It will be panto before we know it........... Oh yes it will

Thursday, August 29, 2019, 11:27
There has been much change in my life since 07Apr19 when the last blog page was started. I have started to adjust to retired life, also finding and beginning to get used to a new (old) dog. Some would say, more importantly 14 chances to see Lee sing live and 8 performances of the play 'Someone who'll watch over me' in Chelmsford with Lee performing in the first act. (I did miss 2 of the performances. I did really!)
someone to look over me
The main focus for live appearances this year has been 'My Story' with Beverley Humphreys (lovely lady) as the interviewer. She is getting rather 'naughty' as the shows have progressed. She has been talking to fans in the meet and greets, so she is getting to know the audience. I wonder if this has made for the change?
The mix of details about Lee's life, videos of interviews with people he knows and songs is very entertaining.
my story advert
My favourite show was the final concert of the 2018 tour (18Aug19), The West Cliff Theatre, Clacton. It was great to see (and hear) the band back together.
lee and the band clacton 18Aug19

Another set of 3 performances at Pizza Express were a highlight. This time back at the Pheasantry. Hooray! Lee mentioned that he would not be going back to 'the other place'. There were more new songs in this set than we have had ever. It was an amazing 3 days.
phes 1phes3phes 4

For information from Stephen Raman-Hughes Facebook page he is planning 02Feb20 for a concert at Pizza Express Holborn, tickets not yet on sale.

Anyone for Panto?
My journey will much more eco friendly than last year, north, but not as far.  No planes required just a flying carpet for Aladdin.

Photos used on this page are from Ro, Amanda, Lee and Total Prods- thank you all

Diana wrote:
Friday, August 30, 2019, 20:06
Dinner was good - lemon sole followed by vanilla cheesecake.

Glad you enjoyed last weekend, Fi, despite the long journey but sorry re the comments you've received, pity your sis and Sloppy can't put themselves in your shoes and all you've gone through the past year. Makes me feel very lucky with my parents. Feel free to let off steam/have a moan on here. I think we went to Alth*rp 2/3 years after Diana died, though I can only remember the island.

I agree with you, Jo, re everyone has their own way of loading dishwasher. I'm getting better with loading my parents' ie load it how Mum does it, but will never get it completely right. I thought I was going to have a similar problem with my NW account but I use our joint account which is with a different bank to transfer money into my personal account so I still get (very minimal) interest. I'd have thought it would be better to say you have to keep a minimum of X amount in your account to earn interest/be eligible for additional benefits. As it stands now, you can transfer money in one day and transfer it out again the next and still be eligible.

Eva, Ploppy's activity bug lasted one day! Whereas I will do at least one job a day, he seems to do several one day and then nothing for days, if not weeks. I reminded him this morning of one job that needs doing but he said he wasn't in the mood - it'll only take him 10 mins! Hope the packing goes smoothly and Mrs S does her fair share. And that the tweaked meds work.

The decorator is on holiday now for 10 days. At least I won't have to get up to unlock the side gate for him before 7.30 am, not that I've minded as the weather's been so good I've wanted to be up early, but it's nice not to have to get up. Yesterday I did a food shop first thing and was home by 9.15 am, the decorator had said he wasn't starting until 9.30 am but luckily I opened the gate before I went as he was already working when I got back. Ploppy was still in bed, watching TV!!

After the shop, I spent yesterday sunbathing. This morning I did a few jobs around the house, filled in the forms for the IFA for my pension - listing annual expenditure took some time to work out - and then spent the afternoon in the garden. Tomorrow I want to exchange a few old £1 coins I found in the sofa when vacuuming it (presumably Ploppy's but I'm keeping the money!) and then spend some time on the laptop.

I hate the way the evenings are drawing in, we need the light on in the kitchen for dinner (7.00 pm ish) and it's now dark by 8.30 pm. If I was still w*rking, it wouldn't be completely light when I left home in the morning. I was feeling sad this pm thinking that the summer was nearly over but cheered myself up when I worked out that, unless the whole of April is miserable, I should be able to sit out and enjoy the sun at least one day every month for the next year!

Have a good weekend.
evam wrote:
Thursday, August 29, 2019, 15:34
Oooohhhhhh,- a new home! 👏👏 Thank you so much, Jo.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, August 29, 2019, 16:08
Thank you Jo. Loving the new pink decor. Just back from propping up the retail industry in Canterbury. More to do tomorrow!
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, August 29, 2019, 16:15
Thank you so much Jo. Lovely decor and so much more user friendly for a tablet!
maeve 12 wrote:
Thursday, August 29, 2019, 17:36
Thanks Jo, lovely pics.
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, August 29, 2019, 18:09
Jo -NOOOOOOOO. it is nowhere near the dreaded Ch... time!!! I cannot believe (it is almost Sept - aargh was going to do so much this summer - but didn't!
Loved Althr.p. not best house 0- and virtually no gardens but house was interesting with huge collection of paintings. the D.ana memorial was very quiet and tranquil. Ploppy took load of photos - his ph.togrphic group theme for next month is "places of worship"! Not at all busy with lovely courtyard cafe in the stables block which according to Pesvn.r is more impressive than house! Housed 100 horses and 40 grooms in its day! It was very quiet so the D.ana lake was lovely and peaceful. a nice quiet day out. needed it after not sleeping at all well last night.
Jo - I would have been very happy if the girls had got the dishes as far as the dishwasher (and I agree I never load my own dishw.sher (seemingly I don't do that properly!) so would never attempt anyone elses!) ! but didn't even collect up or clear their own plates - far less anyone elses! Thank you for new home (even if it does start us on Ch countdown! Great piccies.
Eva - I did wonder if my positive impression of Mrs S clearing flat on own was viewed thro rose tinted spectacles!
Carol - good to see you are single handedly trying to save Uk economy! fear it may need even more drastic action - oh see you have that in hand with another session tomorrow. Phew we are safe !
Jane - sorry to hear you have been cast adrift form blog. hope you manage to "swim" back to us very soon. Tho do fear you may have a full time job on your hands ensuring that your lodger does not host any further late night raves!
TK wrote:
Thursday, August 29, 2019, 19:10
Glad you have found the new page. Sorry the pics are a bit out of line. At least I have found out how to make the photos show smaller on the page.

Bruce and I have been out and about this afternoon. It wasn't so warm this afternoon, so we went out a bit earlier. Visiting of course. At the end of the walk I saw in the distance Mrs ExP walk into the village, they had appointment for the little dog to go to the vet about her cruciate ligament. I've not heard what the vet has said.

Carol29 wrote:
Friday, August 30, 2019, 06:03
Morning and another sunny day in prospect.

Eva hope the visit to your doctor resulted in some suggestions for improving your sleep, although I suspect with the move out of fathers flat you are going to be kept very busy for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully the meeting with the estate agent went well. Shall we send some sunshine your way....we saw from the forecast that the rain was heading your way yesterday.

Hopefully the vet was pleased with Little Dog and she will soon be back to running around. I am sure Bruce enjoyed his earlier walk.....did you have your fleece on? Thank you for the lovely pictures on the walls by the way.

I agree Fi the year is galloping away with us. I can’t believe it is September at the weekend. Sounds like you had a lovely visit to Althrcp. Lindy and Lawrence went there a couple of weeks ago on a coach trip and said how peaceful it was. Yes Day 2 of saving the retail industry awaits today. I need to get my buying done before I take up Jo’s challenge of not buying clothes during September!

It was a lovely day here yesterday, very warm and sunny. It was a little fresher first thing so I took a cardi with me, but I didn’t need it at all. We had a successful shop.....I came back with three pairs of leggings, a top, some make up, a new travel mirror and a necklace. C’bury looked lovely in the sunshine. We ate out in the garden in the evening, and then sat round the fire pit and watched the stars come out. Today MM and Les are joining us on the retail jaunt. I think MM (mistakenly) thinks his presence might curtail my purchasing.....doesn’t he realise I am a girl with a mission? Morning BHB, sorry we were not here yesterday but I see Eva cane and kept you company. Let’s take the scones and the Pink Lady onto the terrace and have a lovely snuffle to make up for yesterday.
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, August 30, 2019, 06:57
Morning all and it is a lovely day again. Yesterday was too and made our visit to C/bury even better. It looks lovely at all times, but in the sun it was gorgeous. As Twin has said the RT was successful., I bought a new bag, a necklace and some leggings, oh and some cosmetic things I needed but they hardly count! More of the same today as we are not sure we have done enough for Kent just yet! Sitting out round the fire pit wrapped in blankets a watching the lovely sunset, then the stars appear was magical.

Eva I hope the doctor has some ideas to help your lack of sleep.. I have a suspicion you need your father nicely settled and the flat sorted before you really start to relax properly.

Fi Althrxp sounds a wonderful place. Somewhere I have wanted to visit. I am sure it was just the sort of day out you needed. This summer seems to have gone in the blink of an eye, I am sure I remember my parents saying this a lot, so it is possibly something that comes with being 27!

Jo the pics are lovely again, thank you and the contributors. Hope Little Dog got on alright at the vet.

Morning BHB. Yes I know we were not around yesterday, so sorry, but it is tricky when you are visiting. You know and understand? Thank you. You are a poppet. Now let’s get more Pxnk Lady and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Friday, August 30, 2019, 09:19
I saw Mr ExP and Duffy this morning. The vet said that the ligament is OK, they will review it in a couple of months. Hopefully they can make sure she doesn't over do it.
Carol the text on the no new clothes in September advert from Oxfam is Second hand September, so you can buy clothes, just not new ones.

This morning I have to appease my bank as they are going to take away the travel insurance unless I start paying regularly into my bank account, but not from another of their accounts. The text says 'you'll need to start paying £xxx or more into your account'. To me this does not make sense, it should say ensure a minimum of £xxx is paid regularly into your account. As what they say implies that I have to pay in, which is fine. I'll get my money paid into my V account and transfer the minimum into NW. I want to check with them first, just in case it does mean using a second bank. I can understand their issue as for 5 months there has been no sizeable deposits into my account. There has been a definite downwards slope in my account. This should all be sorted by 1st Oct.

Eva I hope the flat sorting/moving will go well. At least you don't to need to do it around your Father. Best Wishes for it.
evam wrote:
Friday, August 30, 2019, 15:47
Afternoon all.
The weather is so bad here. The rain is coming down in droves, and the wind is firece Not a day for outdoors activities. Not that I've been doing any. All morning I was sitting here filling in different forms re the move ( I'll be doing all the paperwork.) Then I had to go to the hospital to see the consultant. He wants new CT scans and different bloodtests, so I was sent off for the scan and the blood taking. He also wants the lung specialist who I saw 2 years ago to see the new scans, so I have to go back on Wednesday for new consultations.
I saw my GP yesterday. He was very understanding, and told me that he'd been wating for this to happen with all that I've had to cope with over the last years. (He has been both my parents' GP as well, so he knows the family.) He let me talk and moan a bit, then we talked over what I can do. Not going in to details, we agreed to tweek (sp?) the use of one or two of my meds a bit to see if that would work better. He also wanted some bloods to see if I need more iron, vitamins etc. He was very pleased to hear that father finally has been allocated his sheltered accomodation, and hoped that it would make my life a bit better.
We also had a meeting yesterday with the estate agent to start everything moving. He sighed a bit over the SS who'd let us wait for almost a year to allocate father his sheltered accomodations, then suddenly wanted everything to happen within 2 weeks! He gave me a list of people I had to make appointments with, i.e. the removal firm, the photographer and the surveyor (sp?). Yes, here in Norway it's the sellers who are responsible for the surveghing being done and paid for. I made all these appointment this morning, so next week's calendar is rather packed! Tomorrow we (Youngest sister, my lovely br.i.l. , mrs S and myself will start the packing. The nerd and Viljar's dad will disassemble the furniture on Wednesday (after the photographer has been), so that it's ready for the big move on Friday. The estate agent offered us the help of a stylist(!), but we just looked at each other and started laughing! I told him I didn't need the help of a stylist to tell me to place an orchid in the bathroom! 😂 (Do you remember the orchid in my bathroom when I sold my former flat?) The estate agent smiled and said we could probably do it just as well ourself.
So you understand that it is all systems go now. In 10 days, the whole move will be completed and we can start the selling process.

I've had a nice Eva this afternoon. I needed one, so now it will be my feet up and watching P*intless. I need new energy for tomorrow.
Diana wrote:
Friday, August 30, 2019, 18:37
Thanks v much for the new page, Jo.

I think I've finally worked out something which may be of use to all, especially when using iPad or mobile to access the blog. If you save the SL page as as a Favourite/Bookmark with comment at the end rather than the link provided by Jo, you should automatically go to the bottom of the page each time. So for this page:

Got to go as the alarm's going for dinner, back after.
TK wrote:
Friday, August 30, 2019, 20:06
Brilliant Diana. You have written what I actually do myself, I'd not realised I set a different link. So sorry all. Thanks Diana.

Eva that is a lot of work that is needed to be done. My best wishes to you all rushing about. Your doctor sounds so sensible.

Would you like a smile? My lovely friends gave me a present from their hols. Some expensive chocs. They are wrapped in different coloured foil. Not marked so I could read what flavour they were. I chose the red one. Took a very small bite (I've had some 'interesting' experiences with European chocs before) YUK it was marzipan. Straight into the bin. I went online and after 15mins of searching found that they were REALLY expensive chocs (1 choc = 17g = £1), balls of marzipan with different flavoured centres according to the colour of the foil. I carefully put all the chocs (except the one in the bin) back into the bag and resealed it. The remaining chocs are too expensive to put in the bin, I'll have to own up. I think they like marzipan, so it will be for the best.

Bruce was going mad about 2 hours ago. Barking at me, as if he'd not had his tea, of course he'd had it. I started to comb and brush him, within 5 mins he was fast asleep. I will remember this.

I'm going to have an early night. I've done quite a bit of walking today.
Diana wrote:
Friday, August 30, 2019, 20:10
Apologies if this appears twice. I posted the text below and it said it had posted but wasn't appearing. I refreshed but still not there so am reposting.

Dinner was good - lemon sole followed by vanilla cheesecake.

Glad you enjoyed last weekend, Fi, despite the long journey but sorry re the comments you've received, pity your sis and Sloppy can't put themselves in your shoes and all you've gone through the past year. Makes me feel very lucky with my parents. Feel free to let off steam/have a moan on here. I think we went to Alth*rp 2/3 years after Diana died, though I can only remember the island.

I agree with you, Jo, re everyone has their own way of loading dishwasher. I'm getting better with loading my parents' ie load it how Mum does it, but will never get it completely right. I thought I was going to have a similar problem with my NW account but I use our joint account which is with a different bank to transfer money into my personal account so I still get (very minimal) interest. I'd have thought it would be better to say you have to keep a minimum of X amount in your account to earn interest/be eligible for additional benefits. As it stands now, you can transfer money in one day and transfer it out again the next and still be eligible.

Eva, Ploppy's activity bug lasted one day! Whereas I will do at least one job a day, he seems to do several one day and then nothing for days, if not weeks. I reminded him this morning of one job that needs doing but he said he wasn't in the mood - it'll only take him 10 mins! Hope the packing goes smoothly and Mrs S does her fair share. And that the tweaked meds work.

The decorator is on holiday now for 10 days. At least I won't have to get up to unlock the side gate for him before 7.30 am, not that I've minded as the weather's been so good I've wanted to be up early, but it's nice not to have to get up. Yesterday I did a food shop first thing and was home by 9.15 am, the decorator had said he wasn't starting until 9.30 am but luckily I opened the gate before I went as he was already working when I got back. Ploppy was still in bed, watching TV!!

After the shop, I spent yesterday sunbathing. This morning I did a few jobs around the house, filled in the forms for the IFA for my pension - listing annual expenditure took some time to work out - and then spent the afternoon in the garden. Tomorrow I want to exchange a few old £1 coins I found in the sofa when vacuuming it (presumably Ploppy's but I'm keeping the money!) and then spend some time on the laptop.

I hate the way the evenings are drawing in, we need the light on in the kitchen for dinner (7.00 pm ish) and it's now dark by 8.30 pm. If I was still w*rking, it wouldn't be completely light when I left home in the morning. I was feeling sad this pm thinking that the summer was nearly over but cheered myself up when I worked out that, unless the whole of April is miserable, I should be able to sit out and enjoy the sun at least one day every month for the next year!

Have a good weekend.
Diana wrote:
Friday, August 30, 2019, 20:21
I hate marzipan too, Jo. Mum likes it but hates icing which I love so when we had Xmas and birthday cakes with icing and marzipan, I gave her my marzipan and had all her icing so we were both very happy.

My first post seems to have vanished into the ether - good thing I copied it.
evam wrote:
Saturday, August 31, 2019, 01:02
Morning all. It's raining, and we've been warned about more massiv rain throughout the day.

Diana,- thank you for the link to our site. It makes life so much simpler with a link that takes us straight to the . I have to admit that I quite like marzipan. So Ploppy's activity bug has left him, eh? Pity, i'd hoped it might have lasted another day or two.😜

I am trying to find things to do while I'm wandering around. The restless legs are really restless tonight, even if I've thaken my meds. I have sorted a wardrobe in the guest room, but was really sorted already. I think I'll try to go to bed again and maybe be lucky enough to fall asleep again for a couple of hours.
evam wrote:
Saturday, August 31, 2019, 07:41
Morning again. It's still raining cats and dogs out there. I thought I caught a glimpse of TK and Bruce! 😂😂🌧

Hello sweetheart. Just a quick visit as I'm off to do packing up father's things, but I thought I'd pop in to see you as I can really do with a coffee and a toasted muffin. You will? You are delightful.💋💋💋

I did go back to sleep around 4.30am, and didn't wake up until 6.45 am, so I'm feeling OKish. I can do without the 2-3 awake hours in the middle of the night though. Maybe it'll come to me gradually.

Have a good Saturday all.
TK wrote:
Saturday, August 31, 2019, 09:15
Diana, my mum and step mum liked marzipan, so we did the same. I'm trying to get at least one admin or sorting job done a day. Sometimes I start on one and the post or email brings another 'challenge' and I have to change my goal for the day.

Eva waking up in the night and doing sorting is not good. I hope your legs calm down. I know Felf is having a bad time with her restless legs at the moment. Due to the Bank holiday last Monday our bin men came early this morning. I didn't hear them, I thought we'd progressed to ninja bin men, but a neighbour said she'd heard them about 7am. It must have been a bit before as my phone alarm goes off then. The furry alarm went off at 6am today, I opened the back door to let the alarm clock out and went back to sleep.

Better get to my sorting job for the day.
TK wrote:
Saturday, August 31, 2019, 20:04
Bruce decided on a route march on a road out of the village. Obviously there were stops for sniffing and marking, but we were really moving. (Bella x at least 4.) We were nearly out of the village so I thought we'd make it to my friend's house. Phoned her and popped in for a catch up. He daughter was there. She goes to the same uni as I did. By chance I was wearing the granddad shirt I found during sort out. I bought it when I was at uni, the same age as she is now.
It was dusk when set up home, same speed. My feet are throbbing slightly. Luckily half way home a man recognised Bruce from one meeting about 6 weeks ago in a pub, so he stopped us to chat. My feet had a rest. PS My friend said I'd done the right thing!!! Several reasons, a silly one being there are so many people now the parking is a bigger nightmare than 6 months ago.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, September 1, 2019, 06:47
Morning and safely home again – currently clear skies but it was definitely cooler last night. According to the forecast we have sun and a light breeze and a pleasant 20C to look forward to later in the day. Think you may have rain still Eva, but it should have eased a little.

Oh that’s good about Duffy Jo – hopefully she will be given a clean bill of health in a couple of months. Oh I love marzipan – in fact I am looking forward to being in Vixxna later this month (can’t believe it is September already) when I can have some Mxzxrtkugeln – I love them! There used to be a shop in Rxchmxnd that sold them! Ah so it ended up being a “return to sender” (one of my favourite Elxxs songs) That does seem a little naughty of the bank to say you will lose your travel insurance. Hopefully you have managed to sort it out and will still retain the insurance cover. Aww so all Bruce wanted was a brush and combing! Handy tip for the future! MM knows how to calm Dxva (the Welsh Springer Spaniel that Mary and Les have – he just fondles her ears and she becomes very docile!). MM always has a list of things he needs to get done and then works through it, but like you he often gets side tracked by emails (usually on church wardeny things). So you slept through the bin men visit – I have to confess last week I did the same. I see you had a long trek with Bruce (just as well you had the stop over with the friend – I am assuming you might have told her daughter the shirt was the same age as she was?, and with the friendly man). Hopefully your feet have now recovered!

Eva I do hope the rain and the wind didn’t last too long. I see you have been landed with the paperwork for the move and the disposal of the flat. I am sure you are an expert by now. I am so glad you have spoken with your doctor, I think it really helped that he knew everything that had been going on. Fingers crossed the med tweaks and the easing of the stress (although probably not the latter until the move is actually achieved) will make a difference. So back to see in the insultant – is this the nice one? I think the Estate Agent hasn’t been the only one sighing over the SS and their inability to do the right thing. I seem to remember you telling us when you moved last that you were responsible for the surveyor. I also remember the orchid! So up at wandering around in the early hours ago – not sure that is the best time to sort a wardrobe, but at least you did manage a couple of hours sleep afterwards. I hope the packing went well. I also hope you managed to get more sleep last night – as you say may be it will be a gradual return to normal sleeping patterns.

Diana, thanks for the tip about getting to the last of the comments. I will try that out later! It is funny how we all load dishwashers differently isn’t it – I see your Mum has undertaken training with you for when you are there. I agree with you – it should be that if you keep a certain amount in your account that should be the way banks work the system rather than saying you have to keep money in! Ah so Ploppy’s enthusiasm waned quickly. Fortunately for me, MM is very good at doing jobs!! At least with the decorator away you should be able to make the most of the last of the lovely weather (think it is due to last for this week). I see the magic WX40 is still working its magic. Ah I remember the Bank of E saying there were lots of £1 coins which didn’t seem to be in circulation – one of their suggestions was that people should look down the sides of chairs and sofas, so I think lots of men lost coins down the sides of furniture. I am with you that the nights are getting dark quicker now, such a shame – mind you it does mean my lights in the garden are on longer.

We had a lovely few days away and the weather was glorious. We did manage quite a bit of retail therapy (ok – I bought some C’mas cards and pressies too – couldn’t let Eva get ahead of me!), but managed to buy myself four tops, a chiffon over jacket thing, some make up, and some toiletries. MM came home with new trousers and socks, so we did well. On Friday evening we went to a put to eat – it was a very interesting journey through a wood down a single track lane – I am just grateful we didn’t meet anything coming the opposite way! Food portions once we had arrived were enormous! MM had a steak and ale pie and it took up three quarters of his plate! Yesterday we went off for Brunch at a place we have visited before, and then we bid Mary and Les farewell and joined the traffic jams on the X20 and X25. They added over half hour to our journey. When we arrived home Twin went off home and I put the washing on once we had unpacked. As a result I have the i word to look forward to this afternoon. Watched the misery of C’lty – only the appearance of Jac gave us something to smile at! Off to church shortly of course. Morning BHB, yes we are home again. Let’s take the pastel del natas and the Artist’s Spxcial though to the terrace and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, September 1, 2019, 09:14
Morning all and here we are again! Sorry we haven't posted over much but I am sure you understand you get a bit tied up doing things when staying with friends. We had such a nice time. Mary is a lovely and generous hostess and looks after us so well. Of course it involved a lot of retail therapy and I have bought my first Cxxxxmas pressie! Sorry for the C word! The meal Twin talked about was one of the largest I have ever had I think! If we had realised what the portion sizes were like we would have passed on the starter! Terrific value too at £25 a head and that included the wine and other drinks. Must say the drive to and from was very , er shall we say interesting. The Lane was so narrow it was a relief nothing came the other way, fortunately you could see by the state of the road it was hardly used as there was grass growing down the middle of it! Not the best journey home for MM driving yesterday, but I suppose considering how many people will be returning home from holidays this weekend it might have been worse! Today I will be in laundry mode, the price of holidays!

Eva not the best to be clearing wardrobes at that time, but at least you did manage a bit more sleep. Hopefully you will gradually get back into a proper sleeping pattern and your restless legs will give you a break. Hope the packing up goes well and you get the place looking straight, but don't forget the orchid! I remember that from last time as well.

Diana thanks for the tip about the link. I will certainly give that a try. I agree loading other people's dishwashers is fraught with dangers! You can guarantee you get it wrong! So Ploppy is worn out with DIY is he! I think you deserve the coins you find, I hope there are a lot of them! I am another who hated marzipan, I also used to swap it for icing, though as all my family loved both they had to be in a generous mood to give me their icing!

Glad Duffy got a good report from the vet Jo. Fingers crossed she is soon completely well again. So Bruce is taking you on route marches is he! Nice you could visit your friend though, especially in a shirt the same age as the daughter!

Morning BHB and here we are again and ready for the cocktail. It's Artxst's Spxcial and you have pastel de natas? Oh lovely, let's get more and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Sunday, September 1, 2019, 09:25
I was late out with Bruce this morning, not too late. There were no doggy friends there until we were leaving so I turned about and went back with them, they could then have doggy chats.

Carol and Pauline sounds like you had a lovely time away. I'm away for a day next Saturday. Clacton again :)

I better get on to the job for today.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, September 1, 2019, 20:04
Evening. Sorry I’ve been mia recently. Done a skim to have a catch up. Thanks for the new home Jo
Busy week as always. Jack was working ‘oop north’ and home at midnight on Friday, he left this eve to go back till Thursday. Feels odd without him.
Had our church anniversary today, friend and I put on a lunch for 20 but I had to work first so I got up at 6, threw a chilli together in slow cooker and components for pavlovas and dropped them at church at 8.30. Worked till 11.30 then got to church in time to take communion before serving lunch. Put my feet up this afternoon!!
Day off tomorrow so coffee out with sloppy (she took a tumble at home Friday and is a little stiff and bruised - fell over doorstep and face planted hallway!) fortunately she’s ok but could have been worse as she was carrying secateurs 😱
Can’t believe it’s sept already. Off on hols in less than 2 wks, can’t wait
evam wrote:
Monday, September 2, 2019, 00:50
Morning all at silly o'clock. Yes, I only slept 1 1/2 hour before I was wide awake again. I have now cleaned plenty of pastic boxes for food storage which we found in one of father's cupboard. There were enough for a small army, so I did a cull. The remaining ones needed proper clean before they went back in Father's drawer.
We have worked hard over tthe W/E. I have been resposible for the kitchen, and everything is now in boxes, going ether to father's or to Oxfam. Yesterday I packed down the books, and Mrs S is taking them to Oxfam today. We have managed so far without fighting.
Later this morning I'm picking up my cleaning lady and father's ditto. They will be witnesses to father signing an POA over to me, so that I can handle all the aspect of the sale of the flat. They have witnessed several things for us before. They both know our family well, and I know they can be trusted.

Ali,- your poor mum. Hope it isn't too serious. So now you have an empty nest, eh?

Jo which concert will be in Clacton? Not GO, is it? Bruce is taken over Bella's social gang, Is he.

Pauline,- I won't forget the orchid. 😜 Glad you had a good w/e with MM and Twin.

Carol,- I think you're right that it won't be any easing of stress until all this is over. The upcoming week is packed with appointments. I also have to pay anothervisit to the hospital. (No, the consultant there is not the handsome one.

I have to tip-toe out so as not to wake up BHB:
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, September 2, 2019, 06:40
Morning and pale blue skies – I think it is going to be quite a nice day with temperatures hovering around the 20C mark, so very pleasant. It is certainly cooler at night at the moment.

Ah back to Clacton then Jo – so f&c on the agenda! This will be to say Mxrty W then? I feel it was just as well you let Bruce stay and chat with his friends, or he could have got quite vocal I feel. Doubtless they managed to put the doggy world to rights.

Hi Ali, so Jack is getting to stay away a lot. It must feel odd without him. Well done on the anniversary lunch meal planning and execution. I think your feet up afternoon was well deserved. Hope you enjoy your day off today. Has the new staffing started yet? Oh poor Sloppy – goodness she was indeed lucky if she was carrying a pair of secateurs! Very easy to trip over a doorstep – I imagine she is very bruised and may have lost a little confidence as a result. Hope you have a lovely time enjoying your coffee together. Ah we used to take our holidays in September for a while and it seemed to take ages to arrive. We would listen to other people’s stories of what they had done whilst away, and I would think but I still have weeks to go before it is my turn! It does have the benefit of fewer people and milder weather of course (a little like June, which is why we now go then).

Oh Eva that’s not good – I hope you managed to get some more sleep when you had finished cleaning out the plastic containers at silly o'clock. I thought as you were going to be so busy this weekend clearing things from the flat that you might find you were so tired you slept long and well, but obviously the reverse. Excellent that Mrs S has been pulling her weight and that there have been no fall outs. I remember you using the cleaning ladies as witnesses in the past, so I am sure you will have no problems. Oh so not the handsome insultant this week (hope you find time to breathe in between all the appointments). I am hoping that by the end of the week when everything is done, you will just fall into bed and sleep for a couple of days!

All was back to normal at church, although our curate has been placed with another church (all curates are moved around a little to gain experience). Rick and the Vicar had a long chat and catch up after the service so we were quite late home. I managed to get through all the i word in the afternoon so don’t have to worry about that. I did have a call from my cousin to say my Falling Aunt is deteriorating fast and was barely conscious at the weekend, so really it is just a matter of time, and that looks like it will only be a couple of days. This cousin had taken my uncle up to see my aunt on Saturday. MM offered to take me, but I think I would rather remember her as she was. Off to SLAPPAS this morning of course (and will avoid any jumping clothing as part of my Be Good This September challenge), and then the burglar alarm engineer is coming to service the alarm system at some point this afternoon. I have a fair bit of admin to do so want to get that done and dusted. Morning BHB, you had an early morning visitor? Yes poor Eva not sleeping at all well at the moment. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted teacakes through to the conservatory – we will have plenty of time for a snuffle before the DCM arrives, and you can tell me all about your weekend.
Diana wrote:
Monday, September 2, 2019, 07:56

I had a quiet weekend. On Saturday I did some cleaning, swopped the old £1 coins and sat out. Yesterday I located some boxes of old mags and brought them downstairs to go through over the next few weeks, did some stuff online, sat outside for a couple of hours, then took some stuff to a charity shop and had a short walk.

Today we're going to see my parents and take them out, assuming Dad's not having a bad day. We're intending to go to a military aviation museum, have a pub lunch and possibly go to a nature reserve near a beach.

Glad you enjoyed your days away, Twins.

Eek that could have been a really nasty fall for your Sloppy, Ali. Hope she's not too shaken up and bruised. Enjoy your day off.

Sorry you've had another bad night, Eva, hope you were able to go back to sleep.

We're leaving shortly so must go and finish getting ready.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, September 2, 2019, 09:11
Morning all and it is another nice bright one though we still have quite a strong breeze. It made it quite cool yesterday, but I think the breeze is coming from a more southerly direction now so it should be a bit warmer. I have the ixxnxxg to do today after my efforts with the w/machine yesterday, so not sure if I will get into the garden which as ever needs lots doing to it. I will try though. It is a lot cooler at night so I have put my fan back in it's box. It is easily accessible so it can come out again if it does get warmer at nights. Watched the second episode of Sxnditon last night and I am still not fond of it. Maybe if it didn't have JA's name attached to it I might like it better as I am a fan of Andrxw Dxvixs adaptations, but this just grates with me as it has things in she would never have written.

So Jack is off working is he Ali. Seems hard to believe and makes me wonder where those years went! I am sure you miss him badly. Goodness that was a morning's work you put in yesterday. I hope you did take it easy in the afternoon though not sure knowing you! you have certainly earned a lovely holiday.

So back to Clxcton then Jo. They will give you the keys of the town soon! I am sure the fish and chip place profits have improved as well! It lovely to hear that Bruce has made some doggy friends.

Eva that is not good that you were up and about again in the middle of the night. I feel you have too much on your mind at the moment and can't relax properly. Glad you and Mrs S are in the same room and keeping the peace, well at the moment! Hope the signing of the POA goes smoothly, I remember you have used these ladies before so it seems likely it will.

Have a lovely day with your parents Diana. It sounds very interesting.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Oh silly me, it's Lavendula day. Let's get some more and some toasted teacakes and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Monday, September 2, 2019, 09:26
I'm sitting by an open window (wearing a thick fleece) as the decorators are buzzing around. They are sanding down at the moment. There is no sign of Bruce, better go and check he has not escaped. I found him, fierce watch dog
Well it is his sleeping time.

Ali you were up and about early, glad the celebration went well. Even when you have put your feet up, it always sounds like a very busy day. Best wishes to Sloppy. Your holiday has crept up quickly, lovely.

I'm listening to the Roger Whittaker CD I got in Clacton. Good voice but not really my taste. I'll switch it out for something with a bit more beat. Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis..... and more.

Eva well done for not fighting with Mrs S. I'm sure you will get it all sorted. Though doing stuff in the night is not the best thing. If it helps you to sleep, then OK. (I could send you a McGyver CD/DVD, his voice lulls me to sleep.) Plastic boxes do seem to multiply, I did a little sort at the weekend too, nothing by your standards. You are the expert in buying and selling dwellings Norway, Spain and England!! It is good that you have 2 people who can be relied on to witness.

I seem to have employed the only 2 workmen in England who don't drink tea or coffee or eat biscuits!!

Carol and Eva yes it is Marty W. Also going to give the usual restaurant a final chance. I'll also try to have a look at some other places to eat. There are a couple of good fish places on Trip Ad, they don't have a menu online, so I'll have to look to see if they do anything else.
Carol Sad news about Falling Aunt. It is hard to decide not to go, but also difficult to have the last memory when they are really ill. I never saw Melf after he went to hospice and for a week before as I had a bad chest infection and didn't want to make him worse with my bugs. I hope Falling Aunt is not in pain.
Best wishes for your avoiding jumping NEW clothing this Sept.
Jumping clothing is allowed from charity shops!!!

Diana have a good day out with the parents today. I think a jumper will be required. (This morning I could have done with gloves.)

Better carry on with task. It is a bit difficult with various windows and doors open. I'm giving Pilates a miss this morning, wasn't certain about what access the painters needed.
Jane E wrote:
Monday, September 2, 2019, 11:07

I'm back!!!!

For the time being anyway. I have been told if security block the site again I won't be able to get it unblocked. Oooo it's nice to be home! And what a lovely new thread - thank you Jo!

I'm starting with the last post and reading back to see how far I get.

Carol - I'm very sorry to hear about Falling Aunt. I hope she's not in too much distress. Many hugs xxx

Ah Jo, I see you are giving the Fish and Chip place one last chance. What a shame they're in danger of loosing their crown. But lots of potentials to try.

Pauline - I've watched the first episode of S*ndition and rather enjoyed it. But I understand that first episode covered the fragment JA wrote. I'm interested to see how the writer continues it.

Eva - it sounds like you have a lot of work on your hands. Great that dad is sorted though. We done for playing nice with Mrs S. Hope the PoA goes smoothly!

Ali - do you ever get a chance to relax? Oh I see you have a day off tomorrow. Hope Sloppy is OK and you enjoy yourselves. Hope you are not missing Jack to much!

Hope you enjoy your day out at the museum Diana!

I had a wonderful time at the Clacton concert! Really one of the very best. His Geths*mane was incredible as was Fr*m Now *n!

Oh and nearly forgot!

Beatrix says hi!
TK wrote:
Monday, September 2, 2019, 12:00
Jane I hope they don't block you again. I can see no reason, no rude words or pics, bandwidth use is minimal, no confidential info shared, not a locked site so it can be checked. It wouldn't be not allowed by my last company's policy when I left. (If it is the pics causing problems I can remove them all.)
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, September 2, 2019, 21:08
Evening. Have been done no housey things trying to sort thro clothes - and tidy them - trying some of the M.rie K.ndo style of ordering my underwear storage. Looks neat at moment but... I went throw all my dresses ( hadn’t realised I had so many!) and following the M.rie K.ndo method throwing away those which don’t “ spark joy”! Jo - you ought to come for a holiday to this area - singlehandedly I have boosted the stock of our local ch.rity shops.
Diana - have a nice day at your parents and that you didn’t get caught up in Monday traffic. Sounds a busy day - they must be very energetic. Even my feisty sloppy would struggle with that active a day.
Jo- workmen who don’t like tea - or biccies! Even if they are expensive builders you will save a fortune in not buying biccies - plus save a lot of your time!
Jane - glad to see you have been allowed out to play again!
Eva - you have been working hard. Great that no family rows - you may even end up best buddies - No??? Ploppy’s uncle ( not the relatives in Shropshire) is 90 next month and his aunt phoned and asked us to a small family aft tea. Ploppy’s bro ( whom he doesn’t speak to;;and who now that he has got the family money has inveigled his way into bosom of this aunt and uncles and cousins - as I had warned ploppy he would);will be there. I have persuaded ploppy to attend in the hope this can be a rapprochement. We are a bit wary as bro accosted ploppy very inappropriately at uncles funeral last year so are hoping that doesn’t happen here. If it does we will walk out ( 90th bday or not) but going to give it a go.
Twins - wondering whether you will take up Jo’s challenge and buying only from ch.rity shops his month . Sorry to hear about your aunt Carol , tho if her dem.ntia was fast in taking hold then it may be best for her and others.
Ali - empty nests take some getting used to - but think you are so busy you may not notice! Your mum was lucky to not have worse result of her fall. A friend fell in exactly same circumstance(tho without the secateurs!) and broke a bone in her ankle!
Ali wrote:
Monday, September 2, 2019, 22:09
Just had heartbreaking job of burying our little Gatsby (well ploppy did as I’m too much of a coward) He was hit by a car and kind person moved him to verge and put a post on local fb page. He was Jack’s cat and I’m dreading telling him, will wait till he’s home on Thurs.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, September 3, 2019, 07:22
Morning all ( at a more normal time.) The weather looks good, but not very warm. The radio has warned that if people are driving across the mountains, they need their winter tyres on as snow has fallen! 🌨❄️

Hello sweetheart. Sorry I wasn't here yesterday, but I had lots to do and was absolutely knacked when I got home. I'm forgiven? 💋💋💋 You have the coffee ready to go with a toasted teacake? Loverly.❤️️

The signing of the POA went to plan yesterday. Father had organised (!) a room where we could sit comfortably, and had asked a nurse if we could have some coffee as well! I almost fell over, because he hasn't been able to organise a p*ss up in a brewery lately! When he finally let us go, I dropped the ladies off and went to do my weekly shop.
I had a text from my GP telling me that I had an iron deficiency, and to start taking iron pills. I hate them! And so does my stomach, because it goes on strike just by the faintest whiff of an iron pill. In a way it's a choice between pest and cholera. 😒
I had a phone call from the stylist who offered her services to make the flat ready for the photographer tomorrow. I think she was a bit miffed when I declined her services. 😜 I am going down to the flat in half an hour to "style" the flat myself.

Carol,- I'm sorry to read about your Auntie. Hope she was without pain.

Jo,- you have to be careful. Before you know it you'll be chosen as " Housewife Of The Year" with all this sorting and decorating!😂

Ali,- so sad about Gatsby. How kind of the people who find him to set up the note so that you could find him.

Ah Jane,- you're back! 👏👏 I hope those blocking our site have seen their mistake, and have brought us back.

I'm sure I have missed a lot, but have only skimmed the blog. I'm too tired to consentrate. Do you think the iron pills will help?
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, September 3, 2019, 07:30
Morning and a little overcast here. It looks as if we have a breeze too. I think we are due to remain dry and to hit around 21C later.

Diana well done on changing the old £1 coins – although I think I am right in saying most banks have agreed to accept them indefinitely. Hope you had a lovely day with your parents and that your father was able to join you. The aviation museum sounds the sort of thing MM would like!

Jo! It wasn’t that cold yesterday!! Still as you have the decorators in I will let you off. I see Bruce decided to ignore them all and just sleep on! Oh I used to quite like a bit of Roger W “back in the day” Not exactly a fan, but found him easy to listen to! Workmen not drinking tea or coffee??? Also not eating biscuits???? I didn’t know such people existed! Most won’t start work without a hot drink! Falling Aunt is not in pain that we are aware off, just drifting in and out of consciousness. I didn’t hear anything from cousins yesterday so I am assuming she is still clinging on. I am going to do without ANY new clothes during the month (well that’s the goal!). MM is slightly sceptical!

Oh good – glad they have relented at work and have decided we aren’t a threat to their systems. Yes the first episode of Sxndxton was the only part that had any of Jane A in it. I was talking to Lindy about part 2 when we were having coffee yesterday and she fell asleep during this week’s episode but also said it just didn’t seem like anything Jane A had written (and I concur)! Not sure Andrew D has served her well with this adaptation – when you think of what a wonderful job he did with the recent Les M, you would be hard put to think it was the same writer! Oh Hi back to the lovely, ever helpful Beatrix!

Ah so were you given the MK book thenFi? I have to admit I watched one of the video clips on folding a tee shirt and thought life was too short! What do you do when all your clothes “spark joy”? is my question (working on the assumption that you initially bought them for that reason?). I did read an article that suggested at the start of each season you hang everything in the wardrobe with the hanger hooks facing the same way. As you wear them you turn them to face the opposite way and at the end of the season you get rid of anything that is still facing the original way on the basis you haven’t worn it all season. Might give that a go at some point! Ah another 90th in the family. Well, it was nice to be invited but not so good that Ploppy’s brother will be there. Think you are right to go but also to reserve the right to leave if he is obnoxious again. It is actually Moving Aunt with the Dementia (down in New Fxrest), Falling Aunt is just frail.

Oh Ali that is so sad, and I think you have just had his a year too. I am sure Jack will be devastated. I think you are wise not to tell him until he is home. Sending hugs.

Oh morning Eva – I was about to post and there you are. Snxw!!!!! In September?? Glad the singing went well – well done to Father were organising the room and the coffee! I suspect Father is just feeling relieved and therefore able to think for himself! Oh dear so ixxn pills – I had to take those for a while when I was anaemic – can understand your reluctance! Ah so you have your orchid in a vase all ready! Does the stylist not realise you are an expert on selling property and quite capable of “styling” the flat yourself (I am sure she does realise now!). Hope you managed to get a little more rest last night??

Pleased to report we returned from SLAPPAS and no clothing bought! Can you see my halo? In the afternoon the engineer for the alarm turned up mid afternoon so not too bad within the time slot we were given. All is well, so that is a relief! Mind you the neighbours probably weren’t too thrilled when he tested the sound! I did some of my admin and have a little more to do today. Tonight we have a PCC meeting – first for two months so will have a fairly lengthy agenda I guess. I will have to watch HC on catch up and also the new drama which is starting, as I thought we would give that a go. You can tell autumn is on the way as better programmes appearing (although we did have some good ones over the summer) plus Strxctly is back on our screens! Morning BHB, yes it is trying to brighten up. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Fxremxn’s Sxxr through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, September 3, 2019, 09:07
Morning all. it was a grey start to the day but now the cloud has broken and the sun is doing it's best to shine. Not too cold either. I have a hair appointment this afternoon so hoping the forecast is right and it doesn't rain. Yesterday I popped down to St A in the end as I needed a few bits. I avoided clothes as I am supporting Twin in her no clothes mission for the month. However I confess I did buy a pair of shoes. They are very nice walking shoes which I need badly and these were in the sale +another 20% off. As I need them for our visit to Vienna later this month I had to buy them. Anyway, they aren't clothes!

Ali I am so sorry about Gatsby. It really is heart breaking to lose a pet at any time but especially cruel when they are run over. Sending big hugs and hope Jack copes as well. Also I am sorry about your Mum falling. I see I forgot to say yesterday, but anyway I hope she is ok. You are having a tough time of it at the moment.

Jane lovely to have you back and glad we are cleared of being disreputable! Say hi back to Beatrix please! She looks a very happy Bunny and so helpful!

Eva glad to see you manage to avoid midnight cleaning! I think you have quite enough on your plate at the moment without that! I hope the orchid looks nice! Oh iron tablets are a pest. I know exactly what you mean as they have that effect on me too! Well done to your father for organising the coffee! Please don't even think about snxw yet. Eeek!

Ah this tidying tips Fi! I sort things and tidy them and it usually takes about 5 mins before they are in their normal state again. I think they untidy themselves when I am not looking! I am with Twin. All my clothes bring me joy which is why I find it so hard parting with them! Hope the tea goes well and bil manages to keep a civil tongue in his head! He really should know better than to ruin people's celebrations, but obviously he doesn't!

I am another that has fainted at the idea there are workmen that don't need constant tea and biccies! Roger W was the man that could whistle well wasn't he? Not a huge fan myself though I think my Mum liked him.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Fxremxn's Sxxr? Sounds good to me so let's get more and go and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, September 3, 2019, 11:26
Oh no Ali. Very sad for you all. You news has made me cry too. That was kind of the person. As with Nigel, some comfort that it was quick. Poor Jack, virtual hug from me.

I'm very emotional at the moment as I've been sorting concert outings, so for pet care I had turned to October's page in my calendar 4 pet photos, Nigel, Gefn and Bella have all gone. TK is still here.

The decorators have just been to the shops and brought back a pack of Bakers Sizzlers Bacon Adult Dog Treats. To me they smell terrible Bruce liked them.

Fi I hope you manage to have a civil celebratory outing. Fingers crossed. You are getting on well with your sorting. I decided to take mine in little bits as I did it. I was worried I would go back in a few days later and say, 'that still fits me I'll hold on to it'. If I take the bags in as I sort I can't do that. Thought it does mean when I go into the shop I see a nice blouse and say 'I like that, I'll have it' only to remember I didn't like it enough to wear it much when I had it before, that is why it is there.

I was up so early this morning to get ready for the decorators it feels like 3pm rather than 12.25. Bruce has been out twice already.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, September 3, 2019, 11:38
Eva your father is doing well, relief for him on having things more more sorted must have freed up his mind.

Carol, that is an October challenge for you. Best wishes to you.

I've just realised I'm sitting in a chilly place, front door open and the window next to me open. I have a thin fleece on, I'll get the thick one too.

Today the music is rock n roll. I was listening to US TV progs, but the interruptions with questions were too much. Of course now there are no questions.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, September 3, 2019, 13:27
Hello all - and thank you for the lovely welcome back!

I am hoping security allow me to stay. The only category for blocking that our blog could all into is 'chat'. But I think 'Chat' refers to chat rooms, which I suppose could be distracting if employees keep them open to have conversations. But seeing as blog comments are not real time and most of us only come on once or twice a day at most, I can't see that our lovely site causes any threat.

And I did explain in my request just how important this thread is to our well being - sharing issues, supporting each other, having a laugh... all so good for mental health. Actually I think the blog should be available on the NHS and the Norwegian equivalent!

Workmen who don't like tea and biscuits Jo??!!! Have you tried them with coffee and cake? Come to think of it my Polish decorators were flummoxed when I offered to make them a brew. The other workmen I had all were quite hppy with the concept - "Here's the kettle, he's the tea, here's the cups - help yourself!"

I was thinking not so long ago about Bella, Gfen and Nigel. It must be sad to see their photos come up. You were such a good mum to them xxx

Oh and Ali, poor Gatsby. Heart-breaking. I hope Jack isn't too upset when he hears. Many hugs xxx

Fi - I don't know what the MK method is, but it sounds very sensible to get rid of clothes that don't bring you joy. A bit like when I went through my photos when Ploppy left. My rule is if a photo doesn't make me smile it doesn't go on my electronic photo frame slide show. (I now have a lot of pics of Lee on there :-))

Glad to hear the PoA signing went OK Eva. And it sounds like your dad is much better than he's been recently. I can imagine him being the patriarch 'organising' everything. A Flat stylist!!!!??? Sigh. I remember the 'House Doctor' programmes in the 1990's. As far as I remember all you have to do is paint every room oatmeal, place colour co-ordinated cushions, vases, and throws everywhere, and remove any trace of personality. Then make sure there's coffee brewing when potential viewers come around. Or bread baking (Do you think I could get a job as a house stylist? :-))

Oh yuk! Not iron tablets! they have a very unfortunate effect on me too!

Carol - Ooo that halo is bright!! Watch out it's blinding people!!!

I watched the second episode of Sand*ton yesterday. The first I though stayed faithful to the JA's style but the second - dear me no! JA's characters never speak so crudely - and her writing is much wittier. I have decided to regard it as a modern novel set in the 1800's and nothing to do with JA. That allows me to watch it without shouting at the TV.

Well done both Twins on no clothes for a month. I am joining in 'second-hand September' (which isn't a hardship as I seldom buy new clothes these days, as my new hometown ah plenty of decent charity shops).

Pauline - I'm sure shoes (and for that matter underwear) don't count. Happy new hair do - toss toss!

Beatrix's home made bean burgers were lovely last night. But they seemed to involve using every utensil in the kitchen!

Diana wrote:
Tuesday, September 3, 2019, 13:47

Sorry about Falling Aunt, Carol. Hope she has a peaceful end.

And so sorry too about Gatsby. Sending hugs, Ali.

Is there another way you could have more iron, Eva ie a food high in iron?

Nice of your decorators to get the treats for Bruce. Hope the work is going well.

Had a lovely day yesterday. The weather was mostly sunny until mid afternoon so we sat in the garden for a while on arrival having a coffee. Decided to go to the nature reserve followed by lunch given the weather and leave the aviation museum for another less nice day. We had a short walk through the reserve beside the edge of Pagh*m Harbour. The tide was out so it was mostly marshy with the odd stream. We had lunch at an old restaurant/hotel not far from the reserve:
Lovely place and excellent food. Ploppy & I both had salmon mousse and hake in light curry sauce with cauliflower bhajis which were best I've ever had. I then had cherry parfait and he had local ice cream. Mum had monkfish with risotto, Dad crabcakes, duck and apple cake with apple ice cream, and we shared a very nice bottle of SA Chenin Blanc.
As we left the pub I couldn't believe what I was seeing - the sea was lapping the edge of the road nearby. Two hours before we'd only just been able to see it in the far distance. The water came in really quickly and don't think it was even high tide yet. Would definitely like to see more of the reserve, do more of the walks in the area (unfortunately most of the reserve isn't suitable for Dad's mobility scooter), and return to the pub.
We drove back on the coast roads via Bogn*r Regis - Ploppy had never seen Butl*ns and wasn't very impressed.

I walked into town this morning and did a food shop there as a change and as I had a number of coupons and the store is larger than my usual one up the hill, then took the bus home. I dithered about taking a jacket but was fine without. Need to sort out our home insurance next, hoping we can stay with existing company but need to raise a potential issue with them.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, September 3, 2019, 21:21
I'm too tired, Diana I read 'duck and apple cake' as duck and apple in a cake. I read it again and understood. Nice to have a number of coupons.

Bruce took me on a wiggly walk this evening. Past friends at end of road without stopping, off to the village but a left before we got there. I thought he was going to friends near the train crossing, but no, a right before their turning. Ah must be the bar. No straight past. A right, on to the far end of the shops. Marching it was 5.55pm, shops closed ...... except (crafty dog) the ice cream shop closes at 6pm. Straight in and collapsed in-front of the counter. So I got a scoop in a cornet to take out. He was very good, said hello to 2 people who thought he was 'cute'!! Then straight outside and a quick sit to indicate he was ready to start on the cornet. I suppose he had been quite good today.

Really tired

Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 07:26
Morning and slightly overcast here. We had a cold front come though this morning – I woke due to the sound of the rain, and it felt decidedly cool. Then I drifted off again before being woken by the garden refuse collection at 6.20 am (middle of the day for Eva!).

Eva I hope the styling of the flat went well and you managed to place the orchid artistically!!!

Oh Jo, not surprised you were feeling emotional looking at Nigel, Bella and Gefn. Sending a hug. So Bruce has the decorators already wrapped round his paw and bringing him treats! Very wise to take discarded things straight to the charity shop (although coming back with more clothing perhaps not the thing!). I have noted your October challenge and accept! I now have a vision of you sitting in your house in layers of fleeces.......... I have to confess I also read Diana’s post as “duck and apple cake” before I realised! I see Bruce was a dog on a mission (although worrying that he didn’t stop at the bar) – love that he dragged you all the way to the ice cream shop! What a clever boy. I suspect he thinks as the decorators are buying him treats you should be doing the same.

Lady J – I like your rationale for being allowed back on the Blog at work. We are indeed excellent for maintaining our mental health and venting our frustrations! I suspect the tea and biccies is a very British thing – especially if your Pxlish decorators were surprised to be offered any. MK is a Jxpxnese lady who says all clothes can be folded into rectangles and stored that way. You can watch youtube clips of her folding we are
So painting things oatmeal is the answer to all property sales then! Plus the odd orchid or two of course. When we sold my Mother’s house we didn’t have anything like that as we had an unexpected multi viewing on a Saturday when we were clearing the house out! The estate agents had tried to contact us to let us know but we only found out on the Saturday morning that we were clearing. We had June and Barry and Twin with us to help and had the skip organised so couldn’t do any nice touches at all!! I think that is the only way to view S’ton – as not a JA book. Beatrix did seem to have not had the lesson I had when learning to cook at school.......wash and clear up as you go along. In fact when I did my O level Dxmestic Scxxnce as it was we had to provide a timetable for our meal, and it had to include time for clearing! Happy days!!

Glad you had a lovely day with your parents, Diana. The nature reserve walk sounds really good. I like the look of the pub and the food sounds yummy. That was a very quick coming in or the tide! I wonder if people find themselves stranded if they don’t know the area. It is years since I went to BRxgis – in fact I didn’t even know there was a B’lins there!! We used to go on day trips there when I was little – I suspect I wouldn’t recognise it now.

Pleased to say the small freezer safely defrosted – now have to psych myself up for the bigger one in the garage – that can wait until another day. I also managed to do some of my admin, s had quite a fruitful day. The meeting in the evening finished at 10 pm and I was quite surprised when we went outside that it wasn’t as chilly as I had anticipated. We were home at 10.30 pm (after helping to put the chairs and tables away) and then I caught up with HC from last night – not the happiest of episodes but very well acted! This afternoon Lindy and Twin are over for LACE and we are going to watch The Wxman in Gxld to get us ready for our trip to Vxxna in two weeks. I wanted to see if when it came out a few years ago but didn’t manage to get to the cinema. As one of the things we plan to do is to go to the Schxnbrxnn and see the paintings it seemed the right time for the dvd. Morning BHB, yes not so nice today. Let’s take the churros and the Rxd Lxxn (drink not pub!) through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 09:21
Morning all and it is now beginning to be nice and sunny, though I woke to dark cloud. We obviously had a lot of rain last night, but I didn't hear it! I am off to Twin later today as it is a LACE day and we are getting in the mood for our Vxxnna trip! Had my hair cut yesterday and it feels much better, toss toss!

Jo I too can understand how sad you must be looking at the calendar pictures (well not the GO one obviously!), you had a bad year for you pets. Still at least Bruce is keeping you active! He is a crafty little one! Towing you straight for an ice cream! It shows his heart lies in his tummy! I see the decorators no the way to his heart as well! Gosh are we in to thick fleece weather already?

Jane I agree this blog is necessary to our health. It is all you say and I hope your work realises this! You are right about the way to view Sxnditon as well. It certainly is nothing like JA!

Hope the staging of the house went well Eva. I am sure the orchid has made all the difference! Or were you a rebel and went for something else! I well remember helping clear Twin's Mum's house. All these people turned up when we were in the middle of it all!Not a chance to stage anything, but it still sold very quickly!

Your day out with the parents sounds lovely Diana, the meal sounds very good as well, though I also thought that you had duck and apple cake! I know I went to B. Regis when I was little but really don't remember much, though I think there was a big statue, probably of King George 3, but I could be confusing it with somewhere else!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Rxd Lion? Sounds fascinating, let's get some more and go and find the CM in the conservatory.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 11:03
Thick fleece as summer underwear and windows are open for the decorators. They are up high today at the gable end, they need a triple extension ladder to get to it. Bruce has been out twice already today. It is not easy to keep to the routine when the decorators come at the time of the first walk.

I'm lucky when we sold the house in Sheffield just had to tidy it up. Yes there was stuff which needed doing to it, but the new buyers could do it to their taste. Someone has, a couple of years ago I saw pics on net of the internals of the house now. Wow the range now is £192,000 - £202,000. We sold it for £16,000, well that was in 1983. Some people have the inability to look through what is there to see what it will be with their stuff in it. My ex was one of them. He loved a house because of the furniture. It was almost the same as one we'd seen before which he didn't like. At least if there were several potential buyers at once they know there is competition and they can bid with that knowledge.

Have a good LACE day Twins. My WWW neighbour has just defrosted her freezer. I know, as her stuff was in my chest freezer. There was lots of it. There is only 2 of them. Son comes for a weekend each month, but that is all. Daughter lives in the village, not sure how often she eats there. But still there was a lot of stuff.

I've been to Bognor before I was 8, but I have no memory, apart from playing table tennis. It was then I realised my hand to eye co-ordination issue and sitting in the sun, as there is a photo of that. (Less than 8 as my hair is still short.)

Bruce has gone to sleep, after his 2 walks this morning.

I need to sort colours for rooms when I get that far, not sure about doing oatmeal.

Diana what a lovely day you had on Monday. I hope your insurance issue has been sorted. Everything seems to take a long time.

I have completed the Bruce care spreadsheet up until 25Oct19, took me ages yesterday as I did the maps too (I don't need a map for Clacton normally, but I trying to find a new eating place as Armstrongs is under new management, they have one more chance.) I need to get it to Mr and Mrs ExP as there are a lot of days. So far only one overnighter.

Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 11:05
Hi all,

Noisy at work today. They are doing some alterations and the demolition and drilling on the floor below is horrible. I am wearing earplugs.

Carol - I haven't watched HC yet. Would it be worth my while? Bearing in mind I only bother is a certain curly haired nurse is about. Thanks for the you tube link. I'll check on MK's ideas.

I ignore my school's take on organising cooking. Here's the Jane approach:

Am I stable enough to stand at cooker?

No - have something on toast or a baked potato.

Yes - cook dinner, piling all dirty pots around the kitchen on any flat surface - eat dinner - pour out a glass of wine (gin or cider is also acceptable) and put on some bouncy music - wash up and clean kitchen while dancing about and drinking wine.

I had a big smile at the idea of you having to show people round your house while packing up!

Pauline - I think there are some houses that simply don't need 'doctoring' to sell them. If they're in a desirable area and well designed buyers will snap them up (especially if it is a seller's market).

Hope you two have a lovely LACE day!

Ah Diana - sounds like you had a lovely family dinner. Not sure about the duck and apple cake :-) If you don't mind I am going to show a colleague this description. We keep having fights about whether to use the Oxford comma!

Jo, Bruce really does know what he wants doesn't he? And how clever of him to tell the time! Love it!

Best get back to work!
evam wrote:
Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 15:46
Afternoon all. Just a few words to let you know I'm still alive!
It went well at the hospital today. Was examined both by my rheumatolog and the lung specialist, and the conclusion is that I'll try a smaller dose of chemo every week, as it looks like the chemo is resposible for the damages to my lungs. New check in February next year.
I'm soooooo tired, as I only had 2- 2 1/2 hours sleep last night. Father is driving us all demented, phoning each of us 2-3 times a day, with the same questions and the same demands. AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH !
Tomorrow is a day off,- kind of, so I'll be back then.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 19:31
Most dogs can tell the time, when it is feed time or walk time. I was with Duffy today at just after 5pm (sorting out Bruce care with Mr and Mrs ExP), she was staring at Mrs ExP as 5pm is her food time. That wasn't working so she changed to Mr ExP. Bruce was fine as his food time is 6pm.

Tomorrow might be the last day for the decorators...... or it might not depending on weather and snagging I find. BBC weather looks like it will be OK.

To me it feels like 10pm. And it is chilly. This fleece needed. I do have the back door open. Fleece needed :)

Eva I suppose your father is excited and doesn't want anything forgotten. Take care of yourself.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, September 5, 2019, 07:23
Morning and nice blue skies, and what little breeze was around earlier seems to have disappeared.

I see you are still feeling the cold Jo (well I guess with all the windows open that is not surprising). Eek a triple extension to get up to the eaves – not a job for me then! I like the idea of just having to tidy up when you were selling the house in S’field Jo! That is an amazing jump in price, but I suppose if we are looking at thirty plus years it isn’t so surprising. The mass viewing (that’s what it seemed like – we had to go and stand on the lawn whilst they all traipsed round – fortunately a sunny day!) resulted in two parties putting bids in, so it worked quite well. Ah so you were the good Samaritan and housed all the frozen goodies for your friend. My freezer in the garage is an upright one, so not as roomy as a chest freezer. I should be able to get at least one of the three drawer loads into the small freezer in the kitchen (probably the ice creams!) and then have to work fast with the rest of it in freezer bags with ice blocks! I don’t think MM understood when I said we needed a cooler day to do it! I see you were a child with short hair when you were little too – mine was always short and I always wanted long hair so I could have plaits! Well done on the Bruce Care Spreadsheet – I am assuming everything is now organised! Shame about your favourite f&c place in C’ton – hopefully you will find somewhere just as good. Love the way the dogs (including Duffy) rule the lives of their “carers”!!

Lady J – good idea about the earplugs! When we were in our Rxgxnt Street office before we moved across to Fxtzrxvia the buildings were discovered to have what was known as Rxgxnt Strxxt disease (steel frame within the walls started to corrode and eat away at the stonework) and we spent a summer with scaffolding, plastic sheeting and drilling taking place during the heatwave, as the specialist contractors worked to rectify it. We were so glad when it was all finished! No GO in the episode on Tuesday – it concentrated on Jxc and past history. In fact apart from Sxcha, Flxtch and Nxcky, none of the main cast were in the episode. Ah so you thought it was duck and apple cake too – it was only when I read the ice cream part I realised I had it wrong!!

So pleased you had a good visit at the hospital. That’s interesting that they think the large doses of chxmo are affecting your lungs. So this will be a much smaller milder does if you are having it weekly? Figners crossed it helps. Goodness I am not surprised you are tired if you only had a couple of hours of sleep! I did wonder if Father would start harassing you all about what he wanted to take and what he didn’t – you are nearly there by now though? Glad you are having a day off today, even if it is only “kind of”!!

The film was very good yesterday – Helen M’rrxn was excellent. It was quite thought provoking too. We saw snippets of Vxxnna and are now veering towards visiting the Bxlvxdere rather than Schxnbrxxn – we won’t have time for both if we want to see other things! I was actually very lucky as I saw the painting the film was about when I was in V’nna years ago – before it was returned and taken to the Stxtes. Today we are off to Lxndxn to see Fxddlxr on the Rxxf matinee. Looking forward to that as I love the music (I have played both Hxdel and Gxlde in my time, and MM has played Mxtxl and Txvye so we know the music quite well!). Morning BHB, yes another sunny start to the day. Let’s take the churros and the Blxshin’ Rxssxan through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle. I think the DCM will be with us soon as I know she is awake!

Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, September 5, 2019, 08:16
Morning all and it is a lovely morning though I think cooler than it looks. We had a very nice day yesterday, the film was good though I found a couple of the flashbacks to the war upsetting. Today is Fxddler and this can also be emotional so I better go easy on the eye makeup!

That was some increase in your house price %jo, just shows how property has gone mad! My first house cost me £20,000. I doubt if you could buy the garden for that now! I agree a lot of people look at the decor and furniture and can’t see through it. Also agree dogs can tell the time. Every day at 5.30 our dog would sit in a chair by the window and watch for my Father coming home, plus he knew his dinner time of course!

Jane that noise sounds dreadful, ear plugs definitely a good idea.

So the lack of sleep goes on then Eva, glad your visit to the hospital went well and the new regime helps. Have a good sort of day off!

Morning BHB so we have Blxshin Russian toda? Let’s get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Thursday, September 5, 2019, 08:41
I'm sitting inside with a cotton jacket on. I have to go and get a fleece, got a shawl instead. That is a bit better.
I'll move about soon, should warm me up.

Eva I hope the change in meds doses brings an improvement.

Twins have a good time today.

Still too chilly, got to move about.

Have a good day all
evam wrote:
Thursday, September 5, 2019, 11:01
Morning (just) all. Autumn is definitely her now, with endless rain and wind. ☹️

Hello sweetheart. I just caught you? Lucky me. 💋💋 You'll make me a herbal tea and you have time for a snuggle as well? Better and better. 😍

I'm just back from tidying Iselin's flat, as they are back tomorrow afternoon. Iselin's and mine opinion of "tidy" are quite different, and as I've watched the chaos every time I've watered the plants, I decided to do a clear up. I told youngest sister that I'd do this, and she laughed and said that Iselin would faint! I've also cooked a lamb casserole for their tea tomorrow. I don't think either Iselin or Emilian will be up to much cooking after flying and waiting at airports for almost 24 hours. Their jet lag will be massive as well.
I then went up to check that father's flat was ready for the removal men tomorrow morning. Everything looks good, and I'll be there to welcome them.

Jo,- that's an impressive profit for the house, even if it's years between. So you are a wealthy woman now? 😜 Father forgets what he's been told almost before he's put the phone down.

Carol,- we've had the R*gent Street disease here as well. Our town hall which was built early 70-ties, was evacuated last autumn because when starting upgrading it, it was discovered that the building was rotten through, and the staff inside was evacuated there and then! Full panic. And now they are fighting about what to do with the building. (It's ugly as sin! :
I think they'll keep it.
Ooohhhh,- F*ddler On TheR*of. One of my all time favourite musical. I saw it with Iselin a few years back here in Bergen. Enjoy!

Pauline,- remember to bring the tissues tonight. 😭
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, September 5, 2019, 11:52
Hi all,

Today it's been earphones plus the phone headset over the top. That does the trick!

Mr M came last night to deliver my shopping. A jar of sundried tomatoes had been opened and leaked olive all over everything in the carrier bag AND on my carpet. I shoved everything in the sink, but salt on the grease stains, then carefully wiped all my shopping down - only to find that my shower gel was also leaking.

Mr M were brilliant. Refunded both leaky goods, were very concerned about the extra hassle - and whether my carpet was OK (it was; the salt worked) and gave me a £5 voucher as an apology. I'm happy with that!

Dear me Jo, it sounds like it's freezing there with the doors open. Get yourself wrapped up! Are you sure you have got decorators not acrobats working for you? Those ladders sound terrifying!

My then fiancé and I bought our first house for £16,500. Six months later we split up and sold it - for £31,000. Best investment I ever made!

Pauline - I assume your first house was in a more expensive area than mine (B/pool). I bet that was a pretty good investment too!

Eva - I hope the new chemo regime works really well for you. How lovely to tidy the flat and have dinner waiting for the travellers! Oh dear, so still loads of phone calls from dad then? I had hoped being settled would make him a bit more chilled.

Carol - Thanks for the heads up about HC. I'll not bother with it in that case. I'm really not fond of medical drama's unless there's someone special in them!

Carol & Pauline - thanks for your opinions on the film, was it W*man in G*ld? If so that's one I quite fancy. Enjoy F on the R. I went to see it in Dublin with Geri some years ago. Paul M Glasier was the lead. Loved it!

My boss has just put in my referral to occ health (in the hope they'll recommend I keep working from 7.30am to 3.30pm most days to avoid the rush hour). However she has warned me that another disabled member of staff had a similar request refused. I came up with some alternative ideas but her answer was "perhaps you need to find another job." But she did relent and agree to a least look into my suggestions. It's so frustrating when a company SAYS it wants to help disabled people keep working, but in reality refuses to put in sensible adjustments.

I'm moaning a lot lately! Bet you wish I never got back on the blog!
TK wrote:
Thursday, September 5, 2019, 13:12
Jane moaning is OK. Question would it make a difference to your case if you were registered disabled? Or do the newer EU laws supersede the registered disabled status from the 80s. I know that when I worked for the local council in Sheffield I was asked to register as they had a quota of registered disabled people to meet. I decided not to as at that time I thought for me, it might stop me getting jobs in the future. I hope they come to their senses, if your job can be done at hours to suit, why train a new person to do it.

It is not cold because the doors are open, as the house is usually colder than outside in the summer. Which is good, just looks weird to people when I put on a jacket to enter the house. I'm a bit chilly now, but was fine when I was pegging washing on the line 10mins ago.

I had my first fully bagless delivery from MrT today. Luckily I had MrO's bags from last week. It went fine, but I've been bagless with Mr T for sometime, just they use a few to help themselves. I suspect the bosses are quite happy with no having to pay for the bags.

Decorators are still around as they are doing the second coats for some areas. At least they have done all the really high places. I do have some rot at the front. The wood is 110 years old, so to be expected. I'll change it to plastic as I've had done at the back in a few years time.

Ah Eva a 60s-70s building Bergen rådhus, the architecture at that time was, to me, terrible. Like the Sheffield poly building;EQUALS;s35425 I didn't realise it wasn't just the visual that was bad at that time. I hope Iselin appreciates the tidying, I'm almost certain they both will. Just don't be surprised if it returns to normal.

I would be wealthy if I still had the Sheffield house and could sell it now. I had to sell it for the deposit for the one I'm living in now.

I better check on the washing

TK wrote:
Thursday, September 5, 2019, 19:15
I'm suffering from not having a little nap during the day. Not every day, just when I feel like it.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, September 6, 2019, 06:54
Morning and a little cloudy today – think forecast says we might have light showers later.

Jo – I have this picture of you with your shawl round you, sitting in a rocking chair with pince nez on your nose....oh and perhaps doing some knitting!! I can see that people might find it odd if they see you putting on your jacket to go into the house rather than when you are coming out! It was actually a lovely sunny day in L’don! I just had a cardigan and no coat at all. The decorators seem to have been working hard – are they nearly finished now? I see you have got into MM’s routine and need a little nap every day (his is usually at 4pm for just an hour!). I am impressed that Bruce allows it!

Eva I think I would rather have our weather than your’s at the moment. We are still clinging on to the last vestiges of summer here. I can see your halo shining from the tidying of Iselin’s flat! I am with Jo, I don’t think it will last too long once they are home. Lovely of your to make them a casserole – I am sure you are right and cooking food will be the last thing on their minds after their long journey. I think they have R Street disease in M’chester too – only they call it M’chester disease! I did some reading up on it before the work was done on the office building. I have to say that both your Town Hall and Jo’s Poly are not the most attractive of buildings, but I think Jo’s wins in the ugly stakes! I have to say our building was rather lovely it was diagonally across from the big Jaxgxr store (now sadly moved away) and was a mirror image. Loved working in that area (although I think MM was relieved when we moved away from the shops!).

Goodness Lady J – if you need earphones plus headset on I would imagine they are contravening sound legislation! Oh how awful to have leaking things in your shopping. At least they addressed the problem and have done their best to remedy. Hopefully the carpet is still ok? That certainly was an excellent investment with your first house – it’s amazing how much prices have risen over the years. Yes that was the film – I really enjoyed it. We also saw PMG in FotR (Craig version) when it came to the theatre near to Jo. He was excellent as I recall. Fingers crossed the firm sees sence and the OH is on your side. I do not think saying “perhaps you need to find another job” are the most motivational words your boss could have used. Did you make a note as I feel this could be something to consider going to a tribunal about should they turn you down. Please feel free to rage and moan as much as you want! It seems a totally ridiculous situation!

We really enjoyed the show – we arrived early and as it was a warm sunny day we went and had a drink in a little wine bar I know (knew you would all be surprised that I would know about a wine bar) which is about a two minutes from the theatre – it has a little outside garden space so we sat out in the sunshine (on the basis this might be one of the last opportunities we would have to do that before autumn arrives). Our seats were in the dress circle so we had an excellent view of the stage. I loved the set and the lighting and the cast were all excellent (we had Mxrix Frxxdman as Gxlde, and Anxta Dxbsxn as Yxntx – both were brilliant). The music was taking at a lovely tempo too, so it all really flowed. I have to confess though that I think I preferred Mr Glxser as Txvyx – not that he did a bad job, just that there were moments when I wasn’t sure. The dancing was amazing and the Bottle Dance was fabulous (one of Mr and Mrs Chris’ ex-pupils is one of the cast and performs the bottle dance – he is an excellent dancer and took over the role of Omxn when Stephen RH came out of Alxddxn, having been his understudy for a while. Afterwards we went to an All Bxr Oxe round the corner, which turned out not to be such a good idea as they had some kind of charity function taking place (including some poor soul dressed as a bumble bee). They all turned up in droves (no pun) just after we had arrived and more or less took over all the waiters and more importantly the kitchen. We had a lovely waiter and he apologised and said the food would held up for us by almost an hour. What’s more they had been told there would be 40/50 attending the event and over 100 turned up so they had to provide extra food (and extra staff). It was also very noisy so difficult to have a conversation! Despite that we really enjoyed our outing – I think the show comes off next month, but it is certainly worth seeing if you happen to be in L’don! Today Twin is off home, and MM and I will do the food shop. We then have a meeting with the Vicar early afternoon, then back home, and off out again for Choir practice this evening – other than that not much on!!! Morning BHB, not such a nice start this morning. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted paninis through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (I don’t think she is awake yet!).
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, September 6, 2019, 07:46
Morning all and it is a very cloudy one today. It was such a nice day yesterday, T win has told you about the wine bar. It was just so nice to be able to sit outside. We may not get too many chances to do that again for some time. I enjoyed the show very much, I loved the Craig RH production we saw and this was as good, though I am with Twin in thinking Paul MG a better Tevye. Not that this one was bad! The meal in ABO after was not a howling success sadly. My food was really not good. However I don’t blame them as I think having to suddenly find food for 160 instead of 60 really put the kitchen under duress! I will be off home later and will do a weekend food shop on the way. I am out tonight to my Cornish friend as we are all going to watch the film about her home town,Pxrt Isxxc!

Eva I see you now love cleaning so much you set about Iselin’s flat! What a lovely auntie you are. I am sure she will be so grateful for it and the food as well. Mind I do t see the tidiness lasting long, or the casserole come to that!

The decorators seem to be making good progress Jo. Hope they can finish today and you can close the widows and doors. Mind if your house is normally colder in than outside you may not notice the difference!

Lady Jane I do hope you can resolve the work thing though if the comment made about finding another job is anything to go by, they are not trying very hard to help! That is dreadful and I think discriminatory. I think you would enjoy the film WiG, it is well done, though a bit of poetic licence has been taken I think the main story is true.

Morning BHB and it is lovely Vanillita day of course. Let’s get some more and a panini and go and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Friday, September 6, 2019, 09:36
Morning all.

Not liking the cooler weather, at least yesterday was warm in the sun.

I had a nice walk round the QE Olymp*c Park yesterday, seeing how it's developed since the Games. I'm still sorting out our home insurance, it's more complicated because of the fire and SA. Our current provider gave a silly quote but I've found a couple which are more reasonable though not cheap. No specific plans for today so will probably spend most of it on the laptop given the weather and lack of time over the next two weeks as have a number of appointments.

I ordered some jumpers earlier in the week, a couple for me and the others for Xmas pres for Mum. One is going back but keeping the others - they were 20% off so couldn't resist.

Jo, our decorator has ordered scaffolding to do the highest part of the house as he didn't fancy triple height with ladders. He's back on Tuesday so hoping it will be dry next week. I think he'll probably take another week to finish as there's quite a lot to do on the front, provided there's no rain. Not looking forward to having the front door open while the varnish dries.

That was certainly a very good investment, Jane. Shame about the leaking products, specially as one was oily. Good that you were able to clean it up successfully. Fingers crossed that work agree to you continuning to do those hours. Hope it's quieter in the office today.

I've been bagless for deliveries for ages and it works OK. It's the putting stuff away I don't enjoy, particularly getting all the chilled food in the fridge, I frequently order too much.

Hope the reduced chemo works, Eva. Well done on tidying Iselin's place, I'm sure she'll appreciate coming home to a tidy place and the meal you've prepared. We nearly always have pizza the first night home from a holiday as I always have some in the freezer, they can be cooked from frozen and are quick & easy.

Can't believe it's a year since we went to St Petersb*rg. Ploppy wants to go to Vienna sometime but I went there several years ago with my parents so would rather go somewhere new. Having said that, we were there in August and it was very quiet with several places shut up as many of the Viennese were away on holiday themselves so I wouldn't mind seeing it again.
TK wrote:
Friday, September 6, 2019, 11:07
Not sure if TK is in. She was in last night, so she hasn't left because of the strange men. Anyway, they have gone, but the front door has to remain open as that was painted this morning. I have brought the car back from my WWW friend's garden. I have also brought home some of her plants, well the flowers from the top. I had to park so close to her flower beds (so her daughter could park there is she needed) that flowers entered the car when I did.

I have pots if I need to retouch, the blue gloss and the stain for the front door. I think I should perhaps transfer the money for the job before I forget. I've not heard from the tree man about Monday, so I emailed this morning. His date was not a confirmed one as he was having a minor op. Also there is rain forecast, so he might not feel like being up the tree in the rain. He did pencil in Monday and Tues, Tues looks better for the weather.

Diana, some do request scaffolding for the height of my roof, this one did not. They said they'd done a block of flats higher than my house on ladders. If they'd asked for scaffolding I would have not have had it painted but got the wood replaced with plastic as I did with the back last time I had the house painted. The painter that time just required scaffolding for the back as it is worse. I'd better transfer the money.

Twins sounds like a good time out yesterday. Glad you enjoyed it.
Ali wrote:
Friday, September 6, 2019, 11:10
Afternoon It’s been a horrible week, my mind was constantly on telling Jack about Gatsby so found it hard to concentrate on other things. I picked him up last night and broke the news and as anticipated he was devastated. Sometimes being a parent is awful.
Day off today which is much needed. Had coffee with colleague. Now putting my feet up (honest!) until I go for contact lens check later. Looking forward to some family time tonight. We’re all home for once.
TK wrote:
Friday, September 6, 2019, 11:52
WWW friend said there is a sale on at the charity shop
Dry door DRY
TK wrote:
Friday, September 6, 2019, 11:54
Ali, poor Jack. I always try to think of the good life they had with you and the happy times had together.
I'm crying again, just they are both so young
Jane E wrote:
Friday, September 6, 2019, 11:58
Hi all

I'm pleased to say the builders seem to have moved on a bit. I can still hear them but they're not right under us - and not drilling. It's delightful!

Diana, unfortunately operation clean up wasn't that successful. The carpet was fine but I missed a spill on the kitchen floor and another on the work surface - which I then put a important document on. DOH!!! I reckon go to Vi*nna! It will be different if you don't go at the same time. But I can understand wanting somewhere new.

Jo - Mr A also does a bagless service but I notice freezer stuff still comes in them. Is that the same with Mr T? Sounds like your decorators are making progress. Hope the rot isn't too bad. Good luck with tree man. I hope TK waltzes back home soon.

Carol - it sounds like you had a grand time at the show. I must say I can't imagine anyone beating PMG (ok perhaps T*pol) but you on't sound disappointed in the slightest. Oh dear. I HATE being in crowded pubs. Not the best way to finish off a lovely outing!

Yes Pauline - I imagine the staff were very stressed with all those extra meals. Sorry yours was bad. Hope you have a fab time with Cornish friend.

Did Ali say she's relaxing! You deserve it girl!

Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, September 7, 2019, 06:41
Morning. Sorry been MIA - got into gardening this week and by time eve came was so shattered I couldn't move! Also continuing the de cluttering of my (and even more so ploppy's) wardrobes. dint have the MK book carol - just using the very basic principles - and winging it! Thrown out lots - but still have lots!
Jo - you really are cracking on with things - getting the decorators in so soon after retir.ment. I tend to be a procrastinator. I take a look at the long list of things to do - and go do something totally different! Is this decoration all outdoors or are you doing indoors as well. My last Mr T order was totally bagless ( i always have a bagless order but they used to use a few but now nothing in bags at all) . we use a folding crate to carry all the food form front door into kitchen. Tho I will have to check how sloppy is managing with new system - she has weekly delivery. .
Twins - when are you off to V.enna? I would love to hear all about it - very near top of my bucket list of places to visit. I did go when i was 16 yrs old - but that was a "wee" while ago! have you read "The Hare with Amb.r Eyes"? I loved that book and such vivid descriptions of V.enna that it made me want to revisit. I too saw the FotR production with PMG - loved it.
Jane - glad you are allowed back to visit! Good luck with HR - when ploppy's vision was found to be impaired it turned out that his "d.sability" does not count as a d.sability under any of the Dis legislation (we had long conversations with Equ.lity Commission on this!) ; so when his work said that a "reasonable adjustment" for him would be for "your wife to collect you " (his job involved staying to meetings after 10pm at night when last bus had gone - and his work was 30 mins drive from home) we couldn't take a case against them. wishing you a lot better luck - and much more reasonable employers!
Eva - impressed that your dad organised room for the P.As etc. he does want to get on with this next stage - exciting for all. My dad is way beyond doing anything but very basic functions (washing, dressing etc) for himself. But we are grateful that he can still do that - he will be 98 in Nov! you are such a brilliant aunt and great aunt. How lovely for I and E to come home to a clean house - and food.
Diana- I keep meaning to arrange a trip back to Olymp.c park - but always other things to do in London so it never quite gets to top of list. we are down in l.ndon next month to see Les M.s with Jo's fave singer (or is that Sue's?). were going to stay for a few days but feel that life a bit too hectic at mo so may just stay overnight with UB scollop and then come home.
Ali - so sorry to hear about G.tsby. will be good to have some relaxation and family time.
Off to see the earth in our local cathedral - an art installation. then hope to go bl.ckberry picking this afternoon. Have a good w/e everyone.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, September 7, 2019, 07:21
Morning and a little overcast here at present, but I can see little pieces of blue sky here and there. Yesterday was quite chilly and we had two heavy showers during the day (luckily we were indoors when both occurred).

I am with you Diana, I much preferred the weather (and temperature) on Thursday! I imagine it was quite interesting walking around the O Park and seeing the changes. I remember being very sad years back (about twenty plus) when we revisited the site of the Gxrdxn Fxstival near Preston. We had taken my parents there when it was on and loved it. When we returned it was virtually derelict. I haven’t visited since but I rather hope they have done something with it since. Hmm I always leave the insurance renewals to MM – he is like a little terrier at finding the best deals! I can see that your providers might have issues with a competitive deal following the fire and that the house is empty at certain times of the year. I know one of the things MM does is find cheaper quotes for the same cover and then rings current provider and asks them to match works more times than it fails! I see you have joined the early C’mas shopping brigade! I am not really into online grocery shopping (there may come a time of course) as I like to see the produce I am buying. Having said that as you all know the T word is anathema to me so wouldn’t be using that store. Goodness is it a year since your went to R’ssia? This year seems to have flown by!! Your visit to V’nna in August reminds me of my first visit to Rxme – that was early August and the place was empty as all the Rxmxns had gone on their holidays to slightly cooler places!

Did TK reappear eventually Jo? Maybe she doesn’t like the smell of paint? Ah – we sometimes park close to part of our flower bed and the same thing has happened to me! Hopefully the loss of flower heads in your friend’s garden wasn’t too noticeable! Bruce and TK won’t know what is happening if another strange man turns up next week! I have to say I would hate going both a triple extended ladder (or any ladder come to that) or any scaffolding. Do you think that means the life of a decorator was not for me?? Hope you managed to get to your favourite shop – and that the door didn’t stick when you returned.

Oh Ali, it must have been horrible for you to tell Jack. Of course he was devastated. So sad. Glad you had a day off and not only managed to have a quiet coffee with a colleague but also to put your feet up (just checking that you did indeed do that). I suspect it will be lovely to have all the family home together. When is Ploppy’s next trip?

Phew! I am sure that must have been a relief to not hear the drilling Lady J. Not so good that the operation clean up resulted in a document getting oil on it (didn’t the every helpful Beatrix lend a hand?). I have seen Fxddlxr several times – in fact I saw the very first Lxndxn production when I was young – it coincided with Ann and Rogers wedding, which happened to be on my birthday! Alfxx Bxss played the main role then and he was wonderful too. The MD was a friend of then boyfriend and we met up with him for a drink afterwards and he said Txpxl (who originated the role over here) was very good, but very much the big star, whereas AB was much more the humble Jxwxsh milkman. I felt that was how PMG played the role too. Fortunately the nose and delays in All B One didn’t detract from how much we had enjoyed the show!

Fi, MM has been in the garden a few times this week to tidy thing sup before the weather changes. Not surprised you feel shattered! Ah so you are just doing the folding part of the MK routine. Once the weather turns really autumnal (and cold) I will start doing another clear out – although of course I have my October challenge from Jo to deal with as part of that. We are off to V;na week after next, for four days. Hopefully the weather should be quite pleasant. When I last visited many moons ago I had glorious weather, but that was slightly earlier in the year. I haven’t read the book, but having just seen your recommendation, I have just downloaded it onto my Kxndle so I can read it before we go. I remember you telling us about Ploppy’s eyesight and the suggestion that you collect him. Sometimes you have to despair of the systems in place. Ah so you are off to see Les M – would like to see the new version but it is fitting it in with everything else. Still hopeful though. I would love to see the earth installation (especially after seeing the moon) – I must check where it is going to next.

We managed to do our food shop for the weekend (not too much required as we are out today), plus banking, and I wanted some bits and pieces in Boots, which resulted in my having a free gift (worth £40 according to the box) which has mini make ups in it, so will be ideal for going away. We then had our meeting with the Vicar, and ended up having a sarnie lunch at the pub we met in. Then it was home for a few hours and back out again for Choir Practice. It was the birthday of a young man who comes to practice (he was 14 yesterday) so I took a very nice Sainsbugs Bxlgxum Chxcolate cake in which we ate at the end of rehearsal. Have to say it was delicious. Once we were home we watched the first episode of the new Beeb drama which was on Tuesday evening when we were out at PCC. Thought it looks very promising. Today we are off to my cousin and wife for lunch (son of my Falling Aunt – who by the way has rallied considerably! In fact my cousin said it was unbelievable – think when they went last Saturday they thought they were saying goodbye to her). We are collecting my uncle en route as he is coming with us. They moved into a new house earlier in the year so want us to see where they are (Chxshxm) so in the country compared to where they were before (Sxttxn). We should be home .in time for the SCD reveal of partners as my uncle won’t want to be away from home too long. Morning BHB yes a little overcast, but quite bright. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Perfxctly Pxirxd through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

TK wrote:
Saturday, September 7, 2019, 08:53
Just popping in as I have a drive to Clacton. Marty Wilde, or as I had to say to a dog walker this morning 'Kim Wilde's dad', in concert. :)

Ro is zip wiring today. completely bonkers

Bruce is off to his friend's today.

My decorators only did the outside. I have to finish my clear out before the inside can be done.

TK is going in and out this morning, as there are no scary men outside. Bruce is raising an eyebrow each time she walks past.

Must get going
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, September 7, 2019, 09:42
Morning all. I am a bit late, well later than normal as I had a bit of a restless night, my hand has the itching hurting thing going on, though thankfully not as severe as it was, yet! Had a nice evening at my friend's last night. We watched Fxshxrman's Frxxnds and as I thought would happen Jen was very excited, she was showing us where she went to school and other places and also saw people she knew ! I thought this would happen, but the film was so charming we all loved it. She saw a few of the original singers as well as they all were in it as extras, they are all friends of hers. It was Ari's Mum's copy of the film but Jen is hanging on to it so she can watch it in detail and stop it in places so she can see them all! I will watch it again sometime without commentary! Today is a laundry day, well all weekend is in fact. I do have some gardening I want to do, but that may wait until next week. Not so long till I close the garden down for the winter!

Your walk round the OP sounds lovely Diana. I have seen on tv what they have done to keep it going and it looked nice there anyway! I am another who still goes to the s/market for food. I daresay the day will come when I do it all online, but I like walking round s/markets! I know, how sad am I! Not a mature thing either, I always loved going round ones in the US when I was flying!

Jo glad to see TK hasn't left home yet! Just been hiding from the decorators! I think Ro is a bit mad, but I can actually see the zip wire thing could be fun, well a lot better than throwing yourself out of an a/craft! Don't think I will be doing it (the zip wire) anyway! Enjoy Marty. I have seen hime fairly recently on tv. He seems a very nice man. Hope the f/chips are up to standard this time!

Ali I am so sorry for you and Jack. It is always so sad to lose a pet but this is nearly the worst way I think. Very hard to deal with. Hopefully a nice family day will help. Hope you managed the feet up, not too sure you would have!

Glad the drilling etc was a bit more distant yesterday Jane. Oh yukky oil spills, nasty, and then you get some on a document. Not good. You need to get Beatrix on the clean up!

Fi I see you have managed to get in the garden. Apart from not being here, half my trouble has been how windy it has been here. I can't see when it is like that as my hair gets whipped over my face. Well done on the clear out. I must do one here as well before I change clothing over. Jealous of you going to see LM. Hopefully we may manage it at some point!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Perfectly Pxxred? Lovely. Let's grab some more and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Saturday, September 7, 2019, 11:11
Morning (just) all. Lovely weather here, but quite chilly.

I think I'll start a removal company! That's been my lot over the last week, but the end is nigh! First of all I have to ask you to forgive me for being AWOL for much of the time. This last week has been so hectic, and not made easier by my sleeping (or rather lack thereof.) When I come home after a stint of packing, my brain feels like mush, and I'm barely able to read the blog, nevermind posting. The big move took place yesterday, when the removal firm took all the furniture father wanted from his flat and up to the new one. I was the one in charge, but can only say that the lads were marvellous. To start with they were bang on time in the morning with 3 strapping lads all ready to work. Within 4 hours everything was moved from the flat and installed in the new one. I had half an hour for a sandwich and a glass of water before Mrs S and Viljar's dad turned up. They consentrated on re-assembling the furniture while I unpacked all (or most of) the boxes. Youngest sister and my lovely br.i.l. have the w/e off, as they have a big family re-union to attend. They more than deserve the days off. I'm just back from the new flat where I've unpacked the last boxes. This time I'd told father I was coming, so he was waiting impatiently outside the entrance door for me to appear. He was over the moon with the result, with all the furniture where it should be, even the paintings hung up on the wall. I left him a very happy man. He moves in on Monday, so we'll see how long it takes him to start phoning us 3-4 times a day again. 😜

Ali,- so sorry for Jack with the loss of his cat. Of course he was upset. I fully understand that it was hard for you to tell him.

Jo,- if you haven't left yet, have a nice concert tonight.

Fi,- I see you've been busy too.

Twins,- I am not surprised you enjoyed The F*ddler . I'm very envious.

Pauline,- sorry to hear that the itching is disturbing your sleep.

First night of S*rictly tonight. I'll stay awake for that!
TK wrote:
Saturday, September 7, 2019, 16:46
Eva I was gone at 10.20. Good trip, so finished my tasks in Clacton early. I'm sitting in the Premier Inn bar as it is on the way back to the car, parked at the theatre. I have a pot of tea, so quite happy. Bruce has been out with Mrs Exp. She is doing all dog duties today as Mr Exp has gone out.
Ive had a wander about and tried a new place to eat. It was very good. No mushy peas though. There was a choc nut sundae, so I'm feeling stuffed.

Looking forward to the concert.

Last time we were in Clacton met a dog in the TL, being really quiet and sensible. I've just heard barking in the PI bar, it was a child (human)
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, September 8, 2019, 06:43
Morning and a nice bright sunny start, but I think it will be chilly out, so will be wearing layers to church!

Thanks for the link to Ro’s zip wiring – I agree she is completely bonkers, but for a very worthy cause, so have sponsored her. Not something I would ever contemplate doing!! Very wise to finish the clearing before having the interior decorated. So TK is now back in evidence (love that Bruce is raising an eyebrow when she encroaches on his territory). So he was off to his friend and had a nice walk with Mrs ExP. The new place to eat sounds a good find – I take it that it will now become a new restaurant on choice when visiting. Hope you really enjoyed the concert.

Well done Eva, that wasn’t an easy task I am sure. No apologies needed, we all knew you were knee deep in the removal business and there was an awful lot going on! I have to say the removal crew sound excellent and obviously made life easier for you. I am impressed that you and Mrs S managed to work together in comparative harmony too (although you did have Viljar’s dad as a peace maker!). How is younger sister mending? I think it was good she had a valid reason not to try and help out with the actual move. Really good that your Father has seen the flat and is happy (mind you I think you could be right and you will still be getting phone calls, BUT there will be people on hand to look after him and that is a huge bonus). Hope you managed to stay awake for SCD!

We had a lovely visit to my cousin and wife (we did get a little lost on the way there, but coming home it was very simple!) My cousin moved to Chxshxm at the end of February and they said the garden was a wilderness when they arrived. They have worked really hard and although there are still bits to do the garden is full of roses and looks very “cottagy”. They have an old school overgrown tennis court at the back of the garden and said they had quite a few deer visiting earlier in the year. We were home about 6.30pm so in time for Strictly. MM kept asking who the “celebrities” were! Week off next week of course (and it is the L Night of the Prxms so winter around the corner) and also for C’lty (another happy storyline). Had some sad news from Lindy – her goddaughter (who is also the daughter of someone we sang with) was diagnosed with brxxst cancer a couple of years ago and has been having treatment. On Friday she was told there was nothing more that could be done for her and the hospital are ceasing the treatment. She has a husband (who lost his first wife to the same dreadful disease) and two small children – aged 6 and 3, so it was devastating news. Off to church this morning and then I will start the laundry as of course I didn’t do any yesterday. I will probably be finishing the i word tomorrow afternoon. Morning BHB, yes it is nice and bright, but a little chilly. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Mxyflxwer through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives....we may need the pink blanket this morning!
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, September 8, 2019, 09:11
Morning all and it is a lovely looking day but not very warm just yet, only 12c! Autumn draws nigh! I have a nice pile of ixxnxxg to do this morning but hopefully it will warm up enough for me to go in the garden later. I did manage a short time out there yesterday and got a bit of tidying done. Watched the SCD opener of course and although I only know a few of the "celebs" (I think the pro dancers are better known than most!") as soon as it starts you realise it doesn't matter too much as the show is the thing! Glad Neal has a partner as he is a really nice man and I think will be a great teacher. It will be interesting to see who Oti gets after her partner injured himself!

Well done on getting Father's flat sorted Eva, you must be very relieved you are nearly over the finishing line, though I agree the phone will still ring a lot! Also well done on not hitting Mrs S at any point of this process! You showed great restraint!

Jo hope the concert was good, you sound as if you had a lovely day.

Morning BHB and what have we this sunny day? Mxyflxwer?, that sounds perfect, oh you think I should get the green blanket? What a nice idea! One of the advantages of colder weather is a snuffle with you under the blanket! Let's go and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, September 8, 2019, 10:23

For anyone who didn't get the alert:
It's scary how easy it is to fall for a scam, I now always say no to anyone who calls even though I'm sure some are genuine. Good on Lee for getting involved.

Very chilly when I hung the washing out earlier, though the sun felt warm. Yesterday I returned a jumper, walking into town and back home again. Made a bit of progress with the US itin at last. Want to go for a walk sometime today and tomorrow I have a package to collect so a quiet weekend.

I called our insurance provider for the third time as had received somewhat conflicting info and it now appears the insurance will be half the price I was told in the second. I've emailed them asking for confirmation in writing of my understanding. I checked reviews of the other two providers who gave reasonable quotes and both had some poor reviews, one I definitely wouldn't use. So fingers crossed for staying with NW.

Ali, must have been horrid breaking the news to Jack - my sympathies.

Hope you enjoyed the concert, Jo.

You must be relieved the week is over and the move went smoothly, Eva. Hope your father remembers there's help on hand and doesn't call the family as much in future.

I also knew very few of this year's celebrities. Oti's new partner was announced this morning, a former Emmerd*ale actor I think.
TK wrote:
Sunday, September 8, 2019, 21:05
The concert last night was excellent. Nearly full theatre. Also the drive there and back was not delayed too much. And I had a very good lunch. In all a very good day. I was rather tired today, so had a sleep in the afternoon. I was, of course, woken up by the big brown alarm clock. He decided it was time to go to friends for a snack.

Eva you Father may relax when he is in the new place and remember more, he will hopefully feel more at ease.
evam wrote:
Monday, September 9, 2019, 01:44
Morning all. Yes, it's the night blogger again. I've done an hour's worth of i*****g. At least I can use these woken hours to do something useful.
Yesterday was a quite day, but I had an altercation with father. He rang me at 7.15 am, and accused me of doing something which he's brought up earlier. As it was the 3rd morning this happened, I'm afraid I blew a casket, and ended up hanging up on in. He had called youngest sister telling her about me hanging up on him and being furious. Youngest sister put him right, and it ended up with father phoning me and apologised. I know his brain is leaking like a siew, but I just couldn't take it. We are "friends" again now, but I'm just waiting for next time. He managed to ruin my Sunday!
I won't be there when he moves in to the new flat today, as I have to sort the previous flat. It isn't looking it's best now, with rarely any furniture left, dirty floors and lots of dust. As the surveior is coming tomorrow morning, I want the place to look clean and tidy. And besides, I don't feel like seeing father today.
Iselin phoned yesterday, and said "thank you, thank you, thank you" for what I'd done. The lamb caserole went down a treat. Not surprised, as it's Emilian's favourite dinner. She also thanked me for tidying the flat and folding some washing. She said " My nickers have never been folded so nicely before."

Diana,- you are so good with all your walking. I must say that if it isn't the pension people you're struggling with. Now it's the insurance company as well. Fingers crossed it all comes out right in the end. I didn't know many of the celebs on S*trictly either, and there was some new professionals as well. It is a lot of glitter and paljettes, but I suppose that's why we love it.

Jo,- I see you found a new restaurant who do a reasonable f/c, so again all is right with the world.

Pauline,- I know I've been very good not hitting Mrs S, but to be fair, she has worked hard with us to get father's flat ready. We even talk on the phone now. I wonder how long that will last?

Carol,- how sad for Lindy. I went through the same with my Shirley, and I don't wish anything like that on anyone else. On a lighter note,- youngest sister is comin along slowly, and the physio is verycontent with her progress.

Maybe I should try to go to sleep again?💤💤💤
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, September 9, 2019, 06:08
Morning and a little overcast here – we are due scattered showers today and I think temperatures no higher than 14/15C. Yesterday was quite chilly in the morning and I was glad I took a cardigan to church! Much nicer when we came home about midday and it stayed fine for the rest of the afternoon.

Thanks for the link Diana, as you say very good of the GO to get involved and he looked very lovely in the blue shirt! Oh that sounds better about your insurance. Fingers crossed you get the confirmation and it all goes smoothly from here on in. Yes the new guy in SCD was in E’dal for twenty years – he came in as a young boy (I remember him from years back when I used to watch it!).

Glad you enjoyed the concert Jo. Can’t think why you should have been tired yesterday after driving to and from Clxcton! Was the brown alarm clock pleased to have you back? I am assuming he woke you in the morning for his walk. Love that he decided it was time to go out and get food elsewhere.

Oh Eva, I see the sleeping is still eluding you. Hopefully once everything has settled with the move and the flat you will be able to get back to regular sleeping. I can see that the altercation with your father will have upset you.....not surprised you put the phone down on him. At least younger sister was able to put him straight and he did apologise. Having said that, it is probably as well that you won’t be seeing him when he moves today, as you have plenty to do at the old flat. It is really good that you and Mrs S can speak on the phone together. Hopefully that will continue now Father is all settled. Of course Iselin rang to thank you – it must have been lovely to come home to a tidy flat, watered plants and a lovely casserole to eat. I loved the comment about her knxckxrs! I am sure by the end of SCD we will know most of the contestants well – some looked like they still need a lot of training after watching the group dance at the end. Very good news that the physio is pleased with young sister’s progress, even if it is very slow! Hopefully you managed to get to sleep after doing the i word!!

I did my i word in the afternoon, at a more social hour than Eva! As I mentioned it was quite chilly in church, but I had taken an extra (long) cardi along with me, so was able to put that on. The service was taken by our Green Group, so overran a little. We came home and did the laundry (just have a few things to ixxn this afternoon) whilst MM did some admin on the pooter. MM wasn’t keen to watch Sxndxton so we watched the first episode of the IXV new drama that started last Monday (A Cxnfxssxon). Very pleased to wake up and find that Rafa had won the US Opxn Txnnxs – I felt I should mention that in case Eva and Jo missed it! This morning we are off to collect Lindy from a garage in Rxislxp – she had a slight argument with a wooden planter in a car park and has to have some bodywork done to her car. We are going to collect her and Lawrence and will then go to a different Sainsbugs which is down the road from the garage. This afternoon I will finish the i word and then we have our first small choir meeting after the break. Sadly we still haven’t found anyone to conduct yet, but we will have a discussion this evening after we have done some singing. Morning BHB, yes it is a little overcast. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted paninis through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Monday, September 9, 2019, 09:17
Diana thanks for the link to the scamming film. I saw the link elsewhere on Saturday, but I was in a rush to be off. I like to have plenty of time in Clacton before the show especially as I had a restaurant searching job to do as well as the special shop checking. It is good that Lee gets involved in community things. Made me smile as a lot of the viewers will be his normal audience age group and that is what the target age group for the message. Excellent casting.

I'm tired and I've just got up, well 4 hours ago, I forget that the brown alarm clock has no snooze button. Especially as aided today by the black and white alarm clock. TK was upset as she was locked in last night. I want to keep her in today as she would be really frightened by the work going on at the moment. There is the sound of branches being dragged from back to front, very scary for a cat. Although for a Bruce it appears to be a lullaby.

Eva you have enough work to do with selling the flat, so you can easily stay away today from your father today with good justification. I hope you can continue communicating with Mrs S. Glad your father apologised to you. He still has some memory, must be difficult for him too.

I better go out for a check to see what is happening now. There is a lot of saw buzzing noises. Which of course there should be as that is what I'm paying for.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, September 9, 2019, 09:22
Morning all and it is a very grey one here at the moment. Bit of a change to yesterday which was just lovely, when it warmed up! I did my ixxnxxg in the morning then went in the garden in the afternoon. Managed to get some cutting back that needed doing. Still more to be done so hoping for more nice days. Today I have the second pile of ixxnxxg to tackle and I need to pop to the shops for a few bits and pieces, so a really exciting day ahead! I too gave Sxnditon a miss last night. I decided I can't stop thinking it is so not JA and so I am really not enjoying it. Still think it looks great though!

I agree Diana. it is very scary how easy it is to be scammed. We all like to think we are far to clever to fall for them, but they can be so convincing. Saying no to every thing is the best plan!

Jo glad you enjoyed your weekend and found a new good f&c place! The brown alarm clock certainly knows what he wants these days, and how to get it! Bless!

Oh dear Eva, not another night time ixxnxxg session. Lack of sleep is so awful. I hope you managed more after you finished. I am thinking you must have still been upset by the row with your father. These things are so upsetting, even though he did apologise, the damage is done. I see you have another flat to clean today! At least without furniture in you get a free space to clean which will should make it easier I hope. I am sure Iselin could have kissed you when she saw her nice clean flat(and folded knickers!), plus a nice meal all ready for them. Must have been heaven for them! glad your younger sister is progressing well. It would be nice to think that you can keep lines of communication open with Mrs S, but...well let's just see shall we!

Morning BHB and of course it is Lavendula day, Let's get another jug and go and join the CM in the conservatory.

Diana wrote:
Monday, September 9, 2019, 10:48
Morning and not a very nice one today. We've had steady rain for over two hours and it's certainly the coldest day for ages. I had intended to collect the package from RM soon after the office opened at 8.00 am and avoid the rain but, due to watching telly in bed till the early hours, I didn't wake up till after 7.30 am so it was about 9.00 am. There were a few spots on the way and it started raining as I left RM so got damp walking but fortunately not that heavily until after I got home and part of the route back was under trees. Ploppy left for golf about an hour ago and will be getting wet! I think today is a match so they can't retire to the bar unless the rain is really heavy.

We were probably both awake at the same time, Eva, though mine was self-inflicted. If you can't sleep, it's definitely better to get up rather toss & turn but trust you got a few hours sleep. The call from your father must have been upsetting, at least he apologised but not at all pleasant. Hope cleaning the flat didn't take that long so you get some time to rest. Fingers crossed Mrs S stays on good terms for at least a few weeks.

Carol, I forgot to say yesterday how sad about Lindy's goddaughter; those poor children.

It's so dark, I've had to turn the light on. Yesterday was lovely from late morning. I had a good walk after lunch, then collected some train tickets and sat on the patio for a while playing a game on my phone. Meanwhile Ploppy fed the chopper with some of the shrubs he'd cut down, though there's still a large pile of branches left in the front and no room left in the garden waste bin. After I got back this morning, I did the I word and am going to continue compiling the US itin for the next few hours. Tomorrow morning I'm meeting a friend for coffee and a catch up.
TK wrote:
Monday, September 9, 2019, 10:55
Bruce was getting a bit bored so took him out earlier as man was up the tallest tree

Amazing, I'm just going to look again.
Jane E wrote:
Monday, September 9, 2019, 11:24
Hi all,

Back at work. The banging and knocking is still there but nowhere, near as bad as it was. Hurrah!

I have my occupational health referral this week, so I have fingers crossed that they'll be understanding and helpful. It's a new company we are using though, so who knows.

Fi - your story about Ploppy's experience has me confused. A disability under the act is a long-term impairment that has a substantial and long-term effect on your ability to do normal daily activities. The previous OHS told me that I fall under the act. I'm surprised Ploppy didn't! Nice to see you back on the blog - looks like you are being very busy but productive!

Eva - so sorry to see that you are still having difficulties sleeping. Stress do you think? At least you are using your waking time well.

I see the Twins are also doing lots of ironing. I have embraced the crumpled look. (Too difficult to stand for long periods. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

Diana - you naughty stop-up! :-) actually I'm dead jel coz I have to get up in the mornings!

Jo - glad to see that TK is back and in control :-) Thanks for the link to Ro's vid. She is indeed a nutter - but a lovely one. I'm sure between them they've raised a heap.

Beatrix says she's not cleaning up horrible messy spills because she might spoil her lovely frock. I pointed out that she can stake her frock off when she wants to, but she says she can't reach the fastening when messy work is involved :-)

Off to see if I can find the link to the R*gue Tr*der film before lunch ends!
TK wrote:
Monday, September 9, 2019, 18:18
There are a large amount of branches in my back and front garden. The chap was amazing how he can work up there I do not know.
TK is not happy as I've not let her out. There is more work to do tomorrow.

Daniel is the Sheriff in Robin Hood at SEnd this year. I think I'll try to go for a matinee. I'll not plan it in advance, just in case of bad weather.

Bruce is cleaning his feet at the moment there is a lot of groaning or is it humming? I'd better check they are OK. He is a very vocal dog. We went to see Mw3Ds this afternoon. Bruce started talking to him in the growling voice he uses for chatting. Mw3Ds looked a bit apprehensive. I can understand why, I was nervous when he started doing it to me. He is 'talking', telling you to do something usually.

On subject of cleaning Mrs ExP said she was going to clean her front room as she is fed up spending all day Saturday each week cleaning. I could have suggested a couple of things, but just left as I'd given the little dog her present. A gibbon with very long arms and legs. They are the sort of toys she likes best.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 07:37
Morning and a nice sunny start to the day – I am a little later this morning as had a very long sleep (I obviously needed it). Think (apart from tomorrow) we are in for some warm dry weather (I bet all the clothes shops selling winter clothing will be feeling miffed!).

Jo I thought much the same of you about the target audience for the RT mini film! Oh a Bruce with a snooze button sounds a very good idea (not sure he would think so!). TK obviously feels she should be allowed to room freely – I imagine the sounds of the tree cutting would be quite scary for a cat – we have of course heard a fair amount of it recently having had the trees chopped here and certainly when the tree next door blew down and had to be cut out it was quite an interesting watch (and sound). Not a job for me I concluded as I watched the guy strapped to the top branches!! Yes that photo brought back memories!! Oh I think Daniel will be an excellent Sheriff ! I don’t remember him doing panto before – I am sure he will fall in love with it like most performers once they have done one. So Bruce likes to sing and chat does he! I smiled at the thought the Mw3D felt slightly threatened! So Duffy has a gibbon to play with is Bruce’s rabbit doing???

We seem to have been on the edge of the rain yesterday Diana as we only had a couple of short showers. Mrs Chris in C’lmsford sounds to have had much the same weather as you. I agree it was quite chilly though. Hope Ploppy wasn’t too wet after his round of golf! I had to put the light on here yesterday afternoon – today is totally different! I see yesterday was national ixxning day............ Have a lovely catch up and coffee with your friend today.

That must be a relief that the banging and drilling is not as bad as last week – hopefully you aren’t having to wear the ear defence this week. Fingers and toes crossed for your OH referral this week, hopefully they will understand your condition and be supportive. I see the zip wire raised over £1000 so an excellent total. I sympathise entirely with Beatrix not wanting to get her dress dirty, nor her lovely turquoise fur! Hope you managed to watch the RT clip – he looked very good in his blue shirt!

We managed to collect Lindy and Lawrence safely and decided we would go to our normal Sainsbugs as it is bigger and would only take about ten minutes to drive to. Big mistake as there were problems on the X40 and we joined a traffic jam almost instantly. It took us 45 minutes to get to the shop! We went for our normal coffee afterwards and then whilst MM filled up with petrol Lindy and I went and looked at shoes in Nxxt. Lindy usually wears flat shoes but is hoping to progress to small heels this year and Nxxt do some really nice ones. Once we were all home I finished the i word, and then did some admin for the small choir, and also for the Church. Sadly I had an email from Lindy mid afternoon to say her goddaughter had died during the morning. So very sad. Lindy said once they told her they were withdrawing the treatment she just gave up. We managed to have a good sing in the evening (despite no conductor) and we learnt a new piece – needs some polishing but it went very well. We had a discussion afterwards and are still actively looking for a conductor but think we can manage to put together our concert for S the Ch’ren in December, even if we don’t have one. Today MM has an appointment at the ENT department in the local hospital for his hearing (or lack of). I will drop him off and the run into U’bridge as I have some bits and pieces to do there. If he finishes early MM has said he will get the bus home. Morning BHB yes a nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the pastel de natas and the ‘Appily Mxrrixd through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 08:04
Carol, Daniel was in Southend for Panto last year. I was going to try to see him, but it was too much with w*rk n all. Archibald and the new purple rabbit are very well. Obviously Bruce hasn't 'kissed' them yet, just used them as pillows. We were lucky with the rain yesterday. There was a little shower as I took Bruce out in the mid afternoon. That's the trouble with the M25, you get on to it sometimes and stop. That is why I've started to use the satnav when I dive more than just out of the village. Sometimes it is quicker for me to go places via the M40, but other times not. The only way I know is the traffic on the satnav.

The tree cutters are not here yet. I suspect they are off getting the wood chipper. I would think it would be cheaper for them to hire a big one by the day when they need it.

TK is still moaning about being in the bedroom. I have given her boiled Pollock for tea and breakfast as it is her favourite. She was very cuddly in the night.
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 08:31
Morning. it off sorts as having some "issues" with next door neighbours (not NN but other side - Thoughtless Neighbours!). they are back to putting dog outside at 6.30 am - and it barks non stop. had to speak to them before about it. they just throw dog outside and get on with getting themselves and children up in morning. no thought for neighbours -or dog. Yes we have had mixed weather too. had lovely day on Sun when we went to an exhib of Henry large sculptures in grounds of stately home in N Norfolk.. Went with the same friends whom we took to Althr.p last week. a lovely day out and tho not nice enough for a picnic we did sit out for aft tea! It was fab being able to see these huge sculptures (fairly) locally. yesterday was wet - so lots of coffees with various friends. Had first coffee with lady whom I am helping with the finance for her ploppy's care - and so went thro her list (that i had written) up tog. she is finding it very helpful and her husband even getting involved in helping her doing the items - so she is very happy. Did I say that sloppy had "incident" on fri where she couldn't walk as so much pain in Knees (and sloppy has VERY high pain threshold) so sis had to take her to local walk in centre (or as sloppy called it the "wheel in" centre as she had to be in wheelchair!). turns out to be arthr.tis flare up (she had one 12 yrs ago) and she is now almost fully better - tho did give her a bit of a fright. dad was fab and got up early and keeps asking her if she is Ok - and what he can do to help!
Carol - so sad about Lindy's god daughter. those children - and the poor, poor husband. he must be in bits losing 2 wives to same disease. some families do have very hard lives.
Jane - would love to say that just cos the Act says a disability says about long term impairments means all impairments. I am afraid it doesn't - as we found out with ploppy's impairment, which is lifelong but is not covered by the Act. Ploppy's work were b.stards and knew they could get away with ignoring his as not covered - it sounds as if your work either nicer people or don't realise that tho act has that general intro about all impairments the rest of act goes on to be more specific about which type of impairments and work often use this to wriggle out of obligations - as ploppy's work did. If your work going with the general intro then I would be very happy and just don't say anything about rest of Act, which may or may not cover your condition.
Jo - do you get a lot more light into garden/house now that trees are lopped? I am with Mrs P on being fed up spending Sats (or any day) cleaning. keep thinking about trying to find cleaner but never get around to it.
Dina - enjoy your coffee this morning.
Eva - god that you and Mrs s talking now. Family rifts are not nice - as ploppy knows. I am hoping the 90th birthday party f first step to healing his with his bro - but who knows. I think you need a few days of rest now - you have been working hard - don't overdo it!
Pauline - i agree that S.nditon is not JAesque at all. I am watching it - but reading paper at same time!
Off to an art lecture on V.enna architecture early C20 - I think.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 08:59
Wood chipper working now. Lots of noise.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 09:10
Morning all and it is a much better day today thankfully. Yesterday it started to rain at lunchtime and didn't stop till late afternoon and was very chilly as well. Today we have some sun and it should get better, hooray! I ended up going to WGC yesterday morning. I needed some euros for next week and thought I would do that. I had a browse round JL and in their furniture dept I saw a gorgeous armchair I fell in love with. Now thinking I could ditch my big sofa and get two of those chairs, hummm! I do have two sofas btw, so not as silly as it sounds! Ineed to do a small food shop this morning then this afternoon am having a coffee with one of my neighbours.

Diana I see you are having a coffee and catch up as well! I see you also got the deluge yesterday. I was told by my father that it never rains on a golf course!

Lady Jane I do hope your OH referral is favourable and they are able to help you. It must be a relief that the noise has somewhat abated anyway.I fully understand why Beatrix doesn't want to get her dress, or her fur, spoilt by clearing up mess! Bunnies are very particular you know!

Jo rather that man up a tree than me! Eek! How do they do it? Poor TK having to stay in, but she would hate it outside. Such a shame they don't understand. Love Bruce's way of talking to people. I can see it would be disconcerting if you didn't know that is what he was doing! I still fear for the rabbit! So Daniel is back in S/end this year is he. Maybe he knows people there!

Fi how inconsiderate to just put the dog out to bark at that time. Wehave some people near me that I think must keep their dogs outside in a kennel or something in summer. It barks every time there is a noise , which is most of the time. Most inconsiderate and poor dog.Your poor Mum. Glad to hear she is improving and it is lovely that your Dad worries about her. The sculptures sound very impressive. I like some of HM's work then others are a bit too odd to me!

Morning BH and we have Appily Mxrried? That's a new one! I think we need another jug and pastel de natas of course. Now let's find the CM.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 09:13
There will be no effect on light to my house by the trees being reduced in height. The garden will get some more light in places. Not too much due to the houses. Did I say there are 6 households abutting my land? Makes it sound as if I have an estate, instead of a semi. I'd never added it up since the new houses were built. That doesn't count the end of my garden which is, as yet, not built on.

Fi I've seen a TV prog on the Henry M display, they are in the right place to be seen. So good that you dad felt he was up to helping. I didn't really understand that you can get flare ups with arthritis. I hope it calms down very soon.

The shredding is going very loudly.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 13:38
Afternoon. Much better weather today, though it's mostly clouded over now.

I had a good catch up with my twin this morning. We met at a cafe neither of us have been to before, near the Sains & M&S I go to for food, and sat outside in the small rear garden which was very nice.

Tomorrow Ploppy & I are going to Buckingham Palace to do the full tour which takes about 4.5 hours. We're intending to have a late lunch/tea in the cafe there afterwards.

The decorator has returned from holiday and work on the front is progressing. The scaffolders have just arrived and are unloading.

Sorry about your mum, Fi, must have been worrying to come on so suddenly.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 16:09
Afternoon all. It's been a lovely day, weatherwise, but I've not had time to enjoy it!
What a day! I met up with the surveior (sp?) at father's flat, and while we were going around, youngest sister called. Father had had a fall during the night. Someone from the District nurses were with him, but they couldn't decide what to do! Could I drive up there and talk to them and see what was going on? The surveior was very nice about it and told me to hurry off.
When I got up to father's new flat, he was sitting in the kitchen with a "health worker" with him. The story was that father had got up during the night, feeling unwell, and when he got to the bathroom, he'd started vomiting, then he'd fallen over, fainted, and came to on the floor with all the mess around him. Instead of using his alarm, he'd got up, cleaned the floor (!!!!) and gone back to bed. When the health worker had arrived at 8.30 am with his medication, he'd told her what had happened. She'd called the office, who'd called youngest sister, who'd told them to call an ambulance and get him to the A&E or the hospital to be checked.
They were dithering, and youngest sister called me. I arrived and when father told me what had happened (He'd no idea how long he'd been unconcious), but it was not necessary to call an ambulance. I told him that I was the one to decide this, and called. The nurse at the other end of the phone agreed with me that father needed checking up, and she sent an ambulance. Two lovely medics arrived, and after checking father with all kinds of electronic gizmos, said that they'd take him straight to hospital, as his heart showed irregularities. Father protested, I told him to shut up, and off they went with me behind in my car.
At the hospital it was more examinations, more electronics, blood tests and a CT scan of his head. Conclusion was that he was admitted to hospital for further test. They thought he might have pneumonia (!). I left the hospital around 3 pm and went up to father's flat to clean up the mess in the bathroom. What a day!
Mrs S is going up to the hospital this afternoon to see if there are more information to be had, but we haven't heard back from her yet.
Father was most upset, because he'd been looking so much forward to moving into his new flat, and here he was, less than 24 hours later, laid up in hospital! He said he felt fine and wanted to go home! Dear me, and we thought we'd be in for a quiet life once he was settled in the sheltered accomodations! Quiet life indeed. ☹️
The way the district nurses' office reacted, was typical. Put the patient to bed and ignore what has happened. I am seriously considering a complaint, as this is the 4th time father's had a fall, and they have done NOTHING about it. Every time we've had to take action, and EVERY time he's been admitted to hospital. What use are the DN? Are they there only to dispense pills! Sorry, but I'm so angry AAAARRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I haven't checket tonight's HC, but I could do with some nice L*fty shots! 😜
TK wrote:
Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 18:15
Oh Eva how disappointing. Thought it would take pressure off you all. What is the procedure for a fall in the night IF your Father had pressed the alarm. Would that have been just put him back to bed? Phone you up to make the decisions? If so what is the difference from him being in his own flat? I thought it would be like where Bella's friends live. IF they call the alarm as they has a fall an assessment it made if the ambulance requires to be called.

Tree climbing man and his side kick have gone. Logs have been taken away and smaller branches chipped. I have caused blocked pavement all last week and 2 days this week. Tamsey has gone out, I could hear her muttering repeatedly 'at last'. I assume on an inspection of the 'estate'. There is still an insect haven at the end of the garden.

Diana, thanks for the notification on the new cafe, reminded me to post the review here, a different place to eat in Clacton. My report is under Cora J
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 06:44
Morning and it is looking a little grey out (but dry).Think we have a possibility of some rain later.

Oh I didn’t realise Daniel had done S’end panto last year Jo. I wonder if he stayed in the GO’s flat! Does work now seems a long and distant memory? So the purple bunny is still safe – I thought he looked very cute! I am sure TK appreciated her favourite breakfast, even if you weren’t allowing her outside. Ah yes the wood chippers do make a lot of noise! On the subject of trees, we have heard from the tree company about the church Cedar tree and it has to come down within three months as they say it is a danger and likely to fall (onto the road). Goodness I didn’t realise there were six houses around you Jo. Fingers crossed they don’t decide to build at the bottom of your garden (as they have at Ann and Roger’s house). I see once the men had left TK was out in the garden like a shot! I read your review from the link – so you didn’t like it much then?

Oh dear Fi, I thought that particular neighbour had taken heed from the last time this happened – but obviously not! Do they not hear it barking, or do they just ignore it? Have to say you aren’t very lucky with your current neighbours. Your expedition on Sunday sounds lovely – I think Henry M needs large grounds to be displayed properly. Of course your friend is happy that you have drawn up a list for her, makes life much easier for her. Any suggestion her children might help? Really good to hear her husband is getting involved too. Not so good news about your Mother. That sounds really painful (I am the opposite and don’t have a high pain threshold at all by the way) and she must have been very stoic. Lovely that your dad was being so supportive and asking what he could do. Did the “wheel in” centre suggest what might have caused the flare up? I remember at the time thinking Ploppy’s firm were being anything but supportive. He really was treated terribly badly by them. I still have all fingers crossed that Ploppy’s brother might have changed and they can find some sort of rapprochement when they meet at the 90th party. Hope you enjoyed the lecture on Wien!

It was a much nicer day weatherwise yesterday Diana, so glad you were able to sit outside when you met with you friend and put the world to rights. Enjoy Buck H (you know they will validate your tickets so you can return for free within twelve months?). We did the same as you and had afternoon tea in the garden cafe. I remember the cake was very nice!

Oh Eva, that is such a shame about your Father falling. Like Jo I thought he would be looked after better once he was in the flat, and the weight of responsibility would be lifted from the family. Obviously not! Very good of the surveyor to understand the situation. Your poor Father, in addition to the fall, the vomiting and the fainting he probably was totally disorientated as he hasn’t got used to being in the flat yet and it would be strange surroundings. Bless him for trying to clear up. I have to say the health (hah!) workers seems less than useful. Well done on overruling and getting the ambulance to take him to hospital. It seems the hospital itself was very thorough, but I wasn’t expecting you to say they thought he had pneumonia! I actually think you have plenty of grounds for a complaint – it might be worth asking Mrs S what she thinks about it? Did she ring you with an update? Just when you thought your life was getting back to normal too. Hopefully the glimpses of the GO (not too many but at least some) cheered you up in the evening.

The garden refuse collection is back to its normal time of 6.30 am.............. Yesterday, I dropped MM off at the hospital and went off to do my banking and bits and pieces (mainly buying colouring books and sticker books for the boys in the New Forest as we are off there today). I had just got home (literally) when MM rang to say he was finished, so I went off and picked him up. He now has two mini hearing aids and says everything is now VERY LOUD! It is a relief that the tv is now able to be turned down to normal volume (I don’t think he realised how loud we had to have it!). At the moment he has to wear them for the first week between 1 and four hours a day (they suggested whilst watching tv for some of that time), then using them longer in week two and progressing. He has to go back in a few weeks to have any tweaks and adjustments made. I spent the afternoon sorting out music for our Save The C C’mas concert so we can start looking at the music, and MM worked on his service for Sunday. As I said we are off to June today and will call in to see Moving Aunt on the way home. Morning BHB, yes it is a little overcast today. Let’s take the toasted tea cakes and the Wxterlxx Sxnset through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

evam wrote:
Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 07:59
Morning all. The sunshine has disappeared and it's raining. Definitely autumnal.

Hello sweetheart. Sorry I wasn't here until late yesterday. You understand, and today you've got my coffee ready and the toasted teacakes as well? Aren't you the best? (He nods.) 💋💋😍

Mrs S phoned yesterday when she had been to the hospital. Father has been moved into isolation until they know what caused his sickness. He's definitely not had a heart attack. I have a feeling he won't be discharged today, but we won't know until the doctor's round has been done.

It's funny (of the peculiar kind) that you should mention reporting the DN's lack of action. When I told one of the ambulance crew yesterday about our experience with the DN, he said it should be reported to the authorities. Yes, we also thought that father would be more closely looked after in the new flat, but after our first experience with it, I am definitely NOT impressed. I'll wait and see what they are saying at the hospital. Mrs S is on the case, but she's leaving for Spain on Monday, so won't be of much help. Youngest sister and my lovely br.i.l. are leaving on the 21st September for their much delayed holiday because of sis's fall, so then I'll be alone with father for 2 weeks. Not looking forward to that, but I am insisting that sis and br.i.l. are going on their holiday. Sis will be alone when I go to Spain in November, so we have to cope.
I need to contact our estate agent about how to proceed. We are in no hurry to get the sale concluded, so will probably wait with putting it on the market until sis is back home again. We need a few weeks rest now before going on with the sale.

Jo,-poor TK,- so she doesn't like the treee surgeons and the racket they make? I'm with her all the way. 😉

Fi,- sorry to hear about your mum's arthritis trouble. I hope they can find the reason it has suddenly flared up. It's good that your father has risen to the occasion and is of help to her. Oh dear, your neighbours again, even if it's the ones on the other side. What do they say when you complain?

Carol,-I'm sure it will take some time for MM to get accustomed to suddenly hear everything! 😉 Have a nice time on your visit to the New Forest.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 09:41
Morning all and I am late today, but not because of sleeping late! I know that is what you all thought, but no, I have been to have my flu jab. So winter really is just round the corner! Glad to get it out of the way as my surgery is like a little terrier worrying away at you to have it done, they don't give up! Daresay I will have a sore arm soon. Yesterday I had coffee with one of my neighbours and it was nice to catch up with her. She is a lovely lady and one of the people that moved here the same time as me, there aren't many of us! We had a nice chat about how things have changed round here and agreed about one of the neighbours we find strange! Today I will go and see how Ari's mum is, if she hasn't had to go down to see her brother. the one who is terminally ill. I also may have to ring a plumber as one of my loos seems to be leaking! Not over the floor, but into the bowl I hasten to add. Well it was but seemed ok earlier so I will monitor it.

Eva what a palaver you have had with your father, I, like the others thought all this would have been dealt with by others, what does sheltered housing mean if not helping in situations like this? Mind it would help if Father pushed his personal alarm! The DN beggar belief and I really think you should complain about them. I do hope your father is ok and they find out what caused it all. You really don't need all this stress and I hope they can get their act together by the time you are dealing with it on your own. Sending hugs.

Your coffee with your friend sounds lovely Diana. I am sure you will love Buck House. We all did. It is very beautiful, those of course quite opulent! The cake was excellent!

So you enjoyed your lunch in Clacton then Jo! It does sound good and I am so with you that minted mushy peas have no place with f & C !Not sure they have a place anywhere actually! Glad the noise had s stopped and TK has her freedom back!

Morning BHB, sorry I am late but flu jab called! You forgive me and have saved some Wxterlxx Sxnset for me? You are a sweetie. Let's take it and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 10:15
Oh dear, the time seems to be flashing along today. Not even opened the post.
I have looked at the emails and put a load of washing on. We saw one of Bruce's friends this morning he has been off ill due to an abscess. He had it drained a before the weekend, so he is walking on a lead now. It is still sore so he is pacing the house. He is a lurcher, very greyhound like, so very sensitive to any pain.
I have the washing on. I had to re-erect the rotary line, couldn't get the post to slip down into the hole. A few sprays of ........ yes...... WD40 and it slipped in. Magic!!!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 10:47
Opened post and very excited that I have obtained a second-hand M&S deep purple tee shirt- ebay. I bought 3 in Taunton M&S on 19Oct16 (I checked the date via the Timeline, I do not remember the dates I buy all my items of clothing!) one is now dusters due to a claw rip, the other 2 are rather worn. This second-hand purchase has not been worn, bonus it is helping the Cynthia Spencer Hospice in Northampton. (03Dec2010 was the date I was in Northampton, I think that was a snowy day.) The deep purple colour is one of my favourites. I took a chance on the purchase as the photos were bad.
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 12:14
Hi all,

I didn't get on the blog yesterday as I was in an all day meeting. It was fun too. Lots of team building silliness which I enjoyed.

Today I am back at my desk and the banging has started again. This time it sounds like they are removing pipes. It sounds like a crazed rhythm section doing a sound check!

Fi - Sorry to hear about your poor sloppy. H*nry Mo*re statues eh? Not my cup of tea but I hope you enjoyed them.

Carol - so sad about Lindy's goddaughter. I'm glad the choir is coping without a conductor so far; hope you manage to get one though. It must be such a relief for MM to be able to hear properly again!

Pauline - I am glad you are feeling better and hope the flu jab doesn't have a bad effect. So nice to catch up with your neighbour. I hope you get to catch up with ari's mum today.

Eva - I am so sorry to hear that all your hopes of father being better off and well looked after are dashed. It'll be hard work for you while the others are away but you were right to insist sis and b-I-l get their holiday. Shame Mrs S will be away too though. Hugs xxx

Message from Beatrix - thank you for saying such nice things about my dress and turquoise fur, Carol and Pauline.

Jo - how is my cousin Archibald?
TK wrote:
Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 18:33
Now everyone sit down. I did something today I've not done since about 1985, about 35 years.
I washed a car!!
Not mine but Felf's. She'd not noticed that it was covered with dust from the chipper. They had used a leaf blower to get rid of the worst of the bits of leaves and dust, but it had not worked completely. I wanted to catch Felf before she went nuts. The lady the other side was just washing her car too. I did apologise. My WWW friend was walking home and asked if I was going to do mine, I said there was no need as it was parked out of the way in her drive. She does know I've not washed it since I bought it.

That is the only momentous thing from today. Apart from the 5ft tall teddy bear I saw in one of the charity shops, too much for Bruce.
Bruce was playing with his new beige rabbit this morning, Beatrix's cousin, seems unscathed from the kissing this morning. Not all his kissing involves pulling lumps out of toys, he sometimes just rubs his nose in the toy.
evam wrote:
Thursday, September 12, 2019, 01:54
Morning all. It's pitch dark outside, so I can't tell you what the weather is like.

Carol,- CAROL, no respose. I wonder if I'm the only customer on the blog? Oh, hysh! The BHB is fast asleep on the sofa. Better make the coffee myself, and I'll have a look in the larder to see that we have enough teacakes for those that get here later .

Father is still in hospital, in isolation, but he might be discharged today. The problem apparently is that they can't find the source of the infection they know he has. He's had antibis intravenously (sp?) for 2 days now. We have to ring after the doctors' round when they have decided what will be happening. I'll keep you posted.
No housework done tonight, as everything is already done. I'm feeling quite tired now, so I'll try to get a bit of sleep.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, September 12, 2019, 06:38
Morning and a nice bright start to the day, although it has clouded over but I can still see a little blue sky. Yesterday stayed fine and quite warm, until we were driving home.

Oh dear, so they still aren’t 100% sure what has caused Father’s sickness then Eva. Hopefully during the day they managed to do some investigating. Good news that it wasn’t a heart attack, but I think you are right and they may keep him in overnight again. So if the paramedics think the DN fiasco should be reported to the authorities I think it definitely needs to be done. I really don’t understand why the staff at the flat complex didn’t do more. Oh that is bad timing for Mrs S to go to Spxxn – I think she is just what is needed in this scenario! Sensible to not rush to sell the flat, but wait for your sister to come back from holiday. I think with everything that has been going on you don’t need any extra pressure from the sale! Are you in the same flat in Spxxn when you go?

Good grief Eva – what were you doing in the Bistro at that time of the morning? Not surprised you found the BHB asleep! Also I imagine you weren't surprised to find I wasn't here either! Oh dear so the hospital are still trying to find out what the problem is – I see they have put him back on the anti-bis. All very worrying as of course if they don’t know what the cause is, they can’t try a cure. Not surprised you were feeling tired – hopefully you managed to get some sleep when you went back to bed. Sending ooohhhhmmmmmmssss and hugs.

Ah some days are just like that Jo – you suddenly find it is late morning and you haven’t done anything. Still you had got the washing on! Ah the joys of WX40 – MM tells me it works ever time!! Poor friend of Bruce that sounds quite nasty! I assume purple was the only colour tee shirt available – never mind! Deep purple too I see....ah well. Did you hear that noise? Yes I was me falling off the chair at the car wash! So Felf hadn’t noticed!! I always think leaf blowers sometimes create more mess then they clear up. So you felt the 5ft bear might just be a tad too big for Bruce (it is only a couple of inches shorter than I am!!). So the rabbit is surviving at the moment....

The meeting sounds fun – especially the silliness, Lady J. Oh not the banging again – I am intrigued by your description of it ....wonder what they were up to! MM is still getting used to the hearing aids – he says he can hear his voice and it sounds like a dalek! Well at the moment I am doing the note bashing (or learning) with the choir, but I don’t want to do it more than I have to as I want to sing! Awww please tell Beatrix she is a sweetie. Not holding our too much hope for her cousin Archibald though!

Had a lovely day down in the New Forest. Little Aidan and Nova were there with their Mummies (the boys were all at school) and they are so cute. Nova has lots of curls and her mummy puts it in a Pebbles (Flxntstxnes) style top knot and looked lovely. June has been doing a large puzzle – and it is a pig to do! I thought of you though Jo as it is all dogs!!

Late afternoon we went over to see Moving Aunt as planned. She had had her hair permed in the morning, so was feeling very pleased with herself. She was also doing a puzzle but a much easier one!! She seemed very chirpy, which was good. The journey home wasn’t too bad but near Bxsxngstxke we went through a monsoon – really heavy rain so everyone slowed down quite considerably ( which is a good thing given the conditions!). After that the journey was fine and not a drop of rain.

I am off to have my hot shell massage and hair highlights done this morning. MM will run me round to the salon and then go and book our cars to take us to and from the airport next week, cancel the papers, collect my prescription etc. etc. – yes he has a list I have given him!! After than will have a lazy afternoon, although I do need to type up MM’s service for Sunday and write mine, so might do that. Morning BHB, yes I can see some blue sky and the sun is out and sparkling on the housetops nearby. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Dxvisxon Bxll into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, September 12, 2019, 09:09
Morning all and it is getting brighter all the time and is warmer that recently. I think we are getting back to more like summer temperatures for a while which will be lovely. Winter is long enough without Sept being nasty too! I went to try and see Ari and his Mum yesterday, but they were both out. As her car was there I am assuming Ari had taken her for a walk. I will try again today. First I need to get food for the weekend. When I got back here yesterday I got inspiration from Jo and decided to have a turn out of my wardrobe. It was bulging at the seams rather and is a bit better now, for a while! So a visit to the charity shop is needed now. I go there to give, not buy! Had my flu jab yesterday and it was fine except my arm got a bit sore and then itchy. I can do without itchy!

Eva it is not good that they can't find what is wrong with your father, hopefully they will be able to pin it down. I am sure he wants to get back home. So you are still up and about in the night, not good though I am sure worrying about your father isn't helping. I notice you didn't even begin to think I would be in the Bistro at that time! Can't think why not! Hope you managed more sleep.

Jo, you washed your car?? Good grief, oh it was FElf's car and I can see why you had to, leaf blowers and chipping machines create a lot of dust! We used to have a lovely bunch of guys in the golf range car park round the corner who washed cars for £7, sadly the council decided they were inappropriately placed and turned them out. They said it was more suited to a supermarket car park. One problem, we don't have a supermarket round here! Well not one with a large car park! Grrr! I have a lovely vision of Bruce wrestling with a 5ft teddy!

Oh flip, so the noise is back is it Jane. Banging on pipes is very irritating. You have to wonder what they are up to! Please tell Beatrix she is welcome and give her my love.

Morning BHB and what is for today? Dxvxsion Bxll? Appropriate at the moment! Let's get more and some toasted pikelets and go and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Thursday, September 12, 2019, 10:47
Eva, that is far too early or you could say late to be up. I hope you could get some sleep later.

Jane I was never that keen on team building activities. But some do. Do they ever help build a team? The best cross dept, age and grade team building I've attended on a regular basis (Thurs nights) was a few drinks and a dance at a local nightclub.

I must get on. We have to go visiting. 2 of Bella's friends are away due to a family illness, so we have to go further. Tried another couple yesterday, but they were out. Bruce decided to go to the ice cream parlour rather than the bar. I got a vanilla cornet to take away. He walked very slowly until I'd fed him his share.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, September 12, 2019, 10:48
Morning all.

The decorator is sanding down the front door, it's taking a while and the noise is rather irritating. Good thing it's a bit warmer today. Ploppy of course has gone to golf. So far this morning I've washed the sheets, put the electric blanket on the bed and remade it, and cleaned the lounge. I've got some stuff to do on the laptop and might take some old clothes and footwear to the recycling bins at the station later.

We enjoyed out day out at B. Palace. The Queen Victoria exhibition in the State Rooms was particularly interesting. We had out tix stamped and definitely want to return at least once. We had a very nice late lunch afterwards - I had chicken caesar wrap, yummy vanilla millefeuille and a coffee. I had hoped to pick up one or two Xmas pressies in the shop but didn't see anything suitable. I liked a couple of tea cups and trinket boxes but I've already got plenty of that sort of thing and everything was expensive so resisted. It poured on the way home but I had an umbrella so we only got slightly wet when we got off the bus.

That's worrying about your father, Eva. The whole point of him being in sheltered accom is so that there are people around to keep an eye on him and deal with any accidents etc. Not surprising you were angry, a complaint is definitely warranted. Hope they've found out what's wrong.

Hope you haven't been disturbed again by your neighbour's dog, Fi.

I know what you mean about having the TV volume high, Carol. My parents have their's turned up due to their poor hearing. Hope MM gets used to his new aids quickly, Mum doesn't get on that well with her's. When I phone, she has to take them out to hear me.
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, September 12, 2019, 16:54
Hi. been busy day packing, cleaning, arranging fl. (thanks for reminder Pauline - despite being a priority case due to suppressed system I never get notified by surgery!) . think we are almost ready to go tomorrow - tho still some more h'work to do. going to have another rant now! really fed up with sis. sending emails to me and bro about all her hols this yr and first half of next yr and when can we come and look after sloppy and dad as she will book carers for days we are not there! she knows ploppy is not good at mo (he was really white today and very, very tired - almost as bad as he was when first got the virus 8-9 yrs ago) and one of her hols 3 wks before the wedding next yr. as if I am going to commit to caring for parents then! esp when only reason they need us to go down is cos they are not in sh.ltered housing! obviously we will endeavor to be around in case of a crisis but she actually wants us to commit now to going down and stay there. really getting fed up now - no allowances for wedding prep, ploppy not being well, long distance . She should have considered all this (as I asked her to) when took parents side about not going into sh housing. Grrr.

And yes I do know that sh housing wouldn't be whole answer - as exemplified by Eva's dads situation. Certainly most in Uk now insist on people who move into them being well (which is why they wont take parents now due to dads Alz - even tho sloppy fine to look after him) as say they don't "care" for residents but they should keep an eye on them and arrange further care/hospital treatment as required! hmmm - even that doesn't seem to always work Eva. Think lots of elderly get undiagnosed infections. Ploppy's step mum was in and out of hospital for over a yr with inf.ctions which they could never locate, but caused her to fall/ have delusions etc. in end we had to push for her to be on long term anti-b.otics and that stopped all infs and side effects. but took a lot of arguing with drs for them to agree - seemingly not good for her in long term - she was 89yrs at time! totally agree that you need to do a "slow" sale of flat Eva so that no extra pressure on you.
Diana - forgot to say thank you for link to bottom of our page - it is great. I loved palace and cafe - took sloppy 5-6 yrs ago and she felt she was being entertained by the Qu..n! dog was very noisy on Tues eve when we had guests. they could not believe that neighbours leave dog to bark so much!
JO - my car was so dirty inside and out i took it to a car v.leting for first time ever. a cheap one. you can smell it was cheap - the smell of chemicals inside has put me off doing it again. but it is so clean that friend asked me if i had got a new car!!
Jane - I always hated team building exercises - and tried to avoid them wherever possible. in my opinion if managers aren't good enough to build teams thro good management then they shouldn't be managers! Jo - I am with you on who evaluates outcomes of these exercises? but luckily I will never have to participate in another one- phew.
Carol - sounds a lovely family day. I did once try to persuade all my family to move nearer to each other ( i suggested a commune) but funnily enough they didn't think that cutting down my travel was a good enough reason to do it! Hope MM H aids work for him. Ploppy has poor hearing but been told that cos it is about background noise no aids will help him. mind you I am beginning have to use subtitles increasingly. am sure it is due to poor enunciation by actors - and not my poor hearing!!!
TK wrote:
Thursday, September 12, 2019, 19:46
Funny day today. Bruce has been out to see friends, but he is missing the ones up the end of the road. They are away due to a family illness. I'm a bit boring for Bruce. He was wanting to play with TK this evening, I was discouraging it. It scared me when she used to play with Cora and she was a quick kitten then.
It is getting chilly now, so fleece is on :)
evam wrote:
Friday, September 13, 2019, 00:23
Morning, or rather night all. I slept about an hour and a half brfor I was awake again. Aside from paying ng a few pbills online, I haven't done anythinh usefol.
Father was discharged yesterday, and youngest sister went to pick him up. She had a chat with father's doctor when he was discharged, and they still have no idea where the infection is, so gave him a new and stronger antibis that he'll have to take for the next 10 days. The is something wrong with his heart (They call it a murmur) so he'll be called back for a heart specialist to look at him. He'll need an appointment with his GP within a weeks time, for a check-up and to take a lot of blood test.
I'll be visiting today to see if there is anything he needs.
Youngest sister and lovely br.i.l. are going up to the cottage today. They haven't been there for 6 weeks, from the day sis fell and hurt herself so badly. They'll be taking Emilian with them. Mrs S is running in circles, trying to get everything ready for her departure on Monday.

Fi,- I think that your sis is more than unrisanable. She seems to expect you to fit in with her holidays, and to pressure you to be there for your parents when she is away no matter what. She thinks she's the one to decide when you should visit your parents, and never mind if it is not at all convenient for you. Good luck with the revolution.✊✊
My legs are screaming at me now, so I need to do another walk around the flat. I'll soon have worn a pathway on my floors.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, September 13, 2019, 07:10
Morning and another bright start to the day – I do love these early autumn days when it isn’t too hot, but we have blue skies and sunshine.

Jo our team building exercises with one firm I was with consisted of going out together on a week day afternoon and having a “treat” together – we had a river trip with lunch, a tea dance at The Wxldxrf, a Chinese meal in Sxhx, to name but a few – oddly I really enjoyed those! Last firm we had afternoons out too, as well as lunchtime departmental get togethers and wine bar evenings (although towards the end of my time with them these had disappeared due to the construction industry downturn and they never really came back). Ah so Bruce was doing the social round yesterday ....he seems to have more or a penchant for the ce cream parlour as opposed to the bar! Shame that he is missing his friends – plus of course he is probably missing the treats from the decorators and the fun of watching the tree surgeons! I think I can see why you were discouraging the play with TK (vision of previous toys spring to mind!). Ah so you have succumbed to the fleece again!

We knew you would love BPxlxce – it’s beautiful isn’t it. Strangely other friends of our’s were visiting yesterday to see the QV exhibition. I remember the gift shop being very expensive when we visited too. I wonder if the shower you dodged was the same one we encountered on a drive home – if so it was VERY heavy! MM had his aids in yesterday when he took a phone call and he said he had difficulty hearing – so I can understand why your mother would take her’s out. We now have the volume on the tv so low, I sometimes have to ask to have the sound increased so I can hear what is being said!

Hope you have a good journey – I have lost track of where you are off to. How was the Earth exhibition and the Vxxna architecture lecture? Ah rant quite understandable and no problem! Your sister does seem to think everyone’s life should revolve around your parents (I can sort of understand that as she is so close) but seems to forget you have lives of your own and can’t just fit in with her schedule – especially with the wedding next year! As you had already pointed out all this when you suggested the sheltered housing I can quite see why you are in full rang mode! Ah so neighbour’s dog is outside in the evening too (makes you wonder why they have a dog at all). Love that a friend asked if you had a new car! MM has found a very good place about five minutes from us (in fact when we were the LHR car park for Mrs Chris and for Paul and the family over the summer, he took their cars there to be cleaned and valetted. June said it was probably the first time ever that had happened to Paul’s car!). Strangely June said to me on Wednesday that she wished we lived nearer! She rang me yesterday to tell me she had finished the dog puzzle by the way! I do agree that some of the actors on tv have poor enunciation, and also some drop their voices at the end of sentences. Still nothing has been quite as bad as the Jxmxcx Inn they showed a few years back – not only was the sound poor but the lighting was so dim you couldn’t actually see anything. I gave up on it after one episode (and JI is one of my favourite DdM books!).

Oh Eva – still not sleeping well I see. Mind you I love that you do useful things like paying bills online (prefer that to doing the i word I think). So Father is back in his new home with stronger antibis. Fingers crossed there isn’t another accident. I think your sister will be very careful when she visits the cottage this time. Hopefully she will be able to just relax, although I can see that Emilian will be wanting to do lots of things whilst there! So no thought of Mrs S in staying a little longer under Father is a little better? No, thought not. Hope the pain in your legs stopped and you were able to get some sleep.

I had a lovely back massage and then my highlights done, and my hair cut so was feeling very relaxed and pampered when I arrived home. It was a really lovely day too warm and sunny (although some cloud cover at times). I typed up MM’s service for him in the afternoon and must do mine this afternoon. We are off to do our weekend food shop and MM needs to buy his exrxs for next week. This evening we have church choir practice. Apart from that my day is my own. I am just going to report that so far I haven’t bought any new clothing so far this month – are you all impressed!! Only two weeks to go! Morning BHB, yes it is a nice sunny start to the day. Let’s take the churros and the Vanillita through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives/
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, September 13, 2019, 08:10
Morning - and a beautiful one. we are virtually packed. off to Y.rks Carol. near to lady Jane - but not near enough for a visit. going to try and limit the driving once we are there as ploppy so tired - and cos we do so much driving in our "normal" lives. we have rented a cottage but hope to eat out lots - really need to try and rest. Our friends who live in Sh.ffield but have 2nd house in Y.rk are going to visit us for a day and we hope to go to S.ltaire - 4 miles down the road. today we hope to visit Gentlem.n J.cks house on way north.
Eva - I thought i wasn't sleeping well. but i am - compared to you! Good that your dad is out of hosp and hopefully with the anti bis he will be strong enough to be able to settle into his new home. I agree that sis is unreasonable. She and sloppy always been very very close and she bends over backwards to ensure sloppy's every whim is granted and is working hard to ensure that we replace her input when she is away, without acknowledging that even without all our other issues it is just not possible when we are over 100 miles away. Hoping to avoid family bust up but I not convinced.
Carol - loved the earth - so intriguing to see how small Uk is! Vi.nna lecture really interesting (he mentioned the family, and their huge house/palace on the Ringstr.sse, at centre of the Hare with Amb.r eyes book) - i so want to go. enjoy - and i look forward to reading about your time there.
oops we are off. Bye
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, September 13, 2019, 09:15
Morning all and it is gorgeous here as well. A perfect late summer's day (I refuse t call it autumn until it really is after the 21st!) I just did my shop yesterday and managed to forget several things, well I had a list, but I had forgotten to put a couple of things on the list! Doh! In the afternoon I glanced into the garden and saw a very big fox sitting there as bold as brass. He was having a nice sunbath! I banged on the window and he just looked at me, cheeky. So I braved opening the door and going out and he ran off. I do not want foxes in my garden thankyou. I hope he doesn't come regularly. I found "evidence " two days ago that I though was a fox's leavings and now I know it was. They are a menace in my book! I forgot to say yesterday that we used to have to go on team building days at work as well. All the flight crew hated them! They were definitely not as much fun as Twin's!

Not another bad night Eva. This leg thing is a terrible thing. Do they have any idea what causes it? I wonder if all the stress you are under has a lot to do with the problem at the moment. Glad your father is well enough to go home. Fingers crossed the anti bis keep him fit. My Mum got lots of infections in her latter years and was on low doses of ant bis full time. Hers were nearly all urinary tract infections. Hope your sister has a lovely, and safe, holiday this time. So Mrs S is scuttling back to Spain, I am astonished. NOT!

Fi I hope you have a lovely break. It looks like the weather will be fab for you and there is nowhere more beautiful than that part of the world in good weather. I hope you can both relax and recoup some strength. It is such a shame that your sis is so unreasonable about what you can be expected to do for your parents. To have to fight about it whenever she wants to go away is exhausting. I hope you can avoid all out war!

Jo having seen the results of Bruce's playing, very wise to keep him from playing with TK.

Glad you enjoyed B Palace Diana. I loved it, though agree the shop is expensive! The weather is set fair so you should get your door finished in reasonable temps.

Morning BHB and of course it is Vanillita day. Oh you have done churros as well. Definitely more of those and some more Vanillita, right we are all set, let's find the CM.

Ali wrote:
Friday, September 13, 2019, 09:54
Morning. Did a long post weds morning but see it didn’t reach here for some reason?!
This week seems to have flown by. First night back at Brownies after summer hols, several new ones who may prove fun (miss clingy, miss bossy, miss chatty etc) Busy at work and planning for xmas. Already fully booked for our Santa breakfasts.
Had my eyelashes done Monday, haircut and colour today then pedi on monday so all primped and preened for holiday. Josh & g/f go away monday-sat so going to put our suitcases on their bed and start packing. Determined to be more ruthless this year and take less.
Had early appt at opticians this morn to check scratches on my eyes. No record of appt but they saw me and all ok so can wear lenses again but must have day off a week and use drops. Picked up sunglasses which were very handy on way home as sun was so bright even at 9am! Had a close shave when idiot pulled across in front of me on roundabout. He was in right hand lane indicating right to take 3rd exit, I was in left lane to go straight on but he pulled acroos in front of me and took 1st exit. I braked hard as did car behind thankfully but it was close! 🤬🤯
Temp is rising so might need to change my top before haircut.
Fi, enjoy your trip away and ignore sis for now.
Eva, glad your father is home but hope they can get to the bottom of his infection and murmur.
Sending hugs to anyone in need x
TK wrote:
Friday, September 13, 2019, 18:51
Really don't know why but I spent most of this morning asleep, after walking Bruce and breakfasts for all. In the afternoon went for a walk to a pub at one end of the village. They do nice chips, skin on, perhaps a bit oily.
Bruce was quite happy, especially when a lady from the next table gave him more chips!

So I've done no clearing today, feel guilty about it. But never-mind, there is tomorrow.
Had an email about one of my pensions, still not sorted. At least the largest monthly amount should be paid regularly from beginning of next month.

Fi I hope you have a good time away, you both need a relax.
evam wrote:
Saturday, September 14, 2019, 00:37
Good night everyone. Well, I can't really say good morning when it's in the middle of the night,can I?Btw. The clock on the blog is wrong. Yesyerday my night post was put down to 0023, while it really was an hour further on. I wonder what it'll show tonight? It's 02.25 as I speak.
Was with father for most of the day yesterday. Went for his much needed shopping, and when I got back, the DN was there. Father had had a little "accident" in bed, and by the time I got back, she had changed the bedding and sorted out father. Maybe the DN has turned around and decided to do a proper job from now on?
I had promised I'd try to set up his telly. It looked very easy in the manual, but of course it wasn't. After fiddling and fumling for almost an hour, I rang the service provider. He was kind enough, but wasn't able to unlock the encryption from where he was. For now faher has to settle for 2 channels, The Norwegian version of b*c 1 and 2. I know Iselin is visiting father today, so maybe she can sort it out. I feel very tired now, so I'll try to go back to sleep. These nocturnal visits are doing my head in!🙄
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, September 14, 2019, 06:28
Morning and a nice bright start. According to the forecast we are due to have a lovely day with temperatures around 23C today, which will be lovely.

Ah yes I remember you saying you were going to go off to Yxrks to a rental house, but had forgotten. As Twin says you look as if you will have lovely weather for your stay. Hope the journey up wasn’t too horrendous, and that you both manage to have a relaxing break (I feel you need it). It will be lovely to see your friends and I am envious of your visit to Sxxtaire! I remember reading that since the Beeb shoed GJ the visitors to the house have trebled! Ah so that is why your sister is so keen to make sure everything is perfect for your parents whilst you are away. I don’t think she can step outside the frame and look it at from anyone else’s point of view. I did look at a photo of The Exrth in situ at the cathedral and it looked stunning. Oh I have started the book but not sure I will finish it before we go as lots to do – may well be reading it whilst we are there! I am interested to see how much it may have changed as a city since I was there some forty years ago! Enjoy your stay and r&r!

Ali that has happened to several of us at times – we write a long post and then it vanishes into the ether! Sounds like you will have fun with your new Brownies (Miss Chatty reminded me of Imogen for some reason!). Hair is looking lovely by the way! MM said he will get our cases down today for Vxxnnx next week, so we can start putting the non creasing items in. If you don’t get back on before you go have a wonderful holiday. We play the “must remember not to take too many things” game every summer before our holiday! That’s excellent that your eyes are ok – I didn’t realise you worn contacts. Getting the sunglasses was a bonus too – and as you say came in handy for the drive. That sounds a very close thing. MM and I were saying the other day that driving standards seem to have dropped recently with people doing all sorts of strange things on the roads and not really thinking about other drivers! Pleased to say I came out of Friday the xxth unscathed!

Jo if you slept most of the morning yesterday that is your body telling you that you need sleep. The thing is when you are not working you don’t have to achieve everything in the limited time you would have had you been working, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about not doing any clearing – you have plenty of time for that! So Bruce had a pub visit rather than an ice cream parlour one. Mind you if he was being given chips by other people he might change his allegiance! Oh well that’s good that the main pension will be coming in soon – any plans for the money, like tickets for anything?????

Oh Eva, this is not good – especially as you say the clock is not right on the blog and your posting time is actually further into the morning (so whilst it is 2.25 for you it is saying0.37!). I am sure all the stress and worry has caused a lot of the sleeping problem – so the visit to the doctor doesn’t seem to have resolved anything for you. Good to hear that your father is now back safely in his home. Also good (and surprising) that the DM had been and sorted things out – may be they got wind of the fact you were considering a complaint! Ah so the tv defeated you – let’s hope Iselin has more luck – of course this will be her first visit to the new flat won’t it. I am sure your father will be delighted to see her and hear all about her holiday. I take it you are having a day off today then. Hopefully you can have a lovely restful day and manage an Eva to top up your sleep levels? No C’lty tonight as it is the L Night of the Prxms – MM says that means C’mas is just around the corner.

We did our food shop in the morning, MM managed to get his exrxs for next week and then bought himself a new shirt and new pair of casual trousers, which will also be going to Vxxnnx with us. He still had some C’mas money left over so used that to buy them. I was very good and avoid all the clothes shops, although I had forgotten it was F 13th as the strap on my shoe broke (fortunately towards the end of the morning) and I had to hobble around for a while. They aren’t the most comfy of shoes so I binned them when I got home – Had forgotten that when I said I escaped unscathed! Came home and I wrote up most of my service. We ended up not having to go out in the evening for Choir as I had several people contact me during the day to say they wouldn’t be able to make it. It would have meant there were only three of us (two being me and MM) so I decided to cancel. Today we are singing at a wedding at the church (daughter of someone who was at school with my Ann) – looks like she has a lovely day for it. Must also put the laundry on so that I can do the i word tomorrow afternoon, and of course I need to start thinking about what to take next week. Forecast has changed as originally it was saying temps would be 22C – 24C – now it is saying 16C – 18C. Will pop another couple of cardis in I think. Mind you looking at the awful weather in Spxxn at the moment, with the floods and the tornado, I am not complaining – Eva hopefully Mrs S won’t have been affected – I know it has hit the south east. I also need to work out our proposed itinerary – current plan is to take an open top bus round the city on day one and decide where we want to visit. I have booked a traditional Vxxnnxse restaurant for our first evening (very close to the hotel) so we won’t have to worry about that. Car is already booked to get us from the airport to the hotel, so that’s fine too. Morning BHB, yes a nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Rxck ‘n Ryx through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, September 14, 2019, 09:05
Morning all. another lovely one. I just love it when it is sunny at this time of year, the light is lovely. I went to St A which was also looking lovely in the sun. Nice place to walk round. Didn't buy any clothes as I am supporting Twin in her challenge! I just got a few ingredients I need to make a dessert in a couple of weeks as it is our big get together again. Today I am into Wishy Washy mode and then I will go in the garden I think. Need to make the most of the weather! I didn't even realise it was Fri 13th yesterday. I have no superstition about 13 at all! As I regularly had to fly on thee day you soon realise it is just another day. In fact 13 is a very auspicious number in Chxna!

Ali I just hit the wrong button and deleted half my post so I feel your pain! glad your eyes got a good chit and your hair and eyelashes look fab! Have a great holiday. You deserve it!

Eva not again! I hope evey day that you won't have been on in the early hours and there you are. Hooray that the DN seems to have done her job! I am sure if you could just be sure your father is happy and cared for properly it would help you. I hope Iselin has success with his tv.

Jo the chips look rather yummy, not surprised Bruce was happy to go to the pub. As Twin says you have to get into retirement mind set and not worry if you don't get something done. There is (hopefully!!) always tomorrow! Thank goodness you will start getting the larger part of your pension. I am appalled by how many of you seem to have had problems. I didn't realise how lucky I was as our pension dept was right on it and everything went smoothly.

Morning BHB and what have you for us today? Rxck in Ryx? Sounds different. let's get some more and a few more crumpets I think and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Saturday, September 14, 2019, 18:18
Evening. It's been a couple of unexpectedly lovely days and it got quite hot this afternoon. I sat in the garden both days making the most of the last of summer. This morning I did a food shop in M&S and as usual came away with more than I'd intended to buy. Dinner tonight is chicken prosciutto followed by triple choc cheesecake which looks delish.

Yesterday we finally sorted out our home insurance. Very relieved as it has been stressing me out. We got a pretty good quote from M&S who were one of the few companies offering what we need. If we'd stayed with our current provider, it would have cost nearly three times.

I see there's no Lee in HC for the next two weeks. Other than this week, we've won't have seen much of him for some weeks.

Dinner's almost ready so better attend to that. Back later if I've not drunk most of the wine.
TK wrote:
Saturday, September 14, 2019, 19:33
I thought I'd posted this morning, obviously I didn't. I thing I imagined it as I was getting ready.
Not done a lot today either. I have done a good deed. My neighbour binned the last card she had from the post office saying there was a letter which was understamped so she needed to pay £1.50. The previous time she had one of these I went to the PO and assessed the letter as a circular, so asked the PO to send it back. Felf thought the recent understamped letter would be the same this so binned it. There is no reason why she thought this. I made her get the card from the recycling bin. The PO lady showed me the recent letter. It was obviously addressed by an older person. I paid the money. Felf was very pleased as it was from an 80 y o Dutch lady in the UK, she sends news articles. After investigation the letter was too heavy for the basic large letter stamp. I think previous letters have got though so they didn't realise. In a way I'm glad it happened as this was one of the situations I was thinking of. If Felf did not reply the lady may think the worse. Also goes against the statement Felf made at the time of the previous incident 'no one writes to me.'
Bruce very happy today as he visited the same friends 2 days in a row. The were cooking a chicken when I was there, he was quite excited about that. Maybe there will be leftovers on Monday?
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, September 15, 2019, 05:56
Morning – we have just had the most glorious sky here – turquoise with pink clouds! We are due to hit about 26C later – I love early autumn days when it is warm and sunny.

I see Eva wasn’t here in the early hours, so I am hoping that means she had a decent sleep last night.

Sadly Diana I think you are right and this is the last of summer. You should be able to get out into the garden again later. Hurray and well done for sorting out the insurance. You wonder how your current insurers can justify a quotation that is almost three times higher than the one with MandS! Yes we checked and noticed no GO for a couple of weeks – I think they are wrapping up the Evxn?Chlxe story and majoring on Rik’s mxntal decline. I am sure when the baby storyline resurfaces we will see much more of him! I am assuming you managed to finish the wine...............

Jo I can see your halo shining from here. I can see where Felf was coming from if the last letter that required payment (I always feel the charge to the recipient is disproportionate especially as you have to go and collect the letter!) was a circular. I think the last time we had to pay for excess was last year when I had a badge on a birthday card and it made it slightly too wide to be a “normal” letter. Well done on persevering and keeping Felf and her Dxtch friend in contact (like you I suspect the friend would have thought the worst if she didn’t hear from Felf). Of course Bruce was very happy – he is becoming quite the social gadabout. I am sure the smell of the chicken was very enticing for him, so guess where you will be heading tomorrow!

I was very industrious yesterday, service sorted, laundry done, wedding sung at – it was indeed a beautiful day for a wedding – clear blue skies, sunshine, not too hot. Whatever florist they used cut it very fine – ten minutes before the service started they rushed in, put up two plinths and then two huge displays almost ran down the aisle – I call that cutting it very fine! I did the i word when I got home (have some more to do later). Off to church soon of course and then I need to make sure we are home promptly so I can check us in on line – we decided not to pay extra for pre-booked seats but to take pot luck when I do the online checking, so fingers crossed! In the evening we watched the programme on the SCD professionals, and that was very enjoyable. Then it was P’less and the Last Night of the Ps. C’mas here we come! This afternoon I will sort out exactly what I am taking away with me next week and put them on the hanging rail – I got MM to do his yesterday. Morning BHB, yes a lovely start to the morning. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Rxd Snxpper through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, September 15, 2019, 07:37
Morning and another promising one.

I had a problem with the interest in the evening and couldn’t post. Still not working properly this morning.

Very nice dinner but the wine was rather ordinary despite being T*ste the Diff.

Hope you're having a lovely time, Fi, you both deserve a stress free, relaxing time. Not at all fair of your sister. Hope for your sake there isn't a big bust up but you need to stand your ground.

Hope the fox doesn't return, Pauline. I agree with you about them being a menace. We often get one in our garden. It comes under the fence from next door, then exits along the side of our shed, at least it did until I blocked the gap. Haven't seen it for a while but last night something left a very unwelcome deposit on the patio, I think a fox. Hoping Ploppy will get rid of it tomorrow - he was golfing today.

Have a lovely holiday, Ali.

Oh dear, Eva, I do hope you can get a good night's sleep tonight. Hope you can have some peaceful, stress free days this week and feel more relaxed.

I might go to Sains for a small food shop tomorrow as we're nearly out of milk. Also have some washing to do. If it's nice, I will sit out again. I've just started re-reading some of my old books while sitting outside with the intention of passing them on to a charity shop. Unless a book was rubbish, I have always kept them so have hundreds of paperbacks stored in spare bedroom but aim to downsize the library by a third or more. It will take years to do but at least I've started.
TK wrote:
Sunday, September 15, 2019, 09:17
Diana, that is a good idea for me to do too, downsize the library. I'll add it to the mental list. I do have a list???? ah yes I emailed it. Time to check on my progress with it.

It is chilly inside, but looks warm outside I think I should go out to do some jobs. Bruce is lying on a patch of sunlight in the front room.

Carol that was a near thing for the flowers, perhaps they were trying to to do another at the same time. Glad they made it.

Eva I remember 2 channels, it was a long time ago (longer for me than some of my friends as you had to buy a new TV to get BBC2). Hope it can be improved very soon.
evam wrote:
Sunday, September 15, 2019, 09:26
Morning all. Yes, it's me, and this is what I look like in daylight!😂

Hello sweetheart. Why do I have my raincoat and wellies on? Well, if you had been in Bergen now, you would have needed it them as well. It has been bucketing down non-stop since yesterday afternoon, and lots of roads are closed due to stone/ mudslides, and flooding in some places. We have been lucky here. No damage to the house, and as I was wise enough to take my terrace furniture inside yesterday, I still have it. The winds were ferocious last night.
I would love a coffee and a toasted muffin if you've saved one for me? You have? You are sweet. 💋💋💋
I didn't have an unproblematic night though. I did wake up several times, but aside from having a walk around the flat several times, I didn't do much. I tried my best not to wake up properly. I woke up at 5am, decided this was it, went out to the kitchen to make a mug of coffee, and settled in bed with my book. Suddenly it was 7.30am, and my coffee was ice cold! I'd slept for hours sitting up in bed, but I felt all right, so not complaining. I do have a stiff neck though.

I did of course watch the Strictly program last night, and am soooooooo looking forward for it to start next Saturday. Pointless was good with one of my favourite R*dio 2 presenters, K*n B*uce getting to the final.
I think we were overoptimistic about the DN's services, as when I phoned father yesterday, he'd been awake all night, as they hadn't delivered his night medication the night before. He had told the person who came yesterday morning with his meds, and she had apologised. I said I'd call the office, but he didn't think it was necessary, just as he's been thinking it wasn't necessary calling an ambulance every time he's had a fall! I called the DS office, and I was quite angry. The person I spoke to, apologised, but couldn't give me any reason why father hadn't got his meds. He got a bit uppity, and said everyone could make a mistake, but I shut him up by saying I was collecting points to add to list of complaints we would be sending the authorities! I spoke to father again this morning, and everything was fine. He'd got his meds last night and had slept for 8 hours, so he was almost singing on the phone!

Jo,- so Bruce is picking up on Bella's social skills, eh?

Fi,- have a lovely holiday, and RELAX!

Pauline,- I can understand you not liking visits from the fox. My Shirley had a fox who came to her garden every night, because she fed him!

Diana,- I love your way of downsizing your library! 👏👏

Carol,- when are you off on your holiday? Have you kept your promise not to buy anything new this month? I payed a visit to the shopping centre yesterday. One of my favorite shops had a sale on, - 25% on everything, so of course I had to go inside and have a browse. I came out again with a new winter coat, wool, black and a simple design. Loved it, so I bought a top as well, navy blue background with small flowers in the pattern.

pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, September 15, 2019, 09:43
Morning all and another fab day here as well. Yesterday was so lovely I decided to go for a wander round my garden centre. I love doing it, I find it very relaxing. Humm, maybe I need to get out more! Of course I ended up with a few plants so when I came back I replanted my big tub in the front and so it should be fine for the winter now. I did get my wxshing done so today I have the ixxnxxg to do. Hopefully won't take long then I can get outside again. Mind I need to sort through what I am taking next week so I don't have to rush round in a panic.

Thank goodness you have the insurance sorted Diana. It is one of my least favourite jobs. It is so easy to think you have a better deal then realise the cover isn't as good. That is the present I got from the fox. I was ok yesterday and haven't checked today so far! I could do with ditching a lot of my real books. I have a lot of paperbacks that I haven't looked at for years and feel that I really should ditch them. Most aren't is a very good condition! Maybe a job for a winter's day when it is raining!

Well done on retrieving Felf's letter Jo. I can see why she ditched the card as it must have been infuriating to pay up for a letter to find it was a circular! I am sure you are right that her friend would have thought the worst. I already think this when I don't hear from people I know that are of a certain age! Ah I daresay the chicken will lure Bruce back again as soon as he can get there!

No early morning post from Eva so I have everything crossed all is ok and she was just asleep!

Morning BHB and what is the drink of the day? Rxd Snxpper? As long as it isn't a fish! Let's get another jug and find the CM.

pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, September 15, 2019, 09:50
Ah there you are Eva and at least it is better news re the sleeping! So the DN is still not doing their job properly. Glad to here you are going to complain. I agree with the man, anybody can make a mistake but with this lot it seems more of a shock if they get it right! I see you have been shopping, you are making up for Twin and me in fact as I am supporting her and we have so far been very good. Oh and btw. I think the blog operates on GMT so is always an hour slow, until next moth when it will be fine!

TK wrote:
Sunday, September 15, 2019, 19:55
Eva 25% off in your fav shop, no wonder you had to buy some things. I was very cheeking on ebay yesterday. There was a red lined fleece like one I have which is now really worn out. I made an offer for half of what they were asking. They didn't accept. Not surprised. If it was black or purple I would have accepted their next price.
Glad you have slept longer, Eva. Pauline is right reminding that the blog works on GMT. I got that set when we were changed to a US time a year or so ago. That was really confusing. I could ask them to change us at each time change. The clock I can see from my typing location is now showing 20 past 5 and it is about 8.30, so it is not good. Also the clock I look at does not keep the same time ie it doesn't take 12 hours to go around once, so occasionally it shows the correct time. I know I need to do something about it but I haven't done that yet. I still smile when I remember the chap I spoke to about the time. When he got it changed he hoped Pauline would be 'at rest' with this change. English was not his first language, but he was very clear mostly. I explained to him what 'at rest' means, he was very apologetic. I said it was fine as it made us laugh.

We have had a good afternoon, out walking. Lots of dogs out and about. Then we went to the pub, it was really crowded (I'd texted and Mrs ExP said the others were at the pub) I asked one of the staff where the little dog was 'they are over there'. Love it that regular staff know the name of the dog. We sat with them and had some food and drink. Then Bruce started 'singing' so the 2 of us came home. The waitress who brought the food was the daughter of the couple where the dogs stayed when I went out to see Lee and Mr and Mrs ExP were on hols. There is a road near me where children of 4 neighbouring houses work at this pub.

Pauline I feel I should be getting plants set up now I'm about, but not done it yet. I'll not feel to guilty, much to do.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, September 16, 2019, 06:06
I see that despite the heat wave you were still on the hunt for new fleeces Jo. I think we all realise that had the one you were bidding for been purple it would have been no contest for the other bidders! So there was a chance Twin might have been “at rest”!! Hopefully not of the permanent kind. Now although I tend to have “ish” watches – as in they don’t have the numbers on usually, I do need a clock that tells the right time! I see Bruce has been out to the pub again – agree it is lovely that the staff there know who all the dogs are. How kind of Bruce to want to entertain everyone there with his singing. That must be nice for the neighbours’ offspring to all work together.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, September 16, 2019, 06:35
...I see only part of my post appeared: this is the full text!!

Morning and a little overcast – think we are going to be around 20C today, so not as warm as yesterday but still quite pleasant.

Ah so it wasn’t the wine that kept you from returning then Diana? I see that the wine was a little disappointing in fact. We sometimes have a fox who sits on our shed roof at the bottom of the garden and sunbathes, although MM came down one morning and saw a fox drinking from the small water feature on our patio! I cleared some of my paperback books a while ago – I still have quite a few left of course, just not as many as I did have!

Jo I would imagine that you were able to leave your fleece off yesterday as it turned really warm and sunny. I am sure Bruce enjoyed his sun bathing. It was indeed a close run thing with the flowers – never known any turn up so late and indeed our Verger said that she told them the church would be open in the morning for them to bring the flowers in then, but for some reason they decided to do it just before the service! Goodness – yes I have a vague memory of just BBC and ITV

I see that despite the heat wave you were still on the hunt for new fleeces Jo. I think we all realise that had the one you were bidding for been purple it would have been no contest for the other bidders! So there was a chance Twin might have been “at rest”!! Hopefully not of the permanent kind. Now although I tend to have “ish” watches – as in they don’t have the numbers on usually, I do need a clock that tells the right time! I see Bruce has been out to the pub again – agree it is lovely that the staff there know who all the dogs are. How kind of Bruce to want to entertain everyone there with his singing. That must be nice for the neighbours’ offspring to all work together.

Ah so you were not participating in our Indxan Sxmmer then Eva – that sounds quite a storm. I feel you were very sensible to bring your terrace furniture inside as it sounds as if it might have taken off overnight! Well an extra two and a half hours of sleep was probably very welcome, even if you were sitting up! Hope the stiff neck soon wore off. The Strictly programme was good wasn’t it – roll on next week. So the DN has reverted to normal practice alas. How could they not deliver his medication? So at least now they know that you are on the case and a complaint will be forthcoming. It seems to have galvanised them into action, so that’s something I suppose. Did Iselin manage to sort out the tv. We go off tomorrow morning. Cab coming to take us to the airport at 8.30 am, so I may have delegate Bistro opening. I have been very good and not bought any clothes (although I have bought a pair of shoes, but they don’t count). So a new coat – it sounds very nice and so does the top.

It really was a lovely day yesterday – church was just the right temperature (we were actually there twice – once in the morning and once in the evening for a trial restart of Evensxng). I did manage to put the non creasing things into my case, and have my clothes all hanging up on the rail ready to be popped in at the appropriate moment. Off for a mini SLAPPAS this morning (don’t need much, obviously), and then I will check us in on line. Twin will be over late afternoon, then we will have to abandon her whilst we go off to rehearsal (although she is of course welcome to come with us!). I somehow think she will prefer to stay in and watch tv!! Morning BHB, yes a little cloudy this morning. You will be in charge for the next fews days so let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted tea cakes through to the conservatory and sort out what needs doing, there should be plenty of time for a lovely snuffle afterwards before the DCM arrives.

Diana wrote:
Monday, September 16, 2019, 08:19
Morning all.

What a lovely 3/4 days it's been here and the forecast for the next few days isn't bad other than today. I was thinking of doing a walk in London today but as it's likely to rain will stay close to home. I have a few old things to take to the recycling bins. Also have a small pile of the I word.

We had a marathon near us yesterday. A few runners passed me as I walked to Sains. and saw a lot more as I walked back. The leaders ran up the hill! I sat outside for the rest of the day. Ploppy dealt with some of the ivy and other plants/weeds growing by the shed and then cut the grass.

Glad you slept better, Eva, hope you got a good amount of sleep last night and are feeling much more with it. Well done on the coat and top. Don't like the sound of your weather.

I hate clocks and watches which don't give the right time. We have a radio controlled clock in the kitchen so I know the exact time. Dad has one which loses time and I nearly missed the train once as it was 15 mins slow and I didn't realise; I ignore that clock now.

Have a lovely time in Vi*nna, Twins. Hope the weather is good and make sure you have at least one piece of Sachert*rte.
TK wrote:
Monday, September 16, 2019, 08:29
When it is hot outside, like yesterday, I have to wear a fleece in the house. It takes over 10days of hot weather outside to warm the inside of the house up. So yesterday I put a fleece on when entering the house.

I'm off to Pilates today, first time for 2 weeks. I didn't go because the workers might have needed further instructions for clarification, which they did. I was going to walk, but have decided to drive as the walk back takes over twice as long as going.

Bruce will have a restful sleep after seeing his friends this morning. Then I'll be back in time for the lunchtime walk. I've checked and the max for today will be 65degF, so a very pleasant temperature for me. There may be rain this morning, less chance after the class, so the lunchtime walk should be good.

Have good day all.

pauline2 wrote:
Monday, September 16, 2019, 09:27
Morning all and it is all grey, where has the lovely sun gone? Yesterday was so lovely. I did have to do some ixxnxxg and then sort out what I needed to pack today and make sure I had everything I need to hand. However I did manage to get outside and do a bit of painting. Just small things that needed a spruce up, but it was a perfect day to do it. I am packing today of course and then later off to Twin for the start of our mini adventure!

So I was at rest was I Jo? I never realised! How funny! You can see how he thought it the right words to use though. Your pub visit sounds a lovely way to spend a Sunday, until Bruce decided to entertain the crowds with his singing! I am quite ahead of myself with planting. I still have quite a lot I want to do but it will have to wait a couple of weeks now. It will probably be pouring down by the time I have chance to do it! Hope the pilates isn't too painful!

Diana I am quite happy with ish time on watched. I think years of time ruling my life with an iron rod I have broken out and gone all ish! Running up hills? I think not! I am not even fond of walking uphill! I can safely promise sxchertorte will be eaten!

Morning BHB, yes I know it is late, but I was up in good time, just been a lot going on here this morning! So it is Lavendula day, so let's get another jug and some tea cakes and see if we can find the CM.

Jane E wrote:
Monday, September 16, 2019, 11:05
Hello all!

Gosh it's been an age since I last got on the blog. I was too poorly with MdDS on Thursday, then Friday was at hospital having scheduled heart checks. I see you have been busy on the blog so I am going to catch up by reading Carol's last post :-)

Eva - I see that your dad STILL isn't getting the support he needs. I hope your complaint does the trick and gets them more organised in future.

Jo - I see Bruce has been busy socialising. A new fleece eh? As long as it's the right colour I approve. I gather Archibald is still surviving?

Diana - disappointing wine? That is a shame!

Ooo I see Carol and Pauline are talking about packing. Are you two (I should say three) going on holiday?

I suppose I ought to get back to work!

evam wrote:
Monday, September 16, 2019, 15:39
Afternoon all. The storm has gone away now, but we've had a hairy time of it. Fortunately nothing has been damaged around here, but youngest sister has lost some roof tiles! Today has been calm, but not very warm,- top temps about 11 degrees during the day, so I think we can safely say that autumn has definitely arrived here.
Today has been a relatively lazy day after I'd done my weekly shop, but of course father has been on the phone 2-3 times already. If he can't find something, he calls me or sis and expect us to come running. I told him we'll be there tomorrow to try to sort out his telly. Iselin had a good try yesterday, but she couldn't fix it either. I'm meeting sis and my lovely br.i.l. there tomorrow morning to see what can be done. We might have to shift some furniture to check that the cable is properly connected at the back of his wall furniture, and I can't do that alone.
It's going to be a busy week, mostly with father going to the GP and having an occupational therapeut (sp?) to check his flat and see what can be done to make things easier for him. I also have an appointment with my eye specialist to check and see if the latest eye drops have done their job. If not, I don't know what he'll decide to do.
Mrs S returned to Spain today,- and good riddance too! ☹️ I know we've made it through the move without more screaming matches, but there is no love lost on either side.

Twins,- I wish you a very happy Vienna holiday. I'm sure you'll parttake of more than one sort of cake! 😜

Jo,- I am with you in not buying that fleece. Not purple? I've never heard the like.

Diana,- I'm glad you've had time to sit in the garden and enjoy the lovely weather. How is the library clearance going?

Jane,- I'm sorry you haven't been well.
TK wrote:
Monday, September 16, 2019, 19:21
The fleece is the wrong colour ..... red, hence the really low offer I made for it, which was refused. If I get it for the low offer I made I'm fine. The previous one was also red, I wear it walking dog or when it is really cold in the house.

Bruce was having a real good bark at me after tea. So I took him for a walk as we'd missed one today due to my emergency taxi services to ensure chess teacher was delivered to a local preparatory school, then delivered back to train station as he comes from Greenwich! Mr ExP had a sudden severe pain, in house qualified nurse, Mrs ExP, said it was possibly a kidney stone. He recovered enough to drive himself to the evening class, I was on standby, which was cancelled. Bruce and I had a trip up to the bar. We'd not been in there at that time for ages. One chap asked, very cautiously, where Bella was. Anyway Bruce got a biscuit so he was happy.

The Pilates was quite difficult today. Far too many the right leg does this when the left leg is doing this at the same time as the arms doing different things. In the middle of tying myself in knots I thought of going to the other class I used to do, somehow that wasn't the same complication.

Also I haven't had a nap!!
TK wrote:
Monday, September 16, 2019, 19:56
I was doing a shop with Mr T, they have taken off their shelves 4 of the items I buy regularly, not often, but regularly. I've ordered them from Amazon!
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 07:11
...and just zooming on to say - hi and bye. We are packed and all ready to go - car due in about fifteen minutes. Fingers crossed for the tv Eva! Auf Wiedersehn!!!
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 07:12
...and just zooming on to say - hi and bye. We are packed and all ready to go - car due in about fifteen minutes. Fingers crossed for the tv Eva! Auf Wiedersehn!!!
TK wrote:
Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 08:36
Have a lovely time away. Hope there are no transport delays.

Mr T coming soon.

I have to get my stuff sorted for busy few days London, Bristol, Herne Bay, Lichfield, exciting.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 13:20
Hi all,

Oh I see I have missed Carol and Pauline they've zooooommmmed off! Is this the Vienna trip? I didn't realise you'd be going so soon!

Talking of holidays, Fi is enjoying the Yorkshire sunshine at the moment. Shame we didn't have chance to meet up. Hope you are having a lovely time Fi!

Jo - This is why I gave up pilates! ok is a component of THE COLOUR so allowable I think. Public transport willing I'm going to Bristol too! :-)

Eva - I think you need a medal. Not fighting with Mrs S! I forgot to tell you my friend Nigel is moving to Norw*y. I asked how far he would be from Bergen - about 100 miles north he said! He's very into Vikings!

Still waiting for the report from the OHS referral. I wasn't impressed with the new company. They segued onto my general health and well being and spnt so long asking me questions about anxiety etc they ran out of time for answering my manager's questions. Sigh!
evam wrote:
Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 02:41
Hi there. This is going to be another nocturnal post. I woke op at 2am (after 3 hours sleep) and it doesn't look as if I'm going back to sleep either, so in the meantime I've spent my time doing my i****g and paying a couple of bills.
I'm due at my eye consultant very early, at 7.50am, but as it's now 4.30 lokal time, I'm not in a hurry. Later today I'm invited to iselin for dinner. Will be lovely to see them again.
Yesterday's trip tp father's was done with youngest sister and lovely br.i.l. We tried the telly again, but could still only get 2 channels. We went down to their lounge/dining room and spoke to a few of the other residents, and was told that everyone had the same problem. Youngest sister then rang the management office, and got the answer that the provider was working on the problem, but he told us that he'd ring the provider and give them a kick in the backside!

Twins,- I know you're well in Vienna by now. Enjoy yourself and don't eat too many cakes!🍰

Jane,- I see you're still having problems at work. Fingers crossed for a good solution.

No,- I won't try to wake the BHB, as he's sound asleep. He looks so sweet when he's sleeping.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 05:08
Morning and safely in Wien. Flight on time and very good....we flew with Twin’s old firm. Car driver waiting for us when we came through arrivals and we were at the hotel around 4pm local time. Hotel is in museum quarter. We unpacked and then went to the bar for drinks and an unwind. We had reserved a table at a nearby restaurant (in guidebook ad one of the places to try). Unfortunately large group of visiting S Africans had taken over half of the part of the restaurant we were in and according to our very lovely waiter all had various allergens so completely took over the waiting staff. As a result our meal was a long drawn out affair plus they were all VERY noisy. We all elected to have soup for starters, then MM had goulash and we three ladies had a Vienexxe version of ravioli....unlike anything of that name I have ever had! Three very large Cornish pasty size pasta with curd cheese and potato filling. Even Lindy couldn’t was defeated by it and she doesn’t like leaving food. The real star was the wine.........we ordered a glass each (it was very expensive) of local wine, MM opted for beer. Lindy opted for rose and Twin and I went for white. It arrived and was very odd looking, slightly cloudy and it tasted vile. We tried adding water, which improved it slightly but not much. Fortunately I was next to a large tree in a pot so I was able to get rid of it into the plant pot. Hopefully the tree will survive. The whole evening just had us in fits of laughter. We decided not to risk dessert but just had coffee. Today we are off sight seeing and will take a hop on hop off bus.

Lady J the OH people sound a disaster. Sounds as if you have not much hope of a positive outcome from that. Glad the sun is shining on you.

Oh Eva I see you are still waking at silly o clock. Hope you have a good visit with the eye insultant and he is pleased with you. That sounds very odd that no one can get more than two channels....hope they sort it out soon. Have a lively time with Iselin hearing about her adventures.

Morning BHB sorry to wake you so early....we are an hour ahead. Let’s take the pancakes and Pink Lxdy into the conservatory and I will telly you about our day yesterday. We should have ample time for a snuffle.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 08:29
Morning. Quick post as I need to leave in 30 mins for the dentist and still have to dress.

I found out yesterday that we're going to the golf at W*ntworth tomorrow. A nice day out but I could have done with more warning! I'm out most of Friday too so had to change some plans quickly including moving my Sains delivery to today and do the washing this morning.

Decorator has finished bar a couple of small jobs which he can't do until the scaffolding is removed which is due tomorrow. We also had someone in yesterday trimming the shrubs and removing a dead tree. He's due back on Friday to remove another large shrub which is dead.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 09:22
Carol, sounds like a nightmare of a meal. Perhaps the next one will be better. Glad the travel was without too much delay.

Eva, at leat the TV prog is not just your Father's problem. That should encourage it to be sorted.

Off to London soon. I decided to go to an exhibition, not too far from the venue to tonight's gig

Have a good day all
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 11:39
Hi everyone!

Willkommen in Wien Carol and Pauline! Was Pauline marking the air stewards on efficiency? I would have been if I was her! But you seem to have had a good flight.

Not so with the meal. Undrinkable wine???!!!!! I've always been very happy with Austrian wine so I wonder if it had got tainted. I wish you more, far pleasanter dinning experiences.

Oh dear Eva. My difficulties sleeping are nothing compared to yours. One wonders whether the 2 channel issue would have gone on so long if it was the management's TV affected rather than the residents. Hmmm...

Thanks for the good wishes. Still nothing from OHS but our new Senior Civ Serv*nt said today that she doesn't mind where people work from as long as the work gets done. This makes me hopeful that I may at least be allowed to work from a local office or at home - which will help. However apparently it's not her that's the problem but someone lower down our management chain that is being obstructive.

Diane - I hope you have fun watching the golf. Not my idea of a nice day out, but I hope you enjoy it!

Ali - a pre-emptive apology! My alert about your up coming birthday has just come through. If I don't remember tomorrow your card might be late. So JUST in case - sorry!

Jo - have a great time tonight. See you tomorrow - all being well!

Diana wrote:
Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 17:22
Evening and another glorious day. I can't believe how lovely the weather's been and it's well into September.

I've got to go back to the dentist for two fillings - ugh! One of my fillings has fallen out (no idea when that happened) and another is in a bad way so needs to be replaced. At least the hygienist wasn't too bad today, sometimes I feel like I'm choking from the water.

Sorry you had another bad night, Eva, fingers crossed tonight is much better. Trust the problem with the TV channels can be sorted out soon and the eye appointment went well. Hope you had a lovely time at Iselin's, must have had lots to talk about with the two of them having been away and your father's move.

Shame about your meal last night, Twins. Hope it was a one off experience and you have a much better meal and wine tonight. I can recommend Gruner Veltliner. We had it at our wedding and usually have at least one bottle in the house. Have a good day tomorrow.

Time to start dinner, we're having lamb kebabs tonight.
TK wrote:
Thursday, September 19, 2019, 00:05
Enjoyed John's concert. It took me back to the jazz club at uni. Some of the pieces weren't to my taste, too riffy, overall I enjoyed. Would have been better if I could have put my feet on the floor as opposed to dangling. It reminded me of BA economy plus.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, September 19, 2019, 08:35
Morning. Beautiful day already. Packing almost complete. Just washing a few bits for Jack 🙄
Just had to share my achievement: I’ve lost just over 2 stone since beginning of Aug! So chuffed as most ‘diets’ don’t work for me and I lack the willpower but found this quite easy. I can see a pattern and know I won’t see losses every week and I know I’ll lose any gain from the holiday easily enough. Aiming for another stone by xmas!
Enjoy your time in Vienna twins
Hope you get a response about your working hours soon Jane and please don’t worry about the card.
May not get back before we go, will post from villa if wifi ok
Take care x
evam wrote:
Thursday, September 19, 2019, 09:23
Morning all. It's a thin layer of cloud over the sky, but no rain. Autumnal temps- + 7.9 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. You're glad I popped in as you were feeling lonely? We can't have that, of course, so if you still have the coffee brewing we can cosy up on the sofa and have a snuggle. 💋💋💋
I suppose I can call my appointment with the eye specialist as "going well", but I still have to do the eye drops, with an extra added 3 times a day! I'm so fed up with the eye drops, but as the specialist said that they've helped, I really can't complain.

I had of course a lovely time with Iselin and Emilian yesterday. We had bangers and mash, as Emilian had told his mother that it was my favourite meal! It's more like his favourite meal, but it was nice anyway. He had bought me a box of chocolates in a nice tin box with the skyline of NY on the lid. Nice chocolates, but he helped me to eat them, of course. 😂

My sleeping is still hit and miss, and last night I even had a fall during my walking through the flat. I was of course half asleep, and suddenly felt myself falling. I managed to break the fall a bit and landed on my poor knees! OUCH! That was painful, and I had to slide on my backside in to the bedroom to use the hold of the bed to get up again! OUCH again. My poor knee is very tender today, but nothing is broken.
Today I'm taking father to see his GP for a check up. He phoned me at 8.15 am this morning to ask me to come and start his dishwasher! I kept my temper under control and told him I was coming up later in the day, and I'd start it then. He is so well installed in his own bubble that he doesn't think we have anything else to do, and that we're on this earth to serve him! Sorry, just a mini-rant.

Twins,- sorry about the bad meal and the even worse "neighbours". Hope you've had a cake or two as consolation. 😜

Diana,- I don't envy you the visits to the dentist. How was the golf day? Did it tempt you to start playing golf yourself? No, I didn't think so.

Ali,- lost 2 stone! 👏👏👏 Clever girl. Will you be away for your birthday? Then my card will be waiting for you.

Jo,- glad you enjoyed the concert, at least some of it.
TK wrote:
Thursday, September 19, 2019, 14:56
Ali, excellent news well done. Very best wishes for your new goal.

Wentworth Diana, hope you enjoyed it.

I was absolutely done in this morning, so I've had a long sleep. Decided not to go to Bristol today, save myself for Friday and Saturday. Bruce is Mr Grumpy as he thinks he has missed out a walk. I also left the back door shut when I was 'napping' so he felt a bit trapped I think.

Archibald had an 'accident' this morning. Almost fatal, certainly severely disfiguring.

Eva, has the move for your father helped? Not seeing the benefit on here. Bruce is telling he is being ignored got to go
TK wrote:
Friday, September 20, 2019, 09:17
Lovely sunny day. I'm a bit chilling inside the house, I do only have 1 fleece on :)

Bruce had a good walk this morning with his buddies.
I feel much more rested today, which is good.
I'm looking forward to the trip to Kent today.

I hope all have a good day
TK wrote:
Friday, September 20, 2019, 09:18
Chilly, rather than chilling. Though I suppose I'm not stressed, so chilling too
evam wrote:
Friday, September 20, 2019, 15:40
Afternoon all. Cloudy and chilly here.
Another loooooong day with father which started this morning when I turned up at his to be ready for the occupational therapist. He was in the bathroom with one of the DNs. He'd had an " accident " during the night, and the nurse was helping him clean up. I changed the bedding and took it with me for washing. There is something wrong with his washing machine which wouldn't start, so I spent a long time on the phone trying to find someone who can help. Hopefully they'll be along on Monday. As father hadn't slept during the night, he was in no mood to see the therapist, so when she arrived I had to tell her what had happened. She was very kind, and we made a new appointment for next week. I made father breakfast and stayed with him for a few hours. He was very down.
His telly is now working as it should. A young man had appeared late Wednesday, and spent quite a long time there, but had managed to connect the telly to the cable. Father was very impressed because he'd succeeded where Iselin and I had failed!
As youngest sister and my lovely br.i.l. are leaving for Spain early tomorrow morning, I'll be alone with the resposibilities for father for 2 weeks. Not something I'm looking forward to. Although he's very happy at his new place, he is very confused about where things are, and sometimes where he is! I took him through the kitchen and pointed out where everything was in draweres and cupboards. He was pleased, but I wonder how long he'll remember?
My sleeping (or rather not sleeping) is still very bad. I think we were too optimistic about how much better it would be for us when father moved into his new flat, but we'd forgotten how insecure he is when he can't find something, or when he forgets something he is supposed to do, and with phone calls 3-4 times a day it's difficult to relax. Hopefully it will get better with time.

Jo,- have a lovely time tomorrow. In my old neighbourhood too! Enjoy Kent, and yes, you're allowed to enjoy Himself too!
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, September 21, 2019, 08:01
Morning and a nice bright sunny start to the day!

Diana I hoped you enjoyed the gxlf on Thursday – I think you had good weather for it. So the decorating is almost finished – I imagine that is quite a relief to get it finished whilst the weather was good. Not so good about the fillings – that’s horrible when a filling comes out – you feel like there is a huge void in your mother. It was actually a GV that we had on Tuesday evening – shame as I know it is usually good, but that experience put us off trying any more!

Jo glad to hear you enjoyed John’s concert. Ah dangling feet not so good (that happens to me if I sit on a high chair anywhere!). Have to say never found my feet dangling on any of Twin’s old firm’s flights. How was the exhibition? Poor Archibald! Looks like the surgery required was fairly major. Do you think Bruce was taking out his frustrations after being shut in?? Glad you managed to get a rest and felt better for it. We would have been in HBay if the timing would have been better – my friend Mary asked if we wanted to stay! Enjoy whatever you might happen to be doing today and tomorrow.....

Oh we had a nice chat with the BA cabin crew Lady J – I’ll let Twin tell you, but they were all excellent, both flying out and coming home. I see the OH people are not exactly rushing to give a verdict. The new Senior lady sounds very sensible, shame she doesn’t get the final say as it should as if you would have been fine! I think you have been off on your UK travels? I won’t say hope you enjoyed yourself as of course you will have.

Well done Ali – that’s fantastic! Hope you have a wonderful relaxing holiday – you deserve it. I see like us you are now into the villa holiday scenario. We just love the freedom to do what we want!!

Oh dear Eva I see the sleeping is definitely not improving. I can see that taking the drops isn’t ideal but if the Insultant says they are beneficial and doing good then at least you know they are helping. Of course you had a lovely time with Emilian and Iselin. Oh and you had your favourite meal!! Love that he bought you choccies and had to help you eat them. How are you after you fall =- that could have been really nasty. Sounds like you will be black and blue for a few days. I see the change of location hasn’t really stopped any of the phone calls. What a shame the /O Therapist appointment has had to be moved but I can see that Father would not have been receptive to anything. So now there are more than two channels to watch (I can understand your Father being impressed that the young man could sort out the tv whilst you and Iselin couldn’t - you are obviously normally his techie gurus!). Ah I see the responsibility for the next couple of weeks falls firmly onto your shoulders. Fingers crossed you aren’t run ragged. How is sister doing with the healing? I suspect a relax in the sunshine will do her a lot of good.

So as you will have gathered we are safely home (arrived here about 10pm). We had a lovely few days and the weather was just perfect, blue skies, sunshine and no hint of rain. We did need coats (especially on Thursday as there was a cool breeze) but on a couple of days just a long cardigan sufficed. On Wednesday we took two open bus top rides We "hopped off" and visited the Cathedral and stopped for a Sxchertorte in the Hotel Sxcher - a must when visiting the city and delicious. There was a set menu for slice of cake, coffee of choice and a glass of fizz, so we opted for that. In the evening we found a lovely restaurant about three minutes walk from the hotel. It was called Bxheme and there was opera playing in the background. They had signed photos of opera (including one of the Thxee Tenxrs) on the walls. Food was very good and the portions were very large! Our starter was Nxrwxgian smoked salmon Eva, and it was delicious! Thursday we went to the Bxlvxdere and saw the Klixpt paintings, then in the afternoon wandered around the Museum Quxrter. We went back to the same restaurant for our evening meal. Yesterday we took the underground to the city centre and wandered through the shops (Lindy was looking for something to take home for Lawrence), and then walked to the Bxrggxrten and sat outside having a cool drink and enjoying the sunshine. We walked back to the hotel and had a snack (very nice toasted panninis) and then had about twenty minutes before our cab took us to the airport. Flight was on time, although our gate was changed about half an hour before boarding and we all had to go through Sxcurxty again! I was fine when we went through for the original gate, and then beeped when I had to repeat the process at the second gate. Poor MM sets the alarm off every time due to his hip replacement! Off to do a small food shop this morning and Twin will wend her way home. Sadly back to life with a thump as I have the laundry to do! Morning BHB, so sorry you were left to man the Bistro alone for the last couple of days. Let’s take the Kxr Rxyxle and the Bxndt through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle whilst you tell me what has been happening the last few days. The DCM is already awake (well she was awake before I was today!).

Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, September 21, 2019, 08:26
Morning all. Just saying hi as I have to go home and shop for food. I will do a proper post later I hope! Had a lovely time and the cake was fab! Glad to say my old airline came through and was great. Hope all is well though I see Eva is still in need of hugs so sending lots. Back later.

Hello BHB lovely to see you too. Let’s get moreKxr Royale and find the CM and we”ll tell you all about our lovely time in Vxenna.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, September 21, 2019, 15:17
Afternoon. I am now back home and have shopped for food then I unpacked and have started the laundry. We had a lovely time in Vxxnna. It has some wonderful buildings and brilliant museums, though we saw mainly art as that is our thing! The Bxlvedxre is a gorgeous baroque building and we saw it at it's sparkling best as the sun shone for us every day we were there. One shame about the paintings was that Judith by GK was out on loan but we saw the Kxss and a lot of his other works. The palace also houses masses of art by others and we saw a lovely Rxnoir and a Mxnet too. Of course for me the highlight was cake! Well cake and a dessert I suppose. We went to the place that made the original Sachertorte and it was a lovely as I hoped! The coffe house was delightful as well so that was a big success. We also had apfel strudel that was also divine. Not at the same time though! I feel a diet is called for now! Our hotel was lovely, but for some reason I was not able to connect to their internet. My ipad kept telling me it was insecure! So sorry I have been MIA! Still all else was good. They did lovely breakfast, another reason to diet! In fact the only hiccup was our first meal that Twin told you about. It was really dire. As for the wine, I just hope the tree beside our table that we donated it all to will recover! Have to say we haven't drunk masses as the wine is horrendously expensive, even though it is home grown. Not sure why. Other wine we tasted was ok but nothing to sing about! Very happy to say hat my old airline did us proud! Both flights on time and we were looked after, in spite of Twin blowing the gaff and telling them I was ex staff! I don't count the security debacle against them as I know the gate change was not down to them and it is the airport who does it, and they also have the odd arrangement of having security at each gate rather than altogether at p/port control. This means gate changes involve twice through security!

I know Jane and Jo are having a lovely GO filled weekend, lucky things! Poor Archibald got Bruced, though has had an emergency op! Like the sound of the Snr Management lady at your work Lady Jane, very sensible lady! Fingers crossed it works out for you.

I also see Ali is fading away! Well done lady! I may need that diet you are on. Still, I hope you have a lovely holiday as well.

Hope the golf was good Diana, what wonderful weather for it. Wxntworth must have looked glorious!

Eva I hope you father can settle into his new place. You really do need to be able to relax a bit more and worry a lot less. Not ideal that you are on your own coping fir a couple of weeks. Still I hope your sister has a lovely holiday as I think she also deserves it!
evam wrote:
Saturday, September 21, 2019, 16:36
Afternoon all. It's been a lovely day here, but I've seen most of it from inside the hospital. Yes, father had another fall, and after pressing his alarm button was found by the DNs. This time they showed some initiative and called an ambulance, then me. So off to hospital I went. To cut a long story short, he's not broken anything, but have a nasty cut to his head. It's been a looooooong wait while he was x-rayed and Ct'ed and examined. They'll keep him overnight, but expect him to be discharged tomorrow.
I feel we might as well move in to the hospital, as we seem to be there twice a week at least. Sorry if I sound a bit fed up, but that's because I am! I'm exhausted, so am just longing to put my feet up and relax in front of the telly. I just might fall asleep during Cas! 💤💤💤

Twins,- welcome home.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, September 22, 2019, 06:34
Morning, and not so nice this morning – overcast and apparently risk of thunder showers later. Yesterday was lovely – warm and sunny!

Oh goodness Eva, another fall for your poor Father (he must be black and blue). Thank goodness he pressed his alarm and that the DNs did the right thing and called an ambulance. You certainly seem to have been at the hospital an awful lot over the last few weeks – not surprised you are exhausted. Do the hospital think there is a reason for the falls, or is it because his new flat is still unfamiliar and he is disorientated do you think? Such a shame that he was so looking forward to moving, and he seems to have spent more time away than actually there. Sending hugs.

We had a fairly uneventful day – after Twin left we went and did our food shop. It was beautiful out, warm and sunny with blue skies (very like our time in Vxxna). The afternoon was of course spent tied to the i board (I still have a little left to do) and sorting out the cases. MM will pop them back into the loft today. I spoke with June in the afternoon – they are due to fly to Egxpt on Wednesday.....with Thxmxs C! She is waiting to hear.................. We watched SCD of course last night – feel poor James C may be first to go – but I don’t think I remember Crxxg getting his 8 paddle out in week 1 before (let alone three times!) – he usually keeps that until about week 6 or 7! I think I preferred it when they had two dances for the first couple of weeks and gave half the celebs a Lxtxn and half a bxllrxxm – it was much easier to compare than throwing really tricky dances at them straight away. A couple of obvious front runners at the moment, a few duffers and an interesting mix very close in the middle. Most outstanding of course was the late replacement! Off to church this morning of course and we have a Macxillxn Cake Sale afterwards – I had to cheat this year and buy a couple of cakes as I had no time for baking. After that it will be back to the i board and get everything put away (well that’s the theory). MM was able to get into the garden yesterday afternoon whilst I did the ixxning mountain – may be just as well if the forecast storm s arrive. I will make sure I take a brolly into Church! I still have HC from Tuesday to catch up with so will do that whilst I finish the i word. This evening we will catch up with The Cxptxre also from Tuesday night. We are out again this coming Tuesday evening so I will have more catching up to do later in the week. Morning BHB, yes a fairly bright start to the day so far. Let’s take the Sxchxrtxrte and the Wxndsxr Rxse into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, September 22, 2019, 08:59
Morning all and it is grey skies today. Funny to see after all the glorious sunshine there has been. It has been raining and at least the garden will be happy! I have a nice pile of ixxnxxg to do today, the down side of holidays! I have a problem with my main oven. When I went to heat it up last night, it didn't! The light came on but nothing else happened. As I also have a small top oven I can manage but I may even be looking at a new oven. Sigh. Watched SCD of course. I think the replacement was outstanding for week one, but then as we know one of the others could lose their inhibitions and come through. Some very promising ones, probably one of the best week one's I have seen. I agree with Twin about poor James C. Think he will need huge popular support to get through. Then crashed back down to earth with the joys of C! That new doctor seems a really mean and nasty bit of work, I do hope he gets sorted out soon, though probably not as they do like a villain and also keeping storylines going for about a year!

Oh no Eva, your poor father, not another fall. I agree with Twin he must be bruised all over by now. It is such a shame when he was so happy to move into this new place. It really does sound as if he could do with being in the care home, but knowing your SS I feel that is a lost cause! It is so awful for you as well, not what you need when you are going to be coping on your own. I hope you can manage to find time to look after you as well. We don't want you being ill. Lots of hugs from me too.

Morning BHB, yes it is nice to be back home, though I do love travelling as well, there is no place like home! (Well my own bed to be precise!). Oh you sweetie, you have Sachxrtorte for us, lovely. Let's get some more and the Wxndsxr Rxse and go and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, September 22, 2019, 11:00
Morning all.

Took me ages to get to sleep last night. We are due to fly with T. Ck in December so I was worrying about what's happening with the company. We have just put a hold on flights with BA for 72 hours as a back up. Hope by then we know either way. If TC does go bust, the cost of flights with other airlines are likely to increase significantly as it's such a busy time but at least we are flexible with dates so could go a few days earlier but that would mean missing the panto.

Really enjoyed the golf on Thursday, the weather certainly helped. The only thing I wasn't so keen on was the standing which made my back ache so next time we'll take collapsible chairs with us. The last couple of hours we sat in the grandstand at the 18th. We walked right round the golf course so got plenty of exercise. The journey there took ages as the satnav took us through towns rather than via M25; driving back took about half the time despite going the wrong way when we left the ground.

On Friday I got to H*rne Bay early so could see something of the place - had a nice, if windy, walk along the front. Enjoyed the concert, though left early in order to catch the last train.

The two dead plants have gone and the rest cut back so the rear garden is looking better. Ploppy decided to leave having the top of the trees done until spring. We need to dig out some ivy and weeds from one of the front beds and then get some new plants but not sure when that will get done.

I've enjoyed the last few days of summer, shame it has to end. It's still very warm today, we had light rain earlier and Ploppy's mowing the lawn before the heavier stuff arrives.

Tomorrow I have a nurse appointment and will then do a small food shop in M&S. Tuesday I'm getting my hair cut and Wednesday meeting a friend from w*rk for lunch.

Well done on the weight loss, Ali, that's a real achievement. Good luck with further loss after your holiday. Have a wonderful time.

Sorry your father's had another fall, Eva. Hope there are no further incidents in the next couple of weeks while you're coping alone. How's your knee?

Glad you had a lovely time in V*enna, Twins. Fingers crossed for your sister's holiday, Carol, very worrying and stressful not knowing. And not good about your oven, Pauline, hope it's a minor fault and a new one isn't required.
Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, September 22, 2019, 11:25
Hello all. back from week in Y.rkshire. loved it. weather was mixed - some grey and cold days and some warm and sunny days - and no rain!!. managed to do a lot - walks, art galleries, stately houses, gardens. didn't drive far from base (near K.ighley) so didn't get to visit Jane. apart form the lovely scenery and places to visit our main thought was that we were surprised by how affluent the "left behind North" was - even in K.ighley and some of the more run down villages there wasn't the obvious poverty that you see in my home city and surrounding areas. I am sure the cities are another matter but the countryside appeared a lot more affluent than the forgotten areas of the F.ns and L.ncolnshire. It did surprise us - in a very positive way - a lovely area. our main treat of the holiday was seeing a k.ngfisher. we watched it preen itself on a flat stone by bank of a river for 2 -3 mins before it flew off. was such a magical treat to see one so close up and standing still.
Ali - well done you. I have eaten/drunk far too much on hol and now need to reign in to lose weight for wedding. enjoy your hols.
Jo - you would have needed several fleeces on some days up North!
Twins - V.enna sounds lovely and you were so lucky with your weather.
Eva - so sorry that things have not calmed down with you as others have said I think SS may have left it to late to get your dad into sh housing. That was why I wanted my parents to move in before they thought they were ready. if people leave it too late they are not able to adapt to new surroundings without a lot more input than sh housing offers. But hoping that your father does adapt well and his falls stop - and you have some rest.
sis sent me a spreadsheet of parents care requirements - when I was on my hols. told me not to look at it when I was on my hols I was cross - why send it then if I wasn't to open it! anyway I did open it but have then not gone back t it as wanted to enjoy my hols. don't have time at mo to respond . was at friends 50th bday yesterday - 7 of us did an room (they had to give us more time or it would have been a "capture" room! we then had aft tea at local gdn centre - very nice. Off to bbq today with my p.lates group - hoping rain (which was forecast but has not yet appeared) stays away. then tomorrow off to park to meet the friends we met in Al.ska! Tues am getting tuition from an ex colleague (who also used to be a fl.rist( on how to make bouquets! then off to parents next w/e for long w/e
TK wrote:
Sunday, September 22, 2019, 17:55
Sorry I've been rather busy the last couple of days ...................... had to stop as Bruce was 'indicating' it was tea time. So to prevent any damage I had to get the tea done. We'd been out for about 3.5 hrs at a charity dog show. Bruce and little dog both won 2nd prize in different classes. It was a bit of fun and no one got upset. I was surprised Bruce got it in the 'Most handsome boy' class. I thought we'd do better in the rescue section, but there were much sadder cases. He was a good boy with all the dogs. We just had to keep away from a very little dog who was a bit scared of Bruce. The judge was a man off the telly. I did recognise the face, no idea of his name.

The 2 Lee shows were excellent. I had a quick chat to Diana on Friday, would have spoken more but there was no phone signal, so couldn't get in contact when I saw her striding along the front. There was no way I would be able to catch her up, she was 'motoring'. Herne Bay is a lovely place, bit breezy. It was good to get to Lichfield after the previous cancellation.

Bruce had a good time when I was away. Trips to the pub and some nice walks. He doesn't miss me at all, which is good.

Eva I hope your father feels better soon, such a shame he has had another fall.

Twins your time away sounds just perfect for you, glad you enjoyed it.

Must go I have 30mins before I go out. This retirement lark is so busy
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, September 23, 2019, 06:51
Morning and although it was grey and cloudy first thng we now have some blue skies. I think we are due rain late afternoon/early evening today.

Sadly I see TC did go into administration yesterday – I think you were very wise to hold the XA flights Diana. I spoke to June yesterday and of course the company were still in talks – but of course have lost their holiday now. They did book through a company so hopefully they may get a refund at some point, but really they needed the holiday. Ah I see the satnav decided to take you on the scenic route to the golf – they sometimes have minds of their own. Glad you enjoyed the concert. I am still hoping there may be a little summer left yet....that was one of the nice things about Vxxnna – being able to sit out in the sunshine watching the world go by.

It sounds as if you had a lovely break away from everything (apart from the email from your sister saying not to open whilst you were away!!!!). I think you are right and it is the big cities to the Nxrth who are the ones who feel left behind with everything (according to them) being concentrated around L’don. How lucky to see a kingfisher at close quarters! They are the most beautiful birds. I think we all need Ali’s diet!! The food in V’na is very rich and everything seems to come with cream (delicious though). Hopefully Wrxst Park will miss the rain – shame not to be able to walk around the lovely grounds! You seem to have had an action packed time since you got home. How many bouquets are you going to have to make???

Jo, we did warn you that being retired meant you would be really busy! Of course you enjoyed the concerts – that went without saying. Ah you see what we mean about that area being a black hole for signals and wifi! It is only half an hour to HBay from Les and Mary’s. I had forgotten the GO had to cancel his last visit to L’field (didn’t he have flu?). Oh well done Bruce and Duffy on coming second in their categories – so he is considered a handsome boy then (of course he is I have seen his photos). I see he played very nicely with the other dogs too – you must be very proud of him. I see Bruce had had a social time whilst you were away. I am sure he misses you – how could he not!

No Eva yesterday, so hope all is well. Sending hugs in case.

We managed to avoid the forecast thunder and just had a rain shower and then drizzle in the afternoon. Fortunately it all held off until we were home from church. It was actually quite warm out in the morning. The cake sale went well so hopefully a nice sum raised for Mmillan Nxrses (the cake event is really next week nationwide, but it would coincide with our Hxrvest Festival, so we brought the Cake Sale forward one week). I managed to get the i word finished in the afternoon, and also caught up with HCity. I see one of Beatrix and Chenin’s cousins had a starring role this week! MM is thinking of putting the solar lights away now it is almost October – I will miss them, although we always leave a couple out. We caught up with last Tuesday’s The Cxptxre last night (we don’t watch P’y B’ers) and still finding it very intriguing and excellent. Off to SLAPPAS this morning of course and then we have choir this evening. Morning BHB, yes it has brightened up nicely and the sun has come out – hooray! Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Monday, September 23, 2019, 08:59
Just a quick dash, to say Hi and Bye, got to get ready for Pilates
Had a good walk for an hour this morning. He saw his friends and I caught up on goings on.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, September 23, 2019, 09:16
Morning all and it is a lovely sunny one here ow as well. Think we have a mixed bag of weather this week including a deluge tomorrow! I need a few bits and bobs and to visit the bank so am off to St A shortly. Yesterday I did my ixxnxxg and then my least favourite job, cleaned the oven. It does seem ok no so I have no idea why it was not working the other night. Not complaining though! I think I may have it professionally cleaned as I think it could do with it! Such a shame about TC gong under, though I was rather expecting it! Feel sorry for all those whose holidays are wrecked, especially June and Barry. I always feel for the staff in these circumstances as they are now all out of work. I have had this happen to me so feel empathy for them.

Diana you were so wise putting a reserve on alternate flights! Glad you had a good day at the golf though I can imagine it is very tiring and hard on the back. Folding seats sound an excellent idea!

Fi good you had a lovely holiday. Not surprised as you were in a gorgeous part of the country (even if it was Y/shire!). Well I suppose at least your sister was trying (very trying) to acknowledge you were on holiday, but agree, leaving the email till you were home would have made more sense! So you are coming over my way today! Well it would have been more so if I were at my old house. W Park is about 10 mins away from that house! I love the grounds and have been a few times and seen them develop over the years. Best thing that ever happened to the place was E Heritage. Have a lovely time with your friends.

So you had a good weekend then Jo. Why am I not surprised. I am so longing for our next visit as we really have not seen enough of this concert. He must be thinking we have abandoned him as of course he will have missed us! (hah!) So Bruce got a second in his class, what a clever dog, but we know he is very handsome indeed. Little Dog got a second as well? Shows what a pair of lovely dogs they are!

Hoping Eva will have been on in the half hour it takes me to type this! I hope all is ok and also sending hugs just in case.

Morning BHB and of course it is Lavendula day. We are in the conservatory? Lovely, let's get more and some paninis and join the CM.
evam wrote:
Monday, September 23, 2019, 10:27
Morning all. It's a beautiful day here, and I plan to take advantage of it.

Hello sweetheart. You missed me yesterday? Sorry, but I was asleep! 💤 I'll explain as soon as I've had my herbal tea and a snuggle session. You are ready? Coming! 💋💋

I had a phone from father yesterdy morning, saying he would be discharged from the hospital, so I needed to come and pick him up. I drove to the hospital and had a brief conversation with "his" nurse. The CT and x-ray hadn't shown any damages, but he'd had a nasty cut on the skull. He just have to take it easy, and TURN THE LIGHTS ON when he needs to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. That's when he'd fallen, as he'd forgotten that he was in his new flat, and had walked bang into the wardrobe door!🤕 He did have a headache still, but was told to rest as much as he could. I took him home and got him settled. When I got home, I was feeling very tired, so I went to bed and slept, and slept, and slept the rest of the Sunday away. I did fall asleep when I went to bed around 11pm, but was wide awake at 2am. I did get a lot done, though: h*****ed, washed the floors and dusted! Very efficient, and when I went back to bed, I slept for another 2 hours.
This morning I've been and done my weekly shop. It was a big shop today, as I've rather neglected the fridge and cupboards lately.

Jo,- so you had a good w/e then. Not surprised at all. Even better to hear that Bruce had a great w/e, and didn't miss you at all. 😉

Diana,- sorry about the TC collapse, as I suppose you'll lose the money you've paid in. On the radio this morning they said that 60 000 Norwegians are abroad on TC holidays at the moment, and they have no idea how to get home. So you enjoyed the golf, eh? even if your back didn't. Taking a folding chair with you sounds a good idea.

Fi,- it sounds that your week away was lovely,- that is if you don't count your sister's email. She is as bad as Mrs S!

Pauline,- of course GO is missing us! Who am I kidding? 😂
Ali wrote:
Monday, September 23, 2019, 11:02
Hello from sunny Egypt. So sad to hear about TC this morning. Our return flights are with them ( but booked through J V*llas) and looks as if we will fly home at scheduled time next week with alternative airline. If not rep has said villa is not booked till next weekend (depending on flights) So can stay a little longer if necessary.
Not worrying
Jane E wrote:
Monday, September 23, 2019, 12:35
Hello all,

I am still buzzing from a fabulous weekend with Jo, Ro, and O seeing a curly haired dude. It was lovely to get a brief chat with Diana at H*rne Bay. Pity we couldn't attract her attention when she marched passed! (Gosh Diana you can walk FAST!)

Also lovely to see Sue in L*chfield, though I didn't get that much longer to talk to her either!

Two excellent concerts. The HB one didn't have a huge crowd, but the theatre set the room out cabaret style so we didn't rattle around. however it probably meant that the view wasn't as good as it might have been. How was your table Diana?

Lee was on great form, but during the first concert we were bothered by a funny noise in the second half - something between a hum and a buzz. Lee took it in good humour but it was distracting and he asked one of his team to find out what it was.

The second - again - he was in great form both vocally and comedically. His impression of Bridllingt*n seagulls was hysterical! Then in the second half - the same noise AGAIN! He kept doing an impression of it and laughing - but I could see it was upsetting him. What could it be??? Answer - HIS mike! Oh how we laughed when he found out!!!

Carol and Pauline - welcome home! It sounds like you had a fab few days too! Poor MM! My friend Chris often trigger the beeps too. In his case we think it's because he ate a lot of game. Lead shot in the tummy!

I hope Chenin & Beatrix's cousin had a staring role in HC!

Very sorry to hear about TC too. I hope that those with flights manage to get sorted. Fingers crossed Diana and Ali. Ali I do hope you have a lovely time in Egypt and don't have to worry about getting home.

Welcome home Fi! It's a shame we didn't get to meet up. I am glad you enjoyed Yorkshire!

Eva - so very sorry to hear that things haven't settled down with dad yet. I hope the next two weeks go as smoothly as possible.

Back to work!
Diana wrote:
Monday, September 23, 2019, 14:15

Sorry about your sister's holiday, Carol, trust they get all their money back soon. Must be even more upsetting at such short notice. Are they going to look for an alternative trip? I confirmed our BA booking this morning and have just posted the claim against the TC flights. Eva, fortunately we paid by credit card so should be refunded by the cc company - I would be very upset if we lost all that money. Ploppy needs to change the car rental booking as we're now going for 2.5 days longer.

Lucky you were already on holiday, Ali. Yes, according to the Civil Aviation Authority, practically everyone currently away should fly back on their scheduled day. So forget about it and enjoy Egypt.

Forgot to say in last post that it was good to see Jane & Jo on Friday. The view from my table was fine, Jane, but the set up was a bit weird. Well done to Bruce.

Good to see you've caught up on some of your lost sleep, Eva. Could a small light be left on in your father's room at night so if he wakes, he can see and is less likely to fall?

My parents spent yesterday in hospital. Dad hasn't been well for a few days and got worse Saturday night so an ambulance was sent for him. He had a number of tests but the doctor's aren't exactly sure what's causing his stomach problem. They've given him some medicine and when I spoke to him earlier he's feeling better.

Once I've finished online, and assuming Ploppy's not returned from golf, I'm going to catch up with last week's HC.
TK wrote:
Monday, September 23, 2019, 23:30
I'm with Diana on the light being left on. Ever since I nearly broke my neck in mum's house I prefer to have a light in the bed room. I have light in the room I've slept in for over 30 years. Easy for me as there is a street light outside. Also, as some people know, I can sleep almost anywhere. I understand some people can't sleep unless the room is dark, just so dangerous, not just for older people. I things work out for your father Eva.

Midnight 30mins, so I better get to sleep. Furry alarm clock set for 7am
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 07:09
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Ali, Happy Birthday to you.

Have a wonderful day. The BHB has been in and very busy - he has converted the Bistro to look like Exxypt, with cut out pyramxds and sand colours. Banners say "kol sana wenti tayeba" which I am assuming is HB in Egxptixn! The balloons are all sand coloured mixed with gold, and there are Imortellxs and Jxsmine in vases on the tables. In addition to the normal carrot cakes and chocolate cake (beautifully decorated) there is also some Basbousa! Enjoy!
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 07:20
Morning and very wet here – we just had a really heavy shower. Yesterday remained fine (and quite warm) until the afternoon when we had a series of light showers into the evening.

Eva, at least the scans and xrays hadn’t shown up anything really nasty that was causing the problem with your father. We bought some night plug lights for my mother: and I know there is a similar one which is motion triggered. They may be worth considering. Ouch walking into the wardrobe does sound very painful, so not surprised he has a nasty cut on his head. I am also not surprised everything caught up with you and you went ot bed and had a good sleep. I see you still had your usual night sleep problem though, although it sounds you used the time wisely. Hopefully by now you have a fully stocked cupboard and fridge. In the UK the g’ment has laid on a “ghost” airline to bring people home – they may not end up in the airports they wanted (been there and done that) but they will at least be home and coaches will take them to where they should be. They are running this until October 6th I think.

Ali you should be fine and can enjoy your holiday. JVxllas are excellent as we know. Yesterday they had a page on FBook telling people not to worry but wait for their rep to contact them (see your’s already has). Hope you have a lovely relaxed birthday by the pool!

Oh what a shame there weren’t more people at HBay at the weekend. Still it sounds as if the theatre did their best. What a shame about the humming from the mike – it must have been really distracting for the GO. You would have thought the sound guy would have realised! When MM had his knee ops we used to carry a letter from the doctor so he could show it at security, but he was not offered one for the hip (I suspect because there are so many replacements these days!). At least the security guy realised what it was and actually asked him. Very interestingly they ran the scanner thing over his socked feet (they didn’t do that with either me or Lindy).

Well done on confirming your BX flights Diana – June’s company rang her and said the airlines are whacking up the prices of flights at the moment so I think you were lucky. June will get a full refund eventually, and the agent told her to wait until things have died down before rebooking, as hopefully the flights should return to normal. As June said at least they are flexible as they aren’t working so they can go whenever suits them. She was quite down about not going though and had sent Barry off to buy a replacement bottle of gin (she was going to buy from DFree on return flight). That’s very worrying about your father – especially (as with Eva) when they don’t know what is the cause of the problem. Pleased to hear he is feeling better.

Jo, I think once you get used to having a light on it is easy to sleep. MM can actually sleep with all sorts going on, so sounds very like you! How did the Pxlxtes go? I see you are still relying on the furry alarm clock – I feel he might not be so keen to go out for his walk today, given the weather!!

Our cases are now safely back in the loft until our next adventure (not until next year). We had quite a good rehearsal last night and have another lead for a possible conductor, so I need to follow that up. We are off to Lindy’s goddaughter’s funeral this morning (I think I mentioned we know the family as we used to sing with Jo’s mother). The family are expecting a large turnout as the school Jo taught at has closed for the day to enable staff to attend if they wish. I fele it is going to be a very sad day. This evening we are meeting up with the ex Variety group at the pub, so that should lighten the day a little. Morning BHB, you have done a wonderful job with the Bistro. Let’s go to the staff room and try out some of the cake and the birthday champers which is chilling in the fridge. We should have time for a lovely snuffle before the DCM arrives.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 07:23
...eek just realised I am a day early for Ali's birthday - I turned two pages on my desk calendar by mistake. Ali - we will save everything until the right day!
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 08:40
Morning. Aw thankyou anyway Carol, may not get on first thing tomorrow as hoping to do a boat trip to see dolphins and it leaves quite early. Spent the day by the pool then N and I walked to ‘Downtown’ and wandered through the bazaar and browsed the shops before having a drink (beer for him cocktail for me) then wandering back. Jack and my mum decided to stay behind but will join us tonight. Fascinating sitting and people watching. Lots of cats, all well cared for, so I had to keep stopping for a stroke and chat! Ploppy not amused but was caught doing the same while I bought some saffron in the spice shop!!
Hoping to do a jeep safari into the desert at some point and 3 of us may attempt segway!
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 08:58
Morning all and it is a dark and miserable one. It has rained really heavily overnight and was still raining up to a few minutes ago. I am off to my chiro lady shortly. I may avoid the M1 as I feel it will be very unpleasant! Yesterday was still quite nice so I went to St A. I visited the bank and did some other shopping as well, not clothes, still supporting Twin who has done so well Only a week to go and then the shops will be cheering!

I see you made up for some lost sleep Eva! Very good for you, even if you did still wake in the night. Glad your father is ok and back home, well as of yesterday! I think the idea of nightlights are a good one. Hopefully it will help him get his bearings in the night.

Hi Ali lovely to see you, glad you are having a good holiday and don't worry. The CAA are saying this morning how well the rescue is going. You will be fine. Also you get two b/days thanks to Twin!

So you were buzzing Jane, are you sure you didn't catch that from the GO's mike? Must have been irritating for him, but hilarious it turned out to be his mike!

Sorry your Dad isn't too well Diana. Hope they can sort out what is wrong and he is feeling better now.

You are lucky to be able to sleep at will Jo. Just like MM! My main bug bear isn't light but noise! I hate hums! Mind I don't like a light in my eye line, or a gap in the curtain so daylight hits me as soon as the sun rises, but a glow is fine!

Morning BHB, we have an unexpected champers day? Sounds good to me! I see there is plenty so let's take another bottle and join the CM.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 09:16
Furry alarm clock did not go off this morning, I suspect due to the rain. Also my phone was off as we'd been at the folk club last night. Most of the people I phone were in the car, so didn't give it a thought. We did get out for the walk by 8.30, but he wasn't too keen as it was pouring. My long riding coat kept me dry. Bruce's rain coat kept his body dry.

From Sunday
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 09:36

Morning. Had lovely day yesterday at Park. great to see our friends and how well the husband is doing. he has P.rkinsons but is on a drug/research trial and has been told his rate of decline is very slow. he does exercise (body and mind) every day. he waked same amount (about 3 miles) as rest of us. The weather was great - so glad we didn't go today - torrential here earlier - just as we were having our shattered window replaced!
Yes Carol - we are busy over next 3-4 weeks - and are changing round bedroom furniture and decorating/recarpeting it (though hoping to get professionals in to do both of those!) - and having friends to stay - all by end Oct. think the planning may have gone wrong here but much of the timetable not our choice but what others can do.
Am fizzing a bit. Going down to parents fri/sat – and planned to come home Sat eve. I suggested I bring down food for Fri to help and thought all was well. Sloppy phoned 5 mins later to say I SHOULD stay Sunday as well to give sis a day off!! We sometimes/often stay until sun but I am told that I should stay longer as only there for 1 day (ie she only counts the full day Saturday) so we thought if Sunday not counted then we might as well come home as eves with my parents not fun as Tv up VERY loud, heating on very high and they always fall asleep anyway. Seems Sundays do count after all! Hoping not to give in this time tho as we are so busy- and ploppy does get very tired. Anyway what sis does on Sun is take sloppy to church and home again - and as it is also sis’s church and she lives round corner from sloppy it is not anything extra. Grr - and spoils what I had planned to be a positive w/e. double grrr.
Eva – agree with others about light. We had small nighlight (like Carol’s link) for dad when he last came to stay. But also when we went away with parents I left the light on in his bathroom – so he knew where to head! Hope your dad has no more falls - and you can go at least one day without being "summoned" to help out.
Jo- I am one of those who cant sleep with any light or noise – may have to desensitize myself as I get (even) older!
Diana – hope your dad Ok and they find out what wrong with him. Good forward thinking to have back up flights.
Pauline _ I did wonder if we were near your stomping (not that you stomp obviously!) ground yesterday. Yes EH have, and are continuing to do, a fabulous job there.
Ali – your holiday sounds very relaxing – just what you need. Enjoy.
Jane – w/e sounds great – and good that you were well enough to enjoy it.
Must dash. Ex florist about to arrive. 7 br.desmaids Carol – but only working on one bouquet today.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 10:23
Morning all. Another nice day here, and the temps are already +19 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. It looks very festive in here? Carol thought today was Ali's birthday? A senior moment, do you think? 😜 There is still cake going? I'll have a small slice, please, to go with my herbal tea and the snuggle. Thank you. 💋💋💋

I've been for a haircut this morning. (Sorry, too short for tossing.) I thought she cut a tad too much, but it's a bit late to point that out when she has finished! I tried on a navy winter coat which I liked, but don't really need it, so put it back on the rack. (Can you see my halo? 😇) Instead I bought a nice brown bread with lots of different seeds in it. No,- in a different shop!

Diana,- sorry to hear your father is unwell. I hope they find out what is wrong.

Ali,- are you segway-ing into the desert? 😂

Jo,- you have always impressed me with your ability to sleep anywhere. I am very fussy,- no noise and no lights on, and preferably my own bed!

Fi,- I see your Sloppy and sis don't get any better. Father tried to summon me last night, saying his telly didn't work. Could I come up and have a look? I could NOT! I told him to give it another 15 minutes and then try again. It worked! PHEW,- not that I would have driven up there last night. 7 bridesmaids? Good grief!

Jane,- so pleased your w/e was fine, and that you could enjoy it without too much dizziness.

Carol,- still not buying new clothes? How are the withdrawal symptoms? 😂

Pauline,- have a good chiro visit.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 12:12
HAPPY BIRTHD...oops no. I'll just put this party popper down then. I hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow Ali. Glad to here you don't have to worry about getting home.

Carol - I hope June can eventually get sorted. Such a rigmarole but very sensible to wait I think.

I'm another that can't be doing with a completely dark bedroom. I like the idea of the motion sensitive light.

Happy new haircut Eva! I am sure it's lovely even if it is shorter than normal. Thank goodness the traditional turn it off/turn it on again routine worked for your dad's TV.

Fi - your family defy belief. I will say this of my bro, he never put any pressure on me to help with mum. He realised how difficult it was to get over to see her (especially when North*rn R*il kept striking at weekends).

Diana - Sorry to hear your Dad is poorly. It's always more worrying when you don't know what the problem is. Hope it turns out to be something and nothing.

Twins - a big well done from me for keeping second hand September. I goofed. I found a voucher that needed spending and bought a top before I remembered! Oh the irony as I often go for months without getting owt new!

Please drive carefully to your appointment Pauline. It's nasty out there!
TK wrote:
Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 13:26
I remember as a young child I did sleep in the dark. Then came the trip to the cinema to see the very child friendly film WofOz. Life as I knew it changed. Nightmares, screaming if I woke up when there was no light. Over the next 7 years the symptoms diminished, from about the age of 7, I found that if I had a radio on at night I could go to sleep more quickly. When I was 12 the nightmares had gone. Now I can sleep in the dark or light, but don't like to wake up in a dark room due to the danger of tripping over cat etc. I like a background noise to lull me to sleep.

Well done on the Oct challenge Twins , there are still a few days left
oops more to say but Bruce has tried to drag me off chair
TK wrote:
Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 15:29
Bruce has been to ice cream parlour, called on friends, but they were out, smelt a doggy friend through the open window of the van (which he was guarding, so didn't get too close), had a quick play with an older friend (she has been on laser treatment and feels much better) and been in the garden telling everyone what he's been doing. He is now lying on his bed.

Fi I hope you can sort out the arrangements so it is not too hard on you and Ploppy. I do wonder at family arrangements, mainly because I have so few. My best wishes to you both in sorting it out.

Ali glad you are having a good time. Have a lovely day on your birthday.

Bruce is now telling the son in law of Felf something. Maybe he is making too much noise for Bruce.

Bruce has just jumped up and I've found lots of seed heads in the long hair, better get them out
TK wrote:
Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 20:17
Just noticed the typo, well done on the Sept challenge. Oct challenge? Wouldn't even suggest the advertised one........ maybe next year?

I've just been trying to buy matching lead and collar to replace Shannon's for Bruce. I'm concerned that the plastic clips may break as plastics get brittle with age. I have had them some time. Shannon's were lilac, couldn't find matching in purple. All these years on and the same problem. I have managed to get something. Since I joined a cash back site I'm due ...... 24p. I'll keep going with it. I've just not really bought anything which qualifies since I set it up.

Eva well done for resisting the coat. Cutting too much off was my nightmare when I was forced to have my hair cut. (Before I was 8.) It will grow. Time goes quicker as you get older, so it won't take long :) I hope you are not called out too much for your father. Best wishes to him.

evam wrote:
Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 00:59
Morning all. Yes, I know it's early. The time here is now 2.52 am, and it's pitch dark outside. I slept for about an hour before I woke up again. I have spent this time doing some practical things, amongst others the wrapping of a few Christmas presents. 🎅 (Ducking to avoid flying reindeers!)

Not much to do today, I hope. I have to do father's weekly shop. He rang me with the shopping list last night. It's a much smaller list than it used to be, now that he have his dinners in the dining room with the other residents. It sounds very posh, but it isn't, although the place is nice enough.

I'm coming over all sleepy, so maybe I'll try to go back to bed.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 07:18
Morning all and Happy Birthday Ali!!! Fortunately the BHB managed to salvage the cakes and the champers and they are now all ready for you. The Bistro decorations are still in place and we topped up the water in all the vases so the flowers are as fresh as a daisy. Sounds like you are having a lovely break and do hope you see the dolphins today. I love people watching on holiday, as does Twin! Willl be interested to hear how the seway riding goes!! Have a lovely day today.

Goodness, the furry alarm clock having a sleep in Jo? Unheard of – although I think you could be right about the rain! I have to turn my phone off quite a lot (rehearsals, church etc) so often forget to unmute it afterwards (whereas MM inadvertently puts the mute on (so he says) and often drives me mad when I can’t get hold of him!). Sadly I can’t access the link from Sunday. So the reason for your dislike of the WofO is now revealed – I agree it is very scary for children. I can understand the not wanting to trip over a cat if you are in a dark room. Yes I realised that you meant September – it has been tough as a couple of my favourite shops sent me vouchers for 20% and 25% off this month only – sob! I think they realised I hadn’t bought anything so far. The October challenge (which you already set me) is the taking to the Sue R shop the clothes on the hangers that haven’t been turned round during the summer (i.e. not worn!). I see Bruce managed a giddy social round despite being a late riser. I definitely think he prefers ice cream to incohol! Hopefully Felf’s son in law survived the telling off. Goodness a windfall of 24p – are you going to spend it all at once or spash out?

Fi, glad you had a lovely day at W Park – thank goodness you weren’t going yesterday! Lovely to hear friend’s husband doing so well. So not much going on then Fi, at least until the end of next month. Oh dear, see the proposed trip at the weekend has brought more problems. I remember when my parents used to have the heating up during the winter months – so both they and MM would nod off, and I would sit in the heat! I think if you can stick to your guns this time (will be difficult I know) it may (only may) set a precedent for the future. Very difficult though. Hope the bouquet making went well!

Hair looks lovely Eva, even if you think it is a little short. Wel done on putting the coat will have realised that my shopping philosophy does not include “do I need it?”. The halo is dazzling. Don’t feel buying a brown loaf compensated for not having the new coat though. Oh dear I see Father is still expecting you to go out all hours to sort things out for him. Pleased to hear the old turn it off, wait and turn it back on routine worked for him. Yes I have managed to survive 25 days of not buying clothes – I think my halo is even brighter than your’s. The withdrawal symptoms are painful, is all I will say. Oh goodness that was no time to be up – so are you due to see your GP again to report on lack of sleeping progress? Eek –I just read that you wrapped C’mas pressies – I have gone into shock. I do hope you managed to get back to sleep afterwards.

Lady J there was an item on the Beeb News page yesterday about how companies have put their prices up so I agree that they should wait until things have calmed down – I thought it was good of their travel company to advise them that and not to jump on the bandwagon of suggesting they have alternative (much more expensive) flights now. Ah I think you are allowed to spend a voucher that might expire, so that doesn’t count.

Yesterday was very emotional – the church was packed for the service (it was an RC funeral mass, so over an hour long). It had started to rain just as we arrived (we took the last space in the car park which was already full at 10.30 am). Jo’s husband bravely did a tribute which was very moving and so sad. When we came out it was obvious there had been torrential rain whilst we were inside the church as all the roads were flooded – in fact the one we needed to take to get to the pub where the Wake was being held was completely under water. We managed to do a detour and went through several little floods and arrived safely, but the water was still all around when we left, so we took a long way round to get to the X40. We ended up not going out (which was a relief in a way) as three people cried off with cold germs, one had to be somewhere else and another couple were on holiday, so I rang around and cancelled and we had a night at home. As a result we managed to watch HC (quite scary) and The Cxptxre, which continues to intrigue! Today Twin is coming over and we (Lindy, Lawrence, MM, Twin and me) are going to see the film of D Abbxy and then go for our pizza afterwards. Rain forecast (in fact it is drizzling now) but at least we will be under cover. Morning BHB, yes the cakes still look lovely. Let’s take a slice and some of the iced champers and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 09:30
Morning all and it is now sunny here though cool as it is only 17c. Think it is due to rain on and off all morning.

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ali!! Have a great day and hope you get to do all those lovely things, especially the dolphins

I will be packing and hoping it is dry by the time I go to Twin. Gosh it is soo long since I saw them, all of about 4 days! I went to see my lovely chiro lady yesterday who pulled me around a bit. I think sleeping in a single bed last week had affected my back! Not painful but she said it was stiff.

Fi I am so glad you went on a nice day to Wrxst. It deserves to be seen in sunshine! I am very fond of it as it was my local big house for a long time. It was used as a conference centre for years and was in a sad way as they didn't look after it's history. EH first just had the grounds as they are historically important, but they are slowly taking over the whole thing, hooray! So your lovely weekend could now be a bit fraught. I do hope not but you have to do what is right for you two I think. That is a lot of bouquet making ahead of you!

Love the hair Eva and well done on putting the coat down, I think! Very strong willed. Not so good that you are still not sleeping, though I hope you managed more after you went back to bed. I am totally ignoring your mention of the C word!

My drive to the chiro was fine yesterday Jane. Coming back, not so good, I got on the motorway and ground to a halt. we were crawling along and stop/starting for about 15 mins, then we suddenly moved and I could see no reason why we had been held up at all!Oh vouchers that run out are definitely allowed, totally different!

Shame there are no purple collars you can find Jo. Definite failing in the market! No wonder you dislike W of O with memories like those. I think I have said before I got up and walked out when it got scary! I was all of 4 I think. Obviously never liked scary things then either. Must say I thought HC far to scary last night!

Morning BHB and what have you for us today? oh there is lots of champers? Fantastic, let's get another bottle and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 09:34
Happy Birthday to Ali, way off in foreign parts. At least we know she'll be getting some sun. Hope you have a lovely time.

Sorry about the link titled Saturday. I made an error and open the wrong link to post. No matter.

The challenge for October I was thinking of was a different one, sponsor for Macmillan Cancer support.

I've just looked at the time, the clock in the dining room is showing the correct time, amazing. There is something seriously weird with the clock. A clock with no battery in would show the correct time more times a day than this clock does.

I didn't watch Holby last night, from the info available sounded too much for me.

I hope you managed to get some more sleep this morning, Eva. Good that your father gets fed, one thing less to check on. As long as they look for non attendees.

I better get doing things.

maeve 12 wrote:
Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 10:36
Happy Birthday Ali,

I hope you have a lovely day and that you enjoy the rest of your holiday.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 10:44
Can I just say Jo, with that challenge you have two chances, zero and none! Apart from the fact we don't do that sort of challenge, it is MM's birthday month, need I say more? thanks for the info about the link, I thought it was my pooter throwing a hissy fit!

Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 11:23
Hello all!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI! For real this time! I hope you are having a wonderful time in E*ypt.

I've been watching the new about how the airlines are working together to get stranded holiday makers home, and I am very impressed with how stoic people are. One reporter saying 'people are confused and frustrated' then cut to an interview with a woman saying 'we'll get back when we get back', shrugging it off. It does seem like everyone is doing their best and behaving like grown ups.

Pauline - I am also NOT taking part in that October challenge. Fingers crossed you have no deluges on your way to twin and no more travel problems of any kind. 4 days since you have seen them? How have you coped?!

Carol - it sounds like you had a awful journey to the wake. Not needed on top of all the emotions of the day. I bet you were so glad of that night in.

Oh dear Eva - another night without sleeping? I was the same last night. I just could not nod off. I hope you enjoy a nice quite day.

Jo - what no purple collars? I suffered from nightmares too as a child. In fact I think they were technically night-terrors because I would sit up screaming in the night. That lasted until about a year after I got married. At about 12 I started having nightmares narrated by Richard Burt*n. I blamed Wof the W for those!

At least I'm dry today. Was damp right through yesterday - including dance class. Dancing in the damp - hmm sounds like a song.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 16:02
Thankyou for the birthday wishes. Boat trip had to be arranged for Friday instead so today we went back to the marina for a wander, gelato and lunch while admiring the boats. Back to the villa for a swim and some sunbathing then off out for a meal tonight. We did a recce last night and picked a nice restaurant next to the canal.
jeep safari is booked for Sunday eve. Nigel & Jack are going on quad bikes while mum and I go in the jeep. We meet at a bedouin village for tea then drive up the dunes to see the sunset.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 16:15

I had a nice lunch today with my friend from work, we went to Bodeans. Caught up on what's been going on and very glad I'm no longer there, sounds a nightmare. I got a bit wet but avoid the worst of the rain.

Yesterday I had my haircut and afterwards sorted out some stuff for the holiday. Although it's four weeks away, Ploppy's in Japan for nearly two weeks and I will be at my parents for a few days so wanted to check if anything needed to be bought so could sort it out before he goes. No clothes required for me, just sun lotion and travel wash which have literally just been delivered. Still need to apply for our visas which can only be done a month in advance. Also went through the old case I store holiday stuff in and got rid of a few things. Found about ten flight toothbrushes and toothpastes, loads of soaps and shower caps from hotels, and a Disn*yWorld passport from 1988 with one day unused which, having checked online, is still valid!

Hope you had a lovely birthday, Ali.

Hope you have a good time Fri/Sat and can leave Sat evening as planned, Fi.

Twins, hope you enjoyed the film and pizza.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 19:45
Diana, love it that the DW passport from '88 is still valid. You 2 are world travellers, have fun when you get there.

Tamsey and I are sitting with Bruce. So good that they get on. Not snuggling buddies but no chasing or biting.

I have some payments to be made but TK is sitting so I can't get the documents out. I'll have to wait.
evam wrote:
Thursday, September 26, 2019, 05:07
Morning all. I haven't a clue what the weather is like, as it's pitch dark outside. I can't hear any rain falling, though.

I am tip-toeing into the Bistro. I don't want to wake the BHB. I'm sure he needs his sleep, so I'll make myself a mug of coffee to keep me going.

Yesterday was a relatively quiet day. I did father's weekly shop, and unpacked and sorted that out for him. It was a lovely day, so he said he'd go for a walk with his rolling zimmer frame, and I told him to take it easy.
When I got back home I went for a walk myself at a slightly faster space than father was able to do!😜 The walk was good, but after another bad night, I felt exhausted, and had an eva in the afternoon. I feel as if father is dragging me into his bubble, where his wants and needs have first priority. It's so difficult to say no, but I should do it more often. The extreme tiredness I'm feeling, is coming from Chronic Fatique Syndrome which I've suffered from for quite a few years, but which is getting worse almost by the day.
That's my moaning done for today!

Diana,- I never realised you're off to Japan in 4 weeks time. Have fun, and I hope you don't find sitting cross legged on a mat on the floor too didicult! 😂 Enjoy your time with your parents.

Ali,- I see you had a fun filled birthday. That's how it should be.

Jo,- I see there is a possibility of a blossoming friendship between Tamsey and Bruce?

Twins,- I'm sure you enjoyed the film yesterday. Maybe even I can be moved to go to the cinema to watch that? Last time I went, was when Les Mis was screened here, so it's not a thing I do very often.

Carol,- no, I haven't made a new appointment with my GP, because I don't think there is anything he can suggest. I just have to be patient and hope I can get back to my old sleeping pattern in a not too distant future.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, September 26, 2019, 07:44
Morning and it is drizzling here, but I believe it is due to be dry later. Yesterday wasn’t as bad as forecast and was in fact quite warm – no coat required, just a cardigan!

No apology needed for the link Jo, I just assumed it was my machine playing up! As Twin said you can forget that particular challenge for October!! We have quite a few things on during the month and incohol will need to be partaken! Hmm that is very odd about the clock! So it is a bit hit and miss – sometimes it can be right, others not. I think you were wise to give HC a miss – it was very well acted but on the edge of your seat stuff. I see you had a lovely evening with the three of you – as you say it is good that they are accommodating of each other and are now used to being in each other’s company. Did you manage to shift TK so you could do your payments?

Hi Maeve, lovely to see you – albeit briefly. Any news on the house move yet? Sue our ex-conductor finally completed on the sale of her house a few weeks back and has now exchanged on her new one and hopes to move first/second week of October.

Lady J, I think the airlift operation to get people going home is doing so well – and as for (on the first day only) some passengers complaining that they were going to a different airport, and had waited about eight hours – I just thought of our 13 hour wait at the airport and the fact that we were in the wrong place when we landed, and smiled! After that initial reaction everyone seems to be working really well together to get passengers back. I take my hat off to the TCook staff who have stayed in situ with no payment (and apparently in cases having to pay their own hotel bills) so they can help the CXX at the airports and get people onto the right flights. We did wonder who the stranger was arriving on our doorstep early yesterday afternoon but she said she knew us, so we let her in....... We were indeed glad of the night in on Tuesday – it had been such a sad day – especially for Lindy and Lawrence. Oh goodness I see you are suffering with not being able to sleep too – hopefully you had a better night last night. Ah another day when you were soaked through I see – I know a song very similar to that one.............

Ali sounds like you had a lovely day and still have birthday treats to look forward to. I think I would rather go in the jeep than on a quad bike!! Hope you have a lovely time.

Ah Diana that is what I always think when I meet up with ex office colleagues! Think I was there for the best years of the company! I too am impressed that the DW unused day is still valid!! Does it have an exiry date?? Did you watch the Sue P programme on Jxpxn so that Ploppy knows what to expect?? I see you had a successful turn out of travel items!!

I see you were an early riser again Eva – did you manage to get some sleep earlier? Glad you enjoyed your walk yesterday although I can understand that you needed an Eva in the afternoon. I think, for the sake of your own health, you will have to be firm on occasion and just say no to your Father. Difficult to do of course but if you have a collapse yourself healthwise you won’t be able to help at all! Ah CFS is very debilitating, so not surprised you are tired. From what I read it seems you have not really benefitted at all from his move (other than the DN do appear to be doing a little more for him) as you are the first point of call for anything he wants/needs! We all enjoyed the film – not a huge story line and fairly predictable but it tied us some loose ends from the tv series, and looked lovely. The costumes were beautiful of course and it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon of escapism. After enjoying our pizzas we were home in time for Celeb MChef so timings all worked well. Poor MM is full of cold – he has been going downhill all week. We are off to L’don this afternoon, having pre theatre meal in CGarden and then going to see Groxn Ups (Mxschxef Theatre), so hoping that will cheer MM up! Morning BHB yes it is trying to brighten up so hopefully it will stay dry now. Let’s take the toasted tea cakes and the Vxrdxta into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (she is awake I know!).
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, September 26, 2019, 08:40
Morning all and it is a grey start to the day, but not raining at the moment. Mind I think we need a lot of rain this winter as I have had an email from the water company saying there will probably be a hosepipe ban next spring. Something to look forward to! Enjoyed the film yesterday as it was gorgeous to look at and very easy watching. As Twin said it was predictable, but still worth seeing, especially for fans of the show. As usual the Dames were the real stars for me. Today we are off to the theatre later which hopefully will. E funny. Poor MM is really suffering with his cold today and has gone back to bed for a bit.

Eva that is not good havingCFS no wonder you are tired all the time. It certainly won’t help you dealing with your father. As Twin has said you have to try and be firm with him and say no sometimes as if you make yourself really ill it won’t help him at all.

What a weird clock Jo! Maybe the hands are getting stuck occasionally? Love that you.TK and Bruce can have snuggle time together.

Lady Jane I am quite impressed with most of the TC passengers as well. So many are concerned for the crew losing their jobs, which is lovely.

So Ploppy off to Japan then is he Diana? I am sure he will love it, though if it is his first visit he may find some aspects strange, well different!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Vxrdxta? Different! Let’s get another jug and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Thursday, September 26, 2019, 08:57
Eva such a shame the move has not helped as I expected. It is good that he feels he can go out for a walk on his own. I'd thought the place would have the services that my friend's mother had when she had MS, but it appears not. She had a lady who came in 3 times a week for the shopping and checking (also a chat), later on the getting up and going to bed lady who did personal hygiene everyday, the district nurses for the catheter and there was warden available. I went in at the weekend, later on I went morning and evening as she was on my way to work. Her daughter lived 2 hours away and had young children. I have no idea if this sort of service is available now as this was end of 80s to beginning of 90s. One of Bruce's friends up the road has ME, she goes up and down. At the moment she seems to be OK. Bruce likes to cheer her up by letting her feed him biscuits. Bella used to do the same :)

I looked at my Twitter feed this morning, felt like screaming. I thought I was at the end of my tether with the political situation before, now just seems to be crazy.

Carol looks like you have a good outing planned for today. Best wishes for MM's recovery, sounds nasty.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, September 26, 2019, 09:17
Morning all.

I woke early this morning and didn't feel like staying in bed so it now feels more like midday than only 10.00 am. I've changed and washed the bedding, washed the kitchen & utility floors, and sorted out a few bits & bobs. No particular plans for the rest of the day other than booking our visas when Ploppy's back from golf.

I watched this week's HC with the remote in my hand ready to switch channels when it got too scarey (Ploppy was out having a meal with some golf cronies). Yes, we watched SP programme on Japan, at least I did as Ploppy fell asleep part way through. Loved the AI dog in last night's ep and told Ploppy to bring one back for me. One of his golf pals on the trip is Japanese so he has planned where they are going and will be "leading" their tour. I'm not envious at all!! Hoping Dad's is back to normal so we can go out while I'm staying with them, otherwise will just be hanging around the house much of the time as Mum won't want to leave him for long.

Hope you're having another quiet day, Eva. As the Twins said, you need to try to be firm with your father otherwise you'll only get worse. Sending hugs.

Enjoy the theatre, Twins, and hope MM throws off his cold quickly.
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, September 26, 2019, 10:56
Hi all,

I got another drenching this morning so I'm again at work wearing spare clothes. At least these leisure trousers aren't as embarrassing as Tuesday's PJ bottoms!

Eva - I think you are marvellous, doing everything you do even with CFS. I had a friend who had it (when it was called ME) and she didn't manage half of what you do. I agree with Carol. You need to look after your own health and say 'no' when you need to.

Jo - I think unfortunately the care for those in need is not what it used to be. Mum was supposed to have a carer come in to make sure she ate at least one mean a day, spending an hour with her everyday over lunchtime. But the 'carer' would come about 11am heat something up for her, then leave. (I had my spy!). I totally understand that the caring professions are stretched, but this wasn't even on the NHS. Mum paid in full for her so-called care. :-(

Wow Diana! Lucky Ploppy going to Japan! AND with someone who can show him around! Seriously? You're not jealous? Now you know you can come clean with us!

Carol - I am nowhere near as badly off as Eva. It's not constant. I managed quite a good night's sleep last night. OK so the gin did help :-). I'm glad you enjoyed D Abbey. I have never seen the series but so many of my friends enjoyed it. Did the series not finish off satisfactorily?

Hope MM is feeling a bit better today.

Pauline - when you said the 'Dames were the stars' I thought you meant you went to a panto! You can see the way my mind runs! A hose pipe ban next spring? Gosh they are preparing early. Which is good, but worrying. Hope your reservoirs get replenished without winter being a wash out.

Ooo my top is dry. time to change.

TK wrote:
Thursday, September 26, 2019, 20:35
Jane your clothing at w*rk reminds me of the trip to the hotel bar we did in AberF*deen one night after the panto. I think I wore my jama bottoms and socks. Jeans and boots were left to dry in the room. And, yes I did think the level of service would have been reduced in the last nearly 30 years. Somehow I thought it would be better in Norway.

I've just placed an order with A**a. Not done that for ages. They have greatly improved the working of their website. (It was A**a I started placing orders with years ago, when it was done by phone to the lovely chaps in the NE call centre.) I was hunting for flavoured dried rice, only A**a seem to stock it now (hopefully it is in). Sains*** seem to have blocked my account, I have to phone them to get it reopened. Doesn't matter as they did not have the rice I wanted as a stock item. I'd hoped Morri would stock the rice I wanted, so I could order the Hendesons relish and the rice at one time, but no.

I'm aiming for an early night, tired as I had another nearly 3 hours on the last bit of my pension.
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, September 26, 2019, 21:45
Have had a “ catching up”;day. Lots of admin and h’work. Obviously too much of the latter. Our int.rnet went down in afternoon and as ploppy was talking to help desk I suddenly wondered if my cleaning all the wires under comp.ter table might have some bearing on lost connection. Oops.
Carol - what a sad funeral. The husband Must be devastated. Lovely that you and MM were there to support Lindy and Lawrence. Feel yesterday was some welcome escapism.
Eva - ploppy also has CFS. He is v bad at mo. He has been in bed for hrs today as “ totally wiped out”.:we are having to get help in garden now as he can’t deal with any of the heavy work and too much for me. Not looking forward to w/e with parents as neither sloppy nor sis very sympathetic. They consider it “ all in the mind”!
Jo - that was some amazing Care in Sh housing! I have friend who is carer but they are not paid either for their petrol or time between jobs so of course they leave jobs early to get to next one in time. Like you I am aghast ( tho not surprised - I did warn sloppy week after Ref that country wld descend into chaos trying to work out what sort of Bre.t people wanted. Just didn’t think we would still have the chaos 3yrs later!)
Diana - if you haven’t thrown out your travel toiletries then if you contact your local shelter/ organisation they often welcome then for their clients. I am collecting a bag of unwanted travel for our local shelter as I gradually tidy up my cupboards.
Jane - hope you have dried off now! With our current weather I think you should maybe keep a few sets of spare clothes at work!
Pauline - hope you enjoyed theatre trip today.
We have decided only to go to l.ndon for 1 night ( instead of 2 or 3) next wk and not to stay with scollop. Ploppy is not up to the travelling within l.ndon that staying with scollop would entail. So will look for a ( reasonably priced) hotel if possible. Theatre unfortunately is bit away from str.nd and C.vent Gdn so will need to hunt out a pre theatre restaurant nearby.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, September 27, 2019, 07:31
Morning and a nice sunny start to the day – although forecast is for rain later. Having said that forecast for yesterday in L’don was for it to stay dry, and we had a couple of very heavy showers!

Jo I love the idea that one of Bruce’s friends is allowed to feed him biscuits so that she feels better! I remember you telling us about your soaking experience in A’deen. How odd that Sainsbugs have blocked you online weren’t trying to order anything illegal I hope!!! Hope you managed to get your early night (no wonder you were tired if you spent three hours on sorting your pension!).

Oh I hate it when you get up early and then spend the rest of the day thinking it is a couple of hours later than it really is. You were very industrious with your time though! HC was scary wasn’t it. Twin and I bogh missed little bits by not looking at the screen and then asking each other what we had missed. Ah so Ploppy will have a good guide when he visits Jxpxn by the sound of it. Hopefully you managed to get your visas for the holiday sorted out.

I keep meaning to ask if the “old” bus route is back in operation Lady J, or if you are still having to use the “new” one? We used to know someone who worked in the care industry and it was a case of being given a list and snet round to sort everyone out, but to a strict timetable – think this is why poor patients were being given lunches late morning and then put to bed early for the same reason. I didn’t watch the last series of DA (watched the earlier ones) but Lindy did and she said the film managed to bring various things to fruition but also added some extras so that they could possibly do a future film.

Fi, our friend Chris has been having problems with her i’net this week – but I don’t think her’s was a disconnection! The funeral was moving and at the wake they had a continuous slide show of moments from Jo’s life (wedding, babies’ arrivals, school etc.) – it was really heartbreaking to see her with the little ones. That is very silly of your family to not realise how serious and debilitating CFS is, and to consider it is all “in the mind”. I am assuming they have never read up about it?? Hope the visit isn’t too strenuous and too upsetting. I have forgotten what you are going to see next week??

MM stayed in bed yesterday morning so that he was up to the theatre outing. He feel asleep so that did him good. We were lucky with trains and were up at CG by about 4.15pm. Restaurant was booked for 5pm, so I left the others in a wine bar and went and collected our tickets from the Box Office – that was when the second of the heavy showers arrived! Rejoined the others and we had our wine whilst entertained by a singer and then a string quartet. Pre theatre dinner was excellent (Twin and I had cream of cauliflower soup, Lindy had ham croquettes and MM had smoked mackerel pate, then we all had roast shoulder of lamb, which was delicious. Twin had strawberry ice cream with pistachios and white chocolate sauce, Lindy and I had diving chocolate mousse, and MM had cheese. All washed down with a very nice bottle of Spxnixsh Ruxda. After eating we strolled round to the theatre and they had just opened the stalls so we were able to go straight to our seats. We were in row C and luckily for us the four seats in front of us in row B were left unoccupied. Really enjoyed the play – it was hilarious. We were all crying with laughter at one point! Came out of the theatre and caught a taxi to GtPStreet and then the Met Line home. We arrived back at about 11.30pm having had a lovely time. Today Twin off home, we are off to do our food shop this morning and then have choir tonight. It seems longer than a week ago that we were in Vxxnna!!! Morning BHB yes it is a nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Vanillita through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (she is awake).
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, September 27, 2019, 08:06
Morning all, this will be a bit brief asi need to get going, busy day. I will be off as soon as I am ready and will get a bit of food on the way home, then have a pedicure at noon. When I get back I have to do the pudding for our 6monthly get together tomorrow. Really enjoyed yesterday, our meal was fab then the play was hilarious. I love the tho gs this group of people do. They are so talented.

Jo how lovely of. Duce to allow that lady to feed him biscuits! Very self sacrificing!

Diana I think Ploppy is lucky to have a guide in Japan as it helps to have someone who can speak the language and knows the customs. I see you are joining Eva on the night watches!

Jane I love the idea of you being in pj trousers, but am rather intrigued as to why you had them at work?! I see BeTrix has been at the bottle again!

Fi which theatre are you going to? Twin might be able to suggest an eatery as she is very good on London restaurants.

Morning BHB, and of course it is Vanillita day. Let’s get more and go and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Friday, September 27, 2019, 08:54
HHmmm the food sounds lovely Twins. I'm up for trying the 'diving chocolate mousse'. The play sounds like fun and bonus, apart fron the rain, the travel went well.
I have just realised my spell checker has disappeared again, it does it when Firefox updates. So sorry for any mistakes over the last couple of days.

Both Bruce (and Bella) had a sense of social responsibility and like to give back to the community by visiting the elderly. If they choose to buy dog biscuits to feed him, it is up to them. Bruce, of course, is very socially aware and does good works on a daily basis by pointing out and sometimes removing dog poo himself.

Fi I hope your London visit goes well. Going to London always tires me out. I hope you both have a good time.

I need to go to the village without Bruce, as I want to go into the shops to pick up a couple of things, which I missed off the list for MrA last night. I think Mr S have suspended my shopping account as I've not shopped there for a few years.
Jane E wrote:
Friday, September 27, 2019, 11:19
Hi all!

I'm dry! Hurrah. And sitting here in nice sensible clothes! I bought in a skirt this morning (Thinking on the same lines as you Fi!) so if I am caught out again I have something dry that complies with the dress code to change into. Of course it's pouring down now so will be amazed if I am still dry when I get home.

So - why did have PJ bottoms with me at work Pauline? Well on Tuesdays I go straight to work from to Charleston, so it was my dancing trousers that I changed into. Yesterday I realised how bad the weather was as I hoped the door, rush back up stairs and grabbed the first clothing that can to hand. Both sets of trousers were technically on sale as PJ bottoms but I have never worn them as such.

Yes Beatrix was very sneaky last night. She must have been drinking when I was tidying up. I came to bed and found her passed out on the pillow. she's not even taken her lovely frock off. Naughty rabbit!

Very glad you and Carol enjoyed the theatre. It's so important to laugh!

Carol - yes the buses changed back as I was told they would on 2nd Sept. Though one of the buses I catch has a new timetable which means in runs more often on weekdays. WIN! Just as well as the other two are subject to a major diversion in L**ds. They are fine in the morning but horrendous for the journey home.

As for the care workers who looked after mum; I guessed that they'd be overworked and did wonder whether they are given adequate time between calls. Big no! It's disgusting that they aren't paid travelling and have to pay their own petrol too. Given how much mum paid I wonder how much their employers pocketed. :-(

Fi - your family never cease to amaze me. 'All in the mind' indeed! That said I believe ex-ploppy thought my MdDS is all in my mind too. The problem with neurogical conditions - they're all in the brain not in the mind! So many people don't understand that. I hope you manage to find somewhere nice to stay in London!

Jo - you'll tell us anything! I bet Mr S thought you were stockpiling dog biscuits and cat food for illicit purposes! I tend to use Mr M. I used to use Mr A two weeks out of three until they decided to increase the minimum order. Now I mostly use Mr M as it's slightly cheaper. Just occasionally there are things I need from Mr A - as with this weeks order. Bruce is such a responsible chap. Tidying up poop from the villiage! And of course Bella insured the locals were never threatened buy a plague of tennis balls.

No Eva today? I hope that means she's slept through the night - I hope it doesn't mean she's poorly.
TK wrote:
Friday, September 27, 2019, 13:07
Bruce's new wardrobe came today. This means if the rain soaks us he has a change of collar and harness. Of course, I had to buy the matching lead!! (Hey this new spell check is picky, it does punctuation too.) I've spent the last 30mins getting it fitted to him. Bought a second address tag for the new collar. I think in about 6 months Bruce will be putting in an order for tennis balls at the rate he is destroying Bella's collection. (Oh gosh this spell check is really getting picky about my grammar. I may have to find the old ad-on I used which wasn't so critical.) There is at least one 'lost' ball in the park a day. It maybe the same one as no one seems to take them home. I don't like to take them myself, it was OK when Bella or the little dog did it.
Diana wrote:
Friday, September 27, 2019, 14:37

We have our visas for Oman but it has been a rather stressful procedure. I thought I made a mistake when preparing my application but the system wouldn't let me reopen it so I did another and then wasn't positive which was the new application. I submitted them but we got a system error message after I had clicked to pay so assumed it hadn't gone through for some reason. We were getting a bit frazzled so decided to leave it until today to try again but half an hour after submitting we received emails saying the applications had been received and payment accepted. The emails referred to an attached document confirming payment but nothing was attached so I logged into our visa account and, after a few attempts, downloaded the payment confirmations. I checked my credit card online this morning and the payment had gone through. This morning we received further emails confirming visas had been granted and again referring to an attachment but no attachment. I then had a problem with our printer and after turning everying off and on twice, was able to print the emails (I was trying to cook lunch at the same time so was not a happy bunny). I had earlier tried logging into the visa account again to see if I could find the visas but no go. I tried again a few mins ago and this time sussed it out and was able to print them. What a palaver.

Lunch was very nice even if I say so myself. First time I've cooked something from scratch from a recipe for ages - from Nad*ya H. We had tortillas with a sort of omlette with tomato paste, olives and mushrooms.

It's raining again here. The first half of the morning was lovely so I went to Sains. early to avoid the rain and did some cleaning when I got back. It started raining about an hour later and rained quite heavily. We've also had a sunny spell in between the showers. Ploppy is supposed to be putting the smoke alarm back on the hall ceiling - it was taken down when we had the ceiling redone in July. He got his tools out this morning but his electric screwdriver will take 12 hours to recharge so not sure when the alarm will go up. He's sitting in the armchair watching the golf on TV.

Yesterday afternoon I got rid of the ivy, holly and bits of wood in the front bed by the study which Ploppy dug up a couple of weeks ago. We decided to keep the remains of the three shrubs in the hope they grow back (one of them has a lovely bouquet) but want to get some new plants, possibly roses to add some colour, though may wait until spring.

No, I've not got rid of the travel stuff, Fi, and was wondering if it was worth donating somewhere so thanks for the info.

I won't ask what Bruce does with the dog poo ugh. I stopped using a spell check as I got so annoyed with it picking up names etc.

I keep thinking it's Saturday today.
evam wrote:
Friday, September 27, 2019, 15:12
Afternoon all. The weather has turned autumnal again, with rain, so I think the summer is definitely over.

I've had a busy day today, as I had to do the cleaning of father's flat. His cleaning lady has been away on holiday in T*rkey, and came home very late Wednesday with a high fever. Went to her GP yesterday, and when her blood tests showed an SR of 220 (!) it made her GP send her straight to hospital where she's now on the isolation ward until they find out which kind of infection she has.(Been there, done that.) She called me last night from hospital, and apologised that she wouldn't be able to "do" for father this week. I told her to rest up and "enjoy" her illness without worrying about father. Of course it meant that I had to do his cleaning today. He kept following me around the flat, and from time to time told me that "Åse (the cleaning lady) did this, that and the other differently!" I told him to go and sit on his little veranda until I had finished! This was before the rain had started.
I'd had another bad night, so was exhausted when I finally came home, but I've had a nice eva, and am feeling better. I also have to clean father's old flat before the Open House on Thursday. Åse was meant to be doing this. It won't be the deep clean that will be done before the flat is delivered to a new owner, but it still has to look nice for potential buyers. The flat was put up for sale today:

Of course now it's completely empty of furniture because father needed them for his new flat. I think we'd managed to make it look attractive for the photos being taken. I'll go in tomorrow and Sunday to do the cleaning. Sigh. 😓

Carol,- that meal sounds quite scrumptious, and as it was followed by a good show, it must have been a perfect day out. I hope MM's cold is on the vane.

Pauline,- what dessert are you making?

Jo,- I see Bruce is becoming quite the fashion dog! And he even cleans up after other dogs? (Shivers!)

Diana,- what a palaver with the visas and their payment! What a relief when you could finally print them out.

Jane,- good to hear that your bus is back on a sensible schedule.

Fi,- why am I not surprised at your family's reaction to Ploppy's illness? That's the curse of what we call "invisible illness." As long as nothing shows on the outside, people assume you're all right, and won't listen to anything said to the contrary.

Ali wrote:
Friday, September 27, 2019, 15:26
Evening. Did a brief skim, hope you tell your family how it really is Fi! Sounds like it’s a bit damp in the uk?
We did our boat trip today - amazing! Clear water, lovely fish and beautiful coral. Snorkelled twice and also saw a pod of dolphins. Lovely buffet on board. Highly recommended.
Back a little pink as it was exposed while snorkelling oops!
TK wrote:
Friday, September 27, 2019, 19:49
Eva the flat looks lovely. I'm sure you will soon get a buyer. I hope you can sleep tonight.

Ali sounds like a great holiday, lovely to see the wild life.

Diana sounds like a nightmare with the applications. I had a similar problem with the application for the parking permit for Felf. I did not know if the attachments had gone as required until the parking permit arrived. (ah this spell check does allow me to add spellings to the dictionary) The work will be ready when the screw driver is charged. I hope the user will be charged and ready to go at the same time :)

Poor Bruce this early afternoon, we were 3 mins into our walk and I got a phone call for a dog minding assist. Bruce had to be returned to my house. Unfortunately there were 2 dogs who couldn't be returned to their house as the key had been locked inside their house. One of the dogs does not get on with any dog apart from her house mate. They also had never been left in any house apart from their own. One dog was into door remodelling, like Bruce is, couldn't really be left on its own. So I kept the dogs company downstairs, the little dog was shut into her bedroom and Mr ExP went off to his teaching. Mrs Exp was not too happy as she'd planned to go shopping after w*rk. Instead, she had to come home to sort out the dogs. All was well, except Bruce realised he's missed one of his walks and told be about it for an hour. He did get a walk later, to see his friends for treats and to check out the park.

I may fall asleep before Mr A and then the pet food delivery. I have already got ready for bed!!! Oh, must check my torch as the 5 of us are going out at 6.30pm tomorrow for a dog walk to see the end of summer illuminations!!! So I'm expecting to come back in the dark.
TK wrote:
Friday, September 27, 2019, 20:36
D*mn I ordered from MrA to get the rice it is recorded as a substitution on an email. ..................... was just typing that and Mr A arrived, yes they do have all but 1 of the rice, all OK. They also had my fav crisps McCoys Hot Mexican chilli, so well done Mr A. And he was 40mins early, which was fine.
Just read a review on MrA site of BASA fish 'Pond Fish Farmed in Sewage,,,

Just Reading About These Catfish Put Me Off Eating Them, We Do Have A Few Cats Though So i Fed Them To My Cats, Well i Offered The Fish To Them, All of Our Cat's Refused To Eat Them, Not Even A Nibble, They Don't Smell, Feel or Look Like Normal Fish Especially As They Are A Pinkish Colour, Very Weird indeed, These Catfish Have Been BANNED From Being imported By The USA, I Don't Understand Why We "The Uk" Still Import Them !! ?, Farmed in Vietnam, No Thank You i'll Never Buy Again, NEVER. '

I did a review for Mr T along the same lines, but not as direct. I cannot find out how to read it on their site. I will never buy it either.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, September 28, 2019, 07:45
Morning and overcast here – also think it is quite windy as the clouds are moving very swiftly. Yesterday we had a very heavy shower in the afternoon, but apart from that it remained dry.

Ah the chocolate mousse was delish and dived into its bowl very easily and nestled amongst some fresh raspberries! I obviously need your spell and grammar checker on Jo! Of course both Bella and Bruce had social responsibilities and doubtless they are only taking the biscuits as they know their friends have bought them especially for them. Not sure about the dog poo............. I see Bruce’s new accessories have arrived safely (he obviously wasn’t doing the September Challenge then!) I am sue he will look very smart. Ah I see his is till on his mission to destroy tennis balls (and soft toys). I remember you having the problems with the parking permit. Oh dear poor Bruce being taken home for dog sitting (one of the dogs sounds a nightmare to deal with!). Good idea to charge your torch I think. The one I that is on the church key ring so I can see the lock in the dark obviously needs a new battery – as I discovered last night! Oh goodness that fish sounds dire. I am surprised it is still sold!! Well at least they sell your fav crips and they (hopefully ) won’t have been cooked in anything untoward.

Excellent that you are dry Lady J – and in a skirt! Ah so that explains the casual trousers earlier in the week. Beatrix hasn’t wanted to join you in the C’ston class yet then? I feel she views it as a chance to drink whilst you are out. Oh excellent that the bus route is back to normal (in fact enhanced). I never understand people who think conditions are “all in the mind” unless they can physically see something. I am with you as to why Sainsbugs have suspended Jo’s account – they probably thought it was being sold on elsewhere!

Diana the visa procedure sounds a nightmare! I hate it when websites don’t let you see that everything has gone through as it should. That must have been a relief when you received the confirmation email. I see the nightmare didn’t end there and your printer decided to join in the fun. At least it is all done and the visas are printed off and ready to go. Well done on the lunch – sounds lovely. One of the nice things about not working is being able to cook meals from scratch rather than using convenience foods, as I often had to in order to get us out to rehearsals on time. Ah I was caught in the “I think it is Saturday syndom” two weeks ago – see it was your turn this week!

Eva, as Jo says the flat looks lovely. Did you lay the tables? It looks very light and airy and I am sure will soon sell. Oh your Father’s poor cleaning lady – that sounds very nasty. Hopefully it isn’t too bad and they will release her from isolation soon. More work for you though I see! I am glad you managed an Eva – I think you need those during the day after your bad nights. Just don’t overdo the cleaning! I am assuming none of the family are free to help you? How is your younger sister coping with the holiday – hopefully she is getting lots of sunshine and rest. Is it November when it is your turn? I think autumn is definitely arriving here too...........sigh!

Ali that sounds lovely – especially as you saw dolphins. I saw the photos on FBook and it all looked lovely. Hopefully the back isn’t sore from the snorkelling. It is indeed turning autumnal and damp here!

MM is still suffering with the lurghy and has kindly passed it to me (well I don’t have the cold part at the moment, just lots of catarrh and a croaky voice – I was fine yesterday!). We managed to do our food shop quite quickly yesterday – for some reason not a lot of people around. Also managed to do the banking we needed. I then managed to not even look at the M&S clothes sale (impressed aren’t you!). I do need some new autumn leggings so hoping that the 20% off from the shop I like to buy from is still valid by Tuesday! We have started practising for C’mas with the Church choir – won’t be long now! Today is an at home day and I will do the laundry and stay in the warm. Not sure what MM plans – he was hoping to get into the garden, but I think showers forecast. Two and a half hours of S’ly tonight of course – and first elimination, although of course we won’t know about that until tomorrow. I have a feeling it will be James C to go, but you never know! Morning BHB, yes it is very blustery out. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Fxlcxni into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives. I think we might need to get the pink blanket out soon!

pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, September 28, 2019, 09:10
Morning all and it is very autumnal today! Breezy but not actually raining yet and at the moment it is still fairly mild. I am off to one of our bi annual get togethers today. It is at lunch time as one of our number is not very well and is exhausted by the evening. This could mean I will manage to see some of SCD! I managed to get my dessert. chocolate mousse tart, done yesterday, just have to get it out of it's tin now! It better be ok as no time to do anything else! I also had my pedicure yesterday which was heavenly and my feet are now all twinkly , see?

Jo that fish sounds disgusting and I really can't see why anyone would even think of buying it! Yuk! Must say one of the dogs you were looking after sounds a nightmare!, I can see why Bruce was miffed to have missed his walk!

Thanks for the explanation about the pj's Lady Jane, it all makes sense now! Glad to hear you weren't taking to sleeping at work! Great that you have your proper bus route back, though not so good you still get soaked! People are funny about illness they can't see aren't they? Seem to think you have to be seen to be in physical pain to be considered ill. Short sighted!

Good heavens what a palaver Diana. Makes me grateful I have seen a lot of the world without bothering about visa's! That was all taken care of. Mind it did mean being a bit restricted so I am sure you will find this all worth it!

Eva I agree the flat looks lovely and should sell easily I am sure. Not good that you are having to do all the cleaning though. Poor you. I think you must feel anything that can go wrong is going wrong at the moment. I well remember that feeling but hang in there. Things will get better I am sure.

Funny thing about care. I haven't said much as I paid for Mum's carers. The first lot lasted one visit and I sacked them! Then went to another firm a friend recommended and they were just wonderful. Very reliable and gave me a bit more peace of mind. I always thought that paying for then had the advantage of being able to chose whether to keep them or not.

Ali your holiday sounds heavenly. Glad you are having a good time. Get that after sun on!

Sending ohhhmmms to Twin and MM for their lurgy. I have everything crossed I don't get it, but I probably will!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Fxlcxni? Excellent! Let's get more and some paninis and go and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Saturday, September 28, 2019, 09:42
Carol you have done amazingly with the Sept challenge. I never even considered a new lead and harness to be clothing- ooops. The new set is now drying as it rained in the middle of our walk. The new harness was OK and cheaper, but not as good as the original one, OK it is purple but does not have multi adjustments for a special fit like his original one. I'll only use it when the other one is drying.
I hope MM and you feel better soon. Not nice to be ill especially as the weather is turning to be very autumnal. Tamsey is staring out the back door and from time to time turning around to meow at me, she is not happy with the weather. Bruce has built his bedding into a nest around him. I get the idea it is a bit cold for them, so I've closed the back door.

I have 2 admin things to do today, so better get to it.

Diana wrote:
Saturday, September 28, 2019, 13:50

My laptop is playing up so as soon as I've posted, it'll be restarted.

Bought 8 bottles of wine from M&S this morning as they have a buy 6 and get 25% off offer plus I had a couple of coupons so £50 of wine cost just over £30. I caught the bus home afterwards, wasn't going to walk with the wine!

I don't think I said that a few days ago I was sitting at the laptop and heard something at the front door. Sounds like someone knocking softly so went to check but couldn't see anyone through the glass pane to the side. As I stood there I heard the noise again and looked at the bottom of the door through the glass and could see something. Didn't want to open the door as I wasn't sure what it was so banged my foot against the door a couple of times which made it move back. It was a magpie pecking at the door! It's just happened again just now and the wretched bird has marked our newly painted door grrrr.

That's not good that you have to do all that cleaning, Eva. At least your father's old flat should be a little easier without furniture but not a nice job. Hope his cleaner is OK and isn't in hospital for long. Good luck with the sale.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday, Ali. Yes, you chose the right time to go away, there's been a lot of rain the past week. It's still been relatively warm but temps are set to fall next week.

Ohmmms to Carol & MM. Hope you don't get the cold, Pauline.
evam wrote:
Sunday, September 29, 2019, 07:34
Morning all. It's overcast and dull today.

Hello sweetheart. Sorry I wasn't here yesterday, but I had a flat to clean. Oh, thank you.💋💋 (He' taken me over to the sofa where nice, soft cushions are placed, and a huuuuuge mug of coffee is waiting for me.)

I was very tired when I came back home yesterday after cleaning the flat and visiting father. I still have to go back to the flat today, armed with scrubbing utensils. I'd forgotten to bring them yesterday, so it's my own fault.
I did of course watch Strictly last night, and it's almost frightening how good some of the contestants are already. It'll be difficult for the judges and for us, the public, to decide who to back. I haven't really made up my mind yet who I'll be backing, but have to admit that I had tears in my eyes when K*lvin and O*i were doing their waltz. It was beautiful, and I disagreed with the judges pointgiving. Talking about Strictly, I have been watching It T*kes T*o, and the guy who presents it with Zoe is an absolute sh*t. He is sooooooo in love with himself, so when he's on, I turn the sound down and do a Solitaire on the ipad.

Diana,- that was a hefty bargain you had to carry home. 8 bottles? Dear me. I hope they taste nice so it was worth the hard work. You are right that the cleaning was easier with all the furniture gone, and it was just a surface cleaning. The proper cleaning will be done by professionals. I've just checked the website where the flat is advertised, and it's already had 481 clicks. Not bad at all.

Jo,- the services you mentioned for the person you know, is not given here at the level the SS consider father is on. The next step is with much more personal care, all meals included, cleaning included etc. We did apply for this in the first instance, but as you know, the SS consider father is "too well" for the extended services.

Pauline,- I'm sure your dessert went down a storm. Did you manage to get it out of the tin without destroying it?

Carol,- virtual hugs to you and MM struggling with the lurgy. Thank you for mentioning the lurgy, because it reminded me to get the yearly vaccination and take father with me.

It's Mikkel's birthday today. He's having his classmates in for pizza and cake today, and tomorrow the "oldies" are invited for coffee and cake in the afternoon.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, September 29, 2019, 07:34
Moring and we had very heavy rain overnight – it woke me at one point. At the moment we just have drizzle, but I think more rain forecast for later in the day.

Jo, I am quite pleased with the fact that I managed to get through September without buying anything, but have to confess it was a struggle at time!! I see you sacrificed quality for colour for Bruce’s new accessories. I see the family are starting to nestle in for the forthcoming autumn/winter season. Probably a good idea to close the bank door. Hopefully you managed to get your admin done yesterday.

That was a good deal on the wine Diana – just can’t understand why you didn’t want to walk home carrying eight bottles! Oh goodness – so you have a magpie that wants to come into the house. Not surprised you say it has marked the paint on the door – they have very strong beaks. I have to say I have never heard of them pecking at a door before – must have been quite frightening to hear it when you were alone in the house.

I managed to get most of the ironing done yesterday, just the usual couple of things that can’t go into the tumble dryer to do today. MM went out into the garden for a short while in the morning, thinking the fresh air would do him good – sadly it didn’t, and he went to bed very early (before SCD had finished) and then was up and down all night with his cough. I ended up losing my voice late morning (still haven’t found it) which made a telephone conversation with an old friend very interesting. I am slightly more vocal today but a long way from back to full capacity, so I have contacted the Vicar’s wife and told her we won’t be at church today. Think we will benefit for a relaxing day at home, and they will benefit from not being near our germs! I am expecting tonight’s d/o to be between Jxmes and either Annxkx or Dxvxd – unless the public vote in a strange way (not unheard of). I thought Jxmxs did better this week, but obviously he is not a natural dancer and I don’t think he ever will be. Dance I enjoyed most was Kxrxm and Axy (loved her dress) I think. I have hopes for Emma W too – she is very elegant and reminds me of Axxy Clxncy (must be the model in them!). After SCD we will watch the new drama on the Beeb, the trailers look quite good, so fingers crossed! Moring BHB, yes it does look damp out, let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Illxsxon into the conservatory – I don’t think we should snuffle today as I don’t want you catching my germs!
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, September 29, 2019, 07:45
HI Eva – you posted at the same time as me! I am not surprised you were tired after cleaning the flat and visiting your father. It was good to hear that Diana was right and you found it easier with no furniture in it. Not so good that you have to go back again today – don’t overdo things! That’s excellent that it has had a lot of views already – I suspect it won’t be on the market very long! SCD is very interesting this year with several potential excellent dancers. I do feel the Wxrdrxbe department are not at their best this year, but may be they are saving more stunning outfits for later in the show. All I can say is that if the SS haven’t realised the level of care that your Father really needs they are even more useless than I originally thought. So you have a birthday party to go to tomorrow! How lovely.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, September 29, 2019, 09:11
Morning all and it is a wet and windy one here so not nice. I will be staying put and tackling the laundry so not too much of a problem for me. Had a lovely afternoon yesterday. We always enjoy our get togethers, we go back such a long way and it is lovely to reminisce. All the food was scrummy and glad to say my tart was judged good! The base was a bit crumbly. I followed the recipe and mot my instincts as I felt the crushed biscuit base needed more butter to bind it, I should trust myself! Still it came out of the tine alright and even though I say it myself tasted wonderful! I got home about 7 so only missed a couple of the dances on SCD. I agree the d/off should be James and David and James should go. Sadly I think he is one of those who really can't dance! We'll see later. Also going to give the new Beeb drama a go.

So you were in cleaning mode all yesterday then Eva. The place must be sparkling! The deep cleaners will have nothing to do. Not surprised you were tired. Shame you don't like Rylan as he is a lovely chap. I feel that not having seen him on anything else it is understandable you don't get him. He isn't really self obsessed, that is his act as much as his teeth are! Happy Birthday to Mikkel for today and I hope you all enjoy the b/day tea tomorrow.

I too can see why carrying 8 bottles of wine didn't appeal Diana! What a cheek of the magpie to peck the door and very odd. I wonder if he can see himself in it and thinks it another bird?! Must have been quite creepy.

Not surprised Bruce is nesting and TK not so keen on going out in this weather Jo. I think them very sensible!

Morning BHB, how are we today? Damp? Yes I can see why! Let's get more Illxsion and teacakes and go and find the CM.

Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, September 29, 2019, 20:22
Had good w/e with parents. Taking a meal with me worked really well for everyone. Have to say we worked hard in the 2 days we were there. First day we took sloppy shopping and both parents out to very nice garden centre for tea and cake. I then made meal. Next day took sloppy out for coffee to a church cafe she hasn’t been able to get to for over 2 yrs , I then got dad up and then took them to local garden centre for main meal. I also did some garden bits and wrote out things she needed to ask gardener to do. I hoovered an awkward area in spare room which hadn’t seen hoover for some time and wiped down wall as looked damp. Redid the contacts list - and of course we did the 5 hr round trip. came home yesterday eve and that was good as Am shattered today but it was a nice w/e.
You have been busy cleaning Eva. The flat looks lovely but not sure I would buy it - there isn’t an orchid!!! Remember to rest too.
Carol - I have been making up for your Sept challenge as have bought quite a few clothes this month. Well my wardrobe was so empty after my downsizing! Bought lovely new dress at the first upmarket garden centre with my parents and sloppy paid for it as early bday preside. I wore it to church where it was much admired. I have necklace that goes exactly with it. One of the ladies at church commented that wasn’t it lucky I had a necklace that so matched my dress. Dress is turquoise , teal and blues!
Pauline - I am sorry to say that I am copying you! I have had a very itchy hand for weeks now and am afraid I have scratched it badly. What cream do you find most helpful in easing the itching?
I see Jo, or was it Bruce, are with me in breaking the Sept challenge.
Diana - hope you find a good home for your travel toiletries
TK wrote:
Sunday, September 29, 2019, 20:34
It has been getting chilly and with the rain not too good today.
Last night we went to one of the local recent traditions. Left home at 18.30, home at 22.00. It was fun, tiring and ended up wet. I took my large dog walking shoulder bag so was able to supply, treats for Bruce as he had to wait for the sausages, a very large plastic poncho with hood for Mr ExP as he was just wearing a fleece, a hat for myself, rain coat for Bruce and wet wipes. Mrs ExP said I'd make a good mother!
Written last night 'Bruce has been so brave tonight. In 3.5hrs he has seen lots of dogs, illuminated boats, people clapping, people cheering, fireworks, had to wait 2 hrs for his sausages, walked home in torrential rain, worn his hi viz coat and all without his best bud. What a star.'
He was a brave boy, I'm sure it was a load of experiences he's never had before.

Due to our fun but tiring night last night Bruce slept in and I turned off the phone alarm, so we missed the group dog walk this morning. We were out in between downpours, taking the shortcut by the church I found the hall building had the door open and the key in the lock. I had a look about, no one, no damage. (Who needs neighbourhood watch when you have dog walkers?) I phoned a dog owner I know who does stuff with that church, she said she'd come and lock up.
TK is fine with Bruce today, so the kerfuffle which happened just before Bruce and I went out last night must have been something and nothing. All I heard was a hiss and saw Bruce running down the garden and looking up at the fence. (btw kerfuffle was not in my spellchecker's dictionary.)

I apologise Eva, I misunderstood the level your father had been assessed at by the SS. I didn't realise he was assessed as being able to do certain activities that he's not been able to do on an ongoing basis for some time.

Diana, I'm not sure I'd manage that number of bottles on the bus, so well done.
Must go to sleep. This retirement lark is very tiring
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, September 30, 2019, 07:03
Morning and a nice bright start to the day, although rain forecast for this afternoon and evening (threat of thunder tonight too!).

Glad you had a good visit with your parents Fi. Taking the meal was inspired and I see you managed to eat out at the garden centre too. I am sure Sloppy loved going to the church cafe if she hasn’t been for a couple of years. I see you also did some housework and gardening (your halo is dazzling me from here). Not surprised you were shattered when you got home. I have to agree the flat definitely needed an orchid, although the set table looked very nice! Last day of my September Challenge today, but pleased to see you have been helping the clothing industry whilst I have been unable to. The new dress sounds lovely – fancy you have a necklace in matching colours!! Oh goodness – not you with itches too! Now scratching is definitely not allowed!

Goodness Jo – were you a scout in a previous existence? Talk about being prepared – I bet the shoulder bag was heavy!! Well done to Bruce for his new experiences and being such a good boy. Not surprised you slept in yesterday. At least it sounds as if you missed the heavy rain – well done on spotting the hall was open and getting someone to come and lock up. As you say you obviously don’t need any N Watch in your area! Oh dear I see there was a spat – love the word kerfuffle (odd it isn’t in the spellcheck, as it is in UK dictionaries!), but that all is well now. As I keep saying we did tell you retirement was tiring and very full of things to do!!

Eva, hope you managed to finish the cleaning of the flat and weren’t too tired later. Have a love time with the birthday boy today.

We had our quiet day resting and it seemed to do the trick. MM had a much better night and only woke once due to coughing. I seem to have found my voice again – not fully but almost back to normal. We will go and do SLAPPAS this morning and try not to breathe over Lindy and Lawrence (although suspect we are now into the last phase of the bug, fingers crossed). Planning to go to singing tonight (it is our accompanist’s birthday so taking some cake). If it proves too much I will finish the rehearsal early, but we will see how we go. Watched the D/O last night and not surprised at the bottom two. Feel the lucky one won’t be in for much longer either. We watched the new Beeb drama and so far so good. From Fbook I see Ali is due to fly home on the correct day from her holiday – just with a different airline. Morning BHB yes it is a bit brighter this morning but I don’t think it will last. Let’s take the hot buttered crumpets and the Lavendula into the conservatory – I think we should abstain from the snuffling until I am completely better!
evam wrote:
Monday, September 30, 2019, 08:20
Morning all. It's a nice day outside, but I am housebound. Don't worry,- I'll explain.

Hello sweetheart. You are looking forward to our snuggle? Because Carol couldn't snuffle? I'll be happy to do the snuffling with you! No? (Well, it was worth a try.) You have hot buttered crumpets today to go with the coffee? Sounds perfick! 💋💋💋

I finished the cleaning yesterday, and it wasn't too bad, but now it's clean enough for the Open House. I've checked the website, and so far we have had 395 clicks on the flat.

The reason I'm housebound today is that there is a firm who is doing the cleaning of the drain pipes and the ventilation pipes in the whole block. We have been asked to stay at home until they have finished. They've done the drain cleaning in my flat, so now I'm waiting for the ventilation cleaners. Those of the owners who couldn't stay at home, have given permission to members of the board to let the cleaners in to the flats.

Fi,- good heavens! You've been a good daughter this w/e! 😇 As Carol says, your halo is blinding! 😜 The new dreaa sounds lovely. Why am I not surprised by your choice of colours?

Jo,- I had to smile when I read that you took your walking shoulder bag with you when going for a walk. I'll never forget the sight of you in Cornwall when you dressed for your first walk with Bruce. A thick coat, knitted cap, how many fleeces?, and of course the bag. I think I asked you if you were going on an expedition to Antarctic! 😂😂 Well done to Bruce to adapt to a busy social life.

Carol,- thank you for saying that the table looks nice. Yes, I laid the table with my very posh plates and wine glasses. Good to hear that your voice is finding it's way back home again.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, September 30, 2019, 09:18
Morning all and it is quite nice at the moment though I think it will be raining from lunch time onwards. I have a large pile of ixxnxxg to do as my routine was thrown out by the party on Saturday. I may do it later as I have a couple of b/days coming up that I need to buy pressies for so may take advantage of the dry weather this morning and go and try and get that sorted.

Oh no Fi, not you itching too! It is useless being told not to scratch as I find it drives me to it in the end no matter how hard I try to resist! Sadly there is no cream I have used stops the itchiness altogether but I have found Eurax the one that gives me a little relief. I must have tried at least half a dozen others and think trial and error could be the answer! Glad your weekend was good, if exhausting!

Jo Bruce was a good boy to behave with all that lot going on. Mind I feel treats and sausages may have helped. Glad peace reigns between him and TK! Agree you really don't need an official n/hood watch! Not with you and Bruce on the case!

Morning BHB and it is Lavendula day of course. Always welcome. Let's get more and some more crumpets and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Monday, September 30, 2019, 09:22
Yes Eva I always take my dog walking bag with the standard contents and then add items depending on need. I don't always walk around with a dog coat in the bag or gloves! Of course depending on weather I wear 0, 1 or 2 fleeces. (Sssshh I did wear three at least once!). It is OK dog walking if you know you are going to walk all the time. I know Bruce likes to have a rest from time to time, maybe just to see if any dogs appear, so I have to make sure I don't get cold if we sit about for a time. Just for your info 2 of the clicks on the apartment site will have been me, even with that there should be lots of potential buyer in that number. I hope your vents and pipes enjoy their service.

Carol glad that yourself and MM are getting better. Have a good time at your outing today.

Fi you always amaze me with your activities, I would have to collapse if I followed your activity rate. I agree with Carol the food delivery was indeed a master stroke.

Pauline well done with the tart, sounds very good. Nice to have a get together and chat.

Today I have to continue with the car tax search, investigate a tax question and pay a credit card bill. These I have listed from the most complicated to the easiest. I'd better start with the most difficult.

Diana wrote:
Monday, September 30, 2019, 15:03

We went to Bl*ewater this morning as Ploppy wanted to get a new small camera for his trip. We then went to see M-in-law who was looking well. The traffic was fairly light for once. I've just ordered an extra battery and SD card for Ploppy as I took out a Prime free trial with Am*zon by mistake a couple of weeks ago (I cancelled immediately) but means I get next day delivery at no charge for a month so his items will arrive tomorrow - he leaves early Wednesday. He leaves everything to the last minute! Also ordered two pairs of trousers and a top for M-in-law as one of the assistants said she needed some trousers. So will go to M&S tomorrow pm to collect and also need to go to the building society - weather permitting.

Just heard from the IFA that my pension co have at last provided all the info. He's coming here on Wednesday to discuss everything so hopefully can sort it soon and get some money.

One of the TV channels I often watch in bed has gone out of business.

Glad you had a good weekend, Fi. The dress sounds lovely. Hope the itching goes.

And glad that you and MM are on the mend, Carol.

Hope you have sorted your car tax, Jo. Well done to Bruce.
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, September 30, 2019, 16:17
Just been polishing my halo - not! What i didn't say about the weekend was that in addition to all the driving around and "herding cats" there was a lot of hard physical work as dad is very unsteady on his feet and has to be almost lifted into and out of car and into/out of wheelchair/chairs . today my lower back is very sore and I am sure it was all the lifting I did. ploppy has back problems anyway so cant do much of it. i did try to say to sloppy that this getting too much for us now (we are only spring chickens compared to them, not in reality!) , but she wasn't having any of that. Now worried about next time we go down - for 4 days when sis away.
Pauline - thanks for cream recommendation - think ploppy has some - I will "nab" his!
Eva - I did notice your set table too - and thought it looked lovely and very "civilised". I also loved the tea on the terrace setting.
Jo - see I think you are very active with all your dog walking. I bet you do more "steps" than me a day.
Glad to hear your lurghies are disappearing Carol. e are going to the Gi.lgud theatre on Wed - do you know any nice eateries near there for pre theatre meal. If not thought we might try this one - anyone been? or this one which sis has used in another venue - but more expensive
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, September 30, 2019, 16:29
Fi Cafe Monaco is somewhere I have been in the distant past and food excellent. I know some of the office people have been more recently for the Prix Fixe and said it was excellent value.
TK wrote:
Monday, September 30, 2019, 19:45
Oh Fi you must look after yourself, putting your back out will not be a good thing to do. I'm sure I don't do more steps than you when averaged out. I walk really slowly due to my intermittent hip pain. Today I did do 2x 1.5 hr walks plus 2 shorter walks, but that is unusual.

I didn't do the admin I planned today as I forgot it was Thunderbirds Day, so spent a few hours watching that and trying to keep Bruce quiet. I think he was jealous of me staring at the tablet even though I was stroking him and talking to him. He is a funny dog. I think he's getting better 'more normal' and then he throws a wobbler. Barking and growling at me, right in my face. He has NEVER actually contacted me during these episodes. I use distraction techniques to calm him. He is a damaged dog, so sad. Today out on our walk he was looking at children, boys about 3 years old. It always makes me sad as I think he is remembering his family.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, October 1, 2019, 07:05
Morning all. Just a quick post to let you know that I'm off in 10 minutes for my infusion.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, October 1, 2019, 07:37
Morning and dry so far but weather warning for heavy rain here (may be Eva sent some over).

Eva well done on the interest in the flat Eva – is the Open House still on Thursday? I forgot to ask if people register their interest to view or just turn up? I remember the bidding system from your flat sale so assume it will be the same for your Father’s. The photos did make the flat look lovely even if there wasn’t an orchid in sight! Your plates and glasses looked lovely. I hope the firm doing the ventilation cleaning arrived early and that it didn’t curtail your birthday tea with Mikkel. Ah so you are saying that Jo’s normal dog walking outfit is much as she described to us. Hope the infusion goes well and there are no talkative men around!

Three fleeces Jo? You must have looked like the Mitchelin Man (or woman). Having said that I understand you would get very cold if you were sitting for a while whilst Bruce enjoyed his rest. So today you had three hours of walking plus the two shorter ones – that is very impressive. Ah so the admin is still sitting waiting – well if it was a contest between T’birds and admin I am not surprised at the winner. Love that Bruce didn’t like your attention not being on him but on the screen. As you say so sad that he is a damaged dog, but also that he obviously misses and remembers his family. He is a very lucky boy to have found you for his twilight years though.

Ah isn’t it funny how men like to leave things until the last minute Diana – it must be a male trait! I was going to ask how your mother in law was doing – sounds as if the home is taking good care of her. Hooray – it looks like your pension will be sorted at last! You may remember it took almost three years to sort out my pension from the office whilst they went through a court case (I did get money paid monthly but ended up with a lump sum and an increased pension once it was all sorted out eventually) – these things never seem straight forward do they?

Oh goodness Fi, no so clever to put your back out – I remember how tricky it was to get my mother in and out of the car and into the wheelchair when she was at her first home. She could do a certain amount of walking but it was easier to pop her in the wheelchair when we went for walks along the waterfront for instance. Luckily I had MM to help, whereas with Ian not being able to do too much it mostly landed on you. Sadly your Sloppy seems to have a very blinkered view of how things really are if she can’t accept it is becoming too much for you. Hope the cream (nabbed from Ploppy) helped with the itching – it may of course be a stress related thing.

Voice slowly creeping back (couldn’t sing much at all last night sadly) and MM managed to sleep through the night without waking due to coughing fit, so I think we are slowly on the road to recovery. Lindy was saying last night that she felt very shivery, so I hope she hasn’t caught anything (in my defence neither MM or I were shivery with this bug). We have a day at home today (just as well if it is going to be wet) – although out this evening for the postponed meet up with the ex Variety group that we cancelled last week. I am going to have a shoe short out today and then may swap some of my summer clothes over for warmer ones. Today being 1st October ........I can buy clothes if I want – hooray!!!! Did you hear the cheer go up from the Retail Trade?? Morning BHB, yes a bit cloudy and overcast at the moment but at least it is dry for now. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the NY Flip into the conservatory and have a lovely chat (I feel a snuffle is still ruled out for the moment – we really don’t want you catching any germs!) until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 1, 2019, 09:09
Well done Carol. Have you saved money over the month? I have to admit to buying a 2nd hand Cadbury purple M&S blouse off eB*y. It has a few discrete sparkles on it too. Just perfect. And you seem to be feeling better, so October should be a better month for you.

I'm off to the financial advisor soon, hopefully that will be the end of the nightmare for a while. I just need to check that the money from w*rk has come in.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, October 1, 2019, 09:10
Morning all, it is a mixture of cloud then sun at the moment but we are forecast some pretty intense rain today so I will mainly stay put I think! Maybe start a wardrobe swap as I feel the days of summer tops are gone for a while! If we get a nice day I must try and get in the garden and put it into winter mode , take down lights and cover the furniture. Yesterday I went to WGC and managed to get the birthday pressie I wanted so that was good. Didn't buy anything for me but today I can too! Woohoo! I am sure the retail trade will be relieved!

Good that your pension looks like being sorted out Diana, terrible that it takes all this time. Also good that your MiL seems to be doing well.

Not so good about your back Fi. I know how easy it is to put your back out. I also know how hard it is to refuse to help! Bit of a tricky situation, but you have to try and look after your back. Hope the cream helps the itchiness. If not there are lots more to try!I will dig out some that weren't swo good for me but may help you.

Poor Bruce Jo. Made me sad to think of him looking at the child and remembering his ex family. Also so sad he is damaged, but fab that he has you to help him and understands. Also that he has numerous soft toy victims!

Think Ali comes home today. Fingers crossed all goes well with their flight.

Eva I hope you have a lovely peaceful infusion.

Morning BHB and what have you for us today? NY Flip? You discovered it on a recent visit? Oh lovely, let's get more and find the CM and you can tell us about it while we snuffle.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 1, 2019, 09:21
Yes money paid in and back pay. Next is to sort tax as I'm pretty certain I've been taxed at the old rate.
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, October 1, 2019, 12:30
Making the mist of our last few hours by the pool. Taxi will be here at 5.30 to transfer us to airport approx 40 mins away then we are due to depart at 9.10 with N*le A*r.
It’s been a relaxing 11 days, sorry to be leaving.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, October 1, 2019, 17:38
Had two teeth filled this pm, the small one was fine but the other was a big job. The dentist had to remove the remains of the old filling and fixed a piece of material under my tooth to catch the bits and the water - it wasn't very pleasant.

Ploppy's leaving at 5.00 in the morning and will get up to see him off. Will go back to bed after he's gone but if I can't get back to sleep, there's a pile of the I word I can get on with! I need to go to the shops later as didn't go today due to the weather.

I know it's not easy but you need to be firm regarding lifting your dad, Fi, you really do not want to hurt your back.

Hope the infusion went well, Eva.

I forgot to say that I Facet*med with Marianne at the weekend. She's generally good, though is forgetting her English as she doesn't use it much now.

I swapped some of my summer clothes a couple of days ago and did the sandals and shoes today.

Hope you're having a smooth journey home, Ali.

Must put dinner on.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 1, 2019, 19:21
Diana thanks for the update on Marianne. I was thinking about her the other day. I'm glad she is generally good. Such a nice lady.

A few years ago I was watching some American TV online. It was dubbed in French, did wonders for my French (depending on the accent of the person doing the dubbing) with English subtitles. (Very weird I know)

It has been a bit chilly here today, so tonight tee shirt, sweat shirt and fleece for me and a light fleece blanket for Bruce.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 1, 2019, 20:20
I had a thought today about Felf post Brexit. Has she got the right paperwork to stay? Yes, she did have the right paperwork before the EU but has it changed? I asked her if she'd looked into it, No she hadn't as the paperwork was right before, so it will be right now. There are pages on line under 'And Age UK is warning that with 118,000 EU nationals over 65 expected to apply for the scheme, just 19,210 have done so.' Arrrgghhhh. A little part of me says 'well she wanted Brexit......' But that is really mean. I'll sort it.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, October 2, 2019, 07:16
Morning and after all the heavy rain, thunder and lightning yesterday we have pale blues skies, some wintery sunshine and not a cloud to be seen. Having seen the footage of the IofMan, Norfxlk and Lxxcester I am not complaining about the rain that we had!

Jo, of course I have saved money, but am fully intending to now spend it! Actually I did use some of it to do some early C’mas present buying! That’s good that the money from work has gone into your account and you have some back pay. Ah the tax thing may be not so easy to sort out....just speaking from experience. The T Office got very confused when I did my few stints back at the office to help out They decided that I was going to be earning for the whole year, whereas it was just a few weeks here and there. I remember when we were in G’may on one of our singing trips years back and one of the waiters we became friendly with (and in fact one of the group eventually married!) was Dxtch and spoke excellent English. He said he learnt by watching English programmes with subtitles – so there you are! Now I didn’t think it was so cold yesterday, just wet........ Ah of course Felf will need the correct paperwork for a post B (let’s not mention the word) scenario. I assume you will be sorting that out?? Good luck!

Ali hope you had a safe flight home. June and Barry love E’pt (and in fact should have been there now had TC not gone bust! – They are hoping to go later in the year).

Ouch Diana that sounds painful and reminded me we need to go for check ups. Think I will wait until MM’s germs are fully vanquished. Hope Ploppy is safely en route now. Thank you for the update on Marianne, I am another who was wondering how she was getting on Ah I see, like me, you thought that the sandals wouldn’t be needed for a few months. It is the time of year when you don’t want too warm clothes (well Jo is the exception) so I tend to have lightweight tops and a cardi – I find layers the best solution for autumn and spring. I also need to do my October task and check what I didn’t wear this summer.

Germs update – MM still coughing a lot, I am now also coughing more than I was, but I am at least able to speak normally (haven’t tired singing yet this morning). I have been awake since 6.15 am as the refuse collectors woke me. I decided to have a read (no early morning i word for me!). I was very good yesterday and during the shoe/sandal swap I have managed to weed out some of my shoes (sadly the high heels – I have decided that 2.5 inches is the most comfortable for me now – sob). I also have my boots ready for any nasty turn in the weather in the next couple of months. I will start on the clothes today. We had a nice evening at the pub (the place was packed when we arrived. As it is an hotel as well as the pub we decided residents had not wanted to go out in the torrential rain and had stayed put). Fortunately a couple of people left the large round table we needed and I sprinted over to grab it before anyone else got there. We did of course put the world to rights and were home at 10pm. I now have HC to catch up with at some point today. Morning BHB, yes it is nice and bright and sunny. Let’s take the pastel de natas and the Nextrxl Grxund through to the conservatory – I think snuffle is still out for the moment so we can have a lovely chat until the DCM arrives.

pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, October 2, 2019, 09:00
Morning all and it is a beautiful day. However the cost of that is that it is much colder! I know it is as I have been outside, briefly I hasten to add! I will put a warmer jacket on when I go out again. I agree working out what to wear at this time of year is difficult. Layers definitely the answer. I have a feeling my heating may come on tonight if what they are saying about temps is true. Yesterday I called a plumber I had been recommended as I have a slight problem with one of my loos. I have to say so far I am really pleased with him. A very nice man and he came round in the afternoon to have a look. He confirmed what I thought and is going to get a new part for me and send me a quote. I am hopeful he will be as good as I am told as a good plumber is a godsend to have! I am aslo able to buy clothes again. yippee! Mind at the moment I am soting lots out for charity rather than buying.

Jo I hope you can sort out Felf's paperwork. Certainly she needs to be left to stay here and not uprooted at her time of life. Hope you can sort your tax out successfully too.

Glad Marianne is doing generally ok Diana. I can imagine if you don't use a second language much it is easy to forget it.

Nxle Airways are a new one on me Ali, but I see they are huge in Egxpt and environs. Hopefully you will have had a good flight home and the cold isn't too much of a shock!

Morning BHB and you have made Nxutrxl Grxxnd for us today. Oh and pastel de natas. Yummy. Let's get more of both and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 2, 2019, 11:15
It is chilly in my house as I've not turned the heating on yet. I may do it tonight.
I've just ordered some new slippers from Celtic. The lady in a chatty way asked what happened to the old ones as they last for so long. I said I couldn't definitely remember, probably an animal related incident. Since I came off the phone I do remember, they just wore out as one foot did not have as good a piece of sheep skin as the other. I did a patch up, but it only worked for a year. She said that the colour I'd chosen was being phased out, as they are going for softer colours now. Just as well I ordered now. The last pair I bought from them was on their reduced page as they had stopped using it.
I've also ordered a new c card as some of the important information has worn off, so it won't do all functions. Did get into a mess as they required some of the memorable data, which I couldn't get right. Then they asked when did I last phone them, who knows? I said I could say the last time I went into a branch if they wanted (use the Timeline to check as it branch I well remember visiting). They didn't want that. I did get enough for them to pass me for a new card. I had to reset some of the data, wonder how long that will stay in my mind?
I've checked with Felf today and she will search for the paperwork she has. We'll check it against the Gov site to see if it meets the requirements for the 'don't have to do anything' category. If not we'll do the online form. Deep joy. There are different timelines for completion depending on the type of Brexit which is done the first date is into next year so there is no worry. What are her children doing? To be fair it has taken me until very recently to realise.
I've still not finished the short list of my stuff. Must get on to that when I've done the next walk ....... do not lie on sofa.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, October 2, 2019, 15:32
Afternoon all. Sorry I'm here so late, but it has been an unexpected busy day. I'd been to see my GP this morning (just a check), done father's shopping and was at his when Viljar's dad called. Could I possibly babysit Sondre today? He'd been sent home from the nursery, feeling ill and very sorry for himself. As both parents were busy with work, they asked me if I could look after him. Of course I said yes, and drove up to them, where his father left him in my care with a relieved smile. He had an important operationt operation to attend at the hospital, and didn't want to miss it. Sondre's mum was in the middle of a big vaccination program at a school, and it was difficult for her to leave. Sondre was in bed when I arrived. He looked at me a bit doubtfully and asked: "Will you be kind?" I assured him that I'd be like an angel! 👼. I don't think he was fully convinced. He was sick a couple of times, and then he fell asleep.
I was there when Viljar and Mikkel came home from school. They were a bit surprised to see me, but they are good boys, so when I asked them to go down to the local shop and buy the ingredients for a stew, they happily went. They also helped me chop all the veg and sausages, and were very proud when their mother arrived home, and told her they had cooked the tea! She was very impressed. The patient had a little cry when his mum arrived, but already looked better after a long sleep, so he'll be fine. We all had our tea and I made my way home, quite exhausted after the day's activities.
Tomorrow morning I'll be back to father's as he has the occupational therapist visiting, and he wants me to be there. Who am I to argue? Sigh.
Pointless is on in a few seconds, and I need some light relief.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, October 3, 2019, 06:15
Morning and we have the most beautiful sunrise – pink vlouds against a blue sky and a golden glow. My mother used to say “red in the morning, shepherds take warning” .......but no rain forecast, just a slightly chillier day, so hopefully she was wrong!

It was definitely chillier yesterday Jo – and our heating has come on so it is obviously chilly again this morning. .I have just put the underfloor heating on in the bathroom so I will have warm toes when I go for my shower. I wonder why you thought the slipper might have had an animal related incident? Oh that’s a shame that the colour you like is being discontinued (I hate it when that happens – I love C’tree & E’lyn Txrxc Orxnge and so do Sarah and Victoria, so it was a safe bet to buy them something in the range for C’mas or birthdays – only they have discontinued it!). The credit card sounds a real hassle. I have to confess I have written down my info – but in shorthand so I doubt anyone would be able to read it. Fingers crossed Felf manages to find her paperwork. I did wonder why her children weren’t concerned (I am assuming they were born here and are therefore B Cxtxzens?). So did the lure of the sofa win??

Goodness Eva that must have been a tiring day for you. Did the GP think you were overdoing things? Poor Sondre – I always feel sorry for little ones when they are unwell. I love that he thought you might not be kind! What have you done to him in the past? I am sure his big brothers loved going to the shop and helping get the meal ready. I am sure they enjoyed it very much if they think they made it! Hopefully the patient will soon be on the mend (lots of bugs around at the moment as I know!). I hope the O Therapist visit to your Father goes well – of course he wants you there! Any news from the holiday makers?

I was very good and started my October challenge yesterday – I have a pile of things to go to the SRydxr shop – several tops, two pairs of trousers and two dresses. MM ventured outside (well wrapped up) to do a little tidying in the garden. A friend from church dropped round early evening for a short while (her mother had been rushed to hospital with suspected sepsis, but has now been released). In the evening we watched this years no-hopers on The A’tice. I think the Beeb must try really hard to find the most obnoxious people they can! Today we are off to Twin’s as MM has a small maintenance job to do and then..............we are off for some RT!!! Real RT – I can buy things – hooray!!! We will have a late lunch out and then this evening we have a planning meeting for our services in two weeks time. Morning BHB, yes it is a beautiful sky at the moment but I think we may need the pink blanket. If you will bring the Vxdkxtixni, I will fetch the toasted paninis. We should have plenty of time for a chat (still not sure it is wise to snuffle) before the DCM arrives.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, October 3, 2019, 08:13
Morning. Brrrr it’s chilly, we put the heating on when we got home yesterday morning. Tuesday was a long day: we had a day at the villa then taxi collected us at 5.30 to go to the airport. Not sure if we’d get food on the plane so had something at the airport once we’d got through intense security. My medication thoroughly scrutinised, ploppy’s bag and contents swabbed, all patted down etc.
Same random check once we got to our gate, mum and I waved through but Jack and ploppy’s bags swabbed again and electronic devices checked. Flight was good and there was food but no veggie option so good job we ate at airport.
Landed at 1.45am wait for operator to connect bridge to plane then again for luggage. Finally left carpark at 3.30 to find there were roadworks leading to closed junctions on several m/ways so journey was long and diverted all over the place 😩 finally home at 7am!
Popped into work to check my rota and boss almost took me off my feet in a hug, I know I’m appreciated but my absence made it more obvious!! She is looking forward to me going back today
Meeting last night for church, just about stayed awake. Home just after 9 and wide awake so watched 2 eps of Cas.
Mr T delivering shortly, some admin and bills to pay then off to work. Back to reality
Will do proper catch up tonight
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, October 3, 2019, 09:00
Morning all and it is a grey one here. As Twin said they are on their way over and I await their arrival. Yesterday I went into town to do a food shop and also broke the drought and bought a cardigan. It is lovely and warm and I am wearing it now!

Welcome home Ali. Glad your flight was ok although security sounds intense, understandable in that part of the world and very reassuring I think! I am sure your boss was delighted to have you back!

Poor Sondre Eva. I had to laugh though at him asking you to be kind! Of course we all know you are a tyrant with him really! Poor sausage must have been feeling rough. Hope all goes well with your father's therapist today.

Reminds me, I need new slippers Jo. Maybe I will find some later! I hate all the question and answer thing as I never remember what I have said and if asked under pressure there is no chance! Good luck getting Felf sorted out.

Morning BHB and you have Vxdkxtxnis for us today? Ok, let's get some more and find the CM. I think a snuffle would be great.

evam wrote:
Thursday, October 3, 2019, 10:29
Morning all. It's a nice, but cold day here. Only + 5.7 degrees at the moment. I've booked to change Hazel's tyres on Tuesday, as I feel winter won't be far away.

Hello sweetheart. You've missed me? Sorry, but I've been very busy. You have my herbal tea and a toasted panini waiting? No wonder I adore you! 💋💋💋
Sondre's mum called me this morning and told me they'd keep Sondre home today as well, even if he seems fine. It was probably one of those 24 hours stomach bugs he'd got. He'll have his mum to keep him company today.
I was at father's before 9 am, in good time before the occupational theraphist. She suggested several things for father to make his life easier and safer, but he was in one of his contrary moods and said no to most of them. Sometimes I want to shake him! 😡 I was on my way out of the door when my phone went. It was a plumber who'd been notified that the water supply to father's washing machine didn't work, and he asked if he could come and have a look. I had to stay as father had forgotten that the washing machine didn't work. The plumber was young and efficient, and soon fixed what was wrong. I drove home and settled down to take care of several phone calls that needed attention, but realised that I'd forgotten my phone at father's! DOH! So back I went, and the first thing he said to me was that I'd left my phone, and it'd been ringing and beeping almost non-stop. He tried to call me to tell me about the forgotten phone, but I didn't answer! Imagine! I tried to explain that I couldn't answer my phone when it was at his, but I don't think he understood what I was saying. Sigh.
The Open House is this afternoon, and I've just spoken to the estate agent. He told me not to have too high expectations about how many people would turn up, because the market is slow at the moment. So even if the website has shown lots of clicks, it doesn't necessarily mean that lots of people will attend the Open House. I'm keeping everything crossed.

Jo,- I certainly hope that Felf won't meet any problems after B****t. How long has she lived in the UK? I am following the comedy/tradegy that is B*****t, and can't believe what your PM is saying and doing. He is madder than I thought!
I'm glad to hear that your pension at least partly is sorted, so that you'll have enough to keep you in dc! 😜

Carol,- so you're back with the jumping merchandice again. The retail trade in the UK must have wondered what had hit them.😜 I am sure you and Pauline will have a great shopping spree today. Enjoy! (I see that Pauline has started already.)

Ali,- welcome home. It was a problematic journey home you had. No wonder you were shattered when you finally arrived home. Of course your employer was pleased to see you.
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, October 3, 2019, 10:51
Hello all,

Sorry for being away so long - and I'm afraid I'll not be able to catch up now.

My friend from school (She of the Red Wedding Dress) l and I finally buried mum's ashes, according to her wishes, with my step-dad on Saturday. It was a bittersweet moment, but the sun came out for the afternoon. Afterwards my friend took me to the park we frequented as kids. It's been done up since I last saw it and is superb. The hotel I booked us into was horrible. SotRWD persuaded a friend of hers to put us up instead - and we had a lovely evening (dinner at the restaurant where I celebrated my 18th. IT's not changed! Some of the same staff were still there!!).

Sunday's school reunion went really well despite the bad rain. As things started winding down I checked my trains home - ALL CANCELLED due to flooding! Fortunately our friend could put us up for another night, and as I wasn't running off I joined the last of the old girls still around for cocktails.

Train back next day didn't get me to L**ds till after lunch time. Next day I was too wobbly to come in, so I WfH. Then yesterday I was called into a meeting just as I was about to go for lunch!

I'm sorry I won't be around much for the next week or so. It's all to do with prep for two job interviews. Cross your fingers for me!

Love to all of you and many oohmms for anyone who needs them xxx
Diana wrote:
Thursday, October 3, 2019, 13:39

Don't like this temp but at least it was lovely in the sun yesterday. Have resisted turning the heating on as it's only a couple of days, instead I've worn an extra layer and put the heated blanket on so the bed was warm.

I enjoyed the athletics last night, great result for Dina AS. Then watched The Appren. - lovely to see Cape Town and the Winelands but not impressed by the candidates - followed by half of M*sterchef on catch up before I started falling asleep. So saw the rest this morning plus this week's Holby.

I'm going to Kew later today to see the Dale C. glass exhibition at night. Looks like it's going to rain, fingers crossed it's not heavy especially when I'm outside. And tomorrow I'm off to my parents for a week. Dad is still poorly and is sleeping a lot so looks like it'll be a quiet few days. We had planned on a day in W*rthing and a couple of meals out but doubt we'll go, though I hope to get Mum out for lunch in the village one day. She is looking forward to having company as am I - been talking to myself a lot since Ploppy left.

I also hate the security questions and frequently get them wrong, especially over the phone.

Sorry, Eva, I couldn't help laughing at your father trying to call you to tell you you'd left your phone at his. Hope the open house is going well and the flat sells quickly.

It's good to know you're appreciated, Ali. Hope you've had a good first day back at w*rk.

That must have been a horrible moment, Jane, when you saw all your trains were cancelled. Fingers and toes crossed for the interviews.

Hope you've enjoyed the RT, Twins, and haven't spent all you saved during September.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, October 4, 2019, 06:29
Morning and sadly no lovely pink and gold sky this morning. The heating has clicked on so I am assuming it is chilly out. Forecast is for light rain later this morning and top temperature of about 15C.

I am not surprised you found it chilly after E’ypt Ali! Goodness saying Tuesday was a long day is an understatement! I must ask June if that level of security is normal – it does sound a little excessive. You were very wise to eat at the airport just in case, and I see it paid off. I am not surprised you were much missed at work – I feel you are the glue that holds it all together. Nice to be appreciated though. Hope work wasn’t too much of a reality check yesterday!

Ah so Eva is off for a pedicure on Tuesday then Eva! Oh poor Sondre, I see he is still not well, but he had his mum with him, so that will have been a comfort for him. Oh dear so Father not in a receptive mood with the OT then. At least you now know the washing machine is working. That must have been so frustrating to get home for a rest and discover you hadn’t got your phone. Love that your father tried to ring you to tell you! Hopefully the Agent was wrong and the flat had lots of viewers – I still have everything crossed that you get a quick sale and a good offer for the flat. It will be one thing less for you to worry about. Didn’t you hear the cheer from the RT when September finished and I was unleashed into the world of jumping clothing again?

Lady J it sounds as if, despite everything, you had a lovely weekend. I am sure burying your mother’s ashes was emotional and, as you say, bittersweet – lovely that the sun shone for her. How lovely to find the park you used to go to is looking so lovely. Not so lovely to find the hotel was awful – and very lucky that Dxnnx managed to find a friend to accommodate you. Well of course the staff were the same as for your 18th – it is, after all, not quite ten years ago! I am sure it was enjoyable catching up at the School Reunion (are you having one annually now?). Ah I see the torrential rain and flooding affected your line home and no trains going through. I have to say it sounds like you have had a very lucky weekend as you were able to stay over another night (and enjoy cocktails). Oh TWO job interviews! Fingers and toes now crossed for your interview as well as for Eva’s father’s flat sale!

I am with you on the not liking the temperatures Diana; having said that after the chilly start it wasn’t too bad yesterday. I wondered if you would be watching The A and see CTown and the sxfxri. No I wasn’t impressed with the candidates either, but then I haven’t been for the last few years! Hope you enjoyed the glass exhibition at night. I think we only had drizzle in the evening so hopefully you didn’t get too wet. Sorry to hear your father is still not too good. I suspect sleeping is the body’s way of helping him recuperate. I hope you and your Mum manage to get out for lunch (I suspect she needs some light relief) and of course she will be looking forward to your company. Hope you enjoy your time by the sea.

I am pleased to say the shopping trip was a success (I am sure you are all surprised to say that). I welcomed the jumping merchandise with open arms and now have a lightweight mac, two pairs of boot shoes, a top, a tunic, two long line cardigans and some leggings. I also bought MM a shirt and trousers as part of his birthday presents (must remember I need to buy a card!). He also bought himself a couple of shirts and some trousers and Twin did well too – but I will let her tell you. After a couple of hours of shopping our feet were beginning to hurt, so we went off to PE and had some lunch – it was nice to sit down! We left Twin just after 3.30 (you will be pleased to know we didn’t abandon her – she had her car!) and were home about 4.20pm. Hung up all the purchases and then sorted out the paperwork for our meeting. Fortunately it didn’t last too long and we were able to watch some of the athletics, including our second gold. After that excitement we went off to bed and I slept through. I still have my cough as does MM – he did give me some vile throat sweet yesterday evening but I will revert to my normal ones! Today we are off for a quick food shop and banking and then this evening we are up to L’don to meet up with some of my work friends and go for a meal (it was Ania’s birthday on Monday so this is a birthday celebration). Morning BHB, yes it is a little overcast at the moment. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted teacakes into the conservatory – I think the snuffling must still be ruled out until I am completely well. I imagine the DCM will be along in about an hour or so.

evam wrote:
Friday, October 4, 2019, 07:34
Morning all. We have a lovely day here, but still cold. + 5.6 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. You look very pleased with yourself? You have coffee and toasted teacakes on offer? Aren't you the best? (He's nodding!) 💋💋💋

The Open House wasn't exactly a howling success yesterday. Only 2 couples showed up. I have to wait until approximately 10 am for any bids. The law says buyers have to wait until the next day to start bidding. This is done to avoid people getting overexited at the viewing and a bidding war starting on the premises. If we don't get an acceptable offer today, we'll revise the PR and set another Open House date. Luckily we're not desperate to sell, so can wait until we get an acceptable offer.
Iselin is visiting father today, and she rang last night and offered to clean his flat. She's a sweetheart! 😍 Both cleaning ladies are coming back to work next week. Big sigh of relief.

Jane,- I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your job interviews. I'm sure you'll do well. 🤗 The burying of your mother's ashes where she wanted it to be, must have been emotional but also a relief. Krikey,- that was some w/e you had. How good of your friend's friend to offer to put you up for 2 nights. Of course you couldn't stay at the bad hotel.

Diana,- some days I don't know whether to laugh or cry over father's antics! 😃😭 The glass exhibition sounds lovely. I remember there was some talk about it here on the blog earlier. I hope you'll have a good time with your parents, and that your father will recover.

Carol,- I wish it was me, not Hazel who is having a pedicure on Tuesday. She'll be pleased as punch! Oh, so that was you yodling. I wondered what the noise was. 😜 Gulp! That was some shopping list! I'm sure the retailers drew a sigh of relief when thwy realised you were back! Enjoy your lunch in the city.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, October 4, 2019, 09:23
Morning all, it is a grey one here, but dry. Chilly though at 13c. I had a lovely day yesterday. Twin and MM arrived here at about 10am and MM very kindly did a small maintenance job for me, he is such a poppet. We then set off to the shopping centre in both cars so they could shoot off home at the end of the expedition. The shops all cheered when they saw us and we had a lovely time rummaging around. I bought some slippers and some jewellery and make up so not as successful as Twin, but then I had done a small shop the previous day! Oh I also bought a book. It is Phxlxp Pxllmxn's second in the Book of Dxst trilogy. I love his books and so I want the real thing in hard back. It is quite a tome so will be a wonderful read to look forward to when I finish my current book. After a lovely lunch we all headed home. I watched the athletics most of the evening and was so delighted for Kat JT winning the heptathlon. She is a talented athlete but has had a real struggle to fulfil her potential but she stuck with it and is now rewarded. I have an easy day today, but I am sure I can find plenty to occupy me!

Jane I have fingers and toes crossed for your interviews. Hopefully one of them will suit you and you will obviously suit them! What a weekend you had, sounds as if it was full of highs and lows. Glad you finally got to put your Mum's ashes where she wanted to be. Thank goodness for the friend of SOTRWD. nasty hotels make my skin crawl and you certainly don't want to spend the night in one. Sorry your father is still feeling poorly. I hope he improves soon.

Eva not so good about the lack of viewers for the flat, though it only needs one to make a decent offer! Fingers crossed. Iselin is a poppet but then we knew that. Try to keep laughing at your father's antics, though I know it can be a very thin line between that and crying!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Oh of course, it is Vanillita day. Lovely. Let's get another jug and find the CM. We can have a nice snuffle as so far I think I am germ free! More crossed fingers, they will be in knots!

I agree The A lot seem hopeless Diana, but then they always do, especially at the start. Mind that is what makes it fun to watch at times! Hope the glass exhib was ok. We definitely had some rain here last night, but hope it didn't reach you.

Diana wrote:
Friday, October 4, 2019, 09:26

I enjoyed the glass exhibition at night though wasn't able to spend as long as I would have liked as didn't want to get home very late. I did at least see the film which I'd not done when I visited first time. It started raining 2/3 mins after I arrived and stopped just before I left but at least it wasn't very heavy.

I had recorded the athletics and watched that when I got in so it was 1.00 am before I went to bed. Great to see KJT finally fulfil her potential.

I'm leaving in a couple of hours and hoping it doesn't rain.

Have a good weekend.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, October 5, 2019, 07:00
Morning and another overcast one. Yesterday was quite warm with a couple of small showers. Think we are due to stay dry until this evening today.

Oh that was disappointing about the Open House Eva, so today you will find out if there are any bids from the two couples who came. That is quite a sensible system to delay the bids until the day after the viewing. As you say, you have the luxury of not being in a rush to sell, so can wait for the right offer to come (which I am sure it will). How lovely to Iselin to take on your cleaning duties yesterday to give you a break. She is indeed a treasure. I see the absent cleaning ladies will be back soon – did they ever discover what the infection was picked up in Txrkxy? Ah I see you feel in need of some pampering – but it will be Hazel getting all the attention of course. I think the retailers were VERY pleased to see us on Thursday!! I was very good yesterday and resisted looking at anything else!

Diana hope you had a good journey to your parents – I think you should have managed to avoid the rain. I see you were like W the Pooh and had a small rain cloud attached to you when you were looking at the glass! I imagine the glass looked amazing lit up. Hopefully your Father will enjoy having you to stay and it will cheer him up (I am sure it will your Mother). Enjoy your stay.

As I mentioned I was very good and didn’t look at any shops yesterday other than the card shop and MandS for our food. My halo has perked up again I think. We had a very nice meal in the evening – I had cream of cauliflower soup (delicious) with pancetta crumb, followed by twice baked cheese soufflé served with Portobello mushrooms, green onions and frites (wonderful) and then salted caramel and vanilla ice cream (very good for my throat!). MM had salmon terrine to start, then plaice (on the bone) and also ice cream, but pistachio and salted caramel. Staff were lovely and we will certainly go again especially is we are going to any of the theatres in the Hxymxrket. We weren’t too late home (9.15 pm so I was able to watch MChef. Today I have the laundry to do, and then we are out this tonight at a Quiz evening (hope my brains are up to it) so I will miss SCD and C;lty and will have to catch up tomorrow afternoon. Morning BHB, yes it is a dull day. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Lxve Mx Flxp into the conservatory and we can have a lovely chat until the DCM arrives – I think we may need the pink blanket this morning!
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, October 5, 2019, 09:09
Morning all and it is a grey day here, not too cold and as still as it can be. I have a laundry to do and also some clxxnxxg so my usual exciting weekend ahead! I did get in the garden yesterday mind. I went out to put the garden furniture under wraps and somehow ended up doing a whole lot of other things out there as well. It was a perfect day for it mild and still. I enjoyed myself very much! I still need to try and do more before winter really sets in but will depend on the weather. I also have managed to sort out a day for the plumber to come and do my leaky loo. He is coming a week on Monday at 8am! Now for you early risers that is fine, for me ..eeek! My experience of him so far is that he will be bang on time so I had better be up and dressed!

Glad you managed to enjoy the glass exhibition Diana. Hope you have a good weekend with your parents and see an improvement in your father.

Morning BHB and what's for today? Lxve Mx Flxp? Sounds nice, so let's get another jug and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, October 5, 2019, 10:04
Morning all. It's a beautiful, but very cold day here. We've had frost overnight, and when I got up this morning, it was only + 2 degrees!

Hello sweetheart. You've lit the fire just for me? You are a treasure! 💋💋💋 And the herbal tea and toasted crumpets are waiting for me? I think that deserves a hug.🤗

Re the flat,- I got a very low bid yesterday. So low that I'll call it rude! We (the estate agent and I) have decided to advertise in the paper version of the newspapers next week, so hopefully someone will fall in love with it. The eternal optimist, that's me. 😂
This afternoon father and I are off to celebrate his cousin's 80th birthday. The other 2 were invited as well, but youngest sister doesn't return until tonight, and we all know where Mrs S is! Father has already called me 3 times about this party,- with the same questions. I do wonder if he listens to my answers? I am so looking forward to youngest sister's return. I'll probably miss the first part of Strictly tonight, but I should be home in time for Cas.

Diana,- hope you evaded the rain yesterday, and that you're having a nice time with your parents.

Carol,- I'm aftraid Hazel needs the pampering more than me. With the temps as low as they are now, snow can't be too far away. You don't have to go far up in the mountains to be knee deep in the white matter.❄️ Your meal yesterday sounds absolutely yummy.

Pauline,- glad you enjoy your gardening. Want me to give you a phone call early in the morning next Monday? 😜
Diana wrote:
Saturday, October 5, 2019, 15:48
It rained slightly as I walked from the station to my parents but I had an umbrella so hardly git wet. Dad doesn't look as bad as I had feared but he's stomach is uncomfortable all the time and he has itchy attacks. He has a hospital appointment on Tuesday for tests so hopefully the doctors will dis over what's wrong - it might be an ulcer.

Missed the athletics and M'chef last night as Dad was snoozing and didn't want to disturb him. Their telly has two remotes and last time I mucked it up using the wrong one to change channels.

I've had plenty of exercise today. Mum & I picked up the paper after breakfast from the petrol station 5 mins away - it has a small M&S food shop which Mum finds very useful. Then we went to Sains with two trolleys on wheels and this afternoon I went with her to the surgery for her flu jab. No rain today and not as chilly. Forecast for tomorrow is now dry so might have a walk to the beach.

Your meal is mouth watering, Carol, made me feel decidedly peckish.

Sorry the open house didn't go well, Eva. Hope the ad attracts more interest.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, October 5, 2019, 15:54
My finger touched the Post a comment box so posted before I had finished.

Good luck at the quiz, Carol, and hope you're enjoying the birthday party, Eva.
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 5, 2019, 21:03
Sorry I've been missing. I have been popping on Twitter. The change in the weather has changed my routine. All is well. I had 2 injections today, so hopefully it will keep me well, no flu and no pneumonia. I have no wish to get either as I've had both once, not at the same time. The doc surgery was very efficient in the injections. They even had an extra person to help with exposing the left arms, for those only having one injection. There was barely a queue at all. Last year the queue was the talk of the village. It was odd as the number of older people walking about the village this morning was greatly increased.

The last walk today was the same route that I used with Shannon as a last walk, I've not done it for ages. Bella did part of it, but she was much slower. Today Bruce did it in the same time as Shannon, but he had longer stops (more sniffs & wees) so we really must have been walking quickly.

Fingers crossed that more people will see the apartment soon Eva. Has your father got used to the layout of the new place. Is he managing his meals OK?

Twins how is the revitalisation of the retail world going?

Diana you have a lot of exercise wherever you are, you are very good. Bruce and I don't walk anywhere near your speed.

Better get to bed as I'm at the stables tomorrow.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, October 6, 2019, 06:31
Morning – very overcast here but the forecast rain hasn’t arrived yet. I can actually see a small patch of blue sky, but feel that won’t last very long. Top emperature for us is supposed to be 16C.

Oh goodness Eva – a very low bid is not what you need – and certainly not what I would have expected seeing how lovely the flat looked in the photos. Maybe the bidder didn’t have the vision to see if unfurnished and be able to picture it with them and their things in there. I think the idea of the advert is a very good one. I see you were off gallivanting at an 80th birthday yesterday. I don’t think it is that your father isn’t listening to your answers, just that he forgets he has asked them. My mother was a bit like eventually. Oh how lovely that younger sister should now be safely home – I am sure you will have a lot of catching up to do once she is settled back at home. Hopefully the rest and the sunshine did her a lot of good. Ah so you are expecting winter to hit any time now. I see the s word has already arrived in the mountains. Oh and I am sure Twin would love you to help her by giving her an early morning call!

Diana pleased to hear you didn’t get too wet walking to your parents. That must be a relief that your Dad is looking better than you anticipated. Let’s hope the hospital can find out what is wrong and sort things out for him. Oh shame you missed the tv – Mchef was very good (critics’ round), so now we have the final four. I imagine the mini MandS food is really handy for your Mum if it is only a five minutes walk from where she lives. I see you then stocked up in Sainsbugs. It was obviously the day for flu jabs. Do hope you manage the walk on the beach today – our forecast is for rain, as I mentioned.

I see you had two injections Jo – Lindy is due to have her flu jab next Friday, but given she now has the coughing bug I feel they may not give it to her yet (ditto MM). As I have said previously flu jabs and me don’t go well together, but as they are saying this is a new strain this winter I may think about it. I see Bruce had you on a power walk (notwithstanding the sniff and wee stops). We are doing our best with the RT trade Jo (see Friday’s post). Hope you have a good day at the stables (and it stays dry for you).

I managed to get all the laundry done yesterday apart from a couple of things that need to be done today. We did well in the Quiz – we came second by one point (if we had played our Joker on one of the rounds where we scored 10/10 rather than on the round where we scored 8/10 we would have won). £250 was raised for the charity (Medical Assist Dogs) and the f&c were excellent (Jo would have liked them!). Off to church this morning (I am leading – hopefully without too many coughs) and then this afternoon will put my feet up and catch up with SCD before the Results show tonight! I also need to catch up with C’lty of course, but could do that another time. Morning BHB, yes not raining yet, but quite cool I think – we may need the pink blanket. Let’s take the Alxce in Wxndxrlxnd and the toasted muffins through to the conservatory and have a lovely chat until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, October 6, 2019, 07:34
Morning all. It's a beautiful day outside, but blooming c-c-c-c-c-cold. + 2 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. You have put the royal bkue blanket on the sofa, so you're all ready for me with the coffee and toasted muffins? You are a star! 💋💋💋

It was a really good party yesterday. The birthday baby, Kari, is my father's cousin on his mother's side, and they have always been close, even though she is so much younger than him. Kari had placed him next to herself at the table and called him the patriark of the family! Re food: There was no lack of that. There was a smørgåsbord with so many courses that I couldn't try them all. I think Jo and Jane will agree that a Norwegian smørgåsbord will not leave you hungry! (We had one on my birthday.) It was nice to catch up with my own cousins which I see too seldom. We started at 5pm, and I had to wrestle father away at 8.45pm. We had a 1 1/2 hours drive ahead of us. I just caught the last 2 dances on Strictly, and managed to stay awake for Cas. I'm going to watch some of the dances on iplayer, because I noticed that K*lvin was at the top of the leaderboard.
I hope I'll have a father free day, as youngest sister said she'd go and visit today.

Jo,- there is no problem with father's dinners at the home, because if he forgets, which he frequently does, they'll come to get him. He makes his own breakfast and supper. Hope you have a nice stable day. It's some time since you've been, isn't it? I asked about the flu jab last time I was at the surgery, and I was told they'll arrive in the middle of the month, so we have to wait for another 2 weeks.

Diana,- glad to see that your father seems better than you expected, but equally good that he has a hospital appointment in a couple of days. So the mands shop is just around the corner? I would have been there every day! 😜

Carol,- you clever clogs! Coming second in the quizz, and the amount of money raised was great. So you think Pauline won't mind if I call her at 5am (4am your time) to wake her up? 😂😂 On your head be it!
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, October 6, 2019, 09:34
Morning all and it is fairly cloudy and windy with a little sun from time to time. It has rained and more is forecast later. I have the ixxnxxg to do this morning then a bit of shredding I think. I notice the pile is getting higher! Yesterday I gave the kitchen a clean and it is now a lot tidier! The end of it I don't prepare food does ten to become a bit of a dumping ground! Had one bit of sad news yesterday. Ari's Mum's brother has died. He was very ill for a few weeks and we have known for a couple of years the cancer was terminal, so not unexpected, but it is still very sad for her. I am hoping I can go to the funeral, though not sure when it will be yet. His wife is really not well either, she has the beginnings of dementia, so her brother who has had power of attorney is sorting things out.

Eva it is very kind of you to offer to call me but I will be fine! I certainly wouldn't be responsible for any response I made to a 5am call! Shame the open day wasn't successful. The cheeky offer sounds to me like someone hoping you were desperate to sell and thought they might get a bargain. Wrong! I watched SCD and can I recommend that you watch Emma and Anton, not the dance as much as the judging. It is one of the funniest moment ever on SCD. Glad the party was good, I have once had a smorgasbord (a long time ago) and my memory is of a loaded table! You will be happy to have youngest sis back I am sure! I am with Twin btw, you father is genuinely forgetting what you say, not ignoring you! I used to have the same conversation or questions with Mum about 4 or 5 times within an hour! I did think to begin with she wasn't listening, but sadly that wasn't the case. I now feel guilty for all the times I got irritated! This is what we all have to look forward to if we live so long I suppose!

I seem to be ahead of the game with my flu jab, I had it weeks ago! I also have had that pneumonia jab Jo. Not that I have ever had it but I did have a very bad cough a couple of years ago that was just caught before it managed to turn so I qualified. We are now working hard to get the retail industry back on it's feet!

Good that you father doesn't seem as bad as you feared Diana. I hope they can find what is wrong with him. He has all my sympathy with itches! I have a mini M&S about 10 mins from me and I am a frequent visitor. As it is next door to the garage I buy fuel from I don't feel guilty about using it when there is a closer shop!

Morning BHB and yes it isn't too bad at the moment. You think we still need the green blanket? Ok I will get that and you get another jug of Alxce in Wxnderlxnd and we'll go and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Sunday, October 6, 2019, 20:35
Eva, glad your father is collected if he forgets dinner. Hope he is keeping warm with the weather change. You are right I've not been to the stables for a while. I was called in for holiday cover. My time recently has been trying to finish the admin for the pension, just the tax left. Yes there was a lot of food at your party. Very good food, too.

Pauline, so sad for Ari's mum. I hope she is OK. Good if you can support her.

Over the last few days I've also been trying to work out the intricacies of the Windrush scheme for people who have lived in England for many many years and want to continue to stay here. It seems relatively straightforward, which is good. Surprisingly, by the name, it covers people from all over world not just those from the Caribbean. I've now passed on the results of my research. It is now up to them if they want to proceed with the application.

I've not watch much of SCD, but I have seen Anton and Emma, thought they were good, I think it was a week ago

Diana wrote:
Sunday, October 6, 2019, 21:40
Evening. It's been a lovely day here, mostly sunny and relatively warm. I went for a walk to the front and along the promenade in Tshirt and jeans. Sat in the garden for a while afterwards.

Dad wasn't so good yesterday evening. He is increasingly muddled and gets frustrated easily.

Lots of rain forecast for tomorrow so we'll get the paper early then I'll do the vacuuming and sort out some stuff for Mum on their laptop.

It's sad about Ari's Mum's brother, my sympathies.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, October 7, 2019, 07:17
Morning, and a little overcast here at the moment. Think we are due rain this afternoon and evening. Yesterday turned out to be a nice bright sunny morning, then we had a very light shower in the afternoon before it cleared up again. So much for the heavy rain forecast! I see Eva is enjoy just about freezing temperatures so I am not complaining about our’s!

The party on Saturday sounds lovely Eva – I am sure your Father loved sitting next to the “Baby” and being told he was the Patriarch of the Family. Food sounds lovely too. That’s excellent that the staff make sure your Father doesn’t miss his dinner – that must be a relief to know he will be getting one good meal in company each day. Ah I see your flu jab programme is slightly behind our’s – as Twin said she had her’s some weeks ago. Have you now managed to watch all of SCD from Saturday? K & O were excellent although I did think it wasn’t quite the score two of the panel gave!

Ah so you were on stable cover duty yesterday Jo. I thought the same as Eva, that it had been a long while since you had been there. I can see that the pension admin has been preoccupying your time. Well done on all your investigations for Felf – it does sound very hopeful (although like you I thought the W’rush scheme was just for those who came from Jxmxxa!

Your weather yesterday sounds like our’s Diana- I think the heavy rain fell further east than they first through. Sorry to hear that your Dad wasn’t so good – let’s hope the hospital can sort out what is wrong fairly quickly, as of course it will be affecting your Mum too. Hopefully you won’t get too much rain today!

I forgot to ask Lady J when her interviews were, so I am still keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

I overslept this morning – we didn’t put the alarm on, so we are running slightly later than usual to get to SLAPPAS. After Church yesterday I sat down and watched all of SCD from Saturday – some excellent performances. Then I caught up with Casualty – hoping that Mxsxn will soon change into someone much nicer, but not sure that will happen.............. We were all ready for the Results show last night and I have to say not at all surprised who went (nor, indeed, who was in the bottom two). I loved both the pro dances from Saturday and last night, and it was lovely to see Anton doing what he does best during the guest vocal spot (felt there was something wrong with Harry C Jnr’s microphone? Choir tonight and no accompanist so they will have to do with my and my one finger on the will probably do them good!! Morning BHB, yes it is a little grey looking outside this morning. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted paninis into the conservatory – sadly no snuffling still as I am full of catarrh (this bug seems loath to leave us!), but we can sit and chat until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Monday, October 7, 2019, 08:41
Morning all. Nice and bright here, but still the very low temps. I'm glad Hazel is booked in tomorrow morning for a change of her tyres.

Hello sweetheart. I look like I've already done a day's work? Well, at 7.15am I picked up Viljar and his family because I was taking them to the airport. They're off to Spain for 12 days. It's the autumn school break here. Viljar had a lot of questions for me about my life in the police. His dad had entertained the boys yesterday with some of the things I'd had happening to me while working. I answered as well as I could, and Viljar's mum said that she thought the boys would regard me in a new light after all that! 😂 After I'd delivered them at the airport I went and filled up Hazel. She'd said she was getting peckish! Then I did a food shop as soon as the supermarkets opened, and now I'm back home with the whole day in front of me, with nothing on the calendar,- until father phones, of course!

Jo,- well done if you've managed to sort out Felf's conserns about staying. Like the others I also thought that W*ndrush had to do with the J*maicans.

Diana,- sorry your father isn't feeling well, but hope you can still enjoy your time with your parents.

Carol,- I also watched Strictly before the d/o. I still have problems with remembering the names of the different celebs, but I am impressed with the high quality of the dancing for most of them. I wasn't surprised in the least with the 2 in the d/o. It must have been difficult for the judges to decide who was to stay, because I thought that one was as bad as the other. Do you think there was something wrong with Harry C's mike? I thought he was singing flat several times.
I don't think Mason will change, which he proved in his interview with Ethan. We do need one or two caracters who's the baddie!😜
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, October 7, 2019, 08:56
Morning all. It is dry here at the moment but looking very ominous! I need to go to St A today at some point, but may pop over there this afternoon if it rains as I think it will clear later. I need to get a bit of food so can do that this morning. I then need to drop off a b/day present to a friend. Her b/day is Thursday but they are off to the States to see her youngest son and family so I need to get the thing to her. I think there is a chance it will be drier later! Watched the SCD results last night and also was nit surprised at who went. I think the other one could well be a goner next week or the week after as they are a long way behind most of the others.

Now you mention it Jo I vaguely remember hearing that the W/rush thing was applicable to more than just those on the boat. As long as Felf can stay put, that is the main thing.

Sorry your father is not as good as you hoped Diana. Fingers crossed he improves soon. Your walk sounds lovely. I feel if your weather is like here you are wise to do indoor things today!

I also have fingers crossed for Lady Jane's interviews.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Oh silly me, it is Lavendula day of course. Let's get more and go and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Monday, October 7, 2019, 11:15
Hello all!

I've had a surprising good weekend. My not-quite-niece wanted to go to the Ass*n's Cr*ed Symphony in Lond*n. And asked me to go with her. A symphony? Based on music from a computer game?! "What rubbish!" I hear you cry - but it really was FABULOUS! One and a half hour queue to get into the theatre, reminiscent of a certain jazz club - and the computer gamers in the queue we're all just as friendly as loppies.

I have managed a very quick catch up.

I'm also very impressed with the standard in SCD this year on the whole - and was not in the least surprised by the couples in the dance off, or by who left. Bless her she tried!

I can see I wasn't the only one a bit disappointed with Harry C Jrn's performance - and very much hope it was the mike. The dancing to it was superb though.

Thank you Pauline and Carol for your crossed fingers. The interview is next week. Tuesday. (So don't leave them crossed all that time!).

I have bought myself some new trousers - bigger size than I thought I needed :-( and a new jacket. Unfortunately, though I loved the jacket, when I tried it on at home it looked like it was wearing me. So it'll have to go back.

Diana - many oohmms for your dad. I hope he's improving.

Jo - you've done a wonderful job for Felf. Fingers crossed she can stay. It would be a tragic if she needed to leave her home.

Work calls!
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, October 7, 2019, 12:11
Morning. Sorry been MIA. Had fab time in l.ndon - but shattering. On the wed visited the F.undling Museum (loved all the social history) , met UB scollop for lunch , wandered round CG and then went to P.lm C.urt Br.sserie for pre theatre meal. would have gone to cafe Carol but found a 2 for 1 voucher for PC Br.sserie so would have been rude not to go! it was vg - but we also sussed out Cafe M for another time! Loved the Les M.s concert with SS. we were up in gods - didn't realise until 1 hr before that we were 4 rows apart!! I had a brill seat with fab view - ploppy less so! Went to a posh hotel in R.ssell Sq for a nightcap and then to our much cheaper B & B 10 mins away. next day went to West Abbey - another 2 for 1 ticket! Hadn't been since i was a teenager (a few yrs ago!). what an amazing place. the audio guide was rubbish (no explanation in how to use it) - I ended up having to help several lost tourists work out how to navigate both the guide and the abbey! Loved the abbey tho and we went up into the museum. walked round Parly sq and beyond to see all the protesters -not that many - just lots of flags! But then when on tube we were told Kx tube was closed and then R.ssell Sq so had to walk 40 mins to get cases and then to station - where trains had been cancelled. luckily they took one look at our exhausted faces and let us on the fast expensive ( train. went straight to bed when we got home early eve! Been clearing out our bedroom ever since! Most of my clothes now sorted and stowed away - I shall never find half of them again. so I am still in my summer clothes as cant unpack my winter clothes until bedroom decorated (we are doing it as decorator has let us down) , carpet fitted and new furniture in. May be next winter!!
JO - well done on research (financial, immigration). Just after Ref I checked that UB scollop g/f had Uk passport - and her mum. I could see that the Ref result would lead to immigration (and lots of other!) "issues”. Luckily both had got Uk passports and citizenship long time ago – phew.
Eva - sounds a lovely family party for the "baby". Hoping you had a father free/restful day yesterday. You are obviously a great role model for the younger member so [f your family – do you think they will obey all your wishes form now on?
Diana- great that your sloppy has shops close by. My sloppy shops are about 7 min walk but since her arthr.tis flare up she cant mange there and back – and unfortunately no café to rest in between. I suspect that big changes will have to come soon for her and dad . shame as she really is still very active. She wants a sco.ter but as she is blind in one eye and has in other eye don’t think that will happen! I could weep every time I think about how much easier things would be for us all if only they had gone into sh housing but no use crying over spilt milk I guess. Think itchiness is a common complaint in older folk (obvs Pauline and mine itchiness is something totally different!). my dad has very itchy back and after trying every medication known to N.s they have decided it is old age itchiness – which I read on int.rnet is a recognized thing! But hope his tests find something which can be treated easily. I too had been wondering about M.rianne so good to hear that she is doing OK.
Carol – glad to hear that the lurghy is losing its force – and you will be in full voice for choir tonight.
Pauline – sad news re Ari’s brother – and his wife. As sloppy says “old age is not for cissies”. Jules sloppy died last week (5 wks after her p.ncre.tic C diagnosis). She has asked us to go to funeral next week.
Oops must go and plant out some bulbs and take some cuttings of g.raniums – in between rain showers!
TK wrote:
Monday, October 7, 2019, 19:03
Fi, well done in thinking about the residency issue earlier than I did. I've finished with Felf's application as I've left the decision to her if she wants to apply. Suggesting she speaks to the family, well actually just her daughter. If she needs further help I will assist. I really think there is no danger of her being turfed out, but there is always a possibility until you get the current documentation. I'm annoyed with myself I didn't think of it sooner, there is still plenty of time.

Fi you do fill your time up when you are out and about.

Bruce took me exploring today. Only the other side of the village, but a route I'd not walked before. On the way back his brain suddenly went 'ting' as he thought about getting an ice cream. I was telling him, after the 'ting' that they close on Mondays out of the school holidays, but he couldn't understand. He got me to cross the road. Then went to the closed door and pondered, then moved away and then back again. In the end I had to coax him to go home. He went the long way as he was thinking of calling in to another friend, but not our week. Then home via a friend, for, finally, a snack. Spoilt? Never!!! :)

I'm wearing my lovely new slippers. They are still a bit tight, got to flatten down the sheep skin's wool. I was going to buy a pair a year ago, but they didn't do purple any more. I thought I'd see what colours came in for this year :( Last year a lady at the company suggested I got them made in the aubergine colour. I thought I'd wait and see. This year I was told the aubergine colour is being used up, so she had to go to the workshop to check they had enough to make one pair of slippers. All OK phew. Ordered made and delivered in under 7 days.

Jane fingers crossed for next week, I'll uncross them until later.

My Pilates resumed after the week off last week. We spent the whole time on the floor, it was very tiring. More of the 4 limbs all doing different actions, I always get confused. Bruce did help me get over the exercising by his route march.
Diana wrote:
Monday, October 7, 2019, 19:05
Evening. Thanks for the itching info, Fi. We didn't know that, one thing less to worry about.

After getting the paper, Mum & I dropped off some prescriptions at the medical centre. I vacuumed most of the house and spent the rest of the day playing games on the iPad or reading. Also watched friday's MasterC on iPad. The morning was mostly dry and then rained off and on this pm. Dad's had a mixed day. I'm sure part of his problem is that he doesn't drink enough. He only wants a small tea/coffee when we make one and then leaves most or all of it. I don't think he drank much more than 2 cups of liquid yesterday so today I've reminded him but he gets grumpy when we do so. Early start tomorrow as taxi is picking us up at 8.20 for the hospital.

Don't think I've been to Westminster A since I was about 10, will have to add it to the list.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 07:23
Morning and quite a bright start to the day, with blue skies, some cloud and hardly any breeze.

Eva, hopefully Hazel will enjoy her pedicure today; I see she already had a gourmet meal yesterdaySo you were on taxi duty yesterday – with more of the family off to Spain. Our autumn break here is the week after next, so you are well in advance of us. I see Viljar is now totally in awe of his ex policewoman Aunt! Hopefully you managed a quiet rest of the day to yourself, with no phone calls (hopefully). Harry C Jnr was on The Oxe Shxw last night and is doing a tour – his new album is of Cxle Pxrtxr songs (one of my favourite composers) – I did think when he was talking that he did better than on Saturday night. At least we had a beautiful dance by Antxn and Nxdxyx to watch. I think you are right about Mxson – but there is obviously a back story for him that we don’t yet know about.

Your weekend sounds lovely Lady J – glad you enjoyed the concert. Am I right in thinking it is touring the world and just doing one performance in various cities. I remember reading something about the Pxrxs premier (think I have the right piece) and there is an orchestra of about 80 plus a chorus? I imagine it made a fantastic sound. Oh that’s a shame about the new jacket, but if it was wearing you, definitely not the right fit! Hope it isn’t too much of a hassle to take back. I will keep the fingers of one hand crossed until next week – that means I can still use the right hand!

Ah the PC Brasserie used to be our go to place in CG (now it tends to be The Ixx Grxll) and the food was always excellent there, plus the staff were lovely. Ah your seats sound like our visit to see Nxisxs Oxx at the Oxd Vxv with Chris and Chris some years back – there were three seats to gether and my seat was the other side of the auditorium (although the next consecutive number) – I had to go through the bar to get to mine! As we are a Church in the D of Lxndxn we have four annual passes for WAbbxy that members of the congregation can use – we took Twin a few years back. Well done to the staff at station for letting you onto the fast train – sounds very exhausting journey (and walk). Not surprised you went straight to bed. Oh that’s not so good that the decorator has let you down – I presume no one else available to do it for you? I see you were well ahead of the game checking about the i’gration status for UB fiancé and mother. It must have been a relief to fine out they were already citizens. Well I have to say I would countenance against a scxxter for your Sloppy, especially after Moving Aunt’s fall last year. I also remember Ann saying how difficult it was to get up and down pavements on a scooter as not so many drop down kerbs (at least where she and Roger lived). Hope you managed to get your gardening tasks down before the rain came.

Jo, well done on completing the application – I hope her daughter steps up to the plate now and sorts it out for her. I wouldn’t be annoyed with yourself (actually I find it very strange her family didn’t think about it before you did!), I would congratulate yourself on getting the paperwork sorted in plenty of time. So Bruce was in exploring mode yesterday. Strange that he didn’t understand the ice cream parlour has a Monday off – maybe he just got his days muddled up. I see he had to make do with a snack at home instead (of course he isn’t spoilt!). That is amazing service for your slippers (I wonder what made you decided on aubergine....) Not many firms would be able to fulfil and get an order delivered in under seven days when making completely from scratch! Ah I see you are back into the pxlates. Not sure I would like spending the entire session on the floor! Hopefully you aren’t suffering as a result today.

I see you have been on housekeeping duties Diana. Greg really shone in Friday’s episode of MC didn’t he. I thought Vicky was lucky not to go. Ah so if your Father isn’t drinking enough that could well be the problem. I heard from Falling Aunt’s family at the weekend and she is relapsing and is similarly not drinking. It can cause all sorts of problems, so hopefully the hospital appointment today will sort something out. Hope it all goes well.

We met up with Lindy and Lawrence at SLAPPAS but she was coughing and looked very pale. She decided she wouldn’t come to rehearsal in the evening as she couldn’t really sing (I have of course already been through that part of the bug). I had an email from another member of the group who had something similar, so sent an email round to check who would be coming in the evening. It transpired we had four who were unwell, plus of course no pianist, so I decided to cancel and we ended up with an unexpected evening in. As a result we were able to watch the last episode of A Cxnfxssixn in real time – just have MC from last night to watch at some point. Day at home today – need to do some housework and might turn out some more clothes for SR shop. This evening we have a PCC and we have some “homework” to do for that, so I suspect that will take up my day. I will miss HC and the last episode of Thx Cxptxre so will have to watch those on catch up too! Moring BHB, yes a nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the Blxck Tix and the toasted pikelets into the conservatory. We can have a lovely catch up untl the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 09:04
Morning all, not too bad here at the moment though I think we get rain this afternoon. Funny that since we had a letter from our water board saying we are in a drought situation and unless we are all careful this winter there will be a hosepipe ban next year, it has done nothing but rain! Not enough to make a difference yet, but at this rate it will be! Today I have a dental check up then this afternoon I am having my hair done, I know which of the two I am most looking forward to! I managed to get my shopping done in St A then popped in to see my friend and give her the pressie, came home and did the rest of my ixxnxxg, so quite productive!

Eva you posted just before me yesterday and I missed you. I see you were busy taking family to the airport. I feel you are now the most interesting aunt in Viljar's eyes! Maybe he will follow in your footsteps! Hope Hazel has a nice pedicure and comes out flashing those tyres! I think everyone thought Harry C sounded a bit "off" for him, but hopefully it was just the mike. Agree I think Mason is the new Mr Nasty in C, but I hope they at least round his character out a bit. At the moment I just want to slap him!

Jo I think you have been great getting Felf's options sorted. Can't understand why her family haven't thought of it. Hope all is well with her and the daughter sorts it out now. How dare the ice cream place be shut when Bruce wants them! Great service from the slipper place, very impressive.
What a shame about the coat Lady Jane, still, no matter how nice it is if it doesn't fit it won't look right, Very annoying! So everything crossed for next week then, for now I just have my ankles crossed!

Your weekend sounds wonderful Fi. I have to admit until Twin took me, I hadn't ever been to WA! I was so pleased to go finally and loved it. Shame about the decorators and your clothes swap. I was actually thinking yesterday I need to do the final swap. I can't see me needing summer stuff again for quite a while!

Diana my mother was a problem with her drinking, She always loved a cup of tea which was good, but she definitely cut down on the amount she drank. I think a lot was motivated by her failing mobility, she was afraid of not making the loo in time. Of course what happened instead was lots of bladder infections. Fi's Mum was quite right. Old age is definitely not for the faint hearted. Hope all goes well at the hospital.

Morning BHB so you have Blxck Tie for us today? Sounds good to me. Let's get another jug and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 09:25
Diana, I had experience of the lady, Shannon and, I used to visit in the home not drinking enough. She kept getting urinary infections which raised her temperature giving her the dementia like symptoms, when she had been OK the week before. As she was exhibiting the dementia symptoms it was difficult to make her do things she didn't want to do. I hope that you and your mother can persuade him to drink more.

Bruce seems to be tired, he's put himself back to bed. Or he's seen I've got the ear cleaning drops out and is avoiding their application.

I'm off to another financial advisor this afternoon. I spent ages last night trying to find the paperwork required. I had them but in my moving papers about I moved them. All was OK in the end.

Just watching Quincy, they have done a pre announcement. 'The content and medical opinions on dementia expressed in this program reflect the attitudes and medical knowledge of the time.' That is the first time I've heard such an announcement 'attitudes of the time' in any of the programmes I've watched recently. I watch lots of programmes from 60s, 70s and even into the early 80s (Professionals, Hart to Hart). Most of them full of the attitudes of the time. (Though I've not seen anything which is of the 'Mind your language' standard.)

Lee in Motherland
TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 10:10
I stopped watching Quincy, I'll watch it later. Motherland edit was much more fun
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 12:44
Hello all,

Two lunch breaks in a row! Aren't I lucky!

Fi - it sounds like you had a lovely time in London. I went to W*stminst*r Abbey with Geri a few years ago. It was quite a surreal place I thought, with so many remarkable people buried there. A royal fellowship of death as H*nry 5 put it. We were both disappointed that we couldn't see H5's tomb as it's in the section that's cordoned off because it's too frail for lots of visitors (St Ed's Chapel?). But we did manage to see the soles of his feet from outside the chapel :-). Good of LN*R to honour your rail ticket home. I bet it did seem very fast, coz I assume you are usually on the one that stops at Bigg-wade and H*tch*n etc?

Diana - I was wondering exactly the same as Pauline. Could father be refusing to drink coz of bl*dder issues? It would explain the grumpiness when you encourage him.

Jo - your new slippers are gorgeous. I hope a certain furry person doesn't mistake them for a victim. Poor Bruce missing out on his ice cream! funny about that disclaimer. I have heard one similar. It was in The Mill if I remember rightly. So a modern programme but portaying Victorian life in a documentary style. "The language used in this programme was common at the time." A character used the N word to describe slaves. It wasn't in a disparaging fashion - just descriptive.

Pauline - I was watching a programme about the forecasted water problems. It seems like many water companies are adding to the issues by not fixing leeks grrr! Dentist or hair doing? Dentist! Every time! I hate having my hair done. You can tell I'm sure :-). But your new hair do will be beautiful as always!

Carol - you are spot on! That is the tour. My niece tells me that originally they only scheduled one UK date - L*ndon, but since she bought the tix they have added B*rmingh*m - her home town (plus a couple others). And yes - full orchestra, and choir. I was particularly impressed with a very operatic version of 'The Parting Glass'. Shame you had to cancel. I hope all the poorlies are getting better.

Got interrupted while writing this. I started about an hour ago! I wonder if Eva will have snuck on while I was writing...
TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 19:16
Jane you are being spoiled, 2 lunch breaks. Hopefully it will continue for the rest of the week.
I went to the financial lady from the BS today. It was interesting, she was being quite positive about Brxt, as was my independent FA. I hope they are right.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, October 9, 2019, 07:41
Morning and quite a grey one here. Yesterday morning and early afternoon were sunny, but then we had torrential rain and it turned much colder.

Jo, I think not drinking enough, for the reasons Twin gave, is quite common as people get older. I remember some years back a Doc Mxrtxn episode dealt with just that – son wanted to put his mother into a home as he thought in his words “she was going gaga” and DocM diagnosed lack of fluid intake. She was asked to drink more and was soon back to normal. Goodness – Bruce went back to bed? May be he has been doing some secret socialising and was worn out! Ooh thank you for the clip from M’Hood, which I have watched (will watch when it is shown too as it is a nice way to unwind on a Monday night after rehearsal (or not as was the case this week). I have to say I have never experienced an apology for the time in which any programme was made! Oddly enough the last time we had our FA round he was also fairly upbeat about the affects of Brxxit. Hope all your finances are now all in place.

Goodness Lady J – two lunch breaks – They are spoiling you! WAbbey is lovely – Fi will have seen the new Dxvxd Hxcknxy window too, which of course wasn’t there when we last visited. I was concerned for the new slippers too – let’s hope the animal slayer doesn’t take a fancy to them! We have plenty of leaks around here – in fact there is a recurring one that Axxinity Wxter have been trying to fix for the last couple of years. It is in the road around the corner from us, which is an A road and very busy. I have lost count of the number of times they road has been dug up and temporary lights installed whilst they attempt to fix the problem. The concert does sound wonderful and I did wonder if it might be one they later put into cinemas – if so we will try and go! Any news from the OT visit the other week?

It was very cold in church last night – in fact it was quite chilly out, I think the torrential rain (which arrived just after MM had finished mosing the lawn and tidying the garden! He had just gone nto the garage for something and the heavens opened, so he stayed put) might have been a cold front coming through. The meeting was a long one too – and then we gave a lift to someone so we were not home until 10.45. Our plan had been to watch the last episode of The C’ture on catch up, but we were too tired and too cold and just went to bed. So now have to find time to watch HC from last night and the last episode of The C. This afternoon is LACE so Lindy (who went to the doctor yesterday and has a viral chest infection – she is now on antibis) and Twin will be over. We are going cultural with The Sxcret Lxfe of Pxts II (loved the first one and missed this one when it was in the cinema, so I ordered the dvd, which arrived Monday). Morning BHB, yes it is trying to brighten up. Let’s take the churos and the Nxw Amstxrdxm through to the conservatory and have a lovely chat until the DCM arrives. I think we may need the pink blanket this morning.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, October 9, 2019, 08:35
Morning all. It's quite dull outside, but not the freezing temps any longer. (Of course not,- now that I've had Hazel's tyres changed!)

Hello sweetheart. Sorry I wasn't here yestarday, but it wasn't a good day for me. 'nuff said. I'll welcome some freshly brewed coffee to go with the snuggle, please. 💋💋💋

I'm waiting for my cleaning lady to turn up. I'm so pleased she's back, especially as I'm in a bit of the dump at the moment. Sooooooo tired, despite the iron supplement I've been taking for almost 4 weeks now.
I didn't watch HC last night, so I think I'll do it on iplayer while my cleaning lady is doing her h****r dance.
Ali wrote:
Wednesday, October 9, 2019, 08:59
Morning. Been a bit full on since we got home. Had my hosp appt last Fri for my tooth. Doc could see no reason why dentist hadn’t taken it out back in March. No need for sedation so having it extracted under local at hosp on Monday.
Harvest supper and festival at church last weekend. Should have had Mon off but ended up working. Quiet day. We need customers!! Glad the FA’s are feeling positive about Bre*it, think we need the public to feel the same!
N off to I*aly on Fri for 10 days. Alright for some eh?
Better go and finish my online shopping order, cats running out of food 🙀
Then off to work, still wearing 3/4 trousers but thinking I might need my long ones and boots before long! Hate the winter
Oohhmms for those in need.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, October 9, 2019, 09:48
Morning all, not a bad day at the moment though it is chilly, only 12c at the moment. I am running quite late as I had a bit of an itchy night and was awake a while then fell asleep till 8.40. Never mind, I still have time to sort myself out before I go to Twin. Good dental visit yesterday as all is well. She took a couple of xrays, they do so every 2 years to make sure all is well and it was . Quick descale and clean and that was it. Also had a nice visit to the hairdresser though my poor lady had a stonking cold, I am surrounded by them at the moment! I feel it will be my turn soon!

Jo thanks for the scrummy link and I think thanks to Ro are in order too. What would we do with out the lovely Timeline! I find the announcement very weird. Are people now taking offence at attitudes and words used that are now gone? If so why watch old programmes? Crazy! So Bruce went back to bed? I hope he is ok!

Jane you are quite right about leaks. A lot of anger round here as we have a leak that happens fairly regularly near here. Two lunches! How nice!

Eva you sound very down. I can understand as it is one of the hardest things to do, caring for an elderly parent and worse for you as you have your own struggles. It is particularly hard as you have been doing it all on your own this last couple of weeks. Hopefully you will be able to share a bit when your sis is back. Meantime I am sending lots of hugs.

So you have been plunged back into home and work life then Ali. I bet the holiday seems months ago already. Hope business picks up, though it seems odd to be wishing you busier! Not nice having your tooth out but I daresay you will be glad to be rid of it. Itxly for 10 days? Lucky N!

Morning BHB and oooh I can see you have done us churros! Yum! Let's get more and some more Nxw Amstxrdxm and go and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, October 9, 2019, 11:37
Hello all,

Look at me - lunch no3!!

I'm smiling to read bout all the upbeat FAs. Mine is also upbeat. Which is interesting as the company he works for recently sent me a letter warning me that my shares ISA is likely to lose money - thanks to you know what! They were asking their customers to keep their savings with them because the 'hope' the situation will improve!

Eva - I am sending big hugs. You have so much going on. It's not surprising you are down and fatigued. I think you do amazing!

Thanks to both Jo and Ro for the lovely Meady snippets. Wasn't it fun!!

Carol - I have not asked about the referral. While I'm waiting to get it I'm allowed to work the hours I need, so I'm saying nothing. Ooo a D Hockn*y window in W Abbey? I can't recall seeing that! When was it installed. It may be worth another trip to see it!

Pauline - I am glad dentist and hairdresser went well. I'm also brewing a cold. I don't think we can catch them over the blog but who knows?! Hope the itching wears off :-(

Ali - I hope you get your tooth sorted too.

Hope the Twins have a lovely LACE day.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, October 9, 2019, 11:53 won't have seen it Lady J as it was installed last year as "The Queen's Window" - you can see it here:
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, October 9, 2019, 15:05

The hospital visit yesterday was somewhat of a waste of time. The gastro doctor discussed what was wrong and examined Dad but decided a scan would be better than an internal examination so got to wait 2/3 weeks, possibly longer. He thinks it's his intestines rather than stomach. So we were only out for 3 hours and travel was by taxi. While my parents were with the doctor, I went for a short walk along the promenade, paid a cheque into the BS and bought some food from M&S. think the last time I was in W*rthing was for a Lee concert several years ago.

After a cloudy start, we had quite a lot of blue sky and warm sun but it clouded over early pm, got quite blustery and we had a bit of rain late pm. Mum & I went for a short walk to the nearby park. I cooked dinner last night (from M&S) - missed my kitchen. I didn't go to bed till nearly midnight and then couldn't sleep so got out my Kindle and finished my book. I used the screen light from that to read and only turned on the light briefly when I finished so had no idea of the time - it was 4.20 am. I was rather tired this morning!

It's been dry with some sun but still blustery today and rain forecast for later. I helped Mum put out some washing this morning and we have just returned from doing some shopping in the village. Dad was in a bit of a muddle this morning about his medical appointments but has seemed brighter this pm. He's just said he'll probably go to his acupuncture appointment tomorrow on his scooter rather than get a taxi, assuming he feels ok. He hasn't been out on it for at least a fortnight so that's a good sign. Mum said he hasn't been spending as much time in bed either the last few days. While he's out, Mum & I are planning to go for a walk to the front and stop for a coffee and possibly cake.

I'm going to post this before I catch up as don't want to risk loosing this.

Diana wrote:
Wednesday, October 9, 2019, 15:43
We were half way through bringing the washing in when it started raining so fortunate we didn't leave it any later.

Thanks for the comments about side effects of not drinking enough. Part of the problem is he falls asleep and the tea/coffee is cold when he wakes so doesn't want it, though he's never been a big drinker. We've been encouraging Dad to drink more and leaving a glass of Ribena for him to sip through the day.

Hope you've had a peaceful day, Eva, and been able to rest. Do take care of yourself. Sending hugs.

Good luck with the tooth on Monday, Ali, hope it comes out easily.

Enjoy the DVD, Twins.

Thanks for the link, Jo. May save it until I'm home and can watch on a bigger screen.

The rain is coming down steadily now. Time to wash my hair.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 9, 2019, 18:15
Bruce has been going a bit nuts this evening. Wouldn't settle down even with me stroking him. Went to chase TK. No damage to TK or me. I've put him in the front room to cool off. It may be because I didn't walk him enough times today, due to the change in light/weather I didn't take him for 3 walks. We did have a lovely long walk in the afternoon, not too fast, so he should have been OK. We'll see if I have to take him out in the dark.
I better get him from the front room where he is whining.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, October 10, 2019, 07:47
Morning and a nice sunny start to the day – also t he wind that was making it colder yesterday seems to have disappeared. I think rain might come in tonight but we should be dry for the main part of the day.

I think from the forecast that nasty weather may be heading your way in the next few days Eva, so just as well Hazel has her new shoes on. So sorry to hear that you had a bad day on Tuesday and that you are still suffering with extreme tiredness – sending lots of hugs. How lovely that your cleaning lady is back and hopefully you managed to watch HC whilst she did the dance with the hxxver.

Ali I see you have been kept busy since you came home from holiday (as Twin says I am sure it seems ages ago now). Oh goodness I see you have to have your tooth out on Monday – fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and pain free. We were quite early with our Hxrvest celebrations at Church, although MM and I missed them due to the lurghy. I am sure things will pick up at work (I imagine Monday is quite often a quiet day?). I think you said your C’mas breakfasts are already sold out? Oh lucky N to go to Itxly – whereabouts is he off to? Ah my ¾ trousers definitely not the apparel at the moment – now into warmer leggings that cover my ankles!!

Goodness me Lady J THREE lunch breaks in a row! So your FA is also upbeat, even if his company isn’t! Oh the excerpt was wonderful and I bet he had fun doing it! We love Dxanx Mxrgan – did you ever see her “Cxnk on Britxin”? – it was hilarious! Forgot to say a thank you to Ro for putting the clip together. Ah sensible not to ask about the referral if that is the case, and at least at the moment you are doing your preferred hours, so that’s good.

Oh what a shame your hospital visit didn’t turn out to provide any answers. Fingers crossed the wait is no longer than 2/3 weeks for scan. I am sure you enjoyed the walk along the promenade as it was quite a nice day. I see you had rain in the afternoon, but it doesn’t sound as torrential as here! You reading your book until 4.20 am reminded me of when I was young and reading The L or the R’s with a torch under the bedclothes! Not surprised you were tired yesterday. Oh that was good that your Dad felt he could get to his acupuncture on his scooter – as you say that appears to be a good sign. I assume (like my Mother) he doesn’t like drinking water/ The glass of Rxbxna seems a good idea. When are you back home again – is it this weekend?

I think Bruce probably felt you were neglecting his social requirements Jo. Hopefully he settled down later – and you didn’t have to go out int the dark (I feel you would probably have needed several fleeces).

We enjoyed the dvd yesterday – very cute and very well done. Lindy’s cough seemed to have improved since she started taking the antibis, so that’s good. We spent the evening with our feet up watching MChef and The A’ice. Today we are off to the matinee of The Mxn in the Whxte Sxxt – so Lindy is hoping no coughing will occur! We are in the Stalls (B) so quite close to the stage. We will head back home one the show finishes and we should just be ahead of the commuters. We will eat locally (Ruxslxp) once we are home, that give times for the local commute to have taken place and then we get an easier journey home. Morning BHB, yes it is a nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the pastel de natas and the Fxllen Lxaves through to the conservatory – the DCM is awake so I suspect she will join us soon.

Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, October 10, 2019, 08:23
Morning all and it is nice and sunny here at the moment. We had a lovely day yesterday in spite of the lurgy affecting the other three! The film was sweet and very funny in places. Looking forward to the play later.

Thanks Lady Jane. My itchy hand gave me a bad time in the night, but feels a bit better today, I am hoping it will be better today, I can hope!

Diana glad your father seems a bit brighter. Let’s hope they get his scan done soon and see what is going on with him. Good idea about the Ribera. Funnily enough my mai. Reading all night incident was when I read LOTR as well. I read the last book in one night as I couldn’t put it down and finally finished it at 5am!

Morning BHB so it is Vanillita day and you have made lovely pastas de natas. Let’s get more of it all and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Thursday, October 10, 2019, 08:45
I'm off to Mw3Ds in a few mins. I'd forgotten I'd asked MrExP to tell me when he was next going to walk Mw3Ds big dog. It is so much easier to go when he is out of the house. Bruce can cope with the very old lurcher after a few treats. I had a brain wave the other night after watching an advert for the RAF Benevolent Fund. I'm going to carefully suggest Mw3Ds phones them. He'll probably shoot me down, but he needs more interaction during the week.
evam wrote:
Thursday, October 10, 2019, 10:16
Morning all. Well, there is no nice weather here. It's raining.🌧 I won't be surprised if there is snow on the way.

Hello sweetheart. I made it! 👏👏 You have my herbal tea ready? Goody. It's not quite as cold as it has been lately, but a snuggle beneath the sky blue blanket will be just right. 💋💋💋

I've been for a quick visit to father this morning, and afterwards I had a walk around the shopping centre. I bought a book! I bet you are surprised? No? Whyever not?

Ali,- welcome home. So the dentist didn't do a proper job? I hope it goes better on Monday.

Jane,- 3 lunchbreaks? 😲 Maybe they don't want you to leave, and are trying to bribe you with lunch breaks?

Diana,- my father had the same problem, because he was drinking far too little fluids during a day. He had bad cramps in his legs, purely because of a lack of fluids to the muscles. He is much better now, and the nurses makes sure he drinks a glass of water when they give him his meds. Reading until 4.20 am? That's around the time I wake up!

Twins,- are you going to the theatre today? Sorry if I have missed reading about it. If you are going, have a lovely time.
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, October 10, 2019, 11:01
Hi all,

Lunch no4!!!! Though this will be a quickie.

My boss has given me sometime to prepare for the interviews. (He he! Eva - perhaps she for one wants me to get the job so she can get rid of me!)

I really wish I wasn't dealing with a cold! Sigh.

Jo - you really are so caring. Such a good thought on the benevolent fund. Oh dear it sounds like Bruce has been in the dog house. See what I did there?

Diana - Sorry to hear you STILL are having to wait for you dad. You must be worried. Hope you get the appointment sooner than expected.

Ooo Twin! Man in the WS is one of my favourite E*ling comedies. Though I haven't seen it in a long time. I hope you have great fun!
TK wrote:
Thursday, October 10, 2019, 11:12
Well he didn't shoot me down. I left the website on a tab on his tablet to the RAFBF, he said he'd have a look at it. If he doesn't in the next week I'll phone them as there is the option for someone to tell them there is requirement for help. He said that she said if she'd known how old he was before they were engaged she wouldn't have married him. He talks about seeing the Battle of Britain in the sky as a child, that was 79 years ago. The youngest he could be would be 83, as rarely do you have memories when at adult before that. Anyway he is depressed. MrExP said he is concerned too as the wife is phoning him, indicating that there is no one else in contact. On that depressing point I need to go to the shops. The gardener asked for a cup of tea. Milk goes out of date tomorrow, tastes very nearly OK. I gave him the tea (with a warning) he said it was fine.
TK wrote:
Thursday, October 10, 2019, 11:17
No Jane I'm not that caring. I want to get someone else for him to talk to. Someone with similar experiences would be a good thing. I tried to explain that to him. It is not good for him to just have me and MrExP. Though Mr ExP has been trained to be a listener.
TK wrote:
Thursday, October 10, 2019, 19:16
Having 'fun' with my catch up TV. A few of recorded programmes have the sound out if sync with the pictures. Very confusing watching when the sound is 15 seconds before the picture. It happened last week, once I reported it, they fixed it.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, October 10, 2019, 19:53

Nice day until mid pm when it clouded over and was breezy.

Watched Mchef and Appr last night. Mum & I decided to go with Dad to his appointment this am as we were uneasy at him going alone on the scooter, especially crossing the main road which tends to be busy. While he was having his treatment, we did a small shop and had a coffee. This pm Mum & I went to the medical centre to collect some prescriptions. Dad has had a mixed day, he's definitely better than a week ago. We had a chat about him needing to drink more. Fortunately his acupuncturist also told him he needs to drink more so it's not just Mum & I having a go at him! Just hope he has taken note - typical man.

I'm leaving tomorrow after lunch. Have enjoyed spending a week here but looking forward to going home. Looks like I'll get rather wet walking to the station. Must watch final of Mchef tomorrow.

Ploppy isn't back till the early hours on Tuesday so have three days (and nights - mustn't watch anything creepy) by myself. Busy day on Sat: washing, housew*k, M&S to get my dinners for the weekend (2/3 treats!), possibly Sains., number of emails to deal with and general catch up. Just seen that the rugby match he was going to at the weekend has been cancelled due to a typhoon. Hope it doesn't affect any of his travel plans and they stay inside during it, sounds a bad one.

Hope M3Ds follows up, Jo.

And hope you enjoyed the theatre and your meal, Twins.
evam wrote:
Friday, October 11, 2019, 07:03
Morning all. It's still raining here, and we have been promised much, much more of the same stuff. Aren't they generous? 😡

Hello sweetheart. OPS! I have to whisper. He's asleep on the sofa and I don't want to wake him up. I'll brew my own coffee and leave some for him on the thermos. 💋

Diana,- I was awake at 4.40am and wondered if I should give you a call. Then I decided not to, as I wasn't sure if you were still in HP land! 😜 I'm glad you have enjoyed your stay with your parents, and I'm sure they have loved to have you. Have a good ( and dry ) journey home.

Jo,- poor Mw3D. I'm not sre from your post, but is he on his own again? Btw. I had an email from Mary last night, telling me that her lovely mother had passed away during the night. She (Vera) had had a long and rich life. She was 100 years old last year, and of course she had a telegram (or card) from the Queen. I always went to visit her when I was in Cornwell. She had a lovely sense of humour and a glint in her eye.

Twins,- I hope you had a good time last night, and that both the play and the meal were to your liking.

I'm off to I*ea in an hours time. It's a long time since I've been, and I really need to go. The office chair that I didn't buy last time, I'm hoping to get it today. I have another reason to leave the house. Someone is drilling, and drilling, and drilling in the walls in the block. They were working from 8.30am until after 4pm yesterday. At that point I left the house, as the sound was driving me demented. I met a neighbour in the garage, and she said she had to go out,- for some silence. They've started up again today, so I'll be better off at I*ea.😜
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, October 11, 2019, 08:01
Morning and it looks very blustery out, and it is drizzling. I think I heard thunder during the night too.

That was a very clever though you had Jo. I notice they have been showing lots of ads for the RXF B Fund over the last couple of weeks. I t does sound promising if MW3D didn’t instantly dismiss it. That was a very sad comment his wife made. Very sad if the only points of contact are you and Mr ExP. I am assuming wife is not local? My first memories are from when I was 2 by the way, so it is possible. Oh I hate watching things our of synch, it is quite funny to start with, and then gets really annoying.

I see you are also water logged Eva. Goodness you bought a book yesterday?? That is an unusual occurrence isn’t it? It is very good that the nurses make sure your Father has water with his meds – it is so important to drink lots of fluids when you are older. I am sure Diana would have loved a phone call this morning (don’t forget you are on duty for Twin next week too!). I didn’t realise until I read Jo’s post that the MW3D was on his own. Feel there is a story there. Well Mary’s mother reached a very good age (it would have been a card from HM I think rather than a telegram). I know you enjoyed seeing her when you were in your holiday home. So a visit to your favourite place (not surprised you want to get out of the flat if there has been drilling for two days!). Hopefully you will be returning home with a new chair. I imagine you won’t be in any hurry to get back!!

Goodness Lady J four lunches in a row! Is that a first? Well at least your boss (for whatever reason) is helping your prepare for the interviews. Are they internal or external ones? I forgot to ask! I see you also have lurghies – hopefully they will be better by next week.

I see you decided your Dad needed company going off to his appointment (now I see he has a busy main road he has to cross I think it a wise decision). Excellent that the acupuncturist reinforced the need to drink more, hopefully he has taken heed. I hope you have a good journey home today – sadly I think you are right about the rain. Yes the rxgby has been cancelled and they were given 2 points each so we remain at the top of the Pool, which means meeting Oz next game. What a shame to miss it – did he get to see any of the other games whilst out there? It does indeed look to be a really nasty typhxxn heading for them, so hope he stays safely indoors.

We did enjoy the play (well play with music, as there was a skiffle band). Cast were excellent, set design was a brilliant concept and it was a very amusing farce. We had an easy journey and of course the theatre is right next to the station. When we came out we had just arrived on the platform and in came our train. Lindy was relieved she hadn’t coughed, and we all had a very nice meal locally when we got off the train. We were home here by 8pm, so not bad at all. Today Twin is off home, we will do the food shop in MandS, and then this evening MM and I are off to L’don again with the Vxcxr and another member of the PXC for our ongoing six monthly course sessions for the church. That means we will have an early start tomorrow, as that session starts at 9am, so the DCM will open the Bistro. This is the penultimate session so only the one in April after this. It does mean we will miss the final of MChef, so I have asked Twin to text me the results (do hope Greg wins!). Morning BHB, yes it is a dull and wet start to the day. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and we can have a lovely chat until the DCM joins us (she is awake so I suspect she will be along shortly).
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, October 11, 2019, 08:01
Morning and it looks very blustery out, and it is drizzling. I think I heard thunder during the night too.

That was a very clever though you had Jo. I notice they have been showing lots of ads for the RXF B Fund over the last couple of weeks. I t does sound promising if MW3D didn’t instantly dismiss it. That was a very sad comment his wife made. Very sad if the only points of contact are you and Mr ExP. I am assuming wife is not local? My first memories are from when I was 2 by the way, so it is possible. Oh I hate watching things our of synch, it is quite funny to start with, and then gets really annoying.

I see you are also water logged Eva. Goodness you bought a book yesterday?? That is an unusual occurrence isn’t it? It is very good that the nurses make sure your Father has water with his meds – it is so important to drink lots of fluids when you are older. I am sure Diana would have loved a phone call this morning (don’t forget you are on duty for Twin next week too!). I didn’t realise until I read Jo’s post that the MW3D was on his own. Feel there is a story there. Well Mary’s mother reached a very good age (it would have been a card from HM I think rather than a telegram). I know you enjoyed seeing her when you were in your holiday home. So a visit to your favourite place (not surprised you want to get out of the flat if there has been drilling for two days!). Hopefully you will be returning home with a new chair. I imagine you won’t be in any hurry to get back!!

Goodness Lady J four lunches in a row! Is that a first? Well at least your boss (for whatever reason) is helping your prepare for the interviews. Are they internal or external ones? I forgot to ask! I see you also have lurghies – hopefully they will be better by next week.

I see you decided your Dad needed company going off to his appointment (now I see he has a busy main road he has to cross I think it a wise decision). Excellent that the acupuncturist reinforced the need to drink more, hopefully he has taken heed. I hope you have a good journey home today – sadly I think you are right about the rain. Yes the rxgby has been cancelled and they were given 2 points each so we remain at the top of the Pool, which means meeting Oz next game. What a shame to miss it – did he get to see any of the other games whilst out there? It does indeed look to be a really nasty typhxxn heading for them, so hope he stays safely indoors.

We did enjoy the play (well play with music, as there was a skiffle band). Cast were excellent, set design was a brilliant concept and it was a very amusing farce. We had an easy journey and of course the theatre is right next to the station. When we came out we had just arrived on the platform and in came our train. Lindy was relieved she hadn’t coughed, and we all had a very nice meal locally when we got off the train. We were home here by 8pm, so not bad at all. Today Twin is off home, we will do the food shop in MandS, and then this evening MM and I are off to L’don again with the Vxcxr and another member of the PXC for our ongoing six monthly course sessions for the church. That means we will have an early start tomorrow, as that session starts at 9am, so the DCM will open the Bistro. This is the penultimate session so only the one in April after this. It does mean we will miss the final of MChef, so I have asked Twin to text me the results (do hope Greg wins!). Morning BHB, yes it is a dull and wet start to the day. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and we can have a lovely chat until the DCM joins us (she is awake so I suspect she will be along shortly).
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, October 11, 2019, 08:40
Morning all and it is a miserable day, damp and grey. I will be off home shortly and will do a shop on the way. Really enjoyed the play yesterday. Excellent acting. It was a bit farce like, but as I like farce that’s fine! I think I benefited by the fact I have never seen the original film as a lot of reviews compare it unfavourably to that. So maybe not for you Lady Jane! I see you had another lunch and have been given time to prepare for interviews. Hopefully not cos they want you gone, more likely cos she likes you!

Jo good idea about Man W3dogs, sounds very sad.

Eva not good about the drilling, not surprised it has driven you out! A nice visit to you favourite store sounds perfect,

Have a good journey home Diana. Shame about the rugby for Ploppy but hopefully he has played a lot of golf so enjoyed his trip. Fingers crossed your father is feeling better soon and the scan can be done soon as well.

This is all a bit scrappy but must go and get ready to leave!

Morning BHB and it is Vanillita day today, I am a numpty! Let’s get more and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Friday, October 11, 2019, 11:16
Diana I'm glad you accompanied your father, I was a bit concerned, but I thought you must think he'll be OK. Nice for you to stay with them. Have a good journey back.
Yes Mw3Ds (he now only has 2) is on his own again. His son did come the other week but that was the first time in years. He wasn't at the wedding. Mr ExP and I are concerned (but neither of us want to get into the daily old person care thing). He did go and see the wife last week. He has a car, so he can drive there, dog sit while she went out. She has taken the pug cross with her.
Twins sounds like a good outing yesterday, bit of fun.
Eva sad about Mary's Mum. Sounds like she had a good life. Mary will miss her. Any idea how long the drilling is going on?
I'm trying to sort my tax. So I thought I'd have a quick break, as snack and then go for a walk and carry on with the tax this afternoon. I'm at stables tomorrow so will be tired when I get back
evam wrote:
Saturday, October 12, 2019, 08:09
Morning all. It's a grey day here with drizzling rain.

Hello sweetheart. You look worried? You thought we didn't love you any more? Why? Because nobody has come in for cocktails or coffee or anything? But I am here now, so bring on the coffee,- and dare I ask for toasted teacakes? Coming up? You are a darling, but I'll bet you that Carol will be in before I've finished posting.

I had a lovely morning at I*ea yesterday, and I managed to spend £ 150. It wasn't only the chair, but I also bought a sheepskin, hvite, for my bedroom, a bathmat (lavender coloured) to go with my purple/lavender towels. I like to change bathmats so they are the same colour as the towels. I love colour co-ordinating. Then I bought bits and bobs walking through the kitchen department. When I'd finished collecting the things I wanted (They didn't have to jump.😜) I went up to the restaurant. A bit early for lunch, so I had a coffee and a cinamon bun. They are delicious.
When I got home, the drilling was still going on, but stopped after about an hour. I hope we'll have peace and quiet over the w/eThere is a good row of programs on the beeb tonight, so I'll relax with that.
Sorry, I just checked yesterday's post from Carol and saw that she'll not be in this morning. I'm sure Pauline didn't mind me opening the Bistro.

Jo,- good luck with sorting out your tax. Enjoy! 😜
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, October 12, 2019, 08:51
Morning all and it is a very damp, drizzly day. I will be in wishy washy mode today so not over important I suppose and we do need the rain badly if we are not going to have a hosepipe ban next year. I had a good journey home yesterday and stopped on the way to do a food shop so I should be fine for the weekend. No need to venture forth, which as the forecast isn't great is a good thing.

You are quite right about Twin Eva, she is at a course for the church and left very early. As usual I am not early at all so you were very welcome to open up the Bistro for your coffee, I am sure BHB was delighted to see you. You seem to have had a lovely time in Ixea and bought lots of lovely things. All that and cinnamon buns! You deserve it! Glad the drilling stopped after you got home, it has to be one of the worst noises. Here's hoping they don't work w/ends! I was in a rush yesterday and forgot to say I am sorry about Mary's Mum, even though she was a good age(!) I am sure Mary will still miss her badly.

Morning BHB and yes it is me today! Why are you grinning? The CM told you it would be me so you knew I wouldn't show up very early. Ah, yes, I am not a natural early riser. So let's take the Autumn Fxzz and the toasted muffins and maybe the green blanket and we can have a nice snuffle on the sofa in the conservatory.

Morning BHB and
evam wrote:
Saturday, October 12, 2019, 10:16
I managed to assemble my new chair in just about 1 hour. First I counted the different screws, checked that all the different parts were in the packege. That done I read through the manual, and started screwing it together. A couple of difficult moments, but I managed, and then it was finished. It's very comfy for my poor back, and I think I've been a very clever girl,- even if I say it myself.

Pauline,- I didn't think you'd mind me opening up. 😜
Diana wrote:
Saturday, October 12, 2019, 14:08

Clever girl, Eva. Sounds like you had a good day yesterday, other than the drilling which I hope you're not getting today. Sorry about Mary's mother. Thanks for not calling me yesterday morning, I was still asleep at that time.

It's nice to be home again. I had a good journey yesterday other than the bus which took ages due to traffic and the driver stopping at every stop regardless of whether anyone was getting on or off. I somehow avoided the rain, just a bit of dampness when I got off the bus. It had started raining as Mum & I returned from getting the paper and turned heavy a couple of mins after we got inside but fortunately stopped a while before I left, otherwise I was going to get a taxi. All fine at home other than before I went I had moved my earrings box and couldn't remember where to so been looking all over yesterday evening and this morning until I found it an hour ago phew. Result I wanted on M'chef so very pleased.

This morning I did a wash and some housew*rk, then went to M&S for some food. Rather annoyed as I missed out on an offer of buy three veg dishes for £6. I bought the smaller version of cauliflower cheese which I found out after the checkout wan't included in the deal rather than the two portion so I paid more than £6 and got less food grrrr. Again I almost missed the rain, it was wet when I left the shop but didn't last long. I'm ploughing through all our emails from the past week and wondering where and what Ploppy's been doing during the typhoon. He has seen one rugby match and he & his pals were doing a lot of sightseeing so hopefully it's been a good trip. Pauline, he didn't take his clubs and there was no golf on the itin!!! I feel sorry for those who flew all that way just for the match that was cancelled.

Dad received a letter yesterday advising his appointment is next Friday so not too long to wait.
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 12, 2019, 19:54
I haven't done any more on my tax since yesterday afternoon. Been out with Bruce then ages at the stables, out with Bruce again. When I came back we did have a treat at the pub. Of course Bruce still said it was tea time 90 mins later. I gave him a much reduced portion of tea. That was after he destroyed Skippy. Now all I want to do is go to sleep. Another early rush in the morning and then to the stables.

I was listening to R5 in the car today. The weather in Japan sounds really frightening. The sports reporters were giving descriptions from their apartments and opening the door slightly so the wind and rain could be heard.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, October 12, 2019, 20:16

...and just reporting in. Had a full day but it was quite enjoyable. Tubes all worked well and we had no problems. Weather has been dire all day - wet and miserable. Got home and then did our food so we could watch SCD - interesting scoring tonight!! I see Eva had a lovely time at her favourite shop and has shown her prowess at putting a chair together in record time. Thank you for opening the Bistro. Hopefully you had no drilling today. Glad you got home safely Diana, and that Ploppy did get to see some rugby. Just watching the weather in Jxpxn - hopefully Ploppy is safe indoors somewhere. I can see why they had to cancel the matches! Good news that your father has an appointment on Friday so hasn't had to wait too long. I think you can give youself a day off from the tax Diana, and you have been busy with Bruce and the stables. I see he dragged you into the pub! Oh dear, poor Skippy. Now waiting for C'lty to start!
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, October 13, 2019, 06:43
Morning, a dull day here but at the moment it is dry. I feel that won't last long as we have rain forecast for most of the day. I suspect it is waiting for us to step outside on the way to church before it decides to pour down. I don't think it is due to be too cold though. I see your weather yesterday was very similar to our's Eva.

Diana, any word from Ploppy yet? I suspect communications are down so it might be difficult to make contact. I hear the S'land match is going ahead despite the weather. I see near Mt Fxji they had three feet of rain over two days!

We are off to church soon (although the temperatures are supposed to be around 15C, I think I will take a cardi with me just in case). Once we are home I have the delights of the i word to do. I have to say the scoring on SCD was somewhat odd yesterday and I think we are at the stage when the D/O may be between two unexpected couples (middle of the board danger zone) with someone quite good going home - well if the normal pattern is followed. People vote for the bottom of the table, think the top is safe and couples in the middle suddenly find themselves in danger. Best dance of the night for me was K & O and I don't even like the rxmba! I think some of the costumes this year have been very odd (my least favourite was MV's! - you needed sunglasses on!). Morning BHB, sorry you were abandoned yesterday but I had to be up at 6.30 am and out the door by 7.30 - I am forgiven? Eva came and kept you company? Wonderful. Let's take the toasted pikelets and the Rxgtxme through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle (I think I am probably germ free, but still have a slight cough). We can catch up with what happened yesterday whilst we wait for the DCM.
evam wrote:
Sunday, October 13, 2019, 07:42
Morning all. It's a bit brighter than it was yesterday, but not much.🌦

Hello sweetheart. You look pleased? Carol's been in already, and you have been mixing cocktails together? No wonder you're looking happy. You have my coffee ready as well to go with the toasted pikelets? Great,- let the snuggling begin! 💋💋💋

I overslept this morning! When I woke up and saw the clock showing 6.30am, I couldn't believe it. I feel energetic for a chance, and I thought I'd start to look through my summer clothes and mark the things I want to take with me to Spain. Lists? Of course I've made lists.

Carol,- I agree with you re the judging on Strictly yesterday. For one, David was given far too high points. I agree with the judges that he'd finally started to DANCE instead of walking, but he made so many mistakes during the dance that normally they'd have given him 4-5 points. Oh well, otherwise it's fantastic about the high standard of the dances, and I think the middle ones will find themselves in danger in today's d/o. My absolute favourite is K*lvin. He is doing extraordinary well. Even Craig was lost for words! 😂
TK wrote:
Sunday, October 13, 2019, 08:16
Just a quick Hi and Bye. Bruce is walked, TK and Bruce are fed.
BTW went back on my anti inflammatories last night, I can walk so much better. I stopped them when I retired. I'll carry on with them. B*gg*r long term gut damage
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, October 13, 2019, 09:03
Morning all and it is another dreary one, although not raining right now I feel it will start again any minute. Yesterday was similarly wet and dreary but apart from taking rubbish out I stayed inside. I got a rather large amount of wxshing done so today I am facing a rather large pile of ixxnxxg of course, deep joy. I also need to get the en suite sorted ready for the plumber in the morning! It looks like I might need my downstairs loo doing as well as I found it overflowing yesterday though I think it was just the flush button that had got stuck. I will ask him to have a look at it for me. I watched SCD as well. I don't really have a favourite, but agree K & O's rumba was excellent and I loved K & A tango. I also thought that although Mike wasn't brilliant his improvement is enormous and I think he deserved rewarding, though maybe not quite as lavishly as he was! Mind improvement is what they are looking for and of course David had as well but I think the judges watched a different dance to me! With both of them scoring so highly I think we are in for the shock exit week! I worry for Emma. I think Alex has a big fan base of football loving girls but of course Emma is relatively unknown.

Glad you had a good journey home Diana and avoided the worst of the rain. I have played hunt the car keys like that before now when I have come back from holiday! As I didn't take the car I hid the keys in a nice safe place so safe I couldn't find them myself. Major panic! Luckily after taking a deep breath and some hard thinking light dawned and I found them! Yaay!

Eva well done an=on the furniture construction! I would never have doubted you would do it knowing what a whizz you are at flat packs! Good you had a decent sleep last night, you must feel so much better, mind 6.30 is still the middle of the night to me! So you are thinking Spain now! You must be so looking forward to it.

Jo I can see your thinking about anti inflams. I am not supposed to take them as they might be a trigger for my itches, but I think in extremis I might just risk it!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Rxgtime? Excellent, let's grab another jug and some more pikelets and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Sunday, October 13, 2019, 11:27
Forecast got the weather wrong again. I decided to do stuff indoors this morning while it was wet and go out after lunch when the weather was due to be better. Instead it's been dry and quite nice all morning until a few mins ago when the rain finally arrived. So if I go to Sains. as planned I'm going to get wet. Did the ir*ning after breakfast. Then went through the clothes I put out a couple of weeks ago and have decided what to take for the holiday, though may have to weed out one or two more items when it comes to packing. Not heard from Ploppy which doesn't surprise me so he'll be getting a few words from me when he's home.

I agree that the SCD judging was a bit high for some couples.

That's good you slept well last night, Eva.
TK wrote:
Sunday, October 13, 2019, 18:20
This retirement is very tiring, or is it just having an active dog? My feet are very tired. Walking about at the stables, then walking Bruce when I got back. (Feet are still throbbing slightly now.) We visited 2 sets of friends on our walk. Bruce was very happy seeing people. After the last visit he took me to the park. Penance for leaving him alone for 5 hours.
Sensible to stay inside today. I was wearing a woolly hat, wax jacket, a fleece, sweat shirt, T-shirt, vest and jeans at the stables. I was nice and warm.

Eva, glad you have had a better sleep. Hopefully it will begin the change back to a better sleeping regime.

Pauline I like to get all the washing done and away. The trouble is drying. Of course, for me, there is no ironing :)

I must get on with tax stuff.
evam wrote:
Sunday, October 13, 2019, 19:05
Krikey,- that was a dance off and a half! So unexpected. Oh well, who knows what the public is thinking.
TK wrote:
Sunday, October 13, 2019, 19:31
I don't know -been watching a prog from the 80s :)

Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, October 13, 2019, 21:48
Hi. A quick check in. Been v busy moving everything ( and I mean everything incl all fittings, curtains, blinds, furniture ( except bed which too heavy to move); out of bedroom. I may never find anything again! Then we had 8 friends for dinner tonight! In between time I have written a bible study for my church group on Wed. I “may” have over committed myself! If decorator turns up tomorrow morning will be ok. If not ( and he can be unreliable) then ploppy and I are decorating. Fingers crossed. I had another gl.ucoma appt on Fri. Mixed messages. My eyes are healthy BUT unexplained high pressure and I keep not getting the periph vision tests right! So they need to do further investigations - tho may be 6 months before the next appt!
Jo - I have said before that I think you have a very active retirement. Bruce certainly keeps you on your feet!
Diana - sounds a nice time with your parents and I am sure they enjoyed your company. Hope the further appt helps find out what is wrong with your dad. They are both doing well if can deal with hospital appt on own. My parents couldn’t do that. Dad doesn’t understand new information at all and sloppy is finding it harder to understand new information - and her hearing is so,poor she doubly struggles.
Twins - your theatre day sounds good.
Eva - sounds a very successful trip to Ik.a. That is eldest scollop’s Worst nightmare - a long trip to Ik.a. Tho I dare say if his g/f suggests a trip there he won’t object too much! Like others have said my dad doesn’t drink ( we too leave a cup of r.bena by him all day)and we think that is why his k.dney test results so strange. GP says he should be dead or dying with such low results - but he still seems to be very healthy. Nothing we do will make him drink more - and as Carolsays it is partly about trips to l.o.
Jane - hope you get lots more lunch hours as good to see you. Good luck with interviews
evam wrote:
Monday, October 14, 2019, 03:50
Morning all. I know, I know,- I should be in bed, sleeping, but it's been one of those nights.

I won't even try to wake the BHB, so I'm tip-toeing out to the kitchen to make myself a coffee. (Actually,- that's what I've done here at home too, so the mug is standing next to the pooter.)

Father called yesterday afternoon. His phone didn't work. He was at his next door nabour, and was ringing on his phone. I had to come out straight away and fix it! No pleases or is it convinient for you. So I drove out, and it was the usual problem. He'd locked the phone after his last phone conversation by pressing the red button down too long, and it was locked. I unlocked it, wrote in the pin no and said I'd fixed it, and told him AGAIN not to press the red button too hard or too long. Of course he said I'd never told him that before,- only 16-17 times, and he couldn't see how I could tell him it was his own fault! GGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !
Later today, when the rest of the world is up and about, I'll collect father's cleaning lady and take her up to father. She's never been there before, and as there is a locked entrance door, she'll have to call him on his entry phone so he can let her in. When I've delivered her safely at father's I'm driving out to the island where I'll visit the skip. I managed to dismantle the old office chair yesterday, so I'm getting rid of it there. Then I have my weekly shop to do.

Diana,- I hope your Ploppy is safe in Japan. When do you expect him home?

Fi,- you're asking if you're overextending yourself? YES, YES AND YES ! Clear enough for you? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your decorator arriving today.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, October 14, 2019, 06:56
Morning and it was really dark here first thing, I thought the clock was wrong! Twin probably thought it was the middle of the night. At least it isn’t raining (at the moment) but I know we have rain due later and it is going to be a wet week.

I know it is this week Lady J has her interviews, but I am not sure which day, so will have all fingers and toes crossed for the rest of the week (typing may be tricky).

Goodness, I have fallen off my chair – Eva overslept yesterday morning – until 6.30 am!!!!!! Ah so the sorting out of things to take to Spxxn has started (I think it is next month you go??). I never doubted that lists will have been started. So as I thought the D/O last night was an unexpected one. There is always a “danger” week for relatively good couples, and this was it! The public vote for the bottom couples at this stage (out of sympathy), they assume the top three will be safe and so the middle pairs become vulnerable to the dance just happened.

Jo I think going back on the anti-inflammatories if they give you a lot of relief when you are walking, is a sensible thing to do. I am always surprised when you say retirement is very tiring – WE TOLD YOU it was! I just don’t think you believed us until reality struck! I am not surprised your feet ached – you seem to have been on them for a long while. I see Bruce wanted to socialise and dragged you with him. I am sure he loved the park (although I suspect it was quite wet). I didn’t actually think it was too cold yesterday – just damp and miserable, but I see you were well wrapped up! You don’t ixxn? Did I read that correctly?? I see you are still battling with the tax stuff – good luck!

Ah I hate it when that happens Diana – I gave up believing in weather forecasters when I was little and we were having a day out – either the seaside or a trip to Mme T’s at Bxker Strxxt. The forecast was for rain and so we went to Madame T – it was the hottest day of the summer! Hopefully you didn’t get too wet going to Sainsbugs. I see you were joining us in the i word marathon (so that was you, Twin and me all slaving over a hot ixxn). I see you are doing an Eva and sorting out your clothes for your holiday. I suspect the communication chaos in Jxpxn is not helping Ploppy make contact – do you know if his flight is still going to take off tomorrow (not read about what happened to the airport).

Fi! You wonder if you have taken on too much – I think you know the answer to that! So you have moved all the furniture (good luck with finding everything) and the bedroom is ready for decorating (that would have been a mammoth task on its own) and if the decorator fails to show you are going to do the decorating yourself?? Is there no other decorator you could use?? Add eight people round to dinner today and I think you will be on your knees this morning and certainly not ready to undertake decorating a room. I think I said June was called back to the optician after she had been for a check up (they rang her immediately) and she had to go back as they told her the pressure behind her eye was much to high. She had to go to the hospital to get it sorted out, and they keep a regular check on her eyes since then. Hopefully they can sort out your periphxrxl vision and at least you know your eyes are healthy. I raise my hand and confess I have still never been in an Ixxa store. I have ordered furniture on line but never stepped foot inside – like eldest Scollop it is MM’s idea of hell (think he was put off by reports from friends when they first opened stores over here and there were horrendous queues at the checkouts). I see your Father is also in the non drinking brigade, it seems to have quite a struggle to get older people to keep themselves hydrated; although odd that your father has managed ot stay healthy!

I see normality has kicked back in Eva – although 3.50 (according to the blog clock – not sure what it was where you are) seems VERY early to be up and at the pooter. Oh goodness, how frustrating about your Father’s phone. That seems a very silly way for a phone lock to work – if all it takes is an extra long press of one button. I don’t suppose leaving a little card with the instruction “Do Not Hold the Red Button down too long” would help? I see the cleaning lady is back on her feet and will be making her first visit today. At least that is something you are let off from. There is a similar system for Moving Aunt’s flat – although June has a key so doesn’t have to go through that system each visit. So not only do you put things together, you can also dismantle them – is there no end to your talents??

I managed to get through all the i word yesterday once we were home from church (fortunately it had only just started to rain when we left at midday). MM spent the afternoon looking at alternative quotes for house insurance whilst I slaved over the hot ixxn. I watched an old MM to start with and the current Bxrnxby actor was playing a potential suspect! Afterwards I watched some of the gymnastics and a couple of M’land episodes. As you know we watched the D/O – It T Two will be interesting later I feel, and then the new WW2 drama. Off to SLAPPAS shortly and then I have lots of admin and MM’s pressies to wrap up. Choir tonight – hopefully everyone will be fit and well this week, and at least we have our accompanist back. Morning BHB, yes it is brightening up now. You thought you heard an early customer? I think that might have been Eva. Let’s take the Lavendula and the Chxrros through to the conservatory and a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives. She was up early today so may be in sooner than normal!
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, October 14, 2019, 08:19
Morning all and what a dreary one. I have been up for what seems like hours, and I don't like it! However plumber was prompt and very efficient and is such a nice man. I am so glad to have found him. A good plumber is worth his weight in gold I think. So only one more loo in the house with old innards! I feel he will be back for that one ere long. Now I know I have the rest of the day I will pop out and do a food shop and I also have a bit of ixxnxxg to do. Don't think I will be going outside very much!

Diana I look on the weather forecast as a guide but never totally rely on it! At this time of year feel it more likely to rain than not! Keep telling myself we need the rain. Hopefully Ploppy will be back (ready for an ear bashing) on time. the international airport for Txkyo is Nxrita which is some way from the city (60 miles I think) and so hopefully not too badly affected. I feel the SCD result the biggest shock since Aston M. I did prefer the other dance though, but didn't think that would be the d/off!

Fi I do hope your decorator turns up as I am sure you would rather not do it yourselves! Of course you over committed, some things never change!

Oh retirement is so tiring at times Jo! I have heard people say they would like to go back to work for a rest, not me and I am pretty sure not you either!

Oh not another sleepless night Eva. Not good. Ah so your father was demanding your attendance again! Seems a bad way to lock the phone as it sounds easy to do. Maybe a different phone is the answer!

Morning BHB and of course it is Lavendula day. What? Oh you felt faint with shock for a moment seeing me in here tis early! Sorry about that. it won't happen very often I promise! Let's get more Lavendula and Churroxs and go and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Monday, October 14, 2019, 09:01
I'm in a bit of a rush as off to Pilates soon, so got to get ready.
Eva I had to sort WWW friend's phone out a few months ago as her husband had done the same thing and they couldn't remember how to unlock. I had no idea, so looked it up. I thought it was weird too.
Diana wrote:
Monday, October 14, 2019, 10:53
Morning all.

This weather is very depressing. According to the Norwegian forecast, it's 23 and sunny in Knysn* and similar for the next two days. At least I didn't get wet yesterday doing the Sains. shop.

Ploppy's flight appears to have departed on time this morning, assuming he was on it, though I think he would have contacted me by now if they'd not been able to get to the airport and missed it. It's due to land in Rome at 1800 UK time and his connecting flight lands H'row at 2300 so I'm expecting him home between 1.00 and 2.30 am. Not sure whether I'll stay up or go to bed, perhaps go to bed and put the alarm on so get a couple of hours kip.

I watched first ep of last series of Call The M'wife last night. Given the weather and not in the mood for going through the bedroom cupboards today, think I'll take the opportunity of no Ploppy and watch more eps this pm.

I don't know how you pack so much in, Fi. If I was doing dinner for 8, I would be preparing for several days and not doing anything else. Hope the decorator turned up this morning and that you & Ploppy don't do it yourself.

Not another disturbed night, Eva. I woke up several times and watched part of an ep of NCIS at 4.30 am while having a sleep tea which worked as I didn't wake till nearly 8.00 am. What a pain about your father's phone.

Good luck with the interviews, Jane.
TK wrote:
Monday, October 14, 2019, 13:25
Pauline, retirement is busy for me but not as stressful as w*rk. I like the way there is time to make appointments without having to get someone else to fill in for you with the gas man etc. I agree I would not go back either. Also, if I feel tired I can have a nap :)
I've just got back from a walk. The rain is getting heavier a bit earlier than the BBC weather for this area forecast. I can't blame them as they have been so accurate recently for the time the rain will start.
Shame this isn't with sound. Bruce is yelling at me. I need to be doing something, he is unclear as to what. He's found a hide chew, so has now quietened down to chomping sounds.

Back to tax:(
Ali wrote:
Monday, October 14, 2019, 14:18
Afternoon. Back from hosp. Tooth out but root was infected so course of antibis. Bit sore, tired as didn’t sleep too well so may have a nap.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, October 15, 2019, 03:23
Morning all, or should that be nighty, night? It's 5.03 am local time, so it should be 4.03 in the UK. At least I've slept a few hours this time.
Later this morning I'm picking up father and take him to the hospital. He has an appointment at their heart department. He's been called in there because the last time he was in hospital, thay found a heart murmur, so they want to investigate further. It takes a lot of planning to get him to the hosptal. He has to be told 3 ( so far) times, and I still have to call him at 7.30 am, and then again when I leave the house. Then I have to check that he's brought his morning meds with him, because I'm not sure whether he can take them before the tests or not. The nurse who was with hi last night for the 9pm medication rang me, and we found out how to fix it. When we've finished at the hospital, I'm planning to take him to the surgery for the flu jab. I need it too, so I hope he isn't too tired.

Tonight is HC. I haven't checked the cast list yet, but I have a feeling that we'll still be in the Lofty draught.

Diana,- I hope you'll have Ploppy home, safe and sound, and yes, you are allowed to give him an ear bashing!

Ali,- that sounds painful, but at least the reason for the pain is now history. If the root was infected, you must have had lots of painn.

Jo,- you're right about retirement. At least noone can tell you what to do and when to do it, and you are your own boss.

I think I'm falling asleep again, so I'd better be back in bed.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, October 15, 2019, 06:36
Morning and another dark start to the day although at least it is dry – think it is due to remain so for the rest of the day.

So you have experienced the locked phone syndrome Jo? I hadn’t come across it before! Hope you enjoyed your Pxlatxs, which I see you followed up with a walk (presumably for Bruce). We missed the really heavy rain (and thunder) that the Beeb forecast said we might get, and in fact when we came out of rehearsal it wasn’t raining at all. That is one of the good things about not working – being flexible with various appointments. I wonder what Bruce was trying to tell you.....I see the tax is still ongoing – maybe he was suggesting you took a break?

Diana hopefully Ploppy safely home from his adventure. Going to bed and setting the alarm seemed a good idea to me! Goodness the last series of CtM seems ages ago – I think we have to wait for a C’mas special again before we see a new one (think I read it will be set in the Outer Hebs and then the new series will be early 2020. One of my b’day pressies was a tour of the set, so will organise that for when the early Spring.

Oh Ali, how remiss of me I forgot you had your hospital dental visit. Hopefully the soreness has worn off, the anti bis are helping and you managed to get some sleep. Sending hugs.

Ah I see you were up at the crack of sparrows again Eva, hopefully you managed to get a little more sleep as it looks like you have a busy morning ahead of you. Hopefully all will go well and the tests won’t be too stressful for your Father. I think it is a good idea to take him for the flu jab and get that sorted whilst you have him out and about. Yes I think it is next week that Nurse L is back on our screens.

As mentioned we managed to avoid the thunder and torrential rain yesterday. After SLAPPAS and coffee, MM spent the afternoon sorting out our house insurance, whilst I wrapped his presents and also the November birthday ones for the New Forest (we are off to see June and family tomorrow so I thought I would get ahead of the game and take down the four birthday presents for next month – I feel very organised!). Choir went well last night and we managed to learn a new pieces of C’mas music, so quite satisfying. Today we are off to the Nat Gallery (MM’s birthday treat as he loves the Cxnxlettos) and then off for lunch nearby. As we will be going to C Crxss we will see all the protesters in T Square of course – I suspect they are somewhat damp after the last few days! We should be home early evening so will be able to put our feet up! We still have the last episode of The Cxptxre to watch so we will do that after C’lty. Morning BHB, yes it is trying to brighten up weatherwise. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Hxrvxst Mxxn through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (I somehow think she won’t be quite as early as yesterday!).
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, October 15, 2019, 09:18
Morning all and you are quite right Twin, I am back to normal! Nice to report it is dry here at the moment, not sure how long for but may make the most of it and go to WGC. I managed to do a food shop yesterday as the plumber was so good and finished nice and early. Then had some ixxnxxg to do. After that the rai meant going out to the garden was a no all I can do is sit and watch the enormous mushrooms growing in the lawn!

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MM I hope he has a lovely day and you avoid the stinky rebellion people!

Jo that is exactly right about retirement, plus you might have lots to do, but it is all things you really want to do!

Hopefully Ploppy is home safe and sound Diana. That is a very late landing at LHR!

Ali I forgot about your tooth as well, sorry! At least it is done now but can't have been very nice at all. Hope you are feeling a lot better today.

Eva not another night with disrupted sleep. You must be so looking forward to your Spanish trip. Hope you get father sorted and they find out what is wrong. As Twin says, no Lxfty tonight but we get Serena and Jac back. I have missed them as well, though not as much as L obviously!

Morning BHB and what have you concocted for us today? Harvxst Mxxn? Sounds perfect. Let's get another jug and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 15, 2019, 09:53
Happy Birthday to MM. Hope you have a lovely day.

Ali hope the tooth will feel better very soon.

Bruce is having his post walk/post breakfast sleep. His normal friends were missing from the morning walk. No idea where they have got to. There were 2 different dogs, due to the traffic jam at one of the 3 road exits from the village. Their owners decided to walk locally instead of driving to the big park. Also one dog who was being taken out to escape the new puppy at home who is really annoying him.

Diana, hope Ploppy's travel home was successful. I suspect he'll need a long nap. I know I would need a day nap.

Cliffy's RAH dates have been announced for next year ..... only 2 days!! Of course there will be fans who will go to all the concerts in the tour. Fancy doing that ;)
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, October 15, 2019, 10:58

Ploppy got home about 1.15 am. I waited up for him as didn't feel that tired - spent the time watching CTM (only 2 episodes left). Went to bed around 1.45 but I didn't get to sleep till 4.00ish. He had a mixed trip: Toyko is massive and the centre full of shops, Kyoto very touristy but he liked Hibace? They stayed in their hotel on 42nd floor during the typhoon and could feel the building swaying! The thing that impressed them the most about Japan was the toilets. He wants to try to get one for our ensuite which we are redoing next year. He tried to text me but the message didn't send for some reason. He brought me back a small, lightweight backpack which will be perfect for Oman.

Happy birthday to MM. Have a lovely day both of you.

Hope your mouth's feeling better, Ali.

Sorry you've had another poor night, Eva, trust you got some more sleep. Hope your father's appointment went well and you both had your flu injections.
maeve 12 wrote:
Tuesday, October 15, 2019, 16:05
Happy Birthday Rick,

yes I'm still alive and hope to be back on the blog again soon.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 06:29
Morning and it looks brighter than yesterday and so far it isn’t raining (at the weekend the forecast was for heavy rain all morning). Yesterday ended up being warm and sunny and a really lovely early autumn day.

Eva I hope all went well at the hospital and that you are now immune to the flu!

Oh dear, none of Bruce’s friends around, Jo? He must have been upset. Love that one of the “different” dogs was out to escape the annoying new puppy. Only two Cliffy concerts in L’don? Have you bought your tickets yet Jo? Is this going to be another tour around the UK or will you make do with just the L’don ones?? Indeed, fancy anyone doing that!

Diana, pleased to hear Ploppy was safely home in the early hours. So you are now almost caught up with CtM then. I don’t like the sound of being on the 42nd floor of the hotel and feeling it move. At least he was safe and has got home in one piece – I am now intrigued as to what makes the loos so special? I see you had a present too – and it sounds a really good one.

Maeve, lovely to see you, albeit briefly! Hopefully you will be back with us soon!

MM says thank you for the birthday wishes. We enjoyed walking through T Square in the sunshine and didn't see many protesters (believe they had gone to Buck Hse) but there were a lot of police around (in fact there were three vans in the Square with Kxnt Police logos down the sides. Whether it was due to the protest or not, there were not too many people in the Gallery so we were able to sit and look at the paintings - after the Cxnalxttos we also went and saw some Cxravaggxos and the Txrners, and one of my favourite paintings by Thomas (Exxl of Dxrby - An Experiment on a Bxrd with an Axr Pxmp - I just love the way he captured the light in the faces of those watching. Our timing was perfect and we arrived for our lunch at 1.30 pm promptly. Food was delicious (and we had a complementary Kir Royal). I had crab bisque followed by grilled chicken breast in a mushroom and cream sauce, then finished with vanilla icecream with hot chocolate sauce. MM had smoked salmon, then tenderloin of pork, and creme caramel to finish. He said the pork was the best pork dish he has had for a long while, and the creme caramel was one of the best ever. We were home just after 5pm, having walked to Leicester Square station and caught the Pic Line (would have been home sooner but we had to change to the Met Line at Rxynxrs Lxne). In the evening I watched HC (another jolly episode) and then we finally caught up with the final episode of The Cxptxre - I feel it is set up for a potential second series if necessary. Today we are off to see June and family so hoping the rain stays away. Four of the boys now at school so we will have to content ourselves with the babies (Nova will be 1 next month!). Morning BHB, yes it is a little brighter this morning. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Dxrixn Grxy into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Ali wrote:
Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 07:16
Morning. Belated birthday wishes to MM
Gum feels fine, corner of mouth however is very sore where it was pulled back with an instrument. Good day at work followed by first carols sung at choir. Only marred by some ‘aggro’ at church, falling out between treasurer and church officer. I agree with treasurer in this instance and feel officer is out of order, looks like we need a meeting!!
Staff meeting today after work. Then hoping for a quiet night in!
N is currently in Lake G**da. Enjoying the trip but the man ‘in charge’ not so much.
He’s due back Sunday night. We might manage lunch together on Monday to catch up.
Lovely to ‘see’ you Maeve. Glad your ploppy is home safe Diana. Love to all x
evam wrote:
Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 08:51
Morning all. A grey day here, but no rain.

Hello sweetheart. Oooohhhhh, why the hug? Because I didn't wake you the other night? Well, I thought it was enough with me going without sleep. You are ready today? Coffee and toasted muffins? Sounds wonderful. Thank you.💋💋💋

The hospital visit yesterday went well. Father got 7-8 cables fastened to his chest, and they are meant to stay there for 24 hours while monitoring his heartbeats. The thingy goes back to hospital today, but without father! 😜 The visit to the surgery was a fiasco. The vaccine doesn't arrive until next week, so I have to take him back then. Tomorrow I'm doing his weekly shop. He's already been in touch TWICE, asking when he's going back to hospital or to his GP (?), neither are not and have not been on the agenda. Another bad night. Woke up after about 1 hour and was wandering around for hours until I went back to bed (no idea of the time) and overslept again. I didn't wake up until 7.15 am. Unheard of.😉

Carol,- belated birthday wishes to MM. It sounds like you had a lovely time yesterday, both at the gallery and with the meal. Re Cliffy,- Jo has offered to buy me a ticket if she can manage. Fingers crossed. 🤞 I am also only interested in the London show. I hope you have a good family day today.

Diana,- good to know that your Ploppy is home. I think I've read or seen on the telly about the Japaneese loos. Quite different from ours. You'd be in for a surprise the first time you use one! 😂

Ali,- OUCH! Poor you still in pain. I am a total coward when it comes to dentists. I go when I have to, but I hardly let him do the cleaning without local anastetics (sp.?) Fighting in church? Tsk, tsk.

pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 09:14
Morning all and it is a very damp one at the moment, though it is supposed to clear later. I think I may do a bit of sorting out of kitchen cupboards this morning, then maybe I will get in the garden later. I went to WGC yesterday morning and got the bits and bobs I wanted then had a wander round the furnishings dept of JL so avoiding jumping merchandise! I got in the garden in the afternoon and managed to demushroon the lawn! It looks a lot better, well until they all grow again!

Twin I am thinking that the loos that may be the desirable ones in Jxpan have heated seated and will wash and then dry you. It is quite weird the first time you use one but it is rather nice! I love that picture you are talking about as well and agree the light in it is amazing.Have a lovely day with the family.

Glad Ploppy got home safely Diana. It is very disconcerting when the building moves like that but I know that is what they are meant to do in storms and earthquakes. If you saw Joanna L in Japan last night you get an idea of how large Txkyo is!

So that will be two Cliffy concerts you are going to then Jo? Is he touring as well or has he decided to not do that? I feel it understandable if he does not feel like a tour!

Maeve lovely to see you. I was wondering if you have managed to move yet. Hopefully you have and are getting settled.

Your poor mouth Ali. Hopefully it will soon feel better. Lucky N at Lake G especially if the weather is being kind. Shame the in charge man is spoiling it!

Morning BHB, ooh toasted muffins and Dxrian Grey, lovely. Let's get more and find the CM.

pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 09:18
You popped in just before me Eva. Glad father's visit to hospital went well though not the doctor's surgery. Not good you were pacing the floor at night again, but at least you have managed some sleep. Fingers crossed Jo managed to get you Cliffy tickets!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 10:10
Cliffy tixs not on sale until the day of the Ilkley concert. So get bags packed, sit online to get tiks (hopefully) and fly out of door to get to NYorks. I did think of going to other places rather than just London for Cliff, but decided against it. I do like the RAH. Although there are slight differences between Cliff concerts in the same tour not usually anything to do with Cliff. It is normally the difference in where you are sitting. Apart from the ONE time a few years ago he made a mistake at the beginning of the song and stopped the song to start again. Unlike another artist I could mention, though the differences are getting less.

Hi Maeve hope you can see progress with the move.

Carol sounds a lovely day. Glad you both had a good time.

They have been pulling police from all over, 2 days ago some from Scotland

Diana the thought of standing on the 42nd floor in good weather makes me feel queasy. I know the buildings in Japan are built for quakes and other extreme weather, still doesn't help. I'm glad he's back OK.

Eva what a nightmare, going to the docs and not having the drugs in stock. They have been doing them in the village since the middle of September. I'd be like your father with dates if I didn't have them on my wall calendar. I check in the evening and morning as to what I'm meant to be doing. (After I've confirmed what day it is!!!) Hope today is quieter for you.

Bruce has beaten any record for toy destruction this morning. Chantale sent him a dog toy in the post. He was watching me open a large letter. As soon as I got a little bit out he started jumping up to grab it. I got it out of the envelope, took off the label (yes it was a new dog toy) and gave it to him. He threw it up in the air a couple of times, then charged to his day bed and within seconds was pulling the ear. There was ripping and sounds of him trying to get the fur out of his mouth. Within less than 5 mins it was devastation. Bits of stuffing on the floor and Bruce with a white moustache, it was a lamb. It can be repaired. Lovely to Chantale to think of him. He did enjoy it, I will repair.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 12:05
This morning I've gone through my cupboard with handbags, bags, hats and bits & pieces. Got rid of a few things, including several boxes I'd kept of mainly electronic stuff. The cupboard's now much tidier so I can find stuff easier when I want it. Caught up with the lost sleep from Monday as I didn't wake till 8.30 am. Need to get back to waking up around 7.00 as we have an early start next Wed and Oman is, I think, 4 hours ahead and won't want to waste the morning in bed. Sorry to see you had yet another bad night, Eva.

No guesses for where Ploppy spent yesterday pm and early evening! He's gone to see his mum this morning. We had intended to go to the Ryd*r Cup and Chicago next September and Ploppy got through the first round for tickets which go on sale today but we've decided against it as it wouldn't be cheap and it'll be crowded with noisy, possibly rude, Amer*cans so wouldn't get to see much golf. Will go somewhere in Europe for a few days instead.

I was thinking of you a couple of days ago, Maeve, and wondering what was happening with your move. Hope it's going through smoothly.

Lake G*rda was first place we went on a package holiday when I was 18. Beautiful scenery and lots to see and do in the area. I remember the only problem we had was the language as the locals spoke Italian, German, French and 4th was English. Hope he's enjoying the trip.

Yesterday's meal sounds yum, Carol.

Mushrooms have suddenly sprung up in our garden too, Pauline. Ploppy is hoping to cut the lawn when he cuts back, weather permitting.

Poor lamb.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, October 17, 2019, 07:23
Morning and at the moment we have blue skies and sunshine – forecast says late morning we will have rain which will last most of the day (hopefully they are wrong – they were yesterday!).

Pleased to hear your gum feels fine Ali – I know what you mean about the instrument that pulls back your mouth – it makes it very sore as you say. Ah so you have joined in the singing of C’mas music! We are a few weeks ahead of you. Not so good that there has been a falling out of officials. I feel you do need a meeting to clear it up – good luck. Hopefully the staff meeting was a quick one (have customers picked up?) and you were able to have your quiet night. Oh we had a lovely holiday at Lake G’a – beautiful part of Itxly. What a shame the “man in charge” is being a pain, but hopefully N will still be able to appreciate the place! A catch up lunch on Monday sounds an excellent idea.

I am glad the hospital visit went well on Tuesday Eva – that sounds an interesting way to measure your Father’s heartbeat – hopefully he didn’t wonder what it was and try to take them off! Not so good about the flu jab – Moving Aunt is due one (June had her’s yesterday evening) but the doctor is going to her apartment to do it. That is not good that you were up for hours – I do hope once you are safely away in Spxin you can get back into a proper routine of sleep (I suspect having a time away stress free may well do to the trick). Ah so you will be seeing Cliffy too. I see like Twin you have experienced the J’ese loos (thank you for the description Twin).

Jo, I see you are all planned for the Cliffy ticket purchase – I hope it all goes to plan! We like the RAH too, although it is a bit of a pain getting there (we have got lost on more than one occasion when we have come out and gone the wrong way for the Underground! I saw that they were bringing police in from all over the country as the Met were too stretched. I have to say I wouldn’t like to be 42 storeys up anywhere, let along in a swaying building. Our surgery have been doing the vaccinations since September too – MM was due to go before the lurghy got him, so will need to arrange something now he is almost well again. I see you are in the “what day is it today” early part of retirement. I have to say since we inherited my Mother’s day clock (tells the days rather than the time) it has made life easier for MM, who always used to ask me in the morning “what day is it today?”. Usually it is easy as we have routine things planned, but during the summer holidays when activities stop it can be quite tricky. Oh Bruce! Poor little lamb – hopefully he will soon be repaired (although wondering what sort of home he has come to!).

Diana I am due another handbag and clothes sort out – I am hoping I might get to that at some point today. Good that you have caught up with some of your lost sleep. Let me see – I wonder what Ploppy can have been doing – it wouldn’t be playing golf by any chance – just a wild guess I know. I hope his visit to his mum went well. I think the locals around Lake G have added English to their requirements (it sounds like our first ever visit to Pxrtugxl – when we travelled north from Lxsbon. They only spoke Pxrtxgxese or Gxrmxn. Fortunately at the time I could remember enough of my Gxrmxn to get us by!

As I mentioned yesterday’s weather was lovely – it was warm, we had blue skies and sunshine. We had a lovely time with the family, and the two babies. Nova is now walking if you hold her hands, so I don’t think it will be long before she is off on her own. Aidan, being three months younger, is still at the crawling stage (but only backwards), although if you hold his hands he will stand with quite straight legs. Both were as good as gold. We called into Moving Aunt on the way home and she was fine – she had had her hair done in the morning and was very chirpy. The motorways were not too bad coming home, although we now come off before the big jam on the X25 around LHR. We got back just after 6pm. Today MM is off to meet up for lunch with a colleague and I have a lot of admin to get through, plus do the mini sort out. Tonight we have a service and social for the Area Archdeacon, who is retiring. Fortunately it is at a church in Rxxslxp and there is a large public car park nearby, so no worries about having to find somewhere to park! Morning BHB, yes it is a sunny start. Let’s take the churros and the Cxtillixn through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Thursday, October 17, 2019, 08:28
Mr ExP was meant to be walking Mw3Ds lurcher at 8am. He was just walking to the park with little dog at 8.20, so running late. No change there. Mw3Ds will not be happy, if he's told 8am it is 8am +or - 2 mins. I'm going to go along to see Mw3Ds without Bruce at about 10am. Don't want Bruce to meet up with the lurcher again, not good!!
I better go and sort out before I go.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, October 17, 2019, 08:49
Morning all and it is a lovely sunny day though sadly I think it is lulling us into a false sense of security and we get the rain back later. I am lunching with Ari's Mum today which will be lovely. She seems to be coping well with her loss, mainly cos I think she knew it was coming. The funeral is next Tursday. I offered to go with her but she is staying overnight and obviously I can't do that! I will see today if she would like me to go anyway. I didn't really know David that well as I rarely saw him, so I am not being horrid and heartless, promise! I had a nice clear out and tidy of two of my cupboards yesterday and they look much better. Only 5 more to go!

Ah so you are getting geared up for Cliffy tickets then Jo. Hope the wait isn't too long if you are driving to Ilkley after. I am a bit jealous as I love it round Ilkley. Very beautiful. I hate being high up in hotels. The one we stayed at in Sxngapore was 698 storeys high, all rooms had open balconies and big floor to ceiling windows. Ughh! I used to have to request a room on one of the lower floors. I see Bruce is back in soft toy slayer mode!

Ah so Ploppy had to rush off for a fix of golf then Diana! I can understand your thinking about the R Cup. Having seen what the crowds can be like I agree it could be a wasted journey. Mind Chicago is one of my fav US cities so worth a visit.I am hoping my lawn may be dry enough for a quick cut over the next few days.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Cxtxllion> Sounds perfect, oh and churros, you know how to keep us happy! Let's get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Thursday, October 17, 2019, 15:49
Afternoon all. It's been raining non-stop the whole day. But then

STOP PRESS ! ! ! !

I've had the first full, uninterrupted night of sleep in over a month! From around 11 pm last night until 5.30 am this morning I was lost to the world. Heaven! How it happened, I hear you ask. I had a phone conversation with my GP yesterday, and he suggested a new tweek to my night meds, and it worked. He was ever so pleased when I called this morning and told him,- and so was I. Now we have to see if it will last. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed that it will. 😃😃🤞🤞
Today I did father's wekly shop. while I was there youngest sister rang and invited me for lunch. She had a surprise for me., which was: They've bought a new car! A T**ota Prius Hybrid:
It's white with black roof. Very classy, and I was envious. Sis said that I looked like a new person with only one full night's sleep, so she expected me to be a full blown beauty if this goes on! Cheeky mare!

While I was at sis's, father telephoned her twice and me once. I think he's losing it, and that's not being unkind. He c an't remember anything for more than 5 minutes. Do I look forward to Nov 4th? Yes I do. Then I'll be on a flight to Spain!

I'm sorry I haven't had time to read through the blog today, but I wanted to get in a few words before P*intless. See you tomorrow.
TK wrote:
Thursday, October 17, 2019, 20:21
I'm so glad that you had more sleep Eva. Just a tweek to the meds, well done doc. Sad for your father. Not remembering. He must feel very lost (not geographically) much of the time. Which of course has a knock on effect to all involved with him.
I have a problem with remembering the name of the dog breed which is at the top of Bruce's 'don't like' list. Bruce has been reading the internet 'Unfortunately, in their minds, they are much larger than they really are, which can sometimes lead them to harass and even attack much larger dogs.' He likes to get in first when he sees one. I have a trick with remembering names which sometimes works, the use of a more common word where I can see a link with the word I'm wanting. I chose 'apple', which gives me pomme, which should lead to the beginning of the dog breed name. Unfortunately it left me the other day with the question 'what dog breed begins with apple or app?'
Mw3Ds was much happier today he had some good communication with wife. Apparently Mr ExP gave him a lot of support too.

evam wrote:
Friday, October 18, 2019, 01:58
Morning ( or middle of the night) all. It's pitch dark outside as the time is now 3.48 am.

I lost my post, so I'll start again.

How long was Eva in Paradise? One night it seems. I haven't slept at all tonight, but I have "free" day today, (unless father can think of something he wants me to do. He's not backwards in coming forwards!) so maybe I can have a lie-in?

Jo,- I had a look at Bruce's most hated dog. It's more of a ball of fur than a proper dog!

Pauline,- I hope you had a nice lunch with Ari's mum. Are you going to the funeral?

Carol,- I hope you are right about being stressfri while in Spain will make my sleeping better. Glad you had a good time with the family.

Diana,- I can see Ploppy rushing out with his golf paraphenelia (sp?). The abstinence must have been bad for him.😜
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, October 18, 2019, 07:07
Morning and grey start – think we are due some rain later. Hopefully it will be like yesterday, when the rain came late morning but then disappeared and it was a fine and warm afternoon and evening.

Oh I see Mw3D is a punctuality freak Jo. Think you are wise to keep Bruce and the Lurcher separate. I have to say I am not a fan of apple dogs either – they always look very crossy and snappy. Having said that I have never actually encountered one, and as we know you should never judge by appearances! Love your thinking process to remember the breeds’ name! Oh that was good Mw3D had been talking to his wife (I am assuming they are still married?) and that he was in a happier place. Well done to Mr ExP.

Oh Eva – I was going to shout “hooray” after your post yesterday afternoon – I thought the sleep deprivation was going to be a thing of the past. Sadly I see that last night was back to normal, in fact worse than normal – how disappointing. Lovely that you had lunch with younger sister. Did she tell you all about her holiday in the sun, and how is she getting along – I imagine she is well on the way to being healed and may be able to do things for herself now? So a new car (don’t tell Hazel!). Oh dear, so Father’s memory is getting much worse. I do hope you get a father free day today and you can catch up on some day time sleep (you could always mute the ringer on the phone??). Sending hugs as I feel you need them.

I did manage to do my clothes swap (well one of the under bed bags – have another two to sort through) and spent the afternoon pressing the things that had been packed away. MM enjoyed his meet up with his friend, who has decided he won’t try and look for a new job as they can manage until his pension starts in a couple of years. We went to the service in the evening and Rob and Jackie were there, so we had a catch up and managed to find a date for their annual visit to us just before Ch’mas – we were trying to find a date beforehand for us to go to them for supper, but both diaries were fairly full and the free dates didn’t coincide. In the end we agreed we would postpone going to them until the New Year. Today I am off for my hot larva shell back massage (really looking forward to that) and having my hair done. I will then be collected by MM and we will do our normal Friday morning food shop. I have some admin to do this afternoon and must start writing my service for Sunday. We have choir practice this evening, so that takes care of the day quite nicely! Morning BHB, yes it has got a little brighter now. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted teacakes into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, October 18, 2019, 08:47
Morning all and nice and bright at the moment though I think it will be like yesterday and get wet later. We had a lovely lunch yesterday, we both had the same, crab pate and sourdough toast, smoked haddock on champ mash with a poached egg then tarte tartin. All very yummy. Ari's Mum is fine, though of course sad about David. She realises the poor man couldn't go on as he was suffering badly. She will be glad when the funeral is done with. At the moment I am not going to the funeral as she is staying overnight with someone. She knows I will go with her if needed but her cousin is going and so she will have good support and I hope will be ok. She is more bothered about Ari at the moment I think. He is at the vets as I type. He has to have xrays of his heart as they want to check if it is enlarged. Fingers and toes all crossed that he is ok. Today I may do a bit more cupboard clearing. I have one in desperate need. I hardly dare open the door as things fall out!

Ah so Bruce not an apple dog fan then Jo. Must say I am with him! Only one I have seen I like is Gxdget in The Sxcret Lxfe of Pxts!

Glad MW3D is feeling better. Well done you and Mr ExP.

Oh pooh Eva that is not good. I think we all thought the sleep problem was cracked. Don't despair this may be a set back but it may still be better. I am hoping like mad it is and have everything crossed as well. Also hope you got a lie in and father leaves you be for a day. Ok so maybe not likely but we can always hope! Sending hugs as well.

Think we are all jealous of Twin and her massage!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Oh it's Vanillita day of course. So let's get more and then we can find the CM and have a nice snuffle.

Ali wrote:
Friday, October 18, 2019, 09:13
Morning. I’ve been awake since 5am!! Needed the loo and couldn't get back to sleep, feel for you Eva if you wake so early every day, do hope you can get into a better pattern. Off to work shortly then tonight seeing local am dram play (friend’s daughter has leading role)
Jo I always think of pom poms when I see those dogs! Bet they look very different if they get wet!
Met friend for coffee after work yesterday, we discussed church issue and agreed that it’s all a storm in a teacup but one party has resigned and may be for the best in long run!
Keeping everything crossed for Ari 🤞
TK wrote:
Friday, October 18, 2019, 09:18
Poor Bruce this morning. He was 'Billy no mates for 2' circuits, then Archie came in. He is a Cavochon which is a combination of the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Looks like a medium sized white Cockerpoo. So he must have something else in him to give him the long legs. His mum works from home most days. Found out today she works booking hotels etc for touring bands.

I'm off to see Marty W this evening, sell out, so I'm going to go early for 1) the parking and 2) the rush hour on a Friday. One time when I went to The Stables near MK on a Friday it took me hours, thought I was going to miss the start.

I had an envelope this morning the last bit of my pension has got stuck again as there is an error in the paperwork. It is the bit going to savings so does not effect my current incomings. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHH

I better get on as need to email financial advisor

evam wrote:
Friday, October 18, 2019, 10:01
Morning (again) all. The weather is lovely here, but a bit chilly.

Hello sweetheart. You look surprised to see me? You didn't expect to see me today as I was visiting in the small hours of the day? I couldn't resist coming in and saying hello to you.💋💋💋 You'll brew another batch of coffee for me, and toast a couple of teacakes ? You are the best! 😍

I'm not sure I know what to do with this crazy sleep pattern. I fell asleep just before 4 am, and didn't wake up until 9am! Unheard of, and I felt like it was the middle of the day. I told myself that my name is not Pauline, and I don't sleep so late. OPS. does that sound as if I'm criticising Pauline? Far from me to do that, but I think that I'll start talking about something else before I dig the hole any deeper. Sending hugs, Pauline. 🤗🤗🤗

Carol,- yes, youngest sister is on the mend, but she's still going to her physio twice a week. I am sure one of your wonderful massages would do wonders for her. Lucky you.

Pauline,- oh, I hope nothing serious is the matter with Ari. I can understand why his mum is worried.

Ali,- do you think peace will be restored when that person leaves? Fingers crossed.🤞

Jo,- I feel for Bruce no-mates! I'm sure he'll forget that nobody loves him as soon as he sees one of his friends. Still battling with the pension people? This is beyond a joke now.

Haven't heard from father so far today. I think I'll go for a walk and "forget" to bring my mobile.
TK wrote:
Friday, October 18, 2019, 10:36
Bruce had a visit from Duffy, she is still not feeling 100%. So he was very attentive, looking after her as she inspected the garden.

My aches are feeling much better since I started back on the Ibruprophen. I can now bend down to pick up what I need to from the ground in the morning.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, October 19, 2019, 06:51
Morning and a nice bright start – I think we are due sunshine most of today. Yesterday was quite nice in the morning, although the breeze was quite cool. We did have a torrential downpour in the afternoon (it was so loud I thought it might be hailstones, but it was just the rain).

Oh dear Ali, so you are another early bird that couldn’t get back to sleep (that sometimes happens to me too). I have never thought of the pommes getting wet – now I am thinking they would look like damp cotton wool. That was nice you had a coffee with your friend and I see one of the parties in the dispute has resigned, so as you say that may be for the best in the long run, but suspect it leaves a gap that someone will have to fill even if only temporarily. How is the mouth – has it settled down now? Hope you enjoyed the play – what did you see?

Oh Bruce! No friends to play with for a whole two circuits. He must have been bereft. Sounds like his mum has a very interesting job! Hope you enjoyed Marty W – I am with you, I would rather be early and sure I am there than leave in time and then something goes wrong. I remember trying to get to WEM at G’ford after Twin had her op and there had been an accident and we thought we wouldn’t make it in time. Oh rats! More trouble with pension – do hope you/and or your FA were able to get it sorted. I see Bruce had a visitor later so may be that evened out the lack of social connection earlier. How lovely that he was looking after Duffy as she is still unwell. I think it was a good idea to go back on the I’prufen – if it gives you relief and makes you able to do things more easily then it would be silly not to.

I was so glad to read you did manage to get some sleep Eva. I am not surprised you were disorientated afterwards and it felt like midday. Hopefully as the day progressed you got back into the swing of things. That’s excellent that youngest sister is well on the mend. As it was such a bad fall I imagine she will be going to physio for quite a while yet. I think you are right and a lovely relaxing massage would work wonders. I hope you managed to have the rest of the day Father free – and that you did go for a walk without your mobile! You need some down time!!!!

My hot shell massage was bliss – and then I had my hair treated and blow dried. My fringe has been cut so now I can see the world. After my visit to the salon we went and did our weekend food shop, MM went to the bank, and I looked for some trousers in MandS but didn’t see any I liked (that’s a first!). I may need to look elsewhere. I want some fairly smart grey ones with pockets – we use microphones when leading services in church and I like to be able to slip the mike pack into my trouser pocket. The men are ok as they can put it in their jacket pocket or trouser pockets, but we ladies struggle! Once we wer home I typed up MM’s service for the morning and sort out music for Choir in the evening. We were home in time for WILTY, which was hilarious as usual. Today I must sort out my service for tomorrow and get the house ready as Mrs Chris coming this afternoon. She is off to a birthday party for an ex teaching colleague. It is being held about twenty minutes from us. MM will run her there this evening (I will stay put as she has to be there at about 7pm and SCD will be on!). She said she will get a cab home at about 11.30 – so I will stay up to let her in. Then she will stay overnight and go home tomorrow after lunch. Due to rushing around I have missed the last few ITT so no idea how everyone is coping with their dances this week. I wonder if Alex will have a backlash as Dxv went too never know what the voters are thinking! Morning BHB, yes a nice bright start. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Blxck Rxse through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Saturday, October 19, 2019, 07:47
Morning all. It's not bad outside. I can even see a few glimpses of blue sky.

Hello sweetheart. What do we have today? Toasted crumpets? Sounds good to go with the coffee and snuggle. You wouldn't happen to know how to do a hot shell massage? You don't have to shout at me! I only asked. Let's calm down and settle on the sofa.🤗😍

Another funny ( not Haha ) night. I fell asleep fairly quickly, but woke up around 3am. I pottered around doing some packing, readied the washing machine for later (we're not allowed to use the w/m before 7 am which is understandable). Around 5 am I made myself a mug of coffee to go with a read, but fell asleep again sitting upright in bed and was away for about 2 hours! I feel fine today. Wonder what it will be like tonight. 😜
I have a busy day ahead of me. First a quick visit to father's. Then off to a birthday party for Henrik who is 1 today. He and his parents came to Bergen on Wednesday. Of course Henrik's birtday has to be celebrated here! Then early evening I'm off to the airport to collect Viljar and his family returning from Spain. Viljar's mum and dad have sent a lot of snaps, and it looks like they've had a lovely time. The weather has been good all the time. I'm hopeing to be home in time for Strictly.

Jo,- I'm also always leaving home in plenty of time for whatever I'm doing. I'd rather wait an extra half hour than being half an hour late. Hope Marty W was good and you enjoyed the concert.

Carol,- I did go for a walk yesterday, with the phone in my pocket (but father didn't know that!). He didn't ring anyway. Your hair looks great.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, October 19, 2019, 09:02
Morning all and it is a lovely sunny day again today. I think we are in for a much drier and brighter week this week, which will be nice. Today I am in my usual weekend Wishy Washy mode and then I may continue Operation Kitchen Cupboard. I did a bit more yesterday and found quite a few things out of date. I will do the other store cupboard next then after that it will be the dishes, plates and mugs I think. I will see how it goes! As we are promised a drier week I will leave the garden for a day or so to let it dry out. So SCD tonight. After last week I would think it possible that the voting will be slightly saner! That puts DJ back in the firing line I think especially if the previews of his jive are anything to go by!

Ali I hope you had a better night last night. A wet Pomme would be interesting! I used to have a Pxrsian cat. He had a beautiful coat (hard work though) and was very glam, until he got wet! He looked so small ! He always used to glare at me as if I had made it rain on him! Sounds as if the resignation could be a very good thing! Hope the play was a roaring success.

So Bruce was a Billy No Mate in the park then Jo. Hopefully today he will be fine with lots of friends. So sweet of him to look after Duffy. I can see why you want to take the ibxprxfen. Sounds the right thing to do to me.

Eva it sounds as if your body needs a bit of retraining sleep wise, it has got used to waking in the middle of the night. At least you have had sleep now which is a big step in the right direction. Happy Birthday to Henrik and I hope he has a lovely party. I am another that would rather be early than late, training by my father has a lot to do with it as he thought lateness rude! Well unless there was a very good reason.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Blxck Rxse? Sounds very interesting. Let's get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, October 19, 2019, 14:54
Afternoon all.

Lovely day today. I hung the washing out early and am hoping it will all be dry when bring it in shortly. I did a small food shop in M&S this morning, being careful not to get more than we need to cover the next four days.

Before that I started the packing. Packed two-thirds and thought everything I'd put out might not all go in the case so half emptied it, removed 2/3 things which I decided I could do without and put my walking boots in my shoulder bag instead to make more room, and repacked. I think the remaining clothes will now fit in and I'll pack those in a couple of days. I have more than usual as have to cover up when we go out so am taking some safari trousers and shirts, plus a shawl for my head, and wearing shorts only round the hotels. As we're staying in several places, I won't want to spend ages packing every time we move on so don't want my case to be bursting. I'll put all my footwear, toiletries and bath bag in my shoulder bag while we're touring so packing the case should be much easier.
We start with four days in the capital, Muscat, which looks quite a large city and is very spread out - this is where we're staying at the start:
We want to go to the mosque, probably on Saturday, it sounds fabulous:
We also hope to see the opera house, a park and nearby beach but it depends how energetic we feel given the heat. The rest of this time we'll be spending by the pools, the hotel grounds and intend to make good use of the gym to counteract all the food we eat. Twins, you'll be horrified to know that during the holiday we probably won't have any wine or spirits and the only alcohol will be the odd beer, given Oman is a Muslim country and it is very expensive so we anticipate drinks in the hotels will be silly money (we'll make up for it in SA during the winter!). We pick up a rental car on the Monday and tour for five days before returning to Muscat but on the east coast about 20 miles away for a few more days, mostly relaxing. I'll write about the tour another time.

On Thursday I ordered some clothes as Xmas pressies so think I am well on the way. Fingers crossed I can pick up a couple of small things from Oman. Dad's test went OK yesterday so now we wait to hear the results. He has been better the past couple of days, apparently he has been drinking more!

Hope Ari's OK.

Sorry your sleep is all over the place, Eva, though it sounds a slight improvement. Hope you have had a peaceful day today and get a good night tonight, and Ali too. I'm not sleeping that well either at present but it's nothing compared to you.

Glad the ibrup. is helping, Jo. Think it was a good decision to go back on it.
evam wrote:
Saturday, October 19, 2019, 19:33
I am angry with the judges on Strictly. How could they give Kelvin only an 8 while last week they gave David an 8 as well. BBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH.
Sorry, I just had to get it off my chest.
See you tomorrow.
TK wrote:
Saturday, October 19, 2019, 20:09
I was up late this morning, only an hour, but it did mean that none of Bruce's friends were about this morning. He did have a good time at the stables, lots of sniffs. But he was a bit bored when I was helping change the ink cartridges on the printer. That was changed when the 2 dogs were let out of their stable. They are confined when there are lots of customers and some people are frightened of them. Bruce is fine with the dogs as they are very friendly. I saw the new horses, they are lovely. One smaller one looks very similar to the last horse I used to ride, 2 larger ones are lovely too. Apparently they have been out in fields for the last year. Boss thinks one of them is ready to be ridden by customers now.

Pauline I hope Ari can be treated. How old is he now?

Diana sounds like you have booked another excellent holiday. I'm looking forward to the reports. I do like to 'travel' without leaving my chair.

Bruce had a gggrrr with a Yorkie he met today. No danger as Bruce and Yorkie were on leads. Then we met 2 labs in quick succession, and he was fine. Just have to be careful. With people he is fine.

I nearly finished filing yesterday, so I can find the papers to complete the tax form. Not finished it today MUST do it tomorrow. Bruce permitting :)

Eva fingers crossed for your sleep tonight. I would suggest listening to an episode of the ORIGINAL MacGyver as it always works for me, but I doubt it would work for you. (His 1995 series Legend also work for me. )
evam wrote:
Sunday, October 20, 2019, 01:33
Morning (night ?) all. It's 3.14 am here, and as usual I only slept for about 1 1/2 hour before I was wide awake. I haven't done anything sensibly yet, just playing solitaire on the pooter.
The birthday party was lovely, with Henrik quite overwhelmed with it all. You should have seen his face when we started singing Happy Birthday for him. He sat there, looking from one person to the other, his mouth a big O😮. His mum had baked a small cake just for him, and when it was placed before him, he hadn't a clue what he should do with it! 😂 He very carefully touched the whipped cream, but didn't know he was meant to put it in his mouth. When he finally discovered what to do, he was on it,- eating with both his hands and loving it! It's the first time he's ever tasted cake and he really, really loved it!
Then I went to the airport to pick up Viljar and his family. It took ages for them to come through, because when they finally could leave the luggage belt, it was to discover that one of their suitcases was missing. No wonder I wondered what on earth had happened to them. I was pretty sure that I hadn't missed the five of them coming through. Viljar's dad finally called me and asked me to please be patient, as they had to report the missing suitcase.

Jo,- thank you for the suggestion of watching MacGyver to send me to sleep. I don't think I'll try it.

I have calmed down a bit about Strictly, but am still furious about how the judges underscored Kelvin. I voted for him online, 3 times, to make it up to him. David was judged correctly this time.

I think I'll try to go to bed again, and maybe be lucky to catch some more sleep.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, October 20, 2019, 07:01
Morning and a nice bright start to the day – I think we are due a rain free one again.

I see you also had blue sky yesterday Eva. I see the sleeping is still being erratic (I can understand the regulations against washing machines before 7 am – although quite frustrating as it would be a good time to get the laundry out of the way). At least you managed another couple of hours, even if you were sitting up. Oh how lovely – goodness is Henrik already one! – a birthday party for you. Of course the celebration had to happen in Bxrgxn! It sounds as if the holiday in Spxin was a success for Viljar and family – doubtless you will hear all about it when you collect them. The judges are always careful with the votes for the first couple to dance as they need to see if anyone deserves a higher mark. I have to say I did agree with them about his leg placement and of course they look for technical things that we don’t really understand. I think David’s mark was high last week as there was such a big improvement over the previous weeks. Oh dear, I see last night’s sleep was not better, at least you had a lovely party with Henrik. Bless – I am sure he loved being sung to. Of course he loved his cake (after he worked out what to do with it). Oh how strange Mrs Chris and I were talking about lost luggate yesterday afternoon. Her son has had to change flights on his way home to Swxdxn from Bxdxpest – due to delays he only had five minutes to change planes at the airport – he made it, but his suitcase didn’t! Hopefully the case will turn up for Viljar’s family and be safely returned to them. Hope you have a nice restful day today and manage to get in an Eva (or two).

It was a lovely day yesterday weatherwise Diana and made a change from the rain. I see you are in the not buying too much food immediately before a holiday – it is a fine line between leaving an empty fridge, and spending the last day at home with nothing to eat. You will have realised that I am never likely to be going on holiday to a place that serves no incohol, so Omxn and its neighbours are out for me as I wouldn’t consider it a holiday without some nice cooling g&t or wine!! The mosque looks very interesting. Hopefully it won’t be too hot and you will be able to cover up with lightweight clothing. I am sure the tour around will be very interesting. Pleased to hear that your Dad’s tests went well and hopefully he won’t have to wait too long for the results. Excellent that he is drinking more, that should help.

Oh dear another day for Bruce with no friends – he will be getting a complex. Did he not lend a hand changing the printer cartridge – I am surprised. I am sure he was delighted when two new friends came out to play. The new horses sound a lovely addition to the stables (I make that two consecutive weeks of stable visit). Ah I see Bruce had a grrrr off with a Yorkie, as you say no worries if he is on the lead (and the Yorkie was too). Well done on almost finishing the filing and hopefully the tax form can be completed today and returned so the pension can be resolved.

Mrs Chris arrived safely yesterday afternoon and had a lovely time at the party. MM drove her over (about 15/20 minutes away) but friends brought her home at 10.50 pm. I think it did her good to be able to catch up with work colleagues that she hasn’t seen for a while. We watched SCD of course (think the bottom two will be in the d/o tonight – the natural order is always returned once there has been a shock elimination as there was last week). We are off to church to lead the services, but Mrs Chris is staying and having a sleep in (it was a late night for her – as she got to bed at 11.30pm). When we get home we are off to lunch (same brasserie that we went to with the family for my birthday) and then she will drive herself home. I need to put the laundry on this afternoon so that I can do the i word tomorrow afternoon. Morning BHB, yes a nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Mxan Fxddlxr through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Ali wrote:
Sunday, October 20, 2019, 08:25
Morning. Blue skies so far, hoping it stays dry as promised Jack a driving lesson after church.
Carol: the play was ‘Blue Stockings’ about ladies at Camb Uni around 1890’s It was very good, as their productions usually are. Mouth feels fine now, just being careful about eating on that side until gum properly healed.
N will be glad to get home tonight, it’s been a tiring trip. I’m needed at work tomorrow so suggested he have a relaxing day and we eat out in the eve in local pub instead. Means we can walk and both have a drink.
Safe travels Diana, looking forward to updates
Wish I lived near you Jo, fancy a horse ride as haven’t been for years. Nobody wanted to join me on holiday!
Better get moving as I’m on vestry duty today so need to be first at church
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, October 20, 2019, 09:54
I can't believe it I just lost a lovely long post and no idea where it went! I could scream! I am lat already and have the ixxnxxg to do so this will be a lot briefer! I overslept a bit which is why I am late.

I will do the Ari report first. I rang his Mum yesterday and he is recovered from the x rays though he slept a lot. They found his heart is slightly enlarged, but not too serious. It can be contained with him being on tablets for life but they are a very successful treatment and so he should lead a normal and full life. Hope so. He is now about 11. I know it doesn't seem possible! Still very active and cute but maybe not as bouncy as he was! Fingers crossed he is ok.

So you are packing Diana. You will love Oman I think as at least in Mxcxt they are much more relaxed towards us than some other countries near by. The people were charming when I went there so hope fully you will find them so as well The mosque is lovely! I seem to recall we drank beer mostly (in the hotel of course) so I am guessing it was reasonably priced!

So Bruce had a grrr at a Yxrkie did he? Good for him! the only dog that has ever tried to bite me was one and so I am not best fond! Glad he likes the stable dogs though.

Eva so glad Henrik enjoyed his b/day party and has discovered the joys of cake! I watched SCD and thought David much more sensibly marked this week I like Kxlvin a lot but did think this was the weakest dance he has done so far, thought still excellent of course and 8 is a good score. I feel Dxvid is doomed, but we shall see! So lost luggage, what a pain. Hope it turns up soon. Maybe it fancied a longer holiday in the warm!

Ali I am thinking the pub sounds a good idea. Hope N isn't too worn out by his travels.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Mxan Fxddlxr> Sounds good to me. Let's get more and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Sunday, October 20, 2019, 10:06
Very late getting on today. Bruce did meet up with friends this morning even though I was late. The little dog met us on the way there, she is still not well. Mrs ExP said they will book her to the vets again.

Ali I've been told that 'Blue Stockings' was a good play. Glad you enjoyed it. It was an interesting time. One of my great aunts went to college at about that time. I was young when she died, it would have been interesting to talk to her about what it was like.

Filing is calling me...........................
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, October 21, 2019, 04:31
Morning! like Eva i am not sleeping well. lots going on in my head at the moment - most of it in middle of night!
Had quick skim of blog. glad everyone well.
Eva - the bday party sounds like fun and great that you had family time off from our worries around your father. would your dad use a dairy? we have "taught" dad that he must write everything down in his diary (we all encourage him to do this all the time) and he again has been "taught" that when he wants to know what he is doing that day (or has done the previous day! ) then he consults his diary. this now works well - tho did take some "training". It really helps him as well as us as he feels in control of what is happening. when your father phones to ask about what he is doing you can then remind him to consult his diary?? Ploppy and i have got ourselves ready for the day when we are in dads shoes and both now write up our diary daily!
Ali - sympathy for your dental pain. i have big dental procedure in Nov which involves cutting the gum - aargh!
Diana - enjoy your hol. Don't think i could visit a ME country as wouldn't be able to keep shtum about the discrimination against women - and minorities. I would ask difficult and pointed questions and ploppy would be trying (unsuccessfully) to shut me up! Tho I do hope that tourism will help change attitudes and practices.
Jo - you have obviously built up good experience in dealing with financial papers - may need to hire you!
Pauline - good to hear that Ari on the mend. I hate when I lose posts - grrr.
Carol - just as your friend leaving so our friends arrive today. I made the casserole yesterday and also a nice white choc and g.nger cheesecake. i then had other friends last night - and we had half the meal last night - they were the guinea pigs! One friend's grandson was born during the eve. really strange as last year her granddaughter was born when she was here for a bbq. I said she must keep visiting us if wants more grandchildren!
off to finish my book - as cant sleep.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, October 21, 2019, 06:49
Morning and it was another dark start – we are due rain at any moment, so you won’t be surprised to hear it is quite grey out! In fact I think once it starts we have the rain for most of the day.

Oh I have heard of the play Ali. It is about lady undergrads not getting degrees the same as the men I think? It sounds really fascinating. Glad to hear the gum is healing. I expect N had lots of tell you about his visit to Itxly (I can imagine it was tiring as I presume it involved driving around the lake and surrounding areas). Hope you had a lovely evening out together.

Phew Jo, so Bruce has seen his friends (sorry that little dog still under the weather – think a trip to the vets is a very good idea). So your doggy alarm clock didn’t wake you earlier in the morning? Oh what a shame you didn’t get to talk to your great aunt – I am sure she would have been fascinating to talk to - especially as she was brave enough to go to college. Hope the filing went well!

Oh goodness Fi, so you are doing as Eva and not sleeping well and getting up very early. That’s a very good idea about the diary – glad it is working for your Dad, although I do see constant reminders would be necessary. We don’t have a diary ourselves, but a long calendar that we write everything on, and every month I type up a “diary” that we blutack to one of the kitchen cupboards – I type in all the appointments etc that we have, but leave space to write in any new ones that crop up during the week. We also have one up in the study as an aide memoire!! Ah so your dental visit is next month – fingers crossed! I see you were entertaining again yesterday – so anyone wanting children in the family should visit and eat with you? The white choc and ginger cheesecake sounds delish! Hope you managed to get back to sleep at some time.

The services went well in the morning (Mrs Chris was still asleep so we left her tucked up in bed – I did leave notes saying where all the breakfast things were and she managed to watch the Wxlxs rugby match when she woke). We were home about 11.15 (didn’t stay to chat after service) and then went off for lunch as 12 noon. Had a very delicious meal – I had twice baked cheese soufflé with cheese sauce, then moules marinere and finally pistachio soufflé with choc ice cream – all yummy. MM and Mrs Chris both had the same – potted Cornish crxb with avxcxdo, then roast beef (biggest Yorkshires I have ever seen – MM had to ask for a side plate to put his on so he could tackle the rest of him meal). They passed on the desserts as they were full from the roast (which is why I had elected to have something different). We were home by 2.30pm and Mrs Chris left to drive home at about 3pm. She sent me a text to say she had arrived safely and managed to do nearly all the journey whilst it was still light. I did put a load in the w machine after she had left, and managed to get that irxxed so just have today’s load to do this afternoon. Watched SCD of course and wasn’t surprised by the bottom two – that normally happens after a shock exit. Think the right person went. Now we have H’ween to look forward to next week. After that we watched the Cxnxl Journey with Timxthx Wxst and Prxnxllx Scxles – lovely to see the English countryside around Oxfxrd from the river, but quite a sad episode. Then it was into Wxrld xn Fxre (which is very well done). Today being Monday we are off to SLAPPAS this morning, then I will finish the laundry and finally we have Choir this evening so it is back to singing C’mas songs! Morning BHB, yes it is a little grey outside. Let’s take the pastel de natas and the Lavendula through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

TK wrote:
Monday, October 21, 2019, 09:02
I have completed the filing, just need to find something to put it in. Tax has been submitted. Today is sort the pension bit which has been dragging on. There was an error on it, so they sent it back to me.
Carol that was an amazing meal, no wonder they passed on desserts. Not to my taste of course, but I can see the attraction.
Bruce was happier this morning as his friends were there. I was a bit late in getting up. Bruce is sleeping in due to the darkness in the morning.
Watching 'To Kill a Saint' 1967. So many actors (male and female) I recognise and almost remember their names.
Better get ready for class
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, October 21, 2019, 09:09
Morning all I hate to say it but I overslept again! I blame these dark mornings! It is certainly dark and miserable this morning and raining quite heavily. I have yet another blood test today thankfully not a fasting one, as it isn't till midday! Other than that I don't think I will be going anywhere but back here unless the weather improves. I maybe will clear another cupboard! Yesterday I did my ixxnxxg and a bit more clearing but had quite a lazy day really, naughty, but nice! Agreed with the result on SCD. I think their card was marked! Not expecting the other one to last very long now either!

Fi so you are another one not sleeping. It must be catching, I really hope I don't get it! I love my sleep, but I think you gather that! You have your father very well organised. What a good idea, maybe I should start training myself!

Well done on the tax Jo which I see from Twxtter is now done! Excellent! Sorry to hear poor little dog is still not right. Hope the vet can help.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Oh it is Lavendula day of course. I definitely should do the diary thing! Let's get another jug and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Monday, October 21, 2019, 10:35
Hi all,

Just letting you know I haven't disappeared. I was working in Brum last week because I had those interviews on Tuesday and it seemed daft to go back home, only to return to see Tim M*nch*n on Thursday. So I stayed down there.

Unfortunately I didn't get either of the jobs. :-( A pity as it would have been the next step up the Civil Service ladder. On the other hand I think they would have been less varied than the work I do now. I wasn't terribly surprised I didn't get them - I waffled during the interview.

Tim M*nch*n was fabulous! And our seats in centre of front row amazing. He did a lot of interacting with us.

(Ro if you happen to be reading this - CHEESE!!!!)

He's not to everyone's taste. Hi language is...colourful and he does take the pibb out of religion a lot. But I loved it!

So it's back to work and I feel like I'm so behind. I'd better get on with it. I hope to catch up a bit tomorrow!
TK wrote:
Monday, October 21, 2019, 11:05
Jane sorry you did not get a new job, the week has gone so quickly I thought it was next week.

I'm having a sit after the Pilates, it looks really easy, but I'm knackered.

I'm trying to sort some of my savings today. I'd let things drift on for years with 2 very old schemes. They did save tax years ago, not now. I need to sort them. Also I want to move some savings into a slightly more profitable interest scheme.

Bruce is rolling on his back, there is a lot of noise being made.

Pauline, Bruce is also sleeping in these darker mornings. I got him the middle of April, so don't know what he is like in the truly dark mornings.
Diana wrote:
Monday, October 21, 2019, 11:41

Lovely day today - not. I got a bit wet walking into Br*mley where I had a financial appointment this morning. Need to go out again after lunch to collect a package from M&S but it looks brighter.

I've been a bit concerned about the drive to one of our hotels in Om*n as it's near the top of a mountain and a 4x4 is required to get there. It's called The View:
I've been envisaging that the road would be narrow, twisty and, worst, have sharp drops at the side. I found a video on YouT*be of the drive up the road and it's relatively wide, not very twisty and there are no drops so feeling very relieved. It should be a doddle compared with some roads we've been on! Ploppy & I normally end up having an argument because I'm telling him to slow down, often gasping with fear and not looking to the side, and he's telling me to shut up. I remember one road in the Canaries where there was an almost sheer drop of several hundred feet to the ocean and only a small wall to stop you going over; Ploppy admitted afterwards that he hadn't enjoyed it.

I placed an order with Co*k yesterday for some Xmas food. Their advantage over other shops is it's available from early Nov rather than a few days before Xmas so we can have some special meals in Nov/Dec. Only thing is the freezer is rather full so will need to eat some of the contents when we're back from holiday to make space for the new food.

Sorry you're joining Eva and not sleeping, Fi. I hate it when you lie there and can't sleep. The diary is a good idea, worth a try, Eva. The cheesecake sounds very yummy. And ditto your meal, Carol, it's making me want my lunch though it's only cheese & biscuits today.

Well done, Jo. How did we find time to go to w*rk?

Sorry about the interviews, Jane.
Ro wrote:
Monday, October 21, 2019, 18:18
CHEESE!!! Sorry, that was for Jane ... it was a totally brilliant evening and the less said about spanking the better ;-)

So, changing the subject, I've just seen Chantale's gym workout on Instagram and am exhausted just watching! Back to Mr M, I can't believe My Story is nearly at an end - in 3 weeks it will all be over for another year concert-wise. Hope to see some of you at one of the final gigs or at panto not long after.
TK wrote:
Monday, October 21, 2019, 18:37
Wow Diana that looks lovely. I suspect the road will be fine, if a little steep, after looking at the vid.

Ro you may see me at a gig or too :)

I'm tired after today, walk, Pilates, walk, sort some savings stuff, go to next village to get new savings account and get some shopping, walk. Can I lie down now?
evam wrote:
Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 04:50
Morning all. It's dark outside so I can't really see what the weather is like, but the floor on the terrace is wet, so I think it's raining.

I'll just tip-toe past the BHB, as it's far too early to wake him. Yesterday I think my brain and body just gave up. I went to the shopping centre in the morning for my weekly shop, and when I came home I felt dizzy and unwell, so I thought I'd go to bed and have an early eva. I fell asleep, and the day turned into a sleeping day. I was up a few hours last night for some food, but aside from that I slept more or less without stop until 3 am this morning. I have a feeling it was my body telling me to SLEEP! Today my cleaning lady is coming, so that means I can take it easy in the morning.

Fi,- I'm sorry you've had sleeping problems too. I don't know how you can do all that entertaining on so little sleep. You have to learn to SLOW DOWN! Your suggestion about introducing a diary for father. We have tried that, together with a board where we write every appointment he has. He ignores them, saying it's useless because he is almost blind and says he can't read them. He says we have to take responsibility for his appointments and everything else. As his memory is almost non-exsitent, it means that we have to call at least 3 times before we're going to pick him up plus his phonecalls 3-4 times a day. It's difficult to help someone who won't help himself.

Diana,- I am another one who wouldn't go on a holiday to the ME countries, both because of the heat and because of the countries appaling history of human rights abuse, but each to their own. I hope you enjoy youself. The hotel and the views look stunning.

Jo,- so Bruce doesn't wake you early enough in the morning? I'll give you a call when I wake up if you like? NO? Okey dokey, I'll let you sleep. I know you love old series and films. I don't think I'd enjoy an old Mac Yver (sp?) episode. I remember you brought a DVD with him once to PI. It did give us a good laugh which I don't think the makers inteded! 😜 You are quickly becoming a finacial wizzard, sorting pensions and savings.

Carol,- your meal sounds yummy. I agree with you about the outcome of the d/o, but David should have gone last week. When he did his jive in the d/o, it was done so lacklustre it was pathetic.

Jane,- sorry about you not getting either of the jobs you applied for. You just have to go on applying, but it can't be fun.

Ro,- hi there. Nice to see you. I'm going to the panto on the last w/e I believe, so will doubtless see you there.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 07:21
Morning and clear blue skies (a little pale, but still blue). I know it is somewhat chilly out as the heating has kicked in!

Oh well done Jo – that must be a relief to have finally finished the filing and submitted the tax – now as long as you have managed to sort your pension and your savings account, you can congratulate yourself on a job well done. The brasseries/pub we went to is one owned by Rxymxnd Blxnc so the food is always excellent. Ah so Bruce realises dark equates to sleeping Not surprised you need to sit down after your Pxlxtes activites! I think Bruce was probably singing to you??

Oh Lady J, that’s a shame about the jobs – obviously my finger and toe crossing didn’t work, although if they were less varied than the job you are currently doing, you might have found them slightly boring? The right job is out there for you, just may take a little longer to find. Ah not really a Tim M fan, but glad you had a wonderful time. It looks like you had amazing seats from the photo you posted.

Diana that is some view – I can understand why you were worried about the drive there though, and pleased to hear it doesn’t look as bad as you thought. Your mention of the road in the Cxnxries sounded very like one we went on in Txnxrxfe – that just had a low wall and a sheer drop. If you are ever in the Cxstx del Sxl – don’t go up to Rxndx (think Twin will concur!). Goodness you are well organised to have sorted C’mas food – I was waiting until mid November to start thinking about that! I think you are off tomorrow? Have a wonderful time! Like Jo, I like to hear your travel exploits without having to visit the country myself.

Hi Ro – that sounds a very Wallace like comment! We are of course now all wondering about the spanking! We will hopefully see you in L’borough? We are also of course going to the panto a couple of times so will doubtless see many familiar faces.

Eva, that sleep yesterday was definitely your body telling you it needed to rest and get some sleep. So the cleaning lady will be doing the hoover dance whilst you do more resting this morning – I think that will also do you good. Oh dear, and there we were thinking the diary might work for you all, but I see it has been tried and discarded. I didn’t realise your Father’s eyesight was quite that bad – not sure what else we can suggest. I see you are kindly offering alarm call services and have added Jo to your list as well as Twin. Have to say I was never a big fan of MxcGyvxr but did watch the occasional episode – I have to say I didn’t think it was intended to be a comedy!

It was raining when we went off to SLAPPAS yesterday, but it had stopped when we came out. I managed to get the laundry done in the afternoon, so that’s a good job done (I watched an old Midsome M whilst doing it). Breaking news is that we may have a new conductor – she came along last night to see what we were about and it is looking hopeful. I even got to sing rather than taking the rehearsal myself! Only problem is that she can’t usually make Monday nights (she could come yesterday as it was half term) so we may move our rehearsal night to a Wednesday instead (the group had talked about that possibility when we started looking and the church where we rehearse is available on Wednesdays and I think only one person had a problem with changing the day, and she is thinking of retiring from us anyway due to ill health). Watch this space. Whatever she decides for the long term, she has agreed to conduct our Save the Children concert for us, so that’s a huge relief! Morning BHB yes a nice bright start to the day (you think we should send the sunshine over to Eva to cheer her up?). Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Mxan Fxddler through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 08:36
Good news on the conductor, Carol, you'll have to be very nice to her. I've not really finished my pension yet as paperwork came back as there was the wrong name on it. I've not sorted that yet. It does not affect the money they are sending me now.

Complication with the Cliff tickets for next year! One of the dog walkers (Archie's mum) works for a company that deals with music tours. She has offered to get me a ticket, and she will get one for herself. So I'll get 3 tickets for one night and give the dog walker the date of the other concert for the ticket. This will be safer so if hers tickets fall through I will at least I will be able to go once.

I have to go to one of the most expensive places to live in England today, it has a Mr S and a Mr W in the new town. I've ordered a sleeping bag from Argos and that is one of the few which had the one I wanted in stock. I think I'll have a little look at the special shops!

Eva it must so difficult for you and your sister looking after your father (and everyone in a similar situation). It is being on constant call-out and that used to really exhaust me when I did it for work. I didn't have the emotional attachment.

I better get ready to go. Oh and MacGyver is sometimes meant to be funny.

pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 09:21
Morning all and it is cloudy here but dry which is nice after all the rain. However I am sure we need as much rain as the skies can throw at us so better not moan. I would rather not have a hosepipe ban next year! I had my blood test yesterday so now just await the results. I am sure they will manage to find something they need to see me about! Today I need to do a few jobs in the house but might see if I can mow the lawn later if it stays dry. It is of course the day of David's funeral today so I will be thinking of Ari's Mum a lot. Hope it stays dry for them as funerals are bad enough without being wet.

Oh what a shame Lady Jane, I will uncross my fingers now then. However I am thinking it doesn't sound as if it was the right job for you so onwards and upwards. Hopefully something better is out there waiting for you! Glad you enjoyed the TM show. I think him a very talented man and he can be very funny but I know he has a bit of a potty mouth! When he was on B/fast some years ago they had a hard time finding a clip of his show they could broadcast!

Diana the place looks lovely and I am sure the views will be amazing. I must say I was not a fan of the ME for the reasons others have stated but had to visit as part of the job! Omxn was always my favourite, they seemed to be a lot more liberal than some, although I never travelled within the country so you will be able to tell me if it is the same throughout! Oh and I second Twin about the road up to Rxndx! It was a nightmare!

So more sleeping problems then Eva, this time from sleeping most of the day! I am not surprised your body keeled over in the end. Your father is a caution! I can image how trying you are finding him, it must be very hard for you and your sister. All you can do is that the pair of you do the best you can without running yourselves into the ground. Tricky.

Hi Ro, nice to see you, Spanking? I had no idea it was that sort of evening out you two had! Hopefully not long now till we are at another concert and meantime enjoy this weekend. I feel you will!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Mxan Fxddler? Oh that's lovely, let's get more and find the CM.

Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 16:08
Hello all,

Tee hee! I see Ro has intrigued everyone with the spanking comment, so I shall elaborate.

Tim M plays to the front row - a lot. In one of his songs he listed the traits of a lady he would like to be with, were he not with his wife. He delivered the line 'Perhaps she'll be into spanking,' right at me, with an expression that suggested 'just like you.' I almost fell off my chair I was laughing so hard. The nice thing was that Ro spotted him looking back at me a moment later as if checking I wasn't offended. I wasn't!

Then later in a 9 minute song on the glories of cheese, he leaped onto the balustrade around the orchestra pit and shouted CHEESE at Ro. Which also had me almost falling off my chair :-)

Glad you have got a sleeping bag Jo, seeing as you are coming up to the frozen north on Friday!

He he Diana! you sound very much like me with (former) Ploppy when on twisty turny roads. Glad it turned out to be not too scary!

Eva - I really feel for you. Before mum went into the home she was the same as your dad - it was my bro got the lion's share of it. Sending hugs! Ooo see you at panto :-)

Hurrah Carol! So glad you have a new conductor! Brilliant news!

Pauline - I hope the blood tests come back all clear - and I hope the funeral goes OK for Ari's mum.

So it transpires my manager was purposefully not progressing the health referral because he hoped I'd get the job. So now it's going forward. She's sent me the report and I am livid. She's put the result of the alcohol audit she insisted on doing in the report, though she promised not to. She's accused me of giving inconsistent answers which I didn't. She failed to understand that my condition varies so sometime I can go dancing and sometimes I can't stand up, and she wrote in such a garbled manner I had difficulty understanding what my problem was! GRRR!!!!

I wrote this about 1pm. I have just received
TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 18:01
Jane that report sounds not right. Are you a member of a trade union?
Ro wrote:
Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 18:59
Jane - completely agree with Jo. She's broken confidentiality, trust and god knows what else. You can't let that rest.

On lighter matters, I should add re "CHEESE!" that the ballustrade was about a foot in front of me, and not very high - he'd been balancing, barefoot (as he does), on it earlier, but the cheese pounce was hysterical!
TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 21:03
Just been sorting out some really old (tax efficient) savings plans which I paid very little into for quite a few years, I just left them. I'm cashing them in as they are not really doing anything and I don't totally understand them. I'll have a bit to put somewhere sensible. I need to take control !!!
evam wrote:
Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 03:09
Morning all. It's pibbing down outside, so not a very nice day.

I'll tip-toe past the BHB today as well. Can't wake him up at this time of the morning. I was awake at 3am, but at least I'd got 4 hours sleep. Feeling a bit dizzy, but that will pass. I'm taking father to the surgery for the flu vaccination, and I'll have my jab at the same time. When that is done, I'll drive down to the shopping centre to do father's weekly shop. He'll wait in the car.

Jane,- whatever was your manager thinking of? 😡 If it is misleading, it should be righted. You can't just passively accept this, and the Lady Jane I know and love, won't. Good luck.

Jo,- I see you're still doing your financial wizardy. Good on you.

Ro,- hi again. I still don't understand about spanking and CHEESE, but as long as it makes you laugh, it must be a good thing.

Diana,- if you are leaving today, please have a nice journey and enjoy yourdelves.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 06:58
Morning and a nice bright start to the day again, although I think we may get some drizzle later according to the forecast. At least it isn’t pebbling down as it is in Bxrgxn!

Jo....I am always nice! The ticket situation for Cliffy sounds very complicated. Is this the lady (Archie’s mum) who organises where artists stay etc? Ah I see you were visiting GCross yesterday then. My uncle lived there for years before he and his wife split up and they sold the house as part of the dxvxrce – houses wasn’t quite so pricey then! Oh I think we have all had little savings accounts that have just run for years – very sensible to put them to work somewhere else I feel. You certainly are taking control (there is an ad at the moment (Bxrclxys I think) where people talk to “Money” and get it to work for them – I think of you whenever it pops up!

Thanks for the explanation Lady J (and Ro) – sounds like you had a lot of fun (as did Tim M!). Good grief that is appalling from our manager. I am not surprised you are living if she has reneged on what she said she would include. Is there someone you can talk to about it who is senior to your boss? It really is outrageous. Like Jo asks – do you have union representation? Sending hugs as I am sure this is not a scenario you want to have to deal with, but really it needs putting right as I am assuming it will go onto your HR record?

Oh dear Eva, yet another sleepless night. I am not surprised you say you are feeling dizzy. Hope the visit to the surgery goes as planned and the vaccine is there ready for you. I also hope it isn’t too traumatic for your Father, and that he will be fine left in the car whilst you do his shop. How many days until you are off to Spxxn? I am sure you are counting the hours as well as the days.

We had a lovely visit with Victoria and the children yesterday. Beautiful day for a drive – sunshine, blue skies, leaves turning gold and red. The children were really good and starting to get excited about C’mas. Last year whilst the house was being extended they were all crammed into the front room with boxes around them and the only tree they had was the small fibre optic one I gave them. They already know where they will put the tree this year and are very excited that they will be able to go and buy a fairly large one this C’mas. The drive home wasn’t too bad, although the low sun didn’t help MM, who was driving. We ran into the usual traffic around LXR of course, but that is par for the course. Watched HC in the evening of course (very weird episode – but at least we had the GO to look at!), and then caught up with the new Beeb 2 drama that started last week. Quite interesting and different from normal detective stories. Today MM has a meeting at church this morning, then we have Cupcakes this afternoon followed by all going to see a local amdram version of The Sound of M’ic (friend is directing). Morning BHB, yes a lovely start to the day, fingers crossed it stays like that! Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Wxntxr Fixstx through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 09:18
Morning all and it is nice and bright at the moment though I know Eva is sending her rain to us later! I am off to Twin and rather hoping I will get there before the rain starts. Yesterday turned into such a lovely autumn day and I went in the garden in the afternoon. Managed to get a bit more done, though always more is needed! Agree with Twin HC was a bit weird last night, but the GO made it worth watching, lovely to have him back!

Lady Jane I don't pretend to understand the workings of offices as I had very little to do with them, thank goodness. However that sounds outrageous even to me and you definitely need to address the situation. I am sure it isn't something you want to do, so if you are a union member letting them do it could be a good idea. thanks to you and Ro for the explanation. it sounds a funny evening. Always knew Tim was a naughty boy!

Jo I have a little savings thing that has been going on fore years. I am always thinking I should do something about it!

Not another broken night Eva. 4 hours sleep is just a cat nap to me! I am sure you do feel dizzy. You definitely need a long holiday! Hope the vaccinations are actually there this time and your father is ok with his outing.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Winter Fxestx? Sounds perfect. Let's get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 09:35
Sorry Carol I was slightly wrong in my description, I should have said almost the most expensive place. I was in Bcfield. I saw a 2 bed maisonette in an estate agent advertised for £400,000. I've not walked much in the new town recently. When I was there looking for charity shops I walked past a restaurant and realised that it used to be the cinema. It was quite local to where I used to live. I saw HenryV with Laurence Olivier there, NO not when it was first released. I also saw The Graduate, NO not when it was first released and 2001: A Space Odyssey also not when it was first released. There is a bit of a theme going on here. The last film I saw there was Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex*, I did see that not long after it came out. I looked online and the cinema closed in 1989.

Oh dear Eva. I hope you can get more sleep very soon.

I'm on dog checking duties this afternoon as Mr ExP has to go for one of his regular heart check ups. She was looking good yesterday but this morning she was sick again. Bruce is showing no signs of of any illness.

I must start to pack as I will not have time for last minute packing on Friday as I have to book for Cliffy.
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, October 24, 2019, 05:03
Morning! still not sleeping. Had nice time with friends but we had power cut all day Tues and so had to abandon my made in advance casserole and soup (which had taken out of freezer) and go for f&C. luckily gas fire worked OK and i had lots of candles. we got hot water flasks form friends (it was only our road that was out) so we survived. But what with all the extra arrangements I am now over exhausted I think and cant sleep! driving 250 mile round trip on sat to Ploppy uncle 90th bday (and will have to navigate all the family tensions there) and then 100 miles on Sunday to d.vali in Le.cs. trying to get out of latter - but family "issues" seem to mean we cant even tho UB scollop and g/f have made no arrangements to help us find parking/ways into city etc - grrrr. . Have new carpet arriving first thing Monday - i may collapse!
Eva - I think I may have to have a day of sleep too - hope yours helped you. Gosh your dad is not being very cooperative is he. I suspect his eyesight is better than he is saying as he wouldn't be able to prepare his meals etc if it was so bad. Can see that diary maybe not so good but a board should be manageable. He obviously likes to pass responsibility/work to others. we are lucky in that dad likes to have some control over what he is doing.
Jane - sorry to hear about jobs - and about the health report. Agree with others that you need to see what can be done about the report - esp if the report would be seen by any jobs you now apply for internally.
Jo- we have friends in B/field. think their house would be worth megabucks! Good luck with Cl.ffy tickets - i got a bit confused as to how many tickets and for whom but so long as you can work it out!
Ploppy and friend put up his dad's V.enese regulator clock in my computer room. the room is small and the tick of the clock is loud. It may have to go back under spare room bed - where been for 2 yrs!
Carol- hurrah for a new conductor. Hope it works out. agree the leaves are just on turn at moment - and beautiful.
Pauline - the weather has been good for last 2 days. Would have loved to have been in garden but enjoyed our trips to local houses with our friends. both days sat outside for our lunch. You are lucky to sleep so well - you will have to give lessons to Eva and me!
Diana - your description of driving on narrow steep roads sounds like ploppy and me! like Carol I remember the R.nda road!
Quietish day today - moving back out of our bedroom - so lots of steps ! Oh the strike of the clock is LOUD!
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, October 24, 2019, 07:05
Morning and a grey start, although it isn’t raining......yet! Rain forecast for most of the day once it arrives.

Ah I did wonder if it might be B’field rather than G Crxss, but GC is supposed to be the more expensive of the two. I used to go to a hairdressers on the main road (now no longer there) and loved the kitchen shop that used to be a few shops along (also now gone). I went to the cinema there when June was getting married for the first time – we had had her hen night earlier in the week, so she and I went to the cinema (this was mid 1970s) to see The 3 M’teers – the one with Rxchard Chxmbxrlxin, Mxchael Yxrk and co in it. We had to stand outside in the cold for ages in a the queue – they only let people in ten at a time. I remember saying whilst we were waiting “News Headlines – Bride and Bridesmaid found frozen to death outside local cinema on day before wedding”! Oddly I never went back! Oh do hope Little Dog was ok, and that Mr ExP’s check up went well. I see you are doing an Eva and packing well in advance for your weekend away!

Oh Fi, that is not good that you are still not sleeping. The power cut must have been a nightmare (in fact when we had our kitchen done before we moved into this house, I insisted that we had a gas hob and electric oven, so that if ever there was a power cut we could still heat food on the hob. How strange that it was only your road that was affected. Just as well you had lots of candles (must have made it very romantic) and friends who could help out with the hot water. No wonder you are exhausted. I don’t envy you the 250 mile round trip – not the potential tensions whilst there and then I see you are heading to Lxics! Not content with that you have the upheaval of a new carpet – I think you will need a week away somewhere quiet just to recover. Sending hugs! Ah loud ticking clocks is one of my bête noirs – I find it works into my subconscious and becomes very distracting. No way of muting it I guess?

Hope Eva managed another sleeping day – I think she has a lot to catch up on.

We had a very enjoyable Cupcakes yesterday (Lindy made the cakes) and then went off for the SoM in the evening. It was a very long (not very good) production and lasted just over three hours. We were all glad to stand up at the interval and more so to stand up and escape at the end. The children were the best thing in it and little Gretl who is six was an absolute cutie. She stole the show. The costumes were dire – I would have refused to wear one of the outfits they put the poor character in – it was skin tight and showed every lump and bump, including knicker line and battery pack for microphone! We did warn Twin that the society was not one of the better local ones – and now she knows we were telling the truth!! Off for some RT today and then Twin will wend her way home. We will have to catch up with The A’ice from last night at some point of course. Morning BHB, yes it is a grey start to the day. Let’s take the churros and the Internxtixnxl Incxdxnt through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (I don’t think she is awake yet).
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, October 24, 2019, 08:06
Morning all and it is a very grey day and a fair bit of rain is forecast I think. We will be off shopping later so am glad I bought my mac. Eat you are staggered we are off fir a bit if RT. We had a lovely afternoon with some yummy cupcakes made by Lindy, then off the SofM. I think the less said about that the better! Terrible springs to mind!

Packing already Jo? You have been taking lessons from Eva!

Fi not good you are not sleeping well. I know I am lucky, though I do have the occasional bad night. I have to say your itinerary would exhaust me. I hate ticking clocks! It would have to due!

Need too get a wriggle on so sorry to. E so brief hugs to those in need of them.

Morning BHB and we have Intxrnxtional Incxdxnt today? Lovely, let’s get more and find the CM.
TK aka small elep(...) wrote:
Thursday, October 24, 2019, 08:54
There is a small elephant running the full length of upstairs repeatedly , the front bedroom, the landing and the back bedroom. Over 30ft each way, ah she has just stopped. I suppose the weather is not good enough for her to go out for her morning exercise. Elephant has now come down to check on us all.

Oh Carol (now that would make a good song, must think about it) I feel for you all sitting through that production of the Sound of Music. If I'd been there there would have been a lot of counting going on in my head. Such a shame, all the people involved will have worked so hard for weeks. I hope they enjoyed performing. Maybe the ill fitting costume was because of a late stand-in?
There are some very posh womens clothing shops in Bfield. And you have 3 hrs free parking in MrS's I couldn't see a note to say you actually have to shop there. I didn't find the small print. I was checking it out for a venue for our next special shopping trip out, but didn't see that many special shops.

Packing list........

TK is patrolling downstairs now, she has taken a look outside and decided to give it a miss and stay in the warm. I will leave the central heating on when I'm at the concerts this weekend, would do for her to get cold. Also Bruce maybe popping back from time to time.

Fi your activities exhaust me. At least you can hear the clock. I went to Felf's some time ago and asked her if the ticking of the clock annoyed her, she asked 'What ticking?' At least you can hear the clock.
TK aka small elep(...) wrote:
Thursday, October 24, 2019, 09:05
Now running up and down the stairs
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, October 24, 2019, 12:21
Hi all,

And thank you for your support and advice over that report. My manager and I discussed it yesterday. I asked her outright "If you had nothing but that report to go on, would you give me the reasonable adjustments I'm asking for?" She said "No." However she has other evidence to consider including having seen me when the MdDS is bad. If it were up to her alone I would be confident - but it's not. It's up to a manager who barely knows me...and one who I believe dislikes me. So not confident.

Yes - I'm in the Union. They have told me to get in touch with them IF after my management make their decision.

I want to complain about the woman who interviewed me, but don't know how. I'm in the middle of writing a long email to my manager pointing out the inaccuracies and inconsistences in the report. We'll see!


He he As Ro says the balustrade was right in front of us! Tim M walked up and down it several times. His balance is remarkable!

Gosh Eva you are up early! Glad you got a bit of sleep. You'll need it. It sounds like you'll have a full on day!

Aww Carol - it sounds like you had a lovely day with the chidren. I think kiddies bring the magic back to Christmas. It's so special for them! Hmm the SoM sounds like a disappointment :-(

Ah so you did get caught in the rain Pauline! Hope it didn't spoil the day. I did my packing last night. Well sort of!

Oh dear Fi - what a bad time you are having :-( though I am glad you had a goodtime with your friends despite the Powercut.

Jo - see you, Ro and O tomorrow!!! SSQUUEALL!!!
Diana wrote:
Thursday, October 24, 2019, 13:48
Evening all. I'm sitting on our balcony as I write this, a beer in front of me. We are 3 hours ahead of UK and the sun is setting (not that we can see it).

The flight to Doha with Qat*r wasn't great - we took off 35 mins late, there was no meal choice and it was v difficult to operate the movie screens. We already had a tightest connection so I was concerned we would miss the second flight and have to spend the night at the airport which would also involve calling the taxi co who were taking us to the hotel. Fortunately the second flight was 30 mins late, think they held it for the London flight, and it was a newer plane so had a good flight to Musc*t. It was 28 degrees when we landed at 10.30 pm. We got to the hotel just before midnight, unpacked and went to bed.

I woke up about 7.30, we had a nice breakfast and then explored the hotel grounds. We're a little disappointed in our room even though we were upgraded to a room with balcony. It's not that big, is a bit dark in the evening and there are only two drawers for clothes. Otherwise the hotel is great, three Beautiful pools, lovely grounds and probably the best hotel gym we've ever experienced. We laid by one of the pools until about 1.30. It was hot but with a gentle breeze from the sea. The pool bar guys come round regularly topping up your free iced water. We went in the gym for nearly 1.5 hours, then sat by a different pool. By this time it was cooling down. We're dining in the main hotel restaurant this evening and hoping to have some Arabic food. A lot of places are closed tomorrow as it's Friday so we shall probably have another lazy day.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, October 24, 2019, 13:49
Evening all. I'm sitting on our balcony as I write this, a beer in front of me. We are 3 hours ahead of UK and the sun is setting (not that we can see it).

The flight to Doha with Qat*r wasn't great - we took off 35 mins late, there was no meal choice and it was v difficult to operate the movie screens. We already had a tightest connection so I was concerned we would miss the second flight and have to spend the night at the airport which would also involve calling the taxi co who were taking us to the hotel. Fortunately the second flight was 30 mins late, think they held it for the London flight, and it was a newer plane so had a good flight to Musc*t. It was 28 degrees when we landed at 10.30 pm. We got to the hotel just before midnight, unpacked and went to bed.

I woke up about 7.30, we had a nice breakfast and then explored the hotel grounds. We're a little disappointed in our room even though we were upgraded to a room with balcony. It's not that big, is a bit dark in the evening and there are only two drawers for clothes. Otherwise the hotel is great, three Beautiful pools, lovely grounds and probably the best hotel gym we've ever experienced. We laid by one of the pools until about 1.30. It was hot but with a gentle breeze from the sea. The pool bar guys come round regularly topping up your free iced water. We went in the gym for nearly 1.5 hours, then sat by a different pool. By this time it was cooling down. We're dining in the main hotel restaurant this evening and hoping to have some Arabic food. A lot of places are closed tomorrow as it's Friday so we shall probably have another lazy day.
evam wrote:
Thursday, October 24, 2019, 15:53
Afternoon all. Sorry I've been AWOL for most of the day, but I've been babysitting Emilian who is too poorly to go to the nursery. As Iselin is attending a work related course, she needed someone to sit with him today. Of course I said yes, as he'd been with youngest sister for 2 days, but she and my lovely br.i.l. were both both due physio appointment today. Emilian has been weak and tired for the last couple of days,- he who's usually never still. He's had a bad cough, but it seems that's going away. We've had a quiet day with me reading for him a lot. He said no thank you when I asked if we should sing something! You'd think he's heard me singing before. 😂 He was quite perky when I left this afternoon, so I might not have to go back tomorrow. Youngest sister and lovely br.i.l. are palnning to go up to the cottage this w/e to start closing the cottage down for winter.
Last night I had the best night's sleep I've had in a long time. I did wake up at 3am and needed to walk around for almost an hour, but did fall asleep when I went back to bed, and I slept until 6.30 am.

Diana,- glad you're safely at your first hotel. It sounds very warm to me, but then I prefer the cold. Hope you get some Arabic food tonight.

I'm keeping finger, toes and everything else crossed for Jo's booking of Cliffy concert next year. I hope he and Jane have a good w/e away with Ro and O and all the usual suspect this w/e.

Jane,- I'm glad you have your unions backing if that is needed. Your references from the manager's report sound dreadful. Good luck.

I've only read the last two posts on the blog, so you'll have to excuse me not commenting on anything else.

It's almost P*intless time.

CArol29 wrote:
Friday, October 25, 2019, 06:54
Morning and a nice bright start to the day – much better than yesterday’s heavy rain.

I see you had help posting yesterday Jo. So the small elephant was may be trying to lose weight do you think – hence the exercising? It would indeed make a good song – in fact I may have heard one with that title in the dim and distant past (you will be amazed to learn that I sometimes sing the first line!). I think if you had been at the production you would have been in the millions by the end. Sadly the ill fitting costume has been in the show since it was cast (in fact the company made all the costumes themselves – maybe she upset someone?). Good idea to leave the heating on for TK and possible return visits by the soft toy destroyer. Fingers crossed you manage your ticket booking successfully this morning. Have a lovely weekend seeing the curly haired one!

Lady J, that is good that you have discussed the report with your manager. That was a very good question to ask, and as you say she has seen you when you have been really affected by the M’s Disease. Fingers crossed the other manager sees sense, although I see you have done the sensible thing and spoken with the Unxon. I think a complaint about the interview should indeed be forthcoming. Fingers crossed it all resolves itself (eventually) in your favour. Have a lovely time with your visitors and the show.

Goodness Diana, that was a close run thing – one of my worst nightmares would be to be stuck in an airport overnight. Thank goodness the second plane was late. So nice and warm when you landed! Not surprised you went to bed after that journey (although I would have fallen straight into bed and not unpacked until the morning!). The hotel sounds lovely, and it is a shame that you are disappointed with the room as it is dark (I imagine they think people will be out and about and only use the room for sleeping in). Only two drawers for clothes??!!! Hope you enjoyed your evening meal – a nice lazy day today sounds perfect.

Hi Eva – oh that was a nice treat for you babysitting Emilian. It does sound as if he has been quite poorly if he has been listless and coughing (there seem to be an awful lot of coughing bugs around at the moment). I am sure he loved you sitting and reading with him (no to the singing? How strange!). I am sure being with you was just what he needed (especially as he had perked up by the end of the day). So pleased to hear you managed a good night’s sleep – that’s your body trying to rebalance itself.

We had a good RT outing – I didn’t go near any jumping clothes you will be pleased to hear. I did look at slow cxxkers as I need a new one, saw one I liked and came home to check it out on the Whxch website. It was a best buy and had five stars, so I will definitely buy one. The shops all seem to be in full C’mas mode now, so bought some new lights for the tree, and some wrapping ribbon, and a couple of presents. I also bought some new towels for Twin when she stays (she helped choose them). We didn’t stay out as long as planned as the rain was torrential by about 1pm. We had a coffee and a toasted sarnie, zipped into the MandS Food Hall to buy something for last night, and then headed home so that Twin could get off before the weather became any worse. After Twin left I managed to catch up with The A’tice and then we had a night in later with our feet up. Off to do the weekend food shop this morning and then we will be going to see MM’s brother’s new (to them) house and go for lunch out. We have choir practice for Church tonight but hopefully will be home in time for WILTY. Morning BHB, yes a nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the cinnamon swirls and the Vanillita into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Friday, October 25, 2019, 07:54
I'm waiting online in a queue to get to the ticket sales, which don't open until 9am, I'm 236 in queue, started at 462, people dropping out or their phones going to sleep. I'm all packed for weekend away. Exciting
Ali wrote:
Friday, October 25, 2019, 07:58
Morning. Dry and bright here so far. I have a day of!!! Pedi this morning (postponed from Monday when I worked extra day) and much needed haircut and colour later (thinking I may go red!) if weather is ok may take J out for driving lesson.
Sadly Josh and g/f broke up this week. Her decision. N and I actually said we could see it coming as they have very little time together with their work schedules and she was missing her family. She told him, a shock to him and he walked out and came to see me at work very upset. We had a chat and he came home and she’d packed and gone! I’m angry as feel he deserved mire of an explanation but I think it will be for the best in the long run. He just needs time to get over her and hoping he’ll re-apply to the police. He has a very good friend who dropped everything to take him out and be a shoulder to cry on.
Busy weekend at work so making the most of today.
Sorry to hear about your job and the report Jane. Hope you get things sorted and can redress the balance.
Glad you slept better Eva, get well soon Emilian
Very envious of the temps there Diana!
Fi you don’t know the meaning of ‘take it easy’ do you! Please look after yourself x
Love to all x
TK wrote:
Friday, October 25, 2019, 08:34
Tickets bought. Best get going now
Diana have a lovely hols.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, October 25, 2019, 09:25
Morning all and it is a cloudy one at the moment with rain forecast later. I just have a food shop to do today which I will shoot off and do soon. Had a nice shop with Twin yesterday. I got a few bits and pieces for the house as well including some new towels for me as well! they were a bargain and very lovely quality. Twin also bought some towels for my use when I am with her which is lovely of her, though I think the ones I use are a bit of a nightmare to launder as they are heavy when dry, so there may have been a bit for her as well! The drive home was interesting to say the least as the weather was terrible. However I got home safely which is what matters!

Glad you have arrived Diana in spite of a slight alarm about the connection! Nights spent in airports never good even in the swanky ME ones! A couple of lazy days by the pool sounds lovely. not sure about just a couple of drawers for clothes in the room, still I am sure you will enjoy it all.

Jane well done on chatting with your manager about the report and also for contacting the union about it all. Fingers crossed you don't need them as it all gets resolved nicely, but good to have their backing. They do have their uses! Meantime enjoy your guests and have a wonderful w/end.

Poor Emilian Eva, I hope he is lots better today and you are not needed for nursing duties! Thank goodness you got a decent sleep, I am hoping it could be a sign of things improving for you in that direction.

Poor Josh Ali. I am sure we all remember the aches and pains that can come with young love. I am sure there is a really lovely young lady out there for him when he has recovered a bit. I think we are very poor at ending relationships when we are young, Running away is so much easier. So you may be going red! Hair wise anyway. I think it will suit you.

Well done on getting the tickets Jo. I never doubted you would! So you had a small elephant on the stairs. Funnily enough my father always said that my sister and I ran down stairs like baby elephants! Hope you also have a wonderful weekend. I know you will.

Morning BHB and of course it is Vanillita day. let's get more and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Friday, October 25, 2019, 13:47
Evening. Another beautiful day mostly spent lazing round the pool, a different one to yesterday. I had a paddle in the sea and walked along the beach. Went in the gym for an hour mid pm. We had a nice meal last night. I had an Omani fish soup and lamb tagine, Ploppy had Lebanese mezze which was enough for two and a sort of mixed grill. He also had a Peroni - £12, and the water with the meal was £6!! At least the beers and soft drinks in the mini bar are free. I should have said that we do have some hanging space as well as the 2 drawers so fine for dresses and trousers but not enough storage for underwear etc. Tonight we're eating in the fish restaurant by the beach. I'll probably have juice to drink, as expected wine is silly money. Tomorrow morning we're going to the mosque so want an early start - hopefully breakfast at 7.00. We will come back to the hotel afterwards and Ploppy's hoping to watch the rugby, though there's not much choice of TV channels so he may be unlucky unless he can watch on the iPad. It's getting dark now so will go inside in case there are some biting insects around and make a coffee. Almost destroyed the coffee & tea station last night when I used the Nespresso machine - the shelf collapsed! Fortunately no breakages though I couldn't get the shelf back in the cupboard.
evam wrote:
Friday, October 25, 2019, 15:22
Afternoon all. It's been a blustery day with intermittent rain and hail!.. Just now I think we're in for another hail storm as the sky is pitch black.
I didn't have to babysit Emilian today as his mother deemed him well enough to go to the nursery. He had protested, as he said he'd want to withdraw from the nursery and either stay at home or start school straight away! He'll be starting in August next year. I can't believe he's already going to be a school boy.
I had a very necessary errand to do this morning as my phone collapsed this morning. It went black, and although I managed to get it started again, I thought I'd better had it looked at. I went out to the island and consulted my nerd, and he said I had to start thinking about buying a new one. My old one was almost 6 years old, so I wasn't too surprised. I decided there and then to buy a new iphone. I didn't get one of the newest expensive ones, as all the fancy gizmoes would be quite wasted on me. The new one cost enough as it was, and my nerd transfered all my apps, contacts, photos etc from the old to the new one while I went off to a cafe to have a coffee. I am very pleased with the new one and have been playing with it a bit. This meant that I've bought a new phone, ipad and laptop within the last 2-3 months and my credit card starts shaking when I go close to anything electronic. 😜 I think that the new furniture for the living room will have to wait for a while while I build up a heathier bank balance.

Jo,- brilliant that you managed to get the Cliffy concert tickets. Something to look forward to next year. I really thought that when we were at the RAH last year, it would be the last Cliffy concert. Delighted to be wrong.

Diana,- I remember that I had the lamb tangine for the first time when I was on Madeira 10 years ago. I must have loved it since I still remember it. 😉

Ali,- sorry about Josh's heartache. It won't help him to be told that it comes to us all at one time or another. It was rather rude of the now ex-girlfriend to disappear like that. I take it she never said thank you to you and Ploppy for having her staying there?

Twins,- I see you've been out spending money together. I'm sure it was much needed items for the houses. Even started to buy Christmassy things. Glad I'm not the only one (with Jane of course) any longer.
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, October 25, 2019, 20:09
Hi. been diagnosed with inf - no wonder i felt so rotten. still going to 90th bday party tomorrow (keeping legs crossed on 120 mile drive there!) . but cancelled going to D.vali. not sure g/f or scollop best pleased but they had not told us that it went on all eve and we wouldn't be home until after midnight. They also hadn't told us all roads in area closed ( and as no trains on sun - a replacement bus service which ends too early to get home) then would have had to walk long way . just too much at moment. Have told them we will go next year but they have to help us organise the transport and we will stay overnight next time - they had left it too late for us to get accom this yr. hopefully might teach them to plan ahead - hmmm.
Ali - re busy timetables the words Black , kettle and pot come to mind :) . I am just getting too old to cope with it any more! Poor J - he will recover!
Twins - well done on chr.stmassy things > I have virtually done all he extended family shopping - need to exchange pressie mid Nov. just got to think of opening pressie for parents as they want a ch.rity donation as main pressie.
Eva - you are a closet Techie I see. very impressed with your up to date "stable" of technology :). 6 yrs was a very good age for a phone.
Jo - well done you re Cliffy.
We went out to newly opened theatre in our city. saw G/slight with Martin Sh.w. fab . but only 1/4 full theatre. it will close soon. sad to say our city very uncultured and theatre has tried to open 4 times in the 30 + yrs we have been here but always closed within a yr due to lack of support. Even C.meron Mc couldn't make it pay when he ran it about 6 yrs ago.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, October 26, 2019, 07:23
Morning and a dark and blustery start to the day. No rain yet, but that is due to arrive about midday I think.

Well done on getting the tickets (so the phone line was fairly busy then!). Hope your journey north wasn’t too bad – I am sure you all had a wonderful time last night. I see from Twin’s comment that her father said she and her sister sounded like baby elephants going up and down the stairs – that’s really funny as my father used to call the three of us Elephant Walk!

Oh Ali, poor Josh – heartbreak from first love is always a painful thing, especially if he wasn’t expecting it. Sad that she had packed and left whilst he was out though (probably didn’t want him to try and talk her out of it). It was lovely that he had a friend who took him out and gave him support. I am sure he will eventually get over it and find a lovely young lady who is just right for him. Glad to hear work has become busy again, as I know you were saying you needed customers through the door a few weeks back.

Sounds like you are having a lovely time Diana. £12 for a Peroni!!! And £6 for water!!! I dread to think the cost of a glass of wine! Ah so you can hang things up, just not put out your other clothing. The fish restaurant on the beach sounds lovely, so hopefully you had another wonderful meal. I see you will have been up very early for your trip to the Mosque. Wise to get inside before the bitey things come out to play. Hope the coffee station is ok!!

I think we have your blustery day of yesterday Eva. So far we haven’t had hail, so you can keep that to yourself!! That’s good that Emilian is back at nursery(even if he didn’t want to be). He sounds like Marcus – as his birthday is in December he won’t be starting “big school” until next year, whereas lots of his little friends started in September. Ooh so a nice shiny new phone to play with. It always amazes me how technology moves on so fast! Mobiles were huge when they first came onto the market, then they became smaller and smaller, and now they are getting bigger and bigger (but flatter) as they become more like mini hand held computers! No wonder your credit card is going into hiding. Oh I started to buy C’massy things a while ago, but just didn’t mention it in case it sent people into shock!

Oh Fi, no wonder you have been feeling bad. Hopefully you have antibis to help? Very sensible to miss out on the Dillywally as my Mother always called it. I think given the complications of getting there, it was a non starter. I am sure G/F and Scollop will eventually realise it was a big ask, especially as you are far from 100%. I am sure just having to cope with the journey to the 90th celebration, the potential tensions and the tiredness will be more than enough for you to cope with. Oh I imagine G’light with MS would have been wonderful! What a shame the theatre was only a quarter full. Such a shame no one can make the theatre viable, despite best efforts. Hope you have a safe journey today and it isn’t as bad as you anticipate when you are there! Sending hugs.

We enjoyed seeing MM’s brother and wife’s new house – it is a cottage built in the late 1800s to house the local paper mill management (there is a row of about twelve cottages). At the moment it has three bedrooms (one in the loft) and a downstairs bathroom in a small extension. The plan is to make the bathroom out of the second bedroom, leaving them with the main bedroom and the loft bedroom, and to knock through and enlarge the kitchen downstairs where the bathroom was. The stairs are very steep I have to say, but the place has a lovely feel to it. There is also a really lovely small garden, quite enclosed, but with a patio and a building at the end of which will be Allan’s office and “man cave”. It is much smaller than the house they used to have so they have had to get rid of a lot of furniture as it won’t fit in the cottage. All very charming though. I will draw a veil over the meal at their local pub, other than to say my food was tepid at best and at £45 a head it was certainly not value for money. We did have a nice bottle of SB though!! Came home and had a couple of messages to say people couldn’t make rehearsal in the evening so I ended up ringing round and cancelling so we had an unexpected night in. Today will be laundry day of course and then SCD tonight! Hopefully C’lty will be a little more upbeat this week....please! Morning BHB, yes it does look blustery out. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Fxve Kxys into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, October 26, 2019, 09:07
Morning all and it is a horrid day here, dark, raining and windy, So I won't be going out! I have laundry to do and as always I can find things to do round the house. Yesterday was only marginally better so the garden is not getting it's yearly shut down just yet! Tomorrow is more promising.

Diana the price for the incahol is as bad as you expected then! I have been thinking and I remember now, the hotel we stayed in (The Intercontinental) had a crew bar set up for us and they sold beer on tap and that is what we drank. It was all reasonably priced, well it was for the re! Still mineral water with meals was always free as I remember as the tap water didn't taste too good. Desalinated I think. The food sounds great. I loved it so you are making my mouth water! Do the coins still have a coffee pot on one and an oil well on the other? We always used to say things were so many coffee pots or oil wells. Small things like tips of course! Have a lovely day and hope the mosque is still lovely.

So a nice new phone then Eva! Lots to play with. I have things I don't use on my phone, but the longer I have had it the more I find myself using more things on it. I think that makes sense! Aww so Emilian has decided his nursery is wasting his time then! He is growing up fast and now probably think it is all beneath him!

Fi no wonder you have been feeling exhausted all the time. Hopefully the anti bis will kick in and you will be better soon. Agree it is very wise to cancel Dxwali. It is a lively evening! Also think you have enough on your plate with the 90th thing. What a shame about the theatre. It is terrible that a play with someone lie MS can only 1/4 fill it. You have to feel it may be a lost cause which is so sad.

Morning BHB, no it isn't a very nice day at all. I think more Fxve Kxys and paninis sounds great, so we'll take them and go and find the CM for a lovely snuffle.

evam wrote:
Saturday, October 26, 2019, 10:24
Morning all. It's another blustery day here. At the moment the sun is shining, but 2 minutes ago it was pelting down!

Hello sweetheart. Sorry I'm late, but I've been to see father. He'd been poorly during the night being sick, but was feeling better. The nurse who had delivered his meds in the morning had checked him over, told him to go back to bed and try to sleep, which he was doing when I arrived. I called the DS and spoke to the nurse who'd been there this morning. She said she'd check back at midday, but he'd not had any fever, so she thought he'd be OK. I haven't heard anything, so I hope everything is fine. I'll call him later.
So yes, sweetheart, I'd be very happy with a herbal tea and a toasted panini to go with the snuggle. You are lovely.💋💋💋

Fi,- I hope the anti-bis do their work and that this w/e won't be too difficult. No fisticuffs, please. ✊ You were quite right to tell UBscollop and g/f that you have to say no to what they proposed. You have bent over backwards to be a good mother and mother-in-law, and you have to make them understand that you and Ploppy need some "me"-time now.

Diana,- the price of alcohol is staggering. I'm glad I don't drink the stuff just in case I should end up in one of those countries. 😜

Carol,- your in-laws house sounds idyllic. I hope they can do the work they are planning. I can imagine the difficulty in deciding what to keep and what not of their old furniture. Downsizing ain't easy!

Pauline,- is your garden feeling left out since you haven't been out there for a while? I know you'll be out there asap.🍂🍁
Diana wrote:
Saturday, October 26, 2019, 14:39
Evening all. Another sunny day without a cloud in the sky, though the wind got up this pm.

Dinner last night was a little disappointing. We both had the same - lobster bisque which was vg, then a local fish served with 3 sauces, with side dishes of mash and mixed veg. The fish was meaty but not a lot of taste. We had two lots of rolls and 3 "free" extra courses: an amuse Bouche of tuna carpaccio which was delicious, a sorbet and jelly which was nice but a little weird, and 3 sweets to finish.

We visited the grand mosque this morning. Fabulous building outside and especially inside, probably the most beautiful I've ever seen. Amazing chandeliers of Swarovski crystal, beautiful turquoise/bluish dome, wonderful carvings in the walls, and lovely woods in part of the ceiling, lots of designs made of small tiles. We got there shortly after 8.00 am when it opened, by the time we left at 9.45 it was getting very hot and there were lots more people there so worth going early.

Spent the rest of the day by the long pool and went in the gym late this pm. Tonight we are eating in the same restaurant as the first night but intend to have Indian. Another early start tomorrow to see the Royal Opera House
Diana wrote:
Saturday, October 26, 2019, 14:49
Forgot to say that Ploppy was unable to watch the rugby, unfortunately it wasn't on any of the four TV sports channels and ITV wouldn't let him watch on the iPad. Fingers crossed he can watch the final when we're at the other hotel. He was able to watch some golf last night!

I've only had a v quick scan of the blog and need to get ready for dinner. Pauline, we haven't seen any coins yet. Hope Emilian's back to normal. Take care of yourself, Fi, hope you're feeling better.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, October 27, 2019, 07:43
Morning and a nice bright start – also of course much lighter since we put the clocks back last night. Yesterday the weather was awful – rain virtually non stop and torrential at times.

I see you had sunshine as well as the rain and wind Eva. Oh dear, hope your Father is better after staying in bed. It is good that the nurse checked again at midday and said she thought he would be fine. I am not sure you would like the stairs in the cottage – they are very stop and the treads are very narrow (like most Vxctxrian stair treads). There is only a handrail on one side (Gloria did say they were thinking about putting in another one on the opposite side and I did say I thought that was a very good idea). Other than that the cottage has a lovely cosy friendly feel to it. They are very near to the train station so have no problems with getting places if they don’t want to take the car (there is a bus stop very near but the bus only goes twice a week!).

Diana may be you could send your weather this way please. I like the sound of the lobster bisque (one of my favourites – I had that at the hotel where we stayed on our wedding day), but what a shame the fish didn’t have much taste. The mosque looks amazing and glad it was as lovely as you hoped. I am interesting to hear about the opera house – somehow I don’t equate opera and the M East! What a shame Ploppy missed the rxgby – it was some match! I take it he knew we won. Cheering on Wales this morning – a home nations final would be fantastic!

Hope the travellers all have a wonderful time – think somewhere in the south today – I have lost track!

I managed to get all the laundry done yesterday so that is a job out of the way. We are going to Skype Oz in about fifteen minutes so MM can talk to his daughter (they couldn’t talk on his birthday as the family were off in the Bush somewhere meeting up with friends and camping, they were back yesterday so today is the first chance of a Skype). We then have Roger, Victoria, Imogen and Marcus coming for Sunday lunch, so with all that going on, we are playing truant from church this morning. We were glad of the extra hour of sleep. Watched SCD of course and think there may be another shock exit – quite a few near the bottom and I think both Emmxs, Chrxs, Mxke, Cxtherxne and even Karxn are all in danger this week. It always seems a shock exit after the H’ween episode. My dance of the night was Gio and Mxchxlle! I thought Alxx did really well without Nxxl and well done to Kxvxn for stepping in at very short notice. Once the family have left late afternoon it will be feet up and watch the Results show, then of course The Wxrld on Fxre. Morning BHB, yes a nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Glxx Clxb into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, October 27, 2019, 09:35
Morning all and we have wall to wall sunshine this morning, hooray! Yesterday was truly awful and rained all day. Now it is sunny but very cold out at the moment, but I will take it! The weather being so dire yesterday made me quite lazy and although I did get the washing done so I have a nice pile of ixxnxxg for today. I spent the afternoon having a lovely read and I am now deep in an excellent (for me) book. Fantasy Eva so I won't recommend it for you! Anyway it could be that another reading afternoon is on the cards, so I better get things done this morning! Loved SCD though found some music choices and costumes very weird, and not in a Halloween weird way! A rabbit and Alice being the weirdest especially for a tango. Poor Mike has anough of a struggle. I agree with Twin and it could be another shock exit.

Hope your father is better now Eva. Seems like the nurses have their act together a bit and she has been looking after him a bit. Nice that she thinks all is ok. I am sure he can do without more hospital visits.

Shame Ploppy was unable to see the rugby Diana, he hasn't had much luck with this tournament has he! I am sure he would have enjoyed it all, but fingers crossed he will be able to see the final. Trouble is I don't think rugby is very big in the ME! Glad you enjoyed the mosque, I thought you would. Never went to the opera house. Not sure it was there when I was flying. Probably was but we only ever slipped in Mxscxt for 24 hours and so didn't get too many chances to go sightseeing.

Morning BHB and what Have we today? Glxx Clxb? Lovely. Let's get another jug and find the CM.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, October 27, 2019, 09:48
Diana had a closer look at the pictures and see the opera house was opened in 2011, no wonder I hadn't seen it! The mosque looks even better now than when I saw it, all more settled in as it was very new when we went. Always was peeved by the difference between the women's but and the men's!
evam wrote:
Sunday, October 27, 2019, 10:45
Morning all. It's a beautiful day here with wall-to-wall sunshine, but chilly. This morning it was only +2 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. You've been waiting for me? How kind, because it's been a funny day here. First of all I clean forgot that the clock went back last night, so when I woke up and saw mt didgital radio clock only showing 4.30am, I thought it was a bit early, even for me, but I felt I wouldn't fall into sleep again, so I went in to the kitchen to make my coffee. There I noticed my wall clock was showing 5.30am, so I thought I'd been lucky to sleep that long Coming back to the bedroom I checked the wall clock there, and it was the same as the one in the kitchen. I changed the time on the clock radio, faintly irritated, because I've only had it for about a year. When I went in to the kitchen again to start the breakfast I turned on the radio,- and was told that the cloks had gone back an hour! Doh! 😮 I don't often miss it, but for one reason or another did last night. I've been sleeping fairly well the last couple of nights, so maybe my body is telling me " Enough is enough"?
I spoke to father this morning and he was feeling much better, so that is good. I've had a busy morning as I decided to sort out all my meds for a month! That is not a small task, and I have to think (!) all the time. It took me almost 3 hours to sort it all, but it's good to know it's done.
I also watched Strictly last night of course, and agree with you Carol,- that it's beginning to be very difficult to tell the different levels quite a few of the contestants have reached. My favourite is K*lvin as before, and he was brilliant last night. The H*lloween Night is my least favourite night, and yesterday was no exeption. Some of the costumes were plain silly, and they took the consentration away from the dancing. You didn't exactly get a lighthearted episode of Cas last night, Carol. What are they doing to Ethan's caracter? Suddenly he's the baddie?

Carol,- I see you'll be busy with family today, both the one far away and the one much closer. Enjoy both.

Pauline,- will you get the chance to put your garden to bed today?
Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, October 27, 2019, 18:12
Evening. Home at last. Think I am also fighting a bug ( the one our friends kindly ( not) brought with them. I feel totally wiped out. Had lovely 90th birthday party. It was in fab stately home R.gley Hall as ploppy cousin works there . We had tour of the house and unofficial aft tea in servants quarter. Birthday boy loved it. BUT ploppy bro and sis in law blanked us - all afternoon. Even when ploppy insisted on shaking bro hand, and I hugged him, he looked away and then walked off. His wife kept hiding from us. It was horrible. But reinforced our opinion that they are not to be invited to the wedding. Everyone else was lovely. We stayed at hotel in Str.tford as I couldn’t face journey home ( were diverted several times on way there due to water on road and accidents). So had brunch in Str. And wandered round in sunshine - gorgeous. More diversions on way home.
Scollop tried ( nicely) to persuade us to go thro to d.vali- he had found parking. It is right in centre so would be awful traffic and we are not up to it - and def not up to standing outside on a cold evening. They need to learn to plan ahead better.
Other scollop ran D.blin marathon today. He did well - in top 12% of men.
Rang sloppy when got home. Got to admire her determination to not give up her life. She has found another coffee group she wants to go to as she doesn’t see why “ I should be prisoner in my own home”. She goes out 3 days every week and then sis takes her out 2 other days (mostly to do both their shopping’s and often tea in a garden centre). Then 6th day she often goes into town. Only day she did stay in another neighbour now asks her in each week. Not sure how she is going to fit in another activity!
Will catch up on what everyone else been doing later this eve
Diana wrote:
Sunday, October 27, 2019, 18:38
Evening. Oooh I'm feeling so full. We had dinner in the Arabian Courtyard restaurant tonight. It's only open one evening each week and is a buffet of Middle Eastern food. It was very good but we ate too much! Last night's ME/Indian was the best meal we've had. I started with 3 different pastries, then green chicken tikka. I had mint and lemonade to drink.

The opera house is fabulous, another beautiful building. We had a tour and also saw the new smaller venue which was opened last January. We would have liked to see a performance but there's nothing of note on just now. It was windy again today, especially pm. We lazed by the pool from mid-morning and did a final session in the gym before packing.

Tomorrow morning we get a taxi to the airport to pick up the hire car. Then drive south through the mountains to Nizwa where there's an old fort. It's going to be very hot in the interior.
We're hoping to get to The View hotel 2.00 pm ish to get a couple of hours relaxing by the pool. We have two nights here. We'll probably go to see a couple more forts on Tuesday. I'll hopefully be back on here tomorrow evening but I think wifi's only available in the lobby and it may not be a good connection. After that we have one night in the dessert and Thursday we're on the coast at a turtle sanctuary- not sure if either has wifi. We're back in Muscat on Friday.
evam wrote:
Sunday, October 27, 2019, 20:03
Just a short comment on tonight’s d/o,- i think the wrong couple was saved, but who am I to argue with Shirley?
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, October 28, 2019, 07:24
Morning and a nice bright start – think that means it will be chilly! Yesterday was a lovely sunny autumn day, but not quite as cold as Eva’s!

Ah I forgot you put your clocks back the same as the UK, Eva. I find it much easier these days as we get reminders on facebook and the net, but I don’t think I ever forgot to change them at all. Which reminds me we need to change the one in the car (I never remember how to do it!) – all the others were done on Saturday evening. So pleased to hear you have been sleeping better at nights (I definitely think it is your body telling you that you need sleep). I don’t envy you sorting out your meds for a whole month. Oh that’s good that your was feeling better, he obviously had something that disagreed with him the other day. I agree that some of the costumes on SCD were completely insane and not really to do with H’een at all in some cases. I don’t understand what C’lty are doing with Ethxn’s character either – it is so unlike him that it just makes that particular storyline totally implausible!

I am glad you enjoyed the birthday party – it sounds a lovely venue. Not so glad that you obviously have a nasty little bug. Such a shame that Ploppy’s b and s-i-l were true to themselves and a very wise decision to not invite them to the wedding (although by the sound of it they would have declined). Hopefully their nastiness didn’t stop you enjoying the rest of the event. The journey home sounds a nightmare – very wise to stop over on the way home and sounds like you had the perfect weather for just strolling around. Well done of managing to resist being “persuaded” to try and make Dilly Wally. Oh well done to Scollop for the marathon! I read what your mother does and wondered how she was going to fit in another weekly activity. I am sure she will find a way as she seems very determined!

Ah that’s always the danger with a buffet Diana, everything looks so nice and you feel you ought to try all sorts of different things, then end up not wanting to see food again for a week. The ME/Indian fusion sounds lovely. So do they put on “Western culture opxras” at the Opera House? If so do they sing in the original language or their own? Hope you have a good journey today and the hotel is as lovely as it looked on the link. Not sure I would fancy a night in the dessert but would like to see the turtle sanctuary. Enjoy, if you don’t make it back on here before Friday.

We had a nice long Skype chat – it lasted an hour and a half, and caught up with all the family news from Oz. It is their Spring at the moment and they are just about to come into the rainy season, whilst we head into winter. Roger, Victoria and the children arrived on time (think this may be the first time ever) and we had a lovely time with them. Imogen is going through a phase of not wanting to eat any potatoes, so fortunate I had rice and she had that with her roast chicken and veggies. Marcus eats anything and everything! They all left early evening, so after putting the dishes into the dishwasher and having a general tidy up it was time for feet up and the evening’s viewing. I actually think there was more technical content in the winner of the dance off Eva, so agreed with Shirley. The person who left just had the wrong dance this week – I am not sure it improved from Saturday night to be honest, so I did agree with the decision. We are off to SLAPPAS this morning of course (I will wrap up warm I think). This afternoon I had some admin for the small choir to do and then we have rehearsal this evening. I will be taking the next two Mondays and then we move to a Wednesday evening with our new conductor. Morning BHB, yes a lovely bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Lavendula through to the conservatory and then we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, October 28, 2019, 10:02
Morning all and it is a lovely one here. all blue sky and sunshine. Cold though I think. I will find out soon as I have to go to the s/market. That then a little more ixxnxxg. I did my main pile yesterday, but did manage to get in the garden so yes Eva the garden is nearly in winter mode! Just one or two bits and pieces to do, which I may get done later or tomorrow.

I watched the results show and I was not impressed with that cha cha. Definitely a bad dance for her. The winner of it was on B/fast this morning and he has been getting terrible abuse on social media which I think dreadful. It is not his fault after all. He just does his best. and in fact I thought did much better second time around. He had obviously listened to the judges and tried to do what they say which counts for a lot. We have this every year and if people think the exitee should have stayed then they should have voted for her and she wouldn't be in the d/off! Simples! Anyway the other one probably won't survive another d/off!

Fi your party sounds lovely, certainly the setting was fab. Such a shame about Ploppy's bro and sil. I can see why you don't want them at the wedding! Mind as Twin says they probably wouldn't come! Hope you recover from the bug quickly, just what you don't need! Your Mum certainly keeps busy. Wonderful! Well done to eldest Scollop. Never seen the attraction of running all that way myself but I know the ones that do it love it!

Enjoy the next few days Diana, they sound to be a fantastic experience. I am sure you will love it all. Like the sound of the buffet!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Oh of course it is Lavendula day. Let's get some more and some crumpets and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Monday, October 28, 2019, 16:30
Afternoon all. It's been a beautiful day here, but with frost during the night. I don't think proper winter is far away.
I've not had a too busy day, but after I'd been and done my weekly shop and had a haircut, I could feel a bad headache coming, so I went straight back home and to bed. (Sorry, I can't toos, because my hair is untossable. (Is that an English word? If not, I've just made you a new word. It's all right,- o need to thank me!)) I feel OK now, as I had a good sleep.

Diana,-ooohh, off into the desert, are you? Maybe you'll bump into Lawrence of Arabia?

Fi,- I'm glad the birthday party was fine, but shocked at your br.i.l. and his wife's behaviour. You definitely don't want to invite them to the wedding. Now you can exclude them with a clean consience. I agree with you that UB scollop and g/f needs to start proper planning and not take it for granted that you'll automatically fall in with their wishes. Maybe they'll both still need to grow up a bit? Well done to eldest scollop for doing the marathon. Funnily enough I've never felt the urge to do anything like that. The year I spent in Police College cured me of things like that. There we had 2 hours of physical training EVERY day. It was enough to last me a lifetime, but as you know, I love my walks, so I'm not all bad.

Pauline,- good to hear you have the garden under control.

Carol,- spending an hour and a half on Skype? How do you do it? (Says she who spent almost an hour this morning on the phone with Anne Grete!📞)
Diana wrote:
Monday, October 28, 2019, 16:33
Evening. I'm doing this from the restaurant. There's a great view of the valley, it's just like when you're coming into land at night on a plane and can see all the lights below. Nizwa fort was interesting, it was hot but not unbearable, though I was v glad of my safari hat and cooling neck thing. It's very windy here, we sat by the pool for an hour or so but the wind made us move to the balcony of our room which was relatively protected.

Tomorrow we're planning on going to Bahia and Jabreen castles, and a wadi near Jamal Shams, the highest mountain in Oman.

TK wrote:
Monday, October 28, 2019, 17:09
Just got back from walking Bruce before it got dark. Just had to check the extra Cliff tickets which went on sale without me knowing as my notification went to spam!! Bruce and TK are telling me it is tea time. I'll come back later
TK wrote:
Monday, October 28, 2019, 19:13
I had a lovely holiday weekend. I stayed away Friday and Saturday night!! I've not done that for ages. It was fun. My new sleeping bag and Pilates mat are just perfect for sleeping. I did need an extra covering on top. Previously my lovely hosts have given me an air bed to sleep on. Not stable enough for me. I've fallen off them as I turn over in the night, so I wake up. Can't fall off a Pilates mat, slept like a log. Years of practise sleeping on the floor with Cora when she had her op and then Shannon most of the time she was alive.
The songs/talk were as before. Poor Beverley drove for 9.5 hrs (with a 10min break) to get to Ilkley from Cardiff. The traffic was terrible and there was rain. She didn't say how long it took her to get to Chatham. The Chatham concert was 'special' I was rather distracted from the musical and vocal content, due to Lee's outfit. He'd drive home from Ilkley and carefully put his stage suit bag in the house, so he could hang it up. He didn't unpack the rest of the car. He drove to Chatham without the suit. He was on stage in lightish grey suede shoes, blue jeans (which fitted almost perfectly, a bit long, but that was fine as it was jeans), short sleeved tight light grey (I think) tee shirt. Absolutely perfect. Beverley said she felt over dressed. I would not be unhappy if he wore similar again, but I suspect that will not happen.

The Saturday we had 'off' we went to the Bradford media museum. They have an area where you can view old TV progs, we watch 10mins of a few. As we are a hi-brow group we chose part of a play for today from 1975, part of an episode of I Caesar from 2002 and Macbeth from 1970 with Michael Jayston as Macbeth. If you believe that you are mad. We chose Bill and Ben, a tiny bit of Muffin the mule, the first ever episode of Dr Who and the last episode of The Clangers. You just have to watch the Clangers episode, it was broadcast at the time of the general election in 1974. It is so appropriate for today's madness.

'Oliver Postgate provides the voice of the narrator who, uniquely in this episode, engages in conversation with the Clangers. Their responses were adapted from the written script and played on swannee whistles by Stephen Sylvester and Oliver Postgate, as usual, while the music was composed by Vernon Elliott. This was the final in the original series of The Clangers which ran for 27 episodes from 1969-74.'

For me Oliver Postgate is Nogin The Nog (1959-1965), so I find it weird hearing Nogin the Nog on the moon.
TK wrote:
Monday, October 28, 2019, 20:31
Thanks Diana, just had a look around Bahia and Jabreen castles. I like this touring, UK in person and Oman vicariously.
maeve 12 wrote:
Monday, October 28, 2019, 23:42
Anyone see Motherland last night? What a surprise.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 08:00
Morning and another bright start to the day – I can see quite bright blue sky at the moment. Yesterday stayed dry, but cold (about 9C), and then the cloud cover appeared in the afternoon and it became slightly warmer. I think today is due to be similar.

We managed to avoid the frost Eva, although some parts of the country woke to it (my friends in Kent and Mrs Chris in Essex). Your hair looks lovely by the way – I presume this is part of the getting ready for Spxxn procedure. We do have tossable, but I don’t think we have untossable – well until now, so thank you! Glad the sleep cured the headache; hopefully you managed another good night’s sleep last night. I wondered too if Diana might bump into Lawrence of A! All our Skxpe calls to Oz seem to last that long – MM’s granddaughter usually has to show us all the garden and her toys – as it was the end of the day for her, she was not so much in evidence. We were hearing all about their holiday camping in the Bush (so not me!). How is Anne G??

Diana, so glad the view lives up to your expectations. It sounds lovely at night. The castles look really interesting – like Jo nice to see things when in the comfort of your own home (especially as I am unlikely ever to visit the country – and definitely not now you have confirmed the incohol prices!). Enjoy your day today.

Cliffy tickets on sale without letting you know Jo? Oh I see it was the Spxm wot did it! Are these extra dates for him? Clever idea to sleep on the Pxlxtes mat (although not sure I would manage to get up off the floor) – I know what you mean about airbeds - we used to roll off them when staying with friends. I can see why you found the Chxtham concert to your liking! Sounds like the traffic everywhere over this last weekend was a bit of a nightmare. The media museum sounds fascinating – I loved the Clxngxrs and used to have a Mxffin the Mxle puppet as well as a flowerpot man one. I also used to watch Noggin the Nog! I like Grxllxffe!

Hi Maeve – yes we had the heads up early on courtesy of Ro and Jo. The whole series is currently on iplayer (in advance of showing) so I watched the episode (ok a couple of times!). Loved the little dog they gave him. Hope all is/has going/gone will with the move!

I did get assailed by some jumping merchandise yesterday – a bright jumper and some warm blue leggings attacked me – I tried to beat them off but it was in vain. I spent my afternoon doing admin and then we had rehearsal in the evening (still me at the moment as Marguerite, the new conductor, takes over on 13th November). We were very industrious and learnt a new piece of music. I like to keep them on their toes! We had a moment’s panic in the evening – I went to put the hob on and no gas. MM came to look and couldn’t fathom it, so went over to our neighbours over the road to check if they had a similar problem, i.e. gas cut in the area for some reason. No they were fine. He came back and did some investigation, and when putting something into one of the kitchen cupboards during the afternoon, he had inadvertently hit the rocker switch which powers the electricity to ignite the gas................once it was switched back on we suddenly had gas again!!! Today MM has his flu jab, and we were going to go off to the royal town near Jo for some shopping, but as it had turned much chillier I feel I should do the remainder of the clothes swap as I feel I won’t need any more of my summer things for a while. MM has to deal with the Council who have decided to put a preservation on the Cedar tree that is rotten. So, given that the tree surgeons said for safety’s sake it should be down before C’mas, that is a nice interesting scenario for him to deal with. I presume if the tree falls before anything can be done, it will be the Cxxncil who will be culpable and not the Church. I think that should keep MM out of mischief for most of the day! This evening we are meeting up with the ex Variety group for our monthly get together. Morning BHB, yes a nice bright, if chilly start, to the day. Let’s take the churros and the Bxrbxry Coxst through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket (feel we might need it this morning). We can have a lovely chat until the DCM arrives.
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 09:14
Morning. gorgeous sunshine - tho suspect it will be cold. went to senior citz viewing of D'ton yesterday. light and frothy - just what i needed! yesterday new bedroom carpet t=fitted. today furniture arrives. have feeling i will not be happy as hadn't realised how much smaller new wardrobe (we didn't go for fitted) compared to old one. and compared to most people I know I prob had half the wardrobe size of others anyway. aargh. you cant come to visit Carol as will no space for anyone elses clothes as will have to take over spare room wardrobe too - even more than I do now! will be good to get back to normal - tho will take days to move everything back and find new place for everything.
Yes Maeve - it was exciting. I had known he would be on at sometime but didn't know which ep. just watched last night as was really fed up and just binge watched v - so a lovely cheer up.
G/f has new job starting today. not convinced myself it will work out as sounds stressful job + longish commute. turns out she has not done any shop for wedd dresses. I hadn't pushed it (tho had mentioned it) as really didn't want to overstep mark as grooms mum only! I thought she had started looking but seemingly not. I hadn't realised she doesn't understand the Brit system that dresses are not made up instantly (like her one will be) but once she finds one is often a 4month wait - and then it has to be altered. the D.wali chaos made me realise she is not as organised a person as I thought. didn't sleep last night worrying about it - and everything else i have on at mo. I cancelled going to les Mis concert (to see JOJ in lead role this time) in l.ndon mid Nov as day before going to parents and just cant cope anymore with all the dashing round the country - and parents will be hard work. Theatre were fab and refunded my money instantly incl booking fees.
Jo - perhaps I would sleep better on floor - hmm maybe not!
Eva - love the untossable hair! I agree with you about now being able not to invite bro with clear conscience. If invited think he would come if the cousins came - as he is working hard to keep in with them - and he lives 10 mins from them so they would all travel and stay tog. . so not willing to risk him coming given that that he behaves in such inapprop ways.
Diana - enjoying my armchair travels with you.
Oops forgot have to be out in 10 mins. will catch up with rest later.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 10:14
Morning all and it is another lovely autumn day, although I think it is chilly, 7c apparently. I don't have anything particular on today so it will be a choice between cleaning and possible shopping, tough choice! I spoke to Ari's Mum last night and glad to say the funeral went very well. !t was a beautiful day, which helps a lot, and the church was packed full which is nice. David was very active locally in several clubs and on the council as well so the mayor gave the address. She did stay overnight with his widow. I of course watch M/land last night, never a problem seeing the GO more than once!

Maeve hope your move is progressing if not having progressed! When you get a chance let us know how things are gong if at all!

Diana thanks for the continuing virtual tour of Omxn! I must day a night in the desert never really appealed to me apart from being able to see the night sky properly, it is wonderful seeing it without light pollution, one of my favourite things! Glad the hotel is as good as it looks.

Jo hope you still managed to get extra Cliffy tickets. Thanks for the link to one of my all time favourite programmes. It reminds me of my father. We used to talk to each other in their whistles! I know. We were mad! Another favourite of mine was Chalton and the Wheelies, which you never see these days. It was another Oliver Postgate one. Genius that man. Noggin the Nog and Ivor the Engine also favourites.

Eva your hair is lovely even if it is untossable (nice word, thanks!). Glad you managed to beat the headache off. Hope you had another reasonable night and feel ok today.

Glad Twin has got a new conductor, hooray! I know she is dying to get back to singing properly without having to conduct! Good luck getting things in a smaller wardrobe! I would love a bigger one myself. which probably means I have far too many clothes!

Morning BHB and you have Bxnbury Crxss for us today? Sounds perfect so lets grab that and the green blanket would be good I think. Now let's find the CM.

Fi what a shame you will miss LM but can see why. I know Alfie was not well over the weekend so JOJ stepped in. Not sure if he is still doing it or not. Well g/f will be walking up the aisle in an ordinary dress if she doesn't get a wriggle on!

TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 10:37
I've not changed my clocks, one needs new battery, the other is on summer time. My watch and phone are correct.

Busy busy, but I feel tired. Might have to have an early nap.

Fi you will have to slow down to preserve strength.

Diana thanks again for more sight seeing, very nice. I've just checked the temperature there. Bit warm for me at almost 30 deg C, so lovely to see it from a chair in 20 deg C.

TK and I are doing the washing.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 13:53
Afternoon all. We're having a bit of a chaos here with father, so my day and youngest sister's day have been full to exhaustion. We need more help for him, but he refuses, so don't quite know what to do at the moment. Hopefully I can talk to someone from the "memory" team tomorrow.
I'll be back when I can, but don't worry, I'm fine (ish).
TK wrote:
Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 14:39
Oh dear Eva. I remember he was in a similar place some time ago when he kept turning help away and then phoned you to come over. I thought he'd got over that and was accepting the required help. I hope the memory team can think of a way out. PS I'd like the memory team to assist me from time to time.
Bruce and I have been out and have at last seen one of the ladies who live the over side of the park. I've only seen her once in the distance since I've retired. The reason is now clear, she has had a bad foot and has not been doing her normal walks. I have asked around about her, but no one knew.

:( The Essential Waitrose Chocolate Surprise have been substituted by the mousse for the delivery today. Oh well, it is the only substitution.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 08:04
Morning and a lovely sunny start again (for which I think “cold”) – yesterday turned into a lovely sunny day too. Autumnal colours are all beautiful at the moment.

Ah we saw DAbbey at the cinema when it was doing the rounds Fi – as you say light and frothy, beautifully costumed and filmed and a nice piece of escapism. One of my friends last night was saying she thought she might go and see it at the local theatre this week as they have an afternoon showing. A smaller wardrobe???!!! Eeek – how will you cope? I don’t envy you having to put everything back in its place now the room has been decorated. It was a lovely episode of M’land wasn’t it. Well at least g/f has a new job to try out – even if it turns out you are right and it proves too much for her. Can’t believe she hasn’t started the hunt for a w’ing dress yet! That’s all part of the fun, going and looking, trying on and finally deciding – then as you say having alterations to make it fit. Oh what a shame you had to cancel LesM. JOJ was on P’less at the weekend and sang the show to a close with BHH. Well done to the theatre for refunding the money and the booking fee.

Jo, as long as your watch and phone tell the right time, I guess it doesn’t matter what the other clocks say – as long as you remember they aren’t telling the right time! I see you and TK had a laundry day yesterday. I always smile when you say you are busy.....and think “told you so” – I bet you aren’t missing wxrk at all are you? The posh shop probably thought as long as there was chocolate in the dessert it would be an adequate substitution!

Oh Eva, so sorry to hear that there are problems with your Father again. Not what you want or need just before you go away. I do hope you manage to convince him (or get someone in authority – nurse, doctor?) that more help is needed to make sure he is comfortable and cared for. Fingers crossed the Memory Team can suggest something. Sending hugs.

I managed to switch one of the boxes of winter and summer clothes over yesterday but still have one more to do. I spent the afternoon typing reports for MM (I am very good to him). Today I need to send some emails out relating to the small choir and to do some notes for our service planning meeting tomorrow evening. MM is off to the hospital for a post hip op appointment – he said he will go on his own so I can get on with my admin. We had a nice meet up in the pub yesterday evening, and now know where we are going for our C’mas evening meal, so I can get on and book that today too. I managed to catch up with HC when we were home – those blue scrubs do suit him! This afternoon we are off to the cinema (culture of course – Fxrmxgxddon) so Twin will be over, and Lindy and Lawrence will be joining us. Afterwards it will be the normal pixxa at PE. We should be in time for The A’ice later. Morning BHB, yes a lovely sunny start to the day. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Dxvxl’s Shxre into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives!
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 08:49
Morning. Furniture arrived - it is small - aargh. spent afternoon yesterday (after fang farrier and tooth scraper visit) lining drawers. Today will put up curtains and make bed then next few days will be deciding where to put what clothes . went out to very posh restaurant last night with friend. 5 course taster menu. all gorgeous. even tho small portions too much for me to eat so ploppy had one and a half meals! it is an aspiring M star restaurant - and virtually empty. our city is so uncultured! tonight off to see P.sadena Orch with Jules and ploppy. not my thing at all and we are going to Ch.nese restaurant first (def not my thing) but she needed cheering up so said we would join them. mind you restaurant last night was bitter cold and think I now have a cold so will need to wrap up tonight. after that Jo you will be pleased to hear I have no appts a until next Tues and so will be - moving bedroom around!
Agreed Carol re wedd dresses and now will have to be a rush. didn't sleep last night again worrying about it all. we are going to ph scollop at a lunch time this week to try to speak to him on his own to point out to him how late on she is leaving it - think he will not realise it needs doing now. problem is now she has started work she wont have energy to do it. she also hasn't sorted flowers! If I have to make b/maids bouquets I need to know now - not at last min. Enjoy your film - not sure which one it is but I take your word fro it being very cultural! Of course once I move my summer clothes v=back into bedroom I have to do the winter swap!
Oh dear Eva - sorry to hear that your dad is having difficulties. good luck with Memory Team. think i have said before I find the N.S ones here useless - every time mum asks for advice they say ask one of the charities! in my opinion they are just tick box exercises here - so hope yours are better.
Jo - Ploppy would be with Carol on the substitution - so long as there is choc.late all is well in world.
Pauline - glad to hear funeral went well for Ari's mum
someone just texted for lift to P.lates so need to leave now . bye
TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 09:39
Fi I do hope that things get started soon. I would be tempted to say 'get on with it yourself' but then I don't have children and don't know of the maternal feelings you have for them and their welfare..
Yes the mouse was fine, as it was chocolate, just didn't have the cream on the top that the other dessert has.

I'm going to build up the courage to get the step ladder out to change the clocks ........ sometime.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 10:13
Morning all and it is another lovely bright one. I went to WGC yesterday for a meander round and saw the very sad sight of the Dxbxnhxms store with it's closing down signs up. Such a shame and I am sure it will be replaced by a coffee shop or fast food place which are the only things that seem to open these days. As they had an everything must go sale on I thought it rude not to look and did get two new jumpers that will be great for day to day wear in winter. Today I am off to Twin and the film. Of course it is very intellectual, it stars Shaun the Shxxp! Really looking forward to it.

Oh dear Eva, there were we thinking life would be easier for you and your sister and it seems you are back to square one almost. I hope that someone comes up with some bright ideas for you. You need to be able to relax on your holiday.

Fi I have no idea why my post to you yesterday appeared like an add on! I have ceased to wonder at the odd things that my pooter does sometimes! I hope you can manage to introduce a sense of urgency into the wedding preparations! Your meal sounds as if it was a bit special. Shame if the restaurant is struggling a bit, though if they get a m star it should help bring people in from all over.

Jo I have had that chocolate dessert and I would find it an acceptable substitute for the mousse ( at least I am hoping it was a mousse not a mouse as you said, though chocolate mice are ok) I have clocks that never get changed, the car for instance! I always forget it and it sometimes does panic me when I look at it!

Morning BHB and how are we today. You look very fit as well (!!) So let's get some more Dxvxl's Share and we can take that and some more muffins and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 14:49
Just read a review of Nativity from Wolverhampton, Scott Paige (one of zee spies) is going down a STORM
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 16:51
Hi. Particularly liked Jabreen castle yesterday. Plopped then decided to go to a village in the mountains. Going up was on tarmaced road fine. We then hit a dirt track going down other side - absolutely hated it, steep, windy and narrow. We eventually reached the village and the. Had to retrace steps. So glad when we got to the top. To be cont
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 18:13
That's better! I was on my phone in the restaurant earlier, now I'm on the iPad and back in our room - had read that the wifi wasn't available in rooms but that must have changed.

That road was awful, probably the worst I've ever been on with Ploppy. We had words!!! We then drove towards Oman's Grand Canyon but when we got to the untarmaced section, I didn't want to go further - I was still upset from the other road. More words but Ploppy did turn round. We stopped twice to look at Jabal Shams in the distance (highest mountain in Oman) and stopped again at Wadi Gul, where there are the remains of a village above a wadi.

Dinner at the View was buffet which we're not crazy about but the food wasn't bad. Last night one of the things we ate was shepherds pie which was rather good. The last two evenings have been very windy and last night it didn't die down till some time in the night and got up again before breakfast. It woke me up and kept me awake.

Before I forget - Carol, the music at the opera house is mixed. Traditional opera sung in the original language - costumes from previous productions were on display inc from Aida (the seat in front has a screen showing the words in original, translation into Arabic or English!!), ballet, different types of music i.e. The London Symphony Orchestra has played there, Arabic, very varied. And it's frequently sold out.

We left about 8.15 this am, stopping at the bottom of the mountain to look at some old mud houses, some 2/3 stories, which are now falling down. We've discovered Oman places often don't give the name as you enter and towns are v spread out and can go on for some time so you don't know where you are. Also most roads don't give their numbers. Roads that were on our map didn't appear or at least weren't signpostednso we ended up travelling further than we needed to. We couldn't find the road to the camp as they are building a new motorway and there is so signage! We got here eventually.

The rooms are lovely but it's a bit touristy. Included is a drive to see the sunset and a ride on a camel. The drive lasts 3 mins up the dune outside and the drinks & nibbles weren't much. The desert itself is beautiful, though the sunset was disappointing as there was a thin cloud and it went v quickly. We walked down which was fun. We went on a camel many years ago and I said never again so will skip that. Dinner tonight was a buffet AGAIN. Plenty to choose between but the food was fairly average. We decided not to see the sunrise as suspect it's the same dune.

Tomorrow we plan to visit a wadi where you can swim and then continue to the east coast of Oman.
Just got message that there's a prob with wifi so will stop here and hope this posts. Don't think we have wifi tomorrow and Friday may not be time as have longish drive, lots to see, return car to airport and then get to far side of Muscat.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 18:30
That posted so will try to continue.

This is where we're staying tomorrow:
Hope it's not a buffet for dinner!

On Friday one of the places we want to stop at is Sur. It's famous for building dhows so hope to stop to see the factory.

To end our holiday we are back in Muscat but the other end of the city. My father actually had a very small hand in the hotel's building - he was an estimator and calculated the cost of buildings, he came to the Middle East a number of times.

I forgot to say that one reason the weather's not been perfect the last couple of days is that there is a cyclone inthe sea east of Oman. Hope it doesn't affect the turtle watching or the last few days of mostly sun bathing.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 18:57
Just been readjusting one kitchen clock and changing the battery in the other one which is radio controlled. You never know I may have 2 clocks reading the right time for a few months. Tamsey was watching me get up on my little steps. She had a worried expression on her face, though not as concerned as mine. The radio controlled one ins now showing the correct time. First time in months as the battery needed replacing. It is a nearly new clock which one of Bella's friends gave me. I suspect so that Bella's food was on time. It is really weird having clocks which show the correct time.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 19:17
I didn't see Diana's post as I'd not refreshed before.
Thank you again for the travel descriptions. It sounds lovely in places and very scary in (oth67yrtt -TK is helping) others. Camel riding is a 'no' from me too. There was no rhythm to the motion when I road one, so it was very uncomfortable. And those roads sound really not my thing, so you are very brave.
You'd laugh if you watched my fingers when I'm typing as I'm doing it between swishes of TK's tail.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, October 31, 2019, 08:46
Morning and yet another lovely start to an autumn day – blue sky, sunshine and no chilly wind.

I see you had a nice peaceful day arranged for yesterday – curtain putting up, making bed, and putting clothes away. Your meal sounds lovely – fingers crossed the aspiration of an M star for the restaurant will happen and that should bring in more customers (hopefully). Ah was the singer with the P Roof O Duncan Gxllowxy? He sang with us years back (he did one of the roles in Die F’maus when I did the lead). His sister was a friend of one of my friends. He also sang with the small choir for a while and I remember driving him somewhere in my little red mini and getting completely lost! Fortunately one of the others in the group had seen us go the wrong way and followed us so we could get back on the right route! Hope the C’nese was a good one and you did manage to enjoy it. As you will have seen our film was very cultural! Goodness – what will you do with yourself for the next few days – no appointments, that must be a first!!!

I do hope all is well with Eva and that they can manage to get something sorted for her father.

Jo I see the mouse was ok, although you missed the cream! Eek – a stepladder to change the clocks. I can see why they haven’t been done yet. Oh I loved zee spies (loved all the cast actually), so brilliant to hear Scott got a rave review. So TK was helping you with your typing last night I see!

Eeeek Diana that road sounds my idea of a nightmare. At least you had seen the castle and enjoyed that beforehand, but I suspect the journey down wiped that from your memory. Not surprised you had words. At least Ploppy didn’t put your through a second awful road, although shame you missed out on the G C. I smiled when I read you had shepherd’s pie out there – it just seems such an English thing for the restaurant to have on the menu! Thank you for the info on the O House – just never really associated opera and the MEast in my mind. I am sure the costumes on display were wonderful. What a clever idea to put the home language on the seat in front, like your own mini surtitles! They do seem to have a very varied programme, and obviously it doubles as a concert theatre too. I see Omxn is a navigator’s nightmare with no names and missing roads! The drive to see the sunset didn’t sound too special. I somehow have never wanted to ride a camel since I did it at L’don Zxx when I was little – even though I was only about six I remember how uncomfy (and smelly) it was. So not me! Hope you enjoy the visit to the wadj – it looks lovely. The turtle reservation looks a lovely place – do hope the weather doesn’t affect your visit. Are you planning to return home with a Dhow? Oh how lovely to be going to somewhere that your father worked on. You are managing to pack in lots of experiences on this visit!

Pleased to say MM was discharged from the hospital for good behaviour (another gold star). He came home proudly showing me his xray of the new hip. We really enjoyed the film in the afternoon – a nice piece of gentle amusing fun. I always find the films so clever when you think of how they are made. After the film and before our pizza we did manage to get into D’hams and two jumping long sleeve tunics attacked me. As they had 20% off I felt it rude to leave them there. We are off to do some more RT today – we pack shoe boxes for children for C’mas (via church) and the boxes have to be handed in by 10th November (when of course we are somewhere else in the Mxdlands), so we thought we would get those done and we can take them this Sunday and leave them ready to be put with the other boxes. Twin is coming with us and will then wend her way home – but she is back again on Saturday! We were due to have a meeting tonight but that has been cancelled so we can put our feet up later. Morning BHB, another lovely start to the day. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Urbxn Oxsis into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle. The DCM is awake so will doubtless be here soon.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, October 31, 2019, 09:07
Morning all and it is a lovely day here again. Sadly I think we get the rain back by tomorrow. Though we need rain badly it seems to be over doing it a bit! Just loved the film yesterday, they are so clever and heart warming and funny as well, what’s not to like. We will be off for some RT in a bit then I will go home. Back this weekend as we are off th a birthday party. Lots of going and fringe for the next week.

DiNa that road sounds terrifying, not surprised you couldn’t face the next one. Also understand passing on the camel ride. Never done one and have no wish to do one! Shame the food is not too good at the hotel, very weird that shepherds pie is the nicest thing!hope the weather stays good for the rest of your stay.

I think is a step ladder is involved the clock might stay wrong till spring for me Jo!

Morning BHB and what’s the drink of the day? Urban Oxsis? Right, let’s get another jug and some more tea cakes and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Thursday, October 31, 2019, 10:15
I have in the past left the clocks one on summer time and one on winter time. This year with one needing a new battery I thought I'd be 'strong' and do both. I do feel better than I did a year ago with the step ladders.

I'm smiling at the CD I'm playing, came today. From a 1963 concert, Mike Berry, Mike Sarne, Don Spencer and John Leyton. It is so 'of its time' and includes a live version of Fireball.

Duffy is not well, she has been to the vets again. I'll go and check on her when I've posted a couple of letters. I do have some plants to deal with too. I understand I have to do that today as rain will be coming. ' wish I was a spaceman .....'
Diana wrote:
Thursday, October 31, 2019, 12:12
Afternoon all. We're now at the turtle place. Not impressed with the luxury tents.

We left the desert camp just before 8.00 this morning so were at the wadi about an hour later. Beautiful place - torquoise coloured water, white rocks with mountains behind. Glad we got there early as it was almost deserted and already hot. The drive through the mountains to get there was lovely too.

Although it started off nice this morning as we drove east towards the coast it clouded over and started RAINING! We drove through one short downpour but it was mostly fairly light rain though there were darker clouds around. We drove through a couple of places where the road was flooded, one about 3 inches deep. As we were driving through one small town I saw some water ahead and as we approached we realised the road was deep in water. There were several cars and a couple of lorries parked by the water and we could see one man wading thru the water - it was well above his knees!! We've seen a number of signs as driven along warning of flooding after rain but were completely taken aback by what was a river in the middle of this town where there shouldn't be any water. It hadn't rained that hard. We were so amazed we forgot to take a photo unfortunately. We turned round and had to go back 30 odd kms to pick up another road to the turtle reserve. All the way we could see pools of water here and there, some quite large.

Dinner is at 7.00 tonight (almost certainly a buffet) and we meet for the turtle viewing at 8.30 pm. There's another at 5.00 am, not sure if we'll do that. We may go to another wadi tomorrow and I want to see the sink hole

There are also some good beaches we may stop at on the way back to Muscat. After we've dropped our luggage at the hotel, we want to drive through the Muttrah area of Muscat and see a few places on that side of the city.

Haven't read the blog for a few days but will hopefully catch up over the next few days.

TK wrote:
Thursday, October 31, 2019, 14:20
Thanks for the sight seeing trip Diana! It is an interesting place.

Bruce is moaning at me. I took him for an early lunchtime walk, so he is saying it is time to go out again. I went to see Duffy at lunchtime, she didn't look too bad. Her mum came home after I'd been there for an hour. She was going to work from home, she wanted to check on her.

I have planted the 2 ferns that I was given a few days ago. Also cleared some of the plastic rubbish from the garden. The people Felf got to take away the poly tunnel left quite a bit of rubbish. I'll be able to get rid of it bit by bit.
TK wrote:
Thursday, October 31, 2019, 18:15
2 radio interviews this afternoon exciting news
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 1, 2019, 08:09
Morning and a dull grey one here – plus it is drizzling with rain. I think that is forecast for us for most of today.

Jo I can see why you might have left one clock on summertime and one on wintertime – that covers all bases. Oh I used to love John L – especially Rxmember Me! He used to pop up on tv every C’mas of course when they gave The Great Escxpe its annual outing! Oh poor Duffy – I am sure she appreciated her Mum coming home to check she was ok, and to stay with her. I see Bruce is still keen to keep up the fitness walking regime. So you managed to plant the ferns – so you should have nice greenery in the garden during the winter months. Thanks for the links to the interviews even if one brought unwelcome news (for us) but brilliant news for the GO.

Diana, I wouldn’t be impressed with ANY tent, let alone a luxury one! The wadj sounds lovely Diana. Raining! Raining!! It isn’t supposed to rain our there is it? Not only that but it sounds really deep – feel you were wise to do an about turn. I see buffets seem to be the order of the day for dinner. I imagine it will be so that everyone can make the 8.30pm visit to the turtles. I feel Twin would definitely not make one at 5 am! You are certainly packing a lot into your trip!

I am worried that we haven’t heard from Eva – hope all is sorted out over there before she goes off to Spxxn.

We did go off and do some C’mas shopping yesterday. We also managed to get nearly everything for the Shoe Box Appeal – I just need to buy some pencils and rulers etc. for them today and something else for my box (MM’s is almost full), so will have a look when we are out this morning doing our food shop. It turned into a beautiful warm sunny day (in fact I was too warm as I had decided to put a thicker coat on). I was very good and avoided any jumping merchandise for me (although I do confess to a quick look around when we went into Nxxt – but I was really there to buy things for little Daniel. I was very pleased with what I managed to buy and am now well on the way to having done half of my C;’mas present shopping. I bought some recyclable children’s wrapping paper (but forget to get any labels – will do that this morning) so that I can wrap all the children’s presents this afternoon and that is out of the way. We had a toasted sarnie whilst we were out and then when we got home Twin wended her way back to her house. I had a look at our L’borough hotel and decided to change it – I had done all that and sent the confirmation to Twin when an hour later we discovered the concert was off (and sadly is being rescheduled for when we are on holiday next year). So hotel now cancelled! The GO’s timing this year has been very bad for us – but at least we have the panto to look forward to! After the trip into U’bridge this morning I have a little admin to do, plus wrap the children’s presents and then we have church choir this evening. We should be home about 9 pm. Morning BHB, yes a very dull day. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted tuna melts into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Friday, November 1, 2019, 09:38
Morning all. Just a short post again, but I don't want you to worry. I am OK(ish), but it's been very busy and draining the last couple of days. No solution to the problem with father. The memory team can't help, as they are in a research project with no direct influence on the SS. Father seems to have calmed down a bit, so fingers crossed. Mrs S returned here last night and will be told that as long as she is home, she can take ALL responsibility for father!
I went to see the eye specialist on Wednesday, and got the bad news that the new eye drops hadn't made any difference, so I needed to start with injections again. I was at the hospital yesterday and got my injection (Just imagine, an appointment just the day after it was applied for! Wonder what the specialist wrote in his referral !) So yesterday I went around doing my one-eyed bandit impersination!
We also have movement in the sale of the flat, and at the moment I'm waiting to hear from the estate agent whether the bidder is willing to go higher than his original offer. Fingers crossed.🤞 In addition I managed to break my glasses yesterday, so had to go to the optitian to get them fixed. Just what I needed,- NOT!
So as I said I'm OK(ish), but have problems collecting my thoughts and blogging. Btw. what is this about GO and an appointment with your Queenie? I saw his tweet yesterday, but it didn't give any further details.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 1, 2019, 09:43
Eva glad you are ok(ish) - that is a lot of cope with. So sorry about the eye injections - not something to look forward to! The GO is going to be doing a reading at the Fxstivxl of Rxmxmbrance at the RAH next Saturday evening - in front of HM! As a result he has had to postpone his L'borough evening until next June! xxx
evam wrote:
Friday, November 1, 2019, 10:04
Just got word from the estate agent that the flat is sold, and we're getting the asking price.👏👏 One less worry.
TK wrote:
Friday, November 1, 2019, 10:06
Yes a shame for people just going to Loughborough, but he has tried and replaced a Saturday with a Saturday. Unfortunate that it coincides with Twins' hols. At least you have the hols to look forward to. It is an honour to be asked to attend. A different artist may have not said yes.

Lots of new trick or treaters yesterday. They were mostly tiny, with parents walking them up the path. Very sweet costumes. There was one lad, a bit older dressed as a clown, some people are frightened of clowns, so I suppose it fits in. Bruce was very keen to see who was going to our door, I leave the sweets outside. I still had to open the door as Bruce wanted to see who was making the noise outside. I do have some sweets left, as the mothers were very strict 'just take one dear'. One of the dog walkers said he didn't get any children visiting, so has a tub of sweets left. BUT he forgot to put the porch light on. He lives in a big house, longer drive on a private road, so with no light no one bothered to knock.

Bruce looked at his day bed 30 mins ago, it was a mess from his diggings last night, so he went into the front room. I've just made hos day bed, so he has come straight back and lain down with a 'herumph'. I think that means 'about time'.
TK wrote:
Friday, November 1, 2019, 10:10
I spent so long writing my post Eva has popped in. Excellent news about the flat. I hope that the glasses can be fixed. Mrs S is back!! She can set to with the requirements.
I'm off to see Mw3Ds soon. I didn't go last week.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 1, 2019, 10:15
Morning all and it is a wet drizzly one here and very dark. I think it is forecast to be wet and windy, nice! Bit of a contrast to yesterday which was lovely. So pleased for the GO that he has been asked to do the RAH, in front of the Queen no less, hope he gets to meet her! For myself though I am bereft! Why did it have to be our concert? Sob. Thank goodness for the panto and I daresay he may well be on tv on the Saturday which is better than nothing I suppose! Glad to say I was not trick or treated last night. It is not a celebration I relish, far too Amxrican and too many pumpkins are destroyed! Now that it is past I will deign to start thinking of C/mas! May go out and do that in a minute.

Just got a power cut so no internet. Not sure if this will get posted but will plough on!
Diana how unlucky you got rain. It is so rare and I know when it rains it means it! The ground is so dry and hard it often floods I think. Still at least you got where you were going eventually! It sounds lovely at the wadi. Twin is right. I would not be rising at 5am to see turtles!

Sorry Duffy is poorly again Jo. Hope she is better soon. Thanks for the links, nice, but not all good news for us. On a purely selfish level that is!

Morning BHB and it is Vanillita day of course. Let's get more and find the CM

Aha power back. Hopefully I can now post!

pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 1, 2019, 10:27
A bit discombobulated by the power thing! I see while I was offline Eva has posted, glad to hear you are okish Eva, though I am not sure eye injections would qualify as that for me! Shame you are back on them, but if they do the job worth it. Broken glasses not so good either. Yaay! The flat is sold, that is brilliant, and Mrs S is back. Maybe she will help? Why do feel maybe not!

I am very pleased and happy for the GO as he must be so chuffed. I am just sad for us as this year's tour has been a total wash out for us really, well from May on it has. Still onwards and upwards, I have spoken to L/borough about a refund and they were just getting things sorted though she did say I would be refunded. She didn't sound very efficient and was quite surly with me. Maybe just having a bad day!
TK wrote:
Friday, November 1, 2019, 18:20
I expect some people would have turned down the offer with the 'I have a previous booking', but really not surprised Lee has said yes. I don't suppose the Box Office lady was pleased with the extra work that will be coming her way. I expect they will work their way through it.
Felf is getting rid of getting rid of most of her books. I expect the ones I have are Melf's. Booklets on horse drawn farming equipment, a book on living in the next village in the 1920 and one on the next town in the 1800s.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 2, 2019, 08:11
Morning and it started nice and bright and sunny but has now clouded over. I know we are due rain and high winds as we have a weather warning in place. I have my fingers crossed the Cedar tree at church will be ok! At least we have in writing that the Council don’t think it is a danger (despite opposite advice from our tree surgeon) and as we can’t touch it without their say so, any damage will be down to them.

Eva, that was a very quick appointment – may be a record. The specialist obviously thought it needed to happen swiftly. That really is brilliant news about the flat and at the asking price. That will be one thing less for you to worry about. Not so good to break your glasses, at least they were able to repair them. So Mrs S will take over the reins whilst you are in Spxxn and younger sister has a rest................ Sending you hugs.

Oh we were not criticising the GO for his choice Jo. Feel it was the right decision for him to take, we were just sad for ourselves as it was going to be a lovely time to meet up with people and enjoy what was, initially, the last of the tour (before C’sford was put into the diary), plus of course we can’t make the new date. Gemma dressed all the boys up (including babyAidan in a crocodile onesie) and they went out trick or treating and came back with quite a haul. Of course Bruce wanted to see everyone who came up the path. Love that he moved out of the messy bed to allow you to get it back into order. So have you decided you can’t live without the books Felf is getting rid of?

It was a damp and drizzly day here in the morning when we went out. I did manage to get a couple of more C’mas presents and remembered to get the gift tags so I can wrap the children’s presents. In the afternoon I sorted out music for the choir practice in the evening, including a new C’mas piece (yes C’mas comes immediately after H’ween). It was damp but mild when we came out of practice in the evening. We were home in plenty of time to see WILTY, which is always such a joy to watch. Today I have the laundry to do (whilst keeping one eye on the rxgby), and then Twin is coming over later as we are off to celebrate Janice’s (our namer and our fellow cupcaker) 60th birthday. She is holding a party at the local rugby club. Morning BHB, yes it looks like it is turning into a very blustery day. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Pxpxr Plxne into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 2, 2019, 09:57
Carol I didn't think you were criticising, it was just a decision that I think other artists may have gone the other way.

It is a bit chilly with the onset of the rain this morning. TK darted in through the cat flap when it started the downpour, which seems to have eased off now.

Bruce has tired himself out with the walking and toy destroying. I've just turned the central heating back on as it is a bit chilly.

I'm off to Camberley this afternoon to see the Blue Jays for the first time. Hopefully the rain won't be too heavy for the drive, forecast says it should lighten up.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 2, 2019, 10:25
Morning all and it is a horrible day. We have heavy rain and high winds, yuk. I think it will get a bit drier at least by this afternoon, I hope so as I don't relish going out in this! As Twin says it is Janice's birthday party and I foresee my nice party shoes getting muddy if the rugby club car park is like every other one I have ever been in! I went a bit mad yesterday. I have been thinking for some time that I should replace one of my sofas with chairs as I sometimes have to push myself up out of the sofa and it is a struggle and I realise it won't get easier as time goes on! You've guessed it, I went and had a look at a chair I have been lusting after and bought two of them! I then had to organise for the sofa to go and it will all happen next Friday. Hopefully in the right order, sofa out chairs in, I know it won't but I will manage as long as they do come and collect the sofa! I owe the L/borough b/office lady an apology as she did exactly what she said and we have been refunded. I think from what has happened since I posted is that I caught them too early, probably along with a lot of others and she was a bit fed up! It is a terrible shame for us but I am so happy for the GO and of course he had to cancel, you can't turn the Queen down. Just hoping he might do another Phxxsantry concert next year that we can get to. Well I can hope can't I?!

I keep thinking I should get rid of a lot of my books Jo. I will keep a few but think a lot I have I never look at and most paperbacks are not wearing well! Hope you enjoy the BJ concert.

Morning BHB and what do we have today? Pxper Plxne? Ooh new one, let's get more and find the CM. I think she may be watching rugby!

TK wrote:
Saturday, November 2, 2019, 12:14
I was just upstairs doing some of the h-word, no fainting! I turned around and saw Bruce. oops I'd not shut the dog gate properly. Even more amazing he'd walked past TK's food at the top of the stairs. Luckily Bruce is more agile than any of my previous dogs, he can safely walk down my (dangerous) stairs.

Better do the lunchtime walk. It is rather blowy. There is a tree a couple of houses up which is nearly as tall as mine used to be. It is swirling around, the new houses look a bit close. Can you hear Bruce yelling at me?
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 2, 2019, 19:14
Evening all.

We're now back in Muscat. Fabulous hotel, one of the best we've stayed in if not the best. The room is large with a seating area, plenty of storage (we each have our own wardrobe!), good bathroom and nice balcony though not much of a view. There was a storm surge here during the recent cyclone and there's been some damage to the beach and a building so the area is roped off. We have half board here. Dinner in the main restaurant is "free", this is a buffet but the food available is very varied and vg quality. We can also eat at one of the other restaurants where we have an allowance of 25 rials (£50) pp and pay anything above. This evening we ate at the Chinese which was probably the best Chinese we have eaten, also the most expensive!

The turtle watching was pretty good on Thursday evening. There hadn't been any turtles the previous 3 days due to the cyclone but we saw one laying her eggs and a further 3/4 on the beach retuning to the sea. The groups were rather big and couldn't hear everything the guide said but it was quite something to see the turtles. We had to walk for a good 15 mins in the dark with some torches from the main building to the turtles through the sand. Due to the rain some of the sand was almost clay like and very squelchy and sticky. I almost fell over in it twice so was rather glad to get back to the tent. We didn't do the morning tour. It would have been good to see the sunrise and the beach in daylight but we didn't fancy having to get up at 4.15 am to get to the centre for 5.00, and walking through the squelch again. We did get up early, had breakfast and left about 7.30.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 2, 2019, 19:49
The douw boatyards in Sur were v disappointing. They were closed and no building appeared to be going on. However there was an outdoor douw museum nearby so we could see some of the boats. We drove along the coast, some beautiful views, turquoise waters and nice beaches.

The sink hole was much bigger and better than we expected. Several people were swimming in it and we would have stayed if we had more time. We diverted and drove inland to look at Wadi Dayqah.

We didn't get to the pools we intended to but instead went to the dam which was quite something. Then stopped at some pools near the bottom of the dam.

Our last stop was Yiti beach, on the outskirts of Muscat. We only had time for a quick stop unfortunately as it was late afternoon.

We arrived at the hotel about 5.00 pm and decided to keep the car overnight so we were up before 6.00 am in order to see some of this side of the city before returning the car to the airport about 40 mins away. We made quick stops at the two forts and the palace
And then drove along Muttrah Corniche, seeing the famous incense burner

We returned the car, got a taxi back to the hotel and had breakfast. We spent the rest of the day relaxing in the hotel gardens and went to the gym late pm. After a lovely start, there's bern some cloud and it hasn't been quite so hot, just 29 degrees.

We hope to visit Muttrah souk and go on a dolphin watching trip in the next couple of days. The rest of the time we'll relax by the pools. It's nearly midnight so better pack up and get some sleep so we can have an earlish breakfast and enjoy the sun. As it's winter here, the sun looses it's strength by 3.00 pm, goes behind the hotel around 4.00 and it's dark at 6.00 so want to get the best of the day.

evam wrote:
Saturday, November 2, 2019, 20:35
Evening all.
Diana, my lovely, I’ll read about your travels tomorrow.
For now I’ll just do a comment on tonight’s Strictly. I feel a bit lost here, because it’s a complete mystery to me how the judges could vote Chris and Karen to no 2 on the leaderboard. I have no idea who the caracters they were doing are, but to me it was just a silly stomping around, not much dancing at all. But, for the first time I liked Mike’s dance. The charleston really suited him. My favourites are still Kelvin and Oti, and they got my 3 online votes.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 07:45
Morning and thankfully a dry one. Yesterday the weather was vile and the driving rain and winds were around most of the day.

Jo I see Bruce is up to his old tricks and keeping up his reputation as a soft toy destroyer. I have just re-read that you were doing the h-word – I had to read it twice to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake! That Bruce is a very clever boy (obviously he didn’t fancy TK’s food). Hope you had a lovely time in Camberley.

Hotel sounds lovely Diana....and you have plenty of places to put clothes! I am assuming the Chinese wasn’t a buffet? I see you were lucky with the turtles – not sure I would like walking 15 in the dark, but obviously it was worth it when you arrived. What a shame about the boatyards, as I know you were looking forward to that part of your trip. These turquoise waters you keep describing sound terrible – how are you coping looking at them. I think that was a good idea to keep the car (although it meant getting up very early to pack in as much as you could before returning it). I think time relaxing by the pools, with a dolphin trip for variation, sounds a lovely way to spent the rest of your time – you have done a lot of sightseeing so far! Enjoy your rest.

Hi Eva – we are going to watch Strictly this afternoon, having missed it last evening. I looked at the leader board when we got home, and thought Chris and Karen were fourth? I will look forward to watching it later.

I managed to get the i word done yesterday before Twin arrived. The weather was awful (I didn’t envy Twin the drive over to us). We had a message to say a branch had come down from the Cedar tree at Church, but on the churchyard side not the pavement – thankfully it wasn’t a big branch like last time. MM will inspect later! We collected Lindy at about 7.20pm and were at the venue at 7.35pm, just as people were starting to arrive. We managed to find a parking space not too far from the building, so weren’t too wet after dashing inside. Janice looked lovely, and all three children were there (haven’t seen her son and eldest daughter for over a year – they are as lovely as ever, as is her youngest daughter). There was a very nice buffet at about 9pm (obviously the in thing Diana) and it was a very nice evening (even though we said we would rather be at home in the dry watching Strictly, when we set out). We were home by 11pm. MM and I are off to church this morning, and Twin is wending her way home. As I mentioned the afternoon will be taken up catching up with last night’s SCD ready for the Results show later. Morning BHB, yes much nicer this morning and dry! Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Drxp by Drxp into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (think she is still asleep at the moment).
Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 09:06
Morning all. The sun is shining, yay! Yesterday was truly awful and the drive here a bit of a nightmare, mainly down to way a few people were driving in dangerous conditions! I took it nice and slowly and tried to stay as far away from other drivers as possible! Glad we made the effort to go as Janice and her friend had put on a lovely do and was so happy to see us there. We did show our age and leave early, but it was down to the fact Twin is leading the service today and so had to rise early. I am going straight home as I have the ixxning to do and also it meant less of us to get ready as I will do that when they have left.

Diana your travels sound very interesting, seeing turtles must be a special treat. The hotel sounds excellent, much more what I would expect of that part of the world! Like the sound of a relaxing few days.

I thought I could hear yelling yesterday Jo, Bruce knows how to get things done doesn’t he. So he has now inspected the upstairs as well. Not keen on cat food though I see!

Going to watch SCD later Eva so will see what I think, but it seems to me that the judges are keen to reward the absolute novices this year, as long as they are trying hard and also are improving. I am sure the better dancers will be the ones in the final though, they usually are!

Morning BHB and you have Drxp by Drop for us today. Lovely, let’s get more an go and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 09:23
Morning all. It's a beautiful day here, but cold,- only + 2.3 degrees this morning.

Hello sweetheaert. You've got the coffee ready for me and toasted paninis to go with the coffee? You really are the perfect person to have breakfast with! 💋💋💋 (He agrees.😜) You have time for an extra session of snuggles as well? What could be better?

It's been a busy couple of days with father. He is confused at times, doesn't know what day or time it is, calls us to ask. Then there are endless questions about the same things we have answered hundreds of times before. He hasn't been unwell again, thank heavens. Mrs S just said "I'll see" when youngest sister told her that she had to take resposibilities for father while she was here, so I don't think sis will be holding her breath.
I finished my packing yesterday,with all the points on my list ticked off. Youngest sister is taking me to the airport tomorrow as Viljar's dad is on early shift. Do I need to tell you how much I'm looking forward to tomorrow? No, I didn't think so.

Diana,- glad your hotel is good. Lots of buffet eating, but why not? That way you can choose exactly what you want. You have certainly seen a lot on your travels, but also been wise enough to take relaxing breaks in between.

Carol,- thank you for asking after AG. She says the amputation was the right thing to do, and she has never been so well for years, with no infections having to be treated with very strong doses of anti-bis, which always drains her. I'm going up to see her on Wednesday when I've had my first treatment.
I think you are right about the leaderboard. They are three with the same points, Kelvin, Michelle and Chris, but I'm still completely confused about how the judges think that Chris's dance was of the same quality as Kelvin's and Michelle's. Glad you had a nice, although wet evening out last night.

Jo,- I'd never heard of The Bluejays, so had to look them up. Hope you had a good time.

I'm going for a walk in a little while. I want the sun to warm up the air a tad more before I go out.
evam wrote:
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 09:27
Pauline,- you popped in while I was posting. It's trange, isn't it, that one is more and more early leaving parties as the years pile on?
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 09:56
Diana, thank you for my tour while I was eating my breakfast. Very interesting. I do feel I have been there.

Concert last night was excellent. I came home and booked for a date next year. Matt W (Policeman/pianist Lord Arthur) was excellent on guitar and amazing on piano. The lead singer was very good, didn't try to exactly mimic the original artists. They mostly did US artists, as they were doing r'n'r from the 50s, they did Move it, which was very good. I really enjoyed it, so I've booked to go again next year. I was sitting next to a chap who was a teenager in the 50s he was telling me about all the artists he saw at the time.

Bruce has had a visitor already today. Duffy has been over as she had to be deflected from going home as Mrs ExP was doing the h**vering. The all clear has been sounded, so she has gone home. She doesn't like loud bangs either, so last night was not good. Bruce doesn't care, so he was fine.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 10:52
Eva sorry to read your father is confused. He hasn't got an underlying infection, has he? I hope your travels go well, at least when you get there you will be outside the urgent response range.
Just realised I'm chilly. I turned off the heating when we had visitors
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 17:09
Just been doing some more of the 'h' word. Filled the container so I thought I'd have another go at mum's chest of drawers. :( found some cards sent to her when she moved in with me and 2 tea towels I'd bought her from my travels, Egypt and Hadrian's wall. Also a bird one someone else must have given her.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 17:45
Eva - not sure what time you are off tomorrow so just popped on to wish you a safe and comfortable flight. Thank you for the update on AG - I am sure you will have a lovely time catching up with her on Wednesday. Hopefully no dental visits required this visit - although you now know where the dentist is. So Mrs S not actually agreed to step up to the plate then.....why am I not surprised. Have now caught up with SCD and will be watching the results show with interest.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 18:11
Eva have a good flight. When you get there have some relaxing treatments. My best wishes for Mrs S to step up and shake the 'powers' up for your father.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 18:24
Evening. Camel racing is on the TV at present! There are no riders but a fleet of cars are driving on the other side of the fence to the camels.

I don't think I said the other day that to get to the desert camp we drove on a new road which isn't finished yet. Wonderful road: three lanes for each direction, fairly straight and flat, and very little traffic. Don't know why three lanes are required, it almost seems that Oman has more money than they know what to with.

It's been a good day today. It's not as hot as when we arrived, there was some cloud again today. We got up fairly early, had a leisurely breakfast, then got a couple of beds on the grass and laid in the sun for most of the day. I tried one of the lagoon pools and the infinity pool, prefer the lagoon pools. They have a bit which is maybe a foot deep so you can sit, lie or float in the water. Ploppy went to the gym mid pm but I skipped it. At 4.30 the hotel bus took us to Muttrah souk and collected us again at 7.00. We had a stroll along the corniche and took some photos then went into the souk. It wasn't as big as I had imagined. Lots of shops selling all sorts of things. I bought two wooden boxes with mother of pearl on the top as presents. Also had a look at the silver bracelets. I saw a couple I liked in a shop window in Nizwa but thought they were likely to rather expensive so didn't go in. Regret that now. I looked at a few and found they were around 40 rials (just over £80) but wasn't sure of the quality and if they were really silver so decided to leave it. If we have time I'll look in the airport on Wednesday. We got back to the hotel about 7.15, had another quick shower then had dinner. We dined in the buffet restaurant again. I had mainly seafood dishes as a starter, a piece of freshly cooked snapper for main with chips and asparagus with a few other dishes. Very nice ice cream to finish.

Tomorrow we have booked a dolphin trip for the morning and will spend the rest of the day relaxing. I'm falling asleep now so will post and turn out the light.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 18:27
Just to wish you a good flight and a lovely and relaxing holiday, Eva.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 18:29
Eva have a good flight. When you get there have some relaxing treatments. My best wishes for Mrs S to step up and shake the 'powers' up for your father.
evam wrote:
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 20:02
Oh well,- I think we are now at the point where the good dancers are having to go. I’m glad I wasn’t a judge tonight as I would have been hard put to chose between them.
Thank you for the good wishes for tomorrow. I might do a post from the plain, but it seems that my ipad is not too impressed with the quality of the wifi onboard the plain. It’s the same airline I use when I fly to England.

Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 22:07
Just lost a post. Not been my day. For first time in nearly 40;yrs I burnt Chr cake!! I felt better yesterday so went shopping ( while everyone else watched r.gby);and finished Chr shopping for presents for parents, sis, bro and families. Also dads bday present - he is 98 in 3 wks! Need to do the present exchange when go to parents in 2 wks. Then moved all our stuff back into bedroom, did the winter clothes swap. Then made casserole to freeze and take tompatents when go down. Didn’t feel so well today but after church had to go and collect some items for new bedroom from JL collect. Then decided to make Chr cake but forgot to put on timer and fell asleep - and it is burnt. Aargh. An expensive and time consuming mistake. Trying to rest. Is . Going away overnight on Tues with friends and need to be well for that.
Diana - you are having lots of lovely experiences. D.lphon watching sounds lovely.
Eva - safe flight - and enjoy your holiday. Do you think your dads confusion could be exacerbated from moving to new accommodation on top of the grief of your mothers death. A lot for any brain, far less an older brain, to deal with. But Mrs S will sort out SS hopefully.
Pauline - buying new sofa and chairs and redoing living room is next on our list in house. But will wait until next yr. did you buy your chairs from N.xt? Think I remember you bought your sofas there. We looked at some furniture there last week but then decided we don’t realistically have time or energy to decorate liv room until after wedd so stopped looking.
Jo - I see the BJs are coming to my city next yr but when sis away so better not book anything as may need to go down and stay.
Carol - J’s bday party sounds fun. We only bother with 90ths tho these days!!!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 4, 2019, 08:06
Morning and a lovely bright start to the day....but that isn’t going to last as rain forecast for later. Yesterday was quite chilly and we had rain in the afternoon, but we were safely tucked up indoors watching SCD from Saturday!

Oh I remember Matt W – so they were playing your type of music then. I see you were so impressed you are seeing them again next year. You always seem to sit next to interesting people when you go to concerts on your own! So Bruce was entertaining was he (hope Duffy was ok last night too as we still had lots of loud fireworks going off). Jo, I am very worried that you suddenly seem to be doing the h word a lot..... must have been interesting going through your Mum’s things and discovering various items that held memories.

Goodness Diana, I didn’t realise camel racing was still a thing! Reminds me of L of Arxbia film! Mind you they weren’t racing cars, so may be not quite the same. Sounds like an idyllic day yesterday recahsing your batteries. I am sure the souk was very interesting to visit – I always imagined they were huge places (I seem to remember on an A’pptice episode some years back they visited somewhere similar on the find the items challenge. Shame about the bracelets, but as you say you might find some at the airport. Enjoy the dophin trip today.

Eva – not sure what time your flight was this morning, but hopefully you may already be safely in the air and heading towards the sun. Yes coming up to the time in SCD where anyone can go.

Oh Fi, that’s such a shame about the cake. I can see how it happened though! Moving things back into the bedroom, and doing the clothes swap, are not the lightest of tasks. My mother always made wonderful C’mas cakes (I liked liking the bowl but not the cooked item – not a fan of dark fruit cake) and I remember her “feeding” the cake throughout December with incohol (it must have been quite potent by the time C’mas came! I am almost there with my C’mas present buying so feeling quite pleased. Hopefully you will be able to rest today and thus enjoy your overnight with your friends.

Church service went well, then we had a short meeting with a friend who is training for curacy, we have a reference to complete for her, but needed some more detailed information on the things she does. We went into the small meeting room and it was very chilly! Spent the afternoon catching up with SCD and C’lty as mentioned. Then of course if was the evening’s viewing so really did feel like a couch potato by the time we got to bed! I am looking forward to W of the W starting – probably in a couple of weeks once W on Fire has concluded next week. Off to SLAPPAS this morning of course, and then will wrap some C’mas pressies this afternoon before going off to small choir in the evening. My last time as stand in conductor (hooray!) and last Monday rehearsal before we change to Wednesday. Will seem very strange as I have been going to Monday rehearsals since I was in my teens!!! Morning BHB, yes it is nice and bright. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasties through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Monday, November 4, 2019, 09:18
Bruce is 'on' something this morning, running around the house barking. He has just picked up Audi bear and is cuddling. Now he has gone to toy box and taken out a toy he's not played with before. Same material as Archibald, so rips really easily. There is ripping going on. It is one of the toys for young babies, not stuffed apart from the head. Anyway he's having fun.

Fi that is a lot of work to do in one day, no wonder you fell asleep. I wouldn't have attempted it. Best wishes for cake 2. The BJs are the youngest performers of RnR I've seen since I saw Shaky and the Sunsets in the very early 70s. It was a very good concert.

Right, now to phone my pension providers to ask why I was paid so much money this month.

Now he's on to the large duck. He must have slept well last night.
TK wrote:
Monday, November 4, 2019, 09:27
Ahh the pension people have no idea, so they will phone my old firm. I'm quite happy to be paid what they sent me this month every month, but I don't think it is right. I don't think it works out even if they haven't paid any tax from it.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 4, 2019, 10:38
Morning all and it is nice here at the moment though it obviously rained overnight and more rain forecast for later. it will probably fall about 7pm as I am then going out! I am meeting up with Ari's Mum and we are taking Jen out for a belated birthday dinner. She has just got back from the States, which is why it is late. Came home yesterday morning and did my ixxnxxg and a few other bits and then also went into couch potato mode! I caught up with SCD and pretty much agreed with the marking, so the judges will be relieved to hear that! Then the results in the evening. I felt very sorry for the loser as she was so upset and I like her. Such an elegant person. However I am sure she will get over it! Agree that from now on anyone can go. I think that there is at least one who isn't the strongest dancer but has a huge fan base that could cause a few problems if in a dance off with a better dancer, if that makes sense! Loved the drama Hxs Dxrk Mxterials, Beautifully done. I am an enormous fan of the books and felt they were well served.

Eva I hope you had a good flight and are now almost in sunny Spain. Make the most of the relaxing treatments and enjoy!

Your day sounds lovely Diana. I remember the souk in M/cat and it isn't the biggest. I would think the silver would be ok but better safe than sorry! Hope you get to see the Dolphins today.

What a shame about the cake Fi. I remember my Mum made the cake around now then it was "fed" till C/mas, one year father lent a hand and so it got fed twice and apparently was lovely! I wouldn't know, as I dislike fruit cake.

Well better to get too much money rather than not enough Jo, but can see you want it sorted or you can end up having to pay it back anyway! Glad to see Bruce is having fun!

Morning BHB and it's Lavendula day of course, so let's get more and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Monday, November 4, 2019, 12:16
Hello all,

Sorry for being absent all last week.

I had a lovely weekend with Jo, Ro and O, last weekend. The GO was on fine form in Ilkl*y, and very complimentary about the town and the general area. We had a quick chat with him at the SD, jut long enough to thank him for an excellent concert. Then we headed back to my house. I love having my friends staying over, and I hope they enjoyed themselves. Sorry I couldn't offer you a bed Jo!

We went to the Science and Media Museum on the Saturday. The best bit being watching old TV shows, including Morph, (which Jo wasn't keen on. Sorry Jo!) Bill and Ben and a bit of the first episode of Dr Who. But it was the 1974 election special of the Clangers that tickled us most. The Soup Dragon's 'No Soup for Frogletts' campaign. She won the election then got told she couldn't change her campaign promise. Poor Frogletts!

We spent Saturday evening with Ro, and some yummy fish n chips (sorry Jo!). Ro introduced us to R*chard Osm*n's H*use of G*mes which I very much enjoyed.

Next day we visited Rochester. The least said about my navigational skills the better (sorry Jo!). We visited the cathedral, leaving Jo on her own while the rest of went down to the crypt (sorry Jo!), and then the castle gardens.

The Chatham concert was very memorable. Jo might already have told you (sorry Jo!) but Lee walked out in greenish grey T-Shirt and jeans. He looked down at the front few rows where his fans are, raised his eyebrows and shrugged, as if to say 'don't ask!'

He told us later why he's made the wardrobe snafu - he'd left his suit at home. I can safely say non of us minded. Seeing Lee sing in his casual clothes just made us feel something very special had happened. It was nothing to do with the T Shirt being VERY tight and the auditorium quite chilly. Nippy even.

I came home on Cloud 9 only to be dragged off it in a nasty way.

My manager had sent me her decision by email, while I was on leave, then went on leave herself. She's rejected my request for reasonable adjustments. I still can't believe it.

The decision was hers, not the senior manager's. I'm told that she sort HR advice who told her to make the decision based on the flawed OH report. She didn't complain about the report. She told me later she'd rung the OH people and they didn't explain how to complain.

Needless to say I got in touch with my union rep who is supporting me. Whether it'll do any good I don't know but believe me I'll fight.

Sorry I couldn't face telling you all about it last week.

I hope to do a catch up tomorrow if I manage a lunch break!

TK wrote:
Monday, November 4, 2019, 12:51
Jane, I was perfectly comfortable in my new sleeping bag on Pilates mat with the extra warmth provided by the crocheted cover. It was a fun weekend. I was very grateful for Ro asking what type of fish it was. As I've said before, bit dubious about eating the type of fish which TK won't eat after my first experience. Ah I see Jane has explained about the tee shirt.

Bruce is moaning at me, he wants to go out, but I had to rest after the Pilates
TK wrote:
Monday, November 4, 2019, 14:13
We are back from our walk. I've had to turn up the TV as Bruce is 'playing'.
Diana wrote:
Monday, November 4, 2019, 18:10
Evening. I still haven't caught up with the blog, think it will have to wait till we're home unless there's time at the airport Wednesday evening.

There were only a few clouds this morning and it's been a lovely day. The dolphin watching trip was good, we saw several dolphins though as Ploppy said it was more dolphin glimpses than watching. You'd get a glimpse and then it was gone. I left the video on my camera running in the hope of getting at least one recorded and think I was successful though haven't checked. We got back just after midday and spent the pm lazing. Went to the gym late afternoon. Another lazy day tomorrow. We have been invited to a drinks reception tomorrow early evening- hoping there might be some alcohol.
Diana wrote:
Monday, November 4, 2019, 18:45
Just completed online check-in.

We each had a complimentary glass of wine at the Chinese. Neither was particularly nice! Ploppy has had a beer some nights and I had one with dinner tonight as it was Indian but most nights I've just had water and a fruit juice or mocktail 3/4 nights. Tomorrow we are dining in the Turkish restaurant in the hotel. I'd happily stay another 2/3 days, this part of the trip is going very fast - it's a very nice way of life!

I've been meaning to say, Pauline, that we drove past The Intercontinental 2/3 times. I recall Dad stayed at an Intercontinental when he was visiting the Middle East but no idea if it was Muscat.

I have set my alarm for just before 6.00 am so can go in the gym first thing as we have the drinks reception tomorrow and also need to pack, I made a start this evening. Hoping we can have an extension on the room on Wednesday (and at no charge) as we don't leave till 18.55 and checkout time is midday. We can shower and change in the gym if necessary but it'll be much easier if we can keep the room.

Ploppy is snoring so think it's time to turn off. Might not post again till we're home.
TK wrote:
Monday, November 4, 2019, 19:04
Diana, glad you have had a good time. It does look an interesting place. You certainly packed in activities.

Bruce and I have had fish and chips tonight. TK has had some cod and some salmon. Bruce is a good boy and has left some of his chips, eaten all of the fish!! He won't starve as he has visited Bella's friends in the afternoon.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 08:23
Morning and a it a little grey this morning – we are due rain early afternoon I think. Last night the temperature dropped quite dramatically and was 8C when we came home from rehearsal. I was glad I opted to put on a warmer coat last night!

I see Bruce is back into full murdering mode Jo. The concert really does sound right up your street! The BJs are obviously going to fill the void left my The Ss retiring. Did you solve the mystery of the extra money? Interesting that the pension providers didn’t know why. I am also intrigued as to the fish that was on offer the weekend before last. Of course Bruce wanted to go out – I think he feels you are obstructing his social life when you don’t do as he wants straight away. I am not sure I know another dog that likes fish – does TK mind sharing with him? I see he eventually managed to get his social visiting done.

Lady J, so glad you enjoyed your weekend. The Science and Media museum sounds fascinating. I used to love the Clxngers (and the Soup Dragon of course). I have to say I was never a fan of Mxrph. I am sure the earliest Dr W episode was interesting, all in black and white, and wobbly sets! Yes Jo let us know about the casual look and the reason for it when he performed in Chxtham. That is dreadful about the rejection of your request for working hours. I thought you always got on quite well with your manager, but this seems to be totally unfair and ridiculous. How HR could saw the decision should be made on the flawed report is beyond me. Well done on speaking to the Union rep, fingers crossed they can get something done and this will be resolved (although I can see if will leave you feeling differently about your job and the way you have been treated). Sending hugs.

Diana the sea trip sounds idyllic, even if you only saw glimpses of the dolphins. Fingers crossed you have caught them on camera. I think you deserve your lazing around the pool as you have packed so much into the holiday, which I see is sadly coming to an end. Ah so the wine wasn’t to be recommended then. I hope the hotel can accommodate your request to keep the room on – it makes such a difference if that can happen.

Hopefully Eva had a good flight and is now in her apartment – hopefully catching up on sleep!

We did our SLAPPAS shop yesterday (I did get assailed by a pair of jumping cord leggings, but other than that managed to dodge anything else). We had some admin bits and pieces to do in the afternoon and then had rehearsal in the evening. We managed to learn a new piece for the ladies so worked quite hard. This morning we are off to the hospital as MM has a gxstrxscopy – Lindy is going to take us and leave us there and then collect us afterwards as parking is always a nightmare at the hospital. I am taking my kxndle so will have a nice read whilst he is having the procedure (he is having sedation so will need a responsible adult to take him home – we couldn’t find one so he has me). This evening we have PCC so hopefully he will be ok for that although I will have to drive. Morning BHB, yes it is a little grey outside. Let’s take the churros and the Pxrsxpolis into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 10:01
Morning all and it is a nasty wet and cold morning here, though it is supposed to be brightening up later. We had a nice meal last night. I stated with mezzaluna coccante, little pastry parcels of mozzarella which are lovely. Roni and Jen shared a goat's cheese and beetroot tart which they said was scrummy. I then had a pasta dish with chicken, mushrooms and tomato, It was delish but far to much pasta. Roni had crab and prawn linguine and Jen had seabass. Jen skipped dessert, well just ate some of mine and some of Roni's! I had crème brulee with salted caramel ice cream which was to die for, Roni have a pannacotta with mixed berry compote. All washed down with a delish bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from NZ (sorry Diana!) which as I was the driver I had very little of. Got home just after 11. It was very misty everywhere as I was driving home. Not much doing for me today,and as it is a nasty day I will probably stick to some hxxsewxrk.

Lady Jane that is just a terrible decision by your work. So they couldn't even tell you to your face! Not impressed at all as I'm sure you're not. Glad you j=have the union on it and I take it you will be looking for another job? My friend Jen last night told me her eldest son, who has learning difficulties has just lost his job in S/bugs. He was stacking the yoghurts and fruit juices when a lady asked if they had any sandwiches with a later sell by date, He replied he didn't know, which we all accept he should not of done, but she didn't complain, but the branch manager saw her speak to Geoff and asked her what was said, so the poor thing was fired. The only other thing he has done as far as we know is have 3 sick days earlier this year! It all seems very fishy to us and I know Jen is fuming. They have appealed so we will see what happens. Not the same as you obviously but I feel it is discriminatory like your case.

Diana hope you managed to get some dolphin pictures, it sounds a lovely outing. Ah so the Intercon still stands then! I am sure it has had a refurn since I was there as it was looking a little tired in places. Nice hotel though, and they treated us so very well. They always laid on teas and coffee when our pick up was about 5am. Only wine I ever drank there was when some very nice gentlemen bought the entire crew Dom P champagne, we didn't refuse! It was very tasty!

So Bruce likes fish does he. The beagle we had liked fishy things as well, mind he liked most things! What poor thing was Bruce "playing" with? I bet it a bit the worse for wear now!

Sending hugs to MM, I don't want to think about what he is having done!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Pxrsxpolis? Unusual, let's get more and we can find the CM.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 11:16
I'm running late as I had the newsletter from the local dog rescue and my blood boiled. They adopted out a dog after getting it well, later it was handed into Battersea suffering from neglect (skin problems etc, like Bruce). They had text on the front page of the newsletter saying what they had to do to get it well again and how much it cost. I sent an email which included:
' What was missing from the story was note of the internal review of your adoption system. To have a dog given up to another rescue centre after 10 months without your knowledge, to me suggests they did not feel like they could contact you when they were having problems.' I went on to say how the RSPCA have handled Bruce's adoption. I have 2 phone numbers to contact if I have problems, one is local. I have to admit I did not feel that the one member staff that the local rescue were very good. Since I seemed to know more about their dogs than she did. I also got that feeling from the large Dog's Trust I went to. I did know more than them. I'm still fuming.
I have to keep a close eye on Bruce for his ears and skin as he has had a long term condition.

Mind I'm also still fuming about Jane's story. As an ex TU rep and an ex manager blood boils.

Hope all is well with MM.... and his responsible adult - Tee Hee.

I'm a bit chilly, now I've calmed down a bit. Heating on.

Ah THE fish. 'Basa is a species in the family Pangasiidae. Basa are native to the Mekong and Chao Phraya basins in Indochina. These fish are important food fish with an international market. They are often labelled in North America and Australia as "basa fish", "swai", or "bocourti". Wikipedia
Scientific name: Pangasius bocourti.' The pub called the fish by its scientific name, that threw me for a second. The supermarkets call it Basa. Bella thought it was fine. All my dogs have eaten fish as a treat when the cats have it. It was TK who, loves pollock, did not like it. She eats cod, coley, smoked salmon (I've never tried he with fresh) so I was concerned. I ate it as Bella was eating it. I was OK until 5 mins later when I felt a bit sick. I looked it up and found it was a fresh water fish, I'm not used to fresh water fish that may be the reason. People love it as it does not taste as 'fishy' as cod etc.

I have some shopping to do. Bruce is thinking it is coming up to going out time, better get going before he gets up.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 11:18
PS I've a feeling the Morph thing is an age difference as I don't remember seeing the length of prog with him and other of the same type. I remember him with Tony Hart, but not with others.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 12:24
Morning (just) all. I’m sitting on the largest terrace, in the shade as me and direct sunshine aren’t the best of friends. It’s + 23 degrees in the shade and absolutely loverly! Who are all the green faces that I see. 😂
Yesterday was a looooong day. The flight just short of 4 hours, and I was met at the airport by a representative from the car rental firm. Talk about service. I was on my way out from the airport barely half an hour later. Compared with last year’s one and a half hours waiting at the car rental desk, it was a breeze and well worth the extra cost. It was dark by then, and that has to be partly blamed for me missing the correct exit, and was well on my way to Madrid (,)

Sorry, I just pressed the wrong button and 2/3 of my post disappeared! I don’t believe it! 🤬 I’ll have to do it all again later, because now I’m ready for my lunch.
Btw. I didn’t end up in Madrid. 😜

Diana wrote:
Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 14:59
Evening all. I didn't sleep well last night thanks to Ploppy's snoring and I was hot so was awake before the alarm was due to go off. Got to the gym just after 6.00'am when it was supposed to open but it was still closed so decided to have a walk round the gardens but saw someone inside as I walked away and the door was open when I turned back. Had a good workout - no-one else was in there.

We had another good breakfast - the selection of foods is amazing, one of the best breakfasts we've ever had. As well as orange juice, I tried the healthy juice which doesn't look very appetising as it's green but tasted nice. Then had a bowl of fresh fruit and the chef's special muesli which is delish. It has several different nuts, oats and 2/3 different seeds, I want to see if I can make a version. Then a boiled egg, hash brown and cheesy tomato; followed by a couple of breads and some Emmental which is my fav cheese (I have been known to eat a whole piece in one go). Finally a yummy blueberry muffin and a pastry. Now you know why I need to go to the gym every day!!

Spent the day lazing on the lawn again and went in the lagoon pool. Ploppy went to the gym late pm while I went to the drinks reception. Had a long interesting chat with the manager's assistant who is Polish. Did a bit more packing and going to dinner in 30 mins. Think I will get up early again tomorrow to go in the gym before breakfast.

Really enjoyed our holiday overall and would like to return to Oman. The people are very friendly, no language problems, beautiful scenery and lots to see, as well as the weather. Not looking forward to the drop in temp when we land early Thursday but at least I don't have to go back to work!!
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 15:01
Hello all,

My little thunder cloud over my head isn't so black today. I have to wait till next week for my meeting with manager.

Glad you have landed safely Eva. That's brilliant service you got! Oh I'm always losing posts! Enjoy lunch!

Jo - you are right. Morph used to be on Take Hart and Vision On before getting his own series. Good for you telling that 'rescue' place. Obviously they made little or no checks on the adopters. Grrr!!! I did quite like the Bassa and agree it's not as fishy as cod, but no point risking it if it might make you ill!

Pauline - your meal sounds yummy!!! OK some advice from me about Jen's eldest. This is just gleaned from writing learning. I am not an expert but... This doesn't count as GROSS misconduct. There I THINK they are supposed to give warnings to allow him to improve before firing him. It might be worth his mum talking to ACAS or trying to check employment law. Unless there's something we don't know - like other incidents he was warned about, or if he's in a probation period. Or hasn't been there long.

Carol - oddly the sets weren't wobbly in that Dr Who ep - because the bit we saw was all earth based. But the slightly fuzzy outside camera work made the Dr's junk yard really spooky! many oohms for MM today. I hope all goes/has gone well. Good job he has a irresponsible adult with him!

Opps sorry Diana - not sure where you are on holiday but hoping you are having a great time!

evam wrote:
Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 17:15
Afternoon all. I’m back, but not from Madrid. After a detour of 30-45 minutes I was finally pointing the car in the right direction. I got to Albir just in time to do a small food shop, and after solving a problem with the key safe box at the letting agency, I was finally able to get in to the flat. It’s a very nice one, but quite a bit smaller than the one I rented last year, especially the living room. It’ll do me. I went to bed early because I was very tired, but 4 am saw me up and about, doing the unpacking I’d been too tired to do earlier. Today I spent the morning at a huuuuuuge shopping centre doing a huuuuuge shop, so I should be OK for a day or two. 😜. I did have a very nice lunch at one of my favourite restaurants just down the street. I had calf livers with onions and veg plus sauteed potatoes. I have the same every time I’m there. I skipped dessert as I don’t have a gym where I can work off all the lovely food.

Diana,- good heavens,- with a breakfast like that I would have had to move permanently in to the gym! So the holiday is almost over? Thank you for telling us so much about it. It has been interesting reading.

Jane,- I’m fuming on your behalf! 🤬 How dare your manager and personell ( that’s what we called it in my days) treat you like that. I’m looking forewatd to your union rep getting their teeth into them!

Dear me, it’s almost P*intless time. I’ve got ALL theEnglish channels here, so I don’t think I’ll be using the DVD player a lot. Tomorrow I have my first treatment, and then it’s off to see AG, with a looooong chat and no dooubt a lunch thrown in.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 17:20
The dog rescue I was talking about does have interviews and home checks, I think this one was in need of 'after sales' service. Maybe they have it, I've never got to the home check as their 'good with cats' dogs are light on the ground. I always look at this rescue as it is relatively close, compared to where Bruce came from it is next door. I've looked today and there are no suitable (cat, size and age) dogs for me.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 17:22
I pressed send before I meant to.
Eva glad you got there OK. I agree it is sometimes worth paying for extra service. Especially after the flight.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 08:23
Morning and a nice bright start to the day – think we are forecast to be dry all day, which will be nice!

Oh that’s not good about the poor dog, Jo. I can see why you were angry. The RSPXA seem to have a much better idea of after care from what you say. I think we are all fuming on Lady J’s behalf, there certainly doesn’t seem to have been any joined up thinking on the decision. Thank you for the explanation of the fish (I don’t think I have come across it in any restaurant I have visited). My choices would be the same as TK’s! Well I remember Mxrph from Tony H too – although I do recall seeing a longer programme, but that may have been June watching it and I just caught glimpses!

So you decided you would prefer to visit Mxdrid did you Eva? Glad you saw sense and turned back (mind you we have nearly done something similar when we have picked up hired cars in Spxin!). That was excellent service from your hire company I have to say. I am not surprised you went straight to bed early although waking at 4am was not what we were hoping for. Your lunch sounds very much the sort of thing MM would have (I am not supposed to eat liver due to my ch’erol). We always like going round the big food shops and buying our provisions – like you, usually on the day after we arrive. That is one of the nice things about Spxxn – you can get all the UK channels, which means you are never stuck for something to watch. Hope you enjoy both your treatment today and then your visit (and doubtless lunch) with AG!

Diana, safe flight home – you will indeed notice a change in temperature! Did you manage to keep your room on as you wanted? Breakfast sounds lovely. Now my favourite cheese is Jarlsbxrg (thank you Nxrwxy). Did you have something nice to drink at the Reception?

Lady J good that you have a meeting with your manager – do you have a rep with you, or is this just a one to one. I thought the scenario with Jen’s Geoff sounded very strange as no mention of written warnings. I think you advice is very sound – I know he has worked there for some while, so he is not on a probation period – Twin will have more details of course. Ah yes I remember the junk yard – they recreated it quite well when they did the drama about the start of Dr W. Dxvix Brxdley was excellent in it and I was pleased they brought him into PC’s final episode as the first doctor.

MM survived his procedure, but said it was the most uncomfortable one he has had – he thinks they didn’t give him sufficient sedation as he could feel the tube in his tummy. As his (ir)responsible adult I managed to sit and finish my book, and as there was a tv screen in the waiting area watched Hxmes under the Hxmmxr and Bxrgxin Hxnt before he reappeared. He has to have another one in three years. Lindy’s taxi service worked well and we were home about 1.15pm. Poor MM was starving so we had H’z tomato soup – nice and comforting and slid down a slightly sore throat well. We both did some admin bits and pieces in the afternoon, and then went off to PCC. We had an earlier start of 7.30pm so we finished at about 9.45 and were home by 10.15pm, which is better than normal when we start at 8pm and are home about 10.45! I wore layers so stayed warm, as the temperature was quite chilly when we left church. Today Twin is coming over and we are off to the cinema (just the two of us) to see Mxlxficent 2. This evening we are out with Janice for her Cupcake Birthday meal at a local Italian restaurant. It is the same one we went to for my birthday, so looking forward to the Tricolore Salad as my starter. Morning BHB, yes it is lovely and bright this morning. Let’s take the pastel de natas and the Vxrdita through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 09:16
Poor TK has just come downstairs to remind me about her breakfast. I'm naughty, I forgot to take it upstairs.

Poor MM, I'm glad he was well looked after. Sounds not a good thing to go through.

I have to go out to get a bit of shopping, meant to get it yesterday by going to a big MrT, the stock they have has now been changed so didn't have it.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 10:10
Morning all and hooray, we have sunshine! It is a lovely day, if a bit chilly out there. I will be off to Twin in a short while and then to the film and out to dinner. So not doing much! Yesterday was a bit miserable so after popping out to get my paper and things I didn't do much except boring house things. Still they need doing. In the afternoon I read my book. Not far off the end and it is one I want to finish but don't want it to end! Mind I know it is the second of book of 3 so not expecting a total resolution of everything.

Jane thank you for the advice about Geoff, I will pass on what you say to his mum. I know she is on the case but not sure what to do so it will be useful. Geoff has worked for S/bugs for 19 years so it all seems dreadful, though of course I accept we may not have the whole story. As far as I know he was not on a warning and there were no letters. I have everything crossed for you, I hope your manager can see sense!

Glad you arrived safely Eva, even if it was almost via Mxdrid! Glad the plat is nice even if more bijou that the last one. Hope you have a lovely treatment and then a good catch up with AG.

Not surprised you were fuming Jo. That is just disgusting. The poor dog. I would have thought follow up checks would be a big priority in any adoption. Even if they did one it obviously wasn't very good!

Hope you have a good flight home Diana. Brace yourself for the temperature! That breakfast sounds very yummy! My favourite cheese is , cheese! I love most, except very strong stinky ones. I do have a soft spot for cheddar as it is so versatile!

Poor MM, that is what I went through, horrible experience!

Morning BHB and yes it is chilly, I think we need the green blanket and so I'll get that, you bring more Vxrdxta and we can find the CM.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 12:39
Not feeling too well today. I'm sure I'll be fine. My plans have had to be changed, so no shopping today. Unfortunately Bruce has little empathy. He has been yelling at me on and off for 45mins. I have been invited out for lunch tomorrow, so hopefully I'll feel better. Not sure where we are going, said Windsor. Hope they change their minds.
I got my 2 outstanding payslips today, the only way the recent one makes sense is a refund from the tax office. I'm still not clear. I'll check my online tax thingy
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 13:12
Hi all,

And a big thank you for your support. It means a lot. I'll keep you posted when I have more news.

Jo - look after yourself and get yourself well. You have an important weekend coming up and we don't want you poorly for it. Hmm yes a refund from HRMC would make sense. Bloom' strange though!

Hi Eva! Glad you have eventually settled into the flat. I always worry about sorting keys out when I'm in an A B&B. I hope it wasn't too frustrating. It sounds like you have got yourself all organised. Hope the treatment goes well and hope you have a lovely time with AG.

Carol - My Union Rep is coming to the meeting. I haven't met her yet but she sounds very nice and understanding over the phone. Oh poor MM. That sounds like quite a horrible experience. But I am sure you are looking after him. Enjoy M2! It sounds like my kind of film so I'll be interested to hear your review.

Pauline - Happy to help - though I am no expert. But it does sound highly suspicious that after 19 years' service Geoff should be dismissed for - well I wouldn't even call it minor misconduct. Telling a customer that you don't know where something is, isn't great customer service, but it's hardly a sacking offence - unless he was very rude! I hope all turns out well for them. Have fun with your twin!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 14:31
Checked online tax, I have another refund to claim from last year. Which I have done. The tax code has changed again for this month, so I'm assuming it is correct. It does seem to be the right amount. But I'm no expert.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 21:27
I've not been feeling 100% since mid morning. I feel much better now. We have a lunch date tomorrow so I want to feel better. It is with couple whose wedding I missed 3.5 (?) years ago when I got pulled over by the horse. They might feel I have something in for them if I miss another meeting. (I have seen them once since). We are meeting in a pub (not in Windsor) which I've been going to since very early 70s. The chap I'm meeting asked 'is it in black and white?' Cheeky person. Well he was the one who called me an international bad person as Lee outings used to coincide with attacks around the world. (words changed from what he said)
Early to bed, IF I can persuade Bruce to go out
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 7, 2019, 08:47
Morning and a lovely bright sunny start to the day, with blue skies (not as warm as where Eva is though!). Yesterday we had rain in the afternoon and the temperature dropped quite dramatically.

Sorry to hear you are not feeling too well Jo. That is probably why you forgot to feed TK. If you need an irresponsible adult to look after you, just let me know. I feel empathy and Bruce are not words that cohabit – don’t you realise you are there to take him for social outings, and feed him, and that is all he requires of you. Ah so may be a tax refund (a rarity in itself) accounts for the large payment. I see you are battling with the tax code change after not working. So you may be due another payment. That might be making history! Glad you were feeling better by the end of the day, and hopefully you are up to lunch. I can see why you might not want to miss it, having missed their wedding. Black and white indeed!! Hope you benefitted from an early night and are now all ready to socialise. I am assuming Bruce is not joining you?

Lady J, we had fun the one time we did what Eva did and went the wrong way after leaving the motorway. We should have headed for Cxlpx and instead headed for Malaga. By the time we turned around it was really late. Our flight had been very delayed leaving the UK, and the keys to our villa had been left with the car rental people at the airport. We were supposed to have collected them from an agent in Cxlpx and our directions to the villa were from there. As it was now very late (10pm) we ended up driving to the agent’s office, so that we could follow the directions. We arrived at the villa at midnight, keys in hand, but in total darkness and had to try and open up in the pitch dark. We finally managed, got into the villa and just fell into bed! Fortunately that was the only occasion that happened! That is excellent that your Rep is going to be at the meeting, and that she sounds very understanding.

The film yesterday was ok – not as good as the first one, but very well done, excellent cast, amazing special effects, colourful costumes but a really silly storyline. We both thought the same, but it was a good couple of hours of escapism. We did manage to do a little RT beforehand, and I didn’t quite dodge a couple of tunics. Twin was similarly attacked! Our meal in the evening was lovely, clean plates all round. I had Trxcxlore salad to start with (mozzarella was lovely), then I had gnocci in a butter and safe sauce, which was delicious and finished with a morello cheery and cream tart. We were home just after 10pm so caught up with last night’s App’tice. This morning Twin and I are back in Uxbridge (she needs to return one piece of jumping merchandise) and I have a top from last weekend to take back. Then she will be off home and I have a meeting at Church this afternoon. A night in tonight (our first this week) so looking forward to putting our feet up. Morning BHB, yes a lovely bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Crxamsickle through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (she is awake so will be here soon I suspect).
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, November 7, 2019, 09:14
Morning all and it is a lovely or I gotta, though as I say that I can see some clouds around now. We had a very good day yesterday. A bit of RT and an attack of three tops, one of which is going back today! Then the film. As Twin says we were a bit lukewarm about it as the plot had some gaping holes in it and was quite weak as well . It was lovely to look at though and had a very good cast. Then out for the meal which was yummy. I had the same starter and dessert as Twin, but my main was prawn linguine in saffron sauce. Very good. Today I will take the bad jumper back and then wend my way home later.

Jo I hope you feel better today and can enjoy your lunch. I was thinking, when I stopped working I had a couple of nice big pay outs which I found out were holiday pay and tax refunds so probably what yours is. I am sure Bruce and TK can help you spend it!

Glad you seem to have a nice union rep to help you Jane. I have everything crossed fir you.

Morning BHB and what do we have today. Crxmshxckle? Sounds lovely so let’s get some more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 7, 2019, 09:49
As I left work at the end of the holiday year and very nearly the end of the tax year I expected no real difficulties with the payments, BUT the long delay in the money being sent has confused things. I'm not expecting that all the, what I think is, extra money they have paid is actually due to me. I suspect they have made an error. I thought to tody things up I would claim the overpaid tax that they say I have made. I have checked the money I have been paid and still think it is too much. I'll see what happens when they've had a coupke of monthis to check. I suspect the first year will be required for it to be settled. Hopefully I have made the errors and the money is correct.

I'm off to see Mw3Ds before I go out to lunch. I will take Bruce as he will enjoy the trip. They are bringing their baby!

I better check the car for dog 'settings', as I will be making a quick change around to get to the pub
evam wrote:
Thursday, November 7, 2019, 17:12
Afternoon all. What a funny (ridiculous) day I’ve had. My sleep was interrupted twice, and I ended up with my coffee at 5am. Then I fell asleep sitting up and woke up at 7.45 am! Unheard of. I had an appointment at 11.30 am to have a pedicure, but before that I had to go to the huuuuuge shopping centre to buy a new DVD player. The one here didn’t work.
The pedicure was such a disappointment. ( It was a new place as my usual place wasn’t there any more.) The beautician was quite rough, even though I’d told her about my arthritis. I said OUCH a couple of times, she said sorry but continued in the same vein. When she finished the scrubbing I was looking forward to the massage with cream, but alas no. She cut my nails, applied 1(!) layer of varnishe and that was that! I was done in less than 30 minutes and was the most expensive pedicure I’ve had in Spain. I didn’t leave any tips, and I’m not going back. 😡
Yesterday’s treatment was lovely. My therapist said I had so many knots in my neck and shoulders that she couldn’t count them! AG and I had a couple of hours’ chat, and lunch was a selection of cheese, cured meat and a salad served with AG’ homebaked bread. Delicious. 😀
Tonight I’m off to a charity dinner with AG and Helge. It’s for a local childrens’ home. Not my favourite thing to do, but AG asked me to come to stave of the boredom. 😜
Tomorrow I’m having my first treatment in the heated pool. Looking forward to that.

Jo,- I hope you’re feeling better, ready for the w/e.

Twins,- your meal sounds delish. Attacked by jumping merchandise? Well, I never.😂

I’d better start beautifying myself for tonight’s outing.
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 7, 2019, 17:57
Oh dear Eva, you'll have to get recommendations for a new foot person. Boredom!!?? you are meant to be resting.

Today has been a social whirl. 8am dog walkers meeting. 10.20 Bruce's visit to Mw3Ds (advice session, no warning of subject, luckily I had done a little research a few months ago.) Walk back home change trousers and drive to midday lunch date. I got there 15mins early so I could walk Bruce for some minutes for several wees. Met my hosts in the car park, they have a little boy about 14 months old. The pub had been warned there was a baby in the party. A high chair was at the table. They had no warning about Bruce. Almost immediately a dog bowl of water appeared. And within 5 mins the chef came out with chicken and the waitress also had chicken. ....... for Bruce. The pub had been closed for a while, so I'd not been there for a couple of years. The food was as good as it used to be. Bruce cannot fault the dog friendliness of the place. It was funny as we left both waitresses came over to say goodbye Bruce. Bruce was very good with the little boy, he was sitting on the floor next to him. The little boy could bend down and put his hand out to Bruce. Bruce sniffed it very politely. (Luckily there were no little white dogs close by).
This afternoon I came home to set the car up for the taxi duties for 2 ladies this evening. I also took 3 boxes of DC I'd bought the other day, but left in the car as it was raining. More importantly checked where I was going on Friday and Sunday.
Then out for the late afternoon walk. Bruce dragged me to get ice cream. I suppose because he didn't get a dessert after his lunch. Oh and the bin men are due tomorrow, recycling week. I'm knackered. At least I'll be sitting down for 3 hours tomorrow as I have a drive to Eastbourne. Yippeee
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 8, 2019, 08:04
Morning and another lovely sunny start to the day – although it does look a little chilly out at the moment (the birds are puffing themselves up). I think we may have some light drizzle forecast for this afternoon.

Jo, I think you are right and the delay in getting your money has upset all the calculations. A good idea to claim the overpayment which you have been advised of. I presume you are ringfencing what you consider to be the overpayment of the pension, just in case! I had to read your post twice – for a moment I thought the MW3D was bringing a baby! I see it was only that Bruce was visiting before you went to lunch to see the baby. Ah so you were required for advice – well done on having had the foresight to do some research a while ago, and to remember it. The pub sounds very efficient and very dog friendly! Love that the waitresses came to bid him goodbye, whilst ignoring the rest of you! I see not content with all the socialising (and food) Bruce then wanted to go out for ice creqam. Not surprised you were feeling tired after that!! Have a safe drive to the coast today and of course enjoy the weekend!

Oh dear Eva, I was hoping that once you arrived in Spxxn your sleeping pattern would revert to how it should be. Oh that’s not good that the dvd player wasn’t working – didn’t you tell the letting agency as I am sure if a dvd is in the description they need to provide a working one? I see the pedicure was not the treat you were looking forward to. Such a shame your usual place has closed. Is there another in the area you can try – this one sounds terrible especially if it was painful, that’s not the idea at all! I see you enjoyed the treatment on Wednesday. Not surprised the therapist though you had numerous knots in your neck – hopefully she was able to work some of them out. Your visit to AG sounds lovely and I am sure you had plenty to catch up with. Hopefully the charity dinner was more enjoyable than you were expecting! Liking the sound of the heated pool treatment – enjoy!

Twin and I managed to sort out our exchanges. Twin didn’t find another jumper she liked so had her money back. I managed to change my top for another one, and was also assailed by a jumping tunic when we went to return Twin’s jumper. I did my best to beat it off – honest, but failed miserably. Twin went home about 1.30pm and MM and I went off to church. We had a productive meeting and were home just after 4.30pm. After that we were home for the rest of the day. Today we are back in U’bridge for banking and food shop – sadly there was a fatal stabbing in the Cxvxc Centre late afternoon and a young man died. We don’t have any other details but a 17 year old has been arrested. Mr Khxn certainly not living up to his promise to take knives off the streets. I might do some laundry this afternoon so it is ready to ixxn tomorrow. I also have some admin bits and pieces to do after yesterday’s meeting, so will probably do those whilst the w machine is doing its thing. Another night in tonight – WILTY will be on of course, which is always a lovely way to end a week. Morning BHB, yes another bright start. Let’s take the Vanilitta and the toasted crumpets through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Friday, November 8, 2019, 09:28
Just been looking at pictures of the flooding in Sheffield. Looks terrible. Not close to where I used to live, as I was up a very long steep hill.

The murder in Uxbridge was awful. It is frightening when something like that happens in your town.

After his walk and breakfast Bruce has been rushing about with his toys. I don't think he has destroyed any. He has now collapsed asleep in the (large) cat bed which is on one of the chairs in the front room.

I have to get packing a small overnight bag, as I found the drive back from Eastbourne last time quite tiring.

When I have time I'm going to try to find a more simple spell checker, the one I uploaded the other day gives me too much info and doesn't 'see' all my typos.

pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 8, 2019, 09:29
Morning all, a bit of a cloudy one here and very chilly! Coldest so far this autumn. I am stuck in today as it is the day of my big furniture switch, I hope! I know the two new chairs are arriving, but just living in hope that the charity I am giving the sofa to don't let me down! I just know the chairs will arrive before the sofa goes and I will have furniture all over the place! However whatever happens I am very excited about the chairs! Must say I wasn't so excited to be woken with a text at 7am telling me they were starting their rounds! I suppose it does me good every now and then to get up early, but not feeling it right now!

Jo I do hope they can sort your money out for you soon. It does all seem very odd though I daresay better to be paid too much than not enough! Bruce had a lovely lunch out then! He will be wanting to visit that pub again! Nice of him to take you for ice cream afterwards! Glad your lunch was nice too. Have a brilliant weekend, must confess I am still sad only to (hopefully) be seeing him on tv tomorrow, sob.

Well although you woke up I think there is hope you may sort your sleeping put a bit during your holiday Eva. Your massage sounds lovely and I am sure just what was needed. Not so the pedicure! I have had a few bad pedicures over the years. The worst was one I had in the States where the idiot used a knife on my hard skin and cut my foot badly. I had to work home that evening as well. Not impressed! I hope you can find someone who is properly qualified. Maybe someone at the Spa place can make a recommendation?

Morning BHB and it is Vanillita day of course. Let's get another jug and find the CM.
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, November 8, 2019, 09:37
Morning. Had good time in N.rfolk with friends - even tho felt below par. as ever my cold/cough lingering - and I felt "fragile" but the friends don't drive so we really had to go as hotel all booked and paid for in advance. Tues i felt rough but much better on Wed so even managed brief walk on beach - very well wrapped up! went to gp yesterday and we agreed that i would go on permanent anti b.s for this winter to see if it helped me stave off the inevitable bad chest inf that I have got every yr since my wh.op cough damaged my lungs. Of course today i feel so much better - and that is without taking any medication. grr. just got myself bit down and cant face this winter with bugs. off to parents week after next for 5 days and already had sis texting about whether i could go thro this Monday to take sloppy to hosp appt (another tiny skin c.ncer lesion needing cut off. No! would involve 3 day trip for me for a 1 hour appt. Luckily bro offering to do it - a 3 hour round trip for him. there will be follow up appt and dreading the text conversations about who doing that! . day after we come back from parents I have the 4 hr round trip other way for another big d.ntal appt (gum needs to be cut away - aargh) and then following week off to with whole family for my bday trip. I don't know if i am coming or going at mo. Trying to make a list of all the casseroles I need to make in advance for taking to parents and the family w/e (never mind v.gan!!) . Chr.stmas does come at a very inconvenient time in year!!
Jo - you would love N.rfolk. very d.ggy! and very veggie/v.gan!
Eva - sad about p.dicure but treatments sound lovely - and very relaxing. just what you need. So good also that you can spend time with AG adn pick up your friendship in person.
Diana - hope your time in airport Ok. Friends just back from M.rroco and they were aghast at their treatment in airport. he was marched out of check in q - there are sep q for men and women/children - with latter being treated as inferior citizens noticeably. The latter q which was twice as big as mens had 2 people checking p.ssports . the men had 14! he was then marched thro to lounge as couldn't wait in p'prt control for wife. he hated it and said it spoilt what had been up to then a lovely hol.
Twins - glad to hear still doign your bit for high street economy!
Off to see film "J.dy" - and have my OAP tea and biccie

evam wrote:
Friday, November 8, 2019, 17:03
B* oody h*ll,I did it again! Lost the whole post!🤬 I’ll have to do the short version:
Heated pool was lovely, charity dinner not too bad, although I didn’t win anything in the raffle,- as usual. AG, Helge and another couple went to B*rcelone today,- to visit I* ea! 😂. I had to decline as I had an appointment with a heated pool.

Pauline,- hope your chairs arrived after your sofa left and that all is OK in your world.

Fi,- your itinery makes me feel faint, and your dental appointment even fainter! 😑😲

Jo,- I hope the money they have sent you really belong to you. Have a marvellous w/e.

Carol,- another excuse for more RT, eh? You little devil, you!😜

This is the shorter version of a long post. See you tomorrow.😘
Ali wrote:
Friday, November 8, 2019, 18:51
Evening. Sorry I haven’t posted for a while but have been skimming the blog.
Last week my sis dropped a bombshell that she was giving up Bro*nies. No warning, said nit enjoying it. The rest of us have agreed to carry on and another leader wants to join us so all good.
It was N’s birthday last week and BinL then sloppy at weekend so rather busy few days. I worked 6 days last week, only 5 this week but gearing up for a busy December.
Josh is ok, no word from ex g/f but he’s had quality time with his friends.
Fi that is rather worrying as we have booked to go to Mor*cco next year. Although Eg*pt had same procedure at airport and women def got a raw deal.
Hope you can find a better place for a pedicure Eva. Enjoy your treatments
Jo you and Bruce would be very welcome in Norf*lk and at my place of work. I love our doggy customers. Had a lovely spaniel yesterday, Ace, he’s becoming a regular. Nice border terrier earlier in the week and a F bulldog who liked to kiss me😘
Looking forward to night in front of tv, if I can stay awake!
I do love the Fest of Remembrance, usually makes me cry at some point. Sets me up nicely for our parade on Sunday morning. Very proud as 2 of my Brownies are reading in church, makes me feel like proud mummy!
Right better go and clean up the kitchen. Made rather a mess cooking pasta tonight
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 9, 2019, 08:24
Morning and we have fog! I think we are due heavy rain this afternoon so glad I am safely tucked up indoors!

Oh the flooding around S’field and the North looks awful Jo. I feel so sorry for those who have had the flood water in their homes. They showed a caravan park (the type where people live) and the water was about three foot high. They were talking to one of the residents and he said he had lost everything and, of course, has no home insurance as the caravans don’t qualify. Do you think Bruce realised you were about to leave him? Love that he sleeps on the cat bed! I am sure you all had a wonderful time last night – and hopefully the drive wasn’t too bad.

Fi, so pleased to learn you had a good time in N’folk, even if you weren’t firing on all cylinders. I am sure the walk on the beach did you a lot of good too (especially if you were wrapped up for it). I see you have been put on antibis for the winter – hopefully that will ensure you don’t get any more chest infections and will start to feel better day by day. Ah so sister still not grasping the reality of what you can sensible do and what you can’t. Never mind, you have lovely Bxth to look forward to (love that City). I take it you are self catering, hence the major casserole cooking! Oh goodness, that airport procedure sounds horrendous. June and Barry went to M’co some years ago, but I don’t remember her telling me that! Of course I am doing my bit for the High Street – there ads telling me to support it, so what else can I do. Hope you enjoy Jxxy – we missed if locally so have the DXD on order. I have my fingers crossed for your dxntal experience!

That is so annoying when you lose a post Eva. I am very envious of the heated pool! I did say you might enjoy the dinner more than you anticipated, as that is often the way. Love that AG and go were off to B’lona specifically for your favourite store – shame you couldn’t go with them! As you will see from my comment to Fi – I am just doing my best for the economy!

Ali, that’s a shame about your sister giving up B’wnies, but good that you have another leader to join you so will be able to carry on. I know you would miss it terribly if it had to close down. I see you have been sitting twiddling your thumbs again – you really ought to get out more!!! I didn’t realise that E’pt has a similar airport system – June and Barry came home last night so I will be chatting to her today and will ask her about it – she has never mentioned that aspect to me and she and the family have been going there for years. Your doggy “customers” all sound lovely. I am assuming you are just about to get very busy at work over the next six weeks! That’s very sad that Josh’s ex hasn’t felt able to at least speak with him after leaving. Good that he has a group of what sound like very supportive friends around. Hopefully he will find the pain eases soon. Oh I always cry during the F of R’ance – I sit with the tissue box to hand!

It was very chilly out yesterday morning and I was glad I had put a scarf on – the shops themselves were overly hot of course! After my little foray into RT this week, I was very good and just did the bank and the food shop in MandS and didn’t look at any clothes – are you impressed? It wasn’t as busy yesterday as it had been on Thursday, so no longer queues at the checkouts. Home all day today and have the laundry to do. I am hoping to get it all done by the time SCD is on and then of course it is the F of R from the RAH, with hopefully the GO (just in case his reading is part of the festival that is cut from the broadcast). Morning BHB, yes it is very foggy. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the mulled wine into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM joins us.

pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 9, 2019, 10:14
Morning all, and we had a misty start here as well, it is slowly clearing and is looking rather lovely with the sun breaking through the mist. Very chilly out and of course we get rain later. I will be doing my Wishy Washy thing today with a bit of Mrs Mop thrown in for good luck! So the furniture! It arrived yesterday with two lovely young men delivering, but of course I still had the sofa. By a bit of me having removed as much as I could from the lounge we managed to fit them in. So then I waited. Come 4pm I thought ringing them would be a good idea, which I did to discover they will be coming on Monday afternoon! I am pretty sure the man I spoke to said Friday, but I didn't argue as it could well have been me not listening properly. So now I have lots of chairs to sit on in here, maybe I should have a party! I adore the new chairs, though I think it is going to take a while to get used to sitting in a chair again!

Fi what a shame you were under the weather in Norfolk. The walk along the beach sounds good though. I think going on low dose anti bis a very good idea and fingers crossed they help. So you are still having problems with your sister thinking you can just pop down and do a hospital run with your mum. Good luck sorting that one out. You may need it! Arghh! That dental appt sound dire! Hope it sounds worse than it is! Poor you. I have come across that immigration system a lot in the various Mxslxm countries. As it happened never affected us as we had to go through crew immigration which was mainly just walking through! We did get segregated on the crew bus in Sxxdi A though, Ladies had to sut squashed in the back two rows and the men had to leave two rows free between us but had the rest of the space to spread. Interesting when there were say 12 girls and 4 men on the crew!

Eva you days in Spxxn sound lovely and just what you need, though I can't believe you had to miss a trip to your favourite store! I am fine sitting here in a room full of furniture! As you know I thankfully have quite a spacious lounge!

Ali I can understand your sis wanting to leave Brxwnies if she isn't enjoying it though it is a shame. thankfully you already have a replacement as I know you love your girls and would miss it. I am sure you will have a proud mummy type of moment when two of them do the reading. Glad Josh seems to be surviving his brush with heartbreak. It all seems so important at the time. Great his friends are rallying round. Shame the ex is ignoring him, but obviously she is taking the easy option!

Hope the concert went well last night and the GO was on good form as usual! Looking forward to the chance we might see him tonight. Fingers crossed!

Morning BH B and what have we today? Mulled wine? Oh yummy just what is needed on a day like today. Let's get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 9, 2019, 11:38
Morning all.

We had a lazy last day at the hotel. I went in the pool and had a nice walk along the beach, except I bashed my foot on a rock and the little toe is still a bit painful. Don't think I've broken it but am resting it today. Smooth journey back and we were home before 10.00 on Thursday. In the pile of post was a very welcome letter advising I paid too much tax last year so am due a rebate.

I haven't adjusted to the time here yet. Thursday went to bed at 6.30 pm, got up at 4.00 am. Fell asleep watching TV yesterday evening, went to bed around 10.00 pm, woke up at 2.00 and got up about 3.30 am. Hope I can stay awake tomorrow evening!

Dad still hasn't heard from the hospital re results of his tests but he sounded fairly chipper and said he'd been feeling OK.

I did four loads of washing on Thursday and collected a package. Friday did a small shop and first lot of ir*ning. Spent the rest of the day catching up with stuff. Did more of the I word this morning, then some cleaning. I've just booked three tours for our trip to St Lucia Wetlands in February. Ploppy is playing golf. Couple more things to do and then I will catch up with the blog.
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, November 9, 2019, 12:57
Hi. started bright here this morning but now very chilly and overcast. J.dy film was fabulous - but very, very sad - have tissues at standby! then went for hair appt. very different - dead straight - . I wont be able to do same - esp as I cant find my hair straighteners after move around! But everyone loves it. now have to decide whether i ask to switch hairdressers in the salon to the one who did my hair yesterday. It is daughter of owner (who was on hols yesterday). don't want to cause a diplomatic incident but... Off out this aft for aft tea in posh restaurant in village. 6 of us going - treating a friend for her birthday. I must start my anti bis - but not managed to get into a routine of 1 hr before or 2 hrs after a meal. must get myself organised. Found out yesterday that plans which were rejected at same committee meeting as ours in Feb have been passed by pl.nning inspector. so likely that a) our decision made soon - just before ch when we are so busy! and b) will be passed (as s.licitor had warned us). didn't sleep last night either worrying about it all.
Ali - I wouldn't worry about your hol to M'Kesh. if you had same thing in Eg/pt then you know the score. I just know I would not take it lying down and would question it - and ploppy would scuttle into the other queue and pretend he wasn't with me!! and the friends said the place was fab and they enjoyed the holiday.
Pauline - what time does your party start?? will be nice to go to a party where lots of chairs to sit down on!
Eva - your holiday sounds just what you need - time with friends and lots of relaxing and heat!
Jo/Diana - ploppy also got money back from t.xman this year - he/she obviously in a good mood. we are using the money to buy Sun lunch out for everyone when we are away in . Just got to find a local restaurant that caters for v.gans!
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 9, 2019, 16:05
It's taken me a good two hours to read the blog!

It certainly was chilly yesterday. It had been so nice when I went out Thursday that I didn't think twice and despite it only being 7.45 am when I left yesterday, I didn't take a hat - my head was so cold. Watched the two eps of HC I missed this morning. Want to see the final of Bake Off next. We also recorded D*vid At. new series and H*s D*rk M. so lots of telly to watch.

I was very annoyed earlier. Firstly, I received an email from the tour company in reply to my first booking offering me 10% off further bookings. I replied that I'd actually booked (and paid for) three tours but asked if it was possible to still get the discount - she advised she will check with her manager but I'm not hopeful. But what really upset me was a message from our old energy provider. We switched mid Sept but still haven't received our final statement or the money we were in credit (around £400). I was already cross with them as they'd taken a payment by direct debit two weeks after we left! I had emailed them about this yesterday including our account no and their reply was based on my m-in-law's former account (which Ploppy handled)! They advised it had all been sorted last May when Ploppy switched to another provider. They got a short sharp email in return. Then I got an email asking how they had performed - you can imagine the comments I left.

Ali, I was just wondering if all was well as there hadn't been any posts from you in my catch up. Sorry about your sis but at least you have someone else joining.

I didn't experience any problems going through passport control entering or leaving Oman. Everyone was treated the same. It was stricter than some I've been through in that only one person at a time could go to the desk and you had to stand on an exact spot a little way back from the desk (bit stupid as you couldn't hear what the man at the desk said).

Eva, that pedicure sounds terrible. Hope you can find somewhere else. Shouldn't the owners/agency have replaced the DVD player? Can you ask them to pay for it? Hope your treatments go well and you have a relaxing, lovely time with no calls from home.

Sorry you've not been feeling well, Fi. Taking anti-bs throughout the winter is a good idea, hope they prevent you catching anything.

That's awful about your manager's decision, Jane. Do hope you and the rep can get it overturned.

Thanks for the review of Malef. II, twins. I loved the first but won't bother with the second unless it's one of the films on a flight.

Hope the money is right, Jo, and you don't have to give any back/have it deducted off a future payment. My pension advisor is coming Monday for me to sign some forms and then I should be able to get some money before we go to SA - at last! I nearly gave myself a heart attack last month when I added up the likely outgoings v what I had readily available for the next few weeks and I was quite a bit short. Stupid me had forgotten I've got a savings account closing this month which should tide me over till I receive the first pension money.

Apologies if I've not responded to any comments, I think there was at least one to me but can't find it or recall what it was.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 10, 2019, 07:25
Morning and a strange looking sky at the moment, but at least it is dry. We had continuous rain from early afternoon onwards and I suspect the ground will be really sodden when we go outside for the wreath laying in the churchyard later this morning. At least the forecast is for no rain today – I think it is saving it up for tomorrow.

Ouch Diana – that bash to the toe sounds very painful. I think you are wise to rest it and if it doesn’t get better in the next couple of weeks maybe you should get it checked out, just in case. The tax man seems to be in a very generous mood at the moment (sadly not towards me). Your sleeping pattern sounds as erratic as Eva’s has been. Hopefully you will soon be back to normal. That’s excellent to hear your Dad is feeling much better (I am assuming he has been a good patient and has been drinking more). I see you have been experiencing the downside to holidays – the washing and i word on your return. I imagine the change in temperature has come as a bit of a shock. That is annoying about the trips you booked – fingers are crossed, but I suspect the company will say they can’t refund (I hope to be proved wrong!). That really was annoying about the energy provider – so they still have your money, haven’t given you a refund, and have the wrong account anyway. I imagine you gave them a glowing review (not). I think that is a wise decision re M’ficent. We were certainly a little disappointed with it after the first one which we loved. Hopefully your pension will soon be winging its way to your account!

Fi, glad you enjoyed the film – Lindy and Lawrence saw it recently and said RZ was brilliant in the role (I know most of the reviews said she should be a certainty for an Oscxr nomination). I saw a piccie of you on F’book from the birthday tea yesterday and your hair looked lovely. Is there a day in the week when your “usual” hairdresser has a day off? May be if there is you could make your appointments for those days? Oh dear, I didn’t want to ask if there had been anything happening on the NN front, but now I see the appeal is imminent. Sending lots of positive vibes to you – my philosophy is don’t start to worry until you know for certain, otherwise it is wasted nervous energy. I am feel left out with everyone getting txx refxnds – that sounds a lovely way to spend your unexpected windfall – I am sure a city like Bxth will have plenty of places that cater for vxgxns.

I managed to get all the laundry done yesterday, so none to do today. It wasn’t a day to be doing out and about, so I didn’t mind. I watched an old Poxrxt whilst I did the i word, so it wasn’t too painful. I also managed to get an admin job, which has been on the back burner, sorted out in the morning so I felt I had achieved quite a bit by the end of the day. Watched SCD of course – the marking was fairly erratic again (Kxrxm went badly wrong but was still given high marks???). Then we watched the F of R and were starting to despair of seeing the GO, when there he was right at the end, singing his heart out! I thought the lighting effects on the floor of the RAH were fantastic this year, and of course it is always a special moment when the poppies fall. The tissue box came into its own. Off to church, slightly later, this morning. We don’t have an earlier service, just the 10 am one, which leads into the Service of R – which starts with the wreath laying at the war memorial outside. As the i word is finished I will do some C’mas wrapping this afternoon (so far my wrapping rate is very slow!). Morning BHB, yes a much brighter morning today. Let’s take the hot crumpets and the Bxxs Txase through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst you tell me all about what you have done this weekend. I suspect it may be a while before the DCM joins us.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 10, 2019, 10:13
Morning all and it is a lovely bright sunny day. Makes a nice change from rain, although we have been let off very lightly round here compared to further north. I was talking to my nephew yesterday and thankfully they are ok with no flooding, though they said Lxncoln has had problems. Sadly not all well though as Tim was laid off recently with no notice to talk about. Very badly handled from what I can gather. However on a brighter note he has got another job almost immediately, which he thinks will be better paid and he likes the employers so fingers crossed! Their main problem is they were a few weeks with no income, so things are a bit tight for them at the moment, though hopefully all should be ok soon I hope. Bad time of year for it to happen. Lovely to see the GO on the tv last night singing beautifully and looking so gorgeous. Nice he ended the service and then stood by the vicar so we got a nice view of him! Also watched SCD of course, I think poor Mike will finally be doomed as if in the d/off he will go against any of the others. However he has had a good run and it is his time I feel. Not sure who else will be against him, maybe Chris though he is very popular so expecting a shock! This is when we start to find out who is not so popular! Ixxnxxg to do today, but may try to get a bit of fresh air if the weather stays sunny.

Thinking of the rain I am hoping Sue h