A very strange time

Wednesday, April 29, 2020, 19:32
several pics of Lee

It is very hard to know what to say. Our world is so different from what we have known and what was expected for this year. The situation is something I have not ever imagined. I remember updating the disaster planning procedure at work a few years ago. This outcome did not enter my mind. We have never lived through a world war, but we have been told about it. I have heard about the effect on Germany from the first world war by the grandfather of my neighbour when I was eight years old. I've been told about the effect of the 2nd world war in east London by my nurse mother and the hardship in The Netherlands during the German occupation from my neighbour. But with all the family storytelling I did not hear about the Spanish flu epidemic after the first world war. My father was a child and my grandmother newly married at the time but did not mention it in all their tales of life. I can only think this was because the news media were not so comprehensive and the family did not hear as much about it, or they did not tell their children when they got older as it was so terrible.
All we can do is look after people (and animals) close to us and follow the rules to keep us safe.
Hopefully the vaccines that are being developed work, and we can stick it out until the vaccine(s) have been approved for use. If I hear anyone say (without a definite medical reason) 'I'm not going to be vaccinated, I don't believe in the use of vaccines'. Step away. Did you ever read my reply on Twitter to an American lady who 'didn't believe in vaccines' so wasn't going to vaccinate her 3rd child. Just as well you didn't.
This is a long dark tunnel, we have lights coming in from time to time. This week one of my lights will be on Talking Pictures 'King Creole' Sun 03May20 15:40. I think as long as I find a light in each day it will be fine.
My best wishes to all who read this ..................... Keep Safe

TK wrote:
Wednesday, April 29, 2020, 19:36
A fresh page to make it easier to find the latest comment.
No rhyme or reason for pics, they just seemed to be a good mix.
Look after yourselves.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, April 29, 2020, 21:20
Thank you Jo - lovely piccies and loving the pink decor!!!

TK wrote:
Wednesday, April 29, 2020, 21:21
I should have added that one of the very recent highlights, which came about because of the lock down, was the new puppet series (Supermarionation), episode 1 so far (with hopefully more to come, if the guys (and 1 gal) don't kill themselves completing it in their little flat in London. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=eqivVh5KvTw&feature=emb_logo
Part of the flat
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, April 29, 2020, 21:53
Thank you Jo. I love the décor, don't care if there is reason or not! Agree these are very strange days, but they will pass. We just need to stay strong and safe. Think all this will make the tour next year even more special than normal if possible!
evam wrote:
Thursday, April 30, 2020, 01:14
Morning/night all. Oh, you've guessed,- I'm up and doing. Have finsihed the i****g, so I thought it was about time to update you on the latest about father. As I said yesterday, he would be transferred to a care home on a temperary basis. They had picked a foolish place for him to go, because it's the care home next door to the sheltered accomodation where he lives, and of course he recognised it. But he was taken up to a ward in the care home, where he was placed in a DOUBLE room! He kicked up a storm at once. Went out in the corridor, sat himself down in a chair and said he wouldn't move until he was given a room to himself! In other word: Behaving like a spoilt child. There were phone calls from father 3 times, from the nurse in the care home, between myself and my two sisters (Yes, Mrs S and I are speking for the time being.) The poor nurses in the care home didn't know what to do, because they didn't have a single room free, but father stubborn as a tree, insisted that if he could have a single suite in hospital, he expected the same treatment there! Then after a few hours they managed to get a double room where he could be alone, but only for one night. The'd had to move another patient from a double room so father could have the room to himself. Father then made a triumphant phone round to us, telling us how clever he was. We all told him that he'd behaved like a spoilt child and that we were ashamed of him. Then he realised that he was 10 yeards from the sheltered accomodation, and wanted to go home! He started another ring-around, asking for his keyes, and he was told that he had his key, and NOT go to the flat! Once he was there, he would refuse to budge and expect the DN to look after him. They can't, of course, keep a 24 hour surveillance on him, because he's too ill and confused to look after himself. The last time youngest sister spoke to him, he demanded that we (his 3 wonderful daughters) should help him get home, and to look after him. Sis told him to forget it and told him for the 200th time why she and I couldn't come up there and help him. There is also the fact that no visiting is allowed in the care home.
So, now we'll see if he's had a good night, and if he has calmed down. Whatever the outcome with him insisting he is perfectly fine, and the rest of the world knowing he's wrong, we ( sis and I) have told Mrs S to take care of the situasion, trying to sort father and it into something he'll have to settle for. Good luck, Mrs S. She'll have to argue with the SS as wll.
So this is the next chapter in "The life of father." and I quite sure we haven't seen the end of it yet. I'm beginning to feel sleepy now, so I'll hurry back to bed.

Thank you for the new page, Jo. It feels so much lighter to operate on.💐
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, April 30, 2020, 06:47
Morning and we have sunshine and some blue skies at the moment, although rain (light showers) due in a couple of hours time according to the Beeb – although the Met Office is saying heavy rain from noon until 2pm

Oh goodness Eva , I am hoping your got some sleep last night! On the other hand I can see that you all had a very stressful day yesterday with the Care Home situation. I was going to ask if the Care Home was far away, but I see it was in fact somewhere you know very well! I presume they had to send your Father to wherever there happened to be a space – hence the closeness to his sheltered accommodation. I forgot to ask if he went by taxi or by ambulance; in other words that someone went with him to the Care Home? I see the situation was temporarily resolved (I feel somewhat sorry for the person evicted from his room). I thought after the spell in hospital and saying he didn’t want to be at home on his own, he might have been content with 24 hour care, but obviously not and he still thinks you wonderful daughters can make everything as he wants it. As you say good luck to Mrs S trying to resolve all this – I don’t see an easy solution. All very upsetting for you and the family, so no wonder you were up in the early hours. Fingers crossed he will see things differently this morning!

Jo I didn’t realise (until I saw the picture of the flat) that the puppets were so large – for some reason I always imagined they were about half that size. It is a very ingenious thing to do during the lockdown – and obviously was made specifically with you in mind!

My third puzzle is finished – I popped the last pieces in before breakfast yesterday. Mind you June told me she has just started a 2000 piece one, so my 500 pieces palls into insignificance. I have started the 3d one of Rxme, and have all the edges and one corner complete. You can’t work on it for too long in one go as the 3X effect makes your eyes go funny! I am thinking this one could be around for quite a while before it is complete. We had our Zxxm meeting with the church (after chatting to Twin first of course), and then MM stayed on for a Finxnce meeting, and that didn’t finish until almost midday. I pottered around getting lunch sorted whilst he was using my laptop. In the afternoon MM did some more church work and also looked at car insurance comparisons (our’s expires next month). In the evening we had a long choir rehearsal so no tv for us! I will have to catch up with The Rxpxir Shxp and the Sxwing Bxx at some point. I can’t believe we are at the end of April – strangest month of our lives so far! I started the puzzle. Today we are hoping to get out for our walk (it has clouded over since I started) before any heavy rain. Nothing planned for the rest of the day – apart from rehearsal with Gareth at 5.30 and G&T with Mary and Les at 4.30 – so I may try a little more of the puzzle. We will of course be outside clapping this evening (or if it is wet, standing at the door under cover!). Morning BHB, yes it is cloudy now. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Hxney Bxx Mxne into the conservatory where we can have a lovely snuffle and a chat while we wait for the DCM.

Stay well and safe everyone.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, April 30, 2020, 06:55
Thanks for the new home Jo, will be much easier to scroll down (for now at least, I’m sure we’ll soon have loads of comments!) is there any way to load the newest comments first?
Oh Eva how frustrating for you all. Mrs S is going to really have to step up now! Hope you managed some more sleep?
I had a restless night with weird dreams, good job I’m not doing much today. Think I may need a nap later. Was going to drop some bits to my sister (ploppy managed to buy her some flour yesterday, couldn’t get it on my MrT order) but got a bit of a cough so rather than risk anything I’ll send one of the boys.
Heavy rain overnight but blue skies now. Garden certainly looking refreshed and the water butt should be full again.
Fi, hope you’re feeling better? Hadn’t realised about the wedding, no wonder it hit you. Did you hear from scollop at all on what should have been wedding day? Josh should have been best man a couple of weeks ago, re-booked for Aug but we’ll see if it can go ahead then.
Stay safe xx
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, April 30, 2020, 09:37
Morning all and it is looking very ominous outside at the moment so I think we will get rain any minute. I feel we are abut to make up for the lack of rain in April! It was sunny not long ago so definitely a day of sunshine and showers I think. Yesterday I did my very first C&C. It was a nice little run out for the car, she enjoyed it very much. I got to the car park and had a drive round it before I spotted the C&C. I was looking for a queue and there wasn't anyone there at all! So it was a doddle and all done very quickly! It is all happening for me at last. I have heard from W/rose and I am now on there elerly list and in about a week should be able to access priority booking. Meantime I have another C&C for next week. Talk about all or nothing! Mind I think there will still be difficulty getting home delivery with W/rose, we'll see. Today a much quieter day. I may sort the freezer out as it has got in a bit of a jumble with me shoving things in it. I may even do a bit more of my puzzle if I can. Or I may give up on it and do a smaller one I have! I am in awe of June doing a 2000 piece one!

Eva your father is a one! How naughty! Still you have to admit he got what he wanted. Good luck to Mrs S sorting it out. Nice you are at least communicating again ...I think? No wonder you were not sleeping after all that. I hope you did get some sleep eventually.

Jo as Twin said, I had no idea the puppets were that big! They are amazing!

Well done to your Sloppy getting flour Ali. I don't think any supermarkets have any at the moment. I did read the problem is a shortage of the bags to put it in rather than the flour itself. If I were able to go to a lot of shops I would probably try smaller corner shops as they might be a better bet. My garden has been very grateful for the rain. Sadly so have all the weeds which have now popped up again!

Morning BHB and we have Hxney Be Mxne and panonos today? Just the ticket. Leet's get more and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Thursday, April 30, 2020, 11:08
Morning all.

Thanks for the new page, Jo. Lovely pics.

Haven't done much the last couple of days and felt lazy so no walk and less h/w than intended. Mainly spent my time on the laptop and watching telly. Think I need to do something different to break the monotony. We must have another takeaway very soon - the highlight of the fortnight! I have opened a new savings account this morning as the new interest rate on my ISA account is almost worthless so decided to move the funds elsewhere which I'll do tomorrow. Ploppy did a bit of prep work on the hall yesterday so hopefully will start painting soon. He's just been out to collect his bike. Having spent so much money on having it updated, I hope he will make good use of it in the coming weeks!

Agree with you, Ali, that we should be tougher on those flouting the lockdown rules. We back on to a main road and we frequently hear motor bikes screeching and the odd car going far too fast. Maybe name and shame the culprits!

Great that you have managed to get your parents on Mt T priority list, Fi, though the timeslot procedure sounds a pain. Don't understand why they can't offer a time when you book, the other supermarkets do (well those I've dealt with). Hope there isn't a legal dispute re wedding cancellation. Sending hugs.

Hope you're feeling better today, Eva. Good news about your father, fingers crossed it is made permanent. Aah now read your latest post. Sounds like you had a nightmare day. Do hope he had a good night, has calmed down and there's a room available which he's happy with. Hope you slept after you posted.

You must be relieved to be on W/rose list, Pauline. Know what you mean about all or nothing. I received another email from Icel*nd offering a slot for my parents for this week so hopefully this will be a regular thing and they can alternate between a large Sains. delivery one week and smaller Icel*nd the next. Just booked a Sains. slot for my parents for next Thurs.
TK wrote:
Thursday, April 30, 2020, 17:11
Never thought about anyone thinking the puppets were large. I've seen pictures them with their operators since I was a child, so to me it is normal. The later puppet series with Capt Black, etc had smaller puppets. They used a different system for the eye movement, so the heads could be smaller.

It is a big day today, our first fish and chips for weeks. Ordered on line with timed pick up. They have been open, just we've never been able to get through and book.

Best get ready to get out
TK wrote:
Thursday, April 30, 2020, 18:43
Very good fish and chips. The website for booking does have a little quirk, so I deleted the first order and re-entered the data. Tamsey said the fish was very nicely cooked and it was cod. (Try and get her to eat Basa, you'd fail.) Bruce's only complaint was there was not enough, he had a couple of chips as well. The F+C shop have got a good system going. They have taken away the restaurant, so use that as a waiting area (large enough for 4 people with the correct spacing) and where you pick up the food. You get a time when you place an order, then they phoned me 15mins early which meant the other recipient was not home yet. It all worked out OK.

Aim tonight, not to trip over Bruce and fall on floor, so I don't have to clap from sitting on the garden path. Actually he might not wake up as he's been for a speed walk this evening and is now fast asleep.
maeve 12 wrote:
Thursday, April 30, 2020, 21:06
Thanks for new blog ,Jo, nice pics too.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, May 1, 2020, 06:35
Morning and it was overcast a moment ago, but now we have some blue sky appearing. I don’t think we are due any rain today (fingers crossed) after a very wet and showery day yesterday.

Hopefully Eva’s father has now settled down and is happy to stay at the Care Home for now (assuming he has a room to himself!).

Ali I have spoken with several people (and Beeb reported it as well) who mentioned they seem to be having weird dreams at the moment (just before I woke up my dream had my parents in it, we were at a small local theatre but I saw lots of people I knew – including a girl who was in my class when I was at Grxmmxr School – I haven’t seen her since I left school to go to secretarial college! She was ok older but definitely the right girl – Valerie Eames!!! It is happening all over the world apparently and experts have varying reasons, but one it that a lot of people are sleeping for longer with deeper sleep....others are experiencing broken sleep but still have the vivid dreams. I hope you managed your nap later. Flour! You still have flour in the area!! I put it on shopping list but it never turns up! We are hoping that by Azgzst some sort of normality may be possible, so Josh may yet be a Bxst Mxn (albeit there may be limits of numbers attending).

Diana you are racing ahead of us with Spxxks. We watched two episodes last night so are up episode 6 of series 3. Ooh a take away – we may opt for take away f&c next Friday as the local fish bar is doing a delivery service. MM was moving money from an IXA yesterday too. It sounds as if you may be getting the hall done very soon. Did Ploppy manage to get a ride on his bike yesterday – in between showers? I think he might be lucky with the weather for cycling this weekend. I read yesterday that over 9,000 people have been fine for flouting the lockdown rules with 400 repeat offenders!!! Well done booking the Sainsbugs slot for your parents. How is your father at the moment?
Jo I think I saw Lady P’lope and Pxrkxr puppets years back and they were about a third of the size of the ones you showed. I wonder if they made smaller replicas so they could be taken out to tv chat shows etc. as they were more manageable? Anyway I based my assumption that the puppets were smaller on that memory! I see you had a treat for you and your family - ;that sounds a very good system for collecting. Almost a fishy click and collect! I am sure Bruce has been missing his chip treats! Hopefully you managed to stay upright when you went outside at 8am!! Did Bruce make it outside or did he sleep on?

Maeve – I agree, Jo found some very nice photos to decorate the Bistro!!

We did venture out for our walk yesterday – we were eyeing the rather ominous black clouds ahead as we reached our end of the park, then the rain started, so we turned round and went home – I had my brolly so we didn’t get too wet. We just made it inside as the skies opened to torrential rain. Thereafter we had some very heavy showers (the sort that sound like machine gun fire on the conservatory roof!). I did manage to put in a few pieces of the puzzle (confirming my suspicions that it will take a very long time!). As it was so miserable out I caught up with the sewing bee in the afternoon, before having our g&t with Mary and Les. After that it was time to sing with Gareth. We went outside at 8 pm (fortunately it had just stopped raining) – more of the neighbours now banging saucepans and trays so I don’t feel alone with my gong sounding tray. Then it was settling down with Spxxks. I see Captain Txm has reached over £32, 700,000 – lovely footage on the News of his birthday celebrations. MM says the rescue boat and the new train named after him will have to have the word “Captain” crossed out and “Colonel” written above it! Amazing man and so humble. Meanwhile Imogen Ann has raised £857 for MXD with her 2.6 cycle around the park! Today MM wants to zip into the bank to hand over a letter of authorisations, so I will drive, drop him off and then collect him once that is done. It is ringing around phone day, so I will be doing that afterwards. This afternoon we have the family link up video chat – we will doubtless raise a glass to my mother, as it would have been her birthday today. Last Gareth of the week this evening, I think we have another new piece of music coming on Monday. They are making a documentary about the Home Choir – there was an email asking if we wanted to take part.....we didn’t. Gareth says he has already started work with the Beeb on that. They have had over 7000 video clips of the first song we worked on! The sun has come out so it looks as if we may get our walk today! Morning BHB, let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted teacakes into the conservatory. We can have a nice snuffle and put the world to rights whilst we wait for the DCM to arrive.

Stay well and safe.
evam wrote:
Friday, May 1, 2020, 08:31
Morning all. It's overcast with drizzly rain. Maybe it'll clear up so I can go for my walk?

Hello sweetheart. Toasted teacakes today? You are spoiling me! Thank you, kind sir.😘😘😘

Yesterday was a weird day. I was so angry with father I decided not to call him. If he'd started bragging about getting his own way re the room, I don't think I'd been able to hold back. Youngest sister had 7 (!) phone calls from him on Wednesday, and she was as fed up as I was. He is not doing himself any favours. I did phone him this morning, but as he was sitting at the breakfast table, I was able to make it a very short conversasation. 😜 He said they were taking so good care of him there. I admire the staff managing to kkep their temper with stooooopid old men like him.
Norway is closed today as May 1st is a public holiday, (International Workers' Day). All the parades are cancelled, of course, and Emilian feels cheated. He loves his parades!

Jo,- I bet the first fish & chips tasted good. So TK likes her cod, does she?

Fi,- I can understand you're having mixed feelings about the wedding that never was. Let's hope that if they decide to get married again, they'll think about everybody else as well. I hope you're feeling better.

Ali,- talking about feeling better,- how is the cough?

Pauline,- how can you stand the excitement of the C&C? And getting on the elderly list at W***rose? So they accept 27 as a valid age then? Yes, Mrs S and I have had to start communicating because of the situasion with father. Whether it is to the good, only time will tell. The contact is mostly by text.

Carol,- other people have weird dreams because of sleeping longer and deeper? That doesn't count for my dreams. Oh, I see they have covered themselves with including people with broken sleep, eh? I am full of admiration for your Capt. Tom. He has been on the Norwegian new several times. And more congratulations to Imogen Ann. She's a trooper! 👏👏👏

Diana,- can we start the planning of the Hall Party soon? 😜
Ali wrote:
Friday, May 1, 2020, 08:45
Morning. Bit overcast and chilly here. I’m currently colouring my hair! Grey roots showing so bought a kit online and decided to go for it. If it looks awful then I don’t have to face anyone but the family and it will grow and fade.
Very wise to distance yourself a bit Eva, hopefully relations with mrs s will improve. Cough almost gone. Feeling ok again today. Boys have offered to do my church deliveries again today. I promised to bake brownies while they're out, found a recipe using a can of fizzy drink so will experiment!
Ploppy has few days off from tomorrow as short of work. Not great for finances but he could do with a break. Hoping weather improves so we can sit out.
👏 to Imogen, great job.
Better go and rinse my hair, fingers crossed🤞
Stay safe x
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, May 1, 2020, 09:52
Morning all and it is another dull one and we have just had a shower. I think it is a smidge warmer though. Hopefully it will improve over the next few days. Yesterday we had a couple of horrendous rain storms. The wind blew and it was throwing it down. I know I thought the garden needed rain but that was ridiculous! I have abandoned the 1000 piece jigsaw and have now started on a 500 piece one with normal pieces. So far I am getting on a but better so we will see how it goes! Went out for The Clap last night and it gets noisier by the week round here which is lovely, mind we haven't reached the street party levels yet that some places have where they just happen to have tv cameras!

So some progress has been made in the hall Diana. The weather may well be on your side at the moment and it will all be done soon. Good that you got a slot with S/bugs for your parents. Let's hope that the improvement that the s/markets were saying would come have now arrived! Mind I must say slot hunting has kept me occupied this past month! Hope your parents are ok and coping.

Jo your idea of f7c take away inspired me and I did a search and found the nice f&c shop near me is doing takeaway through the Jxst Ext and Dxlxverxx sites. I may take advantage of it at some point as they do fan f&c. So Tamsey is fussy about her fish? Bruce doesn't care, not surprised, most dogs are happy to eat anything. Humm won't go there! Hope you stayed upright for The Clap!

Glad you are feeling better Ali. Brownies sound yum, though never heard of using fizzy drink. Amazing what you can use to bake. I found a recipe using mashed poptato instead of flour for a lemon drizzle cake which I really must try out of curiosity!

Morning BHB and we have Vanillita of course, oh and lovely teacakes. Let's get more and find the CM.!

TK wrote:
Friday, May 1, 2020, 09:57
To perk myself up a couple of days ago I went online shopping. I'd seen something I rather liked and had a coupon to save quite a sensible amount. It has come today. I'm having a lazy morning, so I'll put it on to cheer me up.

PS 8am walks cancelled as that would use up my 1 walk a day I'm allowed for exercise.

Better get ready to take Bruce out.
maeve12 wrote:
Friday, May 1, 2020, 10:50
Carol, it's raining quite hard here, I don't know which direction it's moving, hoping it's just a shower. I was about to hang washing in the garden.

I'm up to series 4 ep.3 of Spooks, hoping to watch some more this afternoon.

Scollop coming over tomorrow with his electric hedge cutter to have a go at some of the very overgrown bushes in the garden.

Well done indeed to Imogen, fantastic effort.
TK wrote:
Friday, May 1, 2020, 12:52
Sorry Fi I did not read your last post and had forgotten it would have been the wedding. I may be harsh, but they are grown-ups now, and they have to take the consequences in an adult way. It is hard for you, which they also need to understand. A minor plus is you seem to be sorted with MrT, hopefully with the phone turned on!! I was talking to the old man by the river about him and his wife phoning each other(still in hospital but feeling much better). She physically cannot plug the phone into a socket to charge it, so he was trying to get the nurse to do it. He is not allowed to visit so he cannot check. Use of mobile phones is very good, but sometimes the technology is too much for older people, eg me and iphones.

The fish and chips were the best I've had from the local chippy for a long time (that might be because it has been a long time, but I thought they were up with Clacton, I'd not made an ice cream dessert, so they missed scoring). I might do it again next week and get the makings of an ice cream sundae.

Eva I hope your father is getting better physically. It must be hard for you all. At least you can spread the phone calls to Mrs S. I was listening last night to something about the possible measures in Spain for the resumption of the tourist trade. Sounded quite depressing.

Just looked into back garden, it is raining here now. Turned on heating.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, May 2, 2020, 06:46
Morning all and a nice sunny start to the day – although there does seem to be a breeze. Yesterday’s weather was typical April (even though it was the first of May!).

Eva hopefully you managed to take your walk yesterday – our rain when it came was very much like the day before – sudden very heavy showers. At least it must be a relief that your Father seems to be settled in (is he still in the room of the evicted person??) and has realised he is being well looked after. He was obviously enjoying breakfast! I think staff in Care Homes face all sorts of situations and seem able to deal with things very calmly (just as well). Oh poor Emilian missing out on his parades – feel it will be quite a while before such things are allowed. I was also surprised that Twin qualified for an elderly slot at the tender age of 27 – very strange! Yes the people with broken sleep were included in the study on dreams! You were not forgotten! Cpt Txm’s fund raising is now finished and his final total was £32,795,912 – quite amazing!

Ali how did the home colouring go? I suspect a lot more people will be turning to that if we carry on for any length of time in this lockdown. That’s good the cough has almost gone – Lindy had one a couple of weeks back, and said it made her worried about going out to food shop in case people thought she had the virus. Your boys are doing sterling work – very well trained! Brownies with presumably Jo’s favourite drink I am guessing? I am intrigued to know what they tasted like! I suspect (despite the financial penalty) that having a few days of work is what Ploppy needs – he has been working so hard during all this.

Maeve the heavy rain reached her too! I think you sent it our way. In fact further north Roger had hail showers! Victoria said she took the children for a walk in the park yesterday (well she walked the children had their bikes) and they got caught in a very heavy shower so she came back with two drenched children and two muddy bikes! She was wet herself of course and had left the washing out! That was good of Scollop to offer to come over today and sort out the overgrown bushes for you – and you will get to have an at distance chat! Fingers crossed the weather holds (I am now not trusting the forecast after yesterday!).

Jo – I never thought I would read these words from you “to perk myself up I went online shopping” – I almost fell of my chair. I was assuming it wasn’t clothes, then saw you were going to put it on! Another fleece may be?? Good news that the wife in hospital is feeling better and they are now able to communicate – albeit with difficulties looming due to the phone charging. I agree technology for the older generation (I am not including you) is often very difficult. I think I mentioned one of the ladies I ring from church who is in her late 80s has an ipxd but just can’t use it, so misses out on our services and prayer meetings. It makes life very difficult in an era when technology is being used to help in all sorts of ways during the lock down. Ah so the f&c came very high up the scale if they were on a par with Clxcton! I don’t feel they should be penalised for lack of ice cream dessert though! I have some salted caramel ice cream coming today...........

We missed out on a walk again – MM wanted to go into Uxbridge to the bank first, in case he had to join a long queue, so we decided to go after we came back – only a) it started to rain; b) after queuing the Bank told him he needed some other form of id (I did ask him about that before we went!), so we came home and he went back to the Bank with his passport, while I stayed home and did my phoning around. Pleased to report everyone was fine! Moving Aunt still somewhat confused – she seemed to think there was a possibility of a coach trip up to London for the VX day celebrations being organised by the organisation who run the retirement homes.........I did tell her I didn’t think that was very likely as there wasn’t any coach travel at the moment! She asked again where we had been and I explained we weren’t allowed to go anywhere, the same as she isn’t. All very difficult for her. I managed to put a few more pieces in my jigsaw in the afternoon – it is going very slowly! June sent me a photo of her 2000 piece one which she completed in four days! We had our family chat on Zxxm and Sarah joined us from E’burgh – where it was sunny and warm and she was sitting in the garden with a sunhat on, and of course we saw little Daniel too. Victoria had cut Marcus’ hair – she said it wss traumatic for both Marcus and her – but it looked as if she had done a very good job. After that we chatted with Twin, and then we had our final rehearsal of the week with Gareth. In the evening we watched another Spxxks. Today is laundry day, but we will go for our walk as no rain forecast (mind you they said that yesterday). I will be doing the i word in the afternoon, and then we have g&t at 5.30 with Lindy and Lawrence. Oh and I had an email from MandS and they are setting up food delivery in conjunction with D’veroo – you need to plug in your post code on the D’roo web page and they will show a list of what is available from the nearest MandS food shop (our’s of course is the small one at the garage) and D’roo will deliver within a couple of hours for a fee of something like £2.49. So if we run out of milk again we will use that and top up with some of the MandS food. Clty tonight (I think after this episode there is one more before they stop showing them due to the non filming scenario). Morning BHB, yes a nice bright start to the day again. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Bxck to Blxck into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM to join us.

Keep well and safe everyone.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, May 2, 2020, 07:52
Morning all and a better day outside. I haven't been out for a walk since start of the week but will go later this morning once it's warmed up. I had intended to have a walk yesterday pm but we had a heavy shower with hail at lunchtime so didn't want to risk getting caught if there was another.

We had a C&C yesterday morning so are well stocked for the next few days. I watched first couple of eps from series 5 of Spo*ks and have passed where I started watching regularly. I am going to continue watching this series at least as enjoying the eps so much. Ploppy has started painting the hall, I think it's going to take a while to finish.

Thanks for asking about Dad, Carol. He fell over in the garden a few days ago; fortunately no major injury though hurt his hand. Mum had told him she would bring in the chairs they had been using but of course he had to do it himself and tripped! Otherwise he's been pretty good recently, the warm weather and sunshine have probably helped. I forgot to say well done to Imogen Ann, that is not an easy challenge she set herself.

Hope the hair colouring was successful, Ali.

And hope you had a peaceful day, Eva, and slept well.
Ali wrote:
Saturday, May 2, 2020, 08:35
Morning. Colouring was successful 😁 grey gone (for now) Brownies not so much. Jack hated them, ploppy and I ate them but rather rubbery texture and a little bitter. Used DrP. Not sure I’ll try again.
Had f&c last night too, local shop re-opened this week. I pre-ordered and scollops collected and took some to sloppy. Said there was queue and lots of orders. Really enjoyed them.
Weather looks to be better today so might get outside. Local farm selling plants so might give my car a run and pop out. I know it’s not essential but social distancing can be observed and I need to get out of house. Plus car hasn’t been out for over 2 weeks.
Hope your dad is ok Diana.
Love to all x
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, May 2, 2020, 08:44
Morning all and we have lovely blue skies and sunshine again. I think it will get cloudy later but at least for now it is lovely, well apart from the breeze! Yesterday turned into quite a social one for me! I first of all had an (at distance) chat with a neighbour, then had a lovely surprise when Mary rang me (Mary who is Twin's friend we go to see). We had a nice chat as well, then in the evening Ari's Mum rang for a natter. So with the calls from Twin the day whizzed past! Today it will be the usual laundry and cleaning so not so exciting sadly! Glad to say both Ari and is Mum are fine. She is like me and used to being with herself, well and Ari of course! He isn't happy about the just one walk a day either Jo!

So you have been online shopping Jo, and for things you can wear? Gosh! Glad the f&c were good. Still thinking I may use the local one here at some point. It is one thing it is really hard for me to replicate. Never as good. Could be cos I don't have a deep fat fryer of course!

So you are another Spooky person then Maeve. It really was a brilliant series, though I wasn't too keen on the last episodes! Lucky you getting your hedges cut. I don't suppose he would like to pop over here after. I am going to have to tackle the ones outside my windows soon or I won't be able to see out!

I think you should get a walk today Diana though I think it will be showery again tomorrow. Still mid week on looking nicer. Glad your father wasn't injured falling. It is good he is doing quite well as it eases your worries a bit I am sure. Tell Ploppy he has all the time he needs to get that hall done!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Paninis and Bxck to Blxck? Scrummy, let's get more of it all and we'll find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, May 2, 2020, 16:41
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, May 3, 2020, 06:15
Morning and overcast here at the moment. I think there may be a chance of some drizzle during the day and we are only going to reach about 14C (at the moment the forecast is saying next weekend we could be back to 22C. Yesterday was a lovely day in the sunshine, but you noticed the cool breeze when you were in the shade.

Diana you are racing ahead of us with Spxxks – I think we started watching originally around the end of Series 4/start of Series 5. It really was an excellent drama – we went to see the film when it came out about four years ago – it was good and Harry was of course in it, but it wasn’t the same without all the others in the Section! Oh dear, your Dad was lucky with his fall – the last thing he would need would be a bad sprain or a broken bone! I am sure the lovely weather has helped him a lot. Being able to sit or go outside in the fresh air has been of real benefit to lots of people. I see Spxxn allowed people out for exercise yesterday for the first time in seven weeks, with an interesting tier system of staggered time slots for different ages. It will be interesting to see what type of solution is proposed for us here!

Well done on the colouring Ali. Hmm, so maybe I won’t ask for the recipe for the Brxwnies...I am still waiting to see how Twin’s mashed potato lxmxn drizzle will be! All this talk of f&c is making me yearn for them, so I may well order some for next Friday. Good to know that lots of people are supporting your local f&c shop. I think plant buying should be under “essential” – in fact I think garden centres should be allowed to open in the same way hardware shops are. Our car has only been out for a couple of short trips – MM said when he came back from the bank on Friday he checked the pressure in the two front tyres and they were down to 10 instead of 30, so he pumped them back up!

Eva I am assuming your lack of sleep caught up with you and you needed a sleeping day. Hope all is still well with your Father.

We managed to go for our walk yesterday (there seemed to be quite a few more cars around). We did see a young couple who were on their way to the park meet (I think by chance) someone they knew on a bike, who was just coming from the park. They stopped and chatted – not at any required distance, and even did fist pumps with each other. They then blocked the whole of the pavement whilst they talked so we crossed over to the opposite side of the road. I would say they were in their mid 20s so in the age bracket where some feel they don’t need to obey any rules. When we got into the park someone was obviously setting out cones for some sort of football game – the clue was the football under his arm! I think it was the same chap we saw a couple of weeks ago who was waiting for others to join him – he did keep looking around obviously to see if anyone had noticed! It was quite pleasant to walk, although in the shade under the trees you realised the wind was quite chilly! My 3D puzzle is finished – phew! I won’t be doing another 3D one – it was very difficult to see the pieces properly! I will now have to decide whether to buy a couple more (unless I want to tackle the 1000 pieces – which I don’t!). I managed to get the laundry done, and all the i word finished. We had our Mr S delivery. I discovered they had omitted the beef mince I order to make a spag bol – they had charged us but it hadn’t come. I contacted them and they have refunded that money. My pink gin was also missing (but they didn’t charge us for that). I had received an email from MandS on Friday saying they had teamed up with D’veroo who could delivery groceries within one hour. So I checked if the system was operational in our area and the little MandS at the garage (the one I went to last Sunday) was flagged up. Delivery is £2.49, so I thought I would give it a try. Placed an order for some salad, some mince, some other bits and pieces (including an MandS pizza for dinner last night and some pink gin! It all arrived in under the hour, so I was very impressed. I also saw that the f&c shop we use will deliver via D’veroo too, so I think it will definitely be f&c next Friday! After all that excitement we had out g&t with Lindy and Lawrence (I sent her the link for the facemasks Diana, and she has sent for some too). We watched the joy that was C’lty in the evening (so we are missing an episode....) and then MM wanted to watch a programme on unseen VX Dxy celebrations. That lasted until 9.30 so then we watched another Upstxrt Crxw. Today we have our church service at 10.30 and then are going enjoy a lazy Sunday again. I have almost finished my book, so will probably do that and a couple of crosswords. I did get a message from my salon yesterday asking if I wanted to go on the list to be called once they are back in operation....needless to say the answer was “yes”!! Tonight we will watch the second of the VderV programmes. Morning BHB, yes it is a little overcast this morning. Let’s take the cheese scones and the Jxurnxlxst into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Stay well and safe everyone.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, May 3, 2020, 09:31
Morning all and we have had a shower here overnight. Still very cloudy so nit done yet I feel. Yesterday was rather nice which meant that there were a lot of people out and about. On e of my neighbours actually had some visitors which is very naughty, they are a young couple in their 20's and like Twin are in an age group that thinks it knows better than the science people! Granted they didn't stay that long but they went in the house! Unfair on us as well really as they ought to be reported but as I like them very much it is the last thing I want to do. I went in the garden for a while after I had done the clxxning. It was really nice out there I managed to get a bit of weeding done. Today will be ixxnxxg so that's a joy that keeps on giving!

Glad the colouring was a success Ali. I think mine will have to be au naturel as I don't feel up to putting highlights in! I know what you mean about needing to get out for a short while. I loved going for my c&c. It will be lovely oif they allow garden centres to reopen as I would definitely like some plants for the tubs.

I take it you were having one of your sleeping days Eva! I hope you are a bit better today.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Jxxrnxlxst and cheese scones? Delish so let's get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Sunday, May 3, 2020, 09:39
Morning all from a wet Bergen.

Hello sweetheart. It's cheese scones today? How nice. No, I don't come here for the food! Why do you think that? Because that's the first thing I talk about? Ok, from now on I'll give you a hug first. OK? No, I'm not miffed. My face says different? Never trust my face,- it can be very deceptive. Let's forget this silly conversation and sit on the sofa,- please? 😘😘😍
Yesterday went past me in a blur. I had my hours up in the middle of the night, but fell asleep again. Got up at the normal time, and then went down in the supermarket below. While I was walking in the ailes there, I started feeling nauseous, I felt dizzy and unwell, so decided to hurry home. The nausea got worse, so I decided to get into bed and took a bucket with me,- just in case. I fell asleep and woke up in time for lunch. I didn't feel hungry at all, quite the opposite, but knew I had to eat something. My lunch was a princely meal, consisting of 2 digestive bisquits and 1 banana! Then I fell asleep again, and slept until 7.30 pm! I did watch Cas, went back to bed and had my usual broken night's sleep. When I finally woke up this morning, I felt fine!
I've been up to father's flat to fetch one of his radios (He's got 4 spread around.) He'd called youngest sister at 10.30 last night, and he wanted her to get him another radio because the one he had was only playing rubbish music! She told him no, because it was late and it would mean 1 hour on the road for her. She promised to call me in the morning and ask me to do it.(I'm only 7 minutes by car away from him.) I phoned him before I left the house to remind him, but I was alarmed at how confused he is. He'd forgotten about the radio, forgotten why he isn't in his flat, and I tried to explain to him why he is where he is. It was almost scary to listen to him. I got his radio, and phoned up to his ward for one of the staff to come down to the entrance to fetch the radio. The care home doesn't allow any visitors. I haven't heard more from father, so hopefully they've got the radio to work.

Diana,- sorry to hear about your dad's fall. Good o hear that he wasn't too badly hurt.

Jo,- shopping for clothes online? 😲 It wouldn't by any chance be a purple fleece? 😜

Ali,- glad the colouring went well. I used to do it myself most of the time. I have to admit that one of the pluses of going au naturel, is not having to bother about colouring.

Carol,- I thought the 3D puzzle sounded difficult. What is pink gin? I've always wondered, but forgotten to ask about.

Everyone is talking about f&c. My mouth is watering!
Ali wrote:
Sunday, May 3, 2020, 09:47
Morning. Well plans changed yesterday and I didn’t go out. Ploppy and I were watching a couple of eps of a series but I kept dozing off so took myself up to bed mid afternoon and slept for 4 hours! As a result I wasn’t tired later! Watched the ALW concert on you*ube and tried to sleep. Had a couple of hours then awake then slept again for a bit but vivid dreams. I’ve had a shower and will try not to nap today!
Eva, you’re Dad is in the right place so no matter how confused he is at least he has people around to look after him. Hope you feel better today, take care x
TK wrote:
Sunday, May 3, 2020, 10:17
Carol reading about the people not allowing the distance while chatting. It is difficult on the narrow pavements we have around here. I quite often walk on to the grass the side of the pavement away from the road or walk up someone's drive to allow people past. Bruce thinks it's mad as he wants to 'talk' to people. Most people are very good at dodging. The little park we go to has the goal posts still up and someone has, since the lockdown, donated a net for one of the goal posts. Occasionally there are small household groups playing there.

I'll need another fleece to go out this morning. Oh, my online purchase was a thin knitted linen striped summer top. Dark blue with very very narrow horizontal pink stripe. Yes pink! I laughed at one of the reviews which said it was too thick to wear in May. It went well when worn over a strappy vest and a long sleeved black Tee shirt. In the summer I suspect I should be able to leave off the Tee shirt! It is very roomy.

Diana, I hope your dad recovers well. Not good to fall over, I know after my couple of wallops recently. I was lucky no damage. Must be worrying when you are not around the corner. I know when my Mum was my age I was worried, which is why I asked her if she'd like to move in with me.

Ali hope your hair is OK. I'm sure it will be, if you've followed the instructions.

I better take Bruce out, I'm watching a film with Helen Shapiro, Craig Douglas, Gary US Bond, David Jacobs and The Temperance 7 on Talking Pictures, I'll get it on catch up. Looking forward to 15:40 King Creole on the same channel. I'm watching so much in b+w at the moment, it is a surprise when I go to colour.

Carol29 wrote:
Monday, May 4, 2020, 06:29
Morning and a cloudy start although I can see patches of blue. Forecast temperatures are around the 17/`8C mark later today.

Eva hope you continued to feel fine yeserday I wonder if the lack of sleep may have made you feel how you did when you were in the little supermarket? I think you did exactly the right thing going to bed. I am sure watching C’lty cheered you up (not). It isn’t on next Saturday but I am not sure if that is due to the VX Day (they are showing the film The Dxrkxst Hour, which we saw in the cinema), or the fact they have skipped an episode. I see your Father has a radio for each room – a little like MM! I love that the rubbish music being played was down to the radio rather than the programme he was listening to. Fingers crossed the one you took is playing something more to his liking. He may of course still have traces of the infection which is making him forgot more than usual. I see we were all amazed at Jo buying something to wear on line! Ah the pxnk gin is very nice – this is what the manufacturer says :“Inspired by an original Gxrdxn’s recipe from the 1880s, Gxrdxn’s Pxnk is perfectly crafted to balance the refreshing taste of Gxrdxn’s with the natural sweetness of raspberries and strawberries, with the tang of redcurrant served up in a unique blushing tone. Made using only natural fruit flavours to guarantee the highest quality real berry taste. It is lovely with tonic and lots of ice (it slipped down very nicely during the recent warm weather!). Ah yes the mention of f&c does have that affect on us all!

Ali, you obviously needed your sleep. MM often has an hour’s catnap at about 4pm – then he is fine for the evening. I never do as like you it would mean that I would wake during the night, or not be tired enough to go to sleep! MM has no problems with it at all! Hopefully you managed a good night’s sleep last night.

Jo, we often have to walk into the road during our daily walk, as people are on the pavement – the road from the park is quite narrow as it is a residential street, but when we turn the corner for the last leg home it is a busy A road and there pavements are wide enough for us to stand one side and other walkers to go by safely. The houses are set quite well back from the pavement so if necessary we will stand the start of a drive, if we happen to be in one of the narrow parts. Of course Bruce wants to talk to people! Goodness a striped summer top – actually you may well need it by the end of the week when we are due to be back in the 20s. Of course pink – what other colour could there be! It is strange when you see b&w films and then colour pops up on another programme – I think it was at the end of the 60s that programmes started to be in colour, but I could be wrong. Hope you enjoyed the King!

We had 68 people for our Zxxm church meeting, so people are gradually working out how to join us. We had a call afterwards from our friend Keith in Devon – he is in the very vulnerable category but was unable to get a delivery slot from any of the s’markets but also hadn’t receive the weekly food parcels. I emailed him lots of suggestions so fingers crossed he will be ok and manage to get some. I then had a video chat with Mrs Chris, and by then it was afternoon. I did as planned and finished my book. I also order a couple more puzzles, although only one will arrive this week as most are out of stock or cost about £30 plus £10 delivery!! I could have had another 3D one (of the Acrxpxlis – but felt one in a lifetime was enough!). Imogen has now raised £968 – and this was her message on the fund raising page: "I was a little bit tired but it was definitely worth it. I've been so happy through my days of raising money for Nanny's charity. It means a lot to me". Four days on and Imogen says her legs still ache a little but is ever so glad she has done it, and so are we, bless her! We will go for our walk this morning and then I went to sort out the music that I have been meaning to do since we started lockdown............well that is the plan of course. I will also make a bolognxse sauce for the freezer. Other than that no plans. We will probably watch K Eve later and another Spooks or two... Morning BHB, yes it is starting to get a little brighter now. Let’s take the Lavendual and the toasted crumpets into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Keep safe everyone.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, May 4, 2020, 08:43
Morning all and we have pour lovely sunshine and blue skies again. This week should be lovely, with maybe the odd shower. However I think next weekend the chill returns! Still will just enjoy this week while it is lovely. Did my ixxnxxg yesterday then was having a fairly quiet day until in the afternoon when my neighbour who parks their car next to mine said their car had suddenly rolled backwards, The door was open and hit my Katie! As far as I can see there was no damage. They were going very slowly of course. However I will have a closer look today. I did start her up and move her back and forth and all seems well. This is the second knock from the family in a week! I dread to think what will happen next! Watched VDV agai in the evening. It still leaves me a bit cold. Not sure why really. Amstxrdxm looks lovely but I find the characters a bit stereotypical I think.

Eva how funny that your father thought the radio was not playing the right music so wanted another one! I think Twin may be right and the infection could still be affecting him. Hope he is still in a room on his own? Glad you were feeling more yourself yesterday/ Hope it has stayed that way. Just so you know C/sualty is now off till My 23rd. No ides why but it says so in the tv paper I have.

Ah so a linen top not a fleece then Jo. Glad to see it has pink in it! Not sure any form of football can be played with social distancing! I see there was a small demo of people yesterday at Scxtlxnd Yard wearing t shirts saying My Body My Right! I assume then they don't want the NxS staff to treat thm if they get the virus and put their lives at risk! Twits!

Ali I have never been able to catnap as it wrecks my sleep pattern. It took ages for me to learn to take advantage of the rest period we had on very long flights. Hope last night was better.

Morning BHB and what have we with our Lavendula today? Crumpets? Scrum. Let's get more of it all and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Monday, May 4, 2020, 08:55
I forgot I had another Pilates session today. Luckily I remembered late yesterday. Saturday one was a replacement for the one last Monday where I couldn't find the invite for the session. I did see the invite for today's come in yesterday.

It seems to be a bit nippy this morning, I will have to shut the back door. Bruce has been out, so he should be able to cope with the door shut. And just realised I've not taken my meds for arthritis, not good before the session at 10am. Just taken one. Ah well things can only get better.

The shutdown has reorganised my clear up routine, so I've got quite lax as I can't move the sorted stuff out to make space. When the tips open, which is soon for some of them, I'm sure there will be queues. There is really no reason I can't do more than I am doing, apart from laziness. Hopefully one of the first things to be relaxed will be the allowance for more exercise walks then Bruce can go back to sort of normal.

ooops time better zoom
Diana wrote:
Monday, May 4, 2020, 09:02

I've just hung the sheets out to dry as it is quite nice and hopefully will stay dry, and have renewed our garden waste collection. Ploppy has left another pile of branches for me to cut up so will do that shortly. Depends how long it takes me whether I have a walk afterwards. There was a little light rain while out for my walk yesterday so kept it short. I watched a couple more eps of Spo*ks. Ploppy has painted most of the hall walls; next are the doors and skirting boards.

Don't pack your warmer clothes away just yet. The temp is forecast to drop dramatically next Sunday and Monday.

You clearly needed all that sleep, Eva. Hope you slept reasonably last night. I rarely have a snooze during the day as I'll not sleep that night.
evam wrote:
Monday, May 4, 2020, 10:38
Morning all. At the moment the sun is shining, but 5 minutes ago the sky was black!

Hello sweetheart. And how are you this fine day? I am glad I can use the T*rdis to come over here and enjoy your nice weather. What's the matter with me? I am being polite and talking about the weather. Am I going to ask what you'll be serving today? Well, you didn't want me to. You are so used to it that I might as well continue,- so it's toasted crumpets today to go with my herbal tea? Sounds delish,- thank you. 😘😘❤️️

I have been out already, to the shopping centre. As usual I was almost first through the doors, but there were more people than usual, so I think people are thinking it's OK to go to the shops as long as they follow the rules.
I had meant to go for a walk, but the weather changes in a second, and it's very cold. Only + 3 degrees this morning. I am taking Hazel to the tyre hotel tomorow so she can have her summer sandals on. Normally I would have done it at least 2 weeks ago, but this spring has been more like a prolonged winter.
I don't know what is happening with father's radio. He phoned me twice yesterday to ask what I had left for him, and I told him. When he called again last night, I asked why he hadn't asked one of the staff to see where his radio was, but got the answer that he couldn't ask for something he couldn't remember what it was! 🙄 I rang him again this morning, and no, he hadn't been given the radio. So I told him to ask one of the staff NOW, before he forgot again. He said he would, but called me a couple of hours later to ask what he was supposed to ask for! Crikey! I admire myself not exploding, but said I would ring the staff station, which I did. The person I talked to said she would look at once and would call me back. That was 2 hours ago, and I give up!🤬

Carol,- I was fine yesterday and again today, so I probably just needed a day of total oblivion. 😴😴😴 Thank you for the explanation about pink gin. It sounds rather nice, and I would probably have loved it in my drinking days. I hope everything gets sorted for your friend Keith.

Pauline,- I envy you your mild weather. It's cold outside here, not being made better by a brisk northerly wind. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Poor Katie,- I bet she's wondering what next from the neighbours.

Diana,- I see our hall party is getting closer. Have you sterted planning the menu?

Jo,- not a purple fleece, but a striped PINK top? 😲 What is happening in the world?
Ali wrote:
Monday, May 4, 2020, 11:34
Afternoon. Yesterday I cut Ploppy’s hair. Just a light trim but clearly did ok as Jack let me loose on his today - he has really thick hair so it wasn’t easy but looks better. Thought about going for a walk but weather very changeable. Going to finish flower bed behind shed instead with help from scollops hopefully.
Made myself stay up last night and as a result slept well.
Oh dear Eva, it must be testing your patience to the limits x
Sounds as if decorating is progressing well Diana, thats one thing we haven’t tackled yet.
Oh no poor Katie. Hope there isn’t a 3rd incident
Stay safe x
TK wrote:
Monday, May 4, 2020, 15:41
Nice and sunny but a bit chilly now. It wasn't so bad when I was out and about at lunch time.
While I was out this morning I got a phone call. It was the chap who makes dog biscuits, he needs another taste panel as he has reformulated the biscuits and needs a taste check. At the time he phoned I was very near his house, almost at the end of his back garden. So Bruce and I walked down the road where we were, took a quick left then next left for a few more steps, left again then a few steps and in front of his house. Picked up the samples. Bruce will enjoy his 'work'. The other dogs on the panel will get their samples. He is most interested in the rescue dog who was rehomed here not long after I got Bruce. This dog is the only non food orientated dog on the block. He does not take treats!! Of course Bruce thinks he is barking ....mad. To be truthful Bruce is not keen on the biscuits with rosemary, but he will eat them.

Just listening to the plans for return to work 'reduced hot desking!' Stupid system anyway. (Unless it is set up properly with fully adjustable screens, desks and chairs, or only appoint people who fit the desk / chairs you have)

I tried to help out the ex nurse who lies in the old people flats. I'd forgotten that in the CCrisis the chemists aren't taking non required meds back. My friend removed the meds from a lady with starting memory problems as they were extra to what she needs. She doesn't like leaving the meds in her flats for too long, so I said I'd drop them off. I'd forgotten about chemists not taking the meds back. The government advice is to look at your local council's arrangements during this time. Can't see anything. I'll put them in a high cupboard.
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, May 4, 2020, 22:10
Evening. Not sure how days are so busy - but they are! Gave myself a talker no to last week and contacted wedding hotel and after some negotiation I managed to persuade them to refund the non returnable room bookings . So us, our friends and family should all get our monies back. Leaving scollop to sort out their friends money and his booking money. I suspect hotel has got money from their insurance but even if not they were on a much less sure footing Keeping our money when hotel was closed. The negotiation was amicable and all in all I feel it is a good outcome and so can move on now.
Eva - I do sympathise and empathise with you to your dad. His forgetfulness Must be so frustrating . Sloppy is much more forgetful than she was before the L.ckdown but still not too bad. But on Fri I got a lecture about how she needed to get out and nobody was going to stop her and that older people ( ie her) should have priority to get out as not many yrs left to be out and about! I know she was just venting her frustration and loneliness but i was drained when I came off phone. I didn’t do my daily phone call over weekend as didn’t feel up to it but she was chirpier today.
Carol - you said a while ago that gp had probably got confused re the shi.lding of friends son has n law - I think you were right. Sis in law has now been shi.lded. She is in early 50s and had br c.ncer over 10 yrs ago. It was caught very early and she had no ch.mo or r.dio therapy. They are totally taken aback as had no concept that she is unhealthy and feel that she is much less vulnerable than sis or Me- or even my bro who has asthm. Different gp but think either many don’t understand the vulnerable categories or/and their IT systems are dreadful.
Ali - May need to borrow you to come and cut my (and ploppy) hair. Actually probably needs colouring more than cut. It is getting very light - ie white!
Jo - I know I have been away from blog a long time as not only has the blog got new clothes on ( thank you for our new home, lovely pics and thoughtful intro) bit you have been buying new , and not purple, clothes!
Diana - I have swapped my winter and summer clothes but left the winter ones out on spare room bed rather than packed them away. Looks like I may be getting my clothes from spare room this weekend.
Today I worked out how to thread my sewing machine!! Had to google it. My machine too old to have manual on tinternet but found some that looked similar! Have sewn up a tear in a t shirt and now need to find a face mask pattern that I can follow. May take me some time - so just as well that doesn’t look like l.ckdown ending immed!!
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, May 5, 2020, 06:34
Morning and slightly overcast here – I don’t think we are due any rain today, but top temperature will be about 13C.

Jo, hope you enjoyed the Pxlxtes hopefully the delay in taking your pill didn’t impact your ability to join in the class. Did Bruce sulk once he found the door closed against him? I saw that lots of people are having sort outs and “fly typing” stuff as a result, rather than store it in their own homes. I think that was one of the reasons they have decided to open up tips. I think you are right and there will be very long queues to get into the tips once they are actually open. We have quite a few things to go from when MM tidied out the shed – they are currently lurking at the bottom of the garden! The park where we take our walk has a new banner with what can and can’t be done during lockdown (for instance it says about no team games), and it includes: “Keep your dog on a lead at all times to ensure you can safely keep 2 metres away from others.” We see quite a few dog walkers whilst we are there but very few adhere to the lead policy. I am sure Bruce is desperate to get back to normal and see all his friends again. So he is being an official taster and tester again. He will enjoy that!! I can see that rosemary might not be to canine taste. A dog that does not like treats – never heard of one before! I see Bruce finds that strange too!! I never liked the hot desking concept – fortunately I was never obliged to do that. I do know from the last meet up with my ex colleagues that the refurbishment that was supposed to be completed by Christmas (but was still ongoing in February) had resulted in everyone (bar the Partners and their Pas) having to hot desk and it was not a popular move. I don’t see how they will be able to manage now if that is part of the return to work policy! I think return of unwanted meds is one of the things that has slipped through the cracks! Good idea to put them in a high cupboard.

Diana, hopefully your washing was safe and stayed dry. It did cloud over here a couple of times and rain looked likely but then it brightened up again. Oh well done to Ploppy – the hall sounds to be advancing nicely. It will be completed very soon by the sound of it. I saw the forecast for next Sunday and Monday and was glad I hadn’t yet put my warmer clothes away! It was quite a nice day for a walk so I hope you managed to get out and about after your branch cutting exercise!

Eva it sounds as if you are having typical April weather from the UK – although a month late! I see you were an early bird at the shopping centre – and that people are venturing out a bit more. Am I right in thinking your government is now allowing people to go to their cabins? Emilian will be pleased! So Hazel is off to have her summer sandals put on (hopefully she won’t get frozen toes if the temperatures plummet). Oh dear your poor Father does sound very confused at the moment. I hope you eventually had the call from the staff to tell you what had happened with the radio – especially after you had made the effort to take it over for him! I can recommend the pink gin as a lovely summer drink once mixed with tonic!

Ali well done on cutting Ploppy’s hair as you say you obviously did a good job if Jack wanted his done too. We are looking at the various male presenters and news/weather staff who are obviously struggling as their hair grows longer! I think that barbers will also be very busy once restrictions are lifted! I notice from our Zxxm meetings that quite a few of the older men have decided to grow beards for some reason and have aged about ten years as a result! Did you manage to finish the flower bed?

We were having a similar conversation about the days being busy Fi. By the time we are up, showered, have had breakfast, chatted to Twin, gone for our walk, had a coffee and done a crossword once we are home – the morning has almost gone! Well done on persevering with the hotel and getting the refund. It must be a relief – not only to get your own refund but to have managed to get it for your friends too. Ah your Sloppy sounds a little like my conversations with Moving Aunt – who also thinks she should be allowed to go out somewhere. I do try and explain that we aren’t allowed out either, in the hope it will make her feel better! I can see it would be a draining conversation to have though. Hopefully she was just having a bad day when you talked to her – and I see she was a little more upbeat when you spoke yesterday. It does sound as if it is a little bit pot luck about whether you are told to shield or not! Certainly the rest of the family sound more in the category to be shielded than your s in law! We thought that of our friends in C’bury it would be Les who was in the shielded category as he has dixbxtes, but it is Mary who has asthxa who is the one who is in that category. I think the winter clothes may well be required for the sudden drop in temperatures – the forecaster yesterday said there may be some of the “s” word!!! I gave my sewing machine to Gemmx a couple of years back and thought I might buy a small one just for mending jobs, but never got around to it!

We had a really nice walk yesterday – we changed our route slightly to take in more of the park. It was sunny, no chilly breeze but a nice light one and it made walking very pleasant. During the afternoon MM decided to cut back the climbing rose from the side of the house – some of it broke away in the last wet weather/strong winds and he cut those stems off, but with the forecast for the coming weekend he thought he would cut some more back and tie the remainder to the trellis. As it was high level work I had the exciting job of standing at the foot of the ladder to steady it – and as a result had some roses fall on me! I did manage to do my cooking and we now have two more meals in the freezer, but I didn’t get around to the music sorting out. We had our rehearsal with Gareth in the evening, which we always enjoy, then it was g&t with Twin. During the evening we watched Sunday’s K’ing Eve, then WILTY and another Spxxks. Almost at the end of series three now (think we have two more episodes to go). Today we will take the same route as yesterday for our walk, then I have the church phone calls to make, I have the next track for recording for Marg so will be doing that too. I keep forgetting to say my poor hands are really dry now from all the hand washing – I must get some of my hand rescue out (I keep forgetting to do that!) and see if that helps! Morning BHB, yes it is a little overcast again. Let’s take the paninis and the Old Frxend into the conservatory and have a lovely catch up and a snuffle while we wait for the DCM.

Stay safe and well everyone.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, May 5, 2020, 09:56
Morning all. We still have the April weather here, and it was still only + 3 degrees when I got up this morning.

Hello sweetheart. So..............what's on the menu today? You liked me saying that first thing, didn't you? (He's nodding.) It's paninis and a nice fruit tea for me? Sounds just right. Thank you. 😘😘❤️️

I've had Hazel to the tyre hotel, and now she's so proud with her sparkling sandals. We, the customers, had to obey the rules at the hotel, of course, so they can't take as many customers at one time as they usual. Only 3 persons at the time, and we had to drive our own car in to the workshop, and back it out again when she was finished.
I had father on the phone again this morning. Guess what he wanted to talk about,- the radio, of course. But youngest sister had spoken to one of the nurses last night, and she said father had had the new radio, and he was happily listening to it! When sis told him this, he said he could only listen to one channel, and he wanted her to come out and search for other channels. She said NO, and told him he'd had to ask one of the staff. He was quite miffed with her, and with me when I told him exactly the same this morning. Btw.,- the music was apparently better on radio no 2!

Carol,- you're so busy it makes my brain spin. I have to admit that in one way I have enjoyed this lock down because I don't have to worry about father, because there is nothing I can do from far away. I am fed up with his phone calls though, as it's always about the same,- again and again and again!

I didn't have a good night, so I'll have an early lunch (soup) and an early eva.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, May 5, 2020, 09:58
Morning all and it is a nice sunny one again. I may do a bit of gardening again later. I thought I would give a shrub that is bidding to block my kitchen window a trim yesterday. It is a toughie and needs a hedge cutter, but when I turned mine on it was dead. I have had it a long time so maybe not that surprising but still very annoying! I may have to see if I can get someone to come and sort it out. While I was out there I realised that my neighbours (who keep bumping the car) had visitors! Both sets of parents were there! Very naughty, selfish and unfair on us as I haven't seen anyone else round here have visitors. I wouldn't want to involve the police about it but I am not thinking that kindly of them at the moment!

Eva I hope radiogate has now been resolved. So frustrating having the same conversation over and over. Hopefully you will get some warmer weather soon, though I think we are joining you in winter this coming weekend!

Ali I am impressed that you can add hairdressing to your skills! My hair hasn't been this long since my teens! Glad the sleeping was sorted.

So glad your hall is progressing nicely Diana. So lock down has had its uses! I still have my jumpers to hand, well not the very thick ones as I did pack those away but should be ok with what I have. Think the socks will be going back on though!

Fi so glad you have managed a room refund for you and your family and friends. I can see why you have felt stuck with it until now. All this lockdown is very hard on the very elderly who feel they should be able to go out. This is part of the reason I got very cross about my neighbours yesterday blatantly ignoring the lockdown, probably just cos the grandparents wanted to see the children, when others are really suffering but doing the right thing. Grrr!

Jo I just loved the picture you put on twxttxr of Bruce reading the ice cream place notice! So he is at the head of the queue then! Bless. A dog that doesn't like treats? No wonder Bruce is amazed! I am sure he will love being the tester for all the new treats!

Morning BHB and so we have paninis and Old Frxend today? Perfect, let's get more and find the CM.
pauline wrote:
Tuesday, May 5, 2020, 10:03
Eva you posted while I was typing (it takes me a long time!) and I see radiogate is sorted, well in a way! Glad to hear radio number 2 does play better music, even if it isn't as versatile a your father wants! Hazel must be very happy to have her new shoes on, well sort of new!
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, May 5, 2020, 14:23
Afternoon. Decided I needed to get out of the house and a slight change of scene today so went out to supermarket. What a novelty! Everybody abiding by rules, all very calm and civilised. Across the road is a store selling a range of household and garden stuff. Queued briefly and got some bits for my mum (gardening gloves and bracket for hanging basket) and few plants and pots for me. Generally very good but there were a few couples shopping incl some rather elderly! Annoying as I told ploppy we couldn’t go together as against rules! As you say Pauline some don’t care.
Glad you had success with refunds Fi. Hope ub scollop can do the same
Sun is shining but very cold wind. Hoping it warms up a bit. Was hoping to have time in garden. Although next door’s dog is yapping outside so not particularly relaxing.
Decided to catch up on some recordings instead.
Stay safe x
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 06:26
Morning and a nice bright and sunny start, but it is chilly as the heat has come on (just checked and it is 5C at the moment). We are due to reach 17C later.

Eva, I think you are sending us the cold weather later in the week – it is coming from your direction at least. So Hazel likes her new sandals. The hotel seems to have a good system in place for dealing with customers. I wonder how many of these precautions will remain with us once this pxndxmic is over. Oh dear the radio seems to be dominating your Father’s thoughts at the moment. I see he still can’t quite grasp that you and your sister are unable to visit at the moment. I love that he thought the music choices were better on the second radio. I can quite see you are enjoying the lockdown and not having to have to worry about how your father is coping on his own. Hope you had a better night last night.

Ali – from what Lindy told me shopping at the supermarket at the moment is very different to what we considered the norm. I see you had a similar experience to her’s – with people keeping their distance, keeping to the rules and, in fact, not that many people actually in the store. Oh lucky you to find some plants – MM would like some to cheer the garden up – I must show him the webpage of the little garden centre again. I think he is hoping that Garden Centres might be allowed to open, as he would like to actually select the plants he wants. I think most people are abiding by the only one person per household to shop – Lindy now goes on her own and Lawrence stays at home. The chilly wind dropped her in the afternoon, so hopefully it did for you and you were able to get out into the garden.

We enjoyed our walk in the morning, and although chilly the wind wasn’t as biting as it has been recently. When we arrived back home I made my phone calls – I tried three times with one elderly lady, but it kept ringing engaged, so either she had a lot of calls or the phone was off the hook. I will try again today. I made my recordings for tonight’s rehearsal and sent them off to Marg (new headphones much more comfy to use than the in the ear ones) and sent those off.

We are currently awaiting news from the New Forest - June rang at about 6.30 to say Barry was on his way to hospital in an ambulance. Apparently he was having difficulty breathing during the day and by early evening June told him to ring the doctor (it was worse than his normal COXPD attacks). The doctor called an ambulance - the paramedics checked him over and said his heart was only working at 50% so he was taken to straight to hospital. They thought it likely he would be fitted with a pacemaker - probably today. I called her back about half an hour later and Barry had just arrived at the hospital - they said he would be discharged as soon as possible as of course he is very high risk. Paul had gone over to June (he is a key worker and is allowed out and about) and was with her when I called and was going to stay until they heard further.

Today we have our church zxxm meeting and then a free day until this evening when we have choir. I will try my phone call to Marigold (from church) after our meeting. I have the camera for the big pooter to connect today so fingers crossed all is well with that. It will enable MM to have zxxm meetings upstairs where all his paperwork is. I think one of my puzzles is due today, so that will go into quarantine for a short while! Morning BHB, yes it is a lovely bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Thrxx Mxler into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Keep safe and well everyone.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 09:12
Morning all and it is a lovely one again to look up and should warm up nicely. Today is one of my exciting days when I go and get my C&C so a nice little drive out for me. Better than last week when it was raining. A quiet day yesterday though I did go in the garden for a while in the afternoon. One thing about this time of year there is always lots to do out there. I would love to get to a garden centre though as there are some plants I would really like to get. I feel maybe this is not a top priority though! I do feel that when we are able to get to a garden centre the weather will probably change and rain all the time! That's the Eeyore in me coming out you see?!

Ali I must say I rather like the idea of your s/market visit! It must be rather nice. I may experience it yet as I am not sure if I will get a delivery or a C&C next week yet. It is just a lottery at the moment.

So sorry about Barry Twin. I have everything crossed for him and hope he is better and home soon.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Thrxx Mxler and toasted muffins? Scrummy. Let's get more and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 09:30
Morning. Saying a prayer for Barry, hope he can get the treatment he needs and be back home asap
Sun is shining, bit chilly but forecast looking good so will sort my pots out today. Need a little help from one of the boys to empty old compost and liner out of a metal trough on the wall so I can re-line it and plant it up. Which one will get the short straw?!
Also want to put some bunting up for Friday. Don’t want to let the side down as the whole town seems to be embracing the celebrations. Should have been singing on Friday at a 40’s concert and again on Sunday at the town street fayre, never mind, will just sing along to the tv instead!
Ploppy just rang to say one of his regular passengers may breed her Mai*e C*on later this year and would we be interested in a kitten? We’ll see when it happens!
Think it’s time for another coffee. Stay safe x
TK wrote:
Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 10:10
It appears I missed out the blog yesterday. I think yesterday was a funny day as I also forgot to do the biscuit test. I was a bit tired. No idea why.

Bruce was very happy to visit the ice cream parlour (I've just done a Mr Motivator session on BBC 1, very short but does get you moving) He had a bit of a bounce in his step on the way home. He also didn't slow down at the place he sometimes sits down and has to be motivated (ha) with a treat. There is a problem with the take away as he was jumping up to get the ice cream. I had to go up an alley way to get off the pavement (spacing) so he could eat it. There is no way I'd be able to get it home with him jumping up to eat it. Nice to see him happy.

Mrs ExP was off exploring late yesterday afternoon into the next village, going the back way they met no one. She sent a photo for Mr ExP and me to find out where she was, we sort of got it right. It was fun for them to go somewhere they've not been before. I can say that I'll not be going that way, too far for me.

Fi you have done very well getting the money back. The couple will be grateful, I hope.

I also forgot to phone a friend who called me a few days ago, when I was just about to go out.

Pauline I have an exciting day today, delivery this evening.

Eva, maybe in a while your father will learn to ask the staff instead of phoning his daughters to get things he needs on a day to day basis. I'm assuming he gets seen by them at least once a day.

Washing machine is finishing, better see to it.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 10:11
Ali a new kitty? How sweet. Best wishes with the bunting
evam wrote:
Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 10:16
Morning all. Another suspect day, weatherwise, so it will be a short walk for me.

Hello sweetheart,- I'm ready for anything on the menu! Toasted muffins? Sounds great. How about a snuggling session on the sofa? You'll risk it? So will I.😍😍
I wonder how long I can go on sleeping like I do without going crazy? I managed max 3 hours last night. Just as well I have Val M D to keep me company. I'm re-reading her Tony H series. I'd forgotten the main plot anyway, so it was good to read them again.

Carol,- so sorry to hear about Barry. I really hope he can be helped asap. It must be frightening for you all.

Pauline,- the radiogate is still going on! 😡 Father called me agin twice last night with the usual questions. I'm afraid that I was very short with him when he called the 2nd time. I haven't heard anything since then, but he called youngest sister once last night. Whether Mrs S has been involved in the radiogate I don't know. We're not THAT friendly!😜 I must say you are mad for excitement. Doing the C&C again?

Ali,- another cat? How many will that make? I know that one of the cats were the victim of a hit and run. Jack's, was it?
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 11:14
Eva, we currently have 3 cats. 2 technically are mine and 1 is Josh’s (the hunter!) If we get another I suspect Jack will claim ownership as sadly it was his that died as you say 🙁
Just started cleaning my oven, what a glamorous job!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 14:51
I got a reminder today from Google pictures that Bruce and I were in Cornwall this time last year. His few days of pub training, every afternoon. It worked very well. Shame we can't do it again this year.
This afternoon we went to the park and met Keef again sweet little puppy. Also for the first time for months met little Bear, such a sweet boy. Bruce likes him. Eva, your father must be very worried about the radio, hopefully the nurse will be able sort him
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, May 7, 2020, 05:57
Morning and another bright and sunny start. This afternoon we should reach 21/22C. Having said that it is obviously chilly out at the moment as the heating has come in.

Ali, thanks for the prayer; we prayed for him during our Church zxxm meeting too. So did you get a volunteer for the compost clearing out? From the tv clips I see lots of people are making paper bunting – we have some in the loft, along with some small flags, and MM will be going to get that down so we can decorate the front of the house. Not sure which, if any, of the neighbours will do the same thing! We were due to sing at an afternoon tea in Church on Saturday before the lockdown - now we are going to have a Zxxm afternoon tea instead! Ah, so another kitten may come to join your family – are they the larger cats? I am not that well up on cxt breeds. I think you could be right and Jxck may claim her/him if a kitten comes for adoption. You don’t fancy coming to clean my oven do you? It is a job I keep putting off.........and putting off......!

Jo I am surprised Bruce didn’t remind you that the biscuit test was due. I am sure he was in seventh heaven to visit the ice cream parlour! I am not surprised he had a bounce in his step! I see Mrs ExP was being adventurous on Tuesday afternoon – I imagine she enjoyed having a different route; obviously not a route many people take if she didn’t see anyone. So you had a delivery – was this one of the multi shop for everyone slots? I thought it must be about the time Eva would have been here in C’wall. So it was exactly a year ago. It is a shame it won’t be happening this year – I don’t think we will be going to Cyprxs next month either (waiting to hear from the travel company – they have been very good and email us now and then to say they are dealing with holidays as they come up to departure dates). I see Bruce was able to socialise in the afternoon – so he had a lovely couple of days, a visit to the ice cream parlour one day and out with friends the next!

I will try to send the sunshine to you Eva – we have three days of hot weather back, and then it will be back to winter! Oh goodness, still sleeping badly then – hopefully last night was better? I don’t think anyone can exist for long on just three hours. Did you watch the Tony H series when they televised it with Rxbsxn Grxxn as Tony? Hmm I see your Father still hasn’t quite got the hang of the radio, nor of the fact that he should ask the staff. I suspect Mrs S doesn’t get radio calls as your Father is not used to calling her when she is in Spxxn – he reserves that for you and younger sister. I forgot to ask how long he is due to be at the Care Home to recuperate? I presume as the date gets closer you will need to have him assessed for living on his own? I guess this will be down to the SServices again. Let’s hope they see sense this time and allow him to stay.

I managed to speak to June before our church zxxm meeting and she had spoken with Barry. He was ready to go down to the theatre to have the pacemxker fitted, and was hoping to go during the morning. He would then be brought back to the ward and have various tests and a xray. June said his breathing was a lot worse than the day before. I spoke to her again about 4pm, and Barry hadn’t gone down until 1.30pm so didn’t get back to the ward until 3.30pm. Apparently they told him they had discovered that his heart was actually only working at 30% capacity. June was still hopeful she would be able to collect him about 8pm, but she rang at 9pm to say he had only just had his xray, so they were keeping him in overnight. She is hoping to go bring him home this morning. They checked him for the virus when he went in and he was clear, so that was good. In fact as June says he has been really lucky, as he would likely have had a severe hexrt attxck if he hadn’t gone in when he did.

After we had our zxxm meeting in the morning I managed to talk to Marigold (she thinks she may have knocked the phone which is why I couldn’t get through the day before). She was very pleased as her lawn had been mown – her long standing gardener had retired last year and she hadn’t been able to find a replacement. Someone from the church suggested someone and they had come and cut both the back lawn (very large) and the front. I managed to set up the camera on the big pooter and did a trial video chat with Twin to make sure it worked! I also had a quick chat with one of MM’s old school friends – MM was out cleaning the patio so I said he would call back. MM called him back later and Ian and Christine’s son has a 3D printer and has been making face masks for our local hospital during the lock down and delivering them every day. Oooh just a seen a plane up in the sky and it has left a vapour trail – those have been missing from our skies for weeks! I typed up words for some WW2 songs we will be singing courtesy of Zxxm on Saturday. We had our sing with Gareth as normal, and then we had a very good rehearsal with the small choir in the evening – a couple more have managed to work out how to join us, so there is now only one that we haven’t managed to get to join us. Marg is going to talk them through joining tomorrow (she did that with the other couple last night). I just managed to catch the last round of the Sxxing Bee, so know who went – I will catch up with the rest of the programme at some point. Today we will go for our walk, I might put some washing on; Lindy will drop round some salad items from her shop today at some point. My next puzzle will be arriving at some point during the day, and then at 4.30pm we have our weekly zxxm g&t with Les and Mary! Morning BHB, yes another lovely start to the day. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Fxllen Angxl into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM joins us.

Stay well and safe all.

evam wrote:
Thursday, May 7, 2020, 08:52
Morning all. It's a grey day here, so it fits with my mood!☹️

Hello sweetheart. Why do I look like I've been sucking lemons? Doing that would have made me feel better (I'm allergic to citrus fruit) than the news we had yesterday! You want me to sit down on the sofa, drink my coffee with the toasted paninis and tell you all about it? Will do.
Yesterday I had a text from Mrs S saying that father will be discharged on Friday after lunch back to the sheltered accomodation. Had we been consulted? No, we had not! Had they assessed him? No, they had not! Father is over the moon about going home, of course, but the situasion for youngest sister and myself has not changed at all, even if the government is loosing up on some of the restrictions. For us in the vulnerable group, it's like it has been for the last 6 weeks. Father is blissful in his ignorance about the corona virus, even if he's been told about 26 times what it means, and when he is back in his flat will be going out and meeting and talking to whoever he wants to, never mind keeping the distance! He is too dangerous for me to come close to, and the SS has been informed. As usual they don't give a d*mn about information from us.
In addition to this, at the moment I was meant to be high up in the sky on my way to G*twick. Is it any wonder my mood is bad? 🤬 And in addition to this, I've hardly slept at all, so I think I'll stop here.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, May 7, 2020, 09:09
Morning all and another beautiful one.

Yesterday I went to M&S for a small food shop but didn't get everything I wanted so will have to go to Sains. sooner than I'd intended. I bought some chilli hot cross buns and had one with breakfast this morning - nice but not for breakfast! I watched another ep of Spo*ks and have finished series five. Might have a break and watch some other programmes, haven't started K*lling Eve and have several eps of Holby from Jan/Feb I'd forgotten about. We did more work in the garden - as soon as I finish dealing with one heap of cuttings, Ploppy has left another pile for me. He's now dug up most of the large bed outside the lounge. The garden waste bin is overflowing. In the evening I removed the old varnish from my toenails and have repainted them other than final coat which I'll do later.

I've done some cleaning and a little of the I word this morning. We are going for a walk round the golf course this pm and I'll sit on the patio this morning - think I'll have a day off from gardening.

Don't think I said that Ploppy cut his hair the other day - he bought some clippers. He's not done a bad job but could do with tidying.

Our local tip has reopened but on an appointment basis and apparently the times were being booked up very quickly. We've got some stuff to go but there's not a lot so will wait until the rush is over.

Pauline, one of our neighbours has had family (adults only I think) visiting 2/3 times. Annoying that the hedge trimmer isn't working, hope you can get it fixed or get someone in.

Will finish catching up later.
TK wrote:
Thursday, May 7, 2020, 09:45
Carol you are very good at getting every one (apart from 1) online. It is good for all that we have the access to this tech stuff. (On the other hand it is bad because it can worry people.) It should make us safer.

Eva, sad that we cannot go to Cornwall. Not good about your father, he is in a really special category, they should think that he has no understanding of the current health situation. It is almost like he should be confined as he won't remember the rules if he does manage to escape from his flat. He will be a danger to himself and others. A job for Mrs S, as you say.

Due to non-appearance of precooked sausages from MrO last night I will go into the village around lunchtime and get some sausages from the butchers, if they have any. The shops that are open are on reduced opening hours. (Except the chemist, which has changed hours, but is open nearly the same hours.) It is good that they are selling from the door, there is not enough room for the distance required now inside. It means that Bruce can be with me. Previously I used to make sure the shop was empty and get the butcher to serve me at the door.

I saw a Metro news flash that the only once a day 'outside exercise' might be relaxed. Might mean I may be able to go back to the normal walking regime.

My replacement bus pass arrived today. Never used it pre lock down. I may have 'sorted' it to the bin or just put it somewhere. I have looked in my infrequently used card stash.

pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, May 7, 2020, 10:12
Morning all, another beautiful one, hard to believe winter is returning on Sunday! There was a fabulous full moon last night. The sky is so clear at the moment it looked stunning. I am running very late today for two reasons, first I overslept, well I woke at 7.30, thought I would have a few minutes more then it was suddenly an hour later! (Sorry Eva) Next, and this is really exciting, I have a W'rose slot! Woohoo! I am now down as on the 'special' list and slots were available. I have booked a C&C slot for next Wed with S'bugs so decided to keep that and do W'rose the week after. You have to spend £60 to get delivery but I am sure I can easily manage that once a fortnight and do C&C in between if possible. I never thought I would get so excited about groceries! Today I am expecting delivery of a new hedge cutter. I researched getting a new battery for the old one and it was very expensive and when I thought about it I was not 100% sure that is what was wrong. I would have been cross if I got a new battery and then it turned out something else was wrong! So I bit the bullet and a new one is ordered. It is supposed to be a stronger cutter than the old one so possibly a good thing in the long run. My old one is about 15 years old so it has done quite well. Another excitement yesterday was I finally finished my jigsaw! So that is one done as oppoised to Twin's 3! Still I was very pleased with myself. Now I can't bear to break it up!

Jo I saw the Bruce picture of him with his ice cream and I can see how happy he was! Oh and he got to socialise with friends a little more, lovely.Such a shame that the Cornish holiday is cancelled but hopefully there will be another time soon.

Diana I have stuff waiting to go to the tips when they reopen but will not be in the initial rush either! So Ploppy has cut his hair! I saw a hairdresser yesterday saying they think they will have some interesting haircuts to sort out after they can open again! Mind he sounds to have done a good job.

Oh Eva you poor thing. I honestly have no words to say what I think about you SS and their ideas of what constitutes someone b=needing to be in care. Quite apart from the fact that neither you or your youngest sister can help him at all at the moment, the fact that he has fallen as much as he has and also gets infections would ring alarm bells with them. I am hoping (mayne foolishly) that Mrs S will get stuck in and try and sort this one out. You really don't need this sort of stress. Sending lots of hugs.

So pleased Barry has come through his op Twin. Thank goodness this was discovered before he had a heart attack. Hope he is home and recovering well soon.

So possibly another cat to come Ali. Not a breed I knew much about so I looked them up. they look lovely but see they are huge and have formidable hunting skills! This could mean more pressies for you then!

Morning BHB and yes I know I am very late, sorry. You have saved some paninis and Fxllen Angxl for me? Bless you. Lei's take it and go and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Thursday, May 7, 2020, 18:01
Hope Barry is OK and is now back home.

We had a very nice walk round the golf course; no bikes, no dogs, no cars and only a few people. We saw one of our friends as we neared the end of our walk and chatted for a few mins - keeping our distance of course.

Oh Eva, that's such bad news about your father going back to the sheltered accom tomorrow. Hope he will be OK there and Mrs S deals with everything. Not surprised you're feeling down with it also being the day you should have been starting your holiday. Sending hugs.

Dinner's ready so must stop
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, May 8, 2020, 06:40
Morning and a lovely start to the day again. Yesterday was a beautiful day and just enough of a light breeze not to make it feel too hot. There was a beautiful moon last night too.

Oh goodness Eva – that is absolutely ridiculous that the SS are discharging your father to go home today and be left to fend for himself. Are they allowed to discharge him without assessing him??? I imagine your and your younger sister will be in the stay at home vulnerable category for quite some while yet. What on earch are they thinking of? Well obviously they are not actually thinking at all!! Is there no ombudsman in charge of such things that you can complain to? Let’s hope Mrs S can find someone to harangue about it and may be get a better outcome. I realised this would be your C’wall time – shall I tell you the weather down there is wet and rainy? There is a church couple who were down there when the lockdown started so they have stayed there but join our Church zoom events. We had glorious sunshine here on Wednesday and they had constant rain........... No I thought that might not make you feel better. Sending hugs and hope you had better sleep last night.

Diana I am not sure about chilli hot cross buns! I don’t mind chocolate ones, or even salted caramel (M&S did very nice ones at Exster!). I see Ploppy is keeping you busy dealing with heaps of cuttings – when is your garden refuse collection – hopefully soon! Well done to Ploppy on cutting his hair! MM had a go at trimming his fringe last week – with disastrous results! He didn’t even use the hairdressing scissors, but ordinary ones!!!! I don’t think he will be doing that again. I wondered how the community refuse tips would work in the lockdown – I see it is an appointment only basis – if it is like getting supermarkets slots it could be a while before everyone gets rid of their rubbish!! I really don’t understand what people can’t get it into their heads that visiting is NOT allowed!! That was nice that you saw friends when you were out for your walk – even being able to chat at a distance gives you a boost!

We were saying yesterday imagine if this had all happened ten years or more ago – the internet would not have been able to cope and lots of people wouldn’t have had the equipment or the knowledge to be able to communicate in the way we are doing. No sausages? I assume these were for Bruce? I think that apart from the big s’markets, most shops are on reduced opening hours (as are banks). The butcher around the corner is serving from the door too (as is the baker’s a couple of shops along). Oh I missed out on the fact you had lost your bus pass – they can come in very handy so good think you managed to get a replacement!

We had lovely weather for our walk and there were a lot more people in the park (dog walkers that is – no one else just out for a walk!). Lindy called around late morning with my shopping - now we can have cake when we sit outside for the “sit in your front garden VE afternoon tea!” I We will be off for our walk slightly earlier so that we will be home for the 11 am two minutes silence. Barry came home at 1.30pm yesterday - we had a nice Alxxa chat with him mid afternoon. He said he was feeling quite weary, and tender where the pxcemaker went in. He now has to carry a card with him and cannot go near anything magnetic - so the induction hob in the kitchen will need to be replaced (he loves cooking)! He also can't go through the scanners at airports (when we are finally allowed to fly again), but has to show the card and be taken round the side of the scanning gate. Apparently he can't lift anything too heavy for at least six weeks. June drove him home via Gemma's so that the boys could come out and wave at Barry through the car window - I think that is allowed! He was having a very weak g&t whilst we chatted (he said mainly tonic!). He saw the Banksy picture that was given to Soton General on Wednesday - and took a photo. He said it has been put up next to the lifts and all the hospital staff were taking selfies of themselves with it! I ended up having a video chat afternoon - first Barry, then Twin and then G&T with Mary and Les before we joined Gareth for our sing. We put up our flags last night after the clapping for the NHS. When Lindy was leaving and I waved her off, I overhead the chap across the road telling someone he has had the virus! The family were out clapping last night, but that it s the first time, so I think he must have still been in isolation before now. He is an accountant who works from home and people visit to go through their accounts – people were certainly still going after the lockdown, so I am not surprised he caught the virus. The lady he was telling yesterday was also a client!! After decorating the front of the house we came in and watched the last episodes of Spxxks series 3 (so still some way behind Diana and Maeve!). Only another seven series to go (we haven't yet reached the point where we started watching when it was originally shown - I think that was probably Series 5 or 6!). Oh and my next puzzle has arrived, so I may sort out the edges.........and break up the 3D Rome one!! (which was my fourth puzzle and not my third as Twin was trying to pretend!). Tonight we will be listening to the Quxxn of course, and we will watch Churchill’s speech which is being shown this afternoon. It will seem a funny day for a Bank Hol – i) that it is on a Friday not a Monday and ii) that we can’t actually celebrate as we were meant to, but make the best of what we can do. Morning BHB, yes it is another lovely day. Let’s take the Champers and the cheese scones into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Stay safe and well everyone.
Ali wrote:
Friday, May 8, 2020, 09:15
Morning. Got up early to finish baking so I can relax in the garden. Sis and I sharing baking and doing a remote swap of goodies and taking some to sloppy! Just keeping eye out for Red Arr*ws as due over this way shortly if we’re lucky.
Glad Barry is home, didn’t realise about induction hob though with pacemakers.
evam wrote:
Friday, May 8, 2020, 09:46
Morning all. The April weather is still here. At the moment it's a little drizzling rain, but the sun is trying to peek through the clouds.

Hello sweetheart. You've made me a herbal tea? That's perfick,- and cheese scones to go with it? You are spoiling me! 😘😘

I've had another bad night. If it doesn't change soon, I'll have to hit myself over the head with a hammer. Maybe I'll be unconsious (sp?) then. 😡 I spoke to father this morning. He's packed his things and is only waiting for lunch to be over so he can go home. I asked if he'd spoken to Mrs S about the shopping he needs done, but he couldn't remember. Of course he couldn't! He asked if I would come and visit tomorrow, and I had to go through all the rigmarole about the virus. I think I'll speak into a tape and just play it for him.
Today I should be driving from S*lisbury to St. Ives. It's raining there you say? Doesn't matter. It'll feel like home. Instead I went to the shop in the basement and bought a ................wait for it............leek! There is no end to my spending, eh?

Carol,- pleased that Barry is back home. No wonder he feels it's strange. It'll take some time to get used to the pacemake, I'm sure.

I was watching the B*C program about the Great British Sewing Bee on Norwegian television. I was disappointed tha CW wasn't the presenter. I do like her. The one taking her place is unknown to me, but I'll give him a chance.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, May 8, 2020, 11:26
Afternoon all. Yes I know, what sort of time do I call this! Well it isn't because I slept till now! I did have a disturbed night as I had a bit of a pain in my abdomen area. It kept waking me up, made a change from itching I suppose! However I got up and showered and washed my hair and had some breakfast and I feel ok now, so no idea what it was. If it comes back over the weekend I will ring the doctor next week, but am pretty sure I am ok now. My new hedge cutter arrived yesterday and I put it together and went and tested it. Very pleased with it and I can now see out of my windows properly. Sadly my hedge cutting is very wonky so I may get a professional in to sort it out in the autumn. Then there was the silence at 11am for VE day. Not too much happened outside so I joined them on tv! Hopefully more will be out to raise a glass to them this afternoon!

Eva please don't hit yourself on the head. I feel the outcome might result in longer asleep than you would wish. Such a shame about Cornwall. Just hoping you can get there sometime soon. I always used to think I would record certain things for my Mum that I had to repeat several times a day. So hard to keep your patience.

Ali enjoy the fruits of your baking this afternoon. Sadly I have no cake, but then from what my Mum told me they really didn't have any on VE day either! Rationing of butter and flour was a killer, bit like me now really!

Must say don't think I would like chilli hot cross buns much either Diana. I quite like chilli chocolate, but can't think it goes with the dough of the buns. Your walk sounds blissful.

Bit late for the BHB, he has given up and left! Oh look a note. "Couldn't wait nany longer but there is champers in the fridge for you and some scones in the pantry." What a star. I take them and see if maybe the CM is around.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, May 9, 2020, 05:51
Morning and another lovely start to the day – yesterday was lovely all day, and today should be even warmer peaking at around 24/25C.

Ali, I have been searching on line for flour (would have loved to have been able to bake scones for yesterday but it wasn’t to be!). I am sure your Sloppy was delighted with the goodies from you and your sister. Oh we saw the Red Arrxws on tv flying over Buck Palace – did you get to see them en route? No I had no idea about the induction hob problem with pxcemakers either! Apparently you have to keep 2 ft away from them. Mobiles need to be 6 inches away from the pxcemxker and shop anti theft security could be a problem – you should be able to walk through ok, but not to linger nearby! I imagine it takes a while to get used to.

Eva you really do seem to be having April showers at the moment. I see you had another bad night on Friday. You must be exhausted! So they have gone ahead and sent your father home then! Madness. Was Mrs S taking him there, or did the Home provide transport? I am sorry to say the nice weather made its way down to C’wall yesterday. Goodness you bought a leek!! How exciting (I always have leeks in the house!). Oh Joe is lovely on the S Bee. He is a comedian and sometimes does slots on Radio 2. He was the presenter on the SBee last year – I think CW dropped out as she was hosting the Great B Home Cxxk so filming clashed. Hope you had a good night’s sleep!

We had a lovely walk – slightly earlier as we wanted to be home for the 2 minutes silence. A lot more dog walkers out than normal – in fact three women with five dogs between them and definitely not social distancing were just ahead of us – ignoring the dogs must be kept on the lead sign of course. Mind you as one of the dogs ran off and rolled in what we think must have been fox poo (it reeked) I think the fates intervened! We were home in good time to go and stand outside for the 2 mins at 11 am (sorry to say none of the other neighbours did – may be they did it indoors). I took delivery of another puzzle (currently in quarantine so I am not sure which one it is). I did spend a little time doing the edges of another puzzle until it got too warm in the conservatory! We watched most of the programmes on the Beeb for VX Dxy. We went out at 3pm and raised a toast as requested and after we had listened to the Quxxn we went and sang We’ll Mxxt Agxin – and a couple of the other neighbours were out singing too. We had our session with Gareth at 5.30pm – he was wearing his Unxnx Jxck bow tie! I kept thinking it was a Saturday rather than a Friday! Today we will do our normal walk – then we have a food delivery between 2 and 3pm. Hopefully it will arrive closer to 2pm than 3pm as at 3pm we have the Church Zxxm Afternoon Tea – to celebrate VE Dxy. We are all providing our own tea of course and we are having a singalong (which has reminded me I didn’t get the music ready last night – must do that in a minute!). I need time to put all the food away before we start zooming! Good morning BHB, yes another lovely start to the day. Let’s take the Rxssxan Spring and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Hope everyone is well and safe.
Ali wrote:
Saturday, May 9, 2020, 08:24
Morning. Lovely day yesterday, I did the 2 mins silence outside along with about 3 other houses in cul-de-sac. Sat in garden reading then came in to cool off for a bit. Bit concerned at pics on fb of celebrations in our town. Lovely that people marked the occasion but think it was far too socially relaxed. Hoping the announcement tomorrow isn’t too relaxed as people becoming complacent!
When I took food to sloppy and sis had just turned up with her shopping. We had a socially distant chat in sloppy’s garden and caught up on news. Sis concerned about schools re-opening too soon. She is working from home setting/marking work, zoom meetings with staff, submitted exam grades, planning for Sept (when she hopes they’ll return) as well as supervising her boys schooling. I feel I have it too easy at present!
Watched VE prog on beeb in eve, thought it was well done under circumstances. Tried to stay awake to watch film last night but missed last 15 mins or so 🙄
Decided to make most of weather and wash sheets including pillow protectors etc.
Will sit outside again and aim to finish book.
Have a good day everyone, stay safe and in some cases stay sane!!
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, May 9, 2020, 08:26
Morning all and so far I have managed to be a little earlier today. Yesterday was a good day round here. Lots of people making a real effort to mark the day. One lady was collecting pictures on the neighbourhood What's Xpp of wartime things. For most this was of grand parents and in one case great grand parents! I sent a picture of my Mum and Dad at their wedding. They got married on 14/9/39. So war had only just broken out and they were lucky to have a proper wedding with proper cake! In the evening there were a couple of portable pianos outside and people singing. Sadly I missed this as didn't realise it was happening till too late! It is lovely out there again today and I will try and get outside as tomorrow at about 11am we get winter back! Brrr! I have the laundry to do today of course but should be able to do some gardening later.

Morning BHB and you have Rxssian Sprxng and paninis for us today? Sounds very yummy to me so let's get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, May 9, 2020, 09:44
Morning all. It's not a bad day here. It is overcast but quite mild. + 8 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart Sorry I'm late, but I had to drive down to the shopping centre as I needed something from the chemist. I did some foodstuff too. If you don't mind, I'll have a coffee with the toasted paninis. I need some strong coffee to help me stay awake. Thank you.😘😘
We did of course celebrate the VE day here as well. Big celebrations had been planned but had to be discarded due to the corona. I put my flag out, and so did most of the neighbourhood. I am a sentimental old lady, as I get a lump in my throat when I see all the flags.
It was funny (haha) when I was sitting at the table eating my breakfast, I suddenly thought: "Did I take measurements in the kitchen in the middle of the night or did I dream it?" I looked around the kitchen, and there it was,- a piece of paper with some drawings and numbers. I think I'll do it again when I'm wide awake! 😜😂 When this blasted corona has decided to leave Norway, I plan to have a new countertop. The one there is old and not too nice. I also want to change all the interior doors with new frames. I'll have to wait until my friendly carpenter is back properly, and until I*ea will deliver all the way into the kitchen and not leave the wares outside the door! I have decided to get this done before I start changing the furniture in the living room, but of course my new bed will be ordered asap.

Carol,- father's transport was very easy to organise,- the care home is next door to the sheltered accomodations, so he had only 15 yards to go. Mrs S was with him. I spoke to him this morning, and he was happy to be back home, but he said he'd forgotten where so many things were, that he'd spent half the evening yesterday trying to find things, but now he'd forgotten again! Happy days,- NOT!

Ali,- our nurseries and junior schools opened last Monday, and during next week the senior schools will open. The government is saying that the virus is on it's way back. So far we've had 256 deaths in the whole of Norway, and the last 4 days, none. Infected people are also very thin on the ground, so hope fully our lives will gradually return to normal.

Pauline,- do you want me to send some winter tyres for your car? Just in case you get snow with the colder weather. (Ducking to avoid flying car tools!)

TK wrote:
Saturday, May 9, 2020, 17:05
Oh dear, a tiring day for me. Also far too hot at lunchtime for the walk. I will have to rearrange the (currently) one walk a day to the morning.

Eva I hope your father is OK with his move. It is a worrying time.
Eva I see you are planning changes, have you seen the pics on Twitter of Jane's up dates?Very nice work

Yesterday I listened to Lee singing for the Southend-on-Sea VE day celebration, 'Never walk alone' from his car. Unfortunately they had lots of tech probs, Lee's was pre recorded so wasn't effect so much. Then I was at RAH with K Jenkins. It was very good. Unfortunately Bruce did not enjoy it, maybe something to do with me singing along with all the songs. I was invited to a socially distanced get togther, but I wanted to watch the things online.

Better get Bruce's tea, he's just chased a pigeon, he's so hungrey

Diana wrote:
Saturday, May 9, 2020, 17:38
Evening everyone.

It's been another beautiful day, though sadly the last for now.

Yesterday afternoon we joined most of the Close, sitting well spaced out in the road and on the grass verge, listening to some neighbours playing music for VE Day on piano and violin (they also play at the weekly clap though we've not been yet). Each household took their own drinks, some food was provided but we took our own (the chilli hot cross buns which Ploppy thought horrible). I didn't go for a walk due to the 2 min silence and wanting to see Ch*rchill's speech in the pm. Watched the next ep of Spo*ks and the Que*n in the evening.

I was up early this morning, at Sains. about 8.10 and sitting out in the garden at 9.30. I have put another pile of branches through the chipper. There's one more pile to do once the leaves have died off, provided Ploppy doesn't cut down any more shrubs! I put out some of the branches which are too big to go in the shredder on the edge of the drive to (hopefully) be picked up on Tuesday along with the garden waste bin. Tomorrow I'd better catch up with stuff indoors.

It must be really difficult keeping repeating about CV to your father, Eva. I had to bite my tongue with mine the other day. He was asking about the CV app being tested on IofW (which is not far from my parents). I don't know how many times I told him it didn't apply to them (they don't have a smartphone and anyway are shielding) and not to worry about it. Hope you don't have to wait much longer for your new bed and also get a decent night's sleep tonight.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, May 10, 2020, 07:02
Morning and a watery looking blue sky today. The forecast has been amended and the cooler weather now due tomorrow rather than today – I think it is due to stay sunny and around 17C today, so not quite up in the 20s.

Ali it sounds as if you had a lovely bank holiday. I agree some of the News footage of various events on Friday showed people quite close together and I would say definitely not 2 metres from each other! I am not expecting to hear that we are allowed out much more than now – maybe a couple of times for exercise as has been rumoured. Oh that was nice that you were able to have a chat in Sloppy’s garden – Mrs Chris does that with her son and family on her daily work sometimes – she has to pass their house on her way. I think from on line comments most parents are hoping it will be a Sept school return. My cousin’s wife who teaches pupils with specialist needs is working with online teaching and says it can be quite complex and intimidating. I agree they did a very good job with the concert on Friday evening (fell in love with KJ’s blue dress (although she may have been a tad chilly as there was a little breeze in the evening). I hope you managed to finish your book!!

Eva it is such a shame about the big celebrations that were planned in most countries in Eurxpe which have had to be cancelled. Over here they are hoping to have a combined celebration day for XJ Day in August. Goodness so part of your nocturnal activities involves redesigning your kitchen!! So a complete refurbishment of your apartment is on the cards – I am sure you can’t wait for things to improve and for your new bed to arrive. I have a small sideboard on order for the dining room – not sure when that will get here!! Ah yes I remember you say the Care Home was very close (I missed it was THAT close!) so he was able to walk there. I suspect you are due many phone calls in the next few days as he tries to remember where things are and how to operate them. A very unsatisfactory situation all round. Various countries are all dealing with things in different ways - I see there are suspicions that the virus was around in mid December but people attributed it to winter flu as it was before Chxnx reported the new strain. We may of course never know the truth of that!

Jo – I was enjoying the summer temperatures yesterday and wondered if you had decided you didn’t need two fleeces – maybe one - yesterday? There were a lot of dog walkers out when we did our walk at 10.15 – so I suspect they were thinking it would get too warm later in the day. I was amazed from Jane’s photos on FBook to see she had opted for purple splashbacks – who would have thought! Did Bruce not join in with the singing?? Oh goodness – poor Bruce in need of pigeon as he had been neglected! How is the biscuit testing going??

Diana that sounds a lovely afternoon celebration. You are lucky to have musicians locally – how wonderful that they play for the Thursday night applause for the NHS etc. I think a lot of musicians up and down the country are doing something similar each week. Ah so Ploppy not a fan of the chilli hot cross buns......!! Your chipper will be exhausted by the time the restrictions are lifted – it has been working overtime! Ah so your dad was thinking they were being obliged to test the app was he? It is very confusing for the older generation to deal with this and to understand about the restrictions on seeing people. One of our ex operatic society chaps moved to the IoW and he is testing the app at the moment. Fingers crossed the trial is successful and can be used to make a difference.

It was beautiful out when we went for our walk – clear blue skies of a similar colour to that in Spxxn on holiday. One high up plane caused a small vapour trail but other than that not a cloud or anything to see. We varied our route just a little yesterday (added about 8 mins to our walk) and returned to the park for the very last part rather than coming back just down the road. There were a lot of cars about again! I managed to do a bit of my puzzle during the day. We were getting a little anxious about the food order - it arrived at 14.50, so we just had time to put the frozen food and the chilled stuff away and we left the rest of the shopping to deal with after the Afternoon Tea. That went well and we had a couple of elderly parishioners who were able to join Zxxm for the first time, which was lovely! Afterwards we put the shopping away, chatted with Twin, took down the bunting outside the house and then had our weekly Saturday G&T with Lindy and Lawrence. As it was so hot we had salad for dinner followed by a mini Mxgnxm ice cream! During the evening we watched The Dxrkxst Hxxr which we saw at the cinema but felt was an apt watch for the weekend. Today we have our Zxxm church meeting and I must do the laundry (as I didn’t get anything done yesterday). I will leave the i word until tomorrow. We will need to pop up to the small M&S at the top of the road after church as I definitely ordered some lamb from Sainsbugs but maybe I forgot to click the accept change button as it didn’t arrive and wasn’t on the printed order! Sadly joints of meet are available on the D’eroo order so I will have to go and join a queue!! Morning BHB, yes a little cooler today. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Wxrsxw Pxct into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Keep safe and well everyone.
evam wrote:
Sunday, May 10, 2020, 08:20
Morning all. It looks lovely outside but it's rather cold,- only + 4 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. I look tired? Well, there is a good reason for that, and if you bring the coffee and toasted teacakes, I'll tell you all about it. You are so good to me.😍😍😘

We had a drama during the night. Yes, father, of course. How did you guess? I was woken by the phone (Yes, I was actually sleeping!) going at 2.15 am. It was father, and he was so disturbed that it took me a while to understand what he wanted. He'd had yet another fall, but had managed to get into his chair. He wanted me to come up,- NOW. So first I had to ask if he was hurt, and what had happened, but he wasn't able to give me a rational explanation. I asked if he had pressed his alarm. What alarm? So it took me about 10 minutes to get him to understand how to use the alarm, and I could hear the respons in the background. I said we could hold the connection open, he agreed and hung up! I called again, he answered and hung up. After about 20 minutes his phone was answered by someone else, and it was one of the DNs. He was very nice, and said that father was very confused, but said he had fainted. No visible wounds. I explained that father had been to hospital again with serious infections and had just moved back home. The nurse said that with that background story, he would phone the A&E and ask a doctor's advice. He phoned me back about half an hour later, and said that if father didn't have a fever, to put him to bed, but check on him every hour, which the nurse assured me they would do. I was of course wide awake by now, and realised there was no hope of any sleep, so I decided to bake a cake! 🍨 I now have a carrot cake in the fridge, so now I only have to find someone to help me eat it! Iselin and Emilian comes to mind.
I rang both my sisters at 9 am and told them what had happened. Mrs S said she'd drive up and see how he is, and she is determined on tackling the SS tomorrow! (I almost feel sorry for the SS!)

Jo,- thank you for the links. I saw the photos of Jane's new kitchen on FB yesterday. It looks absolutely lovely.

Diana,- you do have a big garden, so I'm not surprised there is so much to do. I'm glad you've had your lazy times in the sun, because the weather forcast for the UK looks very cold. The app your father was talking about was introduced here about 2 weeks ago, and almost 1.5 million people have downloaded it, me included.

Carol,- yes, I am slowly refurbishing the flat. Since I moved in the whole flat has been painted, new wooden floors laid down, kitchen units painted and bathroom upgraded. So I'm on to the next installment, but have to be patient until the virus is gone, because I will need help.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, May 10, 2020, 09:30
Morning all and it is nice and sunny at the moment but very breezy. The change is on it's way. Still hopefully by the end of the week things will improve. Yesterday was glorious. I managed some more gardening. It has been a blessing and its probably the best looked after it has been in some time! Hoping if they reopen garden centres I may be able to get some bedding plants for it. but not till the initial rush has gone and it is past this cold spell, Btw thanks for the offer of winter tyres Eva but pretty sure we won't be quite that cold! I watched the Dxrkest Hxur film last night. Very easy to see why GO won best actor for it. Today I have the ixxnxxg to do which will keep me quiet for a while

Thanks for the pictures of Lady Jane's kitchen Jo, it looks lovely, but why purple I wonder? Hope she is ok as we haven't heard from her for ages. Well I know she is sort of ok as I have seen her on twxttxr. I listened to the important bit of the S/end concert and thought he gave a fab rendition of course. Loving his lock down hair!

What a lovely VE party you sound to have had Diana. So nice if you have musicians that can serenade you as well. Your garden is getting a right seeing to from the sounds of it! I think the change in the weather may well put the lid in it! The chipper will be grateful for the rest!

Oh my Eva, what a night you had. Not exactly what you needed. It is so obvious that your father really does need care and let's hope Mrs S can make the SS see sense. A good thing she is around at the moment I think, well hope! Hope you can have a relaxing day now and maybe a nice Eva. At least you have a carrot cake to show for it all, I am sure Iselin and Emilian will be grateful.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Wxrsaw Pxct and teacakes? Scrumptious, so let's take more of everything and find the CM.
Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, May 10, 2020, 17:10
Hello. Not sure where time goes! have to say i do spend lot of time each day on phone to sloppy and after I am emotionally exhausted. yesterday was planning dads f.neral - no he hasn't died!! she had got herself in a state about the arrangements and she and sis disagreeing on arrangements. i bit my tongue (again) as I though just cos he is 8 yrs older than you doesn't mean his f.neral will be first! But we had quite a good - and long - discussion about diff possibilities.
We had big village celebrations here for VE day. trumpeter played L.st P.st on village green and minister said a prayer - everyone was very well spaced out. then each house was asked to have aft tea in front garden. I spent all morning baking - saus rolls, cake, scones, biscuits! We moved on to edge of road - as our garden too private - and so did other neighbours. We even invited NNs . she came - he didn't. When he did come at end (I had left by then) he blanked ploppy! Not doing himself any favours as others noticed. Have to say that by end of afternoon kids were scooting up and down road and the men had forgotten the social distancing - so we left. Luckily we had torrential downpour not long after so that broke up party. I think in general people are being less careful than they were - car usage def is up, big parties of young people being held by our river, runners on narrow paths and as you say dog walkers with dogs off leads where dogs supposed to be on leads - tho in all cases, bar one, the owner did hold on their dogs when we approached on our bike ride yesterday. I am not quite in agreement with your sis Ali as my feeling is that I think (can change my mind daily!) I would like schools to go back soon (tho I do accept easy for me to say when i dont have to go into the school - or any other workplace!) . As a former outreach worker I worry for vulnerable families - Many families (no money, no outdoor space, lots of kids) are really struggling trying to look after and educate their children at home and we run the risk of some of these families collapsing (in many different ways)and as a result children's life chances being severely blighted - for ever. Even if the families dont collapse these children from vulnerable families are the ones who will fall further and further behind at school the longer they are shut. I fear that keeping schools closed will reduce some (poorer) children's life chances significantly. Research so far seems to indicate that children do not either get the virus badly or pass on the virus - WHO spokesperson last week confirmed this is what research so far shows and a lead statistician on M.rr this morning was talking about extremely low numbers of children getting virus badly - much less risk than being in a car! The main "danger" in schools may be same as any other workplace ie transmission amongst staff - and that should be easier to manage in schools than many other workplaces (UB scollop trying to work out how he socially distances in a small lift taking him to 32nd floor!). But of course I may change my views tomorrow if/as new evidence comes to light - don't envy the govt (of any country) having to make what really are impossible decisions in new, unknown and uncertain times.
Eva - you always have your home looking so "well dressed" and now is a good time to be planning ahead for next stage. We need to replace some furniture and yes I should be taking time to do the research for this - but I amn't. Gosh that was an eventful night for you - your dad is getting very confused now. Mrs S does appear to be "stepping up" at moment.
I loved Jane's kitchen - and the purple splash back - and matching accessories. I am sure you will enjoy trying out all your new cooking skills in such lovely surroundings Jane.
Pauline - has your abdominal pain gone now? so worrying at moment if anyone feels ill . My friend's husbands crown (the dental variety!) has come off off and she is due to glue it back on for him today! Emergency d.ntist said it wasn't "emerg.ncy" enough for a visit so sent some glue - seemingly s.perglue wouldn't do!
Carol - so glad that Barry is fine and that his treatment was so swift. i think those that do go to hospital get fab quick treatment at mo - as hospital wants "rid" of patients as quickly as possible - for everyone's sake. i hope his recovery continues to go well. Ploppy's bro has a p.cemaker and it has given him a much improved life health wise.
Diana - your garden must look very different/improved with all the work you are doing and the greenery being cut down. always exciting to see a transformation take place.
Jo - you are doing so much shopping and other errands for everyone I am not surprised you are tired. I hope Bruce is looking after you!
TK wrote:
Sunday, May 10, 2020, 18:51
Decided to do a bit of sewing, material needed flattening
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, May 11, 2020, 06:47
Morning and quite a bright start although a very strong wind. At the moment we are 6C and we will reach a maximum of 11C later (bit of a shock to the system after 24C on Saturday!). The wind yesterday was so strong it blew over one of the roses in the patio tubs

Oh goodness Eva – a 2.45 am call was not what you wanted, especially when you had actually managed to get a little sleep. So day one back home and your poor father has a fall – I still cannot believe that he was sent home from the Care Home! Oh dear he sounds as if his memory really is shot – although the fall probably exacerbated it. At least he managed to get the DN to come and see to him. The advice from the hospital sounded quite good and I hope your father was fine afterwards. Of course you got up and baked a cake in the early hours!! It sounds very nice (I suspect Iselin and Emilian would agree!). I hope Mrs S gives the SS what for – and no I don’t feel sorry for them! The flat will be amazing once it is all to your satisfaction!

I am with you Fi, the time seems to be rushing by (can’t believe we are in week seven lockdown already!). Oh goodness so your Sloppy is trying to get ahead with the arrangements for your dad! Having said that it is sensible to have an idea what of you want when the time comes. We didn’t have a plan for my Dad when he died, and it was quite traumatic trying to sort out the service at the time. With my Mum (and we have done the same) we already had decided on music, hymns, what we would do etc. and it made life much easier when we were talking to the funeral director. Your VE Day celebrations sound lovely – especially the trumpeter. The afternoon tea you provided sounds a veritable feast. What a surprise that NN didn’t show whilst you were there. Also no surprised he blanked Ian (the man sounds an ignorant pxg (although that is probably a disserve to lovely pxgs). A wise move to leave when the social distancing was being forgotten; especially as you managed to miss the torrential downpour! I think relaxing of rules is a very difficult thing to juggle to be honest and I wouldn’t like to have to make any decisions such as the G’ment are facing. Everyone seems to have different views on what we should and shouldn’t do (especially the media) so they are damned whatever is decided. Oh goodness – the idea of having to do some emergency dental work yourself is frightening – I think I am relieved to hear dental glue was sent so he didn’t have to use the superglue! I lost a piece of filling just before lockdown, but the tooth seems to be coping without so I am hoping it will stay like that for the time being. Yes Barry was really lucky with his diagnosis and his treatment!

Goodness Jo – I fell off my chair!! You have been using an irxn???!!! Did the rest of the family wonder what it was?

We had a good zxxm service yesterday – 84 of us this week, so the Vicar was kept on his toes with three screens of pictures – we had the special prayer for VX Dxy and did a 2 mins silence (our Lxst Pxst and Revxxlle was on a clip of a bugler superimposed over shots of various places in the UX – rather lovely). After that we had our coffee and I finished my fifth puzzle!! Yay! I have order a couple more so that should tide me over for a while. I did manage to get the washing done after that so I have a nice pile of the i word to do today .........unless Jo would like to do it for me now that she has identified that she has an ixxn? We didn’t go out to the little MandS as I remembered I had something else we could have – an MandS slow cooked lamb with mango chutney, so I made some Bxmbxy potatoes to go with it and we had an Indixn roast instead! I video chatted with June and Barry – he was looking much better than he has for a long time. He was quite tired on Friday/Saturday but is now feeling fine, although he flags a little in the evening. So the bad attacks of what he thought were his CXPD were probably his heart struggling to get oxygen around his body. June said they are keeping the induction hob, but have sent for a double stand alone electric hotplate so he can use that when he wants to cook (he makes a mean curry). During the evening we watched C’file (it will be chilly most of the week according to Tomasz), the start of the ARShow and then the last V der V. We may forgo the walk this morning (or we may wrap up warm and go out) as I have the ixxning to get out of the way and I want to look at the next pieces of music for Wednesday’s rehearsal. No Gareth today so we can have an earlier gandt with Twin. I may start the next puzzle if I have time.......tonight we will watch K’ng Eve and the second of the two parter Spxxks we began on Friday (whilst MM can still remember what happened!). Morning BHB, yes it is a tad chilly. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM to arrive.

Stay well and safe (and socially distanced) everyone!
Ali wrote:
Monday, May 11, 2020, 08:16
Morning. The wind is still whistling around the house but the sun is shining. Turned heating on again last night and it kicked it this morning.
Josh is getting ready go go out and stand (socially distanced) down main road through town to pay his respects to former colleague. She died recently (breast cancer) and due to restrictions on funerals friends have been encouraged to line the road as the hearse passes through. So sad.
Jack is awaiting phone call from boss re: work. After last night’s broadcast there is some confusion over return to work.
No confusion for me, no return till July at the earliest and even then under strict regulations!
Eva, hoping Mrs S gives SS what for today. Like the sound of plans for your apartment.
I’ve concentrated on the garden but hoping to paint the bathroom this week. Been putting it off as need to cover the red walls I painted a few years ago! As the weather isn’t so good this week then may as well get on with it.
Fi, your VE day sounds lovely but as I fear here people started to forget the social distancing as they got caught up in the celebrations. Good idea to go indoors at that point and avoid NN
Better get moving before I lose the urge!
Stay safe x
TK wrote:
Monday, May 11, 2020, 08:19
Seems very chilly, but sunny, today. We were up and out at 08:05, I've taken a jump on the unrestricted number of times you can go out which Boris said we could do from Weds. We were out for 40mins Bruce saw some of his Buddy's. Unfortunately the new puppy, Keef, was attacked by a small sausage dog. I've never seen Ziggy do that before. Ziggy gets on fine with Bruce, as does the new puppy. I couldn't get close to the fight as Bruce was staying out of it. Good boy. He is still on a lead all the time he is with me. I hope the new puppy and owner are OK. She got bitten by her own dog as he was frightened. (Been there done that. I was OK.)

I didn't finish the mask last night, I'll have to get the ironing board out again. Yes, Carol I do have an iron. It was free offer with a catalogue many years ago. I'd be surprised if it has been turned on more than 4 times.

Fi sounds like you had a lovely VE day celebration. I think there were a couple of small ones down my road. I was invited to one, they have a bigger front garden so distance would have been not problem. It was just I was busy watching Lee, then Katherine Jenkins. (Mega dress, her best yet, that I've seen.)

Jane is very busy, she did a murder mystery with 18 people the other day. Her reinactors. She seems fine.

I need another fleece, only wearing one.
TK wrote:
Monday, May 11, 2020, 08:34
I think I'll have to put the heating on. The extra fleece is just not enough.
Diana wrote:
Monday, May 11, 2020, 09:52
Morning all.

Definitely a big drop in temp today. I've just seen that Ploppy has turned the heating on - I've turned it off as don't think it's necessary at the mo but possibly this evening.

I had a walk yesterday morning while it was still nice. I wore a jacket but took it off after a few mins as I was too warm. Called my brother as it was his birthday. We had an early dinner so could watch Boris without interruption. Can't remember what else I did so clearly nothing of note - same stuff as most days. I've done a bit of cleaning this morning, no walk today as the weather's not so good, hoping to book an Icel*nd slot for myparents in a mo and watch an ep or two of Spo*ks - the first three eps (possibly more) of series six are a continuous story so having started, want to finish. Back later.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, May 11, 2020, 10:05
Morning all and it is a very blowy one out there, Only stuck my nose outside to get the milk in, but could tell just from that the wind is a nasty cold one. No gardening today then! I am continually surprised that I find anything to tell you as I really have a very samey life at the moment! Yesterday I did the ixxnxxg! Case in point! Today I will be fine tuning my C&C for Wednesday and then, as it is not that nice out I will possibly tackle another jigsaw. I know how to live life on the wild side! Real excitement of the day will be g&t with Twin and Rovs later!

Fi my tummy is fine now thank you. Not sure what the pain was but it went away and no recurrence so not worried about it. Your village Vx day sounds fab, well apart from NN of course! What a nasty bit of work he seems to be, I am sure Ploppy was upset to be blanked, not! He wouldn't want to talk to him anyway! The trouble with incahol is it does make people lose their common-sense, assuming they have some in the first place. Best thing to do was to leave I think. Not sure I would want to replace a crown in someone's mouth but very glad to hear superglue not being used!

Jo was that a cobweb I saw on the irxn?! I feel that an early walk is not that bad rule breaking! I am sure Bruce would just love it to be out seeing his friends again. Sensible boy to avoid getting into a fight though. Thanks for the news about Jane. I was just worried she had her ear thing, that I am not sure how to spell, again.

Ali I hope it wasn't too chilly standing waiting for the funeral to pass. It is so sad that people can't attend them, but that is a lovely idea. I hope Jack's confusion can be sorted. I think it is really a case if a business can comply with the restrictions and social distancing and people can get to work without getting on public transport then they can. Mind that is just how I heard it! Hopefully all will come clearer soon.

I see you have the same problem I have Diana! Tricky remembering what you have done when it isn't much! Good luck with Icelxnd

Morning BHB, you are getting used to waiting for me? I'm sorry but I love the early chats with the CM, so for a while it is just going to be different! Let's get more Lavendula and paninis and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Monday, May 11, 2020, 11:04
I've booked a slot - had to wait for about 25 mins. Just put a few things in the basket until Mum gives me her order. Although I saved their credit card on their account last time I ordered, the site didn't pick it up for some reason (it is still saved) so I entered my card details for now. Called my parents 3 times but no answer - suspect they are in the conservatory and forgot to take the phone in!

Hope your father's OK and you had an undisturbed night with plenty of sleep, Eva. Fingers crossed Mrs S is successful in getting SS to see sense and get your father moved back.

Your VE day celebrations sound lovely, Fi. Not surprised the social distancing wasn't strictly followed, some people just don't seem to get it.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 06:16
Morning and a nice bright start to the day – currently 3C, but at least we seem to have missed the frost which was going to be a possibility. I thik we should reach 14C later – and at least the strong, chilly, wind has disappeared for now.

Ali our heating kicked in yesterday morning and the wind blew over another pot on the patio. That must have been a very moving experience for Josh and what a lovely tribute under the current circumstances. I see churches are not expected to be allowed to open until at least July. Good luck with the bathroom painting. My to do list remains very much still “to do”. I may have to motivate myself to sort out the music room and turn it into combine study so that we get another bedroom for guests (when they are finally allowed to come and visit!). It will require getting rid of a lot of things that we don’t throw away just because we have the space. At least the community tips are now open so we can take unwanted things there.

Jo I think today’s weather is much like yesterday’s – sunny, but very chilly (although the lack of the cold wind should help). That was nice for Bruce to see his friends – not so good that the new puppy was attacked. I wonder what cause that. Good boy Bruce for not joining in. Ah that explains why you have the ixxn! I am impressed you also have an i’ing board...... KJ wore a rather lovely blue dress for the evening concert – very nice! Thank you for the update on Jane – good to know she isn’t ill but just busy. Of course you had to have the heating on and an extra fleece. I suspect you may need the same today.

Diana, MM and I sometimes play the heating game – he turns up, I turn down .... then forget and by the evening we are feeling chilly. I will have to remember that about series six of Spxxks – and find an evening when there is nothing else on I want to watch so we can do it all in one. Well done on booking the slot! I have my next one on Saturday so will be adding to the basket as I go along, but I have remembered to put in some meat for Sunday this week! I imagine sitting in the conservatory is lovely for your parents when it sunny – and they are out of the cold wind! Hopefully you managed to make contact later and now have your mum’s list. I can’t remember if I said our friend down in Devon managed to get an I’land slot so had a delivery last week and is now on their list? He sent me an email to say thank you for suggesting them.

I hope Eva managed to get some sleep and that Mrs S has managed to sort out the SS.

We didn’t go for our walk in the end yesterday – we were running a little late. I had just got out of the shower when the phone rang so I wrapped myself in towels and went to answer it. Moving Aunt had decided to ring me for a chat (it is more than a year since she actually rang us rather than me ringing her every week). She seemed fine and we had about half an hour chat (I was drip dried by the end of the call), but that put us behind. MM had to go to the POffice to post some cards and buy some stamps, so he went off there whilst I started the pile of ixxning. I caught up with several episodes of the A Wxrd (MM doesn’t watch it) to ease the ixxning along. They have put the whole of this series on iplxyxr so it was easy to just keep watching. In the afternoon I recorded the music to send in for the Grexxt Brxtxsh Chxir. I was going to miss out on this one (I’m Stxll Stxndxing) but Janice messaged me to say she had recorded and sent her video clip in, so I felt obliged to do the same! After that we had our GandT with Twin, and set the world to rights. We managed to watch another two Spxxks during the evening. Today we are hoping to go for our walk and then I should be receiving the accompaniment for tomorrow night’s song, so will record that and send it back to Marg. I suggested last week that during our non meeting everyone should write a little biography about themselves and their musical experience so that Marg can get to know people “in absentium”. It is quite interesting as five of us have now done that and there are some bits and pieces that I didn’t know about people! I didn’t get around to starting the next puzzle so may do that at some point today. Morning BHB, yes another lovely sunny and bright morning – I don’t feel it is patio weather though. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Lxmerxck through to the conservatory we should have plenty of time for a snuffle before the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 07:48
Morning all, yes it is me, don't be so surprised! It happens occasionally. Well actually I misread the time and got up an hour earlier than normal so feeling a bit shell shocked now! Still as it is lovely and sunny I don't mind too much. Not such a nice day yesterday as it was very windy, needless to say I stayed in. I rang Ari's mum in the afternoon and we had a nice chat of over an hour! Where she walks Ari is on a common with a golf course on it. She was telling me that over the weekends it was thick with people and families were letting their kids play in the bunkers as if it was the seaside! They even had buckets and spades. I feel the groundsmen will not be happy! In fact she said one of our friend's husband is the groundsman at a club and he found people on their course doing the same thing and that was private property! He didn't shout at them just asked them if they knew the bunkers were used by foxes and other animals as their toilets. They moved! Also heard that the cousin of our friend that moved to Oz has died, She had cancer and it came back. Poor Linda is very upset as she couldn't get back. It's a very long way away at times like that. Had the dubious pleasure of seeing Mr O'lxxry of Ryxn Air on B'fast tv. The idiot insists he will run 90% of his flights from July. He says there will be temp checks and all will wear masks and no queues for the loos. He didn't mention if they would be disinfected after each use! He say the quarantine thing will be fine as people will just ignore it anyway! The man is mad. I do sympathise with airlines of course, but that is just madness

Glad you managed to get your parents a slot Diana. I feel Icxlxnd are a bit of the unsung heroes of this lockdown.

Morning BB and what have we today? Lxmxrick and teacakes. sounds delicious so let's get more and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 07:57
Morning. Much brighter, less chilly today. Woke up around 3.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Lots of stuff in my head! Had a down day yesterday: Jack had call from boss saying not sure about future of company. Contracts cancelled, price of materials increased, taking legal advice about how they can proceed. Then had group chat with couple of work colleagues, all feeling down and struggling financially and with schooling children etc. Boss didn’t join chat which concerned me. Messaged her separately but no reply. I guess she has big decisions to make about the business. I fear this may finish us too. Final straw was w/m refused to drain water and spin. Fortunately Between us Josh and I manually drained it and found bit of plastic and a wipe in the filter. Fingers crossed all ok.
This morning I’m feeling more positive. In the words of Dor*s D*y ‘Que Sera Sera‘ just need to get on with things and see how everything pans out in due course. Just having a coffee then cracking on with the painting as didn't even start yesterday!
evam wrote:
Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 11:03
Morning all. We've .had SNOW for the last 3 days. I'm expecting another shower in a few minutes. Black clouds are drifting in from the sea.

Hello sweetheart You've got toasted teacakes today? You hoped I would be in? Well, here I am, and the sofa looks very welcoming with the big cushions and the blue blanket.😘😘

Unfortunately my sleep is as bad as ever. I have an phone consultation tomorrow with my GP, and I really hope he can help. In addition to this I had to go to the surgery yesterday as I've got another round of cystitis, and I needed the antibis. I must say I'm feeling a bit down at the moment. The problems with father is continuing, so no surprise there. Mrs S is taking him to his GP tomorrow to get a referal to a specialist re his dementia. Mrs S's talk with the SS yesterday wasn't very forthcoming. It turned out that father had discharged himself from the care home last week! So therefor they thought he was fine! 🤬🤬

Ali,- how toughing of Josh and his friends to pay their respect to their frien in that way. It's worrying about his job, as it also is about yours. Maybe painting the bathroom will take your mind of it for a little while.

Jo,- the ironing board out again? Careful now,- it could become a habit! 😜

Diana,- I fully agree that the days are a bit samey. I've been through 8 weeks of the self isolation now, and even if some of the rules are being lifted, it doesn't include me. People on the critical list have to continue with the strict rules.

Pauline,- it is worrying when people seem to forget why the rules are so strict. You can maybe expect it from children, but grown ups? Plonkers!

Carol,- your days are full with all the telephone calls you have to make. It is good of you to do this, as I'm sure there are people who need that contact.
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 12:06
Well, had the call I was expecting/dreading - my job is gone. Sadly boss just can’t make it work financially. ‘If’ we re-open it would cost so much to start up again almost like starting a new business as would need to re-stock from scratch but with social distancing measures in place poss 1/3 of our regular numbers if we’re lucky. Income wouldn’t even cover skeleton staff wages. I can still technically be furloughed until Sept when business officially ends but obv need to find a new job and that won’t be easy at this time
Boss was understandably upset feels as if she’s letting us down but she has explored every option.
Not sure where to start really
TK wrote:
Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 16:37
Oh Ali that is so sad for all of you. I'm sure the boss has tried her best to find a way out of the situation. I hope you can find some other occupation. Best wishes for your search.

Eva, your father is really not helping, but you know that. I hope Mrs S can sort him out, he is a loose canon. In some way he is lucky that you and younger sis can't go to see him, as I could imagine what you two would have to say to him. My best wishes to him, he does have to think of others when he makes decisions.

It has gone really chilly here, I've put the heating on. Bruce is not going out with me this evening as I'm shivering. I may have to find a second fleece. So summer fleece now on under the thickest fleece I have. Central heating back on. I had a long phone call with a lady who lives a couple of villages away. She seems to be OK. Which is good as she gets a bit depressed. She has a rescue dog, so she has to keep going. I don't feel too worried about her.

Bro phoned today. He is loosing weight with all the walking he is doing. He has 2 walks as does one on his own and one with his wife. He seems quite perky, he has been furloughed for a while now.

I'm 'interested' in the use of risk assessments in getting the work place set up for resuming work. I have written many risk assessments for various things in the past. Not 100% certain they do what they are meant to do.

I've seen another way to make masks, if you would like to have one https://twitter.com/donalscannell/status/1259804672455557120
of course it is not as thick as mine :)
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 06:31
Morning and quite cloudy here although we have patches of blue showing through. The wind is fairly chilly but not as biting as the other day (I know as I have just been to put the rubbish out). Mind you, as Eva has had the S word for the last few days I am not complaining.

Ali, so sorry to hear about your job. I imagine your boss has had a lot of heart searching to do and it is a tragedy after the business had been thriving before all this. I am sure all the local regulars will be very upset, but it must be a real blow for you and the staff. I’m not surprised you didn’t have a good sleep Monday night (and I suspect again last night) with all that going on in your head. I hope Jack gets better news and that the washing machine is now ok. I am sending lots of virtual hugs to you – finding a new job at the moment is going to be very tough, but I am sure out there is something for you. Stay strong.

Eva, I am sorry to hear that your sleeping pattern is still so bad. I have my fingers crossed that your GP can suggest something to help. I feel another round of cystitis is definitely not what you need at the moment. I am not surprised you are down. I cannot believe that your Father, who is showing all the classic signs of dementia, should be allowed to discharge himself with no reference from the SS to the family. How on earth could they think he was fine to going back to looking after himself? Hopefully his GP will be on your side and something sensible will happen soon. Sending hugs to you too. Those in the extremely vulnerable group here (which would be you of course) have not had their restrictions lifted – in fact they are worse than you as you can at least go out and buy groceries etc., whereas they are not allowed out until the end of June at the earliest.

Jo, our heating was on most of yesterday, although when I was in the conservatory it the sun was making it very warm out there. I think a second fleece was an essential for you. So the new exercise regime seems to be working well for your brother – good that he sounded fairly upbeat still. I get quite cross with the media – the Unxons were all bleating on about people’s livelihood and needed to get people back to work, so the G’ment relax things – only if it is possible to work safely at their place of work (office) and with the proviso no one needs to go into work if they do not feel safe (ditto schools) and everyone starts moaning again. I get very cross as this is not a political thing, it is a medical pandemic and everyone should be working together to get us through this and back to some normality. Also this is totally unprecedented so everyone is on a learning curve. OK rant over. I see your mask will come in very useful. Thanks to Diana we managed to get some ordered well in advance of this – and Lindy and Twin did the same. Mind you as we don’t really go anywhere or see anyone other than during our walk they haven’t been required yet!

It was actually quite pleasant when we went out for our walk yesterday – not too chilly and not too hot. We saw mainly dog walkers in the park – mind you one couple let their dog off the lead just as we were approaching ands he came over for a play – of course the owners were then trying to call her away (her name was Dotty). They did apologise to us. I have to say there were plenty more cars on the road on the way home – in fact about the same amount as you would see on a “normal” mid morning weekday. Once we came home I made my phone calls and then I put my pxzzle pieces out and started the edges. Major excitement of the day was a delivery of s raising flour! I now have six 1.5k bags....... at least I can do some baking for a change! My track for recording came through late afternoon – but I managed to get that done and sent back to Marg – I will get the other one this morning at some point. After that I did some of my puzzled and then it was time for our sing with Gareth. As the Nxws was the normal wall to wall about the virus I went off to the conservatory to do some more pxzzle and ended up staying there until just gone 7pm – but I finished it! So that is six pxzzles down. Two more are arriving today at some point. I must slow down or I will run out...........MM said Chxrity Shxps will be inundated with pxzzles when all this is over, and I think he will be right! We did light a lantern at 8.30 for the Nurses, but no one else in our road seemed to do it. MM watched a programme about the Desert Cxmpxign in WW2 and then we watched another Spxxks. Today we have our 10 am church meeting on Zxxm, so no walk. After that I will record the music and send it back ready for us to have our rehearsal this evening. I might (if I have time) make something with my flour............. Morning BHB, yes it is slightly overcast today, but it is dry (and now snxwxng!). Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Bxn Bxn into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM joins us.

Stay well, safe and positive everyone.

pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 09:32
Morning all and it is a bit of a grey one today and also quite cool I think as my heating kicked in. Today is my exciting day as I go and get my C&C. So a nice run out for the car. May have to leave a shade earlier than usual as I think there is more traffic about. I felt quite tired yesterday after my early rise so apart from a walk in the field I didn't do very much at all. Much better today. I slept through to my normal time and so am raring to go. Just not sure what at though! I second what Twin says! I am tired of the media whinging all the time and suddenly it seems everyone is an expert and knows what should have been done and when. Shame they didn't say so at the time, or is it hindsight! Very useful thing.

Ali I am so sorry, That is very sad and a real worry for you. I am sure your boss lady has had a terrible time coming to this decision and must feel awful about it. I will keep everything crossed for you that something crops up when things start to open up again. Also fingers crossed that the rest of you family are all ok.

Eva I am a bit lost for words, how on earth can they take your father's word for it that he is ok, or is it that it suits them to move him out? I suppose that is possible after tha fuss he made on admittance! Poor you. You really are going through it at the moment. I hope the GP can help. Sending a lot of virtual hugs.

Thanks for the mask link Jo. As Twin said thanks to Diana I do have some but it could come in very useful if we need them very long term. Definitely two fleece weather at the moment I feel! Glad to hear your bro is doing well and will come out of this fitter!

Morning BHB and you have Bxn Bxn and crumpets for us today. Yummy! Let's get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 11:07
Morning all.

Hmmmm what did I do yesterday? Watched ep of Spo*ks, spent time on laptop, watched telly, reviewed NZ quote & draft itin which contains several errors and needs some alterations. We had an Indian takeaway for dinner for a change from a restaurant we've not used before. I had king prawn butterfly which was nice but not great, mango chicken which came with lots of sauce, accompanied by a nice veg dish, rice and nan which we shared. Ploppy had spicy prawns and a chicken dish.

I did the I word after breakfast this morning and then some stuff online. Ploppy is doing the last bit of painting in the hall, after which we can rehang the curtain, put up the wall plates and pictures, and tidy up - I am getting fed up with pots of paint etc. lying around.

Ploppy is playing golf tomorrow morning. He's obviously looking forward to his first round with one of his mates while I am looking forward to having a bit of time in the house to myself.

Oh Ali, I'm so, so sorry about your job and the restaurant closing. Keeping my fingers crossed you can find something else and the rest of the family's jobs are OK. Sending hugs.

My niece is about to finish uni and is going to find it difficult to get a job - doesn't help that she has no idea what she wants to do! Her elder sister is waiting to hear if she is given a grant for the course she wants to do.

Oh dear, Eva, your father certainly doesn't help the situation. Can't believe he was let out given his condition. Hope Mrs S can sort out something. Sending hugs to you too.

The heating has been constantly on and off this week. I'm feeling chilly at present so have just turned it on again.

I'm with you about the media, Carol. Ploppy keeps saying he's going to complain to Beeb & Sky. The Government is criticised whatever they do; some is certainly justified but some of the misreporting/twisting going on is stirring and making things worse. Some TV "journalists" are being so irresponsible.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 15:02
Afternoon. Well I may have some positive news! I sent a fishing email to the garden centre just across the road from my work. They were just getting ready to open when we had lockdown. They will have a coffee shop there so I asked if they might potentially need someone to work there. Owner emailed back and asked if we could meet for socially distanced chat today. They will be looking to employ someone full-time once restrictions are lifted. Will be in touch in a couple of weeks but sounding very positive. Please keep your fingers crossed.
Haven’t had a chance to read back so hope all ok. Need to turn heating up as I’m freezing.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 15:47
Oh Ali that would be great for you - all fingers (and toes) crossed (makes typing tricky). xx
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 16:18
I have the job! Just had a text asking me to ‘join the family’ Need to sort out details and obviously wait to be able to open but have to say I’m rather excited.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 16:52
Oh Ali - that's brilliant! Well done!! Mind you they will be lucky to have you!!
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 16:52
Oh Ali - that's brilliant! Well done!! Mind you they will be lucky to have you!!
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 16:52
Oh Ali - that's brilliant! Well done!! Mind you they will be lucky to have you!!
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 16:55
...sorry about the triple post - I was obviously really excited by Ali's news!!
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 18:29
Oh Ali that is just wonderful news! well done to you. I think you deserve it and they will be lucky to have you. Phew!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 20:19
Love your news Ali. Sounds like they are friendly too. It is such a difficult time for many people.

I'm going to the garden centre tomorrow to get some bags of John Innes as I have some plants given to me. I also bought some lavender plants, from the green grocer today, for Mrs ExP, I have a nice pot for her garden, so I need some more soil to fill the pot. It was a 'fun' purchase as Bruce is not allowed in the shop. The plants were outside, so I put 3 in my bag, put my arm with the money around the door of the shop. I asked for the change to be put in the charity box as I was about to lose Bruce into the shop. Luckily there weren't many people trying to get in as I was messing up their one in and one out system.

I do feel for the people who have to go on public transport when it is as crowded as I've seen on TV today.

Bruce is having a nice sleep, looks very relaxed.
maeve12 wrote:
Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 21:32
Oh Ali, what excellent news, so pleased for you.
evam wrote:
Thursday, May 14, 2020, 05:08
Morning all. It's overcast here and cold, only + 2 degrees at the moment, so if anything comes down from the sky, it will be snow.

Ssssssshhhhhhh,- I won't even try to wake the BHB this early, so I'll brew my own coffee.

I had a good consultation over the phone with my GP yesterday. I explained my sleeping (or lack thereof) to him, and he prescribed stronger sleeping tablets. Only 20 for now, and if they work, I'll start on them. As I slept uninterrupted from 11pm to 4am , they seem to be doing some good, as that's the longest uninterrupted sleep I've had for a long, long time. I got up at 5am and started doing some housework, so now the i*****g mountain is gone!
We had the General Assembly in the Co-op yesterday. It went relatively well, but as usual there was one person who did his best to start a quarrel, but he didn't get far. Plonker!
Mrs S took father to his GP yesterday, and after a short conversation with father, the GP referred him to The Memory Team to be properly assessed. Mrs S told youngest sister she didn't think father understood anything of what was going on. She had a look around his kitchen, and she threw away some rotten veg from the fridge, and in the dishwasher she found a pan with the lid on. There was also chicken and sauce inside the pan, which she threw away. It's so obvious that he can't look after himself, so today I'll get in touch with our contact person in the research project father and I are involved with, and tell her about father's negative mental development. Maybe she can get him assessed quicker (bypass the waiting list). Not a good thing to do, but we are desperate!

Carol,- you and Pauline will be the new PUZZLE QUEENS! 👸👸 It is indeed bad if the news from the beeb and Sky are making things difficult for people to decide the best course to go. Luckily our main broadcaster is solidly behind the government's rules and regulations.

Pauline,- how was your outing to the C&C? You are right about father and the SS,- it suited them well to get rid of him!

Diana,- good for Ploppy complaining to the beeb and Sky about their coverage.

Ali,- what a rollercoaster for you. First the bad news and then the excellent one! As someone said, they are lucky to have you!

Jo,- you going to the garden centre? What has this lock down done to you. First i*****g and now garden centre. (I love a lavender plant.)
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, May 14, 2020, 05:49
Morning and a lovely bright start to the day although it looks like there is a strong breeze. Alxxa is telling me it is currently 2C out there! We may make 12C by late afternoon and at lieast it is dry!

Diana I see you are racing along with your Spxxks episodes! I see you did find time to look at your NZ itinerary – I have forgotten when you are due to go? We are currently waiting for the villa company to tell us we won’t be off to Cxprxs in Jxne – they have been emailing us to say they are dealing with bookings on the basis of the date you should be going. Expecting to have a call or email within the next couple of weeks. We are hoping to be able to book the same villa for next year. Your take away has reminded me to check whether the I restaurant we use is still doing home deliveries. So the hall should now be finished?? I thought of your Ploppy as soon as I heard gxlf courses were about to reopen – I knew he would be thrilled! I think you are right and a lot of uni leavers are going to have a hard time finding a job (especially if they don’t know what they want to do).

Ali, hope the details are sorted soon – how lovely to be working in a garden centre too – all those beautiful plants around you!

Jo – it will be interesting to hear how busy the gc is today. We may venture out to our local one, but probably not until next week at the earliest to give things a chance to calm down. Lavender plants are lovely and very bee friendly. Love the way you paid for them.....imagine the people in the shop seeing a disembodied arm appearing with money! I feel the public transport system would be marginally better if people had listened to the instruction to wear a mask on all ptransport at all times – footage yesterday showed lots of people were not doing that. Aww so Bruce was having a lovely relaxed evening by the sound of it.

Hi Maeve hope all is well with you – how is your Spxxks watching going?

Eva I see you may still get some of the S word – please keep it, we are quite happy without any. Oh that sounds a very positive chat with your GP and if you managed five hours uninterrupted sleep it sounds as if the new tablets are working (mind you that is still a couple of hours less than you should be getting!). Well hopefully the appointment with the Memory Team will be sooner rather than later! I am sure Mrs S was right and your Father was unaware of what was happening. Just as well she checked his kitchen or food poisoning might have been added to the list of his problems. Good luck talking to the research project people – I do hope they may be able to add some pressure to the SS and get your Father somewhere safe where he isn’t a danger to himself. No I am still nowhere near a puxxle Queen – that goes to my sister who is currently working on a 2500 piece one!! Your broadcaster is doing what is right – no wonder people here are afraid to have any restrictions lifted as all they ever hear is doom, gloom and disaster! Now what we need are some good news stories........such as hairdressers opening!!!!

We had a good zxxm church prayer meeting in the morning. I ended up not getting the second piece of music to record. Marg sent a message to apologise as at the weekend her mother-in-l had been taken into hospital and had had to have a blxxd transfusion, so quite understandably she had been dealing with all that from afar (MinL lives in Devxn and lost her husband about four months ago. So I used the time allocated to that to watch the rest of the A Wxrd – I see another series was due to be filmed but of course has had to stop for now. We had an interesting rehearsal on line last night – our pianist kept having internet connection problems and disappearing, so we did quite a bit of unaccompanied work, which is very good for us of course. My next puxxle arrived yesterday – I may try and put the edges out at some point today, although this morning we have a Church leadership zxxm meeting to discuss what measures we will need to take to make things safe once we are allowed to reopen later in the year. Then late afternoon we had g&t with Mary and Les, followed by Gareth, so it may need to wait until tomorrow or the weekend. Morning BHB, yes a lovely bright, but chilly, start to the day. Let’s take the cheese scones and the Stxr into the conservatory (I think the heating is on) where we can have a lovely snuffle before the DCM arrives.

Keep safe and well and positive everyone.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, May 14, 2020, 09:52
Morning all and it is now a bit cloudy which is a shame as it was gorgeous when I woke. Mind it is chilly as the heating kicked in first thing! I did my C&C yesterday and it went as smoothly as ever thank you Eva! It is nice to take the car for a run. The s/market I have to use is about 6 miles away so quite a nice little round trip. Of course it does mean I use petrol and will have to go to a garage eventually, but I will get masked up for that when I do! Today is a quiet day , no change there! I need to do a bit of dusting and hxxvering I think but apart from that my time it my own! I hear my jigsaw calling!

Ali you must be feeling so much better with things, hopefully, sorted for h]you at least. Mind I would find working in a garden centre a bit dangerous. I might spend more than I earned!

Diana your takeaway made me hanker for a curry! I may have to think about that one! I bet Ploppy was looking forward to his golf today. Saw a story of a chap who got on the first tee yesterday and proceeded to hit a hole in one! He then drove out of bounds on the next hole! Nice to be able to think about your NZ holiday.

Eva I do hope things can be sorted out for your father before he does himself some serious damage. it is so obvious he needs care so let's hope finally the SS can be made to behave themselves and help. Glad you at least had slightly more sleep last night Fingers crossed the tablets help.

Jo I will hopefully manage to get to my g/centre next week may be. The one just down the road from e was pretty busy yesterday when I drove past. I had an email from TFL today outlining plans to restrict travel so hopefully it will improve but if people won't even bother with masks you feel they will just carry on as normal.

They think another 6 weeks before hairdressers open Twin! My hair will be the longest it has been since my teens!

Morning BHB and we have Stxr and cheese scones today? Yummy. Let's get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Thursday, May 14, 2020, 10:21
Thank you for your consern about father. He's had another fall and was on the floor all night. What he's done with the alarm noone knows, and he couldn't reach his phone. He was found when the DN came this morning with his meds. He was taken by ambulance to the A&E where a really lovely doctor had a long talk with Mrs S who'd driven to the A&E as soon as she heard. The A&E doctor couldn't find any obvious damage, but decided to admit him to hospital for a proper check. He's safe now. Just keep your fingers crossed that it will continue. Mrs S said the DN who found him, was really shocked by his condition, so maybe now the SS will listen!
Diana wrote:
Thursday, May 14, 2020, 10:25
Morning all.

I was up earlyish to get to Sains. before there was a queue. Think I got the best of the weather before it clouded over though it was a bit chilly. Just booked a delivery for my parents next week so must call to let them know.

Ploppy & I can't agree on the proposed NZ trip next year. He wants a 2 night stopover in San Fran on the way and I don't as we've been there and I think the more stopovers we have, the more chance of potential issues ie CV related. I'd rather fly straight to our next stopover (probably Tahiti) and have an extra night there, before flying onto to NZ. Carol, we're planning on going late January. I'd rather put it off for a year but Ploppy wants to go asap - partly because he'll be doing the driving and the older he gets, the harder it will be, which I understand. Hope you can rebook your holiday for next year. Yes, the hall is finished though haven't rehung the pics yet. Needless to say, the utility is still in a mess with all the painting stuff but at least the hall is tidy and I can get into the study now.

Oh Ali, that's wonderful news, so pleased for you.

And more good news that you had a much better night, Eva, hope this continues thanks to the new tablets. Your father clearly can't look after himself any more. Fingers crossed he is reassessed and given a permanent place where he can be looked after properly.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, May 14, 2020, 10:29
Eva, just read the latest about your father. Hope he's OK and that this latest fall does result in SS listening and doing the right thing.
maeve12 wrote:
Thursday, May 14, 2020, 11:31
Glad to hear that you had a better night's sleep Eva, hope that these pills will really help.

Yesterday evening I had my first experience of Zo*m, I didn't really expect it to work but it did! It was a talk from one of the ex-children who appeared in the Seven-up programme if anyone remembers it, there were 14 seven year old children who have been interviewed every seven years since 1964, there are discussions about a final programme when they're all 70.

Hoping to go round to dollop's for a chat and a drink this afternoon but it's rather cold, think it will be a quick one.
TK wrote:
Thursday, May 14, 2020, 11:55
Eva your poor father. Of course, he won't remember falling, so he'll still think he can live on his own. Glad Mrs S is on to it. When my dad's memory had really gone it was a blessing in a way, as he got very distressed from time to time, but in 10mins he'd not remember being distressed. I hope that the right care/supervision can be made for your father.

Diana, NZ may not be very welcoming even in a year to have people, from the 2nd most infected CV19 country, stopping off at the most infected country before landing in their country. So I think you are right. Though who knows where the world will be by next year. (I was thinking he could watch some episode of the Street of San Francisco with Karl Malden and Michael Douglas. I suggest earlier episodes before MD leaves the series.)

I went on a drive this morning as my car has not been out for a couple of weeks. I went up the hill and past a garden centre, nearly called in but thought 'I'll go to the one in the village as they have been good to us and been open for weeks'. I came back went to the local garden centre, they had none of the John Innes stuff I or Felf wanted. So drove to the one past the other end of the village, they had lots of the stuff we wanted. At least my car is fine.

I've potted up 2 of the lavender plants for MrsExP into a wooden tub I've had for a few months. I'll keep the other lavender for me. Now all I have to do is let the tub drain and somehow carry it up to her house.

As I was that way I called into the fancy butchers and fish monger (Since the 'infection' if you phone your order in they will bring it to you the next day. I was told if you live in a certain radius they don't charge for delivery, but don't know if there is a minimum charge.) I bought 2 largish hot smoked salmon steaks, for me and Tamsey- no dogs allowed. Then popped to farm shop. They allow 3 people in the shop at a time. I had to wait for ages as there was a family of 3 in the shop, only the mum was shopping, the dad and the little girl were just wandering. aaaahggggggggggggggggghhhh. This is why I prefer shopping online at the moment.

Better go for a walk
Ali wrote:
Thursday, May 14, 2020, 15:11
Another day with potentially bad news. Jack has been told it’s highly likely he’ll lose his apprenticeship. Final decision will be made next week but to stay afloat they will probably have to lose 4 staff. He will speak to his college tutor about poss transferring to a diff employer but at the moment he’s contemplating applying for a 1 yr. college course in photography.
Life is certainly a rollercoaster at the moment!
Hope your Father is ok Eva, fingers crossed he can be transferred once and for all x
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, May 15, 2020, 06:02
Morning and another bright start to the day – clear skies but I can see frost on the conservatory roof. I think when it warms up we should reach about 16C.

Oh Eva, another fall for your Father. So the alarm has been put somewhere really safe. He must have been quite frightened. At least the DN had the sense to get him to hospital (in an ambulance this time rather than in a taxi). At least Mrs S found someone sympathetic and willing to listen to her, and to admit your Father so for the moment you know he is being looked after. I do have all fingers crossed that this will lead to someone finally realising that your Father is not able to cope on his own. Surely they will not sending him back to his own apartment after this! Sending you virtual hugs.

Ah I can see Ploppy’s thinking about still doing the trip (thank you for reminding me, I knew it was when we had winter, but couldn’t remember if it was December or Jan you would be going). I think, like you, I would rather put it back a year, but can also see Ploppy’s point about the driving. At the moment all trips are dependent upon other countries letting us in! That’s good news the hall is finished (bar hanging the pictures up). I think delivery slots are easing a little now – I even had an email from Sainsbugs to say they are now offering c&c in our area (the nearest one before now would entail driving to Slxxgh!).

Oh well done on connecting to Zxxm Maeve. That sounds a really interesting talk. My friend Lindy has followed the programme over the years (we didn’t – I suspect when first shown we were singing!). I hope you managed your chat and (Hot?) drink – there was definitely a chill to the wind yesterday, albeit not as chilly as the start of the week!

Jo, we used to think it was a good thing my Mother’s memory meant that she didn’t remember Ann had died, and would say things like “Ann hasn’t been to see me”, to which I would just reply that she wasn’t feeling very well. She also forgot that my Father had died and would say she was worried about him coping without her so I would just say we were looking after him. I think one of the reasons we are being allowed to drive to places for exercise now is that it wasn’t doing cars any good not be used at all. Ah I see you had to play hunt the JInnxs stuff! At least you managed to find it in the village in the end. Your are turning into quite a gardener!

Oh Ali, your family really is having a real rollercoaster week. Poor Jack, that wasn’t the news he wanted to hear. I can see his boss may feel he can’t keep an app’tice on and lay off four other staff. Hopefully if it does come to it he will find the college helpful with transferring. I see he is thinking ahead and may do a one year course in p’graphy – that sounds very interesting and different! Sending you hugs too.

Our church leadership zxxm meeting lasted almost two hours, so that was the morning gone. We have been wanting to take out the pews in the church for some while but had to get the Diocxsx down to look at the proposals and then need to put in a Fxcxlty and then raise money to do the work and purchase chairs. Now we wish we had bitten the bullet and done all that as due to the way the pews are, when we are allowed to open (presumably with social distancing still in place), to keep people the requisite 2 metres apart means that we will probably be only able to accommodate 25 people for a service! Normally we have over 80 each Sunday morning......... We were also looking at how to get people in and out without them getting close too. It is quite a logistical nightmare!! After lunch I put my next pxzzle pieces out and then we had our afternoon video chat with Twin, before having our g&t with Mary and Les, who are both fine. Mary has now manage to secure a delivery slot with W’rose, so tried to cancel the G’ment food parcel. She thought she had done it successfully but one turned up this week – complete with a large tin of mushy peas!! After the g&t we then went straight into our rehearsal with Gareth. Whilst our dinner was cooking I went out and did some of my pxzzle again (now have three quarters done) and after we had eaten we went out and made a noise for the NHS – slightly fewer neighbours this week but it was a lot chillier than it has been in previous weeks, so that may have deterred them! We watched the next K’ing Eve during the evening and then cheered ourselves up with an O’numbered. This morning MM has (another) church Zxxm meeting, which I will set up for him. I have my phone calls to make for the church so will do that this morning – I may of course finish the pxzzle! This afternoon we have the weekly family Zxxm chat (my cousins are trying to join in this week, so we will see how that goes!). Morning BHB, yes it is bright but still chilly – let’s take the hot toasted crumpets and the Vanillita into the conservatory (fortunately the heating is on) and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM joins us.

Stay safe and well everyone.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, May 15, 2020, 09:49
Morning all and it is a lovely sunny one, though not that hot yet. Still should warm up nicely through the day I think and I believe summer could be returning soon. Lovely though a bit of over night rain would be very welcome for the garden. I will try to get out a bit today. I had a fairly lazy day yesterday as got hooked on my jigsaw. They are addictive I find. Another one just been delivered! Will keep me occupied over the weekend when it has finished its quarantine!

Eva I am so sorry to hear that your father has fallen again. He must have been so scared and confused. it would be nice to think that this will be the catalyst that means the SS will finally help him but I am definitely not holding my breath. Btw that was most definitely not a cake in yesterdays picture though it is exactly what it is supposed to look like! A ginger cake to be exact!

I can see why you would rather spend extra time in Txhiti Diana, especially as you have already been to SF. Good luck with that one! Mind I did like SF a lot, just as well as I went there a lot! Let's hope that by the time you go that things will be better. Well done on getting a slot for your parents. Hopefully the delivery situation will get easier now.

Maeve I am impressed with the Zxxming! I do remember that programme though have to say I didn't watch it!

Oh dear Ali that is not good news. You are really having a time of it at the moment. Mind it sounds as if Jack has some good ideas what to do. The photography course sounds interesting and could be very useful. Fingers crossed for him and all your family that it all works out well.

Loving all the gardening you are doing Jo. I have missed going to the garden centres and will try to visit one soon I think.

Morning BHB and it is Vanillita and crumpets today is it? Lovely. Let's get more and find the CM.

Ali wrote:
Friday, May 15, 2020, 14:47
Afternoon. I’ve been busy finishing the bathroom before the weather improves. Finally covered up all the red, not perfect if you look too closely but I’m satisfied! Discovered the toilet seat was broken so ordered a new one and a new shower curtain to compliment the new colour. Looking forward to a nice bath later.
How are things with your father Eva?
Carol, we removed pews in our church a few years ago. Our congregation is about a 1/3 of yours and once we can return I suspect a few will have to stay away a bit longer so we may be ok to re-open socially distanced.
evam wrote:
Friday, May 15, 2020, 15:52
Afternoon all. You'll never guess the latest development with father! I'll start at the beginning:
My phone went at 8.15am this morning. It was a nurse from father's ward at the hospital with a message from father: He wanted his phone. I said his phone came with him, and the nurse said he'd have a proper look. When I asked how father was doing, he said he was very feeble, confused and had needed help with his ablutions (sp?) and dressing. They would keep him at least another day as the "boss" wanted to monitor his heart. I asked what they planned to do when he was discharged, and the nurse said they'd contact the SS, telling them that there was no way father was going home to his flat. I said Thank you, Thank you, and phoned my sisters. Everyone was very relieved.
Then my dentist rang me and asked if I could come today instead of next Wednesday, and of course I said Yes please. My old dentist has retired I was told, but the new one was a very pleasant, young lady. She put in a new filling, told me she'd used some extra solution which would keep the filling in. Then she told me the price: £ 150 ! I gulped, but paid up. It was about double of what my old dentist had charged for the same job. I did some shopping and went back home. Just before lunch, youngest sister rang. She'd had father on the phone, and he told her that they would operate in a PACEMAKER, possibly on Monday! She was totally gobsmacked and had asked him several times if he was sure. He's 93 years old, but he insisted that's what he'd been told. Sis asked how he felt about it, and he said if that was what the consultant wanted, that's what would happen. I nearly fell off my chair when sis told me. She had rung Mrs S, and she couldn't really believe it either. She'd consult with Viljar's mum and dad, both nurses at the hospital, and Viljar's mum had worked at the heart department for several years. I haven't heard anything back yet. I don't think father understands what it implies,- he called it a peace maker! I'll ring him later.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, May 16, 2020, 06:25
Morning and slightly overcast here at the moment. We are due to reach 16C later – currently we are 7C so warmer than yesterday.

Ali, well done on finishing the bathroom – I imagine painting over the red was not an easy job! What colour did you go for as a replacement? I think you will have earned your relaxing bath after all your hard work. The removal of the pews is something we have been considering for some years (as I think I mentioned) – however we had opposition from the Vxctxrixn Society – the pews were designed by George Gxlbxrt Scxtt (the Vxctxrian architect) and so we had to shelve those plans and for the last two years have been trying to find a way around appeasing them and the Dixcese. They are very uncomfy and inflexible and now a hindrance to accommodating people after we try to get back to normal, so hopefully we might be able to do something in the near future! It sounds that you will be able to be much more flexible in your reopening, which will be excellent. One of my church phone calls yesterday was to a couple whose son works for a local undxrtxkxers (apparently he decided when he was six that that was want he wanted to be!). She said that hexrses are being asked to drive by various places that meant something to the pxrsxn who died – such as pubs, tennis courts etc. I told her about Jxsh and his colleagues lining the road (at the correct distance) to pay their respects to his former colleague. I just thought that was such a lovely thing to do.

Oh goodness Eva! I see the saga with your Father continues. At least the Nursing staff have realised that he needs care and help. Let’s hope the SS will listen to them! I am not surprised the family was relieved to hear that. So was your Father correct in his statement they were going to fit a P(e)acemxker?? Seems a very odd thing to undertake on a confused, 93 year old. Did you hear any further?? At least you have managed to get a new filling (even if it was somewhat costly!!). So far my piece of fallen out filling seems to be ok (well the remainder of the filling that is). It looks like we will have to wait quite a while before we can get to the dxntxst over here.

MM had his zxxm meeting yesterday (he now has two more lined up on various church matters) – whilst he was doing that I finished my puzzle and did my crossword and amended my Sainsbugs order which is coming this afternoon. I ordered another puzzle (1000 piece this time – I may work up to that gradually as I have three more to complete that I already have). I made my phone calls too and everyone seems fine. We had an hour long plus zxxm chat with various members of the family (no June and Barry this week as they were awaiting a call from the vet about Poppy; and Gemma and the boys were out in the forest and didn’t get home in time). My cousins managed to join us this week (the Gloucester ones – son of Falling Aunt) and my second cousin also so we have had a catch up with what everyone is up to. Sadly Sarah’s husband Stuart has been made redundant (he works for a firm in the Stxtes and works remotely from E’burgh. They have o fxrlxugh programme in place, so he has not been paid since shutdown started over there. No r’dancy pay either! After that it was time to sing with Gxreth. Once that was finished we had the excitement of the week – I ordered takeaway f&c (they were quite a while coming – the driver said they were exceptionally busy!). I may try a Chinese t-a-w at some point!! We watched another Spxxks in the evening, followed by an O’numbered and then watched Cxr Shxre which the Beeb is re-showing (loved that show). Today is laundry day – we will go for our walk as we haven’t been out for the last couple of days. I am expecting a phone call from my friend Anxa (she is also expecting to be made redxndxnt from my old firm – although from her email she won’t be too upset She is the Office Mgr and has been there for about 25 years. I will do as much of the i word as I can this afternoon, although we have our Sainsbugs order being delivered and then we have our G&T with Lindy and Lawrence via Alxxa. Tonight no C;lty of course as we have various Exrovxsxon programmes instead. We may not watch all of them - a Spxxks may crepe in!! Morning BHB, yes a little overcast at the moment. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Cxribbxan Brxxze into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Hopefully everyone is safe, well and managing to cope in these strange times!
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, May 16, 2020, 09:38
Morning all and it is a nice sunny day again now, it was cloudy when I got up. Think we are on a warming trend now for the next few days which will be nice though I think it will mean more people out and about ignoring the rules! I can see a second lock down beckoning! I rang one of my cousins yesterday who lives in Devon. He younger daughter has MS so I knew she would be on the vulnerable list. The elder is a teacher and has been looking after the pupils whose parents are key workers. Thankfully they are all keeping well, but as they live in a nice little village I am not that surprised! Today will be a laundry day and I may try and go in the garden. I finished my jigsaw and a new one was delivered yesterday. When I opened it there was Astxrix the Gxll staring at me! I definitely did not order that one, in fact I had never seen it before so goodness knows what happened there!

Ali well done on covering the red! I know dark colours are a nightmare to cover from my own experience! Hope you had a nice relaxing bath!

Eva whatever next with your poor father be put through. However it is hopefully a positive that the hospital will not be letting him go back to his flat. Fingers crossed this is the breakthrough you have been wanting. I love he calls it a peacemaker, in a weird way quite true!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Paninis and Cxribbxxn Breeze? Sounds wonderful, so let's get more and go and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, May 16, 2020, 10:05
Morning all. It's a grey day here, and it's raining. That means we're back to normal!

Hello sweetheart. You're going all sunny in your choice of cocktails. Do you think you could send some sunshine over here. We can do with it tomorrow which is the Norwegian National Day. It's going to be a very strange one because of the blasted virus. We normally celebrate with children's parades everywhere, dress in our national costumes, and the children can eat as many hot dogs and ice creams they like! All the parades are cancelled, the royals won't be waving to the people from the palace balcony, and I'll be staying home as I've been doing for the last 9 weeks. 😢 The first National Day I'm home in 8 years, and it won't be what we're used to. No, no need to cry on my behald. If you've made my coffee and the toasted paninis, it will feel so much better. 😘😘😘
I spoke to father last night, and he wasn't well at all. He said he wasn't able to walk because his legs gave way under him, and he felt very confused and tired. I mentioned the operation, and he was looking forward to it! I don't think he undestands what it implies, and when youngest sister spoke to him this morning, he'd forgotten all about it!

Carol,- I think the Norwegian telly has the same E*rovision program that you will have, so I'll see how long I'll follow it. Last Friday our telly started showing van der W, and I recorded it. When I watched it on Monday, I decided I didn't like it, so I only watched half of it. I also stopped the recording. Talking about the telly, do you know when the latest L*ne of D*ty will be shown?

Pauline,- good to hear that your Devon relatives are OK. So you'll be spending your weekend with A*terix, eh? Enjoy!
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, May 16, 2020, 10:33
Eva - they started filming L of D but six weeks into the filming they had to stop due to the virus, so not sure when it will be finished. Definitely won't be shown until next year I would imagine!
evam wrote:
Saturday, May 16, 2020, 11:26
Carol,- thank you for the info. Sigh,- more waiting.😒
Diana wrote:
Saturday, May 16, 2020, 12:12

Yesterday turned out a lot nicer weatherwise than I expected, we had sunshine nearly all day. I was in a grumpy mood all morning and into the pm. I was cross because I didn't put the washing outside to dry, we haven't been able to pick up iPl*yer on the lounge TV for a couple of days, the wifi connection wasn't working with the kitchen TV so couldn't see Sp*oks there either, wasted a lot of time trying to sort out the TV issues, no progress on NZ trip, and cross with myself for being piggy for a few days and putting on weight. Being out in the sun cheered me up despite doing more of the branch cutting and chipping (still more to do but that should be the last!). I then tried the kitchen TV again and this time the wifi worked so could connect to iPl*yer, though there wasn't the time to watch Sp*okies by then. In the evening we watched and enjoyed the final of Gre*t Br*tish M*nu.

Cloudy today and it still feels cool though haven't been out. I have rehung all the plates/pictures & mirror and watched the next ep of Sp*oks after breakfast - want to see another this pm. We then put up the curtain so the hall is finished. I have just sent an email to the travel company about NZ. We've asked for the options of flying to Tah*ti without a US stopover and will see what the advice is before deciding. The majority of the itin & quote has to be rejigged anyway as they contain a lot of mistakes (ie the wrong dates were used for nearly all the hotels - I think he misread our draft!) and included tours we don't want. I'm not exactly filled with confidence with our agent.

Of course Ploppy enjoyed his first round on Thursday and is playing another tomorrow.

Haha, I like your suggestion, Jo. I like lavendar too.

Sorry about the latest news re Jack, Ali. Keeping my fingers crossed for him that something positive comes out of this. Well done on finishing the bathroom.

Your father needing a pacemaker is rather out of the blue, Eva. My father had one put in several years ago and it has helped him. Fingers crossed re SS. That was a hefty dental bill. I was due for a check up and hygienist early April and not sure how much longer it'll be until the dentists reopen here.
maeve12 wrote:
Saturday, May 16, 2020, 17:38
Eva, sorry to hear about your Father's latest fall, what a worry it must be for you.

I wonder, have you seen the series called "State of Happiness"? it is being shown on BBC4 on Saturday evening I think you might find it interesting, I think it is very good, it is set in Norway as oil has been found but its also a family story.
maeve12 wrote:
Saturday, May 16, 2020, 17:38
Eva, sorry to hear about your Father's latest fall, what a worry it must be for you.

I wonder, have you seen the series called "State of Happiness"? it is being shown on BBC4 on Saturday evening I think you might find it interesting, I think it is very good, it is set in Norway as oil has been found but its also a family story.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, May 17, 2020, 06:09
Morning and another bright start to the day (sorry Eva!). I think today is due to be similar to yesterday – around the 18/19C mark.

Happy National Day Eva. I see the BHB has been in early and decorated the Bistro with red white and blue bunting and there are posies of heather on all the tables. I am sure it will seem a very strange National Day for you all with no parades taking place. That doesn’t sound to good if your father is saying he can’t walk at the moment, in addition to feeling tired and confused. I think you are right and he really doesn’t understand about the operation for the pxcemxker. Did you discover why the hxspital are planning to do the operation? The lovely Mr Rxbxk took part in the first E’vision programme. I have to say I wasn’t surprised at who won as the most popular of all time! Yes sadly no LofD to look forward to later in the year. I suspect no C’mas special for Call the M’wfie either as I think they usually shoot that in the spring.

Diana I see you had one of those days where nothing seems to go right. That’s very odd about the wifi connection, although with so many people on line I suppose glitches are not surprising. I see you are still being a lumberjack’s assistant and chipping more branches. Well done on getting the hall all finished! I have to say the t agent doesn’t sound to competent with your NZ trip! So Ploppy enjoyed his golf and if off again today – no surprise there, he must have been really missing it! We saw a couple playing tennis yesterday when we went for our walk (we pass a couple of tennis courts during our walk in the park).

Maeve the Rxdxo Txmes gave S of Happiness a good review. I think it is set in Strxvxngxr? I must remember to tell Lindy as they went there on their boat trip along the N’wegian coast (I think it was the furthest they went).

We enjoyed our walk yesterday – it was a nice temeperature; not chilly but not too hot. We varied our route yesterday and spent the whole time walking through the park rather than coming home via the road. There were mainly people walking their dogs out and about. In the afternoon I managed to get all the i word done, so that is out of the way for another week. I also had a long conversation on the phone with my Uncle - he had rung on Friday when we were on the family zxxm meeting. We also sang happy birthday to him (his birthday was on Thursday) – he called back for a longer chat – it lasted an hour! Our Sainsbugs order arrived so we are now stocked up for next week. We enjoyed our g&t with Lindy and Lawrence – well mainly with Lindy as Lawrence was baking a chocolate cake (he is a chocoholic)! We finished just five minutes before the E’vision programme. After we had watched that we turned to iplxyxr and caught up with another two Spxxks. This morning we have our church zxxm service and then we will have a lazy day reading the papers and putting our feet up. I see IXV are reshowing Mxigrxt tonight, but we have seen it (twice) so may revert to more Spxxks. Morning BHB, yes a nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Nxrthexn Lxghts into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, May 17, 2020, 06:09
Morning and another bright start to the day (sorry Eva!). I think today is due to be similar to yesterday – around the 18/19C mark.

Happy National Day Eva. I see the BHB has been in early and decorated the Bistro with red white and blue bunting and there are posies of heather on all the tables. I am sure it will seem a very strange National Day for you all with no parades taking place. That doesn’t sound to good if your father is saying he can’t walk at the moment, in addition to feeling tired and confused. I think you are right and he really doesn’t understand about the operation for the pxcemxker. Did you discover why the hxspital are planning to do the operation? The lovely Mr Rxbxk took part in the first E’vision programme. I have to say I wasn’t surprised at who won as the most popular of all time! Yes sadly no LofD to look forward to later in the year. I suspect no C’mas special for Call the M’wfie either as I think they usually shoot that in the spring.

Diana I see you had one of those days where nothing seems to go right. That’s very odd about the wifi connection, although with so many people on line I suppose glitches are not surprising. I see you are still being a lumberjack’s assistant and chipping more branches. Well done on getting the hall all finished! I have to say the t agent doesn’t sound to competent with your NZ trip! So Ploppy enjoyed his golf and if off again today – no surprise there, he must have been really missing it! We saw a couple playing tennis yesterday when we went for our walk (we pass a couple of tennis courts during our walk in the park).

Maeve the Rxdxo Txmes gave S of Happiness a good review. I think it is set in Strxvxngxr? I must remember to tell Lindy as they went there on their boat trip along the N’wegian coast (I think it was the furthest they went).

We enjoyed our walk yesterday – it was a nice temeperature; not chilly but not too hot. We varied our route yesterday and spent the whole time walking through the park rather than coming home via the road. There were mainly people walking their dogs out and about. In the afternoon I managed to get all the i word done, so that is out of the way for another week. I also had a long conversation on the phone with my Uncle - he had rung on Friday when we were on the family zxxm meeting. We also sang happy birthday to him (his birthday was on Thursday) – he called back for a longer chat – it lasted an hour! Our Sainsbugs order arrived so we are now stocked up for next week. We enjoyed our g&t with Lindy and Lawrence – well mainly with Lindy as Lawrence was baking a chocolate cake (he is a chocoholic)! We finished just five minutes before the E’vision programme. After we had watched that we turned to iplxyxr and caught up with another two Spxxks. This morning we have our church zxxm service and then we will have a lazy day reading the papers and putting our feet up. I see IXV are reshowing Mxigrxt tonight, but we have seen it (twice) so may revert to more Spxxks. Morning BHB, yes a nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Nxrthexn Lxghts into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, May 17, 2020, 09:35
GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR,- I lost my post! I'll start again.

Morning all. It's a wet, windy and cold day here,- 0nly + 4 degrees, so it's just as well I don't plan to go out today.

Hello sweetheart. OOOOOOOHHHHHHH,- the Bistro looks wonderful. You've done it in honour of Norway? Thank you sooooo much.😍😍😘 You have a special treat for me to go with my coffee? Smoked salmon on scrambled eggs? You do know our traditional food. You'd better save some for Jo, as she is used to it as well after spending several 17. May days with me in PI.
I started to watch the E*rovision last night, but stopped after 1/2 hour. By then I'd almost lost the will to live. When even A*BA managed to sing flatin the original recording, I gave up! So Jo's favourite Norwegian was there? Who won? Instead I watched an old MM which I hadn't seen before. Much more entertaining.

I had a lovely bouquet of flowers from Iselin and Emilian yesterday, and the wonderful wording in the card brought tears to my eyes, (happy ones.) Today she's sent me photos of Emilian and herself in their national costumes. Emilian's is a new one, as he'd grown out of the old one. My national costume will stay in the wardrobe today. It takes me almost half an hour to dress with all the bits and pieces that needs to go on, so I'm not doing it just for myself.

Carol,- Mrs S had a conversation with father's consultant in hospital. He said that when they monitored father's heart, they found that his heart rythm was very irregular,- at almost full stop a few times. Youngest sister spoke to father this morning, and she said that it was almost impossible to understand what he was saying. The gist of it was that he'd been very, very poorly during the night, but in his own words: They brought me back to life again. I wonder if they will proceed with the operation tomorrow?

Diana,- a temperamental wifi can try the calmest person. Hope you can get it back to full strangt again. So Ploppy enjoyed his golf? What a surprise.😲
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, May 17, 2020, 09:42
Morning all. Very cloudy here at the moment though not too cold. I have been thinking I may do a partial wardrobe swap for some of my lighter things as they promise us a possible 26c by the end of the week. Don't want to get too carried away though as it could easily take a turn for the worse again after that! Did my washing yesterday so the ixxnxxg board will be going up soon. I did go in the garden for a short while to get some air as I tend to avoid the roads round me to the field at weekends. They are narrow and full of children playing. Much quieter during the week! I had a bit of a rocky night last night as I woke about 3am with a dull ache in my hip. Tried to ignore but in the end I got up and took some pain killers and I did then sleep again. It seems fine this morning, fingers crossed! I think my body is missing it's trips to my chiro lady. Sadly I think it will be one of the last things to come back as it is a very up close and personal thing. Watched the Eurovision programmes a;ast night and quite enjoyed them As ever there were some good bits, and some not so good bits!

Eva your father does sound to be in a bad way, poor man. Such a worry for you and you must be sad not to be able to see him at the moment. I hope things improve for him soon and he can be somewhere nice he is well looked after. It is what he needs. Meantime I hope the op goes well. Happy National Day, even if it is a very odd one for you.

Diana I think we all have days like that, when everything seems wrong! Mind it is a very odd problem with the tv issues. Hopefully it is all sorted and you can get back to Spxxks! Your agent sounds a bit dubious! I hope you can get the NZ trip sorted

Morning BHB, Nxrthern Lxghts and toasted crumpets today? Yes please! Let's take more and find the CM.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, May 17, 2020, 09:47
Eva you came on while I was typing. That does not sound too good about your father so maybe they will postpone the op. AxxA won the favourite Euro song in the first programme. I assume it is that one you mean as there was no competition in the Shxne a Lxght one!
TK wrote:
Sunday, May 17, 2020, 11:18
Sorry I've been missing for a while, how come I've been so busy?

Happy Norwegian National Day Eva. Hope you have a good day.

Ali, sorry to read about Jack's job. It is a difficult time, he was so pleased to get the position. Fingers crossed for him.

I spoke to Jane today, she said she would try to get on the blog soon. She has been really busy. I know how she feels, I see how many days it is since I was here.

Eva your poor father. I don't remember he had heart problems. (I have memory problems.) I hope they can sort out his requirements. Surely now he can't go back to where he was. Mrs S go for them!!

I'm not 100% today, don't worry as I think it is mega hay fever attack. And the after effects of the DIY from yesterday. I'm not finished yet, I need to do some more sanding to make the last seat fit.
The instructions were very clear. '2 people needed for assembly'. That translated to 1 female and a kitchen cupboard unit (to support whilst fitting the bits together). Unfortunately I need to sand down a bit of one of the seat pieces as it doesn't quite fit. The overall design is similar to the last seat I had. Except the last one was almost fully assembled and just had to be slotted together. The new one has to be screwed together.
Bruce is looking for the telephone number of the dog rescue as I've not taken him out today. He has been fed (late). He'll be going out later when my sneezing and itchy eyes have calmed down. I have taken a hay fever tablet.

I missed the beginning of the Eurovision prog as I was still outside sanding. I'm going to make a waterproof cover for the seat. I have some thick plastic sheet, it was in the cupboard of the lost which I cleared out a few weeks ago.

Bruce has gone into the front room in a huff as he still hasn't been out.
Jane E wrote:
Sunday, May 17, 2020, 12:57
Hello all,

I have been talking to Jo this morning and she tells me that you have been asking after me and checking if I am OK. Bless you all you are lovely xxx

I have kept meaning to come on the blog and seeing what you are up to but life in lock down sorting out the kitchen has been been manic. Then last week I was writing a murder mystery with my friend Sandra which took up all my spare time.

My usual routine of blogging at lunch time isn't working so well at home, as it's all too easy to take a book into the garden for half an hour rather than staying on my computer! Sorry all!

I haven't caught up at all on the blog - I hope everyone is OK!

And Beatrix says sorry she's not been around either.

Love to all! xxxx
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, May 18, 2020, 06:14
Morning and pale blue skies with some white cloud – 10C at the moment but due to reach 22C later. I think you are due some sunny weather this week too Eva (but back to normal by the weekend!).

Oh that’s is so annoying when you lose a post Eva. I see normal conditions weatherwise yesterday! Enjoy the sunshine when it comes. It is lovely when you find an MM you missed when it was originally shown isn’t it – that has happened to us a couple of times. How lovely of Iselin and Emilian to send you flower and photos of herself and Emilian in their costumes. That was a lovely thing to do. I imagine Emilian is growing fast! Oh dear, your poor father sounds as if he is in quite a poorly way at the moment. I wonder if they will go ahead with fitting the pacemaker or decide it will be too much for him and postpone it until he is a little better. It does sound as if his heart needs helping to do its job.

Ah I understand why it said “two people required” for construction of the Jxck and Jxll seat – I didn’t realise until I saw the photo that it wasn’t a single seat for you. An ingenious idea to call in the kitchen cupboard unit to take the part of the second person! Amazing what you found in your cupboard – the plastic sheeting sounds idea for a seat cover. Ah Mrs Chris was suffering badly with hay fever yesterday – I think the pollen was high. Hopefully the symptoms subsided and Bruce was able to go for a walk later – assuming he hadn’t already found the number for the dog rescue and had them come and collect him!

Thanks for letting us know you are ok Jane. At least your new kitchen is finished! That must be a relief. Please give our love to Beatrix – I see she has started her own lockdown photos!

We had another well attended Zxxm church service in the morning – three screens of people. We didn’t linger for the after coffee chats as I was due to speak with June at noon (we finished the service at 11.45). Barry is looking so much better and says he feels fine and is able to do so much more than before the pxcemxker. He is supposed to take gentle exercise so has been walking Poppy in the forest (he is supposed to be shielded of course, but they see no one when they are out so it isn’t a problem). After spending all that time “on screen” I decided I would break up the last puzzle and put out the edges of the new one. I did manage to do my crosswords and to read a little of my book. MM read the papers. After the afternoon chat with Twin I decided to do a little more on the puzzle before I put the dinner on. It is now ¾ finished.....my 1000 piece one arrived yesterday (currently in quarantine). I will probably finish the current 500 piece one today and then have to decide whether to start the 1000 or leave it for another week.........I do have another 500 on order, and one that I was saving, so I won’t be without one to do! During the evening we watched another Spxxks after C’file, and then Kxllxng Eve. Today we will go for our walk after chatting with Twin. I will make a Bolognese sauce for the freezer as I order some mince from Sainsbugs which arrived on Saturday and has a use by date of tomorrow. I may do some baking later – I now have plenty of flour of course! We have our rehearsal with Gareth at 5.30pm and then g&t with Twin after that. Not sure what we will watch this evening – it could be another Spxxks – we have two episodes of series four to still watch....... Morning BHB, yes another bright start to the day. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted tea cakes into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.

Hope everyone is safe and well and coping well.
Ali wrote:
Monday, May 18, 2020, 07:23
Morning. Had a lazy day yesterday, made a focaccia which we ate for lunch and prepped a roast for later. In the evening we did a skype quiz with sis and family and friends. Bit of an issue with my laptop as we could see everyone but not hear them although they could hear us. Switched to ploppy’s ipad and all fine. We won by just 1 point! Had a catch up chat after. Sis a teacher, friend a district nurse so interesting to get their perspectives on things.
Might pop out to garden centre today. Sis went yesterday and said it was quiet and very organised so think we’ll try it. Then it will be an afternoon in the garden with my new book I think.
Lovely to see you Jane.
Love to all x
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, May 18, 2020, 09:38
Morning all and we have our lovely sunshine back and it is much warmer. Definite garden day later. I did my ixxnxxg yesterday but not really much else. I need to move more I am definitely putting a bit of weight on. Not too much so far but the wrong direction! I need to sort my Mr W delivery out this morning and so more thinking about food. Seems to be a major occupation at the moment! I am fiddling around with my jigsaw as well but cannot begin to aspire to the level of Twin! She rips through them at a rate of knots, me, I take days over each one! My excuse is I have to stop when my back aches. I have to be careful of it at the moment!

Eva if they do operate on your father today keeping everything crossed for him and sending hugs as it must be a worry.

Jo good improvisation with the furniture assembly. That is the way I cope when it needs two people. I take it Bruce wasn't any help if he was busy complaining to the rescue centre! Nice seat and it looks like it will come in very handy in the coming few days!

Jane how lovely to see you again. I've seen the pictures of the kitchen and it looks lovely, in fact your garden looks lovely as well. You have worked wonders! Nice to see Beatrix enjoying it all as well. I am sure she has been lots of help!

Ali I think Zoom usage has gone through the roof over the last couple of months! I have seen people have problems with sound before so you are not alone. I am hoping to brave a garden centre myself soon. I will go and have a sneaky peek and if it is busy will not bother.

Morning BHB and we have Lavendula today of course and teacakes as well? Lovely, let's get more of everything and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Monday, May 18, 2020, 10:34

Morning all. It's a mix of sunshine and clouds today and looks quite nice until you poke your nose out of the window. Then you're hit with a measly + 4 degrees and a cold wind, so not really nice at all.

Hello sweetheart. Ah, you've lit the fire for me? How kind. You also have toasted teacakes to go with my herbal tea? Aren't you the best? (He is nodding.)

I rang father's phone this morning, but there was no answer, so I rang the ward. I was told that at that presice moment, father's operation had started. The nurse promised to let me know how he was when the operation was over. You can imagine my astonishment when father himself rang me about an hour later! He said he'd been told the operation was a success. He wasn't making a lot of sense because of the anastetichs (sp?), but said he'd been told to rest. We'll see how well he's doing when a little time has passed.

Jo,- I know exactly what you mean when you say you need an extra person to help with putting those seats together. I feel it very often. I wish someone would come up with the brilliand idea to rent out the necessary limbs to people like us! 😜

Carol,- I hope father will feel like your Barry does when he is recovering. There are quite a few years between them, so I won't hold mu breath. You race through those puzles, don't you?

Pauline,- I know what it's like with food and isolation. It's frightening how delicious a piece of bread with cheese on looks!🍞
Ali,- the quiz sounds like fun.
TK wrote:
Monday, May 18, 2020, 12:11
I had another delivery today which needs assembly, a bird feeder. The delivery came in the middle of the Pilates session, so took me a bit of time to get to the door. The postman was waiting for me, I had shouted. He moved the pack inside the door. It was very heavy due to the large bag of bird food. I have checked I have all the pieces of the feeder but I cannot go any further as I can't get the spike into the ground. The non spike end cannot be hammered, due to plastic screw thread to hold the bits of the pole together. I'll have to dig a hole after it has rained.

Bruce has reminded me it is time to go out. There are no excuses now as we are allowed out as many times as needed to exercise. He was short-changed yesterday due to the mega hay fever attack. Though he did make the most of it and got cocktail sausages from up the road. Through their son buying the wrong type of sausages they got the ones Bruce likes best. We've also been given some expensive dog food as the little dog up the road doesn't like it. I think I'll cancel the regular delivery if he likes it.
evam wrote:
Monday, May 18, 2020, 15:40
Just a few words to tell you that father's operation went well, so far. I had a few words with him, but he was very woozy and tired after the op.

Jo,- my hayfever attacks are also here in full force. I thought it still was too cold for the pollen to dance around, but not according to my nose. It's running ans sneezing all the time. AITCHOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 06:19
Morning and a little cloudy but we are going to be a warm 25C later. Tomorrow we are due to hit the heady heights of 27C!

Ali I see you have been your usual busy bee. The not being able to hear everyone but able to see them happens with zxxm sometimes too. A couple of the people on Sunday had that problem during the service. Well done on winning! Our garden centre hasn’t opened yet – the webpage says it will be open on Sunday from 10.30 to 4.30 but we are going to wait at least a week before visiting as we feel they will be inundated with customers initially! I hope you managed to have your time in the garden with your book.

Eva how lovely of you to have some sunshine = although I feel it wasn’t warm sunshine if the temperature was only 4C with a cold wind! That’s very good news that your father’s operation went well (and that he managed to ring you!). I know the first two/three days after the operation Barry was very tired and just slept, so I suspect it may be the same for your father. I assume there is no news on when he is likely to be discharged, and where he is likely to go (if to the same Care Home, hopefully they will organise a room on his own!!). I don’t get hay fever as such, but when the pollen is high I get very itchy eyes. The trouble here is that there has been no rain to dampen down the pollen that causes the allergy. I know Twin’s has been quite bad recently – sadly sneezing at the moment can make people think it is the virus!

Jo I feel the bird feeder may be slightly easier to manage than the Jxck and Jxll seat. I see the delivery was timed to perfection – just when you were on the floor and had to get up and get to the front door. That was good of your postie to put the package inside as it was heavy (I did a double take there – wondering what sort of bird required a feeder that was large and heavy, then I read on that it was actually bird feed that was causing the heaviness! Ah yes the ground is very hard at the moment due to the lack of precipitation – MM says our garden is rock soldig at the moment. I am sure Bruce is pleased to find he can now go out when he wants (so the Dog Rescue call was cancelled I take it?) AND a treat of his favourite sausages! Hopefully he will enjoy the expensive dog food. How did the biscuit tasting go in the end? Did he mark them out of 10?

We enjoyed our walk yesterday morning – as we were setting out we saw one of the neighbours from slightly further down the end of the cul du sac and she said now restrictions on driving to places have been lifted she and her husband have driven to Dxnhxm Country Park, where it is very nice to walk, and also to Lxnglxy Pxrk. Next week we may well go to Dxnhxm and walk there as is only a ten minutes drive from here. I finished my puzzle once we were home again, so am having a break for a couple of days before starting another. I made my Bolognese sauce and that is another two meals in the freezer. I didn’t do any baking as by then the kitchen was quite warm! MM went and cut the lawn and did some tinkering in the garden. After a good sing with Gareth we had a very nice g&t with Twin. In the evening we found an old Endxavur that we don’t remember seeing first time round, so we watched that. Today MM wants to go and pay a cheque into the bank, and to post a dvd to Imogen, so I will probably drive him in and find somewhere to park whilst he goes and deals with that. I should be getting the music track for tomorrow’s rehearsal at some point, so will deal with that – probably this afternoon. It is also my day for phone calls, so I will do that once we are back from U’brxdge. Other than that the day is my own! We will probably do another Spxxks tonight and may be the next KEve instalment. Decisions, decisions! Morning BHB, yes it is a little overcast but still quite warm. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Exe Opxnxr onto the patio – we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.

Hope everyone is safe, well and not too fed up with things as they are – there will be better times eventually!
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 08:26
Morning. Looks like it’s going to be another warm day.
Yesterday started with a message from old boss (of restaurant I prev worked at for 12yrs) who is landlord of building where current restaurant is. With me so far? She was apologising for not being able go tell me that they knew before me of current boss’s intention to close. All water under the bridge and no hard feelings as it was a conflict of interest and current boss wanted me to hear from her. They are now deciding what to do with the building, sell or rent. Personally I’d get rid of it.
Current boss hasn’t made any announcement since informing staff last week. Think she needs to as jungle drums will start before long and better for her to get in first.
I have meeting with new boss later this morning. Can’t keep up with all these employers!!
Glad your father's op was successful Eva, hope he makes a smooth recovery and can be transferred to somewhere more fitting his needs.
My sis-in-law had to have urgent op at weekend, will need further abdominal surgery in due course. Not entirely clear what is wrong as both her and mil a bit vague but something related to liver/gall bladder.
Didn’t get out with my book in the end yesterday so hoping to do so today. Asked the boys to do a job in the garden while I’m out, should finally finish it off I hope! Hoping it will now be relatively low maintenance.
The short drive to a local park sounds like a plan Carol. Josh and friend took separate cars for short drive to coast yesterday for socially distanced walk. Said it wasn’t busy and it did them both good to get out for fresh air and a face to face chat. Roads are certainly busier again although ploppy said buses are deadly quiet. They’re currently looking at the return of school services and how it might work. Huge logistical issues!
Better ho and sort myself out. Stay safe xx
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 09:13
Morning all. The sun has burnt off the cloud layer and it's looking gorgeous outside so will go in the garden once I've posted.

Yesterday I dealt with the last pile of branches, glad that's done. Also booked a C&C slot for next week. The nearby cafe reopened last week for takeaways so we bought lunch from there. We both had sausage & egg pannini which we ate in the garden and were yummy. In the evening we watched an ep of Sev*n Worlds, One Pl*net - we saw half the series last year and had forgotten about the remaining eps. We then watched a programme about building cars which this week featured Maser*tis which Ploppy particularly wanted to see.

This morning I've done a towel wash, swopped my shoes for sandals and made a start on swopping clothes. I've been to Sains. - more cars about than recently, though still nothing like normal level. Ploppy is playing golf this pm, while I'm planning a lazy few hours. Depending what time he's back, I might watch the next ep of Sp*oks late pm. Finished series six on Sunday - iPlayer is working again, no idea what the problem was.

Eva, hope your father is making good progress. Fingers crossed he can go to a care home permanently when he's released from hospital. How lovely of Iselin to send you flowers.

Don't blame you for wanting to get out in the garden at lunchtime, Jane, rather than say on the computer. It's good for you to take a break and get some fresh air.

Good idea, Carol, to drive a bit further for a walk and for a change of scene. Now the course has re-opened for golf, of course we can't go there to walk so will think about an alternative not too far away.

Hope meeting with your new boss went well, Ali, and that your sinl is OK.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 09:13
Morning all and a lovely day it is too. Funny what a wonderful spring we are having when we really can't enjoy it to the full. Well most of us who are doing what we are told can't! Still it is much nicer looking at blue skies than grey. Mind I have the gardeners eternal cry, we need rain! We may get a little in a few days. but then we get back to the warm and dry! I did quite a lot in the garden yesterday. mainly tidying up after the wind had blown a lot of debris around. Also got the garden furniture out of it's winter coat! I may as well use it now as who knows what summer will be like. So more gardening today I think. I may even venture out to a garden centre at some point.

Eva that is brilliant that your father came through the op so well. Fingers crossed it helps him and he continues to improve. Twin is quite right about my hay fever. It has been a bad year for it so far. Makes the thought of going out tricky as I do not want to have a sneezing session in public at the moment!

So another delivery Jo. I was like Twin and at first thought you had a gigantic bird feeder then saw it was the bird food! You will have some very happy birds! What a lovely postie to pop it inside the door for you. Most people delivering to ne are dropping things and running! Mind none of it has been that heavy. So Bruce had a nice treat of his favourite sausages then. He will be sending the son shopping again!

Morning BHB and we have Eye Opxner and paninis today? Sounds just right so let's get more and find the CM.
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 19:03
Hello. Not sure where time goes! Ploppy been bit tired this last week so i have been taking on some of his chores - so I am totally kn.ckered by eve. sloppy getting bit "restless" too so emotionally been a bit more taxing too. If I hear the story one more time about lady she knows who died but whose daughter visited her 2x weekly and did everything for her even tho lived far away (40 mins) and so daughter wont need to feel guilty as did everything for her sloppy _ I may scweam and scweam! Not much to report - gardening, h'work etc. Visited a gdn centre for first time yesterday.- a small one and not busy and v well organised so no issues re social distancing. went to the big steely home near us - park is open. went last week on a freezing day - and empty. not so empty today but so vast that social distancing still very easy. it is noticeable that young people (20/30's) are congregating in (small) groups - and I suspect not all live tog. Also saw grandparents with their children and gr children - and again not the 2m apart.
Eva - gosh what a rollercoaster you are having with your father. Hopefully the op will mean he has to go into the care home - so that would be one good outcome.
Ali - you have as many bosses as i used to have. as I didn't have childcare for hols I could never do a FT job so juggled lots of diff jobs with many being paid for term time only. at one time i juggled 4 jobs at same time! Sad news about your current job as so much work had gone into building up that business. Boss must be very disheartened. Brill news that you have new job - they are lucky to get you with both your catering and organisational experience and skills. Sad for Jack too - think this lockdown will affect young horrendously.
Jo - i hope you are feeling much better now. Hay fever can be debilitating for many. I am like carol - it mainly just affects my eyes - tho even just that has knocked me out at times. Love your new seat - and very impressed with the solo seat building skills.
Pauline - I had an "interesting" exchange with you old employer. they had refused to give me a voucher for our cancelled B.rlin hol as we gone for cheap option with non refundable hotel . I sent an email saying how "disappointed" i was ( I have learnt never to complain, just be disappointed!) and if they could tell me how I could get to B.rlin now their flight was cancelled then we would take up the offer of the hotel room! I didn't hear from them and didn't pursue it - it was only the deposit and only just into 3 figs and thought I will put all my efforts into getting money back from wedd hotel - much more money! Then B. contacted me last week to say length of time for using my voucher was extended! i replied thanking them and asking them to send me the voucher. By return I got an email saying they couldn't give me a voucher as had credited my account instead! result. so i did write back to thank her. So right result eventually - tho think they must all be snowed under.
Carol - you are a puzzle queen. I think i may have put in 15 pieces in my jigsaw in the whole period of lockdown!
Diana - going back to NZ and driving - we found it not at all problematic and ploppy had lost lots of confidence in his driving when lost his licence. but roads were quiet and we didn't come across any real scary bits. In fact ploppy loved driving there. also forgot to say that in R.ce across W.rld - thelake titi contestants stayed in same hotel as us at Lake T.tic.ca in P.ru - near the reed isles - fab hotel.
Since started this post (mid morning after my y.ga and B.dy b.lance online classes) i have recd a lovely bunch of flowers from UB scollop and g/f to thank me for my work getting room deposits back from wedd hotel. think (well I know) ploppy may have dropped (very large) hint to scollop! but it is a lovely bouquet.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 21:40
Sorry Carol, bird feeder has beaten me. I cannot get the metal post into the ground. I cannot hammer it in as there is a plastic screw joint in the top of the post section. I cannot force the pointed post into the earth more than 1 inch, instructions say it should be in 16inches. I have tempoararily given up.
I had a day off today, tomorrow I will do a varnish coat on the seat. If I can find the left over varnish from last year.

Eva I hope father is feeling better and is behaving himself. Friend up the road is having problems with 105 year old who lives in the same flats, she is not behaving herself, aparently no demetia just stubborn.

I think my spell check has disappeared again.

Ali I hope the new job is sorted for you, I can understand why the current boss kept quiet, difficult situation. Any new for Jack? Everything is so upside down at the moment.

I had email swapping a concert from this August to Sep 21. Fingers crossed for Marty and me!!

Jigsaws in the reduced section of charity shop
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 06:31
Morning and a beautiful start to the day – it is already warm (I know as I went out to put the refuse out for collection). Lovely blue sky and lots of sunshine!

Ah that was good of your previous, previous boss to ring and apologise – she was in a difficult position knowing what was going to happen and not be able to say anything to you. I feel selling might be the best option – I suspect rental of buildings might be tricky for a while. I think you are right and the jungle drums will be working overtime so I agree with you that it will be best for current (until September) boss to make an announcement. Hope the meeting with the soon to be boss went well. Oh goodness – I hope you sister i-lxw is ok – that sounds quite serious. I am sure the walk with his friend on the coast did Josh a lot of good – nothing like fresh sea air to make you feel better. I can see that school buses are going to present huge problems with sorting out social distancing! Hope you managed to get your time in the garden yesterday – it was certainly a lovely day.

Ah another heading for the garden yesterday then Diana. Well done on finishing dealing with the branches. Very good of the nearby cafe to open especially so you could have sausage and egg paninis!! They sound very nice! I must get round to putting my warmer clothes away – I have got a couple of my pairs of sandals out which I have been wearing! Mrs Chris went to her local Mr S yesterday and said there were more cars in the car park than has been the case for the last few weeks. So Ploppy is still enjoying his golf – a shame, though, that it is no longer available for your walks as it sounded a lovely place to be!

Oh dear, Fi, I was wondering how your parents were doing – your mother is obviously finding the lockdown still very stressful. Sorry to hear Ploppy feeling tired so you are doing more than your own share of chores. I am not surprised you are feeling worn out by the end of the day! That was heartening to hear about the small garden centre (the one that we go to is small too). The st’ley home sounds a lovely place to visit (well the grounds). I think the 20/30s think they don’t have to obey the same rules as the rest of us.......although if you are seeing grandparents out with their families they are not alone. I did read that there was a spike in virus cases after the festivities for VX Dxy celebrations – apparently excesses of incohol meant people forgot all about social distances (I did think of what you said was happening in your road). I suspect feeling very tired is probably making your hxxy fever itchy eyes worse. Well that and the lot of pollen that is around! Oh that is good that you managed to get your money back for the abandoned Bxxlin trip. Very wise to express disappointment rather than complaining I feel. How lovely to receive the flowers (even if you feel Ploppy might have sent a nudge) – enjoy!

Oh Jo that’s a shame – we obviously need a lot of rain (at night please) to make the ground soft enough for the metal post to be able to be the requisite 16 inches in the ground! I hope the local birds weren’t watching in eager anticipating of a new place for food – only to be thwarted by rock hard ground! I suspect if you varnish the seat today it will dry very quickly – apparently from 2pm we will hit 27C! I smiled at the 105 year old being “stubborn” – she probably feels having reached that age she can do whatever she likes. Well that sounds optimistic if concert is still being considered for Sept 21. Let’s hope we are back to some semblance of normality by then! Ah so the charity shops already have stocks of jigsaws (liked the bunny one!)! Some on line are being sold for £60 plus!!

I have to say there weren’t that many people out when we went to Uxxridxge yesterday – MM said no one apart from him at the PX (top floor of WHSmxth), and the bank had a similar system to my building soc. I did my phone calls once we were home and everyone ok. In the afternoon I had a call from my friend Ania (ex work colleague) who when I last heard was on fxrlxxgh – she is now back at work as they discovered the people who did the refurbishment over C’mas fitted a new radiator in the basement area and must have inadvertently damaged the piping and the Partner who goes in every week to check the building discovered 2 inches of water over the basement floor (meeting rooms, stationery store, accounts team) and so she has been put back to sort it all out and is going in today to let plumber in and check what needs doing (dehumidifiers required for a start). At least she won’t have to use public transport as they are allowing any staff who need to go into the office to hire an Ubxr cab and claim for it on expenses. She was rather hoping that as she was on fxrlxugh she might be considered for rxddndncy – her other half has an overseas assignment coming up when things are back to “normal” and she was thinking she would be able to go with him (it is a three or four years assignment). My music for recording arrived so I did that in the afternoon and then it was time for rehearsal with Gareth. During the evening (after MM had watered all the very thirsty plants in the garden and the tubs) we watched another Spxxks and then the Lucy W programme on Rxyxl photography. This morning we have our 10 am church prayer meeting. After that I need to scan some music to someone for this evening’s rehearsal. I may get to sit in the garden (once the sun has moved away from the patio!), although at the time I am thinking of going out the little ones next door have their run around the garden so it is not peaceful enough to read a book! Rehearsal tonight should finish at about 9.30 so I will do my usual thing and watch the last round of the Sxwxng Bee and see who leaves! Morning BHB, yes it is a beautiful start to the day – let’s take the Sxngrxa and the cheese scones onto the patio and have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.

Keep well, safe and happy.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 07:30
Morning. Had long chat with future boss yesterday. Still can’t sort out a contract until govn’t lift restrictions but they want me lol so we discussed what needs to be done over next few weeks and poss future plans etc. Popped into old workplace to pick up a couple of personal items, boss’s husband was doing some maintenance so had a chat.
Got home to find boys had done the job in the garden and gone out together to do some deliveries for Josh’s job. Nice that they get on so well. Josh hoping to re-open shortly. Jack will find out about his job tomorrow. Hoping they’ve been able to sort something out in order to keep him on but we’ll see.
Fi, good for you on the refunds. We always found that method worked better with the boys when they did wrong. They felt far more remorse if we were disappointed than if we ranted! Enjoy your flowers, you earned them.
It’s going to be rather warm today so take care everyone x
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 08:06
Morning all.

Beautiful morning and already warm. First load of washing is on the line and the second in the washing machine. Unfortunately, that means a large pile of the I word to be done in next day or two. I ir*ned the few things that needed it from the previous wash this morning to reduce the amount. Will have my walk as soon as washing is finished and then sit outside. Planning on opening a bottle early evening and enjoying it before the sun goes from the garden.

Enjoyed my lazy day yesterday. Watched next ep of Sp*oks in the evening (S7 E1) - it was the ep I'd not been looking forward to. If you've seen the series before, I expect you'll guess what I mean.

Fi, hope Ploppy's feeling more energetic soon and good that B* have now refunded you. Wouldn't blame you for scweaming! Lovely to get the flowers even if result of Ploppy's hint.

Shame about the bird feeder, Jo. You may get some rain tomorrow though it may not be sufficient to soften the ground as much as required. We used to have a feeder but the squirrels and pigeons took so much so we gave up. Now that the bed near the lounge has been dug up, we would like to have some sort of perch to encourage the birds - they seem to like that area.

That's a nice job - not - for your friend, Carol. Lucky the damage at the office was found reasonably quickly.

Keeping fingers crossed for Jack.

Enjoy the sunshine.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 09:37
Morning all and what a lovely one it is too. Mind I will probably be too hot by tonight, especially if I go in the garden! Not complaining mind, I love it! Definitely need it to rain at night though. I did get a bit more done it the garden yesterday. it really is looking the best it has done for some time! I have managed to do lots of clearing up I have been meaning to do for ages. Still things left to do though. My excitement of today will be receiving a delivery from Mr W tonight, woohoo!

Shame the ground is too hard for the bird feeder jo. I think at the moment you would need a lot of water to soften it up enough to get the spike in 16 inches. I would love to have a bird feeder but have the same problem as Diana, pigeons and in my case magpies, dominate the garden. I do get small birds in as well but when I put feeders up they don't get a look in. Also the pigeons in particular are so messy! I need to put some stuff on my table that helps preserve the wood. I have no idea where I put it! I saw it not long ago but can't find it now. Very annoying.

Ali glad you had a fruitful meeting with the new boss. It sounds as if it will work well for you. Still have my fingers crossed for Jack. I hope he can keep his job. Lovely your two boys get on well. it makes for a happy home I would think!

Fi I am glad to hear all worked out with B* in the end. Definitely the right approach. I know when I had to deal with complaints I was much more sympathetic to that approach than being abused! Always tried to do a bit extra if people were reasonable! Well done of biting your tongue with your Mum. Amazing you have a tongue left by now really! Sorry to hear Ploppy is feeling tired and not surprised that consequently you are as well. Lovely to get flowers, even if a nudge was needed!

I think opening a bottle and sitting in the garden this evening sounds perfect Diana. I know exactly which episode you mean. It devastated me and I am not sure I could cope with watching it again! Sob!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Sangria? Oh lovely, we can pretend we are on holiday! Let's get another jug and some cheese scones and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 11:16
Morning all. The day started out lovely, but cold, and now the clouds are drifting in from the coast, so I think rain might be on the cards in not a too far ahead future.

Hello sweetheart. Sorry I'm late, but I've had a busy morning. You've saved me a couple of cheese scones as well? You are lovely. 😍😍😘
Yesterday was an exhausting day with father playing up like a 3 year old! 😡 I spoke to him first in the morning, and he didn't sound good, but later we learned that he would be discharged from the hospital and transferred to the care home next door to his flat. We'd been hoping he could go somewhere else where he wouldn't be reminded about his flat every time he looked out the window. He called me in the afternoon and said he was in a police car (!), being transported to the care home. I said it wasn't a police car, but an ambulance, but he insisted it was a police car, and he should surely know what it looked like. I stopped arguing. He called me later and said he'd been placed in a double room, and he was not very best pleased! I said he had to take what was given. He didn't like that! Later youngest sister said she'd had him on the phone, threatening to go and sit in the corridor until he was given a single room. Sis told him to start behaving like a grown up, and told him that noone felt sorry for him! This time he had to give in, because he knows that he can't manage himself. He rang again this morning and moaned about all the other patients being half crazy or mentally ill. He was the only normal person there! Good grief! Sometimes I feel like chucking my phone out, so I don't have to talk to him! 🤬
The newest corona updates from the government says that we should consider a holiday in Norway this summer, because the earliest the government will give positive advice for travelling aboard, will be the end of August. That was the final nail in the coffin for my UK holiday, so I'll have to email my landlady in Cornwall and tell her I can't come. Instead I started looking for places to go inside Norway's borders, and I ended up booking on the Hurtigruten:
It's not cheap, but I think I deserve it. 10 days at sea along the Norwegian coast will be fabulous I hope. I've booked for 2nd July, so fingers crossed no snow!
Youngest sister's house is going on the market today. It looks very bare inside, but they were told by the estate agent to strip the house of all personal effects, and they have worked like beavers to get the house ready. Here is a link:

Jo,- sorry about your bird table. When I wanted one of those carusells for drying clothes in my garden in Deal, I had to get a hole dug and filled with concrete. No, I didn't do it myself. 😂

Fi,- I can imagine your mother dropping hints, light like concrete (!), about other peoples' dutiful daughters did everything for their parents. I know it's easy to tell you to ignore it, but know that the opposite will be the case. Flowers from the not-to-be bride and groom? I should think so too! Give Ploppy a hug from me, please.🤗

Ali,- sorry the new job means complications for you, but I'm sure you'll sort it. Still keeping my fingers crossed for Josh and Jack.

Diana,- As Fi says, the roads in NZ are narrow, especially out in the countryside. But remembering some of the places you have been to on your travels, I'm sure he'll cope fine. Oh, I remember that episode in S**oks. It had to do with a deep oil fryer, didn't it?

Carol,- they are showing van der V on Norwegian telly now on Fridays. I watched the first episode, didn't like it and will not watch more of it.

Pauline,- I'm sure your garden is taking shape by now. Just as well you love gardening as it's given you something to do while self isolating. Have you done more exciting C&C lately?
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, May 21, 2020, 05:41
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Twin,
Happy Birthday to you.

I see the BHB has been in very early. The Bistro is looking lovely – all decorated in duck egg blue and silver. Silver and teal balloons, lots of bunting saying Happy Birthday DCM! Lovely little posies of lily of the valley and forget me nots and sprinkles on the white table cloths (over blue of course) saying Happy Birthday. The birthday cakes have been baked and decorated (toffee and banana, and carrot cake). The champers is on ice and ready! Enjoy!
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, May 21, 2020, 05:43
Morning and a little overcast at the moment but it is due to be sunny again later. According to the forecast we should have sunshine from about 9 am onwards and temperatures around the 25/26C mark. Yesterday was very hot!

Ali that is all sounding very promising regarding the new job and with all your experience and ideas I am sure once you are there things will really take off. That was nice that you were able to have a chat with your boss’s husband. I did wonder if staff would be going back to collect personal things. Maybe once things are back to some normality all the staff will be able to have a farewell get together? Your boys are very well trained and obviously work well together. Fingers are still crossed for Jack about his job. Hope you managed to spend some time in your garden today!

I see you were very industrious yesterday morning Diana! I hope you didn’t decide to tackle the i word as it was much too hot for that! A cool bottle of something nice in the early evening sounds ideal!; which reminds me that I read the SA authorities allowed the vxneyxrds to complete their harvest as they were considered an “essential” business; although they are unable to export at the moment. Ah Spxxks - was that the car bomb episode? We still have the last episode of series 4 to go – might watch that tonight! I see the forecast is saying we may not get any rain at all today – I think showers and thunder are going to be fairly localised. We have a bird house and a feeder so the pigeons pick up bird seed which has fallen onto the ground – the squirrel is always trying to find ways of breaking in! We do still have quite a few smaller birds that visit so are quite lucky. I don’t envy my friend Ania the sorting out in the basement!! When we spoke she thought they might have to take up all the new flooring...........

That was a very quick discharge of your father from the hospital – but then Barry was only in two days (I thought given your Father’s age and condition they might have kept him in longer). I love that he thought he was in a police car..... I see he has gone back to the same Care Home (I can understand you preferring he be sent to somewhere other than the one close to his flat). Ah so no single rooms available this time – I am sure that didn’t go down at all well. Good for your sister! I see he is not happy there at all – have you been given any idea how long this stay will be – or do you have to wait for SS to actually do something useful for a change and sort things out?? I think most countries are not keen for their residents to travel abroad so I think we will all be having Staycations this year, if we are allowed to go somewhere to stay! I am sure you will have a wonderful time on the boat. I see from the website that your sister also likes purple and blue – it must be a family trait. They have wonderful views – I am sure they will miss them. I didn’t mind the new VderV – I just didn’t view it as the same show, but a different one (which it is as it is modern day and some of the characters are different). We enjoyed it, and the last episode was very exciting, but I know Twin wasn’t so keen.

We had our prayer meeting yesterday and that went well (no Zxxm problems at all). Afterwards I had a coffee and did my crossword and then Lindy called round with Twin’s birthday pressie. She and Lawrence were having their walk and came through the park we normally walk in. We had a ten minutes chat - at distance. MM worked in the garden and then washed the car (there was obviously a lot of dust around last week). I did some admin for the small choir and read my book (in the shade). It was too hot to do much else! I also got some of my cooler clothes out ready for the temperatures to plummet next week (always happens when I get cooler clothes out!). I haven’t yet done the clothes swap..... We had a good rehearsal in the evening and I managed to see the last round of the Sxwxng Bxx. Today we are seeing the birthday girl – she is driving over and we will sit in the garden at the requisite distance. I will leave the side gate open so she can come into the garden that way. Initially we were trying to find an open space half way between the two of us, but in the end Twin said she was happy to drive over. As the weather is so warm at the moment it is no problem sitting outside and maintaining the 2m rule. We couldn’t have the birthday girl on her own for her birthday. This evening we will of course applaud the NHS and then for a change we will watch TV! There is an old MM on, but we have seen the episode several times, so it is looking likely it will be Spxxks and maybe the next K’ing Eve............ Morning BHB, you have done a lovely job decorating the Bistro – I am sure the DCM will be thrilled. Let’s go and sit out on the patio – we will save the champers and the cake until the DCM gets here, so that will give us plenty of time for a snuffle.

Hope everyone is well and safe.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, May 21, 2020, 07:45
Morning. Very many happy returns Pauline x so glad you will be spending it with twin
Any update on your father Eva?
I finally did get to spend the day in the garden. Read about 1/2 of my book. Had Phone chat with sloppy, she’s getting a bit bored now. She’s sorted through ‘stuff’ in her house, knitted, gardened and put her paperwork in order. Now wants to ‘get back to the new normal’ as she put it! Sent scollops round individually on errands to give her diff people to talk to. Youngest started her car up for a bit to check all ok.
Youngest scollop and I watched virtual Chelsea flower show on tv. Decided we’re both quite traditional in our garden tastes.
Not sure what is happening today, agreed to meet old boss for chat but dependant on weather. No idea where to meet either, would have been a cafe but may have to be park?
Better make Josh’s birthday cake for tomorrow too. 22, how did that happen!
Love to all x
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, May 21, 2020, 09:23
Morning all, just zooming on to say thank you for my cards and everything. I wanted to see the Bistro as well of course. I am just popping down to Twin for an hour or so all within permitted rules of course. Hopefully the run will do the car a lot of good. I hope! I had my W'rose delivery last night and that was a pretty good pressie by my standards!

Eva can't believe your father is back in the same home. I feel he may e=well try to go back to his flat as he obviously isn't happy! Maybe that is what SS want! As you see I had a delivery this week. Next week will be C&C.

Ali Happy Birthday to Josh for tomorrow, but are you sure he is 22!! Good grief!

Morning BHB, oh thank you that was a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday! Look how gorgeous the Bistro is too. Love it! Let's take more champers and some of the yummy cakes and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Thursday, May 21, 2020, 09:52
Morning all. It's a nice day here, and HOT! + 16 degrees almost feel tropical to us!


Hello sweetheart. Oh my,- the Bistro looks absolutely gorgeous. You are so clever! (He agrees.) Yes, I think I'll have a slice of that carrot cake to go with my coffee. Thank you, kind sir. 😍😍😘

You won't believe this, but I think I slept for about 8 (!) hours last night. It was in bits and pieces,- I had a couple of hours with housework from 3 am, but after that I fell asleep before I'd finished my coffee. Woke up around 6am, and decided I'd try for a bit more sleep. Next thing I know it's 7.30am! I feel almost dizzy, but I do hope this wasn't just a one nighter!
I haven't done a lot of sensible things this morning, but when I've finished this post, I'm going out for my walk.
I rang father this morning, and after a lot of shouting I managed t o make myself known. He didn't have his hearing aid in. He was quite mild today. Said he realised he needs a lot of help, but don't know how long he's supposed to stay there.

Carol,- I see we have different memories about what was the worst scene in S**oks. I haven't tried to watch it again, because programs from the iplayer can't be streamed to my telly, so I have to watch them on my laptop. Not the most comfortable place to sit for hours. I daren't do my clothe's swap yet, as the weather has been so unstable and it was only last week we had 3 days with snow!

Ali,- you have brought your sons up to be good, thoughtful persons. Congratulations to Josh for his birthday tomorrow. I hope the meeting with your ex-boss goes well.

Pauline,- there is no end to your excitements,- deliveries yesterday and then a new C&C next week. I wish I knew what goes on in the minds of SS, but it's probably so convoluted and devious I wouldn't be able to understand it!

Ali wrote:
Thursday, May 21, 2020, 10:11
Sadly just had the call confirming Jack no longer has a job 😢 He’s going to speak to his college tutor and initially try to find someone prepared to take him on to finish his apprenticeship.
Think I need to make his favourite treat of tiffin as a pick me up!
TK wrote:
Thursday, May 21, 2020, 10:29
Happy Birthday Pauline. It will be good for you to get out for a trip. (Good for the car too.) Have a lovely day.

I did write a post yesterday, but I think I did not post it. Nothing exciting has happened. It was too hot yesterday to go out for a walk until later in the day. I had to drop a donation off to a lady doing stuff for the local old folks home. I'd forgotten which house she lived in so had to go to one of her neighbours, we had a chat. She said 'Would Bruce like a dog biscuit?' She doesn't have a dog, so the question was unexpected. Anyway Bruce is not a dog to be rude and say no to offered food. He'll remember.

Ali Happy Birthday to Josh for tomorrow. 22! Time goes so quickly. It will be a different type of birthday this year, something to remember.

Looks like it will be warm again today. And no, I didn't do the varnish yesterday, it was too hot. I need to do some paperwork today, been putting it off for ages.

Things are opening up a bit more. Bruce has a booking for the 2nd week of next month for a wash and blow dry, don't tell him. The delayed vets appointment for his annual jab is the middle of next week. This morning I walked past the human hairdressers at the end of the road. There are 2 new A4 signs in the window, one for each of the workers, saying they have taken and passed a COVID-19 course. The signature was dated this Tuesday. No sign saying when they are going to open. I'm still keeping away from people. Hay fever is bad at the moment, very explosive even after the tablet, people would not be happy if I had an attack close to them.

Getting quite depressing on the calendar this month and next month. Last month had no crossings out. This month, there is the holiday away last week and a rock n roll concert on Saturday. Next month 13 concerts crossed out. July, 5 concerts crossed out. More in following months. A very difficult time for those working in entertainment venues.
TK wrote:
Thursday, May 21, 2020, 10:57
Ali that is sad news for Jack. Fingers crossed that he can find someone to finish his apprenticeship. Tiffin should help a little. Just had to go and check what it was. Very high in sugar, so that will be good.

To me tiffin is 'Tiffin is an Indian English word for a type of meal. It refers to a light tea-time meal at about 3pm, or to a light breakfast consisting of typical tea-time foods. In certain parts of India, it can also refer to the midday luncheon or, in some regions of the Indian subcontinent, a between-meal snack.' That's what you get from having a father born in 1914 and 'Carry on up the Khyber' being my favourite Carry on film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQFiKT7rtfs

Just had a call from the dentist, they have all the PPE and equipment to start, just waiting for the OK from the Chief Dental Officer (who is a 'she' btw). They have moved the appt to September.
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, May 21, 2020, 11:28

I see BHB has excelled himself - the Bistro looks fab! I hope you will have a lovely day and be able to visit your Twin. You must be missing one another.

I am raising a glass (of orange juice - I'm working) to you!
Diana wrote:
Thursday, May 21, 2020, 17:30
Just popping in to wish Pauline a very happy birthday.

So sorry Jack's lost his job, Ali, hope he can finish his apprenticeship.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, May 22, 2020, 06:35
Morning and overcast here at the moment and there looks to be quite a strong breeze. So far no light rain (forecast) but then no sign of the sun either. According to the forecast we should reach 22C later.

Ali good to learn that you did manage to get your day in the garden for your read. I suspect quite a few people are getting bored – we are all social creatures and not really having social contact is probably the worst thing for us all. Sadly we just have to grin and bear it. Your Sloppy has been making good use of the time I see. Did you manage to have your meeting with your old boss (I am assuming this is the previous boss, not the previous previous one)? So sorry to read that Jack has lost his apprenticeship and job. Fingers crossed his college tutor can come up with some suggestions and he will be able to finish the apprenticeship. Lovely idea to make some txffxn for him, if that is his favourite. Josh is 22??!!! Good heavens!! A very happy birthday to him – I am sure he will enjoy the cake.

Goodness Eva – eight hours of sleep?? You must be in seventh heaven (although I note you did get up and do some housework!!). I hope you had the same last night – your body needs it! Well that is a step forward for your father if he is admitting he needs a lot of help. Ah yes, you were thinking of the chip pan episode in Series 1! I try not to think about that one!! You would think it would have put Lisa F off kitchens for life! It obviously didn’t! It really is a brilliant series – given that you never know which character will be killed off next in the line of duty. It is also brilliant the way they pack so much into just a one hour episode, without you feeling they have rushed anything. Shame you can’t watch it over in N’way! It is keeping me, Diana and Maeve going!

Jo it was indeed very hot on Wednesday and definitely not a day for doing things. I can see going for a walk earlier on would be uncomfortable – I suspect even Bruce would agree. So he has someone else wrapped around his paw and giving him biscuits! Of course he wouldn’t be rude enough to turn down the offer of the food. He is too well brought up! Oh so Bruce is going to be all pampered whilst the rest of still suffer the results of no hairdressers for weeks. I will keep your secret. I think it will still be a while before we get to have our own pampering. Mrs Chris was saying her hay fever has been very bad this week. Ah yes – the empty calendar – when I turn the page at the end of next week I will see the two weeks for our lovely villa in Cyprus with a line through! It is indeed a terrible time for those working in the entertainment business – not just the artists, but all the backstage people and front of house. It will be tricky to work out how to reopen if we are required to maintain social distance. Didn’t Txffxn come from Scxtland? I know one of the chocolate confectioners used to make a Txffxn bar (I never liked it as it had raisins in it) – I think it might be Cxdbxry. I am nor sure if it is still around! Yes I knew about the Indixn version – my father was stationed in Indxa during WW2 so used to tell us about things like that! They were talking about dxntxsts reopening on the Beeb yesterday – there were some real horror stories of people trying to take out their own teeth, or suffering with terrible pain and not being able to get to see anyone. Hopefully by Sxptxmber there will be more normalcy back in our lives!

It really was a beautiful day yesterday – not as hot as Wednesday, and a very gentle breeze to stop things being unbearable. It was lovely seeing Twin (well I see her every day but on a small screen). We were very good and kept our distance but it was lovely just to sit outside in the warmth and chat face to face. Lindy dropped round a couple of pieces of shopping from her visit to Sainsbugs, so she was able to zip down the side of the house and say hello to the birthday girl for a few minutes. After Twin returned home, I stayed outside and read my book and then at 4.30pm we had our weekly GandT with Mary and Les (both fine) before our rehearsal with Gxreth. So all in all we had a very lazy day. We fitting in the next K’ng Eve before we went outside to applaud – much nicer temperature than last week. After that we watched two more Spxxks. We are now onto Series 5. Today we will go for our walk. We have our family Zxxm chat at 3.30pm and then our last Gxreth rehearsal of the week (and in fact for a week as we have next week off for half term) – can’t believe we have been doing the choir for nine weeks now! Tonight we will have another f&chips delivered. After we told Mary and Les last week they checked to see if there were too far out from C’bury for D’veroo or Jxst Fxxd to deliver to them – they were, but during their investigations they discovered that a local pub is doing f&chips so are going to order those for today. They also found another pub is offering Sxnday roast lunches so will try that this weekend too. Morning BHB, yes it is overcast and the sun seems to have disappeared – I think it will return for the weekend though! Let’s take the toasted pikelets, the Vanillita and the left over champers into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.

Keep yourselves safe and upbeat everyone – there will come an ending to all this.
Ali wrote:
Friday, May 22, 2020, 07:33
Morning. Very overcast here at present, rain not forecast but wouldn’t be surprised if we get some. Yesterday’s chat was with previous, previous boss. She lives in town and has secluded courtyard garden which she had set up with large table and 2 chairs so we could sit apart. It got very hot! We sat for a couple of hours catching up on the gossip.
The tiffin I make is the recipe from work, just biscuit no raisins or cherries. I couldn’t get my usual cocoa powder so this batch is sweeter, prefer the darker one personally. But it cheered Jack up. He’s waiting to hear back from tutor but in the meantime has compiled a shortlist of companies to approach.
Need to decorate the birthday cake, hope it doesn’t get too warm or the choc fudge frosting will drip along with Josh’s favourite sweets I plan to put on top!!
My sister sent him over a mini keg of beer from local brewery. No room in fridge so trying to work out how to chill it 🤔
Stay safe x
Diana wrote:
Friday, May 22, 2020, 09:01
Morning all.

No rain here and the sun has just come out though plenty of clouds so it probably won't stay out for long, and it's still very warm. Taken advantage of the weather not being so nice and descaled the kettle, cleaned the lounge and have just put the small oven on to self clean, also have a wash in progress. Depends on the weather what else I do, will probably leave my walk until after lunch. Ploppy is playing golf again late pm.

After doing the ir*ning and my walk yesterday morning, I spent most of the day in the garden - it was sunny here all day, some clouds especially late pm but no rain. Finished another book so have a small pile to go to a charity shop when they reopen.

I believe the work on the house of the people opposite us finishes today at long last - it started last September! The builders have been around some of the time during lockdown - no social distancing observed. The last week or so it's mainly been the garden. We will be very relieved, as are the owners, for it to be finished - no more vans parked in the close, no more mess, no metal lock up and skip in their front garden and no more noise.

Yes, Carol, it was the car bomb ep of Sp*oks.

Sorry your father has been playing up again, Eva, I was also surprised he was out so soon. Such a shame that your C*rnwall holiday has to be cancelled this year but you've booked a great replacement. Fingers crossed you have good weather and a wonderful time - a lovely treat. Has Mrs S said anything about going back to Spain?

Jo, our kitchen calendar has never been so bare. I recently booked an optician's appointment for July but otherwise very little happening. Eek just seen it's m-in-l's birthday at the end of the month so need to find a card.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, May 22, 2020, 09:27
Morning all and it is a complete change in the weather here. Very breezy and cloudy and much cooler. Sadly we seem to have missed the overnight rain. The garden would have loved it. Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes, cards and ecards. I had a lovely day considering the circumstances. First of all the drive to Twin was wonderful. Just the feeling of freedom it gave me was enough but to cap it all the journey there was the easiest ever as the M*5 was so quiet! Mind there were a few who seemed to think it was now a speed track, but most were fine and it was great! So lovely to see Twin properly and they had set everything out so we could social distance properly. What with that an the gorgeous weather it was just heaven! I came home with perfect timing as about 5 mins after I got in there was a delivery of flowers from Twin and MM! I also had calls and texts so I felt very spoilt! Today back to the norm I suppose. I will have to do a bit of h/work I think as things seem to have slipped in favour of the garden!

Jo I only think of tiffin as the Indian variety of a meal. I have partaken of same a fair few times! Especially in Sxngxpore as we stayed in a hotel opposite Rxffles and they did it every day at about 3 to 5pm as I remember. Very pxsh and they used all the silver that they buried during the war. It is explained here. I loved going there.


Lucky Bruce to be getting a haircut and pamper, even if he would disagree!

Eva 8 hours sleep? Brilliant, much more like it, even if it was interrupted for housework! So father finally has admitted to needing more help. Well that is brilliant if he sticks to it!

Ali I am so sorry about Jack's apprenticeship I hope he is able to sort something else out fairly quickly. If he is like his mother he will! I will keep everything crossed for him. At least he got Tiffin out of it. I had never heard of the sweet version. Every day's a school day! Happy birthday to Josh and I hope he has a lovely day, he will certainly get a lovely cake!

Diana I can imagine what a relief it will be to get rid of the skips eta from your neighbour's house. One of my neighbour's is just starting some building work. they say it should only take a couple of weeks. We'll see! Yes the car bomb episode is the one I thought it was. I was devastated! Not for the last time by Spxxks either!

Morning BHB and it is Vanillita day of course and you have done pikelets too. Oh and look, there is still some champers. This could be a good morning! Let's take it all and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Friday, May 22, 2020, 10:55
Morning all. It's overcast here, but still with tropical heat, +17 degrees! 😅 I did order a new swimming costume about a week ago, and it arrived today. Maybe I can sit on the terrace with that on?

Hello sweetheart. You still here? Waiting for me? You are a sweetheart! 😘😘 And you have toasted pikelets to go with my herbal tea? You are a treasure! (He agrees.) 😍😍❤️️

I've been down to the shopping centre this morning. First I did a small foodshop, because the supermarkets open an hour earlier than the clothes shop, book shops etc. I also had to go to the chemist, as there had been some problems with my diabetes meds. They are now sorted. PHEW!
I have tried to ring father, but he doesn't answer his mobile. I'm not worried. He's probably left it on his bedside table and when he hears the ringing, doesn't understand what the sound is.

Pauline,- what a lovely birthday you had yesterday. The best present must have been an M25 with no queueing!

Ali,- so sad to hear that Jack's job really has gone. I hope his tutor can help. I think Jack is very pro-active himself, making lists of companies he can contact.

Diana,- it's never nice when close neighbours start with extensions or other work on their houses. As you say, it's not only the people themselves who are inconvenienced, but everyone around them. But what can ou do? I'm still waiting for the invitation to the hall party?

Carol,- I thought I had a bright idea yesterday as to how I can watch iplayer with S**oks on the telly. I have my A*ple TV gizmo, so I thought I could use that to get in. I did make it, but the quality was so bad that I gave up. Sigh.
TK wrote:
Friday, May 22, 2020, 19:58
Ah the tiffin biscuit can have dried fruit in it, that is probably why I've not eaten it. I'm not a fan of fruit and nut chocolate.

It was a change in weather today. There was rain on the ground before we went out for a walk this morning, not much. I really can't tell you what I've dome today, as I've done nearly nothing. Which has annoyed Bruce. He has been out for walks, but not very exciting. This afternoon I received a phone call. Did we want fish and chips for tea? Bruce and Tamsey were very pleased. I didn't order mushy peas as I'd bought some frozen peas. I didn't realise Bruce doesn't like frozen peas. He's a bit fussy for a dog which was neglected.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, May 23, 2020, 06:55
Morning and the sun is out, although it looks quite breezy again. Yesterday was quite warm in the end but, again, we had a breeze for most of the day.

We started off yesterday quite overcast Ali. Ah so previous, previous boss – good idea to meet in her garden (at distance) – I love Courtyard gardens. Years ago I stayed with Ann, Roger and the girls in Dxnster. The place they rented was an old Nxnnery (it was still called that) and I had the most restful and lovely courtyard garden and I have loved them every since. Lots of plants in tubs and baskets and a real suntrap. I am liking the sounds of the txffxn without the raisins! Hopefully Jxck had some positive news yesterday. I am sure the choc fudge was delicious. Where did you manage to put the kxg of beer in the end??

Diana, I see you were in industrious mode yesterday (a bit like Twin). The oven clean is one of the jobs still waiting to be done since before lockdown – you can tell it is a job I hate! I am reading on my Kxndle so only the jigsaws to go to the Chxrity Shxp (plus some clothes when I finally do the full change over). The job over the road to your neighbours’ house seems to have been going on for month – probably because it has. I am sure you will be delighted once the contractors move out. I remember our next door neighbours having their house done the year before last and we lost all the summer as we couldn’t sit out due to the noise and the dust (you may recall neighbours moved out for the three/four months it all took).

I hope you made the most of your good weather Eva – I fear you have some heavy rain heading for you in the next few days. The new swimming costume might be apt but for the wrong reasons. Good news that your dxabxtes meds are sorted. So no update from your Father – hopefully he has settled down in the Cxre Hxme. I guess no news on what will happen to him further down the line? Oh that’s a shame you couldn’t watch Spxxks – it was such a good series of programmes. Hopefully you had a good night’s sleep again?

Jo, as you will have seen I am not a fan of dried fruit in things either! I never liked f & n choc – which is why I only ever eat the wholenxt bars! Oh no sign of rain here at all. So Bruce is still doing his best to keep your organised. At least his day improved at the end when the f&c arrived (not a mxshy pea fan either, but frozen are ok for me, if not for Bruce). I see apart from the peas his bowl was clean!

Our walk was quite nice – although when we started it did look as if it might rain on us (fortunately it didn’t). When we came home I made my phone calls. Moving Aunt was not too good – I rang June after and the Carer said Moving Aunt’s leg look ulcerated. She sent a photo to June, who forwarded it to the doctor and the D Nxrse was due to go yesterday or this morning to dress it. June was waiting for a call to say the DN was on her way as she would need to drive over to M Aunt’s and let the DN in. We had a nice family chat in the afternoon and everyone is well. We had our rehearsal with Gareth (a week off next week) and then our f&C arrived (I ordered slightly earlier in the middle of the rehearsal whilst Gareth was going over a line for one of the others voice parts). During the evening we watched another Spxxks, an Outnxmbxered and then Cxr Shxre. Today is Lindy’s birthday so we are going to meet in the park on our respective walks so I can hand over the presents. I think we are still planning to have our evening G&T with her later. Other than that our food order coming between 1pm and 2pm and I will have the laundry to do! Morning BHB, yes a lovely bright day although it does still look quite breezy, may be not a day for the patio. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Mxndarxxtini into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Hope everyone is well and safe.
evam wrote:
Saturday, May 23, 2020, 09:16
Morning all. I don't know what the weather is planning to do because it changes all the time.

Hello sweetheart. What are you serving up for breakfast today then? Toasted teacakes and strong coffee? You know the way to a woman's heart! 😍

At about 2 am this morning I was in the kitchen making pancakes! I suddenly had a yerning (sp?) for them. It's crazy, I know, but Emilian and Iselin have benefited too. I rang Iselin this morning and asked if they wanted pancakes for breakfast. I heard someone yelling : YES YES YES in the background. Guess who. So I got into the car, drove down to them and delivered the pancakes through the kitchen window. Iselin sent me a photo of a drawing Emilian had made of me as a thank you. I also phoned father this morning (without offering him pancakes.) and he was in a foul mood. They (the staff) treated him as if he was an idiot. (They'd told him to do something he didn't want to do.) Then he changed to a martyr's role and said he would do everything that he was told, because he wasn't an unreasonable person! Oh dear. 😜

Ali,- how was Josh's cake? I bet it was perfect! 🍨

Carol,- I see Moving Aunt also had issues with the DN, but hope the problem was solved. It is so difficult when a family member has to ask the DN to do something for the relation. Sometimes I feel that we are nagging the DNs, but you have to keep them on their toes.
TK wrote:
Saturday, May 23, 2020, 09:50
I was up and out early today, in the park at 7am. I needed to get to MrT's big house as there are a couple of things that I can only get from MrT. I tried in 2 small MrT's yesterday, but they did not stock the special cat litter the neighbour uses. I was very successful at the big house. I snarled at a couple going the wrong way down an aisle. He said 'but we want something that is over there'. I have thought of something I will say next time 'Did you know a higher proportion of men than women have died from the virus.' This is true. (Even worse if black and male, this chap was not black.) One of the reasons I prefer delivery or C+C as you don't have to get close to idiots. At the moment I'm not getting a slot for the next delivery in 10days or so. When I was dropping the cat litter off with the neighbour Mr ExP and Duffy were coming back from the park. We had a little chat until Duffy looked up and started walking home on her own. She doesn't wear a lead on this short walk, she is a good girl who wanted her breakfast.

Carol, that is good that you are now allowed to meet up with the birthday girl today. Hope she has a lovely day.

I remember when I was driving back from my birthday outing in Bradford on 1st March. I stopped once to go to the loo, but kept away from people in the service station as best I could. I didn't buy anything there. The actual lockdown started 23rd March.

I'm now a bit sleepy! Washing machine is playing a lullaby :)

pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, May 23, 2020, 09:53
Morning all and it is another windy one though it is quite sunny. There could be some rain showers they say, don't I wish! I had a clxxnxxg day yesterday. I realised that the place looked a bit untidy, it is all this quarantining of stuff before I can deal with it. Anyway manage to bring some sort of order. I then went into the main bathroom, which I only really go in to clean and thank goodness I did as I found I had left a tap on very slightly the last time I cleaned in there, which would be over 2 weeks ago! As I said I don't use it as I have my en suite! As the water round here is so hard there was a horrid accumulation of limescale so had to spend time trying to sort that out. I feel I am I for a very large water bill next time, what with being here all the time, watering the garden and now having a tap dripping for all that time. Grrrr! Today I will be doing my usual laundry thing. So exciting!

So I take the sleep is still very disrupted Eva? Pancake making in the middle of the night is not something I see myself doing! I can see that Emilian was very excited by them anyway! Bless. Glad you got your meds sorted out. Also I see your father is still playing up a bit! At least he hasn't stage another sit in outside the room!

Jo I really don't like raisins in things, or sultanas for that matter. I never have even when I was little I disliked them. I wouldn't touch my Mum;s fruit cake and as she was a terrific baker and made amazing cakes I am assuming her fruit cake was a good one. As for the squashed fly biscuits, yuk!

Morning BHB and we have Mxndxrxntxni and tea cakes today. Sounds lovely so let's take some and see if we can find the CM.
TK wrote:
Saturday, May 23, 2020, 09:54
Poor Eva, it's never going to be smooth sailing with your father. I hope he feels happier about his new situation soon. I'm not sure about cooking in the middle of the night, though I do know someone who would think that was a very good idea.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, May 23, 2020, 10:13

Still no rain here, though forecast says 36% chance around midday so will leave my walk till after lunch. It is rather windy again today - when I spoke to Mum yesterday, she said it was very windy on the coast.

Finished swopping my clothes, though wondered if it was worth doing given I'm unlikely to wear many of the summer dresses, nice tops, etc. during lockdown. I decided to go to Sains. yesterday after lunch as forecast was for rain this am when I had planned to go. Sat in the garden listening to my iP*d for a while afterwards as it was quite sunny and warm despite the wind. Ploppy spent most of the evening on the iP*d while half watching TV. We watched a programme about a scenic train journey through some canyons in Mexico, followed by M*chael P's latest series which was about Jaimaca last night - I nodded off and missed about half - then saw G*gglebox on 4+1.

I've ordered some flowers for my parents this morning. When I clicked on the payment button nothing happened so in the end I used a different browser and it worked - very frustrating.

Shame you can't watch Sp*oks, Eva, it's been one of the few highlights of the lockdown for me. Hope you get an opportunity to wear your new swimming costume this summer.

Hope your aunt's leg heals quickly, Carol.

Keep well everyone.
TK wrote:
Saturday, May 23, 2020, 10:22
Pauline, my water does that in the 2nd toilet. Really annoying I use scale remover on a regular basis.

I love fruit cake. I do have a 'thing' where fruit eg currents etc should not be mixed with certain food stuffs. I do like cakes with dried fruit in them, love Christmas puddings.

Just checking on the rain as the first load of washing has gone out. Next couple of hours may get some rain here, shouldn't have any after 3pm. I'll leave the washing out. Sometimes we miss the rain due to the hill. The same hill which means we get less free TV channels unless you get Freesat.
Ali wrote:
Saturday, May 23, 2020, 11:33
Afternoon. Woke early after awful dream and immediately had headache. Stayed in bed to try and get rid of it but eventually got up and made a brunch sandwich of egg and hash brown and felt better. Washing blowing on the line. Had a phone chat with sloppy and online chat with cousin.
Eva the cake is untouched (for now) as we were all too full from our takeaway. I’ll put a pic on fb Sorry you are having grumbles from your father again.
Headache coming back so going to sign off Take care x
TK wrote:
Saturday, May 23, 2020, 18:06
Diana, I'm glad you are enjoying Spooks. I was an avid viewer when it was first broadcast. Excellent show. Though in my view it tailed off a bit towards the end, still good, just not quite as good.
Bruce has been very clingy today. Maybe still unsettled due to the lockdown.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, May 24, 2020, 07:00
Morning and a a somewhat cloudy day but the wind seems to have dropped (it blew over a couple of our pots on the patio yesterday).

Goodness Eva – making pancakes at 2am! I can’t say I have ever done that! I am sure Emilan and Iselin were delighted to have fresh pancakes for breakfast as a result. How lovely to have a drawing as a thank you. Oh dear so your Father is getting back into his stride and probably now thinks he can cope on his own. Love that he thinks he isn’t being unreasonable!! I feel very sorry for June with Moving Aunt as she has to deal with everything. In fact she had to fight to be able to get into the apartment at all during lockdown, but she spoke directly with the organisation who built them and maintain them. She pointed out that M Aunt unable to do her own shopping so would likely starve to death. The capitulated and in fact then said some of the older residents could have a “buddy” – one person who is allowed to go in a couple of times a week.

Jo I see you are still on quests for your neighbours. Some people still don’t get the general concept of distancing do they – you would have thought after all this time they might have done. Some S’markets have staff checking everyone is keeping to the rules, but I know (from comments on the local Fbook page) that the Mr Ts around here don’t and seem fairly lax about how many people they allow in. As I don’t shop there (as you know) I can’t comment on that! Poor Mrs Chris thought she had a Sainsbugs C&C on Friday only to find she had managed to delete her basket and didn’t have one (she did drive to her allocated original time slot just in case but no order). She ended up going to another large Mr S not too far away and said despite a ten minutes queue whilst they allowed a small number in everything else was fine and she managed to get everything she wanted. Love that Duffy had decided breakfast was preferable to chatting! MM loves fruit cake too (including C’mas cake) but I don’t. When we had our wedding cake we had a plain layer (for me) and a fruit one for those that liked it. It worked quite well and I think lots of people now do the same. I hate C’mas pud – fortunately MandS and Mr S (and I suspect other s’markets) now do individual ones which I can pop into the microwave for him! I think the showers were very localised yesterday. So there are some benefits to the hill.............

We had a 36% chance of the r word yesterday too Diana.....it turned out to be higher than that. I have halted my clothes swap – well until it gets sunny again. Might do it later in the week. MM is feeling smug as he now has one thing left on his “to do” list from the start of all this............I am not sure I have done anything on mine! I hate it when different browsers don’t allow you to check out – I presume it is a security thing. I feel Spxxks has been the salvation of quite a few of us. It certainly beats watching programmes about hxspitals and how the virus is affecting us all (as if we didn’t already know!).

Ali that isn’t good to wake with a bad headache. I hope it eventually went. I like the idea of an egg and hash brown sarnie. When I worked we had an office tradition that on a Friday one of the juniors would come round for an order for the local sandwich shop and then go and collect everything. Most of the surveyors had bacon sarnies but I always had a fried egg one – I never thought of putting a hash brown with it! I feel I missed out there. The cake looked fantastic (I peeped on FBook). I am sure it was as delicious as it looked. Hopefully you were able to enjoy some later in the day.

We ended up without our walk – it came over very black and rain looked imminent so we decided that as we had an electric fan to drop off to a friend who lives in a road very close to Lindy we would call in and chat in the front garden with the birthday girl. As we were singing to her a car pulled up at her neighbours and a couple (grandparents) arrived – the front door opened and the little boy and his mother appeared – next thing the grandparents walked up and into the house! And people wonder why the virus is still around.......... Anyway we had a nice chat with Lindy and then came home. I then finished the laundry and spent the afternoon doing the i word – apart from the chat with Twin mid afternoon. The delivery of our food came at about 1.30 and only a couple of things I had ordered were unavailable. We had several really heavy showers throughout the day (so much for the 35% chance of rain!). I finished the i word at 4.45pm which was handy as at 5pm we had the birthday GandT video chat with Lindy and Lawrence. She said despite the current scenario she had had a very good birthday. Lawrence had baked her a Vxctorxa sponge which they were going to enjoy later. During the evening we watched another Spxxks and started an MM but it was a very old one and we had seen it several times so abandoned it and had an early night. Church Zxxm service this morning and then we will have a feet up afternoon and do some reading. I will speak with June and check how Moving Aunt it too. Morning BHB, yes it is slightly overcast this morning. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Cxrdlxss Scrxwdrxver into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.

Hope everyone is feel ok today.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, May 24, 2020, 08:24
Morning. Certainly windy here yesterday, washing wrapped itself around the line. Few showers too. Friend dropped by with a gas bottle so we can use our bbq tomorrow. He stopped in garden for quick socially distanced beer with ploppy. Unlike our neighbours on Friday who had several family members indoors!
We did manage cake last night, very rich!
Watched a film, nice to sit as a family to see it, was one we thought about seeing in cinema.
As a result I have Cas to catch up on at some point.
Going to attempt to trim my hair this morning, looking a bit overgrown now.
Stay safe x
evam wrote:
Sunday, May 24, 2020, 09:33
Morning all. It's overcast and drizzling rain here.

Hello sweetheart. I'm not very late today, am ? I've been on the phoene with youngest sister for over an hour. The discussion theme: Father, so you see I really need a sit down with you, a coffee and a toasted panini. 😍😘😘
Yes, we need to do something about father. His mind is clearly going, almost day by day, and we are really worried. Luckily about 2 years ago he signed a Future PoA for me, so if necessary we'll start the ball rolling to activate that. Youngest sister and Mrs S will start with the SS again, and I'll call my contact at the Memory Team about father's test. I addition to this I have an appointment with the eye specialist tomorrow, to see if the latest eye injections have done their work and I can stop with the blasted eye drops.
Good news about the sale of youngest sister's house. No, they haven't sold yet, but there has been a great interest. Because of the corona crisis, people have to book time with the estate agent before going for a viewing. The potential buyers are taken through the house one by one by the estate agent. Yesterday they had 6 people viewing the house, and for the coming Wednesday when the Open house is advertised, 13 (!) people have booked a viewing. It's really, really good, and I don't think they'll have to wait long after Wednesday to sell. According to Norwegian law the bidding can't start until 12, midday on thee day after the viewing.

Jo,- I don't like a fruit cake, so no X-mas pudding for me. I am surprised at you. You don't like being close to idiots in the supermarkets? How about other venues? 😜

Diana,- I was having mega problems with my UK connection on my lap top yesterday. I was told the pooter could not find the beeb's website! It was OK on the ipad. I was working all afternoon, was in contact with my gizmo provider, and finally we managed to connect. So I know what yoi mean about different browswers. I'm not sure, but I think there is a swimming pool onboard the ship I'm going with in July, so that will be the first outing for my swimming costume.

Ali,- sorry about your headache yesterday. I hope it's gone by now. That cake you baked looks almost too good to be true. As I said on fb you cab bake my birthday cake anytime! 👏👏👏

Carol,- I really feel for June having a hard time with the care of Moving Aunt. I know what it's like.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, May 24, 2020, 09:50
Morning all and it is a better day today, though still a stiff breeze. Yesterday was so windy it has played havoc in the garden. My poor roses are looking very sorry for themselves, all battered. Hopefully they will recover! Worst thing was we missed all the rain. I mean if it is going to be a bad weather day it could at least have watered the garden for me. It is desperate for it! Today, apart from the gardening, I first have the ixxnxxg to do. lovely!

I haven't got round to a proper swap of my clothes yet Diana. I am living in t shirts and leggings at the moment so not really necessary, but will do it soon in the hopes we will get some normality of sorts soon.

Ali hopefully you are feeling better today. I have a feeling a lot of people have decided that the danger of the virus has gone and so will do just what they want now. Some of my neighbours were gathered in the street yesterday having a chat with no social distancing at all. I do hope we don't all have to suffer the consequences of it all. The cake sounds as scrumptious as it looks!

Jo so Duffy decided it was time for food then! I love a dog that knows what is important! Spooks was my favourite series for years but I agree about the end, the last series was a bit odd.

Morning BHB and we have Cxrdlxss Scrxwdrxver and toasted paninis today? Perfect. Let's take more of it all and find the CM.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, May 24, 2020, 09:56
Eva you came on while I was typing. I am so sorry about your father, it is very hard for you all. Thank goodness you have a POA ready to go when needed. I hope you can get some thing sorted for him as he deserves to be somewhere he can be cared for by the right people and you deserve to be given peace of mind about him. Fingers crossed for the eye test tomorrow.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, May 24, 2020, 10:19
Morning all.

Yes, it was very windy yesterday here too.

There certainly are some idiots, Jo, who ignore the 2 metres. When I was in Sains. last week there was a woman I (almost literally) kept bumping into as I went round the store. One time she was standing still doing nothing, with a trolley opposite so there wasn't a lot of space in between. I waited for 2/3 mins for her to move so I could get to the item I wanted, then gave up and hurried through the gap. Shortly after I was taking something off the shelf when she came and stood right next to me. I moved away, glaring at her but she didn't take any notice. I saw her a couple more times so moved away quickly.

I agree Sp*oks did tail off. Although I missed the first 3 series when it was first broadcast, I think it watched it right to the end though might have missed some of the later eps. My last memory is of the fall off the building (won't name names for anyone who hasn't seen that ep). I haven't seen the film but would like to - it's available as pay to view on V*rgin M. so might watch when I've finished the TV series.

I didn't go for a walk yesterday as we had a couple of very light showers and I didn't want to risk getting caught. Ploppy spent most of the day going through his clothes and tidying up. I watched K*lling Eve and next ep of Spo*ks, and read a bit more of the NZ guide. The travel agent called and we have agreed not to have a US stopover but fly straight to Tahiti, have an extra night there to relax after the long flight and adjust to the different time, and then fly on to NZ so I'm feeling pleased. He was supposed to email us with an updated itin and quote yesterday but nothing has come through and I think he's off today and tomorrow so won't hear more until at least Tuesday.

Ploppy left to play golf a few mins ago and I'm going to get ready once I've posted and then have a walk. If it stays cloudy I'll watch some more KE/Sp later.

Ploppy has had an ongoing issue with J L*wis re two gift cards he was given as Xmas presents. They had no date on them and there was no "receipt" so it was only when he tried to use them last autumn that he was told they had expired. They have now agreed to add the money to my online account as a gesture of goodwill. We need a new lounge suite - we've have our's since 1986 and the springs in Ploppy's armchair recently broke! So as soon as the shops reopen, we are going to JL - just hope we can find one we want.

Good thing you went into the bathroom when you did, Pauline. I know how cross you must have been with yourself for leaving the tap on. I get cross with Ploppy who has a habit of leaving lights on. The number of times he's left our ensuite light on in the morning and I've only discovered it in the evening. And he turns lights on when I don't think they need to be on - yesterday he had the bedroom lights on during the day. Twice we've come back from holiday and found the bedroom/ensuite light has been left on so before we go away now I always go round after him checking everything is off.

Why don't you pass a few things on your list over to MM, Carol??!! DK why F*refox wouldn't let me pay on M&S site yesterday. I ordered some for minl's birthday later in the day and it didn't work then either but usually there's no problem. Hope they fix it before the next time I want to order something.

Hope the trim went well, Ali. I think hairdressers and barbers are going to be fully booked for the first few weeks after they reopen.

DK where the morning's gone, I'm still in my nightie and dressing gown so must get dressed and go out otherwise it'll be another day with no walk.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, May 24, 2020, 12:44
Thankyou for your comments on the cake. Next month is Jack’s 18th, he’s requested carrot cake!
Hair trim went ok, fringe a bit short but will soon grow. Put a colour on to cover my roots. Happy with it but looking forward to a ‘proper’ cut and colour.
2 loads of washing on the line, sun coming out but very breezy. I’ve made 2 lasagnes: meat and veggie and portion of each to deliver to sloppy. Dishwasher now on as lots of pots and pans used! Argument with ploppy for not wiping worktop after making breakfast, he’s sulking now!!
Eva, hope your eyes are ok and that you can sort things for father. I do like your sister’s house, doubt she’ll have much trouble selling it.
Tahiti sounds a wonderful place to recover from a long flight Diana. We’re still paying for our Sept holiday but not holding out much hope. Depending on circumstances we could poss transfer to a diff destination but very much dependant on government.
Better see if ploppy’s mood has improved and have some lunch.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, May 25, 2020, 06:27
Morning and another bright and sunny start – yesterday it was still quite a gusty wind, one of the patio pots was blown over again! I think we have temperatures of 25C later (tomorrow and Saturday are due to be the hottest days of the week).

Ali, that does sound like Saturday was blustery if it managed to wrap your washing around the line! Oh that was good of your friend to drop the gas bottle round so you could have a bxq. People really do seem to have started ignoring all the instructions not to visit in homes, and to remember social distancing. I suspect those of us who have followed everything to the letter will be very miffed as a result of all this we have another lockdown after another spike. Lindy’s Lawrence would have loved the rich chocolate cake – he is a chocoholic! I feel very sorry for films which were released just before lockdown (like Mxlxtxry Wxves) or would have been released during the last three months. I am just allowing my hair to grow, with the occasional trim of my fringe, but so far it hasn’t been too bad. I feel we will be like Oz once they reopen salons – queues around the block a midnight! Goodness Jack can’t be 18!!!! We are waiting to hear from the villa company about our holiday (which should have been in two and a half weeks time (sob). They have been very good about emailing now and then to say they are dealing with things on when due to fly basis. I see Grxxce are hoping to start having visitors from July......

Eva that does sound very distressing about your Father. That was very fortuitous about the PofA (I remember you saying you were going to do that a couple of years back). I think you are wise to get it activated now as it will hopefully ease things for you. I am assuming you have heard nothing from SS so far? Fingers crossed the eye specialist will see an improvement and you will be able to stop the drops. I am not surprised there has been a lot of interest in your sister’s house – the views are amazing! I see there were problems with the connection to the UK – do you think it might have been something to do with the very strong winds we had? From what Lindy has told me most cruise ships have a pool or at the very least a hot tub on them, so I am sure your swimming costume will make its debut! I thought you might empathise with June – Moving Aunt is losing her memory of how to operate things (her phone, her cooker, her recliner chair etc.) so it is becoming more difficult for June to deal with.

Ah I see you have had the totally oblivious shoppers too Diana. There were a couple when I went into M&S last week. I did what you did and moved away! I have to say the last Spxxks series was not my favourite (nor the last episode). We saw the film in the cinema. We enjoyed it but with only Harry of the original team in it, there did seem to be something missing! You managed to miss the heavier showers we had here on Saturday then. So you won the battle of the US stopover, sensible to have an extra night in Txhxti. I have to say your T Agent doesn’t seem to be the most efficient! That’s not good about the JL vouchers! At least they are refunding the moneh so that is something. You can always do some on line viewing of suites whilst we are in lockdown! So Ploppy is one of those people who likes lots of light – not so good to return from holiday (twice) to find the lights are still on! I could try passing my list to MM but I don’t think he will be too thrilled by it!

We had 104 at our Church Zxxm meeting in the morning, including a couple of older members of the congregation (various people have loaned spare ipads and set them up for them (at a distance). After that I had a lazy day and did some reading, some typing for the small choir, caught up with C’lty from Saturday (I see HCity is back next week). I spoke with June and DN is arranging for Moving Aunt to attend leg ulcer clinic (never knew such things existed) – she said it could be three weeks before an appointment, but they will send transport for M Aunt so that is good. After Cfile and ARShow we watched another Spxxks and then had an early night. Today we have a new small sideboard arriving. It has been on order for a while. The delivery firm rang us to say there will be two delivery men and if we open the front door they will place it just inside and we will have to then move it into place (two of us so not a problem and it doesn’t have far to go). We should be out for our walk this morning (delivery is from 1pm – they are coming from Wxlsxll). We have GandT with Twin this afternoon, so have to decide which of my flavoured gins to have! I may also do my recording for Gxreth’s choir and submit it. We have a week off as it is half term and Gxreth was in need of a break as he has been doing the rehearsals every week day for nine weeks now! Morning BHB, yes another bright start. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted muffins into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Stay safe everyone.
Diana wrote:
Monday, May 25, 2020, 07:57
Morning all and it's a glorious one here.

Second load is in the washing machine - I looked in the basket last night and realised where Ploppy had put some of the clothes from his clearout/tidy up! We have a C&C a little later this morning and I will go in the garden when we get back. After my walk yesterday, I watched three eps of Sp*oks. I thought series 6 wasn't quite up to the previous ones but S7 is vg so far.

It's sad about your father, Eva, and unfortunately sounds like the POA needs to be activated. Fingers crossed you can stop the eye drops. Certainly sounds like a lot of interest in your sister's house and promising for a quick sale.

Fingers crossed for your Sept holiday, Ali. That's still three months away so you may be OK.

After I posted yesterday I went upstairs and found Ploppy had left the ensuite light on again! Yes, Carol, I am going to look at lounge suites online and hopefully have a shortlist before we go to JL in person.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, May 25, 2020, 08:38
Morning all and it is a beautiful one here as well. Hardly any movement of air as well thank goodness! I went in the garden to try and do some damage limitation yesterday. It was still quite windy so I just cut back the broken branches on my climbing rose and tidies up a little. Still need to sort some other things though. I also did one lot of ixxnxxg and finished my jigsaw. Still a long way to go to catch up with Twin though! Today I have a little bit more ixxnxxg and then will try and sort the garden out a bit more and restore order if I can.

Ali you are very brave doing your own hair! I haven't touched mine so far, well apart from washing and drying it obviously! It isn't too bad which is a testament to the brilliant cut my hairdresser does. Colour wise as I have highlights I am leaving well alone as well Fortunately it is not too bad there either! Fingers crossed for your holiday, hopefully Sept may be ok. Hope Ploppy has got over the sulks!

Diana I did enjoy most of series 7 but hate where it went and how it all ended. I didn't go to see the film as it just wouldn't have been the same! I found the chairs I have from JL looking on line then went and checked them out in the shop. It works well!

Morning BHB and it is Lavendula day of course. You have made muffins as well? Wonderful, let's get more of everything and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Monday, May 25, 2020, 09:53
I read online this morning that Bruce's acquaintance, Angus, has had a wash and cut. I've not seen him since the lock down began as the paths near his house are very narrow, no way can you get more than 4 inches distance in some places if you need to pass another person.

Eva you were thinking ahead about the POA. Just as well. I never gave it a thought for my mum, I'd had most of her money anyway :) I really must get mine done, it is on the list.

I'm giving my back bedroom a thought with the aim to clear the stuff out. I did start last year but stopped. I need to get back to it. There is loads of junk in the middle bedroom, to clear that I need room in back bedroom.

Diana, I very occasionally leave the light in the bathroom on. I really get cross. Mainly as the ceiling is so high I cannot change the bulb. I need someone to do it for me. Working on the 'less I use the light, the longer it will last' theory.
maeve12 wrote:
Monday, May 25, 2020, 10:09
I'm on series 6 still, had a bit of a break, looking forward to series 7.

Just heard that from Thursday we might be allowed to meet up to 10 people in a bubble, I hope that does happen , we have 5 family birthdays in the next couple of weeks and it would be lovely if we can get together.

Eva sorry to hear about your Father's condition worsening
I've been watching a tv series set in Norway which ended last night called" State of Happiness" I wonder if you've seen it, I thought it very good
Ali wrote:
Monday, May 25, 2020, 10:37
Morning. Promises to be a beautiful day. Ploppy has set up the bbq ready for later. Planning a relaxed family day.
Yesterday I helped Jack compose an email which he has sent to 8 local (ish) landscaping companies 🤞 Then we had a lovely meal and watched a film on netflix. It’s actually been good for all of us to eat together without someone rushing off out all the time. That is one thing I’ll miss after lockdown.
Last night Jack rescued a rabbit literally from the cat’s jaws! He heard it squeal, looked out and saw Buddy bringing it over the fence. Fortunately it appeared unharmed but it did kick Jack as he returned it to the fields.
The garden is calling so I’ll sign off. Stay safe x
Jane E wrote:
Monday, May 25, 2020, 13:30
Hello all,

At last I have a bit of time to do a little catch up on lock-down life on the blog.

First of all thank you very much for all your nice comments about my kitchen. It has been well and truly christened now, and I am really glad to finally have a working grill and four working hobs. The old cooker only had two working hobs and no grill. Made cheese on toast impossible :-)

Carol - I am so impressed by your zoom church meeting. And wonderful that you've been able to get the older members involved too! I think there is a lot of confusion when it comes to meeting friends at the moment. My next door neighbour has gone to meet a friend - they are going to sit in the front garden and keep social distance. Personally I think that's fine, as long as they don't go indoors.

I see both Diana and Pauline - are having trouble with people not keeping 2 meters apart. You are right there are a lot of people not using common sense. Fortunately in my area people do seem to be reasonably sensible...with occasional exceptions

Eva - sorry to hear you are having to put the PoA into affect for your dad - it's very good that you were sensible and put one into place. Good news about sisters house though!

Lots of love to everyone!

Jo - good look with operation back bedroom clear out!

Maeve - I'd not heard about the 10 people in a bubble thing. That's great news! I do hope someone invites me to join their bubble! I have plenty of lovely friends but no way of getting to most of them without public transport.

Jo - I have the same theory with my living room light - which is why I try to rely on the standard light in the evenings. The downside of 'lovely high ceilings!'

Ali - w-I hope you have sorted out your roses now, after the wind. hat a hero Jack is! 18? When did that happen!!! I hope he manages to find something before too long.
TK wrote:
Monday, May 25, 2020, 14:19
I've ordered a very nice looking and cheap large rug for the back bedroom. It will take ages to clean the large cupboard of dust as for 25 years there has been a cat litter tray in the room. The dust from the clay has got into all the crevices. I have found a pack of papers from when mum was training to be a nurse and taking exams. There was a posted letter sent in the middle of the war, saying thank you for your enquiry we will respond as soon as we can. So the country is in the middle of a world war, mum has sent an application for something from the nursing college, and they send this letter. Today you often don't get an email in reply. Different times. Also found leaflets from the church in the village wear we lived in the mid 50s. I've not read them carefully. They must have meant something to mum.
evam wrote:
Monday, May 25, 2020, 15:34
Afternoon all. Just a few words as my brain (what little there is of it!) is buzzing. The day has been full of phone calls about the PoA, about doctors' certificates about father's mental state now and when the future PoA was signed by him. I've also had several conversations with the staff at the care home where father is at the moment, and they are adamant that he can't look after himself. Tomorrow I'm having a telephone appointment with father's GP about his (father's not the GP's) mental state at the time when father signed the Future PoA. There is always a lot of paperwork with things like this, but so far I've only been met with understanding and help.
My visit to the eye specialist didn't go as well as I hoped. I still need the eye drops, and have to go back to him for a check up in 4 weeks. The planned injection for next week will be postponed until further notice. I might need another laser treatment, but that can be done by the eye specialist. Still no new glasses for me though.
Tomorrow I'm off to the hospital for my infusion' almost 2 weeks late because of the antibis I was taking for my cystitis. There is always something, isn't there?
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 07:13
Morning and another lovely day in prospect.

Ah Diana so not such a big clear out for Ploppy then – some of the clothes just made it as far as the laundry basket! Hope the C&C went easily – it certainly seems to have been very popular for those that can’t get a delivery and don’t want to risk going into the bigger supermarkets. Ah so old habits die hard then if the light was still on!!! I had a feeling you might be on the case in regard to a new suite! Hope you managed to find time to sit in the garden later in the day – it was glorious all day. We had a very light breeze from time to time (better than the gale force winds of the weekend!).

Jo I saw that pet’s parlours were re-opening. I am sure Angus is looking very glamorous after his treatment (I am actually quite jealous of course!). We have been talking about sorting out a PoA for us for a while (Victoria is lined up for us). Ah so the cupboard of mysteries has been opened in the bedroom. That must be interesting reading your mother’s papers – loved the letter from the nursing college. As you say a different world then. As you say there must have been a reason for her to keep the church leaflets. I think they merit a reading to find out what it was!

Maeve we are now about half way through series five of Spxxks (Rxth has just left). That would be lovely if we could meet people in a bubble – maybe we will hear about that on Thursday. It may of course not happen in time for the upcoming birthdays. I was, of course, quite excited by the prospect of non essential shops opening in the middle of next month!!

Ali, I hope you all had your relaxed family day yesterday as the weather was lovely for a bbq. Good for Jack being so proactive, my fingers are crossed he gets some positive responses. I imagine quite a few families are enjoying having time all together – in “normal” times everyone is always in a rush to be somewhere, so I think being together is quite important now. Eeek – poor rabbit. I was glad it had a happy ending, well apart from Jack who got kicked – some rabbits have no gratitude! We will put it down to the poor thing being scared......

Jane glad you are enjoying your new kitchen. I remember when we had the kitchen redone in the previous house and how excited I was to eventually get a working hob and oven! It is the little things...... Well sitting in the garden at distance is what we did with Twin for her birthday – I am not sure it was definitely allowed but we were very careful with the social distance – we had the chairs set up before Twin arrived and I carefully measured and in fact we were a little more than the required 2m. I think if bubbles of people are set up they have to be reciprocal so that it is all contained to the same ten people. Those shielding will not be eligible I feel (plus they are definitely in lockdown until the end of next month). Ah well, it will be what it will be!

Eva no wonder you were a little frazzled if you have been trying to sort out the PoA. At least the Care Home staff are realising that your Father can’t look after himself, so hopefully that will be communicated to the SS. Good luck with the GP chat – I am sure that will be just a formality. It is good that people have been helpful and understanding – it helps dealing with red tape much easier. Oh that’s a shame about the eye drops. At least the injection has been postponed. If you have the laser treatment will that mean you won’t require future injections? Hope today’s infusion goes well and you have a quite time (I suspect you will).

We had a lovely walk yesterday morning – perfect weather for it. A lot of twigs and branches on the floor from the high winds over the weekend. We stayed in the park for the whole of the walk rather than walking back via the road. It takes about 40 minutes. The new sideboard came at 1.30pm (they were very good and rang us about half an hour before they arrived). We opened the door, they put the sideboard inside (one of the chaps did ask if we could manage) - in fact we could as we just pushed it into the dining room (it had cardboard covering the whole thing so slid very easily). It is now in place and full! After that excitement I did my recording for Gareth’s choir – and it is now uploaded. I have managed to record three of the four songs so think that will do! We had our GandT with Twin slightly earlier than normal as we didn’t have a rehearsal. We have also taken a chance and book an hotel in Exmxxr for a week in September (we can cancel up until the 5th Sept) in the hope we will be allowed out and able to go and spent a week somewhere else! During the evening we watched another K Eve (only one more episode to go) and another Spxxks. Today we will go for a walk, then I have my phone calls to make. I have some mince which I ordered from Sainsbugs so will make something with that this afternoon ready for the freeze. I might do a mini clothes swap of some more summer tops............. Morning BHB, yes it has clouded over a little but is still quite warm. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Exe Opxnxr into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Stay safe and well.
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 08:17
Morning. We did indeed enjoy our bbq yesterday, ice cream van drove into our close just as we finished so 99’s all round (screen in place, ppe worn and contactless card payment)
Jack has already had 1 reply agreeing to take his enquiry into consideration 🤞
Good news for Josh that he can return to work on 15th hopefully.
My new/soon to be boss asked if I’d consider volunteering for them. Not entirely sure how it works but happy to discuss. Would be nice to get my ‘feet under the table’ and be ready to start hopefully in July.
Fingers crossed for your sept holiday Carol
Hope the furniture hunt is successful Diana, sooner rather than later if shops open on 15th!
Sounds as if things are progressing Eva, hope you get more news very soon.
The cupboard sounds intriguing Jo, not so good about the dust, I know it can get everywhere!
Lovely to see you Jane, take care. X
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 09:53
Morning all and it is another lovely day. It was cloudy when I got up but that has cleared and so no rain again. In fact looking at the forecast it is going to be a long time till we get any I think. Still can't deny I love the sunshine! Had a fairly quiet day yesterday, so no change there! I did go in the garden and start picking up the pieces after the battering from the wind. Lot's of bits of branches from trees around but my roses definitely got the worst of it. They are hardy things though and will recover I am sure. So another quiet day today I think! I have some paperwork type things I need to catch up on and of course I will be in the garden again. Also need to finalise my C&C for tomorrow. I may have an order for my friend that helped me out for a few weeks as I don't think she has a slot for this week.

Maeve I had heard of bubbles but not that it might happen that soon. It would be lovely. I always wonder how they police these things though. Seems mainly it would be done on trust, which looking at B/mouth beach yesterday doesn't work!

Jane I am glad you are enjoying your kitchen. I know the feeling as I had the kitchen refurbed at my old house and felt just the same. I am sure Beatrix is enjoying cooking in it!

Jo what fascinating finds. I enjoyed some of the things I found when I cleared out Mum and Dad's house. Your Mum's application during the war seems typical of the stoic attitude people had then. We could do with more of it now I think! A new rug (and not purple I understand!) TK will like that.

Eva it is at least very good that the care home is sure your father can't live alone. Fingers crossed SS agree. Hope the POA is sorted soon. Good you don't have to have injections in your eye for now but not so good about the drops. Hope the infusion goes well.

Ali so pleased your boys both have some good news. Great that Josh can hopefully return to work and fingers crossed for Jack. A boost that he at least has had a reply! Your garden day sounds lovely. I think a lot of people will miss the enforced family time when things are easier. Mind I am sure some can't wait to get out! Sounds as if volunteering for a while could be a good way to ease into the new job.

Morning BHB and we have Eyx Opxner and crumpets today? Let's get more and go and find the CM.
maeve12 wrote:
Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 10:03
Apologies Jane and everyone for raising hopes for Thursday, I don't know what happened, whether the information was wrong or whether things changed during the day, to do with the C*m*ing business. I think you're right Carol, if the bubble strategy is brought in, one will only be allowed to be in one bubble to restrict the number of people you're socialising with.

Well done to Jack, Ali, for being so proactive in looking for another apprenticeship. I hope he's snapped up by an employer.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 15:39
Afternoon all.

After we collected the shopping yesterday, Ploppy spent most of the day clearing the garage and cleaning the floor. Today he's continued sorting out items from the garage which consisted mostly of his golf equipment and related stuff. There should be more space now. I've just booked an appointment at the waste site - nothing until early July! I spent most of yesterday and this morning in the garden. Did the I word after breakfast and then had a nice walk through the park & adjoining fields. The revised NZ itin & quote has just been emailed to us so I need to check it carefully.

Keeping everything crossed the SS see sense re your father, Eva, and for the POA. Hope the infusion went well.

A week on Exm**r sounds good, Carol, nice to have something to look forward to - fingers crossed.

Great that Jack's already had a promising reply - hope it leads to an offer. And good news for Josh too.
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 20:24
Hi all. Where does time go? We have been busy trying to put order into our very overgrown garden and doing some walks. I did 7 miles today plus a yoga class plus some gardening. So a tad tired! Last week we had a picnic at local stately home park and this week have arranged to meet friends there for socially distanced picnic - men will picnic tog ( socially distanced) and women separately. The male friend had CV 5 weeks ago but has now been hit with the “ long tail” fatigue. He is very depressed about it so asked if we could do this picn.c for his bday. So hoping we are within rules. Last week we walked from the p.cnic park to local G.orgian town and had first takeaway coffee. It was fab - and felt good to be getting back to our new “ normal”.
Maeve - I had heard about the “ bubble” but fear it may be another way we lose out seeing scollops. In fairness to them we need to allow them to have bubbles with local friends . I am very jealous of people having family around them - tho Ali you may have opposite problem of too many relatives and friends nearby for your bubble! We plan to go and see parents on Sat. We will just go for day, stay outside and take own food. Will be a very long tiring day and as you say Carol may not be definitely allowed (but parents can’t physically get to a public place unless they go in our car which is a definite no/ no ) but feel we need to do it. Will decide finally tomorrow or Thurs when see what weather forecast like.
Jane - so lovely to have a new kitchen to cheer you upon during l.ckdown.
Carol - how lovely to have a hol to look forward to. we wanted to book a hol with scollops but unless they are in our bubble we couldn’t really be in a cottage tog. Had Z..m call with my uni friends last night and looks like we will cancel our N.rfolk cottage in Sept as can’t really socially d.stance 4 couples in one cottage. But may just book something for the 2 of us in Sept to look forward to.
Pauline - sorry I missed your birthday - tho I did send a card - late! Sounds like you had a real treat of day out. It’s amazing how just the simple things of being out with friends is now the ultimate treat. We went to a socially distanced 70 th birthday coffee in our local park on Sat. We met the bday couple at takeaway cafe in park and walked around park - appropriately distanced. Nice to see people in real life!
Jo - you are on a roll with your decluttering. Sounds as if it is a reminiscing as well as decluttering activity. Many memories. Saw the rug on Tw.tter - very nice. My lockdown activity is spring cleaning! But we have been so long in l.ckdown now that my deep cleaned bathrooms etc are as mucky now as they were at beginning. I stupidly decided to clean my V.netian blinds. I have 12 and they are all large ( this house has many large windows) - and I am cleaning each individual slat. The blinds were dirty - have had some for over 20 yrs and tho I dust them regularily seemingly they still get very dirty. Regretting starting but now that I have, I feel I must finish!
Eva - good that you father will get a proper assessment rev his ability ( not) to loook after himself. In UK people are assessed for their capacity to make decisions for each individual activity. So with uncle it was initially judged that he could make decisions about his care and small financial transactions so we were only allowed to use PoA for big financial transactions. Then as he deteriorated we had to go back to gp or care home each time new decisions had to be made to get his cap.city to make those decisions assessed. A hugely laborious process. I hope the Norweg.an process is easier! We have printed off our PoA forms to start completing. We haven’t started them yet! It is good that your eyes being monitored so well even if it is not going exactly as you want. Not sure when I will get my next gl.ucoma assessment,appt.
Diana - like you I am doing some sofa research. Tho not sure when would ever get into a “ real” shop.
Ali - I think many young people are going to have their job prospects knocked off course. Good for Jack is n being so quick off the mark to find new appt.nticeship. That will impress employers.
Eldest scollop has really bad toothache. He thinks it is infection, or abc.ss! He has been given anti b.s. if these don’t work out hen only dent.l treatment available is extracti.n. Seems so nbelievablechat we have got to his situation. Hope his tooth can be saved.,
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 06:00
Morning and overcast today – quite a muggy night last night too – think we are due to have temperatures of 24C so not quite as warm as yesterday.

Ali that was fortuitous that the ice cream van arrived in the close so you could all enjoy 99s (I can’t remember the last time I had one of those – I used to love them!). Oh that’s excellent that Jack has had a response all ready – fingers crossed for him. I am sure Josh will feel it strange going back to work and some semblance of normality. If you “volunteer” for new/soon to be job, it would give you an insight into how things will be run I imagine. I am assuming that it wouldn’t be full time volunteering? I see clothes shops (when they open) won’t allow any trying on, so I suspect exchange policies will be different. I know JohnL are saying anything being returned will go into quarantine for a while. It will be quite a different world as we try to get back to some normality.

Maeve we are due some more info tomorrow, so maybe we will hear about the Bubble then. I have a vague recollection of reading somewhere that we might be able to meet with people from two other households – but I think that was a while ago and may be speculation. It may also be that it can only happen outdoors for a while......so if that does turn out to be the case I hope this lovely weather continues! Sorry Twin and all the gardeners!

I see that your garage, like our’s, is a depository for Ploppy items! Strange that there should be golfing things there! We don’t have to book a slot for the waste site – just be prepared to queue. MM is thinking about doing that (I did suggest waiting until it cools down a little (i.e. next week). That’s good that the NZ itinerary has arrived – I am sure you have checked it thoroughly by now! Yes I was heartened that the hotel in Exmxxr were accepting bookings (with caveats about the virus of course).

Fi, not sure where the time is going – MM and I have conversations about that! Your 7 mile walk puts my stroll in the park to shame! Not surprised you were tired after that and a yoga class and doing the gardening! The birthday picnic sounds a lovely idea. Glen felt very fatigued for about three weeks after he had the virus, but he is fine now. We realised that I wouldn’t be able to be in June’s bubble if it is two households, as she will have Gemma and family and Paul and family for her bubble. Our’s will be Lindy and Lawrence and Twin. Yes that will be a long day for you to go and see parents, but I am sure both you and they will feel better for your having seen them. I think the forecast is good for Saturday so self distancing in their garden should be ok? It may be that if bubbles are introduced from July for instance, by Sept if no other spikes we may be allowed to see more people. Hopefully that will be the case! Ah cleaning V blinds – I remember my mother hated doing that and she only had one in the kitchen! Twelve is quite a tall order! I feel for Eldest Scollop with his toothache – let’s hope the antibs work as the thought on an extraction just for that sounds horrendous! Maybe dentists will be allowed to reopen at the same time as hxirdrxssers.....

It was quite warm when we went out for our walk yesterday morning – there seemed to be more people out exercising, or sitting in the sun too. We stayed in the park and didn’t go out onto the road. When we came home I made my phone calls (all are well) and then I made our dinner for the evening – and put half the meal into the freezer. MM cleaned the stones in our water barrel feature – he scrubbed all the stones individually so it took him quite a while. At least he was on the patio in the shade. I received the piano accompaniment for tonight’s rehearsal in the afternoon, so made my vocal recording and sent it back to Marg. I did manage to retrieve some more of my summer tops so I haven’t something to wear during this hot weather. I also ordered some linen trousers which had 25% off. During the evening we watched the Dxn Snxw programme on Dxnkxrk Small Ships and then did two episodes of Spxxks (it was a two parter so that worked well). This morning we have our 10 am prayer zxxm meeting, and then I will probably put away some of the winter things (so far I have only brought out the clothes and not packed any away!). This evening will be choir practice......this seems like it will be a long term thing at the moment! Somehow I don’t think our July concert will be happening (especially as it would be in a church, and we still have no information on when the churches will be allowed to open again). Morning BHB, yes it is very warm and it looks as if there is no breeze at all. Let’s take the toasted tea cakes and the Gxlden Fxzz into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM to arrive.

Keep well and safe everyone.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 09:17
Morning all and it is another lovely day. All my roses are blooming their heads off and that is in spite of their battering last weekend. Sadly the weeds are still growing as well so still work to be done out there. Trouble is the ground is so hard it is tricky getting them out properly. Had a bit of a lazy day yesterday and apart from some dead heading I just enjoyed being out there, after all that is what it is for really! Today I have my C&C to do. I am getting some eggs for my friend who helped me out, nice to return the favour in a very small way. Still that is all she wanted. I have done a swap of most of my clothes now in the hope that although it will probably go cooler it won't go back to jumper weather for quite a long time! Looking at what there is I feel a serious cull is needed. I keep thinking I will do it when it isn't so nice outside, but it keeps staying nice!

No need to apologise Maeve, there is so much information and second guessing what will happen next it is hard to work out what is real!

Diana funny how we still call garages by that name as there are very few people who use them as anything but store rooms! Round here I don't think anyone who has a garage puts a car in it. They are more like lock ups really. Hope the NZ itinerary is all ok.

Fi I got your card, thank you very much, not very late either. I still have them all up at the moment. I like to extend the day! Think visiting your parents will be a hard day for you, but I think you will feel better when it is done, well I hope you will. I am not even thinking about the amount of exercising you do! Poor Scollop nothing worse than toothache. I hope the anti bis work. I have two venetian blinds although everyone round me has lots. I loathe cleaning them and kept what I had to a minimum!

Morning BHB and we have Gxldxn Fxzz and teacakes today? Just right, so let's get more and go and join the CM. I think we could go on the patio now it is so nice.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 20:33
I have to have summer clothes to wear outside and fleeces to wear in the house. So can't put winter clothes away.

Bruce was very good in the vets today, the vet told me so. I had to wait outside. She said he's put on weight, but he is not too bad. He has had his injections and I just have to go back to pick up the new bottle of anti-inflammatory meds as they did not have the large size in stock. I've paid for it. She checked his eyes as I told her that the eye was inflamed at the beginning of lock down. I had an unopened anti B tube so used that, eye got better. She was happy that I'd done that. There were 2 very young puppies at the vets, different families. Very cute. Not for me though, too much training. Also, no excuse if the dog doesn't turn out right. I can always blame previous owners for my dog's shortcomings.

Felf has just bought me a slice of her birthday cake. I did remember it was her birthday. Unfortunately I forgot the plant shop (green grocer) closed at 3pm. Luckily I bought a nice plant for me from there a few days ago, so put a ribbon around it and gave it to her. I'd given the card in the morning.

New rug for back bedroom came today. I can't get it upstairs, too heavy. Fine as the room needs more work before I put the rug (non-fitted carpet) into the room. I need to check it soon though, to make sure it is OK and doesn't need to be sent back.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, May 28, 2020, 07:04
Morning and another glorious day. It is very warm already – I know as I put the refuse out for collection.........I was doing MM a good turn, but then a crow attacked the bag and pulled things out so he had to go and clear it all up so not such as good turn!

Ah yes I had twigged you were the reverse of the rest of us Jo and wore warmer clothes inside – mind you in the heatwave not such a bad thing to be cool indoors. Our next door neighbour has been burning papers for three days now and the smoke comes over and we have to close the windows. He has just lit the fire again and I will close the windows before the whole house reeks of smoke (again). Of course Bruce was good at the vet. I am sure he wasn’t too keen on the injections. That’s a shame they didn’t have the right size of meds for him so you will need to go back. I am sure the puppies were really cute – what breeds were they? Oh a belated happy birthday to Felf. That was lucky you had a plant to give (I am impressed you had ribbon too). Ah you will require help for the rug – otherwise you might do damage to your back if you try and take it upstairs on your own! Hopefully once lockdown is over Duffy’s dad will help.

We had a fairly lazy day yesterday (after the morning zxxm session), although I did pack away some of my winter jumpers – still need to do the big swap though, but I have enough to tide me over for now I think!I think we have similar weather coming next week so I may do a further swap on Saturday whilst I wait for the w/m fairies to work their magic. I did put the edges of my puzzle of Vxnxce out yesterday afternoon so will hopefully finish that at some point today – I have saved the 1000 piece for cooler weather! We had a good sing at rehearsal in the evening. All sixteen of us are now able to join in (well fifteen in fact as one has decided not to try) – apart from the singing it is lovely to see everyone! Today is JJ’s birthday – he will be five! Not sure where those five years went!!! This morning MM wants to go into U’bridge again to pay in a cheque so I might brave MandS again. This afternoon we have GandT with Mary and Les. I need to catch up with yesterday’s Sxwing Bxx – I saw who went but need to catch up with the first two rounds. Apart from that nothing planned! Morning BHB yes it was very quiet yesterday in the Bistro. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Txvarxch in to the conservatory – or maybe we should try the patio this morning. We can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM joins us.

Hope everyone is well and safe.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, May 28, 2020, 08:05
Morning all.

Looks like another lovely day, the early cloud is starting to burn off. I've just checked the online forecast and it's looking good until Friday next week.

We have virtually sorted out NZ trip after a few phone calls and much discussion over the past couple of days. Had to make a few changes, notably rather than P*rth, we're now stopping in S*dney (which we have been to but nearly 30 years ago) for a couple of days after NZ as we would have had to fly back to S*dney after P*rth for our flight to J*burg. Also had to swop order of two places in NZ due to a festival so area would have been heaving and accomm lot more expensive. Ploppy needs to do a final check of the itin and hopefully we will confirm today. Then fingers crossed that everything can be booked without further changes.

After my walk yesterday, I cut up some small branches Ploppy had cut from the tree in the front and put them in the garden waste bin. The bin was only emptied yesterday and is already three-quarters full! Read in the garden for a while while Ploppy continued turning over the earth in the bed. Place Ic*land order for my parents and after dinner watched L*cation, L, L and next ep of Sp*oks while Ploppy was on the laptop.

I will probably go for a walk once I've finished online, then spend rest of the day in the garden.

Hope you get to see your parents this weekend, Fi, and enjoy meeting your friends. I agree about the time, the days seem to be passing very quickly despite being very samey and not doing much. We've got some Ven*tian blinds in SA house and they are horrible to clean - good luck with all of your's. Hope eldest doesn't need his tooth removed. We need dentists to re-open soon even though social distancing would be difficult.

I know what you mean about doing stuff on days when the weather isn't so nice, Pauline. I keep on saying that but there have been so few cloudy days, let alone wet ones, things keep being left. We do actually keep our car in the garage.

Lucky you had the new plant you could give to Felf, Jo. Hope you can get a replacement for yourself.

That's a pain re your neighbour, Carol. Our council sent an email when the tip re-opened asking people not to have fires. I must put our rubbish out before my walk.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, May 28, 2020, 09:18
Morning all and it is another lovely one. The weather is just unbelievable. Makes everything a bit more bearable somehow, though I am not sure it has been the best thing to make people stick to the rules! I did my C&C yesterday which was a little bit busier that before, but still very easy. I then took the eggs round to friend Jenny. I walked round the house to the back as I wanted to sneak a peek at the work they have had done. It is gorgeous. The new kitchen is lovely and the sun room they have had built is wonderful. She so deserves it as the kitchen she had was a second hand one they had put in when they moved in about 35 years ago! Her hubby is of the opinion that if it isn't falling apart it will do and has taken a lot of persuading it was time for a new one. After that and my chats with Twin I had another fairly ordinary day.

Happy birthday to Felf Jo. I am sure the plant was fine (with ribbon of course) and what luck that you had it handy! Love the carpet but think you will definitely need a hand to get it up stairs. Soon hopefully you will be able to have someone help you. I understand about the more clothes for indoors as my house is always a lot cooler in than out until it has been hot for a week or two.

Diana your itinerary sounds lovely. Sydney was always my favourite Oz city, there was always lots to do there and of course the harbour is gorgeous.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Txvxrxck and crumpets. Sounds good to me so let's get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Thursday, May 28, 2020, 09:23
Morning all. Just a few words (again) to tell you that I have a migraine and am going back to bed. If I'm lucky, it'll go away soon.
TK wrote:
Thursday, May 28, 2020, 21:14
Repeated burning in the summer is not very neighbourly. Carol, is there a by-law for fires in your area?

I must get moving, one of my old bosses is leaving w*rk on Friday, retiring. I promised to send something. In fact, it is the chap who joined the company a few months before I did.

Diana, good that you are nearly all planned for your holiday. It will be something lovely to look forward to.
ooop just shutting down and found this
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, May 29, 2020, 06:38
Morning and yet another lovely start to the day (mind you I feel the garden would welcome at least some rain – preferably overnight). As Diana said at the moment the forecast is for the good weather to continue through next week too.

The trip to NZ sounds as if it is very well planned now Diana. Hopefully you managed to confirm it all yesterday. Well done on discovering about the festivals and managing to avoid them. I see you are still cutting branches up! Your garden probably looks very different now to how it was before lockdown! It sounds a very nice place to sit with a book and relax so at least you are reaping the benefits! I am blaming the good weather for my complete lack of crossing anything off my to do list (on the other hand I have done a lot of reading.........). You definitely couldn’t get a car into our garage! Even if it wasn’t full of assorted things (including my spare fridge and my freezer) it is too narrow to get a car in and be able to get out of the car! Our council asked people not to have bonfires once they opened the tip - but it isn’t mandatory, so a little like your situation. In fact when we went out for our NHS clapping our neighbour over the road was chatting to us (at distance) and apparently the queues for the tip are about an hour and a half wait! That made MM decide to hang on to the things he wanted to take down there until at least another couple of weeks!.

Eva – hope the sleeping help with the migraine and it has now disappeared. Any update on the PoA?

No it certainly isn’t neighbourly Jo – especially as where he has the brazier is on the patio and very close to where our back door is! MM very interested to know why there is the need to burn loads of papers that are in files............. I suspect we will never find out! What a strange time to have to leave wxrk – it will seem a very muted goodbye for your old boss I suspect.

I finished my Vxnxce puzzle (no. 9) just before we called Twin in the morning, so it looks like it will have to be the 10000 piece one next...... Not doing that whilst we have the warm weather though! We went into Ux’rdge as planned and this week there was a queue (not very long) to get into MandS. I had about a six minutes wait before I was allowed in. I now have some top up food so I didn’t need Lindy to do any shopping for me when she went to Sainsbugs. I managed to catch up with the S Bxx from Wed night during the early afternoon. We had a nice long GandT with Mary and Les (an hour and a half in fact) so that took us into early evening. We just had time to eat before we went out to applaud. Our neighbours are still keen to do it next week, so we will see what happens! After we came back indoors we watched another couple of episodes of Spxxks. So one left to watch in series 5 – probably tonight before Cxr Shxre. Today we will go for our walk and then I have my phone calls for the church to make. This afternoon we have our family chat on Zxxm. Good news we will be able to meet up in a group of six (at a distance) and can now legitimately do it in back gardens! Plans are afoot for next week! I need to finalise my order for tomorrow’s Sainsbugs delivery before tonight. As long as the fire doesn’t start up again I may have a short sit in the garden and finish my book........ Morning BHB, yes another lovely day. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted paninis out to the patio. We can have a lovely snuffle before the DCM arrives.

Hope everyone is ok and coping.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, May 29, 2020, 08:24
Morning all and yes, another lovely day. This is getting to be like it is when we are away on holiday, day after day of blue sky and sun. I am beginning to think I might need to rethink the plants in my garden if we start having summers like this. The ground is now as hard as a rock. It doesn't seem to stop the weeds growing though! I did do some dead heading yesterday and will try to do some more bits out there and continue my battle against the weeds. Nice to think we can meet a few more people now. I think a lot were already doing so!

Eva so sorry you had a migraine. I hope it is gone today.

So what did you find Jo? I am intrigued!

Morning BHB and it is Vanillita day and we have crumpets as well. Let's get more of everything and we can find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Friday, May 29, 2020, 08:57
Morning. Started the day doing hair cuts In the garden. Only Jack declined!
Mr T delivered. Just having a coffee then going into work to learn payment system and introduce new boss to my spreadsheets!
Carol, we were saying the same about the garden. I have some established shrubs but we decided to put down slate on the beds and put pots on them instead. Can move them about and change colour schemes with the seasons. I think we need to look to mediterranean way of planting.
Better get moving. Hope Eva is feeling better x
evam wrote:
Friday, May 29, 2020, 11:03
Morning all. It's a gorgeous day here, and I feel like a human being again!

Hello sweetheart. I look a bit pale? That's because of the migraine, but I'm much better now. Sit outside and enjoy the sunshine? What a great idea! I see there are toasted muffins on the menu today. That will be lovely with my herbal tea. 😘😘❤️️

It was a miserable day for me personally yesterday. The migraine will do that to you! It was a wonderful day for youngest sister and my lovely br.i.l. though. They'd had 25 people through the door on Wednesday, and the starting bid was on £ 6.200.000, way above the asking price, £ 5.500 000. Sis says the world went crazy, and the bidding stopped at £ 7. 450.000 !!!! Sis sent me a text because she knew I was poorly, but at the sight of the purchase sum, I forgot about the head ache and rang her. There wasn't much sense to get out of her, but when I spoke to her this morning, it had sunk in. When I had my usual wake hours in the middle of the night, I decided to bake an apple pie and deliver it today to the new millioners. (The purchase sum is in millions in Norwegian currency!) They had decided to have a long w/e at the cottage, taking Emilian with them, so I was out there bright and easy with the cake. Emilian was ever so pleased, and he said that he could give me a hug, but it would have to be to my leg! They had learned this in the nursery, so I got my right leg well and truly hugged!🤗🤗🤗

Diana,- I certainly hope your NZ holiday will happen. When I did the round-the-world-tour in 1986 with IPA, I thought of NZ as my absolute favourite country to visit...Still cutting down the branches? There can't be much left by now?

Carol,- the work with PoA is almost finished, but the doctor at the care home said he wanted another week to assess father. Poor father,- when he answers the phone (most of the time he ignores it) he is so confused and forgetful. Last time I spoke to him, he went on and on about the landline phone. Why wouldn't they give it to him? I tried to explain about mobile phones, but no,- he wanted a landline. After 20 minutes of this, I gave up. He had been moved to a single room, so he was pleased as Punch, and he understands that we're applying for a permanent place for him in a care home, and he is lookig forward to it! The only one causing trouble about the PoA is, I'll give you one guess........yes, right, Mrs S. She suddenly decided that the PoA was too wide reaching, and it would give me the opportunity to do with father's money what I want. Trust is such a wonderful thing, isn't it? I'm happy to tell you that it's far too late for her to say no, because she should have done this when the PoA was made in the first place. All I need from her is her signature on a piece of paper saying that she was made aware of the PoA when it was made, and had understood what it meant. I have kept the emails saying this (I know my sister!), and she has no case.

Pauline,- I see you and Ali are both doing your gardening. I'm sure they both look fabulous.

Ali,- when are you going to start your hairdressing business? So Jack wouldn't chance it, eh?
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, May 30, 2020, 07:39
Morning and ys another beautiful start to the day – I am running late this morning – I didn’t wake until 8am!! I am pleased to say no bonfire yesterday!

Ali you will be able to set up as a hairdresser once this is all over – a second string to your bow! Fancy Jack declining your services! Hope you had a productive meeting with soon to be boss. I am sure she was impressed (I think it is a she??) with the spreadsheets! I think your idea for the garden sounds lovely. June and Barry had their garden transformed a few years back and did exactly that – went for a Mediterranean garden with pots and statues, and some shrubs in one area. They have a fairly short narrow garden and it really makes the most of the space – it is also very restful.

Eva glad you were feeling better and that the migraine disappeared. That is brilliant news about younger sister’s house (not surprised there was a high bidding war – the view alone must have made people desperate to buy it!). I am not surprised you rang her straight back!! Ah so baking in the middle of the night again – still I am sure the new millionaires and Emilian really appreciated it. How lovely of Emilian to hug your leg! I see some progress has been made on the PoA – until you met a stumbling block in Mrs S!!!!! What a good thing you have all the evidence to back up that she agreed when it was first drawn up. I am sure your Father is delighted to be in a single room! I suspect your father feels he can use a landline and not be confused by the mobile – June had to remove Moving Aunt’s mobile as she couldn’t work it. I presume you have no idea which Care Home he may be able to move to (SS permitting)?

We went for our walk yesterday and it was very pleasant – there didn’t seem to be so many people out as on previous days and those that were out were either dog walkers or families playing ball games. There were a couple of tennis courts in use – in fact there have been ever since tennis has been allowed. When we were home I made my phone calls – Moving Aunt a little confused still and in pain from her leg. She said she is fed up not seeing anyone – in fact she sees more than most people as she has June calling round twice a week with shopping and to change her bed etc. and has carers in three times a day! MM walked round to the local shops and collected his prescription, paid the paper bill, and went to the Post Office. He said there weren’t as many people out as previously and he didn’t have to queue for either the Pharmacy or the PO. We had a nice family catch up in the afternoon – poor Imogen is sporting a black eye and grazes. She fell off her bike! Good thing she didn’t do that when she was doing her 2.6 challenge (she raised £1027 in the end). She has been put on the front page of one of the MND newsletters! Victoria sent me a link and there she is on her bike, with her helmet on, looking very confident! We were going to have a take away in the evening but decided just to have salad in the end as it was very warm. In the evening we watched the final Spxxks of series 5 and tonight we will doubtless watch the start of Series 6 before or after C’lty. We may miss out on our walk as we are running late and it is laundry day. I have plenty of the i word to do as I want to press the summer clothes I have got out. As we have another hot week ahead I feel they will be needed. Morning BHB, yes I am late – sorry. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Shxwgirl out on to the patio and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, May 30, 2020, 08:51
Morning all and another day of sunshine and blue skies, are we sure this is the UK? We had a bit of fun last night as our water went off in the evening. It turned out it was a large area round here affected and the water company said it was a problem with the booster which had been under pressure (though not the water sadly!) because of the high demand for water at the moment. Thankfully they sorted it and we have water so I am fragrant still! Brought a bit of excitement to the day. I did venture out yesterday. I have been conscious that I need petrol for the car and especially if we can now venture out a bit more. As I realise it was at the back of my mind I went and got some. Not bothered about being out, more bothered about using the pump! I armed my self with bacterial wipes and hand gel and went and did it. It was not too busy at the garage and so all went well so we will see! Have to admit I drew the line at doing the tyres! Next time maybe!

Eva I am glad you were feeling better yesterday. Wonderful news from your sister but I am not surprised it is a lovely house in a stunning position! Your leg must have been delighted to get well and truly hugged by Emilian. Nice idea, very sensible. Hopefully the POA will be sorted in spite iof Mrs S's interference. The less I say about what I think the better probably! I feel you can probably guess!

Ali maybe you can help out the hairdressers when they are allowed to reopen, I feel they will be very busy! Hope your new boss was impressed with your spreadsheets! Like the sound of what you have done in the garden. I may have a think about doing something similar in mine. I have certainly thought about getting rid of the lawn as it is not in very good shape.

Morning BHB and we have Shxwgirl and teacakes for today. Lovely. Let's get more and go and join the CM on the patio.

maeve12 wrote:
Saturday, May 30, 2020, 09:06
I'm very envious of you ,Diana, planning your trip to NZ, we spent many happy hours working out our itinerary and booking Air Bnbs , flights and ferries etc.

I don't know if we've quite got the heart to do it all again especially as Tay is now back home.

How great for your sister, Eva, to have such a successful sale.

I've got some chaps doing work in my garden over the weekend, they started early which is good as I think it's going to be a scorcher later on.

I'm having some work done in my garden this weekend , new decking, fencing
evam wrote:
Saturday, May 30, 2020, 10:31
Morning all. Another gorgeous day here, even the temps are on our side, + 19 (!) at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. I look better today? That's because I am! We've finally got something looking like summer. 😃☀️ You have toasted teacakes on the menu today? I'll have that with my herbal tea, please. 😍😍
I didn't do any baking during the night. I h****d and dusted the living room instead,- not so much fun. I called father this morning, and at least he answered the phone, but complained that he couldn't hear what I was saying. (They hadn't put in his hearing aid yet.) There isn't much sense to get out of him, but he perked up when I told him that from next week he was allowed visits, but I was not allowed. Then I had to explain for the 150th time what high risk means, but he said (always tactful, my father) that if Mrs S and youngest sister could visit, it doesn't matter if I come or not!
Then I'd made up my mind to call Mrs S and tell her that I wanted her signature on a document saying that she had been told about the PoA when it was made, and that she had been told that I'll activate it. The law doesn't give a hoot whether she agrees or not! I called and expected a tirade, but all she said was that she'd researched it on the internet, and that she'd come down and sign the necessary papers! I almost fainted, but then I realised that she'd realised after all her internet serching, that she'd have no case. I've made copies of all the relevant documents for both Mrs S and youngest sister to keep, and when she came here, she read through the documents and said:" It looks to be OK." Then she signed, took the papers and left. And a good Saturday to you too! I'm so relieved that is over. She never said to my face which objections she had re the PoA, but said it to youngest sister. I was wondering if she'd bring it up today, but she probably daren't. 😜

Pauline,- glad to hear that your water has been sorted. I was afraid I had to hold my nose when I read your future posts. 😜 I'm sure your garden will look lovely if you have a change of theme.

Carol,- I see there is another Cas tonight. I thought they'd run out of episodes to screen. Well done to Imogen! The money was stupendious, and to top it all, she was in the newspaper! I bet she was proud of herself, not to speak of the family.👏👏👏

Mave,- I'm sure your garden will look lovely. Sorry I haven't answered your question about the Norwegian TV series before. I remember when it was sent here, but I didn't watch it.
Ali wrote:
Saturday, May 30, 2020, 12:52
Afternoon. So glad the poa is sorted with MrsS without too much fuss. Great news about the house x
I spent a happy few hours at work yesterday, I think I’m going to like it there: plants and serving people coffee! So relaxing at the moment getting to know my way around and discussing plans. Came home with 3 plants, better not make it a habit!
Today I’m laying in the garden with a notebook researching poss local suppliers. Having fun! It’s good to feel useful again. Yes you’re quite right new boss is a she but her hubby also works there, he would normally be recovering from building gardens at Chels*a now.
Lovely breeze but I’ve applied suncream as very hot. Washing drying nicely
Thought about offering my hairdressing services to sloppy as she is going back to work on 15th but looks rather wild!
Stay safe x
Diana wrote:
Saturday, May 30, 2020, 17:46

The weather the past couple of days has been perfect, sunny all day with a nice breeze and no humidity. I said to Ploppy that we would have missed the beautiful weather if we'd gone to US as planned so some positives from the cancelled holiday. I've spent most of the time in the garden doing very little other than a bit of weeding yesterday and Sains. early this morning. Ploppy however has cleared out the shed, though hasn't finished putting stuff back yet. Next week they can restart playing in foursomes and sport will be back on telly soon so I don't think he'll be doing much more around the house. I was tempted to have dinner in the garden yesterday but it was a bit breezy so decided to wait for a calmer evening.

NZ trip is booked, though we won't get confirmation for a week or so as some hotels are on request. Just hoping we can go.

Your sister and binl must be over the moon with the sale price, Eva. Aah bless Emilian. Trust Mrs S to try to make things difficult with the POA, at least she has now signed - hope it all goes through smoothly. Sleep well tonight.

Hope the work in your garden is progressing well, Maeve. I sympathise re all the planning for NZ and then not going - I spent ages planning our US trip.

Sounds like you will enjoy your new workplace, Ali.

Time to open the wine and start preparing dinner.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, May 31, 2020, 06:30
Morning and guess what – another bright sunny start to the day! Yesterday was beautiful although we did get quite a strong breeze in the afternoon (the type that slams open doors around the house!).

Maeve, you must be really disappointed not to have made it to NZ. I am assuming that Tay is not planning to go back on her travels for a while? I think your workmen in the garden were wise to start work early – hopefully they managed to avoid the very high temperatures. Tuesday is due to be the hottest day, so I think they should be finished by then. I am sure you will enjoy the new decking once it is finished!

I see the nice weather has arrived in N’way too Eva – enjoy! I think I prefer the thought of baking during the night rather than doing the hxxvering and dxsting! That was kind of your father to say that it didn’t matter whether you visited or not! Any news on when Mrs S will be going back to Spxxn? Goodness so Mrs S backed down and did as she should! I am not surprised you almost fainted when she said she would come and sign the papers!! I see she didn’t overstay her welcome when she came..... Did she think younger sister wouldn’t tell you what she had said? I suspect she wanted you to know what she thought but didn’t want to say it outright to you! All that matters is that she signed and everything can now move forward. They still have some C’lty in the bank (so to speak) – due to other things being shown they haven’t yet got to the point where they have run out of episodes. Oh and HC starts again on Tuesday this week!

Ali so pleased to read that you enjoyed yourself at your new soon to be place of work. In fact it is lovely that you are able to go in and find your way around (and buy plants – have you thought of asking to be paid in kind?) and to be part of the decisions re what will happen. Some of the plants that would have been at C’F Show were used to make a garden at the Chxlsxa and W’misnter hospital – so that there is a place for doctors, nurses and patients to go and sit in the outside in a lovely space. It was shown on our local news and looked lovely – a really nice haven. I think people who wear their hair slightly longer and doing ok in the h’dressing stakes – it is the ones with shorter hair who are struggling in the main. I am going to trim MM’s at some point today.......

I agree with you about the weather Diana – we could almost be on holiday (except no pool). Well done to Ploppy for finishing clearing out the shed (even if he hasn’t returned everything) – MM did that fairly early on into the lockdown! Some of the things he turned out are those he wants to take to the tip. Oh back to four balls already – I missed that snipped of information. That will please lots of golfers around the country. Fingers all crossed for NZ next year – especially after all the work you have put in sorting it out.

I spent most of yesterday playing catch up for the late start. By the time we had spoken with Twin it was almost 11 am so we abandoned our walk. I did the laundry so did the i word in the afternoon – well in fact I did the i word most of the day as I was pressing my summer thing that have been packed away; even though I try and pack them as carefully as possible they still seem to come out creased! I did have interruptions – the food order arrived and had to be put away (especially the ice creams!); then my uncle rang and was on the phone for ¾ an hour. MM worked in the garden – re-pointing the patio slabs, which was an arduous task as it meant he was bending over all the time. We enjoyed our GandT with Lindy and Lawrence and once we had finished that I did our food. We watched P’less Celebs and then the first episode of Spxxks series 6 (which is a two parter). I will watch C’lty today as I still have some of my summer things to press this afternoon. We have our Zxxm church service this morning of course and I will take time out to do my crosswords afterwards. We plan to watch the next Spxxks this evening. Morning BHB, yes another lovely start to the day. Let’s take the Chxll Oxt and the toasted crumpets out onto the patio and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Keep safe and well in these strange times everyone.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, May 31, 2020, 09:24
Morning all and it is another lovely one. mind they are saying we may get rain on Wednesday and I would love it to be so! They are starting to talk droughts again and how we need to save water. I have been trying hard to do so but this morning may have failed! I turned the shower on in my en suite and a spout of water flew up in the air and all over me and the room! The seal had gone in the side of the shower head. I have ordered a new one but not sure I will be able to get the old head off as it is very stiff. Thankfully I have the shower over the bath so will be able to keep clean. Yesterday was an uneventful one which is fine, after this morning I like uneventful! I watched the joy that is Cxsxxlty and they excelled themselves in misery I thought! Apart from battling with the shower head I have the ixxnxxg to do today so enough to keep me busy!

It was such a shame you lost your NZ trip Maeve. Even if you don't get back you can hopefully do something equally lovely next year. Hope the garden work isn't too disruptive and fast. they certainly have the weather for it!

Eva wonders will never cease that Mrs S signed without any trouble! She should be ashamed of herself for even thinking the things she did, but I don't suppose she is. Definitely sure I will not be hxxvering abd dxsting in the middle of the night even if I do have a bad night!

Diana it is a positive that you are here for the good weather and also I don't think the US the best place to be right now! Though of course you would have probably been fine where you were going. So you think that Ploppy will be making up for lost time on the golf course and watching sport and DIY will be over? I am sure you are right, but at least he has done lots of things you wanted doing.

Morning BHB and we have Chxll Oxt and crumpets this morning. Great, so let's get more of them both and go and join the CM on the patio.

evam wrote:
Sunday, May 31, 2020, 15:36
Afternoon all. It's been a very difficult day here. Father has been sent to hospital with a suspected stroke. They rang me from the care home, and the nurse I spoke with, said if it was a stroke,the hospital would return him to them. They usually do, she said very dryly. We knew he was getting worse, and after asking the advice of the "Corona helpline" they said I could visit father tomorrow if I took every precaution, but I had to clear it with the home. I did, and a visit tomorrow midday was agreed on. Now, of course, everything is cancelled, and it's just a question of waiting until we know what is what.
I'll keep you informed.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, May 31, 2020, 16:15
Oh Eva - sorry to read that. At least he is in the best place for now, in hospital. Sending hugs.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, May 31, 2020, 16:31
Eva ypur poor father. I hope they can make him comfortable and it wasn't too serious a stroke if it was one. Sending hugs as well.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, June 1, 2020, 06:10
Morning and....another lovely morning to start the day. Yesterday we had quite a strong breeze late afternoon (we propped the upstairs bedroom doors open as they kept slamming shut!).

Eva at least you can take comfort from the fact that your Father was at the Care Home when he had the suspected stroke, so there were people immediately on hand – imagine if he had been in his flat. A huge worry for you as you wait for more information. I am assuming there was no change overnight and your Father is still at the hospital. Sending more virtual hugs.

We had our church service in the morning and all went well – 96 of us yesterday (including the Bxshop, who was dropping in on various online services throughout his Dxocxse. It was Pxntxcost (or Whxtsxn) yesterday so is an important day in the Chxrch calendar (Church’s bxrthday). Afterwards I did my crosswords and a slightly relaxing time – MM read the papers. In the afternoon I did press my summer clothes (still one under the bed box to get out yet!) and I watched the total misery that was C’lty! Nice to know they haven’t cheered it up any during the break! We watched our next Spxxks during the evening as planned. I forgot to say that on Saturday late afternoon our nextdoor neighbour’s lit the brazier again – so MM went and had a word with him to ask how much more needed to be burned as we were having to close all out windows to stop the smoke coming into the house. I did look up the Council guidance on b’fires and it states you should advise your neighbours if you are going to light one, should keep it away from fences, trees etc. and open windows ! Anyway MM’s intervention seems to have worked as he stopped burning things at that point and yesterday we had a smoke free day! Today MM wants to go into the garden after our walk – the lawn appears to be growing, despite no rain! I have the winter clothes to actually put away still so will probably do that. We have our GandT with Twin this evening and we will be back rehearsing with Gareth at 5.30pm. I am expecting notification during the day of what our next piece of music will be. Ooh – I just saw a heron flying over the garden behind us! Morning BHB, yes another lovely day. Let’s take the Lavendula and the cheese scones onto the patio and have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.

Stay safe and well everyone – more hugs for Eva.
Diana wrote:
Monday, June 1, 2020, 07:03
Morning and another beautiful one. The breeze was a bit stronger yesterday and it pulled a couple of pegs off the line and part of a sheet fell on the ground. Ploppy played golf again and after my walk I read in the garden. After stripping the sheets off the bed, I removed the heating blanket and put the lightweight duvet on the bed.

Eva, I'm so sorry to see the latest about your father. Thinking of you and your family and sending hugs.

Yes, Pauline, I'm rather glad we're not in the States at present. Although we weren't going to any of the major cities, I would have been worried about getting caught up in a protest. Hope you can sort out your showerhead. We have a hand shower on the bath and the knob doesn't always reset itself after putting it on shower mode. The number of times I've turned on the taps without realising and soaked myself and half the ensuite!

Hope your neighbour doesn't light any more fires, Carol.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, June 1, 2020, 08:23
Morning all and it is a lovely one out there again. I am saying this now as I think by the end of the week it will be a different story! So didn't do anything world shattering yesterday. I did my ixxnxxg and some gardening and finished another jigsaw. So much excitement is hard to cope with! It isn't easy gardening at the moment as the ground is so hard. Mind the weeds seem to be able to keep growing! Today will be much the same though hopefully I can take delivery of my new showerhead! I did manage to get the old one off the hose so it is all ready for the new one. One excitement last night was we had no water from about 8pm again. Looks like it could be a regular occurrence in the evening while this weather lasts. It is to do with people using so much water the pressure at the main pumps goes until it builds up again overnight. Seems a bit antiquated to me but there we are. I will remember to fil water bottles during the day so I at least can drink!

Diana I think the situation is now getting really bad in the States so I think it definitely is not the place to be right now! I really hate it when showers do that to you. Over the years staying in hotels I can't tell you the number of times I have had wet hair when I didn't want it!

Sending more hugs Eva. I hope things are ok.

Morning BHB and it is Lavendula today of course and you have done cheese scones? Lovely, let's get more of everything and join the CM on the patio.
evam wrote:
Monday, June 1, 2020, 10:42
Morning all. The world is mad! I just had a phonecall with Mrs S and she had spoken to father. He was back in the care home!
The whole story goes like this: A nurse from the care home rang me yesterday and said they'd sent father to the hospital because they thought he'd had a stroke. A neurosurgeon rang me about an hour later and said that father had a bleed on the brain, and if they could they would operate to drain the blood. It was this pressure on the brain that had made father hardly being able to walk or talk. They would take his age into consideration, especially since he'd had heart surgery only 6 days earlier! I would be called when they had decided. 2 hours late the phone rang, and it was a nurse from the neurosurgeon department. Father was being operated on at that very minute, and I would be notified when it was over. Just before 11pm the phone rang. The operation had gone well and he was resting in the ICU, and would be there overnight. I was told to call again today at midday to hear what would happen. Before I could do that today, Mrs S rang. She was in shock, because she had spoken to father, and she could undrestand what he was saying and he could even walk again with the help of the zimmerframe on wheels. Then Mrs S spoke to one of the nurses, and she was rather bemused. She said he was a different man from the one they'd had since the last operation!
Can someone please explain to me how an 93 year old man can go through heart surgery and brain surgery in the course of 6 (!) days, and come out on the other side smelling of roses? I have spoken to a nurse at the care home, and she told me I could come and see him for 15 minutes tomorrow. I would have to wear protective clothing, face mask etc. I still can't believe it!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, June 1, 2020, 10:56
Goodness Eva - that is totally amazing. Your Father must have the strongest constitution out!! You must be really relieved (well more so when you get to see him). I can't believe he is back at the home. So Mrs S rang you!!!!???
evam wrote:
Monday, June 1, 2020, 11:15
Carol,- yes, Mrs S rang me, so you can imagine how shocked she was! 😂
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, June 1, 2020, 12:24
Hi. Been MIA as have had my dizziness back - and could only look at screen in 2 min bursts! Had to cancel travel to parents. hoping to go tomorrow as weather changes after that and as we have to sit in garden needs to be nice weather. still not 100% but can walk properly now so that always good!
Eva - gosh your dad (and you) been thro mill. I read something about C.vid where drs were saying that if you live to over 90 without heart/c.ncer problems then you have good genes and a good constitution (physically and mentally) - and they were finding that a high percentage of "healthy" non.gen.rians (ie 90yrs+) were surviving C.vid.
Twins - you are both j.gsaw fiends. only put about 20 pieces in ours in whole of l.ckdown!
Must dash - but slowly in case get d.zzy again. off to local stately home park to meet friends and have a gentle walk.. going to test how i feel after an hour out - before we risk whole day to parents tomorrow . did absolutely nothing last 2 days - and really feel benefit of it.
Before i go - was going to ask twins if can think of anywhere in your areas - or in between where we might be able to meet scollops (1 coming from S l.ndon and 1 from R.ading. needs to be somewhere where we can park easily, have socially distanced walk - and where there are enough bushes to serve the "calls of nature"!! Not easy trying to find solutions to meeting up with distant relatives in these changed times!
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, June 1, 2020, 15:13
Eva that is amazing! That Mrs S rang you I mean! Very good news about your father being so much better as well, Hope you get to see him this time and I am sure that will make you feel better as well.

Fi sorry to see you have had the giddiness back Fingers crossed you are able to see the parents. The only place that springs to mind to meet Scollops is Verulamium Park. I think fulfils your criteria and it even has loos which I believe are open at certain times. Not sure though so please don't quote me! Here is some info about it.

TK wrote:
Monday, June 1, 2020, 22:27
Sorry I've not been around, I've been having left hip pain in the morning. It gets better in the afternoon, that is the time I get the right hip pain. I've been lying down a lot. Sunday I saw my neighbour cutting my hedge in the front garden. I did some a few days ago, she finished the rest, there was not that much. This afternoon later on I took Bruce to see the lady who came out of hospital a couple of weeks ago. She didn't seem too bad. Except for the lack of hearing due to the loss of the hearing aid in the first ward she was in. She's off to hospital tomorrow to get another one fitted. This will be good for all, she is a bright lady, but if she can't hear it makes things difficult for all.

Bruce has been fine in his visiting and snacking. We've not been going too far in the heat.

Felf drove to see the great grandchildren today. I assume in their garden. Hopefully she kept her distance. (I give all children a wide berth.)

I've not read back as I think I should go to bed.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, June 2, 2020, 06:35
Morning and another glorious start to the day – I think we are due to hit 26/27C today. After that we have rain forecast (showers) for tomorrow – I feel the garden will be pleased!

Diana that’s not so good the pegs blew off and let your washing trail on the ground – the breeze was quite brisk, and our wind spinners were working overtime! I think from tomorrow temperatures will start to climb back down to somewhere near normal for the time of year. I see showers are wayward in your house too – hopefully the water isn’t freezing cold when it lands on you. I see Ploppy making good use of the weather and heading for the golf course a lot to make up for lost time! I see Trxmp is now threatening to send in the army to disperse the protesters – not being able to go on your trip due to the virus may have been a blessing in disguise. Fortunately, since MM spoke with him at the weekend, we have not had a repeat of the papers being burned!

Eva I still can’t quite believe what happened with your Father, and that he is back at the Care Home. So having had two major operations in a week he was well enough to be discharged – quite amazing! Not only that but he is up and walking with a frame! I am not surprised you can’t believe it, and Mrs S felt the need to ring you as she was in shock too. I am sure you will be relieved to actually see him (even if you are in full protective gear) and satisfy yourself that he is perfectly ok. Still sending hugs as it must have been a huge shock all round!

Oh goodness Fi, you sound like you need hugs too. Sorry to hear you have been suffering with you dizzy attacks. Hopefully your trip to your parents will go smoothly. I think you should have an easier journey than normal, even though more traffic is back on the roads. I think it is still much less than normal. I don’t think we are exactly jxgsxw fiends (that title still goes to June) but we are finding it quite absorbing and can easily get caught up in them. I have a new one (Itxlxan Coxst) to do (500) before I start the 1000 piece one, but I am waiting for the weather to cool down a little before I start. I hope the trip to the stately home park went well and you enjoyed your gentle walk. I think the couple of days of doing nothing would have been very good for you. I hope you have a good day with your parents today and that you find somewhere to meet up with the boys. I am not ignoring Fi’s request everyone – I sent her an email!

Jo that’s not good about the hip pain (MM sympathises with hip pain of course). I am not surprised you have been resting it. Do you think the heat has made it feel worse? That was kind of your neighbour to cut your front garden hedge. Ah hearing aids always seem to go awol in hospitals and care places! I see Bruce has been curtailing his walks in this heat (so we will probably prefer the cooler temperatures heading our way). I see he is still snacking, so is a happy boy. That must have been lovely for Felf to see her family.

Yesterday MM worked in the garden, mowing the lawn, watering, tidying up some of the plants and making the garden look nice. I got more of my summer clothes out (so more of the i word later in the week). We received notification that our holiday next week has been cancelled (what a surprise – not!). We were, however, able to book the same villa for the same two weeks next year when hopefully things will be back to some normality. We had our rehearsal with Gareth during the evening and then the highlight of the day – GandT with Twin. During the evening we watched the final episode of K’ing Eve and then another Spxxks. This afternoon we have visitors!! Twin , Lindy and Lawrence are all coming over to sit in the garden (social distance will be maintained) and we will have a bxq. We organised this last week once it was announced we could now meet in gardens with up to six people present, and obviously were lucky to pick what will be a warm day as well as a dry one! At some point I should receive the music for tomorrow’s rehearsal of the small choir so I will need to record that and send it back to Marg. No rehearsal with Gareth today as it is mxsic dxy blxckout in protest at the recent events in the UXA. Morning BHB, yes another glorious morning. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Mxxnshine out on to the patio and we can have a lovely snuffle before the DCM arrives.

Keep well and safe.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, June 2, 2020, 06:35
Morning and another glorious start to the day – I think we are due to hit 26/27C today. After that we have rain forecast (showers) for tomorrow – I feel the garden will be pleased!

Diana that’s not so good the pegs blew off and let your washing trail on the ground – the breeze was quite brisk, and our wind spinners were working overtime! I think from tomorrow temperatures will start to climb back down to somewhere near normal for the time of year. I see showers are wayward in your house too – hopefully the water isn’t freezing cold when it lands on you. I see Ploppy making good use of the weather and heading for the golf course a lot to make up for lost time! I see Trxmp is now threatening to send in the army to disperse the protesters – not being able to go on your trip due to the virus may have been a blessing in disguise. Fortunately, since MM spoke with him at the weekend, we have not had a repeat of the papers being burned!

Eva I still can’t quite believe what happened with your Father, and that he is back at the Care Home. So having had two major operations in a week he was well enough to be discharged – quite amazing! Not only that but he is up and walking with a frame! I am not surprised you can’t believe it, and Mrs S felt the need to ring you as she was in shock too. I am sure you will be relieved to actually see him (even if you are in full protective gear) and satisfy yourself that he is perfectly ok. Still sending hugs as it must have been a huge shock all round!

Oh goodness Fi, you sound like you need hugs too. Sorry to hear you have been suffering with you dizzy attacks. Hopefully your trip to your parents will go smoothly. I think you should have an easier journey than normal, even though more traffic is back on the roads. I think it is still much less than normal. I don’t think we are exactly jxgsxw fiends (that title still goes to June) but we are finding it quite absorbing and can easily get caught up in them. I have a new one (Itxlxan Coxst) to do (500) before I start the 1000 piece one, but I am waiting for the weather to cool down a little before I start. I hope the trip to the stately home park went well and you enjoyed your gentle walk. I think the couple of days of doing nothing would have been very good for you. I hope you have a good day with your parents today and that you find somewhere to meet up with the boys. I am not ignoring Fi’s request everyone – I sent her an email!

Jo that’s not good about the hip pain (MM sympathises with hip pain of course). I am not surprised you have been resting it. Do you think the heat has made it feel worse? That was kind of your neighbour to cut your front garden hedge. Ah hearing aids always seem to go awol in hospitals and care places! I see Bruce has been curtailing his walks in this heat (so we will probably prefer the cooler temperatures heading our way). I see he is still snacking, so is a happy boy. That must have been lovely for Felf to see her family.

Yesterday MM worked in the garden, mowing the lawn, watering, tidying up some of the plants and making the garden look nice. I got more of my summer clothes out (so more of the i word later in the week). We received notification that our holiday next week has been cancelled (what a surprise – not!). We were, however, able to book the same villa for the same two weeks next year when hopefully things will be back to some normality. We had our rehearsal with Gareth during the evening and then the highlight of the day – GandT with Twin. During the evening we watched the final episode of K’ing Eve and then another Spxxks. This afternoon we have visitors!! Twin , Lindy and Lawrence are all coming over to sit in the garden (social distance will be maintained) and we will have a bxq. We organised this last week once it was announced we could now meet in gardens with up to six people present, and obviously were lucky to pick what will be a warm day as well as a dry one! At some point I should receive the music for tomorrow’s rehearsal of the small choir so I will need to record that and send it back to Marg. No rehearsal with Gareth today as it is mxsic dxy blxckout in protest at the recent events in the UXA. Morning BHB, yes another glorious morning. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Mxxnshine out on to the patio and we can have a lovely snuffle before the DCM arrives.

Keep well and safe.
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, June 2, 2020, 07:32
Morning. Just done a quick catch up
Eva, your father is a remarkable man. No wonder MrsS rang you.
Fi, hope you’re feeling better. Hope you can meet up with the boys very soon.
Sloppy left her house for the first time since March and visited us. Had a glass of wine in the garden. Invited her to stay for food but it was a bit too hot outside and she didn’t want to break the rules by coming in.
How’s the hip this morning Jo?
Think I’ll make the most of the weather today and sit outside, looking rather cooler from tomorrow. Do need to pop to chemist for lady from church and sort out her mixed up meds!
Stay safe x
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, June 2, 2020, 09:15
Morning all and it is another lovely one, though sadly this is the last one for a while I think. Not so nice from tomorrow and what is worse the chances of rain round here are fairly low! Cheek of it, if it is going to turn cool it could at least rain on my garden for me! My new shower head arrived yesterday and is now fitted and I trialled it this morning and it is excellent. Not much else different yesterday, oh except I had a call from my chiro practice and they are now open but for emergencies only. Hopefully I will be able to go after the end of July, but at least now I know if my back does give out I can go and see them. I had a wallow in Rxme last night. Watched a very interesting programme about the Roman empire on Beeb 4. It was about archaeology and a new method being used to uncover new sites. A lot of it was in Portas and was fascinating. Then there was a repeat of Alxander Armstrxngs Invisible Rxme which was just as good on a second watch. this was after the day's highlight of cocktail hour with Twin and MM!

Sorry to hear your hips are giving you a bad time Jo. Maybe too much s/market shopping! I hope they get better soon. I think Bruce will prefer the weather that is on it's way tomorrow I know Ari will be grateful as his Mum tells me he has suffered a lot this past few weeks.

Fi hope you are ok to visit the parents and that all goes well.

Ali it must have been lovely to be able to sit and have a glass of wine with your Mum. I am sure she loved it. Good idea to enjoy today outside!

Eva hoe the visit to father goes well and he is still doing well. Sending more hugs as you are having a rough time I think.

Morning BHB and we have Moonshxne and teacakes today. Sounds perfect so let's make the most of the sun and join the CM on the patio.

Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 05:52
Morning and no blue skies today – it is a sort of grey/white coloured sky with just a few clouds . I think the forecast is for temperatures a good 10 degrees less than yesterday and the likelihood of rain (although we may miss the showers).

Eva I hope your visit to see you Father yesterday went well and put your mind at ease and that everything is fine.

Fi, I hope you had a similar stress free trip to your parents and were able to enjoy sitting in the sunshine.

Ali, I am sure it was a real treat for your Sloppy to leave home and come to visit – and to be able to sit in your garden and have a glass of wine. Did you manage to sort out the mixed up meds for your lady from church? I hope you managed to get to sit outside before the next few days of cooler weather.

I had an exciting morning yesterday – cleaning and disinfecting the downstairs loo to within an inch of its life, and setting out the chairs in the garden at the requisite distance; well MM put the chairs out, I stood with the tape measure making sure they were 2 m away from each other. Lindy and Lawrence walked through the park to get to us, and they arrived about four minutes before Twin turned up, so impeccable timing. It was just so lovely to be able to sit outside together and just socialise. The time flew by and they had been with us for five hours before we realised! Twin set off home and then Lindy and Lawrence set off for their return walk. I did hear the landline ringing a couple of times during the afternoon and finally made it into the house in time for the third call. I was glad I did as it was my salon saying they are hoping to be open from July 4th and offering me an appointment on 10th July if all goes to plan! I was given a description of all the measures that they have put in place, and asked to wear my own mask. They seem to have all bases covered, so fingers crossed! After our guests had left and we had cleared up I did the first of my two recordings for tonight’s rehearsal. I will do the second one this morning. I had just completed and sent off the first one before HC started – I felt they had taken a leaf out of C’lty’s book as there was not a lot of joy anywhere! Afterwards we watched another Spxxks. This morning we have our Church zxxm meeting, then I will do my recording and send that off. We have our normal Gareth rehearsal at 5.30pm and then our small choir one at 8pm. As normal I am hoping to catch the last round of the S Bee afterwards! Morning BHB, yes a big change in the weather! Let’s take the de Rxgueur and the toasted crumpets through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Stay well and safe everyone.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 08:09
Morning. Quite bright here at the moment. Will hang washing out and tell Jack to keep eye on weather as I’m going in to work. I’ve baked some cheese scones to take in so we can try mini oven out for warming them and pop a couple in freezer so we can see how storage and reheating might work. Thinking through logistics of re-opening in July fingers crossed.
I did spend a couple of hours in the garden but was disturbed by children playing on the footpath on scooters. Parents have decided they can obviously socialise again. These are probably same parents who don’t think it safe to let them return to school socially distanced?!
Your afternoon sounds lovely twins
Any news about your father Eva?
Stay safe everyone x
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 09:03
Morning all and it is not sunny for a change! Sad but I suppose it couldn't last forever, just if it is going to be like this I hope we get some of the rain that is around this time! Had such a lovely day yesterday. It was heaven to see Twin and MM properly again. They had put on a fab spread and I am glad to report the loo was the cleanest one I have ever been in! We all socially distances and stuck to the rules and felt very pleased with our selves. Sadly I had to come home in the evening. I think that was when it hit home what a different world it is at the moment. The M25 was nearly empty! This at 7pm when normally it would still be nose to tail. Made for a brilliant journey home, but paradoxically it made me a bit sad. Today it another highlight as I get my grocery delivery! Woohoo! Still haven't got over the excitement of the van turning up with food!

Hope the experimenting with the ovens and freezing at work goes well Ali. Nice that you are starting things going. Fingers crossed it all works oout and you can open soon. Shame about your garden time being spoilt and you are probably right about the parents!

Morning BHB and you have done crumpets for us and made some de Riguer as well. Lovely. Lets get more and go and join the CM in the conservatory. Who needs sun when we have you!
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 09:20

It felt a bit like end of a holiday yesterday as I put the garden furniture away. Hope it's not too long before it comes out again though at least I'll now get on with some stuff indoors and on the laptop I've kept putting off during the lovely weather. Ploppy is playing golf this pm - he may get wet! Not sure whether I'll go for a walk today, may have a day off and watch some more Sp*oks/K*lling Eve instead while Ploppy is out. I'm not looking forward to the temp over the next few days. BBC are forecasting only 12/13 degrees for here on Saturday!!

We are in somewhat of a quandry as the golf competition we are hoping to attend in S*n City has been put back 3 weeks and the SA airline we sometimes use for internal flights has just gone into business rescue and is unlikely to fly again until November. We have flights booked for Oct and for the golf with them.

Eva, I am astonished that your father was released to the car home so quickly. Very good news that the op seems to have worked and he is much better. Hope you had a good visit with him yesterday.

Sorry to read that your dizziness returned, Fi, hope you felt well enough to visit your parents yesterday. Hope you can meet up with your sons soon in a nice place and with toilets available.

I'm hoping to visit my parents in next few weeks sitting in their garden. As well as wanting to see them, part of Dad's birthday present has to be returned to M&S which needs to be done before mid July. They are still shielding so fingers crossed the rules are relaxed to do this soon. Mum is thinking about going out for a walk in next week or so, she hasn't been out of the house since around mid March!

I've been meaning to say that Mum does a lot of jigsaws, usually large ones and especially W*sgij. I believe the photo on the box is not the puzzle! With the change in weather, looks like you'll be able to do your 1000 piece one, Carol.

Sorry to see you've been laid low with hip pain, Jo, hope it goes quickly.

You must have enjoyed catching up with your mum, Ali. Yum I love cheese scones, well ordinary scones too. Hope you have a good day and the warming & freezing work. I completely agree about some parents' behaviour and then not sending their kids back. There's a crazy golf course which I go past during my fav walk and I was amazed a few days ago to see it open and packed with families who were not socially distancing.
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 11:14
Morning. We had a good day yesterday but very tiring. amazed at empty M25 Pauline - very different to our experience. the A14 was only slightly less busy than a normal weekday and much busier than weekend traffic - which was what we were expecting. Tho the bit round C.mbridge was less busy than usual (less c.mmuter traffic I am guessing) but rest of road was busy with lorr.es and cars - it is the road to 2 big container ports and to several big beaches. So as I shared driving and then we did several jobs in garden when there including watering it all (it is big garden) i was totally shattered when got home and went to bed early. I know my dizziness is still there as still fatigued today but yesterday just emphasised that we cant keep on doing this at pace we have been doing. esp as looks like scollops lives so busy we are going to have to be the ones visiting them (similar distance away - in opp directions!) . Came home quite depressed about it all as tho dad was not much different to last time we saw him, sloppy has declined. Tho still very able for her age she is def "less of herself" (only way i can describe it)than she was. and house and garden are looking more neglected and so obvious that a lot more interventions in their lives will be required. Sloppy has always thought that was what she had "children" for! . She still thinks she can get back to the gad about life she had before lockdown. So there will be interesting discussions as a family to come. that is depressing too!
Your day in garden Twins sounds lovely and relaxing. You certainly chose the right weather for it.
Eva - I hope you managed to wear your P.E Ok and that visit to see you dad went well.
Jo - oh dear hip pain doesn't sound good and cutting hedges would def not be a remedy! Not sure if P.lates would help or not. I am not doing any exercises (apart from the hanging off the bed ones for my dizz.ness) until I feel better. i do miss my P.lates tho.
Ali- your sloppy would love getting out and visiting you - and the glass of wine! Agree about the parents and total inconsistency around (not) going to sch. Our Local Auth (LA) has now come out and advised sch..ls to return. up until now it had taken opposite view. but it was one of the LAs "shamed" IN S.nday papers this w/e as we are in bottom 20 performing LAs in whole country for education and have huge areas of deprivation in city which will be made worse by no sch.oling. so within 24 hours of their bad press they had changed their minds. Still not sure the secondary schs are going back - the primary sch.ols seem to have been much more innovative at finding ways of making things work.
Diana - hope you do manage to get to visit your parents. I see that some milder forms of illnesses are already being "unshielded" e.g .sthma (we know several people with .sthma who have had "unshielding" letters/discussions with their GPs) . It may be that eventually the only people left being shielded will be those with severe illnesses (e.g my friends husband who has blood C AND k.dney failure!) .
Been for gentle stroll down to river on a dead end country lane. passed 3 Country park vans and 1 police car. like all beauty spots we are plagued by carfuls of young people/families visiting, not socially distancing - and leaving all their rubbish behind. The downside of the f.rlough scheme - young people with money and time on their hands. and no consideration for others!
Off to ph.rmacy to get my pills for my d.zziness - mine were very out of date!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 21:00
Been a tipsy turvy day today. I overslept. No morning walk for Bruce apart from in the garden when I was doing some gardening. That was stopped after I'd filled the green bin and one and a half dustbins, by a violent sneezing attack. I had a lie down and watched a US detective show from 1959 on Talking Pictures. Had a walk through the woods, up and down the hill into the village for an ice cream. Got a bit of a shock as the dog friendly gift and card shop is closing, there was a sign on their window. After we'd had our ice creams we went to the back door of the shop. Had a nice chat to the lady. Their lease was finished, they tried to renegotiate, but they couldn't agree. They have been there 10 years. She said that they were thinking of doing a catalogue with local delivery. It is a tiny shop, with social distancing difficult to have more than 2 people inside at a time.

Some of the props from Chitty tour are going for auction https://hansonslive.hansonsauctioneers.co.uk/m/view-auctions/catalog/id/59 just in case you're interested
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, June 4, 2020, 06:43
Morning and another grey sky – we did have some showers yesterday but they were fairly light and I don’t feel they will done a lot for the garden! You could definitely feel the change in temperature!

I see you day yesterday had a brighter start than here. Hopefully you didn’t get any showers and the washing was dry. How did your day go? Hopefully the mini oven worked – the cheese scones sounded lovely (I do like a cheese scone as Twin will tell you – I often had one in the days we were able to visit John L, along with my coffee!). I think your time scale for opening seems to be the same as my hairdressing salon – as you say fingers crossed! I fear you are right and the scooter children are probably being held back from school....they are probably also being taken to packed beaches!

We are optimistic Diana and the garden furniture hasn’t been put away yet! Did Ploppy manage to stay dry during his golf round? We have the same forecast for Saturday – today we may reach 15C – that is over ten degrees cooler than the start of the week. Oh goodness that doesn’t sound good about the airline for your trip – I am assuming business rescue is similar to going into admxnxstration? Fingers crossed your trip can be salvaged. Have you checked about MandS returns policy during the lockdown? I know some shops have extended the time period for returns. I hope your Mum can go for a walk soon – I feel it would do her a lot of good. I saw those jxgsxws when I was searching for some to do and decided they weren’t for me. I like doing ones with scenes on them (hence Lavender fields in Prxcxnce, St Mxrks in twilight, I’lian lakes etc. The 1000 piece is Mnt Fxji! I see your local crazy golf is also full of non self distancing familes – they all seem to think they are immune!

I see your journey met a lot of traffic Fi. We can usually here the distant hum of the X40 from our garden – it has been noticeably missing recently, but this week we can definitely hear it again, so assumed there are a lot more cars out there. I am not surprised you were shattered after you reached home – driving half way, and dealing with the garden. Sad that you noticed a decline in your Sloppy – I feel being unable to go out and about (even only locally) will be taking its toll. I don’t envy you the forthcoming family discussions. We did indeed select the absolutely right day for our social get together – best day of the week weatherwise! I feel you could be right about the decision taken by your LA to open schools! It was lovely seeing the News footage of little ones going back to classes – they just looked so pleased to be seeing other children again (I am assuming these are the ones who parents have been sensible!). I will check with Mary later whether she has been eased from the shielding (she has bad asthma) or not. Mind you Les has diabxtxs but he wasn’t put in the shielded category! Hope you managed to get your new pills and they will alleviate your symptoms.

Ah Jo I see you overslept like I did last week – I never really caught up during the day! I am sure Bruce loved going for a walk and an ice cream. Oh that is such a shame about the gift and card shop (but enterprising of them to consider doing a catalogue and delivery service). I suspect several small shops may decide to close and cut down on overheads by either going on line or doing local deliveries. I checked the Chxtty items – brought back some very happy memories! I did wonder what MM might say if I bid for the B’nesses bed complete with teddies....... I have decided not to put that to the test!! Hope the hips are feeling better.

We had a good Zxxm meeting in the morning (although we had a couple of technical hiccups). We still haven’t received any update on when churches may be allowed to open (probably initially just for private prayer), but are hoping to hear in the next couple of weeks. After the meeting I made my recording and sent it off to Marg. I had intended to make some cheese scones after reading Ali’s post, but never actually got around to it! I think that was mainly because I suddenly remembered Stephen was doing his on line concert – so I got involved in that! We had a good rehearsal with Gareth and then a good rehearsal with the small choir via zxxm. We still have one member who hasn’t joined in yet but hoping to get zxxm sorted for next week. We were also missing one other member who had some work to finish. We finished just in time for me to watch the last round of the S’ing Bee, so I was happy about that! It is looking very like we are about to get another rain shower...... I might sort out my winter clothes today (they are currently on one of the spare beds) and see what can be sent off to the charity shops (when they open) and what needs to be packed away.......MM says I need a serious cull! Late afternoon we have our GandT with Mary and Les, then our rehearsal with Gxreth. I haven’t checked what is on the tv tonight but if all else fails we will watch another Spxxks or two. It will be odd not going out to applaud at 8pm. Morning BHB, yes it does look gloomy out. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Dxisy Cxtter into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Hope everyone is safe and well.

pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, June 4, 2020, 09:49
Morning all and it is a much cooler one. Actually got quite excited yesterday as we had a couple of rain showers, however they were so light it didn't really have any effect on the garden! Main event of the day was the s/market delivery. I still get excited by it, which is silly I know! It is just the joy after all the fighting to get groceries delivered to my door! Today will be a much less exciting day I feel. Mainly h/work , though I may get into the garden for a bit of dead heading and watering later as I don't think we will be getting much rain today.

I hope you can manage to get your SA flights Diana. It is a very sad time for the aviation business at the moment. My ols airline included. I see they are threatening to lay off the staff and rehire with a massive pay cut and wore conditions of work. Not sure they will do it but I am very glad I am not working there now!

Glad you got to see your parents Fi even if it was tiring. Sad to see your Sloppy has deteriorated a bit but I think this isolation is doing it to a lot of people. We just have to hope we can continue to fight this virus off and things get better. I haven't seen too many children going back to school round here but then I think that most of the children in this little community are not the right age. Mind we have some playing around on bikes and things in the mornings when they really should be home schooling!

Jo thanks for the link, not thinking of bidding but it really brought back some lovely memories. I have been having violent sneezing attacks as well and my rashes are prevalent at the moment. I understand the pollen count is one of the highest ever at the moment so possibly has a lot to do with it!

Morning BHB and we have Dxisy Cxtter and teacakes today? Yummy. Let's get more and find the CM, I think she is in the conservatory.
evam wrote:
Thursday, June 4, 2020, 10:31
Morning all. It's overcast and wet today, so it looks like we're following your eample.

Hello sweetheart. What have I been up to? Being without the internet for a day and a half means that I haven't been up to much The provider came on Tuesday to do some techie things and ended up blacking us all out. Not only the internet went, but the telly as wel! Just as well I have the DVD player and plenty of DVDs to keep me company!

As you know I went to see father on Tuesday. It was a lovely day, so we were sitting outside in the sun. My visit was planned, so I just found a nice place to sit in the garden, and then a nurse brought father out in a wheelchair. I haven't seen him since the lock-down started here on 13th March, and I could see that he had lost quite a bit of weight, and I didn't like the colour of his skin,- it was grey(ish). But I suppose taking into account all he's been through, I shouldn't be surprised. That he was better after the brain surgery was obvious. He has started to get his language back and I could hold a normal conversation with him. But his memory has certainly not got better. When I said that he'd given us quite a scare before the w/e, he didn't understand what I meant. He'd forgotten both his operations, and was amazed when I told him! The nurse said he could walk a bit better with his zimmer-on-wheels, but for longer distances like from his room to the dining room, he needed a wheelchair.
The application for a permanent stay in a care home for him was posted yesterday, so fingers crossed the SS don't take long to decide where to send him. This time not even they can say he's too well to be in a care home!
My sleeping is no better. I fall asleep very quickly, but wake up after a couple of hours. Then I have to find something to do until I feel sleepy again. Last night I baked 2 loaves of bread, and then I rang Iselin to say that " Madam's private baker had been busy, and there were 2 loaves ready to be picked up!" She was delighted, and said she could get used to this. 😜 It was lovely to see her, and we had a chat, keeping the right distance between us. She told me that Emilian was saving up hugs for me! Bless!
Mrs S and I have been in toch several times,- because of father, of course. I had to sign the application to the SS on father's behalf, and as she was the one who had written the application, she had to come to me. You would have been astonished at how polite we were to each other! 😲 You wouldn't have recognised me. 😂

I'm feeling very tired now, as I didn't have any sleep after my baking session. I think I'll have an early eva.
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, June 4, 2020, 11:09
Hello all,

Dropping in to say hi. I have just changed teams, from M*ternity All*wance to *C Telephony and am waiting for my work to come through. So I can take a bit longer for lunch today.

How is everyone?

I see Carol's choir is now on Z*om. That seems to be working so well for so many choirs. Hope it is for you. Is G*reth GM? How nice of him to help you.

Pauline - I get excited when I have a grovery delivery now. I have to book them so far in advance it's a nice little mystery - what's going to arrive :-). Hopefully the rain will be kind to your garden today.

Eva - what a drag being without internet or TV. Glad you have it back now. It's lovely that you got to see your dad at last but sorry to hear that he's so confused and looking so poorly. Hope SS will be decent human beings this time and that Mrs S continues to behave. (I am sure you are always lovely with her! :-))

Jo - it's such a shame about the card and gift shop. So do you fancy buying Chitty? Ooo ROTY will have sat on it!

Fi - sorry to hear that dealing with parents has got no easier during lockdown. Worse it seems :-(. I hope you manage to get your de-dizzying pills!

Love and socially distanced hugs to all of you!
Diana wrote:
Thursday, June 4, 2020, 13:27
Afternoon all.

We had a little rain yesterday and overnight but not much. Yesterday I looked online at JL lounge furniture and have a shortlist of designs we both like; also ordered 3 swatches to check against our carpet and curtains. I watched a couple of eps of Sp*oks in the afternoon and another this morning after walking to Sains. for some food. This pm I want to have a look at the different sizes of settees available - Ploppy wants a longer one so he can stretch out.

We've completed a form regarding our likely cancelled October flight in SA but we can't do much else at present. There are several possibilities but until there's more info available, we decided it would be silly to make any decisions or change any of the arrangements.

Sorry your mother has declined during lockdown, Fi, perhaps she will improve as measures are relaxed. Not surprised you felt shattered when you got home. Hope the pills help the dizziness. Take it easy, sounds like you need a couple of quiet weeks.

A shame that the gift and card shop is closing, Jo, sadly I think the number of empty shops will be increasing. I saw that the Chitty car was being auctioned.

Carol, Ploppy got slightly wet when playing golf but it was very light rain. Business rescue is similar to the US scheme (can't rememember what it's called) whereby companies are protected while they restructure. M&S have extended their returns period to three months and I hope if it is slightly more before I can return the items, given the circumstances, they would be flexible.

Good that the surgery has made a marked improvement in your father, Eva, even if not to his memory. Fingers crossed for a permanent place for him in a care home. Sorry you had another bad night, hope your eva helped and you've not been left feeling shattered - sleep well tonight.
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 4, 2020, 14:51
Fi that was a long journey. Sad to be able to see a decline in sloppy. Hopefully when things get a little more normal she will undergo an improvement. A great strain on you to see it. The furthest I've driven recently was a 20min trip make sure the car was OK. I did have to make another 20min trip later the same day!

Felf is going to Mr W's big house on Saturday morning! I did offer to go, but no. Pacemaker is beating the whole time, so she is really vulnerable. She has been good since the lockdown. But if I was her I'd wait.

Bruce is fine. Still having his sausages from MrT when they are in stock.

And 'No' I'm not bidding for Chitty. Far too big for my house. I wouldn't mind granddad's shed for the garden, but a bit on the pricey side.

Most of the walkers in the village are very good about distancing. As a slower walker than most Bruce and I usually go up a drive to allow them to pass.

Better get going for my C&C
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 4, 2020, 14:54
ooops forgot to say Eva, glad your father seems to be a bit better. and well done with Mrs S. I hope the SS will approve the request this time. They have to see he needs it. As he's needed it for some time from what you've been saying
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, June 5, 2020, 06:25
Morning and although there loks to be a strong breeze outside, we do have some blue sky I can see (as well as some fairly think clouds). I think we are due to fit the 14/15C mark today at some point.

Eva it is very strange being without the internet isn’t it! I remember how adrift I felt when we had none for about a week and a bit due to someone cutting through a cable! Obviously the operative from the internet provider did a good job if he came to sort something out and ended up leaving you all without not just the internet but your tv! Welcome back!! It was lucky you had a lovely day for your visit to your father so you could enjoy sitting in the sunshine. I have to say it is probably not that surprising he had lost weight and looked fairly grey – he has been through a lot medically recently. Even if his memory is still bad at least you could talk to him and actually have a conversation. Let’s hope the SS manage to get themselves organised and accept the application and find him somewhere permanent. So you and Mrs S have been very polite to each other! Your halo is shining so bright I can see it from here! So late night bread making is now on your agenda (I am not surprised Iselin likes having her own private baker!). Emilian will have banked lots of hugs to give you once things are back to normal! Hopefully you managed to have a nice long Eva yesterday and feel more rested.

Jane, nice to see you – I was a little confused as to what *C Txlephony is? Obviously something to do with phones! Are you changing departments on a rolling basis or is this the new department you were going to move to before the world turned topsy turvy? I am another who gets excited by a food delivery. Today is the day I do my final check and amendment to my order for tomorrow. Hope Beatrix is still giving you a hand at home – she won’t want you to physically return to the office after this!

Diana that was a good idea to order the swatches to check against your curtains and carpets – so you have a shortlist and are ready to roll once they are open. I see Ploppy is looking for one he can be very comfy on (presumably for when he is watching sport). I think you are wise to wait and see what might happen with your O’ber trip rather than rush into deciding or changing on the arrangements. Your rain sounds very similar to what we had here – MM said we need a lot more before the ground and plants get the water they need. Thank you for explaining about the B rescue – I had not come across it before. I am sure MandS will be as accommodating as they can given what is going on!

Jo I must remind MM that we need to do a run out somewhere to make sure the car is ok or the new battery may go flat! That is very adventurous of Felf. She is obviously starting to feel stir crazy and wants to go out – hopefully Mr W (I presume the one near JohnL?) was not too busy. If it is the one by JL it does at least have very wide aisles so avoiding people not as tricky as in some s’markets. I see as long as Bruce is fed his sausages he is fine and not packing his spotty hanky on a stick yet. Oddly I looked twice at Grandad’s shed.........

I started my clothes cull yesterday – but it is a long job so still a fair way to go! I think I need to be more ruthless.......still the charity bag is looking quite healthy. MM worked outside on sorting out the storage bin in the garden where we keep the garden furniture cushions – he wanted to make a platform for the cushions to sit on in case we have another wet winter – water got into the bin over this winter so we want to stop that happening. We had a lovely GandT with Mary and Les in the late afternoon, I checked with Mary if she had been taken off the shielding list, but she hadn’t heard anything so far. Afterwards we had our daily rehearsal, which we always enjoy. Nothing we fancied watching on tv in the evening so we watched a couple of Spxxks back to back. This morning I have my phone calls to make, then this afternoon we have the family zxxm meeting so I can’t see my doing too much of the clothes cull............ Tonight we should manage to fit in another Spxxks before Cxr Shxre. Morning BHB, yes we can see some blue sky but I don’t think it is as warm as we are used to! Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted crumpets through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Keep well, safe and happy.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, June 5, 2020, 09:54
Morning all and it is a very blustery one here, cloudy and certainly not warm either. Huge change from two days ago! Yesterday wasn't that good but I did get a bit of clxxning done which had been rather ignored in the lovely weather. Think that will be what I do today as well though as I have no definite plan the day could easily just slip away from me! I find that happens at the moment quite a lot. I had a nice long chat to Ari's Mum last night, they are both ok. Ari has had a haircut which is more than his Mum has had. Or me for that matter! She has had to take him to the vet as he has a stiff leg and also needed more meds he takes for his heart murmur. She was so taken up with the measures they were using for social distancing and making sure she got it right she came away with out the meds! However all is well now.

Eva glad your father was more coherent when you saw him even if his memory was still poor. I'm sure he was a bit frail looking after his ops. He has had a bad time of it. Now we just need your SS to home him somewhere nice and he will probably improve when he is settled permanently. How lovely of Emilian to save his hugs for you. That will be one lovely big hugging session! Well done on being polite to Mrs S. Probably the best way to be. Let's hope she thinks so too!

Lovely to see you Jane. Nice you have had an easier day or so while changing teams, even if I haven't a clue what the telephony thing is!

Great idea to get swatches Diana. Colours are never the same online as they are when you get them in the house are they. So the Business rescue is like the Bankruptcy thing in the States I'm thinking? Not like our bankruptcy at all as the company continues to trade until they are solvent again. I feel there will be a lot of companies applying for it over there soon.

I hope Felf is ok going to Mr W Jo. I can understand how she feels as I would just love to be able to go and choose my own food again, but the s/markets near me are all small and so social distancing not good at all. Nice to see Bruce is being kept happy with sausages, maybe he won't ring the rescue home to complain then!

Morning BHB and we have Vanillita of course and you have made crumpets? Excellent. Let's get more of everything and go and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Friday, June 5, 2020, 09:56
Morning all. It's overcast and wet(ish) here and + 15 degrees which is warm after our standards!

Hello sweetheart. I'm sorry I'm late, but I''ve been interruped ump'teen times by phones and texts that had to be answered at once, so I am well ready for my coffee and toasted crumpets. Do you have time for a snuggle? You do? Wonderful. 😍🤗❤️️

As I told the BHB, the phone has been really busy this morning. I've two things going on at the same time,- the PoA and the application for a care home for father. Still a lot of papaerwork to sort, but today I finally reached the doctor resposible for the care home. Very nice man. He said that after the "eventful" last two weeks, he needs another week to assess father and to do a cognitiv and memory test before he writes his doctor's attestation both to the county (PoA) and the SS re a permanent place for father. After each phone call, I texted my sisters and they texted back with more questions!
I phoned father, and after 5 tries he answered. He kept ellin "Hello, hello, hello" and then he hung up! In the end I called the staff room and they sent someone to father's room to help him with the phone. He was much more vague now than just a few days ago, and it was impossible again to have a proper conversation. Sigh.
I have an appointment with my handsome consultant later today, so that should brighten up my day.😜
Emilian rang last night to say thank you for the bread. He was having two slices for his evening meal. Then after sending kisses through the phone, he asked:" When are you making more pancakes?"😂 I love that boy!❤️️❤️️❤️️

Jo,- how is your pain? I can understand Felf wanting an outing after all the weeks stuck at home.

Diana,- I'm doing the same as you: not cancelling my flight for the proposed holiday to Cornwall in July, because if I wait until the airline cancel the flight I get my money back. If I cancel myself I get vouchers to be used at the airline.

Carol,- I had a laugh when I read that Diana had the same kind of rain as you. I'll never forget that the train company I used from Deal to London, once cancelled because of "the wrong kind of leaves" on the lines!
TK wrote:
Friday, June 5, 2020, 20:42
It has been a funny day. I managed to get ready for the 8am walk. And also went out just after lunch. And got washing done before there was rain. So quite productive. Not done any progress with house sorting. The bins have been emptied, so the loads of packing I had has gone. I do have more green waste which wouldn't fit in the bin. I'll have to take it to the dump.

Such a funny (not ha ha) time. Sometimes I'm sure I'm losing the plot. Just have to carry on. Bruce is keeping me on the straight and narrow. I was running late this afternoon, he reminded me it was time for walk or food. He didn't really mind what came first.

Keep well all.

Must remember NOT to get the paper for Felf tomorrow. I've spent the last few weeks trying to remember to get it.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, June 6, 2020, 06:48
Morning and we have some blue sky but a very strong breeze. Yesterday afternoon we had some very heavy showers (including one hail storm) and it was much cooler all day. I think today is going to be much the same as yesterday – with rain forecast for this afternoon. Our temperatures are around the 13/14C mark.

Eva, although it may seem slow going, you are doing well with organising the PoA. I love that the doctor called the last two weeks with your father as “eventful”!! Slight understatement there. I can see his thinking in regard to needing another week to assess your father properly.
I see he is still struggling with the phone (your Father, not the doctor). I hope you enjoyed your appointment with your handsome consultant and that it was helpful. Aww how lovely of Emilian to ring and thank you for the bread. Mind you it does looks as if he had an ulterior motive (pancakes) for the call!! Ah yes wrong leaves and same kind of rain is a very English thing!

Jo, I see you had rain yesterday too. Was it heavy like the showers we had (quite a contrast to the light showers of Thursday). Good job you had completed the washing. Are your local tips working on an appointment system or are they like our’s and you take pot luck and queue? MM still hasn’t taken our rubbish down there yet. I see Bruce is doing his best to keep you to his timetable – I am sure he is missing his visits to the pub and to see his friends. Ah yes it is today Felf is off on her adventure to Mr W isn’t it. I am assuming she is collecting her own paper whilst out. Hope her expedition goes well. One of my ladies from church that I rang yesterday was quite excited as she had been out to Mr T – first time she had ventured out in ten weeks, and she said when she came to actually going she felt quite nervous to start with. Her granddaughter has been fetching her shopping every week but she suddenly decided she would to go and do her own! I suspect that may be how Felf feels.

As I suspected I didn’t get around to the clothes cull (still I have plenty of time in the next few weeks I feel!). I made my calls in the morning, but didn’t get a reply from Moving Aunt. I rang June who said she would call me back. Apparently M Aunt’s leg ulcer is much worse (mainly due to aunt ignoring instructions and washing it rather than keeping it dry). June was waiting for a call from the Carers and the D Nurse, and ended up going round to M Aunt’s instead of joining us later for the family zxxm chat. She is going to keep me posted how things are. We didn’t get to see little Daniel (now ten months old!) but Sarah did show us some video of him paddling in the sea (they went to the beach near where they live and had a lovely time on the sand – mind you it didn’t look too sunny!). After the family chat, then the video call to Twin, it was time for our rehearsal. Afterwards we had our take away f&c so I had no need to make dinner. We managed to watch another Spxxks so now have three episodes of series 6 to go before we reach Series 7, episode 1! Today is laundry day – I know MM wants to go into the garden before the forecast rain, so not sure if we will go for a walk. I may manage to fit in a little bit of clothes culling whilst I wait for the washing machine to finish its work. Highlight of the day will of course be the Sainsbugs delivery this afternoon! NO C’lty tonight, so we may manage to fit in another Spxxks! Lindy and Lawrence have just started watching Series 1.....they have a long way to go. Morning BHB, yes it is a blustery day by the look of it. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Esmerxlda into the conservatory where we can have a lovely snuffle before the DCM arrives.

Stay safe and well.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, June 6, 2020, 08:29
Morning all, not that nice here as it is very windy and the wind is cold. Bit of a contrast to last week! Shouldn't think there will be too many people fighting to get on the beaches today! My laundry day today of course so that is something to look forward to! As I feared I didn't get much done yesterday. I have found I need to have a plan each day about what I will do that day or I wander about doing very little! Still, that's ok every now and then. JUst watching the wind rip my roses to pieces again. I had only just got them sorted! Grrrr! I am watching a property programme at the moment while I have coffee and it is a couple looking for a house in Deal Eva. It all looks very lovely.

Hope that the POA and care home applications go smoothly Eva. You deserve something to work smoothly I think. Let's hope the doctor gets cracking on the assessment. So the mobile phone is still causing problems. I am hoping if I reach very old age the fact I have used a mobile for years will mean I will be ok with one! Bless Emilian, such a well brought up boy to thank you for the bread, I feel he deserves pancakes as a reward!

I have stuff in the dining room that needs to go to the dump. Heaven alone knows when it will get there. Glad to see Bruce has his priorities right, food and walks, all a dog needs, well as long as the walks include ice cream, at home he gets the right sausages, he has soft toys to "play" with and then lot's of cuddles and love. Not a lot to ask for.

Morning BHB and you have Esmxrelda and toasted Muffins for us today. Perfect, so let's get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, June 6, 2020, 09:59
Morning all. It's an April day today,- the weather can't make up it's mind what it'sgoing to be!

Hello sweetheart. I see you have the heater on? It's very stuffy here, so please can we open a window or three? (He sighs, but does what I want) PHEW! You are as bad as Jo. (He is bringing in a tray with coffee and toasted muffins, so I'll forgive him.) 😍😍😘

No baking done during the night. Not that I slept much eiher. I needed to go down to the shopping centre, but when I got there I realised I'd forgotten my shopping list at home, and trying to remember what wa on the list, I wondered if dementia is hereditary? I came home minus half the stuff on the list. DOH!

Carol,-It was good to see my handsome consultant yesterday. I thought I'd put on quite a bit of weight during this isolation, but lbs 3 isn't too bd, is it? My 3 months' blood sugar count had actually gone down (!), so the consultant was well pleased with me, and so was I!😜 He also presented me with a brand new diabetes medicine which will replace two of the other ones,- the ones that has to be injected. Brilliant,- so from now on I'll only have to use the needle once a day instead of three. Well done, dr H*lm.

Pauline,- I always said that Deal was the " hidden jewel" of the east coast. People would rave about Broadstairs, Margate, Sandwich, Herne Bay etc., but not a word about D*al.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, June 6, 2020, 10:46
Morning all.

After a nice though cool start, it's now clouded over. I went to M&S first thing hoping there wouldn't be a queue but was at least 15th - when I came out there were only two queuing so didn't judge that well. Ploppy has just gone to golf and won't be back for about four hours so I have the house to myself.

I had a lovely time yesterday watching K*lling Eve (3 eps) and Sp*oks (2 eps). I'm going to continue once I've finished online. We had at least two heavy showers as well as a few light ones. I've narrowed down the shortlist of lounge furniture further and have a strong favourite, also ordered some more swatches. We'll give it at least a couple of days after the shops re-open before we visit JL and hopefully we will be in a position to place an order soon after provided the suite I like online is as nice and comfortable when seen in person.

Enjoy the last few eps of Sp*oks with AC, Carol. I really enjoyed series 7 & 8 (Herm*one is particularly good) but I'm now watching series 9 and the start of the silly storyline re Lucas.

3 lbs is really good, Eva, and excellent news about the new medicine. I'm sure I'd forget most of the items I wanted without a list; when I saw the queue at M&S this am, I thought about going to Sains instead but decided it wouldn't be worth it without the right list.
Jane E wrote:
Saturday, June 6, 2020, 14:14
Hi all,

I was intending to come on the blog yesterday, but got side tracked by the arrival of a Covid 19 test kit. I'm taking part in some research.

It's been a full on few days. I've been given my work to do over the next couple of weeks - it's a challenge but I should manage. The new team have been very welcoming and seem much more organised than the last two I have been on.

*C = Un*vers*l Credit. And it's for people answering phone queries. As you can imagine there's a lot of need for those people at the moment!

Diana - It must be very frustrating trying to deal with the uncertainties of flying at the moment. I hope you manage to sort out your October flights one way or another.

Oh dear Eva, I'm sorry to hear that your dad's mental health is declining. You certainly have an awful lot to do at the moment. Is Mrs S helping? (Ducks to avoid flying objects) How nice to see handsome consultant. And that's not too bad a wieght gain all things considered. Well done!

Pauline - I am the same as you. I think I need to start planing my days too. Today is a case in point: I got up about 8am. So far today I have spent an hour on the phone to a friend and another hour on Skype to Geri. I've balanced my monthly expenses and done an on line shop. That took maybe a hour and a half. That's it. That's all I have done. SO HOW COME IT'S AFTER 3PM????!!!!!! These are the dangers of being sceduleless!

And there's Carol fitting in a weeks worth of stuff into one day! How do you do it Carol??!!!

Or perhaps I need a Bruce to keep me from losing the plot too Jo? No -perhaps not. I don't think Beatrix would be impressed!
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, June 6, 2020, 14:46
Hello from wet(ish) M.dlands! We have only had very light showers yesterday and today - easy to be out walking in them, but just had a (short) heavy shower - with th.nder. Think not enough to wet all the pots still so will still have to be some watering tonight. I have still been very fatigued tho dizziness mostly better - apart from when i almost fell over in b.throom yesterday! we went for a new walk on Thurs. ploppy assured me he had assessed it and it was only 2 miles as I didn't feel up to long walk. it was 4.5 miles! still not hugely long - but long enough to wipe me out for rest of day. So (trying to) take things easy (ish). we had a visit to K.mb.lton early this aft. Never been before even tho only 35 mins drive away. Where Hviii's first wife was "imprisoned" . Lovely small village which resembles some of the S.ffolk villages with their old timber frame houses. Want to go back when the school (used to be the big stately house) is holding an open day - it was designed by V.nburgh and H.wksmoor - with some Robt Ad.m thrown in for good measure!
Diana - thank you for reminding me about swatches. I have now ordered some. I still dont think any of the sof.s are right for us. Our house has lots of rooms but they are all small rooms (apart form our extended kitchen) so trying to get furniture which doesn't dominate room is a nightmare - which is partly why I haven't found any yet. Ploppy went to W'rose this morning at 8am. there was a q! but only a short one. I am doing a new recipe tonight. Ch and sp.nach. we have lots of sp.nach in garden that needs eating. I concentrated so much on ensuring the sp.nach was ready that forgot to check if we had ch.cken. we didn't . so ploppy went off to buy some. came back with 2 bags of shopping - mind you one bag was w.ne!
Jo - i think this interim time is really difficult. I was feeling really bleuch(!) this morning(and most of week) as not in the l.ckdown but neither back to "normal" . Bruce is obviously doing a very good job as you seem very much on straight and narrow!
Twins - thank you for your suggestions for meeting the scollops. We have decided that too difficult to find a "half way" point so we may just go to R.ading! Another long journey for us but both scollops working such long hours at moment that this will be easiest for them. it is not so likely that UB scollop will come - his hours are just ridiculous and think we would prefer him to rest on his day off and he will have to find a car hire place, hire it etc. So may arrange to meet him next month when he assures us his work load will decrease. Anyway forecast for next w/e keeps changing so may not go at all as dont fancy being outside for 2-3 hrs in the wet/cold .
Carol - I , like L.ndy and Lawrence have just started Series 1 of Sp..ks so have a way to go!
Pauline - I write myself a daily list both because I am an arch procrastinator and also so that I remember what I have to do as days still very unstructured. However I do think that not being the type of person who rushes around all time is a positive too. Sloppy feeling very down as sis just rushing in, doing jobs - many of which in my view (and sloppy's) don't need doing but sis is obsessively house proud (for her own and sloppys house) and not spending any time chatting to sloppy. so mostly in and out in 10 mins. sis much better than me at getting things done and both i, and sloppy appreciate all that she does but sloppy needs some social interaction too. So I have been spending lot of time on phone to sloppy doing virtual c.ffee times and listening to her letting off steam. Not esp unstressful for me esp as I have to be very careful not to agree (or disagree) with sloppy's moans about sis . Just venting sessions for sloppy.
Eva - good that (handsome) insultant was pleased with you. My friend has lost half a stone (deliberately) in l.ckdown. Whereas i have just put on a fitted winter jumper (it is cold here) and it has shrunk in wardrobe!! You have reminded me about our P.As. must start them!
Off to get ready for Z..m call with scollops and g/fs. Must comb my hair at least!
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, June 7, 2020, 06:14
Morning and no blue sky today but the wind seems to have dropped and I don’t think we have rain forecast. Yesterday late afternoon we had heavy rain and then a thunder storm. At least MM didn’t need to go and water the garden after that!

Oh dear Eva, so the new tablets you were given a couple of weeks back are not helping you sleep any better – although you do have a lot on your mind at the moment so that won’t be helping. I am sure Emilian will be disappointed that there was no baking done! Oh I have gone out with a shopping list before now (in the days when we went out and shopped) and had to dredge my memory for what was on it – inevitably things got omitted! You have done very well – 3lb is nothing! Even better news that your blood sugar levels had gone down – well done. No wonder your handsome insultant was pleased with you. The new meds also sound a better prospect for you. I think being a “hidden jewell” has enable Dxxl to keep its charm, so maybe not such a bad thing!

Ah I see you were slightly out with your timing for your visit toMandS Diana – Lindy has said much the same about going to Mr S – she went one week and was about seventh in the queue – she went the same time the following week and was about twenty fifth! I see Ploppy is making up for lost time! Have you now finished KEve? We watched the last episode last Monday. I think you are wise to wait a little before you got to JohnL (although, of course, others may have the same idea). I did see photographs of the measures JohnL have put in place. At least you now have a favourite in your short list. I never did understand why they ran with the storyline of Lxcas in the way they did!

Hi Jane, well done on taking part in the research – our surgery is running a research but only for those who have symptoms. Ah so you have now changed teams – the new sounds very nice. Thank you for explaining “C”. Ah phone calls and video calls take up a lot of the day – I had a similar day yesterday! I feel that Beatrix wouldn’t be too keen if you got a “Bruce” replica (I see she was enjoying a well earned drink the other day)!

Fi, I see you also had thunder yesterday, as did Twin. That wasn’t in our forecast so was a bit of a surprise! It is good your dizziness is getting better, although not so good you are still very fatigued. Loving that the short walk was anything but! Kxmbxltxn sounds fascinating – we may put that on our “hit” list once we are out of all this. I think Ploppy had the right idea about the shopping if one bag was wxne! Ah so socialising in the back garden in R’ding then. It is a shame UB Scollop can’t join you but I can see your rationale. Oh enjoy Spxxks – we are at the last episode of Season Six. Ah I can see that just having your sister rush in and do housework jobs is not going to be too stimulating for your Sloppy. It is lovely of your to do coffee times with her (although as you say quite stressful for you!). Your friend has done very well to lose half a stone – I need to think about that! I see the calorie bug go your jumper (they are rife here too).

My day didn’t pan out quite as planned – I had a long video chat with June in the late morning (so had to abandon my i word for a while). June has arranged for her to go into respite care for three weeks until her leg is better and then see how things go from there. Whilst I was talking to her I missed a call from Mrs Chris – so rang her back for a video chat after I had finished with June. I did some of the i word and then an adhesive label came off of one of MM’s shirts and stuck on the soleplate of the ixxn, so I had to stop and will clean it off this morning. I did order a new ixxn just in case I can’t get the current ixxn sorted and that should arrive today – I can’t be without an Ixxn! Our delivery came (our slot was between 3pm and 3pm and the delivery came at 3.50!). We put the food away and had a video chat with Twin, then it was almost time for our GandT with Lindy and Lawrence...............so this afternoon I will be...........doing the i word! This morning is church service of course – I see churches will probably be opening for private prayer from Monday week but no services will be allowed for a while. Morning BHB, yes it is starting to brighten up weatherwise. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Resxlxte into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Keep well and safe everyone.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, June 7, 2020, 07:07
Morning. Eventful few days here. Thursday afternoon BiL broke his ankle. He’d gone shopping while sis was on work zoom call to keep out of the way! Stepped off kerb in car park and went over on it. Lovely couple ran over, one drove him to hospital and stayed with him in car until they admitted him through a&e and phoned sis. Other one drove BiL’s car back to their house and parked it safely on drive and told Sis she could collect it anytime but no rush.
He has broken it in 3 places! Had surgery Friday and pins put in. Cast put on but had to be cut off overnight as foot swelled. Due home tomorrow but back in 2 weeks for further surgery to put rods in. Doesn’t do things by half!! I took Sis to fetch car first thing yesterday. Today ploppy is taking spare bed from sloppy’s to turn sis’s new office back into spare room. They have 3 storey house so ‘office’ on middle floor is better for BiL to access and can sleep without fear of sis knocking his leg. Going to be off work for min 12 weeks!
Went into work yesterday and finally got to grips with coffee machine and mini oven. Made final decision on prices and sourced various items online. Monday I’m doing admin from home. All getting closer to hopefully opening next month. In the meantime my plant knowledge is improving😉
Hope the move to new dept is a good one Jane.
3lbs is amazing Eva, I’ve gained more but hoping it will start dropping off now I’m popping into work more.
Hope the dizziness improves Fi but please try to slow down.
Love to all, stay safe x
evam wrote:
Sunday, June 7, 2020, 07:34
Something very strange happened when I clicked on the link to our blog. A page without photos came up, claiming it was a new website for The Stageloppies, sat up by Lee and Amanda, and that Anne S had provided the photos. I went away from this page and tried my SL link again, and this time it showed the right website. Curiouser and curiouser.
I need to read back a bit on the blog,- just wanted to let you know what happened to me 10 minutes ago.
TK wrote:
Sunday, June 7, 2020, 07:58
Eva was this the page you got to? Although your description sounds slightly different. Might have been a blip on the site's running

That is the header page
http://stageloppies.co.uk/index.php?p=1_3&nid=19#comment is the page we are using at the moment
Seems to be OK now

evam wrote:
Sunday, June 7, 2020, 08:13
Morning all (again). It's a grey day here( again), but good (ish) temps, + 15 degreesat the moment.

Hello sweetheart. I'm looking tired again? That's because I am. Only about 3 1/2 to 4 hours sleep. I have not been lazy though. I did a lot of dusting and cleaned a couple of floors. Then I made a big portion of cinnamon rolls, now in the freezer. So you see I am in need of a coffee and a toasted panini to go with the snuggle. 😘😘❤️️

I am planning to visit youngest sister a bit later. Still lots of things to sort about father, and we can manage to keep a healthy distance in her house! I will take a portion of cinnamon rolls as well.

Fi,- sorry to hear you're having dizzy spells again, but it doesn't really slow you down! ☝️

Ali,- poor br.i.l. At least when he does himself harm, he does it thouroughly! I see you are gradually easing yourself into the new job. Seems a good way to do it.

Jane,- so you've started in the new department. Don't you find it difficult to do it from home. There must be quite a few new prosedures you'll have to master.

Jo,- did you know that in Friday's P*intless there was a Cliffy option in the finals? They didn't manage a pointless answer though.
evam wrote:
Sunday, June 7, 2020, 08:16
Jo,- some of the text was the same, but there was no photos or the SL heading. I have no idea why I was taken there in the first place.
TK wrote:
Sunday, June 7, 2020, 08:36
Looks like it was just a blip.

It is a bit chilly here this morning. I do have the back door open. I'll check if Bruce is back in and close it. Yes, Bruce is in reorganising Bella's expensive bed. He does use it from time to time. I can't believe how cold it is this morning. I think thermal vest is required today.

Fi, you are dashing about lots. In my head there is a big difference between a 2 mile and a 4 mile walk. I'd double check next time! Must be very difficult being so far away from relatives, if you are used to seeing them frequently.

I've just had to add a second fleece to sit and finish this. Bruce has now come to sit near me. We've not been out for a walk yet, though he has been out into the garden.

Jane your new role sounds like it will be very demanding but very needed in these times. Hope it goes well.

I feel like I need the central heating on, though maybe if I move about lots I might warm up.
TK wrote:
Sunday, June 7, 2020, 08:40
Thanks for the info Eva. I can say that technically that is called (in military terms) a snafu.
TK wrote:
Sunday, June 7, 2020, 09:07
Forgot to say, no I didn't see Pointless. Not sure I'd be able to get one either.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, June 7, 2020, 09:49
Morning all and I am pleased to say a less windy one here, we still have a breeze but nothing like yesterday which yet again gave my poor roses a bashing! In the afternoon we had a terrific storm with torrential rain, As Twin said she called me while it was on and the terrific flash of lightening and crash of thunder made us both jump! I did get the bedding washed yesterday so today it is ixxnxxg and I will do the clothes wxsh and ixxn those tomorrow. Such excitement! I was glad of the rain at least as the garden needed it though not sure the torrential bit will have done much. Luckily we did get a fair bit of lighter, steadier rain as well, that was the first real wetting we have had here since the end of February!

Fi a shame you won't be able to have a half way meet with the Scollops, but hopefully you will be able to get to them both as I am sure you are longing to see them. I can understand that your Mum needs social interaction. I think I would have gone a bit crazy by now if it hadn't been for the calls to Twin every day, they have definitely kept me sane.

Diana series 6/7 of Spxxks were definitely my favourite. I loved the character of Ros and thought HN was brilliant the way she played her. You will have lots of swatches soon, you will be able to make something with them all! I am sure the furniture dept of JL will be a good place to be when stores open. If it is anything like the one near me it is always quiet I there.

Jane good for you to take part in the research. It is so important. Glad your new team seem to be an improvement and hope the work isn't too much! I am sure you can cope.

Ali your poor BiL, that sounds really nasty. Lucky that such a lovely couple were around to help. You sound to be very well organised at work. Fingers crossed you can open and it is a huge success!

Eva I think we all agree you have done brilliantly well to only gain 3lbs! Not surprised the handsome consultant was pleased with you. Good result in the meds department too. Now we just need you to sleep properly. Cinnamon rolls, yum!

Morning BHB and you have Rxsxlxte and paninis for us today, sounds perfect. Let's get more of both and go and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, June 7, 2020, 13:42
Afternoon all.

It's suddenly become very dark and I can't see the letters on the keyboard (not that I need them most of the time) and it is raining.

This morning I washed the kitchen & utility floor, then watched two eps of Sp*oks, the last of series nine so just one more series to go - only six eps in these series. Ploppy has been in the garden again this morning and is now watching 66 W*rld C*p final. We had cheese on toast for lunch, first time I've had that for several years.

Yes, Carol, I finished KEve yesterday - really enjoyed series three. I want to watch The A W*rd after Spks.

Hope you get to see both your boys soon, Fi. Not surprised you were tired after the walk given your dizzyness. Good luck finding some suitable furniture. I have roughly measured the wall where the sofa is as well as the existing sofa and an armchair so know how much room there is to play with - DK yet whether we'll get a three or four seater, three would leave more space but might need the four for Ploppy to stretch out!

Your poor binl, Ali, that must have really hurt. Hope the second op goes well and ankle heals properly. How nice of the couple to help so much.

Hope you had a nice visit with your sister, Eva. Sorry you had yet another short night but at least you made good use of the time.
TK wrote:
Sunday, June 7, 2020, 19:01
Bruce and I were invited for a socially distanced outing today. Nothing overly exciting. We went to Diffy's garden. Bruce came back with a big goody bag of treats. Duffy gets given loads of treats, as she is a good girl, Bruce likes to help her out with their disposal. She also can't eat some of the treats as they are too hard for her, now she is old. I think I'll have to take some treats to the dog rescue, don't want Bruce to get even fatter.

I'm going to bed early szxa TK agrees.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, June 8, 2020, 06:27
Morning and a grey start but no rain – we had rain yesterday afternoon but otherwise it was a dry day, just grey!

Oh goodness Ali, your poor BinL (and sister!). That sounds a really bad break – and painful! I broke my ankle when I was at school (doing the long jump) but I only had one break. I was in my plaster cast for 11 weeks then, so he has all my sympathies. Thank goodness for the couple who took him to hospital and sorted out his car! It does sounds really nasty if he has to go and have rods put in. The spare bed sounds a good plan for him. It sounds that you are really on top of the new job already (loving that your plant knowledge is improving- you will soon be an expert!). I am sure you will be more than ready once you get the green light.

Oh that is very strange about the blog page Eva. Obviously the gremlins were at work! I saw the photo of your midnight baking results – they looked lovely. I am not surprised you were in need of your coffee after the baking and cleaning! I am sure your sister was delighted when you took the cinnamon rolls round. Nice to be able to go and see her (socially distanced) and enjoy that lovely view – I am sure you both enjoyed seeing each other.

It was cold yesterday morning Jo – our heating kicked in. Mind you I don’t feel leaving the back door open for Bruce helped the temperature! I see it ended up being a two fleece day. That was nice that you and Bruce were able to go out socialising later in the day. I see Bruce came back with lots of treats as well! It is very kind of him to offer his services to help Duffy out I feel. How did Felf get on with her expedition to Mr W? Hopefully it all went smoothly.

Diana I think we have got so used to the bright sunshine of last month that when it comes over gloomy we get a real shock! Did Ploppy’s time in the garden result in my branches for you to deal with or have you now finished that task? Oh the A Wxrd was excellent as usual – I watched it all back to back during a couple of weekends of the i word (MM doesn’t follow it). It doesn’t seem over two years since the last series was on! I don’t think it has been re-commissioned for a fourth series yet, fingers crossed. KEve is definitely coming back for a fourth series (which is excellent news!). I see JC has been nominated for a BXFTX.

MM very kindly cleaned off my ixxn and it is fine now (but I am glad I ordered another one so I have future back up). After our church service (92 this week) we stayed with the zxxm and were shown photos of the church in Hxng Kxng where one of our congregation (a student at the local Uni) attends – they are having services now, but of course the building is quite new so they have proper chairs rather than pews like we have. Winnie said they have only small congregations and they are on a rota – so once every four weeks she can attend, the other three weeks she can watch the service on line. Interestingly they also had their church choir there, but all wearing face masks. She said all the congregation are required to wear masks, and have to have their temperature taken as they come in. That could be the way forward here. After the service, and coffee, MM went out into the garden (the rain hadn’t arrived then) and I put the i board up and finished the i word. We watched the last episode of season 6 Spxxks after the A Road Show, so are now ready for tonight’s viewing of the first episode of Season 7 (sob) – I will have my tissues to hand! I need to carry on with the clothes cull today. You may have noticed I have been putting that off! We have our GandT with Twin to look forward to this evening after we have sung with Gxreth. It would have been my Ann’s birthday today (and is of course Sue’s). Morning BHB, yes it is a grey start to the day. Let’s take the lavendula and the toasted paninis through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Keep safe and well everyone.

pauline2 wrote:
Monday, June 8, 2020, 09:31
Morning all and it is a grey one but dry and still which is an advantage. We got a fair bit of rain yesterday and the advantage is the garden is looking a bit better for it, if I ignore my poor battered roses that is! I did manage to get outside and tidy up a little bit after I had done the ixxnxxg. I still have a bit of it to do today and I need to give some thought of what I need from the next s/market order. It is C&C week this week. I have made a start on my 1000 piece jigsaw and I think I will be doing it for a very long time! There are a lot of pieces to sort through!

Happy Birthday to Sue. Have a lovely day if possible!

Meant to say Diana I remember reading an interview with the guy who wrote KE and he had plans for 7 series. As it is so popular I daresay he may get them!

Bruce is a real trooper to help Duffy out with her treats Jo. All heart that dog!

Morning BHB and it is Lavendula day of course and I see you have Paninis for us as well. Lovely, so let's get more of everything and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Monday, June 8, 2020, 11:17
I hope you have a lovely day - well as lovely as possible given everything!

A plea on behalf of Kings College London and Zoe, the company that created the C19 app (the one I'm taking part in research for). If you're in the UK (sorry Eva) please download a copy so you can report on your daily health. They have over a million contributors but need more. The more people using it the more accurate they can be with the data they compile.

And the more accurate they can be the more they can help getting us safely out of lock-down! I have tweeted a link to it.

I'm chuffing cold today! I was wearing a sundress yesterday (albeit with a light jumper over the top) today I wan't to borrow Jo's fleece. BRrrrr!
Glad to hear on twitter that your neighbour is OK Jo. Was that Felf? Glad to see that Bruce has been able to meet Duffy.

Your jigsaw sounds like a lovely relaxing distraction in this miserable weather Pauline!

Interesting to read about church services in HK Carol. That could indeed be a way forward for us. Hope the Twins enjoy their G&T this evening!

OOoo cheese on toast! I haven't had that for two years either Diana. But now I have a working grill it's back on the menu/ I might have to partake too!

Fi - Sorry to hear you are suffering with dizzyness and fatigue Fi, I think 4.5 miles is a LLOOONNGGG walk!

Eva - hope you slept better last night. And I hope your lovely sis is well. And no more weird blips on the blog!

Work is going well with the new team so far. I haven't changed employers, and I still designing learning - just for different people and different benefit. It's strange how the approaches are so different. So far I'm liking this new one.

And with that said - back to it! Laters!

Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 06:48
Moring and a bright start to the day - we even have some blue skies back! We aren’t due any rain today – I think that arrives tomorrow – and it should be around 18C. Yesterday we had some periods of sunshine, although the wind was quite strong.

Jane, thanks for the info re the tracker – I will follow your tweet to get the details. Sadly I am suspecting there will be a big spike following all the demonstrations over the last few days as there appeared to be zero social distancing and a lot of people didn’t even wear masks. Ah we were not quite chilly as you yesterday – I didn’t feel the need for a fleece! In fact I had a long sleeve linen top on and was fine here. Yes it was interesting to see Winnie’s church – it did have the advantage that as a new build there were rows of seats rather than pews (one of the problems we will face is that the pew are narrow and close together so you can’t miss alternate rows, but would need to miss two rows, which really cuts down on the number of people we can accommodate. I used to make up a cheese spread to go on toast – haven’t done that for years! That is really good news that working with the new team (albeit at a distance) is going well. I am sure it will seem very strange to a lot fo people when everyone is back in an office environment after all this time working from home.

My day turned out differently to the one I planned (so no clothes cull yet!). After our walk (mainly dog walkers in the park yesterday – some of the dogs were having a wonderful time) we had a chat with one of our neighbours who was weeding her front garden. She sadly lost her father during the lockdown and wasn’t able to have a funeral. She said the doctor thought it may have been virus related, but as he had underlying health problems that wasn’t on the death certificate. It should also have been her son’s wedding at the end of the month – they have been given a provisional alternative date of mid September. The venue was to be Kxw Gxrdxns – which would have been lovely. They aren’t sure what to do and whether to abandon all plans for now and just move the wedding to next year. She hasn’t seen her youngest son since February – he lives in Shxrxditch and doesn’t drive, but also her husband with shielding as he has bronchial problems. She is hoping to meet up with a friend (who lives not that far from Twin) at a halfway point (an aquxdrxme) so they can have a coffee and she can have a short social time. It would be the first time she will have been out since lockdown (she has been coming out to applaud on Thursdays – she said she missed it last week) and waving at neighbours (she lives next door but one to us) and we have yelled a “hello” and “how are you” across to her, but we didn’t realise her husband was shielding! Anyway after all that we thought we should may be take the car for a run – that was one of the things Eileen was saying – and another reason for meeting up with her friend, so she could use the car and make sure the battery was fine. Anyway we went for a lovely drive around the local countryside – a zip up the X40 to give Maisie (the car) a chance to get a good run, and then back through some of the little villages. In fact we spotted two very nice pubs (closed of course although one was doing takeaways) which appear in MM’s Gxxd Pxb Guide, so when this is all over and we are allowed out and things are back to normal we will be driving out to try them. It was actually lovely to just be out and about! MM did a little work in the garden mid afternoon and I went to break up the puzzle of Vxnxce I did over a week ago....and then I thought I might as well lay out the pieces of the next one (Itxly coast) ....and then I finished it just after our GandT with Twin! During the evening we watched the Xandxr programme on Invxsxble Rxme – we saw it some years back, but Twin watched it last week so we found it on iplxyxr. It is a fascinating programme. Then we watched the first episode of Series 7 Spxxks – I needed my tissue box as I thought! Today MM has a video call with his daughter in C’wall and then a Zxxm meeting with the Vxcar, and a couple of people from the Dixcxse so I will probably start sorting my clothes.............or not! Morning BHB, yes it does look a nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Rxsolxte into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Stay safe, well and happy.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 08:37
Morning all and it is a bit sunny at the moment which is nice, however I think it will cloud over soon. Had another quiet day yesterday! I did my ixxnxxg I had left to do and a bit of cleaning but didn't over do it! Then went in the garden for a while. The ground is still rock hard despite the rain so weeds still not coming out easily. I then did a little of my jigsaw. 1000 pieces is a lot to sort through! Determined to get there though it may take a while. Today I need to finalise my C&C order for tomorrow and then more garden and jigsaw! It's all go!

Jane thanks for the info. I will try to remember to do it. I meant to sign up when all this started but got distracted! Glad you are enjoying the new team. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

Morning BHB and we have Rxsxlxte and teacakes today? Delish, let's get more and go and find the CM, I feel in need of a snuffle!
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 10:33
Morning all.

It's been a particularly quiet couple of days. Watched more Sp*oks (turned out there were another two eps of series 9), went to Sains. this am, nearly finished the NZ guidebook .... in other words, nothing different. We watched a programme about the Falc*nio murder in Oz last night. Neither of us thought it vg and it didn't go anywhere but Ploppy's just told me there's a second ep tonight. Ploppy's golfing again later so more Sp*oks unless the sun stays out and it's warm.

Nice that you & Bruce had an outing, Jo. Bruce will be demanding another visit for more treats.

Carol, Ploppy did cut off some more branches but there's not a lot. The waste bin has just been emptied so I may cut up the branches and put them in there later. The last of the big branches which wouldn't go in the chipper were also taken, I'm glad to see the last of those, we've probably had a pile on the patio for two months. Thanks for the news about further KE, the way it ended I thought that might have been the end.

Your drive yesterday sounds very nice, lovely to have a change of scene. I know just going to the golf course for a walk gave me a boost, I could do with another change of scene. I forgot to say that Ploppy joined the RHS last week and he read out what is included in the membership and the gardens we can go to - hopefully as they are outside, it won't be too long before we can go to our first.

I do that C19 app, Jane, though miss the odd day when I don't turn my mobile on. Good that your new w*rk is going well.

Like you Carol I'm afraid there will be an increase in the virus following the demonstrations. I am really cross with them, I understand people wanting to show their support but the protests are going on and on. Many seem to have forgotten that BAME population is particularly at risk.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 11:34
Morning (just) all. A lovely day outside but no more than + 17.2 degrees at the momen.

Hello sweethert. I think I'm talking to myself, but that is my own fault. I have been sitting at the pooter trying to sort out the tangle of which flights to cancel, which flights to move to another date and which ones to keep. My head is buzzing, but I was very lucky that when I rang the airline, I met a lovely young man who helped me through it. So what has happened now is that the flight to London in July is canceled, and I get the money in return. Then the return ticket was exchanged with the flight from London to Bergen in October (Cliffy concert) for a ticket 2 days later as I've decided to extend my London holiday to 4 days instead of 2 days. The original return ticket from London to Bergen was cancelled and my money returned. Are you still with me? 😂 My poor brain was fuzzing when I finally said bye bye to the lovely young man. Then I rang the SP to extend my stay there for another 2 days. When that was done, I felt I needed a walk to clear m brain. While I was walking, my thoughts just drifting, youngest sister rang me and said she needed my signature on some papers from her bank. I returned home, and then she was there, waiting. The signatures were given without charge, and in return she promised me that I wouldn't bemade answeredable for the debt!

I think it's easier on us all if I only tell you when I've had a GOOD night's sleep. That's better for us all,- you'll get so bored with hearing about my nightly antics, and I'll get bored with the telling! 😜

Carol,- your country drive sounds idyllic, and of course especially nice since you found a pub you'd never been to!

Jane,- I am wearing a tracker on my phone. It's meant to let you know when a person diagnosed with the virus is anywhere near you. I haven't had any blips yet, but then they hink the virus have more or less left Bergen.

Pauline,- I have a feeling you're getting a bit bored with this lock down. It's much stricter in the UK than it has ever been here, but I suppose that because we started our lock down about 10 days before you. the virus didn't have time to spread as much as in other countries. The optimism here is very cautious, but from the demonstrations the other day, a lot of people seemed to have forgotten the rules.

Diana,- do you have any trees left in yur garden? I hope the expectations of the NZ trip are met. It is such a wonderful place.

Jo,- how is your pain? Has it gone?
TK wrote:
Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 19:55
Eva My pain comes and goes. Some afternoons it is hardly there at all. Though not today.

Been absolutely madness the last couple of days. Felf has had a bad tooth infection. All gone now. It has taken the 'full team' to sort it. Her daughter, son in law, Melf's daughter and me. I went in this morning and she looked fine. The 111 worked perfectly on Mon night. The dentist had already been booked for Tues am by Felf's daughter. I wanted the doc on Monday night, so he could check the pain killers she had been told to take. I was right she shouldn't have been taking the Ibruprofen and she could double up on the codeine. So that was excitement for the street on Monday night. Tues Felf said the dentist was 'very gentle' and very efficient. Felf looked so much better this morning.

Today Bruce was not keen when he realised he was going to the groomers. I had to drag him in, they have a nice slippy floor. Afterwards he was happy when he went to the ice cream parlour. His coat is now lovely and soft. (This time I did remember to take his special shampoo.)

It's all been very tiring.

Eva your travel arrangements are complex at normal times, so the Covid problems are really making work. Just checked RAH, Cliff is still listed. I've done this as the dog walker I know who organises tours said all her's have been cancelled. One of her colleagues does Cliff's tours, so she had no info on Cliff's tour.

Just watching 'The Fast Lady' on Talking Pictures. It was filmed in 1962 in many places around where I lived then. Very interesting, so weird seeing places I know with so few cars. (So many actors I recognize.)

Eva a tracker on phone is a good idea, wonder when the UK one will be rolled out? I heard on radio it may be early autumn.

Carol, you are really whizzing through the jig saws. A drive into the countryside sounds like a good idea. I haven't been driving very far. I do need a trip to the dog rescue to give away most of the treats. Bruce is getting fat enough. I could look about the places near the dog rescue to see if I could walk Bruce near there, not too near just in case the dogs are being walked.

Diana I have some small branches to get rid of, I've cut them up and almost filled 2 dustbins. I'd meant to plan a trip to the tip to get rid of them and other stuff but that has been de-prioritised. Apparently walking to the other side of the river to the golf course is not busy if you arrange the walk to return by 07:30. Needless to say we haven't done that. Mr and Mrs ExP have done it a few times.

I'm just going to email the dentist to thank him for the excellent work yesterday.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 06:20
Morning and grey clouds here – I know we are due showers later. Yesterday we had sun for most of the day but a chilly wind around midday.

Diana, your NZ trip project is doing very well if you have nearly finished the guidebook. The review for the Oz murder wasn’t very good (well after the first episode at any rate). Hope you enjoyed the second part more. Ah so there were more branches but not as many as before. Hopefully the cutting up wasn’t too arduous. One thing about the little trip out in the car – we were more aware of surroundings and it was lovely to be going somewhere with no time restrictions – so we weren’t rushing off to be somewhere at a set time, so could take our time. Fortunately not much other traffic on the little B roads. I think a lot of the demonstrators feel that as they are young (most of them) they are not going to be affected by the virus. When we were talking to MM’s daughter (who works in Trxrx hospital) she was telling us about a colleague who’s 28 year old fiancé went down with the virus, was taken into the hospital and died. They actually got married in the ICU.....really sad story.

Eva I don’t envy you the sorting out of the flights, refunds etc. No wonder your head was buzzing afterwards (even with the help of the lovely young man!). I am not surprised you felt the need for a walk! Ah I see you are in debt to younger sister! It was indeed lovely to find a pub we didn’t know about (not that we know every single pub in a twenty mile radius of course.....just a lot of them!). That’s an interesting app on your phone. I see the situation in Brxzxl is interesting and the Prxsxdent has been forced by the Courts to start reporting the virus figures again (he stopped on Saturday). Meanwhile in the other Amxrxca I see The Trxmp has said the man who was pushed over by the pxlice was trying to "scan police communications in order to black out the equipment". The man is unbelievable!!

Jo, sorry to read you are still suffering (albeit intermittently). Oh goodness that sounds a saga with the dentist and Felf. At least it is all done now – and well done on getting the meds checked! Good to hear the dentist was very gentle – I am sure the easing of the pain made Felf feel much better (did it affect her trip to Mr W?). Ah so Bruce wasn’t wanting to be pampered – unlike most of the population. Good that the floor was slippery if you had to drag him in!! I see he had a nice treat at the ice cream parlour afterwards as a reward. I am sure he really enjoyed that! Fingers are crossed for you and Eva for the Cliffy concert. No Proms for us this year sadly! Good idea about seeing if you can go for a change of scene walk near the dog rescue (is this the one at S’kenchurch? We pass it when we go to Chxnnxr and often see the dogs being walked along the road). I am amazed to read that Bruce hasn’t woken you to take him out before 7.30am!

We had a long chat with MM’s daughter yesterday (it lasted over an hour and a half). They live in a very small village on the coast and say it is very noticeable that there are no summer visitors around, although apparently some second homers have defied the rules on not going to their summer homes. In the afternoon I set MM up for his Zxxm meeting (that lasted two hours!). I broke up my last puzzle and have put the pieces out for the 1000 piece one – I then did the edges. I have decided it will be a go and do a few pieces at a time puzzle as it is quite tricky. I spoke with June in the afternoon and Moving Aunt is now in the respite at the Care Home. June and Paul stayed with her for a couple of hours before Paul had to go to work. June said she was quite happy when they left her as the Home had arranged for her to have her hair done in the afternoon (two of the Carers there were hairdressers before changing to a career in Care). Fingers crossed she had a good night! We watched the joy that was Hxlby last night – another cheery episode! We were just about to watch our next Spxxks when there was a tap on the window and there was Victoria. We went out and she had the children in the car – they had been over to put flowers on Ann’s grave (she couldn’t do it on Monday as she was on a work related school video meeting). They then went and saw Roger (fortunately the weather was nice) and were on their way home, so thought they would just call in and see us in the flesh so to speak. We all kept our distance and the children (who stayed in the car) blew kisses, chatted and gave us self hugs. It was lovely to see them even if only for a short time (twenty minutes) and at a distance! After they left we watched the next Spxxks (they made us sit through the car explosion again during the trailer – how could they!). Today we have our church Prayer Meeting this morning, then I need to record the piece for tonight (it only arrived this morning). Tonight is rehearsal night and then the end of the sewing bee! Morning BHB, yes it is a grey start to the day. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Lxst Wxrd into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Hope everyone is still, well, safe and coping.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 08:02
Morning. Bit dull today, not sure what the weather has in store today. Just had phone call from surgery, have smear booked for later and nurse asked few questions to check I’m well and can go ahead and asked if I had my own mask (I do, local lady makes them so sis got me one)
All screening appts were postponed during lockdown but they’re trying to catch up.
BiL home, in a little pain but may not need the rods now as they’re happy the pins are doing the job.
Glad you’ve been able to catch up with the family Carol. Lovely to see the children. A friend had a similar visit from her grandchildren.
Felf is lucky to have you Jo
Glad you’ve sorted the flights Eva. Hope there are no more issues. Still waiting to see if we can travel in Sept.
MrT due shortly so better go.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 09:37
Morning all and it has been raining here. Keep telling myself the garden needs it! I had a phone call from the doctor yesterday, as well as the bp checking I am doing they want me to have my annual blood tests. I have an appointment for the morning and am waiting for them to email me the form I need to take, I was rather hoping I would not have to do it but suppose it is good they are keeping tabs on me! So today is my C&C day which gives me the excitement of a drive out.

Diana I was going to watch that programme then I read an article about the two consultants on it who are very dubious characters, by a man who reported the story at the time. He said the programme was rubbish and that there is in his mind no doubt the right result came out of it and this just reopened the whole thing for the lady involved who had surely been through enough. He believed absolutely that she told the truth. After that I decided I wouldn't bother!

Eva well done to you and the nice young man for sorting that out. My head was spinning just reading about it! If you want to moan about lack of sleep that is fine if it helps! I am sure we can all understand the frustration you must feel. However I can understand you are fed up talking about it. A bit like me and my itches, I feel the same way!

Jo glad Felf has had her teeth seen to the relief must be wonderful for her. No wonder she looks better! So Bruce didn't want a pamper session, humm, I think a lot of women would gladly have taken his place! At least he got his ice cream after which must have helped ease his grievance!

Ali I see your doctor is on your case as well! Must saying not having to have any more smears was the up side of my hystericalectomy! Godd if you BiL doesn't need the rods, poor man did a proper job on his ankle didn't he!

Morning BHB and we have Lxst Wxrd and paninins today? Perfect. We'll get some more and go and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 09:40
I think Felf had bit of pain on Sat when she went to MrW, it got much worse. I'm not sure when they booked the appt. It's not just me who helps Felf, there is a little team, I'm just the nearest.

It is very chilly in my house this morning, I only have one fleece on, need to get another one. Shock, Bruce has not eaten his normal breakfast, so I'm slightly concerned. Apart from that he is normal, so no panic at the moment.

I need to do some doc admin, insurance coming due, check on refunds for tickets, check on bill payment. Then check on next food delivery. I need to get some sauce which is only sold by MrM, unless you shop near Sheffield, he is far far too busy for me to get a slot. I might have to drive to his house. He lives almost opposite the head office of my vets, so I know exactly where it is. Just have to remember to get into the left-hand lane and not the right-hand one at the traffic lights.

Some 'lost' Janet and John stories have been found. The Terry Wogan funny stories http://www.charitygoods.com/
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 11:20
Morning all (well it is as I start this).

No rain here so far today but over 50% chance this pm when Ploppy is due to play golf.

I watched another two eps of Sp*oks yesterday pm and one Holby from Jan. We saw the second ep of the Oz murder, it didn't seem any better than the first though as I dozed off I missed quite a bit. Might not bother seeing the last ep tonight.

Our travel insurance renewal arrived yesterday. I was expecting it to increase but it's gone up a third! Despite this, we are going to renew the policy as I understand most of the new policies available at present don't include CV cover which is vital for us.

Eva, your flight arrangements sounds as complicated as our's. Fingers crossed for the concert later this year. Ironically, the trees in our garden have hardly been touched despite the tops needing a good lop. I wanted this done last year but Ploppy keeps putting off getting the specialist in.

Good that you were on the ball with Felf's medicine, Jo, and good that the toothache is sorted. That is a rather early to get up for a walk, especially when the days are relatively quiet.

That is very sad, Carol. A lovely surprise visit for you by Victoria and family.

Ploppy's just come in from more digging in the garden, saying it's spitting.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 14:29
Just been having a snack, aka fighting Bruce for my sandwich. He still hasn't eaten his breakfast, so must be feeling a little hungry. We have been out for a walk so don't feel too bad.
I now need to order a new charging cable for my tablet. I have a cable that works upstairs, the one I have downstairs wobbles so it doesn't always charge.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, June 11, 2020, 06:35
Morning and a chilly start – the heating kicked in again. At the moment it is dry but I think more rain due (yesterday we had heavy showers in the afternoon. I am sure the garden was grateful.

Ali, I don’t envy you the smear test! I imagine the service has a large backlog. That’s good news about BiL being home, and better still that he may not need to have the rods put in (he really did do a thorough job didn’t he). Yes it really was lovely to see the children, even though we have been seeing them on video, and even though we couldn’t hug them, it was lovely just being able to see them properly. I have my fingers crossed for you for September. We would have flown to Cypxxs yesterday in normal times, so today would be doing our big first supermarket shop, and then lazing by the pool. Sigh.

So Felf did make it to Mr W before the pain from the tooth got too bad. It is good that the rest of the family are helping out with looking after her. It was chilly yesterday – it was definitely a two fleece day I feel. So Bruce was off his food! I see hie made up for it later by trying to steal your sandwich! I have a suspect charging cable that I keep just as a back up – the wires around where the charging head is are loose. Did you have to make your trip to Mr M? Oh I remember the J & J stories – we used to love TW!

Did you eventually get our heavy rain Diana? If so I think Ploppy would have got very wet! I think I am glad we didn’t bother with the Oz murder programme. MM contacted our travel insurance people and they are providing some form of C19 cover (presumably at a price) – as we aren’t going away abroad we didn’t bother to check, but I suspect it will have gone up considerably for next year. .

Our morning was taken up with our church meeting (we have one tomorrow week as part of the Steering Group for re-opening the church) and then MM had another zxxm with the Vicar in the afternoon. I did my recording for the small choir and sent that off. I have also done some more of my 1000 piece puzzle. Once I finish I will stop puzzles for now as I have now done ten 500 piece ones and this will be no. 11. We had a video chat with June – Moving Aunt apparently said she is ready to go home now! She has had her nails done and her hair done, but insisted on eating in her room rather than going into the dining room. The Manager has said she will try to sort that one out today. In the evening we had a good choir rehearsal – we have started looking at an Evxtx medley we have tinkered with in the past (pre Marg) so are working on making sure we have all the voice parts secure. We finished in time for me to watch the last round of the SBee. Before anyone asks – no I didn’t do any clothes sorting out or culling!! I will of course need to do that before next week as thanks to the new ruling we can take Twin into our “bubble”. We are going to have her over for the day and she can stay over (so will be able to have a glass of wine or two – excellent news). It will also mean Roger can go over to Victoria and Glen and look after the children on the days Victoria has to go into school. Today is going to be a house cleaning day (I may sort some clothes – who knows) and then we have our GandT with Mary and Les and our rehearsal with Gareth. I suspect tonight we may watch some more Spxxks! Morning BHB, yes it is a grey start and no sign of the sun. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Angxls Drxft into the conservatory and we can have a nice long snuffle as the DCM has to be out early this morning so will be slightly later than normal.

Keep safe, well and happy.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, June 11, 2020, 08:25
Morning all, in fact I am a bit early! I have a few minutes before I have to leave for my blood test so will see if I can dash this off. I had my trip out yesterday to the C&C. It started to rain very heavily as I left the house, kept it up while I loaded the car and then all the way home and while I unpacked the car. I got in the house and it stopped! Still enjoyed the run though. As said I will be off out again shortly then back here and into the usual routine I think! Very excited I can have a bubble and of course it will be with Twin. It is lovely to think I can interact properly with them again. Must say the choice is easy for me. One lady talking this morning has 18 grandchildren and wanted to know if she could see them all, err I think not!

I am not surprised travel insurance has gone up Diana, but a third is terrible. I am sure it will all be the same for us next year. This year's insurance was a waste of money but they don't give refunds for not using it!

I loved TW Jo and the J&J stories were very funny. I have 3 charging cables at the moment. I have them all over the place so can charge phone and tablet wherever I am in the house.

Morning BHB and it is a grey day. You have Angel's Drxft and pikelets for us. That will cheer us up so let's get more and got and find the CM
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, June 11, 2020, 09:17
Morning - and a very wet and grey one. In all senses! We are hoping to go and visit eldest scollop on Sat but forecast now showing rain. aargh. We always knew that was likely but will be disappointing. Scollop also went to d.ntist as had had severe t..thache. he needs a r..t canal treatment seemingly. Not thrilled at idea of him having this treatment (4 different appts ) - and risks it exposes him to (he sees no-one so d.ntist will be fine) . We were busy talking to other scollop who now has sc.atica. result of him working 10-12 hour days (often 6 days a week) at kitchen table and chair in small 1 room flat with no outdoor space and so nowhere really to take rests/walk around/stretch out. this is UB scollop and he never complains of pain so if he says he is in pain - he really is! I recommended the physio team at our gym so he has an online appt with them - now! so hoping that really helps. he also has online meet with his manager today to discuss ways forward as he cant continue with this level of work indefinitely. Problem is that so long as schools not back many of colleagues can't do full work day(their work day is a normal 10 hours!) and so rest have to pick up the work. all such a mess. The poor young people who are being affected so disastrously in so many ways by this crisis. Of course I had sent both scollops some articles at start of l.ckdown about working from h.me and posture and good chairs. but their properties are too small to have office chairs and desks in. Eldest scollop living at g/f adn sh e has office chair and he says no room for another one. If we meet on Sat I will drop gentle hints in front of g/f as suspect she will be open to him getting an office chair (she is lovely) - scollop just doesn't like to ask/impose!
Then there is sloppy! I have to say i have been fairly down this last 2 weeks as sloppy now sees l.ckdown being loosened and so i am getting the constant drip drip of how wonderful sis is, other people's daughters (all much younger and nearer to parents than ploppy and me!) are. How other countries death toll is lower cos their children look after their elderly parents "properly"! In her eyes eldest daughters role in life is to care for parents - and so I am a failure! awful to say but a huge benefit of lockd.wn was that pressure went away. I am missing scollops dreadfully but in one way I am dreading the lessening of rules around staying over with family as will put huge pressure on me that I choose parents not scollop (can only be eldest as UB doesn't have spare room). i now dread phoning sloppy as the barbed asides are in every call. Rant over (sorry) but I have been feeling bit low as the family pressure returns. And I do have to remind myself that sloppy also feeling low and fearful of future and the barbs are part of that; but...
I have set up Z..m call today with all my uni flatmates incl our friend in Oz with MS. not sure it will work - was hard to work out time differences and her carers hours etc. but going to give it a go.
Twins - will be lovely for you to meet up. Lovely also that an easy choice!
Jo - you are a wonderful neighbour. Good that felfs teeth sorted. How are your aches and pains?
Diana - exciting to plan a hol.day. we have one booked for Oct but am sticking to Uk. we have one booked fro Sept too In n.rfolk with uni friends but am doubtful that will happen as would be 4 households
Jane - glad you like your new team. I complete that app every (well most) days.
Ali- you b-i-l sounds like eldest scollop. he has pins and a metal plate in his hand. Hope his recovery goes well. scollop hand fine but still not full grip strength yet. You are very organised getting your work set up - all systems go it seems.
Off to do some baking and I have 3 Z..m calls today with different sets of friends. then the plan is to polish the p.rquet floor in downstairs of house.

evam wrote:
Thursday, June 11, 2020, 11:00
Morning all. It's a gorgeous day here with + 25 degrees, and we've been promised this weather for the rest of the week.

Hello sweetheart. You have an iced tea ready for me because of the heat? You are so considerate.😍😍 Oh, so it's toasted pikelets to go with the tea? Yummy! 😘😘

Most of the mornig has been taken up with father's affairs. I finally got a copy f the PoA to the SS so that they'll know they have to turn to me with every change and decision that has to be made. Father doesn't understand what is being explained to him half of the time, so the things he says the nurses have told him is just fantasy. Last night he phoned me very late, at 10.35 pm. I was already in bed, and told him so! He didn' care, because he had something important for me to remember for my visit today. He wanted to go back to his flat because there are so many of his things he needs, and he wanted me to bring the key. I had no intention of taking him back to his flat, because I could risk that he'd refuse to leave it! So I said yes and no and crossed my fingers that he'd forgotten it today! He had, so we spent the most of my visit me exlaing about the PoA, and why it had been written a year ad a half ago. He had of course forgotten all about it, but when I had explained it 3 times, he admitted that it had been the right thing to do. PHEW!

Carol,- so you should have been to Cypros today if the virus hadn't been contrary? I should have been back from my 4 weeks Cornwall holiday last Saturday! I'd rather no think of it, but never mind. In 3 weeks time I'll be going onboard the Trollfjord,- the ship I'll be sailing with for 12 days! I'll have to start packing soon! Do you really do your housework during the day? I was h*****g at 2.30 am last night!

Jo,- I'm pleased that Felf's trip out went well. I'm sure she was rather pleased with herself?

Diana,- you are right,- complicated schedules seem to be the bane of my life. I don't know hat I would have done without a calendar to write it all down.

Pauline,- have you done anything to insult the rain gods?

Fi,-UB scollop is too young for sciatica! It's a d*vil of a thing to have, and it takes ages to be better. I am with you in the benefit of lock down,- the responsibilities of parents are curtailed!
Ali wrote:
Thursday, June 11, 2020, 12:29
Afternoon. I woke at 3am when ploppy got up for work and couldn’t get back to sleep. Must have dozed off again around 5 and woke at 9. It was raining hard in the early hours which has let the boys off mowing the lawn as too wet. Was bright and sunny first thing but clouding over. I’ve hung washing indoors on airer. Kitchen floor mopped and living room will be hoovered shortly.
Glad your father forgot about the trip to his flat Eva.
How great you can be a bubble twins. Sis texted me to ask which one of us mum should go with and was it selfish of her to want her to potentially look after nephew?! I waited to answer as was rather cross. While I appreciate sis is under pressure she has no need of childcare at present and BiL is going nowhere. Anyway, sloppy is going back to work very soon. I suggested it was wrong to make her choose and we should leave things as they are for now as no doubt further restrictions will be lifted in due course. I’m not sure sloppy would be too impressed at being wanted for childcare anyway. If sis is desperate then we’ll re-assess. She seemed happy with that for now.
Sorry you’re having issues Fi. Please put yourself and scollops first. Not easy but if you make yourself ill or burn yourself out then you can’t see sloppy at all. I admire you for biting your tongue and I took a leaf out of your book when responding to sis!!
Visit to surgery was interesting. Have to ring intercom on arrival and answer questions before being allowed in wearing mask. Very claustrophobic feeling after just a short time. Procedure done and if all ok won’t need one for 6yrs, however the joy of mammogram to look forward to next year!
Had email from Env Health re: opening coffee den at work. Fingers crossed we’re on top of everything. So much paperwork that new boss didn’t realise was necessary. I’ve designed more spreadsheets and now have 4 folders all ready and labelled. A couple more jobs to do ‘behind the counter’ and staff training to tick off in due course. Just stock left to buy but don’t want to do that too soon, and anyway that is down to boss. Really hope I can make it a success. Had enough experience over the years but times have changed and no idea how people are going to be feeling. There is already some unrest in our town as the town and district councils have implemented new measures to make it easier to socially distance when shops re-open next week. It involves re-routing traffic to get to main car park and restricting traffic through town centre during the day making it a pedestrian area. Sounds good in theory as it is a small, old market town with a one way system. However, we can see flaws in the plan already as in-laws won’t be able to turn out of their property due to new one way restrictions. They live in a yard of about 6-7 houses and you can physically only turn right to exit due to the narrow road and pavements. The new planned route makes it illegal to turn right as that road will be one way! FiL not on social media so Ploppy is going round to show him. In meantime we’ve emailed concerns to council. Other residents and business owners have similar issues too.
Well, this has turned into rather a long post so will stop now
Stay safe x
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 11, 2020, 19:32
Today has been a good hip day :) Also been an ice cream day so Bruce happy, especially as he got Bakers sizzlers at a friend's house on the way back. (I don't buy them as they are a very bright red colour, which cannot be good.) Also saw the little puppy Keef, he is so sweet. Put the bins out. Did a little bit of gardening. That's my excitement of the day.

The new thing about 'bubbles' is causing some problems for people, had a chat online about it when it was announced. Difficult having to choose.

Fi difficult for you if you feel guilty, in the past you have made so many suggestions for improvements to care. You mustn't feel guilty, I know you care so you will find it hard. You have your own life to manage. You can't be driving backwards and forwards all the time. Need to have a little local network like Felf has, spread out the tasks.

Ali you have a good challenge with all the new working systems now. Lot of them sound confusing, so my best wishes to you. Hopefully you will find the challenge fun. The 'bubbles' announcement was confusing enough for me. Decided to leave it until they announced the idiots guide. I've not bothered to look for it yet. Hopefully the road changes will work. I can understand lots of places will have similar challenges. Some of the places I've been on Lee trips were confusing enough and had very narrow pavements, so they would need changes for distancing. In my village we quite often walk on the road to get the correct distance.

Carol and Pauline, the new arrangements will make it easier for you, which is good. Have a rest between driving up and down.

Ah Eva, slight benefit of loss of memory as you can dodge the burning question from the day before. I can quite see you don't want to let him go back to his previous home, might have needed to carry him out. Eva, best wishes to you as I suspect you'll have to explain it a few times more.

I've just finished my last pot of jam/marmalade from the 'ladies who make jam' and sell it at the monthly sale in the village. There is a sale this weekend. I'll walk around and see if it is safe, if it is I'll stock up.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, June 12, 2020, 07:02
Morning and although it is overcast I think I can see the su trying to make an appearance. Think rain is due later!

Fi, I think the forecast for the weekend has changed from what they were saying earlier in the week, so you might be lucky. That’s not good about Scollop needing rxxt canal treatment, especially as it will take four visits. Nice that he is in lockdown with lovely g/f who I am sure will be looking after him (and hopefully will be amenable to him having a “proper” chair for working). Like UBS my father suffered for a while with severe scxaticx – I remember how painful he found it. I know that he was told not to sit or lay in the same position for any length of time but to try and keep moving – obviously sitting for 10 plus hours six days a week is not what is needed! Hopefully the physio appointment on line has helped. He certainly needs to sort out that volume of work – unsustainable for anyone I would think! Oh dear so Sloppy feels you are neglecting her again. I am assuming the biting of the lips (well done) includes not pointing out that you suggested they move near to you when they moved down south! You can truthfully say that at the moment you can’t go and stay as it is for single households and neither you nor Sloppy are in a single household! Feel free to rant – letting off steam is a good way of relieving pressure. I hope you had a lovely Zxxm chat with your uni friends. We are still hoping we will be able to go for our week in Exmxxr in September – fingers are all crossed! I think that may be feasible as long as the protesters from the weekend don’t cause a second spike! I keep saying I will do some baking, but so far I haven’t found the time!! Not quite sure where the day goes!

Eva – I think you must have our weather! Still I think next week we are due to go back to nice temperatures again. That’s excellent that the PoA has gone to the SS so they will need to consult you with any decisions. Ah so your Father has taken to late calling (not as bad as Moving Aunt calling June in the early hours!). What a good thing he had forgotten that he wanted you to go back to the flat – I think you are right and trying to get him out of it would have been very tricky! Yes we should have been sitting in the sunshine by the pool sipping something cool.....ah well there is always next year, all being well! Oh not long until your cruise. I imagine you have started your lists already. I know – very odd to be doing housework during the day rather than in the early hours! I can imagine MM’s face if I started to do that!

Ali, I didn’t realise Ploppy was on early runs (3am would be nothing to Eva of course). Even if the lawn was too wet for mowing, it should be looking greener after the rain! Yes the bubble worked out well for us, not so tricky as for other people. It was also easy for Roger as Sarah is in S’land which has different regulations anyway, so he could choose Victoria, Glen and the children without having to worry about offending anyone. June can’t choose anyone at the moment as Barry is shielded. Mrs Chris will be able to hug her grandchildren again – and will be able to look after the children whilst her son and his wife work. Hmm, not sure your Sis was viewing in quite the right light if she wanted childcare (especially as BiL is currently static!). I think you are right that Sloppy wouldn’t be impressed to be considered solely for childcare purposes. I assume the surgery were only allowing people in one at a time. I am not fond of wearing my mask on the couple of occasions I have been into the M&S – it is just something so alien to us as a nation! I am not sure which I think is worse – a smear test or a mammogram – they are both not pleasant experiences! I am sure you have everything in place for the coffee den, so shouldn’t worry about the Env Hxalth – I assume they will be doing a risk assessment? You are obviously all ready to roll and very organised – I am sure the coffee shop will be a welcome addition to the garden centre and after a short while to allow everyone to get back to a feeling of “normal” people will be happy to eat there. Have any more plants made it home? Oh goodness that doesn’t sound very sensible of the Council! I can see the reasoning but if it means people can’t get out of their houses by car it is never going to work!! Hopefully the Council will heed the local concerns and do some re-routing!

Jo, that’s good your hip was fine yesterday. I see Bruce was a happy boy to have had a visit to the ice cream parlour. An ice cream plus some sizzlers!! (I agree that bright red colouring would worry me too!). I have forgotten what breed Keef is? I think the bubble is based on a the NZ one, and if things don’t get worse the bubbles will be expanded. Oh home made marmalade is something MM loves – fortunately for him a lady at church makes it, and she has a stall at the local food market once a month. We don’t have to go there (as it is on a Sunday morning) but MM gives her an order and then she either brings it to church or we call round and collect (this is in normal times of course!). I think he acquired a taste for home made marmalade as my mother used to make it! At the moment of course he is having to rely on what is available at Mr S!

I spent some time yesterday on my 1000 piece puzzle. I have worked out that I need to finish it and then that will be my last one and I can do all the other things I keep saying I am going to do (clothes sorting, baking, etc.). I did a little admin for MM yesterday on the pooter and of course we had our GandT with Mary and Les, who are both fine. Diva was at the groomer’s earlier in the week (reluctantly apparently – a little like Bruce!). Mary had had a call from her Shielding person to check everything was ok. She was hoping restrictions might be lifted a couple of weeks early but apparently still in place until 30th June for those shielding. Lindy popped round with my little bit of shopping (milk, steak, gin, mushrooms, sour cream – I made a strogxnxff in the slow cooker, which was yummy, for dinner, so we had a quick catch up. During the evening there was an MM so we watched that rather than another Spxxks. Today I have the phone calls to make for the church, and the family zxxm call this afternoon. In between I need to record a piece of music for Gxreth’s programme. Other than that the day is clear!! Morning BHB, yes it is nice that the sun is trying to come out. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted crumpets into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Stay safe and well.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, June 12, 2020, 10:12
Morning all and it is a bit grey here again though I think it is a bit warmer. Should be better over the weekend though there could be some rain around. I think it should rain overnight. that would be perfect! Went for my blood test yesterday so now just waiting for the results. Hoping all will be ok though with lock down I feel I may well not be at my best! I have tried not to eat badly but have fallen by the wayside once or, well several times! Must do a bit of h/work today I think and maybe some shredding. Not a job I like much but have a bit to do and it doesn't do itself sadly.

Fi not liking the sound of Scollops dental work. Mind I had a root canal treatment some years back and it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Fingers crossed for Scollop. Poor U/B. Sciatica is a nasty thing. I remember my father getting it many moons ago. It was a W/bledon fortnight and funnily enough the only place he was comfortable was on the sofa in front of the tv! I think in those days they were told to rest not exercise. Hope the physio can help. So Sloppy is starting to make noise about you helping again. Well done for biting your lip (I am surprised you have a lip left!) As said you still can't go and see her in a bubble as they are a couple, so that is that for now, but it may well change soon and I don't envy you. I think you need Zxxm with friends badly for some light relief. Look after yourself.

Eva the only advantage I ever found in Mum losing her memory was that she forgot the tricky conversations! Of course the down is she forgot things I wanted her to remember as well! I hope you have started packing for the cruise or you will never be ready!

Ali my lawn is so hard and dry that the rain is gone really quickly so hopefully you can get Scollops mowing soon! I am very lucky that Twin can be my bubble cos of course her family would always come first, but they are all families, happily for me. Well and them I think! It is a tricky one for people with more than one child, picking isn't easy I'm sure. I think it has to be done on a practical basis if possible, let's hope it changes a bit soon and families can get together. I wore a mask for the first time yesterday and didn't really like it as it got very hot. Think I will be avoiding situations needing it for any length of time as much as possible. Hope the EH check goes well, I am sure it will as you sound to have covered most bases.

Jo glad to hear Bruce is a happy boy, and so he should be with his treats. So why did he attack Bella's nice bed? Naughty! I used to love the jam and marmalade my Mum made. I remember her big preserving pan and helping her by watching the jam come to a rolling boil and then did a lot of testing! Her strawberry jam on the little Scotch pancakes were a treat to die for. Yum!

Morning BHB and it is Vanillita day, you have made crumpets? Great, let's get more of everything and fidnt the CM

evam wrote:
Friday, June 12, 2020, 11:23
Afternoon all. It's another gorgeous day here, and at the moment we have + 25 degrees!

I see the BHB has closed the Bistro. Well, I can't expect him to stay open all day, waiting for me. I'll apologise to him tomorrow.

I think my future sleeping pattern is firmly set by now. A few hours sleep, then housework, baking or other practical things to do, then if I'm lucky another sleep before I have to get up. Last night was baking night. This time I made my nutty loaves, and of course one was given to Iselin. She, with a friend, Helena, plus Emilian of course, are going up to the mountains to stay in youngst sister's cottage, and I thought a homebaked bread would be welcome to take with them. It was, and we had a nice chat with me sitting in my car with Iselin safely on the outside.
I then went to the shopping centre to do som much needed food shopping. On my way out I met an old colleague (sp?). We worked together for years, and a little chat lasted almost an hour. Time flies when in pleasant company.😜 In the end I had to run to get out fom the parking house (Free parking for 2 hours) before they started to make me pay.
When I explained to father about the PoA, I thought he'd grasped it at the end, but he'd phoned youngest sister last night, saying that I'd told him that he'd have to ask me if he wanted to buy a bottle of brandy! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I chose to laugh, and sis had explained to him what the PoA meant. When she'd finished, he said:" Well, why didn't Eva explain this to me then?"

Jo,- I'm not sure I understand about this "bubble" you are ment to create, so can you send me a link when the idiot's guide is out? Yes, you're right about father's memory. One day he'll be saying that he loves all the care they are giving him at the care home, and the next day he's ready to go home. He even told me that he was fit as a fiddle when he was sat in a wheel chair opposite me!

Carol,- I see yo're having yet another busy day ahead of you. Good luck with creating the bubble (however it is done.)

Pauline,- you obviously need more rain for your garden, so no moaning about it! ☝️
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, June 12, 2020, 12:09
Eva - this is about the bubbles. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52998806

TK wrote:
Friday, June 12, 2020, 16:00
Carol thanks for the link, still not 100% clear to me, but since it doesn't really concern me it doesn't matter. Just trying to assess the 'danger' of this new arrangement.

I've just put a dressing gown on as it has suddenly got cold. It has started to rain.

Nothing very exciting happened today. Apart from the padded envelope being ripped up when it had been put through the letter box. Luckily Bruce did not damage the goods inside. (It wasn't food in the envelope.)

At lunchtime, we walked along by the river on the narrow path. We've not been there since before lockdown. The path is so narrow. Many of the nice people who own the gardens which the narrow path runs through have unlocked the gates so walkers use their garden as a passing places. (Though some of them haven't.)

I'm going to listen to the daily briefing
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, June 13, 2020, 06:51
Morning and we can see patches of blue sky – in fact I think are due a dry day with some sunshine. We had heavy rain yesterday but fortunately no thunder!

Eva, now things are easing in N’way is there any news on the new bed? I feel the new bed might help your sleeping pattern – mind you I am sure the family will miss the midnight baking (the nutty loaves sound lovely). That will be lovely for Iselen, Emilina and her friend to have a break up in the mountains. How nice to meet up with an old colleague (correct spelling so 10/10) and to be able to have a chat – good thing you kept an eye on the time so you didn’t have to pay for your parking! So the PoA still a mystery to your Father then. I think laughing that he rang your sister is better than crying! Ah Moving Aunt was saying she wanted to go home on Wednesday (having had her hair done and her nails painted) but June said she seems to be ok at the moment. This is just a trial three weeks of respite of course. We will see what happens at the end of that! As you will see from the link, the bubble is designed to give some form of social life and company to those who have been in isolation on their own – hence Twin can form a bubble with us as she has been in lockdown on her own, but we couldn’t form a bubble of our own as there are two of us.

Jo I see you had the rain just after us – I didn’t notice a drop in temperature but obviously it did if you needed a dressing gown! Ah so Bruce attacking the post now! May be he thought he would find something to eat inside? Good job it was only the envelope that was destroyed. That is very kind of the people who have gardens to unlock them so people can distance if necessary. There are still thoughtful people out there!

I have finished my 1000 piece puzzle – so that is the ten 500 piece ones and the 1000 piece one all finished and now I will stop as you can get very absorbed into them to the exclusion of everything else. We had a good family chat and Sarah had little Daniel with her (he kept switching off the sound on her pooter!). He is growing apace – now ten months old! When he saw his grandfather on the screen his face lit up! Sarah starts back at work on Monday, but initially from home as Unis aren’t physically going back. Oooh just seen a plane – still a rare sight! I made all my calls in the morning and everyone was fine. We had our 50th daily session with Gxreth yesterday, and from now on he is just going to have one weekly, longer, session on a Thursday evening. He is still talking about a mass get together to sing at some point next year, which will be fun. During the evening we watched another couple of Spxxks (half way through Series 7 now). Today is laundry day and the Mr S delivery this afternoon. Early evening we have our weekly G&T with Lindy and Lawrence. This evening I suspect we will have some more Spxxks! Morning BHB, yes a promising start to the day. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Sxlver Bxllxt into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Be safe and well.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, June 13, 2020, 08:11
Morning all and a return to good weather this weekend.

I watched the last two Sp*oks episodes yesterday. I remembered very little of the last series and though not as good as previous, still worth watching. Near the end of the last ep there's a brief scene which I only appreciated this time having watched all eps, a nice touch. I've also watched 3/4 Holby eps which were recorded while we were in SA, with a few left to see. I watched an interesting programme on the films R*chard G*ere has appeared in that I caught by chance on Sk* Arts.

I have made a start on a detailed itin for NZ trip. I've checked the distance and driving time between hotels. Next step is to add the places we want to see/things to do from the notes I made while reading the guidebook, leaving out the less important ones as there won't be time for everything.

Washing machine has just finished so will hang the clothes out and continue later.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, June 13, 2020, 09:02
Fingers crossed the pins are sufficient for your binl, Ali. That's a good reply to your sis. Sounds like you are well prepared for your new job, hope you can start properly soon. And trust the council makes some changes to the new system so your in-laws can get out, it clearly needs some rethinking.

Hope you are able to visit scollop this weekend, Fi. Hope better w*rk arrangements can be made for UB scollop, not good if he has sc*atica. Sorry Sloppy is giving you a hard time, sending hugs.

Twins, lovely that you can meet properly now.

Will finish catching up later.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, June 13, 2020, 09:40
Morning all and I am happy to say the sunshine is back. I think there is still some rain around buy not really forecast for here. We had a very light shower yesterday and that was it. Still the grass, or rather the weeds in the grass have grown a lot so I will try to mow it later. First today I have the laundry to do as is my wont on a Saturday. Did manage a short while in the garden but I happened to pick the time just before the shower came which curtailed my time out there!

Eva so nice that you saw your old colleague and had a lovely chat. Not so lovely that the sleep is still not great. Mind I see Iselin and Emilian are reaping the benefits of your insomnia! I hope they enjoy their well deserved break. I think we will be very lucky to avoid a second spike with more demos scheduled for today. What is wrong with these people? Surely they could wait a few months. I feel very sorry for the police who have to put themselves at risk dealing with it all.

So Bruce has taken to ripping up the mail has he Jo. I suppose he sees it as an invader of his house!

I should think the sorting out of the itinerary for NZ is a nice thing to do Diana. Sort of virtual holiday!

Just watching the Queen's birthday parade, so very different this year. No trooping the colour more a flash of the colour! They still look very smart though and Windsor looks lovely in the sun.

Morning BHB and it's Sxlvxr Bxllxt and teacakes today? Lovely, let's get more of both and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, June 13, 2020, 10:26
Morning all. We've had a few drops of rain this morning, which was not in the weatherforecast. Still very hot (for us) and humid.

Hello sweetheart. You've made me toasted teacakes even if I was so late yesterday? You are such a star! 😍 I would love a herbal tea as well, please. The service here is the best. Have you had tips from Ali?

Last night was not a baking night, but an i*****g night. I can't have fun every night! I was lucky enough to go back to sleep for a couple of hours, so I feel OK so far. I've been down to the shopping centre because I needed new cartridges for my printer. I was printing out some stuff for Iselin when I was suddenly told there was no more black ink left. I checked, and according to the printer's website there were at least 1/5 th of black ink left, but the blasted printer demanded a new cartridge. I went in to one of the big electrical chains to get what I needed, and was standing by the cartridge shelf when a young seller came up to me and offered to help. I said I knew what I needed and pointed to the cartridge. He then told me that if I bought another brand I would save quite a bit of money. So I ended up getting 3 cartridges for the price of 2 instead of paying a lot more for 2 cartridges. A very nice young man. Is it usual for staff to point out how you can save a lot of money? I wish there were more of them! 👏👏
Father called to ask if I was coming to see him today, but I told him that youngest sister was coming with the PH and Henrik. Being tactful as always, father said:" Oh, that'll be much nicer!"

Jo,- I see you follow the daily corona briefing. We don't have a daily one, but a weekly one. Can you remember I told you about the word "dugnad"? Normally this is when an estate, a neighbourhood, a family get together to work to the benefit of everyone. These days our prime minister is telling us that we are doing a national dugnad to beat the virus. Oh, Bruce only meant to help by opening the envelope. He might be trying for the job of your PA! 😂

Carol,- thank you for explaining the "bubble" for me. I think I understand, but I also understand that it can be difficult for some to choose who to invite into one's bubble and who to exclude.

Diana,- I always think that planning the holiday is half the fun, even if it can become complicated. There is a lot of talk about peple not getting their cancelled holidays refunded. I realise that I've been very lucky, because I've been refunded every penny I've pre-paid.
Ali wrote:
Saturday, June 13, 2020, 10:48
Morning (just) I was awake at 3, no idea what disturbed me, but I was awake for a few hours so did some ‘work’ online. Lots going round in my head. Had a chat with new boss about contracts, we agreed days and approx. hours and I told her what sort of wage I was expecting. Now await their offer. Still in limbo though, hoping for 4th July start but of course it could change! I thought about getting up and baking like you Eva but resisted. I see your father is tactful as ever!
Diana, I rather like Richard Gere. One of my favourite films is ‘Y*nks’
Sun is shining here, think I’ll have a ‘me’ day reading outside. Jack cut the lawn yesterday and garden is looking quite healthy.
You have some very considerate locals Jo, I do think this situation has brought out the best in some people.
Take care x
Diana wrote:
Saturday, June 13, 2020, 15:10
I had a walk this morning and several caravans passed by on the main road. A few mins later I saw at least a dozen parking on the far side of the park I often walk through. Turns out they were travellers so hope they aren't going to spoil the area. Also saw that practising sports in the parks has restarted, hopefully only at weekends otherwise it will be difficult to walk. After the walk I sat in the garden reading for a couple of hours until it mostly clouded over.

How nice to bump into your old colleague, Eva. Your father does have a way with his words, not at all tactful.

Ploppy's just returned from golf and said there are loads of travellers in the park now.
TK wrote:
Saturday, June 13, 2020, 20:57
Been out and about today. Bruce missed one of my walks as I went to the village market. They did it outside this time, I suppose I could have taken Bruce. After lunch we took a walk to the river to see the chap who makes and sells dog biscuits as he had a stall to give out samples of the biscuits. As he said himself it would have been better if he'd remembered the sign. Bruce was happy as there was an ice cream van in the car park, though it took him a while to work out you can get ice cream from a van.
We've just had a noisy thunderstorm. Bruce has left some of his toys outside, they will need a wash tomorrow.I must have a round up of his toys as his toy box is not far off empty. There are toys spread about the whole of the ground floor.
Looking forward to Robin Hood at 17:30 tomorrow on Talking Pictures. Today was Sir Lancelot, Monday 9am Francis Drake and Tues 9am Willian Tell

Eva, what a nice young man. I don't think that has ever happened to me, well done him.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, June 14, 2020, 06:47
Morning and it is bright and sunny and we have blue skies with a couple of wispy clouds. Yesterday was quite muggy during the day but dry – until the thunder storm and torrential rain in the evening (I see you had it too Jo!).

Ah yes it was a nice little cameo during the final episode of Spxxks and made it close full circle. You are doing really well with the planning for NZ next year – I see a cull of places to see is required. That isn’t so good about the Trxvellers – when we were on holiday a couple of years ago some moved into a field near Twin’s little development and there were lots of W’s App message about it – they did eventually move on! I do remember they left a lot of rubbish etc. behind. Hope their arrival and the sports restarting won’t ruin your walking route. I forgot to ask if Ploppy has managed to play golf every day? He must be so pleased the rules were relaxed for some sports!

Eva if only I had got my laundry done earlier I could have sent my ixxning over for you to do during the midnight hours! That was a very helpful young man in the printer shop! I order mine on line and you have reminded me to check I have some stocks in (I always keep one of each colour cartridge in resrve so I don’t run out). That was a very nice thing of your Father to say to you (not!). I am sure he only meant it would be nice to see Henrik and the PH as he doesn’t see so much of them..... Oh yes I remember you saying about “dugnad”. That is a very good thing to say about the nation. We have been lucky, like you, with our cancelled holidays (Cyprxs and Rxme) as we have our money back (in fact the villa company gave us an extra £200 off next year) but I know some firms are being very reluctant to give refunds.

Ali I see you are waking early too and like Eva have got up and put the time to use – I suspect everything whirling around your brain is not helping you sleep. Let’s hope new boss makes the offer soon so it can be on a proper footing. I hope you managed to get your “me” day and were able to relax and read in the garden (well done to Jack for sorting out the lawn). I agree the current situation has brought out the best in a lot of people (sadly also brought out the worst in others, but fortunately more of the “good” than the “bad” at the moment). I am assuming it is too early to have heard back from the Council about the road plans?

Did you manage to get your marmalade Jo? It was warm enough for it to be outside yesterday, so that was good. I see Bruce didn’t miss out and had a nice walk to the river, with dog biccies and ice cream as part of his treat. I presume these are soft toys and won’t have taken too well to the torrential rain! Is this the RH with Richard Greene? Black and white version?

Hopefully Fi and Ian will have managed to meet up with Scollop – as it was fine (apart from the storm in the evening). MM and I went for our walk in the morning and were heading for the post box as we had two cards to post. As we got close we saw the RM van was there and it started pulling away before we got there. MM waved the letters and the very nice Postie stopped and took them for us! After we were home I recorded the track for Gxrxth’s programme and emailed that off. The rest of the day was as planned, doing the i word, having the Mr S delivery, continuing with the i word, and then a nice long G&T session with Lindy and Lawrence. Our evening viewing was another couple of Spxxks episodes so only two to go in Season 7. This morning we have church of course (I am doing the reading this morning). Then we are going to have a lazy afternoon (although I do have a recording to make for Marg. She has written a piece of music set to a Thomas Hxrdy poem and asked if I would record the sop part. After that it will by reading my book I think. Morning BHB, yes it is nice sunny start to the day. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Hxbxrdxsher into the conservatory and then we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM to arrive.

Keep well, safe and happy.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, June 14, 2020, 09:39
Morning all and it is a lovely one. Yesterday the temperature suddenly shot up and it was quite warm. I went in the garden for the afternoon and got a lot done (though it is never enough) and I was very warm by the time I came in. Looks as if that is where I will be later, after I have done the ixxnxxg of course. I also have several bits and bobs I need to do round the house, but at the moment there is always tomorrow!

Eva what a delightful young man to help you like that. Very rare as you say and he could teach a lot of sales assistants a thing or two. Your certainly knows how to flatter you doesn't he!

Oh not pesky travellers Diana. The ones we had on our field were only there for 5 days before the police moved them on and they left the place in a terrible mess. It took the council at least a week to decontaminate it and parents were advised not to let children play there for about a month. I think you get the picture without me being more graphic!

Not another one not sleeping Ali? I think in your case it is definitely the things you have on your mind about the new job. I do hope it all goes well and you can open up soon. Nice that you got your lawn done by Scollop.

That walk sounds like Bruce's idea of heaven Jo! Dog biscuits and ice cream, he will be wanting to go that way again! So a lot of soggy toys to deal with I would think. They have a tough life in your house don't they!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Crumpets and Hxbxrdxshxr? Excellent. Let's get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Sunday, June 14, 2020, 10:49
Morning all. We've had rain again here. Hope it clears up like it did yesterday.

Hello sweetheart. Toasted crumpets and coffee waiting for me? Loverly! 😍😍😍 I'll tell you something about the Norwegian weather,- yesterday afternoon I had + 46 very, very hot degrees on my terasse. Talk about sun trap! It was impossible to sit out there, so I sat in my easy chait with my book instead.

When I was at the shopping centre yesterday, I started to walk past the bookstore, but thought it would be rude not to go in, so I did, and came out again with 2 new books. One of A C*eeves, with a new detective, and the newest L R*ley. I promised myself that I would save them up for my cruise, and I kept my promise to myself, but there are almost 3 weeks to go, so the temptasion might be too high!📘📕 The packing for the cruise will be complicated, because I have to bring both summer- and winter clothes. Yesterday it snowed in Tromsø.❄️❄️ I think one of the large suitcases will be called for.

Ali,- I hope the new work contract will be to your liking. Nice of Jack to mowe your lawn. Has he had any luck with the emails he sent out for a new job? Next time you wake up at 3 am, take the T*rdis, come here, and we'll have a baking fest!😂

Diana,- can the travellers set up camp in a public park?

Jo,- so Bruce has sussed that ice cream can be bought from a van? Smart dog! 👏👏 The nice young man was lovely. I have now done all the copying I need.

Carol,- I am soooooooo sorry (I'm lying!) that you never thought of sending your i*****g over here!

Pauline,- is the soil in your garden soft enough to work now?

Diana wrote:
Sunday, June 14, 2020, 12:28
Afternoon all.

I'm pleased to say that all the travellers had gone when I walked past the park early this morning and no more rubbish on the ground than usual. No idea whether the council moved them on or they were just there temporarily before going to another place. Eva, travellers will set up camp anywhere they can and I believe the local council will usually apply to move them on if it's council land or the police will move them if private. Sometimes it can be difficult to get them to move.

We watched a prog called Aerial NZ last night on Sm*thson*an channel which we enjoyed. During the early hours they also broadcast some about US so Ploppy recorded these for us to watch at a better time!

I was good and did some housew*rk this morning. I try to do one job most days, unless going shopping, but have been putting off the cleaning for a few days - partly made up for it by doing three jobs and also I word.

Sounds like Bruce has got as many toys as children. He had a good day having biscuits and ice cream. Enjoy RH today, Jo.

Ploppy wouldn't normally play golf more than three times a week and these days he prefers not to play two consecutive, Carol.

It's well past time for lunch so better go and make it - it's only sandwiches today so very quick.
TK wrote:
Sunday, June 14, 2020, 18:41
Yes Carol it is the real Robin Hood, all the others are faded copies. Others may be in colour, but they are not the real Robin Hood. I suppose it is akin to me liking Cliff and Roger Moore, seeing Robin Hood, Cliff and Ivanhoe when I was 4 or 5 years old has put them deep into my being. Robin Hood is slightly different in that I did not follow Richard Green in the same way I followed Roger Moore. Although every time Richard Green was on TV in a different role, I did say 'there's Robin Hood'.
TK wrote:
Sunday, June 14, 2020, 19:00
I cleared all the toys from the garden this morning. I see that 3 different ones have walked out there during the day. I really need to collected all the toys up and put them in the toy box, but all the bending. Today was a good day for my hips, so with the rain yesterday the ground was soft enough for me to did a hole to allow the base of the pole for the new bird feeder to be at leat 16 inches (approx 40cm) into the ground. The soil on my garden is mainly clay, so it gets really hard in the dry weather. I could only dig 4 inches in today, so filled the hole I made with water. When the water had disappeared dug out the mud and repeated until I got a hole deep enough. So now I have metal pole sticking 6 inches out of the ground to screw the rest of the pole into when the ground has dried.
I have filled up the green recycle bin with cuttings, a tiny space left for Felf's stuff. I must order a green bin for me, we've always shared.
And yes Bruce has as many toys as a child. No more than Duffy though. :)
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, June 15, 2020, 06:37
Morning and a nice bright start to the day – we should be around 23C today so a pleasant day in store (unless one of the thunder storms arrive – they aren’t sure where they will be!).

Eva I hope the rain bid you adieu yesterday – we are forecast rain for the rest of the week – heavy in places. I think Twin’s pleas for rain for the gardens are working! Now why am I not surprised to read that you couldn’t walk by a bookshop without going in! So you are planning on taking the books away with you.....if you can resist their siren call before then! Ah of course you will need warm clothes as well as warm ones for your trip – a large suitcase will indeed be required! I am liking the idea of you and Ali having a joint early morning baking session!

That must be a relief to find the travellers gone Diana. I am surprised there aren’t regulations at the moment to prohibit them moving from one site to another due to virus concerns. I am sure you enjoyed the NZ programme and it has given you more ideas for your itinerary. Ah so Ploppy spreads out his golf playing – very sensible. Are most of the club members now back playing? There is a nine hold course close to the church – in fact we looked at a house that backed on to it before we moved here – but I haven’t seen any notification about it opening.

Jo I had forgotten that it was RM who played I’hoe! Of course he did. I remember that Cxnrxd Philips (WTell) made a film with Lxx Pxtterson and some of it was shot in the school at the bottom of my parents’ garden. I have their autographs somewhere! I see you have persevered with the pole for the bird feeder – that was very clever of you (and hopefully all the effort won’t have caused problems with your hip. Fingers crossed there isn’t a lot of recycling from Felf if she only has a tiny space left! Hopefully the toys were none the worse for their drenching! Of course Bruce has lots of toys – he wants to provide you with lots of repair work!

We didn’t have a walk yesterday due to our church service of course, so will be going off this morning (before the rain arrives tomorrow). I made the recording for Marg and sent that off, so hopefully it is ok. I did manage to do some reading and finished my book (a series of detective stories set in the N’fl Brxxds – they aren’t very long books and so don’t take a great deal of reading. I recognise lots of the place names from when we used to have sailing weekends with my firm). I also caught up with the S’ing Bee from Wednesday. During the evening we watched CFile, A RShow and then the new three night dramatisation on the S’bury poisonings (lovely shots of the Cxthxdrxl exterior). Today I need to do a clothes cull (I know, I know, I have been saying that for weeks), as currently clothes to be considered are all on Twin’s bed and she will need that next weekend! This evening we have our weekly GandT with Twin, no Gareth rehearsal of course so slightly easier time constraints. Morning BHB, yes it is nice and bright at the moment. Let’s take the Lavendula and the cheese scones into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Monday, June 15, 2020, 08:54
Just logged in for the zoom Pilates. I'm going to go very gently as my hip was good yesterday, don't want to make it hurt.
One of the dog walkers said it will rain tomorrow, so I may cover up the base of the pole as I need it to dry out.
Better check what is going on with the meeting
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, June 15, 2020, 09:28
Morning all and it is another gorgeous one here. Not a cloud in the sky at the moment. I really like the weather at the moment as it is lovely and warm but not so hot at nights that you can't sleep. After doing the I word yesterday I managed to get out in the garden and do a few things. Yes the soil is still very dry Eva. It seems everyone else has had some rain but none here. Mind not that I want lots, just a nice amount overnight. I was woken this morning by the noise of a jet flying overhead. Not that it was that close, just the noise is so unusual now! I think it would be e/jet as I know they are starting a few flights today. Also saw on the tv that there are queues of people waiting to shop at a retail park and also outside Prxmxrk!! Why? Still it is good if people do go shopping.

Eva I am so surprised that you bought books, not! I will definitely be surprised if they remain unread till your cruise! Of course you will need a large suitcase, it seems to be the norm on cruises. The advantage of no baggage restrictions. I had a giggle when I read Twin's post as for a split secong I thought she said you and Ali could share a joint! Might solve the sleeping problems!

Pleased the travellers didn't linger Diana. They may have been resting of course, or waiting to find out where they were going to settle next. I feel sorry for whoever lives near them!

Jo I think it so lovely that Bruce who never liked to play now has more toys than some children. Bless him, he is making up for lost time, I just feel a bit sorry for the toys that are the recipients of his "affection"!

Morning BHB and it is Lavendula and cheese scones today? Sounds lovely so lets get more and find the CM.
maeve12 wrote:
Monday, June 15, 2020, 10:09
Sorry to hear that you're still sleeping so badly, Eva, exciting to have the cruise to look forward to.
I hope the contract is satisfactory for you Ali, they're very lucky to have you.
Will we see you singing on the telly with Gareth, Carol?

I've been having new decking put up in the garden, which I'm pleased with, it looks very good, there is a large patch of shingle which I'm not so keen on,
not decided what to do about it, but it's heaven to have a garden to sit in, in this weather and have the family round for a drink,

In a couple of weeks the painter is coming, the plan had been for him to do the house
while we were in NZ but of course that didn't happen, I think it will be safe for him to come round in July.

Hope the hips aren't so painful today Jo.

TK wrote:
Monday, June 15, 2020, 10:40
Hi Maeve good that you can get the decorator back. So nice to have it done to your taste. (I really need to sort some of my rooms) I agree that having a garden is lovely. Especially in these times, somewhere to get out during the days we were only allowed out once a day. I felt for the families in tower blocks.
Diana wrote:
Monday, June 15, 2020, 13:51

A lovely morning, shame it has now clouded over. I brought the washing in after lunch as most items were dry and the sky looked slightly ominous though hasn't rained yet and isn't expected to for another hour or two. Had a nice walk after breakfast through the park and fields which I've not done for over a week, then sat in the garden for a couple of hours.

Well done on digging the hole for the bird feeder, Jo. Hope it encourages more birds in your garden. I spoke to Mum whilst in the garden earlier and she commented on the birdsong she could hear over the phone, far more than they get in their garden. This is probably due to the seagulls as, unfortunately, their neighbour feeds the seagulls (why??) so they get a number.

Hope you have found time to start your clothes cull, Carol. Ploppy still has lots of his clothes from when he went through them several weeks ago lying over the beds in the guest room.

Pauline, that queue for Pr*mark was for the Br*mley store - as you say, why? JL at Bl*ew*ter doesn't open until Thursday so we're going to leave looking at sofas until next week at the earliest, I don't see the point of queuing for ages. The cheap watch I have worn all the time during lockdown stopped working last week so I need to get a new battery asap. I usually go to a jewellery repair shop in Br*mley but it is a very small place so very difficult to do social distancing by both staff and customers so may not have reopened. I don't want to walk into town (50 mins each way) only to find the shop is closed and nor do I want to get on a bus yet.
TK wrote:
Monday, June 15, 2020, 19:59
It was a lovely sunny day. Cut the grass, it was only long in patches, thought I better get it done if we are having rain.
In the early evening I was in the house not looking out. Bruce kept barking in the garden. After a while I looked out, it was raining. Rushed to get the previously dry washing, it wasn't too damp. I should have listened to Bruce.
One of Bruce's friends went to a neurological specialist today, hopefully they can help him. He has problems with his back paws, it is like he can't feel them.

The expensive curtain shop and the office supplies shop in the village are opening this week. They are small shops, so I suspect it will be one customer at a time in them.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 06:46
Moring and a bright start to the day again – currently we seem to be in a cycle of warm sunny mornings and then heavy rain in the mid to late afternoon.

Jo, I hope you took your Pxlxtes gently as intended – did you manage to cover the cement hole before the rain came later? I see you were industrious and cut the grass. The afternoon train we had was very heavy again – in fact the crossover to get into our front garden was flooded! What a good boy Bruce was to try to tell you what was happening! Fingers crossed for Bruce’s friend – that doesn’t sound to good if he can’t feel his back paws. Hopefully the specialist can help him. I think shops like your curtain shop are desperate to get back to trading. I think most shops have put a lot of effort into making sure they can comply with regulations.

Maeve, we didn’t volunteer for the programme Gxreth is making but not sure what is happening to the videos we have sent in for the CD – think they are going to let us know about that in a couple of weeks. The new decking sounds lovely and will give you somewhere nice to sit – yes sitting in a garden is a wonderful thing to be able to do, and to now be able to socialise with friends and family (at a distance of course!). Like Jo I have felt very sorry for people living in flats with no garden access. I imagine the painter will still be able to decorate for you by July (fingers crossed).

Diana did you have the torrential rain we had? Wise to bring the washing in once the sun started disappearing I feel. One thing about birds reappearing during lockdown is that we seem to have acquired some very noisy crows who sit on the tree out the front at about 5am and wake me up! Good grief – feeding the seagulls??? Mind you my aunt feeds the foxes in her garden (I suspect that doesn’t go down well with the neighbours!). So you weren’t joining the queue for P’mark then? It seems to have been the same across the country where there are Pmark stores – I suspect because they have no online presence! I see the Bwater JL is the same as our’s in HWycxmbe and is delaying opening until Thursday. We may venture there next week – depending on how things are. At least they have sent an email to me saying the cafe/restaurant won’t be open there, but the loos will be! Most of the buses we see when we are out on our walk are empty, but I do take your point and a walk of almost two hours (there and back) for a shop that might not be open wouldn’t be fun. Mrs Chris said the Txmpsxns at her S’burys was open so she was able to get a new battery and watch strap the other day.

We went for our walk yesterday and then...............breaking news...............I started the clothes cull!! Yes I did! I haven’t finished of course but I have two large carrier bags of clothes to go to the SRyder shop at some point. MM worked on the pooter on church repair matters and did a little spell in the garden. He had planned to go out again but then the monsoon arrived and put paid to that! I had a chat with June and she is off to see Moving Aunt today (in the garden). Moving Aunt is apparently enjoying the activities at the Home, but is still not eating in the Dining Room. Fingers crossed. We had a nice G&T with Twin in the late afternoon, so now the world has all been put to rights. During the evening we watched the next two episodes of the S’bury poisoning programme. It was very well done and the acting was excellent. Today I will carry on with the clothes cull. I also have my church calls to make and am waiting for the backing track for tomorrow night’s rehearsal to arrive, so that I can record and return it tomorrow morning. Tonight is of course HC and then we will watch another Spxxks. Morning BHB, yes it is a nice bright start. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Jxde Gxrdxn into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 09:25
Morning all.

I went out early to make the most of the sun and do a small food shop, mainly for fruit & veg. Annoyingly no strawberries in Sains. but came back with more than intended even though we've got a C&C on Friday. I had hoped to sit out for an hour or two but it has mostly clouded over so turned on the laptop instead. I'll probably do a bit more on the NZ trip later and possibly watch another of the recorded Holby eps. I think Ploppy is playing golf today and tomorrow. Shame the sunshine isn't lasting long most mornings but at least it's warmer than last week.

Very helpful of Bruce to let you know it was raining and to bring in the washing, Jo, even if you ignored him initially.

No, we didn't have any rain yesterday, Carol, though it looked ominous 2/3 times during the afternoon.

You must be so glad you moved into your new home when you did, Maeve.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 09:40
Morning all and it is another lovely one. Not a drop of rain fell here yesterday and not looking likely today either! Still not sure torrential downpours are what we want! I actually went to the little garden centre down the road from me yesterday! They are so well set up for this new scenario and I felt very comfortable there. I managed to get some nice plants to brighten up my pots on the patio and the front f the house. I planted some when I got home and just a few more to do today. While I was doing this one of my neighbours came out and we had a nice chat. First time I have seen her for a while! Then my G&T with Twin and MM so quite a sociable day for me yesterday! Think I better do a bit of clxxning today!

Your decking sounds lovely Eva. Just what you need. I think the weather has been a blessing in all this mayhem, especially as it enables us to see people in the garden. I'm sure you are delighted to be in a bubble with your family.

Very wise to wait a while before you go to JL Diana. I think we may give it a go and see what we think at some point soon, but not this week! Mind from what I can tell the vast majority of queues were behaving themselves it was just the Nxke store in London that had the scrum and that is their fault! Why on earth have a huge discount on shoes in this climate? They were so irresponsible.

So Bruce is now a weather vane as well Jo. Such a talented dog! I hope his frien with numb back paws is ok. It doesn't sound good. Hopefully the specialist can help him.

Morning BHB so we have Jxde Gxrden and paninis today? Lovely. Let's take some more to the conservatory and join the CM
evam wrote:
Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 10:48
Morning all, and it's another glorious day. Too hot to sit on the terrace where the awning isn't covering. At the moment it's + 23.2 degrees, but the sun hasn't got very far yet. Yesterday we had a mindblowing + 54 (!!!!!!) on my terrace in the afternoon, so I was quite happy to stay indoors.

Hello sweetheart. No, there is not + 54 degrees in Bergen at the moment, so no need to look worried. I know I've said this before, but I'm so glad my bedroom is on the back where the sun never shines. You have a hebal tea and toasted paninis on offer today? Lead me to it, please! 😍😘
I have been for a walk this morning. I needed the chemist and a visit to the surgery, so I decided o walk there and back. On the way back I met one of the neighbours,- lovely lady and so sporty she puts me to shame. She was on her way up a mountain, and I told her she made me feel ashamed. She just laughed, andwe started chatting. I think that chat lastd almost an hour!
We have new beauty salon just opened up 3 minutes up the road, and I popped in to make a booking for a pedicure. No P*dstow pedicure for me this year! 😢 So I settled for next wednesday. That'll be lovely. I've tried to keep my feet good by treating them myself, but I can't do it properly. The bending to reach my foot is not an exercise I enjoy!

Maeve,- so pleased you enjoy the decking. I had a lovely decking in D*al. Here my terrace does the job as " outdoor space ", and I do use it when it isn't boiling out there.

Jo,- what a worry about Bruce's friend. Hope he/she will be OK. You are becoming very domsticated during this lock-down. Not only do you mowe the lawn and set up a bird bath, but you're tidying cupboards as well! 👏👏👏😂 Be careful,- it might become a habit!

Diana,- your neighbour is feeding the seagulls? I won't say what I think she/they are like because the swearwords would be too strong for this blog. I hope her car gets sh*t on a lot!

Carol,- I forgot to answer your question about my new bed. The reason I haven't got it yet, is that at the moment I*ea's delivery men only deliver to the entrance of the house. They won't enter your home, and for the same reason they won't take away the old bed either. As I can't carry these bits of furniture myself, I must wait until Norway has opened up even more.
You have started the clothes cull? Dear me, your poor clothes must be petrified! I bet they thought you'd forgoten all about them this year, but as we say in Norway:" How long was Eva in Paradise?"

Pauline,- I thnk you must have mixed me up with Maeve (Early sign of dementia?😜) as I don't have a decking here. Neither do I have to create a bubble. I'll do my best to send some rain your way.🌧
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 11:11
You are right Eva I did mean Maeve of course! In my defence I was thinking of you as I typed and wondering if you would be on here before I finished typing! It was either that or senility! Sorry to you and Maeve! Can't say I amat all jealous of your neighbour going up a mountain. For me mountains are to be looked at and admired, not climbed!

Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 13:38
Afternoon. Been a beautiful morning but thunderstorms forecast for this aft. Unfortunately as we are going to a "real" birthday party. the friends's daughter with Learn diffs is 30 today and asked if we would go round. Rain due to start at 2 and party is at 3.30. I have heard on grapevine that it is a proper cream tea but we will see. wearing a dress - but taking cag.ul and brolly!
Sorry not been on for a while but tho we loved visiting eldest scollop and g/f we were totally shattered when got home on Sat eve and I haven't felt fully fit since then. Long drive (another 4.5 hrs) and we went for walk to find a picnic spot (scollop's garden big enough to socially distance (just) but new neighbours cat is using his garden as a lavatory! it smelt awful. luckily neighbour on other side has big holly tree so ploppy and scollop cut down all the overhanging branches and laid them out all over his one flower bed. We are hoping that deters cat. I must look up if any spray etc that he can also use. It was, and smelt , disgusting - such a shame. As riverside was so busy on Sat we had a 4 mile round walk to find a suitably isolated spot for picnic. I was shattered.
it reinforced our view that we can no longer continue all the visits away as just find this constant on the road so tiring. During lockdown we have realised how much we have neglected maintenance of our garden and house as were away so much at w/e's and now that we have begun to get back on top of both we don't want the same to happen again. Our garden is big (lots of big borders rather than huge overall size). It is lovely that we can now see space between plants as the strong growing (usually less pretty) plants had totally overwhelmed many of the smaller ones. Some had died so we have been thinning out and buying new pretty plants. We both love gardening but it never got to top priority over recent yrs (esp when visiting the 3 sets of oldies and scollops) and now that we have spent time in it again we both love it and tho still lots to do we can see a proper garden structure again- - and want to keep that!
Sloppy not happy. She was complaining today that nobody takes her out in car. I explained that that was because it is illegal to do so. She wasn't convinced that that would apply to her situation! There is def trouble brewing!
Maeve - we passed B.ldock on way S - and N - to visit scollop. i was thinking how fortunate you had made the move - and just in time. So much easier to see family - and be in their bubble on your new decking.
Pauline- you are certainly entering a new social whirl! It is lovely to make contact in "real" world again. I know that is what sloppy is missing.
Eva - so you decided not to join your neighbour up a mountain! wise choice I feel.
Diana - i have friend who feeds a nightly visiting fox! she doesn't live near me - nor near anyone who has chickens - luckily. Must be so annoying for your parents to have seagulls encouraged. they were the birds I grew up with in W isles and they would follow all the fishing boats. and steal all our sandwiches when we had picnics. Not my fave birds.
Jo - very impressed with your bird station fixing - and grass cutting! As you say gardens have been so important to those who have them. UB scollop was saying how much he missed outdoor space and their tiny balcony gets no sun. His physio (online) said his lack of exercise outdoors combined with his long hours sitting was one reason for his sc.atica . He is in much less pain now but has to keep on doing regular stretch exercises.
Carol - Our SR char.ty shop have said that they wont be able to take the amount of stuff people are likely to donate after lockdown and will be operating a rationing system. Think both because amount of stuff ( we have all being decluttering!) and they expect less volunteers as many may be in vulnerable categories still. I have a friend who was about to start new job at begin of l.ckdown and so wasn't eligible for f.rlogh and job gone. so she is selling her stuff on eb.y to make money. i have said she can have all my reasonable stuff to sell and just keep the money. Helps me as not taking up my space and helps her. Tho I will still have other stuff to take to dump.
must go and get ready.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 06:03
Morning and it is overcast here – in fact I was woken earlier by distant rumbles of thunder. We do have a yellow weather warning in place for this afternoon and this evening with heavy rain and possible storms. Fingers crossed they miss us (on the weather chart last night it looked as if we were just on the edge of the likely affected area. It certainly feels humid out (I put the rubbish out at 6.30pm). MM has of course slept through any thunder rumblings, as well as the garden refuse collection at 6.20 am!

Ah Diana that is one of the things about having the food delivered – no chance to see things you didn’t have on a list but you see and realise you want! Shame about the strawberries, we had some really nice sweet one yesterday (MandS delivered by D’roo). .English ones are coming into their own at the moment. We had overcast skies for a short while but other than that we had sun for most of the day (and it was very humid). No storms so they obviously missed us. Hopefully your skies cleared and you managed to get out into the garden again.

I see your good weather is continuing Eva. So where has the rain gone? Goodness so your neighbour goes up mountains for light relief! Nice to be able to stop and chat. Well done on booking the pedicure. Excellent that the new salon is only 3 minutes away – that could come in very handy! I see you are also impressed with Jo’s lockdown efforts to become a domestic goddess! Ah thanks for the explanation about the bed – so you have to wait for normality – fingers crossed it won’t be too long a wait. Yes the clothes were all quaking! It made it difficult to catch them and consider them!

Fi, I hope you also managed to dodge the thunderstorm and that the birthday party remained dry and was enjoyed by everyone (sensible to take a brolly and a cag I feel! Cream tea sounds a lovely idea. I am not surprised you were shattered after your drive on Saturday and then a walk to find somewhere to picnic. Hopefully the holly will stop the cat! How awful to have a cat using the garden as its own personal loo! I saw some photos of your garden on FB and it was looking lovely. Nice that the lockdown has been positive and has made you realise how much you love the garden. Oh dear so Sloppy thinks she can go out in a car – hopefully she will have taken on board what you said about it not being allowed at the moment! I never quite understand people feeding foxes – good thing there are no chickens nearby as you say! That’s sad UB Scollop doesn’t get to see the sun on his balcony – but good that he is in less pain and is being good and doing the stretching exercises, hopefully they will help him. Did he resolve the long working hours issue with his Manager? I did wonder about the charity shops and in fact said to MM that I thought they wouldn’t take any winter clothes at the moment so we might have to hold those back until later in the year. That’s very sad about your friend but lovely that you are providing things for her to sell. I can’t remember if I said my Sarah’s Stuart has lost his job, so will be looking after little Daniel whilst Sarah works; at least until things settle down somewhat.

I am pleased to say that Twin now has a bed to sleep in at the weekend – well she always had the bed, it was just you couldn’t see it! I managed to do my phone calls and to sort the clothes so now several bags waiting to go off somewhere. Our excitement of the day was the window cleaner turning up! We haven’t had the windows cleaned since January – we have the window cleaners every other month, so they were due to return at the end of March............ We usually have two men working in tandem – one does the front windows, whilst the other does the back. Yesterday there was only one guy as apparently the second one is in hospital as he has blood clots in his legs. Hopefully he will be ok. I didn’t receive the music tracks until yesterday evening so didn’t record the music yesterday. We have our church service this morning and I will have a go at recording after that – although I don’t think that will give Marg sufficient time to get the tracks merged before this evenings rehearsal, so we will have to sing along to our accompanist in real time and hope her computer behaves! Other than that nothing planned for the day. Morning BHB, yes it does feel muggy out. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Hxmely Smxke onto the patio and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Hope everyone is well, safe and bearing up.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 07:44
Morning. Waiting for MrT so might have to dash off mid post
Fi, you can buy various cat deterrents in pet shops and garden centres. We used one years ago that when squirted out of the container formed little blue pearls with a citrus scent and was very effective. Mine aren’t keen on herbs so don’t go where they are planted. Hoping the holly works in the meantime. I keep one area where mine are ‘allowed’ and first thing I go and clear it. Not what scollop wants to be doing though so hope he can stop it!
Very muggy here yesterday but no rain. Feels fresher this morning. Rain forecast later
As you may remember there were changes to our town regarding routes in and out and some lovely big planters were placed around to encourage social distancing and reduce on street parking etc. Sadly, overnight, mindless idiots have ripped out some of the plants and damaged a tree 😡 It has caused uproar on social media and volunteers are already out putting things right. Wouldn’t want to be in there shoes if caught as the whole town will be after them. So sad.
Ploppy had 1st full day at work wearing a mask yesterday, said it was ok but hot and uncomfortable. Hoping to have screens put in then driver doesn’t have to wear one.
Think I may do some baking today. Scones and bread maybe
Re: charity shops. We have 3 in our town. The local hotel was accepting donations and quarantining them in their restaurant but within a few days it was full. The shop my mum works in re-opens on 29th and will only be accepting clothes and limiting number if bags per person. Reduced hours too as reduced number of volunteers due to both social distancing and age of them
Mr T here, bye for now, stay safe
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 09:11
Morning all and it is a bit cloudy here now and I know we may get storms later. It did rain nicely overnight which was perfect, storms not so good. I am waiting for Mr W to arrive so may abandon this for a while if he turns up. My window cleaner arrived yesterday as well, though mine has been working through the crisis. I then did some gardening and have now planted my pots so things looking a bit brighter out there. Very good news that we now seem to have a drug which may help a lot of people recover from the virus. Brilliant news and it is cheap! So not all ok by a long way yet, but the first positive step forward I think.

Fi I have a lot of cats that live round me and they all have thought my garden a good place to do their business. I have tried various things without success. Now if I see them OI immediately wash down where they have marked. Also I have very sadly had to make them avoid me and run away if they see me. I have done this very humanely of course, Besides, I like cats! I have a water pistol and fire it in their direction, I don't hit them but it makes them run away and now I think they only use the garden when they think I am not around. Sometimes they are wrong! Hopefully the holly will do the trick. Hope the b/day party was a success and stayed nice and dry for you. Ah so your Mum doesn't really understand that being in a car is a no no. Good luck trying to make her understand. I think you are wise to try and cut back on your rushing around visiting. You will be not able to go at all if you are ill!

Ali having worn a mask for a about 15 minutes I can understand what your Ploppy says, they are hot, though mine wasn't too uncomfortable. Let's hope they can get the screens fitted. How awful that the tubs were vandalised. I will never understand the mindless vandalism some people think fun. Something very wrong with them. Had a smile when I read your post as I thought it read like Scollop using the special place in the garden! I am assuming it is the cats!

Morning BHB and what have we today Hxmely Smoke and crumpets. Sounds delish, so let's get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 11:36

Little sun today and looks like it could rain at any moment. We had a heavy shower yesterday evening but dry since. I had an early walk today to avoid the rain. Ploppy is due to play golf this afternoon - he'll be lucky not to get wet if it goes ahead.

JL have an up to 70% off sale on, including 20% off sofas. The suite I like is included but the colour selection is limited and I'm not keen on any so unlikely we'll get it reduced but will check in store.

We couldn't open the back door yesterday. We have security bolts and one of them broke while in the locked position! Ploppy called a local locksmith and he came this morning. Old lock has been removed and new installed. I had visions of carrying the washing round the side of the house to get to the garden and the rotary!

BGas sent me an email on Monday saying our latest statement was ready and to log in to our account. I've done so twice but it still says the document isn't available yet - very annoying.

Wow that was warm, Eva. It's my parents' neighbour who feeds seagulls. I think they do it pretty much everyday - they throw bread on the garage roof at the end of their garden. There are often several seagulls waiting to be fed and more arrive as soon as they start, the seagulls are very noisy.

Heard a couple of rumbles of thunder and it's just started raining.

Hope it didn't rain during the party, Fi and you were all able to enjoy the cream tea. Shame about scallop's garden, hope the cat can be deterred from visiting. A wise decision I think to do less travelling and spend more time at home in future.

That's terrible about the plants, Ali. I just don't understand some people. Hope the culprits are caught and punished.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 12:33
Culprits were apparently caught by Police in the early hours after resident reported a disturbance. Not teens, early 20’s - old enough to know better!
Mr T delivered, cheese scones, choc chip scones and rosemary focaccia all cooling. Sun shining, should have put washing out!
Glad door is fixed Diana
TK wrote:
Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 20:18
Busy busy. But very tiring. Went to Mr T's house today to pick up my meds. Ordered late Fri pm at docs, got email just before lunchtime on Monday to say they were ready at MrT! I did have a little shop there. There was a bargain- multi packs of tissues for 50p. Each multipack has 10packs of 9 tissues in each pack. I did have to lie down after breakfast, no idea why. I think I may have been waking up during the night.
Bruce's friend did not get a definitive answer. He has to have a urine test. I think from what was said he has multiple problems. He is still walking about and looks OK. He can't walk too far, so he comes for the morning walk in the car!

Today we drove to the big park in the next village for a change. It's not overly exciting, but there are different sniffs. When I got home later in the afternoon. I heard the next door's car's engine was running. I realised it had been running since lunchtime. I knocked on the door (not Felf, the otherside). Lady said it had been running for ages as her husband had gone to sleep and forgotten about it. She'd been in the back of the house so had no idea about the car. Hopefully they still have petrol in the car.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, June 18, 2020, 06:34
Morning and we have rain – the steady kind which I am told will be good for the garden! Although it looked quite threatening yesterday afternoon we managed to avoid any storms – if we have any today it will be this afternoon.

Ali, I can’t believe someone would vandalise the planters (well sadly I can), but at least I see the police managed to apprehend them. I really can’t understand the mindless need to destroy lovely things – I see from your second post they were in their 20s – they should definitely have known better! Any update on the inlaws’ dilemma in leaving their house by car? Like Twin I find wearing a mask is quite warm, plus my glasses become steamed up! Hopefully they will soon sort out a screen for Ploppy – wearing a mask all day would be very uncomfy I think. Thanks for the info on your local charity shops – I suspect it will be much the same with our ones when they open (haven’t heard when that will be). Our SueR one has nothing on their webpage other than a notice saying they are temporarily closed, so it doesn’t look as if they will be opening any time soon. Your baking sounds yummy!

Hopefully Ploppy didn’t get wet whilst playing goxf yesterday Diana, and the storm wasn’t too bad. We only had one small shower in the afternoon and then it was dry for the rest of the day. That’s a shame the JL sofa in the colour you want isn’t currently in the sale – it is worth asking about it I think. You were lucky to find a locksmith who was able to come so quickly. I can see having a locked back door could cause all sorts of problems! It is obviously a bad week for doors – when I made one of my church phone calls on Tuesday Linda (one of my church Singers) told me she had a glazier in. She had heard a strange cracking noise and when she investigated the bottom glass panel on her door had cracked and crazed. The glazier said it was due to the heat – the hall is quite cool, but the door has been in full sunlight. The whole thing cost her £300! That was annoying about BG – did you finally manage to view your statement? I feel sorry for your parents with the seagull feeding going on next door. Not my favourite birds and as you say they are very noisy. I remember when I was little that you only ever saw gulls at the seaside – now they are everywhere!

I hope you weren’t too tired after your busy day Jo. I think quite a lot of people are currently waking in the night (although last night I slept through). That’s sad about Bruce’s friend if he has multiple problems. June’s Poppy is now unable to walk anywhere so has a dog buggy (they bought it for Pickle after he had one of his ops and they were off to France), so they can still go for walks in the forest. So you were off exploring the next village – I am sure Bruce found it interesting (even if it lacked an ice cream shop). Your neighbours were lucky you heard the car engine or I feel they would have had a very flat battery the next time they wanted to use the car!

After our church service yesterday MM had a further zxxm meeting with the Vicar, so I did a couple of crosswords. I had two lots of recordings to do, so did one just before lunch and the other in the afternoon. MM needed the big pooter, so I read my book! We had a good rehearsal in the evening – only one absentee and that was allowed as he had been working at the computer for ten hours and needed a break from it! I did manage to see the last part of the SBee once we had finished. This morning we need to go into U’bridge. MM has a cheque to pay into the bank and I will brave the MandS food hall. I am hoping the rain will put a lot of people off being out and about. On the way home I need to collect my meds from the Phxrmxcy. This evening we have our G&T with Mary and then our (now weekly) rehearsal with Gareth. This evening I suspect we will watch the last Spxxks episode of Series 7 and may even watch the first one of Series 8. Morning BHB, yes it is rather wet morning so far. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Wxtxrlxx into the conservatory where we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM joins us.

Stay safe, well and happy.

pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, June 18, 2020, 08:30
Morning all and it is raining. In fact it rained yesterday and I am not sure it has stopped much! I was woken in the night but a noise and realised it was very heavy rain so I had to get up and close the window. Boy was it heavy rain! I stood and watched it for a while as the road was flooding slightly. Luckily not a problem but I have never seen it like that before. I know I said we needed a bit of rain but that was ridiculous! Always the same though. All or nothing. I had my delivery from Mr W yesterday and when I unpacked I had 4 Pxrxni beers I had not asked for. I rang them up and the young man I spoke to was over the moon at my honesty! Doesn't say much for their other customers! Anyway I was given them as a reward. Shame it wasn't champers or something. Never mind I know a man who will be able to find a place for them! Today I won't be going in the garden so I may get a bit of h/work done!

Ali I am so glad the police got the vandals. I hope they get more than just a warning!

Diana I am thinking that with the present state of retail if you talk nicely to JL they may well at least give you a discount of some sort on the sofa. Glad you got the back door locked fixed quickly as I can see that walking round the house with the laundry would be a pain.

Well at least Bruce's friend seems to be managing alright with his back paws Jo, love he arrives like royalty for his walk! Nice to have a change of scenery (and sniffs) for walks. I feel leaving your car running on the drive could be a little unwise. They are lucky it didn't disappear!

Morning BHB and we have WxterLxo and teacakes today? Sounds perfect. Let's get more and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, June 18, 2020, 10:58
Morning. Heavy rain here. Good for garden. Sis has taken BiL for hosp check up so youngest nephew is here. We made tiffin as a treat.
The 2 ‘men’ sho vandalised the planters in town have been charged and will go to court. Named and shamed. Curfew in place. Glad it was taken seriously as they shouldn’t have been out drinking at that time of the morning under current circumstances let alone causing damage. Funnily enough now they’ve been named the online shamers have gone rather quiet as now realise they know them/their families!!
Post has just arrived, a chocolate games controller to go on top of Jack’s birthday cake next week!
evam wrote:
Thursday, June 18, 2020, 11:00
Morning (just) all. It's another beautiful day here. There was a very dense fog this morning, but luckiy the sun has burned it away. Not the boiling heat we've had, but very comfy + 23-24 degrees.

I see the BHB has left. Ah, there is a note on the fridge: Had to dash. There are teacakes placed next to the toaster, and there is coffeein the thermos, so you can help yourself! So that's me told.

This morning I spent £ 2000 without even leaving the house! I ordered a new heating system for the flat, a hot air blower (!) which can be used as an air con as well. I have been thinking about it for a while, because I had one installed in my previous flat and loved it. There was an ad in todays paper about it, and I made up my mind to call them. Their "man" was out of the office to see another customer who lives quite near to me, and he said he could come up to me as soon as he'd finished with his visit with the other costumer. He was quickly here, and we agreed where the heater/cooler should be set up and which model I wanted. Do you know it's connected to tthe internet, so whn I'm in Spain I can with my iphone check the temps indoors (!) in my flat and turn up the heat the day before I come home via my phone! Marvellous, eh?
Yesterday I bought a new............wait for it.............kettle, so with a man in my home today and buying a new kettle yesterday, my life is one long excitement!
I've only spoken to father on the phone lately, and he's so confused it's painful to listen to him. I'll "book" a visit his coming w/e.

Jo,- I see you're trying out patures new? It can't be good enough for Bruce if there's no ice cream vans? Are your neighbour elderly? Who would let the engine run and then go indoors to take a nap?

Ali,- oh, that baking sounds absolutely delicious. I didn't have a baking night last night. My awake hours was taken up by dusting and h****g.

Carol,- I see you're still having rehersals with you singing group. When do you stop for your summer holiday? If you think you'll be on telly with Gareth, you must let me know so I can watch, please.

Diana,- you were lucky to get that lock fixed so quickly.

Pauline,- I thnk the weather gods decided hat they'd give you a huuuuuuge whack of rain. Did they ask if you wanted more?
Diana wrote:
Thursday, June 18, 2020, 11:45

It's rained here almost non-stop since sometime in the night, some of it very heavy. I think we have had enough rain to last several weeks!

I watched the last ep of Holby recorded when we were in SA yesterday so will start on series one of The A W*rd next.

I watched a programme on Y*llowstone on Sm*thsonsian channel last night and saw that there was a programme about Africa on afterwards so stayed on the channel. Turned out it was about the southern coast of SA and was vg, it was filmed from the air. It covered Kn*sna and P*zula golf course and we even saw the row of red rooves including our house!! I checed the TV guide afterwards and saw the ep was being repeated several times so have just recorded it to DVD. The series is on every Wed evening so will try to remember to watch.

Sorry to read about Bruce's friend, Jo. Hope he can be treated and gets better. Lucky you heard neighbour's car engine and knocked on their door when you did.

I haven't worn a mask yet as the only inside places I've been so far are M&S & Sains, and both have good social distancing etc. and I didn't want my glasses steaming up. But I will wear one when I go to JL and Br*mley shops. As well as a new watch battery, a savings account ends soon and I have to go to the branch to sort it out. Ouch that was an expensive panel of glass, Carol. Haven't checked BG account again, decided to leave it for 2/3 days in the hope the statement will then be available.

The wonders of modern technology, Eva. Your new heating system sounds good and that was quick service from the supplier. Sorry your father's so confused. Does Mrs S visit him regularly or is that a silly question?

Sad to see that Dame V*ra Lynn has died, though she lived to a good age.
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 18, 2020, 19:40
Dame Vera has been amazing. She has been singing for so long.

Yes my neighbours the other side of me are older than me, not as old as Felf. They have been isolated since the lock down started as he has bad health.

I made 2 masks out of a pair of socks. Not sure where they are at the moment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5wzNgiaNgg I didn't use the iron, the tailor's chalk or measure!!

It is sad about Barney (of the Biscuits) but he has had a good life, his daddy will just have to make his last couple of years as comfortable as he can.https://barneysbiscuitboxes.co.uk/pages/about-us this photo was taken a few years ago, he is much greyer now.

Bruce is still on the first page of the website

Eva, that is a way to spend money!! Glad you have sorted the new system out. I'd bought a new kettle just before the lock down. Mine was very cheap, can't remember how much.

I 'lost' my house and car keys this evening!! I was putting out the recycling rubbish so there was lots of in and out and moving of bins. I also trimmed some of the vegetation in the front garden. Bit of a nightmare. I was looking in all the bins, then 'ting' I had been wearing a jacket which I'd taken off as I'd got hot with all the moving about. Yes, the keys were in that jacket, phew.

Diana I hope you find something you like in JL for the right price. Good idea about the negotiation.

I have some mending to do Gingerbread man toy, Christmas moose, little brown rabbit, Brownie bear and small gorilla. The work has been piling up over the last few days.

Carol29 wrote:
Friday, June 19, 2020, 06:51
Morning – we have light rain at the moment and it is grey and overcast. I think we are due showers on and off all day. We managed to avoid the thunder yesterday but not the torrential rain.

I see you had the heavy rain too Ali. Hopefully the hospital doctors were pleased with BiL’s progress and decide he can cope without the rods as the pins continue to do a good job. I am sure your nephew enjoyed making the tiffin (and eating it!). I am pleased that the two vandals are appearing in court – as you say there is no way they should have been out drinking in the early hours at the moment, let along damaging Council property. Hopefully they will see this as a wake up call for the future! Oh a chocolate games controller on a cake sounds lovely.....piccies on F/B next week??

We are awaiting your nice weather here from the weekend onwards Eva. When we were having our G&T with Mary and Les yesterday they were talking about fog – they had decided to make a break for freedom and go out in the car for a drive, so they went off to the coat, where there was fog (or haar), which cleared up. They said there were no other people out so they walked on the beach – which was Kxngsdxwn near Dexl – we thought of you when we heard that! So a quick spend of £2000 without moving out of the apartment – very impressive! I am sure you will feel the benefit of the new system, with the added bonus of it being a “smart” system and you being able to control it from afar. Any idea when it will be installed? Not only that but I see you have also been buying a new kettle!! Oh dear, so your poor Father is back to a similar mental state as he was before his last op by the sound of it. June had an outside meeting with Moving Aunt on Tuesday and it wasn’t a very pleasant experience for her. I don’t think Moving Aunt will agree to stay in the Home when her three weeks are up. I am not sure whether we will stop for a break during the summer or not – on the basis none of us will be going anywhere just yet. We usual rehears to about the third week in July and then break until September (which is normally when we start looking at Christmas numbers!). I still think choirs, along with theatres, will be one of the last things to be allowed, so not sure what will happen to our Christmas concert in December. I don’t think I will be on the tv, or if I am it will only be a small clip amongst several thousand others! I think you are right and the weather gods became fed up with Twin’s calls for rain and decided if she wanted rain she could have some.....not just some but lots!

Diana your rain sounds like our’s yesterday. Hope you enjoy The A Wxrd – I found all three series were excellent, and the young boy who plays Joe is brilliant. How lovely to be able to see your hour roof on the programme – now you are recording it you can watch as many times as you want. No one seems to have come up with a solution to the glasses steaming up when wearing a mask scenario do they? When I went into the pharmacy yesterday there was a sign saying please wear a mask if you have one so I put mine on before I entered. I asked for my prescription but my voice was obviously muffled by the mask and the pharmacist (not the normal one) misheard and thought I was saying Karen rather than Carol! In the end I took my mask off (neither of the other two people in there had masks on!) and managed to get the correct prescription. Very sad that VL died, but as you say she lived to a good age and was around for the VX Dxy celebrations the other week.

Jo we watched the programme the Beeb put on yesterday evening – she also did a huge amount of good with her children’s charity. Ah your sock masks sound like the f/b video I put up some while back on my f/b page. I thought it was a very simple way to get around not having a mask when things were originally mooted that we would probably have to have some. Oh I didn’t realise it the biscuit dog Barney who had the problems. Lovely piccies on him on the webpage (and of course of Bruce on the first page!). I am sure the loss of the keys caused you a bit of a panic, especially when you had been doing the recycling and rubbish ready for collection – just as well you remembered about the jacket! I see Bruce is still out to love all toys to death!!

We braved the rain yesterday morning and went shopping – not that many people out as I suspected. I had to go into the shopping mall to get to my bank and some of the shops were open, some weren’t. The floor has been carefully market out and you have to follow a one way route around. Some shops had people checking temperatures before allowing people in. No sign of queues outside any shops though, and no one else in the bank when I went in. A few more people in MandS in the food section, but not that many so avoiding people was quite easy as long as you stood back if someone was getting something off the shelves in front of you. The heavy rain continued until early afternoon and they we had sunshine! Mary and Les were fine when we had our G&T, and Mary is still hoping we will be able to go down and visit in August (so are we!). Mr W is now providing her with food every week so they have plenty of provisions. After that we had our rehearsal with Gareth for an hour (and heard a small snippet of one of the songs we have recorded). After we had eaten (pizza and salad so very quick), and watched the VL programme, we watched an old MM that was on. Today we have a church steering group meeting on Zxxm at 10.30 – talking about how to open up the church. Then this afternoon we have our family zxxm meeting so I suspect I won’t get much else down today – I have my phone calls to make in between the two meetings! I think tonight it will be Spxxks! Morning BHB, yes it is a grey start to the day. Let’s take the scones and the Vanillita into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Hope everyone is well and safe.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, June 19, 2020, 09:39
Morning all and it is a cloudy but dry one here at the moment. I think we are due some rain this morning and tomorrow, then we get summer back on Sunday. It rain a lot yesterday so not much gardening done though I did manage a quick burst of dead heading. The rest was fairly dull as I did som h/work. Another excitement in prospect to day as I will be doing the laundry a day early. Ass I am seeing Twin and MM on Sunday I need to get it all done today so I can ixxn tomorrow. I like to be flexible! It was sad to see VL had died. Of course not really unexpected at 103 butit feels like another bit of my parents era has died.She was a remarkable lady.

Very pleased the perpetrators of the vandalism have been charged Ali. It would be nice to think it will teach them a lesson but sadly I doubt anyone that can do something so senseless ever learns. The cake sounds as if it will be yummy and look fab.

The heating system sounds great Eva. especially the air con side of it! I would like that in my bedroom some nights in summer. Have to say I have found it far too easy spending money in lock down! Too much time on my hands I think. Sorry to hear your father is more confused. Very hard for you all. I would like to make it clear I asked for some nice light rain overnight to give the garden a soaking, not a deluge! Ah well be careful what I ask for!

Jo Barney looks a lovely dog. As long as he is happy that is the main thing and I am sure he is . What dog wouldn't be lining with a dog biscuit maker! Thank goodness you found your keys. Must have been a real panic moment. I have done similar things in the past and my Mum was always doing it. I learned to look in pockets first then.

Morning BHB and we have Vanillita and scones today. Just what's needed so let's get more and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Friday, June 19, 2020, 10:50
Morning all, and we're having another nice day. A little overcast but the sun is peeping out from time to time.

Hello sweetheart. Oh, scones is it today? Thats almost as good as the toasted teacakes. Coffee or tea? If you have a nice herbal one, I'll have that, please. Oh, btw. thank you for leaving the teacakes and coffee out yesterday. You are a star.🌟😍😘

Last night was a surprice, a good one. Except for a trip to the ladies without opening my eyes, I slept from 11pm to 4am. That's the longest uninterrupted sleep for a long, long time. 💤💤😴 I have been out to the island this morning to do some shopping for father. I'm visiting him tomorrow, and just now I'm eating cherries,- my first of the year. Oh, I love'em!🍒🍒

Diana,- I haven't worn my mask at all. They are still unused and pristine in the drawer. Yes. Mrs S is visiting father, and has been quite sivil to me. I don't trust her, so we'll see how long it lasts.

Jo,- I see you're having to repair your toys. Oh, they're Bruce's toys, eh? The loss of your keyes must have been frightening. I regularly have nightmares about having my purse stolen, forgetting where I parked the car etc. I'm glad you found them at last.

Carol,- walking down to Kingsdown was one of my favourite walks while I still lived in A*lesham, and it was theses walks that made up my mind to move to Deal. I never regretted it. The new heating system will be installed next Thursday. It'll be OK as long as I stay in the study.

Pauline,- I've hardly spent any money during the lock down. When I venture in to the shopping centre, I do the shopping as quickly as I can, so shopping for clothes etc. is not what I do. The only exception is the book shop!📕
Diana wrote:
Friday, June 19, 2020, 14:41
Afternoon. We've not had any rain today and the past hour it looked like the clouds were clearing 2/3 times but each time, it's clouded over again. Quite cool with the wind but pleasant when the sun comes out. Glad to see that summer returns next week, with possible 30 degrees mid-week. The longest day on Sunday.

We picked up our C&C this morning. It was the biggest and most expensive shop I've done for years, partly because I took advantage of Sains wine offer (surprisingly there are still two gaps in the large wine rack under the stairs) and Ploppy bought some cider & spirits. I've just returned from my walk, slightly shorter today than usual even though I didn't have one yesterday so must make up for it tomorrow. There were fewer people around today, not sure if that's due to the weather or the time of day, probably bit of both.

I hate it when you "lose" your keys, Jo. I often worry that I'll put the house keys down somewhere and then forget them, especially when Ploppy is away. When I go for a walk I take a tiny bag and always put the keys back in my main handbag as soon as I return even though I only use the larger at present when shopping so am likely to be using the tiny one again next. When we came back from shopping today I put the keys in a jacket pocket while I was bringing everything in from the car as our front door closes easily. I forgot the keys but luckily my hand brushed the pocket as I hung the jacket up after putting all the purchases away.

A number of our local shops are still closed and the doctor's surgery has not restarted some of their usual treatments and checks. I have an optician's appointment to look forward to in a couple of weeks but am hoping I don't need to fork out again for new glasses. We haven't spent much during lockdown and in fact are considerably better off than we should have been due to not going to the US which would have cost a fortune. However, the NZ deposit plus hotel costs are on my credit card so that will be a huge bill next month.
TK wrote:
Friday, June 19, 2020, 18:59
Surprisingly I wasn't too worried when I couldn't find the keys. I'd been to limited places in the house and garden as I had to have the keys to get out of the house. It would have been OK if I hadn't had 2 jackets on as I put the keys in the first jacket pocket when I went outside. Then took that jacket off, forgot I'd had 2 jackets on.

Bruce has had a ripping time the last week. He is having fun. Which is good.

Today I let Bruce choose the walk, so we went through the village to the little alleyways which lead to the other end of the village. No idea why this is his fav route. Duffy likes that route too. It may be that there are some little paths with lots of smells. Of course, it does mean we went to the ice cream parlour to share a scoop of vanilla. It wasn't very warm out, we were the only customers at the time we were there.

Still not getting many small birds at the new bird feeder. There was a pair of smaller pigeons!

I have saved money during the lockdown. I was checking my statements and couldn't understand it for a few minutes.

There were some lovely cherries at MrT this week. I was going to buy some, but missed them in the one way system and couldn't be bothered to go around that bit of the one way system again.

Barney is a very well trained dog, puts Bruce to shame.

I'm going to have an early night.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, June 20, 2020, 07:00
Morning and no rain to look at today – in fact I don’t think we are due any today according to the forecast. Yesterday we had some long protracted spells of rain, so at least MM didn’t need to water the garden!

Eva – that is brilliant news about your long sleep – hopefully the same happened last night. Oh I love cherries too, but didn’t think to put any on my order for Mr S that is coming today. It is very odd having to wear a mask I have to say – it is very alien to us (and obviously to you). At least it isn’t mandatory (apart from travelling, hospitals and doctors) although some shops are requiring them. Hopefully you will have a good visit with your Father today and all will be well. I am impressed that Mrs S is visiting him at the moment! I did lose my car once when Victoria was very little and I had her in her pushchair. It was near Christmas and I had been taking her Ch’mas shopping (in fact I had a small tree with me – a real one). We got out of the lifts and no sign of my red mini. I was trying not to let her see I was in a panic....in fact I was on the wrong floor and when I tried the next one there was the car! Oh that’s good the new system will be in place so quickly! Mary and Les say the beach at K’down is very rarely busy and a is a lovely place to walk. I wonder why bookshops are the exception to your shopping habits.......

Yes the summer returns next week Diana and could reach 31C in places! Amazing that it is the longest day coming up – the months seem to have flown by (doubtless due to the lockdown)! So the C&C has stocked you up with wine for the foreseeable future! Just as well you had the car. I think the change in the weather has deterred people from being out and about. Fingers crossed you are fine with your current glasses – I did have an email from Bxxts to say they were opening the Opticians in their branches, but as I bought my new ones just before lockdown (and ready for the holiday – sob!) I don’t need to worry about that.

Ah so it was the two jackets that caused the key problem for you Jo. Ah so Bruce is really into the ripping at the moment. Well if you let Bruce choose the walk and you ended up near the ice cream parlour, I think that might be the answer for his preferred route! I have to say I am not surprised you were the sole customers yesterday – we closed some of our windows as it was turning chilly! I am sure the small birds will come – they just have to get used to the new feeder being where it is. We get quite a lot of different birds (although always wood pigeons and starlings are the main visitors), but we have robins, wrens, blue tits, goldcrests and sometimes dunnocks. I think the money in lockdown goes one of two ways – saving money or being bored and buying on line. I have steered a middle course! Well you could see Barney’s halo in the photo – however I suspect he has had a much kinder life that Bruce did earlier on so not surprising he is well behaved.

We had a productive meeting yesterday and have plans to open the church for one day a week for a few hours, just for private prayer. We need people in the church to do the cleaning immediately after anyone has been in (CofE rules), but have the sanitiser stands ready and are getting a couple of thermometers to check temperatures before allowing people in.........it will be a whole new way of doing things. No decisions yet on when services may be allowed to start, although we have a plan drawn up for the 2m distance, but need to do another for any reduction in the distancing. We had a nice family chat in the afternoon although my cousin wasn’t with us as he was feeling unwell, and June was sorting out things for Moving Aunt. In the evening we watch the last Spxxks of series 7. Today will be get the house ready for our VIP Bubble visitor tomorrow. We have GandT with Lindy and Lawrence late afternoon. I think we will be off for our walk at some point this morning too. Morning BHB, yes it is much brighter today. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Stxxp Flxght into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM.

Keep safe and well everyone.

pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, June 20, 2020, 09:40
Morning all and it is a sunny one at the moment. Some cloud around but much brighter than yesterday. I have the ixxnxxg to do today so I won't be outside until later so hoping that it stays dry. It didn't rain much here yesterday but did start just when I got in the garden, typical! I did get a bit more h/work done though. As you can see not much that exciting happened. Sometimes I am having a bit of difficulty remembering which things happened on what day now, We have sport back this weekend so mainly f/ball and related programmes tonight so I think I will be watching stuff on iplayer!

How lovely that you got a better night's sleep Eva. You must have felt wonderful! I am another cherry lover so must try and remember to put some on my next order. this is what I don't like about home food shopping. I don't get to see nice things I would like. My home shopping has not been just clothing. I have bought a new frying pan (I did really need it) a bird bath (not here yet) various other bits and bobs for the house and of course a lot of jigsaws!

Hope you don't need new glasses Diana. I think I will be due another check in a couple of months and I always seem to need new glasses.

Jo I think we can all see why Bruce likes that walk! Ice cream is a huge incentive I am sure! I hope you get some little birds on your feeder after all your hard work. I think it may be the time of year why you haven't seen them so far. I was only saying to Twin a couple of days ago that there were no little birds around at the moment so I think it maybe they have a food source of seeds. I am sure they will come flocking back to you soon.

Morning BHB. You have Stxxp Flxght and paninis for us today> Perfect, let's get mre and go and join the CM.

TK wrote:
Saturday, June 20, 2020, 10:01
I've just been out to peg out washing. It looks a bit grey. Looked at the forecast between 22% - 30% chance of rain in the next 3 hours so better take a jacket. We had a lie in this morning, so Bruce went into the garden. He is very good, usually does it within a 6ft circle so easy to see and pick up.

Good that the plans are on going for the church Carol. I'm sure it will be a 'fun' time with the extra cleaning.

Just watching TV, the Sky VIP ad is on, I can name Gok Wan and Will Smith, that's it. I recognise the main chap but can't name him. That's Ok as advert is not aimed at me, no real need/want to have Sky. If I have desperate need to see a prog I can go and sit with Duffy.

I better get going before Bruce starts searching for the phone number for RSPCA. Though he does look quite chilled at the moment, not asleep, just resting.

Have a good day all

evam wrote:
Saturday, June 20, 2020, 11:39
A fternoon all. HAPPY DAYSARE HERE AGAIN, and the weather is still fine.

Hello sweetheart. Why are you jumping up and down? You want to know why I'm happy? First I need my herbal tea and the toasted paninis, please. (I've never seen him move so fast! 😂) The reason this is a good day is that THE SS HAS CAVED IN and FATHER HAS BEEN ALLOCATED A ROOM IN A CARE HOME!!! I could hardly believe my eyes when I read the letter. In the explanation of the reasons for the allocation, there was a quote from the report by the nurses and doctor at the place where father is now, they said that he needs round-the-clock supervision and it's impossible for him to live on his own. The SS could hardly dispute his needs after that, could they? I rang my sisters (Yes, I phoned Mrs S) and they were both just as relieved and happy that I am. I explained to father what the letter said, and he was pleased as well. He was in a good mood today, and we had a good visit.
When I left him, I went up to his flat. I'd brought a big suitcase because I wanted to pack and take with me a good whack of his clothes. We need to fasten name tags to every bit of his clotes before he goes to his new home, and I thought I might as well start. It could do as a suitable lot of work for my nocturnal activities.

Diana,- while you hope you don't need new glasses, I hope the eye specialist will tell me on Monday that I can go ahead and order new glasses. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Pauline,- I think th weather gods are teasig you by starting the rain just as ou had decided to go in to the garden! 😂

Carol,- maybe Moving Aunt will have a "yes" day when told that she needs to move into a care home? It will be busy Sunday mornings for you in the future when you have to wash down the church after every service.

Jo,- funnily enough I'm not surprised that the new route will become Bruce's favourite walk.

Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, June 20, 2020, 12:05
Oh Eva that is brilliant news - you must all be so relieved. I presume you must now wait to learn where they have allocated him a place! xxx
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, June 20, 2020, 13:17
Hi all. quick in and out. Life a bit "challenging" here. Going to L.ndon tmrw (dreading the drive in to c.ntral l.ndon route takes us across T.wer bridge - aargh. -never done it and leaving at crack of dawn (tho late by Eva's standard!) to try and miss any traffic) to see UB scollop - and take him home. Not allowed (by scollop - tho fair to say we know very little more!) to say more but just to say that we are not breaking any rules as he is on his own and so we are to be his bubble! Scollop is still in pain with his sc.atica and he is very down so needs to be home. Tho I think not having a fall out with him will be part of our challenge! Then NN has submitted more plans - same site!! of course he didn't tell us in advance and council webs.te wont open his plans but from heading it appears he is knocking down and rebuilding the ground floor extension room that is on our boundary. Now why would he do that - except to build stronger foundations to support a 2nd storey - that will be next plans! As others have said NN is not a man who likes to feel he has been "beaten". So sad. the room is beside our pergola and so that will be out of use for all of the demol.tion and build! Plus if there is to be a proper roof then again that could only be built from our side - but would be diff unless remove p.rgola. Tho we suspect he may go for flat roof as his real intention is to get the 2nd storey. A nightmare again. Ploppy very, very down. Don't think either of us has the energy for a 2nd fight.
Eva - great news re your dad. do you think you might start sleeping thro the night now - and then not have the time to do the sewing!!
Twins - enjoy your bubbles!
Jo - will it be hot enough next week for you to go down to 1 fleece?
Diana - I may not have saved as much money during l.ckdown as i should once I discovered online shopping. and our incahol consumption may have risen recently!
Ali - good the culprits were quickly apprehended. not so good re the crime in the first place.

Ali wrote:
Saturday, June 20, 2020, 14:02
Afternoon. Was lovely this morning but clouding over.
Eva that is fantastic news, so pleased for you
Fi, not such great news! Hope the drive into London is ok. Sounds like ub scollop needs some family time.
Carol, our local churches are not re-opening just yet, rather difficult to maintain cleaning in rural churches. Instead people can contact the church and request for it to be opened for private prayer.
Went into work for couple of hours, very dusty after coffee counter was sanded and varnished so did some cleaning. Next week, once social distance is confirmed at 2m Or 1m we’ll put tables in place and buy in stock.
Had a bit of a scare first thing as one cat ‘missing’ and no sign downstairs. Called her, checked shed etc. when scollop said she was sitting at the top of the stairs. Think she was poss shut in his room overnight and slipped out when he opened his door.
Ploppy has been on a self-imposed diet for 2wks and has lost a Stone! I need to do the same!
Diana wrote:
Saturday, June 20, 2020, 17:35

We've had the opposite, Ali, overcast this morning but mostly sunny this pm, though it was lovely when I got up.

Yesterday pm I went through the study bin and sorted out papers for shredding, throwing out and scrap, and did the shredding this morning. I did a wash first thing, initially hung the towels over the stand in the utility but put them out later when the clouds started breaking up. Had a walk after lunch and spent the rest of the pm reading in the garden.

Ploppy golfing at the mo and he told me he's playing Tues, Wed and Thurs this week!

Ah so Bruce's fav walk goes by the ice cream place, why am I not surprised. Haven't had any cherries yet, I saw some a couple of weeks ago but they were still quite expensive so had strawbs instead. Will check for them next time I go shopping.

Enjoy your first proper meet tomorrow, Twins.

Oh that's wonderful news, Eva, you and your sisters must be so pleased and relieved. Good idea to do the label sewing when you can't sleep. My fingers are also crossed for you being able to get new glasses.

Hope you have a smooth journey tomorrow, Fi, and UB scollop is OK. Very sorry to see the latest re NN - sending hugs.
TK wrote:
Saturday, June 20, 2020, 18:54
Hip Hip Hooray, hooray, hooray. The SS thinks he needs the extra support, Eva's father thinks he needs the extra support. There is agreement ....... for now, just waiting for Eva's father's kick back when he forgets how bad it has been. This will be a great relief to all the family Eva. (and us who have been waiting for the last few years for sense to prevail.)

Lots of Booos for NN for being at it again. This is too much.

I'm sitting in the house with a fleece, a rather colourful summer jacket, a tee shirt, thick jeans, boots and a big purple scarf on. It is a bit chilly now, so I've just been adding clothing.

Had fun watching episode 2 of Sir Lancelot this evening. It was in b+w, they did do some episodes in colour. I saw an interview on TP the other day with the chap who played Lancelot (William Russell, born 1924) he spoke about the colour filming https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x372z5s
It was only produced for 2 years 1956 -57. I do remember it, but it wasn't repeated as much as Robin Hood or William Tell. Another one from Talking Pictures.

Oh Diana, you'll have to sort yourself out some lovely things to do when you are golf widowing. A special meal from one of the delivery places in your area. A film or box set you've been wanting to see. If you lived near me you could take the heeerumpfing dog out. He's just come in from the garden heerumfed around the room I'm in, pulled his bed into a pile and searched through the toy box and taken a toy out, with a grunt, disappeared out the back door.

I've just learnt from the TV that magic mushrooms are now defined as class 1. Not like when I was a young biologist. I never did as I didn't know how it would mix with my meds as mushrooms didn't appear in the British National Formulary.

Ali I was listening to the radio earlier and it sounded like they were almost certain the distance would go to 1m next month. But who knows.

Bruce has come back in, no toys in his mouth, roughed up the dog bed and collapsed into it. I'll have to make a tour of the garden and collect those he has taken out. He never brings them in.

Just listening to Marti Pellow Lockdown sessions, 'If' today. Lovely

His voice makes my tummy go funny (in a good way), in lots of songs
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, June 21, 2020, 06:15
Morning and we currently have rain – I think it is only due to last a couple of hours and then we have a sunny and warm afternoon ahead (21C). Yesterday remained sunny, although quite breezy. MM did manage to get outside and mow the lawn!

Jo, I suspect you didn’t get any rain either yesterday, so you may not have needed your jacket. Bruce obviously felt that both he and you needed to have a lie in yesterday morning. Yes, we are drawing up a volunteer cleaning list (currently we have five people who have offered to come in and help). Can’t help you with the ad participants (although I do know I read that Idrxs Elbx was taking part) – we don’t have Sxy as we find we have more than enough on our other channels. Ah so does Bruce have the RXPXa on speed dial? I see you were feeling quite chilly by the evening! I don’t think I remember Sir L......I did look at the opening and loved the paper mache (well that is what it looked like) castle they rode out of! So did the heerumpfing dog kill the toy that he took out the back door? Whilst I love mushrooms I have never come across any magic ones!

Eva I imagine you are still on Cloud 9 after the letter from the SS! Well done to the nurses and doctors of the home he is currently in, for obviously stating exactly what is correct and that there is no way your father can live on his own. As you say, the SS couldn’t really argue with that. Well done on phoning Mrs S as well as younger sister. It must also be a relief that when you explained it to your Father he was pleased too (although there is always the chance he may change his mind I suppose). I remember desperately marking up my mother’s clothes before she went to Little Brook – good idea that you might find you could do that during the night if you are awake! Do you now have to wait for a room to become available and allocated or do they have one ready? I have to say I think it unlikely that Moving Aunt will be at all amenable to staying in the home – and she can be very stubborn! Ah we are thinking that initially we would just hold two services on a Sunday – one early one at 8.30 (which has a very small congregation and could take place in the choir stalls, so no need to clean in between the services) and a mid morning one, so that the cleaning could take place after that. All very complicated!

Fi, hopefully you will have a good run into L’don today. As it is a Sunday you should find there is less traffic around. So UB Scollop is coming home for some TLC. Sorry to hear that his sciatica is still bad and that he is very down – I am sure going home will b ejust waht he needs. I can’t believe (sorry I can) that NN is submitting more plans – he is obviously a man who can’t bear to be bested at anything. I presume if he has submitted plans that there will be a public notice outside his house so you might learn more from that? I don’t think any planning authority would demand that you have to remove your pxrgxla? I am not surprised Ploppy is very down. I see you have been indulging in in’net shopping too – and joining most of the rest of the country in upping the incohol stakes. June says they are certainly getting through more incohol (not surprised given what she is going through at the moment). Sending hugs.

I think that most churches are being given freedom to choose for themselves when they want to open – it will depend a lot on who is available to clean and be in the church for anyone coming in to make sure they know where they can go. That seems a sensible compromise to have people contact the church and ask for it to be open. Have you had your terms for the new job agreed? Quite exciting thought that you may be able to go in for the next couple of weeks and sort out tables and food ordering. Is there a potential opening date agreed or are you waiting until you know more next week? Ah so you thought your cat had decided to go off exploring – she probably found it amusing that you were looking and calling for her (I notice she didn’t respond). Well done to Ploppy – that is a lot to lose in two weeks..........feel I should try something similar!

Diana I feel you had earned your afternoon reading on Friday! I have some shredding to do at some point – just need to sort it all out! So Ploppy really getting into the swing of returning to golf (sorry for the pun!). Cherries are up there as one of my favourite fruits – they were my mother’s too. I see none of us are surprised to learn that Bruce’s favourite walk takes him to the ice cream parlour! Have you started The A Wxrd yet?

We now have a lovely clean house for our visitor. Our food all arrived in good time too and both fridges are now full again. We enjoyed our GandT with Lindy and Lawrence, and the world is now put to rights! During the evening (not being footie fans) we watched another two episodes of Spxxks. This morning we have our church service and then Twin will be over to “bubble” at about 1pm. It should be sunny this afternoon so we may sit outside......... I think MM wants to ask Twin’s advice on some plants too. Morning BHB, yes it is a little wet at the moment, but hopefully it will improve. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Nxght and Dxy into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM joins us.

Stay safe and well everyone.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, June 21, 2020, 09:37
Morning all, a bit cloudy and breezy here at the moment though I thin k it will improve as the day goes on. We obviously had quite a bit of rain in the night, so maybe it listened to me when I said I just wanted rain at night! Very exciting day for me today as I am entering my bubble with Twin and MM. It will be so lovely to feel a tiny bit more normal and be with them for a couple of days. So I can go with a clear conscience I did all my ixxnxxg and some more cleaning yesterday so now I get the rest of the weekend off!

Eva that is just the very best news. No wonder you are all thrilled. I should think you must feel that you have come out of a very long tunnel.Hope everything goes smoothly from now on. Such fun tagging all his clothes. I know when I took my Mum for her respite in a home I had to mark all her clothes. They insisted even though she was on respite and I offered to go and collect her laundry and do it myself! Anyway I did it and it made no difference, she still went home with completely different clothes to those she went in with! In fact the trousers were very nice!

Fi I hope you have a good journey to Lxndon. Hopefully traffic is not back to normal yet. I am sure he will pick up after a few days of your care. So NN is having another go is he. I do hope you can find the strength to fight him as it would be awful if he won after all this time. I certainly can't think it right that he can do anything that would cause damage in your garden or even come into your garden unless it is to repair damage to current property. But what do I know! Just awful for you both. Sending hugs.

Ali it must be very exciting opening a new place. Fingers crossed we go to 1m social distancing as I think it will make life easier for the hospitality industry.

Diana it sounds as if Ploppy is determined to make up for lost time on the golf course! I hope you can find lots of nice things for you to do while he is gone.

I have never had any mushrooms that were magic either Jo. I remember hearing about them but thankfully never came across any! I never came across Sir Lancelot either! I only knew WR as Dr W companion. that I do remember!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Pikelets and Night and Dxy? Sounds good to me so let's get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Sunday, June 21, 2020, 14:49
Back in time for Cliff as part of the RAH online performances.

Bruce is stomping about for some reason, not sure why.

I must have a snack, or I won't be able to concentrate
TK wrote:
Sunday, June 21, 2020, 16:26
Very interesting having a look about Cliff's house. It wasn't on for very long, but OK.

I'm off to watch Robin Hood now.
maeve12 wrote:
Sunday, June 21, 2020, 17:52
Eva, so pleased to hear your good news about your father getting a place in a care home.

Twins you're breathing down my neck with Spooks, I've just started series 8
maeve12 wrote:
Sunday, June 21, 2020, 17:53
Eva, so pleased to hear your good news about your father getting a place in a care home.

Twins you're breathing down my neck with Spooks, I've just started series 8
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, June 22, 2020, 06:20
Morning and the sunshine is back, with clear blue skies. We should have sunshine all day with temperatures around 22C, so that will be lovely. The rain cleared yesterday but a lot of the day was overcast and there was quite a strong breeze. Hopefully everyone had a lovely weekend.

Jo, you didn’t race Bruce back so you could watch Cliffy did you?? Could that be why he was stomping? He probably didn’t realise that there was no way you could miss watching Cliff! I take it you gave him a snack when you had your’s or he will be on the speed dial again! I imagine his house was rather lovely.

Maeve our next episodes is no. 3 of Series 8 which is about the time we started watching Spxxks the first time it was shown – it is actually quite good watching it close together as MM doesn’t forget what happened in the previous episode that way!

We had a good service (in three weeks our guest speaker will be the Bishop! Twin arrived safely and it was lovely to be able to exchange hugs! We almost feel back to normal having her to stay over. We decided that we wouldn’t watch the new drama on the Beeb, but were all set to watch our DxD of Frxzxn 2 – except the DxD player wouldn’t work! Despite my best efforts I couldn’t get it to behave, so we ended up switching it off at the plug and we watched a Rxpxir Shxp instead. Today we are being very adventurous and trying out the JL near to Jo – if there is a huge queue we may not bother, but I do need to buy some cards (it will my and MM’s anniversary at the end of the week and I don’t have a card for him – come to that I don’t think he has a card for me either!). This afternoon we are off to Lindy & Lawrence for an at distance bbq in their back garden, so looking forward to that! Morning BHB, yes it is a lovely bright start to the day. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted muffins into the conservatory and we can have a snuffle until the DCM arrives (she is still asleep at the moment).

Stay well and happy.
Ali wrote:
Monday, June 22, 2020, 07:17
Morning. Blue skies, sun shining, birds singing. Going to enjoy a day to myself In the garden with laundry in between as got behind over the weekend.
Visited friends yesterday afternoon for socially distanced drink in their garden. Good to catch up. Tomorrow we plan to blitz the coffee bar with thorough clean and get it set up exactly how we want it. Still some work to be done to open up a window into french doors but it is opp end of building so hoping we can contain any mess. Builder insists it is easy job!! He didn’t think he’d be able to do it prior to opening but has a space so they said do it now while we have the opportunity and will cause less disruption.
Once we’re set up we hope to put pics on fb and generate a buzz. Even if we just get family and friends in initially they can spread the word.
Better make the most of the good weather while I can!
So glad you can be together twins
How was Your trip to London Fi?
Stay safe x
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, June 22, 2020, 07:32
Morning all and it is a beautiful one at the moment. I feel my world is a bit more normal today as I am with Twin and I can hug her and MM!itwas lovely to actually be able to touch another human being. I had a good journal here though it is noticeable that there are a lot more cars around. So Twin and I are being very brave and going to JL this morning. We feel they need us! Terrible news from Rxxding yesterday. You would think there was enough trouble in the world at the moment. A very odd thing happened when I read the blog last night. I am sure there was another post from Eva an one from Jo replying when I refreshed the page they have vanished! I don’t think I was dreaming!

So you had a nice Cliify fest yesterday Jo. I did think of you when I got the notice from the RAH. Bruce obviously had other ideas about what you should be doing!

Maeve I haven’t actually revisited Spooks as I did see the whole lot first time round. I was a huge fan from episode one but I didn’t think I could cope with the suspense again!

Morning BHB and it is Lavendula and muffins today? Lovely. Let’s get more and join the CM in the conservatory.
TK wrote:
Monday, June 22, 2020, 10:58
I'm knackered, just finished Pilates. I did miss one of the exercises where you lie in the left hip, I really felt that would be too much. I did all of the session except I tone down some of the exercises when I need to. Bruce was lying near me, but didn't join in this time.

Twins glad you can get back to JL. I hope it will not be too full. Nice that a part of your lives is getting back to normal. Bruce wants the pubs to open then he will be OK.

It is 2 weeks today that I broke the distancing rules due to Felf's tooth, I seem to be OK. I was tired over the weekend but no real symptoms, so hopefully all 4 of us are OK. We had to get together on the Monday afternoon as Felf was so upset. She couldn't really talk after the tooth came out. So Melf's daughter and I talked together for 2 hours to keep an eye on her. She wouldn't lie down. Apparently hearing 2 hours of inane chatting took her mind off her problems. She couldn't really hear what we were saying as she didn't have hearing aids in. Felf's daughter came when Felf was looking a little better. Of course we had to go through it all over again, loudly as Felf's daughter can't hear well either. I think I had the best hearing of all of us, I spent many hours, over 5 years when I was young, with my head in speakers checking their sound was OK for concerts. So I was surprised my hearing is normal for my age according to a test last year.

I've been reading a few articles about the Reading nightmare. Sad for the relatives of the people who were killed and injured. I find it hard to understand.

I'll have to plan a walk for Bruce today. It is Monday so the ice-cream place is shut. I'll have to devise a walk which doesn't go into the village.
TK wrote:
Monday, June 22, 2020, 11:24
Ali that is very exciting, getting everything ready for the opening. Are dogs allowed into the inside sitting area? There are a few café's around here where they are. Other where they aren't, I always find it interesting why the owners choose their dog policy. There was a pub in Cornwall, near St Issy, which until a couple of years ago only allowed dogs in the beer garden. The year before last it allowed dogs into bar (where they did serve food) but not into the restaurant. The indoor café in NTrust place near me won't let dogs in, the outdoor cafe does. I was sussing out the Weald and Downland Museum when I got Bruce as it is a lovely place. It is on the way to the south coast. Can take up to 2 hrs to get there. They have a lovely new café https://www.wealddown.co.uk/visit/cafe/ Before the lockdown I checked and you can take dogs into the cafe. I need to check if I can take Bruce into the loos. He is not a dog I would like to leave with someone else. Though I did leave him with another dog owner when I stopped at the pub on the way back from Cornwall last year. I was very quick.
Basically I think it boils down to 'how many people won't come in if dogs are there' vs 'how many people won't come in if dogs aren't allowed'.

I'm more rested now, so better take Bruce out. After I've fed the birds, there is a bit of a queue.
evam wrote:
Monday, June 22, 2020, 16:06
Afternoon all. It's anoher sunny day here. We had a bit of rain yesterday, but nothing much.
I've had a busy few days. Yesterday I went to father's flat to start the clearing out. I empried out the fridge and threw a lot away. I did the rest of the name tagging of his clothes, but in the end I was so fed up that I left his about 100 pairs of socks for another day! We have another 30 days to get it completely empty, but it's hard to know what to let him take with him until we've seen his new room and how big it is. We'll all be taking what we want ourselves, (My lot will be the dining table, a smaller one than the one I have now, and the coffee table, both in a much lighter wood than what I have now.) On Wednesday we're going out to the home to celebrate father's burthday (93 years old). Only my two sisters and I, and then the home is stretching a bit because of the corona rules. I'll be baking a cake and the home will provide coffee. Hopefully the weather is nice, so we can sit outdoors. After we've said goodbye to father, we'll all three go up to his flat and start to go through his things to see who'll want what, who'll clear out what ad so on. I had a laugh today when I spoke to youngest sister. She told me that she'd spoken to Mrs S and had mentioned that she might wan the upright freezer and I the dining table and coffee table, and Mrs S had said as sweet as anything: "That's fine with me." I asked youngest sister if she was sure it was Mrs S she had spoken to! 😂
I've been to the eye specialist this morning, and there will be no new glasses for me at the moment. The eye was coming along swimmingly except that it had a hightened pressure, so another kind of drops had to be added, so for the next 4 weeks I'm on 4 drops a day, each at different times! I'll need an alarm clock permanently tied to me to remind me of when to take which drops. This will be very difficult when I go on the cruise,only another 9 days t go! No more injections at the moment, so that is a plus. But needs must, and my new glasses must wait.
I've been invited to a bbq on Thursday in honour of Sondre's 5 th birthday. According to the weather forecasts, it will be a sunny day, so I felt safe to accept the invitasion. It will be the first time in 3 1/2 month that I've been together with a large part of the family, so I'm really looking foreward to it.
The coming Sunday I'll be having Emilian with me for the whole day. Iselin is not very well at the moment, so normally Emilian would be with his grandparents over the weekend to give Iselin a breathing room, but the coming w/e is their moving day, so they really don't need Emilian with them. A friend og Iselin will take care of Emilian on the Saturday and I'll be lucky enough to have him for the whole of Sunday. I've already bought a game we can get busy with, and we might even go to the cinema! I'm looking foreward to Sunday.

Jo,- so you've started the Cliffy season already? Let's hope everything will go foreward in the RAH in October. Dear me, Felf gave you all a scare, poor love. I'm glad she came out of it all right.

Ali,- it sounds like you've landed yourself the perfect new job. Good luck when you open up! 🤗

Diana,- so Ploppy is back in good old golf mood again! I'm not surprised when you think of howlong he's had to go without.

Twins,- going to JL, eh? Hope you have a lovely time. I wonder if you'll find something to spend your money on?
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 06:38
Morning and clear blue skies today, so sign of clouds and the slightly cooler breeze from yesterday appears to have disappeared. This afternoon we should meet 27C.

Ali, our birds are singing this morning too. I hope you enjoyed your day to yourself (despite doing the laundry too – I have to catch up today as well). Isn’t it lovely to spend time with friends and catch up (albeit it – currently – at a 2m distance). I see you have a busy day ahead getting the coffee bar clean and ready (fingers crossed the French door installation will be as easy as the builder says!). I see you are gearing up for the initial publicity (excellent idea to put it on Fbook) – hope you aren’t too exhausted at the end of the day!

I see you are still keeping up the Pxlxtes, Jo – probably sensible to avoid the exercise that might aggravate your left hip. You mean Bruce didn’t participate this time? Yes I am sure Bruce is just hanging in waiting for the pubs to allow him in! I am sure you have managed to avoid catching anything due to the saga of Felf’s tooth. I think tiredness comes after you have caught it. It does sound that Felf had a very traumatic time! Well done on your excellent hearing! I can never understand why anyone wants to take a fellow human’s life – I did read they thought the young man who perpetrated the killings had some mental issues. So once Bruce realised he wasn’t getting an ice cream (I think they could be busy in the next few days as the temperatures sore) was he an unhappy dog? Mary and Les are always looking for dog friendly places to either stay in the UK or go for a meal/drink. I remember when MM, Les and I were still working we met up in L’don for an afterwork dirnk and meal at a very nice pub – Diva had lots of admiring attention (she was a puppy at the time) and the staff plied her with fresh water and freshly cooked sausages! I do see your problem about taking him into the loos (after all he is a gentleman not a lady)! The W & D Museum is where they film The Rxpxir Shxp – it looks an idyllic location. I am sure other dog owners appreciate the problem. Oh lovely that the birds are forming a queue for the feeder!

I think you are due the same sunshine we are enjoying for the next few days Eva (at least according to the Beeb weather). I imagine there was quite a lot in the fridge to throw out. Ah the name tagging – it does take a very long time (June was very lucky as the home were Moving Aunt is currently residing said they do all the name tagging, so she didn’t need to sit and do it!!). Oh goodness I had forgotten it was your Father’s birthday (he is a couple of years younger than Moving Aunt). How nice that the home is allowing a slight relaxation of the current rules so that you can take a cake – as I said I think you should be lucky with the weather so it will be lovely to be able to sit outside with your Father to celebrate. Goodness did I read that correctly – Mrs S was quite happy (and sweet about it!!) with what you might want from Father’s flat!!! Excellent news that your eye is doing well – ah June has the pressure problem in her eye and had to take drops. Your eyes will be awash with two lots of drops during the day! You will have to have your case (trunk?) full of meds now! I am sure you are really looking forward to your cruise. At least you have no injections on the horizon so a small price to pay for waiting for the new glasses. Your week ahead seems to be full of social events with the BXQ for Sondre on Thursday (goodness is he five already!). I am sure it will be a lovely family occasion and something else to look forward to. Then you have Emilian for the day (sorry to hear Iselin is not well). That is a very fast move for your sister! Are they looking forward to being in their new apartment next week? I am sure I would miss the view from their current home. Oooh I envy you being able to go to the cinema (although there are rumours we may soon be able to go – with restrictions of course).

So the best laid plans – we were all set to go off to JL once we were up and dressed when MM said he had heard on the radio that there had been a nasty accidence on the X40 near HWxcxmbe. I checked on line and two lorries and two cars had been involved, there was grain spillage (later diesel spillage) and one of the lorries had hit the central reservation. There was only one lane open in both directions (later closed completely) and they were cutting one of the drivers out of his cab. The delay was an hour and it was expected that lanes would remain closed for all of yesterday. So change of plan and we ended up going into U’brxdge instead. I have to say the shop I was most impressed with was Nxxt. They had a security guard at the door (only 12 allowed in at a time), who explained the safely rules and asked us to follow the markings on the floor – you entered one door and left by another). There was a hand sanitiser stand at the door, one at the checkout and another as you left the shop. Perspex screens were around the checkout and the floor was all marked out. What is even better is that I bought some clothes!!! So I now have some new cropped trousers (they are almost ankle skimmers on me!) for the summer. After that we went into WHSmxth where I bought some stocks of cards, then on to MandS before returning to the centre and going into the large Bxxts there. There were more people out than I have seen previously but where queues were needed there were plenty of people obeying the regulations. There are always people who ignore them when out and about of course, but we managed to dodge them! It was just so exciting to be able to do some “normal” shopping! Still quite a few shops closed though. We had a lovely afternoon with Lindy and Lawrence, sitting in the garden and relaxing. Lindy did a BBX and we all enjoyed that. We arrived at 2.30pm and left just before 7.30pm – and the hours just whizzed by! This morning our Bubble is off home. MM wants to go into the garden, I have the laundry to put on, plus I will probably have my recording to do for tomorrow’ rehearsal. Oh and I do now have two more 1000 piece puzzles to do at some point (certainly not during the hot weather) – I ordered one (Rxme in twilight) and Lindy and Lawrence gave me one yesterday (Vxnice – Rxxlto Bridge). Morning BHB yes it is a lovely start to the day. Let’s take the scones and the Olxmpxc into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM joins us – I don’t think she is awake yet!

Keep well safe and happy everyone.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 07:43
Morning all and it is a beautiful day though I think it may get very warm for the next week, I think my trusty fans will be needed. We had a lovely day yesterday, although not quite what we planned. Still the bit of shopping we did was still wonderful. Great to be able to meander round and actually buy lots of bits and pieces I have wanted. Did mange to buy a very pretty top as well so we are still doing our bit to get the retail trade back on track. Lindy had done a lovely bbq for us so it was a very good day.Off home today, sad to leave but lovely knowing I can come again soon.

Ali it must be very exciting getting everything ready to open. I hope you have the huge success you deserve with the cafe. I think if social distancing reduces it should help you a lot.

Jo poor Felf did have a time if it with her tooth. I can see why you had to help. I feel Bruce will be eagerly awaiting the reduction of SD so the pubs can get going again!

Eva I am sorry to hear Islington isn’t too well. I hope she is better soon, meantime you get Emilian all to yourself for a whole day. Mrs S being sweet? Wonders will never cease!

Morning BHB and we have Olympic and scones today. Perfect,let’s get more ad find the CM.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 09:45
I'm on the 5th of The Saint's episodes in B+W in the box set. I bought the box set last year and dipped into it. I'm going to view them all. I do the Talking Pictures TV daily quiz when I can. Each morning they show the eyes of an actor on Twitter, after 6pm they give the answer. Yesterday I was convinced it wasn't Roger Moore, even though I checked the answers others had given and lots said it was Roger Moore. I was wrong. So obviously I need to see more episodes of The Saint.

Twins well done on the shopping expedition. I'm not braving it yet. I have lots of clothes, if I need anything in particular I'll buy it on line.

Eva good plans for your father's move. 100 pairs of socks? Really? I don't think I've ever had that many. I have done a little sort out recently. I did not take them to the charity shop as it had closed, meant I had some waiting for the recycling. I made some masks!
evam wrote:
Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 10:56
Morning all. It's overcast today, but I don't think there is any danger of rain. + 17 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. You're still here, eh? Well, nobody else drink herbal tea, so it must be for me? You sound a tad cheeky there! You just wish I'd be in a bit earlier? OK, will 4 am do you? I didn't think so. Yes, please,- I'd love my tea with a scone to go with the snuggle. ❤️️😍🤗

It was the usual broken sleep last night. No, I didn't wash anything or dusted or ironed. I tried to tidy my desk in the study, ready for all he formfilling I have to do conserning father. I gave tthat up after half an hour,- I was too tired. I made myself a coffee and took that and 2 digestives with me back to bed, where I fell asleep again. I didn't even get to finish my coffee. That was ice cold when I woke up a couple of hour later.
I have been to do the weekly shop at the shopping centre. I was a good girl and didn't even enter the bookshop to have a browse.

Carol,- yes, not only are youngst sister and my lovely br.i.l. moving house this weekend, but the PH, Line and Henrik are moving bak to Bergen this weekend as well, so it will be a busy weekend all round. Henrik visited his new nursery last time they were here in Bergen, and he obviously felt right at home, as he didn't even glance up when his dad said bye bye. It wil be lovely to have them back here.
Sis's move weren't really due until 1st July, but the vendors rang them and asked if they could put the take-over forward a week, which they more than willingly agreed to do. Sis said she's so looking forward to be lving in a properly furnished home again! As you could see from the sale advertisment, the estate agent had ordered that they had to get rid of most of heir furniture before the photos were taken.

Pauline,- you made me jump with saying that your trusty fans will be needed! Trusty fans? Does she have a fanclub? Then the penny dropped. Sometimes I feel my brain is only on half speed.

Jo,- I was exaggerating a bit about the number of father's socks. It just felt like there was a hundred when I looked in the drawer.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 20:28

After doing a wash and my walk yesterday I sat in the garden for most of the day. Another wash this morning, went to Sains (no cherries grrrr) and then more time in the garden reading. Put the bed away and came in around 4.30 pm to wash my hair and have a bath. Saw today's Governm*nt update, then sat outside enjoying the evening sunshine with a glass of white port.

Glad that we will shortly be able to visit my parents in their garden, though sadly no hugging.

I watched the first part of BBC's The L*minaries on Sunday as I'd seen it mentioned while researching NZ. It was OK and somewhat intriguing but I wasn't enthralled so didn't watch part two on Monday. It kept flashing between two times, weeks or months apart, so was a bit confusing. Might give it a go on iPl*yer if the series is available for some time.

We thought that the work on our neighbours opposite's property was finished last month but various workmen have been back recently. Firstly to put a glass roof on the extension, finish the rear garden and then a week ago part of the kerb was removed and the area dug up. This morning a small area of their front garden where the kerb was removed was paved over and lower kerb stones installed. We assume this is another parking space for them - they have a double garage and space on the drive for three cars at a pinch so don't know why they want more space. There are only two of them plus their daughter sometimes leaves her car. Just had a thought - hope they're not getting a caravan or motor home and want more parking space!! The paved area is opposite our drive and bedroom so annoying - though compared to NN's plans, this is nothing. Their front garden is still a mess (there was a very large metal storage box on it for nearly nine months), hopefully they will have the grass relaid now the paved area has been done.

No, I've not started The A W*rd yet, Carol. It's been too nice the last two days and I spent much of Sunday on the NZ itin. As soon as the weather breaks, especially if Ploppy's not around, I want to start. Shame you didn't get to JL, Twins, but at least you found out beforehand and didn't get caught in the traffic jams, and were still able to shop.

I expect you're getting excited about starting your job properly now it's confirmed restaurants, etc. can open, Ali. Make the most of the next ten days before you return to working.

The Weald and Downland Museum is great, Jo. It's not that far from where my parents live so I've been there at least twice with visitors, though not for some time - in fact I think the last time was when we took Ploppy.

Hope the weather is good for your father's birthday, Eva. Good news that you don't need more eye injections for the moment but not so good about more drops, especially as you have to have them during your cruise. How lovely to have Emilian with you for a whole day. Hope your sister's move goes smoothly. Enjoy the BBQ and being with your family after all this time.

Ploppy not home from golf yet. He called to say he was going to a mate's for a drink in their garden and would be home around 8.15 - it's now 9.30! I'll have to get used again to him being out for 7/8 hours (or more) again with the clubhouse presumably reopening early July. At least I'll have the TV to myself so will be able to get on with the A W*rd.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 06:19
Morning and the sun is out already. The sky is a paler blue than yesterday, but so far one wispy cloud and that is it. We have 31C forecast for today – I feel Jo may not need two fleeces!

I loved the opening credits of The Sxint Jo – where the little halo would suddenly appear! You obviously need to watch more episodes if you couldn’t recognise RM! I remember my mother, who used to do a lot of knitting when I was little, had a knitting pattern for a man’s waistcoat – I didn’t realise until a long time that it was RM on the front of it. Jo I didn’t understand your statement about shopping and your “I have a lot of clothes” statement! 🤗

Eva so you had another bad night on Monday. So no sewing on of name tags in the early hours, but tidying of desk. At least you managed another couple of hours of sleep. So a trip to the shops but you managed to avoid the bookshop? Have you started the books you bought the other day and put aside for your cruise?? So a very busy day for house moving in Bxrgxn! How lovely that Henrik was able to visit his new nursery when they were visiting a couple of weeks ago. It sounds as if he will be happy there. Ah thank you for explaining why your sister was moving so quickly. I am sure she is looking forward to having all her things around her again! I hope you have a lovely birthday celebration with your Father today.

I don’t blame you for sitting in the garden on Monday Diana – did you have the breeze we had here? Oh no! No cherries!! I thought of you visiting your parents when I saw the update. I am sure you will be so pleased to be able to visit (as will they). When we read the review of the new drama they said how confusing the different time lines were (MM hates those sort of dramas!) so we were glad we hadn’t decided to watch. Oh goodness so the work is still going on opposite. Strangely the same thing happened to Lindy – her over the road neighbour had works going on and skips etc., then she thought it was all finished – until another skip arrived a couple of weeks ago and they took up all the lawn in the back garden and put down a patio (we think there is a body under there!). I hope you are wrong about a possible motorhome/cxrxvan – not want you want to be looking out at! You are right and we were very glad we heard about the accident before we set off (mind you I always check the route before we go anywhere) as sitting for a couple of hours in traffic would not have been pleasant. Did you see where they film The R Shop when you visited the W&D Museum? It always looks as if it might be a chilly place to work (they always have jumpers on) – mind you I think they do the filming in the winter months so not surprised it is cold! Ah the lure of a drink was obviously strong – I see you being a gxlf wxdow for a while! Still as you say, you will now have the tv and can watch whatever you want!

I see it will be all hands to the pump now for Ali! Twin went off home mid morning yesterday (after she had given MM some gardening advice). I made my phone calls for the church whilst the w’ing m/c did its thing! My afternoon was spent doing the i word (I did have the noseyd fan on!) so at least that is now out of the way. In the evening we had our PCC meeting and that finished just in time for us to watch the Gareth programme he had made. I didn’t get my backing track sent through, so will probably receive that this morning for my recording and sending off to Marg. We have our church service on Zxxm at 10 am so it will have to be after that. I need to catch up with HC from last night at some point as well as the Txlking Hxxds that were on at the same time as Gareth. Tonight is our rehearsal night of course, so I will be playing catch up with the S Bee (last episode tonight). Other than that I may get into the garden at some point! Morning BHB, yes another lovely day in store. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Mxry Pxckfxrd into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM joins us.

Stay safe, well and happy.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 08:30
Morning. What a beautiful day 🌞 Jack is 18 today! Cake (red velvet) made last night. Will frost it and decorate later in time for bbq this evening.
Good day yesterday, we cleaned coffee bar and re-organised everything then heard we can def open on 4th with 1m distancing so put tables in place and ordered soft drinks from supplier. Originally we planned to buy in cakes from our coffee suppliers but while they look beautiful (think French patisserie) we wanted something more rustic so have contacted local baker who makes amazing cakes, scones etc and she said she’d love to supply us. She is known locally and has been doing local deliveries during lockdown and obviously will be good advertising for her too. Had chat with other boss (in Poland) who is a director of business via phone yesterday too and should be meeting him next week.
Sloppy has just arrived so will go for now
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 09:34
Morning all and it is going to be a scorcher here. Just lovely at the moment though I think it may get very humid later which is not my favourite thing! Don't think much serious gardening will take place. I got home quite easily yesterday as there is definitely not as much traffic on the M25 though that might change today with this weather, I feel a lot of people will head for the coast. When I got home I had a thing saying a parcel had arrived and as I wasn't there it was now with the post office in the village. As I have just heard we have had some cases in the village I wasn't that happy, especially as I take in everyone's post round here, but went and in fact it was fine. The PO was empty and I parked outside so only contact was with the lady behind the counter. So fingers crossed hairdressers will be opening up again in a couple of weeks. Not sure about mine and how long it will be before I can get a haircut! I think Lucy could be quite busy! I am off to get my C&C today, so that will be another nice run out for the car.

Ali Happy Birthday to Jack, I hope he has a good day, I know the cake will be good! I am liking the sound of the cakes in your cafe! Hope the cafe is a huge success as it deserves to be.

Jo I am not sure I understand the "I have lots of clothes!" statement. That certainly doesn't seem to stop me shopping even if it is true for me. I feel it my duty to help the economy at the moment!

Eva I am sure you will be very happy to have Henrik and his family back near you. Lovely that he enjoyed the nursery as that is always a relief with little ones! I can see your youngest sis will be happy to get the move done. I still think she may miss the views for a while though! I am sure the new flat will be much easier for her to manage though. Of course I have a fan club, I just didn't like to say! There are all of two members both with the name NoseyD!

I feel you may be in the garden again today Diana! I hope the neighbour doesn't get a caravan. I know we have a covenant on our properties round here that means no one can park a caravan or motorhome. Mined there are one or two very large vehicles that almost qualify as that! I love the look of the W &D museum. I know that the barn The Rxpair Shxp is in is cold as Jay has said so. Mind he also said that nearly all of them are used to working in unheated workshops so it doesn't bother them too much.

Morning BHB and you have made Mxry Pxckford and paninis for us today? Lovely, thank you. Let's get more and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 21:26
Pauline I think the postmen have stricter instructions than the delivery vans. I know the van men just run up the path knock once and drop the parcel. Even if I'm sitting in the middle room next to the front door I can rarely open the door before the man has disappeared. The postmen will wait until the parcel has been accepted. (Unless you've had a 'word' to the regular man to put stuff in the box next to the door.)

Eva I did wonder if the number of socks were a joke, but with your father I thought it could be possible. Glad your sister's plans are coming together, nice to get going with the move. Just a shame they have all come at once.

It has been hot here. Bruce and I have been 'resting' a lot of the day. At about 17:15 he started moaning he wanted to go out, actually he was wanting to go out for treats. I phoned his friends just up the road, they had a gap in their schedule. We walked up. I really didn't want to walk any further in the heat. Bruce had some snacks and cuddles. He found a melted sweet on a footstool and spent 5 mins cleaning it up (Toffifee). He likes to help as he also cleans their kitchen floor. He was OK just to walk home after the treats and cuddles.

Somehow I have got an Irish directed TV station on my tablet. It previously had adverts in all GBP, now it is mostly in euros. The main difference is the pronunciation of Lidl in the ads. I really can't write the difference, but it took me a couple of days to work out what the name of the shop was. The TV progs are the same, just the ads.

The pollen count is up this evening I must take a tablet.
Best go to bed too
Nightlee night
TK wrote:
Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 21:30
That TV station does play all the ads for the UK football as well.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, June 25, 2020, 07:22
Morning and another beautiful day in store. I think the temperatures will be the same as yesterday (which was very hot).

Ali I still can’t believe that Jack is 18!!! Did he love the decoration on his cake? A bxq sounds a lovely way to celebrate with the family. You sound as if you are really ready to go with the coffee bar. The cakes from your local lady sound as if they will be an excellent addition – mind you I liked the sound of the French patisserie ones too – and as you say will be good for her and hopefully good for your new business too. I imagine you are starting to get excited!

Jo I think you are right about the RMail deliveries – we have some delivery people who ring and run. I do usually manage to get to the door fairly quickly so I just call out a “thank you” in case they can hear. The Hxrmxs guy (usually the same one) rings, and waits to see me open the door. The RMail postie does the same. I rather like the idea of Eva’s father having 100 pairs of socks...... It certainly was warm yesterday – I imagine a no fleece at all day? So Bruce wanted to go and help his friends and do their cleaning for them. What a thoughtful dog he is. Oh how odd to get an Irxsh station! I am now intrigued as to how they pronounce Lxdl! Yes pollen count high for the next few days too so you will need to take your tablets.

We had a good church service in the morning and then MM went up to the church for an at distance meeting with the Vxcar (he took the opportunity to mend a lock on the side door at the same time!). Apart from that and the rehearsal in the evening (several people had trouble with the wxfx so I guess that may have been affected by the heat). Our Noseyd fan in the lounge is still doing a brilliant job. I did manage to catch the final round of the S’ing Bee afterwards. We had the fan on all night in our bedroom and slept well, in fact overslept! I think it is too hot for a walk today and also too hot for MM to go into the garden. It may be a lazy day just reading under the parasol. Lindy will drop round some shopping (hopefully cherries and strawberries) late morning as she is off for her weekly Mr S shop). We do have ginandtonic with Mary and Les this evening, and then Gxrxth rehearsal until 6.45pm. Tonight maybe another Spxxks watching evening! Morning BHB, yes it is a hot start to the day. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Nxblxsse into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (thank goodness we have aircon in the Bistro!).

Keep cool, safe and well everyone.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, June 25, 2020, 08:37
Morning all and it is going to be another scorcher today. It is just gorgeous at the moment but by the afternoon I think it will be stuffy. Thankfully I sleep alright as I have a very efficient fan, thank you NoseyD I went and got my C&C yesterday and it was busier than it has ever been before. You can see a lot of people are behaving as if this is all behind us. Seeing the pictures of people on the beaches I have a dreadful feeling we will be back in lock down any time soon! Also it is quite disgusting the amount of rubbish people are leaving behind them. What is wrong with people? It takes so little to pack your rubbish together and take it home. We really are the dirtiest nation I know! Not doing an awful lot today I feel. Far too hot for gardening, except a bity of watering maybe.

Jo that problem with our R Mail deliveries is we keep getting different postmen. We had the same lovely mature man, John, for years and then at the beginning of the year he disappeared and we get a different one every week now. Hence no chance of building a rapport with them! John used to really try so hard to leave parcels with neighbours, Sigh. Never mind. not the end of the world! Must say I have had several deliveries from other couriers just left on the doorstep even though I am in and get there fairly quickly I still miss them! One lot didn't even ring the bell and I only found the parcel there when I put the milk out at night! Bruce is such a sweetie doing the cleaning for his friends!

Morning BHB and we have Nxblxsse and crumpets today? Lovely. Let's get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Thursday, June 25, 2020, 10:51
Morning all, and we're having another very hot day. Some places in Bergen will go above + 30 degrees! A man on the radio just said that everything points to June 2020 being the hottest June since 1816! I didn't know hey had thermometers back then?

Hello sweetheart. It's hot here as well? How about sitting somewhere with air con? Does it sounds tempting? Well, I have just had my new hot/cold gizmo installed, and it works beautifully! Summon up the T*rdis and bring the tea and crumpets, and we can have a lovelu snuggle without melting!

Yesterday turned out quite different from what I had planned. I was coming out of the shower at about 7.30 am when I heard my phone ringing. I, dripping wet, ran into the bedroom, sure that it was something about father. It wasn't. It was the man from the hot/cold air installer who said their man was at the outside, but didn't get any answer when he rang the bell. No wonder I said, as I've been in the shower, and the installer was expected on Thursday! He checked his paperwork and admitted they'd got the date wrong! Could he come up anyway? I asked him to give me 5 minutes to dry myself (!). I do like to be dry when I get dressed. So the hot/cold gizmo was installed yesterday instead of today!
When he was finished it was time for me to go and get my feet done. It was the best pedicure I've ever had. I was in heaven, and almost fell asleep twice. I'm going back there I assured the beautician. Then it was time to drive up to the care home to celebrate father. We had a nice time, but I'm worried how quickly his dementia is developing. He's drifting in and out of awareness of where he is and who he is with. We were tgether for abut an hour, and then he said he was tired.
Then the three of us went up to his flat and started sorting ut things. We were there about 3 hours, and the mountain of black bins grew steadily. He is a hoarder, so there is a lot to throw away. Mrs S and I (Yes, you read it right.) are going back on Tueday to continue. It was lovely to come back to a cool flat, the thermostate on + 20 degrees, while outside it was about 100 degrees. (Yes Jo, I'm exaggerating again.😜)
As I was sitting watching the telly and eating an apple, there was suddenly a crunchy sound in my mouth. I thought..........no, I won't tell you what I thought. It's not for your tender ears. I was afraid I had a broken tooth, but no, it wasn't, but when I touched it, I could feel it moving slightly, so this morning I rang my dentist, and the reseptionist was very kind and fitted me in at 2 pm. So that's where I'm going in a litlle while. This afternoon it's the bbq for the birthday boy, so at least I don't have to cook a substantial lunch. A sandwich will do.

Jo,- you have to be enterprising with Bruce's talents! Offer him out for the cleaning of floors to anyone who will pay with dog bisquits!
Ali wrote:
Thursday, June 25, 2020, 15:12
Afternoon. Phew it’s hot out there! Spent an hour or so outside then came in for a bit back out for an hour but getting headache so back in for iced water.
Jack had a lovely birthday at the beach with friends then we had a bbq in the evening.
Today he went out to buy some cider ‘because he can’!!
New boss and I met with local jam lady for tasting session and put an order in. We are doing cake tasting on Saturday. I could get used to this side of the job! Rather glad I’m not there today though as in mid 30’s outside and not much cooler inside
Eva you’re so lucky to have a pedicure, I can’t wait. Have got hair appt in 2 wks though.
Stay safe everyone x
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 25, 2020, 20:55
Ali, love the 'because I can'. And he did. Best wishes to him.

Eva, glad you are working together with MrsS. Sad that your father is getting worse. He may settle when the changes have been completed.

It is nearly 10pm here and still warm. Must have a bath
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, June 26, 2020, 06:58
Morning and that was a hot and sticky night (thank goodness for fans! Yes I have some too!). This moring we have a lot of low level cloud so only glimpses of blue sky. Think any storms may arrived this afternoon/tomorrow. Whilst not wanting them if they clear the air of humidity I will say “thank you”.

Eva we hit 33C here yesterday – hottest day of this year. I think Mr Fxhrenhxit invented thermometers some time in the 1700s... No need to take the BHB away in the Txrdis – we have aircon in the Bistro! I imagine (despite the shock when you came out of the shower) you were delighted that the company installing your cold/hot system had got the date for installation wrong and were able to do it a couple of days ago – just right for yesterday’s heat wave. I was so pleased to read the pedicture was a (great) success. So now you have somewhere close at hand you can go and get your feet treated. Sad to read that your father is getting worse. At least you all had a lovely time with him (even if it was only for an hour). So the flat clearing has begun in earnest. Heavens! So you and Mrs S are going to return and work together to carry on the good work you have started! Do you think this is a turning point? It seems to have been a week for dental appointments (hopefully your’s went well) – Lindy was at the dental hospital on Tuesday, Lawrence was at his dentist and yesterday Mrs Chris had an emergency appointment and had an extraction! Did the birthday boy enjoy his family bbq? I am sure he did. Hopefully the dental appointment didn’t impede your ability to enjoy the food.

It was indeed hot yesterday Ali – and certainly not a day for doing anything strenuous. I am liking the sound of the tasting session for the jam and the cake! I can see why you were glad you weren’t there yesterday in the heat. Love that Jack was off to buy incohol now that he legally can! One of my male cousins always (still does actually) looked very young as he has a babyish face. Once he was 18 he had to carry id around with him to prove he could legally drink in pubs! Well done on the hair appointment – can’t wait for mine in two weeks time! (exactly two weeks today!).

Jo hope you and the family were able to sleep last night – it was still warm at 11 pm!!!

Yesterday really was a day for not doing very much! MM did go into the garden for a couple of hours before it got too hot. He had a long phone call with the Vicar, and then I had a long call with Marg our conductor. Shortly thereafter Lindy arrived with a little bit of shopping I asked her to buy in Sainsbugs for me.............including – cherries!!! Yay! We then spent the afternoon on the patio (we took one of the electric fans out and plugged it into the exterior socket – so we had the air moving at least!). I marinated and cooked a couple of chicken breasts during the afternoon (when I was outside and therefore not in the hot kitchen). We had those in the evening for dinner with a salad. It was even too hot for a snack at lunchtime! We had a lovely G&T with Mary and Les and put the world to rights again. Then it was the now weekly session with Gareth – I think the heat had got to his pooters as he was having trouble playing things back! We had just eaten when we had another long phone call – this time from MM’s friend Keith who lives in Devon. After all that we put our feet up (again) and watched another two Spxxks. Today we will go into U’brxdge for a small food shop in MandS. Then I have my church phone calls to make. This afternoon we have our family zxxm chat. After our very positive experience on Monday in Nxxt I sent an email saying how impressed I had been and today I had a thank you email from them, which was rather nice! Morning BHB yes it is still very warm. Let’s take the Vanillia and the scones into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle in the cool! The DCM should be here soon.

Keep safe, well and cool everyone.
Diana wrote:
Friday, June 26, 2020, 08:56
Morning all.

It's been a lovely four days in the garden and still warm and sunny at the mo though we had rain overnight. I seemed to be drinking coke or squash all day yesterday. I'm debating when to go for a walk today, the hourly forecast has changed twice since I first looked.

Feeling happy this morning after L*verpool finally clinched the Premier L*ague after all these years. Disappointed but not surprised that some fans were celebrating outside their stadium afterwards, though from what I saw not as many as there could have been. Very annoying to see the crowds on Bo*rnemouth beach yesterday and the large parties in London. I strongly agree with you about the rubbish, Pauline.

Nice idea to use local baker, Ali. Enjoy the cake tasting tomorrow, I'm envious. Belated happy 18th to Jack.

Worked out beneficial your new heater/cooler was installed early given the weather, Eva. It's sad about your father. Hope the dentist was able to fix your tooth without extracting it, and that you had a nice time at the BBQ.
evam wrote:
Friday, June 26, 2020, 09:27
Morning all. It's a hot one here too. + 25 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. Yes, it's me, relatively early for once. You have iced tea for me today? Sounds lovely,- and scones? Even better.😍😘

I agree that it was just as well my heater/cooler was installed early. Yesterday before I went to the dentist I closed the doors and put + 20 degrees on the thermostate. Coming home to a nice cool flat was lovely. I needed it, bacause my visit to the dentist was not lovely. It ended with and extraction, and the dentist said it was just as well it happened now, because there were signs that an infection was developing in the roots! So out the roots came as well. I have to wait for a month before the work with the new bridge starts. Firstly it's my cruise and after that my dentist are going on holiday for 2 weeks. How very dare he? The hole in my row of teeth is not visible when I talk, but smiling is out for a while. I'm sure my fellow passengers on the cruise will be remembering me as " she who never smiled!" I was given 3 alternatives to how I can subsitute the missing toorh: 1. One of those bridges that you have to take out to clean. Makes me shudder, but the cheapest option,- £ 5-700. Option 2,- an "oldfashioned" bridge which will stay in place, cost £ 1000-1200, and option no 3,- a nail fastened to the bone and the tooth to the nail. That would take a loooooong time to come about and would cost £ 2500! I nearly fainted, and chose option 2. I have a new appointment 27th July.
The bbq was lively, to say the least. 9 children running arouns and playing with a water hose, and about 10 grown ups, so the noise level was high. The food was delicios though, and I had a good chat with Viljar's dad. He is going to help with the emptying of father's flat and to help me get "my" things to my flat. At 7pm I said my goodbyes, because my tooth (the one that wasn't there) was starting to hurt, and I wanted my painkillers which I'd left at home. I couldn't have driven if I'd taken them earlier.

Carol,- your busy life takes my breath away, but it is good that you've managed to stay busy during those difficult times. What would we have done without the internet?

Diana,- there is a photo today in my local paper from the beach in M*rgate. It is completely crowded, and never mind 1 meter distance. If they managed 10 centimeters that was tops. Stoooooopid people.
evam wrote:
Friday, June 26, 2020, 09:33
I forgot to give you a link to "my" ship:

Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, June 26, 2020, 10:28
Morning all. I am very late but I did a post earlier and it seems to have vanished! Not sure how I managed that. So better start again. If my previous post suddenly appears I can only apologise for repetition! As everyone has said phew another scorcher yesterday! I didn't feel like dong too much though I did a basic clean of the kitchen and a dance with the hoover. That made me very hot so sat with a cool drink in front of the fan. Today looks like being much the same. We were forecast rain and thunder but that seems to have disappeared. It is a bit cooler as well, only 28c! Feel I still won't get much done. Looks like a big change coming tomorrow though so not too worried about leaving things for a day. More appalling scenes at the beach in Bxxmxxth yesterday. I really don't understand what pleasure there is sitting on a beach as crowded as that one, let alone the health risks. Looking at all the children I did think the parents don't want them at school, but a crowded beach is fine? They are mad!

Eva how lovely you got your gizmo fitted on time for the hot weather., even if they did catch you in the shower (not literally of course!) I am jealous of your pedicure. I did one for myself yesterday and it was ok, though I think I have mangled one of my small toes I find hard to reach and when I went to put the foot cream on on the tube burst at the wrong end and shot cream everywhere! Anyway I am still hoping I may get a proper pedicure in the not too distant future. Sorry to here your father is fading. Hope if he gets properly settled and looked after he may improve a little. he has been through a lot recently. Eeek what a horrid dental visit, and then the prices! I am not surprised you nearly fainted. The BBQ sounds lovely. great weather for it! Good that you will get help clearing the flat. Nice boat!

Jack sounds to have had a great b'day Ali in spite of the problems. Of course he went and bought cider, I am sure I hit the pub for a legal drink, which of course is not an option at the moment! Liking the tasting side of your job!

Diana didn't know you were a L'pool supporter! I have a soft spot for them as when I followed f/ball it was their glory days and I was a big fan, so very pleased for them. Also sad to see the gathering though agree it was inevitable. At least in the picture I saw there were a few masks around! More rubbish on beaches. Apparently 335 tons has been collected from beaches in the past few days. These people must live in pigsties.

Morning BHB, you heard me knocking earlier so decided to wait and see if I turned up? What a treasure you are. Let's get more Vanillita and scones and see if the CM waited as well.

TK wrote:
Friday, June 26, 2020, 20:41
Good morning/evening. I was really lazy this morning. I slept on sofa and couldn't move as I was cocooned in the cushions and wrapped in a duvet. I stayed there for as long as I could. We missed the morning walk with the gang. I've done a little more gardening, but too hot to do much.

Eva your ship looks lovely. I hope you have a good time. Good to have your delivery early rather than too late. Nice to have a get together. Yes the care of teeth is very expensive. Weighing out the cost of the treatment vs the actual pain of the treatment.

Watched a live FB concert tonight from the lead singer of the Bluejays, I just happen to catch it. Bit of rock n roll was very uplifting. Bruce and TK came to listen to be singing, stayed for nearly a whole song then left. I don't think they like r n r, it couldn't have been my singing. I've booked to see them at the local theatre in Oct. Mr and Mr ExP are coming too. Fingers crossed the theatres will be open by then.

There is a queue for the opening of the chiropody services in the village, I know this from Bruce's friends at the flats.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, June 27, 2020, 06:44
Morning and we have rain – not heavy, although it looks as if we might have had heavier rain during the night. It is still quite warm though (17C at the moment) but it is only due to reach 21C later in the day so should be much better than the heat of the last few days!

Did you go for your walk Diana? We decided it was too hot this week so have missed out. We had several times yesterday when it became very overcast and we thought we might catch the storms that were due, but they missed us and the rain only came during the night here. Ah I am another who didn’t realise you were a L’pool supporter (Anne, our Vicar’s wife is an ardent fan, so she was over the moon!). I agree about the fans celebrating as well as the crowds on the beaches and the street parties – madness! As for the rubbish that was left, words fail me! I was envious of Ali and her cake tasting too!

I think most of E’rope is suffering with the same heatwave Eva – Vxxnna is due to be hotter today than Rxme or Athxns (33C). I am sure it was bliss coming into the cool flat after your bisit to the dentist. So like Mrs Chris, I see you had an extraction in the end. As you say how very dare your dentist go away for two weeks!! Apart from the price I am not sure I like the sound of option 3! You will have to practice smiling without showing your teeth before you go on your cruise! Hopefully your pain killers will have been working hard overnight. The bbq sounds lovely and of course it was lively with all the children and a water hose! That’s very good of Viljar’s dad to help you with the flat and to be your transport to move the things you would like. They were interviewing some local residents in B’mout about the idiot people on the beach – one lady said she was a nurse and was now expecting the hospitals to be swamped in a couple of weeks. At least with the rain today there shouldn’t be a repeat and in truth there weren’t so many people around yesterday from the news footage. I agree that the internet has come into its own at the moment! I meant to say your shipping line is the one that Lindy and Paul used when they went to the N Lights a few years ago Have you started packing yet??.

Jo were you not too hot if you were cocooned in the cushions and wrapped in your duvet? We had the large fan in the bedroom and just had the duvet cover without the duvet in it and I was hot! So you weren’t woken by your four legged alarm clock then? You were brave to even attempt a little gardening – even MM didn’t venture to do any yesterday. Ah I saw the BJays were due to be at the Swxn – I have my fingers crossed but my choir members all think singing will be one of the last things allowed – it is to do with the exhalation of breath during singing. Several large choirs around the world had almost the whole choir go down with the virus after concerts (including an English one in Yxrkshxre) so they are being ultra cautious – I know there is a lot of research taking place about breathing out when singing and how far expelled breath reaches. It may well be that when theatres open it will only be for the spoken word for a while.

There were quite a few people in U’brxdge yesterday. I only went into MandS whilst MM went off to see if his barber’s looked as if they might be getting ready to open. He is going to ring them today and see if he can get an appointment there when they open up. Not too many people in the food section of MandS and no queue at the check out. It was rather nice standing by the chilled cabinets!! I made my phone calls when I was home, and everyone was fine, although melting somewhat in the heat. I then had a video call with June, followed by one from Gemma and the boys – they had just finished their home schooling and were being given the afternoon off due to the heat! MM went off to try and fix a problem with a lock on one of the church doors. We had a lovely family chat in the afternoon. No Sarah as she was working again. Her husband has apparently had a few on line interviews for jobs but is waiting to hear. Fingers crossed. Gemma and Jon have someone coming to view their house this morning and they are having a viewing of a house themselves this afternoon. Gemma is philosophical about moving at the moment though. During the evening we watched another Spxxks (we will probably watch another one or two this evening). Our DXD player went on the blink when Twin was here at the weekend and I have been trying to sort it out during the week (when I remembered) but without success, so I ordered a new one and that will be here some time today. We also have our food delivery early afternoon too. Today is MM and my wedding anniversary – ordinarily we would have been going out for a meal, but today we are making do with an M&S meal at home. We will be having a GandT with Lindy and Lawrence this evening so that will be our celebration! Morning BHB, yes it is a little cooler but I think the aircon is still necessary in the conservatory. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Pxpa Dxble in there and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Keep well safe and happy (and cool) everyone.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, June 27, 2020, 08:23
Morning all.

After the rain clouds early yesterday morning cleared we had sunshine all day until about six pm so had an unexpected extra day in the garden. I had a walk mid morning - it was very hot.

I am hoping to go to Sains. today but having checked the hourly forecast will probably wait until after lunch, possibly tomorrow if the rain lingers.

Oh dear that was a painful and expensive visit to the dentist, Eva, but at least it didn't happen during your cruise.

I've been a L*verpool supporter since 1973 so experienced the glory years of the 70s and 80s, Pauline. Never been to Anf*eld (that's on my bucket list) but many years ago went to a number of matches when they played in London.

I despair at the crowds and parties which have been happening, some people are are so thoughtless and selfish. The police need to get tougher if only as a deterrent to others and the Government do more.
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, June 27, 2020, 09:23
Morning all and it is raining here, hooray! Not just for the garden but it is just so much fresher. The last two days have been a bit too humid for me. Never was a fan of humidity, I always found the far east countries too humid, especially in summer. Mind they all had excellent air con and the hotels we stayed in had pools and that made it more bearable except for my hair! Speaking of which, my hair dresser rang yesterday and I have a hair appointment! Woo hoo! Not for another two weeks but as long as these selfish prats that act as if there is nothing wrong don't create another lock down I may get my hair looking something reasonable again! That was my big excitement of the day. I didn't do much else as it was just too sticky and hot. Laundry today, so that will be exciting, not!

Jo so did TK and Bruce not appreciate your singing? I would have thought they would have joined in! Oh so not r and r fans you think. That explains it. I am also wondering how you coped with cushions and a duvet in the heat!

Diana I have never been inside Anfield though have seen it from the outside! Don't think that counts! I also despair of the crowds. Selfish is the word for it and they will be the first to complain if we are locked down again. I bet the hypocrites were all out on Thursdays applauding the NHS as well! Short of sending the armed police in I don't see what they can do having seen them trying to disperse the party last night.

Morning BHB and what have we today Pxpa Dxble and teacakes? Perfect, so let's get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Saturday, June 27, 2020, 09:49
Carol, I agree I think October is a bit optimistic. I have tickets for Cliff mid October, (The Great 80 Tour Monday 12 – Friday 16 October 2020) so we'll see what happens. Marty Wilde has moved all his Oct20 dates to Oct21. We'll just have to see.

Much cooler this morning, due to heat in the house I went out at 8am in just a tee shirt. I was chilly. I've now added a summer fleece, so all OK now. Bruce is sleeping in the front room, maybe due to me singing along to a Mike Berry and the Outlaws CD which was recorded in Sweden.

It is nice that people can meet together now, but concerned. I have looked online and says that the new cases per week have been falling over the past month, this week the data has stopped falling. There is variability in the different areas. My area is showing 0.3% of the people are symptomatic, it might be 0.2% as not totally certain which area I'm in.

I've been thinking back and also can't remember about Diana's like of Liverpool. I think maybe we have blogged about football before as I seem to remember something way back.

I think I should collect up some of the cuttings from the last couple of days as I left them on the grass, it was so hot. Don't have that excuse today.

This morning I clicked something and the password generating thing has popped up. I have no idea how I did it.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, June 28, 2020, 06:41
Morning and a much cooler night last night, thankfully. We have some sunshine and clouds but there is also what looks to be quite a strong breeze. Yesterday we had some showers and quite a strong wind, although it still felt warm. I think we are due to hit 19C today, which is quite a lot cooler from the 33C of Thursday!

I agree with you Diana, Friday was still quite warm and I am glad you had an unexpected day in the garden. So you are a long term supporter of L’pool (Anne, the Vicar’s wife lived near there when she was young so that is why she supports them – she has been to Axfixld a few times!). I think the pxlixe made things difficult for themselves by not doing anything during the recent BLM demonstrations – there was no social distancing going on so I feel lots of people assumed if it was ok to demonstrate then it was ok for them to go and sit cheek by jowl on a beach, or hold a street party!

Jo I am not surprised MW has moved his dates to the following year – there is still so much uncertainty around. I am keen for things to get back to normal of course as we are desperate to get back to singing properly. Churches have already been told there will be no singing allowed, once churches reopen. I see the summer fleece has been out – I suspect you may need it today as it looks quite breezy out. I am sure that can’t be the reason that Bruce loved your singing really! My cousin in Glxxcxster decided to meet in their garden with some friends (socially distanced) on Friday evening and posted a picture of them all wrapped up in blankets as it had turned so chilly!!

In the end MM decided not to take the car for new tyres yesterday, but worked on church related things so the car will be off for new shoes tomorrow instead. I did the laundry so that is done for another week. We had a very nice surprise in the morning when some lovely flowers for our anniversary arrived from Twin. I was able to video call her and show her how lovely they are. Mr S delivered our food so our two fridges are now full! We had a very nice GandT with Lindy and Lawrence during the early evening and then I popped our MandS anniversary meal into the oven. It was not our usual anniversary meal at a nice restaurant, but was very nice and the dishwashing fairies did all the hard work afterwards! I think it was possibly the strangest anniversary in our 33 years! During the evening we watched another Spxxks so now have two more to watch in Series 8. This morning is church service and then we are giving ourselves a lazy afternoon, so I will probably start a new book this afternoon (I finished my last one yesterday) or I may put out the pieces of my next 1000 puzzle – I still haven’t packed the last one away yet........... I will also try out the new dxd player which arrived yesterday. Morning BHB yes it is a bright start. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Nxblxsse into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Hope everyone is well and safe and enjoying the weekend.
evam wrote:
Sunday, June 28, 2020, 07:44
Morning all. It's overcast here and we might get a shower or two. Still warm though, + 24 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. We're sitting in the conservatory? Okey, dokey, and the fare is coffee and toasted muffins for me. Lovely. 😍 Can we do the snuggling? Ah, the corona rules don't apply here? Wonderful. 😘❤️️

Yesterday was very hot. I think the top here was + 32 degrees, but by that time I was indoors with the doors and windows closed and my new hot/cold dizmo working it's wonder. 👏👏 I went to visit father yesterday, and he was a bit grumpy, but said he'd not slept at all. We were sitting outside, and the nurse who'd brought him down, made signs that he had slept. He asked me when I thought he could go back to his flat. He meant the one we sold half a year ago, so again I had to start from zero and explain everything that had happened. He'd forgotten all the hospital visits and the two operations, forgotten about applying for a room in a care home, in short,- forgotten about most things. He said OH and YES when I explained, but I'm sure he'd forgotten everything by the time I left.
The beeb wasn't kind to us no-football supporters last night. The footie went on forever, and P*intless Celebs was canselled. The only thing worth wathcing was Michael M's show,- well clips from old shows, but he had me laughing all over again.
Today is my day with Emilian. We're going to the cinema. He's chosen what we'll see ( a Norwegian production about a boy and his best mate, a stick from a tree (!)) When we get back home, we'll be having pancakes for our late lunch. I made them a couple of nights ago. (They have been in the freezer.) He doesn't know about this, so I think it'll be a pleasant surprise for him. I've also bought a new board game called Look What I Know, and I won't be surprised if he beats me!

Pauline,- an appointment with the hairdresser? 👏👏👏 Like you say, let's hope the idiots don't cause a new lock-down.

Diana,- so you're a football fan? You must have enjoyed the telly last night then? The only good thing about it was that MU won, and O*e Gunnar S*lskjær looked delighted, bless his Norwegian heart!

Jo,- I can't remember any discussions about football on the blog until now! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the October concert. Even if it is cancelled I will go to L*ndon for 4 days, if,- and that is a big if,- the UK is off the Norwegian danger list. At the moment the UK is on the danger list, and if you travel there in spite of government advice, your insurance will not cover anything.

Carol,- so your car is having new summer sandals on? But then, I seem to remember that summer sandals were on all the year round?
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, June 28, 2020, 09:27
Morning all and it is a very blustery day and much cooler which is quite refreshing but perhaps a tad too cool! Never happy that's me! I did enjoy the cooler night and slept much better without the fan on. I am sure knowing this country the heat will be back before too long. We like our see saw weather. We had quite a lot of rain yesterday as well so no gardening and I think it will bee too windy today. Still, I have my ixxnxxg to do so won't be completely idle. I have started another jigsaw so may do a little more of that later. I am really enjoying them but they do involve me so much time just disappears! Plus I really must try and find something to do with the used ones, there is quite a stack of them! What with them and the loads of plastic carrier bags I have acquired from home deliveries I can hardly get in the dining room!

Jo it would be nice to think that concerts can start again by October but not sure it will happen. I think we may well need a vaccine before things like that happen. I am worried for my little beauticians. Her work is so hands on, heaven knows when she will be able to start up again. As she is the one owning the premises if she goes I may lose my hairdresser too, so fingers crossed for them.

Eva it is very hard when your father forgets everything. I got to the stage with my Mum where I stopped trying to tell her what had happened but just went with the flow! It was less frustrating and she forgot what we said very quickly anyway, so saying what made her happy was the most important thing! You sound to have a wonderful day planned for Emilian, he won't want to leave! Hope you both have a lovely time. Oh, and yes, I think the tv is trying to make up for lost time! Wimblxdxn would have been starting tomorrow and I know how much you and Jo will miss that!

Morning BHB and we have Nxblxsse and muffins for us today. You are a star, let's get more and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Sunday, June 28, 2020, 09:29

I was surprised how windy it was when I walked to Sains. yesterday and it's supposed to be windier today. There was a light shower but it only lasted 2/3 mins and I sheltered under a tree. We watched Sp*ctre last night and what a load of rubbish, the storyline was very disjointed and didn't make much sense, one of the worst Bond films. Hard to believe it followed Skyfall, one of the best, certainly of recent years. I made some more progress on our NZ itin but still quite a long way to go.

I didn't sleep much last night, just couldn't get to sleep. I spent much of the night sitting up in bed watching TV. I think it was about 4.00 before I slept. Relieved I'm no longer w*rking as would have been panicking about being shattered even though it's Sunday today. I've just hung the washing over the stand in the utility, decided not to risk putting it out even though the towels would probably dry quite quickly in the wind and sun. I will go for a walk soon.

As the forecast for tomorrow isn't all that, Ploppy is playing golf on Tuesday and I want to go to Bromley on Wed/Thurs, we are going to JL to look at lounge furniture tomorrow.

No Eva, I'm not a football fan, I'm a L*verpool fan. I rarely watch games with other teams, Ploppy may have footie on the telly and I'll glance up now and again but that's about it.

You must have been very chilly when you went out yesterday, Jo. I wore a spring/autumn long jacket and was very glad I had it on for the first few mins. However the sun came out as I climbed the hill and I got so warm I almost took the jacket off. By the time I got home, despite there being no sun, I was boiling due to having a heavy backpack and carrying two bags of shopping. Once I'd put the shopping away, I had a bath as I felt so sweaty.

I agree, Carol, that if the police had got more involved with the BLM protests, there might well have been smaller crowds now. Let's just hope the idiots have come to their senses and follow social distancing, though I'm very doubtful. If we get another surge, it will really mess things up and cause so much damage to the country, let alone raise the death toll even higher. I forgot to say happy anniversay yesterday.

Have a lovely day with Emilian, Eva. I love pancakes, sweet and savoury.
TK wrote:
Sunday, June 28, 2020, 14:49
I'm in no way certain that the Oct concerts will go ahead. Just planning in case they are. I will also assess myself before I go. Meaning even if the concert is on I might not go. If people weren't such idiots I'd be more certain. I'm keeping well away from people still. Yesterday, as it was cooler, we went on a nice walk. It included the ice cream parlour and friends (with biscuits) near the river. We had a long walk back as Bruce decided not to go home the usual way but tried to visit more friends. I managed to divert him from their house, but it did add another 20 mins to the walk. While I was out popped into see the mid 80 year old couple, wife is back from hospital now. We spoke about shopping. Yes -they could shop online, yes -there are lots of options, no- the co-op around here does not do deliveries. Wife and I stressed that we need a list of ALL the shopping for the week. The problem is that the chap now does the cooking, he has a total inability to make a list for the week. He was so used to popping to the local shops every day. His wife said she'd been trying to get him to make a week list for years. She has been too infirm to cook for a long time. Anyway I'll leave it and go and ask how they are getting on in a few days. I'll have to get close to them to go through it, so we'll leave that bit for a while. He can go through using the laptop, but they have to decide which shop to use first.

I've been very lazy today. I did get stuck on the sofa this morning as Bruce was lying where I needed to put my feet. All was well after a gentle push with my foot.

Seeing the pictures of the seaside and some people over the river, I'm certain that distancing is not being carried out. From some of the stats it is looking like the instance of virus has stabilised, not continuing to fall.

Bruce is wondering if we should be going out, it's been raining on and off. I may just take my light waterproof with me.
maeve12 wrote:
Sunday, June 28, 2020, 16:36
I've got a hair appointment booked at last !, still got to wait for another 10 days but that's alright, it so needs it!

Yesterday went to "Glasto" in scollop's garden, everyone dressed in festival gear, there were a couple of small tents and a barbecue, with music thanks to BBC playing hits from the fifty years of the festival, all good fun.

Hope you enjoyed your rather different anniversary Carol and Rick

Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, June 28, 2020, 17:33
Hello. sorry been MIA. been a roller coaster week. Trip to l.ndon to collect scollop went smoothly. Drove over T.wer bridge at 9am on Sun morning and was so strange to see all the sights with no people around. scollop was all packed and he drove back, tho his leg (physio diagnosed it isn't sc.t.ca) gave him pain so we stopped at services for him to stretch and us to use "facilities". Not as much social distancing going on at services as I would have liked - did have to remind several people about it! . I find the stay al.rt " message useful - but nobody else seems to bother! Scollop and i had our issues early in week and I felt all the depr.ssion of cancelled wedd coming back. but we both made big effort after that and as his effort included doing our cooking, washing up and now helping (in fact doing lions share) ploppy to clear 35 years of rubbish, cobwebs and sp.ders from he garage i can live with that! He is certainly earning his keep .
we went to Sh.ringham on tues to meet Jules and her ploppy - they have a flat there and were visiting for the day. they made us lunch and aft tea in their garden and we wandered along sea front in between! lovely day. feel some towns systems for new regime are too discrete. Signs drawn on pavements to indicate one way systems but very few people noticed them! Since so many local govt staff are being paid full salary and doing very little work as their offices closed these staff could be used to help "marshall" people. We found everyone was very pleasant about being pointed out the one way system and people mostly laughed about not noticing - but for system to work well it needs staff to guide people. The road to coast was chokka! I guess with so many people on furlo.gh so have spare time and money and schools closed many families head for the beach. The roads were as busy as a midsummer Saturday!
Did 2 long country walks to day and yesterday with scollop. Got caught in torrential rain yesterday - luckily only a 2 minute run (and yes even I ran as rain so torrential) from a deserted barn. we sheltered there for 15 mins and then walked home in the heavy (but not torrential) rain. Today had strong winds.
Eva - it is so hard when dementia takes short term memory from a person. Mum is really struggling with this with dad. i try to tell her to do as Pauline says ie just go with what he is saying but she finds that very hard. My bro and his family went to visit parents today so they will be happy with that visit. my niece got a 1st class in her degree from C.mb so they will all have been celebrating. Your day with E sounds wonderful - so lovely to be able to spend time with family now.
Pauline - have to say I am not at all optimistic there will be a v.ccination any time soon. so I agree with Jo that we will just all have to assess situations for ourselves. Thought the interview on M.rr show this morning with head of Welc.me trust was interesting. Expecting a 2nd spike in autumn! And since he seemed to think that having bad respiratory infections in winter could make the population susceptible to 2nd spike (and I always get bad chest infs every winter now) I have decided that I will keep on with anti bis for this yr - if GP agrees (but since he wanted me to go on them Ft dont see him disagreeing!).
Maeve _ i have hair appt in 10 days time . My first one since mid Jan. my hair is a totally different colour to what it has ever been (well ever been seen!) tho very like my blonde curls when I was 2yrs!
Carol - Happy Anniversary for yesterday. Sounds like you were able to celebrate in style - even if slightly different style to usual.
Diana - I too despair at the crowds but am finding our on our walks that people dont move to the side in way they used to. The young are especially, but not exclusively, guilty of this.
Jo - ploppy has a spreadsheet of the stats and yes does seem to be stabilising/slightly reducing rather than dramatically reducing. Scollop a bit worried as g/f went to her sloppy in L.ics and of course that where there seems to be next big spike and they are in vulnerable B.ME category.
Off for a home cooked bb. - if we dont get blown away!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, June 29, 2020, 07:04
Morning and it is grey and overcast here and there looks to be a strong breeze again (it was very windy yesterday and we had a couple of torrential rain showers – we did have a rainbow in the evening though).

Eva you must be so pleased the new gixmo was installed and so quickly. Oh dear so sorry that your father had forgotten all recent events. Sadly it is a symptom of the disease he has. I agree – the Beeb seemed to think we are all people who are desperate to watch footie as they did the same last night as they did on Saturday night! I am sure you had a lovely day with Emilian (I am looking forward to being able to go back to the cinema so slightly green tinge to my face here). I am sure he was delighted to have pancakes for his lunch. So who won the board game?? You are right and we keep the same shoes on the car all year round. She needs two new rear ones. I have my fingers crossed for your October visit too.

Diana I think the strength of the wind was a shock to most of us – I don’t recall it being mentioned on the forecasts – the heavy rain showers and possibly thunder – yes; but the strong winds – no! I remember being disappointed watching Spxctre after Skxfxll too (that is still one of my favourite JB films). Ah I see you were affected by the non sleeping bug. Hopefully you weren’t too tired yesterday and your walk helped you feel less shattered. At least the change in the weather should stop some of the idiots going out and meeting en masse! We used to like going to the Dxtch Pxncxke restaurants – the pancakes were so large we could share one!

Very wise to put plans in place just in case all is well by October Jo. Fancy your walk including the ice cream parlour and the biscuit friends – I wonder who planned the route. I see Bruce was very much in a social frame of mind. Ah I see the problem with the lists if the husband does the cooking and doesn’t plan meals ahead for the week. That is good the wife is safely home from hospital. I hope they manage to get a delivery slot when they go on line. I have stopped looking at the pictures of people non social distancing as it drives me to despair that people seem to think the regulations don’t apply to them!

Ah Maeve so you have joined the lucky group with a hair appointment – eleven days now until mine! Can’t wait!! Still at least with my hair having grown I was able to put it up on my head during the hot spell! Your Glasto experience sounds great fun!! Amazing to think the festival has been going for fifty years!!

Fi, well done of navigating Lxndxn last weekend. The footage that I have seen of the city virtually empty is quite eerie. Ah did the physio say what the problem was for Scxllop if it wasn’t s’atica? I am sure that having cleared the air early on things are better at the moment and certainly Scxllxop sounds as if he is more than earning his keep doing the cooking and clearing up. That sounds like a lovely meet up with Jules and her Ploppy, especially as you managed a walk along the sea front. I think all the signage etc. is so new to people that they are somehow oblivious when they go out. I think you are spot on with your theory about the furlough and people seeing it as an extended holiday and heading for the coast. Ah if you rain was like our’s I am not surprised you had to shelter on your walk on Saturday. It must be very difficult for your mother to deal with your dad. At least she had the excitement of a visit from you brother and family to cheer her up. Well done to your niece. I think you are wise to keep up the antibis during the winter. I see you are another with a hair appointment!

After our church service we did indeed have a lazy day yesterday – so I did some reading, my crosswords and I also sorted out the new dvd player which came on Saturday. It was very easy to install – just plugged in and it was ready to go – so I checked all the functions were working. During the evening we watched another Spxxks (just one more episode in Series 8 to watch) and then a Lxwis (which turned out to be one we hadn’t seen before). Today MM wants to sort out the garage (it must be the season for it Fi!) and get things ready to take to the tip (he is planning to go this week), so the car tyres are still waiting to be sorted out. I may – note I say may – sort out the music in the back room ( you may recall that I have been saying this since lockdown began).....or I may start my Vxnxce 1000 piece puzzle..... This evening we have our GandT with Twin to look forward to. I suspect we may watch Spxxks tonight!! Morning BHB, yes it does look as if it is trying to brighten up as I can see some blue sky now. Let’s take the croissants and the Lavendula into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Keep safe, well and upbeat everyone.
Ali wrote:
Monday, June 29, 2020, 07:42
Morning. What a strange weekend weather wise! Sun, rain, wind ... hard to know what to wear, whether to hang washing out etc.
Dismayed to see lack of social distancing before places even re-open. It really feels as if some people have decided it’s all over. Maybe with more people back at work from the 4th it will settle down? I have my doubts!
A neighbour of ours, young lad about 6 yrs old, has cycled 146 miles over last 4 weeks to raise money for local zoo. His aim £100, achieved £6k!! Did the final bit through town yesterday and arrived home to the residents clapping and cheering. It’s been lovely watching him bike past every day with his dad. The zoo gave the family free entry yesterday with a certificate, a toy and he got go meet his favourite animal an eagle.
The cake tasting was amazing, no idea how we pick what to have. Need our sensible heads on. Lots to think about for the future too as we could expand a little with our partnership with the baker. Both parties excited. I’m excited but just hope idiots don’t spoil it and we get a second lockdown as this time there would be no furlough and it would ruin more businesses. I do wish all hospitality wasn’t lumped in together as we are very different from a pub or a large restaurant.
Can only hope!
Take care x
Diana wrote:
Monday, June 29, 2020, 08:44
Morning and a grey and windy one.

Yesterday evening we watched a couple of eps of Aeri*l Amer*ca which we've been recording (we have over a dozen already), and I fell asleep half way through the second, due to lack of sleep previous evening, so will need to play that again.

I brought down from first floor three boxes of various old mags during my clear out/tidy up last year since when they've been sitting in a corner of the lounge. Went through one mag deciding which to keep a few weeks ago and started on the next mag yesterday, making reasonable progress. I'd prefer not to throw the mags out and I don't want any money for them but equally doubtful a local charity shop would want them. A few are specialist mags so might be of interest to second hand arts/performance shops/market stalls.

Ploppy's almost ready to leave for JL so better not keep him waiting!
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, June 29, 2020, 09:16
Morning all and it is grey cool and blustery. In other words typical W/bledon weather! I would imagine it will make the players happier they are not playing! Will miss it dreadfully though, Still lots of lovely replays being shown so maybe not all bad! Had a quiet day yesterday so no change there! I did my ixxnxxg listening to the lovely Michael B. He has a hair cut booked for next Sunday and having seen him I do agree with him that it is much needed! Just did my jigsaw in the afternoon. I was going to do a bit of dead heading in the garden but was thwarted by some heavy rain so may try and do that today.

Not nice when you get night's like that Diana. Even I have one every now and then! I very rarely do anything though I just lie there and try to relax. I think years of jet lag down route when flying taught me to just stay put as at least I felt a bit better the next day!

So Bruce had what I am sure is his idea of a perfect walk yesterday Jo! Good luck getting the shopping list sorted with the 80 year olds!

Ah so you had a mini Glasto then Maeve! I'm sure it was great fun. Such a shame for everyone about this year, especially as they chose to have a rest last year as well!

I am sure you feel better for having had a few "discussions" with Scollop Fi! Glad you managed to call a truce though and he is certainly making himself very useful! Hope his leg problem is getting better whatever it was. Love the sound of your walk along the seafront, maybe the one with the rain not so much! I agree it seems as if there is a section of the population convinced it is all over. Maybe the spike in Leicester will make them realise it isn't? No I am not sure it will either. I think people are believing what they want to believe and have their lives back right now! Agree the vaccine will take some time but if we can get one within the year it will be a remarkable achievement. Let's hope we do.

Ali I am loving the sound of the cake tasting. That is the sort of work I like! Fingers crossed for you and your café that there is no new lock down. What a fab achievement by that little lad ion his bike. His parents must be very proud.

Good morning BHB and you have croissants with the Lavendula today? Just right so let's get more and find the CM.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, June 29, 2020, 12:19
Just a heads up that the GO will be in Instagram at 2pm today.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, June 29, 2020, 12:19
Just a heads up that the GO will be in Instagram at 2pm today.
TK wrote:
Monday, June 29, 2020, 13:43
He did remember to record it, so it is there ready for you
evam wrote:
Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 05:25
Morning all. It's overcast, and we can expect a shower or two during the day.

I'll just tip-toe past the BHB. I can't wake him this early. He's so sweet when he's asleep. ❤️️❤️️
I'm posting this early because I have another busy day ahead of me. I slept uninterrupted until 4 am, and that's not bad. I had my coffee and digestives in bed with my book. Then I got up to do some housework. I know, I know,- it's not normal to want to wash the kitchen floor at 5am, but at least it's done. I have also changed the bedding and that is now in the machine. There were some i****g that needed to be done, and to the accompagniment ( sp?) of the news on the radio it was done.
Emilian and I had a great day on Sunday. The film was a great sucess,- even I enjoyed it (!), Then it was home to lunch of pancakes with icecream for dessert! Emilian said he was having a great time, and when I let him use my ipad to acess Y*ube, so he could watch his favourite film, he was in heaven! At the moment it's the P*nk P*nter, the animated version. Iselin has deleted Y*ube on her ipad, because the little d*vil would get up early in the morning, find the ipad and watch Y*ube until his eyes were square! My leg got a proper hug when I took him home and delivered him to his mum. He told me that if I wanted, he could come and stay overnight. I think he visualised an entire night with Y*ube!
Yesterday I had a panic call from father quite early. He opened with saying that a tradegy had happened. I thought he'd fallen out of bed and broken his hip, or something like that. He then said that the chain with mother's wedding ring had disappeared, and I had to come up immidiately and look for it. It took me quite some time to calm him down, even when I told him that the chain was in the safe in his flat. Then he called youngest sister an hour later and told her the same story. He'd already forgotten that I'd explained that the chain was safe.
Youngest sister invited me to come and see the new flat. It is a lovely flat, even with unpacked boxes everywhere. As the block was built only 4 years ago, my lovely br.i.law is so relieved that there would be no more leaking roof, windows that needed changing etc. etc. They'd lived almost 40 years in the old house, and there were almost never a week without something needing to be done. Sis was delighted she no longer had a garden to keep. I think they'll be very happy there.
Later today I'm meeting up with Mrs S (yes, it's true!) to continue with the sorting out father's flat. It has to be empty by 22nd July, so we'll do it little by little. I have spoken to father's cleaning lady, and she's willing to wash the flat down before it goes back to the SS. It was immaculate when father moved in, and it will be immaculate when he leaves.
The washing machine has finished, so I'd better peg the washing up.

Thank you for the link to GO's video. Lovely, isn't it?
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 07:02
Morning and we have overcast skies but it is dry and the rather strong wind seems to have died down.

Ali it was indeed strange weather over the weekend – I now want the sunshine back but not at the temperatures we had mid week - a nice 24/25C would be ideal! I hope you are right and with people returning to work things will improve (although sadly, like you, I too have my doubts). Oh well done to your neighbour. That is a brilliant total and what a lovely thing for him to arrive to cheers and claps. It was lovely to read that the zoo really appreciated all he had done and he and the family had a VIP visit. Not sure I would choose to meet an eagle – it would be penguins for me! I am very envious of the cake tasting – it sounds wonderful. That sounds a very interesting prospect if you can partner with the Bakery – lots of potential there I feel. I have my fingers crossed all goes to plan.

Diana you sound like MM – we have piles of Whxch magazine and he is loath to throw them away (thought I have pointed out we can access waht we want on line!). I imagine you are right and certain speciality shops would be interested in them. Worth a check on line to see I feel. How did you get on with JL? They did send me an email Sunday with a video showing what procedures they had put in place – it all looked very efficient.

Ah I see you were doing the early morning housework again, although if you slept through to 4am that is quite good for you. If only I had known you were doing the i word............... It sounds as if you and Emilian had a wonderful day together = I feel you could be right about his ulterior motive for wanting to stay overnight! I am sure the pancakes with ice cream were one of the highlights of his day. I remember the PP cartoons! Oh dear so your Father’s memory is slipping even further away - very difficult for the family. Do you know yet where his care home will be or is he staying in the current one? Your sister’s flat sounds lovely and just what they need, it must be bliss for your b-i-l not to have to worry about maintenance and upkeep. Hopefully the sorting out with Mrs S will go smoothly (I am sure it will). So you have three weeks to clear everything and make it immaculate for the next resident. I think you will actually be away on that date - are you packed yet?

So yesterday was quite industrious – I did do some clearing out and MM worked really hard in the garage. Then I had to break off as the GO was on (Stephen was an unexpected bonus), lovely to see them both so positive and happy to be together. After that I remembered that the Beeb were showing the W’don final from 2008 (RF versus Rxfa) so I stopped and watched that (I am sure Eva and Jo would have watched too if they had remembered it was on). We had our G&T with Twin just after 5pm (fortunately the match had finished by then) and then we settled down to watch tv during the evening. We watched the last episode of Spxxks Series 8, so are just about to start Series 9, which wasn’t one of my favourites (we started watching when it was first on midway through Series 8). After that we watched an Endxxvxur. This morning our Bubble is coming over. We will probably go for a drive out in the afternoon to give our car a run. Then Bubble will stay over (cos she can), so we can watch the joy that is Hxlby together!! Morning BHB yes it looks as if it is trying to brighten up. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the La Bxcyclxttx through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Have a good day everyone, stay safe, well, and happy.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 09:14
Morning all.

Don't think I'll be going for a walk today given likelihood of rain off and on pretty much all day. So will do some more on itin and possibly start A W*rd.

We had a successful trip to JL yesterday. I saw all the designs on the shortlist other than my favourite which I eventually found at one end. After sitting on 2/3 we both agreed that the suite I liked online was the best. Then decided exactly which pieces we want and finally looked at the fabrics, before settling on one of the three we'd liked from the swatches. Of course, this isn't in the sale and is one of the more expensive materials! We decided to leave ordering for a short time and will do so online. JL had hand sanitiser and couple of staff outside, only one family at a time in the lift - all well organised. No queue but a reasonable number of people entering the store. We didn't go anywhere else so didn't see how many people were shopping in the centre.

Must be good to have another body around for company, Fi, especially given the extra help you're getting.

Sounds like you had a wonderful day with Emilian, Eva, he is clearly happy to return for more visits with you! Your sister and b-in-law are clearly delighted with their new home, how nice not to have to worry about repairs. Good luck with the flat clearance.

Enjoy your day together, Twins.

I'll now catch up with the video.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 09:16
Morning all and we have had rain but at least it is much calmer out there now! I know I wanted rain but I did not order a howling gale as well, so a slight exaggeration but it was windy! Like Twi I would like sun and 24/25c but I would also like rain overnight. That is perfect! The excitement of yesterday was the GO of course. So lovely to see him and Steve was a nice little bonus. The Go sang a couple of my favourite songs and looked gorgeous of course. The rest of the day was a bit mundane though my new toaster arrived and looks very nice (it is pale turquoise!). Not sure I said that my toaster was on the blink. I have had it for about 15 years so not bad, but it was only browning the bread very patchily so I decided it was time for it to go to the happy toaster land! Today I will be off to my Bubble shortly which will be lovely and the car will love the run! Need to go visiting while I can as you never know if a mini lock down awaits as in Leicester poor things.

Sounds like a lovely day with Emilian Eva. Nice that you can spoil him a little then hand him back! No wonder he wanted to stay the night! Glad your younger sis and bil are safely in the new flat. I am sure your bil is delighted with the lack of maintenance. It sounds as if they will be very happy there. Hope the flat clearing goes smoothly. Nice bonding time for you with Mrs S. Ow, stop throwing things! It could happen...maybe?

Morning BHB and we have La Bxcyclxtte and pikelets today? sounds good to me. Let's get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 20:03
Oh Eva, your poor father. He must get very disorientated. That doesn't help you though. Upsetting for all concerned. I hope he gets more settled. Sounds like a lovely day for bother you and Emilian. He is a very bright boy. Have you started with English yet? No, my Spanish has not improved from that I learnt watching spaghetti Westerns on TV.

Pauline and Carol, glad your Bubble is working well. Sort of back to normal then! I've not gone to any shops (apart from the ice-cream parlour) for a couple of weeks. It is good that someone is keeping the shops going :)

I went out a couple of times today, each time it threatened rain, but all was OK. (I do have a plastic kagoul in my bag, for just in case.) I did spend time in the garden as I had a text to say the gardener is coming on Friday, so I had to finish the severe cutting of one of the bushes in the garden. He really likes it, I have asked him to prune it over the years, but he hasn't cut it back enough. It has got huge and takes the sun from the lovely wild rose (which he doesn't like). I think it is Pyracantha Red Column. https://www.gardeningexpress.co.uk/s70004-pyracantha-red-column-firethorn?fee=7&fep=12928&gclid=CjwKCAjwxev3BRBBEiwAiB_PWB0esWjMu0T3URQBjsNPqNFahARBFixYWJmjYL_Xmtway8yCmQTvjRoCBgcQAvD_BwE
The birds like it for the berries, but they'll have to wait this winter until there is some regrowth and eat the bird seed instead. It is too spiky for me. Last time I did a prune of a plant in that area, mum said 'you won't kill it, buddleia survives harsh pruning'. It died. So hopefully the same happens to the pyracanthas. I'm not a natural gardener :) Bruce has been supervising, but no helping.
I haven't cut the grass for nearly 2 weeks so that'll keep the gardener busy for a while. Slight problem I can't remember how much I pay him. I wrote it down somewhere, not sure where.

Have a good day all
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 06:23
Morning – we have blue sky at the moment! Not that it will last as we have a forecast for light rain shower this afternoon, and there seems to be quite a stiff breeze again. Still it isn’t cold as currently it is 15C and to temperature is expected to be about 20C today. Yesterday was a showery day.

Diana I think you were wise to give your walk a miss as your weather sounds like our’s yesterday. You must have almost completed your I’nary for NZ by now! Did you manage to start the A Wxrd? That’s excellent that your trip to JL went well and you were able to “road test” the furniture. The email I had from JL showed all the hand sanitisers they had put throughout the store, and the other measures they had in place and it all looked very well organised.

Jo, my Spxnish consists of being able to say “hello” and order some drinks and food, oh and “thank you” and “goodbye” of course. You seem to have missed the couple of heavy showers we had in the afternoon. We have a pxracxntha in our garden – well we have two – one with red berries and one with orange. I agree they are very spiky – MM is the one who has to tackle and cut our’s back! I forgot to ask how your new bird feeder is doing? Hopefully the local birds have now discovered it. There was a snipped on the local news a couple of days ago about red kxtes and how they are becoming like gulls (a kxte had swooped down in a Mxrlxw park and taken a sarnie from a toddler in a pushchair) in becoming less afraid of humans and food snatching as a result!

Our Bubble arrived safely yesterday morning (her timing was good – I had almost finished cooking a chilli to put in the freezer). We did manage to go out for a drive in the afternoon (just dodging a heavy shower which went over just before we went out). I think the car enjoyed the run, as did we. Late afternoon MM had a zxxm meeting with the vicar and other churchwarden – we had a slight hiccup getting him online and visible, until I realised I had unplugged the camera/microphone when I put a memory stick into the pooter the other day and I had forgotten to put it back! Once that was done all was well. During the evening we watched the joy that is HC! After that we watched the Gareth programme, which is very uplifting. Today MM is off to the dump with all the things he has cleared out of the garage. Then he is taking the car for her new shoes. This afternoon he has a meeting at the church with someone he hopes will be able to decorate some damaged plaster from rain ingress. The Bubble and I are off to JohnL (I am whispering this so we don’t have the same problem as last week when we tried to go!) for a little light RT. Twin will be off home again this afternoon and this evening we have our weekly choir rehearsal. I didn’t receive the backing track until gone 10.30pm last night so I don’t think I will have time to record before this afternoon which will mean it is too late for placing in the drop box for use tonight. Morning BHB, yes I notice it is clouding over now. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Sxlent Thxrd into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM joins us (I think she is still asleep at the moment).

Keep safe and well everyone.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 07:24
Morning all and it is a much better looking one at the moment as the sun has just come out. I arrived at my bubble yesterday morning after a good journey. Although the motorway was busier it is still much quieter than pre virus days. We had a good chat and some lunch then went for a lovely meander round the lanes to give The car a run. Some pretty villages and fabulous houses were seen I think all pretty fabulous prices as well! Today we will give JL another go and see how we manage this time. If we feel it is not safe we can always come home! Can’t see that happening!

Diana it sounds as if JL have things fairly well sorted which is encouraging for us. Good that you managed to sort out which sofa you want.

Jo I had a pyracantha in my last garden and they are feisty plants! One interesting and useless fact is that birds always go for the red berries first rather than orange ones. My Mum and Dad had one of each in their garden and it was the same every year. No idea why as they eat both eventually.

Morning BHB and you have done Sxlxnt Thxrd and tea cakes for us today? Lovely. Let’s get more and find the CM.
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 08:34
Morning. Yes very mixed weather here too. Was due to rain all day yesterday and so friend I was meeting for coffee came to me so we could sit under perg.la - with fleeces on. after a few spits of rain the sun came out and shone al day. after friend left poppy and i drove 30 mins up road to a gardens which specialise in sw..t peas. they are open for their display. normally inundated with bus tours. it was still busy but with about 50 people (it is several acres) rather than the normal hundreds. A very nice aft out. Came home ot letter form neighbours. Bit good/ bit not so good. they do think will have to demolish wall next tour p.rgola. Clever ruse to put in planning applic that wall will be kept then once passed ask for amendment - which normally granted to demolish wall. However offered to meet , if we wished, over cuppa to discuss. We are going to view this as an olive branch and treat it accordingly (tho still wary ) . Just writing our response.
Carol - ploppy went to dump on Mon with garage "overspill".
Diana - Our JL is still closed - sob. so we cant go and try out our potential furniture. i have drawn up a SS of our faves - only 2 with measurements suitable to our small room. as our Jl is a small one not convinced they will have ours in stock. Came across a small furniture shop in local town (with a bigger branch about an hour away) and have their catalogue so may go back and try out some sofas there.
Jo - wow that was some pruning to kill a b.ddleia as your mum was right that you cant normally kill them by pruning. we have a p.r.cantha here too. you have reminded me we need to start pruning all our shrubs/trees - we have a lot and so far we have concentrated on the "nice" gardening ie thinning out /moving perennials; growing veg etc. We did prune one massive shrub last week - only about another 30 to go!
Pauline - how lovely to have a shopping bubble!
Eva - you have done more h'work etc before I am even up! Sad that your dad is deteriorating so noticeably. He has had so many changes in last few weeks (over and above the strangeness of l.ckdown) that almost inevitable that it will have impacted on him. Good to see that you and Mrs S are now bosom buddies!
Ali - you are progressing at great speed with arrangements for new business. i do hope all works out and the business grows - just like its plants!
We have booked to go to Kn.bw.rth on Sunday to meet Eldest scollop and g/f. wil be first time family tog since Chr. looking forward to it. sloppy a bit on warpath. Don't ever let me meet her hairdresser - i may not be resp for my actions. Seemingly hairdresser told her that her family shd have been taking her out and she couldn't believe that she hadn't been out. i haven't heard end of it since. Taking her out would be illegal!! Carol - sloppy does find it hard. which I worry about as dad not bad at all. He can do everything for himself still - wash, dress, eat, read papers, watch Tv etc. He has just lost his motivation in life and his short term memory. We hope that his Alz doesn't progress any further. as you know I still think anti depr would help him (friend whose dad is very similar to mine spoke to their gp and anti bis were prescribed for him and they noticed an almost instantaneous improvement) - but as you know I lost that battle - like so many! Today is another "br.tish summer" days - ie no idea what the weather will be - mixed I think. enjoy.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 09:26
Fi with your sloppy, you can't do right, very difficult for you. I really don't know how I would cope, you do so well. In order to prune my prickles bush, about 10ft tall, I had to borrow some very big secateurs, with very long handles, from Mrs Ex P. I also had to find a saw for the thicker branches. Hopefully my pruning knack will continue and be the kiss of death to this bush. I doubt it. Really should go to the dump too, I'll see what I have left after the recycling bins are taken away this Friday.

I was reading this morning about the pre lock down party in Leicester. Madness. Tamsey, Bruce and I see very few people, which is fine. (I talk to people on the phone.) Maybe it's an age thing.

Twins good luck with JL. I'll be interested to see what you think.

Ali wrote:
Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 09:27
Morning. Bit overcast, hoping it stays dry so we can cut the grass. Had unexpected shower yesterday which stopped that. Yesterday I went into work for a zoom call with other directors and employees. The niece of one of the directors lives in Cornwall and (small world) I believe is a neighbour of Chantale. She does a lot of the online ‘stuff’ remotely.
Tomorrow I have an optician’s appt to try and sort out my contact lenses. Assuming I’ll need a mask.
Fi, hope it is a genuine olive branch and you can discuss things amicably. Your mum’s hairdresser needs to get her facts straight, unbelievable!
Hope you get the trip to JL today twins
I have a climbing shrub (Poss a pyracantha) that is lethal when pruning. I get ploppy or boys to do it
Stay safe (and dry) x
TK wrote:
Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 11:42
I was pruning the rose bush an hour ago and found another prickle plant hiding in the wild rose (which I love). Bruce was watching me as I suspect he was thinking walk time. Then it started raining so came in to put another lot of washing in and pay some bills. Looks like the rain has stopped, which is why Bruce is 'saying' walk time.

Ali good luck with the opticians. I suspect I will be getting a check up appt as soon as they can.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 13:59

I ventured into Br*mley this morning for first time in over three months and only second in over six. The town centre was definitely quieter and a number of shops still closed but fortunately the small jewellery repair shop was open so I was able to have the battery replaced in my watch. Walked through M&S but didn't stop to look at anything - well, a top caught my eye but I have got loads of tops so made myself continue. Sorted out my savings account and did a small food shop in large Sains. Very glad to get home as I walked in and back, having decided to avoid public transport. I wore a mask for first time - don't like thought of wearing one for long flight plus in airports before and after.

Hope MM didn't have to queue for long to get into dump. Ploppy drove past our's recently and, despite needing an appointment, he said there was a very long queue. It's our turn on Friday pm - looking forward to getting rid of the stones and bricks Ploppy dug up along with an old dustbin and a few bits & bobs. I have finished adding places to see and routes to the NZ itin; still have some info to add and things to check but it's almost done for now. Trust you both enjoyed your JL visit.

Hope discussion with NN goes OK, Fi. Oh dear, I bet you could strangle your sloppy's hairdresser. Have a lovely time on Sunday.

Good luck at the optician's, Ali.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, July 2, 2020, 05:43
Morning and it is a fairly bright start to the day. I think today’s forecast is much the same as yesterday with showers coming over at some point this afternoon. It was a fairly warm night last night but nothing like it was during the heat wave!

Fi, it was good that you still managed to meet up with your friend for coffee even if it was at home (well wrapped against the wind). The visit to the gardens sounds lovely too and obviously you were able to see if without lots of tourists! Well at least NN is communicating. I think you are right to remain wary of him....worth listening to what he is proposing though!! Ah I wonder if your JL might be on the closure list – I haven’t seen which ones they are considering closing, as it was only announced yesterday that some stores would not reopen. The local furniture store looks well worth a visit. Your proposed meet up on Sunday sounds lovely, especially as it will be the first full family meet up, especially as it is six months since you were last all together – fingers crossed for the weather. Hopefully it should be an easy journey for all parties (assuming X1 is behaving!). Oh goodness me, what possessed Slopp’s hairdresser to say that??? Does she not understand the rules??? You should tell Sloppy that it is people like her who may cause a longer lockdown or a second wave!!!!!!! Sad to read that your father has lost his motivation in life as well as his short term memory. I hope he doesn’t get any worse and that eventually GP might see sense. In the meant time chin up!

Goodness Jo I didn’t realise the bush was 10ft tall (although thinking about it our’s is taller than I am....but then I am not 10ft). I am not surprised you had to borrow big secateurs and use a saw! I agree – people don’t really seem to realise just how evil this virus is – fancy having a pre lockdown party, which will doubtless spread the virus around and mean they have to have even longer than the two weeks being talked about lockdown! Total madness – especially as the party took place in the area which has the most cases. I have to say I am very glad we are able to have video talks with June and family, with Lindy Lawrence, Mrs Chris and of course Twin!! So Bruce was tapping his paw and letting you know that he was keen for his walk (well until the showers came). Hopefully you managed to dodge any further showers.

Ali, it is indeed a very small world. Fancy the niece of one of the directors being a neighbour of Chantale and Nicholas! It sounds as if the new venture is being taken very seriously by the company – have you agreed terms yet? Do you have a definitive opening date? It is all very exciting! Also any update on Jack’s apprenticeship search? I hope the visit to the optician goes well today – I am just so pleased I got mine sorted before we went into lockdown. I think you will be right about wearing a mask for your appointment.

I see you were off to the shops too Diana. We are hoping the small jewellers in U’brxdge will be open on Friday – MM bought me a ring which needed resizing and we took it in a couple of weeks before lockdown. Hopefully it will be ready for collection now, and hopefully it hasn’t got lost in the interim! That was great strength of will to avoid the top (as you will see below I didn’t do so well in that respect). When we were in JL there were a few people wearing masks, but it is still a little alien to us as a nation I think. We took our’s with us in case we needed to wear them, but it wasn’t a problem. Our local dump is just a queuing one, so no appointment needed – just a willingness to wait! Well done on finishing your itinerary!

So yesterday was another one of the showers and sunshine type of days. Fortunately we managed to dodge the showers. Our trip to JL went without a hitch – in fact it was just so lovely to be in a shop doing “normal” shopping and being able to browse. Lot of hand sanitiser stands around, basket/trolleys only available as you went in (like most shops they were working with an in one door, exit by another system) and sanitised before handed over. Staff around (keeping their distance) in case you wanted any help. Loved every second of it!! I came away with two tops, a swimming costume, a mini speaker, some birthday cards and gift tags, some serviettes and a table cover, a wooden serving platter (shaped like a dachshund), some Mxxlton Brxwn body lotion, chocolates for MM (for a treat), and three white crockery bowls. Oh and a small JL fan which you can hold or stand beside you (it has a folding handle), and you recharge via the pooter. Then it was on to Nxxt where I bought a reed room diffuser and some leggings. Came home very happy. MM meanwhile had queued for an hour at the dump, and then gone and got the car’s new shoes. We arrived home about the same time (he was just ahead of us). After a light lunch Twin headed off home. My recording music had come through, so I did my recording in the afternoon. I then had a video call with June, and latest update is that Moving Aunt has now permanently been signed into the Care Home. June had had valuers round to her flat, but is worried it is not a good time to try and sell. Fingers crossed. During the evening we had a good rehearsal, although accompanist couldn’t get her video to work, so we couldn’t see her, just hear her (at least it was the right way round for us to be able to practice together). Today I will carry on sorting things out (although one of the choir said the charity shop she had visited was not taking anything new as they were stacked out with clothes since re-opening!). We have our weekly GandT with Mary and Les late afternoon, and then it is time for our weekly Gareth rehearsal. Morning BHB, yes it is turning slightly overcast but it is still warm. Let’s take the brioche and the Sxzerxc into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives at some point.

Stay say, well and happy everyone.
evam wrote:
Thursday, July 2, 2020, 08:30
Morning all. It's overcast and wet here, and the temperatures are back to a "normal" Norwegian summer, + 10 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. Yes, it's me in early to parttake in your delicious breakfast. Of course I don't come only for the food. The main attraction is you, of course. 😍😍😘

I have now officially finished my packing, but there are always the last minute things I remember when I walk out the door! 😒 I booked a van for the 15th for the removal of the furniture I'm taking over from father. Viljar's dad will be helping. As I hire the car from 9 am, and Viljar's dad can't join me until he's finished work in the afternoon, we'll use the van in the morning to take all the junk from father's flat and on to the dump. Youngest sister can't join us that day, because that's the day their house buyers are taking over the house. I might be alone with Mrs S again. We have managed to be civilised so far, but bosom friends? Never!

When I go to the ship later, I'm going early, at about 5 pm, because there are extra security systems in place because of the virus. We don't leave Bergen until 9.30 pm. Checking in will start as early as 4pm, the cabins are available from 6pm. There will also be an evening meal served. I'm sure you'll understand how excited about this cruise. It's one I've wanted to do for years, and I feel so lucky to be able to do it now. There will probably only be Norwegians and Danes onboard, as Denmark is the only country Norway has opened up for. People from other counties will either be denied access or having to stay in quarantine for 10 days. One part of the corona rules is that the ship will only have half the passengers they normally have. So this way people can keep the social distancing. I did read the precautions the ship would take very thouroughly before I booked. I did consult with my GP, and he ok'ed it.
Did I tell you that my living room looks very bare? Because I'm getting a new dining table w/6 chairs and a new coffee table, I had to get rid of my old ones. We have an internet service which is very like E-*ay. You can sell or give away second hand stuff, so on Saturday morning I placed the advertisment, saying I was giving the stuff away, and that the recipients had to collect it themselves. Saturday evening the dining suite disappeared out the door, and Sunday afternoon I waved goodbye to the coffee table. I thought I had a camping table in my downstairs store room, but when I went down, I couldn't find it! So for the last days I've been sitting by my desk in the study to eat my meals. It's only for a short while, so I don't mind.
I've had an idea: Taking into account my ridiculous sleeping pattern, I wondered if I should offer my services as as a cleaner for a couple of hours in the middle of the night to the ship's captain,- for free, of course! No? You don't think it's a good idea, eh?

Fi,- so NN has been in touch. I don't blame you for being very, very cautious. I have a funny feeling he can't be trusted. I see it's the same old story with your mother,- whatever you do it's not good enough, not at least thanks to the idiot hairdresser!

Diana,- it sounds like you had a good trip to JL, even if the suite you want, isn't in the sales. Isn't that s*d's law?

Carol,- your listing up of your purchases left me gasping! On the other hand it's good to see that you haven't lost your talent for shopping! 😜 What is Moving Aunt saying about staying permanently in the care home? The other day father was wondering (again) when he could move back to his flat that we sold 6 months ago. I did as per usual try to explain everything that had happened since then, but he'd forgotten all about his two operations, his stay at the sheltered flat and everything in between. Sigh. Trying to explain things to him is futile, because you know he'll have forgotten all about in the next 5 minutes. We still don't know which home father will be going to, but he will saty where he is now until that is decided.

Pauline,- I have been thinking about you a lot lately, and I admire you enormously for coping alone with your mother for as long as you did. At least I have youngest sister (and Mrs S when she feels like it) who's sharing the burden.

Jo,- Bruce is a canny dog, taking you through his favourite walking routhe, ensuring he's guarantied ice cream and dog bisquits! 😂
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, July 2, 2020, 09:41
Eva - bon voyage! Have a wonderful time!!
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, July 2, 2020, 09:59
Morning all and it is a grey one here at the moment though I think the weather is going to be a very mixed bag for a few days. Had such a lovely time in my Bubble with Twin and MM/ Yesterday it was a delight to just get into a nice shop again. Very impressed with the way JL has sorted itself out though of course the store we went to is a big modern building so plenty of room to avoid people. Everyone seemed very well behaved although there were one or two that came a bit close, but they were the ones wearing masks. It is why I am not fond of them, they seem to make people think they are immune from the rules! However none got that close, but I expect nothing less of JL shoppers! The staff are all so lovely. My heart breaks for them at the moment as it is very uncertain times for them. Anyway did some nice shopping. I got a nice small and summery handbag, a small enamel pie dish I wanted, nail varnish, hand cream and a fan the same as Twin's, all very satisfactory! I came home and arrived just before a package arrived for me. It is a new bird bath so I will assemble that today and hope I like it! I also have a small s/market order arriving! This is a total surprise and I have no idea how I managed it as I also have one arriving on Saturday! I think I have messed up a bit so I will try and sort things out today. I certainly won't be short of food!

Fi like everyone else and you I am highly suspicious of NN but of course you have to treat it as an olive branch and see if something can be agreed. So you will be coming to Knxbworth near me! I will wave very hard so look out for me! Lovely place and so I am sure it will be a lovely meet up for you all. Well at very least that hairdresser needs a good slapping! She should never say something like that if it were true and as it is patently not true she should be ashamed of herself.

Jo you are wrestling with prickly things in the garden aren't you! Mind I think the pyracanthus is the worst. I have had many a nasty scratch from them, no wonder they are a good deterrent to burglars!

Diana I have a feeling wearing a mask occasionally may well help you get used to one so if you have to wear one on the flight it won't be so bad. Must say I don't see how you can possibly keep one on for a flight as long as those you will be doing as you definitely need to drink and probably want to eat!

Eva have a lovely time on your cruise, you deserve a lovely break. Thank you for your kind words, but although it was indeed very hard at times with Mum and I worried about her all the time, it is made easier cos it is someone you loved .... and I had no choice but to get on with it!. I would suggest it would be easier with your father if you don't keep trying to tell him the whole story of what has happened. I don't think it really means very much to him at the moment. You could just say that as he has had an op he has to stay where he is for now so he can be looked after properly. Much shorter and has the merit of not actually being a lie!

Morning BHB and yes I am a little late so I am so happy you have save me some Sxzxrxc and brioche. Let's take it and see if the CM is still around.

Morning BHB and what have we today

TK wrote:
Thursday, July 2, 2020, 10:51
Eva the arrangements for the cruise seem to be very well done for the times we are living in. Be pleased that your country is not open to our country, some people are mad. Parties the night before the area was locked down. You are having a big change out of furniture. Very nice. Bruce is complaining about the chairs in my front room. He can't get his body all on them for a nice sleep! He has to hang over the front

Pauline and Carol, glad you had a lovely time shopping. I suspect JL were please you were there too. You are needed :)

It is insurance renewal time again. Last year I went to LV to save some money as I was not sure if/when I'd get paid. I spoke to NFU some weeks ago, the person said when your new quote from LV comes in give us a ring, you may be surprised. NFU was cheaper, the cover was not exactly the same, I'll do some checking when the full quote comes.

Diana, you have been brave going into the shops. The buses around here are running empty or just with one of 2 people on them. People are staying very local.

I have to dash a neighbour came for an outside chat so delayed me. Now the rain is quite heavy.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, July 2, 2020, 10:52
Have a fabulous holiday, Eva. Looking forward to hearing all about the cruise and places you visit.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, July 3, 2020, 07:08
Morning – blue skies this morning, which is nice after the torrential rain showers we had yesterday throughout the day!

So Eva is underway – she posted a little video on F/b of the ship leaving Bergen. I am sure she will have a wonderful time. As there is wifi on board I am hoping we will hear from her!

Eva, I see in your usual efficient way the removal of the furniture from your father’s flat is all organised for when you return. Why are we not surprised you doesn’t feel you and Mrs S will ever become bosom buddies!! The itinerary for the ship sounded well organised and ideal for you and I am sure twelve days afloat with the ship amenities, and the beautiful scenery will do you the world of good. Ah so the living room was stripped in advance of the replacement furniture arriving when you return. I am not surprised the furniture you were getting rid of went very quickly! I was a little worried I might have forgotten how to shop, but fortunately the skill hadn’t left me and I was fine!! I am not sure Moving Aunt has actually grasped that she is now permanently in the Care Home. In fact June was told that when she was sitting during the knitting group on Tuesday, she stood up and suddenly announced “well I have enjoyed being with you, but I won’t be coming back as I am moving in with June”!!! June said she is becoming increasingly confused so hopefully she will just accept where she is (June is moving her unit with her figurines etc from the apartment and into her room next week, so hopefully that will make her feel she is in her own space). She has made friends with a couple of other ladies and the staff say she is very happy!

Jo – I loved the piccie of Bruce, not quite sure it looked the most comfortable position though!! Ah I am lucky in that MM deals with all the things like the insurance etc. He always does a search for the best deal (added by Whxch of course). Our buses are still virtually empty too so at least people seem to be heeding the don’t use public transport unless necessary instruction. It sounds like you had our heavy rain yesterday too!

We had a fairly quiet day. MM was on the phone most of the morning dealing with various things. I put the pieces out for my next jxgsxw (1000 pieces takes a long while to lay out!), so will probably start it on Sunday. We had a very nice GandT with Mary and Les (she is looking forward to the end of her shielding on the last day of the month!). Then just as rehearsal with Gareth was due to start June video called with updates on various things, so I missed the warm up session. I did manage to do some singing though. In the evening we watched the first Spxxks of Series 9, an Outnumbered and a W1X. After my early start I was quite tired so we had an early night. This morning we are off to MandS for a small food shop, and MM wants to go to the bank. When we get home I have my church calls to make and then this afternoon we have our weekly family zxxm chat. Tonight we will probably manage to watch another Spxxks and we may have a take away f&c. So ends another week in semi lockdown!! Morning BHB, yes it is a nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the bagels and the Vanillita into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Keep safe and well, and Eva – enjoy your cruise!
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, July 3, 2020, 09:23
Morning all and it is a nice bright and sunny one here, a bit breezy but better than yesterday which was very wet! I had the first of my orders yesterday, it was a fairly small one as I hadn't amended it. I am hoping this has taught me some more about the website and it won't happen again! I am also really hoping that the delivery man isn't the same one tomorrow night! I also managed to have a good catch uo with Ari's Mum. I will definitely try to get to see her if we get a warm dry day. The last dry days were so hot we could not of sat outside as her patio is south facing and a sun trap. We would have fried! They are both fine. Of course having Ari she isn't alone and has been getting out and chatting to other dog walkers all through lock down. Also she has Jenny as her bubble so is managing well.

Jo that is a wonderful picture of Bruce, You wouldn't think he would be able to sleep like that but dogs are wonderfully adaptable! I somehow feel you do need a bigger chair though! Hope the insurance renewal goes well. It is such a pain having to switch all the time. I give a sigh of relief when it is done!

Morning BHB and of course we have Vanillita today, ou have made bagels as well? Yummy! Let's take more of everything and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Friday, July 3, 2020, 10:14
My house insurance was just swapping back to the one I used before. So I did it in about half the time it took last year.

Gardener is back today, he's not seen the bushes yet. I do need to get him to clip a couple of branches on the wild rose as they are too high even with the long handled clippers.

I suspect Eva will be having a lovely time. The ship's staff may wonder why the common areas on her deck are so clean in the morning :)

Tamsey has just come down for a quick cuddle and an inspection. So my clean fleece has white hairs up my arms and across my chest. Oh well. Excitement this morning as Little Bruce was in the park, not seen him for weeks. Such a lovely dog.

I think I may see if I can h**ver the front room today.

Have a good day all
Diana wrote:
Friday, July 3, 2020, 10:56
Morning all. An improvement on yesterday's rain.

I've done a bit of h/w this morning and then went for a walk. We need to sort out the stuff to take to the dump in next couple of hours, hope it will all go in the boot.

Optician rang me yesterday and appointment has been put back a month.

Hope you slept better your first night on the boat, Eva. Thinking of you and the beautiful scenery you will be seeing. Fingers crossed you get good weather.

Not surprised Bruce complained, he doesn't look at all comfortable in that chair.
TK wrote:
Friday, July 3, 2020, 19:30
Bruce doesn't have to sleep in the chair. In the front room is Bella's Barbour dog bed, so fits him fine. Also, if I'm not there, the sofa. When the pic was taken I was on the sofa.

Been raining a bit today, gardener has done some tidying, so looking much better. He did notice, first thing, that I'd had a good go at the bush with prickles.

Bruce took me for a walk to the village, my hip was very painful, so it wasn't very pleasant. I rested up when I got home and felt much better. I had to do some hair removal on the new 'h**ver'. Luckily I'd bought the one with the roller with easy removal. It was not on purpose. I did not manage to get the room completed, but I've sorted some the throws: washing or bin. Then it will be de-hairing the washing machine drain. Bruce has very fine long hair.

Bit of excitement at 6pm, policeman asking if I saw a primary school child (in uniform) being dragged up the road by an adult. He asked did I have cc tv. I understand why he asked, he was very tentative asking the question. It did make me smile, the cctv question, not the dragging of the child.

Tonight is early night.

The gardener was telling me about singing with zoom rock choir.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, July 4, 2020, 06:52
Morning and overcast and obviously it has rained overnight as forecast. I think it is due to remain overcast but dry for today. Yesterday we had a sunny start to the day but we had a couple of shower in the afternoon.

Poor Eva – not the start she wanted to her holiday, that she was so looking forward to. I hope it doesn’t prevent her from enjoying the rest of the trip and that she had a comfortable night despite the two cracked ribs!

Jo, I think the cracked ribs may put an end to any nocturnal cleaning Eva was going to do. So your undercover pruning was discovered by your gardener – did he manage to sort the wild rose out for you? Good for him singing with a zxxm choir – it is all the rage!! Oh I am sure Bruce was delighted to see his little namesake. I see your Bruce also took you for a trip to the village, not so good that your hip was playing up. MM always wonders that I have any hair left when he sees the amount that has wrapped itself around the hoover! I imagine with your family it must be an ongoing problem! Oh goodness – has there been an attempted child abduction? I know lots of homes have the Rxng system which incorporates a bell and cctv – the police often ask for any footage people might have if there have been any “incidents”. I hope your hip had calmed down enough for you to get a good sleep.

Diana, MM had to flatten down the back of our car (hatchback) to get everything in for the dump – amazing how much space it all takes up. I think it was just as well it was only him in the car as I feel I could have disappeared under a load of black bags. Ah so a longer wait to see your optician then. I assume, along with hairdressers etc. they are currently trying to work through all the backlog of appointments. .

U’brxdge was busier yesterday but most people obeying distancing rules. No queue at the bank this week. MM wanted to see a member of staff to change an SO, so they asked him to wait outside and they would call him when a member of staff became free. When he went in I took the opportunity to visit Dxbxnhxms, which re-opened last Saturday. Again, lot of sanitisers, one entrance, one exit and a security man on the door showing you where the sanitiser was as you first went in. A jumping tunic (with 30% off) did jump into my basket! Bxxts was quite quiet but a few people in there, the same with MandS. When we reached home a friend called round from church and we had an at distance chat for about half an hour. I made my phone calls during the early afternoon, then we had the family Zxxm, and our daily chat afterwards with Twin. We watched another Spxxks in the evening and will probably watch another tonight. Morning BHB, yes it is overcast but the light rain seems to have stopped. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Amxrxcanx into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM.

Stay safe and well.
evam wrote:
Saturday, July 4, 2020, 09:10
Morning all. It’s cloudy here, but the sun is peeping through the clouds now and again.

Hello sweetheart. You don’t need to look so worried. I’m not dead yet! Seriously the ribs and the finger hurt. Maybe I should take another Paracetamol? 🤪 I’m sure a mug of your wonderful coffee will work wonders.

We have just arrived in Trondheim:
, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trondheim
and the weather is quite nice. I was meant to go on the excursion today, but I need to rest, I think. I can do Trondheim with it’s cathedral on the return journey:
As the doctor recommended, I asked for two extra pillowa, fell asleep almost at once, and I only woke up once, at 1am. Afte about an hour, i lent back in my 4pillows- makes -a -great -backrest- for -people- with- broken-ribs! and slept like a baby until 6.30 am. Not bad, eh?
Oh, you want to know how the fall happened, do you? Very much like father’s falls. Do you think it’s hereditary?,-In the middle of the night, no lights on, made my way towards the toilet, and BANG there I was, face down on the carpet. On the way down I managed to crash into the back of a chair, (hence the broken ribs) and on to the floor where I put my right hand before me tolessen the fall ( hence the damaged finger.). It was a d*vil of a job to crawl back to bed, it hurt so much. After I’d had my breakfast, I went down to reception and asked if they had some painkillers. ( I didn’t want to use any from my med chest) but when the receptionist heard what had happened, she insisted that I go to the A&E to be checked out. She ordered a taxi, and off I went. The time at the A&E and then the hospital was long and rather tidious. A lot of tests were taken, and my chest and hand were x-rayed from all sides. The result was two broken ribs on the right side and my poor finger, which although not broken, badly messed up. (By now. it’s a dark purple and geen/ yellow colour.)
I will go for a walk now. I need to find a chemist and buy some more Paracetamol.

Jo,- I’m afraid the staff will have to do the cleaning themselves this time. Stuffed with painkillers I would probably start on the hull, thinking it was a bit (!) dirty.

Carol’,- I’m determined this won’t stop me enjoying myself. Yesterday father called and wondered if I was coming to see him. It took some explanation to make him understand that I WAS NOT COMING !

Pauline, you’re right. I (we) should stop trying to explain things to father for the n’th time.

Good heavens,- there is woman (she’s no lady!) speaking on her phone, almost shouting. In addition she’s put it on loud speaker, so now we have to listen to the other idiot as well!

I’m going for that walk.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, July 4, 2020, 09:40
Morning all.

Yesterday's trip to the waste disposal was very quick with no queue at all, we just had to stop briefly for our reg to be checked. We were able to get everything in the car so the piles of stones & bricks (bar a few Ploppy wants to keep) have all gone, along with an old dustbin and two broken lids, some pieces of wood and the old lawn mower. Very surprised it all went in (Ploppy put the back seats down) and there was even a little space. Hope the council retain the appointment system permanently as normally there are long queues.

This morning I was at Sains. just after opening so as usual no queues. Bought some tinned fruit for Mum - it's been on her online list regularly but most weeks not been available - no tinned peaches?? There was slight dampness in the air and I didn't have an umbrella or jacket but fortunately it didn't some to anything. It's brightened slightly since I got back.

Ploppy has gone to golf yet again. Second week he's played four times! No wonder I could smell the aching muscle cream in the bathroom this morning! The clubhouse reopens this morning, with lots of rules, so no doubt he and his mates will stop for a drink and bite afterwards.

Hope your hip isn't painful today, Jo. Also that the child was found and is alright.

Oh no, that's awful news about Eva. Hope she isn't in pain and can still enjoy her holiday.

I know what you mean about amount of hair, Carol. I frequently have to clear the bath plug hole and vacuum beside the dressing table where I comb my hair. I had made an appointment online with the opticians several weeks ago but they rang to say they are prioritising those with problems. I don't mind the delay but why did they reopen the online bookings for everyone?

Toasted muffins mmmm, I bought some bagels this morning and I'm a bit peckish so think I'm going to have a coffee break with a toasted bagel.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, July 4, 2020, 09:45
You posted while I was writing, Eva. What a thing to happen and on your first night. It was good that you went to A&E to get checked. Take care of yourself and sending gentle hugs.
TK wrote:
Saturday, July 4, 2020, 09:49
Eva, Some lovely buildings in Trondheim. I hope the meds works and you can do and see what you want to. I'm glad you are not too bad. Your father won't remember you're away, poor chap.

You have expertly described the reason why I sleep with a light on or the curtains slightly open if there are street lights. It started when I was about 25 and at mum's house and nearly broke my neck. Of course in my house there is always the possibility of objects on the floor. There has just been a big crash of the recycling bag contents on to the tiled floor in the kitchen all tins, so no danger.

Carol doing her bit to reignite the economy, well done.

We've not been out yet, I had a sleep in. I didn't manage to finish h**vering the front room yesterday as we had to go out for a walk. I'll have to carry on with that. I'm also sorting out some of the old throws, those which I want to keep will be washed. If I need any new throws I'll try to wait until charity shops in village opens. They will be some time due to most of their staff being in the high risk categories :) Cross out most, just realised it is all of the staff.

I have my replacement driving licence, came in post today. I applied online 01Jul20, very quick delivery. I suspect I will find the original by October.
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, July 4, 2020, 09:53
Morning all and it is not that nice here today and I think will get worse before it gets better next week. Our usual see saw summer weather I think! Don't think too many will be sitting in pub gardens tonight! This of couse could be a bad thing. Anyway whatever they do I won't be one of them! Because the weather was not good yesterday either I only spent minimal time in the garden, enough to see the weeds have made hay and grown like mad while I haven't been out there! Today is laundry day and I will do a bit of clxxnxxg as well. Not my favourite job! Tonight I have the second of my two orders this week arriving! Oops! I feel a bit ashamed of myself!

Eva you poor thing, a horrid thing to happen at any time but just awful on the first day of your holiday. I am glad to hear you can soldier on and hopefully be able to still enjoy your cruise. Maybe turn the light on if you have to get up in the night though! You will find life a lot less stressful if you can bring yourself to be economical with the truth when talking to your father!

I could do with your gardener Jo as I have a hedge of cotoneaster outside my house that is wildly out of control. I must see if I can find someone to do as I don't think my hedge cutter will cope with it. I hope that the potential kidnapping wasn't, if that makes sense. Also hope your hip is better today.

What a nuisance your eye appointment has been put back Diana. I think I will be due one in a couple of months so hoping things are sorted by then. Come to that I will need a dental check up as well. Giving them time to sort themselves out before I ring though.

Morning BHB and yes I know, late again! Let's get more Amxrxcxno and some muffins and find the CM.

Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, July 5, 2020, 06:10
Morning and another blustery start to the day – it looks as if we have like we have some light rain at the moment. It isn’t cold though – 17C at the moment and due to reach 22C later.

Eva, fingers crossed that you get to see Trondheim on your return trip. Goodness so you had a better night’s sleep, even with the broken ribs, than at home. So no cleaning of the ship in the early hours! It sounds as if the extra pillows really worked for you. Ah we always take a small torch away with us when we stay somewhere (I have one on my side of the bed and MM has one on his) – it means we don’t have to worry about any trip hazards. I am amazed you managed to crawl back to the bed afterwards. I hope you were successful in your hunt for paracxtaxmol, and enjoyed your walk. ! Glad you are determined to enjoy your cruise – and you deserve to! I see your Father was still able to contact you by phone! Oh that was lovely for you all listening to the woman on her phone- some people!!!

The waste disposal sounds very well organised. You certainly packed a lot into the car! I assume Ploppy has a plan for the bricks and stones? Lindy was trying to find some tinned crab at Sainsbugs and they didn’t have any of that – obviously someone stocked up on tinned goods! Ah so Ploppy must be delighted that the 19th Hxle is open – Hopefully everyone was good and maintained their appropriate distances. I think most people lose between 50 – 100 hairs from their head every day, so I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised as how much is in the bath plug, hairbrushes and the hoover! It does sound a strange decision to open booking for the optician and then to prioritise people with problems! Hope you enjoyed your bagel!

Ah I see you sleep with the light on – I don’t think MM would be able to do that!! Did I detect the paw of Bruce with the recycling bag falling onto the floor or was he innocent? Yes I am trying my best to kick start the economy! I see you are still sorting things out – hopefully your Charity shop will open soon. That was very quick for your driving licence. Of course the lost one will resurface any day now!

I didn’t manage to get all of the i word done, so will finished that today. I did make big inroads into my puzzle though – I have completed about 2/3 of it. Our food delivery came and no substitutions at all! I had a video chat with June (she is still clearing things out from Moving Aunt’s flat) and MM had a zxxm meeting with the Vicar. After that we had out GandT with Lindy and Lawrence. During the evening we watched another Spxxks, an Outnumbered and a W1X. Today is church service this morning, then I finish the i word and possible do some of my puzzle (I might find time for a read at some point!). Morning BHB, yes it is very blustery out – I don’t think we will be sitting on the patio at the moment. Let’s take the scones and the Old Flxme into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Keep safe and well everyone and Eva – be careful!
Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, July 5, 2020, 08:08
Morning and its a blowy one! we are off to Kn.bworth to meet eldest scollop and g/f. Taking clothes for every weather! will need to hold on to our hats. such a shame as forecast was good when i booked tics. Due to go to N.rfolk with UB scollop on Thurs. fab forecast - last week when he booked day off. now wall to wall rain and cold. NOT a n.rfolk day! Made the potato and spinach curry for slow cooker. We are well into our v.gan cooking - my file of recipes coming into its own! . Ploppy provides the produce (loads from garden at mo), scollop does the spices and I do the cooking - tho often sous chef to scollop.
Eva - take care - and leace a light on - or have a torch to hand. so easily done. enjoy rest of cruise. def on our bucket list to go on. Friends want us to go FEb 2022 with them but other friends want us to go away then for both mens 70th (aaargh) bdays! No hols for ages and then all come at once!
I baked all day yesterday for picnic - tho t-did end up at local pub mid aft (after river walk). pub owner had bought lots of p.llet furniture for his (ex) car park. all worked brilliantly - at least 10 ft form next nearest people. Pub owner has contributed so much to local community during this time (take aways, free cakes for elderly ) that wanted to support him.
Must dash. Bye.
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, July 5, 2020, 09:31
Morning all and it is a very blowy one here and we had rain overnight. Not cold though. Had my second delivery from W/rose last night and glad to say it was a different driver so no explanations needed! I had ordered a small pizza for dinner and as a replacement I was sent a very large one! Needless to say I didn't eat all of it! It was very nice though. Did some of the washing yesterday so today I have the bedding to ixxn and the clothes wash to do, should keep me busy for the morning. Also need to investigate my bedroom fan as it didn't work last night when I tried it. Not sure I can do anything with it, but will try. Luckily I do have other fans, but this one is my favourite.

Hope you aren't feeling the pain too much today Eva, I think a torch would be a great idea! I used to always leave the bathroom light on in hotels I didn't know very well (some were like a second home!), however I feel you won't let it happen again!

So who pushed the recycling onto the floor Jo? Maybe TK objecting to her walkway being obstructed? Glad to see you are all ready to support the charity shops when they reopen.

Fi I hope you have a nice day at Knxbwxrth. I think you may be ok weather wise as although blustery here it is nice and sunny and certainly not cold. I am glad to see you are supporting your local pub. I know it must be a hardship but has to be done! The landlord sounds to be a poppet and deserves it.

Morning BHb and we have Old Flxme and scones for today? Just right so let's get more and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Sunday, July 5, 2020, 10:26
Morning all.

I sympathise, Fi, with the weather and your plans. We have tickets for W*sley on Wednesday which is forecast to have the worst weather of the week. Hope even if windy, it at least stays dry for you today.

Decided not to put the washing out this morning in case it rains (we had a light shower early on), though the wind and sun would have dried everything quickly.

I'm doing the (hopefully) final bit on the itin today. I spent much of yesterday researching waterfalls and adding the best ones close to our route and then similar with walks. Thought I'd sorted the routes but saw a comment that Go*gle drive times for NZ were often significantly underestimated and recommending a local site so I rechecked them. Most were similar but a few were an hour or so out so worth redoing.

I always take a clock with a light when we stay away, mainly to see the time when I wake during the night but several times I've used the light to get to the bathroom safely. Hope you had another good night's sleep, Eva, and are enjoying the cruise despite your ribs and hand. At least you can see much of the scenery without having to move much or get off the boat.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, July 6, 2020, 07:09
Morning and I see it has become breezy again outside – we started with blue skies and sunshine, but now it is clouding over. I think today will be much like yesterday.

Fi, hopefully you didn’t get blown away yesterday and managed to have a lovely time all together. I think it should have been dry – just windy! From the Cfile forecast last night you may well be ok for Thursday – the wet and windy weather now looks like being with us a day early – i.e. Wednesday. :Lovely that you can cook your own produce and nice to have a sous chef! It sounds like a well organised family affair. Any news on the meeting with NN? I see you are making plans for future holidays and are much in demand! It sounds as if your local pub has things all organised – I suspect it was really the pubs in large towns and cities that are the problem. Our favourite R’mond Blxnc gastro pub is not opening until August 10th – I assume they are working on getting the garden sorted for outside dining (there is a garden with some tables and chairs outside, but inside they will have to lose about 50% of the tables I would imagine). I agree local business that have been helping out during the pandemic deserve to have custom!

Ah yes Diana – Wednesday now the day they are saying will be the worst of the week – not ideal for visiting gardens! We managed to avoid any rain during the day yesterday, so hopefully you did too. Well done on managing to find the site with the driving times – your itinerary is certainly coming on apace! Eva posted on Fbook yesterday and sounded as if she was still managing to have a good time despite her ribs! Have you managed to sort out a date to visit your parents yet?

We had our zoom meeting for Church in the morning of course and Alan (Vicar) is putting plans in place for an outdoor service next Sunday afternoon (in the Garden of Remembrance) - a bring your own chair and a sandwich event - fingers crossed for the weather! I am assuming if it is wet, the event won’t happen. We had a phone call from the other Churchwarden yesterday afternoon to say he had had a call from one of the church congregation. They had been for a walk and noticed that another branch had broken off the cedar tree (the one we had problems with last year) and had fallen on the pavement alongside the main road into U’brxdge - luckily no one was walking along there at the time!. MM went up to the church and managed to heave the branch over the church wall. He is concerned as, unlike the previous boughs falling, this one wasn't rotten! He will need to get the tree surgeons who lopped it last time to come and inspect it to make sure it is safe. I finished my i word in the afternoon, so that is done for the week. I also finished my Vexice puzzle - it was quite a tricky one!! We went out at 5pm to do our clap for the NXS birthday - I think not many people were aware it was happening. There were only about six households our end of the road who came out and joined us. We watched the Maxgrxt (repeat) on during the evening. We liked the series when it was first shown. MM wants to go into U’brxdgx today and get his hair cut (he checked on Friday and no appointment system, so he will go prepared to wait). I may go in with him or I might stay and sort out some of my books – I feel they need a cull! Morning BHB, yes it is a very blustery day again. Let’s take the Lavendula and the croissants into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Stay safe and well everyone.
Ali wrote:
Monday, July 6, 2020, 08:11
Morning. Trying out new contact lenses for first time today: distance lens in right eye, close-up in left. Bit odd but hope I’ll get used to it!
Long chat with ex/technically current boss yesterday. Now need to talk to boss-to-be, certain legal requirements in changing jobs and furlough etc. It’s taken time to sort it all out!
Ploppy went to pub yesterday. All very well organised, not busy at all which surprised him. Hopefully people are being sensible (well around here at least)
Glad you are still enjoying your cruise Eva
Hope the weather doesn’t affect anyone’s plans too much this week
The wind gave my garden a bit of a battering yesterday, fortunately no damage just a few pots to stand up.
Stay well x
evam wrote:
Monday, July 6, 2020, 08:40
Morning all, and it’s yet another glorious day here. The crew keep saying that they’d never had weather like this, day after day.

Hello sweetheart. You’re longing to come with me as you love the smell and the sound of the sea? I don’t see why not. I am sure you’ve missed me too? (Vigorous nodding!). Well, for the time being we’ll contend ourselves with your coffee and croissants. 😘😘❤️

As Carol said, I did a post on fb last night. We were in Lofoten:


A group of islands with the most spectacular sights. I jumped onboard a sightseeing bus which took us across the island with a stop at a museum which was an exact replica of a «fiskevær» ( fishing village, in the olden days. The usual set-up was the big, rich man owning the village and most of the fishing rights, while the fishermen lived a kind of tied life,- dependant on the big man. Very interesting.
I wish I could say that the ribs hurt less, but they don’t. The finger, however, is coming along nicely. I think I’ll start sleeping sitting up at home as well, because in spite of being uncomfortable it allows me to sleep seversl hours in one go! Today will be no outings for me. I still need to pace myself, but tomorrow I’m on a tour to Nordkapp:


I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.

Diana,- I think thr mistake foreigners do about actual driving time from one place to another is the same in NZ as in Norway. The nature of NZ is very similar to ours many places, and a lack of motorways is one of them. So plan for an extra hour in your intinary in driving time.

Carol,- not going with MM in to Ux***dge? Not even for a browsing around the shops? Just browsing, mind! ☝️

Paulinr,- I do have a small torch on my keyring, but more than half asleep at the time it didn’t cross my ming to find it.

What is the matter with people, putting their phones on loudspeakers when in a room with lots of strangers. Just now we’re having a German doing that, talking with another German. They both talk on inbreath as well as outbreath. Plonkers!
Btw. That German must have been in quarantine for 2 weeks before going on this cruise. Maybe that’s why he’s so bl**dy talkative?
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, July 6, 2020, 09:24
Morning all and it is another blustery day here as well. Dry at the moment though as I type that it has gone a bit darker. I was thinking of mowing the lawn today but will see how the weather is later, I still have a bit of ixxnxxg to do first. I went to my door yesterday to clap to find no one else out there except on neighbour mowing his lawn! He knew nothing about it! I feel people have stopped watching the news as they are fed up with the doom and gloom! Potentially wonderful news this morning that the government are going to aid the arts and entertainment industry. No details as yet but hopefully it will help a bit.

So possibly Wednesday not the best day weather wise for a garden visit Diana! If it is going to be a nasty day could you perhaps change the tickets as I think the following week should be fine.

ali I hope the lenses are ok , sounds a bit weird but the brain is fantastic at adjusting to these things. Glad to hear the pub was well organised. I think omn the whole nearly everyone behaved themselves, the exception mainly being young people in cities. Hope you can get your furlough to job sorted out quickly, though these things are usually complicated. Nice to see some things never change! My garden got a battering yesterday too, in fact it is still being blown around. Must go and inspect to see if there is any real damage.

Morning BHB and we have Lavendula and croissants today. Excellent, let's get more and take it and find the CM.

Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, July 6, 2020, 09:36
Eva I missed you as I started my post before Twin called me and so it took even longer than usual. Btw she has gone to Uxbxxxe with MM, shops will be celebrating! So glad you are enjoying the cruise. Hopefully the weather will hold for you though I think our horrid low is heading your way, but perhaps you will miss it. Maybe you should join in the phone conversations if they are on speaker. That might make them stop! Thank you for the tour report. It looks interesting as well as beautiful.
Diana wrote:
Monday, July 6, 2020, 11:36
Afternoon all.

I hung the washing out this morning, half way through I saw some ominous clouds but decided to risk it and, having checked, local forecast is for it to remain dry all day (fingers crossed). It flet quite chilly out too, especially when the sun went in.

Still haven't quite finished the itin. I found a couple of informative sites so wanted to add additional info about some of the places.

No, Carol, we haven't decided on a date to visit my parents. I was hoping this week but Ploppy is playing golf more than once again plus the forecast isn't great. The wind isn't good for Dad's chest so even if it's sunny, it needs to be fairly calm.
Fingers crossed the tree by the church is alright. Did you see the big tree falling over and just missing two females walking by on the news yesterday? The tree looked fine but it suddently uprooted and crashed into the road. Very lucky no-one was injured.

I did the clap as did our immediate neighbours on both sides but didn't see or hear anyone else.

Hope you get on with your lenses, Ali, they sound a bit strange. Trust the legal issues are sorted out quickly.

Very glad to hear you are enjoying the cruise, Eva, despite your injuries. A cruise in the fjords is something we definitely want to do. I hate it when people talk loudly on their mobiles. It used to drive me nuts on the train and if looks could kill ..... Hope the good weather continues though as I also saw, our recent poor weather is heading your way.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, July 7, 2020, 06:58
Morning and blue sky and sunshine at the moment – although it still looks breezy out. I think the forecast rain won’t arrive until this evening.

Ah Ali it sounds as if you have the same problem as me – one long sighted eye and one near sighted. I have never been brave enough for contact lenses (I can’t bear anything near my eyes!). Hopefully you will soon get used to your’s. Oh I forgot you would have to work your way around the changing jobs and furlough – I am not surprised it has taken time to sort all that out. I really do think, as Twin said, everyone seems to have handle the pubs reopening very well – with the exception of some younger people in big cities who seemed to forget all about social distancing (although to be honest most city pubs don’t have gardens or outside space – that’s definitely the case in Sxhx where most of the footage of crowds of people drinking were taken). I don’t think your garden was along in the battery stakes on Sunday – I was surprised we didn’t have any fallen pots – my wind spinners were working overtime!

Eva the crew on the ship probably think the passengers are favoured by the weather gods – although as you know that can soon change, especially as you are in the Artxc Cxrcle! So pleased you were able to go on a sightseeing tour – the fishing museum sounds fascinating. I see the ribs are still causing you pain, but at least your finger has got the right idea and is getting better. That sounds a plan to use extra pillows and prop yourself up – especially as you are getting more sleep than you would at home – even with the broken ribs. I see Nordkapp has English connections – looking forward to hearing more after your visit. As you will see from Twin’s post – I might have changed my plans yesterday. Oh that is so frustrating when people do that with their mobiles! I was surprised to read about the German being on board as I recall you saying it would be just your home nationals due to the restrictions on travel – as you say may be he has been in isolation for a long while!! Enjoy your day!!
We had the same dark clouds Diana, and thought we were due a heavy shower, but it blow over (one good thing about the strong wind) without raining. Sensible to find a week with good weather before you visit your parents, especially given your Dad’s chest condition. I did see the tree falling footage – that was in Exlxng – which isn’t that far from here (about 20 mins by car). I didn’t show MM in case he started to panic about the Cedar again! As you say, it was amazing no one was injured and no cars were at the junction at the time!

So yesterday I felt it was unkind to send MM off on his own, so I went into U’bridge with him. I had to find something to do whilst he was having his hair cut, so wandered around the shops and came home with a couple of tunics and a pair of leggings. Afterwards we went to the garden centre and bought some plants (well MM did – I bought another wind spinner and a couple of solar lights). He wanted climbers so we settled on a couple of pretty white and pink (from the photo). We found them in the clematis section but they aren’t clematis and in fact are Rxssxan Vxne. When we had our G&T with Twin she mentioned that it was related to knxtwxxd and can be very hard to get rid of, so MM going back to the garden centre today to change them for clematis!! It was too windy for him to put them into the garden yesterday, fortunately! During the evening we watched another couple of Spxxks so have only three more of series 9 to watch. Today I may do some clearing out – although I might not – you can tell I am not motivated can’t you! Morning BHB yes it is nice to see the blue skies and sunshine this morning. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Rxmxs Fizz into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Hope everyone is well and safe.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, July 7, 2020, 09:34
Morning all and it is a much better day at the moment. We have some sun and the wind is much lighter thank goodness. I will mow the lawn later if it stays nice. I want to go and get some petrol today and also do the tyres on the car, so will go armed with hand sanitiser and wipes! Had a quiet day yesterday and after I had done my ixxnxxg and sorted the bin stuff out I sorted out another jigsaw. I will be able to set up a shop of them soon!

Diana I hope you get to visit your parents soon. I think the forecast for next week is much better so fingers crossed.

So pleased MM has decided against the Russxxn Vine! It is a real thug once it gets settled in and I think he would have regretted it.

Morning BHB and we have Rxman Fizz and muffins today? Love the sound of that so let's get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, July 7, 2020, 20:49
Sorry I've been MIA. Been OK, just a bit tired. I also forgot to order DC with my delivery from MrT, so had to go out today for an extra pick up. I went before lunchtime, so it wasn't too busy at MrT's big house.

Glad to read that Carol and MM are continuing to kick start the economy. I went into the village and saw the hairdressers all quite busy. There are 3 men's HD in the village, I saw one was busy, didn't check the other 2.

I've been watching progs about the police in New Zealand. The South Island looks lovely. The roads can be a bit tricky. Very undulating and bends. At least they drive on the left, just to confuse they use km. Watch out in rural areas as they have cars which are just used on the farms, sometimes they use them illegally on the roads and bits fall off. Looks a lovely place.

I got an email today checking that I was OK with the ticket for a concert in end Oct this year being moved to Oct 2021. It was funny as I knew it was going to be moved to next year, but had to book for this year as the website had not been updated when I booked.

Bruce is in the dog house as I'd not realised he's been quietly ripping up an old duvet over the last couple of days. I'd seen bits of 'stuffing' on the floor. I've now removed the duvet and offered toys if he wants to do ripping.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, July 7, 2020, 20:51
ooops meant to say

Eva sounds like a relaxing holiday, lots of scenery. Well done to the German chap, he must have really wanted to go on the trip.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 06:04
Morning and the forecast rain has arrived – it isn’t torrential but that strange persistent light rain that soaks everything. I think we have it for most of the day. Diana I hope it isn’t too wet at Wxslxy – or did you manage to change your tickets?

Goodness Jo, no DC!! No wonder you need to go and brave the s’market. So three men’s salons in the village – that is quite a lot. I take it there are ladies’ ones too?? Your concert has moved on a whole year then! We had tickets to go and see Hxllx Dxlly this summer but that is being moved on two years (!). We haven’t rebooked as too far in advance to know what we will be doing. I think one of the sad things will be if there are no pxntxs this year – it is such a traditional thing to go to, for families who might not go any other time too, and it also provides income for the theatres for the forthcoming year. A little like choirs – no idea when we will be allowed to get together to sing, although Pxrtxn Dxwn working with Sxlxsbxry Cxthxdral Choir on a series of experiments to see how far choir singing will need to stand to be safe. They start the experiments at the end of June so hopefully results will be available sometime this month. Naughty Bruce – at least it was a duvet and no a little fluffy friend he destroyed; although I see you have offered him toys for ripping instead (don’t let Beatrice know!).

We had quite a busy day yesterday after a slightly later start due to sleeping longer than normal. During the morning we waited for some of the furniture that MM sorted out from the garage to be collected. We have a local charity who will take good quality furniture that is no longer needed and renovate where necessary before selling in aid of the local homeless. We had some units we had taken from my mother’s house a few years ago, which had been put at the back and never seen the light of day. We also had a spare table, a couple of small bedside cabinets and a couple of footstools. The van arrived at about 11.30 (we were just given one of the “between 9.30 and 1pm” slots). Now we can actually see floor in the garage! That is handy as we have a small freezer and my second fridge in there. In fact I may buy a new freezer as the old one is quite a few years old and there is a lot of frost build up. After that MM went off to exchange the plants (he did ring the garden centre first to explain what had happened and they said they were happy to exchange). Whilst he was gone Lindy called round and we had a chat outside – it was quite warm – which was nice. MM duly returned with two clematis plants, plus two solar lights I wanted. He spent the afternoon putting the plants in – the clematis and some phlox (he had seen the forecast and worked out it was the best afternoon to do it – with the bonus the plants would get a lot of water for the next couple of days to help them bed in). I received my music track for tonight’s rehearsal so I made my recording and sent it back to Marg so she can merge it before this evening. As you can see that left me with very little time to do any clearing out – so I didn’t! During the evening we watched HC – another laugh a minute episode!! After that we watched the last of Gxreth’s Chxir programmes (good job I had the tissue box to hand!). This morning we have our weekly church meeting and this evening we have our choir rehearsal. Not sure what I will do between the two – maybe I will get round to clearing out one set of drawers in our bedroom........... Morning BHB, yes it is a wet start to the day! Let’s take the bagels and the Avxatxon into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM joins us.

Keep well and safe everyone and Eva, hopefully the fog has lifted and you have a good day!
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 09:38
Morning all and it is a grey day. We had a lot of rain from about 5pm yesterday and it looks like more is on the way. I had an outing yesterday and went and filled the car with petrol and did her tyres. Not a scary experience at all as everyone was really good at social distancing. Thus encouraged I stopped at the little garden centre n the way home and bought a few more plants which may have to wait to get planted unless the weather improves! I also rang a man to see if they could do something with the hedge alongside the house which has run out of control this year. As part of it is cotoneaster my lightweight cutter can't cope with it. Hopefully he will get back to me soon with a quote and a date he can come. Hopefully soon!

Jo I can't believe you forgot DC! I would have thought that would be first on the list, well second maybe. Bruce's sausages should be first of course! Mind he might not deserve those if he has been ripping duvets apart! Not sure I feel it right that little stuffed animals are sacrificed though! However they seem to get a good loving before they are ripped apart! You are right about the roads in NZ, that is how I remember them. That and all the sheep are abiding memories!

Morning BHB and you have Avxxtxon and bagels for us today? Yummy. Let's get more and we can find the CM.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 10:07
Bruce is sleeping at the moment. We have been out for a walk. It wasn't raining properly, just a couple of spots.

I have plenty to carry on with in the house. I have washed the filters of my new *oo*er, a Shark. It was rather bunged up. I need to check that it will work again. I had an unusual problem, all the dust got caught up in the chamber before the one it should have gone into. Amazingly it was still working until is started making a very weird sound. It was then I found that there was a problem. Fingers crossed that all is well.

Carol glad the plants are sorted to what you want. I need to do a bit of gardening today, but looks like it might be too 'damp'. Good to sort stuff out and get rid, nice that the furniture could be collected. I have stuff for the charity shop. They are taking in stuff Tues and Sat only, so they can leave it for 3 days before processing to let the virus die. I'll take in some of my stash on Saturday. I'll not take too much.

Eva hope your weather is OK. Not surprised the weather is 'changeable', you're not in Spain :) As long as you are feeling OK.

It is rather brrr this morning here. I have a fleece blanket on my shoulders.

Ali wrote:
Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 10:28
Morning. Rain has stopped for now but won’t risk hanging washing outside. Rather bored as had hoped to be working full time at this point but having to negotiate redundancy notice, furlough, new contract. If ‘new’ boss had her way I’d be there now but other directors have to approve contract. ‘Old’ boss then happy to release me from contract early. 🤞it gets sorted asap
Met scollop’s new ‘girlfriend’ yesterday, although according to him they’re not together but seeing each other?!?! They are old school friends. She is cat mad so she’ll fit in lol
Youngest has put out feelers for another apprenticeship, really hope he gets a response. Local, family business so would be good if they are in a position to take him on
I’ve just lit some citronella candles, have some annoying flies about and reluctant to use spray. Ploppy uses a tea towel to swat them, dangerous to be in the vicinity!
Hoping everyone is ok, stay safe x
evam wrote:
Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 11:15
Morning all. It’s a bit overcast here in Kirkenes, the end station for the boat. Here we turn around and start on the return voyage.

Hello sweetheart. You don’t need your wintercoat on. It’s almost high summer temps here, +15 degrees, which is not usual here. I think I’ll have a coffe, if you don’t mind? 😘❤️🤗

For those of you who didn’t read my post yesterday about the outing to Kirkenes, I’ll tell you about it. It is about an hour’s busdrive from the ship, and the closer we came to Nordkapp, the denser the fog got. When we arrived, it was difficult to find the way to the restaurant/ shop centre because it was so thick. I decided to go to the shop first, and I bought some nice things for the little ones and a china mug in the most beautiful blue and green colours for myself. Then I went to the restaurant where I paid £4.70 for a bottle of water! We couldn’t see anything outside, so they allowed us to pay blood money for food and drink instead!

The outing in the afternoon was quite different. We were taken to a Sami family, where we were met by Elinor and her husband Ailo. We entered a lavvo, a traditional Sami home, where we were sat round an open fire while they talked about the Sami peoples history and about their culture. It was so fascinating that I was sorry when our time was up.


Today I’ve been taken it easy, no outings, because two in a day was overdoing it yesterday.

Jo,- you forgot thr dc? Good heavens, that can be called a senior moment!😜

Pauline,- I hope the hedge cutter will be with you soon.

Carol,- did you manage to do something in your list.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 16:00
Wow Eva you've gone 'over the top' of Norway. Interesting to go all that way up and over. Not a place to go in the winter (for me at least).

Ali fingers crossed for your contract. New girlfriend sounds very suitable, likes cats!!

I think my not ordering the dc was more of a 'of course I've put it on the shopping list moment'. Usually it is the first thing to go on the list.

The filters of the *oo*er have dried and all is well. The dust collection vessel was half full very quickly so all is OK.

Pauline nice that you went out for a trip. I've not filled with petrol for weeks. Not going too far.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, July 9, 2020, 07:08
Morning and another grey start, although it is dry at the moment. I think our forecast is for rain this afternoon.

You were lucky to dodge the heavier showers when Bruce took you for your walk yesterday morning Jo. That is strange that the dust wasn’t in the right chamber of the hxxvxr! Pleased to learn that all seems well afer the filter wash. Ah yes I see how the dc might not have made it onto the list. I have things I always put on for our delivery so just assume that they will appear. Yes it is excellent that we can have the furniture collected, and that it goes to such a good cause. That’s interesting (and very sensible) about your local chxrixty shop only taking items on certain days – I must check out the Rxxslxp SR shop and see what they say about taking things. Hopefully you warmed up during the day!

Ali, I do hope they manage to sort out all the legals and logistics soon for you – I can see you are itching to get started. I am not surprised “new” boss wants you there asap! Love the description of Scollop’s “girlfriend”. It is nice they are old school friends too as it means they don’t have to go through a learning about each other curve in quite as much detail as most new relationships. Added bonus she is cat mad of course! Fingers crossed for the apprenticeship – I thought of him when the G’ment A’ship scheme was talked about yesterday. I do hope the local family business decide he is just what they want. We had a lot of flies around during the hot spell but they seem to have disappeared (I think they were congregating around next door’s bin, which backs onto the fence between our gardens.... We always have citronxllx candles at our villas when we are on holiday in an effort to keep mozzies and midges away from Twin!

So you are now turning around and heading back Eva – lovely to be able to say you had been as north North in the country as you could possibly go. Aha so you were shopping yesterday – the mug sounds lovely. Not so sure about teh £4.70 for a bottle of water (I assume a small one). Thank you for all the links – I have read up about them. I always thought the Sami were Fxnnxsh, but I see they are “shared” with N’way. Very wise to have a rest day I think. How are the ribs doing? I sort of manage to do something on my list......ish!

After we finished our church service, we did an unusual thing for us and had our coffee whilst watching the tv. Well a catch up of a programme on C5, which had been shown at the same time as the Gxreth programme on Tuesday evening. It was the first of three and was all about the Bxttle of Brxtxin. Some of it was shot in the Bxnker (which is about ten minutes from here) and it was very interesting. We will watch last night’s tonight I think and tonight’s possibly tomorrow. MM did manage to dodge some of the showers and spent a little time in the garden, and then disappeared into the garage – not sure what he did there! I did sort out one of the drawers in my three drawer unit in the bedroom, so a small start was made. We had a good rehearsal in the evening. Today I may tackle the other two drawers in the unit....... I am not sure what MM is going to do. The tree surgeon was making a visit to the cedar tree at church yesterday so I suspect MM may be expecting an email at some point today on that. We have our GandT with Mary and Les this afternoon and then it will be our rehearsal with Gxrxth. June did video call me yesterday to show off her hair as she had managed to get to the hairdresser. My turn tomorrow! Good morning BHB yes it is a grey start. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Alxskx into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Stay well, safe and happy everyone.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, July 9, 2020, 08:35
Morning all and it is another grey day and I think more rain is on the way. I know I said the garden needed some rain, but enough now! It wants sunshine! (Saying this hoping ot works as well as my rain wish!) As I didn't manage to dodge showers yesterday I had another quiet day in. I did a lot of my jigsaw so nothing really to report. I have been watching a lot of the old W/bledon matches they have been showing on tv. Things have changed so much in the last 40 years, mainly for the better I think. It is a lot less stuffy. Mind the men's shorts were shorter which was quite nice!

Eva I am pretty sure that the Hxiry Bikers visited the Sami on their Norwegian road trip. I remember them being really lovely people . Glad you are having a lovely time and the ribs are not stopping you. Mind I think the price of water could have put you into shock!

Jo I didn't fill up with petrol for ages, but if I am to visit Twin needs must! Mind I went there like a walking disinfecting machine! I had disinfecting wipes with me that I used on the pumps and on the air hose the desanitised my hands and I had a mask, so I think I did what I could!

Morning BHB and we have Alxskx and teacakes today. You are wonderful, let's get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Thursday, July 9, 2020, 10:15
Bruce is on phone to the rescue centre, I've not taken him for his morning walk- back door is open. My right hip was really painful. I've just looked at the forecast, no rain this morning but rain this afternoon. Oh dear, can't be helped. He's gone back to sleep now.

Pauline must admit I don't carry gel with me, I minimize my touching and wash as soon as I get home. It is what I do for the dog touching when out.

I had a plan of activities for today, I'll wait a while to see if I can pick up the plans.

They are putting old tennis matches on TV? Oh well, there are so many channels, even accessible to me, I don't have to watch it. Not like late 60s, when had to watch sport.

Just had a slight panic, car is going into garage on Thurs for MOT. Phew, next Thursday. I do need to fill up recycling bins for tomorrow pick up
Diana wrote:
Thursday, July 9, 2020, 10:48
Morning all.

We enjoyed our day (well half day) at W*sley, despite the weather. It drizzled on and off, though was dry for longer than it rained. The gardens were lovely and we walked round most of them. We bought ten plants which are sitting on the patio for Ploppy to plant. Unfortunately, they didn't have the shrub I particularly wanted, a replacement for the one which died during our hot summer two years ago. We may go to a local nursery tomorrow to see if we can get it.

I have just ordered our lounge furniture from JL which will take 13 weeks to deliver. We held off just in case VAT was reduced.

Ploppy is currently removing some of the books from the bookcase in the study. There's been stuff in front of it for ages so it's been difficult to get to some shelves. Loads of country guides and maps, and many books we'd forgotten about (Walt Disney World, Lladro, Charles & Di). He's piling them up in the hall so that is now looking a mess! We need to go through and sort out which books to keep and which to get rid of. I think it's going to be difficult to agree which to keep ie there are several ski books, we haven't skiied since 1999 so I think we should just keep one or two but he wants to keep more. Some of the large photo books we might put on the table shelf in the lounge.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, July 9, 2020, 11:28
Weather permitting, we will visit my parents on Monday.

I did some cleaning earlier I've been putting off, more to do tomorrow.

Liking the restaurant discount offer during August. Will definitely make use of that provided local restaurants apply.

Hope you don't have to wait long to get your hedge cut, Pauline.

Fingers crossed for youngest and apprenticeship, Ali.

Enjoy the second half of your cruise, Eva. The first has gone very quickly.

And enjoy having your hair done tomorrow, Carol.

Sorry your hip isn't so good today, Jo, hope it improves and you can get out for a walk with Bruce before the rain arrives.

Mum just called with her Icel*nd order so must phone her back and add the items after lunch.
TK wrote:
Thursday, July 9, 2020, 16:07
As expected the Cliff concert at RAH will be moved to next year. It is going to be a very busy concert time next Oct. The 80-year-olds have multiple concerts I hope I can keep up.

Diana I have books to sort as well. There will be arguments here too. I'll be arguing with myself :) Mrs ex Postman went to W*sley last weekend with some w*rk friends, she enjoys gardens.

Bruce and I had a walk about at lunchtime. At the far point of the walk it started raining. I have a rain poncho in my dog walking bag, so didn't get too wet. Bruce was a bit damp, he is dry now. I need to get some washing on the line, looks like it will be OK tomorrow after about 10am.

It is NOT recycling rubbish day tomorrow, so better get the ordinary rubbish out. I've nearly filled the ordinary bin up with the help of Bruce, when he did serious damage to a duvet which I use on the sofa. The duvet was second-hand, given to me for the dogs home, it just never got as far as that.
TK wrote:
Thursday, July 9, 2020, 19:04
I've put the filter holder back into the h**v**. I thought there was something missing, just couldn't see anything. I saw it at lunchtime today. It worked without the holder :)
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, July 10, 2020, 05:47
Morning and a little overcast at the moment but we are due a fine day with temperatures nudging 20C. I can even see a little tiny patch of blue sky!!

Ah so Bruce was feeling neglected was he. He does have the rescue centre on speed dial doesn’t he? Sorry to hear the hip is still playing up – is it the damp weather? We always have gel with us (and have done for years and years due to travelling on the tube to work daily), so not a new thing to us to always carry some. I knew you would be thrilled by the thought of txnnxs on the tv! We are also due a service and MXT but our’s is the week after next. Oh that’s a shame about Cliffy but I am not surprised – you will be very busy next autumn! Needless to say I haven’t go around to my book sorting out yet! So poor Bruce was damp but you were fortunately very dry! We don’t have to remember which rubbish to put out as we have all our’s collected every week – gardening, food, recycling and refuse! It makes life much easier! Ah that would be the duvet Bruce loved to death then!

Diana a couple of our our friends from Church was due to visit Wxslxy on Wednesday, but having seen the forecast they changed their tickets for next week. I see you braved it (glad the rain wasn’t too heavy). Shame they didn’t have your shrub that you wanted – hopefully you will find it elsewhere. Well done on ordering the furniture – so three months wait until it arrives. Who won the battle of the what books to keep?? MM has kept most of the guides and maps from anywhere we have been and is loath to get rid of them – it must be a man thing. I am sure your parents will be thrilled to see you on Monday. Are you both driving done or are you taking the train? I agree that Eva’s cruise seems to be whizzing by! So you found the hxxvxr works without the filter then!!

We had rain most of the afternoon yesterday. MM did some church bits and pieces on the pooter and I did do some sorting out. We watched the second part of the programmes on The B of Britain in the early afternoon before we had our video chat with Twin, followed by our GandT with Mary and Les, and then our rehearsal with Gxrxth (next Thursday is the last one). During the evening we watched another Spxxks and then we watched the last of the three programmes on The B of Brxtain. Today we are off to do a food shop in MandS, then we have someone coming to measure up the flat roof over the garage, so that it can be re-covered. Then of course I have my hair cut – hooray!!!! The forecast for when I go (12.30) is for sunshine, which is good as the salon has asked clients to wait outside the shop until they are admitted (to give them time to sanitise between customers). I have my mask and gloves ready! I had a call early evening reminding me of my appointment (as if I needed reminding!). The afternoon will be the family zxxm chat (although MM has to go to a meeting (at distance) at the church at 4pm, so will miss most of it). Morning BHB, yes a much nicer start to the day today – no rain!. Let’s take the Vanilita and the croissants into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Hope everyone is well, sage and happy.
evam wrote:
Friday, July 10, 2020, 08:59
Morning all. It’s overcast here, but still looka bright. The temps at the moment is +9 degrees..

Hello sweetheart. I see you’re still dressing for a Norwegian winter. Honestly, a thick snow coat, wollen underwear, (How do I know? He told me! You and your dirty minds!) winter boots, mittens , a knitted scarf and a knitted cap is a bit over the top. Honestly, if we stay inside you won’t notice the weather anyway. Coffee is fine, thank you, and with croissants even better.❤️😘🥰
We had a good day yesterday in Hammerfest.:
We had a sweet guide with us. I wrote a bit about the town on my fb site, but will repeat some of it for you. Hammerfest is in the county of Finnmark and borders on Sweden, Finnland and Russia. It is a bit cramped in that part of Norway. 😂. It’s a huge county, in size, about the same size as Switzerland. Because of it’s position it was a very important strategic area for the occupying German forces. They placed a huge number of soldiers here during the war. ( I have posted a few photos on fb with explanations.) The Germans did a terrible thing to the population of Finnmark. When it was clear even to the Germans that they were on the losing side, they ordered the whole population of Finnmark to evacuate south. About half of the population refused, and they fled up in the mountains and on the plateau which is so vasr that the Germans couldn’t find them. Some of them lived up there through the winter of 1944/19945. They had to eat what they could finf, fish or hunt, and it was a terrible time for them. To make matters even worse, the Germans had orders to burn down every house, building, and they took their livestock away as well when they retreated. Can you imagine coming back to that? But the people of Finnmark is strong and resilient, and with grants from the Norwegian government started to rebuild their lives:
Otherwise I sleep a lot! Yes, you read correctly,- I do have my awake hours in the middle of the night, but then I go straight back to sleep. It must be the sleep of the just! 🤪