I'd hoped to have news of live gig for a new post, but not to be

Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 21:44
It has been so weird over the last months. I've cried when I've seen film of children in high rise flats not able to play as the play areas were fenced off. Worried over dogs being stolen to sell to people who are desperate to have dogs in the lock down. Been concerned over people losing their jobs, not having money to support themselves. Been touched by the numbers of people needing to access food banks. I would have yelled at politicians on the TV if I'd thought it would have done any good.
A few years ago I had to update the Contingency Plan at work. I extended the scenarios covered by the plan. I did not imagine what has happened over the last few months. Further, planning was done by others to cover the possible problems from Brexit, which was fortuitous.
Such a shame we've not been able to go to live concerts recently. There has been material online, which has been enjoyable. There has been some live events, I've not been to any. Hopefully soon we will be able to see live entertainment. I have lots of bookings for next year.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 21:52
Sorry I'd left making a new page so long. I was hoping to have big news for a new page. Very nearly had the Pheasantry concerts. It wasn't to be.

I thought I'd use a chilled pic of Tamsey, she is so calming.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 22:11
Thanks Jo - loving the pink decor. Such a shame about the Pheasnatry but that's life at the moment. Lovely piccie of TK - she looks very comfortable.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 22:20
Jo thank you for the new home. Agree it is a terrible shame about the live gigs and all this awful virus has inflicted on the world. Just keep thinking that this will pass and things will get better! Love the pic of TK.
Ro wrote:
Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 22:25
Jo - your eloquent words above put our disappointment about the Pheasantry in perspective. I’m still gutted, but also very aware how lucky I am to have a secure job and a safe home and my health. I also have it on good authority of a certain curly dude and his newspaper that we can learn a thing or two from TK and her kind about how to survive these strange and difficult times.

Personally, my conversations with inanimate objects have reached a whole new level - a cat might at least answer back!
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 06:37
Hi all,

I hope everyone is OK in these strange times.

Like Ro, gutted that the Pheasantry gigs got cancelled, but also grateful that I still have a job etc.

"Ah Miss Kettle, I see you have just boiled. Now where's Mr Teacup?"
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 06:37
Hi all,

I hope everyone is OK in these strange times.

Like Ro, gutted that the Pheasantry gigs got cancelled, but also grateful that I still have a job etc.

"Ah Miss Kettle, I see you have just boiled. Now where's Mr Teacup?"
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 06:39
Hi all,

I hope everyone is OK in these strange times.

Like Ro, gutted that the Pheasantry gigs got cancelled, but also grateful that I still have a job etc.

"Ah Miss Kettle, I see you have just boiled. Now where's Mr Teacup?"
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 07:03
Morning and pale blue skies at the moment with the odd grey or pink cloud. Dry at the moment!

Diana I think you were wise not to venture outside. It was not nice at all and during the afternoon we had a really heavy shower – just before we went off to the surgery. Ah I have the MandS food for C’mas brochure – you have just reminded me I need to put our order in. No free wine this year! I see Ploppy has found plenty to enjoy from it!

Glad to hear you are both ok Ro and Jane – in fact I see Jane was so excited about the new page that she posted three times! I read that having pets helped people cope during lxckdxwn.

I managed to get all the C’mas pressies for Victoria and family done yesterday morning and the one parcel that hadn’t arrived turned up just after lunch so I was able to wrap that too. Just before we went off for our jabs in the afternoon I heard a big crash and poor MM had fallen downstairs. He was halfway down and caught his foot in his coat. He ended up in a heap on the floor and banged his head on the dvd unit at the bottom of the stairs. I think he will have several bruises today. Luckily apart from being shaken he seems ok (I was worried about his hip and his knees). Fortunately he didn’t cut himself on the glass that he was carrying which feel with him and smashed. He did badly bruise his hand and we mentioned it to the nurse when we got to the surgery. She said to keep an eye on it and if necessary to go to AandE in the morning if we were concerned about it. Once we got home he went and had a lie down for an hour and a half and it seemed to do him good. He managed to sleep all through the night so that is a good sign. During the evening we watched Lxfe of course. I forgot to say I was pleased ITT is back on and we enjoyed it on Monday and yesterday. This morning we have our church service and this afternoon Victoria and the children will call in en route to home, so they can collect all the presents. We will sit out on the patio – the heater arrived yesterday!! I have blankets at the ready too. We have a 50% chance of showers but MM said he will put the large patio umbrella up if we happen to catch one. In the evening we have our choir rehearsal – still on Zxxm alas! Morning BHB yes it a nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Exsy Spxak into the conservatory (newly decorated) and have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 10:14
Morning all and it is a nice bright and sunny one though very windy at times. A huge improvement on yesterday which was awful weather. It just seemed to rain all day. So another day of just doing bits and pieces round the house. I did do a bit of repair work to the plater that is by my shower in the en suite. It got very wet a while back as there was a tiny gap in the door frame, and I mean tiny. It took me ages to find! I fixed it easily enough some time back but the plaster was crumbling and I have only just got round to doing it. Quite pleased with the result and now just need to paint it. Today will be a much better day as I am off for a pedicure in a short while. Looking forward to that.

Ro you are not alone (well you possibly are, like me!) in talking to inanimate pbjects. I find I have quite interesting coversations with them and they never disagree with me! Glad you are ok

Jane glad you are ok as well too.

Diana I find the Christmas food brochures very tempting too. So easy to get carried away! Not surprised you didn't go out yesterday if your weather was like ours!

Morning BHB and you have done Exsy Spxxk and crumpets for us today> Delish, so let's get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 12:33
M0rning all. It's grey and raining here with only 7.3 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. I look pale? I'm not surprised. I see we're having crumpets on the menu, and they will go nicely with my herbal tea. Do you have a soothing one? Camomile sounds perfick!
I must be the luckiest woman on earth...........NOT! On Sunday when I was carrying the dismantled pieces of the old dresser, I tripped and fell. I landed on my left knee, and it hurt! 😢 But even worse was that the glass door I was carrying, was thrown up in the air and landed on my right breast! AND THAT HURT AS WELL 😢😢 To get up from the floor I had to slide on my a*se over to the terrace door so that I could hold on to the door for support. I stopped loading my car for a while, but was determined to get rid of it all on Monday, which I did. In the meantime my knee turned blue and yellow, and my chest was hurting more and more. It didn't look good, and I decided to contact my GP this morning. I did, and after hearing my tale he sent me to a private clinic to have an x-ray taken. He's quite sure it's my ribs that have cracked again. I'm not surprised, as last night I had to sit up in bed to get some rest. The result of the x-ray will be sent to my GP within the next 1-2 days. It's ironic because during my 27 ++++ years I've never broken as much as a finger, but now within 3-4 months I've broken ribs twice!

Jo,- thank you for the new page, and hello to Tamsey. She looks very comfy.

Carol,- you are right that the Norwegian government is tightening the corona rules here as well. By now we have to wear face mask everywhere in public, even out of doors. No more than 5 guests in a private party, and finally the police are given the power to give people huuuge fines for flouting the rules. Reading your post reminded me that it's about time I did something about the Christmas presents. This year I've just felt lethargic thinking about them. I am invited to the PH, Line, Henrik and Håkon, but heaven knows whether it will be possible at all. Håkon's christening is planned for the end of November, but again, who knows what'll happen? So MM has followed my example by falling? Poor MM,- maybe we can be sick together and feel sorry for ourselves? 😜

Pauline,- I see you DIY-ing as well. It is very satisfactory when you know you can do something and do it well. 👏👏👏

Ali,- good to hear that Josh's new home plans are going ahead as planned.

Hi Jane,- hi Jane,- hi Jane.

Ro,- nice to see you. I know how you feel. We have a saying in Norway: Common fate, common comfort.

I didn't sleep much last night,- surprise, surprise,- so my brain is telling me: Enough!
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 12:46
Afternoon all and a mixed day, it's mostly been dry with some sun but also a couple of light showers.

Thanks for the new page, Jo.

I needed to go to the bank this morning so popped into Sains. afterwards for a couple of things I forgot to get on Monday and as usual came out with a lot more. I did the I word first as there wasn't much and since I got back I have put the rubbish & recycling out and sorted a few things for the holiday, plus started a food order for Mum. Ploppy has gone to golf, hope he escapes the showers; he's also due to play tomorrow but is unlikely to given the forecast.

Lovely to see you both, Ro and Jane. Stay safe and well.

Well done on the Xmas pressies, Carol. I'm about half way there but stuck on what else to get my parents, especially Dad. Poor MM, so easily done, but lucky he wasn't cut or more badly injured. Hope he's not feeling the effects of the fall today, give him a hug from me. Good timing with the heater arriving yesterday, hope you avoid the showers and have a lovely time with the family this pm.

Hope you enjoyed your pedicure, Pauline. Well done on the repair work.

I'm having a crumpet for lunch today, not sure what with.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 12:53
Oh no Eva, not your ribs again, poor, poor you. Hope you're resting at home and taking care of yourself. Sending gentle hugs. Fingers crossed that we can all have some normality back over Xmas.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, October 29, 2020, 08:19
Morning and it is overcast and grey here. Apparently we may have showers during the morning, so no change there!

Oh Eva, that’s not good at all – not another cracked rib. I have to say it does sound like it if you had to sleep sitting up. Is your knee ok? Sounds a really nasty fall and I sympathise with you trying to get up – I had to help MM swing his legs down the stairs and round the newel post so that we could get him up – it was tricky and that was with two of us – it must have been really hard trying to do it on your own. I see Frxnce is going into another lockdown so things are changing all the time all over E’pe. Itxly have the outdoors mask wearing rule too. So far we can take them off when we are outdoors, although some people are wearing them all the time when they are out. I think it is still too early to say what will and won’t be allowed at C’mas. At least we know we will have Twin as normal as bubbles remain despite whatever else is going on. MM sends you gentle hugs and his sympathy!

Diana we had a dry morning and then some showers in the afternoon. I have a Mr S delivery coming late morning with heavy things – bottles mainly and cleaning stuff. Mr O will be coming on Sunday. Hope Ploppy didn’t arrive home sodden. Ah getting the presents wrapped (birthday as well as Christmas) was a necessity as otherwise we would have to drive down to B’ley at some point within the next two weeks with the presents and Imogen’s birthday one (she will be 8 on 15th November).

We had our service in the morning – I missed the very end chat as Lindy arrived with Janice’s present. Janice has her birthday on Monday and we were originally going to call round and take our present, Twin’s and Lindy’s this afternoon. Janice messaged me yesterday and said would it be ok if she came round to us on Friday early afternoon instead. That suits me better as her eldest daughter is getting married next month and I ordered an engraved wedding present for her and her fiancé and it is due today. Timing is all – now I will be able to wrap it, write the wxdding card and give those to Janice too. We were lucky with the visit from the children – about twenty minutes before they arrived we had a heavy rain squall (in fact where they were it hailed), but it had stopped by the time they arrived. I had got the blankets all ready to use and the children thought it was a great adventure. Imogen now likes hot blackcurrant juice (we offered it to them to warm them up – Marcus didn’t like the taste so gave his to Imogen and had a hot orange instead). They were slightly late getting to us and left just before 5pm. Victoria sent me a text to say they were safely home (having stopped to buy the children a McDxnxlds for a treat! I think it was more a treat for Victoria as it meant she didn’t have to cook for them once they were home!). We had rehearsal during the evening and that went with only one minor glitch when we lost Jean our accompanist for a while but she managed to reconnect. Today I will continue with the present wrapping whilst MM has a meeting with the Vicar up at the church. His bruises are coming out now and are very colourful. His hands are still fairly stiff and painful to move but nothing too series – I suspect he will have the bruising for about a week. We have our GandT with Mary and Les this evening to look forward to of course. Morning BHB, yes it is a grey start to the day. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Mxxnlxght into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, October 29, 2020, 10:34
Morning all and it is not a nice one here at all. Yet more rain, surely the sky will run out of it soon! So no gardening yet again for me today I feel. I am so glad I got the cutting back of the rose done when I did. I had a wonderful pedicure yesterday and was walking on air for a while. Afterwards I went to the farm shop and bought a bot of fresh fruit and veg. It was nice to be out and about for a while. I noticed that the restaurant/coffee shop attached to it was very busy. It is a large space so they can still fit a lot of people in there. I will finish off my bit of painting I have left to do to my repair work, and then I am sure I will find other things to do. Always something in a house. I have just seen that the comedian Bxbby Bxll (of Cxnnxn and Bxll) has dies of the virus. Very sad, he was a lovely man. I see the GO is doing an impromptu concert in Londxn on Wednesday. Sadly I don't think we will make it, as not sure about travelling into tier 3 a good idea, plus it is a bad day for Twin. I also see it is being streamed afterwards so there is hope we will see it.

Oh Eva that sounds horrid. You are really having a tough time of it this year. I hope you haven't cracked a rib, though it does sound as if you have. I understand the need to get rid of stuff and wanting to get rid of it, as I am very like it with rubbish. However I think we will have to maybe start accepting we can't do quite as much as we'd like now. Probably won't though! Sending you more gentle hugs and hope you are not in too much pain.

Diana if the weather with you is like it is here, I feel Ploppy may not be on the golf course! I bet you can hardly wait to get to B/bados! All this talk of C/mas pressies makes me think I must do something about things. I want to try and be done by the end of November.

Morning BHB and we have pikelets and Mxxnlight. Wonderful, you know what we like! Let's get more and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Thursday, October 29, 2020, 14:03
Afternoon. Another wet and miserable day, though the rain looks to have stopped, for now anyway. You're correct, Pauline, Ploppy is not golfing today. They just avoided the downpour we had mid pm yesterday.

An uneventful morning, actually rather boring as I cleaned the ensuite, flipped through some old mags to check the contents before putting most on the unwanted pile, and watched some TV. My ex-colleague called and we had a long chat. More people are going, very few that I knew will be left. I'm going to attemp to Fac*time with my parents shortly, hope it works.
TK wrote:
Thursday, October 29, 2020, 15:34
Eva, that sounds like a worrying accident. It could have been much worse. You take care of yourself.
And MM, oh dear we all better take care of ourselves. Not getting any younger. Felf needs some light bulbs changed. I said 'I'll buy the bulbs.....'. She broke into my sentence saying I couldn't put them up as you need to stand on a step ladder. I replied that I had no intention of standing of a step ladder 'I know a man who can.'
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, October 29, 2020, 19:00
Diana - the Invisible Citites programme I told you about (with Xander Armstrxng) is currnetly being reshown on Beeb 2. Tomorrow at 4.15 it will be Flxrxnce!
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, October 30, 2020, 07:45
Morning and overcast (and very breezy) but so far it is dry! I don’t think we are due any rain today, but who knows. Yesterday we had rain all day, it was cold and it was dark early afternoon so that I had to put the lights on!

Diana very sensible of Ploppy not to go and play yesterday – he would have been drenched and cold I feel. I heard from Ania yesterday and they had to close my old office for a week as two people caught the virus. They are due to re-open on Monday, but she isn’t sure how many people will turn up! She said that, similar, to your old firm there are more people leaving (being made redundant she thinks) – like you there will be very few people left that I would recognise. I hope the Fxcetxme with your parents worked out! I happened to catch the end of Xander if V’ice yesterday – they apparently had Nxplxs on Wednesday. I checked and saw it was F’ence today so thought you might like to see it. The 3D imaging is amazing.

Yes Jo it was obviously a week for falls. I think it is just as well you are not going to try and put Felf’s light bulbs in (how is she now?) if a stepladder is involved. Good that you know a man who can! I see Jane is about to go into Tier 3 from Monday. I suspect most of the country will move from Tier 1 to 2 soon too.

MM went and had his meeting with the Vicar and I wrapped presents and then realised I need something else for Nova so ordered a nice little dress and leggings from Nxxt, which I can collect on Monday after our Sainsbugs shop. Mr S delivered just after MM reached home – I felt sorry for the driver, he looked very wet! We had our GandT with Mary and Les during the evening and have now put everything to rights. They had been walking Diva the day before and got caught in the heavy squall walking home. Mary said they were all totally sodden! We watched The A best bits last night – love the interviews! Today MM is back at the church to meet with the roofer – I think the last few days will have caused more leaks somehow – but they should at least be able to identify where it is coming in! As we had the Mr S delivery yesterday and we have Mr O brining MandS food on Sunday we don’t need to do the usual weekend food shop. Our friend Janice is calling round lunchtime (hopefully it will stay dry so we can have a quick chat out the front in the dry! Fortunately the wedding present for her daughter arrived yesterday so we can hand that over. I have my church calls to make and we have our family zoom this afternoon. Other than that I think it may be colouring (and watching Xander in F’rence later!! Morning BHB, yes it is another grey day. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, October 30, 2020, 10:35
Morning all and it is very dull and windy here. I think we are in for a grim weekend weather wise. So not much going out I feel, no change there then! I did a bit more work on the wall yesterday and apart from another coat of paint I think it is now ok. It would not stand close examination but at least you don't notice it now as it is at floor level. I gave the room a quick clean while I was at it so another exciting day! I am working on another jigsaw, a sort of picture map of central London. Very tricky but really interesting. Today I will do a few house things and a bit of jigsaw, then I have a dental appointment later. I have had a slightly aching tooth for a week or so and thought I would ask about it . They can't do NHS check ups at the moment, but as soon as I mentioned being a bit worried about this tooth I got an appointment. Of course since I got it the tooth has been a lot better, but I am still going as I want to be sure.

I thought it was definitely not golfing weather Diana, however hardy the players are! Will Ploppy be hoping to play in B/bados? Assuming you will be able to leave the hotel complex at some point! Mind right now I would be happy with two weeks sat in the sun! Your days sound about as exciting as mine!

Jo I now avoid ladders , though I have never been good on them I will change light bulbs but if I can't reach something on my steps then I don't do it! I should add my steps have a nice high handle so are very safe.

Morning BHB and we have paninis with our Vanillita foday? Great, so let's get more and go and join the CM.

Diana wrote:
Friday, October 30, 2020, 12:46
Afternoon all.

It's been dry here so far though some dark clouds earlier, it is warm out but also very windy. When I opened the front door to move the recycling bins and dustbin, I was almost blown over but it didn't seem so bad when I went out shortly after.

I picked up an M&S order for Ploppy earlier and popped into Sains. as running low on milk - Ploppy has been drinking more than usual. He has gone to his parents house today as there are a couple of problems.

Slight hitch connecting to F'time with my parents yesterday but then went well and Mum was able to see our new lounge suite.

Enjoyed the interviews on The App. last night, probably my fav ep of each series. I think they could have made two programmes about the interviews.

Thanks v much, Carol, re AA programme on Florence, I've made a note to watch it later. We might also watch some of the other eps on iPl*yer. I would quite like to go to V*nice but Ploppy not keen. I've been there on a day trip from L*ke G*rda when I was 18 - still remember we had soft drinks in St M*rks Sq which were extortionate.

Good luck at the dentist, Pauline, hope you don't need a filling, let alone anything worse. I doubt Ploppy will play in B'dos, he doesn't often play when we're abroad (other than SA obviously). I recall he played in Lankawi, Malaysia many years ago and the monkeys would sometimes run onto the fairway and nick the golfballs and the players would chase fter them try to get their ball back. Yes, Pauline, most of our days are similarly monotonous. I frequently have to read my previous day's comment to recall what I was doing!

Time to do lunch. I'm trying a recipe with crumpets, Marm*te and cheese, only for me now unfortunately.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2020, 08:20
Morning and it is very breezy out – at the moment it is dry but I feel that won’t be the case in an hour or so – at least according to the forecast. At the moment we are 13C so not too cold.

Diana you were lucky yesterday – our wind was very chilly. Hopefully Ploppy managed to sort out the problems with his parents’ house – is his cousin still living there? Oh your Mum must have been pleased to see the new lounge suite (and you). Like you we enjoy the interview episodes of the The A the most – you are right and they could easily have made a couple of episodes about them! Oh Vxnxce is lovely although MM is reluctant to go – as he says everything is very expensive! All things are relative of course – if you eat in St M’s Square you pay a (high) premium, but there are some lovely little restaurants in the side streets and of course most of the shops are full of beautiful glass. Our last visit was years ago when we were in Lxke G’da as well! We had my parents with us then. I love the idea of the monkeys stealing gol balls – I can imagine it was very frustrating for the players though!! Ah I used to make “mini” pizzxs with crumpets – you toasted the underside, then turned them over, spread with tomato paste, put cheese and sliced tomato and anything else on and finished off under the grill! The children used to love them (the now grown up ones) when they were little!

I managed to do some more wrapping whilst MM was out. I also made my phone calls for church. Janice arrived and we were able to have a fifteen minutes chat (which is how I know our wind was bitter). Even though we see her on zoom it is so nice to see people in person rather than on a screen. We have our fingers and toes crossed for Emma’s wedding in three weeks time (I hope it goes ahead as I have given them an engraved present which includes the date!). They are currently able to have both sets of parents, grandparents and siblings and that makes it 15. They have reserved a restaurant for a meal afterwards (closed to everyone else) so that families can sit at separate tables all socially distanced. One set of grandparents are going straight home so will miss the meal, but it means the partners of Janice’s other two children will be able to join them for the meal. We had our family zoom in the afternoon – my cousin’s wife had been to C’diff and collected their daughter the day before Wxlxs went into lockdown. Rachel had already been self isolating in her one room as a flatmate had tested positive so they didn’t feel they could abandon Rachel for more self isolation in one room! Today is laundry day of course, and our GandT with Lindy and Lawrence early evening. SCD tonight! I still think JacquiS will be the first one out having seen the rehearsal footage on ITT. Morning BHB, yes it is a grey start to the day. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Bxt Bxte (well it is H’ween) into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2020, 10:02
Morning all and it is a very gloomy and windy one at the moment with the promise of heavy rain to come. How lovely, not! I went to the dentist yesterday and she could not see any signs of decay or infection round my funny tooth. She did say that she thought the only possible thing was I might have a tiny crack under my filling. I was given a choice of having the filling dug out and a new one done or leaving it for a while and seeing if it improves as it could just be sensitivity. I think you might guess that I chose option 1! AS I see all the talk is of a month long lockdown being announced this week I may have had no choice anyway! I rather hope not but I fear it is coming. It will mean a lot more sadness for a lot of people, but if we have to do it, then we have to I suppose. On a more cheerful note (I think), I have the laundry to do today, that should cheer me up!

Diana I remember some of the crew complaining about the monkey thieves of golf balls in Malaysia! I should think they all have a nice low handicap by now! (The monkeys that is!) O have only visited Venice once and that was when I went to Italy on holiday with my parents, so quite some time ago. We too went on a day trip and loved it, though father could not get over the cost of a coffee in St Mxrk's Square! We were marched straight out of there and found a much cheaper place in one of the back streets!

Twin I have everything crossed for Emma's wedding. Let's hope it is all ok.

I hope you are ok Eva and your ribs are not cracked.

Morning BHB so we are going spooky with Bat Bxte and paninis today? Perfect for Halloween. Let's get more and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2020, 12:19
Afternoon all.

It was partly sunny, though windy, less than two hours ago but has been raining hard for the past hour. Ploppy was playing golf so hope they were close to the clubhouse when it started and gave up, otherwise they will be soaked. I had an early walk to avoid the rain. Then called Mum for her shopping list and have just done the online order.

Some of the neighbours are bringing their children round the close for tr*ck and treat this evening so I have put some sweets in a box for them along with some free cards and other stuff from Sains. and M&S.

Thank for the heads up about the Fl*rence programme, Carol, it was good. Nice to see the city again, especially the Duomo. Yes, Ploppy's cousin and family (they now have three boys) are still living there. Fingers crossed for Emma's wedding still being able to go ahead as planned.

Sending ohmmms, Eva. Hope your ribs aren't cracked and you are feeling better.

No plans for the rest of the day, may watch one or two of the programmes we have recorded on the T*vo box. I've got it down to just over 60% full.
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 31, 2020, 21:35
This place has gone nuts. Boris going to address the nation at 4pm, so Bruce misses out on the ice cream parlour, then Boris doesn't start until 7pm or so. The new episode of Nebula 75 starts at Bruce food time, so Bruce gets cross he has to wait. All is quiet now. I do have lots of pin holes in my knees as TK has been jumping up and off every time I sit down.
There has been a consensus in the village that no kids would be coming around and surprisingly they haven't. It is no wonder that we are a little oasis of low positives. You try and walk close to anyone in the village, it is like trying to put 2 positive ends of a magnet together. I only know this as I was watching Bruce and I inadvertently wandered too close to a lady, who was very nippy in backing away.
Bruce is going to be very upset from Thursday, his drop in places will be shut. And the exercise once a day is back, that won't be good.
Ah well the online shops will do well again
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 1, 2020, 08:06
Morning and a grey start to the day – it is 13C but only going to reach 15C later. I think showers are on the agenda again too. It also looks quite blustery out. I can’t believe it is November already!

Diana we had quite a lot of rain here until mid afternoon when the sun came out. Hopefully Ploppy managed to dodge the showers. That’s nice that there was a mini H’ween T or Treating in your close. Gemma dressed the boys up and they had a party at home – pumpkin carving and apple dunking. I am glad you enjoyed the F’rence programme – I found it fascinating seeing the structure of the Dome on the Dxomo – amazing feat of engineering – and also the long corridor that the Mxdxcxs put in. I feel you could have plenty of time to watch recordings in the next few weeks. Is your trip to B’dos affected?

So Bruce was not a happy boy yesterday by the sound of it. Hopefully you managed to feed him and watch your programme. We didn’t have any children round our close either – I think most parents decided it was better not to do it this year (easier for residents of a Close to do of course). I had noticed that people have no longer been stepping to one side to avoid people, as they did in the first lockdown – I think a lot of people just thought they could go back to normal. I am glad I started my C’mas shopping early.

So poor Emma’s wedding won’t be taking place. I cancelled our hotel in the C’swolds during the evening – there is now another box to tick for cancellations on the website I use “cancelled for Cxcxd19 related regulations”. Fortunately my hair cut is booked for Wednesday so I will be able to see out the four weeks hopefully – I will book for December whilst I am there. I see F’lough is being extended too. We can still meet with The Bubble though so that’s good. I am so glad I managed to get all the presents to Victoria! I still have June’s family to get the presents to but can do that in December once the four weeks are up. I will have to post the birthday presents for Moving Aunt, Nova and Dylan though! As Jo says online shops will do well again! I imagine Eva will have had the results of her xray by now and had confirmation as to whether she has cracked a rib or not. Hopefully she will be able to sleep sitting up if so.

Today we have our zoom service as normal and then we have an MandS food delivery via Mr O. I noticed last night all the slots for the next two weeks have been taken! I wonder if there will be a loo roll shortage again. We will be watching SCD results tonight – I feel it will definitely be JSmxth who goes. Hopefully they will be able to continue the programme despite the new regs as it can be classified as “work” I imagine!! I managed to get through the laundry yesterday and also emptied the last under the bed box with warmer clothes, so this afternoon I will be pressing those before they go into the wardrobe. MM wants to go up to the church to a) check on the tree after the high winds, and b) check if the emergency repair to the leaking roof have worked! Morning BHB, yes another grey day. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Angxl’s Shxre into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, November 1, 2020, 09:11
Morning all. Sorry I’ve been away for a while, but it’s all to do with sleep, or rather the lack thereof. Some days I feel like a zoombie, and probably look like one as well! It’s hard to hold a coherent thought in my mind for more than a few seconds at the time. Yesterday I had to go down to the shopping centre, but was feeling so dizzy that I daren’t drive. I took the bus instead. The funny thing is that I almost fell asleep, so had to fight to stay awake.
I watched the beeb last night, so caught the news about your new lock down. We haven’t got there yet, but will probably not be far behind you.
I tried to watch Strickly last night, but the connection was so bad that I gave up. I’ll try it on iplayer today. Fingers crossed.
I’ve had the result of my z-ray, and it was as I thought: two broken ribs. Nice,- NOT.
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 1, 2020, 10:35
Morning all and it was a grey and drizzly day when I got up, but now is a lot brighter with some sun , but it is very windy. So here we go again, not really surprised we are in another lockdown as from what I have seen so many people are behaving as if there is nothing wrong. Let's just hope that the R comes down and things are better in the month. So I did a lot of washing yesterday, which of course means today I have a lot of ixxnxxg, lovely! Watched SCD last night of course and I really do think the majority of them are doing really well, just a couple of exceptions, Jacqui and Jaimie spring to mind! I don't think they will be with us for long but after them I think it hard to guess who will go. I love Bill. He is joyous to watch, Also liking Clara and Max. Not the best maybe but full of promise if they can learn to relax a bit more.

Diana does this lockdown mean your holiday is off? I do hope not as I know how much you have been looking forward to it. I see they are closing golf courses again so Ploppy won't even get his golf! Not a very happy month I feel! Hope the t 0r t/ing went well. There was nothing happening like that round here though we did have a short spell of fireworks.

Oh Eva no, Not two broken ribs. This is definitely not your year. The way you are feeling without sleep is a real worry as well. I do know the feeling as I know when I started with Bx my first few long trips out eat were practically sleepless and at times I had the fuzzy light headed feeling. It is just horrid, Sending lots of hugs, very gentle ones. Hope you can see SCD I think it will help cheer you up.

Morning BHB and yes it is not nice having another lockdown, but I am sure we can cope. Let's get more teacakes and Angxl's Share and find the CM. We can have a lovely snuffle to cheer ourselves up.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 1, 2020, 12:48
I'm surprised you can't hear Bruce telling me off. He is really cross. I did take him out this morning, but I was hobbling. Much better now I've been lying on the sofa with a heavy 'hot water bottle' on my tummy making sure my back was flattened out. Then the hot water bottle started yelling at me, so I had to get up.
I think I'll take him to the village for an ice cream as they close on a Monday. I'll try to get him to the house on the hill next Monday and maybe Tues as I expect they will have to close. Weds I'm off to London...... I hope.
Hope all are OK.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2020, 07:49
Morning and another blustery start to the day – at the moment it is dry and a warm 17C. We may have showers later and the temperature will remain much where it is. From the forecast Eva I think you have a wet day ahead.

Eva, so sorry to hear about your poor ribs – as Twin said not a very good year for you. What with that and the lack of sleep (no news on the sleep clinic I take it?) no wonder you are feeling like a zxxmbie. Very wise not to drive when you were feeling dizzy. Yes our new lockdown starts on Thursday morning. As long as everyone abides by the rules we might stand a chance of getting a better C’mas but going by some past behaviour I suspect people will just do their own thing again in the large towns and cities and then wonder why we are not getting through this better. It is not helped by such widely differing opinions from scientists and medics – split fairly evenly between we need a strict lockdown and the other half saying we need to let the thing take it course and not lock down. I would hate to be in any government having to steer a course through all that. Not helped of course by other politicians using everything to score political points rather than all pulling together. I hope you managed to watch SCD and the Results Show to cheer you up.

Oh dear Jo a cross Bruce. That doesn’t sound good about your hobbling though – is it very painful? So he forgave you enough to act as a hot water bottle afterwards. Hopefully he enjoyed his ice cream – I am not sure how he will cope once they close (or will they be able to stay open as they are offering take away?). I am sure he will enjoy the walks at the house on the hill. They may keep the grounds open for exercise though.

We had our Zxxm service and then we had our delivery from Mr O (I couldn’t get another slot until two weeks time!) After I had put the food away, I did my i word – all clothes now pressed and hanging in the wardrobe. MM went up to the church and was pleased to report no further bits of the cedar tree had fallen, but more importantly that the word our roofer did seems to have stopped the leak – hooray! I had a couple of video chats with June and also with Twin of course. We had just finished our dinner as the Results Show began. I have to say I was not too surprised at who left (nor who the bottom two were). I see we have Mxvix week next week – I always like that! This morning we are off to Mr S for a food shop – assuming the locusts didn’t descend yesterday and strip everything off the shelves (I wonder if there will be a loo shortage again). We are hoping we might be able to sit outside and have a coffee with Lindy and Lawrence (distanced) before everything closes at midnight on Wednesday! I also need to collect an order from Nxxt (outfit for Nova). This afternoon we will go into U’bridge as I need to pay in some money to the bank and MM will try to get his hair cut. His bruises are doing nicely at the moment but the swelling on his hands is going down – still painful of course but he can use them so I think he isn’t too bad. This evening we have GandT with Twin to look forward to. Morning BHB, yes a grey start to the day – but the sun may appear later if we are lucky. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM to arrive.

Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2020, 09:57
Morning all and it is very windy and squally showers here at the moment. However I don't care as I am going to get my hair cut! My lovely hairdresser rang me yesterday and offered me an appointment today, so that is where I am off to shortly! At least it will give me a head start (excuse the pun!) and we will see where we are in a month. Probably still in lockdown! Yesterday was pretty uneventful, apart from the ixxnxxg and a few other bits and pieces I just did some of my jigsaw. I watched the results show in the evening of course, and the result was exactly what I expected.

Jo I did wonder what the noise was, I should have realised it was Bruce making his wishes known! What a lovely boy to be your hot water bottle. Hopefully you will still be able to get your hip looked at as hospital appointments should be ok. I am off to see my dermatologist on Friday all being well. Just for a catch up and to let her know how I have been. Itchy is the answer to that! More worrying will be the lack of ice cream for Bruce, does he not like the shop bought stuff?!

Morning BHB and what have we today with our Lavendula? Paninis. Always a great choice, so let's get more and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2020, 10:30
Morning. Currently sitting at hairdressers, this was a booked appt so very lucky! Phone not stopped ringing since I’ve been here.
Next stop opticians to collect specs then out for lunch with hubby and mum (her birthday tomorrow then she will be in bubble with sis as needed for childcare)
Hoping house moves not affected So Josh and g/f can still move.
Boss was in tears yesterday, we talked things through. Staff can be furloughed and hopefully she can get a grant to cover rent etc.
Real sense of deja vu!!
Love to all xx
Diana wrote:
Monday, November 2, 2020, 22:04

It's been a traumatic 48 hours. Ploppy had a car accident Saturday evening. I was very worried by the time the police phoned at 10 pm to let me know. Thankfully he was uninjured, he was taken to hospital to be checked over, but the car is a write off. I didn't get any sleep that night waiting for him to come home.

Then Sunday morning we discovered that travel abroad was banned under the lockdown so B'dos is off, we're gutted. We think it's stupid as most countries outside the EU require you to have a test before you fly so anyone with Covid should be picked up, and the travel industry is going to be in an even more dire state after this.

We looked at various options flying out Wednesday and rang the test company to see if we could bring forward the tests to today but they were fully booked. After sussing that only Greece and the Canaries were on the list of places we could go to which didn't require a test 72 or more hours in advance we booked to fly to Athens and are staying on the coast near Corinth (about 70 mins drive away) for a week. We hadn't checked the hotel in detail nor the weather before we booked but look to have made a good choice as the hotel looks very nice and the weather forecast for Athens is pretty good - the only rain is on the day we arrive, the other days will be mostly sunny, the evenings and mornings a bit chilly at 14 degrees but highs of 20 most days. We've hired a car (need one to get to the hotel) so will probably go out in the morning and relax by the pool/beach pm. Close by are the Corinth Canal, Mycenae and Epidaurus so several places of interest to visit, plus Delphi further away as well as Athens itself. I have been to Athens and Corinth before but we only had one night in Corinth and it was about 40 years ago. I remember the Parth*non, Olympia and especially Delphi but not the Corinth area. It's certainly not B'dos but a lot better than nothing. Very impressed with BA Holidays. They sent an email this evening advising the flight to B'dos has been cancelled and we would get a full refund (not a voucher) within two weeks. So it's been a busy day today and another tomorrow. Luckily I had already done a fair amount but have had to pull out quite a few things and add others (US adaptors wouldn't be very useful!). Still got to sort out my clothes, swoping flimsy tops for thicker ones and trousers rather than dresses.

We're out for dinner tomorrow, a fav restaurant is doing a 7 course tasting menu with matching wine which we booked weeks ago.

I haven't read the blog since Saturday and not sure when I will do. Hope you're recovering Eva.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, November 3, 2020, 07:48
Morning and currently it is wet but the wind seems to have dropped. I think the rest of the day will be showers. It is a warm 10C at the moment and due to reach the dizzy heights of 10C during the day. I did wake during the night as the rain was so heavy and I could hear it lashing the window.

Well done on getting your hair cut Ali (I have an appointment for tomorrow – booked when I last went). I hope your Mum had a lovely birthday lunch. We are hoping house moves are not affected (at the moment it is saying they are ok to go ahead) as Gemma, Jon and the boys due to move this month, so fingers crossed for them and Josh and g/f. I am not surprised your boss was in tears. Let’s hope everyone behaves and things will be back on track during December.

Goodness Diana, that’s terrible – poor Ploppy. What a blessing he was uninjured – good that they checked him over, but not so good about the car. I am not surprised you weren’t able to sleep. I assumed you were trying to sort out your B’dos holiday. At least you will have a break – if not in the place you originally intended. I think you need a week of rest after Ploppy’s experience. I have to say Corinth sounds a lovely place to stay with lots of historical things to see, as well as the canal and the fishing villages nearby. When we had to cancel our trip to Rxme in the Spring BX Hols were excellent and refund came through quickly. We will certainly continue to use them once we can visit places again. We went to Vxnnx with them last year and everything from being collected at the airport went like clockwork. Enjoy your meal today (you have to feel so sorry for restaurants and salons etc at the moment after all the things they put in place to make their establishments cxvxd free).

We did our food shop at Mr S yesterday – not much busier than it has been for the last few weeks and fortunately plenty of stock on the shelves – even loo rolls!! We sat outside for our coffee (on the basis we won’t be able to do that for four weeks or so) – it was a biting wind (fortunately I took a sxrape with me which worked very well! We went home and put the shopping away and went off to U;brxdge in the afternoon – it was quite busy but I am not sure if that is normal as usually we visit during the morning. No queue at the bank. MM went off to get his hair but (success) and then to have his wedding ring cut off. Where his hand is swollen and bruised the ring has been cutting in – it had been too tight to get off for the last couple of years, so he took the decision to have it removed now to help his hand. In fact Imogen Ann told him he needed to get it cut off as she was quite worried when she saw it on Wednesday last week. I have told Victoria to let her know it has been removed! The local jewellers cut it off and once the finger has returned to normal size (and the lockdown is over) he will take it back in and have it enlarged. The swelling is gradually going down. He went looking for some more arnxcx cream in Bxxts – I was upstairs buying some bits and pieces so sent him downstairs to the pharmacy area. He returned saying he couldn’t find any and the staff were all busy so he had no one to ask. We went back downstairs to the first aid section and had another search – no sign of any. A member of staff came free and MM asked where we might find it. The reply was on the bottom shelf with the vitamins!! No wonder we couldn’t locate it!! I managed to buy all the birthday cards for November, so that is out of the way. Today we are off to see our Bubble – we had already arranged to go to the large garden centre which is between the two of us (closer to Twin than us) to visit the C’mas decoration department. We are booked at a pub/restaurant nearby for lunch afterwards – on the basis it will be our last eating out for a while. Tonight of course will be the last episode of Life, so looking forward to that. Morning BHB, yes it is fairly wet out at the moment. Let’s take the cheese scones and the Lxrchmxnt into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 3, 2020, 09:56
Morning all and it is dull and windy here still though I think it will brighten up a bit, cooler though. I know have my hair cut (toss toss) thanks to my lovely hairdresser. I feel so sorry for them, they are visibly gutted and also worried I think. I have everything crossed they can survive this. They are such lovely ladies and work so hard. Plus of course, I like going there! As Twin says I am off to meet them in a bit so will need to get going.

Diana that has got to rate as one of the worst weekends. Thank goodness Ploppy is ok, though not good about the car, the car is replaceable! So sorry about your holiday. Glad my old company has behaved itself. (I feel responsible still, no idea why!) Greece not the same but still a fanb place to go as I would love all that history. So go and have a great time, you both deserve it.

Morning BHB and we have Lxrchmxnt and cheese scaones today? I am liking that so let's get more and find the CM.
maeve12 wrote:
Tuesday, November 3, 2020, 12:04
Thanks for the new page, Jo,
had some difficulty getting on to the blog but succeeded eventually .

Very sorry to hear about all the falls and accidents, thank goodness
no one was seriously hurt.

Diana you've been so unlucky with your holiday bookings

I have very happy memories of that part of Greece, actually met my ex husband in Athens.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, November 3, 2020, 16:19
Afternoon all. It's certainly turned chilly this pm, I popped out to the postbox and brrrr.

Sorry about Emma's wedding, Carol, she must be feeling very despondent. If only we could go back in time one year and stop whoever did whatever they did in Ch*na that started this rejected disease.

Hope Bruce doesn't complain loudly at the reduction of exercise over the next four weeks and other restrictions.

Fingers crossed that Josh and g/f can move as planned, Ali.

Missed SCD results show so DK who went but can guess.

I was in Br*mley yesterday and it was busier than it's been for ages, presumably people getting stuff while they can. Just hope everyone follows the rules and this lockdown works.

Twins, hope you enjoyed your day out at the garden centre and lunch.

Sending hugs to Eva.

Stay safe and well everyone.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, November 3, 2020, 21:42
Bruce's life under this lockdown will not be that much different. I met the chap who runs the ice cream parlour this morning. He was in the grounds of the big house on the hill. He said under the new lockdown that he's opening as a take away 'until people stop coming'. The grounds of the big house on the hill will be open AND so will their cafe as a takeaway, so not much change there. The main change is Bruce won't be able to get treats off friends. If I take shopping around like last time, then he could have treats. I'll have to see if I'm needed to do shopping :) I had decided not to visit Bruce's friends for 2 weeks anyway as I'm off to London tomorrow. This lockdown there is no written limit to the number of times we can go out for exercise.

Diana I'm glad Ploppy is OK. Such a worry for you. Good news on the hols, I had wondered if you were going to manage to get away. Robin Askwith is going back to Gozo on Friday. He could only get one of his dates in, on Weds. So he flew in, isolated as required, then he's back to the Med again.

I had reports today that the larger supermarkets in towns near weren't very busy. Not sure what this means, but the people who told me were surprised. Yet Brom was busy Diana, no idea what this means, the world is going crazy.

Ali fingers crossed for Josh and g/f. I did hear that house moves were not advised, but were not illegal. Best wishes to them.

Glad you are OK Maeve. The times are so strange.

I'm really looking forward to the concert tomorrow :)
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 4, 2020, 07:15
Morning and a dry one so far. Yesterday we had showers which we managed to dodge – although it was a very chilly wind again. Today the forecast says sunny with light winds – but only reaching a top temperature of 11C – that sounds chilly again in my book! At the moment it is 0C.

Maeve – we do seem to have had a number of accidents and falls recently – it must be something in the air. We have never visited mainland Grxxce – although have been to Kxfxlonia and Crxte – both of which we loved. So you found romance in Athxns! I feel there is a story to tel there. Hope you are still enjoying your not quite so “new to you” home – coming up for a year since you moved. I feel you did it at the right time!

Yes it was a very bracing wind yesterday Diana – I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so cold. Emma is hoping to tie the knot in Spring next year, all being well. I agree – it would be nice if the superspreader in Chxna had been stopped about now. China seems to be doing fine – and their economy is booming whilst the rest of the world struggles to cope! I read this the other day (from Spxnish newspaper) which I found quite interesting – especially about the spread. https://english.elpais.com/society/2020-10-28/a-room-a-bar-and-a-class-how-the-coronavirus-is-spread-through-the-air.html
I heard from June yesterday that Gemma is hoping to move on the 13th November, so hopefully Josh and g/f should be ok. I am sure your guess on SCD is the correct one.

So Bruce should be able to get out and about and not notice too much difference in his normal routine – I don’t think he has been to the pub recently so won’t miss that so much. I know the RXS gardens are remaining open at this time and we are waiting to hear if the C’mas lights trail will be going ahead – they are consulting with the experts, but as it is in the open air and spaced out we are hopeful. I am hopeful this time people will be sensible with their buying at s’markets – of course some areas will adhere to the rules others won’t. Hope you have a good time later and manage to avoid any (sure to happen) pre lockdown “celebrations” in the streets like last time!

We enjoyed our day out yesterday with our Bubble. We met successfully in the car park at the garden centre. We looked at the outdoor plants as MM was keen to find something with a little colour for the pot which currently houses the box shrub (which sadly gave up its fight against box blight). We bought two Skxmmxas – one for the front of the house and one for the back patio. We then beetled inside for a warming coffee before checking out the C’mas department. The cafe was busy (we had to queue) and will sadly be closing from this afternoon, although they had provided a winter wonderland walk through for their entrance and had a stall selling “winter warmers” and come cakes, biscuits which will come under the “takeaway” heading so will keep that running through the next month. The C’mas department is always a delight – you could spend a fortune! We did come home with a couple of exterior lights – a large star and another reindeer (I feel the one we already have gets lonely). I bought a couple of other decorations and a wax jacket for MM as part of his C’mas pressies. I needed him with me to try it on of course – he is now under strict instructions to forget he has seen it. We then went off for our lunch – we were expecting it to be busier than it was, there were other tables with customers but not as many as we thought. MM was very pleased to find the beer was half price as they will of course have to throw away any unused beer after tonight. We left just before 3pm and were home by 3.30pm so you will see that the X25 was behaving. I did up the parcel with the November birthday cards and presents for the family in the N Forest and MM will go to the post office and post it off to June today. Hopefully we will be able to travel down beginning of December to take their C’mas presents. We watched the last episode of Life in the evening – it really was excellent. Next week of course we have the return of HCity. This morning I am off for my hair cut and my back massage. That should me through the next four weeks – I am hoping to pencil in an appointment for December whilst I am there. MM has to go up to the church to sign some documents for the Church Administrator so will drop me off en route. This evening we have zxxm choir practice of course. Morning BHB, yes it is a bright (and doubtless cold) start to the morning. Let’s take the first mulled wine of this winter into the conservatory with the toasted crumpets, and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 4, 2020, 10:26
Morning all and it is a lovely sunny one, though cold, but that's fine. I like days like this, all sunny, no wind so if you wrap up it is nice out. Yesterday was a lovely day. Meeting with Twin and MM in the morning, having a lovely wander round all things Chrismassy and then having a nice lunch. I did buy a very pretty globe .that lights up but restrained myself from anything else as I know I have masses of decs and lights! I think I may well put them all up this year to cheer me up! Mind I see that there is a real chance there may be a vaccine by C/mas now. Even the doctor's on tv have said it might happen. Ok so it will go to the very elderly and NxS workers first, but even if we don't get it until next year it is a glimmer of light I think we all need! I see the US election is hanging in the balance so I fear we are in for 4 more years of the Dxnald. Sad but I am not wholly surprised. I just fear it may well lead to some nasty scenes in parts of the country.

Diana I thought it was busier than I have seen it for ages down in the village when I went to get my hair cut. I think people are just getting out while they can. The garden centre was busy yesterday as well.

Jo I know you will love tonight's entertainment. Give him a wave from us, we are so looking forward to seeing him again when we can.

Maeve lovely to see you again. You must be so happy to have moved and be near your family. So much easier with all this going on.

Morning BHB and you look excited today? You are seeing friends tonight ? How lovely but do stay safe won't you? Of course you will! So we have crumpets and mulled wine today. You always get it just right. Let's get more and find the CM.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 5, 2020, 07:46
Morning and we have fog here. It is a warm 1C. Just as well we are not planning on going anywhere!

So here we go again – I have my puzzles and colouring books on standby. Mind you with the fog and the chill this morning and I am not wanting to rush out anywhere. I may do some cooking for the freezer today (I had started to run it down ready to do a defrost, but may now restock for a while). I see there has been no further progress on the UX elxction (not quite sure why the Beeb had to devote almost a day to coverage of it). Still no final result although DT is already suing over some of the voting. It merely confirms what I think about him. I had a lovely back massage yesterday morning pure bliss and so relaxing. My hair is now all cut – and I have made an appointment for five weeks time (fingers crossed) which is about the time lapse I normally have between appointments. It was also nice and sunny when I went and not as cold. It made the walk home quite pleasant. We had our rehearsal in the evening – and have started on C’mas music (in fact if we had been meeting as normal we would have started with the C’mas music a couple of months back, ready for our C’mas concerts – alas not to be this year). We watched the XXV news last night Twin as the Beeb was still wall to wall election and they mentioned the possibility of the vaccine just this side of C’mas. All fingers and toes are crossed. Today MM wants to get into the garden and pot the plants we bought on Tuesday, and to take down the solar lights. I may start one of my puzzles (that will depend on how chilly it feels in the conservatory). This evening we have our weekly GandT with Mary and Les. We were going to have Lindy, Lawrence and Bubble over for a small fireworks party in the garden but of course we have had to shelve that. I think there will be very few fireworks in the sky this year. Morning BHB, yes it is somewhat foggy. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Txm and Jxrry into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives. You can tell us all about your evening last night, in the meantime where is that pink blanket?
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, November 5, 2020, 10:22
Morning all and it is a lovely autumnal day here. Blue sky and sun with a slight mistiness (which is going as I type). Mind it is only 3c! Don't mind that though when it is as pretty as this. So here we go back into lockdown. As usual there were lots of young people having lockdown parties on the streets last night. I worry for their mentality I really do! Had a chat to Ari's Mum last night, She has had the results of his xray back from the specialist and they say he hasn't got a chipped bone but they saw 3 lines in his foot bone that are stress fractures. These are usually produces by bouncing! Now as you may remember Ari is a star bouncer! So I think this is probably why he is limping. Stopping him bouncing will not be easy I fear! So I will have to decide on what to do this lockdown. I still have plenty of clearing out I can do so may start on that.

Shame about our little fireworks party Twin, but hopefully there will be other times. Ironically the weather would have been perfect!

Morning BHB, you look very happy? You had a lovely time last night? Well then let's get more Txm and muffins and we can find the CM and you can tell us all about it.
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 5, 2020, 18:52
It was SO lovely to see and hear him singing again. I hope you have managed to see the recorded show. There were several people who had trouble logging on. Surprisingly it was easy for me. Sort of worked out that it was because I left it late when all the uploading and techie stuff had been completed. The place was very nice. Apparently in normal times there are 3 times as many tables, so it would feel quite crowded. What a nice chap he his!!! Bruce had a lovely evening with his friends. He is such a good boy when I'm not there.

Not done too much today, did go to the pet shop to get TKs fancy cat food. Bruce was a little cautious when we went in as the dog grooming section was fully staffed. We gave the ice cream parlour a miss as I wanted to get home, I was feeling a bit tired. I think an early night would be good.

Poor Ari, he's no youngster any more. You have to stop older dogs dashing about for their own sake. One reason I'm not too upset Bruce has to be on a lead when out in public. He did charge about so much - before he got the asbo.

Carol, thanks for the Spanish link, very interesting.
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, November 5, 2020, 20:42
Evening all. Glad you enjoyed concert Jo. I saw last 3 songs of the live stream and then caught up on the other songs today. Very good - he seemed very happy to be back performing in front of a live audience. His memory is still not his strongest feature!
I had lovely day yesterday with my ex colleague friends. we met up in friends conservatory with huge doors wide open. i was sitting in front of the open doors so all photos are with me in my down coat, blanket, hat et, gloves etc. just as well it was a nice sunny day . we had soup, bread, cheese - and pr.secco. Our advance get tog for Chr.stmas - and my bday. Was a lovely, fun day with lots of laughter.
Ali - so sad for your boss, and all of you who have worked so hard. So many small businesses are in despair - and I fear both for the business and the MH of the owners who are at wits end. I certainly hope house moves can go ahead as UB scollop is evicted on Sat do needs to be able to move to his temp flat (a friends boxroom!) on Saturday. He is only to stay there for a month and then will move back home. This was organized before either tier 2 or l.ckdown rules. His work is staying open (don't ask how or why as he could easily work form home) but he feels he needs to go into work some days a week.
Pauline- gardens are hard taskmasters! They constantly require work. i have pruned, edged, planted today - and am fair kn.ckered. My back is rather sore and I still have the sore shoulder from when I fell off my bike in April. I still cant fasten my br. behind my back so maybe I should have it looked at! I am not good at going for medical help until i fall to bits!
I see Diana has jetted off, but think Gr has set a lockd.wn to start on Sat. But hopefully she will have got some sightseeing in first and can then sit by pool during l'down. I like my holidays - but not enough to go thro all the uncertainty of whether can get away/ l'down/ quarantine etc. My friend who goes away to Can.ries for 3 Dec - Mar every year has booked to go away this yr. she has just been told flight out has been moved to mid Dec. though i am sure she will have lovely time when there.
Eva - gosh you have been in the wars. i hope your ribs are less painful now.
I read that link last week Carol - it was very interesting and the emphasis on ventilation is why i sat in front of the patio doors yesterday. That may be why I feel a bit achey/coldy today - it was bitter cold yesterday!
Off to watch the prog on Fr.nk G.rdiner - the B.C Sec.rity Correspondent who was shot in ME and is now in a wh..lchair. The times i have heard him speak i have found him inspirational.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 6, 2020, 07:35
Morning and slightly misty today (currently a very warm 0C). Yesterday’s fog didn’t disappear until gone 10 am – after that it was bright, but very cold. I think today will be much the same.

Jo I am sure it was lovely to finally get to a live performance. Hopefully you managed to avoid any crowds that were out and about and the journey was quite safe. I am sure Bruce was thrilled to be allowed to go and stay with his friends after all this long too. Poor Bruce – I see he had to miss out on his ice cream treat. I hope you enjoyed your early night and the family haven’t woken you too early!

That sounds a lovely day with your friends. I see you were very well wrapped up and the hot soup sounds ideal – especially washed down with P’ecco! Good thinking to be near the fresh air! I can confirm that house moves are allowed – Gemma exchanged yesterday after several hiccups and will be moving a week today! So UB Scollop will be fine. I see he has found temporary shelter with a friend before he moves back to be with you. I am sure most firms will only expect to see people a couple of days during a week and allow them to work from home apart from that. Hmm that doesn’t sound too good about your shoulder – especially as it is now over six months since the fall. I think talking to your GX might be in order. I saw that Grxxce have another lxckdxwn starting this weekend, so wondered how it will affect Diana (I think they were flying today?). We just decided to write this year off for any trips abroad – I am just so pleased we managed to get our week away in S’set in September! We are hoping we might be able to make our mini break, that should have been next week, to the C’wolds sometime in the Spring. I think lots of things will depend on the arrival of a vxccxne though.

MM worked in the garden yesterday (although hasn’t yet got around to taking down the solar lights – he may do that today. It was very chilly out – I know as I went to the freezer in the garage and had to put a coat on! He still has some swelling in his hands from his fall, and his hip bruise is now very multicoloured. I cooked a beef curry (which we will have this evening) and two lots of Bolxgnxse sauce – both now in the freezer. I will probably make some soup for the freezer today. We had a long chat and GandT with Les and Mary. Les had managed to get his hair cut, but Mary is going to have to sit it out. They have new neighbours who moved in next door but one to them this week. He works for Bxrdxr Cxntrol in Cxlxis and she is a CXD inspector so travels into the Southwxrk daily. During the evening we watched the best bits of The A – sadly the last one! This morning MM is planning on taking down the lights. I have my church calls to make but no trip into U’bridge for us as normal. MM has just asked me to type up some reports for him for the PXC meeting next Tuesday evening on Zxxm (so I will miss out on HCity and have to watch on catch up). The works to stabilise the Cupola have been put on hold – they should have started next week but the contractor has said due to the new restrictions they won’t be able to start until 23rd November – so any services in Church now look unlikely over C’mas. Morning BHB, yes it is a chilly start again. Let’s take the Gluhwxin and the toasted teacakes into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket until the DCM arrives.
Ali wrote:
Friday, November 6, 2020, 09:59
Morning. I slept in rather late today but did have a night of tossing and turning and bizarre dreams. Must pop to supermarket today for food to see us over the weekend then I have managed to get weekly delivery slots. I cleaned and rearranged the kitchen yesterday, still a couple of cupboards to sort. Josh made a start sorting his room. Jack had a day’s gardening work.
That must have been a chilly get together Fi, but I agree you need to see gp.
Glad mm is almost recovered from his fall, hope Eva is too
I can hear the bin lorry approaching, will just check the boys have put all their recycling out.
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 6, 2020, 10:46
Morning all. It is another nice bright one here, though more cloud than yesterday. Still a rather bracing 6c! So funnily enough had a rather quiet day yesterday, I did manage to finish my jigsaw, yaay! It was the trickiest one I have done so far, but did enjoy the challenge. I will leave it a few days before I do another as they do tend to absorb me and I get little else done! This afternoon I am off to the hospital. I have an appointment with the dermatologist. Not one I requested so I am assuming it will just be a catch up on how I am. I am keen to keep as although I don't think there is anything new they can help me with, if I miss it I would have to start from the beginning of the process again if I do need them. If that makes sense! It isn't till later this afternoon so I think I will make some soup that I just have to heat up when I get back.

Fi your meet up with friends sounds lovely, if a bit chilly. I am sure U/bed will be able to move, hope it all goes smoothly. Maybe he likes going into work for the company? Or maybe he feels it a good idea to maintain a visible presence there! You are so right about gardens! They are hard taskmasters, just as well they are rewarding! I will never be a really good gardener though as I just don't like winter gardening! I think you should have your shoulder looked at as I know these things don't improve with keeping!

Jo I am sure it was wonderful to see the GO live again. I just have everything crossed that we can do shows next year. Glad Bruce wears his best manners when he is being looked after by someone else! Not sure he would like missing the ice cream though! I think trying to stop Ari bouncing altogether will be a bit like trying to hold back the tide.! I know his mum will do her best though. He is also on a diet, which he definitely won't like! Thankfully he is not a lot overweight, so may not be for too long.

So you have started on the Lockdown cupboard sorting then Ali! I think the nation's cupboards will be in good order by the time this is all over!

Morning BHB and what have we today? You have made Gluhwein, smells lovely, so let's get more and some teacakes and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Friday, November 6, 2020, 14:15
It was very quiet when Bruce and I were out, but he did see lots of his friends. We didn't walk far, but he has collapsed on to his bed and gone fast to sleep.

MrO have shortened their last shopping adjustment time before the delivery day, so I have to do the final tweak. I'll phone my neighbour in case she wants anything. I won't go around as I've been to London.
TK wrote:
Friday, November 6, 2020, 17:27
Spent a lot of today watching the Fane recording, lovely.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2020, 10:21
Morning and a bright start to the day and slightly warmer than yesterday (which was again quite chilly) – we may even hit the heady heights of 15C later!

Ali I have had some bizarre dreams recently too – very strange. It makes you wonder what is in your mind! I have a delivery slot next weekend for Mr O but there are no slots left in our area for the next three weeks. We will continue to go to Mr S on Monday unless it is a nightmare in which case I will resume delivery from them too. Mrs Chris was doing her kitchen cupboards yesterday too!- MM’s bruises are colouring nicely and since he had his wedding ring cut off that finger has almost returned to normal thank you. Eva of course is in a worse state with two broken ribs, which must make life very painful.

We stayed put yesterday – MM managed to do some bits and pieces in the garden and has taken half of the solar lights down – he will do the other half today. Yes I had the email from Mr O saying you have less time to change your order now. How is Felf doing at the moment?

I made my phone calls yesterday and everyone ok and resigned to four weeks of nothing. I mainly pottered around and didn’t seem to have achieved much by the end of the day with Oz – hence the late opening here! They are all fine and of course going into their summer so the vxrxs numbers have dropped quite a lot. Ember is looking forward to starting big school in January! Today is of course Laundry Day – first load is on so I will be doing the i word later. At least we have Strictly to look forward to. Morning BHB – sorry for the late opening up. Let’s take the Spxce 75 and the toasted crumpets into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket – I suspect the DCM will be along shortly!
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2020, 10:52
Morning all and it is a lovely one here again, all sunshine and blue skies and a nice warn 7c! I went to the dermatologist yesterday. I saw a different one. He was a nice man but he asked me to start and tell him the problem then proceeded to interrupt me and tell me things I already knew. At the end I wasn't sure if he had gathered how I am now at all! Anyway he did give me some more information about the condition and explain more about it. He also told me there is now treatment if the condition gets so bad I can't live with it. I am hoping I never need that! Also he said it will go but can take up to 5 years before it does. Lovely. Must say one thing about the lockdown, it made it the best appointment every in one way. The car park was nearly empty, there was nobody in the waiting room and I was seen immediately. Wish it was always like that, but not because of a pandemic of course! I did notice on the way there and back there was a lot of traffic around. Unlike the last lockdown when the roads were very quiet it looked to me as if nobody was working from home. Today I will be doing the laundry of course and I am also awaiting delivery from Mr W today. Must sort the fridge out before he delivers. Think there may be some old veg rotting away in there!

I got that email from Mr O as well Jo. I do try to do an order that is what I will need and just adjust nearer the time, so hopefully won't be a problem.

Morning BHB and we are late today, never mind let's get more Spxce 75 and cumpets and go and find the CM. It's never too late for a snuffle!
Ali wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2020, 13:50
Afternoon. Another disturbed night, woke in early hours feeling really itchy. No obvious reason but took an antihistamine and did get back to sleep. Josh managed to cut the grass at last, still very wet but had to be done. As a result I decided to get out there today and have a tidy up. Can’t believe my geraniums are still flowering so left them for now. Did some weeding and planted some pansies and heathers. Still a bit more to tidy but will leave that for another day.
Looking forward to SCD later followed by Fest of Remembrance.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2020, 16:45
Evening everyone.

The wifi in our room comes and goes so I'll post frequently.

Greece went into lockdown today. They have far fewer cases than most of Europe (under 3000 new cases Thursday) but the rate has been increasing and they have seen what's happened. We aren't supposed to go out other than for food and exercise but may go try going for a short drive. The main way it affects us is not being able to dine out. Breakfast in the hotel hasn't been great so we're not expecting dinner to be as good as last two nights, especially tonight. Not long till we find out! There are two coachloads of Germans staying who are leaving tomorrow. Very surprised coach tours have been allowed! Concerning as if one person catches Covid, it will spread very quickly - we are keeping our distance! After they go there will only be us and another English couple staying. Hoping we will be asked what we want to eat in advance and food will be better.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2020, 16:59
We had a good flight to Ath*ns on Wednesday, collected our hire car and had no problem getting on the road we wanted - we had been concerned about going the wrong way. Good journey until we came off the motorway and couldn't find the road we needed. After driving around for nearly 1.5 hours we finally arrived at the hotel, sometime after 22.00. Too late for dinner but we had had some food in the lounge at H'row and on the plane. After unpacking I tried to go to the car to get the small bottle of water we had but the doors were locked and no one around. I was very thirsty and knew I'dhave a bad night without something to drink, there wasn't any in the room but fortunately I found a large bottle behind the bar which I took - we told the manager in the morning.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2020, 17:00
We had a good flight to Ath*ns on Wednesday, collected our hire car and had no problem getting on the road we wanted - we had been concerned about going the wrong way. Good journey until we came off the motorway and couldn't find the road we needed. After driving around for nearly 1.5 hours we finally arrived at the hotel, sometime after 22.00. Too late for dinner but we had had some food in the lounge at H'row and on the plane. After unpacking I tried to go to the car to get the small bottle of water we had but the doors were locked and no one around. I was very thirsty and knew I'dhave a bad night without something to drink, there wasn't any in the room but fortunately I found a large bottle behind the bar which I took - we told the manager in the morning.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2020, 17:16
Thursday was mostly cloudy with some sun. Ploppy woke me up by pulling back the curtains and the sun flooded in. We were upgraded to a room with full sea view, facing East so get the sun on the balcony all morning. After breakfast we decided to take a short drive south along the coast but couldn't find a place to turn round so decided to carry on to Epida*rus as we were already quarter of the way there. Gre*k drivers are awful,worst we have ever come across. They drive fast, don't leave much room when overtaking and take stupid risks. We enjoyed seeing the ancient theatre at Ep., the sun came while there and we sat enjoying it for about 20 mins. We then drove back to this area and saw the Cor*nth Canal before exploring a bit more of the area. We saw the port in Cor*nth and made a reservation at a fish restaurant for dinner. We then had a nice walk along the promenade at the next town, Loutraki, looking at the restaurants.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2020, 19:56
Diana- love the description of Greek drivers. Greece is the only place I've driven a LHD car. This was years ago, it put me off driving abroad, well in LHD countries, so never done it since. I'm glad you have a nice room. I loved Epidaurus and Mycenae, visited them on the same day as they are 'only' 50miles apart. (I had to look the distance up.) I can understand you keeping your distance from the coach party.

There have been quite a lot of fireworks tonight, no idea why. Bruce is fast asleep. Not sure where TK is, probably upstairs. She is fine with fireworks.

This afternoon on the way back from the 'takeaway' ice cream parlour we met Keef (after Keith Richard) and his mum and dad. Bruce sat and 'chatted' to Keef while being fed very expensive treats by the owner. Keef was a pre first lockdown puppy, he is growing up now so Bruce doesn't find him as annoying as he did.

Looking forward to my walks in the woods of the house on the hill next week. I have booked 2.

Talking Pictures TV are broadcasting episodes of Burke's Law at the moment. 1963 to 1966 US detective show with Gene Barry. I used to like it in the 60s, still enjoying it now. My tastes, really haven't changed too much.

I had to drop my neighbour's newspaper off today. I had my mask on walked in and put it on her table. I didn't speak until I was outside the room. I've warned her that unless there is emergency I won't come in for 2 weeks as I've been to London. I'm keeping away from the oldies I shopped for in the last lockdown, I may have picked something up in London, I feel fine. I've said of course I will do shopping if they need it, just keeping away for safety. I've still not sorted out my access to MrS. I seem to be OK with MrT and MrO and in emergency MrW. I can always go to the village.

Tamsey has just appeared, so she must have been upstairs. It is so sweet seeing her and Bruce together. Fireworks are going off again. She is not bothered' neither is Bruce, which is good.

I've just watched The Adventures of Ivanhoe (1956-1957) with Derren Nesbitt and now I'm watching Special Branch (1969-1974) also with Derren Nesbitt. No wonder I recognised him in Lord Arthur Savile's Crime. He's 85 now.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 7, 2020, 20:01
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2020, 07:50
Morning and another fairly bright start this morning. We do have quite a bit of cloud cover, and are due some light showers later apparently.

Oh dear Ali – itches aren’t good – ask Twin! Hopefully the antihistamine will have helped. We still have roses blooming and our friend Lindy still has begonias – I think the poor plants are very confused by the weather. Hopefully you had a better night last night. Sadly at the moment there is plenty of time to work in the garden...........

Diana, when we were last in Grxxce (island) we had difficulty with the wxfx. We wondered how the lockdown would affect you. At least you managed two days of “normality”. Hopefully the food was better last night. Very wise to avoid the two coach loads of Gxrmxns I feel. I have to say I was surprised there were coach parties allowed! I see you had an interesting car journey to the hotel – were you beginning to think you would never find it. At least the hotel was still open so you were able to gain access even if you had no dinner; especially as they seem to lock the doors! Very sensible to take the water from the bar to see you through the night, I am sure the Manager undersood. How lovely that you have been upgraded to a room with a view of the sea. Ah I find most E’pean countries have drivers who are somewhat erratic. Mxltx is a case in point! Was the canal as spectacular as it looks from the photographs?

Jo I have driven a couple of times on the LH when abroad but not for some years – we leave that up to MM. We also had quite a few fireworks going off here last night, as well as on Friday and Thursday! Ah so Bruce got his ice cream yesterday, and met friends who gave him treats. I am sure he enjoyed that. Oh I remember Burke’s Lxw – wasn’t it Gene Bxrry who played Bxrke? I am sure your neighbours appreciate you not putting them at risk. Hopefully you will be fine, but better safe than sorry. Very interesting article and part of the reason we can’t meet to sing at the moment.

We had a nice long video chat with the family in Oz – they are all fine and getting their new house sorted out (at the moment they are concentrating on getting the garden straight – which includes taking down some trees (termite prevention). Afterwards I did the laundry and MM went into the garden. I have finished all my i word – hooray! We had a nice GandT with Lindy and Lawrence and the world is now put to rights - especially given the news from the UX! I wonder how long it will take them to actually remove the current incumbent from the W House! I feel it will not be an easy task!. We watched SCD (feel Jxson is doomed) and then the Fxstival of Remembrxnce from the RAH. Always a very moving experience and very poignant when the poppies fall. We have our service of R’brance this morning on Zxxm. Afterwards I have a free afternoon – hooray. I may wrap some more presents and they can be put into the conservatory out of the way ready for when they can be either delivered or posted out. Morning BHB yes it is nice and bright at the moment. Let’s take the cheese scones and the Mxndxrintini into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM to arrive.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2020, 07:51

We had a nice meal on Thurs., prawns with cheese in sauce with mustard, followed by prawns and spaghetti.

Friday over breakfast the manager told us about lockdown here. We decided to go to Nauplion an hour drive south which is supposed to be a scenic town.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2020, 10:14
Good that the weird orange man will be going from his important position. I've watch a lot of the coverage, been 'interesting'. There are some nutters over there, sensible people too.

We've been out for a walk. Bruce has now gone back to bed. I feel like joining him, but I should do the Pilates lesson.

I'm a bit jealous of Diana and her Greek trip. I think some of the places I'd want to go are closed due to the virus.

Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2020, 10:35
Morning all and it is a bit misty and murky here though it is just starting to clear I think so should be nicer later and also a bit warmer. 11c at the moment. I took delivery from Mr W yesterday and when I unpacked everything I realised there were two lots of eggs there. Checked and I had ordered just the one lot so I think someone else went eggless! As they can't take them back I get to keep them, but I really don't need them. I may be making a lot of cake and meringues, which means my efforts to not put weight on this lockdown may all be in vain! Did some washing as well and so today I will be doing the ixxnxxg with a break for the silence at 11am. Watched the remembrance service last night and as ever I ended in tears for most of it. Very moving to see it all done with social distancing and when the poppies fell you could see the carpet of them on the floor more clearly as there were much fewer service people there. I watched SCD of course and am with Twin and think Jason could be gone. Bill never ceases to amaze me, he is really good for a total novice.

Ali that is not good to wake really itchy. This awful itchy thing I get is to do with the allergies I have making my body react to triggers one of which for me is stress I think. Hopefully yours will behave itself and go as quickly as it did in the night and not be like mine! I have fuchsias, daisies , pelargoniums and clematis still blooming, oh and roses too! The first frost will soon put a stop to that! Nice while it lasts though.

Jo thanks for the link and it was indeed very interesting. Explains a lot and makes you realise why so many things, like singing sadly, are a possible problem. I remember Bxrke's Law as well. Enjoyed at the time, I think! We had masses of fireworks here last night, if fact I think one of them hit my window at one point. Late Nov 5th celebrations I think. Next weekend is Dxwali so get ready for the possibility of more! I think you are so good in keeping yourself away from people after the London visit. I feel we need more Jo's in the country.

Diana you sound to have at least made the most of your few days of freedom. The view sounds terrific. Hope the sun shines for you so you can at least enjoy the pool. I have been in some countries with drivers with a positive death wish! Very scary.

Morning BHB and we have Mandxrxntxni this morning and you have baked cheese scones as well. How wonderful you are, let's get more of both and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2020, 20:09
I'm not in total isolation as I talk to dog walkers at a distance. Bruce has a lead which is slightly longer than 2m, so he can 'chat' to other people if they want him to. I do try to keep distance from people. We had a visitor in the house today, Duffy charged in to say hello to Bruce and to check out if anything was left on the breakfast 'bar'. She'd been out for hours and had no breakfast. (Bad daddy) She didn't have her lead on so inspected the food on offer. Bruce was pleased to see her. Daddy stayed at the door.
Just realized I didn't post this early in the afternoon.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 8, 2020, 21:00
I have a hygienist appt at the dentist tomorrow. Really not looking forward to it. They have to cut out some of the spray activities, so might be better for me, though there will be some actions I won't like. I'll see tomorrow.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2020, 07:37
Morning and overcast here – it has obviously rained at some point as the ground is wet. It is 8C at the moment but due to reach 16C with showers.

I am sure you are having warmer weather than we are and just being able to look at the sea must be lovely Diana. I like sound of the prawns with cheese and mustard sauce. Did you enjoy your visit to Naxplixn – am I right in thinking it was Vxnxtian once? Hope you manage to enjoy the rest of your stay despite the lockdown.

Ah but will he be going Jo – he is still clinging on by his finger tips – I still think they will have to carry him out by force. They seem to be plenty of idiots out there (at least 70 million of them apparently. I see you did your best to wear Bruce out on his morning walk. . I am sure talking to other dog walkers at a distance is fine – and safe for everyone. I see Duffy was desperate to see her friend. No wonder she was searching for food (as you say, bad Daddy!). Hope your hygienist appointment goes well – still waiting for check ups to happen, or another piece of filling to fall out like it did early into the first lockdown. So far it hasn’t caused a problem!

Our service went well – we had participants from US, Scxtlxnd and Pxrtxgal. The filming that had taken place in the Garden of R’rance was quite moving. After the service and chat MM went off to the garden for a couple of hours (much warmer yesterday) and I chatted to June. I did several crosswords in the afternoon and some colouring, so whiled away the time quite happily. We watched the Results show – not an unexpected result I think. After that we watched the new series of HDMxterials – beautifully done and then watched an old DinP for some sun and blue seas. Today we will go to Mr S and see how things are there – if it is long queues today we will revert to getting weekly deliveries. No coffee afterwards sadly. This afternoon we are off to a funeral, Flora, who was mother to Juliet who was in the AmDram group with us and died sadly of cxncxr three years ago, passed away in her sleep a couple of weeks ago. She was 99 so a good age but was as bright as a button. Before lockdown she was still going to her weekly art classes. She would come to the pub with us when the group met up once a month (until lockdown) and really enjoyed it. As you are allowed 30 for funerals her granddaughters asked if we would like to go, so we said we would. After that we have our GandT with Twin to look forward to early evening. Morning BHB yes it is a little overcast. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2020, 10:21
Morning all and it is a grey and damp one here though much milder 12c at present. I don't think it has actually rained it is just very damp out, dreich I think Fi would call it! so I did my ixxnxxg yesterday, very exciting, not! On Saturday I realised my door bell wasn't working. Thought it must be the batteries which of course I didn't have, so ordered them on line and they arrived yesterday, I fitted them only to find it is still only working intermittently, rats! So not being a door bell expert I have decided to get a new one, which should arrive today. So that will be what I am doing today if it comes. What fun! Also have to ring the hospital as when I look at the prescription of some new medicine he gave me I find it is one I was on but has been stopped in this country as it might be responsible for some cases of cancer, eeek! This does not fill me with confidence in the new doctor! Watched the results show last night and again was not surprised who went but was surprised by who was in the d/off with them. Then watched the new series of HDM which I just love. Some of my favourite books. I am hoping they will be able to make series 3 as this one ends oin a big cliff hanger! Well unless they have changed it.

Jo it is more the fact that you are very conscious of the fact that you could have the thing (though probably not and really hoping you don't) and keep your distance that I am impressed by, when so many seem to think it doesn't matter. Love Duffy visiting for breakfast and probably to discuss with Bruce about her dreadful neglect by her Daddy! The hygienist is not my favourite visit to make either. Hope it isn't too bad.

Morning BHB and we have Lavendula today of course and you have done paninis? Lovely, so let's get more of both and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2020, 17:05
Afternoon all.

We are home! As I was commenting yesterday (can't believe it was only yesterday), I saw a message flash up on my phone from BA so posted quickly and checked the message. Our flight on Wed had been cancelled and to contact BA to find out more. To cut a long story short, we were put on a flight leaving Ath*ns at 8.00 am this morning. So we had to get up before 3.30 am and the poor hotel manager had to get up to open the front doors and the gates. I didn't sleep well, worrying that the two alarms wouldn't go off (my clock is slightly damaged) or that the hotel manager wouldn't hear our phone call and we would be locked in. We needed to drive to the airport for 6.00 which we did only to find the flight had been delayed by an hour. DK why as the plane was already there, I think it had landed last night. The flight was packed but quick so we landed only about 40 mins later than scheduled. Caught the tube into London and train home, both were very quiet, and were home just after midday. Bit gutted that we've lost 2.5 days of the holiday but don't regret going, it was good to have a change of scene and some sunshine & warmth.

To continue where I left off yesterday .... Nauplion was OK but nothing special (though we could have missed the the best). The main streets were very busy so we parked at the port and had a walk along the front. There was a fabulous yacht in which sailed while we were there so we watched it depart. Ploppy Go*ogled it later, it is owned by an Arab billionaire and registered in he Caym*ns. We had a coffee by the port then headed back via the ancient site of Nimea which the hotel manager had recommended. A few of the temple's columns have been restored and the small museum was very interesting, well worth going. Friday was cloudier and cooler with only brief sunny spells. We went back to Loutr*ki for dinner. By this time the wind had got up and we were almost blown along the promenade to the restaurant. We had a nice meal, very generous helpings. I started with crepes filled with chicken, mushrooms in cheese sauce. Ploppy had spicy crab salad, followed by a burger with chips. My main course was pasta. Accompanied by a nice Greek red.

Saturday was sunny all day and warm if out of the wind. We got a couple of pool beds and a table and spent the day soaking up the sun in a sheltered spot in the hotel gardens. We had to dine in the hotel that evening due to lockdown. It was a buffet with salads to start, I had a couple of Greek dishes plus lamb with pot, and cake for dessert. As with breakfast, you pointed to what you wanted and were given your plate(s) of food at the end. You usually had fried eggs and hot savoury dishes on the same plate as a sweet pastry or croissant!

Sunday morning was spent sorting out the flight, filling in the UK return form, making arrangements with the hotel manager and doing some of the packing. It was still windy and more cloud than Saturday so not nice enough to sit out for long. We went for a short drive, stopping at the ancient port nearby (not much left) and filled up with petrol. We returned to the hotel and then went for a walk along the road which ended up at the beach. After the walk we sat on the hotel veranda which was sheltered and in the sun and read. Dinner was weird, just us and one German couple with two staff in the restaurant. We had been asked what we would like to eat and had chosen Greek salad followed by fish and chips, the fish was particularly good.
Diana wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2020, 17:25
I think it was Carol who said she was fed up with the BBC and the US Presidential vote, so are we!! It was on BBC World virtually non-stop the whole time we were in Gre*ce. You'd think nothing else was happening in the world yet we're in the middle of a pandemic. CN* also had the vote all the time but you expect that. We mainly watched a German news channel which broadcasts in English for the news.

Great news about the vaccine, let's hope it turns out to be the game changer we desperately need.
TK wrote:
Monday, November 9, 2020, 18:59
Just sitting here listening to L** at C** coq, still online. Realised I had a hair stuck between my front teeth. Bruce has very long, very fine hairs. Much the same floatyness as Persian cats, they hang in the air. Somehow get in my mouth. Not nice. We had a good walk today around the village. It was after my stint with the hygienist. Nice lady very chatty, I've been seeing her for years. She was moaning about some of the defective materials they are being sent. Also spoke about some of the customers not really getting the requirements.

Glad you got back OK Diana. Good to have a change of scenery.

Checked my MrO delivery I'd change the day, thought it was 7pm today. The time was also changed to 10pm, forgot. Just as well I checked. Also finally going to send back the bags I've been collecting since the last lockdown. They will take one full bag. I managed to jam 85 bags into one bag for the driver.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 08:05
Morning and overcast here – a warm 12C and again it appears to have rained not long ago as the ground is wet. We may get showers later again.

Oh Diana what a shame your break was curtailed. You were lucky you see the message about the flight cancellation and acted quickly. Eeek 3.30 am rising – I am not surprised you were worried you might sleep through the alarm. Typical that the flight had been delayed of course! I am sure the yacht wasn’t a small own if it was owned by a B’aire!! Your meal out on Friday sounds very nice. At least with the sun coming out on Saturday you were able to spend a day in the sun shine. The hotel sounds as it if was doing its best, although I am not sure I would fancy having my friend eggs on the same plate as a sweet pastry though!! So with your department they will be left with just one Gxrman couple to cater for! I am sure the fish was very fresh and at least you had it cooked personally (we had a similar experience years back when we stayed in the C’wolds – we had to change the dates of our stay by one day as the Friday when we had been going was MM’s father’s funeral, so we stayed on the Saturday and Sunday. Sunday we were the only people in the hotel and they let us go into the kitchen in the morning and talk to the chef about what we would like for our dinner in the evening! We ate it in solitary splendour!). Yes and still the coverage on the election tends to override everything they are showing – at least yesterday it was all knocked off the top spot by talks of a vaccine! The T is still refusing to accept he has been defeated and is ramping up his legal team to have results overturned!!!! I am sure the break, albeit shorter than planned, will have done you both good.

Jo I have this vision of you wearing your mask indoors to prevent any further hairs landing in our mouth. At least Bruce had a nice walk yesterday, and the visit to the hygienist doesn’t sound too bad. I don’t understand why people can’t understand the requirements – they are quite well documented! I can see why the PM felt he had to say people still had to adhere to the regulations and not get carried away by the news of the vxccine. We handed over all our bags when we had our last Mr O delivery – we didn’t quite manage to get 85 in the one bag though!!

We did our shopping in Mr S and it was very quiet so we felt quite safe. The Cxsta coffee we usually go was offering a take away service so we went and sat on an outside wall (correctly distanced) and had our coffee – the manager came out to check the sugar and stirring station was stocked and commended us – he said most people don’t abide by the distancing rules at all – and therein lies the problem I fear. In fact whilst we sat there we saw three, probably late teen, girls get their coffee and then go and sit on a wooden bench in the car park – I don’t think they were the same household – and there was no distance at all between them! The funeral for Flora was lovely – mainly organised by her two granddaughters (Zoe played Tuptim when we performed the King and I in 2007 and I played Anna and Rick played The King). Flora had asked them to say about her early life, which was interesting. We heard that her family had just moved into a new house in L’don during the 2WW and were bombed out the first day they were there. She had asked the two girls to sing Somewhere O the R’bow (Juliet used to sing it to them when they were little). They couldn’t do this during the service of course as no singing allowed (we had music played instead – Old Mxn Rxver, Shxxp May Sxfely Grxze and My Old Mxn said Fxllxw the Vxn) – so they sang once we were in the outside courtyard area where flowers are laid. They did beautifully. The only flowers were a gorgeous arrangement on the coffin – all autumnal colours. As they were unable to donate them to a local hospital or care home as would normally be the case they broke it up and gave us all a posy to take home to remember Flora by. It just started to spit with rain as we left, so timing is all. They are hoping to have a proper memorial service once things change so that more people can celebrate Flora’s life. During the evening we watched the RRxnder programme on Beeb2 – so an emotional day really. Today we want to do up the C’mas parcel for Oz and MM can take it down to the PO and send it on its way. For some reason parcels take up to four weeks to get to their destination normally so we always post early. This evening we have a zxxm PCX meeting starting at 7.30pm so I will have to watch HC on catch up. Morning BHB, yes the sun has decided to peep out – let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Apple Blxssxm into the conservatory and we should have time for a lovely snuffle before the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 10:40
Morning all and another very damp day out there, a bit of sunshine would be nice, but sadly don't think we have much chance of that over the next couple of days. It did cheer up a bit yesterday afternoon and was in fact very mild for November, as it still is. My new doorbell arrived so I put that one up, it was very easy. As I was disconnecting the old one one it started ringing it's head off! However It looked very dilapidated so I think a new one was a good idea. So that was the high light of yesterday, not too sure what today's joy will be, I think I may sort through my shoes as I am sure I have some I will never wear again. I watched the Rob Rxnder programme last night. A very tricky watch and I was in bits at the end but so important to have these stories told. It was very well done and he was an excellent presenter. For a bit of light relief we have the HC tonight about the virus!

Diana such a shame you have had to come home early but I am sure it was lovely while it lasted. Let's hope the talk of this vaccine isn't a false hope and we will be able to do without lockdowns even if we don't have total normality back. It will also make foreign travel a bit more possible I hope. Getting up at 3.30 is fun isn't it! I used to have the same problem about sleep but I did learn to relax after a few years! At least out hotels were used to us being up at that time and we weren't locked in! If the plane was already there it could have been it was late arriving the night before and the crew had to have the 8 hours off, or it could have been that they needed to sanitise it of course! Anyway I hope the break helped Ploppy fully recover from the car crash. I take it you will be looking for a new one now?

Jo having had a Pxrsian cat I know just what you mean about their hair. I did on occasion find myself eating it when I groomed him. Also when he used his favourite method of waking me up, i.e sitting on my face, it was very effective! Glad the dental visit went well.

Morning BHB and we have Applx Blxssxm and tea cakes today? How delicious, let's get more and find the CM

Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2020, 08:04
Morning and a very similar start to the day as yesterday – not too chilly (10C at the moment) and there has been some overnight rain. There is a glorious sunrise at the moment. MM has just put the refuse out for collection and said it didn’t feel too cold at all. Our meeting last night lasted two hours so I will trying to find some time during today to watch HC. I know it was a shorter episode than usual due to the difficulties in filming so I only need to find a forty minutes slot. MM went up to the church yesterday morning to check on the leak situation and there is just a tiny area now where there is water penetration, so the roofer is going back to have a look. It is an ongoing saga! This morning we have our service at 10 am and then I will probably do some more present wrapping – I need to chase Sarah in Scotland to see what Daniel would like – and I may start sorting out the C’mas card list – it currently seems a good time to get started on those! This evening we have our zxxm choir meeting – last week our accompanist had problems with her intxrnxt and she disappeared for most of the rehearsal – hopefully that won’t happen again. I see the idiot in the WHse is still refusing to accept what has happened! I honestly believe they will need to drag him out kicking and screaming. Morning BHB yes the day looks a little grey at the moment. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and The Quxd into the warm conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM to arrive.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2020, 10:02
Morning all and it is another grey and damp one at the moment. I think it will be windy and very wet by tonight. So another day with not much happening. Trying to think if there was anything of interest I did yesterday. Not really and I suspect today will be much the same! I did do a bit of baking oh and I sorted through my shoes, so more stuff for the charity shops now awaits! Today may be the turn of the handbags and I may start on the drawers I haven't done yet as well. I watched HC last night. It was very good though very sad as wellfind the CM.

Morning BHB and you have done us crumpets and The Quxd today? Just what I need, so let's get more and go and find the CM
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2020, 10:38
Morning. Bright but chilly here. Had my flu jab Monday night and my arm is still aching a bit today. Trying to spread my jobs out to give me something to do each day, yesterday I mopped the kitchen floor, today I’ve sorted my indoor plants. I’m living the high life!!
Going to watch the prog on the unknown warrior then try to persuade Jack to come for a walk.
Will catch up on HC this afternoon.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2020, 13:51
Tues not posted
Had a long walk in the grounds of the house on the hill. I came home, we slept the rest of the afternoon. Managed to sort some more rubbish out, which was good.
Had a lovely tea. M&S Indian lentil thing. Very tasty. Part of my MrO delivery. Bruce had some sausages with his tea, so he was happy.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2020, 14:00
Bruce has a very nice new back gate with a lock, so he now can't escape. He'll be paying out of his pocket money for some time. (Just over 200 ice creams)

The replacement light bulbs for Felf have arrived from Hema and don't fit. I've written an email to Hema the Dutch shop where the bulbs which do fit were bought in the 70s to see if they have any ideas. The only thing I can think of is change all the fittings.

Bruce is due for his walk.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 11, 2020, 21:12
Watching the Sky News, from a Covid ward in Coventry hospital. Not good. The nurses were doing some of the actions which mum used to do for her Tuberculosis patients in the 40's. I know, as she did them on us when we had bad chest infections.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 12, 2020, 07:49
Morning and it is currently dry and bright and I think due to stay that way – reaching about 13C this afternoon, so not too warm. We did have heavy rain yesterday but not until late evening and it was lashing the windows when we went to bed.

Ali – our flu jab arm ache lasted a couple of days but then just went, so hopefully your’s will soon. One week down so only three to go! We watched the programme on the USoldier and found it very moving – especially the piece Carys M read, and the footage from 100 years ago.

Jo, I see Bruce has been getting plenty of exercise – no wonder you both needed a sleep when you came home. So Bruce will need to start tunnelling if he wants to escape from the back gate – I am not sure he will be too pleased to know that no only is he trapped but that he will be expected to pay and will be unable to afford ice creams for some while. That’s a pain about the light bulbs! Mind you I suspect after fifty years bulb design has probably changed quite a lot – good luck!!

I just woke up and thought it was Sunday – may be as we had a service in the morning! We did go and stand outside at 11 am (sadly no one else in our close did). We heard a gun salute (there is a TA centre not too far away) and at the local M’dist church (where we normally rehearse with the small choir) members of the B’s Brigade played the Lxst Pxst and Rxvxille and we could hear it quite clearly from our front door. Afterwards I watched HC, so am now all caught up. We do have another PXC meeting in three weeks time, but that will be on a Thursday so no clash with H’by! During the afternoon I had a video call from Gemma and the boys – they are very excited about moving tomorrow!! Gemma said the removal men are coming today and will pack most of the things - apart from the beds and a few plates etc and then do those tomorrow morning. We had our choir in the evening and our accompanist only disappeared once, but was quickly back again, so it was a productive rehearsal. Of course nothing like the real thing but it has been such a blessing to be able to do what we can via Zxxm. Today I might sort through my shoes – I don’t need to do the handbags as I did those during the first lockdown. This evening we have our GandT with Mary and Les to look forward to. Morning BHB, yes it is a lovely bright day. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Nxssie into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, November 12, 2020, 09:28
Morning all and it is a lovely sunny one, hooray! It rained heavily overnight and is quite breezy, the leaves are tumbling off the trees, all over my lawn! I hate the job of getting them off it so am hoping for a couple of dry days and I will run the mower over it. Had a nothing sort of day yesterday. I couldn't settle to anything constructive so in the end I just sorted out another jigsaw. I will try not to let it obsess me but just do a little bit every day. That's the plan anyway! Today I will try to do a few different things I do have to do my order for Mr O on Saturday by tonight so that's one thing at least! I did watch the service yesterday and agree it was moving. I stood at the door for the silence in splendid isolation, so watched some of it on tv in the end! I don't think a lot of people realised it was Remembrance Day.

Ali I think the aching arm is par for the course with flu. Mine was like it for about 36 hours then I suddenly realised I was ok again. I see you are living the high life with the rest of us!

Jo lovely you have your back gate done, though I am not sure Bruce will see it that way, especially not having to pay for it in ice creams!

Morning BHB and you have pikelets and Nxssie for us today? You are a treasure, let's get more and go and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, November 12, 2020, 10:53
Morning all.

A lovely day today so want to go out for a walk later, once the washing is done and I've sorted out a few things. This is the third fairly nice and very mild day in a row, though it did rain hard late Monday pm and last night.

We called the travel agent yesterday about putting the NZ trip back to 2022 given the uncertainty. We have also made some minor alterations to the itinerary, notably adding an extra night in four places where it would have been a bit rushed. Should hear back on Saturday. Not bothered about putting it back a year as long as we don't lose any money. Hoping we might get to SA instead late Jan/Feb or if that's not possible, B'dos in the spring but we won't do anything until January. This means Xmas and New Year at home for the first time in over thirty years (we have had one or the other a couple of times but not both). So I'll have to do our foods orders soon - I have made a booking for NY Day (Ploppy's birthday) at the restaurant we went to last week. I don't think I said that we had a very nice meal then - seven small courses with different wines accompanying each course. I didn't feel too good the next day after the richness of the food!

I don't think I said that Ploppy booked to go to the Xmas lights at Wisl*y early December so that's something to look forward to.

Jo, when I went to the hygenist last month, she scrapped my teeth the old way with a metal tool rather than the water jet which I hate so I was quite pleased.

Still haven't caught up with SCD so DK who has gone. It's good to have M*sterchef the Prof. back. Fell asleep in Tuesday's ep but saw all of last night's. Hopefully the T*vo box has recorded His D.M., otherwise I'll have to watch on iPlayer.

One of the internal airlines we use in SA (part of BA) went into business administration in March and is flying again from next month. We had three flights booked with them. One for October we put in a claim for but have heard nothing further, the second is for November for which we can apply to use the value against another flight before late next year, and we may lose out on the January flight unless we can rebook for another date using Covid as the reason (which is the case). We also have to deal with our Dec/Jan flights to and from SA and are hoping BA will cancel, otherwise we'll apply for a voucher.

Ooh Bruce will have to wait a long time for another ice cream if he has to pay off the debt first! Good luck, Jo, sorting out Felf's light bulbs.

Hope Gemma's move goes well, Carol, and they are happy in their new home.
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, November 12, 2020, 17:59
Hello all. Sorry been MIA - again. Been a bit more up and down in this l.ckdown than previous one so doing lots to keep myself active and cheery and so often too tired in eve to do anything but slump in front of TV! Think I told you I had contacted s.rgery to ask about getting a notification on my records abt my health issue and they admitted there wasn't one. GP must have got a fright - as I got a sh.elding letter last week! Sh.elding finished months ago - he is def covering his back!! of course now means I am in a (slightly) higher priority group for any vacc.ne. BUT the one by Pf.zer that seems to be the first one is a "l.ve" v.cc.ne - and of course I (and anyone else with imm.ne problems) cant have live v.ccines. So bit fed up about that. Think worst nightmare for people is if most people have v.ccines and so all the space/masks rules are stopped and yet some of us who cant have the v.ccine but are very vulnerable will have to be totally shielded. So just hoping the non live v.ccines come through soon. My dad is declining fast- he is still very physically strong but his mind is now going - he now cant remember that he has gr.ndchildren - far less their names. So sloppy really struggling - so I am on the phone a lot to her, just listening to her moans, worries etc. I understand she needs a release valve. Mine is then the g.n bottle!
Had mad day. Mr T delivered. Half my order - and half someone elses! Took ages on ph to sort that out. I now have all my order - but still have the other persons order. Need to contact Mr T again to collect. Then we started on bike ride to local nature park - and I realised my back brakes weren't working. had to turn home and arrange for bike to be serviced - they collected it an hour ago. We drove to park and did 4 mile walk round it - exploring some areas we hadn't been before - despite living here over 30 yrs!
Diana - glad you enjoyed the time away. I see you got home just in time as now Gr on quarantine list. I think i would have needed another hol after that early start to get home .
Ali _ I was lucky this year and had absolutely no pain after the jab. tho as i didn't feel a thing when the needle went in either the paran.id bit of me wonders if i even had the jab! I have not even got around to doing h'work , far less any inside cleaning etc. The weather is too nice to inside - that is my excuse anyway!
Pauline - i have a 1k j.gsaw which I started at begin of last l.ckdown. I have completed the edges - and about 50 inside pieces! still a bit to go. though given the huge number of cases today I feel i may have some more time to complete it!
Jo - I have tried to get a MR O order but only 3 days come up on when I can book timeslots and they are always full. when I asked in Mr O's online chat room I was told. "all slots in your area are very busy. there will be no further communication from us"! That was me told! I suspect that actually MR O isn't operational or fully operational in our area - but would be nice to know that. I did get a Mr W order for first tiem last week but now his slots are totally full too. so will stick with Mr T - so long as they deliver my shopping and not someone elses.
Carol - you put me to shame with your Xmas pressie buying and wrapping. Most friends and family have agreed not to do pressies this year (we don't have any children to cater for) but still have a few to get. Must do better - soon!
Have ordered p.zza takeaway from local pub as have an online lecture on the Angl. S.xon history of our village church in early eve. Helsp the pub - and saves me cooking!
maeve12 wrote:
Thursday, November 12, 2020, 23:26
Very encouraging news about vaccine, though I'll be surprised if it is ready by early December, as someone said on TV last week.

Did a Zoom play reading on Tuesday. great fun and it worked quite well, a chap in the group has access to BBC scripts we did a "Cl*re in the Co*munity"

one from radio Four.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2020, 08:30
Morning and a nice bright start – this week has been odd in that I have not woken up until 7.30 am – which is late for me! Not quite sure why – unless my subconscious knows I am not going anywhere for the day!

Diana I hope you enjoyed your walk – at least you should have been nice and dry – it was a little chilly here yesterday but not too bad. I think you are very wise to put your NZ trip back a year. I think travel is going to be tricky until at least the middle of next year, but a vaccine that works should help. Goodness I didn’t realise it was that long since you had spent C’mas and NY here. June’s birthday is on NY Eve, so is hoping restaurants will be up and running by then. Ah so you are off to GLXW – Mrs Chris volunteers at her local RHS and they weren’t sure until two days ago that it would go ahead. Our Kxw tickets have been moved to January so it won’t be a pre C’mas trip but an post C’mas one! We should have been in the Cxtswxlds at the moment and the weather would have been perfect. I am another who doesn’t like the water jet at the dentist (our dentist still only doing emergencies). I hope you manage to get all your refunds/ticket exchanges all sorted! It looks as if Gemma has a dry day for her move today!

Fi, I am telling myself that we have at least an end in sight for this lxckdown – only another three and a half weeks to go. I think your surgery had got it right – Mary had a letter yesterday telling her to shield for this lxckdxwn and if you look at the G’ment website it tells the extremely vulnerable they should shield and will receive a letter, so I think that is what has happened with you. I think the other v’ccines being worked on may be suitable for you. I know the ones being trialled by Ox Uni and Imp Cxllxge are currently close to being almost ready so one of those may be more suitable. Sad to read that your dad is declining fast (Moving Aunt is similarly not able to remember some of the family). I am not surprised your Sloppy is struggling and needs you on the end of the phone, but of course that is more stress for you. Oh goodness that’s not good about Mr T. We have a Mr O coming tomorrow and then, like you, I can’t get another slot. Mr W doesn’t want to know me but Mr S still does, although after our experience last Monday we will continue to shop there in person as it felt very safe. Our Nurse did say we would have the aching arm for at least 48 hours after the jab, and she was right! I am getting ready to start another jigsaw (1000 piece – I still have four to do) but am caught with the colouring bug at the moment! We have agreed with a couple of friends not to do pressies but family and close friends are still on the list. Hope you enjoyed the take away pizza and the lecture!

Lovely to see you Maeve – yes we are all fairly excited about the vxccxne – I know they are still saying they are hoping the extremely vulnerable will have it before C’mas....we shall see. Oh that’s a lovely idea to do a zxxm play reading – I feel that works better on line than a choir rehearsal, although at least we are learning the notes in our choir zxxms.

I did some more Christmas present wrapping yesterday morning as planned - MM went off to buy stamps for the Christmas cards and called into the church to check on the leak - he said there was hardly any rain getting in at all. His job today will be to check the C’card address list and make the amendments so I can change the labels before I run them off. We had our G&T and Mary and Les during the evening and then some homemade veggie soup which I had put into the slow cooker. Sad news about Kxtyx having to drop out of SCD. It shows the virus doesn’t care if you are fit or not – as I feel Kxtyx is very fit as all the dancers are. So today will be back to C’ms mode – I will be doing more wrapping and the plan is to start writing the cards next week. I have decided I will do a short C’mas letter to go with them this year. I feel a couple of sentences may do it!! I have my church calls to make today too. Morning BHB yes it is a nice dry start to the day. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted muffins into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

TK wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2020, 08:31
I've just put my Xmas order in with MrT. I was up at 7am, had to wait about 10mins until I was let in. They have learnt how not to get their site jammed. My Xmas order is very similar to my normal order, though I have bought 2 bottles of wine for Mr and Mrs ExP.
Well done Fi getting out and about on bike. I've never given a thought about the live vaccine problems. Probably because the common vaccines aren't live. The Oxford vaccine may be OK for you. That is coming along. Very sad about your dad.

Diana, you are giving yourselves lots of things to look forward to. I hope you can get all your money back for the flights. I'm looking forward to your travel logs. azsssssssssqswaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa//////; Tamsey is very keen to 'see' your holidays too :)

I didn't get dressed before going online, so feeling a bit chilly. Better get dressed+turn on heating
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2020, 10:59
Morning all. I am very late today, but have had a chat with Twin then rang the doctor as I am going to have a shingles jab later. I take whatever jabs I can get! Trying hard to think if I did anything interesting yesterday! Feel probably not, unless doing some tidying up, some various bits of paperwork and jigsaw is fascinating...no? Thought not! I did watch the CiN DxY SxS last night and thought it one of their best yet. Beautiful building they made under the very trying restrictions. Such a great cause. I will watch the emotional roller coaster of the whole show later. Sad about Katya and Nadia having to withdraw fron SCD and I see Mxtsi is in isolation having taken an illicit trip back to Germany! She says it was for urgent personal reasons. So it looks like Anton may be stepping into the breech and she will comment from home as Bruno is doing.

Fi I remember having live vaccine for typhoid when I started flying and it was always the one that affected me the most. Nothing too bad but a very sore arm and I usually felt under par for a day. So I would prefer the vaccine we are producing and I think the doctors would rather use that as well as the live one has to be stored at -17c or something. I don't think many of them have the facility for it and don't fancy sticking their hands in the freezer to get it out if they do! However if that is what is on offer I will take it! I think it will be a long time before we dispense with masks altogether. So sorry about your father. Dementia is such a cruel disease and I think hardest on the family. I am sure your poor Mum is in need of a lot of sympathy. Very hard for her, and all of you as well. Gin can be a wonderful thing at times like these!

Like the sound of your Zxom reading Maeve. Amazing to think a year ago very few of us had ever heard of Zxxm!

Glad you managed to get a Xmas order in Jo. I am hoping I will be with Twin so if that doesn't happen I could have a very lean time of it over Xmas.! TK always makes such intelligent contributions to the blog, she should do it more often!

Morning BHB and you nave done us muffins to go with the Vanillita today? Great, let's take more of everything and go and find the CM
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2020, 12:03
Jo - MR T may have sorted things in your area but not here! Was up since 6.45. managed to get slot for sloppy by 7.30. I have been in same loop (Gr..ndh.g day) trying tpo ay fro over 2 hours - so got booted off and had to start again (I also had the app open on Ip.d but never got in via that at all) . In end got a slot for Mon before Chr. Have tw.eted Mr T - to no avail. I had thought about trying to get myself on priority list with my new sh.elding letter but thought MR T was sorted. He most def isn't. You ought to see the comments on his tw.tter feed. people (incl me ) are not happy. I am now going to try and get a Mr S slot once my priority shopping is registered - if it is. I was cross but then a friend texted to say her ploppy died yesterday (not unexpected as had palliative care for 6 months now) but still puts everything in perspective!
Carol - yes some shi.lders did get sent 2nd letter this time - but not all . Don't think people with my condition did tho, as my friends-s-i-l didn't and neither did my sis friends. Letter from GP was sent out 4 days after I phoned to raise query around whether my condition was noted on their search pages - receptionist admitted it wasn't. I def think he was covering his back as he should have sh.elded me in last lockdown but obvs his systems were wrong. had suspected that for a while as I have never had a call for a flu jab even though I am priority for one - always have to remind them. hopefully their systems is sorted now .
Diana - think you are wise to move the NZ trip. Matt H on QT last night said our space/mask processes would be in place for long time even during/after v.ccine as not at all a given that all adults will be get v.ccine. Plus dont know whether vaccine stops you transmitting the v.rus! Think countries like Oz and NZ will have travel restrictions for long time.
Good to see you Maeve
Is Eva OK - haven't seen her for a while.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2020, 12:59
Hi Fi - Eva is trying to sort out her sleeping problems and has elected to go to a sleep clinic privately, as their NXS werent' offering it. She is helping out with Emilian school runs too and is therefor not posting at the moment but sends her love.
TK wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2020, 18:07
I'm sorry MrT has not been so good for others. I think my area must be very well served. MrT learnt lessons from the problems in the lockdown. They are limiting the numbers being able to get on to their websites, so they don't implode. Being on my own makes it easy for me. I have the pet shop in the village which Bruce and TK would love for me to use without the use of the normal supermarkets.

My repeat prescriptions have not been filled as quickly as the last 2 times, ie within 24hrs. Not that I'm running out. I always leave plenty of time. I think my meds are all made on the continent, so for years always left plenty of time in the past for the problems of the French blockading the channel.

Love the part on the News which said we have 6 days to sort out the remaining Brexit negotiations. At least the advisor with the bad eyesight and inability to follow travel restrictions has left No10 for good.

I've been tired today, but not had a snooze - weird. (No COVID-19 symptoms btw)
Diana wrote:
Friday, November 13, 2020, 20:58

It's been another nice day. I did my fav walk yesterday, past one park and thru another. It wasn't as warm out as I thought and wished I had taken some gloves. Today I walked to the local M&S to collect a Xmas pressie.

I did the I word after breakfast, then continued updating the NZ itin and routes with the changes we have made while fresh in my mind. This evening I placed the Xmas food orders with M&S, Sains and also Cook as a few items we wanted were sold out. At least with Cook everything is frozen so less food to be eaten within a few days. Also did my parents delivery order with Icel*nd, there were plenty of slots available. I will probably do a Sains order next week but bit concerned about getting a slot for us, as well as one for Mum.

The Masters from Augusta in the US is keeping us occupied for four days. Ploppy has it on the telly from early afternoon until late evening. Mind he has fallen asleep tonight though I bet if I change channels he will wake.

Ironically SA has just reopened their borders to tourists provided you have a test before flying though the country is still on the UK banned list. Hopefully we can go second half of January. That does mean BA are very unlikely to cancel our flights so we must cancel and request vouchers.

I printed the Xmas card labels a couple of weeks ago and ought to start writing the cards but not very enthused. And should start wrapping presents, think they are all bought now other than an Amazon voucher and writing three cheques. We are taking my parents presents early Dec. once the lockdown has finished ... hopefully. It would be good if the weather is dry and not cold so we can have have a short time in the garden together.

Sorry your dad is declining, Fi, it's difficult especially at present when you can't be with your parents much. Must be very hard on your Mum. I know Dad drives Mum mad sometimes, this morning everything she did was wrong.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2020, 07:20
Morning and gloomy and overcast here – we are due rain later.

Jo glad you have sorted out your C’mas order even if it is with the firm I will never use. I am sure Mr and Mrs Ex P will appreciate the wine! I wondered about the O’ford vxccxne for Fi and those like her too. Fingers crossed that continues to do well in trials. Lovely to see that TK still wants to talk to us. I am sure Bruce and TK would be delighted if you used the pet shop for them. Our surgery always states we should leave four days between putting in a p’scription and collecting it (from the Phxrmxcy) – oh I had forgotten about our lovely over the seas neighbours blockading the Chxnnel! I can see why you always put your prescriptions in in plenty of time. Good to hear you have no symptoms and appear to be safe after your trip to L’don.

Ah I see you were having a groundhxg sort of time trying to get your orders sorted Fi. That’s very sad about your friend’s husband as you say it puts things into perspective. Ah so your GX wasn’t being high efficient this time round by the sound of it, but just covering himself as you suggested. I really couldn’t understand why you weren’t on the shielding list last time to be honest. Yes I saw that we are probably into wearing masks for quite a long time to come (good job I have a large selection to choose from!) – for the reasons you said. We still have our fingers crossed for our holiday in Cxprxs next summer, but will hold off booking any of our breaks (like Rxme) until things have settled down.

Diana I think the weather was deception – bright and sunny but chilly. I can see why you would have wanted gloves. Our orders are already with MandS and Mr S – I did them a couple of weeks back. No free bottle of wine with MandS this year if you booked early – sign of the times I feel. I am collecting on C Eve same as usual – I toyed with getting a delivery but collecting has always worked well in the past so decided to stick with that. We have a time slot so just turn up and don’t have any problems (hoping it will be the same this year). I don’t follow gxlf I have to confess but I do see what is happening during the sports slot on the Nxws. I saw yesterday that JRxse was in danger of not making the cut, but managed to squeeze in at the end. I see you are planning an early C’mas present drop once we come out of lockdown, the same as I am!

I did some more wrapping of presents yesterday (I have lots of family birthdays in Dxcxmber as well as C’mas to sort out). MM went through the cards list and has updated it with new addresses etc (on the subject of which Gemma and Jon were able to pick up the keys to the new house yesterday at 2.30pm – I will hear more today when I speak to June, as it is Barry’s birthday today). I will update the labels and run them out later today when the w/m is working its magic. Sarah has promised to let me have some ideas for Daniel’s present some time today, so that I can order and then get their parcel off some time next week (Sarah is one of the Dec birthdays – 6th!). I made my phone calls but couldn’t get hold of my 80 plus lady – she had problems with her phone some weeks back so I am wondering if she has the same problem. I will try again later and if I still can’t get an answer I will ring someone from church who leave close to her. During the evening we watched CinN and they raised a fantastic amount given the current situation. I decided we would order in f&c last night – I had a £7 voucher from D’oo as I hadn’t used them for a while, so I was able to use that, get the f&c delivered and not half to cook! I see Mr B won another state and Mr T (not the grocery store that I won’t use) is still refusing to concede! Nothing changes....... Today is laundry day plus Mr O is delivering (in the Apple van) my MandS order. This evening w4e have our GandT with Lindy and Lawrence and then of course we have SCD – I am still wondering assuming there will be an elimination this week. I see Antxn is standing in for Mxtsx – at least we won’t have her strange outfits and sometimes weird scoring. The snippet of the pro dance they showed on ITT last night looked as good as ever. Morning BHB yes it is gloomy at the moment. Let’s take the cheese scones and the Indxan Rxse into the conservatory we can have a lovely catch up and a snuffle while we wait for the DCM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2020, 10:21
Morning all and it is a nasty wet and dark one. I have had to put the lights on. Not ideal at this time of day! I can see it is quite windy as well so definitely not a day for going out I feel. I went and had the shingles jab yesterday and it was a breeze! I hardly felt the needle and have had no side effects, not even a sore arm! So that's another thing ticked off. Watched CiN last night. Some very sad and moving stories, but some very uplifting ones too and a well put together show for the times. Much shorter than usual, but they raised a fabulous amount in the time they had. Very pleased for them. Today I am waiting for Mr O to arrive so I can eat later. Then of course it will be SCD later. I too have wondered iof they may forego the elimination this week , or just opt for a smaller final. We will see!

Fi I hope you manage to sort out a s/market delivery, you remind me of me in the first lockdown! You are right about things throwing our problems into perspective. I felt that about CiN. When you see what some people face every day it humbles you.

Jo one of the upsides (there aren't many) of lockdown for me has been them delivering my prescriptions! Wonderful service! Very pleased to hear you have no covid symptoms!

I love Cook frozen meals Diana. I am lucky as my farm shop stocks them. Very tasty. Somehow I knew your tv would be wall to wall Masters! Maybe you will manage to get to SA this winter then, looking outside today I can see the attraction!

Morning BHB and see you have Indxxn Rxse with the cheese scones today. Is this in celebration of Dxwxli by chance? Thought so! Let's get more and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2020, 14:27
Afternoon. Miserable day and had to put a lamp on by midday. Having fun here though as Josh and g/f brought home a kitten last night. She is a present to us! Pretty little 9wk old calico colour and we’ve named her Belle. Ploppy is such a softie and let her sleep on our bed overnight. The others have the kitchen and living room overnight with access to cat flap so she can’t be left with them yet.
I received more cmas cards in post yesterday that I ordered so might start writing them this week. Managed to get a MrT slot but not as close to xmas as would like so will need to go out for veggies etc nearer the day.
I did worry about Eva so glad to hear she’s getting some help with her sleep.
My arm is fine now after jab. I will just scrape into category to get vaccine in due course.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2020, 18:34
Been a very wet day. Poor Bruce has only had 2 shortish walks. I've had 3, due to the 'go and get Felf's paper on a Saturday'. I can't take Bruce and tie him up outside the shop. Can't trust him with all dogs. It's been weeks since he has barked at a dog, but it may be because I lead him away from dogs it looks like he'll growl or bark at.

Years ago before the Channel Tunnel I had to supply a project at w*rk. Some of our manufacturers were in France, I did a review and due to cost and security of supply I used a firm near Glasgow. It was the correct thing to do. That year there were delays due to the weather in the channel. Also they were used for years, after I wasn't in the supply role.

I did enjoy sorting out supply of technical goods for the company. I'm still sorting out bulb supply for Elisabeth, recently found there is a specialist shop for light bulbs in the next village. Was going to go out today, but it was so wet, didn't fancy it.

TK wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2020, 18:35
Ali new kitten, lovely
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 14, 2020, 20:15
Evening and a miserable day today, have stayed in. A nothing day, not done much. Should have gone on the treadmill but didn't feel like it. Managed to burn my right hand cooking dinner when I stupidly went to pick up fry pan a couple of mins after taking it out of the oven. I bought some tiger nuts recently as they sounded intriguing and Ploppy opened them tonight - neither of us like them, bit weird, soft and chewy.

The new arrival sounds sweet, Ali. Hope she gets on with rest of family when introduced.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2020, 07:55
Morning and another gloomy start to the day – I think it has just started to rain as well, and it looks another breezy day. Yesterday was wet all day (although that didn’t stop all the Dxwxli fireworks!).

Ali I had to have the lights on from mid morning so I could see what I was irxninx! Oh how lovely of Josh and g/f – loving the name Belle. I see she is being given preferential treatment already, and allowed to sleep on your bed. MM has updated our card list so I am running off the labels this coming week and we will be writing too. I decided I would include a short letter, so I need to write that (I might do that later today). Glad your arm is ok now – it seems the norm for it to ache for a while deson’t it.

Jo I think the forecast for today is much the same as yesterday (assuming there is any rain left up there). Bruce will be feeling very hard done by if he only had two short works. It is a shame he can’t go to the shop with you, but I can understand why it is best to leave him behind. So you have been putting your supply skills to good use in tracking down the bulbs for Felf’s lights. That is handy there is a specialist shop so close! I can see why you decided not to go out – the weather certainly didn’t make trips out seem enticing.

I think it was a day that made you feel like not doing anything Diana. I think you are allowed a day off now and then! Ouch – I very nearly did the same thing yesterday. I had pre=heated some baking trays and almost picked one up after I had put the food on it and stopped myself just in time. Hopefully the burn isn’t too bad and you managed to get it under the cold tap straight away. Oh I hated tiger nuts when I had them years ago – and I never repeated the experience.

I managed to get the laundry all done yesterday and have now finished watching all the JCreek episodes on iplxyxr. We video called June and Barry to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy and Gemma and Jon’s move went ok apart from the fact that the new bunk beds for Flynn and JJ had parts missing when they began assembling them, so the boys had to sleep on the floor (which they enjoyed – on the mattresses of course!). The bespoke unit around the bed in Gemma and Jon’s room (with integral bedside cabinets and cupboards over the cut out) turned out to have too small a gap for Jon and Gemma’s bed to fit, so that needs sorting too. We had our Mr O delivery – no substitutions, and I managed to book a slot for a fortnight’s time, which will take us up to virtually the end of this lxckdxwn. The world is now put to rights following our GandT with Lindy and Lawrence. We watched SCD in the evening of course – difficult to week to call who will be in the bottom two. It is one of those weeks where it could be anyone. I felt Antxn tried to balance Craig’s lower marks with his scoring. Craig was almost back to being Mr Grxmpy! I have to say I didn’t miss Mxtsx! Today we have our service this morning and then I may do some more present wrapping – I think I am almost done with the buying now so it is a case of wrapping and posting off where necessary. Sarah let me have some ideas for Daniel yesterday and I managed to order and they should be here at the end of next week, so we should be able to get the parcel off to S’land with Sarah’s birthday and all the C’mas presents in it. It is Imogen Ann’s 8th birthday today, so we will video call at some point to wish her Happy Birthday. Results show tonight and then HD Materials. . Morning BHB, yes it is another gloomy day. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Wxtxrlily through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2020, 10:28
Morning all and it is wet and dreary here again as well. Let's hope the weather improves over the coming week as it would be nice to see some sun again. Did my laundry and yesterday and a little bit of housework and quite a bit of jigsaw! I love doing them but they do tend to take over my life! Watched SCD of course and loved Bill's dance and Clara as well. Also not sure who will go as several are in the danger zone. Could be a shock one this week. Today I have my usual ixxnxxg to do and another small wash of a few things., then, if the weather stays like this, I daresay I may do a bit more jigsaw!

Ali what a lovely pressie from Josh and g/friend. I have seen Belle's piccie and she looks so cute! Love that she got to sleep on your bed!

I am sure Bruce feels deprived of his walks but certainly can see why Jo! Not a lot of joy in this weather. I see masses of dog walkers going past my house to the enormous field at the back and none of them looked overly happy yesterday! Very handy if you have a shop for light bulbs near you, will it be open in lock down?

I am another who dislikes tiger nuts Diana. Tried one once and that was enough. This is definitely a sort of weekend where not much gets done I feel.

Happy Birthday to young Imogen Twin. It seems only yesterday I had a cuddle with her as a baby!

Morning BHB and you have done Wxterlxly and crumpets for us today. Delicious, so lets get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2020, 11:01
Morning all and another miserable one, it's rained hard most of the morning here though has eased at present.

I have at least been productive and finally washed the kitchen & utility floor and vacuumed the lounge suite. Waiting on Ploppy to bring down the bedding and will then wash that. I put my hand straight under the cold tap for as long as I could take it and I've just got a narrow burn which is slightly uncomfortable.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2020, 11:47
Didn't manage to go out for a walk before Pilates class, so Bruce was not too happy. Tamsey was doing some of the exercises too. Bruce is now pacing in and out of the garden as he is requiring to go out. He is barking to remind me that he has been ignored.

Don't really know where to go today, sun is shining. I might take the hill up to the 'council' estate. It is not too steep and I have had my pain killers.

I was very naughty last night. I usually get dog walking fleeces from the special shops, but with the lockdowns and the reduction in hanger space in shops I've not seen any I like. Also the lack of travelling to other towns with special shops. So I have ordered 3 from the online sales. They were very reasonable, none in purple as it is not this year's or last year's colour. (I do have some purple ones in my cupboard so all is not lost.)

Bruce is letting me know he is a neglected dog
Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2020, 12:17
What a dreich morning! yesterday was not nice either but today is outdoing itself in dreichness! Went to garden centre yesterday to buy a few cards, and present (just a cheering up pressie) for our friends daughter who cant understand all the rule changes and therefore changes to her life and not happy. Bought her a small lightup sn.wman - seemingly she had it on all night!
Carol - I may need to commission you to send me some Chr motivation. I am so impressed with how far forward you are with all the prep. I just cant get motivated. I will do - prob week before Chr. Think I only have immed family - and this friends daughter to buy for. Everyone else decided not to do Chr this year! I have one nephew to send cheque to - we stop family Chr pressies after 21 - he is youngest.
Jo - good decision re Uk supplier - you obviously are good on the logistics front. Feel NO10 could do with your help over Br.xit!
Diana – ouch. Hope burn heals soon. I am stuck with what to buy my parents - so haven’t got anything so far. Dads (99th) birthday in 2 wks so have bought wh.sky for that. Feel Chr comes too soon to buy another bottle for that!
Ali – kitten does look cute. Is it the son and g/f who currently live with you who are moving to flat in same street? I lose track of what my own children are doing, so no chance of keeping up with those of others!
Pauline – our jigsaw queen friend (the girl with learn diffs) was telling us this morning ( we do a sk.pe call with her and her parents every morning) that she has now started colouring too. However she told me she thought I shouldn’t do it as I would be as bad at it as I am at jigsaws. Feel she may not be wrong there!
Sun has come out. Off for walk. Happy S.nday.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2020, 13:37
Afternoon all. Belle slept with Josh and g/f last night, wondering who they bought her for really?! Yes Fi this is the son moving out. Not allowed pets but suspect one or two of our’s may visit! Nephew desperate for a cat, some serious negotiating took place yesterday, aided by my mother, and BinL has agreed albeit reluctantly.
MrT delivered earlier and I struggled to fit everything in my food cupboard so I’ve emptied, cleaned, sorted and all tidy (for now!)
Prepped veg for roast later and going to watch a film now with Ploppy and Jack. We’re discussing possibilities 🤔
Mot on my car tomorrow, it was extended from March. 🤞all ok but expect advisory for new tyre.

TK wrote:
Sunday, November 15, 2020, 19:39
Fi I've only worked in EU trading conditions. I think it was totally insane for a tiny country, who think they are going to trade with the world, to go out on its own. I participated in Referendum held on 5 June 1975. I was totally in agreement that we should remain in the EU. Even though we entered two-and-a-half years earlier on 1 January 1973 under the Conservative government (who I would normally not agree with) of Edward Heath. The mountains of admin which traders are going to have to completed under this Brexit madness will push people over the top....... or into illegalities. OK .... calm, no more politics from me.
From what I've heard and read the pandemic plan that Obama had ordered to be completed a few years ago really covered all the requirements.

Bruce has been ignored a bit today, Pilates and then the weather has been so yukky. We have been up the hill with the estate, which he loves because of the sniffs. We came back through the village, so of course we had to detour to the ice cream parlour. It wasn't very busy, just a few people in.

Ali I'm glad the new cat is settling in. I think you've got to have a cat to have a happy home.

Just watching a Carry On film, swear the bit I was watching just now was filmed just up the hill from me.

Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 16, 2020, 07:49
Morning and fairly overcast here at the moment – it is quite breezy too. Yesterday was another gloomy day for most of the time, although we did have sunshine mid morning.

I see your weather was much the same as our’s yesterday Diana. I am impressed by your hard work yesterday morning! I see you were following up your activities by doing the laundry! I remember years ago when I was little people used to put butter on burns! Not sure where that idea came from – usually the cold water is a help – hopefully the uncomfy feeling won’t last too long.

Bruce will be writing to the Dxg’s Home to complain about you if you aren’t careful Jo. Nice to hear TK is still doing Pxlxtes with you! I see you have been doing your part to keep the RT trade going – three fleeces (and not one of them purple!). I see The T is still refusing to accept the results.....I honestly believe he just cannot accept he wasn’t universally loved! I hope Bruce managed to get his walk in the afternoon and has decided he isn’t quite as neglected!

Ah we had the whole weekend with your dreich weather Fi. That was a lovely thing to do for your friend’s daughter – I can see that she wouldn’t understand the changes in regulations. The light up snxwmxn sounds lovely. We always send hampers to Rick’s two brothers at Christmas and to our friend Keith in Devon, but I like to choose things for my family and I always start fairly early so that I can get them delivered (normally) with a visit (well may be not to Sarah in Scotland – alternate years they would spend C’mas either with Roger or up in E’burgh – this year is of course different as we don’t know what will be happening. Roger was due to go up and spend C’mas with them in their new home.....). I am sure your Dad will appreciate his birthday whisky! Love the vote of confidence in your abilities Fi! I have nearly finished my colouring book (it was given to me as a birthday pressie along with the pencils). Strangely although Ann loved colouring when we were little, I didn’t!! I find it a very restful exercise at the moment.

So you have your suspicions about why Belle was bought then Ali (she looks so cute). It is a shame they can’t have pets in their new flat but you are close enough for them to see the cats whenever they want. Plus, as you say, the chances are your cats may go visiting. So your nephew won the argument and will also soon be the new pet of a cat! Fingers crossed for the MOT!

After our zxxm service yesterday we had a video call with the birthday girl. She was having a zoom birthday party at 2pm. Victoria had made up some goody bags for her friends (including snacks and birthday cake) and delivered them at about 1pm so they could all have them for the "party". They had had a zoom meeting with Roger, Stuart, Sarah and Daniel in the morning and Imogen had opened her presents then. So a surprise on Strictly! In case some of you didn’t see it I will not say any more! We watched His Dark Materials after Strictly and then a Death in Paradise for some sunshine!! We are off to Mr S this morning for our “big” shop and it should be fine (and warm enough) for us to sit outside and have our coffee socially distanced from Lindy and Lawrence. I think MM wants has a petrol voucher so we might fill the car up - although not having been anywhere we don't have an almost full tank! Sad to hear that Des O’C had died (apparently after a fall). The News showed a couple of clips of him, including slots on the M & Wise show – still very funny after all this time. I might start my short C’mas letter – suspect it will be more of a note than a letter this year ready to go in some of the cards. I think we are allocating tomorrow as the day to start writing the cards. Morning BHB, yes it has brightened up quite a lot. Let’s take the Lavendula and toasted teacakes into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 16, 2020, 10:42
Morning all and it is at least dry, still very murky and going quite dark again at the moment. We did at least get a few hours sun yesterday which made a pleasant change, then the rain came back in the evening! I did exciting things like my ixxnxxg and hxxvering and then more jigsaw. Watched the results show and definitely a surprise dance/off, then His Dark Materials, which I am loving again. Today I have a little bit more ixxnxxg, but of course the exciting news of the day is the possibility of the GO in panto this C/mas. I have booked a couple of times for us and have everything crossed that we will be able to go. It is a lovely roomy theatre so will hopefully be fine.

Diana hope your hand is better today. I forgot to say yesterday, sorry. Burns are so painful, even small ones, I have done exactly what you did! The cold water is right and I was told by a nurse to do it for at least 20 mins! Never managed that long as my hand gets too cold!

Love the sound of the light up snowman Fi, Must be so hard with someone who can't understand what is going on. I was not good with jigsaws when I started first lockdown. Got some that were far too hard for a novice. However I am now doing harder ones and getting better with every one I do. Worst thing is what to do with them when I have done. I will be keeping charity shops stocked for years!

Ignoring Bruce Jo? Goodness he will be putting in a complaint at the highest level I am sure. Hopefully the ice cream made up for it a bit!

Morning BHB and we have teacakes with our Lavendula today? Scrummy. Oh we are celebrating some good news you have? Let's get more and find the CM and you can tell us all about it.

Diana wrote:
Monday, November 16, 2020, 15:12
Afternoon all.

A nicer day here, though cooler. It cleared at lunchtime yesterday and we had a lovely blue sky so I decided to go for a walk. I started out but could see dark clouds in the distance so decided to keep fairly close to home. I was only out for about 20 mins and felt a few spots as I walked back along the close - shortly after it was pouring again.

I went to Sains. mid morning as almost out of milk and have placed a couple of online orders for next week including a Xmas cake and puddings. My hand feels fine today so I think the cold water treatment worked.

Hope your car passed its MOT, Ali.

Light up snowman sounds great, Fi.

Fingers crossed the panto goes ahead as planned.
TK wrote:
Monday, November 16, 2020, 17:27
It's been a busy day. Hope all the plans work out.

Bruce went to call on Duffy this afternoon. He took her to places she'd not been to for a while ...... and I got rather muddy. We finished off by coming back to my house for a chewy treat. Then she happily went home. And I have muddy paws all over the carpet, nothing new there.

Fingers crossed that the planned panto goes ahead.
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, November 16, 2020, 20:08
Hi all. Didn't sleep well (was doing an Eva) so then went to sleep just after 6 and didn't wake up until 8.30 - too late for my exercise class. Just as well as met a friend (first time I have done the 1-1 exercise meet this l.ckdown) for chat and walk. We chatted so much we ended up walking over 6 miles! we did have a take away coffee and some of her lovely homemade alm.nd cake half way round. I then wrapped the few Chr pressies we do have - didn't take me long. Decided incahol never goes wrong so have decided to buy a new Engl.sh Beuj.lais that Mr W is going to stock from end of this week. Read really good write ups about it. sloppy loves to buy local/Uk so think that will suit her -and it much more expensive than she or i would normally pay for w.ne so will be a treat. then she wants donation to her fave charity - so that is easy.
Jo - Having a ploppy that was a civ.l servant I always knew that paperwork would definitely not decrease after leaving EU! I looked up the US. pandemic plan - it was drawn up under B.sh and then with Eb.la crisis Ob.ma widened it to incl international (not just nat) p.ndemic. Seemingly the same health official worked under both administrations and was really forward thinking that next crisis would be a C.ronav.rus. All EU countries pand.mic planning was seemingly based on an infl.enza v.rus.
Pauline -our village church runs a jigs.w exchange and cake sale to raise funds. I haven been able to contribute many/any jigs.ws!
Diana - we started out with rain but 10am it had cleared and was an OK (not partic nice ) day. I made my Chr cake but think i may have overbaked it. am plying it liberally with br.ndy in the hope that a) it will moisten it b) anyone eating will be so s.zzled they wont notice it has been overdone!
Carol -Imog.n's birthday Z..m sounds fun - good that children can still celebrate tog. I used to love colouring as a child so feel I could do it and enjoy it - but think S is right in that i am unlikely to sit still long enough to complete it! tho maybe starting one may make me sit still.
I have volunteered to do our Church group Chr stocking for families in d.bt. we run a service to help people out of debt and every year we make a stocking full of goodies (we have a list of type of item to buy ) plus a voucher for each family. I have done it on behalf of our small group for last 5 years but as I am not supposed to go into shops now I am not looking forward to either doing it online or giving ploppy instructions on where to go and what to buy!
Pant.mine is exciting. I will give it a miss as trying to stick to my "rules" not going inside to anything - and if I do then not longer than 20 mins. But exciting for those that can. Encouraging that we can start to think/hope for bits of normality again!
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 07:00
Morning and I think weather-wise we are due a day much like yesterday, which was bright and sunny in the morning and clouded over in the afternoon (although no rain appeared).

Diana, it wasn’t noticeably cooler here I have to say, so you were unlucky in your area. There again you sound to have had a better day on Sunday if you had lovely blue sky – we had some sunshine but a lot of cloud cover. We will probably go and do an MandS actual shop on Friday, so I will have to remember to buy MM his mini C’mas pudding – I don’t want to leave that too late or I might not be able to buy one. I think we all have our fingers crossed for the panto!

I see that Bruce had his friend over for a visit – not sure about the mud, but I suspect both Bruce and Duffy enjoyed that – I assume you may have had to clean them up, as well as the carpet, when they got back to your house for the treat. Let’s all hope the exciting news for us all actually happens! As Twin says the theatre is well spaced our and roomy so hopefully all will be well (we are debating how a socially distanced Prince might kiss a Princess awake without getting too close!).

Fi, sorry to hear you didn’t sleep well and missed your class. Your walk and chat sounds lovely though especially helped along by almxnd cake and coffee. Ah, so you have done some C’mas wrapping – as you say incohol never a bad choice when stuck for things (I have bought Paul a couple of bottles of wine as part of his present, and also Gemma’s Jon a bottle and a new corkscrew). The E’glish B’jolais sounds very interesting! Our church runs a book exchange but I was going to suggest that once we can reopen we included j’saws too. I have decided I won’t start my four 1000 pieces ones but wait until after C’mas. The C’mas stxcking idea sounds lovely. We support Sxmxrxtans Pxrse at our church (had to do it on line this year) where we pack shoe boxes to send to children overseas, but I rather like that you are helping out local people especially this year with everything going on. I might suggest something similar for our church for next year as I suspect people will still be struggling after this year.

We went and did our shop in Mr S (whilst my excellent booking agent dealt with getting our tickets for the panto – the first things she said on our early morning video call was “Would you like to see the GO in panto?” – I nearly fell off my chair at the thought!! Mr S was no busier than last week but people had a lot more goods in their trolleys – and they had only three check out tills working (they have taken some of the check outs away and replaced with an area for those who self scan – which also had longish queues but also had a sign saying no big trolleys, so all those joined the three actual tills). As a result it took us half an hour to queue for the checkout! MM’s theory was that people rushed out the weekend before the lockdown and bought masses of food and essentials, then found they had sufficient to last the second week, but came out this week to replenish. The day was nice enough to sit outside with our coffees (socially distanced of course) and we had all taken a seat pad with us so it was more comfy and warmer! The sun was shining and it was nice to be outside. MM went up to the church in the afternoon to check on the leak (all seems fine, thank goodness). We heard late afternoon that the contractors will start work next Monday on the repairs to the cupola on the tower, so we may (all fingers and toes crossed) be able to open the church just before C’mas (regulations permitting)! When we were at Mr S I bought a booster plug for our accompanist’s router similar to the one we have in the bedroom. Hopefully that might help the problem we have had recently when her internxt kicks out during zxxm rehearsals. I spoke with June n the afternoon – she had been to visit Moving Aunt. She said she had a long chat with the Care Manager (distanced) and aunt seems very happy but sadly her dxmxntia is getting quite bad. We had our GandT with Twin in the evening and so the world is happily put to rights again. The news on the vxccxnes is looking very promising for next year and we still haven’t heard about the one Oxfxrd is working on. During the evening we watched the second part of the RobRncder programme on the H’caust = very harrowing and a difficult watch but something I think everyone ought to be asked to view in the hope it might stop something so horrific happening again. I did start my C’mas letter and just have to finish it off which I will do this morning, then we will start the card writing whilst listening to C’mas songs to get us into the festive mood! Morning BHB yes it is still quite overcast but dry, which is good. Let’s take the cinnamon buns and the Cxsxno into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 10:38
Morning all and it is a dry day here at the moment which is a nice change. In fact the sun is trying to break through. let's hope it manages it! After the excitement of the morning it was back down to earth with a bump to ixxnxxg and h/work! Then I did more jigsaw of course. The finishing line is in sight now so I will try to resist starting a new one for a while so I can get some other things for a change. Watched the Rxb Rxnder programme as well and agree Twin, it should be viewed by everyone. I was a wreck at the end of it mind! Today I will probably finish the jigsaw then will maybe manage to think about other things!

Glad your hand feels better Diana. Think you may have a better day for walking today, if the forecast is right.

I think there are probably a lot of crossed fingers about the panto!

I think wine is a always a good pressie too Fi, well assuming the recipients drink. Not really a problem with my friends! When you go for a walk you really cover the miles don't you! Mind I think the cake break an excellent idea! A shane about the panto for you, but very understandable I must say looking at the seating plan there will be masses of room round us which is encouraging so it will just be the getting in and out we will have to worry about! I am pretty sure the theatre will have that covered.

Morning BHB and you have made cinnamon buns to go with the Cxsxno? The smell is divine, so let's get more of everything and go and find the CM.

Ali wrote:
Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 15:30
Afternoon. Eldest popped round, gave us ideas for xmas presents so I’ve ordered him a coffee machine. Made a cake for tomorrow to take to work - going to clear out bosses office, clean and poss put up some xmas lights. Made lasagne for later. Now got house to myself apart from dozing cats, catching up on some recording's.
Car passed mot but as suspected advised new tyre. As we didn’t have a huge bill we splashed out on some wine for xmas and I bought a cat play tunnel. It proved a success with both Buddy and Belle!
The troops have returned, my peace is shattered.
Will sign off for now x
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 16:28
Afternoon all.

I'm feeling frazzelled. I've booked (I think) six lots of accommodation for a trip we're hoping to do to SA next summer. Now waiting on Ploppy to call B* to book the flights using the voucher we received in exchange for the cancelled December/Jan flights. Also spoken to the travel agents 2/3 times about rearranged NZ trip. The revised itin should be available online later this pm, though it's too early to confirm two hotels and the flights, so will need to check that carefully. In between we had a walk to the bank to discuss an old account that needs to be moved.

That bottle of English wine sounds a good idea for a present, Fi, something different and a treat. You certainly made up for the missed exercise class with the long walk.

Have a good day tomorrow, Ali.

I'll have to think about Xmas decorations this year, none of the stuff has been out of the loft for years. At the moment I feel that I can't be bothered but I might be more enthusiastic once we're in December. Perhaps just put up the tree .... we have a few unusual ornaments from DisneyW*rld including, if I remember rightly after all these years, Mickey M*use and German ones from World Showcase.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 18, 2020, 07:44
Morning and it is a bright start to the day, although there are grey clouds around. According to the forecast we may be due some shower this afternoon According to the C’file forecast Eva seems to be in line for heavy rain for most of the week.

Ali the coffee machine sounds a lovely present – I am sure eldest will appreciate that. I see you were busy making a cake and a lasagne yesterday – I just made a chilli in the slow cooker! I am sure the cake will go down a treat today. We were having a chat about when to put up our home C’mas decs and lights – I think, along with a lot of other people, we may put them up early this year to brighten things up! That is good news that the car passed its MOT. MM was saying we have a slow puncture in one of our back tyres so he will have to take the car to the tyre place we use – I suspect he will have to make an appointment for next week. At least we aren’t going on any long journeys – just Mr S and back once a week! We are, however, planning on taking the pressies down to the NForest as soon as we are allowed so need to have the car ready for that. I am sure Buddy and Belle are having fun with the play tunnel!

Diana, no wonder you were feeling frazzled! Fingers crossed all the trips will go to plan. Did the revised itinerary make its appearance on line? Yes lots of hotels won’t book over a year in advance I think. I think if you have the tree decorated and may be some little led lights around that will look quite festive. The Dxsnxy decorations sound lovely. I always buy a couple of new tree decs every year – I had already done that when we went to Bxrfxrd a month ago to meet up with Mary and Les (when meeting up and having lunch was allowed!). The garden centre there is huge and the C’mas department is always worth a visit – in fact we are hoping to get there with our Bubble before C’mas as it carries lots of gift ideas, as well as C’mas food goodies.

I see S’land areas are in more stringent almost lockdown. I feel Roger’s Ch’mas near Ed’burgh with Sarah, Stuart and Daniel may be in jeopardy! Current speculation is that two households may be allowed to mix rather than the rule of six. At least that would mean we could join up with Lindy and Lawrence over Christmas – our Bubble counts as one household of course! I managed to finish the C’mas letter yesterday (it ended up being the same length as my normal one) and all the labels are updated and ready to go. Yesterday MM was working on church related churchwardeny things, so we will probably start the card writing tomorrow. I watched HC last night of course – I have to say I don’t think it loses anything by being slightly shorter, they still manage to pack a lot into it! This morning we have our service at 10 am and then I need to sort out our C’mas music for rehearsal tonight – we start on C’mas songs next week! I asked everyone in the group to chose a Cmas song from our repertoire that they would like to sing during Decxmbxr – to fit them all in we need to start next week, but we need to practice a particularly tricky one before next week, so will look at that tonight. Morning BHB yes it is nice and bright and there are some pretty pink clouds at the moment. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Mxss Mxxnshine into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM to arrive.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 18, 2020, 10:19
Morning all and it is a nice bright one at the moment, though I think it might rain this afternoon. Just for a change! I also think it is going to get colder but thankfully not for long. I managed to finish my jigsaw yesterday and will look at it for a few days and then will start wanting to do another! I am addicted! I also did a little bit of baking which wasn't my biggest success as I over cooked it! Anyway I watched HC as well and it is as cheerful as ever! I think it is fine in the shorter format as well and it certainly is cleverly shot as you don't think about the social distancing at all and I know it all was done properly.

Diana I am sure you are frazzled sorting out the itinerary, I don't envy you! Mind this year you have certainly had plenty of practice! I feel you should do a bit of decorating if you can as I think it is very cheering at the darkest time of year!

Ali I think a coffee machine is an excellent pressie, especially if he makes you nice coffees! Glad the car passed the MOT with no nasty surprises. Always a relief, plus a bit of money to spend on wine, win win!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Mxss Mxxnshxne and muffins? Splendid, so let's get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 18, 2020, 22:10
Busy today, well as busy as I get these days. Started off rather slowly, 2 deliveries. New pair of boots and a new fleece. I would normally wait for a new fleece to be available at a charity shop, been looking for ages with no luck, so got a reduced one online. It is nice and snugly. We had a nice walk, not too far. Called into the ice cream parlour. We were the only customers in there. We had an interesting view of the police, firemen, gasmen inspecting problems on the opposite side of the road. Apparently there were problems with the gas pipes.

Lee is recording a Christmas song, check out Twitter. Also going back to Crazy coqs 10Dec. There will also be another download available ......I have to say if all goes to plan. Exciting. Bruce has been booked in for an evening with his friend up the road.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 19, 2020, 07:49
Moring and overcast and grey here – according to the forecast we should be colder here today. Having said that Eva’s forecast is for heavy snow so I am not complaining!

So not only a new fleece but a new pair of boots Jo – you are definitely doing your bit for the economy. I see Bruce dragged you to the ice cream parlour – he obviously feels that after the neglect a couple of days ago he deserved treat. It was obviously an exciting walk if you saw all the activity going on across the road. That’s good that there is potentially another gig for the GO. Having listened to the Beeb last night I feel we may be in tougher regulations once the national lockdown occurs....they were certainly suggesting that in order for any chance of families being able to meet for C’mas we might need to have very strict non socialising rules in place before and after C’mas. One idea being floated is that the restrictions are eased for five days from CEve – so that would preclude any NYEve socialising. I know the fireworks have all been cancelled in L’don this year. At least there was some more positive news on the vxccxnes!

We had our service yesterday and then MM and I stayed on Zxxm for a chat with the Vicar – he is trying to find ways for C’mas cxrxls to be sung during what almost inevitably will be zxxm services over the C’mas period. Whether the church can actually open will depend a lot on what weather we get and whether the contractors can complete the stabilisation works in the three weeks they have proposed. That would take us to the week before C’mas, so it is a very tight timescale. If there is any very bad weather during the three weeks the programme will undoubtedly slip. We had a good rehearsal last night and only one person absent (he had a cataract op three weeks ago and is resting the eye, then in a few weeks he is having the second eye done so we won’t see him until the NYear). I have now run off the C’mas letter (so glad we have a printer that will do double sided printing – saves a lot of paper!) and the plan is to start the cards today. Having said that MM has a socially distanced meeting with the Vxcar early afternoon to check everything is in place for the contractors when they come next week. We have our GandT with Mary and Les later so that’s something to look forward to. Morning BHB yes it is a little overcast but as long as it stays dry that isn’t too bad. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Bxxk of Kxlls into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, November 19, 2020, 09:42
Morning all and we are back to a very dreich morning, it is so dark I have the lights on. Yesterday was not bad at all and I actually went out for the first time since my hospital appointment at the hospital. I had a banana crisis or lack of bananas crisis really and as Twin will tell you I do not do well without a banana a day! I also knew the car needed a bit of movement and was also very hungry, so I first took her to the garage and fed her, then I went to the farm shop on the way back. I got some food then had a look round the garden dept and bought a few plants to freshen the tubs at the front. I also couldn't resist a small reindeer that was sitting holding a plant so he is now with me waiting for whatever sort of C/mas we have. Well I think I know what mine will be as I am pretty sure I will be able to visit my bubble! Anyway it was lovely to have a change of scenery and as I planted y plants when I got home I also did a small bit of gardening! Think I might try and tidy my dining room a bit today as it has been a bit of a dumping ground recently. Certainly won't be outside if it stays as it is now!

Thanks for the news Jo. How lovely that we should be getting a C/mas single! Lovely. Hope the gig manages to go ahead, though I am not convinced we will be out of this lockdown then. you are splashing out with the RT. Glad the fleece is nice and snuggly, if not purple!

Morning BHB and we have pikelets with Bxxk of Kxlls. Wonderful, let's get more and we will go and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Thursday, November 19, 2020, 10:01
Morning and a rather gloomy one.

Trying to remember what I did yesterday ..... some cleaning and a wash, then went for an early walk while it was sunny. Ploppy booked the flights to SA for July-Aug. It will be winter there and colder than UK so not the best time to go weatherwise but Ploppy is hoping to get tickets for the Lions rugby in C*pe Town and we are stopping in Herm*nus to see the whales on the way to CT, and later going to Namaqu*land to see the spring flowers, both of which we have wanted to do for a long time.



I phoned the NZ travel agent again. The person who updated our itin for 2022 had messed it up (one example - she had switched the ferry route so instead of going from the North to South Island, the reservation was for South to North!) so spoke to the agent who dealt with our original booking and he is sorting it out. DK what she was doing, all that needed changing were the dates, add an extra night in four places and extend the car hire.

Carol, Ploppy has watched the AA programme on Fl*rence twice and wants to see it again! I also watched the V*nice ep and want to see the Napl*s one.

If the expected rain has cleared by lunchtime, I want to go to the bank, otherwise don't think I'll get there will next week. Ploppy has appeared so I can now clean the bedroom - what a thrill.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 20, 2020, 07:39
Morning and very gloomy and dark and apparently it is 0C outside. We are expecting showers later and a warm 10C maximum

I know what you mean about trying to remember what happened yesterday Diana – MM says it is like being caught up in Grxxndhog Day! Ah I can see the appeal of SA in our summer if the Lxons are due to play. As you say changing the timing of your visit will enable you to see the beautiful flower – and to watch the whales. The travel agent appears to be someone who is not the most efficient. Just as well you managed to speak to the agent you originally dealt with – hopefully he has now managed to sort out the correct bookings. So glad I thought to mention the AA programmes – I check fairly regularly to see if the Beeb have issued a DXD as I would buy it. I found the series fascinating and was so pleased I stumbled upon it quite by chance when it was being re-shown.

We started the card writing yesterday – and were somewhat dismayed to find we had already missed the posting dates for overseas cards! We are about half way done now – only another 75 or so to go!! I said to MM it was a good thing I bought cards the last time Twin and I visited the big shop near Jo! MM’s meeting with the Vicar was moved to tomorrow as the Vicar had a meeting with one of the church families – her mother died last week of the C word and she wanted to arrange the funeral etc. Very sad as Becky (who used to work for Twin’s old firm) has been battling the C word herself for the last three to four years. We had our GandT with Mary and Les. Needless to say, like us, there is not much happening in their world at the moment! We still managed to while away an hour and a half! After ITT we caught up with The R’pair Shop from Wednesday evening and then watched the tear fest that is DXYSXS – amazing what some people endure – it makes you feel very humble. I have (optimistically I have to say) booked a C’mas meal for mid December for our annual Cupcake outing – it is the restaurant we went to when lockdown first finished so we know what measures they put in place and we felt quite safe there. They say that they will refund deposits if we have to cancel due to any new restrictions. I thought it was worth a punt! Today we are off to U’ridge to the bank and to do a small food shop in Mr MandS. We did have an email saying that the Council have appointed C’vid Marshalls to check people are complying with the regulations, to remind them about social distancing and to hand out small hand gels and face masks – I think that goes live today! When we are home I have my phone calls for the church to make and then we have our family zxxm chat this afternoon. Other than that I may just do a little colouring...... Morning BHB, yes it is a very gloomy start to the day, although there is a now a very pretty pink glow. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted teacakes into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanker (necessary this morning I feel) whilst we wait for the DCM to arrives.
Ali wrote:
Friday, November 20, 2020, 08:45
Morning. Off to collect my specs later, second time lucky I hope 🤞. Will pop into couple of shops in local town for some bits I need then home and feet up. Spent yesterday afternoon moving furniture around and cleaning, cats all hate the hoover so I upset them I’m afraid!
Carol, I’ve missed overseas post too, drat. Will get my cards done over the weekend. I keep saying that!!
Josh and g/f off for scan later. Should find out sex of baby. I’m guessing boy. Painters were at their new home again yesterday, looks like they’ve completely re-decorated which is good. Waiting for update from letting agent as they were hoping to move next week.
Boss and I have been chatting but holding off doing too much as awaiting definite decision on re-opening. Then we will need to order stock in and promote ourselves again. New website is up and running at last.
Better get moving. Take care x
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 20, 2020, 10:24
Morning all and it is a dry one at the moment which is something, very chilly though. The sun is doing it's best to come out which may make it less chilly. I had a bit of a sort out day yesterday, the result of which is that I can now move around the dining room a lot better and my spare bedroom is a little bit Better as well. Until I can off load the masses of jigsaws though, I am afraid it will not be perfect! Watched the DxYSxS last night and was in bits, the poor family had had a dreadful time of it. The house and garden was beautiful when done and in fact the lady has been on tv this morning and said the garden has been a wonderful healing place for her. Today I may continue the sort out cupboards, that's if the mood takes me again!

Diana my Mum had an Aunt who ran a tea room in Hermanus. I went there with some crew members, years ago now, and had a look round. Obviously the Aunt was long gone by then but I did see a tea room that could have been hers! I decided it was as it makes no difference now! We did see a whale, well two actually, in the bay but it was a fleeting glimpse. Nice bay though. I was a bit surprised you were off to SA in our summer, then read about the Lxons and all became clear!

Ali nice that the new home for son and g/frien is being redecorated, Bides well! Hoe the scan goes well. I am sure you are right about it being a boy as you are an expert on boys I think! I will keep fingers crossed that you and Boss can reopen in December.

Morning BHB and you have done teacakes with our Vanillita today? Delicious, so let's get more and find the CM
Diana wrote:
Friday, November 20, 2020, 14:45
Afternoon and a decided drop in temp today.

I was not a happy bunny this morning. I went to NW*st to close an old account and got there at 9.30 am to find a notice saying their branches are currently opening at 10.00. I checked their website beforehand which said the branch was open from 9.30! As it was chilly I didn't want to hang around so turned round and walked home taking a longer route for extra exercise. I'll have to try again on Monday.

I cleaned the kitchen when I got home so that's one job out the way for a while.

When we got back from Greece I applied for a new passport as we're now not going away for a while. The new one was delivered yesterday so quite a quick turnaround. I'm still annoyed that despite the old one still having 15 months lefton it, I had to renew so early in order to be able to go to Europe after 1 Jan thanks to Brex*t. If the delayed Tall*n trip in May has to be put back again, I'll be even more annoyed.

Carol, I also call it Groundh*g Day. Hope you get to have your meal out next month. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for our's on NYD (also Ploppy's birthday). All this talk of allowing families to be together at Xmas makes me fearful that the whole UK will be back in lockdown in January. Obviously everyone wants to meet up then but I hope governments keep the numbers relatively small and people follow the rules. The vaccine news is very promising so if we can all just be sensible and hang on for a few months more, life MAY return to something near normal.

I don't particularly enjoy rugby, though don't hate it, so I'm not thrilled to be going to SA then, particularly if the weather is hot and sunny here, but seeing the whales should be fantastic at that time and if we want to see the flowers, August is the only month. It's possible we may not get to the rugby as Ploppy hasn't been able to get tickets so far though we can try at the ground on the day. I'm just hoping we can get to SA earlier in 2021 so can make some arrangements for being at the house during their winter, notably getting a curtain made to pull across the front door which should make downstairs warmer, it's mostly open plan.

I've missed the deadline for overseas cards too. Is it normally so early? I'm sure I've not posted the cards to Canada until late Nov most years. Better write them today and post tomorrow when I go to Sains. Might encourage me to write some of the UK ones at the same time (doubtful!).

Fingers crossed for Josh & g/f re scan and move.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2020, 08:18
Morning and overcast here but dry at the moment and I think should remain so all day.

Fingers crossed the specs were ok Ali. Hope you enjoyed your feet up after that as you sounded very busy on Thursday afternoon. The assistant in the PO told MM to get all our cards posted early this year just in case!! We still have the rest of our’s to write so I may allocate Monday afternoon to that. How exciting about the baby scan – will they keep it a secret or let you know whether it will be a boy (have to say the odds are heavily stacked that way) or a girl? They must be getting excited, not just about the baby, but about the move – fingers crossed it happens next week as hoped. Very wise to hold off doing too much at work, as it is still quite uncertain what will happen. At least there is more good news on the vxccxne front!

Oh that was not good Diana – all our local banks and b socs changed their opening to 10 am to 3pm since first lockdown. Obviously they didn’t update their website for your branch, whereas our local one quite clearly states the new reduced hours. I can see why you didn’t want to hang around – it was very chilly yesterday! I see they didn’t grant you the fifteen months as an extention on your p’port, which seems a little unkind. Fingers crossed your trip to T’lin happens otherwise you will quite rightly be very miffed I feel. Well we agreed that it was worth a punt for the meal, although not overly optimistic that it will happen. There does seem to be speculation going around about January being a lockdown (not my favourite month of the year in any case – sorry as I know it is your birthday month too!). I am sure the whxle wxtching will make up for being cooler when you go to SA. No they have brought forward all the overseas postal dates due to......the p’demic!! The lady in the PO yesterday told MM to get all our cards in the post sooner rather than later this year!! We will carry on with our’s on Monday afternoon I think and then post out at the end of the week!!

It was very quiet out yesterday – no queue for the Hxlxfax so I was able to go straight in. Similarly with the PO in WHSmxth – MM went up stairs and was back almost straight away. After that it was the food hall in MandS and that was quiet too – no queue at the checkout. Once we were home I made my phone calls for the church, and then we had the family zxxm chat in the afternoon. Roger still doesn’t know if he will be able to go to S’land. Sarah is currently saying he could probably go to see them as long as he isolates for fourteen days before he goes. That means he will miss Marcus’ birthday, so Victoria not too happy about that, especially as she wants to hand Rxger the family C’mas pressies. She said she may need to meet him in L’don to do a hand over. Today is laundry day and then of course SCD tonight. Not sure who will be in the D Off this week. It will prove very interesting I feel. I forgot to say my cousin’s wife fell down three stairs at their home on Thursday evening and ended up in A&E. She broke some bones in her foot (made me think again how lucky MM was after his fall from a greater height!) and has a boot support thing on which may have to stay until after C’mas. It shows how easily these things happen!! Morning BHB, yes it is a grey day. Let’s take the cinnamon buns and the Nxght Wxtch into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM to arrive.
Ali wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2020, 09:20
I was wrong - it’s a girl! Josh is (not so) secretly pleased. Courtney said def no pink frilly stuff!
My mum said as long as it’s healthy but is actually over the moon.
They should hopefully be signing tenancy agreement mid week too.
New specs are all good. Although I did have a headache last night poss due to wearing them? As I mainly wear my contact lenses they are really only a back up. Town was very busy, hardly a lockdown! I was glad to get home.
Ploppy had early start this morning but will be home in about an hour so we plan to do a couple of jobs then have a quiet afternoon.
Ali wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2020, 09:20
I was wrong - it’s a girl! Josh is (not so) secretly pleased. Courtney said def no pink frilly stuff!
My mum said as long as it’s healthy but is actually over the moon.
They should hopefully be signing tenancy agreement mid week too.
New specs are all good. Although I did have a headache last night poss due to wearing them? As I mainly wear my contact lenses they are really only a back up. Town was very busy, hardly a lockdown! I was glad to get home.
Ploppy had early start this morning but will be home in about an hour so we plan to do a couple of jobs then have a quiet afternoon.
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2020, 10:32
Morning all and it is overcast (but slowly brightening up) and very breezy here. though a little bit warmer than yesterday. Just had a h/work day yesterday and today will be something similar with the laundry added for good measure. Also waiting for my weekly order to arrive from Mr W this time. So not much exciting to report I am afraid! Watched the Lucy Wxrslxy programme about the Rxssxxn revolution. Very good and actually found out a few bits I didn't know. Not that I am an expert of course, but I did have a spell of reading a lot of books about then some years ago. Tonight much more frivolous of course as it will be SCD. No obvious elimination candidates now I feel so interesting to see what happens.

Ali that is lovely news! How lovely to have a little girl to buy for, even iof there is a ban on pink frillies! Fingers crossed all goes smoothly with their move as well. Glad the glasses are good too. I thought the other day you wouldn't know we were in lockdown when I went out the other day. I am avoiding towns at the moment! Sadly I can see C/mas will cause a huge spike again and another lockdown will happen in January.

Diana I haven't even started cards yet, so I better get cracking if I want them to get there this year. Hopefully your Txllxn trip will be fine, as will ours to Cyrus next June we hope! With luck we will all be vaccinated by then, fingers and toes crossed.

Morning BHB and you have done cinnamon buns and Nxght Wxtch for today? Scrumptious, let's get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2020, 11:11
Morning all.

I've been to Sains. for a few bits ahead of Tuesday's delivery and will ring Mum once I've posted for the rest of her next order. Also want to make some custard to put on top of jelly & fruit I did yesterday. I have a couple of emails to send but may then catch up with some old stuff we recorded on T*vo box.

I was good and wrote all the Xmas cards yesterday evening, not that we have loads to send. I'll post the overseas ones when I go to the bank (again) on Monday as Sm*ths is close by unless I pop out to the local convenience store later today.

Carol, I watched a fascinating programme about Brunell*schi and Fl. Du*mo on Sky *rts catch up a day or two ago. Part 2 is being broadcast next week - Tuesday I think. My sympathies to your cousin's wife, I know very well how easy it is to break some bones in your foot.

A girl for a change, how nice, Ali.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 21, 2020, 18:53
Congratulations to Josh and gf, a girl!!

Diana I've had a lovely look at the flowers, I didn't realise there was the timing factor, makes sense. I hope you manage to get there at the right time.

I've been told off this evening. I didn't get the walk timings right today. I was a bit tired, so there was a shortfall in the timing of the afternoon walk. It did not go down well.

Bruce and I were out walking, we were seen by Duffy, she started calling Bruce from her garden. He was keen to see her. Very cute seeing Bruce say hello to his friend. He was keen to go into the kitchen in case there was any food left, there wasn't. He did come out, so I didn't have to break the lock down. That is assuming I can go into their garden to collect my dog, not sure about that under current rules.

Exciting about the Lee concert in London 10th Dec. It's online again, lovely. Bruce has been booked into an evening at his friends.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2020, 07:15
Morning and still quite dark here, but it looks as if we have clear skies with some cloud. It is a warm 8C at the moment but not due to reach more than 11C later today. At least the forecast is for it to be dry. According to the weather map last night it looks as if Eva will have more rain today and for most of the week.

Oh lovely to have a girl in the family Ali (I still have fingers crossed for Sarah’s baby next year....just to even up the boy dominance in our family a little!). I am sure the odd frill might creep in?? It sounds like everything is going smoothly with the tenancy for the flat – so they will be spending Christmas in their own place – lovely. Ah I always find that when I have new specs it takes a while for my eyes to get used to them – hopefully the headache has gone and your eyes have adjusted to them. I have to say I think quite a few people are treating this lxckdxwn as a minor inconvenience and nothing to adhere ton sadly. I hope you managed to get your quiet afternoon.

Diana you sound as if you had a busy day. Well done on the C’mas card writing – we are planning on finishing our’s tomorrow. That sounds a really good programme.. Sadly we don’t have Skx so I can’t watch it. Did you manage to make your custard for the jelly and fruit (memories of childhood there) and get your Mum’s order sorted?

The flowers look amazing don’t they Jo? Ah so Bruce was laying down the law to you yesterday was he. I would have thought that seeing Duffy and going into her kitchen might have appeased him. I see he soon came out when he discovered there was no food on offer! I am sure collecting a dog is allowable. You should have a nice bright day for your walk(s) today.

I managed to get all the laundry done yesterday (hooray!). I spoke with June who is very excited at collecting their new puppy, Elmo, today. The weather was quite gloomy and breezy here but as I wasn’t going out I didn’t mind – I had to put the light on early afternoon so that I could see what I was irxnxng!. MM met up with the Vicar and discovered another three branches had come down from the cedar tree (fortunately on the church side of the wall). He really does think that we need to take the whole tree down – but before that can be done he needs to get a tree surgeon to prepare a report on the tree’s condition, so that we can send that to the Cxunxil to back up a request to have the work done. At the moment they are still processing the application to have it trimmed, so I can’t see it happening any time soon. Fingers crossed we don’t get a lot of high winds during the next few months! We had our GandT with Lindy and just made it in time for SCD after eating. Difficult to know who will be in the d/o – I think this will be a test of celebs’ popularity. We have our Zxxm service this morning, then I will have a video call with June to meet Elmo. June suggested if the restrictions are tougher when we come out of this lxckdxwn we might be able to meet at a service station half way between us and just transfer bags of pressies into the boots of our respective cars. I see there may be an announcement on the regulations for when we come out of this on the 2nd at some point tomorrow. Planning on a feet up type of afternoon, although I may do some more present wrapping. We will watch the Results show this evening of course and then His D Mxterials and possibly another DinP for some sunshine. Morning BHB. Yes it is getting brighter and it doesn’t look too windy out today. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Sxlvxr Bxllet into the conservatory. We should have plenty of time for a lovely snuffle before the DCM arrives.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2020, 09:48

Today's task is wrapping the Xmas presents, I will start as soon as I've finished online and emptied the washing machine.

I didn't get to watch any old recordings as Ploppy had the rugby on. Enjoyed SCD, almost any of those left could win this year or indeed be kicked off tonight. Bill is great, totally unexpected. Not missing Br*no much and Ant*n is improving as a judge.

Carol, you don't need to have Sky to get Sky *rts, for the past 2/3 months it's been available as standard like Chann*l 4, it's channel 11 on our TV. It has some good programmes and at this very moment Tales of the Un*xpected is on. Yes, I made the custard. Jelly & fruit, trifle and ice cream are amongst Ploppy's favourites. I remember I once spent 2/3 hours preparing some fancy dessert only for Ploppy to say it was OK but he'd have preferred jelly & fruit! I eventually got Mum's order sorted. They didn't hear/couldn't get to the phone the first few times I rang and then Sains. site was playing up so I couldn't open the order.

So Bruce is trying to be the head of the household?

I quite fancy toasted teacakes ..... nearest I can do is toasted bagels except they are in the freezer and not sure if you can toast them from frozen.
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2020, 10:38
Morning all and the sun is shining here, hooray! Makes such a nice change, let's hope it lasts. Yesterday was not that great so didn't get out much as usual at the moment. I did do the laundry and some h/work and also Mr W delivered. Lovely delivery man, but then they nearly always are! Watched SCD and it is a real teaser this week to know who will go. I worry for Clara who had a real fall from grace, not helped by very clunky music for a samba I thought. Weird outfit too! We will see later. I have the ixxnxxg to do then I may, and I do mean may, write some C/mas cards. They have to be done and now is a good time to do it. I think.

Diana I see you are another who has their cards done! Puts me to shame! As for wrapping presents! I am no where near that stage yet!

Jo I feel Bruce thinks you need to buck your ideas up and make sure he is looked after and walked before you even think about doing anything else! I am sure dog retrieval comes under emergencies!

Morning BHB and we have teacakes and Sxlvxr Bxllet today. Sounds just perfect, so let's get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2020, 19:28
Been a busy day. Took Bruce for his walk before Pilates at 10:30. I got halfway through the walk and realised I could hardly move my right hip. Bruce pulled me home very slowly. Just had time to email Pilates man a few minutes before the session was meant to start. I then headed for the sofa. When I woke up I was feeling much better. Of course by then it was just after lunchtime, so walk time! Bruce dragged me the way he wanted to go. After a while my hip felt much better. Bruce was on an ice cream parlour mission. It was really chilly, so I got a flapjack to go with my tea instead. Not best pleased!! He would have put in a complaint. I've not been living up to his expectations for a few days! Then it was off to the river, I would have been pleased to go straight home. Had some chats with some nice dogs. Managed to avoid a French Bulldog, he hates them. Later on I saw my friends with the 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks. It was before they saw me, I'd pulled Bruce into a drive. He let rip at them as they walked past. Bruce is not sizeist, if he doesn't like a dog he tells them. Luckily for Bruce the Rhodesian Ridgebacks are very well trained. Near home Bruce saw one of his human friends, so he cadged some dog treats. We were just leaving when the wife appeared, so Bruce had to wait for some more treats. So I've not done much, have done some walking.

I really need to have a paperwork sorting day. I have a pile on the table. I'll try to get some bills done tonight.

It's getting a bit chilly, perhaps fleece no 2 is required?

ooo Toasted bagels? Sounds good Diana.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 22, 2020, 21:05
Earlier today I just realised I had no supermarket booking until a few days before Christmas. I've just booked with MrO for delivery on Tues, phew. I'd almost run out of dog food!!!!!! I'd still been using the dog food I'd bought at the end of Sept, didn't realise the cupboard only had tins of cat food!!! There is dry dog food in stock!!!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2020, 08:04
Morning and a warm 0C here at the moment – still it is dry and bright so I am not complaining too much!!

Diana, how did the present wrapping go? I am going to get the cards finished before I carry on (plus I am still waiting for some ordered on line to arrive). My main headache is MM, but I am hoping that the shops may be open at least for a couple of weeks in December so I can go on a hunt. The problem is when asked what he would like he always responds “I don’t know”! I agree about Antxn and Brxno – I did read that Brxno might stay in the States full time, in which case I think Anxton has proved he is a more than adequate replacement. Thank you for explaining about The Arts programme – I will have a hunt for it on the guide! Obviously jelly, fruit and custard brings back fond childhood memories for your Ploppy!!

Ouch Jo, that doesn’t sound good that your hip was so bad you had to return home. I am sure that Bruce understood why his walk had to be curtailed. Good that you were better when you woke – I see Bruce decided you needed some more exercise. Hmm, not sure he will have forgiven you for the lack of ice cream! I see he managed to cadge some treats later, so hopefully that made up for not having the ice cream! I love that Bruce isn’t sizeist! Did you manage to get through your paperwork? I think two fleeces may be required today as I suspect you temperatures are slightly loer than our’s. Our Mr O has no slots for a couple of weeks – I checked yesterday. Our next one is on Saturday and I am hoping to do one mid December (slots permitting). How could you almost run out of dog food – Bruce will definitely be on the phone!

We managed to have our lazy day once we had finished our zxxm service. Having said that MM checked our manhole after the service (there was a very odd smell in the downstairs loo on Saturday night and it was worse yesterday morning. He then had to ring Thames Water, as there is obviously a(nother) blockage further down the sewer run. The last two occasions this happened (I think 2017 was the last time) it was due to people putting wet wipes down the loo. We will have someone come out to clear the blockage within the next 48 hours apparently. During the afternoon we met Elmo on the video - he is so cute, like a small teddy bear (not Jo’s sort of dog at all). June looked so relaxed and happy holding him, which was lovely to see after all she has been through since March! We watched the D/O in the evening of course – partial surprise at the bottom two – I won’t say any more in case some of you haven’t watched yet. Today we are off to Mr S as usual and planning on our socially distanced, sitting on a wall coffee with Lindy and Lawrence (seat pads all ready to go!). I see they have found the Oxfxrd jab is only 70% effective, so slightly disappointing news compared with the 90/95% from the other vxccxnes. Today the men start work on the church tower, so just as well it is dry and fine (albeit chilly). Hopefully the weather will be kind and they will manage to get the work finished by mid December. This afternoon will be card writing, which will leave me tomorrow to do some more wrapping. Morning BHB, yes it is nice and bright but I think we will need the pink blanket today. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted bagels into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Diana wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2020, 09:23
Morning and a bright but cold one.

It turned out to be a nice afternoon yesterday so Ploppy & I had a short walk, after I spent most of the morning wrapping presents - all done, other than buying a voucher. Right person went on SCD. M*lvin Br*gg interviewed G*llian And*rson on Sky *rts late last night after I'd gone to bed. Missed the beginning so will see if it's being repeated or available on catch up.

I'm off to the bank in about 30 mins to close the old account and post overseas cards. No plans after that. As the forecast for tomorrow is warmer and dry, Ploppy & I want to get in the garden, him to mow the lawn and me to do a final weed.

That's not good about your hip, Jo. Fancy almost running out of dog food; if Bruce was aware, he would be submitting a complaint. Good luck with the paperwork.

Hope TW fix the problem, Carol.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2020, 10:39
Morning all and it is a lovely one here even if it is cold! We had our first frost (that I am aware of) overnight, so winter is definitely round the corner. The cards I did my ixxnxxg didn't get written yesterday. I was not in the mood so will try and do them later, maybe! I know I did some other stuff yesterday as well but really not sure what! It's that blur of days melting into one another again. I am sure if it was anything interesting I would remember. I watched SCD and agreed with who went as well. Then I watched HDM which I am loving. I know full well what happens and yet I was still scared! For me that shows how brilliantly well done it is. Today apart from hopefully doing the cards I have no particular agenda. Not good really as these are days that just end up with me doing very little. Oh I know, I went for a walk yesterday over the field at the back. First time in ages and not a good idea as it was still very muddy. Nice to get the fresh air though.

Jo that is nasty about your hip. Are you going to be able to see someone about it soon? I am sure Bruce doesn't think bad hips a reason for him to not go walking and as for flap jack instead of ice cream I am sure he will be lodging complaints!

I am so impressed with your organising Diana. I still have some things to buy, though I am slowly getting there. Need to order flowers and also send some money to others which is all easy!

Morning BHB and we have Lavendula of course and you have done toasted bagels? Yummy, love them. You went to the zoo yesterday? How nice, let's get more of everything, find the CM and you can tell us all about it.

maeve12 wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2020, 16:26
Just back from a Zoom meeting with a couple of folk singers called "Fool's Gold", they were very good,
came from near Durham and spoke about the Bevin Boys

I haven't done anything about Christmas yet, it is still a month away, I'm waiting until we hear what's happening in December,
that's my excuse!

I 've not been here for a while, is Eva alright?
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2020, 17:06
Maeve - Eva is having a small break whilst she sorts out her broken ribs and her sleeping patterns (you may have seen she is waiting for her appointment with the Sleep Clinic). xx
TK wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2020, 19:27
Been a bit disrupted today. Not up to Bruce's standard. The walk in the woods of the big house on the hill was quite late, the earliest booking I could get. I forgot to take my drink. Bought one at the cafe when we got there. Had a nice walk about. Went back to the cafe, but Bruce was not happy with the larger dog in front of us. He had his bits, he was just trying to say hello to Bruce but I think Bruce must have been frightened, so he was ready to 'have' him. The lady was being pulled all over the place as her dog tried to say 'hello'. I dragged Bruce away without his sandwich. He may not be a big dog, but he certainly can make his feelings known.

Not really done much since I got home apart from making lunch, due to Bruce's bad behaviour earlier. Bruce and I had a sleep on the sofa. It is getting dark early now, not nice.

I have to go and check my delivery today
TK wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2020, 19:38
All OK, delivery is tomorrow.

I really feel tired, might have a bath and go to bed. I suppose I should do some Christmas prep as I'm unlikely to do my, go to JL and not leave until I have bought all required presents. I can go online and shop at the website of the card shop (and gifts) which closed down this year.
TK wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2020, 20:00
I've just read on FB that the lovely lady who ran the card and gift shop in the village (it shut at the beginning of the lockdown) has spilt from her partner. Very sad. I went to check out what she had for sale, not very much. I suspect due to the split. Sad time for her and the miniature dachshund.

Listening about the possible proposals for the upcoming lockdown, depressing. Just seen Cardiff Bay with singers on TV. Happy times.
TK wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2020, 20:04
Lady from card shop, the bit I was reading was old, so either she got a new man or got back together. Good
Fi wrote:
Monday, November 23, 2020, 23:08
Evening. I have been doing some nine Chr shopping this eve. At long last got ideas for the scollops and g/ f so ordered them. Hope eldest scollop appreciates his be.rd and hair trimmers. At moment his eyes can just about be seen. The suggestion came from his g/f!!! Had a diff w/e trying to untangle bit of mess sloppy had made. She couldn’t remember which online companies she had ordered her Chrvpresents from or even if she had ordered them. I am untangling that - gradually. Then discussing with siblings whether to activate her PoA - but she won’t agree and as she has compet.nce then we can’t proceed without her permission. A nightmare.
Twins - did you have a tel no. To contact for priority shopping for Mr W? If so could one of you email,it to me please. After not succeeding to get a Mr T Chr slot I decided to register for priority shopping. It has been another nightmare. Partly my fault. I have 2 diff email addresses and my N.S registered one is different to my shopping needs. So tho all the major s’ mats emailed me ( on my non shopping email address) to tell me I can get prior it shopping- so long as I use my non shopping email address. I ph Mr T who agree to add priority shopping to my existing account. Result. NOT. 6 days and countless ph calls later I still don’t have priority shopping. Mr T say “ all is fine our end - we have added you”. No matter how many times I tell them there are no priority slots on my account they say there is nothing more they can do. So I changed my email address on my Mr S account. No priority slots - sob. I decided to email Mr W explaining situation and asking advice. I haven’t heard back! So if anyone knows a Mr W phone no ( and/or a Mr S) one that would be appreciated. As I am at grrr level.
Then was a bit taken aback to read on a B.C news item that none of the leading v.ccines will be suitable for those with immune issues. They have now started research into an alternative but still in an early stage I believe. So in general a bit of a yuk w/e. Just as well I managed to get out yesterday to see a st.rling m.rmuration. Been on my bucket list for a while - it was magnificent sight.
Jo - sorry to hear that your hip still not good. I can’t remember if there are any plans for treatment. I have had sore shoulder since I fell off my bike in April. Today it was bad and I couldn’t get my rucksack ( v small) on/ off my back without help. So phoned an additional health insurance ( got thro loc.l govt) to find I can have mimed access to physical.therapy. Having an initial online consultation on Fri.
Ali - a girl - how exciting. Hope glasses have settled in.
Diana - exciting planning hols. Have you been able to get travel insurance which covers C.vid? Our co ( N’wide) contacted ploppy to say that will cover if any in party get C.vid but won’t cover if govt rules ( any country) change and we can’t travel as a result! Ploppy phd a few other companies and they said same. I think Br.xit will mean that we lose our rights to refunds ( as opposed to vouchers)from travel cos ( think it currently is EU legislation) . So wld be interested to know if you have found a company that still offer good Cov.d cover.
Maeve - glad to hear I am not the last in my Chr prep!! I even sent my one overseas present today! However I haven’t done my overseas ( or any other) cards yet.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 08:36
Morning and still gloomy and dark here – apparently it is 11C at the moment and likely to stay at that for most of today.

Update on Eva – she has had her first appointment at the slxxp clinic and has her second one today. She is having to unlearn her sleep pattern for the last few years, which she is naturally finding difficult. Fingers crossed!

I see you have completed your present wrapping Diana. I order some things from MandS for MM yesterday so will have those to wrap once they arrive. I also have some other online shopping which I have been advised is on its way, so will wrap those too. I started watched The Fxll with G’ian A on Saturday whilst ironing (we missed it when it was shown) – I am enjoying it! Hopefully the bank was open when you got there and you were able to close the old account with no problems. It should have been a nice afternoon for gardening yesterday – it stayed dry and bright here all day.

Maeve you are really getting into the Zxxm spirit (I still find it amazing that this time last year most of us had never heard of it and now it is helping us through the current situation). I just thought I would get ahead of the game C’mas wise on the basis we didn’t know what was happening in relation to shopping physically pending the end of the lxckdxwn.

I see Bruce will have his paw on speed dial if you aren’t giving him what he considers to be his due! A late walk at the big house and then an interloper at the cafe. I see he had to forgo his sarnie in the interests of canine harmony. I hate it when the afternoons get dark so quickly – Twin tells me not long until the shortest day and then things will start to improve (albeit slowly). I think a lot of people are sorting C;mas on line and at least the gift shop now has an online presence. Hopefully the lady in question has found a nice new man!

Fi I love that g/f made the suggestion for eldest scallop! I don’t envy you trying to untangle Sloppy’s on line shopping – it does sound as if it might be best for you to have F’cial PofA, but I can see that it is tricky as Sloppy would have to agree, and I can’t think she will agree. Twin will have to help you out with Mr W – I am not on his list. We are on Mr O and Mr S. The two address things sounds like a bit of a nightmare for shopping purposes! Yes I read that they are trying to find something that will be suitable for those with immune issues. At least you saw the mxrmurxtion – we have seen footage of it on C’file a few times, but I imagine seeing it in “real time” must have been amazing. Fingers crossed for the consultation on Friday – you definitely shouldn’t still be suffering from the fall months back. We always use Stxysxre for our hols insurance (they specialise in people with med problems) and renewed our policy back in Sept – I think we are covered for G’ment rules change.

Mr S wasn’t so busy again yesterday, although there were still only three (wo)manned checkout desks. We were only third in the queue for the checkout so not too bad at all. As it was dry and bright we were able to have our outdoor sitting on the wall socially distanced coffee with Lindy and Lawrence – I have to say the seat pads make all the difference!! We drove back via the church so MM could see that the work was starting. Men up the top of the tower and scaffolding in situ – at least they had a bright, dry day and should have the same today. They start early (8 am) and presumably stop when it gets dark. We switched our plans for the afternoon, so I did some more present wrapping, and today we will finish off our cards. We had our GandT with Twin in the early evening so you will be pleased to know the world has now been put to rights. I had a call with Marg, our conductor, during the evening and we are wondering if we could do some socially distanced carol singing in the open air (outside the church we normally rehearse at) before Christmas – just so we could all sing together properly. That will, of course, depend on what the new regulations say. Sadly no sign of TWater, so MM rang them and we have been moved to “urgent”. Hopefully they will come today! Other than the card writing and watching HC tonight, no other plans!!Morning BHB, yes we do have a pretty pink and grey sky at the moment – I suspect that means it may be chilly out and we will need the pink blanket! Let’s take the cheese scones and the Glxhwxin into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 10:52
Morning. Bit grey and dreary. The window cleaner came early this morning, last visit of the year. Need to clean inside windows now! Yesterday I did my chr. cards and then was rather fed up. So much speculation over re-opening and how the tier system will affect us etc. Really wanted to get house sorted before going back but due to delay over Josh moving out we’re in a bit of disarray. It will be straight in due course but we’re all a bit impatient.
Glad Eva is getting some help but it must be strange for her.
Fi you certainly have your hands full! My mum talked about poa before first lockdown but hasn’t taken it any further. Not needed yet but after xmas I think sis and I prob need to broach subject again.
Need to order a couple more pressies online and then just Jack to buy for, he has no ideas so will prob give hime some bits and pieces and top up with money. It’s been far easier than I imagined, cut back on people we buy for over the years and reduced amount we spend. I’ actually looking forward to a downsized, quieter christmas day whatever govnt agree to!
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 10:55
Moring all, a bit of a dreary start to the day though I think it is getting brighter and it is definitely milder than yesterday. I managed to write my C/mas cards finally so now I just need to get the stamps for them and post them. At least now we should get a little bit more freedom and be able to shop if we want to, but the best news is that hairdressers will be able to open! Had a result yesterday, one of my neighbours, who is rarely at home as she is caring for a very elderly Mum at the moment, came round to let a plumber in the house as he was doing some work for her. She cam over to have a socially distanced chat on the doorstep and said how good he was. I asked her to ask him, if he had a moment, could he pop in and have a look at my downstairs loo as it has a very slight leek into the bowl. He came over and had a look and said he thought he had the necessary part on the van and did it there and then! Result! He did say that there were two other little rods that need replacing and he is hopefully coming back on Monday to do that so I am very happy. Something I have been meaning to get done for a couple of weeks and no waiting in! I think lots of people round here are getting work done during lockdown as there are work vans all over the place!

So I see you are being given a hard time by Bruce Jo. You really have to live up to his expectations you know! He definitely has bottle though! Taking on large dogs not a good idea, well taking on any dog not good either! Hope the nice card shop lady has a lovely new man.

Fi I have emailed you though not sure if it will help. Hope so, Nice pressie idea for eldest Scollop, his g'friend sounds lovely. I do envy you seeing a mxrmxxxtion, something I would love to see but they don't do it anywhere near me.

Morning BHB and we have Glchwein and cheese scones,sounds divine, so let's get more and find the CM.
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 13:29
Morning. Thanks for info on mR W Pauline - I have emailed them. I also found the phone no for Mr T that my MP gave me when i had the trouble getting slots for my parents. yet again gto thro to a very chatty Sco young man (not sure if same one!). he assures me I will have pri.rity shopping added to my account by Fri. hmmm.
Good news re Eva getting help with her sleep. I remember my couple of yrs of not sleeping and it was horrendous. Hopefully the clinic wil have expert advice which will work for Eva. good sleep is so required.
Carol - re PoA I suddenly had brainwave that bro cld just activate dads Poa and then both he and sloppy cld run/oversee the account. have emailed my suggestion to bro and sis and see what they think - and then if bank agrees I think/hope that wld be best way forward. I looked at your Trav.l ins.rance co. Carol. You will be covered for changes to govt rules as have had policy with them for long time. New policy holders aren't covered for changes to govt rules. That is what our co said too - until they changed the rules even for existing policy holders. Grr. But will see if they will still honour existing policy for hols already booked.
Ali - we have scaled Chr right back too in terms of pressies. But of course more difficult to do this in terms of arrangements when all family live far away. I do understand people wanting to see family they haven't seen for months. I will be devastated if can't see either scollop (tho fully accept that that may be what happens) - and that may depend on travel arrangements . Neither has own car so will just have to see what transpires. Think travel arrs at Chr wont be easy!
Off out for socially distanced short walk with friend. Then feel may not be able to put off Chr card writing any longer!!
TK wrote:
Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 21:44
Bit of a minor disaster today. I went out to walk Bruce, got back early afternoon. There was a chill in the house. I turned on the heating. Did not work. Did all the normal checks not good. Then checked the instructions in the book which came with the boiler. Nope. Booked a gas man to come on Friday. Bit chilly later on, no probs, I'll put the fan heater on. No! Of course I recycled it summer 2019. I had a rummage in the 'to go to the electrical recycling' pile. Found the fan heater bought in early 80s. Still works, OK has quite a bit of a rattle. It's a vest, t shirt and 2 fleeces evening.

Best wishes with the PoA thing Fi. Can you go to court to get a judge to legally change it to you without your mother's agreement? I know you say she is competent, but she must have problems or you wouldn't be thinking it was a good idea. My friend's mother was in her early 90s, she came to an agreement with mum that she would do certain things and mum would do certain 'old fashioned' transactions. Basically she gave her mother pocket money. OK it was quite involved as granddaughter used to steal from grandma sometimes. At least a limited amount of money per week was available to the little thief.

Listening to Biden explaining some of his future actions. So much more sensible than the recent mad person. The new US 'Foreign secretary' thinks Brexit is a mistake.

The Mr O delivery that I ordered on Sunday came today. Bruce was being very helpful in the unpacking. There was no damage done by his assistance. And I finally got rid of the bag of bags for recycling. The chap asked how many bags? He was a bit amazed I'd squeezed 80 bags into one bag. I'd not returned bags since the first lockdown. They've not long started taking them back.

Nearly put all the shopping away when I found a pack of plasters addressed to a Mrs Suleym oops.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 08:17
Morning and a grey one, but 11C so no frost. I think we are forecast showers later and a dizzy 13C top temperature!

We are expecting our window cleaner next month Ali, but I just had a word with MM as we are putting our external lights up the weekend after next which means probably a good idea to put them off until January. We will have to make do with just cleaning the inside windows I think. I think it is wise to get PoAs organised so they are ready to be put in place when needed. I know June was very glad she had sorted our Moving Aunt’s when she did, as the financial one allowed June to pay the bills and sort out payments for her. We cut back on a few presents for friends we won’t see, but I still had over forty people to sort out! MM is always the one I worry most about buying for!!

Fi, fingers crossed for Mr W! It looks as if you might have sorted out Mr T too. MM had a spell of bad sleeping many years back (when he was made redundant) and I remember how debilitating it was for him. That is indeed a brainwave if your brother and sister agree – it would certainly solve the problem I think. Oh sorry I didn’t think the insurance rules would be different for new purchasers. We have used the company for years now. I think your current company should honour for trips already booked – hopefully they will. I see they are asking everyone to use their own transport and not the public service over C’mas. I know historically it has always been the time for LT to do extensive repairs and works during the two weeks from C’mas to the NYear. I hope you enjoyed your walk!

Oh Jo, you definitely don’t need your heating to pack up (at least it isn’t too arctic at the moment temperature wise). At least you have the fan heater (well done for finding it!). I was impress you decided on only two fleeces, although you do have two live hot water bottles living with you (I am assuming they are not keen on the temperature being low either). Good to read that Bruce was happy to help with the Mr O delivery (do we think he had an ulterior motive?). I am not surprised the driver was amazed at the number of bags you were returning!! I think our driver took them for the first time a couple of weeks back.

So cards all written – hooray! We now have a large plastic basket of them waiting to be posted out at the end of next week. I told MM we need to put the stamps on now to make sure we don’t need to buy anymore. With the birthday, anniversary cards we have to post we have about 160 to post!! Good job we started buying the stamps a while back and stockpiling. I had a video chat with June and Elmo is doing fine (he waved a paw at me). He is like a little teddy bear. I watched HC last night of course. No sign of T Water, alas, so we are assuming they will be here today to be inside the 72 hour response time. Having said that MM says the smell is not nearly so bad so he is going to investigate the manhole later. I will leave him to that. We won’t be joining the service this morning as we are expecting the TW man, so have a lazier start to the day. I received the last of the ordered on line presents yesterday so I will wrap up the parcels that need to be posted out. We have our zxxm choir this evening so will be singing Christmas songs! Other than that I am not sure what I will do today. Morning BHB, yes it is getting brighter. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Txrkxsh Dxlight (not the eating kind) into the conservatory. We should have plenty of time for a nice snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 11:02
Morning all and it is a damp and dull one again. Yesterday wasn't too bad at all. I went to the Po and got stamps for my cards so they can go when I feel it is time, and then I took the car for a bit of a drive as she doesn't like being ignored for too long! Made a change of scenery for me as well. It is so much busier out and about than the last lockdown still. Don't know why but it surprises me every time I go out! Paper shredding is the next thing I have in mind to do. It will probably take me a while to actually get round to it but I want to get it done while I am am at home. Today I want to sort through my handbags as it is a bit of a mess up there. Up there being the shelf at the top of my wardrobe.

Fi I have fingers crossed that you will get a delivery sorted with one of the s/markets. I spent years walking around rather sleep deprived I think, never realised it till I stopped flying! I don't mean I was deprived all the time, but certain trips, mainly those to Oz I surely was and I know how awful it feels even short term. Can't imagine how it must feel to be in a permanent state. Hopefully you will be able to see Scollop(s) over C/mas.

Ali I was only saying to Twin yesterday I am a bit worried about my window cleaner as I haven't seen him for 2 months. He is very reliable, I have used him for about 15 years now, so I am guessing either he or family are not well . Hope he is ok. I hope you can sort your house and reopening out. I think you will probably be tier 1 unless the virus numbers have risen considerably in your area!

What a pain that your heating has broken down Jo, though I suppose better now than in January when it will probably be a lot colder! Thank goodness you found the heater and I am sure Bruce and TK will do their best to keep you warm. Glad to see Bruce helping out with Mr O's delivery he is such a good helper!

Morning BHB and we have paninis and Txrkish Dxlight? Oh it's a cocktail, that's ok then. I was worried for a minute there! Let's get more and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 11:12
Morning all and a very grey, dull one. Looks like it's raining slightly. An indoors day I think.

I closed the bank account on Monday but was not impressed with NW*st service. I woke up early yesterday and couldn't get back to sleep so got up, did some cleaning and had an early walk. Turned out quite a nice day. Sains. delivery in the pm which included a Xmas cake, three puds and mince pies. Not going to wait till Xmas to eat these given the other stuff on order, we'll probably make a start next week. Watched second part of Fl. D*omo programme, B*ke Off final and then programme on Am*zon.

Fi, our travel insurance includes some Cov*d cover but it's limited (LV). Tr*ilfinders offer insurance which includes C. cover but I haven't looked into it yet. Hope you have been able to sort out all of Sloppy's Xmas order, that must have been difficult. Hope you can sort out priority delivery slot.

Carol, I saw the first series of The F*ll when it was on and loved it. We were away for part of the second series so I bought the DVD - which I still haven't watched!

I also don't like it getting dark so early now, don't mind it not getting light till later in the morning but hate the dark pms and drawing the curtains by 5.00 pm.

That was handy getting your neighbour's plumber to fix the leak, Pauline. A good plumber is so essential. We have a slightly dripping tap so could do with getting a plumber in.

Oh dear a non-working boiler is not what you want at this time, Jo. Fingers crossed it can be fixed quickly.
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 12:17
Morning - but seems like middle of night it is so dark. Had lovely walk with friend at our local country park. We stopped for take away coffee. She was bemused by this as she and her husband never stop for coffee when on a walk. I explained that to ploppy stopping for coffee - and cake - is THE point of the walk! Enjoyed GBBO final But I have my one glass of wine during week when watching that. What other "excuse" can I find for a prohibited glass of incahol in week! I suspect we will be Tier 2 here. the P.lates class leader this morning says she has seen a proposed map of Ti.rs where all of E Angl.a (you will ok Ali!) is in T.er 1 - apart from our city! The rates both of the illness and hosp.talisations are continuing to rise in our inner city areas. We will know tomorrow. The Chr rules were as expected. Eldest scollop says he will hire a car to come home - but the rates are eye wateringly expensive. We will have a word with him as really don't want him to feel he has to - tho of course we will be very sad if he doesn't. The rules tho will devastate hospital.ty industry - esp those in Ti.r 2 and 3 - as different households can't eat tog outside of their own homes over Chr - unless in Ti.r 1 where I think Rule of 6 applies. Our friends had booked to go out Chr day with another couple to our local upmarket restaurant. I think restaurants may have to invest in smaller tables so that people can sit near each other but not at same table. So hard for business
Carol - that is huge amount of presents - and cards! Our present number hardly creeps into 2 figs - not even sure it does. No wonder you have to start shopping and wrapping early. Sis and bro approved of my suggestion re PoA and that is how we are going to proceed.
Jo - sloppy hasn't actually made any mistakes in her online banking - she is just beginning to forget what she has and hasn't done. in old days we could have just supervised more unofficially but now with the 2 stage process for onl.ne banking it is imposs for us to just keep a watchful eye - which is all that is needed at mo. She actually is amazing in all the online work she continues to do.
Diana - we had some of Mr W specialist mince pies last night with custard. yum . Thank you both to you and Carol for your insurance info. I will remind scollop to look at T'finders insurance - they are still booked to go to C.sta R.ca with them in May. And Carol - ploppy is trying to find out from N'wide if our one existing hol booking is covered under their old terms.
Pauline - my handbags live on top of my wardrobe. I put them in baskets with handles and ploppy made me a long handled hook to pull the baskets down. I have to watch they dont land on my head! Have to say I have quite enjoyed this year not having to think about what i am wearing. I am determined(ish) to not buy so many clothes etc in future - at least until those I have wear out. They may outlive me!
It is such a yuk day I may be forced to write Chr cards - still not started!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 15:28
Fi, sounds like Sloppy is coping better than me with the updated online banking. I have to keep stopping and revise what I have done so far.
It is a bit chilly in the house. Bruce would quite like it if I lay on the sofa as his under blanket and then I would have a blanket over the both of us.
I have a gold star from yesterday, even with the CH problem I remembered to take a birthday card to Bruce's friend up the road. (Socially distanced transfer, of course.)

Diana you have some lovely consumables coming from MrS. I inadvertently doubled the order of scones from MrO. They were different brands so I did not notice. I have frozen one lot.

Pauline I hope your window cleaner is OK. Not sure if I said, my gardener sent me a text about 10 days ago, he has had a heart attack. Recovering now.

I've been out for a walk around lunchtime, Bruce was keen to visit a couple of friends. For one of them we stood out in the garden (socially distanced) for a short time, not sure that was legal. The other one we stood in the communal car park which is walk through route, I think that was legal. We did get rather damp as it started to rain midway through the walk. I had my raincoat, I didn't take Bruce's - he's not fond of rain.

Carol I love the way you have all the Christmas packing and cards done. So organized. I've been window shopping in the village for presents. There is not so much choice since the gift shop with cards closed down. If I can I like to buy some of the presents from the village shops if I can. Unfortunately the variety of shops has decreased since I've lived here.

Last night after about an hour I was woken up as it was chilly. I have a very thick duvet which I (strangely) knew exactly where it was. Very cosy.

Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2020, 08:13
Morning and a warm 5C here – I think today will be colder than yesterday. We did have drizzle yesterday morning and it remained gloomy for most of the day. Currently we have almost clear skies, with just a few whispy clouds. The blue is that watering looking one that you get in winter.

Diana I think it was definitely a day for indoors yesterday. I see you decided to trial all the C’mas goodies before we get to C’mas Day (I totally missed that yesterday was a month to the day!). I will watch the BOff at the weekend (MM not that interested so I save it for when I am doing the i word – I know who won of course, but don’t mind that!). I finished the last episode of season 1 of The Fxll yesterday and am ready to watch the first episode of series 2 (I may do that this afternoon). It is definitely getting dark earlier and with the overcast skies I find I am having to put the lights on earlier and earlier. I agree a good plumber is one of life’s essentials – one of the members of our variety group used to be a plumber before he retired and his son now runs the small business he had. We were very grateful we knew him when MM put the screw through the water pipe a few years back!

I see you are retraining your friend in the art of walking Fi – with a coffe break half way round – and I see cake has to be included! One of our choir members wasn’t on our zxxm last night – he has a bad cold. He sent me a message to say it was definitely a cold and nothing worse, but he is checking his taste buds are ok by drinking wine. That seemed very sensible to me!! We are expecting to go back to T2 along with all of L’don. Our rate fell this last week, so that is at least good news – however the idxot self seeking Mxyxr says we all have to be in the same tier so even low areas will be put back into 2 I think. That will be lovely if E Scollop can get a car sorted so that he can come home – cost permitting. I agree it is a shame places can’t open on C Dxy for people to eat out together – so your poor friends will now have to find a delivery or do their food shop, which I suspect they were hoping to avoid. We are well into double figures with just the family alone, present wise! Oh that is excellent that your brother and sister have agreed to your PofA proposal That should make life a little easier all round. My handbags are in a box behind the sofa – for easy access. Well some are, the other one or two (or may be more) are kept in the spare room. That is still full of the bags of clothes I turned out during the first lockdown – waiting for the SRyder shop to reopen!! I have told myself I will try to be good and not buy many new clothes in future................I can hear Twin laughing from here!

Jo I still don’t have my main account on line – my “dress money” account (which is the one I use for things like tickets, clothes, presents) is an online one with H’x and I have no problems with it at all (hope I am not going to jinx it now!). My cc is with them too so it is easy to buy tickets etc. with that and then transfer the money from my other account. Well done on remembering the birthday. Oh that was a shame you doubled your scone order – now you have a treat in the freezer for when you need it. I checked (at a distance) with our postman last week and his son is now fine and over the virus. Colin (postie) is collecting him next week from uni (S’field) and brining him home for C’mas. C’mas is one of the few occasions when I definitely use a list (hols is another) – I have a colour code for the pressie list. Red for presents I need to buy, green for what I have bought, and red when they are wrapped and ready to go and then a tick for when they are posted. Glad you are able to keep warm with your extra thick duvet!

ThamesW came yesterday at about 9.45 (they did ring first) – in fact I was chatting to Twin on our morning video call so she was able to share in the excitement! The two guys were here for about three quarters of an hour, and managed to clear the blockage. Apparently the neighbour’s manhole has collapsed in on itself and the rubble etc has fallen into the manhole and caused the block. They put a note through the neighbour’s door to say they will need to come and rebuild the collapsed m;hole. The guy told MM it will probably be in a few weeks, but that we should be ok for that long as they had cleared as much as they could. I managed to get the parcels all ready for posting and MM will take those round to the post office today. The one for S’land is rather large – I dread to think how much the postage will be! We had a good rehearsal last night singing our C’mas things. We finished all singing A in a M’ger quietly and unaccompanied and UNMUTED!! It was lovely to be able to join with the other voices so we are including a quiet carol at the end of the next few rehearsals. We have a zxxm meeting this morning – all those members of the church who are on the phoning around parishioners meeting. We are going to discuss any issues or ways we might improve things. My calls are all to people who are now able to access the services on line, but some of the others who ring older people will have people who can’t use a pooter. This evening we have our gandt with Mary and Les, so prepare for the world to be sorted out! Morning BHB, yes it is a nice bright start to the morning. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Gxld Rxsh into the conservatory – although we have the underfloor heating I think the pink blanket may be required. We can have a nice catch up with all our news once the DCM arrives, but for now we have plenty of time for a snuffle.

Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2020, 09:41
Morning all and it is a lovely one here at the moment, though it is cold, only 2c. I shot out of bed this morning thinking it was late and I had overslept, only to find it was 7.30! Grrr! Still it means I am sitting here doing this a little earlier than usual, though it may not get posted till later if Twin calls. Yesterday was a miserable day, it rained for a lot of it. Still it gave me chance to do a bit of sorting though never made it to the handbags! I had a text from my niece in law about there son's C/mas pressie, not overly helpful, just that he still loves Lxgo. Difficult to choose something for him so spent a long time looking at various ideas. I can see a time soon when he will be getting vouchers! Today I may pop down to the farm shop for a couple of things to keep me going till Saturday.

I see you had the same weather as me Diana! I haven't started on C/mas things but then I don't like mince pies or anything similar, a yule log is more my thing! I hate it getting dark so early, but keep telling myself not long till ithe sun turns round and starts coming back to us, even if it does take it's time getting here!

Fi I like the idea of mandatory breaks for coffee and cake on walks! Great idea! Hope Scollop can get home for the C/mas break even if the car is pricey to hire. I am sure he will want to be with you if he can. Great that you have agreement about the POA. Hope it all works! Twin not buying new clothes? I knew it was chilly but didn't realise hell had frozen over!

I am sure you were legal Jo, talking to one person outside is permitted. Hope you are managing to keep warm. I remember how cold my house got when my heating packed up in the middle of winter, brrr! Hope your gardener is ok as we;;.

Morning BHB and we have Gxld Rush and pikelets today? Wonderful, let's get more and find the CM, I think we should grab the green blanket as it is not very warm (any excuse!)
Ali wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2020, 11:08
Morning. Looks like we had a frost overnight but sunny now. Awaiting announcement on tiers, going in to work tomorrow to prep for re-opening on Weds and decide on opening hours up to and over xmas. Thought I’d make some soup to take in for us for lunch.
Josh was hoping to have keys today or tomorrow but agents really dragging it out. All getting frustrated now as in limbo. I’ve done an online shop based on them being here over weekend. May have to adjust plans at this rate. Even if they can move I’ll do some meals for them to have here or there to get them started while they sort out. They’ve boxed up what they can so far but have larger furniture stored at C’s grandparent’s which then needs to be brought over.
News has started so I’ll go and digest everything. Bye for now x
Diana wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2020, 12:43

Another greyish day with some light rain. I went out for a walk after doing the I word and felt a few spots but that's all.

Just seen the list naming which area is in which tier has been published. My parents are now in tier 2, along with London. I had a slight scare for a couple of mins when I thought our restaurant would be in tier 3 and could be closed on NYD but thankfully it's in Greater London, not Kent. However, sadly our friends with the hotel in F*lkstone will have to stay shut despite (I think) their area having few cases. Assume your Canterb*ry friends will also be in tier 3, Carol? Hope you can reopen next week, Ali.

That's good that your sis & bro agree with your suggestion, Fi.

Carol, I forgot to say yesterday that you sure send a lot of cards, as well as having so many pressies to get. Our far smaller numbers are more than enough.

Ploppy currently watching golf on telly - from SA. The course is in or next to a wildlife area and already seen three elephants and couple of hippos.

Hope you're keeping warm, Jo.

Lunchtime at last.
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 26, 2020, 21:31
Busy day today. Getting ready for gas men coming on Friday and dog sitting in the afternoon. Really tired and a bit chilly with no heating. Could be worse at least the hot water is still working.
Gnight all
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 27, 2020, 08:45
Morning and a fairly bright start here. Yesterday was decidedly chilly and we had a frost last night. I think we are due a maximum temperature of 6C today – with the possibility of showers. At the moment it is a warm 1C. .

So back to work for you Ali – I expect you will be busy leading up to Ch’mas. I am sure the soup will be much appreciated later – I feel it is a soup sort of day. What a shame there is a hold up for Josh getting the keys – it must be frustrating for everyone. You are lovely mum to sort out meals for them when they move! Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and they are able to settle in soon.

It was sunny and chilly here yesterday Diana – so slightly different from your weather. That must be a relief about the restaurant – poor Kent. Yes Mary and Les are affected as they are in Tier 3 – they are little miffed a not a single case in their village or the ones near them! I feel for the poor friends you have with the hotel – must be so upsetting to not be able to open and lose all their trade at this time of the year, and for all the pubs and restaurants etc. from the Midlands up. Yes it is a lot of cards, but a lot less than we used to send!!

Jo I hope the men come early and sort out your heating problems – I don’t think it is going to be the sort of day to be without any heating. In fact, it is probably a three fleece day!

We had our zoom meeting yesterday morning and it lasted about an hour and a half so not too bad. Afterwards MM took the parcel for Ed’burgh round to the Post Office as planned – it cost £16 to send!! I sent for some posting bags from A’zon as I thought they might be lighter than using boxes (we had to use a box for S’land as it was a large package). I opened the box last night and found about half a rearm of dark purple tissues sheets!!! I contact A’zon via the returns box and they are sending (hopefully) the correct thing, but said I could keep the tissue sheets – pity they weren’t a festive red!! I spoke with my uncle in the afternoon. He is also in T3 – as they live fairly near to Slxxgh. We enjoyed our GandT with Mary and Les, although as I mentioned they were somewhat miffed to find themselves in T3! Today we are off to U’bridge to do some banking and to go to the MandS food hall to pick up a couple of things. This afternoon we are off to visit our Bubble – not only will it be lovely to see her but it will give the car a run too. Morning BHB yes it is a chilly start to the day. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted muffins into the conservatory and you can update me with your news until the DCM arrives. I think a snuffle under the pink blanket may be required too.
Diana wrote:
Friday, November 27, 2020, 09:58
Morning, Chilly here but the fog we had first thing has lifted and it's not as grey as yesterday but forecasting rain mid-morning. I've renewed our TV licence and sorted the last present so I'll probably go to the convenience store once any rain has passed to post the Xmas presents. Trust the box to my brother in Sc*tland isn't as expensive as your parcel, Carol!

We received an email from B* last night with a Bl*ck Friday offer of 20% off which was too good not to use so we have booked to go to SA early Feb for a few weeks. The booking can be cancelled if necessary but it's something to look forward to over the next couple of winter months and we really want to get out to the house if only to check everything is OK (we've just had a leak outside which fortunately the onsite letting company sorted out even though we no longer use them). We are also due to receive credits shortly from the three internal flights while that company was in business admin*stration which have to be used by November so this and the July trip should use up all the credits. Just hope we can go and (after our Greece experience) stay there!!

Enjoy your trip out this pm, Carol, and all of you the visit. Ploppy has hired a car for next weekend to visit my parents with the Xmas pressies - he had a free weekend voucher - so we are hoping that if the weather is reasonable to go out somewhere on another day.

Hope the men arrive(d) promptly and can soon fix your boiler, Jo.
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 27, 2020, 10:14
Morning all and it is certainly a chilly one here, 0c, and it is also a bit misty so temperature will not rise too much. I actually had a short run out yesterday. I am our of bread and in fact the fridge is a bit empty as it is delivery day tomorrow, so I thought I would risk a run to the little M&S. It was very quiet in there but the people that were in there had obviously no idea what social distancing is! Then people wonder why the virus isn't going away! Still on the whole I managed to avoid people I think. At the moment my neighbour is having some tree surgery done and the grinder is working away. I think it will drive me mad before they are done! Then later I have my Bubble coming to see me, so excited! We will be going into tier 2 next week though we were in tier one. However this means I will be in the same tier as Twin. Mxltxn Kxynxs is in tier 2 as well so I am hoping the panto will go ahead. Fingers crossed!

Ali I hope the house is soon available to Josh and g/friend. It is very frustrating for them I am sure. Also hope all will be ok for work in some shape or form.

Sad about your friends hotel Diana. I hope they can hang on through this and see a better year next year.

Jo I hope the man turns up and mend the central heating as you sure need it today if it is as cold with you as it is here!

Morning BHB and what have we with our Vanillita today? Muffins? Scrummy, so let's get more and we definitely need the green blanket, now let's find the CM.

Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2020, 07:44
Morning and overcast at the moment. It is apparently a little warmer than yesterday. It was dry and bright here and we had to scrape the frost off the car before we could go out. It is currently 7C so warmer than yesterday and as a result no frost. I think we are forecast showers – MM wanted to go on the flat roof and sort out the exterior lights, but if it is wet he will find something else to do.

Diana we had a very little fog around here – and it was only noticeable when we went into U’bridge. Diana I hope your parcel isn’t too expensive too. The worst postage we ever had was when we sent a C’mas parcel to Oz one year and it cost £74 – now we send a small parcel and transfer money so the presents can be bought the other end! In fact last year Sophia used the money to buy a Frxzen Lxgx set for Ember and it was half the price we could buy it over here. I see you are back into booking mode – I had the email from BX but decided to wait until more on the vxccxne is made before we rebook our Rxme trip. Good idea to use the offer to go and check all is well in SA. That was good of the letting company to sort it out for you, especially as you no longer use them. Finger crossed for you! I see you are also planning on getting your presents to their destinations, just in case! I presume you are waiting for the insurance to be sorted out before you look for a new car.

U/bridge was quite quiet when we went in – no queues at the BSoc, or WHSmxth and we were next in the queue at the checkout when we went into MandS foodhall. Once we were home I made my phone calls and then it was off to visit our Bxbble. I have to say the X25 seemed just as busy as ever and there were a lot of lorries as well as cars. I did point out to MM that this was probably due to all the online shopping that everyone has been doing (me included). The tenant at one of the church properties works for the RMxil and said they are extremely busy and will probably have to take on more C’mas staff as at the moment they are delivering what has been ordered and that will of course probably then be posted out again in Dec ready for C’mas. It was lovely to see our Bubble in the flesh. It was foggier around Twin’s area. We had a very nice lunch and chewed the cud and were home again by 5pm. It doubtless did the car a lot of good to have a long run out. We cheered ourselves up in the evening watching a DinP for the sunshine and blue skies! Today is laundry day and our GandT with Lindy and Lawrence. I will put the pressies for the NForest into the relevant family boxes whilst the w m/c works its magic. We also have our delivery from Mr O between 1 and 2pm. Tonight will be SCD – really no idea who will go now! We will also catch up with The R’air shop from Wednesday evening. Morning BHB, yes it is a very grey sky. Let’s take the Mxmosa and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM. I think you have some exciting news for us about next autumn.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2020, 10:08
Morning. Yet another grey day but at least it should be dry. No plans for today other than get out for some exercise and fresh air. I did think about going to the local M&S for the Xmas goodies we want which are only available instore but suspect it would be a wasted journey so decided to leave it and go after lockdown when I can combine with visiting the card shop for our 2021 calendar and stock up on birthday cards. I'll probably need to go to the big M&S in Br*mley for the food.

We watched some of the golf and cricket from South Africa yesterday. The cricket match was very close and a good game, and the golf was great as the broadcaster had a cameraman in a safari jeep in Kr*ger NP which borders the golf course and he filmed quite a few animals. The cameras on the golf course were also picking up animals and birds so it was almost half golf and half wildlife programme.

Hope Jo has her heating back.

Washing machine has just finished so better take out the towels before I forget, as I did the other day until several hours later.
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2020, 10:22
Morning all and it is a murky one again but a touch warmer than yesterday, a balmy 7c! Had such a lovely day yesterday. So mice to have my Bubble here and see them in person. We ha ve a lovely afternoon together and it cheered me up a lot. In the morning we had the excitement of the big conifer at the bottom of the garden (in a neighbours garden, not mine) of being cut back. One of the other neighbours has objected to it growing right over her garden so has had it cut right back. With the owners permission of course. It now looks very odd and lopsided and I wonder how the owners feel about it now! I am rather hoping they complete the job and have it cut down as I think it an eyesore! Today is laundry day of course so I will be off to do that soon. Also have a delivery from Mr O later . Very late really, but was all I could get. Spent a bit of time last night sorting out some tickets for next autumn, very exciting!

So you hopefully might get to SA for a short while then Diana. Will keep everything crossed for this time for you. In fact I seem to have my fingers permanently crossed these days!

Morning BHB and you look excited? You have been busy sorting out things you want to do next autumn? How lovely for you. So let's get more Mxmosa and paninis and find the CM so you can tell us all about it.
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2020, 12:32
Morning. very dreich morning. walked to local church to drop off som Chr goodies for foodbank - always think it si nice for them to have "luxuries" at this time of year. Picked up cake that local lady had made me in aid of church - a sort of B.rthday cake for my dad's 99th bday today. I could have made own cake but they are raising money for church. Feelign bit bleugh today - think weather and keep reading that none of v.ccines will work well on people with suppressed imm.ne system so not feeling partic cheery about future. In fact we are doing opp of Diana and cancelling our planned hol in June with friends. Tho I am happy to go away ourselves wldnt be so happy to go with others if any issues around v.ccine working on me and esp as their kids are teachers and N.S and they see them loads. also see papers are saying that very unlikely that everyone will be v.ccinated by E.ster - more likely summer sometime. As we would lose money if cancelled within 6 months we have agreed best to cancel now. can always book something else if all well.
Twins - nice that you could meet up in real life! always a bit of a boost to see real people. I have made my list for next week about chasing priority in s'mkts. the Mr T man whom i spoke to earlier this week who told me that w he was 99.9% certain my priority would be on my profile by Friday - has lost his bet! Tho think I may just give up with this - as fast losing will to live. I see I will be entitled to free Vit D - I have cupboard full of it as stocked up in H+B sale!
Diana - you are brave booking hols . Hopefully the SA one should work out for you as it is their summer and so rates are low. I have friend going to B.rbad.s for Chr (her sons in laws all live there) and it looks like that will go ahead OK. My sis went to M& S yesterday and bought all sloppys Chr goodies so they are in shops now. I hope to go in and do same next week. I did manage to get a Mr O order with many of the goodies on it - but when I came to pay it said much of the stuff isn't available so I cancelled order and hope to have more luck in store. i see they have v.gan mince pies and sticky t.ffee pud so hope to buy some of those. tho not sure my city has many v.gans so not convinced their vegan options will be in our store. but worth a try.
Off to write Chr cards - still not past the C's! Then family z..m for dads bday at 4 with all the gr.ndchildren.
Ali wrote:
Saturday, November 28, 2020, 13:14
Afternoon. Good news is J&C got keys yesterday afternoon 😁 so have started moving the boxes across. Larger furniture going tomorrow and hope to be in properly by Monday. Had the tour last night, lovely place for them to start in.
This morning I did a 2.5 hr zoom training for safeguarding level3. Got a bit of a headache now. Having a break before I do online induction service for our new minister within our church partnership.
Went to work yesterday and did a clean and ordered stock etc. Looking forward to opening but apprehensive how quiet it might be!
Jack has final physio appt for his hand next week then he’s doing jury service mid Dec. He’s had time to think about future plans and has decided to try and join the army as a driver in Royal Logistics Corp. It is subject to his hand being ok but he’s going to start his application after xmas and go back to work for the tree surgeon and improve his fitness in the meantime. Lockdown has been good for him at least.
Better go for now. May actually make an autumn concert next year!
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 29, 2020, 07:02
Morning and I suspect today will be much the same as yesterday weatherwise, i.e. gloomy and chilly! At the moment it is 7C but only due to reach 9C later.

Yes it was a grey day here – although we had some drizzly rain in the morning Diana. Hopefully you stayed dry and got out for your fresh air. It was very chilly here. I think you were wise to wait until after lxckdxwn to get your MandS goodies. I bought a 2021 calendar before the shops locked down and fortunately both WHSmxth (where the POffice is) and Mr S sell cards – although not a huge choice I have managed to buy the cards I needed. How lovely that the cameramen are able to show footage of the animals in the National Park as well as the gxlf!!

Yes it was dreich here too Fi! Lovely of you to put C’mas goodies in for the foodbank – I will do that on Monday when we go to Mr S (where our current footbxnk things go – normally we have a collection at and from church, but of course we aren’t open!). I know they are currently working on a solution for those with immxne problems, so fingers crossed they find something. Shame you have had to cancel your Jxne hols – we are still hoping we will make it to Cxprxs then. If it was a case of losing your money if you cancelled within six months, it seems the sensible thing to do. Yes it was lovely to meet up with Twin in the flesh – we hadn’t done that for about four weeks. Good luck with the s’mkt slots – I think I said Mrs Chris was having difficulty finding a slot early on during the first lockdown but like Twin and Diana managed to get onto the Mr S C & Collect system. Mary will be entitled to free VitD too. I have been taking it for some years, so also have a stock, but then I won’t get any free ones!! That is really frustrating when you order things and then find they are out of stock. It has happened to me a couple of times. So the Ch card writing is underway – well done!!

Ali, that is brilliant news and I see you have had the official tour already. I am sure they are both really happy to be in their own little nest, but with you close on hand for emergencies! Not surprised you had a headache after two and a half hours of zxxm training. The final session of the church growth course we were on didn’t happen due to the lockdown so they are re-running it all on zxxm. We are booked in for four sessions, lasting from 10 am to 3pm – I feel that will seem very long on zxxm!! Fingers crossed all the good work that you did before lockdown will make people want to come back out and eat. That sounds an excellent plan for Jack. He has obviously thought it all through very carefully. So his hand is almost healed, which is good news, and he will have the excitement of doing jxry service. Will that be at Nxrwxch? Good news that you may make a concert next year.

I managed to get all the i word done yesterday – hooray. MM put all the hooks etc. up outside ready for the outside lights to go up after Wednesday. He was frozen when he came back in. He will put the lights up over the new couple of days ready to be switched on on Tuesday (he refuses to do it before it is actually December. We did see lots of people had their exterior lights already up when we drove to Twin’s. Some people had their inside C’mas trees up too!! We had our GandT with Lindy and then watched SCD – difficult to say who will be in the Dxnce Oxx – although I do fear for Clxrx as she had a second bad week in a row. It is Advxnt Sxnday today, so we were asked to download an A4 sheet which a black and white circular design, which we could then colour, cut out and put on a plain plate. Add tea lights and voila – an Advxnt Cxndle Rxng ready to be lit today (well the first candle) during our service this morning. Just as well I had colouring pencils!! I think we will have a lazy afternoon and read, do our crosswords etc. as normal. Then this evening we have the D/Off and H D Materials to watch. Yesterday evening we caught up with The R’pair Shop from Wednesday and then watched DinP for our daily dose of sunshine. Morning BHB, yes it is very dark out still. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Chxmpxnska into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 29, 2020, 10:25
Morning all and it is a very gloomy one here, very musky and a bit chilly at 6c. So yesterday was laundry day and I got that done and some tidying up of things. I sometimes wonder how I manage to have any tidying to do when it is just me here, surely I can manage to make any mess! I must have gremlins! I also had a delivery from Mr O. I think it may be my last one until after C/mas as the slots disappear very fast, but as I am lucky to be on Mr W;s endangered list I am fine for the time being Think I am lucky I won't need a C/mas slot though as they vanished like snow in summer! Watched SCD of course and I agree with Twin that I think Clxra will go. She had a bad dance again and although the voting public usually like people like her to have a second chance, especially when her Chxrlestxn was so good, I feel another bad dance is a step too far! Today I have the ixxnxxg to do and another small wash so that will keep me busy for a while.

Shame you have had to cancel your hols Fi, though it is perhaps for the best if you would have lost money otherwise. If, things are better than you fear you will hopefully be able to get away in the summer somewhere. I Hope you manage to get the s/markets sorted out. It does seem mad that it takes so much effort. However it is worth it when you succeed! You are right about seeing a real person. It made my day, well week or even month!

Ali that is excellent news about J&C getting the keys to the house, they must be thrilled. So Jack has decided what he wants to do now. Fingers crossed it all works out for him, though at least he has the tree work as well. Will also keep fingers crossed for your cafe business. I am thinking you should be ok as I suspect a lot of people will want to get out and about.

Hoping your heating is up and running again Jo.

Morning BHB and we have teacakes and Chxmpxnska today? How lovely, so let's get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, November 29, 2020, 13:05

And another grey day but again no rain. I have been for a walk and completed Mum's Sains. order. Have booked a delivery slot on 21 for us, decided I would rather avoid doing the shopping in person then as it's likely to be very busy. Just taken the sheets out of the washing machine and hung them to dry. The cricket from Paarl in the Winelands has just started (England v SA). The ground has lovely views of the mountains. Lovely blue sky with nice breeze ..... Tomorrow morning I finally have my dental check up, delayed from April. Fingers crossed my teeth are fine and I don't have to go back.

Sorry you've cancelled your holiday, Fi, but think it's the right decision given your friends' situation and not losing money. Hope you can sort out something for the two of you.

Hope the transfer of furniture and boxes to new home is going well and the couple will be happy there, Ali. Good luck to Jack and his application. Not surprised you had a headace after the online training.

Also think Cl*ra likely to go, it was a poor performance from her. I voted for first time this season.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 29, 2020, 22:10
Heating was up and running by lunchtime on Friday. Just as well as the temperature was lower. There was the bonus that the water was still heating as that took the chill off the house.

Ali best wishes to Jack for his application. I just smiled. Does he know about his 'aunties' who are really interested in his progress, but has never seen? I can just imagine what my brother would have said at that age.

Thinking of my brother, since the first lock down I've spoken to him 5 times (maybe 6) on the phone. That is almost 6 years of phone calls!!!=w;szxaaa Tamsey is amazed about this too.

Sorry I did not get back earlier in the weekend, somehow the days quickly disappear. I can't show lots of things completed, I have done lots of walking.

I've tried to recommence the vitamins/supplements I used to take when I was at work. Some of the vitamins/supplements disappeared in the first lockdown, so I've not managed to replace them all. The types are about, just they are the very expensive brands.

Listened to the Shadows YT again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQk9zk4hHB0&pbjreload=101

Watched training vids for Bruce https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1333081004932800513.html

Have a good day tomorrow all
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 30, 2020, 07:22
Morning and grey and gloomy and slightly foggy this morning. It is 5C out at the moment, so no frost (although according to Cfile there may be some later this week).

It was a grey day here Diana, but again we had a few drizzly showers – nothing too heavy, just miserable. We are collecting our MandS C’mas food at 8.30 on C Eve – hopefully not many people around at that time!! I see we won the cricket against SA. How lovely for them to have lovely blue skies...........rather than our grey ones! Good luck with the dental check up – it is now a year since my last check up but not sure we will get to our dentist at all this year. I have used my three online free votes each week – not always for the same couple!

That’s excellent you now have your heating back – I am sure the rest of the family appreciate it. I see you have had more contact with your brother – I still think brothers aren’t bothered about chatting – MM talks to his about twice a year, I always speak to June about three times a week and used to do the same with Ann. I see TK was helping you with your post. I think lots of people started taking the vit supplements at the start of the first lxckdxsn – I usually take VitD, E and C – and I found it hard to get any (I was just getting on line orders then). The expensive ones really are expensive! Ann was a huge Shxdxws fan of course! Did Bruce watch the training with you??

After our service (candles all lit safely) we had our lazy day – although MM did go out into the garage to do what I know not! After that he read the papers, I did my crosswords, a little reading, and watched another two episodes of The Fxll – just about to start series 3. We watched the D/Off – I will say no more in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet. This morning we are off to Mr S and we should be ok for our socially distanced outdoor coffee with Lindy and Lawrence. The rain isn’t due until the afternoon (which is not good news for MM as he and the Vicar and our Church Architect are having a (socially distanced) site meeting with the contractors working on the tower). I have realised I have one present still to come for June, so hoping that might arrive today or tomorrow so I can get it wrapped before we do the present handover! Morning BHB, yes a very dark start to the day. Let’s take the Lavendula and the cheese scones into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM gets here.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 30, 2020, 10:30
Morning all and it is a gloomy one again here, looking very like it might rain at any moment. I think tomorrow is supposed to be a lovely sunny day, I really do hope so as we need some sun. Yesterday I did my ixxnxxg and a small wash as well so a bit more of it to do today. After that I took stock of what I had for people for C/mas to give me an idea of what else I might need. Not too bad but still a few things to get/ I feel it just as well I have relatively few things to buy as I am not very good at it! Today I am hoping the plumber will turn up at lunch time to finish the job in the downstairs loo. I feel fairly positive he will, especially as I haven't paid him yet!

The thought of the blue skies and sunshine is just lovely Diana. I am sure you are missing them dreadfully. I haven't had a proper check up since last November! The visit I had to the dentist a month ago, she only checked the tooth I was worried about, which is fine now btw, so doesn't count. I will ring after C/mas and see if there is a waiting list I can go on, as I think I did hear that is what they were doing. Hope your teeth are all ok.

Glad your heating was soon fixed Jo as I am sure you and your little family are as well! Amazing what lockdowns have done, and you have spoken to your brother more. Not surprised TK was amazed as well. As I have for years been taking a calcium tablet daily which has added vit D I am hoping I am fine for it. I take enough flipping tablets without adding more! So did Bruce pay attention to the videos?

Morning BHB and we have cheese scones with our Lavendula? Yum! Let's get more and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Monday, November 30, 2020, 12:38
Afternoon. Another gloomy day and chilly with a bit of rain likely later but tomorrow due to be sunny if colder.

Dentist was fine. They took Xrays as it's been a while. Tiny chip in filling but no need to do anything at present phew.

I'm still waiting for N.W*st to transfer the money from the closed account. I wasn't very impressed with their service and it's now been a week since I went to the branch. I don't see why other places can close an account and transfer the money the same day but I'm still waiting for NW. I'm going to call shortly.

Glad your heating was sorted out on Friday, Jo. One of everyone's worst nightmares for a boiler to go during the winter.

I don't speak to my brother often, usually when it's someone's birthday or if he rings when I'm staying with my parents, but I email him every 2/3 weeks.

I always take vit C tablets during the colder half of the year. This year we have also been taking omega oils and I want to get some vit D as we're not getting our usual sunshine boost at this time of year.

Just checked and I only have series 1-2 on DVD of The F*ll so will have to get series 3 if don't get round to watching it on iPl*yer. I'd like to watch series one again as it was so good and to remind me of everything that happened before seeing 2.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2020, 07:09
Morning and it is warm 2C here with the prospect of a warm 7C later on. It is still dark at the moment but I think we have clear skies. Yesterday was foggy and damp for most of the morning I see the forecast is saying we may have s showers on Friday – eek!!

Diana, so no worries about your teeth – one little chip in a filling is not bad at all. I am still missing the little part of a filling that came out during the first lockdown but it doesn’t seem to be causing any problems so I am leaving it be until things sort themselves out. That isn’t very good of NW (which is my bank – have to say I have never had any problems with them). It does seem odd that they couldn’t transfer the money on the day that you closed the account – hopefully you managed to sort it out with your phone call. I have to say that when I initially saw the headlines about taking VitD I assumed they were suggesting we took it as people hadn’t got their normal dose of sunshine in the summer by going away – then I read on and it discovered that the vitamin seemed to help with the virus! Who knew! I have now seen the first episode of series 3 of The Fxll – I think there were a couple of years between shooting the second and third series, so although it purported to be the same day as the last episode of series 2, Spector’s children were a good two years older! I imagine if you watched it when it was first shown you might not have noticed, but as I am watching one after another it is very obvious – especially with the daughter!

Update on Eva – she is still not doing well with the sleeping (one and half hours the other night) and is considering going to see her a’puncturist to see if that can help. She has upgraded her gizmo and is able to watch our tv and so she can watch SCD!

Other, sadder news is that I heard from K2 and she lost her father to the virus yesterday.

Mr S was fairly quiet yesterday, and they had opened up another check out so there were four in operation. As a result, there were no long queues as we have had for the last couple of weeks. ‘As it was dry we had our coffee sitting on the wall and socially distanced – of course next week we will still be outside but there will be tables and chairs – so depending on whether it is dry or not we will be able to sit in more comfort (I think we will stay use the seat cushions though!). We had a short sharp shower on our way home, but no other rain. MM went off for his meeting and the good news is that the men may finish of Friday (just as well if there is the s word forecast). The church will need a big clean but we may be able to open in a couple of weeks. I had a conversation with Marg, our conductor whilst MM was at his meeting, and we have sorted out how we will run the rehearsal on Wednesday evening. We had a lovely GandT with Twin early evening, so the world is once more put to rights (if only it would listen to us). The pressie for June arrived yesterday evening, so that can be taken down with the others. Timing is all!! We had a lots of fireworks going off yesterday afternoon and evening and apparently it was a Sxxh festival. Today is the funeral of a lady from church who died of blxxd cxncer a week and a half ago. She and her daughter used to run the Sxndxy School before Becky (the daughter was diagnosed with cxncxr and had aggressive chxmo). The hearse is going to drive in front of the church and stop for a moment so many of the congregation will go and stand along the church wall (socially distanced) and after the hearse has gone by we will go into our Garden of Remembrance and light tealights and leave flowers. Before that I hope to do up the few remaining presents I have bought and then the wrapping paper can go back up into the loft and we can start getting the house (well the dining room and conservatory) back into some sort of order. HC tonight of course! Morning BHB, yes it is still rather dark but then it is the first day of December! Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Pxinsxtta into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM to arrive. Yes I think we may need the pink blanket this morning!
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2020, 09:48
Morning and a lovely one but cold. We are going to RHS Wisl*y late pm to see the lights so will need to wrap up.

I spoke to NW and they said it could take up to 5 working days for the money to be in my account which takes it today. The person who dealt with it had to pass the form to another dept so I guess that could add another day or two. Anyway it's not there as of 10 mins ago. I'm intending to go to the shops on Thursday, weather permitting, so will go in the bank then if the money still hasn't arrived.

Thanks for passing on the sad news from K2, Carol. That's good news about the church.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2020, 10:39
Morning all and it is a cold one her4e as well. It says 5c but there is a wind which is straight from the arctic I think, brrr! I know this as my window cleaner has just been and I had to go out to open the back gate. I did not hang about! I did the rest of my ixxnxxg yesterday, then I finally managed to have a sort through my handbags and have parted with a few, well they haven't actually gone anywhere , but are in my small bedroom ready for the day they can go! So not sure what excitement today will hold for me but I will manage to find something I am sure! I still have cupboards that need a good clear out! Such is the excitement of my life at the moment.

Poor K2 Twin, that is so sad. Dreadful think to have happened.

I hope you get your money sorted Diana, Seems odd that it takes so long for them to transfer it. Glad your dental visit went well.

Morning BHB and you have done Pxxnsxtta and paninis for us today. Very festive! Let's get more of everything and go and join the CM.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, December 1, 2020, 18:12
Busy day today. We went to the house on the hill this morning. It was fun to go around to 'chat' to other dogs. Most of the dogs are quite chilled. There are quite a few puppies. Bruce is very good with puppies. There was a problem today, for Bruce it was a disaster. We were 4 people from the head of the queue for tea and snack. There was an electrical outage. The power came on but the till would not start up. I suggested the classic 'turn the power off, count slowly to 10 and turn it back on again'. Didn't work. They got through to their engineer. The cafe lady said 'he's suggested I turn off and count to ten slowly and turn it back on again'. I replied it was the standard engineer recommendation. We waited 5 mins, Bruce was not happy. He has standards in the speed of service. I got out a couple of treats before his complaints were too loud. We walked back to the car. He'd forgotten the omission by the time we got to the car.

It has been cold today. I had a little nap this afternoon, woke up cold as I'd turned down the heating, bad move. We had a brisk local walk to warm me up. We can go visiting tomorrow, Bruce will be happy. Have occasionally popped to see Duffy and visa versa. We keep distanced and it is usually 10 mins or less. I'm Duffy minding on Thurs. This time I'll try to ensure there is no repeat of last week. Middle of road, Bruce pulls to left to see his friends in old people flats (not allowed due to lock down), Duffy pulls to right to go to my house.

On Friday I want to go to the community centre to go to the card+ present shop that shutdown, it now pops up in the community centre (when there is no lockdown). I need to check I can bring Bruce, usually dogs are allowed.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 2, 2020, 07:23
Morning and another fairly chilly day – 2C at the moment. Yesterday was bright and sunny all day, although it was chilly out of the sun and there was quite a cold breeze. No frost this morning (I know as I just put the refuse out for collection).

Diana, hope you had a lovely time at Wxsley – our trip to Kxw lights is now the first week in January (having been moved from last week due to the lockdown!). That seems a long time to move money into the account. Fingers crossed if will have happened before you need to go and sort them out on Thursday. I see the forecast for Friday has now changed from snxw to slxxt here! Let’s hope they are right!

Goodness Jo – something that doesn’t work after the switch off, count to ten, then switch back on routine. It must have been a very tricky outage! So no snack for Bruce but I see you tried to make it up to him by giving him treats. I see you are off visiting today - I am sure Bruce is thrilled – I suspect he doesn’t understand that he can’t visit everywhere he used to! Oh that is good that the card/gift shop is still surviving in a different format – I think you also said they might be operating on line? .

I did a couple of more bits of present wrapping yesterday morning, whilst MM put the lights up outside – just need to put the other lights up but he needs some bricks to anchor them (collecting from Lindy’s front garden this afternoon). We went and stood outside the church and it was lovely in the sunshine – just cold in the shade! There were about thirty of us there to clap the hearse as it drove by, and then we went into the garden for prayers and to lay our flowers and tealights (there was a little bit of a problem keeping the tealights lit due to the breeze!). We watched HC during the evening of course – so true to life (not). Today we are off to take the NForest presents to June – I want to make sure they are there should anything untoward happen in the next few weeks (you never know at the moment). So poor Debs has gone to the wall – inevitable after Mr Green’s company went bust as they have so many of his shops as outlets in store. It is the main anchor store in our shopping centre so will leave a huge gap (there are already empty units). This evening is our choir on zxxm – week two of our C’mas music and wearing C’mas hats a necessity (I make the rules!). Morning BHB, yes it is a little chilly out but we should be nice and snug in the conservatory. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Gxldxn Wxnderlxnd in there and we can have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket until the DCM gets here.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 2, 2020, 10:34
Morning all and it is ba ck to grey and dreary here, though it is dry at the moment. Not sure that will last though. So yesterday was another day of not much happening. I did some household things and wrapped up my g/nephew's pressie then I went for a walk as it was a nice day and enjoyed it very much. Watched HC last night and have decided it is no place to be ill. You could be operated on by someone mad with grief, a drug addict or a murderer! Today I think I will go and post the parcel then that is off my mind and it should get there in time for C/mas!

Hope you had a lovely Chrismassy walk round Wisley Diana and your money is sorted!

I think the turn off and then back on thing may not work on tills Jo. I know my hairdressers till went down a while back when I was trying to pay, it didn;t work for then either. Fortunately for me they know me well and let me go home and then they got it sorted. It took most of the morning! I am sure Bruce will be delighted to go visiting again.

Morning BHB and we have crumpets and Gxlden Wxnderland today? How lovely, let's get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 2, 2020, 12:13
Just got back from the morning walk. I'm trying to do Xmas shopping in the village where I can. The 'posh' dress shop had its lights on today, as I had Bruce with me, I knocked on the door. She said they don't open until tomorrow, and they do allow dogs in. I put a marker down for an item on sale in the window. She'd not started up the till, so I couldn't buy it now. Nice lady, I've not bought from there in the last 2 years.
The online presence of the card shop is just an A4 sheet, she said privately her partner needs to pull his finger out. I'm assuming they are getting enough business via their drive to your house service. They also attend the monthly village market.
One of the charity shops was open today. They don't allow dogs in. The shop which displays dresses costing up to £500 each allows dogs in and the charity shop does not.
The walk must have tired Bruce, he is zonked in the front room

We'll not be going to the house on the hill until next week. I don't like to nab too many tickets. I like to let other people get tickets. The shop will be open today as they were setting up yesterday. They do allow dogs into the shop. Just have to be careful as edibles are placed low.

Hope Wisley meets expectations and the weather is good.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 3, 2020, 07:09
Morning and dull and overcast here – and I think we have drizzle. Yesterday turned out to be much the same!

Diana hope the money has now reached your account and you won’t have to go and try to sort it out in person!

Jo, lovely that you are trying to support the shops in the village. How strange that the “posh” shop will allow dogs and the charity one won’t! I can see that the online card shop might need slightly more than one single page – I see it is down to her partner to get it sorted – fingers crossed. So you have been tiring Bruce out! Very silly of the shop to put edibles within easy reach I feel. I am sure Bruce will miss his visit to the house on the hill (and the coffee shop afterwards) but very good of you (and him of course) to think of allowing others to be able to purchase tickets.

We had a good drive down to Hxmpshire. The presents are now safely delivered (it is Dylan’s 11th birthday on Monday so we needed to get his card and present there in time for that. The other birthdays are a couple of weeks away. June passed a box of our presents and ones for Imogen and Marcus – so now we have to get those delivered! I think I will contact Roger and see if he is going to visit soon and if so we will run the box over to him so he can take them when he visits (he bubbles with Victoria and Glen). Our drive back wasn’t so good as there had been “an incident” on the X3 so we just a queue and eventually it cleared (no idea what it was as no sign of anything, although an ambulance had gone down just before we joined the queue. The X25 was as busy as ever and had speed restrictions – which according to the gantry board were due to “report of pedestrians on motorway” – I have never seen that sign before! We had a good sing in the evening and the new hub and extender are now working perfectly as Jean, our accompanist, didn’t disappear at all, nor freeze at all, during our hour and a half. Everyone had either a C’mas hat or a C’mas jumper on! They are all very obedient! MM’s was a black “santa” one saying “Bah Humbug!”. Mine was a hairband with a halo on it! This morning we have a zxxm meeting to talk about reopening the church once the tower works are complete (next week hopefully – depending on how the weather over the next couple of days goes). We then have a PCC meeting on zxxm this evening. I have a couple more presents to wrap so I might do those this afternoon. Morning BHB, yes it is quite gloomy out isn’t it. Let’s take the cinnamon buns and the Smxkey Jxe into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM to arrive. As it is only 3C I think we might need the pink blanket this morning.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, December 3, 2020, 08:46
Morning all.

Raining here and it's going to get worse. We are probably going into Br*mley this morning to do a bit of shopping.

Enjoyed Glow at W*sley. A good night to go as despite it being cold, there was no wind so the ponds were almost still. This meant there were wonderful reflections of the trees in the water, they looked quite eerie. The lighting was very good. We each had a sausage & bacon bap with onions, and after hot chocolate with cream for Ploppy and marshmallows for me. There was lots of traffic despite the signs on the motorway advising not to travel.

The funds from NW were in my account yesterday so at least that's now sorted. One thing less to think about.

Tomorrow we are taking the Xmas presents to my parents. Hoping the rain stays as rain for the journey.

Pedestrians on the motorway, that's a new one on me too, Carol.

Good luck with the present shopping in the village, Jo. Hope you get the sale item you want.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 3, 2020, 10:23
Morning all and it is a horrid wet, dark December day . I have the lights on at the moment. I shall be staying put today I think! Yesterday I went and posted the present to my g/nephew and texted his Mum to warn her it was on it's way and so she could intercept it and keep it till C/mas. Glad to see our post box in the village has been decorated with lovely little snowball men again. Every year it is done for charity and I love it! After that I went for a run in the car and thought I would go to my garden centre I use. It was far busier than expected, a lot of very elderly who have no idea about social distancing and don't wear their mask properly so after a whisk round I left. One encouraging sight was how full their café was so hopefully Ali's will be the same. Today I will be doing things inside I think unless there is a huge improvement in the weather.

Hope you get your stuff from the shop today Jo. I have to say I like to do things in the village here but as there are not many retail stores sadly I can't do much shopping. We have 2 beauty salons, 2 barbers, a butchers, a bakers and a mini s/market. The rest are mainly restaurants! Nice of Bruce to give other dogs a chance of walking at the big house.

Diana your walk round Wisley sounds lovely. You definitely picked the right day of the week. The refreshments sound rather yummy too. Good the money is sorted as well. I have seen the sign about pedestrians. some times it is just people who have broken down or had an accident, though there are sometimes weird people who are walking along the road for heaven knows what reason! I think once they were illegal immigrants.

Morning BHB and we have cinnamon buns and Smxkey Joe? Heavenly! Let's get more and find the CM.

Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 4, 2020, 07:54
Morning and gloomy out but not sign of either slxxt or snxw and I see the forecast has changed to “light showers” with a warm 3 – 7C forecast for the day.

Hopefully you didn’t get too wet Diana – it was a really miserable “dreich” day here – not one to entire you outside. That sounds a lovely visit to Wxslxy. When we have visited Kxw over the last few years we have been really lucky and had dry weather – last year when we went to Bl’heim instead it poured with rain! I was pleased ot see NW had finally sorted out the account for you – as you say one less thing to think about. I hope you have a good drive down to your parents on your Sxntx trip and your parents are both ok.

Our meeting yesterday lasted two hours – we were sorting out all sorts of things, going forward into next year, and whether we are likely to face another lxckdxwn in Jxnuary. Anyway we came up with a plan so that was good. After that I didn’t actually get around to doing anything (ok I confess I did some colouring and watched APintheS). We had our video GandT with Mary and Les. Dxva had had to go to the vet as she has an ear infection, but apart from that they are all well. The evening brought our PCC meeting – that lasted two and a half hours (although the last half hour was sharing an on line C’mas drink and a chat). This morning we are off to U’bridge to MandS for a mini food shop, plus I have to go the B Soc., and MM wants to go to the jeweller with his cut off wedding ring so it can be enlarged and he can wear it again. I contacted Rxger yesterday and asked about taking the presents over – he is off to see them on Monday and then will be isolating for two weeks so he can go to S’land for C’mas with Sarah. As a result we are driving over this afternoon. I have plans to may be stop on the way home at the big shop near Jo..... I need to fit my church call in between this morning’s shop and the drive over to C’nnor but other than that nothing planned. Morning BHB yes it is a little gloomy. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the pink blanket until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 4, 2020, 10:23
Morning all and it is another dire one here. All drizzly and wet, but as there is no snxw as yet I am not complaining!. Yesterday was a really wet day, it rained quite heavily for most of the day. As a consequence I didn't do very much. I did manage to do a little but of C/mas shopping on line, and also dis a bit of light h/work so nothing to write home (or on here) about! Can't see today being too much different unless the weather changes drastically. One sad thing that happened. Lat Wednesday there was a car accident just round the corner from me on the road through to St A. There was the air ambulance called and the road closed. I heard yesterday she dies in hospital. She was only young and had a small child. terrible.

I hope your weather was not as bad for your visit to your parents Diana, and that the presents were delivered safely.

Morning BHB and we have Vanillita of course and you have done paninis for us as well? You star! Let's get more and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Friday, December 4, 2020, 16:57
Evening. Well it was lovely to get back to work but it has been really quiet sadly. Due to the tier 2 restrictions of households mixing etc people are just not coming into the coffee den. Fortunately we have an event on tomorrow (all covid compliant) for children so at least we’ll be busier. I do fear for hospitality if this continues.
I risked it and bought a real tree today (potted) will attempt to decorate it tomorrow night. Hoping Belle leaves it alone but not convinced!!
Jack has been busy painting his new room, just the one wall left to paper. Not sure his old room will get done before xmas though!
We had snow here this morning! Didn’t settle but it was only around 2 degrees 🥶
Glad of the lovely log burner at work
TK wrote:
Friday, December 4, 2020, 20:07
Bit chilly tonight. Only 3 fleeces on, ranging from thin to thick. CH is on too. I did have an on and off sleep this afternoon. I was watching Wonderful Life, dosing off during the ads and waking up. It's not as if I don't know what happens. I first saw the film when it came out. I wasn't too keen on it. I like it much more now.

Done some Christmas shopping at the lady who used to run the card shop, pop up shop. She has got some good deals. Bruce was still walking by the river when I was there as Mr Ex P was having a long walk with a proper dog walker with a young dog, so he took charge of Bruce. Too far for Duffy and me. Duffy didn't go at all stayed in the warm. Bruce came back knackered. It would have been funny if our fight for the sofa had been filmed. In the end I did get the bit I wanted. Due to my hip I can't move quickly to get the bit of the sofa I want. I did have phone call from doc. Got to wait again for appt to the physio specialist place I went to for the physio check and the x-rays. I did get info from the doc on what pain killer drugs to take and how many. I've not been taking as many as I can, cos I've been following instructions. She did confirm there will be no messing with my epilepsy drugs. Some docs have wanted to tinker with dose. Makes me cross. She did say the right hip is quite a bit worse than the left.

Lee is doing another show at Crazy Coqs in the New Year :) No idea if the Tier Level will be OK, but tickets bought. Fingers crossed for the panto at MK. There is one benefit of safeguarding actions because of the virus, I've not had a cold for a year. If I do get a cold I'll know that I'm doing something wrong.

Pauline the outcome of the car accident is so sad.

Better have a bath, going out early tomorrow
TK wrote:
Friday, December 4, 2020, 20:20
Rereading the post reminded me. Carol, where did MM get his ring cut off? My arthritis has made it impossible for me to get grandma's ring off. She was about 5ft tall. So the ring is well and truly stuck
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2020, 08:13
|Morning and a nice bright start to the day – it is a warm 3C. Yesterday the afternoon was bright and sunny and there was a fantastic sunset. Sarah in E’bugh had the s word (she sent photos of little Daniel enjoying his first outing with the strange white stuff on the ground) and so did Mary and Les. We now have very pretty pink clouds in the sky.

That’s such a shame that it was quiet for you at work. Yes we can’t go inside with Lindy & Lawrence for a coffee but we can sit outside distanced, which isn’t very useful for your coffee den. Good planning to have the childrens’ event today – hopefully that will go really well for you. June and the family in the NForest always have real trees – we have had artificial for some time now. I am sure Belle is going to be fascinated by the tree and especially any baubles on it – good luck! I see Jack has been busy decorating (hopefully the injured hand isn’t affecting his brushwork). So you were one of the lucky ones to get a sprinkling of the s word – very festive!

Only three fleeces on yesterday Jo? I am amazed at your fortitude! I have to say W Life wasn’t my favourite either – I preferred SHoliday! Well done on the C’mas shopping from the pop up shop. I see you farmed Bruce out for his walk – he really must have been put through is paces if he was tired when he was returned to you – l wish we could have seen the fight for the sofa. That’s good that the meds won’ affect your other drxgs. I think we will hold off booking for the NY (I have a nasty feeling there will be another lxckdxwn). We are still hoping that the pxnto will go ahead. There was an item on the News yesterday showing the procedures in place at the theatre in the Rxyal town near you. MM went to an independent jeweller in U’bridge Pxvxlions centre (the older of the two centres). It is on the corner of the block of shops between MAndS and Wxlcx. He has bought me some jewellery there in the past and they are very good. He didn’t leave his ring for replacement incidentally as they said due to C’mas and the lxckdxwn it wouldn’t be back until January. He said he will take it in during the NYxar.

The car park in U’brdge was full and we had to park on the top floor out in the open. It was nice to see shops all busy (I think most of the shoppers may have been in Prxmxrk as they weren’t in MandS. I did my banking (no queue) and went to the PO for an overseas stamp and then we did our food shop. No queues at the check out. We drove over with the presents in the afternoon and happened to see one of Ann’s friends who was out for a walk – so we had a nice at distance chat. Her husband has been shielding as he has pcxncer. We handed over the pressies to Roger and then called into the big shop near Jo. That was also busy and we had to park right down the bottom of the car park. There was a queue but we didn’t have to wait long as the system is very well managed. I was surprised to see a sign as we stood on our markers which said you could book your place in the queue!! The store is very well organised and there are sanitising stations at regular intervals around the sales floors. Today is laundry day of course. I have a Mr O order coming but that is this afternoon just before we have our GandT with Lindy and Lawrence. SCD tonight of course – not sure who will be leaving this week. It could be anyone! Morning BHB, yes it is a chilly start. Let’s take the cinnamon buns and the Axtumx Lxaves into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket while we wait for the DCM to arrive.
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2020, 10:55
Morning all and it is a nice sunny one here, at the moment anyway! Just so lovely to see blue sky and sun after all the dreariness of the last few days. I had another day of doing a lot of nothing much yesterday. I did move about, but not doing anything of much interest as I can't remember what I was doing! I have just taken a delivery from Mr W so I can eat again this week. One thing this pandemic has done for me is make my life revolve around food deliveries! Never realised how much I took s/market shopping for granted. Now I need to get the laundry sorted then I may start thinking about C/mas decorations and things. Maybe!

Ali that is a real shame about your café being quiet. I think the one at my garden centre was busy cos it has a loyalty scheme which give a free coffee and cake when you have so may stamps in the card and also it does special rate pensioner lunches. As it has been there quite a while it has obviously built up a substantial customer base. Hopefully you will be able to as well. Fingers and toes crossed for you. I see Jack has wasted no time in claiming is new bedroom!

Bruce must have had a very long walk to be zonked out Jo. Glad to see you managed to claim your bit of sofa! Thanks for the info about Lee. I would love to see him of course, but still not happy about the idea of travelling on the tube until this virus is more under control, plus I am pretty sure January will see another clamp down, so I think we will have to do with (hopefully) seeing him in panto for now.

Morning BHB and I can smell cinnamon buns, scrummy, and we have Axtumn Lxaves as well. Delish, so let's get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, December 5, 2020, 11:16

We had a good day out yesterday. The weather was cold but we had some sunshine along with a little rain. As you said, Carol, there was a lovely sunset and the light on the trees as the sun was going down was beautiful. We dropped the Xmas presents with my parents and had a short chat with them in their garage. We then had a quick walk along the front, so lovely to see the sea again though the water didn't look at all inviting. We both wanted a McDs for lunch as it's been ages since the last time. There's a branch about a third of the way back so we pulled off the road but the small car park was pretty full (not helped by some badly parked cars) so Ploppy decided to go into H*rsham. We had a quick walk through the shopping area and I checked my phone for the nearest branch which was the one we'd just come from! So decided we'd go to one a few miles from home. It was too much hassle to eat in so we placed an order and took it home so it was 5.00 pm before we had lunch! We enjoyed it so the wait was worth it.

I watched the first part of an interesting TV music series on BBC4 with Neil Br*nd last night.

We got most of the shopping we wanted on Thursday. There was a queue to get into the card shop so didn't go in and will try the local branch this week. M&S was pretty busy and many people weren't following social distancing so will avoid the town until after New Year.

I'm going to phone Mum shortly and will then probably go out for a walk to the building society. Also have a few emails to deal with but they might get left for another day.

Sorry to hear work has been very quiet, Ali. Hope it picks up and that the event today goes well.

That's good that the meds for your hip are OK with your regular ones.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, December 6, 2020, 07:53
Morning and it is still dark here so I am not sure what the weather is doing although it is apparently only 2C out.

Diana, I am sure your parents were really pleased to see you – even if only in the garage for a short while. Lovely to be able to go for a walk along the seafront afterwards. That was a very late lunch! It was obviously national McD day! I really don’t know if people are wilfully ignoring the 2m distancing or if they have just completely forgotten they are meant to do it! I am still staggered at the amount of people who wear their face masks under their noses!! We even saw someone in JohnL doing that! In fact in JohnL there were constant tannoy announcements reminding people about face wearing and to keep their distance – maybe other shops should do the same.

I saw a photo on Fbxxk of Ali in her C’mas Elf outfit (looking very cute) – hopefully they had a wonderful and it gave the cafe a boost.

I did manage to get the laundry and the i word all done yesterday. We video called Mrs Chris to wish her happy birthday before I started. I watched the last couple of episodes of The Fxll – really enjoyed it. Whilst I slaved over the i board MM went and finished putting up the exterior lights so last night it looked very pretty outside! We had our GandT with Lindy and Lawrence, had time to eat, and then it was SCD. I really don’t know who will be in the D/O, but suspect it could be JJ – he did well but was not as competent as the others. We shall see this evening. After SCD we had an hour’s video chat with Oz - they are having a heatwave. The bay where they live is close to Frxser Islxnd where someone left a bbq not fully put out and as a result there has been a huge fire. They have warnings to close windows when the wind blows towards the bay, to stop smoke inhalation. This morning we have our church service and then we will put the boxes of wrxpping paper away in the loft along with the C’mas labels and ribbon. Then we should be able to bring the decorations down ready for next week. No other plans, although of course we will be watching the Results show later and then his DM. Morning BHB, yes it does look a little grey out. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Wxx Wxx into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 6, 2020, 10:09
Morning all and it s a grey and murky one here, the sort of day that makes the cold go right through you. Yesterday was a really nice day and I did get out a little bit. I did do a bit of laundry and then I decided to get a bit festive and hoiked the tree out of the shed, so now it is sitting beside me ready to be decorated. It is a bit early for me but I think it will be nice to have something cheerful round the place. I watched SCD last night of course. feel it is possibly time for JJ to go. Not sure who else will be in the d/off but possibly Jaimie or even Bill . Today I will be ixxnxxg then I will decorate the tree. I will probably not do the rest of the house until later in the week. I'll see.

Your day to drop off the parents presents sounds lovely Diana. I am sure it was nice to see them even if it was only a short chat. McD's seems to be the go to place when lockdowns finish! Probably a lot of families just want to get the kids out for a while! Glad you managed to get sorted eventually! I take lunch and dinner became one! I have seen that series with Neil B and it is very interesting. He is excellent.

Morning BHB and we have teacakes and Wxx Wxx today? Just perfect, so let's get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, December 6, 2020, 10:14
Morning all.

Turned out a much nicer day yesterday than expected. Today we're back to grey and dull and there's been rain overnight, at least it looks a bit brighter now than a couple of hours ago. Once the towel wash has finished, I will go out for a walk and take some stuff to the recycling bins. I am then planning on catching up with some of the recordings on the T*vo box while Ploppy is out playing golf.

Yes, Carol, I think it would be helpful if more places made announcements reminding people about masks and social distancing. I have heard the occasional one in Sains. but nowhere else (though haven't been into many places).
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 6, 2020, 10:27
The show at Ronnie Scott's yesterday was much more than I expected. The lady singer (Cassidy Janson) was excellent, the songs were good. I thought the show was going to be mostly her and only a couple of songs from Lee. It wasn't. She only did a few songs. Lee was excellent. The band were excellent. The food was good. The sitting wasn't as spaced as the Crazy Coq but OK. Most of the audience looked like Ronnie Scott regulars. A morning start was not good for my hip, it was painful.
Must go now Pilates class about to start

Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 7, 2020, 08:03
Morning and it is a warm 0C and slightly foggy here. We will be hitting the heights of 4C later apparently – I see Jo will need most of her fleeces on!

Diana, hopefully the brighter weather reached you yesterday – apart from the chill it was a lovely day and would have been very nice for your walk. Ah I see now things are out of lxckdxwn Ploppy is back to his golf. Yes Mr S do make announcements now and then too, but I don’t think most shopper really listen. I still don’t understand why people think wearing the mask over your mouth but not your nose is going to do anything to protect you!!

Glad you enjoyed the show, Jo. Actually I thought the pxnto rehearsals would have started but obviously not – they must be starting next week and presumably all have to test for the virus before they can start being in a bubble together. Hope you managed the P’tes without any hip pain.

Yesterday was bright but chilly during the day. We had a few techie problems with our on line service but not too many (mainly sound glitches) and soon resolved. Hopefully next week, when we have our on line Cxrol service it will all be ok! MM put the wrapping paper away into the loft yesterday and I ended up pottering about. Today is one of our big family birthday days – Sarah, Dylan, MM’s brother and my cousin’s daughter. The stork has been busy over the years. I chatted with June in the afternoon and Gemma and the boys had given Dylan a birthday party in the afternoon (Dylan and Paul are a bubble with them). They sent June some photos so she showed them to me on the video call – his cake had 11 candles on it so was quite bright! Can’t believe he is 11 already. During the evening we watched the Results show – have to say I agreed with the result which takes nothing away from the achievement of the eliminated celeb who has done so well. Afterwards it was HDMxterials and then we caught up with the programme on the D’busters that was shown last week, and which we missed for various reasons. MM wanted to watch that and it was very interesting. This morning we are off to Mr S for our shop – hopefully it won’t be too cold for our outdoor coffee (at least we will be able to sit at chairs today). This afternoon our Bubble is coming over for an overnight stay. Morning BHB, yes it is a very gloomy start to the day and definitely a pink blanket day! Let’s take the Lxvendula and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM to arrive.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 7, 2020, 10:15
Morning all and it is a misty murky and cold one here. 0c as well. Not sure it will clear today as it looks pretty grim. Yesterday was not that bright either, the misty lingered for most of the day. I did a little bit of ixxnxxg then I decided to decorate the tree and it is now here beside me looking festive. Need something cheerful when the weather is like this! Watched the results show of SCD and agree that it was the right result. mind I don't think the other one in the dance off will last beyond next week, though of course you can never tell. It is a year when they are all fairly good now, with a few really outstanding, but as ever it will come down to popularity as to who reaches the final. Then watched HDM which is really being excellent. Anything where I still get scared though I know what happens is very well done I think! Today I have the ixxnxxg to finish and also I am having a smart meter fitted later. I am hoping they won;t turn up at the end of their slot as I am hoping to get to Twin later.

Jo glad you enjoyed the whole of the RS show. We knew you were always going to enjoy certain parts of it! I know he has the C/mas show at Crazy G in a couple of days and one assumes he must then isolate until panto. Must be a very short rehearsal time! I am sure he loves being busy again though.

Hope you enjoyed your catch up viewing Diana. Ploppy must be glad to get back to his golf. Sad to hear Peter Allxs has died as he really was the voice of golf for many years and ai loved his commentary when he was at the top of his game. Mind I know he wasn't everyone's cup of tea.

Morninwhat have we with the Lavendula today? Paninis> fantastic. Let's get more of everything and find the CM.g BHB and
Diana wrote:
Monday, December 7, 2020, 10:26
Morning all.

It's foggy here this morning though it's not as dense as last night. It did brighten up here yesterday but not till the afternoon.

I watched the last three eps of H*lby with Lee, fast forwarding through most of the scenes without him, and then deleted them from the box (I have them on DVD). There's three or four eps I've left on T*vo which I don't have as good DVD recordings. Also watched two more of the A*rial America progs, as usual I dozed off mid way!

SCD seemed very short this week. Sad to see X leave, hope the other person in dance off goes next week. Thought last night's guest murdered Cl*mb Ev. M, worse rendition I've ever heard. I hadn't know about Am*'s health issues or that she had made a film recently. Ploppy has just gone out and won't be back till late pm so I am going to watch the film shortly on iPl*yer.

Glad you enjoyed the show, Jo. Hope you got through the pilates class without your hip becoming painful.

Twins, enjoy your time together.
Ali wrote:
Monday, December 7, 2020, 16:08
Hello. I’ve been out putting a few lights up outside brrrrrrr 🥶
I bought a potted xmas tree at the weekend but Belle just won’t leave it alone so I took it to my mum’s. I’ve put up other decs instead and ploppy is going to buy a little tree to sit on the coffee table instead. Work was great fun on Saturday as we held our elves workshop for children. I used my Brownie craft ideas from over the years and they made a chocolate stirrer, a rudolph hot chocolate cone, decorated a xmas tree biscuit and made a pine cone bird feeder. It was popular so repeating it this Saturday. Otherwise it has been dire 🥺 people comment about the effect on the pub trade but cafes are suffering due to the tier2 rules.
Hopefully, once people get their shopping out of the way they may come back?
Tonight I have a church zoom meeting and a MrT delivery at the same time. Delivery booked first and no other slots available so need to ask Jack to accept it while I do the meeting.
Xmas cards arriving, thankyou x
TK wrote:
Monday, December 7, 2020, 19:12
It has been chilly today. Not sure I've done much which is 'useful'. I have removed one of Bruce's duvets. It was a thin one which could be poppered to a thicker one. Not sure where the thicker one is, the thin one is now in the bin. I did use it to cover a chair in the front room. There are so many Bruce modifications on it, if you shook it most of the stuffing would come out. I've done a couple of dog walks with not much success due to the pain in my key. I think Bruce lay on my knee when I had a nap this morning and bent it the wrong way. Hopefully it will recover overnight. I was sort of lucky that the pain in my knee is the same side as the pain in my hip, so no double limping.

Ali love the Christmas stuff you are doing Ali. Very well prepared. I've done some shopping :)

I have to get some presents wrapped tonight

Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 8, 2020, 07:31
Morning and a warm -1, plus some fog again. In fact very similar to yesterday, which stayed foggy and cold for most of the morning. It was a little better in the afternoon but still very cold.

Hopefully your fog disappeared by the afternoon like our’s Diana. I didn’t realise you hadn’t seen the last Lofty episodes from HC. It seems ages ago now. Yes SCD does seem a lot shorter - more so than it actually was I think. I agree about CEM – I think the person in question is an Amxrxcan MT singer. Not quite sure why they chose her over someone home grown. Yes poor Amy has Chrxns and is often in hospital. Was Ploppy off to the golf again?

Ah so your fears about Belle and the C’mas tree were not ill founded Ali. Wise to pass the tree to your mother I think. A replacement little tree for the coffee table sounds lovely and I see you already have your decs up. I saw your photo on facebook and thought you all looked really good in your elf outfits. So glad it went well and you are going to host another one. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that your customers start coming back now that the first initial stampede to the shops after lockdown has happened. I hope the zxxm meeting went well.

It was indeed chilly yesterday Jo – how many fleeces did you have on? Ouch – hope the knxx is ok now – not good if it has been bent the wrong way! A rest will probably have helped it and hopefully you have woken up this morning to find it is ok. Did you manage to find a duvet for Bruce or is he having to go without? Hope you managed to get the pressies wrapped.

Mr S wasn’t too busy yesterday and again they had a fourth checkout open, so no long queues (do you think they have learnt their lesson?). I bought a couple of C’massy things once we had done the food shop, and whilst MM put the food into the car (no worry that it might all get too hot yesterday – it was still icy cold in the boot of the car even though we had been for coffee and then filled the car with petrol!). Twin came over to bubble in the afternoon and today we are off to large Gxrden Cxntre in the C’wolds – it has a lovely C’mas shop and lots of lovely concessions so may pick up some more things for C’mas. Poor Twin has to go home this evening as she has things to do in the morning. We will watch HC tonight of course – an everyday story of a very normal NHS hospital (not!). Morning BHB. Yes it is another chilly morning. I think we will need the pink blanket for our snuffle. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Mxzuwxri into the conservatory whilst we wait for the DCM (I think she is still asleep at the moment).
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 8, 2020, 08:40
Morning all and it is another dreary day. I think the sun has decided to go on holiday for a while! Mind I don’t think it is quite as misty here as it was yesterday which is something I suppose. So yesterday I was waiting for the man to come and fit a smart meter. I got a ring about 10 to ask if he could come early, wonderful, of course he could. When he got there he took a look and said he couldn’t do the gas as the junction was inside the box instead of outside and it needed an electrician to do it. Seemed odd to me but apparently it needs earthing or something. Anyway I have decided against the whole thing for now! Maybe next summer, or maybe not at all! So after all that I was able to come to Twin. So lovely to be with her and MM again. Looking forward to the garden centre later. It is the loveliest one I have ever been in and it’s C/mas department is beautiful. I will then have to go home as I have an appointment with my beautician in the morning, so only having to go for a nice reason.

I think SCD has seemed short in a few ways Diana, mainly because there were fewer couples and it was intended to have five in the final! Saturday was indeed a short show asso few doing one dance, as they do two this week it should be longer. Agree about CEM as well. The lady will be in Hxxrspray when it opens so maybe that is why they chose her.

Ali Belle is a tinker! Shame you can’t have a full size tree but I am sure you will still be festive. I really hope business picks up for you. Love the elf idea.

Hope the knee is better today Jo.

Morning BHB and we have tea cakes with Mxzxwxri today? Sounds delicious so let’s get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, December 8, 2020, 09:46
Morning all.

Grey again today but a bit brighter than yesterday.

I finally got round to watching a couple of eps of C*ll the M*dwife yesterday including 2019 Xmas special which I'd forgotten about. Before that I saw the special with Am* about Crohne's which was very good and very moving. If you've not seen the programme, I recommend it.

Washing just finished so I'll deal with that shortly. Then have some articles to scan so can get rid of those mags. After that I will go out for a walk, probably to the card shop.

Naughty Belle. The event with the kids sounds fun, Ali, but sorry that business is so bad, hope it picks up soon.

Hope your knee is better this morning, Jo.

I had seen the last eps with Lee some time ago, Carol, but would watch each ep again later before deleting so that's now done. Ploppy wasn't golfing yesterday, he returned the hire car and then had an appointment in town. Enjoy your trip to the garden centre, sounds a very nice day out.

Shame about the meter, Pauline, but at least you were able to go. A smart meter is very useful - no more having to go outside to read it when it's wet or cold - but leaving it till summer sounds a good idea.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 07:12
Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday dear Fi, Happy Birthday to you.

Hope you have a lovely day Fi. I see the BHB has been in very early and the Bistro is looking lovely with turquoise and silver decorations and balloons everywhere. There are banners saying "Happy Birthday Fi", I can see the champers is in the fridge and the birthday cakes are ready and iced (one is carrot and one is chocolate). There are posies of white roses on the tables and the turquoise tablecloths look lovely.

Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 07:48
Morning and a gloomy start to the day – I think we have drizzle forecast for this morning.

Oh that was a treat to watch the C’mas Call the M Diana. Ah so you saw what poor Axy has to deal with – amazing she copes with being a dancer in the face of what she has to suffer. Thank you for explaining about the Lxx episodes – I thought it would have been odd for you not to have seen them earlier. Hopefully you managed to get your walk to the card shop.

We enjoyed our outing yesterday. It was very foggy on the X40 until we reached Stxckenchxrch After that the fog cleared although it was misty in the distance. The garden centre car park was very busy - people buying real trees I think as there were lots being wheeled back to the cars on trolleys. The Christmas department was virtually stripped bare (we had called in there the week they opened it up - when we met up with Mary and Les in Burford), so knew how much had been sold. We still managed to find some bits and pieces for the tree in there though. We bought a few other bits and pieces, and were going to have lunch in the cafe there, but the queue was so long we decided to go to Bxrfxrd itself and have lunch in the pub we went to a couple of months ago. It is the first place we have ever been asked if the three of us were from the same household. We said yes and that Pauline was our bubble, so all was fine. The Waitress said they have had several people who blatanTwin and I had very nice f&c, and MM had pie of the day which was steak and ale (the pastry was lovely - he let me test it). MMk finished with two scoops of very nice ice cream and Twin and I had treacle tart with a lemon sauce and vanilla ice - it was delicious and the lemon sauce cut through the sweetness of the treacle. We left Bxrfxrd at 3.15pm - it had just started to rain when we went ot the car. We had a fairly good journey back, although we hit fog again the other side of Stxkenchxrch. It stayed with us until we almost reached U’bridge. The X25 looked to be at a standstill, butTwin set off just after we reached home. This morning we have our service and Roger is coming over to bring the presents from Victoria. MM has a meeting with the Vicar up at the church late morning and I will finish the Christmas wrapping (the things we bought yesterday) and have a general tidy up. Yesterday evening I finished the colouring book Janice gave me for my birthday, so my colouring pencils can go away now until after Christmas.This evening is choir of course! Morning BHB, you have done a lovely job decorating for Fi’s birthday. Let’s take some pink champers and the toasties into the conservatory. We can hav ea lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 08:10
Happy birthday Fi 🎉 have a lovely day!
Off to work, will pop back later
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 09:51
Morning all, in a hurry to get to my beautician's but just popping on the say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fi have a wonderful day.

Will try and pop back later.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 10:00

A very happy birthday, Fi.

It turned out rather nice yesterday with mostly blue skies for a while. The main street was busier than it's been for months and I had to queue for about five mins, the queue was far longer when I left - I bought several cards to have enough for the foreseeable future. I watched a couple more CTM later. In the evening we saw Great B. Menu and M*sterchef.

Ploppy has just left for golf and I'm going out soon to do a small food shop. This pm I'll probably watch 2/3 more programmes we've recorded. Tomorrow our C*ok order is being delivered so I tidied the freezer yesterday to make space.

Enjoy your appointment today, Pauline.

Your meal out sounds yummy, Twins.

I hear there is talk that London could go into tier 3 next week when England is reviewed. Lovely - not!!
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 12:07
Morning. Thanks for birthday wishes. Sorry not been online - been a bit hectic with various things to do with parents + I have constant ur.ne ingf symptoms but test results come back no inf. You cant tell I am a bit "muddled " with it all as my sis phoned yesterday to chat about sloppy possible cognitive decline. we discussed options. Then later I checked my emails. one form Mr W telling me I had a delivery last night - 5 bottles of inchaol only. I have no memory whatsoever of making that order! I obs just booked the delivery slot with the wine and forgot all about it - and too late to cancel. MR w online page doesn't tell you that you have an order pending. I told a friend this morning and she said that i had told her last week about making this order and How I must remember to change it. I still have no memory whatsoever of this. Poor delivery man must think a) we are incoholics and b) we are poncy upmarket people having a delivery for vino only!!
Just off out for tea and cake. very hard to find cafes open round here. Most gdn centres have closed their cafes and even hotels have shut theri bars - except at w?es. not good. but ploppy just found a hotel that is open for coffee. We are out for posh meal tonight - scollops bought it for me. Aspiring m.chel.n star restaurant in village. They also sent flowers - so I am feeling spoilt.
Thank you for my lovely cards , virtual cards, FB messages and good wishes. and the cafe looks stunning - I "may" have had a few turquoise pressies - in fact currently wearing my new turq scarf and earrings. The cake may be only cake i get today! Must dash but will catch up with peoples news tomorrow.
maeve12 wrote:
Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 15:47
Happy Birthday Fi, enjoy your birthday dinner tonight.
maeve12 wrote:
Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 15:47
Happy Birthday Fi, enjoy your birthday dinner tonight.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 10, 2020, 09:21
Morning and it is overcast this morning but a much warmer 7C. I don’t think it will get much warmer but at least it should stay dry.

Hi Ali, Hi Maeve (waves).

I think all the shops are busier than normal Diana – just in case the tiers are changed next week. I similar have a stockpile of cards in case we are locked down during January (in fact I took Logan’s card when we went to the NForest last week!). I saw the report that L’don may go into T3 as cases are starting to rise again. I do hope not! Hopefully Ploppy didn’t get too cold playing gxlf yesterday. You have reminded me I need to check and sort out my C’mas food orders (MandS and Mr S) – I did them in a rush a while back so I need to do some tweaking!

Oh Fi that’s not so good about the infection (or phantom infection if the results are coming back negative!). I can understand ordering wine only...... With all that is going on I think making an order and forgetting about it is “normal” – ask Twin..... I hope you enjoyed your tea and cake out – and your posh meal. Lovely present, and also flowers! You have trained them well. Goodness turquoise pressies – how strange!

Yesterday we had our service and then MM went off to the church for his meeting outside with the Vxcar. Having now had the works to the top of the tower cupola finished and the certificate issued, and had our meeting about reopening, Alan (Vxcar) went to the church and discovered some large flints had fallen from the facade by the main door. Our architect was due to visit to do a final inspection so he managed to take photos and use a drone for investigation. The pieces that have fallen are from a previous patch repair (the A’tect said it was quite a botched job – we don’t know when it was done). So now we can’t open the church until we can make that safe (MM said if the flint fell from that height it could well kill someone). The meeting yesterday was to think of how to make it safe (may be netting – of the sort you see on the side of motorways). Hey ho! Whilst MM was out Roger came with our presents from Victoria. We had about a ten minutes doorstep chat. He has a new car – a hybrid so did a silent exit when he left!! Caroline from church called round just after lunch to collect a couple of dvds. There is a Care Home that the Church supports and they wanted a copy of It’s a W Life, so I found mine, plus Hxliday Inn and they are going to have a Christmas “film afternoon”. We had a good rehearsal in the evening – C’mas hats well in evidence. Next week will be our last one before our C’mas break. We won’t be back until 13th Jan. Today will be a general tidy up and housework kind of a day. MM has a zoom meeting at 3.30 with the Diocese and hopefully that won’t be too long a meeting as we have our GandT with Mary & Les at 5pm. Morning BHB, yes it is a little gloomy outside. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Grxxn Drxgon into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 10, 2020, 10:39
Morning all and we have yet another grey day here. Sorry I didn't get back yesterday, no excuses but I completely forgot! I had the most wonderful massage and pedicure in the morning so dreamy, then when I got back I started to do more decorations in the house. Nearly there now and the place is looking a bit festive now. We had a nice visit to the garden centre on Tuesday as Twin has told you. I decided to come straight home when we got back and brave the rush hour, it wasn't the best journey home! However I got here and that is the main thing. I know if I had gone into Twin's and sat down I would not have wanted to move and go out into the cold. Today I will finish the decorating and then do a bit of h/work to make the place look more respectable.

Hope you had a lovely meal out Fi and enjoyed your b/day. Very odd that you have the symptoms of an i and no infection. You do like to be different! I can understand forgetting about an order! I for the same reason have stopped doing orders of just incahol! I always do a basics and stick wine on if I need to make the cost up, so if I do forget it I will at least have some food!

I think everywhere seems to be busy at the moment Diana. Yesterday I had real problems trying to park in the village! I ended up sticking the car in the pub car park which I have never done before! Hopefully this is translating into people buying things, the shops all need it.

Morning BHB and we have Grxxn Drxgon and paninis today? Perfect, so let's get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, December 10, 2020, 10:43
Morning all.

Another grey day but at least it is warming up by a degree or two each day.

Ploppy has gone into Br*mley to get a couple of watches mended at the jewellery repairers. The town was on the local BBC news last night and looked very busy. Unfortunately I have to go to the M&S there to collect my food order just before Xmas as the local branch had no slots left - not looking forward to it as anticipate it'll be even busier then. Hopefully it'll be a quick in and out and I won't have to hang around.

Expecting the C*ok order in about an hour, hopefully it'll go in the freezer easily. We have been mainly been eating out of the freezer (not literally!) for the past 2/3 weeks but there's not masses of space. We'll have to eat some of the C*ok foods in next 10 days so I can put the freezeable items from the Sains. and M&S Xmas orders in there.

Sorry you're not feeling so good, Fi. I expect the delivery men are used to people booking a slot, putting wine in their basket to hold it and forgetting to update the order. I've not done it yet but one of these days ..... I used to hold Mum's slots with wine but she has given me a list of items for every order so now I add these when booking a slot and they take me over the minimum order. Hope you enjoyed your tea and cake, and meal out last night.

That's worrying that some flints have fallen at the church, Carol. And just as you were thinking it could reopen. Hope it can be made safe quickly.
TK wrote:
Thursday, December 10, 2020, 15:36
Fi, I'm really sorry. How could I forget your birthday? There were plenty of e reminders. I've been a little mixed up with Bruce and Tamsey, also the pain in my hip. I've not read back, so I hope all was OK on your Birthday. Somehow the days of this week have sped by.

I'm off to London this evening, so I had to pull myself together.

I will read back tomorrow to ensure all is well. I do have some good news which may reduce my confusion in the future. My case has been put forward to get funding for a hip replacement. It will probably take months but hopefully will get rid of the pain. It has taken months to get to this point, lots of phone calls, pain and x-ray. Fingers crossed. I've asked to have the op at the place where I had my foot operated on during the run of Lord Arthur Saville's Crime, 10 years ago. It seemed a well run hospital, I know it was some time ago. I checked online and double checked with Mrs ExP as she works in that area, she thought my choice was OK.
TK wrote:
Thursday, December 10, 2020, 18:03
I have read back. I had some more time this pm as Mrs ExPM took pity on me and Bruce and took him out. Mrs ExPM has been in most of the day she felt like a walk. Duffy only has a wander these days.

Carol good that they can use a drone now to look for damage. Much safer. Such a shame that some people don't do the jobs properly.
Watching the Adventures of Sir Lancelot. I do enjoy it.

Off to London soon :)
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 11, 2020, 07:51
Morning and a gloomy start, but a warm 8C! I think we have drizzle this morning.

Diana I hope Ploppy didn’t find it too busy when he went to B’ley. I saw the footage the other night and it did indeed look very busy at the time they filmed. We are collecting out C’mas food from M&S on C Eve but at 8 am so hoping not too many people about! I do need to sort out my freezer in the garage (I have been saying that for most of the year) as no room for anything in there at the moment. I loved the idea of you and Ploppy sitting either side of the freezer and eating out of it! Isn’t it funny how we all use incohol to reserve delivery slots!!

Oh Jo that’s excellent news about the hxp replxcement – as I told you it has made such a difference to MM’s life. I can’t remember which hospital you used for the foot op (although I do remember you wearing a medical boot!). Hopefully the op can happen sooner rather than later (although I do know it is one of the ops which has been put on the back burner during the last nine months). I see Mrs ExP has been very good and taken Bruce out for his walk. Yes the use of the drone was very good – the previous repair must have been years back, I think. I am sure you had a lovely time in London!

I see Babs Wxndsxr has died – the Beeb have been showing clips of various things she appeared in (including the Cxrry On films of course). Yesterday we had real problems with the upstairs pooter - it refuses to connect to the internet so I ended up doing all MM’s admin typing for him on my laptop (he dictates I type). We need to get our geek in, or anyone’s geek come to that! I had to set MM up on the laptop for his afternoon zoom – I put him into the kitchen so the other attendees will have had a lovely view of the oven! We had our G&T afterwards with Mary and Les. Diva is very unwell – she has what the vet suspects is a torn ligament in her leg, and she is obviously in a lot of pain. She is on mxthxdone for the pain (and has hallucinations as a result). Poor Mary and Les said they had had no sleep for a couple of nights. So far the bills have reached £1300! This morning we are off to U’brdge and then I will make my phone calls for the church. This afternoon I have my hot shell massage and my hair cut. Twin will be coming over this afternoon and I will order f&c to be delivered! Morning BHB, yes it is another gloomy start to the day. Let’s take the cinnamon buns and the Vxnillitx into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 11, 2020, 10:28
Morning all and it is another wet grey start to the day. A few sunny days would be very welcome. I finished my C/mas decs yesterday and the place now looks quite festive, Mind I don't go too mad as they are mainly for me and I have to take them all down again! Had a nice treat this morning as we had a snippet of the GO on Lorraine. The video of his C/mas song, looking very good and the song isn't bad either. So hoping it does well for him. I have woken up today with a bit of a croaky voice and am thinking I may be starting a cold. As I have no cough and can still taste things I don't think it is anything worse. A nuisance though as I am supposed to be going to Twin later. I will see how I feel by lunch time.

Hope you managed to get all the cook meals in the freezer Diana. I love their meals as a back up. By far the best frozen food I have had.

Hope you had a good time at the concert Jo. I am sure you did. Fantastic news that you have been approved for a hip replacement. Now all we need is for it to be done!

Morning BHB and we have cinnamon buns with out Vamillita? Scrummy. Let's get more and find the CM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 11, 2020, 18:00
Sadly I am still at home as I have not improved and my voice is going! Just in case anyone has missed it, the video for Lee's C/mas single is out.


Lovely to see Issy and his Dad!
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2020, 07:58
Morning and dark and gloomy at the moment. Yesterday we had drizzle in the morning and a couple of short sharp showers in the afternoon, but other than that we had sunshine.

As you will see poor Twin didn’t make it over yesterday – we had a video call in the afternoon and her voice sounded very....interesting!! Fingers crossed she is feeling better today. U’brxdge was quite busy again (well the car park was, as we were on the top floor of the car park for a second week). The strange thing is that the shops we frequent don't seem to be extra busy, so we are still thinking most of the people who parked there are in Prxmxrk! I needed the Hxlifax to pay some money in and MM needed the NatWest, and in both places there was no queue and we were able to go straight in. I went into both Bxxts and Sxperdrxg (I was looking for some cloths which are supposed to stop your glasses fogging up when wearing a mask - I ended up ordering on Zmazzn) and there were no queues in there either. Marks had a fairly longish, spaced up queue in the clothing department but we were one back in the checkout queue for our food. I had a lovely couple of hours at the salon, I feel so much better after I have had my back massage, and my hair is now all neat and tidy for Christmas. The bonus was that my stylist gave me a lovely chilled glass of pink prxsxcco whilst she dried my hair. When I reached home MM had moved things around in the conservatory so we are ready to put the tree up today. Depending on how Twin is she may come and help me decorate as she does every year. We have our GandT with Lindy and Lawrence this evening and then of course SCD. I do think J&K may be in the d/o, but it will be a test of popularity in the voting as to who is there with them. Morning BHB, yes it is starting to brighten up. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Blxe Hxavxn into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we watch a beautiful C’mas video of a new song – it’s gorgeous! Oh you know about it? We can have a chat with the DCM about it when she arrives!
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2020, 10:23
Morning all and it is a grey and damp day yet again, yuk. I am feeling a bit better today and my voice is sort of ok in the lower range, just higher range is still at best very squeaky! However I don't think I am getting a cold, though not counting my chickens just yet as these things can creep up on you. However I am staying put for the weekend sadly as I think it best to stay in the warm. Because of all this I obviously didn't do much yesterday. Ironically I was getting a food delivery today until I realised that I wouldn't be here and switched it to tomorrow! However I do have plenty of food in the freezer so won't have to starve! I may also do some laundry today, I think I am able to manage that! Strictly tonight of course, looking forward to seeing who makes the final. Like Twin I feel it may well be Jaimie to go, but depends who ends up in the d/off

Morning BHB and you have made teacakes to go with Blxe Hxxven, excellent. Let's get more and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Saturday, December 12, 2020, 10:42
Morning and yet another grey, damp one.

Yesterday I sorted out some stuff for SA, went for a walk and watched another ep of CTM. We had a sausagement and leak pie from C*ok for dinner which was very nice, one of the best meals we've had from them. The food delivery all went in the freezer fortunately. No plans for today.

Hope you had a good evening on Thursday, Jo. Good news about the hip replacement, hope it goes through.

Sorry you've got a cold, Pauline. Hope it isn't a bad one, take care of yourself. Thanks for the link, lovely video and song.

Hope all the tree lights work, Carol.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2020, 07:34
Morning and a warm 2C here – it is very dark and gloomy and I think it is raining (or at least drizzling). Yesterday was a similar start to the day but it did brighten up by the afternoon and we had sunshine.

Diana I see you have been industrious as usual. Excellent that everything fitted into the freezer and the pie sounds very nice (I love leeks). I am pleased to report that all the lights worked perfectly (always a moment as you plug them in when you cross your fingers!). Every year MM says he will wrap the lights round something before putting them away, to stop them getting tangled......every year when we are taking all the decorations down he forgets!! In fact this year they weren’t too bad and we managed to get them straight and ready to go on the tree quite easily! The video and song were lovely weren’t they! Quite a family concern too! I see the rehearsals for the pxnto started yesterday.

We managed to get the conservatory decorated, and to get the tree up and dressed. Not the same without my Bubble Twin to help of course (for example I had to use the steps to reach the top of the tree). It now looks very festive! During the morning we wrapped the parcel for C’wall and MM took that to the PO – he said the queue was right from the counter to the door when he arrived. We had our GandT with Lindy and Lawrence – slight panic when Twin mentioned (fortunately) to me earlier that SCD was starting at 7 pm last night, but we manged to curtail our chat by fifteen minutes and all was well. D/O could be between any one of three I think! After our service this morning (Carol Service today) on Zxxm we will put the conservatory and tree decoration boxes back into the loft – we haven’t yet dealt with the dining room or lounge but thought Twin could help on Tuesday. This evening’s viewing will of course be the D/O and HDM and then possibly a DinP. Morning BHB, yes it is gloomy out. Let’s take the toasted bagels and the Flxrtxni into the conservatory (which looks beautifully decorated) and we can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM to arrive.
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2020, 09:32
Morning all. A really horrid start to the day as it is very dark and gloomy and has been raining. Glad I'm not going out really! Happy to report that I think there is another slight improvement in my voice though it does croak a bit. I'll see how it holds up in my morning chat with Twin. Did some laundry yesterday then set too in the downstairs loo to try and descale it. After about an hour or so of repeated applications on descaler I have had some success but got fed up and decided the rest could wait a day! Not the most exciting of things to do! Needed to be done though as there was quite a build up from where the water had been leaking into the bowl, obviously for some time! Times like this I so envy my Lancashire cousins whose water comes from the lakes and has no lime in it at all! Descaling is not a thing they ever have to do and all washing machines. kettles etc last forever! Today I will be doing the ixxnxxg and I have Mr W delivering later as well. Loved SCD last night. Mind I think a few showed the strain of learning two dances in a week. Anyone could go I think, but I am fearful for Jaimie and Ranvir and maybe Bill.

Glad to say my croaky throat just seems to be laryngitis Diana, fingers crossed as I really don't want a cold at this time of year! The video is lovely isn't it. I may have watched it more than once now!

Morning BHB and we have Flxrtxni and bagels today. Scrummy, so let's get more and find the CM
Ali wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2020, 09:41
Morning. Unexpected day off today. As we’re so quiet at work boss suggested I use up some holiday and have day off and she can manage with our lovely student part-timer. Have tomorrow off then we’re opening for 8 days in a row before closing over xmas. Still rather quiet but so are other hospitality places. We did another children’s workshop yesterday. Thinking of a grown up one next week to make truffles. They bring in fresh people who otherwise might not know about us.
Off to church shortly, better wrap up as we have to have all the doors open!
Once home Jack and I are attempting to wallpaper his feature wall 🤞
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2020, 10:20
This chat about putting up decorations reminded me why I don't do it. I think it was the 10 years I put up the decorations, and brought them down, on my own when we lived as a family. I dug up the Christmas tree, put it in a tub. When it got larger bro did help me lift it in. I put up all the decs in the hall and the big living room. I realised I didn't like decorations that much.

The Christmas show at the Crazy Coq was great fun. You will have noted that if you took the streaming show. There were some people who talked very quietly through it, luckily as I'm slightly older than others I didn't hear it. Or it could have been I was totally tuned into the singer. The vid for the single is lovely. They have done an excellent job on it. After watching it many times I have found a few things which could be revised, but that was with a really critical head on.

Ali that is a good idea, truffle making, a different activity. Yesterday there was the market in the village. It was very busy, being the last before Christmas. We were waking about, Bruce pulled me to a lady who had her back to us. It was his friend from up the road. He'd sniffed her out. On the way out the place where I used to get the lovely food had been taken over by ready to eat food stall. The flavoured rice looked lovely, there was different meats you could have with the rice. Also a vegan option. I got a special, vegan with chicken on the side. The chap was saying 2 mins in the microwave to heat it up, if you're taking it home. I didn't bother with the 'I haven't got a microwave and anyway it'll still be warm by the time I get home'. I get such strange looks when I admit I haven't got a microwave. One of about 7% of households who don't have them. Bruce and TK thought the chicken was very good.

Better get ready for Pilates
Diana wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2020, 12:31

Horrid here, it's grey and has rained most of the morning. TV forecast indicated it should be better this pm but the online local forecast says at least 50% chance of rain all day so don't think I'll be going out.

We happened to catch a Kylie Xmas concert on Sk* Arts yesterday early evening, with a mix of her hits and Xmas songs. I'm not a particular fan though have always liked her and enjoyed it very much, she put on a very good show and for the first time I felt Xmassy. Agree, Carol, that it could be any of three in the dance off. I felt sorry for HR*Y; his rumba wasn't the best but wasn't bad and as he's the only one this season who has done it should have been taken account of in the marking.

Glad it's "only" laryngitis, Pauline, and that you're better today. I treated some limescale on the kitchen sink earlier, like you not a favourite job, and it didn't have much if any effect. I have also got some stronger stuff I have only used on taps so far so might try that.

Sorry business is still very quiet, Ali. A workship making truffles sounds an excellent idea. If you were closer, I'd come! Good luck wallpapering.

I wouldn't want to manage without a microwave, Jo. I use our's most days. Even Ploppy uses it for porridge and to warm tea when he's forgotten it which happens once or twice a week.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, December 13, 2020, 15:48
Church was soooo cold, but a nice (short) service.
Mis-calculated the wallpaper, need 2 more strips. Fortunately managed to order a roll online. Not the easiest job. Won’t be trying it again!
Diana, a tip I was given was to gently scrape limescale off taps with a 2p coin. No idea how it works but it does.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 14, 2020, 07:59
Morning and we had heavy rain overnight – it woke me up! At the moment it is overcast and 10C so warmer than of late.

Ali I am sure an unexpected day of was welcome, especially as you are off today too. I am with Diana and think a truffle making day would be lovely – and I would also be there to join in if it were local! It is a brilliant way of advertising the cafe in a lovely Christmxssy way. Ah so the feature wall isn’t quite completed yet, pending the arrival of the other roll – how frustrating to be just two strips short. Ah so it was indeed very chilly in church. Our church is always cold at the time of the year, so may be it is just as well that we can’t open for a while yet due to the falling flints (the Vicar showed us a couple of the fallen ones yesterday at the end of the service on zxxm and one was as large as his head! Being set high up on the tower you don’t realise just how large the stones actually are!). That’s very interesting about the 2pm piece – may be it is the copper plating in it that does the trick?? Enjoy your second day off.

Oh I love doing the decorations Jo – mind you we no longer have a real tree (I went off them when I lived on my own in a flat for a while and had a nightmare getting rid of the fallen needles). June and the family in the NF always have real ones of course and go to the C Tree farm to select their one each year – all the boys love that. Not quite the same this year of course. I can never understand people talking whilst someone is singing!!! I am so surprised to learn that you have watched the video more than one (not!). I am sure Bruce was delighted to find his friend at the market on Saturday. It sounds as if the family enjoyed their chicken and rice, whereas you enjoyed just the rice. I use my micrxwxve for the occasional defrosting, and for cooking my veggies (Marks do excellent single portions of veggies for the m’wave – which means MM can have runner beans with his Sunday roast each week – I am not a fan of runner beans!). We also, like Diana’s Ploppy, use it to heat up coffee that has gone cold (MM makes his coffee then wanders off and does something, and returns to find the coffee has gone cold, so a quick zap in the microwave and he has a warm coffee again. Hope you enjoyed the Pxlxtes and found it not too painful.

We had rain on and off throughout the day yesterday Diana, although we did have patches of dry and a glimpse of the sun. Ah sounds like watching Kxlie has put you in the festive spirit. We always sit down before C’mas and watch A Mxppxt C’mas Cxrol – usually at the start of C’mas week. That always makes us feel C’massy! Agree the r’ba wasn’t HxxY’s best dance but then he wasn’t alone – with R’s jive and B’s txngo also failing to do well. On the subject of lxmescale – I keep forgetting to do a w’ing m/c clean with the lxmxscale deterrent liquid I bought. I need to run the machine with just the liquid in it and that is supposed to help prevent and remove any l’scale. It must to lovely to be in a “soft” area!! I know when we have visited anywhere that doesn’t have hard water I am always amazed at how soft it feels!!

We had our zoom service yesterday morning and the children did an online Nxtivity - it was really sweet. I had a chat with June after we had finished and she told me Elmo will be allowed outside the house and garden today, so they are planning a short walk in the forest to see how he gets on. She said he has started sleeping through the night until 5 am - so is very pleased with him!! During the afternoon we wrote the last few cards (ones for church) and MM will hand deliver tomorrow. I had ordered a couple of new garlands for the conservatory and they were able to go up yesterday, so I just need to put the batteries into the lanterns and then the conservatory is all ready for Christmas. The remaining decorations will be put up this week in the lounge. Very sad at the outcome of the Results Show, but consider anyone who makes it to the semis is a winner – especially someone with no dance experience at all. Tonight we are out for what should have been our Cupcake annual Chrxstmxs dinner - our booking has dwindled from five to three (assuming Twinis ok to come today - she said she felt much better yesterday and her voice was almost back to normal) as of course we can't mix households in restaurants. My friend Mary emailed me during the results - their village had been out searching for a missing 16 year old boy who hadn't been seen since 1.30pm on Saturday - sadly early evening they found his body. No foul play suspected - they think he fell (lots of woods near them) and died from hyperthermia. So tragic just before Christmas. This morning we are off to Mr S as usual and hopefully it won't be too busy (it hasn't been at all bad recently). This afternoon all being well Twin will be driving over and staying overnight. Morning BHB, yes it is getting a little brighter. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted teacakes into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM to arrive.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 14, 2020, 10:58
Morning all, I have just lost my post as it was nearly done so not happy! It is at least a brighter day at the moment and we have sun. Plus I am feeling much more myself today. Yesterday was horrid for most of the day and I was still feeling a bit under par. (no cough, no temperature and no loss of taste, so not covid I feel!), I did my ixxnxxg and took my delivery from Mr W and then had another bash at the limescale! Not too bad now but I fear it will never be completely gone. Today I am off to Twin as she told you. Glad I feel ok and able to do it as if we are locked down again could be a problem. I just hope I can get my hair cut on Friday!

Ali I would also be in the queue for truffle making. I did do some many years ago which were fairly basic, but tasted ok. Very enjoyable to make. Hope it has the desired effect of bringing more people to you. Church sounds very chilly!

Diana I quite like the occasional bit of Kylxe, she does put on very good shows. Hope Ali's hint of 2p works for you. I may try it myself!

I love putting up decs Jo. Taking them down, not so much! Dreary work.Glad, but not surprised the concert was good, now we need the panto to go ahead. Fingers and toes crossed.

Morning BHB and we have teacakes and Lavendula. Lovely, lets get more and find the CM
Diana wrote:
Monday, December 14, 2020, 12:08

Yesterday was horrible, it drizzled virtually all day here and turned to heavy rain in the evening. Today is much brighter but we've had some showers and more forecast. Hoping I can get out for some fresh air straight after lunch when it looks the driest. Disappointed with the SCD result. I didn't sleep much last night, think it was about 5.00 am before I slept so didn't wake until 8.45. Just finished our Sains. delivery order for next Monday bar any late amendments. Called Mum for rest of her pre Xmas order but the line's been engaged for the last couple of hours so expect they've left the phone off again.

Thanks for the tip, Ali, I'll try that.

Glad you're feeling much better, Pauline. Enjoy your visit.
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, December 14, 2020, 22:26
Hello. Can’t remember when last posted. Been a bit “ busy” dealing with parents. Dad def declining and having some “ incidents” which need monitoring and may need further intervention. I am concerned that not enough care being bought in for when sloppy has her cat.ract op next month. But sis and I can’t get her to agree to more. Sigh. All a bit stressful and not sleeping well. However a letter from my friend whose son k.lled himself earlier this yr brought me up short. It is obvious that she is still in deepest grief. So hard in this c.vid time when she can’t be with her other sons and gr.ndchildr.n. Another friend wrote in her Chr card that her ploppy was diagnosed with bl.dder C last month. So I am very aware that life, tho stressful at mo, is mostly good.
I had good bday and managed to get our coffee and cake in a local hotel. But we ordered a ploughman’s between us as we’re going out for meal,in eve and I wasn’t allowed to order a glass of pr.secco as we were sharing our meal. The waitress was so embarrassed that I wasn’t cross - just silly. We are now trying to totally isolate to be totally safe for Chr - tho given huge rise in cases in many areas I do wonder whether getting tog over Chr is sensible policy.
Glad you are feeling better Pauline. Have a good time with Twin.
Diana - thanks for reminder to amend my Chr Mr T shop. I have been helping sloppy do some Br.xit stockp.ling! Partly that but mostly to ensure she has supplies in for when she is recovering from op.
Carol - like you I do envy people with soft water. My parents and sis both have water soft.ners but ploppy says we have nowhere to put one. Hmm.
Jo - glad the concert went well. I was so immersed in parent things that didn’t get around to watching it.
Ali - good tip re lim.scale. Will try it. We always made choc tr.ffles, and other sweets, for Chr presents for scollops teachers. Long time since I made those!
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 08:04
Morning and a very wintery looking sky – quite a lot of cloud cover but some very watery blue sky in evidence too. Yesterday it was fairly arm and sunny during the morning but late afternoon and into the evening we had showers – some quite heavy.

I hope you managed to get your walk done yesterday whilst it was still dry Diana. I also hope your managed to get hold of your mother eventually and managed to get her order sorted. It was my turn for a not so good night’s sleep last night – I woke at 2.30 am and didn’t get back to sleep for another couple of hours or so. It will doubtless catch up with me later.

So sorry to hear about your Dad’s deterioration Fi. I see your Mother is not willing to have any more help – I think she may regret her stance, but suspect she isn’t likely to say so. I know what you mean about hearing from people with problems that make any small things I may be experiencing seem very trivial. We had a long email from MM’s ex-secretary. Her long term partner of nineteen years has left – she asked him to go. Apparently he is a heavy drinker and has violent moods afterwards. She told us she often used to get on the night bus and just travel around as she felt she was then having some degree of control over her life. During lockdown she has sat in bus shelters in the rain late at night! When she worked with MM she had problems with her voice (she could barely speak some days) and was undergoing therapy. It is obvious now that this was caused by stress, although of course she never breathed a word to anyone about what was happening at home. Oh what a shame about the Prxsxxo on your birthday but I am sure the coffee and cake (Kxffee und Kxchen). I suspect the C’mas mixing with stay in place as I am sure the G’ment is aware if they try to stop people getting together it will just happen clandestinely. I am sure the trxfflxs and other sweets were greatly appreciated by the Scollops’ teachers!!

Mr S wasn’t to busy and this week there seemed to be plenty of stock on the shelves. We were third in the queue for our checkout so not too long to wait to be served. Lindy took longer as her downloaded Nxctxr card decided not to connect and put her into a panic. Fortunately she managed to connect in time to use it. Twin arrived safely mid afternoon (before the showers) and we indulged ourselves with a PintheS from P’gal. It had started to rain again when we went out in the evening. I felt very sorry for the restaurant – the car park was virtually empty (we could park right next to the main door). There were only five tables in use during the time we were there – in normal times it would have been packed. They had done a really good job of decorating the inside too. Our waitress said it is normally very quiet on Mondays and Tuesdays. They are in Bucks and so not affected by our sudden move into Txer 3 (I have to say not at all unexpected), so hopefully will be busier in the next couple of weeks. This morning we will put up some decorations in the lounge (we were going to go and do a little RT, but decided last night it might be too busy with people rushing out before tomorrow) and our Bubble is heading home this afternoon (fleeing to the safely to Txxr 2!). HC on tonight to cheer us all up of course. Morning BHB, yes it is trying to brighten up. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Pxnk Bxtterfxy into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM to join us – she is awake!
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 08:45
Morning all and it is now nice and sunny which is lovely and makes a nice change. I was lucky yesterday on my journey here and dodged the showers. The motorway was fairly quiet as well hope it will be the same today. It was lovely to eat out last night. The meal was a bit rich but enjoyable if not the best ever! Felt very sorry for them as it was so quiet at what should be their busiest time. So Twin and I will finish their decks today then I will pop off home, not fleeing them as she said as I shall return!

Think you better go walking today Diana as I am not liking the look of the forecast for the rest of the week! I must sort out my order for the weekend if I can.

Fu sorry to hear your father is declining. Very hard to watch and deal with, especially if your Mum won’t accept more help. You are right though that there are people with horrendous problems at the moment. However your own are still there to deal with and it is hard as I said.

Morning BHB and today we have crumpets and Pxnk Bxtterfly? Sounds perfect so let’s get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 12:10
Morning all.

Lots of blue sky and sunshine this morning.

Using a 2p coin on limescale works! I had a go at all our taps yesterday and got rid of most of the limescale. I had a short walk, it was rather windy, especially when walking into the wind. Ploppy had an appointment in the afternoon so I watched the final ep of 2020 Call TM, really enjoyed the series. Also saw second ep of W*terhole on iPlayer, a wildlife series in T*nzania with Chris P which is interesting.

This morning I have finished my parents' shopping order for Thursday and also booked one for us post Xmas. As it's now almost certain we won't be able to have our meal out on NYD, I have ordered some miniatures and mixed drinks so the two of us will have a mini party to celebrate Ploppy's birthday! Am*rula, SA liqueur, is on special offer so I treated us to a bottle. I forgot to order the single while I was online yesterday morning but have just done so.

Sorry your dad's declining, Fi, hope more cover can be arranged for while your mum's recovering. Also sorry about your friends. It's been a bad year for everyone but this makes you appreciate others are in much worse position.

Sad that the London theatres that were putting on shows over Xmas now have to close despite all their efforts, along with restaurants and pubs.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 15:10
Carol really sad for MM ex secretary. I can imagine being in her situation. Really sad. I hope she can get help if she thinks it would allow her to move forward.

I listed to the Christmas concert from The Crazy coq again this morning, it was still live then. Just checked it is still live if you have purchased the show.

I hope you have all seen the YT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHEU0ODbc_c&pbjreload=101 and downloaded the single. I'm pretty sure he'll not get it in the charts, but we can try. https://www.amazon.co.uk/In-My-Arms-for-Christmas/dp/B08QBHDDK1/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1K4QSC29WJYY5&dchild=1&keywords=lee+mead+in+my+arms+for+christmas&qid=1608043657&sprefix=lee+mead++my+arms+for+christmas%2Caps%2C199&sr=8-1

I'm very impressed by the single and the video.

Mr ExP has been in contact with someone who has since had a +ve test. He has no symptoms but is staying at home. I've just messaged him, he seems OK as he commented on my 'cheer up text' yesterday that 'The pictures of Bruce were nice but some spam had got into the message'. I'd sent him Lee's Christmas vid.

Oh dear looks like Bruce is up for an afternoon walk.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 07:38
Morning and dark and gloomy here at the moment, and from the trees moving it looks quite breezy. I know we are forecast rain later. Yesterday was showery in the morning and then we had sunshine. So here we are in T3.

Ah so you now have gleaming taps and the 2p piece works miracles! We will all be fine as long as they don’t withdraw the small coins from circulation. We are eagerly awaiting the C’ms CtM special on C’mas Day! I tried to book a delivery slot for end of December, with either Mr O or Mr S but no slots up yet. We were booked to go out for a meal on NY Day too – think that will be off the cards now – still I will get the £30 deposit back so that’s something. My friend Candie went to the P’dium panto last night – they were lucky with their choice of date!!

Yes really sad about Annette, Jo– and she never said anything all the time she was working. It just proves you never know what goes on once people go home and close their doors. I bought the single download on Monday morning and have listened several times now – it is a very catchy tune that Adam has written. Oh poor Mr ExP – hopefully he is fine, albeit isolating. I love that you sent him the video to cheer him up – how dare he think it was spam!! Hopefully Bruce enjoyed his walk!

Twin and I spent the morning putting batteries into my various lanterns and strings of lights. MM was putting hooks into the stair rails so I can hang my garlands but needs to go out this morning to get some more before I can hang them. Twin went home after lunch and I had an interesting time with Hxrmxs. They were delivering some new boots and sent an email saying they had delivered my parcel and attached a photo of a front door. Only problem was it wasn’t our front door, but no. 20. I went over to no. 20 and no sign of the parcel and no one seemed to be in. I sent a message to Hxrmxs and they sent an email saying they were looking into it. MM came down from the office and went over to no. 20 – lady was in and had taken my parcel inside with one for her daughter – she had assumed that both parcels were for her daughter and not looked at the address. We watched HC in the evening of course. Such an uplifting and festive episode (not). Today we have our service this morning and this evening we have our final zxxm rehearsal of the year – festive hats de rigueur and we are going to all have a festive drink and a mince pie or something to hand. We are really hoping that we will be able to meet up next year. MM will go out after the service and buy some more hooks and then I will be able to put the garlands up during the afternoon. Morning BHB, yes it is a gloomy start to the day isn’t it. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Stxxp Flxght into the conservatory and we can admire the tree and all the decorations. Plenty of time for a nice snuffle before the DCM arrives I think.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 10:30
Morning all and it started very gloomy here but has brightened up a bit now and it is a bit sunny now. Long may it last. Got back here from Twin in the afternoon after a lovely morning playing with the decs at her house. That is genuine, not ironic as I really do enjoy sorting through lights and things as I have said before! At least it makes me feel a bit festive. Had a good journey home as the traffic was fairly light, though a lot of lorries around. Glad to say I managed to get a s/market slot for after C/mas. That is a relief as the slot i have this weekend is my last one before C/mas so may have to brave the farm shop at some point! Watched HC last night, they certainly weren't trying to lighten the mood for C/mas! It is so gloomy at the moment. They could do with Lofty to lighten things up. Not a hospital I would be keen to go to, they have a drug addict, a murderer and a man destroyed by grief acting as surgeons! Eeek! Today I am going to try and sort all my remaining pressies out and wrap them, or make a start at least.

Glad to hear the 2p thing works Diana. It must be some sort of chemical reaction. I must give it a try. Shame about the NYD, as Twin said we will be in a similar boat, hope you can make a nice little party for Ploppy anyway.

Jo I have done my bit for Lee and downloaded the single. I have Applx so used that but thanks for the link. Really hope it sells well for him. Twin showed me a link to a nice interview with him when he talked a bit about how hard it has been this year and he has used his savings to survive. He did say he counts himself lucky as he has managed to hang on to his home as lots of his friends have lost theirs. Heart breaking. How very dare Mr ExP say he is spam!!

Morning BHB and we have paninis with Stxxp Flxght today? Just perfect, so let's get more and find the CM.
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 19:18
Evening. What a glorious day yesterday. I had an online physio appt yesterday. my physio was in Ardnam.rchan! She said this remote working was going to happen anyway but C.vid has just hastened it. She thought i was hilarious and kept giggling. I didn't think there was much hilarious abt fact I put my gel pack in freezer to ice up and now cant find it amongst the stuffings, p.gs in blankets etc. She said i seemed very fit so she upped my exercise regime for my shoulder - aargh. When I came off the call ploppy said we were off to N.rfolk. He had packed our boots, coffee etc and off we went. Such a nice spur of moment trip. N.rfolk was deserted - unlike the summer. a very sunny day - and quite mild. only issue was that all the to.lets and many cafes were closed. we just had to stop at hotels for coffees to use the facilities! we got a window table at our fave restaurant for f&C - and felt we deserved it after our 5 miles coastal walk. was a much needed boost. I have had 2 friends phone me this week to check i am ok - seemingly I look "wan"and "worried" on Z..m!
Parents a big issue still. Dad declining at rate of knots, but very sadly he is well aware of his decline . he told sloppy today that it was "time I was away". breaking all our hearts.
Jo - I am so impressed that you have downloaded the single. If only I know how to download! I will ask scollop when he comes home.
Your conservatory looks very festive carol - well done twins.
Pauline I was amending my Mr T order for monday - my last order. and it told me I had too many items. it said I had over 95 and when i counted up I had 64 - and that was counting my indiv carrots, bananas etc. turned out they counted indiv sprouts and toms on vine. I cancelled those and bought pkts!
Diana and ali- I tried the 2p trick - it does work
Off for our church homegroup Chr party. should be Ok even tho i had a goodnatured (I hope) spat with one on the group on Whats.pp. he had drawn up a govt petition re Chr.stmas rules calling on govt to say people had to stay local. I was not pleased. Fine for him as his children live in next village! if they asked for everyone in lockdown I would have gone with that. but if they had said (as Sco is) one day (or local) only I would have gone mad - and broken the rules! So much is loaded against those of us with family far away - when evidence shows it is households living nearby that are large generators of c'vir.s rate increase. I see it with friends - their children and grchildren always in and out of their houses, breaking the rules. Luckily I don't have to break the rules as we are allowed our original 5 days. phew. I have bought lots of anti bac room sprays and wipes and have written a house rules notice about cleaning, windows open, space etc! UB scollop will def be home as he becomes homeless this wk but will see how eldest scollop feels. but i def want to be able to visit parents (at opp ends of room and patio doors open and them wrapped in duvets) within the 5 days. i am not optimistic about dad.
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 19:18
Evening. What a glorious day yesterday. I had an online physio appt yesterday. my physio was in Ardnam.rchan! She said this remote working was going to happen anyway but C.vid has just hastened it. She thought i was hilarious and kept giggling. I didn't think there was much hilarious abt fact I put my gel pack in freezer to ice up and now cant find it amongst the stuffings, p.gs in blankets etc. She said i seemed very fit so she upped my exercise regime for my shoulder - aargh. When I came off the call ploppy said we were off to N.rfolk. He had packed our boots, coffee etc and off we went. Such a nice spur of moment trip. N.rfolk was deserted - unlike the summer. a very sunny day - and quite mild. only issue was that all the to.lets and many cafes were closed. we just had to stop at hotels for coffees to use the facilities! we got a window table at our fave restaurant for f&C - and felt we deserved it after our 5 miles coastal walk. was a much needed boost. I have had 2 friends phone me this week to check i am ok - seemingly I look "wan"and "worried" on Z..m!
Parents a big issue still. Dad declining at rate of knots, but very sadly he is well aware of his decline . he told sloppy today that it was "time I was away". breaking all our hearts.
Jo - I am so impressed that you have downloaded the single. If only I know how to download! I will ask scollop when he comes home.
Your conservatory looks very festive carol - well done twins.
Pauline I was amending my Mr T order for monday - my last order. and it told me I had too many items. it said I had over 95 and when i counted up I had 64 - and that was counting my indiv carrots, bananas etc. turned out they counted indiv sprouts and toms on vine. I cancelled those and bought pkts!
Diana and ali- I tried the 2p trick - it does work
Off for our church homegroup Chr party. should be Ok even tho i had a goodnatured (I hope) spat with one on the group on Whats.pp. he had drawn up a govt petition re Chr.stmas rules calling on govt to say people had to stay local. I was not pleased. Fine for him as his children live in next village! if they asked for everyone in lockdown I would have gone with that. but if they had said (as Sco is) one day (or local) only I would have gone mad - and broken the rules! So much is loaded against those of us with family far away - when evidence shows it is households living nearby that are large generators of c'vir.s rate increase. I see it with friends - their children and grchildren always in and out of their houses, breaking the rules. Luckily I don't have to break the rules as we are allowed our original 5 days. phew. I have bought lots of anti bac room sprays and wipes and have written a house rules notice about cleaning, windows open, space etc! UB scollop will def be home as he becomes homeless this wk but will see how eldest scollop feels. but i def want to be able to visit parents (at opp ends of room and patio doors open and them wrapped in duvets) within the 5 days. i am not optimistic about dad.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 17, 2020, 08:27
Morning and quite a bright start to the day. Yesterday was gloomy for most of the time, with the occasional glimpse of the sun through the showers.

I see you are having lovely weather at the moment Fi – could you please send it this way. Loving that you can’t find your gel pack in the freezer due to all the Christmas food in there hiding it!! I can see why your phxsio was giggling. Ah so the result was more strenuous exercise – good luck! How lovely to have an unexpected trip to the N’folk coast – I agree, unexpected trips are the nicest. Shame so many places were closed but f&c witting at the window of your favourite place sounds idyllic. I am sure it did you both a lot of good. So sorry to read about your Dad, not only that he is declining but that he is aware. Awful for you all and sending you virtual hugs. Good grief, so the Mr T site counts all the veggies individually – how mad is that! Ah another who tried the trick with the 2p. I will give it a go when I find a 2p (in short supply at the moment). I hope you enjoyed the C’mas party on Zxxm. My friend Ania said that is how they did the office party this year – on zxxm, and they were each given a £50 MandS voucher – she said she preferred it to the normal party (I would tend to agree, especially if there was a voucher instead of the normal not so very good food!). I am wondering how the S’ish rules will affect Roger – he was going to drive up for a few days and stay with Sarah, Stuart and Daniel......... Very tricky and there is sadly no “one size fits all”. I think as long as people have been sensible (Roger hasn’t seen anyone for over a week now) and don’t try to flout the three households rule things should be ok. I hope you get your visit to your parents sorted – I think it is important that you go when you can.

We had our service in the morning and then we put our decorations up in the lounge, so feeling quite festive. Add to that the last rehearsal for the small choir until next year and we are feeling quite C’massy. We all had a toast to an improved next year at the end and we even managed to have the one person who we haven’t been able to see (we could hear but not see) on video! I have to say I am relieved to have got all the presents delivered to everyone so that is one thing less to stress over. I think apart from a couple of decorations to go up in the Dining Room, and MM’s pressies to wrap I am almost done and dusted. Today I may do some washing so that I can do some i word tomorrow rather than having two weeks of laundry to do on Saturday. Morning BHH, yes it is very bright at the moment. Let’s take the hot sxusage rolls and mulled wine into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 17, 2020, 10:09
Morning all. It is quite nice here at the moment, well compared to recent days, we actually have some sun. Had a day of doing a lot of bits yesterday. I took a 2p to the loo for a start to see if it could help and I think it did a bit. I am now happy with the way it looks as it isn't visible unless you look for it and I don't think people will be doing that! I then did a few extra touches to my decs and also wrapped some pressies so things are nearly done on the C/mas front. Today I hope to finish the wrapping and then I can relax about C/mas I hope! M/chef finals tonight. Should be good as the three remaining are all brilliant.

Fi I can't believe that Mr T counts veggies and things individually, though as my order wouldn't reach 95 items if they did! Must make things tricky for people with big families though. Your day out sounds lovely and so nice that you have lovely weather, we can spare some rain if you would like some? No? So sorry about your father. What a heart breaking thing to hear him say. Sending socially distanced hugs.

Morning BHB and what a gorgeous smell! You have the mulled wine on the go? Wonderful, let's get more and some more saxsage rolls and go and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Thursday, December 17, 2020, 13:15
Afternoon all.

It's been a lovely morning, blue sky, sunshine and mild, though there are some clouds now.

Sadly I assume the panto will be cancelled as the area is moving into tier 3. So sorry for Lee, the rest of the cast and crew, and theatre, as well as those who were going.

That was brave of MM's ex-sec, Carol, hope she is doing well and has a better future life.

I went to Sains. yesterday morning. Bought some nibbles to have at New Year with the drinks. In the afternoon caught up with a couple of eps of Great Br*tish Menu and watched the "live" ep in the evening followed by M*sterchef. Looking forward to the final tonight, agree that all three are very good and any could win. This morning I have been for a walk, then spent a few mins in garden picking up bits of moss which had dropped onto the patio.

Hope Mr ExP continues to be fine, Jo.

So sad about your dad, Fi, do hope you get to see your parents over Xmas. Glad you had a lovely day out.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, December 17, 2020, 20:50
Evening. Sad news about panto. We remain like most in tier 2.
Sorry to hear about your dad Fi, hope you can visit as planned x
Work was very busy yesterday which was great but today was dire. Boss is concerned. Also her daughter is isolating as one of her college class tested positive. Contacted testing service who advised no need for rest of family to isolate. If daughter has no symptoms by xmas eve then allowed out of isolation.
I came home and started on my xmas baking for gifts for family. G&t truffles, fudge and tiffin. Jack not expecting court case to end tomorrow so looks like he’ll be back there next week. He's enjoying the experience.
Ploppy needs my help selecting port for his dad, better go
Glad 2p worked for you all, I keep a coin in bathroom drawer
TK wrote:
Thursday, December 17, 2020, 21:13
Such a shame about the panto in MK. They were rehearsed and ready to go.
The changes will mean the ice cream parlour will be take away only. Such a shame. One of the workers gets laid off and the owner does the work himself. Bruce will continue with his support.

Thanks Carol for the info on ring removal. I went to the jewellers this lunchtime. It was the first time we'd passed when the number of people in the shop was below the numbers allowed. The ring cutting off lady came from the workshop. Done in seconds. Cuddles with Bruce, they have 2 dogs in the workshop. She said that I could get the ring enlarged when the finger had returned to normal. The ring removal was really expensive ..... £0. I do like the jewellers in the village.

Lee did lots of Radio station slots today for the single. Unfortunately he'd recorded some of them earlier so included the panto.

Bruce has decided his new toy boxes are for playing in. Hopefully they will withstand the pressure from inside. There is a lot of ripping sounds coming from the corner of the room. Ah the snowman is getting it again. That's fine, he has decided that his drying towels are for ripping, not so good.

We're going into tier 3. Not 100% certain if it will change things for me. Probably not, just have take away ice cream. It is coming up time for fish and chips, still do that. The main change is no panto. Such a shame.

Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2020, 07:40
Morning and still dark and gloomy out – the ground looks wet so we have obviously had some rain fairly recently – still it is a warm 11C at the moment!

Our day was quite bright yesterday too Diana. I agree with was very mild for December but lovely to see blue skies for a change. Yes no pxnto – and just after they had started rehearsing and getting into the swing of things. I have to say I wasn’t too surprised that they ended up in T3 as I have been monitoring the cases there and they were a lot higher than here. I agree, it was very brave of Annette and when she wrote that she had been staying out into the early hours just sitting in bus shelters my blood ran cold! We are wondering if our restaurant will be doing take aways that we can order for NYD – at the moment I suspect they haven’t decided what to do. Ah you have the problem we have – birds peck the moss off the roof and then deposit it either on the conservatory roof or the patio!

Sorry to hear yesterday was dire at work – especially if you had had a busy day on Wednesday and might have wondered if things were about to improve. I am not surprised your Boss is worried – doubly so if her daughter is having to isolate (I presume she lives at home?). Two of Mrs Chris’s grandchildren are isolating as one of her grandson’s class had tested positive (they were already at home as several teachers had posted positive earlier on). The baking sound delicious – especially the G&T truffles! That’s good Jack is enjoying his time on the jxry. I have never been called but MM has done it twice! How is his hand now? The next 2p I find in change will be going into my bathroom too!

Yes Jo I thought of you when I saw you were joining us in Tier 3, as is Twin. Good to know the ice cream parlour will still operate, if only on a take away basis – shame about the working being laid off though. That’s excellent that you managed to have the ring cut off. You did well – I think MM paid about £5! I see Bruce even had cuddles! Such a shame the GO had done all the publicity and mentioned the panto and now it is not to be. Of course the boxes are for playing in – Elmo loves being in a cardboard box that had his bed in! Yes at least the restaurants can still do take away and the shops are remaining open, so apart from no theatre, no cinema, and no eating out we aren’t too affected – well not being able to see friends is not so good but at least we can still see Twin and we can have our outdoor distanced coffees with Lindy and Lawrence (on the basis MM talks with Lawrence and I talk to Lindy so it fulfils the one person only outdoors criteria!).

So all the decorations boxes now back in the loft. I did realise my 30 plus year old musical Christmas teddy I bought in H A Rods was missing, so MM found him in one of the boxes he hadn’t fetched down. Now he is back in his normal place. Janice called round for a present exchang in the afternoon – today is her daughter’s wedding with no Reception and only 15 guests. She is going to take the train up to Brum, so won’t have to drive. She has promised to take photos – Emma did send me the link for the zxxm recording but it clashes with our family zxxm so she is going to let me see the recording later. We had our GandT with Mary and Les, they are fine and Diva is much better and is being weaned off the meds. We watched the MC final – I would have been happy with any of the three winning (although suddenly discovered one of the contestants lives in U’bridge!!). This morning we are off for our MandS weekend food shop. Then I have my church phone calls to make and the family zoom later (plus my two video chats with Twin). I may get some more washing done so I can start the i word tomorrow first thing! There’s something to look forward to!! Morning BHB, yes it is still quite gloomy out and it looks quite breezy. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted pikelets into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2020, 10:07
Morning all and it is a miserable start to the day, all drizzly. So we are going into tier 3 tonight, I was not surprised though I had been clinging on to the hope we might manage the panto at least one time. So sorry for everyone involved and the theatre and it's staff, terrible times. Am about to leave to go to the hairdressers and really looking forward to it. Hopefully this time they will let them stay open all the time.

Hope everyone is ok, must fly as my hairdresser is calling!

Morning BHB and we have pikelets with our Vanillita? Wonderful, let's get more and we can find the CM.
TK wrote:
Friday, December 18, 2020, 13:44
Great shame about the panto. Got gossip from a dog walker this morning, which I've not checked on. He said the virus level in MK is much higher than our village, so probably for the best. Hopefully the panto will be put on in the spring as GO mentioned in one of the interviews.

Mrs ExP was dragged to my house last night by Duffy, as I have the very smelly, but yummy for a dog, chews. We then went for a short walk, down the road, up the footpath, back on to the road and back to my house. Perfect for me and Duffy, Bruce and Mrs Ex P could have managed a longer walk.

It is not a nice day today, I'll have to go out again later. Not looking forward to it.

Still not found my address book. I should have stuck to my 'leave it where it's been, IF it has been in the same place for 5 years or more.' Found replacement cutter for the dog nail clippers as it had been in the same place for just under 20 years without being used.' Address book had been in same place for 10 years, last year I moved it.

Just refilled the seed containers and poo picked. That's about all the garden jobs I feel like doing today. It's a bit damp out there.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2020, 07:46
Morning and dark, gloomy and overcast at the moment. I don’t think it is raining though. Yesterday we had drizzle for most of the morning, then it was dry but quite windy (it blew over one of the reindeer on the flat roof!).

Ah I had already been monitoring MK for their cases and saw they were higher than us, so when we went into T3 on Wednesday I did fear that there might be a change in their circumstances and we wouldn’t get to go to the pxnto. Sadly I was proved right. Love that Duffy can drag Mrs ExP to your house in search of (very smelly) dog chews! I feel Duffy and you should form a tag team and Bruce and Mrs ExP another one! Then you can do the short works and they can do the long ones. I am sure when you moved your address book you mentally told yourself you were putting it is a really good place so that you could access it easily. I have done that a lot of times – some things have never materialised since! It was indeed damp and nasty out yesterday (well during the morning at least).

U’brxdge wasn't too busy and we were able to park on the first floor of the car park this week. No large queues in MandS food (we were next to go onto our checkout) and I was able to pick up my turkey gravy and bread sauce as they were well within date. So that's a little hassle saved for next week. MM dropped some paperwork off at the church on our way back from U’brxdge - he said it is obviously still damp inside the lobby as there was surface mould appearing on the wooden interior door (not helped by the church being so cold of course). I made my phone calls once we were home so that job was crossed off. We had a nice family zxxm chat in the afternoon - Marcus and Imogen had finished school at 1.30 yesterday and are now off until the New Year. They went to the childminder next door and she was doing a birthday party for Marcus during the afternoon. On Monday his birthday treat is a trip to Lxndxn Zxx (they will drive up so don't need to worry about public transport). The zxx is able to stay open as it is an outdoor event. I think they will sadly have a wet day, but as we know the forecast can change overnight!! I had a video chat with June in the late afternoon (Elmo now enjoying short walks in the forest) – she had been to see Moving Aunt earlier in the week and said it was like being in a fog (the spray they use between visitors had obviously been rigorously applied) and she couldn’t see my aunt very well and aunt couldn’t see her. The glass screen is still making it difficult for either of them to hear the other too, so June said she resorted to miming! We ordered in some f&c for our evening meal, so that I could watch the hour long ITxkesTwx. Janice sent me a few photos of the wedding and Emma looked lovely. She and Sheree (her sister and bridesmaid) wore short white “fur” jackets over their dresses and looked beautiful. Janice said she just about managed not to cry! Today MM will go and give the reindeer a severe talking too whilst I do the i word – I have done most of the washing so will be able to put the board up as soon as I am ready. No GandT with Lindy this week as it is an early start to SCD! Morning BHB, yes it is a gloomy looking morning isn’t it. Let’s take the cinnamon buns and the Rxse Mxmoire into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2020, 09:36
Morning all and it is a dire morning, wet and dark, not nice at all. Glad it is the shortest day soon and the days won't get any shorter! I know it will be a time before we notice the difference, but it is a corner I like turning. Had my hair done yesterday, I was in the hairdressers for nearly 3 hours! Now it is all a nice colour again and very toss toss! After that I didn't really get much else done so today will be laundry and cleaning day. So exciting, not! SCD final tonight of course. Looking forward to it, but sad in a way. I will miss it a lot bringing a bit of sparkle to the weekend. It is not absolutely throwing it down here! Plus it is like night time!

So sad about the panto too Jo. It would have been such a treat. However I know it is really bad in MK so probably for the best. I am gutted for the cast, theatre and all the staff there and in all theatres though. Duffy certainly is a girl who knows what she wants! Smelly treats, each to their own! Hope you find the address book. I amd another that puts things in a different place as it will be more convenient, then never finds them again!

Morning BHB and we havecinnamon buns and Rxse Mxmoire today, Smashing, let's get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2020, 21:32
Evening all.

What an horrible day, Xmas cancelled and rain most of the day. I can't help wondering if the people who usually leave their Xmas present buying to the last minute, have done so again this year! Anyway at least my 2nd fav won SCD.

I couldn't get on here this morning, I kept getting a message that the blog's server was taking too long to respond.

I stayed in yesterday as the weather was ugh all day. Spent a bit of time on the laptop and caught up with a couple of programmes I'd missed, otherwise can't remember what I did. Today's been equally unmemorable though I got out for 30 mins, taking some books to a charity shop.

Just lost internet briefly so will post to avoid losing this.

Diana wrote:
Saturday, December 19, 2020, 21:57
Your jewellers sounds a bit like the one I go to, Jo. Ploppy had asked me to collect the watch he took there recently when I go to M&S for the Xmas food but now he'll have to wait till the shops can reopen. Hope your address book turns up soon. I've done that before, moved something to what I thought would be a better place only to forget the new home. Yesterday I found a pair of trousers I'd been looking for, for some reason I'd put them in the summer clothes drawer even though they're for cooler weather.

Lucky you had your hair done yesterday, Pauline. My hair could do with a cut but as I tie it back most of the time it can wait.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, December 20, 2020, 07:23
Morning. I was awake early, typical when I could have a lie in as not working today! Work very much up and down. Local cafe has decided not to re-open after xmas eve until situation changes as have other pubs and restaurants nearby.
Jack has been on jury service all week, finds it fascinating but not able to discuss it. They start deliberations tomorrow and hope to reach decision quickly.
My 15 yr old nephew has to isolate until Boxing day along with rest of his year at school as a student tested positive. Not sure all parents understand the meaning of isolation!!
After church I intend to finish making my sweet treats so I can package them up for family and friends. Then I must wrap some presents.
Hope those of you now in tier4 are ok x
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, December 20, 2020, 08:06
Morning and it is dark and gloomy here at the moment. At least it isn’t wet as it was yesterday. We had heavy rain during the morning, then sunshine and the occasional shower through the afternoon.

Yes it was a horrible day Diana – I know some people left their shopping until late. Les had to dash out to C’bury late afternoon after the announcement to buy Mary’s present (he does have a double whammy given that her birthday in on C Eve!). We were due to drive down on Wednesday to do our present exchange, but of course that is now of so we will have to wait until things improve and we will have a very belated C’mas with them. Your problems with the pooter sound similar to the ones we had a couple of weeks back (all is well at the moment – I have to say since we put the extender plug in we haven’t had any problems (touching wood) so fingers crossed for your connection. I lost a pair of trousers earlier in the year – I bought them for our cancelled trip to Rxme, so they were a medium weight. Came the autumn I couldn’t find them anywhere but they resurfaced a couple of weeks back folded onto the hanger of a summer top that was lurking in the back of the airing cupboard behind some of MM’s shirts! I was really pleased I had my hair cut last week!!

Morning Ali – as you say typical to wake early when you could have had a lovely lie in. Poor places here in T4 are having to shut or do takeaways again, but at least they aren’t obliged to shut as the other shops are. I meant to ask how they manage with a socially distanced jury or are they all considered to be in a bubble together? I fear you are right about parents not totally understanding what isolation means. When we were chatting to Victoria on Friday she said that their school day is regularly interrupted by emails telling them that various classes have to be sent home immediately as someone has tested positive in a particular class. She said she was surprised there were any pupils left by the end of term. I say on Fbook that Gareth is starting up the BHChoir this coming week as he feels we need it. More details to follow! Even if we just do C’massy music that will at least make us feel festive! Enjoy your sweet treat making.

So I had an exciting day doing the i word (still a few pieces to do today, but not too much). I had my mid afternoon video chat with Twin (her hair is indeed looking lovely) and we ended in time for the announcement. Deep gloom – we can still have Twin over of course as we are her permanent bubble, but Lindy and Lawrence no longer able to come round and join us on Sunday. Unfortunately too late to amend the C’mas food order from Mr S (cut off date was 16th) so hoping some of the food will go into the freezer – otherwise we will be eating desserts for some time to come (assuming they are in date). I was so depressed I ordered a couple of tops on line immediately after the briefing. Still it is what it is and it is everyone’s welfare we should be thinking of. At least we can video chat over the “not so festive” season. Janice’s daughter must be so relieved that they had the wedding on Friday! Poor Marcus will miss out on his birthday visit to the zxx (I think they were keeping it as a surprise on the day, so hopefully he won’t be disappointed as he won’t know what was planned). So we are almost in complete lockdown again. Despite the News we enjoyed SCD in the evening – it was lovely seeing all the past contestants dancing again, and to see K & N doing their (excellent) dance. A lovely way for N’s curtailed Strxctly experience to end I felt. Afterwards we caught up with The D Choir and The Rexair Shxp from earlier in the week. This morning we have our service and then I will finish the i word. MM wrapped my pressies and put them under the tree yesterday, so I need to do the same for him. It is the last episode of HDM this evening and then we might watch DinP for some sun and light relief. Morning BHB, yes it is trying to brighten up so it may well be a nice day later. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Txcklxd Pxnk into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 20, 2020, 09:10
Morning all and it is a nice morning here, blue sky and sunshine, makes a lovely change. The rain we had yesterday morning was torrential at times, but it cleared up and we had a bit of sun for a short while before the rain returned. I made one of the best decisions ever. When I went to the hairdresser on Friday I forgot to take the bottle I had got for them as a pressie. I was going to take it in on Monday, but then when the sun shone yesterday I thought I would get it off my mind and take it. Thank goodness I did or they would not of got it and I think they will all need a drink! So here we go again, virtual lock down. Not that it will make too much difference to me! So pleased I got may hair done while I could though I think it will be a time until it gets done again. I feel very sorry for everybody that has had to shut down again, but not really surprised it happened. The bit I have been out I saw very few people making any attempt to social distance and one lady thanked me profusely when I stepped aside for her, and said few people bothered. I did some washing yesterday, so have the ixxnxxg to do today. I am also expecting a man or lady from Sxy as I have been having problems with my Sxy box. Not sure if they will come or not but the time they gave me was between 8 and 5. As I am up early I expect them late afternoon! Watched SCD of course. I was happy with the result thought I was hoping Janette and H would win. I think Otx is very clever at what she does though and knows the sort of things to please the audience. Their show dance was brilliant.

Ali always the same that you wake early when you could stay in bed! Shame that business is patchy, but hopefully you will be able to keep soldiering on. I found jury service very interesting, but not sure how they are managing at the moment? Social distancing must be very tricky.

Agree Diana that people round here who left shopping till the last minute will now be hitting the internet big time I expect! I feel very lucky to have got my hair done when I did. At least it should be ok for 6 weeks and let's hope that we are in a lower tier by then.

Morning BHB and what have you for us today? Paninis and Txckled Pxnk? Some of my favourite things. We need cheering up so let's get a very large jug and more paninis and fined the CM.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, December 20, 2020, 12:36

It's been a sunny morning bar a brief shower. Hoping it will stay dry till mid pm so I can get out.

We ordered several desserts too, Carol, and I don't think most can be frozen so we may be eating desserts Boxing Day and 27 rather than turkey - hoping at least a couple are OK till 30/31 Dec. I guess if it comes to it, I'll have to put the most suitable in the freezer and hope! I like your response to the announcement. Mine was to open a box of chocolates!

Having experienced it myself, I feel sorry for people who were due to fly abroad in the coming days and are now stuck here. Many people are going to be stuck with lots of food while others who were due to be with family/friends will be rushing to the shops to grab what Xmas foods they can. I saw the pictures on TV of the crowds at London stations last night. Their actions definitely not helping to stop the new variant spreading.

How typical that you were awake early, Ali. Hope business is at least reasonable in the coming days.

You're right that few people now bother to move aside, Pauline. I passed three people walking together taking up 3/4 of the pavement the other day and they didn't make any attempt to move to the side. Luckily I was on the road side and no car was coming so was able to step out. If looks could have killed!
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 20, 2020, 17:38
Depressing time at the moment. I've only taken Bruce out once today. I was going to go for a short walk and go out again in the afternoon. Bruce was keen to do a walk around the village in the morning. We walked to the village and down to the river. I was tired when we got home so had an afternoon sleep on the sofa. Bruce was pinning me down on the sofa, so I couldn't move. Which didn't matter as I was asleep. Then he went to sit on a chair. I still couldn't move as TK took over pinning me down.

It is a mad time. Seems like this Tier 4 may last for months. It won't be so bad when the days get longer. Just at the moment it is quite depressing. Bruce and I did have a distanced chat in the car park of the over 50s flats. (It is one of our shortcuts to the village). One of the ladies was being dropped off by her daughter. Bruce had to inspect the child in the back of the car. Then his friend came out of his flat, as I'd been heard talking in the car park. He brought out treats so that was fine. Bruce dragged me to the village, my hip was quite painful, so I wasn't going to go far. Bruce had other plans. Saw Lorraine again, with Angus and her hubby. I didn't notice them it was Bruce who spotted Angus. She's recorded all her stuff for the next week, so I expect she'll be about quite a lot.

Just watching Robin Hood, I don't remember the episode
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 21, 2020, 07:47
Morning and it is still dark here at the moment. We are forecast rain/drizzle for this morning but hopefully it should clear later. We are hoping so as we want to have a chance of seeing “the Star of Bxthlxhxm” (i.e. Jxpiter and Sxtxrn in alignment) some time after 4pm. It will be the nearest it has been to the earth since the mid 1600s.

We missed out on your brief shower Diana, we were lucky to have it sunny and bright all day yesterday. Hopefully you managed to get out into the winter sunshine. I have a feeling we might not be able to freeze our desserts either, but I am hoping they might have long dates on them! I can see Twin going home on the 28th with a food parcels! I see most countries have barred Brxtxsh nationals from flying to their countries so I think lots of people will be stranded. I also saw the footage of the crowds at the stations and agree it was that sort of thing which allows the virus to spread as much as it does. I am another that gets cross when I see people making no effort to move aside to avoid getting too near to other pedestrians.

Jo, Bruce will be on that phone again if you are only taking him out once a day! At least he saw a friend (and had some treats). Not so good that your hip was painful. I love that the family took it in turns to pin you to the sofa. Good that you were able to sleep though. So Bruce had a nice chat with Angus I take it. Let’s hope the T4 doesn’t last too long and that the numbers go back to something approaching “normal” quite quickly. The case numbers are fairly scary at the moment! By the way Sir C was on S of Prxise yesterday afternoon singing “Sxlent Nxght”,

We had a really nice service yesterday morning. Lots of readings - “Nativity Vocies” - and carols. I finished my i word afterwards – I watched S of Prxise as they were doing the top ten carols chosen by viewers (which is how I saw Sir C). I had a lovely sing along! During the evening we watched HDM and then the Mxchxel Pxlin programme on the Hxmxlxyxs. Today we are off to Mr S for a mini shop and then we are home..........as we are on Tuesday (no panto) and Wednesday. (no trip to C’bury to delivery presents) At least it gives us time to do various things around the house! We will be phoning Marcus as some point during the day, to wish him a happy fifth birthday (can’t believe he is five!). He at least had a birthday party on Friday - as school finished early Victoria booked both Marcus and Imogen in with the childminder – Jenny – who looked after both of them when they were too young for school. Fortunately she lives next door! She was giving Marcus a birthday party with the other children she looks after (I think they all had take away pizza so a nice treat). When we last spoke to him he was so excited to be five! We have our GandT with Twin this evening of course. It is the first of two Upstxrt Crxw C’mas specials this evening so looking forward to that! Morning BHB, yes it is dark and gloomy outside. Let’s take the Lavendula and the hot sausage rolls into the conservatory. We should have plenty of time for a snuffle before the DCM arrives, although I know she will be up early this morning.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 21, 2020, 10:24
Morning all and it is a dark and wet one here, so back to normal then! Yesterday was lovely, it was wonderful to see the sun for a while, Still hoping it will cheer up here later. The man from Skx turned up at about 11.30 yesterday so not too long a wait. He did a fair amount of work on the satellite dish and I now have a new box thingy. Much smaller and neater than the old one and I am hoping much more reliable! I got my ixxnxxg done then in the evening watched the last episode of HDM which I have really loved. So well done. I know they are all ready to start shooting the third book so really hoping it gets the green light. Mind not as much as people who watched it not having read the books as it ends on a real cliff hanger. At least I know what happens! I was up bright and early as my doctor was ringing me this morning for a chat about something. Turned out to be the letter from the dermatologist which I have a copy of. It came through pretty late and she wanted to be clear on what I was doing about one of the meds which was recommended and has been withdrawn. We sorted that out so another thing ticked off the to do list. Just two pressies to deliver now and I am C/mas ready! Will try to do that today after I have done the bit of ixxnxxg I have left to do.

I have a feeling there will be a fair few people with too much food now Diana. We had a lady on our Next door Neighbour group offering food to anyone in need as she can't change her C/mas order which I thought was a lovely thing to do. I really do wonder if we will ever get it through to people that they are responsible for the spread of this virus by breaking rules and crowding into places. Seems to me they won't understand cos they don't want to change what they do. Bring on the vaccine I say! We are becoming like a plague island at the moment!

It is so nice of your family to keep you company while you sleep on the sofa Jo. They are looking after you! I see Bruce has been ripping his proper bed apart again! Maybe a leather cushion would help? Mind he would probably manage to rip that apart as well! I am trying to be optomistic and hope we can at least return to tier 3 in a few weeks. I feel it best to hope for that anyway.

Morning BHB and what a lovely smell, oh you have done hot sausage rolls with the Lavendula, how lovely. Let's get more and go and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Monday, December 21, 2020, 11:02
Morning all and yet another miserable one so won't be going out today. Good thing I had a nice walk yesterday.

While Ploppy watched American football last night, I saw SPOTY. Not the most exciting as far less sport than usual. Winner as expected and was really pleased that L*verpool won three awards.

We have a Sains. delivery this pm and several items will be missing from the order including brie & cranberry quiche and choc & salted caramel cake which I was looking forward to tasting so another disappointment. Tried to add them to next week's online order but they weren't available. If M&S foodhall isn't too busy when I collect the Xmas order tomorrow, I will see if I can grab a few extras but I anticipate there will be a lot of people.

I agree, Jo, it's a very depressing time and nothing much to look forward to in the near future either. Sorry your hip is painful again.

I really fancy some hot sausage rolls, anything with sausagemeat come to that but will have to wait for the Xmas orders.
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, December 21, 2020, 18:00
Hello. Another in T.er4. Seemingly although further north than any other T4 area it seems the new variant was likely brought here by commuters and we have such a high no. Of multi generational and multi occupancy houses and front line workers that virus has spread fast. I wld also say that local families visiting their families indoors also a huge transmitter. Several g/ mothers I know either have the c’ virus or are isolating as their families have it and they have been with them. Really annoys me as means those of us with distant families are being penalised over Chr by local families behaving so selfishly. I find there is no use Pauline trying to make people see that their breaking of the rules is just as bad as all those other people they blame for the spread of the virus. I have avoided a few friends who have kept on seeing their g/ children and insist this means they have to have the children’s parents indoors too. A couple are even going ahead with Chr day with their families in T4 insisting it is covered by ch.ldcare bubble rules - it isn’t. Grrr.
Luckily UB scollop came home Fri aft. He paid to come 1st class train and was only one in compartment. He is likely to be with us some time as he feels he can’t look for new accommodation during T4/ lockd.wn. He has ordered an office chair for here , so obvs he is settling in. Eldest scollop can’t come home as both he and us in T4.sob. His g/f also can’t travel to her parents so they will have their 1st Chr tog. I have obvs trained him well. Bor.s announced new Chr restrictions at 4:15 and by 4:45 scollop was in MrM with turkey and all the trimmings in his basket!!! I am saddest about not visiting parents as really not sure that dad will recognise us if we can’t see him soon.
Like others we have far too much food - was going to send lots back with eldest scollop. The v.gan isn’t going to be much help there!!
Must dash and cook tea. Have another Z..m at 7 with friends we made in Al.ska!
Ali wrote:
Monday, December 21, 2020, 19:28
Evening. I’ve been reading various posts on social media and news reports etc, making me angry so switched off. If only people would do as they’re told we might get through this but far too many saying they’ll meet family on other days, travel, go to the sales, move to 2nd homes
(Evidence it’s happening in Norfolk/Suffolk) etc. We’re following guidelines despite others around doing otherwise! Cases rising in our town among high school pupils.
Sad day today, boss’s m-in-l died in hosp. 😢 her husband only just made the 3 hr drive there to be with his mum.
Jack finished his jury service. After 4 hours they returned their verdict. Not a pleasant case to sit through he said.
Was hoping to see the alighnment of planets tonight but cloudy and raining.
Take care
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 22, 2020, 08:15
Morning and another overcast sky – it is quite mild for the time of year (10C) but at least, at the moment, it isn’t raining!

Diana, as you say it was a good thing you had a walk on Sunday as the forecast isn’t looking like it will be nice walking weather until C’mas Eve! In fact we have weather warnings for the next couple of days - heavy thundery showers coming apparently. I tried to book a delivery slot for the first week of the new year on both Mr S and Mr O and neither have dates available for next year yet. My next delivery will be the 30th, but of course we have the food collection on Thursday morning. I am planning to do all my veg and salad shopping when we do the 8.30 collection from MandS, and just go in and collect the Mr S order and leave when we go at 10am. Ah I collected sausage rolls from Mr MandS on Saturday – they were well in date. As there will only be the three of us I have popped one packet into the freezer already!

Fi, I didn’t realise you had joined us in the dreaded T4! I know there is a lot of speculation as to how the new variant came to be so prevalent. It isn’t only over here of course but on the continent. I know one theory is that the strain they found in mxnk (remember all the culling that went on a couple of months ago) may be a clue that it originated in animals. I know D’mark and digging up all the mxnk carcasses and are going to incinerate them so they don’t contaminate land. I suspect your outbreak may well have been from C’ters, although I think they said there is case to say it started in Kxnt somewhere. Yes people seem to think the rules apply to everyone else but not to them. So frustrating when most of us are doing our level best to abide by all the rules. I know one of Twin’s neighbours has blithely been seeing members of the family (indoors) ever since this all started! Well done to UB for instant action. I suspect if he has ordered an office chair you are likely to have him well into the future! Such a shame about eldest scollop though. Having said that lovely for him and g/f to have their first C’mas together. Well done to him for sorting out the food so quickly! Our friend Les in Kxnt was one of the many (I suspect) men who rushed out on Saturday late afternoon to buy presents for his nearest and dearest – like many men he is of the day before C Eve or actually C Eve buyers. Of course you are most distressed at not being able to visit your parents. Sending you lots of virtual hugs.

We often switch off the News too Ali – all these people they talk to who say they will still do what they want regardless! So selfish!! I think we as a nation are used to doing whatever we want, so unlike other countries on the continent we don’t obey regulations. The Nxrdxc and Teutxnic nations all do exactly what they are told. In Spxxn, Itxlx and Frxnce of course they use the military and the axmed pxlxce to reinforce things. I am not advocating that but feel people should realise they can’t just flout the rules if they want to! Rant over. That is very sad about your boss’s m-i-l. Thank goodness her husband made it in time to see his mum at the end. Like you we had hoped to see the planets align last night but is was raining (what a surprise) and very overcast with thick cloud. I think we get another change on C Eve when apparently the skies should be clearer.

It wasn't too busy when we got to Mr S at 10 am and they had someone on the door counting people in and out. When we left just after 11 am there was a queue of about thirty plus trolleys! We went and filled the car up (not that we are going anywhere)! I suspect it will be different when we go to collect our food order on Thursday! We rang Marcus when we reached home - they were having a pj morning. In fact Marcus was in a dinosaur onesie that was one of his presents. Imogen showed us her charleston - she was very good!! Nice swivel action! Fortunately they hadn't told Marcus about the zoo (and given the weather Victoria was rather relieved they weren't going). Victoria said they will go when things are back to some kind of normal. I wrapped Rick's presents in the afternoon and now we can put the wrapping paper back in the loft. Apart from collecting the food I think we are all done now. We had our GandT with Twin during the evening – I expect you can now all see that the world is back to rights! Today I have some admin bits to do, and then we will see if we can make some room in the freezer in the garage ready for excess food to go into it!! We watched the Vicar of D last night and then U Crow as well as Celeb MC. Tonight the Gxes Wrxng Nxtivxty is on, so looking forward to that. I discovered that The Mxsketxxrs is now on iplayer - all three series - for the next six months, so once we have finished our binge DinP viewing (we are on the last series, but of course the new one will start in January) we will watch that. Morning BHB, yes it is a very gloomy start to the day. Let’s take the warm mxnce pxes into the conservatory with the Chrxstmxs Vxlvxt and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives – she isn’t keen on mxnce pxes so there are some festive cupcakes for her!

Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 22, 2020, 10:56
Morning all and it is yet another dreich day here. Not actually raining at the moment, but it is thinking about it! Yesterday was a wet one as well, but I manage to deliver presents to my friends. I got rather damp standing outside chatting but I had put my waterproof mac on in anticipation! As it was the first time I had seen Ari and his mum since March it was nice to have a chat even if it was a damp one. Then went to see my friend down the road and it was her husband's birthday, so we had another nice chat. By the time I got home I was a frizzy haired mess! So now I am ready for C/mas to commence, nice feeling when it is all in order. Today I will concentrate on putting the house in order as it has been a little bit neglected over the last week or so.

Diana the weather is depressing at the moment and must be more so for you as you would normally under an African sky. Hopefully after tomorrow we should get some brighter weather although it will be a lot colder I think. I try to focus on short term things in winter, though it is tricky finding things to ficus on at the moment! Just now it is C/mas of course and then New Year. After that I will find something else hopefully.

Fi that was quick thinking by Scollop to dash out and get food! Such a shame he can't be with you but hopefully he will have a nice C/mas with his g/friend. U/bed is definitely thinking long term staying with you if he ordered an office chair! I am in despair at times when I see the behaviour of people round here who obviously are paying no attention to the rules. As Twin says one of my immediate neighbours has never stopped seeing all her family members and in laws all through the lockdown and will continue to do so over C/mas. I keep my distance! So many think that it doesn't matter what they do as they know they are ok. Bring on the vaccine!

Ali I agree with you about the news and people doing what they are told! How sad about your boss's m-i-l , but thankfully her husband made it to her, if only just. Jack sounds to have had a nasty case to judge. Must be upsetting. I was lucky to have a fairly straightforward case without anything gory.

Morning BHB and you have Chrxstmxs Vxlvxt for us today and mince pies? Oh you poppet you have done me festive cup cakes. You are lovely ( I dislike mince pies intensely!) let's get more and we can find the CM.
maeve12 wrote:
Tuesday, December 22, 2020, 12:34
G.daughter very sad that she won't be able to join us for Christmas, she booked her train ticket from Liverpool as soon as they were available
at least it sounds as though she will be refunded.

Poor GO, going to be isolated alone, all the news very sad today, I suppose one must be thankful for the fact that we're not ill
and far from starving.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, December 22, 2020, 14:34

The news doesn't get any better, does it. Poor Lee having to isolate over Xmas.

Not only was yesterday's Sains. order missing items that weren't available, several items that were on the receipt weren't delivered. I had ordered a selection of rolls, two of each sort, but only one of each was delivered, plus the sausages were missing and half the eggs were broken. I was a bit annoyed but those items weren't essential and I phoned and have been given a voucher against the cost. We had scrambled eggs again for lunch today so the eggs weren't wasted.

This morning I have been into Br*mley to pick up our Xmas food order. I walked in to get some exercise and avoid the bus, fortunately it didn't rain. On the way a car pulled over next to me and the driver opened the window to ask if where the covid testing site was! Thankfully I had kept my distance but I was a bit freeked out. You would have thought going somewhere like that, you would make sure you knew how to get there. I gave her directions and hurried off. The town was fairly quiet and M&S wasn't as busy as I'd feared. The food collection area was very well managed, in fact less chaotic than the previous time I had a similar order. While queuing for the order, I picked up some chocolates to replace those we ate at the weekend but decided not to go into the main foodhall, partly because the order was heavier than anticipated.

I saw P*terborough was in tier 4, Fi, so wondered if you were included. Some people are so thoughtless and selfish, it's makes us so cross the way some are behaving. We think a neighbour had a children's party today (loud music playing and cars outside) and we anticipate they will have family visiting at Xmas. So, so sorry you can't visit your parents, I really sympathise because of how I feel at not being with mine. At least you will have one of your sons with you, some comfort, and eldest will be with his g/f so not alone.

Very said about your boss's minl, Ali, but fortunate her husband got there in time.

Carol, I have just booked a Sains. slot for early Jan for us but nothing available yet for my parents. I assume it's because Sains. used my email address instead of their's when logging Dad as vulnerable. Some months ago I phoned Sains. to see if they could swop this but it didn't happen and don't want to push in case they remove it from my account and don't add to my parents. At least I can use my account to book a delivery to Mum if can't get a slot using their account.

We are also hoping the skies will be clearer to see the planets on Xmas Eve.

I turned on the TV in the bedrrom as usual when I went to bed last night and started watching old programme about Xmas drinks with A. Armstr*ng and G*les C (didn't know they were brothers in law). I was enjoying it so much, I got up and went downstairs to tell Ploppy to watch, only to find he'd tuned in to it as well!
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2020, 08:09
Morning and another gloomy dark start to the day. It is quite mild at the moment (13C) and the rain hasn’t arrived yet – apparently we may get thunder later!

Maeve, it is very sad for families who had made arrangements, but at least a refund will be given; not that that doesn’t compensate for not being able to spend C’mas with the family. Let’s hope we will all be able to celebrate properly with loved ones next year. Yes I did wonder if the GO had been wise going into L’don for his recent gigs....... such as shame as it would have been the first C’mas for him with Bxtsy, Ixsy and Alfxe so would have been special. Glad to hear you are ok at the moment – I think we are all hoping for something different in 2021.

Oh dear, that doesn’t sound as if Mr S did very well with your delivery. I am quite excited as this morning I managed to get a Mr O slot for 6th Jan (after trying unsuccessfully yesterday). At least you found a use for the eggs! That was a scary conversation with the car – you would indeed think people needing tests would check and double check how to find the test centre!! I am not surprised you were freaked out. We are hoping our collection tomorrow is easy, although I do want to get some of the fresh veggies whilst we are in the food hall, so we will be venturing there. We always have a food collection from MandS for C’mas and each year they decide to put the collection point somewhere different. I suspect this year it will be the same as last year – in a corner where the decorations and cards have been. I see you have managed to replace your chocolate supplies!! There are still people on the News being interviewed and more or less saying they are going to ignore the regs and visit family as normal – so stupid. So a children’s party close by – that’s really helpful to everyone! Oh that’s a pain about your Mr S email being used for your parents – I agree best to let it stay in place rather than try to get it changed and lose the priority slots. Oh yes I knew about AA and GC – it is a connection through AA’s wife, plus they are connected in the same was to Dxvix M’chell!

Eva is still struggling with her sleep patterns – although she has been having sleeps of between three and four hours so a slight improvement. After C’ms she will be going to her a’puncturist to see if that helps. She is taking a break from the sleep clinic for the sake of her purse at the moment!

We sorted out the freezer yesterday as planned and there is now space for any of the ordered food that can be frozen to be put in there. It was a social day - our neighbour saw us as we were going into the garage to sort the freezer out, and we had an at distance chat. He has been shielding for nine months as he has a serious heart condition so just does a walk every day when he is unlikely to meet other people. They have kept to food deliveries throughout so no need to go and buy anything. Their daughter moved into a flat earlier in the year, and I asked if she would be joining them for Christmas Day. She is coming but will keep the 2m distance, and she will eat with them, but in the conservatory whilst they are in the main room. It was quite refreshing to hear some people really are taking things seriously! Then later in the afternoon two of the church congregation came round with a card and we had a nice at distance chat – I was in the hall so out of the weather, whilst they were well wrapped up! About an hour later Jean, our accompanist, arrived with a card and some flowers for me, so we also enjoyed an at distance chat. I felt quite uplifted afterwards! During the evening we watched The Goes Wrong Nativity - hilarious, and then we watched Midsomer Murder - we had seen it before of course, but didn't remember it that well and couldn't remember "who dun it"!! This morning we have our service and then we will be cleaning the house ready for Christmas and the arrival of our bubble. The Bxstro may be open slightly late tomorrow as we have our early food collection. Morning BHB, oh no – you are having to self isolate so you will stay outside and we can chat through the doors of the conservatory. At least we can put the patio heater on to keep you warm, and you can use the pink blanket. We have gluhwein (that will keep you warm) and toasted paninis so I will put your’s by the door. No snuffling today!
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2020, 08:40
Morning. Very misty here, rain on the way. Awake early so put a wash on, showered and now tackling the wrapping. Yesterday was a better day at work, we did a deep clean at the end of the day and emptied the fridges etc as I sadly fear we won’t be re-opening in the new year as highly likely we’ll move into a higher tier.
Ploppy just picking up last min bits from supermarket on his way to work. I have haircut later, nearly cancelled it as not really necessary but if we get a lockdown I’ll regret it so going ahead.
Last night we had a zoom carol service. Worked well as the host muted everyone so we didn’t have a lag time but could sing along by ourselves.
Right, better get started or these presents will never get wrapped!
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2020, 10:52
Morning all, and yet another gloomy one Not actually raining yet, nut it is so gloomy I think it will start any minute now. I think tomorrow will be colder but dryer and brighter, which is fine by me! Had a day of not doing much yesterday, which was rather nice! Mind I think we are in for another session of not doing much over the coming month, so I will probably be longing for a busy day soon. I did go through the wardrobe to decide what to take to Twin. I think she needs to be prepared to be dazzled as I think my sparkliest top is called for! on C/mas Day. Glad to see that some of the lorries may be able to move on soon. I worry about the drivers being stuck there. What do they eat and drink? Awful if they can't get home for C/mas. So sad for the GO as well. I know he loves C/mas and now he will be all alone. . Today I will have a tidy round and get things properly sorted for tomorrow. Not much else to do at the moment.

It is very sad that so many families will have to be apart this C/mas Maeve. Let's just hope that this time next year we are able to look back from a much better place. AS you say the main thing is that so far we are ok.

I can understand you feelings about being asked the way to a test centre Diana. I think her actions sum up how casually some people are treating this virus. The slots business with s/markets is still a bit of a nightmare. I must say I long for the days when I just went to the stores when I needed food! Hopefully those days will come again. Mind I think I will keep doing a shop on line as well for the basics.

Thanks for the news from Eva Twin. 3/4 hours still sounds a nightmare to me, but I suppose it is an improvement on 2 hours! Hope she is feeling a bit better in herself.

Ali I think we all may be in full lockdown in January the way things are going. Good you were busier yesterday though and hopefully when you can get back in the swing of things it shows the custom is there for you. Very wise to keep the hair appointment! I can get over how lucky I was to get mine done just before they closed them.

Morning BHB, oh you look a bit chilly out there, you are a sweetie to wait for me. So there is mulled wine and paninis. Scrummy. I will take more and find the CM and then you can come back inside and we won't come near you.

Diana wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2020, 18:27
Evening all.

We watched an interesting programme on Sk* Arts last night about Julie Andrews. The channel has some good stuff on over Xmas - also seen a prog on M*ryl Str*ep's films which I enjoyed. We started our first Xmas dessert (other than mince pies) - a toffee trifle from M&S which was nice but too creamy for my liking.

Fortunately I just avoided the rain when I collected the Sains. Xmas order this morning and the store wasn't that busy so I didn't have to queue, otherwise it wasn't a great experience. Firstly my pound coin jammed so the trolley didn't release - a nice man sorted it out. There was no-one at the collection point so had to wait a few mins and the procedure wasn't as good as M&S'. The vegetable selection came in a large box too big to go flat in the bags I'd taken so I had to carry it in my hands. Then I couldn't get the coin out of the trolley so had to get someone from the store. Took the bus home which was busy (for Covid times) so had to stand part of the journey. When I got home I rang the front door bell and wait and waited for Ploppy to open the door ... managed to get my keys out and then found the door was double locked meaning he had gone out. Due to the box I couldn't reach the alarm box at first so the alarm went off. I then had fun putting all the food in the fridge, got everything in eventually but no room left for any wine! We'll definitely be eating a lot of desserts in next 4/5 days, luckily the turkey isn't huge so we won't be eating it up for days on end.

Tomorrow morning I have some of the I word to do, list the prep and cooking timings for Xmas meal, and hopefully get out for a walk. After that I'll probably sit down in front of the telly for the rest of the day. I have put out a bottle of prosecco to have tomorrow pm/evening - provided I can get it in the fridge.

Just heard the news that SA variant likely to even worse than UK's, our hopes of getting there before end of winter are fading ..... but maybe there will be a Br*xit deal after all so some hopeful news - fingers crossed!

Good luck with your food collection tomorrow, Carol. Thanks for news about Eva.

Sorry you don't think you'll be reopening for some time, Ali. Hope you got everying wrapped today.

I think some sparkle is definitely called for on Xmas Day, Pauline.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 23, 2020, 22:41
Yesterday I was walking across the dining room and saw a black zip toggle on the floor. I have many black zips, so had no idea where it came from. Tonight the mystery is solved. I found the purse (empty) from my new dog walking bag, no toggle. The purse had been filled with ......... dog treats. I suspect the purse was taken from the bag before I put the bag in the cupboard. Yesterday it was full of treats as I'd just filled it. NAUGHTY BRUCE.

Leather cushion, it would have to be thick saddle quality leather, but good idea. I'll have a rummage.

Have you seen https://www.stream.theatre/season/6 Lee is excellent with the choir from his cd, they sing another song. BUT my favourite piece was from Maureen Lipman. Worth the money just for that. It was like listening to some of the ladies in the village.

Scott asked today on Twitter if anyone knows of a comprehensive list of streaming performances, good idea.

I found a sparkle top suitable for Christmas yesterday, but I'm drawn to my Thunderbirds Christmas jumper from last year.

My shopping from MrT was all there and had something I didn't order. Chap said I could keep it for free but I'm not fond of flavoured rice cakes. I suppose I wasn't ordering Xmas fare. TK pleased I got the cooked chicken and frozen white fish.

Busy time...... not for me, just normal. Hope all stay well.

Better get ready for Cliff on at 23.05

Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2020, 07:47
Morning and still dark here but there is a chilly wind blowing in from outside. Yesterday we managed to avoid all the heavy rain that was forecast and just had the odd shower. It was quite chilly but compared with today’s wind now seems quite mild!!

I am glad you had a better day at work Ali, and feel the deep clean was a good idea as sadly you were right and about to go into Tier 4. I think you were very wise to have your hair cut yesterday – who knows when the salon s will be allowed to open again. Ah the zxxm carol service sounds exactly how we do our church services and our choir rehearsals – we all mute and sing along at home by ourselves (well as a duo in the case of me and MM!). I hope you manage to put your feet up a little over the next couple of days. Are the newly moved out couple now have C Day in their new home alone? There is always a sense of relief when the wrapping paper can finally go away I find – and I love wrapping pressies!!

Ah Jxlie A! Forever Maria and Mary!! We have the toffee trifle coming with our order today Diana. It sounds very calorie free. I think one of the radio stations was urging people to go and do their C’mas food shop before today so I have my fingers crossed we won’t have to queue too long at either Mr MandS or Mr S. I do have the car and MM to do the carrying for me. Goodness that is a surprise tht you had to stand on the bus – the ones around here are usually empty or have one or two people on them. One of the couples on our zxxm service yesterday is currently in C’wall and Judy isn’t a fan of turkey apparently. Chris, however, is and had bought a 32lb turkey for the two of them!!! What’s more it was frozen and they only realised yesterday morning that it said you had to defrost for a couple of days!! We will be raising a glass of P’cco when Twin gets here! I hear that the SA variant was worse than the new one we have – sad to say I think you are right and you may not be able to go out at all, but these things seem to be changing quite quickly. I am also going to be sparkly on C’ Day!!

Oh Bruce! Didn’t he realise he might go onto Sxntx’s naughty list Jo? At least you know where the toggle came from!! His sense of smell obviously led him straight to the treats! I did think it would have to be a very strong leather for a cushion– I didn’t think of saddle quality. I only know how thick that can be from watching Susie on the R Shop. I agree it would be a very good idea to have a go to definite list of what is streaming performance wise. I see you are debating going sparkly tomorrow too. Not sure I would be too thrilled by free rice cakes – flavoured or not! Hope you enjoyed Cliffy!

After our service yesterday we did the house clean - so now all bright and shining. Lindy called round briefly in the afternoon and we had a quick doorstep at distance chat (she was delivering some presents from a mutual friend who had left them with her!). June and Barry are now going up to Tier 3 – and Roger will be in Tier 4, along with about half the country. Strange times. We video called June and Barry, and later Paul to wish them happy anniversary and happy birthday respectively. They had been out to collect their food orders during the day, and said it wasn't too bad, so fingers crossed for us this morning. We watched Ghxsts during the evening and then we video called Oz. It is a warm 27C and sunny there at the moment - although there was quite a strong breeze. They had been up at 6.30 am to go to the local fresh fish shop by the beach to by some seafood for the Christmas Day treat. Ember was going to leave out milk, cookies and a carrot for Santa and the reindeer ....... sounded strange to hear that as we looked at blue skies and sunshine! This morning I woke early - I was having a very weird dream that had Mum and Dad in it - Mum and I were flying off for a week somewhere and we got to check in and I had forgotten my passport. We then spent ages trying to find a cab to run us home so I could collect it.....all very strange! After the food shop (off in a moment) I will make my Church phone calls. I need to wash my hair too and then Twin will be over mid afternoon. We have Zoom Midnight Mass at 11.30pm, but we will also be watching the GW Nativity again this evening. So far no further inform from Gareth about the 4pm get together so I will be keeping a monitor on his F’book page for an update, but looking forward to a wing. We will be going outside at 6pm to ring bells for two minutes for Christmas as requested for those who will be lonely and the rest of the time we will put our feet up. Morning BHB, hopefully you are still feeling ok, but probably best we keep our distance. Let’s go into the conservatory – I will take the cheese straws and sausage rolls and if you could manage the Chxm Chxm that would be lovely. We will raise a Christmas toast once the DCM arrives. Note for all customers – the Bistro will be closed tomorrow but there will be self service available if you want to drop in at any time. Please have as lovely a C’mas as you can and let’s remember the real meaning of C’mas as we come towards the end of this very strange year!

Ali wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2020, 08:09
Morning. Very heavy rain here yesterday afternoon and overnight. Left hairdressers and roads were starting to flood. Ploppy turned off main road by fire service and rang me. Advised him which roads were flooded according to fb posts and her fortunately managed to get home. Others not so lucky and stuck in cars for hours. Can’t get out of our road by car, could wade out! Think my pedicure may have to be cancelled as I’m not walking through it in sandals!!
After yesterday's announcement we had planned a supermarket top up but ploppy will pop out in his wellies for a few bits. I will stay here and make my yule log and prep veg.
While we can have church services in tier 4 it looks as if majority not keen. Rising cases here so probably wise.
It’s raining again 😩
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2020, 10:13
Morning all. Yes, it's me. I want to wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas. Let us all hope that 2021 will be a good 'un without the blasted virus. I have followed the news o the beeb, so I know what a hard time you are having of it. We're not in a lock-down at the moment, but we feel it can happen any day.
I'll be at the PH and Line's home tonight to celebrate Christmas, and of course today is our big day. There are extra rules for Christmas whereas in addition to the host and his family10 persons can be there. This is only allowed for Christmas Eve and New years Eve. All other days it's only 5 people allowed in to another household.
I'm really looking forward to the Christmas dinner today, and not leas because I can be together with more that the one or two I'm being used to.
Health wise the situation is about the same, but my sleeping is a tad better at times. I have a psychologist as my "mentor". He's OK, but I have to do all the hard work, trying to get rid of what he calls my bad bed habits! Rule no 1 is to stop reading in bes. I can tell tell you that my jaw dropped when he said that. I told him that I've been reading in bed since I was 4 years old. He explained that I have to get used to the notion that my bed is only for sleeping! I find it very difficult to leave my book in the living room. I have to write a night diary where all my steps during te night is written down. I realise that turning bad habits in to good ones, is going to be a very hard, long slog.
Today is a beautiful day here,- the first in I don't know how many weeks.
Father is OK, but deteriorating day after day. His memory is by now almost non existent. Last week Iselin and I were visiting, and he thought Iselin was 16-17 years old, as he asked what her plans for the future was when she had finished school! Iselin is very up and down, but there is no question about her going back to work. My poor darling,- it hurts to see her so listless and tired all the time. Of course I do what I can, and Emilian is now so used that I'm doing the school run.
Mrs S is her usual nasty self. She hasn't spoken to me for at least 6 months. Good riddance!

I'm wishing you a good Christmas and hope that Santa brings you what you want. The most important wish for the New Year must be that the virus goes away and we can start living a normal life again.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2020, 10:41
Morning all and it is bright and sunny with lots of blue sky, yaaay! Mind it is only 2c at the moment, Rather have this than the endless rain though. Had my usual day of not doing very much yesterday, well I did things but not of much importance as I have forgotten a lot of how I passed the day. I do know Ari's Mum popped round to pass my pressie over, so that was nice. However today I am off to Twin so that will break the monotony, it will be so nice to have people around for a short time! Liking the sound of Twin's plans for the afternoon!

Diana I enjoy Skx Arts and agree it has some good programmes on. You did have a tricky day the other day, not good having to get home on a crowded bus either. Hopefully all is well. As we are having the trifle you said was very creamy I will bear that in mind and maybe not have a huge portion. Though I suspect we will be eating lots of food over the next few days as Twin was catering for guests as well! I feel the new year may have to involve a diet! I agree that you may not get to SA any time soon. Such a shame for you, though your health is the most important thing.

Oh Bruce, how could you? Very easily apparently! I have a feeling What's On Stxge did a list of what was streaming live. Quite a lot I think! I didn't think rice cakes could ever have any flavour!

Ali I hope you aren't in need of an ark? Hopefully the rain will stop for a few days and give you some respite. At least Ploppy got home which is a lot I would think.

I hope everybody manages to enjoy C/mas albeit a different one to usual. Let's hope the next one is much better for everyone.

Morning BHB and we have Cham Cham and some lovely nibbles today? Perfect. Let's get more and find the CM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2020, 10:48
Oh Eva you came on while I was typing. How lovely to see you. We do miss you, but want you to be well again. So sorry to hear how poorly Iselin is I hope she has better health soon. Also sad that your father is getting worse, but such is the way of the cruel disease. At least have a lovely C/mas Eve with the family and agree we ar all hoping that the coming year is a lot better than this one! Take care and lots of love and hugs.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2020, 12:42
Eva, lovely to see you! So sorry to hear your Father is getting worse and that poor Iselin is still suffering. I wouldn't be able to cope without reading in bed!!! Have a lovely Julaften with the family and sending you virtual hugs and love. xxx
Diana wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2020, 12:53

I got up four times in the night, well the last couple of times were this morning. Just after I'd gone to bed I heard a noise outside and on looking out the bedroom window saw the wind had blown the top off the paper box so went outside and replaced it, fortunately it wasn't raining. This happened again in the early hours but I took a torch with me this time and picked up a large rock to anchor the lid. At 6.15 I was kind and turned on the heating and water for Ploppy as he had a 8.00 am medical appointment, went back to bed and after 10 mins got up again to make myself a cup of tea.

It's taken me some time to write the list for tomorrow but it's done now and I've decided which dish to use to cook which food. Also done the I word and washed my used face coverings. After lunch I will probably go for a walk though it doesn't look so nice out, don't think I'll get out tomorrow as too cold first thing, then stuff on telly and preparing the meal.

That was very naughty of Bruce, Jo. Hope you enjoyed Cliffy. I've seen him a couple of times this morning singing his Christmas no. 1s.

Hope your friends' turkey defrosts in time for Xmas Day, Carol, and that the food collections this morning went smoothly.

Sorry to hear you have flooding nearby, Ali. Lucky Ploppy was able to get home - hope the water clears quickly.

Lovely to see you, Eva. So sad about your father and Iselin. Hope your sleep continues to improve. Sending you a big hug.

Pauline, yes, a diet will definitely be required in January.

Mini beef Wellingtons for dinner tonight with sprouts and parsnip, with the first of the shellfish puffs for starter and last of trifle for dessert. Just had room in the fridge this morning for the prosecco.

Thank you for the cards and ecards. Although Christmas won't be as planned, I wish you all a lovely time. Keep safe and well.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2020, 17:15
Evening. Well I cancelled my pedi then the water started receding a bit so we decided to risk going out in the car. Roads not great, but passable with care. Opp where I work the field and footpath is a lake. Old workplace flooded throughout groundfloor 😞 Supermarket quiet for cmas eve. In/out/home! Jack popped out with a few deliveries and was stopped by police checking if people were doing essential journeys.
Made my yule log but it is not one of my best, tastes great but looks more like a rotten log! The sponge rose too much! Oh well, I’m sure it will be fine with some baileys cream
So lovely to ‘see’ you Eva, happy christmas x
Raining heavily again *sigh* think mother nature is trying to ensure we all stay at home!
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, December 24, 2020, 23:28
Evening. Lovely sunny day here so went for walk. Ok it turned into a paddle/swim. never seen the fields so flooded . footpaths were way over welly height. Had to do circuitous route and still ended up squelching thro ankle deep water much of time. after walk drove to our local country park to see the flooding there. Again very high water level. Veg peeled and my sprout au gratin dish made. lists drawn up, table laid - and made a table centre. Felt all ready until friend texted me to say she had left my pressie in a shrub by garage. We have never exchanged pressie before - aargh. Luckily I have lovely bowl of bulbs pressie that was going to give another preise until I was put in Ti.r 4 - and she, 10 mins down road, is in Ti.r 2. so we never did pressie exchange. Will think of alternative preissie for that friend in jan - and deliver the pressie tomorrow to local friend. Apart from that I think we are ready for both v.gan and c.rnivore chr.stmas. Watched our church online N.tivity - it was beautiful. Then we went outside to view the star of B.thelemen in the eve sky - the conjunction of Sat.rn and J.piter. very clear. felt quite magical to see it just after the church N.tivity service.
Lovely to see you Eva - we do miss you. Your dad sounds like my dad. Sadly once this decline starts i fear it just keeps on going and builds up speed. I am very worried about sloppy as not sure than a 91 yr old can really cope with this. Fear more drastic intervention will be required soon. your sleep training sounds difficult - esp the not reading in bed bit. but hopefully it will pay off in end.
Ali - many of roads (incl major roads) round here have been shut. Hoping no more rain forecast for ages! Good thinking to go ahead with haircut. BTW - everything tastes better with B.ileys!! But I am sure your yule log will be gorgeous _ I have never attempted to make one.
Diana - My M&S collection was very easy and the rest of shop was almost empty at 9.30 am on wed. we had popped into another of its stores day before and sadly for the shop it was deserted with shelf after shelf of Chr food. fear there may be a lot of waste this year. hopefully will be given to charities.
Carol - You and Diana must have bought up all the puds. Since we have the v.gan home I have bought no puds - apart from Chr ones - and I managed to get a small veg.n one. Apart from that ploppy will make his fruit crumbles. Tho You have given me ideas and I may get one in for NY.
Pauline - hope your drive to twin went well and you are able to help her out eating up the surplus food! enjoy the GW N.tivity - we loved it. I feel we need all the laughter we can get in this year!
Happy Chr.stmas everyone.
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 25, 2020, 08:44
Morning all and Happy Christmas!it is a lovely crisp and sunny day which is as it should be! I see there is even a proper white Christmas in parts of the country. I am here in my bubble of course. Arrived yesterday after a much easier journey than usual. Though there was more traffic than I thought there should be! When I got here we opened a nice bottle of fizz and watched tv, mainly all nice light hearted stuff. Twin and MM had their zoom midnight mass, I retired to bed as I felt it tricky to get the 3 of us in front of the pooter, but I could hear them singing the carols which was lovely.

I hope you had a better night last night Diana. Up four times is not good.

Ali your flooding sounds awful. I bet you are glad you are not in your old work place.I’m sure the Yule log was delicious.

Fi it is obviously very soggy near you as well. We did watch the GW show and although it was the second time still made us laugh a lot! Unexpected pressies are a problem, how lucky you had a reserve pressie to hand!

I hope everyone manages to have a lovely day, if maybe not the one they planned.
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 25, 2020, 08:52
On a somber note I would just like to send love and hugs to Ro in case she reads this. I see her father has died her Christmas will be a very sad one without him.
Ali wrote:
Friday, December 25, 2020, 09:00
Good morning and Happy Christmas 🎄
Ploppy and I have exchanged gifts but Jack still asleep. Feeling very relaxed as no need to rush anywhere. Looking forward to seeing the boys, cooking, eating and generally having a quiet day. Will face time my sis and speak to mum who will be there later.
We’ve had a bit more rain but about 30 miles south there is snow!
Thinking of Ro x
maeve12 wrote:
Friday, December 25, 2020, 10:48
I'd like to wish all Loppies a very Merry Christmas, it's certainly going to be
a different one!
maeve12 wrote:
Friday, December 25, 2020, 10:55
I'd like to wish all Loppies a very Merry Christmas, it's certainly going to be
a different one!
TK wrote:
Friday, December 25, 2020, 16:43
Hope you all are having a good Christmas. I've been busy. Walking and checking on oldies. Just popped to see Felf to drop off presents. She needs 2 of the little round batteries for her weigh scales. They are different sizes. I've just placed an Amz* order for them.

Bruce has been begging for food. We were passing one of his friends and he smelt they had the turkey on the go. He pulled the lead out of my hands and got to their front door. He came away with M&S Turkey breast slices for later and lots of biscuits in his tummy. They had just finished their lunch and happy to see him. (I got 2 mince pies too.)

Very sad to read about care of aged parents. Must be so worrying.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 26, 2020, 08:25
Moring – hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day despite restrictions and virus etc. Still dark and gloomy here at the moment but I think we are due a dry, if chilly, day today.

Diana hopefully you managed to sleep on C Eve, and didn’t have a repeat of Wednesday night’s getting up several times. I hope the lid on the paper box managed to stay on after your nocturnal ministrations. I am sure it seemed very strange to be having C’mas at home this year. The one up side of a much slimmed down C’mas was I could easily accommodate all the food and drink in the two fridges – usually it is quite a squeeze!

Ali that is typical that you would cancel your p’cure and then the water receding (mind you just as well it did). That’s not good about your old workplace being flooded through the ground floor – I am assuming it is currently empty? That’s interesting to know the police were being very vigilant in your tier if they were checking why people were making journeys. I am sure the Yule log tasted fabulous. It sounds as if you had a relaxed day yesterday and I am sure you all enjoyed being together for the day. We saw on the News that there had been the s word in your county, and sufficient for them to say it had been a white C’mas.

I see you also had flooding Fi, but not as bad as Ali. I see you were all organised by the end of C’mas Eve. Ah, I always buy a couple of extra Cmas gifts just in case they are needed (usually something in the toiletries line for ladies)– if they aren’t needed I gift them to myself! The bowl of bulbs sounds a lovely gift. I am so envious that you saw the S of B’hem. We went outside on C Eve, but we couldn’t see it here. I am sure it will be very difficult for your Sloppy seeing the decline – very difficult for her to cope with. My mother always made a Yule log at C’mas, but like you I never attempted one. My job was to dust it with icing sugar “snow” and pop the little robin decoration on the top! I fear you are right and between us Diana and I have bought all the puds in the south! Mr MandS was certainly selling vxgxn C puds at one point as I am sure I checked before selecting the little individual one for MM. As Twin said we watched the GWN when it was shown earlier in the week but as big fans of M’f Theatre (such a shame their year run at the V’ville in L’don was curtailed – we were looking foward to seeing their fourth production of the year there before all this – pleased we managed to get to see the previous three offerings!) we thought we would watch it again – like you we feel laughter is needed in the world.

So sorry when I read about Ro’s father. I know she had been expecting it, but it is still heart breaking when it actually happens. Sending love and hugs to her too.

Happy Christmas Maeve. It is indeed a very different C’mas this year.

I see you were busy Jo, I see Bruce feels he needs to go out and beg for food as you obviously don’t feed him enough! As we said after the “treats” incident he obviously has a strong sense of smell – hence the escape to go to the house with the turkey smells. I see it paid off for him and he came away with turkey!

Our food collection went really smoothly. There was a very short (about four people) queue in Mr MandS so I left MM there with the trolley and whizzed round the food hall before he joined me and we went to the checkout. No queuing there either, so home in plenty of time to put the food away before venturing out to do the Mr S collection. Our email confirmation said to arrive slightly early in case of long queues – there were none! In fact when we reached the food order collection point there were only three tryas of food for collection – one of which was our’s. The store itself was not at all busy – we were second in the queue to pay, so it all went much easier than I anticipated. As Twin said yesterday she had a fairly easy journey over here. We had a lazy afternoon – may be just as well after the fizz! We did try to sing very quietly during M’night Mass!! Yesterday we were late (for me) getting up. We had a video chat with June and family in the NForest. They were able to all have C’mas Day together as they are in T2 (until tonight when they go to T3). We also had a quick video Hxppy Ch’mas with Mrs Chris and Lindy and Lawrence. We have made some inroads into the desserts (not yet started the toffee trifle Diana as it has the longest date on it) – but after Christmas lunch we decided we would not have dessert until the evening! We watched HM’s speech in the afternoon, and then CxCx. Highlight of the day was of course CtheM – lovely (although tissues required as normal!). Today will be a relaxed day and we may go for a walk if it stays dry. Lunch will of course be cold turkey................!! Hope everyone had a lovely C’mas Day and have found time to put feet up and relax at some point. Morning BHB, yes it is getting a little brighter. Let’s take the Dxlcx Vxta and the hot croissants into the conservatory and we can have a socially distanced toast to everyone.
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 26, 2020, 08:53
Morning all and it is definitely back to grey and dull today. It was so nice to see the sun yesterday, but it wasn’t to last. I think it is going to get very windy by tonight as well. Still we had a lovely day all round yesterday as described by Twin. She did a wonderful meal and we probably ate too much as is par for the course on C/mas day. We opened all our pressies and drank fizz before lunch and then watched tv after it. Loved CtM of course, though it was a bit emotional as usual! Today will be another easy day though if it stays dry we may go for a walk I think.

Bruce certainly knows his way to food sources the Jo. I think he ha perfected the doggie “my mother never feeds me”face!

Hope everyone else had a good day in spite of everything.

Morning BHB and you have made croissants and Dolce Vita today? Delicious so let’s get more and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Saturday, December 26, 2020, 09:36
Morning. Dry but dull here, rain forecast later so will attempt a walk before then.
Had a nice day yesterday. Phone call with sloppy, then visit from Josh and g/f. Then Connor arrived. We chatted and had dinner and sent him home with enough food for a meal today. Watched a film in the evening then I watched CtM on catch up while ploppy watched a Bond film.
Tier4 restrictions started at midnight. Would normally head to beach for a walk but not supposed to leave local area so will go out around here. Still a lot of flood water around, the fire service have been inundated with calls. Restrictions lifted for anyone unable to remain in their property.
Hoping the forecast storm doesn’t cause more damage.
Enjoy your day whatever and wherever you are. Thinking of those worrying about parents.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, December 26, 2020, 12:35
Morning all.

Christmas Day didn't go as intended as Ploppy isn't well. I had a nice walk fairly early and came back to find him still in bed. I gave him a hot water bottle which helped. He came downstairs early pm, feeling a little better but spent the rest of the day lying on the sofa. Meanwhile I watched some Xmas song programmes and a couple of things I'd recorded including half of SofMusic Live which I finished this am. Now want to see the film again when it's shown (I think) tomorrow even though I have the DVD and saw it at the cinema countless times. I had our seafood starter for lunch with a small salad, leaving the last portion for Ploppy to have today if he wants it. He felt well enough for dinner so we had the turkey and accompaniments, with smaller helping for him; we had dessert an hour later, he only had a sliver. First time I've done a full turkey dinner but it went well and we both enjoyed it. Dessert was Sains. white chocolate & raspberry bomb which was nice - good thing as we'll be eating it for days (supposed to serve 12!). I missed SCD as didn't want to partly see it while preparing the delayed dinner and will probably watch this pm on iPlayer, but did see CTM which I really enjoyed as well as Her Maj., thought her speech was moving and just right.

Ploppy still feeling unwell this morning though better than yesterday am - he's not up yet. Another turkey dinner tonight and just about enough meat and veg will be left for another day. I'll be spending most of today watching telly I think and hopefully we will open our presents later if Ploppy feels up to it. Ought to go for a walk as I anticipate the weather will be too bad the next couple of days to get out but think I'll be lazy and stay indoors.

Hope the flooding doesn't get any worse in your areas, Ali and Fi, though the forecast is very concerning. Ali, it's much better to have something not looking great but tasting yummy than the other way round.

Lucky you, Fi, I haven't been able to see Jupiter & Saturn, think our neighour's house is in the way and didn't feel like walking a few mins to a higher point at that time of day.

Sorry to hear the news of Ro's father. Also sending her hugs.

I can imagine Bruce following his nose and pulling you, Jo. I'm sure he enjoyed the turkey and hope you did the mince pies.

Enjoy your Boxing Day.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2020, 08:14
Morning and the sky is just getting brighter. We had heavy rain and strong winds during the night – it woke me at about 2 am. I am hoping the reindeer have survived but haven’t checked yet. I know they recorded a gust of 106 mph on the IofWight. Ah MM just checked and one of the reindeer have fallen backwards, but the rest are ok.

Ali it sounds as if you had a lovely Christmas Day with your boys. Welcome to T4. Hopefully the overnight weather hasn’t brought back the floods – I feel so sorry for the people who had to evacuate their homes over C’mas. From the News footage the flooding looked terrible. Did you manage your walk before the weather hit again?

Oh Diana, what a shame that Ploppy isn’t well – hopefully he is feeling better now? Was that the SoM with Xander in it? We really enjoyed it when it was shown a few years ago. There was a Fbxxk post of a butcher just before C’mas telling people not to panic over the Cmas lunch – he said it was just the same as doing a normal Sxndxy roast lunch – you just need to make sure the turkey is in long enough to cook! I think you deserved a lazy day yesterday. Ah I see like us you couldn’t see the planets – one of the downsides of not living in the open countryside I feel.

We did go for a short walk through the park after our breakfast – it was colder out than we anticipated. There weren’t too many people around – a few dog walkers and a few people just taking a walk as we were. We delayed going as we had some drizzle immediate after breakfast, and it was dry, but had that slightly damp feeling where it isn’t exactly raining but there is moisture in the air. Lunch was........cold turkey!! We had a fairly lazy afternoon, culminating in a glass of fizz with Mary and Les. Mary said it was as well we weren’t going down to stay for the next few days as their boiler has packed up (fortunately they have a log burner and a small immersion heater, so have limited water and heat). The plxmber in the village is on a C’mas break until Tuesday and they have left a message on his answerphxne, so hoping he will call back and be able to fit them in. Gemma, Jon and the boys video called to thank us for their presents and we also had our glass of fizz call with Mary and Les. During the evening we watched The RShop as planned and the Sxwing Bxx. After that we watched the VWxxd programme – such a loss to the entertainment world. Today is a take it easy day (no service this morning as the Vicar is taking a couple of days off). This afternoon we are having a video get together with Lindy and Lawrence, who should have been coming to us had it not been for the change in rules. We are taking a break from turkey meals today I am relieved to say. We still have the toffee trifle to tackle!!! Morning BHB, yes that was a wild windy night! Let’s take the hot croissants and the Strxwbxrry Dxwn through to the conservatory – the DCM is up so will probably be along soon. Enjoy your day everyone.
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2020, 08:40
Morning all and it is Avery dull and gloomy one. The storm that raged in the night seems to have passed but the sky still looks threatening. I didn’t have the best of nights as I had an attack of acid indigestion. Not the worst ever but enough to keep me awake, that and the storm . Think I had too much of everything yesterday so will try and have a better day today. Yesterday was a nice day though, so worth it! Enjoyed our walk and then the chat with Mary and Les. Loved the Repxxr Shop and the Sewing Bxx.

Diana sorry to hear Ploppy was not well. Hope he has recovered by today. At least he felt well enough to eat. I saw that SOM the other day, if it was the Carey Undxrwxxd one. It was good but I think I liked the one IxV did with AA..

Your day sounds to have been a lovely family day Ali.I hope the flooding isn’t worse around you. Terrible to be flooded at any time but dreadful at C/mas.

Morning BHB and we have croissants and Strxwberry Dxwn today? Delicious. Let’s get more and go and find the CM. Thankfully we are not flooded.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2020, 10:28
Morning. We didn’t get anywhere near the amount if rain or wind predicted fortunately. The floods in the valley are slowly receding. Very dull here and poss some more rain later so will have to time our walk carefully. My sister has taken on the task of scanning loads of old slides my mum has and saving the pics. Some lovely ones of my grandparents and even great grandmother. Pity we can’t do it together but she’s sending me pics and sharing some on fb
Diana wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2020, 12:00
Morning all.

Ploppy had awful stomach pains yesterday pm and after speaking to 111, he had p*racetomol and we took a taxi to hospital. We spent about 2.5 hours there, the pain eased soon after we arrived. Doctor examined Ploppy and gave him some medicine and a prescription, then we came home by taxi. He had a small dinner in the evening and, so far, seems better this morning. We will probably go out a bit later to get the prescription made up, the Bo*ts near Sains. is open today. So not much of a Christmas this year - presents still to be opened. I shall definitely need to go on a diet after New Year as I'm eating more to avoid throwing much, luckily I didn't buy many nibbles or chocs.

Yes, Pauline, it was the version with Carey U. I caught up with SCD Xmas show and watched most of R*naway Bride last night. Seen the film before but I fancied something light.
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2020, 12:04
I'm glad to read that doing a Christmas roast is just like a Sunday dinner. I've said that for years. When I was left to sort the Christmas dinner for 11 when ex's mum had a melt down. I was quite chilled (she'd done the bits I'd never done before) the guests were concerned. Pete was worried once when I did roast beef, never done it before. 'Just like a chicken with no bones, it'll be fine.'. It was.

Diana, hope Ploppy is on the mend today.

The local news letters are buzzing about how slow my area is with the vaccinations. I can understand why for the vaccination approved currently. My guess is when the Oxford one is released they will zip along as it will just be like the flu vaccine in delivery, except it is done twice. The local surgery belts through the flu jabs. If Mr T is on board too, they'll be fine.

On the news this morning there was a bit about dog thefts, I carefully did not watch it.

Did Pilates this morning, I did duck out for bits that hurt.

Hope you all have a good day.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 28, 2020, 08:03
Morning and still gloomy outside – apparently it is a warm -2C at the moment. I can see frost on the roofs of the houses at the bottom of the garden!

Ali, that must have been a relief about the rain and the high wind – the flooding was still being shown from Bxdfxrd yesterday – and I know some people are still in temporary shelters. My cousin scanned lots of old slides that his father had taken and emailed us all the photos of the family – fascinating!! Lovely that there are ones of your great grandmother as well as your grandparents. I am sure you will enjoy seeing them.

Oh dear Diana, that sounds really bad for poor Ploppy. Hopefully the meds have now started kicking in and he is feeling better. Did the Doctor say what he thought it was? I feel it is good that he has started eating a little. You will just have to have a delayed celebration – I think we will be joinin you on the diet! It has certainly been an unusual C’mas this year – more so for you and our friends who normally go away.

I think the news about the C’mas roast might have come as a shock to a lot of people Jo, but I see you were already ahead of the game. Mind you I think it is usually the numbers being catered for (not this year) are what scare people when doing the C’mas catering! I know we are all waiting for the O’fxrd vxccxne to get up and running – as you say it will be much speedier as it will be able to be rolled out from surgeries in much the same way as the flu one is currently administered. We heard another from the small choir (with underlying health problems) has had his appointment for a couple of days time. Probably best that you didn’t watch the item on dog thefts. Well done on doing the pxlxtxs and for missing out on the painful bits!

I am pleased to say the food mountain is slowly dwindling (I will be sending our Bubble home with a food parcel – not sure she wants it, but I feel I must!). We have started the toffee trifle and you were right Diana – it was lovely but very rich so a little was quite sufficient. We had a lovely afternoon on the video with Lindy & Lawrence. Crackers, pressies, a quiz, some chat, a couple of word games and fizz! We were on for a couple of hours (thank you Alxxa). During the evening we watched C’file and then the ARS before watching our traditional C’mas film of The Mxppxts’ C’mas Carol! Today once our Bubble has departed I will put some laundry on and may do the i word later – or I could save it as a treat for tomorrow.... Morning BHB, yes it is very chilly out – that should see off a lot of germs. Let’s take Lavendula and the toasted crumpets into the warm conservatory – sadly still not snuffling allowed. The DCM will be along to join us soon.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 28, 2020, 08:45
Morning all and it cold and frosty out. No actual snow so far thankfully, hope it stays that way! We had another good day yesterday and as Twin said we had the video call with Lindy which was a hoot. Today you will have gathered I am taking myself home laden with pressies and food by the sound of it! I have a Mr W delivery this afternoon so I will be inundated! I feel ar the moment that I will never eat again, sadly that will soon change!

Glad you managed to stay relatively dry Ali. I love trawling through my Mum’s collection of old photos. It takes a lot of time though.

Diana that must have been very scary with Ploppy. Hopefully he will have had a good night as the meds kick in and will be better soon. Yes the dreaded diet word it beckoning me as well!

The cooking of turkey never bothered me Jo, it was mainly trying to get everything in my oven that was the problem! It sure how the vaccine is doing round my way though it is definitely underway asi have heard of people getting it. Hopefully our other vaccine will start soon and things will speed up.

Morning BHB and we have crumpets and Lavendula today? How lovely. Let’s get more of both and find the CM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 28, 2020, 08:46
Morning all and it cold and frosty out. No actual snow so far thankfully, hope it stays that way! We had another good day yesterday and as Twin said we had the video call with Lindy which was a hoot. Today you will have gathered I am taking myself home laden with pressies and food by the sound of it! I have a Mr W delivery this afternoon so I will be inundated! I feel ar the moment that I will never eat again, sadly that will soon change!

Glad you managed to stay relatively dry Ali. I love trawling through my Mum’s collection of old photos. It takes a lot of time though.

Diana that must have been very scary with Ploppy. Hopefully he will have had a good night as the meds kick in and will be better soon. Yes the dreaded diet word it beckoning me as well!

The cooking of turkey never bothered me Jo, it was mainly trying to get everything in my oven that was the problem! It sure how the vaccine is doing round my way though it is definitely underway asi have heard of people getting it. Hopefully our other vaccine will start soon and things will speed up.

Morning BHB and we have crumpets and Lavendula today? How lovely. Let’s get more of both and find the CM.
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, December 28, 2020, 17:03
Hello. Gorgeous sunny day yesterday. grey and freezing today. lots of walks both days. yesterday i did 3 walks - last one was with friend who has daughter with LD (they only count as 1 person as friend is daughters carer) and we had to walk so slowly that by time I got home 1.5 hrs later I was frozen to bone and shattered. I am still recovering - not sure how friend does it tho reason we were so slow was her as she has some mobility issues. Went into city today to look at the fl..ding. whole area by river is under wate and the path and cycle tracks are totally submerged. The next village to us was flooded on Sat - not sure if water was in the houses but certainly less than 1 ft from back doors. saw swans swimming up to someones back door - normally they are over a football pitch away from river! Friend in city had to call emergency helpline last night as her (beautiful) garden under feet of water and it was fast rising - the houses are 8- 10 ft above the river!! Never seen the waters so high. Our local country park has closed as all paths and car parks under water. Problem is that the N'hampton flood alleviation scheme (built about 15 yrs ago) is to open gates to let water downstream - to our area and city! I hope there is no more rain as otherwise whole areas of housing will be flooded - just being kept at bay at moment. so worrying for people.

Diana poor Ploppy. Good he has medicine - what was wrong with him. so worrying - esp at this time of c,virus.
Pauline - agree that hardest bit christmas dinner is getting everything in oven - at right temp! always a logistical nightmare. Issue is that there are usually more "trimmings" than with normal roast dinner.
Ali- good idea re slides. we have ours in loft. must get sound to doing something with them. Do you need a special "tool" to scan them?
Jo - I am increasingly concerned that parents not getting the v.ccine. from what i can see some areas doing well - others less so. I feel they need to bring in the .rmy (or even MrT) to do the logistics - something that N.S not renowned for doing well. leave the N.S to do the actual med.cine bit.
Carol - we gave some of of our food mountain to friends (we had ordered che.se box from local supplier as eldest scollop loves ch..se) but slowly making our way thro t.rkey and soup made from the stock.
Our area of T.er 4 bit stuck out on limb (we live in a little triangle of country that is the confluence of 6 local authorities) so our normal walking areas are all in lower ti.rs - even tho less than 15 mins drive away. local walking areas all under water - so feeling a bit confined.
Ali wrote:
Monday, December 28, 2020, 21:21
Evening. Chilly day here, drizzling now. We didn’t get out for a walk today as I woke rather late then spent an hour + tidying, cleaning, doing laundry before helping Jack with some stuff. Finally sat down mid afternoon and watched an old MM on tv we couldn’t remember.
Fi, my sister uses an app called slide scan and I think she just uses her laptop and phone. She paid for temporary storage until she sorts everything and stores or sends it.
So sorry for those clearing up still after the floods, the community in this area have been amazing.
Sadly covid rates still increasing here. Very worrying. I wonder what will happen regarding schools returning. I suspect govnt may have to back track and delay all ages.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 29, 2020, 08:10
Morning and it is grey and overcast here – and chilly (1C). No frost this morning though, and we did manage to avoid any sleet/snow yesterday. It remained dry but very cold!

I see you had fairly similar weather yesterday Fi. Well done on the walking. I am not surprised you were shattered and frozen when you returned home from the hour and half one. I feel so sorry for those with flooded gardens and definitely for those where it has gone into the houses. Your area seems to have been very badly hit. Terrible that the flood alleviation schemes seem to cause flooding in areas that never suffered before. As you say it is so worrying for people. I think we are all hoping that the O’ford vxccxne will be given the green light soon. This is quite an interesting article about it https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55041371
We have a fair amount of cheese – but of course haven’t seen anyone to give any surplus too – other than Twin! I am making soup for us today (not turkey as I don’t like it!). That must be very odd being close to six local authorities especially if they are all in different tiers (although most are now in T3 I think?).

Ali, I think most households were having a housework catch up yesterday. I put my laundry on once our Bubble left us in the morning. I think the app sounds like the one my cousin used. He said it was quite time consuming but worth it. Our rates are also rising. I see the armxd fxrces are on standby to help with giving the jab to school pupils. It must be a logistical nightmare!! Lovely that your local community have been helping people - I think most people have a community spirit at heart and that has suddenly come back into focus during this last year. I take it that the garden centre where you work was ok and not affected by the floods?

Our Bubble left us after breakfast, just in case we had bad weather closing in. I spent an exciting day doing the laundry and a little tidying up. All the i word now finished apart from a couple of things that wouldn’t go into the tumble dryer. I will finish those off later. I watched some old Dr W whilst doing the i word – I did consider the MM Ali, but I remembered it quite well so gave it a miss. During the evening we watched Blxck N on iplayer, then a DinP for some sunshine and light relief and then watched the second episode of BN in real time. Today I will be having a general tidy up, make my soup, finish the i word and then do some colouring (I had two new colouring books for C’mas and some new pencils) for some relaxation. We will watch the last episode of BN and may be the last three DinPs, so we are ready for the new series to start in January. We have a new door bell that arrived on C Eve, so MM will probably install that today. Morning BHB, yes it is a gloomy start to the day but at least it is dry. Let’s take the toasted bagels and the Scxfflxw into the conservatory and we can have a lovely chat until the DCM arrives.

Diana wrote:
Tuesday, December 29, 2020, 08:59

It's cold this morning but at least none of the S word. I may go out for a quick walk later but feel like staying indoors today. Currently waiting for a transfer I did yesterday to go through so I can then sort out a payment.

Ploppy still unwell but not having the severe pain he experienced on Boxing Day. He felt well enough to go for a short walk yesterday to deliver a package.

We watched some of the cricket from SA and Amer*can football yesterday, at least Ploppy watched the latter while I read or looked at the iPad. Also saw the meerkats programme.

The desserts are finished. I made turkey and veg soup for dinner last night which wasn't bad. There is a plate of meat left so we'll have turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich for lunch and the remains will probably go in the freezer. We have a Sains. delivery this pm so the fridge will be full again.

The laptop has been making a whirring noise sometimes when it's turned on for a few weeks which is getting worse but don't think can do much while in tier 4. If the noise gets worse, I might contact him to see if he can collect the laptop to examine at his place.

My parents are still waiting for news about their vaccines, Dad should be near the top of the priority list. So don't anticipate we will get ours for several weeks even with the Oxford one.

The flooding near you sounds awful, Fi, do hope the water is receding fast and there's no more rain.

I took slides for years and have loads in a bedroom cupboard which haven't been touched for years.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 29, 2020, 10:25
Morning all and it is a dark and gloomy one here. No snow just yet, but feel that could change any time as it looks very ominous out there and it is only 0c. I left Twin yesterday morning after our lovely C/mas and drove home. The Mx5 was very quiet which was good , but when I got to St A there was a lot more traffic around. Maybe they were all off to the s/market to restock! I decided to stop at the garage and fill up the car and as at long last they had air working I did the tyres as well. Every time I have gone since March the machines have been out of use, so I think my car was very grateful to have the pressure in her tyres topped up! After I had unpacked the car, then the case I put a wash on then in the afternoon Mr W arrived. Some of the food had a short sell by date and one of my clementines was bad so I got a refund for some things which was good! They were apologetic but I wasn't over surprised as they have probably not had certain things delivered after C/mas yet. Today will be doing some ixxnxxg, I also have a new number plate that need fixing to the wall so if the weather is ok I may look at doing that.

Fi the flooding round your way sounds awful. It is always a terrible thing but even worse in the cold weather. Fingers crossed for a good dry spell and so the waters recede. Not surprised you were frozen after that walk, especially if it wasn't a brisk one!

Ali I think the slide thing a good idea and I have a box of slides that I would love to do something similar with. I feel January could be a good time to do it! Good your community is rallying round the poor flood victims.

Glad Ploppy is slowly improving Diana and is now well enough to watch his sport! Hope the lap top is ok, so annoying when they start playing up, and they always do it at very inconvenient times! Hope your parents can get their vaccines soon. I think they have been busy doing front line workers and care homes but will hopefully start on the wider community soon. So another one with slides languishing in the cupboard!

Morning BHB and we have bagels and Scxfflxw today? Sounds wonderful so let's get more and find the CM
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 08:15
Morning – a warm -1C here, but we have the most beautiful pink clouds in the sky and patches of very pretty blue sky. We also have a frost!

We managed to avoid the s word too Diana – although I think we may get some sleet at some point this week. My cousin’s wife in G’cester posted on Fbook a small video of the snow falling on them, and in Bxrfxrd where we were only three weeks ago there was snow thick enough for toboggans! Well that’s good Ploppy hasn’t got the severe pain, but not so good that he is still unwell. I think the short walk may have done him good so that he had some fresh air. Definitely not the C’mas you were expecting for many reasons. I forgot to say the last of our desserts went into the bin on Monday evening (it was the use by date) after we had had a helping each – it was the toffee trifle. I do still have 24 C’mas cupcakes left but they are fine until mid next week! That’s a pain about the laptop. I think you may be ok for your geek to collect and take away with him. I see the O’ford vaccine has now been approved so the v’inations should speed up. I think they are rolling it out from 4th Jan I think June has all the slides that belonged to my parents!

It was a fairly quiet day for us yesterday. MM went up to the church to check the tree was ok (it was) and whether the meeting roof was still leaking (it was). He spoke with the roofer and he was going up there yesterday afternoon to put a tarpaulin over the roof and batten it down. We saw quite a few dog walkers out when we went for our walk through the park, but the walk back down the road was very quiet – not a lot of traffic, no buses and just a handful of people walking. Hopefully that means people are starting to take heed of the stay at home decree. I managed to get the i word finished and also did some colouring. The soup was very tasty....in fact the only think I didn’t get around to was the tidying up, so that is on my list for today. We have a Mr S delivery between 5pm and 6pm to look forward to. During the evening we watched the programme on pxnguins, then caught up with a DinP for our dose of blue skies and sunshine and then watched the last episode of Black N. We had an early night so the fresh air earlier obviously made us tired! Morning BHB yes it is a beautiful sky at the moment isn’t it. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Frxsky Bxson into the conservatory and we can have a lovely chat, even if we can’t snuffle. I suspect the DCM will be along shortly.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 10:16
Morning all and it is a nice morning here at the moment. Blue sky and sun, though there is cloud around and they are still threatening us with the s word. Just hoping if we get any at all it is light. Just have to wait and see. Yesterday morning I got a few things done, main one being I put the house number on the wall. I am really pleased with it as it looks smart. It is on slate and I ordered it from a British firm based in Wrxxham. Their service was excellent and it is nice quality. Now I am much easier for people to spot, if they are looking for me that is. It is something I have been meaning to do for years as the numbering here is very confusing for people that don't know how it goes. Also did my bit of ixxnxxg and went for a walk to the post box. Not very far but better than nothing! Sorted out some pf my lovely pressies as well. Not too sure what I will do today. I need to put the bins out for collection but don't think that will take too long! Still, always something that needs doing round the house so I will manage to find something I am sure. Great news that the jab has been approved. Let's hope this really is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Morning BHB and we have paninis and Frxsky Bxson today? Perfect, you know what we like so well. Let's get more and find the CM
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 11:12
Morning all and a lovely one so far, though there's more thin cloud now. I have been out for a walk to the building society to pay in a cheque. The sun was lovely and it wasn't as cold as anticipated. Not nearly as many people out as pre Xmas though it was relatively early.

Very good news about the Oxf*rd vaccine. Let's hope they can really get a move on with vaccinating people and there are no issues. The number of new cases yesterday, even allowing for a delay over Xmas, was very concerning.

Ploppy felt much better yesterday and appears OK so far today. We finally opened our Xmas presents yesterday pm. After I finished on the laptop I spent much of the day watching TV. Now seen the first half of SofM and will probably watch the rest today. We also watched M*chael P*lin recap of P*le to Pole (so much has changed in the world since that and Ar*und the W. were filmed), Only C*nnect and M*sterchef. Must remember to see last of S*rah Be*ney's series on catch up today or tomorrow. We've recorded several films so will have plenty to watch over the next couple of months.

Pauline, I had several items missing from my Sains. order and two things with use by dates of yesterday so returned the sprouts. Very annoyingly, I ordered some special beers as a small pressie for Ploppy's birthday and they weren't available.

Carol, did you enjoy B.N*rcissus? I was intending to watch but missed the first ep (I wasn't in the mood for something serious anyway) so will probably see on iPl*yer. I also saw the pinky clouds in the distance.

The washing has just finished so need to hang the items up to dry, then coffee time.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 11:58
Morning.bright here but cold. Just popped out to put recycling out. I apparently kept ploppy awake snoring (every night as soon as I lay down I seem to get a blocked nose) so I left him to sleep in. We have a bookshelf being delivered later so he will have fun putting it together then our office/spare room will start to look less like a dumping ground. Although Jack has put some unwanted bits in there for the charity shop.
I should have been back at work today but back on furlough again 😩 I actually am hoping the govnt clamp down harder as even in tier4 there are far too many people out and about unnecessarily. I appreciate people have to shop if they can’t get deliveries but not sure entire families should be out. It’s clear people are either misunderstanding support bubble rules or deliberately flouting them too. I despair!
Glad ploppy is feeling better Diana.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 19:45
Certainly a bit chilly in the house now. I may have to turn up the heating.

I'm going out for a walk once a day (due to the reduced hours of daylight), I'm assuming that is OK for Tier 4 as I copied from the gov pages 'People can also exercise outdoors or visit some public outdoor places, such as parks, the countryside accessible to the public, public gardens or outdoor sports facilities. You can continue to do unlimited exercise alone, or in a public outdoor place with your household, support bubble, or with one other person if you maintain social distancing.' Or 'You can leave home to buy things at shops or obtain services from a business which is permitted to open in your Tier 4 area, but you should stay local. For instance you can leave home to buy food or medicine, or to collect any items – including food or drink – ordered through click-and-collect or as a takeaway, '

Good news about the Oxford Vaccine. Hopefully this will mean the docs in my area will now be able to get going with the roll-out. They have an efficient system for the flu jab, so should be able to use the same system for the Oxford jab. Mr T are pretty good with the flu jab, but I doubt they will be used for this roll out.

I better check if I have any online orders waiting, I don't think I have. Dog food is reducing so might need some more.

I congratulated myself on putting the bins out yesterday for the delayed collection date. I don't always remember. When it was just me it didn't matter, but I've been doing Felf's for some time so didn't want to miss hers. Not that she has that much rubbish, but just in case I miss in 2 weeks time.

Ali sad to read you are furloughed again. The assistants at the ice cream parlour must be furloughed too. The owner is the only person working there now for the takeaway.

I have to sort out some online stuff I keep forgetting to do ....... look for a house cat from a rescue centre for MW3Ds (tho he doesn't have any, hence the requirement for house cat)

Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2020, 07:35
Morning and another very cold start to the day – it is currently -1 but there is a very hard frost so the world looks very white. I know it is cold as I put the rubbish out just now!

It was a lovely day here yesterday too Diana but very cold! You were obviously a little warmer. Hopefully the v’nation can be easily dealt with in the same way as the flu jab. The figures this week have been awful, but when you see footage of people still not distancing you can’t really wonder at it. Oh good – you finally had a sort of belated C’mas. We had our Mr S delivery and I had a couple of bits and pieces missing from my order, but nothing major so I can cope. Very annoying that Ploppy’s special beer didn’t arrive. Well BN was ok – I wasn’t blown away although it was an excellent cast. The first episode was very slow but got better in the second and third episodes. You never actually got to empathise with any of the characters really. The scenery was stunning and the filming was very well done, but there was something I felt was missing...not sure what!

Ali that was very kind of you to let Ploppy sleep in. Hopefully the bookshelf went together easily and the office is coming along nicely. Such a shame that you are back on furlough after all your recent hard work. There certainly are too many people flouting all the rules and doing whatever they please as if there is no problem. I think it is deliberate ignoring of the rules about bubbles (after all the rules are quite clear!). When we did the second part of our walk (along the road) there were lots of cars parked (a lot more than usual). As there is nowhere for them to go other than into the houses we assume it was people visiting – and they can’t all have been bubbles!

I can imagine it was a three fleece type of day yesterday Jo. Yes you are allowed walking in Tier 4 – you just have to make sure your journey begins and ends from home. I am sure the local surgeries will be ready to go as soon as they receive the vxccxne. I can see Bruce not being too impressed if you run out of dog food!!! Our revised collection day is today for our rubbish, hence my trip out into the cold just now. It will be the same next week of course and then back to normal. Ah so Mw3D – now without any - is thinking of getting a cat instead. I guess he is missing the company.

We had a fairly lazy day yesterday – well I did. I did do a little light tidying up and MM did do some admin for the church. I happened upon a MMurder in the afternoon so got involved in watching that. I did do some colouring of course! I had a couple of video calls from June – one to say the flowers I had sent her had arrived (it is her birthday today) and the second when they were put into T4 (which is a shame as they have really, really low numbers where they live). We are making a quick dash into U’brxdge this morning to do a quick small MandS food shop and to buy some stamps – postage costs go up next week. Then it will be straight home and getting ready for our bubble to come over. We are having a video get together tonight with Lindy and Lawrence (where we would normally be for NYE) and will toast the new year in our respective homes over the i’net! I have a nice quiz for them all to do!! Morning BHB, yes it will be nice to bid farewell to this very strange year. Let’s take the Cham Cham and the toasted teacakes into the conservatory and we can have a recap of the year whilst we wait for the DCM.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and normal 2021.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2020, 10:35
Morning all and it is a cold one here as well and I know too because I went out to bring some of my bins in! They were covered in ice, brrr! It was cold yesterday as well and that I know as I did some gardening! I have been meaning to tidy up a rose bush I have and as it was one of the few dry days we have had for ages, I thought if not now when, so set to it. I lasted about half an hour before my hands were frozen. Glad I did it though as the bush looks so much better and the fresh air did me good I am sure. As Twin says I am back to them later for NYE and tomorrow. Hoping the weather stays fine!

Good to hear Ploppy is recovering Diana, hope he is even better today. Shame he didn't get his beer though. I think we all breathed a sigh of relief about the vaccine. Now we all need to just keep to the rules until we have had it. At least it will hopefully mean that we have an end in sight.

Ali I know what you mean about a harder clamp down. When I see the number of people in and out of houses round here and walking past in groups I despair as well. I don't think some people can understand this thing at all. Surely they can't all be wilfully breaking the rules? Probably are!

Jo I am sure you are fine going for walks, especially as you are on your own. My surgery was super efficient doing the flu jab so hopefully will be as good at doing the new one, though I think it will be a while before they get to me. So MW3Ds is thinking of becoming MW1C is he? Good ideas for him I think, hope you find a suitable candidate for the job.

Morning BHB and you have Cham Cham and toasted tea cakes for us do you? Perfect. Let's get more and find the CM and we can drink to the New Year and hope it sees us get out of this mess.

Happy New Year all. Keep safe and well.
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2020, 12:20
Morning. Very frosty here. it was very icy yesterday but sunny. Today is frosty and grey. wnet for 2 walks yesterday - one with scollop and ploppy to river - still very high but several inches below what it was. Then met friend (socially distanced) whos ploppy died 4 weeks ago. we walked - and she cried. Was very , very tired last night. feeling bit more chipper this morning so been doing some h'work! excitement of this week was spotting an ott.r in river in nearby village (5 mins away) when went there to post parcel -( we can go there now as it was put into T.er 4 on B.xing day - tho I did check with friend that it was indeed in t.er 4 before posting on FB! as I say we are at convergence of 6 local authorities so very, very difficult to keep up with where we can go and not go. Ploppy spotted ott.r and it was so exciting to stand on bridge and watch it come in and out of water couple of times before swam away. Seemingly some seen in river near us too and in local country park but we haven't seen them.
Carol - good idea to do a quiz with friends. I should have organised that but been very tired last few eves that not got around to organising. I have organised an esc.pe room online for us to do with both both scollops and g/f tomorrow. Sis recommended it so was easy just to book and pay online. hopefully will be bit of fun tomorrow eve.
Pauline- and ali - I agree that bubbl.s are being totally abused. so many of my friends quote "Ch.ldcare bubbl.s" when they meet up with their children and g/ch. They are only supposed to be for ch'care! As you say Carol - the rules are clear. Have to say the abuse is now making me think that I now wouldn't feel guilty about breaking rules to meet eldest scollop as it is these people who have family locally and are abusing that privilege who are making things worse and means those of us with family far away have to go longer without seeing them. I keep away from some friends who see their ch and g/ch regularly - not just for C.vid reasons but because I am so angry with them for not thinking about anyone else.
Jo as far as I am aware we can go for any amount of walks in T4 - and can also do a 1 on 1 walk with someone outside household. I see that my health condition has now been added specifically to list of Cl.nically Extremely V.lnerable (they obvs have found it is more of an issue than in early days when Inst of Haem.t.logists argued that we weren't that vulnerable) - so have been told by UB scollop that I have to take more precautions and I am not allowed to shops at all! His argument that we are so near the v.ccine does make sense.
Parents still not been offered vaccine! So yes, think we may be a while yet Pauline. However sloppy has agreed to 2 hrs care every day (mon - Fri only!!) - hurrah!
Diana wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2020, 12:59
Afternoon all.

A grey, cold day, I'll be staying in today.

I watched the rest of SofM this morning and want to see Be*uty this pm. Ploppy feeling the same, so better than at the weekend but still getting some mild pain at times.

Agree with you, Ali, about people flouting the rules. Ploppy went for a test yesterday and said there were lots of school kids hanging around in groups.

Thanks for BN info, Carol. I might not bother with it as we've got so many other programmes and films to watch. Our recycling and rubbish isn't being collected until Monday and the following week it's later too.

Wow, how wonderful to have seen an otter, Fi. Good that your sloppy has agreed to the care.

Have a good evening and a happy & healthy New Year to all of you.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, December 31, 2020, 15:31
Afternoon. How lovely to see an otter Fi, glad your mum is accepting some help.
Hope Mw3d soon becomes Mw1c Jo.
Jack braved the weather first thing and went for a run, although not far as it was so cold. We decided against a walk and did some more tidying and sorting. Bookshelf is now assembled and loaded with books. Just awaiting delivery of desk then all sorted.
Josh had early morning trip to a&e with g/f as she has suspected kidney infection and was in a lot of pain. He wasn’t allowed in with her so waited in car. Bloods taken and full checkup. Home now with antibiotics.
Sloppy phoned as 2 of her colleagues tested positive. She isn’t required to isolate as wasn’t in direct contact with either of them but has decided to do so anyway. Our town has highest rate of infections in the area!
Won’t be sorry to see this year gone and hopefully welcome in a better year.
Wishing you all the best x
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 1, 2021, 09:21
Morning and Happy New Year! An overcast grey start to 2021 and temperatures of 0C (so no frost visible).

Fi that must have been an emotionally draining walk with your friend – especially as it is only four weeks since she lost her husband. I am not surprised you felt so tired afterwards. I see you saw some ottxrs on one of your walks – how lovely. how lovely to see ottxrs on your walk. I did see your photos on Fbxxk – I think they are a very rare sight so it would have been exciting to watch it. It sounds as if you have several in the area. The E Rxxm on line (not heard of that) sounds an very good idea for you and the family tomorrow – have fun! I think most people just think they won’t be affected by the virus so it is perfectly ok for them to act as they normally would! I see there was a large gathering in Brxghtxn yesterday as part of a “freedom” march against lockdown! You have to wonder what planet some people are on!! It think that is good that you have now been added to the C E Vxlnerable at last. I agree with UB Scxllop that you must take extra care and precautions (as our friend Mary does). That is good news that your Sloppy has agreed to the extra care (well at least on week days!) – progress!

I think you were wise to stay inside yesterday Diana – it was bitter outside. It sounds as if Ploppy is really suffering – let’s hope whatever he has soon clears up. If you have plenty of other things to watch then I think it is a wise decision not to watch BN – as I said it was fine but nothing to make me want to watch it again, or tell people it is a “must watch”. If you think that we all live in different parts of the country and are all saying about people not obeying the social distancing rules then it becomes fairly obvious why the virus is spreading!

Ali, well done to Jack for going on a run – especially as it was sooo cold! So the office is coming along very nicely by the sound of it. Oh goodness that must have been frightening for Josh and g/f – glad to hear she was allowed home with meds, and hopefully it will all clear up. It must have been an ordeal for her having to go into the hospital on her own as Jxsh wasn’t allowed to go in with her. Not so good about Sloppy’s colleagues testing positive. Now if everyone was as sensible as she is being and kept themselves isolated when they know someone who has been infected, then we would have beaten this thing earlier I feel. I agree that we aren’t sorry to see this year done and dusted!

It was very quiet when we went into U’bridge yesterday – no one in the BSociety, a handful of people in WHSmxth (we now have plenty of stamps for the first part of the year!) and not many people in MandS, so we were done and dusted in just under an hour. I was a little nonplussed when the parking machine told me I owed £60.40 as a result!! I went back to MM who had taken the bags to the car and then realised I had used the wrong parking ticket! The one I put into the machine was one from 18th December, when the parking machines weren’t working and so the barriers were raised and we just drove out. I must have put the ticket into my purse and not realised!! Our Bubble came over in the afternoon and we put our feet up and watched B&theB (lovely) during the afternoon. We saw the NY in with Lindy and Lawrence (two quizzes for them this time) – we thought the ten minutes of fireworks and drone lights over the O2 were lovely – and so much easier to see than last year when the fireworks generated so much smoke it was tricky to see the display – may be we should have seen that as an omen! So 2021 has been toasted and hopefully it will see life return to normal, albeit slowly at first. No plans for today other than taking it easy (we didn’t wake until gone 8 am). Morning BHB yes it is a grey start to the new year. Let’s take the champers and the hot sausage rolls into the conservatory and we can have a lovely chat whilst we wait for the DCM (she is up so will be here soon I expect).
Ali wrote:
Friday, January 1, 2021, 10:08
Good morning and happy new year one and all.
We had a quiet night just us and Jack. Pre-ordered takeaway for us, Josh and Sloppy. Jack collected and delivered. We watched a film, chatted and had a drink or two then watched the fireworks. Thought they were well done and maybe the way to go in future.
We’d normally head to the beach today but obviously can’t. Will have to have a walk locally. Need some fresh air and I think it certainly will be fresh!
Diana wrote:
Friday, January 1, 2021, 10:25
Morning all and happy New Year.

Cold and grey here. I'm going to pop out shortly to the postbox and have a short walk.

Ploppy felt a little worse yesterday so we had less of the party food and he didn't have any alcohol. Hoping he feels better today and able to enjoy his birthday meal and have some champers. We watched last of MP*lin review of his travels which we've enjoyed, M*naco programme and Only C*nnect special. Then watched songs from 80s - didn't agree with many of the songs in top 20 and how can there have been no M*donna records in the chart! We could hear fireworks going off throughout the evening and opened the curtains to see them at midnight. I didn't think there were going to be any London fireworks at midnight so was quite surprised, it was a good display and I especially liked the lights. Also saw a little of the drone lights display from Edinb. which were also lovely.

Hope the antibs work for Josh's g/f. Good on your sloppy, Ali.

I'm not surprised you were startled to see the parking cost, Carol. Didn't get to see B&B but have recorded it.
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, January 1, 2021, 12:49
Hi all and Happy New Year. I did do an earlier post but it seems to not be there! Not got the time to do it all again, not that it was riveting and Twin has filled you in on our day.

Diana so sorry to hear Ploppy is still suffering, it must be worrying for you both. Is he going back to the doctor? Hopefully things will improve for him.

You sound to have had a nice family evening Ali. I loved the drone lights as well .
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, January 1, 2021, 13:42
Happy new year all. We had nice day yesterday - and fairly relaxing. had lovely walk in afternoon in country park where water has receded significantly - tho still muddy and one field was just a solid field of ice. I hadn't done anything special for NYe but we decided to have nibbles and bubbles and ph eldest scollop and g/f at 9. we chatted for about an hour and then uB scollop wanted to play T P.rsuit. he hadn't reaslised it was a 1980s edition! he didn't stand a chance - so that took longer than planned and so we did stay up to see NY in. Our next door neighbours had let off spectacular f'works at 6pm so that was lovely. we didn't realise there were f'works in london os have only caught up with them this morning. they were lovely. I know people (ON tw.tter!!) are complaining they were political - i just saw them as an overview of the year. tho I do think our sc.entists get a raw deal. they have worked almost to breaking point to get v.ccine up and running - and no mention!
We had long lie in this morning and have been for walk along river. water has gone down so we walked our normal walk - but near end couldn't get thro the flooding - wld have been over wellies so had to turn back. os are now behind schedule. Roast b..f in oven and then will do Esc.pe r..m a bit later.
Hope ploppy feels better soon Diana. And Josh's g/f Ali. UB scollop goes for 10k run every 2nd morning Ali. we dont join him!
Carol - when i tried to pay for parking at country park it told me did i want to make an honesty payment. was a bit surprised but a charity so said yes. ended up saying i needed to pay £10.50. we had been under an hour which is free (but ticket needs validating) and whole day is £8! i tried again and it told me I didn't need to pay anything!
Have a lovely day everyone

TK wrote:
Friday, January 1, 2021, 20:00
Hope all are still OK (or feeling better). I felt rather cold today so only went on one walk. This was a BIG mistake. Later it was getting dark Bruce got rather grumpy and started barking. It was rather chilly so didn't feel like going out. I won't make that mistake again as he wanted to stand in the garden with the door open. If I shut the door he started barking. Tomorrow we will do the normal (at least) 2 walks.

Good news Mw1C is a reality. He is picking up a male cat, called Honey (?), tomorrow. He's not sure how old the cat is, he thinks it is an older kitten. The cat is in Ealing. Unfortunately his wife has the same driving phobia as I do. She should be OK as it is not actually 'London'. As long as I think that I'm OK with the driving. I can drive in London during the night (after midnight), I've done it a few times.

Fi I have a few neighbours who run long distances a few times a week. They are older than your son as their children are in their early 20s. They have always been runners, the lockdown has made them more 'intense'.

Bruce and I went to wish Duffy a socially distanced good New Year this morning. Bruce was very keen to dive into their house, but I held him back. He usually goes straight to the kitchen to check for any left overs. Duffy does the same in my house.

I sent an original TP game to the recycling a few months ago. I did think that the 'youngsters' wouldn't be too good at it.

Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, January 2, 2021, 08:52
Morning – it was fairly gloomy when I got up but is trying to brighten up and I can see the tiniest patches of blue sky to come through. It is a warm (compared with yesterday) 2C!

Your night in sounds lovely Ali – especially the take away. I see Jack was busy being a delivery boy! I agree the fireworks could well be the way to do it in the future – the drones especially were amazing. Hopefully you managed your walk – if it was like here it was VERY cold out!

Diana, so sorry to hear Ploppy was a little worse and on his birthday too. Did he manage any of the champers and his birthday meal? We have seen several of the MP programmes and agree they were very enjoyable – I think the shock came when during one episode one of the commentators watching now was saying of course the first journeys were pre-mobile phones so he couldn’t contact is family whilst he was away! I think they were very wise to keep the news of the L’don fireworks as a secret – at least it stopped a lot of people crowding up to see them. Having said that I see there were 58 large gatherings broken up by the police in L’don. I hope Ploppy is feeling a lot better today.

Fi, lovely that you had a nice walk on NYE and that the water is receding (not so sure about the field of solid ice!). So you trounced UBS at TP’suits! Was it the Nasty Neighbour or the side with the dogs who had the fireworks? They sound lovely. Ah well one of the reasons I don’t use T’tter is because a lot of people who use it post the most awful things and I just get cross! I suspect all the drone display etc. had been planned in advance and before the news came that the O’fxrd vac had been given permission to be used. Hopefully your E Room evening went well! Hmm do you think parking meters are really alien forms out to fleece us of as much money as they can??

I am not surprised you felt cold yesterday Jo – it was definitely a three or even four fleece day. I see Bruce wasn’t impressed with just one walk. Having the back door open not such a good idea. Oh that is excellent that Mw3D is from today officially Mw1C. Hmm, so a male cat called Honey..... ah well!! Exlxng isn’t too bad – you can go straight down the X40 then join the X4020 into E’ling. In fact we locals don’t even consider E’ling part of Lxndon!! So Bruce wanted to visit Duffy – no wonder he was cross with you – one walk and not allowed to go on a hunt for leftovers!!

We had a quiet day yesterday – our plans for a walk disappeared when we had some sleet snow showers in the morning. MM went out to the garage fridge and said it was bitingly cold, so our thoughts of fresh air disappeared. We had a quiet day (we watched Tea with M’lini in the afternoon – I hadn’t seen it and had always wanted to). The main excitement of the day was a power cut at 3.15pm. I was talking on the video screen to my nephew and then we suddenly had a black screen, no lights and the tv stopped. It was quite major as 5000 homes locally were affected. I lit all my C’mas battery lanterns and my battery lights and it looked very festive. MM phoned the electricity co for more details and in fact despite them saying they hoped to have everything back up and running by 6pm, we had power back just before 4pm. Our dinner was in the slow cooker, but once the power came back on I turned it up to medium from low and it was fine. We started watching Dr” in the evening – still don’t like the writing by CC and I may not bother watching the end. We watched an old MM on another channel and had an early night afterwards. Today Twin will be off home at some point. MM has a video meeting with the Vicar this afternoon so I may do some laundry.........or I may do some colouring............. Morning BHB, yes it is trying its best to brighten up. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Flxffy Dxck into the conservatory and we can have a lovely catch up whilst we wait for the DCM, who is wide awake as I type!
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, January 2, 2021, 09:26
Morning all. We have another grey day but not icy today and so far no snow so all good as far as I am concerned!we had a nice lazy day yesterday as Twin has said. The power cut ca me just before the end of the film but we managed to watch it later on iplayxr. I am very used to power cuts as we have 2 or 3 a year, but it was very rare here. Today I will be off home again and life with start to return to our current normal. I feel I need to think about trying to lose a bit of weight, so the usual boring January looming!

Fi glad the water is slowly receding, you don’t need fields if ice! I haven’t playedTP in years, think the last time was when I was in a dry country with crew and we were very bored! I loved the drones and fireworks in London. I think twxtter would find politics in Sooty!

Jo happy that MW3Ds now is MW1C though not sure about the name honey for a male cat! Ah well! So Bruce wanting 2 walks a day preferably with lots if things to eat on the way!

Morning BHB and we have crumpets and Flxffy Duck today? Sounds great, so let’s get more and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Saturday, January 2, 2021, 09:31
Morning. Good news about the cat, not sure about the name! Fi our TP is ancient so not worth playing as many of the answers would probably be wrong now. How is ploppy Diana? Glad hou were not without elec all evening Carol. We watched that MM too, didn’t remember it.
We did manage a decent walk yesterday. Left home in fog, half way it started to rain and was coming sideways off the field to our left. My cheek was stinging and my left side soaked so we decided to phone Jack to pick us up next to the church in neighbouring village. However, as we neared the back of the church it stopped so we decided to walk back as planned. My hips complained a bit but I stopped now and then to do some stretches which helped. 5.5k walked in total. Think we need to repeat it today but maybe alter the route. Trying to avoid muddy field paths where poss.
Heard from friend yesterday, she has tested positive. Routine test at work, no symptoms. Family now isolating. Worry for her is that 1. Who did she catch it from 2. Who has she potentially passed it to without knowing as she is a district nurse. They are tested weekly as a minimum and she hadn’t worked for 3 days prior to the test but potentially had it before without knowing. Fortunately we cancelled cmas day church service otherwise we’d all be in isolation.
Better drink my tea before ploppy moans I’ve let it get cold!
Diana wrote:
Saturday, January 2, 2021, 11:34
Morning all.

Grey and looks cold out. It rained earlier and the patio is still wet but forecast is that it should be dry for rest of day. Yesterday we had about 10 mins of the S word! Hope it falling on 1st of the year isn't an omen for more over the next 2/3 months. Fortunately it didn't lay and turned to rain.

Ought to go out for a walk but not feel that enthusiastic. Perhaps if I can get Ploppy to come out, he could do with some fresh air and exercise. He felt a lot better yesterday, best he's been for over a week. Yes, Pauline, he's had a couple of tests so will be going back for the results though DK when.

We started our Xmas cake yesterday, it was quite nice. We had a bottle of champers to celebrate Ploppy's birthday and New Year late pm, that was very nice. Dinner was good - slow cooked rump beef with mushrooms (similar to beef strogonoff) with roast pots & parsnip, carrots and Yorkshire pud. Followed by yummy berry cheesecake. Finally we had a glass of M&S salted caramel liqueur. Today back to normal eating except I've just scoffed a bag of crisps. Diet starts Monday (I hope).

We watched TV most of the afternoon and evening. M.P*lin reviewing his Him*laya series was good - pretty sure we haven't seen it. I recorded Gre*test Sh*wman as I was doing dinner while it was on and want to see it properly.

Hope Bruce doesn't get as grumpy today.

Lucky the power cut didn't last long, Carol, and that it hardly affected your dinner. Good thing it didn't happen on Xmas Day.

Well done on completing your walk yesterday despite the weather, Ali, think I would have given up. Must be worrying for your friend given she could have passed it onto her patients.
Good that the water has receded, Fi. I think we've got the 80s verson of TP though no idea where it is, haven't played for years.
TK wrote:
Saturday, January 2, 2021, 21:43
Not sure how many fleeces I had on yesterday. Today thermal vest, tee shirt, 2 fleeces and to go outside another fleece and nylon mac. All was OK.

I just had to stop typing as Mw1C phoned. He's 'lost' the cat. He assures me that it must be in the sitting room. He got it today and thinks that it should be cuddling him already. So I've just done 30mins of 'training'. No, it won't cuddle up to you until he has settled in. And about 4 times 'It's a cat.' It is hiding from you, didn't go down too well. I tried to let him know about cats before he got it, but he wasn't really listening. He thought a cat would come up and cuddle him straight away.

I've not been lucky with getting shopping slots so I tried wider selection, I did get one for Tues from Iceland. Not a usual supplier, I've used it once before ages ago.

I missed The G Sh man the other day, I'd meant to record it, I'll catch it later.

Pauline you are right about Bruce's ideal walk. Not too far and lots of refreshment breaks. Today we had a swift walk to the other end of the main street, via the back way. Pop into the pet shop for snacks and food for TK. Then the ice cream parlour, when finished. Back along the main road to other end of the road where his friends live, for the last of the Christmas turkey. He was very happy wandering back along my road. When he got home he found there was some food left from breakfast. Bruce is really chilled now.

I'm a bit tired
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, January 3, 2021, 07:57
Morning and it is dark and gloomy out at the moment. We are due showers, but it should be a degree or so warmer than yesterday, which was bright and sunny but very cold.

I think our Trivial Pursuits disappeared a long time ago – I certainly haven’t played it for more years than I care to remember Ali!! Yes we were somewhat relieved the power cut wasn’t a particularly long one. MM couldn’t remember the MMurder, but Twin and I could, although it is always nice to see Jones again! I see the weather was determined to make your walk an interesting one on Friday – hopefully you managed to dry out once you were home. Oh that’s not good for your friend, especially given her job. As you say it turned out to be fortuitous you didn’t have C Day service!

Ah we managed to avoid the rain yesterday Diana – in fact it was bright and sunny (but cold) for most of the day here. I am hoping the s word isn’t an omen too! Did you manage to coax Ploppy out – as you said I think the fresh air may have done him go, if he felt up to it. Let’s hope the test results come through soon. Your dinner sounds lovely – especially the cheesecake!! We are also rather pleased the power cut didn’t strike us down on C Day!!

So several fleeces then Jo. I see you were doing your best to emulate the Michelin Man yesterday! Oh goodness so Honey was playing hide and seek! I am sure the phone tutorial was just what he needed. I see he thinks cats should really have dog attributes in terms of their behaviour. I am sure he will soon learn! Ah shopping slots are getting very difficult to come by – I have had I’land deliveries before (not recently) but suggested them to our friend in Dxvxn who lives alone and was in a panic about getting food – he says they have been brilliant!

Twin went off home after breakfast yesterday and we went to pay in my cheque only to arrive at the BSoc and realise that it was a Saturday and they were closed! We also called into the church to check on the leaking roof (well MM did – I sat in the car) – another small branch had come down from the cedar tree, but no danger to anyone as it fell inside the churchyard. MM moved it to round the back of the church. When we got home I put the washing on and then spent the afternoon doing the i word (I watched Intx the Wxxds whilst I did it). We watched C’lty during the evening of course and then the final (to date) DinP, and a VofDxbley for some light relief! This morning we have our service and then the rest of the day will probably be a lazy one. Morning BHB, yes it is doing its best outside to get a little brighter – I know it is going to be a cold week coming up, so very grateful for the under floor heating. I think Mary and Les’ boiler is getting fixed at just the right time (tomorrow). Let’s take the toasted bagels and the Lxst Strxw into the conservatory and we can now have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, January 3, 2021, 10:31
Morning all and another grey one here and still cold, 2c at the moment. I had a good journey back jere yesterday, it was very quiet on the M25, well for the M25! There is always traffic on it. Still it was more as you would expect in practical lock down. I am conscious that I am one of the people on the road, though I am allowed to see Bubble, I am sure people look at me and wonder what I am doing as well! Just unpacked and sorted myself out when I got home. Watched C last night and thought it was very good. It made me realise how much more is known about this virus now than when it started. All very harrowing though so I found an old episode of Yes Mxnistxr on iplayer and watched that to cheer me up. It is still as hilarious as it ever was. Today I am going into laundry mode and then the next thing to do wil be to take down the decs. Not my favourite job as everything looks so bare afterwards. Not urgent yet as I have till Wednesday to do it.

Your NY walk sounds as if it was a bit of an endurance test at one point Ali! Very worrying for your nurse friend. I hope she is ok and realise if she has spread it at all it certainly isn't her fault as she can't have known.

I hope Ploppy continues to improve Diana and gets the test results soon as I am sure you both would like to know what he has wrong with him. At least he managed some champers!

Ah so MW1C doesn't know yet that he is being sussed out by Honey who is deciding if he will allow him to feed and wait on him! I am sure your talk will help him pass the test. I will always be grateful to Icxlxnd who saved my bacon early in the lockdown. I thought them good, but not the same range of things I can get from Mr W. Love Bruce's walk, I can see that would be doggie heaven!

Morning BHB and we have Bagels and Lxst Strxw today? Scrumptious. So let's get more and go snd find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Sunday, January 3, 2021, 10:55
Morning all. Grey and miserable here, thought it was supposed to be dry this morning but it's looked damp out and just started raining properly. Think I'll be staying in today so good thing I had a walk yesterday which I enjoyed as the sun was partly out. Forecast ugh for tomorrow so very unlikely to be going out then and Tuesday isn't much better. I'd better go on the treadmill tomorrow.

Didn't do much yesterday, sorted out a few things online, watched TV and read a couple of chapters. Anticipate today will be similar. We want to watch the new D*vid A programme this evening. Typically there are two other programmes I wouldn't mind seeing at the same time. Thank heavens for catch up and the T*vo box.

I spoke to my parents yesterday and they have (at last) received a letter and long form to complete in order to get the vaccine. So the process doesn't sound that simple but at least they will hopefully be jabbed soon. I agree that we need to get as many people vaccinated asap given the new variant but think that the very eldest and most vulnerable should have two jabs as originally planned so they are protected as much as possible. Hope your parents are also vaccinated very soon, Fi.

Hope Mw1c appreciated your training, Jo, I suspect he may need more! And hope he and the cat become friends.

I've booked quite a few Ic*land slots for my parents. I don't like that I have to enter their credit card details every time despite logging them in the account and that they take payment when you order so there are 2/3 payments and sometimes a credit on the statement for each time the order is amended.

Carol, does your building society accept cheques via an outside ATM? Mine started taking cheques this way at start of lockdown so you don't need to go in the branch.

First load of towels are nearly finished, think the second will have to wait a day or two until this lot are dry as there won't be room for both on the stand.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, January 3, 2021, 11:06
Morning. Oh dear, Mw1c will soon learn how independent cats are and only ‘cuddle’ when they want to!
Productive day yesterday, desk arrived (not due till Feb) so ploppy put it together and I sorted my office. Just a few tweaks needed. Intended to use it properly this morning for church zoom service but managed to slip coming down the stairs and as a result wasn’t ready in time. It appears that Belle found a face mask and left it on one of the steps and my foot slipped on it. Fortunately I slipped rather than fell and landed on my backside scraping my leg on a step. Think I’ll have some bruises but no lasting damage. Even held onto the washing basket!
It’s started raining/sleeting here so no walk today.
Couldn’t get slot with mrT but got one with alternative for tomorrow. They seem to have more availability.
Ploppy and Jack at work tomorrow so house to myself. Might watch Into the W which I recorded. Forecast isn’t great!
Hope everyone is ok x
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, January 4, 2021, 07:41
Morning and currently dark and gloomy out (apparently 2C so back to normal). I can’t see if we have the forecast drizzle or not at the moment.

We actually had a bright sunny day here Diana – no rain just sunshine. If you had a rain I think you were wise to stay inside. I think we felt warmer as there was no breeze or wind yesterday. I agree today and tomorrow are not looking good on the weather front – still it is January! I wonder how we all coped before we had catch up to watch!! It is so much easier than having to record! Oh that’s good your parents have had the information of getting the jab. I am sure now they have received the paperwork they will be called fairly soon. Fingers crossed for Fi’s parents. There is an AXM outside the BSoc, but it hasn’t been amended to take cheques or cash as deposits – it just gives statements and allows you to withdraw cash. The machine for paying in is just inside – I think for security reasons!

Ali I am sure you could give Mw1C a lot of advice on cats and how they own you, not the other way round. That was a result with the desk arriving early. So the office is almost sorted. Not so good that you fell down the stairs – you were lucky you didn’t break anything. The fall sounds painful and I imagine the bruises are starting to show already. Well done on holding on to the washing basket!! Hopefully you aren’t aching too much. Sending a virtual hug. I think it is becoming more difficult to get any supermarket delivery slots – I feel more people are using home deliveries this time round (it could have something to do with it being winter of course). We saw ItheW at the cinema and enjoyed it so I decided it was well worth a second watch! Enjoy!

Our service went well with no technical hitches – good start to the NYear! Afterwards I had a video chat with June and said hello to Elmo. I had a fairly lazy day – I did my crosswords and some colouring, spoke to Twin, read a little and generally had a nice time doing not very much. During the evening we watched the DavidA programme but I stopped watching after the stxrk caught the baby flxmxngo and read instead whilst MM carried on watching (yes I am a wimp). Afterwards we watched the JLxmley programme on Nxrwxy (terrible news about the village near Oslx by the way) when she went to find the NLights. We missed the programme when it was first shown – I was always so grateful my Ann got to see them when they went out to N’way the year she died. This morning we are off to Mr S – it is never very busy at the time we go – it is usually getting busier when we leave to be honest, so we should be fine; plus they limit the number of customers inside. No coffee today – too cold to sit outside! We may zip into U’bge this afternoon just so I can pay the cheque in, but other than that no plans. We will probably watch the new Beeb Drama Trxcxs this evening. Morning BHB, yes it is gloomy out. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted muffins into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM to arrive.
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, January 4, 2021, 10:10
Morning all. Just done an online exercise class - and then had online physio!! as well as sore shoulder i seem to have damaged my achilles muscle in heel of foot as it can be very painful when do specific exercises. She has told me not to do the d.wnward d.g - since that is half of my P.lates class it may be short class this week! Horrible day of weather here yesterday but did get out for 2 very short strolls round block. Saturday was gorgeous so had long walk then. today is taking down the xmas decs day - scollop is back to work in his office.
Diana - my parents have heard nothing still re the v.ccine. i think they are regarded as too "healthy" to be a priority. I am so cross as v worried about sloppy going in for eye op without having had the jab. also v worried that if they close schools the care agencies will shut due to lack of childcare (many schools actively discouraged any parents, incl key worker parents, from leaving their children) as they did in first lockdown and parents can no longer survive without care. Such a worry.
We watched the N lights prog too Carol. I remembered that your sis had seen them - also at Tr.mso I think? Was Into tW on BBc - I must try and watch some interesting films on catch up. when scollop around it is difficult as he and ploppy watch the footie on Tv whenever it is on. yawn.
Ali - good that you didn't fall but ouch for the slip. Hope not too many bruises. Hope you are still able to get out walking - impressive first walk.
Jo - I missed the Gt Sh.wman too - tho have seen it before. Hope Mw1c catches onto the training quickly.
Pauline - like you I see taking down the decs - and cleaning up after- as a 3 day job! Better get on with it!
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, January 4, 2021, 10:25
Morning all and it is a grey and gloomy one here yet again. Still no white stuff, though I think that may well come over the next couple of days. To be honest I am not going anywhere any time soon so not the problem that would be in a "normal" year. Still don't like it though. I managed to do some laundry yesterday and so I have a nice pile of ixxnxxg waiting for me today. I will also do a wash of some jumpers I think. I need to spread the excitement! Nice to see the AZ vaccine is underway though thinking it will be some time before they get to me! Still I think we are all in need of the glimmer of hope it brings.

Diana I am another wimp! I love the photography on the DA programmes but when they show things like the baby flamingo being caught by a huge stork I am off! I tried watching The Grxxt after that and was impressed with the sumptuousness of it but disliked the modern language. When she said "yep" in answer to a question I cringed! Not for me as I like a bit of accuracy in period stuff. Glad your parents are in the mix for the vaccine now. I am sure it will be a huge relief to you when they are jobbed.

Ali ouch! That must have been painful. I slipped downstairs many moons ago in a similar way. I really bruised my coccyx and it has never really been right since. Hope you are ok. Nice that the office is now all ready for you. I loved ItheW I am sure you will too.

Morning BHB and we have toasted muffins with the Lavendula today? Terrific. We can get more and take it into the conservatory where the CM is waiting.
Ali wrote:
Monday, January 4, 2021, 12:34
Afternoon. Mixed weather today, we’ve had rain now sunshine but a cold wind. Popped up to town to collect prescription for my mum and exchanged some euros at po for ploppy, unlikely to need them for some time and £ more useful!
Feeling rather stiff and sore today. Think I jarred my back and shoulder when I slipped. Very cautious now when I come down the stairs.
Rather worrying news that my sister has tested positive. She thinks my nephew may have passed it to her as there were cases in his year at school. He only had a cold so not tested but she has felt quite unwell with flu type symptoms so got tested over the weekend. Her family now isolating. My mum already was isolating as colleagues have it but worried as she spent xmas day at my sister’s house. Fortunately we had short doorstep visit on xmas eve so considered clear.
Local primary school decided late yesterday not to open as high number of cases in the area. High school had already announced delayed start.
Better go, recycling bin has been emptied and washing machine has finished.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, January 4, 2021, 13:07
This is such a lovely idea - I thought I would share the link in case anyone wanted to donate:

Diana wrote:
Monday, January 4, 2021, 13:12

It's been raining on and off all morning so staying in today but ought to go on the treadmill later.

We watched some of the BBC production of Les M. yesterday on Dr*ma and Ploppy has ordered the DVD. We also saw first ep of new DA series which was vg. Over the last couple of days I've watched all the Earth's Tr*pical Islands series which thought vg. While on iPl*yer I saw that several other old nature programmes are also available to watch.

I did a bit of h/w first thing and have a couple of outstanding jobs to do tomorrow and Wed.

Pauline, I covered my eyes when the M*ribou stork picked up the baby flamingoes.

Lucky you got off fairly lightly from your fall, Ali. Well done on holding onto the washing basket! Hope the aches aren't too bad. I missed Into the W. so will watch on iPlayer in next few days. I've wanted to see the musical in any form for ages so pleased I now can.

You were lucky to have sunshine yesterday, Carol, I don't thinjk we got a glimpse.

I have had a weekly delivery for the past month or so and intend to have one every 7-10 days during Jan & Feb given the high number of cases at present, rather than go in person with an delivery every 2/3 weeks as I normally do. The wet, cold weather is also an incentive.

Lunch is ready so better post now and finish later.
TK wrote:
Monday, January 4, 2021, 16:38
Ali hope you are feeling a bit better now.
I think I have used Iceland before, it was the selection which put me off using them more. Good for the basics. I suspect Bruce would not agree about the definition of basics, yes he has been spoilt (he had been neglected). I didn't try the raw meat selection.
Mw1C had another lesson over the phone yesterday. He's not quite getting it. The cat is still avoiding him. The next time I speak to him I'll have to stress the ignore the cat and he may come to you. He wants things to happen fast.
Been very chilly today. I suppose it is winter :)
This afternoon I was having a nap on the sofa. Heard a knock at the door. Found the key. There was no one there. Looked at Bruce and realised that it was Bruce who'd kicked the door, making it sound like a knock. He'd been fast asleep, twitched and kicked out his legs. Duffy sometimes visits at that time, she comes in, leaves human outside and checks out for food left by Bruce or treats. She comes to have a snack and leaves.
It's a bit chilly where I'm sitting. There is a big window next to me. It has the old style windows, all the others in the house have been double glazed.

TK wrote:
Monday, January 4, 2021, 19:10
MrI delivered on time, does have a 2hr time slot. In Tier 4 doesn't matter as not going anywhere. Everything was there. I try not to go to the supermarket, unless it is to pick up my tablets. Then it is just a quick in and out.

Did miss the beginning few mins of Serious Charge, I can watch it again as I have it recorded.

Tamsey has relocated due to the weather. She is next to the radiator, near to the table where I type.

TK wrote:
Monday, January 4, 2021, 19:44
I've just had a long talk with Mw1C. He's saying the cat still hasn't come to see him. He picked up the cat without letting it come to him. He's not seen it since. He is driving me nuts. He thinks the cat will just come up and cuddle him. He needs patience.
TK wrote:
Monday, January 4, 2021, 20:04
So no change for me, can walk Bruce, can get shopping.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 07:47
Morning and still dark outside – apparently it is 2C at the moment and we may have sleet/s word showers later in the day. It will also feel like -1C.

Ouch a damaged Achilles in your heel is painful (I know from when I snapped my A tendon whilst on stage). I am not surprised the physio told you to hold off doing some of the exercises from your class. That is very odd that your parents have not yet heard anything about the vxccinx – hopefully they will hear soon now that the first batch of the O’ford one have been distributed. Yes it was Trxmso that Ann and the family went to. ItheW was on Beeb 2 so available on iplxyxr. We saw the G’Shxwmxn at the cinema and I have the DVD so can watch when I want to – love the music from it.

Ali, I am not surprised you are feeling stiff and sore after your fall. I keep reminding MM to take care going downstairs after his similar exploit last year. Oh goodness that is worrying about your sister. So with your poor sister isolating, and your mum isolating due to her colleague, you must be really worried. Sending hugs. Hope your sister has only a mild version and your Mum remains unaffected.

Oh the Les M programme on the Beeb was excellent, Diana – I watched it when it was shown and thought they did a wonderful job with it (although I missed the music!). Well we may have had sunshine on Sunday but we didn’t see any yesterday other than one very short glimpse when it came out from behind the dark clouds, and I am not anticipating seeing any today either!

Jo, you are right that there is a limited selection from Mr I, but sufficient staples to keep you going if you can’t get a delivery from anywhere else (actually they are brilliant for frozen party nibbles!). I feel you are right about Bruce and his definition – he deserves spoiling! Ah MwiC still not understanding the nature of cats then. I fear he may need several phone tutorials before he really understands. So Bruce can now knock on the door – His talents are unending. I love that Duffy feels fine coming and checking out what is on offer, whilst leaving her humans outside! Of course Tamsey is next to the radiator – she is not silly! I fear patience may not be one of Mw2C’s forte....I am sure he will get there eventually!

Mr S was not that busy - the car park had plenty of space, and there were not that many people inside (in fact there were empty shelves in places, particularly the bread section). We had coffee in our cars - we drove close to Costa and parked in three bays, then wound down the windows on the drivers' sides and were able to chat at a safe distance with Lindy and Lawrence, whilst drinking our hot coffees. It was more comfy than sitting on the wall outside we decided, plus we had some shelter from the (very cold) wind. After the announcement last night (not unexpected when you see how a lot of people just carry on as if things were normal) I tried to book a food delivery slot for next week - both Mr S and Mr W sites had crashed and I was 2,865th in the queue for Mr O! I tried again at about 10.15pm and have managed to get a Mr S for next Monday. I checked this morning and still no Mr O slots available. We decided to watch a Vicar of D after the announcement and then the new drama on BBC1. We weren't that taken with it and MM had difficulty with the Scxttish accents, so we may not bother with the remaining episodes. On the subject of Scxtland I had a quick chat with Sarah yesterday and Roger drove home on 30th December, so is safely back at home. MM should have had a meeting up at the church, with the Vicar and the lady dealing with out grant application, at midday but that will now be on line Zxxm. We will take down our decorations and put them back in the loft for later in the year. I did take photos of the ones in the conservatory so I will remember what I did when it comes round to next Christmas! MM will probably leave the outside decorations up until the weekend, but we won't switch them on. Today is Logan's 9th birthday - I can remember very clearly when he was born as there was an outbreak of MXSA at the hospital and Jon couldn't visit or see the baby for about a week! I feel it may be time to get the puzzles back down again..........

Morning BHB, yes a cold and gloomy start to the day. Let’s take the mulled wine and the toasted teacakes into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 10:19
Morning all.

It's just started raining here and local forecast is for it to rain (or the S word) most of the day so another one spent indoors.

So another six or so weeks at least of lockdown, not at all surprised. I think it's going to be tougher this time as too cold to be in garden. Just hope that people get the message to stay at home and do so.

We have a Sains. delivery this pm and number of items not available and the sprouts have short life again.

Hope your parents' care continues without any problems, Fi.

Sorry about your sis, Ali, hope she will get over it quickly and your mum is fine. Hope your back and shoulder are better.

Oh dear, Mw1c certainly needs to learn some patience, Jo.

Stay safe everyone.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 10:38
Morning all and it is a cold and greyish one today, we have had snow flurries already. There is a bit of brightness in the sky now. but nothing to entice me outside really! Yesterday I did my ixxnxxg then I started to take down the decs. I dismantled the tree and put it away for another year. Sad to not have the little lights twinkling but it was time for it to go. Today the reast will be put away and that will be another C/mas done and dusted. So here we go in lockdown again makes very little difference to me as I feel I have been in a perpetual lockdown apart from a brief week's holiday in September! Thank goodness for that! Not surprised it has happened as far too many people just ignoring the rules. Still we have HC to cheer is up tonight! Or maybe not.

Not surprised you are stiff and sore Ali. Hope today is a bit better. What a worry about your sister and your Mum of course. Hope they are ok.

I think an awful lot of people decided they would have online deliveries Diana! Fortunately I still have priority slots with Mr W I think I may well need that as everything else went a bit berserk last night. I luckily have a delivery for today and one for next week.

So MW!C still struggling to understand cats Jo. Hopefully he will learn and in time the cat will come to him. Poor poppet (the cat) must be very confused at the moment. Mr I saved my bacon in the first lockdown and is fine for the basics. Clever Bruce, knocking on the door! My cat used to knock on my back door to come in. I didn't have French windows in my first house so couldn't see him and he learned to knock instead!

I love those angels Twin and think it a wonderful idea.

Morning BHB and I can smell wonderful things! Mulled wine and teacakes? Yes please! Let's get more and find the CM.

Ali wrote:
Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 11:01
Morning. No surprise at the news last night. I anticipated it and booked some delivery slots yesterday afternoon before it went nuts last night. Ploppy hoping he won’t be furloughed, last time they asked for volunteers and got plenty. Jack still able to work. They bought in supplies before xmas for this job and can hopefully manage for next 6 weeks. He had message from army recruitment wanting to set up appt. needs to see if this can still go ahead and what the next steps are.
I aim to use the time at home to try and lose weight. I’ve done it before just need to have the willpower!
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, January 6, 2021, 07:56
Moring and still dark and gloomy outside – I suspect today will be much the same as yesterday weatherwise. We managed to avoid any sleet or s word, but we did have drizzle on and off throughout the day.

I see your weather yesterday was much the same as our’s Diana. Yes back to lockdown sadly – but as you say not at all surprised. When we were sitting in our distanced cars having coffee on Monday Lindy was saying she hears people talking and they are very flexible in their “bubbles” – they seem to think they can have several, and that gives them an excuse to see lots more people. It is very clear that the bubble is actually on for singletons and they can chose only one household to bubble with, so very much a bending of the rules.

Well done on being ahead of the game Ali and getting your slots organised before the announcement. We have a Mr O this afternoon but I can’t get another one at the moment. Fingers crossed for Ploppy, and good that Jack can still work throughout. Is he excited about his (hopefully still going ahead) appointment with the A recruitment? I would like to lose weight – but going by last time the reverse is likely to happen!!!

We took our decorations down (well the fibre optic trees are still up until later today) – I did leave some of the little battery lights out, to brighten up the place as it does look very bare now they are down.. MM said he will sort out the exterior lights at the weekend - he will just switch them off so they don't come on. Having said that I see English Heritage are suggesting people leave their exterior lights on until Candlemas, to cheer everyone up. As it was the date used for taking down decorations in Medieval times, and that is usually the date I put my Crib and Nativity away, I think I might give the lights a stay of execution. If English Heritage are suggesting it I feel we won't get bad luck! In fact the Quxxn apparently leaves her decorations up until February 6th - the day her father died! Logan called to thank us for his birthday card and money during the morning - he looked very grown up!! June and Barry bought him an A’a Show of his own for his bedroom (during Black Friday) and one for Dylan for his room on his birthday at the beginning of Dec- so they will be able to chat to each other! Apart from doing the decorations, a little colouring, finding new music for the small choir, I didn't seem to do too much. I watched HC in the evening of course! That stretched the realms of credibility a little! Afterwards we watched a couple of Vicar of D, then Staged.
This morning we have our service and then I am not sure what I will do - so much time, so much to do....................well actually I need to make a curry in the slow cooker, but also we have taken the decorations down but not put them back into the boxes and returned the boxes to the loft. We don’t start our small choir rehearsals until next week and I do need to put together the list of music people need to have to hand, so I might do that later. Stay safe everyone. Morning BHB, yes it is gloomy out – you have had to cancel plans to see friends? That’s a shame. Let’s take the toasted paninis and Unexpected Plxasure into the conservatory and you can tell me all about it while we wait for the DCM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, January 6, 2021, 10:09
Morning all and it started gloomy and damp here, cheered up a bit but is now looking gloomy again! Still not warm either at 2c. I managed to get all my decs down and put away yesterday so now the house is straight again, but not nearly as cheerful. I may do what Twin has done and get some of my battery lights out again to add a bit of cheer. Mr O came as well so now have food again. Not sure when I will see him again as their slots are like gold dust! Never mind I thankfully have Mr W booked for the next 2 weeks at least so will be fine I think. Not sure what I am doing today, possibly I will have to do some cleaning and then I may even break out a jigsaw.

It is a dreary thought about lockdown Diana, but we have done it before and we can do it again! How is Ploppy doing now? Hope he is feeling better. Did they find out what was wrong?

Hope Jack can get his army recruitment sorted Ali. Good he can work still, and I hope Ploppy will be able to carry on as well. How's your office? All up and working now I should think!

Morning BHB, you look a bit sad? You have had to cancel seeing friends? Oh dear that is sad. Let's get more Paninis and Unexpxted Plexsure and find the CM and we will try to make you feel better.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, January 6, 2021, 11:00
Morning. We had heavy rain overnight, dreary now. Yes Pauline my office is just about sorted. Files arrived yesterday so I sorted paperwork in cabinet. Had some Brownie admin to do and did paperwork for Jack. Ploppy came home with letter authorising him to travel for work so i laminated it for him to keep in the car during lockdown. Felt good to be doing something worthwhile. If only I could work from home!
Jack has 2 phone calls booked next week: 1 with nurse to discuss medical history as it’s taking months to get records sent on. If s/he is happy then they proceed with application for full records, other call is phone interview. He’s happy things can still progress.
My boss is struggling to get us any grants. We are registered as a garden centre with cafe and could legally remain open (minus cafe) so not entitled to any help. She’s trying to appeal that we are a plant centre not garden so non-essential. We literally sell trees and shrubs, no seeds, no fruit and veg plants, no fencing, no pet supplies etc. At this time of year we have barely anything to sell. As a result we can’t get the grants for hospitality or those for restricted businesses. Council haven't responded to emails so far! Only thing she can claim us furlough fortunately. While I am very grateful to get it I’d rather be working. 20% loss of income for the 3rd time is taking it’s toll
Carol/Pauline I have left some ofmy battery lights out too, need a little sparkle!
Any news from Eva? Miss hearing her from her x
Love to all x
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, January 6, 2021, 11:25
Morning all.

I think it's stopped raining so ought to go out for a walk even if it's a short one. Yesterday the rain turned to sleet briefly but otherwise none of the dreaded stuff.

We watched Into the W. yesterday am which I really enjoyed. In the evening we saw first of SA series with Gr*gg W, the filming was vg but he was so annoying, and later we watched cheetah programme.

Hope Mw1c has left you in peace today, Jo.

I know what you mean about willpower, Ali, I've just had a scone with my coffee. Fingers crossed for Ploppy and Jack.

Carol, good idea to leave exterior lights up for longer to give some cheer.

Ploppy has been feeling better last 3/4 days and appointment to be booked with hospital dept.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, January 7, 2021, 07:46
Morning and a warm 0C here. It’s still dark out but I think it is dry (I will check with MM as he has just gone outside to put the refuse out).

Ali hopefully the heavy rain didn’t make a re-appearance yesterday. We ended up with a dry but cold day – in fact we also saw some blue sky! So the office is up and operational, and a nice quiet space for working in. That’s good that Ploppy can still work – that was a good idea to laminate it so he can keep it with him. That’s excellent that Jack is going to have a phone interview (I know lots of unis did phone interviews last year) – fingers crossed for him. That is such a shame about your boss and the grants. I suspect the LA can’t understand the difference between a garden and a plant centre. I can quite see that whilst happy to get furlough you would much rather be at work and earning a full salary, especially as you helped set everything up for the coffee shop so it is your “baby” to a certain extent. Lindy has also left battery lights out – we said exactly the same word as you – we need some sparkle! Eva was due to start acxpunctxre around now so fingers crossed it will help with her sleeping. I’ll let you know when I next hear from her.

We seem to have missed the rain again yesterday Diana. Hopefully you managed to get out for your walk. MM had to go out to the postbox outside the POffice around the corner yesterday and said there were a lot fewer cars out and about but a lot of people out walking. I am glad you enjoyed ItheW – it was very well done I thought. We saw the original UK production years ago – Nxchxlas Pxrsons was the Nxrrator, Imxldx Staxnton the Baker’s Wxfe, Julia MxKxnzxe was the Wxtch and Cleo L and Johnnie D’worth’s daughter played Cinders. That’s good news that Ploppy is feeling better, let’s hope he gets an appointment quickly as it must be a worry not knowing what caused it all.

We had our service yesterday morning and then we stayed on and chatted (it was the first Wednesday service since C’mas). Most people are quite resigned to the l’down. We had a chat about getting food deliveries and most people are doing that or c & collect. We had our Mr O delivery in the afternoon – no substitutions (sadly I still can’t get another Mr O slot at the moment). I did some research and have discovered that D’roo deliver from the “Lxttle Mr W” attached to one of the local garages so may use that for top ups. I made my curry in the morning and early in the afternoon I wondered if I had put it on low as intended so went to check and I hadn’t switched it on!! I had browned the meat and softened the onions before I put the curry together, and just assumed I had switched the slow cooker on!! Fortunately mine is one where you can put the interior pot on the gas hob, so I heated it all up that way then popped it back into the slow cooker, put it on “Medium” and left it for four hours. Fortunately it was fine!! Today I will be making a chilli for the freezer, so I will ensure I switch the cooker on at the wall and on the dial! We ended up not putting away the decorations we took down – we will do that today, as I want to go through them and see if I can get rid of some of the ones we didn’t use. MM has some church work to do on the pooter, so I will do the sorting whilst he commandeers the office. We will then put everything away this afternoon. We watched The R Shop last night and then the Lucy W programme on The Tower, H Court and Ken’ton Palace – very interesting. Awful events in W’gton yesterday – I know that man wouldn’t go quietly, but he now has blood on his hands as four people died during the incident. Terrible. MM tells me it is chilly outside but dry! Morning BHB, yes another cold start – thank goodness for the underfloor heating. Let’s take the Clxvxr Clxb and the toasted crumpets into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, January 7, 2021, 10:42
Morning all and it is a lovely sunny one here though very cold. Still -1c. it actually got nice and sunny yesterday afternoon as well and I must say I much prefer cold and sunny to the damp weather we have had so much of. Makes me feel much better. I did some cleaning and tidying yesterday and I think that could be my life for the foreseeable future! I still have some of the things from C/mas to sort through and I have several drawers and cupboards to sort out, so should be kept busy for a while. I have started sorting another jigsaw to give myself some light relief when needed. Terrible goings on in the US yesterday. Ironic that it thinks itself the seat of democracy and then has a section that won't accept the result, including the outgoing president!Let's hope it settles down now.

Your office sounds really nice Ali and a nice little retreat for you if needed. It is such a shame about your café, after all your hard work. I hope somesort of grant can be sorted out for it. I can understand why you would rather be working. I would feel that way if I still had a job I think. It would have been nice at first but enough is enough. Let's hope people do as they are told and we can get this jab soon and regain a bit of normality. Good that Jack can go ahead with the interview and hope Ploppy can carry on working.

Diana that is good that Ploppy seems to be recovering now but I hope they will be able to tell him what was wrong as I am sure he would like to know! Think you may be able to go for a walk today.

Morning BHB and we have Clxvxr Clxb and crumpets today? Delicious, so let's get more and we can go and find the CM.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 8, 2021, 08:20
Morning and another chilly start to the day (0C) – they has been another heavy frost and our forecast says we may get sleety showers later. In fact MM wonders if we actually had a light sprinkling of snow looking at some of the trees.

We put all the decorations away in the loft - it took longer than I anticipated! I found a glass bauble with a nativity scene on it that I had missed the day before, but it is now packed safely away – doubtless we will find something else that was missed in a few days time! . We had our G&T with Mary and Les who are both fine. My uncle rang to say they had had had their vaccinations yesterday (the Pfxzxr one) - he was impressed with how efficient it all ways. He is 82 this year and Nancy will be 86 so they came into one of the highest tiers for speedy injections. I had a text from my doctor late afternoon saying they will phone to arrange an appointment for the jab once they are ready to stab me, and MM had one some time aftewards with the same message. I did some more colouring during the afternoon – nice and restful! I will save the puzzles for a few weeks time. I had an email from my friend Ania during the evening - the office is apparently remaining opening this time, so she has been going into work (although on Wednesday there were only two of them). Her niece caught the virus and didn't realise. She passed it to her parents - Ania's sister had it badly but her brother in law even worse and Ania said he is still not that well (although at home). Meanwhile her cousin in Poland died of the virus in November and her best friend in Poland's husband died from it in December - a couple of days before Christmas; and still people say it is a hoax, or just don’t take it seriously. We watched DinP during the evening – lovely to have all that blue sky, sea and golden sand back on our screens – especially now it is so cold here. Today I have my phone calls to make for church and this afternoon we have our first family chat of the year on zoom, although my cousin’s daughter might not make it on as she is helping out with key worker children at her school. Morning BHB, yes it is a chilly start again – let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Vanillita through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM. I think we might just pop some mulled wine on too – it is that sort of weather!! Stay safe everyone.
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, January 8, 2021, 09:24
Morning all and it is grey here, but I suppose it is comparatively warm to yesterday when the temperature stayed at -1c all day, it is 0c today! Had a quiet day yesterday, I think this will be the norm for some time to come. I sorted through all my lovely pressies and found a home for them. I think that mean C/mas is definitely put away for another year. I also gave my bedroom a clean so not an entirely lazy day! Last night I gave Ari's Mum a ring and glad to report he is now lots better. The tummy bug he had has cleared up and his leg is much better though not liking the cold weather. She is well too and we had a lovely chat and put the world to rights (boy does it need it!). We had to stop by 9pm as we were both keen to watch DiP and it didn't disappoint. I have my jigsaw sorted and ready to go now so that will be something I do today. If the mood takes me I may clean another room. I'll see!

Morning BHB and there is a very nice smell. oh we have mulled wine as well as Vanillita? I think the mulled wine is called for in this weather, so let's get more and take that and more pikelets and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Friday, January 8, 2021, 09:48
Morning. Chilly, a little foggy and frost on the cars this morning. We had a very brief (light) snow shower yesterday morning but didn’t settle. I promised to collect prescription for elderly neighbour which will get me out of the house at least today. Need a walk and some fresh air.
Watched DinP last night, even Jack joined us. It’s a family ritual. We oohed over the sun, sky and beach!
Diana wrote:
Friday, January 8, 2021, 13:56
Afternoon all.

Very chilly today. The clouds were thinning mid am and it looked like it might turn nice but it's very grey now. I should have gone out for a walk then, think I'll be staying in. Yesterday turned out quite a nice day with some sun and blue sky especially pm. I had a good walk mid am.

I saw that the hotel series with Giles C, and Monica G. was being repeated over Xmas period so checked iPl*yer and all/most eps are available. We saw most eps when originally broadcast but missed a few so I've watched one we missed as well as 3/4 seen before and more to watch. Also saw Tea with M. last night which I enjoyed. So I've spent much of last few days watching telly, some on the laptop and otherwise a bit of H/W.

To cheer us up and for something to look forward to, yesterday we rebooked B*rbados for late April. By this time we will should both have had the first vaccine jab and hopefully things will be improving here.

Alarm for lunch going off so will continue after.
Diana wrote:
Friday, January 8, 2021, 14:52
Brrr sure is cold outside, just put the recycling & rubbish out. We had a snow flurry this morning.

Ploppy almost back to normal. He had a phone call with hospital dept yesterday, next stage is a check over, probably next month.

Hope your boss gets a grant, Ali.

Fortunate you checked the curry when you did, Carol. I have forgotten to turn the oven on a couple of times since we had the new one as there are three buttons to press and it's easy to forget the last one after setting the timer.

My sis in law is having her jab tomorrow - she's a nurse. No further news about my parents' yet.

Glad to hear that Ari is much better.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, January 9, 2021, 08:13
Morning and no frost today although it is apparently 0C. It was indeed a sprinkling of the s word we had yesterday morning. Not long afterwards we had drizzle so that cleared it away and we remained dry for the rest of the day.

Ali we managed to avoid any of the fog that was around (although our friends in Kxnt apparently had thick fog – they couldn’t see the field at the bottom of their garden – and ice yesterday). It sounds as if you s shower was very similar to our’s. I think the sun, sky and beach in DinP are very much needed!

It was very chilly here too Diana – I had a couple of deliveries and whenever I opened the front door an icy blast came in. Tea with M was very good wasn’t it. Ah so you are (fingers crossed) off to find the sun at the end of April. That’s good that Ploppy is feeling a lot better, but good that he will eventually have a check over to make sure all is well. Yes, I was very glad I suddenly thought I should check on the curry – otherwise it would have been beans on toast for dinner!!

I managed to not only get the towels washed yesterday but most of the laundry so I will have an exciting day doing the i word today. I made my calls for church and everyone was fine. MM has one call he makes which is to a friend who sings in the choir group with us and also with the small choir on Wednesdays. He said he and his family had all had covid and were now recovering although feeling very tired. His eldest daughter has a one year old and lives with her boyfriend and parents. Throughout the last year they have carried on seeing her and the little one – he said he thought that the baby may have given the virus to them, as the other household has also had the virus. It shows how easy it is for this awful thing to be spread. We had the family zxxm in the afternoon and everyone was fine. My cousin in Gl’ster still has one of his sons and daughter living with them, but is hoping his son will move back to B’stol soon (he is at uni there; and his daughter just started uni in C’dxff this year). His wife teaches so is going into to school as she teaches 6 and 7 year olds. In the evening we ordered in f&c and they were very tasty! Today Victoria is calling me so I can talk to the children (Imogen was on the phone to her friend whilst we did our zxxm). C’lty tonight to cheer us all up!! I am not sure what else we will watch. Morning BHB, yes it is slightly warmer than yesterday. Let’s take the cxnnamxn buns and the Glxhwxin into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, January 9, 2021, 09:56
Morning all and it is a frosty one here, Also slightly misty and only -2c. It loos as if the misty clears it could be a bit sunny, hope so. Trying to think what exciting things I did yesterday. Did start on the jigsaw, oh and I washed the kitchen and bathroom floors! Not very inspiring! I did some other cleaning as well but as you can see not exactly the most exciting of days!. I need to do the laundry wash today as usual and I will definitely tackle the jigsaw again. If not to busy out I will go for a bit of fresh air as well. It is scary how this virus is spreading so quickly, though of course I feel we are reaping the benefits of the C/mas period and before when so many people just ignored the rules. I get a feeling they are still doing so!

Agree Ali, DiP is just what we need at the moment. Just an hour of lovely escapism.

Glad Ploppy is almost better Diana though I am sure you would both like to know what he had! Hope your parents get their jab soon. I haven't had any word from my surgery so I think with some we will just get the call to go and be jabbed!

Morning BHB and we hace cinnamon buns, yum, and Glxwxin today? Perfect! Let's get more and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Saturday, January 9, 2021, 10:56
Morning. Very hard frost here overnight. I was woken early by neighbour clearing their windscreen. Then ploppy’s alarm went off. Did manage to doze off for another hour or so, but had vivid dreams.
Had a bracing walk to the chemist and back yesterday. Dropped prescription to neighbour then short time later she rang to say her husband is hopefully being discharged from hosp and coming to local nursing home. He wasn’t expected to survive just before cmas but has improved, had intensive physio and hosp obviously don’t want to keep him under current circumstances.
My sister’s isolation ends tonight. BinL going stir crazy. He’s been supervising online schooling and not enjoying it one bit!
Diana wrote:
Saturday, January 9, 2021, 12:54
Afternoon all.

Very chilly today but the sun now out so hopefully warming up and I will go for walk soon.

I did the I word after breakfast, then cleaned the lounge. Watched another ep of Amaz*ng H*tels before turning the laptop on. Yesterday was similar. I'll have to find something different to do but cleaning, tidying up, going through old stuff doesn't hold any appeal.

Yesterday's number of deaths and new cases was horrifying. I'm so sorry for hospital staff, must be a nightmare at present and unlikely to improve for a couple of weeks.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, January 10, 2021, 07:39
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Diana, Happy Birthday to you.

I see the BHB has been in and very busy - the Bistro is decorated in shades of gold. There are birthday balloons saying "Happy Birthday Diana", Happy Birthday Banners, posies of Protea on the tables, and gold sprinkles saying "Happy Birthday". I can see the birthday cakes have been made and iced and the champers is chilling in the fridge.

Enjoy and have a lovely day!
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, January 10, 2021, 07:54
Morning and it is another chilly start; however I am not complaining about a little frost when Sarah sent me a photo of their back garden near E’burgh and they have a good two inches of the s word – and of course poor Mxdrxd has ground to a halt!

Ah Ali there is nothing like waking to the sound of people scraping windscreens, especially if you know you don’t have to go out but can stay cosily in bed. Oh that’s good news about your neighbour’s husband. I can see why the local hospital are keen to move him (and other patients) out as soon as they can. The joys of home schooling – it must be a nightmare for a lot of parents! Good to hear your sister is out of isolation now though.

We had a sunny day here too Diana (although we had some fog descend about mid morning, and the temperature fell, but fortunately it didn’t linger. Hopefully you managed to get your walk done in the sunshine. Odd that the things you mention as not appealing are the same as on my list!! I agree it must be terrible for hospital staff and still there are people protesting against lockdown! Madness!! Enjoy your birthday as much as you can.

Yesterday morning we looked out of our windows and there were two large fully grown foxes in the garden – MM banged on the windows and they took off but a short while later one returned and when we banged the window again he/she made off into next door’s garden. MM said he will get some strong wire and reinforce the fence between us as he thinks that is where they came from. I managed to get all the i word done – MM went out to buy some milk from the shops around the corner and said there were a lot of people out walking and also a fare number of cars out and about. We had a message from Oz and Q’nsland is now in virtually the same lockdown we are – they have had an outbreak of the variant from the UK. One difference is that they are required to wear masks outdoors as well as in shops. It is of course their summer so fairly hot! Victoria and the children video called late afternoon – they are all fine. Marcus had decided to hold a Txy Stxry tea party in the front room. He was dressed as Wxxdy and had his and Imogen’s toys sitting on a rug with plates of crisps and sweets. We had our GandT with Lindy and Lawrence – Lindy has now registered for deliveries with Mr S so is hoping to get a slot in the next week. She will have to go physically tomorrow though. C’lty was of course delayed by the footie and was another joyful episode!! Afterwards we watched the V of Dib for some light relief!! This morning is our service on line and then I will have a lazy day (reward for getting all the i word done) so it will be crosswords, reading and colouring I think! Not sure what we will watch tonight as we haven’t been watching The Sxrpxnt. Morning BHB – you have been busy. Let’s take some carrot cake and champers into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, January 10, 2021, 10:22
Morning all and it is a grey one and cold again but we have a hoar frost today and the trees are all ghostly and white. Very pretty when you are in the warm / It looks like the sun it trying hard to come out and it is getting brighter.

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY Diana. It must seem odd having a b/day in this country! Especially in lockdown! Hope ypu still have a nice day anyway

I did two loads of washing yesterday so I have the ixxnxxg to do today which is something to look forward to. I also did a fair bit of my jigsaw as well yesterday, which I still enjoy doing. Watched C last night as well and it was it's usual sunny self, not! I have started watching some of the early series of Cxll The M which I am really enjoying, as they are nearly 10 years old I don't remember all the details of them, though the main storylines are still there. Glad to see they are still filming the next series though it is taking a bit longer and will only be 7 episodes instead of 8. I miss it at this time of year so the old ones are making up for that.

One advantage of not going to work Ali, not having to scrape the frost off the car! Great news for the husband of your neighbour. I am sure he will be better in a nursing home. Godd your sister can emerge from isolation. So teaching is not high on your BinL list of likes then! I think hom and a lot of parents feel the same!

I watch the AH series Dian, though I think I missed a couple. I must have a look as they were interesting a the hotels were indeed amazing. I agree the covxd figures are horrendous at the moment and I am definitely not going to any shop unless I really have to. Feel so sorry for the medical staff. Makes me very angry to see people ignoring the rules. So selfish.

Morning BHB. The bistro looks stunning you clever thing. Let's get more cake and champers and find the CM.

Ali wrote:
Sunday, January 10, 2021, 10:54
Morning. Wishing you a happy birthday Diana 🎉
Frost again overnight. Recycling bin is frozen shut! Just had a s/market delivery incl stuff for sloppy which ploppy has just taken round.
Want to get out for a walk later. Ploppy not so keen which I can understand as he’s been working for the last 6 days.
My sister is very impressed with n*s who have phoned her twice during her isolation to check on her and ask about any new symptoms etc. She’s tired but feeling better. Said for her it was like a severe case of flu. Fortunately sloppy seems fine and can stop isolating too. Although she’s not keen to go anywhere in particular anyway. Her car due mot soon so I’ll sort it out. Ploppy still thinks we need the chat with her about stopping driving!!
Diana wrote:
Sunday, January 10, 2021, 13:10
Afternoon all and thank you for the birthday wishes. The Bistro is looking lovely.

It feels very chilly today. Yesterday afternoon was nice, sunny and relatively warm so had a pleasant walk. Just finished watching the last of Amaz*ng H*tels which I've enjoyed. We are having a special meal this evening.

Ploppy put some bird seed yesterday after he'd mown the grass and the birds have been eating it, as has a squirrel. We had more than six thrushes eating the berries on the bushes yesterday.

Good news about your neighbour, Ali, hope he makes a full recovery.

Yes, Pauline, this is the first birthday I've had here for several years. Can't help thinking about last year when we had friends staying with us, were going out every day and it was very hot.
maeve12 wrote:
Sunday, January 10, 2021, 15:18
Happy Birthday Diana, hope you have a good day, though options are somewhat limited at the moment.
It's still jolly cold today.
TK wrote:
Sunday, January 10, 2021, 20:04
Happy Birthday Diana. Hope you managed to have a good day.

I've been tired the last few days. After 1 day, got a touch concerned so sent off for a test. The Zoe app asks about it, so thought it was best to send off. Results back today, all OK. Today I was pretty certain it was a cold. The first cold I've had for ages. I didn't catch a cold from Dec 2019 until this one. I was a little concerned it might be Covid with mild symptoms, but all OK.

Had a phone call from Eva, she seems OK. Her father is keeping them all on their toes at the home. She hasn't murdered him yet. They can only visit once a week, I expect that has saved him.

I'm watching Dr No, not seen it for years. A very handsome chap.

Mw1C I got an excited phone call yesterday, the cat was sitting on his lap. Phew. I thought I was right in my advice. He is changing the name of the cat from Honey to ????? I've forgotten ooops. Something that sounds familiar. I've asked him to phone my mobile as it takes me ages to get to the landline if I'm on the sofa underneath Bruce and Tamsey. He keeps forgetting, so I'm not rushing to answer it when he phones the landline. Ursula is coming out of the water
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, January 11, 2021, 08:05
Morning and a tropical 5C here this morning. We may even hit the heady heights of 8C later!

Ah that is some frost you had then Ali if the bin is frozen shut. I can see where Ploppy is coming from regarding the walk – did you make it out? I can see why your sister was impressed with the N*S if they have managed to ring her amidst all that is happening. Our friend said he felt very tired, but much better. Initially he thought it was just a heavy cold. Oh that’s good that Sloppy can stop her isolation too – although I understand why she isn’t keen on going anywhere. I don’t envy you the chat about stopping driving!

Diana, hopefully you still managed to enjoy your birthday despite the lockdown and not being in your usual birthday location, and you really enjoyed your special meal. I remember your blogs from SA last year when you had your friends staying – I am sure that seems longer than a year ago. I couldn’t believe it is not quite a week since we were put into current lockdown – if asked I would have said it was about three weeks ago! Ah yes MM always has a fight with the birds once he has put lawn seed down – although we haven’t noticed any squirrels eating it – it is usually the wood pigeons.

Maeve, lovely to see you – hope you are still keeping well. It was indeed very cold yesterday – but due to be warmer the rest of this week.

Oh that’s a relief Jo that it is “just a cold”. I can see why you were concerned though as tiredness is one of the symptoms of the dreaded vxrus. Thank you for the update on Eva – I did wonder how her father was doing, but I see that, like here, visiting is reduced to once a week (June is seeing Moving Aunt tomorrow). As you say maybe just as well as we wouldn’t want Eva jailed (although I am sure it would be considered extenuating circumstances!). Ah Ursula who was dubbed throughout the film (it didn’t seem to do her career any harm – probably because most people didn’t realise it wasn’t her speaking!). Well done with the training for Mw1C! A breakthrough! I can see why he is changing the name to the one you have forgotten, but hopefully the cat won’t get confused!

We had our service in the morning and then I did have my lazy day and managed to crosswords, some reading an my colouring – plus cooking roast dinner in the evening of course! I have now managed to get a Mr S delivery for each week up to the end of the month – phew! Lindy has managed to get herself registered with Mr S but hasn’t yet found a delivery slot – I have told her to keep trying. She rang me to check on a couple of things whilst she was on line just to make sure she was doing everything correctly (she was). I had a video call with June (it would have been my father’s birthday yesterday) and saw my favourite little doggy. After the DA programme in the evening we watched The M’teers on iplayer – back to the very first episode. We really enjoyed it – nothing like some swash and buckle on a Sunday evening so that may be our weekend viewing for the next few weeks. Today we have Mr S coming and our GandT with Twin this evening – highlights of the day. We will probably try the new murder programme on I*V this evening. There does seem to have been a lot of footie on the tv this weekend! Morning BHB, yes it does feel warmer. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM to join us.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, January 11, 2021, 10:57
Morning all and it is a bright one here though a fair amount of cloud around now. It looked very promising at the start of the day, but seems to be going downhill. At least it is a few degrees warmer than of late. I did some ixxnxxg yesterday and also did a little more of my jigsaw, so really a bit of a lazy day. I did stick my nose outside but not for long as it was so cold and not very nice either.. Today I will be sorting through the fridge as I ca smell that somewhere in there I have a carrot or something that has got hidden and gone off. I really miss my lovely fridge I had at my last house. I really struggle to see in this under the counter thing as my back does not like bending to look inside it, I have to get down on my knees to clear it properly. Still to get an upright I would have to redesign the kitchen so it seems a bit drastic, though I may see about it one day. I have also manage to get a s/market delivery sorted till the end of the month so one less thing to think about for a bit.

My bins freeze like that sometimes Ali. Hope you got out for your walk yesterday though I am thinking your Ploppy had a point about being reluctant! Excellent service from the NxS your sister got. Thank goodness she is feeling better and your Mum is ok. Good luck having the chat about driving!

Hope you had a nice meal last night Diana. How lovely to see the thrushes. I have one that makes an appearance in my garden from time to time. I love them and they eat my slugs and snails! My dad always said when he put lawn seed down you follow the packet instructions then put an extra handful for the birds! It seemed to work on the whole. Ah, the joys if a year ago. Little did we know what was coming at us then. It seems a lifetime ago now.

Oh Jo thank goodness you are ok. I can quite see why you would be worried. Must say one of the few upsides of this lockdown is so far I haven't had a cold this winter! Something to be said for social distancing! Thank for the news of Eva. Glad she seems ok even if her father is still giving problems. I have never seen Dr No! Only ever seen one Bxnd film! Seen lots of clips though. Great news about the renamed cat. I hope MW1C is now happier. Can't say I blame him for renaming him as Honey is the oddest name for a male cat!

Morning BHB and we have paninis with out Lavendula today? Just what's needed, so let's get more of everything and go and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Monday, January 11, 2021, 13:06
Afternoon all.

I've just come back from a walk to pay in a cheque. It feels as cold out as yesterday due to the wind getting up. I hadn't intended going out yesterday but Ploppy had a couple of letters to post so went with him for 10 mins fresh air. We had a nice meal last night though I told Ploppy that next time we are at home on my birthday we are going out or getting a takeaway. We have the rest of the meat and pud for dinner tonight and then the festive season will be completely over, though I still have a few special meals in the freezer.

We started watching S*mon R*eve in the Car*bbean yesterday as quite like him and to see blue skies & sun. I noticed that The N*ght M*nager is on iPl*yer which we missed so wouldn't mind watching that. Ploppy's been watching the Americ*n football. It's been on telly a lot over the weekend as it's reached the knockout stage leading up to the final. One of the few benefits (for him) of being here as SA only shows a few highlights and that's mainly the final.

Good that it's only a cold, Jo, hope it's not a bad one. I was only wondering when out this morning if there are appreciably fewer colds and flu around this winter. Thanks for the news of Eva.

I agree, Carol, it seems far longer than a week since this lockdown started, though I guess the tier 4 restrictions were very similar, certainly for us, which makes it three weeks but it feels like a month if not more.

Pauline, I often get down on my knees in front of the fridge.
Ali wrote:
Monday, January 11, 2021, 13:30
Afternoon. Intended to be here earlier but Josh popped over for socially distanced chat. There is cov*d in g/f’s care home which is worrying. She isn’t allowed vaccine when they roll it out to staff and is clinically vulnerable so not sure where she stands. He is obv concerned for her.
We did get out for a walk, but only a short one (approx 1.5 miles ‘round the block’) as it was very cold. Felt refreshed though.
Glad Eva is ok even if her dad is his usual self!
Intrigued over the new name for cat Jo. Got to be an improvement on Honey though
Glad you had a celebration of sorts Diana. 2 family birthdays this week: sis and Josh’s g/f but no ‘proper’ celebrations.
Ploppy has decided to clean his car! Sunny but still very cold, rather him than me!
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, January 11, 2021, 14:51
Firstly Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Diana.
Secondly I did a long post yesterday (incl HB wishes diana) – and then lost it. Doing this one in W.rd first. I should know by now! Am blaming fact that I have been in wars and not been “well” for last few days. In addition to the sore shoulder (from bike fall in April) and a painful Ach.lles heel injury – both of which I am currently having online physio for – I pulled a muscle in my lower back on Thurs morning and have been flat on my back after that. Tho (don’t tell ploppy) I may have got up and done a bit of h’work when he wasn’t looking! I am using icepack and painkillers and found a good N.S video online with P.lates stretches for lower back pain. I have cancelled all my morning gym classes and doing the stretches instead. I have gone for walks yesterday and today but am then taking it easy rest of day. Am sure some of all this is stress related. Been a nightmare with parents. Dad really “playing up” now and refusing to get up without lots of “persuasion”. Shatters sloppy who then calls for help from sis. Sis moving in 2 weeks so that what is now a 20 min door to door pop in for sis will then become a 1.15 hour pop in! Feel that wont happen and sloppy will then not cope. But leaving the 2 of them to sort that. Sloppy currently in h.spital for her c.taract op. Getting carers for her has been difficult. First one is now sh.elding. 2nd one is now self is.lating! 3rd one is one "lad” that she doesn’t really take to and as carer is partly in to keep her company that will be difficult but she knows she has no choice. But she kept phoning me last week to let off steam . I drank a lot of g.n last week! Sloppy got text on Sat re vaccine. They are booked in on Wed in same part of hospital that she is today BUT sis asked there today and they say they are not doing it there or any other part of h.spital!!. Sis insists text is not a scam but that text gives wrong info. Something else for us to follow up. Also if it is real it is really stupid to send text as sloppy and many others in her age category don’t have smart ph and only way to book the v.ccine is by the online link – which is not poss if don’t have a sm.rtphone!! It wouldn’t let you forward the text so sis cldnt have it sent to her phone to book using the link. Not sure how she did eventually book but most elderly wouldn’t be able to follow the link and book. Mind you if the h.spital isn’t doing the v.ccines after all that may be as well. Whole system, in my view, is a bit haphazard.
We have a lot of C.vid in village as well as nearby city. Friend of ploppys just phd to say his 32 yr old niece just died. She had health conditions – but nothing that was terminal. So sad. However families are mixing – and they need to stop it. Saw our opposite neighbour (who was almost shielding in 1st lockd.wn) out with her daughter, son-i-l and g/child yesterday morning . 1 hour later out with her son, d-i-l, 2 g/children. No social distancing at all. She is claiming childcare bubbles for this but of course you are supposed to be doing ch/care without the adults there!! I think govt are going to have to stop all household mixing as it is just mad here – and sis says same in her area. We have stopped all going to shops, takeaway cafes etc as people are just being so reckless with var.ant which seems so much more transm.ssable around.
Ali – good that your sis well on way to recovery but she will probably feel weak for some time. It will vary from day to day. That is experience of the now several people I know who have had it.
Jo – I felt really yuk on Thurs and Zoe suggested I do a test but I knew I didn’t have v.rus and cldnt cope with something else so didn’t do it. Glad you are fine. Give our love to Eva when you next speak to her. I should email but am so far behind on all my correspondence – email and otherwise. Still haven’t done Chr thank yous!
Pauline – a blue tit has been inspecting our bird box but we remembered we didn’t clean it out last yr – or several yrs before that so should do it now before anyone selects our box as their home.
Carol – our church has reverted to online services too. I will be glad when we can get back to real services – tho the online ones are such a boon for us stuck at home.
TK wrote:
Monday, January 11, 2021, 19:04
Honey changed to Sonny. I'm sure the cat won't mind. It is a male cat so Mw1c was having a problem with the name usually used for females. I would have had more info if he could remember to use mobile and not house phone. I do pick up the house phone if I'm at the table. Usually I can't get to house phone if I'm pinned under cat or dog.
I'll go and read back now.
TK wrote:
Monday, January 11, 2021, 19:27
Fi very difficult to manage Sloppy. My best wishes to you, sounds very hard for you. I've already found out about the nightmare which is contacting the over 80s by smart phone. There are complaints on the local FB page stating people aren't being contacted. Some may be being texted. When they get to the next stage where they go through the Dr's info they should find the contact details which work.
I still feel bunged up, hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 07:53
Morning and it is dark and miserable out and it was raining when we went to bed and also raining at the moment. At least it is a warm 8C.

I agree it did feel colder out then I anticipated, Diana! I am glad you had a lovely meal for your birthday (although it sounds as if you might have had to cook it?). We watched the NManager when it was first shown (well MM did as I found to violent – I read whilst he watched it!). Ah to Ploppy is getting his sports fix via the tv then. I was also thinking that about the lack of colds and flu around – I know when I commuted to L’don I used to pick up colds/flu on the underground. Yes I think you are right about the T4 moving into the lxckdxwn making it seem as if we have been in lxckdxwn for much longer.

Oh goodness Ali that must be very worrying for Josh and g/f – I hope they manage to sort things out for her. I feel a short walk in the cold is very laudable – we are a little fair weather about going for our walks – it needs to be dry and not too chilly! I agree any name for a male cat would be an improvement on Honey (still don’t understand how anyone could think that was a suitable name for a male!!). Very commendable of Ploppy to clean the car – our’s desperately needs doing! We will soon have had a year where everyone has had a birthday is strange circumstances. I feel that shouldn’t count so we should all remain at the same age as last year!

Fi, I always type my post in Wxrd now, having had several lost posts over the years. Oh goodness you really have been in the wars! Hopefully the on line physio is helping – you were suffering enough before the pulled muscle! Not sure doing a little h/work is the best thing for you at the moment, but my lips are sealed. Very wise to have cancelled the gym classes and concentrated on the stretching instead. Having read on I think you are probably right about some of it being stress related. The situation with your parents sounds really tricky. I was wondering when your sis was moving and I see it is in a couple of weeks. So the one and half hours is nearer than you are but not near enough for her to call in and sort things out. Very wise to leave it to be sorted out between Sloppy and sis. Hopefully the cxtxrxct op will make life a little easier for your Sloppy. The carer situation doesn’t sound too good – let’s hope the “lad” is viewed more favourably if he is on the only one left standing. I am not surprised your gin bottle took a hit! The appointment for the jab sounds very strange. Our surgery is phoning us when it is time for our appointment (they sent a message to tell us). So sorry to hear about Ploppy’s friend’s niece. People still don’t seem to understand just how bad this thing is and how it spreads. Until they do I am afraid people will still carry on doing what they want and seeing who they want. We happened to watch the News on I*V last night and one of their reporters had been out with the police over the weekend when they investigate reports of people flouting the rules. They attended 52 incidents! I suspect that those involved though as they were behind closed doors (it was mainly parties and bars) no one would know! I was reading that the supermarkets should start reintroducing one-way systems in the stores again, just like the first lock down. Our church will carry on with online services once we are back in church, so that people who are ill or housebound will still be able to participate.

Oh Sonny is a much better name for a male cat! So Mwic still can’t remember the instruction to ring the mobile then! I feel he might have thought his bonding problems were as a result of the name! Let’s hope Honey/Sonny soon realises his name has changed. Hope you feel better- the bunged up part of the cold is that part I like the least!

There weren't that many people out and about yesterday on our walk- a few dog walkers and the odd single walker but not as many as we have seen in the past. Quite a few vehicles on the road, but a lot were vans or lorries. MM mowed the lawn when we got home as he said the grass looked as if it had been growing! I sorted out our music for rehearsal on Wednesday. Early afternoon our order from Mr S arrived. I was a bit miffed to see that the casserole beef I ordered had a use by 11th Jan, so I made a casserole for the freezer. Everything else was fine! Our postie, knocked with a parcel yesterday - we haven't seen him since Christmas. We had asked the relief postie the other day where Colin (normal postie) was and he just said he was unwell. When I chatted with him yesterday (at a distance) he said all the family had had the vxrus over the new year. His eldest son went down with it last year when he was at Uni, but recovered. This time his wife caught it (she is a nurse) and then he and his other son. Like lots of people he said it has left him feeling very tired. We had our GandT with Twin early evening so you are all safe in the knowledge that the world is now put to rights. We watched the new Police drama on I*V in the evening. It was quite slow moving but I think that was because it was setting everything out for the next two episodes. MM had planned to fix the gap in the fence where the foxes came through the other day – but I suspect he wants a dry day for that! I am not sure what I will do....I may do some housework, I may do some colouring or reading........ HC tonight of course! Morning BHB, yes it is a dreary start to the day. Let’s brighten the start by taking the toasted teacakes and the Angxl’s Kxss into the conservatory. We should have plenty of time for a nice snuffle before the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 10:55
Morning all and it is a very dark and gloomy one here at the moment, I may have to put the light back on! Less cold though so I suppose that is something! I did my prayers in front of the fridge yesterday and managed to find the rogue veg lurking at the back of the veggie drawer. Fridge is much better now and hopefully I have room for the order coming later today. That is the main excitement today I think though I do have to put the bins out for tomorrow. The husband pf one of my friends dropped a little note from his wife round yesterday and we had a nice chat until the poor thing started getting really cold! Nice to speak to a real person for a while though oif course I am lucky as I have chat's to Twin and MM so don't feel lonely. We have been discussing the possibility of it becoming a 3 metre rule. I was saying I look forward to seeing the extended microphone used for interviews for that one!

Glad you had a nice b/day meal Diana, not so good having to cook for yourself though I am hoping it was a ready type of meal! Vertainly you are owed a meal out next year, or even before when restaurants open again. Well I suppose watching the sport here is a plus for Ploppy in all this, not so sure it is for you though!

Ali that is a real worry for Josh and g/friend. I hope she is ok. I think we can all agree Sonny is better than Honey for a male cat!

Fi you are really going through it at the moment aren't you. I hope you start to feel better all round soon. So sis is moving soon and your Mum will be more reliant on carers, who are either not there or she doesn't like! Not an ideal situation. Let's hope it can resolve itself and she will get to like the "lad" a biit more. Quite understand why you hit the gin bottle! So very sad about Ploppy's friend's niece. I hope that younger people stop thinking this is something that only badly affects older people and it is not a joke or a rumour, it really exists. Maybe then they will obey the rules more..

Glad that MW1C has changed the name of the cat Jo. I am sure the cat will be grateful too and will soon be cuddling him. Poor thing has probably had an identity crisis!

Morning BHB and you have done teacakes and Angxl's Kxss today? Wonderful, let's get more and find the CM
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 11:30
Morning. Quite bright and sunny. Woke up with a pounding headache, slowly going. Popped to chemist for my regular prescription. There were 2 covid marshalls and 2 police officers about. Think they are keeping close eye on open businesses and that people are abiding by rules.
Fi no wonder you hut the gin!! Take care and hope your back feels better. No advice to offer re: your parents I’m afraid x
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 12:17
Morning all.

It's not as cold today but rather miserable so far. Hoping to go out for a walk but we have a Sains. delivery this pm so depends how quickly it brightens up.

We finished watching SR in Car*bbean last night. Also saw programmes about J*lia R*berts, R*chard G*re on Sk* Arts, and later Only C*nnect. I've sorted out a couple of jobs which can be done whilst half watching TV in order to feel like I'm getting on with something.

Trust Josh's g/f will be OK, Ali.

So sorry you're having a hard time, Fi. Do take care of yourself, especially your back, and hope you're feeling better soon and that your mum's op and recovery go well. Dealing with your parents' and their issues certainly sounds very difficult. The vaccine text is concerning, sounds dodgy to book via a text but it could be legit. Sending hugs.

Hope you're feeling better today, Jo.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 08:08
Morning and another dreary one – it is drizzling again (I think the forecast is for rain of some sort for both today and tomorrow). It didn’t seem quite so chilly out though it is apparently 2C – I think because the wind has dropped. I know this as I put the rubbish out this morning!

You were lucky with a bright and sunny day yesterday Ali. Not so lucky about the headache. Hopefully it didn’t linger. That’s encouraging that you saw c’vid marshalls and police about when you went to the Chemist. I think that should focus people’s minds to the fact that they aren’t supposed to go out!!

It was a miserable day here to Diana – we didn’t get around to taking our walk and may not today either. Did you manage to get out for your’s? You have reminded me I need to amend my next Mr S order (Monday) but I have some time yet! I love that you are finding things to do whilst watching tv, to make you feel less guilty!

I made some bol sauce for the freezer as planned yesterday, today I will do a chicken curry so that will be three meals in the freezer if needed. I just pottered yesterday after that – well I did do some colouring! I ordered a duvet set and that came earlier in the week so I washed it yesterday and will run the iron over it this morning after our service. I will also video call June as she was seeing Moving Aunt yesterday. MM was dealing with some church wardeny things and wants me to send some attachments to someone today. We watched HC of course (more joy and laugher) and also a M’keteers and a V of D before the Pxmbrxke Mxrders programme. We will have to watch the last episode on catch up as we have our first rehearsal of the year with the small choir this evening – looking forward to that! Morning BHB, yes it is a dreary start to the day. Let’s take the toasted bagels and the Blxe Bxrd into the conseravatory and have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM to arrive.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 10:16
Morning all and it is a very wet one here at the moment. I think it is forecast to stay this way most of the day. Yesterday was the same until about 3.30pm, by which time it was starting to go dark! I spent some of the day sorting through my bedding box. I have a lot os old bedding I really don't need so there is now another pile of stuff for charity, whenever I can get to to off load it! I also did a bit more of my jigsaw, it is a really tricky one so I think I will be doing it for some time! Also Mr W delivered so I have food again. All was fine but I had asked for 3 loose potatoes and I have been given 3 enormous ones, I think each would serve a family of 4 and I don't eat that much potato! Today will be just as exciting of course! More jigsaw definitely and I may sort out another cupboard, who knows!

Ali I hope your headache eased off. It is rather good that there are police and marshals around as we have to get people to stick to the rules more if we can. Good the supermarkets are going to get stricter as I know they have been a primary place that the virus has been spread.

I know what you mean about wanting to do something useful instead of just watching tv, I try to do things at the same time as well, and I definitely try to move around in the mornings! So easy to just sit and watch.

Morning BHB and we have Blxe Bxrd and bagels today. Excellent. Let's get some more of both and go and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 11:36
Morning. Headache persisted most of the day before I realised it was 3 days since I started my ‘diet’ and this happened before. It’s a detox headache from cutting out the rubbish. Today I feel fine and very motivated. Trying to increase my water intake. Jack was supposed to have his army phonecall this morning but cancelled at last min. Very frustrating for him
Catching up on laundry today as didn’t do anything yesterday.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 13:45

Miserable day here, grey and persistent rain and tomorrow sounds similar.

We got a good walk in yesterday before Sains. delivery. A few items were missing but none with a short shelf life this time. In the evening we watched first two eps of Ch*tsworth House series as well as second ep of Gr&g W. in SA.

I cleaned the kitchen after breakfast, phoned Mum for her orders, opened a B*ots online account for her and did an order, and then placed the two food orders - the day's already half over. I ought to go on the treadmill but want a sit down and some me time.

Good luck with the diet, Ali.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, January 14, 2021, 07:53
Morning and a dark and gloomy one here. I could hear rain earlier so I am assuming it is wet out. Yesterday stayed dreary all day.

Ah so the headache is explained Ali – pleased you are feeling ok and motivated. Well done on starting the diet – somehow I lose my good intentions when it is wet, dark and dreary each January! Oh that’s a shame for Jack – did they say why it was cancelled? Hopefully he will get another appointment fairly soon.

Diana your weather yesterday sounds similar to our’s. So no walk for us nor likely today! You seem to have been fairly industrious yesterday, cleaning the kitchen (would you like to pop over and do mine?), sorting out your Mum’s order and setting her up with Bxxts (they are usually very quick at dispatching things). I think you deserved some “you” time!.

After our service in the morning I made my cxrry and that is now in the freezer. I had eggs I wanted to use up so made us mushroom and cheese omelettes for dinner in the evening – MM really enjoyed it (I like to sneak in a meatless meal every so often). I did my little pile of the i word, and then did some colouring – I do find it quite therapeutic and times goes by quite quickly. Still too gloomy for me to do any of my puzzles yet. I spoke with June during the afternoon – Elmo had been to the vet for a check up and is doing very well. We had a lovely sing in the evening – so nice to see everyone and we enjoyed starting to learn two new pieces. Today I will make a leek and potato soup – I have some leeks I want to use up before my weekend order comes. Mrs Chris is self isolating as one of the volunteers at the Hxde Hxll RXS Gardens who was on duty on Saturday when Mrs Chris was, tested positive. Her boyfriend tested positive so she had a test, as did the rest of her family and they all have it. Mrs Chris said she wasn’t anywhere near the lady in question, and was on door duty so near the fresh air, but is doing the self isolating as a precaution. Not sure what else I will do today.....I still have some drawers to sort out......I will probably be saying that this time next week. Tonight we will catch up with the P Murders from last night – probably before DinP. Morning BHB, yes another dreary start to the day – let’s take the toasted crumpets and Txckled Pxnk into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, January 14, 2021, 10:41
Morning all and it is a horrid one here. Very dark and raining. Mind that is better than snow which we are threatened with later! I know it makes no difference to me at the moment if it snows or not, but I still don't want it! I had a jigsaw day yesterday and have now really got into it and enjoying it. Looking at the weather I think today may turn out the same! I will try and be good and do some cleaning as my en suite is due a good clean. I watched the last of the Pxmbroke M last night and thought it the best episode of the 3. It was well done and Luke E was very good as the lead detective. Tonight is DiP so our weekly escape from the weather here.

Glad your head cleared and you worked out the reason for it Ali. Well done on sticking to it and I feel I should be joining you. Like Twin I find it hard to find motivation in this weather.

Think you may not get a walk today either Diana! Vile weather. This is why I am not fond of January, plus it seems to go on for ages! I have been getting stuff from Boxxs online and found them very impressive. Very efficient service.

Morning BHB and we have Txckled Pxnk and crumpets today? Delicious, so let's get more and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, January 14, 2021, 14:12
Hi folks. Really miserable here, sleety rain and cold. Jack came home at lunchtime as their site was like a swamp.
Pauline I decided to kick start my diet while still in lockdown as at the beginning there can be a few unpleasant side effects which I’d rather not have at work! Less exercise at the moment due to the weather so the only option is to cut out some carbs and shed some pounds.
Sloppy asked for some groceries so just added them to my order. Did Jack’s paperwork for him. Currently have a bolognese simmering for later ( I’ll have ratatouille)
Think I might catch up on some tv with a cuppa (minus the biscuit!) we will watch last night’s PM later, recording tonight’s ep too as it clashes with DinP.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, January 14, 2021, 14:48
Afternoon. Another miserable day, it's been raining nearly all day. I put the recycling out a while ago when there was a short break in the rain - lucky timing. I did some cleaning after breakfast and since have had a lazy day. Watched programme on Queen Vic. children followed by first two eps of The Fall.

I was good and spent 30 mins on the treadmill yesterday and intend to do the same later. Must lose some weight.

My parents were due to have their vaccines this morning which is a relief.

Sorry Carol, it's an effort to do the cleaning here so no chance of doing more, especially the kitchen. I was about to say that we had a meatless dinner last night too but it was evening before - the days do run into each other.

Definitely no walk today, Pauline, but hopefully will be able to get out tomorrow.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 15, 2021, 08:10
Morning and a chilly start – we have frost on the cars and the roofs of the houses. At least it isn’t raining!!

Ali, if your rain was similar to what we had here I am not surprised Jack came home early from work. I can see your thinking on the diet start and not trying to do it whilst you are working. I see you are managing to keep busy whilst at home, and I feel you deserve some tv with a cuppa time!

Our rain lasted all day too Diana, so no walking for us! Ah so you are watching The Fxll – one of my ex work friends has also watched the whole series on iplxyxr and enjoyed it. It was a shame they didn’t make a follow up series as was first mooted. Well done on spending time on the trxxdmill. Oh that’s excellent about your parents having the vaccination – did they get informed when the second one will be or do they have to wait to be contacted again? OK I understand and will let you off cleaning my kitchen!!

I heard from one of the ex Mxsic Hxll group yesterday and they had their first vaccinations on Wednesday. Pam said, like the rest of us, they are bored with not being able to do anything! We are all missing our monthly get togethers in the pub! MM went up to the church yesterday to check on the leak after the heavy rain - sadly water is still getting in somewhere. The roofer can't find out where and the tarpaulin that he put up hasn't stopped the rain, so presumably it is coming from another area somehow! Back to the drawing board. I did some tidying up - including my colouring pencils. Having sorted the pencils (into colours) I then did some colouring......I had quite an intricate one to do, and managed to finish it, that took up a fair amount of my day. We had a long video chat with our GandT with Mary and Les – also bored with life at the moment. Mary had treated herself to a new slxw cxxker from L’land (her previous one died some years back and she never replaced it). She said its arrival was the highlight of the week!! We caught up with the PMxrders just before Death in Paradise, as planned. Lovely to see that blue sky and island sunshine in DinP! Today I have the church phone calls to do and need to check my orders for Mr O (Sunday) and Mr S (Monday) to check for duplications and add anything I want from MandS to the Mr O one. Lindy will have her first Mr S delivery on Sunday, so fingers crossed it goes well!! I have some fish in the freezer so we will be having that this evening. I might put some of the washing on so I can start ironing tomorrow morning. Heady excitement! Morning BHB – yes another chilly start to the day but at least it isn’t raining!! Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted teacakes into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM to arrive.

Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, January 15, 2021, 10:34
Morning all and it is another dreary and cold one. Dry at the moment though rain is forecast for later.. As long as it is only rain! There seems to be a fair amount of snow up north and rather hoping it stays there. So another fairly uninteresting day yesterday, at least I think it was yesterday, all days are very similar! I know I did some jigsaw and I think I sorted out some things on the pooter, or was that the day before! I know it was dreadful weather and so no walk. I am beginning to feel like a troglodyte! I know I watched DiP last night and it was lovely to see the gorgeous sea and all the sunshine. I'll see how it is today and I may manage to get outside for some fresh air if the weather behaves itself. I have my car insurance to sort out. I have been pleasantly surprised to see the quote from my insurer is lower than last year! That's a first. Still need to check it is a good deal though.

Ali I agree now is a good time for dieting, I should join you but I need to find my will power, I think I left it round here somewhere! Not surprised Jack couldn't work yesterday. Does he have another day for his army interview or is it a waiting game?

Great news your parents have had their vaccine Diana. I am sure it is a huge relief for you, even though they still need to take care. Your treadmill has come into it's own at the moment I feel!

I understand Mary feeling getting a slow cooker was a highlight Twin. I am getting excited about a delivery I should get today of some underwear!

Morning BHB and it is Vanillita of course, and you have made teacakes as well? Fantastic. Let's get more and we can go and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Friday, January 15, 2021, 19:00
Evening all.

It's been a frustrating day. I have been phoning my parents since yesterday late morning to check they were vaccinated and how it went but their landline has been constantly engaged. This almost certainly means they have left a phone off the hook/not connected their phones properly. This isn't uncommon but has never happened for so long so I'm getting concerned. In addition we had no wifi this morning and I spent half the day getting it fixed. At least we now know why we have sometimes have difficulty connecting the laptop to the wifi - the router was too close! So I've now used a cable to connect the two.

I had a good walk after lunch, it was nice to get out after the previous two days stuck inside and looks like I may not get out tomorrow. Think we will have snow in the morning but should turn to rain. I've booked another Sains delivery for end of the month. I think we'll then have a short break as the freezer is pretty full so must make sure I order plenty of fruit, veg and dairy.

Ploppy's test to find out what's wrong has been booked for late next week. Unfortunately the place is some way and not easy to get to. He can't eat or drink other than water for over 24 hours! He also has to have a Covid test beforehand.

Hope the source of the leak at the church can be found, Carol.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, January 16, 2021, 08:05
Morning and we have a white world – only a sprinkling admittedly but definitely the s word. We are due rain in about an hour so I don’t think it will last but it looks very pretty at the moment.

Diana I hope you eventually manage to contact your parents – I am sure you are right and they haven’t put the receiver back on the phone properly (my mother was guilty of doing that from time to time). It is a worry when you can’t contact them though. I see you were without wxfx too – at least you have now resolved the problem and hopefully you won’t get a recurrence. I need to book a Mr S slot for the first week in Feb but they aren’t being shown yet when I look. Ditto for Mr O – it is a case of sneaking up on the delivery page I think. As we sorted out our freezer just before C’mas we have some space to fill. That’s good that Ploppy has had notification of when his test will be – not so good that it isn’t somewhere easy to reach. I feel he may be hungry when he returns, as he needs the fasting beforehand. I think the current thought is to put a temporary roof over the whole area where there is aproblem and see what that does! MM thinks it will take a while before the permanent repair can take place as there are some asbxstxs tiles on the roof in question and they need replacing so it is a very big job. We need to get a fxculty to do the work and raise the funds of course!

We had quite an exciting day (in terms of most days) - the Window Cleaners came in the morning, just as we were finishing our morning chat with Twin, so we now have clean windows (they were due Christmas week but for obvious reasons didn't come). I made my calls for Church, we checked our orders and made some amendments. June video called a couple of times – first to say Elmo was being trained (unsuccessfully) to operate the dog flap, and later in the afternoon to say Barry has his appointment for the vaccination (he is on the vulnerable list due to his CXPD) - Sunday week. Then, when I was having my afternoon chat with Twin, MM came down from working on the computer to say there was a rat on the lawn! He went out to investigate and there were three (might be four) at the bottom of the garden!! He put some poison sachets down, so hopefully that might work - if not we will get the Council Pest Control in to sort it out. They were close to the shed so they may have been nesting underneath!! What with the foxes the other day and now the rats we are becoming a wildlife reserve. In the evening we decided to order in f&c - we had quite a wait as, of course, the f&c shop was quite busy being a Friday, but they were delicious. The F&c come from the shop that RMM usually goes to (in normal times) and they are always cooked freshly. After that we put our feet up and watched the tv, Today is laundry day of course, so that takes care of most of the day - I will work on some ideas for my talk at the service next Sunday week before I start the i word. We have Clty tonight of course, and will probably watch another Mxskxtxxrs episode (it was strange seeing D'Art pop up in civvies in DinP this week – I think I prefer him the leathers!), Hope Jo’s cold isn’t causing her too much discomfort and the rest of her “family” are behaving!! Morning BHB yes it is nice to see the snxw, although it is fast disappearing! Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Hot Bxttered Rxm into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle. I suspect the DCM will be along shortly.
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, January 16, 2021, 09:44
Morning all. We have snow outside! Not what we want really but at least if it must fall now is as good a time as any and most of us are going nowhere. Not much different to report here, though I did get a call from my beautician lady. I should have been having a pedicure and back massage next week and my hair cut as well. Obviously that won't happen but we had a nice chat. She is keeping her head above water and hoping for better days soon. I have promised to have lots of treatments as soon as I can, shouldn't be too much of a hardship! Today will be laundry day of course so that will make a change of schedule. Still hope to get a little of my jigsaw done though! It is going well now .

Diana I hope you got through to your parents and they are both ok and vaccinated. I know the feeling as my Mum often put the phone down the wrong way, but at least I was only 5 mins away from her and could sort it out. Poor Ploppy is in for an uncomfortable 24 hours getting his test. He will be so hungry!

Morning BHB and we have Hot Buttered Rum and pikelets today. That is just perfect in this weather. Let's get more and go and join the CM, I think we definitely need a nice green blanket.
Ali wrote:
Saturday, January 16, 2021, 11:45
Morning. We’ve had quite a lot of snow this morning. Still coming down but think it’s more sleet than snow. Local youngsters have been outside playing but it’s all quiet now. Ploppy rang to say the roads aren’t great and there is a lot of traffic. Guessing people are panic buying?
Fortunately had my MrT delivery last night. Also decided to drop my sister’s birthday pressie round last night after seeing today’s forecast. She is fine just has slight cough and occasional headache. She’s now busy teaching online and trying to motivate yr11 and 13 students as they need to work out exam grades for them.
Had haircut booked for next week, and another mid feb. Doubtful I’ll get that one either.
TK wrote:
Saturday, January 16, 2021, 23:41
Sorry I've been missing. I have been here, just in a bit of pain. It's been cold outside so been limping quite a lot. I resorted to using a crutch this morning to get Felf's paper. I've not used the crutch since I had my foot operated on. I do have a pair, if needed.
The pain goes away a bit by this time at night, so managed to have a bath and wash my hair. Not something I could attempt in the morning. Yesterday, in the afternoon I drove the car for the first time since before Christmas. Checked the tyres and made sure it started. I need to drive to see the consultant next week. I've phoned the hospital to check that the car park is in the same place as it was 10 years ago. I thought they may have added another car park further away, I didn't want to have to walk too far. All is OK. I have no idea if the operation will go ahead as no doctor has looked at my hip with this remote working due to the virus, this appt is to see if hip replacement is the right thing to do. Unlike the toe op, I'll not be able to drive for several weeks if I have the op.

Hope all are OK, going to read back a bit.
TK wrote:
Saturday, January 16, 2021, 23:54
Just a thought Diana- when Felf's children can't get through to her, they phone me and I go and check. I expect you've got through by now. Hope they were OK.
Must go to sleep
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, January 17, 2021, 07:32
Morning and a clear sky (I can see some stars), it is still dark so I am not sure what the weather is doing, but it is apparently 5C outside. Yesterday our s word disappeared quite soon with the drizzle and we had no more white precipitation. We even had the sun come out for a short while during the afternoon!

Ali I saw a couple of photos on the tv of the snowfall in N’folk and I thought of you. It looked very pretty! I suspect you are right and people went into panic mode and rushed out to buy provisions in case they had more of the s word and couldn’t get out. Your Mr T delivery was at the right time! That’s good to hear that your sister is fine with just a few after affects. Ah I wish her luck with motivating her students – it must be really difficult to do at a distance. I was another who should have had an hair (and lovely back massage) appointment last Friday – one day (sigh). At least I still have my hair bands and slides from the first big lockdown so if it gets too bad I can do something to keep my hair off my face!

Jo, so sorry to hear you are in such pain. I suspect the cold weather hasn’t helped at all. Has it meant Bruce hasn’t been able to go out and about? Is your appointment at W’cxmbe or another hospital? I know that hxp replacements have been one of the casualties of the p’demic, but that some ops are still going ahead. MM couldn’t drive for seven weeks after his op – and that was only after the insultant and physio gave him the all clear. Sending hugs.

Fortunately no sign of the rxts yesterday - we remembered that our neighbours over the road mentioned they had rats in their garden last year, when we were outside doing our clap for the NXS .............may be they crossed the road......perhaps they have gone back. MM said he will go and check down the garden once we have finished our service this morning - I will let him do that on his own! I managed to get my i word finished yesterday, so can have a day off today. We had our GandT with Lindy and Lawrence in the evening – they are fine and Lindy having her first Mr S delivery this afternoon. We watched C’lty of course (some light relief now and then would be welcome) and then another Mxsketxxrs and a Vof D . It was the episode with Darcy in - she looked very young! We have our service this morning as usual, and then I will do my crosswords and possibly read or colour. We have a delivery from Mr O today – although I still haven’t managed to get a one for a couple of weeks time. I just had the email and no substitutions. I hope Diana has managed to contact her parents. Moring BHB, yes it is a dull start to the day although I can see some patches of blue sky. Let’s take the Flxffy Dxck and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM to arrive.
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, January 17, 2021, 10:28
Morning all and it is a lovely one with sunshine, hooray! So it is still cold of course, but it is lovely to see sun so I don't mind that. I did a big wash yesterday so have a nice pile of ixxnxxg for today and I also want to do another small wash. Keeps me out of mischief I suppose. I did give the jigsaw another go and I think I will be able to finish it today, after I have don the ixxnxxg of course! Good thing if I do as I confess it has rather taken over my life to the detriment of h/work. Not that the house is that bad but I daresay there are things I should be doing if I looked hard enough!

Ali hopefully the snow has stopped and even better, disappeared! It is odd how people go into panic mode about food at the drop of a hat. If they checked weather forecasts they would see they were not likely to be snowed in for days! Good luck to your sister at motivating her pupils. Can't be easy.

Jo you poor thing, your hip sounds to be really bad. I do hope they can do something to help. Ari's Mum is in the process of trying to get her other knee done and like you is in a lot of pain. I think she is due to be assessed in the near future but is thinking she won't get the op for a while. Maybe all this dog walking is not good for you! Fingers crossed for you both. You remind me. I must try and take the car for a run this coming week.

Morning BHB and we have Flxffy Dxck and paninis today?. Liking the sound of that so let's get more and we can go and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, January 17, 2021, 12:38
Afternoon all.

Nice day today, I had to close the lounge curtains as it was so sunny, I couldn't see the TV properly. We had snow early yesterday but by the time I got up, there was only a sprinkling left and the rain soon washed this away.

Mum called yesterday morning, there is a fault, probably with their phone rather than the line. They can call out but can't receive calls. Hoping she's going to call today. I watched rest of series one of The F*all yesterday and this morning the next ep. Had a walk late pm, I could have done with sunglasses as the sun was right in my eyes when walking west. We're going out for a walk after lunch.

Don't like the thought of rats, Carol, don't blame you for leaving MM to check, I'd do the same. Hope the poison works.

Sorry your hip has been very painful, Jo, sending hugs. Must be difficult with Bruce needing to go out. Hope they can do something soon.

My hair hasn't been cut since late Feb and is getting too long so I will need to go to the hairdresser as soon as the initial rush is over once lockdown has eased whenever that is.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, January 17, 2021, 14:00
Afternoon. Snow has almost gone thankfully. I did our zoom church service this morning. Pity some people don’t mute themselves as they clearly don’t realise everyone can hear the little comments they make and then several people singing out if time/tune too! I’ve prepped dinner for later, Jack will drop some to sloppy.
Glad your parents are ok Diana. Hope the op goes ahead ok Jo.
Rather pleased with myself as lost a few lbs. given me the incentive to keep going with the diet. I pick through boredom so am learning to have a glass of water or choose something healthy or just not have anything!
Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, January 17, 2021, 15:00
Hello all. Been a busy(ish week) with lots of ph calls and things to sort for parents. sloppy doing really well - she sees colours now - seemingly she thought the pink scarf i had given her for Chr.stm.s was brown! They both had their jab on Wed - so that is good. Sloppy convinced she will have 2nd one in 3 wks but as they were not given 2nd appt I am convinced they won't! My back still playing up a bit. Pauline - when you do your j.gsaws - where do you do them. we have ours on low coffee table and sit on a stool and that is not helping my back. or scollops - he is almost finished the one we started at begin of 1st lockdown ! our area totally flooded again - village fine but surrounded by water again . we went for 5 mile walk this morning and at times water was up to top of wellies. i know it doesn't help back to walk in wellies but no option if we aren't allowed to drive to walk! Had shorter walk yesterday and then made m.rmalade. It was a family job with scollop juicing and pipping them and ploppy and me slicing the skins. tho I say so myself the m.rmalade is yummy. Now need to try to get more oranges as had only bought 1kg as hadn't made M'lade in over 10 yrs and wasn't convinced it would work - but it did. . Mr T doesn't have any of the oranges and no slots left for Mr W. will see if a friend can add to her c&C.
A close friend now has c.vid! i walk with her. but luckily last time was just after Chr. She is a carer so that is how she got it. seemingly cleaner of one of her clients insisted on having whole family (older and younger gens) tog for Chr ("No one was going to tell her what she can and cannot do") and the whole family got C. Client has now sacked the cleaner but both client and my friend now have C. She is fine tho - at moment. I am now not walking with anyone but ploppy and scollop.
Ali - well done you on weight loss. I know i have put on!
Jo - you do sound to be in pain and incapacitated. I hope that something can be done soon to help your mobility. Good luck with hospital appt.
Carol - gosh J and B's area must be whizzing thro the vaccines. I am high risk category too but it only moves us up to join the over 70's. Our area not even remotely thro the care home and over 80's so think will be a long time before they get to me. I love the idea of c.thedrals being v.ccine centres - so airy and spacious. Outrs tho has no parking so prob not a good idea. Here it is only the h.spital and GP practices doing it and all feedback I have heard is that none are very C.vid friendly as not socially distanced or cleaned between clients. In sis's area they are going to use football stadium as a centre - much better use of a stadium than f..tball in my opinion !! I am watching Tr.ces but have subtitles on! Lowland Sc.ts is a foreign lang to me too as brought up in H.ghlands of Sco - where they say the Eng most equiv to Qu..ns Eng is spoken! When I moved to central Sco mid teens - I had to start learning a new lang and that was first time I had heard of R Burns. Mind you there was a news item from L'pool on this week and all 3 of us turned to each other and agreed that we hadn't understood one word that had been said. Funny how dialects and accents vary so much
Diana - that would be worrying not being able to get thro to parents. as Jo has said it would be good if you could have neighbour on standby to contact if an issue. we were standby for elderly couple across way and I have tel number of several of parents neighbours for when sis is on hol and if cant get hold of parents. Of course depends on age of neighbours! .
Off to bake ploppy birthday cake for tomorrow. after z.om in an hour with parents and siblings we are going to toast marshmallows round firep.t tonight . have v.nison steaks tonight ( scollop has veg.n saus) and then tomorrow having Ind.an takeaway meal from Mr W.

Carol29 wrote:
Monday, January 18, 2021, 07:46
Morning and it is slightly overcast here and a warm 2C. Yesterday we had sunshine throughout the day but it was still very chilly! It was quite breezy too. I think we are due to stay dry until early evening.

We had to close our curtains during our Zxxm service Diana as the sun was streaming in towards us! The snow looked quite pretty for the short time it was with us - I don’t mind it when we aren’t able to go out! Oh that’s a relief about your Mother, well not that the phone has a problem, but that they are ok, and that they have had their vaccinations. Ah so two more series of The Fxll to go. I still have my scissors from the first lockdown so if I get desperate I can cut my fringe. I too am expecting a rush to the salons once this has all eased!!

Ali – that is really frustrating when people don’t mute themselves! Our main culprits are a couple who join us from C’wall (having gone down to second home from here, despite all the regulations). They don’t realise they aren’t muted and talk about all sorts of things when we are trying to concentrate. Well done on the weight loss – I am a grazer too sadly....

That’s excellent that the op on Sloppy’s eye has been such a success, Fi. I imagine she has had an explosion of colour into her life – I know my mother did! Ah I think you may be right about the second jab, but you never know. I see from the Beeb they are about to start doing the jabs for the over 70s this week, so the programme seems on track. When I do my jigsaws I stand up – I use the sideboard in the conservatory as that is the best light, but it means I stand! Another reason to wait for it to be warmer before I start with my next one I feel. Your walk sounds....wet! MM loves homemade m’lade! One of the ladies in church sells it and he usually buys from her, but of course that isn’t possible at the moment. I always think of P’ddington when m’made is made! Oh that’s not good for your walking friend. You really find it staggering that some people were so selfish and stupid over C’mas. I see she lost her job through it and am finding it hard to feel any sympathy, especially as she spread it to your friend and her client. Yes I think Barry was surprised to get his invitation to be v’nated so soon! I am with you I think it is a wonderful use of cxthedrals – and of course the cloisters mean that people have some shelter whilst they queue. We started watching Trxces but MM couldn’t understand what they were saying – I will tell him you had difficulty too! He was asking for subtitles (we often say that when it is Gexrdxe or L’pudlian being spoken! There was a fascinating programme many years ago about the history of Englsxh and all the different other languages which went into it throughout history. I have a lovely memory of a trio of young ladies singing Thrxx Lxttle Mxxds from Schxxl in a broad Brummie accent!! Please wish Ploppy a very happy birthday – I was saying during our GandT with Lindy and Lawrence (it is his birthday on Thursday) on Saturday that soon almost all the country will have had a lockdown birthday! Liking the idea of toasted marshmallows around the fxrxpxt.

We had our service yesterday morning and had a chat with our new Archdxacxn – a very nice lady called Catherine who comes from Nxrthxmbxrland – her husband sculpts fantasy figures (of the Lof the R ilk). We had just finished chatting after the service when the delivery arrived from Mr O. No substitutions and everything well within date. I wrote my piece for the online Church magazine during the afternoon (that took longer than I thought), mind you I chatted with June and Elmo for a while! MM wrote his c’wardxn rexport for our forthcoming AGM – I have the task of typing it up! During the evening we watched the new Fxnding Alxce, which we thought was very well acted. We did have a message from one of our neighbours up the road – asking if we were ok as our exterior lights are still up. I explained they are there until C’lemas (Feb 2nd) as suggested by EHxrxtage, but thought it was very nice of them to be concerned and to ask. Today we have our delivery from Mr S – mainly store cupboard things (and gin of course)! Not sure what else to do with the day, although I have MM’s report to type up of course and I need to type my own one (which will be very short this year). I will cook some of the meat I had in yesterday’s order and put another meal into the freezer. MM has to go around to the PO to post a parcel to one of my Gxddaughters (her birthday is next weekend) but I need to wrap it first. This evening we have our weekly GandT with Twin of course. Morning BHB, yes it is starting to brighten up outside. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted muffins into the conservatory where we can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM to get here.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, January 18, 2021, 10:29
Morning all and it is nice and bright here now, it was gloomy early on and I know it will be so again later, but for now we have a glimmer of sun which is lovely. I did my ixxnxxg yesterday and also another wash so a bit more to do this morning. I also did a a few things round the house so not quite finished the jigsaw yet! Watched the new drama Fxnding Alxce last night and thought it excellent, great cast and it is funny as well as a mystery. Today I will do my bit of ixxnxxg sort out the fridge and so I will be ready for the delivery tomorrow. Also want to make some soup for my meal tonight as it will be easy after I have had my g&t with Twin and MM. Hopefully I may manage to get the jigsaw finished as well!

Fi I do my jigsaw on the in the dining room on the table in there. I have it on a board so if I need the room I could just lift it off and shove it under the sofa. Not that it is likely to happen any time soon! It means I can sit at the table and do it, though I do stand for certain bits, but it means I can rest my back. Your marmalade making makes me think Pxddington as well! How awful that your friend has covid spread by that very sill and selfish woman. She deserved to lose her job. I have quite a good ear for accents (possibly helped by my job) but must say that the one that floors me the most is the Lowland Scxts!

Well done on the weight loss Ali, keep going! I have never been a grazer really. Possibly as neither of my parents ate between meals. I just eat too much!

Glad your parents are ok and all vaccinated Diana. It is always a worry when they are uncontactable so let's hope the get the phone sorted quickly.

Morning BHB and we have Lavendula of course, and you have toasted muffins as well? Wonderful. Let's get more and then find the CM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, January 18, 2021, 12:56
Jusand have a lovely one.t realised it is your birthday Jane. Sorry! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and have a lovely one if possible in these times!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, January 18, 2021, 13:03
Happy Birthday Lady J (sorry I was remembering the anniversary of my mum's death this morning and forgot it was your birthday!).
Maeve12 wrote:
Monday, January 18, 2021, 15:22
Happy Birthday Jane, I hope all is well with you, and you have a good day.

It was my grand daughter's birthday on Saturday, she said how odd it seemed

with nowhere to go , though she went for a walk with the boy friend and had a

special dinner.

Looking forward to perhaps getting the C-jab sooner than expected,
Diana wrote:
Monday, January 18, 2021, 15:23
Afternoon all.

Happy birthday, Jane.

I had a walk late morning while the sun was still partially out. Spoke to Mum and she gave me her food order as well as the number of a friend who lives nearby so can call her in emergency if can't get hold of my parents. I've also finished Mum's and our Sains. orders for this week and done the usual Monday h/w. Saw the next ep of The F*ll and will watch another as soon as I've posted and made a cup of tea. Ploppy has gone for his Covid test.

Glad to see that your parents have also had their vaccines, Fi, and that your mum's eye op was successful. My Mum does a lot of jigsaws and has a special mat for them but ideally something table height is required so the back is bent. Hope the birthday cake turned out well. Sorry the area near you is under water again. Hope your friend will be OK.

Well done on the weight loss, Ali. As well as blueberries, I have some half chopped nuts to hand if I'm feeling peckish and to put on cereal & porridge. I know nuts aren't low in calories but better than eating biscuits or chocolate.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 07:54
Morning – quite overcast at the moment and I think rain due later (we didn’t have any yesterday). It is a warm 11C! It looks quite blustery out though.

Maeve I was quite lucky as on my birthday we had come out of lockdown and were allowed to meet (distanced) in gardens so I was able to have Lindy, Lawrence and Janice over. It was a lovely sunny day so we were fine in the garden. MM was similarly lucky and for his birthday in October we managed to go to a lunch in a restaurant. I think we are the exception though and most people have had lockdown birthdays. Lovely that your granddaughter could see her boy friend and have a special dinner. Mrs Chris heard yesterday that her jab is tomorrow so things are starting to move!

We had sunshine most of the day here. That’s excellent that you now have your Mum’s friend’s phone number in case you are having difficulties getting hold of your parents. That must give you some peace of mind. Does Ploppy have to wait for the results of his test or did they send them through yesterday? I have a mat for my puzzles (MM bought it for me in March last year) It isn’t a roll, but flat, with two leaves you can take out and put pieces on, then it all folds back up if you need to put it away. Very useful! I did order some almonds to nibble on once the C’mas stock of choccies is finished!!

Our delivery arrived half way through our allocated slot – everything ok. I was just feeling really pleased with myself as I snuck up on Mr O and managed to get a slot for next Wednesday. When I went to write it on the calendar I realised we have a zxxm Chxrch Grxwth course that day. I think I will leave the order in place for now and hope I will be able to move it at some point to the following couple of days. If not I will just have to slip out from the zoom meeting when it arrives. I really don’t want to have to give it up!! I had a zxxm meeting yesterday afternoon with our accompanist –her m-in-l was taken into hospital a couple of days ago with heart problems she so is going down to Dxvon today to hopefully see her (if she can get a C test done) and to sort out care for her at home. I managed to type up MM’s report and write my own (very short ones) for the AXM. We had our GandT with Twin so you can rest assured the world is back to rights. During the evening we watched another couple of episodes of The M’keteers. Today I want to just whizz around to Lindy and leave Lawrence’s birthday pressie for Thursday – we will hopefully be able to manage a quick chat if I stand by the gate! Not sure what else I will be doing...... HC tonight of course! Morning BHB yes it is a gloomy start. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Scxfflxw into the conservatory. We can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM to join us.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 09:23
Morning all and it is a dreary damp one again. Still although we are forecast a lot of rain in the next few days, it is nothing like wht is forecast further north. I must ring my relatives and see if they are building an ark! I do hope the poor souls who got flooded last year are spared this year. I got the rest of my ixxnxxg done yesterday and did some other house stuff so the jigsaw is still not quite finished. It is just the boring sky bit left, hence my tardiness. Hopefully it will happen today! I will not be beaten! Had a nice G&T with Twin and MM in the evening which is always a highlight. Today's excitement will be the delivery from Mr O later on. Apart from that and the jigsaw it will be whatever takes my fancy. I don't think it will include a walk looking at the weather!

Good you have the number of a friend of your parents Diana, in case of emergencies it will be very useful. Hope Ploppy's test was clear!

Maeve nice to see you. I had a different b'day last year as we all did I'm sure. I was lucky that lockdown had lifted and the weather was glorious so I was able to bubble visit and sit it their garden. Hope you get your jab soon.

Morning BHB and we have Scxflow and paninis today? Lovely, so let's get more and go and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 13:41

Hopefully Dad has resolved their phone fault by plugging in one of their other phones. Waiting for Mum to call me back.

I woke up around 3.00 am and couldn't go back to sleep. Made a cup of tea but still couldn't sleep so got up again about an hour later, emptied the dishwasher and then watched next ep of The F*ll. Went back to bed just after 6.00 and had about 45 mins sleep before getting up at 7.45 am. I've done a wash and cleaned the hall, stairs & landing. Watched another ep of TF then had a quick walk. It was a bit damp out but we've only had light rain so far. Hope the rain further north isn't as bad as forecast and there isn't more flooding.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 13:54
Diana, I'm glad it was your parents' phone. Felf has a mobile and a landline, so it is not too bad getting hold of her.

We've been out for a short walk this morning, then Bruce has been in the garden. We did have a breakfast time visitor before the walk. Duffy came over for a snack before her breakfast.

Online some people are mentioning that their older relations are getting concerned that they haven't been invited for the first stage of their inoculation. Around here some were done early then there seemed to be a halt. We'll just have to see how it goes, so far some of the 80 year olds have been done. The info on this is not coming to me very well as Mrs ex postman works in Berks and I'm keeping away from Bruce's friends up the road as someone in the flats has the virus. I get some info from dog walkers but their age range is my age or less, so not good for info on the inoculations for less than 70. When you do go for the second inoculation make sure it is the same type as the first one. I'm (almost) certain that they won't try to give the wrong one, just to be 100% certain :)

Ali wrote:
Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 14:09
Afternoon. Belated birthday wishes Jane, so sorry I forgot yesterday x
I seem to be visiting the chemist a lot lately for neighbour. Went this morning but apparently an item is missing. Advised her to ring gp and they are sending another prescription to chemist. Looks like my services will be required later today or tomorrow.
Just had call from sloppy, she has had letter to book jab (she’s 79) and has to book next one in 12 weeks. My sister ought to take her as in a bubble but if she can’t with online teaching requirements then I will.
Ploppy not happy, hit a pothole on the way to work and broke a spring on the car. Got to be repaired before mot on Friday. Grrrrrr!
Sky is getter darker, rain on the way I expect.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 07:14
Morning and it was a blustery night last night – I was woken a couple of times by the rain lashing against the windows. We still have strong winds but it is drizzling at the moment (I have just put the rubbish out). It did feel a lot warmer than it has done recently. I think it is definitely a day for staying inside!

Ah so did the change of phone work for your parents Diana?? One of the church ladies I ring on Fridays had trouble with her phone (as in always sounding engaged) and she bought a new one a few months back (when we weren’t in lockdown) – she has had no problems since. Hopefully last night you had a better night’s sleep – 3 am is not good! I see you went into Eva non sleeping mode and decided to empty the dishwasher. Not sure The Fxll conducive to peaceful sleeping! We had drizzle from mid morning, but none of the heavier rain forecast. That is being saved up for today I think. I hope that too about the North (although I see the forecast says the heavy rain may reach as far as Fi!).

So Bruce had his walk yesterday, even if it was a short one Jo. Is Bruce ok with that? Nice that Duffy came to see him (or rather came for a snack) in the morning. Mrs Chris has her jab today and she isn’t in the oldest group (she is 75). I know the lack of posties has caused some people in various parts of the country to not receive their letters about the injection. As far as I am aware once the over 70s are done the next group will be the over 65s. Hopefully the person in the flats where Bruce’s friends are has been self isolating and will be ok (and also not pass it on).

That’s really good of you to keep going to the chemist for your neighbour. How frustrating that an item was missing – presumably the gp’s mistake and not the pharmacy. Oh that’s good your Sloppy has had her letter – does she have to go far? Ouch! That wasn’t so good for the car – bad timing with the MXT so soon. Fingers crossed it can be sorted quickly!

We called round to Lindy and Lawrence yesterday morning and had our chat from the front gate (it did of course decide to rain at that point!) so it was only a quick chat. We took the car for a short run up the motorway to give the battery a boost. There seemed to be almost the normal number of cars on the X25 when we went over it. When we reach home Jean our accompanist was in the drive – she had just popped something through the letterbox, so we had a quick at distance chat about tonight’s rehearsal. I had a letter on Monday which I opened yesterday and it was to say I am called for Jxry service from 15th Mxrch! At least I don’t have to go into L’don, but I do have to get to Hxrrxw – which means using the underground, so whilst I have always said I would like to do jxry service to see what it is like, I am not sure I am so keen now we have the p’emic!! We have our service this morning as usual and our choir rehearsal this evening. I may iron some new bedding in between the two. We watched HC (it gets more unbelievable each week!!) and then The M’teers as planned. So The Trxmp has finally left office – hopefully everything will go smoothly with the inxxgurxtion goes off without any mass protests! Oh and I am pleased to say no rxt sightings (I hope I don’t regret typing that) since the other day. Morning BHB, yes it is a very blustery day. Let’s take the toasted bagels and the Unxxpxcted Plexsxre through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 10:26
Morning all and it is a really horrible day. It is dark and gloomy and raining. Oh and windy as well. The only good thing is it isn't snxwing! I know I won't be going out much today anyway. Big news of yesterday is I finally finished my jigsaw. It was definitely a tricky one. It will now sit for a couple of days for me to look at and gloat over before I break it and start another one. I did manage to clean the en suite as well yesterday and I also took delivery from Mr O. He was bang on time and no substitutions so very pleased with them. Today I will really try to get some of the clxxning done that I have rather neglected the past week, so that will be a thrill!

Hopefully your Dad has sorted their phone and all is well now Diana. You definitely had a touch of the Eva's the other night! Sleeplessness is just horrid. Although I do have a night every now and then when I don't sleep well on the whole I am very lucky. I did have the night's of paicing the floor with jet lag though, so you have my sympathy.

How nice of Duffy to do a social call on Bruce, even of she did have an ulterior motive! Hopefully the jab will get done soon Jo. I think there will be some difference in the speed around here as the s east is so heavily populated,

That is a bit of a palaver with the chemist Ali. I am so lucky that my chemist is delivering my prescriptions to me. I didn't ask for it but it just happens and I love it! If Ploppy knows where the pot hole is he should take photos of it and complain to the council. Round here I believe that compensate you if the pot hole is deep, so he needs to take measurements as well!

Morning BHB and we have bagels and Unexpxcted Plxxsures. Great, so let's get more and take it to the CM and we can all have a nice snuffle.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 11:14
Morning. Very gloomy. Had very vivid dreams last night, not all pleasant either. Hate ut as it leaves me feeling a bit meh the rest if the day.
Car repair being done tomorrow at ploppy’s work so he gets a discount. I did suggest he took a photo Pauline and report it but he doesn’t think it’s deep enough. I still think it’s worth a try. Sloppy has jab booked for next Monday eve in N*rwich. Sis is taking her. 2nd booked for 12 weeks later same time and place. Said phone booking was very easy.
Jack has new phone falls booked for army 🤞 they go ahead this time. Yesterday morning he filled up with petrol before work. Police stopped at garage and questioned all drivers about why they were out, where going etc. All very friendly
Jury service Carol, hope it is an interesting case. Courts have everything in place to be safe judging from Jack’s experience. Glad no sign of rats.
Started a new book last night so might read a bit more today. Nothing heavy just a light read that I’d bought to take on our (non) holiday last year
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 11:45
Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jane. So sorry I missed it – hope you had a great day – and didn’t have to work! Morning – and dark, dismal and wet. Tho due to get much wetter here. Just as I am queuing outside for my v.ccination!! had a call yesterday aft asking me to come today. It is a big community centre and seemingly you “just turn up with everyone else booked at same time, wait outside and the inside moving from (uns.nitised) chair to (uns.nitised) chair!! Aargh - no wonder rate here isn’t falling! I did ask caller about my compromised imm.ne system. She said “good question “but didn’t know answer but she went off found dr and called me back to say all ok and to go ahead. I have heard bad reports re total lack of cov.d safety so not looking forward to it but needs must! Think our city having big push on numbers as know lots of people in village who have their appts this week. The dr s.rgery 5 miles up road which is in another health authority (that is village which has 3 different LAs and 2 different Health auths covering it – less than 500 people!) is not doing well in terms of v.ccinations. So the huge no. of people who left our s.rgery (there are problems with the surgery) last yr. are not very happy as people in their 90s still not been v.ccinated! I knew that that the neighbouring health auth was not good and though the dr s.rgery itself is much better than ours I decided to wait to move until after the c.vid crisis before making decision to move or not. Glad I did now.
Scollop has his 30th bday next month. Will be a muted celebration! But ploppy enjoyed his day on Monday (same day as Jane!) – we went out in sports car to local country park for a non flooded walk. On our walk day before the water had almost come over top of wellies – we had to send scollop ahead with my walking pole to check out depth of water!!!
Oh dear Ali- pothole bump not good. You are good helping out neighbours with visits to chemist. Person who phoned me re appt todau said nothing about 2nd appt and said nothing about what to take. I have been told by others that need proof of ID and N.S no. I am taking mine – but bet others don’t and this will cause queues.
I am with Carol in that not sure that binge watching the F.ll (esp in middle of night) is conducive to sleep Diana. I liked first series but gave up after that. I am still trying to catch up with Br.dgerton and finish Tr.ces.
Thank you Twins for your advice re jigsaw positioning. Ours is finished!! Only took a year – and scollop – to finish it! We will put our next one on dining table where can stand or sit much more comfortably – even tho room is colder.
Jo – I had made note that I must make sure I find out what type of jab I get today as need to make sure 2nd dose is same “make”. I will also set reminder on Al.xa for 10 weeks time to chase up appt for 2nd dose if haven’t already heard.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 13:35
Afternoon all.

Wet and windy today. I had to pop out to the postbox earlier but intend to stay in for rest of day other than putting the recycling bins out.

Mum rang on her mobile late pm to advise that Dad has cut their phone leads!!!!! I have no idea what he was doing. She doesn’t think she has much left on her mobile so we only spoke briefly but I told her to charge her mobile and I’d ring back this morning. They normally go to a shop in W*rthing to add credit which is obviously not possible at present. I have spoken to both this am, still DK why Dad cut the leads as Mum is clearly frustrated and I didn’t want to upset Dad (easy to do). We have a spare phone lead so I have posted this to them in the hope they can connect one phone. I am also trying to order a new set of phones for them though getting an error message on B* site grrr. I’ll have another go when posted this and also try on iP*d.

We watched Gr*g W South Africa and Ch*tsworth House latest episodes last night. Had hoped to see another F*ll this am but not had time. I slept much better last night and didn’t wake till 8.15. We have a Sains. delivery this pm – several items not available including blueberries which is annoying.

We are having our mail meal at lunchtime as Ploppy not allowed food after 3 pm until tomorrow evening.

Good news that your mum will get her first jab soon, Ali. Not good about the car, hope it can be fixed ahead of MOT. Bad dreams are horrible, especially when leave you out of sorts the next day. Fingers crossed for Jack.

That’s not good timing for jury service, Carol. Can you ask for it to be delayed in the circumstances?

Hope you didn’t get soaked waiting and all went well with your jab, Fi.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 13:49
Fi I'm sure it's one of the checks they'll do. I'm just a bit concerned that it is a mistake that could be made and something easy to check, as long as I have glasses on! I always have a quick glance at the vial before the flu injection.
Before the first Covid shutdown we were having quite a few probs with the chemist and doc interface. I transferred my tabs to MrT, had no probes since. Sort of proves it was the chemist. Does mean I have to go and pick the tabs up from MrT, but that is fine.
I was up at 7am as I had an early Fetch delivery. These are delivered by MrO, but in 2 hr slots. Unfortunately I'd just popped to loo when he came. I don't think he had to wait too long. I could tell he'd been there a few mins as he was really banging the knocker! He is the grumpiest of all the delivery guys.

Anyway FINALLY done my tax form. Hooray. I think I have some to pay this year due to some confusions during the year. Boo. Not too much. I'll let them review it.

I better take Bruce out as I'm out to hospital at 3pm or a few mins later.
maeve12 wrote:
Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 16:13
I got my letter yesterday and have booked the first jab for Sunday with the second in 11 weeks, just after Easter.

It seems there's been a real push this week. I have to go to St*v*nage which is fine. Have had several offers of a lift.

Hope nobody has to wait too long for their turns.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, January 21, 2021, 08:01
Morning and for a change it isn’t raining – still looks as if there is a gusty wind though. We had rain all day yesterday but having seen the footage of the flooding in Wxles and the high water levels (and the s word) in the North, I am not complaining about our rain.

Ali, I have been having vivid dreams recently – with my parents and Ann in them – I quite understand why having unpleasant ones makes you feel “meh” the next day. I think I might have said that I read lots of people are having more vivid dreams than usual - apparently something to do with our minds not being too stretched during the day and therefore “dumping” information when we sleep!! That is very fortunate that Ploppy can get the car done at work – not just for the convenience but also for the discount. I know there is a certain depth to potholes or paving slabs that means the Council is liable but I can’t remember what it is! Excellent news that your Sloppy has her jab booked – we are hearing of more and more people who are being called for their’s. Fingers crossed for Jack – your local police certainly seem very geared up to ensure only essential journeys are made. When I completed my Jxry form on line there were details of all the measures in place for the Court – not so worried about that as the people using p transport – MM says I will need the underground and then a bus.

Fi, did Chxstxphe get as far as you? I know you were in the area the forecast said might be affected. Poor Wxles has had a battering as well as M’chester and the environs. So you have had your v’nation too – hopefully it all went smoothly and you didn’t have a long wait outside in the cold. I can see why the people who moved to the other surgery are feeling a little peeved! Pleased to hear Ploppy enjoyed his lockdown b’day. Also pleased to hear the walk was a non flooded one. My willies aren’t full length (just above the ankle ones) so just as well I am not thinking of walking anywhere wet! I did know you need to have your NXS number when you go for the jab and proof of id. Well done on finishing the jigsxw!! I see you are inspired to do another. June gave Barry a 3D circular globe one to do – that has taken him a long time too but he has now finished it – he said doing the last part was a nightmare as you couldn’t fit your hand down inside to fit the pieces!

Staying home yesterday was a very good idea Diana! It certainly wasn’t a day to be out and about. Oh goodness, so the plugging in of a different phone fell at the first hurdle due to the cutting of the phone lead. I was wondering the other day how people with top up phones wee managing at the moment. Well done on posting the lead down! Hope you managed to get through to BX in the end. So you are still binge watching The Fxll – actually I more or less did that although I kept it to one episode a day (whilst MM went for an afternoon siesta or worked on the upstairs pooter). I did consider asking for a delay but worried it might clash with our postpone holiday in C’rus in June, so thought I should get it done and dusted when there isn’t much else going on. I received a confirmation email last night to say I need to be there for 9am on 15th Mxrch – back to getting up early!

Jo I had a smile that you check what is in the vial before your flu jab – that never crossed my mind! Actually the lady who carries out the jabs at our surgery is lovely and very efficient. We are sort of hoping when it is our turn she will be doing the v’nations at our surgery for us. We are lucky in that our surgery is across the car park from the phxrmxcy we use so if there is a problem they can zip over and get whatever is needed from the Rxcxptionists, so there isn’t usually any problem for us. Ah so bad timing re the delivery. Well done on tax form completion. Fingers crossed you get some money!! How did the hospital appointment go? In my head I thought it was today you were going! Are you any further forward with an op?

Oh that’s excellent new Maeve – so you will be going the same day as Barry, my brother in law. That’s excellent that you have your pick of lifts to choose from. It’s good to know that more and more people are being contacted with appointments.

We had our service in the morning and then I rang June for a video call and she was just at the care home waiting for my aunt, so I was able to see my aunt through June holding her phone up to my aunt through the glass screen. I haven’t seen her “in the flesh” for almost a year now, but she looked very well. Afterwards I did some i word (new bedding and possibly a couple of new tunics). I watched part of the inaug. Ceremony late afternoon – pleased to see it all appears to have gone smoothly. We had our rehearsal during the evening so will watch The Bxy on catch up tonight. We enjoyed the first series. We now have beautiful blue sky and pink clouds by the way. Today we have a birthday coffee with Lawrence and Lindy at 11 am, not sure what else we will do. It is GandT with Mary and Les this evening and then DinP for our weekly sunshine later of course! Morning BHB yes it does look pretty out. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Lxndxn Gxpsy inot the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM to join us.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, January 21, 2021, 10:41
I just had an email from Mrs Chris about her v'ation experience, so I thought I would post it to set people's minds at rest:

he vaccination experience was very smooth. When I arrived there were two chaps guiding us to the car park. I was greeted inside by a steward who checked I was okay,( ie not isolating etc. ) and gave me some leaflets to read. After checking in at the desk I joined a winding queue, which moved along quite quickly. It took about 10 minutes to get to two more stewards who sent you right or left to sit on a chair outside a room. After a short wait I went in and after a few question had the painless jab. I was given a card to keep with the details of the jab( it was the Pfizer one. On it it said booster jab in 11 weeks. Though they keep records you know which one you had on your little card. I was then given a sticker which said what time I could leave( 12.21 in my case) and directed to a waiting room for the 20 minute wait, watched over by another steward, who sanitised each chair( the same happened in the corridor chair). Altogether I was there half an hour and left through a back door.

It all sounds very well organised I thought.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, January 21, 2021, 10:55
Morning all and it is a much better day today. We have sun, a few clouds around and it is breezy buy a joy after a terrible day yesterday. I had the lights on all day it was so gloomy. I cleaned the oven in the morning which was a job I had been meaning to do for some time. I am ashamed of how mucky it was was . I must try to keep on top of it more! I watched the inauguration of the new president in the afternoon. I also had a nice long chat with my Lancashire cousins. They have had a deluge up there but as they live on top of a hill I knew they would be ok. It was nice to have a catch up and find out what is happening to them all. It has been far too long since I hav e seen them. Happy to say that the son got engaged at C/mas, which is lovely. I have just had an email from L/borough and the GO concert in March has been postponed yet again, he must feel it is doomed! Sad but not unexpected and in a way solves one possible problem for us as Twin's jury service starts the day after and we were thinking we would have to come home after the concert finished. Nothing exciting planned for today. I will set to with the duster and hoover and see what happens!

Fi good that you have your injection booked and ready to go. Fingers crossed it stays dry for you. I feel it is not the point of a jigsaw to dash at it and finish it. I think a bit at a time when you feel like it is the way to go, though maybe a year to finish one is a little excessive!

So your father decided to cut the phone line then Diana! Odd but agree best not to ask why! I hope the new cable you sent doesn't meet the same fate! It is a long time since I had a top up phone but do remember I gave it up as I found it frustrating to run out of time. At least if your Mum keeps it charged and turned on you can call her on it.

Hope your hospital visit was a positive one Jo and you can get an o[ on your hip. Well done on getting the tax done, hope you don't have much to pay!

Maeve there is a possibility that I may have to go to S/venage. not difficult for me though, all I need is the call!

Morning BHB and we have pikelets and Lxndxn Gxpsy today? Delicious, let's get more and we can go and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, January 21, 2021, 12:50

Sunny though breezy morning here, none of the forecasted showers so far. It was very windy and wet overnight, blew our dustbin over. When I went to bed I looked out and saw our rubbish all over the drive, front garden and road so at 11.00 pm I was outside picking it up! Fortunately I hadn't undressed. I moved the bin back to its normal home which is more protected, and it was still upright this morning when I put it out for emptying. Feel for those in areas which have or at risk of flooding. Mum always said never live near water.

As it so nice out I had an early walk, after doing the I word. I've ordered the new phones and spoken to my parents. The phone lead has been delivered but I'm doubtful they will be able to plug it in - turns out Dad has pulled some wiring from the wall so may need to get a professional in. Not sure when I will speak to them again as there was a problem with Mum's mobile and the call disconnected before I could arrange a time to speak so dependent on them calling us.

Just heard that m-in-l's care home has their first Covid cases! She is OK but this is obviously worrying. Parents eh!!

As anticipated B* have cancelled our Feb flight to SA so need to either apply for a voucher or rearrange.

Didn't get to see The F*ll yesterday nor so far today but should be able to watch a couple of eps this pm when Ploppy goes for his examination.

Hope the hospital appointment went OK, Jo.

That's good news about getting the jab, Maeve, you must be relieved.

Thanks for the vaccination report, Carol. Sounds very smooth.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 22, 2021, 07:55
Morning and a clear sky here at the moment and a warm 1C. I don’t think we are due any rain today, until perhaps this evening. I can see frost on the houses at the bottom of the garden.

We didn’t have any showers yesterday either Diana – like you it was wet and windy overnight. I didn’t envy you having to go and pick the bin and rubbish up at 11pm! Yes my parents always said the same as your Mum! The post did well to get the phone lead to your parents so quickly – not so good that some of the wiring has been pulled from the wall. Very frustrating that there is a problem with your Mum’s mobile, in addition to the landline problems. Oh goodness – I hope your M-in-L will be ok – very worrying to hear of cases in the Care Home. Ah not too surprised to hear the Feb flight has been cancelled in the circumstances. Did you manage to get to watch The Fxll this afternoon? Hopefully Ploppy’s examination went ok – when will he know what the prognosis is?

We had our birthday video coffee with Lawrence and chatted for about an hour. We are still on rxt watch, but so far no further sightings. MM goes and checks every morning. During the afternoon I did some colouring and general pottering. We had a nice GandT with Mary and Les in the evening. Like us they say every day merges into one at the moment. During the evening we caught up with The Bxy as planned, and then had our dose of sunshine, mayhem and mxrder with DinP. This morning I have my church calls to make, and this afternoon we have our family zxxm chat. I want to make a beef strog in the slow cooker for us to have this evening as a change from f&c – or I might put in the fridge and have f&c tonight and the strog tomorrow. I suspect we may some more M’keteers this evening. I keep forgetting to say I sent for a new comb, which has a bar to hold your hair straight – for both blow drying and for trimming. I am trying my best to buy nothing from Ch’na at the moment, but feel I failed when I read the instructions that came with the comb: “Comb – Easy to create straight hair hair to the end of the effect of bending the hair fluffy. “ So clear and precise I thought!!! Morning BHB, yes a nice bright start today for a change. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted paninis into the conservatory ready for a lovely snuffle. I expect the DCM will be along shortly.
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, January 22, 2021, 09:34
Morning all and it is a beautiful one here, clear blue skies and lots of sun. This does mean it is frosty and cold but I much prefer it to all that damp. I deiced my freezer yesterday. Not that long since I did it and it wasn't really bad but definitely starting to ice up. I have turn the temp to less cold, just a touch and see if that helps. It is still cold enough I know as I checked the ice tray! I am a bit worried that the seal on the door may be a problem, we'll see. Today I want to take the car for a run I think. I must as it is 3 weeks since she moved at all. Also hoping to sort out one of my kitchen cupboards out as it is now at the stage where things fall on me when I open the door!

Diana your father really did make a job of the phone didn't he. Not good that you won't be able to call them. Not good having to go out and clear the rubbish at that time of night either! Funnily enough my Mum always said that about not living near water as well! Looking at the current flooding I can see why!

Morning BHB and we have Vanillita of course and paninis? Lovely, so let's take more and go and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Friday, January 22, 2021, 14:53
Afternoon. Beautiful day here. Just been for long walk with old, old boss and her dogs. We walked apart and wore masks. Good to get fresh air and catch up. Did over 10,000 steps and my hip and ankle didn’t complain either. Pencilled another walk in for next week.
Got home and battery was pinging in smoke alarm. Stood on a stool but struggled to open it so called Josh. He was in town so picked up a battery and came across to replace it for me. Now have a spare. Must put it somewhere safe.
Heard that another friend has tested positive, just has cold like symptoms, whole family have now got it. Seems rampant in town now. Glad I stay home 99% of the time.
Diana wrote:
Friday, January 22, 2021, 15:13
Afternoon. It's been a beautiful day here, blue skies and sunshine, though is clouding over now. I had an early walk and Ploppy has gone for one but has missed the best of the day. The sunshine showed the patio doors were dirty. As the external windows were only cleaned during the week, it was clearly the internall -I was good and did them immediately and they look a lot better now. I'll have to clean the windows at the front of the lounge soon.

Ploppy had his test at the hospital yesterday. He has been diagnosed with something that's very common, especially as you get older, but has been given the all clear in terms of it being something serious which is a relief.

Mum had the nous to turn her mobile on at the same time as I rang her yesterday so when I tried calling she answered immediately. She doesn't want me to risk going there so we will see how they get on with setting up the new phone system next week but I suspect we'll have to call someone in.

I watched the final ep of series 2 of The F*ll yesterday, one more series to go. Late evening we watched All The Pr*sident's Men on TV - saw it at the cinema years ago and enjoyed watching it again. Ploppy has been watching the golf from Ab* Dh*bi today.

VG that there have not been any further r*t sightings, Carol. Those instructions are very clear - not! Like you, we are trying not to buy anything made in Ch*na but it's not easy, so much originates from there including stuff from well-known British/European companies where you think it's made locally.
TK wrote:
Friday, January 22, 2021, 21:22
Diana glad that the phone gremlin has been found, so restorative actions can be taken. It must be very worrying when you can't contact them.

Just realised that Mw1c must be OK as I haven't heard from him for a few days. At least he is now able to cuddle the cat, so he is happy.

There has been disruption in Bruce's life for a few days this week, along with the fact that I can't walk too far at the moment. The car park of the old people's flats was being redone, so his very distanced treat eating was cancelled for a few days.

I've been continuing my negotiation between the lady who lives next to Felf and Felf about the workmen who need access to Felf's attic. And the disruption. Luckily Felf has agreed that her son in law needs to be the communicator to the head of the builders. The work on the attic starts 1st Feb. Hopefully all will be OK. The lady who owns the house has come to the same thought as I did. She hopes that Felf does not get stressed with the work as that may have effect on her heart. I had thought of that when she first told me about the work. It will be many weeks of work. Oh well, doesn't effect me EXCEPT if I need to act as negotiator. I'm doing my best to keep out of that role.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, January 23, 2021, 08:01
Morning and still dark here at the moment. We have clear skies though from what I can see and a warm 0C (reaching 4C by this afternoon).

Ali that must have been nice to go for a long walk with your old, old boss (who if I remember correctly is a friend). I am sure you had a lovely catch up – I am sure it was a relief that you hip and ankle were ok. My cousins’ wife is trying to do 10,000 steps too – but has been isolating as one of the children in her class went down with the virus. She has been wearing a path around their garden doing the 10,000 steps! That was fortuitous that Josh was in town and able to bring the batteries with you – nothing more annoying than having to listen to the smoke alarm battery pinging! This new strain does seem to spread like wildfire. As you say just as well you are safely indoors most of the time like us.

It was a lovely day here too Diana, until late afternoon when the rain came. The sun was very strong – we went for a walk after our video chat with Twin in the morning. Well done on cleaning the patio doors! The study window upstairs was cleaned just after the window cleaners came last week (by MM) – sadly a bird flew into the window (we assume it is ok as no evidence to the contrary) leaving the oil from feathers imprint right in the middle of the glass! Oh that’s good news that Ploppy’s test shows it is nothing too series, you must be very relieved. Good for you Mum having the mobile on – fingers crossed the new phone works and there won’t be the need to get anyone in. So just the final series of The F to watch now. It really is difficult to not buy from Ch’a – as you say it is surprising how many things are not made in the UX but sold as if they are. I remember at the start of the p’demic various shortages were due to the fact that a lot of things were coming from Ch’a.

No phone calls from Mw1C, Jo? He must have cracked cat care then! I am sure you are right and the fact he can now cuddle ex-Honey now Sonny is making him content. Oh dear I hope Bruce can cope with the change in his routine and the absence of treat eating. I didn’t realise Felf was having work done to the attic – as you say lucky Felf has agreed to use her son as liaison with the builders. Yes it must be a worry that Felf will get stressed after her heart problems. Hopefully it will all go smoothly – it sounds as if she is having quite a lot of work done if it is going to last for weeks. I think you are wise to try and dodge acting as negotiator!

When we went for our walk there was still a lot of frost and ice (and standing water) in the park. When we were walking along the road at the end of the park we were behind a father and small boy, so we crossed over to the other side of the road and discovered there was black ice on the road! It was very bright with a low sun, we were both glad of our hats and gloves. There were too many people out walking (mainly people with their dogs) but still a lot of cars whizzing along. I can’t help but feel they are not all “essential” trips! We hadn’t been home long when MM had a text from our gp telling him to book is appointment – so he is off next Thursday morning. He only has to go to R’slip which is only ten minutes drive from here. During the afternoon I had a message from Mary and she has her jab on Thursday too – but has to come up to Gxy’s Hxspxtal for her’s (as they are the ones who treat her asthxa, which is why she has to shield). Later in the evening I heard from one of the ex MH group (he lives on the outskirts of the royal town) and he has had his first jab, so things are on the move. I made my calls for church and everyone was ok – in fact one couple had literally just come home from having their jabs. They had to go to Slxxgh to have their’s done so MM lucky to be local. We had our family zoom - poor June couldn't get on to join us - well she could but she couldn't hear us, and we couldn't hear her! Apparently her system needs an upgrade. Roger is still hoping he will be able to go to Sarah's for the baby's birth next month as he is in a bubble with them. Of course, that has meant he can't go and see Victoria and the family. You have to despair when you read that the police had to break up a wedding of 150 plus people in N L’don! I made my beef strogxnxff but we decided to have f&c delivered so that has gone into the freezer. I have just managed to book another Mr O slot – not until 6th Feb and between 9 and 10 pm, but that’s ok! Today is laundry day of course – I have just looked out the window and we now have fog! – so I will be indoors most of the day unless the sun comes out and we go for a quick walk whilst the machine is working its magic. C’lty tonight and it looks to be an exciting one. Morning BHB, yes it doesn’t look that nice out at the moment does it. Let’s take the mulled wind and the toasted crumpets into the conservatory and we should be nice and warm. Plenty of time for a snuffle before the DCM arrives!

Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, January 23, 2021, 10:48
Morning all and it is now a lovely one/ It was foggy when I got up, but that has burnt off and it is lovely if cold. I see we are due the joys of snxw tomorrow. It looks likely that we may get the worst of it round here as it is due to stall right overhead. However as they are forecasting 10c by Wednesday it hopefully won't last very long, if it must snxw now is probably as good a time as any. I took the car out for a good run yesterday. She was very glad of it as although she started well enough she was a bit stiff from sitting still all that time in the cold! It was nice to be out for a while but was amazed how busy everywhere was. no sign of lockdown except for the closed shops. Laundry day today so that will be exciting. I may try and do the cupboard clear out that didn't get done yesterday, I need to be in the right mood!

Good your walk didn't affect your hip or ankle Ali. Nice to have a catch up I am sure. How are things with old old Boss? Hope she is ok. Very useful to have Josh so near. I am sure he will come in handy quite often! I heard the lovely virus man they have on Brxxfast saying this morning, that half the people who get this virus have no symptoms at all and that is why it is so rampant, and why it will become endemic. Nice thought!

Diana I know some of my windows desperately need a clean inside. Maybe I should do them today, Not a job I like at all. That is very good news about Ploppy. What a relief! Is he feeling ok again now? Good you were able to talk to your Mum. Fingers crossed that by some miracle they can install the new phone!

So it looks like MW1C has finally made friends with Sonny! Hope so anyway. Bruce will be ringing the RXPCA again Jo, if the treats are thin on the ground! How are things with your hip? Any news? I think you are very wise to try and keep clear of becoming negotiator for Felf about the attic.

Morning BHB and I can smell Mulled Wine, delicious! You have crumpets as well, goody, let's get more of both and find the CM
Diana wrote:
Saturday, January 23, 2021, 10:49

Such a beautiful day yesterday so I was startled to see V*cky on BBC 6 o'clock news with umbrella up in pouring rain.

We have light cloud but the sun is trying to break through. I've vacuumed the skirting boards in main rooms and cleaned the lounge window this morning so feeling knackered but virtuous. Calling Mum in a few mins. We are probably going for a walk early pm once the golf has finished. I don't think we'll be going out tomorrow given the forecast.

Home is definitely the best place to be at this time, Ali.

Sounds like a big job to do Felf's attic. Wise to keep out of it as far as poss. Hope it goes well and Felf doesn't get stressed.

We've had an imprint of a pigeon on our patio windows a few times, Carol. Sounds like they are making good progress with the vaccine.
Ali wrote:
Saturday, January 23, 2021, 12:32
Afternoon. Had a call from Josh last night to say g/f had just been informed her covid test done at work on Monday is positive. She has been off all week on annual leave and feels perfectly well. Had midwife appt Thurs and all good. They are both going for tests today. As I have been in contact I’m now self-isolating. She’s concerned as she has seen various people in the last few days (midwife, receptionist at gp’s surgery, butcher) without knowing she was positive. Just proves how easy it is to spread this virus unknowingly. Scary!
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, January 23, 2021, 15:11
Hello. Glorious day yesterday - and less so today! we ddi drive to a local forest for a walk today as cant go to local country park as so busy at w/e and our area still too waterlogged. It is 2 counties along - but only 5-6 miles along road. Just as we were finishing walk we were caught in heavy snow - a total whiteout. scollop drove very slowly as dif to see. but here at home - nothing! we went to country park yesterday (drove in sports car - with top down!! But heated seats were on and I was wrapped in rug eldest scollop gave me last Chr to use in sports car. beautiful sunny day - and able to walk the paths - in wellies. saw another otter - was able to watch him for 5 mins as he swam down the lake. seemingly quite a common sight there these days.
My jab went well . Mostly c.vid safe tho secur.ty people weren't wearing proper masks (just scarves round mouth (which are not nearly so effective) and the rec.ption area very crowded - not poss to socially distance. they didn't ask me for proof of id.ntity or N.S number! Once thro rec.ption it was much better, and more safely, organised. it wasn't over busy - nurses had quite a bit of time to chat to each between jabs!. I have had no after effects but know many people are getting headaches and very sore arms. would prefer that as would know it was working - they are still doing the research to see if they do work for people with s.pressed imm.ne systems so after effects would have reassured me. Just hoping.
Diana - we have huge windows in our house - and lots of them so am working my way round them. Almost finished downstairs this week - tho still have all the glass internal doors to do next week and then am starting upstairs. It is then time to start all over again!
Oh dear Ali re having to self isolate. Friend who had c.vid has stayed in her bedroom all week (and the upstairs loo) to ensure not near her ploppy. She had not been near anyone inside so no-one else she knew need to self isolate - The T&T people said that people she met outside didn't need to self isolate. . he cooked all meals and left them at her door. This version is so transm.ssable that have to take these extreme precautions. Good that g/f has no symptoms. but what a long time test results took - coming back in less than 24 hrs here. 10k steps in one walk is good. I try to do over 10k every day - but that is total steps in day, not all in one go. that is over 4 miles - so was a lot of walking - and chatting!
Jo -- gosh what a lot of diplomacy is required in your neighbourly role.
Carol - we are all so lucky to have the new technology for communication - but it isn't easiest thing in world to navigate. I have organised a Z..m B.rns supper tonight with 3 sets of friends and also both scollops joining (we have a v.gan h.ggis!!) . I had to talk one friend thro how to see everyone on Z..m calls - she had been using z..m since ist lockdown but hadn't known cld see everyone on it. She is younger than me!
Sis is moving house next week. 4 days btwn moving out and moving in - stuff in storage but I guess may stay with parents. have to say I am glad that I am not allowed to travel! Sloppy mentioned for first time putting dad in home. i did raise the financial issue - when there are 2 of them it is ensuing there wld be enough money left for other person. Think we need to look at more care going into their home before a care home, but lots of discussion to come I am sure.
TK wrote:
Saturday, January 23, 2021, 15:24
Just quick as Bruce is saying it is time to go out as the man up the road phoned him earlier to say there are sausages available. Bruce went for a long walk today, with Teresa. He was muddy when he got back. Then had a 2 hr sleep. Best go he is getting loud
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, January 24, 2021, 07:31
Morning and there is a heavy frost out (although it could be a light sprinkling of snow – too dark to see at the moment, but I suspect it is frost). Our forecast is for the s word any time from 9 am onwards. We had frozen fog for most of the morning yesterday but it burnt off by the afternoon. It stayed cold though. At the moment it is -2 here.

I see you escaped our fog Diana and were able to have a walk – I am very impressed by your cleaning – I can see your halo shining from here., as well as the windows! Hopefully you managed to speak with your Mum ok and all is well. It is disconcerting when you see the bird imprint isn’t it! I hope all the bird had was a headache and nothing more. Fortunately still no rxts!

Oh goodness Ali – I do hope Josh’s g/f is ok – it is good she is feeling ok and the pregnancy is going well. Shame you are having to self isolate as a result – as you say this virus spreads so easily. I think that is the scariest thing – how quickly it spreads and how people can have it and not be aware. Hopefully Josh, you and the other people she has been in contact with will all be ok. Very scary though.

So the snow came to you early Fi. It sounds very firghtening driving conditions! How strange the whiteout was so close to you but you had none at home. I always remember being in the car once near Bristol and it was a torrential rain storm, so we had to stop – the front of the car was in rain, the back dry – so we were right on the edge of the rainfall. The rug sounds an excellent present and just what is needed for an open top (as are the heated seats)! Oh a second otter sighting – how lovely. Maybe he was there for a photo opportunity!! Hmm well the security part doesn’t sound too good when you went for your jab, but the rest of it sounds as well organised as the other places I have heard. Fingers crossed all will be well with your jab. Your friend is dealing with her isolation in the same way Glen did – he stayed up in the guest en suite and Victoria would leave the food on a tray outside, so he didn’t mix with the rest of the family. I agree the technology for on line meetings baffles some people – but with a little guidance they usually get there in the end! We had to guide some of our congregation through how to joining our zxxm services when we started them last year – all very new to some people. I think it slightly easier using a laptop than a tablet. Hope you enjoyed the B*rns Supper (I have to confess I have never heard of v*g*n h*ggis!! So your sister has a credibility gap between her moving out and getting into the new house. I can see why you are glad you aren’t able to travel at the moment. Oh dear, things must be getting serious if your mother is talking about a care home. I think you could be right and more care at home may be the answer.

Jo no wonder Bruce was desperate to go and see the man up the road if there were sausages on the menu!! Sounds like he had a lovely day – a walk, a sleep and then sausages!

I managed to get all the laundry done, so can have a day off today. MM went up to the church to collect some papers and check on the leak (sadly still in evidence). We had our GandT with Lindy and Lawrence and then during the evening we watched C’lty – quite dramatic, then the next episode of The B*y as it is being shown on Wednesdays when we have our rehearsal night, and finally a VofD. Zxxm service this morning of course and I must update my order from Mr S which is coming tomorrow. Morning BHB, yes it is very chilly and how lovely and warm the Bxstro feels compared with outside. Let’s take the Gluhwein and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, January 24, 2021, 09:08
Morning. Josh messaged to say that they got their test results at 7.30am (within 24hrs) and Courtney still positive but he’s negative. Pity the results from work weren't as fast! She still feels fine, no symptoms. They will continue to isolate. I will stay home too as recommended.
Good news on the diet though as I’ve lost 10lb in 2 weeks! Feeling pleased at my willpower.
How worrying for you Fi with your parents. Some tricky conversations to be had it seems. I do love the idea of going out in a sports car wrapped ip in a blanket though.
Did Bruce need a bath Jo? Sounds like he is having fun!
I need to take a leaf out of your book Diana and clean my windows. Glad you got through to your mum
Pauline my car hasn’t moved recently might suggest ploppy uses it for work one day
Hope the rats have gone for good Carol!
Jack received medical paperwork from the army yesterday to pass on to gp. He needs to try and book a sight test at some point too. I think optician is open still so will look online
Belle has pinned me down, need to move her to reach my mug of tea!
Hope everyone is warm and safe x
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, January 24, 2021, 10:36
Morning all and it is cold and dry here at the moment but I think the snow will probably start before I finish this! It is due any minute now and is looking ominous now. When it starts it is expected to hang around all day so may be building a snowman later! Of course I don't want it as I think you all know how I feel about snow, but if it must now is as good a time as any I guess! Did my wash yesterday and sorted a few things, then experimented making a bread. It was a sort of soda bread and although it didn't look as it should it tasted yummy and I was very pleased with the result. I must experiment more I think! Today will be doing the ixxnxxg then need to sort my order for Mr W. It isn't till Tuesday but they like it in early.

You are having a h/work purge Diana! Making me feel guilty. Must do more. Hope you got a good walk yesterday as I feel today may definitely be a write off!

Ah the joys of open top motoring in winter. Yours sound positively luxurious Fi. My first serious b/friend had an ol MG, and I mean vintage, it was 1930's. I loved it to bits buyt winter driving was interesting! I had rugs as there was no heating and he bought me a lovely furry hat from Pxland (he was of Pxlish extraction) and I had a scarf wrapped round my face and off we would go! I feel I wouldn't be so keen these days, but we did have a lot of fun. Glad your jab went well though the security bit sounds scary. So your Sloppy now thinking a home a good idea for your father. I agree that does raise it's own problems, but maybe is what will have to happen eventually. Hopefully more care will put off the day.

Ali that is a very scary time you are having. Glad the g/friend is at least feeling ok and fingers crossed the rest of you are ok.Moving the car is a good idea, as mine was definitely a bit reluctant to move!

See it is snowing now! Knew it would be!

Morning BHB and we have Gluhwein and paninis today, perfect for this weather, so let's get more and go and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Sunday, January 24, 2021, 13:20
I took Bruce for a short walk to the park, left a bit early as the 2 Ridge backs came out. Bruce hates them. They are fine dogs, just Bruce always barks as if he's going to attack. Just got in the house when the phone rang, 'would Bruce like to go over the river?'. He's now out with his friends.

Lovely Mr T driver last night. And no missed items. Felf has her shopping. Just had to take her spuds over this morning as I'd left them in my house. Not sure if she'll use my services again, but she's welcome. I'll just have to remember not to buy too much for myself that day, it was a bit confusing. I had 2 types of baked beans, that threw me for a bit. It would have helped if I hadn't of thrown out her list when I'd booked the order. It was all my fault.

I have tried Haggis, many many years ago when I worked in the Hotel and Catering dept (I used to try all types of food, just to see). It was not nice, but since I wasn't really eating meat then, I'm not surprised.

Snow was not welcome this morning. So far it is not slippy, I do have a load of salt in the cupboard.

Ali I brushed the rest of dried mud off Bruce this morning. I did some of it yesterday. It would have been good if I could have dunked him in the bath yesterday. I've done that once, NEVER again. He was jumping out as if he had springs for legs. I vowed never to do it again.

I better get on, my desk is piled with paper, sort needed.
TK wrote:
Sunday, January 24, 2021, 13:30
Well done Ali, I need to follow your example of weight loss.
Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, January 24, 2021, 13:42
Heavy snow here for last hour. Was very frosty )but no snow) this am. Scollop went for a run - he slipped and fell twice! Always thought running was bad for one's health!! Ploppy and I went for walk round village after online church service. glad we got it done before the snow - just!! Have now made saus rolls - vegan - and meat. Burns night was a huge success. we have friends who have not been outside front door since March last yr (he has MH issues) and they esp loved it. first time having a meal with friends. My scollops were great and joined in with the "oldies". Only UB scollop had the vegan/veggie hagg.s - it was good. On this mornings Z..m with same friends (we z..m everyday both for the ones who dont go out and our friends daughter with LD who is getting more and more upset abt the changes in her routines) one asked me about t.rnip vs sw.de - turned into similar discussion as with pl.ppy.
Ali - good news that Josh not positive. My friends are now out of self isolation today and are feeling nervous about going out. It has made her determined she will meet no-one as doesn't want to be in this position agai, worrying about having passed it onto others. Think the person who has the c.vid can feel very guilty at the poss of having passed it on to others. I know several friends who have had it - and they all say this.
Yes hoping more care will put off care home idea for sloppy. Not a good idea at this time esp when she won't be allowed to visit him often - if at all. As for how she wld get there now that sis 30 mins drive away - I am not getting involved in that discussion!
Jo - I had exactly same confusion with Mr T shopping this week as had done shopping for friend who has c.vid. I was doing an online y.ga class when shopping arrived and ploppy had helpfully piled both lots of shopping in quarant.ne box!
Our main car is soaking wet inside on passenger side floor - front and back. No windows open. not looking good as seems coming from underneath. Booked in to be looked a on Tues. Have just had heating fixed. Still "negotiating" with JL over our "built in" m'w.ve which has big gap under it - and so was not built in despite us paying extra to have it fitted. in end I had to tweet them - that did get things moving and new installers who came out agreed that it was missing the fitting kit - which despite us telling them in advance of the problem , they had not brought with them!! So still chasing!
Saus rolls are beeping so must dash and take out of oven. Very heavy snow now.

Diana wrote:
Sunday, January 24, 2021, 17:52
Afternoon. There was a heavy frost when I got up and we had a fair amount of snow during the morning and early pm. It was coming down heavily for a while and laying but most has now melted, just a few patches here and there. We have stayed in all day. Yesterday pm we went for a walk through the nearby big park and thru some woods which were rather muddy so my shoes were a bit of a mess.

This am I washed the sheets, cleaned the bedroom windows and the washing machine. I watched some of the golf and went thru a few more old mags.

Hope Josh's g/f continues to be OK and none of you have caught it, Ali. That's really good to have lost so much weight. My diet has gone to pot so starting again tomorrow. Bo*ts Opticians are still open so Jack should be able to get an appointment.

Trust your vaccine works, Fi. More care for your parents sounds best route for immediate future. Hope your B*rns dinner went well and you had a good evening ... ah see you did. Hope the leak problem with your car can be fixed.

I'm surprised Bruce didn't insist on going for his sausages immediately, Jo. Sounds like he's getting plenty of walks at mo.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, January 25, 2021, 07:39
Morning and a white world outside. Our s word started falling about 9.30pm (when we were on our video chat with Twin so she was able to watch it falling on us before it reached her about an hour later!). We have about 2 inches – during the afternoon we had a slight thawing with snow falling from the trees but the ground is still covered. I was woken this morning by the sound of a car going down the road over what sounded like breaking glass. I am assuming that it is very icy out (currently -2C here). We are due sunshine later and possibly temperatures of 5C so I am anticipating the s word will all disappear.

Ali that’s good news that Josh hasn’t got the virus, and that although C’ney is still testing positive she is feeling fine. Well done on the weight loss! I think you deserve to feel pleased with yourself. There is something romantic about the idea of being in an open top sports call all wrapped up and warm (I suspect the heated seats help as much as the blankets!). Perhaps not in a snowstorm though! Whenever any family or friends leave their cars with us if they are flying from XHR MM asks for their car keys so he can just move the car backwards and forwards a couple of times whilst they are away to avoid the brakes sticking, so a good idea if you get Plxppy to take your car to work. Yes I think Jack should be fine getting an eye test. Has he yet got another date for his on line interview? At least things are progressing if he is receiving the paperwork.

Bruce still seeing the Rxdgebxcks as the enemy then Jo – you mentioned before they are not his favourite dogs. I wonder what it is about them that he has taken against. I see he had a second outing with his friends so was probably feeling quite happy yesterday. Ah throwing away Felf’s order probably not such a good idea! I am sure despite the hiccup she will be quite happy to use your services again. MM loves hxggxs. He went on a scxtch tasting a few years ago near T’gar Square with Lindy’s Paul (Lindy and I went to lunch in CGxrdxn and did the shops there). They had small haggxs (or are they hxggx) about the size of a meatball as nibbles and loved them (to the extent we had to order some for him from S’land). I spoke with June in the afternoon and Elmo had got muddy on his walk so they had given him another shower and this time he loved it!

Goodness Fi I am not sure the heavy frost/snxw would have induced me to go for a run yesterday – hopefully Scollop none the worse for his falls (I agree I am another who thinks running is very bad for your health). A walk round the village sounds a much better prospect. The Bxrns Night sounds lovely. We usually chat to June every day or every other day on our video call (using Alxxa) and of course twice a day to Bubble aka Twin. I can understand your friends’ daughter getting upset by the changes in her routine. Moving Aunt is another that really doesn’t understand that she can’t go out and see people. I can understand that your friends are chary of going out after their self isolation, and also feelings of guilt if you have inadvertently passed the virus to someone else. I can see Ploppy was really trying to do his best to help with the shopping..... Oh that’s not good about the car – when I started to read I thought you had perhaps left one of the windows slightly open (I have done that) and rain had got in, but it seems a little more serious than that. Hmm that doesn’t sound very good of JL – I would expect better of them – especially as installers came to view without bringing the necessary kit! Hope you enjoyed the s’age rolls!

I see your s word didn’t linger too long Diana if most had disappeared. I see you have been industrious again and were going through your cleaning routine (are you SURE you don’t want to come and do my house?). Sadly any thoughts of a diet in this household waned with the weather – I need sunshine and warmth to motivate me as I have said, and after all tomorrow is another day.......... The sky is clearing now and it looks as if there is no cloud cover. Yesterday morning we started off with the most beautiful sky – pale azure with pink clouds, and a most spectacular sunrise – then it clouded over and the s word came, but it was lovely whilst it lasted! I see we are currently doing well in the crxckxt!

We had our service in the morning and then I had my lazy day (I feel guilty reading what Diana managed to do). We amended our order for Mr S who is due this afternoon, and I spoke with June – Barry had just come back from having his jab. They had no snow but heavy frost and icy hail. June said it was quite treacherous underfoot when they took Elmo for a walk, and also tricky driving (fortunately they only had to drive about seven minutes to get to the Vac centre). I did my crosswords during the day and also some colouring and some reading, as well as updating my Mr S order, so had my lazy day. Today I need to sort out my Mr O order for Wednesday, and I have a video meeting with our conductor (her mother in law sadly passed away on Friday, so she is still in Dxvon, but through the wonder of the intxrnxt can still be with us on Wednesday evening. We have our weekly GandT with Twin this evening and then I suspect we will watch some more M’keteers or possible another episode of The Bxy. Morning BHB, yes it is a very frosty start – ah instead of Lavendula you have made Mxlled Wxne – good idea! Let’s take that and the toasted teacakes through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Ali wrote:
Monday, January 25, 2021, 09:19
Morning. Bright and sunny, frosty but no snow. Think we got off lightly! Had a very lazy day yesterday so need to move a bit more today. Will change our bed sheets for a start. Woke up to no elec but knew it must have been ok earlier when J got up. Fuse had tripped. All ok and ploppy has just brought me some tea. It’s his day off today.
Did phone calls to his side of family yesterday. His mum is fine and stepdad has had jab. His dad fine too but stepbrother not good. He is younger than us but diagnosed with prostate cancer. Only discovered when he back pain and it had spread. He’s had surgery on spine and radiotherapy but prognosis not good. He has said he doesn’t want to know how long he has left. Went out and bought a flash car!
MrT coming shortly so better get moving. Bye for now
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, January 25, 2021, 10:42
Morning all and it is a lovely sunny day but we have a lot of snow still. It does look very pretty, but I want it gone! It started falling here after 10am sometime and didn't stop till around 3pm. Around 2pm there was a knock at my door and it was my neighbour who parks next to me. He had been in his car and got out to de ice the window or something, He had left the driver's door open and the car started to roll back and the door went onto my car. Grrr! Anyway he said he couldn't see any damage but wanted me to know and have a good look when the snow has gone and he would pay for any damage , so I couldn't be angry as he could so easily just not said a word. I did go and look and I really can't see eve a scratch, but will double check later. I was woken this morning by a beep coming from one of my smoke alarms. I have no idea how to stop it as they are wired into the house and not battery run. I will have to see if I can find any instructions anywhere as it is driving me mad! So much excitement isn't good for me!

Ali I forgot to say well done on the weight loss. I definitely need some of your will power! Glad your in-laws are ok but that is very unhappy new about Ploppy's stepbrother. He sounds to have the right attitude about it though and determined to enjoy life while he can.

I'm sure Felf will forgive you about the order Jo, especially if she needs another one! So Bruce not a fan of a bath then! Tell him not to get mucky if he doesn't like them! I can see why you don't want to repeat the experience!

You sound to have had a lovely Burn's night Fi. Can't say I love haggis, though I don't mind it. Feel running in this weather is very hazardous. Well round here it would be as it is still freezing and icy snow not ideal for it! Not liking the sound of the leak in the car. Hope it is nothing too major.

Your house must be gleaming Diana! I should think today will be a lovely one for a walk, if you want one.

Morning BHB and we have Lavendula of course, oh and Mulled Wine. Delicious! So let's take more and some teacakes through and join the CM.
Diana wrote:
Monday, January 25, 2021, 19:37

We had a little more snow last night but it didn't lay. There's still the odd bit of white, including the bed outside the lounge which doesn't get the sun at this time of year.

It's been cold today but lovely. We had a walk after lunch. A couple of potholes in the Close were iced over. In the morning I did the usual Monday chores, cleaned another window, watched next ep of The F*ll and spoke to Mum. Their new phone had just been delivered so they were going to look at the instructions after lunch. I'll find out how they got on tomorrow. After our walk we watched last night's Sim*n R*eve prog.

I am positive I don't want to do your house, Carol, there's far too much to do here!

Sorry to learn about Ploppy's stepbrother, Ali.

That's a pain about your neighbour's car, Pauline, trust your car is OK. And hope you were able to sort out the alarm, the beeps are so annoying. I've been meaning to ask how your rash has been recently?
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 08:14
Morning and still white here – the s word didn’t thaw yesterday; well the trees lost some of the snow and there was a partial thaw but it has frozen over again overnight (currently -2) so the road outside looks as treacherous as yesterday and the lawn is still covered.

You were very lucky not to get any snow Ali – I think it didn’t reach as far as they first thought it might. I think you deserved your day off on Sunday! I hate it when a fuse trips – our fuse box is in the garage and needs a stepladder to reach it, so I usually leave it to MM but there have been a couple of times (after his op) when I have had to do it! I see Ploppy had a day off and was looking after you. Oh that’s very sad about Ploppy’s stepbrother. My father wasn’t diagnosed with pc until it had spread to all his bones. I can understand not wanting to know how long he has, and good for him buying a flash car!

Diana the s word does seem to have fallen heaviest around here and up to Twin – the big town the other side of the X40 to Jo, where Twin and I go to the JL, had a lot fall – but it always does as it leave up to the first part of its name (High). The pavements around here were too treacherous for walking – I noticed none of the neighbours that we see off for their walks ventured out yesterday and I doubt they will today. I don’t think anyone wants a broken bone at the moment!! Fingers crossed for the new phone being connected and working!! Are you quite quite sure about doing my house??

Our delivery from Mr S came at 2.40 - just when I had joined the zoom meeting, so I had to leave them and then go back later. All ok with the delivery (the driver said he was out delivering in the blizzard on Sunday), although one pack of meat was use by yesterday, but I am assuming will be ok to cook today, so I will be making a beef casserole with it. I spoke with June in the afternoon (Barry has had no reaction to his injection, nor has Paul, although Paul said he felt tired), and she is going to take up colouring too - she is awaiting a delivery of pencils and book!! Gemma has been doing some and said how therapeutic it was, so she will give it a go. I did a couple of pages yesterday. During the evening we ended up watching two further episodes of The Bxy, as it got quite exciting. Only two more episodes to go!! We might fit those in this evening and then we will go back to the M’keteers, which are stand alone episodes so not so essential that you are able to follow the thread! We have HC to fit in tonight as well of course. Today we need to watch some videos before our Church Growth on line Zoom course tomorrow - 10 until 3 (although we do have our Mr O delivery in the middle of it!!). Not really looking forward to it, especially as we had done all the sessions bar the final one, so will be going over things we have already done!! The next session is due to be when I am on Jury service! Oh and on that subject MM has said he will drive to the court and back so I won’t need to use public transport – I have to confess that is a relief!! Morning BHB, yes another chilly start. Let’s take the hot buttered rum and the toasted bagels into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 09:47
Morning all and it is another cold one though at 0c a bit less so than the last couple of days! Still have lots of snow though I think it will go in the next day or so as we get a warm front coming through. I see they think we may get more in a week or so sent from Frxnce. How kind of them, not! So I had a fin morning yesterday dealing with the beep! I thought it would be a battery problem but as it is mains powered it's lower half that unscrewed was wired to the ceiling bit. I don't like to go tugging at wired when not sure if it is meant! I asked for help on the neighbours WhxtsApp and got some nicely detailed instructions. I also found the instruction leaflet which gave me the name ot it and was able to find a video online showing me what to do, After all this I went and did it about 5 mins! Thankfully I had the right battery as it was indeed the back up battery. It was a huge relief to stop the beeping! After that I needed a lie down in a darkened room! Instead I had a coffee! All this took up quite a lot of the day so not much else done. I am awaiting a delivery from Mr W this morning and then after that excitement I may think about sorting another jigsaw, or I could be good like Dina and do some h/work. Hum that's a tricky one!

Thanks for asking about my rash Diana. I still have small outbreaks nearly every day, but although itchy mainly they are much smaller, just like hives in most cases. I get the occasional spready one but nothing like I have had. I am full of hope my body it slowly learning to deal with it, but who knows. It could all break out again tomorrow! Touch wood I will be ok though. I hope your parent's phone is up and running.

Morning BHB and what have we today? hot buttered rum? Oooh lovely, let's take more and son=me bagels through to the CM. I think it is time for a snuffle!
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 12:34
Hello All. We have had heavy snow up here too Carol 3-4 ins, which is fairly unusual for us. Yesterday was fab day – wall to wall sunshine and crisp snow. We had fab walk down to and along river – tho had to turn back and retrace steps as the circular route had very deep water in places. Made for relatively easy walking – though did hear some people took a tumble. Today is different matter. The back roads (incl. ours) are sheet ice and even the pavements are slippy under the sn.w. Went with ploppy on his newspaper delivery round -he helps local shop by delivering 5 or 6 to others (all younger than us!!) this morning – took us twice as long as normal and we had walking poles to help. Was determined not to fall. Sis is moving – part 1 (ie out of house and into storage) today. Luckily, no snow, ice or rain with them. Had Zoom diocese s’g.arding meeting this morning. I haven’t been much involved last yr but came up with suggestion for “encouraging” local parish clergy etc to take up the mandatory training. Everyone loved the suggestion (is a bit “sly” – but needs to be!) and so I felt I had done my bit to help. Got several days of training coming up!
My dad his now deteriorating physically a lot. Wont go into details but in non c.vid times would def be looking at care home and /or inc.ntinence /distr.ct etc nurs.s coming in. It is so difficult to try and balance the totally different needs of 2x90+ yr olds. Dad needs care almost continuously (just because no-one knows when he will get up – but when he does he requires a lot of help now) but sloppy requires very little care and doesn’t want a “stranger” sitting round her house not doing much and making her feel uncomfortable in her own home. There is no easy answer here. Was on ph to her several times yesterday to try and support her.
Am starting to worry abt my 2nd dose of v.ccine. As the vacc.ne won’t have as good an effect on me I really need 2nd dose at least within in 12 weeks to even get up to other people’s 1st dose level. Think all ph.rma cos having difficulties with supply and so don’t need ph.rma nation.lism happening as well. Tho I understand rationale of incr time btwn doses I always worried that supply wld be an issue.
Pauline – well done on your electronic mastery. I am very impressed at your research in finding out the issue and your tech ability in sorting it. Think you are due a day off today.
Ali- sad news re ploppy’s relative. So sad for people with t.erminal diagnosis that some of their time having to be spent in lockdown. But good on him for making the most of his time out and about with sports car.
Diana – I am like you in not following diet at mo. I have put on weight (I blame the daily g.ns after ph calls with sloppy – but my baking may also have sthing to do with it!!). You are a h’work whizz at moment.
Jo _ I think I have lost track of what the outcome of your h.spital consultation was? Did you get any help with your pain and lack of mob.lity? I do hope that you are not in too much pain.
Carol – I am thinking I maybe should try some col.uring for after my daily ph calls to sloppy rather than g.n! Our w.fi was playing up last night so couldn’t get any c.atchup tv so must try and watch 1st ep of The B.y today. Like you we have a regular church met on a Wed eve so will feel justified in binge watching! Though should finish Br.dgerton first!
Going to make 2nd lot of m.rmalade today.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 13:47
Afternoon all.

My parents' new phone set has been set up and is working. Dad called someone via Ch*ckatrade and he came in this morning. They now have a permanent phone in their conservatory, as well as lounge and bedroom, so won't have to remember to take one in with them and there hopefully won't be any repeats of the phone not being put back properly. Phew!

We still had a bit of snow in the garden first thing but this has now melted. A very grey day with some light rain late am, it's also still feeling chilly so we're staying in. I cleaned the kitchen & utility windows, have done the I word and watched another ep of The F*ll. Just had a treat for lunch - smoked salmon on bagels.

Yes, Carol, I am very sure!

Well done on replacing your alarm battery, Pauline.

I sympathise about your parents, Fi. After the recent problems, my brother and I are wondering how much longer our parents can continue as they are.
maeve12 wrote:
Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 16:34
Woke up on Sunday to a winter wonderland which was rather worrying as I had to get to Stev.ge for my jab.
Some discussion about the best car to take, daughter has a bit of an old banger at the moment.

We set off early, as we thought roads might be busy or blocked but it was quite clear, I think a lot of people had not turned up for their appointments and we arrived very early.

I was told to go straight through, had to answer a couple of questions, NHS number was checked. jab jabbed and I was done. I have quite a bruise on my arm, but no discomfort.

Snow just about gone and ice. thank goodness.

Hope g/f is clear soon Ali, 10lb in two weeks is amazing you must have been starving.
Keep well everyone.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 18:48
Maeve glad you have been jabbed. Fi good that yours has been done too. As long as you carry on keeping away from people, should be OK. I keep away from people all the time. I try to phone Felf when I can, instead of going around to see her. She has visits from her son in law, daughter and her son. Too many people for my liking. She does need the help.

I have a click and collect from Mr W tomorrow. This excited Felf as there were a couple of things she wanted. MrW is difficult to get deliveries, but good for C+C. The shop isn't far, just has a rubbish set up for C+C. I did suggest they looked at MrT's set up last time I was there. If they haven't improved I will repeat my suggestion.

There is still some snow on the ground here, not too bad. Bruce has been leading me around. If you were watching Lorraine on Monday, she was walking her little dog by the river near me. I've not been over there for a while due to walking over the bridge.

Well done Ali, I really must have a go.

Fi the parent problem must be difficult. I hope a solution can be found.

Diana, great that the phones have been sorted for parents. I have a landline in the middle room downstairs. I only answer it if I'm in that room or the kitchen. If I'm resting upstairs or on the sofa I don't bother, as the ringing stops before I get there. Unless it is a spam call, they hang on for ages. Mw1cat forgets the instruction to phone my mobile and moans at me.

The Secret Place (film) - a 1957 British crime film. It stars Belinda Lee, Ronald Lewis and David McCallum in a supporting role. Everyone looks very young. David McCullum looks very very young.
Not sure I'll watch it through, it is a touch boring

Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 07:22
Morning and the snow has disappeared. It stayed chilly for most of yesterday but was about 4/5C and in the early evening we had drizzle, which helped get rid of some of the snow (we could see grass peeping through the snow on the back lawn. It has obviously continued to be wet throughout the net and not a sign of snow or ice. It is certainly warmer this morning – I just put the rubbish out for collection so I know it is warm (well 7C which is definitely warm compared with -2/-3!).

Fi you sound as if you had more s word than we did – your village looked very pretty on FB. I see you braved a walk – I did see a couple of people walking past our house – they were all going very gingerly as we still have compacted ice. I am not surprised you heard of people who had falls. Well done on helping Ploppy with his paper round!! That is lovely of hi to make the deliveries – I am not surprised it took you twice as long! Mrs Chris in C’msford missed out on the s word too. As you say very good for your sis and her move. So you are still working – or will be once the training happens! So sorry to hear that your father is deteriorating so much. I can see the difficulty of trying to deal with two seniors with totally different needs now. I don’t envy you all trying to resolve that. I am sure your mother appreciates the phone support;but understand the need for a drink afterwards – colouring might be the answer! That’s my excuse for binge watching too!! I am sure the mxrmalade will be delicious.

That’s excellent news about the phone Diana, well done to your Dad in getting someone in so quickly. Very good idea to have a permanent phone in the conservatory as well as the other areas as it will mean they don’t have to remember to take one in, or try to rush to answer one of the other phones if they forget. As you say – phew! Wise to decide to stay in I think!! I see you are still busy with the cleaning, so will let you off coming and doing my cleaning for me!!

I can see why you were somewhat worried when you woke on Sunday and had the journey to S’vage to make. I suspect you are right and lots of people decided to stay put rather than risk going out for the jab in the light of the weather. You are the first person I have heard who ended up with a bruise – hopefully you won’t have any other after effects.

I think we are all doing our best to keep away from people Jo – lovely that you phone Felf to make sure she is ok – I can see she is having plenty of people from the family round (have to say that seems a lot!). I agree Mr W is VERY difficult to get slots for (in fact I haven’t managed it yet!). Ah so the snow isn’t stopping Bruce having his walk. Twin watches Lorraine sometimes so may well have seen the river near you. I started thinking where we have phones and realised we have five – three downstairs and two upstairs – we don’t have one in the conservatory but there is one in the dining room so it is close to hand. Ah Mc1cat still forgetting to phone your mobile then!! I used to like David McC in Sxpphire and Stxxl with Joanna L!

We managed to watch the videos so we are ready for our course today. I made a beef casserole in the slow cooker and we ate that in the evening. I did manage to fit some colouring in. During the evening we watched the last two episodes of The Bxy interspersed with HC! Then we watched a V of D for some light relief. Today we have our course starting at 10 am so that will take up most of the day. Looking at the Agenda we might be lucky in that our delivery from Mr O is due in the hour for lunch! This evening it is choir rehearsal – also on zoom so we will have square eyes by the end of the day. I see the Chxlsxa F Show has been put back to September this year – I still wonder if the Os will happen in Jxpxn or not. Morning BHB, yes it is quite damp out but much warmer than the last few days. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Blxe Hxavxn through to the conservatory. We can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM to join us.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 10:35
Morning all and it is a damp day but all the snow has gone so that is very good. It is 7c at the moment so positively tropical compared with the last week or so, mind I see France maybe sending us more snow next week, so kind of them! Had a more restful day yesterday, after I took delivery from Mr W and did a bit of h/work I started sorting another jigsaw. This one looks complicated as well, still I like a challenge! I get deliveries fairly easily now from Mr W as I am on their vulnerable list so get to see dates available first and can book up to 2 weeks in advance. I know how hard it is to get them ordinarily I as I tried before I was listed. Today I will continue with the jigsaw of course and see how it goes.Hoping our binmen turn up today. Yesterday only the food waste was collected, so not sure if they will miss us out for this week altogether.

So sorry about your Dad Fi. It is difficult to deal with in the best of times which this certainly isn't . I can fully understand your Mum not wanting someone in full time. I do hope a solution can be found somehow. Hope the marmalade making was good. Feel gin may help more though.

Oh that's good about the phones Diana, what a relief for you. Great that they got someone in so quickly. Smoked salmon on bagels is one of my favourite lunches!

Maeve I can see your problem on Sunday about getting to S'venage. Lucky that it was ok and even better it made it easy for you. Not so nice about the bruise, hope it is the only side effect!

Jo I saw the bit of Lxrraine walking Angus and thought of you immediately! Tricky one with Felf as that does sound too many people for comfort, though I am sure she does need them. Ringing seems the best option to me. I loved David M in the M from Uncle and S&S. Gosh, such a long time ago. Scary!

Morning BHB and we have Blxe Hxxven and paninis today? Just what we need I think, so let's get more and find the CM.

Ali wrote:
Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 11:03
Morning. Definitely warmer today, woke up very hot and had to turn bedroom radiator down and open window.
Yesterday ploppy was told whole company is being put on flexi-furlough. Not entirely sure how it will work and hopefully won’t affect him too much. Sloppy had her jab Monday night. All very well organised. She felt a bit nauseous on the way home but may have been the car journey as she hasn’t been in a car for a longish drive for months. Felt fine yesterday.
I’m desperate to get out for a walk, probably because I know I can’t! Only fresh air I get is putting the recycling or rubbish out!
Tonight I have a zoom with my fellow church officers. We decided to have a social zoom as opposed to business one.
Love to all, stay safe x
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 12:02

It's much less cold today though damp and not very inviting. I'm going to pop out soon to the postbox and probably have a short walk, don't feel like doing much exercise today. I cleaned the hall windows after breakfast, that's the last of the windows I'm going to do at this time, all the main rooms have been cleaned. Ought to dust and vacuum the bedroom today but may leave it until tomorrow, though that means the job I was intending to do then will be put back but who's going to know other than me! I watched the next ep of The Fall and then phoned Mum on their landline. She said they had spent the morning tidying the phone wiring as all the old wires were still on the floor and it was a mess - she said she was keeping an eye on Dad and being very careful!

I had a call from my work friend yesterday. Sadly her mother has just died, from a fall rather than covid.

Horrible milestone passed yesterday.

Heard that Ch*lsea Flower Show has been put back to September. Not good timing for us so may have to ask for a refund.

Glad to hear you had your job, Maeve, despite the weather.

Good idea to phone Felf given number of her family who visit, Jo.

Hope your course has gone smoothly and wasn't too boring, Carol. It's easy to switch off (mentally, not physically) when watching something online.

Hope new work arrangements don't affect ploppy negatively, Ali.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, January 28, 2021, 07:29
Morning and another wet day forecast (I can’t actually see what it is doing at the moment as it is still dark and gloomy) – still it is warmer (10C)!

I know what you mean about having to turn the radiator down and open a window Ali – we sleep with our window slightly open (well apart from when it was down around -3 – we closed it then!) and were still warm. I am not sure what flexi-furlough is? Hopefully, as you say, it won’t affect him too much. I haven’t heard of anyone else feeling nauseous after the jab – tired and sometimes a sore arm seem to have been the main reactions. You could emulate my cousin’s wife and walk round and round the garden..... Hope you enjoyed your social zxxm last night.

No it was a damp dismal day here too Diana. I see the windows in your house are still being cleaned and must be absolutely gleaming by now. That’s usually MM’s job here. Ah wise of your mother to keep an eye on your father and all the wires! At least you now have the comfort of knowing you can reach your Mum on the landline. That’s sad for your work friend losing her mother, especially as it was from a fall and therefore not expected. I had forgotten you had booked to go to CFS this year – that will be a shame you will have to miss it. I think the plans are for it to be back to its normal time in 2022.

We were very glad to be able to stand up at 3pm when we finished our course (we did have a couple of five minutes comfort breaks during the day and 40 minutes for a lunch break). I empathise with all those people who are having to look at screens all day for working from home! Our Mr O delivery came early by about ten minutes so we had to duck out to put it all away, but we could still hear what was being said for the main part as I set up the laptop on the breakfast bar to give us both space for taking notes. We put away the fridge and freezer things and left the other items until the lunch break. Our second session (of four) is in April. June rang me whilst we were on the course, so I had to ring her back after we had finished just after 3pm. There has been a case of Covid in Moving Aunt’s Care Home, so she is now unable to visit our aunt. Fortunately they had nearly all had their first vaccinations a couple of weeks ago (including my aunt) so hopefully will have a degree of protection. We had a couple of people missing from rehearsal last night for various reasons. It sounds as if Marg (our conductor) is going to be in Devon for some few weeks yet. The funeral is in a couple of weeks time and then they have to sort out the house and put it on the market. The computer she uses was her father-in-law's, so it was lucky it was still there (he died in November 2019). Last week she had to download zoom on to it before we started the rehearsal. Today MM is off for his vaccination – I will drive him and drop him off at the centre then collect him once he is done. Afterwards he has a meeting up at the church with the roofer, so I will take him up there, or if he feels ok he will drop me off at home and go on his own.. It will be nice to get out this week even if I am only sitting in the car!! I had some meat delivered as part of the Mr O order so Ill be cooking that later and popping it into the freezer for another day. We would normally have our GandT with Mary and Les tonight but she is having her vaccination in Lxndxn (they are driving up and back), so we have moved that to tomorrow. We will be watching Death in Paradise this evening of course. Morning BHB, yes it is a gloomy start to the day. Let’s take the hot buttered crumpets and the Serendxpxty into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, January 28, 2021, 10:11
Morning all and we had a nice bit iof sun and a mild 10c until 5 mins ago, now we are back to cloudy and damp! Still it is lovely to feel a bit warmer. Yet again I am struggling to remember what I did yesterday, I think I should perhaps start taking notes! Glad to say the bin men came so the recycling has gone. I did also sort out some paperwork which mean I have a pile of shredding to do at some point, and made a very nice chicken casserole for dinner. So much excitement! I did also do some jigsaw and have made a nice start so I feel that will be my main occupation today.

Ali I am assuming flexi furlough must be something to do with working some of the time? Not heard of it before. Hope it doesn't affect you too much. Glad you Mum had her jab and is now feeling fine.

Diana I love that your Mum is keeping an eye on your father and the phones! Very wise. Very sad about your friend's Mum. Sudden death like that is very hard to deal with. Well all death is of course. It is a shame about CFS for you but hopefully next year we will be more normal and you can go then. Mean time I will be fascinated to see an autumn show and how different the gardens will be.

Morning BHB and today we have Sxrxndipity and crumpets? Sounds scrummy so let's get more of everything and take it to the CM.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, January 28, 2021, 20:26
Evening all.

After a rather dismal start, it brightened up this pm. Very warm for the time of year, I didn't turn the heating on after it went off at breakfast time. We had a nice walk after lunch, partly on public pathways. In the morning I cleaned the fridge interior, watched the penultimate ep of The F*ll, then turned on the laptop.

We haven't heard from our cleaners in SA for three months despite several emails and a text (Jacky has never been great at communicating but it's never been this long) so will try calling her tomorrow. Today we have approached the onsite letting agency who we used to use and is under new management. Fingers crossed they will take on the management but there could be an issue passing the keys over. Luckily a friend on the estate has the front door keys though not a full set so we'll ask her if Jacky can't be contacted.

Late pm we had a Sains. delivery. Rather annoyed as several items weren't available, the fish had to be eaten today, the salad and sprouts tomorrow and the sprouts were poor quality. So we had fish & chips with sprouts for dinner! I've decided to cook the remaining sprouts with a tin of toms, garlic & herbs as a sort of soup and possibly some bacon plus rolls for lunch. For dinner we'll have something accompanied by salad, and finish the salad the next day as it should still be OK. I won't be ordering fresh sprouts again this winter, there's a bag in the freezer we can have.

We also sleep with one or two bedroom windows slightly open except when it's freezing. We've heard from Chelsea about our tickets and have decided to have them transferred to September rather than ask for a refund as it's the last week of the month which shouldn't interfere with potential plans. I agree, Carol, about working from home and being in front of the screen all day. I used to enjoy doing that a couple of times a week and also for a month after I broke my foot but not for weeks on end.

Your mention of the bins, Pauline, reminded me that our bins with plastic, glass and tins weren't emptied this morning. The rest of the Close were done and I even saw the recycling lorry but they somehow missed us despite ours being on the edge of our drive and the road and being impossible not to see. I logged it on the Council website and as we returned from our walk, the lorry passed us and they emptied our bins. I was quite impressed with their promptness.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 29, 2021, 07:59
Morning and we have just had a really pretty sky – blue background and pink clouds. It has obviously rained overnight and it looks quite breezy out now. I think we are due more rain/drizzle during the day.

We had sunshine most of the day here Diana. I agree it is very mild for the time of year, although I think it is due to be cooler next week. So you have nearly finished The Fxll. I was very sorry there were only three series. That’s worrying you haven’t heard from your cleaners for over three months. Hopefully you will be able to talk today and the old/new management company will take on your house. As you know, I was annoyed with my last two Mr S deliveries as I think I mentioned – both occasions I had casserole beef that was use by delivery day. Other things have been ok (and I would never order sprouts as I don’t like them), but I have had to make casseroles straight away rather than keep them for later in the week. I think I said when we were shopping we watched some of the staff collecting things for orders and they don’t check the dates at all, but just take things straight from the front of the shelves. The nice thing about Mr O is that they tell you in the email for the delivery day if anything has a short shelf life. So you may get to C’sea after all. Sensible to have the tickets transferred I think. That was very quick of the Council!

Yesterday turned into a very nice day - whilst I was waiting for MM I sat in the car with the window down and it was very pleasant. I dropped him at the centre and then went and parked nearby (in the road where the Hall we used to perform in is located) - the steward in the car park said MM would be about 25 minutes, so I sat and did my crossword whilst I waited. He had the Pfxzxr vxccinxtion, which I guessed was the case when they said 25 minutes as I know with that particular jab you have to wait fifteen minutes before they let you go. So far no after effects. I made some b’nese sauce in the slow cooker when we reached home – using the mince from my Mr O order. Two containers went into the freezer so that will be two more meals for us both. MM was fine to drive so he left me at home and went off to see the roofer. They did further investigations into where the rainwater might be coming in and think they may have found where it occurs. The Roofer is going back to put more waterproofing “sploge” (MM’s words) on. Fingers crossed!! During the afternoon I got caught up in colouring again!! In the evening we caught up with The Rxpxir Shop from Wednesday, then a M’sketeers, and finally DinP for some sunshine! This morning I have my phone calls to make for the church. I also need to start thinking about my preaching slot for Sunday's service. Add in a little light housework and that the day gone! Morning BHB, yes it is a beautiful sky at the moment. Let’s take the Vanillita and hot pikelets into the conservatory. We should have plenty of time for a nice snuffle before the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, January 29, 2021, 10:38
Morning all and it is a wet and rather dreary day here. Still quite mild for the time of year though I believe it will get cooler and possibly snow again tomorrow. Ah well I wasn't going anywhere anyway! I made a good start on the jigsaw yesterday, I did tear myself away and do a few bits rou nd the house, but time flies when I get immersed in the thing. Watched all the lovely sunshine on DiP last night. If only! Never mind. With yet another vaccine on the way to approval, hopefully we will all be able to be jabbed soon and things will open up a little more at least.

Hope you manage to get in touch with you SA cleaner Diana. It is the downside of having a home abroad I suppose, you can't get at it easily! I think if you can get to CFS in Sept it will be fab as I am sure people will be having a real celebration at hopefully being able to have a show at all. I have had a use by date problem with some foods in the past. I found when I first used MrW on a Monday the dates were iffy, If I get the food on Tuesday they are much better as I think they must have newer stock in by then. Must say f&c and sprouts is novel! I have salad bags and find they are ok for a couple of days after the best before date.

Morning BHB and we have Vanillita and pikelets today? Delish, so let's get more and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Friday, January 29, 2021, 11:25
Morning. Definitely feels warmer but forecast not great. Ploppy starting work late today (and finishing late) so we sat and sorted some admin. Long overdue in his case!
Had an online chat with former boss last night, she told me sad news of former customer whose husband contracted covid in care home and then died. She’d been sitting with him as the end was near but then had to leave to self isolate so he died alone. So devastating 😢
Just interrupted by phone call from sloppy, she was worried about her heating. She doesn't understand the thermostat properly yet as it’s all newly fitted. Talked her through it and hopefully all ok.
Hope you get house sorted in SA Diana. CFS in autumn sounds lovely. Must ask boss if her husband will be there this year
Re: short dates on shopping deliveries. We had a few but recently much better. Did freeze a few things as soon as they arrived.
Cats had a mad 1/2 hour charging about but all asleep now.
Better sort the washing out and put the hoover round
Diana wrote:
Friday, January 29, 2021, 15:40
Afternoon all.

Mixed day weather wise, we've had a little sun and blue sky but more dark sky and showers. At least it's not that cold.

I did the I word after breakfast then updated our next Sains. order with some of the items omitted yesterday and others I need. Also renewed our virus protection for two years. Phoned my parents and then went back online as Mum wanted a delivery middle of next week but earliest I could get was Thurs evening. Phoned SA cleaners and as anticipated it went straight to voicemail so left a message. After lunch I phoned V*rgin M about our account as the cost is going up soon. Had to hang on for 50 mins before got to speak to anyone but got approx £20 per month off so fairly happy about that. Ploppy has been watching the golf most of the day but is going in the gym shortly so I might watch last ep of The F*ll. Keep thinking it's Saturday.

Hope the source of the leak has finally been located, Carol.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, January 30, 2021, 08:00
Morning and wet here but 6C so I think we will avoid any of the s word – not so sure about Twin though. Yesterday we had heavy rain, then sunshine, then it was very overcast, before turning to overnight rain – so a very mixed bag.

Ali – did you hear the sxnic boom? Apparently it was over N’folk so I thought you might have been affected. Hopefully Ploppy wasn’t working too late yesterday. Oh that is sad about your former customer (I am assuming this is last previous boss?). Victoria rang yesterday to tell me one of her bridesmaids (and Uni friend) who lives near to her lost her husband last week. It wasn’t Cxvxd but lung c – he was in hospital and they rang to say for her and the children to go in (the children are similar ages to Imogen and Marcus) and they saw him just before he died. I think Victoria was still in shock as they socialised with the family a lot and the children (in normal times) would have sleepovers etc. Hopefully you managed to resolve Sloppy’s heating problem. I didn’t realise your current boss’s husband displayed at CFS – I wonder if he was there when we have been. I see the cats were very active yesterday!! How are Jxsh and g/f (more particularly g/f). MM’s daughter in C’wall (OT for Trxrx hospital) has tested positive so she and the two children are self isolating.

I agree Diana that the only good thing about yesterday’s weather was that it wasn’t that cold. I now have a ring binder which contains our printed off orders. That way we can just right on a particular delivery page what we need to add or change and then at the weekends we go through and double check everything! So no response from the cleaners (I hope they are ok!) hopefully they will respond to the message. Well done on getting £20 a month off your V’gin account. I was like you yesterday and kept thinking it was Saturday. In fact by the time we had had our GandT with Mary and Les I was even more confused as of course we normally do that on a Thursday!

News of the day is that I have my vxccinxtion appointment - I had a text yesterday and am going next Thursday (so one week exactly after MM). No appointments at the centre he went to, so I am off to the large one that has been set up in Hxyxs for mine. MM said he had a slightly aching arm yesterday, but nothing else. I would really like to have my second jab before I do my jury service but feel that is unlikely. During the afternoon I typed up MM's reports for our PCC in a couple of week - they are emailed out before the meeting so people can read them in advance (I am not sure that they do!). I spoke with June a couple of times during the day, then had the call from Victoria (we have organised a zxxm chat for tomorrow). Then it was our GandT with Mary and Les. Mary said all was well organised up at Gxys Hxspxtal (in fact whilst she was waiting after her vac they were given tea and coffee – MM feeling a little miffed he didn’t get offered anything! Today I have the ironing to do and I need to type up my service notes for tomorrow. Clty this evening of course and another episode in the realms of fantasy. You wonder how one hospital can have so much happening at the same time on the wards and in the C’lty department!!! Morning BHB, yes it is a dull day isn’t it. Let’s take the Ampxrsxnd and the toasted bagels through to the conservatory. We can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM to join us.
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, January 30, 2021, 10:36
Morning all and it is absolutely horrid here. It rains then sleets then snows, it can't make it's mind up! I will not be going out today. Yesterday cheered up a lot so I too the car for a run. It was lovely to get out and the car loved it too! Again there was a lot of people out and about though I think less than last week when I was out. No news about any vaccine for me yet. I am very jealous of Twin! Lat I heard we had got ahead of the programme and last weeks supply had been diverted which is fair enough. Spent an hour or two on the jigsaw and it is taking a bit of shape now Today it will be the laundry first then I will give it another bashing. (Snowing again now. oh no it is sleet again!)

How awful about that lady's husband Ali. They have been showing clips of people who have lost people in this pandemic. So sad and devastating for them. Hope Sloppy's heating is ok, she will certainly need it today I think!

So no joy actually talking to the cleaner then Diana. Hopefully she is ok and will answer the message. At least you have back up keys. Well done on the money off. I keep meaning to sort out the money I pay for Skx as I think I could do without some of it, but never get round to it.

Morning BHB and you have Ampxrsxnd and bagels for us today? Wonderful. Let's get more and find the CM.

Ali wrote:
Saturday, January 30, 2021, 11:17
Morning. Was woken in early hours by wind rattling something outside. Awake for couple of hours then fell asleep again. As a result I’m a bit behind this morning, not that it matters!
Carol, bosses husband designed the Montess*ri garden 2 yrs ago and won gold medal. Jack is currently working for him.
Josh’s g/f still ok, they are bored now. Isolation ends Monday. We didn’t hear sonic boom!
Sloppy’s heating was fine, she just didn’t understand the thermostat 🙄
Sad news about Victoria’s friend. Hope MM’s daughter is ok.
Nice negotiating Diana. Always good to barter over renewals.
Meant to ask Carol if your car was ok after neighbour knocked it?
Finding it hard to get motivated today. Sis just txt to say Sloppy realised her driving licence expired in Nov and has asked her to renew it. I did it last time and prob should offer but as she was asked I’m not interfering!
Diana wrote:
Saturday, January 30, 2021, 12:04
Morning all.

Grey and miserable here but at least it's rain, won't be going out today so ought to go on the treadmill later.

We've transferred our SA Feb flights that were cancelled to the autumn. Thought we'd have to pay extra as the new flights are more expensive but B* didn't charge the difference.

I still haven't watched The F*ll last ep - Ploppy has the golf on again this am. I did watch the last ep of V*ctoria's children yesterday on iPlayer. Did a wash first thing and cleaned the ensuite. The cleaning seems never ending, as soon as I've done the last room, it's time to do the first again, and I really ought to do the spare bedrooms soon.

Good news about your vaccine appointment, Carol. Sad about Victoria's friend.

Know what you mean about getting motivated, Ali. There's loads of things I ought to be getting on with, especially while the weather's poor.
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, January 30, 2021, 12:29
Hello. Dire day here too Pauline - much, much worse than dreich! Very difficult to go for walks even when not raining as ground all flooded again by river. I too am feeling a bit "unsettled".
Diana - I too have cleaned all the glass downstairs - incl all display cabinets and shelves. some really needed doing! given stairs a very good clean today. so think that is h'wrk for this week. Always good to get the satisfaction of a deal. Now to decide how to spend your "savings" - I always love how Eva always found excellent ways to spend her savings.
Ali- good going of boss's ploppy to win gold. I need to look into getting "smart" controls for our heating but I know I am not really smart enough to then work out to use the controls!
Pauline - think you may win out by having v.ccine later - and have the Az one. i always worried about Pf.zer 2nd dose supply and now that E. playing silly b.ggers think my fears may be justified. Will be a disaster of epic proportions if the most vulnerable and N.S staff in UK can't get their 2nd dose. Have written to MP to ask that N.S stops giving out first dose of Pz and keeps all existing supplies for 2nd doses but hope that common sense prevails and EU and rest of world (OZ, J.p.n and C.nada are also up in arms with E.) can come to agreement.
Carol - I was like MM and only had very slight achey arm for about 1 hour - and didnt get a cuppa! was tired the following day but that may have been to do with parents. It is such a shock when young person di.s. when my best friend died of C in her early 40s it stunned me for a long time. So V will probably be in shock for quite a time. Hope Mms daughter keeps well. My friend who had it is just tired - and now has lost her sense of taste - one wk after self is.lation ended.
Not sure what to do today but might try out a v.gan cake recipe. scollops 30th bday end of next month so need to work out what to do. if anyone has any v.gan b.king recipes can you send me a link please. I can do meals now 9wel a few) but haven't tried b.king - apart from my t.ffin - which is yum.
BTW - I watched "The D.g" on Netflix last night. a one off film with C M.lligan and R F.ennes about the unearthing of the S.tton H.o treasures. . it was fab - very slow and ethereal but beautiful. worth watching. we have booked S.ffolk cottage for end of May - so hope to visit S.tton H.o then
I see Jo hasn't been on blog for while. hope she is Ok .
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, January 31, 2021, 07:20
Morning and still dark but it looks dry out. Yesterday was on and off rain for most of the day – our poor postie looked drenched when he delivered a parcel. He said the ground is totally sodden. So it is the last day of January – it has seemed like a very long month (even more so than usual!)!

Oh was that the garden they were going to relocate to Bethnal Green after the CFS Ali? The children friendly one? Wonderful that boss’s husband won a gold (highly coveted!) medal for it. I can understand the boredom of being isolated – at least the end is in sight tomorrow. MM’s daughter has friends who are getting food in for them, so at least she isn’t having to worry about that, her mother is also having to isolate as they live close to each other and she has the children when they come home from school and Vicci is still working at the hxspxtal. It must be a relief that Sloppy’s heating is ok, and hopefully now she knows how the thermostat works it should be fine for the future. It was Twin’s car that had the encounter with a neighbour; our’s is safely on our drive. So the conversation with Sloppy about giving up driving is still in abeyance I take it.

That’s good you have managed to transfer your flights to SA Diana, and not to have to pay extra for it. Ah so you still don’t know what has happened in The Fxll! I was glad I binged watched it so I didn’t have to wait in suspense for an episode a week! Yes very sad about Victoria’s friend. I am another who is finding it tricky to get motivated – especially with the weather how it is! Tomorrow lunchtime they are restarting the Mxllxrca Fxles on the Beeb – we really enjoyed the first series. I try and watch in real time and then I see it again as we watched the episodes on catch up for MM. More lovely sun, sea and blue skies with the added attraction that a lot of the places shown are ones I have been to.

I see you have joined Diana in the cleaning stakes then Fi! Yes Eva was good at finding ways to save her spending – I don’t do too badly but do have difficulty explaining the economics of it to MM!! There was a virologist on the Beeb yesterday morning who said should it be necessary to have a different second jab, it would still be efficacious. Ah so you didn’t have refreshments either; I am not holding my breath for my turn on Thursday. Mary sent me a message to say Les now has his appointment for Tuesday. Yes I think Vxctoria will be in shock for some time; so sad for the children too Tiredness seems to be a theme for people who have had the vxrus but not been hospitalised. Our friend Roy said he is still feeling tired a month after he and the family had the virus over New Year. How did the vxgxn cake trial go? The film sounds really interesting, I wonder it will make it onto A’zon Prxme – I will have to check that out. We have visited S Hxo many years ago and it was fascinating. Jo still active on T.tter so is ok at the moment. The Beeb have some vxgxn cake recipes, I have sent link to you.

I managed to type up my notes for this morning, and to finish all the i word yesterday. I did fit in my usual calls to Twin, and June (her colouring pencils have arrived but she is still waiting for her colouring books) and of course GandT with Lindy and Lawrence. We watched Clty of course – talk about the realms of fantasy!!! Service this morning, then I must remember to update my Mr S order. We have a zxxm chat with V’ria and the children this afternoon. Tonight will be our normal viewing. Morning BHB yes it is nice not to see dark clouds full of rain. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Flxffy Dxck into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM to join us.
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, January 31, 2021, 10:29
Morning all and thank goodness it is dry out there at the moment. Yesterday was just awful all day. Needless to say I didn't go out! I did the first day of washing so I will do that ixxnxxg today. I also had a good go at the jigsaw of course! Even tv was pretty grim last night. I did watch C and almost wished I hadn't! That hospital is a very dangerous place to be! As that was about all I wanted to watch I did another CtM, a very emotional one, so to do something lighter I watched an episode of Sxcrxts of the Museum that is on Beeb 4. It is all about the V&A and so interesting. I have kore wxshing to do today as well as the ixxnxxg so plenty to keep me busy.

Ali it was my poor car that got bashed, but thankfully no damage done that I can see. Their car would have been rolling very slowly when it hit her, so I think I have been lucky. Meanwhile they now have a courtesy car so I assume the door is being repaired. I think I remember that garden, it was lovely. So your Mum not thinking about stopping driving then! Mind I think the license would be good to renew rather than let it lapse.

Good your flights were just transferred at no extra cost Diana. Hopefully this time you will really get there! That is just how I feel about clxxning, it is never ending. As someone once said "so why start!" Sadly not an option but I do tend to have a blitz every now and then and in between do things as I see them. I don't look very hard!

Fi I am hoping to get my jab fairly soon as I will need both to have any chance of our holiday happening this year, which I am still not convinced about, but we'll see. Sadly I can't help with the vegan baking as for a start I am not the greatest of bakers and also I like dairy too much to ever do vegan! Try the BBX Good Food website and ask for vegan cakes, I am sure there are lots these days.

Morning BHB and what do we have today? Tea cakes and Flxffy Dxck? How lovely, let's get more and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, January 31, 2021, 11:57
Morning. Sorry Pauline, I knew it was your car but for some reason typed Carol! Glad it’s ok
Fi I think we used to do an allergen free cake at former work. It was dairy, egg and gluten free and had dates in. Actually very nice. I’ll ask old boss if she has recipe
Bit of a cold wind here but bright. Ploppy just checked my car tyres and gave my car a run. He said far too many people out and about.
We may watch ‘The Dig’ this afternoon as it is set reasonably locally. On local news they interviewed the chap who did the accent coaching. Interesting the variations just over the border. He said people who attempt Norfolk/Suffolk accents generally lapse into West Country.
My phone is pinging with messages from my fellow Brownie/Guide leaders
Diana wrote:
Sunday, January 31, 2021, 13:59
Afternoon. After a sunny start, it's now clouded over and there's a definite drop in temperature today. I went out for a walk mid morning while there was still some sunshine but I was glad I was wearing warmer clothes.

I'm having a day off the laptop, just using the iP*d. I didn't go on the treadmill yesterday pm, instead I watched several eps of Secr*ts of Supermarket Food on catch up which were quite interesting. Ploppy's had the golf on most of the day, firstly from D*bai and now Cal*fornia. Lovely blue skies at both destinations, I'm very envious. At least we are over half way through winter and it's clearly getting dark later.

Fi, any savings we make will go towards the gas & electric costs which will be far higher this winter as we've not been away. Usually while we're in SA at this time of year the heating comes on for 2.5 hours a day just to stop the house getting v cold, this winter the heating's been on for around 15 hours virtually every day. Great that you've had the vaccine and Trust there are no problems getting your second dose.

There were more people out than usual when I was walking this am, Ali. More walkers and a lot of cars, maybe partly because it's Sunday and the weather being horrid yesterday and sunny-ish today.

The golf has finished and Ploppy says I can have the telly so going to see The F*ll.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, February 1, 2021, 07:55
Morning and overcast here, it has obviously rained overnight as the ground is wet – but no huge puddles so nothing like the rain we had last week. It is currently a warm 2C.

We had a bright start to our day too Ali, but if clouded over in the afternoon and turned very chilly. MM due to check our tyres today – the car had a mini run last week to the Vac Centre of course, and will get another this week when I go for my jab. I think people have got to the “I don’t care anymore” stage – if they would only realise all they are doing is prolonging lockdown we might stand a chance! Ah I can see where the accent coach is coming from – I imagine he finds it quite amusing hearing what people come up in terms of accent! I keep meaning to ask what is happening with B/Guides – you must miss it very much.

Your weather sounds very like our’s Diana. I think you were sensible to ignore the sunshine and dress warmly. I can see you suffer as we do from blue sky/sunshine envy! It must be harder for you as normally you would be experiencing it in reality. Yes I always think once we hit the end of January Spring is not far ahead – helped by the days staying lighter longer. Oh that’s a shame you will need to spend the saved money on the heating! So you should now have completed your viewing of The Fxll??

Eva is currently in lockdown. She is hoping to have her first jab sometime in the next two weeks, but says they have similar shortage problems to the rest of Europe, so she is not sure if she might have to wait longer. Her father has had his first injection – like us they started with Care Homes; he has had to go to hospital again – they found a small bleed on his brain but cannot do anything about it. In better news Iselin and Emilion have moved back to their home (they have been staying with Eva’s sister and lovely b-i-l) Yesterday Håkon had his christening but with reduced numbers (five guests) so sadly Eva wasn’t able to go, but they sent photographs and she said he looked lovely in his christening gown. She sends her love to us all and says to stay safe.

The service went well yesterday morning. Afterwards we had a video chat with June (and Elmo). During the afternoon we had our zxxm call with Victoria and the children for an hour - Glen said he was starting to feel very breathless again - which is how he felt when he had cxvid last year. We think it might be long cxvid he has. I was interested to see a snippet on the News last week that people still having breathless problems are having singing lessons with ENO on line – as singing is so good for the lungs. I was very sad to hear Captain Tom is in hospital with the virus after he had pneumxnxa – I am sure he will get the very best treatment. Today we have our Mr S order this morning. This afternoon I will watch the Mxllxrcx Fxles for some added sunshine, and then I have a zxxm meeting with Marg and Jean for Wednesday’s rehearsal. Morning BHB, yes a little gloomy out. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Lavendula into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, February 1, 2021, 10:40
Morning all and it is a very gloomy one here as well. In fact I think it is about to rain again! I feel we have made up any water shortage we had after last summer by now! So did my ixxnxxg yesterday and then more of my jigsaw of course! I am getting on very well with this one and hopefully will finish it soon and be able to do other things for a few days, then I will start another one I daresay! I watched the DA Pxrfxct Plxnet last night as well and was thrilled to see the baby elephants. The lady running it now I think is the daughter of Daphne and Alan who started the orphanage in Nairobi I visited.. It was one of the highlights of my life. Just the most wonderful experience, though heart breaking as well. Today I have a very small amount of ixxnxxg to do, then I daresay more jigsawing before it is time for my g&t with Twin and MM later.

Ali I can see that most people would lapse into a wI think I probably would myself! How are Josh and his g/friend? Hope they are both well and out of quarentine now.

Hope Ploppy is fully recovered now Diana. At least he is well enough to watch the golf! He must be missing playing badly. I always start to feel spring is just round the corner once we get to Feb. OK we might still have dire weather to come but it just seems it won't be too long before things start to improve.

Thanks for the news of Eva Twin. Not so good about her father or the jab situation, but at least it is happier about Iselin and Emilian. Shame the christening was so small but saw the picture Eva put on twitter and it looked a lovely occasion anyway.

Morning BHB and we have Lavendula and crumpets today, just what we need I think so let's get more and go and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Monday, February 1, 2021, 13:06
Hi, sorry I've been MIA. I'm having a bit of pain in my hip, and feel tired. A weak excuse I know. I am having a nap in the afternoon quite often, which I rarely did regularly in the past. Bruce is getting some walks with Teresa. He comes back very muddy sometimes.

I have done a bit of checking re use of a different product for the first and second jab. Some scientists are saying it may be of benefit.

This morning I heard, via the dog walker system, that one of our neighbours, who is just over 80 has got a booking for the first jab. She had been keeping up with the status and had not heard anything. Found out she'd been missed off the list, so this has now been corrected, and she will be going next week. Just checked the surgery site, they have approx 1100 over 70 yrs old patients left to do. Then they should start on my group.

Feel a bit hungry, off to get some lunch

Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 08:11
Morning and it is overcast and has obviously rained as the ground is wet. It feels a lot warmer though (a heady 7C). Yesterday was that damp miserable cold.

Jo, no need to apologise – MM has a sleep most afternoons so you are not alone (well obviously you are not with him!). Did the hospital come up with anything good news about an op? We check to see if you have done any T’er posts so that we know you are ok! I am not surprised Bruce comes home from his walks somewhat muddy – as the postie said the ground everywhere is sodden! Let’s hope we have a good summer to make up for it. Yes there seems to be a view amongst vxrologxsts that there may be benefits to having two different jabs. You can go onto the NXS webpage (mind you not likely for an over 80) if you think you should have heard and put in your date of birth – they will provide a list of places with appointments. They aren’t all local of course so you may wish to wait, as once you have logged onto the system you get picked up. That’s how Mary managed to get Les his appointment for today.

I was really sad to learn that Cpt Txm was in hospital with the wretched vxrxs and even more so to read late last night that his family are with him, so it isn’t looking good. Our Mr S delivery arrived in good time – first ten minutes of our “slot” – we had a lady driver for the first time; a young lady in her early twenties (from what we could see over the mask). MM took down the exterior lights (Candlemxs today so they should be down by this evening and he was frozen when he came back inside. The nxtxvity stable will be put away today too. During the afternoon he went off to the church to empty the buckets in the meeting room so that he can return later in the week and see if any rain has come in after the repair at the weekend. Afterwards he went into the shxpping mxll in U’bridge to go to the bank – he said no one else at the bank and not many people around, so he didn’t even have to pay for parking as his stay was under twenty minutes. I had my zoom meeting with Marg and Jean in the afternoon so we are all sorted for Wednesday evening’s rehearsal. We had our GandT with Twin in the evening so you will be pleased to know the world has been set to rights. We watched WILTY in the evening of course. We enjoyed the M Files – not only lovely M’orca, but Mxzxrt and Don G too – my idea of heaven!! Apart from dismantling the nativity I am not sure what else I am going to do today. I did manage some colouring yesterday – on Thursday Mary showed me a daytime light she had bought for doing jigsaws so I am contemplating buying one, which would mean I could sit at the Dining Room table to start my puxxles........watch this space! I do need to make a beef strog. in the slow cooker ready for this evening. Other than that I could do some housework I suppose.................... Morning BHB, yes it is a gloomy start to the day. Let’s take the hot paninis and the Sxbmxrxne Kxss into the conservatory. Plenty of time for a nice snuffle before the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 10:26
Morning all and a better day today although it has been raining, now we have a b it of sun which is ver welcome. It was cold and miserable yesterday here as well. I know cos I put the bin out and that was enough! Got the rest of the ixxnxxg done and did some jigsaw I also did the fridge clear out ready for my delivery this afternoon. I think I will finish the jigsaw today as I am nearly there, and I think I must do a bit of h/work as well. I fail to understand how things get dusty again so quickly, very unfair!

Twin I saw about Capt Tom as well and think it so very sad he has caught the virus. Very unjust. Fingers and toes crossed for him.

Jo lovely to see you again but as Twin said we do keep an eye on twxtter to make sure you are ok! Sorry your hip is so painful. I hope you will be able to get something done about it in the not too distant future. I know Ari's Mum needs her other knee doing and is on the waiting list, waiting being the operative word! I haven't heard a word about my jab yet so beginning to feel neglected!

Morning BHB and we have Sxbmxrxne Ixss and paninis today? How delightful, let's take more to the conservatory and join the CM.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 14:19

Mixed weather today, mostly cloud and a little rain but some sun too. I had a walk yesterday and this morning.

I watched The F*ll last ep on Sunday. Very good series, well written and very well acted. Yesterday I saw a few eps of M*llorca Files. Great coincidence that the lawyer in The F*ll was main guest in first ep of M. Files. Otherwise both have been typical days.

Concering about the new mutuation of the Kent variant. Just as we seemed to be making progress with drop in new cases and the vaccine rollout. Hope Capt. Tom recovers and can go home soon.

Thanks for the news of Eva, Carol.

Sorry your hip is still bad, Jo. Concerning that the elderly neighbour had been missed off the list.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 19:39
The missed jab elderly neighbour is very much on the ball, she is a trainer for some business things (can't remember what). She is still working online for her own business.

Bruce has been out and about today, the park in the morning and lunchtime. Then in the afternoon for the first time for ages went to the village. Was going to circle back by the river, it needed longer wellies than I was wearing. https://twitter.com/TamseyKitten/status/1356666263318183938/photo/1

First time for ages, I've not had a nap in the afternoon. Bruce has had a couple of naps, and he is asleep now.

Panic this morning. Felf was not well. She needed some help to get settled on the sofa. There is nothing that can be done to make her better. She is laid back about the workmen doing the roof conversion in the next door semi. Which is good. She is amazed how the neighbour has the money to get it done. I could explain but couldn't be bothered as Felf would not understand the neighbours' life.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 07:44
Morning and it is dark and gloomy here, but dry (I just put the rubbish out). I am not sure that it will remain dry for too long though as our forecast is for showers. At least it isn’t too cold (7C here at the moment).

Your weather sounds very like our’s yesterday Diana. So you have finished the Fxll – excellent wasn’t it, as I think I said in another post it was a shame they didn’t make any more series. I see you have started with series one of the M Files. The new mutations are concerning, but quite a few of the virxlxgists say that is what they would expect – rather like the flu which is different each year and is why the flu jab is tweaked each year. Fingers crossed.

Hats off to the elderly neighbour Jo – so she is obviously on the ball with regard to the pooter. That is a lot of water around the village – odd that no one was sitting at the benches – not! I think waders would be the answer rather than willies!! Oh dear was it Felf’s heart problem? I suspect she is not quite aware what disruption may be caused by the conversion. Let’s hope it doesn’t worry her at all.

So sad to hear C Txm had died, but glad that the family were able to be with him. He had the most amazing year last year – I am sure he never imagined all that would happen to him. The C’mas stable and figures are now safely back in the loft so C’mas has finally been put away for another ten months or so. MM mended one of the exterior reindeer; it was damaged when it was blown off the roof before C’mas – he did a temporary repair at the time, but has now done a more substantial one. He also made some wooden battens for them to stand on, which he thinks will secure them in case we have high winds again. I sort of had a pottering around day (yes that did include some colouring). I spoke with June and Twin on video calls and tried to sort out the bedroom tv (it is working but is having difficulty connecting to the wifi). During the evening we watched the totally plausible HC episode – so yet another member of staff just walks off without giving notice. I would love to see their contracts with the Trust – they must be quite unlike any other organisation’s contracts of employment!! Afterwards we watched the M Files, and then a M’keteers. This morning we have our service at 10 am – I might get around to sorting out my bedroom chest of drawers afterwards (I might not......). This evening we have our rehearsal and so another day goes by!! Morning BHB yes it is a little gloomy out. Let’s take the Flxffy Dxck and the toasted crumpets into the conservatory and we can snuffle while we wait for the DCM to join us.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 10:09
Morning all and it is a gloomy start to the day though it is just beginning to look a little bit brighter. I managed to finish my jigsaw yesterday, so I now have a few days before the urge to do another comes upon me so I may get some other stuff done meanwhile! I have a few drawers in desperate need of sorting out which would be a good start. I have been thinking of doing a free trial on a genealogy site as I have a lot of blanks in my heritage and it would be interesting to fill them. I will try to do some h/work first though. Such a shame about Capt. Tom but what an amazing last year he has had. I think it sad and ironic that he has died of the virus, especially as the jab is now around. Mind I wouldn't know it as I have heard nothing! I see they are talking about moving on to the next group and I am beginning to think I am forgotten!

That is a lot of water Jo! I think we look to have a lot more to come as well. My garden is very soggy indeed. Mind it is always soggy in winter! North facing and some clay in the soil, not a good mix. However at least I am not in danger of flooding. Hope Felf is feeling better, I don't envy her having the work done next door, but at least she is laid back about it, for now anyway!

Morning BHB and we have Flxffy Dxck and crumpets today do we? Sounds just the thing, so let's get more and find the CM and we can drink to Capt Sir Tom.
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 11:04
Morning. Bit grey here - but has been most of week so far. only been out very locally round village. Think tmrw am supposed to be sunny so may venture further afield then. Tho Ploppy has a cold - he is very prone to them so may need to stay in. Def feel this l.ckdown much harder than other 2 - even with scollop with us for company. however we have now booked 3 hols for this year ! All in UK and can be cancelled if can't travel etc. One clashes with our hol to Am.lfi coast - transferred from last yr. Have spoken to hol company - they are in principle willing to transfer booking onto next year but too early for them to make any reservations so they are not promising. We just feel that that area could be too crowded for us to feel comfortable so booked something in Uk provisionally for same time so at least will get away - tho a week in W.les mid Oct may not be exactly same as Am.lfi coast!!
Parents doing ok. Sis has moved into her house. seemingly lots to do in it. Not sure how that will work out with visiting parents but am sure it will work itself out one way or another. I had sent flowers (in a vase - in case she hadn't unpacked her vases) yesterday from all the families - parents, bro . She sent us pics of them - looking very nice in her new kitchen.
JO _ I dont think being in pain is a weak excuse. you do so much for others you def need to look after yourself too! I do hope the medics are going to be able to do something to help alleviate your pain and discomfort. Good that your neighbour was on ball. N.S not known for the efficiency of its IT systems so it is inevitable that there will be mistakes/omissions - but hopefully everyone will be included in time.
Carol - I thought i would watch the M'orca F as I needed some sunshine. watched 1st ep of series 1 (by mistake - meant to watch this series) . I will watch this series now when I can - just for the sunshine! I am intrigued Carol - does MM put reindeer on your roof every year - that is no mean feat for a man of 27 years! Lovely to hear Eva's news Carol - thank you. send her our love.
Diana - as Carol says I think the scientists are keeping up with the mutations - and hopefully can "tweak" their vacc.nes. Was reading today that the R.ssian vaccine is also highly effective and may be a very good bet for future use. Still concerned about 2nd doses of Pf.zer - I see some scientists are saying that everyone who has had their first Pfz only should be tested after 3 weeks for antib.dies. But am sure it will all come tog in end - just not sure when the end will be!
I made the v.gan choc cake from BB. Good F..d - tho I say soo myself it was yummy. so scollop has requested it for his b'day. must get a move on and order things for his big day.

Diana wrote:
Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 13:06
Afternoon all. It's been raining all morning but has just stopped and looks much brighter out. Might pop out to post a card after lunch.

I'm in middle of scanning a few articles so can get rid of the magazines though still have to find somewhere that might be interested in taking them. Earlier I watched first two eps of The N*ght Manager. I was hooked very quickly. I was going to wash the kitchen & utility floors but have left that job for another day and did a couple of small jobs instead. Yesterday pm I watched another ep of M. Files and Sunday's S*mon Reeve ep. In the evening we saw latest Gr*g W in SA, J*anna L. new series and last of Chatsw*rth. Hmmm seem to be watching a lot of telly at present. Very sad about Capt Tom.

Hope the flooding near you hasn't got worse with the rain this am, Jo. All that exercise yesterday must have worn out Bruce. Hope Felf is feeling better.

Oohms for Ploppy's cold, Fi. Well done on having those hols booked, something to look forward to. Debating whether we should book something here as looking iffy that we'll get to B*dos or Tallinn let alone SA in August.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 14:00
Afternoon. Bit grey and chilly but got hot walking to mum’s and back (picking up eggs her friend drops round for me) Saw mum of Jack’s schoolfriend so had a catch up.
Ploppy semi-cleaned the oven (the bottom which was awful) while I was out. He’s off to work shortly and will be home late.
Had online chat with boss, she’s struggling home-schooling 5 children and keeping up to date with business matters while worrying about finances. Still waiting to hear about grants and no income since Dec. It’s no wonder businesses are closing.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2021, 07:10
Morning and a much chillier start to the day (-1C). Yesterday stayed dry and did brighten up during the early afternoon, there was a beautiful sunset sky with pink and gold clouds. I think the rain that was due yesterday is now forecast for this afternoon.

Fi I hope Ploppy’s cold isn’t too bad – probably sensible for him to stay home. Yes I think this is the hardest of the lockdowns – probably as much to do with the time of year and the weather as much as anything – and lockdown fatigue of course. Well done on booking the holidays – we are still hoping to get away in the summer and hopefully for a city break in September, but we will see. It will not only depend on our vxccxnations but other countries too. I can see it is a little early for companies to make reservations for next year – who knows which hotels etc. will still be in business! I have to agree that Wxlxs mid Oct is not quite the same as the lovely Amxlfx coast. That’s good to learn that your parents are ok. So Sis now out of temporary accommodation and in the new house. I am sure the flowers (and especially the vase) were much appreciated. The sunshine and scenery are well worth watching in the M Files – lovely shot of sunshine to brighten our days. Ah the roof is the flat roof over the garage – MM isn’t climbing up the main pitched roof!! The flat roof makes a nice little platform for them! I will indeed send love to Eva. Things seem to be changing quite frequently on the v’ccxne front, so I am sure we will get there in the end. I know they are doing lots of tests on mix and matching the vxccxnes. The cake sounds lovely.

It sounds as if we were lucky with our weather yesterday morning Diana. You have reminded me I need to post a few cards! MM enjoyed the N Manager – I found it too violent so used to read when it was on!! Nothing wrong with watching tv at the moment I feel. We are debating whether to have a backup plan and look for somewhere in the UK too – just in case!! If we could guarantee the weather there are lots of lovely places to go here. I still can’t get over how lucky we were with the weather last year in S’tember!

Ali, so you get lovely fresh eggs! Nice to see someone you know and be able to have a catch up. We are thinking of getting someone in (when we can) to give our double oven a thorough clean. Poor boss. Having to home school five children must be a nightmare – I know Gemma struggles and she only has three to school (plus Aidan, now 2 of course) – plus the financial worries. It must be a nightmare. Hope Ploppy wasn’t too late home.

Wednesday seems to be my grounding day – in that I know it is a Wednesday as we have our service in the morning and rehearsal in the evening! You will not be surprised to learn that my chest of drawers is still waiting to be sorted! I did some colouring, had a video chat with Imogen and Marcus (Marcus is waiting to lose his first tooth). We went and clapped for Cxptxin Txm at 6pm and most of our end of the Close did too, which was nice – mind you, unlike in the summer, we didn’t hang around and chat, it was too cold!! We had a good rehearsal in the evening – Marg is still zxxming in from Dxvon. Her m-in-law’s funeral is next Tuesday and she will stay on for another couple of weeks to sort out the house etc. Today of course I am off for my jab, then we need to drop some papers into the Vicarage. This evening we will have our GandT with Mary and Les and set the world to rights again. DinP to look forward to for some more sun and sea. Morning BHB , yes it does feel cooler today but at least it looks a fairly clear sky and not the gloomy grey that has greeted us the last few days. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Bxttxrfly into the conservatory. There should be plenty of time for a lovely snuffle before the DCM arrives.

Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2021, 10:40
Morning all and it is a misty murky one here at the moment, colder as well, only 3c. Looks like we are in for more snow this weekend. My best news of the day is I have been called for my jab which is booked for Monday, yaaay! Sincerely hope said snow does not disrupt my plans! I got a text yesterday morning and the letter arrived in the post as well so well and truly in the system. I was so excited I went and tidied 3 drawers in my bedroom! I may even do a few more today! I have noticed my hair is beginning to look like it has missed a hairdressers appointment. Nowhere near as long as it was last summer of course, but I confess I am really hoping we may be allowed to open beauty salons again soon! I have looked out hair bands again in case they are needed! Apart from drawer tidying I want to do a bit of clxxnxxg as well, well I don't exactly want to, just feel I should, before the jigsaw bug strikes again! I did go out to clap for Capt Tom last night, but was there all alone so I didn't last too long!

Diana I didn't manage the NM either. As Twin with verify I am the world's biggest wimp when it comes to violence on tv or film. I hate it! I can't just watch and forget it and I usually end up having nightmares. Maybe I have to vivid an imagination! Shame as I know it means I miss out on some good drama.

Fi I think we can all agree that lovely as parts of Wales is, it is very different to the Amxlfi coast! Sensible to book home hols I think. The only reason we have our foreign one booked is that it was carried over from last year, so we will see what happens! Poor Ploppy having a cold, hope he feels better soon. Good idea about sending a vase with the flowers, I am sure it will be appreciated.

Ali it is so sad how many business will have vanished during this pxndemis, It will be a long road to recovery I fear. Home schooling is bad enough but for 5 children, I assume all different ages and grades, must be a total nightmare!

Morning BHB and we have Bxtterfly and muffins today, Love the sound iof that, so let's get more and go and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2021, 11:20
Morning. Really sunny and bright here but cold. Thought about going for a walk but don’t feel like it on my own. Will get som exercise by cleaning the kitchen floor instead!
So glad you’re being jabbed Pauline. By the time lockdown ends they may be down to my age bracket?
I went out to clap for Capt. Tom last night, usual households were out. Then Jack and I ate together and had a catch up. He’s received next info from army and has to send off more info. He has optician appt on Sat and needs them to fill in a form which he has to scan and send. Gradually getting there.
We’ve got a week booked in Worcestershire in Oct for Ploppy’s big birthday and sloppy also has big birthday few days later so invited her to join us. Maybe next year we’ll get away somewhere hot subject to restrictions and finances?!

Diana wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2021, 13:32
Afternoon. It has just started raining here after a greyish morning. When I spoke to my parents about an hour ago, they said it was pouring there.

We had a walk earlier to the shops up the hill so Ploppy could pay a cheque in and before that I watched an ep of M. Files. I swept the kitchen & utility floors but there wasn't time to wash them so will do that tomorrow after breakfast. We have a Sains. delivery this pm. A few items not available but nothing crucial.

I feel sorry for your boss, Ali, must be very worrying and having five to home school must be extremely difficult.

Hope your jab went well, Carol. And I love your reaction to news about your jab, Pauline. Hope the weather doesn't interfere with your appointment.
TK wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2021, 15:06
We have been out for 2 walks so far. It is a bit chilly. I've put the bins out.
Felf has not returned from the hospital yet. It is a bit worrying.
When I was out with Bruce I saw Dolly's owner. He has started working for himself. I asked him to give me quotes for some work in my garden.
Bruce had a visitor this morning, the chap who makes biscuits brought him a load to eat. That was nice of him. Made up for Duffy not visiting this morning.
The day has gone very quickly. I've not had my rest. I think I might have one now, Bruce is snoozing

TK wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2021, 20:16
I have no idea what is happening. Just found out Felf's daughter is moving to Suffolk tomorrow. She will be back after a few days as staying with Felf (or in her house depending where she is). When she goes to Suffolk permanently I don't know what will happen. I've been out of the loop since Covid, as I only go in for emergencies.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, February 5, 2021, 07:22
Morning and overcast, but not too chilly (6C) at the moment – showers forecast for later in the day (that will be a change!). Yesterday started sunny and quite warm but by early afternoon we had heavy rain on and off for the rest of the day.

I think I would rather have gone for a walk than clean the kitchen floor Ali, but then it wasn’t that cold here! That must have been nice to have a catch up with Jack and it is sounding very promising re the Army. Fingers crossed for the optician visit tomorrow! Whereabouts in W’cesteshire are you going? Lovely county and handy for H’refordshire and Gl’shire too. Lovely that the birthday celebrations will also encompass Sloppy’s special day as well.

As you will see Diana, we had the heavy rain in the afternoon too, although it did stop for a while. Are you SURE you don’t fancy coming and doing my housework? Just for a change of scene of course. Hopefully the dates from the delivery were all good – I have reverted to buying my meat from Mr O as (so far and touching wood) they have much longer dates on their products – the only problem with that is making sure I have a slot!.

It did turn chilly in the afternoon Jo – I am sure Bruce enjoyed going out twice. I see he had treats from his biscuit making friend – how lovely of him to bring the biscuits for Bruce. As you say it probably more than made up