Lee’s story with Beverley Humphreys

Sunday, April 7, 2019, 15:31
This tour started in February when a small northern person and I were out of the country. Since then the new show has been adequately sampled for me to give a review. You will know some of the stories from concert links, others will be new to you. Each show usually has a new bit of information which I haven't heard before. (Of course that may be my memory.) There was a clarification to a story the other night, Louise is now Louisa. Oh, I do hope he has totally changed her name or she and her school friends never attend one of the shows. There are songs too, some familiar and others not heard at previous concerts. Also a game you can play towards the end of the show, look for the glitter specs on Lee. Beverley has a sparkly folder for her notes, the bits of glitter transfer via her hands to Lee, so count the specks of glitter.

Beverley Humphreys is lovely. At one venue I met her coming out of the theatre at about 2pm. She quickly confirmed that Lee was already there. She knew what I was thinking.
I do miss the band, well John mostly. We have a reprise of the 10 Year concert on 18Aug19 at The West Cliff Theatre, Clacton. There are still tickets left. I hope John will be there. For info there is a rake at the theatre, the stage can be viewed well from towards the back of the theatre. I have checked it out at a non Lee concert.

Also a return to The Pheasantry 09, 10 and 11 August (HOORAY). The website indicates that the dates are sold out. I think the venue has a 48hr refund policy and so since most people booked some time ago and plans change, they may hold a waiting list.


TK wrote:
Sunday, April 7, 2019, 15:38
Finally sorry for the delay
evam wrote:
Sunday, April 7, 2019, 16:11
Thank you so much for Maeve's birthday present, Jo. It is absolutely gorgeous! ❤️️❤️️

At least I remebered to send you the card. I hope it arrived in time.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, April 7, 2019, 16:27
Oooh lovely new decor Jo - loving the pink and silver!! Thank you!!
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, April 7, 2019, 16:29
Oh fantastic , thanks Jo and it looks amazing!
Jane E wrote:
Sunday, April 7, 2019, 18:01
Hi all

Just popping on to check out Jo's new purple chair page. Gorgeous! And thanks for the review of the concerts 😀.

We had a lovely weekend -lots of laughter and very nice to see Fi and her Ploppy looking well xxx

Two great concerts. I hope to get on the blog tomorrow to tell you more about them and to catch up. But I'm having too limit my computer use at mo due to MdDS playing up.

Hope Maeve had a fabulous birthday!!

maeve 12 wrote:
Sunday, April 7, 2019, 19:47
Thanks everyone for the birthday cards and messages, especially to Jo for her beautiful present, very much appreciated.

I've had a lovely day, taken out for lunch by scollop and family, also an excellent present of a cheese and wine tasting in London,

date to be arranged .
Diana wrote:
Sunday, April 7, 2019, 20:44
Thanks for the new page, Jo. Great timing for the days I use the iPad rather than laptop while we're in SA.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, April 8, 2019, 06:58
Morning and another grey start to the day – from the C’file forecast yesterday it would appear we have cold weather coming from S’navia this week – Eva it was the warm weather we wanted you to return, not the cold!!

I have of course not managed to do any laundry this weekend so will have a fairly largeixxning mountain next weekend I fear – unless Eva decides to take pity on me and offer to do mine? Eva? Eva? I think next week on C’lty the news about Duffy gets out, so I can see that being another jolly episode! So the truants have returned safely from their spell in the sun. Of course younger sister wanted all the details – even Mrs S made an enquiry!! Love your text response! So pleased you are liking the books Eva.

Ah so the mystery over Louise (a) continues – like you I rather hope she has a completely different name (and also that she has never been to any of the concerts, although she might be flattered – or she might thnk “rats! Look what I let get away!”). How very dare someone have a phone go off in the middle of a song! I can understand the glare – he would have been involved in the song (as he always in) and then the alien sound would have dragged him out of that zone. Unforgiveable! So you seem to attract people who like seat kicking then? You were in the chess team – that means you know more than you let one! I don’t quite believe your protestations. Well done on resolving the fence panel issues with what you had to hand. Ah so still awaiting full confirmation of how Bruce’s op went. Fingers crossed that he will see be with you.

Glad you enjoyed the comedian Diana (even though you might havepreferred being with someone curly haired). I have never had to start a lawn mower fortunately but do know petrol ones can be a bit tricky. Well done to Ploppy for managing with his left hand – hopefully he didn’t try and force the recovering shoulder. Feel the bush with the thorns was best avoided. Did they say how long it would take for the shoulder to be fully healed? I see the new page came at just the right time for you!

Of course you had a lovely weekend and lovely that Fi and Ploppy were with you. Sending ooohmmmms for the MdDS – hope it isn’t too bad this time.

Maeve glad you had a lovely day – lunch sounds very nice and am liking the sound of the cheese and wine tasking present!!

Our concert at the church went well, although it was very very hot (all the radiators were on!). We managed to find the car park and it was just a short walk – fortunately the rain held off (didn’t really want to sing whilst damp, although the heat would soon have dried us off!). It was just starting to drizzle when we left so much better than I initially thought. Watched LofD in the evening of course – quite a lot has happened in two episodes! I never try and second guess the writer (Jed M) as he has a very devious mind. Today off for SLAPPAS this morning as usual, then have some admin to do including typing up notes from the course on Friday and Saturday, and then off to rehearsal this evening. Morning BHB, yes we are still waiting for the sun to arrive. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Lavendula into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle on the new purple sofa until the DCM arrives.
Ali wrote:
Monday, April 8, 2019, 08:02
Morning. Thanks for the new home Jo. Belated birthday wishes Maeve xx
Day off saturday so caught up on lots of jobs at home and some admin. Worked yesterday and it was ridiculously busy. Glad to come home to roast dinner and glass of wine. Today I have my dental xray at the hospital. Will then have to be referred for extraction under sedation which could be up to 6 months!! Tooth still sensitive and can’t eat on that side so hoping it won’t be quite that long!
Eva, loved your text response to Mrs S 😆 really hope you get the right decision for your father.
The contractors are busy outside: we have a little park in the middle of our close and it sounds as if they are grass cutting and strimming. Ought to do the same with our ‘lawn’ if we dare call it that. Thinking of digging up what is left of it. Really need a garden makeover but lacking the funds at present.
No Brownies tonight as it is Easter hols. Quite nice to know I don’t need to rush about and we can all have a meal together tonight as both scollops and ploppy are all here for a change
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, April 8, 2019, 09:02
Morning all and it is a very dreich one here! Murky and damp, not nice. I have a small food shop to do and then the rest of the ixxnxxg so another fun day. I can't see me getting in the garden in this weather! Watched L of D last night and feel we have a way to go before anything is clear! It is very good though I do get a bit scared watching it as I am a total wimp!

Glad the concerts were good Jane, of course they were! Thankfully not long now till we get to go. Really looking forward to that. Not sure what the MdDS is but I hope it is ok and not too painful!

Glad you had a lovely day Maeve and yet more to come!

Ali I suppose it is good for business to be so busy at wiork, but not quite so good for you! I remember that feeling. Fingers crossed you can get your tooth seen to quickly.

Morning BHB and of course it is Lavendula day. Lovely and ooh a nice new purple sofa to sit on! let's take the jug of cocktail and go and try it out with the CM.
evam wrote:
Monday, April 8, 2019, 10:28
Morning all. The sky is still blue, and the sun is shining, but not very hot, only + 8 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. You've been waiting for me? You are good. 💋💋💋 Sorry, but I've had a busy morning. You know one of those days when you have to drive from place to place, trying to do everything that's necessary. Still the odd bit to sort after mother. All that paperwork!😠 I was at the supermarket where she and father used to shop, (or rather we used to shop for them), and wanted to know how much money was left on her loyalty card. You won't believe what they want before paying out the £ 50 that's still on the card: Death certificate, PoA from father, ID card from father, and then ID card from me. I have shopped there for the last 9 years, at least once a week, but suddenly they didn't know me. 😡
When LoD ended last night, I think my face looked like a question mark!😲 Confused? Oh yes!

Carol,- sorry that I was out when you asked for my help. Otherwise I would have said yes, of course. (I hope she can't see me crossing my fingers behind my back.) You had all the raiators on? And I've just turned off my heating. The sun on my windows during the day warms the flat up nicely! (Duck to avoid flying ovens!😜)

Ali,- so you are busy, busy, busy? Nothing new there then. Oh dear me, I hope you don't have to wait 6 months to have your tooth out. 🤗 Nice that you can all have a meal together today. How is Ploppy liking the job?

Pauline,- I can't send back the warm degrees, as they seem to have left us as well.

Jane,- so a good w/e was had by all?

Maeve,- your birthday treat sounds perfick.👏
Jane E wrote:
Monday, April 8, 2019, 11:08
Hi all,

My work PC isn't letting me find the previous page so this won't be much of a catch up. Sorry ladies. Hope all is well with you.

Quick report on the weekend...

We started off at Coch*ster. Lovely town. Very historic. They are very proud of elephants - though we didn't get to the bottom of why. They have a Victorian Water tower called Jumbo. Isn't that fun?

Ro and I met Jo, Julie, Fi and Ian in Nando's. Lovely to have chance to catch up with Fi and Ian. It's been a while! The last of our gang was coming after work so wasn't eating with us. Fortunately no travel problems so she was well in time for the concert.

It was a nice, modern theatre and we had great seats in the third row - a perfect view of the high stage. We were certainly in his eyeline. We seemed to get an awful lot of eye contact from him. :-) He was in great voice that evening, though he needed prompting a few times with his stories. It was a charming show. (Three specks of glitter spotted after interval.)

I was very pleased that the audience gave him a standing O BEFORE ADWD. And without any of the regulars prompting it.

We didn't go to the SD; there was a lot of scaffolding surrounding the theatre which made it harder to find. So those of us staying over headed to the hotel to talk over the evening over a glass or two of wine /Tia Maria, while Jo headed home.

Next day was fun!

Having plenty of time before to get to the next venue we had a latish start and went hunting for breakfast. The three of us stopped off in St Albans for some very cultural checking out of Roman remains.

Dinner at the PE. Well we have to remind ourselves of the menu ready for August, then on to show 2.

Lots of regulars at this one and it was really nice to have a chat with so many friends. We were in the he second row this time. Again the view was great. His voice was just a tad huskier than the previous day and that rough edge sound so very very sexy! And he had no trouble remembering which story to tell when.

The audience was extremely buoyant. The were up for fun and that of course made him more enthusiastic than ever - I love it when that happens.

Just a couple of things that I wasn't happy with: at interval I went to get a glass of tap water. The bartender served me it in a proper glass. Can I take it into the theatre ? I asked. No. he said. Can I have a plastic glass (there were some in front of me). No. You have to drink it here (in the bar). You can't take tap water into the theatre. He was letting people who'd bought bottled water in there. If that's the theatre's policy then I am afraid I wouldn't be visiting if I was a local. it smacks of penny pinching to me. GGRRR!!

And then later, as Jo said, a phone when off. Right in the middle of one of the quite songs (I'm Being to breathe Again I think it was). He was not happy and broke off to thank them for the phone call. Good for him!

But besides this (and a certain amount of being knocked by the people behind. Not their fault. The chairs were too squashed together) it was fab evening. Again another unexpected standing O started by locals. I apologise for not getting the swaying in time during ADWD!

We said our farewells to Jo and O after the show and a small group of regulars headed to the SD. The darkest SD I have ever been to! We were entertained while waiting for the GO by a fire work display over the road. And by chatting to Ad*m amount the merits of different types of keyboards.

Himself came out of a different door and two local lasses nearly missed him. Did I mention it was dark? He was silhouetted against a faint light from the theatre. We pointed the two lasses in his direct and he posed for pictures - they had to open up the doorway to get some light.

Then he came over to us and chatted away happily, while Beverl*y greeted us like mates. What a lovely lady she is!

Sorry I have to get back to work! Laters!

Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 07:33
Morning and a bit of a grey day – sort of drizzly rain at the moment and looks like some breeze out there too.

Well I suppose it is good that work is busy but not when it is manic, and Sunday does sound a little manic. Nice to come home to dinner and the glass of wine. Do hope the xray went ok (I hate having teeth rays – they always hurt!). Six months wait not so good, fingers crossed they can fit you in before that. Ah the sounds of strimming and grass cutting always make me think summer isnot so far away. So a family night in last night – I am sure you all enjoyed that!

Goodness Eva – that does sound like bureaucracy gone mad at the supermarket. I suppose they would say rules are rules! Seems somewhat over the top for £50 refund! I think we were all a little confused at the end of LofD but that’s what JM likes to do to us. Have to say it certainly wasn’t cold enough on Sunday to warrant the church having all the heaters on – I keep thinking it must be costing them a fortune to heat the building and here we are melting and trying to sing!

I feel you need to talk severely to your work pooter Lady J – how dare it not let you read the previous blog page. I have a feeling Mrs Chris said that the Rxmans first brought over elis to the town when they were occupying the town – have a feeling the general requested reinforcements from Gxul and they included the elis. Lovely that you could catch up with Fi and Ian. Only three specks of pink glitter sounds quite disappointing – I am hoping for more when we go. See you encountered a jobsworth at the bar on Saturday. Sadly thee seem to be quite a few of them around lately. Nice the GO had standing ovations.

We did our food shop yesterday but didn’t do any clothes shopping as Lindy had been feeling unwell on Sunday when we were singing and looked very pale yesterday (suffering from tiredness, feel cold, looking pale and no appetite) – as she had said she had felt like this since Tuesday I persuaded her to make a doctor’s appointment asap. She managed to get one yesterday afternoon and apparently has a chest infection (her symptoms are apparently classic chest infection ones.....never knew that!). She has some antibis to take and will be having a blood test this morning, so hopefully she will soon be feeling better. In the afternoon MM finally managed to find time to go into the garden and the plants we bought a week ago today have been planted. I did some admin for the small choir, then heard from Lindy about her infection and that she wouldn’t be at choir in the evening, so decided to cancel (we have three people away on holiday at the moment, one doing a production of M Fair L (we are going tomorrow to see it), Lindy not well, MM still coughing and Sue, who conducts, going to a meeting and leaving it early to come to us (I was standing in until she arrived) so cancelling seemed a good idea. As a result we had an unexpected night in. We started watching the new programme on the Beeb which is on for the next four nights. MM not sure about it, so may not watch the rest of it. Acting was excellent though and I may watch on iplayer if he doesn’t want to watch any more episode. Today is fairly free – MM has a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and I will go with him as our doctor is retiring (we have had him as our doctor for 30 years) and I want to say a goodbye to him (we have bought him a bottle of champagne). I may go out this morning to buy the E Eggs for all the children in the family (well maybe not the two newest additions) and get that out of the way. Twin is coming over late afternoon/evening so we will be watching HC together. Morning BHB yes a bit of a grey day. Let’s take the toasted waffles and the Fxncy Frxx into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 09:07
Morning all and a very grey one again and I think a littler cooler. I am off out shortly as I am meeting up with several of my ex work colleagues for a small reunion. We are meeting in a pub in Ascot for some lunch and a catch up. I feel it could turn into a very long lunch! As I am in that neck of the woods I will then go back to Twin and so will be in place for the next day. Should be fun!

That is a real palaver to get your Mum's money back Eva. I suppose they have to be careful, but it seems a bit excessive! Agree that LoD is a bit confusing but that is Jed the writer all over. He loves to keep us wrong footed all the time!

Concert sounds lovely Jane, can't wait! Mind the water fiasco is a rip off! Not impressed at all! If he goes there again I think taking a plastic bottle of your own a good idea and decanting it! That'll larn 'em!

Poor Lindy, hope she is better soon.

Morning BHB and what have you for us today? Fxncy Frxx? Sounds great! let's get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 11:03
Morning (just) all. The sky is blue and the sun is shining, and the temps were +2 (!) this morning. A bit warmer now, but not very.

Hello sweetheart. You had time to wait for me? You are wonderful!💋💋 My herbal tea and the toasted waffles are waiting for me? Come here,- I'll give you a hug.🤗

I've been to see father, and he was having a good day. He wanted to know - again- what they'd said at the meeting, and I told him. I met father's principal nurse as I was leaving, and we had a chat. She said she's fairly convinced the SS is set to sending father home on the 24th April. No surprises there ten!😡 I had some more food shopping to do, and when I got home I tried to book a ticket for a concert in October. The flipping website kept telling me my password was wrong, and when they sent me a temporary password, I couldn't get further on because I was told that there was another account with that e-mailadress. YES, THAT*S ME; you plonkers! I tried calling the phone number and was told that I was no 19 (!) in the queue, so I hung up. I obviously wasn't the only one having problems with the website. I'll try again later.

Jane,- that barman was stoooooooopid!

Carol,- Lindy's symptoms sounds just like the ones I have when I get pneumonia. I never get the fever, which makes it more difficult to detect. I hope the anti bis will help her.

Pauline,- enjoy your lunch. I am convinced it will be a very long one.😜
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 12:02
Hi all,

At last! I have caught up...sort of. I have a theory that my works PC likes the purple chair pics too much and doesn't want to navigate away from them. :-)

Good to see Maeve had a nice birthday and that Diana should be able to read the blog without too much trouble in SA!

Eva - I'd like to say I was surprised by the shops bureaucracy but having dealt with mum's estate I am not. What I can't understand is that some organisations put up barrier upon barrier - and others are just happy with the probate document. Go figure! Mind you it's nothing to the idiocy of your SS. I assume you mean sending dad home as in to his own house rather than to a care home? Are you sorted out yet with the October tickets? Is it something I can help with? (I'll have some time I hope tomorrow evening.)

Carol - sorry to hear that both Lindy and MM are poorly. Very wise to cancel choir I think in the circumstances. I bet a night in was very welcome. What a nice idea to give your GP a proper farewell! Hope you enjoy M Fair L.

Gosh Ali I hope you are not waiting six months to have your tooth extracted. Hope you enjoyed your non-Brownie evening!

Pauline - I hope you have a lovely time at lunch with your ex colleagues!

So I gather that the theatre's policy of not allowing patrons to take tap water into the auditorium is not normal? I am glad. It can be very uncomfy when you are thirsty and I do object to paying for bottled water.

I was considering writing to the theatre about it - but am not certain whether I can be bothered. Tee hee I nearly used a rude word there!
evam wrote:
Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 16:11
Jane,- thank you for offering to help about the concert ticket, but it's not for a concert in the UK, but here in Bergen, so I'll try again.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 20:46
I been post op assistant to MrExP this morning in the dog walking. He had a minor op on his hand yesterday, so I had boot laces doing up and poo picking duties. Then this afternoon I was entertained by the gasman. His friend is coming tomorrow morning.

Just to let you know, there was a power outage in London this evening so this website was down. Not sure if the problem will come back or not. all Ok now.

This retirement stuff takes a lot of time. I have to sort the pension stuff next.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 06:53
Morning and we have light blue skies and sunshine!! Quite chilly though as I know – I’ve just put the refuse out! So thank you Eva for sending it over!

Glad your Father was having a good day, even though he needed reminding of what has been said. Oh dear, so the Nurse thinks they plan to send your Father home just after Easter- presumably without any care being put in place? That is madness, but sadly given their stance so far I am not that surprised. Oh I hate it when websites don’t want to accept a password that you know is the right one. Hope you managed to sort it out and finally have your ticket! Lindy was taking it easy yesterday so hopefully that will have done her good.

Lady J you could be right about the purple chair – I feel your work pooter has been indoctrinated to like purple! I think we will all agree that the water policy is one we haven’t come across before! I think you were just unfortunate to encounter a jobsworth who had had a bad day.

There Jo I told you retirement was very busy. So you have been doing caring duties – I know when MM broke his wrist I had to help out with laces, shirt buttons (but fortunately no poo picking up) and all the things you don’t realise you need two hands for. Ah I did try and read the blog last night and got an error message (502?), but assumed it was my pooter playing up as it some times came – thank you for the explanation!

We managed to zoom into U’bride yesterday – MM decided to come too, and now have the children’s eggs, so that is that out of the way – Aiden has a lovely little book and Nova has a lovely little outfit – a dress with rainbows and rabbits on it with little pink leggings. We visited the doctor in the afternoon as planned and handed over the champers. He had loads of cards in his room from patients, and said he had been at the Practice for 35 years – he came as locum, one of the partners at the time retired and they invited him to join the practice! We now have his original partner as our doctor (in fact we are really registered to him but have always seen Dr D, apart from a couple of occasions) – Dr M is lovely too and is now the only male doctor. Apparently there is another lady coming to take on the hours Dr D does. He said that these days it is increasingly difficult to find GPs these days and that is one of the reasons he had stayed as long as he had (although for the last eighteen months he has been on quite reduced hours). Came home and not long thereafter had a call from Twin to stay she was stuck in a jam on X25, but not long after that she arrived safely. Neither she nor MM really wanted to continue with the drama we started watching on Monday, so after HC we watched a very interesting programme on Rxmbrxndt. Today we have LACE this afternoon and then off to see My F Lady. I am not sure if Lindy (who should be coming to MFL with us, along with Lawrence). I will check if she wants to skip LACE and just go this evening, or if she would rather do LACE this afternoon and miss MFL, or if she feels well enough to do both. Morning BHB, yes it is a nice bright start to the day. Let’s grab the toasted pikelets and the Txrtxni and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (think she is still asleep at the moment).
TK wrote:
Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 07:11
Waiting for the gasman.

Eva, not surprised with the ticket website. I have trouble sometimes..... like yesterday. Some of the sites change their software and then I don't recognise it, others have such old software (Mill at Sonning) that it is so simple I forget that point and think I've done it wrong. I remember when The Swan changed their software I ended up phoning up. I hope that your father continues to recover and fingers crossed for the 'going home' bit.
Re the shop refunding the money, I suspect they have a tick list which will not let them carry on until all points are covered. (Part of the corrupter says 'No' thing). I know what mum died I carried with me spare copies of the death cert as various places had to be given one, they (mostly) posted it back once head office had seen it.

I was impressed by my hot water tank insulation yesterday. The boiler had been off since lunch time but I had a lovely hot bath at 10pm. And surprisingly I had lukewarm water this morning.

Just got a phone call from gas man he is on his way.

I think this has been said before, how would I have managed if I had to go to w*rk? Neighbours standing in I suppose.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 07:27
I did refresh before I typed but can't have done as Carol's post has just popped up.

Your doctors' tale is similar to the one in my village. There are lots more doctors on the list as most work part time, nearly all are female. You rarely get the doctor you are registered with. It doesn't worry me but Felf always likes to see 'her' doctor. Mr ExP says he normally sees the same one, he like Felf has a serious heart condition, so I understand that.

Gasman is here. 'Please isolate the boiler from electric.' I point at the switch, 'no that is not the one, you shouldn't have that.' As if I've fitted the boiler, it was done by a registered contractor. I think the regs changed just after I had the boiler fitted. Anyway he seems Ok now. There have been no screams, just a bit of banging.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 07:50
Morning all and it is a lovely day hooray! Nice to see the sun again, even if it is chilly. Yesterday was a very damp day. Still, had a lovely and long lunch. It was just lovely seeing my old friends again. We have all said we must meet up like it at least once a year. The pub we were in was a gorgeous old building and the landlord was fab with us. He gave us all coffee when we arrived, then we had a glass of fizz to celebrate. I only had one and then was on water as I was driving, as were three others! Only down side of where we were, well that and finding it. We were in a part of commuter land I hadn’t been before and wow! It was very wealthy looking at the houses around! Sadly the journey to Twin was not great as I left about half an hour too late and got caught in rush hour. Not recommended! LACE today then off to see My Fxxr Lady.

Eva I have ceased to be amazed by your SS. They are anything but a service I think. Your poor father. I just hope they give him plenty of support, though not holding my breath. Ticket websites drive me mad as some seem to be intent on making a simple task as hard as possible. Hope you can get it sorted.

I am sure your pooter is in love with the purple chair Lady Jane! I feel the theatre should be supporting the use of tap water these days, very bad to encourage the use of bottled stuff!

Jo you have found out already that retirement is a very busy time! Glad you will be getting your water sorted, when mine broke down earlier this year I managed a couple of days before it ran cold. Agree the insulation is impressive! I see you should be getting your new family member tomorrow. I hope TK is ready for this!

Morning BHB so what do we have today? Txrtxni? Sounds good to me. Let’s get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 09:52
Morning all. It's partly clouded today, and only + 6 at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. You have the herbal tea and the toasted pikelets ready for me? Aren't you the best? (He nods.) I wouldn't mind a snuggling session? The sofa is ready? You definitely are the best! 💋💋💋

I've been to the chemist to sort out all the meds for my holiday. Making the pill organisers for 4 weeks is quite a job, and I need to make sure I have all the meds I need. I think it'll be OK now, so I'll start the "work" tomorrow.
My cleaning lady is doing the h***r waltz at the moment. I love the sound, as long as I know I'm not the one doing the h****ring! 😜

Jo,- problems with the pension? I'll send you a tenner to tide you over.😇 I know, my halo is shining!.. So Bruce is expected home tomorrow. I think you'll have to be extra kind to TK tonight. How about some smoked salmon?

Carol,- according to the SS, there will be plenty of care in place if/when they send him home. So she said, and I'll believe it when I see it. That flipping website wouldn't let me in until late last night, and by that time all the best tickets were gone. I tried to phone again, and was told that it would cost me an extra £6 to book by phone. I didn't book. I'm not paying £55 for a seat high up in the gods.
In addition to that my UK gizmo was playing silly beggar last night, so I had to watch HC on the ipad. Lofty come back!

Pauline,- sounds as if you had a good lunch meeting with your ex-colleagues yesterday. Have a nice time out tonight to see MFL.

I've just spoken to youngest sister. I told her to take the w/e off and go up to their cottage, as the weather forecast is sooooooo good. They'll go on Friday and take Emilian with them, as it's Iselin's work w/e. I'll do the visiting duty.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 17:13
Evening everyone.

We had a good journey to SA, the flights were on time and Ploppy was OK with the 2.5 hour drive from Port Eliz*beth, with just one stop at Plett to buy some food. The weather was good in PE and most of the journey but very misty and cool around Plett. We expected Kn*sna to be the same (only 40 mins drive away) but it was sunny with high, thin cloud. We arrived at the house around 5.00 pm and I was very relieved to find everything OK, I’d had visions of the baboons breaking a window and getting in! It took less than 30 mins to unpack as we’d only locked valuables away. Yet again the satellite TV wasn’t working so no telly last night.

It’s been a beautiful day today – 27 degrees, sunny with thin, high cloud and a very slight breeze. Tomorrow is due to be sunny again but cooler. Rain is forecast for the weekend.

I had a bit of a scare first thing. I was in the kitchen and heard the back door handle being tried – made me jump. I turned round and saw a large baboon trying to get in but thankfully the door was locked and it went away. After breakfast Ploppy tried the TV again and this time we had most of our channels but not the sports channels and a couple of others. I told Ploppy to bring the satellite box which is only small but he insisted only the card would be required. Of course we went in the shop and were told they needed the box! We went to Food Lovers for salad, fruit, veg, kebabs and a few other things. Then to the building shop about the order we’d placed late February for exterior paint and then heard nothing more – they couldn’t find any record of our order so we’ve placed another and hopefully it will be in within a week so work can start on the outside. Finally we went to enquire about having clear sort of perspex installed at some windows – this allows the window to be open but baboons can’t get in. Returned home and somehow the sports channels were now working so we didn’t have to go back into town again. I spent most of the rest of the day on the veranda reading, it was quite hot. The guy came to measure up for the baboon proofing and we’ve already had their quote – very impressed with the service. Since late afternoon I’ve been sorting out the laptop, copying files that I need while we’re here, noting the stuff I brought out, etc.

I will catch up with the blog tomorrow but it’s after 7.00 pm so must go and do dinner – haven’t even opened the bottle of wine yet!! Tonight we’re having meatballs from Food Lovers followed by the last of the Italian Kisses from the freezer.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 19:07
Diana - Glad you got to your home in SA without trouble. Good idea to get baboon proofing. A full grown male is a big animal, scary.

Eva - I'm sure sister will enjoy the weekend away. It will allow her to relax for a while, with you on call.

Pauline - nice to have a lunch out, shame about not having the fizz, better to be save though.

I was out for a walk this afternoon. Assisting the invalid (MrExP) by doing the poo picking and taking the dog which he is boarding as that one pulls. We went on an easy walk, mostly on the flat, he said he was breaking me in!!! I haven't been there for at least 2 years as Bella was not able to walk up the steps required to get there. We did stop on the way back and have a snack and a drink. Bella would have loved it there, specially cooked dog dinners. More dog customers than humans. He is on his own tomorrow as I'm off to Suffolk again to bring Bruce home. I haven't laid the dog bed in the dining room yet, as that one is the TK target normally.

Carol you are right about being busy. I had an hour's snooze late morning, as I was up early to be ready for the gas man. Local lad I knew his great uncle.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, April 11, 2019, 06:48
Morning and another nice bright start to the day. Suspect that means it is quite chilly out at the moment (it was certainly cold last evening when we came home).

Jo, well done on the hot water! Yes our retiring doctor said it is the part time that means most of the GPs are ladies these days. Our Practice is the same in that although you are registered with one doctor you can be seen by any of the available doctors. You can, though, say you want to see a particular doctor if you are prepared to wait until they have a free appointment. Ah no screams from the gasman - if you knew his great uncle I am guessing he is relatively young. If the boiler is elderly it might be the first of its kind he has seen! See you are still in your role as carer for Mr ExP. I can see that having a dog that pulls would not be a good idea after the hand op. Aww how lovely to find a place that does specially cooked dog dinners – somewhere for Bruce to go for a treat perhaps! Have a safe journey down to S’folk and hope Bruce settles in when he is home (also that TK doesn’t leave in high dudgeon!

Eva we hit the heady heights of +16 yesterday afternoon! Ah not long to go until you are off (getting the meds organised is a sign that you are ready to go – is it next week you come over?). So the cleaning lady was back from her holiday and doing her hxxver dance. Actually I don’t mind doing the h word, prefer it to the i word! Why do I feel that the SS might be somewhat economical with the truth in saying there will be plenty of care in place when they send your Father home. Oh that’s really annoying about the ticket s- and extra £6 to book by phone?! I have never heard of that before! I think we are all saying Lxfty come back!! That was lovely of you to suggested your youngest sister and family go up to the cottage (Emilian will love it) whilst you cover the visiting. Will Mrs S be back whilst you are away at all to help out? I am guessing not!

Ah I didn’t realise you were off to SA this soon Diana –I thought you were flying out next week. Glad the flights were good and all on time. Not so good that the tv was still misbehaving. 27C is my ideal holiday weather – not too hot but warm and sunny. Eeek! The Bs trying to get into the kitchen. Thank goodness the door was locked! I am assuming they have now multiplied and are almost back to their pre-fire numbers. No sign of the guards then? The window Perspex seems like a very good idea if it is effective at keeping them out. The company doing the installing seem very efficient. Pleased to hear the tv now seems to have sorted itself out.

Lindy elected not to come to LACE in the afternoon, but to come to MFL instead. MM suggested that we drop him off at church for his late morning meeting and carry on into U’bridge. He would then catch the bus in after his meeting and meet up with us. So, that’s what we did. Both Twin and I did a little RT for the holidays (I bought a tunic and some pjs, an outfit for Aiden, and some undies – all in D’hams, I am doing my bit to try and keep them afloat). We also visited Nxxt but they same to be majoring on browns and mustards at the moment – so not my colours! The car park was full – partly because one floor half cordoned off for line repainting and partly because of course it is half term here. We ended up parking on the top floor in the sunshine. Met up with MM and we went to PExpress and had a very nice, leisurely lunch (fortunately I sent MM straight there and we met up with him, so we had a table before the place became packed with parents obviously having lunch before going to the cinema with their children. We were home again mid afternoon. MFL live up (or down) to our expectations – it was very long as they didn’t cut one note of music. This meant all the dancing was in – not a good idea as the company dancing was not good and neither was the choreography. There were a couple of technical hitches as it was their first night, and at one point a member of the stage crew fell over in the dark with a resounding crash – we are hoping they were ok. The seats were certainly not the most comfortable for sitting for over three hours! Today Twin is off home and we are going to visit Victoria, Glen and the children so we can see the (finally) finished extended house. Fingers crossed the X25 will behave! Morning BHB, yes it is a lovely bright start to the day again. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Chxmpxno into the conservatory, where it should be lovely and warm and sunny, and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (think she has just woken up!).
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, April 11, 2019, 07:28
Morning all and it is another lovely sunny day. We had a very nice day yesterday with a nice bit of RT from Dxbxnhxms, well we feel obliged to try and help them, then a lovely lunch. MFL maybe not quite so lovely! So long we were all suffering with numb backsides by the end! Today I am off home and am finally getting to see the specialist this afternoon. Not sure I will get answers but we’ll see.

Eva so you will soon be winging your way to us, lovely to give your sister a break this weekend. Of course ideally Mrs S would fly back to help out while you are having your well deserved holiday, but I think we all know that won’t happen! SS are going to put lots of care in place? Well I suppose we can all hope so, but on their track record it seems very unlikely. Oh gosh yes we need Lofty back!

Jo have a good journey today and I hope Bruce is happy to be in his new home, not so sure about TK though. Liking the idea of the dog’s dinners.

Diana I am another who thought it was next week you were off to SA. Glad you had a good journey, the weather sounds lovely. Not so the baboon trying to get in, think the Perspex sounds a very good idea. The tv obviously doesn’t like not being used for a while! I imagine the no sports channel was a tragedy for Ploppy!

Morning BHB, you have Chxmpxinx for us today? Perfect. Let’s get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Thursday, April 11, 2019, 10:33
Morning all. Quite overcast at the moment, and still rather chilly, + 7 at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. Oh, I think a herbal tea will be fine, please. Toasted muffins, eh? Yes please! 💋 The sofa is ready for the snuggle session? Goody! 💋

I have been out on the island to talk to my nerd about my ipad. Had some problems which he fixed promptly, so that was good. Then I passed a sport's outlet and saw some really good offers for knitted jumpers, so now I've bought my first 2 Christmas presents! 🎅🎁
I am still struggling with my UK connection, but I think it has something to do with my bandwith, so I have to give the provider a ring as well. It's irritating how much time it takes to try to keep on top of all computer businees.

Jo,- I see the patient is giving you lip! 😂 I hope everything goes well with bringing Bruce home, and that he's comfortable in the car.🐶 I'm just waiting to hear the complaints from TK:🐱

Carol,- there is a lack of GPs here as well. Mine will retire next year, and I'm dreading it. He's such a good GP, always does as he is told! 😜 Oh yes,- my holiday is getting closer. At this time next Thursday I should be picking up my rental car at G*twick. Hurrayyyyyyyyyy! 😅 Mrs s will be back sometime in May, but I've no idea when. Funnily enough, she hasn't told either myself nor youngest sister. Sorry MFL wasn't up to expactations (or maybe it was?). Numb bottoms I've experienced myself. The worst I can remember, was the old cinema in S*ndwich. I even remember whic film we saw,- O*iver, so the pain must have been bad for me to remember it so long after.😂 Have a lovely time with Victoria and the family.

Diana,- so you're back in SA, and so are the baboons I see. Just as well you're keeping your doors locked. I can imagine the relief on Ploppy's face when he discovered that the sport's channels were working!

Pauline,- fingers crossed that it goes well at the specialist's today.🙏

The pollen count is so high here at the moment, and I'm sneezing my nose off!.🤧
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, April 11, 2019, 11:16
Hi all!

I didn't get a lunch break yesterday. I'm trying to sneak in a quick one now between meetings. Gosh it sounds like I am high powered and important! :-)

I nearly fell of the chair when I read about that baboon trying to get into Diana's house! Baboon proofing = very good idea methinks!

Ah - I am sure Bella would have loved the dog friendly pub Jo. Such a shame she couldn't get over the bridge. I hope Bruce will be able to take you there. Thanks for mentioning the gas man. I need to get my boiler serviced. Thanks for the reminder.

He he Eva - I don't know why I though you might be coming to the UK for a concert. How silly was that! :-). Glad nerd sorted the ipad out. Hope your other IT issues can be served.

Well done Twins for keeping Deb-nams afloat!!! I'm not sure what MFL is but it's not sounding good :-(

Oh crickey - I'm needed! Byee!
Diana wrote:
Thursday, April 11, 2019, 12:20
Afternoon all.

The Norwegians got the forecast very wrong today. Instead of the promised sunny day, it’s been overcast and grey like England, though a few bluish gaps have appeared in the last few minutes.

We went to the gym mid-morning. Ploppy spent about 30 mins on equipment which didn’t require him to use his arm and then went in the pool, while I stayed in the gym. If we go tomorrow, I’ll probably go in the pool area with him – there’s a steam room, sauna and rainforest shower as well as a large pool, plus an outdoor Jacuzzi.

Tonight we’re eating out. Probably at a very good fish restaurant – it’s very casual, with tables on sand, open air but covered so we’ll need a warm top.

Ploppy will be spending the next few afternoons and evenings watching the Masters golf.

Back later.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, April 11, 2019, 15:18
Afternoon again.

The last couple of hours have been beautiful, the clouds dispersed very quickly and it’s been sunny and warm. Hopefully it’ll be a nice evening and we won’t get cold at dinner.

I forgot to say that the specboom I planted in February has grown slightly and is looking healthy. It wasn’t looking great when we left and it’s been fairly dry since so thought it might have died. The flower seeds Ploppy planted haven’t done as well. There is some greenery in one area but not sure if they are weeds, the other area is bare. There are a few weeds on the patio and in the garden so we need to deal with these shortly. The patio, especially under the table, is also dirty and needs washing – a baboon kindly left a present.

We’ve agreed which windows to be “baboon proofed” and the work will be done next week, provided we go into the shop to pay on Monday. Very good service so far.

Hope you don’t have to wait anything like six months, Ali.

Sorry to see that Lindy’s unwell but hope the antibs are working and she’ll be feeling herself again soon.

Good luck sorting out your pension, Jo. I’ve been having fun dealing with mine – not! Hope Bruce settles in quickly and TK gets on with the new member of the family.

Hope the SS rethink and don’t send your father home later this month, Eva.

Carol, hope you enjoyed the visit today and had a good journey both ways.

Fingers crossed Pauline got some answers from the specialist.

Better get dressed as we’re off to dinner in around 15 mins. Early dinner to make the most of the light and warmth and so Ploppy can get back for the golf – though I enjoy watching it too.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, April 11, 2019, 15:21
I forgot to ask if anyone has seen the 9 to 5 musical? We saw an ad for it on the way to Heathrow and are thinking of booking for when we're back.
TK is AWOL wrote:
Thursday, April 11, 2019, 19:46
I think TK is laying low. I've put her food upstairs, hopefully she will come home when it is quiet. Bruce just ignored her when he came into the house. The journey home was fine. He went to sleep for a lot of it. I thought he might have collapsed, but after 10mins he stretched and sighed, so I knew he was OK. I've made him up 2 beds. He has been barking at me a lot since we have got back. We have been up the road and visited some of Bella's friends and done some training in the garden. Hopefully he'll settle in. He is a sniffer dog, not for dr*gs, but for most types of food. Just shows how rubbish Bella's nose was, he has found 2 chocolate coated biscuits which have been in a bag on the floor for months. Out in the park he was sniffing all the time, completely deaf to me. I've let MrExP know that Bruce is a toy destroyer. The little dog has lots of soft toys which Bruce would rip to pieces in 2 minutes each. I've taken all Bella's toys away, she just used them as pillows. I've searched out the rope toys that the blind and deaf springer spaniel had. Bruce has decapitated one of them already. Just been going through his papers, he was booked in under a cruelty case. I'm guessing that he already has had £800, maybe more, of veterinary care, not including the food and housing for 2 months plus. He is a bed re-arranger (like all my greyhounds) so I've added a blanket on top of the bed he can pull about to make a nest.

It was a tiring day 2.5 hrs there and 2.5 hrs back. I'll need to go bed early.
TK still AWOL wrote:
Thursday, April 11, 2019, 20:38
Dustbin put out day nearly forgotten. Bruce is dosing on his bed. He does try to follow me about. So used to Bella, just watching me move about. Bruce is the most agile dog I've ever had. Really not used to that.

Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, April 12, 2019, 07:30
Morning and another bright sunny start – lots of sunshine and doesn’t look as if there is much of a breeze out. Yesterday was lovely, but still a little chilly.

Eva glad to hear your nerd was able to fix your ipxd – you will need that for your visit here. I have just fallen off my chair – you have already bought two CC’mas pressies?? It is only APRIL!! Might be a good idea to ring your provider (or can you check on line the speed of the b’band etc? before you ring – we can do that with our XT system). I think the trouble is as we get older so do our doctors – which is wrong really as they should remain as they are and never have to retire! Our GP owns part of a racehorse and often goes to flat racing when he has the time so I think that is what he has in store. So this time next week you will be well on your way to your holiday home. How strange Mrs S hasn’t told either you nor your sister when she is coming over and helping out (haha). Have to say our worst experience of numb bottoms still remains the Pxllxdixm when we went to see Chxrus Lxne with no interval!

Lady J I have realised it is now just over a year since you moved into your little house – so happy first anniversary! Not good that you missed out on lunch break yesterday (that’s not right either for your health not legally!). I really can’t think why you might have thought Eva was booking for a UK concert – as if!
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, April 12, 2019, 07:40
...not sure why there was half of my post there - here is the rest!!

MFL was the amdram My Fxxr Lxdy.........we are drawing a veil over it – suffice it to say as just one instance that the entire On The Strxxt WYL was flat from start to finish......I won’t go into the rest!

Oh that’s not good Diana, there was I thinking you were having a warm sunny day like we enjoyed here, but much warmer than us! In fact my friends who went to Athxns for four nights have had two days of rain! I am sure the swimming will help Ploppy’s arm. Must encourage MM to go to the pool, but he is slightly put off by being told he can’t do brxxstrxke leg action whilst his new hip settles in. Of your fish restaurant reminds me of one we went to in Spain some years back with my mother. That had tables on the sand and you had to walk on duckboards to get to your tables – we watched the most spectacular sunset over the sea whilst we were eating. Pleased to read that the sun found you in the afternoon – hope it was warm for your al fresco dinner. Good news that the plant you put into the ground in Feb seems to be thriving. How lovely of a b to leave you a welcome back present! Fingers crossed your get the b proofing done before more visitors (although of course I imagine they will still be able to access outside. No we haven’t seen 9to5, we thought about it but decent seats were very expensive last time I looked.

So the newest family member is now home and TK has gone off very miffed. Glad the journey back went well – of course he has been barking, if he has such a keen sense of smell (witness the biccies) he can probably smell TK and wonders where the phantom cat is! So he is a toy destroyer! Little Dog will not be happy if his toys are savaged (good job his meerkat went home!).I am sure he will soon settle in with you. I can imagine it was a tiring day all round, for Bruce as well as you. Sad to read he was the result of a cruelty case – he needs lots of tlc which we know you will give him. So it sounds like he is going to keep you quite fit if he is that active!

Had a lovely time with the children yesterday – the house is almost finished, some decorating and a little retouching up to do and stair carpets to lay, but the kitchen is lovely – big, light and airy. The children love their bedrooms (well they helped decorate them!). The garden still needs sorting out as it has been a builder’s yard for the last year. Glen plans to lay a small patio and then may be returf part of the garden. There are lots of boxes which have come out of store and need unpacking and storing, and the building came round whilst we were there to do some snagging on the flat roof. They are almost there! The journey down was fine but coming home on the X25 there was a broken down vehicle and they closed the lanes so they could get the tow truck down and move the car to the hard shoulder (it was of course in the fast lane!), so that delayed us and meant we caught up with the rush hour traffic around LXR. Today off to do the weekend food shop this morning. MM has a meeting at church this afternoon so I might start the laundry (two weeks of it) this afternoon so I can get the i board out straight away tomorrow morning whilst the rest of the laundry is in the machine. Tonight we have choir practice and it is our last one before Exster so will be a longer than usual one. Morning BHB, yes it is a nice bright start to the day. Let’s grab the pastel de nata and the Vanillita and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

pauline2 wrote:
Friday, April 12, 2019, 09:20
Morning all and it is a lovely one here at the moment. Blue skies and sunshine though I am thinking it is chilly out. I want to go to St A this morning as I have a few things I need including a visit to the bank. Then I will pop in the garden later as a little plant arrived while I was away that I ordered some time ago. Typical it arrived while I was away! Poor Laura who took the parcel in was terrified it would die and was thinking of opening it up and watering it! I felt guilty about it but I didn't expect the plant to turn up till the end of April. Thankfully it is fine after a good drink of water, so will get planted later. I went for my hospital appointment yesterday and was very impressed with the hospital. I managed to park easily, so was a bit early. Went in and found the right department easily as well, it is only a small hospital, the sort I like! Checked in and settled down to wait though there was no one else around, I was sat for about 5 mins when a nurse came and took me to wait outside the doctor's room but he opened the door as I got there and in I went! Wonderful. Lovely man. His wife flew for BA for a year! Anyway he doesn't think that I have rheumatoid anything and is pretty sure my problams were a sort of allergic reaction probably bought on by stress He think I may well get flare ups when my immune system is low, as I have had a few small ones after this cold I had. Of course I have had a blood test as he said there are better tests they can do than I have had. So now I await the results of that and see what happens. Fingers crossed it is as he said though. I was out of the hospital after 30 mins, amazing!

Jo I love the pictures you have posted of Bruce the Toy Destroyer. He looks happier already! I hope he appreciates that he has landed on four paws, probably not, he is a dog! So he is a bit lively is he. I am sure he will be fine once he is trained to come back to you if he likes his food I feel bribery will sort that out! Then he can runs around while you sit on your bench! Poor TK may not feel so positive about things of course! At least she didn't pack her bags and leave!

Eva how can you mention the C word in April! Arggghhh! Glad you got the ipad sorted though. I miss my older GP badly. My doctor now is a lovely lady, very kind, but you feel they treat the symptoms these days and not the patient. . Still I do feel we are lucky to have our health system, not perfect I know but I would rather have it than the system in the States!

Of course you are high powered and important Lady Jane. We know that! I can't imagine why you would think Eva was trying to book a concert here:-)

Glad the plant you planted survived Diana, shame about the others but they were obviously not made of as strong stuff, or your planting was better! Those flipping baboons. I take the wardens are nowhere to be seen.

Morning BHB and it is Vanillita day of course! So let's get another jug and find the CM.

TK is upstairs wrote:
Friday, April 12, 2019, 09:37
I shut Bruce into the front room last night. I was asleep all night. No barking ........ that I heard. I set the alarm for 6am so I could let him out into the garden.

Lee performing 15Jun19 at Essex Pride https://www.essexpride.org/tickets/ in Chelmsford park, say day as the play.

This morning Bruce has met Barney (10 yr old lab cross male) and Aggi (Hungarian Vizsla female). He has been fine with all the dogs he has met. Yesterday, he did sniff the little dog's bum, which she does not like. She told him off, whilst wagging her tail in a happy way, so all was good.

Carol I can understand no breast stroke leg action. It would help him if he did some gentle swimming, the water is so supportive.

I think I may take Bruce to the pub in the village a bit later, looks a nice day to go to the river.

Diana wrote:
Friday, April 12, 2019, 11:46

Another overcast morning, forecast got it wrong again, so we went to the gym and the spa. The rain forecast for tomorrow is now set for Sunday.

We had a very good meal last night. I had prawns in batter with aioli dip, grilled cob with chips, and malva pudding; Ploppy had scollops, grilled kingklip with chips, followed by trifle.

I see that Kew are having an exhibition of Dale Chihuly’s glass this summer. We saw some of his work when we stayed in his birthplace in Washington state a few years ago – some amazing pieces of glass. If you like this sort of thing, I recommend going to Kew, we will be getting tickets.

Tomorrow we’re going to the Saturday market at Sedgefield, about 40 mins drive west. Hope to get some local cheeses, possibly one or two mustard or relishes. There’s a craft brewery there too so Ploppy may buy some of their beers. We’re going to have breakfast/brunch in the town as a change.

Good to see Bruce is settling in. Hope you enjoyed your walk and visit to the pub and that Bruce behaves himself.

And good news that doctor thinks it’s nothing serious, Pauline.

Coming back from the gym we saw roughly 20 baboons on the first hole. No sign of the baboon guys though I might have seen one the other day chasing a baboon. At the moment it’s very quiet here – only three of the 17 villas are occupied including us – so little to attract the baboons but with Easter approaching, it’ll be getting busier from today.
evam wrote:
Friday, April 12, 2019, 15:17
Afternoon all. We'e having a beautiful day again, but we had frost last night! The weather man on the radio earlier promised us a tad higher temps as Easter starts.

I've been to see the eye specialist today. He checked what the progress was like after 3 injections. He said the eye looks better, but not quite all right, so that means another injection just as I return from my holiday. Sigh. After that I went to visit father. He wasn't too good today,- very depressed, and clearly frightened about having to return to his flat after Easter. He keeps repeating that he isn't ready for it. What could I say? Not much to calm him down. Another sigh.
When I got home I decided to do my medisin boxes. That took me 1 1/2 hours, but at least I've checked and double cheked that everything is there.

Jo,- so glad to hear that Bruce took the long drive so well. Maybe he'll come to Cornwall with you? (The new cottage allows pets, so the offer is there.) You're showing him round the pubs? I bet he likes that. It's also a good sign that he slept through the first night witout barking. Now all you have to do is convince TK that he's a friend!

Diana,- Norwegian weather forecasts for SA? Sorry if they are misleading you. Maybe they think that as we're having such wonderful weather, you should too? 😜

Carol,- I did ring the internet provider yesterday and explained what was wrong, so he said he'd restart my central for me and hoped that would help, and it did. Yesterday I could watch P*intless in one smooth operation without the stop and starts I've had for the last week. I am sure Victoria's house extension lokked wonderful, but a walking building? 😂

Pauline,- glad your delivered plant was OK, and even better that the specialist doesn't think you have anything rheumatoid. Here is hoping that the extensive bloodtests don't show up anything worse.
TK wrote:
Friday, April 12, 2019, 20:13
All is well. TK has gone out past Bruce. She just walked past him. He got up and followed her to the door but not chasing. We have been out and about in the village early evening, visiting. All went well apart from Bruce jumping up, he is a show off. He does it because he can see what is on the table. He 'sung' to the crowd in the bar, so we didn't stay long. I dodn't think he is as social with people as Bella.

Yes Eva I will have to sort my calendar out now I know that he can travel and make it up the steps from the car park. We did the bridge over the river today. He was faster than me. Your poor father, so worrying for him. I hope more help appears.

Diana, well done with the plants. Hope the new ones go as well. 20 baboons, sounds rather a lot.

This retirement lark is very tiring I must go to bed. Or maybe it is the 3 hrs walking I have done today
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, April 13, 2019, 06:59
Morning and another sunny start today. Yesterday was lovely but it still felt quite chilly so not ready to get the summer clothes out yet!

Well if Bruce didn’t bark overnight on Thursday Jo he obviously settled down for a good sleep in his basket – must have been quite an exhausting day for him if you think about it. Ah I see the GO has chosen to do something else whilst we are on holiday and again would have been lovely as we could have seen Mrs Chris! So Bruce has already started to meet some of the locals – I can see why little dog told him off (albeit in a happy way!). Good to learn that TK has started to show Bruce who is really boss of the house. I also see he is a pub entertainer! I hope everyone was impressed with his singing in the bar. Maybe he just needs time to settle down and get used to meeting lots of people before he feels totally at ease with them. So he may be going for a visit to C’wall then! I suspect the tiredness is due to the three hours walking .....as well as the retirement!!

Diana the meal sounds lovely, hopefully it wasn’t too chilly sitting outside and eating. The glass exhibition looks lovely and it sounds as if they are arranging it a little like the C’mas lights (only in warmer weather). Might well book to go – I have email sfrom Kxw and had seen it coming up. Enjoy the market today – sounds like it has lots of local produce stalls. Hope the Bs continue to stay away.

Oh what a shame the specialist wants you to have another eye injection – that’s not something to look forward to when you are on holiday. So sad that you Father is worrying about having to go home (I wonder if the SS ever realise what stress and grief they cause people). Unfortunately there isn’t anything anyone seems to be able to do to solve the problem for him – sending you a hug. Good heavens an hour and a half to sort your meds out (and check them) is quite some time .........you will of course remember not to leave them in any hotel fridge this time I am sure. Pleased to hear the internet provider was able to help and you were able to test your brains on P’less.

We did our trip into U’bridge in the morning (a summer holiday dress and tee shirt jumped at me and as it was sunny and I felt like the holiday wasn’t too far away I didn’t beat them off), so now have food for the weekend. I sorted out the music for choir practice during the afternoon whilst MM went off for his meeting with the Vicar, and then we went off to choir in the evening. They all worked hard during practice so it wasn’t as long as it could have been and we covered everything, took the Curate home, and were back indoors just after 9pm. Today I have the delight of two weeks of laundry to get done (think I will still be doing the i word tomorrow afternoon!). I might watch the IXV programme that was running this week (Lindy enjoyed it). Tonight is of course the uncovering of whoever attacked Cxnnie on C’lty. Have to confess I have no idea! Morning BHB, yes another nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the The Vxspxr into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, April 13, 2019, 08:49
Morning all and we have another nice, if somewhat chilly day. Bit more cloud around than yesterday though. I went to St A yesterday and did the bits and bobs I needed. I was accosted by some leggings I wanted though! They are nice and lightweight and perfect for lounging round the villa on our night's in. In the afternoon I thought I would pop out and plant my new little plant, I did that and then proceeded to do other things so was out there for nearly an hour and a half! I should know by now I never just pop into the garden! Today I want to go to a different garden centre not too far away that does pond stuff. I need some of the stuff to clear the water and I might get one or two other things as well! I need to do a wash as well but not a very big one I hope!

Jo I wonder if Bruce has reason to not be a people doggie. He doesn't sound to have always had the best of times. Hopefully he will change his mind, I think he might like a holiday in Cxrnwxll! Glad to see TK has decided to give him a chance anyway! Retirement can be very tiring! I think we need to have a word with the GO! How very dare he do gigs when we are on holiday!

Oh flip not another eye injection Eva. I hoped you were done with them as I am sure you did too. Such a shame for your father. I really cannot get my head round how your SS live up to the service part of their name. They obviously don't care at all about the person, just getting the numbers right. Sending hugs as well.

Diana that exhib sounds lovely and I think we could well be adding it to our to do list! Sounds as if their is a lot of baboons around again so here's hoping they stay away.

Morning BHB and what have we today? The Vxspxer? Sounds interesting! Let's get another jug and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, April 13, 2019, 10:38
Morning all. It's another glorious day here, but this morning only + 2 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. You decided to wait for me? You are loverly! 💋 (He agrees, of course.) You wanted me to have freshly toasted teacakes? Yum, yum.😋 The sofa is ready for the snuggling? Lead me to it! 💋💋

I have done my 50 minutes walk this morning. As it was so chilly when I started out, I was dressed in layers. Luckily I had the sun in my face for most of the time. The first piece of clothing that went into the backpack, were the gloves, then the scarf, the the coat was opened, and in the end the coat was carried on the arm. It was a lovely walk. The route I walk consists of many pedestrian paths away from the traffic, so I don't breathe in a lot of car engine fumes.
Father has already called me twice to ask whether I'm coming today or tomorrow. I'll probably get another call later. 😒
I have triple checked my meds again today. I have also made a booking for a pedicure at my usual place in P*dstow. I wonder when I'll start counting the hours?

Diana,- your meal sounds yummy as always. 20 baboons? Good heavens! 😲

Jo,- I see Bruce is getting to know people round the village. I hope he can settle as well as Bella did. Oh yes, being retired can be a very tiring time. 😜

Carol,- I promise I'll not leave my meds at the PI in Sa'isbury when I overnight there. Once was enogh! I see you'll have a fun day with all the washing. Ooohh, so we'll learn tonight who was nasty to Connie, eh? Imagine, next Saturday I'll be watching Cas from St. I*sey! 👏👏👏

Pauline,- do gareden centres have jumping merchandice too?

Diana wrote:
Saturday, April 13, 2019, 13:26

Enjoyed our visit to the market this morning. We bought three cheeses, some snoek (fish) and two pieces of cheesecake for dinner tonight, plus a tissue box cover. We had breakfast from a stall – I had sausage in a roll with relish, Ploppy had a cooked English, with coffee afterwards from another stall. I was surprised how many people were there. We saw a number of food items we’d have liked to buy so hope to go back another trip. Got home around midday and since then I’ve done a wash and tried cleaning the sticky stuff off the windows from the tape Ploppy used when varnishing the wood – got some off a couple of windows but not all by any means. It’s been cloudy again today though there was some blue sky this morning and we’ve just had about 45 mins of sun but that’s gone now. We’re eating in tonight – pasta, sauce and salad – while Ploppy watches the golf. Assuming the forecasted rain comes tomorrow, we’ll go to the gym and then probably do stuff around the house. I’ve also got the sheets to wash and the I word.

Sorry you require another injection, Eva, trust it’s only the one. Your poor father, hope the SS have a rethink.

Good that TK and Bruce if not best friends, are getting on.

TK is upstairs wrote:
Saturday, April 13, 2019, 18:02
I think Bruce is a little too vocal for TK's tastes. Bella was quiet at first so TK had more to do with her when she started ordering me about. I've always said I don't want a young dog. Bruce is 10-11 and he is just about OK for me. So I was right. He has been off the lead with another dog in the little park. Then this afternoon off the lead on his own in the little park. All was well. We have been to see Mw3Ds. I'm afraid very soon to be 'Mw3Dsbutnowhas2'. The small lurcher is looking very thin, but she can still tell a new dog to go away, Bruce said 'Yes, ma'm' and backed off very quickly.

TK was out this morning when I got up, bit concerned, but she was home when I checked at tea time. I did try to check before, but she either wasn't there or in a huff.

Twins such a shame GO arranges stuff when you are on hols. For some years I've done it the other way around :)

Bruce is just trying to sit on my lap, he may be small, but he is no lap dog
TK is upstairs wrote:
Saturday, April 13, 2019, 19:23
Just seen online that my friend's house has gone on the market finally, she died about 4 years ago. I suspect a will argument. £725,000. It is a very nice house in a good location. (Bella and I were keeping an eye out for vandals as it was empty for so long.) I saw the board up yesterday, but it was not online. There was someone viewing it this afternoon. It needs work as it has been stripped inside, that happened early last year. Bella went and inspected when they were stripping. She was definite that we should check it out, I just followed ;) Bruce will be the first dog of mine not to go into that house and /or garden. Unless of course the people who buy it have a dog, then I suspect we will visit.
TK is upstairs wrote:
Sunday, April 14, 2019, 06:42
My neighbours have had the early morning wake up call. Luckily they are all early risers. So am I now. I think I need to learn how to train doggy dancing. There must be YTs about it. As long as I can get dressed at the same time as using his mind he is quiet. This morning I've been doing walking forwards and backwards with him. I was making up how to do it, I'll look it up now. He is carrying on with the destroying of the purple rope cat, so is making happy 'purring' noises, which are quiet.
Carol wrote:
Sunday, April 14, 2019, 06:44
Morning and another lovely bright start to the day, but the car is white with frost so will be wrapping up warm for church!

Your walk sounds lovely Eva – well may be not the start when you were layered up against the cold, but by the end when you were much warmer. You are very lucky you can walk away from the car engine fumes – that is a very hot topic here in London at the moment. I rather thought the previous experience of leaving the meds in S’bury will have ensured you never do that again!! Are you not counting the hours already? I see you have your pedicure all booked so you will have beautiful feet whilst you are here. Temps for end of the week are in the low 20s (well up here) – I think in C’wall it will be around the 16/17C mark.

Your market expedition sounds very good Diana, obviously it is a very well known market locally if there were lots of people there. The market we will be going to in Spxxn this year is a very good one too, lots of lovely veggies and flowers so it is really colourful. I see you were joining me in the laundry business!

Ah so TK has decided to take over the upstairs domain at the moment has she Jo. I see Bruce has been in the park and off the lead, and was a very good boy. That’s a shame about the MW3D if the lurcher is unwell. Love that Bruce things he is a lap dog! Yes we must have severe words with the GO about his timing! That’s a long while for a house to be vacant – I can see why you thought you needed to keep an eye on it.

Hooray – I finished all the i word yesterday. Mind you it took me all day. I finished just as P’less was starting. MM made use of the time to go on the pooter and renew our electric supplier and we are now with a company called Octxpxs (I have never heard of them but MM says they were top in Whxch). He also did some admin for the church that has been ongoing for a while so felt he had had a productive day too. Off to church shortly , a little earlier than usual as we are picking up an 80+ lady who is a member of the church choir, but who fell in January and broke her foot in two places. She has been in hospital/rehab since then but was finally released for good behaviour on Thursday. Her neighbour would normally bring her to church, but is away this weekend so we are on taxi duty. I need to write the family Easter cards this afternoon and sort out the eggs going to the children (only small ones as they have books or games as their main presents – well Nova and Aiden have new little outfits). L of D tonight of course!!Morning BHB yes a nice bright start to the day again. Let’s take the pastries and the Lxng Lilx into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Ali wrote:
Sunday, April 14, 2019, 07:44
So glad Bruce is settling in and that TK seems ok with him.
Been skimming the blog but had some late finishes at work followed by things like choir practise and lent course so haven’t had time to post.
Sad news this week that the friend of a young girl at work (only 17) took her life. So hard to know what to say. Hope that we helped just by listening and letting her know we are always there (and for any staff needing a shoulder or ear) I seem to be that person yet again for my boss this week and I’m getting tough with her as she needs to get tough on another employee who is quite frankly taking the proverbial. Staff appraisals coming up and need to issue a verbal warning to this one. Not a task anyone relishes!
On a happier note did I say that Jack has been approved for his apprenticeship? One happy young man and employer.
Just need to keep fingers crossed for Josh next.
Buddy is still hunting rabbits, at least one (or part of) most mornings. Just hoping he doesn't teach Gatsby!! Imagine the two of them as a tag team 🙀 Gatsby still struggling to get the hang of the cat flap, he head butts it several times trying to get out and still hasn’t worked out you use the same technique to get in!
Off to church shortly then must do some Brownie admin this afternoon. Singing tonight. But only a short ‘concert’ in local chapel.
Hope the baboons are staying away Diana
Safe journey Eva
Happy Easter everyone should I not get back on the blog in time
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, April 14, 2019, 08:49
Morning all and we have another sunny but very cold start to the day. Frosty so I am hoping my plants are ok!. I went to the gc yesterday and got what I needed and then was accosted by several plants, two for my little pond and three for the garden, so yes Eva gc's do indeed have jumping things! I got back and in the afternoon I tried to sort out the pond. I had moreor less finished when it started to rain and I had just got in when the heavens opened with a sort of hail/sleet mixture! Lovely spring weather! Still we are more or less promised a beautiful warm Easter, so not all bad. Today I am in laundry mode and then if the weather is ok, I will plant my new plants.

So you are getting well into holiday mode Eva. If they are right about the weather it will be so beautiful in Cxrnwall. I hope your father is ok today. terrible that he is so upset, I still can't get over it, so I'm sure he can't either!

Jo Bruce is coming on nicely then. Love the pictures you have posted of him, especially the one with his head on your lap and the video of him playing Toy Destroyer! TK seems to be philosophical about him, if not exactly happy at the moment so that's good, now he just needs to learn to sleep longer in the morning!

Ali that is just terrible. This spate of young people taking their own lives is just appalling. I hope her friend is ok. Never easy telling someone to shape up or they are gone, but it is part of running a business. Sounds to me as if the culprit has realised the boss is a bit weak about it and is really taking advantage. Well done to Jack and still have fingers crossed for Josh. Have a lovely Easter yourself.

Morning BHB, so what have we today? Lxng Lxlx? Intersesting, a new one I think? Let's get some more and join the CM.
evam wrote:
Sunday, April 14, 2019, 09:44
Morning all. The sun is shining and it's very chilly. Only + 1.5 degrees when I got in to the kitchen this morning, but by now it's risen to the dizzy heights of + 6 degrees!

Hello sweetheart. Yes, please,- a herbal tea will be just the thing. You have placed the royal blue blanket on the sofa ready for the snuggling? 1 st class service as always. 💋💋

I have been to see father, and he was feeling better today, but was very tired, as he hadn't slept much during the night.
I watched the singing program last night, and I agree with the winner. It was sad to see how many of the finalists "oversang" (if that is a word?) their songs. For some of the girls it came out almost like screetching, and a few of them were flat as well. Bad nerves must have been bad with some of them.
So Connie's attacker was someone we've never seen before, eh? And I was looking forward to an inhouse disclosure. 😜

Jo,- I understand I'll have company in St. I*sey when I do my early wake up. Do you think he'll have a coffee too? I definitely don't want him in my bed or on my lap though. Sad for MW3D to lose one of them. Do you think he'll become a MW3D again soon?

Ali,- that is so sad about the young girl. These things seems to go in spats. Good for Jack! 👏👏👏 I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Josh.

Carol,- crikey! That must have been a lot of i*****g done in one day! You should have asked for my help.,- NOT! 😜 Oh yes, tonight is the night when I'll get even more confused with LoD.😲🤔

Pauline,- it seems that this jumping merchandice epidemic is getting everywhere. The weather forecast for Easter sounds perfick! 🌞

I'll be off for my walk now, as it's warmed up a little bit.

Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, April 14, 2019, 14:25
Hello. sorry been MIA - just not caught up with myself! Fab weekend seeing concert and meeting up with loppies. Loved the interview format and thought B.verly was great - very much a GO admirer. Meal with Jane, Jo, Ro and Julie was great - thank you for my chocs and wine! Great theatre too. then had nice rest of w/e with parents. dad got up before lunch both days and was in very good form so we got out for meals - which then pleased sloppy. so a successful time there. had lovely stay in N.rfolk - tho the Sunday was dreadful weather so we visited a local stately house - and some pubs! the next day was sunny so fab beach walk, some b.rdwatching and visit to S.ndringham. Qu..n wasn't in residence but we were allowed a cup of tea - in the stables! Then on Wed went to J.seph in M.lton K.ynes with Jules and her hubby. not my best Jo (he was from boy band Un.on J - and Narrator was very screechy) . But we had good day out with nice meal and wine and Jules hubby drove . Been a helper at children's ch.rch today and soon off to party held by friends in village. Ploppy off to Shr.ps tomorrow to do the c.re home review. we will think about moving aunt after that but we may decide against it as may involve lots of work researching homes here which will meet her needs - and as we don't have Care PoA we may not be allowed to move her anyway.
Eva - cant believe that almost time for trip to C.rnwall. My sloppy had monthly eye injections for 3 years . not sure I am as brave as her and you.
Pauline - great news that you don't have anything rh.umat.id. hope you find a way of dealing with the flare ups.
Ali - so sad about the yp. had news on Thurs of a 30yr old who had k.lled herself. so very sad. my sis best man's fiance killed herself 35 yrs ago and he has never got over it - despite marrying and having family, he still has big MH issues and cant work full time. so sad for all involved. Congratulations to Jack.
Diana - UB scollop and g/f were in K.sna until Friday - loved it. they seem to have had excellent weather - and haven't mentioned b.boons.
Carol - I think your wardrobes must be like those in Narn.a - ie have no backs! I have far too many clothes but luckily now restrained by having totally run out of wardrobe space.
Jo - looks like Bruce settling in well. Tho I am with Pauline he will need to learn what "lie ins" mean!
gosh it is cold today . lady who is hosting party hoped we could spill onto patio - I am not spilling!
TK is upstairs I (...) wrote:
Sunday, April 14, 2019, 19:36
Not sure Bruce does lie-ins but he does do evas.

Ali so sad when people feel that there is nothing worth living for. Mr ExP does so much work for https://www.samaritans.org/ When I was young almost everyone had seen their ads, apparently now lots of youngsters do not know about them. I was given flyers to put out at w*rk a couple of years ago when they were having a push to up their profile.

Congrats on the job front for Jack, fingers crossed for Josh.

Mr and Mrs ExP, me, little dog and Bruce had a trip to the big house at lunchtime. We walked down the road and saw the houses which front on to the river from the other side, there are 2 for sale. I think I was told the cheap one was 5m. We called to see one of the friends of the lady who we were visiting as she wanted to see the new Staffie which they got a few days before Bruce. I did feel a little under dressed as I had on as outer layer the fleece I bought from the sale rack of a charity shop in Clacton for £2, it is really getting worn out now, it is just so cosy.

Eva there was a requirement for where the dog was to sleep in the holiday home. I'll bring Bella's posh bed as he has slept in that. He does actually prefer the sofa, so in case of problems I'll bring lots of covers (I'll wash them before!!!).

Fi it is nippy out. We were out at 18:30, I had a thermal and 2 fleeces on and was just about OK.

Tomorrow I'll go to the stables. I've not been for ages. I feel so guilty.
TK wrote:
Sunday, April 14, 2019, 20:46
The previous post was title 'TK is upstairs I hope' well she wasn't as she has just carefully trotted past the sleeping Bruce. None of her normal chat on the way through. At least she is still going about her business. Not playing in the middle of the dining room floor, like she was for the dogless weeks.
Carol wrote:
Monday, April 15, 2019, 06:52
Morning and another sunny start, so I am thinking it may be chilly out again.

Oh Ali that is so sad – just awful when young people really think the only way out is to kill themselves. Tragic waste of a life sadly. No I agree giving a verbal warning to someone is not a task to be envied so I can sort of see why your boss is holding back on the under-performing staff member. I think you are right and boss needs a bit of tough love – apart from anything else it isn’t good for staff morale if they perceive someone is getting away with not pulling their wait. Oh that’s brilliant news about Jack, and fingers still crossed for Josh. The imagine of your feline tag team made me smile, as did Gatsby trying to work out the intricacies of the cat flap! Hope the concert went well. I also hope work isn’t too tiring in the run up to Easter and Happy Easter to you in case, as you say, you don’t make it back on here beforehand.

Ah we started our day yesterday at 6C – felt quite chilly out, and for once the church felt warm(ish). Good to hear your father was feeling better yesterday, I imagine the worry about being discharged is contributing to his problems sleeping. I felt a little let down about the Connie attacker too! It was indeed a lot of the i word! I won’t be doing any this coming weekend either as it is of course Easter, so will probably have another double whammy to look forward to the week after! Hope you enjoyed your walk.

Fi, pleased to hear you had a lovely weekend, not just with the concert but with your parents and that your father was much better and you were able to go and eat out together. Liking the stately home visiting along with pub visits. We visited S’ham years ago but didn’t reach the heady heights of tea in the stables! Thank you for the review of Jo – won’t be putting myself out to go and see it! Hope Ian’s visit to S’shire goes well and without too much hassle for him. I imagine you all stayed indoors at the party last night – the tempreture certainly dropped in the evening. Ah my wardrobe runs all down one side of our bedroom (my clothes only – MM’s are in the wardrobe in the bedroom Twin uses) plus I have summer things in storage under the beds (our’s and the one’s in Twin’s room). MM tries to say I should operate a “one in, one out” policy and I do sometimes (not always)!

Ah so Bruce likes an afternoon nap then Jo. One of our friends at church also works for the S’ritans. In fact I have just bought a cookbook the local group have produced (all photocopied recipes from either local supporting restaurants or some of the S’ritan personnel) as a fund raising exercise. I agree once everyone knew who they were, now you have to explain the organisation to people. I see Bruce has been out socialising again with the little dog. Only 5m? Are you putting in an offer? I can see why the charity shop fleece is getting a lot of wear if it is warm and cosy, but I am not letting MM know where you do your shopoping in case it gives him ideas. Hope you enjoyed your visit to the stables – you shouldn’t feel guilty as you have been very busy finding the right new member for your family – although by the sounds of it TK doesn’t seem that keen on your choice! She is probably still very miffed with you!

We had a lovely baptism in church during our morning service – sweet little baby who smiled and giggled all the way through, not even a murmur when the water was put on her head. When we came out of church it was still cool but warmer than when we went (the wind was quite chilly even though it was sunny). After my day at the ixxning coalface on Saturday I had a fairly easy afternoon, I managed to do two crosswords, sort out the Easter goodies and enjoy some time with my book and a g&t. The evening viewing was the usual = C’file, A Road Show and the L of D! L of D getting very intriguing and I still refused to believe “The Gaffer” is a baddie! Off to SLAPPAS this morning and then MM is off up to the church this afternoon so I may write my service for E Sunday. Choir this evening (necessary as Sue, our conductor looks to be moving in May!). Morning BHB, yes a lovely bright start again. Let’s take the Lavendula and hot paninis into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Diana wrote:
Monday, April 15, 2019, 06:55
Morning from a very wet Kn*sna. It started raining early evening yesterday and has been raining hard all night with no sign of it stopping. It also rained the previous night but yesterday was quite nice, partly sunny morning and very sunny afternoon.

We went to the gym in the morning, washed down the patio after breakfast (which we had at midday) and then I sat on the veranda. Also had a go at getting the sticky residue off a couple more windows. Today we are doing a shop and will go to the gym and spa this pm unless it's sunny. We are planning on eating out tonight at an Indian. We ate there once before many years ago and weren't impressed so haven't been back but have had a couple of good reports recently and the fact it's been around for so long is a good sign.

This weekend the area is holding a walking festival and we have signed up for two walks. The one on Friday is from our estate and goes down to the beach. We've been meaning to do it for years. Not sure if I'll make it all the way as part of it's steep. Sunday we're doing a walk round a nature reserve in the centre of town, looking at how it has regenerated since the June 17 fires.

We have booked to see 9 to 5 in June but have got cheap tickets. The tickets are expensive, Carol.
Diana wrote:
Monday, April 15, 2019, 07:22
So sad about your colleague's friend, Ali. Trust your boss does get tough with the other person. Great news about Jack.

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, Fi. Good to know scallop and girlfriend are having a good time and liked Kn*sna.

Good luck with the training of Bruce, Jo.

I can hear Ploppy moving around upstairs so better get dressed - need trousers and long sleeved top today as it feels a bit chilly though think the rain has finally stopped.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, April 15, 2019, 08:50
Morning all and it is another nice sunny one though a bit more breeze. I think it should start to warm up a little from later on. I am waiting for a man to come and pick the car up for her MOT and service so a nice bill later I think! I managed to get in the garden yesterday and plant my new things so that was good. It is tricky at the moment as I am allergic to silver birch when it come into leaf and that is just happening. I am on the anti histamine now!

Eva I also think your father is possibly not sleeping well worrying about things. Honestly somebody needs to shake your SS until it rattles! Such a horrid thing to do to an elderly man.

Fi your weekend sounds lovely. I seem to think I was taken to Sandringham years ago, I would have been about 6 or 7 I think. Have a memory of looking at the house and nothing else! Certainly didn't get tea in the stables! Can't say I have much enthusiasm for seeing Jo again, can't think why!

Jo only £5m? really cheap then! So you have had your money's worth from the fleece then! Glad to see TK is still around, even if she is sulking! Hopefully she will get used to Bruce soon.

Shame about all the rain Diana though my guess is it is very welcome in some ways. Hopefully it will soon cheer up again. Hope the Indian is much improved.

Morning BHB and it is Lavendula day of course. let's get another jug and find the CM.

Ro wrote:
Monday, April 15, 2019, 11:43
Morning ladies... er, make that afternoon! Where on earth did THAT go!

On the Connie attacker front - we had see him before, the story goes back to Oct 2017 when his late wife (played by Anita Dobson) died. I think he was totally in denial (she wasn't) and believed Connie simply let her die. And no, I didn't remember all those details without resorting to IMDB, just enough to know we'd seen him before! It did come rather out of left field though!
Jane E wrote:
Monday, April 15, 2019, 11:57
Hello everyone!

I've been a busy bunny over the weekend. SotRWD visited me on Friday evening (which is why I didn't take a lunch break on Friday, so I could leave early).

Pauline you would be so proud of me. I have spend the weekend - gardening!!! Or at please planting stuff in tubs. Sal and her mum took me to a garden centre to help me choose appropriate plants. I was calling her mum 'Pauline' all day - then Sal said "My mum's called Lyn!" Oops I'm confusing one gardener with another! I hope the car flies through the MOT and the sliver birch doesn't cause you much trouble!

Nice to catch up more on the saga of Bruce and TK! Of course I have been following TK's posts on Twitter but it's good to see he's settling in and going visiting. Oh dear if not even the rope toys survive his playing I am definitely keeping Henry the Teddy Bear away!

Good on you for going in for that walking festival Diana! They are arranging a walking challenge for the team at work. I don't really want to take part as I think the target is too high for me.

Sounds like you really enjoyed that Christening Carol! Still no new conductor for the choir?

Oh Ali - your poor young colleague. What an awful thing to happen.

Eva - I agree with you about the singing programme. I do enjoy it but it does seem to encourage the contestants to SING VERY LOUD and screech a lot. I was wincing. Pity Chris B's group didn't do better. I was cheering them on.

Fi - it was lovely to see you the other weekend. I really am enjoying these shows. Glad you did too :-). I was hoping to see Joseph in MK with Sandra but she was too busy. I didn't have care PoA for my mum either. It didn't seem to matter one hoot. The care home came to me for all the decisions.

Carol wrote:
Monday, April 15, 2019, 11:59
Thanks for the clarification Ro - I sort of vaguely thought I remembered the story but not the actors! Fancy not remembering Anita D!!!
Carol wrote:
Monday, April 15, 2019, 11:59
Thanks for the clarification Ro - I sort of vaguely thought I remembered the story but not the actors! Fancy not remembering Anita D!!!
Carol wrote:
Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 06:04
Morning and not quite so bright and sunny this morning. Think there is some light rain and drizzle forecast for later.

Ah I see you have had a fair amount of rain Diana. I see you are still battling with the sticky tape removal. Hopefully the Indxxn restaurant had improved since you went and you enjoyed your meal. The walks sound interesting, especially the one around the nature reserve. I am sure you will manage the walk down to the beach, despite the steepness. Hopefluly you won’t see any bs on your walks!

Sounds like your garden is comely along nicely Lady J (smiled at you calling Sal’s mum “Pauline”) – welcome to the world of garden centres! Not sure about your walking challenge at work – is this around the town or just a challenge to walk so many steps a day? I was saying to MM yesterday now the weather is improving and he mainly walks without any pain at all, that we ought to reinstate our forty minutes daily walk (don’t think we did any last year due to his hip pain). No still no new conductor for the small choir and Sue (current conductor) looks to be moving third or fourth week in May from what her solicitor has told her. She is moving in with her daughter whilst she looks for a property down near W’chester. She is going to come back to conduct the four concerts we have in July and then we will have an early Summer break and restart in September. Hopefully by then we might have found someone!

No Eva yesterday so hope all is well with her and it is just that she is busy getting ready to fly over in two days time.

Ditto Jo – maybe she is locked in at the stables!

Did the food shop yesterday and then went and collected duvet sets for the children which were delivered to the Nxxt on the retail part where Sainsbugs is. They have the most inefficient customer collection service of anywhere I have been. I told MM I was amused this time to see a sign saying “Please make yourself comfortable on the sofa whilst we find your order”. I feel they should have put a bed there as there were still four people who had been ahead of me in the queue waiting (not on the sofa but all standing at the tills) for their parcels to be found! I did some admin in the afternoon and then of course we went off to rehearsal. With bank holidays and the move we will only have Sue for another four rehearsals between now and July so we have to use our time wisely. Tragic to see the destruction of ND de Pxrxs – I see they have managed to save the two iconic towers but the roof, much of the interior and the stained glass have all gone. Devastating for the people of the city and a great piece of architectural history destroyed. Off to the N Forest today (where the forecast is definitely for drizzle!) to see all the little ones there and give out their Easter treats and calling in to see Moving Aunt first. She hasn’t been too well – having had a nasty cold, cough and chest infection but June said she is much better now. She has sounded really croaky when I have phoned her. This evening Twin coming over as we have a fairly early start tomorrow morning – off on an expedition! Morning BHB yes not so sunny today. Let’s take the hot toasted crumpets and the Sxndoxwner into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 07:06
Morning all.

It rained most of yesterday with two or three breaks and it was chilly last night. The clouds have partly broken up and the sun is out at the moment but not sure whether it will stay.

We got most of the shopping we wanted yesterday including a couple of special dishes from Woolw*rths for Easter. We watched some TV when we got back and went to the gym late afternoon. The Indian was OK, certainly not the best we’ve had but not the worst either, so it won’t be a regular but we will go again. The best things were the potato dishes. We both had mashed potato fried in batter with different fillings to start and a potato dish to accompany the main meals – Ploppy had a sort of chicken tikka and I had chicken peshwari.

The window bars are being installed this morning, in fact he’s due now. If it’s sunny we’ll sit on the veranda, if it’s cloudy we’ll go to the gym and spa. Chocolate hot cross buns for breakfast this morning – yum.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 07:17
Morning all. A beautiful day here, but only + 0.5 degrees this morning.

Hello sweetheart. Sorry I wasn't here yesterday, but I had a really bad day. Ooohhhhh, I like that hug. Coffee and toasted crumpets will go down fine, thank you.

As I told the BHB, yesterday was a very bad day. I had taken Hazel to the tyre hotel to have her winter tyres off and the summer sandals on. On the way back I was feeling nauseous, so instead of going down to the shopping centre, I drove straight home. I got upstairs and felt like fainting, so I just crept under the duvet. I have no idea why I was feeling so bad, but it could have been a bad reaction to the chemo tablets I take every Sunday night. The day passed in a blur. I didn't sleep to well last night either, so I'm still feeling very tired, but I managed to get some food inside me. I have promised father to visit today, and I will do it.

Jo,- I've emailed Jane, my new landlady, and she tells me that there are no special restrictions for pets, except they are not allowed in the bedrooms. So Bruce will be fine.

If I can, I'll be back later.
TK is upstairs wrote:
Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 08:49
Eva, that sounds nasty. Just rest until you feel better.

Carol I hope you find a new person soon, is there option from the ranks?.

I was really busy yesterday. I had a mission to leave Bruce on his own as I'd not let him for more than 5 mins since I got him. I'd planned to do it on Saturday but MrExP came around after about 5 mins. I'd not left the front garden, we gave Bruce another 5 mins, but I suspect he could hear us talking so it wasn't a good test. I've had my first bump to the ground due to smallness of dog. I was concerned it would happen as with the Springer spaniel. Bruce knocked into the back of my legs below the knee and I sat down. No human or animal was hurt. The hedge slowed my decent. I will try to be more aware of where Bruce is.

I'm off for an eye test this morning as the change which happened not long before I left w*rk has not changed.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 09:15
Morning all and it is overcast but not quite as cold as it has been so hoping we are on the up! Glad to report the car passed her MOT yesterday and she tells me some very nice men fiddled with her and gave her a nice service! It meant I was a bit tied to the house all day, but I did get some sorting out and paperwork done that I needed to do. Last night I was out for a belated b/day meal with two friends. We went to a new (to us) restaurant which was nice but my main was a bit of a disaster. I ordered off the specials board which said fillets of sea bream, instead I got the whole flipping fish! I hate fish like that, I want fillets and no bones and head. They did decapitate it for me and I managed to eat some, though I still got bones, yuk yuk yuk! Today I will just be tootling about until this evening when I will go to Twin. Hopefully I should get to her in time for HC.

Eva that sounds really nasty. You need to take it easy for a day or so as we need you fit for the holiday. It could be the result of all the stress you have been under, as I well know stress does very funny things to us. Let's hope it was a glitch and you are ok now.

Oh thanks Ro, I remember the AD storyline, but had forgotten about him. Obviously he wasn't very memorable!

Well done on the gardening Jane! Love that you called the lady by my name! Be careful cos if the gardening bug does get you it can take over! Like the pictures on twxtter. Main think is to keep tubs watered without overdoing it and drowning them. Also they will need feeding every year as they use up the nutrients in the pots quite quickly. I am sure turquoise bunny will look after them for you!

Glad the meal was ok Diana. I love Indxan food ut there is some very average places out there! Hope you get baboon proofed today.

Agree Twin it is tragic about ND. Seeing the steeple fall was so sad. I see the are getting offers of help pouring in, some with huge donations.Let's hope they can restore it, though the lovely windows will never be the same as the old glass ones.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Sxndxwner? Good, so let's get more and find the CM.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 09:19
Jo you posted while I was typing. Naughty Bruce, glad you are ok leg wise anyway. Hope your eye test goes well too. Lot's of eye problems around at the moment.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 12:51
Hi all,

Well what a sad evening. I was chatting to Geri on Skype when her daughter's chap sent her a message about ND. I think we both watched the news (while still on Skype) for half and hour in horrified fascination. My heart goes out to the people of P*ris.

But there is a bit of good news - it now seems that some at least of the stained-glass has survived. Thank you Ro for retweeting the pictures (and nice to see you on the blog BTW - sorry I missed you yesterday!)

Eva - sorry to hear you had a bad day yesterday. I hope you are feeling better today. And I hope Hazel likes her new sandals.

EEK Jo!!! Be careful!!! Yes you need to check how Bruce manages on his own. He'll be used to having you around. But how will you know? Can you record him?

Pauline - I very much hope that Turquoise Bunny will help with the garden on a regular basis - I'm not letting her come to Charleston Class - I'm hoping she'll do the watering in my absence. Not-Pauline told me I needed to wet the soil right through on the newly planted plants - and that's what I have done. I'll try not to over do it now. And Sal made sure I have plant feed. :-) Ooo your car is nearly as big a flirt as Hazel! Yuk fish with bones! The reason I never order fish in a restaurant.

Sounds like Diana's curry wasn't much better than Pauline's fish!

Carol - I think the walking challenge is just doing 10,000 steps a day. I think I do about 6,000 with my normal walk to and from the bus stops. I really don't fancy walking around the office at lunch time again! Very glad to hear that MM is back to walking about now! Ha! Yes customer service not good!
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 12:51
Afternoon. ploppy away in shr.ps doing care home review for aunt. she is happy but can't walk, talk or feed herself. but they keep giving her every medication and vit.min drink known to man. Jane I think the difference is that we are not immed family and as we don't have care PoA and aunt refused to talk to us about her wishes the medics just keep on giving her all tablets. so sad. she would have hated being like this, tho ploppy says she appears happy enough. don't think we will move her as ploppy says would be hard to find a home to take her like this and would be a hugely complicated and expensive op - would need a private amb.lance . he is visiting her again today and then will be home in eve. eldest scollop bday today - we hope he si coming home at w/e but only Tues so much too early fro either him or his bro to make firm commitment! UB scollop and g/f arrived back from SA last night. they had said they were coming back on Thurs eve but I think are more shattered than expected so will see. we can go and see them in L.ndon if they don't come home. they wont escape that easily.
So sad about ND.me. same scenario as Gl.sgow Sch.ol of Art ie in midst of renovations. suspect in both cases human error e.g bl.wtorch, heater left on. Ploppy says he cant understand why night watchmen not built into restoration contracts for major old buildings. cost i suspect but as both places seem to have found out - a false economy. we visited it on our honeym..n.
Eva - glad you are feeling better but take it easy as that does sound a nasty reaction.
trying to research fl.ght socks. know only a 2 hour flight to L M.ggiore but need to get some for ploppy. such a bewildering selection. he asked Gp for advice and he said not to bother! not very helpful! Manged to book a tic to see L.st supper in M.lan. well hope i have. booked via a tour co. i had never heard of over int.rnet . no tics available mainsites. did it thro Tr.p adv.ser so should be ok.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 19:21
I'm double booked on the eve (only) 15Jun. I was going to stay in Essex, but there has been a change in the bill of the RnR show (due to heart op) Eden Kane. Charlie Gracie will stand in, can't miss it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHeJGgXULS8&pbjreload=10
Although I may go to other dates of the tour, so I'll see.

TK has been looking with scorn at Bruce doing his training. She was at the top of the stairs, so well out of reach.
I've left Bruce for over and hour today and yesterday. He barks when I go, but quietens down in a few minutes. He was good at the stables today, although the other dogs were not out as there were horses going in and out. Bruce looked at the horses with interest but wasn't worried.
Eye test, no change to the mid range or distance but the close vision has got worse. All the health checks were fine, which is what I really wanted to check.

Pauline, glad MOT went well, always a worry.

I saw ND when I spent a long weekend in Paris. I thought it would be bigger. I was impressed by the building but that type of building is not my thing. Such a shame when buildingd that old are damaged in any way.

The dog who 'doesn't play with balls' is trying to destroy one of Bella's carefully collected balls. I suppose that can be described as playing.

Just thought I feel hungry. Doh, I unblocked the washing machine instead of having food.

Carol wrote:
Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 06:12
Morning and looking quite nice out at the moment. Due to be around 17/18C today. Yesterday it had obviously rained heavily when we were down in the NForest (where there was only drizzle) as we came home to puddles!

See you are still having wet weather in SA Diana. Hopefully the sun will come and join you soon. Liking the sound of the potato dishes with the different fillings. I am sure you will be happier now the window bars have been put in – that was very efficient and quick service. MandS do really nice Bx;gxum choc hot cross buns....will be buying some late rin the week!

Oh Eva that’s not good. Hope you felt better yesterday and indeed today – you need to be ok for your flight and drive tomorrow. I am assuming you are stopping at S’bury as normal. Hope the visit to your Father went well and he was feeling better. Is next week still the date set for him being sent home? I see Bruce is definitely going to be having a holiday if there are no restrictions on pets (other than the bedroom ban of course).

Jo the only person from the ranks would be me, and I want to sing rather than conduct! As a stop gap and when Sue has moved I will teach the notes to everyone, and then Sue will come up for final rehearsal before concerts. This is only short term of course. We are all trying to come up with solutions! Ouch! See you had a tumble – hopefully neither of you are any the worst for it. So has the eye test been necessary so you can see a smaller dog and therefore reduce risk of falling?? Shame about the double booking – hopefully you will be able to resolve it. Loving the thought that TK looks at Bruce with scorn whilst he is training (but from a distance!). Well done Bruce on behaving at the stables and also for not continually barking when left. We visited ND some years ago when MM whisked me to Pxris for the day for my birthday (on E’star). Not sure unblocking washing machine instead of eating a meal was the right decision.....just saying!

We saw the breaking news about ND when w e were watching the early evening News on Monday before we went to rehearsal, but didn’t see the spire fall until we put the tv on when we came home. Looking at the ferocity of the fire it is amazing it isn’t completely destroyed Lady J. I am a big fan of stained glass (as you may have realised) and was afraid the beautiful rose window would have gone, but it seems safe (although they need to check it) and just smoke stained. Have now seen the garden photos on your T page and it is looking very nice (funnily enough there is a twin to your bunny going to Marcus for Easter - forming part of the egg hunt). Hmm, 10,000 steps a day is still quite a lot! I can see you might not want to walk around the office at lunchtimes to make up the number!

Ah sounds as if leaving aunt where she is may be the best solution given the difficulties of a) getting her moved and b) finding somewhere to take her. If she is happy where she is that is the main thing. So you may have the boys over for Easter, or visit L’don if UBS and g/f feeling too tired to get to you. Yes, very much like G’go school of art and of course W’sor Caslte. I see investigations are ongoing, although of course it is not always human error – Yxrk Mxnstxr’s fire was a lightning bolt as I recall. I know when MM had to wear his support knee highs (the ones that were pigs to get on) I ordered an extra pair (same make etc as the ones we had from hospital) from Amxzxn and they had various flight socks available on line. Oh have lovely to get to see the L Sxpper in Mxlxno (Cathedral famous for throwing me out into the street many years ago as they said my skirt was too short!). I am sure the tickets will be fine, especially if T Adviser involved.

We had a lovely time with the children (only Dylan missing) and the two babies are growing apace - Aiden has made up his birth weight and is now in 0 – 3 months and the outfit I bought him in that size fitted perfectly. Little Nova is filling out and has lots of hair – really sweet as they were placed together on the baby activity rug and Nova was stroking Aiden’s cheek. Moving Aunt was almost over her cough and was in fine physical fettle. Her flat was a little warm though!! Drive down was lovely and easy with no hold ups at all. Coming home as soon as we moved from the X3 to the X25 we hit a traffic jam so came off and did a detour. We were home just as the 6pm News came on. Twin arrived just before HC and had an easy drive to us. Today we are off to the Wxllxce Cxllection in L’don – along with Lindy and Mrs Chris who will meet up Bxnd Strexxt station all being well. Morning BHB, yes a nice bright start today and it shouldn’t be too cold. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Lxvxngstone into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (think she may still be asleep at the moment).

Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 07:08
Morning all and it is a lovely one again and finally feeling like proper spring, hooray. Should be a good day to go in a museum all day! Really looking forward to it I have been once before and loved it. Hopefully we can avoid all the protesters.

So turquoise bunny is not a dancer then Lady Jane! Just likes gardening and the GO. Doesn’t look like he will fill his original purpose!

Fi I think it wise to leave aunt where she is if she is happy enough. Disturbance would not be good for her. Hope you get to have a lovely Easter whether at home or in Lxndon. They showed the fire at York Minster on the news last night and how it is now. It is amazing now and shows what can be done .... not sure about in 5 years though!

Hope you managed to eat eventually Jo! I can imagine that TK would feel very superior to Bruce.

Hope you are feeling ok today Eva. You have a long day tomorrow so fingers crossed.

Morning BHB and we have Lxvingstxne today? Lovely, let’s get another jug and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 07:34
Morning all.

It's mainly cloudy here at the moment but there has been some sun, not sure what it's going to be like. Yesterday was dry but grey cloud and cool, especially last night - we got out our little heater and wrapped ourselves in the fleece throws. We're probably going to get another heater as most of the downstairs is open plan so one heater isn't very effective.

Very pleased with the window bars, being clear they are not as noticeable as the wooden ones some houses have. I did a long session in the gym, while Ploppy went in the pool after his workout. He's finding the gentle swimming is really helping his arm and shoulder. Pity MM can't do breast stroke with his legs at mo. We ate in last night - chicken kebabs with cherries which was very nice. We watched the first episode of Bapt*iste on the iPad, not ideal viewing especially as we weren't sitting together.

We will probably go out later as there are a coupl of things we want and it's not nice enough to sit out. Then a short session in the gym and spa. Tonight we're eating at Pemb*reys, our fav restaurant. The forecast for tomorrow is sun, hope it stays that way.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 08:02
We have been out for a walk. Bruce is now doing his impression of a sea otter, lying on his back, holding the ball in his front paws and lifting it up and down on his chest. He has now rolled over on to his front and is 'spitting' the ball and commando style pulling himself along with his elbows to get it. 'Bruce doesn't play'.

Diana, hard for me to understand that SA can be cold, but of course it can be. It is my memory of the news broadcasts from SA, all blue skies and shining sun. The areas wouldn't be so green if there wasn't rain.

I have some searching to do for best prices. Better get to it.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 08:06
Fi, I booked a couple of trips in St Petersb. Via TripAdv*sor and their were fine.

Sorry to read you were poorly on Monday, Eva. Hope it as only a one day thing and you felt fine yesterday.

Hope your garden does well and you're pleased with it, Jane. I have a habit of over watering plants.

Ploppy has booked tickets for an intro to Carmen at the ROH in June, with early dinner at Joe All*ns. It's going to be a busy week as we're also going to the cricket in Southampton and it's Lee's play.

Good the car passed it's MOT, Pauline.

Bruce seems to be settling in very well. Good that he doesn't bark when left alone.

Enjoy your day out in London, Twins. Wall. Coll. Is on my list of places to visit now I have more time.

It's 10.00 and Ploppy still not appeared. I had my breakfast a while ago and have done a couple of jobs. Thought I heard some movement a while ago but all's quiet. Better go next check on him .... and the washing which should have finished.

evam wrote:
Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 10:05
Morning all. The good weather is still here, with some hazy clouds, and warming up nicely,- + 11 at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. You have the coffee and toasted muffins ready and waiting? How lovely! 💋💋💋

Thank you all for your consern. Yesterday wasn't a very good day either. I didn't get any rest when I had my eva, because youngest sister had phoned, and we were on the phone for over an hour. She had called the District nurses' department, because they will be the ones providing all the care father needs when coming home. The nurse she spoke to, said there were no notes on their register about father being sent home and the help he would need! Youngest sister was absolutely furious and told her that they'd better get things in place, because he would be sent home on the 23rd, and if all the gizmos he needs arent in place, she will refuse to take him home. When she called me, I had just visited father and was walking down to the car park. I just turned around and went back to father's ward and looked for father's primary nurse. She was on the phone, and I made it clear that I needed to talk to her. She told me:" I know why you're here". She had been talking to the district nurse, and had consequently told her everything that had been agreed on at THE MEETING! She promised me that everything would be in place when father came home. I pointed out to her that as usual Norway closes at 12 noon today (for Easter) and doesn't open again until the 23rd in the morning. I also told her that youngest sister would check father's flat early on Tuesday, and if everything wasn't in place, they would refuse to move father! Then I turned around and walked away. When I had my eva later, I spent the time arguing with the SS and the district nurse (in my head). In the end I felt as if I was going stark raving mad!😓😫😖 No news about the situation so far today, and I'm blowed if I'll call them up.

Jo,- I hope it didn't feel too bad when Bruce made you fall. I'm sure he just meant it as a friendly push! So TK isn't impressed with Bruce's tricks, eh? Maybe if he joined a circus she'd be more impressed? Will you need new glasses? Good to hear that your general health check was OK.

Fi,- like the others I think Ploppy's aunt is better off where she is. Moving her now would be very upsetting. When my mother was moved, she was hysterical, and one week later she was gone!😢 It will of course depend on her mental state. Hope you enjoy The L*st Supper in M*lan. When are you going?

Pauline,- good to hear that the MOT was OK. Hazel is going in for hers the week after I come home. I had to smile at your description of the fish you were served! I know you have said so before, but I prefer a whole fish, well without the innadrs and the head, but that's because I've been used to gut fish since I was a girl.

Carol,- oh yes, I'm stopping overnight i S*lisbury. I have to get up at 4.30 in the morning tomorrow, so by the time I reach S*lisbury I'll be well ready for my rest. I also love stained glass, and always wanted one inset in my front door.

Ro,- thank you for the explanaition about Connie's attacker. I vaguely emember the episode because of Anita D*bson's appearance, but the man I'd completely forgotten!

Diana,- I admire your efforts at the gym. Well done! 👏👏👏 I hope the windows bars are working as expected.
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 11:10
Jo - In this instance I think curls may need to lose out. You can rebook to see the play on another date so you won't loose out too much. I image that N D*me is just to modern for you. I bet you prefer your building triangular in silhouette.

Ah Fi - I didn't realise you are not next of kin. Yes that makes things so much more difficult. But it sounds like she's happy. There's not much more to ask for her at this stage.

I'm also a big fan of stained glass Carol. Very pleased to see more an more reports saying much of the medieval glass has survived. Bet it needs a lot of attention. Glad you like what I have tweeted of the garden. I think Turquoise Bunny has lots of siblings and they egg hunts. Sounds like you had a lovely family day yesterday - I hope you have another great day today. Here's a thought - could you conduct AND sing - like Delores in Sis Act? :-)

Oh Turquoise Bunny IS a dancer Pauline. She's found some friends and has started a dance craze of their own. They call it the Quack-Hop! I have fingers crossed that the protestors don't spoil your plains for the day twins!

Very glad to hear you have baboon proofed your house Diana. Hope you can relax about them now.

GGRR GGRR GGRRR Eva! What imbeciles you are dealing with! No wonder you had such a disturbed Eva. I rather hope that they can't send dad home before Easter then at least you and your sis might be able to relax a little over the holidays.

I have also been having very disturbed nights' sleep later. I think I have found one of the causes. Last year my ex brother in law attempted to install a burglar alarm for me. He cocked it up and ended up leaving a partially installed but disconnected alarm. And it's humming. Constantly. Very noticeable at night. Only just traiced the sourse of the noise. i though I had tinnitus. AARRGGHH!!!

TK wrote:
Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 15:08
Eva that is not right, they cannot send him home without all the requirements in place.

Mr ExP and little dog and us 2 have just come back from over the river. Then we went to on of Bella's fav places. Bruce whined!! Mr ExP said there was much training to be done!!! Can't have a dog which whines in pubs.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, April 18, 2019, 06:42
Morning all.

It’s a glorious morning, just hope it’s going to last and be a beautiful day. Tomorrow is forecast to be warmer at about 27 degrees, though not as sunny.

We had a very nice meal as usual last night. Mike had mussel soup (new on the menu), confit duck leg, followed by bread and butter pudding. I had nut and cheese soufflé (one of my favourites), springbok with grapes and sultanas with fondant potato, and also bread and butter pudding. Plus the usual plate of veg to share with the main course and a nice bottle of shiraz. It was very quiet, there were only four tables occupied, the restaurant hasn’t been that quiet before when we’ve been.

That's so bad about your father, Eva. Hope everything can be sorted out in time, though better still if he can stay where he is at least for a bit longer. Trust you can relax and have a lovely holiday.

I'm another who loves stained glass and have been fascinated by glass and glass making since a child.
Carol wrote:
Thursday, April 18, 2019, 07:28
Morning and a nice light in the sky – looks like there is a small breeze. We are due to hit 20C today, so that will be lovely!

Goodness Diana you don’t expect SA to be cold – always imagine it is warm and sunny! Think a food idea to get another heater if you are all open plan. Ah didn’t realise the window bars were clear – what a good idea. I am going to coerce MM into trying some swimming with crawl leg movements – he said when he had his knee op he found it difficult to do breastroke arms and crawl legs so used to get a float and just do the leg kicking action. He is going to talk to the physio about it next week and then we may well do a couple of early morning swims during the week. Glad your restaurant lived up to its usual standards – do you think it was fairly empty as it is not yet holiday season (I know you said that some of the villas aren’t yet occupied)? The introduction to C’men sound lovely. It does indeed sound like you will have a busy week! I actually love glass in all its forms, but stained glass especially/ Some years back Wxdgxwood did a series of annual C’mas paperweights, and they were little stained glass window of various nativity screens – I love them! Hope your days stays warm and sunny.

Eva hope you have a good flight and journey down to S’sbury today – not surprised you will want to have your rest when you arrive if you have been up since 4.30 am! I am assuming one of the family drove you to the airport and will be looking after Hazel in your absence. I am another who can’t eat fish that look like fish – any sign of a bone or a head and I go into meltdown! I would like to say I can’t believe that nothing has been set up for your father to return to his flat, but sadly going on the past experiences you have told us about with your SS, I am not at all surprised. Thank goodness your younger sister phoned or it could have been a scenario where your father was sent home and it was only discovered when he arrived and it would have been too late to do anything. Like you I am somewhat sceptical that they will have managed to get everything organised during the Easter shutdown. Has Mrs S been advised – despite her (many) faults, she seems to have the knack of bulldozing people into getting things organised with various authorities? You will have a lovely sunny drive down today as the forecast for S’sbury is similar to our forecast here.

Lady J I saw some footage of the interior of N D’me last night when we were home and it should the lovely rose window still intact. That is such a relief. I am sure they will do a thorough clean of all the glass when they are doing the refurbishing – and it should make it even more beautiful. Ah yes Bunnies do tend to have lots of siblings for some reason! There is a gold one as well as a turquoise one on my table at the moment.....now wondering if Imogen would prefer the pretty turquoise and Marcus the gold one! I will ask if either of them can do the Quack-hop!! Well as a last resort I could, but if I am signing it means I won’t be able to hear the other parts to check everyone is ok........so not ideal. I haven’t taken any bookings for September onwards (have explained to people that want us to sing that I will have to get back to them once we have resolved our problem) so at least we have Sue for the concerts currently booked. Oh not one of those annoying sounds you can hear but have no idea where it is coming from. Well done on tracing the source – presumably you can get ex b-i-l to come and sort it out?

Jo, loving the image of Bruce as a sea otter (love sea otters) – I think he was probably doing his gym exercises, if he came with the “does not play” tag! I see you had the same vision of sunny SA as I did! I am with Mr Ex-P about Bruce requiring some more training – we can’t have one of your dogs not liking a pub! I suggest you put that top of the training needs list!

We had a lovely day yesterday – no trouble with the tubes at all (I checked the situation when we were having a late lunch and saw that the DLR had been their target instead). Met up with Mrs Chris at Bxnd Street and then we did the short work to the Collection. Loved everything about it – the house itself is lovely, the paintings are amazing and there are so many objets d’art you tend to overlook them as you are looking at the paintings on the wall. MM loved the Cxnxlettxs of course and would probably have stood in front of them all day! We only did about half of the upper floor (there was so much to take in) so we are planning to go back in the early autumn to do the rest of the upstairs rooms (including all the miniatures). After just over two hours we were punch drunk on amazing pictures of all types, and our feet were starting to say “enough” so we walked up towards O’d Circus to the Italian restaurant we go to (and where we went one with some of you after one of the GO events) and had a lovely late lunch. Quite a lot of police around needless to say. We had no problems on the journey home (nor did Mrs Chris) and were back home by 5pm. In the evening we watched a fascinating programme on the origins of Jxhn Lxwxs. Slept like a log for some reason. Today MM wants to go and mow the lawn and do some gardening, I have a little admin to do this afternoon but will see if Twin wants to go in U’bridge this morning. She will be off home later and we are out at Church this evening for M Thursday Lxst Supper meal. Lindy and Lawrence are coming with us. Morning BHB yes a lovely bright start to the day. Let’s grab the toasted pikelets and the Pxrmxd Pxnch and have a lovely snuffle in the conservatory. The DCM is awake so will doubtless join us shortly.
TK wrote:
Thursday, April 18, 2019, 08:03
I was out with Bruce this morning and it seemed relatively warm. Back in the house it is chilly, function of Edwardian design I suspect.

Carol, re SA temperature. Have you ever visited? I haven't. Did you watch (with fascination/horror) lots of progs on apartheid? I think these are 2 reasons I forget SA can be chilly too as the progs, to my recollection, only ever showed sunshine

We are off to the vets in a few mins. There are digging sounds from the front room? The dog duvet has fallen to the floor from the sofa, he was trying to make a bed from the sofa, which doesn't scrunch up like a duvet. Must make a 'dog going on holiday packing list'.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, April 18, 2019, 08:11
Morning all and it looks like it will be a gorgeous day. I will be off home later though will be back for Sunday. Hoping the traffic won’t be too bad going home though not holding out much hope. I think the promise of good weather will mean lots of people going away for the weekend. We had a fab day yesterday. The collection is as magical as I remember, though I still haven’t given the miniatures the attention they deserve. Another visit needed! I feel I could go several times and still not see everything.

Eva it is quite shocking how badly your father is being treated. I feel an official complaint is in order, though I don’t suppose they would care. Hope you have a good journey to S/bury today.

Ah so turquoise bunny likes a dance Lady Jane. The quack hop sounds a lot of fun for them. Bunnies have lots of siblings? Well I never!

So Bruce doesn’t play? Hah! I think it is a sign that he is settling in nicely and is very happy. Not so sure about TK! All Bruce needs to do now is learn that pubs are good.

Ah I have experienced the cold in SA Diana. I always made sure I packed something warm for evenings. J/burg was the worst of course cos of the altitude, I saw it snow there once, well a very litt but it was snow! Glad the bars are a success.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Pxrxmid Pxnch? Sounds very good so let’s get another jug and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, April 18, 2019, 11:43
Hi all

Ooo I do hope the forecast for this weekend is right. I have the fence to paint, so dry is essential, relatively warm is good - and any sun will be an added bonus!

Tee hee! I think Diana's sojourns in SA over the years have disabused us of the notion that it's always hot and sunny there! That meal sounds yummy idea. I like the idea of mussel soup.

Jo - to me it sounds like Bruce is very happy with you. Shame about the whining at the pub but lets hope you can persuade him out of that. I hope I'll get a chance to visit the pub over the river with you both.

Carol and Pauline - I'm very glad the protesters didn't cause any difficulties for you. I certainly agree with their motives but not at all with their methods. Disrupting public transport? Isn't that just going to make people use their cars more? Anyway it sounds like you both had a lovely day!

Both gold bunnies and turquoise bunnies are very pretty Carol - but I would be include to think gold for a boy; turquoise for the girl - though that might be a wee bit stereotypical of me!

He he Pauline! I think the Quack Hop involves making duck-beak movements with your hands while jumping up and down. Do you think Turquoise Bunny might start a new trend?!

I'm not asking ex b-I-l to come back to sort the alarm out. As he couldn't get it working in the first place I just decided to go with proper professional. I have found a company that might be able to help. They were going to email me but haven't. Oh well. I'll wait till have the holidays. I have got myself some earplugs - though the noise didn't disturb me as much last night.

If I don't get back before then I hope you all have a lovely Easter!
Diana wrote:
Thursday, April 18, 2019, 16:15
It's been a lovely day, non-stop sunshine though some clouds late afternoon and warm but not hot, around 18, possibly 20, degrees I think. Tomorrow is forecast to reach 27 degrees but with a lot more cloud than today. Saturday & Sunday a bit nicer but not as warm, and then the following five days sun, with temps 20 - 26. I do hope the forecast is right!!

We have the first of our walks tomorrow. We can do it at any time so anticipate it'll be mid-morning when we go. Sunday's walk starts at 9.00 am so I'll have to set the alarm as we'll want breakfast first and it'll take us a good 15 mins to get there.

I've not experienced the cold in Joburg but can imagine August/Sept nights could get very chilly there. Last night the restaurant had a fire going, made it seem cosy. The first time we came to SA in 2000 we didn't have particularly good weather for most of the holiday and one of my lasting memories is drying clothes on the hot radiator in one of the hotels (a winery!) we stayed in. I also remember one evening in a jeep on safari and longing for gloves. It had been a nice day but after the sun went down it got very cold, we were going around 50 and had to hold on and my hands were freezing. The house is cool in the summer which is good but it can get very chilly when cool out. We don't have central heating in the house (when we asked when buying our first share, we were told heating wasn't needed!!), only a gas fire in the lounge plus our two mobile radiators. I remember when we were here one October around 2005, it had rained over night and I looked at the tallest of the mountains in the distance and was puzzled that they looked white on top before it hit me that it was snow.

Hope you had a good flight and drive, Eva, and have a good journey on tomorrow.

Bruce clearly needs to be trained that pubs are a good place, to be frequented regularly without whining.

Good luck with the fence painting, Jane.

Have a lovely Easter everyone and I hope the weather here and in the UK is sunny and warm.
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, April 18, 2019, 21:57
Hi. Scallops and g/f now home. Our new fridge freezer broke down yesterday aft - in middle of preparing meal for friends in eve. Spent much of aft running been friends depositing our food in their freezers. It kept going on and off. Still under warranty but no appt until Tues. so we called out a private engineer. He can’t find fault. It seems to be working for mo - but motor making absolutely no noise - which was not the case before! So will keep engineer visit on Tues. I cancelled all but essentials for. Y Mr T delivery so now will have to shop daily.
I made veg.n chilli for tonight - had a soy. based one and a vegbased one. Both nice. Also did loads of non veg.n baking today - and alltne h’ Work. I am rather tired
uB scollop had fab hol in SA - they had great weather - and so think the weather there is always hot and suny Diana! and would want to go back.
Eva - welcome to UK . Hope you had smooth travel.
Twins - I love the Wall.ce collection. When I was 20 I took myself to l.ndon for a month staying in y.uth h.stels and soaked up all the culture. W. Coll was one of my fave galleries then - and still is.
Jane - I see you will be more interested in another form of painting this weekend. Plopped painted our summer house today so hope to get lots of use of it this weekend.
Jo - sounds like Bruce has settled in well -and you most definitely wouldn’t have time to work as well as keep Bruce company.
Carol wrote:
Friday, April 19, 2019, 06:54
Morning and another lovely start to the day – think Eva should have a nice sunny drive to C’wall today.

Jo, no I have never visited – my singing teacher’s wife (the one who sang at ROH) was from SA and we have a lovely book (coffee book sort) with views and history etc on the country. The sun always seemed to be shining! She was very anti apartheid and didn’t go back for years (she came over here after college to sing, met Brychan (other singing teacher and a Wxlsh opera singer) and stayed. Oh I see Bruce is settling if if he wanted to make a bed form the sofa!! I think he should have his own little suitcase don’t you?

Lady J so far the forecast has been spot on so looks like your fence painting can go ahead! MM hoping to paint the last remaining piece of the trellis at some point over the weekend. We agree with the motives of the protesters too, but I deplore their methods. The shops in O Street are suffering, likewise restaurants etc where there are usually zero hour contracts, plus people who just can’t get around to get to their work. Anything that prevents people from earning their lawful wages is a very bad thing in my book. I also feel their protests would be better aimed as some of the really polluting countries who are not doing anything at all about climate changes. Rant over. Liking the sound of the Quack Hop – I may give it a try – I definitely think it could be a new trend!! Sensible not to get B in L back then – hope the other company contacts you soon.

Ah so yesterday you had similar temps to us Diana. Very nice for Spring I feel. 27C is around the temperature I am happy with on holiday. Hope the walk goes well - Are you walking to the Sunday walk? You will have done extra if it is an additional walk on top of the planned one. I think if I had to choose I would have a cool house in summer – you can always wrap yourself up in the winter if you feel chilly!! I think you are absolutely right in what Bruce needs for his training!

Oh no – that’s awful timing for your fridge freezer, Fi. Reminded me of Ali and the (Chrismas I think) when the oven went wrong last year! Good idea to keep the appointment booked for Tuesday – if something goes wrong and I don’t know what caused it, I spend the entire time worrying it is going to go wrong again. Can’t think why you are tired! I think the newly painted summer house should get a lot of use over the next couple of days.

Twin and I did go for some RT yesterday – I bought three summery jumping tops in D’hams (on the basis I need them for the current weather and all the summer stuff is packed away (that’s my story anyway) and Twin bought some shoes. We came home and Twin went off before the traffic became too bad. I did my admin in the afternoon and MM mowed the lawn and tidied up the garden. We had a lovely evening at Church (which was warm!!!!!!) and were home about 11pm (we stayed to help clear the tables, wash up etc. so the church is ready for this morning’s service). Off for our 9.30 service this morning, and then our Walk of Witness. We are doing the same as last year – Lindy and Lawrence drive to us and leave their car, we then all go to the church in our car, do the walk (which ends about six minutes walk from us) and then Lindy and Lawrence come back for lunch (I made a fish pie yesterday and it will just need taking out of the fridge and heating up, and whilst that is happening I am making a hot cross bun bread and butter pudding). Then Lindy and Lawrence will give MM a lift up to the church to collect our car on their way home. I have some tweaks to make to my service later today and then can put feet up! Happy Easter to everyone who doesn’t make it back on the blog. Morning BHB, yes another lovely day. Let’s grab the toasted hot cross buns and the Autumn Leaves and go into the conservatory where we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, April 19, 2019, 09:25
Morning all and yes it is another gorgeous day. I have to pop out to the shops as only did a mini one yesterday, also need to pick up my prescription. Then I can come back and tackle the garden! We had a nice meander round the shops yesterday and I did get a pair of walking shoes, well I hope they are good for walking, that is their purpose. The traffic coming home was very busy, but nothing compared to what was heading south! Nose to tail! I hope Eva doesn't have to battle with traffic like that as I am sure with the forecast being so good there will be hoards heading to Dxvxn and Cxrnwxll!

So Bruce was trying to dig to Oz yesterday was he Jo! Feel it won't be that good for the sofa! I went to SA a lot in the apartheid era and I hated it then. The atmosphere in J/burg was not good and our ethnic crew were not treated well, We had one restaurant we went to all the time as they allowed (!!!) us all to sit together. It was only after the end of that era that I really began to appreciate SA and enjoy the slips there.

Jane I am sure Turquoise Bunny will have everyone doing the quack hop before too long! I think you will have perfect weather for your fence painting.

I also think in a country like SA you need a house that is cool on hot weather! They do have more of that, but ideal would be the ability to turn the heating on when needed! Still as Twin says you can wrap up against cold, cooling down is trickier. Enjoy your walks.

Fi I am sure you will have a lovely time if scollop is home. You will soon be an expert vegxn cook! No time for your fridge freezer to play up though. Hopefully it will be ok till Tuesday!

Morning BHB and we have Autumn Leaves today? Not sure it looks autumnal but the drink will be lush I am sure! Hot cross buns too? Of course! Let's get more and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Friday, April 19, 2019, 13:19
TK is upstairs, I hope. She was there when we left to go out. Bruce and I have been to the garden centre to get some small biscuits and a tough plastic bone. So far this morning he has destroyed 2 of Bella's carefully collected tennis balls and taken a part out of his very very expensive harness. The harness comes in pieces so I only had to buy one part. At the moment he looks like the kid in school with glasses stuck together with sticking plaster. Although his sticky tape is white gaffer tape not skin coloured.
Planning the route to Cornwall. I'm going to have to come off the motorway for wee stop as I cannot take the dog into a service station while I have a wee. This morning one of Bella's friends told me about https://www.drivingwithdogs.co.uk/ Gives you suggestions of where to come off the motorway for dog friendly places. Still a bit iffy over if I can take the dog into the loo but more chance.
evam wrote:
Friday, April 19, 2019, 16:22
Afternoon all. Again a very short post, because the drive both days has been a nightmare. It took me 41/2 hours from G*twick to S’lisbury, and today it took me 51/2 hours from sS*lisbury to the cottage. It should have been 3 hours. But the consolation is that the cottage is beautiful, and I think I’ll be very happy.
I’m crosseyed with tiredness, so I’ll do a proper post tomorrow. ( My excuse is that I had no idea that I’d booked for the Easter weekend when I booked a year ago!) 😩

maeve 12 wrote:
Friday, April 19, 2019, 16:59
Welcome Eva, you've certainly chosen the right time to come!
Diana wrote:
Friday, April 19, 2019, 20:09
Oh Eva, your journeys sound a nightmare. Good you like your cottage. Hope you have a Good night and wake up refreshed. Enjoy your holiday, you deserve it.

Oh dear, Fi, not at all good timing for your fridge-freezer to start playing up. Glad scollop and g/f had a great time in SA.

Naughty Bruce.

I did it, I completed the walk, felt very pleased with myself as it was not easy, I almost gave up at one point. But I will NEVER do that walk again. It took 2 hours 50 mins and there was a lot of climbing and descending. Just as I thought the worst was over and we were nearly at the beach, we had to go up a steep slope with lots of loose stones. There's no way I could have got down that slope so it was a good thing we returned by a different route. There was a lovely view from the top but we then had to go down again, fortunately the path down to the beach was easier. It was nice to see the Cove after all these years, it's a small beach with orangish rocks going into the sea so attractive. We returned via a route with lots of steps, much shorter and easier other than one bit where the path was narrow, a bit steep and rough, with a drop on one side, I went up bent over and using my hands - they were filthy afterwards. I was so relieved when we got to the top of the path which was by the golf course on the far side of the estate. We walked home on the main road. I wore my new boots and am very pleased with them. I stupidly forgot to put on any insect repellent and now have over a dozen bites on my legs. We sat out on the veranda when we got home and late afternoon went to the spa to ease our aching legs. We're off to the market in the morning and then a relaxing afternoon.
Carol wrote:
Saturday, April 20, 2019, 06:26
Morning and another lovely sunny start to the day.

Ah so TK still considers the upstairs her domain and is waiting for the interloper downstairs to leave so she can take possession of the downstairs then Jo? Let us know how long the tough plastic bone lasts – I feel Bruce is on a mission to “kill” any toys or playthings that come his way. I see the harness has already become a victim (liking the HPotter thought). What a good idea to have a webpage with info on where dogs can walk – so that’s some research for you to do in addition to packing Bruce’s bag!

Oh Eva – we thought when we saw the forecast and realised you were travelling on MThursday and Gd Friday that you might have problems with traffic and sadly I see you did. For info (just in case you want to book the cottage again before you leave – next year ESunday is on April 12th so slightly earlier so I would avoid booking on or around 9th to 13th April! Not surprised you were weary after that – hope you managed to have a long sleep and are feeling much better today.

Maeve lovely to “see” you briefly – how is the house hunting progressing?

Well done on making it to the end of the walk Diana, even though you wanted to give up. At least now you can say you have done it and therefore don’t need to ever do it again! The cove sounds lovely, so hopefully you thought all the effort was worth it. I feel that was an excellent trial for the new boots and see they performed really well. Not so good about the bites hope they aren’t too itchy. What a good idea to go to the spa to relieve the aches. Enjoy the market today and I think you deserve an afternoon with your feet up!

We were really lucky for our church walk yesterday – first thing it was a little chilly in the shade but by the end of the morning it was a case of look for the shade to get out of the heat! We were back home just before 1pm and our feet was quite thankful for the rest. Lindy and Lawrence stayed with us until just after 3pm and after they had dropped MM back at the church to collect the car he went and did some maintenance (one of the small statues around our pulpit had come loose, so he fixed it back into position). I did my admin bits whilst he was gone and then put my feet up. We had a lazy evening catching up with a couple of tv programmes and then had a fairly early night (for some reason we were feeling quite tired!). This morning we are off to U’bridge first thing to do the food shop and then we are off to Roger’s to meet up with Victoria and family and see Sarah and Stuart. The egg hunt will take place this afternoon (I am hoping the sun doesn’t melt the chocolate!). Will be lovely to see Sarah (first time since we heard about the new baby). Twin is coming over this evening once we are home as she will be coming to church in the morning (early start as we are also collecting one of our older ladies who has just come out of hospital, and MM is leading the 9.30 service). I am therefore asking the BHB to organise self service tomorrow morning as it will be a bit of a rush I feel. I will post when I can but in the meantime Happy Easter. Morning BHB yes another lovely start to the day. Let’s take the toasted hot cross buns and the Pxtxnque into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Saturday, April 20, 2019, 09:15
Diana, well done for completing your walk. I would have given up. A good achievement for you.

Remember years ago when we used to travel with Ginger (cat who walked on a lead) we had a Marina estate. The estate part was filled luggage, mostly his stuff. At least with Bruce I won't need the litter tray and bag of cat litter. That will be replaced by lots of towels. I'm guessing army kit bag for me and 3 large supermarket bags for life for Bruce, plus dog bed. Oh and of course a big bag of books for Eva.

I'm off to the stables again. I'll leave Bruce at home. I'm trying to make sure I leave him on his own at least every other day. I do not want him want me with him all the time. So far he has been very good. BUT there is always a settling in time for a dog, changes can happen when they feel they 'have their feet under the the table'.

Eva I was checking the route you drove when I was checking out dog stopping places. There were some really busy sections and accidents, well done for completing the drive.

Have a good day all
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, April 20, 2019, 09:26
Morning all and another glorious one it is too. I think it is the warmest one of the mini heat wave today. I did a bit of gardening yesterday and sorted the garden furniture, it has been under wraps for the winter. I will probably sit on it later as this could be our summer! I also tidies the garden shed a little, though it really needs turning out and reorganising I think. Maybe later in the year and when it isn't quite so warm as it was roasting inside it! Then later I will go to Twin as I can't miss the chance of hearing both of them doing the service tomorrow!

So the Toy Destroyer has been at it again has he Jo! Our beagle was like that, nothing was safe when he was a puppy he chewed everything, including socks! When he got older he did thankfully keep to destroying any toy he was given. He never looked happier than when he was chewing things! Brilliant idea to have a site with dog friendly journeys on it!

Welcome Eva but oh my what a horrid journey you had. I was worried for you, but at least you made it and hopefully managed a really good sleep and rest. Glad the cottage is lovely, it certainly looked it in the pictures.

Diana that walk sounds pretty scary so well done on managing to do it. Not good about the bites though. You have my sympathy as I get bitten badly as well and they drive me mad for about 3/4 days.

Hi Maeve! Hope the house buying /selling is going well.

Morning BHB and yes it is glorious isn't it. Let's get more Pxtxnque and join the CM in the conservatory.
evam wrote:
Saturday, April 20, 2019, 11:32
Afternoon all.
Finally I can sit down and relax a bit. I’ve spent the morning at T*sco stocking up. Yesterday I only bought the bare necesseties for survival! I also had to poke in every cupboard and drawer to see what was there and what was not. The shopping list was rather long.😜

As I told you yesterday, the traffic was horrendous both days. It was stop and start all the way.😡🤬

Luckily Thursday started well. The flight was fine and on time, and when I went to collect my rental car, I was served by a lovely, young lady. We had a long chat, and then she said she wanted to upgrade my car, so instead of the C*io that was meant for me, she wanted to give me a new V*lvo with autumatic gears, and a range of electronic gizmos that would do the travelling so much easier. All this for £25 extra per week! How could I refuse? She said it was an Easter present because I was such a lovely lady, and brave to travel alone! As I said,- a lovely young lady!😋. I was really grateful for the extra comfort during the drive down to Cornwall. So now you know I’ve gone all posh!😜

Diana,- congrats with finishing that walk and not giving up.

Jo,- I see Bruce is trying out his boundaries. Jane, my present landlady, popped in to check that I had everything I needed, and I told her about Bruce. She was very welcoming.

Mary popped in yesterday afternoon to say hallo and deliver some bits and bobs she’s keeping for me. She actually lives just up the road.

Carol,- enjoy your day with the family. I’m sure the children will love the egg hunt. And I didn’t forget my meds in S’bury. 👏👏

Pauline, enjoy your Easter with Carol and Mm.

Maeve,- you have to tell us how the house hunt is going.
maeve 12 wrote:
Saturday, April 20, 2019, 17:26
Things seem to have come to a bit of a standstill re the move. It got off to a promising start with the two first viewers of my flat both making offers, we accepted the slightly higher one which was made by B*rnt H*mes who are the free holders of the block, thinking it might simplify matters. and I have made an offer on a little house which has been accepted, happily.

I was slightly concerned when first speaking to the conveyancer as she told me she was off to Pakis*an for a month, her replacenment has become more and more elusive and we've heard nothing for three weeks despite leaving messages and e-mails, next week we will insist on speaking to someone. I have to admit that the agent did warn us that Barn*t tend to be very slow. Hopefully things will get going again after Easter.

Happy Easter to everyone.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, April 21, 2019, 04:20
Good morning and Happy Easter. Awake early as ploppy went down to rescue a rodent being chased by a cat at the bottom of the stairs. He’s now snoring but I’m wide awake listening to birds singing outside and planning day ahead. Church service at 10.30 but I’m on vestry duty so need to be there early to set up.
Great news Maeve, hope things start speeding up so you can move into your new home soon.
Glad you made the journey safely Eva. Now to enjoy a well-deserved rest. Safe journey Jo and Bruce
Diana and Carol hope you are resting too after your walks? I haven’t done ‘a walk’ but have certainly walked a few miles at work. We served over 110 customers yesterday! I now have 3 days off although I have 10 here for dinner today! Yes Carol it was my oven that decided to go wrong on Easter Sunday 2017!! We coped fortunately and it was just the element!
Poss driving down to visit MinL tomorrow. She has nice garden so a chance to sit out and relax. Will get ploppy to ring her today and see if they are free. If we arrange anything too far ahead she starts to go into a panic and organise huge meal etc while we’re just happy to sit and chat over a drink and pick up takeaway on the way home so ploppy can get early night before work.
Josh had his interview on weds. He said the presentation which he was dreading went well but he wasn’t so happy with the interview. He’d been given links to look up and revise but said some of the questions asked he had no idea how to answer. We’ll just have to wait and see and keep praying and fingers crossed. Thankyou for all your wishes.
I had my appraisal at work which couldn’t have gone better. I do love my job and feel very much appreciated.
Sorry for the long post. I’ll shut up now🤐
Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday
Carol wrote:
Sunday, April 21, 2019, 06:17
Morning and Happy Easter everyone – lovely start to the day!

Jo, I see you are well used (in the past) to travelling with four legged members of the family! Now why am I not surprised you will be travelling down with a big bag of books for Eva?? Hope you had a lovely day at the stables – very good idea to get Bruce used to being on his own sometimes and every other day seems a good way to start the training. Hopefully when you drive down to C’wall (next week??) everyone else will have gone back to wxrk ...... do you remember those days when you had to go to wxrk or are they now a distant memory?

Eva that was some journey not surprised you were tired to the bone. See you are now stocked up for your stay. The X303 is notorious for being a nightmare when it is busy so thought you might have delays, but not delays like that. How lovely of the rental car young lady – and how perceptive to realise you were such a lovely lady!! I am sure the bigger car made the journey a lot more comfortable and easier than a small one. Good to learn that your landlady is happy for Bruce to visit, and also lovely that Mary came to say hello. I didn’t realise she was going to be just up the road. Well done on not forgetting the meds!

Oh Maeve, that all sounds very promising, although I think most house selling and buying experience a lull whilst legal matters take place behind the scenes. Having said that the fact that the conveyancer is away for a month not really what you want to hear. Hopefully all is progressing a little faster with your new home (we will of course want all the details!).

Goodness Ali I am sure you have walked certainly as much as I did – 110 customers!!! That is of course excellent for the business and so good to know it is thriving. I see from FB that there will be a new patio area outside for the summer. Hope you manage to recharge your batteries over the next three days, although cooking for ten possibly not the idea rest! I also remember KK having a disaster one C’mas and having to take her turkey to her mother’s to be cooked as her cooker had decided to pack up that morning. If you go to your MinL tomorrow you will certainly be able to sit outside! Wise decision not to give her a lot of notice I suspect! Of course you had an excellent appraisal – I suspect your boss treasures you more than gold. Oh do hope Josh will be accepted, I think in interviews they sometimes throw you a curved ball with what they ask, just to see how you react. Certainly still have all fingers and toes crossed and continuing to pray. Did they say when they would let him know???

We had a lovely day yesterday – we zoomed into U’bridge in the morning to get the food and a couple of pairs of lighter weight trousers jumped on me (saved me having to go through all the summer things which are currently still away!) I may try and do a mini swap of some lighting clothes with the really warm winter ones this coming week. The children loved their egg hunt (MM and Sarah’s Stuart hid the eggs and did a very good job! Even the adults couldn’t see where they were!). Imogen found her eight first (we had sixteen so they could find eight each) and then Marcus needed a little help with his. They both loved their Dxsney Minnie and Mickey Easter Bunnies (Victoria subsequently sent me a text to say they had gone to sleep hugging them). We all sat out in the garden (under the pop up gazebo) and it was lovely – a really nice temperature. Sarah’s bump is now very evident – she wouldn’t let on whether it was a girl or a boy despite my best efforts! We left at about 6.15pm and had a fairly easy journey home. Twin arrived just before 8pm and we watched the hilarity that is C’lty. So another doctor just leaves with no notice!!! Amazing place that!! Afterwards we watched an excellent programme on OWilde (with acted extracts from some of the plays – they had assembled a brilliant cast). I do love OW! This morning we are off to church of course, and then we will have a latish lunch (just the three of us this year) as I won’t be cooking the lamb until we get home from the service. Planning on a lazy feet up after that – we do of course have LofD to watch this evening! As you will recall I wasn’t sure about being up early enough to post, so I have given the BHB the day off. There is champers in the fridge chilling nicely and lots of hot cross buns, and Danish pastries for you to help yourselves to. Have a lovely day whatever you are doing.
evam wrote:
Sunday, April 21, 2019, 10:14
Morning all from a gorgeous Cornwall!

So the BHB has been given the day off, has he? I’ll make my own coffee then.☹️
The sun is shining and the birds are chirping, and all is well with my world. I was wide awake at 5am, but as I went to bed just after 10pm last night, I’d had plenty of sleep. Had my coffee in bed and a read of my book. It’s so quiet here, and it’s lovely. I’ve already been for a walk through the village, but the road was surprisingly busy for a Sunday morning. Mind you, a lot of the traffic heading for P*dstow goes through here, so on a day like this loads of people will be making their way there.
I’ve also spoken to father, and I had to remind him that I was on holiday! He told me that he’d asked one of the nurses if his stay could be prolonged, not realising that they had no say in the matter. He’s trying to put a brave face on re his move, but he is frightened.

Ali,- I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Josh. Of course your appraisal was 1st class. I would be very cross on your behalf if it wasn’t.

Carol,- it sounds like you had a lovely family day yesterday. So the children found their eggs then? 🐣🐣. I was thinking just the same as you last night about the abrupt move from doctor to traveller. They could at least try to make it believable.

Maybe I’ll be a tad wiser after tonight’s episode of LoD. Last Sunday my UK connection was playing up badly, and I have to admit that I can’t remember who H*rdgraves was. Am I the only one?

Jo,- I found a dog friendly pub just down the road!
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, April 21, 2019, 11:47
Eva - he was Steve Arnott's ex -girlfriend's boss! This might help


evam wrote:
Sunday, April 21, 2019, 12:00
Carol,- thank you for the link. I do remember him now I can see his face. He was in S*tt &B*iley as well.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, April 21, 2019, 14:52
Afternoon everyone.

The weather in the UK today is far better than here. It started sunny but as we left the estate we could see heavy clouds out to sea and a few mins into our walk we realised it had clouded over and later it started to rain. It’s been raining on and off since, though not heavy. At least it’s not been chilly.

Awful what’s happened in Sri Lanka. It’s near the top of countries we want to visit but think it’ll be pushed back now. Tourism to the country had only just recovered from the civil war.

Yesterday was mostly sunny though not as warm due to a cool breeze. The Saturday market was good and concentrated more on handicrafts and less on food that the one we visited the previous week, which is a farmers’ market. We bought some wooden doorstops and a cover for drinks when outside. We had an omelette there for breakfast – one stall was selling yummy looking breakfasts but it had a very long queue. We also bought four bakes, two (baked cheesecake and brownie) we had for dessert last night and the other two (apple crumble and triple choc cake) we’ll have tonight. That stall also had some nice looking quiches and several other bakes that looked yum. It’s run by a bakery the far side of Plett, near the linen mill we visited in February, so will make sure to stop there when passing in future to buy some cakes, etc. We sat out on the veranda for the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon, then went to the gym for a short session.

The walk today through the nature reserve was interesting, it was led by a horticulturalist. It was a small group but a couple asked loads of questions and we could have done with less talk and more walk. From the highest part of the reserve, there was a lovely view of the lagoon, Thesen Islands and the Heads in the distance. As we descended, the rain started and got heavier as we neared the entrance so we were glad to get back to the car. As the weather wasn’t nice, we went to the gym late morning. This evening we’re intending to watch the last ep of Bapt*ste.


No plans for tomorrow at the moment, depends on the weather. I’ve got a couple of jobs to do around the house and can find more if it’s not nice.

Hope there’s progress soon for your move, Maeve.

Well done on your appraisal, Ali. Enjoy your well deserved days off and fingers crossed for Josh.

Twins, hope you enjoyed your lunch.

Your poor father, Eva. Assuming the move goes ahead this week, hope it goes smoothly and everything’s ready for him.
TK wrote:
Sunday, April 21, 2019, 19:49
I have been out most of the day with Bruce 'socialising'. He was (mostly) good. I brought him home when we had our lunch as he does jump up to steal from the table. He has put on 2 Kg since he was first at the RSPCA and is only 18.85Kg now, so I suspect he was hungry for ages, so a food thing is to be expected.

It is beginning of May we go away. Carefully selected for the missing of booked concerts etc
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, April 22, 2019, 06:32
Morning and another beautiful start to the day – sadly according to the Cfile forecast it all starts to change in a couple of days time and we will be back to normal.

Eva I am not surprised you had a long sleep, after your somewhat traumatic two days of driving last week. Seven hours is usually my limit – no matter what time I go to sleep, I always seem to wake seven hours later. MM can quite happily go for eight hours. I suspect the road was busy with everyone rushing down to the beach whilst the weather was hot. Oh your poor Father – I imagine he is just getting so worried about moving back to the flat that it dominates all his thoughts. Of course he is frightened and it is a very cruel system that allows the SS to do this. I read over the weekend that Rxsh is already back filming on set so presumably they kept his job open (as of course all hospitals would do!). Well done on finding a pub that Bruce will be able to visit.

Sorry that we have better weather than you Diana – although as you will see that is about to change. Terrible news from Srx Lxnkx – I see they were sxicxde bombers – such an awful waste of lives – I see the death count has risen to 290 overnight and apparently a pipe bomb was discovered at the airport. Think you are wise to postpone any plans to visit. Although no one has claimed responsibility yet, I see then think it is militant Islxmxc extremists. The cakes from the market sound delish. The walk through the reserve sounds less strenuous than the one down to the beach – at least you had done most of it before the rain!

So you have started the socialising training in earnest then Jo. Oh poor Bruce if he was kept hungry – as you say no surprising he tries to steal food if that is the case. Ah so a couple of weeks yet before he can try out the pub Eva has found!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day here. After church we sat out in the conservatory with the doors open and drank prosecco and rhubarb vodka – very nice. We had a very lazy day. Twin and I watched LofD but MM had taken himself off to bed early, so will have to either fill him in on what happened or get him to watch it before next Sunday! Today we will do our SLAPPAS as normal and then we will be off to the garden centre (will try and restrain Twin from buying too much). After that we are booked for a late lunch at one of our favourite gastropubs. Getting very used to this weather and will miss it when it is gone. All the blossom is out at the moment and everywhere looks beautiful. Morning BHB, yes a lovely start to the day. Let’s grab the Lavendula and the toasted paninis and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (think she is still asleep at the moment).
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, April 22, 2019, 07:26
Morning all, sorry I was missing yesterday, but we had a very early start, then We were busy! Doing nothing much, but it was very enjoyable. We are in a bit of a rush now as well so this will be brief!

Glad you have slept and feel better Eva, l can’t begin to say how awful I feel for your father. Poor man.

I’m sure the status quo will soon be restored Diana and your weather will be better than here! The second walk sounds nice and far more me! Wise to postpone a visit to SL I feel. Terrible events there.

Ark is a food thief in the same way as Bruce Jo. I always say he has never got over being hungry as a puppy.

Morning BHB and it is Lavendula day of course. Let’s get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Monday, April 22, 2019, 09:24
As we were so busy yesterday, it is a rest day for Bruce. I'll go to the stables. He has been out for a walk and introduced himself to 2 more dogs in the park. One is an old lab cross who used to be friends with Bella, as she is a she I knew all would be OK. I think Bruce thought she was a bit slow, so trotted off. The owner said it was odd seeing me with a puppy. I don't think she had the right glasses on, but he does move more like a puppy when compared to Bella.

I'm glad it will cool down. I'm not a hot weather person.

Have a good day all.
Diana wrote:
Monday, April 22, 2019, 12:53

We’ve had rain, sun but mostly cloudy today. The forecasted week of lovely weather has changed and the next few days are going to be wet and/or overcast. Next Monday they say will be sunny and 32 degrees – suspect this will change in the meantime, though it’s the day we go for our short trip away so we’ll be in the car most of the day anyway.

I forgot to say that we had an early morning visit from a group of baboons on Saturday. I was already up but they woke Ploppy running over the roofs. We get concerned that they will damage the tiles, they’ve already messed up the gutters. Some time later a large one came down the path between our house and the next – fortunately it went in the opposite direction to us.

This morning I did a wash, cleaned the kitchen tops and sinks, then put the vacuum round the house. I’ve also cleaned the remaining windows of the sticky residue, as far as poss anyway and I’ve run out of sticky stuff remover. Despite the weather not being great today, we’re having a day off from the gym.

As we’ve not been out today nor been out for dinner for a few days, we’ve decided to eat out tonight. It’ll have to be one of the restaurants at the Quays, probably the Portuguese, as most places will be closed. Just hope it’s not so busy we can’t get in or have to wait ages but suspect the poor weather will have encourage holiday makers to get an early start home.

As the forecast for tomorrow is rain, we’ll probably go shopping and later to the gym & spa. We want a replacement for the water gun which broke in February (we shoot it at the pigeons and baboons) and Ploppy wants an SA cricket shirt. We also want to visit a garden centre not far away for some topsoil and possibly one or two flowering plants as we have plenty of plants but not many that flower. I’m also thinking of washing our net curtains as they desperately need cleaning but will do a test run first and, if all goes well, then do the other rooms one set at a time.

The rhubarb vodka sounds interesting, Carol. Hope you all enjoyed your lunch out today. Were you able to sit outside the pub and enjoy the last of the good weather?

Not surprising Bruce grabs food if he was hungry before. Hope he’ll grow out of the habit eventually.
TK wrote:
Monday, April 22, 2019, 20:28
Love the reports from SA, thanks Diana. So many different things to think of compared to my life, I find it really interesting.

I was a touch concerned that I was not giving Bruce enough interest today so decided the pub education should be continued. Called in for Little dog, Mr+Mrs ExP on my way. It was the first time we've all been into that pub since Bella died and when the regulars were there, so we had to explain to a couple of customers and the land lady about Bella. Bruce was OK for a while, stared at the chickens which are free range in the pub garden. Then he decided he was bored. I tried a bit of training but he was distracted. So he went to chewing his lead. I have ordered a chain lead!! We weren't there long as it was coming up to the little dog's diner time.

TK has just run past us and gone upstairs, if she walked slowly Bruce wouldn't be concerned. As she shoots past he gets up to look where she has gone. He then goes back to bed, not concerned.
Carol wrote:
Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 07:29
Morning and overcast here today – still it was forecast, and tomorrow I think we might see some rain.

I see Bruce has been slowly getting into the social round Jo. I am sure he was delighted to be described as a “puppy” – did you say “should have gone to specsavers?”. I see the pub education is coming along reasonably well, although I see he has a boredom threshold. Feel a chain lead is going to be a good idea! Love that Bruce looks to see where TK is heading and then decides he is not bothered. Just thing, today most of the country will be heading to wxrk but you won’t be!!

See your forecast is not so good at the moment, Diana – but at least you have good weather heading your way next week. Eeek!! What a good thing you had the windows baboon proofed as quickly as you did. They are obviously becoming increasingly brave. Hope you enjoyed your meal out last night, and that you didn’t have to wait for a table. I have a water gun here that I use on feral pigeons and sometimes the squirrel! Very effective. The rhubarb vodka is made by Chxse – we had it with P’cco when we were eating in a gastropub near L’cester when we went for a Lee concert. It was delish so that is now our celebration (C’mas, Easter) drink of choice!

Sainsbugs was quite busy yesterday (well busier than normal). They are still trying to nudge customers towards scan shopping, so don’t have so many tills open. Cxstx were quite busy when we went for our coffee afterwards, but lots of people elected to sit outside (we don’t go out as the smokers are all out there!). The visit to the garden centre went well. I bought a peacock solar light and a little dragonfly solar light, MM came away with some plants for the tubs, some garden spray, a new small bird feeder, some bird food, a three pot hanger and three herbs for me (coriander, thyme and parsley. Twin bought some solar lights, some mini pruning shears and an attachment for her garden hose. From the garden centre we went straight to lunch – we didn’t sit outside (garden was full) but our table was in direct line with the outside door to the garden and there was a lovely breeze coming through. Had an excellent lunch – we all had the same starter - potted crab with avocado, prawn butter and sourdough toast (delicious), then MM elected to have one of the roasts of the day – pork with lots of crackling, whilst Twin and I had the same main - grilled salmon fillet with tomato hollandaise and a green leaf salad (plus we shared a bowl of chips). MM just had coffee and no dessert, but Twin and I opted to have rhubarb compote with ginger, vanilla creme anglaise & honeycomb crunch (we had planned on ice cream but vxgan was the only option for the i creams). All washed down with a very scummy SB! We were home about 5pm ish and then watched tv in the evening. Today Twin is off home, MM wants to plant what he bought yesterday and I have some laundry to do, so back to earth with a bump! Morning BHB, yes it is a little overcast, but still warm. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Mxrchxnt of Vxnxce (well it is WS birthday today!) into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (she is awake!).
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 07:54
Morning all. Not so sunny at the moment but I think we have one more lovely day ahead. Yesterday was gorgeous and we had a really nice time wandering round the garden centre. Everywhere was very busy though so glad we didn’t attempt anything else. I will be off home for one night today! I will need a change of clothes for something warmer!

So Bruce is a puppy then Jo! Lovely. Glad to see the pub training is coming along, though lots more needed!

Those pesky baboons Diana. They really are a nuisance but hard to see what can be done about them.hope you had a good meal last night and didn’t have a long wait. Shame the weather is so bad, hopefully it will improve.

Morning BHB. We have the Mxrchant if Vxnice today? Very cultural. Let’s get more and we can find the CM and you can tell us all about your Easter.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 09:19
Morning all. The sky is still blue and the sun is shining.

Hello sweetheart. Your Easter holiday is over? I’d love a coffee with a toasted muffin. I have had my breakfast, but can never say no to any of your offerings . (😜)

I checked when the T*sco in Waybridge opens in the morning, and they open at 6 (!) am. I only wanted the newspaper to go with my breakfast. Maybe they know I’m an early riser? It is too far to walk, but only a 10 min round trip with the car. Later today I’m off to P*dstow for my pampering. My toes and hair are really looking forward to it.😀
Yesterday I drove into T*uro to do some more shopping, as the Tshop in W’bridge isn’t the largest. First I went for a walk through the city. It’s such a beautiful place, and I’m getting to know it very well. I had lunch in the mands cafe, but had to leave before I’d finished as I could feel a headache building up, so I drove straight home, took a couple of painkillers and slept the whole thing off.

I did of course watch LoD on Sunday. Krikey! Was I the only one who watched the end with my mouth and eyes wide open? 😲 The writer certainly has a grip on the cliffhangers!

Diana,- those pesky baboons are certainly not paying any attention to the socalled baboon guards. Your meals as always sound delicious. I hope your weather changes soon. What is the winter like in SA?

Jo,- good to see that Bruce’s pub training is going ahead. He will soon get in to a good routine. Remember how quickly Bella gut used to the social whirl. Trust TK to ignore the intruder. 😆

Twins,- I see that the jumping merchandice went berserk in the garden centre yesterday.

Carol,- how many solar lights do you have room for in your garden?

I just spoke to youngest sister. Today is moving day for father, and he’d already called her twice to ask when they were coming to pick him up. Sis had called the districs nurse to check that things were in order, so when I called her, they were on their way out. Viljar’s dad will meet them at the home and help with moving all father’s things. Fingers crossed it all goes well.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 12:06
Hello all,

I hope everyone had a good weekend.

I have been painting the fence every day of the long weekend - 8am to 4pm; 15 min break for breakfast, 20 minute break for lunch. You would have thought I'd have got it finished. Nope! I still have the little wheelie-bin-hiding fence to paint and two supporting posts - but at least it's mostly done.

Also thanks to being outside Sunday and Monday morning I have got to know four more sets of neighbours - which was so nice of them to stop to chat. (I could have done without one of the blokes telling me - at some length - what I was doing wrong!)

I'm having a cheat update - reading Eva's last post to check what you have all been up to...

Many many oohms for your father's move Eva. I hope everything has been properly sorted out. Such a worry for you all. I still haven't got around to trying LoD - mind you I have not even caught up with GoT yet!

Pauline and Carol going mad in a garden centre? I'm shocked! No wait I'm not :-). Ooo outdoor lights...now there's a thought.

Sorry to hear that Diana is still having baboon issues.

And very pleased to see that Jo has got Bruce socialising (I have been following his adventures on Twitter.)

Speaking of adventures on twitter I am sorry to announce that Turquoise Bunny has had a little accident... with a rolling pin and a chopping board. She has however gone to a good place. (Burp!)

TK wrote:
Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 12:48
Eva, a slight correction to your post Eva. Bella actually initiated the social whirl, well the bit which included the tour of the village. Bruce is more of a dog's dog rather than a people dog.

Your poor sister, must be so stressful for her (and your dad). Fingers crossed it goes right.

We have been out this morning continuing the 'training'. I have also phoned a dog trainer as I need some help with the 'collie' part. I've walked a part collie before, but she was much less of a collie than Bruce. I've bought a referee whistle and a chain lead (I'll only use the chain lead when he is bored, as that is when he tries to chew the lead.)

Jane has worked very hard this weekend. I have lots of fences which could do with painting, maybe she could transfer down south.
Carol wrote:
Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 06:19
Morning and a dull start – quite overcast at the moment, but we are forecast some rain later this morning.

Eva, I am sure the T word opens at the crack of sparrows specifically so you can get your newspaper in time for your breakfast. Your toes and hair and looking lovely – hope you really enjoyed your pampering. MM and I stayed in Truro for a long weekend many years ago – do they still have the C’mas shop with all the lovely continental C’mas decorations and toys? I still have a wooden revolving C’mas nativity scene that I bought there! Not so good you had a bad headache – probably the stress of the long journey catching up with you. We thought we were very good in the garden centre – we did beat off quite a lot of other jumping merchandise! Sadly (and may be why MM likes this gc so much, they don’t have any clothes on sale!). Um, my view is you can never have too many solar lights in the garden in summer (ask Twin!) – the ones from last year are still waiting to come out, and then we will be like fairyland! I do hope that the move went as well as it could for your Father yesterday – very difficult day for everyone I feel. At least it sounds as if the District Nurse had been and sorted things out. Also good that Viljar’s dad was helping with the moving. I still think it is a very cruel thing to send him home at the moment. Sending a virtual hug.

Goodness Lady J, that was a lot of fence painting! Nice that you got to know more of your neighbours (although the one giving advice sounds a total pain!). It must have been something in the air – MM was out finishing painting the trellis around the shed yesterday afternoon! I can thoroughly recommend solar lights to make a garden look really nice.......I love it when they all come on in the evening. There are some very pretty ones that are also wind spinners, so they look lovely during the day as well. You can also get lanterns that flicker (you can either put them on the ground or hang them from “shepher’ds crooks” if you want them raised up a little. Oh poor Turquoise Bunny – I saw her eyeing up the rolling pin and chopping board....was she attacked by any chance??

Ah indeed Jo, Bella was a very social dog and a great people person (dog!). I can understand what you are saying about Bruce being a dog’s dog! Ah our friends in C’bury had dog training for Diva. Well not so much for Diva but for Les! We think the problem is that he has never had a dog until they moved and he lets Diva wrap him round her paw. I think it was very good of Lady J to train on her fences in preparation for coming and doing your’s!

I did manage to get the laundry done yesterday and caught up with the last three episodes of The Wxdxw whilst I did it (MM didn’t want to watch it). Although the plot has holes you could drive a truck through it is quite intriguing. MM worked in the garden and planted my herbs, and the bedding plants, as well as sorting out the lawn and painting the trellis. It was a warm day but quite humid and overcast. In the evening watched HC of course and said hello to Rxmxn. Still finding Dom’s treatment of Carole not a convincing storyline! Today we are off to the Surgery first thing for blood tests – mine is a fasting one, MM’s is a normal one. He will then be going off to the hospital for his last appointment with the physio, whilst I walk home (only about eight minutes) so hoping the rain holds off until I make it back home. This afternoon is Cupcakes, so Twin will be back again for a couple of nights. Morning BHB, yes a little overcast today. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Hxgh Sxcxety into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 07:31
Morning all.

The weather is looking better today after three days of cloud, rain and only a little sun. When I last checked, the forecast for the next few days is a lot better with a couple of days over 30. Tomorrow is due to be sunny all day.

We had a nice meal in the Portuguese restaurant at the Quays on Monday. It was only half full, though a couple of other restaurants looked pretty busy. I had chicken livers peri peri and calamari with chips; Ploppy had chicken Trinchada peri peri style and Portugues steak.

Yesterday we popped into town but only came back with some extra spicy hot cross buns from Woolworths. We treated ourselves for one for lunch instead of our usual salad or fruit - I didn’t think they were particularly spicy. Couldn’t find the other things we wanted so will stop off in George next week. We went to the gym in the afternoon.

Today we are going out for lunch to a farm/winery between here and Plett. They do cheese & wine lunches so looking forward to it, haven’t been there before. We were thinking of going to Knysna Eleph*nt Park beforehand but as it’s been very wet, the ground’s likely to be a mess so instead we may go to Elephant Walk which are a couple of shops nearby which I think sell wood products and tourist stuff. We’ve passed the place many times but can’t recall if we’ve ever stopped. We are going to pop into the garden centre and Food Lovers for some fruit etc. either this morning or on the way back from lunch.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 08:09
Just catching up before we go to the stables. I was speed reading the blog and saw 'over 30' went Oh no! I then double checked and it was Diana, phew!!

Bruce has met 2 other dogs from the neighbourhood today. All was well.

Love that MM favours a garden centre where there are no jumping articles of clothing. Wise man, makes the outing much cheaper ;)

I was waiting for the rush hour to slow, better get off now

Ali wrote:
Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 08:31
Morning. It’s been lovely to have a few days off but not really much of a rest! Sunday I did roast for 10, monday we drove to Essex to visit in-laws and yesterday was admin day for Brownies. Bearing in mind we are all volunteers the amount of paperwork/online recording etc is ridiculous. Printer behaved and I got almost everything done then suddenly I couldn’t access my files, can’t open anything! No idea why but ploppy going to do a restore to see if it sorts it.
Jane &Pauline I need you in my garden 😉 my horticulture student son is far too busy apparently!
Thought I might be taking trip to vets as Gatsby not well. He was barely eating and slept a lot hunched his back but didn’t cry in pain. Kept eye on him Monday night and got him to eat and drink. Yesterday morning he was much brighter and today he’s running in the garden. Suspect he ate remains of something Buddy left outside. Need to ensure we clear up any bunny guts straight away in future!
Better get ready for work, sun is shining so we might get busy
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 09:32
Morning all and it has now clouded over here so I feel our weather is on it's way downhill! As Twin said I am off back to her today, well it has been so long since I saw her! I got back here yesterday and took the opportunity to pop in the garden for a while as I may not be so keen for a while if the weather is not good.Watched HC of course and nice to see Rxmin. Think he will be good. We definitely need Lofty back now though. Missing him badly!

Diana glad to see your weather is improving. Hope you have a nice lunch, I am liking the sound of the Ele Park, shame it has been too wet for a visit, but Ele Walk sounds very nice too!

So Bruce is a dog's dog then is he Jo. Well it's understandable of course. Bit of a change after Bella though! Still I feel Brice has maybe not had much from previous humans to make him love us. Not sure that the little gc is that much cheaper! Twin's garden is wonderful, a myriad of lights in summer! I just have a few around the garden which I do like a lot, but no competition!

Ali that must have been hot work doing a roast for 10! I would love to help in your garden but I think I have plenty here to keep me busy! Glad Gatsby is on the mend. It would be nice to think he had learned to be more careful what he eats, but sadly they never do learn!

Eva I hope your father's move went as well as it could yesterday and everything was in place for him. Only driven through Trxro. Such a lovely part f the world though and I think you have seen it at it's best this last few days.

Morning BHB and we have Hxgh Sxciety today? Very nice, let's get more and find the CM I think she is in the conservatory.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 10:01
Morning all to a rainy Cornwall. It’s really coming down now, and of course the temps have fallen. I’m not overly conserned,- yet!

Hello sweetheart. You’ve got my coffee ready, and the toasted pikelets too? You are the best. 😍😍 (He agrees.)

My flipping ipad has suddenly started spellchecking, and of course most of the words written here, are underlined in red! I have to see if I can get rid of it.

Mary has invited me to lunch today. She’s taking me to a garden centre with a restaurant attatched, and according to her, it’s very good. Maybe I’ll end up buying solar lights? 😜 I’ll say hello to her mother who was 101(!) a couple of months ago. She’s still in her granny flat they had built for her years ago, and she has help from the district nurse several times a day. She’s a lovely lady, and I’m looking foreward to see her.

I have been on the look-out for a very normal thing the last couple of days,- a cream for the cleaning of ceramic hobs. No luck so far, even if I’ve been to 2 Tshops and one A*di. I’ll have to wait until Friday when I’m off back to T*uro. At least there I’ll have the choice of several shops! 😏. Is it too exotic for Cornwall?

I spoke to father yesterday and again this morning. He was very tired last night, and rather confused. He’d forgotten the name of my lovely br.i.l. He’s only known him for 40 years! This morning he sounded much better. He said he’d had a good night’s sleep, so of course that helps. He also said that there are nurses coming and going all day, so hopefully they do look after him properly. I spoke to youngest sister for almost an hour last night. They had been with father for 8 (!) hours yesterday to see he had everything he needed, cooked dinner for him etc., but sis told one of the nurses that this was an exeption because it was his first day home. From now on he is their responsibility!

Jo,- I think Bruce sounds like a very sociable dog, even if he prefer dogs to people. Isn’t it lovely to be able to go to the stables when you want to?

Jane,- poor bunny. I wonder what ( or who ) hit him? You do look very guilty.😜

Diana,- more lovely food. I would have had to move permanently in to the gym if I ate like that, and I HATE gyms. Hope the good weather will last.

Ali,- very busy days as usual, even if you’ve had some days off. So the budding gardener hasn’t yet understood that charity begins at home?😂

Carol,- have a nice Cupcake Day. Who’s doing the baking? I agree with you about Dom’s story line weers on the side of unbelievable. R*min looked very handsome, but why is more and more men growing beards? Is it the «in» thing to do?
maeve 12 wrote:
Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 10:07
I really enjoyed the beautiful weekend, on Easter Sunday we met at scollop's who has had a new and much larger area of decking installed and we spent all day outside eating at a fantastic new round table which sat 9 with room for a couple more under a portable gazebo, it was lovely as it got darker very pretty lights came on.

Yesterday, my youngest g.scollop set off, after nearly a year of tests and interviews, to join the RAF, a departure for our family, we've never had any military connections apart from my Father being in the Navy during the war.

Hope your weather picks up Diana, our warm spell is coming to an end.

Well done for painting your fence Jane, it looks great.

Glad you are safely at your holiday cottage, Eva, hope you enjoy
maeve 12 wrote:
Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 10:13
That was a surprise, comment decided to post itself!

Ali, doesn't sound like you had much of a rest

Is Lofty ever coming back? Dom needs him.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 16:15
Well so much for our cheese & wine tasting lunch. Having driven 6 km along a mostly unpaved road, we arrived at the property entrance to find there was an electric gate and you had to call them to open the gate – we didn’t have a phone with us. We hung around for a few mins and I called out 3/4 times but no luck. So we drove back to the main road and onto Plett where we ended up having lunch in a beach restaurant. To make matters worse, we had left Kn*sna in sunshine but half way along the main road it got misty and Plett itself was very misty. Lunch was quite nice, I had fishcakes & chips, Ploppy chicken burger & chips. By the time we’d finished, the mist had mostly cleared so we walked a little way along the boardwalk. To partly make up for missing our lunch, we are having some of the cheese we bought at the farmers market for dinner with the ciabatta I got this morning, accompanied by a bottle of red. As we were passing, we also made a dinner reservation at very good fish restaurant by the beach for end of next week.

And no word from the shop about our paint order. I wanted to go in on the way back from Plett but Ploppy said to leave it until tomorrow.

A chain lead seems a very good idea, Jo. Good that Bruce is getting on with the dogs near you. Has he made a particular friend yet?

Your lunch out the other day sounds yummy, Twins.

Sorry you had a headache yesterday, Eva. Not good to be poorly on holiday but hope it was just the one day and you don’t have a repeat. We’ve never been here in winter but I think temps are around 12 degrees August/early September and there can be a lot of rain, though you can get some nice days. June/July is usually warmer with more sunny days and calmer than the summer. Hope you enjoyed your lunch and had a lovely time with Mary today. And hope your father settles back in at home and all goes smoothly for him and the rest of your family.

Good that you got to know some more neighbours, Jane – other than the man who told you you weren’t doing the painting right. When Ploppy & I first lived together, he worked six days a week and played golf the other so I often mowed the lawn and I remember a neighbour telling me I hadn’t got the settings on the mower right – Ploppy had set it up.

I’m looking forward to a day on the veranda in the sun tomorrow – I hope!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 19:29
We have had 2 lovely walks today. One to the deer park https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D46r2EkWAAAFB0c.jpg This was weird for me seeing the place from a lower altitude. In the afternoon we went to the big park and met some lovely dogs https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D47n9uFXkAA-WQZ.jpg

I now need to finish some bill paying :(
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 21:29
Had a very heavy cold over E.ster. But dosed myself up and managed to get to go to wedding hotel with both scallops and g fand meet g/f mum. All seemed to go well. Also bought my 3rd wedd outfit! I was persuaded to buy an Ind.an dress ( lots of bling). I have said that may not wear it , but think g/f was concerned I would be out blinged by other guests - and seems mother of gr.om should be one of ( if not the) most important guest. At least I now have plenty of choice! Had good time with scollops - as ever the time with them goes too quickly. Now busy cleaning up after them - and changing round summer/winter clothes. UB scollop started us sifting thro his and our clothes, books etc - and we now have a full car load for Jo’s fave shops!
Eva - your hol home looks fab. Lovely outside area - and weather so far. Hope SS continue to be so attentive to your father.
Jo - Bruce is certainly getting to know your area - and dog ( and human) inhabitants
Diana - what a shame you missed your lunch - and wine. Hope sun shines tomorrow
Ali - you don’t sound as if you got much of a rest!
Jane - love the colour of your fence - you have been a busy bee. You have caught the gardening bug from Pauline
Maeve - the family get together sounds good. Garden lighting is obviously a “thing” - will have to concentrate bit more on that , as well as the flowers.
Pauline - can your car find its own way to Carol’s? I haven’t had energy to do much in garden recently and I do have time tomorrow but think weather may not be gardening friendly. Will see.
Carol - your garden sounds very twinkly. I definitely need to think about some lighting.
Forgot to say I saw NN on Sunday ( they still haven’t moved in but are there every day painting etc ) .Said hello. He turned his head aWay and walked past ignoring me. Not going to be nice/easy living nExt door to them.
Carol wrote:
Thursday, April 25, 2019, 06:48
Morning and dry here at the moment but “heavy rain” forecast for later.

Diana, glad the P’guese restaurant was not full so you managed to get a table easily. The Eli Park sounds lovely (we were watching Elis on tv last night on the programme of earth from space. What a disappointment about the cheese and wine tasting lunch. Obviously they don’t really need the income or they would make themselves more accessible; still lunch on the beach sounds lovely. I see the paint is proving elusive. Ah so you had a similar neighbour to Lady J then – never quite sure why some men love giving ladies advice on how to do things !! Hope you enjoy your day lazing on the veranda (hopefully on a nice sunny day).

Jo, I am at loss to know why MM prefers that garden centre.....she lied! Hope you enjoyed your time at the stables. I see Bruce had two walks yesterday and his circle of friends is growing!

Ali, I sometimes fear you don’t know what the word “rest” means ....or entails! You still seem just as busy, just in a different environment to work! Oh you do have to wonder about all the red tape associated with things these days. Good that the printer behaved, not so good you can’t access your files – hope the reboot helped. Glad to hear that Gatsby seems none the worse for his upset......I see the fingers of suspicion is pointing firmly at Buddy.

Ah so it is your rain heading this way is it Eva! Oh I hate it when spellcheck kicks in and tries to take over – hope you managed to turn it off. How lovely of Mary to invite you to lunch ....I can recommend solar lights!! I remember you telling us about Mary’s mother last year after her 100th birthday. Amazing she is still independent (well with a little help of course). You will need Lxkxland in Trxrx – they do a ceramic hob cleaners. Good to hear that, so far, all is well with your Father and that he had managed to have a good sleep. That was very kind of your sister and family to stay all day and make sure he had all he needed. Also well done to her for saying it was a one off! I am also one who is not that fond of beards.............

Maeve, it sounds like you had a lovely weekend – liking the sound of the table under the gazebo (and the lights of course). Well done to youngest g’scollop – I know it takes a lot to get in the RXF these days. I am sure he will have a very interesting career with them. Ah that happened to me a couple of weeks back Maeve – I think it is the blog playing tricks. Dxm certainly does need Lxftx back and so do we!! Your package arrived yesterday.

Oh Fi, you seem to go from one cold/germ to another. So a third outfit! In this instance I would listen to g/f as she will know all the protocol! We will look forward to seeing bling photos! Change in the weather has halted my idea of doing the swap – may wait until May arrives before I actually do it. See Jo’s favourite shops have benefitted! Oh yes Twin’s car can get here on autopilot (and also knows back route in case of problems on the motorway!). So NN playing silly Bs is he. Well you offered “hello” as an olive branch, so if he is going to ignore you then you should ignore him. He is obviously still smarting from losing what he thought was a certain outcome in his favour.

Blood tests went ok yesterday and I have no resulting bruise!! MM went on to the hospital (although he did run me home first). He was given a “very impressive” by the physio and he now waits until a year from the op before he goes and they check all is at is should be. We had a lovely cupcake afternoon sitting in the conservatory – it was Janice’s turn to bake, but she has a recurrence of her eye problem so spent E Sunday at the eye hospital, and didn’t have time to bake (she being the only one of us who still works), so bought cakes from W’rose instead (that is allowed under the rules!). The few (so far) solar lights had just started to come on when she and Lindy left for home. Today we are off to the Nat Gallxry to see the Sxrxlla exhibition – we are meeting Mrs Chris at C Croxx so MM will be in charge of four ladies again. We are having a late lunch in Cote in St M’s Lane afterwards. Morning BHB, yes a little overcast but dry at the moment. Let’s take the toasted teacakes and the Lxndxner into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (she is awake!).
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, April 25, 2019, 07:20
Morning all, it was sunny but is looking cloudy now so we may get rain soon. As we are off to look at more paintings today we may get wet. Lovely time yesterday. Janice bought some lovely cakes and we had lots of chat and laughter as ever.

Fi you are right, my car can get here on her own now I think! So NN is ignoring you, this could be a bonus I think, not sure you need to speak to him. The third outfit sounds fab and I think you will look lovely in it.

Maeve congrats to youngest getting in the RxF does he want to fly or would he rather do ground stuff.

Diana shame about the lunch though you sound to have had a nice day anyway.

Eva glad your father’s move went well and have everything crossed he is now ok. Hope you had a lovely lunch.

Jane firgotto say turquoise bunny should have known better than to play near a rolling pin.

Jo your walks look lovely and I think Bruce is getting to be a happy doggie!

Must fly as I need to get ready.

Morning BHB Lxndxner today? Lovely. Let’s get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Thursday, April 25, 2019, 08:55
Morning all. At the moment the sun is shining, but there have been heavy showers during the night.

Hello sweetheart. You have toasted teacakes for me today? Aren’t you the best? 💋💋💋 Ah, so the coffee is also ready and waiting on the coffee table next to the sofa? Am I reay for the snuggle session? You bet I am!💋💋💋

It was so nice to see Mary’s mother yesterday. She is remarkable with her mind clear as glass. I had bought her a bouquet of flowers ( yellow and blue flowers), and she was delighted. Mary and I had a lovely lunch with a lot of catching up to do. She was so shocked about the SS’s treatment of father, and likewise shocked about Mrs S’s behavour. She had a laugh when I told her what we call her on the blog!😂

Today I have the cleaning lady coming. It’s the same one who used to «do» for me in PI, and she lives in the village here so can walk to the cottage. I need some advice from her how to use the clothes line here. The washing was all done and ready to be pegged out when I met a problem. Hope Aly can help, or I have to call my landlady.

Maeve,- well done to your grandson for succeeding in joining the R*F. Yesterday Mary showed me an article in the local paper about my now landlady. There was a photo of her when she received a gong from your Queenie, awarded for 35 years of outstanding duty in the R*F!!!! She is now a Reservist. Next time I see her I have to curtsey!

Fi,- another outfit? You’re getting as bad as Carol! I’m sure you’ll look splendid whatever you wear.🤗. So next door is ignoring you, eh? I agree that the best is to ignore him right back!

Diana,- pity about the aborted cheese lunch, and about the missing paint. Do I detect a bit of a laizze faire attitude amongst the local buisnesses?

Carol,- congrats to MM for doing so well in his recovery. I hope your blood tests shows nothing wrong, and well done to the person who drew your blood! I always end up with purple bruises. Have a nice day out.

Pauline,- so your car knows the way to Carol’s? Why am I not surprised?😜

I haven’t phoned father today. I reminded myself that I’m on holiday. 😏
TK wrote:
Thursday, April 25, 2019, 10:05
Just had Mr T visit. He didn't know where I was, he phoned, I went into the road and waved.

Bruce is being a bit clingy. He is wanting attention. So I've put him in the garden. There is an occasional 'I'm here'.

Mr ExP is busy today, so we will be going out on our own at lunchtime. I'll have to think of somewhere. I have a call out to 2 dog trainers for a bit of training for me. They are highly recommended and busy so have not got back, first one to fit me in gets the work!! Don't worry Eva, he is fine. It is just I've never had a dog who is so young in mind.
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, April 25, 2019, 11:40
Hi all,

Thanks for all your nice comments about my fence. As I was painting it I was thinking of Fi. I thought she might approve of the colour scheme.

Nextdoor neighbour' boyfriend has also be helpfully pointing out bits I've missed - and asking really useful questions like 'did you sand it first?', 'Did you let the first coat dry before you started the second', 'Why didn't you varnish it?' ...it was just like being with ex-ploppy! I told him I followed the instructions that came on the can to the letter. I don't know why some men (not all) think that it's helpful to point out what you've done wrong when it's too late to put it right! GGGRRR!!!

As for Loppy fence painting services... Of course I'd be glad to. Any time. No problem. As long as I'm available. I think I might have a weekend free in 2025.

Now to those of you who mentioned the demise of Turquoise Bunny. Just because she was discovered in bits on a chopping board in my kitchen with the murder weap...I mean rolling pin does not mean I'm guilty. Pauline is quite right. She shouldn't have been playing near it! :-)

Eva - I really hope that the SS don't think your sister and you can spend all that time looking after your dad. Glad you had such a lovely time with Mary and her Mum (shocked about SS and Mrs S? NOT surprised!). I hope you are having a lovely holiday.

Jo - I am sure Bruce realises what a lucky doggie he is to have you as his human. I think the chain lead is a very good idea. Our first dog had one - for much the same reason.

Carol - I'm glad to hear the blood test went well. Oh well done MM! He's done so well with his recovery.

Paintings today eh Pauline? Is this the MM and four ladies expedition? I hope you all have a fab time!

I hope Fi decides to go blinggy for the wedding. Turquoise sequins - that's what you need! As long as you don't outshine the bride you are fine.

What a disappointment for you missing your cheese and wine lunch Diana! But I like the impromptu cheese and bread dinner.

Maeve - well done on Scollop getting into the RAF great news! I was just thinking about the Lofty drought on Tuesday (though I was annoyed with Dom not answering his phone.)

Ali - I see I wasn't the only busy bee this weekend. Oohhmms for Gatsby - bless!

Diana wrote:
Thursday, April 25, 2019, 19:07
Good evening all.

We have had a great 24 hours – NOT!! It started at lunchtime yesterday. Just before we left for our lunch, the power went off and we initially assumed it was load shedding (power cuts) but then saw a couple of guys at the electricity box for the villas so guessed they were doing some work. The power was back on by the time we got back and we thought nothing more of it. At 10.45 pm the power went off again. Ploppy was asleep and I was dozing in front of the TV – I think it was the light and TV going off which woke me. The house next door had some light showing but we guessed that the power cut was due to the guys we’d seen earlier; I checked the fuses just in case and they were OK. Given the time, there wasn’t much we could do so I dug out our two torches. I’d meant to put the batteries in when we arrived but never got round to it, fortunately they were in the same box so got them both working in a few mins. I then went to bed but took some time to go to sleep as I was concerned about the food in the fridge freezer, the dishwasher had also been on when the power went. Every time I woke during the night I checked in case the power was on but still nothing when I got up.

About 7.30 I went outside (in my dressing gown and slippers) to see if any of the other villas had lights on but could see none and the office was still closed. I got dressed and went out again about 40 mins later. I knocked at the neighbouring house and they had power but said their’s had also cut out the previous evening so they had then entered a code on their meter as instructed. This didn’t mean anything to me so the guy showed me their meter which they’d just been given. The office was open by this time so I said we had no power and they then proceeded to tell me all about the new meter system which is being introduced throughout Kn*sna but said they hadn’t been given a meter for us. The handyman said he’d look into it for us so I went home to tell Ploppy. 50 mins later we got a call from the handyman who said he’d pop by. So we waited …. eventually Ploppy rang the municipality and was told to contact the estate homeowners’ office manager who said he’d look into it. So again we waited …… until there was a knock on the door by electricians from the municipality. They did some work at the electricity box and we had power momentarily before they went off to find our meter. So more waiting but at least we could see things were progressing, we’d been envisaging not having electricity for several days. They came back about 30 mins later but with the wrong box. Another 30 mins or so later, one of the electricians returned with the handyman who installed our meter – it’s just a box which plugs into a standard socket but without it you have no power! Turned out that the person who had written the house numbers on the boxes for each of the villas had done no. 17 twice and left out us! So at 1.30 pm today we finally had power again.

The new system is a pain, I can see why it’s been introduced as it means everyone pays for the electricity they use but it’s a pay as you go arrangement so if the power runs out when we’re not here, we won’t know and can’t do much. In order to get electricity, you either have to go to the supermarket to pay or buy it online and then enter the code you are given into the box. So in future we shall need to ensure the box has plenty of electricity before we leave and if anyone else stays they will need to top up before they go. It would have been much simpler to install meters like we have in the UK and pay by direct debit but no this is SA where nothing is straight forward. Ploppy & I do wonder sometimes if it’s worth having a place here given the headaches sometimes involved.

The weather today has at least been lovely, after a very misty start. The mist started clearing around 8.00 am but it wasn’t until mid-morning that it had mostly gone. After that there were some small clouds over the mountains but the rest was beautiful blue sky. We sat on the veranda with the window open to hear anyone at the front door but it wasn’t exactly relaxing until the power was back on. Neither of us felt like going to the gym even though we hadn’t been yesterday either and we never made it to the paint shop. It was a good thing we hadn’t really had any plans for the day.

So tomorrow we need to visit the paint shop to find out what’s happening with our order. Ploppy might start hitting a few golf balls – he was intending to play golf today. We have a reservation at a very good restaurant in Kn*sna for dinner tomorrow. Oh and I emailed the place we were due to lunch at yesterday and they have apologised we couldn’t get in and offered us a bottle of wine if we can go another day so I’m hoping we can lunch there Monday week. I also have a load of washing to do (which means the I word later of course) and need to sort out what I’m taking on our trip away next week which I had intended to do this morning.
TK wrote:
Thursday, April 25, 2019, 19:49
Poor Gatsby, hope there has been a full recovery.

Not 100% sure about the chain lead, he seems to like biting it more than the nylon lead.

Maeve Well done for the RAF. They are very fussy. You must be very proud.

I had suspicions that the bunny was for it. I don't believe Jane was not involved ;0

Bruce has been very good. I had some ice cream, he didn't worry for any. It seems to be much worse when I'm cooking. OK that is probably not so bad as I don't do a lot of cooking.

TK has just gone out. I hear her creeping down the stairs. Then she brushed past my leg on her way past.

Dog training trainer coming tomorrow morning, she had a cancellation, phew.
Carol wrote:
Friday, April 26, 2019, 05:58
Morning and a bright start to the day – pale blue sky, no sign of a breeze and not a cloud in the sky. It is due to change later of course!

Eva, think you may be getting a few more showers and high winds when H Hznnxh arrives later today. I am sure Mary’s mother loved her flowers. I am sure you and Mary had a lot to catch up with – I see like the rest of us she couldn’t believe how the SS are treating your Father! Hopefully you managed to resolve the clothes line enigma and managed to dry your clothes – I am sure the cleaning lady will have been able to help. Ooo I see you need to practice your curtsy for your new landlady! 35 years in the RXF is some achievement. I didn’t understand your comment to Fi “as bad as Carol”!! The phlebotomist was really nice – we were laughing when she took my blood. Often they are quite miserable (usually those are the ones that give me huge bruises afterwards. Well done on giving yourself a day off from parental duty!

Jo, I love that you had to wave to the man from Mr T. I went to a committee meeting of the OpSoc years ago and parked the car then wasn’t sure of the house no. I needed, so I rang and husband of the Chairlady (as she was then) came to the front door and I was standing right outside their gate! So Bruce was in a clingy mood first thing yesterday. I see the chain lead might not have been such a good idea, although at least he shouldn’t be able to bite through it. I love the image of TK tiptoeing about to avoid Bruce – hope the dog trainer is good and manages to train you both! Like you I am suspicious about Lady J and the bunny................

Lady J, so another male who wants to offer advice....but not help! Hopefully your response shut him up! I agree that can be a male trait (fortunately MM doesn’t suffer from it – mainly cos I let him do all the m’nance jobs!). T Bunny was probably not playing near the murdxx rolling pin, she was obviously practising the Quack-Hop and thought the chopping board would be an ideal dance floor...........little did she realise how dangerous it would turn out to be! As you can imagine, MM is feeling very pleased with himself, and yes Twin was one of the four ladies! What a good idea to suggest turquoise sequins! They would certainly add to the wedding outfit. You see that is another non Dxm action – a call from Lxfty that he ignores and throws his phone down! So out of character!

Goodness Diana - what a saga with the meter! Hopefully the fridge and freezer contents were all ok after the lack of power. So if you hadn’t gone and checked at the office when you did or you might not have made them realise the error (although you would have thought whoever was installing the new meters might have twigged your house didn’t have one!). The word inefficient springs to mind about the whole scenario! That does sound a very weird system of topping up, and not easy to manage if you don’t live there full time. On a more pleasant note, how nice of the cheese and wine place to offer you a bottle of wine – I think a return visit will be a must. Hope Ploppy managed to get to the g course at some point – he will be having withdrawal symptoms!

We had a lovely day yesterday – fortunately the forecast proved wrong! It was quite breezy when we were at the station, but the threatened rain obviously came (a heavy shower I suspect) whilst we were underground as when we got to the surface at T Square the pavements were wet. Met up with Mrs Chris and then went and joined the queue (we weren’t expecting that!) for the exhibition. We had booked our tickets already of course, but discovered they had extra security in place and we had to go through a scanner similar to an airport one. They were also not allowing people with large bags, rucksacks or cases in. We sailed through and then left out coats in the cloakroom (we find that makes it much more comfortable when viewing exhibitions) and went to see the paintings! We loved the exhibition – I am ashamed to say I hadn’t heard of Sxrxlla before the NG sent me information on forthcoming exhibitions, but he was a brilliant painter of movement and light. He also did some stunning portraits. He painted in the 1890s and early 1900s – sadly he had a stroke in 1920 which meant he had to stop painting and he died three years later. We spent almost two hours going around the exhibition, and then saw a short film about him (ten minutes) which was very informative. We then went around the corner to Cote and had a lovely lunch (and two very nice bottles of SB!). We were just ahead of the rush hour again and managed to get seats after Bxkxr Street. Mrs Chris goes in the opposite direction to us but said she had a fairly easy journey home (she was due to go line dancing in the evening – hope her feet had recovered sufficiently!). We put our feet up in the evening and watched the Celeb Painting Challenge – so we were fully into the artistic world yesterday. This morning Twin is off early as she has a pedicure booked. MM and I will be off to do the food shop when she leaves, and then I have some admin to do this afternoon. This evening is choir practice at Church. Morning BHB, yes a lovely bright start to the day. Let’s grab the Vanillita and the pastel de natas and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives!
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, April 26, 2019, 06:57
Morning all and it is fairly bright at the moment though I think we may get rain later. I am off home fairly rapidly as I have a dental appointment then a pedicure so hoping the traffic is kind to me! We had a fab day yesterday I just loved the paintings. I cannot believe I hadn’t heard of the man till this. Apparently he fell out of favour from the20’s onwards and has only been rediscovered in fairly recent times. We had a nice meal then home and we watched the painting show final so a very arty day.

Eva so glad you remembered you are on holiday. You need some you time without worrying about what is happening at home. Easier said than done I know! The clothes line is quite enough to worry about. Your lunch with Mary sounds just what you need. So you have a very extinguished landlady!

Jo I wouldn’t think Bruce would get too far chewing a chain lead, but it may not do much for his teeth! Hope the training goes well!.

Lady Jane I too have my suspicions about the fate of T bunny! I am so with you about unwanted advice being given. I suppose he meant well... maybe!

Diana that is a real palaver about the electric meter and definitely not ideal for you. I can understand why you would begin to wonder about living there! However I am sure when the sun comes out and all goes well you know why you love it! I think you will need the bottle of free wine offered by the cheese place!

Morning BHB and of course it is Vanillita day. Let’s get more and find the CM.
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, April 26, 2019, 08:44
morning - and another sunny one. went to see "B.rn the floor" dance show last night with Kevin from Str.ctly. very fast, energetic and skillful. loved it. went with "girls" from my P.lates class - we went out for meal first. so a nice night out. day before went to see the new K.nneth Br.nagh film about Sh.kespeare. very very slow - opposite to the dance! wonderful acting and cinematography- but very slow!
Diana - glad power back on - but what a saga - very frustrating. UB scollop and g/f went to the E'phant Park at K.sna and loved it. one of highlights of their holiday. I thought of your friend Marianne other day - how is she doing?
Eva - how lovely to meet up with Mary and her mum. I remember Mary - such a nice woman. her mum is doing amazingly well. Hope your dad has settled back into his flat and feeling more settled and less fearful.
Jane - funny my Turquoise bunny met a similar fate!
Twins - had never heard of that artist either. Sounds a lovely day out. don't worry carol - think your clothes crown is safe for moment - tho I am starting to feel bit overwhelmed with clothes when sorting out my summer clothes - and lots more going to Jo's shops!
Maeve - well done to g'scollop .
Jo - does the dog trainer train the owner or the dogs. cos if the former i may have to refer them to next door (not NN as in Nasty Neighbour but other side NN as in Noisy neighbour!)
Ali wrote:
Friday, April 26, 2019, 09:29
Started this post an hour ago then MrT delivered then 2 phonecalls!
Sun is shining and it is feeling rather warm. Puts me in a good mood. Boss was a bit down yesterday and it reflected on everyone else so I felt drained last night. Reasonable sleep and hoping today will be better.
Gatsby is fully recovered thankyou. Currently chasing bugs in the garden!
Eva your lunch sounds lovely. Mary sounds like an interesting lady to know.
Congrats to your grandson Maeve.
I see the twins are getting out and about, enjoy your pedicure Pauline
What a palaver with the meter Diana, glad its sorted even if not ideal. Hope the weather improves. Sadly set to turn wet and windy here for a couple of days.
Just time to drink my coffee before heading to work. Bye for now
Ali wrote:
Friday, April 26, 2019, 09:30
Started this post an hour ago then MrT delivered then 2 phonecalls!
Sun is shining and it is feeling rather warm. Puts me in a good mood. Boss was a bit down yesterday and it reflected on everyone else so I felt drained last night. Reasonable sleep and hoping today will be better.
Gatsby is fully recovered thankyou. Currently chasing bugs in the garden!
Eva your lunch sounds lovely. Mary sounds like an interesting lady to know.
Congrats to your grandson Maeve.
I see the twins are getting out and about, enjoy your pedicure Pauline
What a palaver with the meter Diana, glad its sorted even if not ideal. Hope the weather improves. Sadly set to turn wet and windy here for a couple of days.
Just time to drink my coffee before heading to work. Bye for now
Ali wrote:
Friday, April 26, 2019, 09:30
Started this post an hour ago then MrT delivered then 2 phonecalls!
Sun is shining and it is feeling rather warm. Puts me in a good mood. Boss was a bit down yesterday and it reflected on everyone else so I felt drained last night. Reasonable sleep and hoping today will be better.
Gatsby is fully recovered thankyou. Currently chasing bugs in the garden!
Eva your lunch sounds lovely. Mary sounds like an interesting lady to know.
Congrats to your grandson Maeve.
I see the twins are getting out and about, enjoy your pedicure Pauline
What a palaver with the meter Diana, glad its sorted even if not ideal. Hope the weather improves. Sadly set to turn wet and windy here for a couple of days.
Just time to drink my coffee before heading to work. Bye for now
TK wrote:
Friday, April 26, 2019, 09:38
Fi most dog trainers have to train the owner of the dog, so they continue the work with the dog and not undo any previous work. Bruce is very good. He doesn't chew wires or rip up things which are not meant to be ripped. Bella's tennis balls are getting it and the very old wool blanket, which Shannon ripped by accident, is getting it. Not sure I'd enjoy the KB film. I did think about going to one shows with a dancer from SCD a few years ago. I watched several vids on his website, got bored. I realised that the short dances on the TV prog were all I could cope with. I thought I just didn't like ballet. I saw a short one many years ago and was nearly asleep within 10min. Maybe I could cope with a murder mystery dance show with singing? Hmmm sounds like MT, so that's OK then.

Bruce has been out for an hour this morning, half the time chasing after a youngster and he's still full of beans.

I'll look the artist up and see the paintings.

Must tidy my desk, there are piles of papers. Just as well Bruce is not like the Springer Spaniel, she used to take paper off surfaces and rip it into tiny pieces. I had to change the coffee table to one with drawers.
TK wrote:
Friday, April 26, 2019, 09:39
good news about Gatsby Ali.
TK wrote:
Friday, April 26, 2019, 15:49
We had a good training session this morning. I learnt lots and Bruce was very good as he exhibited the puppy behaviour which was worrying me. Very nice lady who totally understood my concern at going from an elderly Rotty to a 'puppy' with collie and probably Staffy genes. Making a dog who thinks a lot, needs lots of stimulation and (the Staffie bit ) can be a puppy for a long time. I asked about taking him away on hols and she gave me some pointers.
Sue-1 wrote:
Friday, April 26, 2019, 20:04
Evening all…….
Ooops, missed Maeve’s birthday, sorry Maeve, hope it was a good one anyway

Eva, just reading about the SS woman in that meeting, typical responses I think, but totally wrong, no wonder you blew your top..

Ooooo, a new page, lots of lovely photos to make me smile.

Nice to read about the concerts Jane, been there done that with the water issue.

Carol, it tickled me that you freeze in your church and boil in another.

Diana, scary baboons trying door handles!

Just read that Bruce was a cruelty case, how sad, glad he’s now got his happy home.

Great news that you haven’t got the dreaded rheumatoid Pauline. Mine is blxxdy miserable at the mo.

Still catching up!............

Oh Ali, what sad news about the young girl, some years ago a young girl who worked for friends of mine also took her own life, makes you wonder what depths they are driven to to do that.
On a brighter note well done your lad, and his apprenticeship

I see you’ve had a bad day Eva, what chemo tabs do you take? I’m on Methxtrexate and up to now fine. Painkillers not working very well at the mo though.

Loving reading about Bruce.

I’m going to post this before I get any further, I’ve been trying to catch up for ages as you’ll see by my out of date comments.
Been out and about with the other love of my life for the last few weeks, but the tour is over now, don’t suppose any of you caught a concert? Dragged Ploppy to the RAH, which he sort of enjoyed, not the main man so much as the support singer Hattie Briggs (www.hattiebriggs.co.uk) and of course the stunning venue, he’d never been before.
Better go, himself need picking up from the pub, I will catch up eventually!!

TK wrote:
Friday, April 26, 2019, 22:57
Got a phone call at 7pm tonight 'fancy going to see Counterfeit Stones tonight', OK ! So 25mins later I was in car with 2 passengers and on the way. I'm not a big Stones fan. I really enjoyed the show. 'Charlie Watts' was very good. Looked just like him, played the drums like him too. I didn't recognise 2 of the songs, I thought it would be more.
Bruce was fine when I got home.
Better get to bed.
Got to go to the stables in the morning and in the afternoon drive to get food supplies for the chess tournament on Sunday.

Good to see you Sue!!
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, April 27, 2019, 06:47
Morning and it looks very blustery out – think we have caught the edge of “Hxrricxne Hxnnxh” – clouds are moving very fast too! Hopefully Eva didn’t get blown away as I think HH was hitting the South West earlier.

I think Jason G who choreographs the SCD pro numbers on the show does the choreography for B the Floor doesn’t he he? Would explain why it is fast and energetic as that seems to be his trade mark. Sounds like a lovely “girls’ night out. Ah we wanted to see the KB film, may rethink if it is slow – I still remember sitting through Lxncxln and losing the will to live! How strange I thought of Marianne the other day and thought I must remember to ask Diana how she is doing, and of course forgot to do so! So we have another T Bunny murderer in our midst............... I have postponed my summer clothes swap (which is when I usually do a cull) until the weather improves here. Hmm sounds like Noisy N would certainly benefit for training!

Ah I see you were struck by the triple posting that seems to affect us all from time to time Ali. We had some sunshine yesterday but it didn’t feel warm as the wind was quite chilly. Oh dear, not so good that Boss was feeling down – it does affect those around. Hopefully yesterday was better and Boss feeling less down. Glad to hear Gatsby now back to normal (ie bug chasing!).

Now would that be a dancer with the initials BC, now no longer part of the show, Jo? I have to say Bruce appears to have lots of energy! I feel it must be a very good thing to have a dog who doesn’t chew wires or rip things up! I see the training session went well. Good that you have some pointers for his holiday, which should make life easier for you. So you went off to a concert last night, unexpectedly. So Bruce was a very well behaved boy whilst you were out – bet TK stayed where she was.....assuming she is still living upstairs! Hope you have a good day at the stables and manage to get the shopping done in the afternoon. Hopefully you won’t get blown away in the high winds!

Lovely to see you Sue – we all smiled at the pictures on the new page! The church temperatures are probable a lot to do with the fact that our church (cold) is an old building (some parts are 13C and the main body is 14C) whereas the (hot) church where we rehearse is a modern building (well last century). Yes it’s lovely that Bruce now has a happy secure home after a bad start in life. No wonder he is like a puppy! Ah so you have been the Alfie trail then. I just listened to HB and she has a lovely voice. I also see AB invited her on the tour after hearing her busking – wonderful! Hope to “see” you again soon.

We went off and did our food shop yesterday morning and I was very good – I was looking for a black and white scarf to wear this evening, which necessitated me going into various shops and keeping my blinkers on so I didn’t see any jumping merchandise! I was successful with the scarf and then rushed out before all the summer clothes could attack! Spent the afternoon doing music admin things and then went off to choir practice. As we have another practice next Friday (usually they are once a fortnight) we were able to get our rehearsal finished in just over an hour, so were home fairly early – well at about 8.30pm. Today we are off to do our Mxssxah from Scxtch. We will be off at about 1pm, rehearsal is at 2pm and the performance this evening at 7.30pm. The church is about forty five minutes from us so we won’t have time to come back in between the rehearsal and the performance. I am hoping to put some washing on this morning so it will be ready for the i word tomorrow afternoon. I will of course miss C’lty, which I understand is mainly about Iain, so not expecting it to be a happy episode! Morning BHB, yes very blustery out. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Kxningstxg into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Saturday, April 27, 2019, 08:56
Been busy this am, so missed Lee on cook prog, I'll catch it later.
Got to dash, retirement is so busy
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, April 27, 2019, 09:15
Morning all and it is a very blustery one here as well. Hannah is doing her thing! I don't think we will be hit as hard as some parts of the country though, I hope not anyway! I am doing this in the bits in between when the GO is on the tv! It may take a long time doing it! After this is done I will have my laundry to tackle, it has rather piled up as I have been a bit busy. All this socialising!

Sorry got very distracted there for some reason, now where was I!

Glad you enjoyed the show Jo, good that you have found you can leave Bruce and he is a good boy. Also he will be a trained doggie soon! Was it a one off session or is the lady coming back?

The dance show sounds excellent Fi. Maybe not the film though. I really wanted to see it as I am a fan of KB's acting. Maybe I am glad we missed it now!

So NN the second could do with the trainer could they. I know you have said before they let the dog out at crack of sparrows then leave it to bark, so I think they would definitely benefit from the training!

Glad to hear the Gatsby is back to normal Ali. It would be nice to think he would learn not to eat scraps but sadly he won't of course!

Nice to see you Sue. I had a feeling I knew where you had gone when I saw AB was on the road again! I'm bright like that!

Oh I forgot to say I had a letter from the specialist doctor yesterday saying my blood results confirmed what he thought and I don't have anything rheumatoid. That is brilliant of course, but I still have no idea what the swelling and itchy, hurty thing was!

Morning BHB and yes it is windy out but nice and cosy in here. We have Kxningstxg? Intriguing, let's get more and find the cM.

Diana wrote:
Saturday, April 27, 2019, 10:18
Morning. Very disappointing weather, it’s supposed to be glorious according to both the Norwegian and TV forecasts but it’s grey and not that warm. Forecast for tomorrow is also for a lovely day and hot, though not as hot as originally indicated.

Yesterday was very misty again in the morning. The sun came out briefly and it looked as though it would become nice but the clouds won and it wasn’t until late afternoon that they broke up. So we had a good session in the gym in the afternoon. In the morning we went to the paint shop where they said they couldn’t get hold of the colour we wanted. Why they didn’t let us know, we can’t understand – they had our cell number and email. So we had to choose a different colour, which involved going home to check some colour charts against the existing paint and then going back to the shop. We’ve placed another order (they had sufficient in stock) and are waiting delivery. We’re hoping our building guy can do at least half the work before we leave, and return to finish it off in December before Xmas as no work is allowed for two weeks after Xmas plus we are planning on going to Cape Town and have visitors first half of January.

Dinner was very good last night. We started with two complementary dishes – tapenade, a tomato dip and we think hummous with cubes of home made bread, followed by a tiny glass of gazpacho. We both chose baked camembert for a starter which was really good: a dish with filo pastry base, camembert on top, with apple chunks and walnuts, and a roll on the side. I then had duck with fondant potato, mushrooms, and pepper & other veg mix which was nice though the portion of duck was small; Ploppy had lamb shank which he enjoyed. For desert I had chocolate fondant and he had chocolate mousse, both nice but the accompanying ice cream was rather tasteless. We had a nice Merlot with it, and were given a couple of desiccated coconut balls with the bill – I don’t like desiccated coconut so only had a small piece.

Given the weather, I’ve been on the laptop most of the morning doing some stuff I hadn’t got round to. Unless the sun comes out, we will go to the gym at lunchtime.

I just heard some squealing and sure enough there are at least six baboons outside, one a big creature. A couple ran over our roof. Ploppy had left the ensuite skylight open, though it is on a latch, so I’ve closed it. They’ve got some food from somewhere. It does annoy us that visitors leave food around despite the notices, it encourages the baboons to hang around looking for more and to return. No sign of the baboon men.
An armed response car arrived five mins ago and the guys are chasing the baboons away, one of the men had a catapult. I have seen a couple of baboon men once or twice but maybe they have also given the task to the new security company and cut back on the original men.

I’ve packed most of my stuff for our trip. We leave Monday and get back Wednesday. Ploppy has provisionally booked a test drive in Mossel Bay for Monday mid-morning. We’re then hoping to stop for wine tasting and lunch at a place we passed in January. While in Stilbaai I would like to go for a walk along the beach, there’s a nature reserve, a bird place and a few other things of interest to do. We’ve booked a studio in a guesthouse. We’ll stop off in George on the way back for some shopping and probably dinner at a very good steak chain – unfortunately, the branch in Kn*sna was only open for 2/3 years.


Tomorrow there’s a big motor show in town. We had a look last year but didn’t go into the grounds but we’re going to this year.


Thanks for the enquiries about Marianne. She was in and of hospital last year but seemed better towards the end. I’ve not heard from her for a while, I don’t she’s replied to my last 2/3 emails, which isn’t unusual – must contact her again soon to see if everything’s OK.

Good that Gatsby’s back to normal.

The training sounds to have been valuable. Hope you can put what you learnt to good use, Jo. Good that you can leave Bruce at home and he behaves himself.

Nice to “see” you, Sue.

Have a good weekend.
evam wrote:
Saturday, April 27, 2019, 10:33
Morning all from a very, very windy Cornwall.

Hello sweetheart. I’d planned to be here earlier but was distracted by GO on the telly. Do you watch it? BBBBBAAAAAANNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ! That was the kitchen door. I never learn not to mention GO to him. I wonder if he’s jealous? Never mind. I’ll brew my coffe myself.

Yesterday I drove in to T*uro again. I wanted mands as I needed some new knickers and bras. ( I caught myself looking for a nice top for mother. I always used to buy her something from mands. 😢). I also had to go into the food part, and could of course not resist something for the w/e. Then I decided to drive up to the big Tshop looking for the ceramic hob cream. Did they have it? They did not! I started to wonder if I was in the middle of a bad dream! I spoke to a member of staff, but wasn’t any wiser after that. I then thought I’d walk down to the L’land store, but when I ventured outside, it was raining cats and dogs, and the wind was starting to get very fierce. What to do? Then I remembered that there was a W*itrose almost on the way out of the city, so decided to do a last try there,- and what do you know? I found it!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏. I never thought a simple thing like a hob cleaner could create so much stress.
When I returned to the cottage, the winds were really becoming strong, so as a full storm had been promised, I thought I’d better take all the garden furniture, small flower pots and other bits and bobs into the shed. The only thing left standing in the garden, was the big table. I couldn’t carry that on my own. As the storm raged through the night, I was very glad I’d brought everything in. My, oh my, it was a noisy storm, so I had to keep the bedroom window closed. It has been blowing very hard through the morning as well, so allthough the sun is shining, I’m not going for a walk. I could end up in the Atlantic? 😂

Last night I was watching WILTY, and I was laughing myself silly! 😂😂😂 The young weather man was unbelievable, thinking that lambs were a separate race from sheep. Oh dear, that was funny.

Sue,- lovely to see you. So you’ve been busy with the bearded one? Oh well, we all have our weaknesses. 😜. I also use Metha*rexat as the chemo, but my reaction can wary from week to week. I always get very tired, though.

Jo,- glad the dog trainer thought Bruce will be fine on his holiday, and good that she gave you some extra tips. Not long now.
We have planned our yearly lunch for Saturday week, and Chantale, Nicholas, Jo’s brother and sister-in-law pluss Mary, Jo and myself will be there. Table booked in the dog friendly part of the restaurant. Not in PI, but here in St. Issey:


I’ve been there a couple of times, and the food is excellent.

Ali,- hello, hello, hello.😜 Sorry to hear your boss had a bad day. That tends to be felt by the rest of the staff.

Pauline,- great that the specialist has confirmed that whatever ails you is not rheumatoid, but it would be equally great if he could have given you an inkling what actually is wrong.

Carol,- this is almost spooky, but I was thinking about Marianne as well earlier this week.

Diana,- what a palaver with the electrics. That sounds such a backward way of doing it. Have you decided to go back to the cheese place?

evam wrote:
Saturday, April 27, 2019, 10:38
Diana,- you posted while I was typing. Thank you for the update on Marianne. I hope she’s OK.
TK wrote:
Saturday, April 27, 2019, 20:45
I thought I'd gone senile today - SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I don't want to know that you thought I already had. I got a delivery of a pet food order from 'The Pet_Shop', not in the normal boxes with the paw print on my usual supplier uses. Thought 'Oh dear!' (or 2 words to that effect) I must have double ordered on almost the same day, as I was expecting the pet food I'd ordered from Pet Supermarket today or tomorrow. I opened up the box and saw the invoice from Pet Supermarket. I have absolutely no idea what is going on, but I have the required pet food for the price I expected. I suppose I could check.

It has been a busy day. Late on Mrs ExP and Little dog, Bruce and I went to the pub at the far end of the village, we walked. Bella always went in the car. We sat outside with a fancy coffee (can't spell it) and a pint of DC. When we got home Bruce and I did some training. He is now fast asleep. He has to cool off mentally after a walk. Not like the collapse into a deep sleep Bella used to do.

Before our walk Mrs ExP and I spent ages in MrA's house. Came out with 2 big trolleys. As when we went through the checkout the one trolley was turned into 2. I'd forgotten when it goes into bags the amount increase. Mrs ExP and I are selling snacks and drinks at the chess tournament tomorrow, after we've made the sandwiches! (I used to make sandwiches professionally in about 1972!! I did my training in what is now the MacDonalds opposite Windsor Castle.) We have no idea if we have bought the right stuff. Ah well!! Of course we'll have to have dog walking rota during the day, the rota will not include MrExP as he is running the chess.

I've just opened the back door for Bruce, there is a barrage of cannon fire going on.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, April 28, 2019, 06:28
Morning and it stills looks a little blustery out there this morning, but we do have sunshine at the moment.

I see your weather isn’t being kind at the moment Diana – I keep forgetting to say that I am intrigued that you get Eva’s weather forecast in SA! Hope you do get a lovely sunny warm day today. How infuriating that the paint shop didn’t let you know about the paint not being available! Hopefully you will still be able to get the painting done (or most of it) before C’mas. Your dinner out sounded nice –especially the starter and the dessert (not a great fan of duck). I see the horrid Bs are back out in force – at least the men came after a while. Maybe other residents have been complaining and they have brought another company in as you surmise. I see your trip itinerary is all planned out. Hope you have a lovely time. Thank you for the update on Marianne – hopefully she will continue to improve.

Ah we thought you would have the full impact of Hannah, Eva. Very wise decision to put as much indoors as you could. Oh I still have those moments when I think “I must tell Ann” or “I’ll let Mum know” – don’t think that ever leaves you. Well done on finding the ceramic cleaner – well done W’rose! Oh I remember that WILTY – just so funny that Tomas didn’t realise sheep and lambs were the same! I see the annual lunch has now been oraganised – for a moment I wondered about Bruce as he wasn’t on your list then I read on and saw you had booked the dog friendly area! It looks a very nice place from the link.

Jo, as if! You are mere babe in arms! Do you think TK and Bruce have worked out how to use the pooter to order things?? I see Bruce has been to the pub and has had some more training – not surprised he fell asleep! So you and Mrs ExP are now starting up your own catering company! Is the tournament local? Wonder what the cannon firing was all about! It is a bit late for Her M’s birthday. We told you retirement would keep you busy!

We had a very enjoyable, if tiring day, yesterday. I did managed to get the bedding washed, so that is ready for the i word later. I managed to catch part of the GO on tv, but will watch the rest on catch up. We set off just before 1pm and whenw e were on the X25 we could feel the wind taking the car – glad I wasn’t driving. It had just started to rain when we arrived, but fortunately the organisers had arranged for us to have free car parking at one of the council run car parks, and it turned out to be at the back of the church so not very far to walk at all. The MD is the chap who conducted us in several of the shows we performed so we know him quite well. He had put us right in the front row! No place to hide! We rehearsed from 2.30 until 5.30 (we did have a break half way through) and then those who were local went home to change, whereas we had taken food and stayed in a fairly large room to the side of the church. The performance was from 7.30pm until 10.15pm and we fudged our way through some of the choruses! Really enjoyed it thought – long time since the four of us had sung any Hxndxl! It had obviously rained a fair amount in the afternoon as the car park had large puddles. MM took a wrong turning on the way home but managed to get us back on track and we were home just after 11 pm. Off to church this morning of course and will then do the i word this afternoon – I will catch up with C’lty from last night and have two episodes of The Dxrrxls to watch too. Morning BHB, yes still a blustery day out there. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Pxsco Pxnch into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, April 28, 2019, 08:48
Morning all and it is still a breezy one but thankfully not as windy as yesterday. Mind I think we escaped the worst of Hannah here so not complaining. In fact I just stayed put yesterday I had the wxshing to do and also cleaning to be done so not exactly bored! Today as a result of the wxsh I have the ixxnxxg to do and I also need to do another wxsh! I only have space to dry so much at anyone time indoors so have to do it in two halves. Watched the GO on the JM show of course. What a treat as he was on for some time. I think he had a ball and looks like he made a new friend in Mr Rxnkin! We now know he always goes out for a Txrkish meal on Tuesdays! Watched C last night. While I think the premise that someone in Ian's fragile state would be put in the emergency call room very far fetched, it was well done and towards the end very harrowing. I see from spoilers he is back to work next week and they are still giving him problems, enough already please!! It's time to wind up his storyline surely.

Diana you are getting some nasty weather, sickening though possibly the rain is welcome to some! Hope you have a nice mini break, it sounds lovely, and the weather behaves. At least you finally got some paint, even if they couldn't be bothered to let you know the colour you wanted wasn't available! Thanks for the news about Marianne, glad she seems to be improving, fingers crossed it continues so.

Eva I still find myself looking at things in MxS nd thinking that would be nice on Mum and it is 9 years since she died! You sound to have had a right pounding from Hannah, hope all is quiet now. Got to love our weather haven't you! No wonder we talk about it all the time, it is never boring! I love WILTY, one of the funniest things on tv and I remember that episode. Lovely Tomas, bless! The pub looks lovely and glad to see Bruce can go as well!

You senile Jo? Never! I think it is the fault of the pet food people for using a different box! As long as the family have their food that is all good. Hope Bruce is enjoying his training, it obviously tires him out!

Lady Jane I saw on twxttxr the problems you had trying to get to P-le-F. I know where that is very well as I have a cousin who lived there. It is not easy to get to at the best of times I would think and to have the train cancelled is a nightmare. Let's hope it all goes well when you rearrange it. Sending a big hug.

Glad the singing went well Twin. I thought it just might!

Morning BHB and what have you for us today? Pxsco Pxnch? Great, so let's get some more and go and join the CM.
evam wrote:
Sunday, April 28, 2019, 10:10
Morning all. It’s raining here, so the weather is matcing my mood!😡

Hello sweetheart. I’m not good company today I’m afraid. You have the coffee ready, the cushions on the sofa, so we can have our cuddles while I tell you all about it? You are wonderful! 💋💋💋

It is of course conserning father, but this time it’s him, not the SS or the district nurses. I phoned him yesterday to say hello, and was met with an angry father, telling me that he had dismissed the district nurses. He didn’t want or need any help and was perfectly able to look after himself! I was totally flabbergasted and tried to remind him of what he had agreed to at The Meeting, but he denied that he’d agreed to anything. I tried to reason with him, but he told me to back off, as I had a very low opinion of what he was able to do and waht not. He was not a child, and he would do what he wanted without any interference from me! In the end I told him that I would hang up before I told him something he didn’t want to hear, and I did. Iselin and Emilian was there when this was going on, and Iselin, shocked, phoned her mother after she’d left father. Iselin said that according to father I am now the baddie in the family, and I couldn’t be trusted! I rang sis, of course, and we had a looooooooong chat. She said she’d known that father was opposed to the district nurses coming in 4 times a day and «meddling» as he called it. Sis said she hadn’t wanted to tell me, because she knew I would be worried sick, and she wants me to relax on my holiday. She had told father that he could have it exactly as he wanted, but she refused to take any responsibility. He does’t seem to understand the consequenses of what he’s doing, and of course we can’t force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do.
I hardly slept last night, and sis called me this morning. Father had called her and told her how unreasonable I had always (!) been, and he was going to show me! I agreed with sis that I won’t call him for a few days. The way his memory is operating, he might soon forget what a terrible person I am! 😢. I am feeling angry and worried at the same time, so not a good day for me.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, April 28, 2019, 14:50
Oh dear Eva, poor you. This is all so hard and such a mess. I feel all bought about by not being able to get your father into a home or sheltered housing. I think you have to remember this isn't the father you have known talking, it is a different voice in the same body. I know it is very hard to do, but you have to try to ignore the cruel things he says. I think you are wise to leave him be for a few days and hopefully he will have forgotten all this. In the meantime, treat yourself to some nice things to do and try to really enjoy your hard won holiday a bit if you can. Sending lots of hugs.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, April 28, 2019, 16:21
Oh Eva sending hugs too, and I agree with what Twin has said - also hopefully when you next call him (in a few days) he won't remember what has been said. Do try and put it from your mind (difficult I know) and enjoy your stay in your lovely little cottage.
TK wrote:
Sunday, April 28, 2019, 20:33
Eva, that is very worrying for you. I agree with Pauline that it is not the old him.
I have something which may slightly deflect your thinking. I was going to wash Bruce's bedding before I came to visit. I've been advised that in order for him to have continuity and reduce his worry, I should not wash the bedding. It will make him feel more at home. Sorry.

It has been a hard day today. Mrs ExP and I are knackered. We have also learnt that we were wrong in the stereotype of what chess people would eat. I was basing it on MrExP and my Sheffield friend (not that he plays chess, but looks the type). It's all Ok as Mr ExP will eat the left overs! The food and drinks did go well as we had covered most requirements, except non animal milk and fruit tea.
Diana wrote:
Monday, April 29, 2019, 06:34
Morning. It's another misty one here though the sun is breaking through. Yesterday also started very misty but was then glorious and hot, the best weather we have had.

The motor show was interesting, I guess there were at least 200 cars and some bikes. The oldest was from 1909 and manufacturers included Ford Model T, Morgans, Lamborghini, Austins, Bentleys, Chevrolets, you name it and it was probably there. One of my favourites was an old BMW. We spent nearly two hours there.

Afterwards I bought another clothes stand to help when doing multiple washes and the ironing. I got 150 rand off as it had been priced incorrectly (approx £8). We spent the rest of the day on the veranda enjoying the sun.

Haven't read the blog yet but saw your post, Eva, and sending love and hugs.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, April 29, 2019, 06:56
Morning and the wind seems to have moved on as the trees look quite still. No sunshine though as it is quite cloudy. We should apparently be reaching about 15C later. I have to say the wind was quite chilly yesterday (and our heating came on in the evening).

Eva, I think it was a good thing Iselin and Emilian were visiting when you called, and were able to tell your sister. I am sure your Father has forgotten that you are away at the moment, so think it will be good for you to not call for some time. As we said yesterday you have to try and put it out of your mind for now (difficult I know) and concentrate on doing what you came over for – having a relaxing break away from all the problems at home. I am sure your visitors at the end of the week will help with that. Hope you managed a better night’s sleep last night and I am sending more hugs and oooooohhhhhhmmmmms/

Jo I am now wondering what Bruce’s bedding is like that you need to warn Eva in advance that it will be unwashed! I see you are probably now thinking the catering business is not for you? Love that you had a stereotype chess player in your mind. I am assuming that other than the milk and fruit tea issues all went well with the tournament?

Hurray the sun is trying to find Diana! Just in time for your trip – hope you have a lovely time. The motor show sounds fascinating – we have a friend who has a vintage taxi and he is quite often called upon to drive it in films – in fact tonight he is on duty at 2am making “shorts” with film undergraduates. The candidates re asked to write a script and then film the whole thing. This is then marked and they end up with either a first class degree or an "ordinary" degree depending on what they produce. Apparently many famous actors and directors cut their teeth in this way. The clothes rail sounds a bargain! Glad you managed time on the veranda in the sun, and presumably with no Bs in sight!

I managed to get all the i word done yesterday afternoon, and caught up with Ca’lty (somewhat harrowing) from Saturday, and agree that Michael S was brilliant in the episode. I then caught up with The Dxrrxls (I had two episodes to watch) for a little light relief. In the evening it was L of D of course!!!! Lot to resolve in the last episode next week, so glad it is an extended episode. Off to SLAPPAS this morning of course, and then have some music admin to sort out and do, then it will be rehearsal this evening. We may have a temporary solution to the conductor problem.....I am working on it!! Morning BHB, yes not so sunny this morning. Let’s take the pastel de natas and the Lavendula into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, April 29, 2019, 08:49
morning. Bit overcast . I decided not to go twitching today! ploppy went - and he has a date. a lady from church who goes to same b.rd watching group phoned last night to say her husband not going and she heard I wasn't going would ploppy like to go with her! I didn't realise it was a couples thing! so he has driven to hers and they will drive tog from there. I am supposed to be packing. yesterday forecast for week we are there was all 22/23 - today down to 16/17 for whole week. bit of a change! layers (and layers) methinks. Saturday I helped run one of s'guarding courses at local church. actually new member of staff wanted to run whole course herself - she is lead tr.ner and course is new so she wanted to try it out. so i made teas etc and observed. an easy (ish) morning. Had nice day yesterday. church , then lunch out with friends. then came home to email from friend offering us 2 free tics to Ch.lsea Fl show. we said yes! UB scollop and g/f are coming home same day BUt they will have to fend for themselves! this is friend with flat in L.ndon so we can stay there night before. they also have hse in L.ke D.strict and we are going to stay with them night before we go on for weeks hol in LD with my uni pals in June. so having thought not much on this year - it is all piling up now!
Jo - my catering efforts for course were nothing like as strenuous as yours. I may have to book you and Mrs Ex-P next time!. Sounds lie the catering would have been much harder work that the actual ch.ss. How did Mr ex-P get on in tournament?
Eva - how upsetting when you are on hol. As others have said it is not your dad speaking but someone scared of the changes both in himself and around him. The only good thing that may come out of this is that SS may see actually your dad isn't able to look after himself and so they will move him into care - which I think is what you all want. That is what happened with aunt and uncle. he sacked all their carers on their 2nd day - and I think i said prev accused ploppy of trying to steal things from him. GP then had to use s'guarding legislation to get care and then move her into a home. Good that Isel.n was there and that you and your sis are able to support each other. What are you reading now? Any recommendations for books to take on hol - now that it is not hot (or even warm!) will have to sit in cafes reading!
Diana - enjoy your mini break. hope weather warms up - both for you and for us on our hols.! Good to hear news of Marianne - I hope her improvement continues.
Hello Sue - great to see you. I did mean to book to see your other love but just never quite got around to it. Hugs for the Rheum arth pain - but hope your other love tour was great medicine for you!
Jane - so sorry to hear about your train troubles - very upsetting - and so frustrating when everything is out of your control. . but great that you did manage to meet bro.
Carol -glad the H.ndel went well - and that you weren't blown away by storm H. seems to have been a lot stronger further S and you and Eva seem to have born brunt of it. our garden furniture was quite safe here.
Going to follow Pauline's example and do the bedding now - and then packing - now have to cull my summer tops and put in a few more long sleeve ones!
TK wrote:
Monday, April 29, 2019, 08:53
Re Bruce's bed. Dogs have a doggie smell, their bedding gets that smell. I would usually wash the bedding every 2 weeks, but due to moving house for a few days the dog trainer said the smell may help to settle him as he will smell that he has his own bedding. To me the smell is not bad but I know that if you are not used to it..........

Diana, that car show sounds very interesting. I would have enjoyed that. I went to one at Knebworth a few years ago, it was fascinating. The only thing I didn't like was the traffic jam getting there. That has put he off from going to similar events.

Carol is right it is a bit chilly this morning, I turned the heating off as Bruce is sitting outside, unlike Bella he likes to be outside. I think he is being a guard dog. I typed that and went and checked. Oh! not a guard dog, a couch potato. I've shut the back door.

Good news about the conductor, even if it is temporary.

pauline2 wrote:
Monday, April 29, 2019, 09:27
Morning all and it is also chilly here as my heating had clicked in first thing! I need to do a food shop today and need some other bits and bobs as well so will probably go to WGC where I can do it all. I got the ixxnxxg done yesterday and then managed a bit of cleaning so a really fun day! Watched LoD last night and like a lot of others am now on tenterhooks waiting for the last episode next week. I have lots of guesses about it but really not a clue!

Hope you managed a good night's rest Eva and are feeling a little better about things today. I know it never leaves you, but I really hope you can manage to enjoy your holiday. Nothing much you can do about things for a while so you may as well do nice things for you! Maybe a good massage would help?

Jo I see the catering business is not for you! I know it is hard work and there is always someone who wants what you haven't got! We always used to take the dog's blankets with us when we took her/him (we had two dogs, but not at the same time!) on any holiday. I would of thought you could have washed it now and it would have his smell on it by the time you go so he could smell it but Eva can'? Mind if it is washed every 2 weeks I can'tthink it can be that bad!

Diana I would have enjoyed that car show as I am a bit of a petrol head! My first serious boyfriend had an old MG PB and he stripped and rebuilt it, I just loved it. Also had an Uncle who loved cars and had some fab ones as does his son. It runs in the family! Enjoy your trip and fingers crossed for good weather.

So I see you are filling your diary Fi. No change there then! I love Chelsea, but it is exhausting and having to trail back to the tube then train home at the end of it is dire, so having a flat to go to sounds heaven! What sort of books do you want? Crime or something else. Twin has an endless fund of riters she can recommend! Or you could do what I do and check the Rxchard and Jxdy website, I find their recommendations are usually excellent.


Morning BHB and what have we today? Oh of course, Lavendula, silly me. Let's get another jug and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Monday, April 29, 2019, 11:42
Morning all. It’s very gray and cold here, and raining as well!☹️🌧

Hello sweetheart. You’ve been waiting for me? You thought I could do with a herbal tea and a snuggling session? How right you are💋💋💋

I didn’t sleep too well last night either, so even if it was cold outside, I dressed warmly and headed out at 6.45 am. I did go for a fairly long walk to clear my brain, and it helped. It felt good to come back to a warm cottage and a nice bowl of porridge for my breakfast. I had decided to do as some of you recommended, buy myself something nice, so I drove in to Truro. I ended up with 2 tops and one pair of jeans. I haven’t tried them on yet, but ir felt good to put them in the basket. Then I went to Sainsbugs for some food shopping. That is the coldest supermarket I’ve ever been in. It was freeeeeeeeeezing, and the customers more or less ran around to be finished.
Cas on Saturday night was a sad one, and in the mood I was in, my tears were running!😢. The actor playing Ian was sooooooooo good.👏👏👏 He desrves a price for that episode alone. And then there was LoD last night. Good heavens,- they do know how to make things complicated, but I don’t think the present suspect is H. He’s been set up. My suspicions are going towards a female. We’ll see.

Jo,- I think that if we place Bruce’s bed in the conservatory, it should be OK. So you won’t be starting a catering business.? Hehe.

Thank you for your kind messages re father. He hasn’t actually been diagnosed with dementia yet, but we are fairly sure he’s in the early stages.

Fi,- busy as usual? At the moment I’m reading the latest S*etland book, and as usual I’m enjoying it. Your days in London for the flower show is perfick, especially if you can stay in your friend’s flat. Have a great holiday.

Carol,- I envy you the H*ndel concert. I love his music.

Pauline,- you finished your i****g? I have a pile only waiting for you to do it!😜
TK wrote:
Monday, April 29, 2019, 19:23
Yes, I thought the conservatory would be the best place . He has lots of bedding and Bella's expensive bed so he should be fine. I've just eaten a bowl of savoury rice I prepared earlier and he has not moved from the bed 3 ft/1m away...... ssshhhh he may be getting better. I don't usually eat in the same room as him, more relaxing!! But I have to try normal life (for me) bit by bit. Tamsey has just gone past on her way out.

New bench in the park today https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D5V--RYWwAAnBp6.jpg The van and 3 men entered the park and were gone in 45mins, job done. Bruce and I were the first customers. It will be his first and last time on the seat as he had to be lifted up to get there. It is a little too high for him to jump up.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 07:27
Morning and although cloudy the sun is doing its best to come out – The heating has kicked in so I am assuming it is currently chilly out.

So you have allowed Ploppy to twitch with another woman then Fi? Very broad minded of you!!! How did the packing go? Is this the I Lxkes expedition? Lindy and Lawrence are off to Vxnxce on Sunday for a week, and the temperatures look very similar to here, albeit with sunshine and blue skies I expect. Oh brilliant that you have tickets for the F Show – wear comfy shoes! Lovely that you can stay over too. It will be nice for you to catch up with them in June en route to the English Lxkes. I always look at a month and think “not much on” and then it is surprising how quickly the diary gets filled. So after your tea and coffee making at the s’guarding course you could join forces with Jo and Mrs ExP in their catering venture. In terms of books – the series I have just finished by Ellx Grxffxths which is set on the Nxrfxlk Cxast was very enjoyable. The first in the series is The Crxssing Plxces.

Jo thanks for explaining about Bruce’s bedding. The conservatory sounds ideal for him. I imagine it is a similar thing to babies who are put into incubators being given a square of cloth that has been with their mother, so they can grow used to the smell and bond when they are together. Lovely the quick change from guard dog to couch potato! The temporary solution is that I will teach the notes and Derek (who conducted the Mxssixh on Saturday) will come to the final rehearsal and conduct for a concert. Not ideal as I said but it does mean we should be able to do our annual Sxve the Chxldren concert in December (although I need to check he is available!). So you think the training is paying off if you were allowed to eat in peace? Bench looks lovely – I feel it is only right that you were the first to use it!

Eva not surprised you didn’t sleep well on Sunday night. I am sure the walk did a lot to make you feel better. Ah a nice little bit of RT is a wonderful boost when you are feeling down. The Sainsbugs we go to on Mondays is also quite chilly – although it can be nice when there is a heat wave, it is not so good when it is this time of year! I thought Michael was excellent in Clty – I agree he deserves to be put forward for one of the tv awards. Very moving. Of course Ted has been set up!! Nice long episode on Sunday to resolve (hopefully) everything! Having said that with a sixth series confirmed we might not get all the answers on Sunday night. Although no diagnosis yet it does sound very like the early symptoms Eva. We really enjoyed singing the Hxndxl but it was very tricky in places, Eva. I think Derek is planning on some more “from scratch performances” so we may well add to our choral singing repertoire!

Hope Diana has a lovely trip this week and the SA weather is kind to her.

We did our Sainsbugs shop yesterday and I did buy a couple of cotton t-shirts for the holiday afterwards (one is of course pink). I spent the afternoon sorting out music and managed to find all the pieces I wanted. Rehearsal went well in the evening – shame we will miss one on Monday as it is Bank Holiday, we will only have Sue for two more rehearsals after that before she moves away (although she will be back to take a couple of rehearsal in early July). Today I am going to start the clothes swap – but will also have to type a couple of reports for MM for next week’s PCC – he just has to write them first! He is planning on going into the garden this afternoon and doing some tidying up. Tonight we are off to meet up with the ex Variety group at the local pub. Morning BHB, yes the sun is trying to come out. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Lxst Wxrd into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 08:50
Morning all and it is a lovely one here. I am off to the chiro shortly, I had forgotten I had an appointment today, until I found a reminder on my phone! Still good in one way as it means my back is good, at least part of me is! If it stays this nice I will do a bit of gardening this afternoon. Need to make the most of every opportunity! I went to WGC yesterday and did get accosted by a jumping top, but it is very pretty and ideal for the holiday.

Eva I hope you had a better sleep last night. I think the walk then a bit of RT was exactly what was needed. You need to concentrate on you for a while. It will hopefully help you for when you do go home, well for a few hours anyway! I feel with LoD that we will get some resolution but not all as there is another series to come. I think Ted will be cleared in this one at the very least. Well that is what I am hoping! So sorry I missed your message about the ixxnxxg, mine is all done now!

Love the bench Jo. Very smart, though maybe not Bruce friendly! He obviously prefers sofas! It sounds as if he is hopefully really settling in. Bless!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Lxst Wxrd? Lovely. We should get some more and got and find the CM, I think she is in the conservatory.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 09:09
We were out for ages this morning, 90 mins. Not going too far away, just a 'rota' of his friends in the park. I don't have to rush anywhere so I thought I'd just carry on. Mr ExP was very early as he wanted to go to an antiques fare early, he has a booking for Mw3Ds this morning, so didn't want to hang about.

I found out yesterday that I can now take Amzn returns to the PO up the road. Easy :) I got a lead for Bruce, as a spare, but the clip was too light. He is a medium size dog, so I bought S/M. I should have gone for L. I'll use Dippy's lead as a spare for the holiday.

Carol, thanks for the explanation on the stand-in conductor. I was wondering how you were going to get on. Unfortunately no one I know has the skills you require.

Plan for today. Print packing list and start packing.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 11:30
Afternoon(just) all. It’s quite nice here at the moment. Seems like it’s clearing up.

Hello sweetheart. Sorry I’m late, but I had to change the jeans I bought yesterday. I would love a herbal tea and a snuggle if you have the time. You do? 💋💋💋

As I told the BHB I had to change the pair of jeans I bought yesterday. I don’t know what Sainsbug have done with their sizes, but I couldn’t even get them over my knees!

The chaos with father goes on, but I won’t bore you with the details. Youngest sister called yesterday, and she was spitting blood, she was so angry. Even Mrs S rang her after she had spoken to father, and said she thought he’d lost the plot! She was told what was going on, and said that she thought we had handled the situation as best we could! Imagine,- acceptance from Mrs S, eh? I told youngest sister that if the situation was spinning out of control, I’d come home. I was told in no uncertain terms to stay where I was. She didn’t want to see me until my due date. That was me told!

Jo,- the new bench looks lovely. I’m sure other park users will appriciate it too.

Carol,- I hope your search for a new conductor will be successful soon.

Pauline,- so I was too late for you to do my i****g? Darn!☹️

TK wrote:
Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 13:30
Eva, that sounds very worrying. Youngest Sister is right, stay where you are. She has other lovely, very capable family members to assist her if she needs help.

You know how they say packing for a baby to go away is really a strain? Packing for an elderly dog who has returned to a bit of a puppy is also 'fun'. Bag full of toys. I went to the vet in the village at lunch time to get a second one which really works well at feeding time to slow him down. I also used their scales, he has lost 0.3Kg since I had him. So the extra exercise has made a difference. I'll not worry about extra treats putting on weight.

I better carry on with the packing. Not started mine yet.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 14:45
Afternoon everyone.

We're enjoying our three days away despite the weather not being great. It was very misty at home when I woke up yesterday but had almost cleared but the time we got going and we left Knysna in beautiful sunshine. Half way to the next town we hit the fog and it was misty until the outskirts of George. Lovely sunshine and warm in George where we stopped for a quick shop. I bought a dusky pink hoodie from Woolworths and Ploppy a long sleeved top. We drove on and had more mist at Mossel Bay but this had cleared when we stopped for wine tasting and lunch a little further on. The wine tasting was vg and we bought six bottles. Lunch was yum and perfect size. We shared a plate of rissoles - prawn, chicken and jalapeño & cheese, then each had a pasta de Nata which was gorgeous.

We drove on heading west, then turned south towards the coast. It was sunny and very warm but as we headed south we could see the clouds cum mist ahead. We had a drive round Stilbaai, the town is very spread out, with a river running through the centre. Beautiful sand beaches on both sides of the town. We located the guesthouse, checked in and unpacked.

We had a nice dinner at a seafood and steak restaurant. We shared pita bread with feta and olives which was very good but larger than we anticipated - the size of a pizza. Then we both had steak, which was excellent.

This morning started partly sunny and we've had sun, clouds and light showers all day. After breakfast we took a drive to the east side of the town on the far side of the river, and took a short walk through a nature reserve near the beach and a drive along the river for several miles. After this we went to a distillery for a gin tasting. We had four gins, two rums and three liqueurs, with some nuts, crisps etc to accompany, the tasting was vg. We also had an ice cream each, made with some of the drinks produced there - yum. We bought a couple of glasses, a taster set of three of the gins and one of the liqueurs. We returned to the guesthouse and had a long walk through the neighbouring nature reserve to the sea. This evening we are having dinner at restaurant recommended by the guesthouse owners.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 14:52
This is the distillery we visited today

This where we are staying

Tomorrow we leave after breakfast and then drive along the coast back towards Mossel Bay, possibly driving through a nature reserve. We have a bit more shopping to do in George and will probably have lunch/early dinner there, before driving home.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 21:52
Oh wow Diana, sounds like a lovely time.

I may never go on hols with a dog ever again. Very needy, worried I may miss something he'll need. No time to go though my case, so maybe packed little heavy for me. Bella would have been more self-sufficient, but due to his history I don't want him to miss anything and he can get a bit fraught (=noisy). Though this afternoon he was sitting quietly in the garden listening to 2 dogs 'chat' either side of him. Later there was an hour of play time, trying to teach him tricks.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 1, 2019, 07:07
Morning and a tad chilly out (I know as the garden refuse truck reversed down the road (beeping) at 6.27am, so I went into a panic and rushed down to put the rubbish sack out in case all the trucks were going to arrive early).

Ah we can take our A’zon returns to our little post office on the small parade of shops near us, and it is, as you say, very handy Jo. I see packing for Bruce is proving a headache. Love that he still thinks he is a young puppy – I mean imagine anyone not thinking they are their true age (as in 27). I see all the exercise is slimming him down nicely. So no time to sort out your own packing (although I see you have followed Eva’s example and drawn up a list). I am sure he will be fine, and hopefully you will have packed enough for yourself. I am assuming you are off today? If so have a lovely time and please give Eva a couple of extra hugs from me.

Eva shame about the jeans – hopefully the ones you exchanged them for now fit. Oh dear, things not so good at home then, fell off my chair at Mrs S’s comment that you had both handled the situation as best you could!!! Jo is right, there are plenty of family members who can support your sister and it is important that you get yourself rested and relaxed over here so that you will be able to pick up the reins when you finally go home. Surely the SS must now do something (or am I being overly optimistic). Anyway you have a visitor (well two as you have Bruce of course) so enjoy your time with them and RELAX!

So the weather has not been that favourable again Diana, that’s a shame. I am assuming the clothes purchase was to make sure you were warm enough whilst away. The wine tasting and lunch sounded lovely and of course the gin tasting! I am liking the idea of gin ice cream. The guest house looks lovely by the way. Stunning views. Enjoy the remainder of your break and hopefully you will arrive home to brilliant sunshine (and no Bs).

I postponed my clothes shop yesterday as the forecast for the end of the week is for it to turn really cold again. I did sort out some of my non worn over the winter clothes and there is a large pile ready to go to the Sue R shop. There is more to do I think! We had a nice gathering in the pub in the evening and did our best to put the world to rights. I managed to catch up on iplxyxr with HC when we got home – still find the Dxm storyline totally unbelievable. I think Lxfty is back next week – hooray! We may go out and take the clothes to the SRyder shop today and MM wants to go to builders’ merchants for some bits and pieces. He worked in the garden yesterday afternoon and said it was very warm out. Morning BHB, yes it is a bit cloudy this morning. Let’s take the toasted muffins and the Stxrry Nxght into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, May 1, 2019, 09:08
Morning all and it was very cloudy but the sun is just starting to break through so hopefully another nice day. It was lovely yesterday and I did a bit in the garden but as I had been to see my chiro I had to be careful. She actually would have been cross with me for being out there at all! Today I need to do a bit of a food shop and then I will be back outside. I am allowed today!

Eva I am flabbergasted! Mrs S being nice about what you and your sister have done? Has she been in the sun too long do you think? Now listen to Twin and do as she says! I can see she is wagging her finger at you and it is wise to do what she says then! Plus you know it makes sense!

Is it today you are off then Jo, or are you just ready well in advance? If today and a good journey and I hope Bruce enjoys it too. Most important! Also give Eva a hug from me please.

Love the guesthouse you are in Diana. Wonderful views and beautifully fitted out. Shame the weather is a bit hit and miss, but enjoy today and have a good journey home.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Starry Nxght? Sounds wonderful, so let's get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, May 1, 2019, 10:17
Morning all. It’s clearing up here, I think, but not very warm, only + 11 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. Not too bad today, is it? What I mean? That I’m not too late, so if you can offer me a herbal tea to go with the toasted muffins and the snuggling, I’ll be very content. 💋💋💋

I agree about Dom’s story line in HC. First he hated his birth mother, and now he suddenly follows her around like a lap dog. Yes please bring L*fty back. That should give him something else to think about.😜
I keep getting the bills for father’s service charges, for his stay at the care home and different gizmos he’s had installed! I know that he needed a new bank account when mother died, so there can be some confusion there, but how they’ve got hold of my bank account no and being able to send me the bills, is beyond me. So I had to call youngest sister again yesterday. She said she’d sort it. PHEW! An extra £1100 isn’t very welcome to be drawn on my current account.
Youngest sister had spoken to the district nurse yesterday. They said they’d check on him twice a day, and check that he took his meds. Father had agreed, so we’ll have to see how long it lasts.😏 Father’s principal nurse at the care home rang sis yesterday. She wanted to know how father handled being back home, and sis told her what was happening. The nurse said she wasn’t surprised, but adviced sis to take a step back and let the district nurses do their job. Maybe then the SS will admit that sending him home was wrong.
I presume Jo and Bruce are well on their way to St. Issey by now. I’m really looking forward to seeing them both.

Diana,- your little holiday sounds lovely. All that wine and gin tasting must have left you quite sqiffy? 😂

Carol,- I will do my best not to worry too much about the home situation. I’m sure it will help to have visitors.

Pauline,- good to hear that the chiro has given her permission for you to be busy in the garden. Enjoy!
evam wrote:
Wednesday, May 1, 2019, 14:16
Just to let you know that Jo and Bruce have arrived safely.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 1, 2019, 14:50
Thanks for letting us know Eva - enjoy your guests!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, May 1, 2019, 17:32
We are in Cornwall. Bruce has almost all of his things with him, so it is a home from home. We have all been for a walk. Lovely place. I'm knackered long drive. Eva has made us very welcome.
Sue-1 wrote:
Wednesday, May 1, 2019, 22:07
Evening all……
I see Bruce isn’t much of a pub dog…..yet. Are there any of Bella’s tennis balls left? Our Nellie isn’t happy with a new toy until she’s bitten the squeak out of it, but she does love her ‘babies’ so I have to mend them, once the squeak’s gone she’s fine.
Reading about him jumping up to the table for food, poor Bruce, it seems he’s not had much of a life so far.

Just read about your nightmare journey to Cornwall Eva, glad you got there safely and that you love it. Nice upgrade with the car.
Can’t wait for our Cornish holiday, such a shame we don’t overlap, I like reading what you’re up to though. I love Truro too and Padstow, especially the walk along the top at Padstow (up the hill at the end of the harbour) might struggle with the hill this year though.

Diana, that walk you went on would have been my worst nightmare, and you’re so much fitter than me!

I remember KK’s oven packing up, wonder how that lady is doing?

Diana those wretched baboons would terrify me. Love to read your posts.
Electricity, what a nightmare!

Rhubarb vodka sounds good Carole, I’m into rhubarb gin liqueur with ginger ale at the mo.

Flippin eck Jane that’s a long time fence painting!

Feeling a bit sorry for the bunnies round your way Ali, good to see Gatsby is okay though.

Maeve, your Scollop’s outdoor set up sounds lovely.

Jo, nice pics, Bruce’s face is just lovely.
You used to make sandwiches for a job, well I never.

Fi, I’m hoping for photos of this wedding, dying to see your outfits.
I see NN is still horrible, we are so lucky to live next door to a really nice couple, the other neighbour is not so lovely but we rarely see her and have no trouble from her.

Eva, I think the Pickwick Inn will be one to try when we get down later this month, thanks for the link.
You may find this hard to believe but Ploppy and I were talking about some of the places we’d been to see Lee and he recalled one by saying you know the one when we met Diana’s friend!! I would not have thought he’d remember her.

Read a bit further about your upset with Father, no wonder you’re worried and a bit angry. Of course he won’t realise how unreasonable he’s being, such a worry for the whole family.
Getting the bills for his aids must be the last straw, good thing it’s being sorted.

Shxtland book? As in the TV series? One of my favourites, as for LoD, I’m loving it.

Storm Hannah didn’t affect us much here but I follow an Osprey group in Wales and the poor girl on the nest protecting three eggs had a very rough time of it.

Love that Bruce is a couch potato. I see you’re in my favourite county, we definitely got the timings wrong this year, we could have met Bruce

The guest house looks lovely Diana.

Finally caught up….until the next time, g’night

Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, May 2, 2019, 06:29
Morning and a bright start but the heating has kicked in again so assuming it is cold out. Think we have rain coming in later this afternoon.

I am glad you agree about the Dxm storyline, Eva, and that it isn’t just me who thinks it is not realistic! That isn’t good that you are getting the bills for your Father’s service charges for the care home etc. As you say a little concerning that they managed to get hold of your account details – well done to sister to say she will sor5t it out. So the nurse at the Home wasn’t surprised by the current turn of events. Interesting that she has advised not jumping into to help out, but to let the D Nurses (the ones that your Father will allow in) do as much as they can. Fingers crossed the SS come to their senses. Now you have your visitors safely with you, that should take your mind of events at home a little. Bruce looked as if he had made himself at home!

Jo that’s a relief that you didn’t leave anything for Bruce behind....I am assuming you managed to do the same with your own things! Hopefully the long drive wasn’t quite as bad as the one Eva had, but it is a long way down to C’wall. Hopefully Bruce was a good traveller – did the doggy friendly guide to travelling help?? Enjoy your stay!

Well done on catching up Sue - it must have been a little like wading through W & Peace! My sister’s two dogs always attacked the squeaks in any toy, as does our friends’ dog in C’bury. It makes you wonder why they put the squeakers in as they all seem to suffer the same fate! I think Bruce will soon come to realise he has fallen on all four paws with his new home. Lovely when you think he hasn’t had a good life to date. It is a shame you aren’t all down in C’wall at the same time this year – you could have had a mini Lxppy meet! Well done to Ploppy on remember Mxranne - her ears must be ringing at the moment as we are all mentioning her. I can thoroughly recommend the Rhubarb vodka (it also comes in a very pretty bottle!).
They do a similar gin too. We love the S’land tv series too and are all waiting with baited breath for Sunday night’s L of D!! Yes I think the West side of the country got the full brunt of Hxnnah – at least the osprey eggs survived!

The Sue R shop were very pleased with their donations (three plastic sacks of clothes and a box of books) – I heard the other day that the SR at Nxttlebxd where Ann was, is back under threat of closure. Do hope they manage to keep it open as it is such a haven of peace and tranquillity – I feel it won’t be the same elsewhere. Had an exciting time with MM visiting various builders’ merchants yesterday (not) so caught up with the last episode of The Wxdxw when I was home, and watched the first episode of The Lxxming Txwers. We were out in the evening at church (sadly back to freezing cold – of course in the UK everywhere turns off the heating on 1st May regardless of the weather outside!). We were home again at about 10.30pm as we took our curate home rather than let her face two buses and a tube journey. Today we are off to Twin’s as MM is going into maintenance mode and is going to try and fix her shed and install her new letter box on her front door. Wonder what Twin and I can find to do whilst he does all this.................let me think............. Morning BHB, yes it does look nice and sunny at the moment. Let’s take the pastel de natas and the Hxney Bee Mxne into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Thursday, May 2, 2019, 07:02
It's been raining but has stopped now. Bruce and I are going ut with Eva's ex land lady for a walk by the river
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, May 2, 2019, 08:53
Morning all and it is lovely and sunny at the moment, though sadly I think it will change later. I am awaiting the arrival of Twin and MM in a while. Mm, bless him is going to do some maintenance for me. Love that man, such a poppet! Did a bit more gardening myself yesterday so it is definitely looking a bit more itself again. Trouble is the ground is so dry. We really do need rain sadly.

Jo so glad you arrived safe and sound after a mini marathon drive. (Eva's was the full marathon!) Bruce looks to have settled in very nicely. He must think he is in heaven! Have a lovely holiday.

Eva I think the nurse your sister spoke to is very wise, she obviously knows the ways of SS and also of old people very well. Very lovely of her to ring I think. Hope you have a love time with Jo and Bruce, I feel sure you will!

Well done on catching up Sue. Can't have been easy as we do chatter rather!

Morning BHB and what is the cocktail of the day? Honey Bxx Mine? Sounds lovely so let's get more and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Thursday, May 2, 2019, 09:32
Morning all. Overcast today, a few drops of rain and only +11 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. You have my coffee ready? Lovely.💋💋💋. The sofa is ready for the snuggling? Better and better.❤️

My guests arrived without mishap yesterday afternoon. Whem Jo had finished unloading Bruce’s stuff, you couldn’t see the floor! She’s brought everything he might need,- and then doubled it! Oh, she did have 1 bag with her own stuff as well. 😜. Bruce is a sweetie. He is also very needy, which is understandable after all he’s been through. He’s got his nose into everything, and you have to be careful where you place anything eatable, because he’ll try to eat it otherwise! When we went to bed, he wasn’t too pleased about being left in the conservatory, so he was scrathcing the door, whining and barking for a while, but fell asleep after a while. He’s an early riser, but he didn’t beat me! Mary takes her dog, Dylan, down to the river every morning and invited Jo to come with them. They are still out. I’ve been on a quick visit to the Tshop, and I’m now wairing for my cleaning lady to appear. We had a nice walk yesterday afternoon, and realised that we can easily walk to the P*ckwick on Saturday.

Sue,- lovely to see you. As I’ve already booked this cottage again for next year, I can give you my dates now. I’ll arrive here on the 8th of May and stay for 4 weeks. It would be lovely to meet up with you and Ray.

Carol,- so MM is in caretaker mode today, eh? Lucky Pauline! I’m sure the charity shop was delighted with your contribution. You must be one of their largest contributors.

Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, May 2, 2019, 09:50
Morning. i did post on Tuesday- and only just realised It didn't actually post - sorry. Good news on Tues. My gl.ucoma appt showed that I don't after all have gl.ucoma - and I passed all my periph v.sion tests fine. what a relief. have to go back again in 6 months for insultant to check that lower pressure levels in eye maintained (as were higher the prev 3 times) but if lower (not low but just out of glauc.ma range) then he will discharge me. Tues was a good day!
Eva - you are organised booking so far ahead. I assume that you like this cottage - it looks lovely and good to be so near Mary. I did enjoy our C.rnwall loppy meet when we were in Port I. Great advice from nurse - hopefully you can now relax more and enjoy your visitors. My packing sounds like Bruce's. Ploppy's more like Jo's!
Jo - good that Bruce has settled in and already has his fave chair (saw on Tw.tter!)
Sue - you did very well to catch up. i hate all photos of me so there may not be many as I try and avoid photos at all costs.
Carol - snap re no of bags for SR. our 2 branches don't seem in danger of closing - thanks to us!
Pauline - we did 1.5 hrs of gardening yesterday (before the packing and h'work _ i was shattered last night!) and then had fair amount of rain in eve. so ground more workable now. of course weeds (and dust) will all have retd by time I get home.
Off to G'wick this aft - going by train. never done that before so will see how works. staying overnight at airport and fly in morning. Weather forecast still "mixed"!
TK wrote:
Thursday, May 2, 2019, 10:28
Fi I hope all goes well with the flight.
We have been to the seaside. Bruce does not like the sea chasing him. Of course he was on the lead. There is a pic on Twitter.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, May 2, 2019, 15:55
Evening everyone.

We’ve had two lovely days of sunshine and warmth, with some cloud first thing, though we did have a light shower yesterday morning while in the car. The guesthouse had set out our breakfast on their upstairs balcony. It was mostly sunny but I was glad I’d put on my fleece. We had a lovely view of the bay and beach. We had a long chat with the female owner of the place – they are both English!

Dinner on Tuesday night was nice but not great. The chef has a thing about crispy noodles – all the starters and mains came with a few noodles on top, I was quite expecting the desserts to turn up with them too. I had duck wontons, gnocchi with prawns and mussels in a creamy sauce (the sauce was a bit thick and not huge taste), followed by chocolate springrolls. Ploppy had fishcakes, duck and Amarula crème brulee which he said was burnt a bit too much. We took our own wine as the restaurants doesn’t have a licence yet.

We left the guesthouse about 9.00 am and drove east on the coastal road rather than returning via the main road. Part of it was unpaved but better than some roads we’ve driven as there weren’t any potholes. We stopped in the small and very quiet coast town of Gouritsmond which, like Stilbaai, is on a river and has a lovely beach. We drove west beside the sea for some way, watching the water on the rocks. We rejoined the main road just before Mossel Bay and drove on to George. We decided to have lunch before doing the shopping which was a mistake since a lot of the shops in the mall closed at 3.00 as it was a public holiday. We had a nice lunch sitting outside in the front of the restaurant in the sunshine. I had chicken burger with onions and cheese plus chips, while Ploppy had sole. We went to Woolworths first to get some food then went looking for a toyshop for a water gun but got to Toys R *s just as it was closing. We got home around 4.15 pm and, after unpacking, had a quiet evening watching TV – we didn’t have anything to eat after a cooked breakfast and large lunch.

I’ve done two loads of washing today so the I word tomorrow. Our paint was finally delivered this afternoon but it’s too late to have the work done, it’ll have to wait until December/January. Ploppy went to play golf for the first time since his operation but came back shortly after as the course is closed today for repairs. So this afternoon he hit a few shots on the practice green. I think that was much better than doing a full 18 holes. He is now planning on playing this Saturday. I spent most of the day on the veranda making the most of the sun. I should have gone to the gym but didn’t as it was so nice and the forecast for the next few days isn’t so great.

I am intending to washing our bedroom nets tomorrow. We will probably pop into town for some fruit/salad and possibly some other stuff, depending on the weather. Over the next few days I also want to clean the lounge windows as they have a lot of marks since I tried to get the remains of the sticky tape off. Tomorrow we are going to Plett for dinner at a fish restaurant which we haven’t been to for a while.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, May 2, 2019, 16:16
I've done a very quick catch up.

Have a lovely holiday, Jo. Enjoy your visitors stay, Eva, and try to forget about home.

Hope the train journey went well, Fi, and have a good flight and time away.

Must email my parents and then do dinner. Tonight we're having snoek and then pizza.
TK wrote:
Thursday, May 2, 2019, 18:50
Diana, love the planning of work for Dec and Jan. Best wishes for that work.

This early afternoon we went to a chocolate factory. We were meant to see them making the products but they were at lunch. We watched the vid, looked at the manufacturing room and saw some of the packing being done. All this was through the glazed window.. i had a lovely hot chocolate. We bought some chocolate as gifts. On the way back had a lovely tour about. Then had late lunch at a garden centre. They had a little dog a few feet back from the entrance giving all the customers a once over. The food was lovely, dogs allowed in the cafe. We'd left Bruce at home as there were no dogs alowed in the chocolate factory. He was nicely rested by the time we got back. We had a uphill downhill walk around the village .
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, May 3, 2019, 06:19
Morning All – a little overcast here at the moment. Yesterday afternoon at Pauline’s we had some rumbles of thunder, some heavy rain and then some hail – think it was the cold front coming through as the temperatures dropped quite quickly afterwards.

Eva, I see Bruce is well prepared for his visit, may be Jo not so much! Glad to hear Bruce is as sweet as he looks from his photos. He probably can’t believe his luck having had such a awful time before his new mummy found him. Lovely that he has a new friend (Mary’s dog) to socialise with. Excellent that you can easily walk to the pub for Saturday’s get together. We see you have already booked for next year – and managed to avoid Exster, but we were worried for a moment that you might have hit upon Mxy Dxy Bxnk Hxl but that is at the beginning of the week on the 4th, so you should be safe! The Sue R shop is always pleased to see us!

That is excellent news about your eyes Fi. Fingers crossed the Insultant will discharge you on your next visit. The cottage does look lovely doesn’t it and of course has the added advantage that there is a spare room for Jo, Eva can still keep in touch with Mary and everything seems close by. Ah another one who is not keen in being in photos - that applies to me and Twin as well! I think our two branches of the SR shop will continue to thrive for some time! Not surprised you were shattered after one and half hours of gardening and then the packing and housework. Hope you have a lovely holiday (and that the trains to G’wick all worked well!).

So Bruce not a water baby then. It probably seems vast to him! You looked well wrapped up in the photo. The chocolate factory visit reminded me of one we went to in Frxnce many years ago – we were with my parents and there were just the four of us watching the video about the manufacture. The gc sounds idea for lunch as well as dogs, although I see Bruce had a lovely rest and didn’t make it to the chocolate factory (I know chocolate is bad for dogs). I see he still got plenty of exercise later though.

Hurray – you had some warmth and sunshine at last Diana. Breakfast on the balcony sounds lovely (even though you needed to wear your fleece) – as I said the view looked lovely from the guesthouse so being able to see it whilst eating must have been special. Shame the dinner on Tuesday wasn’t quite as good – how weird to want to put noodles with everything!! The scenic route home sounds lovely. Nice time to get home too – not too late. I see you went into full laundry mode once you were back! I have just fallen off my chair to read the paint has actually turned up, albeit too late for you to get the painting done now – I am assuming the weather will be better in Dec/Jan. I think you are right and Ploppy doing practice shots will have been better for his shoulder than a full 18 holes. Enjoy the fish restaurant!

We had an very good RT expedition yesterday – we left MM to do his maintenance jobs and sallied forth to see what delights we could find in H’enden. As it happened we both did very well. There is an MandCo in in the town, and I bought some lovely pull on crop trousers in pink and another pair in black which will be great for the holiday, plus a red shrug which will go with one of the long dresses I bought in the sales last year, and a multicoloured top (very J&TAMTDC!). I also bought a couple of tops in Phxse Exgxt (both shops had 20% off for the Bank Holiday weekend) and then we went into a little shop that sold all sorts of things (it had the most beautiful fragrant smell, which we traced to some lovely scented candles at the rear of the shops. We were just leaving when I spotted a lovely kimono style floaty thingy – in blue and pink. It is made from modal and viscose, is screen printed and looks just like silk. It will be lovely for going on to dinner on holiday over a top and trousers. So all in all a very good shop! In the evening we went out for dinner and then MM and I drove home about 8.15pm – it was still light for most of the drive and just getting dark as we arrived here. We finally watched the last episode of The Bay – I am a bit ambivalent about it but I would say it was more plausible than The Wxdxw. Today the church has it’s Quinquennial Inspection with our new architect, so I will drop MM off at about 9.15 am and then go into Ux’brge and do our weekend food shop. The Inspection will take most of the day, but I will be back at church at 2pm for our May service planning meeting. Hopefully that should finish just before 4pm and then we are back again for Choir practice at 7pm, so quite a busy day ahead. Morning BHB, yes a little overcast still. Let’s take the Vanillita and the paninis into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Friday, May 3, 2019, 06:27
It was a quiet night. We didn't see the Dementia choir, probably for the best, after reading Twitter.
Eva is out getting her paper. Bruce is sitting on his fleece after an early morning play. He was scratching his ear. He had bad infection in both ears so I have to watch this. I've just given then a wipe with baby wipes, as directed by the vet. Taken his mind off ears by giving him a cow's hoof to chew..
Nothing to strenuous planned for today, although walking will be involved.
Yesterday afternoon I did continue training, sitting quietly in a pub. He really isn't too good at that.
Better get on.
TK wrote:
Friday, May 3, 2019, 06:36
I did do refresh before I started typing, didn't see Carol, tablet is weird. Hndn sounds like the place to go shopping. Like the sound of the floaty thing. Right Eva is back so better get moving.
Ali wrote:
Friday, May 3, 2019, 08:04
Morning. Very damp and dull here. Was hoping for better weather as I’m off for Brownie holiday tomorrow. Deliberately booked a bit later this year as we had damp and misty few days last year. Oh well, the girls will enjoy it no matter what.
Just the small matter of packing to do. But first I have a delivery from MrT due, then work then haircut and colour.
I had a meeting last night so missed dementia choir but caught up this morning. Moving.
Did do a brief skim so just about caught up with everybody
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, May 3, 2019, 09:13
Morning all and it is damp looking out there and I am guessing not that warm. It is going to get even cooler over the weekend, so they say. think I will be staying put in that case! Actually not a fan of being out and about on Bank Hols so not a problem! Had a lovely day with Twin and MM was an absolute superstar. My shed is now weather proof and in much better condition. Now I just need to paint it when weather permits! All this whle Twin and I tootled off to H/pxnden for a nice shop. it is not like the average high st with lots of chain stores, just the couple mentioned plus things like Bxxts and Smxths. On a nice day it is a nice place to be though! I managed to buy a couple of things as well as Twin, which I am pleased with. We then came back for a light snack for lunch with MM and then had a fairly lazy afternoon and then a meal out before they left. I did watch the dementia choir thing when they had left and needed a fair amount of tissues. Sad, but in it's way very uplifting.

I see Bruce is settling in very nicely though not fond of the sea. Well it will keep coming back at him. Our spaniel loved id it as well, but the beagle was. not so sure. He would bark at it and was very pleased when it went away, but then not very happy when it came back again! Like the sound of the chocolate factory visit, my sort of treat!

So next year already booked then Eva! Not surprised as it all sounds pretty idyllic. Plus you can walk to the pub!

Fi that is such good news about your eyes, you must be so pleased. Have a good holiday. I have lost track of which one this is for some reason!

Your break sounds fab as well Diana. The drive back along the coast must have been lovely. Always a downside coming back to the laundry! Good the paint has finally arrived, but not so good it is too late to use it!

Oh dear Ali, not a good forecast for your Brownie holiday. Such a shame. As you say the girls will still have lots of fun, but sure you would prefer a bit more warmth. Hope it goes well anyway.

Morning BHB and of course it is Vanillita day today. Let's get more and go and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Friday, May 3, 2019, 10:36
Morning all. It’s looking brighter by the minute here. Only + 9 degrees this morning, but warming up nicely now.

Hello sweetheart. You think it’s herbal tea time? You’re right, as we’ve already been out and about. 💋💋💋
When we went to bed last night after lockin Bruce in the conservatory, I was just waiting for the yelling to start. Not a wimper! 👏👏👏 Well done, Bruce. He didn’t even wake up when I went in to the kitchen to make my coffee at 5am. He let Jo have a lie-in until 5.35 am! We took him for a walk after breakfast, and he said hello to a herd of cows in a field next to the road. Then we went back home, locked him in the conservatory and walked up to Mary’s to get Jo’s car. It needed filling up, so we drove to the Tshop in W’bridge to get that done, and then had a quick shop. As you can see, we’re leading a very exciting life. 😂. I’ve even pegged out the washing!
We didn’t watch the dementia program yesterday, as I have enogh dementia to deal with at home! I called father yesterday, and the first thing he said was:» Are you stll sulking?». I almost hung up, but calmly told him that I wasn’t sulking, that I had been afraid for him and angry because he didn’t accept any of the measures that had been arranged for him, and which he’d agreed to, but doing all the things he’d been told NOT to do. He didn’t comment on that, but said everything was going very well (which I know is not true), ang when we said goodbye, he said it had been lovely to talk to me, and that he was so pleased I wasn’t sulking any more!

Fi,- I hope you have a lovely holiday. I think I’ve forgotten where you’re going too. 😜

Ali,- I hope the weather isn’t too bad for you and the Brownies, although as you say, they’ll enjoy it anyway.

Carol,- I see your frock account has had another battering!

Pauline,- you’re right. MM is a diamond.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, May 4, 2019, 07:11
Morning and a bright sunny start but I feel that could mean chilly out. It was certainly noticeably cold last night!

Oh didn’t know poor Bruce had an ear infection, Jo I hope the cow wasn’t still attached to the hoof!! So still not enjoying outings to the pub then – he certainly needs more training in that. Today is your meet up at the pub day I think? Enjoy!

Ah so off camping with the Brxwnies Ali – hope you all have a good time. Is this one under canvass or indoors? As you say the girls will enjoy it whatever the weather. So plenty of time to get ready yesterday (not!). I missed out on the DChoir too but may watch it on catch up. Fingers crossed for good weather for you and a safe journey to wherever you are going.

I see Bruce is being very well behaved in your house Eva- you are obviously a good influence on him. So a domestic haven with the washing out and the food shopping. I can understand why you didn’t want to watch the programme. At least you have had a civil conversation (although the sulking comment would have made me very cross). So Father is still trying to pretend to you and the world that he is coping fine as he is. Still hopefully the call put your mind at rest a little. Yes the frock account is fairly depleted at the moment! Hope you enjoy your lunch at The Pxckwxck!

I dropped MM off at chuch at about 9.10 and was in the car park in U’bridge at just after 9.15. I never bother trying to park on the first floor as that has all the disabled and parent and toddler car spaces, but head for the second floor. The place was practically empty! I was able to park very close to the entrance to the first small shopping mall. I had to go into the larger mall for the bank, and walked up to Dxbenhxms (where there was 20% off) and bought a swimming costume – I put a new cover up a couple of weeks back and the costume matches it (it is pink and purple). Have to say there weren’t many people in the store, but then it was early for a lot of people). M&S was a nice easy shop too – no queues at the tills although it was starting to get busier when I left. I went up to the church in the afternoon and the meeting with the Architect was still ongoing, so I joined for about half an hour before we had our own meeting and the Architect to look at various parts of the exterior of the building (where it promptly rained on him). We were home in time for something to eat, to collect our music (although I left one file behind and MM had to drive home to collect it for me) and go off to Choir practice. We were home just before 9pm after taking the curate home and watched The B’ Circle on ITV. Not liking these series set in the UXA as much as when it was set over here but MM enjoys it. Today is laundry day (MM hoping to get into the garden) and of course we have C’lty tonight. Morning BHB yes it looks nice and bright out but I think we will be warmer in the conservatory. If you will bring the Danish pastries I will bring the Journxlxst and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

evam wrote:
Saturday, May 4, 2019, 08:34
Morning all. It’s overcast here, and on paper +9 degrees, but there is an icecold wind that feels like it’s coming straight from S*beria! 💨🥶

Hello sweetheart. I’d love a coffee and the royal blue blanket to help me keep warm. The snuggling will do that? Loverly. 💋💋💋

I was up far too early this morning. That was partly due to Bruce, and partly due to my clock radio. I woke up when Bruce started whining and barking, checked my clock radio which said 4.40 am. I decided to let him in to the living room, and I made my usual large mug of coffee and settled in bed with my book. I did feel a bit tired, but then I often do, so thought no more about it. When my clock radio said 6.30 am, I decided to get up and go in the shower, because I needed to wash my hair as well. Jo came out of her bedroom. She did look a bit confused, but I didn’t think about it. When I had finished my shower, doing my hair and painted my face on, I looked at the wall clock in the kitchen. It showed 5.55 (!) am. My clock radio has been known to jump forward one hour now and again ( Don’t ask me why or how.) so when Bruce woke me up, it was only 3.40am! If I’d known, I would certainly not have been so nice to him!😡. I usually hurry off to get my newspaper and then have my breakfast when I get back, but this morning I’d already taken my diabetes meds, and I have to eat within a certain time limit, so I had my breakfast before I left. I was VERY early at the Tshop, but in addition to getting my newspaper, I did the weekend shop as well.
Jo and Bruce are out for their morning walk, but I chose to stay inside, away from that icy wind. I hope it’s warming up for our walk to the restaurant later.

Carol,- I agree with you about the B*etchly in L*. I think I’ve watched two episode, but it doesn’t feel right, so I stopped watching it.

I wonder if I’ll manage to stay awake for Cas tonight? If not, I know who I’ll blame.😜
TK wrote:
Saturday, May 4, 2019, 09:25
Very early this morning Eva told me Bruce was up and about. Of course I heard nothing, I wake in a millisec if there is distressed whining, but not for the noise he was making. I thought I'd scope up his duvet wrap myself in it and sleep next to him on the sitting room, but he'd soaked it in his water bowl. So no more sleep for me or Eva. From my investigations a few hours later in the garden I think he had an urgent requirement to go out.
During the walk earlier there was some very light rain. Now I can see almost no clouds.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, May 4, 2019, 09:27
Morning all and it is bright and breezy here at the moment but very chilly breeze making it feel cold. We may well get showers later too I think. I did the food shop yesterday and was going to go in the garden later when the heavens opened, so that was that. Still we need the rain so trying not to care too much! Thinking tomorrow and Monday may be a bit dryer so may get out there then. Meantime today I am also in wishy washy mode so don't have to brave the nasty wind from the Arctic.

So your father thinks you are sulking does he Eva! I can see why you would have to bite your tongue! Well done on keeping calm! Yikes now that really is getting up at silly o'clock. Bruce is a naughty boy to wake so early! Not surprised Jo looked confused! If today is lunch at The PxckWxck day you will all be asleep in your starters! Give our love to Chantale and Nicholas and I hope Nicholas is doing well now. I am not a fan of The BC in Sxn Frxn either!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Journxlist? Looking forward to trying it, so let's get another jug and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Saturday, May 4, 2019, 09:37
I've just Tweeted a pic of the sky, photo bombed by one of TK's cousins. It is still a bit chilly out.

Eva has picked a lovely spot. The main road can be a bit busy. I'm wearing my hi viz as there are no pavements to a lot of the roads.
Looking forward to seeing people later.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, May 4, 2019, 14:33
Afternoon all.

It rained most of the morning and was rather chilly (it’s only slightly warmer than London today) but the weather improved after midday and the sun has half come out a few times but it’s still mostly cloudy.

Yesterday we had rain first thing and it remained cloudy all day so we did some shopping in town, including buying some electricity and some of the items that will be needed for the painting and varnishing so it can be started asap when we return in December. We had a long session in the gym as we hadn’t been for a week, and I did something to my back which has been a bit uncomfortable since. I had a problem with the laptop and couldn’t get onto the internet, thankfully it was fine when I tried this morning. I was very glad of the iPad as I had a train ticket to book.

We had a really good meal out at a fish restaurant in Plett, one of the best this trip. I started with bobotie spring rolls, Ploppy pear & blue cheese salad (rather large for a starter but looked yummy). We both had the house signature dish of kingklip (fish) with a Parmesan crust and chilli in the centre which was very good (only a touch of chilli, I don’t like really spicy food). For desert I had white chocolate crème brule which was served with macerated strawberries and small biscuits, while Ploppy had baked cheesecake. We had a bottle of local sauv blanc.

Ploppy still hasn’t played a round of golf, this time due to the weather. I spent the morning on the laptop and we went to the gym and spa at midday, I just did a gentle workout.

The forecast for tomorrow is overcast and dry, but the next week is sunny or partly sunny, with a couple of days in mid 20s – fingers crossed it doesn’t change.

Ooh the chocolate factory sounds fab, Jo. Hope you all had a lovely lunch and meet up today and didn’t fall asleep. Trust Bruce doesn’t wake so early tomorrow.

You certainly had a good RT trip, Twins. The floaty thing sounds lovely.

Have a good holiday with the Brownies, Ali, and hope the weather is at least dry for you.
TK wrote:
Sunday, May 5, 2019, 06:23
Ali hope you weren't too cold last night, it was chilly here.
No golf, Diana. I am shocked. Hope he is OK and not suffering withdrawals.
Bruce does sing in the mornings, I think he wants me moving about a bit more. (You could call it whining, but I prefer singing.)

It is nice and sunny, but it is not warm. I have a morning walk planned which does not seem to be too hilly, but not totally sure. If I plan it right we could add in some further training for Bruce at the local pub. He is doing very well. Yesterday late afternoon it was very busy, he was a good boy.
TK wrote:
Sunday, May 5, 2019, 06:28
I meant to say we had a lovely lunch with everyone at the pub yesterday, lovely to catch up. Bruce and I walked back. He said hello to his new friends up the road. There is a dairy farm this end of the village, he likes to chat with the cows. They come over to say Hi.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, May 5, 2019, 06:34
Morning and a nice sunny start here – I am not going to be fooled though and will wear layers to Church.

I am hoping Bruce let you have a sleep in this morning Eva – did you manage to stay awake for C’lty?? It was of course on slightly later yesterday due to the footie! I am not surprised Jo was bemused at the early start. That is a very odd thing for a clock to do............. I am not surprised you didn’t go off to get your paper first, although you would think they would be open for you whatever time of day. Hope you all had a lovely meet up and that Chantale and Nicholas are healthy and well. Did the Pxckwxck live up to expectations?

So you didn’t fancy sleeping in a duvet that had been in the water bowl? Can’t think why that would be. Oh bless he was obviously desperate to get out – hence the early waking. Loved the cat photobomb photo. I thought there was a look of TK about her (him?) so could indeed be a relative who was contacted by TK and told to keep a look out for the canine interloper. I imagine you have caught up with all the family gossip from your brother.

The SA weather certainly doesn’t appear to have been kind to you this time Diana. Oh I forgot you were having to buy your electricity in the shop – do you have to go far to do that? Not so good you have pulled a muscle or something in your back; I see Ploppy still hasn’t been able to get a round of gxlf in. Your meal at the fish restaurant sounds delicious – they always seem to come up trumps there. Hope you find some sunshine today.

I managed to do most of the laundry yesterday afternoon (and caught up with the programme on the D Choir as well as a programme Twin told me about on LdaV – both excellent. MM did a little outside yesterday but the wind was so cold and biting he came in early and didn’t get everything he wanted done. We are off to church later of course and depending on the weather MM may go and attack the conservatory roof. I might sort out some slightly warmer clothes but not do my complete swap just yet. LofD tonight of course!!! Morning BHB, yes it is nice and bright but I see the wind has got up in the last ten minutes or so. Let’s take the toasted tea cakes and the Exst Inxix into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Ah you posted whilst I was typing Jo - glad you had a lovely catch up. Of course Bruce likes to chat with the cows!
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, May 5, 2019, 08:57
Morning all and it is a nice bright and sunny one here though not that warm out I think. I did my wash yesterday then decided to do a sort through my bedding box. I hadn't been down to the bottom in a while! Result a bag of bedding for charity. Then I decided to be brave and switch my summer/ winter clothes over. Not mad though as I have left some warmer things to hand and also it is only changing round wardrobes so my jumpers are still easily got at! I can now see at a glance what summer stuff I have and if I need anything else for the holidays, I really don't! Mind that doesn't mean there won't be new stuff acquired! It was definitely not a gardening day. we had several showers three of which were very heavy and two were hail storms! Much quieter today. I have my ixxnxxg to do but if the weather is ok I may get in the garden later. Well see. Last LoD tonight and a 90min one. Not sure my nerves can take it! Bet we don't find everything out though!

Jo glad you all had a lovely lunch yesterday, and Bruce was very good. the training is hopefully bearing fruit! I love the cat photo bombing the picture! Agree with Twin, I thought it had a look of TK. So Bruce like to chat to the cows does he? I suppose these are the first ones he has ever met! Now if he would just stop singing in the early morning!

So still no golf for Ploppy then Diana? He will be having severe withdrawal symptoms! I hope your back is ok. As one who has a bad back I sympathise! Your meal sounds very yummy, at least you are eating well even if the weather is disappointing. Hope it improves for you.

Morning BHB and so what do we have today? Exst Indxa? Oh that sounds very nice, let's get another jug and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Sunday, May 5, 2019, 10:00
Morning all. It’s a beautiful day here, although it was only + 4 degrees this morning. Luckily no wind today.

Hello sweetheart. You’ve kept the coffee and toasted teacakes for me? How loverly. 💋💋💋

Bruce was a good boy this morning. I didn’t wake up until 5.45am, so it was almost a lie-in for me. He did wake up when I went to the kitchen to brew my coffee. I let him in to the lounge, and he let Jo sleep for another half hour before he started «singing». ( I call it whining and barking.😜) We all went for a long walk after breakfast and took a route that Mary told Jo about. yesterday. It took us to the back of the village and onto a huuuuuuge field with a public footpath. We met other dogs who polity said hello to Bruce. It has warmed up quite nicely by now, and at the moment we’re sitting in the garden.
Yesterday’s lunch was lovely, both the company and the food.. i have been there several times before, so knew the food is excellent. I had lambs liver and neck of lamb with bacon and mash. For dessert I had bread and butter pudding. Yum, yum. Of course there was much to catch up on. Nicholas looked quite well, but he’s still getting treatments. We’ll see them again next weekend in S’hampton. I’ll give you one guess who’s giving a concert there! We even have meet and greet tickets.

Diana,- dear me,Ploppy hasn’t done any golfing yet? The weather really hasn’t been on your side this time.

Carol,-I see we weren’t the only ones with the icy wind. I don’t think I’d have done much gardening either.

Pauline,- those tidying up sessions always end up with bags going to the charity shop. It’s the same with me. Luckily I brought a mix of warm and cooler clothes with me. I’ve been here before, so I know how changeable the weather can be.
TK wrote:
Sunday, May 5, 2019, 10:06
It is bath day for Bruce, but i can't find the shampoo, so reprieve. It is ticked off on the packing list, nowhere to be found. I remember thinking I don't need this for ages when I unpacked, so put it somewhere.
One of Bruce's new friends doesn't sound too good. There is some strange mooing going on.
Eva, Bruce and I had a nice walk this morning. A proper dog walker's route, Mary told me about it. Found the 2nd poo bin in the village. There may be more.
TK wrote:
Sunday, May 5, 2019, 10:06
It is bath day for Bruce, but i can't find the shampoo, so reprieve. It is ticked off on the packing list, nowhere to be found. I remember thinking I don't need this for ages when I unpacked, so put it somewhere.
One of Bruce's new friends doesn't sound too good. There is some strange mooing going on.
Eva, Bruce and I had a nice walk this morning. A proper dog walker's route, Mary told me about it. Found the 2nd poo bin in the village. There may be more.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, May 5, 2019, 15:01
Another mostly overcast day today though better than the past two days as there has been some very weak sunshine off and on, it’s also been cool. We haven’t done much, just some stuff around the house and the gym. Ploppy hit a few golf balls this afternoon and isn’t sure he’ll be up to playing properly this week after all.

Tomorrow’s forecast is for some sun so we are intending to go out for the day. Firstly, to a bird sanctuary at The Crags which we’ve not been to before, then a quick stop at The Mill (I want to see if they still have the ceramic anteater I saw in January), followed by lunch at Bramon winery, with a stop off at Old Nick’s on the way back, the textile mill there has some fab stuff.





Glad you all had a good lunch yesterday, Jo & Eva. Bruce seems to be enjoying his holiday. Hope the shampoo is found before it’s time to leave.
TK wrote:
Sunday, May 5, 2019, 19:06
Still not found the shampoo. I have seen a 3rd poo bin, near the holiday home site at the top of the hill. This afternoon has not been too hot. We went for a walk to the pub, the long way. He was very good, not much whining.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, May 6, 2019, 06:43
Morning and the sun is shining although it is starting to cloud over. Looks breezy out and I know we aren’t expecting temperatures above 11/12 C today.

Eva, hopefully Bruce was good again this morning and didn’t act as your (very) early alaram clock. It was very kind of him to give Jo an extra half an hour yesterday. I am sure he enjoyed the new route and seeing other dogs. Lovely that it was warm enough for you to sit in the garden. Glad you had a lovely lunch – I love bread and butter pudding (I made one for G Friday which used hot cross buns). Good to hear Nicholas is doing well, albeit still under treatment. So would Jo be going to S’hampton too by any chance? Think you were very wise to bring a mix of warm and cooler clothes with you – as you say you are now used to the weather down in C’wall!!

So Bruce has hidden the shampoo to avoid being washed then? I see the route Mary suggested was a proper dog walk (would love to know what an improper one is!). I see one of the highlights of your stay is locating poo bins in the village. Three so far and counting! So Bruce getting used to long walks – and possibly to going into pubs (I have a feeling he may have signed the Pledge and that will be why he doesn’t want to go into drinking establishments).

Oh dear the weather doesn’t seem to be playing the game for you at the moment Diana. Ah so Ploppy realising he still has to take it easy as far as the gxlf is concerned. Very sensible as he doesn’t want to undo all the good of the operation. Hopefully the sun will be out today so you can enjoy the bird sanctuary (ah I remember you mentioning the ceramic anteater – hopefully it is still there for you!). The winery sounds lovely and the shops at Old N’s look really interesting – I see they have fresh produce market there on Wednesdays.

Church was chilly but not as cold as it has been on occasions in the past. I finished off the i word in the afternoon and did some sewing (I had some trousers to take up and a zip to repair). The admin is still waiting for me, so I will do that this afternoon. Off to SLAPPAS as normal today – hopefully not too many people out and about. We watched L of D of course, but I won’t say too much in case some of you haven’t watched it yet. Now can’t wait for the next series (they are saying in two years due a potential B’guard 2 next year). Excellent acting all round! No choir tonight due to the BHol, but a night with feet up I think! Morning BHB, yes it is turning a little overcast. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted paninis into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, May 6, 2019, 09:23
Morning all and it is a bright and breezy on today, still no that warm though. Overslept a bit, but I think as it is a Bank Holiday it is allowed. Yesterday I started the painting of the shed and managed to get two coats on. It does need one more so if it stays dry I may try and do that later. Today I may pop over to WGC as I need some food and I want to take something back. I need to get going though as I think it may get very busy later. LoD was excellent, very tense! Very clever as we got lots of answers but still have questions to be answered next series.

So Bruce had a lie in yesterday, well he allowed for a bit more sleeping! Hoping this has continued! Naughty boy to hide his shampoo though! Also hope his bovine friend is ok! Maybe she just needed milking, they can make a strange sound if they do. Glad to hear there are 3 poo bins!

Eva lunch sounds delish! I am a huge fan of a good b&b pudding. I do have high standards though as my mother made one of the best I have ever had. Puddings were one of her fortes!

Diana have a lovely day to day. It sounds a brill itinerary. Shame for Ploppy not being able to play golf, but being careful now should mean he is ok long term.

Morning BHB and of course it is Lavendula day. Let's get another jug and we can join the CM in the conservatory.

evam wrote:
Monday, May 6, 2019, 10:43
Morning all. It’s sunny here, but it was only +4(!) when I went for the newspaper this morning.

Hello sweetheart. Coffee, toasted panini and snuggle session are awaiting me? I really like this place. Must come more often.😜💋💋💋

I was awake just after 4am this morning. No, it wasn’t Bruce. He slept until 6.30 before he wanted to come in. My two guests left this morning. The car was again packed to the rafters with Bruce’s stuff, but to be fair,- there was room for Jo’s bag too!😜. They now know where to come next year, and maybe by that time Jo has discovered what not to take for Bruce. 😂

I also watched LoD last night, and I told Jo very early who I thought H was. I was almost right. You need to have your wits about you when you try to follow the police interviews with all their capital letters for different departments and roles. I think I missed about half of it! 😂

I spoke to youngest sister yesterday, and as per usual chaos had reigned at father’s. I think he now is starting to realise that fending for himself is not doable. For the first time since he returned home, he admitted to sis that he wished he could go to the sheltered accomodation. Mrs S had called SS and asked why we hadn’t had an answer on the application for sheltered accomodation. The answer was that nothing was decided yet, as they want to see how he copes at home! The short answer is that he doesn’t! I think the reason Mrs S called the SS, is that she was afraid of how much work there will be for her when she comes back on Wednesday. Youngest sister has made no secret of how impossible the situation is, and told her that it’s now her turn to take responsibility!

Carol,- oh yes, Jo will be in S’hampton. Need you ask? 😜

Pauline,- well done on the shed painting. 👏👏👏

Diana,- hope you have a good trip to the bird sanctuary. I love a good market too. When I’m in Spain, I always go to the local Sunday marked for my flowers , fruit and veg.
Diana wrote:
Monday, May 6, 2019, 17:41
I am feeling very full! We've had a lovely day and the weather has been lovely too, sunny and warm with only a little thin high cloud. I washed the bedroom net curtains first thing and left them in the garage to start drying but brought them in this evening now they've stopped dripping.

We left just after 9.30 and went to the ceramics shop first where they still had the anteater - it's on top of the old TV cabinet which we now use to store books and other stuff. The Birds of Eden was very good though expensive. We saw lots of different birds including several Knysn* Turacos that came within a foot (we have seen them in the wild but very rarely), other turacos, brightly coloured parrots, pheasants from China and pigeons. There was also a section with ducks, flamingos, cranes and red ibis. We also saw 2/3 duikers which are so cute; they are very small deer and usually very shy.

We had a short wine tasting when we arrived at Bram*n and bought three bottles, then drove to the restaurant. Unfortunately all the tables in the vines had been reserved so we sat on a couch in the sun. The food was yummy, various tapas type dishes. We had Spanish meatballs in tomato sauce, prawn fish cakes with chilli dip, bobotie spring rolls with a different dip, avo and Parmesan salad (the only slightly disappointing dish), home made bread, onion marmalade, hummus, and cheese with cranberries, with a bottle of their wine and a bottle of water. Ploppy had affogata fir desert but I was too full so just had a couple of spoons of his, though did manage to find room for two chocolate truffles. No dinner tonight just lots of water and tea as I'm very thirsty.

We stopped briefly at Old Nick and had a look in a couple of shops we've not been in before. Went in the textile shop but didn't buy anything this time though tempted. I wanted to get a couple of pieces of quiche from Roost but they didn't have any left and though the cakes looked deliciou, didn't buy any as still have some cheese and ice cream to finish before we leave. We got home just before 4.00 and sat on the veranda until we lost the sun.

It's due to be overcast tomorrow so I will wash the lounge nets and sort out a couple of things, then we will go into town. We have some papers to drop of at the accountants, Ploppy wants his hair cut, we need to arrange for the TV to be disconnected after we leave, and have a little bit of shopping to do. The forecast for Wednesday is good.

I'm half lying on the settee as I write this, Ploppy has Nat Geo W*ld on and there's an interesting programme on - just had two meerkat clans fighting.
TK is upstairs wrote:
Monday, May 6, 2019, 19:37
We are back from our lovely break in Cornwall. Bruce was very relaxed in the car, it is a looong way. We found the pub I was looking for on the way down. So I stopped for a mid return journey break. There was a lovely beer garden so we sat outside. A lovely couple looked after Bruce when I made a dash to find the loo. They had a larger dog who was 3 years old. Later I had to laugh, to myself- this pub has a lovely smoking shed at the side of the beer garden. As usual there was no sign to define the normal use of the area. A family had taken up residence, 6 people of 3 generations. A couple walked towards the 'shed' ciggies and lighters in hand. Looked at the incumbents, looked at each other and headed to the car park.

Bruce and I are really tired, he has already gone to bed!!
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 07:07
Morning and another bright sunny start (but again chilly as the heating has kicked in – hope Ali and the Brownies weren’t too cold over the weekend).

Goodness Eva – that was a very early wake up yesterday on a Bank Holiday. Well done to Bruce for sleeping in until 6.30 am. I bet your little place feels empty without your two guests. So there was just about room for Jo and Bruce in the car along with everything she fetched for him!! The papers here have been doing what all the acronyms in LofD stand for Eva! You might be interested in reading what the writer said about the episode:


Ah so Father is beginning to realise that he isn’t in fact able to look after himself with your and younger sister’s support removed and no carers going in. Hopefully Mrs S will make some headway with the SS – as we know she can be very determined when she puts her mind to it. It will be interesting to hear how she gets on after tomorrow. Oh we love the markets in Spxin as we have said before and have promised Lindy that the one we go to is lovely (she will enjoy seeing all the fruits and veggies).

So the ceramic anteater has a new home. Glad to hear the weather was good to you too Diana. It sounds like a lovely day seeing the birds, buying your anteater and having a lovely lunch out in the warm sun. Not surprised you weren’t eating dinner after your delicious sounding lunch. Is it the end of this week you come back home?

Thanks for letting us know you were safely home Jo. As you say a long drive, so really good that Bruce was relaxed in the car. That was kind of the other dog couple to Bruce sit whilst you did the loo break. Like that the smokers had the grace to not try and evict the family from their smoking area! Not surprised you and Bruce were tired when you got home!

Sainsbugs were quite quiet yesterday when we did the food shop (did I say they are trying to make everyone use the self scanning and have very few actual check outs?) so no queuing up. During the afternoon MM washed the conservatory roof (and drowned himself in the process – he had to go for a shower when he came in!). I did some admin for the small choir as planned and finally go t round to doing the notes from Friday’s meeting. In the evening we put our feet up and watched a couple of programmes on catch up. Today is another day at home – although we are out this evening at Chxrch for a PCC meeting. I may get round to do at least a partial clothes swap – but as I have been saying that for almost a week..........who knows!! Morning BHB, another nice sunny start to the day. Let’s take the pastel de natas and the Fxllen Angxl into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 09:09
Morning all and we have a nice sunny one here at the moment. Not quite as cold either. I am having my hair cut later so hoping it stays dry. I managed to give the shed another coat of paint yesterday and it now is looking very smart as long as you don't get too close! I was woken at 6.25 this morning, we had obviously had a power cut and when it came back on it set off several house alarms. Not mine thank fully. My knew one doesn't run on mains power. Glad to say I turned over and went back to sleep. I don't do 6.25 unless a holiday is involved!

Glad you got home safely Jo and that you had a lovely holiday. Bruce will probably be expecting regular holidays now as he certainly looked to be enjoying himself. Nice of the smokers to not light up round the family and lovely to get dog sitters for your loo break. Obviously nice people use that pub.

Eva I think it a good thing if your father is struggling (as long as he doesn't hurt himself) as maybe the SS will also realise he can't cope. It will definitely (with an I not an a! LoD joke!) be good if Mrs S gets on the case. It is about time she roused herself and she does seem to be good at getting things done when she tries!

Ah so you managed to get the ant eater Diana! Lovely. Your lunch sounds terrific, not surprised you were full! Glad the weather behaved itself as well.

Morning BHB and so what have you for us today? Fxllen Angxl? Lovely, let's get more and find the CM, I'll just get another batch of pastel de natas as well, would be rude not to!
evam wrote:
Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 11:46
Afternoon all. It’s mostly overcast here, but with the odd glimpse of sunshine. Warm it’ s not, only + 12 degrees at the moment.

I see I’m a bit too late for the BHB today. I can’t blame him, so I’ll have a glass of wather and a banana instead of the goodies he usually serve.😏

I did a wash this morning, and with a nice breeze it should dry well, even if the temps leave a lot to be desired. I decided to do Truro today. I wanted some bits and bobs from mands and I ended up with 2pairs of trousers, both navy, one T-shirt, peach coloured, some knickers and a slip. Not bad, eh? Then I went to the big Tshop in Truro for some food shopping. The fridge and freezer are rather small here, so I have to do the food shopping more often than usual.

Diana,- your meal sounds delicious. I love tapas. When will Ploppy feel ready for his first round of golf?

Jo,- good that you and Bruce arrived home safely. I still look behind me to see if he’s there. I did trip over him quite a few times!

Carol,- I would have liked to follow you link, but for one reason or another I can’t copy it. The old way probably disappeared after one of the blasted upgrades!

Pauline,- hope the rain doesn’t spoil your hairdo. Well done for finishing the painting. 👏👏👏 I’m sure it looks splendid.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 13:10
Change of plans today as Wednesday’s forecast is now rain and partly sunny so we’ll go into town tomorrow. Today started off OK but the clouds got thicker as the morning progressed, it’s become cooler and just had a few spots of rain. I washed the lounge net curtains as planned and did a clothes wash. Ploppy cut the hedge and while helping him I noticed that my specboom plant had gone, the flippin gardener must have dug it up when doing the weeding yesterday grrrr. We have also booked the flights and guesthouse for our trip next February to St Lucia Wetlands (now called Isimangaliso) in northern Kwa Zulu Natal (it’s about 3 hours drive north of Durban). Bit of a pain as we’re going via PE rather than the local airport but there are far more flights and at half the cost. I’ve wanted to go for years so looking forward to it.


Carol, we leave here on Monday, landing Tuesday - hope the weather has warmed up a bit by then!

Glad you had a good holiday, Jo. As you say it's a long drive but worth it. Sounds like Bruce had a good time too and is enjoying his new life.

Hope the SS come to their senses and agree to your father moving into sheltered accom, Eva. Well done on the RT. Ploppy had thought he'd be fit for golf a couple of weeks ago, hopefully won't be too much longer - he and his mates are going to Portugal for a golf trip later this month and he needs to be fine for this.

And well done on finishing the shed painting, Pauline.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 14:17
Hello all!

Sorry about the prolonged absence.

It certainly wasn't because I have been keeping a low profile following the demise of Turquoise Bunny.

I've had a really productive weekend and finished off my garden. I am so pleased with it.

OK so there's no chance of me catching up on all your posts so I'm going to get a general idea from Carol....

Ooo Ali - were you on Brownie camp at weekend? Hope you have all defrosted.

I hope Jo and Bruce really enjoyed their holiday with Eva! from the twitter photos I'm sure they did. I bet the house seems very quite now Eva!

So Mrs S has eventually stepped up to the mark them. At least she's motivated to give SS a kick up the posterior.

Looking forward to seeing you and Jo at the weekend.

Diana's bought an anteater? An actual anteater? Oh a ceramic anteater! Much easier to bring home. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Hope you have a safe flight back when the time comes.

Pauline - well done painting your shed! You managed that faster than I did my fence! Annoying about the powercuts and the alarms. Glad you got back to sleep!

I hate those self service check outs Carol. The one pleasant thing about going to a supermarket (rather than buying on line) is that nice little chat you get with the till person. Hard to work out what to do with winter clothes at the moment. They definitely still needed up north.

But as I was scrolling back I noticed Sue has been posting - Hya Sue!!!

I was hoping to see a post from K2. We'd been having a FB conversation about Someone Who'll WOM. But I can't see anything. She was asking if any SLs are going on the Tuesday or Friday. If anyone is could you let her know please?

One more thing: A friend of mine has two tix to see Hugh Jackman in Birmingham which she can't use. Any HJ fans who'd like to buy them off her please let me know and I'll give you details.

Ali wrote:
Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 15:41
Afternoon. Just back from singing practise with my little group. That was after 2 hrs Brownie admin updating the official site with the badges the girls completed over the weekend. Glad we sleep indoors as temps dropped below freezing overnight. Saturday was cold with rain and hail showers but we did all our planned activities. I had a go at archery! Sunday was dry and sunny but cold. Had a lovely paddle down the river in canoes without getting wet. Home yesterday and straight in the bath. Managed to get a nasty splinter out of my finger which had been there for 2 days. Early night as I was shattered, glad I booked today off work.
Choir tonight. Will watch HC on catch up then another early night I think.
Safe journey to anyone travelling. Oohhmms to any poorlies
TK wrote:
Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 16:47
Ali I've always wanted to go in a canoe, since the Westerns I saw on TV in the 50s, but my fear of water has always put me off, so well done getting in and out. Very sensible that you slept inside, I was wondering about the tents as it was chilly over night.

OOOO Eva has been jumped on by clothing. No first aid needed. I usually look behind me before moving in a kitchen as years of cats standing behind you. Not always as my spectacular fall over Bippy the Springer showed years ago.

Diana you are certainly getting about this time. Good that you are seeing places you have always wanted to see.

I have to admit to an eva this afternoon, as well as a lie in. Bruce woke me up after the eva by a little bark in my ear. He is now saying it is tea time so I'd better start preparing. He is very good at telling the time, usually
TK wrote:
Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 20:34
Just been to see MrsExP with the dog care list for May and June. After the mammoth chess food and tea making session the other weekend she (without knowing the list) said they would not charge me for dog care as I look after their dog in return. She had no idea how many events there would be in the next few months, so I took the list. She said she's speak to Mr ExP (he was unavailable tonight due to the football, no idea what match it was). Also Bruce is a little more challenging than Bella was. Mr ExP may not think that, but he's not looked after him for more than an hour, so far. Then we went for a walk. So he is fast asleep now :)

Lee is a busy chap over the next couple of months.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 07:29
Morning and wet (drizzle) and windy here – so much as they forecast.

Aha Eva I see the jumping merchandise was out in force in Trxro! That sounds a good haul! Will there be room in your case for new clothes and all the books Jo fetched down? Shame about the size of the fridge and freezer if it means you have to keep topping your food supplies up, but the rest of your “home” looks to be lovely so a small price to pay I feel. Ah so Bruce had a habit of sneaking behind you and trying to trip you up did he? That’s a shame you couldn’t open the link as it answers quite a few questions.

Diana the weather does seem to have been teasing you for this holiday doesn’t it. A wise decision to change the outing day if today is due to be nicer. Oh what a shame your plant has been removed. Wonder why the gardener thought it was a weed? See plans are well in hand for your return next year – that looks very interesting. Ah so you might come home to improved weather – think it is due to get warmer from Sunday. I see poor Ploppy still hasn’t had his golf round =- sensible to wait and ensure he is fit for P’gal I think.

Well done on finishing the garden Lady J. Hopefully all this was achieved without more comments from the male members of the neighbours! Are you sure you weren’t in hiding after the demise of Turquoise Bunny? I saw something yesterday about the self scanning and apparently you are more likely to pick up extra things that weren’t on your list (not sure why but someone had done a survey), so that (plus not having to pay for as many staff) could be why they are trying to introduce the self scanning. Like you I think the interaction with checkout staff is one of the nice things about supermarket shopping. I also think that for some older people living on their own it may be the only interaction socially with a living human being. Sadly can’t make the HJ concert or might have been in line for the tickets!

Glad you survived the holiday intact Ali, and pleased to hear you were not under canvas! Oh I fancied doing archery at night school many moons ago, but they didn’t have sufficient numbers to run the class so I ended up having a go at badminton instead! Well done on keeping dry in the canoe! No rest when you got home then as I see you had two hours of admin. Wise to have booked a day off work I feel.

I see you fancied canoeing Jo, which seems an odd choice for you! Ah yes as a seasoned mother to various four footed family members I imagine you have an extra radar sense as to where they might be (well apart from when you had Bippy I see). Feel Eva was still on the learning curve. Love that Bruce is an efficient alarm clock. I imagine the list of dates for dog care was quite long. Not surprised she said she would show Mr ExP! I imagine he was watching L’pool beat B’lona (as indeed was our Vicar’s wife). Do you think Mr ExP considers Bruce to be like Bella – a pub loving dog? He will be in for a surprise!

We had a fairly productive day yesterday - MM managed to sort out our new car insurance, so that is all done and dusted. I still haven’t sorted out the clothes swap but did sort through my undies and nightware drawers and have had quite a cull. In the evening I dressed in what I thought was suitable clothes for the church (cami, jumper, cardigan and boots) but by about 9pm I was having to put my scarf over my knees to keep me warm and my nose was frozen! Came home and had a nice hot cup of coffee. Will need to catch up with HC of course like Ali – may try and fit that in at some point this morning. Today is LACE so Twin coming over, although we won’t have Lindy as she is getting ready to go off to Vxnxce at the weekend. We will either watch BRhxsxdy (which Lindy doesn’t want to see) or Mxry P Returns (which Lindy saw when MM was in recovering from op mode). Tonight we are off to one of the local churches to see MM sworn in (or at as he puts it) as C’warden for another year. Morning BHB yes wet and windy so the conservatory with the underfloor heating beckons. Let’s take the toasted tea cakes and the The Thrxx Mxler through and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 08:56
MrExP has been in a pub with Bruce and has heard his 'singing', but training has been done since that time, so Bruce is quite a bit better. No way in Bella's class though.
Yes cowboy films before I was 6 did mould my likes. I did manage the riding horses desire, but my fear of water was too strong for the canoe. I did shoot a bow and arrow from 7 to 14 yrs old (14 I started riding). This helped me to win the archery session I attended at Warners when we went to see Lee. Wow until I wrote the above I didn't realise how much they effected. Of course there was Rin Tin Tin cementing my like of Alsations (along with my Aunts guide dog).
Carol if I attended your church I'd be so wrapped up I'd have to be rolled into my seat. Or I suppose there is always motor bike gear.

It was rather wet first thing, I delayed our walk out until it stopped raining. Yesterday I missed our walk time because I slept in, so did Bruce and TK.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 09:15
Morning all and it is a very wet one here. At the moment it is fairly light showers, but a lot of them! I think I am in for a wet drive to Twin later. As she says, just the two of us this afternoon and then later can go and watch MM being sworn at. Glad I managed to do some gardening yesterday, so at least the grass is cut. I think it will be Sunday before we get a bit of warmth back.

What a lovely shop you had Eva. Just the sort of day you need I think. Feel a bit of pampering would be good too! I have a small fridge and freezer and although I have been here 8 years now I am still not used to it. I would love to be able to get my old one back, (well not that one but one like it) but sadly it would mean having the whole kitchen redesigned.

So you say you haven't been in hiding Lady Jane, but I am not so sure. The demise of Turquoise Bunny is casting a long shadow I feel! Glad you have sorted your garden. It is so worth while and you will love it on days when the sun shines, if we get any!

I think most pet owners have at least one fall over a pet that has crept up behind them before they acquire the sixth sense of where they are Jo! So Bruce is more demanding to look after than Bella? Hope this doesn't mean he is blotting his copy book with Mrs ex P, you need them! Not sure a canoe appeals to me. Always seemed a fairly high chance of getting wet!

Ali glad you had a good weekend and thank goodness you sleep onside! I can imagine it is all fairly exhausting if rewarding to do!

Diana what a nit wit gardener to pull your plant up! Mind I can't talk as I have done it myself and I planted the thing! Nice to see you have organised the next year 's outings. For a moment I thought you were back to St L and I was a bit fazed as I knew you weren't over impressed by it! Then I read the rest and all became clear. It looks lovely.

I am another who likes going to the check out person. Much more sociable.

Morning BHB and what have we for today? The Thrxx Mxler? As long as I don't have to run that far that's ok! Let's get more and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 10:51
Morning all. It’s a funny day here weatherwise. We have the odd glimpse of blue skies, then black clouds, showers and a very strong wind. + 12 degrees at the moment.

I don’t feel well today. I woke as usual around 5 am, made my coffee and started reading my book. Then I felt so tired, and fell asleep again. Woke up at 7.30, felt very sluggish, had my shower, got dressed, had some breakfast and felt like going back to bed, but didn’t. Started on a walk, but the winds were blowing so hard that I turned around. Had a nap in the easy chair, and still feel like I haven’t slept for days. Not quite a sleeping day, but almost.
Bunny Murderer wrote:
Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 11:20
Mwah ha ha!
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 11:29
Hi all!

Oh dear Eva - I hope you are not coming down with something :-( You have an important weekend coming up! Ohhmmms!!!

I hope Carole and Pauline have a lovely day together and the drive over isn't too bad. Hope all goes well with the being sworn at!

So I see Ali and Jo are archers! I had a go many years ago. Our little gang all had weekly sessions with the R*chd*ale Company of Archers. With a modern long bow I wasn't bad. On one occasion I even consistently hit gold. If it had been on the target I was aiming at it would have been impressive!

Must go - busy day!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 18:17
Jane the modern bows are much easier to use/accurate than the ones I used as a child. The first time I used the modern bow I hit the edge of the centre. We weren't firing from very far away.

I know what is wrong with Eva, she is missing Bruce's singing. I could send her a recording of his tuneful singing.
Seriously Eva, I hope you feel better soon.

Today I have been out in wind, sleet, snow and rain all in 10mins. We didn't get too wet on the way home from the village. None of the dog raincoats I have fit Bruce, so I've ordered him one of his own.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, May 9, 2019, 07:09
Well a grey start to the morning but at least it isn't raining....yet. In fact the sun has come out for the moment. Rain forecast for later of course.

I see Mrs ExP has experienced Bruce singing in the pub but not post training (although from what Eva says he still enjoys a good “sing”). Ooh so you did archery too Jo! We appear to have a blog of budding Maid Mxrixns! I rmember R T Tin I think he was the fourth dog to have the name – I read a while back that the original (who I think appeared in silent movies) was rescued from a WW1 battlefield by an Amxrxcxn soldier who took him home and trained him. It certainly was wet yesterday so wise to delay your walk I feel. Of course that is what is wrong with Eva – the melodious tones of Bruce.

Eva sorry to hear you were overcome with fatigue and under the weather. Sending hugs and hopefully you are feeling better today. Take some ooooohhhhhmmmmmmms from the bank.

I see the Bunny Murderer tried to sneak on! Lady J – I was admiring your prowess with a long bow and then read that in fact the gold target was not actually the one you were aiming for! That would have been me I think!!

So new royal baby is Axcxie. Not sure about Axchxe - reminds me of the ventriloquist dummy Axchxe Andrews, who I always found somewhat scary when I was little!! Lovely photo of him meeting the Quxxn and Prince P on the News last night. Good for Mxghxn not trying to hide her baby tummy too. We did watch MP Returns and really enjoyed it, although we both said the music, although pleasant, wasn't nearly as good as any of the songs from the original. Of course we had one of the torrential downpours when we got to the church in Sh Ruxslxp (just down the road from where Auds used to live) in the evening- fortunately there was a car park so we didn't have far to run when we got out of the car. Even so Twin’s mac was wet through by the time we got inside (fortunately mine is rain proof so I was fine). MM has now been duly sworn at and is officially Churchwarden for another year. The interior of the church was full of flowers. They had just had their 60th Anniversary and had a flower festival, so the ends alternate pews had posies on and there were displays down the side of each of the walls. It looked lovely. It was also warm! This afternoon we are off to Uxb’ge – we are seeing the film Tolkein and then going for a PE afterwards, as normal. Morning BHB yes it is a nice bright start to the morning. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Lxne Rxngxr (keeping with the cowboy theme for Jo, and yes it is a bona fide cxcktxil) into the conservatory for a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives – she is awake I know!

Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, May 9, 2019, 07:47
Morning all, so it looks like a day of sunshine an showers today. Hope it is better than yesterday! On my way here I encountered hail, thunder and then torrential rain storms, so not the best driving weather!. Really enjoyed the film we watched. Think EB was an excellent Mary P, though maybe her voice isn’t as strong as JA. For me she is a better actress, so it evens out! As Twin has said, I got very wet going into the church, fortunately the Mac took the worst of it, but just as well we on had a quick dash! After the service the church had laid on refreshments and it was an excellent spread, not that I had anything as Twin had fed us well before we left! So we are off to the cinema today, hoping to stay dry today!

Eva so sorry you weren’t feeling too good yesterday. Hope today is a better day. Of course you were missing Bruce serenading you!

What is that Bunny Murderer doing coming on here and gloating? How very dare he or she!

Lady Joanne I was also thinking what a hot shot you must be, but then saw it wasn’t the target you were aiming at. So maybe nit the Olympics for you quite yet then!

Oh I remember Rin T T as well Jo. I used to love him. So Bruce is getting a new raincoat, will it be purple perchance?

Morning BHB and what have we today? Lone Ranger? Heigh Ho Silver, sorry, let’s get some more and find the CM

evam wrote:
Thursday, May 9, 2019, 08:52
Morning all. We’ve had some heavy showers this morning, but not as bad as yesterday. The rain made such a racket on the conservatory roof that it drowned out the sound from the radio. Just as well I didn’t feel like going for a walk.

Hello sweetheart. Sorry I wasn’t visiting yesterday, but I was feeling under par, so stayed quietly indoors, napping and reading a bit. You have toasted crumpets to go with my coffee and the snuggling? That is perfick, thank you.💋💋💋

I feel much better today. I even drove to W*debridge for my newspaper at 7 am. In about an hour my cleaning lady will be here, so as far as I can see, this will be another indoor day, with the heavy showers appearing when you least expect it. We also had hail showers yesterday, but today is a bit warmer than yesterday.

Jo,- I remember you doing the archery when we were in H***ordshire. That was a lovely weekend.
Lady Jane,- I had to laugh at your story about hitting what you weren’t meant to. Something similar happened to me back when I was still in work. We had to do shooting training once a year, and pass a certain number of hits, both with a rifle and a revolver. I was doing my best to hit a « moving target» , a large cardboard pig, fastened to a string of steel. I missed the pig, but hit the string! The instructor refused to accept it as a hit, even though I pointed out to him that it was much harder to hit the string than the pig. Party pooper!

I see the Bunny assasin has crept onto the blog! Go away, or we’ll tell the Bunny Police!

Of course I’m missing Bruce’s « singing»,- NOT!

Carol,- glad that MM’s swearing ceremony went well. 😂

Pauline,- I hope you enjoy the film today. It has had mixed reviews, but then most film have.
TK wrote:
Thursday, May 9, 2019, 08:53
Hi viz yellow for the raincoat. Hopefully that will mean one less coat than Bella, she had a small wardrobe full.

I got another customer for MrExP this morning. A lady I was walking with said that she needed someone to look after her dog if she went out for more than 2 hrs. Her dog has separation anxiety as he was rescued from a shed. She's had him for 2 years, it is getting better so she can go for 2 hours. I made a mistake on my phone so dialled his number when calling it up to tell her, so we found out he was on his way to the park. She waited and met him, so that was good.

Looks like it will rain again today :)

I have to leave Bruce for a few hours today as I've not left him for days. I think he's settling down for his morning nap now
TK wrote:
Thursday, May 9, 2019, 10:52
I popped into village sans Bruce to see if I can get another stuffed toy or 2 to replace the cat, which was de-stuffed in Cornwall. I see Eva was quick in between my 2 post. Forecast rain here but bright sunshine now. I'll go and choose a toy now.
TK wrote:
Thursday, May 9, 2019, 10:55
Gone mad, ignore the bit about my 2 posts.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, May 9, 2019, 16:36
Evening all.

Yesterday we had rain in the morning, a couple of hours of sunshine early afternoon, then it clouded over and we had a shower late afternoon. It’s been sunny all day today with just a few clouds and warm. Tomorrow is due to be even better and several degrees hotter.

I washed the dining room curtains first thing yesterday , not as successful as the previous two sets as these had a couple of tears where they had caught in the windows/door and during the wash, the tears turned into big holes. I rehung them this morning and fortunately the gaps are towards the sides and are mostly covered by the curtains. I washed one of the guest bedroom nets this morning and they seem OK, one more set to do tomorrow.

We popped into town yesterday morning but didn’t get much done as many places were closed to allow people to vote in the elections. The supermarket was open so we bought a load of electricity for the next few months and a bit of food but that was all we achieved so rather a waste of a journey. We sat on the veranda while it was sunny, though it wasn’t that warm, and then went to the gym. We had dinner out at a popular restaurant in town which serves fish and meat. I had pepperdews stuffed with a prawn and feta mixture, grilled gurnard (meaty fish) with chips and veg, followed by Rolo ice cream which was delish. Ploppy had baby sole to start, ostrich and cheesecake.

We drove into Kn*sna again this morning and had a much more successful trip. We dropped off some signed papers at the accountants, deactivated our satellite TV account, Ploppy got his hair cut, I bought a bit more electricity (I was concerned there wouldn’t be enough to last until we return), and the toy shop had the large water guns in stock so we bought one. We were really pleased to get two SA cricket shirts half price in the sale, mine is XL but I can wear something underneath if it’s cold. We’ve been looking for one each but none of the shops in Kn*sna or George stocked them so were going to look at the airport.

We had an unwelcome visit from a couple of baboons yesterday morning. I had put the rubbish in the dustbin and left it in front of the garage for the guy to collect. A while later I heard a crash and immediately thought is that baboons or the guy collecting and it turned out to be the baboons. They tipped over the bin and left the rubbish scattered over the paving. Fortunately none of the bottles had broken and the only “food” in the bin was egg shells, used teabags and a bit of cheese crust which they left. When Ploppy got up (I wasn’t going out by myself in case they were still around) we put everything back in the bin and left it outside. When we left to go shopping the bin was still there not yet emptied and as we drove off we saw that the office was closed so guessed the rubbish wasn’t going to be collected this week due to the elections. As we were driving past the clubhouse at least a dozen baboons crossed the road right in front of us so we turned round and put the dustbin in the garage to stop them turning it over again. So this morning we emptied the dustbin, leaving the bottles and plastic in the garage to take to the recycling bins at the far end of the estate on Sunday and put the rest of the rubbish in a public bin on the way into town.
TK wrote:
Thursday, May 9, 2019, 18:37
Your exotic story of the bins makes our 'the foxes got the bin' seem very mundane. Mine you, when the wheelie bins are used properly the foxes can't get the bins open. I'm sure baboons would be able to 1) knock them over or 2) open them. I hope you have bought enough electricity. Felf and I have had the electric people climbing over our houses this evening as my adjoined neighbour lost power at lunchtime. I was fine. Hopefully it is fixed now.

I've just written a list for Mr ExP on Bruce care for tomorrow afternoon and evening ...... and Saturday ..........and Sunday !!! Also updated the notes for the chess tournament food Mrs ExP and I wrote to include suggestions from Mr ExP. PS did you know Sprite lower sugar fizzy drink is disgusting. Sugar and sweeteners. I was given some which did not sell 'Of course I like Sprite'. I hadn't realised that the type put in the trolley was 'lower sugar'. I opened it without reading as I was in the car. I nearly spat it out. I was expecting DC or Sprite, not some witches brew.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, May 10, 2019, 07:25
Morning and a slightly overcast, but at the moment dry, start to the day. We managed to miss any of the forecast downpours yesterday.

Glad to hear you were feeling better yesterday Eva – maybe all the anxiety and stress about your Father had finally caught up with you and your body decided you needed to just take time out. Twin keeps telling me the gardens need the rain! I think that was very mean of your instructor not to allow you the hit on the string! As you told him that would have been much harder to hit than a large pig! I knew you would be missing Bruce’s singing (and company!).

Jo, I don’t think anyone will miss Bruce if he is wearing a bright yellow hi viz coat. Of course Bella needed a small wardrobe of coats – she was a lady! Will you be charging commission for introducing Mr ExP to another client? Very fortuitous that he was en route to the park and they were able to meet up. So did you manage to obtain replacement toys for the slaughter? May be watching Bruce on T’tter is what tipped the Turquoise Bunny Murderer over the edge? Our tales of foxes emptying the rubbish bins does indeed pall into insignificance compared with Diana’s Bs! Odd that next door had a power failure but you (and presumably Felf) didn’t. If there was a fault it sounds like the electric people will have sorted it out I will make a note to avoid Sprxte low sugar drink....sounds disgusting! So Mrs ExP is all primed and ready for Bruce sitting. Safe journey this afternoon.

The weather really hasn’t been that kind to you this visit has it Diana – fingers crossed that the forecast of warmer weather was right. It would be nice for you to have a few lovely warm and sunny days before you have to leave. We have a climbing rose that grows outside our bedroom window and I have to be very careful when I open the windows in summer that the nets don’t blow onto the thorns and rip – that has happened with a couple of sets of nets. Ah of course you had the election this week didn’t you. Wise to buy as much electricity as you can I feel. I see the morning trip was successful and even more electricity was bought. Ah I see you are now also armed with the water gun (they are great fun!). Is it my imagination or are the B’s now even more frequently visiting? They seem to feel they can roam wherever they like. Very sensible to go and put the bin away once you spotted a Flange (just looked up collective noun for Bs and it is Flange or Troop!).

We enjoyed the film, it was an excellent cast, and beautifully filmed. The WWI scenes were quite harrowing. We did think it was a bit slow in places (in fact someone at the end of our row obviously fell asleep as they were snoring loudly!). We did a little shopping in Debenhams beforehand (or to be more precise Twin did – I was very good and didn’t buy anything!). We went for our pizza afterwards and were home about 7.20pm. In the evening we watched the second part of Our Dementia Choir, which just shows what a wonderful gift Music is.

Today Twin is off home and MM and I will do our normal food shop. This afternoon he has a meeting with the Loss Adjuster in regard to the damp penetration from one of the leaks in the roof. I will be choosing my hymns for Sunday week’s service and sending those off to our Parish Administrator. Nothing else planned but may do a small wash. Morning BHB yes a slightly overcast start to the day. Let’s grab the Vanillita and the toasted muffins and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (she is awake).

Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, May 10, 2019, 07:53
Morning all and it is a dry day at the moment and there is even a glimmer of sun. It would be nice if it would stay that way for my drive home. Enjoyed the film yesterday though it was a bit flawed. Slow start, but the acting was good. I think it was a bit odd with some of the bits it missed out as well. Off home this morning as said. I will do a bit of a shop on the way home.

Glad you are feeling a bit better now Eva. I think the weather is going to improve a lot next week so hopefully you will get out a bit more.

Those wretched baboons are a menace again Diana. You sound to be nearly back to where you were pre fire. The guards seem useless! Hope your weather is good, but at least as I said you may be coming back to some better weather here.

Ah so Bruce will be sporting a nice yellow coat then Jo. He will be very smart! Now I wonder what you are up to this weekend!

Morning BHB so Vanillita day, let’s grab some more and find the CM.
Bunny Murderer wrote:
Friday, May 10, 2019, 11:12
Ha! I see you're going to send the police after me. Time to change my MO.

I see a meerkat that's just asking for it!

Mwah hah ha!
Jane E wrote:
Friday, May 10, 2019, 11:31
Hello all!

I've not been too well for the last couple of days. The wobbles have hit badly. I am really hoping I'll be OK to travel tomorrow coz I have places to be this weekend!

Jo - Yuk yuk yuk! Low cal drinks when you are expecting the full fat version are horrible! Mmodern long bows are so much easier to use that the type kiddies make - or than the re-enactment versions. I managed to use a re-enactment version once or twice but mostly the arrow falls straight out. This is because I roll the string apparently! Robin Hood I am not! Glad you are all sorted out for the weekend. Have a fabulous time tonight!

I'm glad you are feeling better Eva. Ooo it never occurred to me that you'd have to know how to shoot a bang-stick! Quite right! You should have got extra marks for hitting the string!

Glad to hear MM is now all sworn in Carol. I noticed on twitter a lot of people saying Poor Archibald! Tee hee! At least the baby has a nice ordinary second name...oh errr....

So MP was good then? Thanks for the report back Pauline. I agree it's hard to beat JA's voice but at least EB won in the acting stakes!

Diana - so the baboons are getting in the bins now! Great - not! What a nuisance. May I enquire what pepperdews are? The meal sounds yummy even if I don't understand what the main ingredient is!

TK wrote:
Friday, May 10, 2019, 12:20
Bit of a panic (understatement) this morning. Bruce didn't want breakfast before he went out, OK he's done that before. He didn't want his breakfast when we came home. He went to lie on the sofa, he only does that in the afternoon and evening. 30 mins later I could not wake him up. I checked his heart, it was beating regularly (I have a s scope) Good, I tried to part his eyelids- no one at home, I squeezed his paw a bit, then a bit more, then really hard he did not move. I tried to lift him he was all floppy, Mr ExP and little dog were on their way, vet was notified. Mr ExP knocked on the door, I opened it. Little dog came in and Bruce got up. Arrrrghhhhhhhhh. He seemed a bit subdued but fine. We all went for a walk. He has a bit of a dicky tummy, but not bad. He's had some food when he came home. He has gone to sleep now.
If I'd have squeezed Bella's paw like I did she would have growled at me. If I'd squeezed your fingers like I did you would have pulled your hand away. I have no idea where he was. Maybe he had some sort of seizure, there was no muscle rigour. He seems OK now.
I'd better get ready to go out, where are we going?? I'd better check
Diana wrote:
Friday, May 10, 2019, 16:00
It’s been a beautiful day today and very warm. After I’d washed the nets and rehung the ones I washed yesterday, I emptied the dishwasher and did the ironing. Then we went to the gym. I had a late breakfast on the veranda and have spent the rest of the day there enjoying the sun. Ploppy cemented a piece of stone which had come off the wall, watched some of the golf on telly and spent the rest of the day also on the veranda. We are dining at Pembreys tonight.

The forecast for tomorrow is partly sunny and 22 degrees. Not sure what we’ll do yet, probably stuff around the house, bit of packing up, some washing and go to the gym.

Sorry you had a bad day on Wednesday, Eva, never good when it happens on holiday. Hope your fine for the rest of your stay.

I like Diet Sprite or Sprite Lite as it is here. Hope Bruce behaves himself for Mr ExP. Have a lovely time Jo, Jane, Eva and anyone else going this weekend. Just read your post about Bruce, Jo, that must have given you a scare. Do hope Bruce has fully recovered.

We haven’t seen the baboons round the house that much this trip, Carol – thankfully! Although the numbers seem to be increasing again, they haven’t been here nearly as frequently as two years ago before the fires when they used to be round almost daily and sometimes more than once a day. Just hope it doesn’t get any worse than the past year.

Sorry you’ve been poorly, Jane, hope you’re good for this weekend. I wasn’t sure what pepperdews were either, I thought they were peppers but wasn’t positive, Ploppy didn’t think they were. They are small peppers – at least that’s what was on the plate. I’m not a great fan of peppers but these were OK.

Have a lovely weekend and safe journeys those of you travelling.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, May 11, 2019, 06:52
Morning and a little overcast, but currently dry. Think the sun is due to come out later and we will be around 15C. Last night (10.30pm) we had torrential rain, but it appears to have dried up now, so Twin will doubtless say the ideal time for rain which the garden needs!

I see the Bunny Mxrderxr is now after Bruce’s new companion – mind you being killed by the BM, or worried to death by Bruce doesn’t seem much of a choice!

Oh Lady J, not so good you haven’t been well – hopefully you are feeling better today and up to the journey – if so see you later. I have a feeling if I tried to use an “old” bow my arrows would fall straight out too – presume it has to do with stretching the string sufficiently? Not quite sure how you roll the string but feel I would have found out. Yes, I tend to side with the “poor A’bald” – probably suits a baby but not a grown man. Ah I knew what pepperdews were – Sainsbugs sell them stuffed with creak cheese!!

Oh goodness Jo – not surprised there was a bit of a panic! Very strange – as you say may be it was some kind of seizure. In fact it sounds a little like a dog acting (one of the girls in the Society worked as an animal trainer for films - she provided us with a lovely dog for “Annxe” – and she had a dog that would do that, but only when instructed). Won[‘t say hope you had a lovely evening as of course you did!

Hurray! You have had some lovely weather Diana! So glad you have been able to sit and enjoy the sun after the hit and miss rain you had had. I see the forecast is good for today too. So the Bs not back to full strength then. I have to say from what you have told us the guards don’t seem to be doing a particularly good job. Peppers don’t like me, but the stuffed pepperdews have been ok, as long as I limit myself to one or two – no more!

We went into Uxbridge yesterday as normal, after waving Twin off - I needed the bank (should have gone when we were there for the cinema!) and we needed some food for yesterday. We come home and MM had a call from the loss adjuster to say his previous meeting had been cancelled, so he was able to meet up with MM earlier, so it was a quick turn around and out of the door for him! I did my bits and pieces of admin and we watched tv in the evening (have The L Tower to watch on catch up as MM wanted to watch The B Circle). Twin back this morning of course and then we are off. Morning BHB, yes a little overcast, but the conservatory should be nice and sunny. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and Mxxndream through and we can have a lovely snuflle until the DCM arrives – you would like to leave slightly early to meet up with friends? Of course you may!
TK wrote:
Saturday, May 11, 2019, 07:14
I knew what pepperdews are too. I have them with cheese in them from various shops. I like them sliced in salad sandwiches.

Bruce has eaten some food this morning and is lying on his day bed, so all is normal at the moment. We'll go for a walk in a few mins.

It was an excellent show last night. There was an official video being taken (not all the time, but lots of the show), so he was on top form, holding nothing back.
evam wrote:
Saturday, May 11, 2019, 07:55
Morning all. It’s a beautiful day here, with almost wall-to-wall blue skies, but still a tad chilly.

Hello sweetheart. You have the coffee and the toasted crumpets ready for me? Goody. 💋💋💋

I am almost ready to set off for S’hampton (Eastley). Didn’t sleep too bad last night, so the 3hour drive won’t be a problem.
I spent the day in T*uro yesterday. I needed to buy the presents for the little ones, so that is now done and dusted. I had a nice browse through L*keland, and of course I bought some bits and bobs. Nothing substantional, as it has to fit in the suitcase. The weather was unpredictable, and a couple of times I had to dive into shops to avoid torrential rain showers. When I made my way back to the car park, I noticed a group of people gathering round a stand flying a black and white flag. I was wondering who would have such a flag, and then saw a plackard for U*kip. There was going to be an open meeting with that odious Mr. Be*jamin, and by the people with protest plackards gathering round, I thought that trouble was brewing, so I hurried past. I was right. On the local telly news there was a report about a fight, and Mr. B*njamin selfrightiously saying that nobody should go against the law! 🤬. I’m glad I didn’t stop, as I could very easily had become a heckler!😜

Jo,- good to hear that Himself was on good form yesterday. I’m really looking forward to the concert tonight.

Have a good w/e all. I will. 😜
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, May 11, 2019, 09:01
Morning all and it has obviously rained a lot overnight, which is good, That is when rain should fall! The sun is trying to come out now. I Have things to do before I go back to Twin so this will be a fairly brief post, I think!

That Bunny Murderer is a menace. Now want's the poor meerkat toy. That is Bruce's is murder so hands, or rather paws, off!

Lady Jane I hope you are feeling much better today with no wobbles. You need to be fighting fit! Must admit I am not a big fan of Archie as a name either. Still he will probably meet lots of other Archies' in his life as I am sure it will now become a very popular name!

Glad you are feeling ok today Eva. Have a good drive. Well done on avoiding the riot!

Good your weather seems to have improved a lot Diana, now that you are leaving! So typical! Oh and I knew what pepperdews were as well as I sometimes get them for a part of a mezze starter I have done for my friends.

Jo that must have been very scary when Bruce wouldn't rouse. Fingers crossed it was just a one off whatever it was and that he is ok now.

Morning BHB, you are in a hurry? Then we better grab more Mxxndrxxm and find the CM.

maeve 12 wrote:
Saturday, May 11, 2019, 10:59
What a fright you must have had Jo, thank goodness Bruce has recovered.

Have a great evening all of you going to Sthmptn tonight.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, May 11, 2019, 16:34
Another lovely day, that's three consecutive!

We had a really good last night. I had mussel soup, ostrich with sweet potato samoosa and affogata (vanilla pod ice cream and expresso with a glass of chocolate liqueur on the side). Ploppy had prawns peri peri, steak and pannacotta with pears poached in muscadel.

I've done a bit of packing today, some washing and most lazed on the veranda reading.

Tomorrow the forecast is partly sunny but we have the packing to do, more washing, the gym unless it's very sunny, and a couple of errands so not bothered if it's not sunny. We're dining out at the pub at the bottom of the hill, it's nearly always a good meal.

I have a little of the I word to do next, then dinner to prepare (fish and the last of the cheese) and possibly a little packing afterwards.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, May 12, 2019, 13:27
I was rather surprised to come on here and find no-one had posted since my last post yesterday afternoon, then remembered that several of you have been to see himself. Hope you enjoyed yourselves (silly statement!).

It's been another glorious day, though the wind got up a while ago and there's a very thin cloud over part of the sky. The forecast for tomorrow has improved so we shouldn't have to drive through the rain to PE. I'm just waiting on completing on-line check in - in fact I've just seen the time and had better go!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, May 13, 2019, 07:32
Morning and bright blue sky here and sunshine – it was a beautiful day yesterday too – warm enough to just have a cardigan on (slightly cooler in the shadows).

Maeve – lovely to see you – hope the house purchase is going well.

Sorry that you ended up talking to yourself Diana. So three consecutive days of sunshine – well actually four after yesterday! Dinner on Friday sounded lovely as usually. Hope the forecast was right and the drive to PE won’t be a wet one. Have a safe flight home It looks like you will be arriving to sunshine here, but may be not quite as warm.

Saturday we had a good drive down, checked into the hotel and walked round to the wine bar for a snack and a glass of wine. Oddly there were some faces we recognised! Including young Jo just as we were about to leave.! We were down for the M&G which was at 6.30, so took MM down and parked him in the bar with his paper and a glass of wine whilst we went off to the room where the M&G and evening would take place. We were allowed in about 6.15m and found Eva, Jo, Lady J, Ro and Olwen already seated at a nice round table. Chantale and Nicholas were there too and there was a table for two at the back so we went and sat there and got our complementary glass of fizz and not long afterwards the GO and Beverley came in and started doing the rounds. There were only about twenty of us and Beverley went ahead of the GO. We had a very net chat with them both and then the GO went off to get ready. We were booked to eat at 7pm, so went and found MM and went and had our dinner (we were on a table in the front row of the elevated rear dining section so had a good view of the “stage”. Dinner was very good (well mine and Twin’s were, but MM elected to have pork which he said was very chewy. I gave him half of my chicken!

Due to the time it took for people to eat, and then the rest of the room to be seated, proceedings didn’t start until gone 9pm! It was lovely to hear what other people had said about the GO, and we were some songs he hadn’t sung before (all excellent of course!). The evening finished about 11.40pm!! I felt sorry for anyone having to drive home afterwards.

Yesterday we woke to sunshine but it was fairly cool first thing (we had a short outside walk to get to the wine bar where breakfast was being served). We had a nice table overlooking the ground. Breakfast was freshly cooked but as we were booked for lunch in we didn’t overdo the breakfast. We said farewell to Chantale and Nicholas and the Lizzes and then went and finished our packing. We checked out just before 10.30 am so were in Winchester by 10.45 and had a short wander around before June and Barry joined us. Barry and MM went off for a drink and we three ladies went and wandered around the shops. Now forget what I said about probably not needing anything else for the holidays - I had a voucher for 25% off for Phxse Exght, so managed to find three really nice tee shirt type tops which will be great for the holiday. I also bought a pretty tunic type top in Whxte Stxff (15% off voucher which they send me at frequent intervalsWe met up with the “boys” afterwards and it was still an hour before the table was booked at Braxserie Blxnc, so I rang them to ask if it would be possible to take the table earlier. They asked us to get there in fifteen minutes time, which we did. We had a lovely lunch and afterwards walked back to the car park together (free on a Sunday) before waving June and Barry off and heading for home.

Hope Eva’s journey back to C’wall was quicker than her journey down!

We watched the last episode of The Durrells in the evening (oddly non of us wanted anything to eat) – sad it has finished, I liked my weekly dose of blue skies, blues seas and sun. We had an early night and have just woken up. Off to Sainsbugs this morning and then Twin will be off home). This evening is choir practice of course. Morning BHB, yes a lovely bright start to the day. Let’s grab the Lavendula and the toasted teacakes and have a lovely snuffle in the conservatory. You can tell me about your weekend and once the DCM joins us (she is awake) we can tell you all about our’s!
Pauline2 wrote:
Monday, May 13, 2019, 07:51
Morning all and it is a lovely day out there. As Twin has told you we will go for a food shop, then I will be off home. Had such a good weekend, I love the show, very interesting and some lovely songs. Only downside was it started very late so was late finishing. He is worth it though. Nice to have a chat with everyone at the meet and greet. Especially lovely to see Eva again and also Chantale and Nicholas. It has been a long time! Of course it was fab having the chance of a chat with the GO as well! Beverly is a lovely lady as well. So lots of loveliness! Enjoyed the chance to revisit Winchester yesterday and so good to see June and Barry again. Very yummy lunch too and what with that and some RT it made a good conclusion to a fab weekend.

Glad your weather has improved Diana. You will be glad to hear you will be returning to better weather here as well, for a few days anyway! Have a good journey home.

Morning BHB and of course it is Lavendula day. Let’s grab some more and find the CM and you can tell us about your weekend and we”lltell you about ours.
TK wrote:
Monday, May 13, 2019, 09:33
I was too tired to log in yesterday and I was out for a long walk on Sunday. I was so late in getting away yesterday for the Sunday entertainment.
It was a lovely place on Saturday. Had great fun until I went to drive home, with the late show and the slow traffic due to roadworks I wasn't home until early Sunday morning. The Sunday show was at a normal time, I was later getting on my way as Bruce and I were out walking with Mr+MrsExP. The show on Sunday was very good. Beverley has been chatting to several of the regulars in the M+G, so there was a mention in the show of friendships formed cos of GO. I made a much better time home Sunday night, would have been a recent record, but the M25 was closed for 2 Junctions so I had to take a detour which added 20mins.

Bit of an incident this morning, the other owner was taken off to the hospital and the dog to the vets. (Bruce had been hanging off his ear.) Both of us owners have bites on the hands. I've checked Bruce over and can find no marks. There was some blood but I think it was mine. The other owner was in shock, so her step dad was taking her and her bites to be checked. All was going so well, there was wagging of tails and sniffing. Maybe the dog was protecting the other dog in his pack as Bruce did start to chase the other dog when he was running for the ball. Bruce was in a bit of shock himself, so we are taking it easy.

A smile from yesterday. Question to 2 women at the M&G yesterday. Beverley 'How many times have you seen Lee live?' One lady 'Hhhm how many times is it?' Other lady 'Ohh must be ............. 2 or 3.' First lady 'I think it is 2. I asked one of our group the same question 'I'll check the spreadsheet, must be hundreds.'
evam wrote:
Monday, May 13, 2019, 10:50
Morning all. It’s a lovely day here, but with a rather cold wind blowing.

Hello sweetheart. You’ve missed me? Sorry, but what with all the driving, I’ve been too tired to blog. I’m forgiven, and you have my herbal tea and toasted teacakes ready? 💋💋💋

I have already been hard at work this morning. Did my usual early run for the newspaper, then had breakfast, then back to W*debridge for a food shop. When I got home, I did my nails, so I’m sure you enderstand that I needed a sit-down! 😜. My plans for the rest of the day aren’t too strenous: will go for a walk if the winds calm down a bit.

The w/e was sooooooooo good, except for all the driving. It took me more than 4 hours to drive down, mostly due to stretches with stop-start intervals. But got to the PI in S’hampton in plenty of time, so had a little rest before I met up with Jane, Ro and Olwen. We drove to the venue where we found Jo. We had a couple of chatty hours with lunch, and then it was time for the meet and greet. He looked gorgeous! And he took plenty of time to chat with us, and to let us have our photos taken with him. I sent one of my photos by Snapchat to youngest sister, Iselin, the PH and Viljar’s dad. I had a laugh at the returning answers, as they all said how lucky GO was to have met me, and that my proper holiday had finally started! Cheeky beggars! Beverly was lovely, and very interested in my Lee story when the others told her that I live in Norway. She took some notes and mentioned me when she did the Q&A session. I also met the Twins, MM, Chantale and Nicholas of course.
The concert in itself was absolutely fabulous. Loved every minute, and we had the best seats in the house. As Jane said,- itwas like having himself in our own living room. It ended very late, and normally I would be fast asleep at that time. I did feel tired, but didn’t feel sleepy at all. I wonder why?
I started from S’hampton just after 8am on Sunday, and it being a Sunday, the traffic wasn’t at all bad, so I did the drive back 45 minutes quicker than the way down. The tiredness was there, so I had a very lazy Sunday afternoon and evening.

Diana,- 👏👏👏 finally the weather was on your side.

Jo,- that episode with the dogs must have been scary, both for the dogs and humans.

Twins, a good Sunday for you, then, and an even better day for the shops in W*nchester! 😜
TK wrote:
Monday, May 13, 2019, 19:17
Bruce is fine, The other dog, who was 'covered' in blood, is fine apart from a bruised ear, from Bruce. The blood was from his owner. She has a bad bite on her finger, they thought they might have to amputate. As it happened so fast I don't know if it was Bruce or her dog who bit her. I know my bites are from Bruce as I was trying to get his teeth out of the other dog's ear. She had an operation this afternoon, her finger has been patched up, so is coming home tonight. I've been to see her mum and stepdad, they are OK. I think it was all OK until Bruce went to see the 2nd dog from the family. The first one was protecting the other dog, although Bruce was just saying 'hello'. We'll just give them a wide birth in future.

I'm doing a first aid course this Tues and Weds. I'd already booked it, mine ran out a few years ago when I wasn't well. I'd never got around to renewing.

TK wrote:
Monday, May 13, 2019, 20:25
Just reread my previous comment, read like I wasn't worried about the owner. I was of course worried though at the time I had no understanding as to how bad her injury was. Her mum said this afternoon that she was feeling OK as they had reviewed the finger and there was to be no amputation. They thought it would heal well. The patient was very pleased she had been signed off for 2 weeks as she was not looking forward to seeing her boss back from holidays. I just hope they give her enough pain killers at the hospital. I'll go and see her tomorrow evening when I come back from my course.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 07:21
Morning and another bright start to the day – blue skies and sunshine; although it does look breezier than yesterday, which was a lovely warm day.

Goodness Jo – what time did you eventually get home on Sunday morning? Trust there to be roadworks when you probably just wanted to get home to bed. It was indeed a very late show – we weren’t quite sure why, but presume it was because they wanted everyone to have eaten before they started. Ah yes we mentioned to Beverley that Twin and I met through the GO and had a lot to thank him for! Suspect others told a similar story. The roads certainly seemed to be out to get you – with the X25 closed for two junctions!

Oh goodness that must have been really frightening. The other owner seems to have come off the worst and when I read your subsequent posts that they thought she might have had to have her finger amputated it brought home how serious the incident was. Thank goodness they have been able to save the finger. Hopefully your own bites didn’t need too much treatment? I think the first aid course may be coming at the right time! I think giving that particular dog a wide berth is a very good idea. All very worrying and unsettling for you. Ah so some people have been two or three times to see the GO – imagine! In fact there was a lady near us at the M&G who was saying to someone near her that she had never been to see Lee, but had seen him on the tv. Enjoy (is that the right word?) your course. I did one a long while ago as I was one of the office first aiders, but then when mine ran out I let someone else take over the responsibility!

Glad you had a better journey home Eva, it was lovely seeing you. I feel given the start time in the evening it was a good job you had managed a rest (and hopefully an Eva) before you went to the venue! Love the comments from your family! We thought it was lovely that you had a mention from Beverley. Hope the sun is shining on you and that you can relax and enjoy your last few days in C’wall. Shame the weather hasn’t been so kind to you (bit like Diana in SA!) but at least you have had a sunny few days (in more ways than one!). Mind you Lindy and Lawrence in Vxnxce had a dull and overcast day yesterday and sent me a photo of people in their coats walking around St M's Square!

We did our shopping in Sainsbugs yesterday and went for coffee afterwards as normal, just with Twin rather than with Lindy and Lawrence. Once we were home Twin went off as she had food to get back into her own fridge. I did some of the laundry in the afternoon, including starting the i word. I have some to finish this morning, but at least not the whole mountain! We had a good rehearsal in the evening – Sue still hasn’t got a completion date, so we may have her for a couple of weeks more than we anticipated. She is ringing her solicitor to see what is happening. We came home and watched Ghosts on catch up. Last episode next week I think. We have really enjoyed it, but then we liked the Horrid History books (so did my nephew Paul, when he was little, and I used to buy them for him in one of the shops which used to be close to the office). This afternoon I am off for a hair cut and a back massage then we have an evening in, and of course HC to watch – yay Lxfty will be back on our screens!!! Morning BHB, yes another sunny start to the day. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the The Stxr through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 09:09
Morning all and it is another gorgeous day. I am now at home of course, got back yesterday after I did a food shop with Twin and MM. Also did a wash so today I have the pleasure of the ixxnxxg to look forward to. this afternoon I am at the doctor for my routine check. At least I hope it is routine. It was this time last year she put me on the run of endoscopes I had!

Jo that sounds a really scary encounter with the other dog. Poor lady nearly losing her finger. Let's hope it was her own dog that did it. Also hope you are ok and that Bruce is too. Very wise to avoid them in future.

Glad you had a better journey home and are recovering, from the GO effect as well as the drive there!! Lovely that you got a mention, you certainly earned it!

Morning BHB and what have we today? The Stxr? I like the sound of that. Let's grab some more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 09:19
Morning all. Another day with blue skies, but that drattet cold wind is still here.

Hello sweetheart. Do I want a blanket? It’s not that bad, and I’m sure the snuggling will get the temperatures up! You also have my coffee and toasted paninis ready? You are the best. 💋💋💋

I’ve pegged out the washing, but need to keep an eye on it, so it isn’t blown away! 💨. I did go for a walk yesterday, but not for long,- the wind was so strong. Maybe it’ll calm down a bit today?

I spoke to youngest sister this morning, and the situation at home is the same, i.e. father gets more and more confused. Yesterday he’d gone down to the basement looking for his store room. Taking into account that he’s only been down there 1-2 times in 7 years, it was not a good idea. He got lost! Couldn’t find his store room and then couldn’t find his way out again! Luckily a neighbour came down and helped him out. His phone didn’t work down there, so heavens know how long he could have been there. Mrs S is doing as she’s been told,- for the time being. I wonder how long that’ll last?

I was watching an old episode of E*dover last night which I haven’t seen before, so enjoyed that. And of course tonight Lofty is finally back on the screen. 😀😍

Jo,- the biting story went from bad to worse! So relieved that no amputation had to be done. I take it noone is sure which dog started the fight? I hope your bites aren’t serious?

Carol,- do you mean to say that some people have been to see GO more than once? Strange. 😜
evam wrote:
Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 09:23
Pauline,- you posted while I was typing. Fingers crossed your doctor hasn’t more bright ideas like the endoscope again!
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 12:45
Hi all,

Well what a fab weekend that was! Two great concerts and a lovely day spent sight seeing in W*nchester. Brilliant!

It was so great to have a proper chance to catch up with Eva on Saturday, who kindly ferried Ro, O and me backwards and forwards from the hotel to the venue. And it was lovely to see Carol, Pauline, Chantale and Nick too - though we only got a brief catch up while waiting for the M&G.

I think that was one of the nicest M&Gs we've had. Very civilised sitting at nice tables with complimentary fizz. I also liked that BH joined the GO and chatted to fans (she was SO impressed with Eva coming from Norway!).

Our seats for the concert were...gulp...that's close! I knew they would be good ones but we were...right...in...front...of...his...chair... so it was imperative - NO YAWNING!!!! which was harder than you might think given I'd been up since 5.45 am and the concert didn't finish to well after 11pm!

Gosh he was on fabulous form! Particularly MotN and This is the M.

Sunday's show was also excellent - and Beverley made a particular mention of the fans - and the friendships we've made with each other. Which had me all teary! Awwww!!!

Thank you so much to Ro, O and Jo (and Kevin) for your company and the laughs!

Eva - you must be shattered after the driving! Oh dear - I'm afraid your dad is a danger to himself if he gets lost in the basement. Let's hope he doesn't go for more wanders. Mrs S doing what she's told!!!! (Faints!!!)

Jo - so sorry I didn't know about Bruce's illness Friday. You must have been so worried :-(. Oh dear that dog fight sounds nasty. I'm glad you and Bruce weren't seriously hurt - but the poor other owner! Is it someone you know? Is she OK?

Poor Diana! Sorry you were left alone on the blog for a while!

Pauline - EEK!!!! Finger's crossed it is just routine!!!

Ah I see it was Carol telling Beverley about the friendships :-) So much to thank the GO for! Ooo I love Gh*sts. It's such fun. Love the ghosts in the cellar :-)
Bunny murderer wrote:
Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 13:00
Ha! I have a whole warren of bunnies in my sights! Who needs meerkats!

Mwah ha ha!
TK wrote:
Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 21:11
I'm a bad neighbour, I haven't checked on the hospital returnee. I got home from the first day of the 1st aid course. Bruce was back at home telling me that he was starving, so fed him early. Mrs ExP came on her way home as I was home early she didn't need to look after Bruce. A few mins later phone call 'do you want to go to the pub, I'm sitting in the car outside the house'. Me, Bruce, Little dog, Mr and Mrs Ex P were in the car and off we went. A walk through a wood I'd not been to, lovely in the early evening. Bruce has taken well to all the pub training, he is much better. When we got back I was hungry, so cooked tea and fed TK. I had to do some homework from the first aid course. Then it was nearly 8pm, so didn't got to go to check on neighbour. I will go tomorrow.

Bunny murderer, perhaps you should try a new hobby???
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 07:19
Morning and another bright start to the day – I thought yesterday’s wind had died down, but I can see some of the bushes in the garden moving so may be not!

I see you have the cold wind too Eva. Our’s wasn’t too bad yesterday, just meant going without a coat was not an option. Your coastal wind sounds much stronger – hopefully it died down a little and the washing remained safe! Also hope you were able to find some shelter and enjoy the warmth. Oh dead that’s not good about your father, thank goodness the neighbour came along. I assume your younger sister is keeping a record of incidents as further proof for the SS (if needed). Good to hear that Mrs S is behaving and doing as she has been told (is that a first?). I know—imagine people going to see the GO more than just once (or may be twice) – unheard of! Am I right in thinking this is your last full day in C’wall?? If so enjoy it!

I see the Bunny Murderer is on the hunt again – perhaps a public warming needs to be issued?

Ah so you were in W’chester on Sunday when we were – it was a lovely day and of course Sunday is always the local farmers’ market there. We loved the fizz at the M&G and there seemed a smaller number than normal. I know the original email said 40 tickets, but there seemed to only be half that number. Loved T is T M, which is one of my favourite songs – he really did it justice! We do indeed all have a lot to thank the GO for! Ghxsts is wonderful isn’t it – we find it is just a lovely way to relax when we come home from rehearsal, and yes the ones in the cellar are a hoot – especially the other week when they were “helping out” with the electrics!

Jo I remember coming home from my first aid course and after the day on bandaging, sitting MM down on a chair in front of the tv and practising on him (I do a mean triangular bandage!). So the day ended socially and Bruce is learning to appreciate the pub. Sounds as if he isn’t suffering any ill effects from the trauma the day before – hopefully you aren’t either. I am sure Felf will forgive you.

I had a lovely back massage yesterday – shoulders feel all relaxed today. It was also a relief to get my hair cut, I can now see out of my fringe. I managed to finish all the i word in the morning, so that’s now out of the way. Went for my bp check and have to go twice more in the next week or so, so that they can compare the readings. I was a little on the high side! Today I have some admin to do (we are leading services this coming Sunday so I need to type up my notes and MM’s) and may well start the clothes swap, so I can confirm that I don’t need to buy anything new! Watched HC last night of course! Still finding the storyline not very credible (especially Lxfty being unfaithful – that is so out of character!). MM wants to get out into the garden today, but also needs to zip up to the Church to collect some papers. I will be a stay at home Bunny today (hope the Bunny Murderer doesn’t read that last statement). Morning BHB, yes another lovely sunny day. Let’s grab the pastel de natas and the Stxxp Flxght and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

evam wrote:
Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 08:03
Morning all. A beautiful day here with hardly any wind at all. A nice walk will be on the cards.

Hello sweetheart. You have my coffee waiting? That will be just fine to go with the snuggling. 💋💋💋
I have been up and about for a while already. A mug of coffee and a good read is a fab way to start the day at 5am. Then a quick drive for the newspaper to go with the breakfast, and I’m ready for whatever life will throw at me! I have invited Mary for a proper high tea, not only a cream one, later today. I didn’t know where to go, but Mary sorted it out. Looking forward to that, I can tell you.

Jo,- I see Bruce is slowly adapting to the idea of a pub crawl. That’s a good boy.

Carol,- tomorrow is my last full day here. I’ll point my V*lvo towards G*twick Friday after breakfast. I did a search on The AA to see how long it should take me, and was told 4 hours 45 minutes. We’ll see. Did I tell you that I had a text from my airline last week, telling me that the X23 will be closed (!) from Friday 17th at 10pm until Sunday 19th at 12.00? I call that very good customer service. I am not flying out until Saturday morning, so it won’t affect me. I will be staying overnight at the PI close to the South terminal.
I agree about the HC storyline. Lofty would NEVER cheat on Dom. The way Dom is portrayed now, makes me almost dislike him. His ego keeps getting bigger and bigger, and his latest bombshell made me want to slap him!

pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 08:44
Morning all and it is another gorgeous one here. It was lovely yesterday as well and once the sun got going, really warm. I went to the doctor and things not too bad, just have to have the blood test and we shall see what that has to say. Fingers crossed as I have had enough of doctors for a good while! Today I will pop to the shops and get some bits and pieces done, then hopefully I can get into the garden later.

Eva I see Mrs S is doing as she is told! Wow! Not so good about your poor father getting lost in the basement. Just as well he was found fairly quickly. Have a lovely afternoon with Mary and enjoy the last couple of days holiday to the full. It will all too soon seem like a distant memory! Not sure I would find any way of starting a day at 5am good! Agree about HC not a very believable storyline and Lxfty would never have done that. That's soaps, sorry, continuing dramas for you though!

Jo glad to hear Bruce seems fully recovered and is taking to the pub training, very important! I am sure that Felf will be fine about your lack of visit, but it shows just how busy this retirement lark is doesn't it!

The pesky Bunny Murderer is on the loose again! Time to lock up any little animals of the soft variety that are around!

Jane your seats were indeed very close! Agree he was in fine voice and I love This is the M as well and was a delight to hear him nail it.

Morning BHB and what is there to delight our taste buds today? Stxxp Flxght? Lovely. Let's get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 20:06
Hooray I have passed the first aid qualification.
I went to see the dog owner who was bitten on Monday today. She came back from the hospital Monday night after the op to reconnect the nerves in her finger. She says the finger still hurts but not as much as it did on Monday. She has the lower arm raised in a padded sling. We agreed on that the fight started when Bruce went to say hello to the other dog in their family. Her dog is protective of the other family dog, so her dog tried to get Bruce away. She got bitten by her dog, I got bitten by Bruce. Unfortunately her injury was much worse than mine.
Eva I hope your trip to the airport goes smoothly. And you can return the 'upgraded' car in good time. That tea you had with Mary looked lovely in the pic on FB.

Carol good luck with the change over. I hope you don't find that you have the requirement for lots of new clothes for your holiday.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, May 16, 2019, 06:57
Morning and yet another bright sunny start to the day – I could get used to this, although I see all due to change at the weekend!

Ah, so you are taking the nice weather back with you tomorrow Eva. I presume you are doing the drive in one go? So about the same or just a little bit more than the drive last weekend. Ah so you are just about to miss the roadworks. That was excellent of the firm to advise you in advance – you are right very good customer service. Oh the way Dom is acting is ridiculous – he is being absolutely horrid to Carole, who after all has been his Mxm for all his life and has loved and cared for him. I am with you in wanting to slap him! Your afternoon tea looked lovely from the photo – so I am assuming you enjoyed it and your time with Mary. Hope you have a lovely last day and the Cxrnish sun shines on you. Safe drive tomorrow as I suspect you may be leaving at the crack of sparrows.

Well done on the first aid qualification Jo! Phew, so the other dog owner is home and recuperating. Sounds nasty that they had to reconnect the nerves in the fingers, but better than the amputation option. Ah so she agrees with your version of the incident, and that her dog was the instigator. That must be a relief. I am assuming your bites are ok? I forgot in the midst of reading all about the drama to ask what breed of dog she has? Oh, and I don’t think I will need to buy lots of new clothes (although may order a nice tunic type top on lien today from one of my favourite shops as they have 20% off today.....). I imagine you might take it a little bit easy today, what with all the driving last weekend, the trauma of the dog incident and then two days of first aid course!

As you will relieased, I did part of the clothes swap (just in time for the weather to change) so at least I have some lighter weight tops to wear! MM went up the church in the morning whilst I typed up his service and did some notes for my own. He spent the afternoon in the garden whilst I was doing the clothes sorting – few things already earmarked for the Sue Ryder shop. This morning I have a rehearsal at 10 am with Jean, our accompanist – I am singing for the 90th Anniversary meeting of a ladies’ group at next Tuesday afternoon. We are rehearsing at the church where the small choir rehearse, so MM will drive me and wait for me and we will then go to our “new” little Garden Centre – they are having a 20% off day today. Who knows I might find some lights for the garden.......just saying it is a possibility!!! Will run the vacuum and the duster around this afternoon and then may tackle some more of the clothes swap (I was going to do it in two halves as of course no matter how careful I put things away they come out creased so require the i word - my plan is to do that little by litte!). Morning BHB, yes it is another lovely sunny day. Let’s take the hot toasted crumpets and the Jxckie O into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Thursday, May 16, 2019, 08:13
I'm off to the stables in a while, been ages since I was there.

Well Bruce went to say hello to their little dog, which was what started it, it was all peace, light and wagging tails before he did that. The larger Jack Russell cross was protecting the smaller Jack Russell. The smaller dog had been attacked a few months ago, so the larger dog has gone very protective. At least we both agreed, even though I don't remember it all and neither does she as it happened so fast. We do remember we were both bitten by our own dogs. She trying to get Bruce's neck out of her dog's mouth and me trying to get her dog's ear out of Bruce's mouth.

Hope Eva's travels go well and the clothes swap.

Looks like a lovely day today. Just as well as I have no light in the kitchen, the light has to be on all day. Must get a new strip light and find someone who can fit it. I think I've fitted my last strip light. Job for Mr or Mrs Ex P I think. Felf is way past that I think!!! She did used to offer.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, May 16, 2019, 08:17
Morning all.

Very pleasant to return to similar weather here as we had the last few days in SA. I sat outside in the garden yesterday afternoon enjoying the sun and it was nice to be able to completely relax knowing there was no risk of any baboons!

We had a good journey to PE and both flights were on time and smooth. We got through Heathrow very quickly and were home by 8.30 am. Everything was fine at home, though the grass and weeds had certainly grown - Ploppy mowed the lawn yesterday and I'm going to have a go at the weeds this morning. I spent a good bit of the day Tuesday on the laptop transferring files and deleting emails. Yesterday morning I did a wash and then a food shop, walking to and from Sains. for some exercise. I still have a number of things to sort out and more catching up, with no specific plans until Tuesday when I go to my parents while Ploppy is in Portugal playing golf. He played his first round on Tuesday afternoon and said he got better as it went on and his arm was fine. He's golfing again this morning and intends to play at the weekend all being well.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, May 16, 2019, 08:37
I also swopped my clothes and shoes yesterday. I only just got all the summer clothes in my wardrobe, will have to pull out some I'm less likely to wear and put them somewhere else otherwise it will be hard to find anything I'm looking for, they are jammed so tight together.

I forgot to say that our last meal on Sunday was a little disappointing. The pub was closed so we went to an Italian at the Quays. Ploppy had pizza, I had chicken schnitzel which was OK but the mash and squash were lumpy; we shared a piece of carrot cake and both had a cappuccino.

Glad the concert goers all had a good time.

Incident with Bruce and the other dog sounds scarey, Jo.

Will finish catching up later, if I don't start on the weeding soon while the sun's out, it won't get done.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, May 16, 2019, 09:05
Morning all and it is another lovely one here as well. Sadly I think this is the last of them for now. Also sadly I have a pile of ixxnxxg to do so may spend most of it indoors! I will try to do a little gardening later as it is a shame to waste the day. I did get a few things done out there yesterday so it isn't too bad.

Have a lovely last day here Eva and hope you have a good journey to the airport tomorrow and home the day after. Saw the picture on f/book of your tea and it looked very yummy! Mary looks so nice as well.

Jo I have never fully trusted JR since one of our neighbours when I was little had one and we were told never to approach it as it could bite us! I suppose it is very nice that Bigger Dog wants to protect Tiny Dog, but I feel it's owner may not be quite so pleased! At least it seems to all be settled amicably between the humans which is a very good thing. I can see why you don't want to fit the strip lighting. My Mum and Dad had it in their kitchen and I have fitted a few new strips. Tricky for one to do!

Diana glad you get home in time to enjoy this weather, It will break you in gently I hope! How good that Ploppy can play golf again as I feel he may have been missing it a bit!.

Morning BHB and we have Jxckie O today? What?! Oh the cocktail, that's a relief, I thought maybe we were having a séance! Let's get more and go and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Thursday, May 16, 2019, 10:48
Morning all. It’s a bit overcast here, but it’s nice and mild, so I’m not complaining.

Hello sweetheart. You have the herbal tea ready for me to go with the toasted crumpets? Just right,- you are fabulous!💋💋💋

As it’s my last full day here, I went to P*dstow this morning for a pedicure. It was lovely as always. I have almost finished packing (I started yesterday), and as usual I’m not sure how I’m going to get everything in. Also as usual I had brought much too many clothes. I never learn! But as usual I think I’ll get everything in eventually.
I have decided to treat myself to lunch at the Pi*kwick Inn today. I think I deserve it, just like those women in the hair shampoo ad! 😜
I’ll start straight after breakfast tomorrow. Might as well get under way as early as possible.
As it’s the Norwegian National day tomorrow, I’ll have to sing the National anthem to myself while I’m driving! 🇳🇴
I have persuaded youngest sister to go away for a long weekend today, so they are off to the cottage in the mountains this afternoon. I’ve told her not to answer the phone if it’s father ringing! He can bother Mrs S.

Jo,- I bet you’re relieved that the resposibility for the conflict between the dogs and the consequenses were agreed between you and the other owner. Congrats with the first aid certificate. Well done! 👏👏👏

Diana,- welcome home. Glad to hear that the journey home went smoothly. I am sure it felt just fine NOT to have to go straight in to work like you used to do. Phew,- Ploppy is back playing golf! I bet the withdrawal symptoms have been bad.😜

Carol,- so the half yearly cull of your wardrobe has started. I am in no doubt that they will soon be filled again!😜

Pauline,- enjoy your i*****g!
Diana wrote:
Thursday, May 16, 2019, 15:07
Eva, you are so right, it is great not to have to go straight into the office and not to have to go to work at all after returning from holiday. It felt strange to come straight home and have the whole day ahead of me. Didn't even have a suitcase to unpack and piles of washing to do as we only had hand luggage.
Good thing the neighbour came down and took care of your father. Not a nice experience for him. Trust you've enjoyed the last day of your stay and had a good lunch. Hope you have an easy drive tomorrow with no delays and a smooth flight home.

Lovely to have Lofty back last night. Good timing as I didn't miss any episodes with him. Even though I've not seen the last few episodes of HC yet, I didn't feel I'd missed anything! I'll have to catch up when Ploppy isn't around. We also have the whole series of LofD to watch but that will have to wait until after Ploppy's trip next week.

I lost count of the number of dandelions I dug up this morning, the bed at the front was full of them and I probably missed one or two. And there was a huge one in the back. At least the earth was easy to dig, the soil wasn't wet nor hard.

Must be a relief that the other owner didn't need a finger amputated. Hope your bites are healing, Jo, and well done on passing the first aid course.

I have an optician's appointment tomorrow. Hope I don't need new glasses, cost me a fortune last time.
CArol29 wrote:
Friday, May 17, 2019, 06:35
Morning and sadly no blue skies and sunshine today. I am missing them already!

Jo, I bet you thought once you had retired you would have plenty of time to go to the stables! No light in the kitchen? I can see that might make for difficulties, but also I can see that you might not want to fit a new one yourself – hopefully Mr Ex P (or indeed Mrs Ex P) stepped up to the mark! Ah so the smaller dog had been attacked, that makes it easier to understand why the bigger dog went on the attack. I am assuming neither of the fighting dog suffered too badly afterwards?

We thought you might like the weather when you arrived home Diana. Hopefully it will return soon (in fact I think next week is due to be sunny and warm again). I see you have been missing the Bs though! What a shame your last meal wasn’t quite so nice. Ah the weeds have a nasty habit of growing, especially if they realise there is no one at home to cull them! Pleased to hear Ploppy has managed to play golf with no ill effects – I am sure he is looking forward to his Pxrtugxl break! Ah I know exactly what you mean about the clothes being squashed in the wardrobe too tight – that’s why I always have a cull when I do the swap! The coming home from holiday and not having to worry about wxrk does take some getting used to initially! Now it is just a way of life of course. I keep thinking I ought to have an eye test but have held off much for the same reason as you!

Eva your toes look lovely and Gratulerer med nasjonaldagen! Ah the “how do I fit everything into the case” scenario – know it well. When we go for our two weeks in the villa we always take too many clothes and come back with some unworn. Each year I think I will get it right and each year is the same! Hope you enjoyed your lunch yesterday - of course you deserve it, no question! – and had a lovely relaxing last day. That was lovely of you to tell Nxna to go away to the mountains for the weekend. I am sure she will relish the rest. So that means Mrs S is charge of things at home then! Yes the cull is underway Eva (in fact put a few more things aside to go to the Sue R shop yesterday). Hope you have a good and safe journey to G’wick today and a relaxing flight home tomorrow – I take it one of the family will be collecting you the other end?

Had quite a busy day in the end yesterday - had my rehearsal yesterday morning, but ended up going to Jean’s house as she had mislaid her keys to the church (her husband had them and he was out!). MM collected me after our rehearsal and we went off to the garden centre. Absolutely everything was 20% off so we came home with two hydrxngxas for the front tubs, four gxrxnixms for some of the patio pots, some boring things like plant feed and weed killer and.....a new wind spinner with a solar light in the middle (same as one I have already – I bought the original one at another garden centre for £28.99. This was exactly the same but priced at £19.99 and then I had the 20% discount so it only cost me £15.99. I also bought another coil led solar light which MM hung up in the garden yesterday afternoon. In fact he spent all afternoon in the garden – it wasn’t quite so hot as previous days, so was quite pleasant out. I decided to get the i board out and press the clothes I had swapped. Will do the remainder of the swap at the weekend hopefully! Today we are off to do the food shop and the bank first thing, then Twin will be over and I will go up to UXL Hxspxtal with her as her “responsible adult” – well I got away with it last time! We have choir tonight so hoping Twin will be ok to leave for a short while and rest before we get home. I will work them hard and get through in record time so she isn’t on her own for too long. Moring BHB, yes not so nice to day. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted pikelets into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Ali wrote:
Friday, May 17, 2019, 08:31
Morning. Done a quick skim so welcome home Diana, safe journey Eva, hope all goes well Pauline, hope all injured parties recovered Jo, apologies if I’ve missed anything!
What a week! Josh’s g/f 21st so made cake then baked my offering (Irish coffee cake) for staff bake off at work. Yesterday we had local news in filming us for ‘Breakfast Brexit’ segment on local news. Interesting, slightly disruptive and we had to re-do things so they could be filmed from different angles. If I’m not edited out then my hands may be on show lol
Ploppy has gone off to Ypres with a school party today. He’s loving all these continental trips.
Next week is Josh’s 21st so more baking and taxi service to station as he and Abbie are off to London for couple of days. No idea where ploppy may be lol
Better get ready for work, need to go via bank to collect change.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, May 17, 2019, 08:56
Morning all and it is all grey and dull here. Shame. Mind I have other things on my mind today! This is the endoscope to check that everything from the first one is ok, so fingers crossed it is then they may leave me alone for a while! So I am off to Twin so she can come and look after me. What would I do without her. As I am nil by mouth I have to say I am getting hungry! I'll be ok when I get going as I won't have time to think about it!

Hope your journey today is ok Eva. Your last day sounded perfect! Not being as bi-lingual as Twin I will just say Happy National Day!

Diana I still get the odd kick out of not having to work! Funny how weeds thrive when you are not there and yet often plants you planted die! Seems all wrong somehow. Good luck at the opticians.

Ali so you have become a star on the tv, well you hands may! I can understand that Ploppy is having a whale of a time! So pleased for him. Josh 21? Thump! That's me fainting! Where did that time go!

Morning BHB and of course it is Vanillita day. Let's get another jug of it and we can go and join the CM.
TK wrote:
Friday, May 17, 2019, 08:57
Bruce is out in the garden checking that none of the neighbours are still asleep. He has been driving me nuts trying to get me to take him out. He has already been out for a walk btw.
Ali of the famous hands! And still busy, no surprise.
Diana back and Eva going, what jet setters.
Pauline, I'm with you with JRs, there are some lovely ones, just they are such good hunting dogs.
I have to rush, got to phone to see if there is any news on them paying my pension!!
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, May 17, 2019, 10:21
Hello. sorry about being MIA but back in the groove (ish) now. summary of things
- ho was great . mixed weather so I got a cold tho my dent.st told me thinks I have hayfever not a cold- may explain things! Loved Lake M and being near water - and our hotel was fab we had great view from our room. . M.lan was literally a washout day but we did see the L.st S.pper painting - superb. said no thanks to rest of walking tour! Eldest scollop was right(shhh don't tell him) - we did need a relaxing hol!
- went to dentist 100 miles away for first bit of my impl.nt treatment on Mond. Mouth still sore! came home (we had stayed away overnight) to find front door open! ploppy had forgotten to shut it far less lock it. we were very lucky that we live in nice area (!!) and no-one had come in as door was open, not just unlocked!
- got letter on Tues to say NN has put in appeal. he has employed a L.ndon planning consultancy firm to do it for hi. they have put in their appeal doc that we have "generated a campaign against their client". we have no right of response to anything in appeal! aND sp far our council planners have not included any of our objections and ploppy's light calculations in paperwork available to pl.nning Inspector. they are also ignoring our emails. we are having to employ solicitor again - and get councillors on board again. during all this I found out that tho ploppy had been doing all the paperwork (i did all the research) he has not organised any of our docs into sub folders so I had to trawl thro 300 docs to find what we had submitted to Council. I now see that this is same for all our financial files etc. so may not surface for some time!
- sloppy and sis on my back for not going down to visit enough. seemingly dad didn't get up one day we were away and so sis has gone into overdrive thinking he will be bedbound for ever so special huge bed, comm.de etc all bought. seemingly this means dad will have to be in diff room to mum (all his new equip wont fit in one room) - so means we will have nowhere to sleep so will have to do the 5-6 hour round trips in one day. Dad been up before midday every day since! I kept my mouth zipped.
so I am feeling "slightly" overwhelmed at mo. not sure how much more either of us can take of this pl.nnign battle on top of everything else. A wee bit down - both of us.
Ali - will look out fro your hands on local news! 21 yrs - how did that happen!
Jo - hmm not thinking I should go get myself a dog (always said to ploppy that if he di.s first I am getting a d.g to replace him - but he is so mild mannered, I am not convinced he would be easily replaced within dog world! Glad other bite victim "only" had nerve damage!
Carol - like you I am on umpteeeth ch.rity bag. decided this year that if I even sway about wearing an item it is going to ch.rity.
Pauline - all best wishes for today's appt.
Eva - safe travels home. Loved the pic of you and Mary - and the aft tea.
Diana - like Eva i immed thought of the times you have come back from SA straight to work and what a difference this time. we grow a good crop of d.ndelions too!
Was on local arts soc trip to Sp.talfields yesterday by bus. good fun and enjoyed the tour round area. Not sure the 6 hours in bus was worth the the 1 hr guided trip but was good to get out and not think about bl..dy pl.nning for a while. really liked the area - had never been before. as well as the history there were lovely shops and market. would like to go back as didn't really get lot of time to explore.
Off to meet Jules and her hubby to buy her a bday drink.

TK wrote:
Friday, May 17, 2019, 12:49
Fi I'm glad you had a bit of a relax on your hols. It was needed. Such a shame to NN has decided to fight the original pl decision. Such a strain for you and costly, doesn't seem right. Dogs are good company once they have fitted in. Bruce is fine, I just need a bit more training as I'm not trained to cope with puppy traits. Another couple out on our walk today asked how old the puppy was. People think he is a puppy and sometimes he acts like a puppy. I've said many times 'I don't do puppies'. At least he is only a puppy sometimes. Have a good drink.
TK wrote:
Friday, May 17, 2019, 19:32
An 'amusing' story. Had a long letter from the firm organising my pension over a week after I retired. I read it all and asked for the option of the pension advice which they would organise. I have had other advice but thought more couldn't hurt. After a few weeks no appointment, so phoned them. They were still organising it. I phoned again today. They put me on hold for a very long time. They had sent me the wrong letter as my company scheme does not have the advice option. I had queried the letter I'd received as it was poorly page numbered and also had blank pages. So they are sending me the correct letter so I can reply and start getting pension. No they won't be adding interest for the weeks they have been holding on to my money, which could have been invested for a tiny bit of interest. Not a happy bunny here. I have calmed down from this morning as you can see there are no ***** in my writing. I will add this latest error / lack of organisation to my letter in progress of the retirement process at the company. It can be summed up in a 7 letter word followed by a 4 letter word.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, May 18, 2019, 08:25
Morning and overcast again but not as grey and chilly looking as yesterday. I did even see a glimpse of pale blue sky first thing!

Hopefully Eva is en route (or checked in by now) and will have a quick flight home.

Ah I saw your photos on FB Ali, and saw you might be becoming famous locally (well at least your hands). I am sure the filming was a very long and involved process – I am always amazed at how long directors say it takes them to film one scene, so imagine it is similar for a news item. Oh that sounds a lovely trip for Ploppy. It must be such a wonderful thing to be able to go to places all over the Continent. Josh 21??!!!! Nooooo!! He is only a baby!!!

Ah so Bruce is acting as an alarm clock for all the neighbours is he? Obviously he likes the fresh air. I see it is you that needs training and not Bruce (bit like our friend Les with Diva then). Love that everyone thinks he is a puppy (also made me wonder if he hadn’t been allowed to be a puppy when he was younger). Goodness – how inefficient is that! Not such an “amusing story” really especially if they aren’t going to pay the (small) interest that you would have earned if they had been efficient and got everything right from the start. So you have yet another delay before you can take your pension – you obviously won’t receive their correct letter until early next week, then have to reply and then they have to process! Terrible! I am glad you are putting it into the letter about the retirement process!

Welcome home Fi, shame about the weather. Lindy and Lawrence are currently in Vxnxce and they have had rain nearly every day – a couple of dryish days, but cloudy and overcast. My friend currently visiting Prxgue has had two days of very cold weather and rain, but it has been cool and dry the last couple of days, so I think it is the general weather at the moment on the continent. As I think we said we love the I Lakes! Think I might have said that I was evicted from Mxlxn Cxthxdral many years ago as my skirt was too short! You certainly did need a relaxing holiday and it was a shame you have come back to problems with your parents as well as the NN. I have to say it doesn’t surprise me that he has gone for an appeal – he doesn’t sound the sort that takes refusal or rejection. It does seem a grossly unfair system where this will involve you in more stress and expense for something that is not your fault and not of your choosing. Can’t believe that they had the check to say you were guilty of generating a campaign against him! Oh dear doesn’t sound so good about your Father, but feel it is very unfair of your Mother and sister to try and emotionally blackmail you into visiting more when it is going to be a five hour round trip on a road you don’t like. Love that you had told Ploppy you would replace him with a dog.....didn’t he reply that he was irreplaceable? I am trying to do exactly that at the moment with the clothes – if I try something on and think I am not sure I send it to the Sue R shop. Sadly this has included some things I have never worn! Oh S’fields is very interesting, not sure I would have wanted to spend three hours getting there and three hours getting home though! Glad it took your mind of home matters though. Hope you had a lovely time with Jules and her Ploppy.

We did our food shop yesterday and I was assailed by a part of navy leather sandals. They have a very small wedge heel but so are very comfy. They have a bar down the middle which has leather flowers on so look quite pretty. I thought they would be ideal for walking around when we are on holiday. We were back in plenty of time for Twin to arrive and MM dropped us off at the station just before noon. We were very lucky as our train arrived a couple of minutes after we had stepped onto the platform. We were in the E’scopy Department just a couple of minutes after 1pm, and Twin was taken through at about 1.15pm (appointment was for 1.30pm). I read my Kindle and at about 3.20pm a Nurse called my name and took me through to where the patient was having her canula removed. I will let her fill you in on the other details. We were again lucky with the trains – first one to arrive at E’onSquare was an all stations to U’bridge so we only had a minute’s wait. We were early enough to get seats all the way and MM was waiting for us at the station this end. We went out for about an hour and half for our rehearsal and Twin apparently slept for a short while after we had gone. The Nurse said Twin can’t drive until 3pm today, so we are planning on going back into U’bridge and doing some RT this morning. This afternoon I need to type up my service notes for tomorrow. No C’ualty of course as it is the Exxovision! Morning BHB, yes it looks a little brighter and nicer than yesterday’s weather. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and the Nxrthxrn Lxghts into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, May 18, 2019, 12:12
Afternoon all.

It felt very chilly yesterday and we turned the heating on for part of the day. Ploppy turned it on again this morning while I was out so I promptly turned it off as soon as I was back as it's warmer today and not necessary.

I had an expensive visit to the optician yesterday. I need a new prescription and decided to buy two new pairs of varifocals rather than have the lenses replaced in my current glasses as I had a 25% off voucher on one pair and a second pair were half price. The second are sunglasses and I only have one prescription sunnies at present so, given the amount of time I spend in the sun, especially reading, decided a second pair would be useful.

I've been busy sorting out what we'll do for next year's trip to St Lucia Wetlands in SA and drafting an itin. Unfortunately out of the five days, two will be travelling and there's a lot to pack into three days. We are interested in several trips which will need to be booked well in advance so wanted to decide which to do and which we'd have to miss. Narrowed it down to a hippo & croc cruise, a night safari and a full day safari in the wetlands park. I wanted to do a safari in a nearby game park, the oldest in SA, but as we've been on safari several times including N*mibia and Botsw*na, decided we were unlikely to see anything new so that was the best to drop. There was also a turtle trip but we're going to a turtle beach for a night in Om*n this year so unlikely to be much different and probably not as good.

I finished reading the Om*n guide last night so now need to work on that itin. Gets confusing as need to continue sorting out next year's US trip as well. We haven't agreed exactly when to go, likely to be May but can't miss Dad's birthday early in the month for a third year and Ploppy usually has a golf trip second half of the month so we're still "discussing". He suggested April but it could be a bit cool (plus Easter will make it more expensive and busier) while June will be hot and humid. September is an option but he wants to go to the Ryder Cup then! The May flights will be released soon and some hotels are already available so want to start booking soon. I've wanted to see Charlest*n and Savann*g for many years and we've already put the trip off once so determined we're going to do it properly and not leave it to another year.

Cleaned the ensuite this morning and then walked up the hill to M&S and Sains. to do a small shop and walked home. I ought to clean my shoes today and then put them away, they've been on the kitchen floor for a couple of days now but it's not one of my fav jobs.

I have booked tickets for Kew G*rdens in July to see the Chihuly glass display. Would like to see the pieces lit up in the evening as well so, if it's really good, may go again in Sept/Oct while Ploppy is in Japan for the rugby.

Still catching up with stuff. I compiled five pages while in SA of things I needed to do when we got back and am slowly making my way through the list. Tomorrow I might go to M&S in Br*mley. I am thinking of getting some of their toiletries but need to smell them first - I used some gorgeous rose handwash/lotion somewhere a few months ago which I think was M&S and see they've also got a lavender range and I love the smell of lavender.

Glad you had a lovely holiday, Fi, and that it was relaxing which you both certainly needed. Hope your mouth is better. Very fortunate no person and no animal entered your house while you were away. Some years ago a friend was burgled while they were on holiday and the burglar left the back door open and squirrels got in. So sorry but not surprised about NN. Can't believe you can't respond. Fingers and toes crossed that his appeal fails. And sorry to read the latest about your family.

Sorry to see that you are also having issues with your pension, Jo. Sounds as inefficient and useless as mine. The value of my pension is less than I expected from the valuation given spring 18 and the amounts paid in since. I know funds can go down as well as up but there is a significant difference. I called the provider 2/3 times in March and was told they would look into it and then email me. Didn't hear anything while in SA and got home to find a letter waiting which just restated the value as in March which I'd already been told. So called them again and they have escalated the issue and promised I'll get a reponse in next few days. Very worrying.

Trust your Ploppy gets the opportunity to see something of Ypres himself. Josh 21 - where has the time gone! Happy birthday to him.

Hope you've had a good journey home, Eva.

Pauline, hope you had a good night and are feeling fine today.
evam wrote:
Saturday, May 18, 2019, 16:32
Afternoon all. Just a short post to let you kno that I arrived safely back at midday, and was picked up by Viljar' dad.
There is something wong with m right hand, and it's very painful to type, but I hope it's better tomorrow.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, May 18, 2019, 16:41
Hi all. Sorry I missed posting this morning but it was all getting a bit rushed, plus my hand problem has come back and posting on my ipad was not easy! The visit to the hospital was good and bad! The staff are lovely and as Twin said this time I was in very quickly. Lots of paperwork to do of course then canula to be fitted. The doctor came to see me and said it would all be as last time, he lied! This time I was awake through the whole thing. The sedation did sort of space me out so not as bad as the first one but not nice! Anyway when done I was taken to recovery for about 45 mins then the doc came to see me again. All is well but they found another oedema which they have biopsied. This means I may have to be back again but he said if so I would probably be anaesthetised and so admitted over night! The saga continues! I reiterate this is all cos there is nothing wrong! Just hope it stays that way! I was not allowed to leave Twin till 24hours later and I so I am just back home.

Fi your holiday sounds terrific and I am sure did you both good, Not so good to come straight back to all the stress though. NN is a real piece of work, I just hope his nasty ways come back to bite him one day. Fingers and toes crossed his appeal fails for starters! Thank goodness the house was ok when yo got back. I popped out to the bin a couple of days ago and a cat shot in the house! He shot out again very quickly thank goodness! Not good that you are getting grief from your Mum and sister either. Surely they can see you can't do a drive like that on a regular basis? Think yoou need a hug, so am sending one, mind maybe gin would help more!

What a palaver with your pension Jo. Hope they sort it out quickly after this wait So Bruce is training you as well! Love it!

Diana you seem to be having a pension nightmare. I hope it can all be sorted to your satisfaction. Some lovely hols to look forward to anyway!

Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, May 19, 2019, 06:25
Morning and slightly overcast here, although I can see some patches of pale blue sky here and there. Thunder forecast in the area but they seem uncertain quite where, so we may be lucky and avoid that and the similarly scattered heavy showers!

It was indeed chilly on Friday evening Diana – we put the heating on for Twin when we zoomed out to Choir practice, but didn’t need it on yesterday. Ah so you succumbed to new glasses. I really must organise a test for when we are home from holiday. I must also find what I have done with my varifocal sunglasses – I remember putting them somewhere safe during the winter and am not 100% sure where that was – think they are in one of the cupboards in the dining room! I see plans are well afoot for organising next year’s holidays. I see you have some logistical problems sorting out a time for the US – good luck! We are still looking at whether we can go and see the glass in Kew at night – trouble is we normally drive but the webpage says no parking available, so it would mean getting the tube into London and then back out to Kxw, so that is on hold just for the moment.

Thanks for letting us know you are home safely Eva – not so good you have a painful right hand – may be from the long drive? Hopefully a good night’s sleep has helped and you will be feeling better this morning.

Twin and I went into Uxbrxxge in the morning as planned – I was accosted by a light weight top (very unusual for me it has a pale yellow background) in M&S which will be lovely for the holiday, I also bought a light dress in Dxbenhxms which will go into the case – it will be lovely for evenings in the villa. Twin left just after 3pm, and I typed up my notes for today’s service. We did sit through all the songs in the E’vision but gave up after that. Thought our young man did very well and certainly didn’t deserve his position on the board. I liked the entry from N’way, thought the Oz performance was quite stunning to watch, and the rest were okish. As an indication I can’t remember what the winner sang – I remember him sitting at a piano and wearing a dark suit but that was it. We have a meeting after Church this morning with our Curate – she wants a short get together with everyone who distributes the Chxlice, so hoping that won’t last too long as I need to get home and put the laundry on! That is my afternoon planned out then – doing the i word! MM is hoping to get into the garden this afternoon – so fingers crossed the showers miss us. Morning BHB, yes it is a little overcast but not too bad. Let’s take the toasted paninis and the Txquxla Mxckingbird into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, May 19, 2019, 08:35
Morning all. It's a gorgeous day here, and it's warming up quite nicely.

Hello sweatheart. You've kept my coffee warm and toasted the paninis? Sounds delish! 💋💋💋

I had good drive from Cornwall, so much better than the Easter one. It took me 4 1/2 hours this time, which must be a record for me! Delivered the car, went upstairs to get my big suitca stored for next day, but thought it wouldn't hurt to ask at the airline desk if I could check it in a day early. The computer accepted i, so it went into the bowels of the airport. I took a taxi to the PI which was further away than I thought it would be. Next year I'll use the one by the North Terminal. I was quite tired, so had a nice eva befoe I went for my evening meal. There is a pub next door to the PI which cater for PI's gusts. It was very, very busy, and the meal disappoining. I think there were too few cooks and waiters! I also realised that I'd left my coat in the hire car, so called them. They said the coat was safe and I could pick it up next morning. No breakfast at the hotel, as I was leaving too early. I had booked the return taxi the day beore, and the taxi was there bang on time, but the taxi driver told me that there had been a RTA at the big roundabout by the South Terminal, so we could expect an extra half hour's drive. I knew I wouldn't reach my flight in time, so I asked him to take me to the North Terminal from where I could take the little train to the South Terminal. Luckily I know my way round the airport blindfolded, so I raced down to the car rental, picked up my cot, raced up to security and entered the big hall just as my flight came up on the big board as " boarding"! PHEW! I did it, but only just.
Coming to Bergen, Viljar's dad was there with Hazel to pick me up. When I got home I had to go to the small supermarket in the basement for some essential food shopping. I didn' even try to start the unpacking,- very unusual for me, but I was too tired.
I also watched ESC last night, but when the clock turned 11 pm, I was so tired that I decided to go to bed. I couldn't hear the difference between the songs any longer! Very pleased that the Norwegian song came as no 5, because I quiet like it. I think the UK one was OK, but too anonymous maybe?
I was up ealy this morning, surprise, surprise, but I felt full of beans, so I deided to tackle the unpacking. All is now done, the first washing machine hs done it's first round, I've had my breakfast and I've talked to father. He had of course forgotten that I was coming home, but was very pleased that I'll be down to see him a bit later. With the lovely weather we're having, I'll walk down.

Pauline,- sorry to hear that your bad hands are back. I hope it doesn't last as long as it did last time. The hospital procedure doesn't sound too pleasant ( to put it mildly), but as log as the results are good, that's the most important.

Fi,- our holiday sounds blissful, and you certainly needed it coming home to the news that NN has lodged an appeal. What a dreadful man. You certainly didn't need a tellig off from your mother and sister. So Ploppy had forgotten to close and lock the door? A rather serious senior moment!

Jo,- I think I only undestood about half of the complications with your pension, but I hope it will be sortd eventually.

Diana,- I see you're having pension trouble as well. The planning for next year's holidays are underway, I se.

Ali,- Ploppy gading about Europe and Josh becoming 21 years old? Where did all those years go?

Carol,- I think you we ight about the long drive made my hand so painful, because it's so much better today. So you're going yellow now?😂
Diana wrote:
Sunday, May 19, 2019, 08:46
Morning all.

I watched a bit of E'vision and also really liked the N*rway song. Thought the winning song was good but not great, and that the UK was OK and didn't deserve where it came.

Hope your hand is better this morning, Eva. Did you do something to it?

Your experience yesterday doesn't sound at all pleasant, Pauline. Hope you don't have to go back again.

I'm just waiting for the towel wash to finish and then I'll go out. Not sure whether to put them out to dry or hang them in the utility, probably the latter in case it rains. Ploppy has gone to golf - 4th time since we got back! He's making up for lost time but is finding it a bit difficult.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, May 19, 2019, 08:46
Morning all and it is a grey one here. I want to do a wash today, well maybe want isn't the right word, need may be better! Watched Eurovision last night and managed to make it all the way through. Sad we were bottom as the young lad sang his heart out. Always disliked the song but he deserved to be a bit higher as there was much worse! I liked the Swxdish effort best and he came second, dished by the public vote so I was nearly alone! Liked Norway this year Eva and they did well with the public vote. I think Oz is lesson to us. Their staging was amazing, but the song was pretty dire but it still did well! I am sure we could manage something equally spectacular if we tried, we are very good at that sort of thing! The winning song was ok, though with luck I will never have to hear any of them again! Still Greece gave Cyprus 12 and vice versa so nice to see some things never change!

Eva you posted while I was writing yesterday. Glad you got home safely and I hope your hand feels better today.

Morning BHB and what have we today, tequila Mxckxingbird? Sounds perfect. Let's get another jug and find the CM.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, May 19, 2019, 09:00
So I managed to just miss people again! Eva I am glad your hand is feeling better. What a close shave on catching your flight home! Just as well you know the airport so well! Hope your father is ok. My hands are so so at the moment. Hopefully improving though. We'll see.

Diana you are right. It is not pleasant, but better than possible alternatives!

maeve 12 wrote:
Sunday, May 19, 2019, 10:39
Happy Birthday Jenny,

Hope you have a lovely day with your dear little granddaughter!!
evam wrote:
Sunday, May 19, 2019, 15:36
Afternoon all.
I forgo to tell you that the coming week will be a very busy one for me: Tomorow I'm having my infusion, Tuesday I'm having another injecion in my eye, Wednesday I have a funeral to go to and Thursday Hazel is going in for her MOT ( and nobody is coming o pick her up and bring her back!)
In addition the visit to father was a very bad one. I'm back as the BADDIE in the family. I won't go into all he accused me o, but I can see Mrs S's shaow in the background. I left him in a fury, and won't be back for a looooong time, bacaus as he said, he hadn't missed me much when I was away, so I never did much for him anyway! And that was one of the milder things. 😖😖😡😡
TK wrote:
Sunday, May 19, 2019, 21:00
Sorry I have been missing. I have been zooming about.
Eva glad you got home OK, but what a greeting after your hols. I hope you can get on with your life and let MrsS deal with your father ...... until they need your help.

Bruce has been a bit of handful the last couple of days. Mostly good, but sometimes a little much. He has just been moving bedding in the front room (his bedroom) I went into check and realised that I had not 'made' his sofa. I have now flattened out the duvet, he jumped on to it, seemed to pass inspection.

I did watch a bit of Eurovision but I was tired, so gave up. I did see the UK one, not too bad.

I have to go back to the stables tomorrow. I'm on the 3rd coat of sign varnishing.

Eva, as had been said, just as well you know Gatwick. Jane and I got dropped off at the NTerm and got the train to the south, due to traffic. It was really quick.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, May 20, 2019, 06:59
Morning and a little overcast at the moment but I think we are due to reach 18/19C later this afternoon. We do have a bit of a breeze as I can see the trees moving gently.

How lovely to arrive and find the N’ian weather had welcomed you home with a lovely day. That was a very good time for the drive to the airport. It was also a very good move to check your suitcase in a day early (hopefully the books didn’t weigh it down too much!). Not quite so good to leave your coat in the car! It was a good thing the taxi driver was aware of the traffic problems. Well done on getting the little shuttle train (I always think it is so sweet) and just making your flight. I feel if you had gone to the S Terminal in the cab you would definitely have missed your flight. I am sure Hazel was pleased to see you when you came back – is she talking to you or sulking that you left her? I can assure you the yellow is just a one off – the top has a yellow background but there are green and pale blue flowers on it. It is actually very pretty. Oh dear, so your Father went from being pleased to hear you were home (on the phone) and being rude and ungrateful when you were there in person. Sadly I suspect that is the illness speaking – think you are right to step back and not put yourself in a position where he can rail at you and upset you. You all really need for the SS to sort themselves out and find him some accommodation in a Care Home. Sending hugs. Also sending hugs as I see you are having your infusion today, and then the eye injection tomorrow. Hope all goes well today and you aren’t too tired. Also hoping these first few days don’t undo all the good the break way did you (plus the added bonus of seeing and speaking with the GO of course).

I agree with you on all the points re the E’vision Diana. I am also not sure the new (well 2016 is new in terms of the contest) actually helps and certainly doesn’t appear to achieve the goal of cutting down on the time the voting takes! Goodness Ploppy is certainly making up for lost time as you say, hopefully he won’t overdo it! Is it today you are off to see your parents or later this week – I seem to have lost track!

Love to see you for a brief glimpse Maeve – hopefully the house buying and selling is progressing, albeit slowly!

Ah so Bruce has been skittish over the weekend has he Jo. I see you failed in the bedding department – Bruce will be writing a letter of complaint I feel. The E’vision was a bit of a mini marathon wasn’t it. It has got a bit too unwieldy I think. May be they should have a Western Europe one and a separate Easter Europe one – there are certainly sufficient countries now taking part to make that feasible! They could then have the winning three from each sing against each other on a separate occasion –shall I suggest it to the powers that be? I see you are on Stable renovation duties – you should be ok with the varnishing today as I think it is going to be dry.

Services went well in the morning and the meeting was quite short so we were home just after midday. I managed to get most of the laundry done (just as little bit of the i word to do this afternoon) and also continued with the clothes swap whilst I was waiting for the laundry to be done, so I pressed those clothes too. I watched a very old Inspector Mxrse whilst I was ixxning, and don’t ever remember seeing that particular episode. In the evening there was another episode of the new MMurders on so we watched that. Off to SLAPPAS this morning so will hear all about Vxnice from Lindy and Lawrence. Their flight was delayed by thirty minutes yesterday, but they made up time and landed only ten minutes late. I need to go to the surgery to have my second bp reading done, so may do that first, or after we have shopped. Tonight is of course the small choir and we will watch the last episode of Ghxsts when we are home. Morning BHB, yes a little overcast but it feels quite warm. Let’s take the Lxvendxla and the toasted waffles into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, May 20, 2019, 09:19
Morning all and it is a nice one as well. Sunny and I think warmer than of late. I need to go to the bank today and then I have some ixxnxxg to do so not sure if I will make it into the garden, I can try though. yesterday I had a fairly quiet day as I was still feeling a bit washed out and also my hands were painful, They are improving slowly but it takes time, and that is if it doesn't decide to flare up again!

Eva that really is so sad about your father. It is so upsetting for you that he has these nasty thoughts about you stuck in his head. I am sure it is illness. maybe he should be assessed? You really don't need this sort of abuse as you sound to have enough to put up with medically yourself! I think you are right to keep your distance for a while. I think the phone will soon ring when he needs you!

Bruce sounds to me as if he is getting his paws well and truly under the table Jo! You seem to be failing on the bed making department. Please, do get a grip! Not sure how I managed to sit through the scoring in E/vision! It is quite ridiculous!

Morning BHB and of course it is Lavendula day. Lovely, let's get another jug and see if the CM is still in the conservatory.
TK wrote:
Monday, May 20, 2019, 12:15
Been to stables with Bruce, which caused a bit of a problem with the varnishing, but I've done what I could do. I've left the varnish for one of the employees to complete the step ladder required bit. It was a bit difficult for varnishing the lettering on the doors to the loos as they are metal, in the full sun the varnish dried really quickly.

The Eurovision voting last year was a bore, that was a second reason I didn't stay up. Carol, that is a good idea for a shake up. Tell the BBC as they are one of the Eurovision members.

Diana wrote:
Monday, May 20, 2019, 13:13

Oh Eva, I'm so sorry about your father's reaction when you visited. Must be very hurtful but it's the disease, not him. Sending virtual hug. Also think it's wise for you to step back for now.

I'm off to my parents tomorrow morning, Carol. The forecast sounds good until Friday - will probably get wet on the journey home. Hope to have a walk along the promenade to Littl*hampton even if it is by myself. Packed my stuff earlier, you'd think I was going for at least a week but need to be prepared for sun, rain and cool evenings, plus we may go out for dinner depending on how Dad feels and Mum's knee.
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, May 20, 2019, 13:32
Hi. Had the stitches taken out of my gum this morning. Was Ok - and now feels much better. nice day and have been gardening and tidying today. Got ourselves a bit down yesterday so determined to get on and do things. Lady in village (whom i have got to know better thro our planning nightmare - there have been some positives) emailed to ask if anted to go to see "W.ld R.se" film tonight so off to that. Need to look out clothes for l.ndon soon as was going to do that tonight as busy next couple of days.
Eva - what a bit of a to do getting on your flight but so glad you (and your coat!) made it. We did the wee train between terminals several times at G.twick these hols. we stayed in N Terminal H.mton by H.lton (got a deal) - and it was fine and 2 min walk to check in desk! . So sorry to hear that your dad back in a grumpy stage with you. can empathise as sloppy can be just like that. i get told I don't do enough/anything. Very hurtful but I put it down to their high expectations of themselves and others and loss of control due to ageing process. Sloppy believes eldest daughters should do all the caring and I am never going to achieve what she wants - so will always disappoint and I have to accept that. Like you I find a bit of distance helps! I think you have enough on this week so having some time to deal with your own (and hazel's) needs will be good.
Pauline - glad nothing is wrong - but you are going thro the mill. Will they look for causes fro why you are getting oedemas? sorry to hear your hands still sore - hope pain goes - and you can get on with gardening - and ironing!
Carol - like Jo I think your suggestions for E'visions are good. the trip to parents only takes 5 hrs if a w/e and no traffic. during week would be nearer 7hrs. so will just have to see what happens. i am saying nothing cos now that dad getting up I don't see point of confusing him with new bed/bedroom etc. Suspect new bed etc may live unwrapped in garage for a while.
Jo - You and Bruce have been good varnishing . we are starting to make list of all our DIY jobs to do - but depressed ourselves - so did some gardening instead!
Diana - so you are back to being a g.lf widow!
TK wrote:
Monday, May 20, 2019, 17:54
Bruce and I have been out for about 2 hours, not walking all the time. A walk to the river and back to the top of the road, visit Bella's friends. I thought we'd then come home, but Bruce took us to the pub. Not for very long, but better than he used to be. Then back to the park, say hi to a couple of dog friends then home. The dog friends are quite old now as they were youngsters when I had Shannon. He is getting to know his way around.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 06:38
Morning all.
Just popping in before I'm off to the hospital with today's most important new:

Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 06:41
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear DCM/Twin, Happy Birthday to you.

I see the BHB has been in very early this morning and the conservatory looks beautiful. There are silver and duck egg blue balloons and banners all saying "Happy Birthday DCM", matching blue under clothes with white over cloths, Happy birthday sprinkles on all the tables, Little posies of Forget Me Nots on all the tables, and I see the birthday cakes (Lemon Drizzle and Carrot Cakes) are iced and decorated. I have just checked and the pink champers is chilling in the fridges. Enjoy!
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 07:02
Morning and clear blues skies and sunshine for Twin’s birthday. It was lovely yesterday too but cloudy – we did reach 20C though!

Ah I see we posted at the same time Eva – hope the injection goes ok, is this the last one?

I see Bruce has been helping you to varnish the stables Jo. I can imaging varnishing a metal door would be tricky – did Bruce have any ideas on how to achieve it. I don’t blame you for leaving the high up parts for someone else to do. I see you did your best to tire Bruce out later, but that he was still keen to go to the pub (that part of the training is obviously going very well!). It is lovely that he acquiring friends!

Hope you have a good journey to your parents Diana – I think it is now the “summer” timetable so hopefully there isn’t the chaos that ensued last year when they changed timetables! It is a beautiful day at the moment, so hopefully that will remain so – I think the last forecast I saw last night was suggesting it would be dry all week and in the upper teens until well into the weekend. A walk along the promenade sounds lovely. Ah the joys of packing when going somewhere in the UK – pack everything in case the weather changes! Have a lovely visit.

Fi I am sure it was a relief to get the stitches out. Glad your mouth now feeling better. Lindy came back from Vxnxce with a broken tooth – she bit into a bruschetta and felt something crunch. Fortunately she managed to get an emergency appointment with her dentist yesterday early afternoon and the broken bit has been removed and a temporary filling put on, but her dentist is referring her to a specialist to have “crown lengthening” Lindy doesn’t know what that means and nor do I! That is lovely that from all the trauma and distress of the plxxning you have a new friend. What was W Rxse like – Jessie B was on the Oxe Shxw last week singing a song from it. Hmm that is a very old fashioned view your Sloppy has that the eldest dxxghter should look after and care for parents. A very unrealistic expectation I have to say, hope you are not beating yourself up about not being able to do it! I feel you could be right about the bed staying in the garage!

We met up with Lindy and Lawrence for SLAPPAS and coffee yesterday – they have both returned with colds (they think the damp weather and the air con on the boat might be the cause), as well as the broken tooth for Lindy! I did catch a jumping swimming costume for the holiday. In the afternoon I went round to the surgery and did another bp check on the machine. BP had dropped but was still in the “too high” range. When I handed the slip of paper with the results to the receptionist she said I should have another couple taken so I explained that I was doing just that. She checked and the really really high reading from last week hadn’t been put on my notes, so yesterday’s will count as the first reading. I did say I really don’t like the machine and she said if I would like she will get the Nurse to do a proper cuff bp test after the next one. Came home and did some of the i word, and then ixxned elevent long chiffon scarves for the ladies in the small choir. Had a good sing (still no news on a potential conductor) and then come home and watched the last episode of Ghxsts. Today is somewhat busy – we are singing at a funeral at noon, then I am singing for the local Ladies’ group at the church around the corner, then coming home and Twin should be with us. Tonight we are taking her out to dinner for her birthday. Apart from that the day is free!! Morning BHB you have done a wonderful job with the Bistro. I see you have made pastel de natas too as you know the DCM likes those. Let’s take a sample and some of the pink champers into the conservatory and then we can have a lovely snuffle until the Birthday Girl appears.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 07:57
Just popping in quickly to wish Pauline a very happy birthday. Have a great day.
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 08:36

also dashing in quickly to wish Pauline a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Loving the conservatory decs - and cakes! Enjoy your treats .
maeve 12 wrote:
Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 09:03
Happy Birthday Pauline,

Hope you have a lovely day

and a delicious dinner.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 09:52
Morning all and first of all thank you all so much for the lovely cards, ecards and b/day wishes. Must say the weather is perfect at the moment, amazing as it so often is rainy! I am very late today as I overslept, then just when I was ready to come on line my window cleaner turned up. We always have a bit of a chat when he is done so hence my lateness. Looking forward to going to Twin later. Yesterday I went to the bank which is next door to one of my favourite clothes shops so always dangerous! Had to pop in and in fact glad I did as I got a new rain jacket. Probably why the sun is shining today! One thing about this country though, I shouldn't have to wait too long before I use it!

Eva I hope the injection in the eye isn't too bad. I still go cold thinking about it.

Jo Bruce is very versatile isn't he! Fancy being able to varnish things. Clever boy! Nice to see the pub training is taking effect!

Fi glad your mouth is now feeling better, must be uncomfortable with stitches in. Well that is one lovely thing about the NN campaign, you have a new friend! Hope the film was good. It had very good reviews. Not sure what my sister would have thought about the idea the eldest one becomes the carer for the parents! Actually I do know. not a lot!

Diana have a lovely time with your parents, if this weather would hold it will be glorious.

Morning BHB, oh my!! Look at the Bistro, it is glorious. Thank you so much I just love it. Oh and a hug and kiss on the cheek! What more can a girl want? I know, let's get more pink champers and pastel de natas and find the CM. Perfect!

Ali wrote:
Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 20:46
Just popping in to wish you a belated happy birthday Pauline. Hope you’ve had a fabulous day x
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 07:22
Morning and the sun is just coming out. We were a little overcast earlier, but it was very warm. Yesterday was glorious as befitted Twin’s Birthday!

We had a very full day yesterday – the church was full for the funeral; he was a local man and heavily involved with the local Golf Club (in fact they were holding the Wake there). Fortunately I had time afterwards to rush home and change before MM dropped me off for my next singing engagement! There was a very interesting talk from a couple who live in Chxna, as part of the proceedings. I walked home and arrived just after (literally) Twin had arrived. MM had rung her to say avoid coming down the road that our road is off - we had gone that way when he dropped me off at the Church round the corner, and a car transporter had driven down and knocked a very large branch off one of the overhanging trees, which had then fallen onto the top level of the transporter and damaged one if not two of the cars. The transporter was lodged in the middle of the road. We managed to get round by driving up onto the pavement! By the time we went out for dinner it had all been cleared away. We came home and watched HC on catch up – still find this storyline very unbelievable but some nice shorts of the GO! Today we are off to a N Trust place near Hxnlxy with Lindy and Twin – we are going late morning as Lindy has a mxmmxgram to look forward to at 9.45 am. We are aiming to go and have an early lunch by the river and then go to the House.

Hope everyone is well, and hope your eye isn’t too painful after the injection Eva. Morning BHB yes another nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted waffles and the Sir Thxmxs into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (she is awake!).
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 07:51
Morning all and it is a nice sunny start to the day. I had a lovely day yesterday. Opened cards and pressies in the morning then came to Twin and had a nice easy journey. Very obliging of the traffic I thought! Twin got home just after I arrived (having avoided the tree incident) and we had a very nice bottle of fizz before we got changed and went out to a lovely Italian restaurant in a beautiful old building . Scrummy food, Twin and I both had tomato, morzarella and avocado starter then a beef stroganoff. I know it is a bit odd for Italian but it was lovely! MM had whitebait to start then a calf’s liver dish. We all then had a dessert trolley come round. Twin had tiramisu and I had Millefleur with strawberries. MM went for cheese. All washed down with an excellent SB an coffee at the end. Lovely. We then came home to HC a bit of a confusing episode I thought and not the best story line but some nice bits of the GO.

Thanks once again for all your good wishes, they mean a lot.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Sir Thxmas? Sounds great. Let’s get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 08:38
You'd think now I'm retired I'd be better with birthdays, apparently that isn't true. Particularly as I missed all day yesterday. I really slept in and did NOTHING all day, apart from feed us all and walk Bruce.

Pauline, I'm glad you had a lovely meal for your birthday. Shame you didn't come home to a happier HC episode.

OK I must do something more productive today.
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 11:22
Hi all,

I'm back from a lovely holiday in Ireland with our Lepry. Dublin and Belfast; two beautiful cities. I have posed some pictures on twitter and will do more on FB later.

Sorry that I have not been able to catch up with life on the blog!

And I have missed our lovely Pauline's birthday - hope you had a great one! (And hope the card arrived!).

And I am assuming Eva has returned from her holiday too. Hope you had a safe journey Eva!

Bunny Sanctuary wrote:
Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 11:28
Hello -

You're all away that we have a horrible threat to lovely cute little bunnies, especially turquoise ones.

Our aim at the Bunny Sanctuary is to save these charming creatures from the Bunny Murderer.

Thank you to the king person (Carol :-) ) who sent a little refugee bunny to the Bunny Sanctuary. She is safe and well and enjoying hopping around the sofa.

She doesn't have a name as yet.

I'd like to name her after a Shakespearian Character. Any suggestions?
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 16:31
Lady J - it was both me and Twin who saved the Bunny and sent her to the Sanctuary. How about Miranda? Or Twin said how about Portia? Or Perdita. or Beatrix Bunny? Hopefully she will be able to enjoy all the things her predecessor did before the Bunny Murderer got to her!
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 19:06
We've had a nice day today. It was lovely yesterday, not quite as nice today as it clouded over at lunchtime but cleared again later. Sat outside reading the paper and a book this morning. This afternoon Mum and I took the bus to Littleh*mpton, walked beside the river to the sea and sat for about 30 mins. Then I walked along the front and back to their house which took 45 mins while she took the bus home. Dad wants some assistance with his laptop .....
TK wrote:
Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 20:17
Bruce and I were out visiting this afternoon. I was out in the garden, heard a crash from the front room. Rushed in to find Bruce looking at a gold choc bunny he'd 'rescued' from the top of a table. I saved the gold bunny, not so some little foil covered chocs. Tomorrow there will be multicoloured poo!! Apparently in some households it is considered normal to store chocs in places less than 5 ft off the ground and not in a securely closed cupboard.

Jane glad you are back safe from foreign lands, well she did have to cross water.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, May 23, 2019, 06:48
Morning and another promising start to the day. I think, with luck, we may even have a sunny Bank Holiday!

Ah we did warn you that retirement makes you lose all sense of what day it is Jo. Well done on doing nothing all day on Tuesday apart from walking Bruce and making sure the family were fed. It was a gloomy HC episode wasn’t it, but then it is a very gloomy dark story they are running at the moment. So there could be another candidate for the Bunny Sanctuary then – I see Bruce is quite capable of finding any chocolates that might be around (may be a food safe with a dog proof lock is what you need). Hope he doesn’t suffer any nasty ill effects (I know chocolate can be dangerous for some breeds of dog).

Pleased to hear you had a lovely time in Ixelxnd Lady J. I still want to visit B’fast at some point to see the Txtxnic exhibition. Hope all is well in Lepryland. Eva is indeed safely home, but has had some hospital appointments since she got back. Are you back to work today or do you have the rest of the week off leading up to the B Hol?

Dear Bunny Sanctuary, thank you so much for letting us know of the safe arrival of ?? Bunny. I am sure as soon as news of your good work in protecting cute little bunnies gains a wider audience you will be inundated with little Bunnies fleeing from the Bunny Murderer!

It sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday Diana. A walk along the river to the sea sounds wonderful. It was cloudier here yesterday but still a lovely warm temperature.

Do hope all is well with Eva after her two days of treatment. Sending hugs.

We had a really lovely day yesterday – we went to the Rxwing and Rxversxde Museumat Hxnlxy in the morning. They had a small exhibition of Wxllixm Mxrrxs designs, which is running until July. Afterwards we went and had a very nice lunch at one of the pubs in MM’s pub guide. Lindy, MM and Twin all had chicken and ham hock terrine for their starters, I had asparagus with a crispy hen’s egg. The Lindy and Pauline had Jo’s favourite – f & c (which they tell me was very good). MM had steak and ale pie, and I had the veggie dish – roasted cauliflxwxr with gnxccx and pine nuts in a delicious sauce. All washed down with a very nice SB. We were all too stuffed for a dessert, so settled for coffees instead. In the afternoon we went to Grxys Cxxrt, which was lovely – it has connections to Hxnry Irvxng , the actor (his granddaughter and her husband bought the estate in the 1930s. There are some beautiful walled gardens but we were too foot wear to visit those, - we will make a return visit at some point in the year. Twin went home in the evening and we watched the new drama on Beeb 2 later. We will be off to vote in the E’peanelections (for what good that will do) this morning, then have a concert in the afternoon. This evening we are taking Lindy, and Lawrence out for Lindy’s birthday meal. Morning BHB, yes another sunny day in prospect. Let’s take the melting moments and the Mxry Rxse into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, May 23, 2019, 08:11
Morning, just dashing on to say I am off for a blood test like now! I will try to catch up when I am back which will be later as I have to get some food in.

Oh just time for the Bistro, morning BHB yes I do always have time for you! Let's get more Mxry Rxse and find the CM.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, May 23, 2019, 10:58
I am back again and see that I was talking to myself this morning! Never mind. Blood test all done and food shop as well. All before midday, very unusual for me. We had a fab day yesterday. Twin has fantastic ideas for treats. The river museum was lovely, down by the river of course! My favourite bit was the Wind in The Willows exhibit they have there. It is magical, like a walk through the book. I just loved the story when I first read it and it is still a go to book if I need a cheer me up read! I don't want to think how many times I have read it! Lunch was excellent, lots of it so we were all quite full. Had a good walk round Grxy's in the afternoon which helped. What a lovely house in the most glorious setting I think I have seen! It is so interesting as well, especially with the connection to Henry Irving. I cam home yesterday evening as I had this early appointment. I have a bit of a sore heel from yesterday. First day walking lots with no socks on! I will take it easy now as I am off out this evening to eat (for a change) with Ari's Mum and Jen. We always have a good laugh as we shared a house in our 20's for about 4 years. We had some times!

Jane I did indeed get your lovely card. It was well up to standard of course! Scrummy picture! Glad turquoise bunny arrived safely, she was a bit worried about the Bunny Murderer! Hope she now has a name. Glad you had a good time with Lepry. I always think I should go back to N Ireland o where my g/father was from. Maybe one day.

Jo I hope you are gradually losing the tiredness! I think it could well be your body relaxing after all those years of work.

Hope Eva is ok, she may well have posted while I am doing this. Hope so.
Bunny Sanctuary wrote:
Thursday, May 23, 2019, 11:00
Thank you very much to Carol and Pauline for rescuing little bunny and sending her to the Bunny Sanctuary.

She is very much a Beatrix I think. Beatrix Bunny is just perfect!

Thank you again both!
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, May 23, 2019, 11:16
...oh lovely so Beatrix Bunny! She came from Winchester (we found her in a little shop with other members of her family but she was desperately looking for somewhere nice to live with someone who would love her (and of course protect her from any Bunny Murderers!).
TK wrote:
Thursday, May 23, 2019, 11:16
I've been out walking this morning, a little later than normal. Down a track caught up with Mrs Mw3Ds. So went back to say hi to the other 2 Ds and him. His walking is getting really bad, so he doesn't go out too much.

Hhhmm F+C? I think I may have some on Saturday as I'm off to the seaside in Southend.

Bruce is going to 'help' with cutting the grass in a few mins. I hope the 'help' is keeping out of the way.
evam wrote:
Thursday, May 23, 2019, 11:17
Afternoon all.
Sorry I have been AWOL for the last days, but things are no going well here. I am not well at all, feeling completely exhausted all the time. The situation with father is not helping either. I've done my infusion, had my eye injection, went to the funeral yesterday, and today Hazel passed her MOT with flying colous. So don't be alarmed if I write short posts. I am OK(ish), but need a new addition of energy. I wonder where I can buy some?
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, May 23, 2019, 11:21
Hello all!

Back to the usual routine now - which does at least mean catching up on the blog at lunchtime!

Glad you had a nice day yesterday Diana - oh tec support for dad!

I can definitely recommend Belfast Carol. The Titanic Museum is well worth it. We took the cheapest on line ticket (The Titanic galleries and SS Nomadic) and were entertained for the whole day. In fact had we not both been rather wobbly we'd have probably taken even longer!There is also a GoT exhibition on at the moment which we intended to go to, but we ended up window shopping instead.

Thanks for letting me know about Eva - oohmms for all those hospital appointments!

It sounds like the Twins had a fab day yesterday. My sort of outing - William M. Wonderful!

Well done on getting everything done so quickly Pauline! I hope the blood test was ok. So you're Wind in the W*lliows fan? My sis in law produced a play based on it some years ago.

I have to say Pauline and Carol, you were very wise to send little Beatrix Bunny up north. It seems that there is a bunny murderer down south at Jo's house now!

Oh dear Jo those poor chocolate bunnies getting chomped on! (I laughed about the poo!). There's such concern these days about dogs eating human chocolate. It gets me quite confused. My dad certainly never worried if any of his chow chows got their jaws on his chocolate - though he of course preferred them to have the doggie variety.

Off out tonight with the ex to see Kate R*sby in concert. Looking forward to it!

Diana wrote:
Thursday, May 23, 2019, 19:44
Evening all.

So sorry you're not well, Eva. Hope you've been able to have a restful day, get a good night's sleep and have more energy tomorrow. Sending hugs. Hazel must be feeling very pleased with herself.

Your eyes out ... hmmm that's supposed to say your day out,Twins, not sure how it turned into eyes .....
sounds lovely.

Hope Bruce kept out of the way and you were able to cut the grass without his "assistance", Jo.

Glad you had a lovely time away, Jane. Hope you enjoyed the concert.

Another mostly sunny day on the coast. We sat in the garden this morning and after lunch the three of us went for a "walk" down to the sea and along the beach in the opposite direction to yesterday. Mum took the bus part of the way while Dad went on his scooter with me hurrying to keep up with him. Very good exercise to go walking with someone on a scooter! We met up with Mum just before the sea and sat on a seat on the grass near the pebbles at the top of the beach. I walked along the grass for a while and back while they remained on the seat. The sea was very calm yesterday and today. Didn't see any one in the water, not surprisingly given it's only May, but there were a few people sitting on the beach as well as a number walking, several with dogs. Then we went home the same ways we had come. The forecast for tomorrow is good so we might go out for a short walk in the morning and sit in the garden until I need to leave for the train in the afternoon.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, May 24, 2019, 07:02
Morning and it is another lovely start to the day. Yesterday we hit the mid 20Cs. It was a lovely day, with just a very slight breeze.

Ah I thought you hadn’t mentioned the Mw3D (now 2D?) recently – can understand it if he is having difficulty walking and taking the dogs out. Hope the help was forthcoming from Bruce (i.e. he didn’t try and assist but lay in the sunshine and watched) – not holding my breath on that one though. I knew the f&c would appeal to you!

Oh Eva, sending hugs. That doesn’t sound at all good. I am assuming the exhaustion is not to do with the infusion this time. Are you due to see your doctor? I am sure Haxel is preening herself......although I feel she would have been very upset if the garage had dared to suggest she wasn’t going to pass her MOT. I take it she has forgiven you for abandoning her for a month?

I saw some tv footage from the T Museum when it was first opened Lady J and it looked fascinating (the story of Txtxnic has always had a fascination for me – even before the film!). Having never seen a single episode of GofT, that probably wouldn’t appeal! My mother hated W in the Willxws – they had to read it as a class book (as did I many years later) – she just didn’t take to Txad at all, She went to the museum on one of her WI or T’women’s Guild outings, which is how I knew about it. When the WM exhibition was added to the mix, it was a no brainer that we should go. Hope you enjoyed your concert last night!

You have been really lucky with the weather for your visit to your parents Diana. I have this wonderful vision of you walking a twice your normal walking rate in order to keep up with the scooter! You will be as fit as a flea when you come home! Not surprised you didn’t see anyone in the water – although it has been warm and sunny I suspect the sea temperature is still quite chilly. Hope you enjoy your morning and that your trains all work well for you this afternoon. Is Ploppy back from his gxlf today or is it tomorrow?

I have been having problems with the connection to the wifi today – keeps falling out. Very annoying!! Our concert went well and they want us back but we are on “hold” pending finding someone to conduct. Sue has now put an offer in for a house in the village where her daughter lives so suspect she will be moving in June (probably whilst we are on holiday). She is coming back for the four concerts we have at the beginning of July, so it will just be au revoir for now. . We voted in the afternoon on our way home from singing. MM wanted to renew our house insurance so he did that in the morning, whilst I unpacked another storage box of summer clothes, and pressed them all. Still have one more box to go! I am of course discovering things I bought last year that I had forgotten about! Small but steady pile of clothes growing for the Sue R shop! We had a lovely evening out with Lindy and Lawrence and were home just before 10pm. Had an early night as we seem to have been busy over the last few days! Off to do the food shop this morning and then have an afternoon free (may do the final clothes box swap) and then out at Choir this evening. Three weeks tomorrow until we go away! Morning BHB, yes another lovely sunny day. Let’s take the Vanillita and the pastries through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Friday, May 24, 2019, 08:44
Eva, I hope you can ignore some of the father worries for a while, until you feel better. Needs to have a bit of a rest after all the procedures recently.

Bruce and I have been out for an hour this morning with Barney. We were just coming home when Mr ExP and the little dog met us. Bruce flopped to the ground, sort of indicating that he'd had enough. He has now been banished to the garden as he is fragrantly challenged at the moment. He was off the lead for a while this morning and was eating yukky stuff. He was very good with the grass cutting and vine pruning yesterday. (No bits of Bruce were amputated.)

Diana I have walked with an electric wheelchair, many years ago. Her's could go up to 8mph, though (I've checked) today there is a speed limit of 4mph on pavement and 8mph on road. I know I ended up running to keep up with her. Luckily the pavements were so uneven and narrow in her village that she was limited by that some of the time. Glad it has been good weather for you.

Jane sounds like an educational holiday, glad you both enjoyed it. I have a vision of you both, like an old postcard, with linked arms rolling down the pavement (2 drunken sailors)
This wasn't the pic I had in my mind, but similar.

Carol, thanks for the reminder to sort clothes, I really need to do it too
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, May 24, 2019, 09:16
Morning all and another lovely day out there. I am hoping to get in the garden later as I have a few things to plant, my friends all gave me plants! I also bought a few things at the garden centre so lots to do! First I need to make the dessert for tomorrow. It is our biannual meet up of friends. Lunch time do so no time to do anything in the morning! Had a fab meal last night. They took me to my favourite local restaurant. I had camembert in prosciutto parcels to start, scrum, then seabass with asparagus and prawn risotto, also scrummy! We were all very full after that so we shared a lemon tart between the four if us. There were four as I had a lovely surprise when Linda, a friend who emigrated turned up with them. So lovely to see her again. This is her first visit back home since she went. Got home about 10.30.

So the Bunny is now Beatrix Bunny, that is so right for her! So glad she has found a safe home! Hope you enjoyed the concert last night.

Eva that is not good at all, I think Jo is right and you need to step back from the father situation and concentrate on you and getting yourself better. Easier said than done I am guessing. Sending hugs.

Jo so pleased that Bruce survived the lawn mowing in one piece! Not so good about the fragrance he is emitting though!

Diana I am pleased to say I have never had to try and keep pace with a scooter! I feel I may well have needed one myself!

Morning BHB and of course it is a Vanillita day. Let's get more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Friday, May 24, 2019, 18:19
Pauline, there are quite a few scooters in our village. One of the fastest ones post pub in the evening is no more as the owner died last winter. Sad for his far-flung relations, but a relief for the traffic on the roads. He was never the same after his wife died about 3 years ago, she kept him (more) sober. It does make it so much easier to get to the shops as well as the pub!
I've never been terribly fond of asparagus, when Melf was alive, in the season, I could have eaten it with every meal. I was polite and asked for a few bunches but it was usually too much for me.

I've ordered some special biscuits for Bruce. https://barneysbiscuitboxes.co.uk/ Barney is one of his friends. If they are good enough for him they will be good enough for Bruce. Barney QC tests each batch and he has a sensitive tummy, so they'll be fine for Bruce. Bella liked them, but she only ever got samples as I didn't know that Barney was 'THE' Barney. I didn't ask for the personal delivery service to save the postage, which doubles the price. Barney walks past the house twice a day, so will drop some off next week, when the 'worker' has made a batch of the ones I've ordered.
TK wrote:
Friday, May 24, 2019, 22:03
Thanks to Sue, I saw the Cliff story again. She told me it was on via Twitter. Watched it last year with the little dog and Bella.

I may not be about in the morning as I want to get a parking space in Southend, looks like it will be a nice day and it is a weekend. Really looking forward to the concert at The Cliffs

and someone I'm looking forward to seeing, I've never seen him before Charlie Gracie, one of the original US RnRollers (Just turned 83!)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHeJGgXULS8&pbjreload=10 this is from 2017

TK wrote:
Friday, May 24, 2019, 22:08
Amazing film from the late 50s
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, May 25, 2019, 06:49
Morning and not so bright today – in fact yesterday we had quite a bit of cloud cover but it remained warm. At one point it did look like rain, but we didn’t get any so MM was out with the hose and the watering can for the garden plants.

Do you think it was the stolen chocolate that cause the fragrance issue Jo? I see Bruce has a mind of his own regarding exercise – he has an “enough is enough” indicator! Pleased to hear he avoided amputation during the gardening . I see you have done electric wheelchair/scooter running (may be it should be included as an Oxyxpic sport? Loved the drunken sailor image! I don’t think I have ever seen anyone drunk in charge of a mobility scooter, I see the gentleman in question was a speedster after a pub visit - I am assuming more sedate beforehand? I love asparagus drizzled with olive oil and grated parmesan and popped in the oven for about ten minutes. Yummy! So Bruce has a famous friend! I am sure he will love the biscuits. Hope you have a safe journey to S’end – do you think you will be able to find your way, and will you know how to park?? Enjoy your R & Roll!

Went and did the food shop yesterday (via the surgery for the bp reading - still high, so have to do one more reading on Tuesday and if still high will have to see the doctor). Went on to do the food shop and en route was attacked by a jumping top (I know I said I had too many but....this will be lovely for the holiday) and a lightweight shrug, also for the holiday. Came home and did a little bit of admin – pooter is still playing up and has done so again this morning so think we will need to get the pooter geek in to have a look at it – connection still keeps dropping out. In fact MM got really frustrated with it yesterday and that’s why he headed to the garden to calm down! Had choir practice in the evening and then came home in time to watch the next episode of the Lxxming Txwer. Will put the laundry on this morning but we are singing at two weddings this afternoon – one at 1pm and one at 4pm. We will need to go to the pub opposite in between the two as by the time we get home it would be time to turn round and come back again so the pub seems the only answer! C’lty back on screen this evening of course but not much else I feel like watching! Sending ooooohhhmmmms for anyone who needs them. Morning BHB, yes a little overcast. Let’s take the toasted pikelets and the Bramble into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, May 25, 2019, 08:55
Morning all, it is a fairly sunny one here but I think it is cooler. I am off to Ari's house today as his mum is having the reunion lunch. I have made a crumble for my contribution, sadly the juice bubbled through the crumble but hopefully it will be ok. As it is lunch I should be home in time for the fun fest that is Cxsxxlty! Yesterday I heard from my nephew and I am very pleased to say that their appeal about the school allotted to Jake has been successful and he is now down to go to the one he wanted. It is the best school but also has an excellent science dept. which Jake loves and is very good at. There were only 3 places left to be allotted and about 200 were appealing so kudos to Tim and Laura, they must have prepared a fantastic appeal! Very happy for them. Nice to know all is well with them now.

Jo I love the idea of the man whizzing around on his scooter, not the safest I'm sure, but it has something of a cartoonish element! Enjoy the concerts in S/end. Is it nice there? Maybe we should go sometime! You may even meet some nice people!

How awful for you to have to go to the pub Twin! You will just have to cope I suppose!

Morning BH and what have we today? Bramble? Oh lovely, let's get more and find the CM.

Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, May 26, 2019, 06:25
Morning and another nice fairly bright start to the day. Not quite as overcast as yesterday. Having said that it was lovely and warm all day, and in fact perfect for wedding photos.

Hope you managed to find your way to the strange town, Jo, and found a car park ok. Did you go for f&c??

After battling with the big pooter yesterday morning we decided the solution was to call in the Geek and he will be coming early evening today. Fortunately the laptop (on which I am currently typing) has no problems at all, so I was able to do important things like reapply for a driving licence, run off the holiday information, etc., from down here. The two weddings in the afternoon were quite different, although both had pink as their colour scheme. There was a large vase of stxrgxzer lilies up near where the choir sing and they had the most wonderful fragrance. Amazingly both weddings started on time (getting to be a rare thing these days – mainly due to photographers wanting to take loads of photos outside before the bride comes in) so we had ample time to wander over to the pub and have a drink and a snack in between the two – we also put the world to rights of course! We were home at about 5.15pm, so not too bad. Watched the hilarity that is C’lty of course, and then went for an early night. Today we are off to Church, of course, and then I will do the laundry so I can do the i word tomorrow afternoon. MM is hoping to do a bit more in the garden this afternoon – I might ask him to get my solar lights out (apart from the new ones the others are still in the shed - with all this sunshine around it seems the perfect time to bring them out and get them charged up). Hope everyone is enjoying the Bank Hol – it will seem odd that it isn’t wet! Morning BHB, yes another lovely day in prospect. Let’s take the toasted waffles and the Mxx Lxtx and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Sunday, May 26, 2019, 08:10
Actually Carol I did make a mistake getting to the car park. I used an address from a parking website instead of double checking it out myself. It was OK as I realised that I was going too far, so stopped and called up the theatre on the satnav. It was an excellent concert, the chap from the states was amazing. He plays guitar in a way I've only ever seen on TV or vids. The way they all used to play in the US in the mid 50s. To be truthful I would cut 20mins of one of the supports, not to my liking. In all it was excellent, looking forward to next week in Woking. I do have another date booked, but it clashes with Lee in Chelmsford, I could miss the evening perf of the play and go around the M25 to the Hawth, but after the week I'll be tired and I really don't want to drive over THE bridge knowingly.

Carol, you must have been in your element, 2 weddings in pink. My godson's (yeh, who'd have thought, my step sister thought it was a good idea) wedding. was Cadbury purple, I toned in well!!!

Report from last night, Bruce was a good boy, but a bit too 'young' for little dog. She had to tell him to go away and stop annoying her.

I first heard this on one of Cliff's more recent CDs
This is Charlie Gracie's (he wrote it) version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFW3NK4-iE4&pbjreload=10
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, May 26, 2019, 08:57
Morning all. Not such a nice day here at the moment, cloudy and breezy. I have a lot of wishy washing to do today so not so much of a problem!. I may manage a bit of gardening later, if the weather is ok. We had a lovely get together yesterday though sadly one of our number is not looking at all well. He has a bad hip, but they won't operate as he has COPD and would be a risk. As a result he is in constant pain and is now walking with a stick. All very worrying. Other than that the weather was good so we were able to sit in the garden. The food was as scrummy as ever. We decided a lunch time start is suiting us more these days, We started at 12.30 and went on till 7pm, if we had started at 7 it could have easily gone on till gone 1am, which is a bit late for us now! Ari was as good as gold, as he is now at least 11 he has lost a lot of his bounce and is much more sedate! I think was just a bit bemused by all the people in his house when he didn't remember inviting them! I got home about 7.30 and so was in time for the joys of C/lty.

Jo you sound to have had a lovely evening. The music really is good old rock and roll. I am amazed you nearly went to the wrong car park but not surprised you knew you were going the wrong way! Glad Bruce was good, if a bit too lively for little dog! I would say he is in his second childhood, but not sure he ever had a 1st.

Morning BHB and how are things for you? Good but very busy? Lovely. Let's get more Mxx Lxtx and go and find the CM.

Ali wrote:
Sunday, May 26, 2019, 09:19
Morning. I was supposed to be working today and have yesterday off. However, young colleague not well yesterday so I covered her and was on standby today. Not had a call so she is obviously better and is doing my shift today.
Very dull but warm. Catching up on laundry then ‘might’ attempt to do some weeding.
Hoping any of you feeling under the weather are improving. Safe travels to anyone going anywhere over the bank holiday.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, May 26, 2019, 13:29

Friday wasn't as nice but we still had a fair amount of sun on the coast and it was only as I walked to the station that it clouded over, so I timed it just right. We went for a short walk to the village for a coffee and spent the rest in the garden. It was good to spend longer at my parents' than I've been able to for a while due to w*rking. I got home just after 5.30 pm on Friday and spent a quiet evening watching TV including Tuesday's Holby.

Yesterday I was awake early so got up and did some cleaning and a wash, then went to Sains for a small food shop and was home by 10.00. Caught up with emails and found that the details for the England cricket tour to SA at Xmas/Jan have finally been announced. Fortunately the Cape Town test is when we anticipated - we booked the accommodation last September as it is such a busy time. Unexpectedly the third test is going to be in P*rt Elizab*th rather than Durban so I've booked a guesthouse there for 3 nights. So one day at the cricket and we'll finally get to see the historical centre of PE - despite being in the area numerous times, we've never stayed in the city nor explored the centre. There's also a car factory/museum on the outskirts which is supposed to be very good and which Ploppy has been wanting to visit. We may go to Addo El*phant Park for a day as well. Now we've just got to find out when the cricket tickets will be on sale - PE shouldn't be a problem but the tickets for Cape Town go quickly.

Ploppy got home in time for a late dinner yesterday. He had a great time despite not playing his best golf. And we've agreed the dates for our US holiday next May so I can start booking. He's going to arrange the golf trip for early May so we can go to Charlest*n mid month and come back early June. One of his golf mates has a couple of weddings second half of May so going earlier next year suits him too.

Sorted out a few things and did a bit more H/W this morning. As it's not that nice out, rather than go for a walk I'll go on our treadmill a bit later.

Pauline, your day yesterday sounds lovely, though sad about your friend. Definitely a good idea to start early with lunch and avoid travelling late at night.
TK wrote:
Sunday, May 26, 2019, 21:07
Diana, sounds like you have a lot of planning to do for your holidays. Hope you get it all sorted satisfactorily.

I got an email from my ex ex today about changes in Sheffield. Don't really know why he emailed, but it did remind me to try to plan a meet up when we get to Ilkley in October. Not 100% if he'll be able to meet as his 2nd wife was a little iffy about me. (First wife fine, me and mum went to that wedding as he had no family who cared enough to go.)

I went to Kew this morning, a bit of a surprise. Mrs ExP idea. We got back before the rain. I was tired with the walking. Then of course me and MrExP had to go out with the dogs as they had been in for hours.

It has gone cold this evening
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, May 27, 2019, 05:40
Morning and slightly overcast here at the moment. I spoke too soon yesterday bout not being a wet bank holiday as heavy showers arrived in the afternoon! Dry here at the moment, so hoping it will stay so.

Goodness Jo – you got lost in Sxxthend???!!! Well not lost exactly as you knew you were going wrong. Ah so you have another date for this concert. I can see your thinking about Wxkxng – always best to avoid that bridge, plus you will have done a lot of driving! Oh yes the pink was lovely – first wedding the bridesmaids wore a pale pink, second ones a deeper one with a floral pattern. By both choosing the same colour it meant the flowers on display went with both weddings. Mmm C’bury purple quite an unusual colour for weddings – although think the worst colour ever was a very dark green which looked black! Most funereal! I definitely think Bruce is enjoying a second puppyhood with you – so Little Dog found him annoying I see. I thought Charlie G sounded quite Elvxs-like on that clip! How lovely to have an unexpected trip to Kew. Good thing you were back before the rain as it was quite heavy here – we even had a rainbow! So your ex stays in touch. Usually it is the first wife who is not keen on ex wife, and second wife much better – I see it is the reverse in your case! Sad ex’s family didn’t bother to go to his wedding. See Bruce and Little Dog were feeling stir crazy having been indoors whilst you gallivanted around Kxw!

So a Sunday off Ali (well hopefully you didn’t get called in). We had similar weather in the morning – dull but warm, then had the rain in the afternoon, but hopefully it may have missed you and enabled you to get into the garden and tackle the weeds.

Diana, I am sure your parents loved having you for longer than normal – sounds as if (apart from the scooter racing) you managed to have a lovely relaxing time with them. So your plans for cricket watching have all fallen into place. My late singing teacher’s wife’s family came from the P E area – well they originated in Scxtlxnd and emigrated to SA in the late 1800s – Nxrxxn had her grandmother’s diary all about their adventures. Good that Plopy had a great time with his gxlf trip – I am sure he is delighted to be playing again (albeit not yet as well as previously). So the US holiday is also now planned.

As you know Eva had various appointments last week, but is not too well at the moment. She sends her love and will be back on the blog as soon as she feels better. Sending her lots of virtual hugs.

As noted it was warm but dull yesterday morning when we went to Church – and inside it was even warmer – the heating that wasn’t working during the cold winter months, suddenly decided to come on yesterday morning! It obviously enjoys a joke! As a result we were all very warm! I did the laundry when I was home and have finished nearly all the i word. I also sorted out some more clothing and have just one more storage box of summer clothes to get out, pressed and hung up. I always put lxvxnder in with the clothes so they come out smelling lovely. MM braved the showers (they weren’t so heavy at the time) to do some wedding and garden tidying and has put out the sxlar lights. Our plans for a bbq fell by the wayside when the heavy showers arrived. The pooter geek came and tinkered with the upstairs pooter and so far (touching wood) it seems to have done the trick! We watched a very interesting programme on the Mxyflxwxr Pxlgrxms in the evening after the AR Show. I now know lots of facts that I didn’t before! This morning we will do SLAPPAS as normal and this afternoon I will have the i board back up to finish the few things from yesterday and to press the newly released clothes. No rehearsal tonight due to the BHol. Morning BHB, yes a little overcast this morning – let’s take the Lavendula and the pastries into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Monday, May 27, 2019, 08:50
Carol, it is the ex ex who keeps in touch, not the most recent ex (the one I was with for 15years). SLAPPAS on a bank holiday.

It is Felf's birthday today, I have been over to wish her a good day and give the flower plant from Kew.

Ah the sun is shining I hope all have a lovely day.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, May 27, 2019, 09:18
Morning all and it is nice and sunny but a bit breezy I think. I have a nice pile of ixxnxxg to do today and another large clothes wash. The price of Saturday out! I still have my itchy/painful skin problem so if it doesn't clear today I suppose it will be back to the doctor tomorrow, not that I think they have a clue what is wrong. Would be nice if they could give me some ointment that at least eased the itching.

Diana good that Ploppy enjoyed his golfing holiday and the shoulder stood up to the play. I am sure he will probably be back to normal standard soon. He needs to be patient I think. Your US holiday sounds great. One of my friends son lives in N Carolina, it is very hot!

Jo it seems odd that second wife is iffy with you, still some people are iffy about all ex's I think. Not surprised you were tired with all the walking!

Poor Eva, I hope she feels better soon. We miss her. Sending her lots of hugs.

Morning BHB and of course it is a Lavendula day. Let's grab another jug and pastries and go and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Monday, May 27, 2019, 18:01
Hope all have had a good day and Eva is feeling a bit better.

Bruce and I went to the stables, did a little there. Not really done much else today, so Bruce is still full of energy and therefore really annoying. He has taken me to the pub before tea time, so he has had some fun.

Sounds like Jane had a good time at a concert.

I'm going to try to have an early night, so I'm not so tired tomorrow.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 07:03
Morning – another overcast day at the moment. The temperature was much cooler yesterday, although at least it didn’t rain.

Oh belated Happy Birthday to Felf Jo. I am sure she loved the plant from Kew. Yesterday the sun kept playing hide and seek here, hope it shone for longer for most of you! I sse you were at the stables, so I take it Bruce is getting used to the horses – how was the varnishing you did the other day? I see he managed to drag you down to the pub, so that part of his training has obviously been a success! Yes SLAPPAS on a bank hol – no reason for it not to be. Actually that was one of the strange things about giving up work – you no longer need to make the most of every BHol as it was a break from routine, so you finally (takes a while) treat it like any normal day! Hope you managed your early night and aren’t too tired today.

I emptied what I thought was my last storage box of summer clothes and thought this is strange what happened to those tops I bought last year – mystery solved – I had forgotten I had put a box under one of the spare beds in Twin’s room! Will deal with that tomorrow!! Today I have to go and have another bp check at the surgery, and if my bp is still high then I will have to make an appointment to see a doctor (not sure who since “our” doctor has now retired as you know). We will then go onto U’brxdge as I need the bank and MM needs a hair cut (he was trying to hold off until a littler nearer the holiday, but has had to concede defeat). This afternoon we are going to Lindy’s – MM is going to fix a wobbly banister, and I am going to try and sort out Lindy’s connection so she can get wifi on her Kindle Fire – we tried last year but as Paul had set up the passwords and everything, we gave up! I am hoping a year on it might have resolved itself. Tonight we are meeting up with the ex Encore team at the pub, so quite a full day all in all. Morning BHB, yes I can now see a little piece of blue sky, so fingers crossed! Let’s take the Opxra and the toasted paninis through to the conservatory. There should be time for a lovely snuffle before the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 08:20
Morning all and it is a cool one but fairly bright at the moment. Sad to say I had another restless night with lots of itching so I am off to the doctor later this morning to see if there is anything she can give me to sooth it. I managed to do one lot of ixxnxxg yesterday and there is another lot there waiting for me today. Still I suppose it takes my mind off the itching! HC tonight of course. I saw an interview with Marc who plays Isaac yesterday and he said someone will end up in hospital, I fear for Lofty!

Glad to see Bruce has latched on to the pub visiting Jo! Belated Happy Birthday to Felf. A plant from Kew is a lovely pressie. Let's hope it lives up to it's provenance!

At least you remembered there were tops that you hadn't found Twin!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Opxra? Oh how lovely. Let's get more and some paninis and take it to the conservatory and join the CM.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 09:19
Excitement this week. A post adoption check!! Not had one of these before. Apparently with the RSPCA if you adopt out of area you have another check 'to make sure all is well', I can't really see the difference, but it is what they do. The lady who came for the precheck will be coming back, with a book on Tutankhamun which she got from a charity shop. She has read it and thought I might like it, then I can take it back to the charity shop!!

Pauline I hope they can find something to reduce/stop the itching, fingers crossed. Love the line from Carol 'in Twin's room'. Just as if you stayed there lots of times.

I used to have trouble remembering Bank holidays when I was at w*rk as for so long I worked shift when we ignored them, except you got paid more. In the end I used to block them out on my work calendar to remind me.

I'm off to M&S food this morning as I want to get some of the cheese I like. It is close to a big pet shop so I'll have a wander for a couple of things for Bruce. I'm going to carry on with the calming collar!!
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 10:20

Sounds like Bruce has come round to liking pubs!

Hope Eva is feeling better. Sending hugs.

Sorry your skin is itching again. Hope the doctor can give you something to ease it.

I didn't go on the treadmill on Sunday but did so yesterday. Instead I looked at travel insurance as our policy ends in a month and we have different requirements next year. Found three policies, one of them is a lot cheaper but not sure the cover on one thing is sufficient. Did some of the I word yesterday and today. Rather than doing it all in one go once a week, I now usually do it after each wash so it's not such a big task. Sorted out a few bits and pieces yesterday including setting up a music player in the gym which I've had for four years but never got it out the box! It plays CDs, has a radio and had a USB slot so next thing is to put some music on a USB.

Just placed an order with Am*zon for several things including couple of birthday presents for Mum. I'm intending to go to an ex-colleague's retirement do late this pm and will go to a couple of shops on the way. Tomorrow we're going to see mother-in-law, it's her 90th birthday on Thursday.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 12:58
Hello all,

Oh dear I have only just seen Eva's last post. It must have posted while I was writing. Many hugs my dear I hope things are improving xxxx

Yes Jo, Geri and I were just like the drunken sailors of the postcard variety! Though the irony is that I'm usually LESS wobbly after a bit to drink! I hope the post adoption assessment goes well (I can't image why it wouldn't). I thought at first the lady was bringing the King Tut book for Bruce :-) Sounds like you have been having fun at the concerts!

I didn't realise you are a cricket fan Diana! Glad you have sorted out to see some while in SA. You are good about ironing. I have a basket of blouses that have been waiting to be irons since October! But seeing as I've not needed them they can stay in the basket till I do need them!

Arrgh blooming computers Carol! Sorry you've not got a new conductor yet, I bet those two pink weddings were right up your street! Sounds like you are having a very busy day. Hope your BP is OK, you are able to sort Lindy's banister and WiFi out and that you enjoy your email!

Beatrix says thank you Pauline! She likes her name too! Sorry to hear that you are suffering from itching. I had that some years ago. Really unpleasant. I hope GP can give you something to help. Sorry to hear about your friend with a bad hip :-(

Hope Ali got a day off!

Report on the HJ concert:


Very, very spectacular - and he was funny too (a bit like the GO but with a choir, costume changes, lots of big dance routines... you get the picture). He's very personable and enjoyed interacting with the audience (like the GO) - so much so he turned some of the show almost into panto. And he told some very sweet stories about his family (like the GO) and growing up in Australia (like the...oh no not really). He's an excellent dancer and treated us to a tap routine.

His voice wasn't as brilliant as I expected and he did sound a little breathy and struggled at points (In From N*w On he missed the opening lines that the GO sings at the bottom of his register). But it really didn't matter because he was putting on a tremendous SHOW, and I for one didn't care much if there was an occasional crack.

The seats, which I'd been so worried about, were actually very good. They were high up and towards the back, but lad a direct view of the stage and the big screens.

I'm a very happy bunny!

Karen2 wrote:
Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 16:54
Evening ladies
No, your eyes are not deceiving you and it's not a ghost, just an old buddy popping in to say hi to everyone and with a question. Can I check is anyone going to be at the Chelmsford play on the Tuesday or Friday nights? I'm not sure yet if I can get there but I'm doing a bit of negotiating to see if I can get away overnight (long story) I'd absolutely love to see this play but would also love to catch up with some SLs if at all possible. Hugs to everyone xxx
TK wrote:
Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 18:02
Jane glad you enjoyed the concert, sounds like I might have liked it too .... like GO.

Karen, I'm booked to go to the play each evening, so I'll see you there whichever day you choose. I'm not doing the mid week matinees.

Looks like the HC tonight might contain some Lee scenes!!!
TK wrote:
Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 18:18
Well, I was just sitting here and Bruce disappeared. OK no probs. Then I saw him return with a lilac toy. Also OK as I'd got him a lilac teddy bear the other day. I thought it was still on the top of the wmachine drying. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! It had long ears. It was my Loppy bunny from the lovely present when I had my foot op. The bunny was on the shelf at the end of my sofa, he'd not touched it in all the weeks he'd been here. He'd not damaged it .... yet so I removed it and swapped it for the lilac teddy. The bunny also has grit in it to weight it, so not to be recommended for toys intended for Bruce.
Bruce has now left the teddy and is chewing one of Bella's hide chews.
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 22:09
Evening. Had fab W/e in L.ndon. Very hot and busy at Ch.lsea FS it the gardens were e cells to - tho lots of green this yr with less colour than usual - environmentally friendly seemingly. Cl.mate change was THE topic of the show. We enjoyed the Van G.gh exhibition and loved our meeting up with scollops and g/f. We were lucky to be staying round the T.wer Br area and so sat out by the river several times - we loved St K.therines dock - and there was a small meeting of D.nkirk small boats - lovely to see.

We have been very busy dismantling our small patio behind g.rage as are going ahead with a p.rgola there. As ploppy has huge hosta collection there and several cl.matis are intertwined in 2 trees ( which sadly have to be felled - don’t tell Ch.lsea FS!) we have been very busy moving things around. Tonight were shovelling some of the existing gravel to other areas of garden.

I am off to parents on Fri - ploppy staying at home to supervise works, but as sis away I need to go down. There until Sun then off to L.ke District ( for my uni pals holiday) on Thurs. then at home for a bit - phew.

Jo - did you see the glass sculptures when at K.w? I would love to see them and hope to visit before exhib ends . I see you and adoption check lady have lots in common ( books and shops!) as well as cats.

Jane - Very envious of you seeing HG. Glad Beatrix has managed to survive and enjoying life up North. Loving the idea of you and Geri as drunken sailors!

Hello K2. Lovely to see you. I am not booked to see play as am up North then.

Pauline - hope itching stops soon. Very annoying and unpleasant.

Diana - you sound as if you are filling your retirement time very successfully. Lots of time to plan hols too!

Eva - sorry to hear you are not having a good week. Hoping you are feeling stronger now. Sending hugs.

Carol - are you sure you have found all your summer clothes now! You are a busy bee today - not sure all that busyness will bring your bop down! But good luck with a lower bop.
CArol29 wrote:
Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 07:28
Morning and quite bright at the moment although still looks breezy – yesterday we had intermittent showers in the afternoon.

Jo I never knew there would be a follow up visit after an “adoption” – sounds a good idea really. So she discovered your love for ancient Egxpt then! Oh it is definitely referred to “Twin’s Room” even when we have someone else staying over! I had forgotten you used to work on BHols a lot of the time, or at least be on call. Keep forgetting to ask if any ex colleagues have rung asking for advice on anything? Oh goodness so Bruce is taking over from the Bunny Murderer is he? Thank goodness bunny was rescued in time!! Fancy you buying a lilac teddy bear by the way, so unlike you! You have to admit Bruce keeps you on your toes!!

I wonder what music you might like to put on the USB stick Diana? Sounds like you had a domestic day on Monday. We use Stxysxre for our travel insurance because of pre existing medical conditions. MM rang them after his hip op and they made a note on his record, but said it would affect the cover we currently (have) – our’s is easier than your’s though, as we just get a year’s cover for anywhere in Europe. How is your MinL doing these days? That’s a good age for her. Hope you enjoyed the retirement party – I suspect you were recommending it!

Glad you enjoyed HJ Lady J – my cousin’s wife is going to see/hear him on the tour too. I have always liked him since he was Cxrlx in the Nat Theatre production of Okxahxma! The concert sounds fab – were you at the one where he sang Happy Birthday to Sir I McK?? He also struck me as a lovely man, and certainly any of the interview on him say he really is – so very like the GO I feel, and think they would get along brilliantly. Now there’s a thought forget Rxssxll and Alxc, or Mxchxel and Alxxe (sorry Sue!) and let’s have Hugh and Lee!!

Kw – lovely to “see” you – sadly we can’t make C’msford as we are off on holiday. GO told us at Easleigh that he is hoping it may go to the Wend later, if a theatre is available and they can get backing. Hope you do manage to get to see if and catch up with various SLs.

Fi I saw the photos on FBxxk and you looked to be having a lovely time. Watched a lot of the footage on CFS on tv and thought it looked very green this year, in terms of colour that is! Loved the Yxrkshxre one that won the People’s choice. Lovely that you were able to sit out by the river too. I love St K’s Dock but haven’t been for a while – the meeting up of the D’kirk boats sounds lovely. So building of pergola going ahead – good for you. Shame about the clxmatis (love them in the garden) but you can always plant another somewhere. We are still hoping to see the Kew glass before October, but not put a date in yet. Hope the journey to your parents goes smoothly – sensible for Ploppy to stay and supervise the works I think. Has your mother drawn up plans for what she wants to do whilst you are there, or will it just be a quiet time at home? No, not sure I have found everything.....think I have, but then I thought that last time until the thought of missing tops came to me!!

My BP was down a little, but I saw yet another Receptionist. She said to have another couple of checks and if still on the high side to see a doctor! I had a brain wave and did a little reading whilst the machine was working and I think that helped. MMmanaged to get his hair cut so that is him ready for the holiday – well his hair at least! After that and doing the banking (and I was very good and didn’t go into a single clothes shop!), we went on to Sainbutgs to pick up petrol and put the car through the car wash (which is why it rained “dirty” rain again later! In the afternoon MM sorted out Lindy’s banister and she was very pleased. I managed to connect her to the wifi, so when I left she was happily downloading books onto her Kindle ready for the holiday. Meet up was good in the evening – only one person missing as she was unwell. Came home and caught up with HC, lots of nice Lxfty last night, but was worried by the punch! Housework this morning and then Twin is over this afternoon as this evening the Cupcakers are going out for Twin and Lindy’s birthday meal (couldn’t go last week as Janice was in Wales on holiday with a friend). This birthday continues to roll!! Sending oooohhhhmmmmmms and hugs to Eva. Morning BHB yes a little brighter this morning. Let’s take the scones and the Apple Blxssom through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 08:44
Fi sounds like you have a lot of garden work to be done. Best wishes for it :)

Carol, yes we did see a lot of the glass sculptures. All were lovely, some were a bit samey for me. Also there was too much orange/red.
balls of the colour or the single spikes sticking out of the grass or in the beds of other plants. In the temperate house there was more of the sculptures to my liking. I'm not really a fan of sculptures which don't look like real things. It was Mrs ExP who wanted to see them.

Trainer is coming later.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 09:34
Morning all. Not very nice here, overcast and we may get rain later. At least the garden will be pleased. I went to my doctor yesterday and got nowhere really. She doesn't have a clue what is wrong with me and doesn't want to give me creams in case it makes it worse. I am referred to a dermatologist, which would involve a 3/4 month wait so I am going privately and have an appointment a week Saturday, till which time I just have to grit my teeth I suppose! Watched HC last night of course and lots of Lee, but oh dear!

K2 nice to see you! As Twin has said we won't be able to make the play this time, but I am sure there will be faces you know there.

Glad the HJ concert was good Jane. I am another who really likes him and I think he is definitely one of the good guys in show biz. I am liking twins idea of a lee and Hugh concert!

Fi your w/end sounds brilliant and what a lovely place to stay. Good you are doing the pergola, even at the expense of plants, you can always grow more of those! Hope your w/end with parents goes well.

Jo thank goodness you rescued the lilac bunny! Phew! At least Bruce is open to replacements!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Apple Blxssom? Sounds perfect, let's get another jug and grab some more scones and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 10:55
Hello all!

And a big hello to K2! I'm going to the play over the weekend so will be there on Friday Night - but as I mentioned on FB I have a spare ticket for Ess*x Pr*de too which you are welcome to have if you can come for the Saturday.

Carol - I saw Oklah*ma on TV and agree HJ was....woah! Ding dong! And his singing was fabulous. He didn't do anything from O unfortunately. Nor did he do BHH, though he sang other less known LM songs. I thought that strange. He really comes a cross as such a lovely guy - and Australian GO, but taller. Good to hear that your BP was down. Fingers crossed it stays down. Enjoy your holiday prep!

What a busy gardening bee you are Fi! It sounds like a lovely day in London. I'm sure you enjoyed the flower show (I was going to say 'it's not my sort of thing' but actually now I have started taking a bit of an interest in my garden I'm starting to think - Ooo flowers!). I bet van G was good! Hope all is well with you these days.

Speaking of hoping all is well - sending ooohmms for Eva. Hoping she's feeling better.

Oh dear Pauline! I can understand the doctor wanting you to see a specialist but that wait is just appalling. I think it's wise to go privately. I agree - lovely to see lots of Lee on HC - and some impressive acting but I think the plot line is unbelievable. Surely someone in authority would have just moved the patient by now!

AAGGHH!!! Jo that was like the plot of a horror film! Poor Lilac Loppy! Thank goodness you rescued her.

Beatrix says Hi to everyone BTW. She's taken to sitting on the big chair in my lounge. She looks comfy!

Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, May 30, 2019, 06:48
Morning and we have some blue sky and the sun doing its best. Yesterday afternoon and early evening were quite miserable here! It felt like winter had returned (I know, my fault for putting my warmer clothes away!).

Jo, we are still hoping to get to see the glass Jo, but it may be during the day rather than by night as we originally thought. Don’t mind doing the train into Town and out again during the day. I love glass so it really is something I want to see. I was really thrilled when youngest niece studied glass blowing as her college subject. She made some sunning things and was exhibited at the Yxxng Dxsignxrs Exhibition. Sadly four boys later she has had to give that up of course, and has turned her artistic flair to bridal make up and hair (I have to say her brides always look stunning!). Hope the inspection went well yesterday and you and Bruce passed with flying colours. I am sure she will have been impressed by how well he is doing (as long as he didn’t drag her down to the pub, then she might have qualms!).

Lady J I see you had the same reaction to me when you saw HJ in O!. I think until then he was relatively unknown in the UK. The production was such as hit of course that they televised it and released a video of the show (which oddly I still have). I loved him in Jo’s favourite show! I also loved him in Axstrxlix with Nicole K – interestingly if I recall correctly they were going to cast Russell Crxwx in his role and the director changed his mind and Hugh got it. I wondered how they got on in Les Mis subsequently! Oh the storyline on HC is just laughable – not just this part but the whole of the Dom and mothers saga! Still it is an “ongoing drama” so we shouldn’t be surprised! Agree GO’s acting was impressive – more to come hopefully. Aww Hi to Beatrix – so she has a chair all to herself – she must be very pleased. Has she signed up for any dancing classes? On that subject are you still doing your C’ston classes?

We had a nice meal out with the “gang” last night. We heard all about Janice’s adventures in Wales (including one where she and her friend walked along a very narrow cliff path with no railings – she said she was scared to death. I would have been too! Poor Twin is suffering badly with her unknown ailment – it looks like really bad nettle rash, but hot to touch. We are all hoping that the dermatologist will be able to work out what it is when she goes on Saturday week.
Today MM is off to L’don to see his ex work colleague for a lunchtime drink and to sign a condolence book for a colleague who died a couple of weeks ago. I have some of the i word to do and may have another look at what I can cull and send to the SR shop! Looks like from today the weather will improve for a while! Morning BHB, yes it is much brighter this morning. Let’s take the pastel de natas and the Grxxn Swxzzle through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (I think she is still asleep at the moment).
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, May 30, 2019, 07:55
Morning all and it is much brighter at the moment. AsTwin said yesterday was not nice and very chilly. I was definitely not dressed for it! Ice to meet up with everyone last night and the restaurant has the most spectacular view over a lake, just very murky last evening.! Sadly my itchiness is rather affecting my appetite but still had a nice evening though. I will be off home this morning and need to get a bit of food on the way.

Waving hello to Beatrix Jane she sounds as if she is nice and comfy in her chair. I am another who first saw HJ in O and loved him. I have to say though that some of his films are not my cup of tea! I also am finding the HC story line very improbable!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Grxxn Swizzle? Sounds very nice. Let’s get some more and find the CM.
Karen2 wrote:
Thursday, May 30, 2019, 08:22
Thanks all for the greetings and info, and Jane for offer of the other ticket. Good to know what the plans are, I’ll know soon enough if I can get there, keeping fingers crossed but sadly it is dependent on certain people being co-operative and recent history is not on my side. The W/end possibility is very interesting! Pauline & Eva – hope you’re both feeling better soon, it sounds like everyone is as busy as ever.

Fi – couldn’t help but see your mention of St K dock, brings back many happy memories for me. I worked in what was then the Tower Hotel right on the docks many many moons ago. I turned 21 when working there actually, fun times.

Take care of yourselves, talk again soon I hope, hugs xxx

TK wrote:
Thursday, May 30, 2019, 08:26
Excellent concert last night. Lady next to me was wanting to see Eden Kane, so was a bit miffed. Poor chap has heart problems, so has not left the US. The change was announced before the tour started, but I suspect they don't use the internet much.

Before I left yesterday afternoon Mr ExP brought one of his charges around for a visit. He is one of Bruce's friends so all was OK. The dog thought my house was heaven as he is a tennis ball collector. He loved Bella's collection.

I have my post adoption inspection in a few mins, so better put toys back in the toy box.
Beatrix Bunny wrote:
Thursday, May 30, 2019, 10:45
Hello everyone!

Thank you for saying hello.

I'm settling in and I love MY big chair.

I've been a little camera shy, but I am going to ask for some pictures to send you :-)

Ooo I haven't been told about Charleston lessons. They sound fun. Perhaps I should go along...
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, May 30, 2019, 10:58
Dear Beatrix - how lovely to hear from you again - we were worried you might get too hot in the transport we provided. Your big chair sounds lovely!! Oh I think you would take to Charleston lessons like a duck to..........water! xx
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, May 30, 2019, 11:06
Hello all,

I'm glad to hear that the twins had a lovely evening with their friends, listening to Janice's adventures and looking at that view!

Pauline - I got caught out yesterday too. I was wearing a tee shirt and no jumper. AND we got called out for a fire alarm. Good job I was able to grab my wrap as I left! That skin condition sounds really nasty :-(. I assume you are being careful with your detergents and have got checked for allergies? Many oohmms that you can see a dermatologist soon and that they can go something for you.

I can understand that some of HJ's films won't go down particularly well with everyone. I first saw him in the original Xmen film and it was lust at first sight. I saw O much later when it was shown on TV, but I'd seen clips before them.

I didn't know HJ and RC were up for the same role Carol. To be honest I don't care for RC's style of acting so I'm glad it went to HJ. He's done rather well for himself over the years. Enjoy your day - errr - ironing.

K2 - let's hope that other parties co-operate and you can come to see the GO in June. Fingers crossed!

Jo - what a pity for that poor lady. I have my fingers crossed for your inspection.

OOHHMMS to Eva, Pauline and anyone else in need.

Diana wrote:
Thursday, May 30, 2019, 17:19
Afternoon all.

Good to see you, K2. Hope you can make the play.

Glad I went to the retirement drinks on Tuesday. Although there weren't a lot of people there, a couple of former colleagues came, one who I hadn't seen for over two years, so we had a good catch up. I went to a Hava*anas shop on the way and bought two pairs. Mother in law was looking well yesterday and seemed a bit more with it, though didn't remember it was her birthday today nor her age. It certainly wasn't very nice in the afternoon. I walked home after an appointment and my hands were cold holding my umbrella, I was longing for some gloves.

Ploppy's been at the cricket today. Sadly SA lost to England. I'm not really a cricket fan, Jane, I just support the SA team. Used to think cricket was boring but after years of Ploppy watching it on telly while we're in SA and not being able to avoid it, I slowly started to enjoy watching SA play. I've only been to one cricket match so far but was surprised how much I enjoyed it, though part of that was due to the location - Newlands has fabulous views of Table Mountain so when there wasn't much happening on the field, I gazed at the scenery.

I spent a couple of hours this morning going through all my drawers. Not so much to have a turnout, more to tidy and re-arrange the contents, though I did get rid of a few items. Didn't realise I had so many swimming costumes or so much underwear in a variety of sizes!

Hope the inspection went well, Jo.

Have a good weekend with your parents, Fi, and a lovely time in L*ke District.

Hope the dermatologist can sort out what's wrong, Pauline.
TK wrote:
Thursday, May 30, 2019, 19:36
Passed the inspection!! I think the place I got him from were worried that I was walking him too much for his age. See for me we are walking lots more than I'm used to, but nothing like what a younger dog would need. I think my explanation of the walks confused them and they got the idea of us yomping over the hills in my pictures. I have explained that we are walking faster and further than I've done for years, but nothing like what is required for a young dog. Did I ever type I wasn't keen on getting a Staffy? I've had no experience of them. Bruce's DNA results are in : Staffy 2 types UK 75% and US 12.5% with a 12.5% of other breeds (must include the long hair), to could be collie or something else eg Pomeranian, they have long hair. He has some mixed blood way back . So I was right, he is a Bitza (bits of this and bits of that). I must read up on Staffies. We will go and visit his cousin at the big house. They got their dog a couple of weeks before I got Bruce. Private adoption so no inspections!

Diana, that was nice going out for a get together. I was thinking of arranging something similar, but a couple of things I need to finish first. I try to always carry gloves and a hat, unless it is really warm. I used to watch a lot (well considering it is a sport) of cricket as a scorer and just as a viewer when I was in my late teens. Can't say I ever got into it. Also the ball is very hard, so it is a bit dangerous. But good luck with it.

I have watched a few films with HJ he always appeared to be a good actor and quite good looking, so not really into all the fuss at the moment.

Bit annoyed tonight, streaming service for the US crime progs is down. Grrr. It does it from time to time. Have to watch UK progs.

Karen I hope the plans come off. Be lovely to see you.

Carol29 wrote:
Friday, May 31, 2019, 06:18
Morning and a little overcast at the moment, but I am sure it will clear later. Yesterday was quite humid and warm here. I think MM was glad of the aircon on the Met Line (he elected to come home on that rather than the Cxntxl Line which has no aircon!).

K2, fingers crossed that you will be able to make it to C’sford. It will be lovely for you to meet up with some of the others and have a good catch up I think. C’ford would have been ideal for us as we have a friend who lives there, but sadly the timing was all wrong. When we spoke with the GO a couple of weeks back he said he was hoping the play might have a short run in the WE later in the year, so we may get to see it yet. St K’s area is lovely isn’t it – I didn’t realise you had worked there!!

That was a shame for the lady next to you Jo. I suspect she was feeling how we felt when the GO pulled out of Jo when we went for the matinee and got Ricky’s wig! Ah another dog with a passion for tennis balls – not surprised he loved Bella’s collection. Of course you passed the inspection! Did you not explain that you don’t walk Bruce, but he walks you? Love the idea of you yomping over hills, dragged up and down dale by Bruce. So you were right and he is very Staffy! Love the word “Bitza” to describe him. I see you find r’ement too busy to get everything done. You are right the ball is very hard in cricket – a lethal weapon in the wrong hands.

Lady J lovely that Beatrix is so settled in your home. She must feel a very lucky girl (bunny). I think everyone got take by surprise by the change in the weather on Wednesday. I know the forecasters had said there would be showers, but they didn’t say how chilly it would suddenly become. Oh goodness – I remember all our fire drills seemed to be in the depth of winter when it was freezing. I always had a wrap on the back of my chair so was able to grab that before doing a runner! No, I am not convinced by RC’s acting either, although people that work with him say he is great fun to be with.

Sounds like a lovely meet up on Tuesday Diana, especially if you met up with someone you hadn’t seen for a couple of years. I can’t wear thongs between my toes so give those a miss! Both Twin and Lindy have no problem and I envy them on holiday as it means they can wear pretty but very open footwear. Good to hear the your MinL is looking well, even if she didn’t remember she had a birthday. Sorry but I was rooting for Englxnd in the cricket of course. One of my ex-boyfriends played cricket when we went out years ago. I would go and watch the matches on Saturday afternoons. Then when I was at the last job, we had a fairly active cricket team (my boss was in charge) so would go and watch matches in the evening. Ah I had that discovery about items in my drawers too!!

We are off to Exy today as Twin has never been to the Cathedral, then on to BStE for a couple of days – wonder if we will find anything to do there tomorrow evening. MM went off to Lxndxn as planned and was home by 4.30pm. I think he and his friend have put the world to rights! I finally packed all the remainder of the winter clothes into the under bed storage units and then pressed all the summer clothes I had taken out. It was quite warm work! In the evening we watched The Sxmmxr of Rxckets – and then next week’s in advance (the Beeb have put it on one of their “box sets” on iplayer). KH is excellent as always. Will be washing my hair and packing shortly – plan to leave here just after 10 am and collect Twin en route. Morning BHB, yes not so sunny today. Let’s take the Vxnillitx and the toasted waffles into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, May 31, 2019, 07:40
Morning. setting off for parents soon. Builders working really hard - trees down (sob), ground dug up and now concrete base for perg.la started. will be nice but still sad. ideally would have liked to go to NN and discuss this and tried to come to compromise - he will have to go to huge expense now to get any sc.ffolding up on our land and of course his plans as they stand (and he is appealing for) can only be built from or land! But we have said face to face, in our letters to planning and at the appeal process that we were willing to compromise but he has refused to engage. so our solicitor advised just ignoring him and going ahead with perg.la. think NN away on hols - will be a shock for him when he returns! perg.la not going up for 3 weeks (being made) but he will see that we are up to something! Should be happy abt the p.rgola but have to say that quite sad about it all.
Twins - if I had known you were going to E.y I would have tried to change my timings around - as can be on the way to my parents- . but since I am going on my own I prob wouldn't go that way anyway as a bit circuitous! E.y cathedral is lovely. go to their coffee shop outside of the c.thedral (they have 2 - 1 inside and 1 outside) . it has fab views from garden over c.thedral. If i had been more organised I could have come to B ST E for concert - about 40 mins from parents. just not v organised these days. used to be able to plan ahead but this year not great for that.
I didnt know you had worked in L.ndon K2 - far less St Ks dock. think it might have changed a bit since you worked there!
well done Jo on passing inspection!
Diana - you are keeping busy in retirm.nt! I too tidied out my undies drawers yesterday. textile recycling bin got quite a large donation!
Jane - it got very cold here too earlier in week - but luckily no f.re drills! hotting up today.
Must dash. Have good w/e.
Hope Eva is Ok and resting well.
evam wrote:
Friday, May 31, 2019, 08:35
Morning all. It's overcast and chilly here. We've had almost winter conditions here this last wek. BBRRRRRRR

Hello sweetheart. You've missed me? Likewise.💋 You hoped I would be in, so you saved my coffee and toasted waffles? You are an angel. 💋💋💋

Things seem to have calmed down here, and I've had a good rest. Yesterday was a lovely day. Henrik had brought his parents over the mountains for a week's holiday here in Bergn. They had to change back to winter tyres before they left Oslo because it was snowing a bit higher up, and the weather people have been on the radio saying that if you are going to cross the mountains, you have to use winter tyres!❄️ It's the end of May for heavens sake! 😡 Youngest sister had cooked a lovely lunch (as usual). Henrik was funny. He was a bi sceptical when I tried to hold him, so I handed him back to his dad, and then I just ignord him. He's not used to being ignored (😜), so after a little while, he touched my arm, and when I turned to him, he smiled a little. After another few minutes, he stretched out his arms towards me, wanting to be held! Iselin and Emilian were also there, and so was father. I had picked him up, and I am still surprised how bad his memory is. You can see the changes from one day to the next. The application for sheltered accomodations was rejectedof course. Mrs S was furious, so youngest sister told her to apply again. Let the SS fight with her!

Pauline,- sorry to hear that your hands are so bad again. Hope the dermatologist can suggest somehing.

Jane,- I see Beatrix has moved in. Are you sure she's safe from the bunny killer? Lucky you to go to a HJ concert! I adore the man. I saw him in Jo's favourite film, and I bought the CD, so I have watched it a couple of times at home. Maybe I should bring it with me to C*rnwall next year so Jo can watch i too? Who is that screaming NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?

K2,- how lovely to see you. I'm going to C'ford, but only for the 2 performances on the Saturday.

Jo,- of course you passed the inspection! I love the name Bitza. Maybe you should call Bruce that?

I am really becoming moe and more irritated with the story line in HC. This week was ridiculous. How do the script writers think it's natural for the others to think Isaac is right, rational and kind? If I could blow a big raspberry in writing, I would! 😠🤬

Fi,- I would have liked to be a fly on the wall when NN comes home and see the preps for the pergola.😂👍👏 I hope the w/e with your parents go well.

Carol,- have a safe drive to E*y. I was there ages ago with my Shirley and her John. It's a lovely ciity. Oh, I mustn't forget to tell you to enjoy the concert tomorrow. 😜

Diana,- I have watched a few cricket matches, but have to admit to a total ignorance as to what is going on, but I know how to applaud politely and murmur " nice catch."
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, May 31, 2019, 08:50
Lovely to see you Eva, can't believe they rejected the sheltered accommodation (well sadly I can) - good idea of younger sister to tell Mrs S to get on their case (I reckon she could intimidate them sufficient for them to give in. Sounds like a lovely day yesterday with the little ones. So glad you are feeling a bit better.

Fi we used to visit Ely quite a lot - we used to stay in Little Dxwnhxm some weekends years ago. I have also sung in the Lady Chapel! This is all part of our taking Twins to Cxthxdrals of course - it will be another one to cross off the list! Hope you have a good drive and all is well with the Ancient Ps. Can see why you are sad about the pxrgxla but when it is erected I am sure you will really enjoy it. Hah to NN!!
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, May 31, 2019, 09:50
Morning all. It has just rained a bit here but I think it is going to get a lot warmer. I am waiting for Twin and MM all ready for the off. They should be here fairly soon so this will be a bit brief. Stop cheering!

Eva so lovely to have you back and so glad things are a bit better though of course SS are still living down to the very low expectations of them! Good to have a lovely family day,

Fi sad about the reasons for the pergola but it will be lovely I am sure and lots of lovely planting opportunities! Shame we won't see you but have a good weekend with the parents.

Jo of course you passed! I hope Bruce put them straight about the walking! It is you that is being over walked I think!

Jane so lovely to hear from Beatrix. She sounds so happy. I know she is in the right place to be safe! I always thought RC was very good at one sort of role!

Diana cricket so not my thing though of course I always want England to win! Even I can see that was some catch that Ben S did yesterday!

Morning BHB, Vanillita day! So let's get more and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Friday, May 31, 2019, 12:01
Hello all,

I wasn't going to come on today because I need to leave work early and have a shedload to do...

Glad I did, I'd have missed Eva's return! Good to have you back Eva. I'm glad things have settled and you had a delightful day with Henrik. GRRR to the SS! What are they thinking??!!!

Fi - I'm sure your pergola will be lovely. And if it stops NN getting onto your land all the better! El* cathedral is indeed beautiful - and founded my one of my favourite saints. :-) Don't ask me to write her name - I can't spell it!

Diana - you and Ploppy sound like me and my Dad. I used to like cricket when he was alive because we'd sit and watch it together. Which is why I know the difference between a googly and a chinaman and can point out the sillies. But I can't watch it now. :-(

Jo - I really can't imagine you taking Bruce out for too long, too far or too fast. Glad you passed the inspection! Love the term Bitza BTW!

Carol and Pauline you just reminded me to tweet the pic of Beatrix relaxing. Don't worry she's safe from the bunny murderer (though the little chocolate bunnies Jo have me are falling victim!)

Have a lovely time in El* twins! And oh gosh, you're going to B St E??!! What a surprise! So am I!!! (Trains willing!) See you there xxx

TK wrote:
Friday, May 31, 2019, 19:21
Well, been really busy today. Breakfast then early dog walk. Ssshh, then dog walk from 10:30 to 12:30. Really slow, as I was with them. Collapse at home, then change for financial appt. Bruce was sleeping. So when I came back from shops he was ready to go visiting, friends then the pub. My feet are throbbing.

Eva lovely to see you. 'Nice' to know the SS are as expected. In the past I would have said 'set the Rottweiler on them' meaning Mrs S, but since Bella I'll have to find a new saying. .......... OH of course 'Set the Bruce on them, when the food is late.'

I have to print the map for tomorrow now as the theatre is not the usual one.

Surprised you have not heard the name Bitza before (no idea how it is meant to be spelt) as I heard it years ago. I've just Googled it 'In Australia, they’re sometimes called “bitsa” or or “bitzer”, short for “bits of this and that.” ' Since I've known the term for years it must have come from Mum, Australian soldiers in war time or the Australian sisters in my Primary school, they left when I was 9 years old. Their dad was in the Australian Air force and posted in UK for 3 years.
TK wrote:
Saturday, June 1, 2019, 08:28
Bruce had a good run with his Polish Vizsla friend this morning. She is about 5 years old. He was getting a little too 'friendly' at one point so she really told him off. Growls and barks. It was all OK and within 20 secs they were off playing again. Bruce had been TOLD.

I have to pack my bag and check on TK feeding as I forgot to ask yesterday.
TK wrote:
Saturday, June 1, 2019, 08:34
Hungarian Vizsla not Polish, well they are both eastern Europe
evam wrote:
Saturday, June 1, 2019, 09:54
Morning all. The weather is dire here with fog down to our ankles and that fine, misty rain that gets in everywhere. In other wods nice,- NOT!

Hello sweetheart. HELLO SWEETHEART! It looks as if I'm alone here, so I'll brew my own herbal tea. Sniff.😒
I was awake very early this morning, just before 5 am, but I had my mug of coffee and my read until after 6 am. Then I got up and baked 2 of my nutty breads. It's been so long since I last baked, that I had to look up the recipe. Then I started the washing machine, and after breakfast the dishwasher, so it was all systems go here from an early start. I had to drive down to the shopping centre as I had some food vouchers which were only valid until 2nd June. While I was doing that, the loaves were cooling on the rack, and I was met with a lovely aroma when I got back home. 🍞
I was watching the beeb last night, as it was just rubbish on Norwegian telly. WILTY had me in stitches! 😂😂 How David M manages to keep a straight face when he throws out a very, very funny remark, is beyond me.

Jo,- drive carefully today, and enjoy. The same to the other BstE goers. I'm sure you'll have an enjoyable evening. 🤢 Please blow himself a kiss from me.
TK wrote:
Saturday, June 1, 2019, 10:01
Eva, so much so early, well done. I've walked Bruce, packed my bag and been to see Felf. Better get dressed properly
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, June 2, 2019, 06:40
Morning and apologies for non opening of the Bistro yesterday. Gosh Eva you were busy yesterday morning....I imagine you found the bead baking quite therapeutic. Himself was in excellent voice last night. Will post more from home, but apologies that we didn’t manage to say goodbye to Jo, Lady J, Ro and Olwen. By the time we came up from the Pit nearly everyone had gone. We are wending our way home today, having had a lovely couple of days. BHB asked for the morning off so it is self service I am afraid.....coffee And toasted crumpets available and I will make a jug of Pink Lady for the brave hearted.
evam wrote:
Sunday, June 2, 2019, 07:38
Morning all. It is a grey and overcast day here, but the Siberian temps seem to have returned to their homeland.

I see the BHB ha been given today off, so I'll have to make my own coffee, but at leat I can toast a crumpet.
I didn't wake up as early as yesterday this morning. It was 5.45 am before I opened my eyes, so there has been no bread baking, washing or anything else useful done so far.
Father rang me just now. He wanted me to buy him a specially seasoned herring. I told him that today is Sunday and all the shops will be closed, and that I'd bought 2 large glasses of that herring for him last Friday! He'd forgotten that, Of course.
I didn't do anything special in the afternoon yesterday, but did watch the beeb in the evening. I almost fell asleep during Cas,- not because it was boring, but because I as so sleepy. I did get that Connie is in trouble, and that an obnoxious new caracter has entered the building!

Caol,- glad to hear that himself is keeping the standard up! Not that I doubted it, of course.l
TK wrote:
Sunday, June 2, 2019, 08:58
Had a lovely day yesterday. For a change I went earlier to BStE so I could have a trip around the older part of the town. I've been to concerts there several times (not just to see Lee) but never ventured past the Apex to the historic parts of the town. Went to the cathedral and the abbey grounds, very restful gardens. Amazed by the way they have used the the underground parts of the cathedral building, really well done toilets and other uses.
As Carol has said Lee was on form. Excellent voice. The theatre was lovely, 360 seats. 'The Theatre Royal is a restored Regency theatre in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England. The building is one of eight Grade I listed theatres in the United Kingdom, and is the only working theatre operated under the auspices of the National Trust.' Back in the 60s the building was used for a barrel store for the neighbouring Green King brewery.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, June 2, 2019, 09:11
Morning all.

Lovely day yesterday, especially the morning. I did an early food shop in M&S and then sat in the garden till mid pm. I also had another go at the dandelions in the front bed; thought I'd got them all out but either more have sprung up or I missed them amongst the plants. In the evening I watched the football; not a good match but very happy with the result. Ploppy is near Card*ff for three days for golf so have the house to myself for the weekend. On Friday I went to Broml*y and got the rest of Mum's birthday present and some tops jumped into my basket. A couple don't fit so I'm going back later to return them and also buy some bits from Bo*ts. Later I want to watch this week's HC and if there's nothing on telly tonight, I'll catch up on a couple of the episodes I missed while in SA. I'm currently waiting for the vacuum to charge. Got half way through the bedroom and it stopped as I'd forgotten to charge it after the previous use grrr.

Carol, after you mentioned it, I bought a miniature rhubarb vodka to try and had it last night - very nice!! Also bought a rhubarb & ginger gin miniature and might have that this evening. Glad you've had a lovely weekend away. Hope your hands are better, Pauline.

I finally heard from my pension company on Friday, ten days later than they promised to respond. They gave me a revised value, which was around £15,000 more than their last two letters. They had forgotten to include some of my regular premiums!! Although I thought that could be the reason for the discrepancy between what I thought the fund should be and their valuation, as you can imagine I have been worried, wondering if the fund had performed terribly the past year. Not at all filled with confidence about them (they are one of the big ones) as this is not the first mistake. A few years ago they "forgot" to add a single premium (an annual bonus) and it was only because I was reviewing the policy for some reason and had a list of all the payments made in the past year that I noticed the discrepancy - what if I hadn't? Now that the issue is resolved I need to decide what to do with my pension policies - a big and worrying decision. I did read the paperwork in March but have forgotten a lot of it so need to reread and then make an appointment with Pensionw*se and probably then see an advisor - one of Ploppy's golf buddies is a pension advisor (golf does come in handy!).

Bruce is certainly keeping you fit, if not getting you fitter, Jo. Of course you passed the inspection.

Lovely to have you back, Eva, glad you're feeling better. What does it take for the SS to accept an application for sheltered accom??!!
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, June 2, 2019, 17:07
Hi All, and safely home and unpacked. We have been really lucky with the weather – it was warm but cloudy on Friday and very hot yesterday.

Jo, I quite like the spelling Bitza rather than bitsa or Bitzer – so as it is an Oz name, and Bruce is of course...........what all Oz men are called, it seems very apt.

Apologies you had to do your own crumpets and coffee this morning Eva, I promise normal service will be resumed tomorrow! I see Father’s memory is still not that good. I have just watched last night’s C’lty and new chap is totally charming (not!). Think this is leading up to Connie taking a break.

Glad to hear that the pension providers (they sound a right shower) have finally managed to get their act together and provide you with a correct figure. Ah so jumping merchandise alive and well in B’ley then. Glad you liked the rhubarb vxdkx – good isn’t it!

We have had a lovely few days. Exy Cxthxdral had a Mxsexm of the Mxxn exhibition on and there was a fabulous large replica of the moon suspended over the Nave. It was stunning! Lovely to revisit after a long cooas too. We got to our hotel just after 4pm and checked in - it was lovely Txdxr and Medieval and very welcoming. We unpacked, had a short rest and then wandered down to Town to eat. Next morning, after an excellent freshly cooked breakfast we went and visited the Pxrish Chxrch (it has the longest Nave of a P Church in the country) and then, like Jo, the Cxthxdrxl. It was market day yesterday so lots of stalls out in the sunshine – I was accosted by four jumping tops and a pair of sandals – we realised it was probably dangerous to linger any longer so went for a late lunch in Cxte before getting a taxi back to the hotel so we could relax and get ready for the evening. MM was staying back at the hotel (with a bottle of red wine and some nibbles). Twin and I walked round to the lovely theatre (as Jo said, Rxgxncy – only one left in the country – and property of the NT). We stood outside to get cool before going into the auditorium and when we wandered back inside there were Jo, Lady J, Ro and poor Olwen with a broken arm. Not long afterwards the doors were open so we wandered in. Twin and I were in The Pit and also in the front row! Almost directly in front of the chair in which the GO sits. As noted by both me and Jo he was in excellent voice yesterday and obviously enjoying himself. He played a little phone message he had received from Betsy earlier in the day – it was so sweet and he was obviously very touched to receive it! It took us a while to get up from The Pit and thus we missed Jo, Ro, Lady J and Olwen, so wandered off back to the hotel. I’ll leave today’s adventures until tomorrow morning!
TK wrote:
Sunday, June 2, 2019, 17:57
Carol, my head didn't link the origin of the bitza and the name Bruce, thanks for noticing it is so appropriate. He has been moaning at me a lot of today, as I was tired and have had a 'rest' day. He has been out to see a friend, but not the normal activity. He is amusing himself now by getting his toys out of the toy box. Now 'playing' with the lilac teddy. Pink teddy is still unmolested. PS I was probably in the loo last night when you left the theatre (in prep for the journey home).

I've (finally) booked a Pilates class. I've been meaning to do it for ages. This is a different class to my previous one. It is tomorrow morning, so I have to be up and about.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, June 3, 2019, 06:41
Morning and the sun is back out again. It became very overcast and breezy yesterday evening (plus we drove through a rain shower on the way home from Twin’s).

Jo, I didn’t realise you were heading straight home after Saturday night – can quite understand why you may have been in the loo! So the pink teddy is still intact (obviously he is a fan of the colour pink and doesn’t want to deface it0. Enjoy your Pxlates!!

We had another excellent cooked breakfast yesterday – when we went down to the breakfast room we discovered three very familiar looking people had “stolen” our table from the previous day..........on closer inspection they turned out to be the three people who had sat next to us in the theatre! Really funny as during our interval chat none of us had mentioned where we were staying! They had arrived on Saturday and stayed for the one night! We had a good catch up on all things GO related over our breakfast of course! Once we had checked out from the lovely hotel we made our way to Ixkwxrth Hse whic is just a short drive out from the town. Fabulous grounds and a very interesting house. We did one of the “taster” tours to start with, then went and had a sit down and a cool drink before visiting the servants’ quarters. We missed out on the gardens as Twin’s feet were hurting. We had a good drive home and were at Twin’s just after 3pm. Having safely dropped her off we tootled home and were here not long after 4pm. Unpacked and then put feet up – it seemed ages since we had been home, rather than three days! Really enjoyed the weekend (only marred by poor Twin suffering with her itchy skin) and of course Saturday night specifically! Now back to normal – off to SLAPPAS this morning and Choir this evening. MM is going to put up the hanging rail in the conservatory so I can hang potential holiday clothes up (now augmented after the weekend away of course). I also have the remnants of the i word left over from Thursday! Morning BHB, yes it does look quite promising out. Let’s take the Lxvxndula and the toasted teacakes through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives. We can tell each other all about our lovely weekends!
evam wrote:
Monday, June 3, 2019, 07:04
Morning all. The skies look a bit iffy this morning, but at least we have + 14 egrees at the moment, so no snow expected!

Hello sweetheart. Good to see you back. You had a good w/e with friends? Glad you enjoyed yourself. You have my coffee brewed and the teacakes ready to go in the toaster? Brilliant! 💋💋💋

My Sunday turned out a bit different from what I expected. Just after I'd posted here, the nerd was on the phone. He had invited father over for waffles and coffee round lunch time (!), and wonered if I would care to come too. Then I could pick up father on th way. (😜 ) He then said that Helene had suffered a prolapse in her back and had to go to the hospital for an x-ray today. Could I possibly babysit Jahan while she was away? Of course I could. We had a lovely time with the coffee, waffles and the children. Joahn is such a clever boy. He's now 8 1/2 months old, and my guess is that he'll be walking by the time he is 10 months old. I did! So I'm going up there when I've finished my doctor's appointment. It's with the eye specialist for a check-up after the last injection. Fingers crossed I don't have to do it again.

Jo,- back to the pilates, is it? I thought you got more than necessary exercise with walking Bruce?

Carol,- good idea to hang up potantial holiday clothes on a rail. Maybe you'll realise you need o buy something new? (Who is sarky? Me? Never!)
TK wrote:
Monday, June 3, 2019, 08:18
Carol glad you had a lovely time away. I usually drive home if the venue is within 3 hours driving time from home. Except if it is the last night of the tour or it is Southend, then I stay over. I'm commuting to Chelmsford week after next. I had practise on nearly that route with the trips to see/pick up Bruce, Felixstowe and Colchester.
I like the clothes rail idea. Mine is make a pile- number of days away plus one of [ bra, T shirt, pants, socks] blouses as required, PJs, fleece[(s) depending on weather].
Eva I need different muscles exercised. I could do them myself but it helps to be shouted at ;)
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, June 3, 2019, 09:07
Morning all and I am back again. Sorry to have missed posting over the weekend but time just seemed to disappear! Also Creaming my itchy places takes forever as there are a lot of them and new ones pop up all the time! Still it was a fab weekend with Saturday night the highlight of course! the hotel was wonderful, I had an enormous old fireplace in my room and it was very comfortable, one of the two easy chairs was a rocker which was very nice. Loved the visit to Ely on the Friday, it totally lived up to my expectations! Lovely to see the moon they had hanging in the centre. as well. Very beautiful.


Saturday was the day for doing the BSE cathedral and the big parish church after which we did some RT, so you may begin to see why my feet were sore! Still they managed to get me to the most important event of the weekend! The concert was brilliant. He was on great form and it is such a gorgeous little theatre. Yesterday was Ickwxrth and it is a lovely house. Shame I was suffering a bit so we weren't able to o as much as we would perhaps of at a different time. Got home and after waving Twin and MM off I unpacked and then collapsed in a chair. Have to admit I fell asleep a couple of times in the evening so took myself off to bed earlyish and slept quite well though of course I did get woken by the itching! Today I need to get some food in, but really want to take it easy as I feel I need a rest!

Eva so glad to see things are a bit brighter for you. Hope the eye appointment goes well.

Jo so sorry we missed you and Jane after the concert. We did take our time leaving the pits and then we had to get back in case MM fell asleep and Twin couldn't get in the room! This is always a possibility! Hope the pilates goes well.

I really need to try and get my head into holiday mode or I will be going away without most of what I need!

Morning BHB, lovely to see you again, let's get more Lavendula and find the CM and I will tell you what I have been up to!

Jane E wrote:
Monday, June 3, 2019, 11:02
Hello all!

So it's back to work after a really lovely weekend. Much of it I spent on trains but I had a good book and glorious weather so even the travelling wasn't too bad.

I was very pleased that O managed to join us despite broken bones! Ro, O and I managed to see the cathedral in BStE before finding Jo and Trudy. Trudy had arranged for dinner at the Cote so we all joined her - then who should walk in but the two Lizzes and Annie! They sat next to us then the rest of Trudy's friends - so we ended up with a big table of Lee fans which was such fun - and really confused the staff! What a shame we weren't there in time to meet up with Pauline and Carol too!

As the others have said the little theatre was just charming, and the GO was in fine voice. His MotN and This is the M*ment blow me away every time now... and as for Anthem!!! And when he paid his message from Betsy. AWwwwww!!!!!

Carol and Pauline - it was so lovely to see you and get a chance for a little chat. It's a pity you got stuck in the pit. Coz not only did we not get a chance to say bye bye, but you missed the GO! The SD actually opened into the foyer and there were still a lot of people milling around when he came out and had a little chat with the various groups. I think Jo missed him too because she needed to head straight off :-(

Sounds like you had a wonderful time sight seeing Twins! I'm more than ever sorry I missed my chance for sight-seeing in Ely with Julie last year!

Pauline - I hope that cream is helping. And I hope the itches didn't bother you too much during the show.

He he Carol! So you had your own mini Lee fan fest over breakfast! You made the most of your Sunday!

Eva - that's nice to have an impromptu family day! I hope Helene is OK. I'm sure you have no objection to child minding! (The bread smells yummy BTW!)

Diana - what a relief to have your pension sorted. What a fiasco you've had!

Jo - not long now before you get to see the play! Excited much?

Ali wrote:
Monday, June 3, 2019, 11:40
Afternoon. Gutted to have missed a concert so close to me. Sadly the date originally clashed with a singing event. This was then put back to July, I was booked to work for a private function but the numbers went down last minute and I wasn’t needed but I never quite got organised to try for a last minute ticket. C’est la vie!
Busy morning so far: dropped nephew at school while keaving Josh with engineer servicing the boiler. Went to pick up my new car, previous one was starting to need too many things doing to it so we have traded it in. Then on to salon for pedicure which I booked weeks ago before buying car! Just having a quick snack before I go singing. Then Brownies tonight. And that is my day off sorted!!
Will pop back later and do proper catch up
TK wrote:
Monday, June 3, 2019, 12:25
Jane- I was there to see Lee and Beverley come out after the concert. They both looked very good.

I went to the trial (free) Pilates session. It was OK, but his explanations of the moves needed was not so clear. It was OK for moves I knew before but he did one I've never done. Left arm moves one way with palm up (or maybe down) head goes the other way and moves in a different way, leg ditto, can't remember. Then you do it the other way around with the right leg and arm. There is not a hope in h*** that I will ever get this with his explanation or even if the previous teacher had explained it. Of course the breathing has to be in/out at specific times. I'm lucky in any exercise that this is done at the right time.

Ali such a shame you missed the show, I did look around just to see if you'd managed to fit it into your very busy life. I hope you can have a bit of a relax on your day off.
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, June 3, 2019, 19:20
Hi all. Had a different w/e to one I expected. Sloppy fell very heavily on Sat am - running for a bus!!! To my shame I was with her - I had tried to stop her. I thought she was dead as didn’t move for what seemed ages but was prob 5 secs! I was very very lucky that lovely people arrived to help. First on scene was white van man - who was a qualified first aide. He took charge while I went to ph 9.9 . Couldnt find phone in depths of handbag and lovely young deaf boy 20ish) dialled his phone and gave it to me to speak as he obvs couldn’t hear. I was on ph for ages as ambul.nce controller asked myriads of qus. Meanwhile 4 workmen arrived in their van and donated nice rug for sloppy to lie on ( she was face down on hard pavement)- and bleed all over. Next to arrive was a mil.tary Medic who parked his car and sent one of builders into a local community centre for 1st aid kit. Meanwhile 3 ( yes 3 ) police cars stopped - it is a busy road! Since I was told that amb.lance cld be up to 8 ( yes 8!!) hrs and I wasn’t to move sloppy in that time police arranged that they drive me to my car ( round corner) , we got sloppy ( now beautifully bandaged by medic) in car and I was to drive her to hospital with a police escort - since I didn’t know the way! Meanwhile of course dad at home on own and was warned cld wait hrs in A and E as not an emergency. Didn’t want to involve sis as she just returning from It.ly so phoned ploppy who packed his case but as cld take 3 hrs ( road slow with lots of roadworks) I phd bro. Was worried as he had been up to visit parents on thurs and a 1.5 hr drive but he was fab and came immediately to be with dad so I could stay with sloppy in hospital. In end we were in and out within 3 hours. Sloppy had eyebrow glued as not too deep a cut but face very ( very) bruised! She was a bit shaken but seemingly the problem was that she was wearing the “wrong shoes” for running for a bus!!! I asked one of our helpers to get everyone who helped us name and tel no and I texted them all to update and thank them. The 2 PCSOs who escorted us to hospital called inin aft to see how sloppy was. I wrote their inspector to thank them for all their help . We were so lucky in al, the wonderful,people we helped us. I stayed until today and am totally shattered, but was pleased I could stay and help.

So I wouldn’t have made BsE concert anyway - even if I had organised myself ( I do empathise Ali) to get tickets. So thank you everyone for the feedback. I must visit BsE as a tourist.

Twins - mus.um of the moon is fab. It started its tour in our home cathedral. I like Ickw.rth too.

Eva - glad things a bit more settled , for now, with you.

Jo - I find the breathing the hardest bit of P.lates!
Sue-1 wrote:
Monday, June 3, 2019, 19:53
Just popping in quickly to say hello, before I even think about trying to catch up, I've been away ages!
Just read the last post (as you do) flippin eck Fi you know how to have fun! Seriously, your poor mum, and poor you. Glad to read all's well that ends well, and that there were so many kind people to help.

I may be some time, and my comments will be out of date, but I will get there eventually to find out what you've all been up to.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 07:11
Morning and a little overcast at the moment, although the sun has just come out. Noticeably cooler yesterday but still warm here.

Ah so you are basking in 14C are you Eva – as you say I feel snxw unlikely (but then having read your post from Friday I see there is still some of s word around (at least in the Oxlx area!). Hope Helene is ok, but lovely that you had to babysit Jxhxn. I am loving the sounds of the waffles and coffee too. Of course he is a clever boy – he takes after the rest of the family. I am sure your father enjoyed the family time too. I walked at almost nine months so I am sure he will soon be on his feet. Hope the eye check up went well and the specialist is pleased with how your eye is doing. Buy something new? Moi? Never!!!

Ah Jo I thought you might drive home from S’end – we have done that in a day before. We could have stayed at Twin’s and driven to BStE, but thought it was a good idea to stay for a couple of days and continue Twin’s Cxthxdral list! You will be amazed to hear that once the rail is up and all the clothes go on it, come packing day there are still a lot of things there which haven’t made it into the suitcase due to lack of room or space! On the other hand they are there ready and waiting for when we return so I don’t have to worry about doing the laundry straight away! Having ready what you wrote I now understand why I have never considered going to a Pxlxtes class!

Such a shame you didn’t make it on Saturday Ali, but understand why you didin’t book initially (how annoying that the date changed!). Ah yes it is the time of year for boiler servicing – Lindy had her’s done two weeks ago and I think we are having our’s done when we come back from holiday. A new car!! Details, details – colour, name etc!! I am sure your feet enjoyed the pampering.

Hopefully wxrk wasn’t too onerous Lady J. Nothing wrong with sitting on a train ready a good book! Yes poor Olwxn – I am sure the heat made the strapping on her arm feel very hot. I think you would have enjoyed the Parish Church in Bury too (It is literally just along the street) – Hxnry VIII’s youngest sister Mxry is buried there (as in Mxry Rxse who was grandmother to Lady Jxne Grxy). So the Lizes and Annie were double lucky – dinner with you and breakfast with us (they told us you had all eaten in Cxte and we said you had missed us by a couple of hours!). They did tell us the next morning that the GO and Bxverley had come out into the bar after we had left, but as Twin explained we had left MM for quite a while and he has been known to nod off!!

Oh Fi, how frightening that must have been (I know how scared I was when I found my mother on the floor at home that time). It is wonderful to hear how many people came to help you – restores your faith in people when all you read about in the Press is stories of people acting terribly to other people. Eight hours for an ambulance!!!! You may (or may not recall) that Twin was taken ill when we were out for my birthday meal last year and by happenchance there were two doctors in the restaurant and one called an ambulance. We waited for almost two and a half hours, Twin felt better, so I rang and cancelled them and we brought her home (luckily without any mishap). Well done to brother for stepping up to the plate and looking after your father whilst you were at the hospital. I am sure your Mother was very shaken and doubtless the bruising is now all coming out. Do you think this will knock your Mother’s confidence about going out? Having said that running for a bus not the most sensible thing to do, so hopefully she might take things a little more slowly now? Sending hugs as that all sounds quite traumatic! I did wonder if the Moon had been to P’borough – now that’s a Cxthxrdal we still haven’t done!

Sue hope you had a lovely break in C’wall – think you had excellent weather.

We did our Sainsbugs shop – the boat which was crashed into in Vxnxce was the same one Lindy and Lawrence were on two weeks ago – think it shook Lawrence up quite a bit. After coffee we came home and I did some admin for MM, then finished the i word for last week. In the evening we had a very good rehearsal (our last with Sue until she returns on 1st July). Still no sign of a replacement – think we will have a brain storming session after our July concerts are over. We then take a break until September, so fingers crossed we can find someone in the interim ready to start with us then. Off to meet up with ex work colleagues this morning (via the doctor’s surgery so I can do bp check again) and then this evening have PCC meeting at church – it is one of our informal discussion ones, so hoping it won’t last too late! Morning BHB, yes a little overcast today. Let’s take the toasted waffles and the Shxwgxrl through to the Conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

TK wrote:
Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 07:52
Oh Fi, that must have been a very nerve racking-time. Restores faith in human nature to read how many people stopped to help you and the qualified people who stopped. I'm glad that your mother is OK, though I suspect her face looks worse today. (My bruising took 4 weeks to disappear when I was dragged to the floor by the horse.) Good the family rallied too. (What did we do before mobiles? Oh I remember I phoned the police and they sent an officer to my visit my uncle in Essex.)

I restricted Bruce's play time with the young dog this morning. Meant we walked home without the resting.

I must continue with my paperwork
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 08:18
What a weekend Fi! Great that so many people stopped to help and that Sloppy is recovering. Please take it easy yourself now.
Carol, car is a red A*f* Ro**o M*t*. No name but open to suggestions. Coincidentally my toenails match the car and that colour is ‘Wit*hes Br*w’!
Not sure if I said but sadly J didn’t pass Police interview. Must wait 6 months before reapplying (if they’re recruiting then!) However, Suffolk Constab are recruiting pcso schools liaison offs so he’s applying for that and hoping it will open the door in future. The final stage for that is the assessment centre which he previously passed so Fingers crossed 🤞
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 09:17
Morning all and it is a grey and overcast one here. I have a pedicure this afternoon so of course it will rain! I need to pop to a Bxxts this moring and I also have a nice pile of ixxnxxg to do so a busy day ahead.

Fi that is so scary, you must have been frantic, but thank goodness for all the lovely people who stopped to help. Always nknew there are more nice ones than horrid! Hope your Mum is not too bad today though I am sure she will be a bit shaken still.

Jane I am happy to report the itching was not bad at all during the show, do you think I might have been distracted? Surely not!

Jo I was always a bit dubious about pxlates, and now I see why!

Ali it is a real shame you didn't make the show but as the GO obviously likes Bury a lot I think he will be back! The car sounds lovely. I think she should have an Itxlian name. How about Carlotta?

Morning BHB and what have we today? Shxwgxrl> Sounds good to me, so let's get more and find the CM.
maeve 12 wrote:
Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 11:22
I had a bit of a shock this morning when I opened the sitting room curtains, it looked as though someone had chucked a brick at the window , a big hole in the outer layer of the double glazing with long cracks running off it . It's a large pane of glass, I'm waiting for someone to come from the Insurers.

An added complication is that I have an appointment at the glaucoma clinic this afternoon which I really need to attend as it was postponed from March

It's not a good time just now, I lost internet access at the weekend ,some workmen had chopped through the land line.

Still waiting to move, won't be for a while as off on holiday in just over a week.

So sorry to hear about your mum, Fi, must have been traumatic fo you both.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 11:54

We had a little light rain earlier as I was walking home from the shops and it's just started raining more heavily.

Yesterday I went to the nearby high street twice, firstly with some stuff for the textiles recycling box and later to pick up my glasses. Been on a small spending spree the past few days including ordering a new handbag from R*dley yesterday to replace my current one as the zip has started opening of it's own accord.

I finished one holiday itin yesterday and then made a couple of hotel bookings for next year's US trip.

That must have been a horrible experience for you and your mum, Fi, but lovely so many people helped. Hope she mends quickly and there aren't any lasting effects.

Shame you missed the show, Ali, fingers crossed for the next time the GO is in the area.

I've never done pilates but have thought about giving it a go. Don't think I'd get on very well from what you say, Jo. I'm reading a book about WalkAct*ve at the mo. It sounds very good but I am struggling to understand the written instructions. There's a DVD which might help but it's not available at present.

Time for lunch - bacon sandwich today, one of Ploppy's favourites and I'm quite partial too.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 13:33
Crikey what a lot has gone on since my last post.

Fi - you must have been so worried about sloppy, frantic I would image. But how wonderful that so many people stopped, and how amazing that so many were able to be of such use. I must admit I smiled when I read about your police escort to the hospital!

Maeve - you really have hit a run of awful luck. I hope the insurance will cover the replacement window. So upsetting :-( And with everything else you have going on too. Many hugs xxx.

Ali - what a pity that you couldn't make the concert. So irritating when you get doubled booked and the other thing falls through. But as Carol says the GO did seem to love the venue (as did I) so perhaps he will return.

Jo - oh yes! I remember now - we said our bye byes just after the GO appeared didn't we? I think you need to get your pilates instructor to explain properly. So many don't.

Diana - I did pilates for several years. A lot of people find it wonderful - and I must admit I wish for the sake of my podgy stomach I had continued with it. But I did find it quite...well boring I suppose - and if I never have to do the plank in my life again it'll be too soon!

Pauline - I am very pleased to hear that the itching didn't prevent GO enjoyment. Amazing how good a tonic he is! How has it been since?

Carol - thanks for the tip about the parish church in BStE! If I get there again (for instance if the go does do another concert there) I'll have a look. Ah I did wonder if it was the Lizzes and Annie that joined you for breakfast. I think they had a very nice chat with Mr M.

No I have to report that poor Beatrix is a bit stressed at the moment. Someone (mentioning no names) suggested introducing her to a certain doggie. She's taken to hiding about the house. Don't worry we'll keep her safe!

evam wrote:
Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 15:53
Afternoon all.
I have done babysitting again today. Helene rang this morning and told me she could hardly move at all. As it's exam time at the university, the nerd can't really take any time off, as many students are delivering their thesises (sp?), and the teachers have to be there. Mrs S is having friends staying (from Germany), so i was me coming to the rescue again. That a little creature can demand so much attention all (or almost all) the time, is not something I'm used to. He was quiet only when he was fed or had a nap! Andreas was in the nursery, so I had only Johan to consentrate on. Helene was laid on the sofa, dosed down with painkillers, so I cooked the tea and ate with them when the nerd and Andreas came home. Then I could drive home and collapse into my bed. I needed that eva!. Tomorrow Mrs S is taking over. No rest for the wicked however, as my cleaning lady called this afternoon telling me that her back was playing up, and she couldn't come tomorrow. I'll have to do the h****r dance myself.😡
The eye specialist told me that there is some improvement to my eye, but I'll need at least another 2 injections. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Fi,- what a blooming nightmare your mother's fall must have been. But, as the othrs have said, with all the lovely people coming running to help, it must have been such a relief. 8 hours wait for an ambulance? I've never heard the like.

Jo,- it sems to me that to master the pilates, you need o be a contortunist (sp?).

I've just skimmed the blog, but will try to do btter tomorrow.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 15:57
Pilates is more gentle than other types of exercise, also none of the yoga 'excesses' so I find it fine. Just takes a bit of time to understand the terminology. I have a movement co-ordination problem (the same thing which prevents me moving in time to music, unless there is a strong bass drum beat). I have to be gentle in my moving due the horse riding damages. For me the hour goes very quickly, I suppose the intense concentration I need to have helps make the time pass. PS I do leave bits out as the are impossible/hurt too much to do.

Bruce and I have been for a walk/pub visit/pop into friends outing. We got wet on the way back.

Ali sorry to read about J. Fingers crossed that there is success soon. (Still trying to work out how he is old enough to apply. I have to remember that I get served in the pub by the 5 year old lad who was chased by Edna the Great Dane in the park a couple** of years ago. **Make that 16 years ago, as I had Clyde.)

Maeve I hope you can get the window fixed quickly.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 16:11
Meant to say I bought a nice top the other day. Looked up the name on it and found it was a US store chain. Interesting. Then saw there was a very small difference in the name. Double checked and it is a store on the main road between Leigh-on-sea and Westcliff-on-sea. Not as exotic as I thought. I bought it when I was in a special shop in Southend-on-sea before the Marty Wilde concert, so makes sense.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, June 5, 2019, 07:30
Morning and we have sunshine – looks quite breezy out, but I can see blue sky and fluffy whist clouds!!

Ali, I am liking the sound of your new car – I also like Twin’s suggestion for a name, or Casilda or Constanza (if you think she is reliable!). Love that your toe nails match the car! Oh what a shame about J not passing the interview. I think that going down the PSCO for schools route is actually a very good idea and would stand him in good stead for any future interviews. My fingers are also crossed (so apologies for any typos!).

Maeve, lovely to see you but what a shock about the window – hopefully the glazier has now sorted it out. Do you know what caused it? Hopefully you managed to make it to the eye clinic and they were pleased with your progress. Your story about the workmen chopping through the cable and taking out your IT, reminded me of one occasion when I was working in Rxgxnt Strxxt and the whole of the W End was blacked out due to a construction worker cutting through a main cable. It happened at lunch time and I was in Bxxts in Cxrnxby Street – all the lights went off, the tills stopped working and the security gate started coming down, so we all had to duck underneath to get out. Got back to the office and no lights, no lifts, no it – I spent the afternoon sitting in my boss’s office close to the window and taking shorthand notes! It took them over a day to repair it all. MM meanwhile was out to lunch with his boss and had at least managed to have their main course before everything ground to a halt! We drove through your new home town on our way to Ely at the weekend. If you don’t manage to pop back before you go, have a lovely holiday. I am sure when you come back it will be all systems go with the move.

Ah I see you have a new handbag from our favourite manufacturer Diana! One of the Senior Partners at my firm took up Pxlxtes when he returned and loved it – the more I hear about it the more I am sure (like you) that it is not for me. Well done on getting ahead with the itinerary for next year!

Lady J I see you are another one who tried Pxlxtes – I think it is the boring part that puts me off – I hate being bored! Wasn’t it odd that the itching didn’t bother Twin when she was watching the GO? I feel sure (like Twin) that Bury is somewhere the GO may well return to, so you may get your wish to see the Pxrish Church (I have to say it is well worth a visit). Oh no poor Beatrix – thank you for keeping her safe – the very thought of a certain doggie being in her vicinity is enough to turn her from turquoise to white I imagine! She hasn’t taken up dancing yet then?

Oh poor Helene, Eva – she is certainly suffering at the moment. So you are finding the little one quite demanding! I am sure he loved having you make tea and eating with them. Not surprised you went home and collapsed into bed. So at least Mrs S is doing something for her family for a change! When is she scheduled to go back to Spxxn? Hopefully not until she has sorted the SS out. Oh dear not so good about the eye injections – how long until the next one? Also not so good the cleaning lady won’t be dancing with the hoover today – just don’t overdo things!

Jo, strangely I have never found the thought of yxga appealing either! If you feel the pxlxes is doing you good then I can see why you would stick with it. Sensible to only do the exercise you can manage without pain I think. I see jumping tops are alive in S’end too – was the one you caught purple by any chance?? I agree how can J be old enough to be a pxlicemxn (although I know they are all straight out of kxndergxrten when I see any around).

We got quite wet yesterday – although I had the sense to take a light mac with a hood and an umbrella (which I kindly let MM use). It was raining quite heavily when we came out of the tube station on our way to meeting up, and was even worse when we walked back after lunch. Fortunatley by the time we reached this end it had become just drizzle. As MM said it did mean he didn’t have to water the garden yesterday evening! Really glad to be out of wxxk when I hear how things are there at the moment. Ania is just seeing out the next five years, and Sue is actively looking for an alternative). Most of the people I knew have left or been made redundant. Think I got out at the right time! Our meeting overran last night but I still managed to watch HC when I got home – still not convinced by the storyline! Today Twin is coming over and we are off to see Alxddxn at the cinema with Lindy and Lawrence. Afterwards we will go for our normal visit to PE. Morning BHB, yes a nice bright start to the day. Let’s take the toasted crumpets and The Stxr into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (she may be late this morning as she has an appointment with the doctor).
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, June 5, 2019, 09:39
Morning all. I am a bit late as I had a doctor's appointment. Nothing much this time just a discussion about my last blood test. As Twin has told you I am off to her later and we are going to see Alxddxn. I had quite a good day yesterday and so managed to get a fair few things done. Think it was a one off as I had another bumpy night last night so feel shattered again today! My pedicure was lovely, I could have happily had Karen massage my feet for the full hour!

Ali I forgot to say yesterday I am so sorry that J failed the police thing. I will cross everything that he gets the PSCO position as I think it a very good idea.

Dear heavens Maeve that must have been a very nasty shock. I hope you have managed to get it sorted. Have a lovely holiday and fingers crossed the house move will all go smoothly.

Oh dear, Helene sounds to be in a bad way Eva. Having a bad back I empathise though mine is nothing compared to that! Shame you are having to do your own hoover dance! Not good about the eye injections but at least they seem to be working.

Oh dear, poor Beatrix, I hope she is ok and not too frightened! I am sure she will be fine now she has you to look after her!

Agree that it doesn't seem possible that J is of an age to join the police Jo! I never thought about yoga as I am pretty sure my body would not like doing some of the positions I have seen!

Morning BHB, oh you sweetie, you have waited for me! I see another jug of The Stxr all ready as well, so let's take it into the conservatory where I think the CM is waiting as well.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, June 5, 2019, 10:23
Morning all. It's certainly no sunshine here. It's grey and drizzling.

Hello sweetheart. I just caught you? Lucky me. 😜 Youhave saved me a toasted crumpet to go with the herbal tea? You are a star! 💋💋💋

I watched HC last night of course, and was pleased to see that Dom semmed to get back some of his back bone! L*fty was his lovely self, even when he was angry, and rightfully so!
I decided to get up early this morning and start with the h****w**k. Befoe 8 am I had changed the bed, h*****d the bedroom, hall and living room, washed the kitchen floor, cleaned the bathroom and had a shower (🚿). I fel like going back to bed, but didn't. I had a hairdresser's appointment this morning.
I had a chat with Helene this morning. No improvement there. Poor girl. They had planned this upcoming w/e to visit her brother, sister-in-law and brand new baby (Jacob) who lives just outside Stavanger, but Helene can't possibly sit in a car for 4-5 hours, so that has been postponed.

Jo,- so the top wasn't the brand you thought. Not your turn to be a fashion icon then? 😜

Ali,- so sorry Josh didn't pass his interview, but all isn't lost. He can do it again, and in the meantime get some practise with the school kids. Best of luck to him. Ooohhhh,- a new car, eh? Congrats. Love the fact that your nail colour matches! 😂

Maeve,- it certainly hasn't been your week. I haven't got the fact that you've sold the flat and bought a new house, bu I hope everything goes well when you come back from your holiday.

Carol,- as you say, you seem to have retired just in the nick of time. Have a nice outing to see A*addin today.

Pauline,- so sad to hear that you ha a bad night. Btw. your tootsies look lovely.
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, June 5, 2019, 10:54
Splosh, splosh, splosh...

That's the sound of me walking home last night. I was already soaked by the time I'd walked to the bus stop to get the bus home; by the time I'd walked from my local bus stop to my house I might as well have jumped in a swimming pool. Even the contents of my handbag needed drying out! You were luck Carol!

It was wetter than a Cliff Rich*rd concert in Leeds and Jo knows exactly how wet I mean!

Beatrix is giggling because if we'd have gone to Charleston lesson she'd have got wet too. But as my friend who gives me a lift couldn't go I decided to go straight home. Bad call!

Anyway hello all!

I see I missed reading a post from Ali. So sorry to hear J didn't get anywhere with his interview. Fingers crossed for next time :-(.

Eva - I've not watched HC yet - but I saw the start. I didn't like it and got cross on Lofty's behalf. Sounds like you have been very busy cleaning AND baby sitting! Many oohmms for Helene's recovery.

Pauline - so no further help from the doc about the itching then? Your toesies looks lovely BTW.

It does sound like Carol escaped work at the right time!

I hope you two have a lovely time at Aladdin!
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, June 5, 2019, 16:53
Hello. all packed - ish! need to take such a variety of clothes as forecasts vary btwn torrential downpours and cold to warm and sunny . I suspect more of former but also need to be prepared (wishful thinking!) for some of latter. may need 2 cars at this rate. staying with friends in N L.ke D.strict tmrw night and then on to our rented house to meet my uni friends on Fri in S L.ke D. New bed safely installed in paretns bedroom - I have seen the photo. I am keeping out of it all. when I was thro it is obvious that sloppy finding the house, gdn, looking after dad too much - and she wants to move to a flat. I kept my mouth zipped - but it was so hard. then sis announced she and hubby want to move. Aargh . only 10 miles away but an island where 2x a day they cant cross to mainland for 2 hrs. aaargh. I had phoned sis before parents moved to talk about the need to stay nearby if they moved (esp if not in shelter.d accom.) and she said she knew that and wouldn't be moving! i understand that cant "put life on hold" in her words , but... Ploppy and I cant keep on the level of travelling and then having to stay with parents and being with them 24/7 we are currently doing; far less increase it. much too tiring and intense. suspect there will be some family discussions to work all this out. So i am keeping silent on everything at mo.
Ali - new car looks good - love its colour. I think (as an ex c.reers officer!) that a job as P.SO will be good for J and really help his career progression.
Eva - poor Helene. does not sound good. Just as well Mrs S there so sort everything out! Don't overdo thing.
Oh Maeve - poor you. what a shock with window,. sounds like you really need a hol.
Carol - your soaking sounds like what we will be getting in LD. must remember umbrella! Think we are all lucky to have escaped work - think pressures on workers just steadily increasing. Then p.liticians/empl.yers wonder why so many MH issues.
Diana - loving the new handbag. f i had known you were looking for handbags i would have asked you to look out for suitable one for sloppy 90th. she wants one from your and Carol's fave make. a "sensible" one with lots of compartments.
Oh see that Jane was in Carol's downpour too. Hoping that is end of rain showers oop North! hmmm.
Pauline - the itching must be really frustrating - and painful . Hope Al.ddin takes your mind off it
Jo - I like P.lates and don't find it boring, but quite taxing. i find that by time I have worked out a) how to coordinate arms and legs b) how to hold in my core muscles c) how to breathe in correct places I am near the end of that exercise session and my abdomen is screaming out in agony!! Hope you manage to continue with it.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, June 5, 2019, 20:07
Been in a bit of a rush all day. Half read posts this morning, then had to dash. I have sorted the big cupboard, well a third of it, so it doesn't all collapse when the door is opened. I did get some stuff to the dog charity and a bit to the charity shop. Bruce has only been about locally today, so he was telling me off a bit this afternoon. I do have a new rotary dryer in the garden ........ and it is before the old straight line snaps, been threatening for a week or so.

Fi 2 times a day when they can't cross from the island is a bit restricting. Good luck to them. Perhaps the parents and other relations can be persuaded that sheltered housing is a good idea.

Yes Jane I well remember the Cliff/Leeds/rain/concert. Wetter than that, that is wet.

Watching the 63 Up, just like I have since I was 9,
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, June 6, 2019, 07:24
Morning and another bright start to the day (I understand it will be a different story tomorrow).

Eva, I hope the sunshine has managed to find its way to you – although looking at E’rope I am not sure it will! I see they had to abandon the Txnnxs in Pxrxs yesterday due to heavy rain (I realise you will know that from wanting to watch yesterday’s matches!!) I think next week’s episode of HC is not going to end well for Lxfty............... Goodness you did get a lot done first thing – your hair looks lovely by the way! I can see you might have wanted to head straight back to bed. That’s a shame for Helene as I am sure she would have been looking forward to seeing her brother and family, but as you say no possibility of her being able to sit in the car for that long. Hopefully you will have a nice quiet day today and be able to rest after a few hectic days!

Is that a puddle on the floor of the Bistro? Oh no it is a soggy Lady J!! That rain fall sounds like when my parents were in O’ergau for the Pxssion Plxy years ago and my mother told me they were wet right through to their undies following a cloudburst! Ah that Beatrix is a tinker! I forgot to say one of her relatives lives with me – she is brown and not turquoise, and goes by the name of Chenin. She actually came to the Stratfordfest with me! I definitely escaped work at the right time – apparently morale is at an all time low........and it was fairly bad when we had the redundancies and salary cuts whilst I was there.

Fi hope you have a lovely break and that the weather is kind to you (I quite understand the packing for any weather!). Ah so the bed didn’t stay in the garage for as long as you supposed. So the penny has dropped and the idea of a flat is now appealing. I think you did very well to keep silent. I also see sister is moving to a place that isn’t so accessible, again you did well to say nothing. So basically if there is an emergency with your parents “out of hours” they can’t get to them? May be a retirement flat (with on site warden) would be the answer – similar to Moving Aunt? There are always things to do, and a large shared lounge for morning coffees etc. so could provide the social interaction your Mother needs? I think you are right and a family conference is required! Forget all that for the moment though and enjoy yourself at your reunion and seeing friends. How is the gazebo doing? The bag manufacturers currently have a sale on (you can view on line)........ I think that singing is excellent for learning to breathe correctly and use muscles so I will stick to that rather than pxlxtes!!

Jo we told you how busy you would be once your retired! That’s good that the cupboard doesn’t now collapse when opened!! Ah I see Bruce wanted to go further afield than just in your local area. Did he help you put up the rotary dryer?

We enjoyed the film yesterday – although slow in places. Wxll Smxth was excellent as The Gxnxe and it was very colourful and “Bxllywxxd”. We did a gentle meander around the shops (Dxbxnhxms afterwards) as they had one of their 30% off days. Lindy bought herself a nice dressing gown for the holiday (for sitting and drinking coffee outside in the mornings before breakfast). PE was quite quiet, although we were a little earlier than normal. It was starting to fill up a little when we left. We came home and watched another episode of Sxmmxr of Rxckxts and now just have two to watch before our holiday. It is very intriguing and we still haven’t worked out who are the good guys and who are the bad............and usually Twin and I are very good at working that sort of thing out! Twin off home later today but we are off to U’bridge for some light shopping this morning. MM decided to stay and do some things in the garden (he found another box of my solar lights so they need putting up – they were on the lawn yesterday charging up so will be ready to flash into action this evening). Night in tonight so will be feet up I think! Morning BHB yes a nice bright start, although it is beginning to cloud over. Let’s grab the toasted muffins and the Wxdxw’s Kxss and go through to the conservatory. We can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM joins us (she is awake!).
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, June 6, 2019, 07:53
Sun is shining - and I packed my good weather clothes. so had to take some more! off in 30 mins (or so!) . car packed - not sure whether room for me or not!

re parents - Jo they are no longer eligible for sheltered accom due to dad's Alz. i had warned them about that when dad first showed signs of it but... and re requirement flat that may be a Poss Carol but sis refuses to have anything to do with it as she doesn't want to help with another move as last one "almost killed" her. I can see her point (esp if they are coping with own move) but that was why i suggested sh accom in first place when they moved S. the zip on my mouth has been upgraded to double heavy duty! Sis is very good on all the aids they need tho (she is an OT) and the bed has gone in much better than feared and so far sloppy Ok with it - will see how dad slept in it.

Carol - think you should offer a summer lights opening of your garden :)

Jo - i have never seen any of the 7.p progs but feel I would like to watch this one. will do on catch up - when i have caught up with everything else! how did we find time to go to work.

BYe - have good w/e
evam wrote:
Thursday, June 6, 2019, 07:54
Morning all. It's blue skies and sunshine at the moment, but we have been promised changes later today. It's going to be a very hot day, between 25 - 30 degrees, but only for today. Tomorrow it's back o normal.

Hello sweetheart. Yes, I know I'm early, but I have an appointment with the dentist in an hour's time, I need a close encounter with you to cheer me up before that! You have my coffee ready with a toasted muffins and an extra long snuggle session before sending me on my way? 💋❤️️❤️️

As I told the BHB, I'm off to the denist later. I've ha an iffy tooth for a while. It' not hurting, but seems to be tender when I use it to chew with. Thinking back on my teeth nightmare when I was in Spain in November, I thought I'd better have it checked out now.
We have been promised torrential rain later today, and with 10 000 cruise ship passenger due in Brgen today, that could be an interesting visit for them! 😂

Fi,- I hope ou hav a lovely visit to the LD. You certainly need it now after your nightmare w/e with your parents, and with the news of your sister's plans of moving to a more distant place. It reminds m of Mrs S when she declared she would be away for 8 months of the year!

Jane,- so it's wet, w*t, wet for you, eh? 🌧🌧🌧

Carol,- of course I'm gutted that they had to stop the t****s in Paris yesterday. As consolation they are sending the heavy rain our way!

Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, June 6, 2019, 08:07
Morning all and it is a bright morning, though I think a bit chilly for June. Ie joyed the film yesterday, very spectacular and as Twin said Will S was an excellent genii, thought he would be. I agree it was a bit slow in places, but the last 15/20 mins were fantastic. After a bit of RT this morning I will be off home. I have been watching a lot of the DDay programmes he and this morning, so moving. Some of these veterans are just wonderful and it has been so moving. Saw the statue that they have unveiled on Gold beach, where they are building the memorial, it is fantastic.

Fi have a lovely weekend in the gorgeous lakes district. I hope you get some nice weather, though I think them beautiful whatever the weather. You certainly need clothes for every season! So sis is moving somewhere inaccessible! Well done on keeping stum! Running away leaps to mind! I think that sheltered accomocould we’ll be the answer!

Eva poor Helene must be gutted to miss seeing her family. I hope she gets better soon. Love the hair!

Jane it is horrid getting that wet, though there comes a point when you are so wet you just let it happen! Shame the dancing was cancelled, but I see why you didn’t want to go. Beatrix would certainly not wanted to get wet!

Jo your cupboard clear out reminds me I have to do some of my kitchen cupboards that tend to throw things at me when I open them!

Morning BHB and what have we today? W Dow’s Kiss? Lovely. Let’s get more and find the CM .
Diana wrote:
Thursday, June 6, 2019, 08:24
Morning all.

Spent a couple of hours yesterday reading about pension options (yawn). Also finally found a few companies that do house checks for unoccupied properties; when we've searched before, nothing suitable came up - we weren't entering the key words in G**gle.

I woke early this morning so have already done the I word and some cleaning. Now waiting on Ploppy to get up so we can take a load to the dump, he's probably forgotten about it.

Tomorrow I have an appointment in town and will also get some "picnic" food for the cricket on Monday. Think I'll get wet tomorrow (hopefully not as wet as you did, Jane) but hoping that Monday will be dry. SA have lost all their matches so far so I'm not feeling optimistic for a good result.

Hope your window has been sorted out, Maeve, must have been an unpleasant shock. Where are you going on holiday this time?

Not surprised you felt like going back to bed after all that h/w, Eva. Poor Helene, hope her back gets better soon. Can't be easy to rest with a baby and a little one.

Hope you get some sunshine, Fi. Good luck finding a handbag; as Carol said, they have a sale on at the mo. A retirement flat would be good for your parents, especially if your sister does move to this island.
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 6, 2019, 08:38
Fi I'm not up on the elderly care situation (though I may need to research it soon!!!!). 2 of Bella's friends live in the 'warden on site' block of flats at the end of the road. Some of their neighbours have the Alz. though they are not too bad. A couple of their neighbours have been bed ridden. There is usually a bit of a 'turn over' in residents. I have no idea what this type of housing is called. There are social events and a community room. That was the sort of thing I was meaning. The people that need it (or their relations) arrange their own nurses, meals on wheels, cleaner etc. There is a range of people living there from the people who do not leave the block to those who have jobs. It is rented flats where you have to be over 55 to live there.

Gardener is coming today. I have done a bit of gardening myself over the week. He is a few years older than me so I better revise my first response for a heart attack when he come in :) :)

Also I better bring Bruce in

The bear still has both ears!!
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 6, 2019, 12:29
Diana, i do holiday house checks on houses near my house, if I'm asked. Being nosey I also do them when I'm not asked but from the street!

I've seen little bits of the Al film on tv and they said Jasmine's part has been made more suitable for a female in these times and she has a song, but I'm still not dashing to see it. The trailer looks good.
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 6, 2019, 12:29
Diana, i do holiday house checks on houses near my house, if I'm asked. Being nosey I also do them when I'm not asked but from the street!

I've seen little bits of the Al film on tv and they said Jasmine's part has been made more suitable for a female in these times and she has a song, but I'm still not dashing to see it. The trailer looks good.
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 6, 2019, 12:29
Diana, i do holiday house checks on houses near my house, if I'm asked. Being nosey I also do them when I'm not asked but from the street!

I've seen little bits of the Al film on tv and they said Jasmine's part has been made more suitable for a female in these times and she has a song, but I'm still not dashing to see it. The trailer looks good.
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 6, 2019, 12:30
Diana, i do holiday house checks on houses near my house, if I'm asked. Being nosey I also do them when I'm not asked but from the street!

I've seen little bits of the Al film on tv and they said Jasmine's part has been made more suitable for a female in these times and she has a song, but I'm still not dashing to see it. The trailer looks good.
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 6, 2019, 12:30
Diana, i do holiday house checks on houses near my house, if I'm asked. Being nosey I also do them when I'm not asked but from the street!

I've seen little bits of the Al film on tv and they said Jasmine's part has been made more suitable for a female in these times and she has a song, but I'm still not dashing to see it. The trailer looks good.
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 6, 2019, 12:30
Diana, i do holiday house checks on houses near my house, if I'm asked. Being nosey I also do them when I'm not asked but from the street!

I've seen little bits of the Al film on tv and they said Jasmine's part has been made more suitable for a female in these times and she has a song, but I'm still not dashing to see it. The trailer looks good.
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 6, 2019, 12:31
Sorry using tablet
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, June 6, 2019, 12:31
Hello all,

I'm drying out slowly. There's lovely sunshine a fluffy clouds here at the moment, but guess what's forecast for tomorrow. Yep. That's right!

So your basking in the heat Eva? Enjoy it! Very wise to get your teeth checked out. I think I am overdue a check myself.

Fi - I hope you can go on your holiday and forget your family troubles for a while. Remember what Wainwright said "There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." Mind you if he's said that to me Tuesday evening I'd have kicked him!

Diana - I hope it's not too bad for the cricket. A lot could change between now and Monday, weather forecast wise for fingers crossed!

So the film was slow but quite good Twins? Do you recommend it? Is it a live version of the Disney musical?

Pauline - I was reading about the D-Day memorial celebrations on the bus. I started to cry...and sniffle. A lot. Oops no tissues! Those three veterans that parachuted in! How amazing are then???!!

Carol - 'wet thru to the undies' pretty much describes it! What a great expression. Do you think Beatrix and Chenin need a family reunion at some point?

Glad to hear that bear is surviving - so far, Jo!
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, June 7, 2019, 07:27
Morning and overcast here and it has just started to rain (looked imminent a short while ago and has now arrived).

Fi hope you had a good journey yesterday and that the rain manages to miss you. Also hope there was room for you in the car! So S accommodation of the list, wondered if that might be the case. When Moving Aunt moved into her retirement apartment the company organised the removals people for her – having said that it was a new build, and part of the marketing, and we did the packing and unpacking at each end. Do you think as it would only be a short move that Sis might change her mind? Fingers crossed your father had a good night’s leep on the new bed. Oh now that’s an idea – I can serve cocktails whilst MM turns the lights on! I haven’t watched the 7 programmes either – although Lindy has and says they are fascinating.

I see you had the same heatwave as Swxdxn yesterday (it was their Nxtional Day and temps of around 24/25C in S’holm, where Mrs Chris’ son lives). I hope all went well at the dentist – I can see why you want to get things sorted after the Spxin dental saga! You will be pleased to know that the txxxis is starting early in Pxris to day to make up for the wash out on Wednesday – so you won’t have missed out at all. 10,000 passengers is some cruise line! Did I mention that the small cruise ship hit by the large cruise liner in Vxnxce was the one that Lindy and Lawrence were on a couple of weeks ago? It is now out of action for the next month and a half so people booked on for June and early July have had their holidays cancelled.

I have to say that doesn’t sound a riveting read Diana! We had a Pxnsions Advxsor when I left, and he was very good at explaining everything in simple terms – we met in a wine bar for the meeting of course! As a result I didn’t have to trawl through all the paperwork. Hopefully the weather will have improved for the crxcket on Monday or it could be a soggy picnic.

Jo I see you were very keen to let Diana know about the house checking! The home you were talking about sounds a little like the one my Mother was in after she came out of Soton hospital – it was a new building and top floor was residents’ flats, middle floor was for those with Al or Dxmxntxa and the lower gorund (where my mother was) was the nursing floor. It was however very expensive! Hope the gardener managed to sort you out and the medical knowledge wasn’t required. Loved the photo of Bruce in the sunshine. Also pleased to hear the bear is still intact! Yes Jxsmine has a big song towards the end, which isn’t in the stage musical or the cartoon.

Lady J, good to know you are drying out. Ah I think the rain is fairly universal over the country today – make sure you have sufficient rainwear and umbrella! I think if you want a nice piece of escapism the film is worth a watch – as we said it was very colourful and Will S is excellent. I was glad I saw it, but I am not sure it is one I would want to see again (as I do with some films). The D Dxy footage was very good – but allergy inducing; as was the footage yesterday from Frxnce. Oh I definitely think Chenin and Beatrix need to have a reunion!

We had a successful shop yesterday morning – I bought MM a new lightweight spinner suitcase in Deb’s which was reduced from £110 to £55 – a bargain. His current suitcase is on the heavy side and has only two wheels. Twin and I worked out that I could use some of him extra weight allowance......... We both had a successful shop and then came home. We watched more of the DDay celebrations and then Twin went off just before 3pm. Not long afterwards a friend dropped round (well Sue our soon to be ex-conductor). She had asked MM if he would look at the house survey for the home she is buying, and as she is on holiday next week and we are away for the two weeks after that, had brought it round. It transpired her car was not working so I took her home after she had chatted with MM – and hit all the school traffic so was gone longer than anticipated. Not a problem as we had a night in. Today we are off to do the normal Friday food shop, this evening is Choir and this afternoon I must sort out the music for Sunday’s service (I was going to do that yesterday before Sue turned up). Other than that not a day to be out and about!!! Morning BHB, yes it does look damp out. Let’s take the Vanillita and the toasted pikelets into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Friday, June 7, 2019, 09:05
On laptop so post should be OK this morning.
I was booked by Felf to take her to the hospital this morning, but her original transport person (son in law) was suddenly available this morning as he was due to work outside and with the rain it was cancelled. I got rather damp on the dog walk this morning. So still cold. (lightbulb!) put on fan heater!!
I couldn't use the new clothes dryer in the garden yesterday due to gardener. Today it is raining pah!!

Carol, of course! Get MM larger suitcase to get more room!!

I've checked the BBC weather, looks like it is in for the day. I'll put Bruce's rain coat on him for the next walk as he doesn't have a thick coat. He may not like it, not tried it before.

I better try to get the washing hung up on the dryer.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, June 7, 2019, 09:28
Morning all and it is wet here and I think on a general downward path until Sunday! Had a restless night as the itching still prevalent. Still it means I should have something to show the dermatologist in the morning. Worst thing is it is in my heel now and it is very painful. Probably no room for the swelling to happen there! In light of all this I am going to try and have an easy day today. Can ill afford it really as I have lots to do, but hoping it may do me good. Anyway as I am finding walking tricky I don't have much choice!

Well done on reading the pension options Diana, I think I would have nodded of on page 1! Hope this nasty weather clears for you by Monday.

I hope the dentist sorted your tooth out Eva and you were able to enjoy your mini heatwave! 10.000 passengers in one go must make a bit of difference to the town! I take it the boat was one of those floating town things, horrid.

Fi enjoy the LD though feel you will need the wet weather gear! Hope you managed to squeeze yourself into the car!

Jane I think the main difference with the film Alxddxn is Jasmine. She is modern young lady! It is just as Twin said, a nice bit of escapism, WS is excellent and worth a watch, but not one I would want to watch again. Agree about those veterans! Fantastic!

Jo I hope Bruce approves of his raincoat. He will be a very wet doggie if he doesn't I think. MM's case is lovely and perfect for Twin's excess things!

Morning BHB, so Vanillita day. let's get more and go and find the CM.

Jane E wrote:
Friday, June 7, 2019, 11:41
Hi all,

Yesterday was rather pleasant weather up here. A slight shower just as I was walking home, but it cleared up quickly and lovely warm sunshine came out. I hung my washing out as the sky looked clear - 30 minutes later - DOWNPOUR! The washing ended up in the drier.

Carol - perhaps our little bunnies could have a reunion at one of the concerts. Are you going to anymore this year? MM was brilliant when he advised me about my survey. He's a star!

Pauline - you are allowed easy days you know! You must rest up especial when you aren't well. OOHHMMS the dermatologist can help!

I'm imagining Bruce in oilskins and a sou wester now! Good that TK taxis weren't needed this morning; not good that you got wet.

Hope Eva's went OK!
evam wrote:
Friday, June 7, 2019, 15:59
Aftrnoon all.
Sorry I haven' been in earlier, but there has bn a bit of drama with father. Everything is OK no, but it's been a loooooooong day, an I'm exhausted.
Hopefully back to full strenght tomorrow.
TK wrote:
Friday, June 7, 2019, 17:52
Eva, sorry to read there has been father drama. I hope he is OK and not too distressed with it all.

Bruce was fine in his rain coat. I didn't buy a thin one like Bella's as I didn't really like it. Bruce has a hi viz one with a thin warm lining, so that takes the place of 2 of Bella's 4 coats. I would suggest Bella had more jackets than Carol, but I know that would not be right ;)

Bruce and I got caught in another rain shower this evening. It was really nice so we went out, then it started to cloud over. Before we came home I was sitting on a bench and doing some training with Bruce. There was a lady sitting near me. When she got up to leave she said that he was a very well behaved dog. Wow!!! Then this evening he has been pulling at my sleeve and being really annoying. He is high maintenance as he needs so much mental stimulation. He does keep himself amused eg when I was having my tea he was quiet https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D8eeiIcXUAAQipv.jpg !!!!!
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, June 8, 2019, 06:41
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Sue, Happy Birthday to you!

Have a wonderful day. The BHB has been in early and the Bistro is decorated in gold - we have gold balloons, gold banners saying "Happy Birthday Sue", gold table cloths and lots of multi colour sprinkles on all the tables saying "Happy Birthday". Little posies of colourful pansies on the tables look beautiful. I see the birthday cakes have been baked and beautifully decorated - Dxvil's Fxxd Cake and Cxrrxt Cxke I think. I have just checked the fridge and the champers is cooling nicely - enjoy!
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, June 8, 2019, 06:59
Morning and it is raining and looks quite blustery. At least we didn’t get the really torrential rain and thunder forecast yesterday - in fact the sun came out in the afternoon!

I do hope it isn’t too wet where Fi is and she is managing to get out and about and stay dry!

So you were stood down from hospital duties yesterday Jo (is this Wexhxm Pxrk?) – I can see why son in law wasn’t working outside! I bought a NoseyD fan which doubles as a heater last year and it is brilliant – lovely and cool (and quite quiet) when it is very hot and lovely for instant heat when you need it. I bought it in the big shop near you (on a whim) and am so pleased I did. Shame you haven’t been able to trial the rotary dryer – see things are conspiring to thwart its use. Of course buy a larger lighter suitcase for MM – ulterior motive, moi? Never! Glad to hear Bruce was ok in his coat – so I am assuming it is bright yellow? What do you mean – are you trying to imply I have lots of coats? Of course I haven’t (she lied crossing her fingers behind her back). Just as well he was wearing it if you got caught in the shower. So Bruce can fool people into thinking he is well behaved? I see another teddy has come to an untimely end!

Hmmm, so the weather was also conspiring against you Lady J – of course it rained just after you put the washing out! It does that here whenever MM washes the car! Liking the image of Bruce in oilskins and souwester –may be we can add waders to the picture? We are at the P’ntry (Sunday) and then L’borough later in the year. I am sure Chenin would love to meet up with Beatrix if you are taking her to either of those?

Oh goodness Eva – hope all is well now. Not surprised you are exhausted if you have been involved in a drama all day. Sending lots of oooohhhhmmmmmms and hugs.

Also sending ooooohhhhhhmmmmmms and hugs to Twin who is off to see the specialist this morning – do hope they can find out the cause and therefore suggest treatment as she can’t carry on like this on a day to day basis.

We did the food shop yesterday and managed to stay under cover all the time – I was very good and didn’t go near any other shops (apart from the card shop). It was raining quite heavily by the time we came home. I had bits and pieces of admin to do which took up part of the afternoon. I had some calls from choir members saying they weren’t available last night for rehearsal – two people had already given their excuses as they are away this weekend, so I cancelled rehearsal and we had a night in, which was nice and unexpected. Today I will be in wishy washy mode – I have all last week’s laundry as well as this week’s to do (can’t help thinking how lucky we were with the weather last week – we were experiencing a heat wave this time last Saturday!), as well as checking all the holiday clothes are clean and pressed ready to go into the cases next Friday. This time next we will be in the air. Morning BHB, you have done a beautiful job with the Bistro. Let’s grab some champers and a little of the extra cake you made and go and have a lovely snuffle in the Staff Room – the Bistro looks too lovely to disrupt at the moment. The DCM will be late today as she has her specialist appointment just after 9 am.
TK wrote:
Saturday, June 8, 2019, 08:44
Light rain, I don't bother with Bruce's coat, but yesterday lunchtime it was quite heavy and he was getting quite eeerrrr ....... fidgety. When he is like that he sounds really aggressive, so best way to calm him down is to take him for a walk or do some training, so I took him for a walk both of us dressed up. He doesn't do anything when he is growling, he just doesn't have the communication skills with humans which Bella had.

Happy Birthday Sue Hope you have a good day. Are you going on the cruise this year? Ray might enjoy it (titter titter)

Another rainy day :(

My chasing around on the financials has produced several letters today, so should see to them.
TK wrote:
Saturday, June 8, 2019, 08:46
Pauline I hope the specialist can think of something to stop the problem, or at least some additional tests to see what is causing it. Fingers crossed.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, June 8, 2019, 11:02
Morning all and first of all Happy Birthday Sue! Have a great day! I thought it nice of the Quxxn to give AB an honour for you!

Horrid weather here, of course it would be when I had to go out first thing! I got to the hospital and found being private doesn't make doctors more punctual! Still, only 20 mins late I saw him. A lovely man and very sympathetic. He examined my itches and had a chat and he is pretty sure I have this


He thinks it has probably been triggered by stress and so I need to not get anxious or stressed I suppose! Feel that may not be very easy! I am going to be on a very high dose of anti histamine so we will see what that does. At least I can put a name to it! Meantime thank you all for your care and support. It helps a lot.

Eva I am so sorry you have had another bad day with father. Hope today is a better day and he is ok, and you are as well.

Jane I feel today is not a day for drying outside either! It would be lovely to see Beatrix at a gathering. I know Chenin would love it too!

Glad Bruce approves of his raincoat Jo. He certainly needs it at the moment. I feel poor Bruce has not had much joy in his life from humans until he met you so no wonder his people skills are not as good as Bella's.

Morning BHB. Bless you for waiting for me. Oh yes here is one place I can drink champers with no problem so let's get some more and see if we can find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, June 8, 2019, 11:15
Morning all. It's a grey day here with drizzling rain.

First things fist:


Hello sweetheart. My you've done a great job with the Bistro. I'm sure Sue will be delighted. You havent's saved any coffee for me? That's OK. I'll be happy with a herbal tea and some birthday cake. 💋💋💋

Yes, yesterday we had the full drama. Father called me quite early in the morning telling me that the catheter he had been fitted with back when he was in hospital, had come out. It's not the first time it ha happened, so I rang the district nurse. They refused to tend to him, and old me I had to go to his GP. I rang the surgery when they opened and got an appointment for 11pm. First I had to go to the chemist for a new catheter, then get father and drive him to the surgery. After a loooooong wait he finally came out, and I drove him home. Then he called about an hour later, saying his waterworks wasn't working, and he was in pain. So back I went and called the district nurse again. This time they sent a trained nurse up, but she couldn't manage. She called the local A&E, and they told us to come down there. Without going in to all the grizly details, later that evening youngest sister had to drive out to father and take him bak to the A&E. This time they managed to do everything right, but sis didn't get home until gone midnight.
I called father this morning, but got no answer. I tried 6-7 times, but no answer, so I jumped into the car and drove down. When I let myself in, I found father in the living room, with the radio on so loud that he hadn't heard the doorbell.( I always ring the bell before I let myseelf in.) He looke very surprised o see me, and when I askd why he didn't answer his phone, he said I hadn't phoned him! 🤬 I showed him his phone which showed 7 missd calls! He said he was fine and had slept well. I started to talk about all that had happened the day before, but he'd forgotten most of i! I did some shopping for him, and checkd that he'd taken his meds befoe I left. I found ca. 12 different tablets at the table, but he'd no idea when they had been placed there! I had to call the district nurse again, and she promised to come after lunch and go through the meds with him. He is impossible, but will not admit that he can't manage the meds himself. When I left, his cleaning lay arrived. (She should have been there yestrday, but because of all the to-ing and fro-ing, I had to call her and cancel.)
Mrs S was looking after Johan yesterday, and last night she had guests, so it was up to youngest sister and me to deal with father. Today sis had to pick up Emilian because Iselin was sick, throwing up all over the place. Dear me,- and we were not going to take any responsibility once father was sent home from the care home! HA! The district nurse I spoke to today, agreed that we had to sit down after the w/e and see how father's care can be sorted. Not feeling overly optimistic!

I see that jumping merchandice have landed on Bruce's back! 😜

Pauline,- I hope the specialist can help today.

I think Cas tonight will feel like light relief after the last 2 days!

evam wrote:
Saturday, June 8, 2019, 11:23
Pauline,- you snuck in while I was posting. That diagnosis doesn't sound very nice, but as you said, at least you got a name of the complaint. That article wasn't funny reading! I hope the antihistamines are doing their job. Fingers crossed.😘
maeve 12 wrote:
Saturday, June 8, 2019, 20:16
Pauline, many years ago I had a period of having urticuria/hives, I had these raised welts, mostly round my middle, very itchy, I thought perhaps it might be bed bugs! My GP said it was to do with stress and it would just stop happening, which it did, The worst thing about it was that my top lip would swell up,so I looked a right freak. I was going through a divorce so it was a stressful time.

I hope it clears up soon and doesn't cause you too much discomfort.

I too am off on holiday next weekend, I hope we both have a lovely stress free times!
maeve 12 wrote:
Saturday, June 8, 2019, 20:16
Pauline, many years ago I had a period of having urticuria/hives, I had these raised welts, mostly round my middle, very itchy, I thought perhaps it might be bed bugs! My GP said it was to do with stress and it would just stop happening, which it did, The worst thing about it was that my top lip would swell up,so I looked a right freak. I was going through a divorce so it was a stressful time.

I hope it clears up soon and doesn't cause you too much discomfort.

I too am off on holiday next weekend, I hope we both have a lovely stress free times!
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, June 9, 2019, 06:26
Morning and the wind has died down and we have some blue sky (with clouds) but the sun is peeping out too. In fact yesterday afternoon turned out to be sunny too.

Aww I can see why Bruce is fidgety, Jo. He will certainly be keeping you fit – not sure you will need the Pxlxtes! Bless he obviously had a bad time with previous humans and that is why he can’t communicate. I am sure in a while he will be much better – he has certainly fallen on his paws with you!! I saw who was on the cruise this year and wondered if that would be a birthday (belated) treat for Sue! Hope you didn’t get buried under your financial paperwork!

Oh goodness Eva, that was quite a day you had on Friday! Can’t understand why the D Nurses refused to come and sort it out initially; especially as one of them had to come out in the end; although I see there were further problems and younger sister had a late night as a result. Oh dear so the radio was on so loud yesterday that he couldn’t hear either the phone or the doorbell – I am sure that didn’t make him popular with the neighbours! Hopefully the nurse did go and sort out his meds. I am assuming you all this is being written down as proof for the dreaded SS that he really can’t cope on his own at home. I did think when I read through “so much for not taking any responsibility for him” but then you can’t just ignore what is going on. I think your SS must rate as one of the most uncaring in Europe! Whilst agreeing with the Nurse that you need to sit down and see what can be done now for his care I am, like you, not feeling optimistic they will come up with the right solutions! Hopefully there were no more dramas yesterday afternoon and evening. Oh indeed I thin C’lty would seem like light relief after all that!!

Maeve, I had never heard of the urticxrxa before and now I read that you also were afflicted with it! It is amazing the different ways stress can affect people – and usually no two people in the same way. Twin has had patches on her face and eye, so it seems it can flare up anywhere in the body. If you don’t make it back on the blog before you go, have a lovely relaxing restful time!

So pleased that Twin now has a name for her ailment and have all fingers and toes crossed that the a’histxmines work effectively. I think two weeks of rest and relaxation are what is needed. We will be careful to make sure she doesn’t over do things in the sun, and in fact our villa has some comfy outdoor furniture under a “cloister” like structure which links the two wings of the villa – it has a ceiling fan, so I feel that may get a lot of usage! I managed to get all the laundry done, bar a few things that couldn’t go into the tumble dryer, so I will do those after church today. I also have some of MM’s holiday clothes to just press and return to the hanging rail (which you will be surprised to learn is now quite full!). We watched the first part of the second series of Kxllxng Exe last night, and may watch the next tonight (it is on iplxyxr box sxt) so that we can get up to date before we come back from holiday (seems wrong to be talking about coming home when we haven’t even gone yet!!). I suspect MM will be in the garden doing some tidying up and mowing the lawn. Morning BHB, yes a much brighter start to the day. Let’s take thepastel de natas (I see two cafes have opened in C Gxrden which sell these – suspect we may be making a visit at some point) and the Taxlor Mxde into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, June 9, 2019, 08:49
Morning all. It's a grey and wet day here, with a strong wind, so I think an indoors day is called for.

Hello sweetheart. My coffee is ready and waiting? You are an angel.💋💋💋 Sorry I'm only air kissing you, but as you can hear, I have a bad cold, so no touching methinks. We'll have to do the snuggling another day.

As I told te BHB, I'm full of cold. It started yesterday, and by evening I had a fever, my nose was running, and I had a really bad cough. I dosed myself with L*msip before I went to bed, but had a very restless night. I think the fever is gone, but the rest is staying. I have to be careful so I don't develop pneumonia. That's the last thing I need with my UK trip and GO's play coming up on Saturday!
I rang father this morning, and he answered the phone. Someone from the district nurse had just been to see if she could sort out his meds, and he was full of self confidence. He knows what to do now! HA! He'll have forgotten it already. I am usually an optimist, but where father is conserned, I'm turning into a grumpy pessimist.😞

Pauline,- I first thought you had what we call Hell Fire, but after a quick internet search I realist it's what we call River Breeze. I find this a strange name for this condition, as it must feel more like fire than a nice breeze!

Maeve,- have a lovely holiday.👋

Carol,- so your hanging rail is full now. Overfull perhaps? 😜 When are you off, btw?
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, June 9, 2019, 09:02
Morning all and we have sunshine! Much better than yesterday though I think it was a cold night as my heating had clicked on first thing and I have the thermostat turned down! Hopefully it will warm up a bit as the day goes on. I am still itching as of course there is no miracle cure for this thing and I had some new patches appearing yesterday anyway. Hoping it will be an improving picture though. Interesting to hear you had this horrid thing through stress as well Maeve. It is such a horrid thing and not what you ever need but less so when under a lot of stress like that. In a way I am not that surprised about me as I know I have always had a sensitive skin and also had various outbreaks over the years. It has just run riot with me this time! Today I have some ixxnxxg to do and then if the weather allows I will try to do a bit of gardening. It has been so neglected this last few weeks I hardly dare look at it!

Eva what a dreadful palaver with your father. I really would like to come over there and slap your SS very hard for you! Why do I feel the DN idea of what can be done about your father's care will try to get you and your sister to do it all! Of course you had to respond to your father when he called though, you can't just ignore the poor man, but the bad bit is SS don't help when asked. Grrrr! Hope you have a nice quiet day today to relax a bit.

Twin I agree, two weeks r and r are exactly what I need!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Taxlxr Made? Sounds just right so let's get some more and find the CM.

pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, June 9, 2019, 09:08
So it is your turn to sneak in while I was posting Eva! That is not good that you have a cold, you definitely need to look after yourself so you are fit for the trip over here! Very important! So what I have is River Breeze in your land? I can confirm it is nothing like a river breeze! My skin is burning hot where this thing strikes and there is nothing that reminds me of rivers or breezes!

Look after yourself!
evam wrote:
Sunday, June 9, 2019, 16:52
I have just returned home after a visit to the A&E with antibis and an order to go straight to bed. Yes,- double pneumonia again. I was feeling worse as the day went on, so decided I had to get my lungs listened to. When it hurts when I cough and when I draw a deep breath, I know it’s time for some medical attention.
I feel rotten! 😢
TK wrote:
Sunday, June 9, 2019, 18:52
Eva, it is perhaps good that your father does not remember the full details of the day. There is no way you could leave him is no one was going to go around. I do hope that you can set Mrs S on to them. You must look after yourself, just as well you went to the hospital. If the SS don't get their act together for your father they will have to look after you and youngest sister. I hope you feel better soon.

Ah hives, that may be what I have on my back, no where near as bad as Pauline. It started when I was ill, stress etc a few years ago. Doc was of no help, so I've been using https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BARRIER-HORSE-ALOE-VERA-SOOTHING-GEL-ALL-SIZES-skin-conditions-wound-healing/202456187312?var=&hash=item2f235441b0&enc=AQADAAADAFjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduVLo%2Bv%2FmMN84IcN4stVNyft0M2LxnOOxpa3daa%2FuA%2FxZEeh1QeenRCNCUQkr3c5oWHvfV42xY4mWyj%2B%2F9PY96VpwZ9DvGXLBfhQVG0yf63Fm1mCtsPh0Rjo%2Ba2Kra5B1wVWH513kpeNvRfoLGVB8fLFOuT5%2Fg34GiXk7%2FSVVty1qsIY22X%2FjkCM05VsF0TYnK5LpiyVlYO1qa3HvX17C0dBKWZ31NK26Opy%2FvwQyblMefXogIWaD9RqKnBVXXy9lIDi59yoeRrGHMbvVSiNjUfyJ2ATGvYZQAqvGWYCRdJCDd0a6dUU5rD8AWl42WtqjMJrBjpML6nYlj0xuFQdw6wDFw3PAE0N412VJwfcLYI%2Fq9bT8B0AbolOyOeJvLeM6jT3lUoMVqgqBctMCsBrPMbBi%2Bz3G%2F%2Fy%2BamJIMFvdKRuvTzsfnpuPnYU8TO8%2BALgNu%2BQhElApb6z1XO9fbxaN%2Fem0vUd1hj3WLg8N%2BVo9zrBdzsZBv8y4lMMCzmXyPjtmGfqmIabu%2BLNV%2BXClLPnBrZ3waCbjKyjKmwhkAcQhkvK%2B6be%2FPr4fbcDOAWWoh0gjAVuIUOSsLH0jePuBf7etUuX9CQHUZ1ImyiVEiQnw9d2bzr41m4v0TCbSjahpLImGgfLY7sbBoKE4zuyRTe7ofaMcLBc80KiLrZGYgwzp2bkvy00yGWKNQzmkpYx%2B%2BL41Rv6LtiHAUdvpQpR1V35NviO2qOP%2FI62OqQwQqD0tUdpAc%2BVgw2RiGJoV%2FMWbAjYNVOu9IgIrzAGJ0C5gw3Y0jWplrsN%2F8XBLSFZkuF%2FQ2ePkFtGPJfd08p9hWgLJftIHQM0jk0tJoql6%2FF0Hbw5fj329iDZ2oCZRh6vHKqeZkg79E%2BZpMHDfIwkG8m6zTYoYQfRwUru%2FGyfu91NAy2HXdsLNcWaXmvKMTf7GdEGXcRVXOgoZkkj5kfr2HOjXrc6DO4NFm9mqeNtWo8KAoHwoNSfA%3D%3D&checksum=2024561873122f544550535944ba8fcc0f6bf08eb0f2&frcectupt=true

Cools it down really well and has no perfume . Since I've retired itching has reduced greatly

I have to sort for the coming week

Sue-1 wrote:
Sunday, June 9, 2019, 20:28
Just scrolling back a bit came up on Ali’s comment about canoes, which reminded me of my one and only time in one. We were on holiday in France with our friends and godchildren,, a canoe down the river seemed like a good idea at the time…suffice to say me and Ploppy got in and immediately tipped the thing over, things did not improve after that and Jack said never again would he get in any vessel on water with us!

Continuing to read rather than trying to comment, doing okay up to now.

Have to say good grief though to your escapade with the JTs Jo, truly scary! Glad things turned out okay though.

We had nearly a week of sunny weather for our Cornish holiday, it turned much cooler and a bit rainy for our last couple of days.

I had a lovely birthday yesterday, not too struck on the age it makes me though, having said that I’m in good company this year.

I’ll post this before I read any further as I need an early night.

Carol29 wrote:
Monday, June 10, 2019, 06:07
Morning and it has just started to rain here – not heavy yet, that is saving itself for when we go to Sainsbugs of course!

See you had a wet and windy day yesterday Eva – think that is similar to our forecast for today. It looks like it will be a wet and miserable week here. Not good at all that you had a cold and cough, and ended up in A&E. Hopefully the antibis will have started to kick in and you are not feeling quite so bad. Sending ooohmmmmmmssss and hugs to you. Now you need to make sure you take things easy (hopefully no dramas with Father will crop up). Well at least the Nurse had been to see him in an attempt to sort the meds out (have to say I am with you and feel that won’t be of much use). That is a very strange name for Twin’s condition – unless it is to make you think of cool breezes to help you forget the heat and itchy feeling! We are off early Saturday morning (so staying at Twin’s on Friday as we fly from Lxtxn) and yes the rail is overfull and will need a cull when I do my packing! There are three sections – need to be packed, want to pack, and nice to have if there is room!

Jo that was one of the longest links I have seen – love that you think Twin should have horse gel (I suspect the Hxllo Vxra is what helps to cool the itch). I used to keep an Hxllo Vxra plant in the kitchen by the window so that if I burnt myself I could break a piece of the leaf off and rub it on the burn. I have to say stress doe manifest itself in odd ways. I remember years back when I took my driving test (and passed) I was at work the following day and came out in an horrendous rash all over – it only lasted less than a day but was quite dramatic! Doctor said it was most likely delayed reaction to the stress of taking the test! What a surprise your problem has eased since you stopped work! See you are off on your travels of the south coast this week – have fun!

Sue, I have been in punts but never in a canoe – not really appealed somehow – having read of your exploits I feel it was a wise decision! I can understand why Jack might not want to repeat the experience! Glad you had a good time in Cxrnwxll (think you chose the right week, despite the last couple of days). Pleased to hear you had a lovely birthday!

It was not too bad a day weather wise here yesterday – MM managed to get into the garden in the afternoon whilst I finished the i word. He also managed to sort out a couple of reluctant sxlar lxghts, so now they are all working. I have been told very firmly that we don’t need any more at the moment! I have been awake for ages (almost on Eva time). I was woken just after 5 am by a terrible row outside – I got up and there was a very mangy fox and a large black crow on the grass outside the front of the house – I think they were having a contest to see who could make the most noise. I opened the window and clapped my hands and they both made off, but I didn’t manage to get back to sleep afterwards. In the end I gave up and read for about an hour. This morning we are off SLAPPAS of course – won’t need too much as trying to make sure no food left whilst we are away. Rehearsal tonight and then I will doubtless fall into bed! Might try and grab a little nap this afternoon so I don’t drop off whilst we are singing! Morning BHB, yes a damp start to the morning. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted pikelets through to the conservatory and we should have plenty of time for a nice snuffle before the DCM arrives.
Ali wrote:
Monday, June 10, 2019, 08:00
Morning. Going to be very wet here according to forecast! Nothing planned this morning then singing this afternoon followed by Brownies. Supposed to be singing in a concert in less than 4 weeks but organisers are not organised at all. No advertising as they are concentrating on an event the previous week first. Have suggested they postpone! We will shelve the material and use it next year for a VE day celebration.
Once again I had a manic weekend due to staff shortages: usual chef phoned in sick 5 mins before shift (on a written warning now) and waitress taken ill during morning. Guess who was called in to cover? Ended up doing 10.5 hr shift Fri then back in Sat for usual shift which was manic. Had much needed day off yesterday and hoping for relatively quiet day today.
Hope you can get some relief from the hives Pauline. I developed awful itchy patches on my neck during my A levels which gp put down to stress. I now get them on my elbow of all places which flare up now and again.
Oh Eva please do look after yourself. Let Mrs S take control of your dad and ss so you can recover.
Hope everyone has a good day and I’ll skim the blog when poss
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, June 10, 2019, 09:11
Morning all and it is a very miserable one here, raining steadily. The only good thing is there is no wind at the moment but I daresay that will change! I need to do a small food shop, like Twin I am trying to gauge the food so the fridge is empty by Friday! Not easy! I really have to try and make myself concentrate this week or I will not be ready for the holiday. I am finding it very hard to think of much other than itches! Later I have the ixxnxxg to do which will give me something else to think about.

Oh Eva, no! Just what you really don't need at the moment. Make sure you coddle yourself and get well for the weekend. I am sure Mrs S can step up and deal with father for now. I agree with Jo, if SS don't sort something out they will have 3 of you to care for! Sending lots of hugs.

I would say that the horse gel would be very soothing as I know aloe vera has fantastic healing properties.

Sue that is exactly why I have never got into a canoe! They look very unstable to me and being tipped into the water is not my idea of a fun day out! Glad you had a good time on C/wall, agree with Twin, better last week than this!

Ali that is some work load you have, such a shame you can't get reliable staff. I am staggered how many people seem to suffer with out breaks of hives! Obviously very common. Mine still going strong. I am hoping a nice relaxing holiday will help!

Morning BHB and pf course it is Lavendula day. You have a busy week coming up? Oh let's get more Lavendula and find the CM and you can tell us all about it.

TK wrote:
Monday, June 10, 2019, 09:15
I use the horse AV gel as I couldn't find any human stuff which did not have perfumes etc in. I've carried on using it as it does help. Years ago I did have some human stuff with no perfumes in. I used that on the dog I had at the time who suffered from itches in the summer.

I'm tired, might have to grab an hour nap before I leave on my travels. I hope I don't get to the south coast Carol as I'm off to inland Essex. But who knows I might if satnav has a wobbly
maeve wrote:
Monday, June 10, 2019, 10:39
So sorry to hear that you are ill again Eva,I hope the anti bi.s kick in quickly and you feel better soon.

It's actually quite hard to
maeve 12 wrote:
Monday, June 10, 2019, 10:43
the previous post got away from me!

overturn a punt, unlike a canoe which are very unstable and to be avoided if possible at all times!!
Jane E wrote:
Monday, June 10, 2019, 11:20
Hello all!

And firstly belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sue. Glad you had a lovely day. What's wrong with being 27?

So Pauline, it's one of those conditions brought on by stress, then you get stressed because you have it! What a nightmare! At least you know what it is now - and I'm sure it's helpful knowing poor Maeve also had it. Rest in a lovely Spanish villa will be just the job!

I can heartily recommend Jo's Aloe Vera Horse Liniment. I can't even remember why I needed it now, but it was an immediate relief.

Hope you have a safe journey to Essex Jo and a fabulous time tonight!

Oh Eva - many, many oohhmms that you start feeling better very quickly. I have no idea how long it takes for your to recover from pneumonia but we'll all be sorry if you can't manage to get to the GO's play!

Carol - Beatrix will be very happy to come with me either to the Pheas or to Loughbro' for a family get together! I hope you are enjoying all the holiday prep. I assume it's not long now!

The weather is indeed conspiring against me. My ex phoned last night. He fancied going out for a meal but didn't want to eat alone - so he offered to buy me dinner (very good of him). As he was driving, and the weather had been nice, I didn't take my coast, just a little jacket.

The heavens opened again just as we left the restaurant. Although it was just a short scurry to the I was well and truly soggy by the time I got there!

Jane E wrote:
Monday, June 10, 2019, 11:21
Hello all!

And firstly belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sue. Glad you had a lovely day. What's wrong with being 27?

So Pauline, it's one of those conditions brought on by stress, then you get stressed because you have it! What a nightmare! At least you know what it is now - and I'm sure it's helpful knowing poor Maeve also had it. Rest in a lovely Spanish villa will be just the job!

I can heartily recommend Jo's Aloe Vera Horse Liniment. I can't even remember why I needed it now, but it was an immediate relief.

Hope you have a safe journey to Essex Jo and a fabulous time tonight!

Oh Eva - many, many oohhmms that you start feeling better very quickly. I have no idea how long it takes for your to recover from pneumonia but we'll all be sorry if you can't manage to get to the GO's play!

Carol - Beatrix will be very happy to come with me either to the Pheas or to Loughbro' for a family get together! I hope you are enjoying all the holiday prep. I assume it's not long now!

The weather is indeed conspiring against me. My ex phoned last night. He fancied going out for a meal but didn't want to eat alone - so he offered to buy me dinner (very good of him). As he was driving, and the weather had been nice, I didn't take my coast, just a little jacket.

The heavens opened again just as we left the restaurant. Although it was just a short scurry to the I was well and truly soggy by the time I got there!

evam wrote:
Monday, June 10, 2019, 15:42
Afternoon all.
Those antibis the doctor gave me are strong ones! They've knocked me out completely, and I've been sleeping on and off for most of the day. Still coughing badly, so a bit early to say if the antibis are doing their job. As for my journey to C*elmsford, I have to make that decision on Friday. I sincerely hope I can make it. As I'm renting a car, I have to feel fit to drive on the wrong side of the road! 😜

Jo,- let us know asap what you think of the play. Hope your journey goes well. Take care.
TK wrote:
Monday, June 10, 2019, 23:45
To say I enjoyed the play is difficult as it is such a sad subject. I remember the Terry Waite and John McCarthy story so clearly. It was funny at times, there was a little singing and I didn't do any counting, which included the time (shortish) Lee was not on stage. And we saw something I thought we'd never see again since the end of Jo, bare feet!! OK they were rather dirty. It certainly warrants a second viewing.

Eva check the weather as well as your health, the rain today was really bad. I hope both are Ok for your travel.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 06:31
Morning All – drizzling here at the moment, but preferable to yesterday’s downpours. We had continuous rain all day, but not as heavy as some places! Meanwhile a photo on the Beeb weather showed clear blue skies up in North Scxtlxnd!

Ali that isn’t good that the organisers are concentrating on the event before your’s and haven’t advertised or get things going. I think you are wise to suggest the event is postponed! I see you have had a nice restful weekend (not) as usual. Is this the replacement chef for the one who left or is the one who has been there a while? Very naughty to ring in that late to say not coming in. Poor waitress of course couldn’t help falling ill, but of course it was you who your boss knew she could rely on to cover! That is a long shift on Friday in addition to your normal Saturday, so pleased to learn that you managed a day off on Sunday. Oh goodness, another one with the itchy hives! It really is amazing how our bodies react to stress isn’t it!

I agree Jo that most ointments have a peculiar smell, sorry “perfume” all their own, so I can see why the AV gel works for you. As Twin will tell you my geography is such that to me Essex is on the south coast! C’ford not that far from water due to the estuary. I knew very well where you were off to of course. I imagine it was a very nasty journey with the weather the way it was – ah yes I see from your later post that it was not an easy journey. Have to say we suspected (me and Twin) that the play might not be your cup of tea. Good that you didn’t find the need to count, and I see the bare tootsies are making a come back. How full was the venue?

Hi Maeve – nice to see you again. I see the pooter decided to give you two small posts rather than one. As I have said on many occasions, the ways of the ether are exceeding strange. MM always says it is hard to overturn punt – I don’t want to be the one to ever prove him wrong! I imagine you are like us and knee deep in preparations for your holiday!

So like Olxf in Frxzxn you have your own cloud that travels with you Lady J, only unlike his your’s is rain and not snxw (also very like Winnie the P!). I see you have had the horse gel too – I think Twin should seriously consider it. Chenin was very excited to hear she will be making a visit to London in August – we can try for that and if for some reason they don’t make it for a reunion we have L’borough to fall back on! Four days to the holiday and counting....

Eva if the antibis are strong then hopefully they are doing you a lot of good. I think the sleeping will help your recovery. Fingers crossed you make it for the plxy – I think the weather is due to improve and it should be about 19/20C and dry on Saturday.

As I said, we had rain most of the day yesterday. I was very good and managed to avoid any jumping merchandise, although Lindy caught a long skirt and two pairs of summer trousers for the holiday. Having said that I did take delivery of two pairs of linen mix trousers which I had ordered on line when I got home, but that doesn’t count as shopping does it? I did some pieces of admin for the small choir in the afternoon, and then we had quite a good rehearsal in the evening. Rain was still torrential of course. Sadly I woke at 5am again (not foxes – not sure what disturbed me!). I snoozed for a short while but then gave up and read my book. Off to U’ridge this morning to collect exrxs and then off to have my hair done for the holiday. I should have been having a hot shell back massage but the young lady who does that for me is off. She has a young daughter who suffers from apnxxa and she has been getting worse recently, so Kayleigh has taken time off. H City tonight of course..........so will discover what other nasty things Isxxc has in store for Lxfty and Dxm!! Morning BHB, yes it is damp out again. Let’s cheer ourselves up by taking the toasted crumpets and the Angxls Drxft through to the conservatory. We should have plenty of time for a lovely snuffle before the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 08:54
Morning all and it is yet another damp one. We have obviously had a lot of rain overnight and it isn't done yet I don't think. Had a very itchy night last night and I have more patches on me. I am getting so fed up with this, but from what I can gather I really have to just sit it out and hope eventually my body sorts itself out. Think I will definitely be trying JO's recommendation. Today I am off to the hairdresser as well so at least my hair should be looking glam for the holiday! Still not sure I will ever be ready to go, but I'll keep trying! Yesterday I popped round to see Ari and his Mum. We had a nice chat. sadly her brother is very poorly at the moment, he has been fighting prostate cancer for a long time. I don't like the sound of things at all. Always something.

Jo thanks for the play review. I am sorry we are missing it at the moment, though of course it may go into town and we will be able to see it then. Fingers crossed it is a success for him. I remember the kidnappings very clearly and I am sure it is sad, but nice to hear there is humour as well. You should know it quite well soon I think!

So you had another wetting then Jane! Mind at the moment I think it hard to avoid them! I knew I should never have said the garden needed rain!

So the blog gave you a split personality then Maeve! I agree, canoes are a thing to be avoided!

Hope today is a better day Eva and you are feeling some improvement.

Morning BHB, You look Happy? You had a good night last night and saw lots of friends. How lovely, let's get more Angxls drxft and go and join the CM in the conservatory and you can tell us all about it.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 10:25
Morning all.

Yesterday was not a day to watch cricket! We were a bit late arriving thanks to leaving a few mins later than intended, traffic on the M25 and then traffic near the parking area so missed the start and after about 15 mins, play was stopped for rain. Although we had nearly two hours without rain or just slight dampness, the match didn't resume. It started raining hard again about 4.15 so we decided to leave, along with many others, and the match was abandoned shortly after. It took ages to get out of the field where we were parked and the drive home was horrible in the pouring rain, the spray on the motorway was bad and some roads were awash. Ploppy should be able to get a refund for the tickets but it was a long way to go for 15 mins of cricket. Although we got wet it didn't pour while we were outside and we were both wearing waterproofs plus I had boots on. It was a bit chilly at times but I had plenty of layers underneath - T-shirt, sweatshirt, SA cricket shirt, jeans and windproof jacket. A few people were in shorts - didn't they check the forecast in advance!

I hurt my back on Saturday whilst doing some gardening. I've been using an infra red lamp and sitting in the car seat yesterday have both helped but there's still a dull ache and niggles.

Oh no Eva, not pneumonia again. Hope you had a good night and are feeling at least a bit better this morning - sleep is definitely the best thing. Fingers crossed you can make the play. Sending ohmmmms to you.

Hope you had a restful day yesterday, Ali, you certainly deserved it. Trust work isn't quite so manic the rest of the week.

Sorry the itching kept you awake, Pauline. Fingers crossed your holiday will help.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 13:12
Hello all,

Hurrah, my last post posted!

I got an error message when I hit the 'Post a Comment' button then the blog refused to open again, so I assumed it had cut me out.

Thank you for your review of the play Jo. As you know like you I'm not into serious, thought provoking, moving theatre - I like fun stuff. But BARE FEET!!! Woo hoo! I am certain if the play gets too much for me, I can just concentrate on said feet and I'll be fine. (Please not I do not have a thing about feet. In general. Just the GO's)

Eva - I so hope you are able to fly over - but you must look after yourself. Especially as you'll need to drive on the CORRECT side of the road!

Carol - I think you are right - that rain cloud is following me! Beatrix says she's very excited to be meeting up with Chenin (not sure if she knows she'll have to travel in my rucksack! Shame about your massage but understandable in the circumstances.

Oh so the rain is your fault Pauline! They do say be careful what you wish for :-)

And rain stopped play at the cricket. Poor soggy Diana! :-(

Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 17:58
Nice review.

Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 06:55
Morning and overcast here but dry, which is good! We managed to dodge most of the rain yesterday, although it was a dark and gloomy day.

Oh Diana I wondered whether you would actually go on Monday, given the traffic and the weather. I see a little rain wasn’t going to put you off though, you were dressed for the elements! What a shame you only saw such a short amount of play., especially after the traffic problems to get there. I presume they will have to play the match another day? Not so good that you hurt your back – I am sure the infra red helped a lot. Hopefully you are now resting it – backs are funning things and need looking after.

Ah yes the bare feet, that should keep your mind occupied Lady J. Hmm do we believe you that you don’t have a bare foot fetish and that it is only the GO’s that you fixate on?? May be best not to explain to Beatrix about the rucksack, mind you after being wrapped up in a parcel for a week she may well consider that to be luxury!

Sending ooohhhhmmmmmmmmmmss Eva and anyone else in need of a virtual hug.

Trip into U’brxdge to get the euros went well – MM ended up with two new shirts and I had a jumping top that leapt on me. We change our money in Deb’ams and they always give a £5 voucher off a £20 spend, but you have to use it the same day. MM wanted a new plain short sleeve shirt for the holiday and they had just what he wanted in a nice blue – they also had an offer on which was buy one, get one half price, so he picked out a pale yellow one too. With the voucher and the offer the two shirts only cost him £22, or £11 each, so he was very pleased! Hair is now all ready for the holiday (toss toss) but my hairdresser told me Kayleigh has decided to stop work and look after her little girl full time, so they are taking on someone new. I will have whoever is new when I go next after the holiday. Came home and sorted out some admin for the small choir and then we had a feet up evening – we watched two K’ing Eve episodes (so now half way through) and of course HC!! Well!!! I won’t say any more in case some of you haven’t watched yet! I am going to have a getting organised day today – sorting out the non clothing things to take away so I don’t forget anything in a last minute panic. I may also do a small laundry – MM’s new shirts need a quick press as do my new linen crop trousers, so I might as well do a mini wash (less then to do when we come home!). MM wants the pooter to do some church wardeny type thing so that should keep him occupied! Night in this evening so will watch another two K Eve episodes (then hopefully will watch the last two tomorrow). Morning BHB, yes it is a little gloomy but not too bad. Let’s take the Zxzx and the toasted tea cakes through to the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 08:48
Morning all and yet another cloudy day with rain threatening. I wouldn't mind the rain so much if it were a bit warmer! Still this time net week I may well be too hot! Today I am going to sort my money out, than while I was have my hair done yesterday my beautician lady had a cancellation for today and so I am having my nails done, feel I need the pampering. Sadly my hives are getting worse not better so I am beginning to think they will never go away! I need Jo's horse liniment I think.

What a shame about the cricket Diana. I think they are having problems getting lots of matches played. Hope you can get to see another match. Take care of your back. I did my back in and thought it had healed and then 7 years later it came back to haunt me. Apparently it had patched itself up so I felt ok. It may be worth having it check by a chiro or osteopath.

Thanks for the link to the review Twin. Lovely. Let's hope there are others as positive and he get's the transfer he wants.

Jane I am sure Beatrix will find your rucksack luxury travel after what she has already had!

Morning BHB and you have Zxzx for us today. Sounds interesting. Let's get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 10:24
Morning all.
Report from the sickbed. I am feeling better today than yesterday, so hopefully I'm on the mend. Whether I'll be ready for my journey west is another thing. I'll wait until Friday to make up my mind.

I have just watched HC on the iplayer, as I didn't feel up to it last night. Dear me! That Isaac is not a very nice man, eh? (That must be the understatement of the year!😜)

I see people are getting wet and matches are being cancelled. You'd think you were talking about Bergen, but ironically the weather has been beautilu the last couple of days!

Carol,- thank you for the link to the review. That was really, really good.
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 11:13
Hi all,

Ooo wasn't that such a good review! Thank you for finding it Carol! (Your hair look lovely BTW!)

My next-door neighbour has got a dog rucksack for their pooch, Leo. He loves being carried around in it! (I couldn't help imagining Jo with Bruce in a rucksack!) I shall show Beatrix next time they are out and about. :-D

I've not attempted to watch HC yet. It sounds like Lofty has a really bad time in it. Lee's characters are really under the cosh this week :-(

Poor Eva - I'm sending loads of oohmms for you. Get yourself well!

Pauline - I'm sure you'll enjoy being a bit warmer. It was very chilly last night for June. Meanwhile enjoy your day being pampered.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 23:12
Another excellent performance this evening. Diana was at the matinee, so she can type about that perf. I was just there to meet up as I was busy in the morning dog walking. Drive home was good, even though the rain was trying to slow things down.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, June 13, 2019, 06:38
Morning – it started off dry, then we had drizzle and now it seems to have stopped and looks a little brighter. At least we didn’t get any of the thunder storms forecast for last night (or if we did I slept through it!).

Glad to hear you ar4 feeling a little better day by day Eva. As you say fingers crossed you are now on the mend – both fingers and toes crossed that you feel up to coming to see the play! No I think that Isaac is actually nastier than Gxskxll and he was fairly bad! Though Marc (the actor) played him very well. Yes I think we have your weather here at the moment and you have our’s. Hoping to find the sun when we get to Spxxn! Two of our friends are currently in Sxmxs and they have found the sun, so I have every hope! I would of course cross my fingers for the weather in Spxxn, but they are all ready in use for Eva!

Ah the dog rucksack sounds just the thing for Beatrix I feel! I am assuming Leo is quite small? Not sure it would work with Bruce, although it is a nice image! Actually I think Beatrix would be happy just to go on an adventure and if being stuffed in a rucksack is the price of going places I don’t think she will mind! I think we should blame the jet stxxm for the weather – normally when we go away we leave hot sunshine and it is similar for the whole two weeks we are away – looks like this year it may be different (although I think the forecast for next week down here is for the low 20s).

I thought of you driving in that rain last night Jo – glad the journey wasn’t too bad. Ah so Diana made it to C’ford safely. So far I have only seen the one local review. Were you walking just Bruce or did he have friends with him?

I managed to get the laundry done yesterday and so that is out of the way. I may do the towel wash today. Don’t want to come home to piles of washing! I am hoping the rain stays aways as we have the gardeners coming to cut back our holly bush and bamboo between us and the neighbours. We also have a lovely rose which climbs up the side of the house at the front and that has been spectacular so far, but now needs cutting back. I forbad MM for climbing ladders to do it himself just before we go away! Have some admin bits to do for various groups and then will put the non clothing into the case (didn’t get around to doing all of that yesterday, although I made a start). Mrs Chris was singing at C’mford station last night with her Cxmmxnity Choir (for the local hospice)– a certain curly headed individual came through and stopped and spoke with them (she posted a lovely piccie of him on her f’book page, with one of the young bucket collectors). Night in so will watch the last two K’ing Eve programmes. I am still fight a cold and sound somewhat husky this morning! Hoping it is on its way out as don’t really want to fly with a cold! Morning BHB, yes a little gloomy out. Let’s take the pastel de natas and the Grxpe Escxpe into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle whilst you tell me all about your week so far. The DCM will be along shortly.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, June 13, 2019, 08:45
Morning all and not a nice one at all. Still wet and still cold (for June). I fear my lawn won't get cut before we go so I will be coming home to a meadow! I will be sorting house things out a bit today so all is in order for my visitors and ready to leave on Saturday. Also may sort out what I will be taking with me, well I have one selection of course but it needs culling! I had my nails done yesterday which means I now am as ready as I will ever be this year!

Eva so glad you felt a littler better yesterday, now hoping you will feel well enough to travel on Saturday. Oh agree Isaac is beyond vile! I really like the actor but rather hoping he doesn't come back again as I feel it would not end well!

Oh I love the mental image of Bruce in a dog rucksack Jane! I feel he wouldn't be quite so keen though. You are right, I am looking forward to being warm, though I should be careful what I wish for maybe!

Glad the play seems to be going well Jo. Terrible weather for you to be commuting there. Glad your journey home was ok.

Poor Twin with her cold, sending her lots of ohhhmmmms. We are a right pair going on holiday aren't we!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Grxpe escxpe? Sounds perfect, especially with the pastel de natas! Let's get another jug and go and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Thursday, June 13, 2019, 10:36
Morning all. It's raining here, so no need to be envious of the Norwegian weather.

Hello sweetheart. You heard me coughing before you saw me? Yes, it's still quite congested in my lungs, so if I make it to C*elmsford, I'll be well equipped with throat pastilles and water. You have made me a special ginger tea today, because it's very good for a sore throat? You are so thoughtful. I think we can snuggle today, because I don't think pneumonia is contagious. Ahhhhhhh.❤️️❤️️❤️️

I got up this morning and dressed after breakfast. It felt doable, and I decided to drive up to the chemist to pick up some meds I had ordered. I would normally walk up, but thought it wise not to challenge fate, so I drove. That went well, so tomorrow I'll drive into the city to have some bloods taken for my handsome consultant. We have a "meeting" next week. If that goes well, and I don't collapse, I'll consider the journey west. 🤞 It's a very early flight, leaving Bergen at 7am, so I'll have to be at the airport at 5.30 am.

Jo,- Bruce with a rucksack? Why not? Then you won't have to carry half the house with you when you take him for a walk! 😜 Good to hear you enjoyed the show. You did watch the 2 other actors as well, did you?

Pauline,- your poor hands. I hope the R&R in Spain will help. You need it.

Carol,- so MM isn't allowed up a ladder, eh? Very wise so close to the holiday. I hope your cold stops before you enter the plane. Flying with a cold is not nice. 😘 As I remember you have an early flight as well? Maybe we'll meet midair (not literally, of course!) and can wave?

Jane,- will you be in C*elmsford on Saturday?
Diana wrote:
Thursday, June 13, 2019, 10:55
Morning all.

HC was some episode this week.

Really enjoyed the play yesterday. The subject matter could have made it depressing but it was lightened by the number of funny lines. Let's hope there's more than just the one week. As Jo said, she was outside when I left so we had a quick chat before I went home. I had a walk round the town beforehand, seeing the cathedral and park despite the rain. Thanks for the review link, Carol.

I did a bit of cleaning first thing, then went to the shops for some food and have a load currently washing. I finally got round to watching the first episode of the first series of K*lling Eve on Tuesday and thought it was vg so will try to watch another later today. Have a few things to sort out online first.

Tomorrow I want to take the old vacuum to be repaired provided it doesn't cost a lot. Then we are out in the evening - dinner at J*e All*ns followed by a special production at the Royal Op*ra House.

Glad to see you are feeling a little better, Eva. Fingers crossed you get to see the play. Have you considered going by train if you don't feel up to driving? There are lots of trains to Ch*lmsford and the theatre is only a couple of mins walk from the station.

Hope you win the fight against the cold, Carol. I hate flying with a cold and obviously you don't want to have a cold while on holiday. Hope you all have a smooth journey and a lovely holiday.
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 13, 2019, 11:24
We've just had a visit from Mr Ex P and Little dog. Mr ExP asked me if I understand the words in the play yet. I still am missing some of the words at the very beginning, due to accent and my hearing. I'll try harder today.
Little dog tried to take one of Bruce's bears, I stopped her as the one she had had granules in its paws. I'd missed that in the check when I bought it. Bruce has now gone back to sleep. The remains of the cat which met it's end in Cornwall is still in their house.
I had to look up what pastel de natas was, Portuguese custard tart. I'll pass thank you, too much egg.

Strawberries and yoghurt for lunch, very nice.

evam wrote:
Thursday, June 13, 2019, 11:35
Diana,- yes, I've checked the trains, but have to go via London so, 2 changes, and I won't be able to get back to G*twick Sunday morning for my flight, so car it is.
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 13, 2019, 11:46
The Southend scene interview about the play is very good, if you've not seen it https://youtu.be/BeVaGJyWRk8
TK from Sue wrote:
Thursday, June 13, 2019, 23:41
laptop knackered, (page reduced down and I can't figure out how to restore it to full screen) and can't post on phone, away for the weekend will try and sort it when we get back. x
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 13, 2019, 23:43
Excellent performance tonight, also another good review
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, June 14, 2019, 06:24
Morning and overcast, but dry at the moment and I think it is due to stay that way for the rest of the day.

Ah I see we kindly sent our weather your way then Eva! I see you felt like facing the outside world yesterday (very sensible to go by car) and that today you have blood tests before you see the dishy insultant next week. I guess you will wait until after that to decide whether you will come over and see the play. Fingers crossed for you. We have to be at the airport at 4am tomorrow (aren’t you jealous?) so will hopefully be in the air just after 6am. We may be jsut ahead of you but will wave just in case. No MM banned from ladders just before the holiday especially in wet weather. In fact I have been trying to tell him he shouldn’t do anything up ladders (like change the light bulbs in the church) until he has had his six month check up with his insultant (next month).

Diana glad you enjoyed the play and managed a quick chat with Jo too. I think the reviews from when it was written say it is a very good piece of writing and the humour in it lifts it from what could be a very depressing piece. Ah so you are still on series one of KEve – actually watching series one and two back to back would work very well as second series picks up exactly where series 1 ends. Fingers crossed for the vacuum cleaner. I used to go to J A’s back in the day when you had to queue to get in! Enjoy the Opera House – is it a ballet? Thanks for the holiday well wishes – just some warmth and sunshine will do us all a lot of good I think!

Ah so that is why you are going to every performance then Jo – so you can hear the whole of the script How very dare little dog try to steal one of Bruce’s bears. So the ex- cat is still around and hasn’t yet gone to the cattery in the sky. Oh the custard tarts are divine – they don’t actually taste of custard, and have the most melting flaky pastry round them. Always need to be topped with cinnamon – yum! None of those in Spxxn so we will have to settle for chxrrxs instead. Thanks for the links by the way – looks like we will get to see the play after all, especially if it is on for 6 – 8 weeks somewhere in the WE. Another nice review – he must be pleased for his first venture. Think it is lovely that his ex drama teacher is in the play with him (of course we know all about him from the current tour!).

Not so good about Sue’s laptop – it is probably something simple, but only if you can work out exactly what has caused it!

Our gardeners did come yesterday and were somewhat sodden when they left. ....and cold! In fact MM put the heating on in the afternoon just to warm the house up. Everything is now downstairs ready to be put in the case later – it will be pack the case, weight it, unpack part of the case, weight again....and so on!! You know me – I like to pack for every eventuality! We managed to watch the last two episodes of K Eve and I have checked and there is a third series already commissioned. My cold is slightly better but has now left me with a cough! Hey ho – sunshine and warmth that’s what I need! We will be collecting Lindy at about 2.30pm and then off to Twin’s. Twin has booked dinner (in our usual pre-holiday steak house) for 5pm so hopefully we will manage to get a little sleep in before we need to get going at about 2am tomorrow morning. Not looking forward to that part. Taxi will collect us at 3.15 am so should have plenty of time once we are at the airport. Whilst we are away the Bistro will be self service (don’t think Eva needs any extra pressure to open up at the moment) but the BHB will be around to make sure everything is running smoothly. Morning BHB, you have the Txrdis on standby in case you need some sun over the next couple of weeks? Sounds a good idea to me. Let’s take the Vanillita and the chxrrxs through to the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, June 14, 2019, 09:04
Morning all and it is dry! Yaay! Bit of a breeze around and still not that warm at the moment, but I think it is an improving picture for here. Had another itchy night, but I was thinking I am in good practice for lack of sleep tonight! If this has not gone by the time I get back I will go and see the dermatologist again. I certainly won't be a pretty picture by the pool! Or anywhere else for that matter. Going to pack the bag soon so I will be ready for my visitors this afternoon. I spent yesterday doing house bits and bobs so I think it should be ok. I just need to concentrate now and stop thinking itches! Poor Twin coughing. Not a nice thing to start a holiday with. Hope she is ok.

Talking of coughing even poorer Eva! I hope things are continuing to improve and you will be able to make the leap over here. At least you have been out and about a little. Oh and just for the record my itches cover me from head to foot now!

I am sure you will manage to get the words of the play by the end of the weekend Jo! Good idea to go several times so you can sort it out!

Glad you enjoyed the play Diana, I have everything crossed that we will get to see it. Sounding hopeful at the moment. Enjoy your visit to the opera house. Somewhere I haven't been but maybe one day!

Hope all goes well for everyone. Wi-fi at villa permitting, we will be back soon!

Morning BHB, oh nice hug, you are going to miss us? Awww, but you will come and visit us at the villa of course! Meantime let's get more Vanillita and find the CM and make this a great snuffle to last us a while!

maeve 12 wrote:
Friday, June 14, 2019, 10:35
Have a good holiday Twins, hope you return without itches and coughs.

I'm off on holiday tomorrow too, at a more civilised hour thank goodness, being picked up about 9.30 am for the drive to Sthmpton.

I think the weather here is meant to be improving next week, that usually happens when we are away on our hols.

Carol29 wrote:
Friday, June 14, 2019, 11:04
Sorry Maeve I meant to wish you a lovely holiday too - I am sure you will!! xx
evam wrote:
Friday, June 14, 2019, 15:34
Afternoon all.
And Cinderella shall go to the ball! Yes, I'm going to C*elmsford tomorrow. 😄 I must admit that I was in doubt last night when I had some awful bouts of coughing, but that is so much better today. My journey into the city went well, and I even managed a visit to father without collapsing, so I thought if I can do that, I can go to England! My little case is packed (only hand luggage this time), passport and tickets checked and found in order, so I'm ready! HURRRAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I'm still on the dynamite antibis, but have stopped sleeping the days awa, so no danger of me falling asleep driving down the motorway or in the middle of the play!

Twins, MM and Maeve,- have a wonderful holiday, and Pauline, your rash sound so horribe, so still keeping my fingers crossed that the tranquility of your stay in Spain will help.

I will see some of you tomorrow. 😘
TK wrote:
Friday, June 14, 2019, 17:48
The commuting has beaten me. I did not drive east today, so I will not be going to the play tonight. I slept in and had a good rest. Bruce has been cross with me as I've not taken him out a much as he has got used to. We did go to see Mw3Ds this afternoon.

It was not the commuting as such it was the road closures on the way back. The original route does not require a lot of thinking as I've done it so many times recently, the one or 2 diversions have pushed me over the edge and they add just over 30mins to the return. This makes the journey home 40mins longer than the way there, madness. Also the idiots staying in the 3rd lane at 60mph when 1 and 2 are empty so i have to pull out to overtake need smacking
TK wrote:
Friday, June 14, 2019, 18:06
Best wishes for the flights tomorrow Twins/MM and Eva.

Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, June 16, 2019, 05:34
Morning from sunny Spain. Arrived safely yesterday. Getting up at 1.45 am meant we were somewhat tired for the rest of the day. Flights and check in all went like clockwork. Hire car not quite big enough for four large cases so Lindy and Twin ended up driving from airport with one large case strapped in the passenger seat between them. Villa is lovely and has views over golf course. Today is a day chilling by the pool and then we are out to dinner this evening from a restaurant we know from previous visits. Needless to say we slept well last night. So pleased to hear you managed to fly over for the play Eva. Jo not surprised you ducked out of the journey for a night off.

The sun beckons us now so will say audios.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, June 16, 2019, 13:26
Afternoon. The sun is shining at the mo but we've had steady rain for about half the morning. Ploppy probably got wet playing golf. Envious of your weather, Twins. Ploppy told me yesterday that the long range forecast is not at all good.

We had a nice evening on Friday. Food was good but not great. We both had mackerel pate to start, for mains I had leek & cheese tortellini in tomato mix which was nice but could have done with a couple more tortellini, Ploppy had steak frites, for dessert I had dulche con leche mousse (rather tasteless) with bits of salted caramel (yum) and Ploppy had cheese. We enjoyed the intro to Carmen. A speaker discussed the story using a slide presentation and recorded music, there were a couple of singers (the male was South African, not somewhere you associate with opera) who sang excerpts, plus a director. It finished at 8.45 pm and we only had a short wait for a train so were home by 10.00 pm.

Yesterday I went to M&S for a small food shop, did a bit more on my pension and a couple of jobs around the house. This morning I cleaned the interior of a couple of wall cabinets and top of floor cabinets in the dining room which were very dusty, and put back the pieces of Lladro which I'd moved when the kitchen was started (two years ago!) for safety. As my reward, I watched an ep of K*lling Eve.

Hope Eva had a good journey yesterday and enjoyed the play.

Enjoy the rest of your day round the pool and your dinner tonight, Twins, and have a good day tomorrow.
TK wrote:
Sunday, June 16, 2019, 15:18
Lovely to see Eva at the matinee on Saturday. Unfortunately she was too tired to attend the evening performance, but has made a safe journey home today.

I had an easy trip on Saturday as I just drove a few miles and was given a lift. And on the way back there were no diversions. It was a busy day on Saturday 2 performances and Pride. Though at least we were just watching and not performing like GO.
Bruce had a lovely time yesterday he went for walks near the river at Abingdon and had a lovely tea at the Barley Mow in Clifton Hampden. Mr and Mrs ExP had cheesy chips and the dogs had 'kitchen left overs', beef sausages, burgers, gammon, carrots, beans broccoli and chicken. He had more to eat than the little dog and she was a bit selective.

We've just got back from a walk. At the beginning of the walk we met up with the TV celebrity https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1084692548923338752/YHxxqRiD_400x400.jpg Angus - his dad said Bruce's back was looking better. Saw Angus's mum for the first time, she is tiny.

Twins glad you arrived OK. Shame you didn't see the play. There is a review from Anita https://www.britishtheatreguide.info/reviews/someone-who-ll-gramphorn-studi-17685

The dogs are on their own this evening as we are off to Rock'n'Roll :) https://www.flyingmusic.com/our-shows/solidgold/ Last date of tour.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, June 16, 2019, 19:42
Evening. Glad those travelling had safe flights. Eva you put me to shame getting to C’ford from N’way when I can’t manage it from the same region. Time just keeps running away and I seem to be permanently busy at the moment. Today at work was no exception of course as it is Father’s day. Next week is the next round of our staff bake off. I am up against the boss this coming Thursday making a sweet tart. Decided on a Normandy apple. Fingers crossed. While I’d like to win I’m not sure I want to get to the final, too much expectation! I took my eye of the ball a bit and failed go see Jack’s passport had expired and we’d used this to confirm his id for driving licence! New passport applied for and different id sent to dvla this week. Plenty of time till holiday fortunately but he may not get licence in time for his birthday when he had his first driving lesson booked! Lessons learned for both of us!
On top of that we’re rather behind with our rehearsals for up coming concert as we thought it had been postponed only to be told this week it was still going ahead. I have my doubts as the committee are far too relaxed and have failed to promote it therefore may still pull the plug at the last minute!
Ploppy and Jack are watching Topg... on tv so think I’ll have a quick bath in peace bye for now
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, June 17, 2019, 06:12
Morning from sunny Spain. Think we are due to be about 25C this afternoon. Had a nice relaxed day yesterday and a delicious meal in the evening. Delicious tempura prawns for three of us and MM had spicy tuna casserole, then Twin and I had sea bass fillets in a prawn sauce, Lindy had chicken stuffed with goats cheese and apple in a wine sauce and MM had pork wellington. All delicious. Desserts were Dama Blanca for me and Twin and meringues with strawberries for MM and Lindy. Nice bottle of white wine and cocktails to start with. Lovely evening. Today we are off to do the big shop and then will go for tapas lunch.

I love Cxrmxn Diana and I. Fact my singing teacher was from SA and sang at CG, so not unheard of. Thank you for the review. So pleased Eva made it to the play and back again safely Jo. That was a near run thing Ali with the passport. Doing our best to send the sun to you all. Have fun.Car
evam wrote:
Monday, June 17, 2019, 10:55
Morning all. It started out as a beautiful, sunny day, but now it's clouding over and rain imminent. 🌞🌧

I think we lost Carol in mid-sentence.

Sorry I have been AWOL from the blog over the w/e. The looooooong journey and a cr*p built-in SatNav made the morning rather fraught. On paper I should have plenty of time in C*elmsford before the matinee, but as the SatNav decided to take me trhough C*ntral L*ndon(!) and even the B*ackwell tunnel,(!!) it took more than twice the normal time to get to C*elmsford. Driving in L*ndon on a busy Saturday morning is no joke. I was screaming at the SatNav most of the time, but she didn't even have the guts to answer back! 🤬 When I found the long term parking, there was barely time to eat something before the matinee started. I was worn out already, and my cough was playing up. I really loved the play. It was so poignant, and so cleverly written that the actors really managed to get the meaning across to the audience. GO was really up to the no-singing job. They were all three excellent. 👏👏👏
When the show was over I finally made it to my hotel and crawled under the duvet. I soon realised that I was not up to the evening show. Too much too soon, I'm afraid.
The next morning I left C*elmsford just before 7am, and this time I mostly ignored the SatNav. As soon as we reached the X25 I was sure of my way, and this time it took me an hour less!
I was very tired when I was finally home, and promised myself not to do such a busy journey again. I'll give myself an extra day, which I've done for the Phes in August.
Ali,- you would have done it with flying colours!
It was good to see the usual suspects, but unfortunately too little time spent with them.

I've been to see father this morning. When I started coughing, he was wondering what was the matter! He'd forgotten my pneumonia, and didn't even remember when I reminded him!

Twins,- good to hear that you had a good (although early) flight, and that you're happy with your villa. Enjoy the sunshine.
Carol,- oh, the seabass,- my favourite fish to eat (both with😜 and without bones!)
TK wrote:
Monday, June 17, 2019, 11:45
Ali, ooo exciting bake off news. Best wishes for success. Shame about the passport. I must admit I'm a bit neurotic about the passport being in date as many countries require you to have at least 6 months expiry even if you are going for a few days. Good that you had another form of id.

Twins and all, glad you are having a good time and watching your calories, tee hee.

Eva I'm so glad you have decided to arrive the day before, it always worries me when you travel on the day of the show, as you have to get up so early for the flight and then will have a tiring day travelling. I'd be dosing off during the show.

I've had a Pilates session this morning, I'm knackered. 10 mins walk there and 15 mins walk back. Yes it is the same distance, but I'm walking much slower afterwards. Bruce is annoyed as it is going out time.
evam wrote:
Monday, June 17, 2019, 12:00
Jo,- you are sweet to worry, but for the Phes's show I'll be on the early morning flight. I'm taking an extra day in L*ndon the day after. It will be an easy journey, as I just have to take the G*twick E*press into V*ctoria and then a taxi to the hotel. Someone else can worry about the driving then.😄
I forgot to say that I have an eye injection tomorrow, and depending on what I can (or rather can't) see with the right eye tightly closed will decide if/when I'll be back here. Wednesday morning is my appointment with the handsome consultant. That will cheer me up!😄
Diana wrote:
Monday, June 17, 2019, 17:24

And a mostly sunny day at last after a cloudy start. This morning I cleaned the kitchen, watched the next ep of K*lling Ev* and then went for a long walk as it was too nice to stay in but not nice enough to sit out. I have been thinking of seeing the house we lived in from when I was 7 to 16 so decided to do that. It was a new build when we moved in and I almost wouldn't have recognised the place. The exterior needs a lot of work, the front garden is overgrown with a pile of rubbish dumped there. Even the path to the row of houses is overgrown with shrubs and I had to brush them aside. I was going to catch a bus back but ended up walking both ways which took two hours so had plenty of exercise. By the time I got home there was more blue sky than cloud so I had my lunch in the garden and spent the afternoon in the sun reading, listening to be iP*d and did a little weeding. Seemed ages since the last time I sat in the garden and hope it's not long before the next time.

Sorry to hear the SatNav took you through London, Eva, that must have been a nightmare. Not surprised you were too tired to make the evening performance but so glad you did get to see the play. Fingers crossed it makes it into London. Hope you're feeling a lot better now and good luck for the injection tomorrow.

Enjoy the show tonight, Jo.

Good luck in the bake off, Ali. Trust Jack gets his licence before his birthday. Are you aware you can renew passports long before they expire? As Jo says, most countries require minimum of six months left so last time I think I renewed mine over a year in advance and they just added this time to the ten years so didn't lose anything.

Your meal sounds yummy, Twins. Have you any plans to go anywhere or are you having a relaxing fortnight by the pool?

Fish and chips for dinner tonight - from the freezer, not takeaway.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 09:12
Vet says the joint meds have made Bruce's knee less creaky. She has prescribed the 'usual' meds. It was weird for me not to have to give the meds with breakfast, as all my dogs have been on it. RSPCA have not sent his medical notes to the vets, or they have and the vets have not scanned them in. I'll scan what I have and send it to the vets.

We just have to go to the new pet toy shop in the village today. They have a groomer there so occasionally I could get Bruce 'done' professionally. I have heard they are expensive, so it would be very occasionally.

Diana, an adventure to go to see your old house. I had mixed feelings when I went to my grandmother's house last November, just around the corner from the theatre where Lee performed.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 13:16
Hi all,

Sorry I didn't come on the blog yesterday - I was very poorly with the MdDS and could barely stand up so I spent most of the day in bed. Much better today!

A quick review of the play...

I must start by saying this is not my usual form of entertainment. I like 'light-hearted', 'funny' and 'silly' shows. Normally hearing the words 'challenging', 'poignant' and, heaven forfend 'harrowing' would have me running a mile.

However, though all three of those scary words can apply to SWWOM after watching the play a couple of times I really began to enjoy it. The cast were all excellent, and a particular pat on the back to Richard, who portrayed the most shy and vulnerable character, despite being a talk rather imposing figure.

As Jo has said there are some very funny scenes. Lee has a chance to show-off what a great visual comic he is, as well as deliver some err shall we say adult dialogue that would not come out of Joseph's mouth.

I loved Lee's performance - it's wonderful to see him doing something so very new for him.

The last performance ended with a well deserved standing ovation. I so hope the play transfers to the West End or at least goes on tour because YES I will be going again!

Pride was also great fun. How the GO managed to fit a short set in between two shows...well that's Lee isn't it!

Great to have so many fans there over the weekend: Northern Ladies en masse, and...well lets just say loads of us!

Always lovely to spend quality time with Jo, O, and Ro as well as all the others.

It was lovely to see you Eva. Such a shame you couldn't manage the second show but totally understandable. Glad that you are back home safe.

Good to see the Twins have arrived in Spain! I hope Maeve had a safe journey for her holiday.

Sorry this hasn't been a proper catch up. I hope to be back tomorrow!
TK wrote:
Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 17:43
Excellent review of play Jane. Now I can say my additional bit. There were a couple of sections which I'm not 100% certain of the words mostly due to my hearing (and feet or other distractions) so I've ordered a 2nd hand copy of the play. It was not much of the text, but with the accents it did not help me. I really need a performance for the deaf, not the signed one but the one with the words. It helped me in Lord Arthur when I saw it in Sheffield.

Bruce has had mostly a good dog day. This morning he went and greeted the 2 humans which constitute the 8am shift before he said hi to their dogs. This is the first time he's said Hi to the humans before their dogs. We went to the bar and he was quiet the whole time. He had dog treats from the land lord. Bad bit was when I was cooking the fish and potatoes tonight, he was yelling at me and pulled my sleeve twice.
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 18:43
Evening. Had fab time in Lake D. Weather better than here. Only rained 2( out of 8) days and even then not heavy rain. Couple of days ( when torrential rain down south) were beautifully sunny and warm. Lovely to spend time with my unI friends and their husbands - we all got on well (mostly!). Was a long drive south (6hrs) in torrential rain on last day. We now find that roads are so much more busy than used to be and we were both shattered - took w/e to recover. The LD area is stunning - and we managed several short (ish) walks ( about 2 hours).
Good review - thank you Jane. Hope you feel better soon. Was good to meet Julie on my home turf - she looked a bit different to last time I met her.
Jo - can understand you missing out one long car journey, esp with diversions. But good that you got to see the play - several times. You and Bruce do live very busy and social lives - certainly no time to go to work!
Twins - where about in Sp are you. Sounds as if you know the area. Enjoy your hols - sounds very relaxing. Marvel - enjoy your hols too.
Eva - great that you got to UK to see the play but sorry to hear that you weren’t back to full health. Hope you eye inj appt goes well today and that you are back to full health.
Diana - did you find it emotional revisiting your old house? I moved around so much that don’t feel attachment any one house - or even location.
Ali - hope Jack can have his bday driving lesson but if not then am sure it won’t be long after. Good luck with bake off.
Seemed g/f now thinking may be too much to have both wedd ceremonies in one day. Aargh. It’s all booked - double aargh. Before it was booked I had asked them to think about how “crowded” the day was - and she dismissed my fears. Treble aargh. I have taken a step back but may explode if they decide on 2 days - and double the cost! Had couple of nights after I got back lying awake worrying about that and parents but then decided I had voiced my opinions at time and was ignored so leaving others to sort it out now. Have to learn to be more persuasive at the time!
Off to stately home tomorrow to meet friends from Sh.ffield - in county that is flooded at moment! May have to borrow a boat.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 06:11
Morning from sunny Spain. We have had a couple of days just relaxing. Getting in and out of the pool is interesting as there are no steps! Today we are off to the local market and then out for lunch. Yesterday we enjoyed a spot of people watching on the sea front whilst enjoying some lovely coffee. Glad you had a lovely time in the Lakes, Fi. How is your garden construction coming along? Not so good about the proposed changes to the wedding plans.

Sorry to hear you have been under the weather Lady J. Thanks for the review. Hope you feel better soon.

Love that Bruce has been ‘mostly good’ Jo. Also that he is learning to greet humans....and therefore presumably getting more used to them.

Diana don’t think we said we overlook the golf course here so see the occasional buggy whizzing by. It is a lovely course by the loo of it.

Sending hugs for you Eva and hopefully you are feeling better too.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 10:49
Morning all. A lovely day here,- so far.

Sorry I wasn't here yesterday, but when I came back from the hospital, I was sooooooooo tired, I just went to bed. I'm not sure why, but the injection was painful, which it hasn't been before, and my eye was sore far into the night. I was coughing badly, and I fell asleep half sitting up. I was awake at 3 (!) am, not being able to go back to sleep, so I ended up h*****g at about 4.30 am! (My cleaning lady is still ill, so I need to do it myself.) Youngest sister offered to come and do my cleaning. I said thank you very much, but no way is she going to clean my dirt! She's too nice for her own good.❤️️
I have been to see my handsome consultant this morning, and as usual he cheered me up. He was very pleased with my test results,- bp fine, 3 months blood sugar count down from last time, and almost a stone off my weight since last time. He said he admired my willpower, because with all the meds I'm taking, losing weight isn't easy. (I could have kissed him, but I didn't!💋) He also gave me a prescription for a cough medisine, in the hope that it will leave me to have a proper night's sleep.
I went to see father on Monday, and he asked me to buy a gold chain for him, which he wil wear round his neck with mother's wedding ring on it. I did go to a goldsmith the same day, and rang him to check that he thought the price was OK. It was , so I bought the chain. This morning he rang to tell me that he'd found a very nice chain, so I needn't buy one! I told him that I already had, and that he'd OK'ed the price. He'd forgotten that, of course. Sigh.

Jo,- good to hear that Bruce is taking all the behaviour lessons to heart.

Jane,- oh, poor you, being dizzy again. It's a very bad condition. My mother had it for years. Thank you for the review.

Ali,- is the bake-off today? Fingers crossed for you.

Fi,- your LD holiday sounds great, especially as you didn't have the rain hitting the south. As for the change of schedule for the wedding,- what can I say? AAAARRGGGHHHHHHHHHH!

Carol,- the way your holiday is shaping up, sounds perfick!👍 How is Pauline's rash?
TK wrote:
Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 19:19
Bruce is cross with me. Only 2 walks today. This afternoon I was really tired so I lay on the sofa, he started telling me off. TK and I went upstairs, I slept for 3 hours. During that time he has carried out an 'improvement' to the modification Bippy (Blind/deaf Springer) started many years ago. I did have a old flat iron padded (old tights) and covered with a lovely cotton material as a door stop. Bippy removed the cotton material. So I had a 'brown' padded flat iron as a doorstop. This evening Bruce was making a ripping sound from his bed, I checked out what was being destroyed and found he was removing the padding Bippy left. Of course the poor dog has no toys to play with and has no garden to play in. I've left him the flat iron, I'll get it back when he has finished his work..... or he has got tired of that 'toy'.

Fi change of plans will be hard for all persons attending. Families!!

Eva, make sure you look after yourself. Youngest sis is a sweetie.

Carol, even when I was younger I needed steps to get in and out of a pool. For me the pool with no steps would be useless. I would be furious, unless it was mentioned in the description and it was my fault for not reading it.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, June 20, 2019, 05:49
Morning. Sitting outside watching the sun come up. It was very hot on the market yesterday and jumping tops were in plentiful supply. A couple attacked me and a couple attacked Twin. MM was hit by a very nice red leather belt. Lindy was the only one who managed to dodge anything.....think she was worried about her case being overweight again. We had a lovely lunch. MM had ham and melon brochettes followed by liver and bacon ....well Serrano ham, the rest of us had the same thing. Garlic prawns to start and then scampi in a cream sauce. No puds just coffee. We were back at the villa by about 5pm and just lazed around for the rest of the evening. Today is an at home day but I may do a small wash and iron.

So you almost kissed the insultant then Eva. He does sound a sweetheart, and on the subject of sweethearts how lovely of younger sis to offer to do your cleaning. So Father now has two chains! No further news from SS yet? Is Mrs S still on the case? Twin’s rash is slowly abating, but is still with us.

I see Bruce is still in toy destroying mode Jo. Is the stuffed flat ixxn to give Bruce the idea he should assist in the laundry. Ah the pool description says steps. We have rep coming today to chat about it. You have to sit on the side, then step onto a ledge, then sit on the ledge and drop into the pool. Coming out you do the reverse......not so good for a post hip operation person with two partial knee replacements

We are doing our best to send the sun to you all.
Ali wrote:
Thursday, June 20, 2019, 07:20
Morning. Bake off is today. Reasonably happy with my offering - Normandy apple tart. Pastry slightly overdone as filling needed longer to cook. Looks ok. I’m going to make some amaretto cream to go with it. Up against boss who has made choc caramel. I’d vote for hers!
Fi I’d be saying ‘told you so’ by now. Admire your discretion!
Hope you get some answers re: pool steps twins
Poor Bruce clearly is very deprived 😉
Hope you are feeling better today Eva. Your sister is lovely for offering to clean.
Jack is hoping to get signed off from college today. He’s submitted his final work for marking yesterday and fingers crossed it has all passed. Today he may just need to make minor adjustments if necessary then he’s all done. Next step is a years apprenticeship.
Ploppy is off to south coast tomorrow with a primary school party for the weekend. Home then off for a week on Isle of W. Home then off to Paris! I’m working lol
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 20, 2019, 08:06
Ali I hope that you win the bake off ........ or come second to the boss if that is your wish ;) Best wishes to Ploppy for his travels, I hope he enjoys the the time away. Is it only the first trip he is helping with the child care?

Carol, so they sort of described the pool. Not good enough, I hope you are going for a partial refund. I would not be able to get into (or out of) the pool at all.

I'm off to Hereford tomorrow. Looking forward to it. I'll have a walk about the city before it is time for tea before the show, not a place I've looked about before. Not a bad show :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQyD87JpaOI&pbjreload=10

Off to have a look at new phones
Ali wrote:
Thursday, June 20, 2019, 14:53
Jo, both our tarts were very tasty so down to the customers to vote now! Pics are on fb
All 3 of ploppy’s trips are school parties. He doesn’t mind as long as they behave while he’s driving lol
Diana wrote:
Thursday, June 20, 2019, 15:34

Ploppy & I went to see 9 to 5 musical last night. It was OK but not great, not as good as the film, thought he cast were mostly good. We sat near the top and there was quite a steep drop so I held onto the seats when moving around.

I printed some walks around London yesterday - the TfL site has some good ones, mostly starting and ending at tube/rail stations. There are so many places I either haven't been to or only in passing. Might do one through Green Park, Hyde Park and Ken. Gardens next week, depending on the weather. Nice to walk through some gardens or by water at this time of year. It's a bit limited near us for nice walks; there are some woods but I prefer to walk in more open areas, especially if it's sunny. After I'd done some chores this morning I went out walking for just over an hour, keeping an eye on the clouds but fortunately got back before it rained, just had some dampness in the air. Had lunch and then watched two more episodes of K*lling Eve. Tomorrow we're going to pick up the repaired old vacuum and go to W*ckes/H*mebase to replace a couple of things that are broken.

Sorry you were poorly the other day, Jane, hope you've been OK since.

Glad you had a lovely time in LD, Fi.

Shame about the pool, Carol, especially for MM. Hope you were able to sort something with the rep. Don't think I'd be able to get out of a pool without steps unless it was a kid's pool! I don't like the vertical metal steps at the spa & gym pool in SA.

Very good news about your latest test results, Eva, especially given the stress you've had recently.

Ali, hope Ploppy enjoys his trips.

Have a lovely time in Hereford tomorrow, Jo.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, June 20, 2019, 16:02
Hi everyone. I am just popping on so you all know I am still here! We are obviously doing the same things so hard to have anything original to say. Love the villa, such a shame about the pool, but the rep has been today and it looks likely we will be able to get things a bit better soon. Fingers crossed as getting out is a challenge! Not ruining our enjoyment of a lovely holiday as everything else is good. We are having a villa night tonight then out tomorrow.

Eva thanks for asking about my rash thingy. It is better than it was but is still with me and I feel could flare up again. Just hoping not! Your insultant sounds so nice, I think kissing him would be fine! Your youngest sister is a poppet.

Enjoy your show in Hereford Jo. Lovely cathedral there!

Good luck with the tart Ali, they both sound scrummy! Good luck to Plppy with all the school kids!

Your walks sound fab Diana and a very good idea.

Hope you are all better now Jane.

Back when I can.

Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, June 20, 2019, 21:27
Had great day yesterday meeting our friends from Sh.ffield - at a stately home near L.ncoln. Not the best weather but not nearly as wet as predicted. They also had a fab farm shop and cafe. A lovely day out. Today I was just leaving my gym after my early swim when had ph call from Jules to see if ploppy and I fancied meeting her and her husband for morning coffee! Quick dash home to collect ploppy and we met at a local cafe. She is on WW diet and lost 3/4 st in 4 wks. She looks good.
Twins - that pool does not sound ideal for MM - or anyone! Hope it does get sorted soon. Your market excursion and meal sound great. Good to hear itch not so itchy! You must be relaxing Pauline.
Your tart looks fab on FB Ali. Both of you would make worthy winners.
Jo - I have never been to H.reford but heard good things about it. And a concert too. A double treat. I would be interested in your phone decision. I need new ph but have been very lazy in doing anything about it. Did research 6 wks ago and have now forgotten it all.
Diana - gosh you are doing a lot of walking Diana. If you had a f.tbit it would be going to overdrive!
Eva - youngest sis is lovely. So good you have each other for support. No wonder your handsome insultant is pleased with you, you have done so well.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, June 21, 2019, 05:57
Morning and quite windy here. Sun just peeping out. Not at all cold just gusty wind. In fact yesterday a guest blew sun parasol into pool. Fortunately we were in the pool and managed to save it before it did more than drop one side in. MM happened to be out of the pool and Lindy and I held it aloft whilst he came and retrieved it. The one step, well seat ledge really, that you have to use to get out is a two foot drop from the top, so you can understand the problem. Rep on the case! Apart from that we had a relaxing day, after the pool cleaner and the gardeners had all paid us a visit, and the alarm in next villa had gone off twice! Today we are off to Mijas Pueblo, lovely little village half way up the mountain. Wonderful views from there. Seems longer than a week since we were getting ready and packing to go to Twin’s.

Ali well done on the bake, it looks lovely on FB. So Ploppy no regrets on career change, sounds like he is having a wonderful time. Paris indeed! Fingers crossed for Jack.

Ah Hereford Jo, as Twin says lovely Cath’dral there. Well worth a visit. MM and. I stayed there some years ago, and then we visited a couple of years ago when we stayed in W’cester with Twin and Lindy. Enjoy the concert.

Thanks for letting us know about N to 5 Diana, still not sure if we will go and see it. Might wait for closer to end of run as ticket deals will be around. Lovely idea about walking through L’don, especially the parks. You can see so much more when you walk. Fingers crossed for the vacuxxm.

Sounds like you had a lovely time near L’con Fi and well done to Jxlxs on the weight loss too. Which S Home did you visit? Might be one we visited when the Chrises lived up there.

Sun now saying hello here. We always sit out first thing with our coffees, still in our pjs, and we put the world to rights. Hope all is ok with Eva.
TK wrote:
Friday, June 21, 2019, 08:24
Running late. So really got to get changed and go, via the garage for petrol!!

Hope all have a good day.

Bruce will be with Mr and Mrs ExP and TK will be fed by Felf ...... again
evam wrote:
Friday, June 21, 2019, 15:54
Afternoon all.
Dear me,- what a palaver! We've been without internet since yesterday morning. The provider has been working for 2 days to set everything right again, and to check that it's working. Sounds great, doesn't it? It wasn't. It turned out that my wifi didn't work, and there was one young man here for almost an hour and a half to sort it. He did, but he changed all my network passwords at the same time, so I've been sitting here trying to reconnect all my devices again. I have managed all, except for one, so it's off to the elctrical store tomorrow to spend £ 65 on a device which I already have, but which is refusing to play ball with the new password! I think it's a choice between bying a new laptop and bying a new gizmo, so gizmo it is!
I have been to I*ea today, and of course spent more money than I intended. I only wanted a new blind for my study, but ended up with different things, including a new dressing gown! No, I didn't know until today that I*ea sells clothing as well. (It's a very nice one, perfect to fit in a suitcase when I go travelling).

After all this brain work, I intend to collapse in front of the telly. I just wanted you to know that I'm still alive, although my internet connection was dead for a long time!

See you tomorrow.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, June 22, 2019, 05:40
Morning from warm and sunny Spain. Hope you enjoyed H’ford Jo. Anything interesting to see there? I presume you might have gone up and back in one day. So jumping merchandise alive and well in Nxrwxy then Eva.....and not only that, but they are now selling clothes! How annoying about the internet and the gizmo. Hope you manage to sort it all out today. Nothing worse than being without internet, makes you realise how much we all rely on it these days.

Had a lovely day yesterday. The village was as we remembered and the views are stunning. We managed a little little light rt and a new small leather bag leapt at me. We had a lovely lunch in a very up market restaurant at a table overlooking the view. MM had ham and melon, Lindy and Twin had prawn cocktail whilst I had asparagus. Twin and I then had sole fillets in a cream and prawn sauce, Lindy had pork fillet and MM had pork medallions. We finished the meal with lemon sorbet and coffee. After lunch we wandered back to the car and drove back to the villa......where we all fell asleep! Today we are to sit by the sea and people watch as it is villa cleaning day.
evam wrote:
Saturday, June 22, 2019, 10:23
Morning all. It's a wishy-washy day weatherwise, but world peace has been recovered internet/chromecast wise. This is the device (gizmo) which has helped me to stream from U* telly to my TV:


I took it with me to my nerd, explained the problem and asked if I needed to buy a new gizmo. He said he'd try it, and came back to me, explaining what I had !to do with the one I had, and how to do it. Not necessary to spend a lot of money on a new one. I almost kissed him, but I contended myself with writing down what I had to do. I came home and set to, and...............HALLELUJA! It works. 👏👏😄😄How about that?

I still have those coughing fits, but the cough medicine the handsome consultant gave me, at least lets me sleep relatively well for 4-5 hours every night, so I'm not complaining,- yet!

When I've finished this post, I'll start putting up the new blind. Fun,- NOT!, but it has to be done. After I moved into the larger bedroom and made that my study, I'm having problems with the light. It's too bright, streaming through the windows, makes it almost impossible to see the laptop screen, even with the ordinary blind down, so now I bought one that will block out the light completely. Hopefully it will now be possible to see what's on the screen (except a reflection of myself, nice as I am to look at! 😜) During the winter and early spring it's not a problem, but now with the sun so high up and strong, it has been increasingly difficult. I first noticed it when I came home from my holiday, so it was about time I do something.

Carol,- your holiday is idyllic, and your meals scrumtious. Go on as you've started! You can send your cleaning lady to me, please. 😜
Diana wrote:
Saturday, June 22, 2019, 17:36

At last a couple of mostly sunny days with more forecast for the week ahead. The air's still cool when the sun goes in but sounds like it's going to warm up. We're going to my parents on Monday to take them out for the day so want good weather.

We picked up the repaired vacuum yesterday. Don't think I said that the shop is run by a former neighbour - didn't recognise him though he recognised me. We had a nice chat and he's going to knock next time he's visiting another neighbour. We got a new bolt for the lounge door and door latch for one of my bedroom cupboards. Hoping Ploppy will fit them soon! Cleaned a couple more windows and then spent the rest of the day in the garden, mostly reading though did a bit of cutting back. This morning I walked to Sains. for a small shop and then lazed in the garden.

What a pain that you didn't have an internect connection, Eva. Good that you didn't need to buy a new device and well done on getting it to work.

Sorry you're still itching, Pauline, hope it continues to improve.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, June 23, 2019, 05:46
Morning, Just having our morning coffee whilst watching the sun coming up. Had a lovely time watching the world go by yesterday morning. We have found a really nice cafe serving very nice coffee. It is on a corner so we get a lovely little breeze. We came back to a very clean villa and spent the afternoon by the pool. We did watch the joy that is C’lty in the evening! Today is another pool day although MM and I are planning on a quick visit to the local street market as the sole has come off one of his sandals so he needs a new pair!

Eva your nerd is a treasure. Wonderful that you didn’t have to buy a new gizmo. Of course the medicine that the nice insultant gave you is helping your cough, I would expect nothing less. Hopefully you found the new blind easy to put up and iit is doing its job.

Diana how funnY that your ex neighbour was running the vacuum repair shop and you didn’t know. Glad to hear the weather allowed some lazing and reading in the garden. Think you might be lucky with your trip to your parents tomorrow having seen the UK forecast. At least our garden shouldn’t be too much in need of watering by our neighbour after last week.
evam wrote:
Sunday, June 23, 2019, 08:33
Morning all. It's an overcast day here, but not raining.

Yesterday afternoon turned out to be a DIY marathon! 😓 Why do these things always happen to me? Where is an extra pair of hands/arms when I need them? When I took down the old blind, I thought this would be easy, peasy! HA! I couldn't use the old "holders" on each side for the new blind, so had to screw in new ones. The rest should be easy then? HA! Trying to slot in a blind in it's holders when they are 1.40 m (Jo?) apart is nearly impossible, especially when you realise that the new blind is 0.5 cm (Jo?) too long and will not fit in the holders. Then there is the question: How do you manage to hold the blind up the whole length so you can fasten it? Answer: With great difficulties! First I had to saw off 0.5 cem of metal (Yes, I do have a metal saw), then try again. Let's just say that it took me 2 hours to fit the blind, with much swearing and sweating. But at least now I can see the screen without looking at the reflection of myself!

Today is mother's birthday. She would have been 95 years old. Youngest sister, Iselin, Emilian and I are taking father to put red roses on her grave, and Emilian will plant some daisies. Tomorrow is father's birthday (92), and youngest sister has invited him and myself for a birthday lunch.

Diana,- hope you have a nice visit with your parents. It's always good to have handymen handy in the neighbourhood.

Carol,- as you can see from my story, it wasn't an easy fit!🤬 I heard on the news yesterday that a heathwave is due over Europe, and that it will start in Spain. It might be necessary to stay permanently in the pool!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, June 24, 2019, 05:55
Morning and another sunny day. We might just miss the heatwave Eva, although I think it is due to hit the UK next weekend. I see you had a struggle with the blind. Not sure manufacturers ever make blinds quite the right size. MM managed to find some sandals at the market although we almost didn’t get there as parking was horrendous. We eventually managed to find one as someone was vacating a space as we were considering abandoning our mission. We were also assailed by a nice jumping cotton top which MM bought for me. We then went and had a coffee sitting by the sea. Rest of the day was spent at the villa. Today we are having another lazy day and then out for tapas in a little village later. Can’t believe we are now into our second week.
evam wrote:
Monday, June 24, 2019, 08:32
Morning all. It's a nice day here, and according to the weather forecast it will last until tomorrow.

I called father this morning to say Happy Birthday and was told that I had the day wrong, and that it wasn't until tomorrow. It was mother's birthday today. I reminded him that we'd been to her grave yesterday with flowers, and that today I was picking him up later for lunch at youngest sister. I had to explain this twice before he understood what I was talking about! And the SS says that there is nothing wrong with him! 🤬

Have you seen that England and Norway will meet later this week to play football against each other. Women football, that is. I may even watch it. The problem will be who to cheer on, so I have decided to yell " HEIA NORGE" one minute and then "COME ON ENGLAND" the next. That should even things out, eh?

Carol,- good if the heath wave doesn't reach Spain before you leave, because up to + 40 degrees was mentioned.😰 Isn't it strange how the time fly when you're on holiday and enjoying yourself?
Ali wrote:
Monday, June 24, 2019, 12:09
Afternoon. We’ve been out for birthday breakfast for Jack who is 17 today! Birthday cake is in oven (carrot as it’s his favourite) and I’ll ice it after my singing rehearsal.
Such an exhausting weekend. Worked at a wedding Sat afternoon/evening. Friends of my boss, who I know too. Such a gorgeous day, beautiful bride, very laid back and relaxed. Started work at 8.30 yesterday and we were booked solid with drop ins too. Majority of people (we served 100+) were very understanding but group of cyclists didn’t get served straight away so left poor review on fb. Fortunately other customers left great review on tripadvisor. But it sours the day as we all worked so hard and then to be accused of being rude ...
Good/bad news I won bake off round so now through to final in July 😱
Your first week has flown twins
Eva I do despair of your ss 😡
Will attempt proper catch up tonight
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 07:10
Morning and another lunch very sunny start. Yes we saw that we would be playing Nxrwxy next....feel it will be a calmer game than the one with Cxmxrxxn, according to the reports! Hope you father enjoyed his birthday lunch. Forgot to ask if MrsS has now come back to Spxxn? As Ali says we despair of your SS.

Ali joe can Jack be 17? It just isn’t possible! I am sure the carrot cake was a triumph...like the apple tart which put you into the final! See you had a super busy weekend. I feel the cyclist customers aren’t the sort you would want back, and lively that other clients posted excellent reviews. Some people are just impatient and surly.

Had a lovely evening out last night and ate in a pretty little square. Today off down the coast and will have lunch out.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 08:53
Sorry I was MIA yesterday. This retirement lark is very busy. Walk dog, Pilates, phone JL tech line about new phone- get it fixed by a lovely lady talking me through it- neither her or I could work out what I'd done (it was just one of those do it 2 times more and it works thing). Then it was walk dog and carry on setting up phone (still not finished but I can text, make a call and Tw**t, so I'm OK for now. With eating, a bit of tidying, visiting and washing thrown in. Time does go quickly as I'm on permanent holiday!!

Eva are you writing these examples of your father's problem down so you can present dated examples of the problems? On Friday I was told about one of our neighbours who seems to be beginning dementia. Sad, she is not much older than me.

Ali- Well done (or not) on your bake off competition. And Jack is not 17, we don't believe you.

BBC weather web says it will rain this morning and the mid 70s (approx 24C) no rain this afternoon, so quite warm.

Just watching The Saint :)
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 09:11
Morning all.

Know what you mean, Jo, about retirement being busy.

We had a nice day out with my parents yesterday. There were frequent spits and spots of rain but fortunately didn't come to anything. The gardens were pretty but expensive for the size. We had a nice lunch at the gardens and on the way back stopped for a short walk round the ruins of Cowdr*y house. We left my parents' earlier than intended as the M23 was being shut overnight for roadworks.

I heard a rumble of thunder in the night and it rained early this morning but think we missed the worst. I'm probably going to walk to the shops soon and was hoping to take some more stuff to the dump but think Ploppy will want to leave it given the stuff will be wet, it's already after ten and he's golfing this pm. New lawn mower is being delivered tomorrow so one of us has to stay in.

Ali, well done I think on winning the baking round.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 09:30
Doh, Eva I've just done a memory lapse thing. I've lost the receipt (recycled it) for the phone I bought, but the tech lady helped me anyway. I had a sudden thought this morning that I should really get the receipt. I do know when I bought it as I paid by card. Looked on the JL site and saw that they keep records of your in store purchases if you have their 'My' card. Of course I have that card!! So my receipt is online. Hooray for technology.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 10:31
Morning all. It's a miserable day weatherwise with relentless rain, but a good day for going shopping, which is what I did. I needed some food, the chemist and to buy a few more holiday presents for the little ones. I always do this, and I buy games they can play either alone or with friends. I bought the last two today, a Ladder Game (which I'd played with Emilian) for Andreas and a strange puzzle for Emilian. I needed something that will keep him occupied on the long flight to Canada in August. I asked the girl in the shop for help, and she showed me a new one, called IQ Fit. It says from age 6, on the box, but the girl said that her 5 1/2 year old son played it and loved it. When I told her that Emilian already had started playing both chess and bakgammon, she said it would be ideal for him.
Yesterday's lunch at youngest sister's was very nice. The weather was good, so we could sit on the terrace and eat. She'd made a Hungarian dish which we all love. After the uprising in Hungary in 1956, a lot of people fled the country. Amongst them were a couple who ended up in our house. We called them Auntie Maria and Uncle Julius. We became their new family, and they lived with us for almost 10 years. Auntie Maria served us this dish which has stayed in the family under the name of Auntie Maria's dish! I'm sure we were told the Hungarian name, but that has disappeared in the mist of time.

Ali,- congrats (definitely! 👏) on the baking win. I agree with the others,- no way is Jack 17!

Diana,- glad you had a good day with your parents. Can I guess who'll be staying at home for the arrival of the new lawn mower? 😜

Jo,- I won't say WE TOLD YOU SO about the retirement lark. OPS! I did it anyway. You can join father in the lost memory group, or I could be kind and just call it a senior moment.😜 As for making notes of every time father forgets where he is, what time and day it is, is not necessary, because it happens every day!

Carol,- enjoy your day out.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 12:12
Hi all

A quick post to let you know I've not forgotten you. The dizziness and fatigue are still causing me issues. Not as bad as last week but still bad enough. Even though I got to my medieval show this weekend I wasn't that useful. I spent Saturday lying down in a tent. :-(

I hope everyone is well - and that everyone who got to Hereford (Jo) had a great time.

I hope the twins are having a lovely time on holiday.

Eva - one of our knights has decided to move to Norway. Not near Bergen unfortunately. Otherwise I'd have got him to introduce himself!

Sorry I need to get off the PC and have a rest.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 13:28
Bruce reminded me this morning that we have run out of the small dog biscuits. Well he asked for a little biscuit and there were none. So we walked to the garden centre or as the Little dog and Bruce say, the dog self service centre. I picked up his supplies and thought I'd have a look at the clothing, he was a true 'man', I could almost hear the tutting as I stopped to look at things. We had to leave quite quickly as he was getting a bit short tempered, much to the amusement of the shop assistant and some shoppers. Dogs are allowed in the garden centre, so I assume that includes the concessions. No one told me otherwise.

Walked back over the fields. It was lovely ....... but humid. It has been ages since sweat has dripped off me like that. Bruce was fine, we weren't rushing.

Jane look after yourself. I hope you feel better very soon. Places to go people to see.........................
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 15:51
Hi- and what a dark rainy day. went yesterday with ploppy and his tw.tching group to see the Ospr.ys at a local lake/reservoir. enjoyed it and rain stayed away. then gardened. had weekend of parties as local big house in our village was celebrating 100ysrs of their family living there. Sat eve was private party and barn dance with firew.rks. Sun eve was fundraising concert for local church. 100 musicians. great fun, neither night warm (even Sat night which was in marquee) but no rain.
Today we have done something very adventurous – for us anyway. We bought a sports car!! Well ploppy did. It is 9 yrs old – and bright red. Long story but ploppy had one when I met him and my parents had lent me money to buy my (more sensible car). Sloppy wanted me to pay her back the money before we got married (don’t mention fact that sis never had to pay her car loan back!) so ploppy had to sell his car. I always promised him that one day he could have another sports car. With the very unexpected inheritance from step mum I told ploppy to buy one. He only picked it up today – but loves it. We are off To N.rfolk at w/e to give it a good run. A bit daring (it is bright red!!) for my liking – but he loves it.
Carol – we went to Dodd.ngton Hall. Enjoy your day out – your hol sounds lovely and relaxing.
Diana – sounds like a good day with your parents. You would have been swimming to shops here this morning! Better now.
Ali- congratulations/commiserations on bake off success! Gosh is “baby” Jack 17 – where do the yrs go!
Jo – I see you have joined the retiree gad abouts who never stop still!
Jane – Good that you got to your show. Not so good about the dizziness - hope it goes soon.
Eva – you are a very good and very “great” aunt. How come the H.ngarian couple ended up living with you – was there a family connection? We had a Cz.ch prof of m.ths staying with us when Pr.gue invasion happened but he had promised his family he would go back – so he did. My father and he corresponded regularly – in G.elic!! we always wondered what the R.ssian censors made of it!
G/f has tasked me with making wedding favors – Sco tablet (very sweet and hard fudge – but even yummier!) . BUT vegan!! I have tried to convince her that Sco Food and Healthy eating don’t go tog but she is convinced we can do it. Failed at first hurdle ( I need to start practicing now) as can’t find any v.gan butter (Yes, seemingly there is such a thing!) in our very unhealthy city!
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 06:22
Morning and yet another lovely day here. All very relaxing apart from poor Twin still suffering from the lumps and itches. We need to get her sorted as soon as she is home. Had a lovely day yesterday. Sat on the beach for our coffee.....little restaurant sited on the sand and Lindy went for a paddle along the shoreline. Lunch was lovely, MM and I had avocado prawns, Twin had ham and melon and Lindy had croquettes. Lindy and I then had grilled salmon, Twin had lamb chops and MM had duck in red berry sauce. All delicious. We all decided on just coffees afterwards, but they came with slices of home made cake. We arrived back at the villa to find we had a power cut; not sure when it went off, but it was out for about an hour when we got home. Fortunately it then came back on, just as well because of course it was HC last night!

Jo we all warned you about retirement....not enough hours in the day. So you are coming to terms with the new phone then (with a little help from the nice people at JL). Yes the receipts are all on line from their purchases, and has proved very handy in the past!

Good that you had a lovely trip to your parents Diana, and managed to dodge the rain. Wise to avoid the X23 closure I think.

Eva, hopefully the rain has now left you and warm weather heading your way. Still I see you made good use of your time. I am sure the boys will love their holiday presents, so Emilia off to Cxnxda. I am sure he will be looking forward that. What a lovely story about your Hungarian “aunt and uncle” . Lovely that you have a special recipe to remember them by.

Sorry you are still suffering Lady J, and it affected your weekend. Sending hugs.

Ah we didn’t visit D Hall, Fi. We went once but it was closed for some reason and we never made it back there. So a red sports car. I always wanted a two seater pale blue MG when I was in my teens, but never managed it! Good luck with the favours!

A day by the pool today. We are wondering if the sprinkler system has been affected by the power cut......if so we might get an unexpected shower when we are on our sun beds.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 08:41
just resting before my 2nd walk of the day. Watching The Saint!! Lovely, esp as it is one I don't remember
evam wrote:
Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 17:07
Afternoon all.
Just want to let you know that I’m not well at all. My coughing fits have been so bad at times that I’ve been throwing up. I hope I can get an emergency appointment with my GP tomorrow.
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 21:03
Oh no Eva - that does not sound good. Hope that today's rest has helped you recover and that if not then the GP can help.
And oohms for Pauline's itches. not good but esp not when on holiday. As you say Carol - she needs to be sorted!
I had P.lates today and then went fro a walk round my village with one of the ladies from my P.lates group. we ended up at our church which is mentioned in all good church guides and she was intrigued by all the R.man and An Saxon history there,. Actually that was a fib - we ended up (after ch.rch) in our local coffee shop and shared a cake - yum (tho not as good as Ali's I am sure) Just returned from a ch.rch meeting.
Jo - you and Bruce will wear your feet away with all your walking.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, June 27, 2019, 05:26
Morning and can’t believe we only have two days left. We had a lovely relaxing day yesterday. The pool was like very and warm yesterday (we have sort of mastered getting out now, but villa manager contacting the owners about having a ladder put in. Too late for us alas, but apparently we are the first people to mention the problem!).

So sorry to hear you are u well again Eva. Sending oooohhhmmms and hoping that the doctor can sort you out with antibis or something.

Jo I agree with Fi.....your feet will be worn away at this rate!

Lovely to go for a walk around the village with one of your pxlxtes chums, and to show her your church....also loved that your walk ended up in the tea shop with coffee and cake!

Today is MM and my 32nd w anni! Don’t know where all that time has gone. We are all off out to dinner this evening; at restaurant we ate at on our last day two years ago. It has wonderful views over the mountains. Off for coffee by the sea this morning....it is gardeners’ day so thought we would go out. Afternoon by the pool and the dinner. It is a hard life😎.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, June 27, 2019, 05:26
Morning and can’t believe we only have two days left. We had a lovely relaxing day yesterday. The pool was like very and warm yesterday (we have sort of mastered getting out now, but villa manager contacting the owners about having a ladder put in. Too late for us alas, but apparently we are the first people to mention the problem!).

So sorry to hear you are u well again Eva. Sending oooohhhmmms and hoping that the doctor can sort you out with antibis or something.

Jo I agree with Fi.....your feet will be worn away at this rate!

Lovely to go for a walk around the village with one of your pxlxtes chums, and to show her your church....also loved that your walk ended up in the tea shop with coffee and cake!

Today is MM and my 32nd w anni! Don’t know where all that time has gone. We are all off out to dinner this evening; at restaurant we ate at on our last day two years ago. It has wonderful views over the mountains. Off for coffee by the sea this morning....it is gardeners’ day so thought we would go out. Afternoon by the pool and the dinner. It is a hard life😎.
TK wrote:
Thursday, June 27, 2019, 09:13
Bruce had a good play with his friends this morning. I have to stop him running about as he gets too tired, then flops down before he can walk home. He is an old boy but thinks he is a youngster.

I'm going to try to do some sorting today as I'm away for 3 days from tomorrow.

Carol, time does go very quickly when you are having fun, true of holidays and your marriage........ and apparently retirement
evam wrote:
Thursday, June 27, 2019, 10:23
Morning all.
Just back from seeing my GP, and the double pneumonia is still there,- very lively it is too! 😡 I have been given a new antibiotica, told to take it easy and going to have an x-ray taken of both lungs on Tuesday. So lots of fun in front of me,- NOT!
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, June 27, 2019, 11:30
Hello all,

And thanks for all your good wishes.

I went to my GP yesterday and he gave me a thorough check. He can't find anything wrong so the fatigue must be due to the MDdS and nothing more sinister.

I pleased to say that I am feeling much better so Jo, I am hopeful that I'll be there for all three shows (though I am going to be sensible and if I am not well I'll duck out of the last one).

So Bruce is no more inclined to shopping than most two legged blokes then?

Sorry to hear that you are still suffering Eva. Rest, take your meds, get yourself well xxx

Only two days of your holiday left twins? Nice to know you had a lovely time.

What a pity the itching is back Pauline. Could the heat or the chlorine in the pool exacerbate it?

Ha ha ! Carol - do you think the owners usually only rent out to tall, athletic youths? Or perhaps we Brits are still too reserved to complain?

Fi - what a lovely thing to buy with your unexpected inheritance. I hope Ploppy and you really get to enjoy the new car! (Did Sloppy not read the memo? Brides' parents get the honour of forking out thousands when their little girls marry :-))

I must get on - I have to leave work early to do some cleaning ready for the weekend. VIP guests don't you know!
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, June 28, 2019, 05:24
Morning and our last day. This time tomorrow we will be on our way to the airport.

Oh dear Eva, that’s not good. Let’s hope the new anti is will do the trick. I hope you are paying heed to the instruction to ‘rest’. Sending hugs. Sorry about the footie last night.

So Bruce thinks he is a puppy does he Jo. Bless. Have a safe and enjoyable few days...going anywhere nice? Seeing anything special?

Lady J good that the GP didn’t find anything untoward, as you say the chronic fatigue is obviously due to your condition but wise to be checked out. Fingers crossed you are up to travelling .....who knows you might bump into Jo!

Had a lovely morning yesterday people watching whilst drinking coffee. Came back and spent the afternoon around and in the pool. I did get a little burnt, but nothing to worry about. Our meal n the evening was lovely too and another opportunity to people watch! Today we have elected to have another day at the villa. It is likely to be another hot day (there have been forest fires in the north of the country) and to do our packing later this afternoon ready for our early start tomorrow.....although nothing like the early start when we flew out!

Fi9 wrote:
Friday, June 28, 2019, 08:01
Carol - belated happy anniversary. As Jo says doesn't time go fast when you are enjoying yourselves! Twins - enjoy your last day by the pool. you will return to full heat here seemingly - tho at moment it is chilly here and i am putting extra jacket in car. tho no space in boot - aargh! ploppy so excited about our trip . Carol - I would have chosen a less dramatic colour but as going 2nd hand we didn't have a lot(any) choice - it was a good bargain!
Eva - sorry to hear you are struck by the dreaded pn.umonia again. And hope you are able to rest and let the meds do their work.
Jane - always good to know that there are no underlying other health issues. Hope the dizziness goes away soon. another one , like Eva, who needs to rest.
My chauffeur awaits - i have my hats and scarves to tie my hair down!!
Enjoy your weekend everyone
Diana wrote:
Friday, June 28, 2019, 09:13
Morning all.

Beautiful day yesterday and hopefully today will be similar.

I'm off to Wh*tley Bay early tomorrow for the weekend. Decided to treat myself to a couple of days by the sea as I've not been to that area before so seeing Lee tomorrow evening and aiming to have a walk along the coast to the next town, Tynemouth, on Sunday.

Oh no, Eva, so sorry you're poorly again. Sending love and hugs, and hope you're feeling at least a bit better today.

Twins, your holiday has flown by. Belated happy anniversary, Carol. Enjoy your last day and hope the flight's on time tomorrow and you have a good journey home.

Have a good weekend, Fi, and enjoy the drive in the new car.

Safe journeys, Jo & Jane, and hopefully see you both tomorrow.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, June 30, 2019, 07:08
Morning. Sun is shining but there is a welcome breeze. Unlike yesterday when it was very oppressive. I had a couple of days off last week. Nothing planned but just took the opportunity to recharge my batteries a little, get my hair coloured and cut, rehearse with my singing trio, do housework etc. Unfortunately while I was off the troublesome chef handed in her notice. While it is for the best it has once again left us short-staffed temporarily. Today will be interesting as we have boss’s husband washing up to free up one of the weekend staff to help me out front and boss is cooking with head chef!
Jack’s driving licence arrived on weds and instructor fitted him in for a lesson on Fri. He enjoyed it and has booked next one.
Lots of comings and goings around us: next door neighbours and the couple across the road both moved out yesterday. Wonder who we’ll get instead?
Better get ready for work. Enjoy the sunshine. Safe journeys to anyone travelling. Get well wishes to Eva xx
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, June 30, 2019, 08:32
Morning and we are safely home - well Twin not quite there yet!

Hope the concert goers had a wonderful time (of course they did). Good idea to explore the area Diana. I see no Eva for the last couple of days, so sending oooohhhhhmmmmmmmms and hugs.

Ali, I can see troublesome chef going is good in one way, but a problem is others. Hopefully you won’t be too run off your feet today!!

We didn’t have quite the ending to our holiday that we would have liked. We were up early so that we could leave the villa at about 7am to give us plenty of time to get the car returned and check in for our 10.20 am flight back to Lxton. Had an easy journey, sorted out the car return and were driven to the airport, arriving at about 8am. Checked the screens for our check in desk and saw the word “CANCELLED” alongside our flight! Finally found the E’jxt booth and joined a queue of people who were obviously booked on our flight. Eventually got to the front of the queue and were offered either a flight to G’wick at 9pm, or one to G’wick today at 5.30pm!! After quick consultation we opted for the 9om to G’wick last night. EJ said to keep receipts for food etc and we think we are due compensation for the cancellation. We still had our luggage with us as we were told we couldn’t check in until 7pm. We now know Malaga airport very well having spent 13 hours there! Fortunately we found a little cafe and they let us spend most of the day there - we kept going with water, coffee, and snacks there and generally people watched and played cards. At least we were in aircon! At about 5pm there was some activity on the EJ desks for a flight to M’chester, so we asked EJ staff if we could check our bags in early for our flight and they let us put them through at about 5.15pm. We then paid the 30 euros each to go up and sit in the VIP lounge, where we could enjoy very tasty snacks and drinks in the lovely air con and on comfy seats!! Fortunately flight to Gatwick was on time so no further delays!!

We landed at Gatwick at 10.45 - (11.45 to us of course on Spanish time) and fortunately not too many people around at that time so luggage came through quickly. We had rung our local cab company during the day and a driver collected us about 11. We dropped Lindy off first so we could collect our spare key (our car and keys still being at Twine's of course!). Fell into bed and just woken. Lindy is collecting us at 11 am this morning and driving us over to Twin’s (we did allow her to stay with us overnight!) to collect our cars and keys and our overnight things from when we stayed the night before we flew.

As I said not the ending to the holiday we would have liked! Ejxt said to keep receipts for any food or expenses so we can claim, plus of course we were delayed for 11 hours (and returned to the wrong airport to boot) so I think they owe us compensation. We did manage to pick up some milk and bread at LGW so at least we can have coffee and toast this morning!!!
evam wrote:
Sunday, June 30, 2019, 09:26
Morning all. It's another miserable day here weatherwise, so just as well I don't have any plans for going outside.
The last couple of days have gone in a bit of a blur. I've slept a lot, so the new antibis must have had dynamite strength as well. I slept quite well last night and felt better when I woke up, at 5 am as per usual. As the morning has gone quietly along, I've been thinking that maybe the cough has gone away. How wrong was I? I've just had another coughing fit as I sat down by the pooter, and now feel completely drained again.

Carol,- that journey home sounds like it was made for nightmares! I should think you're owed a sizeable compensation from the airline. But, as someone so discreetly put it: Sh*t happens! Glad you're back home in one piece.

Ali,- another chef bites the dust, eh? No end to the problems for you. I sincerely hope you can get it sorted soon. Good luck to Jack with his license. How did the washing up go? 😂

I am sure the concert goers have had a fabulous time.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, June 30, 2019, 16:04
Afternoon all.

Glad to see you're on the mend, Eva, but take it easy, don't rush it.

Hope a replacement chef can be found quickly, Ali.

What a shame your holiday ended badly, Twins. Hanging around an airport and with your luggage for 12 hours is no fun. Hope you get decent compensation.

My weekend away got of to a bad start as I stupidly left my little backpack (containing my Kindle and camera among other stuff) in the toilets at K*ngs X. I realised as I was getting on the train so tore back to the other end of the station, found that someone had kindly handed the bag in and was able to get it back. Raced back to the train and made it with a couple of mins to spare. From Newc*stle I took the metro to W. Bay - the train was packed with people going to the coast for the afternoon. Ate my sandwich on the promenade, then checked into my hotel on the seafront. It had been lovely in London but started misting over at York, and was breezy, partly sunny and decidedly cooler in WB. I had a walk along the promenade, went back to shower and change, then had an early dinner of a large portion of fish & chips. While I was waiting for the fish to be cooked, I turned round to find Lee, in shorts, standing behind me - he was getting some chips. We chatted briefly before he went to join his friends. Jo, Jane, Ro & Olwen were at the theatre when I arrived so we caught up before the concert. Another good evening with an appreciative audience. Afterwards I walked back to the hotel along the front.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, June 30, 2019, 16:28
I had a good night and after breakfast set of to explore. I've walked at least 8 miles but enjoyed it. Walked south by the sea through Cullerc*ats to Tynem*uth, with several beautiful sandy beaches. Looked at the ruins of an old priory, statue of Amiral Collingw*od, walked part way along the pier at entrance to the Tyne and then the village. Turned back and retraced my steps. Popped into the hotel then sat down by the beach with an ice cream for my lunch. I read for a while then decided to walk to the far end of the bay to see the lighthouse which is on an island linked by a causeway covered by the sea at high tide. It's been breezy all day and mostly overcast with some sun after midday, and a few spots of rain and light shower mid pm. Going to have an early dinner at the Italian restaurant next to the hotel. I need to leave by mid morning tomorrow so will probably have a short walk along the promenade after breakfast before getting the train. Hope to come back to this area again, so many places to see and it is a beautiful coastline.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, July 1, 2019, 07:30
Morning and it started off bright and sunny but is now clouding over and we have quite a strong breeze. I think it is due to be about 20/21C today so quite pleasant.

Eva, sounds like you need your rest and the antibis are helping in that Sleep can do you nothing but good I feel. Not so good that the cough is still with you. Is it tomorrow you have your scan? Yes, not the end to the holiday that we would have liked, but at least we had a lovely time before the airport fiasco started! Imagine if we had had an awful time and then that happened!

So after the initial panic (reminded me of leaving my purse with all my money in it in a phone box at Glxstxnbxry Txr many years ago. We were en route to Wxlls, and I had called my parents (no mobiles then!). We had driven off before I realised, so dashed back and fortunately it was still where I had left it (on top of the black box) – MM did a similar thing in Pix Circus and someone handed it in – thank heaven for honest people! So you had an impromptu one to one with Himself – wonderful! I had a colleague once who came from W Bay – it always sounded a lovely place. She said there were lots of lovely sandy beaches around. Liking the sound of the ice cream lunch! Hopefully you enjoyed your meal in the evening. Safe journey home today.

Pleased to report we now have the car back. Lindy came round exactly on time and we put Twin’s suitcase and hand luggage into the car and off we went. Have to say Twin’s garden (whilst needing a little work on the lawn) looked lovely and her rose arch was fabulous! We then left Twin and drove back home (I went with Lindy to make sure she didn’t get lost, and MM followed in our car). There had been a problem on the X40 on the way up, so we had done a devious back route to get to the X25, all was well for our return though. We then went and did a mini shop so that we had some food in the house. Afternoon was spent sorting out the cases and doing the washing. In the evening we caught up with the last three episodes of the Lxxming Txwer – which was excellent if harrowing. After that it was fall into bed. This morning off to SLAPPAS (so back to normal) and then I have the i mountain for later of course. W’don starting so will be watching that I feel, along with Eva and Jo. Morning BHB, yes back to normal. Let’s grab the churros and the Lavendula and head for the conservatory. We should have plenty of time for a snuffle before the DCM joins us, and then we can tell you about our holiday and you can tell us about meeting up with all your friends.
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, July 1, 2019, 08:26
Morning. had fab time in N.rfolk. tho neither car nor colour would be my choice (all cars are metal boxes to get your from A to B in my view! ) ploppy was visibly cheerier and more relaxed than I have seen him in ages. he loves the car and is even loving driving again (he lost that love of it with the whole horribleness of losing his dr.ving l.cence ). so a lvleyw/e. beaches in N.rfolk were full (or car parks were) by 10am on sat so we went to local stately home (H.lkam H.ll) and wandered round their walled gdns (6 acres!!) and then sat under the shade of a tree by the lake, had our picnic and watched a wedding party arrive. bride arrived in an open top sports car. hmmm... Didn't want to come home. had lovely church picnic in grounds of B.rghley Hse yesterday s- sports car doing a tour of stately houses (we visited S.ndringham on Fri - and saw the practice for the horse and carriage championships. horses and riders were immaculately groomed - and behaved!
Carol - what an "eventful" day! my understanding is that you are def entitled to compensation if delay over 8 hrs (our delay home from C.nada was 7 hrs 50 mins!!!). you would all have been shattered. good that you are all back to normal now! I must catch up on last ep. of L...ming Tower - tho I feel I may know what happens!
Pauline - what is your secret for your rose arch - mine is a disappointment. Hope you can get some help fro the itching - and/or it disappears.
Diana - that would have been a mad dash at Kings X. glad you got your precious stuff back safely. easily done. I once left bag of shopping behind in a toilet in a thearte . It disappeared!! And what recompense for you to have a 1:1 with L.e .
Ali - good/bad news re chef. just hope it doesn't mean that you and boss get even more overworked!
Eva - more rest called for I think . Hope meds are workign and cough now dissipating.
Just booked next yrs hol - going to the P.ssion Play at Ob.r.mmergau - going with friends we went to Str.sburg with last yr. doing a tour hol so will be very different to our last hol tog. but should be fun.
Tried to persuade g/f to make soap (environmentally friendly) for favours. she would have done so but UB scollop said no. he is in big trouble! bit fed up as think it will either be very stressful (making the t.blet ourselves at last min) or very expensive (we are paying - my own fault I heard someone open their mouth to say they would pay - and it was me!) to buy some in (vegan anything is 3-4 x price of "normal" equiv). sigh.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, July 1, 2019, 09:28
Morning all and yes I am still around! So sorry I have not been posting, this wretched itching has made me a bit self obsessed and I am sure a pain in the neck. I feel that Twin, MM and Lindy have been very forbearing and so kind to me. I know that I stopped one projected day out. My feet have had the swelling and itching and walking a long way is out of the question at the moment. I was thinking I was getting on top of it while away but it has all erupted again, right across my bottom! very embarrassing! We did have a fab holiday, just a shame about the journey home, we should definitely qualify for compensation, which is good, but I would rather have got home on time. I feel my latest problems were exacerbated by the stressful day! Anyway the main thing is we are now all back where we should be and I now have the joys of the lxxndry to look forward to. As Wimblxdxn is starting today I at least have something to watch while I am doing it. As Twin said my lawn is a mess so that is a priority as well.

I have been following you all and know tha Eva, you are very poorly again. Not good, you need to have lots of rest and get really better this time. Hoping today you are feeling better still.

Fi I think my roses are good this year as I gave my ones over the arch a really hard prune last autumn. It had got very overgrown. Now I feel it has hit back and it as large as ever but do admit it looks lovely at the moment. Your w/end sounds lovely and I also love the sound of the new car! I love cars and I do like red ones, maybe not my first choice but still a nice one. Anyway I can see why Ploppy is happy!

I know Jane and Jo have had a fab w/end, no surprise there!

Diana yours sounds lovely as well in spite of the heart stopping start! Glad you got the backpack back, phew! Your reward was a lovely one to one wuith the GO in his shorts! That has to be good! Love the sound of W/ley Bay. Part of the world I have long promised myself I would go to. One day!

Ali I feel that the chef going will be a good thing in the long run but not good in the short term. Fingers crossed you manage to find a good and reliable replacement fairly quickly.

Morning BHB and oooh thank you, I like the hug! I know, it has been a while, I'm sorry but at least we are now back to normal. Let's get some more Lavendula and find the CM and we can have a lovely snuffle and catch up.
evam wrote:
Monday, July 1, 2019, 10:48
Morning all. Yet another miserable day weatherwise, so not going for a walk!( I would have passed out after 2 minutes anyway!)

Hello sweetheart. How lovely to see you again! You have been sorely missed. You have my herbal tea ready? 💋💋 And you've put a lot of cushions on the sofa so that I can rest nicely while we have our snuggle? No wonder I have missed you!💋💋❤️️
I have been up all morning. Had a shower and washed my hair, which was sorely needed. I went down to the little supermarhet in the basement. I needed some bananas and a leek, as I'm making a leek and potato soup for my lunch. It's about time I start eating something that dowsn't come out of a tin!
Yes Carol,- the x-ray is tomorrow at 8.05 pm !. I'm going private, as the waiting list for a N*S one is too long.

Diana,- your w/esounds ideal, in spite of the scary start. A one to one with GO? That must be worth a lot of stress! 😜

Fi,- it sounds like you had a lovely time in N*rfolk. I am not surprised that Ploppy was happy with the new car. My view of cars are very much like yours, but you know,- boys and their toys, eh? 😜 It sounds as if the girl friend has UB scollop well wrapped around her little finger. Be careful so you don't wrap her in cotton wool as well.

Carol,- there is nothing bringing you down to earth after a holiday like the sight of the washing awaiting to be dealt with. Have fun!

Pauline,- so sad to hear that your itching has been playing up during your holiday. It's not only that it hurts you, but you'll be so aware of the possible restrictions you are inflicting on the others. Of course you feel bad, but they know you can't help it, and like the good friends they are, they won't mind (too much.)

I know that the t****s is starting today because the beeb sent me an email with the full schedule for W*mbledon. Do you think they made it for me especially? 😂
TK wrote:
Monday, July 1, 2019, 20:25
Until I read it here I had avoided learning that Wimbledon had started. Though that does mean that English cherries should be in the shops, so good news.

Twins glad you have a good hols and managed to get back in the end. Not a relaxing end to hols which I hope won't taint the memory of the rest of the holiday.

Eva I hope the x-ray will give you good news.

I'm not sure if I said, I've got a modern mobile phone now. So I'll be able to see emojis, with my previous phone all I would see was the outline of a square. I did want to buy a Samsung phone, as I've found my Samsung tablet very easy to use. But the cost was (in my head) silly, unless I bought older model. I bought a new model Motorola which was on offer in JL. So far it seems to be ok for me. Although I'm not using all the functions yet. It is a phone and does Twitter so far. I've taken a few pics but not many. I am impressed by the battery life. One charge about 4 days!!

Bruce had a fun time without out me when I was out and about at the weekend. TK did tell me off yesterday evening, so today fish was served!!

The concerts were excellent. The last one in Cambe