audience will see him in a very different guise to what they're used to.

"The theme of the episode is Scrooge - and there's the most fantastic ending with Dylan and Lofty that people will be talking about for a very long time"


Morning BHB, so it is another new cocktail today? this one os good for your throat? Let's get another jug and find the CM then!

evam wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2015, 13:03
Here I am, from the hospital and still in one piece. So far I've seen the nurse and the occupational therapist, so there are still...........
Sorry,- I was interrupted by the consultant who wanted to see me. Only the physiotherapist left, then that's it for today.
The consultant told me I'm here for 2 weeks (!), but I'm released on parole at the weekend. Don't worry,-I'll make the Christmas concert.......just. The consultant also wants an x- ray of my lungs, because there are still some smattering from my lungs, so the pneumonia might not be gone! Good Heavens,- I hardly dare to move!
I'm sharing a double room with an old lady. She's much worse than me. She needs oxygen all the time. She seems nice enough. I just hope she doesn't snore!
My daily schedule sheet is filling up, but I'm sure I'll have quiet times in-between so I can blog and read.

I'd better go and find the physio. See you later.
evam wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2015, 14:56
I have the room to myself now! The old lady has been moved. Maybe she didn't like my perfume?

I've finished with the consultations for today, so the rest of the day is my own. I'll be having some tea in a minute. We had a very nice minestrone soup for lunch. There is a small dining room for the patients who can help themselves, and the meals are served as a buffet. Very nice, methinks.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2015, 18:07
...two weeks Eva??!! You will just about make the G'rrick then!! You have obviously had a busy day. Hope tea was as nice as the soup. Not so cold here today - the wind has dropped. Have now watched Dr W......very sad, so weekend viewing has been completed. Off out for a sing later of course.....
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2015, 20:03
Evening all. Not a bad day here. Did some shopping and have thought about C/mas pressies but not actually bought any yet! Never mind it will happen all of a sudden as usual I am sure. Well it will have to!

Your hospital sounds quite nice Eva. Mind 2 weeks is quite a while, thank goodness you get a break in the middle. Something tells me you may discharge yourself if they try to keep you in longer!. Nice you have the room to yourself now, hope it stays that way.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, November 24, 2015, 07:21
Morning all - looks a little dark out so not sure what the weather is doing. Taking MM for physio within the hour - hopefully the traffic won't be too bad this morning! Finally caught up with the last episode of Rxver last night. It was really well done - excellent acting from all the cast. So what with that and Dr W my tissue box took a hammering. Hope you slept well Eva - always odd to try and sleep in a strange place, let alone a hospital. Now remember to be a model patient and they might let you out earlier for good behaviour! I have the i word to do today, and then we have rehearsal this evening. Really looking forward to Sxnday evening when we see the GO and SRH! Must find somewhere for us to visit on Monday as we are staying overnight just outside H'sham. Liking the sound of the Chrissie C'lty episode Twin - that will be a good evening of viewing I think! Mornign BHB yes it is a little gloomy out. Let's grab the Lavendula as we had a hot drink yesterday, and the waffles. I think we might need the pink blanket as well. Plenty of time for a lovely long snuffle before the DCM arrives I feel!
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 24, 2015, 10:31
Oh I am soo late today. Overslept badly...well it was actually beautifully really as I really enjoyed it! Still it has thrown me a bit, so must crack on and catch up.

Hope things are going well Eva and you have managed to read the odd book or two!

Well I sobbed my heart out at Dr W Twin so I can imagine with that then the Rxver you must have got through a box of tissues! Maybe a nice comedy today?

Morning BHB, yes I know I'm late, hangs head, I'm sorry. Oh you forgive me and have anice jug of Lavendula ready with the red blanket nice and warm? Oh thank you. Let's go and see if we can find the CM
evam wrote:
Tuesday, November 24, 2015, 11:12
Morning all.
It's all go-go-go here. I was up at 6.30am, showered and dressed, had a slice of bread to calm down the diabetes, was picked up by a nice young(ish) man at 7.45am and taken for a ride! It's true. We took the lift down to the basement, then entered one of those movable scooters with an extra seat at the back, then whisked along in a tunnel system under the hospital to the x-ray dep. Here my lungs were photographed, and then I was whisked back to where I belong.
Finally I had time for a good breakfast, because I was starving. Then off for some blood tests, back to my room to pick up my swimming things and went down to the swimming pool. How lovely was that? Incredible. Suddenly I could kick my legs, wriggle my hips (Craig and Bruno would have been impressed)and roll my shoulders. Heaven!
Then I got back to my room only to find that the bliss of a single room was over. They needed the room for a man! A man,- I ask you! So now I'm in a room with 2 other ladies. Nice enough, but I hope none of them snores!
Then it was off to the occupational therapist to do hand and finger excercises in hot sand. Another bliss!
Now I have 5 minutes until lunch is served, and then it's back to the occupational thrapist. Spare time? What's that?

Twins,- I envy you going to see GO and Stephen on Sunday. How I wish I could have been there. I hope himself's voice is back to full strength by then.

Gotta run!
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, November 24, 2015, 17:15
...ah that's a shame about the single room Eva! Fingers crossed you have a peaceful night!! Busy in hospital by the sound of it - hope you get some rest!! It has been officially confirmed that SRH is going to be in Alxddin (as hinted at the Pheasantry).
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 24, 2015, 19:02
Evening all. Grotty weather here today, all damp and not very warm either, however I have been indoors most of the day, again! I think I must have hamster in me as I feel like I hibernate at this time of year.

Shame you are sharing again Eva. Here's hoping the other ladies don't keep you awake. Won't do your R&R any good at all! All in all you sound to be having a nice time! Not often you say that about hospital stays!

Lovely that Steven can talk about Aladdin at last. Maybe we'll get a quick preview this weekend!

TK wrote:
Tuesday, November 24, 2015, 21:00
Eva, 2 weeks of looking only after yourself sounds very good. Of course you will be out for Christmas concert. Re snoring, I have given you some practice. I hope they aren't too bad. It will be good if you can have lots of activities which are good for and easy on your joints.

I'm just organising a concert outing with a friend on Friday, Joe Brown. He has nearly sold out the local theatre. My friend has wanted to see him for years. I told her I was going to book a ticket and she asked for me to get her a ticket.

I'm pleased for Stephen, he needs a higher profile in the UK. Very engaging performer and I'm getting used to his voice (providing he stays out of the jazz stuff).

Just realised I didn't post last night. I did read but then went to do my helper duties and forgot to come back. This time of year I get tired due to the dark mornings and nights.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, November 24, 2015, 21:51
Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 07:55
Morning all and it looks quite bright here, but I can see it is just a little breezy. I can see the odd piece of blue sky though! It was quite a lot milder last light when we came home from rehearsal. I've only just woken up so Twin will be pleased with me. Day at home today - I have a costume to take up, the towel wash to do, and some of the i word from yesterday, but we have a night in! Only one this week! Might even get some C cards written ......Agree Jo it will be good for Stephen - will try and get to see it. As you know I do love him singing A C of You and J Home. He was excellent years ago in Bxmbxy Dreams. Really looking forward to Sxnday! Four weeks today will be C'mas Eve - must get myself sorted! Somehow I am all not as far advanced in my buying/preparations etc. this year. One thing I have to do is buy a small extra fridge - will wait until next week to do that though, when life should be a little calmer. Although having said that, not here on Monday, Meetings on Tuesday morning and evening, LACE on Wednesday, JC SupserStxr on Thurs, and back massage on Friday, then choir practice.....and that's the first week of Dec done and dusted! Morning BHB yes it is still a little cool, so I think the pink blanket will be good. Let's grab the Rxd Roxster and the pastries and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 09:34
Morning all. A bit brighter and drier today and there is even a chance we may see the sun briefly later. Woohoo! I have to wait in for a parcel that needs signing for today, but if it comes early enough I may well pop out to try and do a bit of C/mas shopping. So we all know the parcel will turn up late afternoon!

I agree Stephen deserves a much higher profile here, very talented man. Hoping Sunday will be as good as promised. Fingers crossed the GO is back to full strength by then.

Quite a quiet day for you then Twin. We'll gloss over next week though! Well done on the sleeping. See what you can achieve when you try!

Morning BHB, so we have Red Rxxster today? Excellent. Let's get another jug and we'll find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 10:25
Morning. Very sunny but cccccold! I was supposed to be singing last night but came home from work with a woolly head and aching. Lots of bugs about so hoping I'm not getting something. Still not feeling 100% today. Day off tomorrow so I can crash then!
Eva, are you sure you're in hospital not a hotel? It sounds far too nice there.
Another thankyou to those organising the meal for us all. Much appreciated. Loved the video of the cat herders Jo. Summed up my night at Brownies on Monday
Another hour before I need to get ready for work. Going to veg on the sofa
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 12:16
Hi all

I am back from a lovely couple of days in Northumberland. Unfortually most places we wanted to visit were closed but we made the best of things and had a very good time.

I see Eva is now having her hospital holiday (gosh Eva you're doing a Diana-style travel log. Love it!)

No problem taking over the meal booking. A big thank you to Jo for doing all the really hard spreadsheet work before I took over!

I was so sorry to hear that the GO had to cancel his concert - and what a shame that Diana and Sue were all ready on route before they found out. That's the problem with advanced travel, isn't it Diana :-( i hope he's fully fit for the next one.

Just had a text from KK. It sounds like she's poorly so sending lots of oohmmss,
evam wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 18:02
Afternoon all.
Sorry I haven't been here earlier, but I've had another hectic day. I started today with another lovely 45 minutes in the heated pool. It's wonderful how easily one can move in the water, and the heating,(+35 degrees) makes it feel like you're wrapped in velvet. Then I had an appointment with the consultant, and she didn't bring only good news. The bloodtests showed that the inflammation in my joints had increased quite a bit, so she said it tallied with what I'd said about my pain levels. It's back to the cortisone again, which I hate, and see if it can bring the inflammation down to a manageable level. I'll continue with the chemo + the new meds for another month to give it a bit more time. I have to come back in January for new tests, but maybe not for a long term stay.
The good news was thay the x-ray showed there was still traces of some gruff (medical term) in the lungs, but not enough to warrant yet another course of anti-bis. Thank goodness for that. I'm on enough pills. I'm rattling when I move!
We had lunch,- pancakes with blueberry jam(!), then it was on to a group session with the occupational therapist, then a face-to-face session with the same, and to end the day of hard work, a session in the gym. However, the physio had read my latest blood test result, and decided that I had to take it very easy. So instead of making me jump about, she gave my neck a much needed (and painful) massage.
When I came back to my room, one of the ladies had been sent home, and Somali lady had moved in. Sweet lady,- her Norwegian is good, and I said hello and welcome, then laid down on my bed with a hot pack (?) around my neck and rested for an hour.
Then it was time for tea, - salmon fish cakes with yoghurt for afters. When I came back to my room, the Somali lady had been moved to another room, and another lady moved in. It felt like Ch*ring X with all the coming and going.
Now I've had another rest and it's time for the evening meal.

The weather? Don't know. Haven't had time to look out the window.

No rest for the wicked!
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 18:19
Eva, MM has said the hospital has worked out you are trouble and that must be why they move everyone! He would like to check into your hotel please! So another restful day. Not so good re the blood test, but good re the lungs. Weather forecast looks dire so MM says you are in the right place. Lady J, sorry to hear KK is not well - lots of oooooohhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmss for her and Ali, fingers crossed not a nasty virus, and anyone else in need. Going to have a feet up watching the App'ice later. I word all done!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 18:56
Eva are you sure you are not in a spa? Very strange that your room mates keep changing. HHHMMM???? Anyway, I understand about the warm waterxzzzzzzzzdcxff (TK has decided to say Hi Auntie Eva) I used to go to a local pool to swim some years ago, it is tiny but the water is warmer than normal pools, so it is much more to my liking. Good that you haven't been deemed ill enough for antiBs.

Oh poor KK, lots of ooohhhmmms for her and Ali.

Jane Northumberland in the winter, I used to do that for 15 years, not my favourite place at that time of year. Lovely in the summer, winter nope
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 18:58
Bit sad to not be going to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykxF1hwksbg&feature=youtu.be
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 20:02
Just started watching the Ealing film Kind Hearts and Coronets, they gave a warning 'contains some language very much of its time' at the beginning. I've seen this film several times before and really can't think of what they mean, except if there is non PC words used. I'm going to have to listen very carefully.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 20:18
Evening all. Well I got an email this morning saying my parcel would be delivered between 5 and 6 tonight (it was bang on time), so I decided to tackle a bit of shopping. I rather lived to regret it. The shops were heaving. I think that it was mainly this Black Friday week sales thing, but you would have thought C/mas was tomorrow not in 4 weeks! Anyway I was there and managed to get some bits and pieces so at least I have started. I will go again next week when I think it will be a bit quieter...I hope!

Eva glad you aren't on anti-bis, but shame the bloods were misbehaving. I think we all like the sound of your hotel, sorry I mean hospital. Sharing the room seems the only down side!

Poor KK sending her lots of oohhhms.

Jo you can go to that panto if you like. I think I'll stick to the one in B?ham.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 21:12
I've been listening carefully but thought I might have missed it, so looked it up on IMdb. Apparently there is the childrens' picking rhyme "Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo.' I thought it might be use of the 'n' word as the aristocratic family had links to Africa or for Corporal Jones's favourite description of the African soldiers. I didn't expect a nursery picking rhyme.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 21:37
Shock horror, heard it in the film, just when I thought I'd missed it. I did wonder if they might have cut it, but it is key to last few minutes of the film, would make no sense without it.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 21:49
Pauline if Cardiff was within travelling there and back in a day I would have gone. It is just too far for me to go to a non Lee Panto. A couple of hours travel each way and I would have gone.

Just seen Aldi's knock off of John Lewis's Man in the moon ad or as Yahoo news has it 'Aldi has re-entered the war of the Christmas ads with a cheeky take on the John Lewis Man on the Moon tearjerker. '
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2015, 07:59
Morning all and a little grey at the moment - think we have rain around later (which would be about right as for the last four Thursday evening rehearsal we have been using the church hall three minutes round the corner from us, and so obviously walk there - it has rained every Thursday since we changed venue!). For some reason MM set the alarm for 7am ......and we don't actually need to be up for any particular reason! Other than that making sure everything is in place for tomorrow and Saturday's performance, and doing a house clean (it has been a little neglected of late!). Jo nice to see so many of last year's team are in the pxnto at Cxrdxff again! See you have been watching films containing bad language! I am shocked! As it is almost December I did get some of my warmer clothes out of store and they were laundered yesterday, so I am all ixrned out for now! Need to start looking at small fridges as I want to get one before Christmas and keep it in the garage. Haven't had a chance to do anything about that yet and feel I can't leave it much longer or I might not get one in time! Hope Eva had a good night's sleep - wonder who will be sharing with her today! Leaving ooohhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmsss for KK, Ali and Eva of course and anyone else who needs them. Has anyone heard from Jan lately? Need to find time to write some Chrissie cards.............gulp! Morning BHB, yes I think it is a pink blanket day. Let's grab the Pxnk Lady and the waffles and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2015, 08:33
Morning all. Don't ask me what the weather is like here. It's still dark outside.

Hello sweetheart. Ooohhhhhh,- you must be happy to see me? Sorry I haven't been in during the morning for a little while, but my mornings have been so busy. Today is a bit better, as my first assignment today is for 9.45 am in the swimming pool. You want to come with me? Oh well,- if I introduce as a friend from England, come across the North Sea in the Tardis, I'm sure they'll be delighted. On second thought,- maybe we should skip the Tardis bit? I don't want to be comitted to another ward at the hospital. If you just give the instructress (is there such a word?) one of your devastating smiles, she'll be putty in your hands.
And now I'll tell you what I'll be up to a bit later today. The day I arrived, I had a visitor in my room who introduced herself as Professor XXX of the medical school of the hospital. First she asked me if I was shy,- and then laughed when I said that I'd been accused of many things, but not of being shy! She then explained that the exams had started for the students and they needed some "live" cases to try out on. Would I be such a "live" case? I said yes, so at 12.30 pm I have to be showered, in a clean nightie and in my bed. A porter will "drive" me to the examination room for 2 students to test their knowledge on. I told the professor that I had more than one diagnosis and started to list them up. She became more delighted for each diagnosis, and said I'd be a hard nut to crack!
I'll tell you all about it later.

I see Jo's been watching naughty films. Tsk, tsk.

I was sorry to hear that KK isn't too well. I do hope we'll see her in London soon.

I'd better run. The velvety water is waiting for me!
Ali wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2015, 08:57
Morning. Fingers crossed I'm feeling ok. just a 24hr blip.
Oohhmms for KK and other needies.
Up and about early to drop nephews at school then taking middle scollop shopping at his request. Promised him breakfast out if we go early!
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2015, 09:56
Morning all, and it is a lovely sunny one here at the moment. I have no intention of going anywhere near shops till this wretched Blxck Frxday sales week is done with. Yesterday was enough for me. So I will possible have a little walk, then I may do a bit of clxxning or I may write my C/mas cards. Choices choices!

KH&C is a naughty film? ho'd have thought it!

Eva you will have fun being a guinea pig I am sure.

Glad you are feeling ok today Ali. Possibly a bit of exhaustion, well I would be exhausted doing all you do!

Morning BHB, so what have we today? Pxnk Lxdy? Wonderful. Let's get another jug and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2015, 12:21
Ooo I was very remiss. I was busy oohmming for KK and forgot to send oohmmms for Ali and for Eva. I am smiling at the thought of you being a live case Eva. Are you sure they didn't say lively case?

I have never noticed an Un PC word in KH&C Jo. Was it the N word as thought?

Pauline I have done all my shopping on line this year. I couldn't face the shops at all.

EEK - phone ringing! Back to work.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2015, 15:59
Ooo Eva is going to be a guinea pig! Hope they all diagnosed correctly. Have to say "shy" would not be the first word to describe you! Very gloomy here at the moment and I think it will be wet later, so we might just miss it on our walk around the corner! Pleased to hear it was just a short term thing Ali - hope the shopping expedition went well! No, I've never noticed anything in the film either Twin and Lady J - may have to watch it again now to see if I spot it! Change of plan and we went into U'bridge today rather than tomorrow - not too bad (lots of oldies with chariots and frames as it was pension day), and I am sure tomorrow will be much worse! Did manage to buy a pair of low (for me) heel black shoes that I have been looking for and they had 30% off. Also bought two warm tops - well it is going to get colder again!
evam wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2015, 18:56
Evening all. I am happy to report that the young girl (about 16 years old) who excamined me today was bright as a buttun and sharp as a needle. She came to all the right conclusions, the right diagnosis and the right treatments, so I'm fairly sure she passed with flying colours. After Christmas she'll be starting a 6 month practical term at a hospital, and when that's done she'll be a fully qualified doctor. She was a sweet girl, and I'm sure she will be great with her patients.

None of my room share ladies had been moved when I got back, so we're still the same 3. One of us will end her stay here tomorrow and I'm off for the weekend, so the 3rd lady will have the room all to herself until Monday morning.

I've just had my evening meal, (sandwiches), and am now back in my room for some peace and quiet. The other 2 are in the TVroom, but I haven't watched telly since I got here. The programs I wanted to see during the week I've recorded at home, so I'll have a busy weekend.

Ali,- glad to hear the bug was a 24 hour one. They can be nasty enogh though.

Pauline,- so what did you do, cleaning or Christmas cards?
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2015, 19:19
Evening all, it has been very nice here all day but went cloudy as the sun went down, In the end Eva, I did a bit of both. I did clean the kitchen and I did a card that has a letter with it to my cousin in Canada. It is a yearly letter so I have to make it fairly comprehensive! Glad your guinea pig experience was a success!
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2015, 19:57
Eva, what a clever trainee doc Eva.
Ali glad you feel better. One of the chaps at w*rk was off for the 3rd day today. So you have done well.
Pauline, what a nice day you have had.
I have a concert tomorrow, rush in from w*rk, feed the cats and dash off, so won't be online until late.
And because of that I want to wash my hair tonight.
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2015, 20:07
Sunday afternoon at Pheasantry too :)

TK has given me a pressie tonight, a reason to put my trainers in for a wash. Of course I could have just washed the left one, as that was the one she pee'd in.
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2015, 20:12
now I've read further down FaceBook 'We are delighted to let you know that the Pheasantry concerts for March 2016 are expected to go on sale next Tuesday. There has been some problem with the rather old website there which has hopefully now been resolved. The shows will be on 4, 5 and 6 March. As March 6 is Mother's Day, Lee was asked if he would do an additional afternoon show at 4pm. These shows are to showcase the new album and we expect it to be on sale at the venue. Please, please don't try and book before Tuesday' Now I'm getting excited all over again :)
Ali wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2015, 22:16
Lovely morning with middle scollop. Chatted over breakfast then did some shopping. Dropped eldest scollop's exam certificates at work for him as he was meeting his college tutor re: his apprenticeship.
Came home and started to feel unwell. Chronic back ache and tired. Still went to be weighed (lost 0.5lb) and saw nurse friend. She suspects I'm not drinking enough and the pain is my kidneys. I'm making every effort to drink more. Hot wheat bag helped.
Re: Pheasantry sadly won't be going. This will be the first Mother's day in 12 yrs I don't have to work so seems unfair on the family to scoot off. Can't make the Fri or Sat.
Right, off to bed now
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 27, 2015, 07:44
Morning all and the weather gods got it slightly wrong yesterday as it was dry both on the way to and on the way home from rehearsal. It has however rained overnight - the garden is wet! Hoping this evening it is not the torrential rain that is going to arrive sometime later today. Don't want wet costumes. Twin is coming over later as she is of course being press ganged into seeing us! Sounds like your young lady has a bright future ahead of her Eva. Do they release you (for good behaviour) this evening or tomorrow morning Eva? I am sure you will enjoy a couple of nights in your own bed! Thanks for the info Jo - sadly will only be able to do the Sat, but have pre-ordered the cd so that's something. Forgot to say I nearly did a KK and a Twin yesterday when we were out - came out of the shopping mall and somehow overbalanced - sort of did a dry ice skate for about a metre and a half and someone managed to stay upright. Lady who was sitting outside said she was very impressed that I didn't lose my footing. Not as surprised as I was as I was definitely heading for the pavement at one point! As a result have some aches and pains this morning. Ah Ali I always think whoever invented hot wheat bags deserves a medal. Wouldn't be without mine! Morning BHB, yes it does look a little grey out. Let's grab the Vanillita and the paninis and have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket. Suspect the DCM will be along soon.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 27, 2015, 10:10
Morning all, a damp and breezy one here so nothing very special. As Twin said I am off to them today to see the show tonight and I have not been press ganged! I am going voluntarily! Hope it all goes well for them and they get lots of money for charity. they deserve to as so much very hard work goes into this, especially by Twin. As I we are off to Hxrsham after this means I need to sort out my wardrobe for the weekend.

Shame about The P Ali, but I can see that your priorities should be elsewhere and hopefully it won't be the last time he will be there.

Nice as your hotel/hospital is Eva, I'm sure you will be very pleased to be home for a day or two. I see you have your time already taken up with tv catch up!

Morning BHB what have we today? Oh of course it is Vanillita day, yum, let's get some more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Friday, November 27, 2015, 18:07

I got home a couple of hours ago and I've had a nice lie-down in my very own bed. Lovely. As Pauline says,- however nice (and busy) my hospital stay is, nothing beats your own home. It's also wonderful to be ALONE! At the hospital there are people everywhere, all the time, and to someone like me, used to be on my own and following my own schedules, it has been hard to adapt. I think I have been a good patient though. I always say Thank You to anyone who does something for me, even if they are just doing their job. I've been properly brought up, you know!

Carol,- I'm a bit late to wish you and MM good luck with tonight's show. I'm sure you'll do a marvellous job as always.

Ali,- I hope you can find out why you have that pain. Well done again with the weight loss.

Great news about The Pheasantry. I'll hopefully be booked in for 2 nights. I have also pre-ordered the CD, but nothing beats seeing and hearing the GO live.

After the news I'll start on my telly catch-up.
TK wrote:
Friday, November 27, 2015, 23:29
Excellent concert by Joe Brown and the band. He finished with his normal ending song.
Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2015, 08:39
Morning and bright sunshine here at the moment. We had torrential rain last night just as some of the audience were arriving, but we had managed to get all our things into the church earlier so we kept dry. It was quite breezy and chilly when we came home, but again it stayed dry so we were able to get everything safely into the car. All went quite well so just this afternoon to get through. I will be looking forward to an evening of tv with my feet up! SCD, Dr W and C'lty - wonderful. Oh and Twin was roped in for helping make the mulled wine last night............she did it as if she were an expert......amazing for someone who is tee total! Eva I am sure you are delighted to be in your own home and your own bed. I am sure you were a model patient though! Now I am sure I have heard that song somewhere recently Jo. Is JB still a cheeky chappy (as my Grandad used to say). Leaving lots of oooohhhmmmmmmmmmmmmss for the poorlies and the needies. Morning BHB yes isn't it nice to see the sun. Let's grab the Mxmosa and the pastries and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (still asleep at the moment I think).
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2015, 09:21
Morning all and it is a lovely one as well. Amazing after a windy wet night. So glad that quite a lot of people turned out for Twins's show. It was lovely and of course Twin and Mm were the stars mind Lindy, who had been roped in to take part as well, did a fab Job too, in spite of being very nervous. Fingers crossed they get as good a turn out this afternoon. We should be back in good time for the Saturday night TVs marathon I think.
Eva so nice for you to be home. I understand your need for a touch of solitude, especially for sleeping! You can recharge ready for next week!
Morning BHB so what have we today? Mimosa? Sounds perfect. Let's get another jug and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2015, 11:49
Morning all. It's torrential rain here with flood warnings all over the place.

Hello sweetheart. I'm so glad I caught you before you close the Bistro. I am in need of a herbal tea and a loooooooong snuggle. Why? Well, I did have a nice evening with only me and the telly, and a good night's sleep was lovely. Guess who rang me before 9am? Father, of course. He said as I was home, could I take him to get his whisky and then go to the bank for him. On a Saturday morning, with hysterical people in the shopping centre? I asked him why he hadn't asked Mrs S to take him earlier in the week. Answer: It was easier for me to do it! So instead of a quiet morning at home, doing some washing and generally laze around, I was hurrying down to pick up father, take him to the monopoly shop, dash to the bank and then get what was on his list of shopping! When I took him home, he said mother was looking forward to see me, so I had to visit for a while when I had unpacked the groceries. Talk about a relaxing weekend. I could feel the stress creeping up my neck. AAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH !
Just back home again.

Carol,- I'm so pleased everything went well last night. I'm sure it will go well today and that you'll pull in the punters!
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2015, 12:34
Afternoon all.

Enjoy your weekend at home, Eva. As you say it seem strange with all these people around when it's just you most of the time.

Hope it goes well this afternoon, Carol.

I went to a pension seminar on Wednesday at the Ritz. It was worth going just for the breakfast! One plate of bite sized English breakfast ingredients - small sausage wrapped in bacon, toast with mushroom, pastry with quail's egg, and another plate with smoked salmon on roll, fruit kebab and a couple of other things. Plus a stand in centre of table with croissants and muffins. As much coffee or tea as you wanted. Shame I had to go to the office afterwards.

I was going to do some shopping this morning but was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday and this morning woke with a sore throat so stayed in. I'll have some lunch in a mo and then start the present wrapping, been putting it off all morning.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2015, 16:11
I had to rush of this morning to get to the stables to be the customer care person for the 2nd ride. I just made it.
Bit cold, but the physical work warmed me up. After I'd spoken to the customers I did some sweeping of the yards, which kept me warm. One of the girls said said I'd done a good job. Very kind of her. My arms have lost a lot of strength over the last few months.

I popped into a special shop on the way back and got a DrW DVD with DT for 50p. It has a couple of the episodes I missed. I'm watching the Queen Victoria one now. He was the BEST. The is some good CGI in this one.

Talking of CGI or to be specific no CGI, I'm excited about the filming of the 3 Thunderbirds episodes on the STE which is completing in the next week. They will sell the episodes on DVD, I have my order in. I've seen some little bits on YT. Looks good.

Carol glad your show went well. A lot of w*rk, but rewarding I expect.

Diana breakfast at the Ritz, very nice. Did you learn useful things?
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2015, 18:11
Evening all.
I've had a nice eva this afternoon and I'm ready for tonight's telly marathon.

Diana,- breakfast at the Ritz, eh? You ARE posh!
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2015, 18:51
Thanks to Stephen R-H I knew the lowest answer on one of the Pointless rounds tonight. The month of Malaysian Independence day is in - August. He Tweeted that he was singing at an event for it, must have been August 14. The question is, how did I remember that? Can't find it on Twitter, maybe I just made it up.

Really busy, so will be watching SCD, but won't comment on each dance
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2015, 20:11
The Norwegian Jury is ready and waiting:

1. Kellie and Kevin, salsa.
She can certainly wriggle those hips. Very good lifts.
8 points.

2. Katie and Anton, Argentine tango.
She certainly has the legs for it! The flicks weren't very good. Overall a good dance, but not great.
7 points.

3. Helen and Aljaz, Vienese waltz.
Beautiful dress. That was dreamlike and so romantic. Gorgeous!
10 points. (My first 10!)

4. Jay and Aliana, tango.
Love thechoreography. They move like one. Not too sure about Jay's tango face, but his tango body is spot on! (Btw. The colours of her dress and his shirt were not good together.)
9 points.

5. Peter and Janette, American smooth.
He started to walk, then he danced. I think it was too fast for an American smooth. I wonder who chooses the music. Much better than last week.
8 points.

6. Anita and Gleb, rhumba.
Flipping marvellous!
10 points (I've broken the barrier!)

7. Georgia and Giovanni, pasadouble.
Goodness, gracious me,- she's not only a great dancer but a great actress as well!
9 points

They are so good now. Difficult to choose who should be in the dance off.

Gotta eat.

According to the scoreboard the two weakest are Peter and Anita. But I adored Anita's rhumba, so I would change her place with Katie. I wasn't too impressed with her Argentine tango.

TK wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2015, 20:18
TK was 'helping' me so I could not type anything. Of course now the wrapping paper and ribbon is put away TK has gone.
I have voted on SCD. I loved the blue patterned paso dress. Not so sure about Anita's Rhumba, but then don't like Rhumba's as a rule. The Quick Step thing, I liked Kevin and partner when I saw them, but the judges marked them low, what do I know.

DrW. I'm a bit confused, normal state. This pm I watched 2 episodes from DT's time, quite different. Somehow I think the writing got too clever in Matt's time as DrW. Too clever for me anyway.
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2015, 21:51
Not a lot of Lofty tonight, but a very good storyline.

I'm off to my bed. See you tomorrow.

Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2015, 21:55
...well show went well. Have just sat through the tv marathon! Loved H&A's VWaltz, dance of the evening for me! Not too keen on the rumba (like Jo) and madness to do the illegal lift! What was G thinking about. Suspect it will be P&J back in the DO but not sure who with. Jo that was a bargain. DT still my fav Dr W, with Matt a close second. We were very confused by tonight's episode!!! Then not a great deal of the GO in C'lty but quite a sad episode all round. Oh Eva, just when you needed R&R - you would have been better staying in hospital I feel!!!
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 29, 2015, 00:08
Just finished. Forgot to say, I got a note from Felf this morning saying 'There are 4 birds nextdoor looking for you'. I'll have to see them on Monday, bit busy until then.
Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 29, 2015, 07:18
Morning all and it is quite gloomy here. Off to church shortly and then we will sort out our overnight clothes before heading off to H'sham. Severe weather forecast so hoping we didn't get too much rain or gales! Really looking forward to this evening and to seeing Jo and Diana of course! Let's hope GO is fully recovered. Still pondering the Dr W...all very strange............sometimes wonder what SM's dreams are like! Leaving lots of ooohhhmmmmmmmmmms for all the poorlies and the needies. Hope you have a day of rest today Eva - are you back in tonight or tomorrow morning? Hello BHB, you would like to leave early today as you have places to go, people to see? Well that's fine as so do we. We can leave the Bistro open for self service later. Let's grab the Unexpxctxd Pleasure and the hot croissants and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, November 29, 2015, 09:08
Morning all. At the moment I can see a glimpse of blue sky, but I'm not fooled. I know we'll probably have a hail shower in a minute or two.

Hello sweetheart. You're in a hurry? Off to a concert tonight? My, you do love your concerts, don't you? (Why is he giving me that fynny look? I've probably said something wrong again!)

Carol,- I'm going back to the hospital early tomorrow morning. Driving with Viljar's dad, as he works at the same hospital. I'll pick him up in my car at 7am, then he keeps the car until he picks me up Friday afternoon.

Those of you going to the H*rsham concet tonight,- ENJOY! As if you need the encouragement. Blow them both plenty of kisses from us Cinders, please.

Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 29, 2015, 13:05
Afternoon all, sorry I didn't make it on this morning, but we get going a bit early for me! Twins show yesterday was very good and the audience really loved it, so all good. Good SCD last night. Loved Helen, it was just dreamy, thought Jay's tango excellent too. Georgia did a good paso, but not as good as Anita's last week. Sadly not a big fan of Peter's AS. I am a bit worried for him. We'll see later. Well I won't as I am off somewhere or other! Looking forward to it so much and to seeing Jo and Diana of course. Right must run, so back when I can.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 29, 2015, 13:38
Ahhh another busy morning. I've pre ordered with Mr T for the next 2 weeks as I need certain days, as there is so much going on.

Better get myself sorted as Himself says he is well.

I'll blow some kisses Eva
evam wrote:
Sunday, November 29, 2015, 20:31
It was the right decision about who had to go from Strictly, but sad to see them go.

I'll have to get up at 6 am tomorrow, so I'll be having an early night.

See you tomorrow.
sue-1 wrote:
Sunday, November 29, 2015, 21:55
Just popped in to say hello, have glanced quickly through a few posts in the last week, sadly very behind now.

Hope everyone is okay, I see that KK and Ali are not so ohhhmmmssss for them and anyone else who needs them.

Eva, I see you have been living it up at the health spa! It must be lovely to have the nice comforting things like a warm swimming pool and warm sand to flex your hands in. hope all you are doing has a lasting effect when you finish the treatment. I'm miserable enough when my hips or my fingers are painful I dread to think of the pain you must be in .

Don't think I've been here since I got back from NY. Had a lovely time, admittedly saw more of a certain miserable show than NY, but I was happy. We did manage a city bus tour and a visit the the 9/11 memorial which was quite harrowing to see the two huge caverns in the ground with water flowing on all four sides and hundreds of names inscribed around the walls. The one thing I wanted to see, the impressive Freedom Tower. The queues were too long to go inside the museum or the Tower, but we were humbled by what we did see.

We had a bit of a disaster last Saturday, so sorry for Lee who was obviously very upset he couldn't sing that night. Poor Diana traveled all the way to Lichfield, lesson learned Diana? Switch your phone on!! It was lovely to see you anyway and at least we had time for a coffee before your train.

It was Ploppy's 60th on Friday, so we've has a nice weekend out with friends and family, ended up buying him a practical gift Carol, a long waxed coat for dog walking, I don't have one so I can't walk in the rain!!

I'm looking forward to next Sunday and meeting up with most of you I think, wonder if it will snow?

TK wrote:
Monday, November 30, 2015, 00:08
Sue- I can confirm it will snow, Lee said so. Stephen said bring your umbrellas.

The concert tonight was a work in progress. The planned rehearsals did not take place. It was enjoyable anyway. They did a new song which you'll have to wait for Carol/Pauline to tell you what it was. Not a sight of songs from High Society as was suggested at the Pheasantry. Didn't matter as the songs were enjoyable. Presented with good humour and excellent voices. Although they need to sort the ending. Need a song which leaves the audience singing it on the way out.

Nightlee night
TK wrote:
Monday, November 30, 2015, 00:14
Just had to come back to say, thanks to Diana for booking the meal. Mine was lovely. Thanks to MM for the drink too.
Diana, I hope you are feeling better after a sleep, perhaps you should stay at home Monday. I know you'll work, but you could rest too.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 30, 2015, 07:33
Morning all. Glad you got home safely Jo. Hope Diana did too and is feeling better. Big thank you for booking our meal. As Jo said a work in progress but great fun. Stephen had literally just flown in from Mxlxysia and hadn't even had a sound check. New duet was Don't rain on my parade. GO's voice was back and he was singing beautifully. They were obviously having a great time together. Agree a big "finish" number and encore would work better I think. GO looking forward to CCBB although he got a little confused and went into Mary Pxppins when he was talking about it. Stephen now able to talk about Aladdin and asked if anyone was going...answer from audience was yes. He mentioned he auditioned for F in Wxcked after Lee left but they gave it to Matt Wxllis...at which someone in the audience yelled "he was rubbish". Norway got a mention Eva when GO was talking about fans travelling. Yes the snow machine is going to make an appearance. Came out to rain and gusty winds so didn't do the stage door as our hotel is in the midst of nowhere and there is no street lighting. Got lost on the way home so it took twice as long. Morning BHB lets grab the Lavendula and pastries and I will tell you all about the lively time I had last night. Plenty of time for a snuffle!
evam wrote:
Monday, November 30, 2015, 10:37
Morning all. Horrible weather here. It's raining and sleeting down, and the roads were icy when I drove out this morning at 6.30 am, so I was driving carefully on my way up to pick up Viljar's dad.

Hello sweetheart. You look pleased? It was a good concert last night? You had fun? Excellent. Who was...................(better not ask who was singing. He'll only slam the door at me!)

Jo and Carol,- thank you for the reviews. Pleased to hear it works as a fully fledged concert, even if it still needs some tightening up here and there. Poor Stephen- he must have had difficulties staying awake! I'm not sure what the jet lag is like coming that way. I've only done the other way,( London to Hong Kong.)

Diana,- sorry to hear you're poorly. I hope you can stay home and get better.

Sue,- I'm sure you would have enjoyed a stay here at my hospital/spa (!). The nurses just laugh when I call it a spa. So you enjoyed NY then? Not surprised at all.

I've already been to the physio and in the swimming pool, and I'm just waiting for the nurse to come round for an assessment. No rest for the wicked.

I've spoken to father and wished him luck with his hip operation tomorrow. Mother will stay the first week with Mrs S and the next 2 weeks at youngest sister's. After that we hope father is back home and that they can manage. If not, we have to put our thinking caps on.
Jane E wrote:
Monday, November 30, 2015, 12:48
Hello all

Let's start with the bad news. Text from KK. Looks like the chances of her getting to the G*rrick have gone from low to miniscule :-( Looks like she'll need to attend a hospital appointment early Monday morning. I've checked the trains back on Suday evening at it looks like the latest is 8.30pm. I don't think she'll be able to do it.

And there's going to be snow too! Aww - she'll be even more gutted.

Thanks Carol and Jo for your reviews of Horsh*m. It sounds like this will become a brilliant show. Was the theatre full?

Eva - what with the running round you have to do at home you'll probably get more rest in hosptital!

Diana - get well soon and DEFFINATLEY by Sunday - that's an order!

Ali - so sorry you won't manage the Ph*seantry.

Speaking of - standing by for tomorrow. You all ready and set too Pauline?

Ali wrote:
Monday, November 30, 2015, 14:48
Afternoon. Miserable here. My T...o delivery arrived early and 30secs later my new cooker arrived. Bit of give and take coming in and out of the gate and the kitchen door but all done quickly and efficiently. Just waiting for friend to come round tonight and wire the cooker in. I've made a chilli in the slow cooker so the boys won't go hungry!
Decided to nip up to the city (retail park just outside) as I wanted a new pair of jeans and a few bits to finish pressies for nieces and in-laws who are visiting at the weekend. Slight detour on the way home due to accident. Suspect driving to fast in wet conditions.
To ight we're taking 60 Rainbows, Brownies and Guides to the annual 50 xmas trees festival. We have entered a 'tree' made of recycled milk bottles. Tomorrow is nephews nativity at school. Starting to feel more festive.
Get well soon Diana
Poor KK must be upset. Please give her my love Jane
maeve12 wrote:
Monday, November 30, 2015, 15:17
I can't remember how we book for Pheasantry, do we all book our own tickets or has someone got the spread sheet and will do a block booking?

Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 30, 2015, 19:11
...home again - we stopped off and visited Guildfxrd Cathxdral on the way home as neither MM nor Twin had been before. Eva, Stephen was remarkably chipper considering! His wife had collected him from the airport and driven him to the theatre. Bless! GO had done the sound check solo then gone off to find some food (apparently excellent home made leek and potato soup! and a roast). Sue....I wonder what show that was! Surprised Jo didn't want to go with you.... Eva, hope the op goes well for your Father. Is he at the same hospital? Lady J so sad we won't be seeing KK. Just bad timing for her. Think she will be glad to get this year over. Ali, liking the sound of the Xmxs Tree Festival! Off to rehearsal in a few minutes to rehearsal and Twin will be wending her way home. Maeve Lady J and Twin are manning the phones for the P'ntry tomorrow to try and get the seats as per Jane's list (which you are on!). Leaving ooohhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmss for Eva, KK, Eva's Dad, Diana (hope she is feeling lots better).
maeve12 wrote:
Monday, November 30, 2015, 22:07
Thanks Carol, wasn't sure of the procedure.

Great shame that KK won't be with us on Sunday.
TK wrote:
Monday, November 30, 2015, 22:42
I've washed my hands several times after doing the 4 pheasants this evening. TK tells me they still smell 'interesting'. It might be the blood still coming from a cut on my thumb. Pheasant bones are really sharp

Such a shame about KK, health must come first. We'll miss you KK.

I needed to fill up with petrol this evening. On the way home from w*rk I called into the village, couldn't get to the petrol station it was queuing out on to the road. I went about 9.30, when the pheasants were cooling.

I've had to write a serious email tonight. In Sept I was over charged for parking in the car park with number recognition. They owed me £4.90. Not got that back. So I added that to the complaint about the charge for £21 for beginning of November. Thought I'd parked there for over a week. It was the week I was on call so was ridiculous. If this goes on I'll unlink my credit card from the account.

I see we are going to have reindeer in the showroom where I bought my car one evening this week. They are having a competition as to where they will poo. See it's not just me, must be something to do with living here, send you bonkers.

Fingers crossed for Jane and Pauline tomorrow. Best wishes to you both.

Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 07:41
Morning all and it's dry (unlike last night when we came home from rehearsal!) but there is a very odd tinge to the sky! Quite a busy day - have to get the food shopping as we didn't have a SLAPPAS yesterday (Lindy took my aunt, who had unfortunately had a fall before Lindy arrived - she sat with her for about half an hour before they went out to make sure she was ok. A little worrying, so have told my cousin). Then we have a meeting at church at 2pm, then I have some cakes to make for evening meeting here. Apart from that I have plenty of time to watch paint dry etc. Oh and still not a single Chrissie card written! That's really annoying Jo - hopefully they sort it out and you get the money back. Interesting competition....beats guessing the weight of the cake I suppose! Hope Lady J and Twin are successful in their mission and don't get too stressed by it. Que sera, sera. Looking at your weather forecast Eva, MM says tucked up in your hotel/spa/pretend hospital is probably the best place for you. Must order the food for Ch'mas today - we decided yesterday we would go all traditional with a turkey breast crown plus trimmings. Leaving ooohhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmms for all the poorlies and needies. Morning BHB yes it is a funny looking sky and I think it is quite breezy out (although not I suspect as breezy as the top of Stag Hill where G'ford Cathedral resides!), so the pink blanket is a must. Let's grab the raspberry bellini and the mxnce pies (it is now December after all) and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 10:54
Morning all. Sorry to be so late but was involved in other business, which was a bit of a waste of time in the end as they told me booking is not open yet and probably won't be for a few weeks yet. Maybe laft hand not knowing what right hand is doing, but booking lady not happy! Anyway hopefully all will be well in the end!

Not a nice day here and I must rush as now all behind. Must just say I LOVED the concert with Go and SRH. Rough round the edges but a lovely vibe. Fingers crossed for more here and not just in Mxlaya!

Morning BHB, yes I am late and in a rush but always have time for you, let's get another jug and see if the CM is still around!
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 12:18
Rather a stressful morning. Not as stressful as it was for the lady a P I daresay.

Thanks for letting me know what was happening Pauline - I couldn't get through at al!
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 13:26
Well that was all fun, not! After a fairly stressful morning pleased to say all booked now and we shall all go to the ball! As I said it really was a case of crossed wires. I think they forgot to tell the booking team to open it! Hey ho. Managed to go and get some food in between all the drama so have managed something else as well. I think the P needs to rethink it's booking process when the GO is on!

So Sorry that it looks like we won't see KK this weekend. Such a shame, but she does need to do the right thing for her health. We want her fit as a flea again.

Jo that is terrible about the parking. Grrr!

evam wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 14:02
Afternoon all.
Sorry I haven't been in since yesterday morning, but my day started going pearshaped after the swimming pool session yesterday morning.. I must have overstretched a muscle while in the water, but didn't feel it until afterwards. It was so painful( Left side in my back) that I was literally sick with the pain. The doctor came to see me, said it was muscular and prescribed painkillers and hot water bottle. Crikey,- it hurt. Then my blood sugar levels started doing somersaults,- from 10.2 to 2.1 in a couple of hours. It really was a nightmare. The night nurse had to wake me up every two hours to ta
ke the blood sugar levels and then I had to chew on a bisquit and grapes. Not what I fancied at 3am!

But today I'm much better, and I have been having my treatments as usual.

I'm off out tonight for a Christmas concert in the Grieg Hall with a trio called The Nordic Tenors:

Just my kind of thing. A neighbour invited me a whileback before I knew I was staying here for 2 weeks, but she's insisted that her husband will be driving and they'll pick me up here at the hospital and take me back after the concert. (I have been given leave for the evening!) lovely neighbours.

Carol,- you can tell MM he's right about the weather. It's dreadful!

Pauline,- did I ever tell you I adore you? Well, I do! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sorting out the P tickets for us.

Jane,- what a shame KK can't make it on Sunday. Tell her she'll be sorely missed.

Jo,- I'm not sure I understand the parking system or the payments, but I wish you luck in sorting it.
Guessing where reindeer poo will fall? Well, that's a new one. Bonkers? You could say that, but I'm sure the children love it! Are you going to take a guess yourself? Hehehehe.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 14:25
Eva so sorry you had such a bad day yesterday, but glad things are better today, now do try not to overdo it! Enjoy your concert tonight. Pleased you love me but need to say that Lady J is also a superstar booker. It was a real joint effort and she had more to book than me! Further news when she has time to sort it all out. Also thanks to the lovely lady at the P. She has been very patient with us all I think, though whoever forgot to tell them they were to book today may well get it in the neck!
maeve12 wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 14:39
Thanks so much Lady J and Pauline, sorry to hear you had such a tricky time booking

Eva, hope the muscles and everything else feeling better today, enjoy your parole and the concert tonight.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 18:25
Woo hoo! Finally - we did it! I think that was the most stressful ticket booking I've ever done - I don't know about you Pauline! Great team work there - and some really frantic texting!

Sorry to hear you had a bad day Eva :-(

Not really caught up but I'm off for a large drink!
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 18:26
..well done Lady J and Twin! Massive thanks. Had a busy day and just about to watch ITT before the next meeting! Hope you enjoy the concert Eva - how lovely to be taken out from your hotel. The pulled muscle sounds a nightmare though. Any news on your Father?
TK wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 20:22
Well the 'excitement' of the booking was transferred to me at w*rk, sort of went : Oh dear, shame, nevermind, poor lady (Lee fans when denied tickets can get a bit grumpy, wouldn't like to be in Wendy's shoes) to EXCELLENT at least we have some tickets to GREAT news, well done all. It was very exciting as I was in and out of meetings, one of which was offering a 6 month secondment job which would take me travelling. Noooooooooooooooo might miss Lee concerts. I have already emailed rejection to offer. Thanks but no thanks.
Well done to super bookers.

Eva is at a 'spa' and then gets taken out to a concert!!! Have a good time. Hope your back is OK for the sitting. Have a lovely evening.

I have to go visiting. Back later
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 21:34
I think all was well with booking lady as she was really lovely when I spoke to her second time around. She actually was trying to persuade me I should book for every performance! Agree Jane, I don't ever want a booking session as stressful as that one again! Theatres are a doddle compared as you know you will get a seat if not exactly one os near as you want.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 21:54
I've been to see Mr and Mrs Postman, big dog still alive, looking perky. Then off to see Mw3Ds (but now only has 2) to deliver the pheasant meat. His still has the same girlfriend he had in the summer. Long term relationship for him. He says they are getting on really well.

Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 08:33
Morning all - big grey here but dry! I was thinking of course that the booking lady probably doesn't have vast numbers of the public to deal with usually! An avalanche of GO Fans must have been overwhelming! Had a good meeting last night (with the new Vicar) and today a meeting free day, well just LACE this afternoon, so Twin yoyoing back to us. No romcom today - we are going to watch Mxnxons! Twin staying overnight of course. Then it is the App'ice later so all good! Still not a Chrissie card write (sigh)............... Hope Eva had a lovely evening out and was back in the hotel before curfew and the doors were locked. Morning BHB, yes it is still a little blustery out, so let's grab the pink blanket, the paninis and the Woo Woo and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 10:07
Morning all and the sun is shining...hooray! It is still very mild, but that's fine by me, the longer it stays this way the better! As Twin has said we are on a LACE day today so I will be back to them again. Hoping they don't get sick of the sight of me!

I have just realised today that I am a touch busy between now and C/mas so I think I am going to have to apply my mind to what I still have to do and get it done asap!

Morning BHB, so what have we today? Woo Woo? Yummy, I think the green blanket and another jug and we'll find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 11:18
Morning. Sunny day ☀️ Not a cloud in the sky
Finished my c shopping, just relying on deliveries now!
First batch of cards written too.
Had a lovely time at work yesterday making up hampers and wrapping them. Just need customers to buy them. The place is looking very festive.
Rehearsal for carol services last night. Need to sit tonight and get all my music in order. I'm babysitting nephews so will do it then when they're in bed.
adding oohhmms for needies
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 12:32
Hello all!

Pauline I agree with you. Concerts are much easier in many ways. The lady was lovely with me too - though she didn't suggest I book for every perfomance - largely because I HAD booked for every performance :-)

Gosh Eva's out at a concert now? I like the sound of this hotel she's staying in!

Jo - do you think for clarity and accurancy Mw3D should become Mwfh3D (Man who formerly had three dogs)? I'm glad to hear postman's dog is perky.

Carol - do let is know if Min...ns is good. I rather fancy it myself. Hope you Twinsenjoy LACE day.

Ali - what a lovely way to spend a day at work.

Soeaking of - back to it!
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 16:10
Hi all. been a busy week. Bit more relaxing today - tho have had a meeting here this aft and out to another meeting this eve. Also practicing my presentation on safegu.arding to be given to archde.cons on my birthday - amn't i lucky! Trying to listen to parliamentary debate at same time. politics is interesting,even if not particularly nice, at moment!
Changing our plans for what to do in L.ndon this weekend, as weather keeps changing. but our Sunday plans remain fixed whatever the weather:).
Ali - you are going great guns. My house so cluttered with stuff dorm both scollops, ploppy's relatives house I have totally lost the motivation to start C wrapping etc.
Eva - your spa sounds great. Hope your blood sugar gets sorted and you enjoyed concert.
Jane and Pauline - good on you getting the tickets. it will be a fab concert I am sure. we will be coming back form hol that weekend - have arranged to go for week with friends to T.nerfiffe. Not our usual hol but they are great walkers so area they go to excellent for walks seemingly.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 17:43
Afternoon all. It's been another very busy day. I've had a nice little Eva and a chance to read a bit, so I'll be ready for the evening meal in another half an hour.

The concert last night was great. The trio sang a lot of traditional Christmas carols, but also packed a lot of humor into the show. At the end they had the whole audience on our feet, singing Deilig Er Jorden,
my favourite.
Before the concert started, I met the nerd and his lovely Helene. My future great nephew is growing and doing well, and his mum is blooming! We had time for a nice natter.
I also met an old collegue who was surprised to see me at the concert. He'd read on FB that I was in hospital and had been feeling sorry for me. Not any more, he wasn't, if I was gallivanting out on the town of an evening!

I had another night of being awakened every 2 hours to check my blood sugar levela. Again they were falling drastically as the night went on, and I had to eat a sandwich, a yoghurt and a slice of bread with honey. Not my choice at 4 am! I am hoping for a more peaceful night tonight.

Twins, have a nice evening together.

Fi,- i
I see you're lazing about as usual. I do feel with you in not having done any Christmas decoration. I did a little bit for advent lasr weekend ( in silver and purple. Quite pretty.) but that's about it so far. I have done all my Christmas cards, fortunately, but haven't started the wrapping yet. That has to wait until I'm back from a certain trip to London.

Jo,- good to hear that the postman's dog is doing better, but he is getting on in years now, isn't he? The dog, not the postman!

It's Emilian's 1 year birthday today, and they are having a party. I wish I could have been there, but Iselin called about an hour ago, and Emilian gurgled into the phone.

After hearing the details of the booking drama, all I can say again is: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Pauline and Jane.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 19:11
Back home to sad news. An ex neighbour's daughter sent a letter to say her mum died relatively suddenly in her home in Ireland. She had undiagnosed cancer, far gone by the time it was discovered. Sally came with me to look for my second horse. She came to my house one hot summer's day with no shoes on her feet (she only lived a few houses away), got me really worried as she was breaking the house rule. Feet always covered in the house. She tried to say that the road was dirtier than my carpet, so she would be OK!!!!! In the end I did allow her in if I walked in front of her to check for hazards.

Love to read that Ali has got some cards done. If you want something done, ask a busy person. Is right.

Have to pop to Felf as Mr T coming later.

Well done AGAIN with the bookings, so pleased I can't express it. I did check my holiday booking today and I had booked the Friday off weeks and weeks ago :)
evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 20:02
I've just spoken to father. The op yesterday went very well, and they got him out of bed only hours after the op was done. It was no picnic, he said, but had to be done. He'd been up and walking again several times during the day. It's a relief that everything is well. Fingers crossed it will continue.

Jo,- soryy to hear about your friend. I had to laugh when I read that her daughter had said that the road WAS dirtier than your floor. I think it was a compliment.

evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 20:53
Guess who's photo was in the newspaper today:
TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 21:05
He is getting more and more like his dad
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 3, 2015, 08:16
Morning and it is a little grey hee today, and looks quite breezy. That's good news about your Father Eva, when MM had his knees done, they got him up straight away too. Jo, that's very sad news (although like Eva I did like the comment about the road!). Lovely photo of your master Emilian - that year seems to have flown by. Keep meaning to ask, following your stay in the exclusive spa, when will they let you have the results of tests Eva? Can see why you lost sympathy from the ex colleague! Sounds a lovely concert. We are off today to Jxhn Lxwxs at H Wxcxmbe for some Chrissie shopping then going to see JC Superstar at the Swxn. Glen Cxrter (of WEM) is taking the lead. Will report back! We had a lovely sunny day too Ali, and it was really mild (mad for December!). I started making my cakes and realised that I had picked up Bicarb of Soda rather than Bxking Powder, so had to send MM out on an emergency dash to the local shops. Lady J, Mxnxons was very funny and quite sweet. I read that Mxnxon calendars have outside One Dxrxction this Christmas. I can understand the lack of motivation for wrapping Fi - you can't currently see our dining table for boxes with pressies in. The wrapping paper is there, the cards are there, just not actually got round to do anything and we need to get the Oz pressies off this weekend if they are to arrive before the day! Learned last night that Neo (MM's grandson) who had hurt his foot on Friday and been taken to AandE to be told nothing done, has in fact fractured his ankle. The hospital rang his mother yesterday evening to say they had mixed the xrays up and could she please take him back asap as he needs a cast put on it!!!! Poor boy (14 on the last day of the year) has been walking around on it for almost five days! Morning BHB, yes it is a little gloomy. Let's grab the winter Bellini and the waffles and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 3, 2015, 08:30
Morning all. We're having a hail storm outside at the moment. It's still pitch dark, but I can hear the hail hitting the windows.

Hello sweetheart. Oooooohhhhhhh,- that was a hug and a half. You've missed me in the mornings? I have missed you too, but my mornings here are so hectic that I haven't time to sit down,- never mind blogging. Today, however, the physio had to re- schedule my 8.45am appointment to 11.30am, so I still have another half hour until it's time for the swimming pool. I know,- it's a hard loife! Of course I have time for a leaded and a snuggle. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

I've had a talk with the doctor this morning, because I've been through another night with diving blood sugar levels and checks every 2 hours during the night. She's tweeked my meds yet again, but I have to continue these nightly checks after I'm let loose tomorrow afternoon. Fortunately I have an appointment with my handsome consultant next week, so I hope he can sort me out.

Jo,- yes, Emilian is very like his daddy. But the old lady who went home last Friday, thought he was very much like me, and that Iselin is the spitting image of me? Maybe she should have gone to Spe*savers?

I spoke to mother as well last night, and she'd had a very busy day. First she and Mrs S had the pleasure (!) of helping Viljar and Mikkel baking pepper cake men. She said it had been very noisy and very messy, but the two terrors had had a great time. Then youngest sister had picked her up to go to the birthday party. Emilian had been on top form, smiling and laughing all the time. I think this party was a bit calmer and less noisy than the cake baking affair!

I'd better get ready for the heated pool. As I said,- it's a hard loife!
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 3, 2015, 08:49
Morning all, a grey one here, all that lovely sun has disappeared. As Twin said we are off for bit of RT this morning, I am hoping to get a few more pressies sorted. Well l can hope! Then JCS which I have never seen on stage so really looking forward to. Had a nice afternoon yesterday. Loved the film as it was sweet and funny even if not ground breaking!
Glad your father came through the op well Eva. Sorry I forgot he was having it, think I had something on my mind that day! Hope you enjoy your last spa day and that you feel th benefit of it all. As has been said we need you fit as a fiddle this weekend.
Poor Neo Twin. That is bad, naughty hospital. Hope his foot is ok.
Morning BHB so what have we today? Winter Bellini? Sounds my sort of thing. Let's get another jug and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, December 3, 2015, 09:05
Morning. Grey here today too. Need to pop to PO to collect some parcels and then inform sloppy I've arranged a carpet fitter to call and measure up her lounge/diner
Day off today so need to make some fudge for in-laws xmas hamper and wrap nieces pressies ready for their visit on sat.
Tonight sis, sloppy and I are off to see G Malone in concert. Looking forward to it.
Poor boy walking round on a broken ankle, hope he's not damaged it further.
Enjoy the rest of your 'spa' Eva
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, December 3, 2015, 12:25
Hello all!

Sorry to hear your sad news Jo. What a shock. That story made me smile though.

Eva - I am glad you enjoyed the concerts (even if you have lost sympathy points) and that your dad is OK.

Gosh Fi - you are such a busy bunny. Do you ever get a chance to stop? You and Ali always seem to be running around (actually most of the loppies seem exeptionally busy this time of year).

Thanks for the report on Min*ons Carol. I'll put that on the 'to see' list.

I am sure you and Pauline will love JCS. GC did an excellent version of G during WE Men - not, for me as moving as the GO's, but pretty damn close.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 3, 2015, 19:25
Had a very successful day - got almost all the Chrissie presents done now. JCS was excellent - brilliant cast (although GC not my ideal J - sang it well but lacked charisma and had the most unfortunate wig ...we think it is a second or first cousin to the one Ricki wore in Jo! Really good production and set, excellent orchestra and Txm Rxgers as Jxdas was amazing. Really enjoyed it. What was really strange was that sitting in the row in front of us, but further to SR were Abs and Karen C! Ah I imagine it was a bit messy for your mother, Eva! I am sure the birthday party was much more sedate. Neo now has a big boot and cast on his foot - not sure when it will be off nor of course if any damage has been done!
TK wrote:
Thursday, December 3, 2015, 19:30
Twins will be seeing Abs tonight, as she is spending the week there I think. Now who would do that?

Eva, I hope they improve your night levels. You might have to set the alarm to have a middle of the night snack.

Rush rush rush for everyone.

I was driving to w*rk this morning and remembered I'd not printed off the food list for Sunday. Tonight I remembered to send it to w*rk to print.

I must write a letter to Sally's daughter.
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, December 3, 2015, 19:46
Hi all. Bit of a day! Had new Tv delivered this morning before dawn!! When i cane downstairs all was not well. Ploppy not great these days sorting things out so I had to go into rescue mode, phone shop and then we had to dash into shop, discuss, agree that we could return this one and get another one. First world problems I know but rather time consuming. then friend whose flat we are borrowing over weekend came round with keys, quick coffee and important chat on where to find hairdryer! Then washing machine stopped washing. after 17 years,2 lads and lots of football kits i don't blame it BUT not now! Turned it on and off - it worked but fear we may have to look for replacement. then off to have hair cut and coloured, home to help ploppy set up TV - this one OK. Packed for weekend, did my Mr T Ch online order and now about to collapse!
Carol - that was JCS production we saw - loved it. TR was understudy for Rh.dian who was off ill that week and i thought he was fab. i tweeted to say so and he tweeted back his thanks as I think his first (or 2nd) day taking over that role. it has just been in my city but unfortunately we were away at my parents, otherwise I would have gone to see it again.
Eva - hope you - and your father recover full health soon. has your dad had hip replacem.nt?
Off to complete the packing.
See many of you on Sunday.
TK wrote:
Thursday, December 3, 2015, 22:00
Fi that sounds like a very busy day. Best wishes for wmachine. Mine never last that long, could be the horsey stuff!!

Been trying to catch up with Both Sides Now, getting behind. Not done tonight, must go to bed.
Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 4, 2015, 07:27
Morning and quite gloomy out but at least it is dry - woke a couple of times in the night as I could hear the wind blowing the rain against the windows. Still looking quite breezy out though! Off this morning for hair cut and hot shell massage. MM is going to drop me at the salon and then go on to deliver birthday presents for his brother and sister in law (yes it is the start of all our Dec birthdays!). May then go and do our food shopping so we have a whole day tomorrow to write cards and wrap some presents (and we have actually written two cards - the ones going to Oz!). Church choir tonight too so have to sort out some of the music (now fully in Ch'mas mode!). Oh Fi, do hope you get the w machine sorted - not the time of year for that to happen! Are you coming up today or tomorrow? Have a lovely time and see you Sunday (only two sleeps now!!). Hope Eva had a good night and is ready for her release back into society. Morning BHB, yes I think it might be a little chilly so the pink blanket is a must. Let's grab the Vanillita and the croissants and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 4, 2015, 09:43
Morning all and the sun is shining! Mind it looks very breezy out there and I think it is a bit cooler. Had a lovely day yesterday. A good shop and I got some more pressies, so things are starting to get sorted, maybe there is hope I can avoid a last minute panic. Mind I still have things to do and my cards to write and fewer days to do it in! I loved JCS. My first viewing of the stage production and I thought it was excellent. So beautifully staged, simple but very effective. I thought Caiaphus had the most amazing voice. So deep but then he had the range to sing baritone. Fab. Would just love to see the GO play Judxs. Mind Txm Rxgers was fantastic. Must give a mention to the lady playing Mary M as she had the most beautiful voice and was lovely.

I am off for my mxssage shortly, really looking forward to it, then a bit of a food shop. Then back to try and do some wxshing. It's all go! Fi what a pain about your w/machine. Mind it may just be a glitch. Mine has had a few since I moved, think it got upset and being moved around! So far all is well, but I am always wary and realise it may well decide to pack up! Hope Eva can bring herself to leave the hotel. She has places to come to!

Morning BHB, so what is the drink of the day? Vanillita? Fab, let's get more and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Friday, December 4, 2015, 11:58
Hello all

And thank you twins for your reports back on JCS. A shame that GC was hampered by a comedy wig. I would love to see Lee in either the J*das or the J*sus role.

Fi - what a nuisance. Your elelectrical equipment seems to be rebelling.

Jo - well remembered getting the food sheet printed! It'll make things much easier. Gosh only two sleeps! So looking forward to seeing so many of you. I hope Eva's flight is OK.

I keep staring at my phone in the hope to get good news from KK but nothing as yet. The last small hope is fading fast :-(
evam wrote:
Friday, December 4, 2015, 13:18
Afternoon all. Just a quick post to let you know that I'll be leaving the hospital/spa in about half an hour. To sum up quickly,- the treatments and change in meds (temporary) have worked very well. The only problem is my night blood sugar count, which still is very bad. Last night I was woken up every hour to check it,- and eating. I will have to go on doing that until I've seen my handsome consultant next week. I think I might be a tad tired when I appear in London, but I'm sure the SLs and GO will wake me up!

Gotta get ready to go now. I will be back later today,- promise!
evam wrote:
Friday, December 4, 2015, 19:10
Evening all. It was nice to have today's Eva in my own bed. I hope I can keep up some of the good work done at the hospital by keeping on doing my excersises. I was tested today to see what, if any, changes the meds and treatments had done to my hands. When I checked in, I had 29% of normal strength in my right hand and 35% strength in my left hand. Today the test showed that in my right hand the strength was now 79%(!) of normal strenght and 78% in my left. That's what I call improvement! Other measurements showed increased movement in hands and arms,- with very little pain! Oh, what a wonderful improvement. Hardly any pain!
When I left I went around the ward saying goodbye to all the staff. They have been absolutely wonderful. I couldn't have asked for better.
I also had a long talk with the consultant. I have to go back in a month's time, but hopefully not for another long stay.
So apart from me having to check my blood every 2 minutes, I feel fine, but very tired.

I see Fi is her usually lazy self! Have a great time in London. So looking forward to seeing you and Ploppy Sunday.

Twins,- I see you are busy beautufying yourselves.( Yes, massages comes under this label!). Going somewhere special?
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 4, 2015, 20:14
Evening all. Had a lovely massage this morning and felt really good after. Came home and was looking at my calendar and realised that after today I have about 4 free days between now and Christmas. Panic! Mind this is nothing new. anyway I went to St A and have made more in roads into the pressies. In fact I think now I have 1 thing left to get for one of my great nephews and some bits and pieces and that should do it, so not too bad. However by the time I had been in and out of over heated shops I felt I could do with another massage!

Glad to see you are home Eva. That is a brilliant improvement and I'm sure knowing that you will continue with the exercises. Let's hope they can sort out your overnight sugar levels as you really don't need to wake up to eat all the time. You'll be exhausted.

Such a shame about KK Jane.
TK wrote:
Friday, December 4, 2015, 21:27
Eva, that is an amazing improvement, the tomato sauce bottle should be easy for you now. Felf was very interested in your 'spa' stay. Said it sounded very nice.

Getting excited for Sunday :)
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 4, 2015, 21:31
Oh that's a great improvement Eva - let's hope it stays like that. I am sure you are delighted to be in your own bed. Had a lovely massage and hair all cut and toss toss. What a shame about KK, Lady J - she will be very missed. I did manage to write our Ch'mas letter today so tomorrow is the card writing day. It was quite chilly out when we went to choir practice!
maeve12 wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 00:12
Delighted to hear that your hospital stay has been so successful Eva, that is a really remarkable improvement.
Hope you'll soon have more peaceful nights.

Glad you had a nice day for Greenwich Fi, it is lovely there and very easy to reach by boat.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 07:29
Morning and still dark out - woke several times due to the effects of Storm Dxsmond I think! I know there are weather warnings out in S'land. Is Eva flying today or tomorrow? If today I think she is against the wind so it might be a little bumpy. We are zooming off first thing to get some food for today and then it is home to write the C Cards, before the evenings viewing of course! SCD, Dr W finale (extended episode tonight) and then C'lty! Love Saturday nights! Think it was as well Fi did G'wich yesterday (lovely blue skies here) Maeve, not sure it would be at its best today! Think we have rain forecast for tomorrow too - but at least it isn't the s word! Not sure when we will put our decs up (noticed on the way home from church yesterday evening that lots of people have put their exterior lights up - hope they didn't blow down in the high wind!), but I think priority is going to be cards, wrapping pressies then the decs. Not quite sure why C'mas sneaks up on us every year....!! Morning BHB, yes it was a bit blowing last night! Let's grab the mulled wine and the mince pies and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives!
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 09:19
Morning all. It's horrible weather here. Full storm and major amounts of water coming down. I have to go out, but will restrict my time in the open air.

Hello sweetheart. Yes,- here I am again. Do you want to see me flex my fingers? You do? (Flexing like mad!) You are impressed? So am I ! Let's have a coffee and a nice snuggle before I have to venture outside. I need to go to the chemist, and to pay a visit to mother who's still with Mrs. S. Only a quick 5 minutes walk, but I need to get out the wellies and the raincoat.

Carol,-I'm flying out tomorrow morning, so I hope the weather will be a tad better then.

No Christmas decorations here until Little Christmas Eve, so no panic yet. It will be the first time decorating this flat for Christmas, so I'm not sure where and how my decorations will fit.

I'm also looking forward to tonight's telly marathon, after not watching telly at all at the hospital. I've had a few withdrawal symptoms!

Better get going.

See you later.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 09:41
Morning all. A very windy day here after a very windy night, however it isn't the storms they are having further north, well not yet anyway! fingers crossed we don't get those. Today I am also going to tackle the cards and sort out pressies I already have to be sure I have go everything. For me my decs will be next weekend I think, or even later. I know we never put them up until about 3 or 4 days before C/mas when I was little so I never feel in a rush to put them up!

Eva the forecast here for tomorrow is much calmer Dxsmond will have moved on I think, leaving a wettish but calmer day. Well the weather may be a bit calmer. Don't think we will though!

Morning BHB, what is that gorgeous smell? Oh you have the mulled wine on the go. Perfect, I think we will get the red blanket and a big jug of the wine and we'll go and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 10:02
I've just been in a mild panic. Somehow I missed that the change of my callout week along with the change of the first panto perf (provisional plans were for Cardiff with starts the weekend before Brum) means that they are at the same time. So I've just offered a colleague to do her callout week if she'll do 3 days for me. Arrghhh. Fingers crossed I can get rid of the weekend.

Eva, good luck for a smooth journey
Have a good day all, must rush now
Karen1 wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 11:23
Hi all

Sad Loppy here!! I’m afraid I won’t be able to make the concert tomorrow (I have to just say a huge thank you to my lovely Jane for doing everything in her power to make it possible for me to be there. You’re a star xxx).

I went for a heart monitor fitting yesterday which I have to wear for three days so I have to be back at the hospital first thing Monday morning to have it removed. I did ask about re-arranging the appointment but was told there would be a six to eight week wait for another appointment and I can’t wait that long, I need to get myself sorted out as soon as possible as feeling ill all the time is really getting me down. I’m telling myself it’s for the best as I don’t really feel up to the trip anyway and was debating whether or not it was wise to go, so, in a way, I’m glad the decision was taken out of my hands!! Unfortunately, my other appointment, for an ultrasound of my heart, is not until the 21st of Dec so I’m not going to have any answers (or medication) before Christmas which is a bit of a b*mmer. Never mind. On the plus side, they’re not rushing things so they can’t be too concerned (or so I keep telling myself!!!).

Anyway, never mind all that, what I really came to say is that I hope you all have the most FABULOUS time tomorrow. I will miss seeing you all very much and will be thinking of you. Safe journeys to all of you.

Love to you all xx
Diana wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 13:54
Good afternoon.

Oh KK, I'm so sorry you're missing tomorrow but you're right to put yourself first. And not great that you have to wait till Xmas for the results. We'll certainly miss you tomorrow.

That's an excellent improvement, Eva. Your "holiday" has definitely been worth it.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend in London, Fi. Fingers crossed it was a glitch with the washing machine.

I'm feeling a lot better than at the start of the week though not 100% yet. Still coughing a fair amount but at least sleeping through the night now. Made an appointment to see the doctor on Wednesday.

All the pressies are wrapped and the overseas cards done. I posted Marianne and my brother's presents this morning and am planning on writing the cards this evening. The I word needs to be done this afternoon. It always seems so manic at this time of year. I was speaking to my parents yesterday and suddenly realised that we had arranged to see them next weekend to exchange presents - I was thinking it was another couple of weeks yet! And the weekend after that I'm away for the panto and then we're off to SA. Hardly given a thought to that so must find some time to sort out stuff for the trip. Hope you can sort out the call out, Jo.

Plopping has finally sorted out our Botswana holiday for next year and booked it other than the international flights which aren't available just yet. I did some preliminary research on it back in the spring and have been nagging him for months as the camps are often booked up a year in advance. Fortunately, despite his shillyshallying, as we're going shoulder season (it's much cheaper) we were able to get the camps we wanted. We're having a couple of days in Pretoria first to relax and do some sightseeing. I've wanted to visit the city to see the jacaranda trees in blossom for years - there are a few jacarandas in Knysna and they are so beautiful.


Looking forward to tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 14:53
KK I hope that the tests go well and you can get any meds sorted asap. A shame that you cannot be there tomorrow. We will raise a glass (or can) to you.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 17:57
KK you will be much missed, but your health has to come first and hopefully there will be dates next year when you can see the GO. Sending you a virtual hug! Well have had quite a successful day - have written upwards of 150 cards....still quite a few to go but nearly all the ones for posting now done. Now having a chilled glass of white! Also managed to buy two new tops this morning, so all good I feel!! Well the wind has dropped this afternoon Eva, but was really blustery when we were out this morning - we had to park on the top floor (in the open) of the car park as they are doing renovation works lower down - it was VERY breezy up there! Oh Jo - hope you sort things out!! Hopefully your colleague will say "yes"! Glad to hear you are feeling better Diana. Isn't it strange how Ch'mas creeps up on us - I think part of the problem is we think it is the end of the month but it isn't so 1st Dec arrives and we all go into panic at the thought of just over three weeks to go! Now sitting down getting ready for the tv marathon!
maeve12 wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 18:52
Oh dear KK, what a shame that you won't be able to make it on Sunday, we will miss you, I do hope you'll feel better after your appointment on Monday.

I quite agree with you Diana, there seems to be a weekend missing between now and Christmas, I think your theory must be right Carol

Hope you can get your 'on call' week sorted out Jo.
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 19:02
Evening all.
I've just finished my packing, after un-packing! I have a feeling I've forgotten something, but I need a little sit-down before engaging my brain again.

I spoke to father. He was full of praise for the hospital and all the staff. He's up and walking several times a day and feels no pain. That is due to painkillers of course. The plan is that he'll be discharged Monday morning and transferred to a convalesence home much nearer to home. His present hospital is an hour and a half's drive away.

Kk,- lovely to see you, but so sad to hear you won't be joining us tomorrow. It must be such a worry having to wait until just before Christmas before you learn the test results, but as you say, if it takes so long, the experts don't think it's too serious. Thinking of you, my lovely.

Carol,- how many cards?????

Ready for Strictly.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 19:18
I have some clicking interference on the sound from the TV, really annoying, only started when SCD started.

G&G Sorry I didn't like it. I think mainly as I don't like yellow and it was putting me off watching the dance combined with the clicking. I did notice the make up for the beast that was suggested on ITT in the week did not take place. I thought he looked a bit sideways when Zoe told him, but it may have been timing thing from the first dance to them going first made it impossible to do. They did flow in the dance, FT not always easy for them.

TK wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 19:21
Anita AT. Amazing movement in the dance. AT usually sensual, this one was more of a fight. Maybe that is right, but not for me. She was very good in it.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 19:33
K&K VW to ompah pah from Oliver. Good dance choreography for the music, but have to get your head around the fact it was not heavenly, romantic etc as they normally are. It was very good, as long as you didn't want the lovely turns that Anton got with his.

TK is lying next to laptop with her tail pointing towards me, doing an impression of an elderly greyhound after they have eaten. (a bit smelly)

Obviously the judges were OK with the dance
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 19:40
Jay Rhumba, as usual, not my dance. 2 people waving their arms about, then rushing together and leaning on each other. But I think he did it OK.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 19:44
Well the judges really liked it
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 19:50
Anton and K. FT. Loved the dress, so swirly. The dancing looked very classy too.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 19:58
Helen Paso, to something from my fav musical, so that really warmed me to the dance before it began (although did see Tom Fletcher's sister, Carrie, in the pre dance VT she is playing the female beginning with E in Les Mis). As usual Helen was good, mostly excellent, although the choreography was complicated and lots of dancers (that made it confusing for me to watch).
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 20:00
The Norwegian Jury is ready for Strictly:

1. Georgia and Giovanni, foxtrot.
It is beautifully danced. She has absolutely no problem following Giovanni.
9 points.

2. Anita and Gleb, Argentine tango.
They should be closer! Bendy knees? Beautiful movements. Not staccato enough.
8 points.

3. Kellie and Kevin, Vienesse waltz.
Different, but very entertaining. You want to run to the floor and join them! Loved it!
9 points.

4. Jay and Aliona, rhumba.
What a beautiful song! Gorgeously danced ! I have tears in my eyes.
10 points.

5. Katie and Anton, foxtrot.
Only saw the last bit as I was in the kitchen.

6. Helen and Aljaz, pasadouble.
Gorgeous dress. Another fantastic dance from Helen, with music from a fantastic show! (Stop hitting me, Jo.)
10 points.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 20:02
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 20:06
No hitting Eva, everyone has different tastes, I like happy musicals. They can have a little bit of sadness, but happy in the feeling as I walk out of the theatre. Soooo looking forward to CCBB :)

DrW now.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 20:32
stone angels eeek
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 21:00
I need to close down the ipad as it has to be charged and then packed.

pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 22:01
Evening all. Phew, Saturday tv marathon over! Thought all the dances very good in SCD I really do think the vote tonight is a popularity contest. I love Helen and really hope she doesn't go, but we'll see. If she is in d/off with Kellie on the scores Kellie will stay and she will go. Dr W was a bit confusing, not scary, though the angels made me jump as ever! Still I would rather Clara was taking the long way to Gxllifrey rather than the alternative! Cxsualty a bit gloomy and limited Lofty. New chap ios the guy we saw as Chrxs in Mxss Sxigon. Very different in this.

Not long now. Looking forward to tomorrow. Hope the weather isn't too bad!
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 22:04
...safe flight Eva! See you tomorrow. I know Jo, the most frightening of all - the Angels!! Sad episode and a bit confusing so may need to watch again to see if I get more from a second viewing! Christmas episode looks good. Like you Jo I am not a fan of the rhumba. Think it is one of the dances they should drop. Hard one to call tonight - although Anita and Glxb were the worst to my mind. I actually enjoyed the one to Jo's favourite musical! Very intricate!! Off for an early night and places to go and people to see tomorrow!!
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, December 6, 2015, 07:16
Well it has been another blustery night so Eva might have an interesting flight. Terrible footage of the flooding up North - hope everyone has a safe journey down. Jack was indeed the guy who played the role in Miss S - he was also in ADWD and made it to the last 20.......do you think he is stalking the GO? Have to wash my hair in a moment and then off to church, back home to wait for Twin and get ready and then off for the meet up. Wonder if the snow machine is in situ yet! Morning BHB, yes of course you may leave early. You are seeing friends later for a C'mas catch up? Well that's a coincidence! We will leave the Bxstro key under the mat in case any of the customers want to come and make themselves a coffee, in the meantime we will just have a lovely snuffle until the pink blanket. I'll fetch the Woo Woo if you will bring the mince pies. Suspect the DCM will be along a little later.
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 6, 2015, 08:45
Hi all. Exciting day for some? You off too BHB, have a good time. What you might see some snow? Where are you flying to, there is no snow in UK at the moment, lots of water up north, no snow. Why is he shaking his head up me?
Yeh ho.

Last night, well very early this morning I lost my BB for a time. I was just finishing off, it was really annoying. I got it back after 15mins by a reset of the box thing.
evam wrote:
Sunday, December 6, 2015, 08:47
Morning all. We have reach the dizzying heights of blue sky. It has to be high, because there was no blue sky to see from down on Mother Earth!

Hello sweetheart. You've borrowed the Tardis again? You wanted to say good morning to me before you're off? Where to,- another concert? (He looks very secretive. Wonder what he's up to.). It, s lovely to see you anyway. Do you want me to order you a coffee? Yes? A snuggle? We'd better not. You never know how prudish my fellow passengers will be!

I was awake at 5 am, had a blood check. It looks as if my levels are settling down again. The 2am check didn't look too bad either. A little too low, so I ate half a banana and a bisquit. Maybe it was the hospital routines with different mealtimes than I'm used to, that destroyed the balance? Who knows?

I see on FB that K2 made it across the Irish Sea. It didn't look too good for her last night.

The coffee is doing it's round now, and I'm dying for a cuppa.

TK wrote:
Sunday, December 6, 2015, 08:51
I've just checked out SCD spoiler thread :) :) :)
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 6, 2015, 09:09
Packed my bags for today. Very light, but I'm going to look like a 2nd hand bag sales woman (or if you're not feeling generous, a bag lady) on my way to London.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 6, 2015, 09:49
Morning all, a grey and blustery one but I think we have got off very lightly here so not complaining. Exciting day ahead. Of course I can't make my mind up what to wear, I think something a bit festive if I can find anything like that!

I checked that too Jo. (: (: (: Not happy.

Hope everyone has a good journey. We will miss KK I know. We just have to try and make the concert such a huge success he will do it again next year and then she will be fit to come to that one.

Morning BHB, you are in a hurry as you have to be somewhere, well so do I so let's get more Woo Woo and the red blanket and join the CM and get snuffling!
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 6, 2015, 10:44
Packed my bags for today. Very light, but I'm going to look like a 2nd hand bag sales woman (or if you're not feeling generous, a bag lady) on my way to London.
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 6, 2015, 10:46
sorry pressed return instead of delete.

Just rescued postman trying to walk the 2 dogs at once. Did it without getting any dog 'juices' on my clothes. Must get to w*rk to swap over the callout phone
see some of you later
Ali wrote:
Sunday, December 6, 2015, 12:14
On my way. Train delayed about 20 mins but I have given myself extra time.
Managed to get my pj's and wash bag into my normal handbag.
See you soon
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 7, 2015, 07:31
Morning all and hopefully everyone got home/back to their hotels etc. safely. Apologies to Eva and Jo who disappeared and we didn't get a chance to say goodbye and "Happy Christmas" to; also missed Chantale somehow! We were quite lucky as we managed to grab a cab almost outside the theatre, so got to Bxker Street with a five minute wait for our train and managed to stay dry! Lovely evening and big thanks to our restaurant organisers (Eva, Jo, Lady J - please take a bow). Thought the staff were lovely, and really nice to have both Nicholas and Ian with us as well as MM. Have to say we thought Eva was looking really well after her hotel/spa stay! Thank you Jo for the goodies, and Lady J for the lovely card which we all signed (loved the snowflakes!). Concert was wonderful of course - shame about Frosty but I think most of us got a fair amount of snow in the first half and at the end. Think it has stopped raining!! Off to collect Aunt soon (Twin will wend her way home) and then MM has a hospital appointment this afternoon so will take him there and whizz to the garden centre so I can collect him again. In the gap between must wrap the presssies for the office as I will be seeing them tomorrow. Choir tonight of course, but last meeting of the year as next week we are off to the pub rather than singing! Morning BHB, you have lots to tell me? Oh I have lots to tell you about my evening yesterday too! Let's grab the pink blanket and the Lavendula and mince pies, and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Monday, December 7, 2015, 07:35
Morning all. Don't ask me about the weather, because my hotel room has no window. I'm not at the SP.

Hello sweetheart. You look happy? The concert last night was a huuuuuge success? I'm so pleased for you. I could really do with a coffee now, because there are no coffee/tea making facilities either!

Yesterday it took me almost as long to get from Gatwick to Victoria as it did to fly from Bergen to Gatwick! That meant I was rather late to my hotel, and I only had time for half an hour rest and a quick shower before I rushed out again to meet the others. It was so lovely to meet the "gang" again, including the Giggle Sisters who I haven't seen for a long time. The food was excellent, and thanks to Jane's planning and Jo's spreadsheet, we got what we'd ordered at the right time. First class service, of course.

Then it was time to stroll down to the Garrick. All the usual suspects were there plus the first 2 rows was full of young people we didn.t know. It was explained later,- mostly Amanda's friends. I was worried that GO would take one look at the front row and think he was at the wrong theatre!
Spot on time the concert started and GO came on stage dressed i his Santa jumper. He had it last year as well. I'm like Jo, can never remember the sequence of the songs, but he was well away and in fine voice. He is obviousle in a good place in his life noe, because he seemed to be a very happy man. He chatted and giggled a lot between songs.
His guests were Amanda, Stephen and Tracy Foster (?) who we saw playing a tramp in Cas. What a voice!
We also had snow, of course, but not in such quantities as last year!
We all had a wondderful time, and it was extra poignant as he sang BHH in memory of those who was killed in Paris. I doubt there was a dry eye in the house!

When the show was over, we went round to the SD. A lot of people were waiting and it had started to drizzle, so I decided to go back to my hotel. I could feel the effect of getting up at 5am that morning!
I was fast asleep before 10 pm and only had one blood sugar test at 2am. It was fine, so I decided not to do any more that night. It seems to have stabilised itself as I'm getting back into my normal routine.

It's time for a shower and some breakfast. Then I'll be rambling round CG, do a few shops and whatever this beloved city throws ta me.
See you later.
Ali wrote:
Monday, December 7, 2015, 08:12
Morning. Lovely meal. Great evening. Thanks to ticket bookers, restaurant bookers, hotel bookers xx
Jo thankyou for the pressie and chocs
Comfy bed and good sleep only woken by planes in and out of city airport.
Off to Hyde Park later. Safe journeys today all those going home.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 7, 2015, 08:14
Morning all, just a quick word as we have to get going. Wonderful day yesterday. So lovely to see everyone. Fantastic if it becomes an annual event, which it sounds like it will if the GO can manage it. Loved all the Christmas songs. The snow made it all very festive. Lovely to see Will back on piano, bouncing around as usual. So sorry to Jo and Eva for not saying goodbye. Theatre lobby is too small and you have to keep moving. Thanks for the choccies and the pressie Jo. Very sweet.
Morning BHB. You look very happy, oh you had a lovely day yesterday? So did we. Let's get more Lavendula and find the CM.
maeve12 wrote:
Monday, December 7, 2015, 15:58
What a lovely day yesterday, many thanks to Jane and Jo for organising the excellent meal at Cote.

Jo, on closer examination I can see that my little present is definitely a rabbit and not a donkey! Thanks very much.

It was great to see everybody, some I'd not seen for ages, though unfortunately didn't get to talk to everyone..

The concert was a good mixture of songs from the tour and Christmassy ones, GO very relaxed and chirpy
and I left feeling very jolly, sorry I didn't manage to say 'goodbye' to many people, the pavement was very crowded
and as it was raining I walked up to the tube after a little while, hope everyone had good journeys home.
Jane E wrote:
Monday, December 7, 2015, 18:33
Hello all,

What a lovely evening we had! It was great to see so many Loppies. Such a shame we KK couldn't come I was gutted for her. I'm going to write a report again, even though most of you were there. I'll try not to make it so long this time!
TK wrote:
Monday, December 7, 2015, 18:45
Loved the concert last night. Absolutely NO idea what songs were sung. I smiled at the part where he had to stop the song he'd started as he's given his all for a duet and then tried to sing a song solo. He commented that it was difficult singing with lots of guests as they come on sing a duet and he stays of stage. He put his foot securely in his mouth (again), re the needing to get more fans so he continue signing until he's 80, saying his fans are over 60. I know there are many under 60, I think I'd go with average age of 60, as that is being kind. Made us laugh anyway.

GOOD NEWS MY CALLOUT ERROR HAS BEEN CORRECTED. I'm doing from Weds when I get back from Brum. So no drinks over Christmas, no change there!!
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 7, 2015, 20:03
Evening all, have a hda a day of trying to catch up a bit with things that got left over the weekend. Managed to do a shop and two lots of wxshing, lovely! Still had to be done.

Last night seems ages ago already. A lovely fun evening. Well I wasn't bothered by his gaffe Jo and after all we are all 27! Glad you have your call out thing sorted. Mind I'm sure your colleague is delighted as well!

Jane E wrote:
Monday, December 7, 2015, 20:16
It's going to be a long one after all!

I reached Kings Cross at 2pm, having got a lift from Sandra taking me down south. Sad that I would not be meeting KK there as originally planed, I hurried off to the TL, determined to meet the others as quickly as possible.

By 2.40pm I had booked in, washed and changed and was about to leave the TL when a familiar voice shouted 'Jane!'. Fi and Ian! I was so relieved that I was not the only one staying at the TL. Fi told me Suex and Lynx would be joining us too. Lovely! They arrived a few minutes later just as vivacious as ever.

The others were already ensconced when we arrived. There was great deal of happy bustle; greetings, hugs, exchanges of cards, lovely pressies from Jo (Thank you Jo, for little purple Llama-Loppy. I’m not sure what breed she is but she’s adorable!) Jo had bought toberlones too and some one had brought Baileys chocolate. Thanks whoever that was!

I sat down next to Chantale and Nick, and chatted happily to them (thank you so much for sharing your wine with me!), and Sue – and Diana and Jo and the Giggle sisters and K2 and Ali... mind you, as so often sitting at big tables I didn't get much of a chance to chat to those at the far end - Carol, Pauline, Rick, Jenny, Eva and Maeve. (but thank you everyone that paid me their cheques for the Pheasentry). Oh yes and thanks to Eva and Jo for all their help with meal organisation and collecting payments. (This is getting to be like an Oscar’s speech – spin on Jane!)

Julie arrived just after we had eaten, to a very warm welcome. She really is one of the gang. Show time!

We expected front row seats so were disappointed to see that row A was third row (AA and BB having been added since Sue booked). However once we'd settled in we realised that AA would have given us a very poor view because the stage was too high. I think Sue got us the best seats in the house! (Thank you Sue (no I mustn’t start the thank yous again!) We later found out that the frond rowsbeen taken by friends of Amanda.

The theatre filled up - lots of exciting people chattering and laughing; a wonderfully buoyant atmosphere!I felt like I was surrounded by friends.

The stage was suitable bedecked for the season with a large Christmas tree and an oh so innocent looking inflatable snow man.

Oh came the band to cheers and applause which escalated as the man himself appeared on stage, wearing a Christmas jumper and posing with a pipe. I don't know how he managed to make a pipe and a jumper sexy, but he did. He opened with a joyful version of Walking in a Winter Wonderland. A perfect way to begin.

He joked about with the pipe, the tree and the snowman. I could just imagine him in daddy mode of Christmas day. It was as sweet as a mince pie smothered with brandy butter.

The usual openers followed - Where or When and Foggy Day; again Lee showed off several dance moves in Singing in the Rain. Though he mumbled something about 'Dad dancing' he's saying less and less about not being able to dance and showing more and more confidence when he does.

He admitted to being nervous. From time to time it showed – and I suspect his recent illness was still hanging around for there were times he had a discreet cough. I wondered whether his voice would last for the whole concert. It did. Admirably!

Of course I love Lee’s humorous chit-chat as much as his beautiful vocals. And he gave us much to laugh at. At one point he talked about his concerts this year and after mentioning a couple of venues he floundered. Various voices shouted names of towns he'd visited. He grinned. 'The regulars are in, ' he said and then (and I loved this ) 'My ladies,' Which he said with such affection. He mentioned his fans from Norway, Holland and New York.' Aww! Mind you, later in the show he managed to ruffle a few feathers by saying we're over sixty. Excuse me Mr Mead. Some of us haven't turned 50 yet. (OK not many of us!)

We've always been told that performers can't see anything beyond the front row while on stage. Lee proved that wrong at least for the Garrick because he spotted that Suex was wearing a Christmas jumper. Suex pointed out that it had a bell on it. That had Lee mimicking her and pointing to his own nipple. How we tittered!

We've heard his story about his first snog so often now I'm surprised it's still funny. It is though. I think it's the expressions he pulls as he tells it. The story lead into 'I fall in love too Easily' as usual and he also gave us Almost like being in love, which has become a favourite of mine.

But for showing off his range and vocal power few songs beat Feeling Good. Feeling Good has been a highlight of every show this tour. Thanks to fan pressure, he's including in his Album. (Hurrah!)

I must compliment Amanda. We've watch her blossom from a a talented but somewhat timid songstress into a confident professional. It been a pleasure to watch her..argh I am going to say journey (what a cliche!).
I loved her I got Rhythm. As she sang Frosty the inflatable Snowman (had you forgotten about the snowman? I had!) breathed out a flurry of snow onto the first few rows of the audience. We had a good giggle but no one got caught out by it this time.

Stephen was a little more restrained than last year. He didn't trick Lee with any daft surprises. He did however tell a very funny story about performing for Obama. He was in fine form and gave us a very suave version of ... now I was going to say The Christmas Song but it might have been Oh Holy Night that he sang at this point. (Sang beautifully I might add).

Talking of suave - Lee lost the Christmas jumper at the first opportunity and returned to the stage dressed in a tux. Have I mentioned how gorgeous he looked? Pretty damn gorgeous!

He sang I'll be home for Christmas - and of course Some Enchanted Evening. He ended the first half with Luck be a Lady which he always seems to enjoy so much.

The second started with Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. Oh dear. Lee just seamed to go completely blank. He forgot the words and totally failed to cover it and caused Mason a fit of hysterical laughter. We all laughed. But I think he was a bit embarrassed. He was apologetic afterwards - bless him and relied more heavily on the lyric sheet for the later songs.

In the second half Lee sang a series of duets with his guests.

With Amanda he sang Baby it's Cold Outside (cue more snow) it was a lovely rendition. If I was Amanda I'd have succumbed far too easily to Lee in seductive mode.

And other Casualty veteran made an appearance. Tracie Bennett has done several guest roles on Cas. Her last was as a tramp. She didn't look like a tramp last night. She looked elegant and sophisticated - well up until the point she stuck a hair roller to her frock. She looked less so then. i liked her she was full of fun and did a great job with the the Get Happy/ Happy Days duet. (Apparently they both wanted to be Judy Garland. Lee won.)

That reminds me. Lee says Casualty are letting him take a break to do CCBB so Lofty will be back.

Then Lee's duet with SRH - Don't Rain on my Parade. I was really pleased to hear them sing this together. It's still a bit rough around the edges but I think once they have performed it a few more times it'll be as slick as their duet version of Luck be a Lady.

Lee put so much into it that he struggled with his next song and had a false start. (It was one of the mellower Xmas songs but I've forgotten which!) Probably as well he got a rest while Amanda sang Over the Rainbow.

Ooo another funny moment: at one point Lee started talking about Joseph. He said 'I miss it. Not the loin cloth though' cue totally predictable shout of 'We do!' from the usual suspects.

On to more serious matters. Lee talked about the terrorism in Paris and dedicated Bring Him Home to those who had suffered. It was quiet simply outstanding. I was so moved particularly when Lee sang ‘bring them home’ rather than ‘him home’. Stunning. The cheers and applause the audience gave him filled the theatre.

He finished with ‘See You in my Dreams.’ Having thoroughly charmed the audience, we all went wild with cries of ‘More!’ He returned to the stage for White Xmas and a sing-a-long Any Dream will do, as the snow floated down on us.

Lovely to see the whole theatre rise in a Standing Ovation - awwww!

After the concert, I said bye bye to Julie, who had a trin to catch. Afew of us headed for the stage door. In the wrong direction. I wanted to give Lee the Xmas card that I'd made, and which we all signed but by the time we found the SD a big crowd had gathered. It seemed highly unlikely that I'd get a chance to see Lee. We waited a short while and I had nice chat with SRH but as Eva, Jo and Sue all having to leave I withdrew, mission unaccomplished. Instead I joined Ali, Fi and Ian, the Giggle sisters, and the Dublops for a drink and a little tour of the CG lights before we all headed off to bed.

It was so great to see so many Loppies! I'm starting to feel Christmassy now!
TK wrote:
Monday, December 7, 2015, 22:10
OK all evening I've been 'fighting' with TK. She is a real fidge bottom tonight. Won't sit still, going round and round laptop and then charging around getting close to tripping me up. I've been getting the shopping packed away and trying to sort for Weds when I have to take some food in for yet another team building session. I'm doing cheese and salad. I have no time to prep tomorrow as I'm at RAH. I'll just wash the salad and put it in the plastic containers and serve it on the paper plates. I'll label the different cheeses and serve with the thin crackers. Hopefully others will bring in something more substantial. I will also take lots of cut up carrots. I'm not fond of the new team building regimes.
I may not be around tomorrow at all. I'll take the tablet as there may be wifi on the train. There was almost none yesterday.
carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 08:04
Morning all - it was Have Yourself Mxrry Lxttle Ch'mas that he started again. Thanks for the long review Lady J, and it was O Hxly Night SRH sang in the first half. Really liked Tracey's dress (without the roller!). We had seen her in Cxge au F, a few years back, when Graham N was in it, so knew she had a fabulous voice, and of course she got rave reviews for her JG show. She was also in Corrie for some years. GO also said he hates his legs as they "like a rugby player's!". As Lady J said, the band were having a ball - MM especially likes watching Will when he gets carried away at the keyboard! Have now managed to wrap three pressies - just need to do a couple more before I go up to Town. I am fighting a cold at the moment - very dry scratchy throat - need to get rid of it asap as we have a concert on Thursday night! Brilliant that you have sorted out your panto call out Jo! So all Eva needs to make her feel better is a large spoonful of the GO! Hope everyone had (or has in Eva's case) a safe journey home. Have finally got round to ordering my small extra fridge for C'mas. MM is making a platform for it in the garage today whilst I am up in Town. Tonight we are off for the first of the C'mas meals, with the little Variety group. Am hoping to manage to fit in some more wrapping up between coming home and off out again. Need to get some of the cards into the post too. Morning BHB yes it does look a little blustery out still, but at least it is dry. Let's grab the Blux Lagxxn and the sausage rolls and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 09:58
Morning all, not a very nice one here was still almost dark at 8am and was raining then. It seems to have stopped for now though. I have another day of bits and pieces, a bit of ixxnxxg, I need to go to the p/office and I also have a bag of stuff for the charity shop. I may go to the shops later if the weather clears and I have time.

Lovely review Lady Jane, brings it all back. Thank you.

Oh not a cold Twin. Lots of ohhhhmmmms. last thing you need at this time of year, though I suppose it means that at least you should be ok by C/mas!

Have a good journey home, if you are going today Eva.

Morning BHB, so what have we today? Blue Lxgoon? Lovely, let's get another jug and find the CM and I think she needs medicating!
evam wrote:
Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 12:06
Morning all. Blue skies again up high, but it was grey and drizzling on the ground.

Hello sweetheart. Do you have a monopoly on the Tardis when the doc isn't using it? (. Of course, he says, smuggly!). Well, as you're here, let me buy you a coffee and a muffin.

Jane,- thank you so much for your lovely review. It brought it all back again.

Jo,- so pleased you managed to sort your call out weekend. Another bonding day at work? Poor you.

Carol,- I hope that cold won't develop into something nasty. You haven't got time for that!

I had a different day from what I'd planned yesterday. I first hat breakfast at The Cote! Lovely smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Then I had a walk aroung CG, bought some fancy choccies as gifts, some small things for the terrors, and popping into M&S, getting some goodies for Christmas. Walking back to the hotel to unload, I passed a hairdresser/beuti salon I've used before, so I thought I'd pop in and see if they could do a manicure. They could, and a lovely Italian girl mede a beautiful job of it. Then, as it was still early in the day, I thought I'd ask how much it would cost to do the same things to my hair as they'd done in the Strand salon for the last pheasantry stay. I couldn't believe it when they quoted me £70 ( The same procedure at the other salon cost me £180!). I asked if it could be done the same day, and the receptionis said the hair stylist could start right away. I told him (another sweet Italian) what I wanted done. I also told him I was on low dose chemo, and with that info he, the boss and a female stylist all went into a huddle and had a lengthy discussion. Back to me again, I was told what would be best for me,- full colour , coppery, and darker red highlights. They showed me a photo, and it looked great, so I said yes, please, and Roberto set to! It took a long, long time, and at one point I had to ask if someone could get me a sandwich. One of the "minions" were sent out and returned with a nice cheese sandwich. When I tried to pay for it, I was told it was on the house! Roberto was fussing around me like a mother hen, bringing me water, drying my forehead with a tissue, (It was getting warm.) and all in all giving terrific service.
When he had finished, I was soooooooo pleased with the result. The main colour a deep copper one, with light and dark stripes all over my head. I don't look a day over 26!
So including the manicure, the whole business cost me £100, as opposed to the Strand salon's £180 for the hair only. Guess who'll be going back to Roberto?

I was quite tired when I'd finished, so I decided not to go for a show that night. I went back to the hotel for an Eva, ventured out again for the last bit of shopping, had an evening meal in a small restaurant off St Martin's Lane and then went back to the hotel. Watched some telly and fell asleep again before 10 pm.
All-in- all a great weekend. We're landing in 20 minutes, so I need to shut down.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 12:59
Hello all!

THANK YOU Carol - that Christmas song was bugging me. I knew it had Merry Christmas somewhere in the title but my mind was drawing a blank. SRH's Holy Night was just beautiful. As was the GO's Silent Night.

I missed saying - I loved the way that as the snow fell during SN all the audience were quiet as mice. No laughter at that point. It was so tranquil.

I'd missed him saying he had legs like a rugby player's. What's wrong with that? Ronan O'G has terrific legs (ooo nice visual memory there) as do most of those my ploppy refer to as 'The pretty boys at the back'.

And yes - we really need to point out to the GO that being 27 we're all younger than he is!

Jo - great to know you are sorted for the panto. Phew! Oh a team building event - what joy!

Eva - I'm pleased to hear that a couple of hours with the GO helped you feel a lot better. How lovely to get a full beauty treatment done. I hope you are safely back in Norway.

Ooo Post Office - thanks for the reminder Pauline. i need to call them.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 20:10
Evening all. Had a bit of a hectic day, well hectic for me. I sorted and took a large bag of clothes to the charity shop, then I dropped some things off at the recycling centre. Then whizzed to the p/offlce and then over to St A and did more Cmas shopping. I think I am about there now so that's good. Home to the ixxnxxg, the highlight of the day really!

Glad you had a good day in Lxndon Eva and well done on finding a lovely place to beautify yourself. that is a great saving, now what will you spoed it on?

Poor Jo having a team building day. I have been through a few of those. Awful things.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 07:47
Morning all and quite gloomy at the moment but I think it is going to be dry and bright today. Twin is coming over and we are off to see Pxter Pxn Goes Wrxng this evening. Will go and see C Gxrden first and have pre theatre at Ixy Market. Two good news things from yesterday - my friend Ania has been given the complete all clear from her b cxncer although it has left her with painful arthritis (I was telling her about your "spa" fortnight Eva). She said her Indxan pharmacxt told her to rub warm mustard oil on her hand joints (most painful part). She bought a large jar of it for 99p from the local Inxian shop and had used it overnight - she said she warmed it in a little water in the microwave and sat and rubbed her hands whilst she was watching tv. Apparently she found it helped a lot. Second piece of good news was Juliet came out with us for our meal last night and she looked really bright (she had a new wig as her hair has been affected by the chemo). They did a scan last week and the txmour has shrunk by 50%. So good news. Excellent find Eva - and quite a price difference. They sound lovely in the salon! Whilst I was out MM had been busy constructing a platform for the new fridge (it arrives this week), so that it is raised off the floor. Do you think the ptb think team building works? Only ever done a couple myself but they are never a huge success apart from it allows people something slightly different in the working day! Have fun Jo! Have managed to get some of the cards posted now but have a few still to write. Morning BHB, yes it does look as if it will brighten up. Let's grab the paninis and the Glxhwein and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives!
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 10:13
Morning all. First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fi!! Hope you have a lovely day.

Lovely and bright and sunny here today though I think it is a bit cooler. I am off to Twin later and we are having a bit of a theatre fest couple of days. Lovely. Glad I have done most of my C/mas stuff, I can hopefully do the decs this weekend and then it will be the wrapping and that may well be that, just have to enjoy it all then! Mind with my track record I won't get complacent as I usually suddenly realise I have forgotten to do things at the last minute!

That is such good news about Ania and Juliet Twin. Fingers and toes crossed for them both.

Morning BHB, oh I see you have been busy and the Bistro looks lovely. The turquoise and silver trimming and balloons are gorgeous and the turquoise table cloths with posies of white roses looks fab-u-lous. I see you have baked the usual double chocolate and carrot cakes and we have champers on ice, so let's grab some and find the CM (who is a bit busy at the moment!)
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 10:35
Happy Birthday Fi!!! Sorry I was still half asleep earlier (blame the bugs) and completely overlooked all the beautiful decorations in the bistro. Glad to see the champers is still on ice and ready and waiting! Have a lovely day!! xx
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 13:50
Hello all

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FI!!!! The bistro looks lovely in turquoise!

Gosh Carol and Pauline you are organised. I must get my cards posted. My friends and I are having a Xmas meal on Saturday and I have forgotton to orgnaise it. Oops!

Great news about your friends Carol.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 19:31
Evening all.
I've had a busy, but nice day. Iselin and I had talked about having a day at I*ea after I got back from London, and last night we agreed on the phone that I'd come and pick up her and Emilian early, so we could be there when the shop opened. Less people then. We had a good walk around, and Emilian was having a ball! He smiled and flirted with everyone, but played shy when someone spoke to him. Little devil! He'll be a ladykiller when he grows up. Poor girls!
I didn't need much, only a frame for a picture I bought in CG last time I was in London. Then I bought 2 squeeky toys for Sondre. His dad said that's what he wanted.
We had a nice lunch in the restaurant. Iselin and I had a Christmas platter (lovely and very tasty.) and Emilian had porridge and a smoothie. He loved it.
Iselin bought quite a bit, so when we got back to their place, I helped with the carrying. Then we had to sit down for a mug of tea and another natter, while Emilian had a well deserved sleep.

I was quite tired when I got back, so I had a well deserved nap too! Then I put up the lights in the windows, and luckily enough they all fitted nicely, so I don't have to buy any new ones.

I also spoke to father tonight. He wasn't transferred to the convalescence home until today, because the physio at the hospital wasn't quite happy with his walking on Monday. But now he's in, and when I rang he was just back in his room after a fab evening meal,- a smørgåsbord (!), so he had no complains. I'll take mother to see him tomorrow. I first have to see the handsome consultant, but when I'm finished there, I'll pick mother up at youngest sister's She had a transfer as well, from Mrs S's on Monday.

Carol,- I'm pleased to hear about the good news for your 2 friends. How is Mr. Chris doing?
Have a nice night out.

There is a very good vid on FB from GO's singing at RAH last night, courtesy of Anne.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 20:02
The concert last night was much more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Of course Lee was excellent. I think he liked singing with the band (bigger that he had at his own Christmas show, he said). I was sitting next to a lady from Cornwall. She had also seen Lee in the panto in Plymouth. She said her husband died 14 years ago and now she goes out and about all over on her own. I think a coach to London, there and back in a day from Cornwall is some journey.
Yes the team building was today. Not too bad. But I would have preferred to spend the 90mins releasing raw materials from stores, that is a mind numbing job, but more enjoyable than the team meeting. At least I'd had my yearly appraisal so didn't have to be over board with the pretence of enjoyment.

I'm knackered as I didn't get to sleep until after 1am watching vid from last night. I'm going to have a bath and go to bed.
Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 10, 2015, 07:40
Morning all, sounds like you had a lovely day Eva. Good to hear that your father is now safely in the convalescent home, and enjoying the food! Mr Chris si going well, thanks Eva. He gets tired easily, but is prepared to live with that. Hope all goes well at your visit to the lovely consultant. Twin asked me yesterday if you had gone to the RAH, Jo - I told her not to be silly, of course you had! Lady J I still have some cards to write, which hopefully I will do tomorrow or Saturday. We had a lovely time yesterday - walked round CG in the afternoon (loved the decs there this year) and had a nice hot mulled wine. We had early dinner at the Ixy Mxrket Grill (very delicious!) then walked to the theatre. We hadn't realised we were going on press night so there were lots of famous faces in the audience with us. We thought the red carpet had been laid for us! We laughed so much at the show that we were crying! Managed to get a cab to B Street and then had a two minutes wait for the train. Arrived home at 10.15, so watched the App'ice before we went to bed. This morning we are back off to Town and meeting Victoria at noon. We are booked for 12.30 lunch and then are off to see Miss S for the matinee. Then a mad dash home (TXL permitting) as we are doing a concert this evening and need to leave home by 7pm latest! Fingers crossed!!! Morning BHB - there is still some champers left from Fi's birthday yesterday? Lovely we can finish that up along with some cake. Plenty of time for a snuffle as I think the DCM is still asleep (sky is now a watery blue with pink clouds....thin we will get wet later!).
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 10, 2015, 08:17
Morning all and we are back to grey and damp weather today. Just loved the show last night, found it so funny. It really was spot the celeb in the audience. Made it a bit special. Thought it so good of them to put the red carpet out for us. Back to the city again today for Miss S. It's hard work this enjoying yourself!
Glad your father is doing well Eva. Your day yesterday sounds great!
I knew it was a silly question about the RAH Jo! Good the whole concert was enjoyable.
Morning BHB, so we are still on the champers then.? Lovely. Let's get more are find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, December 10, 2015, 10:06
Morning. Bit grey so I'm going to get outside shortly to put my lights up before it rains. Then will venture out to buy a tree (ploppy doesn't know as he got artificial one down from loft but I've decided!!) Also need some new lights for the tree and a small set for the little tree outside the front door. Expensive business this year!
Enjoy Miss S twins, sis is going in new year.
Better crack on while it's dry, bye for now
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, December 10, 2015, 17:12
HI al. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, cards, Fb messages, e-cards etc. had lovely day. it was so sunny - tho chilly. In morning had to give a presentation on Safeg.arding to some arch d.cons in Lincoln - and on way up saw the red arrows doing loop The loops. for my birthday of course! presentation seemed to go well (so it might as i had been up to midnight both nights before writing and preparing it! then had lovely lunch and wander round shops with ploppy of lovely Lincoln. restaurant was fab. Very very good food - but a lunch for less so 3 courses under £20 for almost Michelin standard. We were only people in restaurant. they don't publicise their cheap lunches enough as no-one at the cathedral knew they did these and they are not advertised in window. i did tell them they needed to promote themselves better!
Apart from birthday haven't had a good week. In fact woke up this morning, had a wee cry and then gave myself a good talking to and got up and got on with things! So busy really don't have time for Christmas. Eldest scollop in a tizz over his house viewings so constant ph calls and emails. Ploppy going down tomorrow to help him. i just don't have the time to go. Then Shrops relatives care home wrote to say that aunt has got teh N.S Nursing allowance BUT they will keep it and not take if off their bill. aargh not what ploppy had thought from all his discussions with them and certainly totally throws out all our financial planning for the relatives. From lots of g...gling think it is legal but probably not very moral! Home always quoted the weekly figure and said "and there will the N.S Registered Nursing C.re Contribution (or FNC)to help with this". At no time did they say it was to help them not us!! We are now in dispute with the home and have emails going to home, GP, Social Work and will take it it to CQC and MP if necessary. Don't think we will get any money back but boy is the home going to now have to work for their money. unfortunately it also involves work for us. very very angry with them. would never ever recommend this home - they have been very underhand. it is hidden in T+Cs and Ian sat in with his uncle when T+Cs were signed and he says this was never mentioned. Anyone have any experience of this?
Eva - glad your dad well enough to move onto next stage of recovery.
Ploppy and I saw PPGW when it was on tour pre WE. it is fab. So funny.
Off to make a (very long) list of what i have to do before Christmas. Going to see if we can just cut out all the family visits but not sure that will be possible. think decs may not go up this year. Better start the cards.
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 10, 2015, 18:03
Afternoon all.
Another busy morning gone past, and I have survived! First I saw the handsome consultant. We had a long talk about what had happened when I was in hospital with my blood sugar. As far as he could explain, it could have 3 explanaitions:
1. Change of routine.
2... Diabetic regime (food) far too strict.
3. I had lost 4 lbs in the 2 weeks I was in hospital.
He said he'd give a call to the hospital,- not to critisise, but to explain what they should be aware of in the future with other diabetic patients.
The average blood count since August was unchanged, so he was pleased, taking in to account the added cortisone. The loss of weight was also good, but too much too fast,- 1 st 2 lbs since August,- and I hadn't even tried!
So all-in-all agood start to the day.
Then I drove out to pick up mother, but she'd had an angina attack in the morning, so she said she didn't feel up to visiting father. I must say I do worry about her,- not because of the angina attack, but because she seems to grow more and more distant. I had a word with youngest sister, and she agreed with me. She said they never left her alone.
Then it was on to father's. I found him in his room. He was just back after a good lunch. He was very tired, as he'd had a very bad night with a lot of pain. But instead of ringing for a nurse, he'd decided to ride it out. He'd been given a scolding this morning both by the doctor and the nurse. They said the bell was there for him to use when it was necessary: We had a good chat, and then he settled down for a snooze.

Fi,- oh dear, it's all getting too much for you, isn't it? More grief from Shropshire you can do without, but I agree that you should follow up the home's (mis)use of funds.

I have an early appointment with the physio tomorrow morning. It's just up the road. Then I have to do some food shopping for myself. I haven't had time to do any since I got back. Then I have to pop in to the parent's flat to pick up some clothes for father and take them out to him. Peace and quiet? Hahahahahahaha !
TK wrote:
Thursday, December 10, 2015, 21:21
Ah TTwins, out and about on the town, 2 days in a row. Good you keep busy. Of course I was at the RAH. BUT I will not be at Music of the Movies in Cardiff on 26Feb. It will be really busy, it is a long way and I have a very busy time the following week.

Eva I hope your Mum feels a bit more bouncy very soon, I suspect she is missing your Dad. Lots of ooohhmms for your Dad too.

Fi all I can say is Grrh Grrh. I hope you can sort things for the payment, the text seems a bit suspect as you say.

Ali there are a lot of trees going up around here too. Must be the season ;)

I've had a bit of a smile this evening, no not sorting the recycling. I do a media survey each day. Today was a corker. 'Thinking about television. Have you ever done any of the following as a result of watching a television programme?' several examples including 'visited a place assoc with prog, started a new interest assoc with prog, donated to charity, searched about it online' some others along with a box for anything else. I typed loads. Then there was a bit to detail the media progs which had changed the things you do. Of course there was BBC and ITV with 6 5 special and Oh Boy, produced a pre school Cliffy fan. BBC for those progs on ancient Egypt. Took me ages to complete the survey, normally takes me less than 5 mins.
sue-1 wrote:
Thursday, December 10, 2015, 21:46
Evening all, thought I'd take a few minutes now Ploppy has gone to bed to pop in and say what a lovely time I had on Sunday. So many of us together, (even saw Alison in the intermission)really missed KK but it was good to see the Giggle sisters, my hasn't Lin's hair grown!
Thanks to everyone for cards and gifts, and to Jane and Jo for making paying so simple.
Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to so many of you, I looked around before I went to catch the tube but only managed to catch a few.

The concert was wonderful, thanks for the review Jane, brought it all back, in fact I've saved a copy of it. I sometimes forget just how gorgeous that man is!

There was some talk of a Loppy get together sometime next year, that would be brilliant. Our Dublin one seems a lifetime away now, I'd love to repeat it.

I've not really caught up at all but spotted a couple of things, Fi going through the mill a bit (or a lot) and Eva a bit concerned about her mother, ohhhmmmsss for you two and for KK and for anyone else who needs them.

Not done much in the way of preparations for Christmas, really should get the cards written at least. It will be very quiet this year, Jack, Megan and parents who usually come to us are going to Karen's sister's. it will be a much better Christmas for them this year as last Christmas eve Karen was admitted to hospital and all the trauma that followed. She's in remission and doing really well, back at work four days a week and will be full time next term.
We go to Cornwall on Boxing day till the New Year so looking forward much to that.

Right back to the cards for an hour then bed I think.
sue-1 wrote:
Thursday, December 10, 2015, 21:48
Jo, do you get paid for doing surveys? My friend was advising me to do them for a bit of pocket money.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 11, 2015, 07:49
Morning all - suffering a little as cold has developed into full blown cold and cough and I spent a night fighting catarrh. Had a lovely time with Victoria yesterday (and hoping I managed to not give her any bugs). She really enjoyed Miss S, and is looking really well. She does think baby might be a boy this time (someone cleverly gave Imogen a book entitled "All I want for Christmas is a Baby Brother" - not sure it will work....). I admit I struggled with the concert last night and was glad when we got home! Fi that is a very strange thing for the C Home to do - my mother received the allowance and if was deducted from her bill, which I suspect is what you (and most people) would expect. Do hope it can be resolved! Eva that sounds like a good visit to the insultant, but not so good for the one to your mother, but your sister seems to be keeping an eye on things. Ah I suspect that is a generation thing with your father - they don't want to make a fuss and be a nuisance. Sue, it was indeed lovely to meet up with everyone and especially those we haven't seen for a while. We are also having a quiet Christmas Day (just MM, Twin and Me) but I am quite looking forward to putting my feet up and watching the tv! Have just emailed to cancel tonight's choir practice as I don't think I feel up to that today. Feel I would benefit from a night in (first this week since last Saturday!). Morning BHB, a hot toddy? Sounds lovely. I think we will have to forgo the snuffle as I don't want to pass my germs on to you, but I am sure the DCM will make up for it when she arrives!
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 11, 2015, 09:58
Morning all. Very gloomy here today, I think we may get more rain. I got home last night after a lovely 2 days with Twin and MM. It was lovely seeing Victoria yesterday, who is blooming and looking very ready to pop soon! Miss S was fab and of course made me weep again. It is such a fabulous production, I hope it does well in NY next year. Before we went to the theatre we had lunch at a fantastic little Frxnch retaurant Twin found. Terrific food and very reasonably priced. My mezze style starter had some of the best falafels I have ever had. Yum!

Oh dear Fi not more stress. I have never heard the like of what the home are doing. It is immoral if not illegal! What are they paid extortionate fees for if not to look after people, to say they are just keeping their allowance as an extra is outrageous. Tucking it as a condition into T&C's is not an excuse. There are some fairly big campaigns about them at the moment as they really are a get out clause for companies. I hope you can at least give them a really hard time about it if nothing else! Glad you did have a lovely birthday anyway.

Eva I would say well done on the weight loss, but not good when it comes off that quickly. However I think you were looking fab when we saw you so there is a plus side to it! Glad your consultant was pleased. Always a good thing. Sorry about your Mum though. It is very hard for you I'm sure. Hopefully she will improve when your father is home.

Lovely to see you Sue. It was so great seeing everyone last weekend. Another fest sometime would be fab if we could manage it.

Poor Twin. Lots of ohhhmmms you feel better soon.

Morning BHB, so we are on hot toddies for the CM are we, well I like hot toddies so that's fine by me. Let's get some more and we will find our poor suffering CM and we can have a nice snuffle.
evam wrote:
Friday, December 11, 2015, 12:18
Morning all. Still very bad weather here, with hail storms and fierce winds.

Hello sweetheart. A herbal tea and a snuggle? Just what I need, thank you. I have been running around this morning so I need a sit-down.

First I went to the physio who had a feel at my neck. He agreed it must be very painful, as the muscles there are stiff as a board. He fiddled about a bit, and then I was given "homework" until the next appointment (Wednesday). So now I have to do 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Add that to the exersises I already do, and I'm a very busy bunny!
Then it was off to the parents' flat to pick up the different things they want. Then off to youngest sister's to deliver mother's load. She looked and seemed a bit brighter today. She's going to see father this afternoon.
The shopping was done, and my arms were stretched to double lenght (Well, it felt like that!) when I carried the bags up to my flat. I had of course managed to forget my wheelie bag! Doh!

Carol,- sorry to hear the cold has developed into a full blowed one. When are you singing again?
I'm not surprised that Victoria loved MS.
Pauline,- I cry every time too!

Now I have to unpack my groceries and start lunch. Fishcakes (homemade) today.
TK wrote:
Friday, December 11, 2015, 19:15
Would you like to win some tickets for a panto?


Just got to pop nextdoor
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 11, 2015, 19:59
Evening all, it's been a damp sort of day. I did go to the shops this morning for food and I think I have managed to get the few final bits I needed for C/mas, so now it is the wrapping fest! This afternoon I have been sorting my tree out. I have bought a fake one this year and am very pleased with it. It really does look real. It isn't decorated yet mind, just wanted to make sure it all went up and was all there.

Glad your Mother looked a bit better today Eva. I know the feeling of arms like that! I had them today as well!

Well it looks a promising panto Jo....
TK wrote:
Friday, December 11, 2015, 21:25
some pics from RAH
TK wrote:
Friday, December 11, 2015, 21:26
scroll down to find lots of Lee pics
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 08:24
Morning and a grey day - I am still full of the cold, in fact it is now causing my eyes to stream almost incessantly. Cough wakes me in the night every two hours or so, so can understand how tiring it was in hospital Eva! No singing commitments until week tomorrow week (carol service) Eva, which is just as well. I am supposed to be taking the service tomorrow morning but if I am still like this I think that is not going to happen so may ask Rick to ring new Vicar and ask him to do it for me (at least that way he has a day's notice!). I hope you are being good about doing your exercises Eva, unlike MM who hasn't done his exercises on his toe since the last physio visit over a week ago. Oh a panto Jo, that looks promising! Oh yes it does! Morning BHB, yes I am still poorly so perhaps some mulled wine and a mince pie. I won't sit near you as I wouldn't want you to catch these bugs. I am sure the DCM will make up with an extra long snuffle when she comes in!
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 08:55
Morning all. It's still grey outside,- well I think so but it's still dark, so hard to say. At least the winds have died down, so it doesn't sound as if a train is passing the back of the block! There is a pass there, so the wind howles through.

Hello sweetheart. Don't worry,- I don't have a cold, so we can snuggle close. Another coffee will suit me fine, thank you. A mince pie? That's an English delicacy too far for me.

Carol,- so far I've done my excercises as I'm supposed to, but this morning I could really feel it in my neck, so maybe I'll do it a bit gentler this afternoon. Tell MM romr me that he has to do as he's told!
I'm sure the new vicar will do the service for you. Not only will he do you a favour, but it is an opportunity to let the congregation know him better. Simples!

It's strange not to have to do my usual Saturday h****w**k, so I'm trying to think what to do. I'm sure something will occur to me.

Jo,- thank you for the link to those delicious photos.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 09:58
Morning all. Another grey, damp but mild day here. Really not complaining though when you see what the poor people in Cumbrxa are getting thrown at them. I see more rain is forecast and the rivers are still really high. I will be looking out my C/mas decs today I think, at least they will brighten the day up a bit.

Poor Twin, you sound really bad. Lots of ohhhmmms and I hope you can start to improve soon. I'm sure the new vicar will help you out tomorrow. You can speak for half an hour like you are. In fact not sure you should go at all!

Lovely photos Jo. thank you. I have watch the vid of him singing FG as well. The boy did good!

Morning BHB, so we have mulled wine and this is a mask for me? Oh dear the poor CM is still full of cold is she. Well I think we better get more wine and find her. Mulled wine is very good for colds!
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 10:11
I have to dash to post office, yes even I have christmas parcels to post
maeve12 wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 12:04
I had an awful fright on Tuesday, as I was pootling about on my lap top everything vanished, just a grey screen, I couldn't even switch it off, eek panic stations!
I've just got it back from the PC shop and although it looks a bit different it is now working, evidently it was something to do with Windows up dates, I've had a quick whiz through the blog, it's amazing how much there is to read for only 4 days, I'm very glad to be back!
Diana wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 12:48
Hello all.

Another week gone by and still loads to do but this morning I sorted out most of the stuff for SA and partly for next weekend so feeling a little more relaxed. We're going to my parents for dinner this evening and to swop pressies, well I say swop, I've already had mine and Ploppy is getting money towards his new camera so it's more us handing over their packages. And tomorrow it's the in-laws turn. Thankfully Ploppy isn't playing golf tomorrow (yes, occasionally he doesn't play both days at the weekend now he's working 4 days!!) so we'll go late morning and hopefully be back before it gets dark. As I have a hospital appt Monday pm, in Manchester all day Tuesday, dental appt Wednesday pm, dept Xmas lunch Friday, and away most of next weekend, if we don't go tomorrow, don't think I'd have got to see them pre Xmas.

Ploppy & I went to see Beautif*l, the Car*le K*ng musical last night with friends. It was very, very good and I can thoroughly recommend it. We all really enjoyed it and Ploppy said he thought it was the best musical he'd seen since Mamm* M*a (his favourite)! We had a nice, though expensive, meal beforehand - I had partridge with a thick sauce and blueberries to start, monkfish in a sort of Thai soup which was delicious, yummy flavour without being too spicy, and pineapple carpaccio with coconut sorbet to finish which was also delish and refreshing.

Already seems ages since the Xmas concert. So lovely to see so many Sls, especially those I've not seen for a while.

So sorry to hear you're having such a tough time at present, Fi. Hope the money situation with the home can be resolved to your satisfaction, it's disgraceful.

Sorry your cold's got much worse, Carol. Ohmmmms to you and anyone else who needs them.

Glad to hear the PC shop were able to sort out your laptop so quickly, Maeve. I hate it when mine plays up which it has been doing a bit recently. Definitely need to look for a new one once I get some spare time which won't be till after Easter. Just hope it behaves itself while we're in SA as I'm w*rking some days.

Enjoy SCD and Cas tonight which unfortunately I'll miss.
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 18:40
Evening all.
I'm getting ready for tonight's telly marathon. I didn't know who had to leave last week until I looked it up earlier today. I remember reading that Carol was upset, and I can well believe it! Helen out? Absolutely incredible. Both Katie and Anita are much weaker dancers. AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH. I' seroiusly pi**ed off!

I've had a look at the Cas website, and Lofty is very high up on the cast list. I hope we'll see more of him tonight than we have done lately, especially as we're getting close to his last episode.

I've got a few things to do before Strictly starts, so I'd better hurry.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 18:51
Kn*ck*red, meant to be going out for a party. Not going to happen. I was chilled riding this pm.
Let me catch up and watch SCD at the same time
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 18:58
Diana. that sounds like a busy time. Though time is dashing on towards your holiday.

Carol, I hope your cold calms down sounds not nice at all.
I need my winter fleece, feeling a bit chilly, cos i'm over tired I suspect
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 19:20
po0p-[ that was TK's comment on Jay's VW. Obviously she is not a VW fan.

K+Anton, Charleston, shame started with so much promise and did not deliver.
Jay VW, looked excellent, shame that there was no twirling in a big full shirt, I like that bit. There was a tender love story.
G+G, Cha Cha, Male G has his chest out for marks. Dance seems a little stoppy starty. Also not my fav song in any way, I will Survive. Female G has been ill.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 19:32
Anita and G. FT. Hmmm? far too long before the dance started. What she did as a FT looked fine, there was a little more twiddling at the end. I think the chirography and song spoilt it for me. (I do know a version of the song I like they could have used)
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 19:37
K+K Rumba. Looked like it had all the moves, I suspect it was good. (did spot a little thing that may have been an error)
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 19:56
Poor Katie, a few wobbles in the W. It looked good, but not great.
Jay Charleston, amazing foot work, such timing. Looked like a touch of a problem in a lift, but perhaps it was meant, it did spoil it for me either way.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 20:12
Missed a couple of dances due to ordering Bro and girlfriend's Christmas present online. I have sent them a book, guess who wrote it? this morning. I'm done now.

I did see the end of Anita's and didn't know it was a salsa until I heard the judges comments. Not my thing.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 20:21
K+K A Smooth, I agree with the judges it was Fred and Ginger to perfection. Ginger had a cheeky face sometimes during the dances. The best dance of the show, maybe even the series for me. A- Maz- ing.
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 20:21
And here is the vote of The Norwegian Jury:


1. Katie and Anton, charleston.
Very good dancing. One small mistake. Flicks could have been sharper at the end. Out of step several times.
7 points.

2. Jay and Aliona, Vienesse waltz.
That is just beautiful. They told a lovely story.
9 points.

I love Tess's dress.

3. Georgia and Giovanni, cha cha.
Her footwork is impeccable and so is her rhytm. A great dance.
9 points.

4. Anita and Gleb, foxtrot.
She looks gorgeous! She seems a little stiff, especially in the upper body. Sorry, it didn't convince me.
8 points.

5. Kellie and Kevin, rhumba.
A bit unsteady? I liked the drama they were telling. Very good dance.
8 points.


1. Katie and Anton, waltz.
She is the weakest link.

Gotta eat.

4. Anita and Gleb, salsa.
A strange salsa with even stranger costumes. Cheerleader? Very athletic, not very salsa-ish.
8 points.

5. Kellie and Kevin, American smooth.
So romantis, so smooth. Then the jumps! Too many?
9 points.

TK wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2015, 20:22
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2015, 09:18
Morning and it is grey out, I am still full of germs so MM has gone to church on his own. New Vicar doing my slot for me. We were due to go down and see June and co tomorrow but I am going to postpone to another date next week - can't risk giving the children, nor Moving aunt, this bug - it is a really nasty one. Will try to summon up the energy to do some wrapping up later. Watched SCD of course (missed Helen) and think it could well be K&A in the dance off with....now depends on the vote for A&G I think. Found their sxlsa very odd tbh - not sure Glxb understands the UK version of the show. Now off for a hot bath to see if that makes me feel better. Morning BHB, sadly still no snuffles I am afraid. Let's grab the paninis and the Mimosa and have a nice long chat until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2015, 09:55
Morning all. It has almost stopped raining here, but we've had frost overnight, so I think the roads are icy.

Hello sweetheart. It's going to be a busy day for you? Unpacking in your new home? Do you want me to help? I'm an expert un-packer. You'll send the Tardis for me when you're ready? Okey, dokey. Do you want some homebaked Norwegian Christmas cookies? I baked a batch yesterday and another one this morning. You do? All right,- I'll fill a tin for you.

I had half planned to go visit father again today and to pick up mother on the way. However, Mrs S is going to do that today, so the day is my own! Maybe I'll start wrapping some presents? Not my favourite past time activity, but it has to be done. I'll be doing the delivery rounds later this week.

Carol,- I agree with you that Katie should be in the dance off, maybe together with Anita. She delivered the strangest rhumba I've ever seen!
I hope a day or two of rest at home will make the cold,- if not go away, will calm down a bit.

There was some nice bits of Lofty last night. I love the exchanges between him and Dylan! I also like the new receptionist. He makes me laugh with all his antics.

evam wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2015, 10:01

This is the cookies I baked this morning:

And these I made yesterday:

pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2015, 10:07
Morning all, yet another grey damp day. I must admit it would be lovely to see the sun again. Still at least the days start getting longer n about 9 days! I want to finish the decs today and I will have to do the bedding as well so plenty to keep me busy. I agree with Twin about tonight. I think the difference between K&A and the other 3 is now very obvious. I am not a big fan of Glxb either. I don't go a bundle on a lot of his choreography which always seems to consist of throwing A around. I think that is very much the style of some of the other shows round the world. We are a bit more conservative and go for the proper stuff!

Poor Twin still suffering. Lots of ohhhmmmms that you start to feel better soon.

Morning BHB, so we have Mimxsa today? I thought we might still be medicating the CM with hot toddies! Oh you made those as well. You are a sweetie. I think we could have more Mxmosa and we'll find the CM and make sure she is ok.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2015, 10:13
Eva you snuck in while I wasn't looking. The biscuits look yummy so count me in too please!
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2015, 16:32
I liked the idea of the choccy ones, so I (and a MrG) translated the info for you
Checkerboard cookies
250 g flour
100g icing sugar
180 g butter
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 tablespoon cocoa


Combine flour and powdered sugar . Crumble in the soft butter and knead the dough together .

Divide dough into two equal parts (see tip). Knead into vanilla sugar in one part and cocoa in the other.

Roll out two white and two dark bars . Add light pole beside dark rod in two layers , so you can check pattern . Lightly press together and let stand the cold until the dough has hardened somewhat (about 30 min) .

Cut slices and place on cookie sheet . Bake cakes center of the oven at 175 ° C for 10 min. Cool on a rack .


" Checkerboard" can be kept long in dense cake box . The cookies can also be frozen .
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2015, 16:38
It was a little windy this morning, but I found a nice warm job cleaning out a storage area, lots of straw, dust, cobwebs and mouse droppings. I did smell a little whiffy afterwards, but I went shopping anyway. Got a nice 2 jigsaws for Felf for her pressie.
maeve12 wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2015, 18:05
Sorry to hear about your cold Carol, lots of ooooooohms.

,I've just got back from a very interesting afternoon with a group I belong to, we had a talk from the head goncho of SOLT, the(soc. of London theatres).
He's involved with everything to do with London theatres, the tkt booth in Leic. Squ. theatre tokens, the theatre Unions, safety and lots more including The Olivier Awards, he brought an actual Olivier Statuette, lots of people had their photo taken holding it!

Have a good holiday Diana.
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2015, 18:40
How many Aladdins can you see in 12 months, Disney Aladdin, Panto Aladdin, SR-H Aladdin. Obviously an Aladdin time.
evam wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2015, 18:57
Jo,- that's a good translation Mr G has made of the receipe. It's easy to make, just a bit fiddly, so go ahead, ladies.

I had a nice chat with Iselin earlier this afternoon. Emilian joined the conversation now and again with a shout and a gurgle. Juan shouted "Hi, auntie Eva." He was in the kitchen cooking dinner,- a salmon wok. Iselin's got him nicely trained!

Maeve,- did you get your 30 seconds of fame,- with the Olivier?

Tomorrow I'm going to "babysit" mother. Youngest sister has a marathon day at the hospital (same as m.) and my lovely br.-in-l ha to take the car in for it's MOT. I'm going out there early, and mother and I will visit father. Then I'll cook us lunch when we get back to the house. Fingers crossed I don't have one of my "sleeping days".

Now I'm just waiting to see if the British public has done it's duty and voted Katie and Anita for the dance-off. If not, I'll be going into another sulk!

pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2015, 20:04
Evening all. Had a busy day finishing the decorating then wrapping a few pressies and doing some laundry...we'll gloss over the last bit!

So the d/off was the right too. Think either could of gone, but Len was never going to choose Anita with that dance! Should have been them last week for me then Helen could have been in the final where she should be. Feel Jay is a shoo in for the trophy, he has huge popular support, but we'll see.
evam wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2015, 20:43
Pauline,- I agree that the right two were in the dance off, but Katie NEVER should have made it to the finals. Just the thought that Helen was ditched last week still makes me angry, so I think I'll have a sulk after all! ( Not a pretty sight!)

TK wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2015, 20:50
Actually remembered to watch SCD, well from the Kylie song. I knew the result, but it was good to see the improvement made in the dance off. I'll not see the final, as I have somewhere better to be. I'll try to see it later in the night on iplayer.
I'm still a bit tired, better not stay up too late.
Eva, I hope you manage to do your 'baby sitting tomorrow'.
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2015, 21:12
My view on reason Helen didn't make it was she was too perfect. Also the choreography she had was quite often lacking in 'feeling'. I found her boring to watch for these reasons. I find Jay mesmerising as I've never watched celebs feet move in the way his do, hypnotic. Yes, for me he should be in the final. I'm sorry (no I'm not really) I'm one of the many SCD fans who have been voting for Anton to get into final. I agree A+K should not win. K+K have been so entertaining, she really gets into the dances. The choreography has been really interesting, but not too 'out there'. (Yes Gleb- you have had a couple of excellent dances which have worked, but some - for me, have been turkeys, far too innovative.) G+G have a little of the 'bit boring' for me on the perfect scale, but nowhere near Helen. For me it is Jay or Kellie, can't decide. BUT I don't have to as I'm not in, I'm watching someone much more interesting :)

Better go now.
Ali wrote:
Monday, December 14, 2015, 07:27
Morning. I'm looking forward to today as I can selfishly have a bit of 'me' time. The last week has been ridiculously busy. I'm off for a pedicure then will iron while catching up on some recorded programmes. Hopefully might wrap a couple of pressies too. Tonight is our last Brownie meeting of term, apart from a slot at the Town Carol Service on Weds.
Thought The right 2 were in the dance off last night, tough call for the judges. Would be happy to see K/K, J/A or G/G win but do have soft spot for J!
Have a good day, whatever you may be doing. Oohhmms for poorlies
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 14, 2015, 07:57
Morning all and I slept through the night (well woke at 5 am for a cough, took a throat sweet and went back to sleep!!) so feel I may be on the mend! I did manage to get most of the pressies wrapped yesterday and cooked a roast (which I couldn't taste at all) before watching the results show. Ah have to disagree with you Jo, I thought Helen was exquisite not boring. J I like but the thing that really bugs me as that no-one, not the press, not the judges or anyone mentions that he spent those years at dance school, so when they go on about his beautiful lines, I should rather hope he had them after all that! I now have a soft spot for G&G and suspect I will be voting for them in the final. Thought it was definitely time for A&G to go (let's hope if he is back next year he has learned his lesson regarding choreography!!). K & A - well interestingly MM (who of course is obliged to watch) find K too much like a head prefect. A is useless at lxtin so that's always a hindrance. People are saying they are voting for him to be in his first final..........he was third in the first series! He has also had some very good partners - not the likes of AW, JH,, NdO and JM - but he got to the quarters with Lailla R, just missed with Patsy P. Oh and pleased to say MM was a Helen fan too!! Mind you I think that had something to do with the length of her legs!! MM is off this morning to SLAPPA alone (well he'll have my friend Lindy for support. Hope your "baby sitting" goes well Eva and you find your father recuperating nicely. The cookies look yummy - thank you for the translation Jo/Mr G! Maeve that sounds fascinating - so DID you hold the statuette?? Yes there does seem to be an Alxddin overkill at the moment and sadly not one of my favourite pantos, ah well! Can't believe Ali is having some "Ali time" - enjoy the pedicure, you deserve it! Morning BHB, yes still have the germs sadly but I am sure I can manage some Lavendula. No snuffles yet though, you will have to wait for the DCM. If you will bring the incohol I'll fetch the cookies and you can tell me all about your weekend!
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 14, 2015, 10:04
Morning all, nothing new to report on the weather front, yep, it's grey and damp! I have a bit of a food shop to do then have to tackle the i word, so not the most exciting day! I was a huge fan of Helen as well and thought her lovely to watch. I was so sad she didn't make the final. Didn't expect her to win as I know that not only has Jay the huge support of Wxnted fans, he also has a big fan base of Mums! (Step forward Ali!) I do like him and have always thought he would win, but it would be nice if the press were less sexist about who they pick on to have a go at about early dance training and had at least mentioned his once or twice! Anyway it is an entertainment show and as such fulfills it's brief as I find it constantly entertaining! Oh and I totally agree about Glxb. Didn't like his choreography much at all. The dances were more like show dances. Heaven knows what he would have done with Anita if they had got to do an actual show dance. Thrown her over the building maybe!

Enjoy your me time Ali, you so deserve it.

Morning BHB, so the CM is feeling a little better? Fantastic (still ohhhmmming for her though). Ah still no snuffling. Never mind let's get more Lavendula and find the CM and I will try to make up for it!
maeve12 wrote:
Monday, December 14, 2015, 10:07
Glad you're feeling a bit better Carol.

Yes I did hold it! Smaller than I thought but heavy, I didn't have my camera so haven't got a pic.
Next year is the 40th anniversary of The Oliviers and there's going to be an interactive exhibition at the V and A called 'Curtain Up'

I don't think K*ty deserves to be in the final and have thought that people were voting for A.
Although Gleb is a beautiful creature I have thought one or two of his dances have been quite unattractive, reminded me of those dancers
that used to do a special invitation dance which was very gymnastic where they climbed all over each other.
evam wrote:
Monday, December 14, 2015, 10:07
Morning all. It was sleeting this morning as I drove out to youngest sister's, but the roads were clear, so no problems.

Hello sweetheart. You look up-beat. You had a nice cocktail with Carol? Well, now you can have a nice coffee with me. (He looks a little doubtful.). I'll throw in some of my homebaked bisquits with it? The chessboard ones? Okey dokey.

Mother was eating her breakfast when I arrived. She is now ensconed on the sofa with her newspaper and her glass of water, so is quite happy. We'll visit father a bit later.

Carol,- I totally agree with you about Helen. She was exquisite (sp?), and Aljaz knew how to choreograph around her strenght. Btw. It's not Anton's popularity that should count whether he gets to the finals or not,- it's his partner's dancing! GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Ali,- some "me" time? Are you sure you'll recognise it when it presents itself?

When is SRH Alladin opening? Maybe I can combine it with my Pheasantry visit in March?

Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 14, 2015, 10:35
...it opens some time in June Eva. with previews from 27th May I think! Have to say I agree about what Gleb may have included in a show dance....maybe Anita is a little relieved!! She is doing the tour I think, as is Helen, so they get to carry on dancing. Jay also doing the tour, but not Kellie - Kevin is dancing with Frankie from last year. Think final line up is Frankie, Georgia, Helen, Ainsley, Jake (from last year), Jay and Anita (just double checked to make sure I was right!). I have often wondered how heavy the statuettes were Maeve! They always look heavy when you see the celebs holding them! Now to finish off the wrapping. Have just ordered a couple of more things for MM on line from M&S so that is him finished now. I'll wrap his pressies that I do have now whilst he is out - simples!
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, December 14, 2015, 18:06
Hi all. I am postponing Chris.stmas - sorry. Just so behind can't ever see being ready.
Ploppy had to shoot off to R..ading on sat to help eldest Scollop flat/ house hunt. Think it helped both but I stayed at home and caught up onshhopping ( food), h.usework, cooking, baking. So didn't get much C prep done. Tho I have come home home tonight to find the external lights up - hurrah. Mind you ploppy has managed to trail so many wires everywhere in the porch I may have to do a risk assessment before people can come into house!
Visited step m-I-l yesterday. Struggling to see how I can fit in visit to my parents this weekend. I had a few free hours on Thursday this week to get c things done - well I had until elderly neighbour phoned and said there was service for his late wife at his home on Thursday am and would we come - as. No-one else coming. I couldnt say no but almost cried. I have delivered all the presents to parents so think I will go inNY when they are back from my brothers.
Still emails back and fore to care home. As I thought they are trying to avoid putting in writing what extra services they are using the N.S money for and suggested we come in for a chat. Oh yes that is right we will do,a 450 mile round trip so that they don't implicate themselves. A sharp request for the information in writing has gone back but we have heard nothing . We will give it another 2 days then I will contact the C.C.
Pedicure sounds lovely Al. Think I could do with massage.
Eva - hope you had good day with your mum and that your dad recovering well.
I have missed most of SCD this year. I manage to see the results show but not the dances! I am also 3 books behind n my book club reading! Told you I needed to post pone C!
evam wrote:
Monday, December 14, 2015, 18:54
Evening all.
Back home a couple of hours ago, but I've been busy on the pooter, paying bills.

The day with mother went well. She was brighter than I've seen her for a long time. We went to visit father, and found him in his room. Mother was clinging to him and told him it was so good to feel his arms around her. I looked discretly away, but could hear the sounds of kissing. I asked if they wanted me to leave the room, but father just laughed and said I could stay. Mother blushed. Bless!
It's going very slowly with father's recovery, as he's in a lot of pain. I told him a Paracetamol 3 times a day won't do anything for his pain, and told him to ask the nurse for stronger stuff. He's afraid of getting dependant! He's 88, for heaven's sake! I think I managed to talk some sense in to him. The physio came in while we were there, and she hinted that father might not be ready to go home after a 2 weeks' stay, so he might have to stay an extra one or two weeks. They will decide next week. She also said that the nurse would sort out visits from the district nurse when they moved back home, and father just nodded his agreement. We've tried to convince them to get more help for ages, but no! Obviously if it comes from a professional, they are ready to listen!
Back from the visit I made a huuuuge pan of stew, so there was plenty for everyone.

Tomorrow my cleaning lady is coming, so hopefully I'll stop sneezing when the dust is gone!

Carol,- thank you for the info about Aladdin. I'm sure I can fit in a visit in July when I'm booked to see CCBB at W*mbledon.
Btw. I have just finished AM's Lost Girls. It was almost impossible to put down!

Fi,- you can postpone Christmas till 2016. I'm sure you'll feel all the better for it.

Pauline,- I also think that Jay will win.

TK wrote:
Monday, December 14, 2015, 18:56
Ali, you'll have to talk to Fi about some relax time.
Eva, you now have a letter at my house. I think it's advertising for Warners. I've put it on top of the book I have for you. Hope your 'baby sitting' went well.

I think Aladdin was the first panto I ever saw, so it will be interesting to see it again. I have very little memory of it.

News from w*rk another person is leaving from my group. So out of 10 people, 2 have resigned, one is going on 1 year's maternity leave. Nightmare. We had a dry run today- 4 people off sick. I worked 8 hrs and left.
TK wrote:
Monday, December 14, 2015, 19:43
hello 'more mature females'
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 07:30
Morning all - its really dark out, I thought it must be about 5am when I woke, so was surprised it was 7 am instead! Another night where I slept through without waking, so think I am on the mend! Hope so anyway - getting fed up with being housebound. Lovely review Jo, although we can't be the mm females as I don't recollect swooning!! Do you think that your work ptb will realise there is something desperately wrong?? Oh Fi, don't despair! It will happen! Can't believe the C Home! (well sadly I can). Glad you have demanded details in writing. Think you should definitely wait until NY to do trip to your parents - that will take a little pressure off you. I am sure they will understand. In fact when I told June we weren't going to be able to take the presents down for her and the rest of the family yesterday she said it would be nice to spread things out if we couldn't get there until after! In fact still hoping to go tomorrow (or if I am not right MM will go alone) as we need the space the presents are taking up! Lots of rather large boxes with the boys' presents in and a huge one for Logan's birthday present! Ah glad you enjoyed L Girls, Eva - I thought it was the best yet! Aww that was a lovely moment you described for your parents there. Not so good that they feel your father isn't recovering as well as he might and they may keep him in longer. Well it will be good for him, but not necessarily for your mother I feel. Hopefully extra help at home will be a big benefit. What happened to the respite home you were going to look into at one point last year? I was just wondering if it would be possible to release your father somewhere like that and your mother could stay too? Had an exciting evening last night - MM went off to the small choir Christmas get together and I, Cinerellalike, stayed home and did the i word! On the plus side all the bedding now changed and laundered. One thing I haven't yet got my cotton wool head around is what food we are going to need over the holiday period (well I've ordered for C'man Day of course, but need to sort out the rest of the days, including the get together on Ch'mas Sunday! It will happen, it will happen! I still have nine days after all!! Morning BHB, still germy I am afraid so maybe some of that lovely smelling mulled wine? I'll get the mince pies and you can tell me all about the new part time job whilst we wait for the DCM.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 09:29
Morning all. It's a bright morning here, but it's c-c-c-c-cold. - 4.2 degrees when I got up this morning.

Hello sweetheart. You look a bit sad? Carol is still infested with bugs, so there were no snuffling? Dear me. If you show me how to snuffle, I'll be happy to do a session with you. You'll wait for Pauline? SNIFF !

I can hear the sound of the h****r being moved around. Lovely sound,- because it's not me moving it! My cleaning lady is hard at work, bless her. She said it was very icy outside, so if I go out later, I'd better be careful.

I have baked another batch of Christmas cookies (bisquits) this morning. Kokosmakroner:


Very easy to make, so maybe Mr. G can do a translation?

Carol,- the respite home we were talking about isn't really the right place for father while he's recovering. He has to be more active with his excercises, so hopefully the physio with drag him out of his easy chair today.
Oh, I see you had a marvellous evening last night. Hehehehe.

Jo,- thank you for the link. Mature females indeed! As long as she didn't call us matrons! But a lovely review nonetheless.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 10:06
Morning all, and we still have murky, damp weather and it is mild for the time of year. I actually don't mind all this really as I think I may have mentioned once or twice that I hate snxw! So this is better for me. Mind a glimpse of sun would be nice! I want to do some present wrapping today but I also have to go to St A to return a bra that is not comfortable, and there is nothing worse than an uncomfortable bra!

Thanks for the review Jo it is really nice, though as I don't recall swooning either I don't think we are included in the mature lady category! Your work situation doesn't get better does it. Just don't let yourself be drawn done the path of working all hours again.

Eva what a lovely moment for your parents. Shame your father is not recovering that quickly. Let's hope he does what he is told and can then get home quicker. I used to have those cakes when I was little. Not a big fan of coconut these days though. I do eat it though. Anyway here's the translation.


4 pcs egg white
200 g sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
200 g shredded coconut


This is how you do it:

1. Preheat oven to 180 ° C. Prepare a baking tray or two with parchment paper.

2. Whisk egg whites lightly together in a saucepan. Mix in the sugar, vanilla sugar and shredded coconut.

3. Put the saucepan over medium heat and stir constantly along the bottom with a wooden spoon. When the mass has the consistency of thick rice porridge is the complete, ca. 10 minutes.

4. Put the tops of coconut pulp with two spoons on a baking tray.

5. Bake the cakes in the middle of oven for about 10 minutes, until golden. Cool on a rack.

Store cakes in a tight box, preferably with baking paper between layers.

Morning BHB, I can smell mulled wine, lovely! Let's get some more and find the CM and we can snuffle. What? Wva was trying to find out about snuffling again but you didn't let on. Well done! I think her snuggles on the sofa are quite enough for her to be going on with!
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 10:35
My Mummy used to make those when I was little - she called them "coconut kisses"!
evam wrote:
Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 20:29
Evening all.
Very quiet day on the blog. Well, I've had a good day, i.e a rather lazy one. After my cleaning lady had finished, I drove down to the shopping centre to do my weekly shop. I also included some Christmas food, just in case.

Tomorrow I have an early start, with a physio appointment first thing. After that I'll be driving up to see Viljar's mum. I need to unload a small mountain of Christmas presents and to pick up a couple of empty cake tins. It'll be my job to fill them up! I'm well under way with my Christmas baking, so I think I'll manage to keep the family supplied.

Carol,- that's a lovely name for the cakes. We just call them coconut maccaroons,- not nearly so romantic!

Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 20:45
...well we will also be on the present drop off tomorrow Eva - have four box loads to deliver down to June and family tomorrow. Have finally finished all the wrapping (hooray!!). It has been taking a lot longer this year as I am not at full strength. Currently sitting with feet up watching an MM (repeat but can't remember who did it!).
TK wrote:
Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 21:01
I like coconut cakes.
One of the sickies returned to w*rk today. The stand in manager for mat leave, so I said to him he could reorganise the resources to cover for the other sickies today as I did it yesterday. Hopefully I was not too rude when I said it.

I need help tomorrow, can someone phone me (NOT text) on mobile at about 16:30 UK time? I need a 100% excuse to get out of a meal in the evening. 'Felf is having a little turn and needs me home.' Felf is fine really.
Either that or I have to start being sick, chap who came back to w*rk today said he had noro visrus, I said he should stay off for more days if he really had that, so is possible, but I don't want to be off on Thurs, so not a good idea.

I went to see Mrs Postman this evening to ask her to phone me but she was stressed to the hills. Big dog still with them, so lots of cleaning to do. Mr Postman has invited his friends to come for the weekend, so she has to get the decs out and get house ready for overnight guests. I didn't ask her to phone me, I asked if I could help, she said no. So I said hi to the dogs and left. At least she has kept her job, she had to reapply for it again. The NHS keep putting their staff through reapplying for their own jobs. This is the 3rd time she has had to do it since I've known her (18 years).

Carol glad you are feeling a bit better. Hope you recover fully very soon. I'm sure spreading the gift giving would be very good for the kids. Or all at once would be good for them too I'm sure.

Last night I returned my Hudl 2 to it's factory settings, after the almost complete melt down it had when the major update went wrong. I thought they would have sorted the update by now. It seems to be OK, at least it seems to pick up the wifi and asks for the password. Previously it would only connect to BT hotspots and not my BT. I'll carry on checking it out.

I'm a bit tired again, so will go to bed early. Must be the dark nights. I did wake up early this morning as I went to bed early.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 21:27
Jo,- I'll call you tomorrow if noone else can. I will remember the time difference, promise.

Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 07:51
Morning all and it is very dark and gloomy. Another good night - I woke at 1 am for a cough and then slept through until just now. Sounds strange but new Vicar's (maybe I should start calling him Alan!) wife said try putting Vxck on the soles of my feet and then covering with socks when I went to bed. Sounded whacky but I did it and so far apart from the 1 am I haven't coughed yet!! Jo does your no still end with 1677? If so either me or Twin will do our best to ring at 4.30 ish (MM and I should just be home then and Twin should have just arrived), so between us we will give you an emergency escape route! Hope Eva's Mrs Santa trip goes well - are you taking them any coconut kisses? Hope the physio works too! We are off in an hour and a half so better get moving!! Morning BHB, yes it is gloomy but I suppose it is December! I'm afraid I am still unable to snuffle (well I can do a different sort of snuffle quite well at the moment) but we can sit and talk about C'mas plans until the DCM arrives. I am sure I can manage some hot toddy and a coconut kiss!
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 08:08
Morning all.

Glad to read you're on the mend, Carol.

I agree with you about the current weather, Pauline. I'd much rather it was gloomy and mild than cold. I went to Manchester yesterday and although not cold, it was decidedly cooler than London. 5 hours travelling for 2.5 hours at the Manch. office. Still,l it was nice to catch up with my team member in person. I didn't get time to check w*rk emails during the day but when I looked first thing today, I was relieved to find there weren't many and nothing urgent.

We had a nice evening with my parents on Saturday. The in-laws were both reasonably well. For once they spent our visit together - normally one sits in the lounge and the other in the kitchen, both watching TV but different channels.

Dental appointment this pm for check up and hygienist. Have to go again next week as part of a filling fell out (at the Cote lunch).
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 10:26
Morning all, yet another grey day, but I think it is a smidge brighter, not so murky, but still lovely and mild. I will be off to Twin later of course, but first I have to take my last parcel to the post. I had to get the new address of my nephew which finally came through yesterday! Was on the phone to my cousin for quite a while last night. Had a good catch up. As they are on top of a hill they have escaped the floods (as I knew they would), but a little town at the bottom of the hill by the river was under 2/3 ft of water. So awful for them there and it is such a very pretty place. Makes me determined to not live by a river!

Jo we will do our best for you. Even if Twin is delayed, by then I should be on the drive of their house so hopefully can call you.

I have a dental check up on Monday Diana. Must be that time of year!

Morning BHB, the CM has gone? Oh dear, and I am late I know. There is still some Hot Toddy? Oh goody, let's get some and we can have a nice snuffle.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 12:07
Afternoon all. It's dark and murky here as well, but no rain. The temperatues are rising. It was a nice + 5.3 degrees this morning when I got up.

Hello sweetheart. You look pleased again? You're quite snuffled out? Pauline is taking her duties seriously? HMPH!

I've had a nice morning. The session with the physio wasn't too bad, as I've faithfully done my excercises, and he was pleased. Now I've got a new one, in addition to the first, so before I know it, my whole morning will be taken up by doing excercises!

The visit with Viljar's mum was lovely. Sondre was smiling and chuckling all the time. He's such a happy soul. We had a nice chat, and it was good to be able to sit down in peace and chat, without being interrupted by the two terrors. She is such a lovely and warm person and she always makes me feel so welcome.

Twins,- I'll leave the resposibility of phoning Jo to you. A rescue operation, I think we can call it.

Diana,- imagine you seeing both your in-laws together. You do make me laugh. One in the kitchen and the other one in the living room,- wathcing telly!

I now have 6 cake tins to fill, but I'm on schedule, so I don't worry. I will do another batch of the coconut kisses this afternoon.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 16:32
Hi Eva just to say Mission Jo accomplished. Glad you had a good visit - Sondre sounds like JJ, he is a very happy little boy too!! I had to keep my distance of course but MM had lots of cuddle time!! X3 and X25 were fine and we had an easy journey both ways. Moving Aunt has been poorly too ....as has June! This seems to be a female targeting bug! It was nice to get out actually and off again tonight - yipee!!!
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 18:40
Hi. Sorry I missed that a phone call was required Jo but glad that you have found out that you are needed urgently at Felfs!!
I have had one bring and share lunch today where I provided the cakes and am now about to put 2 pavlovas tog to take to my works bring and share eve meal!!
Eldest Scollop didn't get house he bid for. So dispiriting for the young.
Just heard my swimming friend fell today and broke her hip. She fell in summer and broke her arm. No reason for falls so think they will investigate further. Worrying.
Care home saga continues. If they phone one more time and ask/ tell ploppy to buy items for aunt I shall scream. We are 200 miles away do not know her size, and pay an inordinate amount of money for them to care for her. Since they are keeping the whole n.s funding I can only assume the full weekly among is for care not nursing. With that money they could send people to shop at H.rrods for her. Ploppy said no and they weren't pleased. Tough.
Eva - do you want another tin to fill ploppy says????
Good luck with dentist diana and Pauline. I have to have some work done. May have to wear a brace!!!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 18:56
Thanks all for the phone call planning. Carol did a brill job, you'd think she did amdram or something ;) Unfortunately the audience was limited as I had an unexpected meeting. So had to rush out of room to take call. There were a couple of people outside. I was very concerned and did a dash out leaving my pooter shutting down and leaving my charge cable on desk (last bit was an error). I rushed into see Felf, who was doing a jigsaw I'd bought in Barnstaple. She did look a bit peaky, but just started smiling as I asked how she was.

I am really tired .... again, can't wait for Friday I have a day off.

Fi 200miles, no probs to deliver a tube of toothpaste. They are mad. Good luck.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 20:28


Pretty in blue
TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 20:43
a must watch

at least the first minute ;)

Too much excitement, I'll have to go to bed now
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 17, 2015, 07:53
Morning all and so glad to hear Felf is ok Jo! Big thank you for the links too - C'lty looking very promising! Oh Fi - that is beyond belief re the C Home. Are they are stand alone home or part of a bigger chain? They must be someone you can voice your concerns to?? That is worrying about your friend's fall - and what a time to break a hip, just before C'mas. We had a very nice Cxpcake Ch'mas meal last night - really enjoyed being out! Today we are going to put our tree up - hooray! - so Twin and I can decorate it. Then this evening we are off to Kxw for one of the Ch'mas at Kxw evenings. We have a car park space booked so hoping that the traffic isn't too bad when we go. We are due there at 7.30 and have been told to wear sensible footwear (I don't actually possess anything that comes under that heading, and carry a torch. I will of course wrap up warm and hopefully the forecast rain will have gone by the time we get there! Think that will help me feel a bit more festive than I have over the last couple of days! Diana, glad the parental visiting went well - like Eva I had a smile at the thought of the outlaws for once being in the same room! My aunt and uncle used to be a little like that (SLAPPAS aunt that is not Moving Aunt), she would be in the front room watching something and he would be in the back room watching something else!! It was dark again this morning but we now have very pretty pink clouds and a blue sky. Twin and I watched The App when we came home so it was a late night - midnight - when I got to bed. I did sleep through, so that was good! Morning BHB, sadly still have my germs so no snuffle. We will have to leave that to the DCM! A little hot toddy and a sausage roll would be lovely though!
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 17, 2015, 08:42
Morning all. It's still pitch dark outside, but I think it's raining. We have summer temps at the moment,- + 8.6 (!) this morning.

Hello sweetheart. Have I been baking today? I haven't started yet, but I will soon. You want to come and help? No? You want to taste? OK,- I'll send some over in the Tardis, but then you have to promise to forward the cake tin to Fi's Ploppy. You will? Goody!

Jo,- thank you for the links. The costumes look stunning. A lot of blues there, so I like! Couldn't watch the Cas spoiler without connecting to the UK telly. Haven't go time now, but will do it later.
Glad to hear that " mission Saving Jo " worked like a dream.

Fi,- that is worrying about your friend's fall and breaking of limbs. Ostereoposis (sp?) maybe?
Your stories about your step-aunt's carehome sound more and more fantastic,- not in a good way. I really hope you'll find someone who can help you.

I spoke to father last night, and he sounded much more up-beat. He thinks he can feel a small improvement, which shows that even light excercises help. He had had a third week at the convalescense home confirmed, so he was very relieved. Mother had been visiting, taking a taxi both ways. That had worked out fine, which is a relief.

I'd better get on with the baking.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 17, 2015, 08:43
Morning all. Like a bumpy I left my iPad at home so am on my phone so this will be short! Had a fab evening, good food nice pressies and great company, what's not to like. Glad operation Felf went well Jo and she is ok! Fi that care home defies belief, but sadly I'm not surprised as I did have a short experience with one that did not merit the care word at all.
Morning BHB. We are still on the hot toddies I see. Suits me so let's get som more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 17, 2015, 11:41
I've done my baking. The first batch was a total disaster, so it went in the bin. I tried a new receipe, but it didn't work. So I went back to a trusted and easy one, and made a batch. All the tins are now full.

I have uploaded 2 photos of our youngest beam of sunshine:
Click on the right arrow and you'll see photo no 2.
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 17, 2015, 11:43
Sorry,- no arrow showed up, so here is a link to photo no 2:
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 17, 2015, 16:59
...aww he looks such a happy boy Eva. Well the deed is done, the tree is up and decorated (thank you Twin) and the conservatory now has its decorations up - it's beginning to look a bit like Christmas! Just going to eat home made soup and we will be off to Kxw soon! It has been drizzling but hopefully it will have stopped by the time we are walking round!!
TK wrote:
Thursday, December 17, 2015, 21:39
Yes Eva, it is a baby ;)

Went to see Felf today, she is still fine, though was a little tired after shopping this morning.

I'm on holiday :) :) Tomorrow I'm off to get car 2 new shoes and I'll pop into my fav shops while it is being done. I have to send some more presents, not packed yet. Then on Saturday I'm off to Brum :) :)
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 17, 2015, 21:49
Jo,- yes, and he's a lovely one too!
So you're off to Birmingham, are you? Doing anything interesting? Oh yes, you are!

I'm off to my bed.

TK wrote:
Thursday, December 17, 2015, 22:00
PS I did feel a teeny tiny bit guilty about last night, when several people asked me how my neighbour was. I know I shouldn't have done it, but a few hours with people from w*rk who I haven't chosen, really really was giving me the creeps.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, December 17, 2015, 22:23
Evening. Dropping in to catch up while I have 5 mins. This week is more insane than usual! Brownies, choir, 3 carol services, working a split shift saturday, boss away tomorrow so into work early to open up, mad dash to collect nephews before engineer arrives to sort out leaking boiler (hopefully just a seal!). Grocery delivery monday then baking goodies for various people before I go to the Thursford xmas show with sloppy and sis. Having to take big car as mine is having a minor procedure at the garage fortunately under warranty. Phew! Just thinking about it all is exhausting. Looking forward to 5 days off from xmas eve!
Glad felf is ok. Don't blame you at all Jo.
Hope you enjoyed kew twins?
Missed weigh in tonight, must try my best this week but not hopeful!!

Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2015, 07:32
Morning all - still gloomy out so not sure what the weather is doing! Ah that's the real Ali that we know and love - was very concerned when I read about the "me time and pedicure" - thought we had had an alien replacement! Hope the boiler gets sorted! Jo by a strange coincidence we will be visiting Brum in a few weeks! Enjoy!! Glad to hear Felf ok, and I don't think you need to feel too guilty. It's not as if you were playing hooky in work time, just your own!! Loved the C'mas at Kxw evening - it was completely magical and the weather was really kind (it did get a little damp when we were going back to the car, but that was off the river rather than falling from the sky). My favourite was the Hxlly Bush Choir - it was just beautiful! Oh and the light display in front of the greenhouses and the fire garden - it was just wonderful. Got home about 9.15pm so caught up with last night's MChef. Then watched ITT which we had missed then went to bed. Woke once with a coughing fit, but took a throat sweet and then I seemed to be fine and slept through until almost 7 am. Need to do last little shop for C'mas stocking pressies today, and to collect some things from MandS as well as buy food for the weekend! Then we have choir practice tonight as it is the Church Carol Service on Sunday afternoon. Apart from that I expect I will twiddle my thumbs!!! Morning BHB, yes it is a little gloomy but I am sure some Vanillita and some toasted marshmallows will work wonders! Sadly still not able to give you a snuffle but I am sure the DCM will more than make up for it!
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2015, 08:19
Morning all. Battery on phone getting a bit low, so a really quick one. The C/mad at Kew last night was fab, just magical especially the singing holly bushes! Loved all of it apart from all the other people around who did get in the way at times! Highly recommended. I'll be back later!
Morning BHB ooh lovely waft of toasted marshmallows. Let's get some more and some Vanillita and find our poor CM. Mind I think she is slowly improving, but slowly is not good!
evam wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2015, 09:09
Morning all. Still murky and damp here, but ridiculously temps for mid December- + 9.9 degrees when I got up this morning.

Hello sweetheart. You look relieved? You were afraid I'd turn up in a bikini because of the summer temperatures in Norway? Now, would I do that to you? Don't answer that. Just let's have a snuggle and a coffee before I head out.

I'm going to the garden centre to buy some table decorations. I'm not very good at that kind of things, so prefer to buy the ready made ones. This afternoon (at 2pm) I'm going to a Christmas concert in the city with the police orchestra and choir. They arrange it every year, and are lovely concerts. Looking forward to it.

Ali,- PHEW! Like Carol, I was seriously worried that you had been replaced by an alien. Glad the real Ali is back. Are you sure you can't pack more things to do into the week?

Jo,- why on earth should you feel guilty? It's not as if you had chosen this meal and the participants yourself.

Good news on the PI front. Fi and her Ploppy have booked a week there while I'm there! Jo will try to make it down there then for her long weekend as well. With Chantale and Nicholas only a skip and a jump away, it'll be a mini-SL fest! Oh, forgot to mention that Fi has booked the house across the road from me,- the one I rented for the first 2 years in PI. Coinsidence? No, I sent her the link!

I'd better get going. Back later.
TK wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2015, 09:43
Good morning BHB. Oops he's just jumped. Yes just popping in for a few minutes. Car has been left at garage for 2 new shoes. I have a few things to do in the village. Then back home. They said they'd phone when ready. As I'm on holiday just had my fav meal = breakfast today, in coffee shop. It is really busy. This is mainly ladies and pensioner time and both sexes coming for take away. No more food until teatime.

Yes glad Ali is back to normal. Good luck with weigh in.

Shops to visit and bank for Felt
maeve12 wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2015, 11:03
Like everyone else, I'm sure, I've been very busy the last couple of weeks, three Christmas lunches, two theatre visits and to the Cinema for the
live "Nutcracker" . I've finally written and sent all the Christmas cards and pretty much got all the presents and stuff for stockings, secret Santa etc, just the wrapping, which I'm planning to do on Sunday as I'm out tomorrow and think I'll have a grandchild or two staying for a couple of nights next week.

I've been intrigued by comments about Jay having had years of dance training, as has been said, that's certainly been kept quiet, how did you (Carol?) find out and where did he have this training?
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2015, 11:44
1 Maeve - it's on the SCD webpage under celebs bios! Only place it has ever been mentioned!

"Jay was born in Newark, near Nottingham in 1990, and from a very early age he loved to sing and dance in front of the mirror with his four siblings, including his twin brother. Jay pursued his love of performing by attending the Charlotte Hamilton School of Dance in Newark. Unfortunately for the young Jay he was bullied by his classmates for expressing an interest in ballet! As his love for the performing arts grew he attended the prestigious Midlands Academy of Dance and Drama in Nottingham. "

pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2015, 17:00
Afternoon all. I am home again after a lovely few days with Twin and MM, as always! Our meal out and visit to Kxw were fab and it was so nice decorating the tree with Twin yesterday. Made us feel very festive. Only down side it theat poor Twin is still suffering. She has had a real beast of a cold, so I think a few ohhhmmmms are needed as we need her well for the coming week, and anyway I think she is sick of coughing.

Jo thanks for the lovely Cxsualty links. Looking very good. the programme should be good too! Have a nice trip to B/ham, I think you will really like it there!

What a happy liitlle fellow you have there Eva. Lovely photos. How lovely that you will have Fi and Ian as neighbours on your holiday.

Ali glad to see normal hectic schedule has been resumed! Not many Mums see C/mas as a chance to rest!

You have been busy too Maeve, but lovely things to have done.

One thing that could be a pain is that I got a tyre pressure alert on my car as I left Twin. I returned to them and MM kindly had a look at it for me and found one that was a bit down, only trouble is I had just done their pressure the other day! It was ok still when I got home so will leave a couple of days and see how it is. Buying new tyres just before C/mas not ideal!
TK wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2015, 17:42
Hi Maeve, busy bee as usual I see. At least you have done C*mas prep. I had the day off to do some. This afternoon I mended the saddle cloth for the little horse I ride. Much more important than wrapping pressies.

I did have the sense to check my tiks for the weekend. Something at the back of my mind was nagging. I did have some problems with the theatre website the first time I used it. I had 2 of the 3 tiks I expected in my ticket place, (top shelf above the toaster opposite end of the shelf to the wooden cat, if anything happens). Then I remembered I was going to go back to buy one for Sunday, never did it. Phew centre of circle tik was free, not anymore :)

My car has 2 new shoes and had a nice little winter check foc by the 2 brothers at the garage. I quiet one was very chatty today, must be festive goodwill.

Pauline I agree with the buying of new tyres being a pain. Has to be done though.

TK is being a pain as she is smelling the chicken I cooked this afternoon for them (nearly out of date from the Co-op so reduced).
TK wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2015, 17:53

This is the Aladdin I really wanted to see. London Palladium 1964. I begged dad to take me. 'Maybe' When I reminded him it was 'Maybe next year'. Somehow even at 10 I knew that pantos didn't work like that. A few years later I did get to see Aladdin, not with Cliff though.
TK wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2015, 18:00
THE FOLLOWING LINK CONTAINS 'INTERESTING' material, age > 16years advised
I did consider not posting this from the G alert, but thought I should for a matter of completeness
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2015, 18:20
(so should I tell Jo that I went and saw that production - taken by the then boyfriend - my sister was sooo jealous! or should I just stay stumm??).
TK wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2015, 19:09
Eva has been teaching me how to read between brackets. Jealous, Moi, of course ..... But ........Ahh Carol, you were able to go as you are soooo much older than me ;) I didn't go into London on my own until 4 years later when I was 14. My dad did give me a life lesson. Relying on others can let you down, if you want to do something do it yourself. I have since learnt that relying on Loppies is completely OK as they want exactly what I want in GO matters as much as I want it.
TK wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2015, 19:22
Result !!!! some delivery slots from MrT have appeared for next week since I looked last time. I have a food delivery booked :)
TK wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2015, 20:00
I've remembered to set recorder to save to hard disk. It can't be trusted to record to DVD when I'm not there. For Cas tomorrow. I'll catch SCD on iplayer
TK wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2015, 20:35
I've packed up a rabbit/llama/donkey as per Garrick and a card for Jan, I'll post it before I leave in the morning. I haven't done any CDs as I'd promised myself I'd do. I'll try to do some in the next few weeks.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 07:46
Morning all and its very dark out at the moment - think it is the longest day on Monday? Safe journey Jo (for some reason my cotton wool head thought you were off yesterday) - phew indeed about the Sunday ticket!! Ah no, I was a very young start going out with people girl Jo. I was at school and the guy that took me was a year older. My school friend liked his friend so we had gone to the cinema as a foursome and then he bought these tickets and I felt obliged to go (even had to go and have tea with his parents first!). Rather weirdly his older brother has ended up as one of the church wardens at our church - didn't make the connection until a few years back!! Ann consoled herself by buying the LP of the show! Can see why there should be a minimum age limit (he kept quiet about that!!). Oh that sounds like a lovely reunion next year Eva! As you say almost a miniFest! Today is the big house clean and decs up day. I do find I get very tired with this bug so getting things done in the morning is the best. By about 3pm I am flagging!! Tonight I will of course be glued for the SCD finale. Helen was on B'fast tv yesterday and after the SCD tour she is doing a play in Bxth which is then doing a mini tour and hoping to end up in the WE. Sadly she did say that A's clip from CtM ended up on the cutting room floor (shame as apparently it was a scene with him doing the Twxst!). Morning BHB, sadly still don't think it is wise to snuffle - don't want you ill for C'mas. Let's grab the mulled cider and the cookies and you can tell me about your weekend plans - you are going to the Mxdlands and hoping to see friends? That sounds lovely, you can tell me all about it whilst we wait for the DCM!
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 08:26
Heard there is a crash on M way I'm going to use. I still have to get ready, bag is sort of packed. My tummy is doing somersaults, excited I think, I have had something to eat, so not that.

I'm taking my little tablet. Still not 100% trusting the newer one, even though the faulty update correction seems to be OK. I'll test it on Monday by trying to login at coffee shop. One of the most debilitating errors was that the only wifi it would pick up was BT hotspot. I could use it at home as I am a BT hotspot. It would not login using a password, and wouldn't login to any other wifi provider.

Have a good weekend all.
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 08:33
Morning all. A damp and black (still) morning here, but stll summer temperatures. + 8.3 degrees this morning.

Hello sweetheart. You have a busy weekend ahead? Going to B*rmingham? Keep a look-out for Jo. She's going there too!

Jo,- thank you for the link. Loved it, except for the numpty who said she (?) can't stand LM. Must be seriously lacking in good taste!

My morning is already planned for me! I'm going to pick up mother at youngest sister's at 10.30am with all her luggage. She's being transferred to Mrs S for a week, but first I'm taking her to see father. He wants some books from the flat, so I have to go there first. No rest for the wicked, eh? I know it sounds like we're playing Pass The Parcel with mother, but I know youngest sister is exhausted after 2 weeks and needs a break. While mother is staying at Mrs S's, it's easy for me to walk up there and relieve Mrs S if and when she needs to go out.

Jo,- have a lovely time up in B*rmingham. You can send the usual kisses from all us Cinders, please.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 10:54
Morning all. Sorry I am a bit late, I got distracted! I have been up a while, but have washed my hair and done a few other things. I am trying to have a push to get everything sorted this weekend as I am a bit busy for the few days before going to Twin. It is very mild here as well Eva, we have temps of 15c to 17c around today. Mad at this time of year, but I am quite happy. I have a feeling there will be a sudden change next month though. That's fine as long as the s word doesn't interfere with any travels to B'ham. hope your journey is ok today Jo and the accident is cleared by the time you need to get there. Thanks for that link, very cheeky!

I'm sure your Mum doesn't mind moving home from time to time Eva. Hope your father is getting on better now.

Really looking forward to SCD later, but will be sad when it is over for another year as it means most of Sat tv sinks back into mediocrity and soon there won't even be our Lofty to look forward too. Sigh.

Morning BHB, sorry I am late, oh dear and you are in a hurry to leave as well. Hangs head. You still have some mulled cider and we can have a snuffle? Fantastic. let's get the cider and we'll find the CM.

TK wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 12:41
I'm in hotel. Just waiting for Diana. Lovely receptionist said she would look after bags so I could go out. I don't think so, tummy is churning. I'm always so nervous at first performances. I should be used to it by now. I know it'll be fine. I'm almost on stage for the first performance. Yes Eva I'll blow a kiss from the cinder Loppies.

Pass the mother, interesting game.

Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 16:45
C tree up and decorated -, cards up and tomorrow I will do table centres with foliage from garden. Pressies mostly wrapped. So think I can concentrate on the food. Thank you fro C cards - can I just say I am not sending nay but donating money to a local charity that my church runs for those in debt/financial crisis - we have made up 50+ hampers of food (huge ones) and presents this year. I hope to get around to an ecard but not doing "real " cards.
Been a busy few days - trying (and not succeeding) to find hol we can take my parents on - and survive! So booked a hol without parents instead!! To C.rnwall. really looking forward to it - both cos of mini fest - and cos I have never been to C.rnwall. Thank you Eva for your accommodation recommendation. Still got to address issue of paretns hol. Really difficult as dad really too old to go on hol (94 yrs) and doesn't want to but sloppy insists she has a hol and they belong to this H.B but all the locations are far from villages or even public transport which means we have to be on call all the time. We were shattered last year. Will have another look.
care home still phoning for ploppy to buy stuff for aunt but ploppy knows better than to annoy me so still saying no! Ploppy spent half the day on phone to sub c.ntinent bank call centre to try and get uncles credit card to work for him. eventually they got it. We ordered flowers for aunt and uncles neighbour who comes to visit them every week and checks on house - least she deserves.
Went to neighbours committal service. All went well but as well I was there. Niece had come from w.les. had she thought of tea for visitors (there was an elderly disabled couple there as well as us, niece and minister) - had she heck. guess who did it all - and brought home made cake! Then neighbor told everyone how we were his L.feline contact in case of incident - had he asked us!! First phone call we get in night we will insist we are taken off. I am determined not to be so self centred when I am old - hmmmmm.
Eva - pass the mother is a game many of us play when we get older. Problem is that often the mother and the children are playing by different rules!
Twins - K.w sounds wonderful. Must add to my "To See" list. we went to winter lights at a NT gardens last year - it was lovely.
Jo - hope the butterflies settle and you have a wonderful time.
We are out to a carol concert on village hall so must record SCD.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 17:38
Thank you for letting us know you have arrived Jo - puts our minds at rest. Hopefully Diana has joined you now. Well big clean of downstairs now done, and we are looking quite festive. Have majored on lights and tinsel this year - but feeling quite Ch'massy! Had to have a little snooze this afternoon, as still get tired quite easily. Just the cards to put up tomorrow (it takes a while as they are blu tacked to my wooden stairs). One fly in the ointment - the main set of lights on the big tree have stopped working so may need a new set, but worse yet it will dislodge all the good work Twin and I did on Thursday! You see Fi, told you you would get there!! AND there are still a few days to go! We can recommend Kxw Fi, in fact - we did to our neighbours and they are looking to go in the week after C'mas! Eva I am sure your Mother won't mind being a "parcel" - she is still going to stay with one of her family, can still see your Father and is being cared for. Have also played that game in the past! I managed to knock the head of one of my ornaments today - she was a small R Doulton Lady and I bought her years ago as she was called "Ann" - MM offered to stick her back together but she won't be the same so she has gone into the bin!
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 18:31
Fi,- you made it! Christmas comes to P*terbourough in 2015! Well done you.

Carol,- you remid me to test my Christmas tree lights before I put them up on Little Christmas Eve. Thank you.

I'm ready for Strictly. Bring it on.

evam wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 19:20
Here is the vote from the Norwegian Jury:

1. Jay and Aliona, quickstep.
Quickstep is one of my favourite dances. No mistakes this time, Jay! Perfick! ( I didn't see any faults.)
10 points

2. Georgia and Giovanni, rhumba.
Krikey! That was zizzling!
10 points.

3. Kellie and Kevin, tango.
Funny music for a tango. She's come so far. It didn't quite fire me up, but another perfick dance.
10 points.

4. Katie and Anton, quickstep.
Mistake no 1,- the hat. Another mistake,- out of step. I don't know why, but I don't like her.
7 points.

I certainly hope Katie is off now.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 19:49
My scores - J&A 9 (he wasn't quite perfick) G&G 10 (and I don't really normally like rumba, K&K did well, but not my fav tango - 9.5, K&A 7. Show dances - J&A 8, G&G 9, K&K 9.5, K&A 7.5
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 19:53

1. Jay and Aliona.
What a start! I love the changes in rhytm. Absolutely delicious. Another 10 from Len? It's a 10 from me! I disagree with Len,- I was so relieved that he didn't do a lot of gymnastics.

2. Georgia and Giovanni.
That was a corker of a dance to a beautiful song. Well done, Georgia!
10 points.

3. Kellie and Kevin.
It is certainly fast! Too much gymnastics for me. I'm more of a romantic type.
9 points.

4. Katie and Anton.
She looks terrified. It's her best dance. One mistake as she came gliding down Anton's body.
8 points.

I seem to be at odds with the judges tonight, but even if Jay is my favourite, I don't mind if Kellie and Kevin win.

I gotta eat.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 19:59
...and my mark for Tess's dress is 3!
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 20:04
Well in some ways that was a bit of a disappointment. I thought Jay's showdance was not a show dance at all. Aliona gave Matt B a dog of a show dance a few years ago and she has done it again for me. Love G&G and thought Kellie was excellent as well. We will draw a veil over K&K! They should definitely be the ones to leave first. Now Casualty. It's all go!
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 22:08

Jay,-That wasn't a pasodouble, was it? He even smiled! But I loved it. Darcy is smitten!

If I hear the word AMAZING once more, I'm going to scream!

Georgia,- charleston isn't my dance, but I could see it was well done.

Kellie,- another charleston? Oh well. I think it was better than Georgia's.


I'm going to bed. I was almost falling asleep in my chair, waiting for the result.

pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 22:11
So the weakest dances of the night win! He is good but the girls were better tonight. I knew he would win. He had young girl fans of Wanted voting at least 100 times each, plus a lot of Mums who wanted to mother him I think! So that's it for another year. Will miss it badly. Still at least there is C/mas special next week!
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 22:15
Lovely to see Helen again - agree weakest dancer of the evening won on a popularity contest. Feel a bit sorry for Kxvin - three times in the final and still not won. Hey ho! Off for an early night (still tired from these bugs).
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, December 20, 2015, 08:20
Morning all and a sort of greyish sky. No Church this morning as we have our Carol Service this afternoon (hoping to make it through without coughing!). Have all the decoration boxes to put back in the loft, need to finish off the dining room, and see if we can sort out the tree lights. Need to do my nails and hair before we go off to church and put the lamb on (so it gets a long slow cook) and eat when we get home whilst watching SoM live! Simples! Busy day tomorrow so need to get ready for it! Morning BHB, you are looking very chipper. You had a lovely time yesteday? Oh yes you did! Well let's grab the hot toddy and the waffles and you can tell me all about it until the DCM arrives!
Ali wrote:
Sunday, December 20, 2015, 08:58
Morning. Worked last night but managed to avoid results of scd and watched it later. Disappointed with Jay's showdance, technically great but no wow. Georgia beautiful. Kellie a bit too samey, would have liked some contrast, but great energy. Thought judges a bit biased and over or under marked in places. I had loved Jay all along but would have liked one of the girls to win based on last nights performances.
Glad you're getting sorted Fi. My mum's elderly neighbour asked her to be one of his lifeline contacts. She agreed but I'm expecting we get a call from her if she ever gets summoned!!
Woke up with blocked nose and sore throat - noooooo! Singing a duet in church this morning and carol service tonight so just need to get through today!
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 20, 2015, 09:45
Morning all, and it is a nice one at the moment and of course still very mild. I have the laundry to think about today and I also want to sort out a dessert I am doing for Tuesday. I have to experiment today, could prove interesting.

Ali hope your throat and nose improve and you can get your singing done. So many coughs and colds around at the moment. Glad you agree about SCD as I don't want to malign Jay. I have thought him a very good dancer and he has done some fab dances but last night was not his best, for which I blame Alixna's choices of dance and very dull choreography in the show dance. Still all over for another year. Look forward to doing it all again next year with all the same differences of opinion!

Twin I hope your cough stays under control for your singing too. I see you have a very lazy time ahead as usual!

Glad to see the panto went down a storm. Looking forward to seeing it next year.

Morning BHB, you look happy? You had a lovely time in B'ham yesterday? Oh good, let's get more hot toddy and find the CM and you can tell us all about it. Look she's behind you!

evam wrote:
Sunday, December 20, 2015, 11:00
Morning all. It's pibbing down here, and the temperature when I got up at 6.30am, was +11 degrees outside! Ridiculous!

Hello sweetheart. You look happy? You went to a panto last night? It was fabulous? Good. I love a good panto. Oh yes, I do!

It seems like I'm the only one who absolutely loved Jay's show dance last night. It was just gorgeous. They didn't bop and pop around, I agree, but the choreography was stunning! I agree with you, Pauline, about Aliona's choreography for Matt's dance a few years back, which was just silly and not funny at all.

I've been down to the parents' flat to pick up the post. Then went to Mrs S's to deliver. Mother was doing her crossword when I got there, and I'm happy as long as she can do them. They'd had a phone call from father this morning, and he was on top of the world. He'd slept for 9 hours and had eaten a good breakfast. When mother and I were there yesterday, he was so down in the dumps and negative. That was after a very bad night with a lot of pain. So it's changing from day to day, and I refuse to take anything for granted conserning his recovery until it's lasted for more than a day.
I am normally not a worrier, but my parents and their situation have changed that. It's the last thing I think about at night and the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning. Well, I'm keeping fingers crossed that father's progress will continue and settle into a permanent thing.

Carol,- I hope your singing goes well today.

Ali,- poor you. Those nasty colds are never convenient, but just before Christmas? Not good at all.

Jane E wrote:
Sunday, December 20, 2015, 15:47
Hello - just popping into say Hi!

Sorry I have been MIA. Work has been so busy I've been working lunches so not getting onto the blog. I know I know I tell off Jo KK and Diana for doing the same but I have a very good reason. IF I can get ahead of my deadline and IF I can get booked on it tomorrow - I'll be able to go to a course in Birmingh*m on Tuesday. It'll involve an over night stay. Hmm what can I do to entertain myself for the evening?

If course - that depends on whether I can get a ticket to the panto. They are going like hot cakes!

I hope Jo and all that went to the first night had a fabulous time! I'm hoping for a report but daren't read back on the blog in case I see who won strictly!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 21, 2015, 07:27
Morning all - quite dark out at the moment so can't see what it is like weather wise! Yesterday was still very mild! Busy day today as taking Aunt on the SLAPPAS outing, then Chris and Chris are arriving and we are off to lunch (they fly to S'holm early tomorrow morning); this evening Rob round for dinner (I know two meals in one day but only day he could make), and at some time we will have to call about the new baby as Victoria going into hospital today for a C section so baby will be with us by this evening. Managed to get through the Cxrol service, so definitely on the mend. Came home and watched SoM, which was lovely. Then did a quick flick over to see who won The App. Lady J that is a cunning plan although what you will find to do in Brum I have no idea! Oh Ali, hope you haven't got the same bug as me - it's overstaying its welcome here! Oh that's good Eva that you Mum is settled at Mrs S, and that your Father had a good night - amazing how sleeping through makes you feel so much better! At some point I must get my act together and draw up my list (yes a list Eva) of all the food I need over C'mas and get that organised....somehow don't think it will be today!! Morning BHB, yes it is a little gloomy out; I am sure the Lavendula will brighten us up. Let's grab the pink blanket, the incohol and the cookies and have a lovely little snuffle until the DCM arrives (yes I know I am a not 100% but I think a small snuffle won't hurt).
evam wrote:
Monday, December 21, 2015, 09:54
Morning all. It's grey and wet here, but the torrential rain we had over the weekend seems to have stopped.

Hello sweetheart. You had a good weekend? Mine was OK (ish). Today I'm mother- sitting again, as Mrs S is working, so I was here at 7.30 am. I made breakfast for the two of us, and mother had a giggle. "I never know who'll be sitting across the table from me these days. It changes all the time." She is OK. Viljar's dad will pick her up this afternoon and take her to visit father.

I've been to the physio this morning. As he is just up the road, I felt fine about leaving mother for 45 minutes. When I left, she was reading the paper.

I was having trouble getting Mrs S's wi-fi to work for my ipad. No matter how many times I tried, it came up that the password was incorrect. As you will understand, I was fuming. When I sat in the waiting room at the physio's, it suddenly came to me that maybe I could connect my ipad via my iphone! When I got back, I tried it, AND IT WORKED ! I am a genius, at least a techie one!

Since we haven't heard from any of the panto goers since Saturday, I have to rely on T*tter to see if it was a success. It was!

Carol,- how exciting about Victoria! I hope all goes well. Let us know what sex it is. I'm sure Imogen will be enchanted with the baby anyway.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 21, 2015, 09:58
Morning all, it was a really nice start to the day here, but it is quite cloudy now, though we are still in this very mild weather. I have to take the car out today and see if the tyre has lost pressure again cos if so I will have to try and get a new tyre. Perfect just before C/mas! Then I have to sort out the dessert I am doing for a dinner party tomorrow night. and I have some w&i so quite busy as well, though nothing compared to Twin!

All the best to Victoria Twin. I hope all goes well and we have a new arrival in the world very soon now! Exciting!

Jane I hope you make your deadlines and get to go to B'ham. Not sure what you can do in the evening, you will have to see if you can find a panto maybe?

Morning BHB, oh it's Lavendula day, yippee! I'll get another jug and we'll find the CM.

I think lots of ohhhmmms are needed for sicklies at the moment so putting a big whack of them in the bank.
Jane E wrote:
Monday, December 21, 2015, 13:13
Well so much for the cunning plan.

I had caught up on my work and finished the first draft of my product 3 days early. Woo hoo! I can go to the ball! But no. I mucked up my enrolment on the course back in November and now the training course is over subscribed. I still had a second excuse for going to the midlands - to work alongside my colleague in Wolverh*mpton - but I can't get in touch with him to arrange it - so that's that. Sulk!

However, I'm not going to work through lunch today so here I am.

I see both Carol and Ali have a nasty bug. I hope you are feeling better soon ladies. And all the best to Victoria, Carol.

Eva - well done teccy person! Very clever. I hope mother sitting is going well.

Oh dear Pauline - good luck getting the car sorted.

I got a message from Jo. The panto was excellent - and mission accomplished. So the GO has got his Christmas card from us. Well done Jo!
evam wrote:
Monday, December 21, 2015, 18:40
Evening all.
The day with mother went well. She was fine alone while I was at the physio. We were sitting peacefully reading, doing crosswords and chatting. I made a fish pie for lunch, and very nice it was too.

I spoke to father on the phone. Last night hadn't been too good, but the physio was very pleased with him today. I told him to take a painkiller, and we had the usual discussion about whether he'd become dependant or not. I told him that if he was eating morphine tablets by the bucketfull I would start to worry, but 3 P*racetamol a day were fine!

Pauline,- did you get the tyre fixed?
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 21, 2015, 18:52
...and it's a boy! (Hope Imogen is ok with that!!) - Marcus weighed in at 7lb 10oz. That's all the info I have at the moment (visiting on Wednesday!).
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 21, 2015, 19:51
Evening all. Oh lovely, welcome to the world Marcus! He sounds to be a lovely bouncing baby. I hope Imogen doesn't want him sent back! Congratulations to all of them.

I have had a fairly hectic day. I went out this morning and sure enough the tyre pressure warning light came on again. I stopped at the nearest garage and put air in but I could see the pressure had dropped alarmingly. Anyway I needed a bit of shopping so did that, while fairly distracted, and then thought better get it done tomorrow. On the way home I had to stop for traffic and realised I was beside a Kwxk Fxt! I thought this is meant to be so whisked in there. They could see to Katie straight away and she did have a puncture which they repaired for £25. Downside was the other front tyre was down to a minimum (I did know it was due to be replaced, so I asked if they could replace it. They could and so all is now well, but my bank account took a pounding! I got home and was making the dessert for tomorrow night when I realised I had a dental appointment. Shot out of the house and got there bang on time! Phew! Check up was fine so that was something at least! Need to get the pudding done still though as I think the upset has ruined the one I was doing!

Glad you had a nice day with your Mother Eva, and good that the physio is pleased with him.
TK wrote:
Monday, December 21, 2015, 22:10
Hi all, and to the new one, same name as @@@@ (I think that is what I called the manager I didn't like).
I have been here since yesterday at 6pm. I'm having pooter probs which I've been trying to fix. I can't upload to YT or add attachments to hotmail emails (Gmail is oK). No idea why. I've been trying to clean up laptop in. case it is just 'congested'.

I've added to Tripadvisor too. As we were not happy with the speed to service where we ate on Saturday.

I had an amazing weekend in Birmingham. I overcame some personal terrors (not as bad as Wicked, but bad enough), met some lovely people, had some of the best service ever and some of the worst service for ages.
I was concerned about driving into Birmingham on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. I’m scarred of driving in London and Birmingham is a large city, so I was nervous. So much so I looked at trains, but it would have taken me twice as long to get there. I gave that idea up and I didn’t look up the times on the way back. When I got to the city at about 11am the traffic was so slowly moving I had plenty of time to check where I was going, so it was fine. Even with the road closures I knew about I found the carpark recommended by the hotel. This was nearest carpark to the hotel. I was 4 floors up in the carpark but could not see the hotel. I could not get my bearings and the road names I could see did not appear on my map or on the satnav. I came out of the carpark and asked the man who left the carpark just after me if he knew where the hotel was. It was a little bit of a walk to the hotel, so I answered the ‘Why have to come to Birmingham and from where questions’. Apparently it is a bit strange to come from near London to Birmingham. He said he’d never been to a panto, didn’t know who Lee Mead or Marti Pellow was, nor Wet Wet Wet, he had heard of Julian Clary. He was really helpful and walked me almost to the hotel, as even when I could see the building I could not see the name sign. I thanked him and he went back to his shopping trip. Nice man.
Got into it about 12, didn’t try to book in. The receptionist was really helpful and offered to take my bags. I was rather keen to go to the loo, so while I was there I got changed. Then I had a nice rest in the bar with a DC and a coffee. The receptionist gave me a map which she had annotated with the way to the theatre. She also checked I was OK from time to time. Diana arrived and we went to the room and dashed off to the panto. Bit of fun getting there as we took a slightly different route in the shopping centre, so came out of an unexpected door.

Panto …… exciting. The matinee I was in A1, very good (close) view. A bit too close to the monkeys in the first half. For me the first 5 or so minutes would have been a little scary for 5 year old me. Kids these days are much tougher.
I’ll not go into details of the panto, don’t want to spoil it. Lee was in very good voice. If you were at the panto in Southampton you’ll have heard most of Julian’s script. There is a new bit at Lee’s expense which makes me smile. I have 2 favourite bits. The wall scene and the saucepan scene, yep slapstick.

Diana had booked a meal for us after the matinee. Very convenient opposite the stage door (2 birds one stone, restaurant and location of stage door). We had the main course and then the service level dropped off, we left without dessert. Afterall we had the evening performance to get to.

I was in the circle, G didn’t sound too bad when I booked. I changed my mind when I got there as the door to that part of the circle meant I had to go in to the auditorium higher than row G and walk down. Very sweaty moments. OK-ish, when I was sitting down. I certainly wasn’t going to move until after the show.

After the evening performance we went to the stage door. Whist walking around the theatre I was thinking I was missing something in this year’s panto. I realised it was the warmth of Sam Kane’s dame. She was a baddie, but there was humour and warmth. The dame this year, Widow Twanky, is a goodie and was played very professionally. No mistakes (apart from the ones which are meant to be there), good voice, nothing to put my finger on, just the lack of warmth.

There were a few people at the stage door. I passed the card to Lee. He is looking very good btw. He said he thought it was his favourite panto so far. I think some of his fans may have other thoughts, I don’t think they would agree as to which one was, but so far ……. I don’t want you to think I did not enjoy because I did. I maybe just need to see it again ;)

Diana was off Sunday morning. I had a couple of hours to fill in before the matinee. I went in the shopping centre about New Street Station. I had a wander around John Lewis. I then left and remembered that I needed some elastic. Back in and of course haberdashery was on floor 4. Diana and I had already sussed that the escalators were stuck in the middle of the floor, so the lifts were much less scary. Except that one of the lifts was not working so I decided to do the escalators. I found out that I can use them if I shut my eyes after I’ve got on and open them when the treads flatten out. May look weird but worked for me. I bought the elastic went to pay. The till was being operated by a tall Asian chap of about 20. He looked at me for a couple of seconds, looked around and asked me very politely what my perfume was. I told him, since I’d never see him again I’d tell him, as it was rather embarrassing. He said he was looking for a Christmas present for his mum and my perfume was fruity and floral and he thought she’d like it. I told him the name and he was on the till trying to look it up. I said JL don’t hold it, far far too cheap. He was such a sweetie. (Lovely person number 3, one more to come.)

Panto, matinee. Middle of front row of the circle. I had thought this would be fine, but you have to go in half way up the circle, and walk right down to the front row. Not at all good. (I’ve just checked all my other seats, only one more in the circle, phew). Lovely view though. I sat next to a very nice woman who had broken up with her husband a few months ago and had move back from Cornwall to live with her disabled mother. She also thought it was weird that I’d come all the way from near London to see the panto in Birmingham. She didn’t remember Lee could sing as she know him from Casualty, then suddenly she remembered about a talent show. In the interval she said he had a good voice. She said she was still feeling hurt about her break up, I told her about the anger bit, then the healing bit which follows.

Anyway lovely weekend. Shame I have to go back to work.

Nightlee night

Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 08:25
Morning all - quite a blustery day here - think the Chrises will have a potentially interesting flight to S'holm! Lovely to see them, and both looking well, although last insultant appointment (last Friday) Mr C's pxa levels had gone up so they are now talking about chxmo. Having said that he did look nice and relaxed and that could be a couple of years down the line. Had a lovely lunch (I had cheese souffle with hot cheese sauce, mushroom gnocchi and the a choc dessert). Mrs Chris drove us so we were both able to have a drink, which was nice. Came home and got the table all set for the evening. We didn't eat until about 8.30 so not too difficult to manage some more food. Rob still missing us at St J's and having a few problems with some elements of his new parish. They left at 11.30pm so quite a late night for us and I have only just woken up. Biggest excitement was of course the text from Roger about Baby Mxrcus (sorry about the name Jo - as of two weeks ago they hadn't decided on one!). I then had a text from Victoria a little later with a photo, so I could coo over it! Thank you for the lovely review Jo ...so we need to watch out for mxnkeys do we! I know the Brum panto is supposed to be one of the best in the country, so imagine it is quite lavish! Oh Lady J - what a shame! All that hard work and no reward at the end. Eva I suspect your Father is going to have good and bad nights for quite a while yet. As long as the bad ones don't get him too depressed. Today we are home most of the day (final wrapping, food lists to do etc.) and then off for a C'mas singalong at Church this evening (songs and carols), so that should make me feel festive! Still full of catarrh but every day a little better - might be ok by Boxing Day at this rate. Morning BHB, yes it is very windy outside. Let's grab the Red Rxxster and the paninis and have a lovely chat until the DCM arrives!
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 09:56
Morning all, not that great a day out there, very windy and has been wet but still very mild. I am off to the chiro lady shortly, then back to finish the dessert for tonight. We are dining at a friends house and doing secret Santa and should all be very festive.

So sorry your plans didn't work out Jane. Great idea, but sadly not to be. Never mind you still have it to look forward to next year as do we!

Thanks for the no spoiler review Jo. Just what we needed! I am not a fan of heights either, but having once (and never again) having braved the upper reaches of the O2 most theatres pale by comparison! Mind the RAH is a challenge in places as well!

Morning BHB, oooh we are back on the cocktails. I think the CM may be feeling a bit better! I'll get more Red Rooster and we'll go and find her.
maeve12 wrote:
Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 10:22
Congratulations Carol on becoming a great aunt again, always good to hear of the safe arrival, so welcome Marcus!

Thanks for all the cards and e-cards , everything really festive now, finished all the wrapping, off soon to do the final food shop (hopefully)
then I must do some ironing and decide what to pack, I'll be away three or four days from Thursday.
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 11:24
Morning. Feeling rather under the weather, would rather go back to bed than work. Not sneezing but feel sinussy (if that is a word?) and my eyes ache!
Went to Thursford xmas spectacular last night. Fabulous show worthy of the west end that really puts you in the festive mood. Didn't gdt home till after midnight as sis asked if we minded stopping at supermarket on outskirts of city as we were going past.
Thanks for the review Jo. Won't see panto but did suggest CCBB to sis and slopppy and they're keen to go.
Congrats Graunty Carol, he's beautiful!
Better go and change for work, need to go via scollop's work and drop off some goodies for them, muffins and chocolate digestive log, as they're working silly hours leading up to xmas so thought they might like a treat for tea break
evam wrote:
Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 11:50
Morning all. I see you've got the same weather as we do. Nice, isn't it? Hehehehehehe,- I think that's what's called gallow's humour.

Hello sweetheart. You are having fun at the moment? Good for you. You've had a few cocktails with the Management this morning? Now wonder you're merry!

I've been and done my weekly shop. I went early as usual, so the shopping centre wasn't too crowded, but it was crowding up when I left. There were 2 drivers fighting over my parking space when I drove out. I left them to it!

Carol,- how wonderful that little Marcus has been born. I bet his parents reconised him as soon as they saw him, and knew what the name had to be.
I hope Mr. Chris will be OK in Sweden, and that his chemo treatment won't be too harsh.

Jo,- thank you for the review. You didn't give much away, but I take it a good time(s) were had by all. How nice to bump in to nice people. It's often surprising who'll turn around and be helpful.
I have to shake my head at the lady at the theatre who told you all about her divorce and her feelings around it. Too much information from a total stranger? I hope seeing the panto with GO in it cheered her up!

I have to mother-sit tomorrow as well. Mrs S dropped this surprise at me over the phone this morning. She says she has to go to work, but why is this the first I've heard about it? I suspect she wants a day with the boyfriend instead. I didn't say anything, didn't want a fight. I'm sure I'm not unduly suspicious,- I just know her too well!

I have to cook a couple of caseroles for the parents' freezer. I want it well stocked for when they come home, so today I'll be making their favourite,- a game caserole.

Better get on with it. Bangers and mash for today's lunch.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 11:53
Ali,- sorry, didn't see you there. The snuffles don't sound nice, but hope they go away soon.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 12:23
Hi all

And welcome to the world Marcus! Carol you must be thrilled!

Jo - thank you so much for your report on the panto. I thought it would have to go a long way to beat last year's - that was just perfect for me!

It looks like I will be finding out for myself tonight. After all the frustration yesterday I am going to be working in Brum tomorrow anyway so I can go to the panto!

Eva - I agree that's a lot to share with a stranger but I sat next to a guy on the bus a few months ago who shared his whole life story - break up with wife, growing pains of kid...totally inappropraite but he looked like Karl U so I didn't mind too much.

Glad the car is sorted Pauline but it's not good having those expenses at this time of year.

Sorry to hear you are snuffling Ali.

Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 18:03
Hi all. Finished work until NY. Been tiring but lovely day at work .our church manages the local f..drank and amazing how many people buy whole ch dinners for F..dbank clients. We have had several deliveries from Asd. , Mr t etc. then have to box them up and de.iver them. Some very thrilled families. Of course so shattered I left my shopping In fridge at work!! So will have to collect that sometime.
Caught up on SCD last night. I loved G + G .
Very sad news yesterday. The husband of friend from church died. 50 yrs old. Children 16 and 18. So so sad anytime but seems esp poignant just before Ch.
great review Jo. So glad we booked and must try and fit in a CCBB. You obviously have a winning way with people helping you or confiding in you 😊.
UB Scollop home but hardly seen him as either I have been working or he is off socialising. He did come to our carol concert - and enjoyed it.
Congratulations GA Carol.
Ali hope your cold does not develop. I remember how ill ploppy and I both were last Ch. hoping for a healthy one this year.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 19:27
Oh Jane I missed the bad news re your course. Shame. The Brum panto has lots of exciting stage equipment for effects. With all that and the large cast, can understand that it is the most costly panto to stage.

I think that lady had been with her mum for so long she needed to vent her feelings. I could sympathise as I've been where she is re ex, so I made the right noises.

Fi that is sad new for you. Anytime is sad, so young.

I have MrT coming today.

Ali if I could only go to one, panto vs CCBB, it would be CCBB.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 19:41
This morning the head of site came to my desk with a serious look on his face. He and his wife are my friends, I thought something had happened to the wife. Not her, but the best manager I've ever had, I met him and his family at the dog show this summer. He has been diagnosed with Pick's disease, a rare form of dementia. I'd heard of it as it featured in a cop show I'd seen this year.
The prognosis is 2-10years. I'm so sad. He is such a lovely chap. (Best shoulder massages I've ever had.) He is a bit younger than me. He has left work, as if you read the link, judgement and behaviour is effected. He was liked by all the people he worked with.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 07:54
Morning all and see we have a mixed bag of news - Lady J CAN go to the party, but sadly Fi's friend has died, and Jo's friend has sadly been given awful news. Fi, G&G were our favourites in the final - thought the C'ston was absolutely brilliant (and in fact made K&K's look nothing special). Ali - do hope you are feeling better and don't have what I have had - over two weeks on and I am still not 100%. Much better and not coughing nearly as much, but still not fully fit. Eva, apparently St'holm suffering from unseasonally mild spell (Chrises have taken heavy winter clothing and feel they may have packed the wrong things!). Still quite blustery here! Hope the mother sitting goes well (can see why you might be suspicious!) - although maybe not what you want to be doing in the busy run up to C'mas! MM off to the doctor this morning then we are off to buy baby congrats card and pressie for Marcus. We are waiting to hear whether we are visiting in hospital or at home, as Victoria sent me a text last night to say she may be discharged today. Imogen has met her new baby brother and so far he hasn't gone back, so that's looking positive!! We ended up being at church from 4.30 until 10 pm yesterday - the jxzz group who were playing with us turned up at various intervals from 6 pm onwards, so we kept having to go back over the numbers so they knew what we were doing and we knew what they were doing! Think it sent fairly well though (although my voice was getting quite tired by the end!). Sending lots of ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmss for the poorlies and the needies. Morning BHB, yes it is much brighter today but still windy. Let's grab the Poinsetta (drink not plant) and the mince pies and you can tell me all about what you have been doing. I have to go fairly early today as a Very Important Person (baby) to meet! I am sure the DCM will be along song to snuffle with you (although she did have a late night!).
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 08:10
Eva keep forgetting to say that the next storm to hit the UK (tomorrow/Friday) has been named after you!
evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 10:41
Morning all. The same old weather here. Rain, rain and then some more rain. Still summer temperatures,- + 8.3 when I got up this morning. A storm called after me? About time too!

Hello sweetheart. You're looking at me in a funny way? It's respect? You've never had a storm called after you? Well, be patient, although I can see the difficulty in calling a storm BHB!

So Jane will go to the ball after all. Please blow GO some Christmas kisses from me.

Jo,- that is so sad about your colleague. It's such a horrible deseace (sp?), and it must be a devastating diagnosis to get,- not only for the patient himself, but for his family as well.

Carol,- so sad to hear about your friend's husband. Much too young to die.
Have fun meeting your new great nephew. I hope Imogen doesn't send him back!

Pauline,- how did your dessert work out last night?

The mother sitting has gone well so far, but she feels a bit dizzy today, so has decided not to go visiting father today. They had a long chat on the phone a little while ago. Father had had a good night again, so he was back on the top of the world. He will be here (at Mrs S') tomorrow afternoon for the Christmas dinner. It will be a quiet Christmas Eve for us with mother, father, Mrs S, the boyfriend and myself. Father said he'd taxi to and from the convalescence home, so I don't have to drive. Not my choice of Christmas celebration place, but as Mrs S had decided that was what she wanted, again I gave in. What I do for a quiet life, eh?

Tonight it's my turn to do my Christmas decorations. Last night I brought the boxes with the decs in and my little artificial Christmas tree upstairs from my storage room in the basement, so it's all ready to go tonight.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 10:50
Morning all, and yes I am late but I had a busy day again yesterday, then a hectic evening and latish to bed. Sadly didn't sleep that well either so had a bit of a lie in, still quite weary though. Never mind, we had a lovely evening. Great meal and lots of chat and laughter. Got C/mas off to a good start I think.

Fi that is very sad about your friend, 50 is the age my sister was when she died. Much too young. Agree there is something very poignant about the time of year.

Jo that is so awful, what a filthy disease. It must be terrible for his family.

Glad you will get to go to the ball, sorry panto, Lady J. Enjoy!

Have a lovely time with the new arrival Twin. Glad it is looking like Imogen will accept him. Not sure how Victoria would feel about him going back!

Ah a stormy Eva, be afraid!

Morning BHB, hope I'm not too late for a snuffle and a cocktail? Oh good, no, no mince pies thank you, can't stand the things!
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 11:05
Hi Eva I didn't see you there when I posted! The dessert was fine, well there were lots of yum noises so I think I'd call that a success!
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 12:49
...change of plan - spoke with Victoria and she was still waiting to be discharged from hospital, so we worked out she would only just have got home by the time we arrived. I didn't think she would really want to do anything beyond put her feet up and as we are going next week anyway (and they are hoping to come to our family party on Sunday), plus I am still not entirely germ free, we all agreed we would skype this afternoon instead. That way Victoria gets to rest, I don't pass on bugs, and I get to see Marcus remotely - not the same as a cuddle but I am sure I will have plenty of opportunities in the future. Imogen has taken to new baby (phew) and has kissed him and also blown him kisses down the phone this morning - so all sounding good!! I did manage to get some lovely little outfits for Marcus (and a toy and a new dress for Imogen fell into my basket too). We went in very early (9am) but by the time we left (11.30am) it was getting very busy out there!! We are collecting our food order tomorrow so think I am now all organised (actually looking forward to sitting with my feet up too!!). Eva although it might not be your choice for dinner I am sure it will be lovely being with your parents!
evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 19:15
PHEW ! All the decorating done. The tree looks good and I could fit all my decs around the flat. Now I'll be sitiing down with my feet up for a while. Later tonight Love Actually will be showed on Norwegian telly but I'll be recording it as it doesn't start until 11.05pm, and by then I'll hopefully be asleep!
I've posted 3 photos on FB.

Carol,- it's wise postponing the visit to see Marcus. As you rightly say, Victoria will have other things on her mind than saying hello to visitors, no matter who it is. Hopefully your bugs will be gone by the time you do see him, and then you can have a couple of extra snuggles with him.

We can expect a storm tomorrow according to the weather forecast. Whether it's my name sister or not, was not mentioned!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 19:39
Very festive Eva.

I'm off in a few mins to see Mr and Mrs Postman, mostly to see the old dog.

Must be very tiring having a new baby when there is another youngster in the house. Best Wishes to them all. Probably best to leave it a few days.

Jane I missed the plot last night, glad you got to the panto. Looking forward to hear what you thought of it.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 20:02
TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 20:04
TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 22:31
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2015, 08:13
Morning all and it has been a blustery night (edges of Storm Eva I think!) and is still quite windy at the moment. Having problems with our phone line (have reported the fault) and it is affecting the hub so keep losing connection. Thank you for the links Jo (I'd already had a peep at some earlier thank you gxxgle!). See Eva is now all Christmassy - have a lovely evening Eva. Have the food order to collect from Sainsbugs (used them this year rather than Mands and the problems I had last year), and then we are home. Twin arriving this afternoon some time and then we are in until we go to Midnight Mass at about 11pm. Have to say the new fridge (Freda) has been a great help so far! MM bought some new tree lights so his task is to get the old non working set off, and put the new ones on with out disturbing the beauty that Twin and I created last week! Simples! For those of you going away hope you have a wonderful time. The Bistro will be open during the Festive break but may be self service if the fault isn't rectified! Morning BHB, you have decorated the Bistro beautifully. Love the twinkling lights around the window and the holly looks lovely all around the place - no mistletoe? Ah you thought that might not be wise! The real tree looks lovely and smells divine! Let's grab the Cha Cha and the mince pies and have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket until the DCM arrives!
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2015, 09:20
Good morning all and - HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! I am saying it now in case I don't get a chance to tomorrow. I am at mum-in-law's and the wifi is erratic. I imagine that with all the extra traffic tomorrow (when niece and nephew are here) using the internet might be tricky.

Thank you very much for all your cards, e-cards and Christmas wishes! You lot are lovely!

I've made a little pressy for those of you who like jigsaws. I'll send it out via email.

Yep - I got to the panto after all - and the lovely Ro was good enough to keep me company which added to the fun. I will do a review in a separate post. I'm trying to write one without spoilers!

Some sad news on the blog I see. Some good news too though.

Fi – very sorry to hear about your friend. Why do these things so often happen in the run up to Christmas. I think you will be very glad you’ve got tickets to the panto but I agree – you need to squeeze in a CCBB.

Jo – that’s such bad news about your ex-boss too. Such an awful condition – for the family too. Yes – the oh yes I’m going to the panto – on no I’m not – oh yes I am was confusing but very appropriate in it’s way. Thanks for all the links. It’s great to see them getting so many five star reviews.

Carol – What a shame you are having to postpone visiting the new arrival but I am sure you’ll enjoy seeing him all the more for the slight delay.

Eva – Your Christmas decorations look gorgeous! I hope your family have a lovely Christmas – though the venue wouldn’t be to my taste either. I am sure you will all make the best of it.

Tee he Pauline! Storming Eva!

Jane E wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2015, 09:47
I'm trying to write a review of Aladdin without giving away any spoilers for those intending to see it.

Ooo it's difficult!

Let's see...OK for a start they've followed the panto tradition of setting the story in mostly China but with a nod towards Disney by having the Princess Jasmin rather than say Leo Tan. (Funny how some of the professional reviewers think it’s traditional to set Aladdin in Arabia. No guys – it may be an Arabian Night Story but it’s set in China. Just coz Disney had different ideas...oh I seem to be ranting. Get on with it Jane!)

The panto literally opens with a bang (Damn was that a spoiler?) and unusually with the villian - Marty Pellow's Abanaza. He's a great bad guy - and one moreover who can actually sing (sorry Mr Havers. I adore you too though). The scene is ermm a different, and very dark, way to start the Aladdin story. The effects were incredible but it left me a bit puzzled as to what exactly was going on. (Jo I totally see why it triggered your phobia.)

Still it's not long though before our hero appears looking mighty fine in brilliant blue with REALLY tight leggings. Phwoar!

He has several songs in the first act to show off his wonderful voice. They were played for laughs. Anyone who saw Jack and the Beanstalk will be familiar with Julian Clary’s teasing during ADWD – it was reprised here (oh ‘eck another spoiler). I love Lee's comic timing and that he shows off what a good comedian he is - particularly in a romantic duet which descends into slapstick.

I had met up with Ro just before the show. I was so glad to have her company – and it was great to catch up with her. As I settled into my seat she gave me a big thumbs up and mouthed ‘good seat!’ It turns out I had a great view of Lee during the first magic carpet ride (err – we all knew about the magic carpet didn’t we? So not a spoiler then.)

Of course Julian Clary and Matt Slack are the main comedy turns - with the witness Widow Twanky as their foil. Poor Matt had a bad throat on Tuesday and could barely speak. He was a trooper though and struggled through. I must praise his performance in adversity.

In the second half we see somewhat less of Lee. But we do get to see him in his bling costume which shows of his chest...(oh my I’m having a moment...give me a minute...right then).

If you are into comedy gymnastics you are in for a treat! There is an amazing routine with a gym horse (though personally I would be happy if it was a bit shorter). The 3d magic carpet ride is incredible!

My favourite scene is one of intense sillyness involving all the male leads sauce pans and wooden spoons. I am not going to tell you anymore about it other than – I adored the dignity which which Lee took part in the sillyness. He reminded me of Graham Chapman in the Monty Python movies – ignoring all the stupidity going on around him with panache.

The finale looked fabulous! And another change of costume for Lee which I thought he looked beautiful in.

Ro and I went to the SD afterwards. There weren’t many people there and I had a great opportunity to talk to him BUT I looked in those eyes to soon. Utter meadmush and I just garbled something. Ro had to rescue me. (I was very grateful she was there – and I think Lee was too. Smile)
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2015, 09:53
Morning all. It's raining and very windy outside. Probably building up to the expected storm!

Hello sweetheart. You look happy? You had some very good reviews? Oh, I see. Carol complimented you on the decorations of the Bistro? BBBAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! He took offence again, even before I could ask why there were no Norwegian flags up. HMPH!

Thank you for the nice omments about my Christmas decorations. I enjoy doing it, as long as I can take a long time and not rush.

Jane,- are you sure you don't want the company of Mrs S for Christmas. As long as the boyfriend is there I'm sure she'll behave herself!

I offered to bake a cake for tonight, so my famous carrot cake is cooling on the rack,- as we speak. I am also expecting a visit from the PH and his girlfriend in a couple of hours. In the meantime I'll drive down to the parents' flat to stack some more dinners in the freezer. Father was very optimistic when I spoke to him yesterday. He said he was determined to be discharged on the 30th December to go home. I'll take it with a pinch of salt. Not that I don't want him to go home, but his moods change from day to day, so I won't take anything for granted.
Mother is going back to youngest sister's on Saturday. Mrs S and the boyfrien are off to Spain for a 2 weeks holiday on Monday.

Jo,- thank you for the links. The first one wasn't very enthusiastic, but the next two very positive.

I see that the paint on one of my nails has cracked, so I'd better repair it!
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2015, 10:09
Jane,- you snuck in with your review while I was posting. Thank you so much. Why aren't you a theatre critic? Your reviews always make the shows come alive,- even when giving nothing away!
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2015, 10:21
Morning all, it is very grey here and I think it is going to get wet and windy later. I will be fighting my way through the holiday traffic down to Twin this afternoon. The journey could be interesting! Still I can at least be a bit relaxed about it and take my time. Oh just noticed the wind has got up again. It was really still and quir=et when I got up. Stormy Eva is showing her teeth maybe! I feel so sorry for the poor people of Cumbria as there is another deluge forecast for them today. What a dreadful time they are having. If they get flooded again I think it will be for the forth time for some. Happy C/mas indeed.

Jane thanks for the review. I did sort of skim it as I really want to see it with fresh eyes, but as yours review was spoiler free I risked it! So glad you were able to meet up with Ro and have a great S/Door experience, even if you couldn't speak!

Thanks for the links Jo. I have been reading some of the press reviews and glad to see they are mainly great, unlike some for B/hams other panto!

Eva have a lovely evening in spite of the venue! I'm sure having your parents there and together will make it for you.

In case I don't get chance to say it tomorrow I will take the chance to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. Hope you all have a good one and thinking especially of KK. Hope your health improves KK.

Morning BHB, oh wow the Bistro looks lovely. You are so clever. So I think we should Cha Cha. Oh it is the drink, not the dance. Ah well worth a try, the drink will do nicely, let's get some more and find the CM.
Karen1 wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2015, 11:44
Hi all

MIA loppy here!! It feels like I've been away for yonks. Such a busy time of year, plus I'm still getting tired very easily. Christmas shopping this year has been a nightmare! It's had to be planned like a military operation so that I know exactly what I want and where to get it, no wandering around the shops for me, which I've missed doing, but, hey ho, can't be helped.

Anyway, all the tests are now done and I'm just waiting for the results so please keep everything crossed that they find what the problem is and can treat it!

We're off to my Mum's this afternoon for a few days, which I'm really looking forward to. I have no doubt she will look after us both. I still haven't told her about the heart tests, she knows I've been having tests but not what for, I've been very vague about it, I can't put that worry on her, especially at this time of year and as it's only the second year without Dad, so it's a bit of a strain but, hopefully, not too long now and once the results are through I can come clean!

Anyway, just wanted to come and say thank you for all the cards and e-cards. I hope you all have a wonderful, happy and safe Christmas.

Love to all of you. xx
maeve12 wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2015, 11:50
Thanks for the links Jo and the puzzle Jane.
So sorry to hear about your ex boss Jo and your friend Fi.

Dollop is coming to pick me up when she finishes work about 2pmish hope the A1M isn't too bad this afternoon .
I wont be online for a few days, so will wish you all a very Happy Christmas!
Diana wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2015, 17:35
Hello everyone.

Sorry I've not been around but it's been a crazy few days, primarily due to w*rk. I was stressed out Tuesday & Wednesday due to some unexpected last minute jobs that landed on my desk, mainly thanks to the MD - he's not my favourite person at the mo! We are now at a hotel near Heathrow and I'm starting to relax. Ploppy is watching TV at the mo, we have a reservation for dinner in a the hotel's restaurant. We fly tomorrow evening.

Seems ages since the panto. Good to see the reviews have been very favourable, I think better than Jo & I thought of it. The flying carpet is brilliant, couple of funny scenes with Lee which were vg, the special effects were pretty good, JC was JC, the main fault is the ending which is flat.

I'll try to come back later/tomorrow morning to catch up and post again but wanted to wish everyone a very happy Xmas and New Year.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2015, 17:40
Evening. Still sneezing, decided to give the carol service a miss tonight and stay away from people.
Got all my baking and prep done for tomorrow. Been to weigh in and lost 1.5lb which I need to try and keep off this week!
Going to eat shortly then put my pj's on and veg in front of tv while ploppy goes out for a drink.
Oohhmms for needies.
Thanks for reviews
Merry Christmas one and all 🎄
TK wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2015, 20:34
I hope all are ready for their day tomorrow. Now would I prefer to be in Diana's shoes, jetting off to SA or getting to the stables at 7am, mucking out until 10am then going to w*rk for a planned callout????
I was wrapping presents this afternoon and couldn't fine the very special present I bought for the little dog. I took it to w*rk as one dog owner wanted to see it. I knew I brought it home from w*rk. After 20mins and disembowelling the contents of one cupboard, I found it on top of the veg rack! Then I got a call from Mrs Postman 'do you want to come out to play?' That put an end to the wrapping.

Ali well done for the loss, fingers crossed for the next week. I hope you feel better very soon.

Jane thank you for the review. It is certainly a spectacular panto. I don't think I'll laugh until my chest hurts like I did last year during the slapstick bit in a couple of shows.

Have a good day all. I'll raise a can of dc for you all when I've woken up after my post mucking out bath when I've come back from w*rk and before I go out to visit friends to eat their Christmas cakes.
sue-1 wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2015, 20:44
Hello, just popped in to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and say thank you for your cards and e-cards, if I've missed anyone out this year, and there are a couple of you for sure, I'll do better next year!

Seems a bit odd this year as we have no-one to share the day with, our friends are going to Karen's sister's, she really wanted to spend the day with them after the fiasco of last year with K being in hospital and all the sadness and worry that followed. Compared to that this Christmas will be all it should be.
Ploppy has requested steak and chips so that is what he shall have, and as that's all I have to do I can go to church in the morning and the pub at lunch time, can't be bad.

We go to Cornwall on Boxing day and hopefully I'll get chance to catch up with you all again.
Diana wrote:
Friday, December 25, 2015, 08:20
Morning and happy Christmas.

Sorry to hear about your boss/friend, Jo.

Ali, ohmms for your cold, hope it doesn't spoil the day too much.

Fingers crossed, KK, that the tests reveal the problem and it can be easily treated.

Have a good time in Cornwall, Sue.

Hope everyone enjoys their Xmas Day.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 25, 2015, 08:29
Merry Christmas everyone! I seem to have i'net connection at the moment so will make the most of it (had none for most of yesterday!). Nice bright morning. Managed to do our good shop in Sainsbug and it was quite quiet there. MM changed the lights on the tree, and Twin arrived safely. We watched Arthur C'mas on dvd to get us into the festive spirit and then watched tv until it was time to go off to M Mass. We had a "proper" organist last night (our musicians were all unavailable) and it was lovely to hear the carols played on the organ, but he played some very strange music at the start of the service - we thought we were about to see a Hxmmer Horror movie! Got home about 12.40 and were tucked up in bed by 1 am. Think Twin is still asleep! Lazy day for us - just have to cook lunch, unwrap pressies and put our feet up for the tv viewing fest which will include Dr W, SCD, CtheM and final DA! Hope you have a safe flight Diana; hope you are feeling better Ali (I am still not 100%), have a lovely time with your Mother KK (lovely to see you); enjoy being a deux Sue and safe journey to C'wall; enjoy your family time Maeve; thanks for the non review Lady J; Jo - a planned call out on C Day???, have fun mucking out! Hope Eva had a lovely evening with Mrs S and her Parents and hope everyone enjoys whatever they are doing today! Self service today I am afraid as BHB has the day off to spend with his family. There is champers in the fridge and cold buffet laid out for those who want it - enjoy!! MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 25, 2015, 09:06
Morning all and HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! Hope everyone has a lovely day, l'm sure I will, how could I not? It started so well last night, an ice watch of tv, very pleased with the winner of m/chef, who I think could well be a superstar in the future. Today of course, it will be lots of food drink and more tv, perfick!
Diana have a good flight and a lovely relaxing holiday. Hope the weather is good and look forward to your bulletins.
KK good luck with the tests, I hope they can find your problem,meanwhile have the best C/mad you possibly can.
Have a great holiday Sue, hope the weather is kind to you as well.
Thanks for the jigsaw Jane, loved it!
Enjoy the day everyone.
evam wrote:
Friday, December 25, 2015, 09:23
Morning all. Wet and stormy weather here, so I think I'll be staying inside today!

Oh, the Bistro looks very nice and Christmassy. I see the BHB has left some strong black coffee for me, but I'll decline on the mince pies!

We had a nice evening yesterday. Father was so delighted to be there, and he ate a proper meal. His appetite has been almost non-existent since his op. After dinner he and mother sat next to each other, holding hands. Mrs S was behaving herself. She was so nice to me, I didn't know how to react, so I just sent her my best smile! (That should have scared her!)
Father taxi-ed both ways yesterday, and he was so pleased with the service. Both taxi drivers took care of him. Helped him in and out of the car and followed him to the door. I have just sent the taxi company an email, saying thank you for a brilliant service.

During the evening I had lovely phone calls fron the PH, Iselin and the nerd, saying thank you for their pressies.

I received 4 books, all Norwegian and Swedish crime books, 2 calenders, 1 from Emilian and 1 from Viljar, Mikkel and Sondre, a gift voucher for the theatre, some exciting spices and oils, money from the parents and nothing from Mrs S. She decided this year not to give presents to the grown ups and said she wanted none from us. This she announced 2 weeks before Christmas when most of us already had bought her presents. She made a loong speach at the table about commercialism taking over and bl.bla.bla. I told her that Christmas is what you make of it yourself, and I for one love to give presents and to receive them. It didn't shut her up though! She told me not to say things like that in public, as it wasn't the "in thing" to do. I told her what I think of the "in thing". I'll bet you she'll have changed her mind next year.

KK,- so lovely to see you. I do hope you, your lovely Ploppy and your mother have a nice, albeit still sad Christmas time together. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for those test results.

Diana,- I suppose that by now your're on your way to SA. Hope the flight is OK. Maybe they'll serve you a Christmas dinner?

Ali,- how is the cold? In spite of it, I hope you and your clan have a good Christmas time.

Sue,- you lucky lady going down to Cornwall. Hope you and your lovely Ploppy and the dogs have a great time.

Twins and MM,- do you think Santa will have been down the chimney to deliver the presents? Have a lovely day together.

Jo,- a planned call-out? Not a very long one, I hope. Enjoy eating your way through the neighbourhood!
TK wrote:
Friday, December 25, 2015, 12:56
Happy Christmas to all. (At w*rk I find it really weird replying to that phrase to some people, especially those dressed in hijabs etc, but they say it to me first so they must be OK with it.)
Hope you all have a lovely day. I see some have started in the right track already.
Eva, Mrs S? Are you certain she is not related to Fi's family in a minor way? I say minor as she has a long way to go to match them.

I only mucked out 3 horses, did some other stuff, but the owner was delayed in feeding so we had to wait for the horses to finish their breakfast before we mucked out. So for the first time in years I didn't have to muck Tess out by feel. The electric lights don't illuminate her floor. It was then 10am and I had to get to w*rk to check some documents about a clean, so the equipment could be used.

I really feel like having a sleep now, didn't have my usual snooze in the bath.
Tiffy wrote:
Friday, December 25, 2015, 15:50
Merry Christmas Everyone. xxx
evam wrote:
Friday, December 25, 2015, 18:23
Evening all. I've had a very quiet day. As usual a fish lunch,- poached salmon with creme fraiche and a cucumber salad. Just right after a heavy Christmas dinner yesterday.
The weather has been horrible again today, so I haven't set a foot outside.

Hi Tiffy,- lovely to see you and a very Mery Christmas to you too!

Jo,- hope you got all the Christmas cake you wanted, and had a nice snooze.
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, December 25, 2015, 20:55
Happy Christmas. It's lovely to have the Scollops home. They have been a great help.nwe have had our friend's daughter for quite a bit and the Scollops are fab with her. We went to early 9.15 church ( UB Scollop hadn't got to bed until 4am - that'll teach him!!) - lovely service. Then home for cake (eldest Scollop pronounced it my best yet - you are welcome to a piece Jo) . Friends daughter came round to help Scollops prepare the veg and d.vils on horseb.ck and p.gs n blankets. Then off to friends for meal. Lovely - 11 of us. I made cheesecake and have to say it was yum. We made starter too. Good sharing of jobs. Then home to bit of disaster. Friends daughter had left hot tap running n downstairs loo ( we had forgotten to check) so steam was running down walls and paint has bubbled off the walls! Think we may. Need to replace blinds too! But we weren't flooded.
Jo - sad about your ex. Colleague. Have come across this disease before and Fairly sure that's what ploppy's mum had as fits all her symptoms. Not nice.
Diana - safe travels and enjoy your hols.
Nice to see you KK. And fingers crossed for good news for your test results.
Eva - glad you survived the family Christmas!
Sue - hope you enjoyed your quiet day and have a lovely time in Cornwall.
Ali wrote:
Friday, December 25, 2015, 21:15
Evening. Woke up early and felt rough. Scollops didn't wake till nearly 9 so I decided to miss church and take my time getting ready as I felt dizzy. Ploppy persuaded me to join family and friends for a drink. I had water! Went home to cook and by the time it was ready I felt better. Really enjoyed the meal. Sloppy and I went over to my sister's for a couple of hours this evening. Nephews very loud and excitable. I escaped to come home and watch DA!!
Hope the blinds can be saved Fi
Good luck for the test results KK
Enjoy the remainder of the day
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 26, 2015, 08:12
Morning all - have managed to sneak up on the pooter and get a connection - feel it will be another couple of days before we get sorted out! Merry Christmas Tiffy. Hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday. Ohh see Mrs S was behaving nicely (well apart from about the pressies!). Does she say the N'wegian equivalent of "Bah Hxmbug?" Can see why Jo might think she is related to some of Fi's family! Hope you managed to get some C'assy time Jo - not sure that mucking out and going to wxrk count! It is still quite blustery here - we had some rain yesterday - we were thinking of going for a walk later, but will see what happens with the weather - no fun in going out and getting wet! Oh dear, Fi, not good about the left tap. Not quite the C Pressie you wanted! Sorry you are still feeling under the weather Ali - not the time to be ill. We had quite a lazy day - Prxsecco and croissants for brekkie, then our C'mas stockings (yes Eva, he obviously found our way here). Put the food on and we had C'mas lunch at about 2pm. Managed the first two courses, then watched The Q's speech. After that we decided to wait for dessert so opened our pressies. Then it was in to watch The Stxck Mxn, then Dr W, SCD (we thought it was the best C'mas one ever - really enjoyed it!). By then we felt ready for dessert (which Twin had made and fetched - a vxdka jelly txrrine with fruit in it and a lxme syrup - it was divine!). Then it was CtheM, and finally the last episode of DA! Today is a quiet one at home doing nothing too much (part from the walk if the weather is good) and getting some of the food ready for tomorrow when we have everyone coming over. Morning BHB, did you have a lovely C'mas? You did? Wonderful. Let's grab the croissants and the Mimosa and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM!
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 26, 2015, 08:48
Morning all, a grey one here and I think we get rain later. Had a lovely day yesterday lots of pressies and good food and drink, then a great evening's viewing, what's not to like? Loved SCD, as Twin said, it was probably the best one ever and they had bits of it shot at Kew in all the lovely lights. CTM was so good too and made me weep as usual, but in a good way this time. Good end to DA even if a bit predictable in many ways.

Merry Chrisymas to you Tiffy. Thanks for dropping in.

Ali, so sorry you are not well but glad you could at least enjoy dinner.

Fi so nice for you to have your lovely boys home, but not sure a damp logo is adding to the day. As you say, at least it wasn't flooded, I suppose that is some consolation!

Eva glad you had a good day, but I see Mrs S lived up to her nickname big time!

Morning BHB. So you had a lovely C/mad? Me too! Let's get more Mimosa and find the CM and we can swap stories.
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 26, 2015, 09:49
Morning all. There is actually a blue sky outside and NO WIND! I'm not sure I'm still in Bergen!

Hello sweetheart. You look very happy. You had a wonderful Christmas day with your Bee? No wonder you look pleased. Lets have a coffee and you can tell me about it.

I'm having problems with my B*C connection. I decided last night to watch Strictly and CtM, but in my UK mode, the B*C wouldn't even let me in on their website. I gave up in the end. Started again this morning, but the same happened. I just got a blank page and a message that the backend wasn't available. Backend of what? After trying and failing for about 1 hour, I sent out a cry for help to my Private network provider, and I'm waiting for an answer. The funny thing is that I tried the I*V, and that one works like a dream!

Twins,- it sounds like you had a perfick Christmas day.

Ali,- are the bugs gone by now? So your scollops didn't come downstairs until 9am? I suppose it shows they ar growing up?

Fi,- has someone cast a spell on you? The not flooding sounds very bad, and absolutely not what you need.

I think I'll go out for a walk. Have to take advantage of the nice weather,- whereever I am!
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 26, 2015, 12:42
...been for our walk - it is really mild out. Do hope you manage to get your connection sorted out Eva - you need to be able to watch last night's tv fest! Hope everyone is enjoying their Boxing Day!
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 26, 2015, 17:38
Fi, hope the replacments will be quick to do. Not something you want to see when you get home after a good outing.

Ali I hope your improvement continues and you can enjoy the rest of the hols.

Hi Tiffy hope you had a good day too.

I have just had another post stables bath, bit tired, but no time for nap as I'm out for a meal tonight. Mrs Postman is cooking.

Twins have been making the most of the festive TV. DrW was very enjoyable yesterday, though messed up my timing as it was earlier than usual.

Last night I was asked a series of questions, which were answered by Mrs Postman first.
-If you could only go to concerts by Cliffy or Lee for the rest of your life, which would you choose. (I confirmed it was MY life)
-If you could only go to the horses or Lee performances, which would you choose?
-If you could go to the horses or keep your cats, which would you choose?
There was another but I forget.
Mrs Postman got them all right. Mr Postman didn't
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, December 26, 2015, 21:39
Well the loo will have to be totally sanded down and repainted. Ploppy not happy!
Had quiet relaxing day. Tidied up, housework, laundry, walk, jigsaw, written letters. Eldest Scollop made lovely pasta dish.
Jo - impressed with Mrs P.
Finished n
My book group book for last book group this am. Now to start the one for next group. It was about B.rma railway. Very upsetting but an excellent read. Watched Dr W - it was ok. Watched D.ckensian - hmm. Not sure what to make of it and " And then th.re were n.ne." So slow that I may fall asleep.
Eva - hope you get connected soon.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 26, 2015, 23:06
Had a lovely veggie curry tonight followed by profiterole chocolate cake. Very nice. Also watched the darts!!! Postman is a big sports fan, hence the Sky TV. I did get moaned at as there was a football match him and a relation wanted to watch but it was only on BT Sport, which I could have had for free. 'And why didn't you get it?' And why would I? So I was not their fav person this evening. Anyway had a play with the dogs and chat with Mrs Postman's niece, who is a vet, so we usually have things to talk about.

Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2015, 08:22
Morning all - very windy last night (think Storm E is still around!), and it woke me a couple of times. Not complaining as those poor people who are flooded up Nxrth are suffering so much. Watched Dickensxxn too Fi and waiting for it to develop a little more, but enjoyed it and it has a stellar cast. Twin and I enjoyed the AC, but MM nodded off. Looking forward to part 2 tonight. So Jo, what were your answers?? I may be making a veggie curry today, but suspect not as I don't think Victoria and family will make it - having had a C section she is finding it uncomfy sitting in the car. No matter as we will see them all on Wednesday and have them all to ourselves! Today is the family and friends day - made my casserole yesterday so just need to heat it up, do the potato dish and the rest of the food will be cold meat (turkey anyone?), pies etc - oh just remembered I have a quiche to make! Not expecting anyone until midday so have time to sort things out. Hope you have managed to sort out your connection, Eva! Leaving oooohhhmmmmmmmmmmmmsss for any poorlies or needies. Morning BHB, yes it was very blustery last night. Let's grab the Dxamond Fxzz and the cinnamon cookies and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2015, 08:53
Morning all, very grey and yet still very mild today. Certainly not complaining having seen the dreadful weather up north. The flooding is all round where my relatives live, though as most live on top of hills they should be ok I hope. We have Twin's party today so it will be all hands on deck and a very busy day. I'm sure it will be a success as it always is. I really enjoyed Dickxnsian. I think once it really gets going it will be very good, also ATTWN was good too, though I do think it will get pacier now the prelims are done with.

What a shame about your connection Eva, though you will have lots of catch up to see when it gets sorted.

Morning BHB, Diamon Fizz today? I think I could manage that, let's get a nice jug and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2015, 09:16
Morning all. It's a white world outside, but the temps are + 2.0, so the roads will be very slippery this morning.
I have to drive out to youngest sister's with mother's walking sticks which Mrs S forgot yesterday when she took mother to youngest sister'. Why I have to do it? Because yesterday when Mrs S rang me, she said she wanted to go for a long walk, and as she was due at the boyfriend's 2 (!) hours later, she didn't have time herself! In her request that I'd take the walking sticks were implied that I have nothing to do except twiddling my thumbs! I have promised myself that I WILL NOT let her upset me this Christmas. Today? Oh, she's having her sons and the grandchildren for lunch, so very busy today as well. Am I invited? Of course not!

Jo,- Mrs Postman knows you too well. You had an interesting conversation with a vet? Now you do surprise me.

I think the pooter has to go to the pooter hospital tomorrow. I did have a long and detailed answer from my private network provider, but I didn't understand half of it! I've also discovered that there is something wrong with my security, so that has to be checked as well.
Anyway, the midwives will be on Norwegian telly tonight and DA was yesterday, so so far I've only missed the Strictly Christmas show. I hope it will be available on the iplayer for a while.

Fi,- I see your Ploppy won't be able in the coming days. One comfort is your lovely scollops. They are great guys.

Ali wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2015, 09:19
Morning. Felt better yesterday (bit snuffly) so took boys into the city to spend money. I left them and ploppy to it and popped to m&s as had vouchers from scollop. Tried a.few tops but settled on a handbag shhhh don't tell Eva!!
We then went to the cinema to see S wars. All enjoyed it. Home for a picky meal of leftovers. The cheesecake was the final straw and left me feeling rather sick. Obviously can't manage rich food anymore!
Off to church shortly then relaxing at home as forecast isn't looking good. Will aim for a walk on the beach tomorrow instead.
Recorded D and AC last night. Must try and catch up sometime.
Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2015, 11:01
Morning - really wet here - so of course eldest scollop and friend off for long bike ride! Guess what will be going lots when they return - washing machine. Which is still hanging on in there tho we will look for new one in sales.

decided not to go to church and have long lire on . phone call at 9am from care home! A crisis?? Not in our book. Uncle needs to go to town 30 miles away fro hospital appt - in Feb!! Could we give them ph number of their kind neighbour who visits them so home can ask her to take him!!! I suspect (ploppy didn't ask) that not just wanted her to taxi him but also to supervise him. they are a CARE home and are paid to care for him so we ill need to send another strong email. Ploppy didnt give ph no. What a cheek. I suspect home is very short staffed. tough. Aunt and uncle pay humungous amount between them. Can i ask is this normal with care homes?? Shouldn't they be expected to arrange his appt - and go with him?
Veg curry - oh can I ask if anyone has nice veg recipes can they let em know. UB scollops girlfriend coming to stay on wed - and she is veg. And I am hopeless at veg recipes. First time he has invited a girlfriend here - hmmm.
Eva - relations - grrrr.
Carol - hope party goes well.
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2015, 11:39
I'm having a day at home today.
Ali glad you are feeling better. I was told last night that the new SWars was very good. (The vet's boyfriend is a big fan.)
Eva, you must chill and not let MrsS upset you, seems that you are, so good. Have a rest today and watch Norwegian TV.
Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2015, 13:37
Forgot to say Ali - that your L.mon p.vlova recipe was a great success at pre C party I took it to - there was none left at end of eve. thank you:)
May give up on veg curry idea = girlfriend is Ind.an. No way I can live up to that. may have to be bean b.rgers!
Eva- enjoy your quiet lunch . Mrs S does seem a tad self centred - no?? I missed the Strictly show - must catch up with it.
Scollops currently doing fashion show with clothes I bought them fro C pressies. Must go and watch!
Missed Tiffy - hello and happy Chr.stmas.
evam wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2015, 18:11
Evening all.
I have had a quiet afternoon. Have started on the book youngest sister gave me for Christmas. Very good so far.

It has been snowing steadily all day. When I drove out to youngest sister's I was wondering if I'd manage the hill up to their house. I did,- just! It was so slippery, and when I later visited father I had to try twice before I could manage the steep hill up to the convalescence home. Father was in good spirits, and he is getting better day by day, so hopefully they'll let him go home on the 30th. I didn't stay long because I wanted to get home before still more snow came down. I made it home safely.

Fi,- UB scollop bringing a girl home? When is the wedding? I take it for granted that all the SLs will be invited? How did the curry go down?
Ali wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2015, 19:37
Fi, glad pavlova was a success. How about veg lasagne? Fry onion, courgettes and peppers. Add tom puree and passata. Season and add oregano and basil. Layer in a dish with lasagne sheets top with white sauce add grated cheese and bake. Serve with green salad and crusty or garlic bread.
Jane E wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2015, 22:18
Hi all

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I am afraid I haven't caught up but spotted Tiffin has popped on. Nice to see you Tiffy!

Sending ohms for Kks test results and for anyone else in need xx
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 28, 2015, 08:01
Morning all - very dark first thing (have been down and emptied the dishwasher from last night) but now very pretty pink clouds! The Chrises have had snxw in S'holm too Eva - Mrs Chris posted photos (suspect they are secretly glad as it had been so mild and they had taken all their thick winter clothes!). Well I have given up on Mrs S! Can't believe that!! Sorry, yes I can! Fi, I have a veggie chili recipe I use for Victoria (in fact making some and taking with me on Wednesday!). Let me know if you would like the recipe and I'll "e" it to you - actually due to hit and miss broadband I'll post it under this post! Apparently fault should be fixed by NY Eve! Had a call from Victoria at 9 am to say they wouldn't be coming as the midwife had been on Boxing Day and taken her plaster off so she was a little sore and didn't think sitting in the car was the ideal scenario! Had a lovely afternoon and MM and Twin worked their socks off "butling"! Everyone left just after 6pm so we were able to sit and put our feet up and watch Dxckensxan and Then There Were Nxne. Today will be getting the house back straight again! Lots of ooohhhmmmmmmmmmmmmss for the poorlies and the needies. Morning BHB yes it is a pretty sky out, but suspect that means bad weather coming (those poor people up Nxrth - even Yxrk was flooded in places!). I am assuming all Nxrthern Lxppies are safe and dry? Let's grab the pxnettone and the Pxcardie Star and have a lovely snuffle (yes I feel up to it) under the pink blanket!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 28, 2015, 08:06


2 tbsp oil, 1 large chopped onion, 1 crushed clove of garlic, 1 – 2 tsp chilli powder, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 2 peppers, chopped (seeds removed), 2 peeled and chopped carrots, 2 tins chopped tomato, 1 heaped tbsp tomato puree, 300ml veggie stock, 1 sweet potato peeled and chopped, 175g wiped and quartered mushrooms, 1 chopped courgette, seasoning, 1 can kidney beans, drained.

Heat the oil and fry the onion and garlic together with the chilli and cumin, for about ten minutes or until the onions are soft. Add the carrot, sweet potato and peppers and cook for five minutes, stirring all the time. Add the tomatoes, purée, stock and peas, bring to the boil and simmer until veggies are tender (about 30 minutes). Add the mushrooms and courgettes and simmer for five minutes more. Season to taste. Add the cooked kidney beans and simmer for five more minutes. Serve with cooked rice.

n.b. you can use any veggies in place of the sweet potato and courgettes........
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 28, 2015, 08:46
Morning all, and I can actually see sunshine out there, lovely. I just hope the poor flooded people up north get a chance to dry out. We had a lovely party yesterday, as usual Twin had worked hard and done a fab spread of food while MM and I did the front of house stuff! Everyone seemed to have a lovely time so a successful day. Mind I think we were all very glad to sink in to a chair after they had gone! I am off home today, via a s/market as I have no food in at home! I have had such a lovely time here.

Eva I can see how Mrs S can make you want to scream. I think self centred is the politest way of putting it, well done on holding your tongue. Not sure I could.

Not good I veggie recipes I'm afraid Fi, usually rely on pasta dishes to help me. How nice that U/B Scollop is bringing a girl home, must be serious!

Hope KK gets her results and they are able to help her, sending ohhhmmms.

Morning BHB, so the CM is back in snuffle mode? No wonder you look happy! Let's get more Picardie Star and find her and we can continue the good work.
Jane E wrote:
Monday, December 28, 2015, 09:44
Good morning all

I see we have travellers on the blog -I hope Diana and Sue have lovely holidays in SA and Cornwall.

I'm still sat in bed because I am down with a cold this morning. I can't blame Ali -it was my neice gave me this. (Ali I hope you are feeling better).

Eva Mrs S is just...words fail me! Hope she didn't spoil Christmas.

Oh Fi I don't think the country needs more flooding! Other than that your Christmas sounds lovely.

Don't fancy Jo's Christmas Day -stable cleaning and work? Still it has to be done.

Carol I am loving ANTTWN. It's one of my favourite Christies and it's been so well cast. Not objecting to seeing so much of AT :-)

Pauline and Maeve I am glad you're enjoying the jigsaw puzzles. I keep adding to them.

Report from this Northern Loppy - all is OK here however I don't know if KK has been affected. Ohms she and all other Northern Loppies are OK. And ohms for poorlies
evam wrote:
Monday, December 28, 2015, 12:24
Morning all. It's a beautiful day here,- blue skies and glimpses of the sun, but it's still so low that it's hard to see it as we're surrounded by 7 mountains. The temps are on their way up, so I doubt the snow will be staying for long.

Hello sweetheart. You look quite exhausted? A lot of snuffling going on this morning? Too much of a good thing, eh? ( He's nodding.)

Pauline,- I wonder if you've been stuck inside a shopping centre the whole morning like I have been? I was there first thing to have my lap top seen to, and I was first in the small queue. (Everything is closed here on Boxing day, so today was the first open day after Christmas.). I explaine about the connection problems I'd had, and the nice young man tried. Of course it worked! No funny blank pages. Then he had a look at the security and that was faulty, so he installed a new upgrade for me. I didn't leave the lap top in for a full overhaul, as I wanted to try it again at home.
I'd brought with me the telly remote control which had stopped working yesterday. Yes, I had changed the batteries. Of course that worked as well. I felt like an idiot!
When I got home I tried the B*C connection, but nothing. Nothing on any websites, so I tried the high teccie thing of taking out the plug, counted to 10 and plugged in again. This time everything worked. Just as well I know my way around a plug and a socket, eh?

My fridge is now filled up again, and I even have new potatoes which Mrs S cleaned me out of over Christmas. But she and the boyfriend are now well on their way to Spain for 2 weeks. Good riddance! (Not the boyfriend, because he's lovely.)

Jane,- sorry you're having a cold. I hope it's not as nasty as Carol's been.

Better start lunch. As it's Monday, it's fish,- poached cod cutlets. Yummy.
evam wrote:
Monday, December 28, 2015, 12:26
Jane,- I forgot to say that I'm really enjoying your puzzles as well. Some are quite difficult, but I'm getting there.
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, December 28, 2015, 15:40
Thank you Ali and Carol for your veggie recipes . I will save these and use them - even if not now as UB Scollop has now said he will be going out for meals with girlfriend. . Obv doesn't trust my cooking! Wait a few days before buying your hat Eva!
I am having a grr moment. Had rather cheeky email from. Sloppy. She always wants us to take them ion holiday. So I had done research and sent her some possibilities. I get a return email saying she had told me there would be more choice of hols before Xmas and I should have done the research then. And only one that suits them is.... Not a word of thanks and as the time away is no hol for us I am in grrrrr mood. Going to let it lie a day or two and then say that one no longer available, as One they chose is least convenient for us . Grrr. I may need to borrow your self control Eva!
Glad you are not flooded Jane. Hope KK ok. Poor people who are flooded.
We were in town this morning. Got a new dress for a wedding. Bumped into friends so went for coffee. Have been for 5 mile walk this afternoon so shattered now.
Eva - glad you had the technical skills to solve the problem!
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 28, 2015, 20:30
Evening all. Back home now, well been home some time but have been sorting myself out a bit. Now have a nice pile pf wxshing to tackle tomorrow. Lovely! Had such a good time with Twin and MM. They look after me so well. I am very lucky. The traffic coming home was fine really Eva and the s/market was very quiet. I think the next biig shop will be for NYE. Hopefully I can avoid that! I suppose if Mrs S is off to Spain for a bit that gives you a chance to simmer down! Good you have the tv working again.

Fi you seem to be getting it from all sides!

Jane sorry you have a cold. Have a lot of ohhhmmms, you sound as if you need them.

TK wrote:
Monday, December 28, 2015, 21:27
I finished my tax return yesterday, except for one piece of info which I cannot find. I've emailed for it to be sent again, so it'll be fine as I have until the end of Jan. Also yesterday I sorted out my new backup hard drive as it was duplicating the info, so was nearly full after 2 days. I think I set it up incorrectly when I first got it as it was using the old back up instructions and made its own new one as well.
Today I did more mucking out and jobs at the stables. The muscles in my back were burning when I came home. I really need to do more exercise during the year. I feel asleep when I got home today in front of the TV, woke up to Hollyoaks, no idea what time it was. All better now. Getting ready for w*rk tomorrow.

I hope MrsS has a nice restful time in Spain with boyfriend. Might make her a little more giving to the family when she returns.

Poor Jane, hope you feel better soon.

I hope UB scollop has a good time showing his girlfriend around, sweet :)

Liking the idea of MM and Twin butlering, hope they had the right uniforms on!!
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, December 29, 2015, 07:02
Afternoon everyone.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

Christmas Eve & Day were a bit of a non-event for us given we were staying in a Heathrow hotel and then at the airport. The room was nice but dinner in the hotel restaurant on 24 was very average and not cheap. We had a late breakfast in the hotel’s Starbucks on Xmas Day and took the hotel bus to the airport at midday. I bought some sunglasses in the duty free and had a look at an iPhone but decided to wait. Lunch was turkey & trimmings for me and chicken tikka m for Ploppy, followed by Xmas pud & brandy custard and cheese & biscuits in the airport lounge – not bad.

Our international flight was on time thankfully as we had luggage to collect and recheck-in and only two hours between flights. The internal flight flew along the coast and over the sea, beautiful views, before landing at George, our local airport. Three flights landed within 15 mins so it was a bit chaotic picking up the case. We collected the rental car, stopped to do a quick food shop, and then had a nice drive along the Garden Route to Knysna, seeing a baboon near the motorway. We arrived at the house about 1.30 and unpacked all our stuff – at least I unpacked most of it while Ploppy watched the cricket grrrrr. Quick dinner and while Ploppy watched more sport on TV, I watched SCD final which I’d downloaded to the iPad as hadn’t had time to watch the recording. The results show I saw last night. Enjoyed it but felt the girls were unlucky not to have won.

Saturday, Sunday and much of today have been sunny and mid 20s, though it’s now mostly clouded over. I sat out on the veranda this afternoon but we’ve been busy so the nice weather has been rather wasted on us so far. As usual, there are a few issues to sort out. One of the batteries on the golf cart has either blown up or been tampered with – Ploppy is not at all happy! The sim card on our SA mobile isn’t working, we had no hot water when we arrived and it’s still not as hot as normal, the floor mop has vanished, as has one of the gas cylinders. The birds, notably the pigeons, had left the balcony and veranda in a “nice” mess so we washed them down yesterday. I also did two loads of washing and then the ir*ning. Plus we’ve been shopping both days. Yesterday we bought two gravity (reclining) chairs which are very comfortable. Today we bought a new fridge freezer as the fridge hasn’t been working properly for a couple of years, and some clothes. We ordered the FF at 11.00 am and it was delivered at 2.00 pm! We need to go shopping again tomorrow to get some food for the freezer and New Year, as well as a few bits & bobs. We ate out last night at the local pub/restaurant where I had calamari and chicken schnitzel. Tonight we’re dining in – lamb kebabs with sugar snaps & potatoes, followed by cheese & biscuits.

Knysna is very busy, it always is at this time of year but the queues into town have been worse than the past few years. We suspect with the rand having collapsed, most South Africans are staying in SA for the holidays. The exchange rate is very good for us of course – first time we came in 2000 it was R10 to £1, it went up to R18 one year but most of the time it’s been R12-14 to £1 – it’s now over R21 and was R23 very briefly earlier this month. So our purchases haven’t cost that much.

Wifi has recently been installed in the house via the letting agency and posting this will be the first time I’ve used it. Got to be a bit careful as it’s pay as you go and I’m not sure what the cost is.

Have a good evening.

The letting agency have given me the wrong password for the wifi – typical! Fingers crossed I still have some data on the dongle else this will have to wait till tomorrow. Nope, the dongle isn’t working either – I think it’s the sim card, like the mobile. We pay to keep them both live even if not used but looks like MTN have cancelled them. I now have the correct wifi password.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 29, 2015, 08:16
Morning all and nice to read Diana has arrived safely (impressive delivery on the ff!!). Hopefully no Bxbxxns near you at the moment! Had an uneventful day after Twin left yesterday - stripped the beds and did the laundry! As a result I was ready for bed once ATTWN had finished and have only just woken up! Thought it was really well done and captured the atmosphere really well. Today we are off to see our friends from C'bury - meeting half way at a pub for lunch. They were hoping the bungalow building works would be finished before C'mas but they are still ongoing, so we aren't going to C'bury and staying over as we normally do. Lady J, good to hear the flxxds not affecting you, so fingers crossed for the other N Loppies! Also meant to say I am enjoying the puzzles! Ah I usually find that techie trick works too Eva. So two weeks without Mrs S.....will you manage without your daily orders do you think?? Ah Fi, deep breath and count to 100 (don't think 10 will do it!). Sadly Jo the "butlers" refused to get dressed in any type of uniform (so it is true - you can't get the staff these days!). See that we are now on to Stxrm Frxnk (Eva your storm has left us now!). Do hope there is no more flooding - can't imagine what it is like for those poor people. Depositing lots of ooohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmss for KK's results and for anyone who needs them. Morning BHB, yes it a sort of bright morning isn't it - I think we are getting a dry day down South. Let's grab the Angel's Dxlight and the cookies and have a lovely cnuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, December 29, 2015, 09:08
Morning all. The temps have shot up overnight,- + 8.3 when I got up this morning, so most of the snow has melted away. We have a new grey day, and have gale warnings for tonight. Sigh!

Hello sweetheart. You had a nice lie-in this morning? Carol was later than usual? Well, even she is entitled to the odd lie-in. Some coffee and a snuggle? Suits me fine.

I'm waiting for my cleaning lady to appear. She just phoned to say that the bus schedules are not the normal ones between Christmas and the New Year, so she'll be half an hour late.
I have the parent's shopping to do today, so everything will be ready for them when they reutrn home tomorrow. Don't worry,- I volunteered. I've even made the shopping list myself, as mother couldn't remember what was there and what wasn't and got hopelessly muddled.
We discovered that Mrs S had made a doctor's appointment for mother today (while she is away.) She (Mrs S )wants to propose a change in mother's meds to the GP. Neither youngest sister nor I am comfortable asking the GP doing that, so I changed the appointment till later when Mrs S is back home. I bet she'll be pleased,- NOT! As you see Carol, the distance doesn't stop Mrs S sending orders via text. But this one will come back and bite her in the a*se!
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 29, 2015, 10:04
Morning all, and it is a lovely one here and still mild. I think spring and winter may have swapped places and we will probably get snow in April! (I really hope not! I am joking of course!) I have all the wash to do today of course, and need to do other house stuff, but will try to get outside for a bit if it stays like this. I watched the last bit of ATTWN last night. I thought it was very good. It is such a dark tale, especially if they use AC's original ending, rather than her second ending she wrote for the play. So well acted and the cinematography was fabulous.

Glad to see you are now connected Diana. I think that is the best delivery service I have ever heard of! Wow!

Eva so pleased Mrs S will have to do the Dr! Seems very silly to make an appointment with them to discuss meds then go on holiday, however as it is Mrs S I am not that surprised!

Of course we didn't wear uniforms Jo! I had over 30 years of that thanks very much!

Morning BHB, so what do we have today? Angel's Delight? Sounds great, I'll get another jug and we'll find the CM.
maeve12 wrote:
Tuesday, December 29, 2015, 12:02
Hope everyone had a good time over Christmas, my poor dollop had real, proper 'flu, managed to keep going 'til after dinner then took to her bed where she still is, such a shame to be ill when days off work are few and precious. she caught it from her scollop who'd been ill the week before.
Unfortunately my d-I-l's father, who is very frail, had three falls on boxing day, the problem is that when he falls he can't get up on his own, he ended up in hospital, where he's been found to have a bad chest infection, poor d-I-l and scollop have spent the last two days at the hospital with him.

I had a lovely day yesterday in London with the two gr. daughters, they went skating which they love and are very good at, we had a wander round CG etc. and then a good meal and drinks, Elder granddaughter back to the French Alps soon, she was there for a week before Christmas acting as a rep.with University groups.

I'm now back to the washing, shopping, normal life for a few days.
Hope you're better soon Jane
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, December 29, 2015, 12:31
Hello again.

It’s not been the best of days so far though at least the wifi’s now sorted. The hotel have stopped the special gym fee for estate home owners so we now have to pay full rate. I’m shopped out. We spent most of the morning in Knysna and got some food from Woolw*rths for NYE and NYD dinners as well as the freezer. The person we spoke to in MTN about the cell and dongle sim cards was very unhelpful so we won’t be using them in future. We will get a new sim for the cell phone from another provider, preferably an international one; as we now have wifi here, I won’t bother to get a sim for the dongle, at least for now. Also stocked up on drink – didn’t need any wine or spirits as we bought so much last visit during our trips. We had a bit of sun earlier but it’s cloudy now, though rather humid.

We saw a large group of baboons on the 7th hole, opposite the house on Sunday, lots of babies which isn’t a good sign for the future. A large male appeared a bit later, followed by a female with a baby. The male went between our place and next door, while the female climbed the tree in between the two houses and then vanished. Haven’t seen the critters since.

Feel like a snooze but ought go to the gym when I’ve finished online and we will eat in again tonight – sushi and pork steaks. The town’s so busy, it would be difficult to get dinner reservations so we’ll eat at home for the next few nights.

I’m w*rking half day tomorrow and Thursday, don’t feel at all like it but w*rking a few days while we’re here means we were able to stay for longer.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, December 29, 2015, 20:45
BIG news, I've finally finished my tax return. A very nice lady emailed me the info I was missing today.

Diana, the post may be slow in SA, according to Auds, but the ff delivery is amazing. JL wouldn't beat that. Glad you are sorting out the wifi. I have enough trouble with phone/wif so would not like to have to sort another country too. Hope the baboons stay away. (Mum and baby sounds cute though)

Carol, shame about the servants, uniforms are so smart ;) When I was at Mr and Mrs Postman's the other night, it was interesting to see the big dog calling for staff when he wanted to move. (Strangely when we moved into the dining room for the meal he didn't require assistance in standing up to move rooms.)

Maeve, to me your 'normal' life is very varied as you are always rushing about.
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, December 29, 2015, 21:32
Beautiful sunny, warm day so went for long walk . What with walk yesterday and sales shopping yesterday am I am now ikn.ackered!!! . May give gym and swim a miss tomorrow. Before walk called in on ex colleague. She has a stunning huge house with new kitchen and 4 ( yes 4) new bathrooms. bUT her husband was diagnosed with m.loma 18 months ago and had kidney failure and now can't walk. Suspect they would swap all the bathrooms etc for his health.
Carol I am taking your advice on the counting just added a few 0000s on the end,
Diana - the for..zero delivery time is fast. We ordered new wash machine on Mon. It will come next Mon.
Maeve - being ill at Christmas is horrible - but does mean she rests! Speaking as one who was in bed all last C.
UB Scollop arrives tomorrow so on house cleaning duty. UB Scollop says I dont need to clean for her - oh yes I do! She might otherwise find out how unclean and untidy he is!
Eva - am liking the changing GP appt strategy!
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2015, 08:10
Morning all and I think we are getting the edge of Storm Frxnk - very blustery all night and kept waking me. The trees at the bottom of the garden are blowing around at the moment and hopefully will stay firmly rooted or our conservatory might be at risk! Had a lovely day yesterday - X25 was a big naughty on the way down but it was a bright sunny day as Fi said, so everything was bathed in sunshine. Met at the nice gastro pub we went to earlier in the year. I had baked Camembert infused with rosemary, MM had chilli chicken with stir fry veggies, Mary had liver pate and Les had haddock, ham and cheese fish cake. Then I was very good (you can probably see my halo from there) as I had prawn and crayfish salad (so did Mary), MM had goose and redcurrant sausages with mash and veggies, Les had a huge A Angus beefburger, then MM had two scoops of honeycomb ice cream, Les had sticky toffee pudding and Mary and I had waffles with toffee sauce and ice cream. All very yummy and washed down with a very nice red wine. Spent three hours chatting then took the dog for a short walk before heading home. X25 much better on the homeward route. When we got back I made the veggie chilli to take to Victoria because - yes we are off to see Imogen and Baby Marcus today. Fi, do you think perhaps you should let her find out how untidy (but lovely) UBS is, sooner rather than later?? Ah Eva, so you get the long distance orders! Well done on changing the appointment (not sure she is going to be too pleased!). Oh dear Maeve, not good re the falls and the illness. I remember feeling really cheated when I was ill and was on holiday from the office! Sounds like you had a lovely time with the gr daughters though. I am assuming they still have the lovely decorations up at CG. Diana do you think the bxboons like playing golf? Maybe that's why they hang around? Jo, loving the idea of the dog calling for the "staff"! We are off with a loaded car - I have aunt's birthday pressie for Imogen, tree presents from the family party and new baby pressies to take (plus of course a new dress for Imogen and a lovely little ballerina mouse, as well as pamper treats for Victoria). Morning BHB, yes it is not a day for sitting outside I think. Let's grab the pink blanket, the croissants and the Twxnkle and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2015, 08:25
Morning. Very blustery here, rain on the way.
Back to work yesterday, really busy. Boss was expecting it to be quiet so we could catch up on things and plan for new stock etc. I did warn her as I suspected people might like to get out and about between xmas and new year!
I de-baubled the tree yesterday as it was looking rather sorry for itself and the carpet was covered in needles. House looking tidier. Also booked a grocery delivery for today as we seem to have lots of 'leftovers' but no proper food in the house. Tomorrow night we're over the road at sisters with friends. Ploppy is doing his signature pulled pork and I'm doing tiramisu.
Hope your daughter is feeling better Maeve.
hope visit goes well Fi.
Enjoy baby cuddles Carol. We have had several births in town recently, looking forward to getting my hands on fellow guiders new baby!
Hope the baboons stay away Diana.
Oohhmms to Jane
evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2015, 09:16
Morning all. It's very stormy here as well, and it's going to get worse through the day. Not raining at the moment, but I think that's just a lull.

Hello sweetheart. Why am I dressed in my raincoat with the hood up? Because when I've done my blogging I'm off for my hospital appointment. It's going to be a fairly long one, I think, because I'll have to take a lot of tests to see how the new meds are working, not only on the pain, but on my body as well.

Carol,- oh, lucky you going to see Marcus and Imogen. Give them both a cuddle from me, please. Lots of pressies, eh? I'm not surprised.
It sounds like you had a good lunch with your friends. I see "being good" lasted all the way TO the dessert!

Diana,- a whole family of baboons close by? Doesn't sound good, but maybe, as Carol says, they're there for the golf?

Maeve,- I see you've been busy, busy, busy. Have a good few days away. I'm sure you'll be busy, busy, busy again.

Ali,- I don't blame people for wanting to go out and get a rest from the left-over turkey.

I need to go.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2015, 09:46
Morning all, and we have a blustery day here too. At least it is dry at the moment, though I fear that may not last too long such a change from yesterday! It is our bin day tomorrow, two days later than normal because of C/mas. Of course most people haven't read the schedule card so have stuck their bins out and they are having the lids blown back and rubbish blown all over the place. Knowing the guilty ones as I do I am betting they won't bother picking any of it up either. Grrr! I have to go and get something for my hosts tomorrow evening, but that done I will be home to the delights of the ixxnxxg.

Diana maybe the baboons are upset the gym fees have gone up as well, so are making do with a round of golf instead.

Sorry your poor Dollop was ill Maeve. Hope she is starting to improve now.

Lunch sounds very yummy Twin, though I think your halo slipped quite badly by the dessert! Have a lovely day today and enjoy all the cuddles.

Hope the appointment goes well Eva. Also that the meds have been helping you.

Morning BHB, so it is Twxnkle today? Interesting! Still I will give it a go of course so let's get another jug and join the CM.
Luckymoilee wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2015, 11:56
Hi girls forgive this long silence but not easy household lately.
I just want to wish you all a very happy healthy and prosperous new year 2016 in case I am stuck again. Miss you all wish I could be on here more often. Lots of loopy love to you all Xxxxx
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2015, 12:55
Thanks for the good wishes. I am in work but still feel ‘orrible.

Glad you are enjoying the jigsaws Eva. Some are hard especially the one with the black background. But then the foreground make it all worth it! I hope you have a peaceful fortnight without Mrs S. Ah – I have just read on. It seems even from Spain she’s making you work.

Fi – to be honest I think you have too much self-control. Had that been my mum…actually I can’t think of any circumstances where I would take my mum on holiday. Now M-i-L is different. If she wants to go on holiday she does all the research and the booking.

Hello Diana! Gosh the start of your holiday sounds like hard work! How annoying about the WFI and dongle – but it’s very good to hear from you.

It sounds like Carol and Pauline had a fun time – but dear me! The staff not in uniform. That will not do!

I loved ATTWN! It just goes to show that not all ACs are cosy mysteries. This one was a real thriller. What an excellent cast too.

Oh dear Maeve – your poor dollop and d-i-l’s dad too. That must have spoiled the festivities. Such a shame when that happens.

CONGRADULATIONS on the Tax Return Jo!

Lovely to see you Chantale! I was getting a bit worried about you.

Ali and Carol – are you both over your bugs now? I hope you are!
OOHMMS for KK and all needies
evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2015, 18:18
Evaning (afternoon) all. It's so stormy here that the police have told people not to be outside unless they absolutely have to. Things are flying through the air, and when I drove home from the hospital I was relieved when I turned in to the garage, and Hazel and I were safe.

The visit to the hospital went well,- almost. The consultant was very pleased with the way the new meds were working, so I'll go on using them. I still have to take the cortisone for 3 more months, but in very low doses, only 5 mg. What wasn't quite so good was that I asked him to check my lungs. He did and said there were more noises in there than he liked. He wouldn't give me anti bis now, but want me to come back for further checks like a breathing test and a CT. I didn't like the sound of that, but was told not to worry. It could explain the infernal tiredness that sometimes overwhelmes me.

I had an email from Mrs S today. I think she's had a sun stroke! She was sweet and reasonable and said that of course she understood that youngest sister nor I was comfortable with discussing mother's meds with her GP and said she'd sort it when she came back. I had to read it 3 times and check who the sender was, before I believed what she wrote. Long may it last!

I spoke to the parents on the phone, and mother was almost singing! They said it was wonderful to be home together again. They were waiting for the district nurse to arrive to sort their meds. They will have a nurse coming in twice a day. I hope it works well. I'm going down to see them tomorrow.

Jane,- I'm glad you're feeling better.

Jo,- will the IR be owing you money then?

Chantale,- it's good to see you but not so good to hear about problems at home. I hope it can be sorted soon.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2015, 19:06
...home having had lots of lovely cuddles with Marcus and Imogen. Traffic not too bad (well it was coming home!) but now safely in for the evening. Eva do you think it is the good influence of the boyfriend?? Good that the insultant was pleased with you, and hopefully they can sort out the chest infection! It must be lovely for your parents to be back together. Lovely to see you Chantale - Happy New Year to you too!! Lady J germs nearly all gone now - hopefully Ali's are too! I know what you mean about no "real" food left Ali! Veggie chilli was safely delivered to Victoria (she's frozen half of it and is having half tomorrow - yes I did take rice for her as well just in case!!). Posted some piccies of the little ones on FB!
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2015, 19:57
Evening all, had a fairly quiet day as it has been a bit windy out. Nothing compared to the gales elsewhere, but enough to keep me inside. Anyway I had the joys of the ixxnxxg to sort out!

Happy New Year to you Chantale. So sorry things are a bit hard for you. Let's hope the NY brings better times.

Eva that is not nice about your lungs, but good they were pleases with the rest of you! I think I have landed on a different planet, Mrs S being reasonable? Maybe the better weather in Spain has sweetened her up!

Twin the piccies are just fab. What a little cutie Marcus is and Imogen is just gorgeous.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2015, 20:43
Mrs S must have been drinking in the hot sun and come over all warm and fuzzy.

It was a bit blowy here when I was coming home and when I went to see Felf it was raining, so I suspect the night will be worse.

I haven't found any pics of baboons playing golf, but I have found one of a baboon in a golf buggy.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2015, 20:49
...ah well done Jo! Knew they were into golf!!!
Diana wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2015, 07:34
Morning all.

Sun and clouds yesterday and very warm. Despite having to w*rk half day, I managed to spend several hours sunbathing. It was worth starting at 6.30 am, despite a late night trying to sort out the dishwasher which is the latest thing not working properly. This morning has been overcast but a few blue gaps have appeared in last few mins and sun is trying to come out.

That menu sounds delish, Carol.

I don’t think this review has been posted:

The 2015 SCD series starts here in January. Masterchef the Prof. is also on – not sure which series it is. I’ve recorded the last episode of the recent series as it clashed with dinner and we’ll watch after we get back. I keep forgetting to look online to see who won, can’t wait till we watch to find out!

I also set the V+ to record the BBC AC thriller as it looked vg from the previews. No idea when I’ll get to watch it.

It’s Thursday so Ploppy will be golfing today. And tomorrow and Saturday!

It’ll be a quiet evening here. We have a three course dinner with wine and will probably watch TV.

Happy New Year and health & happiness to you all and your families.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2015, 07:54
Morning all and another blustery day by the look of it. At least the rain has stopped - we could hear it hitting the windows last night! Thanks for the review Diana - can't wait! Can tell you who won MChef if you like....?? Imogen went to see Alxddin but at Brxmlxy not Brum - she was telling us all about it - and could remember lots, including everything that happened in the "behind you" with the ghost! She is now waiting to reach six years so she can be invited on stage with the other audience children! Ah I spoke too soon I think - big grey cloud just looming, think it will be wet later!! We are at home this morning but Mr and Mrs Chris due home this afternoon and are staying overnight at one of the H'row hotels (actually looking at the wind they may be home earlier than they thought!). They are collecting us mid afternoon as we are joining them there for dinner tonight and to see the NY in, so I booked us into the hotel too (seemed silly not to). They will bring us home tomorrow morning on their way to the X25 and home, so will wish everyone a very Happy New Year - hope it is a healthy and happy one for us all. Morning BHB, you have decorated the Bistro beautifully - love all the silver decorations and balloons and the banners saying "Welcome 2016". I see the pink champers is on ice, so let's try it out! If you bring the incohol, I will fetch the paninis and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives. Happy New Year Everyone!
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2015, 10:27
Morning all, another windy day and much cooler, however the sun is shining, so that is something. Mind rain is forecast for later so will probably get wet getting in the car! I am off to the friends I spend each NYE with. They have a dinner party for 8 so I know it will be nice. I am stopping over so can have a drink which is nice.

Very good series of M/chef Diana and the plus was I really liked all 3 finalists though pleased to say my absolute favourite one. I thought him brilliant. Greart review, thanks. Can't wait to see it!

Love the golfing baboon Jo!

Morning BHB, oooh we are testing the champers? Wonderful, we'll get another bottle and join the CM. We can drink to the health of everyone. Happy New Year!
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2015, 11:24
Morning all. The winds have gone to bed, but it's still pibbing down outside.

Hello sweetheart. You look squiffy! You had to try out the champers with the Management? Well, I suppose any excuse will do, eh? The Bistro looks very festive. Are you having a party here later? It's all for us? Aaahhhhh,- you are sweet.

I have been and done some shopping for the parents. Mother rang at 8.05 am and said if I passed the supermarked, couldI.......... So we're all back to normal. Father had had a good night, but mother said he'd been so restless he'd kept her awake half the night! They've been apart too long. The district nurse ( a man ) came as promised last night and again this morning, so that seems to be working OK.

I'll be staying with youngest sister's tonight, but I won't overnight there. Iselin, Juan and the little star turn will also be there, so it will be a quiet family evening. It's Iselin's work weekend, but she will be home for 8pm. The parents have ordered a Chinese , not take-away as the food will be brought to them. They love Chinese food, but have never tried this supplier before.

Jo,- I like the photo of the baboon. You have to be on the look-out for it, Diana!

I want to wish all of you a lovely NYE, whether you're at home, with friends and family or on your own. Thank you for all you've been to me this past year, and I hope I'll see you just as often in the New Year.
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2015, 11:27
Morning all. The winds have gone to bed, but it's still pibbing down outside.

Hello sweetheart. You look squiffy! You had to try out the champers with the Management? Well, I suppose any excuse will do, eh? The Bistro looks very festive. Are you having a party here later? It's all for us? Aaahhhhh,- you are sweet.

I have been and done some shopping for the parents. Mother rang at 8.05 am and said if I passed the supermarked, couldI.......... So we're all back to normal. Father had had a good night, but mother said he'd been so restless he'd kept her awake half the night! They've been apart too long. The district nurse ( a man ) came as promised last night and again this morning, so that seems to be working OK.

I'll be staying with youngest sister's tonight, but I won't overnight there. Iselin, Juan and the little star turn will also be there, so it will be a quiet family evening. It's Iselin's work weekend, but she will be home for 8pm. The parents have ordered a Chinese , not take-away as the food will be brought to them. They love Chinese food, but have never tried this supplier before.

Jo,- I like the photo of the baboon. You have to be on the look-out for it, Diana!

I want to wish all of you a lovely NYE, whether you're at home, with friends and family or on your own. Thank you for all you've been to me this past year, and I hope I'll see you just as often in the New Year.
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2015, 11:28
Sorry about posting twice. I lost my internet connection, but had saved the post, so when I got the connection back, I posted again.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2015, 12:28
Afternoon. As predicted we were busy at work yesterday. Mr T delivered as arranged then I went to friend's to plan next term for Brownies. We were aided by sloe gin!!
Slept in this morning so when I did wake I was raring to get going. tiramisu made and in fridge, gingerbread house assembled but sadly collapsed so the children can just eat the bits instead. Cleaned bathroom, washing done and now need to type the words out for ADWD as we're singing it at Brownies in a little show in March.
Getting weighed tonight, know I've gained a bit over xmas but will shift it as soon as poss.
Over the road at sisters tonight with friends as well. All pitching in with food and drink and will play some games etc
If I don't get back then I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2016 and look forward to many more meets xx
Karen1 wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2015, 14:11
Hi all

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas

Thank You for all your friendship and support this year, especially the last couple of months (no results yet, but no news is good news!!). I hope you all have a lovely time tonight, wherever you are, and I hope you all have a very happy and healthy 2016.

Happy New Year!
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2015, 15:16
Hi all. Beautiful --tho cold day here. Met UB scollop g/f last night - very nice , tho tiny! Seemingly she thinks we are posh but didn't know that until after we took her today to Burghl.ey house for walk in sunshine (couldn't go into cafe it was closed - thought of you Eva!!) . So after walk we took them all to the G.orge hotel (lovely old coaching hotel which has the best Ch decorations I have ever seen every year) for coffee. And ploppy told her we go there very month!!! She will now think we are very, very posh. Not sure who ploppy does go with, but he doesn't go with me! He isn't great at moment - very forgetful and absent minded - but healthy. UB scollop and g/f still out for walk and wander and then they are back for him to cook. i will do the veg chilli another day for us Carol .
We were going to go out to cinema with Eldest scollop tonight but when we were out he had phonecall and better offer! So we got in touch with the friends who often come on NYE so they are coming round instead. Just as well as I have enough food for the 5K! I baked most of yesterday - had friends in afternoon but they didn't eat much either. Made banana, white choc and walnut loaf for first time - nice.
Wow Mrs S does seem in good mood Eva - you don't think B/f has proposed?!
I have sore back - was tidying up my wardrobe - and over stretched. First world health issue!
Lovely to see you KK. No news is definitely good news.
Have a wonderful NYE everyone and wishing you all a happy and healthy (and decidedly loppy) 2016:)

TK wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2015, 20:41
ooooooo Fi what an idea, Mrs S and boyfriend. I never thought. They met in Spain, so might be romantic.

Hi Karen. I thought of you today as I tripped walking down some stairs. Did a very graceful dive down about 4 treads. Missed them all and landed very cleanly on my right front with my right arm outstretched on the landing return. My head landed on my arm (soft). No damage done at all!! I think my brain got a little shaken as I have a slight headache, but no memory loss so not a full concussion. Luckily there was no one about so I have not filled in the 6 page accident reporting form. Last time I filled one in it took me in total 5 hours. Reason for fall was the extra grippy soles on my shoes, instead of sliding across the step it stuck like glue and forward momentum of my upper body took me in a dive down the stairs.

Diana, Good review of the panto, but little on Lee, I suspect that is why I have not seen it before.
TK wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2015, 20:58
Just set up my calendars for this coming year in my kitchen and one in my bedroom. I'll have a possible chance of knowing what day it is when I wake up. I've entered my tickets, holidays and call out weeks. I've done one lace day, I'll need to synchronise calendars with Felf for the others.
Need to get set up for tomorrow or I'll not know what I'm doing.

Happy New Year to all.
TK wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2015, 21:59
Just got a text from Sue1. She cannot get online, so would like me to wish you all a Happy New Year from her.
maeve12 wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2015, 23:52
I see that the post I wrote earlier has not appeared,

Happy New Year everyone, hope 2016 will bring health and happiness to all,

Look forward to many fests and concerts in 2016.
evam wrote:
Friday, January 1, 2016, 08:51
Morning all. It's another wet and grey day, so even if it's a new year, we still have the old weather!


Hello sweetheart. SSSHHHHHHHHHH,- he's fast asleep on the sofa. I suspect it was very late before he got to bed, so I'll just let him sleep.

Mrs S enganged? If it'll make her a nicer person I won't mind, but haven't heard anything yet.

We had a very nice and lively evening yesterday. I bet you can guess who was the star turn! Emilian had a whale of a time, showing off that he can ALMOST walk by himself. He also showed off his 7 teeth, and his vocabulary. That consists of Mama, Pa, der (there) followed by a pointed finger and oi oi, which can mean anything. Clever boy. He was disgusted with me for a little while because my fingers and toes weren't painted bright red, only a dusty pink! He especially likes to play with my toes.
Youngest sister served up a lovely feast,- marinated turkey breast with oven baked potatoes, vegetables and a gorgeous gravy. Dessert was either home made ice cream or home made creme brule. Nam, nam.

Plenty of rockets going off at midnight. By then Emilian was fast asleep, and I left shortly after. It was very late for me. I'm usually in bed and fast asleep by 11pm.

Today is the day the decorations come down, and the Christmas tree is packet down until next year. I've had a plastic tree for years. I miss the scent of pine, but not the needles all over the house!

Jo,- crikey! Why did you choose to do a KK? You were lucky not to have hurt yourself more seriously. Thank you reminding me to do the calendar thing.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 1, 2016, 09:05
Happy New Year everyone. Self service today I am afraid. Will open up late morning when I am home.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 1, 2016, 09:05
Happy New Year everyone. Self service today I am afraid. Will open up late morning when I am home.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 1, 2016, 12:02
Morning all (just) and Bistro now open for business (allowed the staff to come in late this morning!). Oh Jo, are you sure you are ok? Sounds nasty, but quite understand about the accident report book (or lack of)! Ah, now there is a surprise Eva - Emilian star of the evening? Surely not!! Our decs don't come down until Twelfth Night (6th Jan) so we will take our's down on Tuesday. Today is a put our feet up kind of a day. Thought the fireworks around the eye were brilliant last night. Had a lovely meal with the Chrises (beautiful Indxan restaurant in the hotel - quite apt as we had watched the 2nd M Hotel on Wednesday evening! - I had lentil stuffed potato cakes with yoghurt and mint chutney, then chicken biryani with buttered naan, and then honeycomb ice cream. It was all delicious. First photo in the gallery is actually the table we were at!
Left this morning after very nice breakfast and the Chrises now on their way home. Hello BHB, Happy New Year. Let's grab the remainder of the champers and have a toast to all the Clients. Suspect the DCM will be in later!
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, January 1, 2016, 13:07
Afternoon all and Happy New Year! I am just home again. Had a lovely evening, lovely food and a lot of nice chat. We also watched the spectacular fireworks on the tv. Just wonderful to see. The other guests left shortly after and we cleared away (thank goodness for the dish washer) and then went to bed. Woke about 8.30 and we had a leisurely breakfast with more chat and then I left them to it Ross (my host) is one of my oldest friends and his sister comes up from Brighton where she lives and so we have a lot of catching up to do.

Jo not a good idea to throw yourself downstairs, the stair usually win! Glad you are ok.

Your evening sounds lovely too Eva. I am not surprises the star of the evening was Emilian though, never doubted it!

Happy New Year BHB, there is champagne still? Great, let's get another bottle and find the CM.
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, January 1, 2016, 15:42
Happy new year everyone. Looking forward to lots of loppiness.
Had quiet but nice NYE with friends. Neighbour's had huge fireworks early on and then we had the Lond.n spectacular. Then this morning went on village walk organised by friends and back to theirs for coffee, croissants and mulled wine. About 30 of us. By time we got home Scollops were returned/ up so had lunch and put the gammon to boil in coke! UB Scollop said g/f had pronounced us " very nice and friendly". So told eldest Scollop he was safe to bring a g/f home any time. Not sure he was convinced!
Your family NYE sounds lovely eva. And Twins sound as if they had nice ( separate) dinner parties.
Jo - accidents are bad enough without having to do the forms!
TK wrote:
Friday, January 1, 2016, 16:15
I thought I'd typed a message this morning, obviously not.

Happy New Year. I was asleep at about 1205, the banging outside lulled me to sleep.

I'm still fine after my stair flying yesterday. There was a little twinge in my right wrist last night, but OK now.

I've been busy catching up, see email sent today. Then I got a call from across the road to take a neighbour to hospital to see her son, who lives in residential care. He'd had a fall. She was really worried. He was stitched up and ready to go when I got there so took him and his carer back to the home. He was having a bit of a strop before he got in the car. Then he realised he was next to a car with an open door and leapt into the car. I've not seen that sort of reaction for a few years. (Toby (dog) used to do it when he saw an open car door, bit annoying when it wasn't your car and he was covered in mud.) Anyway when the son got in car he quietened down very quickly. He has severe learning difficulties and is deaf and almost blind, so anything out of the normal is very worrying for him, hence the mother's worry. Now he is an adult he is very strong, so when he tries to get out of situations it can be a bit scary for nurses/docs trying to treat him. Anyway he is fine now, with a stitch in his chin.

Eva, glad you were entertained by the little one.

Pauline sounds like a lovely catch up.

Carol, that restaurant has some really interesting things on the menu. Lots of them look very yummy.

I'll be off to Brum earlyish in the morning. Exciting :)
TK wrote:
Friday, January 1, 2016, 16:24
Just looked up there are 1155 days until I retire or excluding weekends, BHs and holidays there are 710 days. That looks much better
sue-1 wrote:
Friday, January 1, 2016, 21:25
Had quite a job getting online a combination of the awful weather down here and the poor signal in lots of locations in Cornwall. Not too bad with my phone when we're out and about but rubbish with the laptop, so much for having a catch up!
On my phone at the mo and popped on to say Happy New Year (thanks for passing the message on last night Jo) One decision made for 2016, we're coming to Cornwall in May so will be able to join some of you for lunch if you'll have us :)
Home tomorrow at some unearthly hour, so going to bed now x
Diana wrote:
Saturday, January 2, 2016, 07:12
Morning everyone.

Hope everyone had a good New Year’s eve. We watched the semi and final of SCD 2014, one of the BBC channels has been showing the series over the past few days.

Carol, I googled the Masterchef winner – very pleased with result.

Weather yesterday was cloudy early morning and late pm but mostly sunny in between. Ploppy didn’t put on any sun lotion and caught the sun. Today seems the opposite, it was lovely when I got up but is mostly cloudy now. It’s still very warm here, the house is normally cool even when it’s hot outside but it’s been very warm inside even at night.

I’ve been trying to email my parents but was getting an error message so emailed my brother who called them. They changed their phone provider recently (which we knew about) but also their internet provider and didn’t tell us their new email address!

Tomorrow we’re off to Cape Town. We’re going via Cape Agulhas, the most southerly point in Africa, which we’ve never visited. We’re staying in a guesthouse for three nights and I probably won’t be online while we’re away. The guesthouse has wifi but you have to pay and we shall be out most of the time. Monday we’re going to Kirstenbosch which I’m really looking forward to seeing again – haven’t visited since 2000 and that was in April ie late autumn, so gardens were well past their best. They’ve also recently added a walkway at tree level – not sure how I’ll get on with that! Monday pm we have a brewery tour and are hopefully meeting Auds afterwards. Tuesday we’re going to the SA v England test match. I’m not a lover of cricket and have never been to a live match so will be taking my K*ndle in case I get bored. Wednesday we drive home, stopping of in George for some shopping.

Have a good weekend.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, January 2, 2016, 07:15
Some links of where we're visiting:




TK wrote:
Saturday, January 2, 2016, 08:48
ooooo sounds like a fun trip Diana, give my love to Auds. I'll have to check links when I get back as I want to get an earlyish start to Brum.
Have a good day all. Best take my raincoat as there is rain forecast in Brum all day
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, January 2, 2016, 09:19
Morning all and only just woken up (Twin will be very pleased with me) - catching up on sleep from NYE I think! That looks wonderful Diana - tree cxnopy walk looks interesting, and MM would certainly love the Brewery!! Ah we were very pleased with the winner of MC but all three were excellent we thought, but he was our favourite!! Have a great time and big love and hugs to Auds. Jo - not counting the days then?? Have a safe trip to Brum - we had heavy rain early evening and last night, but not too bad at the moment. Hopefully traffic won't be too bad (it only took the Chrises one hour ten mins from here to C'ford yesterday via the X25! Had a lazy day yesterday, went for a half hour walk around the block for a little fresh air then became a couch potato. Loved S'lock last night, and now really enjoying Dxckensian, also loved B'aire Boy which was on earlier. Today I need to go to the bank and get some food (made some celery and stilton soup yesterday - nearly all C'mas food gone now!). Sadly no SCD but there is C'lty! KK all fingers and toes are crossed for positive test results. Safe journey home Sue - sorry you have had bad weather! We have been unable to communicate with MM's C'wall family as they too changed provider; XT line cancelled but they have now been four days without any connection whilst waiting for the new provider to sort things out! Liking the sound of your croissants and mulled wine Fi! So g/f has the seal of approval! Morning BHB, yes back to normal. although we can leave the decorations for a little longer I think. Let's grab the Txckled Pink and the paninis and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, January 2, 2016, 10:14
Morning all. A damp grey day out there so won't look at it! I don't have to go out anyway as I have a lovely pile of bedding to ixxn. I know how to have fun! Feel this is getting back to normal after all the festivities. Mind I don't take my decs down till the last minute as I think they brighten a very dreary time of year. I really enjoyed Shxrlock last night, I think it a brilliant programme and this one was quirky and funny in places as well. C back tonight, we must be on the countdown to Lofty's leave of absence I would think.

Diana I am a bit green here. That sounds a fab trip and to cap it all you will see Auds. Give her our love. Mind not sure I would cope with the tree walkway!

Sue so sorry you have had lousy weather this holiday, but hope you have still enjoyed your time there. How lovely you will be back in May. That is turning into quite a mini fest in C'wall!

Hope you enjoy your time in B'ham Jo. Maybe you can see a show or something while you are there?

Morning BHB, so we are Txckled Pxnk today, love it! I think we should get another jug and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, January 2, 2016, 11:52
Morning all. It's a nice day here, and the temps are falling again. Only +1 outside at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. Why the sky blue blanket? Because you think I'd feel the cold? Bless! A herbal tea and a snuggle will warm me up fine.

I've been to see the parents. Father is becoming quite difficult. Now he doesn't want the district nurse to come every day to sort his meds. He says he can manage, as long as they do his dosett (?) every week. I'm not convinced. Then I had filled in the form which is needed if they want to order cooked meels delivered at home through the council. We have talked about it, and they both thought it was a good idea. When I wanted to read to them what I had written on the form, father said they could manage very well, thank you very much! Now they'll expect ME to cook their 3-4 meals every week. I could cry!

Sue,- how lovely that you and Ray are coming to Cornwall in May. The more the merrier.

Jo,- have a safe journey to Brum. Will you have a lovely time? Oh yes, you will! How sensible to count the days to your retirement minus the holidays etc. Suddenly it doesn't look too bad.

Diana,- from the links I'm sure you'll have a wonderful trip. Give my love to Auds, please.

Pauline,- I see you'll be having fun today! I have a pile as well, but will not tackle it until the evening news on the telly. Looking forward to Cas.
I recorded the new S*erlock last night from Norwegian telly. S*erlock is not my favourite crime detective, but I will give it a go.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, January 2, 2016, 13:27
...back from the shops - it was starting to get manic there! Mind you I did manage to buy three tops in the sales and a pair of leggings so not complaining! Eva, may be you shouldn't cook them the meals, then they will realise that they DO need to get something organised? I am reading a new lady detective book - the writer is one of the writers on Silxnt Wxtnxss - it is very promising so far, so I will get to the end and let you know what I think. I have downloaded the follow up novel too!
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, January 2, 2016, 22:38
Quiet day on here today. I had a bit of a problem with the pooter which I think (hope!) I have now sorted. Did my nice pile of ixxnxxg as well so achieved something. It has been very wet all day so not missed much outside! Cxsualty very sad tonight. Some nice Lofty shots to help, but not enough. There are never enough!

So Twin was saving money in the sales again. Well done!

It is so difficult dealing with the parents when they get like this Eva. You have my sympathy, but I think Twin is right and you need to tell them you just can't keep on cooking for them all the time. Tricky one I know.
TK wrote:
Sunday, January 3, 2016, 01:21
Just found out the world does not end if you go out for a whole day and leave your mobile and tablet in a neat pile on the work surface in the kitchen. As long as you have theatre tickets and credit card in bum bag.

He was very sweet, needs a fringe trim
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, January 3, 2016, 07:15
Morning all and it is very dark out so not sure what the weather is doing. It drizzled here in the morning yesterday but by mid afternoon and evening it was raining very hard. Hope your journey wasn't too stressful Jo! Ah you see we are now used to having our techie things to hand - we forget for years we managed without them!! Off to church shortly then over to Twin so we can oooh and ahhh at her C'mas decs before they come down. We are off to lunch at a very nice pub we have visited before, so no cooking for me today. You see Twin you realise I saved money, MM doesn't see it that way!! It was indeed a very sad C'lty, but nice little glimpses of the GO. Did you offer to trim the fringe for him Jo?? Hope Eva's connection was working properly and she was able to watch last night. Morning BHB, yes definitely a day for the pink blanket I think! Let's grab the Cotton Cxndy and the croissants and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, January 3, 2016, 09:50
Morning all. It's a bright and partly sunny day here, but very cold. -4.8 degrees at the moment. I will go for a little walk today, but will wait until the sun has climbed a little higher.

Hello sweetheart. Why are you holding out a wolly hat to me? Because you want me to wear it when I go out? But you know I hate having anything on my head. (Stamps my foot. He doesn't look impressed.). For the time being, can we have a nice herbal tea? No, I think a snuggle is out, because I have an iffy throat and my nose is starting to run. OI,- you don't have to hide behind the kitchen door!

Carol and Pauline,- I know you are right about me refusing to provide the parents with a daily dinner. I will try my best, I promise. I have done some baking today,- my nutty bread, and BOTH loaves are for moi !
Have a nice lunch today.

Jo,- I didn't realise you returned from Brum yesterday. I take it you did the matinee, then? Excisting without the phone and ipad? For a very short whilr,- yes. For days? I don't think so.

My UK connection worked fine last night. I agree that it was a very good episode. Very emotional. I had a few tears threatening to fall.
Some lovely Lofty moments. Especially when Evie told him what lovely eyes he has. Oh yes, he does!
Ali wrote:
Sunday, January 3, 2016, 10:14
Morning. Getting in a muddle over days, kept thinking NY day was Saturday. Worked yesterday and again today as we have a 100th birthday lunch for owners family. I've prepped our roast so ploppy can cook after Jack's football match. Will be relieved to get back to normal this week, whatever 'normal' might be!
Enjoyed Cas last night, if enjoyed is the right word? Well acted and very moving.
Looking forward to W&P tonight then we have a week of murders with S Witness, MM and Death in P to look forward to!
TK wrote:
Sunday, January 3, 2016, 10:44
Just the matinee?? Are you joking? No both shows and I was back just before midnight. Then of course I watched Casualty and stuff, so a bit tired this morning. (I'll just be doing the matinee next Sat. No stamina.)
I did have a nice meal with Sal and Anne.
I'm running late, so must dash
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, January 3, 2016, 10:54
Morning all, rather late as I did sleep in. I had to wash my hair and then get ready for my Very Important Visitors! As Twin says we are off out to lunch at a lovely pub so in spite of the very gloomy weather it should be a lovely day. Cxsualty was good last night if very harrowing at times. Great acting and I did have a tear in my eye at times. I think the whole of loppydom yelled "oh yes he does" when Evie said that Eva! Agree it is a good murder week on tv Ali! I am sooo looking forward to DiP. I just love that programme, it is just wonderful to watch at this time of year! W&P looks beautiful as well and I am fascinated to see how they will condense it into 6 episodes!

Glad to see you had your priorities right yesterday Jo! Mind it seems another life when we went everywhere without phones or ipads, funnily enough it never bothered us!

Atta girl Eva! As I said I am not trying to belittle how hard it is to stay strong about these things, but in this case I think you have to put your health first as you will be no good to anyone if that breaks down completely.

Morning BHB sorry I am so late, ooh nice hug, thank you. Let's get more Cxtton Candy and see if we can find the CM.

maeve12 wrote:
Sunday, January 3, 2016, 16:05
I've just had some very worrying news, my d-I-l's fathe