It is Panto time, and what a Panto it is this year

Thursday, December 19, 2019, 19:20
If you'd have told me that this panto was going to be so funny before I saw the first show I would have laughed at you. I'd never really watched Joe Pasquale on TV or seen him live. My total thoughts were he was rather strange and had a squeaky voice. It was only when I saw the rehearsal vids I thought there might be 'something' happening. I told my dog walking friend that this year was going to be different as there were going to be 2 comedians on stage. He still didn't want to go! His loss.
(Note: I remove any comparison to Cinderella at the London Palladium in this post, there were many comedians in that show.)

The whole show lifts the spirits and leaves a warm glow as you leave the theatre.

OK you might want one more song from a certain person, but can't have everything.

TK wrote:
Thursday, December 19, 2019, 19:27
My apologies for not updating the page for ages.
Hope this is OK.
BTW the walls are a dark lilac.
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 19, 2019, 21:25
Thank you for the new page with all the lovely photos.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, December 19, 2019, 22:05
Thankyou for our new home. Liking the decor!
Hope all ok x
Taking a deep breath before diving into busiest stretch at work over next 5 days plus 2 carol services slotted in between. Roll on xmas eve when I should finish at 2 then relax at hairdressers before going home.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 19, 2019, 22:36
Thank you so much Jo! I will be on my tablet over Christmas and this will make life a lot easier I hope!

Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, December 19, 2019, 23:06
Thank you Jo for our new home - and a peek into the pantomime.
Beginning to come out the tunnel of Chr prep . I may just about be ready by Sunday when scollop and g/ f arrive - and he v.gan cooking commences! It is a whole notch on from veggie cooking which is much easier. And as I can’t eat pulses for health reasons then finding meals which suit us all is not easy. But I have a little list ( of recipes) !!
Carol- it is the A.4 where it meets A1 that is the problem. 22 miles of new road and seemingly a nightmare. Lead item on local news tonight ( 10days after It opened);and seemingly it is doubling people’s commute time and lots of traffic q’s And accidents. I think we may just forget trying to visit parents over Chr. A 5 hr round trip is tiring enough without adding in extra time and stress. And very helpfully ( not) the old road ( and some others) have been shut at same time as new road opened - sigh. Hopefully the teething Issues will get sorted soon.
Eva - sorry to hear the dreaded pne.m.nia has returned and hope you are back to full health and strength very soon.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 19, 2019, 23:18
Thank you Jo - actually I think it is the light that is making the walls look lilac - they are really pink, to match the curtains..............
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 20, 2019, 08:26
Morning and at the moment it is dry............rain forecast later though, of course! Anyone would think we were in Bxrgxn – very kind of Eva to send their rain over to us! Yesterday I had to put the lights on in the morning as it was so dark and gloomy.

Ah thank you for the update on the sound Jo – we are further back (I think Row E – Twin will know – for our next visit). Lovely photos for the page by the way!

So you thought, for a change, you would have a busy few days coming up Ali ..........and breathe! We just have the church service on Sunday morning and then Midnight Mxss to sing at, then we are done for the year. I imagine you are booked wall to wall over the next few days at work – hope it isn’t too stressful!

Fi, as I think I said on an earlier post – I have to do veggie, but that is a doddle compared with vxgxn! O really don’t envy you! Our friend Janice and one of her sons used to be veggie (he has now lapsed) and Janice always made two meals as her (then) husband and the two girls were not veggie – they had the carnivore version and Janice and Daniel a veggie one! She told me she just got used to it! Well that sounds a complete pig’s ear of the road systems, and why on earth close the old road whilst the new one is experiencing lots of problems. Hopefully they might get it all sorted for the new year (I am an optimist and dare say I will be proved wrong!). Hope you manage a calm couple of days before the visitors descend!

We now have all the decorations up at home, so today MM can put the boxes back into the loft – ready to come down again in a couple of weeks when the dismantling starts! I was glad we weren’t going out yesterday as the rain was continuous from late morning onwards. I wonder if we will still have a hosepipe ban...........Rob and Jackie arrived early (I think that is a first for Rob) – by about ten minutes, but I was all ready and the food was all doing nicely. We had a lovely evening and caught up with all the news from his parish, and told him all our news from our Church. He said his current church is as different from our’s as it is possible to be. They left just before 11pm, so I loaded the dishwasher for the fairies to work their magic (which they did – I have been an unloaded it this morning and put the last pieces in for their wash). I am off to the salon this morning for my back massage and to have my hair cut. MM is going to drop me off en route to U’bridge where he has some Santa shopping to do. I will catch the underground after my appointments, and meet him there for the food shop. We are home this afternoon (a friend is popping round) and as we managed to cover everything at last week’s Choir practice, we won’t need to go out again tonight. I do have laundry to do, but might keep that for tomorrow. I also need to catch up with last night’s HC at some point. Morning BHB, yes a gloomy day but at least it is dry! Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle whilst we admire the C’mas decorations and wait for the DCM.

TK wrote:
Friday, December 20, 2019, 09:39
D*mn, I thought I'd headed Carol off. I forgot the curtains.

I was thinking about the stuff I cook, when I do. It is mostly vegan, until I add the cheese at the end. I don't worry about the vegan bit being a balanced diet. Mind, I don't really balance my diet anyway. I'm always on a low protein diet. If anyone moans at me, they used to, I tell them about the research which was done into the benefits if a low protein diet.

I need to go out today to find a present for Mr ExP. Men are difficult anyway, but fussy, picking men are worse.

Bruce had a walk this morning with his best friend, so was wet happy boy. He didn't hear the phone call just now asking him to go out again with his friend on a dog walk. I declined to get soaked again. And I have to go out for 1 more present (Mr ExP).

pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 20, 2019, 10:25
Morning all and it is a horrid ,wet day again. Typical as I am off to the hairdresser on a bit! It nearly always rain when I go there and I usually have to park a 5 min walk away! Ah well it is the cut and colour I am really going for and the wet doesn't affect that! I have a large heap pf washing to do over the next few days and have one lot on the go now, this is the price I have to pay for my lovely week doing nice things, there are no elves doing the laundry! I cmae home yesterday intending to go to the s/market I pass on the way only to find a huge queue for the car park when I got there, so I carried on and went to my normal one in H/penden. That was busy too. People obviously starting to shop early for C/mas! Still not as bad so I did get done and have food in.

Fi I really don't envy you doing vxgan stuff. It is so restricted, though I am sure vxgans would disagree, but it is when you are not one! The road situation sounds awful and it does seem mad to have closed the old road before the new one was properly sorted. The only positive is if you do go to your parents over C/mas period traffic is usually a lot lighter!

Ali best of luck over the next few days! I feel you will be very glad to get your feet up when it is over! Mind then I would imagine you will be doing your own C/mas dinner!

Jo you should know it is very hard to come between Twin and pink! Mind I think it all looks lovely! Ah you almost confirm what I said about vegan cooking, not so bad when you are used to it! Mind I have eaten vegan ice cream and hated it, no offence! I found it very watery tasting. Good luck getting Mr Ex P's pressie. Hope the rain let's up for you.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Oh of course it is Vanillita day. I am very muddled with days of the week at the moment! Let's get more and go and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Friday, December 20, 2019, 10:47
Morning all. It's a very grey and dreary day, and I see that Carol has sent the rain back. 😜

Hello sweetheart. Oooohhhhh, that was a lovely hug. You have missed me? I have missed you too, so it's lovely to see you. 💋 You have coffee and toasted paninis I can have for elevenses? (It's 11.31 here.) You are a star.🌟 No, I'm not back to my old rude health (That is a joke if ever I heard one, 😒), but it is my first try out of bed. After a shower, washing my hair (which was lovely.🚿) and dressing, I had to sit down for a little rest, but I am definitely better. If only that dratted cough could go away, I would be a happy bunny. Not much has happened here since Monday (Lying in bed sleeping and coughing don't invite a lot of activity!)

Fi,- if you survive this Christmas, it'll be a miracle! In addition to a looooong roundabout route to your parents, they have now given you a new road which has turned out to be a disaster. It never stops, does it?

Jo,- for the men in the family I either buy a shirt/jumper or give a nice bottle of wine.

Twins, you have been busy going to and fro the city centre to different pantos. It sounds as if you've picked good ones.

Diana,- if you have any warm degrees to spare, send them in this direction, please.

Ali,- I can amagine that the next 4-5 days will be busy at work. Keep some energy for Christmas!

Jane,- have you managed to shift that cold?😷🤒🤧
Ali wrote:
Friday, December 20, 2019, 14:54
Afternoon. First ‘breakfast with Santa’ done, 50 people fed between 9-11. Currently having short break at home then back for evening function. We’re having xmas dinner at my sisters so she will prep and cook veggies and sides, we cook meat and take it round. Boxing day = trip to in laws. About 1hr and 1/2 away. I may just sleep in car!
Glad you’re feeling better Eva x
Diana wrote:
Saturday, December 21, 2019, 05:52
Morning all.

Thanks for the new page, Jo.

It's overcast this morning and rain forecast for this pm when Ploppy is supposed to be golfing. If he doesn't play, I'm hoping we can go shopping as there are a number of things we need.

Yesterday was sunny and hot. We washed the balcony and veranda, then sat on the veranda until early afternoon when we went to the gym. Last night we went to our fav restaurant and, as usual, had a very good meal. They have tweaked the menu slightly, with a couple of new items and 2/3 slightly changed. I had queen prawns in tamarind and orange with a little rice, followed by confit duck legs with apple and slaw, accompanied by the usual plate of vegetables to share, with chocolate mousse torte for dessert – very chocolatey and rich. Ploppy had crab and dill tortelli (new), then sole with chips, with amarula crème brulee for dessert. We had a very nice bottle of SB with the meal. Unless we get bored, we won’t be eating out again until we go to C*pe Town at the start of Jan as Knysn* will be very busy over Xmas and New Year. We’ll then make up for it as we’ll probably be eating out for 18 days while we're away and with our friends.

After I returned from my walk on Thursday pm there were several baboons on the seventh hole opposite us. I heard them turn over our dustbin later though didn't see them.

My pension has finally been sorted and the funds transferred to the new account so I should be getting some money in the next week at last.

Yes Carol, Ploppy's starter was one prawn but it was a large king prawn. And yes the estate still has baboon guards. The decorator didn't return yesterday so the two small jobs will have to wait until he's here in a month painting the exterior. Annoying as I wanted them done before our visitors arrived.

Hope all goes smoothly at work, Ali.

The new road sounds a nightmare, Fi. Hope things settle down quickly and it's not an ongoing problem.

Glad you are feeling a bit better, Eva.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 21, 2019, 08:27
Morning and it isn’t raining!! Amazing! Having said that there are now grey clouds starting to appear in the rather watery looking blue sky and I know rain is forecast for most of the remainder of the day!

Jo, all men are difficult to buy for, even those you know really well (like MM – I still struggle to think of new ideas!). I see you also have the added complication that he is picky! I can imagine Bruce was very wet after his walk. Mind you as he was with his BF he probably didn’t realise. Just as well he didn’t hear the call asking him to join more friends or you would really be in the doghouse! Somehow I feel he wouldn’t care that you were getting wet again. Our lips are sealed.....

Don’t worry, Eva, the rain came back here again with a vengeance! You get a gold star for being good and staying in bed – you can see it was necessary from how you felt when you got up yesterday. Coughs have an annoying habit of liking to outstay their welcome. Still it is good that you are feeling better and able to even think about getting up. Hopefully you will still be resting as much as you can so that you are well by next week.

Goodness Ali that is a lot of people to feed in two hours! (I read it wrongly to start with and thought you had fed 50 9 – 11 year olds!) I think you deserved the short break at home. Hopefully the evening function didn’t last into the early hours – I think you need your rest! Ah so you have a restful Christmas to look forward to. Lovely that you will be having Chrxstmxs Day at your sister’s, although I don’t envy you the Bxxixg Day round trip to the outlaws. I take it the boys will be going with you?

I see you are still having changeable weather Diana. So did Ploppy go round the shops with you, or defy the weather and play golf? Your meal at your favourite restaurant sounds lovely. Oh dear, I see the Bs are making themselves noticed again. Obviously the guards are not that vigilant! Hurray for the sorting out of the pension (never quite sure why it is always difficult to get things sorted – I don’t think I know a single person who has had it all sorted out easily!). It would have to be a VERY large single prawn to be a starter I feel! Oh so the decorator living up to his unreliable tag – what a shame you won’t have the jobs done before your visitors come.

I had a lovely back massage yesterday (I could have stayed on the heated treatment bed all day!). My hair is now cut and tidy so really pleased ot have that done. I managed to dodge the showers and get to the station without being drowned. I then had a twenty minutes wait for a train as there had been signal failure at W’bley Park. I was fine as I was sitting under the canopy and had my Kxndxe app on my phone so I did some reading. I met up with MM successfully and he had finished his shopping. There were lots of people in mands buying their C’mas food in advance – we had quite a wait at the tills (at least they were all being manned!), so we were home about 1pm. A friend came round with presents in the afternoon (he is off to W’chester for C’mas) and stayed for about an hour, so I was delayed getting the laundry on. I have done about a third and will finish the rest today, so a lovely afternoon of doing the i word awaits. It will be odd this evening with no SCD to watch! Morning BH, yes it is bright at the moment, but I think that is to lull us into a false belief of a nice day! Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Bxn Vxvant into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 21, 2019, 10:13
Morning all and I can hardly believe it, but it is all sunny and lovely here at the moment. Mind there are some clouds around so I feel normal greyness will be resumed very soon. Have seen on the news some of the floods we have in parts of the country, awful. When you see the dreadful fires they are having in Oz at the moment I think they could do with some of our water. My friend who emigrated to Oz a couple of years ago to be with her daughter and family has been in hospital. She suffers with asthma and the bad air and smog coming from the fires meant she couldn't breathe. She is home at the moment but is in the main house and not her granny annex as they have air con in the bedrooms whereas Linda only has it in the lounge. Today I will be in Wishee Washee mode and doing all the laundry. Very festive, not! Oh and I had my hair done yesterday as wel, toss toss! I had the colour done as well and my lovely hair dresser was so frantically busy she was juggling three of us at one point and it took ages. However we all got her usually first class treatment. The phone rang while I was there with someone wanting to book a colour, cut and blow dry for today! Dreamer!

Eva lovely to see you up and about a bit. I can understand your joy at being able to shower and wash the hair! It is lovely to get nice and clean again when you have been poorly. Now we just need your pesky cough to go.

Well I suppose that will be a more relaxing C/mas for you Ali, though I feel it is not as much as it could be! Very lovely though and I hope you all have a great time oh and you have a good journey on boxing day.

So the baboons sound as if they are back with a vengeance Diana and the guards are conspicuous by their absence! Your nice restaurant meal sounds up to standard! Well done on getting the pension sorted. Shame about the decorator man not returning though not that surprising in SA! I am sure your friends won't mind.

Twin you do know someone who didn't have problems with the pension, me!!! I never realised how lucky I was!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Toasted muffins and Bxn Vxvxnt? All sounds very scrummy so let's get more of everything and find the CM.
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, December 21, 2019, 13:14
Morning - oops it is afternoon! when I got up this morning i made myself a list of jobs to be done before the v.gans arrive tomorrow. so working my way thro the list. cle.ning, ir.ning (incl Chr tablecloth) and delivering of some local pressies all done. as is the soaking of peas and beans! ordered flowers to be delivered to ploppy's aunt in whom we just haven't managed to fit in for a Chr visit. also liaised with the v.gans and finalised the Mr T order for Monday. Phew. almost time for shower and hair wash before out to a Chr drinks party. went to another Chr drinks party last night - NN's had been invited but luckily for us all didn't turn up!
Ali - you are busy. I think you may need more than one deep breath!
Eva - good to see you up and about, but do continue to take it easy. I have had my sloppy on ph telling me about the death of a woman (slightly older than me) who just died. she had looked after her mother (sloppy's friend) "selflessly" for years according to sloppy. I bit my lip and didn't say "yes but look then she died early"!!
Diana - sounds a lovely meal. we are wondering about taking scollops out to local fine dining restaurant next week - they do a reasonable set price menu - but not sure about the v.gans! will chat to them when they come home.
Carol - UB scollop has promised me vouchers for massages or manicures at my local beautician for my bday. they have still to appear!
Pauline - lovely hair!
Jo - I am remembering your seat at panto thank you - tho it may have gone now. I will think about the panto - when i surface. I just want to look into all the road closures as they are closing A1 and a.4 from 6pm all nights after 6 Jan so just need to look into alternatives - or staying over. haven't quite got around to doing that.

Diana wrote:
Sunday, December 22, 2019, 05:32
Morning all. It's another lovely one here and the forecast is for it to be sunny all day with a high of 24 degrees so just about perfect, not really hot. Unfortunately, we need to go shopping (almost out of milk for a start) so won't make the most of it. Think we will leave the gym until tomorrow when it's due to start nice but some cloud in the afternoon, though a degree or two up on today. Yesterday we had about three hours of sunshine first thing and then it clouded over and had some rain. The Norwegian forecast has been very accurate so far this holiday; last time it was wrong a number of times.

Ploppy played golf in the afternoon but they returned to the clubhouse while it rained. I took the laptop downstairs and was able to download Lee's last Holby. I watched it later - sad to see the last of Lofty but it was time for him to go. Just hope he either gets a musical or good part in a drama - both would be brilliant - and soon. I also backed up the laptop which took hours. Every time it backs up the software copies everything, I just want the new and updated files copied. So next time I might try just copying these files directly onto the back up disc which will be far quicker. I also did the I word and cleaned the bathroom sinks and tops. Today I ought to do the kitchen sink and tops but might leave it till tomorrow. Depends what time Ploppy gets up, we want to go into Knysn* fairly early. Ploppy said he wanted to get up earlier this holiday and surprised me by being up before 8.00 am on our second day (after an overnight flight where you don't sleep that well and the two hour time difference, it normally takes 2/3 days to adjust). Since then he's got up later, not till 9.00 ish or after. I was sleeping quite late for me the last 2/3 weeks at home and not getting up till 7.45 am at the earliest, though the last week I turned on the alarm clock so was up earlier due to visiting my parents, the panto and getting ready for the trip. The amount of light clearly affects when I wake up as, despite having fairly thick curtains here, I've been awake well before 6.00 am some mornings and got up soon after. This also means I fall asleep watching telly most evenings and am going to bed about 10.00 pm. At home I often lay in bed watching TV until at least midnight which would also explain sleeping later. I've told Ploppy numerous times that he's missing the best of the day.

Ploppy told me that yesterday his UK golf club was closed due to the amount of rain. It is near the top of a hill and the water drains off quickly so that tells me the south east must have had a lot of rain recently. Glad we have missed it.

I agree, Carol, all men are very difficult to buy for. I never have a problem finding something for Mum, my sister in law and nieces, but Dad and my brother! Fortunately Ploppy and I stopped buying Xmas and birthday presents for each other when we started having a long haul holiday at Xmas, that was our present to each other. I think I only ever gave him two presents he was really pleased with - a trouser press (also saved me ir*ning his trousers!) and a Mick*y Mouse dressing gown which he still has.

The breakfast with Santa sounds fun, Ali, and is obviously popular.

Touch wood, for the first time in years, my cold hasn't left me with the usual barking cough which takes weeks to go. It's not entirely gone but is just a little cough. No doubt due to not going from the warmth out to the cold and back to the warmth, plus no stress from w*rk and being healthier generally.

Hope your local restaurant can accommodate the vegans, Fi. You will deserve a night off. And fingers crossed you can make it to the panto.

Trust you're still taking it easy, Eva.

The firest in Australia are terrible. The pictures of Sydn*y and the smoke look awful. Wouldn't want to be going to Aus for a holiday at present.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, December 22, 2019, 07:09
Morning. Been awake since about 3 and gave up trying to get back to sleep. Really busy (surprise!!) yesterday but great to see the little ones faces when they see Santa. Managed to get set up for today so no need to start quite so early this morning. Finish at 3, quick change then off to church for carols by candlelight. Ploppy doing pizza afterwards for 3 of us then will probably fall asleep!
Please hold K2 in your thoughts and prayers as had a message saying her mum has passed away. She was with her xx
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, December 22, 2019, 08:09
Morning and another grey day here – think we have drizzle forecast for first thing then a brief lull and may be little bit of sun (not looking likely at the moment though I must say!).

Ah I had a list of six things to do yesterday Fi and managed 3 of them, so have the other three to deal with today. Mine are all admin things, so not too onerous, just time consuming! I see you had a drinks party to look forward to as a reward for all your hard work. I see the one you went to on Friday was avoided by NN (do you think he is sulking?) – so that must have been a relief! Oh dear, your Sloppy not the most tactful of people – well done on not rising to the bait! Ah, I do hope the vouchers materialise as it is such a lovely way to unwind. In fact I still have a voucher from my birthday to use in the New Year, so I am deciding what to have done....may go for a facial.... I see the H’ways Authority is playing games and closing roads left right and centre. Enjoy having your family with you (and hopefully the vxgxn meal is a success....not sure I would fancy chxck peas and mxng beans, but that’s my personal choice!).

Diana please send your lovely weather over here – this rain is really depressing. 24C is about my ideal temperature! I see the rain drove Ploppy to the clubhouse...... We are all hoping for a good part coming up for GO – hopefully we will find out in the New Year. I am an early riser normally and find it is a good time to get things done. MM is a sleeper in! I did see that your local area was badly hit by the rain and flooding, so yes, you were in the best place and managed to avoid it! Ah MM has a trouser press and I agree they are brilliant for not having to ixxn trousers! I usually end up buying clothes for MM. Oh that’s good that you cough isn’t as bad as it would normally be – suspect the sun is helping. I agree the situation in Oz is awful – fortunately MM’s family are nowhere near where the fires are. The smog looks horrific and they were showing footage of more people being evacuated from the surrounding area last night. Terrible situation.

Goodness Ali another non sleeper – I suspect you are so busy at the moment that your brain can’t slow down and let you sleep. I also had the message from poor K2 yesterday. At least she was with her mother when she died, so may take some comfort from that. Hope your carol service goes well – It must be lovely to see the children’s faces when they are with Santa. Gemma sent me photos of the boys with the Santa they saw and they are just lovely pictures.

I spent the day doing the laundry and the whole of the afternoon doing the i word (I had two weeks of laundry to catch up with). I watched the Mxllxrca Files whilst I did the i word, and it was rather nice to look at all the blue skies, sea and sunshine rather than looking outside and seeing the rain and grey skies here. Off to church this morning – we just have the one service at 10 am today, so not such a rush to get out as we normally have. I have the rest of the admin things to do this afternoon and will draw up my shopping lists for next week’s food (I have ordered food from MandS and Sainsbugs, but will need to buy some of the more mundane things when we go to collect the ordered food. It will be a feet up evening again tonight – we will probably catch up on some programmes we have missed. Morning BHB, yes it looks very grey out. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Pxccxni into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 22, 2019, 10:36
Morning all and the sun is shining! Twice in two days, we are being spoilt! Mind yesterday it didn't last , it started raining again in the afternoon and was still doing so when I got up. Hopefully this will last longer today. Mind as I have a pile of ixxnxxg to do it won't really affect me whatever it does. I did 3 washes yesterday and have another to do today. I feel that should do me till after C/mas! Apart from that I managed to do the last of my wrapping so am all ready for C/mas now. Nice feeling!

Diana we apparently had a months worth of rain in two days round here! I am not surprised Ploppy's golf club is shut! Your weather sounds perfect. I think you are right. Sxdney is no place to be at the moment.

Ali, thanks for K2's sad news. Twin did tell me yesterday about it. Sad at any time of year, but even more so now. Don't think rising at 3am is in my vocabulary! Good grief! Hope you have a lovely and manage to stay awake to enjoy it!

Fi have a lovely time with the family and hope all the vegan cookery is successful. So NN didn't show his face then, not really surprised! Also well done from me on not saying anything to Sloppy about the selflessness of the poor lady!

Morning BHB and what is on the menu today? Pxccini and toasted teacakes? Perfect, let's grab some more of it all and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Sunday, December 22, 2019, 11:26
Morning all. It's overcast but we can see some glimpses of blue skies now and again.

Hello sweetheaert. Oooooohhhhhhh,- another of those hugs! 🤗 I think I'll be away more often. Because it's Sunday you have the coffee on the go and toasted teacakes? You are wonderful! 💋💋💋

I did get up again yesterday and pottered about in the flat, feeling OK (ish). I was sitting by the pooter when I started coughing, and coughing and coughing. I thought I' never stop. When it finally did, I was so exhausted I could barely get up from my chair. I went back to bed and slept for most of the day, so today I was going to take it easy. I did get up, had a shower and my breakfast. Was still feeling fine, so decided to start taking all my Christmas decorations plus the tree up from the basement store room.I got it all upstairs, but I think I'll wait with the decorating. 🎅🎄
Which moron at the beeb thought it was a good idea to replace Strictly on a Saturday night with HOURS AND HOURS of flipping football! I was fuming.🤬
Mrs S is back for a limited periode. She arrived on Friday night and will go back on the 30th December, so actually a longer time than usual. I haven't spoken to her of course, but she did call youngest sister and told her that she would do father's shopping yesterday, but she didn't! So much for her promises.

Diana,- so pleased the Norwegian weather forecast is being precise! They usually are here as well. Bergen is easy though,- rain, rain and then some fog!🌫Your temps at the moment sound perfick! I hope the baboons keep away and let you enjoy the sunshine. Do you know,- even if you have explained the electricity sysytem of paying the bills, I still don't understand it! I am another one who never had any problems with my pension. I was told a couple of months in advance that I'd start getting it in the month of my 67th birthday. I never had any private pension, just get mine from the public coffer and the police, and everything was done as promised.

Ali,- I see you have the joy of early awakenings! I have forgotten when I last had an unbroken night's sleep. It's getting very exhausting.

Pauline,- so you don't have the pleasure of being consious (sp?) at 3 am? You should try it! 😴 That sounds like an awful lot of washing? Enjoy!

Fi,- so NN is staying absent, is he? I would preume everyone is delighted? 😜 I think your Sloppy's remark about that poor lady backfired, or is that she wants for you? You can ask next time you talk to her.

Sad to hear K2's news. I'll send her a card.
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 22, 2019, 14:08
That is sad for K2. Thanks for letting us know Ali.

Been out for a walk. The idea was normal Sunday lunch, ie toasted sandwich and sausage bits. Unfortunately we were stopped by swan swimming (yes I said SWIMMING) along the riverside path. If I had really long wellies I could have walked on the side of the path and IF Bruce wasn't frightened of hissing swans, this was a particularly big one. Bruce had the good idea to go the other way to the pub, but I could see that the water was too deep for him to walk through. He doesn't swim. He tried to find a way where the water was more shallow but decided that I was right. We came home rather muddy. We've been invited out for tea, so got to be sure the lumps of mud are gone. Dogs are allowed on the furniture, but it is polite to make sure that the dogs aren't covered in mud.

Just re read Fi's bit about the lady who died early. My speed reading obviously let me down, I missed the point. I can understand that the stress could reduce your well-being which could reduce life expectancy. They do say stress isn't good for you.
Diana wrote:
Monday, December 23, 2019, 02:12
Morning. Been awake for nearly two hours so decided to get up and do a few things.

We had a good shop yesterday and got nearly everything we needed. We each bought a pair of shorts in Woolw*rths (discount for buying two pairs) and also four decorated small plastic bowls to eat our salad/fruit lunches on the veranda rather than use the ceramic sundae dishes. I wanted two more sundae dishes anyway so was really pleased when I saw these instead.

We spent the rest of the day on the veranda. It was a lovely day, warm but not really hot due to a nice breeze.

No particular plans for today other than to go to the gym and do some washing. More cloud forecast for today but still a fair amount of sun. Not unusually, the forecast for Xmas and Boxing Day is rain.

Sorry to learn about K2's mum. Thanks for passing on the sad news.

I'll go back to bed now and hopefully get some more sleep.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 23, 2019, 08:09
Morning and a bright start – forecast is for a dry day so fingers crossed, mind you that means today’s rain is now forecast for tomorrow morning when we are due to pick up our food orders!

Eva, I hope the cough has now decided it wants to spend Ch’mas somewhere else. Not surprised you were exhausted on Saturday after the coughing fit you described. Very sensible to go back to bed and rest. I have seen from FB that the Nisse have arrived, so hopefully they are making you feel more festive! Happy Little C’mas Eve by the way! Ah so Mrs S is home for C’mas is she. Well she hasn’t got off to a good start with offering to do your father’s shopping and then not doing it! I am surprised to hear she hasn’t rung to see how you are (not!). It was my private pxnsion that was the problem – there was a legal problem as they Partners were suing their advisors for wrong advice years back. It didn’t get finally sorted until about two years ago, although it did mean I had a small lump sum payment made once it was all resolved (I was receiving some money but it was an estimate). Anyway pleased that you and Twin didn’t have to go through all the problems to get yours sourted.

Goodness Jo – swans can be quite ferocious! The path is flooded then! Of course brave Bruce wasn’t frightened – he was obviously desperate to get to the pub. I suspect he wasn’t a happy doggy to have to miss out. Hopefully he enjoyed going out to tea instead. I meant to ask how the MW3D is doing now he is out of hospital?

I see Diana is another of the non sleeping brigade. The shop sounds good and the two for one an excellent buy. I like the sound of the plastic bowls too. Sounds ideal weather yesterday too, warm with a cooling breeze and perfect for sitting outside and reading. Ah so we might not be the only ones with wet Cman weather. Bxxing Day here is looking to be quite wet at the moment. We normally go for a walk but if it is going to pouring with rain, I feel that is off the agenda.

We had a nice service yesterday morning – an hour and half of Carols and Readings, with Communion. We felt nice and festive when we came home (via one of the older ladies in my choir. She has a broken rib at the moment, and she needed a light bulb replacing, so I volunteered MM). I then did a couple of pieces of Admin, and did my shopping lists for tomorrow. After that it was feet up. We watched LW’s A Txdxr C’mas rather than the modern take on A C Cxrol, and really enjoyed it. Just what we needed after His D Materials! This morning we are off to get some petrol ready for our trip to Kent at the end of the week, and I need to buy some cards. We will do a small non food shop in Sainsbugs and then have coffee afterwards with Lindy and Lawrence as normal. This afternoon I must clean all the glass interior doors downstairs. Other than that I think we are ready for C’mas! Morning BHB, yes it is nice and bright. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted pikelets into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 23, 2019, 09:57
Morning all and it is another lovely sunny one. Bit windy though I think. I am off for a pedicure shortly, lovely. Mind I do need to shop for some food for tonight and that might not be much fun! They are saying millions will be hitting the food shops today. Always amazes me to see how much food people buy when the shops are only closed for one day. Some s/markets open boxing day now, though I appreciate few will want to go food shopping then! Sad to see Tony Brxttxn has died. I used to love the sitcom he did with Nigel H. Mind as he was 95 he had a good life I feel. Watched the last episode of HDM. I have loved the series and glad they have already done the next book. Fingers crossed they do the last one too!

So that horrid cough is still around then Eva. Not surprising you needed to stay in bed for a day afterwards and in fact it was the very best place for you. Fingers crossed you are getting better. Hopefully the Nisse will help. Happy little C/mas Eve from me too. So Mrs S is around but not exactly being much use then. She could at least have rung to see how you are!

So you are trying to outdo Eva for being awake at night then Diana! I really hope you got more sleep, though at least your days sound lovely and relaxing. I think rain is almost obligatory on C/mas Day!

Jo I am not sure I would be keen on coming face to beak with a swan! They are beautiful creatures but can be aggressive! Mind the fact it was swimming on the footpath just sums up the weather this past few months! Hope Bruce got his tea and it made up for the lack of pub.

Morning BHB and it is Lavendula day of course. Let's grab more and go and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Monday, December 23, 2019, 10:13
I always give swans a wide birth after being chased by one when I was not much more than a toddler. Bruce is just as cautious. I didn't take Bruce to the get together, he knows their dog very well, and they get on. But another of the neighbours have a lovely dog called Milly. She is a princess and doesn't like to associate with rough mongrels. Bruce thinks she is beautiful so is very keen on her. It would not have been good as Milly's second home is where the get together was, so Bruce stayed at home. There is also the problem that Bruce does not know how to behave in normal houses. He will pull things off tables and sideboards. This is from his neglect upbringing, he's fine in my house now. Also I don't have expensive things around. It was funny last night. The dog that lives there is very old and has set ways. He is allowed on all sofas, well it is more to the point to say humans are allowed on his sofas if he doesn't want to sit on them. After an hour the dog got off the sofa he was on came over to see me and gran sitting on another sofa. He has a stroke and cuddle, then sat down and stared at the seat in-between the 2 humans. That was our cue to change seats. We both obeyed the house rules that all sofas belong to the dog and got up, he got on to the sofa. He is very old and had a really bad time the night before as there were really loud fireworks for about 20 mins quite close to us.

Another panto day today, the roads should be less busy. Mr and Mrs ex P and busy with dog looking after today. They have the 2 hooligans from across the road and Bruce. I said to put Bruce back in my house as having the adult female Vizsla, the Vizsla cross puppy from abroad and Bruce in your house may be a bit much. They do all get on but the 2 Vs are very active and sometimes encourage Bruce to be a bit naughty.

Diana I hope you got back to sleep this morning.

Better get tidied up before I have to take Bruce out again. Then Panto :)
evam wrote:
Monday, December 23, 2019, 11:37
Morning all. Well, it's not raining, so that has to be something!

Hello sweetheart. Waiting for me again? I was out of the house early, as I had decided I needed to get down to the shopping centre. Different bits and pieces needed to be bought, and I needed the chemist. You have the herbal tea and toasted pikelet ready for me? You are priceless. (He agrees!) 💋💋💋
Normally I wouldn't go near the shops on Little Christmas Eve, but as I'd spent all last week in bed, needs must. I was there when the shops opened, and I was the first car that parked in the car park! That's never happened before. I got a lovely flower arrangement for youngest sister as a thank you present for inviting me to theirs on Christmas Eva. My lovely br.i.l. always gets a bottle of red, so he's happy too. I got the other bits and pieces I needed, and was just glad to leave the shopping centre as it was fast filling up with people with desparation in their eyes. I am more than delighted with myself that I start buying Christmas presents in April, so they are always wrapped and ready well before Christmas. (I just patted myself on the back. 😜) I never expected Mrs S to call and ask after my health. If she had I'd probably have fallen out of bed!
I did most of the decorations yesterday, so today it's only the tree to do. Oh yes, the Nisses are out in full force, very happy to get out of the restraint of the boxes. My home is definitely a " Nisse House" rather than one with angels and the more religious bits.

Diana,- I see you're up and about in the early hours too. Is it just the habit of early rising when you were still working, or do you have a problem with sleeping enough?

Pauline,- thank you for the Happy Little Christmas Eve wishes. The cough is still there, so I went to the chemist to get some cough mixture. I hope it helps.

Carol,- I see your Christmas preparations are done. Good on you (and MM and Pauline. 😜) I never did a Christmas concert live this year, but there was a good one on the telly with this fellow:
Kurt Nilsen:

He does look like a garden gnome, but sings beautifully.

Jo,- I think you were wise to give the swan a wide berth. They can be vicious. Some years back a male swan settled in a village outside Bergen, and soon he was called The Mayor of Os. He was more or less made into a protected animal by the village residents, but after some years he promoted himself to king and became quite nasty with it. There was a loooooong discussion what was to be done with him, put him down or move him. In the end he was moved to somewhere in Eastern Norway, and the villagers could draw a breath of relief.

I think my Christmas tree is calling me, so I'd better go.🎄
Diana wrote:
Monday, December 23, 2019, 16:04

Having fun with the washing machine. I did a towel wash this morning but something went wrong with the machine. I got the towels out after a while, still sopping wet. Tried several things but couldn't sort it out, it seemed stuck part way through a programme. Ploppy has just had a look at the machine, moved it and we pressed the buttons again and it seems to have reset. It's currently half way through a wash with nothing in it so keeping my fingers crossed it's working again. We're going to get a replacement as it is quite old and has played up a few times but would rather not have to rush out tomorrow to order one and be without for a few days. At least it didn't happen just before we are due to come home when there's several loads to do, that would be a nightmare.

I went back to sleep fairly quickly and didn't wake till 7.00 am. It was fairly sunny this morning but clouded over late morning so we went to the gym. By the time we got back, the clouds were clearing and it's been a nice late afternoon.

Eva, every week or two I get a bad night, either can't get to sleep or wake up in the early hours. Now I'm not w*rking, it's not a problem; I just get up, have a drink and do a job or two or watch telly. Glad to see you were well enough to do your shopping. Hope you have a lovely day with your sister and family tomorrow and the cough stays away.

Better check on the washing machine.
maeve 12 wrote:
Monday, December 23, 2019, 16:54
I'm sorry that I have been m.i.a. most of this year, it has been a difficult time, as well as having the most frustrating move ever, I 've lost two dear friends, the death of one was particularly shocking as it was completely unexpected.

Thank you everyone who has sent me "Moving House" cards and good wishes for Christmas.
I have been reading the blog off and on and think I have an idea how everyone is.
I don't think I'll get to the panto, but like everyone, I'm eager to know what the G.O. will be doing in 2020.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with your families and loved ones.
I shall try to be a better loppie next year!!
TK wrote:
Monday, December 23, 2019, 19:51
Lovely to 'see' you Maeve. Glad you have successfully moved. Shame you won't get to panto, it is the funniest I've seen. With no jokes which make me wince. Could do with a little more singing from a certain person, but good to see him getting laughs for his comedy.

I was at the matinee today. Some more slight changes to improve the comedy. Again nightmare on the road, just made it in time. The theatre started a little late as people were still coming in after me.

I went to collect Bruce from Mr and Mrs ExP. On his way out he gave the little dog a kiss on her cheek. Sweet.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, December 24, 2019, 05:50

Glad to report that I've done a wash this morning and all went well. I'm wondering if perhaps there were too many towels in the load yesterday which caused the machine not to work properly. But I still intend to get a new machine as this one is going to go soon and it would be typical if it went just before we left. Hope we can get a new machine in the sale.

I was up around 5.00 am when it was cloudy. The clouds cleared, the sun came out and it looked nice but it's now partly clouded over again. All in under three hours. Forecast is for sunny morning and partly cloudy afternoon. The forecast for the next two days has improved, with partly sunny morning and rain in the afternoon.

I've received the first part of my pension withdrawal I've arranged for this tax year and the second should be with me today so nice early Xmas present.

Good to see you, Maeve. So sorry about your two friends. Hope you are settling into your new home and will be very happy there.

How cute of Bruce, Jo.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas with lots of yummy food & drink and good company. A very happy Xmas.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 24, 2019, 10:13
Morning all and it is a damp and breezy day so typical C/mas weather then! I will be off to Twin later and let C/mas commence! I did all my ixxnxxg yesterday so hopefully that will be it with the laundry for a while! Had a lovely pedicure in the morning very relaxing and just what I needed, so now have twinkle toes as well. the beautician's was so busy, which is very good for the girls. They are all so lovely in there. Twin is off collecting the food order for the next few days so you have me instead for now!

Maeve it is so lovely to see you, I hope you are now settled in the new house and the past year seems like a nightmare! I am so sorry to hear about your friends. this year seems to be a bad one for losing people.

On that thought I heard from K2 yesterday and her Mum's funeral is on Saturday and she asked if we could think of her then as it will obviously be a very sad day for them.

That dog reminds me of our beagle Jo. He had his own chair in the lounge (not all the chairs and sofas though) and if we had visitors who sat on it they used to have him sit in front of them and stare hard at them. They nearly always thought it was because he liked them. Fraid not! So the panto is going well still. Fab. Mind see you got the short straw with the man in front of you yesterday! You must have done a lot of swaying!

Eva glad you felt well enough to get to the shops yesterday. Have a wonderful time with your sister today and Happy Christmas Eve! Fingers crossed the cough is going.

Diana glad to hear the w/machine is ok. You may be right about the towels but it could be that the drum is slightly loose so heavy loads upset it. A new one sounds a good idea. An essential I feel. I think life must have been very hard before we had them!. Morning all and it is a damp and breezy day so typical C/mas weather then! I will be off to Twin later and let C/mas commence! I did all my ixxnxxg yesterday so hopefully that will be it with the laundry for a while! Had a lovely pedicure in the morning very relaxing and just what I needed, so now have twinkle toes as well. the beautician's was so busy, which is very good for the girls. They are all so lovely in there. Twin is off collecting the food order for the next few days so you have me instead for now!

Maeve it is so lovely to see you, I hope you are now settled in the new house and the past year seems like a nightmare! I am so sorry to hear about your friends. this year seems to be a bad one for losing people.

On that thought I heard from K2 yesterday and her Mum's funeral is on Saturday and she asked if we could think of her then as it will obviously be a very sad day for them.

That dog reminds me of our beagle Jo. He had his own chair in the lounge (not all the chairs and sofas though) and if we had visitors who sat on it they used to have him sit in front of them and stare hard at them. They nearly always thought it was because he liked them. Fraid not! So the panto is going well still. Fab. Mind see you got the short straw with the man in front of you yesterday! You must have done a lot of swaying!

Eva glad you felt well enough to get to the shops yesterday. Have a wonderful time with your sister today and Happy Christmas Eve! Fingers crossed the cough is going.

Diana glad to hear the w/machine is ok. You may be right about the towels but it could be that the drum is slightly loose so heavy loads upset it. A new one sounds a good idea. An essential I feel. I think life must have been very hard before we had them!. Nice pressie you had from your pension.

Morning BHB, yes it is me first today and I see you have the St Nick's Fizz all ready with a stack of Churros. Wonderful, let's take it all through to the conservatory and you can tell me all a bout your plans for tomorrow and we can snuffle while we wait for the CM.

pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 24, 2019, 10:16
Oh pooh, so sorry about the muddled post. Hope you can work it out. My pooter is a pest at times and jumps about, but that is a first!
TK wrote:
Tuesday, December 24, 2019, 11:02
It is only just after 10:30 and I feel like going back to sleep. Bruce has gone back to his bedroom. We were out for a walk at 08:05, back at 08:40, breakfast and then off to another park for a walk and meet up with doggy friends. Bruce got the car ride he's been asking to go on for days. We got home 15mins ago.

Wet towels can upset a washing machine's balance, the same as wet saddle cloths, used to happen to me a lot. Hope you can find a washing machine in the sales Diana.

The panto yesterday was so funny again. Not so the journey there, I thought I was going to be late as soon as I got on to the M1. The show started late as there were still people coming in. I could have prepaid my parking if I'd known I had an extra 10mins. I didn't, so I had to wait ages to pay after the show, but it was worth it. I did have a giant in front of me, but by the 2nd half I'd got used to the swaying from side to side required and didn't notice him. I'm liking the panto senior specials at the matinee, to me it seems to be half price for really 'good' (in my terms) seats. One thing I have found out that with the reduction in stress (I assume) my eyesight has changed and I don't need my glasses to see the stage clearly. Though I did need them yesterday afternoon, that was probably due to the 2 hours of driving saying 'I'm going to be late/ oh I'll be OK/ no I'm going to be late'.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, December 24, 2019, 11:12
I'm on one of these neighbourhood communication sites. I really should not look at it. Today there is a message about the opening hours of a shop in the village. No one had answered, I suggested they phoned the shop and gave the number. Also from time to time there are people who seem to be asking for people to do work for them for free. Oh I am getting grumpy.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, December 24, 2019, 11:50
Morning all. I'm afraid it's typical Christmas weather here as well,- i.e. wind and rain! It's a long time since we had the white veriety.

Hello sweetheart. You still have time to wait for me? You'll have to run when we've finished because of your other job? Better get started then! 🤗💋😍

Another night with broken up sleep has passed. I first woke at 1 am because of the cough, but after sipping a L*msip I was able to go back to sleep. Woke up at 4.45 am, and that was it. Did a few household chores before I settled in bed with my coffee and my book. I am feeling good(ish) as long as the cough takes a rest. I think the L*msip has saved my sanity.
I am to pick up father in a few hours. We always start the dinner at 5pm, and I'm really looking forward to that. My apetite is slowly returning. It would be close to a tragedy if I didn't want my Christmas dinner!
I'm not sure whether Father Christmas will make an apearance tonight or not, because the PH who's done an impressing impersonation of him won't be with us tonight. They'll spend Christmas Eve with Henrik's other grandparents. (I was interrupted here by an email conserning my flight to L*ndon in October for Cliffy's concert, and I had to sort out that one.) I hope to see them before they return to Oslo.

Maeve,- so good to hear from you and know that you're finally in your new home. What a nightmare that has been, but hopefully now you can sit down, put your feet up and enjoy Christmas with your family.

Pauline,- I relly hope it's your pooter that is confused and not you! Hehe, I had to read it twice, but that is possibly because my brain is still muddled. Loving both you fingers and tootsies. Very glam! 👏👏

Jo,- you went to a panto yesterday? What a surprise! 😮 Anyone we know playing in it? (I told you my brain was muddled. 😜)

Diana,- glad the w/m story ended well, but feel that you're right in wanting a new one.

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas (We need peaceful at our age!). Enjoy lovely food, drink , nice presents and being together with the nearest and dearest.🎅🎄🎁

Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 24, 2019, 12:32
Afternoon and a lovely bright sunny day (although it did rain when we were in Sainsbugs). It had rained overnight to as there were puddles around.

Very wise to give swans a wide berth Jo – I had a similar experience on a school trip to H Court – we had packed lunches and were down by the lake. A large swan took a fancy to my sarnie (I let it have it in the end and did a runner). Ah so Bruce is besotted with Milly is he. Just as well he doesn’t realise he missed out on a get together with her. Oh poor Bruce to be so badly treated and neglected. Love that the host dog commandeers the sofas! I see the traffic was terrible on your journey yesterday – I think everyone and his dog (well may be not Bruce) were out and about, obviously trying to beat the crowds on C Eve! So sweet of Bruce to kiss the little dog. I see you are wanting your bed again after an early walk and then Bruce had a ride in the car. Sounds like you had an excellent afternoon yesterday (despite the journey). That’s interesting about your eyesight changing – I think mine has but for the worst! Ah we have a similar site we are on for our neighbourhood but mainly it is asking for recommendations for good tradesmen to undertake electrics or plumbing or similar. It also warns of any break ins or suspicious behaviour in the area, so we find it quite a good site.

I see you ventured out yesterday Eva – and reaped the benefit of being an early bird. I am sure your sister will love the flower arrangement. Ah our house is full of angles, lights and of course the stable (the wise men have started their journey around the room). Hopefully the cough mixture is helping you. I see you have wind and rain again this morning. I also see you had another bad night due to your cough, so I assume the cough mixgture isn’t working. Good old Lxmsxp. Excellent that your appetite is returning in time for C’mas. Have a lovely C’mas Eve (I am sure your Father will enjoy socialising) – hopefully Santa will make an appearance of some sort. Wishing you a happy, peaceful and cough free Christmas.

Diana hopefully the washing machine is now behaving and isn’t going to misbehave over C’mas. Hopefully it hasn’t realised you are going to replace it, or it might throw a hissy fit. I see it decided to behave this morning, so it obviously hasn’t realised yet! Oh goodness another early start! That is excellent about your pension payment. Have a lovely C’mas and enjoy the sunshine.

Happy Christmas Maeve, and lovely that you are able to spend it in your new home. That was some saga with the house move. So sorry to hear about your friends – it hasn’t been a good year for people dying. Hopefully next year will be a better one for everyone. It is a shame you won’t make the panto, but hopefully something nice will be in store for the GO (and us) next year.

Well yesterday was manic at Sainsbugs – we had difficulty finding a place to park and then there were huge queues at the tills (you would think the shops were closing for two weeks looking at the food piled up in some of the trolleys! We went for a coffee afterwards with Lindy and Lawrence and then came home, unpacked the food and I made the boeuf burgignon for the family/friends get together on Friday. It is now in the freezer and will save me worrying on the day. This morning we went off to collect our food orders – MandS was an 8.30 collection and there was no queue for the food orders – in fact looking at how empty the shelves were in the food order part, I suspect everyone went in yesterday! No queue at the check out and we sailed through. Buoyed up by this easy shop we sallied forth to Sainsbugs and it was a similar story. We parked near the store, no queue at the collection point and then we picked up some more fresh produce and drinks and again no queue at the tills just one person in front of us. Easy peasy! We went and had coffee afterwards and are now home, the two fridges are full, the freezer is full and what we don’t have we will have to do without! Twin will be over this afternoon as she said, and we will all go off to Mxdnight Mxss later. Sorry I am late BHB, but I see the DCM looked after you. There are still some churros and St Nick Fizz left? Wonderful. Let’s go into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle.

Happy Christmas to you all and have a wonderful time spending Christmas how you wish.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, December 24, 2019, 17:00
Very organised Carol. Have you seen George's list on Twitter? Then he said he'd forgotten the Yorkshire pudds From his earlier Tweet I don't expect they'd be missed.

I was emptying the wmachine and Bruce came out to the utility room. I thought he was volunteering to be an assistance dog. I offered him a damp sock to take into the kitchen. He sniffed it and walked away. OK not trained in that either.

I've just looked into the kitchen and seen an unwrapped present, how did I miss it yesterday?
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, December 24, 2019, 17:45
Evening. Finally finished work, trip to hairdresser for colour and cut then home to make a pavlova. Now sitting with a drink watching Beauty & the Beast. Never seen it so thought I’d give it a go while everyone is out.
Diana my w/m has given up sadly. Ploppy texted me earlier with the bad news. Sloppy has one in her garage as she had an integrated one in her new kitchen so going to ask if we can rehome it.
Wishing you all a very happy christmas x
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 25, 2019, 08:31
Happy Christmas everyone! Self Service today I am afraid as the BHB has today off. Champers is in the fridge, coffe machines are on, and danish pastries and paninis are warming in the oven. Enjoy!
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 25, 2019, 08:41
Morning all and HappyChristmas🎄 I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I am sure ours will be!
evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 25, 2019, 09:45
Morning all. Christmas Day has blue skies, and I think the sun can soon be seen over the hill, but it's rather chilly,- only + 2 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. Oh, all I can see is a note on the fridge door: Self service today. I'm off to see if Sanata's been. Merry Christmas all. Ops! Almost forgot to say: All you need is in the
Oh well, I suppose we can't blame him. Of course he's been waiting for Santa. 😜

We had a really cosy and fun celebration yesterday. Santa didn't come because he'd been cheating and came the day before! Never been heard of! I'd better write the explanation in brackets. ( Because Henrik was going to be with his other grandparents on Christmas Eve, his Nan had decided to have a mini Christmas Eve on Monday where also Emilian and Iselin were. Sis had spoken to a neighbour who'd been more than willing to be Santa, so she gave him his costume and the deal was that he'd appear at 5pm in costume and with a sack with presents. 5pm came and went and no Santa. At 5.30pm my lovely br.i.l.was in the process of going next door to see what was happening when his phone went off. " Hi, it's Santa. I overslept but will be with you in 5 minutes." And he came, was welcomed by everyone, even Henrik who wasn't aftaid at all. The knife sharp brain of Emilian has been at work, and suddenly he said: "That isn't the same Santa as last year!" Santa told him that there were more than one Santa because they had to go to all children in the whole world, so they had had to employ at least 6 new Santas! 🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅 Emilian accepted the explanation! No fool him, eh? So our Christmas Eve was Santaless, but not presentless! Emilian had appointed himself as Santa's little helper, and delivered the presents around. I was given 6 (!) books, 3 calendars, 2 scarfs, chocolate (The no sugar variety) and Emilian's home made kiwi jam, and very nice it was as well. I tried it on a slice of bread this morning.
The food was of course heavenly, but I didn't stuff myself. Father had 3 helpings so I think we can safely say that he enjoyed the food. I took him home around 9pm. He was well satisfied by then.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas Day.🎄🎅
evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 25, 2019, 12:12
Btw. are anyone going to watch Stephen's show in PE Holborn on the 2nd. February?
Diana wrote:
Thursday, December 26, 2019, 05:58

Hope everyone enjoyed their Xmas Day. Our's was quiet but good. It was sunny in the morning so we sat on the veranda and when it clouded over midday we went to the gym. Started our Xmas cake late afternoon with a cup of tea and then watched the Queen's message. Enjoyed dinner: snoek which was nice but had a lot of bones; turkey with apple & cranberry stuffing plus sprouts, carrots, parsnips and potatoes and cranberry jelly; with miniature cheesecakes to finish, with a nice bottle of white.

I tried to reclaim some tax online but a number is required which apparently I get from my P60 and, not surprisingly, I don't have that with me so will have to wait till we're home. Another black mark against the old pension provider, if they'd not taken so long, it would all have been sorted out before we left.

It's a lovely morning here, though due to cloud over and rain this afternoon. Ploppy is playing golf from midday. It if clouds over before lunchtime I'll probably go to the gym, if it stays nice until later I'll start getting together stuff for Cape Town. Rest of the turkey for dinner tonight.

Yes, a washing machine is an essential. Imagine having to do it all by hand! Sorry your's has broken down, Ali, hope you can have your mum's spare one.

Shame about the slow journey on Tuesday, Jo, but at least you got to the panto before it started. I hate being late for anything.

That was very sharp of Emilian to realise it was a different santa from a year ago. He must have a very good memory. No, Eva, we're still away then so I won't be going.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 26, 2019, 09:14
Morning and slightly overcast (think rain is forecast for this morning but it should be dry this afternoon).

Eva we had the same blue skies yesterday – but we were milder than you at about 11C. Oh I see Santa came early and almost didn’t come at all due to oversleeping!). Ah yes, we had a similar question from Gemma when she was younger and said exactly the same thing that there are so many children to visit he needs the help of other “santas”! Love that Emilian was S’s Little Helper. Tomorrow Imogen and Marcus will be our “elves” and give out the presents – they do it every year and love being the ones to hand over the presents (especially as they seem to accumulate a large pile for themselves!). I see you came home with a goodly haul (only six books?)!. I am sure your Father had a lovely time – it certainly sounds as if he enjoyed his meal! Hope you had a lovely Christmas day.

Ali I hope you had a lovely Ch’mas and a well earned rest. Hair looks lovely by the way! Ah we saw B&B in the cinema a couple of years ago when it came out. Loved it, so watched it again on CEve. Hopefully you were able to rehome your Mum’s wm and are not having to cope without or brave the Sxles for a new one!

Diana we also had sunshine yesterday which was nice (although we were indoors all day). Goodness fancy not taking your Px0 to SA for a holiday! Ah so you will hve to wait until you are back here. Hopefully you will be able to sort it out once you are back in a couple of months or so. MM always says that we live in a bubble when we are working – tax all taken care of by firms, then we retire and instantly have to sort out our own and deal with the TOffice directly, which is no easy thing! Hope the wm is behaving (although I suspect you didn’t attempt any yesterday). Thank you for sending us the sun yesterday!

I am pleased to say Santa came yesterday and although we don’t have a chimney managed to put our C’mas stockings and pressies into the conservatory. We had a lovely relaxing day – some excellent presents, a nice lunch, some delicious wine, lots of tv watching and feet up, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Today will be quite leisurely – we have only been awake about half an hour or so. I will get some prep done for tomorrow (including making veggie chilli in the s cooker), and then if the weather brightens up we will go for a walk to burn off some of the calories! Have a restful day everyone – the BHB has asked for today off too, so I am afraid it will be self service again, but I have checked and there is plenty of champers in the fridge, the coffee machines are working their magic and the pastries and paninis just need warming.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 26, 2019, 09:41
Morning all and it is back to grey and rainy today, not nice. Hoping the rain will clear this morning and we can walk a little. Yesterday was as Twin has said but I will add that she cooked a delist lunch as well. We started with crab ab advocado then had turkey with all the trimmings. We were very full so skipped pudding! Unheard of! A very lazy day for me, I rather think I got stuck to the chair! Watched lots of tv including CtM which I loved as usual. Glad to see it will be back in a couple of weeks. Today I will try to be a bit more active, though tricky as Twin bans us all from the kitchen!

Glad you had a lovely time with the family. Thank goodness Father Christmas woke up in time to attend. No fooling Emilia with the change of Santa though. Children are as sharp as tacks about things like that! Glad to see your father still has a good appetite!

Your dinner sounds great as well Diana. Shame you can’t sort your tax out, fancy forgetting to take your P60 away with you! As if! When are you off to lovely Cape Town?

Jo I am not surprised your journey took forever. The road works on the M1 cause all sorts of problems. I am just glad you made it in time!

The bistro looks so quiet without BHB, still he works so hard he deserves the time off. Maybe I will just have a coffee today, and everyone faints at the thought!

evam wrote:
Thursday, December 26, 2019, 09:54
Morning all. Still no rain, but quite overcast and a tad colder than yesterday, only +1 degrees at the moment.

Another self service day, eh? I think I'll have another coffee and a toasted panini and pretend that the BHB is here with me. Sigh.
Yesterday was a very quite day. I did go for a walk, properly dressed in my new coat, boots and gloves, so I was fine. Met quite a lot of others trying to walk off the recently aquired (sp?) extra calories. I watched both Strictly and Michael M's show last night, and had a good laugh at Craig being woken up. He really is a lovely person! Sharon O had a face like a 25 year old, but I wonder if the husband recognised her? 😜
Father was invited to Mrs S yesterday for lunch. Funnily enough I never had an invitasion! 😜
I was on the internet yesterday to book hotel for my October visit to Cliffy's concert. I almost had a heart attack! Hotel prices in L*ndon have risen considerably. The PI in T*afalgar Sq. where I've been staying the last few years demanded more than £ 200 per night! In fact the SP was slightly lower so I ended up booking there.
Today is also a quiet day, as Norway is still closed. It doesn't open again until tomorrow.
Diana wrote:
Friday, December 27, 2019, 05:43
Morning all. It's a mostly overcast and chilly one here with some rain forecast this morning. Yesterday was lovely until about 3.30 when it clouded over and started raining about an hour later. Ploppy got round the golf course before the rain and fortunately was given a lift home from the clubhouse otherwise he would have got soaked as it was pouring by then. I spent the day on the veranda, coming in when it clouded over. Timing was good as when I looked out the bedroom window a few mins later there were a number of baboons on the fairway opposite. Four of them paid us a visit, one going across our veranda and the others the lawn but fortunately they didn't linger. We ate the rest of the turkey and other leftovers for dinner.

I have just booked two guesthouses for a trip we're planning in SA next November. I'm listening for the rubbish collection. It's usually collected on a Wednesday but obviously wasn't done this week so anticipate it will be today but not sure. Can't put the rubbish out in advance as any baboons will knock over the dustbin and go through the rubbish. If I hear the boy moving the bins, I'll dash out, put the rubbish in our bin and move it in front of the house. If it's not collected today or I don't hear him, we'll have to drop some of it in a bin on our way into town. We're looking at washing machines this morning. Also want to get a reclining chair if the shop has them in stock as one of the gravity chairs is partly broken, plus some food and other bits. Might go to the gym later and Ploppy will no doubt spend the rest of the day watching the cricket on telly.

Pauline, we go to Cape Town on Thursday. We're intending to leave around 5.30 am! Our friends land at CT airport just after midday so we need an early start to get there to meet them. At least we should be ahead of the traffic.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 27, 2019, 07:42
Morning and still pitch black here so no idea what the weather is doing, but hopefully it has stopped raining, after a really wet day yesterday!

I think we had your rain Eva (and most of everyone else’s!). Well done on going for a walk in your new coat – I am sure you were toasty warm. Craig being woken up was hilarious wasn’t it! I agree with your comment on Sharon O! Not surprised Ozzy kept trying to get through, he obviously thought he had a wrong number. Goodness no invite from Mrs S – I am surprised! Still it was nice of her to have your Father over. Oh I wasn’t aware the hotel prices in L’don had soared recently (probably because we never stay over!). I am surprised to learn that the SP was cheaper than the PI! Hope you had a peaceful day yesterday and may be started one of your new books??

Diana, your weather seems to opposite to our’s yesterday – we had rain all day until about 3.30/3.45! I am sure Ploppy was very pleased to have been able to get a lift back. I see the Bs are encroaching more – may be they realise when homes are occupied there is likely to be food around, rather than when everything is locked up. I can see that putting the rubbish out is a definite no no with the Bs on the loose. I hope you manage to find a washing machine, and that they are in stock so it will arrive sooner rather than later. Ah I see you have an early start next week when you go off to Cape Town – hopefully you will be able to have an early night to compensate!

We didn’t make our walk yesterday, due to the rain. I did manage to cook the veggie chilli though, so that’s all ready to be heated up later. We had a very lazy day in the end apart from that. We watched P’ton 2 in the evening and then a very interesting programme on Beeb 2 about his author Michxel Bxnd. Today will be getting things ready for the arrival of the family – I am sure Imogen and Marucs will have lots to tell us about their Christmas and what presents they have had (they have our’s today – all ready under the tree). I hope everyone has a lovely relaxing day (although I realise some of you may be back at wxxk). Morning BHB, yes it is still gloomy. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted teacakes into the conservatory and you can tell me all about your Christmas. I expect the DCM will want to know when she arrives (she is still asleep at the moment).
TK wrote:
Friday, December 27, 2019, 10:52
I don't know where yesterday went. I slept in a little, but Bruce has to go out. He was very happy to go to the ice cream parlour, then have a trip to the river. Due to the rain there was only one other customer in there. So the owner and the customers had a chat. He said last year the 26th had been really busy as it was a bright day. The rain yesterday was putting people off.

Glad all had a good Christmas. It was fun opening presents. Duffy did hers first, then she helped Bruce open his. When it came to leave I had to sneak one of Bruce's presents out as she kept taking every toy I picked up out of my hand, well we were in her house.
Ali wrote:
Friday, December 27, 2019, 15:35
Afternoon. We had a very wet journey home from inlaws yesterday. Once in we settled down to watch Wor*el G then Padd 2. I then caught up with Call the M
Early start this morning for Ploppy and me. We got into city and parked before 9 and hit the shops. Ploppy spent a gift voucher as did I and a few more items jumped into my basket too! Came home with 2 tops in a smaller size 😲 pj’s, undies and a few kitchen bits plus a couple of bits in supermarket.
Back to work tomorrow so now putting our feet up and watching a film.
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, December 27, 2019, 17:45
Afternoon. Been fairly manic Chr. lots of wedd prep done (incl making wedding favours - well first half - labels still to be made and ordered), wedding dress alterations ordered (my wardrobe mistress friend came and pinned them all ready to do later in month). yesterday 250 mile round trip in atrocious weather to parents - that went well. today hit sales early (like Ali) and bought grooms suit and best man suit (tho best man ie eldest scollop not well and stayed in bed so not got correct trouser length so will need altering) in sales plus some "blingy" jewellery for me. UB scollop and g/f leave soon - tho they currently have friends in, haven't packed, haven't had their meal, still have other friends to see tonight and haven't booked their train!! You may understand why I have some concern for wedding preps!! Our spare room also full of parcels for the wedding - we don't mind but of course they didn't think about the logistics of how we get all this stuff (and there is masses) to wedding venue - 50 miles away! no thought either that we will have our own wedding outfits to lay out on back seat plus the bride's wedding dress!! sigh! Eldest son has now agreed to take 2 days off before wedd to come home and help us load up cars (we will have to take 2) and transport all the stuff!! I am fairly shattered with all the comings/goings/prep that will be quite nice to have a relaxing NY - tho I will miss scollops (eldest one leaves on Sun) . We haven't watched any Tv so loads to catch up on.
Sorry to hear about your friends Maeve. we had 3 people (2 elderly, one not so much) on our street week before Christmas.
oops I have been called to make meal. Bye
TK wrote:
Friday, December 27, 2019, 23:51
Ali and Fi you make me feel guilty. Fi I now understand about the organisation. My best wishes to you all.
I've been to the panto this evening. Had a lovely time. Bruce was given more presents. I gave him 1 when I got home, he had removed lots of the stuffing in less than 10mins through a small hole. I'll repair it tomorrow.
I'm tired so bed
Diana wrote:
Saturday, December 28, 2019, 05:55
Morning all.

A fairly sunny start but with a cool breeze and it's forecast to be sunny all day. Yesterday we had a few light showers first half of the morning after which it brightened up.

We saw 2/3 washing machines that would be OK though a couple appeared to be oldish stock and there were no sales so we decided to leave buying for at least a few days. We did buy a reclining chair for the veranda, same as the one we got last January, so I was pleased about that. We went to the gym early afternoon and spent the rest of the day watching the cricket on TV. As today's due to be good, I'll sit on the veranda reading and intend to go for a walk this pm while Ploppy's playing golf.

Hope you had a lovely time with the family, Carol.

Have a good day back at w*rk, Ali.

Your Xmas certainly sounds very busy, Fi, but also successful in getting lots done. Hope you do get a quiet NY to relax. My brother and sis-in-law tend to leave things to the last minute, it'd drive me nuts.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 28, 2019, 08:39
Morning and it is quite gloomy but at least it is dry. We have only just woken up!

Jo, of course Bruce had to go out on Bxxing Dxy. Not surprised there were not many people braving the rain! I am sure Bruce didn’t mind the small clientele! Loved Bruce opening his pressie although I fear for the longevity of the bee (especially the dangling legs!). Goodness – you went to a panto yesterday? I wonder where it was. Ah, so I see the destruction of the presents had already started......

Ali, I think it was wet everywhere yesterday. I see you then had a viewing fest (we didn’t watch WG as I hated it when I was younger and see no reason to revisit!). I see you did very well in the Sxles and there was lots of jumping merchandise – you seem to have come home with a goodly haul. Hope work isn’t too onerous today!

Fi, I see you have been very busy again. Lovely piccies of you and your parents on FB. I hope they appreciated you making the round trip in the horrendous weather! Well done on all the wedding prep – and on the sale purchases of the suits. I have to say UBS obviously hasn’t inherited his mother’s organisational skills.......... I have this vision of you going off to the wedding with your car’s bonnet in the air due to the weight of everything in the back! Excellent that eldest is going to help you or I don’t think there would have been room for you in the car!

We still need your sun Diana – it has been very gloomy (although C Day was bright). Wise to wait before rushing the buying of the w/m – not so good that the shops seem to be pushing oldish stock. Well done on getting the chair though. My brother in law (Roger) always leaves everything to the last minute (it is a family trait!) so never lets you know if he is able to join in arrangements until fairly late in the day! I know it used to drive Ann mad! Hope you enjoy your reading in the sun!

We had a lovely time yesterday (Twin worked her socks off) with the family, especially the little ones (Marcus is like the D’cell bunny – always active!). My poor aunt and uncle were stuck in a traffic jam on the X4 for almost an hour and a half on the way here from W’ltshire – there had been an accident and so they were just sitting waiting for it to be cleared. Everyone had left by 7pm, so we were able to get most things cleared away and then sit down with our feet up. I think the late rising this morning was because we were all exhausted! This morning Twin is off home and we are off to our friends just outside C’bury as usual. We will be back on Monday afternoon – I may not make it on here as the wifi there is a little hit and miss, so the DCM may well be opening the Bistro in my absence. Morning BHB, yes it is a gloomy start to the day. Let’s take the churros and the Hxgh Sxciety into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 28, 2019, 09:06
Morning all and it is very gloomy still out there. Think we may get more rain today, just for a change! I will be trotting off home this morning after a lovely stay here. I have been so well looked after, as always. So sorry I missed coming on here yesterday but we were a touch busy and needed to get going. The party went really well, Twin was a wizz in the kitchen and produced delicious food and MM was in charge of the drinks. I tried to do what I could to help. I click back into cabin crew mode very quickly. The children were the stars of the day of course. They are so gorgeous and have grow n a lot since I saw them. Marcus is going to be very tall I think and will be a heart breaker, and Imogen is beautiful. Both are real live wires as well! When everyone had left and we had tidied up, we just collapsed on our chairs and watched tv!

Hope everyone has had a good C/mas. I have skimmed through and it seems so. I can see Fi has been rushed off her feet as usual! Jo has been at a Panto, no idea which one, and Bruce is still terrorising the soft toys of the world! Diana is in pursuit of a new w/machine and at least has a lovely reclining chair. Sorry for the précis but need to get cracking again so I can get from under Twin and MM”s feet.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Churros and Hxgh Sxciety. Yummy. Let’s get more and go and find the CM and you can tell us all about your C/mas.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 28, 2019, 12:10
Seems like that everyone has had a good time over the festive period, just sometimes a bit rushed. I have learnt some lessons for next year. Make one list, not 3. Keep that list in the same place. Keep all presents awaiting wrapping in the same no dog zone place. Keep all presents received in a different dog free zone.

I have to admit I 'lost' Christmas presents given to me. I like to keep presents until the day itself. Due to not knowing what is in them I have to 'hide' them high up. I looked around yesterday and could not find them. I saw a little collection, read the name tag and recognised the writing so thought 'I'm not seeing the giver for a while I'll open them later'. Today I looked at the present WITH MY GLASSES ON and realised these were the presents I'd 'lost'. I'd mistaken the writing. I'm very relieved. People go to a lot of both choosing and wrapping presents, so it is not good form to lose them.

I've seen 2 lots of dogs today out with 'the grandparents'. Conversation is the same 'Is that XXX?' 'Yes we're staying over the Christmas period, so we get to walk the dog(s)'. It did mean that I've found out that one dog (now dead) didn't just hate me, he hated the other son of the grandparents. This dog has been dead 4 years now, for all but 2/3 years of his life he hated me with a passion, loved everyone else.

evam wrote:
Saturday, December 28, 2019, 12:16
Morning all. It's a dreary day weatherwise,- grey with rain, and we've been warned about lots and lots of rain later today. Nice,- NOT!

Hello sweetheart. Still here? You are kind. 😍 I would love a herbal tea and a loooooong snuggling session. Granted? 💋💋💋

Yesterday wasn't a good day for me. Feeling a bit better today, so went visiting father. Then I went to the shopping centre to exchange 2 of the books I got on Christmas Eve. One of them I'd already read, and the other one I was given 2 of. I found 2 new books after only 5 minutes, so was well satisfied. (I've been thinking of shutting myself in to have time to read all the new books. Hibernating with books? Sounds great. 😜)
We've decided (youngest sister and myself) that New Years Eve will be spent here at mine. With father, of course. I'm going to make bacalao which I know everyone likes. It's easy to make. You just need a lot of patience, and it's all cooked in one pan. I have to think about which dessert I'm going to make.

Fi,- your "holiday" sounds manic. I'm putting it like that because it sounds like anything but a holiday. You seem to be resposible for this wedding. Is there no input from the bride's family? I hope with all the preps you've already done, the rest of the time up to the wedding will be calmer. I'll not hold my breath though. 😒 Btw. what are wedding favours?

Jo,- you've been to the panto again? I have a feeling that you really enjoy it. 😜 I see Bruce is still in destroying mode. I don't think that'll change.

Twins,- I see yesterday was busy with a lovely visit from Imogen and Marcus. Oh, they had brought their parents too? The description of Marcus (Dura*ell baby) reminds me of Johan. He's like a propello!

Diana,- hope you can find a w/m in the sales. One can't be without them. I still remember when we got our first w/m at home. It was placed in the bathroom, and mother used the tub to rinse the wasking out in. It was still hard work.

Ali,- a good haul at the sales I see. Good on you. Hope you can have a quiet day before you have to go back to the restaurant tomorrow.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 28, 2019, 16:50
Wedding favours, hhhmmm, with my vast experience of weddings? I think they are little things you put on the table, one per guest. There are charity ones
Little things as a memory of the wedding. I'm not sure I've ever been to a wedding where they were given out.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, December 29, 2019, 05:51

Yesterday was sunny but breezy. I spent the morning and half the afternoon on the veranda, then went for a walk to the coast side of the estate. It was rather windy, especially on the other side of the hill. Watched two episodes of a programme on the Okavang* Delta in Botsw*na - hope to catch the third episode today. We had a nice dinner - pizza from Woolw*rth's with side salad, followed by vanilla ice cream with chilli chocolate liqueur poured over.

It is supposed to be partly sunny this morning but is currently overcast. If it stays like this, we'll probably do a food shop, go to the gym and watch the cricket. I've ir*ned yesterday's wash and the machine is doing another at the mo. Rain is forecast for this evening and all day tomorrow so will do the cleaning and sort out the rest of the stuff for our CT trip then.

Have a lovely time with your friends, Carol.

Hope you're feeling better, Eva.
evam wrote:
Sunday, December 29, 2019, 09:03
Morning all. It's raining outside. As it's still dark (9.41am) I can't see it, but can hear it.

Hello sweetheart. No Carol today? No, she's down in K*nt, near C*nterbury, my old stomping ground. As it's this early I think a coffee will be good. Toasted teacakes? You know me too well! 💋😍💋

I never watched the beeb last night, something almost unheard of for me, but the programs I normally want to watch, started very late, so I gave the Norwegian telly a chance. Not too bad, but I'll go back to the beeb asap. I hope they'll stop this ridiculous showing of football well in to the evening. Have I ever told you that I HATE football, almost as much as I dislike t****s. (Duck to avoid flying rackets.🎾)
Father rang about half an hour ago. He wanted to know what was on the agenda for him today. Just to illustrate how almost non-existent his memory is: The nerd called him earlier in the week to invite him for Sunday lunch. When I saw father yesterday, I reminded him about the lunch today, which of course he'd totally forgotten. I called him in the afternoon to invite him to me for New Years Eve and at the same time remided him about the lunch invitation today, which of course he'd forgotten. Then when he called this morning, he wanted to know what was on his schedule today. I told him, and he'd forgotten. He also wanted to know what was on the calendar for the coming week. I told him, and he said I was responsible for him to get to the different occasions. By then I was fed up and said that I always do, and he said: "Always do what?" The nerd knows he has to call father at least once this moring to remind him, and then he'll call him again when he leaves home to pick father up.
Mrs S is leaving tomorrow, and she'd told Viljar's dad that she could see that father was reduced since she was last home! Imagine! Viljar's dad had told her father was driving youngest sister and myself round the bend. She'd just shrugged (sp?). Yes, it was Viljar's dad who told me. He's not too impressed with his mother either.
Sorry,- that's today's rant over.
I think I'll watch last night's Cas to cheer me up. 😜
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 29, 2019, 10:13
Morning all and it is cloudy here but dry at the moment. I am now back home of course. I had a lovely time with Twin and MM, they spoil me rotten. Hopefully they are now in Cxnterbxry getting spoilt in return! Well they are there, I know as I had a text from Twin! I have to sort myself out this morning and put a wash on, back to normality! Sorry my posts have been very sketchy this last couple of days, but I had to get going and didn't have much time. Oh and I managed to catch Lee on GN radio show yesterday. He was selected in a collage of Graham's favourite interviews of the year! Sensible man that Graham!

Eva I feel you may not be cheered by Cxsuxlty. That has to be one of the bleakest episodes and that is saying something! Thank goodness Connie is back next week, should liven things up a bit! The beeb doesn't really get much footie these days, but of course at C/mas there is a very busy schedule so more highlights! Bear with it and all will be back to normal soon! I can understand how frustrating your father is at the moment. It nearly drove me into a home with my Mum, until I came to accept it would happen. even then it was still hard! Oh and there is info abut wedding favours here. It is a very old tradition that died down, but is now back big time!

Your weather still sounds lovely to us Diana, and I suppose the odd cloudy or wet day doesn't matter as much when you are there for so long! So you are off to Cxpe Txwn in a few days. Hope you get lovely weather for that. I am assuming your visit will coincide with the cricket?

Jo I have lost pressies I bought to give to people cos I have hidden them too well, but no done it wit my own things yet! Mind I don't have a Bruce to think about!

Morning BHB, yes it is me and I know, I'm late! So sorry, but you know how it is with me by now! You've made me Mistletoe Margaritas and toasted teacakes? You angel, perfect! Let's take them into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle.

evam wrote:
Sunday, December 29, 2019, 11:12
Pauline,- you're right. Cas didn't have much to laugh about this time!
Thank you to you and Jo for the info about wedding favours. I saw from the article on W*kipedia that it is also done at other parties. I seem to remember we were given some favours at Carol and Rick's silver wedding celebration. I've still got it.
Just had a text from the PH. Henrik is taking his parents for a visit in just about an hour's time. What a lovely surprice. 😃❤️️
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 29, 2019, 12:42
Now I've read the Wiki link from Pauline I remember the sugar coated almonds from previous weddings I attended. I ate them, so forgot until reminded by the article. (I like almond nuts, but not almond flavour eg marzipan- weird) No one explained the significance to me. Not surprising really as my mum was not that keen on weddings.

Bruce and I have been for a walk. He pulled me off the normal path and my right foot went into a squishy pile of XXXX. I'll have to give my shoe sole a scrub. The joys of dog walking.

Eva I forget what I'm going to do during the day, I have to consult the calendar each morning. Must be difficult for your father if he can't see to check.

This reminded me to check the panto dates I have left. Thank you.

Diana glad your washing machine is working. That reminded me I need to go to the laundrette to get my big duvet washed.
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 29, 2019, 16:48
Pauline - The daft thing was I could see them from where I'm sitting, but I forgot the colour of the packing. At least I got them within days. I bought a house-warming gift for Jane and it was months before it resurfaced. I put it in the cupboard which consumes everything. Or is it something to do with gifts to/from Jane?
Diana wrote:
Monday, December 30, 2019, 05:38

We've just had a heavy shower. The forecast is for rain all morning and overcast this pm. We had some sunshine yesterday morning so I sat out for a couple of hours and then we went to the gym. Watched the cricket while there and when we got back. Decided my clothes for CT, ir*ned the morning's washing and did a bit of cleaning. Will go into town this morning to get some food for next couple of days, stock up for our visitors and a few bits & bobs. Need to put the hoover round and possibly wash some of the floor tiles - not really in the mood but need to do before our trip.

Must be very frustrating with your father forgetting what he's doing no matter how many times you tell him, Eva. So Mrs S isn't very popular - not surprised.

You're right, Pauline, I don't mind the odd cloudy/wet day here, especially now we're here for longer, in fact, I like having one or two days a week that aren't so nice so I can get things done and spend some time on the laptop. My nose is grateful yesterday and today aren't lovely - it's just peeled and is still rather pink! I think blowing my nose when I had the cold removed all the moisturiser and sunscreen so it caught the sun more than normal.

Jo, it's not weird to like almond nuts but not almond flavour, I'm the same. Similarly, I like bananas but not keen on banana flavoured things.

No sounds of Ploppy getting up yet, think I'll have my breakfast now.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 30, 2019, 08:46
Morning all I am on my way out to have a mammogram so just opening the Bistro then I will be off. Busy day but will try to come back later.

Morning BHB Yes I am in a hurry but of course have time for you so let's take the Lavendula and hot buttered crumpets into the conservatory and we can have a nice snuffle.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 30, 2019, 11:13
Back again. Mammogram wasn't too bad, not the worst I have ever had that's for sure! After it was done I popped into the shops and got a plant for my friend who I am going to see tomorrow night. It was very quiet everywhere, but then at 9.30 I am not that surprised! The main upside of going today was that parking was a doddle. The car park they put the trailer in is usually packed to overflowing! Parking in Hxrpxnden is a huge problem. More building means more houses and cars and the parking is what it has been in my life time! Ridiculous! No wonder the high street struggles when people can't park! It is a nice day out there, Not too cold for the time of year and lots of sun. I have some ixxnxxg to do and one or two other jobs but may get to go for a walk later if it is still nice.

Oh of course there were favours at Twin's do Eva. I think I ate mine!

I hope your cold is a thing of past now Diana and your nose is in recovery. You are probably right about that's how it got burnt!

Jo I am another who loves almonds and dislikes marzipan so I don't think you odd at all! I think with marzipan it must be a texture thing. I only recently got to like Bxkewell tart and pudding and they have to be home made. Shop ones I still don't like!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 30, 2019, 15:27
...and home - just off to unpack. I am a bit worried that Twin ate her favour as it was a musical bookmark.......................
TK wrote:
Monday, December 30, 2019, 18:06
Hmmm when Pauline said she ate it I thought, I'm not sure what it was but it was something very appropriate. I didn't think it was edible. Phew I may have forgotten, but not too bad. Of course now Carol has said, I remember. Mine will be in my special drawer, which I've not got to yet, for sorting that is.
I'm glad that others have the marzipan/almond thing and also I like bananas and not flavour or cooked ones. It can be very confusing for others.

I've just been to feed a neighbour's cat. It is very warm in their house. The cat is not old, so could manage with a couple of degrees less. I always think 'youngsters' have these control your heating by the phone things set up. Even Mrs ExP does. Of course Mr ExP doesn't, bit too techy for him.
TK wrote:
Monday, December 30, 2019, 18:14
BTW I did something today I've never done before. When I worked in the dry cleaners, I used to do the odd service wash in the adjacent launderette for 'special customers'. Today I went to the launderette and left 2 large duvets for a service wash. I went in with the intension of doing them myself, but it's been years since I used that place and chickened out.
Ro wrote:
Tuesday, December 31, 2019, 00:59
Having totally failed to drop by to wish you all a Merry Christmas, I'm getting in early with a Happy New Year! I hope it brings us all many, many happy times and only as much trouble as we can handle. It's been over a decade (2009) since we went into a year with so little idea of what his nibs would be up to... hopefully there'll be news before too long. I'm not expecting anything imminently, but have no doubt he'll surprise us with something sooner or later!
evam wrote:
Tuesday, December 31, 2019, 03:03
Morning all. I know, I know, it's the middle of the night and I can't sleep. Second really bad night in a row, and I feel shattered. I am having dinner guests tonight, so 3am saw me slicing potatoes, paprika, onions and garlic for the bacalao I'm cooking later.

Hi Ro,- nice to see you. You're right about waiting for himself to tell us what he plans to entertain us with in the coming year. Wishing you a Happy New Year as well. I'm sure we'll see each other somewhere in the UK next year as well.

Carol,- I remembered it was a silver thing (the favours), so Pauline must have a stomach of steel!

My brain is so mushy from lack of sleep that I think it's best if I say goodbye for now.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, December 31, 2019, 06:35
Morning all.

It's mostly cloudy here but due to brighten up later. We had some rain yesterday morning, then it was dry till late pm. The shopping took longer than anticipated as there were a lot of people out and traffic was bad. I think we took longer looking for a parking spot in the Mall's car park than we spent in Woolw. Ploppy gave the patio a quick clean and then hosed down the car and front. We took the glass and plastic bottles to the recycling bins as no idea when the rubbish will next be collected - we dropped the rest of the rubbish in a bin on our way into town. We didn't go to the gym and instead watched a couple of early episodes of Friends. I also did some cleaning. We'll probably go to the gym as soon as Ploppy gets up, otherwise no plans for today. It'll be a quiet evening, with a nice dinner.

Good to see you, Ro.

Hope you got some sleep, Eva.

Enjoy your evening tonight whatever you're doing and a very Happy New Year.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 31, 2019, 08:41
Morning and it is grey here – it was sunny yesterday in Kxnt (mind we did come home through too bad pieces of fog but most of the journey was in the sunshine).

Jo, if it makes you feel any better – I bought MM’s Christmas card very early on and put it somewhere really safe – no idea where, and still haven’t found it, so I ended up buying him another one. I am hoping the other surfaces in time for next C’mas!! So there was a dog that didn’t like you? Impossible. By the way Diva (the dog in Kxnt) rivalled Bruce for toy destroying. We bought a lovely hedgehog – within seconds it had no nose, stuffing was all over the floor and it lost an ear and an eye. I took a photo which I will post at some point! I always find it odd that almond flavour never tastes like almonds (I love almonds – my favourite nuts). That was nice of Bruce to let you walk in a pile of something unsavoury – hopefully the shoes won’t suffer any lasting trauma. Hopefully your duvets didn’t object to the service wash and are now all lovely and clean.

I see you had to do a book exchange Eva – I guess you now have sufficient new ones to hibernate properly. I see you are hosting the family this evening. I remember when w/m were of the twin tub variety and my mother had a pair of tongs for taking the washing out of that part and putting it into the spin dryer! So whilst I was away you watched N’gian tv? Ah yes, the footie – there is always a lot of it at this time of the year. I just find something else to watch! Oh dear so Father’s memory is getting worse. Hopefully the Nerd was successful in collecting him and he was ready. So Mrs S left yesterday? That wasn’t a very long stopover. Well done to Viljar’s dad! Ah yes C’lty – I watched that yesterday, it certainly wasn’t designed to cheer anyone up!! Not so good that you were unable to sleep again – so two bad nights, that’s not what you need. Hopefully you will get a better night after tonight’s late one. Have a lovely time with the family (did Henrik enjoy his visit yesterday?).

Thank you for sending us the sunshine Diana – it was quite chilly but sunny, ideal! I see the trade in was that you had some of our rain in exchange. I see you are another with a problem with almond flavours – it must be a Lxppy thing! Ah so lots of people out shopping yesterday – presumably stocking up for the New Year! We were lucky that the refuse collection happened on Friday morning – not so lucky that we have all the rubbish from the family get together that happened that afternoon. Rubbish is all outside in the bins waiting for this Friday! Hope you enjoy your quiet evening in.

Lovely to “see” you Ro – hope you had a lovely Christmas! I didn’t realise that it was just over ten years since we had a period with no idea what the GO would be doing – hopefully something we will all enjoy watching/going to see (I feel that is a given whatever it is!). Happy New Year to you too.

We had a lovely time in Kxnt – apart from the odd power cut (in fact Mary sent me a text yesterday evening and they were without power for over four hours. Eventually an emergency generator was used to power them up at about 9.30pm! Mary and I had an excellent day on Sunday visiting the shops and having lunch. I bought some bargains and came home with five tops and three tunics, plus a velvet scarf (the scarf was bought with some C’mas money from my aunt). Mary bought a top and a new winter coat (reduced from £260 to £99). My best buy was a Phxsx 8 to reduced from £49 to £13.50! I did’t forget MM and he had a nice warm burgundy jumper. I also bought some lovely smelling candles for home. There were lots of people about so I think the RT did well. The sun was shining and as normal we went into the Cxthxdrxl grounds to look at the tree and the large Nxtxvity scene. Yesterday before coming home we visited a large farm shop and cafe, where we had brunch. They sold gifts too and I treated us to a new wooden cheese board. Apart from the two patches of fog we had a good drive home and only hit traffic when we were on the X25 (no change there). Today Mrs Chris is coming and we will be off to the theatre near Jo to see their panto along with Lindy and Lawrence. It will then be back to Lindy’s for a buffet, another friend to join us, our traditional charades and then seeing the NY in. Wishing you all a happy health prosperous and exciting 2020. Here’s to a new decade, new adventures and meeting up with old friends. Moring BHB, yes it is brightening up. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Mxdnxght Stxngxr into the conservatory and we can catch up with what we have both been doing over the last couple of days. I must forget to thank the DCM for opening up in my absence!
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, December 31, 2019, 08:53
Morning. Pauline - you have been much less "sketchy" on here than me. Chr.stmas has been nice but "challenging". There have been tense times - but no fall out - phew. But making sure there is no fall out has been hard, hard work and i am now shattered. My head pounds this morning so going to take it easy(ish) for today - but he house is such a mess will need to tackle it soon. still haven't put our presents away.
Thank you for researching wedd f.vours - "we" still have to put on the labels. but i have now reached stage that I am not going to initiate any conversations about what needs to be done for we.dd unless it directly affects us - ie our outfits, our role in ceremony (seemingly we have a role!! ) but it hasn't reached top of their list yet to inform us what role! I am still counting to 10k - or is it 10 mill.on!
nice day so 4th load of washing on since yesterday! but also hope to go for a walk - may clear my head.
Jo - I "lose" presents all the time . Ploppy bday in 2 weeks and I gave him for Chr all his Chr pressies AND all his bday pressies -since all our wrappings are now in brown paper I cant tell difference! I have warned him it will be slim pickings for his bday!
oops got to dash as forgot to re order my anti bis so need to get to drs to do so.
Oops - just realised that this didn't post yesterday - sorry.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 31, 2019, 10:22
Morning all, a bit grey and dull here but dry at the moment. I managed to get my ixxnxxg done yesterday and also did some sorting out of things in the small cupboard in my bedroom. I have bought a new one which should be delivered later today so it was sort of forced on me to sort and empty the old one. Mind if the delivery people aren't obliging it may be a while till it gets upstairs! Tonight I am off out to dinner with my friends. It is our usual get together for NYE, and is always a lovely occasion. Mind it is also normal for at least one to have a cold or something so that can be a down side! Ari's Mum has offered to drive which will make it nice for me to be able to have a drink.

On the subject of the music favour I think I ate it in the hope it would give me a singing voice, sadly it didn't work!

Ro lovely to see you and I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I was thinking it unusual not to have tickets in my cupboard for Lee related events, but didn't realise it had been that long since we were left hanging! Fingers crossed we hear of something soon. It would be very unLee like to not have plans. Have a lovely New Year and hope we see you before too long.

Not more sleeplessness Eva. Not good, especially if you are entertaining tonight. I hope you manage to get some more rest after your night time culinary adventures. Have a lovely evening .

Our rubbish collection is two days late this week Diana. We are lucky that the council drop us a years schedule card. Makes it easy to know though I notice some people round here have obviously not bothered reading it!

Jo I thought for a heady moment that the cat had control of the heating! Now there's a thought! I think most cats would have it on high most of the time! I must learn to read more carefully!

Fi it sounds as if you have been overdoing it. I think you definitely need a more restful day and not worry about anything or anyone for at least one day. Hopefully the wedding will be fine and everything will get done. You have seen to that!

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and the year is a good one for all of us.

Morning BHB, Mxdnxght Strxnger? Don't mind if I do! Let's get some more and more crumpets and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, December 31, 2019, 10:24
I use tissue paper, usually, for wrapping presents. Tie it with ribbon and the tissue can be reused or recycled easily. And the dogs/cats can open their own presents with only the tiniest bit of help.

Fi I'm glad you survived Christmas. You are having some difficult times past and coming. Best wishes.

I was checking some paperwork on my desk at 10am and realised I'd not fed the cat across the road this morning. ooops. All done now. He came in for a cuddle too. He was probably sitting outside the cat flap drumming his claws.

Have a good day all
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, December 31, 2019, 18:36
Thought i would do 2 days post in one day! apologies for not sending my post properly yesterday - the code had expired by time I posted and I didn't check. Think we as family may be very lucky to get thro first half of this year without fall out. My tongue is being so firmly bitten it has massive holes in it. Think at end of day I may just have to decide to wear my "Br.tish" outfit for the H.ndu ceremony. The s.ri i have been lent is beautiful but it seems there is absolutely no-one to help me put it on in morning (wedd starts at 9:30Am (yes AM!!) and neither g/f nor hotel have been able to provide anyone to help me) and I really don't like the dress I have as 2nd choice . i bought it last year on a w/e I was full of cold and only said yes to it in order not to have to go into another dress shop! G/f is determined that I need to have it all tightly pinned by her mother at w/e end of Jan when we go thro to Le.cs to look for mens suits - but of course I cant do that as not mine to stick pins in (it is delicate silk and pins would damage the material) - aargh. I would much prefer to wear my "br.tish" outfit but seemingly that would be frowned upon. Ploppy has suggested that we at time of w.dding - and he wasn't totally joking. Feel we may just try and hibernate until May. I have to say this is time I miss not having daughters as scollops are of no earthly use just now when I need support with what to wear etc!
Thanks for best wishes Jo - i feel I need them between wedd prep and the various emails about holiday cover for parents! Jo- I have 2 boxes full now of paper and ribbons to be re-used
Pauline _ i am afraid that no I haven't covered wedd prep at all but that is mainly cos I have no idea about H.ndu wedds and we have asked them to talk us thro things (esp as they have said we play a role as parents!!) they never have time! I have given up now. also my bouquet has been rejected - she is buying fresh - my initial suggestion. so now lying low.
Carol - you did manage a successful shop.
Eva - like you I am up many nights 3/4/5 am cleaning house, writing thank you cards. profitable time but perhaps best not to do too many middle of night tasks! Hope your eve goes well
Diana - you make me realise our pat.o hasn't been cleaned for several yrs - another job to add to the to do list!
Ro - lovely to see you.
It has taken me all day to write this post. did 4 mile walk in local country park with friends and we spotted k.ngfisher, sp.rrowh.awk, b.llfinch and lots of h.rons. helped me clear my head so feel bit more upbeat. off out to friends now for early supper - may be in bed by m.dnight! then a village walk tomorrow morning. Happy New Year to everyone.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, January 1, 2020, 05:25
Morning all and a happy New Year.

I made it to midnight (first time for a while) and watched the fireworks in the valley - a surprising number.

It was overcast all day yesterday, the sun tried to come through in the afternoon but didn't make it. We went to the gym in the morning and then packed our stuff for CT. We saw a bird in our garden that we've never seen before. Ploppy checked the book and it was a cuckoo, one that only visits this area in the summer. It had a white chest, stripes on the edge of it's chest and green back so unusual. Watched telly in the evening including 2019's Xmas Strictly. Unfortunately I missed the final of the last series, forgot which day of the week it was on.

It's a beautiful morning and forecast to be lovely all day. We'll have a mostly lazy day on the veranda. The first load is in the washing machine with another waiting so will have the I word to do later.

Hope you find MM's card, Carol. Annoying when that happens.

I checked the municipality's website to see if there was anything about Xmas rubbish collections but no mention. As it's normally on Wednesday, wouldn't surprise me if we miss two weeks. We can't leave the rubbish in the bin as the baboons will knock it over and strew the contents everywhere. We'll have to drop the food waste and general rubbish in a public bin again when we leave tomorrow, luckily there are several at the bottom of the hill.

Well done on holding your tongue, Fi, sounds very difficult not to say anything. Hope you can get through the next few months without a big fallout. Good luck with the outfit.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, January 1, 2020, 05:26
Forgot to say hope your meal went well, Eva, and you got a good night for once.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, January 1, 2020, 07:39
Happy new year!
Worked as usual yesterday then home to make 2 desserts for our meal at friends. We did a murder mystery and dressed accordingly. Good fun. Saw in the new year with the fireworks on tv then home to bed.
Woke just after 6 as used to my alarm going off then.
Planning on trip to beach for a walk later. Need some fresh air and exercise.
Hoping to meet up this year once we know what is happening 🤞
In the meantime I wish you all health, happiness and peace x
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, January 1, 2020, 09:12
Morning and Happy New Year to all. had nice get tog at friends. meal was early as friends with daughter with learn diffs (S) wanted to go home early. but then they all decided to stay so we had to stay until 12. I "rested my eyes" (OK - I fell asleep) fro about 30 mins about 11 - S thought this was hilarious. but I woke up for the bubbly and fireworks on TV - they were fab. On way home passed Neighbours (Not NN but his friend on opposite side ) and the music was blaring out - a big party going on. but we must have been so tired that went to sleep immed.
made lots of NY resolutions - prob will break most but one was to enjoy the wedd and be positive. so with that in mind I must say that g/f is brill at IT and so she has done their wedd website - and so they hope to save lots of paper, postage etc (and the world obvs) by emailing invites and all the info about wedd on website. very clever. I also read a ch of my book before getting up - another resolution is to read more.
Ali - saw your FB photo. You obviously enjoy dressing up - I hate it - hence wedd outfit concerns. perhaps I need to go to a few fancy dress events before wedd. Enjoy your beach walk. we are off for a village walk organised by friend whose husband is 70 tomorrow. But I do miss the sea - and hills! we do have river and fields are flooded!, but not quite the same as seaside!
after walk the intention is to have quiet afternoon and eve at home, starting the great post-Chr tidy up.
Diana - a grey day here and only 5 degrees. but temp tomorrow due to be 12 - in l.ndon. what to wear!
enjoy your day everyone
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, January 1, 2020, 09:16
Morning and a very Happy New Year to you all – as Ali says hopefully there were be occasions for us to meet up this year!

Fi I commend you on surviving the challenging C’mas and not saying anything - I feel sorry for your tongue though! I see you have decided staying quiet on the wedding is the best thing to do, hopefully it will be less stressful for you too! Interesting that you have a role in the ceremony even if you don’t quite know what it is! Well done on getting the fxvours sorted! Ah you aren’t the only one who wrapped in brown paper for a post Christmas birthday and then found all the presents said H C’mas and only one said HB! Mary has her birthday on C Eve and Les did exactly that (only he wrapped all his in C’mas paper!). From your point of view wearing our B’ish outfit sounds to be the answer (and it is not unprecedented. I have heard of non Hxndx parents wearing ordinary B’ish clothes – it would certainly save you a lot of headaches! Loving the suggestion that you and Ian elope!! I take it your sister is still issuing directives............. Yes I was very pleased with my Sale jumping merchandise! Twin and I will be off to do a little more RT on Friday! Oh goodness that is early to be up and about and can’t be doing you any good. Lovely that you managed a walk and saw lots of interesting birds. Hoping 2020 isn’t as bad as you fear and that everything works out.

Ah Mrs Chris does the same with tissue and ribbon. Liking that it is easy for the dogs/cats to open their own pressies. I see you have been neglecting your cat minding duties. Lovely that he came for a cuddle.

Well done on making it through to midnight Diana. I am sure watching the fireworks in the valley was lovely. Goodness a cxckxx – I didn’t realise they went as far afield as SA! Nice that 2020 starts with a lovely day for you weatherwise. I will be doing the laundry at the weekend (three weeks of it!) – I presume the w/m has realised it is on final notice and is behaving itself. I can see that leaving the rubbish in the bin would be an open invite to the Bs. Have a lovely time in CT – and a safe journey there.

I imagine you were quite busy at work Ali. Liking the idea of the M Mystery! Not so good that you work at your normal time. I am sure a trip to the beach for a walk and fresh air will be lovely. Enjoy.

We enjoyed the panto (oh yes we did), although obviously not a patch on the one at MK – they did have the same problem though, the sound of the three piece band had been cranked up so much you couldn’t hear what was being sung. I felt very sorry for Kxng Rxt, who had a good voice and started the evening off with a song – only I can’t tell you what he was singing about as you couldn’t hear a word of it! We came out at about 7.45pm, and the X40 was fairly quiet. When we got back to Lindy’s we had our meal together and then an hour of chxrxdes (hilarious – they were “festive ones” I bought and were all C’mas related. Some of the songs/films we had never heard of!). We watched the fireworks and had a toast to 2020 and then came home, so we were in bed by 1am. Today we are out to lunch with Mrs Chris and she will then wend her way home. We will have a feet up rest of the day I think! Morning BHB, Happy New Year to you. Let’s go into the conservatory and enjoy the pink champers and the toasted crumpets. I am not sure what time the DCM will be in, but you can tell me all about your NY Eve celebrations until she arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, January 1, 2020, 10:45
Morning all and a very Happy New Year to you all! It is a bit of a grey day out there but seems to be dry which is something at least! I had a lovely evening last night. The meal was delicious and it was nice to be able to enjoy a drink as I wasn't driving. We watched the fireworks at midnight and they were as spectacular as ever. We left n ot that long after but by the time goodbyes were said and Ari's Mum had driven us home it was 2am before I got to bed. Needless to say I am feeling a bit weary today! Still nothing I have to do today so I will be able to do as little as I feel like!

I find it a bit odd that your Brxtish wedding outfit would be frowned on Fi. After all you can't be expected to be able to dress in a sari when you have never had one before! Still if that is the way they feel, maybe there is an alternative type of outfit. What you need is an Indian dress shop and ask their advice! Not sure you have many of those where you live though! Best of luck with it and a gold star for deciding to keep out of things. I feel if you can do it you will feel much better and less stressed!

Ali your NYE sounds a lot of fun. I think you have earned a lovely day off with a nice walk on the beach. It sounds perfect, well as long as the weather is ok!

Well done on staying up Diana! I have never seen a cuckoo in the flesh so to speak, only heard them. That one has a long way to come back by spring! Have a good journey to CT and I'm sure you will have a lovely time there.

Hoping the cat is now fed regularly Jo! It looks a sweetie.

Morning BHB and Happy New Year to you, ooh a NY hug, I like it! Let's get more champers and go and see if the CM is still about.

evam wrote:
Wednesday, January 1, 2020, 11:46
Morning all. It seems we have the same kind of weather, grey with a drizzle of rain and relatively nice temps,- + 7 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. I look tired? Well, another bad night I'm afraid. I think I have forgotten how to sleep for more than 2 hours at one time! You have my herbal tea to go with toasted crumpets? You are loverly! 😍 (He agrees of course.)
All my Christmas decorations are now back in their boxes and on their shelves in the basement. I started taking things down around 2 am when I woke up and then spent the rest of the morning taking down everything, packing them away in their boxes and taking them downstairs. I bless the trolley we have in the basement which is for everyone to use. It took me 4 overloaded runs (Thank heavens for the lift!). I wonder how long it would have taken me if I didn't have that trolley.
We had a very nice evening last night. The bacalao went down a treat, and youngest sister had brought dessert, rice pudding, which was lovely. I'd certainly cooked plenty of food, so there was enough for father to take today's dinner with him. There is also enough for a smaller lunch portion for me.🍛 We then watched the King's speach on telly. It was a very solemn one this year, as his ex- son-in-law took his own life on Christmas Day. The Princess (who is an air head!) and Ari have 3 children, girls. Imagine what Christmas will be like for them in the future!
They left around 10 pm, and I watched a bit of telly, but I was very, very tired and was tucked up in bed long before midnight. Again I woke up after a couple of hours and started my clearing out. I think I slept for another hour when I was sitting up in bed, reading and drinking coffee, because suddenly the coffee was ice cold!😒 No big pland for today. I'm having home made fish cakes for lunch, and then hopefully a good eva.
Tomorrow morning I'm off to the hospital again for another eye injection. Nice,- NOT!

Fi,- to me it sounds as if the wedding will be a nightmare for you instead of a happy and relaxed occation. I'm glad to hear that the bride's family is taking care of the actual wedding preparations, but I think I would be miffed if I was told that my "English" outfit would be frowned on. I agree that if they say that you have to wear a sari, they should provide someone who could help you dress.

Diana,- glad you also had a nice but quiet New Years Eve. I hope your journey to CT goes without problems. Enjoy your time there.

Ali,- I see you've had your usual frantic time Btw. How is Josh doing after the break-up with the girl friend? I thought about him the other day,- no idea why.😂

Pauline,- good you could have a proper drink last night, and that the food was very good.

Carol,- it sounds like you've also had a good NYE. I never got to see the firework from L*ndon. As we're an hour ahead of you, I would have had to wait until 1am. There was plenty of BANGING! going on around here, so I didn't exactly miss it.
maeve 12 wrote:
Wednesday, January 1, 2020, 12:34
Happy New Year to everyone, I hope 2020 will be a good year for us all.

I'm now getting settled in my new house, it was so good to be here for Christmas,
just made it, we exchanged the day before completion, the sellers had put it back
on the market , I was surprised that they hadn't done so sooner really.
Things are gradually getting sorted out but I haven't found every thing yet!.

Had a lovely Christmas lunch at daughter's who's just round the corner,
I feel I'm starting a new phase of life which will include more of the SLs
and the GOI hope when we know what he's going to be up to.
luckymoilee wrote:
Wednesday, January 1, 2020, 17:25
Hi girls glad to see that the panto has been a great success.
I came in to wish you all a very happy New Year 2020.and hope that all your wishes will come through. Miss you all let's hope that this year we will be able to meet again .Xxxx
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, January 2, 2020, 07:59
Morning – it is still dark outside so I am not sure what the weather is doing. I think the forecast is for thick cloud (they appear to have got that part right) with a slim chance of rain and temperatures around 10C.

Our weather yesterday was indeed very similar to your’s Eva – when we went out the car said it was 6C. Oh goodness, another bad night – that’s not what you need. I feel all the good from Spxxn has long since gone. Our decorations don’t come down until the weekend (12th night being on Mxnday). The house will seem strange without them. That is very handy having the trolley – and the lift! It sounds like you had a lovely time on NYE and a bonus that your father went home with some lunch. That must be really sad for your Rxyxl Fxmily and especially his children. I hope you managed a better night last night, and that the eye injection isn’t too bad for you (I still shudder thinking about eye injections). Oh of course you are an hour ahead of us at the moment, so I can understand you not seeing the fireworks from here. Having said that, there have been complaints from those on the Emb’ment who said they couldn’t see them either due to excessive smoke this year (and I have to agree that even watching on the tv you some of them were obscured by the smoke). In terms of private fireworks there didn’t seem to be quite so many of them as normal when we drove home.

Lovely to see you Maeve and to hear that you are settling into your new house. I am sure it was a great relief to finally be moved and able to relax over C’mas. It sounds as if the exchange and completion arrived just in time if the sellers put the house back on the market. It must also be wonderful to be so near to your daughter. It will be lovely to see you once we know what is happening with the GO (and I am thinking it might be stage related rather than tv, especially as we know he was in the running for the PotO tour). Let’s hope we find out sooner rather than later!

Happy New Year to you and Nicholas Chantale. Yes I think we are all hoping that whatever is in the pipeline for the GO will enable us all to meet up again.

We had a fairly lazy day yesterday – Mrs Chris and I caught up with the HC from NYE in the morning (that was a happy little episode too – they obviously took a leaf out of C’lty’s book! ). We had a very nice lunch (I had cheese soufflé to start with followed by baked salmon fillet, and finished with a coffee (I was very good and decided against a dessert); MM had crab and avocado starter and then beef and ale pie. He was also good and didn’t have a dessert. Mrs Chris went for the veggie option and had sweetcorn and sweet potato fritters with winter salad, which she said was excellent. She left to drive home once we were back here and sent a message to say she had had a good journey, the roads were quiet, and she had arrived before it got dark. I did a little bit of admin in the afternoon and then we had a lazy rest of the day. I did watch DrW in the evening and thought it more like the “old” DrW, but still find two of the companions surplus to requirements. We were woken this morning at 6 am by a car or house alarm going off somewhere in our cul du sac. The same thing happened a couple of nights ago! Fortunately I did manage to get back to sleep for another hour! Today we are off to U’bridge to do a mini food shop (the fridge is quite bare, with us having been away for a few days). Twin will be over early afternoon and then we are off to see Cxts at the cinema, with Lindy and Lawrence. Pxzzx afterwards as ususal! Morning BHB, yes it is very gloomy out. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Chxll Oxt into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM to appear.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, January 2, 2020, 10:17
Morning all and it is damp and dull here, bit of a breeze around as well which I think could get a bit stronger as the day goes on. Had a fairly quiet day yesterday as I felt quite tired, can't think why! I did do a towel wash and had a bit of a tidy up but not really much more than that! Tv not that great for me last night, though I did quite enjoy Dr W As Twin said it seemed a lot truer to it's roots! Today I will be off to Twin (haven't seem them for such a long time!) as we are going to see Cats. It has had such dreadful reviews my expectations are very low! At least having see the trailer I know I don't find it at all creepy. Surprise surprise, they are cats! We will see what we think. At least should like the music!

Oh dear Eva, not another bad night. I did hope that you may have broken the cycle when you went to Spain but sadly not. It is a real nightmare for you. Glad the dinner party went well anyway. It is so sad about the Princess's husband, what a dreadful day for them all made even worse by it being C/mas. Hope the eye injection isn't too bad. It would be nice if it could be the last one I think.

Maeve so lovely to see you. Thank goodness you are finally moved and settled, but it sounds as if you nearly lost the place. Your ex council should be ashamed of themselves. Still onwards and upwards! Let's hope we soon know what the GO is doing next, though not sure he knows yet! Fingers crossed it is something good that we can all enjoy.

Chantale, lovely to see you as well. Hope you are both keeping well and that we get to meet up again in the not too distant future.

Morning BHB and you have toasted muffins and Chxll Oxt for us today? Sounds perfect, let's get more and find the CM.

maeve12 wrote:
Thursday, January 2, 2020, 15:01
Very grey and cloudy here, though dry and mild.

I've been busy this morning registering with the doctor, and at the library
and making a very overdue hair appointment.

I was busy with family and visitors over Christmas, now things have calmed
down a bit I must get more organised.

Next week we've a trip to P*rtsm**th to see youngest g.son "pass out "from his RAF training,
his first posting is to Lossiemouth in Scotland, he was hoping for somewhere warmer or nearer home
but not to be just yet.

evam wrote:
Thursday, January 2, 2020, 16:19
Afternoon all. Looking at the screen with one eye, as the other one is still very sore. No problems though, but as you say Pauline,- let's hope this is the last injection. I won't hold my breath though.

Maeve,- so good to see you. I'm surprised you actually managed to do the completion and exchange with a vendor who puts the house back on the market the day before completion. I can't believe the plonker(s). Good to hear that you feel some order is about to set in. Congratulation with grandson and his passing out. I bet you'll all be proud as Punch, even though his first place ment is in S*otland. The rain and snow will make a man out of him (!), and the midgets in summer will drive him crazy! 😂

I'll hope fully be back to strength tomorrow, so then I'll see you all again.

Btw. Amanda H is on Celeb. M*stermind tonight.
Diana wrote:
Friday, January 3, 2020, 04:55
Morning all from a sunny Cape Town.

We had a good journey here yesterday, it took 6.5 hours inc a 30 min break. There was quite a bit of traffic travelling east but fortunately not a lot going west, I think people are not returning from their summer holidays until the weekend. We had a nice breakfast when we stopped- egg & bacon toasted s/w and I had a veg strawberry cheesecake milkshake. our friends plane landed a few mins early, we waited about 20 mins for them. The guesthouse is v nice. We spent the rest of the pm by the pool as they were tired as was Ploppy from the early start and drive. We had an excellent meal last night, I had fillet steak with a chocolate chilli sauce and chips which was extremely good, then baked cheesecake. Will definitely go there again when we're in CT. today we're going to the cricket.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 3, 2020, 08:36
Morning and really gloomy again. In fact I thought it was still about 5.30 am when I woke, but it was gone 7.30 am! Yesterday stayed grey and dismal all day.

I see you had much the same weather Maeve. Ah, yes you will be having to sign on to all the local services and finding the best shops etc. Very handy that you have your daughter to advise you! I am sure you will be a very proud grandmother when you go to Psmouth next week. Shame he isn’t going somewhere closer to home, or indeed warmer, but I am sure that will happen soon.

Eva I do hope the soreness has worn off now and that they tell you that you won’t need many (if any) more injections. One less trip to the hospital would be quite good for you I feel. Hopefully you had a better night’s sleep last night. We saw Amxndx on M’mind when we came back from the cinema. We didn’t see the whole thing just the man before her and Amxndx – she almost won – only one point in it!

Diana I smiled when you said people not returning from their summer holidays.......whilst we are talking about people going back to work after the C’mas break, and the two things seem strange side by side. Glad you had a good journey (although that is quite a long drive). Nice to have found somewhere to stay with a pool. Sensible to rest after the journeys. Your meal sounds very good. Enjoy the cricket!

We managed to get our food shopping done and a bit of banking yesterday morning, then home in time for Twin to arrive. I had collected the cinema tickets in the morning so we had plenty of time once we were back in U’bridge. In fact enough time for me to be assailed by a jumping top and a new padded coat (both in the sales of course) and put them in the boot of the car. We enjoyed the film despite all the bad reviews. The dancing was excellent, as was the singing and of course we didn’t mind that it was a sing through (plus I have always loved the music from the show). The new song was lovely too. I really don’t think it deserved all the bad crits it received. We enjoyed our pizzas afterwards and were home in time to put our feet up. Not a great deal on so we watched an old MM. Today MM has a meeting with the Vicar, and then with the heating engineers (still no heating in the church – so as you can imagine it is very chilly inside as no heat since 18th December!). Twin and I are off to the big John L near to Jo this morning. Just looking you understand (plus Twin has a voucher from Christmas to try to spend). Twin will be off home this afternoon and then we have choir practice this evening (first of the new year and the new decade). I think it will be warm layers as it will take while for the church to get warm again!! Morning BHB, yes it is another grey day. Let’s take the Vanillita and the churros into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives – she is awake so will probably be along soon.

TK wrote:
Friday, January 3, 2020, 08:54
Busy couple of days. I've not read back as I'm off again in afew mins. Panto was lovely yesterday.

Sad news arrived when I was waiting for panto to start. Got a message to say Sal (ShowGirl) had died on Christmas day. She was a lovely lady to be seen at most Lee appearances. She'd had a heart problem for years, so we'd not seen her for some time. Large lady with a limp. She reminded me of the colonial ladies I knew as a child. She was a dogs and horses lady. Very sad.

We're off on a date now

Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, January 3, 2020, 09:01
Morning all and it is a gloomy one again, not unusual at this time of year, but still not nice! I got here in good time yesterday as the roads were still much quieter than normal. We went straight off to the town and Twin managed a bit of RT! She bought a lovely coat and it was a real bargain so today we may be spending the money she saved! I also loved the film, it definitely did not deserve the critical mauling it got. Yes the cast looked cat like, well the clue is in the title! I can understand people not liking it if they don’t like musicals, but why would you go and see it then? Such a shame for the cast and crew, of whom last there were hundreds! After having a meal we got back in time to see Amanda come second in M/mind. Mind it wasn’t very high scoring! Today we hit JL and then I will trot off home.

Maeve you must all be very proud of your grandson. Many years ago we knew a lady stationed in L/mouth and she loved it, mind as I say, that was a very long tome ago! Glad you are settling in and it is lovely to have you back with us a bit.

Diana that was some drive toCT, not surprised Ploppy was tired! The food was always excellent that I had there, though not too sure about chilli chocolate sauce for me. Enjoy the cricket.

Eva I hope your poor eye is better today and that you managed more sleep last night.

Morning BHB and of course it is Vanillita day, let’s grab some more and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Friday, January 3, 2020, 12:27
Hello all,

I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas and New Year.

I had intended to pop on to the blog earlier but I have been either away or poorly (at times both).

The cold got on to my chest and I bruised some ribs coughing. Doc has given me some strong painkillers which help - but when they wear off!! AAARRRGGHHHH!! Of course I haven't helped myself by being out and about over Christmas. I'm glad I can just lurk at home this weekend!

Thank you Jo for the lovely new page. This panto is one of my favourites! Nice to have the piccies from it here!

I was very sorry to read the sad news about Sal. I really enjoyed her company and am going to miss her. I knew she was ill but hadn't realised how serious it was.

RIP Sal :-(

My catch up is very hit and miss so sorry if I have forgotten owt.

Eva - sorry to hear that you have a sore eye. I have my fingers crossed for those injections.

Pauline and Carol - thank you for the reviews of C*ts. I have heard a lot of negativity about it but mostly it seemed that people were just weirded out by actors playing cats. I can only imagine it's reaching an audience that wouldn't have gone to the stage show - coz those who have surely wouldn't be surprised!

Diana - glad to see you are chilling out in C*pe T*wn.

Big wave to Maeve and Chantale - lovely to see you both!

Waving at Fi and Ali too as I see you have been on but haven't had a chance to read your posts. I need to get back to work!

Jane E wrote:
Friday, January 3, 2020, 12:27
Hello all,

I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas and New Year.

I had intended to pop on to the blog earlier but I have been either away or poorly (at times both).

The cold got on to my chest and I bruised some ribs coughing. Doc has given me some strong painkillers which help - but when they wear off!! AAARRRGGHHHH!! Of course I haven't helped myself by being out and about over Christmas. I'm glad I can just lurk at home this weekend!

Thank you Jo for the lovely new page. This panto is one of my favourites! Nice to have the piccies from it here!

I was very sorry to read the sad news about Sal. I really enjoyed her company and am going to miss her. I knew she was ill but hadn't realised how serious it was.

RIP Sal :-(

My catch up is very hit and miss so sorry if I have forgotten owt.

Eva - sorry to hear that you have a sore eye. I have my fingers crossed for those injections.

Pauline and Carol - thank you for the reviews of C*ts. I have heard a lot of negativity about it but mostly it seemed that people were just weirded out by actors playing cats. I can only imagine it's reaching an audience that wouldn't have gone to the stage show - coz those who have surely wouldn't be surprised!

Diana - glad to see you are chilling out in C*pe T*wn.

Big wave to Maeve and Chantale - lovely to see you both!

Waving at Fi and Ali too as I see you have been on but haven't had a chance to read your posts. I need to get back to work!

TK wrote:
Friday, January 3, 2020, 12:36
Gosh you've all been very busy. Puts me to shame.
Fi what a nightmare. There are YTs to say how to put on a saree. Going that way is fraught with danger. I agree if you have no actual physical help, go with what you know.

Been out on 2 walks this morning. Coming up to the lunchtime walk.

Look who is on the home page of a website. He may have to ask for more payment ....... in kind
evam wrote:
Friday, January 3, 2020, 12:55
I’m posting from my phone because we’ve lost the electricity. A full storm is raging outside, so fingers crossed they can repair it sooner rather than later. All my heating is electric!
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, January 3, 2020, 17:40
Hi. I may be a tad tired as didn't sleep at all (well that's what seemed like) last 2 nights. Wedd "issues" going off. To say I am not best pleased with g/f, sis over wedd - they have arranged things behind my back - over arrangements which I had already made. So continuing positive vibe resolution I bit my tongue - tho sis aware (think my "tone" may have given me away!!) that I am not best pleased. decided to just make my own arrangements for me (all over choosing Ind wedd outfits) - so i have made my arrangements. the lady who alters dresses came down with a mutual friend and helped me make decision and she will alter dress (which originally i didn't like - and still not my fave thing in world but "will do" ) to fit me better. so I feel much calmer - I know what I am doing and don't have to get someone in to dress me in s.ri; which i have just had to decide I cant use - but if there is a pre wedd event (g/f still deciding) then I can wear to that and as will be in mid L.ics then g/fs mum can help me dress. sorted - and i don't have to rely on anyone else. Tho I feel sad that cant wear the most gorgeous s.ri in world and in which I know I look and feel good I have realised I cant rely on anyone else to help me so feel much, much better now that i have made my decision.
Jo - wow a media star in our midst. Has Bruce got at all "snobbY" since stardom struck!
Carol - I see you are helping kickstart the retail economy again. Tho I may have a confessions too. we went to l.ndon yesterday and had fab time at Bl/ke exhibition (great but the 300 pictures could have been culled slightly - by at about 200!!), seeing friends for lunch, walking Reg.nt st, C.rnaby st and CG to see lights. had drink there and then home. tho stopped off at D.sigu.l in R st ( I love that shop) and bought a dress coat (it sparkles - so unlike me but I needed cheering up) and 2 tops.
Eva - where are you - I cant see you - everything is dark! Hope you get warm soon.
Jane - are you steaming - I am great believer in steam for colds.
Maeve - not sure if L.ssiemouth is in the M.ray F.rth micro climate area but I hope so for your grandsons sake. If so it will be a very mild climate with much less rain than surrounding areas. there is a small patch up there which has fab climate. he will also see the dolphins there - huge nos come there each year. a gorgeous area of the country - tho have to say I know the area near Inv.rness much better .
Pauline - based on your and Tw.ns review of C.ts I will make an effort to go and see it.
Today was working on my s'guarding course - I am running one week tomorrow and they have changed the course- aarh. chap i run it with came round with his wife and we went thro the course tog while his wife and ploppy had tea and cake. started taking Chr down today and tomorrow will finish off and do h'work.
Diana - looking forward to visiting (virtually) CT with you
evam wrote:
Friday, January 3, 2020, 18:58
The electricity is back, and I’m c-c-c-cold, so I think I’ll go back to bed until the flar has warmed up a bit. It’s raining/snowing sideways outside, and all the mountain passes between west and east have been closed for cars! Western Norway is pretty much at a stand still as most ferries have been cancelled and bridges closed as well. BBRRRRRRRRRRR🌧❄️🌧❄️💦💨

Fi,- when is this blessed wedding taking place? Very soon, I hope, unless you and Ploppy will have to do what he proposed,- ELOPE!
TK wrote:
Friday, January 3, 2020, 21:24
Fi, such patience. I would have thrown a wobbler weeks ago. I've sort of got a rant in my head, they should be so glad I'm not involved. There were lots of Fs in my rant along with other phrases to do with responsibility and control now you are adult. Probably just as well I don't have kids. I wish you have a lovely time in the end. Eva, yes such a good idea, elope means taking full responsibility, but means the family does not have the joy of the ceremony. All sounds perfect. Thinking about it I've only been to 5 family weddings, which is 3 more than I thought at first. Bro's 1st, cousin 3 times removed wedding, dad's 2nd, adopted sister of cousin 3 times removed wedding and son of step sister's wedding. What a weird family I have.

TK was coughing a bit just now, hope she doesn't need the vet as well. She is just off to bed. I'll follow her.

Eva I hope you have warmed up. The forecast looks nippy with you snow, rain and chills

evam wrote:
Saturday, January 4, 2020, 03:19
Morning all. It's pitch dark outside, but I can hear the rain. I think the storm has abated a bit as I can't hear the howling of the wind anymore.

I'd better not even try to wake up BHB. He looks so peaceful, sleeping on the sofa, so I'll brew my own coffee.
Oh yes,- it's the middle of the night again. (4.06 am) and I have been up for the last 2 hours. Again I've put this time to something practical. I've been sitting in the study, sorting through all my documents, seeing what needs to be maculated. I feel safe destroying receipts from 2015, and there was a fair amount. Fortunately I have a shredder. (I hope it didn't wake up the neighbours!)
That storm was bad. Lots of trees blown down, flooding (not here), loss of electricity (yes, here too.) The roads across the mountains to Oslo were closed, but according to the radio are now starting to open again.

Jo,- I hope TK hasn't started on the flu? Like Jo I haven't been to very many weddings, but I can't remember having to go through all the palaver that Fi is experiencing.

Later today I'll visit father. I have given youngest sister the w/e off, as I'll need the same for next w/e. Why? I'm going to see a certain panto. Oh yes, I am!

Now I'll brew my coffee and take it back to bed with my book. Maybe I'll even manage to fall asleep! 😴💤
Diana wrote:
Saturday, January 4, 2020, 05:42
Morning all.

It was sunny most of the day yesterday with a strong breeze, we were glad of the cloud when the sun went behind as our seats were in full sun until late pm. The location of the guesthouse couldn't be better, only 5/6 mins walk from the ground, just enough to stretch your legs. I enjoyed the cricket. I don't suppose anyone's interested but SA had a good day, not letting England build up a high score and have nearly bowled them out, just one more person to get out. The others are of course supporting England, though Ploppy isn't too bothered. We went to an Italian for dinner last night which was good though not a patch on the steak place the night before. I had springbok carpaccio salad (needed some greenery) followed by lamb, feta and olive pizza.

Back to the cricket today. The forecast is for more cloud which isn't bad as we think our seats are in the sun again. My shorts were wet with sweat - ugh - so I washed them last night and they are virtually dry so will probably wear them again today rather than get another pair sweaty- should have brought more clothes with me! We must buy a couple of seat cushions with backs, they would make this sort of thing much more pleasurable - sitting on plastic seats for 8 hours isn't great. We are sitting close to where we sat 4 years ago so should have a fabulous view of Table Mountain which we couldn't see yesterday. Hoping SA bat well, although they won the first test last week, only one person batted really well.

DK what we are going to do tomorrow, depends on our friends. They have been to CT once before so seen some of the main places. I fancy going to Cape Point, which don't think they've seen and we've only been once first time we came to SA 20 years ago, but it's a 60 km drive so quite a way.

Hope now you've decided what to wear for the wedding you can relax and look forward to it, Fi. Such a shame it's causing hassle and worry. Hope you get an occasion to wear the sari.

Sorry you've been poorly, Jane. A quiet weekend at home sounds just right.

Not another bad night, Eva. Trust you were able to gat back to sleep. Have a good visit with your father.

Hope TK's alright.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, January 4, 2020, 08:57
Morning and after a dark start we now have blue skies and fluffy clouds (they were pink a moment ago).

Oh that is sad news Jo. I think I know the lady you mean. Her family must be devastated. I must go and look at the YT on how to put on a sxri. Not that I think I will need one, but I am interested to see how it is done. So is Bruce giving autographs (or pawgraphs) now that he is famous? Lovely piccie of him. I was having a think and I have been to about twenty family weddings (more if I count remote cousins when I was little), including MM’s family. Not an exercise I have undertaken before so I was quite surprised when I started adding them up! I have to say I don’t think we had any of the problems poor Fi is facing. Hopefully TK’s coughing hasn’t got any worse.

Sorry to hear you have been poorly (especially if you were poorly and not at home – not the ideal scenario). Bruised ribs through coughing sounds really painful – hopefully the painkillers are helping. Cxts is definitely worth seeing if you like the music – I really can’t see why people go to see a film about a show that is all to do with felines and then say it is too peculiar to see actors as cxts! I hope you get lots of rest this weekend and start to feel better. When in the New Year do you start your new job?

Goodness Eva we saw on the Beeb forecast that bad weather was heading your way, but didn’t realise quite how bad it was going to be. The loss of power must have been really frustrating, and it was obviously a long one. I am not surprised you were cold when it came back on, and think it was sensible to go and get warm in bed. The horizontal snow didn’t sound too nice either! . I see it had turned into rain overnight. Not so good that you were awake at about 2am! I am sure the sound of your shredder working would have been nothing compared to the earlier howling gales so I am sure the neighbours weren’t disturbed at all. It does sound liek a terrible storm if you have had trees down and flooding. Obviously a very large area was affected by the power cut. Oh are you off to see a pxnto? What a coincidence. I think Jo has been to quite a few....or could it be she has been to the same one lots of times......... Hope you managed to get back to sleep again and got some rest, especially if you are on Father duties.

Fi, I see you are another not sleeping well again. Mind you with all the weddxng stuff going on that’s not too surprised. That is very sneaky to arrange things behind our back. I think you have made a sensible decision. Get everything sorted for yourself and Ploppy, if they ask you to do something, decide if it is something you are happy to do, and let the rest of the arrangements take their course. It is no use getting yourself all upset by it (I am still, like the others, liking the eloping idea!). Yes I have been doing my best for the economy although I see you were assailed by a jumping coat dress (liking the sound of the sparkles) and some tops – good for you! We were somewhat put off the Blxkx exhibition as someone else said there were too many exhibits. We are planning on a visit to the Nat Port G’llery before the end of the month to see the Pre-Raph Sxsterhxxd. It closes on 26th Jan so I need to get organising. I am also a great believer in steaming (especially for sore throats). I somehow feel that Ploppy and wife of co-runner of the S’garding course came of best in that arrangement!

Diana, I really don’t do well in full sunshine – so I can see you would be glad of the cloud cover at the c’cket. Yes we know we didn’t get off to a great start – the clip we saw said there were quite a few E’lish supporters there watching. Good idea to invest in seat cushions with backs I think, especially as the seats are plastic (and therefore sweat inducing!). A visit to CPoint sounds lovely and looks amazing. I remember my SA singing teacher’s wife saying how wonderful it was (she lived in CT).

We had a short shower first thing in the morning yesterday and then lovely winter sunshine for the rest of the day, which meant a clear sky in the evening and a chill (although nothing like Eva’s I suspect). Twin and I had a good look around the big shop near Jo – it was very busy yesterday! I was assailed by a jumping jumper, a couple of pairs of leather gloves, a thermal polo neck (which will be handy for church), and a couple of bracelets, so I did quite well. We had a snack in the cafe to rest our feet and then did another trawl around. We were home about 2.45pm and Twin went off to beat the traffic. MM was home about half an hour later. The heating engineer had been to the church and done some tweaking but needs to go back next Wednesday with another engineer so they can do further testing. I have to say the church still wasn’t feeling warm when we went back for Choir in the evening; in fact we cut rehearsal short by about ten minutes as we were getting quite cold! Today I will start taking down the decs but have all the laundry to do from the last two and half weeks). I feel the i word may carry over to tomorrow! Morning BHB, yes it is brighter now. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Sxndstxrm through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, January 4, 2020, 11:09
Morning all. I am running so late today, I didn't wake till 9am. Not sure why but not complaining! Must have been worn out from trawling the big shop yesterday! I didn't buy anything in the clothing line but did get a few things for the house. I was mainly looking to see if there was something to spend my gift voucher on. I am tempted by a food processer but I wonder if it would end up being just another bit of machinery in a cupboard! Today I must make a start on the laundry and also taking down the decs. I may leave the tree till tomorrow as I like it sitting there!

Eva your storm sounds dreadful and as fir losing your electricity and with it the heating, terrible! I see you are still waking in the night. It seems as if it is a habit your body can't break now.

Jane I hope you can stay warm and rested this weekend as you sound as if you need it. I have damaged my ribs coughing and it is so horrid and painful, just adds to the misery you are already suffering.

Jo I missed your message about Sal yesterday, so sorry about her. I do know who you mean and agree she was a very pleasant lady. So Bruce is now a superstar eh? As his agent do you get a percentage of his fees?

Oh dear Fi, this wedding is a nightmare. I was only closely involved with the preps for two weddings. one was not a problem but my sister's did throw up a few lively arguments. not help by none of us being too keen on her choice of husband! It can be a stressful time but at least in our case it ended up being a lovely wedding and all went off very well. I hope this happens for you. Meantime well done on biting your tongue, it must be very sore and swollen by now!

Diana I have visited the C Point and I loved it. It is worth a visit I think. Sorry to say my interest in cricket is zero, though I like it when we win something! But then I am like that with most sports I don't follow!

Morning BHB I am so sorry to be so late. You are a sweetie to save some Sxndstxrm and Paninis for me. Let's take them to the conservatory and see if the CM is still there.
TK wrote:
Saturday, January 4, 2020, 16:47
I feel for Fi, I've never been to a wedding which has not been totally 'English', they required enough compromise, so trying to bring together 2 cultures must be a nightmare.

Bruce and I had a walk to the pub for lunch today. Instead of walking straight home afterwards he decided to go visiting. We'd not seen this couple since before Christmas, so he was right, they were due a visit.

The set up guest house/venue sounds very good. As my interest in cricket is a great as my interest in tennis I've not been following. Strangely as teenager I was a scorer for cricket and a ball person for tennis, so I did see many matches.
TK wrote:
Saturday, January 4, 2020, 18:08
Both of Bruce's places, cafe and bar, are closed beginning of Jan. They have worked lots of hours over the hols so are having a well earned break. They both have websites. I'll check the sites to see when the hols are. Nope, not a mention. I'll look on FB. The bar has theirs, but the cafe does not. Hopefully this means ice cream place will be open for another week and the overlap will only be one week. Places to amuse Bruce, we could go to another village for a walk. There is a dog friendly place there, just need to find out exactly where it is. Off to check, I know it has a colour in its name.
TK wrote:
Saturday, January 4, 2020, 20:03
Found new place to go Money saver to go to NT properties: There is no senior membership unless been a member before, so £72 a year. National Trust Scotland, over 60s senior membership £48 a year Bruce can now go to gardens of big house on hill. 🐕 🌳 🌷
evam wrote:
Sunday, January 5, 2020, 05:32
Morning all. I know, I know,- it's early again, but I've already been up a couple of hours. It is of course dark outside, but we're having snow/slush/rain coming down.

Sssssshhhhhhhhh,- it's too early to wake BHB, so I'll just tiptoe into the kitchen and make some coffee.
Yesterday turned out to be quite different from what I had planned. I started by visiting father and found out that he'd had another fall during the night. He'd taken a shower and slipped in the bathroom. It had taken him ages to crawl into the bedroom, and getting back into bed. He then realised that he'd hurt his left arm badly, and had been bleeding all over the place so he got out of bed and started cleaning the floor! I asked why he hadn't used his alarm which he has around his wrist like a watch, but of course he'd forgotten he had an alarm. When the DN came in to give him his morning meds, she'd found him in a rather bad state, and that's when I turned up. The nurse checked him over, but it seemed that the wound on his arm was the only damage, and she cleaned it up and put on a bandage. His cleaning lady turned up at 10am. (She'd changed her day this week) so she set to and cleaned everything beautifully.
Father asked me to stay for a while, and of course I ended up staying there most of the day, cooking him a couple of meals and generally make sure that he didn't hurt himself again. I wasn't home until almost 7pm, completely knackered. So now we're just waiting for his next fall!

I was watching the beeb last night. That new game show, F*rst and L*st, was just rubbish and very boring. I can't see that staying long on prim time Saturday night!
There were some stunning dancers, and some not quite as stunning, in The Gr**test D**ncer. I quite enjoy that show. Cas was it's usual cheery self, of course.

I don't know what I'll be doing later today, but I will pop in and see father, and make sure he's OK.

I've just skimmed the blog, but I'm sure you're all fine? Btw. Who is going to see the panto in the upcoming w/e. I'll be there for both Saturday's peformances, but leave early Sunday morning to fly back home. It would be nice to meet up over a meal.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, January 5, 2020, 06:16

We had a good day at the cricket yesterday though it was very hot. There was a lot less cloud and also less of a breeze. As you know I am a sun worshipper but I could have done with it a little less sun. We had dinner at a place we first went with Auds four years ago. It's the oldest restaurant and bar in SA.

We shared four tapas for starters - mussels in white wine sauce, cauliflower in batter with dip (all good but this was the best of the dishes), cheese and macaroni balls and spring rolls. Then had ostrich burger with bacon and guacamole with chips which was good. I had a very nice non alcoholic elderflower cocktail to drink, then wine.

Today we are going to Langeba*n on the coast north of CT, not been there before.
We will stop,off at Blougbergstrand on the way back from where there are the famous views of Table Mountain across the bay.

Tomorrow we move on to the Winelands.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, January 5, 2020, 07:42
Morning and it is dark out so not sure what the weather will be doing, although the forecast was for a dry day with cloud and a breeze.

Jo I see that Bruce has got very quickly back into his social swing, visiting people he hasn’t seen for a few days. Of course it involved go to the pub! I have been a scorer a couple of times for cricket – my old firm used to have a cricket team and we would play other surveying teams. Big boss was captain and his wife was the official scorer, but if she wasn’t available I would do it. I imagine Bruce is bereft if the cafe and bar are not open for him. Mind you they deserve time off after the C’mas/New Y rush. If the ice cream parlour is open I am sure that will suffice. Ah when we stopped working we were members of the S’tish NT (much cheaper and you can go in all the NT properties). We were down in W’ltshire visiting a house five years ago and showed our passes. The lady on the desk said “I wonder if these will be valid if you vote to leave the XK” – it was just before the S’ish Referendum. We both got the giggles and didn’t say anything as she obviously thought we were Scxttxsh!!

Oh Eva not another early morning for you. Your poor Father having a fall, not realising he could press the button, and then trying to clean up the floor. At least it doesn’t sound as if he did any serious damage, but I can understand you staying for most of the day. That was fortuitous that the cleaning lady came the same day and managed to get everything shipshape. We didn’t bother with the new game show (no idea why the Beeb think Sat night should be game show night). We didn’t watch the dancing as MM wanted to watch the End’vxur first ever (pilot) which was being shown on one of the other channels. We missed it when it was first shown and before they decided to go ahead with the series. It was very good and took us up to the joy and light that is C’lty! We are going to the pxnto next weekend, but not sure if we are mat or evening (my ticket agent has the tickets for us – I just know we are going!).

I saw we had a better day with the crxcket yesterday Diana. I did look for you in the crowd shots but didn’t see you (I did see the guys dressed as Knights – they must have been warm!). Dinner sounds very nice – MM sometimes has a non alcoholic cocktail which has elderflower in it (when we are having proper ones but he is driving). Enjoy your sightseeing day (the views of Txble Mxxntain look wonderful), and of course the Winelands tomorrow!

The house is looking very bare as we took our decorations down yesterday (just a couple I couldn’t reach, which I have left for MM to take down today) and MM took the exterior lights down. They are not yet back in the loft as we are going to have a sort through and get rid of some we don’t use now. I managed to get all the washing done and about half of the ironing – I have the rest to do after church. The Vicar popped round in the afternoon as he needed to have a chat with MM (wearing his churchwxrdxn hat). The Mxsix Group have had a big fall out (clash of personalities and apparently a music stand was thrown at someone on Thursday) so he wanted MM’s advice on what to do today. The M Group have been stood down for now, and we will sing to videos or a capella – should be interesting. Apparently the heating still appears to be working, but I will hedge my bets and wear layers. Once the i word is finished I think it may be feet up. At least we have Call the M to watch this evening!! Morning BHB, someone has been in already – that would be early birds Eva and Diana. Let’s take the pastel de natas and the You’ve Gxt Mxil into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, January 5, 2020, 09:59
Morning all, and it is damp and dull here at the moment. It was supposed to be dry today, so hoping it will cheer up later. This morning I have ixxnxxg and more wxshing to do, but was hoping to do a bit of a tidy up of the leaves in the garden, something I have been trying to get done for weeks but it is either too wet or windy! Yesterday I took all the decs down in the end, yes even the tree , so it is looking quite bare in here now. This means we are now into my two least favourite months of the year now! Dark and bleak weather!

Oh dear Eva your poor father. I can well believe he forgot his alarm. They are a great idea for people who have no problem with their memories, but a bit useless for those like your father. Thank goodness he didn't hurt himself badly, but it must shake him up. Handy that the cleaning lady arrived as well, I suspect it would have been something you would have had to do otherwise! Trouble is you really need to rest yourself. I watch the dance show and I think it enjoyable. I loved the young girl and boy, they were excellent, and this is from me who is so not a fan of child performers, but they were charming. We are going to the matinee on Saturday. Not sure what we are doing other than that as we haven't discussed it yet! We will definitely see you though.

Your links are lovely Diana. makes me nostalgic as I am sure I have said at least 20 times, I love CT, a beautiful part of the world and the food was excellent! Your meal sounds very good.

I hope the bar and café consulted Bruce before they closed for a break Jo! He will be bereft! Still, the ice cream should help get him over it. Nice of him to visit the people he hasn't seen in a while.

Morning BHB and what have we today? You've Gxt Mxxl? Lovely, let's take some more of it and some pastel de natas to the conservatory and join the CM.
TK wrote:
Sunday, January 5, 2020, 15:19
My fault- I refer to the ice cream place as the café interchangeably. (There is a café, but they don't allow dogs inside.) The 2 places Bruce uses are shutting down at the same time as the week when the kids go back is the least profitable in the year for the ice cream place and the couple who run the pub have got a good deal on a holiday. So you can understand why they'd like to get away. I have a plan B, there is another pub Bruce likes a little further away. Also, I have looked into using café in the next village, but we'll have to be out in the cold. The garden centre has a café which allows dogs, but you cannot take the dog to the place where the food is ordered. I can sit at a table but I'd get no tea, so USELESS. I think the café at the NT place is the same, yes dogs can go in but I couldn't take him to order the tea.

Eva that is a worrying accident. Forgetting his alarm too. His level of care seems to be a year behind his needs. This happened here in the early 90s when a friend had MS. She needed things a year before she was officially assessed as needing them. My company's staff paid for a motorised wheelchair for her when she needed it. The services started talking about one just as she was getting too bad to be able to safely use one. A few years ago when a friend younger than me had a stroke she had a live in carer, I've no idea how this was financed. She certainly needed it, even though she could walk and do some things she could not live on her own. Her mum was too old to cope with her. I hope your father recovers from this fall. Such a worry for you all. I will be at the panto for the matinée only. I have to dash home as Mr and Mrs ExP are away. Dog letting out is going to be done by my WWW friend.

On the subject of getting older, I've lost Felf's keys. They are on a big key fob, a stuffed grey cat. They must be in a pocket. I did a quick search when I was called to 'fix' the TV, but could not find them. I'll search more pockets. If I can't find them I'll get another set cut on Monday.

Diana hope you continue to have a good time getting around in SA. Nice to be warm :)
evam wrote:
Sunday, January 5, 2020, 17:16
Jo,- they are playing from The Mis's concert on radio 2 at the moment. Just thought you'd enjoy it. You are right about father's care lagging behind, but youngest sister and I have requested a meeting with father's primary nurse on the coming Friday, and father and I have another meeting with the demenses team doing the research, on the 23rd, so maybe something will happen. We have learned that we have to beg for it.
I spoke to father earlier today, and he was fine. He'd had a good night's sleep, and a nurse had been in to change the bandage on his arm.
I feel Bruce is in danger of being spoiled! 😜 I know you can only do the matinee on Saturday. I'll be in MK very early, as the flight starts at 7am (!) from Bergen. It should only be about 1 hour's drive from Gatwick.
evam wrote:
Sunday, January 5, 2020, 17:18
Jo,-that should of course be the Les Mis's concert. Alfie is singing and so is Michael Ball, so it's wonderful to listen to.
maeve 12 wrote:
Sunday, January 5, 2020, 17:36
Sorry to hear about your father's fall Eva, what a worry for you, showers and bathrooms are often treacherous places.

I envy you Diana, I had what I think was the best holiday in my life in SA some years ago, I stayed with my friend in Jo'burg, we flew down to Cape Town for a few days and also had spent several days at Kruger, saw all the 'big five'!

Hope they get the heating sorted out soon Carol, churches can be chilly places.
TK wrote:
Sunday, January 5, 2020, 18:12
Thanks for the radio info, Eva. oh, blast I missed it.
Re travelling to MK. There has only been 1 day when I've taken the predicted time as shown by satnav after it had picked up the traffic info. I suggest take calm pills and get on the road with the 'I'll get there when I get there attitude'. You are correct you should get there in time for the show. The shortest I took was 1hr 10mins, the longest was 2hrs 10 mins. It should take me an hour.
Diana wrote:
Monday, January 6, 2020, 02:29

Can't sleep, I've been awake for nearly two hours. I'm sitting on the edge of the bed with the iPad, Ploppy is sleeping just behind me. Hope you're having a better night than me, Eva.

Yesterday was mostly overcast but still warm. We went to the West Coast National Park which was good.

We saw four small tortoises crossing the road, several ostrich and two large birds, a few frankolins and a karan I think Ploppy said it was. We also saw several oryx, which I think beautiful, and zebras later.

The park has a beautiful and very large lagoon. At one place there lots of cars parked and families on the beach enjoying themselves despite it before no cloudy.

We continued to Langebaan which turned out to be mainly a holiday town and little else. We stopped for a drink and snack Ina restaurant on the beach. As Table Mountain was mostly covered by clouds we didn't stop in Bloubergstrand, it was also getting late. We had another good meal last night. Ploppy and I shared a baked Camembert with caramelised onions and toast. I then had chicken schnitzel (four pieces) with cheese sauce and chips and onions in batter. We were too full for dessert though they sounded yummy. Just before we left the restaurant we had power shedding (power cut) and the guesthouse was also affected when we got back but fortunately it was only a short session and the power came on again. That is the first we've had this trip but unlikely to be the last. As factories and businesses have been closed for he holidays, there has been enough power but today sees their return so we anticipate regular power shedding. the couple of weeks before we arrived, Knysna had cuts lasting four to six hours!

We are driving to Stellenbosch this morning, it's only an hour or so's drive, if that. We, well I, want to do a couple of wine tastings at favourite wineries, Lanz*rac and Neil Ell*s before we go to our apartment in the centre of town. Want to have a walk around town as we have only seen it briefly despite staying here twice before. We have a res for dinner - tonight we can walk as it's close by.
Diana wrote:
Monday, January 6, 2020, 02:56
Sorry the odd wrong word the iPad has "corrected" or where I've touched the wrong letter.

Sad news about Sal, I've chatted with her a number of times.

Sorry to read that your father's had another fall, Eva. Hope he's recovered from it.

Unfortunately SA aren't doing very well in the cricket and an England win is looking likely unless they can hold on for a draw.

I'll see if I can get some more sleep, otherwise as soon as it's light I'll start my packing.
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, January 6, 2020, 04:16
I am joining Diana in sleepless brigade! had very busy w/e. returned lots of items to shops (mainly wedding suits which were wrong size etc) yesterday and then did 2-3 hours gardening - kn.ckered us. but then took down Chr decs helped(!) by S (our friends daughter with learning diffs and once she had gone i did some h'work (glitter gets everywhere!) could hardly move that night was so tired. Yesterday was bit more relaxing tho sorted out all the Chr decoration boxes before putting them in loft and did some more h'work.
Eva - sorry to hear about your dads fall - such a worry. when we were in shops on sat man in JL was telling us how they have given their 85 yr old dad an Ech. Dot in every room and he has been told if he falls to shout at it to contact them. but how that works I have no idea - and think our relatives may be too old to take on board this new technology. tho may need to think about it for sloppy.
Dina - exciting seeing all the wildlife. we are thinking again about our SA hol (cancelled last yr due to ploppy health and pl.nning) for spring next year. so following your travels with special interest.
jo -how very dare Bruce's fave haunts close at same time but a very pop 2 weeks for food outlets to close - our local restaurant closes these 2 weeks every yr. Will get you exploring new Bruce friendly places - good luck.
Carol - oh dear re M group falling out - hope that is resolved quickly. makes it very awkward for others when people not speaking to each other. Cold churches - surely not!
Pauline - hope you managed out in garden. Sat and sun here were sunny and dry in afternoon and so we pruned loads - filled 2 huge garden bins . it was quite therapeutic - even if back breaking!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, January 6, 2020, 08:25
Morning and a grey one, although dry. Rain forecast but not until this evening when I intend to be safely tucked up indoors.

Ah I understand about the ice cream place now Jo. Are your local schools starting back today? Our’s do, but I know different counties have different school terms. I can understand your frustration at not being allowed to order food with Bruce beside you, despite places allowing dogs. Fine if you are in a couple of more, but not so good for singletons – they need to do waiter service if that is the case. I agree with you about Eva’s father’s level of care. Things seem to happen after they are needed not before when they would make life easier. I do hope you managed to find Felf’s keys. I am sure you will find they are in a pocket. Lindy mislaid her debit card the other day when we went to the cinema, and she went to pay for something. We checked it hadn’t fallen out in our car, and it hadn’t. Luckily she found it when she got home, and she had put it in a different place (easily done). What a shame you missed Lxs Mxs on the radio – I know you would have been glued to it otherwise. I did wonder about people getting to the panto this weekend when they closed the X1 for hours after the lorry accident, as it was near where we would get onto the motorway coming from Twin’s.

It sounds as if you really enjoyed the concert on the radio Eva. My cousin’s wife and daughter managed to get into London to see it before C’mas when both Alfie and Michael were on (she is like Sue and an Alfie fan). Fingers crossed for your meeting on Friday. It is awful when you have to beg for care which is obviously needed and should be provided as a matter of course. Having said that I think it is a huge problem finding adequate care for aging populations in most countries now. Pleased to hear your Father had a good night’s sleep on Saturday night, and that his dressing has been changed. Goodness that is an early flight for you! You will have plenty of time for shopping once you arrive!

Maeve that must have been wonderful to see The Big Five – I know people sometimes see some but not all of them. Hopefully you managed to get yourself signed on at the surgery last week and are finding your way around your new location.

I saw we had done well in the cricket Diana (sorry I am supporting them of course!). Fingers crossed they manage a win rather than a draw. I see you are also in the can’t sleep mode along with Eva and Fi. The Park looked lovely. The oryx must have been a wonderful sight. What a shame Txble Mountain was covered in cloud so you didn’t get the full impact. Your meal sounds lovely though – I can understand why you didn’t feel the need for dessert! I see you are now anticipating power cuts now people are returning to work. Hopefully they won’t affect your trip too much. Enjoy the wineries!

Not surprised you were tired Fi after reading what you got up to! Ah glitter – we find we manage to get glitter on our faces and it is only when we are out and the sun catches it or the lights shine on it that we realise it is there! It is also all over the floor and the furniture (despite being hovered up!). I suspect it will be like that for a week or so. I noticed they have been running an ad on tv for using an Exho Dxt or similar as an aid for the elderly. Might well be worth considering for your Mother as long as you can figure out how to set it up.

Church was cold yesterday – despite the Vicar going in at 5.30 am to put the boilers on. I suspect having been cold for almost three weeks without heat it will take quite a while for it to be cosy again; plus only half of the heating appears to be working, so we are crossing our fingers the heating engineers can resolve it on Wednesday. Vicar spoke with all the individual music group members and although some were in church they didn’t play together (congregation were told they were having a Sunday off after playing all over the Christmas period) to save their blushes. We did fine with two of the pieces on video to sing along to, and the rest unaccompanied, and several members of the congregation said how much they enjoyed it! We came home and I finished the i word whilst MM took all the batteries out of the C’mas lights and lanterns (quite a long job – I have a few!). He put some of the boxes of decs back into the loft and we have the remainder to sort out his afternoon. We watched CtheM of course – lovely to have it back. Off to SLAPPAS this morning, then decoration clearing and then feet up later although I see footie is on Beeb again!!!! We will probably watch the new F Brxwn (starts this afternoon) on catch up. Morning BHB, yes it is getting a little brighter. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted crumpets into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Monday, January 6, 2020, 10:32
Good morning. I was slow up this morning, so running late. I need to try out my Scottish National Trust Membership to see if it gets Bruce into the woods. I also have to send back some wellies. There was a complaint on a review that they had very wide calves, so I thought they might fit me. They do, but skin tight, so not suitable. Shame.
Diana you are having a very interesting time, seeing amazing things. I was wondering when are you coming back?

Still having trouble with my new back up drive. I'll have another go at setting it up later today
pauline wrote:
Monday, January 6, 2020, 10:38
Morning all and it is a grey one but at least it is dry. The patio is the driest it has been in some time! Sure it won't last though. Still I would rather have this than the awful fires they have in Oz. I was watching them this morning and they showed some of the Koalas they have rescued with burnt paws. They have lost so many in the fire and it was already a threatened species. Terrible. Also heart breaking for all the people who have lost their homes of course, it's just that this item was about the effects on the wildlife. Yesterday was not too bad and after I had done my ixxnxxg I did get out there and finally manage to sweep up most of the leaves, the bin is nearly full with them all! Today I will waiting to see if the finally deliver the chest of drawers I am waiting for. So far I haven't had an email saying it is on it's way. so not holding my breath! I have a bit more ixxnxxg to do and some other stuff to sort out so time won't be wasted, just very frustrating.

Eva I think the journey to MK from LGW will take at least 2 hours and that is if the roads are clear. Also be aware that there are r/works at junc 14 of the M1, though seeing what time you are flying I am pretty sure you will make it with time to spare! Glad your father slept well and seemed better. Not sure how he would get on with the smart speaker thing. You have to always say a particular thing to "wake" it up (in my case Hey Siri) and not sure he would remember that! If he did they could be brilliant!

Diana your travels are sounding as wonderful as ever, though not sleeping is definitely not good. So next the winelands, you will be staggered to know I loved them! Now what was the attraction I wonder...! We did go to one in the mountains which was lovely, Thelema I think it was called and we had a delicious white wine there.

Fi I agree, glitter gets everywhere! I can see some glinting at me know and I have hoovered 3 times!

Jo how gutting that you missed Les Mis, I am sure it is on catch up so you can still hear it!

Morning BHB, I know, late again. I do try to get here earlier, but it rarely seems to happen! Let's get some more Lavendula and see if the CM is around still.
Jane E wrote:
Monday, January 6, 2020, 13:00
Hello all,

I am pleased to report that a restful weekend has helped the cough. I still have it but not as bad as it was. And I haven't needed to take my painkiller yet today, so that's a real win!

Also my TU rep is back from leave so I'm hoping for some movement with my grievance. I have received a reply about my complaint to oc health, but it's a white wash. Some hoping for some TU advice on that too!

Eva - that storm sounds horrendous - and then your poor father falling. What a worry for you. He needs to get the hang of that alarm. Looking forward very much to seeing you this weekend!

Fi - I haven't properly caught up on the wedding saga but it sounds like you are being treated very badly again. I agree with the eloping plan!

Jo - what a nuisance both Bruce's favourite places being closed. Oh how intelligent, allowing dogs in but not allowing the owner to take them to the counter. How about sitting at a prominent table and waving over a member of staff imperiously? Worked for Abanazar - oh except it didn't!

Diana - very envious of your travels. But shame you aren't sleeping well :-(

Carol - my decorations are all down now too. The house does look bare. Beatrix is sulking! Glad that the church service went so well even if it wasn't the norm.

Pauline - I agree the stories and pictures from Aus are heart breaking. Fingers crossed for your chest of drawers.
Diana wrote:
Monday, January 6, 2020, 16:51
Hi all,

We've had a lovely day and are now at the apartment in centre of Stellenb*sch. We left CT shortly after 10 and drove to Lanzer*c first. It's a hotel as well as winery and we stayed there 20 years ago. The main buildings are v old, though sadly there was a fire a few years ago which destroyed the beautiful dining room. We tasted some wines and bought 3 bottles.

We then drove to Neil Ell*s which was fabulous. Lovely views, a couple of particularly good wines and we shared a cheese and charcuterie platter. It was difficult to decide what wines to buy and we ended up getting a box of six.

After we checked into the apartment we went for a stroll round the town. We're leaving for dinner soon. Tomorrow it's the tram route round some of the Franschoek wineries - as seen in first ep of last series of The Apprent*ce. We also have lunch booked at one of the wineries. We daren't buy more than a couple of bottles as ther's no room in the car.

evam wrote:
Monday, January 6, 2020, 17:04
Afternoon all. It seems like the storm has been returning today, with firece winds and sideways falling rain. Luckily too warm for snow.

Yes, I did enjoy the concert on Radio 2 yesterday,- all 2 hours of it! The first hour was spent on the pooter' amongst other things alerting Jo to listen to L. Mis! 😂 Such a pity she missed it, eh? I did something else instead: I booked a ticket for our Stephen's concert on 2nd February. Here is the link:

Do you remeber me complaining about the cost of hotels in London when I booked for October for the Cliffy concert? I went in on both SP and PI in T*afalgar Square, and would you believe they were only half the price of rooms as far away as October? I always book early, so I'm used to good(ish) prices, but obviously for the hotels in L*ndon, the practice is just the opposite! I allowed myself one extra day so I can do some shopping. There won't be much time for that this coming w/e.
I think I'll be in MK in plenty of time for the matinee, as my flight lands at 8am UK time. I have to be up at about 4am Norwegian time to get the flight, but with my sleeping patterns at the moment, I'll probably be awake anyway. The bad thing is that no shops or cafes are opened at the airport at that early hour, so there won't be a refreshing cup of coffee until we're onboard the plane. ☹️
I was doing my weekly shop this morning, and a lot of sales going on at the shopping centre. I'll admit to buying a handbag (Yes, another one! I don't know what's the matter with me.) It is a lovely, very pale lavender colour, quite large with lots of different rooms, just the way I like it.
Tomorrow morning I have to go into the city to take a blood test for the handsome consultant. I should have taken them before Christmas, but what with the cystitis and pneumonia with the following antibis, the blood tests had to wait. I'll take the bus, as parking around there is hopeless.

Jane,- good to hear that your cough is better. So is mine, but I still get the awful coughing attacks now and again. I hope your union rep can hurry along your case to a satisfactory solution.

Fi,- do you think you can draw breath now that the Christmas decs are packed away? How is NN? Do you see him at all? I don't think the gizmo you mention is for father, as he won't understand the tecnicality of it. He can barely change channels on his telly remote!

Carol,- still a cold church? Just as well you were prepared. The music groups still not friends? Not so good, but maybe they'll melt within a warmer church?

Jo,- sorry you missed Alfie and Michael B last night. It was wonderful to hear 2 (!) hours of the Les Mis's music. 😂

Pauline,- I hate waiting for things being delivered. I always seems to be the last one at the list. How did it go with your delivery?

Diana,- thank you for all the links to the beautiful places you are visiting at the moment. A bit of a contrast to what I can see when I look out of the window! 😜

The fires in Auss is unbelievable. It's heartbreaking to see the damage and the poor people left with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.
TK wrote:
Monday, January 6, 2020, 17:06
Well, I'm tired after the trip to Bruce's new walking place up the hill. There were lots of ladies walking their dogs. It was almost as if men weren't allowed. There was one on the entrance gate scanning the membership docs (he didn't turn a hair at my Scottish one) and one walking a dog. One of the walkers said to me there are always lots of ladies walking their dog at this time. I took Bruce home and then paid a visit to Mr T's house to collect tablets for 2 meds which hadn't been available the 2 previous times I'd been there.
Typed the above and then there was the mega urgent requirement to go for another walk. We got back just before it was completely dark. Speed walk. Luckily my hip is feeling OK this afternoon.
We have to be at the vets for a check up at 18.30.
Completely forgot Ed Court was leaving panto early as he is starting rehearsals for the touring PotO
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, January 7, 2020, 08:45
Morning and I can see little pieces of blue sky amid the clouds. Think the temperatures are due to hit double figures later.I think we are due a dry day – yesterday the rain came earlier than expected but as we were safely indoors all was well.

Oh we never had any problems with our S NT cards Jo, so not surprised the person on the gate didn’t turn a hair. So mainly Ladies that Dog Walk go there by the sounds of it. Did Bruce enjoy it as a venue though? Shame about the wellies – it think most boots, not just willies, are made for people with no calves – oops just typed an i instead of an e which somewhat altered the meaning of the sentence; fortunately I saw it in time! So you had a n extra fast walk later – was it raining then? Hopefully you stayed dry.

Ldy J excellent that the cough is better – not so good that I see you ended up in AandE with a sprained ankle. Hope you are ok? I assume you may be back on pain killers as a result? Fingers crossed the TU rep can help as) move your grievance forward and also sort out the white wash that has been done. Ah I see Beatrix doesn’t like the place without decorations. I am sort of with her on that! I am sure she will soon find something else to occupy her.

I see you are now well stocked with wine Diana. Both places you visited look stunning and of course I remember the tram ride from The A this year. It looked wonderful. Enjoy.

Eva that is very weird about the hotel costs – never heard of that before. Is there something happening in October? I just checked and there is the BFI Festival but also half term is in October, so you may have hit upon a date that falls when that is on; whenever there are school hols the hotel prices soar. Do you use a comparison site like Trxvxgo? They are quite good at finding the best deals. I see you will have plenty of time to get to MK on Saturday. I have just fallen off my chair – you bought ANOTHER handbag? So you have two now?? What is the world coming to! It sounds very lovely though – will we see it on Saturday?

Sainsbugs was very quiet yesterday – no queues at the tills! I suspect most people did their food shop at the weekend before starting back at work/school. It wasn’t busy in the coffee shop we go to either! The decorations are now all back in the loft (apart from the stable and figures – they stay a couple of weeks longer as the Wise Men only arrived yesterday). I have tried to hoover up all the glitter but I suspect it will resurface for quote a few days to come. In the evening we watched the new MM which I found was on IXV. A nice body count and a familiar female face from HC. This morning I have some admin to do for MM (church things) and then we have a rehearsal this afternoon with our pianist for when we sing at the funeral on Thursday. Tonight we are back at church for a PCC meeting, so I will be layering up again as the heating engineers aren’t at the church to try and resolve the matter until tomorrow. Two of the Music Group are on the PCC with us, so it could be quite interesting!! Morning BHB, yes a nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted tea cakes and the Stxlxtto (the drink not the shoe) through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, January 7, 2020, 10:12
Morning all and it is quite bright here at the moment. Not sure it will last though! Good news is that my little chest of drawers arrived yesterday! Mind it was 5pm when they got here and the email telling me when they would get here arrived at 3pm! So now will be busy later today putting them together as it is a flat pack thing. Hopefully I won't make them up back to front which I did with the last chest that I made up! So yesterday wasn't entirely wasted as I did manage to get quite a few things sorted. First this morning I need to go and get a bit of food for tonight as the cupboard is rather bare.

Jane so glad your cough is getting better. Hopefully you will be fully fit by the weekend. Also hope you can get the TU moving on the grievance thing and dealing with the complaint as well.

So a successful visit to the vineyards then Diana! Maybe you should have gone with a trailer for the wine! It all looks very lovely.

That does seem very odd about the hotel costs Eva. I think Twin may have stumbled on the explanation for it though. Not that I know much about hotels and prices, I leave all that to my hotel booking agent Twin! A new handbag? Good heavens I had to read that twice! Sounds very nice though so understandable!

I hope Bruce liked his new walking place Jo. Sounds as if there were plenty of potential friends for him. even if no suitable watering hole! I see he had a visit to the vets for his eye, how is it now? Better I hope.

Morning BHB and you have made us Stxlxtto for today and nice toasted tea cakes. Lovely, let's take more of everything and find the CM.

Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, January 7, 2020, 12:36
Hello all!

Let's start with the good news first.

My lovely TU rep got back to me this morning. She agrees the complaint response is white wash and as helped me draft a very strongly worded reply.

Also I had a good night's sleep without a single cough, and haven't been coughing too much today. Ribs are much better.

However I am back on the pain killers because, as Carol has mentioned, I have sprained my ankle. I can't believe it! Just before panto holiday! Big thanks to Ro, O, Jo and Geri or their offers of help and very useful advice.

I spent yesterday evening in A&E. I was there just under 3 hours, which I think is very good for a minor injury. It's been x-rayed. No bones broken.

It is however very swollen and turning a lovely shade of purple!

Eva - I'm looking forward to seeing you on Saturday (with a little help from my friends I should be there God willing). Ah I had had exactly the same problem with hotels in Dublin. I think as Carol and Pauline suggested, the cost goes up outrageously in school holidays. That's what happened to me. Sometimes it goes down again near the time but it's not worth the risk. Hope the bad weather doesn't last!

Jo - I didn't realise you could use your Scot NT Pass in England. Hence me thinking you intended to holiday in Scotland. Hugs to Bruce. Hope Long John Doggie is getting better.

Carol - yes back on pain killers but am trying to use them as little as possible. I haven't had one since last night. Oh dear heating in church still not fixed! I hope you have your thermals.

Hurrah for Pauline's chest (of drawers)! You have me tittering about putting the last lot together backwards!
TK wrote:
Tuesday, January 7, 2020, 21:29
I've been flying around since 7am this morning until (excluding the time I was in the panto)16:45 when I got home and was taken immediately to the pub. The trip to MK today was just over an hour, each way. Truly amazing compared to the previous journeys. The panto was great fun as usual. Again changes noted, keeps it fresh for the mad people who come more than once.

'In fact, joining National Trust Scotland makes most economic sense. Not only is membership cheaper with its over-60s option, but it also gives you access to National Trust properties in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, plus attractions in 19 other countries including Canada, USA, Australia, Italy.' There is an over 60s option with the English NT IF you have been a member before you were 60. There are more details in SAGA One of my dog walking group said that her membership was less than the cost I'd paid. She then realized that she was quoting the 50% of couple cost. Lesson is - work it out for your situation. Someone pointed out that I would miss out on the special offers the English NT do from time to time. Since I just want to get to walk Bruce in a certain area and get the car parking paid in another area and I'm highly unlikely to want to go to other sites.

It is many, many years since I've put together a flat pack. So best wishes to you Pauline. I think it was when I lived in Sheffield. Oh no it was when I bought my current bed, 1992. Took me a day, as I had to drill all the holes for the bolts as they weren't the correct size. I literally swore off flat pack on that day.

Hopefully Jane will be better for the weekend, swelling looked nasty on FB. I do have a set of crutches from Lord Arthur days, ie before B*t*y was born, but they still work :)

I must get to sleep, so I can get up early in the morning.

Diana wrote:
Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 05:28
Morning. My bites are itching this morning, think there are 4 new ones including one just above one eyelid.

We had a fab day yesterday. We had a vg breakfast in Franschoe*k. I had a large croissant filled with scrambled egg, caramelised onions and cheese plus orange juice and a latte. The tram/bus was great. We had intended to stop at five wineries but only managed three. Lunch at the second was vg and longer than planned. I had calamari salad followed by fishcakes with salad, and a vg iced coffee with honey. Before we left we had a drive through the town to the monument.

Last night we had a stroll through Stellenb*sch and drinks at a couple of bars/restaurants. Didn't want dinner as had eaten so well earlier.

It was mostly cloudy until lunchtime yesterday then the clouds cleared and it was a beautiful pm and v hot at over 30 degrees. Today is warm again but less sunshine and possible rain this evening and tomorrow morning. We are driving back to Knysn* today. We've had a lovely time but looking forward to getting home. We'll stop after an hour or so for breakfast. I want to stop at the berry farm at Swellend*m to stock up and we'll probably also have lunch somewhere. Need to get a bit of food. We'll probably just have a snack at home tonight and relax.

Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 08:20
Morning and a lot of grey cloud around. At least it is dry (although rain forecast for late afternoon/evening).

That’s excellent that the TU rep agreed with you about the response and helped you to draft an appropriate reply. Presumably you now have to wait for them to respond to that. It is a very long drawn out process. It is also good that you have managed to sleep without coughing so your ribs are improving. I remember the advise for sprains from my long ago Fxrst Axd course – RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate – hopefully you are doing all that and the ankle will be fit enough for the coming weekend. A least you have the comfort of knowing you didn’t break anything. Nice of it to turn purple to match your outfits!!

That was good going to do the journey to MK in just over an hour Jo. I guess the motorway was being kind yesterday. I’ve lost track of how many times you have made the journey now! We only changed our S’ish NT card for the English one because of the then upcoming referendum – if it had gone the other way we weren’t sure that the cards would be valid any longer, so when we renewed we opted for the English one which was dearer, but we have joint membership. Goodness Jo, putting together a flat pack bed must have been some undertaking! I am assuming it was Bruce who dragged you off down the pub once you were home from MK!!

Ouch Diana, the bites sound nasty. Liking the sound of your breakfast yesterday. The tram/bus looked really good on The A, so pleased ot hear it really was! I think I can understand why you didn’t feel the need for dinner. Hope you have a good drive home today – I remember you talking about the berry farm from a previous trip. I take it you know we won the cricket yesterday?

Needless to say the church was very cold last evening. I did wear a thermal jumper under my top, had a warm scarf around my neck and a rug on my knees! It did keep my warm but my nose was cold by the end of the evening! Our rehearsal in the afternoon (a different church) was also chilly – so I kept my coat on! Today Twin is due over midday and then we are off to London with Lindy and Lawrence to see a different panto – this one at the Lxndxn P’dium (oh yes we are!). We will be eating after the panto and thus (hopefully avoiding the commuter traffic). MM has a meeting with the Vicar this morning (yes another one!!) – half of the meeting last night was about the schism in the Musxc Group. We are going to cope without them for the foreseeable future, and offer them counselling via the Diocese. There are several issues and one is a Sxfeguxrding one, so our S’guarding Officer is involved in resolution and in talks with the D’cese too. All very unfortunate. The heating engineers are going into church today, so fingers crossed they can resolve the heating problems (the engineer who came last week did say we might need a new pump!). Monring BHB, yes it is a grey start, but yesterday’s breeze seems to have died down. Let’s take the hot toasted muffins and the Up In The Axr into the conservatory where we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 09:33
Morning all. The weather is still dreadful. Yesterday another storm with electricity cut TWICE. Today it's "only" pibbing down with rain.

Hello sweetheart. You've got my coffee ready with the toasted muffins? I think you deserve a hug. (He agrees.) 🤗🤗 Snuggling on the sofa as well? That deserves a kiss or two.💋💋
Yesterday I had to go into the city for a blood test. I took the bus, and the wind and rain made it a miserable walk to the lab. I didn't even see the handsome consultant as the blood tests were taken at a lab next door. I could have done with a smile from him! I was glad enough to get home, but as I said earlier the electricity went, and I had a a cold lunch, i.e. a cheese sandwich. While I was having my eva the lights came back on, only to disappear again about an hour later. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. It was a very cold evening in bed, reading with the help of a torch! It reminds me of when I was a teenager (many, many moons ago) reading forbidden books under the duvet! 😜
Today my cleaning lady is coming, and I don't have any big plans for the rest of the day. I had a loooooong conversation with my telly and internet provider about different problems. She promised that the technicians woul get back to me asap. That has been promised before without much happening, so I won't hold my breath.

Diana,- ONLY 3 wineries? Tsk, tsk, what a shame!😜 As usual your meals sound yummy,- at least better than my cheese sandwich yesterday.

Jane,- I saw the photo of your ankle on FB yesterday. It didn't look good at all. Are you sure you'll manage the journey to MK at the w/e? Coughing with tender ribs must have been very painful. Glad your cough is better now.

Carol,- yet another panto? Lucky you, but at least I'll see 2 shows on Saturday. The freezing church doesn't sound very cosy, especially with the quarrel going on within the Music Group. Yes to your question about my new handbag. I thought I'd give it an airing when I go to the UK on Saturday. I haven't starting packing yet, because I'll only have hand luggage, so it will be quickly done. No need for a list this time. 😜
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 10:05
Morning. First sending healing hugs to Jane, looks painful and I should know as have hurt my ankle several times!!
Also had a chilly choir practice in chapel last night. Although not as cold as it could have been. Started learning a new ‘musical’, bit more challenging.
Work is going to take over even more for the next few weeks (is that possible?) we’re advertising for a chef (again!) 3rd cook is leaving so looking to employ a 2nd chef and move current 2nd to 3rd. Sense of deja vu 😳
Boss and I are overhauling the rota and trying to streamline everything.
Safe travels all those going to panto
Loving the updates Diana, will get to SA one day I hope.
Someone asked recently about Josh, he’s dating a new girl. Haven’t met her yet but all going well I believe!
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 10:20
Morning all and it is a fairly bright day here at the moment and not as cold as it can be at this time of year. I am sure we will pay for it at some point! I am totally frustrated as both my emails appear to be down. Very strange, still just have to wait until it is sorted. At least I shouldn't really need it today as Twin told you we are panto bound! Looking forward to as it is always a real spectacle. So I spent all yesterday afternoon constructing the chest of drawers and eventually I was successful I do have a screw left over, which always seems to happen. When I have tome I will check it all over to see if it is important. They seem stable enough so hopefully all will be well. Must say as it had about 100 screws I am very grateful I have a power screw driver!

Jane you poor thing, that ankle does look nasty. Thank goodness it isn't broken. Now just follow Twin's advice and hopefully you will be able to hobble this weekend! Good news about the TU rep agreeing about the white wash.

Dian your day yesterday sounds another fab one with lots of lovely food. I can understand why you skipped dinner! Have a good journey home today.

Eva your weather sounds terrible! Please don't send it this way! Not helped by all the power cuts either. You need hot food at times like this.

Morning BHB yes I am in a bit of a rush but always time for you my dear! Up in the Axr? Don't mind if I do! Let's get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 10:25
Diana thank you for links to the tour. Interesting places 'the small town of Franschhoek, which has the unlikely distinction of being one of the world’s gastronomic capitals.' No wonder you are having such good food.

Ah the Pal* panto, I'll be interested in your view of it P+C.

The MK one continues to change each time I see it. Not the story, of course, but all the main characters, except Jasmine and the Empress, have leeway in their dialogue at certain points.

I can't get over how good Bruce is when I'm putting the drops in. Hopefully they are working.

I have to get moving, being really lazy this morning
TK wrote:
Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 10:34
I've just used Paypal to reclaim the cost of return for the wellies I bought which didn't fit. The place I bought them from does not give free returns, you have to take the goods back to a shop. Paypal will do this if you use them to pay for the goods, then the supplier can send you a refund. I've never had to do this before.
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 12:14
Hello all,

Ankle is less swollen today but wow! The bruise is impressive! Cough has come back again and ribs are sore again but I suspect that's to do with changing over medication. My panto journey starts tomorrow so I'll have to be hobbling by then - but I have lovely friends offering to help!

Jo - thanks for the offer of the crutches. I'm hoping I won't need them. I do have a walking stick however, and am going to have a little trial walk with it when I have finished this post. Very interesting what you told us about Paypal. I'll bear that in mind. Gosh you have had a busy day - even while watching panto. Booing and cheering can take it out of a girl!

Ali - oh dear not hunting for another new chef! I hope the new girlfriend turns out to be a nice lass.

Eva - another oh dear. Not more power cuts! And what a pity you didn't even get to see handsome consultant. That's not on! I hope the storms stop now and you have a nice safe flight over to London.

Carol and Pauline - I'll be fascinated to know what you think of the Pall-ium panto. The reviews I have seen are good but say it's very much a variety show. It'll be interesting to see your thoughts.

I didn't know about the schism in the singing group, Carol. What a shame. Internal group politics by any chance?

Well done getting the chest of drawers sorted Pauline. I think you will find the definition of success is only having one screw left over!

I'll not be around for a few days due to panto holiday. See you all later!
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 20:35
Evening all.

Feeling rather tired, no doubt due to not having slept properly for several nights. Hoping I'll have a good night tonight back in my own bed.

It started sunny and has been very hot today, though we had heavy rain during the drive and when we arrived. We stopped for breakfast at the same place as yesterday and I had the same to eat. We drove over the pass which has fab views of the Franscho*k valley and took a rough road across country to the N2, the main road. We stopped at the berry farm and I bought three liqueurs and some mustard. Just after Swellendam it poured and was horrid for about 20 mins. We stopped at George mall to get some milk, orange juice and fruit. The heavens opened while we were in the mall but fortunately we only got a little wet as the car was close to the mall. We arrived here about 5.30, unpacked, showered and dressed, and then went to the pub restaurant at the bottom of the hill for dinner. I had a very nice hake in batter with chips.

Forecast is rain in the morning and partly sunny pm. Ploppy and one of our guests are due to play golf at midday so hope the rain stops by then. There's a pile of washing to do tomorrow and N*cky and I will probably pop into town later.

I'm yawning so going to bed.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, January 9, 2020, 08:33
Morning and so far dry, but it looks very blustery out – rain due this afternoon.

I have to say the forecast map shows lots of nasty weather heading your way Eva, hope you manage to avoid it. It sounds like a very wet journey for your blood test, and no sighting of the handsome insultant at the end of it! You seem to be really suffering this winter with power cuts – don’t remember you having this many in previous years? Fingers crossed the tv connection and internet can be sorted out, although I see from previous experience this might not be the case. Ah I thought we might be allowed to meet the new handbag at the weekend. Goodness – no list at all? Is that a first??

So pleased to read Josh has a new girlfriend, fingers crossed! If nothing else it will hopefully have helped him get over the previous one. Oh another chef leaving. I imagine in fact that there is continual high turnover in the catering business, but it makes it very difficult for everyone. I can see why you have déjà vu about the situation! Hopefully you will find the right replacement sooner rather than later.

That was an interesting bit of information about F’schhoxk Jo – as you say no wonder Diana has been eating well! I think most pantos make changes to what is happening with the script and with the various routines. Aww bless Bruce for being a good boy about his eye drops – he obviously knows you are doing it for his own good. I think after all your dashing about you deserved a lazy morning yesterday. That was very interesting info about P’pal – I used to have an account but when my card expired I didn’t bother resubmitting the new one, but there are obviously advantages.

Lady J good to hear that the ankle is slightly less swollen (hopefully you are elevating and resting it!). So the bruise to flourish in your favourite colour! Hope you manage ok getting to the pxnto (with a little help from your friends). Not so good that the ribs are hurting again and the cough has returned. You are probably right and it is to do with the change in meds. Ah it isn’t the singing group that has had the major fall out – we have the Singers (under me) and the musicians (guitars, banjo, piano etc under someone else) – the Music Group have been having a power dispute between two of the members for quite a long while. Hence we had us singing acapella on Sunday and the MG stood down (and will be for a few months at least). MM involved as various meetings with the Vicar and S’guarding officer (in his capacity as Cwarden). The word being used for the MG is “toxic” which isn’t good!

I am not surprised you were feeling tired after your trip Diana – you packed a lot in. Hopefully, as you say, you slept better being back in your own bed. I see the stop off at the Berry Farm was successful. Just as well you were inside the mall when the torrential rain arrived. Hope Ploppy and friend manage to find some dry time for golf.

We really enjoyed the panto (oh yes we did). As usual no expense spared on the costumes, scenery and special effects. The usual gang were all there Jxlixan, Paul O’G, Nigel H (as Daddy Bear), Paul and Sam and Gary W. Matt Bxkxr was very good and seemed to be having the time of his life. The London P was full and the audience all had a whale of a time – Julian’s costumes were even more over the top than normal, and quite fabulous! The story was very loosely based on G’locks of course, but set in a circus, so we had various excellent variety acts during the afternoon – a roller skating couple, an excellent magician, and four motorbike riders in a globe (terrifying!). Highlight for me was Gary W singing a song which included lines for countless other WE muscials (he wrote it himself, clever man) – it was brilliant. Matt even managed a high wire walk from one side of the stage to the other. We went and ate at our normal place afterwards and were home by just after 8pm. The trains all behaved beautifully for us. Today Twin is wending her way home and MM and I, plus Lindy and Lawrence, are off to the funeral of our old accompanist. I think there will be a dozen of us from the small choir. Morning BHB, yes it does look blustery out. Let’s take the pastel de natas and the Pxnk Pxlxce through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle. The DCM will be along much later once she is home safely.
TK wrote:
Thursday, January 9, 2020, 11:16
Glad you are back to your own bed Diana, you've been to some lovely places.
Carol the Pal panto sounds wonderful. GW is a very clever man. MB did good. I had no idea until end of last year that he did acrobatic type things.

My phone has been pinging from early this morning, busy travels to MK for the last weekend of panto. I'm not going until tomorrow.

My 'watchdog' has just woken up, bit early for lunchtime walk. Oh he's put his head back down. I might try another part of the NTrust on the next walk.
evam wrote:
Thursday, January 9, 2020, 11:48
Morning all. The weather is still very bad,- raining and windy. It's just a miracle that it isn't snowing as the temps are only + 3- +4 degrees. Horrible.

Hello sweetheart. Still waiting for me? You are love😍ly. I am ready for my herbal tea and a snuggle on the sofa if you don't mind? You don't? Brilliant! 💋💋💋

I've been visiting father today after doing a food shop for him. He was fine today and we had a nice chat. I did some food shopping for myself as well, but nothing more exciting than potatoes, clorine and Digestives. I know how to live, as Pauline says. 😜 Nothing riveting planned for the rest of the day, but I'm sure that I'll have a nice sleep with my eva, as I was awake at 4.45 am today. Got a few housework things done, and then ended a lazy morning with my coffee and my book.

Ali,- so pleased to hear that Josh has a new girlfriend. I hope she's a nice one. You'll have to report back when she's been presented to you and Ploppy! You don't seem to have any luck in the chef's department. They are just drifting through, aren't they?

Diana,- I agree that one's own bed is always the best. The only exeption is when PI upgraded their matresses when I was in C*rdiff some years back. I wanted to nick it, but didn't have room in my suitcase. 😜 Their matresses are still excellent. Hope you managed to get a good night's sleep.

Carol,- you are right. We don't normally have a lot of power cuts here, but they (the weather gods) certainly made up for it over the last couple of days. 🌬🌧 My thoughts about the power struggle in your choirs are that maybe it's not so strange that countries go to war in a power struggle if it's so easy to do the same in a music group. Mind you, I'm not making fun of your situation, as such disagreements can lead to months of disrupting behaviour. I hope it can be solved one way or another. The panto sounds great. 🤢 That green face is mine!

Jane,- I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll be able to make it to MK for the w/e. I'm counting on seeing you there. 🤗
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, January 9, 2020, 13:53
Afternoon all, sorry to be this late, but I forgot my ipad and I find posting on my phone a bit fiddly. We had a brilliant time at the panto yesterday. We were seated on row A stage right and in the danger zone and sure enough Rick became Paul Z's chosen one! He got a lot of ribbing from Sam, but they are so great it is just funny. Of course Paul O'G and Julian C are fab and so funny together. and Matt B was perfect for what he needed to do. His gymnastic experience was used to the full. In the panto song ( if I were not in pantomime, which I am sure you may have seen somewhere before!) Matt was the stooge getting hit about. He also had the bucket of water which came in our direction, but fortunately hit Lindy full on instead of us! Selfish? Me? Of course! However . like Twin, my favourite was Gary W and his song, he really is so talented. It seemed a very happy company. , I could see into the wings a bit from where I was and you could see them laughing at things and all looking very relaxed. As Twin said the staging and JC's costumes were beyond spectacular. As it was a packed house I think they may be getting their money back though!

Jane I hope the ankle is ok and the cough abates for your panto weekend. I can see why the Pal one might be called variety, but it is a panto with most of the ingredients though as there is no "oh no it isn't" or it's behind you!" things that is probably what some people missed. It was only afterwards I realised it was missing! Lots of booing Paul of course!

Not another chef gone Ali! Perhaps some are moving on as they are very ambitious, or is it cos it is much harder work than they thought! Good luck finding the right person. So glad Josh is moving on and dating someone else. Hopefully she will be lovely, or gone very quickly if not!

Glad you had a good journey home Diana. Hope the rain stops and you start sleeping better.

Ah Eva so your day is as exciting as some of mine are. Not sure about the mixture of chlorine and digestives! Hope the power cuts are over now. We get quite a lot here though most are only for 5 or 10 mins they have been some that are a hour long. Very frustrating.

Diana wrote:
Thursday, January 9, 2020, 16:46

It rained most of the night and until mid morning. Since then it's been overcast with a few short glimpses of the sun. We're experiencing load shedding again, as anticipated. The power went off at midnight and was off for about 2.5 hours which didn't really affect us (I know it went off as I got up to use the loo and the light didn't work). We had another 2.5 hours session from 8.00 this morning which wasn't at all convenient. I was awake around 5.00 so was up early and got one load of washing done before the power went. Ploppy and I also had a cuppa but we had to go out for breakfast. We went to a place we've not been to at the Heads (where the sea flows into the lagoon). It was nice and we'll definitely return. I had pork rasher and poached eggs with toast. We showed our guests the views from the bottom and top of the Heads, then returned home. The guys went off to play golf, N*cky and I finished the washing then drove into town for a look round and shopping, firstly in the centre and afterwards at the Quays. We sat on the veranda for a while when we got back and are waiting for the men to return so we can go out to dinner. We will probably have sushi to start as the restaurant does vg sushi, followed by fish/seafood.

Tomorrow we are planning on going to a nature reserve on the other Head which involves a boat trip across the lagoon. The forecast for tomorrow (and the next few days) is much better. Unfortunately if load shedding goes ahead, we won't have power again from 8.00 am so may need to go out for breakfast.
TK wrote:
Thursday, January 9, 2020, 20:23
Diana, so lovely places, thank you again. Though not totally happy looking at people in swimming costumes when I have a cold draft on my legs whilst reading about the places. Shame about the power outages, hope it is more manageable soon.

This evening I have been 'helping' Felf use her Ipad. Very worrying that I'm still helping her when she has had it for so long. I can't do some of the things on it she wants me to do. I reminded her that I told her when she'd bought it that I couldn't use one. I did find the website she was looking for, she said can I print it out? 'No I can't but I'm sure someone could. Have you asked your daughter?' It is not helped by her saying 'I'm not getting my emails', here they are the latest came today. 'They are not the right ones'. Anyway I got her the info she wanted. I think there is a language issue, not English to Dutch, she doesn't know the words for what info she needs. Ah well I've done what I can.

I need to get going as I have lots to do in the morning. Friday on the M1, bliss
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 10, 2020, 08:40
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Diana, Happy Birthday to you!

The Bistro is looking lovely - the BHB must have been in extra early. There are golden balloons and streamers saying Happy Birthday Diana! The tables look really pretty with the gold under tablecloths beneath the lacy white ones. There are posies of Barberton Daisies and Impala Lilies on the tables and little sprinkles saying "Happy Birthday" - the champers is chilling in the fridge and the birthday cakes are made and iced (chocolate, and carrot cake with caramel pecans on the top). Enjoy!
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 10, 2020, 09:00
Morning and a grey one to start with but at least it is dry (and forecast to be for the rest of the day – sorry Eva!).

Jo, GW is indeed very clever! Oh yes Matt B used to be in the British Jxnixrs G’nastic team – I think he had to give up for medical reasons. It is one of the reasons the Beeb use him as a commentator when we the Os are on, or any gymnxstxc competitions (and I know you are a keen follower of all things sport and O related!). I see your “alarm clock” was working well – although then went into snooze setting! Ah the joys of teaching a non technie person. Marigold who is in our Singers at church is 82 and has an ipad and is always having problems (there is a very nice lady who helps her out on a weekly basis) so we are never sure she gets any of the emails we send. I see Felf has a similar attitude (with the added problem of the language!). I am beginning to think humans come in two types – those who can deal with techie things and those who can’t – Lindy and MM are in the later category!

Eva hopefully the weather has improved for you today? According to the Beeb I think you should have dry and possibly sunny day today. Pleased to read that you Father had a good day yesterday and you were able to enjoy a nice chat. I hope you managed to get a nice Eva in to offset the bad sleeping pattern that has met you on your return home. I remember the mattress at Kxlwxrth Hxxse being wonderful – I was like you in thinking I might like to smuggle one out, but as you mentioned – too big for the suitcase. So it is just the really bad weather that has caused your power cuts. Oh it is not the singers who are the problem – we are all fine (goes with singing – it is calming) it is the musicians who play instruments and obviously have a different outlook on life! As you say it is like countries at loggerheads, but in micro manner! It is all very unfortunate and doubtless due to the clashes some of them will leave the church.

Happy Birthday Diana – your itinerary for your birthday sounds lovely, especially the boat trip. Fingers crossed the sun shines on your special day. So the power shredding (cuts) are back as you predicted. Mind, you it may be nice to have a birthday breakfast out. From 8 am until 10.30 am is not a good time to be without power! Your trip out yesterday sounded lovely. I will pass on your evening meal as I am not a fan of Sxshi!

I hope all those going to the pxnto today have good journeys and enjoy themselves (no I don’t envy you the X1 on a Friday, Jo!). Our turn tomorrow! Yesterday we had glorious sunshine in the morning, so it was lovely when we arrived at the Crem. There was a really big funeral taking place in the other chapel, and we were really lucky to be able to find the last parking space in the overflow car park! When we came out of the Chapel we were in, there were of course plenty of spaces! The service in the afternoon was lovely and last for two hours, but didn’t seem like it. The family and various people paid tributes (I did the one for our choir) and our trio went really well. There were lovely photos of Marjorie and her husband Norman and one of the choir when we looked very young! A lovely buffet had been put on in the church hall afterwards so I didn’t need to cook when we got home. Sue had come up from Winchester so it was lovely to see her and hear how she is settling in to her new home, and her new choirs. She belongs to two and one sang in the Cxthxdral at Christmas. It was raining when we came out so we had a wet drive home, but once back we were in for the rest of the evening and looked at all the lovely sunshine in Death in P. Today we are off to U’bridge to do our food shop for the weekend and then MM needs to go and do a small maintenance job at the Church. After that we are home for the rest of the day. Morning BHB, yes it is much brighter now. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted crumpets into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

TK wrote:
Friday, January 10, 2020, 09:31
Happy Birthday Diana, have a lovely day.

Yes Carol, I'm not looking forward to the M1 either. In fact dreading it. There is back up for Bruce with the lady coming back in if I'm not home by a certain time. I'm going a bit early to make sure I get there.

Best sort my clothes to change into after another morning dog walk
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, January 10, 2020, 10:24
Morning all and first of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANA! Have a lovely day, I must say your plans sound excellent, well until you get to the sushi which I will gladly leave all to you. I can't abide it! I am sure you will have a lovely day as long as the weather behaves itself.

It is quite a nice day here and the sun is trying to come out. Hope it stays this way. I am having another bout of my itches so feeling a bit jaded, hoping they give me a break tonight as I need to be on good form tomorrow! Luckily I don't have too much to do today so can have a fairly lazy day. I may fiddle about with my new drawers! Filling them will be very easy!

Jo the M1 on a Friday is indeed a nightmare as I know only too well, but as I assume you are doing the matinee you could be ok as it gets really bad from about 2pm onwards. I hope you will be fine and I am sure it will be worth it! You sound to have had endless fun helping Felf with her iPad. You have my sympathy. Ari's Mum is a bit of a technophobe which can be a challenge and she is an English speaker! Hope Bruce's eye is getting better.

Morning BHB, we have Lavendula today? Fine by me! Love it. Let's get more and go and find the CM, oh and I think so toasted crumpets won't go amiss either!
evam wrote:
Friday, January 10, 2020, 18:44
Evening all. Just a few words to tell you that a full storm,( yes, another one) has been forecast for tonight and tomorrow with exessiv (sp?) rain. Fingers crossed I can drive to the airport without swimming part of the way, and that the winds won’t prevent my plane to go up. See some of you tomorrow. 🥰
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 10, 2020, 19:05
We saw the forecast just now Eva and said we hoped it wouldn't affect you - fingers crossed and see you tomorrow. x
TK wrote:
Friday, January 10, 2020, 19:36
Don't know if I said but MW3Ds was moving to a town a few miles away, dogs were being sent back to the centre. This was so MW3Ds could live with his wife in the old peoples flat. I've just had a phone call saying this is all cancelled and he is not moving in with her. And where is the dog walker when you need him (not just for the dog walking but for his skills with personal problems)? Away on hols! Ah well it will keep until he gets back.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, January 11, 2020, 06:30
Morning all.

Thanks for the birthday wishes and e-cards. The Bistro looks lovely.

After a cloudy morning, it was a lovely pm, though became v breezy as the day went on. Fortunately the load shedding was reduced from stage 2 to 1 so we were able to have breakfast at home, though it did go off again from 4 to 6 pm. We stopped for a drink by the lagoon, then visited Belvidere church which is beautiful.

We drove over the hill to Brenton and it's beautiful beach. There were some big waves, don't think we have seen so many there before.

We stopped for a drink at the Bell.

Unfortunately one of our guests wasn't feeling well so we abandoned the visit to the nature reserve and went home, where I sat on the veranda while the guys watched golf on the telly. Hope to go to Featherbed tomorrow or Tuesday instead.

We dined at our fav restaurant. Our visitors really enjoyed their meals and wanted to go again on their last night but the restaurant has an event on. We had a bottle of bubbles, followed by a v nice white. I had crab & dill tortellini, sole with chips and plate of veg, followed by poached pear with panna cotta and vanilla ice cream. Yummy!

It's a beautiful day today. No load shedding due today. The men are playing golf later. N*cky and I will probably have a relaxing day on the veranda, may go to the pool and/or have a walk round the estate. We are dining at a fish and steak restaurant tonight. Seating is outside on benches on sand.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, January 11, 2020, 08:28
Morning and a grey start to the day here. Yesterday was lovely with bright winter sunshine, and not too strong a wind, so it was very mild for January.

Jo, hope the X1 didn’t leave up to you expectations and that as Twin said you would miss the worst of the traffic. I am sure Bruce would have forgiven you if you were home later than intended and I see you had contingency plans for him just in case. You mean you weren’t going to wear your dog walking clothes to the theatre?? Oh no, I didn’t realise MW3D had succumbed and was moving into the flat with his wife – or not as it would now seem. I know he wasn’t keen, but hopefully the current decisions is just a hiccup and he will see sense (shame the personal problem guru is away at the moment – I feel he may be needed in the future). We will see you later!

Hopefully Eva’s flights wasn’t too bad – I have checked and her flight currently has baggage in hall, so as she only had a carry on case I suspect she is collecting her car as I type.

Glad you had a lovely day yesterday Diana. The electric company obviously knew it was your birthday and thus reduced the amount of time you were without power to enable you to have a breakfast at home. The church looked beautiful as did the beach. Lovely views from the Bell too. What a shame one of your visitors wasn’t feeling well enough for the nature reserve, but at least you had a nice restful time on the veranda before you went out. Your meal sounds lovely. A relaxing day sounds good for today too – enjoy!

U’brxdge was very quite yesterday – not sure where everyone had disappeared too. Sales are still ongoing but getting near the end I feel. I did get assailed by a jumping top in the sale (half price) – it is quite a thick one so will be very good if or when we eventually get a cold snap. MM went and did his small m’nance job at the church whilst I sorted out the music for tomorrow’s service to make sure we have copies of everything. As we are out today I won’t be able to do it this afternoon as I would normally. We had a feet up evening and watched the new G’chester – nice easy viewing. We are of course off to the panto today (oh yes we are) so looking forward to seeing Eva, Jo, Lady J, Ro etc. We are at the matinee so will be off to Twin in a couple of hours time. Morning BHB, yes it is a grey day. Let’s take the champers from yesterday and some of the birthday cake into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Saturday, January 11, 2020, 10:09
The traffic was fine yesterday, I was up and back in joint record time. Hopefully we'll be OK today, Eva should be fine as she'll be stating earlier than me.
It was a very good show as always, some minor changes as they seem to do each show. It is Joe and Ebenezer who say the changed lines and the others who respond.

Diana shame your friend was poorly so part of the plan could not be completed. I must admit some of the menus look very inviting, I did think that the veg meals would not be too good in SA. I know when I go for food at my SA neighbours I usually just have salad and bread, they put on lots of meat. The dog like the leftovers!!

Be good to see Eva and the Twins this pm. I have remembered Eva's parcels!!!

pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, January 11, 2020, 10:24
Morning all and it is a bit gloomy and damp at the moment. A change to yesterday which turned into a lovely day in the end. I had few things to do in the house so only got outside for a short while, but it was lovely while it lasted! I think we are in for a wild and windy time this coming week, so possibly I should have spent yesterday in the garden! Panto this afternoon of course. Looking forward to it of course. oh yes I am! Also will be lovely to see some of you there.

Thanks for the news of Eva Twin. Good to know she is in the country.

Diana it sounds as if you had a lovely day with some very scrummy food. Shame you didn't make the nature reserve, though relaxing sounds very nice too! Hope the load shedding behaves itself.

So MW3D decided to move in with the wife did he Jo. Only now he isn't! Sounds as if you definitely need the personal councillor back from his hols, pronto!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Ooh champers, how lovely, let's grab another bottle and find the CM.
maeve 12 wrote:
Saturday, January 11, 2020, 19:09
Happy Birthday for yesterday Diana. the evening meal sounds very delicious.

Thinking of the many of you at The Panto today, hope you have a fantastic time., and that Jane made it.

We had a great couple of days in P*rtsmth, as the ceremony was at 9am, we spent Thursday night down there as well as Friday.
It was a very interesting day with several displays, a visit to the museum and Map room,
and finally the march past in their number one dress uniforms, lots of photos, hugs and a few tears!

Grandson left for his drive up to Scotland after breakfast, he'll break his 600 mile journey at a friend's house near Gl*sgow.
Our journey home today went well until we got near the A1(X) which was closed due to an accident, this involved quite a long diversion.

Diana wrote:
Sunday, January 12, 2020, 05:56

Hope the last weekend of the panto goes well and those going had/have a great time. I haven't read the blog for a few days so will try to find time today or Tuesday to catch up.

Yesterday was sunny all day and hot at 28 degrees. While the men played golf, we lazed on the veranda and went for a walk to the ocean side of the estate late pm, stopping off for a drink in the clubhouse with the men. Nice dinner last night. I had crayfish tail followed by calamari with chips, salad garnish and a very hot peri peri sauce which I only had a little of.

It's cloudy at the mo with possibility of light rain mid am but lovely this pm. Ploppy and I are going to the gym shortly and N*cky has booked a massage at the spa. We will go into town later for a few bits and then go to Noetzie beach. We want to leave early for dinner so our friends can see Plett. We are dining at a restaurant there by the river.
Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, January 12, 2020, 06:02
Morning! been up for an hour doing h'work! bit of family crisis here. cant say more at mo (and nothing tragic) but not a very happy house. Sad not to be at panto today - but given our crisis would have had to stay home with ploppy anyway so just as well I didn't arrange to go. my cold/sore throat seems to have gone (fingers crossed) .
Diana - belated happy birthday. I am enjoying my virtual SA tour - and dining out experience!
Maeve - - what a lovely family occasion - -so special.
Wishing everyone a fab time at panto.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, January 12, 2020, 07:43
Morning and still dark here so no idea what the weather is doing – hopefully yesterday’s strong winds have died down (they made it feel much colder, and also buffeted the car on the motorway!).

Jo, I often wonder how veggies fare if they visit SA. It seems to be as you say very much a meat eating culture. Both MM’s daughter and Auds used to talk about the brxxi and that seemed to consist entirely of meat! Well done on remembering Eva’s parcels!

Hi Maeve – yes Lady J did make it, although we didn’t get a chance to talk to her – she was at the front of the queue to get into the auditorium (I suspect to protect her ankle – she looked very stylish with her walking stick). We did manage to wave though! Your P’mouth visit sounds lovely – and I see you made it into two nights stopover. I am sure you were very proud seeing your grandson in the march past. Good that he is having a break on his journey up to L’mouth. It is a long trek. Lucky he has a friend in G’gow who can put him up too.

Now that is a nice temperature Diana, and just right for lazing and going for a walk near the ocean (plus the stop off for the drink of course). I am liking Nicky’s idea of the spa rather than the gym. The restaurant looks lovely so I am sure the food will be. Hopefully the light rain passed by very quickly and the forecast weather for the afternoon appears! You are making sure your friends manage to see a lot of SA (is this their first visit?).

Oh dear Fi that doesn’t sound so good. Sending you a virtual hug as it sounds as if you need it. Shame you will miss out on the panto as it is great fun. At least the cold bug seems to have left you so hopefully it has gone and won’t return.

We enjoyed the panto (oh yes we did). There were parts of the panto which were different from when we saw it before, but the cast were still have tremendous fun on stage. There were lots of children in the audience yesterday and they were loving everything on stage. There was a little girl in front of MM who was really caught up in it all. She was almost beside herself shouting out "no!" when Jasmine and the Dame were asking the audience if they should exchange the magic lamp for a new shiny gold one! Eva managed to find us in the interval, so we were able to have a chat and a catch up with her; hopefully she will have a good drive to G’wick this morning and a safe flight home. We met up with Jo in the foyer afterwards and as we were in the same car park we walked back together. . Sorry we didn’t get a chance to speak with Lady J, and exchange more than a couple of words with Ro as we were going in. We decided to pick up some fish and chips on our way home to Twin’s rather than eating out so MM and I were home just before 8pm and were able to put our feet up. Off to church this morning of course for second week without Mxsxc Grxxp – although we do have a young man playing guitar, so not so much unaccompanied singing. MM confirmed that the heating was on when he popped into the church on Friday, so fingers crossed. I will take a pashmina just in case! When we get home I will be in wishy washy mode! At least I don't have as much as last week to do. CtheM this evening, so looking forward to that piece of escapism. Morning BHB, yes it does look quite grey out this morning. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Shxwbxz into the conservatory and I can tell you all about the wonderful panto we went to yesterday. We should have plenty of time for a lovely snuffle too, before the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Sunday, January 12, 2020, 09:53
Caught up for a few minutes with all except Sue. Shame that dog minder was away, but they help me so much I can't complain. The panto was excellent as ever. The Empress is getting in on the madness a little more each time I see it.

Fi I hope the troubles can be sorted without too many tears. AND you carry on feeling better.

Diana, thanks for the continued tour

I have to dash as I have another dog walk to do before I go back to MK.

PS I hope Eva gets back home OK. SSSSHhhhh and all this without father knowing she has left the country Tee Hee, sorry for letting the cat out of the bag Eva, but I thought it was really amusing
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, January 12, 2020, 10:34
Morning all and it is nice and bright here today though it obviously rained a fair bit in the night. We had a lovely time at the panto. It is excellent fun for the cast as well as the audience I think! Jo creates all the mayhem and does his best (and usually succeeds) to make the others (especially Lee) corpse. It was lovely to catch up with Eva during the interval and then Jo at the end. The journey there and back was trouble free thank goodness, so we arrived in good time, which makes things much more relaxed. We got back here about 6pm with fish and chips, which was a good idea and they were very tasty! I am very glad it was yesterday not today as my itchiness has really got old and my face is covered in the red blotchiness! It is all up my arms as well, I can foresee I may have to go back to the dermatologist, not that they can do anything! Today I will do some laundry and then find something to do that stops me sitting thinking how itchy and uncomfortable I am!

That sounds another lovely meal Diana and where you are going tonight looks lovely. I am with Twin liking the sound of Nicky's massage the best!

Oh dear Fi. I hope you crisis is one that can be easily resolved and it isn't too upsetting. I think a virtual hug is in order. Such a shame you can't get to the panto, it sounds as if a bit of silly laughter is what you need.

Jo enjoy the last of the pantos for this season. I think you will! I didn't realise Eva had slipped the country to come over! Good for her!

Morning BHB, so we have Shxwbiz for today, lovely. Let's get more and find the CM and we can tell you all about the panto we saw yesterday. You were at one too? What a coincidence!

TK wrote:
Sunday, January 12, 2020, 20:19
Well last panto is over, it has been fun. Now the local pantos will start up, very short runs in the local village halls. Pilates teacher has a part in one in a village a few miles away.

The last few runs to MK were quite easy and took the predicted amount of time. I'm still getting over the nightmare of the previous trips, though it has to be admitted that they were quicker than the travel to the pantos last season.

Never thought I'd go back to Holborn Pizza Express, Stephen RH will be there 2nd Feb with several of his buds!!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, January 13, 2020, 07:53
Morning and a dark and grey one, forecast is for strong winds later today and then rain (just as well Eva flew home yesterday I think!).

Jo, I noticed the Emprxss was a lot less aloof than when we saw her previously. I am another who didn’t realise that Eva had sneaked out without telling her father – well done Eva! Hopefully everything was ok in the short time she was away. So you the pxnto is over – what will you do now with you time?? I am pleased you had easy runs over the weekend, compared with some of the previous journeys. I do take your point that it was easier to get to MK than to A’deen though!! I wonder where he will be next C’mas............... Yes the local AmDram society here is doing Rxbxn Hxxd starting this Wednesday!

I am pleased to report there was heating in the church – it was still chilly mind you, but that is normal. Apparently the heating engineer suggested so things we can do to make it more effective (but at least we don’t need a new pump or boiler – phew!), so we are going to look at those. The musical accompaniment with just a guitar worked well too. None of the warring factions of the M Group were there, so all was peaceful – in fact we had a Christening. The little baby was as good as gold, although he looked a little startled when Alan poured the water (warm) on his head! My afternoon was spent in wishy washy mode, but at least it is all done and I was able to put my feet up and enjoy CtheM and then we watched the first episode of Silent W from last week (we will watch the second part before tonight’s episode). This afternoon we are off to the cinema (me and MM, so a date!) to see 1917. Neither Lindy nor Twin fancied seeing it, so it will be just the two of us and a box of tissues! SLAPPAS before that of course and I think the rain should be coming through after we are home, so we should be able to stay dry. Morning BHB, yes a gloomy start to the day. Let’s take the Lavendula and the churros through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst waiting for the DCM. You can tell me all about your weekend – you saw lots of friends and said goodbye to some others? That sounds interesting – we saw friends too – we can swap stories!
TK wrote:
Monday, January 13, 2020, 08:57
Ah well, looked dry when we went out for the walk this morning, so I didn't put him in his raincoat. Then it started bucketing. Bruce was sort of springing forward in an attempt to charge home, so we cut the walk short, only 3 rounds of the park.

Carol glad you have heating, even if it is not brill. I well remember the time when I was young, when the church seemed to be colder than outside in the winter.

I have Pilates today and I'm going to bite the bullet and pop into see Mw3Ds on way home. I won't be able to stay long as it will be walk time.

Running late, better go
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, January 13, 2020, 10:17
Morning all, a very gloomy one hear and I think it is about to rain again, none of the howling gales we are forecast yet though, Had another rough night with the itches, I may ring the dermatologist today though I know there is nothing they can do for me. I have to pop out to the shops for a few bits and pieces, then I have the ixxnxxg to do.I had a very quiet day yesterday but I did manage to get the wxshing done!So the panto is done and dusted for another year. It has been a good one, I hope next year is as accessible! Now we just need to know what the GO will be doing next!

Jo you will be bereft with no panto to go to though I think Bruce will keep you busy. Oh dear, I see he got wet this morning, you will be in trouble! Good luck with MWTD!

Morning BHB, and what have we for today? Oh of course, Lavendula! And churros? Wonderful. Let's get more of everything and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Monday, January 13, 2020, 11:51
Morning all. It's overcast here with a little drizzling of rain now and again.

Hello sweetheart. Oh yes, I certainly need a herbal tea, and if you've time a double session of snuggles and I'll tell you all about it. 😍😍

Lets take it all in cronical (sp?) order. When I'd arrived at G*twick and picked up my rental car, I plotted the postcode for the hotel in MK into Brunhilde (SatNav), but she told me she couldn't find it! After trying several times, I gave up and tried with the post code of the theatre in MK, and she was fine with that, so off we went. From the theatre I found my way to the hotel without the help from Madam! I left my suitcase at the PI and went out to find a place to have lunch. I had an email from Jane to say they'd be in the G*llery from 1pm, but by then I was well into my scampi dish. I did join them later for a chat. Then it was off to the matinee,- and I have to admit I've never laughed so much at a panto before. It was hilarious, and Joe P was incredible. I loved the interaction between Joe and the GO on stage. They looked as if they thouroughly enjoyed themselves. The children (and the grown ups) in the audience loved every moment. I did of course say hello to Jo who had 2 books for me with her. In the interval I sat with Carol, Pauline and MM in the posh lounge.
After the matinee I ran (almost) back to the hotel to check in, have a quick wash and change, and then I went to find Jane, Ro, Olwen and Grace. We had a good chat, and then I realised that Sue and Roy were sitting just behind a pillar, so I went over to catch up. It was so nice to see them again. Sue is really suffering with her rhumatoid artheritis. Poor lady,- we exchanged illness histories and experiences. She'll be starting with infusions as well, and I hope it can help with the pain.
The evening show was even better than the matinee. How they can keep going with such enthusiasm after doing 2 shows a day, is beyond me, but I loved it, loved it.
When the show was over I walked back to the hotel with Sue and Ray, and then I went straight to bed. I was becoming crosseyed with tiredness at that point, and I fell asleep almost before I got under the duvet! As I've said before, the PI matresses are the best, and I slept uninterrupted until 4.30 am.
I started from MK at 7am, but then Madam was difficult again. I wrote in the postcode for the car rental plot (not inhouse at G*twick) but again she told me she couldn't find it! I then wrote in the G*twick postcode, and she was fine with that. It wasn't exactly a pleasant drive as we had pouring rain for a long time, and then, just after we'd entered the X25 Madam made up her mind to go to sleep! She froze, and I was left to my own devices. Luckily I knew which destinations to look for, so I had to trust myself. The journey took longer than expected because of the rain and sevral roadworks, and I was starting to feel pressed for time. I made it to the G*twick roundabout, and hoped I would be able to find my way to the car rental firm. After a couple of wrong turns I finally made it, and just as I was turning in to the courtyard, Madan came alive again, saying:" Recalculating. You are at your destination!" I almost threw her out of the window! The small bus took me back to Gatwick, and luckily I only had hand luggage, so checked in and ran through security. I got to the gate 3(!!!) minutes before they closed the gate. I decided there and then that Brunhilde was going in the bin, so today I bought myself a brand new SatNav. Cheap it wasn't, but I don't want to experience such a situation ever again!
I was soooo tired when I got home, so last night I went to bed early, but without the PI matress I was back in the bad habits mode. Sigh!

Jo,- the situation with MW3D seems so complicated. I hope he doesn't expect you to sort everything out for him? It doesn't matter if you spilled the beans on the blog, but no harm done. I don't think father reads the blog! 😂

Fi,- oh, dear me,- another family crisis. Not what you need now (or ever!), but I do hope it can be resolved.

Diana,- I see you've had a lovely time with your friends and have taken them to some spectacular places. (Thank you for the links.) The meals sound mouthwatering as always.

Pauline,- I see your itching is back with a vengeance. Fingers crossed the skin doctor (can't remember the correct title.) can help you.

Carol,- oooooohhhhhh, a date, eh? Enjoy! Glad the church is a bit warmer now.
TK wrote:
Monday, January 13, 2020, 13:41
Eva, not that it matters now but I thought that the 'old' satnav might need an update of the info it stores. You have a new one now so hopefully it is up to date. I had to get a memory card for my satnv as it was full and I wanted to update the info in it. Works well now, it doesn't tell me I'm crossing green fields on my way back from Cornwall and other updates have been made. At least you got home OK, even if it was 'just' at G*tw**h. To tell you the truth I didn't think your father read the blog:)

Been to Pilates today, now left hip is telling me off. I tried to go to see Mw3Ds, but he asked me to come back later as his wife was there. Well he dithered about it and I made the decision.

Lee is playing a charity gig It does say 'subject to availability' when you book, S R-H is also playing.
evam wrote:
Monday, January 13, 2020, 16:41
Jo,- I did an update on Brunhilde via the laptop 2 days before I went to England, so there is no excuse for her behaviour. I hope she regrets being such a madam,- now she's in the bin at the electric store! 😜
Diana wrote:
Monday, January 13, 2020, 17:00

We've had two lovely days. Yesterday was very hot and sunny after a cloudy start. Last night was one of the warmest we've had here, usually it's fairly cool in the house.

We did some shopping in town, Ploppy and I buying two seat cushions for the cricket on Friday. We had an ice cream and then drove to Noetzie beach. We had a walk along the sands, I had a paddle and the two men went in though it was too rough to swim. We came back to the house and sat on the veranda for an hour. We left at 5.30 for Plett to show our friends the man beach there and dolphin viewing place, though no dolphins this time.

We continued to Keurboom strand

Then retraced our steps to dinner by the river. I had prawn and kingklip samosa, venison and can't recall the dessert, something with ice cream.

Today has been sunny and hot again, it's 24 degrees at the mo in the lounge, despite a breeze and the windows being open, hotter upstairs.

We had an early start this morning. First stop was Knysna El*phant Park which we all enjoyed. We last visited around 2001/2 when there were 3 ellies, there are now 10.

We then visited Juk*ni, a wildlife sanctuary, first time we've been there. Mostly big cats including lions, Siberian tigers, bengal tigers and puma.

Quick stop at a shop selling stuff made in SA. I was tempted to buy another piece of animal pottery but resisted, though my friend bought a mohair throw. We had a drink there - peanut butter and honey milk shake which tasted like Snick*rs. Next stop was wine tasting at Bramon and lunch there, of course with a bottle of their sauv. blanc. We had about a dozen different tapas style dishes, the best being calamari and a cheese.

Our final stop was Old Nick's Village where we went in the textile mill and shop. We bought 4 serviette and 2 towels, I could have bought a lot more. Next time might get a couple of bed covers.

A quiet evening in tonight and early bed tonight probably. Tomorrow we're going to a game reserve near Plett, then the guys are golfing. We had a couple of baboons this morning, first we've had for a while. Thankfully no load shedding since Friday.

TK wrote:
Monday, January 13, 2020, 20:09
Thanks Diana, very interesting tour. Like the textile looms. Oh dear just looked at the shop. Better log off and delete my history
TK wrote:
Monday, January 13, 2020, 20:33
Went to see Mw3Ds this afternoon. In an attempt to get him off his troubles I told him about me joining Scottish Trust,. WELL!!!! I forgotten all about the NT gay pride badges mess of summer 2017
I wanted to stuff my feet in my mouth (but of course that is physically impossible). I'm not 100% sure what his problem was with the badges as I stopped listening. He does have lots of problems. At least he can now walk and says he is doing his exercises. His wife is coming to his house most days.
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 03:26
Still not sleeping.
I am enjoying my virtual holiday Diana. tho not sure about a pe.nut b.tter m.lkshake!
Was so sad to miss panto - as could have done with cheering up - big time. UB scollop phoned Fri eve to say the had g/f were postponing wedd!! they then b.ggered off to Paris (they booked it that day) and left us in turmoil. They have lost much more money than us but I now have spare wedd dress (hers and 2 for me) and 2 suits. No-one (I asked them to phone my family to tell them) can get out of them a valid reason why. I now am faced with telling everyone locally about the "postponement" without knowing why. As for the idea that they might try and rerun this next year - aaargh. anyway not going to say any more as still trying to stick to my NY resolution of only saying positive things - and I cant think of anything positive to say!
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 08:40
Morning and it isn’t raining at the moment – in fact it is quite bright. Think we have more of the west stuff coming our way this afternoon. We had very heavy rain last evening but nothing compared with NI and S’land from the footage on the News last night.

I see you got wet yesterday, but more importantly – so did Bruce. Love the image of him springing forward to try and get home. The heating was a relief I have to say Jo, even if it was still chilly enough for me to need my pashmina. You learn something new every day – it never occurred to me that Satnavs have memory cards in them and they can get full! Mind you we haven’t updated our’s for a couple of years, so ought to do that I feel. Ah so hip still misbehaving after you mistreat it by doing Pxlxtes! Oh goodness so neither visit to MW3D very successful then – an aborted first one and then a tirade on the NT!! I do remember all the outcry from the badges! Lots of the older generation volunteers left at that point I think. Good that he is slightly more mobile and is being food and doing his exercises, also that his wife is calling in!

Heavens Eva – that was a close run thing for your flight. Naughty Brunnhilde –although I see she has now had her comeuppance! Lovely that you were able to meet up with the others and Sue and Ray. Sorry to read that Sue is really suffering at the moment and about to have the same treatment as you have. Such a debilitating illness to cope with, as you know. I am not surprised you were tired at the end of the day – well done to the PI mattress (can you not buy them in N’way?) for giving you a sleep all the through to 4.30! I see the good sleeping didn’t survive the drive/flight home though. Has the new satnav got a name yet?

Diana glad you are having lovely weather now for your friends’ visit. I see you are back off to the cricket this week, so the seat cushions sound ideal. Shame there were no dolphins to see. They were obviously in shy and retiring mode. Dinner by the river sounds lovely. Great to hear the Ellie population has increased since you were there last. Well done on resisting temptation with the pottery......although of course you still have time to may be return at some point.... The drink sounds....interesting! The textile mill looks really interesting. Enjoy the game reserve today!

Oh Fi, I did wonder if it was a wedding related thing that was your problem, but didn’t realise it was a postponement of the wedding. Very naughty of them to go off to Paris and leave everyone else fire fighting on their behalf! I presume as it is a postponement the dresses may still be required (and the suits) at some point. No wonder you were left in turmoil and could have done with a panto to cheer you up. Sending lots of hugs.

We did our SLAPPAS shop and had our ususal coffee with Lindy and Lawrence. As our film was at 14.50 we had plenty of time. The film was excellent – I can see why SM is up for Best Director and the film for Best Film. The “continuous shot” worked so well for the story. I thought the lead actor was brilliant. It is not an easy watch as fairly harrowing and probably one of the most true to how things were at the time films I have seen. I did get through four tissues during the two hours – allergies you understand! At the end of the film SM dedicates it to his grandfather who was his inspiration for the film, and I realised he was in the same regiment as my grandfather (Kxngs Rxyxl Rxfles) but a different battalion. We came home and watch last week’s SWitness as planned, and then this week’s episode in real time. Today I must file away all the C’mas music for another ten months and do some tidying up. We do have a meeting midday with the Vicar on the continuing saga of the MGroup!! Morning BHB yes it is a little greyer than it was. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Gxldxn Retrxxvr (drink not dog) into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 09:37
After some hwork and book reading did manage to get couple hours sleep.
Carol - when we say "postponment" - who knows when. as we are told she still wants same big wedding but they don't want to start thinking about it yet I think we are looking at 2 yrs ahead as need that time to book anywhere. so no I don't think we will be looking at same dresses and suits. but of course why would i know - I just need to provide the space to store them and all the other wedd paraphernalia in our spare room!
19.7 film maybe sounds a bit bleak at moment.
Jo - I remember the NT debacle too - think the NT soon backed down.
Eva - that is ploppy's nightmare - having to rush for planes - that and going 2 hours without food! I see Br got her comeuppance for letting you down so badly!
Pauline - sorry to hear about itches - not nice. hope they are receding.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 10:32
Morning all and it is very gloomy, not actually raining yet, But I think it soon will be and we are promised gales as well so lots to look forward to!. I had another restless night with the itches, they are possibly a little better but not sure! Sadly I have cancelled a facial I had booked for tomorrow, but as my face is covered in the swellings and the raised welts I get I felt maybe not the best time for one! Not too upset about the weather as I must say I don't want to be seen in public too much at the moment!

Glad you are home safely Eva though not without stress. Naughty Brunhilde! Well she got her just desserts for messing you around and is now on the scrap heap! That'll teach her! I was thinking the same as Twin, maybe if you sleep well on the PI mattress you should get one for yourself! The doctor I see about my skin thing is a dermatologist. To be honest I know I ought to go and see her again, but I also know there isn't much they can do for me. The last time I saw her she did mention I could take this stuff that knocks out my immune system (that is what is attacking me, it has go confused) but I really don't want to do that as I know it has a lot of problems of it's own, so at the moment I am soldiering on!

More lovely places Diana, thank you. Shame the dolphins were playing hard to get! Cushions to sit on for watching cricket sounds a great idea!

Jo I saw the picture of wet Bruce, he looked a bit indignant I thought! So MW£Ds is still not happy with the NT! Still I daresay he enjoyed having a nice rant! Maybe not your idea of fun though!

Well Fi that was a bolt from the blue! Not surprised you are not too happy with them. they could have at least spread the news themselves! If the wedding dress isn't wanted it may be an idea to sell it online rather than having cluttering up your house?

Morning BHB and what have we today? Gxldxn Rxtixver? Different, I am relieved to hear it is a drink! Let's get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 12:03
Carol, my Satnav didn't have a memory card in it originally just own memory it came with. I tried to update it online a few years ago and it told me the memory was full and I had to insert an additional memory ie card. I did that and it now updates fine.... for now

Fi, I thought you could not amaze me any more than I am with the wedding news. But you have. Arrrgghhh. My best wishes for your sanity.

Car is in for service, so Bruce and I are marooned. No getting out of village. When I read the old news about the NT I did sort of remember it. Why it 'upset' Mw3Ds so much when he was never a member I cannot understand. He does like a good moan. He needs to become a member of the RAF phone thingy where he can talk to men of a similar age and background. I keep reminding him. Talking to, as they used to call me at w*rk occasionally, an 'ex hippy' and female is really not helping. We can't even talk music, he is into heavier rock especially R*lling St*n*s. We used to talk horses, but from different points of view, he did Western and I did Heavy. Really chalk and cheese.

Carol, I've not been to the cinema since I went to the BFI to see the new Thunderbirds and before that it was 3 men and a Little lady. Just as well they don't rely on me for revenue.

Pauline that sounds really unpleasant. I agree the facial is probably not the right thing, I've never had one, so I really don't know. My Cliffy friend has them from time to time. She says it brings her out in spots afterwards. I was going to ask then why do you have them, but the train came and took the question out of my mind.

I did note the ice cream parlour has reopened. I suspect a certain Staffy cross might like a wander there
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 13:05
Hello all!

It's back at work for me today after a FABULOUS few days watching the panto. I intend to do a full report so I won't try to review it here - but it is my favourite panto experience of the lot. I love the mayhem! Ro and I also managed a short cultural visit to the art gallery and now have a better appreciation of Stubbs.

It was lovely to have a catch up with Eva over dinner, and Sue and Ray in the bar afterwards. But such a shame I missed getting a chance to chat with Carol, Pauline, and MM.

Big thanks to all the Lee fans for their company and for all the laughs over weekend - and especially my carer Jo, and Ro and O - without whose help I wouldn't have got there!

Ankle is now looking much better just hurting occasionally. The ribs are worse...might have being something to with nearly constant laughter!

Diana sorry I wasn't here to wish you happy birthday. Hope you had a fabulous day.

I have done a very quick skim read...

Pauline and Carol - thank you for your review of Pal Panto. It sounds like a great laugh. Goldilocks is a very simple plot so I'm sure they managed to sneak it in around the variety acts. I'd have missed the oh know you won't bits though!

Pauline - sorry to hear that the itchy rash is back again. Fingers crossed they can do something for it :-(

Thanks for explaining about the MG Wars Carol. I'm rolling my eyes at how silly some people can be.

Also rolling my eyes at UC Scollop Fi - Do what???!!!!! You must be tearing your hair out!

And Mw3Ds Jo - Do what???!!!! Oh well his choice!

Eva - Brunhilde was very naughty. I'm glad you put her in her place (ie the bin). Glad you got back home safe!

Maeve - glad you had a nice time in Prtsmth!

OK - time for my next meeting!
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 08:31
Morning and currently dry here, although that is not expected to last long. Yesterday the rain came through two hours earlier than forecast. We had quite torrential rain in the evening but were luckily tucked up indoors!

Ah, so not next year then as I was thinking, Fi. Maybe they worked out they needed to save a little more money to make it exactly how they want it. I can see that in two years time dresses and suits may need to be bought again.......... Very naughty of them not to fill you in on what they are really thinking, but to expect you to harbour everything that has been bought/provided so far! 19x7 was emotional, but brilliantly done and uplifting too. I have been looking at how they did some of the filming and it was fascinating. They spent months rehearsing, and the crew built replica models of the set pieces so they could work out exactly how long each shot would take. It must have been like choreographing a dance. Yes I think you are right and the NT backed off in the end as there was such an outcry from the volunteers! MM is a little like that about flights – as soon as our boarding gate is shown we are off to find it! Twin finds it quite amusing!

Thanks for the explanation about your Sxtnav Jo. That makes sense. Hopefully the car made it through the service without any major problems. Isn’t it funny that when you are without a car you feel quite cut off! We are the same! I remember you saying about the RXF phone thingy and it does sound a good thing for him to sign up to. I have to say you don’t sound as if you have much in common. Ah so not visited the cinema for a while then. We enjoy it and it does make a difference seeing films on a big screen (in fact for 19x7 Sam M said it was made for a big screen and he hoped that was how people would watch it). Oh facials are wonderful. So relaxing. Can’t say I have noticed that I have come out in spots afterwards though.....although may be everyone is too polite to tell me! Hurray the ice cream parlour is open – Bruce will be thrilled!

Really sorry we didn’t manage more than a wave or two on Saturday afternoon Lady J. Cxnderx at the Pal’ium is still my favourite I think. Ah so you now know all about horse paintings do you? Very pleased ot hear the ankle is a lot better – yes lots of laughter on poor bruised ribs may be not the best thing, but then very therapeutic in other ways! The actual G’locks story only appear in one scene for a micro second and was really just to introduce the bear family to the circus! This was due to Bxby Bxxr being a tap dancing, singing bear you understand! Are you in your new Department yet??

I managed to file away all my C’mas music before we went out for our meeting at noon. We met in the pub opposite the church where there was of course warmth and incohol (so I had a very nice glass of red). We discuss various musical options going forward that don’t involve all the same MG getting back together again, as we felt that would just lead to the same problems. We stayed on and had a sarnie for lunch (very nice tuna mayo with spring onion – the bread was really fresh). When we got home I set up a new email address for MM which will be used for sensitive Church info in his role as CWxrden. One of the MG complained that I was able to read any confidential information which was sent as we have a joint account. In the evening we watched the new MM and are looking forward to the SCD themed one next week! Today I will continue with the music filing and sorting out. Tonight we are back at Small Choir rehearsals – so looking forward to that. Morning BHB, yes it is nice that it isn’t raining yet...........! Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Oyx Mx Cxnto into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 08:45
Morning - managed to sleep until 4 this morning - but then lay awake angsting!
Like Jo we hardly ever go to cinema - tho going next week with friends to a silver scr..ning ie for old people! Facials bring me out in spots - which is one reason i hardly ever have one. tho that is supposed to be the impurities being drawn out. you obviously have no impurities Carol .
saving more money is def not reason for wedd postponement as the "postponing" will cost them megabucks. they have lost all their deposits and many people had paid hotel rooms at 50%non refundable deposit and tho they are trying to get some money back from hotel if not they are refunding all that themselves. so wedd will have to be a long time away for them to save up that money again. all such a mess.
Off to P.lates - will I relax - hmmm.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 09:13
Morning all. It's overcast and raining, but not as much as we've had over the past 24 hours. There has been major floodings going on, but not where I live.

Hello sweetheart. You've got my coffee ready to go with the toasted crumpets? That is soooooo nice, and if you're ready for the snuggling as well I'll tell you all about why I was AWOL yesterday. You're ready? 😍💋💋
Yesterday started with me driving down to father's for a visit. I found him lying on the sofa, half asleep. He then told me that he'd had another fall during the night, but this time he'd remembered about the alarm and pressed it. 2 nurses were there within a few minutes. He was checked thouroughly over, but apart from a tender ankle and a bump on the head, he was OK. He asked me if I could stay for a while, and I agreed. He slept most of the time, so after about 3 hours I told him I was leaving, but promised to ring youngest sister and tell her about the fall.
I had planned a trip out to I*ea, but had had to postpone that. When I left father, I decided to drive out to I*ea anyway and have lunch there. I had a very nice overbaked salmon filet with roast potatoes and a side salad. Then I started on the rounds. I want a shoe cupboard for my small entrance room, but the one I had decided on, was far too heavy for me to get home on my own. So either I have to buy a smaller one or get someone to help me. I did ask about I*ea bringing it, but that cost more than the cupboard itself! I still managed to spend £ 45 on bits and bobs. When I got home, I was whacked. No wonder, as I have had texts from both my GP and the handsome consultant about too little iron in my blood, and told by both that I needed to up the dose of the iron tablets I've been taking the last 6 months.
I spoke to father again last night, and he was OK.

Jo,- Brunhilde never had a mamory card. I updated her via my pooter. The new one will not need that. It will update itself automatically when used, after I'd installed the program via my pooter. I'm going to try it out tomorrow night, as I'm off out to one of my college friends for a nice evening out. I know where she lives, but I'll let the new SatNav tell me the way! I'm like you when it comes to the cinema. The last time I went to the cinema was to see the Les M*S film! I took Viljar's parents with me, and we all loved it. Maybe I should have asked you as well?

Jane,- glad to hear that the ankle is better. Now you have to stop laughing for a while so your ribs get the rest they need. 😜

Carol,- no, I haven't named the new SatNav yet. I'll have to hear what she sounds like first. 😂

Fi,- I have hesitated to say this, but UBscollop and the g/f sound soooooo utterly selfish. I think they need a proper talking to. They shouldn't need one, but obviously do anyway.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 09:17
Fi,- you posted while I was typing. You would think they saw the foolishness of postponing the wedding if it is going to cost them mega bucks. I am not feeling sorry for them though.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 10:41
Morning all and it is cloudy and damp but no wind to speak of. It was different overnight ans it lashed with rain at one point and was very windy. Still, not the storm they had elsewhere so thankful for small mercies. I had another very itchy night and I am still covered in the itchy hives, rashes and swellings! Not very nice but my face is most upsetting as I look like I have been punched! If nothing improves in the next couple of days I will go and see the doctor though I do know they can't help me as they don't know what it is! Anyway won't bore you all with it. It does mean though that I am not going out very much as I don't feel fit to be seen!

My sat nav came with the car and I am sure is very out of date! I would only use it in extreme circumstances, thankfully I rarely need it as I tend to drive places I know at the moment. Jo very glad to see that one of Bruce's favourite watering holes is now open again! He must be very pleased. Hope his eye is getting better.

Jane glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend, not a big surprise there! Good the ankle is improving g and though the laughter may not have domne your ribs much good I am sure it was very good for the rest of you! So sorry to not have been able to do more than wave at you on the Saturday.

Fi all I can say if is they are prepared to throw all that money away they must have really had a change of heart about the wedding. Hopefully they will give you their reasons at some point. I suppose if for some reason they were not sure about things it was better to cancel than continue for the look of things, I think! I have no problem with going to the gate fairly promptly as at some airports they are miles away, what I do find slightly amusing is that as soon as boarding is announced we are up and off! I always used to let the rush go then saunter on near the end, never so late I kept them waiting mind! That is unforgivable! However it is a small price to pay to keep MM happy and I am used to it now!

Eva not good your father had another fall. Poor man. Thank goodness he remembered the alarm. He must get very frightened. I think you earned a visit to your favourite shop! Good that you have a reason for your tiredness, apart from lack of sleep! Hopefully the tablets will help.

Morning BHB and what have we today Oyx Mx Cxnto? Lovely, let's get more and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 12:07
Hi all,

What an 'interesting' evening I had last night! I worked till 6pm as I tend to on Tuesdays, only to find that the bus that gets me closest to home was delayed. The board say '16 mins' and continued to say '16 mins' when another bus turned up, 10 mins later. I knew that the other bus would get me into my local town; I could get another bus to get me home from there. It would be a longer journey but I would be on the move. So I got on the other bus.

As we were tooting a long, my phone rang - my next door neighbour. The storm has pulled my front gate off its hinges! Bless them, her boyfriend had tried to fix it to no avail.

So I got to my local town - no buses running home, so off I limped. Got home to discover the gate had come away from the gatepost and was in danger of falling on someone - so I secured it as best as I could with string.


On upside my joiner has just texted to say he's fixed it. Phew!

Ankle wasn't happy about all the walking but seems to have settled down :-)

Carol - you had me perplexed. What film could be 19 times 7? Then I twigged :-) I kinda understand why someone might not want their emails to MM read by anyone else. Seems silly to fall out about it though! Ah - I think on the whole I wouldn't have enjoyed the Pal Panto this year. I do love to have my plot - and a bit of romance. Cinders did have the plot and lots of romance. Sigh - what a perfect Prince Charming!

Eva - sorry to hear dad has had another fall but very pleased he remembered his alarm and got the help he needed. Hmmm - I am not pleased to hear your favourite shop is not willing to deliver that cupboard. After all the custom you give them! I hope the iron tablets help pick you up xxx

Pauline - bless you! I'm sure you are very fit to be seen by your friends. Those hives sound horrible.

Hmmm - cold feet do you think Fi? I can understand not wanting to commit if they aren't certain but the waste of money - not just their money is not good. :-(

Oops phone ringing!
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 17:22
Quick hello, off out tonight for leaving meal for colleague. I was given the task of buying a pressie and I made some truffles for her.
While we interview candidates we’re a member of staff down now so extra hours for a few weeks
So sorry you have further stress Fi and no real reason behind it. Hope they come back from Paris with some answers!
No wonder you feel tired Eva, hope the iron supplements help
Last night our beloved (ha!) cat brought a bird in to play with in our bedroom 😱 I made Josh clear up but he did half a job as he was in a hurry to get out. Poor Jack did a proper job fortunately. Buddy is in the dog house so to speak 😾
Hope nobody suffered too much with the weather last night. Blustery here but no damage
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 18:15

The past 3/4 days have been hot and the evenings & nights warm and sticky. Don't recall it ever being like that other than one night many years ago. Tonight feels like it's going to be another hot one, it's 7.30 and still 25 degrees.

The game reserve yesterday was vg. We saw several different antelope including springboks pro king.

Plus elephants, lions, hippo, rhinoceros, giraffe, zebra, crocodiles.

The guys played golf in the pm, while N & I had a quiet time on the veranda. We dined at one of our regular restaurants on Thesen Islands which has lovely views of the lagoon. I started with a vg margarita and ate muscles, Kingklip and panacotta. The guys shared a cheese board which was huge so had a bit of that too.

Ploppy & I went to the gym first thing then popped into town to sort out the satellite TV which had stopped working. Early pm we took our friends to our local airport for their flights home. We've just had a small dinner eating up the leftovers. We've both put on several pounds from all the eating out and lack of exercise. The baboons were around this morning and late afternoon.

Tomorrow we drive to Port Eliz*beth via the VW factory where we have booked a tour.

Friday it's the cricket and Saturday we'll explore the centre of PE. We drive back on Sunday. Monday the repainting of the exterior of the house starts. It's all go here! I've only turned the laptop on once in last two weeks so will have lots to catch up with next week as well as washing and cleaning.

Aaahhhhh Fi, how frustrating after all the effort you've put in. Not very considerate for the pair to leave you both to pass on the news.

Glad you had a good weekend and enjoyed the panto, Eva. Hope the new sat nav is much better than the old and doesn't play up. Sorry your father had another fall, hope no after effects.

Hope your ankle is well on the mend, Jane.

Trust the car passed, Jo. It's ages since I last went to the cinema. Think the last film I saw there was the first of the last three Star W*rs films, though I have seen some on flights of course.

So sorry you're having another flair up, Pauline, it sounds very bad. I'm like MM, as soon as the gate is open, I want to go. Ploppy however wants to wait so I sometimes I go ahead of him.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, January 16, 2020, 08:34
Morning and we had some very pretty pink clouds earlier. They have now turned grey. Not raining yet but we have some forecast for early afternoon. May be we should all grow webbed feet.

Fi not good that you are still not sleeping as you are worrying so much. I take it no news from Gay Paree? I see the postponement is costing a lot of money, in addition to a lot of angst for you and the family. I can see that it might take a while to save money for the new date (whenvever it is) if they are refunding hotel guests as well (assuming the hotel doesn’t take pity on them!). Ah if you are at a silver screening I think you might get tea/coffee and biccies – not that I have been but I know people who have! That must be it – I am pure through and through!! I just love the totally relaxed feel whilst the facial is being done! Hopefully the pilates helped you yesterday.

Oh dear another fall Eva – mind you much better news that your father remembered the alarm and help came instantly. He was lucky not to have broken anything (I have heard of three different people who have had falls in the last couple of weeks and broken hips!). Hopefully his ankle isn’t too bad. I see you consoled yourself with lunch at your favourite place in the all the world – but how dare they not offer to deliver the cupboard for you – don’t they realise you are their best customer? Ah so iron deficiency is part of your problem, well I knew it was, but obviously it is not getting better if you have to up the dosage. The new satnav (as yet unnamed) sounds very posh. We always try our’s out (we have had two I think now) on a journey we know, just in case!

Oh Lady J that sounds like the journey from hxll and definitely NOT what your sprained ankle needed! In a town not far from Jo (and here) a roof blew off some flats and landed in the High Street – fortunately no one was hurt, but I can see your anxiety over the gate. Very good of your neighbour to let you now and for her boyfriend to try and fix it. At least you know if your joiner has now fixed it that it will be very secure for quite a while. Sorry about confusing you regarding the film! It really was excellent. Well sharing our email for all things church was never a problem but as the person from the MGroup mentioned it Alan suggested it might be a good idea for highly confidential C’wardeny things to go to a separate one. He has no problem with me being able to read anything (after all I am a Cxmmxsioned Lxy Mxnxster so if he can’t trust me.....) but as it had been brought up we thought we should give MM one just for those confidential matters that other people might worry about. Well Matt B was the love interest for G’locks. They did of course end up together at the end – aaahhh!

Oh dear Ali, not the “present” you would have wanted. My cousin’s wife posted a photo of something left on their doorstep the other night – it was a headless armless rxbbxt – she isn’t sure what did the deed. I did say it was part of the perils of living out in the countryside (they used to live on the outskirts of Lxndxn in a built up area). I thought you might end up with extra hours when you member of staff left. Any takers for interviews yet? I am sure the truffles will go down very well.

Goodness the time with your friends has flown by Diana. It seems just a couple of days ago you were off to meet them at the airport. I suspect they will find the weather quite different when they land (wet and windy forecast for the rest of the week). Lovely that they saw so many animals at the game reserve (especially ellies). As always your meal sounds lovely. Oh goodness still problems with the satellite tv – that seems to be an ongoing scenario whenever you are in SA. Not so good the Bs were around. Enjoy Pxrt E!

We really enjoyed rehearsal last night and being able to sing again. Well I know we sang over Cmas but it wasn’t the same as learning music, finessing it, and singing with the others. Marg had fetched a long a piece she had composed – it is set to the words of a Thxmxs Hxrdy poem. She let us listen to the music and asked if we would like to learn it. It was lovely - very wistful and atmospheric, so we are going to get copies and have a go. Once we have mastered it Marg wants to record us singing it and send it off to various music publishers. I missed HC and SWitness as a result of course, but will catch up with them some time over the weekend. Twin is coming over midday and we are to the cinema! Love going in the afternoon when there are not that many people there. We always go into the “posh” seats, so have plenty of leg room and comfy seats. We are seeing Lxttlx Wxmxn, which was one of my favourite books when I was younger. MM didn’t fancy seeing it and Lindy was doing something else so it will just be the two of us. MM will take us in to town and then collect us afterwards. We might manage a little rt whilst we are there – who knows? Morning BHB, yes it is quite bright at the moment. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Nxtty Rxssxan (apt given with Pxtxn is up to at the moment) into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Thursday, January 16, 2020, 09:08
Morning all. It's a grey and dark morning. Not quite daylight yet. (at 9.55 am).

Hello sweetheart. I look tired? That's because I am! I woke up around 2 am, and that was it. The rest of the night I read, tidied and had my coffee in bed. It's getting worse. I've been thinking of contacting my acupuncturist and see if she can help me fix this not sleeping malarky! 💤😴 You have toasted pikelets to go with the coffee? Perfick (to quote Pa Larkin.)💋💋💋
I had hoped to go back to I*ea today, but at the moment I'm too tired to drive a car. I could easily fall asleep at the wheel! I will have a sleep though, as I'm off out this evening.

Ali,- I can fully understand why you don't want "presents" from the cat. UGH!

Diana,- I'm not surprised you and Ploppy have put on weight during your tour with your friends. All that lovely food had to come at a price. 😜

Jane,- I'm not surprised that your ankle was hurting after the long walk. Take care.

Pauline,- the itching sounds very bad. I think you should try the doctor again. Maybe she've had a brainwave.

Carol,- I remember reading Little W*men when I was a girl. I think I've seen a film of it as well, but that was a looooong time ago.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, January 16, 2020, 10:37
Morning all, and it is nice and bright here at the moment, hopefully it will stay this way while I drive to Twin. I had a slightly better night though still woke a couple of times with the itches, sigh. I keep thinking it will pass eventually! I did a bit of research on line about it yesterday and found some of the possible triggers. One was adrenalin due to stress and sometimes vibration! Well if screwing in over a 100 screws with a power screwdriver and making flat pack doesn't fulfil that criteria, nothing does! So that is the last flat pack I ever put together, ever! Looking forward to the film later. I loved the books and have seen 2 films and a couple of tv adaptations. Will see how this one measures up.

Jane that sounds a bad journey and the last thing your foot/ankle needed really. Hopefully it is fine now though. Great that you had a man who could fix your gate so quickly.

thanks for all the links again Diana, all looks so fab. I am sure your friends didn't want to leave. Shame about the weight gain but it was for a worthy cause! Knowing you I am sure you will shed the pounds very quickly once you are home and settled into your routine. Have a lovely time in PE. Now that is somewhere I didn't get to!

Eva that is not funny! Up since 2am. I hope you do get a decent Eva at some point today, especially if you are off out tonight. Well I try to keep up to date with my condition. I think it easier to call it chronic hives. If it is no better over the next few days I will call the doctor.

Morning BHB and we have Nxtty Rxssian? Well we all know one of those! Let's get more and go and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Thursday, January 16, 2020, 10:37
Please to say car OK. He got rid of the streaks on the windscreen by fitting new wipers. I'd forgotten to ask him to do it, when I left the car. I did say could he check the tyres, as I'd not don't it for a bit, 'I always check them'.When I phoned up to book the appointment I was asked if I'd got the heating fixed the other year. It took me a while to remember it was the aircon, they couldn't do it as it needed a Vauxhall place, so I had to take it elsewhere. I'd almost completely forgotten about it. Last year we had a chat about my loved Volvo. Both the brothers have excellent memories for cars they have worked on.

Pauline it sounds like you should talk to the doc if it is getting worse, especially if it is stopping you doing things you would normally do. I hope it settles down soon.

Carol I can understand that the people concerned would be happier with a separate email address for certain correspondence. It gives the semblance of privacy. Like Felf's email address, seems to be just for her. I have full access as does one of Melf's daughters. I smiled when I read about as you said 'I had to set up an email address'. I suppose he could change the password?

Poor Fi and Ploppy, a big strain on all concerned.

I was pleased 15 years after my getting married discussions with ex that we never did go through with it, due to not being able to agree over wedding arrangements, it made the split up so much easier.... and cheaper.

I have to go and do some more sorting. As I have a VIP guest coming on Friday.
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, January 16, 2020, 12:33
Hello all,

Ankle report - I haven't had a pain killer today and it's not complaining. Ribs are having something to say about the lack of pain relief though!

The gate looks good as new. So relieved he could fix it so soon.

This afternoon I am going to my opticians to check that my retinas are OK. I have rather a lot of floaters and though that is quite normal as we get older I want to be safe rather than sorry.

Aw Carol so Goldilocks married her...young man. I'm now thinking of Aladdin complaining that his brother had spoiled his chances with the princess. "Don't worry - in two hours you'll marry her. Spoiler alert!" How exciting that you are getting to record some original material! Next stop Top of the Pops eh? :-)

Oh dear Ali. Well at least you have one scollop properly trained in cleaning up!

Diana - you're holiday sounds idyllic. You and Ro should compare safari notes. Hope your friends have a safe flight home.

I hope you have a nice restful day Eva. You need it. Ik*a will wait.

Pauline - oh yes. Vibration. That'll do it. No more power-tools for you my lady. Hope you and twin have a good time watching the film.

Glad to hear your car is sorted out Jo. A VIP? Who's that then! :-) See you tomorrow - fingers crossed for trains behaving!
maeve 12 wrote:
Thursday, January 16, 2020, 16:34
Dear Eva, no wonder you were tired, how can you manage on just a couple of hours sleep? What would happen do you think if you stayed up really late , say 1 or 2am then went to bed, have you tried doing that? or do you just fall asleep in a chair or wherever?

Glad to hear ankle improving Jane, your poor face Pauline, it sounds dreadful.

Hope you enjoy Little Women with Carol, I saw it last week, loved it.
Diana wrote:
Friday, January 17, 2020, 05:01
Morning all.

It's still very hot, yesterday was 30+ in PE. Thankfully the guest house has a big fan in our room, otherwise don't think we would have got much sleep. Today is due to be the last hot day being a little cooler and chance of rain during the day and likely to rain from around 18.00. Hoping the rain stays off until we're back from the cricket.

The VW factory tour was fascinating. It's one of the most advanced with robots doing a lot of the assembly of the cars. The museum has about 30 old cars including Herbie. We found that there's a branch of the Huss*r Grill in PE, the steakhouse we dined in on our first night in Cap* Town, so we went there for dinner. Excellent steak again and I'm not a steak lover. I had a Dutch starter, bits of beef in bechamel sauce deep fried. Then carpetbagger steak with chips.

Eva, sorry to see you're not sleeping. How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? Perhaps you could try drinking less coffee, especially later in the day? I don't find tea keeps me awake but coffee sometimes does.

Hope you enjoyed the film, Twins. Love the book and keep meaning to re-read it and the rest of the series.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 17, 2020, 08:09
Morning – quite grey here but for now it is dry – the rain is due this afternoon! I think we definitely need webbed feet!

Oh dear Eva that was not good at all to wake at 2am yesterday and not be able to get back to sleep. I think you should definitely ask the acupuncturist if there is anything that can be done for you – you can’t carry on like this. I think you were sensible not to try and drive whilst you were so tired. Hopefully you managed a nice long Eva during the day and were able to enjoy your evening out. Eva was it the 1994 version of LW you saw? I think that was the last one before this – Winxwna Ryder was in it. Sending you hugs!

Oh well done to the car on being ok – amazing what a difference working wipers make! That’s quite amazing that the guys at the garage can remember so many of the cars they have done work on – you would think having lots through their hands they might forget! Well of course I set his password for him! This is techiephobe MM we are talking about. Of course I just won’t mention that to the person concerned in the MG!

That’s excellent that the ankle is getting better (especially after your long walk on it the other day) and you don’t feel the need for the pain killers. I suspect the ribs may take quite a while to heal up. It sounds as if your joiner has done an excellent job with your gate. I have floaters too – so does June, and my father had them too. I need to go to the opticians for a check up in a couple of months, so thank you for reminding me!

Maeve I am with you, not at all good for Eva to try and exist with only a couple of hours sleep at night. That’s quite a good idea to try a different sleep pattern. The film was beautifully shot wasn’t it and the acting was very good. I particularly liked MStreep’s Aunt Mxrch – usually it is made into a semi comedic role and of course it isn’t that at all!

Goodness that is hot Diana. Just as well the bedroom had the fan. Fingers crossed for the cricked! Oh so the factory is like the advert with the robots building all the car parts. That sounds really interesting. Aww Herbie! Your meal out sounds excellent again – that was a happy circumstance that there was a branch of the one you enjoyed in CT! When we came back from the film I looked out my LW book and it turned out to be exactly the same one that Twin had when she was younger. My GWives I think went to June as it isn’t on my book shelves and she went through all my books when we lived at home! Enjoy the cricket and your seat pads!

Twin arrived in good time yesterday and MM dropped us off at the mall where the shops and cinema are. We did a little light shopping (ok so I was hit by some jumping tops – I did my best to avoid them, but alas they got the better of me), and then went and had a coffee and a toastie for lunch. The film started at 2.10pm (it is a long one at two and a half hours). It looked stunning and the cast were excellent, although we felt James N and Emma W were a little under used. I was glad MM had elected not to come as he would have been totally bewildered by the jumping between the two time lines. Even I found it slightly bewildering at one point! We were a little nonplussed at the start when we began half way through Good W! For a moment we thought the film had jumped and we were half way through!!! On a completely different matter, I forgot to say that last Saturday we were introduced to Eva’s new handbag, which is absolutely lovely! Today Twin will be off home, we are going to do our weekend food shop (Twin may or may not come with us depending on how she feels) and then this evening we have choir practice. Morning BHB, yes it is a little bit brighter now, but there are lots of grey clouds around. Let’s take the Vanillita and the Churros into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle untl the DCM arrives (she was awake – her nasty hives are really bad at the moment, so she is in some distress, but quite brave about it).

Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, January 17, 2020, 08:47
Morning all, quite bright out at the moment but not going to last apparently. Agree Twin, we need webbed feet! Had an easy journey yesterday and when I got here off we went to the mall. I let the side down as my shopping consisted of another couple of things that might help my itches, tried one last night and that was not a success! Enjoyed the film as it looked beautiful the cast were excellent and it definitely caught the feeling of the books, I was just not a fan of the jumping forward in time, I found it took some of the emotion, especially Beth’s death, spoiler alert! I have always broken my heart over that and I just didn’t yesterday. We came back and had a take away Indian which was yummy, and watched tv. I will beetle off home today and get some food on the way.

I see the cricket is only just about to start Diana. Hopefully the rest of the day will be fine. The VW factory sounds very interesting, Herbert too!

Glad the gate is ok Jane, hope you get a good chit from the opticians as well.

Those garage guys have amazing memories then Jo!

I think we al, agree Eva needs more sleep Maeve. Let’s hope her acupuncturist can help.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Oh of course it is Vanillita day and you have done churros, lovely. Let’s get more of everything and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Friday, January 17, 2020, 10:36
Carol you made me smile, secret about MM, I did suspect that was the case.

Diana, Eva only drinks coffee in the morning, she is very strict about that. I can drink tea or dc straight before I go to sleep, seems not to bother me. Felf is the same she doesn't drink coffee after midday either, she says she can't sleep if she does.

Play yesterday was very interesting. No laughs or singing! Very intense, no fisticuffs though. I got a bit confused at the beginning as it looked to me like there were 2 women playing men. One of the women turned up later dressed like a woman. Which made things a little confusing for me for a while. Then I decided to give up on that and just watch, perhaps I was looking for something which wasn't there. It was just a play about the tensions in the chess match and a little about the political situation. I didn't read the reviews before I went on purpose.

The play did not get glowing reviews. For me it was OK.
evam wrote:
Friday, January 17, 2020, 11:42
Morning all. It's a grey day here, but no rain so far.

Hello sweetheart. Yes, it's me and I can do with a lie down on the sofa. You won't be offended if I fall asleep, will you? You'll cuddle me if I do? 💤😴

I have been out. I needed to do a small food shop. Very exciting I know. 😜 Yesterday we had a delightful night. Always good to catch up. It's really incredible that we've stayed in touch for 51 (!) years. We talked about about it last night, and we agreed that because we were such a good class, had many adventures together and generally loved school, we saw this time as one of the best in our lives. We were served a creamy cheese soup (!) with homebaked garlic bread. I've never had cheese soup before, but it was so yummy. For dessert Signe had made a Pavlova. We had, as usual, so much to talk about that it was nearly midnight before we left. I offered to drive one of the others home, so her husband didn't have to come and pick her up, so it was close to 1 am before I was home. Let's draw a veil over how I slept.

Diana,- as Jo says, I never drink coffee after midday, except if I can get a decaf one.

Maeve,- thank you for suggesting a change of sleeping pattern. Believe me,- I've tried that as well, but because I'm so tired I fall asleep in the chair.
I have just sent an email to my acupuncturist asking to start treatment. I hope she'll get back to me quickly.

Jo,- did you go to the chess play so that you could have something to talk to Ex-postman? Or were you thinking about MW3D?

Pauline,- sorry to read that your itching is still there in full force. It must be so painful.

Carol,- the LW film I saw years ago, and it was a black and white film. I remember that much. It must have been this one:

Jane,- happy new gate!
Jane E wrote:
Friday, January 17, 2020, 13:21
Hi all!

Eye check went well. I have healthy eyes :-) And ankle is still doing well. Ribs not so much.

They hurt when I cough, sneeze or even breathe deeply - so I rang 111 to get some advice about when to take my painkillers (thinking of my journey to meet a very important doggie this afternoon). I wish I hadn't bothered. All they did was tell me to go to a walk-in centre to get checked to see if I need a visit to A&E. Oh and ask a pharmacist about meds. Yeah great.

Enough of my whinging!

Eva - I really hope the acupuncturist can do something for you. Horrible not being able to sleep. :-( Glad you had a lovely catch up though!

Jo - that play's author can hug themselves. They got a great review from you. Yes that is a great review. I've seen your reviews of Les Mis.

Pauline - well despite not particularly successful shopping it sounds like you had a good day. Especially curry!!!

Carol - sounds like your shopping was much more successful. Hmmm - I usually don't mind time jumps in films but that does sound confusing.

I'm off now - looking forward to a date with a king tomorrow - thank you Jo!!!!

TK wrote:
Friday, January 17, 2020, 18:58
Jane reminded me, I don't like films which go backwards and forwards in time EXCEPT the 1980 'Somewhere In time'. As it does the backwards and forwards in a sensible way and there is a single timeline running through it. It stars Superman, Dr Quinn and Baron von Trapp, so not bad actors as well as a story which I love. There was a Mission Impossible film which I couldn't follow as I missed a vital few seconds which indicated it was out of order. At the end I'd missed understanding of the film completely.

Good news (for my sanity) on the radio tonight, they are not going to expel non GB citizen automatically at the time of Brexit.

On the vegan thing, I saw 2 little cupcakes in Co-Op the other day. 'That will be nice' ....... What have they used for the 'cream' topping? Carol and Pauline might remember my problem with ice-cream in a restaurant years ago. Looked at the ingredients, about number 8 on the list was 'coconut oil'. I left the cakes on the shelf, just in case it would be like the vegetable soup that I had to feed to Bella. I really don't like the taste/smell of coconut. I love desiccated coconut and fresh coconut. I was talking to a vegan last night, he agreed with me that the ready prepared vegan meals that are being made now to taste like meat would not be for us, as we don't like the taste of meat.
Diana wrote:
Friday, January 17, 2020, 20:31

We enjoyed the cricket today. We were lucky as it rained early morning, was dry as we walked to the ground (approx 15 mins) and then poured briefly after we arrived. Fortunately our seats were covered so we didn't get wet. The seat cushions meant it was much more comfortable. The sun came through a few times but it was mostly overcast until late pm. We left a little while before the cricket was due to finish so were half way back to the guesthouse when it started raining again, we got a bit wet. We had a nice meal at a small hotel. I had tempura prawn salad, butterfish, and chocolate lava pud.

The forecast for tomorrow is rain in the morning, dry pm and rain in the evening. We will visit the attractions of the city in the morning by car, hopefully see at least a couple of the beaches once it stops raining (PE has several blue flag beaches), and may then go to the cricket mid pm.
TK wrote:
Saturday, January 18, 2020, 00:09
Due to exciting expedition to the big smoke to see a very, very old gentleman (no not Cliff) TK and Jane will probably not be on the blog later today as we plan to end the day with a curry.
Have a good time all.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, January 18, 2020, 07:52
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Lady Jane, Happy Birthday to you.

The BHB has been in early and decorated the Bistro (we will leave it all up until tomorrow on the basis Lady J is unlikely to make it into the Bistro today) in shades of purple and silver. Very pretty balloons everywhere, banners saying Happy Birthday Lady Jane! and little posies of violet pansies on the tables - it is all very charming. The champers is chilling and the cakes have been made and decorated (one chocolate and one salted caramel). Enjoy!
Ali wrote:
Saturday, January 18, 2020, 08:05
Happy birthday Lady J x
Apologies, I’ve lost the dates of everyone’s birthdays so no cards I’m afraid. Must do better!
Had a cold brewing for a while and now feeling the effects 🤧
Better get moving as off to work shortly. Love to all
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, January 18, 2020, 08:22
Morning and very frosty here – the car is white.

I drink decaf all the times these days, apart from when I am out. I am impressed Jo that you can drink dc immediately before you go to bed. Don’t think that is the play for me – I am assuming you went with Mr Ex P? Not the best of reviews in the paper, but then I don’t always agree with them anyway. It does sound slightly weird though! I never read the reviews before seeing anything as I like to go with a clear mind. Ah you definitely wouldn’t like LW then Jo (even though it is about your namesake!). There was one indication near the beginning that said “Seven years previously” when we had one of the flashbacks, but after that we were on our own! That is good news about Felf (I am sure she would have been ok anyway). Ah yes I remember the ice cream incident. We always say why try to make veg food taste like meat if you have become a veg/vegxn in the first place? There was an ad at the cinema which was for a veggie meatball sarnie – very weird!! Thanks for the heads up on Lady J being awol (due to visit to King Tut (I am assuming) and the delights of a curry afterwards). Have a fun day.

So pleased you managed to get to your evening out (despite the tiredness) and had a lovely time together. Cheese soup is lovely (especially with garlic bread). That was kind of you to drive one of your companions home to save her husband having to come out. I am assuming you didn’t have a good night afterwards. Hopefully you had one last night (I have my fingers crossed). Did the acupuncturist get back to you with an appointment date? I think I have seen the black and white LW on TV some years ago!

Lady J – happy birthday and excellent news that you have healthy eyes and that the ankle is improving all the time. That was really unhelpful of the 111 service! Hope you have a lovely time (of course you will) today for your birthday visit to the King. I am assuming you have left Beatrix safely at home and out of the clutches (paws) of Bruce!

Ah glad to hear you were out of the rain at the cricket yesterday – Twin saw a clip on the News when she got up yesterday and it was raining so we thought you might have got wet. Good news that the cushions were a success! I see the rain got you later though! Your meal out sounds lovely as always. Hopefully the rain won’t be too heavy and you will be able to enjoy the city and the beaches before going back to the cricket – enjoy.

Ali - I hope the cold stays at bay and you feel better soon. Sending get well hugs! Do you want me to email my birthday list to you?

It was quite quiet out in U’bridge yesterday – no queues at the MandS food check out for a change! A couple of pairs of jumping leggings did get me (to go with the tops from the day before) and I bought a really cute outfit for Aidan’s birthday (a little pair of cord dungarees with an appliqué dinosaur on them, and a little white tee shire underneath). Fortunately it wasn’t raining and we managed to get home before it started. In the afternoon there was a lovely rainbow over the back garden. I spent the afternoon sorting out music for choir in the evening and then had three people call in sick. I already had three people who had told me they couldn’t make it so I decided to cancel as there would only have been four of us (two of which were me and MM). As a result an unexpected evening in!! Today will be laundry and I will catch up with HC from Wednesday evening when I am doing the I word, and the new drama with David T’ant in it – I watched the last episode on catch up. I haven’t checked but hopefully no footie on the tv tonight. We still have SilentW to watch from Wednesday night too, so will probably watch that at some point. Morning BHB, you have done a wonderful job with the decorations. Let’s take some champers and cake through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, January 18, 2020, 10:34
Morning all and it is a gorgeous day here, just very cold! First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lady Jane, have a wonderful day with Jo, I am sure you will

Beautiful to look at though, all blue skies and sunshine. I am a bit late as I had a lie in. My sleep is so disrupted at the moment I felt I deserved it! Mind it is odd that what I consider disrupted sleep would be a great night for Eva and Fi! Ah well we are all different. I did have a slightly better night last night but as I am still blossoming new patches every day that may be a one off! I need to change the bedding today so will be in Wishee Washee mode, that should stop me thinking about itches for a bit!

Eva your evening out sounds great and I am sure did you a lot of good. Not sure I have ever had cheese soup either, but I like the sound of it. I have seen several of the LW adaptations (have I said how much I loved the books?) wasn't keen on the Katherine H one and the June Allxsxn one was good but she was all wrong as Jo. I really did enjoy the WP one and I did enjoy this latest one and it could well have been my favourite if they had done it chronologically!

Enjoy your day I PE Diana. I hope the weather holds for you. We were doing quite well in the cricket this morning which is probably not what you want to see! Mind it could all have changed by the time you get there!

Ali I hope you feel better soon. You are always so busy I am guessing a cold is the last thing you need.

Morning BHB and wow just look how beautiful the Bistro looks, you have been busy and Jane will love it's purpleness! Let's get more champers and go and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Saturday, January 18, 2020, 10:57
Morning all. The same weather as yesterday, overcast and grey. Temps are about + 6 degrees, so nothing close to you, Diana.


I'll have a slice of the salted carame cakel to go with the coffee, please.

Hello sweetheart. You've made up the sofa for me in case I haven't slept a lot? Lead me to it. 2am saw me with the i*****g board up, and It took me 2 hours to clear the i*****g mountain from the utility room. I spent a few hours in bed with my coffee and my book, but no sleep, so I feel a bit dizzy now.
I have been to visit father, and he is OK. Later today I'm off to celebrate the nerd's birthday with coffee, cakes and hot dogs! The last on Andreas' order. I'll be picking up Iselin on the way. Emilian has been with his grandparents since yesterday, and so has Henrik with his mum and dad. They're all coming, so I'm sure it will be quite lively. 😃 As I told you, I sent an email to my acupuncturist yesterday asking for an appointment, and she answered me quickly. I have an appointment for Monday at 10 am. I have absolute faith in her. I haven't had a full night's sleep in almost 3 months (!), so it's about time someone can sort me out.

Jo,- I'm so relieved to see that Felf are safe. It would have been awful if she'd had to fight for her right to stay.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, January 18, 2020, 12:52
Afternoon all and a very happy birthday, Jane. Hope you and Jo are having a great day and enjoy your curry.

Ohmmms for your cold, Ali. Not what you want when you're so busy. Hope it's not a bad one and goes quickly.

Hope your acupuncturist can help you, Eva, and you sleep much better afterwards. Have a lovely time with your family.

Not at all a good morning for SA in the cricket. The forecast for tomorrow is mostly rain and more on Monday so they must be hoping there's not much play and the match ends in a draw. We've had two hours of rain and though it's now stopped, more is forecast late pm so unlikely there will be more than a couple more hours of play today at most.

We're currently in our room at the guesthouse. Ploppy is watching golf on the telly, switching to the cricket channel regularly to see if play has resumed. If it starts in the next hour, we might go, otherwise we'll stay here this pm. We've cancelled our dinner res at a restaurant near the beach and booked to return to the steakhouse as this was so good and we weren't keen on the look of the former when we passed it this am.

We saw most of the highlights of the city earlier. There's not a lot so you haven't missed much, Pauline. Some of the Victorian buildings are lovely though sadly many have been left and are in poor condition. We stopped at the Donkin Reserve and had a walk around

Then a quick stop at the City Hall

Then drove along the front and through a nature reserve where we had a short walk along the beach. We had intended to have a walk on the promenade by the main beaches in Summerst*nd but it started raining so went to the Boardwalk for a coffee.

We drove around Summerstr*nd, the centre of the city and the area near the guesthouse for an hour or so - we took some wrong turns so ended up going in circles but it was interesting to see more of PE.

Tomorrow we drive back to Knysn*. As the forecast is wet (the weekend is even wetter in K) we shall leave straight after breakfast, have a stop in Plett to get some food, and hopefully be home around lunchtime. Ploppy will then watch sport on the telly.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, January 19, 2020, 07:35
Morning and a clear sky but still quite dark and there is frost on the roves of the houses, so I am expecting the car to be white again.

Oh Eva, another bad night yesterday. Fingers crossed exhaustion took over and you had some sleep last night. I am not surprised you were dizzy yesterday. At least it is good news that you have an appointment for acupxnctxre tomorrow. Hopefully she will be able to sort you out. I hope the lack of sleep didn’t stop you enjoying the birthday festivities. It sounds like there will be a full house. Loving that Andreas wanted hot dogs!

Diana I think the weather is coming to the aid of the SA team in the cricket. I am guessing that you didn’t venture out to watch in the afternoon? Very good idea to return to the restaurant that you really enjoyed rather than risking the other one and being disappointed. It’s a shame the weather meant you couldn’t do your walk on the prom. You didn’t do any shopping on the Broadwalk I assume? Hopefully you will have a good drive back today and it won’t be too wet.

I managed to get all the laundry done yesterday and MM went into the garden and had a tidy up. I caught up with HC from Wednesday, as well as Dxxdwater Fxll (excellent) and started watching Gxxd Omxns. In the evening we caught up with SWitness, Would I L to You from Friday and then C’lty (another cheery episode) in real time. It was the fifth anniversary of my Mum dying yesterday, I can’t believe it is that long. I spoke to June on the phone (Moving Aunt had rung them at 3.30 am again – she gets very confused and muddled over time) and she has new carers going in to do lunch and evening meals for Moving Aunt. They will do seven days a week, so that should take some of the pressure off June. Off to church this morning as MM and I are leading services. I will put a thermal polo neck jumper under a top, just to make sure I am warm enough!! Morning BHB yes it is chilly out. Let’s take the hot mulled cider and the remains of the birthday cake into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, January 19, 2020, 10:06
Morning all. It's not too bad here today weatherwise,- overcast (but no black clouds) and + 3 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. I look better today? That's because I slept 6 (!!!!!!!) hours last night!👏👏 I went to bed later than usual (around midnight) and slept for 2 hours. Then I was pottering about, and at 4am went back to bed with my coffee and my book. Suddenly it was 8(!!!!) am, I had a very stiff neck, the coffee was cold and I felt like I'd been asleep for a day! Do you think it was the thought of the acupuncture which made me relax? Whatever it was, I feel fine and I'm ready for the coffee (warm please) and the snuggle.
We had a lovely time at the nerd's yesterday. We were served hot dogs, then a choice between banana tarte, chocolate cake and waffles. The children were having a lovely time. Andreas took Emilian upstairs so he could see his room, Henrik was sitting placedly on the floor, watching the propella (Johan) tear around and climbing up anything that was climable. Johan and Henrik are so totally different people,- Henrik is very calm, not bothered about much and can play by himself without problems. Johan is in constant motion, and loves climbing. No fear at all,- he'll try to climb anything.
When I came back home I spent a couple of hours trying to sort out my phone and my FB page, because I'd been hacked. I did leave a message on FB (when I finally managed to get back on my page and have a new password recorded), but if any of you haven't seen it yet and get a message from me on M*ssenger with a video, please just delete it. Do not try to open it! 🤬 As far as I can make out it's only my FB page that has been infected, the rest (mail, banks etc) seems to be OK. Why do people do this? It's not remotely funny!
I was very tired and had decided to go to bed early when I started watching a program on Norwegian telly. That didn't finish until midnight, so I have to watch Cas on the iplayer.

Diana,- you have certainly covered a lot of ground in SA this time around. It must be lovely to have time enough to plan travels around the country without the return-to-UK at the back of your mind. Ploppy watching sports on the telly? That's a new one! 😂

Carol,- it's worrying to hear about Moving Aunt and her confusion, but good that her care regime can be expanded as she needs it.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, January 19, 2020, 10:43
Morning all and it is another beautiful looking day but very cold! I am running a bit later than late today . I had a bit of an itchy night (of course) and was awake a while in the night so my body was making up for lost time! I am better in the parts that started all this but of course I have a lot of new patches so it will be sometime yet before I feel ok I think. I think my last big attack took about 6 weeks to clear. I managed to do some laundry yesterday, I have ixxnxxg to do today and also another wash. I do mine in batches because I have limited drying space! So not exactly an exciting life at the moment!

Diana have a good journey back home, hope the rain isn't too heavy. So I won't put PE high on my list of places to go then! It looks to have some nice buildings though, but doesn't sound as if most are well kept and that is very sad.

Thank goodness you have had a better sleep Eva, now you need that every night so fingers crossed the acupuncture works. Mind maybe you need a party with all the little ones, that might be what did it! Especially eating hot dogs! You sound to have had a lovely time. It is annoying about the f/book thing. I was trying to delete it and the video started. I stopped it quickly so hopefully all is well. I have run security and malware checks which come up clear, so hopefully no damage done! I so rarely use f/book I am not very clever with it.

Morning B HB and I know, what sort of time is this! I smell a lovely smell! Mulled cider? Scrummy and just what is needed. Let's get more and go and see if the CM is around still.
maeve12 wrote:
Sunday, January 19, 2020, 10:44
Belated birthday greetings Jane, I hope you had a lovely time yesterday.

I've just got a new lap top which I'm finding my way around with Windows 10 for the first time.

Beautiful sunny, cold day, just right for a walk.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, January 19, 2020, 20:02
Evening all.

It's nice to be back home. We left PE a little after 8.00 am and had a good journey, arriving about midday. We had some rain but avoided the worst until on the road up to the estate. Very glad we left early as we've had rain most of the afternoon, some of it torrential, and it would have been horrible to drive in. It's much cooler now, from not needing a sheet for several nights, tonight the duvets will be wanted. This pm I've done two washes, watched some golf and cricket, spent a while on the laptop, then cooked dinner and watched second half of the football. Both of us are itching again, not sure how or where we got bitten so much, we hardly ever get bitten in Knysn*. It must be driving you nuts, Pauline. Hope the current attack doesn't take so long to go.

The forecast for the morning is horrid but afternoon is better. Not sure the work on the exterior of the house will be able to start. We want to go to the gym and may do some shopping. Also have a lot to do on the laptop, plus more washing.

Good news that you slept better last night, Eva, hope it wasn't a one-off. I'm suddenly feeling tired so going to bed, Ploppy's been asleep on the settee for a while.
TK wrote:
Sunday, January 19, 2020, 20:32
I had a lovely weekend. Started on Friday, out for a curry BUT the Indian restaurants were full to bursting, so we ate Turkish with Mr and Mrs Ex P and her nephew, who is incredibly bright and knowledgeable. He is uni in Dublin, so Jane and him compared places. Up and out with Bruce and then off to London. We stopped for breakfast at the place we found before a Phesantry trip, but unfortunately the menu had changed so no fancy porridge. The scrambled egg and smoked salmon was lovely, perfect to keep us going. (I have had my egg ration for the next 3 months). We had a little wander around the big store. Then off to the gallery. The organisation was excellent. The display of the pieces was amazing as you could get so close to the glass. I did nearly murder a boy who had his arm around his mother's neck so the view was blocked to that particular display for everyone else, especially as they were talking to each other and not looking at the exhibits. One of the rooms was very full so difficult to see the main exhibit. When I did, found it was the least interesting one. The other this were amazing. What was my favourite? The smallest and the largest.
This was the smallest labelled as Amenhotep III, Tut's grandfather. (There is thought that it is actually Tut as he had pierced ears and grandfather did not, this did not come up in the exhibition.) SPOILER ALERT *******

The largest which was the last item in the exhibition, I'd not read about it be fore going so when we turned the corner and saw this large statue in the middle of the large room it was really dramatic

We had left coats in the cloakroom, which was a good thing. The stop start walking was quite tiring. I had to sit down a bit. We were in there for longer than many people, you are not pushed to move on, so can take your time. It would have been nice to go to the café half-way though, but we didn't. The exhibits were so interesting I didn't want to interrupt the experience.

(Yuk just been surrounded by 'green' fumes. Obviously Bruce has relaxed a certain sphincter muscle.)

We got back home with 30mins spare before our booking for the Indian restaurant. Luckily Bruce wasn't in when we got back, so we snuck off for the meal and went to pick him up when we'd finished the meal. It was very good.

Bruce is off for his operation tomorrow. (A grid keratotomy. The most common procedure to encourage healing is debridement of the corneal defect in conjunction with a keratotomy. ... A grid keratotomy consists of parallel linear incisions through the very superficial corneal stroma in a grid-like fashion. It is performed with a 25-gauge to 27-gauge needle.) He is also having the large skin tag removed on the side of his torso, as he scratches there sometimes.

TK wrote:
Sunday, January 19, 2020, 20:39
Diana, thank you for the continuation of the tour. A shop for Biltong!! Ok there is other stuff there too. Some lovely places to visit in the recent links, thank you.

Carol29 wrote:
Monday, January 20, 2020, 08:11
Morning and some very pretty pink clouds at the moment. It is also chilly out (the car is white again).

Oh well done Eva on the six hours of sleeping – that must be a record for you!! I am sure it was worth the stiff neck and the cold coffee. I have high hopes that your appointment this morning will make your life (well your sleep) much better. It sounds like a lovely family get together for the nerd’s birthday. In our family it is Imogen who is the quiet one who is happy to sit still and Marcus who is the firecracker and always on the go! It does sounds as if it was just FBxxk that was your problem, so at least you have the comfort of knowing the phone itself should be ok. Fortunately I checked the Nxrwxgian message that came with the video (thank you Gxxgle) and then put it into the search engine and it came up with the fact it was a scam. Yes, I was also surprised to read that Diana’s Ploppy was watching sport – unheard of!!

Maeve, I am sure you will master the new laptop – it just takes a little while to get used to W10 as it is quite a bit different to the previous versions, but once you have cracked it, it becomes second nature. Hope you enjoyed your walk in the sunshine.

I am sure it is nice to be back and in your own bed Diana. I am sure you were relieved to avoid the worst of the rain. Driving in a downpour is never nice. Oh that’s not so good about the bites – hopefully you have some cream that will alleviate the itching. Yes all sympathies with Twin – especially when the wretched thing is over her back and she can’t reach it herself. Fingers crossed the weather isn’t so bad that the work to the house can’t start.

Glad you enjoyed King Tut Jo – ah Friday night is of course traditionally curry night, so I am not surprised the restaurants were full. That was nice for Lady J and Mr and Mrs’ Ex-P’s nephew to be able to talk about D’lin. Ah the murdering of young children is not allowed – not even if they are blocking view of exhibits you want to see. I have to confess I had forgotten the exhibition was on – I think it started in November just before our busy season. We may try to get there (I think it is in L’don until May?) if we can. On that basis I have taken heed of the spoiler alert! I am plased to see Lady J got her Indian meal afterwards (just as well Bruce was out). Hopefully his operation goes well today.

I am pleased to say the heating was working in church yesterday (although, of course, it still wasn’t exactly warm but I had layers on so was ok!). It was a beautiful day when we came out at noon – but still chilly. I finished the small amount of the i word I had left, then I sorted music out for Wednesday before having some down time and catching up with the last two episodes of the new series of F Brxwn. The evening viewing was all taken care of courtesy of Beeb 1 of course. Off to SLAPPAS this morning, although awaiting a call from Lindy – her car is going to be collected for a service today, so we are picking her and Lawrence up. Her pick up time is between 8 am and 11 am so we could be later than we normally are. I am going to sort out some music for the new conductor this afternoon and then it is a night in, so we will watch SWitnxss. Morning BHB, yes it is getting quite bright out. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Monday, January 20, 2020, 10:06
It is quiet here now. Bruce is at the vets for his eye op (grid keratotomy) and skin tag removal and TK hasn't noticed as she is snuggled back in her bed. She was a little put out by someone else sleeping in her bed for 2 nights, but she has got over it. The form you fill in before an op has been slightly changed, I've not taken anyone for an op for over 18months. It asked have you been given and estimate of the cost when surgery was discussed. I answered no, as I hadn't. Of course Bruce was going to have the op if that was required. The vet did ask was he insured, that as far as the vet went. The nominal 'put money away for vet bills' fund is still in credit from Bella.

Best wishes Maeve for Windows 10, I agree with Carol it takes a bit of time but it is OK to use after practise. The chap who makes the dog biscuits has just had to change from Windows 7, he is getting it, slowly. He was moaning about it the other morning.

Better get moving
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, January 20, 2020, 10:27
Morning all and it is another nice bright day, if not as sunny as the last two days. Still very cold though I think. I need to pop out to the shops, I think I will go to WGC as I could do with a bit of a change of scenery. I then have a little bit of ixxnxxg left to do. I did the majority yesterday but really haven't done a lot for a few times as I have not felt that brilliant. Things are a bit better though I am still getting new eruptions. Not much left of my body that hasn't got them. You are right Diana, it is driving me nuts! It takes over my life and if the last time is anything to go by could be around for over a month. Still there are worse things people get and so I just try to get on with it.

Maeve hopefully you will find windows 10 not to hard to sort out. I get on quite well with it now though I am sure I don't use a lot of the things it can do!

Glad you got home safely Diana, and well done on avoiding the worst of the rain. Horrid driving in downpours. Hopefully it will improve for you and the work on the house can get going.

You sound to have had a wonderful time with Lady Jane Jo. Lovely meals, walking Bruce and a Tut exhibition. What's not to like! I did have a look at the spoiler link. I can see why it is thought to possibly see Tut himself. Pleased you managed to avoid murdering the child. Prison visiting is not high on my list of things to do!

Hope the acupuncture goes well Eva and has the desired results.

Morning BHB and it's Lavendula day! Let's get more and we can go and find the CM. I think we might need the green blanket as well.
Jane E wrote:
Monday, January 20, 2020, 12:08
Hello all!

And thank you for your birthday good wishes, cards and e-cards - and for the lovely party at the bistro! I was here honest - just a bit invisible! Didn't the purple and silver decorations look gorgeous!

This is the first opportunity I have had to get on the blog since Friday. I had hoped to pop in on Saturday but as you can tell from Jo's post it was a full on day. Loved it though! Thank you Jo so much for organising it and for your wonderful hospitality. I hope TK has now forgiven me for stealing her bed!

Jo has told you most of the important bits. I just want to add that my ankle managed very well with the walking (actually more shuffling) about in the exhibition. We had the same favourites though I'll add the extraordinary pen case and oodles of marvellous ,elaborate jewellery. I have taken a shedload of jewellery.

I reckon we stayed almost 3 hours but that did include plenty of sit-downs and a very chatty security guard, who wanted to tease us with maths problems. He was very sweet but by that time both of us were knackered and just wanted to get back home.

Again thank you Jo what an extraordinary birthday pressy!

Many oohms for Bruce's op.

OK - so what's been happening over the weekend?

Oh dear I see Pauline is still suffering. I do like your 'get on with it' attitude Pauline, but of course it's going to get you down when it's bad. Oohhming that this bout isn't as long lasting as the last nasty one :-(

Carol - I see you have been watching G*od Om*ens - what did you think? It's one of my favourite books. I watched the series on Am*zon Pr*me but didn't realise that it's being shown on BBC now. I haven't seen any trailers. I'll have to watch on catch up.

Eva - I am so pleased you got an decent night's sleep for once. Perhaps it was the acupuncture that helped. Sounds like you had a great time at nerd's party. What a nuisance about the Facebook account. I received that dodgy message while I was replying to your happy birthday message and very nearly clicked on the video - but decided to double check after we'd finished the exhibition. At least you have it sorted now.

Sorry to hear that rain stopped play Diana. That's usually what saves England in cricket matches! :-)

Maeve - how are you finding windows 10? Most of the people I know who went straight from Windows 7 to 10 don't like it. But most of us that had the horror of windows 8 think 10 is a huge improvement!

Ali - not to worry! If I get the time I'll make a list!

evam wrote:
Monday, January 20, 2020, 12:33
Afternoon (just) all. It's dreary outside. Very wet with rainclouds down to our ankles and dark.

Hello sweetheart. Thank you for waiting for me. You wanted to be ready with the herbal tea and toasted paninis if I need it after my acupuncture. You are lovely! (He agrees.) 😍😍 Lets sit on the sofa, and I'll tell you about it.
My acupuncture lady has moved treating adress. I had a little problem finding the house, but as I am a woman, I'm not too proud to ask for help! 😜 It was lovely seeing Ling again, and she set to armed with first the glass cups, (She has used cupping before, and it helps me.) Then it was needles all over the body, and I was left in peace for 30 minutes. I did doze, and felt wonderfully relaxed. I don't expect a miracle cure, so it might take some time before I see the benefits, but just now I feel pleasantly relaxed and look forward to my eva. 😴

Maeve,- I hope you don't find W10 too difficult. I hated it in the beginning, but got used to it fairly quickly.

Jo,- how kind of you to take Lady Jane to the K*ng T*T exhibition. I know you enjoy all things E*yptian yourself. PHEW! You didn't murder that child. I can fully understand how tempted you were. 😜 I hope Bruce's operation goes well.

Pauline,- OUCH! Itching on the back where you can't reach. Do you know where you can buy one of those scratchers? If not, I'll buy one for you at the market next time I'm in Spain. You can't wait that long?

Carol,- yes, as far as I can say, it's "just" FB which is affected by the blasted hackers. I spent most of Sunday trying to put it to rights. I think I'll be OK now. Fingers crossed.
TK wrote:
Monday, January 20, 2020, 21:41
It has been rather 'exciting' getting Bruce home. He was rather groggy at 16:30 and still is. Dogs are very slow at getting over anaesthetic, cats are much better. He has had a visit from Duffy, which woke him up. He is back to dosing now. I had to call for help to get him out of the car. Due to the nature of the operation he mustn't be allowed to rub his eye, even once. It'll be like when Cora had her knee op, 24hr observation. I'll be sleeping downstairs again. Just as well I'm good at sleeping on the floor. I was slightly concerned at the cost of the op, looked on line and they quoted twice as much as it actually cost. My cost also included the removal of the skin tag. I didn't get the offered (just in case) biopsy of the lump, 3 vets and me think it is just a skin tag (and he is old).

Glad you enjoyed the birthday weekend....... I did too.

I'm looking forward to the Bruce minding, just as well the Pilates session for next Monday is cancelled. I may get some more sorting done in theses 2 rooms. I remember when Cora was post-op I cleared out cupboards.!! And I cleaned the doors of the cupboards. ooo can't wait.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 08:16
Morning and another chilly start – the car is white again! One good thing of course is that we get bright sunny days as a result and I do prefer that the grey and wet!

Jo I think it was very kind of TK to give up her bed for your VIP guest! I see she has decided to claim it back. Oh that is strange that the vet didn’t tell you how much it was going to cost (although of course you were going to have it done whatever). I am not surprised the patient was groggy when you fetched him home. Lovely that Duffy came to visit him up. Hopefully he won’t want to try and rub his eyes but I see you are on the case and sleeping downstairs to make sure! So cupboard clearing out might beckon..............

So glad you enjoyed your birthday outing Lady J (and the meals!). Excellent that the ankle was behaving. I am hoping that you took photos of the jewellery rather than taking it....... Sensible to build in lots of sitting down whilst you went round. Maths problems??? Was the man mad??? Maybe it is a secret ploy to move people on if they seem to be staying over their allotted time? I really enjoyed GO – and am awaiting the second episode! I haven’t read any of the books (not really a Terry P fan) but this was very funny.

I see you have all our wet weather at the moment Eva. I do hope your visit to the acupuncture worked and you managed to sleep last night. It sounds as if it was very relaxing so I have high hopes. Did you have a lovely Eva in the afternoon? Hopefully you put your feet up and rested for the remainder of the day. That’s good that it was just FBook that was affected (still a pain though), at least you should be all safe now.

We collected Lindy and Lawrence not long after our normal time to go to SLAPPAS – the garage came to collect her car at 9.45 am, so not too bad at all. We go our separate ways once we are in the Sainsbugs and yesterday we both ended up at the check outs at the same time – just on different aisles. We chose the better one as we were through and packed before them. We went for our usual coffee afterwards and put the world to rights of course. I spent the afternoon sorting out the music for Marg, so that is a job well done. In the evening we watched another episode of the Christine K programme, and then SWitness in real time. Today we are off to see my ex office colleagues but will be home about 3.30/4pm when Twin will be coming over (I think she is really coming so I can cream her back). Holby tonight of course and then the second part of SW. Morning BHB, yes it is lovely and bright out – let’s take the pastel de natas and the Pxtchankx into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives. I think we might need the pink blanket this morning!
TK wrote:
Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 11:12
Restless night, taking Bruce out in the garden for a wee. He didn't do one, he just wanted to use the frozen grass to prise off the cone. Also in the haste to get him in yesterday the link to attach the lead was under his neck, also not able to twist around due to the cone being attached to collar and the cone tied on to bailer twine wrapped around his torso. I've sorted it now.
Lady who I phoned to help me with Bruce last night commented that it was amazing that I had some thick bailer twine in a kitchen drawer. To me it is normal, it is waste at stables, most of it is thrown away. She has horses, so I would expect she'd have some. The vet said use some ribbon to do it. I only have thin ribbon.

Bruce may be saying he wants to go out
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 11:20
Afternoon everyone.

We are paying for the lovely weather of the past couple of weeks. We've had loads of rain since we got back with more forecast tomorrow and it's not that warm for January. There's been a lot of thunder and some lightening - I was outside when there was one particularly loud crack which literally made me jump. The work on the exterior of the house hasn't begun and probably won't start till Thursday.

Yesterday we did a small shop, went to the gym and I then did the I word. I did some cleaning first thing and still have the floors to do, think that will be left to tomorrow. We went into Knysn* again this morning. Ploppy had his hair cut, I spent a birthday voucher on kitchen knife, oven glove and drinking glasses, and then treated myself to a pretty top in Woolw. We also got a bit of food there. We're probably going to the gym again this pm given the weather. As we've eaten out so much this month, we not planning on doing so again until Sunday.

Hope you're getting the benefits of your treatment yesterday, Eva, and had a good night.

Jo, hope Bruce is recovering well from the op. Enjoy the clearing out!!

I do hope the itching is easing, Pauline.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 11:40
Morning all, I am late not because of oversleeping, but I had an early hair appointment so had to whisk out quickly as I needed to defrost the car. Hair now lovely and all toss toss! I will be off to Twin later (how did she guess I want her on creaming duty!) so I will be in place for our expedition tomorrow. I went to WGC yesterday and had a nice wander round the shops, It was lovely to get out and about. I am still itching of course, but not quite as severely. One funny (peculiar) thing is I have found out that Lucy hairdresser suffer from hives as well so we had a nice time comparing rashes! Not what you expect to chat about in your hairdressers!

Jo I hope Bruce is recovering from his anaesthetic and is leaving his poor eye alone. I see you are taking up floor residence for a bit and possibly cupboard clearing, such fun! Meanwhile TK has her bed back so all is well in her world I think!

Lady Jane I am also hoping you didn't run off with a shed load of jewellery or prison visiting might be back on the cards! Glad you had a lovely day and your ankle was ok. Not sure about maths problems. I would have run for the hills!

Good your acupuncture went well Eva and you felt lovely and relaxed. Hopefully this will be the answer to your sleep problems.

Morning BHB, you have saved some Pxtchankx for me as you knew I would be late? Wonderful you are a treasure! Let's take it to the conservatory and see if the CM is still around.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 12:41
I thought we were going well, not smoothly but doable. He got his feet on the gravel and started digging it up with the edge of the cone. It was a nightmare. Quick about face and back home, he's not happy. One of the clips holding the side of the cone together was slightly broken. Now taped into the cone with blue gaffer tape.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 14:37
Hello all,

Oh dear - I see that Bruce is a devious and resourceful doggy. He's going to keep you on your toes Jo. It must be quite a worry. I see you plan to use 'Bruce Watch' productively. Not exactly fun though.

INFORMATION FOR ANY POLICE READING THIS BLOG: I meant taking a shedload of photos of jewellery! Crickey that was a close call!

As for the maths problem - it wasn't even a particularly interesting one - but if either of you twins would like me to post it here then...tough! I can't be bothered! :-)

Carol - I think GO is a very different book to most of TP's novels. Because it's written with N*el G*iman there's a lot of NG humour in there too. I am glad you are enjoying the TV version. I did read a few reviews saying it's confusing but I think they have simplified things nicely. It's just a shame there's no way of doing the footnotes on TV.

Pauline - your hair looks lovely! I'm glad there's been a slight improvement today. What a coincidence your hairdresser has a similar problem!

Diana - what a shame the weather isn't great. When you say not warm for January, how warm is it? I suspect that even though we're having a mild spell you'll be considerably warmer :-)

Eva - glad that the acupuncture has helped a little. I hope you got a decent kip last night. Well done getting your FB sorted out. Such a worry when someone hacks it :-(
TK wrote:
Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 17:47
26 hours in to the cone wearing, there are 2 bits of gaffer tape keeping it together. I have got the old cone down from the top of the kitchen cupboard and washed the dust off. I'm pretty sure it will be required. Luckily it is the same size as the one he is wearing. I do have a very small cone as well- no good.

I'm really tired, I'll survive as he should get more used to the procedure in a few days. He can't drink or eat on his own with the cone, so have to do that as well. Just one rub with his paw on the eye will undo the work which has been done.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 19:12
Evening all. Just a quick post to tell you that I’ve been busy all day trying to fix connection problems on the beeb gizmo. I still haven’t managed on my laptop, but now my head is spinning and my brain needs a rest. I’ll try to get back tomorrow.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 06:07
Morning all.

It's wet and cool again in Knysn*. At least the thunder & lightening seems to be over and it's now the mist & rain we get frequently. It was chilly yesterday evening so I got out our fleece throws to have over us while we watched telly. Jane, the temp is 18-20 degrees which sounds relatively warm, and certainly much warmer than at home, but it has also been windy and we have some draughts which make it feel cooler; the house is usually cool even in hot weather (other than last week).

We didn't go to the gym yesterday but will go in an hour or so, once Ploppy is up and we've put the rubbish out for collection. Given the weather, think we'll be going by car even though the hotel is only a few mins walk. I still have a lot of stuff to do on the laptop including printing for our next trip. I will probably do a wash later and there's the floors to wash/vacuum (not very enthusiastic for that job).

Enjoy your outing today, Twins.

Just had to rush downstairs as the cell was ringing and Ploppy's still in bed though awake. It was our workman confirming he wouldn't be here today because of the rain.

Bruce watching sounds fun - not. Hope he behaves himself a bit better today and doesn't rub his eye at all.

Sorry to hear you're having connection problems again, Eva. Hope you got a reasonable amount of sleep last night.

Will download my photos from our recent trips now.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 07:51
Morning and it is apparently not quite so cold (MM has just put the refuse out for collection). I don’t think we will have to scrap the frost off the car today!

Oh poor Bruce, Jo. He obviously hates the cone and doesn’t, of course, realise it was for his own good. Mind you he is being very resourceful in finding ways to try and pull it off (I particularly like the idea of the frozen grass). I somehow feel ribbon would not have worked with Bruce, but as your helper said, very good that you had the twine available. Just as well you have plenty of gaffer tape I feel. I see you have a back up cone just in case. Not surprised you are tired, making sure he is ok, feeding and watering him. Hopefully when his eye is ok and the cone is gone it will all have been worthwhile.

Oh dear Diana, the rain (and the storm) sounds awful. Not surprised to read that the work on the outside of the house hasn’t started! I see a little rt was the answer to the bad weather, I see that this morning the storms have gone and you are left with mist and rain. Just as well you have the fleeces to hand. Wise to drive to the gym, even if it is a short distance, as at least you will have a dry journey. I can’t understand why you aren’t looking forward to cleaning the floors. Ah so as you suspected no work being done on the house today either. I suspect downloading your photos may take a while!

Well that’s a relief Lady J – just as I was planning on baking a cake and putting a file inside it! So pleased you decided not to post the maths problem (although of course – fingers crossed behind back – we should have loved tackling it (not)). Oh I didn’t find the first episode of GO confusing at all, just really entertaining (it does of course benefit from DT being in it!). I am looking forward to the second episode!

Sorry to hear you are still having problems with the gizmo Eva. Fingers crossed you have managed to resolve it. I also hope you managed a good night’s sleep!

Yesterday we had a good catch up with what is going on in the office at the moment (I am sooo glad I am not working any more!). Poor Ania (Offxce Manxger) looked shattered! The underground was working well so we were home just about 4pm – Twin had beaten us by about ten minutes. Her hair looks lovely – her hairdresser is very good and does a brilliant job with Twin’s hair. I had forgotten that MM was on last night so we watched that (on the basis it was two hours) and will catch up with HC and SWitness at some point over the weekend. Today we are off to the Nat P#trait Gxllery to see the exhibition on the PRaph Sisterhood – looking forward to that. Afterwards we will have a late lunch in Cxte. Tonight is choir practice – still finding it odd to be singing on a Wednesday night and not a Monday night! Mornng BHB, yes it is a little warmer today. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Txxtsie Rxll into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM (who is awake) arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 08:13
Morning all and it is a gloomy one here, but at least it is dry. Really looking forward to seeing the exhibition later. This will be a fairly quick post as we need to get going.

Eva I forgot to say thanks for the offer of the back scratcher but my spaghetti spoon is working well! Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before! Hope you have your tv sorted.

Poor Bruce Jo. The mor I see him the sorrier I feel for him... and you! It is miserable but hopefully will make him all better.

So glad you didn’t take the jewellery Jane! We prefer you free!

Hope the weather picks up Diana and you can get the house done, very frustrating.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Txxtsie Rxll? Very nice, let’s get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 10:44
Morning all. It looks like it's going to be a nice day here with blue skies, but only + 2 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. You've got the coffee ready for me? And toasted teacakes? You are wonderful.😍💋💋

It's like P*cadilly C*rcus here today. I have 2 blokes going in and out checking my tv cable and my internet connection. They are doing the whole block, so it takes time. In addition my cleaning lady is doing her h****r dance at the moment, so I'm in the study with the door closed. I'm letting them get on with it.
I've had another morning trying to get the UK connection fixed, but this time it's taking much longer than I have experienced before. The emails have been flying between me and the gizmo provider. One of the emails was so full of computer speak that I hardly understood anything. I wrote back and asked them to pretend I was a computer idiot and needed the instructions in simple English! Their advices improved, but I'm still waiting for advice that can solve the problem. Sometimes I wonder how many hours I have spent sitting here in front of the pooter trying to solve problems! In a way life was simpler before, not that I would want back a world without internet, smartphones and SatNavs (when they work!)
The acupuncture has already had a good effect. I've slept more over the last 2 nights than in a long time, but I still wake up after an hour or two's sleep, but I've managed to go back to sleep again, so I'm feeling much better coming out of the daze.

Jo,- poor you and poor Bruce. It must be so unsettling for him with that thing around his neck. Especially if he feel he needs to scratch the eye but can't get to it. And you who's been keeping watch over him, day and night. I hope both you and Bruce are soon back to normal.

Jane,- do you mean I can call back the police posse I sent out? 👮👮👮‍♀️👮‍♀️🚔🚔

Pauline,- your hair looks very pretty of course. Did Carol provide the cream therapi on you yesterday? I bet that felt good.

Carol,- have a good time out today and enjoy the exhibition.

Diana,- sorry the weather has turned on you, but then it'll be easier to go to the gym.

Tomorrow morning I'm having a meeting with the dementia research team with father in his home. I've reminded him twice, but will do it again later.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 11:39
Oh Diana the weather sounds like it won't be a good day to be out and about. I too have some cleaning to do, might not :)

Last night I unrolled my bed next to Bruce's. All fine. I woke up a couple of times to check on him and the cone, all was well. Then about 3.30am I felt my lower legs being crushed and a whining sound. Poor Bruce was upset and he wanted a cuddle. I removed my legs from under him and gave him a cuddle, tried to get him back on his own bed. Failed. I swapped to his bed, which was more comfortable than mine. I have now had a bath, so feel much better. Felt he was OK to leave for 10mins as I could hear what he was doing, conveniently the bathroom is downstairs. Pauline it is not good to see him how he is, but if it had been left he would probably lose the sight in that eye. The red is the third eyelid stitched to cover the ulcerated area. The white bit above the red is a little plastic bit, which I assume is to anchor the stitching

Spaghetti spoon as a back scratcher, of course, almost perfect shape.

Hope you enjoy the exhibition. In the house seems like it is a chilly day. Just put on the thick lined fleece.

Eva I hope you can complete the attachment of the gizmo. How annoying. I have a new box thingy as an upgrade I haven't attached it yet, not looking forward to it.

Mr ExP was out and about early this morning. He was far too early for Duffy, he sent a pic of her under the duvet on their bed. You can just see top of her head above the duvet.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 11:49
Sorry Eva I missed your post, it appeared when I refreshed.
I think I'm going to have a dose. Just watching the Professionals
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 12:37
Hi everyone!

Phew! Interpol has been called off (thanks Eva), though I have just received a suspiciously heavy cake from Carol. I wonder what's in there.

Jo - I can only imagine what Bruce and you (his servant) are going through with the lampshade thing. I must be upsetting seeing how bored and uncomfy he is even though it's for his own good. I hope you manage to get some breaks at least - is Ex Postman on standby?

Diana - that is quite cool. And wind and drafts I can see why you need fleeces. I hope the storms are now over and the rain and fog clears away.

Oh yes Carol - I know what you mean about DT. Excellent casting that was! Hope you and Pauline have a fab time with the Pre Raph ladies. I'm quite jealous! Hmmm how long is it on for? Wondering if I can get there before it ends.

Eva - I know what you mean about modern technology. I would be without it all either, but it can suck up hours of your life at a time. I hope you manage to get gizmo sorted.

I am probably about to embark on my own teccy frustrations. I am changing my wifi contract. It's the same provider but they are doing a cheaper deal for the service that I am getting. The nice chap on the phone convinced me that as I'm (pretty much) satisfied with the speed I get at the moment there's no need for me to have superfast. So he's advised me to change to an even cheaper version.

Hmmmmm - I have gone with his suggestion but I am standing by for a horrible time. I have to have a new rooter and must set it up myself.


Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 14:06
hello. got back last night from glorious , and much needed, sunny and relaxing few days in N.rfolk. mind you, not everyone might have thought they were relaxing. 2 days we walked several (different) miles of the coastal path. saw loads of birds, including hundreds of pink f.oted g.ese - their formations filled the skies. we had couple of lovely meals out and met up with friends who have holiday home there for a drink. she was supposed to help me choose my hat (a huge hat shop in a local town there) but obviously that not needed now! heard no more from UB scollop (apart from a brief happy bday ph call to ploppy)- however he is abroad on business adn he sent a quick text today to say his work is manic and no time even to let all suppliers know wedd is off! not going to ask why g/f cant do that! eldest son is very worried about his bro given pressure he is under at work - and home. they were due to meet up on Sunday (on their own) to chat things thro - when eldest scollop came off his bike in black ice. he spent rest of day in A and .! 2 bones in hand (his R hand!) have complex fractures; he is in plaster and is being re assessed next week (when swelling down) to see if needs an operation. he is now fairly incapacitated - we may have to go down next week. His g/f is looking after him at mo - and driving him to and form work. will be a big test of their relationship. they were due to come up here this w/e but will see if that happens. bit fed up ("slight" understatement).
Jane and Jo - you have reminded me that I want to go and see King Tut. saw him last in 1970's exhib - but dont suppose he has changed much. he may not recognise me!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 16:48
not a dose, meant a doze.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 17:13
Fi the exhib is very different. There is no gold mask, but there are many things which have not been out of Egypt before. Also the 'staging' is excellent. The info, since DNA testing, is clarified.
So he tells ploppy that he can't get the time to tell suppliers gggggggrrrrrr.

Yes Jane it is a bit stressy. I can get food online so it is fine. Mr ExP has lots of dog walking on at the moment, he's getting up and going out 2hrs earlier than normal. He has also increased his teaching, so he's not free at the moment. That is fine. I remembered what the one-to-one nursing was like for Cora, that was worse, as she couldn't walk. Last night was the funniest. Sleeping next to each other, then he woke up and was lonely so decided to sleep on me. I managed to get out. I did leave him to get a bath, so not too bad.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, January 23, 2020, 05:53
Morning and it's not raining! It has rained overnight and is still very grey. The forecast says there might be some light rain mid-morning but the sun should then come out and it'll warm up. The next couple of days are also due to be good. Hopefully the men can start on the exterior work this morning and yesterday's washing, which is still rather wet, can be put out to dry. Ploppy will be playing golf later and I have a bit of cleaning to do and then hopefully can sit on the veranda.

Yesterday I booked our flight for our trip to the golf at Sun City in November as the dates of the competition have been confirmed. Accommodation already sorted but we still need to book the golf tickets when they go on sale and sort out car hire. We'll be away for 10/11 days as we're going to drive back to Knysn* (over 1,000 kms), stopping off at Kimberl*y to see the Big Hole and a few other places.

Hope Bruce is being a good boy, is getting used to the cone and not touched his eye.

Good luck sorting out the gizmo, Eva. Yes, I would hate to be without the internet now but you do spend hours sometimes sorting stuff and trying to fix issues. Great that you have had more sleep - hope last night was also a good one.

And good luck, Jane, with your new wifi.

Oh no, not more things going wrong for your family, Fi. Ohmmms to your eldest, hope he doesn't need an op and the hand mends fine.

Ploppy's up and the men due shortly so better put laptop away and do breakfast.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, January 23, 2020, 08:36
Morning and another grey day (bring back the cold and the sunshine I say!). Yesterday was really miserable; what Fi would call a “dreich” day.

Eva if you could send your sunshine over that would be lovely (having said that I think the forecast looked as if you might get some of the white stuff before the weekend). I see you had a full house yesterday – workmen checking your connections to the internet and your cleaning lady doing her dance – no wonder you retired to the study and shut the door! I see you are still struggling with the gizmo. That’s excellent that the acupuncture has worked and you are actually getting more sleep – hooray! Hope your meeting today goes well (and your father remembers that it is happening!).

Oh poor Bruce, waking and wanting a cuddle, and poor you – hopefully he slept better last night. He is probably wondering what on earth is going on. I suspect you are feeling very tired too! Love that Mr ExP send a pic of Duffy snuggling under the duvet! So you had a worse time with Cora? Horrid having to watch animals suffer when they don’t understand that it is for their own good. So Bruce has decided sleeping on you is the way forward! Glad you managed to get a bath!

Ah the cake was not my normal light and fluffy ones Lady J!! Shame it isn’t needed now. I missed GO last night of course as I was out singing, but I will catch up at the weekend. The Pre Raph exhibition closes this Sunday, so I think you may have missed out. They are closing the NP Gallery for three years (I think from March) so they can provide a new entrance and do some major interior refurbishment – some of their painting are going to other galleries around the country on loan whilst it is closed. Good luck with the internet provider!!!

Fi, I am sure the break did you both the world of food. Of course your idea of relaxing is different to most of us! Lovely that you met up with friends too. Hmm, so no further news from UB scallop. I can see what eldest is worried about him, and how dreadful that he came off his back and has to have an op. Well done to g/f for stepping into the breach and, as you say, it will be a real test of the relationship. When MM broke his left hand that was difficult enough, but he could still do things with his right hand, although things like doing up shirt buttons etc. I had to help with. I am sure King Tut would recognise you!!

Good news the rain has left you Diana. Fingers crossed the postpone work to the exterior can now go ahead. I see you have been busy booking things for another adventure. I think it is a good idea to use the trip as an extended break and drive back to visit places you may not have seen. I hope you get your time resting on the veranda today and the sun shines on you.

We enjoyed the exhibition yesterday – although it wasn’t the best we have seen, and in some respects it was badly displayed. The start of it is in two very small rooms, so it was difficult to get close to the paintings and exhibits – as one elderly gentlemen kept telling anyone in his vicinity “they have let too many people in). I suspect it was so busy due to it coming off on Sunday so people wanted to visit before then (bit like us!). Towards the end the masses had cleared away a little so it was easier to see things (plus they were in a better space). We went and had a lovely lunch in Cote afterwards and were home again by 4.30pm. We left Twin and went off to sing in the evening (lovely being able to just sit and sing again!) and we were home just after 10pm so she only had a couple of hours on her own. Today we are off to W’field near the old Beeb studios of happy memory – when I say “we” that is Twin and me – for some reason MM didn’t want to go, so he will take the car to have its tyres looked at (we may have a slow puncture in one of them). Morning BHB, yes it is a bit gloomy out. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Red Mxnhxttxn into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle before the DCM joins us.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, January 23, 2020, 09:16
Morning all and another gloomy one though I think not as damp, hopefully! It was not nice yesterday. Still, thankfully we weren’t outside too much. Enjoyed the exhibition though I wouldn’t rate it the best, but certainly had some lovely paintings. It was great to see the pre Ralph ladies represented. We had a lovely lunch and then got home. Twin and MM were off singing in the evening and I watched tv. Today Twin and I are off for a little RT. Feel it would be rude not to!

Eva thank goodness you seem to sleep a bit better, fingers crossed it continues! You certainly had a busy time of it yesterday! I hope the gizmo is now sorted.hope all goes wel, with the meeting with the dementia team.

Jane good luck sorting the WiFi. I ser my router up and it was quite easy, so I hope your”s is as well.

Fi you poor eldest, that sounds bad though I suppose could have been worse. I hope he can avoid the op and the girlfriend comes through for him and all is well. So no mire from U/bed Scollop then. Well then made the mess so hopefully will clear it up themselves. I think the weekend away was just what you needed.

So Bruce is sleeping on you Jo! Poor boy, it’s a shame there isn’t some way to let animals know this is for their own good. I hope you manage to look after you as well as it must be tiring.

Hooray, your rain may go away today Diana! Let’s hope so and the house can get painted. Oh I have been to Sun City. Thought it a ver odd place., but quite luxurious.

Morning BHB, you have made us Red Mxnhxtten today. Lovely, so let’s get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Thursday, January 23, 2020, 12:41
Afternoon (just) all. The weather is so depressing today that I don't want to look out of the window! You were right, Carol,- it only lasted a day.

I'm not sure the man from the internet/telly provider managed to sort everything yesterday, because the "box" went back to it's bad habits when I sat down to enjoy the telly last night. I was getting worried about my UK gizmo, because nothing worked last night, but lo! and behold! it works now. I can watch P*intless again! 😃 The meeting with the demnsia team went well. I rang father again this morning to remind him, and just as well, as he'd forgotten about it.😒 They were 2 people today, one nurse and one doctor, and after a session where they asked us both questions, they split us up. I was interviewed by the nurse and the doc took care of father. They were very thourough,- we were talking for another 1 1/2 hours. They wanted to know how I (and youngest sister) coped with the care for father, how our own health was and so on so forth. Father was joking that he was set on becoming 100 years old, and I retorted that if he did, I would be moving in to a care home. He looked like a question mark, but obviously didn't understand my sarcasm. Just at well!
When the session was over I did father's weekly shop, and then I came home.

Jane,- I hope the installation of the new wifi goes without any trouble.

Fi,- I can't believe what UB scollop said to you about not having time for all the cancellations! I really hope they don't plan to ask you to do it. You very rightly ask about the g/f. And poor eldest scollop,- falling like that can do you the most serious harm, and it doesn't sound good so far. Fingers crossed that when the swelling goes down he won't need an operation. If King Tut does recognise you, you should be worried! 😜

Diana,- hope the rain stays away so you can get the work to the house done.

Jo,- nothing about your sleeping arrangements will surprise me.

Twins,- sorry the exhibition didn't meet your expectations, but at least you got a nice lunch!

Now it's time for my lunch, so I'll leave you for now.
TK wrote:
Thursday, January 23, 2020, 14:05
Been emptying out food cupboard, found an in date small bar of choc from M&S, just choc, not the nicer one with nuts. There is a lot of out of date stuff, going in the food recycling. Next I need to cull the glasses, I'll keep some .
Bruce is not happy. We went down the garden about 30mins ago. I think he is a bit itchy around the back of his head, as the cone doesn't allow him to itch back there. I gave him a good scratch, seemed to settle him.
Eva I find it strange that you consider having a night's sleep on the carpeted floor with duvet and covered by warm throws and a dog is unusual. To be truthful the addition of the dog was uncomfortable (Bella would have been much worse), so I wriggled out from under dog.
TK wrote:
Thursday, January 23, 2020, 17:09
I've been tidying and throwing stuff out. In the process I've thrown some oxidised almond oil over me, doesn't smell good. Double checked the recycling rules, drinking glasses cannot not be placed in the recycling bin. I know Pyrex could not go in the recycling bin. Oh well they'll go in the general bin. I've considered the charity shops, but the type of glasses I have sit on the shelves for ages.
evam wrote:
Thursday, January 23, 2020, 18:42
Jo,- the problem for me with sleeping on the floor is not getting down there but getting up again! I might reconsider if you offered me a PI matress! 😜
TK wrote:
Thursday, January 23, 2020, 19:15
We had a nice visit from Duffy and daddy. She had a good rummage about as normally she is focused on biscuit as they've been for a walk. Hopefully she's licked the rest of the oil off the floor. Bruce gave a good demonstration of licking water from a syringe. Hopefully Mr T will be here soon
TK wrote:
Thursday, January 23, 2020, 20:16
Eva I can't get up off the floor without a chair or stool to push on. As Ro can attest, I'm pretty good at going on hands and knees until I find, in this case, the stairs to push myself up. I can also do it in the dark.
evam wrote:
Thursday, January 23, 2020, 20:47
Jo,- 😂😂😂😂
evam wrote:
Friday, January 24, 2020, 04:32
Morning all. Yes, it’s one of the bad nights. I slept for about 2 hours, and then I was wide awake. I stayed in bed for a while reading, but couldn’t go bak to sleep, so out of bed it was. I’ve done some tidying, paid a couple of bills from my netbank, and then I did all the i*****g making a heap in the utility room. So now it’s gone until the next wash.
I’m not going to see father today. We are trying to wean him off expecting at least one of us will be coming for a visit every day. It was one thing when he still lived in his old flat. We knew he could feel very lonely there, but in sheltered accomodation there are people around him all the time,-when the DN 3 times a day, and he see his fellow residences when they have their dinners in the dining room.
I told youngest sister she can have the w/e off as next w/e I’ll be somewhere else.😀
I’ll go back to bed now. If I’m lucky I’ll catch some more sleep. 💤
Diana wrote:
Friday, January 24, 2020, 05:56
Morning all.

And finally we have a beautiful morning and forecast for today and tomorrow is very good. Yesterday wasn't as nice as forecasted with rain most of the morning. There was some sun in the afternoon, especially late pm, so I sat out for a while. Also did the I word.

I forgot to say that I had an interesting dinner on Wednesday. The top of the black pepper pot fell off so I had lots of black pepper all over my food. And last night I managed to spill wine (a very nice one too) over Ploppy and the sette when topping up his glass.

Ploppy won a prize at golf yesterday for getting nearest the pin. It's usually a bottle of wine which would have been very nice but this time it was a large chicken! It had already started defrosting so couldn't put it in the freezer, though don't think it would have gone in anyway. It doesn't say how much it weighs and I only have small scales here so can't weigh it. Will have to estimate and hopefully it will cook OK - may cut in two as not sure I have a big enough oven dish. So we'll be eating chicken for a few days.

We're expecting the workmen any minute so must fly.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 24, 2020, 07:02
Morning and still dark outside so not sure what the weather is doing. Yesterday wasn’t as bad as it had been on Wednesday, although it was still quite grey. I think we have a similar day today – dry but grey and dull.

Oh hooray you are now back with your UK gizmo and (fingers crossed) all is working well Eva! That was a long meeting you had – it sounds very thorough. I am assuming the answers you gave and the ones your father gave will be poles apart. At least they are aware that life is difficult (both physically and healthwise) for you and younger sister (I notice no mention of Mrs S!!!). Are you sure your Father was joking about being 100??!!!! I hope after all that you managed to put your feet up in the afternoon!! I agree if King Tut recognised Fi she should be very worried about it! I see you had another bad night – and I thought it was going so well for the last couple of nights. I do hope you managed to get a little more sleep after you went back to bed. That is a very sensible thing to try and get out of the cycle of a visit a day – as you say, now your father has company every day it is very different to when he was at home and feeling lonely.

Ah yes Jo - turning out cupboards always brings to light some out of date stuff! At least you found some chocolate that was in date. Oh poor Bruce, still suffering I see. So it is normal sleeping arrangements for you then? I am with Eva – I might have difficulty getting back up again...... Ah I see you are well versed in the art – quite impressive, especially if you can do it in the dark!. So Bruce had visitors, I am sure he enjoyed that. I am sure the oxidised almond oil smelt divine.....or maybe not. We can recycle glass with our Council – there was something on the News last night about trying to standardise all the recycling nationally so that everyone can recycle the same things and there is no confusion.

Pleased to hear that the nice weather has returned for you Diana. Oh goodness – I like black pepper but not an entire pot on my dinner. I see even worse was the spilt wine – was it one you had bought on your vineyard visits? Well done to Ploppy but I can see why you would have preferred the usual bottle of wine to what sounds like an extremely large chicken! Sounds like you will face the same dilemma that most people have after C’mas – what to do with turkey leftovers! I hope the workmen turned up in good time!

Lady J – I see it was take your bunny to work day yesterday – how did Beatrix get on? I am sure she was very helpful and enjoyed herself. How are the ribs doing now?

We had a good look at the shops yesterday - MM dropped us at the station and we had a slight delay as there were problems on the Cxntrxl Lxne, but we once we were underway we were fine. We spent the first hour and a bit going around the huge John L – Twin didn’t actually buy anything but was very tempted by a lovely Ted Baker bag. I was also tempted by a TB bag and it was reduced by £60 so I couldn’t resist (I still have some birthday money – well £500 – so it may well be that I will say it is part of that). I managed to smuggle it into the house so MM is currently oblivious. I bought a lovely little coat for Aidan that was reduced to £13.50 – it has a woodland scene on it and is fleece lined, with a detached hood. I rang to check it would be wanted and Gemma was very pleased as she had told June this week she needed to get him a coat. After exhausting ourselves in JohnL we went for lunch at the Pixxa Exp. Afterwards it was a quick look into the big M&S (nothing there that we felt merited buying!), and then into Phxsx 8, where I saw a nice jumping top in navy and on the way out (after paying for the navy top) another jumping top assaulted me – in my favourite deep blue, so I had to succumb. We left just after 2.30 and MM collected us to fetch us home. Twin went off back to her own home and we had a night in with feet up and caught up with Silent Witness from Tuesday and another episode of the Christine K programme. Then of course it was D in Pxrxdise – lovely! This morning I am off for my back massage and my hair done (9 am so quite early). Then MM will collect me from the salon and we will go and do our food shop for the weekend. We were due to have a meeting at church at 2pm, but that has now been moved to the following week, so today won’t be quite as manic as it looked it might be. Tonight is Church choir practice and home in time for G’chester! Morning BHB, yes it is very dark outside, so let’s take the Vanillita and the churros through to the conservatory. We can have a lovely snuffle while we wait for the DCM.
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, January 24, 2020, 09:22
morning. Had quiet day at home yesterday - well that was the plan! But after my usual early morn swim adn b/fast with a friend i managed to get p.diatry appt as have been getting some trouble in my foot where had broken bone 40 yrs ago! seemingly I need orth.tics! Then shopping for food for w/e (eldest scollop and g/f coming for w/e) then home and did lots of baking. she is l.ctose free so had to think what ingredients i could use instead of my usual ones. think they all worked out Ok. I made one cake with usual ingreds as scollops fave so she just cant have any of that! but plenty else. then texted a friend from P.lates who was really down yesterday as in her 3rd week without an oven - new kitchen taking rather longer than planned to fit! yes they would love to come for supper that eve so then into overdrive to prepare meal, which went well and they were so grateful to have a home cooked meal. Today off to silver screening - i have forgotten which film (even tho I booked it) !! then to see a friend who is totally shocked at UB scollop behaviour and wanted to give me a hug before she goes on hol. I could do with a hug!
We tried to book a hol for the wedd dates - feel we need to be away. but then remembered all ploppy health issues (he is having investigations on his h.rnia and n.mb foot) in next 2 weeks and thought insurance will be a nightmare plus don't know if will need any follow up. so will leave booking for now and hope for a last min deal - or go away in UK.
Eva - agree that your dads social needs now being met much more - and so you and sis need to look after your own. That is why I am so upset at sloppy making decision not to go in sh housing. she is lonely. My sloppy opposite to your dad. she (and sis) talk as if dad will not last much longer. but as that was the thought also when they moved down 7 yrs ago and as all dads generation above made his age or older I say nothing! I haven't quite bought the 100th card as 2 yrs to go but I will be surprised if it is not needed. and as for ploppy's aunt who was not expected to last beyond 3 months when moved into her home and 4 years later is healthiest we have seen her in yrs at age 94- maybe i need a job lot of 100th cards!
Carol - i need a new navy handbag but get put off by all the choice. I need you as a personal shopper! you have generous friends and relatives!
TBF to scollop he has told all suppliers ( i think _ i am not getting involved so not even asking) it is the dressmaker here who needs updating. yes it should be g/f telling her but..... so think I will need to go and see her myself.
Must dash to see unknown film!
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, January 24, 2020, 10:51
Morning all. I am running very late today as I had my usual bouts of itches in the night then overslept! As I needed to wash my hair getting ready took longer than usual and of course the moisturising took time as well. I need to go food shopping this morning so will have to get a wriggle on! We had a lovely walk round the shops yesterday. Quite funny as we really went as I have a JL gift voucher from C/mas and came home empty handed. Twin manage to uphold our mission to save the high street stores though so all was well!

Oh no Eva, not back to sleeplessness, grrr! I hope you managed to sleep a bit more when you went back to bed. I also think it a good idea to let your father have a few days here and there without either you or your sis visiting. It should help ease the pressure on you both.

Amazing what you find in cupboards whe you have a turn out isn't it Jo! Recycling is a work of art these days! My council are quite good at giving us lists of what we can and can't, but it is always incomplete! Sadly I never find chocolate in my cupboards, it never seems to last long enough to get stored! I also have difficulty getting off the floor without the help of chairs and things!

Diana, wasting peeper is one thing, but wine? I hope you manage to get the enormous chicken cooked! At least there is lots you can do with cooked chicken!

Oh I saw that it was take your Bunny to work day yesterday Jame. (Who knew?) I am sure Beatrix had a lovely day and was lots of help.

Fi I hope you enjoy your film, whatever it is ! I can understand why you need hugs so sending lots along. Glad to see you are not getting involved in the sorting of the wedding stuff, though I can see that you might have to talk to the seamstress lady, for her sake as well as yours! Have a lovely weekend. Your boys seem to like ladies with dietary problems don't they!

Morning BHB and you have kept some Vanillita for me? Wonderful, let's get some and go and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Friday, January 24, 2020, 12:32
Running late this morning, even though we were at the 8am dog walking group for the first time in a couple of days.

Great shame that I cannot put the drinking glasses in the recycling, glass bottles are OK. The unrecycled waste has gone this morning, so I need to put the bins back. I move Felf's bins in addition to mine.

Bruce is zonked out.

Oh Diana, the pepper incident, a disaster.

Lot of hand bag talk today. I suppose it is good time if the sales or reductions are still about.

Pull back on the visiting, Eva, good. It must be tiring going to and fro almost on a daily basis.

Fi your entry today got me thinking about my Cliffy friend's father. His wife died, and he stayed in the house outside Dundee. He was in a little road of a few houses. He didn't want to move away. So his son and daughter took turns in visiting. She flew up from LHR and bro from north midlands. So expensive. I'm not sure what happened as I've not had a long chat with her for a couple of years. They tried to get them both to move south when the mother started to be ill they wouldn't move then. Very difficult.

A chicken dilemma, I always used to put a skewer into the breast to check if it was cooked, if some blood ran out it was not. I always slightly over cooked it, just in case

Better go Bruce has got up
Jane E wrote:
Friday, January 24, 2020, 13:15
Hello all!

Do I look smug? I'm feeling smug. I set up the new router without any problem - and got all my devices talking to it. I'm so pleased :-)

I was away yesterday at a full day meeting in St*ckp*rt. We were originally asked to show something in our handbag (manbag or pocket) as an icebreaker but earlier in the week someone changed it to bring anything.

So I abandoned my idea to show them my exciting collection of teabags and invited Beatrix. I told her it was bring your bunny to work day. She was very excited and enjoyed operating the spider phone. I think my colleagues liked her. She has a new follower! (Oddly they thought it strange that a fluffy rabbit should have her own twitter account. But there's nothing weird about it at all!)

Fi - not surprised about your friend's reaction to UB scollop's behaviour. It beggars belief. At least you managed to have a pleasant holiday - and yes I think a last min hol when you know how Ploppy is is a good plan.

Eva - the doc and nurse sound very thorough. I hope they reminded you that you need to look after yourself! At least you have something to look forward to. Sorry I won't be there, I'll be at the Brum panto.

Carol - what a pity that the exhibition wasn't better laid out. It's a pity I can't get there before it closes. I must be more proactive about pre raph stuff! Sounds like you had a good shopping trip - hold on - what's that you are hiding behind your back? A new handbag?! Very posh!

Oh dear Pauline - not such a good shopping trip for you :-(. I hope you managed to get yourself sorted in time. Horrible when itching stops you sleeping.

Jo - glad to see Duffy is still visiting bored Bruce. It must be exhausting looking after him - but sounds like operation cupboard sorting is going well.

Diana - well done to Ploppy on the prize err partly defrosted chicken! Pity about the black pepper and the wine!
TK wrote:
Friday, January 24, 2020, 15:03
Cupboard sorting going very slowly, I sort of part do one and move to the next as stuff needs to be moved about. Especially as my new kettle needs a place to be used and the place where the old one is needs to be out of use due to long term cat abuse. Nothing to do with Tamsey, I hasten to add. In her youth she concentrated on the TV. I think I just need to replace the wall socket.

Ah that explains why Beatrix was out and about yesterday. And gaining a new follower too :)

Apparently Bruce's inability to lick water from a bowl when he has his collar on is only when the bowl contains water. He has no problem when the same bowl contains full fat milk or melted ice cream.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, January 25, 2020, 09:12
Morning and not quite so grey as yesterday, but still fairly gloomy (as in I need the lights on!). Maximum temperatures will be around 8C but tomorrow we have rain coming back.

Fi, the foot problem sounds painful – I know that anything that happens to our bones in the past leaves us open to arthrxtxs so hopefully it isn’t that that is causing the problems. Ah Mrs Chris is lxctose intolerant, but takes pills if she is about to have anything “suspect” – which she finds works well. I am sure eldest scallop will be pleased there is one less to share his favourite cake with. I imagine he is struggling after the bike fall. I empathise with the friends having the kitchen done – we had the previous house kitchen refigured (larder removed, back door moved, dividing wall into the dining room taken down) and apart from finding brick dust for months afterwards (despite cleaning like a dervish) it was the food cooking that was the problem. We bought a little electric free standing “cooker” (if I can call it that) which took a small baking tray – it was wonderful for doing shepherds pies, moussakas for the two of us our heating something up. I imagine it was for a caravan or something really. I am sure eating your home cooked meal was bliss for them. Hope you enjoyed the film (whatever it turned out to be) and had a good visit (and hug) with your friend. We are all sending you virtual hugs of course. I think getting away somewhere is a very good idea – if you can’t go abroad, then somewhere in the UK like C’wall or Dexon maybe? Ah I have a very generous uncle! At least the suppliers have now been told, I do feel you may end up being the one to tell the dressmaker. My fees as a personal shopper are very reasonable as Twin will tell you – a glass of wine usually suffices!

Jo I am impressed that you made the 8am dog walking group yesterday. How did Bruce take to being with them whilst wearing the cone? Not surprised he was exhausted (he probably still has bits of the anaesthetic in him). Yes there are excellent buys in handbags at the moment (says she who but a few weeks ago said “I don’t think I need any more handbags”). Goodness that was good of the children to do the long distance visiting – that must have been really, really expensive (especially from LXR!). Oh I was taught to do the skewer test when I was doing Domestic Science (as it was then) at school. I sympathise with the cupboard clearing – I need to do the one of mine that has all the cake cooking ingredients in it as I am sure some of that needs ditching. I need the steps to get to the top shelves. Ooh I new kettle – I don’t think you mentioned that before. Of course Bruce can manage the milk or the ice cram!!

Well done Lady J - I never doubted you would set the new router up with no problems. Ah so now we know why Beatrix was at work. I am sure she loved finding out how things worked (is she now saying she wants to work in an office full time?). I see she had added to her coterie of followers as a result! Of course having her own twitter account insn’t at all strange. I didn’t realise there were still pantos on at the moment. I assume the Brum one runs until next weekend? I also assume it may not have started as early in December as some did.

I had a lovely back massage and my hair is now all conditioned and lovely (I can also see out of the fringe again – I find that is quite useful generally). I also collect my prize from the little raffle which the Salon runs for charity each Christmas. My last win a couple of years ago was some OPI nail polish – this time I have won a back massage (how handy is that!). MM collected me and we went to do our food shop – he had to go to the bank so I popped into one of the clothes shops which had a sale on and three jumping tops leapt into my basket!! What could I do especially as there was an extra 15% off...... I spent the afternoon compiling a list of all the songs we have performed at concerts over the past four years so that I could send it to Marg. I also sorted out the music for Choir practice last night. We may or may not have a musician this week, so if not we will be singing a capella again, or along to a video. Today is laundry day so I will catch up with various things whilst doing the i word – G Omens, Dxrkw’er Fxll and HC should keep me going. MM is off to the church this morning to ride shotgun for the Vicar whilst he meets individually with three of the instigators of the “incident” that lead to the suspension, so not expecting to see him until early afternoon. Morning BHB, yes it is getting slightly less dull out – let’s take the toasted paninis and the Bxbby Bxrns into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, January 25, 2020, 10:15
Morning all and Happy Burns Night to Fi and Ian! It is not the nicest day here, more cloud and gloom. I think it will change tomorrow and get cooler and rain, that will make a nice change. I have laundry to do today and any other h/work I can summon up the energy for. Still having itchy broken nights so I feel very jaded. Mind when I see what sleep Eva gets I feel a bit of a fraud!

Well done on sorting the router Jane. I knew you could do it! I am sure Beatrix loved her day at work, she looked right at home. Not surprised she has acquired a new follower! How's the ankle and your ribs doing?

Wow that is some distance to keep visiting a parent Jo. Well done to them for doing it. Glad to hear Bruce can manage to lap up milk and ice cream. Bless. How long does this carry on for? You will be absolutely worn out. I don't want to think about the kettle abuse!

Congratulations on winning a back massage Twin. I am jealous!

Morning BHB and we have Bxbbling Bxrns today? Very appropriate. Let's get some more and a panini and go and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Saturday, January 25, 2020, 13:40
poor tk is missing her cuddles, so being stroked now. hence one hand typing.
i did manage to clear one little bit of the kitchen for the very cheap kettle. not sure if kettle mum bought me in 1978 has actually broken or if it is the socket.

Fi there seems to be more food intolerances about now. (TK have moved.)

Carol a very successful trip, well done. tk back.

I forgot to post this earlier due to Tamsey and Bruce requiring attendance.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, January 25, 2020, 16:41
Evening. It's been a lovely day here and mid 20s. However it's now clouded over and becoming misty with rain forecast for this evening and all day tomorrow. There were a load of baboons on the fairway opposite a couple of hours ago but fortunately they didn't come here.

Yesterday was also very sunny though not quite as warm. I sat on the veranda reading while Ploppy watched the golf and cricket. The workmen were finally able to start work.

Currently drinking a v nice slightly sparkling rose and watching the cricket on TV - SA batting has collapsed yet again - while the chicken is roasting. I wasn't sure it had completely defrosted last night so cut off some of the meat and skin and cooked that for dinner. The rest I put back in the fridge for today.

Ploppy has played golf all day as there's a competition this weekend, though it's doubtful tomorrow's play will go ahead given the weather. There's a competition lunch at the clubhouse tomorrow which we'll probably go to. I washed our visitors bedding this morning and have had it on the veranda to dry. Otherwise I've spent the day reading. Finished a vg J*hn Grish*m book.
TK wrote:
Saturday, January 25, 2020, 17:34
Ah Diana that sounds a lovely day, even with the washing and cooking. Glad the baboons didn't pay a visit.
It's been a bit chilly here today, not too bad. Mr + Mrs ex P are taking it in turns to visit. He came in the morning, and she in the afternoon, breaks the day up for Bruce too.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, January 26, 2020, 07:42
Morning and still dark outside – think we are due rain but not until early afternoon (when hopefully we will be indoors!).

Ah, so TK is feeling neglected do you think, I am sure she liked having her stroke. When you mentioned your old kettle, I didn’t realise you meant that old! Things were built to last back then! I remember a friend married someone who had cxeliac’s disease – it was so unknown then he almost died when in France on a holiday – no one understood that he couldn’t have any gluten and my friend didn’t speak French to be able to tell them. He ended up being flown back to the UK in an air ambulance. I remember her saying how difficult it was to find any food that didn’t have glxten in it. Now many years later it is available everywhere! That’s nice that Mr and Mrs ExP are doing daily visits – I am sure Bruce enjoys seeing them. It is also company for you, of course.

Hope all is well with Eva.

Sounds like a perfect temperature Diana. I see the rain has decided it can’t bear to stay away though. I also see the Bs are back, but not in close proximity. Excellent that the workmen have started, although will the predicted rain keep them from finishing? I am liking the sound of the sparkling rose. Excellent idea to cut some of the chicken and have a meal with a small part of it. I hope you enjoyed the remainder (I do feel you might not want a chicken meal for some time though). I haven’t read a JohnG book for some time. Hope the rain isn’t as bad as forecat.

I managed to get the laundry done yesterday so that was an exciting day for me. I did catch up with HC and GOmens, but still have D’water Fxll to watch. MM as home after 3pm – he and the Vicar had ended up in the pub for a drink and a sarnie after their three interviews. I did do a mini clothes sort whilst the w/m did its thing, so have half a dozen things for the charity shop. Off to church this morning of course – will do the normal and wear layers. I think I will have a lazy day after that – and read my book before this evening’s viewing! Morning BHB yes it is a cloudy start to the day. Let’s take the Wxltxing Mxtxlda and the toasted teacakes into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, January 26, 2020, 07:54
Morning and it's chucking it down again. I think the water shortage in this area is well and truly over, though it's bad in C*pe Town and PE. Ploppy was very pleased the golf this morning was abandoned as it would have been horrid to play in. He still had to get up at 6.30 to go over to the clubhouse to check tee hee. We'll be going to the clubhouse later for lunch (buffet I think) and prize giving. No more chickens I trust. We have had roast chicken last two nights, will have a chicken s/w tonight, chicken tomorrow, possibly Wednesday and I've put some in the freezer. The scraps and bones are now in the bin, couldn't face making a stock with the bones.

Good idea to try to get your father used to less frequent visits from you and your sister. As you say, Eva, different when he was in the flat by himself but now he has more people around, he should spend more time with them. Hope you've had a better night.

Yes, Carol, the spilt wine was one we bought at a vineyard last year. Although it's not one of the closest, it's just about reachable in a day trip and on a route we will travel every couple of years so we can go back to get more! I see you're still keeping the shops going. Well done on winning the massage - now that's a much better prize than a chicken!

The wind has really got up and the rain is lashing against the windows. Hope it's eased off when we go for lunch - we shall be taking the car anyway.

Sorry about your foot, Fi, hope they work. I'm sure I'm going to suffer in the future after my fracture. Have a good weekend with eldest and g/f. Hope you can sort out a holiday somewhere for wedding dates. Sending hugs.

Well done on sorting your router, Jane. It's such a relief when you've got everything working.

Hope Bruce continues to get over his op and didn't sleep on you last night, Jo.

Going to check if Ploppy wants to go to the gym this morning but have a feeling he'll be watching golf and cricket, and I've got some cleaning to do and need to wash my hair before lunch. We need to go food shopping today or tomorrow as have no fruit or fresh veg - we had toast with last night's roast chicken as run out of potatoes.
TK wrote:
Sunday, January 26, 2020, 10:27
Not sure what the temp is outside, but chilly sitting here. I'll turn up the heating! Bruce is perched on the chair he uses to see out the front of the house. Doesn't look too comfy, does mean he can look up if he hears something happening.
Diana, the rain is good for the water shortage but not good if you want to go out. Hope it is more pleasant tomorrow.

I had a bit of a restless night, as Bruce was restless. Got a bit wrapped up in the bedding too. It was quite a slow get off floor in the morning as I had to untangle myself from the fleece throws.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, January 26, 2020, 10:36
Morning all and it is cloudy and damp again. We have had some rain but dry at the moment. Of course I am running a bit late again, the trouble with these itchy, broken nights is I seem to fall into a nice sleep when I would normally be waking up. but as long as I am able I am letting myself sleep when I can. I did my washing yesterday so today it is the ixxnxxg for me. I also managed to sort my car insurance and saved £120 on the quote from my current insurer. I better not get started on what I think about insurance companies!, it tends to turn into a rant!

I am sure TK is a missing cuddles Jo, though it sounds as if you are making it up to her. Nice to see Bruce is getting visitors and I am sure it is breaking the day up for you as well.

Diana nice you have had some lovely weather again but not liking the sound of wind and rain lashing the windows, too much like here! We have certainly had a huge amount of rain this winter but I am betting the water company will tell us we are still short of water this summer! Hopefully you will get a nice prize at the lunch today, certainly not more chicken! Wine to replace the one you spilled would be much better.

Morning BHB and what have you made for us today? Wxltzxng Mxtxlda? Sounds lovely so let's get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Monday, January 27, 2020, 05:31

The sun is shining at present though there is some fine cloud and the forecast is still for it to be overcast most of the day so it could go either way. The rain stopped mid morning and it was looking much brighter by lunchtime so we walked to the clubhouse - it ended up being quite a nice pm. We enjoyed lunch and chatting to everyone - it was a rather boozy lunch so good thing we didn't take the car as Ploppy wasn't in a fit state to drive home. We watched the golf and cricket and had a chicken s/w for dinner.

Yesterday I washed a net curtain I forgot to do when I washed the other nets last April and left it in the garage to drip dry. It seems dry now but have put it on the veranda in the sun to finish and will probably rehang this evening. That reminds me that the wash I put on earlier should have finished so will deal with that in a mo. The workmen should be here in about 40 mins (though quite likely to arrive late). There's a wild life programme I would like to see in an hour and we need to go food shopping later this am. We'll probably go to the gym at some point today as haven't been since Wednesday.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, January 27, 2020, 07:52
Morning and dull and overcast again – rain forecast for this afternoon (just for a change).

I see you are still experiencing lots of rain too Diana. I feel you have had enough rain in your area for the water shortage to be a thing of the past. So no sympathy for Ploppy having to get up at 6.30 am to go over to the club house! I see the chicken is still going strong! I can understand you not wanting to make stock with the bones. I have to agree I prefer my prize! It’s a shame the nice wine didn’t come from a closer vineyard, but I see you have plans for restocking when necessary. At least you have seen some sunshine – and made it over to the Clubhouse for a (non chicken) lunch. As you say may be just as well you didn’t take the car. (I see the chicken reappeared as a sarnie later!). I am not surprised, for some reason, to read that the workmen like to arrive late! Hopefully the nice weather will stay and they will get most of the work done – have they said when it will be finished?

Jo it was not quite as cold yesterday when we went off to church – no frost to take off the car was the clue. Hopefully you got warm again once you turned up the heating (and may be put a fleece on). Oh poor Bruce, not surprised he was restless – he is probably thinking he has to wear the cone thing for the rest of his life. Imagine his excitement when it finally comes off! Ah I love the image of you fighting your way out of the nest of fleece blankets before you could get up! Hopefully you both had a better night last night?

We weren’t too cold in church yesterday (not exactly too warm either!). We had a guitar accompaniment for all the songs, so that was good. Next week we will have two guitars, so that will be even better. Part of the service was marking Holocaust Remembrance Day (which is today of course). It was very moving. We came home and decided to catch up with the C Kxxler programme so that we could watch the final episode last night in “real time”. I did do the little bit of the i word I had left, so that is all done......well until next weekend of course! I watched DrW in the evening (nice to see a familiar face back), and then the lovely Cthe M – that programme is so beautifully done. Off to SLAPPAS this morning and then Twin and Lindy coming for our first LACE of the New Year. It will be odd holding it on a Monday rather than a Wednesday! Morning BHB yes it is another gloomy day – let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted crumpets into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives. You can tell me all about your weekend.
evam wrote:
Monday, January 27, 2020, 08:36
Morbning all. It's overcast and chilly here,- only + 2 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart.You're happy to see me? Bless you. 💋 I've had a funny (not the haha type) w/e, spending most of Saturday with father. He'd had a fall earlier in the week, but only now he told me that his leg was hurting like h*ll. I had a look, and he had an open sore and it was obviously infected! His ankle was badly swollen as well. I called the DN and she came up to have a look at the leg. She adviced a visit to the A&E. So I bundled him into the car and drove to the local A&E. Luckily we didn't have long to wait. The doctor had a proper look, and after looking at father's notes, he tested BP, oxygen and pulse. He explained that the first signs of sepsis would show through these 3 tests, but found that father was OK(ish), but that he had an infection. So then it was off to the chemist for antibis. Father was feeling very sorry for himself, and I told him that he hadn't done himself or us any favours by not telling us earlier about the wound. He asked me to stay for a while, so I cooked lunch, waited while he had a snooze and left late that afternoon. Sunday I spent in bed,- sleeping, sleeping, sleeping and then slept some more! 💤💤💤
I did watch some telly Saturday night. (It's so much better after the provider installed a new cable earlier in the week). I enjoy The G D, but will someone tell me who advices A*ishia how to dress. It's going from bad to worse every week!
This morning I'm off to the eye consultant to have my eye checked, and he'll decide whther I can stop with the eye injections or not. I'm keeping everything crossed that I don't have to have more injections.🤞🤞🤞

I've only skimmed the blog this morning (Sorry.) I see that Bruce is still taking up most of Jo's time and TK is feeling neglected. Poor TK. Diana has seen the baboons but at a distance, and her Ploppy is still playing golf! Imagine!😜 Carol is unsecessfully trying to beat off the jumping clothes, and Pauline is still scratching. I think the latter is more serious than the first. 🤗

I've got to run.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, January 27, 2020, 10:23
Morning all and it is a lovely sunny day here, hooray! I am in better time today, though I still had an itchy night. It has improved a little (a very little!) but as one lot starts to clear it crops up elsewhere. I daresay mu body will eventually get on top of it again. I know previous outbreaks have lasted about 6 weeks! I will try to stop whinging about it as I am sure you are all tired of hearing about it! I will be off to Twin later which will be nice and hopefully take my mind of things a bit.

Your boozy lunch sounds very nice Diana and agree it is just as well you didn't take the car! So the chicken is still going strong then! I think you are probably getting a bit fed up with it by now! Hope the weather holds so the workmen can crack on with the work, when they finally arrive of course!

Eva your poor father has been in the wars. Good that he doesn't have sepsis. Hopefully in future he will tell you when he hurts himself, but I wouldn't hold my breath! Good for you having a sleeping day, I think you needed it! Fingers and toes crossed you don't need any more eye injections. Oh and I totally agree about Alesha's clothes! Weird! Probably that's the idea!

Oh and I see the GO has pulled out of the Musicals concert in Leicester, quite pleased we couldn't go now! Just wonder why he has had to cancel though. Fingers crossed we hear of something lovely he is doing soon.

MOrning BHB and it is Lavendula day of course. so let's get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Monday, January 27, 2020, 12:20
Eva, your poor father. Does he not say because he doesn't want to bother the nurses who come in 3 times a day (as that is what I read on blog a few days ago, or does he forget to tell them. Either way it is really aggravating for you. Things have been set up, but he is not saying ...again. If he is forgetting they will have to do a quick physical check each time they come it.

I've just cancelled the water inspection again. This time I've not rebooked as I need to be sure Bruce is OK.

It is a bit chilly today. Love the comment by Carol, that I put on a fleece. Missing the word 'another' as that is what I've done this morning. Bruce is sleeping in the front room.

Shame that the attendance at the Musicals concert has been cancelled. It did say that not all had confirmed. Nevermind, there are a lot of good people on the list. Hopefully he is busy because he's doing something for the future. I have a ticket, not sure if I'll go without Lee being there.I'll see how things are nearer the time.

ooo movement from the front room, better take him out

Jane E wrote:
Monday, January 27, 2020, 12:53
Hello all,

Just a quick visit from me today as I need to buy some train tickets. Why? Because I am coming to SRH's concert. I was intending to go to the charity gig but with no GO in attendance I may as well save my leave.

I am hoping that this means he has something else he needs to do - and of course I hope it bodes well for more Meadyness later in the year. Or at least it's something good in his personal life to do.

Skim reading the blog - and oh no!! Diana has used the B word! I hope they don't cause trouble!

Oh dear Eva - your silly father not telling you about the wound. I hope the antibotics sort him out. Also fingers crossed for an end to injections.

Carol - I love the idea of two guitars!

Pauline - glad you are getting some sleep - even if it's not at the normal time.

My ankle is doing every well. It complains from time to time but not seriously. Ribs are also getting better but slowly!

And Beatrix says 'hi' to everyone. No she doesn't think she'll take up full time employment but she enjoyed her day at work!
Ali wrote:
Monday, January 27, 2020, 15:23
Hello. Finally a day off after 6 days at work incl a split shift last Thurs!! Still not particularly relaxing as had to drop Mum’s car off for mot and service so combined it with shopping trip. Managed to replace a work shirt (splashed bleach on mine yesterday) and a lovely padded jacket jumped off the sale rail. Also replaced my thermal mug and then visited local store which is closing down and bought a G For*man grill 1/2 price. Decided we better come home as my debit card was rather hot.
Currently waiting for call to collect car so having well-earned cuppa.
Briefly skimmed blog but will do proper catch up later
Hoping all ok and Bruce recovering x
TK wrote:
Monday, January 27, 2020, 17:09
Well done Ali for hitting the sales. I understand about cards getting hot. Bruce is using mine rather a lot.
Well done for the 1/2 price grill. Hope the car is OK and doesn't cost too much.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 06:08
Morning all.

Carol, the work is estimated to take 8 days. If it hadn't been for the rain last week they would almost have finished. As it is only 2 days completed and work does seem to be going rather slowly - they're still filling cracks and doing prep but look to be doing a good job so far.

Sorry about your father, Eva, hope his leg heals quickly. Good to see that you had lots of sleep on Sunday though better if you had a good sleep every night. Hope you don't need any further eye injections.

Yes, Pauline, we are both fed up with chicken. We had chicken salad last night. We are eating out tonight and we won't be having chicken! I got a couple of Indian sauce mixes yesterday so we'll have a curry with the last of the chicken (other than what's in freezer) tomorrow. Hope your itches didn't keep you awake and the rash continues to get better.

Fingers crossed for some good news re the GO soon.

Well done on the purchases, Ali. Hope you've got another day off soon and can relax.

It's a beautiful morning. As soon as the men arrive, we're going to the gym, we didn't make it yesterday as it ended up being a nice day and neither of us felt like going. I did the I word instead. We got all the food we needed and also bought a mid size non-stick baking tray. the workmen are likely to be on the veranda today so we may go to the pool so not in their way.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 08:11
Morning and a bright sunny start to the day! Hooray!! Mind you we had torrential rain yesterday afternoon, and may have some more tomorrow!

Oh goodness Eva – I imagine your Father thought he wasn’t causing any trouble by keeping quiet about his leg, whereas of course it was making things worse. What with the infection and what might have been a sprained ankle, he must have been in agony. Fingers crossed the antibis work for him – was he told to rest the leg? I see you had a day of catching up on all the missing sleep – hopefully it did you a lot of good. So the new cable seems to have improved your tv reception, which is good. I hope the eye insultant was pleased and has stood you down from further injections. I presume if you don’t need the injections you will still need drops??

Jo, how is Bruce doing? Wise to cancel the water inspection until he is fully fit I think. It was chilly – and wet – yesterday. I almost wrote “some fleeces” and then decided it might just have been one – I should have gone with my instinct! The list of performers for L’cester is quite long, so I suspect they are expecting more performers to drop out for unavoidable reasons. I think we are all hoping it is because something wonderful is in the pipeline for the GO!

Lady J, I think you are sensible to save your leave – especially for a concert where the GO is now not appearing. I think ribs healing is always likely to be a slow job. Hopefully they are getting less painful when you laugh (or alternatively you have stopped laughing) or cough (ditto). Excellent that the ankle is doing well – especially given the long walk home you had the other week.

Lovely to see you Ali – that is some stint you have done at work. Any news on a replacement chef? What a good idea to combine getting your Mum’s car MOT done and doing some RT. Looks like you did very well with the jumping merchandise too!

Ah, so still quite a bit to do on the exterior work Diana. Fingers crossed for good weather so they can complete it – at least the workmen seem to be doing a thorough job. I see this is the chicken that keeps on giving! I feel it will be quite a while before you get the rest of it out of the freezer!! I am liking the sound of the beautiful morning and the lure of the pool.....

We managed to dodge the showers whilst at SLAPPAS yesterday, and I was very good and avoided any jumping merchandise (other than food of course). When we got home a made a chicken korma which cooked during the afternoon in my slow cooker (wouldn’t be without it). Twin and Lindy arrived at 2.30 ish and we watched Fxshermxnx Frxxnds which we really enjoyed. A nice feel good film with gentle comedy. Lindy had a meeting to go to the evening, so we ate about 6pm. After she had left us we put our feet up again and watched a couple of programmes before the first part of this week’s SWitnxss. Today Twin is off home and we are heading for the Nxw Forest. The boys will be at school of course, but we will see Aidan (he will be 1 next month!!!) and possible Nova. We will call in on Moving Aunt on our way home – we normally stay just after half an hour as more than that and she gets quite tired. This evening we are out meeting up with the ex Variety Group at the pub – first meet up this year. Morning BHB, yes it is a lovely bright sunny start to the day. Let’s take the Pastel de Natas and the Sxrxndipxty through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (she is awake!).
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 08:36
Morning all and it is a lovely day at the moment anyway. Just popping on as need to get going as usual so will try to get back here when I get home.
Morning BHB and we have Sxrxndxpity today? Perfect. Let’s get more and find the CM.
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 11:44
Morning. it was "The G..d" film. fab cast and acting - not so fab storyline! but a good morning out with friends and we went for lunch after and then I went straight on to another friend who had bought lots of cakes in for me as a compensation for sh.t time at mo! Then lovely w/e with eldest scollop and g/f. we both commented about what a relaxing w/e - no v.ganism to cater for - bliss. l.ctose free is so easy in comparison and she is very easy about it. On Sat we went to lovely posh hotel in next town and after a walk in local stately home grounds. Next day we did a local country walk ending in local coffee shop; followed by roast dinner at home. Then they left – sob. Think I found it harder this time due to all the emotional upset with other scollop. He phoned but no mention of wedd cancellation. We will raise it at some point when we feel emotionally stronger – and would prefer to do it face to face.
Then sis phoned. Just saying she was off for few days but only locally. Then she uttered the words (Warning: you should all be sitting down or holding on something for support) “it would be so much easier if sloppy was in housing”!! My heavy duty mouth zip went into over drive but still AAAAAAARGH – and sob.
Eldest scollop had appt today with orth.pedic team re his broken f.ngers. Unfortunately, their hand specialist was on day off! So he was not reassured with advice he got, which was to let it heal naturally and cast taken off, tho now in a splint. So may look for private appt with a hand specialist.
Ali – good you had a nice day off – even if your cr.dit card didn’t!
Ploppy got a hearing aid yesterday! he only went for a hearing test and came away with an aid. his hearing had deteriorated significantly since last test. So far he notices slight improvement but not massive - will see how it goes.
Twins – we watched FF film last week, but you have reminded me (I forget everything at mo) we have forgotten to finish it. Must watch ending. Like you we found it a “feel good” easy film – and we need those. I have booked to see L.ttle at silver screening and ploppy and I hope to book 19.7
Jo- we keep alternating between cold and hot in house. Today is cold so b.dywarmer on. Hope Br.ce’s recovery going well. The cone cant be comfy – for him or you!
Eva – I can so empathise. Elderly who think they are helping by not making a fuss – and they aren’t helping at all! Sloppy can see we are bit overwhelmed at mo and so has said (for first time ever) that we are not to feel obliged to visit. Hope your dad is OK – and that your eye appt went well.
Diana – that must have been a BIG ch.cken!
Jane – glad to hear your recovery going well, and of course concert visits aid recovery.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 12:52
I am now home again. Not too bad a journey and I stopped off on the way to pick up some food. Not much as I am being a bit of a yo yo this week and back to Twin soon. We had a lovely afternoon yesterday. I had seen the film before but it was very easy to watch again as I enjoyed it very much. Twin had then done us a very tasty curry. A very pleasant way to spend a miserable afternoon as of course it was raining again. Much colder today, there is a nasty cold wind around and it actual feels very wintery.

Jane I am glad you are improving even if it is slowly. I remember very many moons ago I cracked a rib and it seemed to take forever to heal. Shame about the concert, but at least you have a substitute!

Well I suppose in one way it is good you are busy at work Ali, but I am sure you could do with an easier day! I take it the staff problems haven't been resolved yet then? Great sale shopping though, th I think. Good heavens, sis iat can make you feel better!

Well I like chicken Diana, but that does sound like overload! I agree with Twin I think the chicken in the freezer may stay there a while! I am liking the sound of an afternoon by the pool, heaven!

Jo I hope Bruce is ok, it is hard for him as he has no idea it is for his own good! I think it is at least a 2 fleece day today!

Fi you sound to have had a much better weekend. Great, just what you needed. Good grief I don't believe it! Sis has finally admitted you parents should have been in S/housing! Wonders will never cease! I am not surprised you needed a heavy duty zip on your mouth! Hope eldest's hand is ok, seeing a specialist could be a very good idea.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 13:43
Hello all,

Well you know they say pride comes before a fall. Well - AAAARRRGGGGggghhhhhh - THUMP!

My smugness over wifi was misplaced. I'd forgotten all about my printer. So after wondering why I couldn't print out train tickets, I sussed I'd not linked it to my new wifi. I remember setting the printer up when I got it and connecting it was easy so I rooted out the manual.

Method 1 (the way I'd done it before) press a wifi button on printer press WPS button on route. Six or seven attempts and three complete reboots it didn't work.

Method 2 using PC with HP software already installed. But the steps in the manual didn't correspond to what the software. The software just told me - I had to connect the printer to my WiFi.

Method 3 using PC without HP software already installed. But the steps in the manual took me to a site to download the useless software I have already got.

I through the manual across the room and printed out a new version using a button on the printer.

Method 4: variation on method 3. It didn't work!

By now I have visions for taking the printer into the garden and smashing it to pieces.

OK - so let's get help. HP want to charge me half the price of a new printer to talk to me, so off I go to some self help wed sites.

Ahhh method 5: Set it up as if it's a brand new printer!

OK - Now this seems to be working... the PC goes through steps 1 to 4 - YES!!! IT'S WORKING - step 5. "Sorry failed to connect!"


Anyone have any ideas?

Or a lump hammer? Coz I really want to smash it to bits now!

Ali - well done on getting a day off at last. Pity it wasn't very relaxing. Split shifts are nasty. They shouldn't be allowed.

Diana - I can imagine how sick of chicken you are. Hope you dinner out involved something very different.

Carol and Pauline thank you for your reassurances about the poorly ribs. I was starting to get concerned. I shall try to avoid coughing, sneezing and hiccupping - don't want to avoid laughing though! :-) yum your chicken korma sounds lovely (are you sending Diana the recipe?) glad you enjoyed the film.

Ah Fi - it's always sad saying bye bye to friends. I can imagine how great it was to have a distraction from all the family woes. Sheltered housing eh? Well what I good idea of sis. Why didn't you think of that? (Ducks to avoid flying objects!)

Hugs to Bruce Jo!
evam wrote:
Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 16:36
Afternoon all. It's been a reasonable day here, weatherwise,- i.e. not raining.
I had a good (ish) appointment with the eye consultant yesterday. When he looked at the photos of my inner eye, he said there was "significant" progress. He beamed, and I beamed back! 😃😃 Then he said I had to continue with the injections, but with longer intervals, 6 weeks instead of 4 weeks between them. The eye drops have to go on. Sigh,- but I have to admit it's the first time he's looked pleased with me!
Today I had an appointment with my acupuncturist,- and boy! did I need it. Last night was really bad, but now I've had a nice eva and am looking forward to my bed tonight. I'm not asking for too much, am I?
Tomorrow is, alas, another eye injection and on Thursday I have my infusion. This week is all go, go, go.

Jane,- I had to smile at your Herculean efforts with the printer. I will admit that I never managed to connect my printer to my wifi, so it's connected via a cable. Luckily the table with the printer is right next to my desk, so it's not really a problem. Looking forward to see you on Sunday.

Diana,- that chicken must have been enormous! I think you can let the leftovers rest in the freezer for a while with a clear consience. I agree, a massage would have been much nicer.

Fi,- I admire you! I really do! How you managed to keep schtum when your sis started talking about sheltered accomodations, I don't know. And your Sloppy saying you shouldn't feel bad about not being able to visit as often as she wants you to! Were they drunk, the pair of them?

Jo,- is there a time frame to Bruce's sufferings, because I'm sure he really feels you don't love him any more.

Carol,- I hope you're having a nice family holiday.

Pauline,- you moan all you like about your itching. If I can't moan about father here on the blog, I would have gone crazy a long time ago!.

Ali,- have I ever told you you work too hard? Oh, I have, have I? I'll tell you again then. 😜 glad you could unload some stress at the sales. It's remarkable how that helps, even if the credit card isn't quite so happy.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 17:44
Inside the house is definitely a 2 fleece day. Outside it is a 3 fleece day, when it is not raining. We have been out for the short walks. I'm not going too far as I want to stay close to home if I need any assistance. Everything takes so much longer as Bruce has to have help. This morning after the 8am walk, I got a phone call asking if we wanted to go out. This was at about 9.20am. I'd just finished feeding Bruce and TK. I was a bit tired, so I declined. I'd not had my breakfast.

Oh Fi fancy suggesting sheltered housing, really can't think how she thought that was appropriate for the parents. Of course, they don't need that at their young age. Poor you. I got quite a few lactose free things for the leaving biscuits/cakes just from the local Co-Op so they are set up for this dietary requirement.

Carol lovely that you are going for a trip out. Hope the weather wasn't too bad. Lunchtime here was fine. Getting rather chilly for the late afternoon walk.

I better get moving with the teas. Bruce is stirring.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 17:48
Oh Eva sorry I missed seeing you until I'd posted. Bruce is a very accepting dog, so he is OK. Hopefully this will all end on Monday. The stitches are already out for the lump he had taken off, unrelated to the eye thing.

Glad you had a good result with your eyes. such a worrying complaint.

I will sort out the May thing, just been a bit stressed.
maeve12 wrote:
Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 19:13
Eva, poor you still having to have more eye injections, you're very brave about them; I hate even having eye drops and I'm not brave about them at all!

Jane, my dollop fell down some stairs a few years ago breaking several ribs, she was in agony for ages and said it was the worst pain she'd ever felt, childbirth was a doddle in comparison!

I met a friend in London today, we went to The white Cube gallery near London Bridge which I can get to directly since my move, It was very cold so we didn't linger or walk far.
Hope Bruce will soon be released from his collar, must feel horrible.

Hope twins having a good time in the New Forest.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 21:35
Sorry Jane I missed your problems. I had similar problems setting up Felf's printer to her last computer. I was doing well, failed at the last action. I called on the South African computer whizz (Max's dad), he failed. He suggested I call on the English computer whizz (Sam's dad) he did it. He did explain, me and the SA chap were nearly there but couldn't manage the last little bit. That is a long way of saying, yes I can set up printers, but only mine it appears and then if they work as the instructions say.

On the up (down) side, my horse related cracked rib took about 6 months before I couldn't feel anything and I was totally back to normal.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 08:37
Morning and a bright morning, but the car is covered in ice (not frost) and MM has just put the rubbish out for collection and says it is very chilly out there!

Fi, that’s the one with Ian McK and Helen M in it I think? I think the reviews agree with you. Sounds like a lovely day all round. Lovely to then have a relaxing weekend with eldest Scollop and g/f (I assume she is doing a good job looking after him). It sounds like a really nice weekend all round. I imagine you are right and it was difficult to wave them off, after all the emotional turmoil you have had recently. Hopefully his hand will be fine, although I can see the thinking behind maybe getting a second, private, opinion. Hmmm, so is this the ostrich syndrome for other Scollop do you think? I agree that face to face is going to be a better way of speaking with him about it all. Good grief!!! Your sister said WHAT??? Well I think you deserve a medal for not unzipping your mouth! A slight result in that your Sloppy has let you off visiting for a short while. I presume sister hasn’t mentioned the S H words to her? As I mentioned, be prepared for LW to start half way through Gxxd Wives! I was talking to one of my friends last night when we met up, and she found the merging of the two books a little confusing to begin with to. I will be interested to hear what you think!

Oh that’s ot so good about the printer Lady J. Put the Hammer Down! With mine I just searched for the printer in the “Device and Printers” and connected that way (like Method 5 you listed) although there was an option to do it from the printer itself. Sorry I can’t help more! For some reason I don’t think Diana will be terribly receptive to chicken recipes at the moment (just a feeling I have). I feel she may be chickened out now!

Well Eva at least the insultant was very pleased with you and smiled at you! Shame you still have to have the injections, but at least they are less frequent. I hope the visit to your acupuncturist produced excellent results yesterday. At least you had a lovely Eva by the sound of it. I see you have another injection today – as I have said in the past, I really don’t envy you those at all!

I think by the evening Jo it was a three fleect (plus) day – it was very chilly. Oh poor Bruce, he will be missing out on the pub, and the ice cream parlour and probably wonders what has gone wrong with his life. I can see the thinking behind not going too far from home, but Bruce probably doesn’t! I can understand breakfast winning over another walk. I feel extra fleeces may be needed today as well.

Maeve I am with you about eye drops – I hate anyone going near my eyes to put drops in. I can’t stop shutting my eyes or blinking at the relevant moment. Oh that’s good that you can get into L’don easily by train and can still visit galleries. I am not surprised you didn’t linger outside – it was definitely colder than it has been for some time.

Had a lovely time with the family. We had a good journey down (Mxtxrways behaving themselves for a change) and back. Chelsea called round with Nova for a while so we did get to see her. She is a little cutie. She had new navy patent shoes which she was very proud of. Aidan not quite walking unaided at the moment (I think he prefers crawling as he is very speedy at that) but will walk if you hold his hands. He is another poppet. We had one heavy shower whilst we were there but we were all safely inside and any rain had cleared by the time we went to Moving Aunt. She was looking very well and shooed us out of the door after about forty minutes, so she could get ready for the Carer. I think she is gradually getting used to the change in routine. In the evening we had a good chat and catch up with the ex Variety group – so the world is now put to rights!! It was noticeably colder when we came out of the pub at 10 pm. Today we have a day at home – I am researching a city break for the Spring and MM as churchwardeny things to do. Off to rehearsal tonight of course. Morning BHB, yes it is cold today. Oh you have made Gluhwein – wonderful. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the hot drink into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 10:36
Morning all and it is a lovely sunny one but oh so cold! Not used to it this winter! Still, they say it will get warmer again from tomorrow, which probably means we get the rain back! I am off for a pedicure this afternoon which I am really looking forward to. Whispering this bit, I had a slightly better night last night and it was lovely! Still woken with itches, but they didn't seem quite so intense. Sadly I have still woken with new patches on me so almost definitely a one off!

Jane when I got my new laptop I did have a few problems connecting to the printer, but I just kept trying method 5 and it eventually did it. No idea what I did differently to make it work though! Sorry! Maybe you can get a geek in to sort it? I understand how you feel and I do have a lump hammer you can borrow if you like!

Eva what a shame you still need injections, but at least slightly less frequently. I am another who is squeamish about eyes so I really feel for you. Wonderful to get a smile and told things are improving, must have made you feel much better. Fingers crossed for the sleeping!

So Bruce is on count down to Monday then I should think, as are you I am sure! Sleeping on the floor has to pall after a while, that's if Bruce is claiming the sofa!

Maeve so nice to have you back again! It must be lovely to be settled finally. I know Bxldock has great links into London and nice you can take advantage of them.

Morning BHB and what have we today? I can smell something lovely! Gluhwein? Perfect, let's get another jug and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 16:02

It was glorious yesterday, not a cloud in the sky until early evening. We went to the gym and after breakfast drove to the swimming pool as the workmen were doing the rear of the house. The finger print access system at the pool wouldn't work for either of us but fortunately the guy there let us in. We stayed till mid pm - it was very warm but there was a nice breeze. From the pool there are lovely views of the lagoon and the town. We had a very nice meal last night. I had bobotie spring rolls, calamari dusted with spices and chips, then ice cream - one scoop of hazelnut and one of roll which tastes just like the sweets.

Today has been mainly overcast and warm, the forecasted light rain didn't materialise so the men have been able to work all day and have started painting. We hadn't seen the actual colour before but it looks good, pale yellowish colour, slightly brighter than the original paint. There are fairly strict rules on the estate for property colours.

We have an issue with our SA bank account so I emailed our account manager on Saturday but haven't had a reply so we went to the branch this morning to try to sort it out. Banking in SA is a nightmare, takes forever so we avoid going to the branch. There wasn't too much of a queue so didn't have to wait ages but the girl we saw took some time and wasn't able to resolve the issue as she wanted Ploppy's passport. So we did the rest of our shopping including buying two table mats, then went home to get our passports and returned to the bank. Saw the same girl again and she did what she could but said our manager (based in Cape Town) would have to speak to us but he was at lunch so would call us when he returned. We're still waiting for his call!

This pm we viewed a house on the estate which we quite liked but it would need a bit of work and overall don't think it's quite right. After that we went to the gym. Chicken curry for dinner tonight, with prawn sushi first.

Glad you had a lovely weekend, Fi, you deserved it. Wow, well done on keeping your mouth zipped.

I sympathise with you, Jane, our printer at home is a nightmare, wish I'd not bought one which uses wifi to connect to the laptop. I still don't know how I eventually got our's to work. Every time it stops working I panic. Hope you can sort out the connection and get it to print.

Sorry you still need eye injections, Eva. I'm another who can't stand anything near my eyes, I will never be able to wear contacts.

Good to see you, Maeve.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 16:03
Afternoon all. The one-eyed bandit here!👁 The injection went relatively well. As I'm sure you have understood, it's not my favourite thing to do! But now it's over and done with for another 6 weeks. It's very sore, as usual, so it will be a very short post. Tomorrow I'm off to the hospital again for my infusion. (Sometimes I feel like I might as well move in there! 😒)
TK wrote:
Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 17:44
If been doing things all day, not much to show for it. This evening I'm going to sort my CDs. Because I use them in the car they get a bit mixed up, as I don't take the time to put them back properly at the end of the run. I will also need to clean some of them as they are jumping a little.

Bruce is now telling me it is tea time
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 18:40
Evening. We were closed today at work for essential electrical work. I went in to do some ‘deep’ cleaning: scrubbing seats of chairs, sweeping, mopping etc and little jobs that can’t be done easily with customers there. Then visited old boss for coffee. Lovely night in tonight, going to have a long soak in the bath and catch up on last night’s HC
My printer won’t work via wifi anymore, it puts everything in a queue but won’t print. I Tried everything but now I just connect it to laptop with a cable to save my sanity
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, January 30, 2020, 07:43
Morning and still quite gloomy out – no sunshine and frost today! Forecast earlier in the week was for rain this afternoon, but I see that has now moved to tomorrow afternoon and today should remain dry.

Diana may be you could send some of the glorious weather this way please? The pool does sound very idyllic. I was amazed to read you had a meal that wasn’t chicken! Although I see a chicken curry was making an appearance last night. It sounds like the work is now moving on apace – the pale yellow sounds lovely. That was quite a palaver about the bank accounts – has the manager in CTown called back yet? I see you were another that had problems with setting up the printer! There seems to be a general theme of this happening. I am the same as you I could never wear contacts for exactly the same reason!

Eva glad the injection went well yesterday, and of course it isn’t your favourite thing (in fact you are very brave to have it so frequently!). Hope the infusion goes well today and there are no chatty men around. I feel you are right and moving into the hospital might be the answer to all the visits!

Jo I am the same – we have cds in the car and when I put different ones in I can never locate the correct cd case, so they get very jumbled up! It is a job that is overdue at the moment as I had C’mas ones in the car during December and they need bringing back into the house. I see Bruce hasn’t lost his appetite!

Ali, that sounds a tiring day (I can see that the jobs you did might be difficult if customers were in eating). I hope you made the most of your night in – you probably needed your tissues for HC (I caught up with it yesterday afternoon). Ah so yet another who has had printer set up problems – obviously it is a plot by the manufacturers to extract as much frustration from users as possible!!

I had a fairly frustrating morning trying to organise the break. I did comparisons of the places we were considering, checked for best flights, etc. and finally decided on one, went through all the booking on line procedure and got an error message that the booking couldn’t be made so to ring the BX helpline. So I rang and was told an operator would be with me soon.........and then about five minutes later another message saying they were experiencing unusual levels of phone activity so please call back. So back to the website, input everything again, and same message came up. Rang again and went into holding pattern – including a nice recorded message telling me if I wanted to save time I could book on line (arrrggghhh!). Anyway finally got through to a very nice lady who found my booking attempt on line and replicated it – and also go the message I had, so said she would investigate and call me back in ten minutes. She was as good as her word and rang back to say the hotel I had selected was currently changing its booking agent and its rates so that was the problem. She said she would do more investigation and call me back later. Again, she was as good as her word and reported that it was still not possible for them to confirm the rooms. She did suggest I might want to consider booking directly through the hotel, but I wanted to have everything booked together and had used my time waiting for the call back to find another hotel they use. So now that is waiting confirmation from the hotel that all is ok – she did tell me it can take up to 48 hours for hotels to get back to them. In the meantime, the flights are being held for us pending the hotel outcome! What larks! We had a good rehearsal in the evening with lots of singing, so very good end to the day. Today Twin is coming over this afternoon and we are off to the cinema to see The Adventures of D C’pperfield. We have seen the trailers and it looks very good – it has an excellent cast! I have a couple of reports to type up for MM, so that will keep me occupied this morning! Morning BHB, yes it is a little gloomy out but it looks like it is trying to brighten up. Let’s take the churros and the Frxken Alvx through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, January 30, 2020, 10:27
Morning all, A very damp and gloomy one here though it is milder and now I can see there is a light misty rain. Hopefully it won't be too bad for my drive back to Twin today. Yes I am having one of my yo yo weeks! I knew the other night was a false dawn! Had another restless itchy night last night and have some new patches to show for it! I am not over surprised as I know the other violent outbreaks I have had lasted about 6 weeks before things settled again. I at least managed to get my pedicure yesterday. It was heavenly and very relaxing. I have booked for a facial again in the hope that this time my face will be ok. At least Karen (beautician) understands my problem if I have to cancel again.

Your day by the pool sounds wonderful Diana, though I am so surprised you neither of you had chicken when you ate out! Hope the men are cracking on with the house and it is now a lovely yellow again. Also hoping the bank manager finally returned from lunch and rang you. Seems a lot of palaver for something you should be able to sort locally I would think.

Eva hope the eye is ok today and your infusion is a nice relaxing experience. You are certainly keeping the medical profession busy at the moment.

Jo I have to confess that when I used to have cd's in the car they were never in the right cover! My car can now link to my phone and play music from there so I don't need them in there anymore. Well not at the moment!

Ali you will be worn to a frazzle! I can see it is something that needs doing when the place is shut, but shame it has to be you doing it! I hope you enjoy your lovely long soak, you deserve it!

Morning BHB and what have you for us today? Frxkxn Alvx? Different, but churros as well is always good. Let's get more of everything and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Thursday, January 30, 2020, 11:11
Carol, that does sound really frustrating. You spend all that time choosing and planning, then can't make the booking best wishes for the successful completion. Best wishes for the completion. The lady sounds efficient, once you got to her.
Just got rather chilly in the house, let me do a fleece count ... ah only one on. I'll find another. That will be better. I didn't notice it as I'd been rushing around. Feeding Bruce is not a 2 minute job, so didn't realise I was getting chilly.

I think I've found the perfect CD set and it was only £2.23 on e**y.

Pauline sounds lovely to have a bit of beautifying.
I have so many CDs, be a nightmare to sort the songs I want onto a phone or play list on these newfangled electronic systems. I seriously doubt that all the tracks I have will be there anyway (I know some of them won't as they are **purple** tracks), of course Cliff would be there.

Ali good that you could get some of the things done which need to the absence of the customers.
Just checking my bank statement, seemed very good. Then I realised that the big bills of recent weeks won't be hitting it as I put them on the credit card. Oh well, things happen, that is what the contingency fund is for.

I better continue sorting my CDs, didn't finish last night. I have a 'nice' pile of CDs in wrong boxes, empty boxes and loose CDs.
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, January 30, 2020, 13:22
The saga continues...

Last night I decided to have one more go at getting the printer to work before I resort to printercide.

I turned on my laptop. As usual it took several minutes for my desk top to appear so I went and made a brew. When I came back: blue screen of death. "There has been a error. The computer needs to restart. Please wait" and one of those funny QR codes that take you to a website for more info.

After 5 minutes I turned it off and on again as it wasn't doing it itself.

Black screen of death: "Operating system not found" or some such.

I turned it off and on again - now I'm back to the desk top...and the same blue screen of death.

Three more attempts. No joy.

My bro used to repair laptops so I asked him. He came up with serval potential problems but most likely the hard drive or the ram isn't seated properly. But suggested letting the battery run down and trying again as that sometimes clears it.
I did so and...


It didn't work!

Pauline, can I borrow that lump hammer please? I might need it for a while.

It's kind of comforting to hear that so many of you have problems with WiFi printers - I don't feel as stupid when I hear them. I was intending to copy Eva and wire it up to the PC but there doesn't seem to be an appropriate port on it to take the cable.

Eva- it's not great that you still need injections but 6 week intervals is a win. Hope the eye is feeing better.

Carol - I feel for you with the blooming booking. Why is nothing ever easy?

Pauline - Sorry to hear that the itching is back again. Sending many oohmms!

Ali - well done on getting the café deep cleaned while you were closed.

Jo - Purple tracks? Oh yes the hiding on the credit card thing. Bills are sneaky like that.

Diana - it sounds like you had a lovely time Tuesday by the pool. Not such a lovely time with the bank. It brought back memories of my dealings with H*BC

Maeve - Ooo white cube? Sounds interesting. Thanks for saying that about cracked ribs. I'm glad in a way that my ribs aren't taking abnormally long.

At Geri's suggestion I went to the doc's today about ribs. He wants me to have a xray - as well to be safe than sorry!
TK wrote:
Thursday, January 30, 2020, 17:36
Obviously I was too obscure, 'purple tracks' come from purple bag. tee hee.

Jane you are a sensible person, so I think you've done all the techcy magic you could. Do you have a techy neighbour or someone who can come around?

Just listening to CDs, thought I don't remember this Cliff record. That is because it is a Marty track, which seems to be a live song from Radio Luxembourg, excavated for his lifetime box set.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, January 30, 2020, 19:40
Evening all.

Half watching the Household Cavalry on ITV Choice while I do this. Totally missed the series when we were at home. We don't watch ITV a lot at home (other than Tipping P*int and The Ch*se) but have it on quite a lot here. The last series of Pold*rk is being broadcast on the channel at present even though we have about five BBC channels! It's weird the channels some programmes turn up on.

It's been another sunny and fairly hot day, though there was a strong wind today. Had to anchor all the washing with pegs so clothing didn't blow off. I have done three washes today and cleaned the kitchen sink and bathrooms this morning. Ploppy was out from late morning playing golf and I have spent most of the day in the sun on the veranda reading. After showering, I sorted out a bit more for our trip next week and did the I word. The workmen are making good progress and are about half way through.

We had quite a nice meal in tonight - lamb tails (!) (similar to ribs but less meat on the bones) from Woolies with courgettes and baked potato followed by cherry bombes (cherries in liqueur from Wildebram berry farm) with vanilla ice cream.

Still haven't heard from our bank account manager!! Can't believe he hasn't contacted us at all. I'll be sending him a rather shirty email inthe morning!! We're seriously considering moving our account to another bank ..... provided it is straight forward (nothing in SA is straightforward).

The forecast for tomorrow is good until mid pm. I have some more cleaning to do first thing. We need to pay some more money for the work this week when our guy turns up inthe morning. We will probably go to the gym and then enjoy the sun, either on the veranda or by the pool if the workmen are painting the rear. We are intending to go out for dinner tomorrow (forgot to say that the chicken in tikka Masala sauce last night was good, it was quite spicy), probably to a steakhouse which opened a few years ago but we've never visited as we weren't sure about it but have now decided to give it a try.

Now have BBC World on, we don't watch it a lot, usually get the news (and U.K. Weather) from Sky News. It always intrigues me that Sky News seems quite popular in SA. There are two TVs n the gym and one of them is more often than not showing Sky News (the other is usually tuned to sport). When we were at the Avis desk picking up our car at Cape Town the TV there was on Sky and most of the guest houses we have stayed at have Sky.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 31, 2020, 08:34
Morning and as we have all overslept it is quite bright (but dull) out this morning.

Jo it was indeed frustrating and I was only grateful that once I finally got an answered phone I had someone very good on the other end. She did say it could take up to 48 hours to receive confirmation from the hotels, so fingers are still crossed. Goodness – was it high summer for you yesterday? Only one fleece! I can imagine feeding Bruce takes quite a while. I am sure you (as well as Bruce himself) will be relieved once the vet has given his the all clear and the cone can come off. I see your new CDs feature a certain Sir (no surprise there). Ah yes I have just paid my credit card post C’mas – it always come as a surprise to find so much on there for some reason!

Lady J I see that Beatrix is thinking of starting to distil a certain substance – she is a very resourceful Bunny. Have you asked her about the printer connection by the way – she may have the answer before you resort to the lump hammer. I hate it when messages like that come up and turning on and off again is my preferred cure, but I see it didn’t work in this instance. Yes I think you will have gathered we have all had problems connecting so you are not alone! Ah wise to go and see the doctor, just for peace of mind. I think an xray is a good idea.

That is weird about the channels the programmes are on Diana, but then over here you can watch past Beeb dramas on the Drxmx channel and IXV3 quite frequently! I see you had another hot and sunny day – lovely. Excellent that the work is going well on the house and should be finished next week. I have never heard of lamb tails....MM had goat’s cheek once in Spain (but only ever the once!) – liking the sound of the cherries in liqueur of course! That’s really bad if the bank manage hasn’t rung back – I think a shirty email is very much required. Are you at the end of the chicken (apart from the pieces in the freezer) now? The curry sounds nice. Hope you manage a laze in the sun!

I managed to do two of the admin tasks I had set myself yesterday, and then Twin arrived and we went off to the film. We did call into D’hams on our way and Twin was assaulted by some jumping merchandise. I managed to avoid any! I know – quite amazing! We really enjoyed the film (a slightly different take on the book and of course making a two hour film rather than a six or eight part adaptation meant that quite a bit had to be cut). The cast were excellent and there were some tweaks to the story but it started and finished in the TRoyal at BStEdmxnds which of course we have visited for some reason. When the film started Twin said to me “that looks familiar” and at the end, when it said where the filming had taken place, we understood why! We came home afterwards rather than eating out and had f&c which MM went and bought. We had a nice feet up evening watching the British Cook programme and then DinP. This morning we are off to U’bridge for the food shop, and Twin is wending her way home. This afternoon MM and I have a meeting at the church (postponed from last Friday) and then back to church this evening for choir practice. Morning BHB, yes it is quite bright out. Let’s take the Vanillita and the pastel de natas into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (she is awake!).
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, January 31, 2020, 08:59
Morning all and it is a dull one but dry at the moment. I am hoping any rain holds off till I am home again. Really enjoyed the film yesterday. DC is one of my all time favourite books, this was changed in places and a different take but I still loved it! So well acted and beautiful to look at and very funny in places. Funny that we didn’t immediately recognise the theatre, but it was looking out from the stage and I seem to recall concentrating on what was on stage for some reason! Off home this morning and will do a food shop on the way.

Jane my lump hammer is of course yours to borrow, but best if you don’t let Beatrix near it! It sounds to me like you need a friendly geek to sort it out. I am thinking my printer and laptop spoke to each other as they are the same make, but even then I had problems. Well done on seeing the dr and good you are getting X-rays. I did not sure they do much with cracked ribs!

Diana I think tv programmes are nearly always made by independent companies these days, and commissioned by the big channels. Once shown here they are then free to sell to whoever internationally. Your meal sounds delightful though lambs tails are new to me. Amazed you didn’t have chicken!

So your new cd I’d Sir Cliffs! I am amazed, not! Hope Bruce is progressing nicely, only3more sleeps till hopefully the collar comes off.

Morning BHB and what have we today, oh Vanillita of course, and pastel de Natasha! Yum! Let’s get more of both and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Friday, January 31, 2020, 09:58

Lovely start to the day but it has clouded over now and is very windy, it's a cool wind. My washing dried very quickly! I haven't done the cleaning yet as I was on the laptop first thing - another email has been sent to the account manager. Currently waiting for the golf on telly to finish so we can go to the gym. Forecast for the weekend is mostly overcast so will probably leave the cleaning until tomorrow. Also have the towels to wash and will do my packing. We can only take limited hand luggage so I'm planning on wearing my walking boots - don't like that but want to take them and they will take up lots of room in my bag.

After two weeks without it, load shedding has started again. We were ok this morning but it may go off at the next scheduled session 2.00 to 4.30. Other than not being able to have a hot drink during the pm and no telly, it shouldn't affect us much. First thing in the morning and 1800 are the worst, especially if eating at home.

Good plan to get that sort of cleaning done while the place was shut for the works, Ali.

Hope the booking for the second hotel you selected is confirmed, Carol. I'm always very relieved when travel bookings have gone through and been been confirmed. Can't recall whether I said that Ploppy booked flights for the boys golf tour to Ireland a few weeks ago and there was a problem with the site so he did the booking again and got same problem. The next day he was sent two confirmations. Fortunately he was able to sort it out by phone and one of the bookings was cancelled with no penalty. Yes the chicken is finished bar what's in the freezer. If Ploppy had brought another home yesterday, he would have been told to take it right back.

Jane, good luck with resolving your computer problems, hope the laptop can be fixed and you've not lost anything.

Off to the gym now.
Jane E wrote:
Friday, January 31, 2020, 11:48
Hello all,

So laptop is in computer hospital, having a hard drive transfer. I have most of my documents and photos saved to the cloud (computer doctor was very impressed that I do that) so not too worried about losing stuff. I won't be able to get m-soft office back but he's going to install free software he says is nearly as good.

Just one thing I might loose. I must have accidentally saved my MK panto report on my hard drive. The doc will do an operation to see if he can save it. Fingers crossed.

Pauline - my printer and laptop are also the same make. It's a good make but I'll be thinking twice about buying it again!

So what's Beatrix up to Carol? Distilling gin? Oh she's a sneaky bunny. Not sure she's up to fixing the printer though - she may as well try I suppose.

Pleased to see the twins had a great time together -they always do! I have missed what the film was. Glad it was good though!

Oh DOH! I should have realised what purple tracks are Jo!!!

GGGRRR!!! to your bank manager Diana! Changing banks would be a good idea but sounds like trouble. Hope you are not too put out by the load shedding!

I need to go for that xray soon. See you later!
TK wrote:
Friday, January 31, 2020, 12:12
Brrrrrrr just realised I only have 1 fleece on.
I am going a bit stir crazy. I do get out but I have to ensure I don't go too far. Also can't go visiting as Bruce can easily demolish things in a house not set up for mad dogs with cones on head. Bruce did see lots of his friends (Pablo, Aggi, Archie, Barney, Little Bruce and his friend (name just forgotten) and Duffy), this morning which is good. He also saw a couple of dogs who just play ball and finally a dog he hates, but luckily we were just about to walk out of the gate.

Just planning the outing to see The Blujays on Saturday, Mr ExP keeps asking me 'where are we are going', I've not said exactly 'just north of Watford', as I keep getting Redditch and Radlett mixed up. I have explain it is better than telling him a place which is 114miles further away.
TK wrote:
Friday, January 31, 2020, 12:16
The 2 R's were just over 3 months apart, not surprising that I get them mixed as they were both towns I've never been to before
evam wrote:
Friday, January 31, 2020, 16:51
Afternoon all.
What a day it's been. I had a lot of things I planned to do as this week has been so busy with hospital and doctor visitS, but no,- nothing went to plan. Why? Well, because of father . What else.? I started the day with visiting him. He was very upset when I arrived, and told a tale about a DN who'd been there earlier. I found his story hard to believe, but had to ring their office to find out if what he told me was true. The nurse I spoke to was very conserned, but said she found it hard to credit. She promised to talk to the nurse conserned. father was glad I had reported the said nurse, but insisted I stayed until they rang me back. Someone came and rang the doorbell, and I opened to find a nurse outside. She said she'd been with father that morning, and wanted to hear what was wrong. When we came in to the living room, father was beaming when he saw her. "So nice to see you", he said. " I was here this morning", she said. "Oh no" father said. "That was someone I've never seen before!" So he must have dreamed up a story about a bad nurse, and probably believed it himself. The nurse was kindness herself, and they were best of friends when she left. I tried to tell father that he must be misremembering what had happened, but he would have none of it, and suddenly I was the "baddie"! I had to spend most of the morning with him until he calmed down. I was wondering how many hours I wasted, sitting with him because he'd forgotten something or thought something had happened. Hours spent on the phone with the DN's office, trying to clear up misunderstandings and so on. He takes more time to sort out than I waste on computer matters!
I didn't manage half of the things I planned to do, and I was knackered when I finally got back home again. I've had a nice eva, so feel a tad better now. Am I glad I'll have a couple of days in London when I can clear my mind of all things father, and just enjoy myself!
See you tomorrow.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, February 1, 2020, 06:25
Morning all and it's overcast as expected but warm. It was warm in the night so I in the early hours I threw off the duvet and got out my fleece throw - that was thrown off later as I was still warm. I've just checked the Norwegian forecast and they are predicting 26 degrees today which is very warm considering the little sun we are likely to get. Tomorrow they say will be sunnier though a fair amount of cloud and 31 degrees!!

Last night's restaurant was er interesting shall we say. Very informal and less than half the tables occupied. We sat inside by the doors which were open. The menu was very limited and we only had one course, we both had steak with chips and veggies which was OK but other restaurants in town serve better steak, though it was cheap. We had already decided it was unlikely we'd return when I saw a dark shadow in the garden a few feet away. Thankfully I didn't see it properly but Ploppy did - it was a large rat!!! I sat with my feet up the rest of the time! I don't think I said that the last restaurant we went to with our friends we saw two large rats outside near the water, the largest I've ever seen (not that I've seen many). The one last night was bigger! We will not be going back to that restaurant ever!

While we were at the gym the clouds cleared and the sun returned again. About 15 mins after we got back the clouds returned!

We have had two sessions of load shedding and a third expected this pm. It doesn't usually happen at the weekend as businesses are obviously closed but they have said it will continue until Monday morning this time. There was a statement from the new CEO yesterday announcing load shedding will be occurring for 18 months!! There may be days when it isn't required but not great to think we could be experiencing it for so long.

I packed my stuff for our trip yesterday pm while the power was off but not everything looked like it would go in first time so I took out some underwear, couple of other things I decided weren't essential plus my sandals I can wear in water and decided Ploppy would take a "handbag" (actually a small sort of backpack) with the footwear though I'll carry it. Repacked and everything went in with a bit of space to spare though there are few last min items to add ie two pairs of sunglasses (one are for reading).

Ploppy will be golfing later. As the sun is unlikely to be out much, I have some stuff online to do, cleaning (ugh) and two towel washes (one already in progress) and may do the final packing. Oh we've still not heard from the account manager even though I sent another email early yesterday.

That's good that you won't lose much, Jane. I don't save anything to the cloud as I wouldn't be able to access the files if there was no wifi (when I turned the laptop on this morning load shedding was occurring) but I do have back up discs I save to fairly regularly. Hope you get the laptop back soon and it works fine.

Sorry you wasted a day, Eva, with your father. At least the matter was sorted out even if he still thinks the incident actually happened.

Only a couple more days to go, Jo. Hope Bruce's collar is taken off permanently on Monday and your lives are back to normal.

I'm going to make a cup of tea now.
Caorl29 wrote:
Saturday, February 1, 2020, 08:29
Morning and for the time of year (can’t believe it is February already!) it is quite bright – no sign of rain! Yesterday we had drizzle and rain in the afternoon but it was still very mild.

I see your washing was added by the wind. Fingers crossed this email produces a response! Wise to wear your boots I feel Diana – even if they may not be your normal flying wear! Not so good the load shedding is back. I keep meaning to ask if they give you a schedule of when it is likely to happen so you have plenty of warning, or is it just a daily notification? Good thing Ploppy noticed he had two confirmations and had been charged twice – more of that later! I see a mini heatwave is heading your way (for a moment I thought you were meaning it would be that warm in N’way, then it clicked!). It was quite warm here last night (although obviously nowhere near as hot as where you are!). Oh my goodness – not liking the rat! I can quite understand you not wanting to return to the restaurant. When we worked in L’don we would sometimes go to a basement wine bar in Hxnxver Square – we were there one evening with a couple of friends from the office (it was about 6pm), and MM and I spotted two mice running across the room behind our friends (so they didn’t see them). We didn’t return there either! Well done on managing to squeeze everything into the packing! When are you actually off?

Ah so the laptop is currently being sorted out Lady J – I am sure you got a gold star from the pooter doctor for backing everything up so well. Let’s hope he manages to save your review! Whilst Beatrix may not be u to the challenge of the printer, I have every confidence she will do well with the distilling! The film was the new version of Dxvxd C’field. Hopefully the x-ray went ok and they are able to confirm you are on the mend! Fingers crossed!

Goodness Jo – only one fleece? You must have been freezing. I see the wisdom of not taking Bruce visiting at the moment! At least he has seen most of his friends when he was out – that sounds a close escape from the dog he hates! Thanks for the email about the outing later – hopefully you found someone to take the ticket. There is quite a difference between Rxdlxtt and Rxdditch. Rxdlxtt used to be a really pretty village but some years since I have been there! Enjoy!

Oh Eva, that’s not how you wanted to end your week! Obviously whatever your Father had imagined was causing him a great deal of anxiety. Just as well the nurse he usually has came round and managed to allay your fears. I am sure he really believed that the bad nurse had come – a very difficult situation! At least he had calmed down before you left. I wouldn’t try and count the hours you have lost dealing with things – I feel you will find it is an awful lot! I am not surprised your were tired out when you got home, but at least you managed a nice Eva. I presume younger sister is now in line for dealing with any other incidences over the weekend. Any news of Mrs S?

We did our food shop in the morning and I was very good and stayed away from any other shops (just did the bank and the M&S food). We were home in time for me to sort out the music for last night’s choir practice before we went off to our 2pm meeting. Our friend, Caroline, who was also at the meeting had just come from the hospital as her m-in-law was in there and very unwell. I had a text early evening to say that she had died at 3.30pm, so by the time Caroline got back to the hospital after the meeting she had already passed away. I think it was a relief as Caroline said she was on morphine but was very anxious and kept saying she wanted to go home. We had a good practice in the evening and were home in time to watch G’chester. Before choir I had a call from another very nice lady at BX saying that our hotel had now been confirmed. I gave her my credit card details so she could finalise the booking and the card was declined (H’fax have a new system in place where they text you to check it is you making a large financial purchase). Anya (the very nice lady I was speaking with) said this happens a lot at the moment as all bank up their security. Sure enough a text pinged in asking me if the transaction was mine and saying to text YES if so. So off went the text and a reply came back saying try the transaction again in ten minutes. Anya said she would wait ten minutes and they retry and call me back. Ten minutes later she duly called and input all the information again and then said there now seemed to be a fault with their system and it still wasn’t going through, but she would talk to their systems people and call me back again. Third call (we were old friends by now!) and she said the finance team at BX could see the transaction was pending, but it hadn’t gone through but they put a flag on it so they would watch it and make sure all was ok. In the meantime she issued our tickets in case the flight seats were taken, so sure enough I now have the email confirmation. Ania did say that it looked as if the transaction was showing twice and if that is the case they will immediately refund one (you see why I thought it was a little like your Ploppy’s experience Diana? I have checked my online account and it is showing twice but not yet through, so watch this space!!! The main thing is we are now all booked and off to Room and the end of March for four days! Today is wishy washy day so I will be tied to the i board this afternoon. I have a couple of reports to type for MM this morning and need to do some notes for my service tomorrow morning. A sad C’lty coming up tonight! Morning BHB, yes it is a nice bright day (so far). Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Oxe Mi Cxnto into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, February 1, 2020, 09:55
Morning all and it is a nice sunny one and not too cold. There is quite a breeze though, just to remind you it is winter not spring! I got home in good time yesterday but on the way I noticed a fine line in the windscreen, right at the top. As I was hit very hard by a stone or something on the way down I had a nasty feeling, and sure enough when I got to check it I have a hairline crack and quite a large one so the whole thing needs replacing. I have spoken to a very nice man at Axtxglxss and they say it is fine to drive and are coming a week today to replace it. they are sorting everything out so most of the cost is done on my insurance with no loss of NCB. Fingers crossed everything is ok till it is done! So I am trying to stay calm about it all. Stress I don't need! Today I will be doing Wishee Washee things as well so not much excitement there!

Diana I thought for a heady moment Norway had 26c! Soon realised what you meant though. Eeek a rat! And a large one at that. I think I would have been out of there very rapidly and I certainly am not surprised you won't return! Where are you off to this time? I know you have told us but as Twin will confirm my head is like a sieve at the moment! Wherever it is have a lovely time! Very annoying about the load shedding.

Jane I see your pooter is in hospital, I hope it's problems are sorted soon. So it isn't having the same make printer that helped me then! That means it was sheer dumb luck that got mine connected. Just hope it stays that way! Hope Beatrix's gin making is coming along nicely!

Oh dear Eva. I bet your father and fallen asleep and dreamt the bad nurse thing. My Mum was always having dreams that were so vivid that she was convinced they were real. In the end I just agreed with her and made up things to answer any problems it produced! You will certainly welcome a nice little break I am sure.

Lovely that Bruce got to see all his friends yesterday Jo. I bet they were a bit puzzled by his fetching neckwear! Just as well the hated dog didn't arrive earlier I feel. Yes there is slight difference between those two places! I hope the concert is a good one.

Morning BHB and we have Oyx Mx Cxnto today? Perfect. Let's get more and see if we can find the CM.
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, February 1, 2020, 22:45
evening. been bit up and down recently but sun out today so more up. went out for country walk with friend soon then had some church people coming for eve meal. cleaned house in between time.
for those of you get the T.mes. not now d-i-l (ie UB scollops g/f) is in photo on article on D.vid C.merons sis in law. she works for her and the article is good promo for their news app. suspect the amount of work involved is why wedd was cancelled, oops p.stponed!
Eva - is your father on tablets for his dem.ntia. one of the side effects of these can be h.llucinations. my dad has similar ones. many countries are stopping prescribing these tablets as shown to have very little effect and do have these side effects. but UK still uses them - and not sure if N.rway does too. my dad is very upset after one of his halluc.nations but gp insists he must keep on tablets! Sloppy's truce about me not going down only lasted 6 days. I had a very down day yesterday but still when phoned sloppy got the "cleaner has changed the spare room beds in vain hope that someone will use them sometime soon"!
twins - is a lovely city - you will love it -and it will have been worth all the hassle - almost like you weren't meant to pay for it!
Diana - you wouldn't like living here. we see r.ts quite often at bottom of garden as we back onto fields
Jo- Bruce is more sociable than me - and i think i meet friends a lot!
Jane _ I am very impressed with your techy skills. I must learn how to save my photos to cloud.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, February 2, 2020, 06:00
Good morning.

It's currently overcast but warm, with some sunshine expected and a high of 31 degrees. Typically tomorrow when we're travelling is going to be very sunny. Yesterday we had intermittent sun and it clouded over late pm. In the evening we could see lightening over the mountains and it rained here afterwards.

I did most of the outstanding cleaning yesterday, two washes, watched a programme about the Okavang* Delta in Botsw*na I've been wanting to see and kept missing. Also sat on the veranda for a while. Both scheduled load shedding sessions went ahead and there's another two scheduled for today. We had a nice dinner - pork belly in hoisin sauce from Woolies with mushrooms and baked pot, followed by cherries in liqueur and choc ice cream. We had a very good chardonnay with it which we bought from a winery in the Klein Karoo - at around £10 it is quite expensive for SA.

We are going to the gym when Ploppy gets up (hopefully soon), then need to do a small food shop as we are almost out of milk.

We off on our final trip tomorrow and won’t be back till Friday early evening. As we’re going via Port Elizabeth we’ll be travelling nearly all day tomorrow and Friday so only have three days at St Lucia or Isimangaliso as the wetlands park is now called. It’s on the northern KwaZulu Natal coast near the border with Mozambique. I’m keeping my fingers crossed our flight from PE to Durban is on time, there are no issues picking up the car at Durban airport and no delays on the roads as we have to check into our guesthouse before 1800. This is due to the danger of wildlife wandering around in the evening! Tuesday we have two tours booked – a morning crocodile and hippo boat excursion on the river and a night safari. Wednesday we have an all day safari through the park. Tuesday pm we will explore the town of St Lucia and Thursday we will probably go for a drive through the park, stop off at the beaches and maybe do a walk or two - weather permiting as rain is forecast for Thursday at the mo. It will be hot and humid there.

Carol, there is a monthly schedule for the load shedding so you know in advance and can plan around it. You have to check a website or the TV "ceefax" as to whether load shedding is going ahead each day and at what level. It's currently level two - level eight is the highest. Each session lasts 2.5 hours. What a palaver with your holiday booking. Trust the refund goes through quickly.

What a pain re your windscreen, Pauline, hope it lasts until it's replaced next week.

Sorry you're been down, Fi, though not surprising given recent events. Hope you have a better Feb.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, February 2, 2020, 07:36
Morning – dark out but it looks a grey start to the day, I know rain is forecast later. Yesterday was not too bad and MM even made it outside to do a little bit of tinkering in the garden.

Not surprised you are on an emotional roller coaster at the moment Fi. I am sure you enjoyed the walk and it did you go. Oh so fame for future d-i-l then! So you think that is behind the cancel....postponement! I didn’t know about the drugs for d’ntia. In fact I think Moving Aunt is on some sort of medication (pills) – I will check with June what they are. What a shame your Sloppy’s understanding didn’t last very long. Oh I have been to Rxxe several times over the years, I was amazed that MM had never been – I took him there for his 60th birthday – and the last time we went was with Mr & Mrs Chris. It is one of my all time favourite cities. I had three cities on my list Rxxe, Flxrxncx, and Vxnxce – we were really hoping for Flxrxnce but the flights weren’t working out and the Rxxme trip was in the BX sxle so was very reasonable. We are staying on the Via dxl Cxrsa so nice and easy to get to lots of places. Sending you a virtual hug as I feel you need it at the moment.

A high of 31C sounds nice Diana.....think we are due to hit 11C today! I see you had a busy day yesterday! Not so good about the power supply. I guess you become used to it and given that you have a monthly schedule you are able to plan things around it all. If it is normal I imagine it just becomes automatic to check daily for any changes. Still a pain though I imagine. What no chicken??!! Have a lovely trip – it sounds really interesting. That is very early for a check in! Fingers crossed for the flight! You are certainly packing a lot in to your trip! Enjoy!

I had a very unexciting day yesterday – I typed up MM’s reports for the PCC meeting on Tuesday, typed up my service and then did the i word all afternoon. We had a catch up evening – saw the two programmes on the Grxxk Islands that we had missed as well as the two WILTY, and then sat and cried through Clty! Off to church this morning of course and then Twin will be winging her way over – cracked windscreen and all!! Hope Eva has a safe flight! Morning BHB yes it is growing brighter but still looks quite grey out. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Txars and Drxams through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, February 2, 2020, 10:35
Morning all and it is quite bright but wet underfoot so obviously has rained a lot. Mild for the time of year still though. I have a lovely pile of ixxnxxg to do in a minute after washing everything in sight yesterday! I hopefully can shift it fairly quickly as I am off to Twin again later, hoping the windscreen holds out! Told you I was in yoyo mode this week! Had a bit of a weep fest yesterday as well I watched a drama called the Windermere Children on catch up in the afternoon. It was about the children we took from the camps after the war. It was obviously a bit harrowing as they were all so traumatised, but also uplifting at the end. Very good and I am glad I watched it. As if that wasn't enough Cxsualty was also very sad!

Fi with all the things you have been going through over the past year or so I am not surprised you are a bit up and down! So maybe the g/friend has decided work more important than wedding! Seems an expensive choice to make so let's hope it will be worth it for her. I see Sloppy's back to her slings and arrows! Ah well the truce was nice while it lasted I am sure. I feel the industrial zip will be in use again then!

Thanks for the info on your trip Diana. I remember it all now of course! It sounds terrific and very interesting. Fingers crossed the travel all goes to plan.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Txxrs and Drxxms? Sounds lovely so let's get more and go and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Sunday, February 2, 2020, 11:11
I'm in a rush today. Everything is taking so much longer recently.
Fi indelicate question - are they living together? If so they should just get a quick civil ceremony, minimum of guests and off to pub. Then they would be married and could do a posh do when they have time. PS my bro could give advice on the minimum required. This is from someone who has no kids and has never been married, so a touch tainted.

Bluejays were fab last night. The Policeman from Lord Arthur was brill on piano and guitar.

Mush dash on going to London this afternoon, Bruce is staying up the road. I do feel guilty, they did offer.
evam wrote:
Monday, February 3, 2020, 03:57
Morning all. Yes, i know it’s the middle of the night, so I’ve no idea what the weather is like.

I won’t even try to wake up the BHB. He would hate me forever! And that would be saaaaaad.🥴
Yesterday morning I arrived at Gatwick, and the journet would have been fine, exept the G*twick Express didn’t run yesterday. I had to take the ordinary train in to V*ctoria. With the GE it takes 30 minutes, but the train I had to take took 1 1/2 hours! But finally I could check in at the PI on Le*cesrer Square. I unpacked and thought it wise not to lie down for a rest as I’d probably fall asleep due to the 4 am waking up. I walked over to the C*te and had a lovely lunch. I had chicken liver pate for starters and duck with sauteed potatoes for the main course. I had to decline a desert as I was absolutely full. THEN I had my eva, and a lovely one at that. 💤💤
In the evening it was of course tthe P***express where I met up with Jo, Ro, Jane Nd Olwen, and lo! and behold I spotted Carol and Pauline at another table.
I really enjoyed the consert. Stephen is so relaxed on stage. The pianist he had for providing the music, was a star in himself. He’s good all right. Now Stephen’s repertoir is much more «jazzy» than I’d thought it would be, but I loved it. It would have been even better if the people sitting behind me thought it was a sing-along concert. I saw Ro sending them looks that should have killed, but they survived. Had a couple of nice chats with Himself. When I asked about his future plans, he said he planned to take it very easy for the next 2-3 months. He said he was feeling tired, what with the mad schedules for panto and 4 years on H*lby, so he thought he deserved a bit slow time now.
I took a taxi back to the hotel and fell into bed, and YES ! did remember to brush my teeth!
I woke up at 3am, so I thought I might as well post something on the blog. Later today when I’ve hopefully had a bit more sleep I plan to hit the shops. I can feel my credit card shaking! I don’t return home until tomorrow. I’d had the thought to go to see H*milton, but when I went on their website all they could offer was £ 100 ( !!!), so I declined. I haven’t made up what to do instead. The possibilities are endless, so I’ll probably end up with a night in!😜
I feel the tiredness is gradually coming back, so I’ll try for another sleep.
Btw. Wasn’t Cas sad on Saurday? I cried.😢
evam wrote:
Monday, February 3, 2020, 06:53
Oh yes! I slept for another 2 hours!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, February 3, 2020, 08:06
Moring and a bright start, although it looks quite breezy out. I think we are forecast a dry day with temperatures around 12C.

Jo, hope Bruce hadn’t missed you too much and was well behaved for his sitters! So do you think your brother should set up as a wedding arranger? I remember Matt being in J Boys and he was very good. I think you must have been on our train going home last night as we saw you walking along the platform at Ox Circus – we did wave but I think you were intend on finding your way off the platform! I hope all goes well for Bruce this afternoon.

Ah not so good about the Gwick Exp yesterday Eva – now you know why it is called the express. As you know we love the food in Cxtx (I wish they would open one near here!). It was lovely (and unexpected for me) to see you last night. Stephen was very relaxed wasn’t he – the pianist was amazing – only down side was we would have liked a little more GO! He is obviously keeping future plans to himself, but does indeed deserve a long as it isn’t too long! So you are about to save the UK L’don Retail Industry – beware jumping merchandise (you understand I speak from experience here). Yes, tickets for H’lton are very expensive! Glad you managed a little more sleep on the lovely mattress!

Hope Diana’s flights worked well and she has a wonderful time.

Maeve, whilst I remember Joan (Lxnxfxrd) was asking whether you had moved yet, so we were able to tell her you had and were settling in nicely. She sent her best wishes to you.

Service yesterday went fine and then in the afternoon Twin arrived and told me we were off to H’born! Apparently she booked the tickets not long after it was announced that Stephen would be doing it but as it was uncertain whether I would be able to go (Daniel’s christening was either going to be yesterday or in a couple of days time) she decided not to say anything to me (she did tell MM of course and he didn’t breathe a word). When the other date was chosen for the christening she decided just to keep it as a surprise! So quick change and MM drove us up to the station at WRxixslxp and off we went. We arrived at the PE to find quite a few of the usual suspects (Jo, Lady J, Ro, Olwen, Amxnda etc.) already there and waiting for the ok to go down to the tables. Not long after we were joined by Liz and Liz and after a quick catch up we were able to go downstairs. Still prefer the P’ntry as a venue but this is certainly easier for us to get to. By a happy coincidence our tables were all in the same area and close to each other. We saw and had a quick word with Stephen early on and I asked him if he was singing A Case of You, but he said it wasn’t in the set, but maybe he could include it after he had spoken to Joe on the piano (brilliant jazz pianist). Bxbby Dxvrx and his wife were there and GO spent time at their table (just behind Eva) during the first half. He only did one duet with Steve, and the final number when all the of them (Toby from E’enders and Dean from Alxddxn) sang together. Enjoyed the music and especially as Stephen included a Case of You!! Result! I love him singing that. As MM was collecting us from the station we couldn’t linger at the end (it overran slightly) so I had to dash upstairs to ring him and say we were just off to the station whilst Twin did a quick round of goodbyes for us downstairs. We were really lucky with the train and had only a three minutes wait. MM was outside the station and we were home just after 11 pm (fortunately I was saying to MM that we wouldn’t be out until gone 10pm as the performance wasn’t starting until 8pm and he said he would drive up about 9pm as usual. At that point I realised he thought we were going to P’ntry and not H’born! I put him right but on the train home Twin and I were saying imagine if we had rung him from N’tholt and discovered he was in Chxlsxa! MM is starting a cold (not sure where that came from) so hoping not to catch it. Off to SLAPPAS this morning and Twin is coming too. Then she will be off home this afternoon (and I will catch up with Dr W and CtM). Choir tonight as the church is in use on Wednesday night. Our conductor can’t make it so I am in charge again (oh the power!). Morning BHB, yes it is bright isn’t it. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Lavendula through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst I tell you about my lovely evening yesterday. The DCM is awake so I expect she will be along soon.
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, February 3, 2020, 08:33
Morning all and it is not too bad out at the moment and still mild for the time of year. We had a lovely time yesterday, my little surprise for Twin worked like a charm and we set off for the PE late afternoon. Loved the show, though some of it too jazzy for me, especially a weird arrangement of Bxker St. But then it is a favourite song of mine in its original form! Stephen is such a lovely person and has a lot af charm on stage. Of course best of all was seeing the GO though he didn’t sing an awful lot just seeing him was lovely! Great to see everyone else too. Sadly ,as we can’t make L/borough, mt ticket cupboard is now empty. First time in a very long time though so I suppose he deserves a break! Off shopping soon then home later.

Eva lovely to see you albeit briefly. Have a lovely day of RT and lots of sleep!

Fingers crossed for Bruce today Jo, and for you as I think a night in a bed would be very welcome!

Morning BHB and it’s Lavendula today of course. Let’s get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Monday, February 3, 2020, 14:37
I'm not a lover of jazzy arrangements either. There are several reasons why I loved it and therefore didn't think it was too jazzy. I had steeled myself to sit and listen to jazzy stuff, I was happy to be out of the house, good to see friends, there isn't much in the ticket folder, we were sitting a bit further back so my eyes could wander (not too much) without being seen and although the arrangements were jazzier than I'd like they were excellently done by the experienced pianist/arranger. I could have easily punched a member* of the audience close to me who was singing along to many of the songs. Luckily my selective hearing filter was working most of the time. PS * GO said he did not know * was coming to the concert. In addition, it was good to see/hear the other singers. Oh and I had my fav pizza, lots of dc and the best choc ice cream with choc sauce, my favourite meal out. And I was back to collect Bruce just on midnight. Sorry I didn't see you Carol, I was focussed on the travelling. It is not a route I've done too many times, so not on autopilot. Although on the way there walking from the tube station to the venue I did just follow the autopilot, as I'd 'forgotten' the way, and got there fine.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 05:11
Morning all.

We had a smooth if long journey yesterday, left at 7.45 and arrived 17.30. It is hot and humid here - thank heavens for air con. As we arrived we saw a monkey with baby running across the road and there was a duiker (small antelope) feeding on the grass close to the guesthouse garden. The town is quite small, with one street of restaurants and shops. You have to use the car at night because the animals can come into town. Dinner was good if not great. I had venison bobotie and salad, Ploppy venison burger with chips. We were going to gave a dessert but service was slow so we didn't bother. After dinner we drove slowly round the streets looking for animals but only saw a couple of birds and a cat! That reminds me, when we were driving home from dinner the other night we saw a bushbuck standing on the verge as we drove up the hill to the estate - quite a rare sight especially so close.

The sun is shining and it's due to be hot again today though can't see the sky from our room due to the foliage outside. We haven't been out there yet and kept the windows closed last night and sprayed ourselves and the room to avoid getting bitten. Even in Knysn* there have been mossies this summer and Ploppy got bitten several times during golf on Saturday, presumably due to the hot spell and then all the rain. Hippo & croc boat trip later this morning; want to buy some water before that. And this evening the night safari so an early dinner. Not sure what we'll do in between.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 08:06
Morning and a nice bright start to the day, although it looks quite breezy out. I think we are due to be rain free until Sunday; having said that, yesterday was supposed to be dry all day and we had a heavy shower late afternoon.

I did wonder how you were coping with all the jazz arrangements on Sunday evening Jo – as you say good that you could allow your eyes to wander a little and not be seen. Ah so Mr D was adding to your enjoyment (or not!). Twin also had the ice cream with choc sauce – I was tempted (especially as it was somewhat warm in the venue) but went for the honeycomb slice, which was delish! You did look like a woman on a mission, Jo, so I assumed you were looking for the correct platform for the next stage of your journey. So you were home before the coach turned into a pumpkin. I see that poor Bruce’s op didn’t work, but at least he has the cone off. Have they made suggestions for what else could be done?

I am not sure what time Eva’s flight is today, but hopefully all goes smoothly and the G Express is working ok! Hopefully her c card didn’t squeal too much when she used it yesterday.

That’s good your journey went well Diana. Not sure I fancy the hot and humid though! I see you have already spotted some animals – was the bushbuck male or female (I think the male has horns and the female not?). Loving that you drove around and managed to see some birds and a cat! Somewhat disappointing I feel. You should do much better today if your are off to see the hippos and crocs by boat. Wise to keep the windows closed against mossies (I know Twin will agree with that!). Enjoy the night safari!

There seemed to be quite a few people out and about yesterday – quite a number in Sainsbugs and when MM (suffering with a cold) and Lawrence went off for coffee whilst we three ladies went around the non food departments, they found they couldn’t get seats in our normal Cxstx coffee place, so went to the one in Nxxt which is opposite. Twin went off home once we were back here and I did a little ixxning in the afternoon and managed to catch up with DrW and CtheM as planned. MM felt worse during the afternoon and decided not to go out and sing in the evening. I then heard from two more of the group who were suffering the same way, then from one of the basses who had fallen off a step ladder on Sunday afternoon, cracked his head and ended up in A&E having his scalp glued together. He wasn’t coming either, another alto had a migraine, one was down in Cornwall so that meant we were six down in a group of fourteen singers, so I cancelled (especially as we didn’t have Marg either) and we had an unexpected night in. As a result we were able to watch the first part of SilentW. I see that the second part (and HC) are moved to Wednesday as there will be footie on tonight (especially for Eva). That suits me as we have PCC meeting in Church this evening. I am helping MM fill in a long and complicated on line form to send to the Diocese about some of the work that needs doing inside the church, so that will doubtless keep me busy this morning! Morning BHB, yes it is a lovely bright day. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Bxttxrfly through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 10:16
Morning all and it is lovely and sunny out but there is a cold wind. I know this as I have been outside already. One of my neighbours asked to borrow my ladder, so had to go and cause chaos to dig it out of the shed. It is so long since I used it that I had forgotten I had a security lock on it and I have forgotten the code to open it! So now it is out of the shed, shed is in a right mess and I can't get it back in there until I have a major overhaul. What larks! All before I had breakfast! So now having a coffee to recover. I will then go and see if Ari's Mum is around, we are due a catch up. I have a nice pile of ixxnxxg to do as I had to rewash the bed sheets as my ixxn spewed brown gunk over them, grrr! I n ow have a new ixxn!

Jo I agree that Jo on the piano was amazing. Such a talented performer and I did enjoy the vast majority of the music. It was noted that you had possibly the best seat! I hope you and Bruce got a better sleep last night.

Fancy seeing a cat and some birds Diana, must have made the trip worthwhile! I am sure you are going to see lots of lovely wildlife over the next couple of days to make up for it. I remember going to one of the lakes in Kxnya to see hippo. It was amazing being in a boat and so close to them though I was a bit nervous I admit! Quite glad to get back on land as hippo are not to be messed with! Very wise keeping the windows shut at night. I always do no matter what the temperature as I would rather be hot than bitten!

Morning BHB, so what delights have you for us today? Bxtterfly and Pikelets? Sounds wonderful, let's take more to the conservatory where the CM awaits.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 10:38
Yes Pauline I had a very nice seat, not that I knew when I sat down :)

I've phoned the vet today to change the ointment to drops. The ointment is very difficult to get into the eye. Bruce is very good but even so. Also he wants to rub his eye as it seems to irritate his eye. I'm going to collect it now.

It is a bit chilly now. I turned down the heating when I came in from the dog walk. I've now turned it up.

I've actually managed to book a ticket for the Million Dollar Quartet stage show. The last time it toured I couldn't make any of the dates in sensible travelling distance.

Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 15:26
Hello all,

Just popping in. I have a meeting at 3.30pm so sorry I haven't really caught up on the blog.

I had a lovely weekend - first seeing the Brum panto with my (well former Ploppy's niece). It was very good of course, but I must say, you realise how good a leading man the GO is when you see others doing it.

Then of course SRH at Holborn.

What a lovely surprise to see Carol and Pauline - oh I see it was a surprise for Carol too! How fab Pauline :-)

It was also lovely to have a chance for a good chat with Eva, who fortunately was seated on the single table next to Ro, O, Jo and me. I have to say I was rather pleased with our table seeing as a certain curly haired dude was on one immediately behind us. :-)

I must be getting better with jazz. I didn't think SRH's arrangements too jazzy and enjoyed set. Ah I see I can thank Carol that he included ACoY! I'd have liked for Lee to have had another song, but every much enjoyed what we did get - and our little chat with him afterwards.

Oops I'd better go!
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 20:45
Eve. Just dashing inn before I dash off. Not been a great few days. I have sore throat, lost voice - and swollen arm ( from a m.nig.tis vaccinat.on yesterday. Eldest scollop,had appt with private dr yesterday- hecrecommended surgery. Then he had to make a fuss at his N.S fr.cture clinic today when dr admitted he wasn’t a hand specialist and didn’t know the answer to his qus about his recovery. So they eventually got a hand specialist - who recommended surgery! Of course as 3 wks after his fall it is now a much more complicated op2-3 hrs. So we are going down tomorrow to take him in early on Thurs am and then look after him. G/fs parents are with her this w/e so it frees her up to be with them.
In meantime we were at hospital today for ploppy h.rnia appt. dr left it up to ploppy to decide on an operation or not. We decided not - haven’t got time or energy at moment. We then came home to tel message from gp to ask ploppy to come back for further blood tests after the initial ones ( whose results we haven’t had yet) for his n.mb foot. I am Hank we may need a separate medical service just for our family at mo!
Were supposed to be down with parents this w/ e so I guess will need to go next w/e.
Off to bed now with hot t.ddy to try and be totally well so that I can then be a good nurse!
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 07:33
Morning and a cold and frosty one here (I know as I have just put the refuse out!). The sky is also a very odd grey/pink colour.

Jo I can imagine trying to get ointment into poor Bruce’s eye would be very tricky, hopefully he will get on much better with the drops. I think today might be a three fleece day for you!! The MDQ was something I thought MM might like (he was a big JLL fan!). I know it is in A’bury in May so we might make that.

Lady J, that’s what a call a full weekend – going to a panto (oh yes you did) and then P’ntry. I know exactly what you mean about leading men in panto and there being no comparison. I never quite understood why Charlie S was given two leading man roles at the LPall’dium. He didn’t impress me in Dick W (well apart from the dancing) and I actually don’t remember him at all from Snxw Whxte! It was indeed a lovely surprise on Sunday evening!! The seating all worked out really well didn’t it. Yes I asked SRH when we first went down to the tables if he was including ACOY and he said it wasn’t in the set but he might ask Joe if he could play it; so I reminded him whenever he went by our table.... When he asked what song he should sing I was poised and ready to call our a CoY and like the lovely person he is, he sang it for us.

I have just realised that the strange colour sky is because fog is descending!

Hopefully Eva is now safely back in N’way, and Diana enjoyed her night safari and her hxppo and croc trip.

Oh dear Fi, there seem to be a lot of people suffering with colds and sore throats at the moment. Hopefully it will soon clear up – as will the swollen arm (ouch) from the vxccinxtion. Oh how frustrating for eldest Scollop – so he will need surgery after all. I imagine the bones have already started trying to heal and they will have to sort that out when they do the operation. I see you are donning your nurse’s apron and cap and are going to look after him That will be nice for g/f to be able to spend time with her parents. I think Ploppy wise not to opt for an opxrxtion at the moment with all that is going on. I think you are right and your family is keeping the NXS going! Hope you managed to get a good night’s sleep!!

I had an interesting morning helping MM with the forms for the Dixcese – not the most straight forward of things! In the afternoon I helped him put together all the paperwork in support of the applications. Then it was off to the (cold) church in the evening for the PCC meeting. I am now wise and take a large warm scarf which I put over my knees (very grandma like) and that helps me keep warm when the heating (such as it is) goes off (about 9pm). This afternoon we have our first Cxupcake meeting of the year. No doubt the world will be put completely to rights. Janice is on baking duty. MM is still full of cold (he is worse first thing in the morning and late at night of course – hence my putting the refuse out in his place this morning – I didn’t think getting up and going out into the cold would do him a lot of good!). So far (touching wood) I have managed to avoid catching the germs! Morning BHB yes it has got very foggy now. Let’s take the El Bxrrx and the toasted paninis into the warmth of the conservatory, and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 10:00
Just a quick message as I have to phone Holland this morning for Felf and talk to her bank. Always a fun job. Her deafness is so bad she cannot her them speaking on the phone, she knows there is someone speaking but cannot make out the words. I'm very lucky that nearly all speak English.

Fi a nasty cold, I hope you feel better soon
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 10:14
Morning all and it is now a gorgeous one, though cold. When I got up it was a bit foggy b ut all blue sky and sunshine now. I will be off to Twin later, well it is such a long time since I saw them! Back to the lion's den where the cold bugs lurk! Poor MM. Hopefully I won't catch it as I feel I have enough to contend with the itches! I tried to go and see Ari's Mum yesterday but neither she or Ari were in so I am guessing he had taken her out for her walk! I will try again next week, maybe I will ring her first next time! So then I came home and I had to sort the shed out a bit. One of my neighbours had asked to borrow my step ladder. I haven't used it in years so I had to yank it out of the shed and everything went everywhere, Then I realised it had a safety chain on and I have forgotten the code to open it! Tried a few usual ones but I was obviously being inventive at the time, so I now need bolt cutters to free it! Anyway I have at keast tidied the shed a bit though a proper clear out will have to wait till spring and better weather I think! After that I did my ixxnxxg so a very exciting day!

Hope Bruce is enjoying the freedom from the collar Jo and you are both sleeping better. I am sure ointment was a nightmare to put in, let's hope these drops work for him.

So you are on nursing duties this weekend then Fi. Poor Scollop, it all sounds very nasty and I am sure the bones will have started setting which won't help. Fingers crossed the op goes well. Nice that the g/friend will be able to see her parents. I can see why Ploppy decided against the op! Hope you manage to fight the bugs off and the arm goes down.

I can see that the Brum leading man might not be up to the high standard we are used to Jane! Glad you enjoyed it anyway. I don't want to say that Twin nagged SRH into singing a CoY but ….! Every time he passed us, which was a lot, she was repeating A CoY over and over! Mind I am glad she did as it really is beautiful and he sings it with such feeling. I am sure he is thinking of his wife when he sings it.

Hope You are now home safely Eva and had a good journey.

Morning BHB and what have we now? El Bxrrx? Sounds interesting! Let's get more and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 12:29
Hi all,

I have received a text form my GP's surgery saying the results of my recent test is normal and no further action required. I think that means that the x-ray shows no broken bones. So come on ribs! Stop hurting!!

Also that work related problem I had, is now resolved. Phew! That's a relief!

Fi - how every annoying about that op. I hope it all goes well for scollop. Hope you recover quickly from the jab jab. Sounds nasty :-(

Jo - I had visions of you doing a crash course in Dutch. Good luck!

Carol - Ah I see you were very tenacious with SRH. THANK YOU!!!!!

Oh dear many hugs to poorly MM. Careful not to catch lurgy yourself! And that goes for you too Pauline. Take lots of vit C or echinacea or what ever works for you.

I haven't seen Charlie S at Palladium. I can see it's no loss!
John B*rr*wm*n was good in Brum Dick W - though did rather turn the whole thing into the JB show. I much prefer the GO's more generous style of performing.
D*nny M*c made a lovely Prince Charming but was a little like a rabbit in headlights in his first panto.
This year's Prince Charming (in Sn*w Wh*te) was J*c Y*rr*w who played J*seph in the WE recently. Very bland I'm afraid. :-(

EEKK I need to go !
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 12:29
Hi all,

I have received a text form my GP's surgery saying the results of my recent test is normal and no further action required. I think that means that the x-ray shows no broken bones. So come on ribs! Stop hurting!!

Also that work related problem I had, is now resolved. Phew! That's a relief!

Fi - how every annoying about that op. I hope it all goes well for scollop. Hope you recover quickly from the jab jab. Sounds nasty :-(

Jo - I had visions of you doing a crash course in Dutch. Good luck!

Carol - Ah I see you were very tenacious with SRH. THANK YOU!!!!!

Oh dear many hugs to poorly MM. Careful not to catch lurgy yourself! And that goes for you too Pauline. Take lots of vit C or echinacea or what ever works for you.

I haven't seen Charlie S at Palladium. I can see it's no loss!
John B*rr*wm*n was good in Brum Dick W - though did rather turn the whole thing into the JB show. I much prefer the GO's more generous style of performing.
D*nny M*c made a lovely Prince Charming but was a little like a rabbit in headlights in his first panto.
This year's Prince Charming (in Sn*w Wh*te) was J*c Y*rr*w who played J*seph in the WE recently. Very bland I'm afraid. :-(

EEKK I need to go !
TK wrote:
Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 14:42
Back after a walk. Bruce had to be reminded about the ice creams. We'd been out for quite a while and I fancied a cake. First time I've had to ask him to go in for ages. One of the waitresses said she saw him walk past yesterday, she was a bit surprised. On our way home he tried to take me on another walk, I 'persuaded' him to go home.

Eva I went into the dog friendly gift shop to tell the lady how much you liked the scarf. She was pleased that I told her, also said other customers had been very happy with the scarves. PS the shop might be dog friendly, but this dog is not very keen to go into this shop. There is a tiny Dachshund who lives there, Bruce is frightened of it!!! I did get him in, they give out treats to the dog customers! Bella used to love going in there, she chose greeting cards (before the dog treat)!

Back to the sorting, it is very slow going.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 16:25
Evening all.

It's been very hot and windy last couple of days, especially windy today. The hippo & croc boat trip was v good and nice to be on the water where it was cooler. We only saw one small croc (guide said it was too hot for them) but we saw four separate families of hippos. Plus a fish eagle, four elephants, weaver birds and their nests, and a pied kingfisher. We returned to the guesthouse and sat by the pool for a couple of hours, watched the one day cricket between SA and England, then went out for an early dinner. We went to the yacht club which has good views of the estuary and sea but after waiting over 20 mins and no drinks let alone food order taken, we walked out. The guesthouse owner had warned us about the service there but said it was worth it for the views and good pizzas. Instead we went to Oce*n Basket, a SA fish & seafood chain - there's a branch in Knysn* - where we had a nice meal. I had grilled calamari & chips, Ploppy prawns and chips. We're planning on dining there again tomorrow- I want to have their baklava cheesecake.

We were picked up at 8.00 pm for our night safari which was supposed to be 3 hours but we didn't get back till midnight. It was relatively warm in the safari jeep but I was glad of my jacket to help keep out the insects as we drove along. We saw quite a lot of animals inc several types of antelope, zebra, wildebeest, hyena, night jars, porcupine (guide said it was first time he'd seen one), 3/4 rabbits (so cute), bush babies, genet, plus two elephants which had just pulled down a small tree half blocking the road and which refused to move away so we had to take another route.

We had a quick breakfast this am as we're being picked up at 8.00 am for our day safari along the eastern shore of the park. This tour wasn't as good as yesterday's two, partly because we didn't see many animals but also because of the wind. We were supposed to do swimming and snorkelling at Cape Vid*l but it was far too windy. Ploppy went in but the waves were too fierce to swim, I paddled. We had a walk along the the beach, then had a light lunch (included in tour) and drove back. We saw a warthog right by the road who very kindly stayed for us to get some good photos, usually they run off. Got back at 3.00 so sat by the pool for an hour and went in when it clouded over. Forecast for tomorrow is mostly cloudy, rain had been predicted but this has been put back to Friday. We are going to a crocodile centre in the park and will then probably go to a bird park about 30 mins away. It will be nice to have a proper leisurely breakfast tomorrow after today's quick, small one and yesterday the guesthouse was rather late in getting it out. We are going out to dinner shortly, probably to an Italian for pizza or pasta.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 16:32
Forgot to say that as we were stopped somewhere today a huge black & white butterfly landed on my shoulder and stayed there for a couple of mins. I could only see it out the corner of my eye (didn't want to move much) but had seen others so knew what it looked like. Unfortunately as Ploppy went to get his camera out of my bag, it flew off.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 17:12
Afternoon all. I am back in Bergen with a vengeance,- it was pooring with rain all day!
I had a lovely but busy day on Monday walking miles (or so it felt!) going from shop to shop after I reached O Street (yes, I walked there too). Good heavens, it felt like half of O Street was under plastic wraps. Not very nice to see. I found mands, of course, and left with new knickers, new bras, 2 new nighties a lovely top for youngest sister (Because she deserves it!) and a short break for a coffee and a scone in the cafe. There wasn't a lot of people in the cafe,- I was surprised because I always think of them as very full. The coffee was nice and strong and the scone just right, so I was happy to sit there and read my newspaper. (P.S. I forgot to say "Happy" divorce from the EU! I wonder how it will play out as time goes by.) I also bought another top for myself in another shop (have forgotten what it was called), and also got some presents for upcoming birthdays in the family. I was thinking of starting the Cheristmas presents, but then decided not! 😜😂 When it was time to return to the hotel, my feet were well and truly painful, so I took the bus back (and there was still money on my O*ster card.) I went back to the hotel and unloaded all my packages, and then out again to find somewhere to have lunch. There is a place on L Square called "Under The W*ter" (I think) where I had a steak with chips (very mediocre) and my favourite dessert, aplle crumble (which wasn't very nice at all. I consider myself an expert on crumbles! 😜) I had a good eva in the afternoon, but felt rather tired so decided not to try to get a theatre ticket after all. I opted for a night in (for a change. HA!)
Next morning I had early breakfast (7am) and took a taxi to Vic station. This time the G Express was up and runnibg (albeit very slowly at times so it took almost half an hour longer than normal. It was blamed on repair works finishing too late.) It meant that I didn't have as much time as I wanted on G.wick, but at least I had a browse in the shops and bought 2 books. The flight was bang on time and so was the flying home, where we were met with frost. The car park where Hazel waited had not been salted through the night with the result that if I hadn't had the trolley to cling on to, I would have fallen. You could see people sliding and gliding all over the place. It was a disgrace, and I was so relieved when I had Hazel safely back on the roads which of course was properly salted and no problems at all.
Today I've been to my acupuncturist and done my weekly shop (at the shopping centre. My acupuncturist hasn't started selling potatoes yet!😂)
Tomorrow I'm expecting my cleanind lady, so then I'll have a day in.

Fi,- you and yours are going through it. Poor eldest scollop. I do hope the op won't be too complicated and that they can right it again. I bet he's pleased you're coming to look after him in the w/e. Look after that cold, or rathet don't, so maybe it'll feel neglected and go somewhere else.

Jo,- so Bruce's trials aren't over yet? Has the vet come up with what they need to do yet? So pleased you told the shop about how pleased I was with my scarf. I've had so many complements for it.

Pauline,- still itching? So you've had an early spring tidying in your shed? 😂😂

Carol,- poor MM with a bad cold as well. I think a lot of people are struggling with it at the moment. Very wise of you to cancel the rehersal with so many being absent.

Jane,- it was lovely to see you too on Sunday. It was a very good evening all round.

Diana,- you're having a busy time of it, seeing all those animals. I'm sure Ploppy felt happy being able to getting au jour with the sport on telly.😜

Pointless is just around the corner, so I'll love you and leave you.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 18:49
The Dutch phone call was fun this morning. Automated, if you want xx press or say 1. With these sorts of systems I hoped it was like the UK ones if it goes on long enough you finally get to a person. The system went on for quite a while, so I gave up and chose an option 'drie' -3. I got to a lady who asked me to give the number of the account (or at least I think that is what she said). After a bit of conversation (and without being transferred anywhere) we got the info which Felf needed. I'm certain that option 3 was not the right department for idiot English lady asking question on closing bank account. I did ensure the lady that the security questions would be answered over the phone by Felf as she can hear me 'shouting' at her. We have done this before. It was 'interesting'. The lady was really helpful. I always think what would happen if the situation was reversed, try and find a Dutch speaking bank person at the call centre.

Eva glad you are back home OK.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, February 6, 2020, 08:31
Morning and we have the fog back again – I also think it is chilly! Should be sunny later once the fog has gone, but temperatures still under 10C. Still, unlike Bxrgxn we will be dry!

Oh that’s good about the Xrxy Lady J – now you just have to take it easy and allow the ribs to heal themselves. I see the work problem has gone away too, so that is two pieces of good news. I take a Vit C tablet every day, and so far (touching wood) I seem to have evaded the clutches of MM’s germs (I hope I don’t regret typing that!). We saw Charlie S in Half a 6d and he was very good, but as a leading man in panto he was very underwhelming. I can see that Danny M would be a good PC, but JohnB always does his own thing, unlike the GO who works with the rest of the cast as a team.

Jo I am sure Bruce was thrilled to be back out and about and having ice cream. So he is afraid of a Dachshund is he! Either that or (like MM) he doesn’t like shopping and would prefer to spend the time in the pub! Ah going slowly is par for the course when doing any sorting out. It is one of those tasks you think will be easy and then the reality hits you! I see the phone call was interesting. I know what you mean about the shouting at Felf so she can give the security question answers to the person on the end of the phone. I used to have to do that with my mother when her hearing became bad, so I know what fun it can be. I think you are right – the chances of anyone in a British bank being able to speak Dxtch would be very low indeed. Well done for getting it sorted though!

Glad you enjoyed the hippo and croc trip (even though the crocs were in hiding), lovely to see elis, fish eagle and the weaver birds. Obviously the Y Club doesn’t feel it needs to provide good service (especially if it has wonderful views) but I can see why you left and went elsewhere. The baklava cheesecake sounds yummy. I think you were very wise to wear a jacket for the night trip, and hopefully none of the little flying beasties managed to get a bite at you. You certainly struck lucky with the amount of animals you saw! I see yesterday didn’t yield as many animals, and what a shame you couldn’t swim due to the wind and high waves. I always think of Pxmbxx in the Lxxn Kxng when I think of warthogs! So a visit to the croc centre today so not such an early start. That was a shame the butterfly was being coy and didn’t want its photo taken!

Glad you have arrived home safely Eva, albeit to somewhat damp weather. I think (according to the Beeb) you should have a dry day today. I see you kept MandS’s profits up! Ah Monday is often a quiet day – first day back in the office after a weekend! I am somewhat relieved to read you decided against starting your C’mas shopping for now! I have made a note not to visit the place on L Square! Glad you had a lovely Eva afterwards. I am not surprised you took the bus back to the hotel. Even with the extra half an hour on the journey, the GExpress was a better option than when you arrived, and you did manage to buy......books! Oh that is unusual for the car park not to be have been salted I imagine. Sounds like it could have been nasty if people were sliding everywhere. I hope the visit to you a’puncturist went well and you had a good sleep as a result. A day in to recharge your batteries is probably a good idea.

We had a lovely afternoon putting the world to rights yesterday. Janice had made a very nice coffee meringue cake and some lemon and almond cupcakes. She and Lindy left just after 8pm so Twin and I watched HC (we missed the first ten/fifteen minutes but caught up very easily). Then we watched the second part of SWxtnxss, which was a very sad episode. Today MM and I are having a quick (half hour) meeting with the Vicar this morning (we will leave Twin tucked up in the warm) and then we are all up to L’don to see “& Jxlixt” – it has had good reviews and we have both wanted to see it. MM is coming too, so we will come back after it has finished and eat locally. We should be home in plenty of time for our weekly blues skies and azure sea in DinP. New detective arrives tonight! Morning BHB, yes it is another foggy day. Let’s go into the warm conservatory. I’ll bring the toasted muffins if you can manage the Dixmxnd Fxzz. We should have time for a quick snuffle before the DCM arrives (she is awake).
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, February 6, 2020, 09:13
Morning all and it is a bit foggy out there but should lift and give us another lovely day. It was beautiful yesterday, a perfect winters day. Had a good drive here and arrived at the same time as Lindy, good timing. We then sat and had a lovely chat about everything until Janice and her yummy cakes arrived. The chocolate and meringue one was especially yummy. Really looking forward to the show this afternoon. I have liked the sound of it since it started.

Jane that is brilliant news about your work problem, one less thing to worry about, and it is nice to know your ribs aren’t broken, but that doesn’t stop the pain sadly. Hope they heal soon though I know it takes a while.

Diana your trips sound wonderful and lovely to see so much even if the crocs were being coy! The Y club sounds as if it will soon have no restaurant if the service is that bad! Mind maybe it is just there for shiw and doesn’t really serve food! You can’t eat a view no matter how lovely it is. Shame the butterfly flew off before having it’s picture taken!

Glad you had a good day on the Monday Eva, lots of lovely RT, though I am also glad you resisted started C/mas shopping! Shame lunch was a bit of a disappointment though. Not surprised you were a bit tired in the evening. Bad that the airport car park was so slippery when you arrived home, a broken leg would not have been good. Hope you had a lovely time with the acupuncturist.

Well done negotiating the Dutch phone system Jo. Nice of the lady you got to sort things out for you even if it wasn’t really her job. Must have been interesting doing the password thing! Hope Bruce is ok, nice to see him resuming some of his habits.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Dixmxnd Fxzz? Goody, let’s get more and the muffins as well and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Thursday, February 6, 2020, 11:01
Tiring day already. Bruce is back fast asleep. He is on the dog bed, so the sofa is free ...... but I really should get on with the tidying. Washing is running in the machine.

Matt (Policeman) has tweeted about the tour shame the ATG website is down at the moment.

Duffy wasn't too well last night, she looked OK on the early morning walk to the park. Mr and Mrs Ex P were going to go abroad in a few weeks. They have decided to go in UK, so they can take her on hols with them.

I'm not a fan of the discussion on C'mas shopping.
evam wrote:
Thursday, February 6, 2020, 11:40
Morning all. It's actually quite nice outside at the moment, but chilly, only +3 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. You've saved me a toasted muffin? So good of you. The herbal tea? Is also ready and waiting? You're the best. 💋💋😍

I've actually been out for a walk this morning. Not a long one, mind you, but at least I got some fresh air in my lungs. At the moment my cleaning lady is doing her h****r waltz which is music (!) to my ears. No big pland for the rest of the day. Tomorrow morning I'm off to see father. He's been OK lately according to youngest sister. He has forgotten that I'd been away. (Yes, this time I told him.)

Jane,- I forgot to say yesterday that I'm so pleased to hear that everything at work has been solved. As you say: One thing less to worry about. Now all you have to do is wait patiently for your ribs to stop hurting.🤗

Jo,- I'm impressed! 👏👏👏 You sorted out Felf's Dutch bank account. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall. I hope Bruce is feeling better.

Carol,- the cupcakes (and the other cakes) sounds yummy. I love a meringue but my efforts to make one myself have failed so many times that I've given up. ☹️

Pauline,- I hope the show today lives up to your expectations. Enjoy!

Diana,- so the crocodils were playing hide and seek with you? I see the hippos made up for them. 😜
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, February 6, 2020, 13:06
Hi all,

My phone has been uber busy today so if I disappear with just half a post written you know why!

Thank you all for your good wishes about the ribs and job.

I had a bizarre dream last night where I was forced to go camping with an air bed and sleeping bag but no tent - and got very wet as a result. Mayhap I am worried about sleeping on an air bed next weekend when I go to the AGM? It won't be comfy with sore ribs!

Jo - Bravo! Oops sorry Brava!!! Well done getting Felf sorted out. I know how difficult it can be talking to banks on behalf of someone else. Doing it using a foreign language (OK so not ALL the time) must be a major challenge.

Aw Diana - sounds like you had a camera shy butterfly there. It sounds beautiful! (The camera shy crocs might not have been so pretty!)

Eva - I'm glad to see you got home safe! It sounds like you had a very pleasant time after Holborn. But thinking of Christmas shopping?!!! BEHAVE!!!

Carol - fingers crossed the Vit C works! Ooo - I see you and Pauline have been enjoying cakes (cakes are good for a cold too, aren't they?)

I hope you both have a fab time and &J. I have heard some excellent reviews so it should be good! Let us know!
Diana wrote:
Friday, February 7, 2020, 05:20
Morning all.

We had a good day yesterday. The weather wasn't as sunny and it gradually clouded over during the pm. Fortunately the rain held off until we were driving back and it didn't rain hard till we were in bed. After a more leisurely breakfast we went to the tour office shop to collect some money they owed us as offered 10% discount for multiple trips. Then we went to a tropical bird farm about 30 mins drive away which was OK but not outstanding. The toucans were probably the best birds. We decided to go to the big game parks about an hour away. We had been told we were unlikely to see much given the time of day and heat but we saw loads. Best sightings of warthogs we've ever had; saw several types of antelope inc lots of impala very close up, nyalas which we've rarely seen and never as close, and three beautiful male kudus; three rhinos; vultures; and more. We didn't get back until after 6.30 pm so had a quick shower and went to dinner. We ate at a steakhouse in a hotel and the food was good. I had chicken livers and chicken schnitzel. I was facing the pool and hotel gardens and saw two large hippos walk through the garden! So it is true that hippos walk through the town. I don't think Ploppy would have believed me if he'd not seen them for himself.

Breakfast in a few mins and we're aiming to leave at 8.30. We may stop off at a river mouth on the way to Durban. We need to be there by midday and will go in the lounge for some drinks and food. Three hour drive from PE and will have a short stop to buy some milk etc. Hope to be home around 6.30 pm where there won't be any power due to load shedding.

Haven't had time to read the blog for a couple of days so will catch up at the airport or over the weekend.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, February 7, 2020, 07:46
Morning and no fog but very frosty out. I think today’s weather will be much the same as yesterday (minus the fog).

Apart from being tired, is Bruce feeling any better, Jo? I see you were in wishy washy mode yesterday. What a shame Duffy wasn’t well – I am sure Mr and Mrs ExP’s decision to holiday in the UK so she can go with them, will do her a lot of good . I know MDQ is going to Ayle*b*ry in May but not sure if we will get there as that is a bad week for us. I am amazed to hear that you are not yet doing your C’mas shopping....

I see your temperatures were quite close to our’s yesterday Eva, although we did make it up to 8C at one point! Hopefully you had a nice restful day yesterday. So Father had forgotten you had been away, which is good in a way. I see he has been ok for your sister with no falls or medical emergencies (he obviously saves those for you). Even though he had forgotten you were away, I am sure he will be pleased to see you this morning. Ah meringues can be tricky things – I never have the nerve to turn the bowl upside down, but just test the mixture from when it stays on the whisk. .

That was a very odd dream Lady J – you may be right and you are worrying about how your ribs with cope with the airbed. I am assuming you didn’t wake to find there had been a leak in the roof and you were in fact very wet! So far the VitC is doing its job (so hopefully will continue!). Of course cakes are good for cold prevention – it is a well know fact!!

I see you had a good day yesterday – a refund, good weather and then sightings of lots of animals (mind you not sure vultures would be on my list of things I would like to see!). Amazing to see hippos whilst you were eating out. So the birds and the cat you saw the other evening were just out to tease you and make you think it was a large animal free zone. A lovely sighting before you head back home today. Hope the flights and the rest of the drive home go safely.

Our five minutes meeting with the Vicar turned into fifty five minutes but we were back in time to change and go off to the station. Our planned journey on the Cxntrxl Lxne was thwarted when we couldn’t park at WR*islIp due to contractors vans taking up a lot of space in the car park, so we went with plan B, drove to the next station which is the Met Line, and were fortunate enough to get there just as the Met Line was getting itself back to normal after severe delays (according to the notice in the station). We arrived at the theatre in time for a sit down in the bar and a drink (and to watch the somewhat strange attire of some of the audience). There were quite a lot of school pupils there yesterday and the auditorium was full apart from the odd spare seat. The dress circle was also full (the top circle wasn’t open but had the sound and lighting desk set up). We were in the second row and fortunately three of the empty seats were directly in front of us. We loved the show (even MM and I was quite surprised by that, as I wasn’t sure it was his cup of tea). The street dancing was amazing and the whole concept was a brilliant one. Link to the trailer if you want to have a peep Lady J.
We had understudies on for J*li*t, M*y, L*nce and N*rse and they were all brilliant. You could see the cast were having a whale of a time. Oliver Txmsxtt was Will S, and he was having the time of his life. So a very successful afternoon. We caught a cab to my old station and had a five mins wait for a train and then we were off, just slightly ahead of the main rush hour, so within a couple of stations we all had a seat. We went to our normal French eatery for a meal and were home by 8.30pm so in plenty of time to see DinP, and also to see who went from the Home Bxker programme. Today Twin is off home, and MM and I will do our normal food shop this morning. An afternoon at home (several emails to catch up with) and then we will be off to church for choir practice. Morning BHB, yes it does look chilly out. Let’s take the Vanillita and the hot croissants into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket until the DCM arrives. I am not sure if she awake yet!
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, February 7, 2020, 08:53
Morning all and it is really lovely one here, cold and frosty but it looks so pretty in the sun. I will be off home fairly sharpish this morning as I have a facial booked for midday. Thankfully my face seems quite clear of the itchy hives, just one on my neck so hoping Karen will do it. Just absolutely loved the show yesterday. It was loud but so colourful and brilliantly well done. You would have to like pop music as that is what it is all through fortunately I love pop so really enjoyed it. Very funny and a clever idea. We came back to eat locally and then got home in time for DiP and the new DI who I think will be excellent.

Good that your father was ok while you were away Eva. Hope all stays that way! I love making meringue, though it can be tricky. I always test it by tipping it over my head, so far I have never worn it!

Hope Bruce has recovered from his trauma of wearing the cone Jo. How is the eye now? Is he leaving it alone? Hope little dog is ok. I think they are wise not to leave her to go away.

Weird dreams are usually triggered by something you are worrying about I think Lady Jane. I can see the prospect of an air bed might not be good. Maybe taking a duvet to lie on might soften it a bit?

You sound to have had a really good break Diana. I must say it would be a bit disconcerting to see hippos wondering by! Hope you have a good journey home.

Morning BHB and it is Vanillita day of course. Let’s grab more and som croissants and go and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Friday, February 7, 2020, 16:57
Carol, watched the vid. Looked very jolly. I thought I saw Scott P**g* one of de spies from Ch**ty. But it wasn't, just had same outline and hair. Glad you enjoyed it.

Bruce has been to the vet for a check up today. The size of the ulcer has slightly reduced but it has not gone away. The 2 vets who have most contact with him will have a chat today. I'm to carry on with the treatment of the 2 type of drops. She was thinking eye specialist consult as they have different tools. 'How far can you travel with him?' I told her he came from near Ipswich and we went to Cornwall for our hols last year, so quite a way. So he is OK, but it must hurt.

Diana you have had some lovely sights of animals in your travels. Must be exciting.

I have been rushing about all day. This is about the first time I've sat down. I took a few more things to the charity shop this afternoon. Came back with a draft excluder and a lovely purple beanie and gloves. The chap was quite interested in the horse figure I took. I haven't googled it as I'm certain it is not valuable. The main valuer was out today. The Tom Jones CD I took in caused some excitement due to the very tight trousers and the raunchy pose.

I've been busy most of the day, saw a headline saying PS announces he is gay. I didn't understand as I thought he was, I thought I was seeing a headline from many years ago. So I've just checked the headline was from today. Ah well.

I've just dumped stuff in the kitchen so better do some moving about. And turn up the heating.
TK wrote:
Friday, February 7, 2020, 19:40
Just trying to organise a theatre trip to Million Dollar Q in Ayl*sb*ry. Will Mrs ExP want to go? I'm saying 'no', MrExP says yes she would. I really doubt it as she is not keen on R'n'R. She is a youngster, has no life memory of seeing it on TV as a child. Mr ExP has an older sister so was exposed to some extent. Anyway I've sent a message to both of them. I'll ask WWW friend if she'd like to go.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, February 8, 2020, 07:59
Morning and a grey and overcast start to the day. No frost though, and I think we are due to reach double figures temperature wise today.

Jo, it was a very good musical for introducing young people to the theatre, which is why we were so pleased to see all the school parties there, and really enjoying it. The cast had a standing ovation at the end and I don’t think a single member of the audience didn’t join in. The actress playing Mrs S (not Eva’s one but Will’s) had played Cxrolx Kxng in Beautifxl but she was the only person I recognised apart from Oliver T. Well that’s good that the ulcer has reduced slightly – I like that he has two vets discussing him (he is obviously a VIP – very important pet, but we knew that). Was the vet surprised he was such a well travelled dog? Oh what a shame – I guess they only had the beanie and gloves in purple – I am sure you would have preferred a different colour. Imagine you having a horse figure! Who would have thought it. I don’t think you were alone in your thoughts on PS! We may not make it to see MDQ in A’bury as it is a busy week that week (couple of birthdays and a potential family get together). I will leave booking anything just for now.

We waved Twin off yesterday morning and then went and did our food shop – MM went off to collect a belt he was having repaired at one of the shops, which left me to have a little walk around and sadly I have to report I was caught by a couple of jumping tops and a couple of pairs of leggings. Oh and a grey long line cardi with pockets in (cardis with pockets are ideal for leading church services as the microphone box fits in nicely (men don’t have a problem as of course all their trousers and jackets have pockets!). I then met back up with MM and we did the food shop and we were home just after noon. I spent the afternoon sorting out music for choir in the evening and finding a couple of new pieces for us to sing. For some reason the room where we rehearse (i.e. the one with the piano in it) was warm! Admittedly it wasn’t when we first arrived but we put the heater on and it did a really good job! We dropped our young lady from HKxng back at uni on our way home and were back in time to watch the blue skies and seas of the Grxxk islands (beautiful) before G’chester. Today I will be in wishy washy mode and then this evening the small choir are meeting at a local restaurant for our somewhat belated farewell meal with Sue, which is up from W’chester at a singing course in L’don. It was the first date we could all make since she left, and even then we will be without two people – one (male) just got himself double booked, and it is his daughter’s birthday today so he and his wife are off there (he only realised last week), and the other lost her mother on C’mas Eve and the funeral was yesterday in Dxrset. Morning BHB, yes it is a little gloomy at the moment. Let’s brighten the day by taking the churros and the Poxt’s Drxxm into the conservatory. We can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, February 8, 2020, 09:53
Morning all and it is just brightening up here now but obviously rained overnight. Just softening us up for the storm tonight and tomorrow I think! I have a man outside! He is replacing the windscreen on the car so thankfully I will not have to worry about it shattering after this morning! Of course this means I may suddenly disappear! I will go and put some washing on in a minute, might as well do something useful while he is working! I had a wonderful facial yesterday. It was so relaxing and I didn't have one itch while it was happening. Shows relaxation is good for me I think/! sadly it is all back to itch normal now but was lovely while it lasted. As it happens my skin looks so much better for it as well!

Jo I though exactly that about PS for ages but knew he got married and had two girls so thought maybe not, well didn't really give it another thought! It must have taken a lot of guts to do what he did yesterday. Hope they can all be happy. Hopefully good the ulcer on Bruce's eye has shrunk a bit. He is definitely getting great treatment from the vet, probably at great prices too! Worth it if they can cure it though. Poor boy, it must be so uncomfortable for him.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Pxxt's Drxxm? Sounds lovely. Let's get some more and more churros of course, and go and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, February 8, 2020, 10:37
Morning all. It's a blustery day here. Everything is building up for the storm we are expecting later. Maybe it's the same storm you're waiting for?

Hello sweetheart. Will I have coffee or herbal tea? A coffee please, or I might fall asleep in the middle of blogging. I had a very bad night last night, and 3 am saw me doing my i****g! I went back to bed around 5am, and did sleep until 6.45 am. Of course that isn't enough, and with yesterday's bad night, I am starting to feel quite peculiar.
I've been to see father this morning, and he's fine. I didn't spend long with him as I needed to go to the chemist. Youngest sister with my lovely br.i.l and Emilian ar up in the mountains for the w/e. Emilian is pleased as punch, because there is plenty of snow up there, so he can use his new skies. Oh btw. have I told you that he can read now, add and subtract without writing it down? Mother was right when she decared him a genius!

Jo,- who is PS? I've tried to think of a possible answer, but in my muddled brain I can't do it. So you've booked tickets to the theatre? So did I yesterday, and I'm taking youngest sister with me to see C*baret on the Bergen theatre. It had the first night yesterday, and the newspapers are full of praise. Our tickets aren't until the middle of Mars.

Carol,- I hope you'll have a great night out with your ex-conductor.

Pauline,- the facial sounds lovely, especially without any itches. If our storm is making it's way over to you, I'll try to fix it so that it has lost some of it's power when it reaches you! How I'll do it? That's a secret!😜
Diana wrote:
Saturday, February 8, 2020, 16:08
Afternoon all.

Really enjoyed our trip to St Lucia, though not so much the travelling there and especially back. When we got to the Av*s desk at PE airport yesterday to collect our car, they had no record of our booking. Took about 30 mins to sort out - they were very apologetic. It rained quite a bit of the way to Durb*n and from PE home. As you may have seen the SA v England one day cricket in Durb*n was called off - it was chucking it down as we boarded the plane.

In my last post I forgot to add a link to the game parks we went to on Thursday:

According to the car it was 40 degrees that afternoon as we drove around the parks - we were in a pleasant 20 degrees thanks to the air con.

Today I have spent some time catching up on the laptop, done two loads of washing so have a pile of the I word to do and sat outside for a while. It rained overnight and was misty this morning but gradually cleared for a couple of hours, clouded over again at lunchtime and then cleared for a nice late pm. Ploppy has been playing golf this pm and should be back within the next hour. The men haven't finished the exterior yet, they've probably got a day's work left including hopefully tidying up, so presumably will be back on Monday. Tomorrow we'll probably go to the gym first thing, then we need to go food shopping. Monday or Tuesday we need to go into town again - we have never heard from our account manager so must go the branch again plus we need to pay for February's satellite TV otherwise we'll get cut off again. May also look at washing machines - certainly want to order one within next week to ten days. Still haven't read the blog .....
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, February 9, 2020, 07:30
Morning and it is still dark out. Storm Cxxra has started blowing a hooley outside (in fact she woke me several times in the night). Fingers crossed the cedar tree is church is ok – woke is due to start on it next week to reduce the height and make it safe.

Eva, I do hope you managed to get a better night last night – I am not surprised you are start to feel peculiar from lack of sleep. Yes Emilian is a genius – so he has new skis (I am assuming there is snow up in the mountains!). Phil Schxfxxld is the person Jo was referring to. I am sure you and your sister will enjoy Cxbxret and by the time you go (March) it will be well bedded in as a production.

Diana what a pain about the car booking (I seem to have a vague recollection that might have happened to Eva at some point). So you have had really heavy rain too – at the moment it is dry here, but heavy rain due around 1pm. The weather for the S versus E rxgby was awful – it made kicking really difficult and they must have all been wet through to the marrow! Thanks for the link to the game reserve – it looks amazing (I would be rather relieved I hadn’t seen hyxnas!). That is really bad that the bank manager STILL hasn’t contacted you! Not exactly high on the customer satisfaction rating. Ah so a new w machine still on the wish list I see.

I managed to get most of the laundry done yesterday – just a couple of things to do today. I watched the hour and a half long Beeb programme The Wxndxrmxre Children on catch up. It was really well done and very sad but uplifting too. We had a lovely evening with the small choir – I had baked Camembert as a starter, then I was really good and had a grilled chicken ceasar salad (it was huge – now whenever I have chicken I think about Diana’s Ploppy’s prize!) and the a coffee with a mini lemon drizzle cake (the cake was lovely – really moist and lemony). Sue looked really well and was able to chat to everyone and get them up to date with what was happening with her new home (she is having the flat roof replaced in the next couple of weeks). She had decided to drive home last night, which was probably wise as she would have been just ahead of the Storm. We are off to church shortly, and then will dash home so we are here before the worst of the wind and rain hits (forecast to be about 1pm here). Then it will be close the doors on the world! I will do my little bit of the i word that I have to do whilst watching last night C’lty. This evening we had CtM of course and the new AC – which I hope they haven’t messed around with too much – I know the lady who has done the adaptation has changed a fair amount............. Morning BHB, yes it is very windy out! Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Absolxtxly Fxbulxxs through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the pink blanket until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, February 9, 2020, 10:01
Morning all, and it's a miserable day outside,- it's raining sideways so I don't think a walk will be on the cards today.

Hello sweetheart. You have toasted paninis to go with the coffee today? What a gem you are! (He agrees. 😜)

I had the best sleep last night that I've had in months! I went to bed as soon as Cas had finished (I cried), slept until 2 am, made myself a decaf and allowed myself 2 digestives, read my book ( The latest V*l McD*rmid) and thought I'd try for more sleep. I woke up at 8.15 am (!). I feel like a new person, so I hope this was a break through. As I'm not going out today, I feel ready to tackle something that should have been done a loooooooong time ago: Cleaning the inside of all the kitchen cupboards. How about that for a Sunday activity?

Diana,- + 40 degrees? Goodness, gracious me. That would knock me out totally. So you're going to see the account manager tomorrow. I bet that if he knew, he'd go into hiding. 😜

Carol,- the noise of the storm woke you up, eh? Be very glad you didn't try to sleep in my flat yesterday. When the winds go through the gap between the block and the mountain side behind, it sound slike an express train is hurtling through! So that's who PS is. I never thought of him, but better late than never. I think he's brave to come out. I saw a trailer about the AC tonight, and I decided not to watch it. All the joy of watching AC's book disappears as it's being mauled by directors who think they know better than her how a story should be told.

I watched The Best D..... last night, and I am enjoying it, but more and more I think that the dances are becoming more and more samey. It's astonishing what they can do, but as I said a bit too much of the same.

Tomorrow I'm due another session with the needles.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, February 9, 2020, 10:24
Morning all and it is blowing a hooley here at the moment! I think it is going to be like this for two days at least! The garden already looks a bit rough and the worst is yet to come. Luckily I don't have anywhere to go today, just a nice pile pf ixxnxxg to do! The man that came and did Katie's windscreen yesterday was so nice and very efficient. He also fitted some new wipers for me so I should be fine now. A relief to have the crack sorted I can tell you! It was done in time so I could go to the shops and get some food which is always a bonus! I watched The Grxxtest Dxncer which was excellent, the standard of dancing is very good this year, then Cxsualty which was it's usual miserable self! Not sure they ever smile in it these days!

Eva it is very kind of you to take some of the sting out of the storm for us, I hate to think what it would have been like if you hadn't! Well we all know Emilian is a genius! I hope he has a wonderful time whizzing round on his new skies. I also hope that you have managed to get a bit more sleep. I know what sleep deprivation is like and it is awful. I am still being woken by the itching but at least I do get some sleep between itchy sessions.

Diana 40c is far too hot! Thank goodness for the car air con. Not good about the car rental mix up but at least it got sorted and you got home safely. Your part of SA is certainly getting it's rain this year, which is good as I know it can be a problem. Hope the house gets sorted soon.

Morning BHB and what have we today Absxlxtely Fxbxlxxs? Lovely sweetie, let's get another jug and some paninis and find the CM.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, February 9, 2020, 10:30
Eva we crossed! So glad you had a good sleep, everything crossed that this is the breakthrough, but even if it isn't it will stand you in good stead to have had a decent sleep. I agree about the dancers, they are though the ballroom couple do have something a bit different. I think it is that they are all young and street dance is what they do. I love it so happy to watch them. Mind I thought last week when they had Dxversxty on they showed how it should be done!

Diana wrote:
Sunday, February 9, 2020, 15:23
Afternoon and I hope everyone survives the storm and doesn't incur any damage. Carol, we watched the Eng v Scot game yesterday - conditions certainly looked awful. Hope MM has recovered from his cold and he hasn't passed on his germs to you or Pauline.

Apparently Knysn* had a lot of rain last week so we chose the right time to be away. Explains why the painting hasn't been finished. Ploppy said the golf course was very wet yesterday - we are on top of a hill so water usually drains fairly quickly. Forecast for the next few days is fairly good with Tues & Wed being hot and sunny. We had hoped to go to our fav restaurant this week but they are fully booked until 25th! I have made a booking for a cheese & wine lunch for Friday at a farm/winery between here and Plett. This is the place we tried to go to last April but couldn't gain access to the property.

It rained again overnight and was cloudy till mid morning. There's been a fair amount of sun since but the clouds are hanging around. We went to the gym at 9.00 am while the power was out (the hotel has a generator), had a late breakfast, then went shopping. We got all the food but not the lamp we want during load shedding sessions nor the special room spray so will try a couple of other shops tomorrow. I sat out for a couple of hours while Ploppy watched the SA v England cricket - I'm now half watching with him.

Great that you finally got a vg night's sleep, Eva, and are feeling much better. Fingers crossed it wasn't a one off and you sleep well tonight. Hope Emilian has enjoyed his weekend in the snow.

Hope you're feeling much better, Fi, and eldest's op went well and his hand heals properly.

Sorry that Bruce's op wasn't a success, poor boy.
TK wrote:
Sunday, February 9, 2020, 18:35
Diana you have been doing some lovely trips. Very exciting. I'm still not overly impressed by the temperature, I don't like cold or heat :)

Eva, hopefully your sleeping will continue. Fingers crossed that the needles work their magic.

Bruce has not been too impressed by today. He was out for over an hour this morning and then just in the garden. It has been blowing on and off all day, so i wasn't keen on going out. I was nearly blown over this morning, I was taking a step and the gust nearly pushed me over. In one of the calm spells I saw a pigeon eating from the muesli I put out the other day. I really didn't like it. Meant to be good for arthritis as it has turmeric in it. I used to cook a lot with turmeric, I seem not to like it in muesli.

Carol29 wrote:
Monday, February 10, 2020, 07:58
Morning and we still have the winds, but not as bad as yesterday and at the moment it is dry (we are due rain, but not as heavy, this afternoon.

Eva I am sorry to say I think we are sending Storm Cxxrx your way according to the C’file forecast! I think it will be called Elxa by your Met Office. That’s excellent that you had a good sleep (despite the 2 am hiatus) – let’s hope the lady with the needles can work her magic today too. I hope you didn’t get too excited cleaning out the kitchen cupboards! Yes PS did a very brave thing to announce it on his daytime show, and the rest of the Thxs Mxrnxng team were all really supportive. I know what you mean about the AC rewrites, so decided the only way to watch was to pretend it wasn’t AC but characters who just happened to have the same names!

So you missed all the rain last week whilst you were away – that was clever! It also explains the delay on finishing the house, so fingers crossed it all gets done today. How very dare your favourite restaurant not have a booking available for another two weeks, mind you the cheese and wine lunch for Friday sounds lovely (hopefully you will be able to get in this time!). Still, being fully booked is a sign that it is an excellent restaurant. I assume you have made a booking for the week after next? I see England managed to win by two wickets, but it was a close run thing! You will be surprised to hear that I liked the colour SA played in!

So Bruce wasn’t put off by the weather then Jo! I can understand that you weren’t so keen – They were saying on the News that the gusts were so strong they were liable to blow you over. I never cease to be amazed at the stupidity of some people – they mentioned that some idiot went surfing on the south coast (Hxstings), and got blown out to sea. Fortunately for him it was witnessed and so the lifeboat had to go out (thus endangering themselves – the lifeboat almost capsized). Fortunately for the surfer he was saved and the lifeboat also managed to stay afloat. So you will be having lots of very healthy neighbourhood pigeons then?

The cedar tree seems to have survived, which is a relief for MM. We could hear the wind roaring around the church during the service in the morning, so were somewhat worried we might hear the sound of it (or part of it) breaking off. We were very lucky when we got home as we had just got home and closed the doors when the really heavy rain arrived. I was glad we didn’t have to go out again! I caught up with C’lty in the afternoon (very sad episode). In the evening it was DrW, then CtheM and then we did watch the new “Agxthx C” – at least it wasn’t as bad as last year’s AXC Mxrders – with the awful portrayal of Hxrcxle P!!! Off to SLAPPAS today and then home for the rest of the day – rain forecast for later, but nothing like yesterday’s torrents. We are in this evening and will watch E’vour which was on IXV last evening. Morning BHB, yes it is still blustery out. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted pxklxts into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Monday, February 10, 2020, 09:41
Bruce had a nice walk this morning with all but 1 of his best friends. He does like being with his chums. It is not too windy her at the moment, though the forecast is for more rain and wind here this afternoon.

Carol, glad (and amazed) the problem tree is still OK. I would have thought there would have been some damage to the tree yesterday.

Just remembered I'm off to Pilates soon, better do eye drops and get changed.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, February 10, 2020, 10:11
Morning all. It is a different world today, though still windy, but the sun is shining in a clear blue sky, for now anyway! Yesterday was wild, but not as bad here as elsewhere. Terrific damage done in places and lots of floods. My worst problem was all the power going off at about 5.30, just as it was going dark of course! Fortunately I had lots of candles and so it did look quite romantic (useless to me!) but very gloomy. One of the neighbours rang the electricity board who said a line was down but they hoped to repair it by about 8.30pm, so we were all looking at what to have for dinner! At least I have a gas hob. However 6pm and the power came back on thank goodness. Need to go to the s/market today and do my big shop, then may try and see if Ari is around and have a catch up with his Mum.

Shame your nice restaurant was fully booked Diana, mind I think the cheese and wine lunch sounds rather yummy. The restaurant must be very good to be so booked up. Hope the men turn up and finish the house for you today, if it's not raining of course!

How lovely for Bruce to be socialising with friends Jo. He must feel he has died and gone to heaven with his life now compared to his previous life.

Morning BHB and of course it is Lavendula day today. Let's get more and go and find the CM. Thankfully the Bistro survived the storm with no damage at all! How lucky is that!
TK wrote:
Monday, February 10, 2020, 15:54
Good news. Bruce's eye ulcer has got much smaller. I have to carry on with the drops. He has another appointment on Friday to check that it is still getting better. Much relief, as I don't want to have more time with the cone. Of course there is the money thing too, but it is the nightmare of the cone which is worse.

Heard DVO on R5 this pm, she was the fox in the mask prog. She is going to some theatre, more writing and release an album (she is recording at mo).

Bruce has a new 'word' in his vocabulary. We were out this morning, it started raining heavily. He was pacing out to go home. Kept turning back to look at me whilst making a squeak. I'm assuming it is 'hurry up'.
evam wrote:
Monday, February 10, 2020, 16:32
Afternoon all. I have two news items for you. Which one do you want first? The good or the bad? The good one is that Henrik will be a big brother in August. 😃👏 The bad one is that I've probably started another bout of pneumonia. I'm feeling rotten and the coughing has started up again. I have an appointment tomorrow morning with my GP. I'm feeling disgusted with myself! ☹️☹️☹️
Diana wrote:
Monday, February 10, 2020, 19:03

Oh no, Eva, not pneumonia yet again! Hope you recover quickly. Sending you lots of hugs.

We currently have Snakes in the City on TV. It's mostly filmed in Durban and this guy and his girlfriend go to people's homes where they have found a snake and remove them to then free the snakes in the country. I'm not keen on the programme as it gives me the shivers and reminds me of when I almost walked into a puff adder (one of SA's most dangerous snakes) on the doorstep several years ago. However I do admire this guy and what he does.

The men were back today, they have one more day's work to do. As they were working on the veranda, we went to the pool this pm. I will probably need to go tomorrow again while Ploppy's playing golf as they will be doing the balcony floor which is above the veranda.

After a cloudy start, the sun came out most of the day and it's been warm. Sorry to say to you lot in the cold that the lounge temp is currently 23 degrees and it's 8.30 pm. Tomorrow and Wed are due to be gorgeous with temps of 28 and 31 respectively.

We bought a lamp this morning, paid the satellite TV and went to the bank. Spoke to our account manager by phone and he said he hadn't received our emails or the message to phone us. I need to email him again but hopefully the problem is now being sorted.

We have booked to go to our fav restaurant in two weeks and also the following week, a few days before we leave. We had ostrich for dinner tonight followed by vanilla ice cream with chocolate chilli liqueur. We are dining out tomorrow at a restaurant on beside the lagoon. Haven't been there for a while as the menu is limited. Oooh Poldark has just started.....

When I checked this morning the site said they weren't load shedding so we were able to have tea with breakfast. But the power went off late this pm and we found out afterwards that they'd reintroduced it at level one. Fortunately it was only off for two hours so didn't affect cooking dinner.

Don't blame you for not wanting to go out yesterday, Jo. Vg news that the ulcer has decreased so much. Hope the drops work and the ulcer continues to shrink.

What an idiot that surfer is and how selfish putting other people's lives at risk. We saw the reports about the weather on Sky News and both of us said how stupid some people were being out with kids in that weather.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 13:17
So now everything for yesterday and today has vanished! They are having fun with us aren't they! Just seeing if this posts.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 16:49
Evening all. So we are having fun with the blog! I emailed my post this morning to me to be on the safe side and I deleted it a few mins ago but remembered it would still be in the Sent folder so will repost it.

Morning all.

I hope it's my end and not a fault with the blog - there are no comments on the page.

It's another beautiful morning and already feels hot - unless it's the vacuuming I've just done. Yesterday was lovely. Ploppy played golf first thing (7.00 am) so I went to the gym. We were expecting someone to come and look at a broken cupboard door around 9.00 but he didn't turn up till after 11.00. The workmen were at the front of the house initially so I was able to sit out the back till Ploppy returned by which time the men were sanding some of the woodwork at the rear so we went to the pool for the afternoon. Ploppy has picked a cold from somewhere, probably the flight. I'm hoping he doesn't pass it to me!! When we arrived at the restaurant last night a coach party were going in and the place was heaving so we moved our booking to next week. Instead we went to a pizza restaurant, it's often fully booked but fortunately there were a couple of tables available. I had honey mustard chicken and red onion pizza which was nice. Then Ploppy and I had half each of a chocolate torte and chocolate mousse, which were OK but neither lived up to their descriptions.

The workmen have just arrived, it should be their last day today. Not sure what we're doing, depends how Ploppy is feeling, but we'll almost certainly go to the pool for part of the day to get away from the workmen.

It's been a gorgeous day, sunny and hot all day with a gentle breeze so it's not been unbearable though I haven't sat out in the full sun. We had to pop into town this morning as the workmen had run out of paint, wood varnish and sandpaper and we also needed a couple of things. We went to the pool late am and stayed till nearly 5.00pm. The men still have some work to do so will be back tomorrow. In fact we inspected the exterior of the house when we returned and there are a few things that have been missed so not sure they'll get it all done tomorrow. Must do dinner.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 18:15

...and unlike Diana I didn't save my post from this morning - be assured the Bistro WAS opened and we had Chxxky Mxnkxy and toasted crumpets! Part of the Bistro was closed, but the conservatory was open! Maeve I did say I rather liked the idea of the yellow paint and I was pleased you were settling into your new home.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 19:12
It was a server outage, not our fault
Sorry about that. I had a panic and sent a ticket this morning before my full day of dog related activities. I got back this pm but was knackered so had a little rest, then out again. The pooter fairies had fixed it. I was concerned as they sent me instructions to do things, so didn't realise they had got all the info back. I'll see about their suggestions for saving the info elsewhere, when they have explained it in very simple terms.
Of course it had to happen on a day when I was rushing about from 8am. I did have a little eva this pm, did mean that the last dog walk got back at 6pm. I do have to go out to put a card in the post box, got to make sure it misses the late collection today. Mw3ds is sending Valentine card to his wife. I really can't say what is happening as after over an hour with him this morning, I'm none the wiser.
I best go to post box so I don't leave it too last
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, February 13, 2020, 07:58
Morning, nice and bright at the moment, but we had heavy rain overnight as it woke me at one point. Think we are due more rain later this morning.

All very strange about the blog yesterday and I see the server was the fault. The pooter fairies obviously decided to just ignore Tuesday and early morning yesterday as they are gone forever somewhere in the ether! Of course it happened on a busy day when you were out and about Jo. So you are a secret Valentine poster – I see his plans have left you bemused!

That was a very wise move to still have access to your post from yesterday morning Diana. I keep a copy of mine – until it tells me I have posted my comment (which I had just under your’s and we were the only two there). So on the basis it said my blog was posted I deleted what I said! I had my fingers crossed that you managed to dodge the cold (so far I have kept MM’s at bay). I also said shame about the restaurant being full with a coach party, and felt it was wise that you decided to go elsewhere. Shame the puddings (which sounded very nice) didn’t live up to expectations. Ah so not the last day for the workmen. Spending time by the pool still sounds idyllic!

So yesterday, as I told you all – but you won’t have seen – I was taking Lindy to the hospital for a spot on her leg to be cut out and a biopsy done. MM had a meeting at church at 10.00 am and dropped us off at the hospital before that. When we got to the hospital Lindy was called through on time (9.30) and was not gone too long at all. The insultant had looked again at the spot and decided not to cut it out but to just do the biopsy. Lindy has a couple of stitches in her leg and will need to go to her surgery in a week to have them taken out. Results should be in about four weeks time. We went and had a coffee after that and saw three people we knew (cafe is in the foyer) – well Lindy saw four. We thought if we sat there all day we might see everyone we know! As MM’s meeting had not long started I rang him and told him I would take the car. Lindy and I had a lovely leisurely walk (about twelve minutes) in the sunshine to the church. Although there was a wind we weren’t cold as we were wrapped up. The road from the hospital to the church is like a country lane so it was very pleasant. Lots of buds are starting to come out (hopefully not too soon). I collected the car and dropped Lindy home. Just as well we didn’t wait for MM to finish his meeting as that didn’t happen until 3pm! They went over the pub for a drink afterwards so I collected him at about 4pm. We had a good rehearsal last night (it rained whilst we were there as the ground and cars were wet when we came out), and have next week off for half term. Today MM has......a meeting at the church at 9.30, so I will run him up there and come home. I have a meeting in the pub opposite at 11 am so MM will come and join us for a sarnie at about midday. After that we are home for the evening. We have DinP to look forward to! Morning BHB, I see the rest of the Bistro is open today, that’s a relief. Let’s take the pasel de natas and the Frxnch Sprxng into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, February 13, 2020, 08:36
Morning. Feel like I’ve been mia for ages but have lurked time permitting.
Day off today! Might be last one for a while!! No luck finding chef yet. Offered job to one but they’d accepted elsewhere in meantime. Another wants more hours than we can offer. On yop of this boss having tests at hospital tomorrow and I’m the only one (apart from family) who knows. Trying to hold it all together is tough. Yesterday I was feeling particularly grumpy and irritated by everything/one however had a theatre trip booked last night with mum and sis to see ‘Curt*ins’ with J Manford. Couldn’t fail to be uplifted afterwards.
Ploppy off to A*tria taking school party skiing tomorrow so he’s off today too. Need to pop out for few bits and poss grab lunch together.
Sending hugs to anyone in need and accepting positive vibes back for boss x
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, February 13, 2020, 09:53
Morning all and it is quite nice at the moment though we had heavy rain overnight. I know as sadly I had an itchy night and was awake! I see that Tuesday and yesterday morning's posts have vanished, I can't even remember what I put! I did post but I can assure you nothing very interesting is missing! Today I am off to my chiro lady hoping she doesn't mind a patient with lots of red splodges on her!

Thank you for getting at least the majority of our pages back Jo. These things always happen when you are very busy. So MW3D's is sending aValentine to his wife. Nice, but I can understand your bemusement!

Ah so the work on the house goes on Diana. It is great you have the pool to retire to while they work. Much better. Of course I am not jealous, I always am green like this!

Lovely to see you Ali, so you are still chefless. What a shame and you must be working like mad to cover. Of course lots of good vibes, ohhhmmms or whatever it takes for your boss. Fingers crossed for a good outcome. So Ploppy is off to Austria. I spent 2 skiing hols there in my much younger days. Skiing wasn't that good for me, my bottom was black and blue, loved the apres though! Hope you manage lunch together.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Frxnch Sprxng and pastel de natas? Yummy. Let's get more of both and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Thursday, February 13, 2020, 10:42
I've not looked to see if I have more instructions on blog security. As I'm trying to get stuff done so I can go dogless to the village to get parcel posted and be able to go into the chemist.

Ali I hope you can find someone soon. I think chefs are amazing, hard stressful work and sometime split shifts, not brill pay either. I did recruit a chef into the pharma industry from his chef job. It was one of the tougher jobs in the company with the long rotating shifts, he said after be a chef it was a rest. I think I recruited him 20 years ago, when I left he was still there.

Better pay a bill
Diana wrote:
Thursday, February 13, 2020, 12:29

Hope you're enjoying your well deserved day off, Ali, and hope it's not that long till your next one and a chef is found soon. Sending ohmmms for your boss.

Ploppy & I did some cleaning this morning. I was going to go to the pool while he went to golf but it had half clouded over so I decided to go for a walk instead. It's now looking nicer but the workmen are still around so difficult to sit outside and can't be bothered to go to the pool as it's a 10-15 min walk down and up a hill. Have a feeling the guys will be back tomorrow or next week - I want my veranda back, both to sit out and so the washing can be put out to dry in the sun, fed up with it hanging around the house. Currently renewing my laptop virus protection. Tonight we have the last of Ploppy's chicken for dinner - doing it in an Indian sauce.

We are thinking again about buying a second hand car for out here. Ploppy found an almost perfect one online in Knysn* (it has a sunroof too which I would love) but hasn't heard back from the seller so we may call in tomorrow. There's another car which looks OK about two hours away and the garage there has said they will bring it for us to look at. We need to go to Woolw. tomorrow to get some food and then go for our cheese & wine lunch which I'm really looking forward to. Oops got to restart for the virus protection to install ...
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, February 13, 2020, 14:01
Hi everyone,

Very sorry I haven't caught up at all - I just wanted to let you know I'm haven't disappeared.

It's been a mad week.

It started lovely - Friday I travelled to Sandra in Bedfordshire - which is why I wasn't on the blog Friday.

We'd booked to see PP Goes Wrong in Milt Keynes the next day along with her hubby, daughter and s-i-l. The show was excellent, very funny and we all have a great laugh. Plus yummy curry on Friday night and tasty pasta on Saturday - the weekend was going really well.

Only one issue. LN*R sent me an email saying not to travel home on the Sunday because of the storm. No problem. I stayed a extra night with Sand and travelled home on Monday. I did a few hours at work but didn't take a lunch break- which was why I wasn't on the blog on Monday.

Monday evening and all seemed OK. Still some wind and rain but nothing serious. A check around the house and it seemed Ciara hadn't done any damage.

Tuesday morning I woke up to see a large damp patch on my bedroom ceiling. Several Texts to the roofing company - they can come Monday. Ex Ploppy came around to check the loft. He couldn't get into it but said it was wet up there. Roof looked OK.

Fortunately I was WfH because we had a team meeting over Skype - which was why I wasn't on the blog Tuesday.

Tuesday evening I striped the guest bed - oh no! More damp patches in the guest room!

Wednesday - a man came to replace my meters with smart meters, so I was WfH again but without Power (and therefore Wifi) for a couple of hours - which is why I wasn't on the blog Wednesday.

But hey! I'm here now, with loads of excuses!!!

It seems my dream about sleeping in the wet was prophetic.

If so I'm happy enough - last night I dreamed I was dancing with Hugh J*ckman! :-)

TK wrote:
Thursday, February 13, 2020, 14:58
Hi Jane. Good you are managing with the water ingress. Hopefully you will be able get it fixed asap.

We'd just started out on a walk, Bruce decided to go calling. We set off again for a walk and it started raining, so we cut back home, the sky is looking very dark. BBC says it will be raining here up to about 6pm.
Diana wrote:
Friday, February 14, 2020, 05:39
Morning all.

I woke up early this morning so was up before 5.30. It was overcast then but the clouds have all cleared and looks like it will be a gorgeous day. The virus software didn't update properly - it got stuck at 86%. I tried again but no joy and no change this morning. Think I will have to remove the program entirely and start again grrrr. Will leave it until tomorrow morning. As anticipated, the work still isn't finished but they are doing a vg job. We have a gecko in the kitchen. I first saw it a couple of days ago near the ceiling, it then vanished but while I was clearing the work surfaces this am, I saw it near the sink. I don't mind them (as long as they don't run over me) but I don't like it being in the kitchen.

Ali, I forgot to ask if your Ploppy also goes skiing or is he not allowed/doesn't want to? Hope he has a good trip.

Sorry to see you have leaks, Jane. Hope the roofing company can fix the problem on Monday and you don't get a large bill.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, February 14, 2020, 08:15
Morning and it is a bright sunny start to the day. No rain forecast at all for us. Yesterday we had a few short heavy showers, but other than that it was sunny. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

Ali I hope you enjoyed your day off. I see you managed to have a lunch with Ploppy. He should be ahead of Storm D, so hopefully will have a smooth journey to Axxtria. That’s a shame you haven’t managed ot replace the chef yes, especially as you thought you had found one! I am guessing it is a lot of extra work for you. Hope tests for boss go well sending vibes, oooohms and saying a prayer for her). We are booked to go and see Cxxtains when it comes to the theatre near to Jo next month!

Jo somehow the words “dogless” seem wrong for you! Did you manage to get the parcel posted ok? I agree chefs work terrible hours (as do most people in the cxtxring industry). Nice to know that your recruitee stuck it out! I see Bruce was in a sociable mood – ah yes we had one of our heavy showers around then – think going home was a good move.

Ah so you haven’t yet managed to get the workmen off site Diana. I can see that you would like the veranda for sitting and reading! Ah the last of the chicken! I hope you toasted the carcass! I remember you saying on your last visit that you might look into buying a car for using when you go to SA. I presume all cars come with aircon? Sun roof sounds nice! Enjoy the cheese and wine today! I see the virus update didn’t go as planned (I hate it when that happens!). Hope you manage to sort it.

Oh goodness Lady J, that dream was obviously a premonition! Hopefully you can get it all sorted and it won’t have done too much damage. You may recall (or not) that we love PP G Wrong – having seen it in the WE, the other year. In fact to date we have seen all the M’chief Theatre shows! We are waiting for the next new one which is due to be on sometime in September. That was handy that you were able to spend an extra night with your friends – I know there was a lot of travel disruption last weekend on all forms of transport. I think I am liking you latest dream with HJ, rather than the water one!!

I took MM off to church yesterday morning, then came home and worked on my notes for my meeting. Caroline and I met and had a good planning session and I discovered she has stayed in the hotel we are going to in Rxme. She said it is a brilliant location, and the staff and really helpful and polite – so all looking good. MM joined us for lunch and we were home just before 3pm. I typed up the notes from the meeting during the afternoon, so pleased with what we achieved. In the evening we watched the cooking programme and then DinP – mind you they had a storm and heavy rain so not all blues skies and sunshine!! Off to do the food shop this morning, then I have a spreadsheet to do for small choir. We debated going out for lunch or dinner, but I decided I would like a night in, so we will be having a take away. Last episode of G’chester. Sarha, Stuart and Daniel are driving down from E’burgh today, so they should be ahead of the storm. Weather for the actual Chr’ening not looking good for Sunday! Morning BHB, doesn’t the Bistro look lovely with all the red heart balloons and roses on all the tables – you have been busy. Let’s take the toasted tea cakes and the Swxxtheart into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, February 14, 2020, 10:12
Morning all and it is nice and sunny and calm at the moment, calm before the next storm I think! I have a food shop to do today then I can batten down the hatches for the weekend if necessary.. Not been up to nuch as I am having a very itchy time of it at the moment and it tends to distract me. I did go to my chiro yesterday and she gives me a nice back massage after pulling me around so that was good.

Diana I think a second hand car would be ideal for you as you are now going to be spending more time on SA. I hope you find a suitable one. I have a sun roof and love it, especially in spring and autumn, on sunny days it let's air in without blowing me around! So goodbye to the chicken, that must be a relief! I thought for a minute Twin was asking iof you toasted the carcass, which I found odd! Drinking to it's demise much more sensible!

Oh flip Jane, I hope you get the roof mended before the next storm arrives. That is the sort of dream you don't want to come true. The one about dancing with HJ, yes please! Can see how busy you have been. Glad you enjoyed PP Goes Wrong. I love that company to pieces, so funny and they are so clever. Loved the tv series they did and hope for more!

Nobody in your village will recognise you dogless Jo! Not sure Bruce will have liked letting you out without him.

Morning BHB and oh wow look at the Bistro! So pretty and romantic, shame I don't have the man to go with it! You will hug me instead? Aww thank you :)) So what have we Sweetheart to drink then? That's sounds lovely too so let's get more and o and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Friday, February 14, 2020, 12:12
Hi all,

Having checked the weather forecast I have decided to cancel my plans for the weekend. I was supposed to be away with the medieval group, but as I still don't know what's wrong with the roof, and storm Derrek is due to come calling, I think it's better to stay at home on drip watch.

At least I'm not wasting money or putting anyone else out, but I'll miss having an evening with the gang (if not the AGM that precedes it).

Oh dear I see that Eva has pneumonia again. Many hugs my dear and it doesn't spoil your birthday celebrations next week.

Sorry Jo? DOGLESS?? Did I read that right???!!

Diana - I am pleased to hear the workmen are doing a good job though it's a pity they aren't finished yet. I have visions of that gecko sitting in your kitchen with a glass of wine and a plate of cheese!

Ali - it sounds like you are having a very tough time of it at the moment at work. Hoping Ploppy has a nice safe flight to A*stria.

Carol and Pauline - I love the Mischief theatre stuff too though I haven't seen everything they have done. I have the Show that G*es Wr*ng recorded from Iplayer and am watching them whenever I need a good laugh. Watched The Lodge last night. Brilliant!! Ooo R*me! I'm very jel. When do you go? Such an amazing city, so much to see!

Hope the itchy time clears up before to long Pauline!

I'm joining the queue for a BHB hug!
TK wrote:
Friday, February 14, 2020, 18:50
Busy day today. Bruce has been 'signed off' from the vets. The naughty ulcer has gone. I do have to continue with one type of the drops for 2 days and keep a look for the ulcer reappearing. Apparently it is common for them to reoccur, as certain dogs can be susceptible to getting this type of eye ulcer, so have to take Bruce to the vet asap. I got the vet to read out what I noticed at the beginning. Today just before we left to go to the vets Bruce started scratching his ear. I got the vet to have a look, a big lump of wax. As Bruce is so brave and I'm quite good at holding him, the vet got a long set of tweezers and pulled the lump out. It is the ear with the reduced width in the ear canal due to his neglect. I do an ear wash once a week normally, but I did not want him to shake his head when he had the ulcer so didn't do it that frequently.
I have a new M&S jumper, black and sparkly. It was brand new, still had the original label £35. It was £5. I took some stuff in yesterday to a special shop, when I was dogless, so had a little look around. Yes, unfortunately I have to leave Bruce behind when I want to go into the shops in the village. I can't tie him up ....... just in case, for example, a 'tasty' Pomeranian might pass by, also, I'm a bit wary of dog thieves.
Just waiting for MrT.

Gecko in the kitchen, sounds very exotic. They seem very friendly, when I've seen them on TV. I never 'met' one in the flesh.

Pauline, I really feel for you with the itching. A few years ago I had a patch on my back. It was not too big, so nowhere near as troubling as yours. I hope something is found for you.

The storm this weekend looks quite bad, I hope your roof is OK Jane. Felf said she was going to drive to her daughter's (about 14 miles from where we live and through several wooded roads) early on Saturday afternoon as there is a birthday party and she has to take the cake. I've told her to get one of them to drive to pick up the cake. I explained the conditions that will be on her route. No idea if she will take my 'advice'. I'm getting her paper for her in the morning. Also said I'm checking her car is still on her drive. I sometimes get very cross.
evam wrote:
Saturday, February 15, 2020, 04:00
Morning all. It's pitch dark outside, so I have no idea what the weather is like, but I'm not going to venture out anyway. Sorry I've been AWOL for a while, but the antibis the GP gave me, are very strong and more or less knocked me out. I've been more or less sleeping through the days as well, but I don't think I'll make it up for all the sleep I've lost. My brain is slowly clearing up, but my cough is almost as bad still, so I'm spending my days in bed still. Just had a very early wake-up this morning, so after my coffee in bed, felt able to post a few words.
Yesterday it was 1 year since mother died. Father is still saying she died "last month", because he has lost the ability to think further back. We didn't remind him yesterday that she's been gone a year.
Mrs S has been here since Tuesday, and youngest sister told her she had to look after father for the duration. She was moaning on the phone to youngest sister that she was so busy, because she also had to help the nerd and his family. Helene is down with pneumonia as well and Johan has had a fever for the last 5 days, so Mrs S told youngest sister that she was running from one place to the next, and why couldn't I do something FOR A CHANGE! Sis replied that I was struggling with a double pneumonia, said she should stay longer and hung up! She's going back to Spain on Tuesday, so I don't exactly feel sorry for her!
I haven't read back on the blog, so you'll have to forgive me for not commenting on what you've written.
I'll go back to bed now and try to get some more sleep. 💤💤💤😴😴😴
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, February 15, 2020, 07:39
Morning and fairly gloomy out at the moment. The wind has got up but isn’t too bad at the moment. It think the rain is due from 11 am and will be here all day and tomorrow with wind speeds getting up to about 44 later.

Lady J I think you were wise to cancel your plans – fingers crossed the roof problem doesn’t recur. I think Stxrm Dxnnis may be worse in some places than his predecessor. I am hoping the rest of the group aren’t camping??!! I like the image of the gecko settling is with wine and cheese.... The good news is M Theatre have been given a second series on the Beeb – they announced it yesterday. We are off to Rxme 30th Mxrch for four days. One of my favourite cities. This will be MM’s third visit, my seventh, Twin’s umpteenth and Lindy’s second/third – she went when she was 13 with her school and had a partial day there when she was on a cruise with Paul. I hope Beatrix and her gang are safe from any water ingress!

Oh that’s excellent about Bruce Jo. Fingers crossed it doesn’t come back. So the poor boy also had wax in his ear annoying him. Not sure I like the vision of the removal process, but it has obviously worked! I see you have been splashing out!! I think I see your rationale behind leaving Bruce at home if you want to shop. I think you were very wise to tell Felf not to go driving today – I am assuming she has made the cake? Hopefully she will have listened to you and stays put!

Oh Eva you have had a bad bout this time. I think tucked up in bed is exactly what is required. Not so good you still have the cough though. I agree you have a lot of sleep to catch up on. You may or may not recall that my mother still thought Ann was alive during the last year of her life, so we just went along with it – less painful for her that way. If she said Ann hadn’t been to see her, we would say she was unwell at the moment. I see Mrs S is being her usual helpful and caring self. I will say no more!! So it was indeed a quick visit if she is back to Spxxn on Tuesday (is the boyfriend still in tow?). Well done to younger sis for hanging up. Hope you soon start to get better, but with all the storms around tucked up indoors is probably the best thing for you! Sending hugs.

It was actually quite mild out yesterday when we went to do our food shop. I also bought some lightweight trainer type (but with built up heel) shoes from MandS – all ready for Rxme. I will of course take “normal” (for me) shoes to wear in the evenings as well! We arrived in U’bridge slightly earlier than normal and there weren’t so many people around. MM’s lens had fallen out of his glasses, so we went to get a new screw put in (he had to leave them and return in an hour). We made appointments to have our eyes tested next week as it is some while since we had that done. MandS were doing a special V’s Day meal deal (starter, main, side, dessert, fizz and chocolates all for £20), so we decided to have that last night rather than get a take away. It only needed popping into the oven (well not the starter which was prawn cocktail, nor the dessert which was a pink gxn pxnna cxtta) so was easy to deal with. We watched the last episode of G’chester which resolved things quite nicely. We also watched the programme on the G Islands, which has been wonderful (all that blue sky and azure seas – lovely to look at). Today is laundry day and I need to decide what to wear tomorrow – at the moment wellies and a wax raincoat seem a good idea!! Morning BHB, yes it does look very grey out. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted muffins into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, February 15, 2020, 10:42
Morning all and we are sat waiting for the storm Dennis the Menace to arrive! Not bad at the moment but when it arrives in an hour or so I thin k we are in for a long time with it. These two storms seem to have been very slow moving which is a real problem with the heavy rain in flood areas. This is when living by a river loses all its appeal for me! I will not be going out, I managed to get food in for the weekend yesterday so can manage. Instead I will be in laundry mode, I know how to live!

Jane a very wise decision to stay at home. I hope the rest of you friends are ok, I can't think it will be the weather to be in tents. Also fingers crossed your roof is ok and you don't get hit with the torrential rain some parts are forecast. Yes Rxme is wonderful. I used to go for days there when I was flying with an Italian Scot! I just loved wandering round the city. I am so looking forward to going back, I must have my coin all ready for Trevi!

Oh Jo that is so brilliant about Bruce's eye, Let's hope it stays away. Bless so he had a waxy ear as well. Poor sausage. However he hopefully is now feeling all chipper again! You paid £5 for a jumper? You must stop splashing out like this! Sounds nice though. Yes the itching is .. a challenge shall we say. I have now itched every day (and night) for about 40 days and to say I am fed up with it is an understatement. But then I look at the challenges some people have and think I am lucky it isn't worse.

Eva I am so sorry you are having such a rough time of it. You sound very fed up and I am not surprised. Hope the cough eases soon. coughs are just horrible and yours is a nightmare one. Meanwhile would it be ok if I come and slap Mrs S very hard please? Look after yourself. Sending hugs.

Morning BHB and we are having Vanillita today? Lovely idea, let's get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Saturday, February 15, 2020, 11:02
Eva, sleeping is the best thing when you feel that ill. Last time I had my chest infection, I slept for days. I hope you feel a little better soon. MrsS is priceless.

I think my rant about Felf driving in a storm worked. I've just seen Felf's daughter's car. So hopefully Felf's car will stay put. The forecast for the wind is not quite as strong as the forecast said yesterday. Either way Bruce and I are staying put. I've just got my thick fleece out of the cupboard. It is a bit chilly sitting here. Bruce thought we were going out, sorry to disappoint.

Carol that M&S meal looks like a very good deal.

I think I'll have a little snooze, I was going to use Bruce's bed as it's very comfy. Just looked and he's back from the sofa.
TK wrote:
Saturday, February 15, 2020, 11:07
Hi Pauline, you popped in whist I was typing. Did you try acupuncture?
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, February 15, 2020, 12:36
No I haven't Jo, not really thought about it. I will investigate to see if it might help, thank you. Glad Felf seems to be staying put, there is some nasty weather out there, we are still forecast heavy rain and 40 -50 mph winds for the next 24hours at least. Joy! Have a nice nap!
Diana wrote:
Saturday, February 15, 2020, 18:39

It's been a fairly sunny day and warm. Tomorrow is forecast to be partly sunny and a high of 38 degrees!! I'll happily send some of that heat your way.

I've spent most of the day on the veranda along with some washing, it's been nice to have a quiet day without the workmen. They have finished other than the dining room/lounge carpet rail which hopefully will be done on Monday. I was able to sort out the virus software first thing, very relieved to do that.

Yesterday was also fairly sunny and warm. We went to Woolies for some food, then stopped of at a garage to look at a car we're interested in. We have arranged a test drive for Tuesday pm. We enjoyed our lunch yesterday. We had a wine tasting first and bought a couple of bottles. Lunch was three soft cheeses with bread, salad and accompaniments. We had a bottle of their Chardonnay with the food. The place is inland and has nice views of the countryside. We got home mid pm and sat out for a while. Had a small dinner and watched the T20 between England and SA.

We've had a few days without load shedding but it's back this weekend. The power was off for a couple of hours this pm and goes off again at 22.00. I've just checked and they are on level 3 at present, highest level we've had. Highly likely there will be a couple more sessions tomorrow, thankfully not at dinner time.

Ploppy managed to get the gecko into a plastic pot and put it outside, to my relief.

Tomorrow we're planning on going to the gym first thing. We'll probably spend the rest of the day on the veranda if it's sunny.

Very wise decision to cancel your plans at stay at here me, Jane, to keep an eye on the leaks. Hope it doesn't get any worse with the latest storm.

Good for youngest sis, Eva. Yes, Mrs S deserves a slap. Can't believe a whole year has gone by since your,mother passed. Sending hugs and lots of ohms to you.

Great that Bruce's ulcer had gone. Fingers crossed it does not return.

Hope you all survive th storm .... the Tardis is ready and waiting if you want some warmth....
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, February 16, 2020, 08:02
Morning and Dxnnxs is still with us, although not as bad as forecast – well in our area. I think the west of the country has borne the brunt of his visit. We just had a squally shower with gusting winds but at the moment it is just a little blustery out – hopefully it will stay that way, but I am just be being overly optimistic.

Oh good Jo, seems you managed to get your message across to Felf. I hope her car did remain in its place for the rest of the day. Think you and Bruce were wise to stay put. Only one fleece – it must have been tropical. The meal was indeed excellent value, and also very tasty! Ah so Bruce claimed his bed before you could get to it. That’s an interesting idea about acxpxnctxre for often solves all sorts of conditions.

Diana some of your sunshine would be very welcome. I feel had we put our washing out to dry yesterday we would have watched it fly off to Kxnsas! Oh that’s excellent that the work is finished apart from one job inside. You veranda is your own again. Fingers crossed that the car suits. The wine tasting/cheese lunch sounds lovely – so you managed to get in this time. I presume you will be watching the T20 decider today (power shedding permitting!)? Ah so the gecko has been safely removed – well done Ploppy. Thank you for the offer of the Txrdis – I feel it might get blown off course!

I managed to get all the laundry done yesterday so wasn’t too bothered by what was happening outside (although as I mentioned, it wasn’t quite so bad here as first forecast). June rang in the afternoon to check what our weather was doing and they sound to have had more wind and rain than we have. Barry has gone down with a chest infection (he suffers with CxPD) so she was not sure if they would make it to the Christening today. They will see how Barry is this morning. Stuart, Sarah and Daniel arrived safely on Friday night, and Stuart’s parents came down yesterday without too many problems. Hopefully everyone else who is coming will have a safe journey. The Christening is at midday so I imagine we should be home in time for CtM. I watched a couple of old Dr W yesterday (with DT) and it just reminded me how awful the series has become since Chris C took over – no comparison with the show it used to be. Even MM watched one with me! So sad to learn of Caroline’ F’s tragic death - people (and the media) can be very cruel at times and not realise the harm they are doing. They seem to consider that anyone in the entertainment world is fair game. Last night’s C’lty lived up to its usual miserable self, of course. They really need to introduce some lightness and humour into it I feel. I hope Eva is beginning to feel better; that Lady J’s roof is behaving in the storms; and Fi’s nursing is going well. I think more wet weather coming in about 11 am here so just around the time when we will be going off to Chxnnxr. We are definitely in a lull at the moment – the sky has lightened, the wind has dropped and the rain has stopped. Sadly I don’t feel it will last. Morning BHB, yes it has got a lot brighter. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Jxt Pxlot into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, February 16, 2020, 09:13
Morning all. It's windy and wet outside, but not stormy, so I'm thankful for small mercies.

Hello sweetheart. Yes, I know I've been away for a while, but I haven't been too well. You knew that, so you've arranged plenty of cushions and the royal blue blanket on the sofa for me? Aren't you a darling? (He nods.) And you've arranged for toasted crumpets to go with the coffee? Loverly. 💋💋💋

This "winter" we've had is quite crazy. On Friday we had the first snow for several months. We've only had some powdery snow in October! Today it's +6 degrees. The result of these "summer" temps are that the pollen are going amock. Since yesterday I've had the sneezing in addition to the coughing to deal with. Feeling quite fed up with it by now. I've taken antihistamine this morning, so hopefully that'll help.

Pauline,- as you know I'm an avid follower of acupuncture because it has helped me over the years. I would recommend you to look for one who practises Chinese acupuncture, and one that is a member of a foederation (sp?). I know there is one, because my acupuncturist in C*nterbury was a member, but I can't remember what it was called.

Jo,- glad to hear the worst is over for Bruce.

Carol,- have a happy crhristening.

Diana,- you are making me go🤢 green with your lovely temps, food and drink. I'm NOT envious of your sport telly watching. Hehe.😜
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, February 16, 2020, 10:34
Morning all and it is a wet and windy one still, but not as bad as it could be. I agree with Twin(no surprise there!) this has not been quite as wild as the last storm, a lot wetter though I think. I have a nice pile of ixxnxxg to do today as a result of the marathon wash I did yesterday. Ah well it stops me thinking about the itches. I have a busy week ahead but at the end of it I will see about acupuncture if I am not better. There are a few in St A including one that has been there a very long time so I am guessing they must be doing something right!. I will look into it though so thanks for the advice Eva.

Diana I think we could certainly do with a few degrees of your warmth here at the moment. However the daffodils are coming out so I am thinking spring is on its way! Glad the house is more or less finished, it must be a relief to have it done. Glad to see Ploppy has removed the gecko from the kitchen. I love them as they are great mossie eaters, but they do move so quickly they startle you and agree the kitchen is no place for them, nor is the bathroom I might add! Your lunch sounded lovely My sort of thing.

Eva so nice to have you back with us. Sneezing and coughing is not good though. My hayfever has started up a bit as well. Global warming I think! Stay warm and cosy and hopefully you will soon be well again.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Jxt Pxlot and crumpets? Perfect! Just what we need in weather like this, so let's get more and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Sunday, February 16, 2020, 11:09
Diana, sounds like a lovely time, even with the load shedding. Especially when the wind is blowing here.

I wasn't totally impressed over the acupuncture I had, but it didn't do harm and may have helped. It has been around for thousands of years, it must help or it wouldn't have survived.

Bruce is throwing a bit of a strop. He didn't have his full walk this morning as he was waiting near the gate for Duffy. She doesn't come every day. I do try to get him walking around with the others dogs, but he just throws himself to the ground. Today I thought I can't do the treat thing. So we came home. Now I'm getting the fallout. And the sad eye treatment.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, February 16, 2020, 15:19

It's been really hot today, probably hottest day we've experienced in Knysn*. Fortunately the house is fairly cool and we've kept the windows and doors closed as much as possible. As soon as we walked out to go to the gym this morning the heat hit us - and the sun wasn't out then. It's been half cloud and half sun until a couple of hours ago when it clouded over and there were dark clouds to the west. We've since had two heavy showers and more rain is forecast tonight and most of tomorrow.

I saw the shocking news about CF on the telly at the gym - it was tuned to Sky News. After the gym we washed down the veranda as although the men had swept up, it was still dirty. After a late breakfast I sat out but moved to the shade after an hour. We have another gecko, this time in the bathroom.

Tomorrow we have a number of places to go in town including looking at washing machines. Hopefully our decorator will turn up first thing to do the carpet - don't want to hang around waiting for him.

Ploppy is watching the final T20, I've seen a bit but had some semi-urgent stuff to do online. From what I can hear I don't think SA are doing at all well.

Hope the christening went well, Carol, and everyone made it safely.
Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, February 16, 2020, 18:14
Hello All. So far Storm D.nnis not been so strong as last week’s storm, nor such violent rain – yet! We didn’t go down to parents due to weather predictions as last wk the motorways in that region were closed and huge traffic disruptions. Sloppy wasn’t keen on us going in case we were caught in storm. In end could have gone but best to be safe. Been very tired this week after 5 days of shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry and nursing scollop! In fairness he was very grateful. And we did get to meet g/f’s parents at a local country park and café so that was an added bonus. UB scollop was coming to see us all on the Sun but storm C stopped that – and he has made no other plans to see us! So still no idea what happened in past – or what their plans are for future. We want to start thinking about next yrs hol. We didn’t go to SS last yr due to pl.nning and ploppy D.T and didn’t go this year due to the (non) w.dding. Now want to go next spring but would like to know their plans – tho not sure I will trust any future plans! Eldest scollop phoned – the swelling in his hand starting to go down today – hurrah. We had to fight N.S again to get his hand th.rapist appt moved forward to fit in with time frame written by surgeon on his post op notes. Don ‘t know what people who aren’t quite as “complainer savvy” as us do. We had been told that he needs to start his exercises as soon as poss to get full functionality back. Going on tues now. We bought a Wa.trose Val.ntine meal but then have been asked out for supper Fri, sat and tonight! Postponing V day until tomorrow! Tonight is funny (ish). Lady in village (I know her a bit from village events) emailed me to say could we come for supper and she could give me tips about our wedding as had just been to her first sons wedd (she , like us has 2 sons)!! She hadn’t heard. Had to email and say we weren’t having a wedding, but would still love to come to supper and hear all about her wedd!! I will prob feel a bit upset as people find it so strange (as do we) that we have no explanation for the postp(have been a bit up and down) but they are very nice so all will be well.
Maeve – so glad to hear you are settling in well in new home.
Carol – hope the christening today goes well and journey is trouble free. I love – went twice in 6 months when eldest scollop lived there. We are off to B.rlin end of Apr – (non) wedd weekend!
Eva – glad to see you are getting a bit stronger. Good for younger sis telling Mrs S off and putting down phone. Gosh a whole year – hugs.
Jane – hope you haven’t been swept away in floods!
Jo – I see Bruce’s eye ulcer has gone but he now has the “sad eye” syndrome!
Pauline – only had acupuncture once but felt it did benefit me. Good luck
Diana - sitting on veranda sounds fab – tho would prefer not to share the veranda with the washing 😊 . You (and washing) would get blown away here.

TK wrote:
Sunday, February 16, 2020, 21:12
Diana, making me a bit jealous as I'm rather chilly. I only have 2 fleeces on, that maybe the reason. I'm also sitting next to an Edwardian window (single glazed, thinnish curtains.)
TK wrote:
Sunday, February 16, 2020, 21:21
Oh Fi, busy as usual. Good that you are chasing to get the right actions for son's hand. Sometimes a 'kick' is needed.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, February 17, 2020, 07:53
Morning and today we have clear skies with the odd cloud – we still have quite a gusting wind though. After yesterday’s rain that doesn’t seem so bad!

Eva I am not surprised it was wet and windy for you – I think you were on the edge of our storm Dennis. Hopefully he has now blown himself out. I don’t think you are the only country with strange weather – it seems to have been everywhere this year. We had really unseasonably high temperatures earlier this month and then of course had our two storms. I see you have early hay fever as a result of your temperatures – we have lots of spring flowers appear at the moment – and the daffodils started coming up in January! Hopefully the antihistamine will kick in and ease things for you. You don’t envy Diana watching the sport? A big fan like you??? I am amazed!!

Jo I agree the power shedding seems a small price to pay for lovely sunny warm days! I know lots of people thing acxpxncture is really good – MM had some a few years back when he had scxtxcx in his leg and it worked for him! Ah so Bruce is in a strop – his slave wasn’t obeying his commands yesterday. Really sweet that he waits for Duffy. Did you feel bad after the sad eyes looked at you? Only two fleeces on yesterday?

I see you had a lovely hot day Diana, well until the showers came – hopefully the rain hasn’t been too heavy. I hope you find a suitable w m/c today – is there normally a long waiting period for delivery or is it fairly swift? Fingers crossed the decorator turns up first thing! Ah yes we won the cricket and therefore the T20 series – quite exciting matches though.

Fi, we had more rain from Dennis than from Cxara, but it was less windy. Wise not to travel to your parents – even if it wasn’t so bad this weekend. I am not surprised you were tired after five days of nursing, cleaning and cooking - I am sure Scollop was very grateful indeed. Nice for you to have met g/f parents too . Well done on sorting out the therapist appointment – and good news that the swelling is going down, that should make things easier for the therapist appointment tomorrow. I fear people who aren’t complaint savvy fall through the cracks. So visit from UB Scollop put off and you are still no wiser about things. I have to say I don’t think you can put your life on hold waiting to hear (eventually) what new proposed plans are – if there actually are any! I can see it is still very unsettling for you. Hope you had an enjoyable (and not too upsetting) supper. Oh good that you have something (Bxrlxn) to look forward to in April – oddly it isn’t a city I have ever felt I want to visit – not quite sure why! Rxme is a city that is easy to fall in love with (as we have!). Even MM, who usually says “let’s go somewhere new” was more than happy to make his third trip there!

We had a very wet drive to the Christening yesterday, and got quite wet walking from the Hall (where we parked) to the church. Despite the mud and the fact I had heeled boots on, June and I went to see Ann – I was going to take some flowers to lay, but given the winds and rain I decided it would be silly. Sarah had had the same thought and elected not to do put her pot out either. She is staying until Tuesday with Roger (as are Victoria and Imogen and Marcus) so if the weather improves before they go home they will go and do it then. The lady curate who took the service was the one who used to visit Ann in the Sue Rxder Hxme and she took Ann’s funeral, so knows the family well. Imogen felt very important as she was given Daniel’s lit candle to hold for him during the service. Daniel was as good as gold, and didn’t cry once. He looked really cut as he was wearing a little kilt outfit. June and Barry made it (despite some flooding in their area), as did my two sets of my cousins. I had a long chat with one of Ann’s friends (who is also Roger’s badminton partner), which was nice. By the time we left the hall (we stayed and helped clear up) it had stopped raining! Hooray!! We got home in time for DrW and then watched CtM and the last episode of the very weird adaptation of The P Hxrse............. I will say no more! Today we are off to SLAPPAS then Twin coming over and we are off to see Emma at the cinema with Lindy. Lawrence will meet up with us afterwards for a pizza. Morning BHB, yes it is nice to see no rain this morning. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Lavendula into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, February 17, 2020, 10:43
Morning all and it is bright and sunny and still very windy! Nothing like over the weekend though. Yesterday was not good but as I had the ixxnxxg to keep me occupied it didn't matter much to me. I will be off to Twin shortly. Looking forward to seeing the film, even though Exxa is my least favourite of JA's books. I usually prefer film adaptations of it as they make her a little nicer and Knxghtly usually a lot younger!

Diana I must say while I like warmth not keen on very hot! Hopefully the temps have noe come down to more acceptable levels. Also hope the man turned up nice and early for you and the house is finally finished! Now do you think the gecko in the bathroom is the one that was in the kitchen and has snuck back in?!! Or maybe it is the mate of the other one. Whatever it is not the best place for them, you can feel very vulnerable when undressed!

So U/bed is avoiding you a bit then do you think Fi? Not surprised if he feels a bit sheepish! Hopefully he will get his courage together and come and give you reasons. You certainly need to know if they plan to have a wedding next year as you can't not plan anything just in case! Well done for being feisty and getting the appointment for Scollop sorted. I am afraid I am one who falls though the cracks as I am the world's worst complainer!I

I have seen Bruce's "sad eye" picture on twxtter Jo and don't know how you could resist! So lovely he wants to wait for Duffy. I hope you have plenty of fleeces on for walks today as it is still quite chilly, the wind doesn't help!

Morning BHB and of course it is Lavendula day so let's get more and find the CM.

Jane E wrote:
Monday, February 17, 2020, 12:28

Flying visit from me because I have been dealing with roof-y matters and that's eaten into my lunch break.

Roof is now fixed! Hurray! Three slipped slates and the flashing around the chimney needed repairing. No further leaks from storm Dennis either, though I am glad I didn't leave the house at the weekend and was able to monitor it.

Just to clarify, no-one camped during the storm. They were staying in a scout hut. We are mad but not that mad!

Very pleased to hear that:

a. Bruce's ulcer has gone (at least for the time being)
b. there will be a second season of M Theatre's show
c. Diana is enjoying some nice weather
d. Fi did the sensible thing and stayed home at the weekend (I hope FELF did too Jo.)
e. Nice sis put Mrs S in her place.

Sorry to hear that Dennis was worse that Ciara for Carol and Pauline. I hope you have no damage ladies.

Hope you are getting better Eva. Keep safe and warm xxx
Diana wrote:
Monday, February 17, 2020, 12:34

We've only had a little rain so far today just as we were driving home, not the heavy rain forecast. It's very grey and the mountains are hidden behind the low cloud but it's still warm.

Our builder turned up fairly promptly this morning and laid the carpet rod at long last. He also took the rest of their equipment and the empty paint containers so the garage and yard now look much better. As it was mid am before he'd finished and we could go into town, I decided against getting my hair cut today. We got most of the shopping done and ordered a washing machine which will be delivered on Friday. We each bought two T-shirts as Woolies had an offer - I wanted a white top to go with some mauve shorts so also got a grey/white mix which will go with most things.

Hope you enjoyed your three suppers, Fi, and have a nice delayed Val. meal tonight. I think you just have to go ahead and sort out your holiday for next year. If you wait for UB scollop to tell you their plans, you might miss out again.

Enjoy the film, Twins.
evam wrote:
Monday, February 17, 2020, 16:56
Afternoon all. Just a short post from me, as there isn't a lot happening in my life at the moment. Pneumonia has a tendency to keep a damper on all kinds of activities. I am gettting better, though, so here is to hoping I'll live another day! 😜
Btw. I think your storm Dennis has visited here today. Youngest sister said she thought their house would take off any moment! 🌬🌬🌬
TK wrote:
Monday, February 17, 2020, 19:32
Carol you have made me laugh at the vision (in my head) of a drunk Daniel being christened. 'He looked really cut as he was wearing a little kilt outfit.' just a missing e brought the vision into my head. Nice that the vicar knew the family.

I am quite tired this evening, Pilates in the morning, Bruce walked at lunchtime with visit to friends, then I had a walk in a town not far away and a late lunch/early tea at the PE. Finally another Bruce walk and visit to other friends. I found some strips of photos, but not the pics and a projector slide in the sort out. I wanted to get prints done, so went to the nearby town which has a photo shop outlet. It was going to be nearly half the cost if they sent the negatives away, so that's what has been done. This town has gone downhill recently, lots of shops shutting and MrW has left, he has built a big new house only 17mins away by car. A shame as it used to be a very good place to go, I suppose it still is as there is a PExp there. Also a few charity shops. One is a very expensive designer charity shop, most of the stock is more expensive 2nd hand than I would pay new.

I opened a drawer in the kitchen this evening which I obviously haven't opened since 2016, as there is a pile of work papers shoved in it. I had missed the papers, but replaced them in 2017. I'm now shredding them. Best get on with it.

TK wrote:
Monday, February 17, 2020, 20:00
In the pack there are 10 sheets from Feb last year, so it must have been stuff I was trying to finish off and in all the panic forgot it. Ah well. .......... Don't care now
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, February 18, 2020, 07:45
Morning and a nice bright start (with some very pretty pink clouds). I think any rain is going to come through late afternoon.

Oh that’s excellent that the roof is ok Lady J. Amazing what some slipped tiles can do (MM will confirm that as some of the water ingress in church has been caused by similar slippage or nibs breaking off the tiles). Is the roof repair covered by your house insurance? Really pleased to hear that your survived Dennis without further leaks. Ah, pleased to hear accommodation for the AGM/meeting up of the M Group was going to be indoors – it definitely wasn’t camping weather! I can also report that the Cedar tree at church withstood Dennis too!

I see you managed to avoid heavy rain Diana. So all the work has now been finished and everything cleared away – I am sure that is a relief that you have the house back to yourselves. That is very prompt delivery for the washing machine – will they take the old one away and plumb this one in, or is that down to Ploppy? The T shirts sound a bargain!

Eva, I didn’t like to say I thought our Dennis was heading your way..... Glad to hear that you are resting and slowly getting better. I hope you are managing to get lots of reading down!

Oh did you think Daniel was taking after his great aunt at a very early age then Jo? Shall I add the e to the word........ Yes it was lovely that the lady vicar had known Ann and knew the rest of the family (it is of course the church where both Victoria and Sarah were christened). I was trying to think which town you walked to (Cxxkhxm?) – did you have the ice cream in PE? You sound as if you had a very busy day all round. So you found some old wxxk papers – did they remind you that you really aren’t missing it at all?

The wind was quite chilly yesterday morning when we did SLAPPAS – in fact it was a lot colder out than I anticipated. Our normal Cxstx was very busy (it is half term of course) so we ended up going to the one in the NXXT opposite Sainsbugs. We were home and shopping all unpacked in good time and were ready for Twin when she arrived at 1.15pm. We collected Lindy then it was off to the cinema. We really enjoyed the film – stunning views, beautiful locations, lovely costumes and an excellent cast. I think my favourite adaptation of the book to date – it had some lovely pieces of humour in it. We were meeting up with Lawrence at 5pm, so when we came out MM went for a coffee, Lindy went to meet up with Lawrence (who was early) and Twin and I hit D’hams. A very nice blue top (for the holidays) and a warm long line grey cardigan jumped out at me and I managed to catch them. Twin will tell you what she purchased. Today Twin and I are off on a hunt for a lighter coat/jacket for her, which will do for Spring/Autumn and Rxme. MM has churchwardeny things he needs to do, so will doubtless be pleased we aren’t around to annoy him!! Morning BHB, yes it is nice and bright for a change. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Up in the Axr into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM joins us.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, February 18, 2020, 08:40
Morning all, it is nice at the moment but think it will be a mixed bag weather wise today. Really loved the film yesterday, it was all Twin said. As I told you it is not my favourite JA book, though still a good book, but this really did bring out the humour in it more than other adaptations I have seen. The costumes were lovely as was everything about it to look at, so a success as far as we were concerned. Well maybe not MM quite so much! As we were early for our booked table at the restaurant, Twin and I managed a little light RT and I got myself a pair of walking trainers for Rome. Not the most elegant of footwear, but I am hoping practical for lots of walking, oh and they are a pale pink and a bit sparkly! Had to be done! Today I think a little mire RT will call, we can’t let the side down after all.

So glad your roof was sorted without too much needing doing Jane. A relief to be watertight again I’m sure. Not sure I like the sound of sheds as accommodation, but agree they are much better than tents in this weather!

So the house is done and all yours again Diana, must be a lovely feeling, and even better with a new washing machine.

Glad to hear you are slowly getting better Eva, hope it continues and gets quicker! Sorry about sending our storms on to you, mind we do like to share!

Jo I see you are still in clearing mode. Must admit when I last cleared my paperwork I got carried away and some I should have kept a while longer got shredded. So far I haven’t needed them. I had the ice cream in PE last night, it really is yummy.

Morning BHB what have we today? Up, sounds nice, so let’s get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, February 18, 2020, 10:06
Yesterday I drove to the town with the golden post box, which is where PE is. Really not as inviting for a visit now MrW has left.
The shedding was interrupted by an overheat of the shredder. Not sure if it is OK. I'll check in a while. Looks like it will rain here a bit later, so we'll get wet again. I'll try and do a bit more sorting before we go. Pauline, I've not moved for years, not had a sort out for years either, so there is lots to do. I have to admit I do love PE choc ice cream, I have it all the time, if it was easier to get. I've checked Iceland as they do the PE pizza, not the ice cream.

Bruce seems to have gone back to bed, on the sofa. He usually naps in the dining room in the morning
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, February 18, 2020, 12:32
Hello all,

I have yet another meeting (there's loads in this job) at 1pm, so hoping I'm not interrupted while I am posting!

Good to hear that you house is getting sorted too Diana!

I have just bought a new shredder Jo. It says in the manual thingy that if it over heats unplug it and leave it for an hour or two. I get the impression it's a common thing with shredders.

I was also smiling at Carol's christening and the cut baby. I am sure that in reality Carol he was very cute. Sounds like the film was good. I rather fancy it. But then I am a big JA fan... Though I agree Pauline it's not my favourite book either. That goes to either P&P or P*rs*ation depending on how I'm feeling.

Pink trainers eh. Nice!

Sorry Dennis is visiting you Eva. He's not pleasant. Hope he doesn't cause trouble. Get well soon xxx
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, February 18, 2020, 16:26
Afternoon all.

Ploppy caught the gecko and put it outside a few mins ago as it had moved into our bedroom. Hope it doesn't return.

Ploppy played golf early this morning and I went to the gym. After lunch we went into town for the test drive which went well. We have another tomorrow morning - same model - and there's a third car from a different manufacturer which we're less interested in. It was overcast until mid am, since then it's been mostly sunny but breezy. We're going out for dinner tonight to a restaurant by the lagoon which we've been to many times before but not for 2/3 years as the menu is short.

The locksmith is hopefully coming tomorrow pm to put locks on a couple of bedroom cupboards. We have a couple of things to do in town if we have time before the second test drive.

Hope you continue to improve, Eva.

I missed your post, Jane. Good that the roof is OK and the cause of the leak wasn't a major issue, you must be very relieved.

Carol, yes they will take the old washing machine away - at least I asked and was told yes but this is SA .... DK know if they will plumb in the new one but hope so, that sort of thing is normally done in SA.

Hope you had a successful shopping trip, Twins.

Jo, my shredder has overheated at least a couple of times and I thought it had packed up. One time I went out and bought a new one only to find the old one was working again when I tried it. You may need to leave it for 24 hours but hopefully it will still work.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, February 18, 2020, 19:09
Thanks, Diana (and others), good advice re shredder. I've had it happen before, so never get worried until the next day. Mine was fine this morning, so finished off the shredding. I remember I had a nice shredder which had a light when it was overheated. That one did finally give up.

I bought a couple of DVDs the other day. Films released in 1962 and 1963. I didn't see the films at the time, one was A rated and the other one a U, didn't have anyone in it which Mum would have liked to see. We saw all the U rated Cliff films at that time (Young Ones and Summer Holiday) . Cliffs first 2 films would not have been good for a 5 year old. Though I'm sure I wouldn't have run screaming from the cinema as I did with the childrens' film they did take me to see when I was 5 or so. You know the one which has had a lasting effect. Cliff has had a lasting effect but in a good way
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 07:25
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Eva, Happy Birthday to you.

Gratulerer med dagen! Hopefully you are feeling well enough to enjoy your day. The BHB has been in early and the Bistro is looking lovely. There are smells of freshly brewed coffee (as well as champers chilling in the fridge). There and turquoise and purple balloons decorating the Bistro - Banners saying Happy Birthday to Eva, posies of violets on all the tables (I particularly like the turquoise lacy clothes laid over the purple. As well as the two birthday cakes (chocolate for one, and carrot cake for the other) I see we have toasted teacakes and cinnamon rolls! Enjoy!
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 07:59
Morning and the sun is trying to shine. We have quite large puddles so the rain yesterday (which came a couple of hours earlier than forecast) obviously continued overnight. Shower forecast here for early afternoon into early evening.

Ah so the town I originally thought of – Mxxlxw then Jo. We have also had that problem with our shredder overheating. When I went back to fill in at the office, MM decided to shred old papers and regularly had to stop, go and do something for an hour, and then return to more shredding. Normally we just do about a dozen pages at a time. Ah yes the PE ice cream is lovely (I love their sxltxd cxrxmel). Our’s has a light too. Oh you were talking about your all time favourite film ....The W of O. I can see you might prefer SM and YO. YO had a scene filmed very near to here.

You do seem do have an inordinate number of meetings Lady J. Is this the new job or still the previous department? Oh Daniel was indeed very cute! I don’t think the eponymous heroine was written to be a likeable character – at least not until she has seen the error of her ways. I am another who really likes P’suasion! The pink sparkly trainers are indeed very lovely (and we didn’t see any yesterday that were as nice).

Oh that’s a relief the gecko has been evicted Diana. Not sure I would be able to sleep if there was one in the bedroom. When we stayed in a villa in Txrkxy some years ago our bathroom had a small gecko in it – it lived behind the bath and moved there at the speed of lightning when you went into the room. I was also scared to death it would appear when I was in the shower! It looks like you have several car options, although it sounds as if the choice will be between yesterday’s and today’s same model. Hope you had a lovely meal by the lagoon – sometimes a short menu makes choosing easier! Excellent that they will take the old washing machine and fingers crossed they plumb in the new one for you. It is usually an added extra to have that done over here!

Eva, I do hope you are feeling well enough to celebrate your day today. If not I hope you have a lovely rest and get some reading done!

Twin and I had a good expedition yesterday. We started off at the big shop near to Jo. Twin saw a coat she liked (it was a beautiful pink) but they only had three sizes in stock, and none in Twin’s size. I bought some cards, and gift tags and some jeans. Then we headed off the large NXXT and had a snack and coffee. I am currently looking for a small sideboard, so we wandered around the furniture, Twin looked at pictures – oh and I was accosted by a couple of pairs of very nice leggings. We just got back to the car when the rain came (two hours early) and once home we didn’t venture out again. We watched HC and then the programme on Rxyxl Lxes with Lucy W on Beeb 4. She has a wonderful way of describing history – yesterday it was all about the Rxfxrmxtion under HVIII. Quite apt to be with the Txdxrs as we are off to see Upstxrt Crxw (the theatre show) this afternoon. Really looking forward to that as we love the tv series. Morning BHB you have done a lovely job with the Bistro – I am sure Eva will be delighted. Lets take some of the champers and a piece of cake into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM joins us (she is awake).
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 08:27
Morning all and first and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eva. I hope you are ok and manage to have a lovely day.

It is dry here at the moment but more rain forecast for later which is not what a lot of the country needs. I feel so sorry for all the poor people who are flooded. Must be soul destroying. We had a lovely shop yesterday, I didn’t get what I wanted, but did get some perfume and leggings as well as some cards and a few other bits and bobs. Today we are off to see Upstxrt Crxw, really looking forward to it, as long as it is as funny as the tv programme we should be fine!

Life is one long meeting for you at the moment Jane! I love Pxrsxxsion as well. One of my favourite books, and P&P of course!

So the gecko is once mire evicted Diana! Let’s hope it gets the hint and moves in elsewhere! A meal by a lagoon sounds lovely, as long as there are no missies around, well for me asi I would be their dinner I fear.

Just for the record, my printer has overheated as well, but is fine once it cools down. Ah I remember going to the cinema to see SH and the YO Jo! Although I didn’t fall for Cliffs like you I did really enjoy the films, mire innocent times I think!

Morning BHB oh my how lovely the Bistro looks you clever thing you! I think we should get more champers and go and find the CM.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 09:25
Morning. Happy Birthday/Gratulerer med dagen Eva 🎉 hope you are feeling better
We had 2 geckos at our villa in E*ypt, they mainly kept to the brick domed ceiling in the living room. No chance of reaching them but they kept us amused trying to spot them each day.
Half term and insanely busy at work. Still looking for a chef, as are lots of other places nearby. The miles I’m walking each day I should be so skinny!!
Ploppy is texting updates from Au*tria. Looks like snowfall forecast for today and -6. After the kids have finished skiing, ploppy and co-driver not allowed in case of injury, they’re going hot chocolate tasting.
Thanks for reviews of film twins. Actually one of my fave books as studied at school and college. Taking sloppy to see it on Friday all being well.
Better go and get ready for work. Slightly later start today and lulled into false sense of security until I checked the time.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 11:42
Morning all. It's actually a nice day today with blue skies and no wind. Maybe in honour of my birthday?

Hello sweetheart. My, you have really gone to town with the decorations and cakes today! 🍰💐🍨🍩🍪 I think I'll have a piece of the carrot cake to go with the coffee. Thank you, thank you.💋💋💋
And thank you all for the cards, ecards and good wishes here and on FB. I feel spoilt. I'm still not OK, not helped by a h*ll of a day yesterday because of father. I won't bore you with the details, but he had youngest sister and myself running in sircles. Mrs S of course returned to Spain yesterday, so was as much use as a chocolate teapot!
We managed to sort things out, and today when sis went to see him, she put Facetime on her phone when they called to say Happy Birthday. Father didn't understand anything, - he even tried to see behind the phone to see if I was there! At least sis and I got a good laugh. 😂😂 Father also asked how it felt to be an old lady! So thoughtful of him, eh?
There won't be a coffee and cake party here today. I'll wait until I'm on my feet again. I'll be cooking a nice fish pie for my lunch, the de-lux viriaty (sp?) with salmon and prawns.
My cleaning lady just left, so my home is nice and clean again,- not that I have been very untidy over the last 2 weeks!
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 12:14

I am glad you have managed to get into the bistro. Hope you are continuing to improve.

Mrs S a chocolate teapot? No. She's a cardboard teapot. A chocolate one would at least be sweet!

Posting this now as I'm expecting a phone call but will try to catch up on what everyone else is up to! :-)
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 12:30
Ah Diana, so the gecko took up lodging in the bedroom. Best to evict him them. I suspect he couldn't make a particularly cuddly teddy bear.

At least Ali had socially acceptable geckos!

OK Jo, now I'm intrigued about Cliff's first two films. What in them was naughty? I must do some googling.

Pauline - I agree. The pictures of flooding on the news are horrendous. Those poor people. I have friends in York but fortunately they are well away from the river.

Carol - yes FAR more meetings (usually over Skype) in the new job. I am used to being left to get on with my job so it's a very different way of working. Not complaining, but it does often mean cutting lunch short. I agree about E*ma - she's annoying, but then she's supposed to be. And she does come right in the end. Ooo I really like Lucy W. I must find that programme in I-player.

You to are going to see Upst*rt Cr*w???!!! I'm so jealous. Have a FABULOUS time ladies!!!

Ooo I might get this posted before my colleague calls :-)
TK wrote:
Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 12:46
Happy Birthday to Eva. Shame you are not 100% yet.

Raining nicely here. So trying to convince ginger hairy one that it is not time to go out. He'll wait a bit.

I got a note through door this morning 'Help'. Felf had a cataract done yesterday, I'd forgotten as I was stood down for taxi duty. Bruce is much easier to put drops into eyes than Felf. I suppose I've had lots more practice with dogs, cats and once a horse, than humans. Also Bruce is very brave and not hard of hearing, so he was really easy.

Been to financial advisor this morning for one of the regular reviews. Lots to do when you are retired. Can I sneak 30mins nap?
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 16:33

Happy birthday, Eva. Hope you're feeling a lot better.

Today's been a roller coaster. It kicked off at 3.00 am as Ploppy & I were going to bed (I'd already had about three hours sleep but had woken up thirsty and then watched TV with him) when the power went off. Initially we of course thought it was power shedding but I saw the street lights were still on so realised there was a problem, either with the area or just us. Couldn't sleep so got up a couple of times and got up for good about 5.00 am. Tried to check if any houses had lights on but couldn't see. When it was light I went out the front and saw a property just up from us had lights on and when our neighbours were up checked with them and yes they had power - so it looked like only us. When the lettings/management office opened at 8.30 Ploppy went to check if they had power issues. The handyman was there fortunately and came back to check (we don't use them any more so it was v good of him). He found one of the switches had tripped (we had checked this first off but it had appeared fine) and flipped it up - hurrah we had power.

We stopped in town for a couple of errands, then drove to the next town where we were meeting the car salesman to test the second car. As we were on the way, we had a call to say that the car we test drove yesterday had sold. As it turned out, Ploppy preferred the second one and we are buying it - subject to being able to transfer the funds from the UK in time. It's same spec as the other including sun roof, nicer colour (pearl white), same age, has done more mileage and is cheaper.

Got home - no power! The switch had flipped again and neither of us could switch it on so called an electrician. Fortunately he came an hour later. He showed us how to turn the switch on - it's a bit tricky - and checked what was causing it to trip. Turned out to be a fault with our geyser - we've had problems with this 4/5 times before and had a new one installed only 18 months ago. He drained the system and put a new element in and, fingers crossed, everything is now fine. While the electrician was here, the locksmith turned up to put locks on a couple of bedrooms cupboards so it was rather busy. After they left, Ploppy & I collapsed on the veranda.

It's been mostly sunny today, tomorrow light rain is forecast for the afternoon. Ploppy is playing golf pm and I have 2/3 loads of washing to do that I had intended to start today. We have to sort out a few things re the car in the next few days. Must start dinner, will catch up tomorrow (all being well).
TK wrote:
Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 17:12
Diana, that is not good. I hope the work has fixed it. When I was reading through, I thought has the gecko peed in an electric socket? That used to happen to me, replace gecko with cat.
We've been around the village today, popping in to say Hi, in a couple of places. Bruce was a bit cross with me as I had a little nap on his bed over lunchtime. He did wake me up, just as well as I had to go a put drops in Felf's eye. We were late going out. Hopefully Felf will be able to do her own drops soon, as I'm out seeing Marty this week.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, February 20, 2020, 07:01
Morning and quite a gloomy start – lots of grey clouds. Forecast is for heavy rain this afternoon (that will make a change) and possibility of hail showers!!

Ah I see you were part of the gecko club too Ali. So still no chef – that’s a shame as it is obviously causing you lots of extra work. So they have snxw in Axxtria? I read last week that somewhere in Frxnce brought 50 tonnes of snow into their resort - by helicopter! They didn’t have enough snxw for anyone to ski..... Oh glad you are off to see Emmx – I am sure you will enjoy it!

Oh not good that you had a bad day on Monday with your father, Eva. Hopefully whatever it was is now resolved. How kind of him to ask you how it felt to be old – and you only 27! Imogen used to look behind the ipad to see where we were when we face timed Victoria. Sensible to wait until you are feeling a lot better before you have your birthday celebration, but I hope you enjoyed your day – and your fish pie!

Lady J – I agree with you that a cardboard teapot is more like it as far as Mrs S is concerned. Somehow I don’t think the words gecko and cuddly go hand in hand!! I see Txwkxsbury Abbey became an island again this week – as you say the flooding has been terrible – I feel so sorry for all those people that were flooded again this week, on top of last week! Ah so lots more meetings in your new role – I imagine the new way of working takes some getting used to. Oh the LW programme is one of three, so if you can watch on catch up and then watch the next too.

Jo the rain came through earlier than forecast yesterday– I see it reached you too! Oh poor Felf. I remember when my Mum had her cataracts done and I had to put her drops in – she is like me, and flinches when anyone puts anything near eyes! I feel humans may not be as amenable as canines! Are you suggesting Bruce is braver than Felf? Surely not! You have reminded me I must send some dates to my FA as also due to meet up for a discussion! I see you had your nap (on Bruce’s bed) – have you made your peace with him?

Oh what a start to the day for you Diana – I hope you managed to get some rest later in the day. What a pain about the faulty switch, but at least you have now managed to get it sorted. Oh that’s good that the second car was the one you wanted, if the first one was sold (that was a quick sale). Fingers crossed all the finances are sorted out quickly and you don’t lose the one you want. I see it had the added bonus of being cheaper than the one you saw on Monday. So the old washing machine was being put through its paces yesterday – I assume you haven’t told it that its days are numbered!

We really enjoyed Upstxrt Xrow – it was excellent. Very clever production. We had very good seats – just off centre in the second row. The theatre was sold out – I think I read that it was selling very well as it is only on for a a limited period (12 weeks I think). The whole cast were brilliant. We laughed all the way through! We were really lucky with the trains (apart from a short wait on the way home) so were back at 6.15pm. We managed to watch the last episode of Gxxd Omxns – loved it (and the whole series – in fact I have bought the dvd so I can watch whenever I want cheering up (I bought the Gxes Wrxng Show dvd for the same reason). Today Twin is off home and MM and I are off to get our eyes tested. We need to collect some papers from church, but after that we will be in for the rest of the day (just as well if the forecast is correct). I have some typing to do for MM in his Churchwarden capacity, so will probably do that this afternoon. DinP tonight and also the final of the cooking programme.

Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, February 20, 2020, 08:06
Morning all and it is dry at the moment but I better scuttle off home as rain is forecast for later. It was pretty miserable yesterday but thankfully we weren’t outside much. Just loved the show. Of course it helped that we were all fans of the show on tv. The cast is brilliant and it is very funny. I think it helps if you know your Shakespeare a bit, as there are a lot of references to the plays and even some of the speeches. Today I am home as said and will do a food shop on the way.

Shame you haven’t found a chef yet Ali. It sounds as if they are in demand in your neck of the woods. Fingers crossed one turns up soon.

What fun and games you had with the electricity Diana, hopefully all is well now. In fact that was a busy day all round and with all that washing it sounds as if you were kept busy. Hope you can relax a bit today.

Jane I am a fan of LW as well, I think she makes history fun.

Jo you must be an expert at administering eye drops!so Bruce isn’t fond of you using his bed then? I suppose he had residency on the sofa though!

Eva what a shame you weren’t up to full celebrations yesterday, hopefully you will soon be up to it. So father was playing up was he?hope he has settled down now. At least it is funny he was looking for you behind the phone! Jane is right, cardboard teapot is the best description of Mrs S.

Morning BHB and what have we today? The CM ignored you? Oh dear, I think it is just she was in a hurry. Never mind, I see there is champers left, let’s take a bottle to the conservatory and we can snuffle, she may well turn up yet!
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, February 20, 2020, 08:14
...oh BHB of course I wasn't ignoring you - I was in the kitchen making some scotch pancakes - here they are all nice and warm from the oven. I think they will go very nicely with the champers the DCM fetched in!!
Diana wrote:
Thursday, February 20, 2020, 09:43
Morning all and what a fun one it's been sorting out the money for the car. Ploppy wasn't able to do it from his account as he didn't bring his card reader so had to check I could do it from our joint account which was possible but he had to transfer some money from his account so there was enough. The car dealer has emailed us about five times with stuff he needs from us and info we required. We've just arranged the transfer (fingers crossed it goes through OK) and Ploppy just needs to fill in a form which we'll have to photograph and email as we don't have a scanner here. In between I've done two washes with a third underway. I'm still in my nightie and it's nearly 11.30 am!

It's been overcast all morning and rain is expected - Ploppy has just gone to golf. After posting this, I'm going to get dressed and have a sit down to catch my breath. I might go to the gym later, though if it rains and Ploppy comes back early, we will pop into town as he needs to go to the municipality office to register re the car.

The films on TV of the flooded areas look awful. Feel so sorry for those whose homes and small businesses/shops have been flooded. Mum has always said she would never live near a river.

Hope you make it to the cinema tomorrow, Ali, and enjoy the film. Hot chocolate tasting - yum.

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your birthday, Eva, and were left in peace. Sensible to wait till you're better for the birthday celebrations.
evam wrote:
Thursday, February 20, 2020, 12:01
Afternoon all. Not very good news from me I'm afraid. I had to call the surgery yesterday and ask for another appointment with my GP. I am coming to the end of the antibis, but still feeling bad. My GP listened to my lungs and said: There is too much noise in there!. So he wants a new x-ray and gave me another round of antibis, a different kind this time. Then he told me that I know what to do,- i.e. go home, tuck yourself in, eat you antibis and let the world cope without you!
Poor youngest sister,- she is carrying the brunt of father's care, but she is, as always, sweet about it, telling me to look after myself and not worry about father. Imagine if Mrs S had been like that? In my dreams.
So it's off to bed with me as soon as I've made some lunch.
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, February 20, 2020, 12:39

Hey! One of this morning's meetings got cancelled. One finished early. I haven't got another this afternoon so I am having a leisurely lunch break

...and must admit a bit of a giggle imagining Jo trying to put Felf's eyedrops in for her. Seriously though, you are a brilliant neighbour!

Cricky Diana! What a busy and stressful time you are having. I hope the electricity and the car are now sorted.

I am well jel twins! Sounds like Upstart C was fabulous. I'm highly unlikely to get there myself. I hope the fact that they have done the WE run doesn't mean they'll be no more on TV. I'll miss it if so!

Pauline - I agree, the more familiarity you have with Shak*sp*are the funnier UC is. And LW does indeed make history fun!

Carol - I love GO. Not the GO. Ermm that's not what I mean! I LOVE the GO. OK I'll start again. I love G**d Om*ns. It's one of my top five favourite books. I think the series dramatizes it beautifully, though of course they have had to make changes. I miss the four other horsemen for instance.

Oh dear Eva - please take lots of OOHHMMSSS, and your GP's advice. Your sis is right. You must look after yourself xxx
TK wrote:
Thursday, February 20, 2020, 12:47
Busy busy. New vacuum has been in use again. Tiny tiny dust container, but since I've used it more frequently it is not filling so quickly as when I first used it.
Just noticed Bruce is not on the sofa, so I can finish in there now.

Eva, you do what the doc says. Need to rest, so you can recover.

I'm planning to go to a concert tonight, hopefully the drive down won't be too bad. Time coming home looks like rain will have stopped. It is on the way to Bournemouth, so about a 2 hr drive each way.
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, February 20, 2020, 22:48
Belated happy birthday Eva. Sorry to hear you are below par again - but glad to hear you are resting.
Ploppy and I child.nd d a 10 yr old half of today and yesterday. Friend at church asked us as emergency as she was asked unexpectedly to go into work meetings. She is easy to be with - but tiring. We went for walk around his morning - but turned it not a route ma ch to get home before rain. We did get caught by n rain for 5 mins but managed to run to car before deluge hit! Then had sleety downpour in aft.
Twins - a friend of mine was at Up C yesterday matinee too. She loved it and raved about it - but the tics were expensive! Meant to go to a tonight but cried off as couldn’t quite get motivated to go out.
Jo - don’t suppose you and your vacu.m fancy a trip north. Need to do h’work tomorrow.
Jane - I hope the meetings are productive. I used to hate the waste of time in unproductive meetings - which tended to be most of them!
Diana - i am picking up my new ( to me) car tmrw. Hope we don’t have so many issues with paying. I am very excited as will be first time I have ever owned a car with central locking. I had to test that before I would buy it. Salesman thought I was mad!

Carol29 wrote:
Friday, February 21, 2020, 06:49
Morning and it looks dry at the moment and the wind appears to have dropped (although the forecast is for gusting winds today). Think we may just reach double figures temperature-wise.

Ah Diana I had a feeling you might encounter some fun problems trying to sort out the payment for the car. Fingers crossed it is all going through smoothly. I see the drama over the money didn’t deter you from doing the laundry! I think you deserved your sit down. Hopefully the rain decided to stay away - we had a cold, wet day until late afternoon when the sun came out. We really have been lucky when you look at what has been happening to people elsewhere in the country – just awful.

Oh Eva, that’s not good at all. At least you managed to get to see your GP fairly promptly, so hopefully the new antibis will help. I hope you listened to what you were told! I presume you have to wait for the xray appointment. I am sure your younger sister is only concerned that you get better and won’t mind too much having to look after your Father – it is what sisters do (well unless they are Mrs S). Sending virtual hugs.

Lady J I am sure you weren’t too disappointed that the meetings were cancelled or finished early and for once you managed to have a lunch break! I think there will be another series of UCrow – as long as the Beeb commission one! DM has said he would be happy to make another series, but of course it isn’t down to him. I imagine with the success of the play the Beeb may consider it will be well worth doing another series. Fingers crossed! I’ve not read the G Omxns book but just loved this series. I know there is speculation there might be another series of this made too ....or not! I think MS and DT worked so well together, but both are very busy actors, so it would need to be made when they were both available.

Was this your trip to see Marty, Jo? Hope you had a fairly dry journey ! We managed to avoid the hail (well as far as I know), although I know there was some in SLxndxn as Victoria and the children encountered one of their way home from a day out (they were walking!). I am wondering where Bruce disappeared to – I thought he might have given you a hand with the vacuuming!

I see you are adding child minding to your list of talents Fi. Sounds like your weather was worse than here – I have a lovely imagine of your and Ploppy frog marching child back to the car before the weather turned really nasty. Yes the tickets were very expensive – we had a discussion as to whether we would go when the tickets were first on sale, but we all love the tv show so much we thought it was worth it – and it was! We might have been sitting near your friend and not known! Oooh I see you are collecting your new car! I am sure the salesman sees lots of different types of people when they buy a car, so I am sure he didn’t think you were mad – just eccentric!!

The eye tests yesterday were very thorough – I now have new glasses on order (one ordinary, one sunglasses) and am £700+ worse off! That was with a saving of £401.25 on the total cost!!! They should be ready to collect on March 7th. I will now have to be good and avoid jumping merchandise for a while! Afterwards we went off to the church to collect MM's paperwork, and then stopped off at the pub opposite for a glass of wine and a sarnie. We came home and I typed up MM’s forms, so that’s all done! In the evening, as planned, we watched the Cooking programme (sadly my favourite didn’t win, but I was happy with the lady who did) and then Din P – such awful scenery, I don’t know how they can bear to be out there!! This morning I am off for my hot shell back massage and a hair cut. MM will collect me and we will go and do our food shop. We have an afternoon at home and then will be out for Choir practice in the evening. There has been another leak in the room we rehearse in, so we will be in the main church. I will be wearing layers!! Morning BHB, let's take the Vanillita and the toasted tea cakes into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, February 21, 2020, 10:24
Morning all, it is a nice one here though still chilly and breezy. I am with Twin in thinking how lucky we are round here that we haven't had the worst of the weather. I have to go into the village this morning so am hoping it hasn't flooded down there. I don't think it has as I feel I would have heard about it! The river that runs through our village used to flood every year, but they have cleared the river further back and further down and it has made a huge difference. I will be in housework mode for the next few days to make up for the week of jollies I have had. There is always a price to pay!

Diana I hope the sale of the car has all gone through safely and you are now the proud possessors of the car. That is a lot of laundry you did. Hope the new w/machine was ok.

Oh dear Eva that is not good. I am sure your sis is more interested in you getting back to normal than anything else and doesn't mind. Take those anti bis, keep warm and rest lots.

I have seen an interview with BE Jane and he says he probably will write more but has been a bit busy of late with the stage show and his cast have been very busy as well. It sounded hopeful to me, I think he just wanted a break from it! They may even film the stage show, you never know! It must have been lovely to be able to have a proper lunch break.

Hope you enjoyed the concert Jo. I think you hopefully had better weather for the journey in the evening. My hoover has a smallish dust container, but it is easy to empty and the hoover is so light it makes the whole process of using it much nicer, yes nicer. Well better maybe, let's not get carried away!

How funny to think your friend may have been sat near us Fi! Glad she enjoyed it as well. I think most people do as most of the audience had definitely watched the tv series! Hope your new car is a success and you enjoy playing with the central locking!

Morning BHB and it is Vanillita day! Lovely, let's get more and some teacakes and go and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Friday, February 21, 2020, 10:54
The concert was very good. Took me ages to get there, stuck on M4, then rain for a bit. BUT after the nightmare of the trips to MK, easy. Made it with 15mins to spare. Phew. Found the tiny venue by asking 2 lots of people. The 2nd lot were on their way there. I was just around the corner. Then there was someone in my seat, poor chap. His excuse was that his wife told him to sit there!! Sometimes I wouldn't be that bothered, but it was nearly centre and I didn't fancy being 2 more seats to the side. Got to review the ability of the person to get up at Marty concerts (as with Cliff concerts), this chap seemed he'd be OK and he was. Had a chat with the lady the other side, big Marty fan. Also a fan of Eden Kane, she wasn't so happy with his replacement by the ancient American RnR singer on Marty's tour last year. The one I loved. She and husband travel about a bit to go to concerts. She's seen Joe Brown's current tour. She did say, the number of concerts she wants to go to are getting fewer. She got soaked last summer at an outdoor concert, don't remember who that was.

Pauline, needs to see a special type of doctor, saying hoovering is much nicer. There must be something wrong. Ah a nice trip to see Fi might be an idea, she seems to require your assistance.

I've just noticed that my spell check is not working , so apologies.

Got to carry on sorting .......................... might go next door to find out what the banging is
TK wrote:
Friday, February 21, 2020, 11:20

slkal;kda/ IS it wrkinh ah yes. no idea what was wrong, I reloaded dictionary and a couple of other tings and it is back
Jane E wrote:
Friday, February 21, 2020, 13:11
Hi all

I have 15 mins to write this before - YES Another meeting!!!! But most of them are very worth while Fi. I this one for instance three of us are deciding the wording for an important communication :-)

So I see Fi had taken up child minding. It must make a change from entertain the older folk!

Jo - very glad to hear how much you enjoyed the concert. But what is it with someone thinking they can randomly sit in someone elses seat? Or at least not till interval if it's not been taken.

Pauline - now everything is sorted, I feel I have been very lucky with the weather too. That said it's blowing like made here at the moment. Still many have had it much worse.

Gosh that's quite a bill you have there Carol! But it's as well to get the best you can when it comes to eye-wear.

I can't see their being another series of G Om*ns unfortunately. The world has been saved! But I'll enjoy watching this one over again!

Ah thank you both for the optimism about a new series on Up C! The price of the tickets did put me off two but if it has been filmed...

Right. Next meeting!

Have a good weekend!!!
Diana wrote:
Friday, February 21, 2020, 16:46

It's been another interesting day. It started with no internet - we both had orders we wanted to do so it was annoying - fortunately it was back just before 9.00. I suspect the problem may have been tied up with the two load shedding sessions we had overnight and the supplier realised there was a problem when they got to the shop. I had to stay in for the washing machine which was delivered soon after midday. When I opened the front door while waiting, I saw a snake on the front step!! Only a small one thank heavens, it was bright green, and moved away immediately. I took a couple of photos and checked the snake in our snake book. I think it was a harmless one - I think! I was very careful when I went outside. Meanwhile Ploppy went into town to sort out the car/driver registration and transferring some money. He has a form to complete re the car so we'll have to go back next week. He was then in the bank for an hour! He didn't make much progress but was told someone would phone at 2.30 to go through the procedure online with us. We got a phone call at 5.00, just as I was getting into the shower, and we have at least done the first step now.
Diana wrote:
Friday, February 21, 2020, 18:49
It's been a lovely day but we've not been able to take full advantage. The forecasted rain yesterday didn't materialise. Tomorrow is due to start nice but cloud over and rain from mid pm. Currently watching the first of the T20s SA v Australia. Hoping I sleep well tonight, last night it was about 2.30 before I drifted off. Ploppy will be playing golf tomorrow pm. In the morning I want him to help me check the new washing machine is completely set up. Only two weeks left here, it's been wonderful (despite the various issues). I want to get the jobs and issues sorted so we can have a peaceful and stress free last week.

Sending ohms to you, Eva. Hope you can have a restful weekend.

Hope you're happy with your new car, Fi. Central locking is important in SA, to us anyway, in major towns we want all the doors locked. There are people selling tat at traffic lights and there's a (slim) chance that they'll open a door and grab anything on the back seat. No worries in Knysn* which is very safe but for example I felt uncomfortable when we were in the centre of PE and was glad to get back in the car.

Eek Carol your glasses are expensive even with the money off. The optician wants to see me yearly now (there are eye issues on my mother's side of the family) and am due back in the spring. I'm hoping I don't need new glasses, they cost me enough last year and feel I've they've still got a lot of wear in them.
Diana wrote:
Friday, February 21, 2020, 19:05
Oops I put the pen on post by accident ....

Glad you enjoyed the concert, Jo.

The money for the car will take up to four working days to go through so may not know if it's OK till middle of next week. Then the registration form takes a few days and the car is a good two hours drive away so if the dealer is busy, it might be a day or two more before he can bring it so I'm not anticipating we'll have it until week after next .... as long as we have it before we leave and not at the last minute either, we won't be driving it until we come back, all being well second half of October.
TK wrote:
Friday, February 21, 2020, 19:36
Glad the car purchase is progressing Diana. When I buy a car it takes about the same time as it takes some days to get the number plate changed. With the purchase of the car you are really settling in. Shame you won't get use of it until next time.

I'm just getting told that I've missed a walk out today. Bruce has gently pulled on the sleeve of my fleece. This is true as the lunchtime walk was late. We walked in the grounds of the big house up the hill, so I was tired. This is the 3 day of drops into Felf's eye, so had to do that. Put the walking timings out. .Late afternoon Bruce went to sleep on his bed, I sat on the sofa. I was going to have a sleep, but he came and sat on sofa, so I went to sleep on the dog bed. So comfy, it was time for Felf's next drops when I woke up. Not sure why she can't do them herself, never mind- I'm practised at doing eye drops. Bruce is easier. Just got to do his eardrops.
TK wrote:
Friday, February 21, 2020, 19:49
Hopefully there is only one dose of this bottle of ear drops left, as it must contain some coconut oil. Smells yucky. I have a bottle of a different type of ear drops in the cupboard. Bruce is very good. He reminds me once a week to do his ear, I should really do it before he scratches his ear.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, February 22, 2020, 07:45
Morning all. It's mainly overcast here, a little sun and breezy, with rain forecast from mid pm. Ploppy golfing from midday. I might go over with him and go to the gym as haven't been since Tuesday. More load shedding in 15 mins., already had one session in the early hours.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, February 22, 2020, 08:19
Morning, and very much what Winnie the P would call a blustery day. The wind spinners in the garden have been working overtime over the last couple of weeks!

Ah was the delay on the X4 due to the roadworks, or just volume of traffic? When they were doing the works on the X3 we used to use the X4 for trips down to see my Mother as it was quicker going that route and moving to the X3 at R’ding. Still I see you made it time to spare! We had a similar thing with the seats when we went to the panto at the P’dium. I think people just think it is worth a go in case the seats aren’t sold! Oh Ann used to love EKxne back in the day! Oh I can assure you that Twin just LOVES doing h’work – a bit like me really. I suspect she was too busy to get to Fi’s to help out! I see you were ignoring Bruce’s needs yesterday! Ah the putting in the drops lasts a few days if I remember (I did both my mum’s and Moving Aunt’s when they had their cxtxracts done). Love that you and Bruce change sleeping places! I have to say Bruce’s eardrops sound interesting if they smell yucky, or is it just you don’t like the smell of coconut. Bruce is obviously determined to get his ear sorted, if he is reminding you about the drops!

Lady J how did I know you were going to type “another meeting”... I must be psychic! Good to hear that the meetings are in fact worthwhile and not a waste of time (as so often they can be – I remember all the lovely meetings shown on W1X – I loved that programme). My glasses were so expensive due to the extras – I have tints for computer work, transition lenses and the lenses made thinner. As both pairs are the same and have the same extras it all adds up! I think I might have mentioned I bought the dvd of GOmens, so I can watch and enjoy whenever I want.

Oh goodness Diana you are having a fun week aren’t you! It sounds as if your theory about the power shredding affecting the internet may be the correct one. So the new washing m/c is now in situ and raring to go I take it. Eeek a snake (I think I would prefer the gecko!) – I see you have a book so you can identify which type you have seen. We have the same – but our’s is for birds that visit the garden! It is a real palaver about the car isn’t it! I have to say the banking system in SA sounds very primitive. Goodness your stay seems to have flown by this year. I can understand you wanting to get everything sorted so that you can have a relaxing final week. I am also down for a yearly visit as my father developed glxucxmx and they want to keep an eye on me. Fingers crossed the rest of the car registration etc. goes smoothly so you have the car in plenty of time. Is it my imagination or has there been more load shedding than normal this last week?

I had a lovely back massage yesterday (and this was the free one, as I used my raffle prize) and felt all relaxed. Then I had my hair cut and can see the world again. The salon was very busy and there were two young boys in with their mother (about 3 years and 5 years I would think) – she just fed them biscuits and let them get on with shrieking and running around (until one of the staff said they needed to sit down as there were people using scissors etc). The mother didn’t seen at all bothered – the salon was noticeably quieter when they left! MM collected me and we went and did our food shop. When we were at the check out there was a lady behind me with only two packs of sarnies so I let her go ahead of me, she said "thank you" when she had paid and as I was getting the bags ready she came back and handed me a Spend £35 and get £5 off voucher she had just been given and asked if I would I like it, as she wasn't likely to. So my good turn had a positive outcome! I spent the afternoon sorting out music for choir practice - it was quite warm when we first went into church for practice but the temperature dropped after about an hour, so we didn't linger any longer than we needed to!! Today I have the laundry to do and my service to write for tomorrow morning. So an afternoon of the i word awaits (unless there are any offers to take it off my hands??? No, thought not!). We will watch last Sunday's Endxavoxr before Caslty tonight.. Morning BHB yes it is a very blustery day. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Axr Mxil into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, February 22, 2020, 10:22
Morning all and it is a mixture of sun and showers, at the moment the sun is winning, but we also have yet another windy day. Definitely more March than Feb though. I will be in Wishee Washee mode as usual at the weekend and I am also hoping to get the kitchen cleaned and tidied.

Of course I just love h/work Jo but sadly much as I would love to help Fi out I am far to busy with my own at the moment! (Half the reason I need to do all this is cos I keep finding better things to do and it gets left!) Ah I feel that lady got her husband to sit there hoping you would say you would take his seat. Oldest trick in the book! It caused a lot of problems on the a/c as some people would get nasty and try refusing to move. So you use the dog bed and Bruce uses the sofa? Still if you are both happy with the arrangement I think it fine!

Glad to hear that the meeting are useful Jane. Never really had to suffer meetings at work, one of the reasons I loved my job!

Eek a snake Daina! I would have run a mile! Gecko is definitely preferable! Hope you can get all the car business sorted soon. Can't believe you are home in 2 weeks. We will try to improve the weather for you by then.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Axr Mxil? Sounds interesting, let's get another jug and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Saturday, February 22, 2020, 11:20
It is chilly today, just realised I'm a half a fleece short. I have 2 thin fleeces on, I usually have a thin and a thicker one. I forgot to say, when I woke up from my nap on Bruce's bed yesterday, he'd joined me and was sleeping on the duvet next to me.

Not sure where I'll go for a walk at lunchtime. Saturday is usually pub lunch, but it may be flooded. Teddy's mum said, when I saw her this morning, that you could get there yesterday afternoon, if you didn't mind the mud. She had long rubber boots, I don't, we'll just have to go and see.

For some reason I'm really tired, I did sleep last night maybe not enough. Might have a nap. Eye drops for Felf at 1pm.
TK wrote:
Saturday, February 22, 2020, 20:33
Finally got to sort my donations to 2 of the charities I support. I like to set up regular donations as then they know what money they have coming in. Also makes the tax sorting easier as it is once a month. I thought I'd set up standing orders for both. Oh no, one wants a direct debit. Both documents completed.

Bruce is doing an impression of a dead dog at the moment. There is the occasionally 'scenting' of the room, so I know he is alive by the gas release.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, February 23, 2020, 05:31

It's lovely at the moment though forecast was for cloudy start and sunny afternoon. It will probably cloud over and then clear again.

I went to the gym yesterday then sat outside for an hour when it clouded over so went in and did some H/W. It rained from late pm. Ploppy had taken the car to the clubhouse and he had finished his round by the time it rained so didn't get wet. When he got home he watched the rugby and football while I read and played a game on the iP*d.

We are going into town shortly to do some food shopping - ran out of fruit and salad two days ago - then we'll go to the gym. Also need to see if we can transfer some money from our SA bank account online but suspect we'll have to go to the branch another day. Load shedding is due at 1800 but won't be hugely affected as we are eating out at a new restaurant one of Ploppy's golfing mates recommended. We have looked at the menu and it looks very good so fingers crossed. It's scheduled for same time tomorrow so have planned a cold dinner though hopefully it won't go ahead.

We have an SA bird book too, Carol, in face two, a large one on the lounge table and a small one in the car.

Better weather when we return would be good, Pauline. It wouldn't surprise me if there's a cold spell in March!
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, February 23, 2020, 06:52
Morning – still dark out but it we have strong gusting winds. The forecast for heavy rain has changed to light rain and drizzle for later in the morning – just as well as I don’t think a brolly would be any good against the wind (the wind roaring woke me up early!).

Ah half a fleece missing – no wonder you were cold Jo (I did initially read that and thought you meant an arm had come off or something). Aw how sweet that Bruce joined you on his bed. So did you make it to the pub? Mind you if you did I see you needed waders and to plough your way through mud! Our Vicar and wife had a week off this week and went off to see their daughters in C’diff, and then up to W’cester to see Vicar’s parents. She posted some footage of the fields around Mxlvxrn and at first glance you would think that you were looking at the sea! Well done on sorting out the charity donations! Quite a few organisations these days want to have DDebits rather than SOrders. So Bruce was setting your mind at rest yesterday by perfuming the room! How lovely of him!

Diana, that’s a very good idea to have a bird book in the car so if you see one you don’t know you can instantly look it up. I see Ploppy managed to time his golf to avoid the rain - hopefully it wasn’t too heavy. Has the new w m/c been in action yet? I have to say from what you have posted I am not overly confident that you will be able to do your money transfers on line – the bank will be getting quite used to you if you have to go into the branch again! Hopefully if the recommendation for the restaurant came from someone Ploppy knows it will be very good. I guess after a while you just get used to the power shedding and work around it.

I had a day indoors yesterday, so didn’t really feel what the outside temperatures were like – mind you it was another very windy day (although not as windy as it is at the moment). I worked on my service in the morning as planned and then spent the afternoon in the company of the i board. I know how to live! I did watch a very interesting programme on catch up – all about Dxckxns. Twin had watched it and told me it was very good, and it was. In the evening we watched last week’s E’vour as planned, before the joy that was Clty. Oh for a happier storyline! Off to church this morning of course, then it is home and a fairly lazy day. We might watched the last E’vour tonight and save CtM for another evening. MM doesn’t watch LTiH, so I can stockpile the episodes for my ixxning days! Morning BHB, yes it is a very blustery day again! Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Rxd Rxver into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we watch the waves, and wait for the DCM.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, February 23, 2020, 09:39
Morning all and it is a very windy one here as well. It has also been raining (just for a change) so not a day to go out unless absolutely necessary. I will be staying in! Yesterday was a clxxnxxg day. I defrosted the freezer first so I can now access all drawers again, the top one was frozen stuck! I then gave the kitchen a thorough clean and washed the floor. So you can see I really know how to have fun! Today is an ixxnxxg day and a bit of h/work so another exciting time in store! I watched C as well and just when you think it can't get any sadder it gets two really miserable storylines!

How lovely that Bruce came and shared his bed with you Jo. Mind I would think from what you say he could be a bit of a dubious sleeping companion if he releases gases!

Diana we will do our best for you with the weather though I think you could well be right about March being chilly! It has been a fairly mild winter to date, just a wet (very wet) and windy one. Nice if you can transfer money online with your bank in SA, but on their past showing I am doubtful as well! Hope the restaurant is as good as recommended. The baboons seem to have been scarce so far this year, or is it that you haven't mentioned them?!

Eva hope you are ok and the new anti bis are working.

Morning BH B and what have we today? Red Rxver? Sounds good to me so let's get more and some crumpets and go and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Sunday, February 23, 2020, 10:16
It was a damp trip to the river yesterday. Even if I did have to walk on tiptoes to get through the flooded path. I did get my wellies out to wear, but there were cracks in the plastic. Bruce was happy with the sausages. Brought some of them home, for today.

Hope everyone is Ok today
evam wrote:
Sunday, February 23, 2020, 17:21
Afternoon all. Again just a few words to tell you I'm still breathing, although rather heavily! The new antibis don't seem to do me much good, exept for making sure I'm not getting worse. I had decided to go private for my x-ray, and had a text on Friday telling me that I was allocated an appointment for the 10 th of March!!!! That's 2 1/2 weeks' wait, so I'll be phoning them tomorrow to tell them I need an appointment sooner than that. I can't do that date anyway, as I'm due at the hospital for my next eye injection. All I do now is doze, eat a little, take my meds and sleep. I feel like I'm in a kind of twilight zone, and it's no fun. ☹️😢
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, February 24, 2020, 04:44
Morning! still not sleeping. ploppy went down to eldest scollops yesterday to supervise the laying of new water pipes - he is away until Fri. i have a few visits lined up to keep me out of mischief. Off to L.ndon on Tues to meet friend and go to Brit Mus exhib.
Eva - sorry to hear you are still not well. you def need an appt earlier than 2.5 weeks. hope that gets sorted. You are doing the right thing by resting but I can understand that a bit boring! do you feel well enough to read?
Pauline - your house must be sparkling by now!
Diana - we keep bird books in car and house too - tho often we forget to take one on a walk and by time we get back to consult book we have forgotten exactly what bird looks like!
Jo - I hope you have managed to adjust the fleece temperature control! Our temperatures seem all over place at moment - and we have had some very mild days. mind you this weekend last year was very hot. we were in l.ndon and sat outside for meals.
Carol - what a nice reward for your good deed.
Diana - I am enjoying my car so far - esp the central l.cking! . tho still haven't mastered how to use the audio system. plus how to get phone to work on screen is way beyond me - will have to wait until E.ster when boys come home to help me! Hope all your transactions get sorted.
off to read in bed!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, February 24, 2020, 08:20
Morning and dry at the moment, although rain forecast and it looks very grey. It is breezy by the look of it but nowhere near as blustery as yesterday (the wind roared around the outside of the church during our services yesterday).

Jo I am not surprised it was a damp trip to the river! Ah so new willies sound like a must then. Don’t feel ones with cracks in would be too efficacious! I am sure Bruce enjoyed his sausage treat! Especially as he had them over a couple of days.

Oh Eva, sorry to hear you are still suffering. A wait of two and half weeks seems excessive for a private appointment! Hopefully you can sort them out and get one sooner. It sounds as if you have a really bad bout at the moment. I am not surprised you feel as if you are existing in a twilight zone. Hopefully you have had some visitors bringing provisions? Sound you a big virtual hug.

Oh dear I see you are still suffering with not sleeping Fi. Have you spoken to the doctor about it? I am sure you will enjoy your visit up to L’don tomorrow. I am thinking of putting Twin to work here – my house could do with a deep clean....I am sure she will be happy to do it for me. I am glad you are enjoying your new car (any name yet?). Twin’s car has a phone sync ....out car is too old to have any such luxuries! They said on the weather forecast that this time last year temperatures in London hit a record 21C!!! My cousin in Gl’ster posted some footage of the River Sxvxrn – well two of them as the fields behind the actual river were like a second one running parallel. I feel so sorry for all those who have been flooded. Terrible situation to be in.

Yesterday’s service went well, so that was a relief. MM checked on the leak in the meeting room where the lead was stolen and the remedial action our roofer took last week seems to have worked (although the room needs drying out before it can be used again). The cedar tree was still standing despite the very strong winds yesterday morning, so that was a blessing too. I came home, did a couple of crosswords, read some of my book and watched a couple of episodes of DT in Dr W. So a very lazy afternoon! In the evening we watched E’vour, so wehave CtheM to watch at some point this week. This morning we are off to SLAPPAS and then we have LACE this afternoon. Not sure what we will be watching yet. Morning BHB, yes it is a grey start to the day. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted muffins into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Ali wrote:
Monday, February 24, 2020, 08:34
Morning. Quick pop in before work. Had day off Fri and took mum to see ‘Em*a’ we loved it. Then lunch after. Nice relaxing day. Back to work Sat, straight for haircut and colour after then a beetle drive at church. Got home just after ploppy who had been held up in calais due to high winds in channel.
Should have had day of yesterday BUT ... another staff off. She wasn’t happy but she’d hurt shoulder and waiting to see osteopath so made her stay home. I covered. Now working next 6 days!! Boss has follow up at hospital on weds, as consult didn’t rush it after initial appt we’re cautiously optimistic.
Eva I hope you can bring your xray forward. Take Care x
Love to all xx
TK wrote:
Monday, February 24, 2020, 09:59
Oh dear I hope you feel a bit better soon Eva.
And Ali working really hard, as usual. I hope stall can be found for the vacancy(s?).
Carol I surprised that the tree at the church is still standing. There have been some strong gusts recently.
I did sleep last night, but feeling a bit sleepy now. Off to Pilates soon, so can't have a nap :(
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, February 24, 2020, 10:19
Morning all and it is not a very nice one still a bit windy and it is raining now. I am hoping it will have gone through by the time I go to Twin later. Looks like we get more bad weather on Thursday. What fun, not! Yesterday afternoon cleared up nicely and the wind died down so I took the opportunity and did a few things in the garden. So pleased I could as the mild weather means the garden is ahead of itself and needs a lot of work, but I am not doing it all in this weather! Also got some h/work done in the morning. I don't want you to all think I do masses of it. I believe in doing little and often, well fairly often, as and when I think it needs it! I manage to ignore it a lot.

Eva that is not good. You sound to me as if you need to talk to your doctor again if these anti bis aren't doing the job. Sending lots of hugs. I am sure you must be bored, thank goodness for books.

Jo I am pleased to see that according to Twin you have new willies! Especially as the old ones had cracks! The mind boggles!

Fi I am sorry you aren't sleeping well ( I can really empathise) maybe you will feel better if you eve manage to have a long chat to U/bed about the non wedding. Enjoy your week on the loose! No, the house is not sparkling, see my comments above!

Ali you never stop and now working 6 days a week! I hope your staff problems are resolved soon and fingers crossed for your Boss lady.

Morning all and of course it is Vanillita today, You have made muffins for us as well? Let's get more of everything and go and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Monday, February 24, 2020, 19:00
ooops sorry Ali, typo 'staff for the vacancies' not a stall.

Done a bit of walking today or maybe my legs are aching more due to the Pilates this morning. Rivers are looking a bit higher than they did a couple of days ago.

Bit cross as I ordered from MrA so I could get the curry flavoured dried rice (not the micro waveable type, I don't have a microwave), they haven't got any. Oh well. I'll not starve.

Bruce went visiting tonight, so is very happy.
maeve12 wrote:
Monday, February 24, 2020, 19:27
I've been to Hi*chin three times in the last week and got soaked on each occasion, is it ever going to stop raining?
I feel so sorry for the poor people who've been flooded, I saw the results of flooding many years ago when I was living in Exeter
and the Exe broke its banks, we students were roped in to help with the clear up.

Sorry to hear that you're still unwell, Eva,
Ali, it sounds as though you're working far too hard at the moment.
Pauline, I do hope your hives disappears soon.
Fi, hope your sleep pattern settles down very soon, enjoy The Brit. Mus.
Carol as busy as always,
Diana is your trip nearing its end,? what a lovely long time its been.

I'm not sure whether I mentioned that I'm going to NZ in the middle of March,
there's six of us going, we'll meet up with g. scollop who has been travelling
around for a couple of years, as she shows no sign of coming home any time soon
and we're all missing her so much.
Diana wrote:
Monday, February 24, 2020, 19:34
Evening all

It's been a glorious day here but we've not taken much advantage. We have been to and from town three times today nonstop between 9.00 and 2.30 re the driving form the municipality requires. I won't go into details (it would take ages) but almost a complete waste of a day. Hopefully they now have everything they need and fingers crossed we get acceptance before we leave. We did at least sort out the payment for the annual fees and bought light tubes for the garage where one tube had gone.

When we got back we sat on the veranda for a couple of hours then looked at the new washing machine. It took us nearly an hour to sort out and we haven't done the initial empty wash yet - I'll do that tomorrow. Then Ploppy decided to cut back the shrub in the front so it was 6.00 pm before we came in.

On the positive side, the load shedding yesterday evening and today didn't go ahead. We still had a cold dinner - good thing it didn't take long to prepare given the day we've had. We had pickled fish with salad and ciabatta, followed by baked cheesecake and we had a nice bottle of red from one of the wineries we visited last year.

Dinner last night was very good but not quite as good as hoped. I had baked Camembert, sole bonne femme (the prawns were tiny and couldn't find the mussels), and creme brulee - there were only two desserts on offer. The views of the Heads (where the sea goes into the lagoon) were fabulous. We'll definitely eat there regularly in future but it's not Pemberys. Next time we'll go early and have a drink while looking at the view.

Tomorrow's forecast to be glorious again but much warmer at 31 degrees. The last two days have been cooler and I needed my duvet last night, for the first time this month. Ploppy has golf at 7.00 am so I have to be awake to wake him! I'll walk over with him and go to the gym first thing, though can't do a long workout. We have someone coming around 8.30 to put new latches on one of the kitchen cupboards. I hope he can fix the cupboard because it's been broken for years and no-one has been able to fix it properly, just do a temporary fix. After that I'm hoping to spend the day on the veranda and enjoy the sunshine. When Ploppy comes back I want to put the washing machine on, will wait for him just in case something goes wrong.

Tomorrow we are going to Pemberys for dinner, haven't been since my birthday. Really looking forward to it. Ploppy has just made a reservation for lunch on Friday at a vineyard and Sunday for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants in Plettenberg.
Diana wrote:
Monday, February 24, 2020, 19:55
Pauline, I think there have been 2/3 times we've seen the baboons and I've not mentioned it but we definitely have seen less of a them this year. Hope I've not spoken too soon!!!

Hope you have been able to get an appointment much sooner, Eva, that's a long time for private. Sorry you're not feeling better. Sending you hugs.

Sorry you lost your day off, Ali. Hope the next six days go well. Hope a new chef is found soon.

Have a fabulous time in NZ, Maeve. We're going next year, all being well, so will be interested to hear about your trip.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, February 25, 2020, 08:30
Morning and we have blue skies at the moment – that makes a nice change. We do have rain due later though and the still seems to be the occasion gust of wind to set the wind spinners in the garden off.

So pleased you enjoyed Emmx Ali, we thought you might. It was really well done wasn’t it. Sounds like a lovely day with lunch afterwards. So you had a quiet weekend after that! Ah yes I saw there had been some delays to sailings between C and Dxcer at the weekend due to the high winds. Oh dear, I see you are covering someone else too. It looks like a busy week ahead. Fingers crossed all is well for your boss – as you say, it is looking optimistic if things weren’t rushed through. I do hope you find time to breathe this week! I am assuming no one has come forward for interview for the vacancy?

Jo, you aren’t as surprised about the tree as MM and most of the congregation are! The tree surgeons are coming on 17th March so a nail biting three weeks if the winds continue! I am not surprised you noticed the river was higher when you think of the rainfall over the last few days! I meant to mention that we haven’t seen the parakxxts recently since the weather turned bad, so they have either flown off to sunnier climes or are in hiding. I see Bruce was off visiting! No wonder he was a happy boy. Hopefully the leg ache has ceased by now.

Ah I see you have had a drenching too Maeve. I am assuming that you went by train? I think one of the most shocking pieces of footage I have seen of the floods was the building collapsing into the river in Scxtlxnd during Storm C. Oh how lovely to have the trip to NZ to look forward – both the trip and the bonus of catching up with gdaughter. Are you visiting N or S Island? I can see why she is missed if she has been away for a couple of years!

Diana, how lovely to have a glorious day – seems ages since we have dhad one of those, although as I type the sun has just come out – well I think it is the sun! Goodness the purchase of a new car seems very convoluted in SA. Fingers crossed it now all goes through smoothly Ah so the new w m/c has n’t been put through its paces yet – you have that excitement to look forward to today. So now power buts yesterday – as you say just as well you had decided on a cold dinner given you toing and froing The view the Heads looks amazing – shame the meal wasn’t as good as you had hoped. Ah 31C just at the limit of what I can bear. I think after the man has been to fit the locks, a nice quiet time on the veranda sounds lovely. Fingers crossed the Bs stay away and you have jinxed yourself. I see you have a meal in your favourite restaurant to look forward to!

We managed to jsut about dodge the showers yesterday morning – it started to pour as we were almost back at the car after going for coffee. In the afternoon we watched the 2007 version of Pxrsxasion – to keep with our Jane A theme from last week. MM went to Lindy’s and sorted out Lawrence’s broken door handle, whilst we watched the film. Lindy went home just after 9pm, and Twin is off home this morning. MM has his Churchwxrdxn report to write today prior to our AGM at the end of next month. Reports have to be emailed to the Church Administrator by Thursday, so once he has written it I will type it up for him and send it off. As it is to cover all things CW over the year I feel it could be a long report! This evening we are off to meet up with the ex Variety group at the pub – that is when the rain is forecast of course!! Morning BHB, yes we can see sunshine! Let’s take the toasted tea cakes and the Sxnshxne (yes the cocktail variety) through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle. The DCM is awake so will probably join us soon.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, February 25, 2020, 09:05
Morning all and it is a nice looking day at the moment. A false dawn I think as I know we could get hail later. I will be off home soon as I have a hairdressers appointment this afternoon. I will probably leave the salon as the hail arrives! Loved the film we watched yesterday, it was a really lovely adaptation of Pxrsuasion. A bit messed about at the end which involved a lot of running by the heroine, but I will forgive it that!

I haven’t been to Hitchen in years Maeve. We used to go to the market regularly when I was little. In those days it was a lot of stalls selling material which Mum bought to make our clothes. She was a fab needlewoman. You will love NZ, everyone does! I have to admit to some very dreary weeks there in the middle of their winter when it rained all the time. As it is very geared to outdoor activities it could be quite dull! It is a beautiful country though so I know that you’ll be fine!

Glad to here the baboons are not as visible Diana, fingers crossed they stay that way! What a palaver to buy a car! Still I am sure it will be worth it. Hope you mange some nice relaxing time on the veranda.

Glad to hear Bruce is getting his visiting in, so lovely that he is a happy doggy these days.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Sunshine! Yes there is at the moment, oh it’s the drink! Sounds lovely so let’s get more and some tea cakes and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Tuesday, February 25, 2020, 10:27
Morning all. It's a lovely but cold day today. Only + 1 degree.

Hello sweetheart. You look suprised to see me? You're just happy that I'm here? What would I like to drink? Do you have Threee Ginger Tea? It's very soothing for a sore throat. You do? And it comes with toasted teacakes? I have to come more often. 💋💋💋

I have been out today. I had my x-ray taken. They rang from the clinic late yesterday, saying they had a cancellation and could I come in this morning? Of course I could. I had to park quite a distance from the clinic, so I've done some involuntary training today!🚶‍♀️ When the x-ray was done, I decided to drive out to father for a visit. I haven't been for quite a while, and I was feeling bad about it. As I was up and dressed with the car out, I thought I might as well. He was very pleased to see me.

Today we had a very sad news on the radio: One of the most beloved Norwegian artists had died, only 70 years old. He had been in bad health for many years, amongst other ailments he was crippled with rheumatoid arthiritis. They have been playing a lot of his music today on the radio. Here he is, singing to his new born daughter: " You are the most beautiful in the world."

Maeve,- you lucky sauasage, going to NZ! I was there in 1986 and would have loved to go back. These days the flight would be impossible for me. We visited both the South and the North Island. My favourite town was Christc*urch. I remember strolling alongside the river Avon, thinking I was in Heaven!

I feel quite tired after being out and about, so I think a rest is in order.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, February 25, 2020, 13:22
Hi all

Well, after telling everyone my roof is fixed after the storms...I have a leak. It's a drip rather than a stream and it's intermittent but it's in my bedroom and too close to the bed for comfort. My tame roofer was due to look at it today, but then I got a message at 10am apologising but saying they couldn't come. I was very firm with them and told them how disappointed I turns out roofer was in hospital. OK then!

It's been rather a saga getting someone else to come out to it quickly. I was ringing around yesterday lunchtime hence my absence yesterday.

I'd kinda accepted that I'll just have to wait till my roofer can get to me - and blow be down. The roofer who my insurance put me in touch with has just told me he's in the area and will check the roof for me. It's a pity I am not at home!

So I'll end up paying more for my house insurance premiums but if it gives me peace of mind I care not.

I have to go because I have - yes - a meeting in five minutes, but I hope to sneak back later for a catch up.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, February 25, 2020, 16:21
Evening. It's been a glorious day, no clouds, a light breeze and hot without being unbearable. After going to the gym first thing, I spent the day on the veranda. I put the washing machine on for the initial wash and hit a problem - no water. I'd feared there might be a problem as the cold water tap is tricky, with a narrow open area. I played around with the tap but no water so called Ploppy to help. He couldn't do it either, it was only after he put some WD40 on the tap and turned it a bit further that we heard water flowing into the machine at last. Why is nothing straightforward. I'll do the first proper wash tomorrow.

The textile factory in Plettenberg where we've bought a few things, Mung*, has a sale on from Friday to Sunday. We drive past the place on the way to the winery on Friday so will stop and have a look. I would like a couple of bed covers as the duvets are too warm at the time but the fleece throws aren't enough some nights so an additional thin cover would be good. We're off for dinner soon.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, February 25, 2020, 17:08
Eva, good you felt up to visiting your father. He seemed to appreciate it. Hope the x-ray result is good. The song on YT was lovely.
Maeve, NZ, good on you. I've never been, looks a lovely place.
Carol my fingers are crossed the tree will survive until the tree people come.
Jane how annoying. Fingers crossed not too much damage is done.
Pauline, glad you enjoyed the film. I'm not fond of period dramas. I did watch a few, when I knew the equine 'actors'.
Diana, lovely views on the link. Hope the wmachine works when you get it going.

Bruce and I went to see Bella's dog rescue today, as I had a big bag of things for them. Bruce got barked at by some of the dogs as they can see the comings and goings from their rooms (they don't have kennels). I took Bruce into the office. It was suggested that he may have Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to give the long hair. All agreed there was a lot of Staffy. This afternoon we set off from home to go to a different pub on the river. On the way met Mr ExP who was dog walking Dave. He had another booking so no time to go to the pub, he drove off with Dave in the car. I walked on to the pub. It was shut. 2 days for 'essential repairs'. This was day 2. I thought I'd walk home the long way. Not done it since Shannon and before my foot op, so 10 years. I met up with a lady on a walk in her working from home lunch hour. After a while she charged off to get back to work. We carried on to have a snack in the village.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 08:28
Morning and a nice sunny start to the day – although it is very chilly (I put the refuse out this morning so I know). Think we are due a dry day today.

Eva I think we are a tropical 4C at the moment and may even reach the heady heights of 7C later. Oh that’s good you have had the xray done so quickly. Did they say when the results will be ready? I am sure your father was pleased to see you and hopefully he realised you hadn’t been around as you were ill. Thank you for the link – that is no age to die. The music was lovely so I can see why he was so popular. Hope you managed to rest for the rest of the day – that was quite a lot to do in one morning, after being inactive for a while!

Oh no, not another leak Lady J. At least it is a drip rather than a torrent, but even so. Hopefully your tame roofer is ok and his hospital visit was nothing serious. Did the insurer’s recommendation tell you waht the problem was? Peace of mind counts for a lot and the extra cost should be worth it for that alone! Hopefully you are now all water tight. Goodness a meeting – that must be a novely for you!

Diana your weather sounds ideal, and just my sort of thing! Ah good old WX40 – MM swears by it! At least you should be ok now for a washing load this morning! I remember you visiting the textile factory on a previous visit – seems an excellent idea to drop in whilst they have a sale! Hope you enjoyed your dinner!

Jo, our fingers and toes are all crossed the tree survives – having said that after the winds of the last two weekends I think it might make it until the tree surgeons come! Oh there were some lovely equine actors in the film on Monday!! In fact we commented on them! So Bruce has been out visiting the orphans. Interesting that the staff felt he might have some KC spxniel in him. Oh goodness the pub is closed! How did Bruce cope – ah I see he went and had a snack in the village instead.

We had a fairly lazy day yesterday – after Twin left MM wrote his report and I typed it up for him. He did a bit more admin things and I did a little reading. Then we decided to watch CtheM from Sunday night. We had pancakes in the evening of course. We had a nice meet up with everyone in the pub. We went slightly early so MM could call into the church and check on the damp situation in the room where the rain came in last week. All was sell (he left me in the pub with my book and my drink and zipped over the road, so was only gone about five minutes). We were home just after 10pm so not too late at all. Today he has more churchwarden admin to do, and I want to sort out my shoes and handbags. I also need to catch up with last night’s HC. Rehearsal tonight – it seems longer than two weeks since we last had one. Morning BHB yes it is a lovely bright sunny day. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Vixlext Affxnity into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (we may need the pink blanket today!).
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 10:16
Morning all and it is definitely one of the coldest we have had for some time! Brr! I think we will be getting some wintry weather over today and tomorrow, but at least it will then get warmer so it hopefully won't last. I had my hair cut yesterday and now it is all toss toss again! I need to do a food shop today, not sure which of my stores I will visit yet though, this is the exiting levels my life has risen to, choosing s/market!

Eva lovely to see you out and about, even if the main reason was the x-ray. Well done on getting a quick appointment and fingers crossed for a good result. I am sure your father was pleased to see you. Hope you are still feeling ok after your excursion. Sorry about the singing man. He was far to young to die (she said with feeling!). At least he leaves his lovely music for you.

Oh no Jane not another leak. Eve a drip is not good as they can rapidly become worse. Hopefully the roofers can sort you out properly. Very important to have the roof right. Hope the other roofer man is ok.

Diana I also swear by Wx40! It has helped me so often I wouldn't be with out it. The weather sounds so lovely, sigh.

How nice of Bruce to go and visit those doge in the rescue centre Jo. I am sure he felt a bit superior as he has a lovely owner now. I can see why they suggested KC spaniel because of his coat. Interesting. How dare they shut the pub! Glad to see you managed to find somewhere else for Bruce to have his snack.

Morning B HB and we have Vixlxnt Affxnity today. Your knowledge of cocktails is enormous! Let's get more and some paninis and find the CM. I might just grab the green blanket as well.
maeve12 wrote:
Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 11:55
We are going to the South Island for most of our trip, except for a few days in Wellington.

"I've just read that "The South Island of NZ is the wettest place on earth with 200 days of rain a year, Macs will be needed, I feel that we've been in training the last few weeks.

Sorry to hear about your roof, Jane, hope it gets fixed quickly.
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 13:00
Hello all,

Roof report first: I contacted my insurance's emergency line. After telling me that the a roofer should call in 48 hours, I resigned myself to bucket watch for several days before my tame roofer can come. So I was very surprised - and pleased - when the insurance roofer called me yesterday to say he's in the area, can he come to me?

Yes says I and so he made a temporary repair.

Meanwhile my tame roofer says he can come tomorrow so am hoping he can do something more permanent. I shall have a word about whether this means I should consider a new roof. It's a pity that I have now claimed on my insurance so that will hike up my premiums but I think it was a wise move.

Talking of wetness - I think I heard that about New Zealand too Maeve. But I am sure it'll be gorgeous - and of course it's summer there.

And there's Diana basking in (largely baboon free) sunshine!

Eva - so pleased to hear you have managed to get up and out. OK so it would have been really nice if it was something more fun that an xray...but hey! OOHHMSS for the results.

Lovely hair do Pauline! Very smart! So I have been to H*tchen more recently than you! I travelled back from Sandra's via H*tchen in the aftermath of storm C*ara. Mind you at 6.10 am on a Moday morning I didn't do any site seeing!

Carol was that version of P*rs*asion the one with Amanda R*ot and Ciaran H*nds? If so that's the one I really love. It's a bit rushed at the end with Mrs Sm*th's woes being greatly simplified but in all other respects it's perfect!

OOO half an hour till my next meeting! Luxury!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 20:32
It's been a bit mad today. We got out for the 8am club. Bruce was quite please with the attendance, although Duffy and Archie were missing. He allows them as Archie's mum sometimes can't be made to go out and Duffy likes to have an extra rest some days. There were 3 extra dogs who don't have passes for the 8am club, so he told them off. After the urgent morning jobs we both had a little rest on the sofa. Then off to the house on the hill. He was disappointed that the large café's outside tables did not have all the dropped food which was there last week. I tried to explain that the children had gone back to school.
When we came home I was off to collect the prints from the photo negatives I found in my sorting. Brought back memories.
Bruce was rested when I got back, so he was keen to go visiting. He rushed me up the road, I had to phone 'on the hoof' to check they were up for a visit. All was OK. So he 'chatted' and did his tricks to get the biscuits. Luckily he managed to keep the gas inside for the duration of the visit.

Jane glad you got some roofers to do the work.
Pauline, yes there is some excitement of which store to give your business to. I was in a very small M&S Food store today. I heard 2 ladies say when they were at the tills that they can't wait for 1st Sept, so they can order M&S food from Ocado and get it delivered. I'm in agreement, I can then order the particular Cornish cheese I like. This cheese is only sold by M&S at the moment. A few years ago it was just sold by Waitrose. Cheddar cheese with balsamic onion made in Cornwall.

The exercise today in the slightly chilly weather has made me tired. Very early night is called for.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, February 27, 2020, 08:34
Morning and it is sleeting here at the moment, I am not complaining as according to the forecast Bxrgxn has heavy snow – hopefully Eva is indoors tucked up safe and warm.

Ah yes S Island is the wet one Maeve – in fact I think it is often wet there when N Island is dry (I know a N Zealander from C’church who married a friend and now lives over here in what she calls a lovely climate!). Still the webbed feet we have all had to grown over the last month will stand you in good stead. Whatever the weather I am sure you will have a wonderful time.

Ooops we now have wet snow falling.

Oh that is good that the roof has a temporary repair so at least you are dry for the moment, Lady J. Ah so the tame roofer wasn’t kept in hospital for any reason and will be on hand today to give you his verdict and make the fix more permanent. Fingers crossed it won’t be a new roof (that is looming for us with the Church from our architect’s report of the state of the building....gulp!). I was really surprised to read you didn’t do any sightseeing in H’chen........not! No the dvd was the one with Sally Hxwkxns, Rupert P-Jones, and Antony Hxad in it. It really was a very good cast. Hope you enjoyed your meeting!

Jo I see Bruce dragged you out early to his club (he was looking very smart in the photos). He has quite a little group – love that he saw off the three poor wannabes! He did have a social day didn’t he – club meeting, then visiting (with biscuits) and on his best behaviour. Oh yes I had forgotten that O’do were going to deliver MandS food later in the year. I know exactly which cheese you are referring to! I hope you enjoyed your early night.

The snow has got thicker, but it is quite wet so not settling at all. MM is off to a couple of meetings at the church, so I might catch up with last night’s HC whilst he is out. I am home indoors all day. I have some admin to do for the small choir and need to put together a programme for our concert later in the year, so that we have plenty of time to learn the couple of new pieces I am including. I might put some washing on as we are out on Saturday and I won’t have my usual laundry day. I may or may not get around to sorting out my shoes.........somehow I haven’t been too motivated to do that over the last couple of days! Morning BHB, yes it does look bleak out. Oh you have made some Gluxwein – that is what the delicious aroma is. Let’s take that and the toasted muffins through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the pink blanket until the DCM arrives.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, February 27, 2020, 08:40

Currently overcast with the occasional few mins of sun but rain scheduled soon and for rest of day.

We had a very nice meal on Tuesday. I had cheese & nut soufflé, ostrich with samosa and veg, bread & butter pud, with a nice red. Yesterday was better than forecast, starting cloudy but then sunny for most of the day. I put the rubbish out first thing and about an hour later I heard a noise. Sure enough it was the baboons who we've not seen for several days. They knocked over the bin and pulled out the contents. We've stopped putting recyclable items in there and take them to the special bins instead so fortunately there were only the wrappings from the washing machine and one bag of rubbish. The carpenter returned with the kitchen cupboard door and it now closes properly. We went to the gym mid am. I sat on the veranda, did a wash and a bit of tidying up later on, while Ploppy cut back the small tree in the front and the veranda hedge - it's looking rather bare now! We heard a roaring during the afternoon which went on for a while off and on, sometimes not far, others in the distance - baboons! I saw a couple but thankfully they didn't pay another visit.

I was awake early this am so got up and updated some documents on the laptop. Cleaned the cupboard under the stairs and have done two more washes while Ploppy cleared the front gutter of leaves and earth, then increased the temp on the geyser as the water hasn't been very hot since we had the problem last week - at least hopefully he increased rather than decreased. Ploppy probably isn't going to play golf today given the forecast. He wants to paint part of the wall in the shower with special paint where there's a small damp patch and then we'll go to the gym. Afterwards we'll either clean the garage or go to the bank to sort out authorisation for online banking transfers and do a bit of shopping.
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, February 27, 2020, 10:22
Morning. Rain here but so far (shh) no sn.w! Been a busy week – I may have over committed myself when ploppy away! Loved L.ndon tho – that was my most relaxing day. Walked form station to Brit Mus and met friend. Tr.y exhib was fab BUT so badly organised. Notices too small, too low. Allowed big bags and rucksacks in and taking photos – so people leant over small exhibits to take photos. So meant it took ages to get round as so much crowding round each exhibit trying to read small notice etc. Everyone was complaining – and I see loads of complaints on Tw.tter. but they did same at last exhibition so I don’t see them changing. But friend and I then went for lunch in sq cafe and walked back tog to station. Was home by 6pm so a nice relaxing day with friend.
Still not sleeping well (no haven’t been to dr Carol) and had bad headache last night so cancelled my early morn swim but going out later to meet a friend for coffee. Went to see Emm. Last night. It is slow – but so is book – that is point I think – nothing happens in her life so she has to make up her own entertainment. Thought the costumes, scenery, acting were all superb.
Jane – good news that roof is on the mend – and def worth increased premiums for peace of mind – and a mended roof!
Jo – I can see why you need the occasional nap to keep up with Bruce’s exploits – he is such a socialite. Will look out for that cheese – sounds yummy.
Carol – how did the handbag/shoe cull go?
Maeve – when we were in S Island, we were told it is like “Sco on steroids” – and that includes the weather! Be prepared. We went mid-summer and I had to buy a thick fleece to wear with the thin fleece I had brought! But it was the coldest summer in 20 years seemingly. We still loved the country. I recommend this drive We thought this was just stupendous scenery and it takes you up to “Lord of the R.ngs” country – where some of it was filmed. This was our standout scenery in NZ. We also loved N.lson in the North of the island. We had aft tea in an old colonial mansion there and loved the Ab/l Tasm.n Nat park. a lovely country.
Pauline – love your hair do – and whichever store you choose to “show it off” in I hope they appreciate the effort you made!
Eva- hope your recovery going well and that you manage to do something even more exciting than have an x ray soon!
Diana – think you need to go back to bed as you have done a full days work already!
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, February 27, 2020, 10:28
Morning all, not a good one for me. I opened my curtains to be greeted by a white world and snxw falling thickly, so much for it falling as sleet here! It is still snxwing but very light and hopefully is due to clear very soon. I hope so as I have a pedicure booked for this afternoon! I will not be walking around barefooted! As I don't have my toenails painted in winter I can wear socks and shoes! I chose Mr W in the end for my food shop yesterday. Meant a visit to Hxrpxnden and it seemed rude not to go in a store I had a voucher for, I was assailed by a top and some trousers jumping at me.

Well if the S Island is wetter than the north Maeve! I think you will need wellies! As it will be early autumn I am thinking you could be ok and I don't think rain could spoil the incredible beauty of the place. It was just being stuck in Axcklxnd fro 5 days on my own with heavy rain every day that was dreary! This is about 35 years ago and the entertainment was zero. Even tv switched of at 10pm! Mind with just 2 channels then it wasn't really a loss! I read a lot of books!

Glad the roofer came and fixed the roof Jane. Hope it doesn't turn out you need a new roof. The AR and CH version of Persxasion Is my favourite ut I did like this one very much too. Mrs Smith was rather side lined in it as well and the ending was also a bit rushed, but I suppose understandable in a 2hour story.

Love the pictures of Bruce sightseeing Jo! So he saw off the potential intruders to his 8am club, I should think so too! I feel I might do food shopping on line when M&S are available! Maybe!

Diana I am sorry I mentioned baboons as somehow I seem to have conjured them up again! Let's hope they disappear again! Hope you can get your banking sorted.

Hooray it has stopped snowing and looks very wet so hopefully it will all disappear soon!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Gluhwein? Perfect and it smells delish, so let's get more and take it and more muffins and find the CM.
maeve12 wrote:
Thursday, February 27, 2020, 10:31
Woke up this morning to quite heavy snow which was lying on cars, dustbins etc., it's still snowing very lightly but looking wet, I think it will be melting away before long.

Went to" Emma "yesterday with some friends, I enjoyed it, looked lovely but wasn't as good as the gwyn. plat./jermey North' version, they took a few liberties, Mr K. too young and I'm sure the party walked up Box Hill didn't take carriages and horses?
TK wrote:
Thursday, February 27, 2020, 10:59
Tamsey has been walking round and round the laptop, taken me ages to read back as she kept scrolling the screen.

No snow this morning, though it was chilly out. There was a poor attendance at the 8am meeting this morning. Bruce led the early leaving with Duffy close behind. It was quite chilly, so I was happy to leave. Meant Felf's eye drops could be given early.

Fi your 'easy' days always seen busy to me. As long as you enjoy!!

Diana, busy bee. I suppose you are getting ready to get back. Best wishes with the completion of the jobs.

Brr the temperature has dropped in here.
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, February 27, 2020, 12:55
Hi all,

I had about 20 mins for lunch today 10 of which are gone! What it is to be busy and important.

Just to clarify roofer (still not arrived yet) was in hospital due to an infection after a minor op the previous week - so a good reason for not getting to me earlier!

Ah twins - yes I has seen the ASH version of P-sion. Never thought I'd ever fancy Mr Elliott, but ASH is always adorable! It is a very good one, but on the whole the other is my favourite.

Maeve - I love the GP and JN version of Emm* too. Well JN is such a dashing Mr K - and what a great supporting cast. Juliet S is hysterical!

Fi - what a pity about that exhibition. You made me think of the King Tut one again - which, though also crowded,

All of you down south - (excepting Diana (though technically she's REALLY down south, but probably not worried about now)) - stay safe in this snow you are having. And Eva if you have snow stay safe too! Hope you escape it Fi!
Diana wrote:
Thursday, February 27, 2020, 19:00

Ploppy needed my help this morning so I quickly posted, went to see what he wante and never came back to finish off. It's been a busy day, especially for Ploppy. Didn't get to the gym, go into town or clean the garage but Ploppy has turned up the temp on two of the geysers so the water is hotter, painted the cover to the "loft", cleaned the skylight and painted part of the ensuite wall, and dealt with a couple of other things. We received a call to say that the traffic application has gone through so tomorrow morning we need to collect it, go to the bank and get some fruit/salad before driving to Plettenberg. Unfortunately the bank transfer for the car hasn't completed yet - fingers crossed it does tomorrow otherwise we will have to chase up.

The rain didn't start until 3 pm but once it started it bucketed so if Ploppy had played golf, he would have been soaked. Think it's still raining and not due to stop till midday.

That cheese sounds yummy, Jo. I've made a note to look out for it.

Thanks for the NZ info, Fi, v interesting. I'll look into it properly later.

Ooh glad we missed the snow. Some friends from here went back to the UK on Tuesday so they've had a nice welcome home! Keep warm.

Hope your roof is sorted, Jane, and you have no more leaks.

Started yawning, think my early start is catching up with me.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, February 27, 2020, 19:00

Ploppy needed my help this morning so I quickly posted, went to see what he wante and never came back to finish off. It's been a busy day, especially for Ploppy. Didn't get to the gym, go into town or clean the garage but Ploppy has turned up the temp on two of the geysers so the water is hotter, painted the cover to the "loft", cleaned the skylight and painted part of the ensuite wall, and dealt with a couple of other things. We received a call to say that the traffic application has gone through so tomorrow morning we need to collect it, go to the bank and get some fruit/salad before driving to Plettenberg. Unfortunately the bank transfer for the car hasn't completed yet - fingers crossed it does tomorrow otherwise we will have to chase up.

The rain didn't start until 3 pm but once it started it bucketed so if Ploppy had played golf, he would have been soaked. Think it's still raining and not due to stop till midday.

That cheese sounds yummy, Jo. I've made a note to look out for it.

Thanks for the NZ info, Fi, v interesting. I'll look into it properly later.

Ooh glad we missed the snow. Some friends from here went back to the UK on Tuesday so they've had a nice welcome home! Keep warm.

Hope your roof is sorted, Jane, and you have no more leaks.

Started yawning, think my early start is catching up with me.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, February 27, 2020, 19:00

Ploppy needed my help this morning so I quickly posted, went to see what he wante and never came back to finish off. It's been a busy day, especially for Ploppy. Didn't get to the gym, go into town or clean the garage but Ploppy has turned up the temp on two of the geysers so the water is hotter, painted the cover to the "loft", cleaned the skylight and painted part of the ensuite wall, and dealt with a couple of other things. We received a call to say that the traffic application has gone through so tomorrow morning we need to collect it, go to the bank and get some fruit/salad before driving to Plettenberg. Unfortunately the bank transfer for the car hasn't completed yet - fingers crossed it does tomorrow otherwise we will have to chase up.

The rain didn't start until 3 pm but once it started it bucketed so if Ploppy had played golf, he would have been soaked. Think it's still raining and not due to stop till midday.

That cheese sounds yummy, Jo. I've made a note to look out for it.

Thanks for the NZ info, Fi, v interesting. I'll look into it properly later.

Ooh glad we missed the snow. Some friends from here went back to the UK on Tuesday so they've had a nice welcome home! Keep warm.

Hope your roof is sorted, Jane, and you have no more leaks.

Started yawning, think my early start is catching up with me.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, February 27, 2020, 19:06
Oops sorry about the triple posting.
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, February 28, 2020, 07:38
Morning. been awake for hours. done some h'work, reading. Had bad day yesterday with lots of questioning re the (non) wedd! i ventured back to book cl.b - knew it would be running a gauntlet, which is why I deliberately missed the last one. Everyone wanted to know what was happening, why etc. and I know no more than them"! The downside of village life - everyone wants to know your business! the upside was friends had invited me for supper beforehand.
Gosh Diana - your ploppy has been busy - 3 times over :)
Jane - no snow here. but I am in L.eds on Sat ( a belated bday treat with friends) to go to theatre (seeing P &P)- and there is a weather warning out! Sadly My day out means I cant go to posh wedding of friend from church (mine was booked and paid for before wedd invitation and only 3 of us going so I couldn't back out) . ploppy is going on his own (with others from church). It would have been great opp to wear my wedding outfit - ploppy wearing his!
Jo - you will be pleased to know I had a resting afternoon (Ok maybe only half the afternoon) at home yesterday reading papers and phoning sloppy.
Maeve - I agree re Mr K in the new Emm. I haven't seen any other versions - must see if on N.tfl.x
Twins - hope your worlds are less "white" than they were yesterday.
I tried to buy hand g.l yesterday. none in shops and prices online are ridiculous. I gave all mine (bar one) away to h.meless at end of last year. mistake! of course I am in the very vulnerable category for this c'v.rus due to my underlying health conditions. as for face m.sks I don't even know where to start looking - there are so many- and so expensive! eldest scollop warned us against booking B.rlin at end of April due to v.rus. we scoffed. hmmm.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, February 28, 2020, 08:30
Morning and pleased to say the white stuff had all disappeared by late morning yesterday – and we had sunshine! Today looks grey and dull but the forecast is for heavy rain around 11 am.

Diana you meal on Tuesday sounds lovely. Ah so the Bs are back – I am blaming Twin for mentioning them. I think you are very wise to take what you can to the special bins. Are the guards still doing the rounds (I have to say they don’t sound as if they do a very good job if they are still on duty!). I think Ploppy was wise not to play golf as he would have been very sodden. I see he was kept very busy though. So the bank transfer is still being a problem – hopefully it will have arrived today and you don’t have to do any chasing. At least the traffic application has gone through. Ah yes I think your friends would have had a nice shock with the weather here once they arrived home. The weekend is forecast to be wet and windy again too! Enjoy your trip today.

Glad you managed to avoid any of the white stuff Fi. Twin had it worse than we did. Glad you had a lovely trip to L’don. The exhibition sounds very like the one we went to at the Nat P Gallery – too much crowded into a small space and people blocking views! Yes I think the idea is that there is nothing else in Emmx’s life, which is why she sets out to provide entertainment for herself. Ah the cull hasn’t happened yet – I keep getting sidetracked!! I have to say the scenery in NZ as shown in The LoftR triology looked absolutely amazing. I see you are still not sleeping (in fact you sound like Eva doing the housework!). Ah yes, I can understand people wanting to know about the non wedding – makes it difficult for you though, as you really can’t answer questions and it is upsetting having to say that. The trip to see P&P sounds lovely. It is a shame you are missing the wedding though – hopefully Ploppy will fill you in on it all (not quite the same though). Oh goodness – I didn’t realise hxnd gxl was in short supply = I always keep some in my handbag (and have for years) as I always use it after travelling on the underground. I had better break the news to MM – he always “borrows” mine when he has read the free papers on the trains (the ink they use irritates his eyes). They were saying on the Beeb last night that in fact masks aren’t that effective against germs! We are of course going to the virus hotspot by visiting Itxly! I can see that with you health condition you definitely need to avoid putting yourself in danger though.

Maeve, you obviously had a lot more snow than we did as it didn’t settle here. I enjoyed the GP and JN version too but though the plus on this one was they brought out some of the comedy. Mr K was indeed too young, but I let them off that as it did make it slightly more plausible that Exxa would fall in love with him!

Oh it has started to rain here.

I think we were just on the edge of the s word Jo, so you probably avoided it by being the right side of the X40. Does Bruce keep a register of the 8 am club attendees? Ah so Duffy came out and joined in – I am sure Bruce enjoyed that. How many more days of the eye drop routine do you have? I suspect given the temperature yesterday it was at least a two fleece day!
Hmm so am I right in thinking short lunches are de rigueur with the new job? Ah so the roofer had an infection – hopefully now fully gone. ASH was indeed a lovely Mr E – we were saying he is one of those actors capable of playing both a horrid character and a really lovely one, exceptionally well. Hopefully none of the forecast bad weather this weekend will reach you. I feel so sorry for those still under water, and those waiting to see if barriers will hold.

MM went off to his meeting yesterday morning and didn’t come home until 3.15pm. The meeting carried on beyond 1pm and then he and Vicar went to the pub across the road for a sarnie and a pint. I managed to write my service, do my pieces of admin and get all the washing and i word done yesterday – as a result the shoe and bag sorting fell by the wayside. As it was a chilly day I made some French onion soup in the evening – which was just what was needed given the weather Today we are off to do our food shop for the weekend and then we are home for the rest of the day. Given heavy rain is forecast I am not too upset to be indoors! Morning BHB, yes it is a grey day. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

evam wrote:
Friday, February 28, 2020, 08:45
Morning all. We've been almost drowned in snow over the last 2 days. I don't know how long it will last.

Hello sweetheart. You've lit the fire in the library, the coffee is ready with the toasted paninis and evrything is ready for snuggling? Sigh. It's good to be with you.💋💋💋

I've had a couple of bad days, so I hope my GP hears from the x-ray people today. If not, there won't be anything until Tuesday.
I'm not frightened yet about the new virus, but like Fi I belong in the danger group. The first Norwegian diagnosis came yesterday,- a young man who'd been on an exchange visit at the university in Italy.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of us, and hope that the virus won't affect any of us.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, February 28, 2020, 10:24
Morning all and it is a very wet one here! This time it is rain not snow! The snow yesterday didn't last long and really wasn't that much. We had a couple of cm I think but it was so wet it didn't affect the roads. Just covered my car! However it had stopped by eleven, the sun came out and it had all gone by 1pm! Now snow like that I can cope with! It was a lovely sunny afternoon but very cold . I had my pedicure in the afternoon which was lovely. I give my toe nails a break in winter and don't have polish on them so I was able to wear shoes and socks as soon as it was finished. I was very glad of them! Today I have a small food shop to do then will do a clothes wash as it is bedding change day tomorrow. As you can see my life is reaching it's usual heady heights of excitement!

Maeve I loved the GP Emmx as well and thought JN a fab Mr K. Agree this Mr K was far younger than in the book, but liked him very much and thought it an acceptable stretch. I liked the comedy in this one and the fabulous photography and costumes. Yes I think they did walk part of the way up Bxx Hill.

Jane so lunch is not an option in your new job then! Glad your roofer is over his infection, poor man. As you will have seen our snxw was fleeting!

Good for Ploppy getting all those jobs done Diana, the rain has it's uses then! Hope your money transfer comes through today and you can get the car.

Fi what a shame you can't make the wedding and wear your outfit. I am sure P&P will be a lovely substitute though. I had no idea hand gel was in short supply. Fortunately I have a few around the house I think if I feel I need them Lots of hand washing is the best thing and don't shake hands with people. Agree you need to stay safe. I am hoping my chronic hives thing doesn't mean I am at risk!

Eva so nice to see you, though not good that you are snowed under. Hope it goes quickly. Also fingers crossed you get the xray results. So the dreaded virus has reached your shores. Let's hope that it doesn't spread. Keep warm.

Morning BHB and it is Vanillita day of course, so let's get more and some paninis and find the CM.

Jane E wrote:
Friday, February 28, 2020, 12:38
Hi all,

I was having a nice relaxed lunch, reading the blog when BANG! . They're doing work on the floor below, but the bang came out of the blue. It made me jump. However I'm not the problem: the noise is right under where my colleague's guide dog lies and the poor lass was scared stiff. Then it happened again. She was shaking so badly.

So we were reporting in to the guy who's responsible; trying to tell him what we heard and when and where.


Roofer came round yesterday. He couldn't see any further problems or where the other guy did a temporary repair. I have his personal mobile and must ring if it happens again so he can see whether the drip is coming from.

Diana - it sounds like you are busier on holiday that at home! I'm exhausted reading about it! :-)

Fi - I feel for you being quizzed about something you know nowt about! Fingers crossed for travelling tomorrow. I rather fancied seeing P&P, but there weren't many tickets left.

Thank you Carol for your good wishes re the weather (sounds like you are an extremely busy bunny too!)

Glad to hear the snow didn't incommode you Pauline!

Ah Eva - so you did get the snow and then some. Many many hugs and oohhmmms for the xray xxxx

I have friends coming this weekend, all being well a certain lovely Loppy who likes purple a lot - and SofRWD. Fingers crossed!

TK wrote:
Friday, February 28, 2020, 14:32
Thanks, Carol, for clarifying that Fi was looking for hand s*n*tiz*r and not a hand firearm. I was getting concerned.

Not going to put this on general Tw as I'm being looked at by a couple of orgs not sure about. The ginger one has not been well for 2 days. There is a bug going around. He didn't eat much yesterday. Today we went to the 'docs'. Inj to stop sickness and the update of Kaolin&M to be taken at home. Not going out in the rain and cold. Unfortunately may effect day away. I'll see what Mrs ExP says, as don't want to infect the little one.

My kitchen now has a few of the cupboards cleaned and sorted. Looking good as the ouside of the cupboards get cleaned in the process, so the progress can be easily seen. I still haven't done the tops of the cupboards. So progress does not strike me when I go into the kitchen. I am throwing out quite a lot. There is a pile for the dump, as it doesn't meet the recycling requirements for the dustmen.
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, February 29, 2020, 04:50
Morning! as you can see my getting into a good sleeping pattern not working esp well! ploppy home now - had good time with eldest scollop and his g/f. we are both going to separate events tomorrow. we may see each other on Sunday!
Jo - hadn't thought about your alternative item that I may be purchasing! I am impressed with your progress - throwing out things is always progress.
Enjoy your w/e everyone . going back to try and get some sleep . i dont feel sleepy now - but may do in middle of play this afternoon!
Diana wrote:
Saturday, February 29, 2020, 05:17

I was awake early again and got up about 5.00 am. It's a lovely morning and due to be sunny all day, though it was cool overnight and still feels chilly (though decidedly warmer than the UK).

We went into Knysn* yesterday morning and picked up the traffic registration form. Then went to the bank where there was a long queue which moved very slowly. We must have been in the branch for around an hour but at least we can now make payments online. Picked up some fresh food and drove home. It was a bit late to go to the gym so Ploppy did a bit more painting.

We stopped at M*ngo and they had quite a lot in the sale but we came away empty handed. We will have a look in Woolw. next time we're there. Also went to the restaurant where I'd hoped to buy a couple of cakes for dinner tonight but there wasn't a lot left. The winery was very busy so good thing we had a reservation. Did a wine tasting first and then had a very nice lunch. We shared a "picnic box" of cheeses, liver parfait and bread with various accompaniments inc olives, pesto, hummous, plus a salad of beetroot and goats cheese, with a bottle of SB. We were home about 4.00 pm so Ploppy decided to finish the painting while I went to the gym. We just had toast for dinner as still felt full from lunch. We watched Tipping Pnt and the film I, Rob*t on telly. Haven't heard anything further re the bank transfer to the car dealer and presumably won't hear anything until Monday now, just hope it's gone through.

Ploppy is playing golf later. I have a wash and a little cleaning to do and will then have a lazy day on the veranda.

One person confirmed with CV in N*geria so it's getting nearer and only a matter of time.

Carol, yes the security company are responsible for overseeing the baboons and now use paint ball guns which are quite effective - the baboons don't like them.

Hope you have a better day, Eva, and your GP has heard from the Xray people. Sending hugs.

Hope the ginger one is better, Jo, and you can still have your day away.

Have a lovely weekend.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, February 29, 2020, 07:58
Morning and wet and windy here – in fact the wind woke me a couple of times during the night. The forecast is for possible hail showers today. We have had a sleet one already this morning!

Ah I saw you had lots of the s word from the forecasts Eva. At least you are tucked up safely in the warm. So sorry to hear you have had a bad couple of days – sending hugs. Fingers crossed the x-ray people will have reported back to your GP yesterday. The Beeb were doing statistics and so far more people die from normal flu than from this new virus, so hopefully that is how it will remain. The health service seems to have put a good system in place here in case anyone tests positive for it. As you say fingers crossed for everyone!

Goodness Lady J – you were actually having a lunch break! The loud bang sounds a little alarming – especially for the poor guide dog. Hopefully the mystery of what it was has been resolved and it will be nice and quiet from hereon in. Oh that’s good (I think) that the roofer couldn’t see where the leak was or the temporary repair – I think with the rain possibly heading your way this weekend (thank you Jxrge!) you may find out whether there is a drip recurring. Have a lovely weekend with your visitors.

Oh Jo that must be a worry about the ginger one – Hopefully the meds will help. Well done on the cupboards – have you got a feeling of satisfaction from what you have achieved? Ah a trip to the dump – everyone’s ideal outing. Well so MM tells me! Hope you manage to get away!

OH Fi, there I was hoping you would get some good sleeping in and I see you were up at silly o clock again! So you and Ploppy are a bit like ships that pass in the night at the moment! ! Lindy sent me an email yesterday to say she went to buy some hxnd gxl yesterday and the only place she could find any was in Bxxts and they were rationing to two per customer (only the handbag size, they didn’t have any of the refills or larger sizes!). Hope you enjoy the play and manage to stay awake!

Diana, I see you are another with the non sleeping bug! I see you now have the registration form safely. Oh that’s was well worth the queue in the bank if you can now do your banking on line. The wine lunch sounds lovely. I like the sound of the “picnic” box! I am not surprised you felt full and only wanted toast in the evening. That’s a shame the factory shop didn’t have the bed covers you wanted. I am impressed you managed to resist coming away with something from the sale. I can understand the Bs not liking the paintballs! That is quite a clever idea! Fingers crossed the bank transfer is all in order and you will get confirmation on Monday! I think you deserve your lazy day on the veranda.

It was very chilly out when we went to do our food shop yesterday. I stopped at the Pharmacy to collect a prescription on our way into U’bridge and had a twenty minutes wait as they had lost the prescription! Eventually they managed to give me the capsules and we were able to continue albeit later than anticipated! MM went off to the bank and I had a wander round the shops and got the bargain of the year – a £79 showerproof padded coat with hood reduced to £10! What’s more it is pink!!! I also failed to beat off a couple of pairs of leggings and a pair of trousers! Today we are off to perform in a scratch concert of Vxvxldi’s Glxria and Zxdxc the Prxest – so yesterday afternoon we sat down with our scores and listened to the music to get us ready for today. There are four of us going, MM, me, Lindy and one of the tenors from the small choir. We will have lunch en route as it is about a ¾ hour drive from here to the venue. Rehearsal this afternoon and concert this evening. You may recall (or not) that we did a similar concert with the same people last year – when we sang The Mxssixh. So that’s our afternoon and evening taken care of. I will need to watch C’lty on catch up – possibly tomorrow afternoon. Morning BHB, yes it is a wet and windy start to the day. Let’s take the toasted tea cakes and the Hxrricxne through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, February 29, 2020, 10:25
Morning all and guess what, it is wet and windy! Well not actually raining at the moment and not very windy, but still not nice at all. It didn't wake me in the night though I did have a bit of itchy do as usual. It isn't quite so intense at the moment so a bit of improvement, but I still get new patches every day. Sigh. I have the bedding to change and wash this morning and a bit of ixxnxxg from yesterday's effort, but happy to stay inside in this weather! A glimmer of hope that it may be drier next week though a bit cooler.

That loud bang must have given you all a bit of a shock Jane, but the poor guide dog! Hopefully it was ok when the bangs stopped. Hope this latest storm doesn't make the roof drip again, though at least you have a roofer on stand by! Have a lovely weekend and fingers crossed the purple loving visitor makes it.

Poor ginger one Jo. I hope that the meds work quickly and you are able to have your away day. Brilliant cupboard clearing. I was looking for something in a drawer yesterday and feel it is time for a turn out of those!

Fi not good that you are still not sleeping properly. Hope you managed to get a bit more and you have a lovely day today and Ploppy enjoys the posh wedding.

Diana so another one not sleeping well. At least you got your traffic registration thingy done and the bank sorted out. Shame you didn't find out if the money has gone through though. Like the sound of the lunch. well apart from the beetroot, not a favourite of mine! I now have an image in my mind of the baboons getting hold of a paint ball gun and having a battle with the guards!

Hope you have a good sing this afternoon Twin.

So we have Hxrricane today do we BHB! Seems a little close to home, but let's get more and some tea cakes and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, February 29, 2020, 11:11
Morning all. It's overcast, but nothing is falling down from the sky. A lot of the snow has melted as it's + 6 degrees today.

Hello sweetheart. Well,- here I am. 😃 Yoy've made toasted teacakes today? You are perfick! 💋💋💋 Let's cosy up on the sofa and I'll tell you what I've been doing this morning.

I'd promised father that I'd cook him some dinners, as they only serve dinner 4 times a week at the home. So now I've done him 6 dinners, 3 with meat and 3 fish dishes. Youngest sister is also cooking for him this w/e, so then he should be OK for a little while. As it's smoked fish, it needs a white sauce, so when I was awake at 3am this morning, I made enough white sauce to last him a long time. Oh, I can feel the wings scratching on my back.😇

Diana,- what a palaver about your finacial affairs! I hope your bank account is sorted, and that you can take the car home with you.

Jo,- I think I've missed that you have a new cat,- a ginger one?

Carol,- I'm sure your singing tonight will go splendidly.

Pauline,- enjoy your housework! 😂

Fi,- I see you're still a member of the non-sleeping club along with Diana and myself.

Jane,- fingers crossed your roof is waterproof by now.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, March 1, 2020, 06:01
Morning all and it's another beautiful one. Although it was sunny and only a couple of whispy clouds in the distance yesterday, it was also very blustery - the wind has died overnight.

Ploppy was flipping channels between the SA v Australia one day cricket and football last night. SA played really well and deservedly won so I was feeling really pleased but then L*verp**l lost so disappointed with that.

We are going to do a quick shop once Ploppy is up and we've had breakfast. We'll probably go to the gym when back and I'll spend the rest of the day on the veranda possibly with Ploppy though suspect he'll be watching sport some of the time. We're having dinner in Plett tonight, an early booking as that's all we could get (it's a hotel). We still have to clean the garage at some point, possibly tomorrow as the forecast isn't so good, though also have some stuff to do in town - I want my hair cut before we return but fitting it in isn't proving easy.

Hope you slept better last night, Fi, and Eva too. I slept well and didn't wake till about 6.15.

Your coat certainly was a bargain, Carol. Hope the concert went well.

Trust there's no more leaks, Jane.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, March 1, 2020, 06:42
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Jo, Happy Birthday to you.

Have a lovely day Jo. The Bistro look amazing decked out in purple and silver - the balloons are all pretty shades of purple - there are silver banners saying Happy Birthday Jo (written in purple of course). The posies on the tables are of snowdrops and purple crocus - a nice reminder that spring isn't far away and I see some tete a tete daffodxls have popped in there for St Dxvxd! The purple under clothes are peeping out under the silver ones, and there are purple Happy Birthday sprinkles on each table. I can see the cakes have been made (chocolate for one, carrot for the other) and there is champers in the fridge - alongside some diet Cxke! Teh BHB has been very busy! Enjoy!!
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, March 1, 2020, 07:05
Morning and we have a dry start to the day. I do know rain is forecast later but not until this afternoon.

Jo – hope you are having a lovely time....and have made it safely North.

Ah so your snxw is melting Eva – I think you may have some rain heading your way so that may make the rest of it disappear. You have been busy cooking! I am sure your Father will be delighted, and with the meals your sister is cooking too – he should be well set up for a while! I have to say the wings and halo look very fetching. Not sure getting up and cooking at 3 am is quite the rest the doctor had in mind for you though! I am assuming the results of the x-rxy didn’t make it to your doctor before the weekend, so you will have to wait until tomorrow. Hope you are feeling better than you did earlier in the week.

I see we sent some of our high winds over to you Diana – we still have quite gusting winds here but without the lovely warmth and sunshine. The Lpool result came as a huge surprise (but MM pleased as his father was a life long Wxtfxrd supporter). Am I right in thinking it is next week you fly home. I do hope the car is all sorted by then. I am sure you will have a lovely dinner tonight. Enjoy your time on the veranda.

I didn’t sleep too well last night (I am obviously joining the club). It took me ages to get to sleep, then I woke at 3 am, 4am, 5.30 am and 6.30 am, so at that point I gave in and got up! I think at one point I had slept on my arm and it caused pins and needles. We had an interesting day weather wise yesterday. We had collected our two passengers and were heading north – the sky looked really black, and then suddenly we were in a hail storm! It lasted about ten minutes, but seemed longer. Then we had a flurry of snow (it was that small wet kind) and then sunshine and a flooded road to navigate. We stopped to have lunch at a pub we had been to years back and couldn’t find any way of getting into the car park, nor the large one belonging to the Council, which is next to it (that had cones and a concrete block across the entrance. There were cars in it so they must have gained access from somewhere!). We had checked before we left to make sure it was still open for business (it was), so it must remain a mystery. Anyway we managed to turn round and go back to the pub we had passed a short while before the designated one. It turned out to be one of pub brasseries run by Rxymxnd Blxnc (same chain as the one we go to near here). We hadn’t booked of course but they found us a table and we had a very nice lunch (I had pan fried Bxrnxsley chop with boulxngxre potatoes, creamed spinach and a delicious sauce (Lindy had the same) the two men had steak frites. I then had crème cxrxmel with an almond crisp, Lindy and Peter had brioche b & bxtter pudding with cream and MM had apple and gxngxr crxmble. Lindy and I polished off a lovely NZ SB between us (we decided it would be good for our vocal chords). We had a good rehearsal in the afternoon (no doubt helped by the SB), and the concert went very well in the evening. We were home just before 11pm. Today I am leading service this morning and then I have a busy afternoon. I will be making my cupcakes for tomorrow’s meeting. I will try to catch up with C’lty at some point either this afternoon or during the week. Morning BHB, you have done a wonderful job with the Bistro. Let’s take some champers and cake into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, March 1, 2020, 09:53
Morning all and first of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jo. I hope you made your away day and have a lovely day today. I am sure your hostess will make sure you do.

It is a nice sunny day here for the moment though I can see it is still windy and not very warm. Yesterday it rained a lot again! However it did mean I got all me wxshing done and also some other bits and bobs round the house. Would rather have been able to get out in the garden though. With spring just round the corner I can fee my enthusiasm for it rising again! There is always lots to do out there in spring. I didn't sleep too well last night either, I was itchy which didn't help! Today I have the ixxnxxg to do and then will see how the mood takes me but may try following Jo's example and do a bit of clearing out. of a cupboard.

Eva glad to say you sound a bit better. hope it is really so, even if your sleeping makes my night look like a great night! I am sure your father will eat well for a while with both you and our sister cooking for him! Ooh look at your lovely halo and wings!

Diana your windy day is maybe breaking you in a little for what you will face when you get home here! Hope you manage to find time for the hair cut, very important so you must!

Lunch sounds delish Twin and glad the singing went well. I am warning you now Cxsialty was really going for it in the misery stakes last night. I think you will need tissues!

Morning BHB and wow, lokk how gorgeous the Bistro looks! You are a very clever chap. Let's get more champers and cake and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Sunday, March 1, 2020, 11:46
Morning all. It's snowing again, so there goes the hope that it would all melt away.


Hello sweetheaert My, you've done a lovely job in the Bistro. Purple and silver will make our birthday girl happy, and I'll have a slice of the carrot cake to go with my herbal tea, please. 💋💋❤️️

I have been out and about this morning. Earlier this week I bought a book for Emilian. (Surprise, surprise!) It was about the multiplication table (!) and how to master it. It said on the front it was for ages 5+, so I bought it. Emilian is staying with his grandparents this w/e as his mother is in Copenhagen for a birthday celebration. (The birthday girl was born on 29th February, so her proper birthay parties tend to be big ones!) I took the book and drove out to youngest sister. Emilian was overjoyed with his present. He settled on the sofa with his grandfather sitting next to him. Within 15 minutes Emilian had understood how to multiply and could do some without writing it down! It was almost scary to watch him.
Sis and I had a good chat. She's going out to father later today with his meals, so he will be well set up for the coming weeks.
I was watching the b*eb last night, of course, and I voted for the ballroom dancers online,- when I finally found the link to the voting. They'd hidden it well. I was delighted when "my" dancers got to the final.

Carol,- your meal last night sounds delicious. Very glad to hear that the singing went well. I agree with Pauline that you need tissues for Cas. 😢 I won't hear about my x-rays until Tuesday, as my GP isn't seeing patients on Mondays.

Pauline,- good luck with the cupboard tidying. It could be fun! (Trying to avoid flying utensils.)

Jo,- I hope you have a lovely birthday celebration up North. Enjoy.

Diana,- so your time in SA is coming to the end soon? It must have been lovely to be able to spend such a long time there. It makes such a difference, much more relaxing.
maeve12 wrote:
Sunday, March 1, 2020, 19:02
Happy Birthday Jo,
I hope you've had a good day meeting up with your friends.
TK wrote:
Sunday, March 1, 2020, 21:04
Thank you for the best wishes. We were up into the early hours, so we could have the cake Felf had made and I'd transported up to the very windy north. We had a fun time watching recordings from a few years so. This morning we watched another video (forgotten how good some of the Marias were). The drive back was a bit tiring, but I managed it without a sleep en route. I did have a break as needed a little more fuel to ensure I got home. Bruce was out when I got back. I phoned, he was over the water in the pub. I think he was pleased to see me back. He seems to be fine now, eaten his tea.

I'm having an early night as Monday is usually tiring.
TK wrote:
Sunday, March 1, 2020, 21:26
Felf tonight 'can you come over and fix my phone as friend has got me a new one '
Me to myself 'if they have got a XXXX iphone I'm going to break it'
Felf ' Friend has spent ages setting it up the hand sets, Felf said she pressed one button and its not working'
Me 'It's a call recording phone, why is it beeping'
Felf 'it just started beeping when my friend left'
Me ' XXXXX XXXX XXXX - I've taken out the battery- noise is driving me nuts. Is it charged up?'
Felf 'Yes friend charged them before she left, she'd been here ages'
Me ' ****** ******* ******'
I read the instruction manual, tinkered about a bit
The hand sets are not charged up, the really annoying beeping is so you put the phones back on the hand sets. I'll add setting up answer phones to my resume of setting up Freesat, setting up recording devices for satellite TV, sorting out ipads, sorting out HP printers- these are all tech I have no wish for or requirement to use.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, March 1, 2020, 21:39
Belated birthday wishes Jo x
1st day off in 8 days!! Went to church, cooked a roast, relaxed!
Now having early night as v tired
evam wrote:
Monday, March 2, 2020, 03:30
Morning all. It's very dark outside and only + 3 degrees. I don't think it's raining.

I'd better tip-toe past BHB so he won't wake up. I'll start the coffee machine and take one big mug with me to bed again and see if I can catch another hour or two sleeping.

Jo,- looks like you had a nice w/e up North. How kind of Felf to bake you a cake. Not quite so kind to expect you to fix her new phone after your long drive, but I'm sure you'll o it in the end.

Ali,- you work too hard,- again!

This morning I have to drive in to the city to collect my theatre tickets for Cabaret. It's been booked through the police pensioners for a very good price, but we have to pick up the tickets ourselves. Apart from that, I don't have any plans. Maybe a trip out to I*ea would be a good idea?
Diana wrote:
Monday, March 2, 2020, 06:14

Belated happy birthday, Jo. Sounds like you had a good weekend.

It's foggy this morning - correction, I've just looked out the window and the fog has lifted since I got up nearly 90 mins ago. It's now overcast and light rain expected later. We are going to clean the garage this morning, hopefully won't take more than 30 mins, and then go to the gym. Not sure what we'll do after that. We were going into town first thing so I could get my hair cut but realised the place is closed on Monday.

Yesterday was beautiful all day with a nice breeze, not the blustery wind of Saturday. Dinner was vg, especially Ploppy's. He had cheese souffle with cheese sauce, followed by Cape Malay seafood curry. I had mussels in an Asian white sauce, then fish with a seafood dip. We shared a cheese plate afterwards.

Yes, Carol, we leave next Sunday, in fact we might have just arrived home this time next week, assuming the flight's on time. Having such a long time here has been lovely, Eva. We both said yesterday we could do with another month but a number of things would make it difficult to stay more than three months (notably visa and insurances). I am looking forward to seeing my parents in a couple of weeks.

Hope you had some more sleep, Eva. A trip to your fav shop sounds a good idea.

Sounds like you had a fun evening - not, Jo. Well done on sorting the phone. My parents had new landline phones last year and I couldn't get them to work how they wanted.

Not surprised you were tired, Ali. Hope you don't have to work another 8 days before getting a day off.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, March 2, 2020, 07:36
Morning and a dull start – we are either due rain this morning or this afternoon (depending on whether you believe the Beeb forecast or the Met one!). Yesterday it remained bright and sunny all day, but the wind was very chilly.

Eva, I see that Emilian’s genius is waning at all. I am sure he loved sitting with his grandfather and learning how to do the sums. I am sure his loves staying over with his grandparents, and hopefully his Mummy had a lovely time with the birthday girl who only gets a “true” birthday every five years! They were talking on Saturday about a lady who was 100 years old, but having been born in a leap year was about to celebrate her 25th birthday with an afternoon tea! I am sure you had a lovely catch up with your sister – is she now fully recovered from her fall? Your father sounds set up for a while with delicious home cooked food. Ah so you have to wait until tomorrow for the x=rxy results – fingers crossed! Ah I see you had another non sleeping night (after my bad one my sympathies have doubled!). I hope you managed to get back to sleep again. I see you are out and about (hopefully that means you are feeling better?) and need to collect your theatre tickets. Group bookings are always a good way of getting a discount price. Oh I think a trip to your favourite shop would do you the world of good (did you read that a large one of your favourite stores has closed in the Midlands here? First closure of a store for them).

Maeve – how long until your trip??

Glad you had a lovely birthday – I am sure the cake Felf made (how sweet) was lovely. I am glad it made the journey safely. Oh some of the Marias were excellent, as were the Nancys. Oddly though the Jxsephs are still my favourites! Well one in particular! So Bruce was out at the pub when you came home – why am I not surprised! I am sure he has had a lovely social time whilst you have been away and so was fine with you when you arrived home. Ah I see you plans for an early night fell by the wayside and you had phonegate to deal with. I am assuming that people assume all these aids will be helpful for Felf.......I suspect (if like my mother and Moving Aunt) they are completely the reverse and merely confuse them! I hope you did manage a (fairly) early night afterwards and are firing on all cylinders today!

Ah Ali, I read it was your first day off in eight days and then the word “relaxed” – well deserved I think. I am not surprised you were very tired and needed an early night. Any sign that the situation might improve – or that anyone is interested in the job? I assume your boss is still awaiting results?

It should like you had a lovely day yesterday weatherwise, Diana. Shame about the early fog today but I see that has lifted. Your overcast sky must be very similar to what we have here! Your meal sounds lovely and obviously didn’t disappoint. I am sure you are looking forward to seeing your parents (how has your father been whilst you have been away?). I would say enjoy the garage cleaning, but that doesn’t sound quite right. At least it should only be a short job and then you can spend the rest of your day how you please. Shame about the hairdresser – will you be able to get there tomorrow? Hopefully the nasty weather here will have gone by the time you arrive home next week!

Service went well yesterday and I mentioned the sun stayed all day in the end. Church was chilly though (I usually take a pxshminx in case it is chilly, but forgot yesterday!). I did my baking in the afternoon, so just need to do a little icing early afternoon today. I did manage to watch C’lty after I had finished the cakes – not the happiest of episodes. I wish the writers would include some light relief now and again! After dinnerI watched Dr W and that’s it – I am not bothering with any more series that Chris C writes. It is pure dross. I just get cross watching, so I have now drawn a line under it for now. We watched the A Road Show and I was starting to nod off, so we had a (very) early night. I was asleep by 9.30 pm and didn’t wake until just gone 6.30 this morning. Off to SLAPPAS this morning of course, and then we have Cupcakes this afternoon so Twin will be driving over. MM collects Lindy as Janice drops her home afterwards. It saves on having to fit another car into the front drive! Morning BHB, yes it is quite grey at the moment. Let’s cheer ourselves up by taking the Lavendula and the toasted crumpets through to the conservatory and having a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Ali wrote:
Monday, March 2, 2020, 08:54
Morning. I have another day off! I was on standby but boss wants to keep busy to stop her worrying. She had further tests last week and now waiting for appt to discuss results. She may need time off depending on outcome so she’s trying to give chef and I time off while we can! Some response to new job advert but nobody suitable yet sadly.
Need to do couple of errands today and prep an activity for Brownies tonight. Lots of laundry to catch up on. Never ending in this house. Did 2 loads yesterday and have 2 more to do today.
Ploppy due to go abroad again soon, first to France then to Austria but we’ll see. Schools may decide to cancel.
Better get moving. Time is ticking on. Love to all x
TK wrote:
Monday, March 2, 2020, 09:45
Ali, you are busy on your days off. Sorry you haven't got any suitable people yet. Such a tough job working in catering. Best wishes for the search and fingers crossed for the results, so worrying for her.

Bruce is still not 100% but doesn't look too bad. He perked up seeing his friends this morning and having a 'chat' with Duffy. On the subject of the other Duffy, such a sad reason for her dropping out of the lime light. She is brave to talk about it.

Had a lovely birthday weekend, even had a beer!! It is a long drive, but I was singing most of the way, kept myself amused. The traffic wasn't bad. Just as well it wasn't like the drives to and fro to MK for the panto, I would have been knackered.

Got to go, off to Pilates soon
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, March 2, 2020, 10:50
Morning all and it is nice and sunny at the moment though we have a fair bit of cloud, but nice white ones so hopefully not about to rain! For the first day in a long time we don't seem to have much wind as the trees are all still. Think it is still cold out though. I did my ixxnxxg yesterday then had a bit of a lazy afternoon. Naughty but very nice! Today as Twin said I will be off to her again for C/cake day.

Eva I see you are still having disturbed nights, but I hope you are at least feeling better, I am hopeful as you are thinking of visiting your favourite shop! A very good sign. So Emilian is still his brilliant little self then! Obviously he will be a mathematical genius, something I never came close to being! Hope the four yearly birthday bash went well. must be very odd but I think it may make you feel a bit special!

Glad you had a good b/day Jo, well until you had to fix Felf's phone! At least she made you a lovely cake though. So you found some old tv shows to watch then! Agree the Maria's were very good, though the Nancy's are the one's who produced the most successful I think. Samantha, Jessie and Rachel are all going great guns, in fact Rachel won the WOS best supporting actress last night. Of course none of them compare to our lovely Joseph! Glad Bruce seems a bit better. Hopefully he will continue to improve,

Ali lovely to see you have another day off, I think you have earned it. I am thinking your poor boss didn't get the results she wanted if she is having further tests, fingers crossed that she is ok.

Your weather sounds so lovely Diana, I feel it will be a shock to your system next weekend. Mind I think it may be slightly better than it has been recently. Still as you say it will be lovely to see your parents which will help sweeten it a bit I am sure. Another scrummy meal as well, I can see why you go to the gym!

Morning BHB and it is Lavendula day of course, so let's get more and more crumpets and go and find the CM.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, March 2, 2020, 10:50
Morning all and it is nice and sunny at the moment though we have a fair bit of cloud, but nice white ones so hopefully not about to rain! For the first day in a long time we don't seem to have much wind as the trees are all still. Think it is still cold out though. I did my ixxnxxg yesterday then had a bit of a lazy afternoon. Naughty but very nice! Today as Twin said I will be off to her again for C/cake day.

Eva I see you are still having disturbed nights, but I hope you are at least feeling better, I am hopeful as you are thinking of visiting your favourite shop! A very good sign. So Emilian is still his brilliant little self then! Obviously he will be a mathematical genius, something I never came close to being! Hope the four yearly birthday bash went well. must be very odd but I think it may make you feel a bit special!

Glad you had a good b/day Jo, well until you had to fix Felf's phone! At least she made you a lovely cake though. So you found some old tv shows to watch then! Agree the Maria's were very good, though the Nancy's are the one's who produced the most successful I think. Samantha, Jessie and Rachel are all going great guns, in fact Rachel won the WOS best supporting actress last night. Of course none of them compare to our lovely Joseph! Glad Bruce seems a bit better. Hopefully he will continue to improve,

Ali lovely to see you have another day off, I think you have earned it. I am thinking your poor boss didn't get the results she wanted if she is having further tests, fingers crossed that she is ok.

Your weather sounds so lovely Diana, I feel it will be a shock to your system next weekend. Mind I think it may be slightly better than it has been recently. Still as you say it will be lovely to see your parents which will help sweeten it a bit I am sure. Another scrummy meal as well, I can see why you go to the gym!

Morning BHB and it is Lavendula day of course, so let's get more and more crumpets and go and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Monday, March 2, 2020, 12:04
Hello all,

And belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO - OK so not really belated as we started celebrating at midnight Saturday! It was lovely to have Jo and SotRWD over. Two of us got a wee bit drunk, but the birthday girl was very restrained as usual. And we all had fun watching shiny things.
Very sorry to hear that Bruce still isn't 100%. Sigh - you really are Felf's tech support aren't you Jo?

Nice to see you have another rare day off Ali. I hope all goes well for your boss and you get another chef before long.

Ah Carol, I see it's not just me has given up on Dr W. Hope you and Pauline have a lovely C Cake day!

Diana - I hope you managed to make the most of your last week in SA. I hope you have some woolly socks for when you come home!

Eva - I hope you also get a relaxing day - after that VERY early start. Hope you got your tickets and your Ik*a trip sorted.

Update on my colleague's guide dog...they are not in today. I hope that's because he has leave and not because the poor dog is traumatised still :-(

Update on roof: no further leaks noticed as yet. Of course we haven't had a downpour since J*rge so I can't say for certain all is well, but I have my fingers crossed.
TK wrote:
Monday, March 2, 2020, 12:49
Been to Pilates, now I need a sleep. I was tidying the car before Pilates to drive my neighbour to the torture session too. Found an unopened packed of crisps (within date) in the car-bonus. Bruce has not eaten his breakfast :( He did eat his food yesterday, so he's not starving. Might have to have a snooze
maeve12 wrote:
Monday, March 2, 2020, 16:35
We're off to NZ (norovirus permitting!) in a couple of weeks time, back in time for Easter, Eva.

Yes those Nancys have done really well, Jessie is quite the film star these days, nominated at the Oscars.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, March 3, 2020, 08:15
Morning and bright (but frosty) here. Yesterday’s rain didn’t arrive until about 5pm, so the rest of the day was sunny and bright, but with a chilly wind. The forecast for today is for dry, sunny weather. I think top temperature may hit 9C!

Another day off Ali – I think you deserve that. Ah so Boss has more tests and is worrying as a result. Fingers crossed for her. What a shame no suitable candidates have come forward, as I feel your boss would feel better if you were fully staffed for as and when she might need time off. The thing about laundry is that as soon as you have finished it one day, and feel you have achieved something, the laundry basket starts to fill up again! I did wonder if the current cxrxnx vxrxs situation might impact your Ploppy’s job. I suspect it will all depend on whereabouts the trips are heading in those two countries.

Jo, sorry to hear that Bruce is still not at full fighting strength (so to speak). Of course he perked up when he met up with the 8 am club! I think he really enjoys seeing his “special” friend. Hmm still slightly off his food thought I see. I agree about the other Dxffy. She has been very very brave to speak out. Goodness I just fell off my chair – you forsook Diet C for a beer!! Whatever next! Nice of the traffic to behave on your birthday and let you get home fairly easily. It was a nice day for a drive. I see the Pxlxtes had induced the need for sleep again!! So hidden treasure in your car – I think a packet of in date crisps counts as hidden treasure doesn’t it? Hope you managed to have a lovely snooze.

Lady J it sounds as if you had a really lovely “girly” time over the weekend. I am amazed that the one beer didn’t make the birthday girl tiddly! Watching the shiny things sounds a lovely way to spend the time. So that’s three viewers they have lost, no four – you, me, Twin and Lindy for Dr W. I suspect we may not be the only ones either. Oh goodness, I hope the guide dog and owner are ok, and not suffering from the loud bang the other day. As you say it could be a simple case of a day off. That’s good to hear there have been no further leaks – although you may need a really big downpour to be absolutely certain. The leak in the meeting room at church seems to have stopped too – and the room has almost dried out now.

Maeve, I think Jessie has done really well since the programme – she went for a slightly different route and followed the acting roles rather than the musical ones. She was excellent in W&P I think she took on board what she was told during IDA – and really benefitted from her spell at RADX the Oscxr nomination was the icing on the cake!

Eva hopefully you will hear from your GP today and things have improved healthwise.

There didn’t seem to be so many people out and about when we went to SLAPPAS yesterday – so the queue at the checkout was virtually non existent. Lindy and I managed to dodge all jumping merchandise! We had a lovely afternoon putting the world to rights. Lindy and Janice left just after 8pm and we then watched McDxnxld and Dxbbs from Sunday evening – lovely views of Bxth. We really enjoyed it – nothing too heavy or dramatic and although one murder no blood in evidence! Today we are off to the royal town quite near to Jo. Sadly no Lxkxlxnd to visit but we will see what else is on offer. We will have lunch there, and then when we get home Twin will went her way back to her house. Tonight MM and I have the delights of a Church PCC meeting, so I will be wearing layers!! Morning BHB, yes a lovely bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Rxgtxme through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM joins us. She is awake so won’t be long.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, March 3, 2020, 08:40
Morning all and it is looking a nice bright day at the moment which will be good for a visit to the Royal town. Sad there will be no L/land to visit but I am sure we can find other places to visit instead! Our C/cakes meeting yesterday was lovely. Twin had done us proud on the catering front as ever and the cakes she made were absolutely yummy, far too good for the good of my waistline. Enjoyed the new detective thing in the evening, think it will be good and Bath is so lovely it provides the perfect backdrop.

Glad the roof is ok Jane, hope it stays that way! Also glad you had a lovely weekend though not surprised with the good company and lovely shiny things to watch. I see the birthday girl pushed the boat out and had beer! I should think so too!

Jo how nice to find buried treasure in the car! Just a packet of crisps maybe but still a nice find! Poor Bruce not quite right then, poor love. I hope he recovers soon. Btwforgot to say I agree about the other Duffy. Dreadful thing to happen to her and very brave of her to finally talk about it.

Morning BHB and we have Ragtime today, lovely. Let’s get mire and some pano is and go and join the CM.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, March 3, 2020, 10:18
I still feel a bit tired. Don't know why. Bruce has gone back to sofa, so maybe I've caught it from him.

I really can't believe the escape from the jumping merchandise. Well done. I'd like to go into the village, but I can't be bothered at the moment. Might continue the kitchen cupboard sort out.

....... or the dog bed is free?????????

The crisps were in date btw
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, March 3, 2020, 12:34
Hello all,

My colleague and his guide are in today but the poor furry person is not happy. There's been further noises this morning. The guy in charge of the work is really nice and is beside himself trying to find out what's causing the banging - because nothing noisy should be happening on that floor now. It doesn't help that the bangs are sudden and unexpected, so it's very hard for him to spot what's causing them.

Oh dear I see that we have another unhappy furry friend. Poor Bruce. I had hoped he'd be back to himself now. Ah, I see Jo's not listening. She's curled up on the dog bed. (I'd have tried the crisps whether they were in date or not!)

Carol - let's cross our fingers for no more leaks! It must be even harder to fix in a church as there is a lot more roof to leak! Sounds like you have had a lovely day but no jumping merchandise? It's not trying hard enough! I agree with you about DrW. I suspect we are far from the only ones tuning out!

Pauline - I am indeed sure that the royal town has plenty to offer even if there is a lack of L-Land. Ah so you enjoyed those cakes? Yummy! I think the birthday girl enjoyed the beer. I'll pass on the remainder to former Ploppy. Jo and he have very much the same taste.

Maeve - I have fingers crossed that neither the Norro nor the Corona virus affect you getting to NZ. I have fingers crossed xxx
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, March 3, 2020, 12:40
Hello. L..ds was fab. visited art gallery, the beautiful art Arc.des and then went to the I.y for lunch. we had phoned for reservation but none left so just turned up and several tables free. the play was fab - P& P (S.rt of). very funny. with song by Catherine De Bergh's nephew Chris! and the comments by Liz B to Mr D about how "dry" he looked - and didn't he fancy a dip in the pond! only downside was my two friends (10 yrs younger than me) decided we wld run for an early train - we did just under 1 mile on busy pavements (incl trying to get 3 people thro tic barrier with tics on one phone! ) in 15 mins. Took me rest of eve to recover - and both heels had blisters! Had nice gentle walk on Sunday but had to turn back as water levels too high - on footpath - to get to one stile it wld have come over my! quieter days this week - catching up on soem h'work - who knew that radiators could trap quite so much dust behind and inside them!.
Jo - very belated Happy Bday wishes. Looks like you had a fun w/e . beer - and crisps really pushing boat out :) I am hoping that if Bruce's bed is free that is cos he feels better. i may have to hire you to come and be my IT support . or maybe Pauline - we cant work out to get my ph set up to be sat nav in car - well can get ph set up but not so that the sat nave then transfers to dashboard display.
Carol - must be a very in between season just now in shops if no merchandise jumped into your basket. Sounds like your cakes were delish.
Jane - glad your birthday hospitality went well. I too have given up on Dr W.
Ali - hope the good effects of the rest days haven't worn off too soon. Must be a worrying time for your boss - both her own healthy and the business. She must be so pleased to be able to rely on your hard work and reliability and organisation - but make sure you don't overdo it.
Eva - I hope the trip to your fave store helped in your recovery process. Emil obviously is a m.ths genius! some children do pick up m.ths naturally - others (like me) dont. UB scollop was like Em. but unfortunately our local pri sch was not good and they knocked all his love of m.ths out of him. he got given the same m.ths book to do 2 yrs running - cos they didn't have a more advanced one!! I wish I had been as "bolshY" then as I am now - I regret not fighting them harder at the time.
Oops must dash as off up to meet a church friend for coffee.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, March 3, 2020, 16:27
Fi leave me out of techy stuff which involves a phone. I don't 'do' Apple anything apart from my shuffle. I'm OK-ish with android but really not good. I get myself to what I need and that is it. I was contemplating getting my smart phone going to use instead of the satnav, but decided that it may cause more problems than it solves .... for now. Well done for getting to the train, I know I would have been tempted to say, leave me behind.

Jane you were correct I did have a sleep on the dog bed this morning as Bruce was asleep on his bed, the sofa. He woke me up to tell me it was time to go out. I think if he'd known what would happen he would have left me sleeping. Took a walk to look at water levels, then went to village.

This afternoon he has had a bath. So looking all fluffy

Diana wrot