One concert left of the 10 year anniversary tour ...... then PANTO

Monday, October 29, 2018, 20:23
Oh yes it is!!
It has been a very busy year in Lee land. Started with panto in Southend, very special.
Holby City. Keeping me on my toes, Tuesday was not my usual TV watching day. I have to admit I have been MIA for the first few minutes (or more) several times.
The 10 year anniversary concerts have been excellent. Some of the songs in the concerts have been changed, then the original ones come back.
No two concerts have been the same.

The shock of the year, for me was Aber*******deen. (I wonder if the the Aberdonians will mind that a small number of their visitors this winter have renamed their grand city.)

TK wrote:
Monday, October 29, 2018, 20:25
evam wrote:
Monday, October 29, 2018, 21:08
Evening all.

Jo,- thank you for the new page. It looks very nice and tidy,- just as I like it!😜
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, October 29, 2018, 22:17
Lovely new home - liking the decor very much! Thanks Jo, the pink is stunning!!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, October 29, 2018, 22:17
Lovely new home - liking the decor very much! Thanks Jo, the pink is stunning!!
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, October 29, 2018, 22:22
Oh what a lovely new home Jo. Thank You. I love the turquoise cushions. Goes beautifully with the pink curtains.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 07:28
Morning and overcast and windy here, think we will only get as high as 8/9C today. Last night when we came home it was a chilly 4C.

Hope the meds arrived in plenty of time for your visit to your Mother. Very annoying when you don’t have a set time. See you were very well wrapped up for your walk on Sunday. Aww so you got to “see” Henrik, but he decided he needed his beauty sleep – agree when they are tiny babies are only interested in those that provide their life essentials! I see you had a good morning piccie as well – very cute. Ah you think that painful for Jo? Hmm may be just as well she wasn’t forced to do that!

Oh that’s weird Ali – think that happened to me once but long ago and then the glitch sorted itself out. Ah so you are fighting on oncoming cold – make sure you look after yourself. It is the season for coughs and colds and people inadvertently passing on their germs!

Very sensible to take another day off Jo, mind you I can see you didn’t get much of a lie in if you were in the park at 8.40 am! Of course Bella didn’t want to go to the vets, and she had obviously tipped the wink to TK about what was going to happen.........not surprised she did a runner!!!

Sadly whilst out at SLAPPAS yesterday, Lindy and I went and looked at clothes and a couple of pairs of trousers (well one pair of trousers and one pair of leggings) jumped on me, whilst a top accosted Lindy. They were stronger than us so we had to accept defeat. Finished off the i word yesterday afternoon, typed up some reports for MM for the forthcoming PCC Meeting next week, and then it was off to choir. Our accompanist was unwell (sounds as if her symptoms were very similar to your’s Ali) so we had lots of practice at a capella! MM and I had to lock up (her husband had come down and opened up the church for us earlier on) and then drop the keys back round. Came home and watched the last part of Blxck Exrth Rxsxng. This morning off to a 9.15 am meeting at Church, then going into U’brxdge to sort out my mxbile contract and do some banking and then home and in for the rest of the day. HC tonight of course! Morning BHB, yes it does look a little chilly. Let’s grab the toasted crumpets and the Zxbwxy and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 08:25
Morning all. The sky is blue and the sun will start shining soon, as soon as it's got it's head above the horizon.

Hello sweetheart. Yes, it's still cold here, - 1.7 this morning, but the weather forecast says it will turn later today, to rain/snow and high winds, so if I want to go for a walk today, I'd better get going early. You want to come with me? No? You're so cosy here, and you have to wait for Pauline? Of course you do, stupid of me to suggest leaving the Bistro empty for her. The coffee is ready and waiting? Toasted crumpets too? I don't think I've ever had a toasted crumpet (or an un-toasted one), so I'm game for a try, please. The snuggling? Of course I haven't forgotten.💋
Yesterday's visit to mother was a bit different than usual. When we came to her room, there were carpenters there, installing new wardrobes, and mother was nowhere to be seen. I could see that the carpenters were assemling I*ea flatpacks, and I said to them that if they needed extra help, just let me know. I was an expert, and had been an I*ea affectionado since the mid 70ties. That was met with a laugh and a wink!😜😀 We found mother in the lounge, where they were serving coffee and waffles, and father and I was offered the same, so we had a nice little coffee party! Mother was quiet, but she smiled when she saw us, and she was following the conversation, so not a bad visit.
The meds for father arrived just as I turned up, so that was OK. After the visit to mother, I had to do some food shopping, and then I went home.
Today I've decided to sort all the meds for my 4 weeks stay away, so that will take up a couple of hours!

Ali,- I hope the cold stays away, but it's a good time for the bugs to grow and make life difficult. My problem has been sorted by the anti-bis, but that is of course not a solution for a cold.

Jo,- sensible to take a day off after a hectic weekend.

Carol,- naughty jumping merchandice.😜 I've checked the HC website, and himself is on it tonight.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 09:58
Morning all and it is a cold and drizzly day here, so not the best. I went and got my new glasses yesterday and they are really nice, however they feel a little wonky so think I will be going back to get them adjusted, will give them a day or too as they look fine when I look in a mirror so it is possible they just feel different! They are lighter than my last glasses so we'll see. After that I went looking round a few shops, big mistake as I was attacked by top and a cardigan! The clothes were very active yesterday! Then home and did the remaining ixxnxxg. Today much more relaxing I hope, though I daresay I will find something to do! It is one of my dinner parties this weekend, well not mine as I was last time. We are doing lunch on Saturday as one of my friends is really not well and evenings are too much for him. Very sad. Anyway I am doing pudding so need to decide what I am doing.

Ali I hope you can fight the cold off quickly, such horrid things, and you have too busy a life to be able to coddle yourself for long.

Eva glad your visit to your Mum was one of the better ones. Of course you could tell those men how to put anything ikxa together! I bet you could do it in half the time they took! Any news about your Mother being assessed by SS? Hoping she will be able to stay put. Any place that dishes out coffee and waffles to visitors has to be good! Should be plenty of Lofty tonight as it is tonight he gets stuck in a lift!

Clever TK to do a runner when the vet was mentioned Jo! Or maybe Twin is right and Bella told her to run! When I had my cat I seemed to only have to think the word vet and he would disappear!

Morning BHB, you have been waiting for me? You are such a poppet. Let's get more Zxbwxy and we can find the CM
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 10:29
Morning. Lovely new home, thanks Jo (and my key works in the door, hurray!)
Feeling better today, as you say I don’t have time to be ill! Poor ploppy looks rough but has to keep going. His birthday today so I’ve just baked a cake and will ice it later.
Jack warned me to check my footwear before putting on as we have had a few presents left for us recently. Yesterday was the remains of a squirrel which ploppy discovered next to my boots!
Choir tonight - only 5 rehearsal till our advent concert. Then I have 2 free evenings for a change. Friday night we’re assembling our poppy tribute to be displayed outside the CofE church for Remembrance week. I currently have several poppies drying on my worktop that I have spray painted.
Yum. Waffles and coffee sound lovely Eva.
You need lessons in warding off jumping merchandise Carol 😉
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 11:20
Morning. Had lovely day with Jules and husband in their 2nd home in N.rfolk. Loved the flat and the town. lovely independent old fashioned shops. We went for walk up a "bump" - even in E Ang.a terms it wasn’t a hill! And then came back and shopped! Ploppy spent ages in lovely old fashioned hardware store and i bought kitchen storage boxes that all fit inside each other. When I have time I am going to get rid (to charity) all my existing boxes which don’t stack and jump out of cupboard (onto floor) every time i open the door. I bought ploppys birthday pressie - to me!! Some lovely silver earrings. And pressie for friends new granddaughter and lots of birthday cards. so felt sense of achievement as all things that needed to be bought and great to give to independent retailers. Flat below them for sale. would be tempted but with all the travel to parents just not possible. But Jules said we were model guests (take shoes off, stripped bed, did washing up) and so we can come anytime! Then drove to parents early next morning. There was snow on ground! Only for 2-3 miles but a definite covering. Difficult weekend at parents. Dad refuses to get up and mum gets all anxious about it as she wants to go out and can’t leave him for hours on his own. In end (after lots of nagging – he does quite “nasty” ) he did get up (2.30) so we went to garden centre immediately and gave him his lunch there. We agreed that too much stress to go out for Sunday lunch next day as couldn’t be sure of dad getting up so cancelled booking and bought ready made meals from Co.k - very nice. Sloppy very happy with it so think we will do that every weekend we are there. But sloppy supposed to have made Saturday meal. She had looked all ingredients out but it was going slowly so after a 70 mile drive, taking them out and doing a supermarket shop (with sloppy helping!) I had to start cooking! When we got home on Sunday eve I went straight to bed – totally shattered. Dentist tried to repair my broken tooth yesterday – took over an hour – and she declared it temporary but will see how long it lasts. Then tidied up our spare room wardrobe and took 3 bags of clothes to charity shop incl jackets we had bought 30 yrs ago!
Jo – thank you for new home and so tastefully decorated.
Eva - friend has been on H.rtigruten cruise to N of N.rway and posted pics of arrival in B.rgen yesterday - looked gorgeous and sunny
Carol – I watched ER – enjoyed it but found the last 2 episodes a bit like the new Dr Wh.!! Ie hitting viewer about the head with the political messages. Like you I am ambivalent about the new Dr W.
Ali – we passed near to your workplace I think on Sat but by time I realised we had had a coffee elsewhere! Hope your cold doesn’t develop.
Wow Diana – you are an expert runner for transport! Well done you.
I know this makes me a bad loppy but I had forgotten that there were concerts near me. I hadn’t bought tics as wasn’t sure if would be around. In hindsight I could have changed parents (and Jules) visit to another weekend. Too late now – but must remember to keep looking at concert list.
Off to Sh.ffield to stay with friends until Fri. Looking forward to it as these friends know we travel a lot to oldies and scollops and they wait on us hand and foot when we are there – and she is brilliant cook.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 14:24
Ooo Jo thank you for the new home - all glittery with the twinkling lights of Back 4 Good!

I had a wonderful weekend - thanks so much to Jo, Ro and Our Reconnaissance Module for all the laughter, silliness, lifts, hospitality and great company. Lovely to see our very own Diana, Tiffy, Northern Ladies, Trudy - and our new friend Rosemary. And of course to experience three fabulous evenings in the presence of himself.

I'll be writing a report after I have finished my report of Holborn - which shouldn't take me too long.

Sorry I haven't caught up - will try to do better later xxx
maeve12 wrote:
Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 18:01
New home, lovely, thanks Jo.

In state of shock
Been to dentist who I knew was going to prescribe anti bis,
but have been told categorically by both dentist and pharmacist
that on no account can any alcohol be taken until 48 hours
after the pills are finished. I can't remember when I last went
a week without imbibing, what an old soak I am!
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, October 31, 2018, 07:27
Morning and a bright dry start so suspect it will be another chilly day. Think the rain is due back for you today, Eva – sorry!

Hope you didn’t get too cold and wet for your walk yesterday Eva. Never had a toasted crumpet? Goodness! Liking the sound of the waffles and coffee. The Home seems such a lovely one, do hope your Mother will be able to stay there. Fancy the workmen not knowing there was an Ixea furniture expert on the premises! So all meds now sorted? Still counting off the days until you get to Spxin?

Ali, Happy Belated Birthday to Ploppy, hope he enjoyed his cake. Oh dear so he has the germs too. Not liking the idea of the “presents” – seems a very good idea to check your footwear! Lovely that your poppy display is being reused. Hope you continue to feel better and don’t overdo things!

Sounds like a lovely place to visit Fi. I love little independent shops (I know, I know I just love shops!) – ah sounds like you have a “Gotca” cupboard – we have one of those. You open the door and things fall out and your other half shouts “gotcha!”. Mind tends to be storage containers too! At least it is at ground level so doesn’t biff me on the head! The earrings sound lovely. Goodness the s word down south already! Must be really frustrating for your mother, not sure there is an answer to that particular problem (other than sheltered accommodation of course). Good idea to have the Sunday dinner in and not out somewhere I feel. Not surprised you went to bed on Sunday evening. Fingers crossed for the tooth (have had a reminder from our dentist that I am due a check up). Agree about B E Rising and the very pointed messages!! As you say very like Dr W!! Have a lovely time in Sh#field.

Glad you enjoyed your weekend Lady J (of course you did). Look forward to the reviews as and when you can get round to writing them!

Eeek Maeve, no incohol for almost a week? Maybe I won’t go to the dentist after all, just in case! Saw a lovely photo on F’book of you out enjoying lunch with members of the family. I am assuming the large glass of red was your’s?

As expected yesterday was very cold – there was a biting wind. It was also very cold in church for our meeting in the morning!! Afterwards it was into U’bridge to the phone shop – have a new phone coming but they had to order one in for me, so I am waiting to hear when I can collect it (would be useful if it arrived by Friday when we do the food shop!). I was very good and steered well clear of any clothes shops but did buy some things to go in the C’mas shoe box (our Church does the Shoe Box Chrxstmxs Chxld every year), so just a couple of more things to buy for those by the weekend. Came home and made some homemade soup to go into the slow cooker (yes it felt that cold!) and then made a drizzle cake for this afternoon. MM took down the solar lights in the garden (sob), so summer very much over! Off to another meeting at Church this morning (will dress extra warm) to do with out WWOne day in a week and a half. Then it will be home for Cupcake Afternoon. MM will be on Butler duties!! Morning BHB, yes another chilly start to the day. Let’s head for the warmth of the conservatory, if you will bring the Blxck Mxgic, I will fetch the hot waffles and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, October 31, 2018, 10:12
Morning all. You're right, Carol, the rain is back. Very grey and wet today.

Hello sweetheart. I look like I need a coffee? You are right. I had a very early start today, as I had an appointment with the eye specialist at 7.40 (!) am. It was good (ish) news today. The swelling has gone down, but not enough, so I have to continue with the eye drops, 6 times a day all the time when I'm in Spain. Next appointment is 12th December, and if the swelling hasn't diappeared completely, it's back to the hospital! That coffee and the snuggle will be very welcome, thank you.💋
I'm waiting for my cleaning lady to arrive. Shouldn't be long now. Re mother we haven't heard anything more about her being moved to another home, so we're keeping our fingers crossed she can stay where she is. I have now finished all the paperwork for the PoA, and sent it off yesterday. It can all go online, which makes everything much easier.
I spoke to youngest sister yesterday. They'd had a wonderful time in Oslo with the new grandchild. They had been a tad conserned that Emilian might be jelous of the new baby, but no,- it had been love at first sight, and sis said he was almost too careful when he was holding Henrik.

Fi,- have a good w/e in Sheffield. You deserve to be spoiled. It's not good that your father refuses to get out of bed until the afternoon, but I don't think he'll let your mother force/persuade him to get up earleir. It is maybe a wake-up call (no pun intended) to your mother that their life has to change.

Carol,- no jumping merchandice? What is going on? Maeve going a whole week without incahol and you avoiding jumping tops? The world can be a strange place.😜

Jane,- you enjoyed your w/e? No surprises there, then.

Ali,- gifts inside you shoes? I don't think I'd like that either. Poor Ploppy who's both suffering from a cold and being stressed at work. I'm sure he loved his birthday cake.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, October 31, 2018, 10:13
Morning all and it is a lovely sunny day but cold, only 4c out at the moment. It is supposed to be getting milder today though sadly that will mean rain and wind over the next few days. Still we need rain now to fill the reservoirs, just don't want it getting silly and flooding everywhere. Saw pictures of Venice yesterday and it is completely flooded after some dreadful storms. Mind it is pretty watery all the time! Yesterday I went to St A and managed to get all the ingredients I need to make my pudding for Saturday, one less thing to think about. I was a good girl as well and avoided all clothes shops so the jumping merchandise didn't stand a chance! Hah! Today will be off to Twin for out c/cake anniversary. 7 years we have been doing this, where did that time go? Good HC last night from a Lofty point a view!

No incahol Maeve? For a whole week? Not nice but I am sure you will cope. Hope the anti-bis do the trick saw the lovely picture of you on f/book as well.

Now Jane, do stop trying to convince us you had a good weekend, I am sure it was dreadful and you are putting a brave face on it! Get busy writing those reviews!

Fi your day out with Jules sounds perfect, my favourite sort of town. It is very difficult for you at the moment with your parents, no simple solution at all. I do agree that eating in and buying the food from somewhere like Cxxk is a good idea. We have one near me and their food is really excellent. I agree about Dr W.

Glad you are feeling a bit better Ali, hope it has continued to improve. Also a belated happy birthday to Ploppy and hope he feels better soon. Really hard on him being sick this early in a new job.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Blxck Mxgic? How appropriate, let's get some more and we can find the CM.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, October 31, 2018, 10:17
We posted at more or less the same time Eva. As you say goodish news about your eyes, fingers crossed a few weeks longer with the drops will do the trick. Of course Emilian loved the new arrival, he is a poppet!
TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 31, 2018, 22:15
Post from Tues.
Maeve, hope the anti-Bs work. Really not nice to have pain in the teeth. (I had 2 alcoholic drinks on Friday night, I can't remember the time before, it'll be several weeks. Driving puts a stop to alcohol.)

Poor Fi, teeth and parent issues. Must be hard for your mum and dad too. At least you have had some good times with Jules.

Back from Pilates. I got a round of applause for (almost) springing up off the floor at the end of the session. It is all the up and down on the floor practise with cuddling/brushing Bella, though I do have a chair to push up on.

Yes the weekend was great fun. On reflection best yet (Wellingborough) over Loughborough by a gnat's *****.

Gefn's blood's were back this morning. She has the beginning of kidney failure, she is 15, so not surprising. I've ordered some special food for her to try. TK will go on it too, she is 12, so will be better for her too. Apparently could double the time they have left (for the kidney failure). I've never totally changed to the special food as it has been 36 years since I've had so few cats. Before it was always too expensive to do the total change over, just had to segregate at meal times and hoped the ill cat did not eat any leftovers.

Like the anti jumping clothing precautions. Didn't know you had it in you.

22.10 and I've carrots boiling, forgot to do them before going out. Bella's had none today with her food. Phone a dog rescue, she is being starved.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, October 31, 2018, 22:33

Jane's Holborn review
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 1, 2018, 08:22
Morning and think, like us this morning, you could be waking to rain Eva!

Well at least the drops seem to be working, Eva, albeit slowly Shame you will have to continue with them whilst you are away, but hopefully by the time you go back to the insultant in December they will have done the trick and you won’t require any further treatment. Well we have all fingers and toes crossed that your Mother can stay put. Well done on finishing the PoA paperwork! Awww, of course they had a wonderful time in Oxlx with the family – and of course it was love at first sight! Meant to ask if Iselin managed to make it there too? So your cleaning lady has done her magic waltz around and you are all clean and sparkling.

Jo I am very impressed that you got up from the floor – no wonder you had a round of applause! So Bella has been training you has she? Sorry to hear about Gefn, but the special food may do the trick for both her and TK. I can see why you might have held back on buying the food when you had a larger family. No I didn’t know I had it in me either, but it shows I can do it if I want to (which I don’t usually!!). No food for Bella? Didn’t she come and have a word with you??? No pub either!!! Definitely give the Dxg Rescue a call!!! Thanks for posting Lady J’s review – brought it all back!

Church was, as anticipated, quite cold yesterday but I was quite well wrapped up so wasn’t too bad. In fact it felt warmer when we came out! Rushed home and got things ready for the afternoon and then Twin arrived, MM went off to collect Lindy and by 2.45 pm we were sitting in the conservatory with celebratory fizz putting the world to rights. Janice turned up after work at about 4.45 pm and then we sat and chatted until gone 8pm. Janice and Lindy then left us and we settled down to watch The A’ice for our weekly giggle! We only had one set of Trxck or Trxxters – a daddy with two little ones – a witch and Spxdermxn! MM sorted them out with some sweeties, but they were our only callers. Today we are off to the Rxyal town near Jo to visit the nice kitchen shop! Will have lunch out and then Twin will wend her way home. Morning BHB, yes a little miserable. Let’s grab the Angxls’ Shxre and the cookies and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives – she is awake so may not be very long.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, November 1, 2018, 08:42
Morning all and. Damp start but a bit milder I think, though not been out yet. Had such a lovely afternoon yesterday, Twin had made a fab spread for us with lots of yummy things and we had Prosecco to drink and lots of good chat. The world is now put to rights! Today we are off on a little bit of RT afraid our strength avoiding jumping things may not last the day!

Jo I am so impressed at you getting off the floor at Pilates not sure how nimble I would be, certainly not much spring involved. Poor Gefn, though as you say not unusual at her age. Hope the food helps.

Morning BHB what have we today?angxl’s share. Oh I like the sound of that, let’s get more and find the CM.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 1, 2018, 09:08
...meant to say Twin's new specs are beautiful (so is the case!).
evam wrote:
Thursday, November 1, 2018, 10:56
Morning all. We are definitely back to normal here weatherwise,- i.e. wet and windy!🌬🌧

Hello sweetheart. Oh, you've got the herbal tea waiting for me? You are priceless!💋 (He agrees.) ( Now I'll tell you why I'm a little late today, but you must promise not to tell Carol. (He's putting his finger to his lips.) I've been a victim to the jumping merchandice bug! When I walked past a very nice clothes shop today, they bragged about - 30% off trousers, so of course I had to go in. I found a very nice pair reduced from £40 to £28, so of course I bought it. A lovely wine coloured one. But remember, not a word to anyone!🤭🤐)

Jo,- I'm very impressed with you and your pilates . Almost getting up without holding in anything? I'd still be down there on the mat, flailing about!😒 Sorry to hear about Gefn's problem, but she is a good age, and maybe you can prevent TK developing the same problem by giving her the same special food?

Carol,- oh yes, Iselin was in Oslo, and so proud to be finally made an aunt!😀 I had no T&T at my door yesterday. Just as well, as I wouldn't have opened my door. I know, I know,- I'm a grumpy old lady!😒 Btw. Have you read any of R*chel Abbot's books. She writes very well, if a tad longwinded, but well worth a try.

Pauline,- Happy New Specs! 👏
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, November 1, 2018, 13:47
Meetings and stuff have stopped me getting on the blog. I have 20 minute between meetings so jumping in quick!

Maeve - some medical providers are cruel. I've been told that out of the 70 plus antibiotics available only two or three don't work if you have alcohol. I think they keep prescribing them out of sheer cruelty. Hope they work though!

I have fingers crossed for your eye Eva! Well done getting the PoA sorted out. Come to think of it the home my mum is in told me a couple of years ago that she would have to move. They changed their minds though. I think they had a lot of angry customers and decided not to risk bad publicity.

Carol - Happy new phone - assuming you've got it now. My phone has been playing me up so I have bitten the bullet and bought a new one. Not had time to set it up yet though.

Very pretty specs there Pauline! You look very posh.

Gosh round of applause for Jo!!!

And thanks for posting the Holborn report, Jo! It was such a fun concert. I'll try to write one for last weekend but no idea when I'll have time!

BTW I also have the answers for the Beatle songs game in the last report. If you want them let me know, I'll send them on.

Bum! Time to go! Laters!
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, November 1, 2018, 13:48
Meetings and stuff have stopped me getting on the blog. I have 20 minute between meetings so jumping in quick!

Maeve - some medical providers are cruel. I've been told that out of the 70 plus antibiotics available only two or three don't work if you have alcohol. I think they keep prescribing them out of sheer cruelty. Hope they work though!

I have fingers crossed for your eye Eva! Well done getting the PoA sorted out. Come to think of it the home my mum is in told me a couple of years ago that she would have to move. They changed their minds though. I think they had a lot of angry customers and decided not to risk bad publicity.

Carol - Happy new phone - assuming you've got it now. My phone has been playing me up so I have bitten the bullet and bought a new one. Not had time to set it up yet though.

Very pretty specs there Pauline! You look very posh.

Gosh round of applause for Jo!!!

And thanks for posting the Holborn report, Jo! It was such a fun concert. I'll try to write one for last weekend but no idea when I'll have time!

BTW I also have the answers for the Beatle songs game in the last report. If you want them let me know, I'll send them on.

Bum! Time to go! Laters!
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 1, 2018, 21:01
Bella has had fun tonight, trip to the bar. It would be a pleasure for me too if she'd walk home the way she walks there. We saw a few of her friends and she had some dog biscuits and a lot of strokes.

I really need to go to bed early, Bella is telling me it is bedtime too. I'm ignoring her.

There was a bit of moaning that I've had several Fridays off. Ah well never-mind, I have places to go and people to see.
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 1, 2018, 21:31
I forgot I have a question about a subject I have very little knowledge, I can make it from flowers, berries etc but don't know about commercial stuff.
Mr ExPostman does not like PG. 'I like all white wine except PG.' I bought a bottle of PG for him and his wife when I went to dinner with them (it was sent back with me). What else should I buy?
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 2, 2018, 08:05
Morning and bright sunshine and clear blue skies (I am thinking “chilly”). Much better than yesterday when we had some very heavy showers! Think you have something similar coming your way Eva.

Ah ha so the jumping merchandise has made it to Bxrgxn – you see I know everything that goes on in the retail world!! Of course you had to go in with a tempting offer of 30% off – trousers sound a bargain ! Ah lovely that Iselin was able to go and see her new nephew – of course she will love being an aunt for the first time! Have to confess we were chatting about T or T in the car yesterday – very much something inherited from the Amxrxcxns but now all the shops seem to really go to town. There was an item on the News yesterday morning saying shops reporting this is their best year yet for spending at H’een. Yes I have read R Abbxt – in fact I have a couple downloaded on to my Kxndle (put them on for the holiday and didn’t get round to them). I think she has a new book out at the moment. I am reading a Jxy Ellxs at the moment – well have actually finished one and about to start the next in the series!

How very dare meetings stop you coming on her Lady J! Feel you could be right about the cruelty to Maeve – should we start a campaign? So if your Mother’s home is anything to go by, Eva could be breathing a sigh of relief. No don’t have phone yet Lady J – collecting it this morning!

So Bella had her trip to the bar last night then Jo. Of course she was slow coming back – she didn’t want to leave the bar! See she was given her usual treats of biscuits and petting. Well you could point out that you are only taking one day off (Friday) as opposed to two or three weeks in one hit as some people do!! So is Mr ExP a red or a white wine drinker – if red something like a Merlot is good, or a Pinotage - if white a little trickier ...if he likes citrus then an SB, if he likes creamy then a Chxrdxnnay may be?

Despite the rain, which actually forced us to stay longer in the kitchen shop than we would normally have done (MM likes it there as he can sit on a chair in the corner and snooze) to allow the heavy shower to pass. We always send MM back to the car with our purchases at that point, then go to the nearby Nxxt where he can find us. The Manager there told us they were closing as the corner block they occupy is being taken back by the landlords and turned into a cinema/restaurant complex. There was a large Fxxwxcks which closed last year in the same block – it is right next to the kitchen shop so we are hoping nothing happens to that! Sadly I was accosted by a jumping top (bright pink) and a tunic (green) plus a very vibrant pink scarf in one of my favourite shops – I did get 15% off, which whilst not as good as Eva’s 30% is better than nothing! Due to the rain we cut short the RT and went and had lunch before coming home and allowing Twin to go and join the traffic jam that is the X25! This morning off to do the food shop, collect the phone and do some banking. Then in for the afternoon but I have a whole heap of admin to do – in fact I have written a list (be impressed Eva!) to make sure I don’t forget something!!! Morning BHB, lovely and bright and the conservatory warmth beckons. Let’s grab the Vanillita and the paninis and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 2, 2018, 10:02
Morning all and it is a beautiful one, if a touch chilly, a nice change after a very wet day yesterday. We had a nice time though in spite of it. I bought some things I never realised I needed in Lxkeland, but I always do in there! I managed to avoid all the jumping clothes I think possibly cos I was with Twin and they attack her ferociously and don't see me! It was all lovely till I came and got on the approach to the Mx5 and came to a standstill We sat without moving for 25 mins or so and then suddenly all cleared and off we went. No sign of any accident so no idea what was going on. Main thing was I then got home with no delay. Today I have a mini shop to do then I am making the dessert for our get together tomorrow. I am doing a chocolate mousse pie. First time I have done it so fingers crossed it is ok!

Read you review now Jane. Lovely thank you, I was back in that room for a while. I am another who agree they are being cruel to Maeve. a campaign could be a good idea! Answers for the Beatles thing please. I never did get 45!

Well I can see why Bella didn't want to go home Jo, that bar is doggie heaven! Twin's choice of wine sounds good to me. I am a SB fan, especially the ones with gooseberry flavours, but it maybe the Mr ex Postman would prefer a Chardonnay if he is not a fan of PG. I would try and get an unoaked one if so.

Lovely that Iselin made it to Oxlo Eva. I am sure it was a good time for all of them. My specs are fine and have settled in nicely thanks. I am very pleased with them. Those trousers sound a good bargain and glad to hear the jumping merchandise is going international!

Morning BHB, so it is Vanillita day of course. Let's get some more and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Friday, November 2, 2018, 11:19
Morning all. Guess what! It's raining here, but quite mild,+ 7 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. You've been waiting for me? You are a darling!💋 Herbal tea and a snuggle? Yes please.💋
I've been out and about this morning. I went to father's and delivered some dinner I cooked for him yesterday. Then I went down to the shopping centre, because I had to change the pair of trousers I bought yesterday. They weren't comfy at all, so back it went. Then I passed my favourite shop which is closing forever soon, and now they've gone down to - 50% for everything in the shop, so I went in. One pair of trousers went into my bag, navy couloyred this time. Very pleased with it. Then did a little food shop and came home. I've sorted out some bills online that needed to be paid, and now it's time for my post.

First of all:
Jane,- thank you for another delightful review. I so do love them, but the description of the stairs in the Holborn PE made my skin crawl. I HATE spiral staircases, so I'm totally in your corner there.

Jo,- so Bella got her way and you went to the bar? Very surprising,- NOT! It's no good asking me to advice on wine. I've almost forgotten how delicious they taste!😜

Carol,- A*azon keeps trying to tempt me to buy J*y E*lis's book. I haven't succumbed yet, but maybe I should?

Pauline,- I feel L*keland is very much like I*ea. It's amazing what you discover you need as you walk throught the store.😜 Glad you're happy with the new glasses. I have been told to wait with mine until my eye has been sorted, which of course makes sense.
maeve 12 wrote:
Friday, November 2, 2018, 11:43
Thanks for your sympathy and suggestion of mounting a campaign about my lack of alc*hol, twins, I knew you would understand.
So far I'm coping and haven't suffered any withdrawal symptoms.

I was told by, both dentist and pharmacist, that I'd be very ill if I took any alc*hol, I'm assuming that they're telling the truth.
I'm going to stay with friends this weekend I think they'll be very shocked!

Thanks for the Holborn review, Jane, as great as ever, the spiral staircase is quite formidable.
Diana wrote:
Friday, November 2, 2018, 14:45

Thanks for the new page, Jo, and thanks for the review, Jane.

Still no news about my job. Getting very frustrated now, haven't even had the first consultation meeting.

Ploppy saw a specialist about his shoulder this morning. He needs to see the results of the MRI scan Ploppy had a few days ago and hopefully operation can then be arranged. He said it was OK for Ploppy to play golf as long as he's careful so he's playing on Monday while he can - he will have to wear a sling for five weeks after the op.

Went out to collect an order from M&S at lunchtime and it was surprisingly warm, I was boiling when I got back. Suspect the temp will plumit once the sun starts going down. Opened the order when I got home and one of the items is wrong - black long evening dress in size 24! instead of size 12 black beach dress. Very annoying as I want it for our holiday (if I like it and if fits, of course) but fortunately I was able to reorder the dress online and can collect on Sunday. I'll have to go into Broml*y tomorrow to take back the wrong dress. I guess someone else has got my beach dress which will be far too small for them!

Enjoy your weekend away, Maeve, even if it's alcohol-free.

Hope you've enjoyed your stay with friends, Fi, and have a relaxing weekend lined up.

Nothing much lined up for the weekend other than M&S tomorrow and M&S & Sains Sunday, plus the packing and usual washing & I word - including ir*ning the summer duvet ugh!
TK wrote:
Friday, November 2, 2018, 20:52
Nippy tonight. Lots of fireworks. Bella went into the garden and was was telling them to stop.

Diana I hope they sort themselves out soon. You could see it from the point of view that the longer it goes on more money, as they have to keep paying you.

Got to get to bed.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 3, 2018, 08:07
Morning and a nice bright start although we do have cloud cover – think we are due to stay dry for today – sorry Eva!

Oh shame that your favourite shop is definitely closing – this is the one where they hoped they might still be able to carry on with new owners? Obviously the main jumping clothing in N’way are trousers! Oh the spiral staircase looks lovely Eva but not good for going down (would hate to be the staff who have to do it several times a day!). Of I think you would like JE books Eva – I think I mentioned them some while back – they are set in the fens. She has written two series – think there are nine that are detectives Gxlena and Exster and five that are detectives Jxckmxn and Evxns. The two series are set in separate parts of the fens but have the occasional character who pops up in both sets of books. I did say to the lady in Lxkxland that we were there to buy things we didn’t realise we couldn’t live without!

How much longer do you have to stay teetotal Maeve – I am sure your friends will indeed be shocked, still as both the dentist and the ph’ist have told you that really mustn’t have any I guess you are right to abstain. Have a lovely time with your friends.

Good that the specialist has said Ploppy can play a little gxlf if he is careful – he must be getting stir crazy by now! Fingers crossed the op will be sooner rather than later – see he will be back off the gxlf for five weeks after – hopefully worth it in the end. How annoying about the order – fortunately never happened to me with MandS. At least it sounds as if you will have your beach dress before the hols. Is it next week you go? Very annoying that you have heard nothing more about the job!

We had a lot of fireworks round here last night too Jo (very loud ones) and I thought of you and the family and my sister and the two “puppies”. I am sure f’works are much nosier than they used to be – expecting more this weekend alas!

I now have my new phone and am sorting out how to use it – it is the same make as the previous one so shouldn’t be too hard. MM didn’t get a new phone but sorted out his contract as he doesn’t use it for much other than the odd phone call. I was very good and avoided any shops with flying merchandise – even though I went into D’hams to buy an outfit for Ember in Oz as part of her C’mas pressies. I only went into the children’s department and not the ladies’ – I was very impressed with myself! Did the food shop and got home early afternoon. Typed up some reports for MM and covered and packed our shoeboxes for the C’mas Shxebxx Appxxl – so they are ready to be taken to church tomorrow. Have only just woken up which is unusual for me. Today will be laundry day and carrying on with some admin I need to type up and of course Strxctly this evening and the fun that is C’lty!! Morning BHB yes another nice start to eh day, so let’s grab the brioche and the Pxper Plxne and have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 3, 2018, 10:12
TK is dribbling on to the keys, top left of the keyboard.I don't use Esc or F1 too much, but I do need the 1.

I think some of the fireworks come from China and are meant for displays, then are illegally used in gardens.

Went out earlier wearing 2 fleeces, got a touch warm. So down to one. I think I'll put a spare in the car.

Good newwsqqqqqqqqqaa (TK has moved) TK and Gefn like the new cat food, I was concerned as there are reports that it may not be as tasty as the normal food. It has lower protein and less phosphates. They both seem to be eating it. I gave TK a choice of the normal and the special and she went for the special. Gefn has no choice.

Carol what restraint, only going to the kids area. Well done.

Have a good day all - stables to visit, washing to collect!.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 3, 2018, 10:49
Morning all, can't stop as I am in a huge rush. Had a dessert disaster and been trying to get something else together. Good thing it isn't the only one. Will try and come back later.

Oh hello BHB, in a rush? Me. well yes but I always have time for you! So we'll grab some Paper Plxne and see if the CM is still about.
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 3, 2018, 11:27
Morning all. It's a dreadful day outside, weatherwise. The rain is coming down horinzontally, so you can imagine the winds.🌬🌬🌧🌧

Hello sweetheart. You've keprt my herbal tea warm for me? You're s star!🌟 (He agrees.😜) I'm ready for it now to go with the snuggles. 💋
Father and I have been to see mother, and she was having a good day. She didn't say much, but she was following the conversation. Because of the rain, I had to back up all the way to the entrance so father wouldn't get totally soaked. Running out of the rain isn't his forte! I did manage to get in quite dry, thanks to my raincoat with a hood.

Diana,- I hope Ploppy doesn't overdo the golf as he must be gagging to go back to it. As Carol says, at least they have to pay you while they are dawdling. I hope you get the right dress in time for the holiday.

Carol,- yes, it's the shop that they hoped a new investor would be, but alas, it wasn't to be. I'll have a look at the JE books. (Jo,- there might be more books for you to carry.😜) Hope you get to grips with your new phone.

Jo,- so the animals like the change in menus, eh? A walk to the pub with Bella later?

Pauline,- Oh noooooooooo,- dessert disaster! So what will you try instead?

I have to tell you about a snap Viljar's mum sendt me yesterday. It was a photo of a beautiful plant with lovely red flowers, and the text said: Viljar bought this plant with money from his savings to give to his parents, because he loves them very much. Aaaaaaaaawwwwwww,- I have to admit that I welled up. Is it any wonder I love them all so much?❤️️
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 3, 2018, 13:32
I've left Bella at home, went to stables and on way back I decided to have lunch in the village. I'm currently watching people cross the road, so many cars. Got to remember to get the wine for tomorrow, I've bought the carrots. Only 2 items on the shopping list
I'll get my second course.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 3, 2018, 13:36
Tried to order in Spanish, I was taught last time I was in. The lady is Spanish, her English has improved greatly so she didn't need it.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 4, 2018, 07:23
Morning and a little overcast here but I think we are due to have another dry day. Doesn’t look as if there is any wind at the moment, but will wear layers to church as a precaution! Sadly I think you have more rain today Eva.

Ah I think you could be right about the fireworks Jo – I know sometimes you see them advertised as “Chxnxse Fxrewxrks” – as they invented gunpxwdxr back in 9th century I guess they have plenty of experience as making large bangs! It was indeed quite mild yesterday – not surprised you divested yourself of one of your fleeces. Excellent that TK and Gefn like the new food – especially if TK actually chose it! I knew you would be impressed by my restraint – I was myself. Having said that a new top is winging its way to me – ordered from the clothes shop near mands –they didn’t have what I wanted in my size so it is ordered and en route! Does that count?? Ah you are washing the stables again – they must have missed you over the last few weeks. Having been left at home I am assuming Bella demanded a visit to the pub later? Good for you having lunch out – I see you are trying to increase your linguistic skills and adding Spxnxsh to your repertoire!

Glad you had a good visit with your Mother – now that rain does sound heavy! Hopefully you didn’t have too far to run yourself. What a shame the shop couldn’t find someone to invest – do you know when they are actually closing? I am sure there will be more bargains to have in the last week or so. My new phone has a sparkly pink (well rose gold) cover so is looking very lovely. So far finding it very easy to use. Has a very good camera apparently so will be handy for out and about. The photo of the plant and its explanation was just lovely – did it bring a tear to your eye?

I had a fairly busy but mundane day yesterday – managed to get eight things ticked off the admin “to do” list (yes I did make one!). Still have five to do, so might tackle those when we get home from Church, although I also have the i word to do this afternoon. Watched SCD of course, and more or less agreed with the judges (well Crxxg mainly, as Brxnx just ploughs his own field and Shxrlxy seems to have favourites). As usual difficult to call who will go – Kxte didn’t shine at all in her AT (and what an awful outfit they gave her and Aljxz), felt sorry for Dxnny as the dance had pxtential, thought Laxren did well but again was overmarked slightly, loved the wxltz and the VW, Dr R did a better job than I expected but really should be the one to go I think, enjoyed the txngo and the fxxtrxt (but wouldn’t have expected not to), enjoyed S & K’s contemporary and wasn’t that struck by the final pxsx – although he tried hard. We will of course be watching later. DrW later – this being episode five I may only have two more to watch! Certainly don’t agree with one paper which said “Jodie W makes you forget all the previous doctors” – sadly not true. Off to church soon as I am administering cxmmxnion as Alan (Vicar) taking children’s service in a local school. Morning BHB, yes it does seem quite a nice day. Let’s grab the pastries and the Lxrchmxnt and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, November 4, 2018, 08:43
Morning all. Carol, you're right. Not a nice day here, and the wind is just as strong today.

Hello sweetheart. You think I'm in early? Just be glad I didn't come in at 5am, as that is when I wake up every morning after the clocks went back an hour.⏰ That means I'm very tired aroung 9.30 pm, and just want to go to bed.😒 You have the coffee ready for me? You're a darling.💋

My ipad is playing up today. I can't get on to any websites. The wifi is OK, but anything online it won't do, so I have to take it out to my nerd tomorrow to have a look at. It HAS to be sorted before Friday, because I'm not going to Spain without my ipad! The laptop is fine.

Jo,- you have to practice your Norwegian for February. We'll let you do all the ordering!😜

Carol,- the shop will be open until end of November at the latest. maybe they'll be down to - 70% before I leave? Yes, I did have a tear in my eye when I read the message from Viljar's mum.😢
I did of course watch Strictly last night, and now I feel that we have 2 "layers" of competitors. One in the middle and one for the best. I have to admit that I placed Graeme in the middle until his waltz last night. That was just beautiful. I agree about Kate and Aliaz' costumes. Horrible, and Kate's eye makeup was too, too much. Their AT wasn't very good either. Loved S&K's street dance. She is such a sweetheart. Charles's VW was good, but not quite up there with the best. Difficult to guess who'll be in the d/o tonight, but then it always is. I agree that Dr.R should be one of them.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 4, 2018, 10:08
Morning all and I am in much more relaxed mode today! My dessert I made on Friday was confined to the bin in the end as for some reason it was rock hard! Not sure what I did so won't use that recipe again! Went into slight panic mode yesterday and I threw together a chocolate concoction with what ingredients I had left. It was certainly not a mousse but tasted very nice. As we have so many desserts I wasn't over bothered as I knew we would be fine, which of course we were. We had a lovely afternoon eating and drinking and chatting. I spent a lot of time chatting to one of my oldest friends who is not very well at all, though hopefully not on his last legs! It was so nice to catch up and reminisce with everyone. I got home just in time to watch SCD. Agree with your comments Twin and Eva. Dr Ranj is a real sweetie, but he is now the weakest dancer left I think. I thought Graeme did much better this week, not such a fan of Charles VW, something about it not quite right, maybe it didn't flow enough. I disliked Kate's AT and their outfits. Shame about her rib but I feel it would not have improved her tango much if she was 100%. It was like a lot of moves strung together. Can't be easy though when the pro hasn't done the dance before! Loved Ashley and Faye's as always. I know they both have experience of performing but they are a joy to watch and I want them there to the end! Also I love Stacey. Well I have to don't I, she is a fellow Lutonian! Apart from that she was fab and she is on a journey which is what the public love.Danny messed up but he is so good and I think popular he will hopefully be ok. Think if he is in the d/off he will probably be fine if he sorts the problem he had out. As is Joe, though that was not his best for me. Hard to look fiery when you have a youthful and cheeky face! So Kate, Ranj or possibly Charles to go I think.

Today I am in wishy washy mode plus the kitchen need a good sort out after my trials yesterday so plenty to keep me busy.

Impressed with the multi language skills Jo! Wine and carrots? An interesting mix! Hope Bella and cats are ok with the fireworks, I know Ari's Mum was really worried about getting back to him yesterday as he is so not a fan of them! He is like Bella and tells them to stop all the time and she was bothered her neighbours would be unhappy with him!

Eva your rain sounds dreadful, I think it is the remains of yet another hurricane that has come your way. Scotland got hit as well. I see the weather in Europe has been pretty bad recently and the skiing season in the alps has started already (it's an ill wind I suppose), let's hope Spain is lovely for you when you get there. Not good about your ipad. I agree you need it for your holiday. Fingers crossed all is well. How sweet is Viljar? Obviously because he comes from such lovely stock!

Morning BHB, yes I am much more relaxed today. So what have we? Lxrch Mxnt? Another new one on me. I love all this experimenting. Let's get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, November 4, 2018, 14:40

I just logged into my w*rk email to see if there was anything new about the redundancies and found that at long last some details have been provided and that my first consultation meeting is on Tuesday, so hopefully I'll have more idea of the timing before we go on holiday even though I doubt it will be confirmed until after we're back. Phew!! And Ploppy will hopefully have a date tomorrow for his shoulder operation so we can then sort out what we're doing for the next few months.

We leave for St Luc*a on Thursday, just booked a taxi to pick us up and take us to Gatw*ck as it's a fairly early departure. This is where we're staying:

It looks fabulous even if I say so myself. It's the first time we have gone all in, usually we prefer B&B or HB, but one advantage is that we won't have a large credit card bill for dining out every night when we get back. I am looking forward to drinking more than usual (silly not to!!) but don't want to eat too much more and put on lots of weight so will try (!) to have a smaller breakfast and only salad on the days we have lunch. At least the hotel has a gym so if I go in there most days for at least 30 mins, it will help. Unfortunately, the forecast isn't good with a lot of rain and not much sun. Just hope the forecast improves as we get closer. There are quite a few places to see so we intend to hire a car for a couple of days and may also do one or two organised tours - there's one to the island of Martinque we fancy. Provided the hotel wifi is OK (it was a bit flakey on Ant*gua), I should be online every 2/3 days - especially if it's raining!

Eva, glad your mother was having a good day when you visited. Hope you get your iPad sorted. In case I don't blog again before we go, hope you have a smooth flight to Spa*n and enjoy your four weeks there, away from the rain and cold.

I've had plenty of exercise this weekend. Walked to and from the shops on Friday, walked home from Broml*y yesterday and walked to the shops today when I picked up my beach dress. Haven't tried it on yet but think it'll be going back.

It was very noisy round here Friday evening and yesterday, hopefully quieter tonight though tomorrow no doubt more fireworks. I looked out a couple of times but couldn't be bothered to stand at the window for long even though I do like fireworks.

Good news about the new catfood, Jo. Hope both continue to like it.

Shame about the dessert, Pauline, but well done on doing a replacement at last minute.

I'm going to make a cup of tea then watch the telly or a DVD.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, November 4, 2018, 14:59
Afternoon. I’m putting my feet up after doing an 8 mile walk with a mix of young people aged 5-15 from Guiding and Scouting groups. We’re raising money towards a new bench for the War memorial garden. If you pop over to fb there is a pic of our poppy tribute made of plastic bottles.
Ploppy and boys off to the cinema later so I will have a bath, a glass of wine and catch up with last night’s Cas before scd results.
Have a lovely holiday Diana. Hope you get the ipad sorted Eva.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 4, 2018, 19:50
Diana, the holiday venue looks lovely. I hope you can go away and put the w*rk concerns in a 'box', only to be opened when you come home.

Eva, unfortunately although I can read a very little Norwegian, as with all languages when they are spoken, it leaves me behind, happens with English too. Mainly with Americans, but with native English speakers too.

Bella and I had a lovely afternoon, lunch with Mr and Mrs Postman and the lady who was there at Christmas. One of her 2 brown labs died a month ago, so she was adjusting. I did find out that she went to the same riding school as I did in the 60s (she is about 10years older than me) and we remembered some of the horses. A bit of a coincidence, there were many places to ride at that time in my area. She lived 5miles away from me at that time. The three dogs get on very well. 3 older female dogs, all very strong willed. They only use the dominance on the humans, they are very friendly with each other.

To me it feels like 10pm, so I might go to bed.
Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, November 4, 2018, 20:25
Had lovely but totally exhausting time with friends in Sh.ffield. They planned 2 long days. First day was on and off ( ploppy loves, tr.ins etc) as was new extension to line to R.therham - which has unexpectedly nice centre. Lots of art nove.u buildings, large public spaces and interesting church. We then went to Sh.ffield cathedral with its modern extension. I loved mixture of old and new. Next day we visited both an EH and a NT house . Interesting but 2 was rather much. Slept well that night! Came down A1 to have afternoon tea for the 80 yr old mum of friend ( the mum used to be my cleaner at work) and then went to f'works display in village. It is spectacular ( about £2k of f'works) and held in field well away from houses and good community event to raise money for cricket club. Yesterday went to theatre with Jules - a matinee with tea and cake incl. loved the show but they as first time theatre had tried the tea and cake there were some teething troubles. I would suggest that next time they took the tea bags out of their individual wrappers before they had to make 70 cups of tea ! But was fun afternoon.
Well done Pauline for pulling a dessert out of hat at last moment.
Diana - good that you will have the red.undancy info to mull over. However suspect you will also have lots to keep you busy on hols - esp lots of relaxing.
Jo - carrots and wine- are those the only 2 ingredients in your meal? Did Twins recommend an alternative to PG? Hope you enjoyed your lunch in village
Ali - saw the poppies you made - they are stunning. Well done to you and the yp. - both for the poppies and the walk.
Carol - I have made an " admin" list too. As been away so much the list is huge and I feel tired just looking at it! Impressed at the avoiding jumping clothes technique. I did some more sorting out of winter clothes and now got another sack for charity shop. What phone did you get - I have to get one in 2 months. Did you get one of the new models - they all seem so large. I must put he JE books on my ( long) list of books to read as always interesting to read books set in local area.
Eva - I am sure you are looking forward to your time in - and you definitely need your ip.d to be well for the trip! Viljar sounds lovely - and also very astute - knowing the way to people's hearts! He sounds rather like UB Scollop who was always buying presents for people( I still have some of the bright pink plastic flowers in glass vases he used to buy me) - both because he is a people person and cos he worked out it won him friends!
That reminds me UB Scollop and g/f got engaged this week when visiting her extended fam in Ind.a.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 5, 2018, 07:58
Morning and a nice bright one. There doesn’t appear to be any wind this morning, so hopefully it won’t be too chilly out. Think we are due to reach 16/17C today with “a gentle breeze” – the breeze not in evidence at the moment. Think you are due a similar day, Eva, although not quite as warm.

Eva will you be on the same time zone when you are in Spxin? I didn’t realise you went back an hour when we did. Fingers crossed the nerd can sort out the ipad – as you say, you will need it for Spxxn!! Such a shame about your clothes shop, presumably it has suffered as many of the shops over here have – with people choosing to do online shopping instead of going out (can’t understand it myself – I do of course order on line sometimes, but nothing beats actually going round and physically seeing all the jumping merchandise!). Agree with you about SCD – there are two tiers of contestants now – the very good and the middle. Loved Graeme’s waltz like you. Interesting D/O last night but feel the right person went of the two – having said that I think there was a worse dancer on the night (well two) who could easily have danced their last dance. Obviously the public wanted to keep them in!

Good to hear that they have actually started the process now Diana. Hopefully, as you say, you will know more after tomorrow. Fingers crossed the op for Ploppy will be sooner rather than later. Hotel looks lovely – have a wonderful time. My sister (June) spent her honeymoon on St L! The weather this year has been strange wherever people seem to go – look at poor Vxnxce, and when we were in Mxltx there were floods in Lxsbon and Pxrtxgal, not to mention the huge hail stones that fell on Rxme! With luck any bad weather will only last a couple of days and you will still be able to get out and about. Ah so the right dress arrived in MandS eventually, although I see it may not stay with you for long. Last night it was like being in the middle of the trenches in WWOne – we had to turn the sound up on the tv to hear the dialogue!

Ali – saw the piccie on FB and thought it looked amazing. Not surprised you had your feet up after the eight mile walk, but well done to them – hopefully they raised a lot of money for the bench. Feet, up, soaky bath, glass of wine and tv – sounds like a lovely eveing to me!!

Rats! Jo, there we were thinking you were going to be totally fluent in N’gian! Ah not sure that Amxrxcxn is the same as Englxsh – people certainly aren’t! Saw the News last night and Mr Txxmp looked so orange you would say he had been tangoed! It does sound a lovely afternoon – I am sure Bella really enjoyed it. How strange to find out that the other guest was in the same riding school albeit a while back! I am sure Bella ruled the roost over the other dogs!!

That sounds an action packed break, Fi, not surprised you were exhausted. Middle niece went to Uni in S’ffield and really liked it. Always think having a local fireworks display is a lot better than people letting them off in their gardens (as they seemed to do round here) – there is a fireworks display not too far away at the rugby club. In fact not sure if the fireworks last night were for Bxnfxre Night or for Dillywally as my mother used to call it. Matinee with tea and cake sounds lovely, although I take on board what you are saying about the small hiccups and the teabags. Just taken something else of my admin “to do” list, so it is looking good, although just thought of something else to include!! Still haven’t done my winter and summer clothes swap yet – every time I think about it we get a lovely warm day! Might have another go later in the week. My phone is a S’sung Gxlxy J3 – I have always had a S’sung phone, so vaguely know how they work. It is bigger than the one I had, but not too big as some I’ve seen. So far very pleased with it! Oh lovely that UB Scollop has got engaged (at least I hope you think it is lovely, as I know there are reservations).

Church services all went well yesterday, it was the ex-PCC Secretary’s 70th birthday so we had some very lovely carrot cake (home made) after the service. Came home and tackled the i word, did a little more of the admin, and then watched A R’show from Frxnce, Dr W (really do think I am going to give up – the episode was pure dross), the Results Show and then The Little D Girl, but feel we may give up on that too!! Today it is SLAPPAS this morning, more admin this afternoon, and then choir practice with the small choir this evening. At least I won’t get bored! Morning BHB, yes a lovely start to the day. Let’s grab the Lavendula and the paninis and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 5, 2018, 10:18
Morning all and it is a nice bright one here with the promise of sun, it is doing it's best. Quite mild as well. I somehow think we will pay for the mild autumn at some point! Had a day house clxxnxxg yesterday as well as doing the laundry so nothing exciting to report there! Think the right person went in SCD, shame as they seem lovely but not the best dancer. However I definitely agree with Twin that there was one person who should have gone but was not in the d/off! Today I am off foraging food, then I have the ixxnxxg to do so another exciting day in prospect!

Your Poppy display looks fab Ali, very clever, so well done to all concerned. Btw also loved the pictures of your Mum and her b/day tea which looked yummy! Well done on the walk as well, hope you raised lots.

Fi your weekend sounds hectic. I love that you are getting books to read, do you ever have the time? Mind all the things you do sound really good. Congratulations to U/B Scollop, I think? It does seem to have been on the cards so maybe not a big surprise.

Oh how lovely to take Bella to a party for her Jo! Well I feel that is what she thought! I bet the dogs were all swapping idea on how to control their human pets!

St Lucia is lovely Diana. You are staying sort of round the corner from where we stayed and it is beautiful there. You will love it. I bet you will find the weather is showers now and then (well maybe thundery ones at this time of year), but they may miss you and if they don't the rain is warm and doesn't usually last too long and then it is hot again. Lots of bananas there! One of my favourite things we used to do was go on a boat round to the Pitons, also Marigot Bay is lovely as well.

Morning BHB and of course it is Lavendula day! So let's get some more and find the CM.

Jane E wrote:
Monday, November 5, 2018, 11:34
Hi all,

Back to work after a lovely weekend with Julie-who-is-not-a-fan (oh yes she is!)

I agree that, unfortunately, the right person left SCD. I say unfortunately because they seem so nice (I have deleted the end of my sentence just in case anyone doesn't know who went yet). There do indeed seem to be a top group of contestants and a not quite so good. That said there is movement between the two groups - Danny was at the top a couple of weeks ago but last night was bottom!

Oh dear Eva - I hope your ipad gets sorted. We can't have you without it when you are in Spain! I've just got my new laptop sorted out. I'm not entirely happy with it as it's no faster than my five year old one. But it does have far more memory.

I've not had time to read back on the blog so I apologise if Carol has already answered this:
How's your new phone Carol? Julie told me that everyone she knows with the same make and model as my phone have just up graded. Methinks the manufacturer is making sure making sure we upgrade by installing updates the old one can't cope with!

Pauline - I read that remark to Ali as 'Your Ploppy display. I imaged she's arranged for waxworks of all the SLs' Ploppies :-). I am sure a Poppy display is a much better idea! I'll have to check out FB to see it.

Diana - and I can't believe I'm saying this - fingers crossed you get made redundant!!! (That is such weird thing to wish, but of course I realise it's ideal for you.) I hope you have a fabulous holiday and that the weather is gorgeous for you. (No baboons I hope!)

Jo - do not knock your English language skills. You know I need you to translate Geordie for me!

Fi - you should be tourist officer for Sheffield and Rotherham. You've made them sound charming!

evam wrote:
Monday, November 5, 2018, 11:42
Morning all. It's not raining at the moment. We've even had glimpses of blue skies in-between!

Hello sweetheart. Are you still here? You thought I might need a herbal tea after my travels to get the ipad fixed. You are a gem!💋 (He agrees, of course.)
The nerd managed to fix the ipad. He had to go into settings and delete the internet settings, and then re-installed them. I wrote down all he was doing, just in case it happens again while I'm far away! I had to re-install my wifi when I got home, and the same with the UK gizmo, but fingers crossed it will be OK now. While I was out on the islandI did my weekly foodshop as well.
I thought I'd start to do some serious packing today. 1 week to go! 👏👏👏

Diana,- your holiday destination looks gorgeous. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. You've certainly done a lot of walking lately. Good on you!👏

Ali,-another walker? Well done.👏 Your poppy display is lovely. Well done to all the workers.👏

Jo,- I'm sure you can improve your Norwegian a lot before you come here. You've got another 3 1/2 months to practice!😜 That sounds like a lovely lunch with friend.

Fi,- congrats to the newly engageds. Are you and Ploppy about it? No wonder you felt exhausted after you w/e. Dear me. Jo went to Uni in Sheffield, so she knows it well.

Carol,- Spain is one hour ahead of you, just like Norway and the rest of Europe!

Pauline,- I see it was all fun and games with you yesterday!😂
evam wrote:
Monday, November 5, 2018, 11:46
Hi jane. 👋 You posted while I was still typing.
TK wrote:
Monday, November 5, 2018, 21:30
Bella has been really loud tonight, standing at the front door. She has just quietened down. TK and I were lying on her bed earlier, I don't think it was that which was upsetting Bella.

Busy at w*rk today, but I did get out, almost on time.

Fi that does sound like a very busy visit to Sheffield. It would be too much rushing about for me, glad you enjoyed it.

I think I'll go to bed early for another day.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, November 6, 2018, 07:58
Morning and looks like we are in for another lovely day – all set to change tomorrow alas. Think you are probably the same as us Eva, just a little cooler.

Ah I see you did get the blue skies yesterday Eva. Whew, well done to the Nerd for sorting things out with the ipxd – and also to you for making a note so you will be ok whilst away should it happen again. Hopefully the re-installation of the wifi went ok! So the serious packing has started!! Definitely on count down then? Ah thought we were still out of sync with most of Euxxpe! That’s one of the things about going to P’gal – they are the same time as us!

Sounds like you had a lovely time at the weekend with Julie who definitely is a fan! Ah Imogen and Marcus were voting (well telling Victoria) to vote for the person who left! I have to say I was surprised he was in the bottom two as I know he appears to have a lot of public support – suspect due to the lower half of the board people changed their voting pattern. Yes new phone is lovely thank you – much faster than the old one.

Not surprised Bella was not happy last night – had hoped after the bombardment on Sunday evening that it would be quieter last night, but sadly not! Did see some very pretty ones in the sky when we went out last night though. Jo every day seems like a busy day – how many more days to go??

Did the food shop yesterday and was obliged to go into Nxxt as I wanted to buy an out fit for Imogen for her birthday next week – sadly I had to pass through the rest of the shop to get to the children’s deparment and I was assailed by a jumping top – not my fault, there was no way I could avoid it! Came home and managed to cross of quite a big admin job from my list, so slowly whittling it down! Had choir in the evening and it was still mild when we came home just before 10.30pm – keep feeling we will be made to pay for this mild weather at some point. Our roses are still blooming!! Today off to hospital with MM and hoping we might get a date for his op. We have been told to allow two hours for the appointment. Then I have a rehearsal at 5pm, followed by Church PCC meeting at 7.30pm, so not much chance to get anything else done! Morning BHB, yes a nice bright start so I think we can go into the conservatory. If you will kindly bring the Txm and Gxrry, I’ll fetch the croissants and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 6, 2018, 09:39
Morning all and it is a misty morning here though very mild out. Yes I have been out as it is bin day so putting things out for them. Went for my food yesterday and had a walk round the town which was dangerous as of course I got hit by a jumping top as well!. Also bought a pair of very warm gloves for the cold weather. They will hopefully keep my hands warm in any snxw shifting is required! Today I am having a relaxing morning having my hair cut and coloured. Mind I have to park the car first which is never easy on Tuesday when we are invaded by hoards of walkers who all come and park in our little car park. I just have to leave in lots of time and hope I am lucky!

Thank goodness you got the ipad sorted Eva and a very good idea to take notes of what was done. Could be very handy! ooh serious packing! Very exciting!

Jane I had to go back and make sure I had written poppy! Thankfully I did and was not accusing Ali of displaying her Ploppy!

Morning BHB, oh it is much brighter here. We are in the conservatory? OK let's get more Tom and Gxrry and go and join the CM.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, November 6, 2018, 10:31
Morning all. and we're having more glimpses of blue skies. Intermittent rain showers though. The weather gods obviously don't want to spoil us! Very mild here as well, + 7 degrees at the moment, but the weatherforecaster is saying maybe up to + 15 degrees later! No wonder I've been sniffing all morning. I do suffer from hay fever, but never in November! The pollen must be totally confused with the temps and have put their heads out to sniff the temps. (Does pollen have heads?😂)

Hello sweetheart. No I don't have a cold, it's some kind of hay fever. I have taken my antihistamine, so hopefully my nose will stop running. Coffee? Yes please.💋

Father and I have been to see mother. She was OK(ish), was following the conversation, but kept nodding off. I think I've checked the ipad 10 times just to make sure it's still OK, and it is. I've done some more packing, but not quite finished yet. I had a lovely email from Solveig, Anne Grete's daughter, yesterday, and we agreed how and where to meet on Monday to get the keyes for the flat. It's beginning to feel like it's really going to happen soon.👏👏😀

Jo,- why was Bella noisy last night? She wasn't taken to the pub? How very dare you!👎

Carol,- I knew the resistance to jumping tops wouldn't last.😜 So it's Imogen and Marcus who decides the voting in their household, eh? I hope the hospital appoinment at the ospital for MM goes well, and that he's given a time for the op.

Pauline,- hope you managed to find a space for parking. You hair looks lovely. So you were accosted by a jmping top as well?

No Dofty tonight according to the HC website. Sigh.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, November 6, 2018, 21:20
I did start off for the bar this evening. We got as far as the main road, she lay down on the pavement. We didn't get any further. After a rest we headed back home. She was following the treats apart from the section which is not next to the road, I could take the lead off, so she has to follow me. Then she livened up HC, which was really depressing, by barking at me. Now she has fallen asleep.

I'm off to bed early again. This is really bad.

Nightlee night
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, November 6, 2018, 22:20
Ploppy not been well - think got a chill at picnic last week! So been n bed last couple of days. Prob good for him to rest. Tho we had bit of shock yesterday . New neighbour's came round - with plans for their new extension. Huge and ovrelooking our garden. We were e pe ting it as previous neighbour had warned us. Shock was that that as I asked qus it became apparent that they were expecting to have access to our garden to do some of the building - and dismantle one of our patios in order to do this!!! He quoted some law at me that means neighbour's can do this to access their buildings ( extension is to replace existing small 1 storey building on boundary line with large 2 storeys ! Ploppy was struggling to take it all in ( as just up from his bed) so agreed with neighbour that they would leave plans and we would peruse them. Phoned an ex neighbour who used to work in planning and still very involved in our village so he is coming round later n week to give us advice. Think new neighbour is bit of a " wide boy" who will try and ride rough shod over anyone toget his way. Looks amiable but... He is friends with neighbour on other side - another " wide boy" who does as he pleases, which weeklY means taking out his bins very noisily from under our bedroom window at either 6.30 am or 11.30 pm! Could do without this stress - Retiring to N of Sco does appeal!
Oh dear jumping tops have reappeared Carol. Thanks for info on phone - think this might be model I have ( see how IT aware I am!). I love the model - just my phone battery dying.
Jo - sounds as if you need to take it easy. Sounds as if Bella too also very tired that she didn't make it to pub - that is tired!
Eva - nice to have a good visit to your mum. Am sure you are ready for your Sp trip.
Pauline - your hair looks lovely and shiny. I bought a new down coat today ( sale n outdoor shop) - so we are well prepared for any sn.w.
Off to Camb tomorrow with a friend to see a V Woolf exhib ( I think). Won't be back until late. So I cancelled our trip to Nott theatre on Thurs to see " madness of K G3". Would have been brilliant - Mark G.tiss main lead. But feeling v tired so will go to see the lve scr..Ning instead.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 08:10
Morning and total change in the weather – heavy showers and windy (I know as I just took the rubbish out, as it is collection day!), although not too cold – think we are going to hover around 12/13C. See N’way still basking in tropical sun Eva!

Ah so the good weather has its drawbacks for you Eva. The Beeb had a weather map last night showing the unseasonal warm weather covering northern Europe last night! Not sure pollen has a head but it is round like a spiked ball, so probably all of it popped up to see! Hopefully the antihistamine will work! Good that your Mother was able to follow the conversation but I remember my mother used to get very tired after a short while. Phew, so the ipxd still ok. So arrangements in place for collecting the keys, case partly packed – not long to go! Yes Imogen and Marcus insisted that Victoria did the voting for them! As yet they don’t know he has left, as they are in bed by the time the Results show comes!

Twin, hair looks lovely!

Goodness – so Bella didn’t want to go to the bar? That’s unheard of Jo! May be she was testing your resolve and that’s why she was barking when HC was on – she wanted you to take her there at once!

Fi sorry to hear Plopy under the weather – hope he feels better soon, although the plans for next door are enough to set anyone back! Good that previous neighbour is going to look at the plans – I presume you can lodge an a ppeal against them with the local Council? Twin knows two people who have endured something similar. Have fun in C’bridge – the exhibition sounds interesting. Shame about the play, but if you are feeling tired I think you are making the right decision. Ah I see jumping merchandise has made it to you too – down coat sounds very cosy!

MM had his pre op assessment including EXG and blood tests, and nurse told him they are valid for four weeks, so hopefully he will hear soon when he is likely to be called in. She did say if the test results are good he will probably be put on the short list and may be called in with twenty four hours notice, so fingers crossed it will be done sooner rather than later a) so he can have the op and be out of pain, b) before we hit our busy season around Christmas! Had a good rehearsal in the early evening, and was back in plenty of time to get to the PCC meeting. The meeting was much longer than normal, and by the time we had put all the furniture back once we had finshed, and then taken the Curate home, it was 10.45 before we walked in the door. I had thought I might watch HC once we were home, but decided against it! Will need to watch at some point today. Today, due to the weather, I may do the clothes swap (or at least part of it). We have a free day (!) until this evening when we are off to the invitation only Chrxstmxs event at the store not too fare from Jo ..............there is of course the danger of jumping merchandise on the 1st floor................!! Morning BHB, yes definitely a day for indoors. Let’s take the hot waffles and the Chxmps Elysxx into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 10:03
Morning all. Wet and quite windy here this morning but still mild. Went and had my hair cut and coloured yesterday and very pleased with it. I am so happy with this hairdresser. Definitely a change for the better. I was in there a very long time, but it is like being with friends so I was quite happy. As usual the parking was a nightmare. As our little car park is free we are inundated with people who come in their cars here and park then go walking, We have a lot of good walks round here apparently! The little coffee shops in the village love them as they bring trade, but I have stopped shopping in the village as I can never park, so it is a win/lose situation I think as I know I am not alone. Today I need to get a few bits and bobs food wise but then will probably have a shoe clear out. I seem to have far too many and not sure what I will find!

Fi one of my neighbours had a huge problem with a neighbour and his planning. When she objected to his plans he came round and got very abusive with her (verbally) and she had to ask him to get out of the house. He is just a bully. As the poor lady had a lot of other things going on he got his way as she didn't have the strength to fight. I am pleased to report it is still ongoing and has taken much longer than he thought and he has had massive problems with his builders! Serves him right! Mind we will all be glad when it is done as I am sick of looking at the skip and all the extra cars parked all over the place! I am not surprised you are tired, you never seem to stop. Good idea to see the show later on the scrxxning I think!

Eva I don't know if pollen has heads but it is certainly a pesky nuisance. I have been suffering much longer than usual this year. Your holiday is certainly beckoning now! Nice that you have the key handover fixed. Makes all seem very close I am sure. I remember my Mum and my Dad for that matter both would nod off in mid conversation. Very disconcerting at times!

I am worried about Bella, not wanting to go to the bar sounds serious! Agree HC was a bit fraught last night, but I think, with luck this storyline is put to bed next week. Mind I think Paul M is a brilliant actor, just a shame he is such a nasty bit of work and has to go! Also sadly no Lofty and none next week either!

Morning BHB, ooh I smell hot waffles, how yummy. Let's get some more and another jug of Champs Elysxx and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 10:46
Morning all. The spring (or summer) has sprung again! It's + 17 (!) degrees at the moment.😲

Hello sweetheart. Is it herbal tea time now? Yes, I've been busy this morning. If I can have the tea and the snuggle, I'll tell you all about it? Goody.💋

As I told the BHB I've had a busy morning. I had to go in to the city for a blood test requested by my handsome consultant. They used to have their own lab in the surgery, but about 1 1/2 years ago they changed to a lab next door. Earlier I've gone in there the same day I had the appointment, but in the letter from the surgery yesterday I was given an appointment for the 12th of December, but told to take the blood test 7 days before the appointment. As I return on the 10th, I rang and told the receptionist. (I had told her in August), but she said that then I had to take the test before I go on Monday, almost 5 weeks before my appointment. A lot can happen to my blood in that time! 😡 So today I took the bus in early, had the test, and took the bus home again. I will admit to a jumping book from a book shop I passed. I just happened to look in the window, and there it was, Lucinda R*iley's latest. Of course I had to have it!😜
I had arranged with father to take him to mother tomorrow, Thursday. This morning I had a text from Mrs S, saying she'd be back home today. (I knew that.), and she would take father to see mother tomorrow, Thursday, because she wants to spend the weekend with the grandchildren. She didn't ASK me if I would let her do it on Thursday,- she TOLD me!😡 I couldn't face another fight with her, so I just texted OK back. I bet she thinks she's really told me off.😒 She'll return to Spain on Tuesday, so fortunately I don't have to be on the same flight. Such a looooong stay,- all of 6 days, eh?
The ipad is still OK. I took a double dose of antihistamines yesterday, and they seem to have worked. No sneezing or running nose today.

Fi,- poor Ploppy. I'm sure a few days of bed rest will do him good, but that pesky new neighbour will make him ill again. I hope you can get help to stall the bully. I can understand why the outer regions of S*otland looks tempting.

Carol,- will keep my fingers crossed for MM's op being sooner rather than later. I agree with Jo that HC wasn't a bundle of laughs yesterday, but it held me gripped, even if Lofty wasn't there.

Pauline,- glad you're happy with your new hairdresser. It is always a pain having to change. I have the same hairdressers in 3 places,- Bergen, London and Padstow!😜 I can understand you wanting the builders to finish and go away.

maeve 12 wrote:
Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 14:59
I had an exciting day on Monday, I was staying with friends, who recently moved down to Lewes, which they love.
They said I had to go down to see the shenanigans that go on there on the 5th November.
There are no trains after 4.30pm. or any traffic at all, Lewes is in lockdown!

It was quite an experience, there are five societies, which each have their own uniform, different coloured stripy woollen jumpers.
They all process up and down the High Street, with many of them in fancy dress and several bands.
They carry flaming torches, even the children, we were amazed to see a child aged two or three in a push chair waving a flaming torch around.
After a few hours each society marches off to a different spot outside the centre to their own bonfire and fireworks, the bonfires are used to burn different effigies of characters who've been in the news this year, I saw the usual suspects, Ter. M*y, Jac. R-M. B*oris, Jer. Corb and Sthern Rail.
The bonfire we went to was enormous, mostly made up of wooden pallets, and the fireworks were incredible, they went on and on, not a place for firework haters. It was all great fun and wonderful to have no traffic, to be able to spill on to the rods.

Back to reality Tuesday morning on the train to Victoria, bursting at the seams, I thought I was going to have to stand all the way but a kind soul took pity and gave me their seat.

Today, deep joy I've been to the dentist and had a tooth extracted, an unpleasant end to an exciting few days.

Diana, good that info is now available about your redund. I hope you get what you want.

Fi, congrats to ub son and girlfriend.

Eva, how soon are yo off to Spain?
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 19:19
Maeve sounds a very interesting time. And no traffic.

Fi my best wish to Ploppy, hope he recovers very soon.

Carol off to the shop near me, amazing. I used to get those invites years ago. Not now, as I rarely go. But when I do it is usually a high (for me) priced items. Before when I used to go regularly, I worked lots of overtime and I was on shift, but I never went to their events as I was working late. Have fun anyway.

Eva, glad you didn't bother to argue, not worth it.

The renal cat food seems to be having an effect, the water is not being drunk as quickly. The cats are not totally happy with it, but they are eating it.

Bella went to visit her friends tonight, so she is happy.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 8, 2018, 08:47
Morning and we are back to blue skies and sunshine this morning. In fact the rain had cleared by the afternoon here yesterday so not too bad at all. Still very mild for the time of year! Think you may have a little rain headed your way Eva, but still not cold and rain not too heavy.

I agree about the blood test Eva – especially as they told MM that after four weeks he would have to have all the tests again if he wasn’t called in for the op. He had a letter yesterday from the Joint School (you have to go there before you have the op, alongside whoever will be looking after you afterwards i.e. Me!) – the appointment isn’t until 12th December, so not looking likely he will be having the op in November at all – in fact looks likely that if it is in December after that appointment it will be the week leading up to Christmas!! Eeek!! So jumping books still on the prowl Eva! I see, thanks to Mrs S (unintentionally) that you have a day off today. May be just as well you will be flying on different days – has she suggested meeting up over there?? Good news on the ipad, long may it continue.

Glad you had a lovely time with your friends Maeve. Lovely part of the country. That sounds a brilliant way to celebrate Bxnfxre night! Having said that not so sure about the H&S aspect of a small child in a buggy with a naked flame!! Ah train journey doesn’t sound so good, but nice that someone gave up their seat for you. Oh goodness a tooth out – shudder. I have to make an appointment with my dentist for a check up, but was waiting for news of MM’s op. Think I will just go ahead and book the appointment now!

I agree Jo that the shop near you isn’t the cheapest – Twin and I do visit it as it is is a good place for jumping tops. I was very good yesterday and didn’t go into that department!! We had lovely canapés, glasses of Prxsxcco and a trio of ladies singing. There were also various offers. I managed to buy a few stocking fillers, and a couple of pressies for people, but also a bottle of our Rhubarb vxdka which we will have with P’cco on C’mas morning (our favourite drink). Glad the food seems to be working for the family, even if they aren’t that keen. See Bellx had been socialising again, so was a happy girl.

Managed to catch up with HC – agree with you Eva it was very gripping. Feel it was very foolhardy of Jac to tell John that she knew all about him......just before she asked him to do an op on her!!! Can’t wait for next week!!! Ended up doing various admin chores yesterday and sorting out all the C’mas presents. May well wrap some of them today so that will be a job out of the way. Also need to send Imogen’s birthday present off – she will be 6 next week!!! – and get our parcel off to Oz as it tends to go by some scenic route of its own! We were home in time to watch The App’ice and the right person went this week. Have to say it was as hilarious as ever. Today will do one pieces of admin that I really do need to get organised, and then may do a mini clothes swap. Whenever I think I might do that the weather is always lovely and it seems a shame to think about going into winter............but the time is coming! Mroning BHB, yes lovely and bright out so let’s take the pastille de nata and the Fxllen Lxaves and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, November 8, 2018, 10:09
Morning all and it is a lovely sunny one here. I have a day with nothing definite planned which can be dangerous as I get nothing done! I feel I should really get the C/mas shopping underway to save last minute panics, but I have no idea what I am looking for at the moment so could be a waste of time. Now we have Nov 5 out of the way I will talk and think about C/mas! Yesterday I went and changed a top I had bought and instantly got attacked by another! It is very sparkly but it appealed to the magpie in me. I do love a bit of glitz! Then I finally got round to turning out the shoes and now it is nice and orderly in there which will last about 5 minutes if I am lucky!

Maeve our trip to Lxwes sounds wonderful, I have seen their celebrations on tv before now and it looks so much fun. Not sure about a child in a buggy with a flaming torch though! The journey home sounds a it dire as well. What a lovely person to stand for you. Nice to know there are still people that will do that. Nasty having a tooth out. Hope you are ok.

Eva I am back on the anti histamine today! I have had a very itchy ear and tongue on one side, so weird, I read that it could be allergies and it seems the anti h is working. Well I hope it is fingers crossed. So Mrs S ids back for 6 whole days! Wow! I can see why you would rather not travel with her! I have read a couple of LR books. I see they have the jumping habit in Nxrway!

Jo glad the cat food seems to be working, even if they do find it slightly sub standard! Bella happy too so for the moment all is well, long may it stay that way.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Oh pastille de nata!! My favourite! Let's get some more and some Fxllen Lxaves (I have lots of those in the garden!) and we can find the CM.

evam wrote:
Thursday, November 8, 2018, 11:38
Morning all. I've had a h*ll of a night. I was too early yesterday when I said that the antihistamines were working, as they stopped working last night. I've been sniffing, sneezing and coughing through the night with a minimum of sleep. I don't know what kind of allergic reaction it is, but it's given me a very heavy headache as well, so you can imagine that I'm not my usual, sparkling (Yes Pauline,- I can sparkle too!😜) self. Just as well Mrs S is taking father visiting mother today, as I'd have had to cancel. (Not that I think she thought she was doing me a favour!) I'm taking my streaming nose back to bed and see if I can catch some sleep.
I'm off to the hospital tomorrow morning for my infusion, and I sincerely hope this allergy has gone on it's merry way by then.
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, November 8, 2018, 12:57
Hello all,

I have a mystery. The mystery of the disappearing tablet. No not a pill an android tablet. I definitely had it last Friday; I missed it for the first time when I wanted to Skype Geri on Tuesday. I have literally looked everywhere in the house for it. I even wondered whether Julie had accidently picked it up along with her overnight stuff. Nope!

I'm at a loss!

Ooo Maeve - I saw pictures of the Lewes parade in the paper. Remarkable! Hmmm - two year olds with flaming torches? I'd like to see the risk assessment on that one :-)

Fi - crikey your neighbour's extension sounds horrendous. I am sure you can object to the council though. We got the opportunity when our neighbours extended. Ploppy considered objecting but I talked him out of it. As we were on a hill our garden was higher than theirs so we weren't inconvenienced. I hope you manage to come to some amicable compromise.

Pauline - thank you for reminding me about Christmas shopping. Normally by this time of the year I have it all in hand, but not so this year. I hope you manage to get all yours done with minimal fuss.

Carol - fingers crossed that MM doesn't have to go through all that rigmarole with the tests again. oh 'eck and hoping he's not in just before Xmas! I had just the same thoughts about HC. What a great idea: warn a mad surgeon you're on to him - then tell him to operate on you?!!??!!! I was so pleased to see that person leave the Apprentice. Talk about having delusions of adequacy!

Eva - fingers crossed that you don't have to go through testing rigmarole again either. I do wonder what they are playing at. Hmmm so Mrs S is making demands again. What a shocker. Gosh and she's actually spending a whole week with... oh no. Not a full week. humph. At least you won't be on the same flight.

Bella didn't want to go to the pub?! I hope that doesn't mean she's not well!
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 8, 2018, 21:00
All is right with the world. Bella managed to get to the bar in the village today. She did stop with it in sight, so I was concerned that she was ill. But she did get there in the end. Most of her bar friends were there so she was happy, lots of strokes and cuddles. We always leave before it gets too full, ie before she gets stood on.

I had a phone call about going to a Christmas concert in Oxfordshire today. I had to check the date and write it on the calendar, last year I was booked to go but had booked MrT, so couldn't go as no one available to take in the shopping.

What do you think the odds are of making 2 bookings about 2 and 3 months ago for a weekday (dentist and gasman) on the same afternoon (one booked from home one booked from w*rk) ? Apparently, really high. I have no idea how to sort, so I'm going the hope the gas man comes early.

I was worried this morning as I'd not see Gefn in the night. She did not come when I called her, she always does. I could not see her in the house. She can't use the catflap so can't get out without me opening the door. I was concerned that she was unconscious somewhere. Nothing I could do as it was my day to give a lift to w*rk. As I was leaving she called to me from the top of the stairs, phew. The worries of having a sick cat.

Hope you feel better Eva after the extra rest.

Jane I spent ages looking for Bella's reflective jacket tonight. I'd put it in a really stupid place last night. Just a thought.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 9, 2018, 08:20
Morning and the sun is shining at the moment. Think you are due another sunny day too Eva – obviously getting you ready for Soxxn.

Oh that’s not good at all Eva – you need to be ok for the flight on Monday. Hope the headache has gone and the sniffing has stopped – if not, I feel an emergency visit to the doctor or pharmacy is required. As you say just as well that Mrs S was doing the visit to your Mother yesterday. Hope today’s infusion goes well and the allergies keep at bay!

Ah things disappear in our house too Lady J, hope you have managed to locate the tablet by now. Have you asked St Antxny? He sometimes helps by popping an idea into your head of where it might be. Sadly I have bought my C’mas cards and most of the presents now – we have the double whammy of lots of birthdays end of November/beginning of December so it tends to be a very expensive couple of months! Well we are hoping MM doesn’t have to do it all again as it will have been not just as waste of our time, but also NXS resources – there are signs up saying a missed appointment costs them something like £350 each presumably similar for having to have another appointment as the op not taken place in the required timeframe!

Glad to hear Bella was at the bar, Jo, starting to worry there was something really wrong. Of course she was happy when she was there – strokes and cuddles to order! Ah I think the odds quite high when you are working, not so high when you are not. Hopefully as you say the gas man will be early (but wouldn’t bank on it). I imagine that was quite scary when Gefn disappeared, but then she was just playing hide and seek, little tinker!

Had a message from Auds yesterday – she sends her love to you all, and is enjoying “retirement”. She was letting me know that our birthday card had arrived yesterday................yes that’s right the card we posted at the beginning of August! Now I had heard that the postal system over there was not good, but really!!! We managed to get the parcel off to Oz yesterday (never complaining about their postal system again) so that entailed going into the loft and getting down the wrapping paper and the tags etc., so with doing those presents and parcelling them up, and then doing Imogen’s birthday present, the morning had disappeared. MM took the parcels to the post office early afternoon, so at least they are on their way. I then spent time up in the loft – a place I rarely visit – sorting out some of the things up there. Clothes swap still not happened! Off to do the weekend food shop this morning, and this evening off to Church to see Jxxrnxys Exd as part of our end of WWOne weekend. Morning BHB, yes nice and sunny, let’s grab the toasted teacakes and the Vanillita and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 9, 2018, 10:21
Morning all and I am running very late as I overslept badly (well it was goodly actually) this morning. Never mind as at least my time is my own today and I did enjoy it. Nice day at the moment sunny and mild. Yesterday I went to WGC and have manged to get another present sorted. It's a start! Was very good and avoided all jumping clothes by going no where near them! As said I have a quiet day today so will sort out a few things so I know what I have to do. I am trying very hard not to leave it till last minute this year and be a bit more organised. If it works it will be a minor miracle!

Oh I ask St A to help me find things as well Jane! Ask politely and if it is there he may well help! It only really failed once for me when my Mum told me she had lost her rings. Turned out she had been burgled (traumatic story) so they weren't there to be found!

Eva I hope you are feeling better and I agree with Twin, as you are going away I think a swift visit to the doctor or pharmacist may be called for. Mind it does sound very like a cold, but I know they feel different to allergies.

Good that Bella made it to the bar for her fix of cuddles Jo. Hope your appointments can both be met. Mind if your luck is like mine they possibly won't. Naughty Gefn, worrying you like that. I bet she was laughing as you left!

Morning BHB, and it is Vanillita day of course! They come round more quickly every week I think. Let's get another jug and find the CM.

Jane E wrote:
Friday, November 9, 2018, 13:18
Hi everyone

Thank you Twins for your advice about St A. I was aware there is a patron saint for lost things but I didn't know who it was. I will try. Though I have already asked his boss and my poltergeist, but bringing in a specialist is a good idea.

Jo - really stupid places? Oh yes. I have checked: the storage areas in the cellar, the bed, the spare bed, the washing basket, my ironing basket, the linen cupboard, the kitchen cupboards, the microwave, the fridge and the freezer. Sigh!

Of course you were worried about Gefn. I'm glad you found her safe. and sound.

Oh dear Pauline how very horrible for your mum to have her rings stolen. So upsetting - and the thieves would have only got a pittance for them. :-( Enjoy your quiet day!

Carol - you are quite right. Having to go back for tests is a waste for both MM and the N*S. It must cost them so much. Thank you for the message from Auds. Crickey that birthday card must have been around the block a few times. I hope your parcels find their way to their destinations more quickly!

Eva - I hope you are feeling better today. OOHHMMS in case you aren't xxx

Diana wrote:
Friday, November 9, 2018, 15:14
Morning all from a wet and humid St Luc*a.

We had a good flight yesterday and arrived at the hotel about 5.00 pm. Nice room and what we've seen of the hotel so far is good. Had a vg dinner - shrimp cocktail, kingfish followed by parfait, with a nice bottle of chard. It poured during the night, the noise kept us awake. We went to the gym for an hour this morning and then had breakfast. It's been raining off and on this morning and the forecast for the rest of the day, tomorrow and Sunday is heavy showers and little if any sun. Ploppy is lying on the bed watching TV while I'm sitting on our balcony with the iPad. We've changed our minds about hiring a car as the road to the hotel is awful - narrow, windy, steep and full of potholes! Some of the other roads aren't that great either. We will do 2/3 tours instead. Ooh the sun has come out, not for long though. We have a nice view from the balcony of the bay across to Castries. The town was jammed yesterday as three cruise liners in.

Hope you're feeling better Eva.
evam wrote:
Friday, November 9, 2018, 16:48
Afternoon all.
It's been a day full of medication taken both as a drip and injection. When I arrived at the hospital and the nurse saw my streaming eyes and nose, she decided to call in the consultant before she started with the infusion. The consultant came, saw and decided that I certainly had some kind of allergic reaction, but was doubtful to my suggestion about pollen. "Pollen in November?" she said. She said that as long as I didn't have a fever as well, we could go on with the infusion as soon as the blood test results came through. (I always have that done as I arrive at the hospital.) I waited for about half an hour, and then she came back and said that nothing "bad" showed up in my blood. She'd had a chat with another doctor who knows all about allergies, and he'd said she could give me an injection of adrenalin, which wouldn't interfere with the infusion. I didn't go to the usual room, but was shown a smaller room which I had all to myself. After about 5-10 minutes I could feel the adrenalin starting to work, and after yet another check, I was given the thumbs-up to start the infusion. I was treatated so well, that I was quite touched. The nurse was checking on me every 15 minutes to make sure I was OK. The consultant said I should have my GP refer me to a specialist when I come back from Spain to see if they could find if I was allergic to something I don't know about. I dozed for most of the time, drove home, made a quick wok and then went to bed again. I've had a nice eva, and I'm feeling tired, but the sneezing and streaming eyes have returned to a normal mode, so I feel fine!

Diana,- I hope the weather improves for you. Maybe it's sensible not to drive yourself if the roads are bad. The tour drivers probably know the roads, and know where to swing round the holes! 😜

Jane,- dear me. The mystery of the disappearing ipad, eh? I would be very worried too. It's not something you can easily pop down to the shop and replace with a new one. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you and your ipad.
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, November 9, 2018, 18:21
Wish I could say all was right with world. " battle" with neighbour's not going well. Ex planner yesterday was helpful but seemingly planners don't know about whether plans are legal or not so he didn't know abt whether neighbour right or not. But gave us useful tips about how to present our objections. So we arranged meeting with new neighbour.ex planner knows him and had said he was bit of bully and unlikely to back down. As soon as he entered house I knew that was right. Refused a drink in a way that let me know he wasn't staying long! and when we told him we had concerns - he tried to bully us by saying this was their " forever house and the extension was their dream". Didn't like it when I pointed out this was our forever Hse too and there were 2 points of view to consider. We explained our objections. He dismissed them all and told us that if he was in our position he wouldn't object to plans ( as if)!!!! Anyway he said he had right to build using access to our land and garage roof! Then told us " we are all done here" and left. Boundary law is so ambiguous that we may have to hire a lawyer to fight this. I cried when he left and we both feel upset and shaken. At this stage it is making is re assess if we want to stay here - squashed between 2 obnoxious neighbour's. Could do without all this now as dad deteriorating ( sloppy on ph yesterday for an hour despairing at how she can cope - at least more receptive to idea of more paid care now) . Then have the headache/joy of arranging a joint H.ndu/secular wedding when H.ndu culture necessitates huge celebrations but brides parent has no money. I am sure will all work out in end - just not sure how long end will be in coming!
Eva - that is good care from your health service.
Diana - hope weather Improves - am sure it is. Lovely to have nice views. My ex manager on trek ( she is mad) to base camp and sends me daily photos. Fab views - but not fab enough to entice me to do trek.
Off to pub to drown sorrows. May be some time!
TK wrote:
Friday, November 9, 2018, 21:01
Fi my best wishes for your fight. I hope something can be done.

Eva, new allergy, nightmare.Hope they find out what it could be.

Bella is letting the world know that she was stood up this evening.

I've just got her into the garden in the pouring rain. Throwing the invisible dog biscuits down the garden. She came back all wet.

Diana, sounds like a lovely place, except for the roads. Wise move to let someone who knows the roads do the driving.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 10, 2018, 07:59
Morning, and ice and bright and dry at the moment. Think we may have showers during the day. Yesterday was very nice in the morning and then late afternoon and during the evening we had very heavy showers – in fact by the time we came out of church they weren’t showers at all but persistent heavy rain!

Lady J, do hope St A can help! Sometimes I find if I go back over places I have already looked the lost object pops up and looks smug that you missed it the first time (a little like Gefn playing hide and seek!!). I have to confess that I think that is the longest delivery for any card I have ever sent anywhere (having said that some things we used to send over to SA to MM’s daughter and family never made it at all!). Sending ooooohhhhmmmmmmmss for the lost tablet.

Oh what a shame about your weather Diana – fingers crossed it improves soon. Hotel sounds lovely and excellent that the food is very good. Think you are sensible not to hire a car if the road to the hotel is that bad, much wiser to go on an organised trip. Large cruise liners seem to be everywhere at the moment!!

How kind of the staff to look after you so well yesterday Eva. Well done to them to deciding that the allergic reaction needed further investigation too. I am sure you enjoyed having a room to yourself for a while. Good that the injection seems to have worked too – so suspect today will be getting everything in place for your trip to Spxxn!

Fi your new neighbour does sound a bully. Very good that last neighbour has told you how to present your objections. Feel you need as much help as you can to quash this in the bud. Ha! Did he really say he wouldn’t object if it was the other way round? The man is obviously a liar as well as a bully. Do hope you can get the planners on your side. Sorry to hear about the deterioration in your father, but it sounds as though your Mother is beginning to realise that she can’t cope alone. Has your sister spoken to you about it? Good luck with the wedding arrangements – feel that is a potential minefield too. Have they set a date yet? Hope you managed to drown all your sorrows and sending a virtual hug.

Oh no! Bella was stood up – poor girl and then to make her go out in the rain (sounds like you had the same weather as us) and come in dripping wet having failed to find the imaginary biscuits!. I am sure you are going to have to work hard to win yourself back into her good graces.

Managed to get the food shopping done, do some banking and sadly not avoid some jumping tops and a pair of trousers. Spent the afternoon doing some sewing and then went off to see Jxxrney’s End. Very moving and sad. Today we are shortly off to the church for the Remembrance Event we have planned. It ends with four of us singing WWOne songs (in costume – hence the sewing yesterday). Hoping the day will stay fine. Morning BHB, yes I’m in a rush this morning – lets grab the pastries and the Apple Blossom and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 10, 2018, 09:54
Bella was stood up last night for a good reason. Her friends were at their granddaughter's birthday party, which went on longer than expected. We'll go and annoy them tonight :)

Just packed up the clean washing for the stables, so I'd better take it to them.

Have a good day all.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 10, 2018, 10:31
Morning all and a nice bright day it is too. The trees that still have leaves on look lovely. I had a fairly quiet day yesterday though I spent a fair while looking for something. I was on my knees grovelling under the beds and had no success. I asked St A but I think he was busy helping Jane! I will have to think hard again today. Only a small thing that was my father's but I am hoping I can find it somewhere. I had a very long phone call to my cousin's in Lancashire last night which was lovely as I haven't spoken to them for a while. They are always frantically busy and Jacqueline has both her parents who are now at the troublesome stage! In some ways they seem to have all the problems that Fi and Eva's parents do. As they live in Derbyshire she has a long journey to get to them as well. Sound familiar Fi? Today I am in my usual laundry mode for the weekend. so that is something to look forward to!

Fi I know the lady near me that had problems with her told me that if she wanted to fight her neighbour's right to infringe on her property she would have to go to court. I wonder if you if you consult a solicitor and you are in the right, and he then writes the neighbour a letter it might help stop him bulldozing through you. Good luck! Really feel for you with your parents as well. I hope your Mum will finally accept help and you can get it put in place for them. Sending a virtual hug as I think you need it! With all this and then maybe being asked to help fund the wedding. Ouch!

Eva hat lovely staff you have at the hospital. That allergy sounds a really nasty one. In fact there are a lot of moulds and spores from the trees around at this time of year and that is what is doing for me.

Diana that weather sounds rather familiar. Hopefully it will improve for you. The roads haven't improved then! I remember some rather exciting drives across the island. It sounds lovely in the hotel which is something.

I am sure Bella was very miffed at being stood up and getting wet Jo. Hope she isn't sulking!

Jane any luck finding the tablet yet? Fingers crossed for you.

Morning BHB, we have Apple Blxssom today? Lovely. Let's get some more and see if the CM has found a moment to pop back and join us.
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 10, 2018, 12:17
Morning all. It's overcast, but no rain. Still fairly mild, + 11 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. You're still waiting for me? You thought I could do with a herbal tea and a couple of toasted teacakes. How right you are! 💋 You are a real star! (He agrees.)
I've had a busy morning with parental duties. (Yes, it feels like I've taken over as the parent for the parents!😒) I picked up fathet to take him to mother. She was fine when we got there. You remember that I told you that they had new wardrobes installed in all the rooms. I had a look inside mother's wardrobes and saw that her things hadn't been properly sorted, so I started to do it. I then realised that most of mother's underwear had disappeared. All that was left were 3 pairs of knickers and 1 bra! Everything was clearly marked with her name, so heavens knows who had nicked them. When I drove father home, I went up to the flat and checked mother's wardrobe there. She had plenty of knickers (good, old mands's) but no bras. So I had to drive down to the shopping centre and go bra hunting. Not an easy task when what you want is white cotton ones, non-wired size B cup. All the shops had stacks of underwired,coloured, padded, push-up types of bras, fit for the young ones, not a 94 year old lady! I found 2, but that was all, so I texted youngest sister and she'll go bra hunting on Monday! Then it was back to mother's to give her the knickers I'd found and the new bras. She was delighted, and wondered if it was her birthday!😂 Then I had to put the name labels in the undies, which took a while, so now most of the morning is gone. Have I said I'm looking forward to going to Spain?
I see there is no Cas tonight.

Fi,- maybe you should think about Outer Hebredies? Joking aside, he sounds a dreadful man. Maybe the best way forward is to get in touch with a lawer. Yes, it will cost, but maybe give you a tad more peace of mind. You are expected to pay for the wedding? I think that's more than a bit hard. I see that your Sloppy seems to have finally realised that she'll need help. Good luck with that procedure.

Jo,- Bella in a sulk? Well, I never.

Carol,- good luck with the arrangement tonight. I'm sure you'll be brilliant.

Pauline,- a fun day with the washing, eh?

I'm getting hungry after all this activity this morning. An omelett will do me for lunch today. I feel fine, btw.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 10, 2018, 14:20

It had looked a little brighter first thing but it's raining again. I can barely see the other side of the bay due to the low cloud. Forecast for today and tomorrow is rain most of the day. Monday is better so we may go out then. We spent most of yesterday on the balcony, fortunately it's covered and roomy, with a bed, two chairs and a small table. The food here is very good. For dinner I had scallops, seafood Thermidor and cheesecake. We also had a light lunch, as much to pass some time and will probably do so again today given the weather. We spent just over an hour in the gym and I didn't have a huge breakfast - plate of fresh fruit and an omelette - this morning so hopefully will have worked off the extra calories. There are several different birds flying around and making a lot of noise, not quite drowning out the sound of the waves on the sand.

Don't think I said that it looks like I will be made redundant around the end of the month but they are making us work our notice, which is annoying, previously people have been allowed to go pretty much immediately. Hope I can come to an agreement, don't want to work till end February.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 10, 2018, 14:34
Oh Fi, your neighbour sounds awful. Not surprised you were upset. Good idea to get legal advice. Good luck and hugs.
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 10, 2018, 19:46
I never thought a dance on Strictly would touch my heart, but Ashley and Pasha’s dance made me cry. Then Graeme and Oti’s dance was an anti- climax.
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, November 10, 2018, 20:32
I did have a "few" drinks last night. A nice eve with friends. One friend suggested we phoned legal helpline on our house insurance , so we did. They were horrified by neighbour, said in their opinion ( obv haven't inspected site) , he had no case. They suggested we send a " letter of complaint " . Ploppy really , really anxious so ( as you suggest Pauline) going to pay a lawyer to do this letter. Insurance helpline were so horrified they said we should ph police if contractor sets foot on our property. Not sure police would turn up. Eldest Scollop really upset at how anxious his father is. He sent me some lovely texts to say he will do anything he can to help. Found out neighbour ( who is on p.rish council) is best friends with its deputy leader. So still think battles ahead.
BTW UB Scollop would never expect us to pay for wedding but we wouldn't want them to use up all their savings. On other hand it wouldn't be type of wedding we would choose so will be delicate discussions.
Good news abt redundancy Diana - less so about your weather. Hope clears up soon.
Ah Eva - missing underwear mountain. No idea where they are but must be loads of these mountains near care homes!
At least there was reason for Bella being stood up Jo. Sounds like she will get her own back tonight.
Hope your concert tonight goes well Carol. I no longer instigate conversations with sis re parents care. Whilst we will continue to do what we can, the fact that they have missed going into sh housing ( the sh housing have said wld no longer accept them due to dads Alz . I warned that when he was diagnosed with " confusion" but again was told I was wrong!) is down to her and so i am leaving up to her to organise any addit care. I am always wrong anyway and really can't cope at mo with being told that - again - so just stepping back.
Off to bed early as not slept well for few nights. Hoping for btr night tonight.
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 10, 2018, 20:54
Diana, good and bad news then. Hope you can sort a bit of a shortened time. Afterall you have served your time.

Bella has been a bit of a pain this evening during my old lady bra problem. Fancy Eva and I having a similar problem almost at the same time. Felf is also very particular. She ordered by bras mail, she didn't like one and the other was too big. Hardly surprising as by her measurements she is a perfect 38D, she bought 42D. It was too big. From talking to her she wears her bra really loose, which is why she looks like she isn't wearing one. I've ordered 2 different M+S ones, she said she won't like them, as she's looked at all the bras in M+S. Oh well. I've also ordered a smaller size of one of the ones she ordered. If none of them are OK, I'll show her some more websites. Now I have to get the 2 she got by mail order returned. So tonight I've learnt how to do that.
As a side effect, I have ordered the thermals for Aberdeen. Returns parcel all packed, special label for courier has been emailed to w*rk so I can print it on Monday. So not all bad. Bella has been yelling at me during this problematic task. I tried to distract her by grooming, but didn't work. Now I've finished she is dosing.

Carol the proposed singing sounds very appropriate. Hope all goes well. There are lots of very large crosses in 2 villages near us, very sombre sight. The number of men who did not come back from those villages. Of course at that time there were far fewer people in the villages.

Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 11, 2018, 07:42
Morning and whilst not raining at the moment we have lots of dark clouds around, and showers are forecast (think you may have much the same Eva). Yesterday from mid afternoon onwards we had torrential rain (in fact we had to put a couple of buckets out in church as the rain started to come in through the roof).

Ah that used to happen a lot in the home my Mother was in Eva – in fact not with undies but with trousers and tops! Never really understood how it could happen as, like you, we had to sew name labels into everything! I wish younger sister luck with the bra hunt – as it sounds similar to the type I used to buy for my Mother. BXS used to be my fallback position as they always seem to stock the right kind! Oh are you off to Spxin? You never mentioned it!! On the hourly countdown know?? What time are you off tomorrow?? If it is early then I will wish you a safe flight now!

What a shame about your weather Diana – have the locals said when it is likely to clear. At least you have the large balcony – I am assuming that although it is wet it isn’t cold? Food sounds delsh! Oh that is unusual to have to work your notice – as you say normally firms like people to go as soon as the redundancy kicks in (for remaining staff morale as much as anything!!). In fact you are the first person I have ever known who has been made redundant but then had to stay and work notice. Hopefully you will be able to sort something out once you are back from your holiday?

Fi, what a sensible suggestion from friend and well done on acting speedily. Not surprised they were horrified – we all are on your behalf. Think getting the lawyer to do the letter will be money very well spent. Awful that Ploppy is suffering as a result of this new turn of events, but lovely that Eldest Scollop is being so caring and offering help. Ah, I can see your point about speaking with your sister, and to be honest I think you have enough on your plate at the moment. Still sending virtual hugs and hope you had a better night last night.

Ah, so it wasn’t you being mean to Bella then Jo! How strange you are going through the same bra problem as Eva – as I said in my post earlier BXS was the ideal place to find the right things for the “older generation” – my Mother preferred them to the MandS ones too. Fingers crossed for the ones you have ordered. Think thermal s for A’deen are an excellent idea!! I can see Bella is not the most patient of young ladies!!

Yesterday went really well (apart from the rain). The church was decorated with poppies (some hand knitted by our ladies’ Knitting Group). We had books onWWOne, memorabilia, poppy making crafts and colouring for the little ones, a poppy net for people to place poppies on, and on the hour we had the story of one of the 91 men recorded on our WWONe Memorial, followed by a poem, reading of a list of the names on the memorial (in seven chunks) and then a prayer. We also mentioned any members of church families who had died, so included my Great Uncle Richard – the 19 year old killed on the first day of the Bxttle of the Sxmme. It was all very moving. The sing a long at the end went well and everyone really enjoyed it. Came home, somewhat emotionally drained, and watched SCD – agree P & A’s dance was beautiful, Eva. Also liked AJ & L’s VW very much. Not sure who will be in the D O – could be any one of Danny, Graeme (not sure I have recovered from the costumes!), Kate or even Joe (wasn’t convinced by him either). D was at the bottom of the board and in the last couple of days has had some very bad press coverage so he may well suffer from lack of public support as a result. After SCD we watched the R’brance programme from the RAH – always makes me cry. Off to church soon and will be taking part in the fifteen minute service outside (please don’t rain) when the wreaths are laid, then back inside for the actual service of Commemoration. Will probably do the laundry this afternoon! Morning BHB, yes it has brightened up a little, so fingers crossed! Let’s grab the toasted crumpets and the Cxmet and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 11, 2018, 08:06
I've been awake since 6am. Big black furry alarm clock with no snooze button. Although it is now snoozing as full of breakfast and has been out in garden.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 11, 2018, 09:40
Morning all and it is a lovely sunny one but quite blustery as well. We had torrential rain here too yesterday afternoon, in fact it started with hail, became a downpour then the sun peeped out and we had a lovely rainbow. I did a big wash and I still have another small one to do today (I have to do it in stages as I only have so much drying space) and of course I have the lovely ixxnxxg to do today. Deep joy! Watched SCD last night and I thought Graeme was probably the weakest dancer but I am with Twin in thinking Danny could go. He really has been given a hard time in the press and in spite of denials all round mud sticks. Then watched the Remembrance Festival and had a good weep. Beautifully done as always and those poppy petals floating down from the ceiling always just gets to me. Hope today stays dry for all the different services.

Glad you have your redundancy date Diana, but how ridiculous to say you have to work notice. You haven't given notice, they have! Hope the weather improves for you. If my experience of it is still anything to go by, it probably will get better. Fingers crossed, At least the food is yummy!

Ah the disappearing clothes in a care home! When my mother was in one for about four days she came out with a totally different set of clothes to those she went in with. In actual fact the trousers were nicer than the ones she had been wearing! Good luck with the bra hunting Eva! Spain beckons! If you are off early have a good flight and fingers crossed the ipad behaves and we can keep up with your exploits.

Fi glad you are going to consult a lawyer. I feel it is the only language neighbour will understand, he won't like it, but then you don't like him so nothing lost there! It is so bad that he has made your Ploppy ill with worry. People can be dreadful. Thankfully there are more lovely ones than nasty ones. I think it great of Scollop to offer to do what he can. Could help a lot. Wise to step back from parent situation. You don't need that hassle as well.

Morning BHB, we have Cxmet today? Sounds interesting! Let's get some more and go and find the CM.

Diana wrote:
Sunday, November 11, 2018, 10:43
Morning all.

Currently lying on the bed watching the golf on TV from South Africa where the weather is glorious!! It rained and rained yesterday afternoon and more rain forecast today. From tomorrow it does get a little better, still lot of rain forecast but some sun as well. Eva, the Norwegian forecast has been very accurate so far!

I sat on the balcony some of the day reading while Ploppy watched the TV. We had a light lunch in the main restaurant as the pool bar was very noisy and then sat by the main bar for a while. Another veg dinner - crab spring rolls, duck breast with tempura veg, ice cream and bottle of red.

We're probably going to watch the golf till it ends, then have a late breakfast and go to the gym late morning.
evam wrote:
Sunday, November 11, 2018, 11:20
Morning all. The sun is peeping out today, but I haven't had the opportunity to go out.

Hello sweetheart. Yes please,- a herbal tea will be just right. We've had drama here today, so I certainly need it!

I was awake befor 4 am this morning, and was doing last minute things to my packing. After I'd had a shower at 7am, I saw that father had tried to call while I was in the shower. I called right back, and his phone was answered by Mrs S! She told me that father had had a fall in the middle of the night. He'd pressed the alarm button, but the SS took ages to reach him. They's helped him back to bed, and then left! A bit later he'd wanted the loo, but was unable to stand on his feet. The "good" hip was hurting so bad. He'd then waited a few hours to call me, and when I didn't answer, he'd called Mrs S. (Youngest sister and br.i.l. are in their cottage in the mountains.) Mrs S had just arrived when I rang. She said she'd ring me back when she'd found out what had happened. When she rang me back, she'd called the SS and told them to send someone to assess father,- whether he needed the A&E and an x-ray. Mrs S told me to stay where I was,- she'd deal with the SS! (She does have her uses. Taking no prisoners.!) 2 hours later she called. Father had been taken to the A&E by ambulance and had the x-ray. There was no break, but a hairline fracture. He obviously couldn't be sent home, so he'll be staying at the A&E's bed ward for a few days until they decide what has to be done. I feel fairly shook up, and I have to admit that this was an accident waitig to happen. At least he'll be looked after in a safe environment. Mrs S said he'd been given a lovely single room.
I have been invited for Sunday lunch at Iselin's. Father was meant to come as well, but he'll have to have some hospital food insted. My cleaning lady is here at the moment. She kindly offered to come here today, so that I'll return to a clean flat. When she has finished, I'll take Hazel for a good clean, then I'll drive in to the A&E and visit father. After that I'll go to Iselin's for a late lunch. PHEW!

Diana,- good to hear that the Norwegian weather forecast was right, but it had been even better if they had promised good weather!

Enjoy the golf.

I watched Strictly last night, of course. I agree with Carol and Pauline in their judgements. I HATED Graeme's dance and their garish costumes, but to be fair, it could be because their dance was following the wonderful Ashley and Pasha's dance. I also think Joe was given too high points, as I found his dance very stompy. I did my 3 online votes, 2 for A&P and 1 for Charles.

I HAVE to have the ipad with me, as it's the only way I can follow UK telly. No Strictly for 4 weeks? I'd be bereft! The flight isn't especially early tomorrow morning. I have to be at the airport at 8.30 am. There might be wifi onboard the plane, but if it's as bad as when I last went to London, I won't be able to blog. Fingers crossed.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, November 11, 2018, 11:25
Yes it's warm here, Carol, about 26 degrees. It feels a lot less humid today. Two cruise liners sailing into Castries at mo, not huge ones but large enough. Hope you didn't get wet this morning.

I must check out Heidi S on Guard*an site for SCD review.

Have a good flight, Eva.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, November 11, 2018, 16:23
Afternoon. Woke up to rain but fortunately stopped in time for our Remembrance parade. Rather windy but dry and not too cold. Our Brownies behaved beautifully and the new Memorial garden looked great. Joined ploppy and his dad for a quick drink then we came home and watched a film. Sloppy will be joining us shortly for dinner, she went to nearby town to watch my nephew parade with the Air Cadets which he recently joined.
Hope your Father is comfortable Eva, safe flight tomorrow.
Do hope the letter from the solicitor works Fi, you really don’t need any extra stress.
Watched lots if progs on WWI and remembrance but looking forward to pJ’s film tonight on bbc2
evam wrote:
Sunday, November 11, 2018, 17:55
I've been to see father, and he's resting comfortably. He is quite confused, but knows what's happened and where he is. I had a quick chat with the resident doctor, and all he would say was that they'd keep father for 2-3 days where he is now, until the best way forward is decided. He's safe, that's the most important thing.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 11, 2018, 18:15
Oh Eva, your poor father. A worry for you all. Good old MrsS.

First time been let down by Mr T. Their van has broken down, were due 2-3pm, they said they'd come later. Luckily I was not waiting for the delivery for supplies.

Bella refused a walk with her best friend this afternoon. She was on the way to her friends up the road (treats and cuddles). Her best friend was going in the wrong direction, so she walked right past the little dog :(
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 11, 2018, 19:22
Mr T has delivered !!! 5hrs late.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 11, 2018, 21:13
Oh your poor father Eva. Not what you need either, but in some ways at least you don't have to worry about him for a while. Let's hope SS come through finally.

Travesty of a result on SCD for me.
Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, November 11, 2018, 21:42
Have had lovely day. We went to early church service so missed the Remembrance commemoration but had quick coffee after church and we did the 2 min silence there. Then went to friends 60th bday lunch in local posh restaurant. 11 of us. Great time and both ploppy and I felt uplifted. Went back with S ( girl with learning diffs) and we watched P.ddington2. So a relaxing positive day. We are now wondering if neighbour being very manipulative. Getting us so worked up abt access issues ( which he knows he will lose) that we overlook the actual horrendous extension itself and therefore it goes ahead. Wldn surprise me if he intends to " compromise" on access issues during planning process so that planners see him as cooperative and pass the plans ( which wld dominate and overshadow our Gdn). Eldest Scollop thinks that is his game plan and wldnt surprise me. No thought that playing with our lives. We need to be on the ball.
Eva - your dad is in best place - great that he is being well looked after. Safe flight tomorrow.
Jo - 5 hrs late! That is not good. But hopefully none of you starved.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 12, 2018, 08:07
Morning and grey clouds scudding across but we also have patches of blue. The weather was really kind to us yesterday and we had blue skies and sunshine and not a drop of rain.

Sadly I see you are still experiencing rain – wouldn’t you know SA would be having glorious weather! At least it sounds as if you might get some sun soon, and it is a nice warm temperature. I would be quite happy sitting out of the rain, in the warm, with a book! I am assuming you are waiting for a break in the weather before you go off on any sight seeing tours. I misread your dinner as veg rather than very good and thought you had gone all veggie on us, but I see I was wrong! So you read Heidi S too – the mentions during the programme of the drinking game were quite funny!

Oh Eva, that’s not goo d at all – your poor Father – what a good thing Mrs S was actually in the country. Agree she is just the person to deal with the SS. Suspect a few days in the hospital whilst he is assessed will be good for him and enable him to rest properly. As you say at least you now he is safe at the moment. Hopefully despite all this you had a lovely time with Iselin and Emilian. That was very good of your cleaning lady – especially as it was a Sunday. Is Hazel being looked after in your absence, or is she staying in the garage with her boyfriend? Of course you have to have the ipad with me!! Not just for SCD but for us! Hope you have a good flight; and you have the comfort of knowing all is in place for key collecting and settling in.

Glad to hear your Remembrance parade was dry – the Brownies in our church behaved impeccably too during the church service. Victoria sent me a photo of Imogen – she carried the flag for the Rainbxws at their church. I think all the parades and displays this year have been fantastic.

Oh poor driver (even though he works for the T word) having break down!! Five hours late – bet the driver was tired when he finally arrived. That Bella is a real diva! Poor little dog, probably wondering what was wrong! Hopefully they will make up soon = I can see that treats and cuddles would have had a strong pull over just spending time with best friend!

Glad you had a lovely day Fi. The birthday meal sounds lovely. I see Paddingtxn 2 was weaving its magic – lovely film! I feel Eldest Scolllp could be right and this is an initial skirmish for NN (for Nasty Neighbour) – that could well be his actual plan. Think you do need to be on the ball as he sounds very Machiavellian. Are you arranging to see a solicitor asap – he might have suggestions as to right response? Hopefully the relaxing day helped Ploppy too.

We were so lucky with the weather as mentioned above – clear blue skies, sunshine and during the silence a bird singing. Our Borough had organised maroon rockets to be fired at different locations, to mark the beginning and the end of the Silence. We had one on the Green next to the Church and it made quite an impact when it went off (I think it startled some people who weren’t aware it was about to happen). The church was packed for the service afterwards – in fact we had people standing at the back as we had run out of chairs! We arrived home about 1pm and then I had an afternoon of the i word. In the evening we watched the Results and I agree with Twin on that one! I did watch Dr W and it was marginally better than the previous week. Still not convinced by it though . Watched the service from W’minster Abbey and we also watched the Peter J film, Ali – it was immensely moving and didn’t stint on what they endured in the trenches. I think it should be shown every Armistxce Dxy. Today we are off for SLAPPAS and then I have a little of the i word to do and then must wrap Chrissie pressies for the New Forest – we are going tomorrow and I want to get as many of the pressies as I have bought down there in case MM gets called for his op in December and we don’t make it back down before C’mas. Choir this evening of course! Morning BHB, yes another bright start to the day. Let’s grab the pastries and the Lavendula and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 12, 2018, 10:24
Morning all and a nice bright one it is too, let's hope it stays that way. I have a small tree outside my bedroom window and it ablaze with colour at the moment. Gorgeous to see every morning when I open the curtains. Had a nice day doing the ixxnxxg and having a further search for a small thing that belonged to my father, still can't find it, I fear it may have got lost in the move as it is a long time since I saw it. On the bright side I did a lot of clearing and dusting in the process! Also watched Dr W and I am with Twin on this. It isn't that it is bad, it is just not DrW. More like a history lesson and so far it hasn't even told me anything I didn't already know! Time will tell if they succeed with this line. Actually think it belongs more on CBxC! Today I just have a food shop to do and then a bit more ixxnxxg so another fun packed day!

Fi I feel you may be right about the neighbour. I think the neighbour near me had that sort of agenda and he won sadly. Stick to your guns! Glad you had a lovely day yesterday, a bit of Pxddington is a good way to relax I feel!

Ali your day sounds lovely too. Glad your Brownies were so good. There really has been some lovely stuff on around the country. I find the Silhouette and Invisible statues around very affecting. I also just loves the Dxnny Bxyle idea of pictures in the sand which were gradually washed away by the tide. So moving.

Poor little dog Jo! Bella is naughty to just walk straight past! Still cuddles and can see the attraction! Hope poor Mr T finally got to you.

I like reading HS blog on SCD Diana. Hope the weather is kinder to you and you can get out and see more of a lovely island.

Eva you are hopefully well on your way to Spain by now, in fact you may well be there. Have a lovely relaxing holiday and hopefully all will be well at home to help you do so.

Morning BHB, yes it is a lovely day so we are in the conservatory? Nice, I'll just get another jug of Lavendula and we can go and join the CM.

Jane E wrote:
Monday, November 12, 2018, 13:43
Afternoon all,

I am having a quick break between telephone conferences. Carol, Ali and all, I have enjoyed reading about all your remembrance day experiences. Sorry I haven't got much time to chat about all of them.

Ah I see Pauline has also been in touch with St A. Unfortunately he's not been able to help me either. I really am at loss.

Diana - sorry the weather isn't that great but I hope you are enjoying your holiday none the less.

Eva - so very sorry to hear about your dad's accident and the shoddy way SS treated him. At least Mrs S has stepped up to the mark!

Fi - I agree with the others. I think you need to get advice from a solicitor and get an objection lodged with the planners. Bullies too often get their own way.

I didn't realise Danny had some bad press last week. I'm sad about it as I like him so much. I didn't think he'd be in the final but I did hope he'd make it to Blackpool. I my book he should have done: Graham's dance was just embarrassing.

Ashley was amazing - and actually all the rest I thought were very good. It's going to be a difficult call.
TK wrote:
Monday, November 12, 2018, 21:19
Bella is being very barky tonight. I took her out en route to the bar, but she stopped at the road and would not cross. We came home. Since then she has been out in the garden several times, then at the front door barking. She sits down for a few mins then starts again. Really tiring. Hopefully she has tired herself out.

I'm tired tonight, so I'll go to bed early.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 07:16
Morning and it looks like a nice start to the morning. Think it will be a fine day all day according to the forecast. Hope Eva had a good flight yesterday and is now happily tucked up in her apartment.

Oh so St A no help then Lady J – he is usually quite good. You must be bereft without the tablet. It may turn up when you have stopped looking of course. Was the last time you saw it when you were at Julie’s? Oh Danny had lots of bad press – especially just before the weekend. He and Amy went on the Friday ITT to say they were all rubbish (he was supposed to have bullied Amy and left her in tears on numerous occasions, and “a source” said the Beeb were going to discipline him. Beeb issued a denial, as did Amy (apparently they had a spat midweek and went their separate ways for a short while so they could both cool down, came back and all was well). Sadly D decided not to appear on ITT so Amy did the farewell interview alone. Have to say it didn’t look good that D did that, but I can understand him not wanting to put himself through more potential abuse!

Do you think Bella is warming up for singing (barking) C’mas Carols? She sounds as if she is exercising her lungs Jo? More worrying is that she didn’t want to go to the bar.........may be the barking is due to her changing her mind once she was home again, and deciding she did want to go socialising after all! Hopefully she let you get some sleep!

Did the food shop yesterday and then had to go to NXXt as wanted to take something down for the new baby and leave it with June so she can hand it over to the proud parents when baby arrives (only two days to the due date). Bought two lovely little outfits, but on my way to the till I was accosted by a couple of tops and a pair of boots – I did my best to fight them off, but alas failed miserably! I didn’t get round to finishing the i word, as it took me all afternoon to wrap the C’mas presents, the new baby present, six birthday presents that we are taking down to the N Forest today. In the evening we had a good rehearsal of our items for the C’mas period. It was much cooler when we came out of rehearsal though. MM was saying this time of year we are normally in warm coats and gloves – as it is, we are still in fairly lightweight outdoor gear (still haven’t done the wardrobe swap, I am still waiting for the cold weather to kick in!. Hopefully the motorways will be jam free when we go off this morning - we are calling in to see Moving Aunt (sadly as June has no downstairs loo, Moving Aunt prefers not to visit as climbing the stairs after her two falls is painful. She is fine when she visits Gemma and the boys as they have a downstairs loo, as do Paul and Chelsea. In her block of retirement apartments she has a lift, so doesn’t need to negotiate any stairs there at all. We will be seeing both mums to be at June’s, but sadly the boys will all be at school. Should be home in time for HC later! Morning BHB yes another nice start to the day. Let’s grab the toasted crumpets and the Hxvxnxtheone and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM appears.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 10:06
Morning all and it is a lovely sunny one again. I agree Twin, it has been a fantastic Autumn weatherwise. Very mild and lots of sun. It is fantastic so definitely not complaining. I am sure we will get cold, wet and even snxw soon enough! Did a food shop yesterday and I also went and bought my C/mas cards! Thought I might as well have them here so I can get them done in good time. That is plan A anyway! Today I am off to have a facial and pedicure, heaven!

So St A is definitely slipping up then Jane! Of course it maybe because neither thing is in the house to be found and he can't help! I do hope your tablet turns up, if not maybe it is covered by your house insurance? Worth asking maybe. Danny should have bitten the bullet and appeared on ITT last night, but I can also understand why he has had enough, some of the vitriol going his way was terrible. SCD is supposed to be entertainment, not character assassination time.

Bella is a naughty girl to keep barking Jo. I have a feeling she likes doing it to get you running round after her. I hope she went quite over night. Oh maybe she wants you to take to the bar in the car to save walking?

Hope you are safe and sound in Spain Eva. when do the treatments start?

Have a lovely day with the family Twin. Maybe you should have a birthing pack with you!

Morning BHB and so what have you for us today? Hxvxnxtheone? Sounds very intriguing (in fact not too sure what it is called!) so let's get some more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 11:35
Morning all from Albir basking in +21 degrees, and a sun that is peeping out from a thin layer of clouds. 🌤

Hello sweetheart. Thank you for waiting for me. Sorry I couldn’t pop in yesterday, but the wifi onboard the plane couldn’t cope with my UK telly gizmo. I am now ready for my herbal tea and,.......did someone say toasred crumpets? Yes please!💋

I have to start with Sunday afternoon. After I’d visited father, I kept feeling funny. My nose was clogging up, my throat starting to hurt and a headache settling down. I thought it was the allergy coming back, but no,- it was a whopper of a cold rushing in!😡. I am so glad that all my packing was done and all the boxes ticked off, so I went to bed early. Not much sleep that night, so even before I arrived at the airport I was bushed. Flying with a stinking cold is not fun. I felt very sorry for myself, but even more sorry for my fellow passengers every time I sneezed or coughed! After 4 long hours we finally landed in A*icante, but then the real fun started! I had booked my rental car, but had to queue for almost an hour before it was my turn. After the usual confirmation of my personal details, the young man asked if I wanted their insurance for the excess, but I said no, because I have my own insurance for that. He accepted my refusal, but then another clerk butted in, very loudly, in a strong Amarican accent telling me I had to pay for their insurance, it would be totally stupid (!) of me not to have an insurance, and so on and so forth. Every time I tried to say something, she interrupted and went on and on. Then I exploded,-I was so angry! I slammed my fist on the desk, told her to shut up and go away! (Even then I was polite!), but the best thing was that the people behind me in the queue started laughing and applauding.😂😂 She stalked away, feeling very hard done by. The clerk I had been dealing with whispered « well done» and we continued our business. It was almost 6 pm before I arrived in Albir and met up with Solveig. I was so tired, I could hardly take anything in, but I realised that the flat was super,- just right for me. Penthouse corner flat can’t be bad, can it? It was sparkling clean,- you could eat off the floors.😜. After unpacking and eating a sandwich, I started to try to sort out the telly, the dvd player, the wifi and everything else electronic. Goodness, gracious me,- the owners had written down how to connect the different devices, but I couldn’t make head or tails out of those, so I just started pressing all the buttons randomly, and suddenly everything connected as it should, except my A*le telly device. I had resigned myself to only being able to watch UK telly on my ipad, when I started to scroll down the channel list on the telly. Lo and behold! Channel 10 is the beeb 1 ! How about that?😀

I went to bed very early, and I slept well, but not enough. 5.15 am saw me wide awake. I have now been and done a BIG shop, and when I’ve finished posting, I’ll go for a walk along the beach promenade (5 minutes walk away) , and I’ll make a booking for a pedicure later in the week.

Jane,- so the saints never came marching in when you called for help? ( No direspect meant.)

Carol,- I had to laugh at your suggestion that Bella should be taken by car to the pub. 😂. I hope you have a great family day.

Pauline,- your tootsies looks lovely. 👍. My first treatment is tomorrow morning, starting with some exercises in the heated pool.👏👏👏
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 13:35
Hello all,

And the big news for me new phone works! I decided to bite the bullet and make the sim swap even though I hadn't managed to back up my old phone on my tablet. (I did manage to back up using my Google Account). As it turned out I needn't have worried. The new phone told me to download a particular app and hey presto - everything transferred over beautifully! Shame it chose to tell me that after I spent two hours tying in my contacts by hand :-)

Carol - I last saw my tablet on 02/11/18 - the day before Julie visited me. I think I was upstairs with it and took it downstairs. I also recall moving something I didn't want us to accidently tread on from its usual position be the side of the couch. That might have just been the laptop though. I didn't take it out of the house between then and when I missed it on 06/11/18 and Julie was the only other person that came into the house. Mysterious!

I hope your journey wasn't too arduous this morning and that you have a lovely visit!

Thanks twins for letting me know about Danny. I am very disappointed. He ought to have come on to ITT. The fact he didn't makes it sound like the reports are true :-(. SCD has been beset with controversy this year. Lets hope there's no more to deal with!

Pauline - I must admit that I am worried that tablet somehow isn't in the house. It don't see how though. Surely I can't have throw it out? I wouldn't think that my insurance would cover the loss unfortunately. This weather is indeed very mild. I'm not complaining! I hope you have a lovely facial and pedicure.

Oh well done Eva on getting all your tec sorted! I read out your airport car collection exploits to my colleague who sits next to me. She's had exactly the same happen - also with a woman with a strong American accident. Was it G*ld Car by any chance? Hope you have a lovely holiday.

Jo - oh dear Bella's singing not up to Cliffy or the GO's standard then!

luckymoilee wrote:
Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 14:35
Afternoon all
Eva impressed by your reaction at the car rental 😁 hope your treatment goes well.
Jane have you a find my tablet on tour phone ?
Jo I would not change Bella I just love her sense of humour !!! Great dog she Islamist human
Here Mum fell again automatic doors in the shop closed on her yet again she is too slow to go through! She went like a plank of wood. Has bruised her ribs again might even have a racked one but as she is breathing ok they will not give her an x-ray . It is very painful again.
Nicholas had his first year review all seems well got to wait for result of mammography on good brest can take up to six weeks.
We are hoping for date in the southwest for Lee's new shows.
Hope you are all ok lots of poppy love Xxx
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 20:54
Very envious of the heat in Sp Eva -nd also walking by sea. Mind you the encounter at car hire sounds " interesting". Glad you held your own! And that the flat is so suitable.
Jane - once you stop looking for your tablet you will find it. Esp,if you buy a new one. I always find lost things when I replace them!
Carol - I have forgotten all about expected new arrivals - who is expecting? You are doing well with your Ch shopping. Tho I did buy parents pres today - and we also bought new artificial Ch tree. In half price sale. As last tree we bought for 9.99 0ver 15 yrs ago don't feel it owes us anything!
Been v down over last few days but ploppy as anxious and worked up as I have seen him for yrs. but took bit between my teeth last night and wrote the letter of c.mplaint to neighbour. Lawyer going to check it but I found template on 'net and wrote it. Very factual - and very cathartic. Then today did loads of research and found some similar local planning applies from 4 yrs ago that were rejected. So copied out planners comments. Reminds me of all the research I did when ploppy lost his licence. As well I like research. We have come to conclusion that plans are likely to go thro and we will lose lot of light to garden but that we are likely to be able to modify some of the aspects that would almost necessitate access to our garden - both for construction and future maintenance. Not ideal and making us think if we want to stay in Hse esp with such horrible neighbour's. Additionally thinking of cancelling SA hol as concerned that planning will go thro then and we need to be around for that. Have 4 wks to make decision around that. Lots to think abt. I have had stomach upset this eve so off to bed now.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 01:44
Evening all.

The weather has been better last two days. Yesterday we had 2/3 heavy showers but it was mainly sunny. However it was extremely humid so too much to sit out for long. Today there's been more cloud and a nice breeze so more pleasant, despite still having rain.

We've hired a jeep for a couple of days from tomorrow. At least with our own transport we can do what we want and if it's raining can sit inside and wait for it to stop. So tomorrow we're going to drive north to Rodney Bay and Pigeon Island, then do the aerial gondola through the rainforest weather permitting. Thursday we will drive south to Soufriere where there is a volcano, mud baths and a waterfall and from where you can see the Pitons, plus Marigot Bay, one of the best beaches.

The food here continues to be excellent. For breakfast I have fruit juice, a plate of fresh fruit (melon x 3 sorts, banana, pineapple, mango and a local fruit) and then a cooked course, and coffee. Lunch we just have one course, usually a starter. Dinner is 3 courses plus an amuse bouche, plus a bottle of wine. Yesterday I had a cocktail mid morning - big mistake - alcohol and sun don't agree with me, so will stick to water and Diet Coke during the day in future and then have alcohol.

Forecast for next two days isn't great with fair amount of rain, but we are then due to get more sun, though still some rain every day. Don't think we'll come to the Caribbean again at this time of year! I think the whole world's weather is now very unreliable compared with how it used to be! The women's world cricket competition is taking place in the Caribbean at the mo. England played in St Lucia yesterday but they were about to move all the St Lucia matches due to the weather here the last 10 days.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 07:43
Morning and a very pretty sky here – pinks, blues and greys. Very striking.

Glad you have arrived safely Eva – not so good about the cold. Hopefully the sun and warmth will soon send it packing. As you say, just as well you had done most of your packing in advance. I flew back from M’jxrcx once with a really bad cold – so know exactly what you mean, and sympathise! I bet that “lady” voted for Trxmp – she sounds of his persuasion, i.e. she knows better than anyone else and is incapable of listening to another person’s point of view! Love that you had applause from the rest of the queue (and a well done from the clerk!). So glad the apartment is just as lovely as it looked from the webpage. Lovely to be so close to the sea too. Ah Twin and I know all about trying to sort out tv access on foreign tvs – we play that game every year when we go to a villa (even with instructions!). Wonderful that you can get the Beeb!! Enjoy your treatment and the heated pool today!

Excellent news about the phone Lady J. When I got my new phone the nice young lady dealing with us said she would tell me about the app so I could do it myself or pay £20 and they would set it all up and transfer the info. I decided to play safe and pay the £20! Hmm curiouser and curiouser about the tablet. So you can pinpoint the exact four days it went awol. I am assuming you have had all the cushions off the sofa just in case. I still think it will turn up of its own accord when you stop looking! Well the press have been trying to run a Gio and Ashlxy rumour and a Joe and D rumour so obviously went to dig up any dirt (real or imagined) and splash it over the headlines! Sadly people seem to be lapping it up so can’t see it stoppig any time too.

Lovely to “see” you Chantale. Sorry to hear about your Mother falling again – not good that automatic doors closed before they should have. Do hope she hasn’t cracked a rib, but odd they won’t xray to find out. That’s good that all seems well with Nicholas and fingers crossed all is well and he gets the all clear within the six weeks. I think the GO tour having more dates released soon so you may be lucky.

Fi, new arrivals for Chelsea and Paul (due date tomorrow) and Gemma and Jon (due end of February). Chelsea and Paul know they are having a little girl (and Dylan really excited at the thought of having a baby sister); Gemma and Jon don’t know what their baby will be, but Gemma would love a little girl after three boys! I agree that your tree doesn’t owe you anything and probably deserves its retirement! Not surprised you are down, and that poor Ploppy is very worked up. Well done on drafting the letter of complaint. As you say it is good that you like doing research as I feel that will stand you in good stead. Interesting that similar applications were rejected. Awful that this is making you think of moving as you are so involved in everything locally. Will be a shame if you have to cancel SA, but understand your rationale. Not surprised you a have a stomach upset = I suspect it is stress related.

Glad to hear the weather seems to be improving Diana. A jeep seems a good idea given the state of the roads around the hotel. As you say it will give you greater freedom to see what you want and be flexible if the weather isn’t so good. Weather everywhere seems very peculiar so not sure it is the island’s fault that you have hit a bad spell. Look at the flooding in Vxnice recently, the hail stones in Rxme, the floods in M’jxrca, and Pxrtxgal and you realise something malign is going on with the weather gods!

Had a lovely drive down yesterday – sunshine and blue skies, and the trees are still beautiful golds, russets and reds. Usually by this time of the year we have fogs and frosts but so far – nothing (another reason I haven’t done my clothes swap!). Called in to see Moving Aunt and she was looking very well. Fortunately the falls earlier on seem not to have affected her too much, beyond using a small wheeler around the apartment (it was actually Ann’s once). Then on to June’s and Gemma looking blooming and very well, Chelsea looking ready to pop at any moment! JJ was there as he was slightly under the weather so hadn’t gone to Nursery. We had quite a good journey home – only hit a jam when we came onto the X25 around the airport. Watched HC of course and glad that storyline has been put to bed. Very well acted though. Today we have LACE this afternoon (not sure what we will be watching yet) so Twin will be over, and Lindy, and then we are out this evening for Janice’s belated birthday meal. Morning BHB, yes it is a nice bright start to the day. Let’s grab the toasted waffles and the Indxxn Rxse and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 10:57
Morning all and a lovely bright one it is as well. A bit late but I have been sorting myself out as off to Twin later. Had my facial and pedicure yesterday, sadly for me my usual lady was being made to take the day off as she is not far off having her baby and was very tired, so her stand in di it. All very nice but it did make ne realise just how fab my usual lady is. This one was very competent but lack the warmth of personality and she didn't do the little touches Karen does. Still I enjoyed it but will not have another until Karen is back. The pedicure was nearly as good, but not quite, but will certainly be happy to have new lady until Karen is operational again.

Chantale lovely to see you but so sorry your Mum has had a fall. I suppose that even of her rib is cracked there is nothing to do but wait for it to heal and take pain killers. I had to do a double take on the Bella being an Islxmist! Then I realised predictive text must have got you! The dates are now announced for Lee and as far as I can see not sure there is much very near to you. One or two hopefuls maybe!

Eva that is not good having a cold and flying do most definitely not mix. As one who popped an eardrum I know what I am talking about! Hopefully you are ok and all will be well by the time you go home. Enjoy the treatments.

It is a terrible shame about the weather Diana. I know the Caribbexn can be a bit boring when it is raining all the time. The rum punch beckons! Agree they don't mix with sunbathing! I think it is like the weather has slipped a month as I know October can de very wet. Hopefully it will be dry enough for you to enjoy the delights of the island.

Glad you have got the letter written Fi, you sound to be right on it all. I hope it has the desired effect. Such a shame it is making you think about moving, but nasty neighbours is a horrid thing.

Jane I know you will have done. but I am assuming you have looked under the sofa?! It really is very odd how it has vanished. Also very annoying and possibly costly!

Morning BHB, so what have we today? Indxan Rxse? Sounds lovely and looks very pretty. Let's get another jug and find the CM. More waffles too? Oh well as you insist!
evam wrote:
Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 11:46
Morning all. It was cloudy this morning and still is, but with 22 degrees, I don’t mind at all.

Hello sweetheart. You have my herbal tea ready? You thought I could do with it after my treatment? You are very good, but I had to cancel my appointment yesterday as I developed a slight fever, and being aware of my disposition for pneumonia, I thought it best not to take any chances. I spoke with the physio and she agreed. Next appointment is for Friday morning. The irony is that I woke up feeling so much better this morning.😏. Never mind. I’m due for my pedicue tomorrow morning.
You think I need a snuggle? So do I.💋

I’ll be a lady what lunches today, together with 8-9 others who I met last year. Looking forward to that. It won’t be a quiet lunch, I know that!😜

Carol,- I agree about being relieved that particular storyline in HC was put to bed last night. It had long passed the border of the ridiculous. Glad you had a good family visit yesterday. So your family is as eager to multiply themselves as mine are?😂. Have a good LACE meeting today.

Jane,- you can tell your colleague that it must have been the same woman who I sent on her way. Yes, it was a desk servicing 3 companies,- G*ld Cars, Interent and one more. Congrats with you new phone. No tablet I presume?

Diana,- sorry the weather still isn’t to your liking, but a wise move to rent a jeep to get around in. The food sounds yummy.

Pauline,- oh, I like your toes. I suppose you had to let Karen go for a while as long as her replacement isn’t too bad.

Chantale,- falling parents seems to be a problem at the moment. I spoke to father about an hour ago, and he was a bit down. He’d had a very extensive examination this morning and the consultant wasn’t happy at all. Whether he will be moved or not, father wasn’t sure about. He might have been told, but has forgotten. I’m sure youngest sister will phone when they are told what will be happening.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 22:12
Hope the elderly fallers feel better soon.
Today lots of venues have gone on sale for next year. Not as many as Lee led us to expect, but still quite a few venues. Back to Loughborough, so that should be good. Last venue of the tour.

Tried to go to the bar again tonight, we did cross the road, but didn't get to the village. Bella just stopped, we were doing so well. It didn't take us too long to get home. She seems to be fine.

Please tell me the Ho City storyline is ended, really do not like it, not my type of thing at all.

Really busy at w*rk. Nightmare. 20 weeks left!!!
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 15, 2018, 07:16
Morning and despite there being a little fog on the way home last night, today it seems to have vanished, and just looks overcast. Forecast says we will be colder next week so may be time to do the clothes swap at last!

Oh that’s a shame you had to change your appointment for your first physio Eva; still sensible of you given the circumstances. See you are off for a pedicure today. I am sure you had a lovely lunch yesterday – with lots of catching up to do. Ohh so it sounds as if it WAS the same obnoxious woman at the car hire desk! I am sure your Father is feeling a little down – he is used to being in his own environment and deciding what he wants to do for himself. Now he is somewhere strange and everyone is telling him what to do (or not to do). At least they have carried out an extensive examination and I suspect they are of the opinion that he shouldn’t be living on his own. At least you know he is getting care, is warm and is being fed, so that’s good.

Thanks for the heads up Jo. We will similarly be heading for L’borough! Goodness do you think Bella has signed the pledge? Another evening of not going to the bar – mind you it could be she is waiting to be chauffeur driven! Ah yes the actual storyline is sort f drawn to a conclusion, although of course there will be the fallout from it all to live through for the next few weeks. Only twenty weeks – that’s a doddle!! Just keep that thought in mind and remember in twenty weeks it won’t all be a problem for you but for someone else!

I finally managed to get the little pile of ixxning from the weekend finished yesterday morning. In the afternoon we were very cultural, with a piece of Shakespeare.............Gnxmex and Juliet - We decided to go for something light hearted, and have to say we all enjoyed it. Very good cast (well voice cast of course) and on the strength of that have just ordered the sequel, which comes out next week. Met up with Janice at the restaurant – we go off to a good start as the poor waiter with our initial drinks order tripped and the glasses went flying. A little splashed on Janice’s light coloured coat and on MM’s jacket, but it dried out and didn’t leave a mark. Then we waited quite a while for our starters after ordering – and then same waiter had to come and tell Janice that her starter was no longer available so she had to choose something else. After that all went reasonably well, although with only the Manager and our waiter (could have been one more but we didn’t see anyone) it was a long leisurely evening. Came home and Twin and I caught up with The A’ice to see who went! Today Twin wending her way home, MM and I are singing at a funeral for a lady from church – she was lovely and used to come to our shows. Sadly she hasn’t been well for the last few years so had to go into a care home and didn’t make it to church after that . I have more admin to do so will concentrate on clearing some of that this afternoon. Morning BHB yes a little cloudy outside. Let’s grab the churros and the Smxxth and Crexmy and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (think she is still asleep at the moment!).
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, November 15, 2018, 08:34
Morning all and it is a grey one but still mild I think. Arrived here yesterday in time for a movie in the afternoon. As Twin has told you we decided on some very lighthearted stuff, and all enjoyed it. Well done and very entertaining. We had a lovely meet up with Janice and lots of chat, though the meal was not the most straightforward! Today I will be off home again and can hopefully do my food shop on the way home.

Shame you missed your treatment yesterday Eva, but sensible to be safe I think. Agree with Twin about your father. He is in the best place at the moment even he is a bit disoriented. Hope you had a nice lunch and enjoy your pedicure.

Jo only 20 weeks? I think the time will fly by! Well I hope so for your sake! So Bella not making it to the bar or pub. Shame but glad she seems ok.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Smxxth and Crxxmy, sounds delicious so let’s get more and find the CM.
luckymoilee wrote:
Thursday, November 15, 2018, 11:58
Just a quick in before I put my taxi cap on again.....
Booked for may for the concord to see Lee that is the only one nearest to us next year. Maybe we will have the odd do at the pizzeria in London who knows.
It is going to be odd not yo make London for his concerts as they will not be any.
Eva love that photo of you in Spain hope you are having a great treatment.
Jo Haskell walks in the water to drown himself good ridence hanssell is coming round from what he had on his hands and Jack has woken up ! Now we need a but of Lee in there. X!
evam wrote:
Thursday, November 15, 2018, 12:07
Morning all. It’s been raining here, but seems to clear up now.

Hello sweetheart. You still here? Waiting for me again? You are so sweet.💋💋 I’d love a herbal tea, please. To go with the snuggle? Of course? 💋💋💋. It’s been a busier morning than planned. First I had my pedicure, which was lovely as always. I always go to the same place.
I’m going out tonight to a concert. The musician is a classic guitirast and is a very good friend of Solveig and her partner Rania + Anne Grete and Helge. I’m meeting up with them at the venue. AG explained to me where it is, but I wasn’t sure I had understood it right, so I decided to drive up and have a look in daylight. I missed the turnoff the first time, but had better luck the second time. I think it would have been difficult to find in the dark. It’s not far,- only in the neighbouring village. Then I had to go to the supermarket for some goods I forgot yesterday. There I met an old friend who I haven’t seen for years, so of course we had to have a coffee and a natter,- and the morning is gone!

Jo,- no driving Miss Da...........I mean of course Miss Bella!😂. «Only» 20 weeksto go, eh? You’ll survive and join us pensioners with a big smile on your face.

Carol,- I haven’t head any news about father since I spoke to him yesterday, so I suppose he’s still in the same place. He doesn’t want to go into a care home, but is slowly coming to the conclution that he might HAVE to.

Pauline,- we had a very nice lunch yesterday. It was a Chinese resraurant we’ve been to before. Lovely food and great company.

It’s time to start cooking lunch. Fish today.
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, November 15, 2018, 13:17
Hi all,

Tablet update: the big news is....

...I still haven't found it. Which isn't news at all really.

Thanks for all the searching suggestions, yes indeed, I have tried all those places. But a friend at work's husband has a tablet that ne doesn't use. I have offered to buy it. So perhaps a Fi says my own tablet will turn up! We'll see.

OK so the big news of course is that Lee's 2019 tour dates have been realised. As Jo says not as many as we'd hoped, but a fair few - and especially good for anyone based in the south-east. Unfortunately not great for Chantale; nothing in the south-west. The Northern Ladies are well served with three dates in Yorkshire/Lancashire and two up proper North. Pity there's nothing in Scotland or Wales. And I did have my fingers crossed for Dublin. Ho hum.

Chantale - sorry to hear about your mum's fall and finger's crossed for Ploppy's review. Glad that I'll see you at least once next year. Wish it could be more.

Ah Twins, how cultural you are with your cinematic viewing. Actually I have heard really good reports of G&J it does sound like fun.

Oops Carol - sounds like that meal was a bit of a comedy routine. Glad it turned out well.

Jo - the HC story line has ENDED! (of course I have no idea whether it has or not but she asked so nicely!)

Oh dear Eva - shame about postponing your treatment, but it was definitely the best course of action. How funny two people in different countries happened to be served by the same obnoxious person and can share stories.

Pauline - your toes look lovely after you pedicure!

Diana - oh such a shame that the weather isn't great. Upside is the food though: and lack of baboons.

TK wrote:
Thursday, November 15, 2018, 21:36
Bella is being really noisy tonight. We went to the bar, so she should have been happy. I have to dash before she drives the neighbours nuts
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, November 15, 2018, 23:12
Ploppy and I had lovely relaxing day out today. I had found some Z.zzi vouchers and our nearest one 45 mins away in nice market town. So had a lovely relaxing time wandering round in sunshine. I may have come across some jumping boots and blouse!
Eva - sounds like you are having a lovely social time in heat. Bliss. And hopefully your cold is on wane. With regard to your father, I agree with Carol that maybe his fall will result in more SS help. Don't think anyone wants to move into a home but sounds positive that he is accepting that it may be his best way forward.
I am going to book C.lchester concert ( rather than B st E) as where my parents live and can combine with a visit to them. Is anyone else going to that concert? Will book L.ughboro nearer time.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 16, 2018, 07:34
Morning and a little overcast here, should be another dry day though. Think our temperatures are due to be around the 11/12C so not too bad for the time of year.

Shame there aren’t more dates for next year nearer to you Chantale, but at least you will get to one! We are always hopeful of dates at the PELive or the P’ntry, so you never know. Please let us know about Nicholas’ results when you can.

Eva I hope you enjoyed the concert (very good idea to check out how to get there beforehand – especially as you were going when it was dark. How lovely to bump into a friend that you haven’t seen for years (I am assuming friend now lives in Spxxn or was it just serendipitous you were there at the same time?). Of course you had to have a coffee and a catch up!! I can see your Father doesn’t want to go into a Care Home (very few seniors do – I know my Mother didn’t), but if that is the answer to him being safe and looked after, it does seem the right thing for him. It was a lovely photo of your on FBook – you seemed to be enjoying yourselves. Lovely when you get a round table so everyone can talk to each other. Think it is today you are off for your first physio? Hope it all goes well.

So the tablet is still playing hide and seek? I am sure if you buy friend’s husband’s one you very one one will turn up a few days later, feeling very miffed you have given up the game and brought in an interloper! The glasses falling off the tray reminded me of when we were in Spxxn a few summers ago and I had Kxr Rxyxle tipped all over me! It was a very cultural film – lots of references to WS, which were great for adults but might have gone slightly over the heads of little ones!

Ah so Bella has been down to the bar (did she walk?). Maybe she imbibed too much and that was drunken singing? Can see that the neighbours might have been less than thrilled with her rendition though.

Fi sounds as if that day out was just what you both needed. Hah so the jumping boots and tops are alive and well in your area too. Think that sounds a very good idea to combine a concert with a visit to your parents. We are doing L’borough as I mentioned so would be lovely if you can make that too.

The funeral yesterday was very nice – her daughter did a lovely eulogy and whilst obviously choked up, said her mum would be very cross if they didn’t really enjoy the occasion as she was so fun loving (she was indeed – and daughter said her father once told her that her mother was “as daft as a brush but I love her”, which I thought was a lovely tribute. Came home and did some of my admin so can tick that off the list. Made some homemade soup (just to convince myself that autumn really is here) and in the evening we watched the documentation on P Chxrles from last week, which we had missed at the time. We managed to phone Imogen and sing Happy Birthday to her – the family were out for pizza together. Today is food shopping in Uxbrxdge, and some C’mas shopping. I will try and remember to buy C’mas cards so we can get ready to start writing those. This evening is choir practice. Today is of course C’dren in Nxxd day – Imogen is doing a sponsored silence – you have to know her to realise how hard this is going to be for her. She has told Victoria she wants to do it from 8 am to 5pm..............feel that is being a little too over ambitious!! I am of course sponsoring her!! Morning BHB, yes not so sunny at the moment, but let’s take the Dxnxsh pastries and the Vanillita into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Ali wrote:
Friday, November 16, 2018, 07:59
Morning. This week has been a bit mad as I’ve been covering for colleague at work who is on hols. Out every night at Brownies/choir/safeguarding training and a meeting. Supporting boss who was on verge of a breakdown! Looking forward to night in with pizza and wine!!!
Josh felt his police interview went ok. Tricky role play but otherwise reasonably confident. Approx 100 people to get through so fingers crossed
Had hoped to see you at BsE Fi but understand Col is better option for you. Sounds as if your day out was just what you needed.
Good luck Imogen 🤭
Starting to panic that I am not in the least bit organised for Christmas. No doubt it will all happen at last minute!
Will just be nice to have a few days off but ploppy no idea what his rota will be yet
Bit foggy but very mild still, hoping it stays that way a little longer
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 16, 2018, 10:32
Morning all and it is a damp one but still very mild for November. The cold is going to come as a nasty shock. I came how yesterday via the s/market and got food in for the weekend so I don't have to bother with that today. I may pop to town and see if I can get one or two pressies sorted. I really am trying to be more organised this year, not sure it will work though! Still it nearly always gets done! I got all excited when the post came the other day as I had a letter from UCH and thought it would be an appointment for my procedure, Sadly not! It was just a copy of a letter to my doctor saying they had seen me and what they would be doing! I would really like this to be done with, but the mills of the NxS grind very slowly!

Chantale glad to hear Nicholas is doing well, fingers and toes crossed for his results. Hopefully we will see you at the Exstleigh gig.

Fi your day out sound wonderful and even better, it included jumping merchandise! Shame about B ST E as we are doing that one, but can see Col makes more sense for you.

How lovely to bump into an old friend Eva. Hope you had a lovely time at the concert and found the turning first time after your trial run. I often do trial runs if it is somewhere I don't know. Especially if it is for an appointment I have to make on time. Mind Gxxgle st view has helped me a lot in that way!

Well it will be lovely if you can get another tablet but I agree with everyone else that your old one will then come out of its hiding place!

Jo I love Twin's idea of Bella's drunken singing! Pretty sure the neighbours wouldn't agree though!

Ali ooh the very best of luck for Josh. I have fingers and toes crossed for him. You extra busy? I wouldn't have thought you could get much busier! Have a nice relaxing time off if you can!

Loving the idea of Imogen trying to be silent for a whole day! Good luck to her, bless.

Morning BHB so it is Vanillita day of course. Let's get some more and we can find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Friday, November 16, 2018, 13:57
Hi all,

Ooo I see from Twitter that the GO expects more concert dates to be released. He says there are only half so far. It would be wonderful if he came over to Chantale's neck of the wood - ooo our perhaps even to the home of the Dublops. Wouldn't that be fab?

I have my fingers crossed.

Fi - I'll see you at C*lchester! I wasn't going to bother but Julie Who Blooming Well Is A Fan is going and I thought I'd make the effort :-)

Ali - I'll be at Bury S E too. As it's a Saturday I have a full day to travel! Fingers crossed for scollop - sounds positive :-)

Pauline - AARRGGHH!! How frustrating! I hope the appointment comes through soon. Well done getting organised for Xmas. I'm getting there. I have bought some decorations for my new home, have a few pressies and have started writing cards.

Unfortunately I miscounted my Loppy cards so some of you will get an ordinary one. Normal service will, I hope, be resumed next year!

And I see Carol is getting ready for Xmas too! I'm glad the funeral was so lovely. It's best when they are a celebration of a life. Aww bless Imogen! That is ambitious. Let us know how she does.

How was the concert Eva? I'm sorry I missed that your dad had fallen. Poor chap. I hope SS will pull their fingers out and help him.

OK back to work!

TK wrote:
Friday, November 16, 2018, 21:01
Hopefully Lee will be coming to the west in some of the yet to be released dates.

Rushing about this evening, Bella off to see her friends. She's not seen them for some days as they have been out. Fancy that having better things to do than see Bella. Bella had her first dog fight this morning. No blood was split, all was fine. The small boxer was playing with her ball. Bella has stolen her ball several times before with no aggression from the boxer. This time Dolly was not having it and laid into Bella. Lots of barking and growling. Bella retreated backwards towards me returning the growling. Bella had dropped the ball in the fracas, so Dolly got it and went off. There was no blood, no damage, all was well. Bella had her ball stealing comeuppance.

The bra purchasing story continues. Felf has one she likes-hooray. There are 3 being returned to 2 different suppliers.

Got to dash
Diana wrote:
Friday, November 16, 2018, 22:50

We had our best day today. One small shower while we were in the gym, then lots of sun with some cloud and a breeze. It 's been much less humid the last few days, much pleasanter. Spent the day on a lounger on the grass by the beach.

We explored a lot of the island the last 2 days in the hire car. Not very impressed with what we've seen and definitely won't be back. We enjoyed the sulphur baths and the botanical gardens were OK but Antigua has much more to see. The roads are awful and many of the locals bad drivers. Thank heavens the hotel is excellent.

Managed to book one more concert and there are a couple I hope to book after we're back. Unfortunately a few I'd like to go to we're otherwise booked. Glad to read that there are still more to be announced.

Ploppy has hogged the iPad so only just got on it and now he's dressed ready for dinner so I'd better get ready myself. Hope you find your's Jane.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 17, 2018, 08:00
Morning and a little overcast here at the moment. Yesterday was more like a real November day – damp, and fairly dreary, although still not that cold. The cold snap is due to hit us next week apparently.

Goodness surely you haven’t been busy? That doesn’t sound like you at all!! See you have been providing holiday cover as well as doing all your normal activities, so not surprised you are looking to a few days off! Glad to hear the interview went well – fingers crossed for him. Do you know when he is likely to hear? Although I have made a start on C’mas, I look at our calendar and it is quite busy, so hopefully I will be able to find time to get everything finished – plus of course MM may get called for his op, ditto Twin, so that would mean taking time out. Hope Ploppy gets his rota soon and you will be able to find time for some down time together.

Yes that news filtered through too Lady J. I imagine it would have been a logistical nightmare trying to sort places and dates out – a little bit like this year! You seem to be nice and organised for C’mas already – I am sure you had fun picking out decorations for your new home – they wouldn’t be purple by any chance? I won’t ask about the tablet as I know you will rush on and let us know as and when it turns up!!

So Bella back to socialising, Jo. Surely nothing would be better than seeing Bella? I am sure that’s what she thinks. Not so good about the dog fight, but at least no damage, just a show of strength (and growling). I am sure Dolly felt it was apt revenge. Well done on the bra success – one out of four is quite a success rate!

So the sun has decided to come out for you Diana – a day on the lounger sounds lovely. Hopefully the bad weather has gone off somewhere and the rest of your stay will be lovely. Ah the road up to the hotel wasn’t the only bad one then? Feel highway maintenance may not be top of their priorities over there. At least the hotel sounds wonderful. You sound like us – a lot of the dates we can’t do for the GO tour. We are managing three so far. Hope you had another lovely dinner!

I am pleased to announce young Imogen stayed silent from 8 am until 4pm (her Mummy is so proud of her) and didn’t even take time out for lunch or breaks. You have to know what a chatterbox she is to realise what a brilliant achievement this was!! See the Beeb raised £50.6 million last night, so hats off to them all. We watched when we came home from Choir Practice – and in fact just as the Rxckshxw Chxllenge was crossing the line. Had a fairly busy day yesterday – did the food shop, bought a several C’mas pressies, a couple of jumping black trousers landed in my basked in MandS (well I had 20% off voucher, so what was I to do?). When we came home I did some more admin for C’mas concert happening on 1st Dec, so pleased I have got that out of the way! Today we have the heating engineer coming to sort out a faulty valve for us. I have the laundry to do, and most importantly must write my service for tomorrow! Will hopefully get a little of the i word done at some point. Tonight is of course SCD and C’lty! Morning BHB, yes it does look as if it is brightening up. Let’s grab the toasted tea cakes and the Brxinstxrm and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 17, 2018, 09:50
Morning all and it is starting to dry out here and the cloud is thinning so hopefully we will get a better day after one of drizzle yesterday. I had a fairly quiet day and didn't exactly pish myself so today I must pull myself together and get cracking! I did watch CIN last night and as usual found the stories heart breaking. Wonderful total they achieved and they do so much good with it. Brilliant. SCD tonight at B'pool which I always think a bit overhyped as we get all the extra dancers who I find very distracting!

Diana I have a feeling St L has changed a lot since I was there! It was never my favourite island, that was always B/bados, but it was a pretty, quiet island. Never huge amounts to do I agree but of course 5 days is the most I ever spent there in one go and we were more than happy to chill. Oh yes, the driving was always a nightmare! We used to drive across the island from the airport and one of our crews were involved in a bad accident as the drivers seem to like playing chicken when overtaking. Their driver didn't win. Thankfully nobody was very badly hurt.

I rather feel that it was only a matter of time till a dog showed resentment at Bella's tennis ball addiction! Well of course seeing Bella should be a priority in her friends lives! Well done on finding a suitable bra! Now order several of the same!

I'm sure you will really enjoy getting C/mas sorted in your new house Jane, I am also thinking the decs could be purple!

Hope you are having lots of lovely treatments Eva and the cold has disappeared.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Brxxnstxrm? Lovely. Let's get some more and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Saturday, November 17, 2018, 10:18
Order another bra the same? Oh no, Felf said although she liked it she would only have the one........ for
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 17, 2018, 10:24
(TK sent that post)

now as she might not like it. arrrgh. We got the order of a thin black jumper from M&S 'please order me a black one like the grey one I bought yesterday, but in a larger size.' Of course it wasn't exactly the same when it arrived, the body length appeared to be shorter. She has kept it.

Bella is still on summer time, this is very tiring.

I better get to stables.

Have a good day all.
evam wrote:
Saturday, November 17, 2018, 11:02
Morning all. It’s not true that the rain in Spain always fall on the plains, no matter what Prof. Higgins said. It’s been raining quite hard over the last couple of days, and the rain came down so hard that it woke me up a couple of times during the night. At the moment I can see some blue skies, so all is not lost.😜

Hello sweetheart. You missed me yesterday? Sorry, but the day just disappeared for me. I’d love a herbal rea and the snuggle.💋

I had a busy morning which started at the treatment centre where I met my physio. She started speaking English to me, and of course I answered in the same language. She stopped and looked at me and said:» Are you British?» I assured her I was Norwegian. She laughed and asked where I’d learned to speak English. She was from L*verpool! She is a very sweet girll, called Carrie. We went through my health ( or lack thereof), Then she gave me a massage, and after that I was sent to the heated pool where another physio took us through our paces. It was lovely, but I felt tired, so I went back to the flat for a rest.
I had promised AG to meet her at the Norwegian Seamen’s Mission in Albir. There Christmas had arrived,- in the form of a Christmas market. I bought the two littlest ones knitted mittens in red and blue, and they are so sweet. We had a sandwich and a coffee, and we were joinedby more friends, so we were there for a couple of hours! Then I went home and fell into bed again. I think I’ll keep the afternoons free when I’ve had treatments, as they can be exhausting. Next one is on Monday.

The concert on Thursday night was absolutely lovely. Classic guitar music has never been high on my wish list, but I changed my mind. He played both his own music and quite a few Argentine tangos. I could clearly see in my mind Flavia and Vincent doing their version of the dance. Booooootiful it was. 👏👏👏

I rang father this morning. He sounded a bit down in the dumps, told me that he’d had a bad night. He said he felt confused and sad that he can’t walk. I asked him how he liked the care home, and he was full of praise for it and for the staff, so that is good at least. Poor father, I think reality has caught up with him.

Jo,- maybe Bella had a hangover if she was growling back at her friend? Or maybe she needs to learn that nicking other dogs’s balls is not a very good idea. Congrats on the bra (s).

Ali,- keeping everything crossed that Josh’s interview went well. You busyy? Well I never!😜

Diana,- I hope the weather will stay nice foor you for the rest of your stay.

Carol,- well done to Imogen! 👏👏👏 It shows that she has a will of steel.

Pauline,- don’t overdo the h****w**k today. You need some strenght left for a good night in front of the telly!
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 17, 2018, 18:39
After my (Bella) disrupted sleep I had a couple of hours after I'd got back after the stables. Then I put a new load in the washing machine and took Bella out in the car to the big park and then to a pub up the hill. All well and good getting from the car park TO the pub. Nightmare getting her to walk FROM the pub.
Bella is barking better see what is up
TK wrote:
Saturday, November 17, 2018, 19:10
Nothing was up, I've given her a nice groom and put some cream on her 'elbows'
I think she just doesn't like being ignored.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 17, 2018, 22:24
Evening all.

Sunshine and showers today, some of them very heavy. We decided to lay on the beds near the pool bar as they are covered so offer some protection. It got very noisy with a number of guests at the bar, some Americans do talk loudly, though one English female was also loud, so early afternoon we retired to our balcony. Looking forward to dinner as we decided to skip lunch again, so easy to eat three large meals a day and put on a load of weight here. Last night we had lobster Thermidor for dinner which was very good.

Good idea to keep the afternoons free after your treatments, Eva. Sorry about your father but at least the care home sounds good and you don't have to worry about him being alone while you're away.

Nice to know Barb. your fav island, Pauline, that's where we want to go next time we come to Caribbean. One of the guests here has recommended a hotel there which sounds exactly our sort of place.

Well done to Imogen, that's a long time to stay silent, particularly at that age.

I was hoping to get a few Xmas pressies while here but not seen anything. Perhaps the airport shop will have somethings though it's a small airport and the shops might have closed as we have an evening flight. I'll have to hit the shops weekend after we're back, usually I've finished by now but this year I'm way behind.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 18, 2018, 07:32
Morning and a nice bright start with pink clouds. Yesterday turned into a sunny day after the cloud we had first thing had lifted. Think cold weather due tomorrow or Tuesday – think it will come as a shock!

Ah so no second order for underwear yet then, Jo! At least the jumper form MandS got the thumbs up! See you are still washing the stables – amazing how your machine copes. Bella is still quite vocal then? Of course she didn’t want to walk from the pub, she wanted to stay! I said she wanted to be chauffeur driven, and loks like I was right!! I feel you are right when you think she doesn’t like being ignored – she is turning into a real diva!

Ah the weather in E’ope has been quite tupsy turvy this year Eva – shame about the rain – must have been really heavy to wake you up. So you have gone all the way to Spxxn to find an English physio! How lovely that she thought you were British! Liking the sound of the heated pool, but not surprised you were tired afterwards. Think it will be wise to keep the afternoons of treatment days free just for relaxing, although the C’mas market sounds lovely. Oh classical guitar played well is lovely, although not sure I would want a whole evening of it, although I see that the programme was varied (shame he didn’t have someone performing the AT though!). Oh dear, sorry to hear your father had a bad night. I am sure being in hospital is strange – or has he now been moved as you mention care home? Victoria said Imogen was making up for lost time yesterday ! She is such a little chatterbox normally!

Ah so the rain still with you Diana – that’s such a shame. At least, as you said, you have a large balcony so you have somewhere to go. Sadly quite a lot of Amxrxcxns have loud voices (although I concede it isn’t just them). Suspect incohol played a large part in the loud talking! Keep meaning to ask for Ploppy’s should is doing? Hopefully the resting is helping. We only once did all inclusive (many moons ago in Cxprxs) and I know what you mean about three large meals a day! Lost track of the time and not sure when you are flying home, but hopefully there might be some shops open at the airport. I am doing quite well with my present buying at the moment!

Our heating engineer came but there is apparently something wrong with our controller on the wall and it is a cable short, which means we can’t isolate and just have the heating on – whenever the heating is on the water will heat up. So he ended up putting the valve back for now as we would gain nothing from changing it. He said it is the first time in all the jobs he has done that he has seen this. Anyway upshot is he is going to return at some point, other work permitting, and install a wireless controller, which will prevent the current problem. MM needs to get some cabling run before he comes though. I spent the morning typing up my service for today, and the afternoon doing the i word (but at least it is all done). Watch SCD very odd scoring with the ties at the top of the board – Think this will be a test of public support. As always found some of the extra dancers a distraction in places! C’lty was its usual happy self and has now finished on a cliff hanger! Off to church shortly and then I may wrap some Chrissie pressies. Dance off will be interesting later. Morning BHB, yes a nice bright start. Let’s grab the Pastel de natas and the Cxsxno and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 18, 2018, 10:05
Morning all and a gorgeous one it is too. Think it best to enjoy today as winter seems to be arriving overnight. I have got my cosy anorak out and ready for it I hope! Had a day of laundry and dusting yesterday so nothing exciting to report! Watched SCD of course and it was very glam with lots of sparkle but it is still not my favourite. I don't find the extra dancers add anything but a distraction. In fact in some cases they actually show the celeb up! Not sure who will go as no real chumps left, but wasn't keen on Graeme, just a walk round with a brolly to me and I thought Kate very stiff at times. Lauren not good either, Definitely not her dance, she was far too floppy. Still I think she is very popular and think this vote will show who is popular. Then it was Cxsuxlty. I don't think it can get much drearier! I hope they sort it out and get a little lighter from time to time. I don't expect comedy but every time I have been in a hospital there is a lot of laughter as well as the serious stuff. Today it will be the ixxnxxg of course, and then I want to sort through a few things about C/mas. I need to get cracking I think! Maybe I will make a start on the card writing. Probably not!

Eva I never overdo h/work! Sorry your father is feeling down. It can't be easy having to face up to the fact you can't cope and I don't think anyone really relishes the idea of care. Hopefully he can get sorted soon and then at least he will know what is what. Love the physio thinking your were British! Which of course in a way you are, an honorary one! Definitely a good thing to leave treatment day afternoons free. Glad the concert was good. I must say I would not choose to go and listen to guitar all evening though I do love the music and it sis very beautiful. Obviously I could be missing something.

Diana sorry the weather is not behaving. It certainly not the best place to be in wet weather. I always thought the C/bean at its best in April /May time. I loved Bxrbxdos but am now nervous about recommending it as St L has obviously changed a lot! I forget how long it is since I went to these places. I think the cruise ships have a lot to answer for world wide. These enormous things that hols up to 5.000 people are just too much for small islands to take in one go.

Ah so Bella does like being chauffeured to the pub then Jo. She just doesn't want to leave! She is getting very bossy with you I see. Naughty girl. Love the picture of her hiding the tennis ball she was given. Obviously the dog fight has made her wary!

Morning BHB so what have we today? Cxsxno and I see there are Pastel de Natas. We will definitely have more of those and another jug of cocktail and we can go and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Sunday, November 18, 2018, 10:30
Morning all. The weather is better today, but still cloudy. Nice and mild, +19 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. Yes, it’s me! Are you pleased to see me? Ooooohhhhhhh, I like the hug.💋. I have been out and about for a little while, but I thought I’d get back to you, the coffee and the snuggles.

I have been to the market already. It’s just up the road, so very convenient. I even managed to spend some money. Fancy that! I bought 2 sets of winter pyjamas for the littlest ones, so with the mittens I bought on Thursday they are sorted for Christmas. The other children all get books. I bought a new strap for my watch, and the man was kind enough to put it on for me. Would you believe it? The jumping tops have invaded Spain as well! One jumped into my bag, a black one with grey woven into the black. Very classy.😜
Yesterday I cooked a concoction AG said I should do. Take fresh ginger, peel it and slice it. Put the slices in boiling water and simmer for 15 minutes. Leave the ginger / water to cool until the next morning. Add some lemon juice and artificial sweetener and hey presto! you’ve got a ginger drink that doesn’t cost the earth as so much of the health shops’sproducts do. Just drink it at room temperature. Very nice.

I watched Strictly, of course, and I disagreed with the judges again for some of their points’s setting. I think Joe was given too high points, just like last week. Faye’s paso was very good at the beginning, but the ending lacked the sharp moves that this dance requires. The 10s were too high. I think Stacy and Kevin were given too few points, because I thought they were really, really good. (Who on earth put Kevin in that awful «suit» ?) Charles has come along in leaps and bounds. The d/o? It should be Graeme and Laura. Her AT didn’t convince me, and neither did AJ’s. He was dressed wrongly, like a young clerk putting on his best jacket and trousers.

Jo,- I think it’s becoming clear that Bella thinks she rules the roost!😂

Carol,- I hope the repairs/additions to the boiler doesn’t turs out to be costly. Good luck.

Diana,- I have also forgotten how long your holiday will last this time.
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 18, 2018, 14:07
Bit late logging in as I had a snooze after the morning walk, due to Bella still being on summer time, I was a bit tired. Washing from the stables is in the machine. If all goes well with the contract signing we move in Feb 8/9/10. Fingers crossed.

Diana, sounds like you'll not be going back to that hotel. The food sounds good.

I've not watched any of this year's SCD. (No BC, IW) I was going to start for the later episodes, but haven't.

On the 'not done' theme, no C shopping either. I really must do something. The evenings disappear, even though, mostly, I'm getting home earlier.

Ah well, Bella is moving, so better go out. After I've paid for the dog walking, couldn't log in yesterday

Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, November 18, 2018, 15:20
Weather here keeps on being glorious (sorry Diana - its not warm tho!) and so been out for nice walks to day and yesterday. run s.feguarding course yesterday. Not great a couple of people didn't want to be there - and made that very obvious. devastating feedback - but going to ignore it as mostly about length of course and why they needed to be there (both set by C of E). it was only 3 hrs out of their life (and we give lovely choc biccies) - you woudl think it was 3 days way they went on! Fri eve went to lovely Middle E.stern meal village event. great fun - and surrounded by friends- so cheered us both up. in day I had met another ex colleague with her 18 month old. she was feeling shattered as he is not sleeping much. her parents and rest of family are abroad so I am surrogate granny! i bought him a Ch carol book with built in mini keyboard. she sent me video of him engrossed in it in high chair and said most time she had had to get on with things in house for weeks. UB scollop had same and loved it.
Eva - your therapy sounds great - but think you are right to build in rests. Tho markets always tempting! Has your father been moved to care home - and if so is it same one your mum in? Really difficult when paretns are down - old age isn't easy for anyone. I do wish Uk would look again at the pills they give for Alz. was reading that dont really stop/slow Alz (except maybe in much younger) and are really just pl.cebos and many countries no longer allow them to be prescribed as are considered a waste of resources. dad cant have anti depr.ssants as may counteract with Alz pills and i feel would benefit much more from former. but not going to contradict sloppy, sis and GP! .ginger drink sounds good (tho i would miss out sw..tener) - will try.
Carol - i found jumping trousers and M and S too (also minus the 20%) . Not quite so advanced with Ch preparations tho.
Diana - good that weather has improved and that you have balcony to rest and escape from loud tourists!
I will order C.lchester tic when come on general sale - so will see you there Jane. Will look at other concerts but will wait until have got hols sorted. since looks like will have to cancel SA at start of year will have to look at hol later on in year - when hopefully planning issues for next door sorted - tho suspect it could drag on for ages if his first lot of plans dont get accepted.
Out to friends in village for meal tonight - no cooking. Hurrah
TK wrote:
Sunday, November 18, 2018, 16:59
Bella and I have just come back from a tour of friends. I'd forgotten that we were meant to be early to the friends at the end of the road. I remembered half way to the bar. Thought we'd go to the cafe as that is nearer. Unfortunately Bella did not agree, so went to the bar. So all the way back from the bar to my house, then persuade her to walk past my house. It was easier than I thought it would be, she started trotting to her friends as soon as I didn't turn up my drive. At least the washing machine has finished while we were out.

Fi those trainees seem to be very ungrateful. If they have to do the course to continue doing what they do, they should grin and bare it. I have to do so much training which is blindingly obvious to me (due to previous experience and age) I just do it and moan to myself. The last one was particularly blindingly obvious, conflict of interest, bribery and other similar things.

There will be lots more venues coming out, so really exciting. I'll miss a few, trying to limit the ones to be missed. I'll need something to keep me amused next year :)
TK wrote:
Monday, November 19, 2018, 00:42
I had a very early sleep, so I had to get up to have a bath, so I could go to sleep!!!!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 19, 2018, 07:40
Morning and overcast and looks breezy out – think we have a chance of some rain later in the day but temperatures of between 4 and 8 C so quite a lot cooler than of late. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day.

See you weather has improved Eva (hope Diana’s has too). Ah the lure of a Spxnxsh market – looking foward to revisiting the one we know when we are in Spxxn in the summer! So you had your C’mas shopping head on and were attacked by a jumping top – I suspect they are spreading themselves worldwide now. Sounds very lovely. I am not a great fan of the taste of giner, so I will pass on the drink, but it does sound better than the type you can buy in a bottle. I find it odd that the judges give Jxx such high marks all the time – I think he does well for someone who has never danced before but I don’t think he is that brilliant. I am still recovering from having to look at Kevin’s suit for a second night running – what on earth possessed the wardrobe department to put him in that!!! I have a feeling the boiler situation will be quite costly as we need someone to run cabling in before we get the heating engineer back!

I don’t think you should feel guilty about having a snooze after Bella’s walk – Jo! Oh do hope the new home for the stables go through quickly (I have forgotten if it will make it closer to you or a longer journey). Ah I was sorry to see B’dan not there this year too. Wasn’t fond of the guy they replaced him with at all. I see Bella carried on her socialising later in the day too. Of course Bella chose the bar over the cafe! I sort of understand your getting up and having a bath so you could go to sleep .............

Yes it was a glorious day here yesterday too Fi (changing today of course!). Ah I have to go on a safe guarding course in January as a condition of my being re-commissioned as a lay minister. The C of E has now insisted that has to be booked before the re-commissioning can take place (also in January). In fact if it was just three hours they were very lucky – we have a whole day from 9am until 4pm! Bet we don’t get lovely choccie bikkies either!! Glad you enjoyed your meal out (sounds intriguing a Middle E meal – sort of Txrkish influence?) and lovely that you had friends all around you. Oh I bought a similar book with nursery rhymes for Imogen when she was little – I think in the end it drove Victoria a little demented, especially when it came back out again for Marcus Think not mentioning about the pills/a depressants with the rest of your family is probably a wise decision. There were lots of jumping things around in MandS and I see you were also under attack. I was actually taking back a pair of trousers I bought last week, replaced with the two jumping pairs, a jumper and scarf for Moving Aunt for Christmas, and some tights and with the refund and the discount I only had to pay £12.50 on the day! I know I had the refund from the trousers, but it still seemed an excellent piece of shopping for the price. Sad that you may have to cancel SA as I know you were looking forward to it, but can see your thinking and the planning situation is the priority I think. Hope you had a lovely meal with your friends last night.

And the news of the day yesterday was that little Nova was born at 14.55 (Mummy went into labour in the morning). She weighed in at 6lb 6oz and she and Mummy are doing well. Yay another one to convert to pinkness!! So now the total is TWO girls and five boys....and one still unknown who will make an appearance next Spring. Services all went well and then I came home and started doing the C’mas wrapping, well after a g&t and doing a couple of crosswords. Watched the dance off in the evening and think right person went. The other couple may well go next week. Today off for SLAPPAS and then need to go into U’bridge this afternoon as ordered some trousers for MM on line (with my discount) and had an email to say they were ready for collection! That was speedy!! Tonight is the small choir and that takes care of my day. Oh and of course I have to post off the Hxmlxys bear to Nova (took the other baby things down last Tuesday and left them with June). Morning BHB – yes does look a little gloomy this morning but I am sure it will cheer up. Let’s grab the churros and the Lavendula and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, November 19, 2018, 10:19
Morning all and I can see there has been a distinct change in the weather! Much cooler as there is a nasty easterly breeze. I want to go to St A so it is a shame the weather isn't like yesterday as that was just lovely. Still I will put my thicker anorak on and get the hat and gloves out if necessary. I agree the right person went last night, They were at the end of their journey I think. So gracious in defeat though and showed how to bow out gracefully I think.

I love the Spxnish markets Eva. Although they do have a fair amount of tat as do all markets, you can get some lovely things as well and Twin and I can confirm they have perfected the jumping thing as well!

Fi I love a lot of the ME food, not all, as I have had one or two rather odd dishes, but also some is so delicious. Such a shame you can't go to SA all because of an objectionable neighbour. Agree you need to be around to keep an eye on him though.

Of course Bella wanted the bar Jo. I see she did her social round as well. A good day for her! Shame about BC I agree, but if you are ever home at 6.30 on a Wednesday IW does a bit with Zoe on ITT. It is always very good.

Many congratulations On the new arrival to all the family Twin. Xtill not sure about the name but am sure I will get used to it!

Morning BHBand what have we today? Oh of course it is Lavendula day. Let's get another jug and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Monday, November 19, 2018, 14:10
Morning all.

Yesterday was a sunny morning and mix of sun and cloud during the afternoon. It didn't rain until the evening. There's a lot of cloud today and it's rained a couple of times so far. I went to the gym first thing, then we had breakfast and we're now sitting the balcony hoping the rain clouds will go. I'm very glad I brought my sandals which can be worn in water, I hadn't intended to bring them until saw the forecast. There are a lot of steps here and wearing flip flops in the wet isn't safe. We had lunch yesterday- I had crab sliders with chips. Another good dinner last night - lobster & seafood vol au vent, mix of seafood for main, then mango cheesecake. If it wasn't for the gym I'd be feeling very full.

TK wrote:
Monday, November 19, 2018, 20:10
Worked from home today, after I'd been to w*rk for a meeting. Gasman came at 12:15, so all was well for the dentist at 15:15. I was really fortunate.
Bella was picked up at 13:00 for her walk. I was asked if I wanted to go too, but I stayed and w*rked.

Bella and I were in the bar at 18:00, there weren't many in.

I have to write a reference, better get to it.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 07:34
Morning and today is forecast to be a warm 3/4C – lovely!! We may even get sleet (definitely will get rain, and possibly thunder apparently). It also looks very breezy out.

Glad the sun made an appearance for your Diana. What a shame it hasn’t decided to keep the rain until the evening every day! See it didn’t lost long and you had rain again during the day. Very clever of you to have taken you sandals which like the water – agree that flip flops not such a good idea when there are rain and steps (I’d be fine as I can’t wear flip flops – the pillar between the toes cripples me and I can’t walk for the pain!). Dinner sounds as lovely as ever – can see you are grateful for the gym! Any hope of sun before you leave do you think??

So a day working from home = I had forgotten you were expecting the gasman and had to fit in with the dentist. It seems to have all worked out well. Hopefully the dental visit went well and no treatment needed? So no walkies for you – well not until Bella went off to her favourite place. I assume no problems with her getting there and back?

Hope Eva had a lovely visit to the physio and a good rest when she was back in the apartment.

The food shop was done quite quickly yesterday (for some reason not many people around – we didn’t even have to queue behind anyone at the checkout till!). Mind you they may all have been in Cxstx coffee as we couldn’t get a seat and ended up going back into Sainsbugs to their coffee place (no comparison). I then had to zip over the road (it was raining) to the other retail units and managed to buy two cute little outfits for Nova as part of her C’mas present). In the afternoon we collected MM’s trousers from MandS and I was attacked by a couple of pairs of warm trousers and a warm top (very glad of the warm top as I wore it rehearsal in the evening and the church was quite chilly). I spoke to June late afternoon and she is off to see her new granddaughter today (returning the dog at the same time). Think she is thrilled to have a little girl after four boys! She sent me a photo of Dylan holding his new sister – he looks really proud and she looks really cute! Today MM and I are off to the dentist for a check up (it is obviously dental time of the year!), then home and may start on the C’mas letter to go into the C’mas cards so we can start on those. We are out in the evening (monthly meeting up of the Variety group) so I will have to watch HC when I come home! Morning BHB yes it does look a blustery day out and I see it has just started to rain! Lovely! Let’s grab the Dxnish pastries and the Rxyxl Smxle and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives – thank goodness we had the underfloor heating installed, it is nice and cosy in here!
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 10:09
Morning all and it is a grey and windy one here. Not raining at the moment but looks as if it might start any time now! I have the food shop to do today as I went to St A yesterday. Managed to get a few small bits and bobs I need for C/mas. Still not really got it sorted though. Keep thinking there is plenty of time but I bet it will disappear in no time! I got a phone call from the hospital yesterday and I now have an appointment for my next session with them on the 14th Dec. Fingers crossed there are no cancellations and I am ok for C/mas.

Your food sounds heavenly Diana, glad the weather is a bit better, but I am sure you would like a bit more sun. I always used to think that the rain came in the afternoon, just in time for us to go and have sundowners! Obviously it is not being as well behaved for you.

Jo that is brilliant timing by your gasman! I feel if it had been me it would never have worked as well. I bet Bella was a bit miffed her admiring crowd weren't all in the bar to greet her!

Morning BHB, what have we today? Rxyal Smxle? Sounds very posh! Let's get some more and find the CM.

Ali wrote:
Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 10:33
Morning. Wet and windy here as elsewhere. Later start at work so blitzed my kitchen first thing and put chicken in slow cooker for tonight.
Last night Josh put a proposal to us that could his girlftiend poss move in temporarily while they look for a place to rent together. Was rather surprused as we had expected him to say he was moving in with her parents. They’ve talked about it and think it would make more sense to live in our town rather than her village. It all depends on her being able to get a job first. Not sure ploppy is so keen but we’ll see how things pan out.
Congrats on baby Nova, a girl yay!
Hope all ok with everyone x
evam wrote:
Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 11:14
Morning all, and the sun is finally shining here.🌤

Hello sweetheart. You have my herbal tea ready for me? I just might fall asleep while we’re snuggling as I had no more than 3 hours sleep last night. This waking up early is getting ridiculous!😡. I went late (for me) to bed last night because I was watching something on telly. I fell asleep fairly quickly, and when did I wake up? At 3.15am! Wide awake, so I didn’t even try to go back to sleep. I do get a lot of reading done though. There isn’t much else to do at that time of the morning. It now feels as if it’s the middle of the afternoon!
The treatment yesterday was good. 45 minutes in the pool, and then 30 minutes massage. I can certainly feel it in my muscles today, but I’ll go for a walk in the sunshine, so that should help. Yesterday it was raining cats and dogs (and a LOT of water), but according to the weather forecast we’re done with the rain for now.
You were asking about father and which care home he’s in. At the moment he’s just been granted a temporary place, so he’s not with mother. I spoke to him yesterday, and he sounded confused and sad. He and mother talk on the phone every day, and she does understand why he hasn’t been to see her. If it turns out father will be staying permanently in a care home, they will let him stay at the same place as mother, as long as there is a room for him.

Carol,- congrats with a new little girl. Did the parents do a course about how to make girls? If so, I’ll be sending my lot to the same course!😂😂

Ali,- they do grow up those boys of yours, eh? Times have certainly changed since my youth.😜

My brain isn’t firing on all cylinders today. Lack of sleep I suppose. AG wanted me to come with them to a talk about Spanish history, but I said no. I would probably have fallen asleep halfway through.😴😴
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 22:14
Evening all.

Today's been the best weather. No rain, some cloud and lots of sun.

Thanks for asking about Ploppy's shoulder, Carol. He's been doing some gentle swimming most days and found it's really helped. Congrats on the new arrival.

We had a chat with some English guests this afternoon who had just spoken by phone to someone in Surrey not that far from us who had the S word today!! No!! We leave tomorrow pm and land early Thursday am - just checked the forecast - freezing ugh, but at least dry. I'm working Thursday pm and Friday am but from home, not going into the office till Monday.

We have a sort of tennis racquet in our room to kill mossies with. It's very effective, the only trouble is you see one but by the time you've grabbed the thing and turned it on, you've lost the mosquito. I have managed to zap a few though.

Hope you are sleeping and have a much better night, Eva.

Hope to see some of you on Sunday. That's probably it from here!
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 22:15
Hi. had foul day yesterday so kept spitting distance away from everyone. ploppy was diagnosed with hern.a and then sloppy made one another of her numerous snide remarks about me not being down much and she had to be "grateful for small mercies"! - we are going down for 2 full days next w/e (having been there for 2 days just 4 weeks ago). A long standing friend (40 yrs friendship) came today for lunch on her way to E angl.a and told me i should have dealt with this yrs ago - which I know is true but not much use now! Anyway we were both still really down this morning (had been up since 6.30am making soup and bread for friend as not felt up to it last night) when doorbell rang at 7:45. lovely box of flowers from friend who knows this is tough time. Gorgeous flowers from Fr.ddie's flowers - a young man who has set up own online flower delivery business. would recommend the flowers. so that cheered me up for day - along with friends visit. Just returned (started this post 5 hrs ago!) from seeing live scr.ening of M.dness of G3. Loved it - and was great to go out the 2 of us (often go in big crowds) . off for big dental consultation in S.lihull tomorrow. i knwo a long way to go but d.ntist originally practiced here - and moved. and his surgery 2 miles from ploppy's cousin new hse (they moved from our city). so visiting cousin - who will be 60 the next day .
Ali - gosh that was some ask of young Josh. not sure I would be so accommodating (literally and metaphorically!) .
Pauline - good that your appt quite a bit before Xmas - hopefully any further appts will be in NY.
Jo - you obviously didn't have so far to travel to your dentist as me! The one I am seeing tmrw is a specialist as my dentist didn't know what to do with me. I have very small teeth (baby teeth size seemingly) so many dentists throw up their hands in horror at doing complex work on such small teeth. so hoping he can help.
we started our C letter Carol. tho still needs editing. I have wrapped most of pressies for extended family as will deliver on my ( very, very short!!) visit to parents next weekend.
Really good Eva that your mum and dad able to speak on phone and that your mum not upset by this. so reassuring for you. your treatment sounds fabulous - tho exhausting.
off to bed now as didn't sleep last night and long day tomorrow. Must remember and buy my C.lchester tic tomorrow. ploppy will come with me as doesn't want to be left alone with my parents!
TK wrote:
Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 22:22
Ali, Oh my, growing so fast. I was telling a friend about your boys today as she was giving me a lift to work. They were so young and now all adults, well almost.

Eva I hope there is room for you father, it will be so much better for both of them.

Running really late tonight, especially for Bella, still on BST. We had a delivery tonight, taken ages to put the stuff away as it was groceries and pet food.

Can't wait to see Lee at the weekend.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 21, 2018, 07:56
Morning and nice and bright out, but very chilly (I know as I just put our refuse out!) – it was 2C when we came home last night. Today is supposed to be slightly warmer but dropping down to -2C overnight and the possibility of a shower.

Ah would you perhaps like to come and blitz my kitchen too Ali – feel it needs it! I was going to do chicken in my slow cooker yesterday but ended up doing one of my all in one roasting dish recipes instead (it was very nice). I can see you have lot to think about with Josh’s request. I can see the logic of them wanting to be closer to the town, rather than a village. As Jo says, seems amazing to think all the children we first knew about ten years ago and grown up and making adult decisions!

That’s not good Eva to get by on three hours sleep. Is it something specific that wakes you? I can see you are getting through books rapidly. I sometimes wake early, but my early is 6 – 6.30 am and read whilst MM sleeps on in blissful ignorance. Think my body timeclock is just set for seven hours and no matter what time I go to bed that is the longest I sleep normally – there are exceptions of course! I see you are still having the odd heavy rain, but the sun shone on you yesterday. The treatment sounds lovely, especially the pool! Ah so your Father was moved out of hospital. Is it SS who make the decision on whether he needs to be in a home? Fingers crossed if that is the decision, that there will be a space for him at your Mother’s home – a) because they will be together, b) he know it well, and all the staff c) because you know what an excellent place it is, d) it will make visiting easier for the family. Well I am not sure what happened but we have a girl, so not complaining. Paul sent me some photos of her yesterday and she is sooo cute. Tiny, but lovely.

Hurray – no rain Diana – did you put the bunting out? I am sure the swimming is doing Ploppy’s shoulder a lot of good. MM has been told that he should do that after his hip op, but that he can’t do breastroke leg action – he is still thinking about that one! Well they did say there might be some of the s word on the high ground yesterday – we managed to avoid it here. Currently it is cold but bright as I said so may be fine for when you arrive. Sensible to not go into work, especially as with the weekend as well you will have three clear days at home. Ah it sounds as if you have what is known in our house as a “waspinator” (when we went on our first villa holiday with Twin to K’lonia there was a wasps’ nest near the pool and I bought one then. We have a couple at home – and in the summer I keep one by my chair downstairs to get rid of any unwelcome visitors. Hope you have a safe flight home – we will see you on Sunday!!

Oh poor Ploppy – he is going through it at the moment. Think your mother’s comment was somewhat uncalled for! How lovely to receive unexpected flowers and what a nice story about the young man. I will look him up on line as I quite often send flowers (have just sent some down to Chxlsxa in the New F after Nova’s arrival). They were showing the screening here too but we didn’t have time to go and see it. I know it had excellent reviews. Hmm that is a long way to go to the dentist!! Still as it is someone you trust and as you can combine it with a visit to cousin, it sounds a very good idea. Ann had tiny teeth too – and suffered dental problems for most o f her life. I am hoping to start my C letter this weekend!

Jo I feel you really must train Bella to give up on BST – it will probably happen sometime next March when we revert to it, and she will be out of sync again. No visit to the bar/pub then? She will be very cross I feel.

Pleased to say our visit to the dentist resulted in gold stars and no treatment required (phew!) – sorry Fi! Our dentist is near the Sainsbugs we visit on Mondays, so we park there and it is about a four minutes walk. It was drizzling with rain when we walked over – the sort that makes you really damp. MM had his big umbrella so we weren’t too bad and my coat had a hood which helped. When we came back we went for a coffee in the Cxstx in Nxxt. On the way home MM wanted to go and check on the work done to stop the leak at church – it has been successful – hurray. When we got home it was so dark I hard to put the lights on – and that was just after midday! I spent the afternoon getting the C’mas card lists sorted so that we can start writing a few a day. In the evening we were off to the pub for our meet up – next month will be our C’mas meal..........feel that C’mas is now galloping towards us!! Came home and watched HC – no Lofty alas but at least they are tying up the pieces of the JG story. Today MM is off to have the airbag in the car sorted out (we had a recall notice). He has to go over to Wxtfxrd, so I am staying home and.............swapping my summer and winter clothes. I feel it is now time!!! This evening we are off for a rehearsal for our concert in two weeks time. Morning BHB, yes a nice bright (but cold) start to the day. Let’s grab the hot toasted teacakes and the Bxxk of Kxlls. We should have plenty of time for a snuffle before the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 21, 2018, 10:33
Morning ll and it is a better day here now. It was dull and cloudy when I got up but the sun is now starting to break through, hooray! Went to see Ari and his Mum yesterday and we agreed the weather made hibernation seem very attractive! Mind it seems churlish to complain after the glorius autumn we have had up to now. At least we didn't get the snxw! Today I am going to try and have another nibble at the C/mas shopping. Mind I need a bit of inspiration with what to get. I need to get wrapping paper as well so if I do that it will be something else off the list.

Well I find it hard to believe that Josh is at the stage of looking to set up home Ali! Where did that time go? Good luck with the plan of living with you. Years ago when my sister and family moved back to the UK from Germany they moved on with my parents. It was not the happiest of times and mother took to scouring the papers to find them a house, which she did, then helped them move! I am sure you will be fine though as you won't have my brothe in law to deal with!

Not good that you are waking up so early Eva. Hopefully it will change as you settle in more and more. It would be so good if your father could move into the home your Mum is in. Solve a lot of problems I feel.

Have a good journey home Diana and get the thermals out! Glad Ploppy's shoulder has benefited from the swimming. I think we may well see you Sunday!

Fi your poor Ploppy, he really does go through the mill. Your Mum is naughty to say things like that to you but I think it best to try to ignore them, though that is not easy. What a lovely friend to send flowers. I have had a look at the young man's website but it seems to be more a regular order he wants. Maybe I was looking at the wrong bit! Hope the visit to the remote dentist is successful.

Ah so Bella is jet lagged then Jo! I am a bit like that when the clocks change, but I do adjust fairly quickly! Maybe she wants more visits to the bar?

Morning BHB and what have we today? Bxxk of Kxlls? Sounds interesting, let's get another jug and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Wednesday, November 21, 2018, 11:29
Morning all. Not raining here, but the sun is a bit elusive, hiding behind the clouds. Happy to say there are no danger of snow here!

Hello sweetheart. You,’ve lit the fire for me? You are good!💋. Is it coffee or tea time? Well, again I woke up just after 3am, but I went to bed just after HC, so I got an extra hour’s sleep.😏. I have already done a fair bit, so a herbal tea to go with the snuggle will be fine. I am jet lagged just like Bella. I haven’t adapting to the new time since the clocks went back. I’ve never had problems in adapting before.

I had my walk quite early today, and then went to the bank for some cash. When I came back to the flat I rang father. He sounded much chirpier today, but he still have a lot of pain and can only move with the help of a « pulpit», if you know what I mean. He isn’t able to move with just his crutches, so at the moment there is no way he can move back home. I spoke to youngest sister after the chat with father, and she said that she’d been summoned to a meeting tomorrow morning together with father to meet with SS, the doctor and the physio, probably to be told about father’s prognosis and what can be expected.

I have been to do a bit of food shopping, and today I’ll be a lady wot lunches again. Same place as last week and the same people. Normally it isn’t every week, but because some of the ladies are going back to Norway on Saturday, they wanted another outing before they leave. I wasn’t hard to ask.😜
Then this afternoon I have an appointment with a dentist. ( Yes, me too!). I lost a filling the other day, and AG recommended her own dentist who conveniently have his surgery just across the road!

I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Mrs S since she arrived here a week ago, nor has she been in touch. I assume I’ll bump into her or the boyfriend sooner or later, as her house is just on the other side of the round-about!

Fi,- your mother is harsh, but I suppose you just have to keep your mouth zipped. The flower surprise sounds wonderful. Poor Ploppy. Please give him a virtual hug from me.🤗

Diana,- have a safe flight home. Very sensible to worh from home first two days.

Pauline,- pleased you’ve heard from the hospital, but didn’t the letter say anything about what they intend to do? Strange.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, November 21, 2018, 20:28
Tired ...... again. Up early, checking documents all day. using a very user unfriendly documentation system.
Going to bad.

Bella has been out at MrExPostman's house all the afternoon to the early evening, I think she has been asleep as she is bouncing
Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 22, 2018, 07:54
Morning and a nice bright start to the day, but everywhere is white – with frost, not snow fortunately! It was a bright clear night when we came home from rehearsal last night and you could feel that the temperature had dropped!

Good to hear that your Father was feeling perkier Eva. Hopefully the meeting with the SS will go well – I am sure your sister will let you know as soon as it finishes. Ah so a lady wot lunches again! The restaurant did look lovely and you all looked as if you were enjoying yourselves. I feel N’way must be quite empty at this time of year as most of the residents seem to be in Spxxn!! Hopefully, the dentist visit went well and the old filling has been replaced with a lovely new one. Very handy that he is just across the road. Why are we not surprised that Mrs S has been keeping her distance? Still, doubtless you will bump into each other at some point. Bet you can’t wait!

That sounds a very boring day for you Jo. So whilst you have been working away to keep Bella in the style to which she has become accustomed (drinks, food, tennis balls etc.) she has been off socialising with out a care in the world – hope she didn’t bounce for too long!

We now have lovely pale blue skies here with little pale pink clouds – all looking very pretty.......but cold! Pleased to say MM got the airbags sorted in the car and I started the clothes swap. I am saying started as I always take the opportunity to go through what I have and send things I haven’t worn much to the Sue R shop. Haven’t quite finished but should do by the time the weekend is over. I was certainly glad I had taken something warm out when we went to rehearsal last night as it was cold outside and inside! I had a lovely long chat on the phone with Victoria in the afternoon, and she informed me Imogen raised £111 (which Victoria will round up to £120) for her sponsored silence for CinN – very proud of her. The building works continue but Victoria has taken the decision they will go to Roger’s for Christmas and spend three days there. Save them having to go out and eat or stay on the building site! Today I am off to have highlights put in my hair and for my back massage. MM is going to drop me off on his way to the Sue R shop with the three bags of clothes I sorted from yesterday. In fact we are at home for the rest of the day when I get back so hopefully I might manage some more clothes sorting! Morning BHB, yes it is a chilly start. Let’s grab the hot toasted crumpets and the Silver Bxllet and have a lovely snuffle in the warm conservatory. Suspect it might be a while before the DCM arrives!
evam wrote:
Thursday, November 22, 2018, 08:48
Morning all. The weather forecasters were lying to us, sayng the rain is over! It’s drizzling outside at the moment.☔️

Hello sweetheart. You look surprised to see me? You thought I was going for my treatment today? Yes, I am, but don’t start until 11 am, so plenty of time to post before I go. And I might well be too tired when I come back, so if you’ve got the coffe ready, I’m ready too.💋

We had a very nice lunch again yesterday. The food is delicious, with a mix of Chinese dishes. The waiters are so funny, speaking the odd Norwegian word, and telling us what starter each wants, even before we have decided ourselves! 😀

I now have a new filling in my tooth, and very pleased with it as well. When I thanked the dentist for his help, I said it would be good not having to dig out half my dinner from the hole!😏. It was a good combination of different nations in the room, a Dutch dentist helping a Norwegian patient in Spain! 😀

I’ve had a washing day today. I started the washing machine at 7am, and now the dishwasher is doing it’s job.
I had a slightly longer sleep this morning,— woke up at 4.45 am, so almost 2 hours longer than yesterday!

Jo,- so one of Bella’s willing slaves took her out for a loooong walk yesterday. Has she said whether they visited the pub?

Carol,- when are Victoria’s housebuilding supposed to be finished? Didn’t they change builder again not so long ago? I bet Imogen is proud as punch about the money she raised. Well done Imogen.👏👏👏
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, November 22, 2018, 09:45
Morning. rain! and cold. I do same as you Carol when swap winter and summer clothes always end up with some for charity - and think why did I store these clothes for a year. On other hand if I just given them away immediately - as I did 2 pairs of lovely jeggings last year (dont ask me why - I have no answer!) I regret it!
My dentist visit not as easy as Carol and Eva. knew it wouldn't be. was just a consultation. as i thought tooth cant be saved. was such a small tooth that when crumbled it left very little remaining. seemingly gum will have to be cut to remove root! I will need gen an.esthetic as sedatives etc dont work on me - they think to do with my different white bl..d cells . When I last saw this dentist he gave me enough sedative to fell a horse he said and i was still talking politics and holidays when should have been knocked out. I only trust this dentist to do this (he used to be consultant dentist in our hospital before moving away) so lots of travel involved - and lots of expense!
Eva - from my sloppy that comment not one of her harshest - by a long way! Just i have so much on at moment that I am less able to deal with her comments . In past I have walked away for a while - and may have to do that now as struggling to keep head above water with all that going on. Ploppy really really down. Not only is he now worrying about his h.rnia op (and NN) but has pulled muscle in leg and limping. Eldest scollop offered to come up and take down Ch boxes from loft but only time he can do is w/e we are due at parents. our loft ladder in a dangerous position (at top of steep stairs!) and so ploppy says we have to be here to help scollop and so cant go to parents - except for one day (no other time before CH) - sloppy will go ballistic. This juggling of everything/one beginning (!) to get a bit stressful!
Eva - lovely that you are surrounded by friends - as well as sunshine and hot water. sounds very relaxing - just what you need.
Jo - if Bella is bouncing do you think she had slipped off to pub for sneaky half pint when you weren't looking!
Diana - safe flight and hope you dont suffer too badly form j.t lag. Working from home sounds best idea.
Pauline - i looked up flower man too! yes shame you have to sign up to weekly flowers. I may email him and ask if can do sporadically. think my firend shares her flowers with another neighbour across road so they take it in turns to have the flowers.
Off out to meet 2 ex colleagues for first of pre Ch meets. should cheer me up.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, November 22, 2018, 10:04
Morning all and it is grey and overcast again here. I think it was a cold one last night though as there has been a warning of black ice in the area. I am thinking by the time I go anywhere it will have melted, well hoping so! Managed to do a little bit more C/mas shopping yesterday, still quite a lot to do, but hopefully I will get done before the shops get really busy. As it is Black Friday week I think tomorrow is to be avoided as well! Instead I will be doing the h/work and laundry as I will be otherwise occupied on Sunday!

Glad to hear your father was a bit happier Eva. Also good your tooth is sorted. Your lunches sound lovely as well. I see you are managing to sleep a little longer. Hopefully you are adjusting and will be fine.

Jo I think Bella is leading the sort of life you should be! Not long now though I think. How many weeks?

Well done to young Imogen, that is a fantastic amount she raised. Very well deserved too I think.

Morning BH and what have we today? Sxlver Bxllet? Sounds good to me so let's get some more and find the CM.
maeve 12 wrote:
Thursday, November 22, 2018, 10:43
Yes, well done to Imogen, quite a feat to not speak for so long.

Sorry that you had such wet weather for your holiday Diana, good that you can work from home this week.

Eva, do all Norwegians move to Spain in November? sounds as though there is a colony of friends and family there.

Is this the latest that you've done the clothes swap, Carol? It has been a lovely autumn but I feel it's coming to an end now.

Fi, sorry to hear that life is so stressful for you at the moment, agree that it sounds rather dangerous for eldest scallop to go up in the loft when you're not there.

I bought two packets of Christmas cards yesterday, my total Chr. shopping so far!
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 22, 2018, 19:43
Ahhhhh 4 days off, looking forward to it.

We have been to the park in the dark this evening. So I'm a bit tired. Bella is serenading us, I'm not sure why.

I have to write an email.

Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 23, 2018, 07:47
Morning and looks a little overcast – no frost this morning though. It was very cold when I went off out yesterday morning, warmed up slightly when it clouded over mid morning and then fell cold again in the evening.

Hope you had another lovely treatment Eva and enjoyed the heated pool. Love the idea of Chinese/Spxnish waiters speaking N’wegian! So toot h all fixed and as you say united nxtions in the surgery! Hpoefully last night you also managed a longer sleep. Have you heard from your sister yet about the meeting regarding your father? That’s a very good question Eva – the building works are supposed to be finished after Christmas – they did indeed change their builder (no. 3) three weeks ago but he is having to rectify some of the work done by the previous builder! Imogen is very proud and if you knew what a little chatterbox she really is, you would realise what a wonderful effort she made!

I am a bit like you Fi, I should really do the sorting before storing! Never seem to get round to it somehow. Still I can see your point about the jeggings, so may be more sensible to do it at the next change over just in case. Oh dear, you seem to have come off worst with the dental appointments. I can understand why you want to stay with the dentist that you trust – perhaps you could persuade him to move back to your area. So sorry to hear that Ian is very down about everything that is going on. The pulled muscle sounds painful, and obviously is not helping things. I have to agree that you should have someone there when scallop goes in the loft – I can tell you a horror story about someone I know who fell out of their loft when they were in the house alone. Do you think if eldest scallop rang your Mother to tell her he needs to have someone there with him, she would be more understanding? Hope you had a lovely lunch with your ex-colleagues and it did indeed cheer you up.

You obviously have the same idea as me Maeve – I am sure N’way is empty at this time of year whilst all the inhabitants zoom off to Spxxn. Yes, it is definitely the latest I have done the swap over Maeve – it has just been so lovely, and mild, that it wasn’t necessary until this week – then reality hit with a bang! That’s one reason the jumping tops have been leaping at me – they were slightly warmer than the summer ones and saw me through the long mild autumn!

Four days off Jo? I wonder what you could do to fill the time? Bella just loves singing of course – or may be she secretly went to the pub whilst you were at work and is in that happy place where singing seems a good idea after a drink!

I had a lovely back massage yesterday and then went to have my highlights done. Unbeknown to me Michelle (my hairdresser) had rung Lindy (who was due to go and have a cut and blow dry in the afternoon) and suggested she come in and have her hair down whilst I was waiting for the highlights to set (or whatever it is they do in the foils) and we could have a glass of fizz together. So Lindy arrived, was put in the chair next to me and we both had some bubbles, and mince pies, whilst chatting. All very civilised!! Very pleased with my hair too. Came home and did some admin and then in the evening MM and I watched F Beasts dvd as we are seeing the second film next week and I needed him to remember what had happened in the first one! This morning we are off to do the weekend food shop and try to finish the C’mas present buying. This afternoon off to church for a meeting to plan the Carol Service – as although it might seem early, it is only three and bit weeks away!! Just had a message pop up from Victoria with photos of Imogen at her birthday party last Saturday – pleased to see she was wearing pink!! Morning BHB, yes not so chilly today. Let’s grab the Vanillita and the toasted paninis and have a lovely snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.
evam wrote:
Friday, November 23, 2018, 08:41
Morning all. It’s overcast here and not very warm, +15 degrees at the moment.☁️

Hello sweetheart. You’ve lit the fire again? It looks so cosy. Yes, I do need to turn the heating on every afternoon, but have no open fire, so it’s a pleasure to come here and gaze at yours, all while we have our coffee and snuggling session. 💋

The treatment yesterday was lovely again. The heated pool is shair (sp ?) heaven, and my physio has magic hands. She told me that her aim is to loosen up my neck muscles so much that I can actually turn my head without the rest of the body following. She gave me some exercises I have to do twice daily, and I have already done the first lot of the day.🤸‍♀️ (Not quite as energetic as this, but you get the idea.). Next treatment is on Monday.

I’m going up to AG when I’ve finished the post. When I lived in Spain we had our get-together, just the two of us, on Friday morning. First I’d go to the market, just around the corner from my flat, and do my weekly shopping of flowers, fruit and veg, and then I’d drive up to AG with her order for the fruit and veg, and we’d settle down to several hours of chatting. AG is friendly with half the towns round here, and when we’re out, we’re constantly interruptet by people who want to say hello, so our Fridays were almost sacrosant! AG asked me to come up this morning, so that we can have a proper chat.

Youngest sister and father were at the meeting yesterday. There were noone from the SS, as there should have been. Nobody seemed to be surprised at the no-show. The physio, the occupational therapist and father’s nurse were there, and they told what the plans were. First of all his stay was extended until 17th December. In the meantime he’ll be given treatment by the physio and the occupational therapist every day. The hairline fracture is very, very painful for father, and he was told that normally a fracture like that would take about 6 weeks to heal ( Sounds familiar, Jane?) , but in his case wit the osteoporosis, it was impossible to set a time limit. He will be assessed weekly, and was assured that he wouldn’t be sent home until they were sure he could manage on his own. We’ll just have to take it day by day.

Fi,- you are really going through it at the moment, both of you. All I can do for you is to send virtual hugs, 🤗🤗, and hope that things can only get better.

Jo,- so Bella has taken up singing, has she? 😂. 4 days off sounds just right. You wouldn’t happen to go to a few concerts now, would you?

Maeve,- there are certainly many Norwegians here in the winter, but we’re not the only ones. The Swdes, the Brits, Germans and Dutch are here as well. Very international.🇩🇪🇸🇪🇬🇧🇹🇳🇳🇴🇳🇱

Carol,- your hair looks loverly.

Pauline,- be very, very careful if there is black ice on the ground.

Gotta run.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, November 23, 2018, 10:28
Morning all and another grey, chilly day I think. Well I know cos when I went to get the milk in a neighbour was passing and we chatted for a while till I got cold! I have to go and get a few things from the food shop this morning then I will go into my laundry mode. I will be thinking it is Saturday! I did a little bit of online shopping yesterday, so a few more pressies sorted. I am getting there slowly!

Fi your poor Ploppy is really going through it at the moment. I hope he starts to feel better soon. Very wise not to have Scollop going in the loft in an empty house! My loft seems to have become a no go area to me as I really hate going up there when there is no one in the house. there is nothing up there anyway! Your dental work sounds as if it will be nasty. Not surprised you will need knocking out! Try not to stress too much about everything, so easy to say and impossible to do really I suppose. The last thing you need is to make yourself ill. You have to focus on what you need to do that is best for you and yours. The rest will just have to lump it! Maybe don't phrase it quite that way mind! Sending virtual hugs.

Oh are you off this weekend then Jo? I wonder why?!! Bella has found her voice and certainly likes using it now! I blame the pub!

Eva your treatment sounds heaven Think I will have to sort massage out again. My lady that I normally have has now been off sick for nearly 6 months. Not sure she will return. Very sad for her as she loved her job and is fantastic at it. So your SS were conspicuous in their absence again! Does this mean your father will continue to live at home if they don't bother coming to see him? Sounds crazy, but hopefully it will all be sorted. At least you know he is safe while you are in Spain which must help a lot. Enjoy your time with AG.

Morning BHB and of course it is Vanillita day, yum! Let's get another jug and we can find the CM.

TK wrote:
Friday, November 23, 2018, 11:20
TK has been to the vet for her yearly jab. Vet said her heart murmur has not got worse. TK is fine, she charges about in the morning and evening, like a kitten.

Bella did not want to go out for the early walk as she had been in the garden, so was 'comfy'.

There is only one concert this weekend as Lee is up north for the rehearsals. The other concerts have been rescheduled into next year.

I was going to stay at w*rk, but decided to take the booked hols. Just as well as the neighbours who moved to Shetland are in the village for a visit today We are going to the pub to say Hi at lunchtime. IF Bella gets up. If she doesn't want to go I'll go without her. Mr ExPostman has a busy day today, so he'll come up later. I've just checked as Bella may not get up without the little dog, as it is no my time to walk her.

Must dash
Ali wrote:
Friday, November 23, 2018, 18:10
Evening. Hope you enjoyed your time with AG Eva. Enjoy the pub Jo. I’ve never been up into our loft, really need to clear some junk out though. Quite understandable you don’t want to be away while scollop is up there Fi. However, more pressure you don’t need from the family!
Boss was having a rant about her sisters today, expect everything from her but don’t understand the pressure she is under.
Proud mummy moment - Josh passed his assessment last week and is through to the next stage of the Police recruitment. Keeping my fingers crossed 🤞
Night in tonight so dinner, glass of red and soak in the bath I think
TK wrote:
Friday, November 23, 2018, 19:13
oooo exciting, well done to Josh.

It has been hard 'work' today. I've mostly been keeping Bella amused. We did see the couple from the village who moved to The Shetlands last year. Lovely to see them again. They are enjoying it and are working hard. They ran a tea shop in the summer. We were meant to have lunch in a pub in the village, it is meant to open at 12 midday. It didn't!!!We have no idea why. The main party went to another pub a neighbouring village. Bella and I didn't go with them as I wasn't sure it would be OK for Bella's disabilities and size. We headed off for a walk and then to a pub she knows. When we got to the pub a lady asked 'Is that Bella? We saw her one Tuesday, we've been coming back on Tuesday's to see her again as she is the only dog who likes my dad.' Dad looked about 80 btw. A time later one of Bella's doggy friends came in. It is a young dog who has known Bella all her life. Bella ignored her as my sandwich had arrived!!!

I really need to write that email I meant to write yesterday.
TK wrote:
Friday, November 23, 2018, 21:29
Finally got peace, Bella went to sleep!! See Twitter.
Email has been written. They are fencing off the children's equipment in the park. I need another bench as the one I used a few years ago was taken away as it was really old. Now I sit on the roundabout. This won't be possible when it is fenced in. I've offered to donate a bench (providing the cost is within my expectation) to replace the missing one. There other benches along the other side of the park, so we'll see what they say. I didn't say, but hopefully it will keep the rubbish the kids leave contained to some extent. I did suggest they have a little bin in the fenced off area.

Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, November 24, 2018, 07:56
Morning and apparently light rain forecast for today and temperatures of between 6C and 9C, so glad I am staying indoors today!

Have to say your 15C sounds nice and warm to me! Yesterday was one of those dreary November days – dark and dreary and drizzle. It was also quite chilly out. Glad you enjoyed your treatment – I can see that the heated pool would be sheer heaven for you and wonderful that you have a brilliant physio this time! Is the girl from last year still there or has she moved on? Good girl for doing your exercises. Hope you had a lovely catch up with AG – that was a nice tradition you both had when you were living there. So the SS lived up to expectations by not turning up to the meeting! I think it is as well his stay has been extended as it means he will continue to be cared for and looked after – especially as he will be assessed on a weekly basis. That should be a weight off your mind as you will be home before he comes out I think?

Ali – well done Just – that’s brilliant. How many stages does he have to go through before they accept him? Ah the loft – I go up there very rarely (although I did go up a couple of weeks back for costuming the WW1 singalong. All my costumes from the Variety Group are up there – feel maybe I should pass them on......... MM keeps murmuring about us both going up and having a bit sort out (I know our cases are up there, and the C’mas decorations, plus the costumes, but not sure what else lives there. Lindy has been having a big clear out of her loft and has made several trips to the dump! Pleased to say I never fell out with June over Mum’s care – in fact she stepped up and took over when Mum had her falls. Feel sorry for your boss if she is getting flak from her siblings as well as trying to run her business! Have the staff issues all resolved themselves?

Jo, I hope TK behaved perfectly for the Vet, as befits a young lady. Good that her heart murmur has stabilised. I suspect Bella put her nose out yesterday, saw the weather and decided early morning walk wa snot on the cards! I had forgotten the two concerts were cancelled and moved to next year. Ah see what you can look forward to when you retire – keeping Bella amused!! Lovely that you were able to meet up with the ex neighbours – any reason why they chose The S’lands? It always looks beautiful but a little bleak on the TV programme! Wonder why the pub was closed – very odd on a Friday lunchtime. See Bella didn’t miss out on the drinking though – especially as she met up with some of her fans. See Bella was more interested in food than friends. I did look at Bella sparked out on the photo – obviously exhausted by a day of looking after you (as she would view it). Oh fingers crossed the email gets the right response!

Had forgotten it was B Frxday so U’bridge quite busy when we arrived. There was a queue to get into the car park (although that could have been as the barrier entry system was obviously having problems – the barrier was tied in the upright position so you could drive in, but we didn’t get a ticket from the machine, although other drivers did! We went to pay on exit at the booth and they just waved us through, so a free parking day! Did the food shop, bought the family Christmas cards, bought a couple of Chrissie presents, and didn’t quite avoid a jumping top with 20% off. Sadly didn’t quite finish the C’mas shopping as hoped, as we were running out of time to get home, have a sarnie, and out again for the 2pm meeting. Church meeting room was quite chilly but I was lucky to sit next to radiator. We didn’t realise until we had finished that the radiator on the outside wall had been turned off so that side of the room (where MM was) was decidedly chilly. I made some home made soup when we got home and it was just what we needed! Spent the evening typing up notes from the meeting, and half watching the TV – well until Would I L to You came on – watched that of course. Funniest thing on tv at the moment! Today is a day in, and it will be laundry and finishing off the clothes swap. Need to be all finished before SCD tonight – wonder who will go! Morning BHB, yes not too warm, but the underfloor heating is lovely and cosy. Let’s grab the toasted pikelets and the Brave New Swxrled and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

evam wrote:
Saturday, November 24, 2018, 10:16
Morning all, and the sun has finally turned up.☀️ It’s lovely outside with wall-to- wall blue skies.

Hello sweetheart. I look happy? Well, that’s because the sun is shining and I have already been out for a looooooong walk. Temps are +18 at the moment. Yes please, I’m ready for my coffee and some snuggling. 💋

AG and I had a nice time together yesterday, lots of talk. Then I had the bright idea to ring father and let him have a chat with AG. My parents have known her and her family since she was born, and they used to lodge at my grandparents for about 5 years. AG and Helge helped my parents a lot when they lived here. AG told father that they were missing him and mother, and was so sweet with him. When I got my phone back to say goodbye, father said that call had made his day!

I was thouroughly fed up yesterday about all the emails from different shops about BF, and deleted them all. Then I received an email from Unicef Norway proposing to spend my BFmoney to contribute to pay for speceal food packages for the starving children of Yemen. I thought that was a brilliant idea, and sent my contribution. Later I got a thank you mail from them, telling me that they had sent out 30000 emails in Norway and more than 21000 people had contributed! That was money well spent.

Ali,- wonderful news about Josh. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him so he passes the rest of the tests.

Jo,- Bella certainly knows her own mind, little (or rather big!) tinker. That’s a good idea sending an email to the counsil offering to pay for a bench. They surely can’t say no to that?

Carol,- I’ve been a good girl and done my exercises this morning, as well as the walk. I also managed to sleep until 4.45 am, so hopefully I’m on the road to recovery! I’m looking forward to yet another UK telly night. AG and Helge have 2 birthday parties to go to this weekend, so I can watch telly with a clean consience.😜
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 24, 2018, 10:18
Morning all and it is a grey and dull one again, still chilly as well. Think it will get warmer next week and then we get gales! Still I suppose we can't expect much else at this time of year. I decided to avoid the shops yesterday as it was BF and instead went to a DIY store as I needed a small repair thingy for the walls. As it is opposite a Dxnhxlm Mxll I thought I would pop in and look at curtains as mine in the bedroom have faded badly. Ended up with a new duvet cover! Don't really need one but it is very pretty! Today I have ixxnxxg to do and a few other bits as I too and away tomorrow!

Ali that is fantastic news about Josh, fingers and toes crossed it continues to go well.

Nice idea to replace the bench Jo. Especially as it is for you! Love the pics on twxtter of Bella. She looks very peaceful. Odd that a pub isn't open Friday lunchtime. maybe a family crisis or something! Must say much as I love the tv series Shxtland, it isn't somewhere I would want to live a bit bleak. Are they keen bird watchers or something, as I know it is a fantastic place for that.

SCD then Cxsualty tonight, sublime to the ridiculous!

Morning BHB and how are we today? Good. So what concoction have we? Brxve Nxw Swxrled? Lovely, let's get some more and find the CM.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, November 24, 2018, 10:25
Hi Eva, thought we might post around the same time! What a good idea to let AG talk to your father. Glad it cheered him up. Also a great idea from the UNICEF team and a wonderful response. You must be proud of your fellow Norwegians! I am trying not to go green at the idea of blue sky and sun!
Diana wrote:
Saturday, November 24, 2018, 18:29
Evening all.

I am not liking this weather so grey and dull but at least dry and not as cold as when we landed. The flight home passed very quickly, I think I must have slept through half of it, despite part being very bumpy, worst we've had for many years. We got home less than two hours after landing, Gatw*ck so much easier than Heathr*w. Did nearly all the holiday washing Thursday & Friday so had large pile of the I word this morning. Ploppy was away last night so I caught up with Holby and another programme I recorded. Ordered a couple of Xmas pressies yesterday but will need to get my head down next weekend and try to get the rest. Haven't heard anything further about redundancy so hopefully will have meeting early next week.

Good news re Josh. Fingers crossed.

Fi, sorry about Ian. Difficult period for you both. Hugs.

Agree with you about the BF emails, Eva.

Better start dinner on.

TK wrote:
Saturday, November 24, 2018, 18:34
Eva, what a good idea to phone, your father was obviously really pleased. I used to swim in a heated pool some years ago, it was lovely. If it is still there I may make that a regular date in a few months time. They used to have OAP sessions during the day. I was telling Felf about your trip to Spain, she was in wonder as she doesn't travel that much. It is many years since she's gone back to Holland.

My attic does not have much in it, mainly due to my fear of heights. Coming out of the loft it a bit scary.

The couple who went to the Shetlands are very hippy-ish, would not look too out of place in Woodstock festival.

I better do some sorting for tomorrow.

TK wrote:
Saturday, November 24, 2018, 19:27
Ah Diana is back. I hope that you find out about the redundancy soon. Really messing with your planning up to retirement.

Bella was having a really big barking session. I thought she'd stopped, just starting again.
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, November 24, 2018, 19:35
Had lovely day out with my friends on Thursday - cheered me up. Then went swim and had b/fast with friend on Fri and then coff with another friend. Also h'work and finished wrapping all the extended family Ch pressies and wrote their cards. Wrote my lists for things to do next few days - have 2 pple to lunch tmrw and 7 on Tuesday ( yes am mad but owe so many pple meals I decided to invite them all at once!) . Out to pub in eve. Today did big shop for our meals then did a full day in garden - collected 2 big bin full of leaves! Ploppy cant do any of this so I have to. My back does ache but am sure a bath will ease the pain. Eldest Scollop is coming home Fri night to take all our stuff down from lift - he is a sweetie. And have agreed with sloppy that we will go down Thursday am and back Fri aft. She adores eldest Scollop and was v more impressed with his kindness so v happy to change arrangements and we are stil going for 2 days. Traffic will be horrendous on Friday but at least all amicable.
Jo - love pics of Bella on Tw.tter. Man next door brought round his new puppy (Virg.l seemingly named after a film character - and I had been so impressed he liked Gre.k poets!) - 6 weeks old. Don't ask what sort - it wa Blonde and small! I had taken adv.nt calendar for the children - when returning one of the many footballs that land in our Garden. I have decided to not have bad relations with both sets of neighbour's so have begun a charm offensive. Noisy neighbour is just noisy and inconsiderate but he is not nasty - unlike new one.
Diana - welcome back
Ali - well done to J? Is this first time he has applied. THeir tests are very hard.
Eva -ph call for your dad and AG was an inspired idea . N.rwegian dept of Un.cef have come up with brill marketing strategy.
Pauline - Ploppy and I got new duvet and curtains for Eldest Scollop room ( it isn't really his room but we still call it that and he stays there when home) n D.nhelm when at dentist in S.lih.ll this week
Carol - think BF was busy here too. We drove to W.ckes to get eldest Scollop his Ch pressie ( a window washer - not that we are giving him hints but would be nice to see out his windows!) and the queues to get into retail parks ( luckily we didn't have To go there) were huge.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, November 25, 2018, 07:49
Morning and dark and overcast at the moment and looks like a breeze outside. Think they are forecasting a 10% chance of rain and temperatures below 10C.

Eva may be you could send some sun this way for us? I am missing it after having it around for so long. What a brilliant idea to get AG to talk to your Father – I can quite see why he said the call had made his day. Ah the BF emails – they have been arriving for the last week – let alone Friday!!! What a good idea to send the money to the children of Yxmxn – well done Unxcxf and N’way. Gold star for doing your exercise and pleased to hear you have been sleeping better, long may it continue. Hope you enjoyed SCD and there were no connection problems – wonderful that you can watch on the tv there and not have to rely on the ipxd.

Thought of you arriving home in the cold and damp Diana, although as you say it has warmed up just a little since Thursday. Not liking the sound of the bumpy flight! Ah the downside of holidays the ixxning! Now Heathrxw brilliant for us of course and Lxton for Twxn, S’stead and G’wick our least favourite options from here! Hopefully the discussions on the red’ncy will take place once you are back in the office and they will offer you a good package.

Jo! You can’t say OAP any more – it is Sxnixr Cxtixens! You will realise when you leave work that in fact you don’t like either label! Is this the one by th X40 near John L? If so that is where Victoria and Sarah both went to duckling classes and learned to swim. Can see that a trip abroad might not work for Felf! Do any of her family come over here to visit? Ah I see Bella being vocal again!

I see you have been having a lovely social time of things Fi – glad it has cheered you up. Eeek seven people for lunch – can sort of see the logic but quite an undertaking when you are feeling below par. How is Ploppy doing? Not surprised you had backache after that long in the garden. MM went out for a short while yesterday and cut back all our roses, we also have sacks full of garden cuttings etc for the collection this week. Eldest Scollop gets a gold star and well done on resolving the parent visit issue. Now I would have thought the puppy was name for the poet, or for T’birds! Good idea to do a charm offensive for neighbour one side. As you say he sounds inconsiderate rather than nasty like the other side. Loving the Ch pressie for eldest Scollop!!

I was quite industrious yesterday too – the clothes swap is all done and so is the i word. Just finished and had eaten as the the Strictly titles came up = timing is everything!! Two more bags ready to go to Sue R shop this coming week. I am feeling very virtuous!! Now have to do a similar exercise with boots/shoes/sandals! I loved F & G’s waltz last night – dance of the evening although not keen on the dress they gave Faye! Interesting to see who is in the dance off as this is about the time the public vote can be seen and you can get a gauge of who is getting their support. Really didn’t like Joe’s “dance” at all. Although bottom I suspect that Lauren and AJ may have sufficient support to avoid it, so interesting to see who it is. We will of course be elsewhere when it is screened. The scoring for the Lxndyxthxn was hilarious!! Need to go and pack now for an overnight stay on the coast – expect we might see some familiar faces! Morning BHB yes does look a little grey out you would like to go early as you are visiting friends tonight? Of course – we are also off to the coast. Let’s grab the paninis and the Mxby Drixk and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

TK wrote:
Sunday, November 25, 2018, 09:20
Carol- Ah when I went to the pool in the evening it was called an OAP session in the day. It wasn't exclusive. No, not that pool. I tried to go there in the evening sessions, it was so cold and the walk from the change areas to the pool was a long way. I ended up shivering before I got to the pool. I hated it. I expect they have changed things since the end of the 80s. Just checked, the swimming pool I used to like is still there, doesn't say the temp of the water in the bumf now.

Fi you have tired me out. I did almost nothing yesterday, you put me to shame.

I have to finish getting ready, I'm off to SEnd very soon.
evam wrote:
Sunday, November 25, 2018, 09:27
Morning all. We’ve had rain during the night, but it seems to be clearing up now. Not very warm, +13 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. It’s all ready for me I see. Fire lit, coffee on the table and plenty of cushions on the sofa ready for the snuggling! What a wonderful man you are!💋💋💋 ( Surprisingly he agrees. 😜). I’ll do my walk a little later this morning, when I’m certain it won’t rain. I went for an extra walk yesterday afternoon, and went in to a shop I like , to have a look for the last Christmas preesents I need. I managed to find what I wanted, so now Christmas is sorted. A bit late for me, but I did start in April!😜. (Ducking to avoid flying rolls of wrapping paper.)

I did of course watch Strictly last night, and I agree with Carol about Joe’s dance. I couldn’t believe it when Shirley gave him 10 points. She must be in love! I wasn’t upset by Bruno doing the same, because Bruno is Bruno. (. One day those flailing arms of his are going to give Shirley a slap!😂). I loved Stacy and Kevin’s pasodouble. That was certainly worth the 10s it got. Logic says that Lauren and Graeme should be in the d/o, but when has logic had anything to do with it? I wasn’t too taken with the Lindyathon (?). Too many on the floor at one time. Just got confusing for me.

Diana,- welcome home. I hope you get the redundancy sorted to your satisfaction asap.

Jo, Carol, MM, Pauline, Diana and anybody else who’s off for GO’s concert today,- have a brilliant time. (Of course you will.)

Fi,- I can understand the thinking behind doing a lunch for 7, but be careful you don’t overdo it. Glad your mother understood why you have planned as you have, and well done to eldest scollop for coming home to sort out the loft. I think it was his room I used when I was there? The matress in his bed was so lovely that I still remember it. 👏👏

As I woke up at 4.50 am today, at least it’s still going the right way, even if it was only 5 minutes longer than the day before. 😀
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, November 25, 2018, 10:11
Morning all and a grey one again. I think it is less so than yesterday but still quite cold. I hardly put my nose outside yesterday! Did get some h/wxrk done but again I was not very motivated. This sort of weather has that effect om me. I am sure I was a dormouse in a former life! Of coursr today will be different as we are off to S/end. Woohoo! Should be a good one I think as he is always very bouncy in his home town!

Fi I like your thinking about the neighbours! Noisy isn't good as I well know from the screamer at the bottom of my garden, But I also know they are a very nice family ( if not that great at discipline!) so don't want to have rows with them. Good that you sorted out your visit to your Mum without any problems. Maybe you should always get Eldest Scollop to sort things out with her! Good luck with the dinner parties. 7 can be hard work! Hope your Ploppy is ok.

Eva five minutes longer sleep is better than nothing, going in the right direction! Agree about SCD. I loved Stacy's paso. Joe I can admire his progress but didn't love the dance. Though not enough dancing, but that isn't their fault on this one as it is an outside choreographer. I think Shirley has a very soft spot for Joe! We are at the stage where we could well get a shock dance off, so let's see. Lauren was the weakest but they are a hugely popular couple and Graeme surely should be the one to join her, but I really have no idea who it will be.

Jo I feel cod just reading you swimming pool exploits! We will see you later! Have a good journey.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Mxby Dxck? How lovely. We better get some more and find the CM so we can get snuffling as I know we are all in a bit of a hurry!

evam wrote:
Sunday, November 25, 2018, 20:01
The d/o was bordering on the ridiculous! As Craig said: It is a no-brainer! I suppose we’ve reached the state where some contestants are voted to continue simply because they are popular,- nothing to do with their dancing ability!😡. That said, the right couple was voted off. Won’t say anything more as many of you are busy watching himself instead of the telly. Enjoy!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, November 26, 2018, 08:40
Morning from not so sunny Southend. Tide is out in the estuary and looks as if you could walk across to the far side....not planning to though! Concert was excellent of course and GO told us in the M&G, and subsequently from the stage that it was the first stage he appeared on in his late teens. He was a backing singer for a Frank S tribute show. Apologies to Jo, Jane and co that I didn’t say goodbye...I was trying to get a signal and nook a cab to bring us back to our (excellent) hotel. Off for breakfast shortly, but will post once we are home...via visit to very large garden centre. Morning BHB, I am sure you are tired after your weekend. Let’s grab the Lavendula and the toasted pike let’s and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Monday, November 26, 2018, 09:48
Morning all. The sun is shining here. We had a chilly night, but the air is warming up nicely.

Hello sweetheart. SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I think the poor boy is fast asleep. I wonder what he’s been up to over the weekend? I’ll ask him tomorrow.

Well, you know what I thought of the d/o last night. I had to laugh though at the faces of Charles and Karen when they realised that they weren’t in the d/o. 😂.

I think my teeth enjoyed my visit to the dentist last week, because yesterday a tooth on my left side started to ache, and it got worse and worse. Luckily I have some extra strong painkillers with me in case of an emergency. The toothache was certainly one!😡 I had to sit up in bed during the night because that hurt less, so you can imagine what last night’s sleep was like. When the dentist surgery opened at 9am, I was there. The receptionist gave me an emergency appointment, but it’s not until 7.30 pm, so I have to go on with the painkillers. I was due the appointments for the heated pool and the physio, but I had to cancel. There is no way I’ll be driving, with painkillers up to my eyeballs!

I phoned father, but he’d hardly time to talk to me, as his physio entered the room. He told me that he’d rather consentrate on her than on me! So there is still life in the old dog, then.😜

Carol,- I never doubted that you all enjoyed last night’s concert. Looking forward to hearing all about it.
TK wrote:
Monday, November 26, 2018, 16:23
I did try to leave a message earlier, no idea what I've done.
Loved the concert yesterday. I am rather tired, do to chatting for hours afterwards.
I led a very small detour on the walk back to the hotel from the theatre, went to stand outside my grandma's house. There was a cat looking through the window of the bedroom bro and I shared.
Sue-1 wrote:
Monday, November 26, 2018, 23:23
Just a quick hello as promised, a bit late I know. Typing this on my phone with a snoring Ploppy beside me, so not easy.
Loved the concert last night, reminded me how much I love that man, but more than that it was just lovely to meet up with old friends.
Can't even begin to read back at the mo, but will try to catch up a bit shortly. For now though it's zzzzzzzz for me.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 08:06
Morning and a bit overcast – we are due heavy rain, but not until this afternoon I think. It was a warm 4C last night when we came home from rehearsal.

See you have done very well with your C’mas shopping in Spxxn Eva – we know you like to get ahead of the game, but I had forgotten you started in April! Eva I don’t think anyone was impressed with the Lxndyhxpathon – not from comments I have seen – neither the dance, nor the score fiasco! I have now watched the DO – and yesterday’s ITT – thought Grxeme came over as a really nice person. He said he knew as soon as P&A were announced that they would be gone. Thought the judges (particularly Brxno) were quite rude in their comments. He is after all what SXD was originally all about – celebs with no dancing experience, or very little, competing on a fairly level playing field. That has changed quite a lot since the programme started and now they use people who have lots of experience – I don’t mind that at all – it would be awful to watch a whole evening of Anne Ws or Nancy D’O but I do think genuine non dancers should be given credit for what they have achieved. I do think K & C thought they had misheard the announcement – both faces were a picture! Oh goodness another bout of toothache? That sounds really painful, and what a shame you have had to cancel your physio (can understand why you did). Hopefully the nice dentist has been able to sort you out and you were able to get a good night’s sleep.

Aww so you went back to the hotel via childhood memories Jo, how lovely, especially that there was a cat looking out to say hello. Fancy staying up chatting for hours! Unheard of. Bet your four legged family was pleased to see you home yesterday!

Lovely to “see” you Sue – well in real life on Sunday and on here last night. Hope you had a good drive back – it was a bit dreary and very November when we left S’end! Not surprised Ploppy was snoring after the drive back – how long did it take you.

So, we had a fairly easy drive down to S’end on Sunday, after collecting Twin. We stopped at the lovely pub we found some years back (we had Auds with us then) and had a delicious lunch. Pleased to say the food was as wonderful as ever. We arrived at the hotel about 3pm and checked in, to be told we were having an upgrade. Rooms were lovely and our’s had a big bay window overlooking the estuary. We weren’t at the normal hotel as MM not going to this concert, so I thought I would find somewhere with a really nice bar for him to while away the evening. He had been going to drive us to the theatre and then go back to the hotel, and we would call a cab to take us back. In fact the place was very busy (there were a couple of celebration birthday parties there) and the car park was full, so we thought it best to leave him and grab a taxi to take us there as well as one to bring us home. We arrived just after 5.30pm and found Diana, who was looking very tanned (so either sunshine or rust as I said) and relaxed. Not long after Jo, Lady J, Ro, Olwen etc. arrive, and a little while later we saw Sue and Ray, so it was quite a reunion. Just after 6pm we were taken in for the M&G and after about ten minutes out came the GO. We were actually in the auditorium, and they asked us to leave gaps so GO could sit and chat with us. Diana, Twin and I were together then across the aisle were Jo, Lady J etc. GO explained he had been up since 4am as he had flown down from A’deen where he had been in all day rehearsals for the panto. He was flying back to A’deen yesterday morning so after the concert he was driving down to Gxtwxck. Had a lovely chat with him, big thanks to Jo for being photographer for us, and all too soon he was off backstage. We all checked where our seats were and then went back out into the foyer. Theatre was a Vxctxrian gem, although in need of a little tlc – the front of house had obviously all been upgraded and refurbished, but feel the actual auditorium could do with just a little attention. We managed to get a glass of wine, had a chat with Sue and Ray, and then were invited to take our seats. We were in Row B behind the two Lizs and towards the end of their row were Jo, Julie and Lady J. Adam came on stage and started with the opening bars of P Imxginxtion, and then on came the GO to a huge roar from the home crowd. After the song he confessed to be a little nervous at being “home”. He was in very good voice and stand out numbers were, as usual, Frxm Nxw On – which he has absolutely nailed now, CED, Anthem......well all of them actually. He dedicated a song in the first half to Izzie, and sang Bob D’s Fxxl Mx Lxve in the second (I am sure that was for her too!). His parents, and his brother and lots of friends were in the audience he told us. Really loved the whole concert (I will leave it to Lady J to do the in-depth review). Sadly, as I said yesterday, I didn’t get to say goodbye to anyone due to the phone signal cutting me off so I had to get close to the outside to call the cab, and by then everyone seemed to have disappeared. I know Diana was rushing off for a train, so hopefully she caught the right one! Had a very nice breakfast yesterday overlooking the estuary (tide was starting to come back in) and then we left about 10.30am. Stopped off on the way home at large garden centre and bought some Chrissie things – could have spent a fortune there! Actually starting to feel quite Christmassy – hotel had most of its decorations up, and they were beautiful – they were just finishing off when we were checking out and doing a fabulous job. After that we dropped Twin off at home and carried on our way (stopping off at our local MandS so I could collect trousers I had ordered for MM, and failing to fight off two tops – although one going back as don’t like it on). Came home, unpacked, did a little admin and then went off to rehearsal. Today we are off to Sainsbugs for our food shop, may write some Christmas cards this afternoon, and then off to another rehearsal this evening. Other than that the day is completely free!!! Morning BHB, yes it is a little grey and chilly out – looks like a little fog too. Let’s grab the toasted waffles and the Hxcklebxrry Sxn and have a lovely snuffle in the conservatory until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 10:09
Morning all and not a very nice one here. Damp and cold. I think it is due to warm up a bit tomorrow, then we get gales and storms! How long till next spring? Had the most wonderful weekend, our hotel in S/end was fabulous, one of the nicest I have ever stayed in. I have very high standards so that will give you an idea. I had the most wonderful view of the estuary, not quite as good as Twin's but fine by me! Of course the concert was the very best bit. The m&g was so good as always. He had forgotten his photo's he signs and gives out and said if we left our names and addresses he would post them to us. How lovely was that. Of course certain of us already have them so we told the lovely young man taking addresses that we would pass. In the concert itself he was on great form in spite of being shattered. Obviously being his home town gives him an extra bounce! I have always loved Fxxl My Lxve, one of my favourite Bxb Dxlan songs, and the GO snag it so beautifully. The other song that was new to me was a Gxry Bxrlow song, Fxrever Lxve, which he dedicated to Izzy. Aww, lucky lady. Look it up and read the lyrics and you'll see why I say that! Great to see Sue and Ray after all this time, and of course Diana looking horribly brown, plus the usual suspects, Jo, Lady Jane Ro and Olwen. Only downside of the weekend for me is I have a nasty redness on the palms of my hands that burns and is itchy which then turns painful I have no idea what it is but it made clapping very painful and as I wanted to do a lot of that, not good. I am seeing my doctor later today and see if she can tell me what it is and maybe help me!

I have caught up with SCD as well Eva and agree it was a shocker and the made the dance off a waste of time as they were always going to save A&P. I agree the judges could have been kinder to Graeme, but I thought they were more in shock at the result and in fact angry to be put in that position. I understand that people are cross about A having had dance experience, but she is lovely to watch and in an odd way I think dancers like her and Faye (who is also trained, but seems not to get the same level of vitriol) actually make the others better as they work hard to try and emulate them. Of course I don't think either will win it, but the only reason they won't both be in the final is if they come up against each other in the d/off! Oh and the lindy thingy is a waste of time in my opinion, a mess to watch and a mess in the scoring!

Lovely to see you and Ray Sue. Hope you can pop on here again from time to time.

Not another tooth playing up Eva! Very handy that the dentist is so close to you! Hope he can sort it out for you quickly.

Jo how lovely their was a cat waiting to see you at the house. Lovely.

Morning BHB, so you had a very busy weekend? So did we! Let's get more Hxcklebxrry Sxn and find the CM o we can exchange our news.
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 15:46
Hi.. S'end sounded fab - both the concert and the get tog. I remember one concert there where we all had meal tog and where he and audience (his home crowd) were in very good voice.
Having bit of "unusual" time. Ploppy went to GP last Mon and was di.angosed with h.rnia. he went again yesterday (having not been prev in 3-4 yrs!) with pulled muscle ad- and was diagnosed with Bl.od clot! NHS moved into gear. Had blood test, Gp phoned with result at 7.30 pm - not good. Prescription with chemist in city 6 miles away by 8 pm and ploppy on bl..d thinning tablets by 8.30 pm. GP phoned again early morning to say ploppy booked in for scan 9 am tomorrow. if D.T confirmed then hospital will take over his treatment. Then will have to look at cause - as he hasn't flown in 2 months - and is very lean and active. Have cancelled visit to parents - sloppy has been very supportive - as does realise it was not possible adn she too is worried about ploppys health. a shame to miss dads 97th b'day celebrations!
Eva - it was other scollops comfy mattress!
Ok - must dash and prep meal for 9 tonight. yes I am mad but just as easy to go ahead as had done all shopping and some of prep.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 19:35
Really busy at w*rk, but I had to leave on time / just before as my friend had a plumber coming to sort out a leak behind the dish washer. Since she gives me a lift on a Tues I had to leave with her.

Bella and I went for a walk to the village, we did NOT get to the bar. She seemed to loose interest, we came home. She is now barking for some reason. I'll go and sit with her.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 08:17
Morning and wet, breezy and gloomy out – but quite mild. I know ‘cos I have just put the refuse out – we overslept and MM was still sleeping so I put on my waterproof jacket and went out! He is now awake and making me a coffee!

Oh Fi, your poor Ploppy is certainly going through it at the moment. At least the NXS came up trumps and moved at great speed. Hope the scan shows a glitch and not the DT. I am sure your Sloppy realised that this is potentially quite serious, so whilst disappointed, would have realised the necessity foryou to be elsewhere. Shame about your father’s birthday but sometimes things can’t be helped. Sending several virtual hugs. Hope the meal for nine (yes you ARE mad, but I see your reasoning) went well and took your mind off things. Please keep us in the loop.

Jo, when are you not buys at wxrk? Good thing your friend was needed at home – you have to learn to walk away (after all as we reminded you on Sunday it will be their problem, not yours in twenty weeks time). So Bella didn’t want to go to the bar? That’s worrying – may be the barking was because she had changed her mind......either that or it was the pub she had wanted to go to. Hope the plumber managed to resolve your friend’s leaking dishwasher!

No Eva yesterday, so hope the tooth problem hasn’t escalated. Sounds as if it might be an infection. Hopefully the nice dentist was able to help. Eva I love that your father would rather talk to the young physio than to you (even though you were calling all the way from Spxin!). He must be starting to feel better!

Had a semi-successful day yesterday. We went to Dxnxlm Mxll as I wanted underbed storage unit to match the one I have, but they didn’t have the size I wanted to I compromised on two smaller ones. Think I should have got three – anyway it means a few of the things to be put away will now have to go into the wardrobe – fortunately there is space! Then went and did the food shop and whilst MM went off to buy petrol, I went to some of the other units and have managed to tick another couple of presents off the list. Almost there now! Next task is the writing of the cards and then I must wrap as many pressies as I can. Dining Room table is out of use at the moment as covered in gifts! Had a good rehearsal in the evening (this is four of us singing for the annual C’mas Tea for the local M’dist church this coming Saturday). Came home and caught up with HC – not a great deal happening, after the recent storylines, but think we all need the calm after the storm. No Lxfty either to ease the eye! Twin is over later as we are off to see Fxntxstxc Bxxsts 2 with Lindy and Lawrence, followed by the obligatory pizza afterwards. Should be home in time to see the next victim evicted on the App’tice. Morning BHB, yes very dull and dreary out. Let’s grab the toasted teacakes and the Hxwards Blend and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 10:10
Morning all. The sun is shining from a blue, blue sky, and I’m spending my time indoors feeling sorry for myself!😢
The tooth saga continues. On Monday the dentist told me after an x-ray that it was indeed an infection, but in addition to that the root of the tooth was spli/broken, so he wanted to extract it. I agreed, anything to make the pain go away. So out the tooth went, he cleaned up and told me that I’d be OK now. Was I h*ll! When the anastethic faded, the pain returned, so bad that I was climbing the walls. I was soon back on a diet of painkillers and not much else. I was meant to be at AG’s for lunch yesterday, but had to cancel. Goodness me, the pain just wouldn’t ease off, so I decided this morning to go and see the dentist again, because he hadn’t given me any anti-bis to kill the infectjion. The receptionist told me that it isn’t always necessary with anti-bis. I almost asked her what medical training she had (!), but restrained myself. I was given an appointment at 1.10 pm today, so then I ‘ll hopefully get something to sort this. I’ve had extractions before, but never anything close to the pain of this one.
My brain feels quite wolly, and I’m feeling nauseous (sp?), all probably because of all the painkillers.

I’ve just been skimming the blog, I feel so tired, but saw that poor Ian may be seriousle ill. Good to see that the N*S went into full drive. As many virtual hugs to you and to him, Fi, as you need. 🤗🤗🤗
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 10:17
Morning all and it is a fairly dreary one at the moment and not forecast to get better for a while! Yesterday afternoon was just terrible, I know as I was out in it! I went to the doctor about my hands and she was also flummoxed to know what it was so she took some pictures and is sending them off to a specialist. At least this way means I may not have to cart up to London. Of course I have to get bloods done yet again! Anyway she gave me a prescription to help ease the itch and I toddled off to the pharmacist who didn't have it in stock, grrr! I then went to others and number 3 in Hxrpxnden had it, hooray! All think in torrential rain! Lovely. After all that not too sure the lotion helped much but it is strong stuff so may help get the thing better! Today I am off to Twin of course. Rather hoping I can manage to go in a dry spell.

Oh Fi I can hardly believe that, your poor Ploppy. As Twin said, at least they acted very quickly. Fingers crossed all is well. Of course you are mad doing the dinner party, but I can understand your logic! Also sending virtual hugs.

Hope you are ok Eva and just tired from lots of treatment maybe? Hope the tooth got sorted by nice dentist as well. I see on the weather chart it looks like they are being snowed on in Nxrway and it looked as if Bxrgen was affected as well, so you are in the right place I think!

Bella didn't want to go to the bar? Good heavens, I do hope she is ok. Agree with Twin again, she was probably barking cos she had changed her mind!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Hxward's Blxnd? Sounds perfect, so we'll get another jug and go and find the CM.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 10:21
Oh Eva, no! That sounds terrible and certainly something is not right there. Fingers and toes crossed you can get it sorted today as you really don't need pain like that. I had a feeling we might cross! Sending lots of virtual hugs to you as well.
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 19:23
Hi quick hello. Ploppy was scanned today. he has bl..d clot - and it si huge! from gro.n to knee. radiographer had to double check. we are v lucky it was caught and gp acted so promptly. he is on medication and we hope that will sort it. he is seeing Gp on fri. Friend took us to and collected us from hospital so we didn't have to battle the car park and all staff were lovely. Our meal last night went well - but they didn't leave until almost midnight! so i am now shattered but have to go out to church meeting as I have bought all the pressies for our groups Ch stocking to local family in and i need to deliver to group. then goign to come home and sleep. I now have 2 days free when was going to be with parents - so trying not to fill them (I don't promise!) so can rest - and do Ch things. We were goign to be away next week - twice. once to N.rfolk for my bday and was going to do a walk one day and visit a lovely NT house dressed for Ch. but think ploppy can do neither and unfortunately tho hotel nice and posh it is really an eating pub with rooms so no nice lounge with fire to rest in. so may need to rethink that. then due to go to scollops next w/e - not sure abt long drive. but as UB scollop just announced he and G/f moving to l.ndon this will be last opportunity to see all family tog in same place. Don't mention how g/f will cope with busyness of L.ndon when cant cope where they are- and sometimes cant walk to bus stop 5 mins away! !
Teeth are such a problem Eva. hope your toothache sorted - a horrible pain.
sue-1 wrote:
Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 21:38
Oh my goodness Fi poor Ploppy!! What a worry, hope all goes well.

I'm a bit envious to read your table is covered in gifts Carol, we don't do gifts anymore, just money/vouchers for children and grandchildren, and usually something for the house for each other, that's sad ain't it.

Eva, I cringe to hear about your poorly tooth, how awful for you, there's not much worse than raging toothache.

We collected our old spaniel from the vets this evening, she's had a malignant tumour removed. She's feeling a bit sorry for herself, she was in kennels while we were in S/end and then straight to hospital kennels on Monday, op yesterday.
The good news is that she should be okay hopefully for a good while, vet thinks cancer will come back eventually but as she's 12 we'll just make the most of her while we can.
The whole thing cost nearly 3k, which was better than the 4k estimate. The sad thing is we cancelled her insurance last year when it went up to over £100 a month and we'd only claimed once in 10 years, and then not for much, hindsight eh!

Early night for me I think......

Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, November 29, 2018, 07:44
Morning and it looks very windy outside (could hear the wind howling a little earlier too). Can’t see if it is raining at the moment (forecast to be) as it is too dark.

Glad to hear the sun is shining on you Eva, although not that the tooth is still causing you pain and problems. So you needed an extraction – goodness, not what you want when you are on holiday! How strange not to give you something for the infection! Hopefully the dentist finally gave you antibis and you are feeling better today. That should be the end of your dental visit I imagine! Did you rearrange your lunch with AG – I know you were looking forward to it. This has also played havoc with your treatments too – again, hopefully you have been able to reschedule. Fingers crossed for now on your stay will be pain free and more relaxing.

Oh Fi, poor Ian. That is some blxxd clt. Not surprised it needed to be double checked. As you say, he was very lucky that he decided to visit the gp and everything went into fast forward. Let’s hope the medication works for him – really one more thing you didn’t need in your life at the moment! Lovedly that a friend took you and collected you – not only for the parking, but enabling you not to have to drive and worry at the same time. Ah so the guests were all enjoying themselves so much the previous evening they didn’t want to leave! I can see that your two days “off” should be dedicated to sleep. What a shame about your birthday plans – think you are wise to reconsider. Hope you manage to achieve the family get together and can see your concerns about the move to Lxndxn – is this to make it easier for UB S to get to work? Like you I can see g/f struggling as the pace in Lxndxn is somewhat frantic!

Ah I do give vouchers Sue but I also make sure that there is a pressie to go with it, even if it is only a small thing. Lots of the presents are for the children of course (I really enjoy that part of it all) as they are still all under ten and not yet into vouchers. I actually love wrapping pressies (just need to find the time) so it isn’t really a chore for me. Saw the photos of your lovely spxnixl on the blog – she is a very pretty lady. Not surprised she is feeling a little sorry for herself. So pleased to hear she should be fine after the op. Eeek!! That is some bill – and of course you had cancelled the insurance – that’s sxd’s law!

Enjoyed the film yesterday afternoon (we had an almost private viewing – the five of us and just two other people! Mind you, it was an early showing – 1.40 pm). Film finished at 4.15 and we had booked a table for our pxzzx at 5pm so had a short time for some RT (I needed to get a couple of vouchers for my niece – her birthday is next week and she is the one staying up in E’burgh over C’mas this year, so we won’t get to see her) and managed to get some other small presents........and sadly was assailed by three jumping tops (I know, I know – I have just had a clear out.........but that meant there was space in the wardrobe!). Then we went off for our pxzzx – new one on the menu with mushrooms and pine kernels, and although it was a “classic” they kindly put on a Lxggxra for me. It was delish. We got home about 7.30pm so put our feet up for the rest of the evening and watched tv. Today we are off to the Rxyal Txwn near Jo, for some more pressie buying, and lunch, and then this evening we are collecting Lindy and the four of us are off to see the C’mas Lights at Kxw Gxrdxns (hoping that they haven’t all been blown away by today’s high winds!). Morning BHB, yes a very blustery day as W the P would say. Let’s grab the paninis and the Gxldxn Retrxxver and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM appears!
Ali wrote:
Thursday, November 29, 2018, 08:17
Morning. Quick catch up then need to pop out to collect couple of bits before work. Feel a little more organised now. Only couple of pressies left to get. Struggling for my secret santa at work. May go to xmas market this weekend and see if something jumps out. After that it is a manic couple of weeks workwise. I love it but can see boss getting stressed already. She is u er organised but others keep moving goal posts!
Hope dentist can sort you out Eva, tooth pain is the worst
Love to Ian (and you) Fi, thank god for your gp’s quick actions.
Sue, relieved the vet managed to remove the tumour. Not such good news about the cost but she’s worth it
Better dash, back as soon as I can
evam wrote:
Thursday, November 29, 2018, 11:47
Morning all. It’s a sunny day again, but I need to turn the heating on in the evening. This morning it was only+7 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. You’re still here? You’ve got my herbal tea waiting for me? Lovely man!💋

The dentist gave me a prescription for anti-bis yesterday together with some quite strong painkillers, so I do feel better, but there is still a twinge whenever the meds wear off. They are making me very tired as well. This morning I wanted to go for a walk. I was exhausted after walking a 100 yards! Luckily there are benches all along the avenida down to the beach, and I used almost all of them! ( I’m sure you’d find a bench for your needs too, Jo.). I took my painkillers at 6am this morning, so that I could be sure that most of it was out of my body by 10am when I had to leave for my appointment with the physio. She gave me a lovely neck and back massage. I cancelled my hot pool appointment. I just didn’t have the energy.

AG is having a dinner party Saturday night, and I’ve been invited. Looking forward to that, as I know some of the people being there. If I feel up to it, I’ll drive up there tomorrow morning for our Friday chat.

Fi,- that blood clot of Ploppys sounds frightening. Fingers crossed the medication will sort it. I am thinking of you both.❤️ So UB scollop is moving to L*ndon, are they? That will be interesting, to put it politely.

Sue,- good to see you and good that your spaniel is OK, at least for a while. Not quite so good about the vet’s bill.

Ali,- busy as always, I see. I’m sure your boss appriciates all your support.

Carol,- more shopping? You don’t have to fill all the empty space in your wardrobe within the first week, you know.😜
maeve 12 wrote:
Thursday, November 29, 2018, 12:11
Poor you, Eva, toothache is the worst, I hope dentist has managed to sort it out by now.

Fi, that sounds terrifying, I didn't know that blood clots could reach such an enormous size,
thank goodness your GP was on the ball so quickly. Hope you can now have a quiet weekend,
I should think that would, be good for you both.

Sue, what bad luck to have recently cancelled the insurance just before a big bill
sod's law indeed, but at least your spaniel should have some more years with you.

I've still hardly started the Chr. shopping, there's nearly 4 weeks to go, I'm hoping
to get going next week which is fairly quiet, unlike the following week when I 'm busy every day
including a trip to Nottgm for no. 2 g.scollop's graduation.
It always gets done in time somehow!

Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, November 29, 2018, 18:57
Just back from visit to GP. V sobering. Seemingly there is good reason clots don't reach this huge size Maeve - they kill, or seriously injure, people first! GP says none of them ( in surgery or at hospital) had ever seen such huge clot! We are very very lucky. They said ploppy's body shape ( ie thin) and fact he has active lifestyle saved him. She said she only went on hunch it cld be clot as apart from swelling of leg he didn't show other usual symptoms ( red skin and shortness of breath). She said she was so glad she followed her hunch - we certainly are too. The whole surgery have been wonderful - and really saved ploppy's life. We may have complications in flying over 4 hrs but won't know until end of his treatment in 3 months. However a small price to pay for Ploppy being healthy - and alive! We have cancelled trip to N.rfolk, just need to rest and recover ( emotionally and physically) as much as possible.
Carol - g/f wants to live in L.ndon! Tho will also cut Scollops commute.
Eva - hope toothache pain wears off soon. The dinner party will be lovely to look forward to.
Sue - Sod's law re insurance, how frustrating. But I am sure you feel she is worth it.
Did I say next door had new puppy? I remembered him at 6.30am!!! As he howled outside their kitchen - and under our bedroom window. Grr.
Have tics booked to see ( from SCD) in his show in our city next spring. My Pilat.s friends arranged it yesterday to cheer me up as I missed p.lates yesterday and my village friend told them why. Looking forward to it already.
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 29, 2018, 21:04
Fi, so glad that it was caught in time. You will have to do exactly what they say to make the recovery as quick as possible.

Sue glad you have her back, very distressing for you and R.
TK wrote:
Thursday, November 29, 2018, 21:15
Eva, I hope the antiBs work. Toothache worst pain, along with ear ache.

Bella has only had a little walk this evening, up to her friends, who were out. Maybe my fault, as I might have remembered the wrong day. She has had a walk in the garden.

Carol, glad you are getting the shopping in, making up for my lack of activity.

Having a bit of activity tonight to get Bella out into the garden.

Another early night I think. Bella is still on summer time.
Jane E wrote:
Friday, November 30, 2018, 07:46
Hello all!

This is the first opportunity I've had to pop on the blog in ages due to not getting lunch breaks or having other stuff to do in lunch breaks. I just wanted to say how lovely it was to see Carol and Pauline, Sue and Ray, and Diana on Sunday - along of course with my roomy Jo, Ro, Olwen, and Julie Who Blooming Well Is a Fan (who I spent most of the weekend with). Not forgetting Tiffy, Sal and all the other fans - it was a lovely fest.

And the GO? Oh he was superb. How he managed after such an early start I don't know.

I will try to write a report, if I get time. I'm horribly aware I missed reporting on the November concerts... I'll see if I have any time over weekend.

Love, hugs and ohms to all as appropriate. I'd better start work!
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, November 30, 2018, 08:29
Morning and clear skies (albeit a little pale) and the high winds and rain from yesterday seem to have blown over and moved elsewhere.

Ali, you are doing very well with your pressie buying! Ah Secret S pressies always seem to be more of a problem than buying normal presents – I remember struggling when we did it in the office. C’mas market seem a good idea for inspiration. There has been a small C’mas market in Uxb’dge for the last couple of weeks – but I think they move off after tomorrow. Hope your boss doesn’t get too stressed by the run up to C’mas Any update on the pxlxce application process?

Thank goodness you managed to get a prescription from the dentist Eva and some painkillers. Think it must have been a very nasty infection that found its way into your mouth. I suspect your body is catching up with the pain fighting and lack of sleep, which is why you are tired. Glad that you managed to have your appointment with the physio – I am sure the massage did you good. Shame about the heated pool though. Do hope you will feel up to the dinner party tomorrow. I see you are hoping to have the Friday chat today, so fingers crossed. Eva, I feel empty space is not what I am used to, so I need to refill – maybe not quite as full........but!!

Ah I think you still have plenty of time Maeve – I start early as I get so busy in the run up to C’mas with singing and rehearsals; plus of course I have all the family birthdays to deal with! If I don’t start early I would never get it done – but you are right no matter what everything does get there in the end. I just remind myself I used to do this and wxrk!! Oh that will be a lovely trip to N’ham for the graduation – you must be really looking forward to that.

Fi, all I can say is thank heavens your GP was on the ball and indeed you were very very lucky – not only that she diagnosed correctly, but also that everything happened swiftly afterwards. Agree a restriction on where you can fly to is a small price to pay for having Ploppy well and with you. No wonder he hasn’t been feel so good recently. Think, although a shame, that cancelling N’folk and jsut resting and regrouping is what you both need. Do you know why g/f wants to move to L’don? I mean I love the place as you know and worked there for years but wouldn’t want to live there – twelve miles outside (as we are) is fine by me! Oh that was a lovely thing for your friend to arrange – something really nice to look forward to in the Spring. Does the new puppy belong to the awful new neighbour or the unthinking one? Hopefully once settled in the barking might cease!!

So poor Bella went off in the hope of socialising and found no one in. Looks like she didn’t even have a trip to the pub/bar to make up for it! I see she is still on summer time (hasn’t she noticed it gets dark earlier now?). I am doing my best with the shopping is all I can say!

You mentioned you were very busy at work when we saw you Lady J, so hope it starts to ease up. No lunch break is not good for you! It was indeed lovely to see so many people last weekend. I thought Julie did very well to try and look pleased and happy when she had her piccie taken with the GO!

Pleased to say the sun has come out whilst I was typing. Managed a good shop yesterday morning - bought a couple of things for people I was struggling with and also seemed to acquire a jumping tunic. We had lunch out and then came home for the afternoon. The trip to Kxw was lovely although this year it seemed very crowded and there were queues (at Kxw) to see some of the light set pieces. We were very lucky as it started to rain as we were almost at the gate when we were leaving, and by the time we were driving away the rain got really heavy. We actually arrived about half an hour before our ticket time, but they allowed us round, and had we been at the correct time we would still have been walking round when the rain came. Today Twin is off home via the hospital for a blood test – she left her tablet behind so hasn’t been able to post. MM and I are off to do our weekend food shop, then we have a meeting at church this afternoon and a rehearsal with the church choir this evening. Will enjoy getting home from that and putting our feet up I think. Morning BHB yes it is nice and brigt this morning. Let’s grab the churrxs and the Vanillita and have a lovely snuffle in the warm conservatory. Don’t think the DCM will join us for some while.
evam wrote:
Friday, November 30, 2018, 10:31
Morning all. It’s a bit cloudy out , but nice all the same.

Hello sweetheart. You think it’s still coffee time? You could be right, if it’ll go together with the snuggle session. It will? Lead me to it.💋

I’ve been out and about already. I can’t remember if I told you that when I arrived, my big suitcase was badly damaged. There was a big tear in one corner. I didn’t notice it while I was still at the airport. It was Solveig who pointed it out to me when she helped me with the luggage up to the flat. There was no way I was going back to the airport that afternoon, so I had to take the loss on myself. I’ve been looking around for a replacement, and saw one in a shop in the village to a good price. This morning I walked up to the shop and bought the suitcase,- blue, of course!😀. I walked back to the flat with the suitcase, so I had a nice walk at the same time as I was doing something useful.
I had also promised AG that I’d fill a box with small presents for a little girl. It will go to a charity that looks after the homeless. Yes, unfortunately there are small children living on the streets with a parent. I went to a shop that has everything from clothes to kitchen utilities. I found a box decorated with sunflowers and filled it with colouring pensils, colouring book, a small,lovely box for «jewelery», some sheets with small pictures of elves that can be stuck on blank paper, a couple of hair slides and a glittery bracelet. I hope it will make a little girl happy for a little while.
Tonight I’m going to the opening of the Christmas Street in the village where I used to live. It is being organised by my old Spanish teatcher ( who is Norwegian married to a Spaniard). AG rang the other day and told me that Siri had phoned her the other day and told her to order me to attend! Bossy boots, but lovely with it.😜

Fi,- bless your GP for following her hunch. I shiver when I think about what could have happened. Please, please take it easy.❤️❤️

Maeve,- not started with Christmas prep yet? Well, I never.

Jane,- so you had a lovely weekend with the usual suspects and himself? Now there is a surprise,- NOT !

Jo,- I think I’m on summer time too. Still waking up way to early.

Carol,- I do feel a bit better, but still in pain, so I made an appointment with the dentist - again- this afternoon. I bet he’s fed up with seeing my face . Glad you had a good evening at K*w. I’m sure it was beautiful.

Jane E wrote:
Friday, November 30, 2018, 12:04
I'm having a lunch break!!!!!

I have caught up on the blog largely thanks to Carol's lovely long post. (Sounds like you had a lovely time a K*w Carol!)

EEK - Fi! What a good job the doc was on the ball! very, very wise to cancel your holiday and rest up. Many hugs!

I gather Maeve is concerned about organising Xmas. Don't worry check. There's time left. It'll come together.

I agree with Carol Ali, secret Santas can be tricky.

Pauline - hope the blood test goes OK. And I really hope that your tablet plays nice and stays with Carol - and doesn't run off and hide - like mine!

How annoying about your case Eva! AND the mouth infection. I love the idea of the pressy for a homeless girl. Very sweet idea.

Times up! Bye for now!
Diana wrote:
Friday, November 30, 2018, 16:15
Afternoon everyone.

Fi, that is so scary and very sobering, thank heavens for your GP. Hope you can both relax and recuperate over the weekend – and not be woken by puppy. Sending hugs.

Eva, hope the dentist visit was successful and the pain much less. Have a good time this evening.

My redundancy has been confirmed in writing including the amount (hurray). Most/all of the redundancy pay will be used to boost my pension which isn’t that great. My line manager has intimated I can leave around Xmas so hopefully just working one of my three months’ notice period and that we can keep to our plans for Jan/Feb. I’ve told her we want to go to SA late December (but not that the flights are already booked!!) but that I’m happy to log in early January to complete one job that can’t be done until then. We have a meeting on Monday to discuss what I need to do before leaving and the jobs that will need to be picked up by others afterwards, and I’m hoping that my last day will also be confirmed then.

Ploppy’s shoulder operation has been provisionally booked for early March. Fingers crossed work agree to extending my private medical membership to cover this, otherwise we’ll see if it can be transferred to us privately.

I may have said that we took the insurance company to court re the kitchen claim. They failed to respond by the deadline (which doesn’t surprise us) so the court have found in our favour. So now we wait to see if the insurance company pay up or whether we have to refer it to the bailiffs.

Think I’ve finished my Xmas shopping - phew. I ordered several pressies online during the week and yesterday lunchtime when I was in M&S Oxford Circus to collect one, I picked up a few more, including a lovely soft jumper for mum. My nieces are getting money and a couple of small things (M&S had the cutest little animals filled with lip balm that I couldn’t resist) so they were easy.

I haven't been sleeping well since the holiday, mix of jet lag and w*rk, so have watched TV in bed until around 1.00 am most mornings. Saw part of a repeated Micha*l McInt*re prog with Kylie and Bradl*y W*lsh, it was so funny I was crying with laughter - not exactly helpful to sleep.

After I finished w*rk this morning, I had a walk to the shops 20 mins away. Had a couple of banking things to sort out and then did a small food shop in M&S. Once the I word and housew*rk are done tomorrow I want to wrap most of the presents. Then Sunday finish the Xmas cards.
Ali wrote:
Friday, November 30, 2018, 20:31
Evening. Having a strong coffee go keep me awake a bit longer in order to try ang get my sleep back on track. So tired last night I fell asleep early then woke around 1.30am made mistake of checking emails, reading news onlind etc so stayed awake till 4 then was woken at 6.30 by Jack getting up for college. Been a busy day at work (boss is ok at the moment but worrying about ‘finishing me off’ as she puts it if I work too hard over next few weeks, very sweet of her but I’ll be fine. Nice to have caring employer!) Jack has been offered fulltime job when he finishes college next year. So pleased for him, current employers who he is doing work experience with are really happy with him and want him to stay. In answer to your question Carol, Josh is awaiting date for next stage of police recruitment. He and g/f currently away in peak dist. on hol.
Diana, good news re: redundancy. Hope ploppy’s op can go ahead on ins.
Eva, glad anti bi’s are making you more comfortable. Enjoy your socialising
Did manage to get secret santa yesterday, I’d be happy to receive it anyway 🎁
Coffee cooling so better drink it quickly bye for now
TK wrote:
Friday, November 30, 2018, 20:34
Diana, good news they do not want you to work the 3months. Hope all can be sorted as you would like it to be.

Fi I have a barking 'puppy' which is driving me mad. Unfortunately I cannot do anything about it, as it is Bella. She is really practising her human control techniques. I can't do what I should do, which is ignore her until she shuts up. I shall have to go and cuddle her, that works
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 1, 2018, 07:57
Morning – bit dark and gloomy here at the moment so can’t see what the weather is doing. Don’t think it is raining, although the forecast is for very heavy rain throughout the day.

Oh I see you have a new suitcase Eva – that’s not good about the damage to your original one. Fancy you buying a blue suitcase – almost as strange as me buying pink! Ah that sounds similar to the shoe boxes we do every year at church – we cover a shoe box with C’mas paper, and then ill it with very similar items, pop in £5 towards distribution costs and then it is taken to another church where the organisation that arranges everything (Opxrxtion Ch’mas Chxld) collects them and sends them all over the world for disadvantaged children. You can chose either a boy or a girl to make up the shoe box for, and have three age ranges to select. These always have to be done by early November, so did our’s a few weeks back. If you want to you can “pack” the shoebox on line for £20 and those boxes are sent to a different country this year (think this year the online ones are for Mxldxva), but you lose the fun of choosing and packing then! I do one and so does MM, although I pack his for him! Hope you enjoyed the visit to where you used to live – a C’mas Street sounds lovely. Pleased to hear you are feeling better but hopefully by the time you were back from your (fourth?) visit the dentist had managed to make sure all was well with your teeth!

We did indeed have a lovely time at Kxw, although MM was in some pain by the end of it, which slightly took the edge off. It really is a magical way to start C’mas – we have been really lucky as since we started going a few years back we have never had rain whilst going round – it’s been chilly, but dry! Twin’s tablet is safe Lady J – it was left at her house, and she was without it for the couple of days she was here – she has now been reunited safely! May be your’s will make an appearance at C’mas, to join in the festivities?

Oh that’s excellent news about your r’ancy package Diana, and even better that it sounds as if they are not wanting you to work out the three months. Probably a good idea not to have told them you had already booked your flights. Fingers crossed the meeting on Monday all goes to plan! Hopefully the medical cover will be able to assist with Ploppy’s shoulder (I know when I left work I was given the option of maintaining my private health cover, but paying for it.), and excellent that he has a date for the operation now. Well fancy the insurance company not responding – I would like to say I am really surprised! Of course the court found in your favour – think that was a no brainer! Well done on finishing the C’mas shopping – I am almost there!

Eeek – that’s not good Ali to wake at 1.30 am and then staying awake until 4 am before being woken at 6.30!! Then going and working!! Hopefully you will manage to slow down a little??? Also hope you managed to get a proper night’s rest last night. Lovely that your boss is worried for you. Brilliant news for Jack that he will have a job when he leaves college – I am assuming he is thrilled and likes it there? Wonderful commendation that they want to take him on having already worked with him. Ah so Josh will probably have the next stage after C’mas then by the look of it. Good that he is currently having a break! Well done on the S Santa purchase!

Ah so Bella still singing to you then Jo (loving the “puppy” description). You are completely under her paw........and she knows it. She probably keeps a secret log of what is effective.....”barking” – will bring cuddles; refusing to walk will mean trip in car; turning left will take me to the pub/bar....etc.! Are you off to the stables to do – if so stay dry!

We did the food shop for the weekend yesterday morning after we waved Twin off and I also managed to get some more C’mas shopping done, so almost within touching sight of the end of the present buying! I had bought a couple of jumping tops when I collected MM’s trousers from MandS on Monday, and didn’t like one of them so took it back (I was showing it to Twin yesterday and noticed that the security tag was still on it! Fortunately I had the receipt safely. As MandS was the last shop I visited I had the fun of setting off alarms in other shops and having to explain to them (they all thought it was quite funny!). Assistant in MandS was quite mortified (on my behalf) when I explained about the tag – oddly I don’t think it set the alarm off on Monday when I left the store, but it did when I went in yesterday. Anyway top exchanged for a very nice pair of warmer grey trousers. Came home, had a sarnie and then off to church for our meeting, which was over three hours long, but very worthwhile. Then it was a quick dash home through the rush hour traffic, something to eat and back out again just over an hour later, to get to choir practice. Felt quite exhausted at the end of the day and went to bed at 10.30! Today I will be wrapping some presents this morning, birthday ones that need to go into the post, and putting together short part of the service I am leading tomorrow morning. This afternoon is the first of the C’mas singing – afternoon concert for a C’mas Tea, then home, feet up and SCD and C’lty!! Morning BHB, yes it does look very dull out. Let’s grab the toasted crumpets and the Plxymxte and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 1, 2018, 09:57
Light drizzle this morning, so waterproofs on. Had a quick chat with the football trainer for the youth team, after he'd spoken to Bella of course. He is in the process of adopting a puppy from Romania. His girlfriend is Romanian so it is appropriate. The puppy was one of 3 found, the other 2 had been run over by a car and were dead. It is 12 weeks old, as with most of them from that country it is a mix. He said in the photo it looks an Alsation/Rottweiler cross with huge paws. They both work, but his girlfriend can come home at lunchtime for 30mins, so he hopes that will pass the home check. Nice lad, he said he and the team were waiting for a telling off this morning by the chairman, as his team had been swearing at the ref in a couple of games. Tsk Tsk.

Glad the K*w trip was good, I had wondered if MM would give it a miss this year. It would have been miserable if you went this weekend. My new colleague, amateur astronomer, says it is going to be raining and cloudy most of the weekend. He has a very detailed sky cloud forecast on his favourites so always tells me what the weather is going to be at the weekend. He has some lovely photos of the sky as screen savers.

Better get to the stables.
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 1, 2018, 10:40
Morning all. Cloudy this morning, but it’s clearing up. Temps +14 at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. Something smells nice? Toasted crumpets? Yes please. I have been up for quite a few hours, so that will go down well with the coffee and the snuggles.💋💋

I’ve had the first night in a week that I haven’t been woken up by toothache!😀 I saw the dentist again yesterday, and he had a look. He said the area was still red and tender. When I told him that due to my biologic medication for my rhumatoid arthritis, my immune system was almost non- exsistent. On a scale from 1-10 mine is ca. -2 ! He then gave me an instant painkiller, a fluid on a tiny needle that was stuck in the area, and he upped the strenght of the anti-bis. The pain is fading.👏👏👏
The Christmas Street ceremony was lovely. Lots of people there, and excited children. It was nice seeing Siri there, but when she asked if I had kept up my Spanish, I had to admit that I’d forgotten a lot. It was Siri who sent me to the university in A*icante to do the intermidiate (?) course in Spanish.
This morning I took the wheelie with me when I walked to the shop. I needed more water, and normally I’d only buy it when I take the car. I thought a walk would do me good this morning, so I solved the two missions this way. Simples.😜 I also bought some more bits for the little girl’s box, and now it looks nicely filled. I started to take off the price tags, but it took me 10 minutes. I think the blasted things were fastened with super glue!
I’m going up early tonight to help AG to get everything ready for the dinner party. Helge will be at the golf course with some of the guests, so I’ll do the practical bits, like setting the table.
I told Solveig that I was interested in renting the flat next year, but when she contacted the owners, they said they wanted to use it themselves next November! How very dare they? Solveig however came up trumps, and sent me links to 5 other flats that were free in the wanted periode, and on Tuesday she’ll take me round to have a look at them.😀

Diana,- so pleased to read that the redundancy process seems to go your way. Good luck. So the insurance company never paid you? I’m not surprised since their treatment of you during the process was very shoddy. Neither am I surprised you won your case in court.👏

Jane,- you certainly are busy. No news about you tablet?

Jo,- that Bella keeps me laughing. She certainly knows how to get around you.😂

Carol,- I agree that the box business of yours seems to be along the same lines as the one I’m doing here. I won’t be watchin Strictly tonight for obvious reasons, but I hope I can watch it on the iplayer on my ipad befor the d/o tomorrow night.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 1, 2018, 10:45
Morning all and a wet and miserable, though at least it is not freezing cold. So sorry to have been missing for a few days but like a numpty I left my tablet at home. I missed it! I came home yesterday, but had to go for a blood test on the way home. It is a walk in clinic and was packed so I had to wait for ages to get seen. Then last night I was out with my friends here as a late celebration of one of their birthdays. It was back in October so just a bit late! Better late than never we said. Lovey meal so worth waiting for we thought. Today I have my washing to do, I am still having problems with my hands so this might not be as long a post as I would like.

Fi I am horrified at the thought of the size of the clot Ian has, thank goodness for your wonderful GP who is very on the ball. Fingers and toes crossed all will be well. Very sensible to take the few days now free to rest, did you hear me? REST!

Ali that is great news about Jack. How lovely that they like him so much they want him to stay. Proud Mummy moment I think! Hope Josh enjoys his hol though I feel the weather could be better for hiking round the Peak Dist!

Sue I have seen the pictures of your lovely doggie. Poor lady has had a time of it and an expensive one at that. However I am sure she is worth it and hopefully you will get more years with her. Typical you had cancelled the ins though!

So still no sign of the tablet Jane. I sympathise as I missed mine terribly and that was just two days!

Eva glad to hear things have improved slightly on the tooth front. Ari's Mum tells me she had a similar problem when she had a tooth out and Ari's vet (!) told her that it nearly always happens with tooth extractions, it makes the infection flare up and sometimes run right through the body! You pland sound lovely so hope they all happened!

Jo I think Bella could give a masterclass on Human Control!

Great news about the redundancy Diana and also the court case win. I should think so too!

Finger hurting so apologies for not being more comprehensive! Oh and good luck to the GO on his opening panto day!

Morning BHB, ooh nice hug! You missed me? Aww, thank you and now you need to hurry as you have an important appointment later? Ok lets get more Plxymate and find the CM.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, December 2, 2018, 07:31
Morning and still dark here so not sure what the weather is doing. Didn’t actually get the heavy rain yesterday, it was damp and drizzling but unless it poured whilst we were indoors yesterday afternoon, I think it missed us.

Good idea to put the waterproofs on though Jo. Of course the football trainer had to speak to Bella first before engaging in conversation with you. I was a little confused as to whether the new puppy was still in R’mia, or over here as a rescue puppy? If still in R’mania I am presuming there are all sorts of quarantine and legal hoops they will have to go too. Tsk! Tsk! Indeed about the youth team swearing .....hope they don’t pass that on to the new puppy when it arrives! We did ask MM if he wanted to miss the outing but he said he thought he would be fine – he probably might have been if we could have got round in the normal one and half hours, but this year, with the crowds etc. it was an extra hour on top of that. We do seem to have been really lucky each time we have visited (think it is four years we have been now) as it has remained dry for us. Handy having your own weather forecaster at work!

Excellent that you managed a night without the teeth waking you Eva – hopefully you managed the same last night too – not sure I like the sound of the instant painkiller being injected into a painful part of your gum though! I am sure your Spxnxsh comes back after a few weeks in the country – you little linguist you! The Christmas Street event sounds lovely. I know exactly what you mean about the glue they stick price labels onto goods with – I have been having fun removing price stickers from some of the Chrissie pressies – it can be a nighmare! Hope you had a lovely dinner party and that you manage to catch up with SCD later. Going to be a tricky one for the D/O tonight and a test of everyone’s popularity with the public vote. What a shame you can’t have your current flat next year, but a nice excuse to go and visit the other flats so you can pick one you really like.

Managed to get some wrapping done yesterday morning, and MM kindly drove the E’burgh box and the one to Mrs Chris (plus various birthday cards) to the PO for me. The afternoon concert went well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. That’s the first of the C’mas singing! Six days until the next one, then four in one week! We were home about 5.30pm and arrived to a phone message to say the lady who used to live next door to my mother had sadly passed away. I rang back her daughter who had left the message and it appears she went unexpectedly, but peacefully in her sleep. We had seen her out shopping and had a chat about three weeks ago, and she looked fine then. Lovely way for her to go though. After that it was feet up for SCD – thought everyone upped their game last night, although as normal on a theme week there were too many extra dancers! This morning off to church where I am leading the 10 am service, then home and the laundry, and some wrapping if there is time. Will be watching the dance off of course but then may use the rest of the evening for some card writing so we can get that under way!! Morning BHB, yes it does look like rain out, so let’s grab the toasted waffles and the Mxncini and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 2, 2018, 10:25
Morning all, it is slightly better weather this morning though clouds are looming and I feel more rain is imminent! Had a quiet day yesterday as I am nursing my hands which seem to be a little better, but I have thought that a few times then it all flares up again. I am thinking this could be something I may never get rid of properly. Just have to hope that if it gets diagnosed they can help me manage it! I have a nice pile of ixxnxxg to do this morning so that should help, not! After that if I can I want to write my C-cards, if I get that done I will be a happy bunny! Watched SCD of course. Not too sure about the Jxseph mix, I have seen that done so well it seemed rather odd to watch it being danced in a different way! (I see there is an eleven week run of the Jxseph show at the Pxllxdium next year. I feel I won't be as keen to see it as there is one leading man stuck in my mind!) All the remaining contestants are now good and really it is anyone's guess who will end p in the D/off though I am pretty sure Ashlxy will be one. The poor girl has been given so much stick for having had dance training you would think she is a mass murderer! Dxbbie McG didn't get this sort of thing last year and she was a pro ballerina for quite a while. Also it means Faye has got away with it as well. It all seems unfair to me, but is what it is I suppose!

Eva I hope you had a lovely pain free dinner out last night. At least the dentist seems to be really getting to grips with the tooth thing for you now. So not what you needed on your lovely holiday. Good luck with the flat hunt. Hope you find an even nicer one for next year! How's your father doing?

Morning BHB, not the nicest day again I know. So let's grab another jug of Mxncxni and we can find the CM.
evam wrote:
Sunday, December 2, 2018, 10:42
Morning all. The sun is shining from a blue, blue sky, and all is right with the world.

Hello sweetheart. I look pleased? Well, I am, as my toothache is now just a twinge now and again!😀. Am I ready for my coffee and the snuggles? You bet I am. 💋💋

Last night’s dinner party was really enjoyable. I arrived early to help AG. Decorating tables is not my strongest side, but with AG telling me what to do, the table looked lovely when I’d finished. 👌. The food was soooo good,- she is a great cook. We started with tapas. The maincourse was filet of pork in a boooooootiful sauce, served with mash and veg. Dessert was apple cake with ice cream. I ate too much! 😏. Not only the food, but the company was great as well. There were 10 of us round the table, and I didn’t get home until close to midnight. By then it was far too late to watch Strictly on the ipad, so I’ve just done it now. It’s anybody’s guess who’ll be in the d/o tonight. I loved Charles’ dance, but my absolute favourite one was Stacy and Kevin’s AS. I had tears in my eyes when they finished. Jo wasn’t my favourite Joseph ever! Not surprised, are you? His hips wasn’t great, so sexy he ain’t! Just as well he wasn’t wearing a loincloth! Again I think he was too highly rated by the judges. Maybe it was just having to watch Jason D before the dance that made me grumpy? ☹️

I’ve been for my first of today’s walks already. I walked quickly through the market, but there was nothing to tempt me. I’ll be doing another walk this afternoon.

It’s Emilian’s 4th birthday today, and I’ve already had a snap of him holding up my present and blowing kisses to me. ❤️❤️❤️

Ali,- sorry I forgot to say well done to Jack yesterday for doing such a great job that his employer wants him back when he’s finished college.

Carol,- your busy December has just started, I see. Just as well MM doesn’t sing with his hip or knee. 😂

evam wrote:
Sunday, December 2, 2018, 10:49
Pauline,- I think we posted more or less at the same time. I certainly hope your skin condition can be sorted out. It sounds really painful.
I haven’t spoken to father today, but will call him later. When I spoke to him on Friday he was full of praise for the staff at the home and for the treatments he’s being given, so I’m sure he’s OK.
maeve 12othing wo(...) wrote:
Sunday, December 2, 2018, 12:43
Hope hands get better soon Pauline and your mouth Eva, toothache is so painful, glad it's on the mend.

Carol's talk of birthdays has reminded me, I don't seem to have had the monthly SL list of birthdays from Jenny the past few months,
has she stopped sending it or have I dropped off the group somehow?
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 2, 2018, 15:22
Good point Maeve, Jenny has not emailed for while. I was leaving her a month, then forgot to email.
evam wrote:
Sunday, December 2, 2018, 20:04
Well, well,- the two wrong pairs were in the d/o tonight, so necessarily I disagree with the result. Not the judges fault. They weren’t given much choice. I think I’ll sulk for a bit.😡
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 2, 2018, 22:34
Bella has been REALLY annoying tonight. I ended up shouting at her. I was trying to complete the special cards for her friends. Since Vprint have changed their software it is a bit more difficult to get the size right for me. All sorted now, not perfect but I daren't leave it until tomorrow as the barking will start all over again.

Eva I hope your father is still OK in the home. I hope they can get them both in the same home very soon.

Nightlee night
Sue-1 wrote:
Sunday, December 2, 2018, 22:52
Eva, glad to see you're feeling a bit better.
I worry a bit about the meds I take for my arthritis, but it's either that or the pain and disability, both of which are still debilitating, not as much as yours though.
How sad that there are children living on the streets. Your present box sounds lovely.

Good grief Fi, how lucky the doc acted on a hunch and how frightening for you both. All the best for a speedy recovery.

Congrats on the lunch break Jane!

Diana, the redundancy sounds promising, a bit of a relief no doubt, and especially the notice required.
I bet you'll miss it dreadfully (not)
No idea about the kitchen claim but good the court found in your favour

Ali, I hate it when I can't sleep, fortunately it doesn't happen very often.

Jo, I see poor Bella only wants a cuddle.
Hope the Romanian puppy works out for that chap and his girlfriend, although not too sure about leaving a pup all day with just a 30min home call. A much better life than in Romania though I'm sure.

Pauline your hand thingy sounds horrid.

Old spaniel is doing well, had her bucket off all day today while we were with her, just put it back on for bed.

Had a pretty fraught day yesterday, went straight to the eye clinic for my eight week injection straight from one of my old ladies without breakfast, bad move, the place was heaving and we didn't get out till gone 3 o'clock by which time I was fading fast!
Cheered up by evening though, had a take away chinese at a friends.

It's past my bed time so off now for some zzzzzzz
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 3, 2018, 07:20
Morning and very dark out so can’t tell what it is doing. Yesterday was not as bad as forecast and we did get some sunshine, interspersed with drizzle and rain – not sure what it did later in the evening as I had the curtains pulled! Think we are due a dry day with some sunny intervals today.

Oh brilliant that your toothache has gone Eva – especially as it enabled you to enjoy the dinner party. Meal sounds lovely (well apart from the pxrk, which I can’t eat). I see you were a Cindxrxlla and just made it home before midnight struck! Ah we are at that time where anyone can be unlucky in the D/O – I enjoyed all the dances...........except for Joe – thought that was dire! So nothing jumped out at you when you went to the market – maybe all the jumping merchandise is having a short rest before the final weeks leading to C’mas? Goodness can’t believe Emilian is 4 already! How lovely to have a photo of him with your present and blowing you kisses. Good to hear that your Father is liking the Home and being looked after – fingers crossed it continues! Fingers further crossed SS can sort something out and he can be at the same home as your Mother!!

Ah Bella feeling ignored then Jo? Is that the first time you have shouted at her? She may still be in shock. Either that or she was very cross she didn’t have a visit to the bar/pub!! I thought yesterday it seemed much longer than a week ago since we had been in S’end – sign that C’mas is looming I fear!

I understand where you are coming from Sue – always a dilemma about meds or pain. MM taking strong pxrxcetxmol as that is the only way he can cope, but I worry about what it is doing to him. Diana’s kitchen claim was due to a fire in the kitchen which was due to a builder who was doing some refitting. It has resulted in the necessity for a new kitchen and Diana had a tough time with no means of cooking and at one point no water downstairs. Have to say I agree with your concern about the 30 mins visit to the puppy. Glad to hear your lovely spaniel seems to be doing well. That does sound a fraught day – I would imagine you were fading fast if you had had nothing to eat and it had got to 3 o clock – I bet you really enjoyed the Chxnese in the evening!

Pleased to say service went well yesterday. Then came home and did the laundry. Spent the afternoon doing the i word – about half way through, whilst MM went and put up the outside lights (they aren’t switched on yet, but they are ready and in place!). I did get as far as running off the labels for the C cards, but that is as far as we got. Watched Dance Off in the evening – loved the Quxxn song and thought K & N were amazing dancing to it – highlight of the programme. We also watched Mrs Wxlsxn on catch up – thought it was excellent and it held MM’s attention too, which was good. Today is SLAPPAS, then I have the rest of the i word to do, music to sort for the four upcoming concerts and the rest of the i word to finish. This evening is off to rehearsal – will be our last one before the Nxw Year as next Monday we are singing for a local WI, and as we are signing four times that week I gave everyone the following Monday off. Morning BHB, yes it is gloomy, so let’s grab the pastile de nata and the LAvendula and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 3, 2018, 10:20
Morning all, it was nice and sunny a few minutes ago but now it is drizzling. It is just like that at the moment, changeable! However it is quite mild for the time of year so can't complain. I managed to do most of my card writing yesterday which is lovely. I always feel better when that bit Is done, not cos I mind doing it, but it is time consuming and I like getting it done. Also did my ixxnxxg, but still have another load to do later! I need to go and get some food this morning and hopefully a few more bits I need.

Glad you had a lovely dinner Eva and felt able to enjoy it. I agree the d/off is silly but at this stage that is the way it is. It doesn't help Ashley when there are people like the journalist I have just seen on tv saying well it is not surprising as she is a professional dancer. I think we all know that and they should just leave it be, but they won't. I never thought she would win, but she is nice to watch and would rather look at her than an Anne W type! I think Lxxren is very popular with the public. I like her a lot, but feel if she wins she will be one of the weakest dancers ever to win. Still in a few months I will be struggling to remember who was in it!

You shouted at Bella Jo? Good grief, she must still be in shock! I have been wondering about Jenny's calendars but I assume she is being a very busy granny! So don't worry Maeve, it isn't just you!

So glad your lovely doggie is doing well Sue. I just love the picture of her on the chair she shouldn't be on. The defiant but slightly guilty look on her face is exactly how our spaniel used to look when committing similar crimes! I understand how you feel about meds as I hate relying on them as well, but sometimes needs must.

Thanks to all for the concern for my hands. they feel a little better today, but as every time I think they are improving it all flares up again I am not going to hold my breath. I still have a couple of painful fingers and so it is not gone!

Morning BHB and how are you? Shattered as you have been very busy? Oh dear, then let us get more Lavendula and we can find the CM and sit on the sofa and you can rest.

Jane E wrote:
Monday, December 3, 2018, 12:36
Woo hoo! Diana! Great news about your redundancy! Many oohmms for Ploppy's op.

Ali- great news for Jack too.

Alas Eva, the tablet has not reappeared. I am very frustrated. He he! I said exactly the same to Geri about Joe - glad he wasn't wearing the loincloth. Sweet lad but no GO. I'm also sulking about Chucky leaving. I thought he was fab on Saturday.

Carol - I agree about We are the Champ**ns. I really enjoyed it.

Pauline - I agree. I don't mind seeing the touring version of Joseph sans Lee but definitely not the WE version. I wish we could get more info about it though. Sorry to hear about your poorly hands. OOHHMMS.

Oh crickey Sue! That was a long time without dinner! Thank you for posting pics of the invalid on twitter. She looks like such a sweetie...

But then so does Bella and she's evidently being a bit of a Diva! Hope you got the cards done Jo!

Maeve - I was starting to wonder about Jenny too. Hope she is OK.

I'm lucky not to have the dilemma about pain killers as yet. So many friends do though. very difficult to decide what to do.

Will people throw things at me if I mention that I posted my Christmas cards yesterday?

I've also been making one for a very important GO.

So alas not had any chance to work on my Southend report. Sorry!

TK wrote:
Monday, December 3, 2018, 21:18
The puppy was still in Romania, waiting for a flight. As you say, not the best to have only 30mins of contact during the day, but far better than out on the street in Romania esp in the winter, gets really cold. Although a big black dog may be going on the streets very soon, barking. She is fine when I'm up and working, not sitting at laptop. I've just placed an order with Fetch, with no Ocado order. They will deliver foc tomorrow evening.

The panto in AberFdean sounds like it's fun, can only get better
Fi9 wrote:
Monday, December 3, 2018, 22:02
Like you Eva, Ploppy in much less pain but his leg still aches and he isn't able to walk or stand for long. Have had lots of visits from people from our church and village. So weekend not as quiet as we expected! Had best v.ctoria sponge ever given to Ploppy - the baker was 11yr old daughter of a church friend. She is an excellent baker - and seemingly Ploppy and I are her favourite " grown ups" so she wants to bake a cake for Ploppy. And of course I get to help him eat it!
You are doing a lot of walking in Sp eva. Must be lovely to walk in warm sunshine. Your evening AG and friends sounds great fun. It must be lovely to be on holiday in familiar surrounding and with familiar faces. Nice and relaxing ( apart from toothache!) - just what needed.
Pauline - my friend who sent flowers says she doesn't get them weekly. You sign up for weekly but once signed up you can unbook weeks as you wish. She gets them monthly.
Carol - reading your report of K.w reminded me of our visit last yr. sad not to be doing any Chr.stmas lights this yr - but always next yr.
Ali - congratulations to He obviously is a good worker. Well done to the parents!
Diana - good news on redund.ncy. Great not to have to work to end of notice. And good news on success with insurance co - hope you don't have to resort to the ba.liffs.
Sue - good to see you. That was not the most enjoyable day yesterday . Even g sounds much better!
Jane - how frustrating not to have found the tablet yet. That was a "safe" place you put it!
Jo - Gosh that puppy will be coming a long way. Wonder if he will whine as much as next door puppy. At 6.30 am, 7am!! But at least not middle of night - and means I am reading my book more quickly so may finish it before book club meeting.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 4, 2018, 07:54
Morning and we have a pink sky, so hope that’s not an omen of bad weather. Yesterday, despite the forecasts saying it would be sunny, proved to be a showery day (heavy at times). Fortunately we managed to avoid most of them! By the time we came out of rehearsal last night the temperature had dropped to 5C (it was 12 – 14C during the day).

Hope all is well with Eva – not sure if it was a treatment day yesterday, in which case she would have been resting afterwards. Hopefully it wasn’t anything dental that kept her away.

Oh please - images of Joe in the loincloth – NO!! Do you watch It Take Two Lady J? Loving leaving interview from Chucky. MM said to me did I know J&TATDC was going into the L’don P’dium next year (well of course I did) – I told him he was not likely to be going to it! I am another who thinks being a Granny has taken over Jenny’s life at the moment! Ok, Ok so you have written your cards - so that’s why you have a smug look on your face!

I can see that life over here with a 30 mins walk during the day would be better for the puppy than being out on the streets of R’nia. I am assuming they are having to go through similar hoops to Ari’s Mummy and put him/her through quarantine. So Bella still being naughty – you could always threaten her with a swap for another R’nian puppy.............. I had to look up Fxtch, and then realised why I had never come across it!! When is your first visit to A’deen???

Pleased to hear Ploppy not in so much pain, Fi, but appreciate walking or standing for long is not good (bit like MM but for totally different reasons). How lovely that friends have been rallying around – one of the advantages of village life I think. Liking the sound of the baking 11 year old – enjoy the sponge! Oddly enough we spoke about you whilst going around Kew, Fi – I was saying it was last year you made a visit. As you say next year you should be able to make a visit to one of the light displays, main thing this year is to get Ploppy fit and well again (well he is already fit of course!). Hmm so an early riser your next door puppy – at least, as you say, it isn’t in the middle of the night! Which book are you reading for the book club?

Managed to do a little bit of C’mas shopping yesterday after SLAPPAS (things for MM’s stocking mainly), then a couple of jumping tops got me. Must manage to avoid them for the rest of the month I think. Almost went and bought some new boots (same as the burgundy ones I bought a couple of weeks back, which are really comfy, have a small heel and had earned compliments from all sorts of people – they do them in black too) but MM wanted to get off back home. He finished putting the outside lights up yesterday afternoon whilst I finished off the i word mountain. Not a card written sadly as it took longer than I thought to finish the ixxning. Had a long rehearsal last night and, as I mentioned above, it was quite chilly when we came home. Today is a day at home – out this evening for our PCC C’mas meal – so it is Operation C’mas – will finish all the wrapping so the paper can go away, and will hopefully managed to write some cards!! Morning BHB, yes a nice bright start to the day. Let’s grab the toasted teacakes and the Chxrry Sprxnger and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

evam wrote:
Tuesday, December 4, 2018, 08:46
Morning all. The sky is blue and the sun is shining here. +13 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. You missed me yesterday? Sorry about that, but I can explain. You have coffee and toasted tea cakes waiting for me? You are a darling.💋💋. Let’s sit on the sofa and I’ll tell you about yesterday. I first of all went for a walk along the beach. Then I drove up to the treatment centre where I started with 45 minutes in the heated pool. We have an instructor who shows us the exercises she wants us to do, and it’s quite energetic.🏊‍♀️ Then it was time for the physio and her wonderful hands! I told her yesterday I wished I could take her hands with me back home! 😜. As usual after a treatment I’m tired and just want a rest. I stopped outside a supermarket on the way home because I wanted to buy a newspaper. There I met my old friend who I’d met in the same supermarket a couple of weeks ago. This time she was with her husband who I didn’t know, and after a small chat, they invited me to lunch. I said I had to rest a bit, so we agreed to meet at a restaurant within walking distance from my flat. We had a lovely meal. I had melon with cured ham as the starter, oven baked cod with oven baked potatoes and veg. Then apple strudel for dessert! I was stuffed! Liv’s husband is a very nice man. They are renting here as well, and are going back to Oslo where they live, on Friday. Liv and I are now friends on FB.
When I got back home I was exhausted, and I had a looooong rest in the afternoon. Sorry, but I didn’t feel up to blogging.
Today Solveig and I will be looking at flats for me to rent next year. Looking forward to that.
I spoke to father yesterday, and he is very comfortable where he is, but he’s now talking about going back home. At the moment he knows it’s impossible, and he has been offered the possibility to stay at the care home until over Christmas. They keep extending his temporary stay, so I have a feeling the powers-that-be is doubting his ability to live on his own. All we can do is wait and see.
I had a snap from Iselin this morning with a photo of Emilian (surprise, surprise!) in front of a chess board. He is fascinated with the game, and can already set up the board correctly. (Did anyone mention the word «genius»?)

Fi,- glad to hear Ploppy is feeling slightly better. Can well understand that he finds it painful to stand or walk for long. Love the 11 year old cake baker. Not surprised you and Ploppy are her favourite adults.😀

Jane,- I’m relieved I wasn’t the only one shivering at the thought of Joe in a loincloth!😂

Sue,- I see your spaniel is taking advantage. The choice between taking certain meds and have lesser pain, but having to cope with the side effects is a difficult one.

Jo,- so Bella is close to becoming a street dog, eh? I think it’s more believable that you’ll be homeless before she is!😂

Pauline,- well done to you if you manage to finish writing your Christmas cards with your itching hands. Any news about when you can see a specialist?

Carol,- has MM been given a date for his operation? As you say, he and his health must come first.

I’d better be off to go flat hunting. 😀
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 4, 2018, 09:54
Morning all and it is a really pretty one here, though a lot of white frost around so I am thinking quite cold! Had a fairly successful day yesterday as I managed to get most of what I wanted, though sadly not quite all! I was also assaulted by jumping merchandise and I am sorry to say I didn't put up much of a fight! I felt after the time I am having of it I needed cheering up! Got the ixxnxxg done in the afternoon and then started wrapping a few things. All to good to be true really! Today I will have to do a bit of housewxrk I think as it has been neglected a bit. The hands feel a bit better now though as they are still unnaturally hot I don't think they are better. We'll see.

Eva your lunch sounds yummy! How lovely it is that you bump into people. I am thinking there must be half of Nxrway in Spain! Of course Emilian is a genius! Obviously going to be a chess master! Not a game I ever got to grips with, when someone told me there was a lot of maths involved I knew why! I suppose it is good your father feels well enough to think about home, though it doesn't seem to be a good idea for him. I daresay SS will stick their oar in and decide! As I said my hands are a bit better at the moment, but still not quite right. However at least I can do things now! No news about what it might be, but my blood test result should get to the doctor by the end of the week so I daresay I will have to go back then and see her. Happy flat hunting!

Lady J I am another who feels a bit queasy at the thought of Joe in a loin cloth! Definitely a no! Think for me the only show of Jo I would be interested would be the one in Cxrdiff Castle, if a certain someone agreed to it!

Jo I am sure the puppy would have a much better life here, though I don't envy them the process of getting it here. It took Roni a lot of time and a large amount of money. Mind she would not be without Ari now of course. Hard to believe he is around 10 now. So Bella is pushing her luck is she! I had to look Fxtch up as well and also see why I hadn't heard of it!

Fi glad Ploppy is feeling a bit better, well less pain. Hopefully he will improve rapidly now he is getting treated. What a lovely village you live in, lovely neighbours, especially the cake maker! Thanks for the info about the flowers. As I come and go a lot, not sure any sort of regular order would do for me. I have enough trouble with the milk delivery!

Morning BHB and yes it is a lovely sunny day. I think we should get more Chxrry Sprxnger and find the CM. A snuffle is just what I need.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, December 4, 2018, 13:08
Hello from the Invisible Woman - well that's how I feel. I was supposed to be in Glasgow today for a whole team meeting - thirty people. However they arranged for it to finish at 4pm, which would me having to travel on a rush hour train and not getting back home till about 10pm. So we agreed that a colleague (who is waiting for news of an urgent operation) and I would use Skype to join in. Well, my colleague and I were ready on time but our boss's boss (who was bringing his lap-top so we could Skype) was very late. By the time he got sorted out the meeting had already started.

Neither he or my boss let the presenter know we were there listening in (and watching them). And despite numerous messages saying we'd like to say hi to everyone we were completely ignored.

The chap from Manchester who was supposed to be ringing in fared even worse. No one answered the phone! We are all very upset and feel left out.

It starts again at 1.30pm. So we're going to try again.

Anyway - I'm saying sod 'em and am taking a proper lunch.

First of all many apologies for mentioning the words 'Joe' and 'loincloth' in the same sentence. I see I have sent several of you into therapy.

I don't watch IIT Carol, unfortunately. I wish I had just to see Chucky. He seems such a lovely guy. I never warmed to him in Cas but loved him in SCD. So Christmas isn't quite organised yet? Don't worry you'll get there. I bet your outside lights are lovely!

Pauline - glad to hear that your hands are feeling somewhat better. We had just a smidgeon of frost this morning. It's the first time I felt really chilly stood at the bus stop. But then it is December!

What's that munching noise? Fi! Don't eat ALL of Ploppy's cake! Good to hear his leg is improving.

Gosh Eva you had a busy day yesterday! I'm sure BHB understands and will be ready with coffee and cake whenever you drop in.

Right time to prepare for the second part of the meeting. Hmmm...

/ =TK wrote:
Tuesday, December 4, 2018, 20:13
Rush rush, very busy when back from w*rk. Bella has places to go and people to see. She had the 2nd part of the Christmas dinner this evening, went down in seconds.

Glad for Diana that they are giving out information on the redundancy. Hope it works out well.

Eva, having a very busying time away Just realised I had a package from Spain. I'll have to find it.

Waiting for the pet food delivery, then we have to go out again.

Just watching Ironside while I wait, used to be one of my favourites, though I preferred Perry Mason.

Strange sounds from Bella's bed, she's giving herself a bath.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 08:17
Morning and a sort of grey drizzly one here. We had quite heavy rain when we came home just after 10pm last night. During the day it was dry but quite chilly; maybe you could send us some of your sunshine Eva?

Eva I am very envious that you are walking along the beach in the sunshine! The heated pool sounds lovely. So the new physio better than last year’s? Is last year’s still there? I am wondering if she decided it wasn’t the job for her and has left to be replaced with the excellent English lady. As Twin said, half of N’way seems to be in Spxin at the moment. How lovely to be invited for a spontaneous lunch. Food sounds delicious. Hope the flat hunting went well yesterday and you have found somewhere perfect for next year. Hmm, so your Father still realising the reality of his situation. Think the Care Home have realised this and that’s why they extend his stay. Of course Emilian is a genius – we have known that since he was born! No, no date yet for MM’s operation – don’t think he will get a date until he has been to “Joint School” which is next Wednesday. Then he will need to have all his pre op assessment tests done again as by then the ones we did last month will have expired. Feel the op is going to be in the New Year somehow!

Oh how frustrating Lady J. We used to have conference calling set up in one of our meeting rooms, but everyone who joined in had to say they were there and were joining in – even if the meeting had started. Obviously that wasn’t happening with your firm yesterday. Can see why you didn’t want to be in Glxsgow (although it might have been handy for a certain pxnto - think it is only a three hour drive away!!! ). Do hope you managed to participate in the afternoon session. Good for you taking a proper lunch.

Jo of course Bella had places to go and people to see – she leaves in a complete social whirl! Hopefully the places to go included the bar/pub? Are you down to 18 weeks now? That’s only about ninety days....!! Oh I preferred PM to I’side!

Pleased to say I have managed to wrap almost all the C’mas parcels – took me a day though. Just had a few more today (and MM’s – have put his new Kxndlx Fxre somewhere really safe safe I can’t currently find it, as I can do his once all the other C’mas preparations have been dealt with). I have also written three cards!!! Had a nice evening out with the PCC and it wasn’t too late a night, as we gave a lift to one of our friends, who works near G’wick, and gets up every morning at 5.30 am and is out of the house by 6.30 am. Today we have LACE this afternoon – will watch something Christmassy, and then we will go off for our Cupcake C’mas Meal this evening (we had to move it forward a week from the original date as Janice had a work “do” clash). Hopefully the forecast heavy rain will have gone by then!! Morning BHB, yes it is a bit gloomy out. Let’s grab the toasted pikelets and the Bxn Bxn and hava a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 09:08
Morning all. We’re having plenty of sunshine here, enough to send something to you lot. Here it comes: ☀️☀️☀️

Hello sweetheart. You look pleased? You’re glad I am early, as you have something new for me to try? Toasted pickelet? Never heard of it, but as you know, I like anything toasted, so yes please. 👏💋
Solveig and I viewed 3 flats yesterday and have I more to do this morning. I think I’ll decide on one of those I viewed yesterday, but I’ll give this one today a chance. It looks good in the photos. They are all around in the area I am now, which suits me very well. When the viewing is done, I have an appointment at the hairdresser’s for a cut and a blow dry. My hair is sorely in need of a trim.
Funny you should ask me to send some sunshine your way. The lovely Helene phoned me last night (in the middle of HC, so I had to go back and watch it on the iplayer.). We had a lovely chat, and she asked me to send her some sunshine as well. I could hear Johan grizzling in the background, and Helene told me that he’d had a «funny» tummy for 4 days. They had been to see the GP, but she’d said just to keep giving him plenty of fluids and it would pass in time. Poor little mite.
I think there are a few Norwegians left back in the old country, but quite a few of them are here, as are the Brits, the Germans, the other Scandinavian countries, and quite a lot of Russians I’m told.
I had a message from AG yesterday. She was in hospital, having trouble with her feet. It was in the A&E, being treated by a diabetes specialist. As I’m sure you know, people with diabetes have to look after their feet extra well, as poor sirculation makes it difficult for damage to heal. For AG who is paralysed from the waist down, it’s extra difficult, because she can’t feel if she gets a cut. She was back home again last night.

Jane,- who was the organiser of this Skype fiasco? He/she should be sent on a course. 👎

Jo,- so Bella is getting her priorities right, is she?😜. I’m glad the parcel has arrived. You need to open the big envelope when you locate it.

Carol and Pauline,- have a nice film afternoon. It’s diffucult to get that Christmassy feeling here, with +22 degrees outside, so maybe I should look for a Christmassy film on the telly?
evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 09:11
I found this explanation on the internet:
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 10:06 is indeed like a thin crumpet Eva - they are easier to fit into a toaster! I am just about to eat one!!! Happy flat hunting!
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 10:39
Morning all and it is what Fi might call a dreich day here! Not cold but grey and drizzly. I think your sun you sent has got stuck somewhere Eva! I am a bit late for a reason. I had a call from my doctor last night. My blood tests are all normal, which is good but not helpful! The skin specialist had no idea about my hands! She hasn't seen anything quite like it! I do like to be an original! All this means we are a bit stymied. However I had to pop down and do a urine sample (hence my lateness) and the doctor is going to send all off to a rheumatoid specialist just to be sure it isn't anything like that! Not sure where we go from there. My hands are much better but I do have some other things that have cropped up overnight! I feel I may be run down! Anyway I will go to Twin for our LACE day then the meal tonight and see how I go. Watched HC last night and loved the stag outfit! Nice to have the GO back again, even if he is in a muddle, well Lofty is, not him obviously!

Good that you have seen flats you like Eva, always nice if you have a choice. Poor little Johan, not nice for him, but at least it sounds as if he was feeding well! Hope he is better soon. Glad AG got her feet sorted.

Hope you managed the second half of the meeting Lady J, the first half sounds a debacle.

Jo I much preferred PM to I, I am not even going to think about how long ago it was on!

Fi very funny thing about Frxddy's Flowers, a few days back I had never heard of them than opened the curtains this morning and there was one of his vans! As I live on a very quiet no through road it seems a huge coincidence they should be delivering to a neighbour!

Morning BHB, so I know there are pikelts around, which I love, and what have we to wash them down? Bxn Bxn? Good good! Let's get more and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 20:30
I have found something to keep Bella from barking
The only trouble is that she gets rather protective over it.

I don't think I've ever had a pikelet, crumpet yes.

We went to see Mr and Mrs ExPostman to check dog bookings. Got to one weekend and he was telling me when I had booked and couldn't cope with the fact that the time had extended. I explained that the first one was for Southend and the update was for Aber*deen, so sorted in the end.

From WPedia
Perry Mason originally broadcast on CBS television from September 21, 1957, to May 22, 1966. In 1985, the first in a successful series of 30 Perry Mason television films aired on NBC, with Burr reprising the role of Mason in 26 of them before his death in 1993.
Ironside is a Universal television series that ran on NBC from September 14, 1967, to January 16, 1975.

HHHmmmm .Bella is getting a bit more protective over her chew. She is using the tuck it under the chin technique when not actually chewing on it. Probably best not to let her have one for too long next time. TK and I are staying out of 124h14er way (TK has added text).

I left w*rk early today to go to dentist, extreme hygienist. Not nice. I was holding my hands together very tightly, so I did not lash out. I was quite brave.

Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 6, 2018, 08:17
Morning and we had a very odd (but pretty) sky a short while ago – a sort of pinky purple. Now it is just grey. Think we are forecast rain for later today.

Ah thanks for sending the sunshine Eva- it did arrive briefly yesterday and then the rain drove it away. May be you could send some more pleased? So how was the flat viewing and are you still going with the one yesterday? We will of course need all the details so we can assess whether it is good enough for you! Ah so wet in N’way too I see. Oh bless, poor Johan – awful when tiny ones are unwell. Think the GP advise on plenty of fluids is probably the righ out. Oh poor AG – hope the hospital sorted her out swiftly – I see she was released for good behaviour in the evening. I can see it must be odd to feel Christmassy with the sun shining down. I always wonder at places likes A’ralia and S Africa where it is warm and sunny in December – must seem very strange.

Well done Jo – I see the chews are very aptly named – “howlers” (may be that’s where JK Rxwling got the idea for the “howler letters” in Harry P! I can quite see that Mr Ex Postman might be confused by your travels and holidays! So TK was saying hello to us? Think you were both wise to stay out of Bella’s way whilst she was guarding the chew (has it taken over from tennis balls do you think?). Ah I see you are another who has braved the dentist – I used to dig my nails into my hands when I went to take my mind off what was happening (this was some years ago!).

Breaking news – I have actually written a few C’mas cards! Still a long way to go though. Had a sad email from friend who used to do the Musicals and Variety shows with us – he retired and moved down to the south coast. He had cancer of the kidney not long after they moved and had one removed, then earlier this year he was diagnosed with cancer of the liver and has been having chxmo. His email said the chxmo hadn’t worked – we are hoping to go down and visit in the next couple of weeks, but it isn’t sounding good. For our LACE afternoon we managed two films- The Mxn who Invxntxd C’mas (about Chxrlxs Dxckxns) and then the highbrow Mxppxt Christmxs Cxrol. After that it was time to change and go out (we did manage to watch ITT first). Had a lovely C’massy evening – nice food, lovely wine, good company and some excellent presents! What’s not to like?? Twin and I then watched last night’s The App’ice when we got home. Today Twin is off back to her house and we are going to finish the wrapping and (hopefully) write most of the cards. MM has to go to the ENT Department at the hospital early evening (bad timing as of course he will hit rush hour) as his hearing has deteriorated quite a bit (think his tinnitxs has got worse due to the stress of the pain from his hip). I am in for the whole day so have high hopes I will get everything done that I plan to! Watch this space. Morning BHB, yes it is at least dry at the moment. Let’s grab the toasted teacakes and the Lxdy’s Sxdecxr and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 6, 2018, 08:37
Morning all and it is still grey and dull here! We had a lovely day yesterday, the films were both good and nice and festive, then the meal out was good and we exchanged lots of nice pressies. Today I will pop off home to allow Twin to get on with her huge to do list. I will need to go via the supermarket and get some petrol, then I an do some sorting out of things myself so I can see what I need to get done still.

You can see why Mr Postman gets confused Jo! Well done for being so brave at the dentist, the hygienist is not my favourite thing either, it’s the horrid noise as much as anything else.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Lxdy”s Sxdecxr? Sounds good to me. Let’s get more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 6, 2018, 11:01
Morning all. We have plenty of sunshine here, so I’ll send some your way like yesterday.☀️☀️☀️

Hello sweetheart. Toasted teacakes to go with the herbal tea? You are really spoiling me.💋💋. You’ve made the sofa ready for the snuggling? Say no more.❤️

I have already been out and about today, as I needed to do a food shop. Mostly for tomorrow’s dinner which was meant to be here with AG, Helge and Solveig as guests. When AG told me that she’d been told to stay in bed, keeping her feet high, I said I’ll do the cooking in her kitchen, and she wouldn’t have to venture far. She said Yes please, so that’s how it will be tomorrow. I’ll be having my last treatments tomorrow morning, but will have plenty of time for a rest before I put my chef’s hat on.😀 I’ve decided to do melon and cured ham as starters, ( got the idea at the restaurant the other day), lasagna with a side salad as main, and apple pie ( A*nt Betty’s which I found in the freezer at the supermarket) with custard. Not too complicated, but tasty.😀
Solveig took me to the last flat yesterday. It looked quite nice in the photos, but when I saw it «live», it was easy to see that ot was quite worn, as opposed to the first flat I looked at and loved, so this is where I’ll be staying next November:

The whole flat was painted in the spring, and the quality was superb. Best of all,- all the UK channels can be watched via cabel + all the Norwegian channels as well. In addition to the outdoor pool, there is also an indoor, heated pool for winter.😀 I can see the block across the courtyard here, so it’s just around the block. One street closer to the beach as well. I’m looking forward to next year already.😜

Jo,- no wonder the ex- postman’s wife was confused about her dog sitting schedule. Glad it has been sorted though. Have you given her a copy of your spreadsheet? Good on you for going to the dentist. It’s never pleasant, whatever they do.

Pauline,- I don’t want them to diagnose you with anything rheumatic, but if they do, at least you can get medication for it.

Carol,- I have written and sent 5 Christmas cards so far. The rest have to wait until I gett home, because I forgot my adress book at home. Dear me, poor MM with his tinitus as well. I know from youngest sister what a pain it can be.

Now I’ll go for a walk before I have to start lunch.
TK wrote:
Thursday, December 6, 2018, 20:55
Re Christmas cards sent from abroad. Many years ago I was in Egypt one November. I sent all my cards from there. The post was cheaper, the cards were cheaper and they all got back to England before Christmas. I had tested it the year before, just sent a couple of cards as a test.

Been dog sitting for a short while this evening. It would have been longer but Bella was being a pain.

Eva, the flat looks lovely. Not sure I'm want to stay as one of 4 in the bunk beds room.

This summer time hours in the winter is tiring
Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 7, 2018, 07:44
Morning and a very wet one it is to; as well as quite breezy from the look of it. We definitely need more of your sunshine Eva! Think it might ease up later.

Your menu for the dinner party sounds very nice Eva. What a lovely thought for you to do all the cooking at AG’s house. I see you are having your last treatment today – so it will be goodbye to the lovely lady who gives you your massages. I think you will miss her! The flat looks very nice – a bonus that it is closer to the sea AND that it has a heated pool for the winter. Really nice that you have been inside and know what it will be like when you arrive next year. So you will be watching SCD there as well! Is it next week you come home, or the week after (having in my head 17th Dec, but might have just imagined that!).

Do I take it the chews didn’t work their magic last night then Jo? I should have told June and Barry to take and post their cards from E’pt by the sound of it. Heard from June yesterday that they had arrived safely and were relaxing by the pool. So were you dog sitting Bella’s friend? May be she wanted to go to the pub and felt miffed that you were looking after another dog!

I am pleased to report that the present wrapping is almost done (two more to do, and of course MM’s to find – still can’t think where I would have put it. I’ve looked in all the usual places and it’s not there. I will wait until next week before I really get into a panic!). So having spent the morning wrapping, I moved on to card writing in the afternoon/early evening and have written nearly all of them! Hooray!! Now I just have to write the C’mas letter which I send with some of them..........haven’t started that yet but hoping I might find time later! MM went off to the hospital and is to have an MRI scan of his head at some point. He also had a letter yesterday saying that his visit to Joint School (which I think I explained he needed to have before he can have the op) which was to be next Wednesday is now moved to 16th January – so his op is unlikely to be before the end of January. He was quite down after receiving that as he is in a lot of pain at the moment. I think he plans to go and see the doctor next week and get stronger pain killers. So today is weekend foodshop and a couple of C’massy things, then finish the cards and wrapping and may be write the letter, and then off to choir practice this evening. Need to get the house straight as we have visitors over the weekend!! Morning BHB, yes it is a blustery day, let’s grab the churros and the Vanillita and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 7, 2018, 10:20
Morning all and it is not a nice one. Very wet and windy. Hoping it might clear a bit later. I am off to the doctor again later as I have one or two things that have happed that I want to ask about. Always something! Poor MM though, he must be devastated that he has to wait for his op as it is so obvious he is in a lot of pain. I hope the doctor can give him something to help ease it.

Seems impossible that it is your last treatment Eva, and nearly time for you to go home! The time has really flown by. Enjoy the time you have left and all the lovely sunshine. Cooking for AG is such a lovely thing to do and the menu sounds yummy, hope it all goes well. The new flat looks very nice. though I am another not sure about the bunk beds!

Jo, Bella was being a pain? I can hardly believe it! You obviously were not obeying her every command!

Morning BHB and of course it is Vanillita day. Let's get another jug and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Friday, December 7, 2018, 16:28
Afternoon all. Sorry I haven’t been in earlier, but the day turned out a bit different than expected. While I was frolicking (!) in the heated pool, AG sent me a text. She had been called in to the hospital by her consultant there who wanted he to come in late afternoon for a check-up, so AG wondered if I could make it lunch instead of dinner. Of course I said yeas, so after the treatment was over I had to drive back to my flat for all the groceries I’d bought the day before, then up to AG ans start the cooking. Helge came home just as the lasagne came out of the oven! The meal went down a treat, and Helge was off again. He’s helping a friend installing a new kitchen (I*ea, of course.) so he had to go after the apple pie had been demolished. I cleaned up the kitchen and said goodbye to AG. They are busy all weekend, so I won’t see them before I leave on Monday. I always miss them for a long time every time I leave Spain, but is comforted by the thought that I’ll see them next year.❤️

As I had no chance for a rest after my treatment, so I’m totally bushed now. Therefore this will be a short post. Tomorrow morning I’ll be off for a final pedicure, but I’ll be back here after that.
Diana wrote:
Friday, December 7, 2018, 18:39
Evening all.

Sorry MM's op isn't going to be for a few weeks yet, Carol. Hope the doctor will give him stronger painkillers and that it doesn't takes the edge off Xmas for you both.

Hope your hands are better, Pauline.

Enjoy your last couple of days in Spain, Eva, and have a smooth flight home.

I'm still waiting on one present to be delivered which has been delayed grrrr. Otherwise all wrapped and I posted my brother & family's box today. All cards written and I posted some earlier.

Busy week writing instructions and preparing for leaving. My leaving date is still not confirmed. It might be Christmas, it might be early January or it could be later - I'm getting stressed. If we can go to SA as planned, there are several things to sort out and we're running out of time.

We booked next year's holiday in the week. We're going to Oman in United Arab Emirates in October. The weather should be hot and sunny and there's a fair amount to see.

Ploppy has had a bad cold past couple of days and so he's not playing golf tomorrow! Hoping he doesn't pass his germs to me!!!

Weather permitting, I want to go to the local M&S foodstore tomorrow and look at their Xmas cakes and puds. I have provisionally ordered a cake from Sains in next week's delivery but think M&S will have something better. First time for several years I will have bought a Xmas cake.

Have a good weekend.
TK wrote:
Friday, December 7, 2018, 22:09
Diana how unsettling for you not to know when you are going to be 'free'. I do hope they sort it out very soon.

Sit down, I've just packed up a Christmas present!! See knew it would be a shock.

btw Bella was right last night. I had forgotten to take her to her friends. She is much quieter tonight as we have been to her friends.

Nightmare at w*rk, all day has been a panic. By 16:15 I just HAD to go to the loo.

Done the date thing

First time it was over 1500 days, now it is 78 days left to w*rk. That does not include weekends or BHs, it does include the annual leave days I don't have a record of how many I've left to use. So it is 78 days less approx 15 holidays.

Eva, even your rest days are full of activity, look after yourself.

Carol, I hope MM can endure the wait for the op. Fingers crossed that the pain killers work.

I better get to bed as I have a rush about tomorrow

Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 8, 2018, 07:17
Morning and totally dark outside so not sure what it is doing – think I woke to hear some rain earlier, but could have imagined it! According to the Met Office forecast we are due heavy rain at about 1pm/2pm; according to the Beeb we are due sunny intervals and no rain! We shall see.

Oh that was all a bit of a rush for you Eva – hopefully the insultant was pleased with AG. So your time in the heated pool was curtailed (hopefully you weren’t frolicking in the pool whilst holding your phone!). I am assuming this was after your massage? Well done on getting it all sorted and served in time. Although a shame you won’t see them before you leave, but it was a nice farewell to share a meal. (Of course there are no other kitchens than Ixea!). Not surprised you were worn out after all that. I am assuming you are all primed and ready to watch SCD semi final tonight.

It is a sort of double edge sword Diana – better socially and singing wise for the op to be after C’mas (I was thinking may be first week in Jan) but also means six plus more weeks of pain for him. Oh that’s annoying that they haven’t given you a definite date for leaving. I thought you were going to be safely gone by Christmas – in fact sounds a little like waiting for MM’s op! A moveable feast! At least you know you have next year’s holiday to look forward to, and it sounds like you will be guaranteed sunshine. You sound like our friends who are normally away over Ch’mas – they are not going until the 29th this year, but for a month. As a result they are having to order a turkey for the first time in years, and Candie is hoping she remembers how to cook one! I think MandS had some nice cakes but had the Sainsbugs brochure and they looked nice too. In Gxxd H’keeping Sainsbugs Taste the D cake came second and MandS fifth! Hope Ploppy gets over his cold and doesn’t pass the germs to you!

So the final countdown is on then Jo – looks as if Diana might just beat you to it! I have fallen off my chair!!! A present wrapped already – but there are still two and a half weeks to go! Ah so you have had apologise to Bella – I can see why she was unhappy if she had missed out on socialising! When isn’t your wxrk a nightmare.....just think soon that will be someone else’s problem!

Managed to finish the last bit of the C’mas pressie buying – well that is until I give up on trying to find MM’s pressie and have to rush out and buy him something in a panic! Did the food shop, but sadly as I was buying other things I was attacked by a pair of jumping ankle boots (same as the ones I bought a few weeks back but these are black rather than Burgundy), and a top! I did my best to fight them off of course, but failed miserably! Came home and did up parcel and pressies for C’nwall and MM took the parcel round to the POffice, so they are now on their way. Have a few more cards to write (the ones I need to hand out rather than post) and I have written the Ch’mas letter to go into some of the ones for posting. That took up most of the day, and then we had rehearsal in the evening. Today is tidying up and then we are off for our Sxve the Chxldren concert that we perform at the local church where we rehearse. Twin is coming over so we will be watching SCD together. Morning BHB, yes it looks a little blustery out – let’s grab the toasted waffles and the Sxzy Wxng and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

evam wrote:
Saturday, December 8, 2018, 08:29
Morning all, and the sun is shining here.😀

Hello sweetheart. Sorry I wasn’t here yesterday morning, but I was busy lesewhere, cooking up a storm. I’m forgiven? Good.💋💋 Yes please, I’m ready for my coffee and my snuggles, so bring it on.

I don’t know if I’ll be having my pedicure this morning, because AG told me that today is the Spanish national day, and all shops will be closed. I will go down to the beautisalon as they are from Thailand, so maybe they’ll ignore the Spanish holiday.

Diana,- how irritating that your firm can’t give you your end date soon. Start nagging them.

Jo,- forgetting to take Bella on her social rounds? No wonder she is angry with you! Bad mother! I see the countdown is going full blast. It’s possible for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel now.👏👏👏

Carol,- well done with the cards and Christmas presents.👏. So you didn’t escape the jumping merchandice yesterday, eh? Why am I not surprised?

Good telly night to look forward to. Won’t move from my chair for hours, so I’ll do my walk after the (hopefully) pedicure.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 8, 2018, 09:59
Eva - keep forgetting to say I have found a new author of detective novels - Alison James. Have read first book and now on second and really enjoying them.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 8, 2018, 10:27
Morning all, and the sun is shining! Yaay! Ok so I think it is cold and windy, but the sun is shining! Sadly my plans for today have undergone a change as I have very swollen fingers on my left hand which will make driving difficult so I have had to cry off going to Twins concert, I could cry! I love watching her little choir sing and it is all very festive and in a great cause as well. Still I feel it would be silly to risk the driving on the Mx5 where I feel you need all you faculties! I went to the doctor again yesterday. First one (!) in the morning, Lovely man but he was puzzled as everyone is by my symptoms. However he realised I also had a very red and swollen ear. He felt it could all be allergies so told me to go home and take anti histamine then see a doctor in the evening, Sadly he was too booked up but the lady he got to see me was also a sweetie! For the first time I got a doctor who had seen something similar, but only my ear! She is trying anti bis and gave me some different ointment, so let's see how that goes. I think the way I feel today is more to do with lack of sleep! At least my ear is a lot better today! So that took care of yesterday! I was doing so well on the pressie front and now I seem to have dropped behind, but I suppose it will all get done!

Eva I hope you get your pedicure, how day they have a holiday when you need them! Enjoy your lovely weather as I feel Nxrway will be a bit different.

Diana your work are being very naughty I feel. After all everybody needs to know what is happening and when. You should be kept informed. Tell them so from me! I think you will love Oman. The people are lovely and very friendly, well the ones I came in contact with were!

Ooh Jo nearly there, Hopefully the time will fly by and you will then be free!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Sxzy Wxng? Lovely. You have got me a straw as holding the glass could be tricky? Aww how sweet you are! Let's get more and we will find the CM.

Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, December 8, 2018, 15:01
Hi. apologies fro being MIA btu seem to be running around chasing my tail. of course i am having to do most of ploppy's chores too - and obv I do them badly (so he tells me!) and i have to do them again. then hospital appt for his h.rnia. he has 2 - opp sides. one small. other less so but not bad enough to operate when he is on b..d thinners- or for months after said dr . so he has to not do heavy lifting, gardening etc. then NN has put in his plans. as i feared he is devious/clever b.lly! plans are full of ambiguities and inaccuracies to make it appear it is a renovation work (can get legal access to neighbours land if for maintenance) and he has said may keep boundary wall if surveyor (after work has started) assesses it has good enough foundations. this is to stop us insisting on moving it away from boundary. very sneaky. we know (but cannot prove) that surveyor will find foundations are not adequate so they will be rebuilding on boundary but plans dont appear that way. loads of work to do to research everything and give evidence where we can to object. unfortunately our ex planning source tells us the case officer for these plans "is the one case officer you do not want" aargh. feel totally fed up - both cos I think he is so manipulative he will win - and the amount of time and energy we will have to spend/waste on it. but have to give our best shot.
sis came this morning for an hour to do Ch pressie swap. they were going on to their best man (who also lives in our city) to go out for lunch. then 2 sets of friends invited us out(individually) for coffee. so have done one coffee morning after another today and another friend invited me out to village fair this aft. i have made red c.bbage dish for 14 pple in between time as going out to church small group Ch gathering this eve. now need to pack as off to R.ading tomorrow for big meal for birthday and engagement celebrations. leaving v early as need to do lots of stops for Ian to walk around.
Eva - where has the time gone. flat for next year looks great. lovely balcony.
Pauline - all the swelling and red does not sound good. hope they find out what wrong soon - and can fix it.
carol - sorry to hear MM in such pain. hope appt comes thro soon. i visited village friend yesterday who had hip repl.cement 4 weeks ago. she is still on one crutch but doing v well - and no pain! Ploppy has had t.nnitus since his illness and i have had it for last 2 years. not great but so far both ploppy and I lucky it does not keep us awake.
Have done most of my Ch pressies and wrapped them but not ploppy's. have got as far as B in my cards - and that has taken a week. hmm.
Jo - the days will soon go once the NY starts. how exciting.
Diana - very unsettling not to be able to organise. hope you get date soon. we are feeling very frustrated as for first time ever have no hols (not even mini weekends away) booked. partly due to ploppy cl.t but also due to NN planning as need to fight plans and then be here to check he doesn't go on our land anyway! will book short breaks but will prob do things at last minute , and at weekends, when we know it wont be a "dangerous" time.
of to pack fro tomorrow.
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 8, 2018, 20:12
No doubt,- Stacey and Kevin are my absolute favourites. ❤️ I thought both their dances were magic.👏👏👏
As a good no 2 is Ashley and Pasha. She hasn’t deserved the two d/o performances she’s had to do. In my opinion something strange was off in both dances that Faye and Giovanni did. In the latin one, Faye appeared almost lacklustre a couple of times while Giovannis legs were going like pistons, and in the AT he kept holding her apart from him and looked as if he was measuring her movements. It’s difficult to explain, but I couldn’t feel any compassion between them, in this the most passionate dance of them all. They really disappointed me tonight. For the first time Joe wasn’t marked too high, and Lauren will have tough job keeping out of the d/o,- hopefully together with Joe.
And that is the humble opinion of the Norwegian jury. 👋👋
Ali wrote:
Saturday, December 8, 2018, 22:28
Evening. Just managed to stay awake for SCD then fell asleep. Now watching Cas on catch up. Had day of housework yesterday as hadn’t managed to keep on top of it lately. Then off to work at 4pm to set up for eve function. Boss ordered in pizza for us all. Worked till 1 am. V windy drive home and it was whistling round the house all night. Work again today then ploppy insisted on takeaway.
Hope you got your pedicure Eva
Are the antibi’s working Carol? Fingers crossed
Fi, safe drive to Reading. 🤬 to nasty neighbour. You really don’t need that stress.
Hope you can get definite end date Diana, unfair to leave you hanging
Another busy week ahead, fortunately I do have a day off to try and get pressies wrapped. Did do 24 for Brownies yesterday, need to drop them off at Cub leaders house as he is playing Santa for us in his garden grotto 🎅🏻🎄🎁
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, December 9, 2018, 07:38
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Fi, Happy Birthday to you.
Hope you have a lovely day!

Oh the Bistro is looking lovely – the BHB has been in early and decorated the conservatory in shades of turquoise and silver – it looks stunning. The balloons all say “Happy Birthday Fi”, there are purple cloths under the filigree silver ones, and each table has a little posy with white camellias, pine cones and everygreens. It looks stunning. I can see the birthday cakes have been made and decorated – chocolate one looks very inviting, and carrot and cream cheese. Just checked and the champers is chilling in the fridge. Enjoy!
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, December 9, 2018, 07:55
Very blustery day this morning and looks quite gloomy out. Don’t think it is raining....yet!

Do hope you managed to get your pedicure yesterday Eva, so your feet are all beautiful for when you return home tomorrow. Your stay seems to have flown by. In fact hope you have a lovely last day, today, in the sunshine. What time is your flight tomorrow? I haven’t been checking the Bxrgxn weather recently as you haven’t been there, so not sure what awaits you! Ah we are very different in our views on SCD – I loved Faye & G’s AT last night (so did MM). A & P dance brilliantly, but I can see why people aren’t voting for her. The marking of Joe and Lxurxn was correct last night – in fact didn’t really like Joe’s dances at all, but did feel really sorry for L when she messed up in the Sxmbx. Loved S & K’s Charleston, but couldn’t get over that all these weeks on she is still not doing heel leads (she didn’t do them last week in her Les Mis routine either), and that is basic to ballroom (I remember my parents telling me that)! Tonight will be a real test of the public voting I think! Not sure what time you are off tomorrow but safe flight!

I see you have been “resting” in your normal way Fi!! Oh goodness your neighbour is devious isn’t he. Can see why you are going to have to try your hardest to find a way of appealing so that he doesn’t get his plans through. I fear it is going to be tough on both of you, just when you don’t need the added stress. I see you were awash with coffee yesterday! Hope you enjoyed the village fair and that the gathering in the evening went well (well done on the red cxbbxge!). Hope you have a lovely time in Rxxding and the joint meal for your birthday and the engagement is delicious. I know you are off early so you can have plenty of breaks, but hope the drive wasn’t too onerous.

Ali I can’t think why you wouldn’t be on top of the’s not as if you (like Fi) lead a busy life is it? That was a long day ending at 1am but lovely of your boss to order in pizza. How is Ploppy getting on with the new job? Hopefully he is still enjoying the challenge. See you have another lazy week ahead of you!! I know we often confuse you all but it is Twin on the antibis, not me! I am fine, but did feel as if I had a cold starting yesterday – hoping it was just a glitch as don’t feel so bad today!!

As you will have read, sadly Twin wasn’t well enough to come over yesterday. MM and I spent the morning getting all the wrapping paper, presents and cards put away (in the spare room for now) so that we could put the tree up ready for decorating today. Our concert in the afternoon went well, but I am still waiting to hear how much we raised. Came home and put feet up, watched SCD and then put the lights on the tree until C’lty – another happy episode! Off to church soon and then we have Victoria, Glen and the children coming for lunch and then the children are going to help me decorate the tree. Due to the building works (on which we will get an update later) they are unlikely to have a tree up at home, so thought they would like to help with our’s (Twin was going to help too before she was struck down with the lurgy) and then they will switch on the outside lights for us (the ones MM put up last week, but hasn’t put on, other than to test them, pending the arrival of two small people who we thought would like to do it. So that’s my day mapped out – not sure whether they will stay and watch the Results with us or head off home beforehand. Morning BHB, you did a wonderful job in the conservatory. Let’s grab some champers and some cake and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, December 9, 2018, 09:13
Morning all. It’s a glorious day outside.


Hello sweetheart. You have my coffee ready? I can have some carrot cake as well? Do you mind if I save it for later? You know what I’m like with sweet things in the morning. No,no,- I don’t mean you. 💋💋💋

I have almost finished my packing, and as usual I realise I’ve packed far too many clothes. I haven’t used half of them, so now they are back in the suitcase, just as pristine as when I packed them at home!😜. I will be going for my walk in a little while. I have been invited out for lunch today. AG and Helge have been invited out with a friend, a man I know slightly, and when he heard I was still here, he asked AG to invite me as well. Nice.
Yes, I got my pedicure done yesterday, even if nobody will see my beautiful toes when I get home.😜
The nerd will be at the airport tomorrow instead of Viljar’s dad, as Mikkel will be a shepherd in his first nativity play tomorrow, so of course both his parents and brothers will be there to cheer him on.
Last night I also watched the Michael M’s show. I think he’s really, really funny, and he had me laughing out loud. 😂😂😂

Fi,- I understand why you feel you have to stay at home most of the time to keep an eye on the nasty neighbour. 😡😡😡 to him! I hope the weekend in R*ading will be a nice one with your boys and the fiance. Don’t overdo it now.

Pauline,- you are in the wars healthwise at the moments. At least one of your doctors recognised your ear infections, so we can only hope that the problems with the hands are connected and that the anti-bis will do it’s job properly. 🤗🤗🤗

Carol,- my flight is for 2pm tomorrow, so I have plenty of time in the morning. I’m sure the lightening of both your outdoor and indoor Christmas lights will be wonderful for Imogen and Marcus. ❤️

Ali,- busy, busy, busy. I’m sure you enjoyed the pizza.😀

Ali wrote:
Sunday, December 9, 2018, 09:21
Happy birthday Fi 🍾🎉 have a lovely day x
Apologies for muddling you up twins😲
Safe flight Eva
I’m coughing well this morning so decided to forego church and rest before work tonight. Well, rest a bit as got laundry to catch up on!
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 9, 2018, 10:41
Morning all and it is a very windy day here. Well it was a very windy night as well. Sadly I heard a lot of it howling round as my pesky hands kept me awake most of the night.. They are still swollen and painful, but if what happened to them before is anything to go by, they should improve a little bit each day. It does this till nearly all gone, then starts spreading again, grrr! Today I will have another easyish day but am going to try and do a few things as I think it takes my mind off them a bit!

Enough moaning, far more important, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fi!! Have a wonderful day with the family and the fiancé. I am sure you will. Try and not think about NN all day. Horrid man but sadly there are a lot like him I think. They only see what they want as important and bulldoze through everyone and everything to get it. I know planners sometimes seem to be mad with what they allow. Hopefully you can draft an objection that can highlight your concerns about the ingress onto your property.

Eva as I said your time in Spain has just sped by. Enjoy your lunch today (your toes look stunning) and have a good flight home tomorrow. Hope the weather waiting for you isn't too bad. Well about SCD! I thought the weakest dancers by far were Lauren closely followed by Jo, However Jo has millions of teenage girls following his vlogging and I am sure lots of them will vote lots of time also he will be safe. I think Ashley will be in yet another d/off so goodbye whoever is against her! I do feel for her, she has had such nasty things said about her being allowed to dance. I know she is qualified in dance, but so have many others been. If people don't like it, don't vote for her, but I just hate this nastiness. My fav dances of the night was Stacey's Charleston and then Ashley's AS, which I thought lovely. Faye was as good as ever, I do feel if she believed in herself a bit more it would give her dancing a certain something it just lacks for me, but she is brilliant. Oh and I love Michael M as well!

Ali I hope you manage to shift that cough. Not sure doing laundry counts as having an easy day!

Morning BHB and what have we today?Oh my how beautiful the Bistro looks, you clever thing you! So let's get the champers and find the CM and drink to Fi's birthday.
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 9, 2018, 17:44
Sorry I've not been about, been rushing most weekend. Bella has had lots of things to do.

Fi Happy Birthday. Hope you can sort things for the NN. Doesn't sound easy.

Eva it will be a bit of a shock to your system getting back to the cold.

Ali - house work all day, you make me feel tired as usual.

Pauline I hope your hands feel better very soon.

Carol, give my love to MM I hope he can keep going until the op, poorly knees are bad. Are you sure he wasn't a horse rider? They have dodgy knees.

Must rush tea time.
evam wrote:
Sunday, December 9, 2018, 20:04
There was really no surprises in the d/o tonight, and no surprise who the judges saved. I think Faye and Giovanni will win, but keeping my fingers crossed for Stacy and Kevin.

See you tomorrow. 👋👋
Sue-1 wrote:
Sunday, December 9, 2018, 22:14
Evening all, Ploppy just gone to bed so I thought I’d have a catch up before I get too far behind again.

Thanks for the explanation about Diana’s kitchen Carol, sounds a bit of a nightmare.

Christmas cards…….don’t even go there, I’m usually last minute though so nothing new.

Fi, an eleven year old excellent baker, how lovely. I don’t bake, I’m okay with pastry but not tried to bake a cake since I made Ploppy one years ago and everyone said it was a birthday biscuit!

Pauline, I was about to ask after Ari, is he really 10! Lovely that he ended up having a good life with your friend.

Team meeting a bit of a let down then Jane?

Bella has a bed bath Jo?? I used to like Perry Mason, seems like a lifetime ago.
Hate the hygienist more than the dentist!
Countdown in progress I see, it will fly by…….although probably not if you have nightmare days at work.

Eva, 22 degrees sounds lovely, have to say I hated our red hot summer, but I can live nicely with 22C.
That flat looks lovely, very light and fresh, and nice amenities too.

Feel sorry for MM Carol, he’s not having much fun lately. Didn’t know he suffers from tinitus, I do too but mine is just a hissing noise so not as awful as some.
What on earth is Joint School?? And whose cake came first according to GH?

Hope everything gets sorted Diana and your holiday in SA isn’t spoiled.

Pauline, you’re not having much joy either at the mo, hope they get you sorted out soon.

Oh dear Fi, not much joy for you either by the sound of it.
A bit late in the day but hope you had a Happy Birthday.

We’ve had a very nice weekend away in the motorhome at a place called Eye Kettleby Lakes, strange name, lovely place. Mixed weatherwise, but a fair amount of sunshine, nice to be away and just chill.

We swapped our caravan for a motorhome back in July but apart from two weeks in Cornwall in the summer haven’t used it.

Little dog doing well, had her post op check and all seems okay. Vet did say cancer will probably come back but hopefully we’ll have her for a good while yet, as she’s 12 now she’s quite an elderly lady.
Better join Ploppy in the land of nod, just the dogs to let out and the dishwasher to load before I do. Night night all…….
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 10, 2018, 07:41
Morning and too dark at the moment to see what the weather is doing, but I think it is dry. Believe we just have a slim chance of rain later.

Ah we know about the packing too many clothes, Eva – every summer when we come back from the villa we have clothes we haven’t worn! Oh that’s lovely that you are off out to lunch – so you will get to see AG and Helge again before you leave, which is nice. How kind of their friend to invite you too. Ah the odds here are that Joe will win. Apparently his fans (of his youtxbe blxg) vote for him even if they don’t watch the show, and some of them vote 100 times each! Feet look lovely by the way, and I see you may be arriving back to cold, but sunny in B’rgxn, so maybe you will get the chance to show your toes off! Oh how lovely Mikkel is going to be a shepherd – of course his parents need to be there! Have a safe flight home!

No worries Ali, we often get mixed up – I think we are really viewed as one entity! Hope the cough has cleared – sensible to stay home yesterday morning and rest before you went off to work.

So Bella has been socialising again has she, Jo? I passed your love to MM and he said thank you. Glen, who hasn’t seen Rick for some months, noticed how badly he was limping. He has never admitted to being a horse rider – but he may be keeping that a secret from me!!

Hi Sue, lovely to “see” you again! I am fine with cakes, not so good with pastry (I used to be, but for some reason my hands get too warm now ). Oh yes MM has had tinxtxs for many years now his is a whistle, so I am always surprised he can sing so well and manage to pitch his notes, but he said he is just used to it now! Joint School, is not as you might suspect lessons in how to smoke cxnxxbis, but is part of the hospital’s rapid recovery programme. “It involves a morning at the hospital where patients are invited alongside a friend or relative and receive talks from nursing, anaesthetics, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. You will also be seen individually by the physiotherapist and occupational therapist to run through exercises that will benefit you before and after the op, discuss whether any equipment is required such as perching stools and raised toilet seats.” I can’t wait!! There was a tie for first place for the best C’mas cake – Mxrrxsxns Poinsxttx C’mas Cark and Sainsbugs Txste the D Fxlling Lexvxs cake. Never heard of your Eye Kxttxe place but it looks lovely. The lady who used to be our accompanist for the choir had a motorhome rathr than a cxrxvan and she and her husband found it much easier for trips out and about, and abroad. She also said it was much easier to park!!! Glad to hear the little dog is recovering well. My sisters two dogs are getting elderly now – not sure what they will do once “the Puppies” (that’s still what I call them) are no longer around!

Had an extra long service at Church yesterday morning, just because I needed to be home to get the roast chicken on, but all worked out well. The family arrived at about 1pm, and we ate at 2.15pm. After lunch the children and I decorated the tree – only one casualty, a glass bauble that was quite elderly, and now the tree is looking quite festive. There are still some baubles to go on so I will do that later today. At about 5pm when it was nice and dark we went outside so the children could do the grand switching on – they loved it and felt very important. They each fetched me a little plant in a Christmas pot – a snowman from Marcus and an elf from Imogen. The building works seem to be progressing and Glen said he thought they should be finished by the second week in January (fingers crossed). I gave them a small fibre optic tree I had bought when we visit the garden centre and bought the deer, so that they can have something Christmassy up at home. Victoria showed me the photos of the lounge stacked from floor to ceiling!! They can’t get the kitchen installed of course until everything is finished with the building. Victoria was wearing one of the dresses I bought her when she came over last and I took her on the shopping trip – she looked lovely. Today is of course SLAPPAS, then I must do some laundry and this evening we are performing for one of the local WI Christmas gatherings. It’s all go at this time of the year! Morning BHB, let’s grab the Lavendula and the hot mince pies and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 10, 2018, 10:54
Morning all and it is bright and dry. I can actually see bits of blue sky. Hand report, after a very painful weekend things are a bit better today, however I have been here before only for it all to break out all over again, so not getting carried away. I decided yesterday I could not just sit feeling sorry for myself, so I yanked the C/mas tree out of the garden shed and managed to get it up and decorated, not much I know but it makes me feel happy looking at it! I have had a call from my doc and they want to run more tests, what it is to be a medical mystery! report is that the sent a text asking me to ring, I did and the rheumatoid place have replied and suggested more tests, so more blood tests! Have to pick the forms up for that and then need to do a food shop.

Eva you are probably on your way home by now. Hope the journey goes smoothly. I agree that Faye maybe should win but I am with Twin that I think the huge following Joe has will hand him the glitter ball and we will have the weakest dancer as champion since Dxrren G I think! Still he is a very charming young man and actually very modest, and has done very well. Also this time next year we will struggling to remember who won!

Ali I second Twin, no problem about mixing us up we really don't mind!

Sue your leisure park looks lovely. I like the area round Mxlton M very much, not that far from where my nephew lives. Always a touch of sadness as pets get older, but let's not think about that and hopefully she will be with you for a good while yet. Such a sweetie.

Glad to see Bella is back in her normal social whirl Jo!

Morning BHB, what have we today? Lavendula? Of course, it is Monday, silly me! Let's get another jug and find the CM.

Jane E wrote:
Monday, December 10, 2018, 12:20
Hello everyone,

And happy belated birthday to Fi! Sorry your card will be late. I'm blaming my new phone for failing to notify me!

Quick update from me: I think I last came on the blog during the team meeting. I am pleased to say that my senior manager did introduce us in the afternoon. I even did a short presentation.

Then on Thursday a few of us had annual work Xmas treat - this year tickets to Phantom with first class travel. What a lovely day!

Weekend was disappointing. I should have been visiting my mum and my bro's family, but thanks to Northern Train strike I couldn't make up. I ended up spending the say with ex ploppy instead. which was quite nice.

Pauline - well done on getting the Crimbo tree up! I hope the doc manages to solve your medical mystery. Hoping you are not too bad today.

And I see Carol had help decorating hers! Sounds like you had a lovely time with your family.

Hello Sue! I am glad you had fun in your motorhome! And very pleased to hear that little dog is OK - for now at least. As you say 12 is a good age. Hoping you have plenty of time left with her.

Oh dear Fi - I see the ongoing battle with NN isn't going to be an easy one. :-(

Eva - I hope you have a nice, safe journey home!

Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 07:50
Morning and clear skies at the moment, but a dull light grey. This we are due a dry day although there is a slight chance of rain. Temperatures are to be between 5C and 8C. Think Eva will notice a difference at home – just checked and she should be returning to sunshine, but temps of between –2 and 0C – not quite the warm climate she has been enjoying recently. Hopefully she had a straight forward journey home and all went smoothly.

I can’t help but feel that when I see you later this week Twin you will resemble a pin cushion! Well done of practising on your own decorations, before you come and help with mine!

Delighted to hear you were allowed to join the conference video call Lady J, and even allowed to make a presentation. That was a lovely Ch’mas treat – few years now since Twin and I last saw PofTO AND you had first class travel. What a shame you couldn’t visit your mother and family. Have you rescheduled or is N Raxl scheduling more strikes? Lovely that you could spend some time with exPloppy though.

Pleased to report we raised £470 for Sxve the Chxldrxn on Saturday. The local StC Committee are really pleased. Did the shopping yesterday morning and escaped lightly with a pair of jumping cord leggings, and a thermal t shirt (it is red and sparkly) just in case we get a really cold snap. This time last year we had already had the s word! In the afternoon I did the laundry, whilst MM went to see the doctor. He has come back with stronger pain killers, so fingers crossed. In the evening we were out singing for the WI at the village where Jill lives. That went well and we came away with a £70 donation towards Ann’s Tribute Fund for MxD. Today have the wrapping paper to pack away, and the presents to put around the tree – some are in boxes for distribution to various parts of my life (MM’s present is still missing by the way!). This afternoon we are singing for a Care Home in Nxrthwxxd, and this evening we are out for a Ch’mas meal with the Variety Group, which I have organised. Will have to watch HC on catch up when we get home. Bonus is our friend, Roy, has offered to drive us, so MM and I will both be able to have a drink! Morning BHB, yes it is trying to brighten up. Let’s grab the Rhxtt Bxtlxr and the paninis and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 10:07
Morning all, and a lovely sunny day, though of course that is from in here! I think outside is somewhat chilly! I am whispering now so they don't hear, but my hands have improved a fair but, shhh! I have been here before only for it all to break out again, so not getting carried away. I did my food shop yesterday, so maybe things can get back to normal one day! Today I am off to my chiro and that later this afternoon I am having my hair done, which will all be very nice.

Glad you managed to be acknowledge at the conference vid Lady Jane, and give a presentation. I should jolly well think so too! Love your treat day out. Sounds perfect. I seem to recall it took some organising so hoped all enjoyed it!

Well done on the amount raised by your concerts Twin. Very well deserved as I know how good you are. Your C/mas is really in full swing!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Rhxtt Butler? Sounds very good to me, so let's get some more and we can find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 14:22
hello all!

I've been having a fascinating morning with a new(ish) colleague who's blind. We are supposed to produce learning that screen readers can cope with but for years we've been uncertain what software works and what doesn't. Oh and the arguments about how the screen readers deal with punctuation! I can now feedback LOADS to my colleagues! :-)

Well done Carol! Excellent find raising there! Do you think MM's pressy has gone off with my tablet? Hoping those pain killers work for him.

I must say the first class train journeys were lovely. How I wish I could afford to travel that way for more than the occasional treat! Northern are on strike every Saturday in December (and are not running in any case on my line to mum's on Sundays) so I think it'll be National Express - unless ex can take me. He has said it's about time he visited my mum again. For that read HIS mum has told him he ought to (that's what I suspect!)

Enjoy your evening meal Carol!

La la la! No one heard Pauline say anything about her hands. Enjoy your chiro (err if your chiro is enjoyable...) and your hair do Pauline!


evam wrote:
Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 16:49
Afternoon all. Sorry I haven't been in earlier, but yesterday was a difficult day. I was very unwell on the flight to Bergen,- nauseous (sp?) most of the way, and dozing, not reading anything at all. I was met at the airport and taken home, and I had a good(ish) night. This morning I had to go see my GP because I'd had the tooth trouble in Spain. The consultant at the hospital told me that I had to have a MRSA test done, because the treatment at the dentist was equal to an operation. Because of my arthritis meds, I had to be extra careful that I didn't bring anything nasty back ith me. I waited for almost 1 1/2 hours before my GP coud do the test, and then I had to go and see father. He looks well, and is more or less determined to go home on Monday. There will be a meeting on Thursday with the SS, father's physio and occupational theraphist at the home, and we have been asked to attend. I told youngest sister I'd go. I'm not looking forward to it, but it has to be done. Tomorrow I have to go and see mother. Father gave me a copy of her epicrisis from the home, and it was depressing reading. She is very, very ill, and it's going downwards very fast. All the same stresses are back, and I feel like I've never been away.

Sorry I'm such a moaner, but all this is really getting me down. maybe I'll have a better day tomorrow?
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 12, 2018, 07:15
Morning and still pitch black outside so not sure what the weather is doing – although I will find out in a moment as I need to put the refuse out! Yesterday was quite a nice day with sunshine, but chilly. In the evening when we came home it was 3C. I think the forecast is for today to be much the same.

It must have been really interesting working alongside your blind colleague – I know the RNXB offer help with screen readers. We just take technology for granted of course, and sometimes forget the difficulties other users might have. So more rail strikes in your part of the country – similar down here with Sxxth Wxstxrn trains – think they have been out on strike at the same time as N’thern – every Sat in Nov and now in Dec! Ah so ex Plxppy’s mum has been on the case you think? Good for her!

So sorry to hear you were unwell on your flight Eva, Being unwell not the thing you need when flying. At least you had a fairly good night’s sleep and your “chauffeur” was there to collect you. I am sure Hazel was delighted to see you again. So more visits to the doctor – I can understand that you needed to get the dental treatment checked over. Don’t envy you the meeting on Monday – do you think the SS will actually turn up this time? So sorry to hear your Mother is so ill – I am sure after a few weeks away you will notice quite a change in her. Sending your lots of virtual hugs, as arriving back to all the stresses seems to have undone all the good the time away, and the treatment and meeting up with friends, seemed to have for you.

Had a fairly industrious day yesterday sorting things out (this morning’s project is sorting my shoes and boots and sandals out). The Care Home where we sang in the afternoon was VERY hot – felt really sorry for Jean, our accompanist as she was positioned right next to a radiator and when we had finished her face was bright scarlet! Came home and had a quick turn around before going out for our meal (one of our friends collected us so MM could have a drink). One of the group had to cancel in the afternoon as he had a chest infection, which meant there were ten of us for the meal. Food was very good and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We were home about 10.15pm and MM and I watched the last episode of Mrs Wxlsxn. I now have HC to catch up with. Today is sorting out music and the back room, and then this evening we are off singing Cxrols with the church. Hopefully won’t be too long an evening and will be dry (forecast to be!). Morning BHB, yes it is very gloomy out. Let’s grab the Gxldxn Ivx and the pastries and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 12, 2018, 09:55
Morning all. Very grey and chilly here at the moment. At least it is dry, for now. Although my hands are still not so bad at the moment, again I hope I am not tempting fate, I know seem to be starting with the problem in my feet! Also I have a red, swollen ear. I am being referred to a specialist, whenever that may happen and in the mean time there are still tests being done! I am beginning to feel this is with me for life now! Just hope I can learn to manage it. As I seem to have a day with fairly operational hands I am going to try and do some h/work and later may wrap a few more pressies.

When I read about your ills Eva, I feel a right moaner. Please don't think you are moaning, you know we are here to listen and you have so much to cope with at the moment. Sad about your Mum deteriorating, it is the nature of the disease I suppose, but so hard to deal with. I hope there is a sensible outcome for your father. Hopefully SS will be there this time and can really get an idea of his capabilities, or lack of really! Sorry you were poorly on the flight. In fact as I know all too well, flying will exacerbate any problems you have. Let's hope things get more positive for you soon.

The trains are a pesky nuisance Lady J. I hope your ex can take you to see your Mum, even if it is from a bit of prodding by his own Mum. Atta girl! The work you were doing with the blind colleague must have been very interesting. Makes you appreciate your eyes as well I would think.

Morning BHB and what have we for today? Gclden Ivy? Lovely, let's get another jug and go and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 12, 2018, 12:29
Afternoon all. Late again, but have had a busy morning again. It's beautiful but cold outside, - 2 at the moment.

I see the BHB has gone. I'm not surprised. I can't have him waiting all day for me, can I? Poor lamb. 💋 I had a good rest yesterday afternoon, but still felt funny (peculiar.) so I was taking it easy, and I managed to convince myself that the Christmas decorating could wait. 😜 I still haven't brought anything up from the downstairs storage. This afternoon? We'll see.
I watched HC last night of course. Weren't the two weddings lovely? And how suprised was I when Lofty started singing. I didn't know he had such a lovely singing voice.😜 No wonder Dom has fallen hook, line and sinker if that's what Lofty does to him.😂
I have been to see mother this morning. She was sitting in the lounge when I arrived, but was asleep in her chair. I woke her up very gently, and she lit up when she saw it was me. She wanted me to take her to her room, but she couldn't manage to get up from her chair, even with my help. In the end 2 nurses came and lifted her gently over into a wheelchair and got her safely to her room and into her easy chair. She wanted me to sit next to her and hold her hand, and when I showed her the Christmas card from Andreas and Johan with their photos, she was delighted. I had to explain a couple of times who they were, and she was stroking the photo. I didn't stay more than half an hour, because we have been told that longer than that, exhausts her. The matron was waiting for me in the corridor, and we had a long talk, together with 2 of mother's permanent nurses. They are looking after her so well, I am quite touched.
When I'd finished there, I needed to do another food shop, as I'd forgotten half of what I needed yesterday.😒 Remembered to post the rest of my Christmas cards, so at last they're on their way. Wrapping presents? Not yet.

Jane,- it's not easy for you to see your mother when the rail company won't play ball. All cudos to your ex-mother-in-law if she gets you a lift with ex-husband. I'm sure you learned a lot by working with you blind colleague. When I lived in Deal, I used to help a blind lady with her German lessons, and I was really impressed with the technologi she could use.

Carol,- well done with the amount of money you raised for Ch I N. It must be so rewarding to see that what you're doing, is doing good.

Pauline,- what you're telling about your hands, and maybe now feet, must be scary- I sincerely hope you can be seen by a specialist asap.

Tomorrow morning I have the meeting at father's care home. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.

Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, December 12, 2018, 15:16
Hello all!

Aww wasn't the Wedding lovely! Loftly looked very handsome in that marron jacket as did his groom (though I must admit I wasn't looking that much at his other half). But the song was the highlight!

I am so very impressed with Lee. When he mentioned at a concert that he'd be singing on HC, he did warn us at a concert that it would Lofty singing not himself. I was expecting a cringe worthy performance. I didn't imagine it would be sweet, romantic, and rather lovely...but slightly nervous and without the expression Lee brings in. How does he do that? How can he turn off his natural sparkle?


Now listen you two, Eva and Pauline, you are NOT moaners! You are both lovely, strong ladies and if you want to share the sh*t you go through with the rest of us we'll be very glad to listen. And then share our sh*t with you!

Eva - I'm sorry to hear you were poorly on your journey home. And that you've had to go through those tests. And it's very sad to hear about your poor mum. But it sounds like you had a lovely visit and she loved her Christmas card. It's good to know she's being properly looked after. Fingers crossed that the SS will get the care your dad needs sorted out.

Pauline - I'm glad to hear that your hands aren't too bad (touching wood). I hope that you're not starting with it in your feet and your ear. I'm ooohmmming that your specialist consultant knows what's going on and can treat it.

Carol - pity your friend couldn't come to the meal out but it sounds like you all had a good time. Very industrious of you singing in a sauna!

I'm still not exactly sure when and how I'll be visiting mum. Ex has been invited to friends on the day I want to go, so it might be N Express for now and perhaps he'll take me around her birthday time.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 12, 2018, 18:45
Sorry I've been missing. Been out and about. Monday, lovely concert at a very warm (took fleece off) folk club about 30mins away by car. The dogs were both home alone as Mr ExP was out playing chess and Mrs was with me. They survived as Mr ExP was home before us and let them out. Yesterday Mr and Mrs ExP were both out so I had 2 dogs to take on Bella's social whirl and a MrT delivery. Tonight much quieter as I was very early home form w*rk due to physio appt for my hip.

Eva and Pauline, I'm with Jane, moan all you like. I'm sure most of us have done from time to time, or in my case lots!!

Eva, maybe your mother will have an up time next time you see her. She is in a safe and caring place, that is good.

I need to do some planning for the weekend....

Carol, good amount of money raised, well done.
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 13, 2018, 07:36
Morning and still gloomy out there. Believe we are due to have a bright, cold day ahead (think you have the same Eva but colder than we are). It was certainly quite chilly last night!

Well apart from the tree being up Eva we haven’t got our inside decorations up – outside is looking very festive, but at the moment inside not! Planning on getting that done this weekend. I did manage to catch up with HC and yes the weddings were lovely. The GO did say he would be singing, as Lady J mentioned. Glad to hear you visit to your Mother went well under the circumstances. How comforting to know she is being really well cared for at the Home. Lovely that she wanted to hold your hand and connect with you too. I do hope that the meeting with your Father’s care team goes well, and that the SS deign to turn up. Hopefully there will be an outcome which will suit everyone.

I loved the maroon jacket Lady J - I think, but could be wrong – that they were wearing matching jackets....however, I could be wrong as like you I was only looking at one participant! I agree he did full justice to singing as “Lofty” – it was a very touching moment. I did think singing in the “sauna” might mean we all lost a lot of weight, but sadly that wasn’t the case (mind you going out for a meal in the evening probably didn’t help!!). How long will the journey take if you have to go by National E (brings back memories of popping my mother onto the NE coach down to S’hampton – we would take her to LXR and put her on the coach and my sister would collect her the other end, and then the reverse for the return journey).

I see that not only has Bella been on a social whirl, but so have you Jo! Goodness – did I read that right – you took your fleece off? I think you would have liked the care home we sang in on Tuesday! I see that Bella’s friend joined her for the social round – so that would be the bar or the pub? Hope your hip is ok? Just think tomorrow it will be another week down and off the countdown. Is it this weekend you are off to Scxtlxnd?

I was quite industrious yesterday – managed to sort out the boots and shoes and have a small pile ready to go out. Now have the sandals and summer shoes safely tucked away in a container in the garage and the more substantial shoes, together with the boots, are now in the house. As part of this exercise I had to move my handbags and feel that perhaps (only perhaps) I don’t need any more at the moment.............. In the evening we went off and did our one hour of carol singing (too cold to stay out any longer!) - came home and had a hot drink to warm up (memo to self when going out carol singing take a flask with warm coffee!!). I wasn’t too cold in the main, but my feet got very chilly as did my nose!! Today it is back to sorting out the back room – not sure where I am going to put all the piles of music! This afternoon MM has an MXI scan on his head to try and sort out the hearing problems, and then this evening – just for a change – we are out singing. This time over at Hxstxn. Morning BHB, yes it does look chilly. Let’s grab the toasted sandwiches and the Stxep Flxght and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 13, 2018, 10:15
Morning all, and it is a lovely day here. Blue skies and sunshine here at the moment though it is very chilly out there I think. I like days like this though, as I have a pile of ixxnxxg to do, I don't think I will get to enjoy it over much! I am glad to report (in a whisper) that there is further improvement in the hands so hoping I have at least a bit of a respite. Mind I am paranoid about every itch and every time my hands get warm now!

I thought the wedding lovely and agree about the maroon jacket Lady J. I do know they had matching jackets as I have sine seen a still of them, didn't notice on the day as too busy looking at just one of them! So lovely to hear him sing and being allowed to sing nicely, albeit not to his full potential that we know! It was charmingly well done. Shame that it looks like the bus for you to get to your Mum. You will need a tablet so you can have a good read! Any sign of it yet?

Your visit to your Mum sounds as if it was very touching Eva. It is good that she recognises you and is so pleased to see you. So good she is somewhere they are looking after her so well.

Jo, you took your fleece off? Good grief! It must have been tropical! Glad to hear that Bella is managing lots of socialising!

Morning BHB, what have we today? Stxep Flxght? Interesting, let's get some more and find the CM.
TK wrote:
Thursday, December 13, 2018, 22:05
Just rushing in as packing, placating Bella and generally going nuts. I'm at w8rk tomorrow then off to Scotland :)
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 13, 2018, 23:32
Just popping on to say I may not make it on here in the morning. I am going to have the procedure done tomorrow. I am hoping this will be the last one for a long time! Well I can always hope!

Jo have a fab time in the far north this weekend, I think it is guaranteed! Safe travels.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 14, 2018, 07:31
Morning and still dark outside so not sure what is doing weatherwise, although I suspect it may be frosty as last night it was down to zero degrees when we came out from our concert.

Hope the meeting with the SS and the Physio, Care Team and your Father went well, although if they were saying he needs permanent care, and he was saying he wants to go home, I imagine it was quite fraught. Sending another virtual hug.

Ah so you are off to see the pxnto then Jo – oh yes you are! Hope the flights are ok and the weather not too bad (think heavy rain forecast for tomorrow from what I remember of the forecast). I suspect Bella won’t be talking to you when you come home! Blow him kisses from the Cinderloppies please!!

Had a very industrious day yesterday and all the piles of music put away. Need to have a cull in the New Year! Sadly MM’s missing pressie is not in evidence – I think you are right Lady J and it has gone off with your tablet! MM went off for his scan and had blood test done at the same time. Not sure when he will get the results. Concert went well last night, but it was very cold when we came out. This morning I am off for a back massage (feel I need it) and my C’mas hair cut. Then I will be off up to the hospital with Twin, will hand her over to the medical staff and go off to deliver the presents to my friends in the office, which is fortunately just down the road from the hospital. I will then await a call from the hospital to say I can collect the patient. Will bring her home and tuck her up and then zoom off for an hour’s Choir practice (we have our Carol Service this weekend so I need one more rehearsal with them). Then home to make sure Twin ok!! Other than that not much on.................Morning BHB, yes it is chilly, thank heaven for the underfloor heating! Let’s grab the toasted teacakes and the Vanillita and have a lovely snuffle. I think the DCM won’t be joining us this morning but she sends her love.
evam wrote:
Friday, December 14, 2018, 08:27
Morning all. It looks like the sky is grey, but it's still fairly dark, so not sure.

Hello sweetheart. I look sad? That's because I am. Why don't we sit down on the sofa with the coffee, and while we're snuggling, I'll tell you all about it. May I rest my head on your shoulder? Bless you!💋💋

Yesterday was a fraught day. The meeting with the care home staff (no SS there!), went from bad to worse. I was there half an hour early so that father and I could agree about what to say. When the physio, the occupational therapist and father's nurse came in, we started talking. (Beforehand father and I had agreed that I would do the talking.) That agreement went down the toilet from the very beginning. He disagreed with almost everything I was saying, about what he needed help with, his mental state and so on, and said that youngest sister and I underestimated what he could do! Then the physio butted in and told him how pleased she was with him, because he had the determination and stubbornness to do his training to get better. He was lapping it up. I said that he would stop his training as soon as he came home,- he always did, but he disagreed. The occupational therapist came with several suggestions about which extra helping tools that could be installed in his flat, and he agreed with everything. I know that it is sis, br.i.l and I who have to see to all this. I won't go in to all the details,- at times I wanted to strangle him. HE WANTS TO GO HOME,- and he wants me and sis to do all the looking after. I did ask if he could possibly stay until after Christmas, but was told that father had said that he wants to go home on the 17th, so his room has already been allocated to someone else. Father "forgot" to tell us this. I was really distraught, and told them that sis and I really don't feel up to taking on all the responsibities,- again. We were so anxious and afraid for him. Father's answer to this: He couldn't be held responsible for causing us anxiety and fright! He looked so pleased with himself when they assured him that he would be going home on Monday.
I don't have to explain to you how I felt, and sis was just as angry and distraught as me when I phoned and told her about the result. I really can't believe he could be so devious, taking our comittment totally for granted. I've hardly slept, just been going over and over in my mind what was said, what we'll have to do to make his flat ready for his homecoming on Monday. We are firmly back to start.😡😢 I'm off to see the handsome consultant in about an hour. The sight of him always cheers me up,- maybe that will happen today as well. Fingers crossed.

Pauline and Carol,- good luck at the hospital today. I know you'll be looking after her well, Carol.

Jo,- have a safe flight up to A*erdeen and enjoy the shows there.
Diana wrote:
Friday, December 14, 2018, 16:35

Oh Eva, how distressing for you, not surprised you wanted to strangle your father. You must have felt like telling him to look after himself in future and walking out of the meeting. Hope you sleep much better tonight. Sending love and hugs.

Pauline, hope the procedure went smoothly and you make a quick recovery.

Enjoy the panto, Jo, and have a smooth journey there and back.

I asked my manager again yesterday am about a leaving date and we had a chat later. Provisionally it's been agreed for end of first week of Jan but the good news is that I can w*rk from SA that final week. She was supposed to email me to confirm but I've not received anything yet and she's on holiday after today until New Year. Too late to backtrack now as I've been busy this pm confirming arrangements. I am so relieved that we can go ahead with our trip, I feel like a weight has been lifted.

I went out to do a bit of food shopping earlier. A few mins after leaving home I heard someone calling over a fence so went over. Her son had gone out and locked up, leaving her in the garden and she couldn't get out! I lent her my phone and she called her family and someone was going to come and let her out. Lucky she had a coat on. Then went to Lidl for the first time ever to get their Xmas pud that has been highly rated but, not surprisingly, it was sold out. Picked up a couple of alternatives but only half the tills were open and everyone else had full trolleys and I didn't feel like waiting so put the items back and walked out with nothing. Went to Sains instead and bought some duck spring rolls.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 14, 2018, 20:44
Just reporting that Twin is safely home with us and all went well.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 15, 2018, 08:30
Morning and it looks grey out – although so far we haven’t got the sleet they were forecasting, with maximum temperature of 3C. Think it is due to be warmer in A’deen!!

So sorry to hear that the meeting didn’t go to plan Eva (not surprised the SS didn’t bother to show up). I think it is not so much you and your sister are underestimating what he can do, but that he is totally underestimating what you and your sister can do due to your condition. Sending you lots of ooohmmmmmmms and virtual hugs. Don’t know what to suggest, but will just say that if you and your sister are made ill through the stress and worry that isn’t going to help him at all. Hate to say this but this has taken selfishness (on his part) to a new level. It has obviously undone all the benefits of your stay in Spxxn. Did you have a good visit with your lovely insultant? Hopefully you told him what had happened and he was supportive. Only suggestion is that you hold a family conference with everyone in the family and decide how this can be dealt with.

Good news about your leaving date Diana, and that you can work it from SA! In the end, despite the uncertainty and worry, it has all worked out for you quite well. I can understand why you feel a weight has been lifted (although sadly it would appear to have fallen on Eva). Goodness poor lady – I can see how easily it could happen though. Thank heavens she had her coat on! Shame about the pudding, but once the word gets out people rush and buy from Lxxl – I remember them selling lxbstxr a few years back and people queuing to buy them as they were so reasonable. We certainly love the bakery at Lxxl when we are in Spxxn. So only five more days for you to go! Jo will be envious. How is Ploppy’s shoulder doing – has he managed any golf?

Pleased to say the patient is currently still fast asleep this morning. She has been so stressed up yesterday’s procedure that she hasn’t been sleeping well recently (and not surprisingly). All worked like clockwork yesterday. I had a lovely massage and my hair is now all trimmed and ready for Christmas. Timing was perfect - I finished at 11 am, rang Rick and he told me Pauline had literally just arrived. I walked home, collected the presents for the office, and then MM drove us to the station. We got to the hospital about 12.45, so in plenty of time. Twin checked in at Reception and then had a form to complete. There was quite a nice waiting area and we started talking to an elderly lady and her daughter. They had come from Ipswxch. (by the way they thought we were sisters so we didn’t disabuse them of the notion!). As is always the way in hospitals we had quite a long wait before Twin was called to go and have her bp, temperature etc taken. I was allowed to sit in with her until the Co

Insultant came and chatted her through it all (sounded quite scary) and said if anything went wrong she could be moved to another theatre and stay for a week!! I will let Twin fill you in on the details! He told me that they wouldn't know if she had to be in overnight until they were actually doing the procedure. She was taken off at about 2.45 and the Insultant told me to come back no sooner than two hours time. So I went off to the office and had a long chat with Ania, James (Daddy to my Goddaughter) came down and saw me and I saw a couple of the Partners from my old department so that was nice! I got back to the hospital just after 4.30pm and asked at Reception if there was any news. Nice Receptionist came back and said Pauline was in Recovery and would be about another ten to fifteen minutes. Elderly lady was just being returned to her daughter as we left. They were off for something to eat as their train wasn’t leaving until 7.30-pm. Having got Twin safely home, with MM collecting us from the station, we had to zoom off for a quick choir practice for Sunday’s Carol Service, but left Twin with her feet up and the tv remote. We fetched in a take away so we could all eat, and then had a lazy evening watching TV. Today is putting up the decorations day, but I will make sure Twin doesn’t overdo things. Tonight is the SCD final of course!! Morning BHB, yes it is getting a little brighter but I think it is chilly out. Let’s grab the hot toasted crumpets and the Rhxtt Bxtler and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 15, 2018, 09:26
Morning all and it is a very grey one an d the forecast is dire! Very glad I am no having to go anywhere today. Still feeling a bit fragile after yesterday, but so relieved it is done with for now. I have to say that all the hospital staff we came into contact with have been so lovely. I can’t praise them highly enough. Twin has described our arrival and the pre consent chat which is indeed very scary about what could go wrong, but then he told us what was a possible outcome if I didn’t have it done, which was even worse! I said let’s do it and was trundled off to theatre. Thankfully the sedatin they gave me was good and although I was conscious I was on another planet and only remember scraps of it. I vaguely remember being wheeled into a ward a was nice and comfy and warm and had a lovely sleep! When I woke it wasn’t long before one of the doctors came to see me and said it was a complete success! Woohoo! I will have to have another one of these things in a few months just to be sure all is well but a huge relief. I was then delivered back to Twin who, with MM is looking after me for a few days. Phew!

Eva I don’t know what to say to you about your father. He really has got to be very devious. Not surprised you are in despair. All I can say is maybe if you and your sister do the bare minimum required maybe he will realise he is not as capable of living alone as he thinks. I can see it is very tricky though.however if both you and sister are made I’ll by 5his he really will be in a pickle, so try to put yourself first at times. Sending huge hugs and love.

Hope jo is safe and sound in Aberdeen and has several fleeces with her as I think she may need them today!

Diana that is great news about your work wonderful that you can go to SA, humm, can we all come too please!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Rhett Bxtler? Lovely ooh that was a nice hug. You are pleased I am ok, aww thank you, I am quite pleased too! Let’s get more cocktails and find the CM.
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, December 15, 2018, 10:33
Morning. Sorry to be MIA but have been v down this week and so thought would wait until I felt chirpier . Decided today that I couldn't wait that long!!! Firstly tHank you for all my birthday cards, e cards, wishes and decorated bistro. It looked fab. GO even sang me a song but said he was practising for an even bigger occasion and had to dash off! I don't always watch HC but did this week - didn't he look handsome ( even more so than usual) and I can agree that it was an EVEN bigger occasion tHan my bday!
Had nice time with Scollops at my bday and loved the trip to NT house all decorated for Ch. But felt bit " off sorts". Put it down to stress and it is partly that but now have come down with chesty cough, cold, sore throat and have lost my voice. We have had sh.t week with l.wyers, s.rveyors etc. We hunk it very likely NN can get access to our land BUT he I am sure will take us hero he court process and the judge is final decider and not 100% guaranteed. Doing loads of research to put good objection tog. Shattered. Then in most of this big argument with sis. Had agreed with Scollops that I wld contact her re them going down for a quick visit to my parents before Ch. I forgot so UB Scollop,texted her. Before I know it a big family lunch to celebrate engagement arranged in parents house to celebrate engagement - on B.xng Day and without us. And she doesn't tell me has done this. She could go ballistic if I did same to her. So not only can't we attend ( Ploppy can't drive that far and back in day) but we are left on B.xing day on our own, knowing rest of family celebrating without us. She had said when Ploppy first I'll she would take parents to us for family celebration. But seemingly that not now poss, nor is meeting halfway . I have then had tirades of txt from her about she has to do everything for parents... And she is stressed too!! I had thought siblings were being supportive of awful time we are going thro , so v v upset at this. It's not true that she does everything, she has no idea what real care needs are ( when I think what we had to do for Ploppy aunt and uncle on top f FT jobs, 400 m round trip) - she ain't seen anything yet!! Plus then they shd be in sh housing!!! Really shaken that yet again ( same when Ploppy ill and lost driving licence) we are been given no leeway to step back from care of parents and recover. Have to say tho so far bro being a star - not emotional support just lots of info for planning obj etc but v helpful.!
Eva - I do envy your close relationship with youngst sis. That is not to say that I don't understand that you are going thro very hard times with your parents. Your dad is being emotionally manipulative which is very hard on top of the hard work involved. Very had to build n some recuperation time for you. As Carol,says tho you need to not let all the good work of Sp be undone! And nurture the support you and sis give each other ( I know you do 🙂) .
Jane - cards were worth waiting for! Hope you get travel arrangements sorted.
Pauline - glad op went well and your convalescence home is so comfortable with wonderful,staff.
Diana - holiday and redundancy sorted - a good day.
Carol - have done no Chr prep yet. Still only at J in card writing. No Loppy cards - I have sent donation to SAlv Army.
Jo - lots and lots - and lots of layers. All thermal!!!
Will try and cheer up today. Am sure when I feel better ( I have huge headache which p.racet.mol not touching) I will cheer up - maybe!
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 15, 2018, 11:53
Morning all. It's a bit overcast here and + 2 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. Oooooohhhhhhh, that was a lovely hug. Because I'm worth it? You are so wonderful. 💋💋 (He agrees, of course.) My herbal tea is ready and you've saved me a toasted crumpet? Better and better. 💋💋💋
I have been to see mother today. She was sitting in the lounge when I arrived. Not sleeping, but not talking to the other two sitting there. She smiled when she saw me, and she was delighted when I showed her the mini-mini Christmas tree I had brought with me. We chatted for a bit (That is, I chatted,- she is loosing her language more and more.) After a while she wanted to go back to her room. She couldn't manage with the zimmer on wheels, so I had to call a nurse and she fetched a wheel chair. All in all it was a good visit.
Thank you for all your support re father. I agree that he's utterly selfish, and pretends that he doesn't know that sis and I are seriously ill. It's more convenient and comfortable for him not to remember that! As you can see, I'm still very upset with him. I had to ring him to tell him mother was OK, because she hadn't answered the phone yesterday when he rang, but I made it a very short call!

Carol,- yes, the handsome consultant cheered me up as he always do. First of all he was very pleased with my 3 months's average blood sugar count which was down from last time. In addition he was delighted with me loosing 1 1/2 stone in weight since September. I haven't said anything here before, because I wasn't sure I could keep it up, but now I'm delighted.
Thank you for looking after our Pauline. We know she's safe with you, and that you and MM will spoil her rotten.

Pauline,- so good to hear that the op was a success, even if you have to do the same again in a while. At least now you know what you can expect. Let your hosts take care of you, and rest, rest and rest.❤️️

Fi,- you are right,- I am so glad that youngest sister and I always have had a very close relationship, going back to when we were children. It's especially important now when Mrs S has turned her back on the responsibilities towards our parents. I am so sorry to hear that your sis is making trouble again, and I can undertand that you are very hurt. I think we have to realise that some siblings are made like that.

Diana,- delighted to hear that your redundancy date seems to be sorted and that you can have your SA holiday as planned. Pity about the Christmas pudding. Hope the Sainsbug's one isn't too bad.

Jo,- are you enjoying A*erdeen? Cold enough for you? How many fleeces? 5? 😂

I'm looking forward to tonight's Strictly, but I can tell you here and now that if Joe wins, I'll go into a week long sulk!😡

evam wrote:
Saturday, December 15, 2018, 21:04
I don’t have to sulk for a week.😜. Congratulations to Stacy and Kevin. I am so delighted. I could vote 6 times online, and to right earlier wrongs done to Ashley, I voted for her 4 times and for Stacy twice.
Btw. a cold is brewing here, but I already feel better after the Strictly result, and now I’m ready to let Michael M put a smile on my face.😀😀😀
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, December 16, 2018, 07:45
Morning and very dark out so not sure what the weather is doing. Yesterday it was wet all day – torrential in the late afternoon and evening. Fortunately we were tucked up inside in the warm! Think today is supposed to be fine until early evening when we have the chance of rain.

Liking the sound of the NT house, Fi – we visited the one near L’coln some years back with Mr and Mrs Chris. It was stunning. Not surprised you were feeling out of sorts and stressed – sorry that you have lost your voice! Hope you find it again soon. It does sound like you have had an awful week. NN (I am sure that stands for Nasty Neighbour rather than New Neighbour?) sounds an extremely unreasonable man and I suspect that the fact you have objected has made him worse – he probably thought you would just roll over and accept things. Family arguments are always horrible – your sister obviously feels totally put upon and I suspect deep down knows she should have listened to you when your parents were first moving down; so possibly really knows it is all her own doing, but can’t accept that and is lashing out. Actually thing organising a family get together (notionally for your family) whilst knowing you won’t be able to go, is really mean, especially knowing the situation with Ian. What do the Scollops think about it? It was nice to hear that your brother is being helpful though. Hope the headache has left you never to return and sending virtual hugs.

I am sure your Mother loved her little tree, and of course she was delighted to see you. Sad to hear she is losing her language skills – must be very difficult for you. As ever the staff at her Home seem very caring. Well done on making the call to you father short – do you think he realises what he has done, or is he just turning a blind eye now he has got his own way? Well done on the weight loss – you have done brilliantly. Not surprised the handsome insultant was very pleased with you. Your post reminded me that I hadn’t asked if Mrs S was aware of what was going on with regard to your Father? I am assuming that she will be coming back to N’way at some point over C’mas to see the little ones? Glad you aren’t having to sulk regarding the SCD vote. I actually liked Faye’s dances the best on the night so she had all my votes – knew neither she nor A’ley would win, and thought it would be S&K. We watched MM too – loved the “send to all” with Anton!

With the able assistance of Twin we now have the conservatory all decorated and the tree finished. Still have the front room to do, but as we have our Carol Service this afternoon, there is no morning service so we have this morning to get that done. Twin is coming to the service this afternoon, so we are dropping her off with Lindy and Lawrence at about 3pm whilst MM and I go up to the church to make sure everything is ready, then the three of them are coming to the service. Afterwards we are off for a meal, and at some point whilst we are there Mrs Chris will be joining us as she is staying over for a couple of nights, so we will have a full house! She is seeing F on the Roof this afternoon (courtesy of an ex pupil who is in the show – he is then taking her for a meal, and dropping her off to join us. He can then go home and we will bring Mrs Chris home here with us.). We opened our C’mas cards yesterday too, and have to agree Fi, that Lady J’s were extra special. Hope Jo had plenty of fleeces on as it looked a tad chilly up in A’deen! Think that part of S’land has a weather warning for snxw and ice – hopefully flights not affected! Morning BHB, yes it is a chilly start to the day. Let’s grab the hot toddy and the toasted paninis and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, December 16, 2018, 08:40
Morning all. I think it'll be a nice day here, but it's still too dark to see what the sky looks like.

Hello sweetheart. I look happy? Well, I was delighted with Stacy and Kevin's win last night. I was so surprised when the result was read out, and suddenly I realised that I was sitting there clapping and wopping with delight. If the neighbours heard me, they'll think I've gone mad!😜 I will freely admit that both Faye's and Ashley's dances deserved the top spot, but still, S and K were my favourites.
MM's show had me in stitches. Those bedroom scenes are hilarious! And the text on Anton's phone were also so witty. Loved the answer from Gary B and that he was sussed by Dawn F!😂 Sorry sweetheart , I almost forgot that you're waiting for my order. Coffee will be fine, thank you, drunk in front of the fire and the two of us on the sofa, snuggling.💋💋
I will be wrapping my Christmas presents today. Not my favourite job, but it has to be done. Aside from that, I have a mountain of i*****g to get through. I've been pushing it away for too long.

Carol,- Mrs S knows that father has been in the care home since his accident. She has called him once (!) since she left (a couple of days after I left for Spain), and she called youngest sister last Sunday. There wasn't really any news then, so no, she doesn't know that he'll be going home tomorrow. Youngest sister said if she's interested, she can call and ask.
Your plans for today sounds a bit complicated, but I hope it'll all comes together in the end. I agree that Lady Jane's card is very special. It has the pride of place on my window sill. I have managed to get up all the lights for the windows, and the decoration for my entrance door, but that will be all until Little Christmas Eve.
It's getting lighter, and I think it'll be a lovely day. Will let the sun warm up the air a bit, then I'll go for a walk.

Pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 16, 2018, 08:48
Morning all and it is nice and sunny out there at the moment. Makes a lovely change after a truly dire day yesterday. However as Twin as told you we spent the day inside so we were fine. I slept quite well last night with only one waking in the middle of the night with the itchy swollen patches I still have. I feel that I am a bit stronger today as I felt very tired all yesterday which I think was the after effects of the little op I had. Looking forward to the carol concert later and getting into the C/mas spirit. Loved the SCD final last night. I was quite pleased about Stacy winning as she comes from my home town and she has done so brilliantly for a novice. However I thought the best dances on the night were Faye. Loved her show dance. Just gorgeous. Sadly for her I don’t think she had enough of a journey that the public love the dancers to have had.
Of Fi I am so sorry for the absolutely rotten time you are having at the moment, it is just one thing after the other. It is so horrid having family rows, but your sis has been very naughty organising a party you can’t go to. I think Twin could well be right about her knowing she has bought a lot of this on herself by not listening to your thoughts when the parents moved. I hope you can sort things out eventually. Good luck with NN, hopefully that will get resolved satisfactorily as well.

Eva your weight loss is brilliant and well deserved. No wonder the handsome consultant was pleased. Very sad about your Mum, but I hope she can be content within herself at least. So hard for you though. As for your father, I feel he may regret his decision to defy you about his care.

Hope the panto goers are having a great weekend despite the dire weather. Something tells me they are!

Morning BHB, what a lovely smell! Oh you are doing hot toddy. Perfect. Let’s get some more and find the CM.
Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, December 16, 2018, 21:07
Evening. I feel a different person - about 2 hrs ago my thumping headache ( worst I have had in yrs ) cleared and I began to think I might live! I am not coughing so much and I can speak - not sure Ploppy so keen on that bit. Despite the headache I woke up determined to sort out issue with sis. Rest of our problems at moment we have no control over but I do with family. And at end of day tho I don't agree with her actions/ statements I do believe she always means well. So I texted ( still had v v croaky voice at that stage) and apologised re mix up - I do think UB Scollop hadnt helped by not always communicating to sis his wishes. She changed all the arrangements. To the ones I wanted right from start. I wanted it to be much more informal visit from Scollops and g/f as that involves much less work for sis. I do see what she means that sloppy needs constant monitoring ( I have been on ph 4 times to sloppy today - and that is jst abt the soup! Mind you catering for a vegan isn't easy - esp for a 89 yr old. I also think it is good for granny to have responsibility - tho I accept that I may be wrong and much easier for me to say from far away. Sis now not joining them until tea and cake at end. That is what I wanted as means Scollops have some quality time with grandparents on their own. Obv the difficulty will be getting dad up but I will talk to them all abt how to deal with that and support granny when they are there. They are sensible enough to deal with that and getting soup and jkt potato ready. So family crisis resolved - phew. You are right about sis Carol abt her knowing things could have been easier. But also she is own worst enemy as loves to be in control ( she is great organiser) and always wants everything to be perfect. She has to come to terms with fact that we can't make sloppy life perfect now. I recognise it is cos she is caring - but still frustrating. She wld say similar re me- and with justification! So hoping all is well now. Having berated my sis about going to too much fuss I am organising a drop in aft tea at home for local friends to celebrate UB Scollops eng.gement. Yep I can hear the pot, kettle, black words!! No wonder sis and I clash - maybe too alike!
Eva - is there any of you left? You had lost so much weight before. You are doing really well. Sad about your mum and fading communication skills. This old age lark not easy. We put up our Ch tree - it is a new artificial one. But I don't like it. Our room is small and it is much thinner, and I feel artificial looking, than prev one. Will see what Scollops say. I finished Ch cards today - yeah.
dad hasn't got up today at all - first time ever. I am trying to encourage sloppy to stay nearby when he goes to bathroom so she can make bed and he has to get up. She knows to do this but he always gets up when she has washing or cooking to attend to! Classic deflection but trying to support and encourage her by phone!
Carol - it was our carol concert at church tonight but I stayed in as feel need to keep warm. Hope you enjoyed yours. I love carols - of all sorts!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 17, 2018, 07:30
Morning and still dark out. It was a bright day as forecast yesterday, but the rain duly arrived when we were at the Carol Service and continued for most of the evening. Think today is supposed to remain dry, with “bright intervals and gentle breeze” – we shall see!!

Eva, agree that MMcI’s show was a hoot – we were very impressed with the Unexpected Stxr too – thought she was excellent (and a lot better than Chxrxl! – what on earth were those boots she had on – looked like elephant legs!). Loved Gino in the bedroom!! Hope the wrapping went well – Mrs Chris was saying she has about 25 presents to wrap when she gets home – feel quite smug that mine is done.........apart from the MM’s of course. No nearer to find his K Fire! I am beginning to think it really has eloped with Lady J’s tablet! Ah so Mrs S doesn’t know the latest (she probably thinks if he is in the care home he will be there for a while and she doesn’t have to worry about anything!).

So pleased to hear your headache has gone Fi. Well done on resolving the issues with your sister. I can see you halo shining from here. Kudos to her for changing the arrangements too! Very difficult when your parents need continual monitoring. Not such a good sign that your father hasn’t got up today. Must be very concerning for your Sloppy. I did smile when you put your sis is a great organiser – thought “well it obviously runs in the family” then went on to read you are organising the drop in tea and had a giggle! Well done on finishing the cards – we just have the ones for the neighbours to write now (as we deliver by hand it isn’t such an urgent thing!). Shame you missed your Carol concert at church but I think you were wise to stay warm and look after yourself. I always seem very popular at this time of year – lots of people sing about me! Same applies for one of the other members of our small secular choir – she is Gloria!!

Plans all worked quite well yesterday. We have decorated the front room now, so just have the dining room to do – it still has the boxes of presents waiting to go off to S’hampton on the table, so will probably do the last of the decorating on Thursday after we have been down to see June. Carol Service went quite well – the little ones were really cute. Church was very cold though (there is a problem with the heating at the moment – had a similar problem last year you may or may not recall – although last year it was caused by the gas board mistakenly cutting off the pipe that supplied the church! This year there is a problem with the boiler and we are waiting for the heating engineers to come and fix it). Went off for our meal in Ivvr and Mrs Chris joined us for dessert. So that part of the plan all went well. She said F on the R was excellent. Came home and watched The App’ice and then we all fell into bed. This morning is SLAPPAS – forgot to ask Mrs Chris if she wants to come – if not think Twin may stay here with her whilst we go off and do the shopping. Lazy afternoon I think then we are off to the BX Cxrxl Concert at the RAH this evening, and having a meal beforehand. Morning BHB, yes it is brightening up nicely. Let’s grab the Lavendula and the pastil de nata and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Monday, December 17, 2018, 09:00
Morning all. Just a short note to tell you that I think I've got pneumonia again. I've had a rotten night, sitting up in bed and catching a few moments sleep in between the coughing bouts. I have made an appointment with my GP early afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed that I'm not sent to hospital again.
TK wrote:
Monday, December 17, 2018, 12:36
Cold in Aberdeen but not too bad. Full road test on thermals. Main thing it was WET. On Sat night, post panto, I was in the hotel bar with shrunk jogging bottoms (pjs) instead of my wet jeans and just socks as jeans and boots were drying. (Normal clothes on top, just in case your imagination was going bonkers.) Panto was a bit of a challenge in parts, due accent and dialect words, but very good. Snow White is, in my view, in the top few (maybe 2nd) of the panto leading ladies I have seen with Lee. She was just as I imagine Snow White, but with a Scottish accent.

Eva, what a thing for your father to do. I can't believe (but I can) that he has done it. I suspect he sees you both as 20 years olds. There is no excuse though. Good that you could cheer you mother up. You look after yourself.

Diana, hooray you are almost free. Best wishes.

The weekend has been quite tiring I may have to sooze.

Pauline, glad all is ok with the procedure. Good that you had a 'sister' to help you out.
evam wrote:
Monday, December 17, 2018, 17:23
Just to let you know that I do indeed have pneumonia, but it wasn’t so bad that I had to be hospitalised. Got my anti-bis and told to go home and stay in bed. I’m doing as I’m told, because I haven’t the strength to do anything else.😜
TK wrote:
Monday, December 17, 2018, 17:43
Eva look after yourself

Cold in Aberdeen but not too bad. Full road test on thermals. Main thing it was WET. On Sat night, post panto, I was in the hotel bar with shrunk jogging bottoms (pjs) instead of my wet jeans and just socks as jeans and boots were drying. (Normal clothes on top, just in case your imagination was going bonkers.) Panto was a bit of a challenge in parts, due accent and dialect words, but very good. Snow White is, in my view, in the top few (maybe 2nd) of the panto leading ladies I have seen with Lee. She was just as I imagine Snow White, but with a Scottish accent.

Eva, what a thing for your father to do. I can't believe (but I can) that he has done it. I suspect he sees you both as 20 years olds. There is no excuse though. Good that you could cheer you mother up. You look after yourself.

Diana, hooray you are almost free. Best wishes.

The weekend has been quite tiring I may have to sooze.

Pauline, glad all is ok with the procedure. Good that you had a 'sister' to help you out.
TK wrote:
Monday, December 17, 2018, 18:00
sorry for the repeat
maeve 12 wrote:
Monday, December 17, 2018, 18:51
Sorry to hear that so many people are having such a difficult time at the moment.

The NN sounds dreadful Fi, I do hope all your research pays off and keeps him away from your land
Good that family issues have been settled to some extent though.

Eva, very sorry to hear that on top of all the problems with your parents you are now so ill,but
glad you've not had to go to hospital, hope the rest and anti-bis work their magic quickly.

Carol, your life sounds really busy but in a more cheerful way.

Pauline, glad the op went well and that sister Carol has been taking good care of you.

Diana, good news that you'll be a free woman very soon and able to go wherever and whenever you like.

We had a lovely time in Nottnghm at Joe's graduation, with a special dinner at MPWhite's, delicious.
It was absolutely freezing cold in Notts. though. On Sunday we had a joint family get together for Joe and also to welcome
Tay home from Melbourne for Christmas, she'll be off on her travels in Jan.

TK wrote:
Monday, December 17, 2018, 19:43
Arrggh Felf may be going the way of my Dad (excessively agitated by any flying insect). She seems to be getting over agitated by 'big flies with legs coming out of their head'. She said that they fly up off the floor when she sprayed them with fly spray. There were 4 of them. She said she cannot eat with them flying about. Hopefully they will die soon. I suggested keeping the food covered. She does this anyway. I've been over and cannot see anything. Hopefully she has got them all.
Sue-1 wrote:
Monday, December 17, 2018, 23:56
Evening Loppies, a quick catch up is needed I think

Thanks for the explanation of ‘joint school’ Carol, quite a useful thing I’d think. You tickle me with your boots and shoes and sandals, my feet are so awful I have four pairs of super comfy Clarkes shoes, same style, three different colours, oh and one pair of boots and same of sandals, that’s my whole footwear collection!

Pauline, not watched Strictly much for years, but used to avidly until they sacked Arlene. I did love Darren G though, that seems a long time ago! The problem with your hands and now your feet is so worrying, I hope they can figure out what’s wrong and treat it, as soon as possible.
No idea what the ‘Procedure’ is but glad it went well and you’re okay

Eva, sorry you had such a horrible flight home, and that you feel so stressed, takes the shine off your holiday I’m sure, especially being so concerned about your mother. The good thing is you’re happy with the care she’s getting Sadly I see that things did not go well with your Father, I can absolutely understand how upset you are, the way things have turned out. The thing is you somehow have to take care of yourself first and foremost, and it sounds like your sister needs to do the same. I don’t envy you one bit.
Hey though, a stone and a half, well done you!

Diana, great news that you can go ahead with your plans, you must be so pleased.

Fi, all I can say is oh dear!! What a horrid time you’re having. Hope it gets better soon. Reading further I can see that at least part of the problem is resolved, much better.

A good time in bonnie Scotland then Jo? Makes me wish I was going 

Oh Eva, do take care of yourself.

Not much to tell you from this neck of the woods. Christmas tree is finally up, not too big an achievement as it’s only three feet tall. Cards are half written, must finish them tomorrow, and have actually got a few little pressies to wrap, it was thinking about all yours Carol, that inspired me to get little bits to give with the cash.
Should have gone out for a Christmas meal with old friends yesterday but sadly the lovely lady who has been a friend for nearly forty years is now suffering from P*rkinson’s related dementia, and hubby wasn’t able to persuade her to leave the house. We used to live near each other but when they retired they moved away and we meet about four times a year. Last time we met things were obviously not right, but have deteriorated massively. She’s three years older than me!

Better go to bed before I turn into a pumpkin, night night.

Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 18, 2018, 08:35
Morning and looks very blustery out – at the moment it is dry but I think band of rain due to hit us later today.

So sorry to hear you are poorly again Eva, at least they haven’t rushed you into hospital this time, but do take care. Lots of rest and keep taking the meds – such a shame after you had a lovely time in Spain. Sending huts.

Ah thought you would have had a cold wet time from the forecast Jo. Loving the outfit for the hotel bar! I can imagine local accent might be hard to grasp. Was the SW anyone well known or just a Scxttish celeb? We have all been known to repeat posts when using tablets, so no apology required! Well have to say I am sort of with Felf and your Dad – I can’t go to sleep if there is any kind of flying thing in the room! I suspect they are still enjoying the mild weather and that’s why they are around. We had great fun at the restaurant last night as there were some small fruit flies around.

Glad to hear the graduation in N’ham was lovely Maeve – sure you enjoyed it all – especially the meal. Seems as if the Mxdlands up has had really cold weather, whereas we has been quite mild (albeit wet) down South. I am sure all the family looking forward to Tay being home for C;mas. Where is she off to next? I am sure she will have lots to tell you all!

Sue I do understand about the same shoes in different colours (that’s my excuse for the two pairs of same boots, four pairs of the same sling backs, but all the rest are different) – I blame my Saturday job, when I worked in a shoe shop – I’ve been in love with shoes every since (ditto handbags!). I love present wrapping so hope you enjoyed doing the little gifts. Just think it makes it more Christmassy to have a small pressie as well as cash or token! So sad that you couldn’t go for your Christmas meal with your friends. My Mother had dementia with Parkinson – but only mildly and of course she was in the Care Home so was well looked after. Comes as a shock when it happens to someone near you own age though. Sending a hug.

Had a lovely day yesterday – well we did SLAPPAS in the morning. Twin and Mrs Chris elected to stay home and put the world to rights whilst MM and I went and did the shop and met up with Lindy and Lawrence. Late afternoon we made our way up to L’don and had an early pre theatre meal at a very nice hotel opposite H Pxrk Gxte – food was excellent ( – food was delicious, staff were lovely (only slight down side was the price of the wine, but we elected to just have a glass each). Left the hotel and had a seven mins walk to the RAH and went up to our box. MM ordered a bottle of wine for the interval so we were all set. Concert was lovely and the RAH looks so festive at C’mas. We had carols to sing (I also like carols Fi), and choirs to listen too plus soloists – one was Txmmy from Dxve Arch Bxnd – all very much put us in the festive mood. We managed to grab a cab afterwards and had no wait at all at the station so were home about 11.30pm. Today back to earth with a band. Mrs C and Twin off home so it will Cinders and the laundry! Morning BHB, yes a bit blustery out, let’s grab the toasted pikelets and the Breakfxst Clxb and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 18, 2018, 09:07
Morning all and it is rather grey at the moment and I think rain is forecast later. Sorry I missed yesterday, but it got a bit busy here! Stayed here and had a lovely chat with Mrs Chris while Twin and MM did their food shop. Then off to the concert. Twin had come up trumps and found a lovely place to eat. It was beautifully decorated for C/mas so a good way to get in the festive mood. Good food too which helps as well. The RAH looked fabulous and the concert was good. I just love the light effects they used. Today I will be off home. I will have to pick up some food at one point then I will need to try and get to see my doctor again. I need some meds the doctor that did my op recommended and I also want to see if there is anything else to be done to stop the itchy patches. They make sleeping tricky.

Eva I feel my woes are so trivial compared to yours. Do tuck yourself up warmly and rest,rest, rest. Let the rest of the world look after itself. Hope you start to feel better soon. Lots of hugs. Or would you like more huts to go with those Twin sent?

Glad you enjoyed the panto Jo, in spite of the language barrier! The weather sounds as if it was dire but at least you had a fetching outfit to change into!

How lovely Tay will be home for C/mas Maeve. I am sure you will love having her home,albeit briefly,

Sue rather a long story about my procedure but basically it was my third gastroscopy of recent months to remove a tricky little polyps in the neck of my dueodenum.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Breakfast Club. Lovely. Let’s get more and find the CM.

Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 18, 2018, 12:14
Breaking news - I have found MM's Christmas present - phew!! Hopefully its a good omen for you Lady J!
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, December 18, 2018, 13:16
Hi all,

Back at work after a fabulous weekend in Aberde*n. Notice I am no longer using a swear word about it because it is a truly lovely city with very friendly people.

Thank you so much Jo for being my carer. (Mostly holding my wine glass and sorting out my hood). Also O for rescuing me when my jumper was trying to throttle me - and Ro for all her organisation and hospitality. :-)

So the panto? I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's not knocked my favourites from their position but it was well worth the all the angst of the long journey (turned out that the worst bit was getting to Ro's house!) and the wandering around in winter woollies.

I haven't done reports for the last few concerts, but I am making an effort to write a proper report on the panto seeing as so fans people are able to get there and I think Jo and I are the only SLs going.

Quick review:

Good old-fashioned panto. Not too heavy on special effects. Very child friendly - little in the way of smut (or at least not that I understood :-)) I agree with Jo, Snow White was one of the two best leading ladies I have seen. Really lovely chemistry with the GO. The other leads were very good (loved the guys playing the dwarves), Muggles and the Dame definitely the stars as far as the locals were concerned - and they were both very funny especially with their Doric jokes (that's the Aberdonian dialect), though I did take a while to get my ear in.

The Evil Queen could have been better. She didn't look comfy who am I missing? I'm sure there was someone else in the cast...

Tee hee! Yes Lee. He was everything the handsome prince needs to be. He set my heart a flutter that's for sure! He was given plenty of opportunity to show of his gorgeous voice - and demonstrate how good he is as a straight man. He wasn't given much to do comedy wise - though he did have one very funny scene speaking Doric. No slapstick though. On the other hand plenty of stage time once the prince turned up.

More when I get my proper report written.

Other important news: Stage Loppy Christmas card safely delivered to the man himself, who seemed very pleased to see the four of us huddling in the lee of the stage door. He chatted to us for a while.

The way back we had a bit of a delay. But we passed the time by trying to teach Jo the actions to one of the Dwarves' songs. No one looked at us funny honest.

I've had a quick catch up on the blog but sorry if I have missed anything important!

Belated happy birthday to Fi! (Aw glad the card reached you eventually). Gosh you are having a horrible time of it. Sending hugs in your direction

Eva - I can get over how selfish and devious your dad is being (mum was the same) but what I can't get over is that the medical professionals who should be ensuring his safety are giving not credence to what you are telling them! It's like none of them understands the symptoms of dementia! (Hugs getting sent to Norway too) But I bet you are pleased about SCD at least! One upside!

Pauline - I'm glad the procedure is over. Hope you are all recovered now. Good that you have your lovely twin and MM to look after you.

Carol - I have my fingers crossed tablet will come out of hiding now he's lost his friend :-)

Pleased to hear Diana has got her redundancy date!

And Sue's got Christmas sorted!

Hya Maeve!

Sorry I know I have missed loads but I have to get back to work...but first....

Come on Jo...Baby shark, mummy shark....

Ali wrote:
Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 07:13
Morning. Dropping in early as I have loads to do today. Need to pop into town for a few bits before work. Incl my secret santa gift for tonight’s works drinks party! Bought something a few weeks ago but have had better idea. Finally finished our evening functions at work but just have 3 more ‘breakfast with santa’ mornings to go at the weekend plus regular opening until Sunday then I get 4 days off!
Tried to keep up with blog but apologies if I miss anything:
Get well soon Eva, try to take it easy, you too Pauline after your procedure
Enjoy your time with the grandchildren Maeve
Glad you sorted things with your sis Fi
Good news re: mm’s pressie 🎁
Thanks to panto goers for reviews and delivering card
Safe travels Diana
Think I just about covered it
Thankyou for christmas cards, have done a donation again this year instead
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 08:14
Morning and it looks a little grey and gloomy out, but no rain, which is a relief as we had plenty yesterday afternoon.

Glad you had a lovely time in A’deen Lady J. I can understand about the accent cos that’s how I found it when I was in Glxsgxw some years ago – it was like a different language. Hopefully next year the GO will be closer to home and more of us can make it to see him. The review for our old home said “The show is not without its positives. Mead and Innes both give wonderful vocal performances that wouldn’t have been out of place in a romantic musical and Young and McHugh still have the ability to make an audience smile with nothing more than a small gesture. But as enjoyable as the production is, it’s lacking in the energy, warmth and ability to connect to a younger audience that has come to characterise the His Majesty’s Theatre panto in recent years.” So I think they agreed with you. Well done on safe delivery of card, what a shame you had to talk to him whilst handing it over (not!).

Can imagine how busy you are Ali. Always a very busy time for restaurants. I imagine you are looking forward to your four days off. By the way loving the idea of “Santa breakfasts” . Hope you have a lovely works party tonight and the Secret Sxntx gift goes down well. Loved Heinrik’s Secret S gift on HC last night. You’ve reminded me that I must do my donation to MXD – even though I send cards I still make a donation to Ann’s charity.

Hoping Eva is getting better and sending her a hug and lots of oooohhhhhhhmmmmmmss.

Had a very unexciting day yesterday Twin and Mrs Chris left mid morning (MM dropped Mrs Chris off to catch the tube, and she let us know when she was home – apparently all the transport links – tube, overground, bus – worked well for her). After they had gone I had the hunt for the elusive pressie and was so pleased that I found it. I was really beginning to panic! As soon as I discovered it, I remembered putting it there!! Doh! After that success I spent the rest of the day doing the i word. Still have some to do this evening. Watched HC Of course and then we watched the dvd of Arthxr Ch’mas to put us into the festive mood. Today we are off to the New Forest to see June and Family and Moving Aunt. Fingers crossed the X25 and X3 are behaving! Morning BHB, yes it is getting brighter. Let’s grab the hot waffles and the hot apple toddy and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 09:16
Morning all. It's overcast outside, but it doesn't matter,- I'm going nowhere!

Hello sweetheart. You've lit the fire and put the light blue blanket on the sofa for me? You are a love.💋 Instead of coffee you've made me a L*msip? What a good idea. You are perfick.❤️️

Sorry I didn't pop in yesterday, but I spent most of the day sleeping.🛏😴 I did read, but after 2 pages I nodded off, then woke up, read 2 more pages, nodded off,- you get the it'll take me a long time to finish the book. I'll probably forget the beginning when I finally reach the end!😜 Still feeling very weak. I have to sit down and have a rest on the way to the kitchen. Still coughing a lot. I had an very bad bout about 3 am, but fell asleep again.

I have forgotten to tell you the latest trick from father. When at the meeting at the care home, the nurse suggested sheltered housing pluss (which means there is staff to look after the patients and a dining room where they can have their meals). They have their own little flats. Father said that it sounded good and told me to write the application. I spent most of Sunday morning doing the application and only needed authorization and a signature from father to go ahead. Youngest sister presented the papers he needed to sign on Monday, and guess what,- yes, he refused! Said he'd never agreed to anything like that! I'm glad I wasn't there when he said that.😡😡😡 And now he's phoning every day, asking after the health of his darling daughter. (His words.)
Today my cleaning lady is coming to spruce up the flat before Christmas. It'll be lovely with clean bedding. This morning I even managed to have a shower and wash my hair. I looked like one of those trolls:
only white/grey hair.
Youngest sister was visiting yesterday, and she had a good laugh when she saw me! Imagine,- laughing at me, eh?
I watched HC of course and had intended to watch the new series coming straight after HC, but by then I was so tired that I went to bed.

I have just been skimming the blog, so forgive me if I forget to mention anybody.

Carol,- so MM will be a very happy man on Christmas Day then?

Jane,- so Jo's latest hobby is Scottish folk dance?😂

Ali,- your pre-Christmas time sounds so busy that I'm exhausted just reading about it. Don't overdo it now.

Pauline,- how are the hands?

I'd better say bye bye for now. It's hard work, typing.😜
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 10:02
Morning all. Not a very nice one here but at least it's mild and looking brighter than it was.

I have a doctor's appointment this morning about my cough. The cough has improved but the nose spray the doctor prescribed hasn't got rid of it.

Glad the SCD result cheered you up a bit, Eva. I thought Faye was the best but S&K my second favourites. Well done on the weight loss, that's excellent. Take care of yourself and hope the anti-bs get rid of the pneumonia quickly. Sending hugs.

Thanks Jo & Jane for the Aberdeen reports. When I first heard about the redundancy, I did wonder if I might make it to the panto after all but not to be.

We've got a small leak in the airing cupboard. Not sure exactly where it's coming from. I've been stressing about it not being sorted before Xmas but the plumber (one of Mike's golf buddies) is coming today so hopefully he can fix it.

Glad to see the family crisis was resolved and trust the visit goes well. Hope your cough and cold are going and you are feeling much better.

Nice to "see" you, Sue.

You must be very relieved to have found MM's missing present, Carol. Fingers crossed Jane's missing tablet reappears.

Enjoy the works' party, Ali.

I can't believe I only have one more day in the office, tomorrow is going to be very weird. Still another six days of w*rk.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 10:17
Morning all and it is quite overcast here at the moment but it is improving slowly. I am home again now after my lovely stay in the very high quality care home! I went out for a C/mas meal with Ari's Mum and my other friend who I used to share a house with. We had a lovely meal and a good chat. As Jen's husband drove us there then picked us up it meant we could all drink and in fact didn't have to worry about parking a car as it was chucking it down!. Home by 11pm so not too late which is good for me at the moment as I do get tired still. Today I have to sort out some food and also pick up some extra meds I need at the moment, I also have a huge pile of wxshing to get cracking on. Lovely. Other than that I intend having a few very quiet days if I can. I will finish wrapping the few things I have to do still and that will be about it! I am determined to get myself better if I can.

Eva thanks for asking about the hands. At the moment they are fine, I say at the moment as they seem to have a habit of flaring up again! At the moment I have these itchy swellings on my arms round the elbow area and they wake me in the night. It is obviously all still lurking! I have had a form to make an appointment with the rheumatologist, but when I tried to do it all appointments were taken, so I have to wait for them to contact me. I am hoping I will be better by the time I get to see them! All this is nothing compared to your woes though. Glad you are feeling a bit better, Your Papa really is a devious old B isn't he!! Naughty man. I should think you and your sister feel like strangling him at times! It obviously comes with extreme old age as my Mum wasn't the sweet angel she was most of her life! At times if I wanted her to get help she was as obstinate as a mule. This led to quite a few rows. I hope you can manage to get him to see sense eventually.

Ali you are a busy bee, but then that is par for the course. Liking the idea of breakfast with Santa! I think you deserve every minute of your 4 days off.

Jane I am not sure I can forgive you for putting that dreadful Baby Shark ear worm in my head! Grrr! Glad you had a lovely weekend though, but thought you might!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Something smells lovely. Hot Apple Toddy? Yum yum! Perfect for today. Let's get another jug of it and see if we can find the CM.

Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 11:52
Hi all!

What a lovely Holby last night! I thought Lofty looked very fetching in his Christmas jumper. For some reason he reminded me of another young man singing Gethsemane in an I'm Sexy and I Snow it jumper! :-)

Eva - your dad! What can I say? That Sheltered Accommodation sounds just perfect .Perhaps getting a little recording app so you can play back the conversations might help! Many oohhmms that you are feeling better very soon.

Diana - what a blooming shame you didn't manage to make it to the panto afterall. Hope the doc can help you with that nasty cough.

Maeve - I hope you enjoy your time with the grandkids.

Thanks Ali for reminding me. Gosh you are busy - again!

Pauline - I hope you get your appointment before too long. It sounds like such a horrible condition :-(

Sorry about the ear worm. Or should that be ear shark. I know what will help...

"Hold a chicken in the air, stick a deckchair up your nose..."

Mwah ha ha!

Carol - I saw the review from our old home. I did think it was a little harsh but I can see what he means to some extent. It was all too well controlled for my taste. I like my panto's a bit more chaotic!

I nearly chose MXD for my Christmas Charity again, but decided to have a change. I've gone with Shelt*r instead this time.

And you are not going to believe this - I've started making my Christmas cards for NEXT year! Not the loppy ones (I was reasonably happy with how they turned out) but the ones form my other friends. This year's were so badly rushed!

I have treated myself to a couple of new pairs of glasses. My prescription has changed only slightly and I could probably have got away without them. But I've never been completely happy with the pair I'm wearing now, so I think a replacement was in order. Then a second pair at half price. I ended up paying £175 including eye-test. Hmmm...thinking now I should have shopped around a bit.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 20:20
Ah Carol and Pauline, I have a fav restaurant on the way to the RAH. It is Italian too, end of Kensington High Street Once on a way to a Cliff concert, went in there and they were playing Cliff tracks, they know their clientèle!!!

Bella, being a bit of a pain. She's been out visiting, so no need to bark. Also she has been invited out on Christmas day, I was told she accepted, so they thought they should ask if I wanted to come!!! I met a lady this evening who used to live up the road, they left about 8 years ago.

I think i'd better do some grooming
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 20, 2018, 08:40
Morning and I can tell you it is bright and light, as we didn’t put the alarm on and have only just woken up!

Lovely to see you Eva and not surprised you spent a day sleeping – sleep is a great healer. Hope the coughing bouts are decreasing and you are getting a little better day by day. Oh the sheltered housing sounds ideal for your father – it is a little bit like the place where Moving Aunt is, in that she has her own flat, but there is someone there, or on call, 24/7. They don’t have a communal dining room, but their own kitchens, although they often have shared meals in the lounge – fish and chip lunches, pizza lunches, etc. I think he is a very stupid man to not go down that route. He probably feels very proud of himself for being “independent” without realising that he is anything but, and is only able to stay where he is because his daughters and family fun themselves ragged on his behalf! Loved the piccie of the trolls, but feel you could never look like that! I see the flat has had its Christmas clean and is all sparkling. I am planning on wrapping MM’s presents before they go off again!!

Diana do hope the doctor can sort out your cough – you have had it long enough. I see Faye and Gio and doing the SCD tour, so hopefully she might win some of those as a consolation prize. Thought her dancing was beautiful. Do hope the leak can be fixed – strangely another of my friends had a leak this last week and didn’t know where it was coming from. Fingers crossed! I found my last week at the office really strange – as you say it is a “can’t believe it is happening” time. Hope they give you a good send off!

Lady J, Lxfty did indeed look very fetching in his jumper! Oh the joy of panxto is the unpredictability of it I think, so if it was a little controlled I can see that might take some of the shine off the production. Not sure about the chicken song............. Good grief, cards for Next Year! I still have the neighbours’ cards to write for this one! I do see though that your creative artworks need a lot more time than my signing a bought one! New glasses look very nice. Are they purple by any chance? That’s not a bad price for two pairs – I paid nearly £400 for my two! Think I will be due an eye test next year so will see what I think about getting new ones then.

That looks a very nice restaurant Jo. I do love It’ian food. The nice thing about where we went was that it all tasted wonderful, but we didn’t feel totally stuffed when we came out. I can see that the Cliffy tracks would have been an attraction for you! Ah so Bella continuing the Social whirl. An invitation to C’mas Day? Very kind of her to accept on your behalf! Not sure if it was you or the family for the grooming??

Had a lovely day yesterday meeting little Nova – she was so cute and really good. Moving Aunt was fine, although not walking so well; mind you being over 90 we should expect that! JJ was at June’s with his Mummy and Daddy – they had been to his Nursery School Nativity. He was Joseph and his little girlfriend was Mary. They looked so cute in the photos, they came in holding hands. The only members of the family we didn’t get to see were the three boys still at school. We will see them after Christmas though. Journey down was fine once we got off the X25 (where there had been an early accident), although we went through some heavy rain. We also had a couple of heavy showers whilst we were at June’s but they had stopped by the time we came home. Journey back took longer of course (it always does) as the X25 traffic leading to LHR is always stationary. We did our back route to avoid it and got held up at road works instead! Had an evening with our feet up, so I have the i word to finish this morning. Friend from Variety Group coming this morning to help MM sort out a problem with the flush on our downstairs loo. In the afternoon we will be finishing the decorations in the dining room and getting all the boxes back into the loft. Need to make my food lists for Christmas today too. Morning BHB, yes it is a nice bright start, let’s grab the Rxse Mxmoire and the pastries and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 20, 2018, 10:18
Morning all and it is a lovely sunny out there. I have a nice pile of ixxnxxg to do today and then I will try and get some of the remaining pressies wrapped. I now have a patch of itchiness over my left eye and as it is a bit swollen I look delightful, so won't be going out! Still having fitful sleep thanks to being woken by the itches. I keep hoping it will clear eventually though. Goodness knows how long it will be till I get to see the rheumatologist.

Jo that restaurant does look good and I can see that the Cliffy music would make it very attractive for you! How lovely of Bella to have sorted your C/mas out for you both.

Diana I hope you got the leak sorted and also your cough needs sorting too, it has gone on far too long.

Hoping you are continuing to improve Eva. Don't go and overdo it before you are properly better.

Morning BHB and what have you for us today? Rxse Mxmoire? Sounds lovely so let's get another jug and we can find the CM.
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, December 20, 2018, 16:59
hi. like Diana my cough still lingering so I cancelled all gym and swim this week - tho have managed all my coffee/lunch dates! did go out to carols on tues eve in nearest home of aristocracy near us ( not open to public) - but felt rotten. one lady told me next morning - you did look rough! i wore the silk embroidered coat that UB scollop and g/f had had made for me in Ind.a. v nice but I didn't have right things underneath so need to look for some plain eve tops or dress in sale. That eve I realised that all my eve tops etc at least 10 yrs old - and unwearable so just been out with oldest scollop and ploppy and bought eve dress and top in LA sale. prior to that we went out and bought engagement balloons, napkins, conf.tti etc for our B.xing day drinks to celebrate. Yesterday i finished wrapping all pressies and put in bags and either delivered or moved out of spare bedrooms . cleaned all upstairs - so ready for guests today! I also was out for Xn.s coffee in morning and then aft tea (with bubbles) with ex work colleagues. didn't finish housework until almost 10pm - was a tad tired! In between all this ploppy and i wrote our pl.nning objection letter. been warned that as well as being allocated the pl.nnign officer "you wouldn't want", office closed for 2 weeks over Ch + they have a staff reorganisation form 1st Jan - and not they wont extend deadline. so been warned they will hardly look at objections after end of this week. so we worked like mad - and sent it in this am. feels strange - and not optimistic but feel we have given it our best shot. Think we are coming round to idea that if permission granted we will move house - prob to Sco. but going to see what happens.
Eva - your dad is naughty. that is type of sh housing i wanted parents to go into - but as you know i was over ruled! Hope your pneumon.a improves soon with anti bis. I was only given 5 days supply and my cough def still on my so will see how I feel tomorrow.
Pauline - hmm very mysterious itch! do any of the creams work - otherwise really annoying and will keep you awake.
had v upsetting email in response to one of my Ch card. friends husband died in Oct. I had never met him as they live in Aberd.n! but since they retired a few yrs ago spent 6 months of every yr on Th.i border doing c.taract ops for free on refug..s. We had hoped to go and visit them next yr. so sad. the good do die young!
BTW Ab.rdeen does speak a v diff lang to anywhere else in UK. not Sc.ts or Ga.lic. use lots of words beginning with q! they have a v separate history and lang to rest of Sco. Gl.sgow dialect is totally incomprehensible - like N.castle. I think those are 2 places i know i wll never understand anybody who was born and brought up there.
Jo - nice that you are allowed to go with Bella on her social outings!
Jane - like Carol I think you negotiated a good deal .
Carol - lovely to be able to visit lots fo family at same time. We were just saying yesterday how parents are choosing very different names for their babies these days.
Ali - Santa b'fasts sound fun. hope you enjoyed your works party and secret Santa was good to you.
UB scollop and g/f home tonight but oldest scollop will collect them as we are out for meal at local posh restaurant with friends - wearing my new dress.
TK wrote:
Thursday, December 20, 2018, 19:46
Ah busy busy. I have given in my notice, no turning back now. I also need to tell the pension company, just can't lay my hand on the address at the moment. I will get it.

ooo Mr T has just arrived, can tell by the banging. Not a ninja delivery person this week
TK wrote:
Thursday, December 20, 2018, 19:57
Poor chap he was frazzled. Tried to give me 4 jars of white sauce 3 times. I NEVER eat white sauce. He was a bit in a muddle with his crates.
Better get put away.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 21, 2018, 08:15
Just checked and he is ok!

Sorry to hear that your cough likes you so much that it has decided to stay with you Fi. Very wise to cancel the gym, not sure it was so wise to attempt the carol singing! Ah so the jumping evening tops and dresses are around locally are they? Silk coat sounds lovely – should I guess what colour it is? You were lucky to fund non C’mas balloons etc at this time of year – our shops seem to put away everything that isn’t related to the current season. I am sure the coffee and a’noon tea (especially with bubbles) made doing the housework at 10pm acceptable. Fingers and toes all crossed for the planning objection. Seems unreasonable of the department not to extend deadlines – given that they are closing for a whole two weeks! So sorry to hear your friend’s husband has died, especially as he has been helping refxgxxs for free. Ah so even those born in S’land struggle with Glxswxgxan (glad it wasn’t just me) and Aberdxnxan! Baby’s full name is Nova Rey (!). She has a real strong grip for a very little baby. Have a lovely evening and enjoy wearing the new dress!

Oh well done Jo – it is now all official then. Did they have a look of panic when you told them? Now don’t let them try to give you extra work to clear before you reach March! Loving the idea you would want four jars of white sauce! I am sure Bella told him what she thought of that!

Pleased to report the downstairs loo is now flushing perfectly. I managed to get the i word finished, wrapped MM’s elusive presents, and we finished putting the decorations up, and have returned the boxes to the loft. Phew! Today Marcus is 3 so must ring and sing him Hxppy Bxrthday. My Fbook reminder of what we did three years ago flashed up a couple of days ago – a very preggie Victoria and me outside the poster for Miss S’gon! Today is off to the shops and the bank this morning then this evening we have Rob (ex Vicar) and Jackie coming for the traditional pre C’mas supper, so will be cooking this afternoon. Sending hugs to all the poorlies and extra hugs for Eva. Morning BHB, yes it is a little blustery out BHB. Let’s grab the toasted paninis and the Vanillita and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 21, 2018, 08:18 case you are baffled, the opening of my post fell off when I was cut and pasting - the start should have read:

Morning and a grey sort of start – looks quite blustery too – well very blustery. Just off to check on my reindeer (he fell over the other day in the high winds).

evam wrote:
Friday, December 21, 2018, 09:22
Morning all. Overcast here, but a few glimpses of blue sky.

Hello sweetheart. I GOT A KISS ON THE CHEEK ! Because you missed me yesterday? I'm sorry to say I was feeling very poorly yesterday, and youngest sister told me to call the surgery for an emergency appointment this morning. I promised to do so, but after sleeping for 2 hours in the afternoon, I started to feel better. It continued to do so this morning, so decided not to ring the surgery. I even had a shower this morning! Oh, I see the sofa is all ready for me with the coffee on the table. A double dose of snuggles? Yes please.💋💋
As I told the BHB, I really do feel better. Not exactly ready for the marathon, but can now walk from the bedroom to the kitchen without a rest station half way!
Mrs S came home on Wednesday. She'd called father who'd told her about me being ill. Has she called me? NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOooooooooo. Youngest sister called her and told her about father's turn-around re the sheltered housing, and Mrs S took it up with father yesterday. He then agreed to sign the necessary papers after she'd explained what the sheltered housing pluss meant, as had the staff at the care home, as had I and as had youngest sister. As he said to youngest sister, Mrs S had explained it so well! Suddenly she's flavour of the month! Youngest sister said she'd secure his signature as soon as she could. I have kept the forms I filled in on Sunday, so fingers crossed he doesn't change his mind again.

Fi,- I thought I told you to look after yourself? All this partying here, there and everywhere isn't good for you, you know. I do feel so sorry for you and Ploppy having to deal with the neighbour from hell, but now you've done your best, and can only hope that the verdict goes your way. (I wouldn't hold my breath, though.)

Jo,-👏👏👏 Well done you for handing in your resignation. What did they say? Fainted with the shock of it? No, I didn't think so. They won't feel the effect of your resignation until you're actually gone, and then it's too, too late. HA! (Btw. I got a parcel from England in the mail the other day.)

Carol,- so the loo is flushing again, eh? That mst be the best Christmas present!😂 You talk about i****g. I have a mountain of the stuff in my utility room, so if you feel like copying the Good Samaritan, my door is open. No? Well, it was worth a try.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 21, 2018, 10:30
Morning all. A very windy day here t the moment but there are some ragged bits of blue sky around, so it may cheer up. Managed to get my ixxning done yesterday but sadly didn't make any progress on present wrapping. Maybe today! I am finding it a bit hard to motivate myself at the moment. It will get done, well it has to!

Fi, no, most of the creams have little or no effect. The steroid cream does seem to help with the swelling but doesn't clear it. Sometimes my anti histamine cream give slight relief from the itching. Think I am going to have to grin and bear it until they find what is going on, then hope there is something that can help! Well done on getting the planning objections in. Nothing surprises me about planning having seen some of the very strange things they agree to. Still, have everything crossed they see your point of view. Loving the sound of your coat and the things you have to wear with it. . I am sure it will all look gorgeous. Well I know that I find the full on Glxswegian accent incomprehensible, but when we visited Aberdeen I managed to understand them, well some of it, but think they were being kind and watered it down for us!

Yaaay Jo has put her notice in. Proper countdown begins now! I feel you won't want to turn back! I bet Bella will approve, more social time for her! I now wonder what anyone wants with all that white sauce!

Glad to hear things have improved for you Eva. Keep resting until you are properly fit though, won't you. Oooh maybe a result with the sheltered housing for your father. We live in hope! Maybe Mrs S should take the forms for him to sign?!

Morning BHB, and of course it is Friday so it is Vanillita day. Lovely. Let's get another jug and we can find the CM.

Jane E wrote:
Friday, December 21, 2018, 13:44
Hi all,

I don't know. I'm away from the blog one day and big news has happened! Well done Jo on putting in your notice. Who good does that feel?

Thank you for the explanation Carol. I did wonder just who was OK! Glad Rudolf survived. Good news that your plumbing probs are sorted. Enjoy pre Christmas meal.

Fi - you are a busy bunny despite being unwell. Well done getting the planning objection in. Now remember - if you don't get the answer you want you can ask the council to see ALL the paperwork they have on the planning application - including how they made their decision. It's called a Subject Access Request under the GDPR.

Oh Eva, Mrs bloomin' S! No matter, if she has genuinely managed to persuade dad into the sheltered accommodation good for her. I have my fingers crossed. Glad to hear you are improving. Please don't take any risks.

Oh dear Pauline, not good that the creams are so useless. What on earth is causing it!? Sorry, of course that's the burning question for you! I do hope there is something to help it but of course first things first: find out the cause.

Accents: I have some very good who are Glaswegians. When they talk to one another I find them incompressible. The two that still live in Glasgow have to speak slowly and clearly to be before I can understand them. Though the one who now lives in Ely is fine until he goes back over the border :-)

I thought the Aberdonian accent very easy on the ear even though I didn't understand everything.

I don't know if I will be back before Christmas so just in case - have a wonderful time everyone!
Fi9 wrote:
Friday, December 21, 2018, 21:55
Having a sh.t day. Planner phoned Ploppy. She doesn't agree with any of our objection. Going to permit the extension - when deadline passes ( Jan) Legal battles with neighbour will now ensue as it is not possible to build it from our land!! interestingly some of her reasons used exact same words neighbour had said to us!! Our planner friend shocked as similar extensions been rejected in past. Feel totally dejected as feel she is beyond reason - just wants to move on to next job - and her superiors won't overrule her. Thanks for info Jane - will follow that up but feel she will have covered her back.
Def will think of moving now as would really overshadow our garden and remove much of our view of sky. People shocked at how huge extension is but planner doesn't care.
Going to have a ( nother) gin.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 22, 2018, 08:54
Morning and a nice bright start. We had torrential rain late last evening – but it stopped about 11 pm. Prior to that, whilst gloomy, it was dry.

Lovely to see you Eva, and glad to hear you felt sufficiently better yesterday not to go to the surgery. Hopefully you feel even better today and will be almost fighting fit for C’mas. Well hats off to Mrs S if she has managed to pull off the sheltered housing option (even though she hasn’t rung to see how you are). Of course he hasn’t signed the papers yet, but looking really promising. It would be ideal for him and take a lot of stress off you and younger sister (doesn’t seem to affect Mrs S so won’t include her). Ah the loo hadn’t stopped flushing completely – it just took a long time to refill, so if two people needed to visit it in quick succession the second person wouldn’t be able to flush. Now it is happily refilling as it should do – it required a £1.99 something to make it work, but as MM said he didn’t have the expertise to know what was required! Oh what a shame I didn’t read your post earlier, or of course I would have done your i mountain for you.

Lady J pleased to say Rudolph continues to stand upright – I just checked. We think it must have been a random guest that brought him down. Aren’t accents fascinating. There was an excellent programme on the Beeb many many years ago about the history of the E’lish language and it identified how accents became regional. Of course you never think you have an accent yourself, just that people from a different part of the country have one! Have a lovely C’mas.

Oh Fi, that’s so awful – can’t believe the planner couldn’t see what was wrong with your objection. Think it well worth taking up Lady J’s suggestion - doesn’t sound as if you have anything to lose by doing that. Presumably the size of the extention will make it harder to sell your house if you go down that route? This really is an awful situation. Can’t think of any practical advice to offer, but sending a massive hug to you and keep taking the gin.

Managed to deal with everything in U’bridge yesterday morning, but the town was heaving! MandS was full of people buying their C’mas food (so rather hoping they will not be around when we go and collect our food orders on Monday). Had a lovely evening with Rob and Jackie – so nice to see them looking happy and relaxed. They came by tube and foot, so that they could both drink (they are only five minutes walk from their local station and of course we are about nine minutes from our’s). They left just after 11pm (once the rain had stopped – although I did offer to run them to the station, they declined). Today will be last laundry day before C’mas and then the decs can go up. No SCD to watch tonight, so may watch a C’massy dvd instead. Morning BHB yes it is a nice bright start. Let’s grab the pastel de nata and the Pxccxni and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 22, 2018, 09:47
I am here just busy, back later. Not read back. I have to rush off
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 22, 2018, 10:38
Morning all and a nice bright one it is too, all blue skies and sunshine which makes a nice change. I am running late as I had a bad night as my hand has flared up again and was playing up, so I though I would have a little lie in. I have a fairly easy day today if I want, though I would like to get a bit of h/work done if I can. Managed to wrap all the pressies yesterday which is good, one thing less to worry about.

Fi that is just terrible. I wish I could say I am surprised but sadly it sounds very like the situation one of my neighbours had. Do follow what Lady J says, always worth a shot to make sure it is all above board I think. Seems so sad that you will be forced out of your home by all this. Good luck with it and also sending virtual hugs...maybe more gin would be of more help?

Hope you are getting better by the day Eva and feel up to getting your father to sign the forms!

Hi Jo...oh she's gone! Bella must have been calling!

Morning BHB and what have you today? Oooh my favourite little tarts and Pxccinni! Let's grab some more and go and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 22, 2018, 11:36
Morning all. It's overcast but not below zero, + 2 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. Sorry I'm late, but I hoped you'd still be here. As I've been hard at work, I think the herbal tea will be just right, together with a relaxing snuggle on the sofa.💋💋💋
Don't worry, I haven't cleaned the flat or something similar, but I've wrapped all my Christmas presents. Hurray!👏🎁 It's also my first day out of bed, properly. I'm still a bit shaky on the pins, but I will at least be pottering about until it's time for my eva.

Fi,- my dearest. I can't even begin to understand what you and Ploppy are going through with your beastly neighbour and the planning office. What I find mystifying is why on earth she called you, just a couple of days after the objection was sent in. Is that usual? I would think it would take much longer to handle a case like that. I think you should follow Jane's advice and see what comes up. I can fully understand why you would want to move. Neighbours from hell can ruin your life. I'd follow Carol and Pauline's advice: More gin is called for.

Pauline,- sorry to hear that your hands caused you pain during the night. Sending virtual hugs to you.🤗

Carol,- as long as the flushing crisis is over, that is the main thing. You'll have a busy Saturday.

Jo,- busy, busy, busy. Btw. I have to mention the present you sent. (No, I haven't opened it yet.) The day it arrived, my brain was far away in pneumonia land and didn't pay much attention. I placed it on top of a dresser in the bedroom, and yesterday I kept looking at it. What did it remind me of? Then suddenly I realised: It was wrapped like the Norwegian flag! Red paper, blue and white ribbon,- how clever! I'll take a photo and post it on FB.

Tonight's telly will be a bit different, so maybe I'll sneak in a video as well.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, December 22, 2018, 14:44
Good afternoon all.

A lovely day yesterday and another nice one today, though it is clouding over now.

Thursday was weird, I kept thinking this will be the last time I do this. Very low key departure, partly as everyone’s so busy at the mo and so many others are going. My friend said she is organising a leaving card for me which will be handed over when I go to the office to see her for lunch in March.

After I finished w*rk yesterday, we drove to my parents and spent the rest of the day there. I sorted out a few things for them on their computer, Dad gets very impatient with it. We left after dinner and were home before 9.30 pm. Fortunately the traffic wasn’t too bad, in fact the worst bit was the main road leading to their town.

I got up fairly early this morning in order to pick up my food orders, while Ploppy went to golf. Went to M&S first which took longer than I anticipated, bus home, put the food away, then straight out as I was running late. Walked back up the hill to the shops to Boots to fill a prescription, then Sains which was much quieter than M&S, and bus home. Unless it’s raining, tomorrow I’m going to Sains again to get some vegetables and a few other last minute bits. And back on Monday as I have a parcel to collect which they tried to deliver yesterday. Got to keep up the exercise as I won’t have the 30 min walk each way going to the office.

The food looks yummy and the fridge is almost full. I had to plan it out carefully to make sure it was all gone before Friday so the beef Well*ngton has been put in the freezer. Tonight and probably tomorrow we have pork & apple parcel to start, monkfish with mash and veg, and cheesecake for dessert.

We’re visiting m-in-l on Monday and popping in to see Michael’s cousin & family who are still living at his parents’ house.

I see two people have been arrested regarding the Gatw*ck drones. If they are found guilty, I hope they are locked away for the maximum time. So many people’s Xmas has been ruined.

So it’s official now, Jo. How many more days? The time will whizz by.

Glad to read that you are on the mend, Eva. Take it easy, you don’t want to overdo it and have a relapse. Hope your father doesn’t change his mind again, sheltered housing will make it so much easier for you and the rest of your family. Ha fancy Mrs S being the one to persuade him!

We just had a parcel delivered. A bottle of something so presumably a Xmas present, possibly from my brother as we’ve not received anything from him yet (though parcel at sorting office may be his). Will put the box aside to open on Tuesday. I’ve only had about three brief emails from my brother the past few months – not sure if he’s frantically busy and under pressure at w*rk (quite likely) or I’ve done something to offend him.

Sorry your hands have flared up again, Pauline. Hope they improve for Xmas and the medics sort out what’s causing it soon.

Oh Fi, that’s awful. How can the planner have dealt with your objections properly in such a short time! Is there no-one you can appeal the decision to? It sounds so unfair. Is it worth contacting your MP? Sending hugs to you both.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 22, 2018, 20:06
Eva, glad you are on the mend. Any resemblance to the present packing and the Norwegian flag is purely coincidental. The ribbon and the paper came from a 'special' shop, I thought they went well together. I suppose your father is listening to Mrs S as she has been away for a while and has not upset him recently.

Carol, glad you were talking about the reindeer, I was a bit concerned.

Hark? What do I hear? I've been at the laptop for a while, before that I was sorting papers. All activities where someone is not the centre of attention and there is SILENCE. Well there was for 10mins, she has just started. I'm trying the ignoring technique as I checked with the adjoined neighbours today and the one with acute hearing said her barking wasn't annoying. She has gone back to her bed and is silence. (I did deliver 2 lovely Cyclamens as a Christmas present to the neighbours.)

Diana you seem to have things all ordered, I hope the plans go well.

Fi the planner seems to be just ignoring all your points, best wishes for you in the 'system'.

TK seems to be pleased I've cleared the table up a bit, she was finding it difficult to find a place to sit whilst she helps me with the typing.

Mr and Mrs Ex Postman's party was fun last night. It wasn't as crowded as last year as there was a rival attraction at one of Bella's other friends. I was a bit late in going as I was trying to write/deliver local cards. I got a phone call from Mrs ExP, they were both concerned, a few years ago they forgot to ask me and then told me off for not going. Since then they have asked me and given a written invite, I have no excuse.

Got to pay bills.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, December 23, 2018, 06:55
Morning and it is dark out so no idea what the weather is doing at the moment. Think it may well be raining as the forecast told us we would have rain first thing, See you are basking in a +2 heatwave Eva!

Well done on the wrapping Eva – and pleased to hear you are getting better each day. I am another who feels the planning officer hadn’t had time to really look at the case properly. I looked at the photo of Jo’s pressie and can see exactly what you mean Eva! Hope you managed to fit in your Eva, and to find something to watch last night – SCD always leaves a hole – still we have the C’mas special to look forward to in a couple of day’s time. Happy Little C’mas Eve by the way! Hopefully you will be feeling well enough to enjoy it.

I know exactly how you felt on Thursday Diana. There is a certain unreality about it – in fact if you are like me it took about three weeks before I really accepted I wasn’t going back to work (although of course I did return subsequently!). I am sort of hoping from both your experience, our’s on Friday and my friend Lindy’s yesterday, that everyone has done the food shop early and when we go to collect our food tomorrow there will be not many people around!! How is your MinL doing at the moment? I meant to ask a while back if the cousins were still living in the house. The G’wick drxne thing has been horrendous hasn’t it. I see they think it might be environmentalists, although nothing confirmed. How anyone can think what they did, ruining people’s C’mas plans is beyond me.

Goodness – no barking? Do you think she has been overdoing the socialising Jo? Good to know the neighbours say it doesn’t annoy them (just as well if she had started again!). Ah so you were both out at the party last night – that could be it then, she overdid the incohol and has a hangover! Love that they give you a written invite as well as a verbal one! Didn’t Bella want to go to both??? See TK is feeling better now she has regained her seat on the table!

Managed to get all the laundry done yesterday, so now the i board has gone away for a C’mas break. MM delivered the neighbours’ cards and choccies to the ones either side of us. All the card writing and pressie wrapping is now finished – hooray! We watched two MMurders last night – didn’t fancy W’ship Dxwn. Today we are off to church this morning then I will do the food lists for the next few days ready for the shop tomorrow. Other than that plan on a restful day – I have Clty from last night to catch up with at some point. Sending lots of ooooooohhhhhhhhmmmmmmmsss and virtual hugs for those who need them. Morning BHB, yes it is gloomy out. Let’s grab the toasted teacakes and the Wxnter Clxve and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 23, 2018, 10:18
Morning all and it is a wet one here. As I don't have to go out feel I won't be enticed out there much! I did manage to clean the kitchen and bathrooms yesterday, so I think a quick dust and hoover will do for today. My left hand is still hot and swollen slightly and wakes me up in the night, it does make doing some things a bit awkward! I gave WD a miss last night, I broke my heart reading the book and the last film made me weep buckets, so thought not the right thing to cheer me up! Did watch Cxsualty and not sure that was the answer either!

Diana I can imagine you feel in Nomansland at the moment work wise. I was told when I retired the first year has the feeling of an extended holiday and it was sort of right, though maybe not the full year for me. I found the adjustment easy! I agree about the people who loosed the drones over LGW. Playing fast and loose with people's lives is inexcusable for any cause and I can't think they have won many sympathisers for their campaign.

Eva it is so good to hear you are feeling a little better each day. Hoping today is even better. Well done on getting all wrapped up! I agree with you about Fi's appeal, the ink was scarcely dry on the paper so she obviously didn't give it much thought!

Jo so Bella may be getting barking training then! I have a feeling, as she is a very intelligent lady, that she will soon catch on. So nice of the neighbours to say she doesn't bother them. Glad you enjoyed the party, both of you!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Winter Clxve? A new one! Let's grab some more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Sunday, December 23, 2018, 11:21
Morning all. The weather if fine here, but chilly, -2 degrees at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. You’ve waited for me again? You have made toasted teacakes and thought they’d be just right with my herbal tea? You are a love! ❤️❤️❤️

I have had a busy morning. As woke up just after 5am, I started early with the Christmas decorations. I fetched everything up from the downstairs store room. We have a very handy trolley for the use of the owners, so first the Christmas tree was taken upstairs. As I never packet it last year, I could just load it on the trolley! Simples. The boxes with the decorations in them, went upstairs in one go, so after breakfast I set to. Now the flat looks much more Christmassy, only the tree left to do.
Then I walked up to Mrs S’s to deliver the presents for the nerd’s and Viljar’s dad’s families, as they are all celebrating Christmas there tomorrow night. I also had to pick up my own presents from the families. The 3 boys, Viljar, Mikkel and Sondre had been staying overnight, so it was bedlam there! Mrs S and I were very polite to another, nothing more than that, and I didn’t stay. Sondre gave me a bag with cookies that he and his brothers had baked yesterday. Sweetie. I have baked nothing myself this year.
Then it was off to mother’s care home to deliver her Christmas present from me. I was meant to go there tomorrow with father on our way to youngest sister’s where we’ll spend the evening, but as Mrs S had told father that she wanted to do it, he excused me!😏. When I got to the care home, I met one of the nurses in the corridor. She told me that mother was having a very bad day, and they’d just managed to calm her down. I thought it best not to disturb her, so just delivered my present and left.
I feel quite tired now, so I think the Christmas tree will have to wait until this afternoon.

Jo,- I had to laugh at the story about you receiving written invitasions from Mr and Mrs Ex- Pstman.😂. Bella is quite a girl. She knows what she wants. If the Norwegian flag theme was unintentional, it was a stroke of genius nonetheless!👏👏

Diana,- I hope they mean to make a big fuss of you at work. How many years did you work there? The walking to and from the shops certainly will give you the exercise you need.

Carol,- I see you are ahead of me re Christmas decorations as usual. Well done you!

Pauline,- your poor hands and poor you. Many hugs coming your way.
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 23, 2018, 22:27
We have been out visiting this afternoon. Very tiring. This evening I was falling asleep so curled up on the floor. I was sleeping until Bella started barking at me as I was blocking the way to her bed. She has another, but obviously the one I was next to was the one she wanted to use. She is now snoring.

Eva, I hope your mother has a good day tomorrow. Maybe when she sees the youngsters.

Sounds like a lot of people will be off tomorrow. Of course I'll be at w*rk with quite a few others. I've nearly finished the wrapping, not quite.

Have a good day tomorrow all.
Diana wrote:
Monday, December 24, 2018, 07:41
Morning all.

Eva, hope your mother is better today and tomorrow. I've worked for the company for 39 years ....

I keep waking up early, I hope it's not going to continue now I can sleep in. As I was awake and have a package to collect, I decided I might as well get up and get on with stuff this morning. Good thing I doublechecked the RM card as the collections desk opens an hour later than usual this morning, I wouldn't have been too happy hanging around for that long.

I wish you all a lovely Christmas.
Diana wrote:
Monday, December 24, 2018, 07:43
Carol, I forgot to say that Sains. was a LOT busier yesterday than Saturday, think a lot of people may have been doing their last min pressie shopping Saturday and the food shop yesterday and today. Hope the queues aren't too bad.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 24, 2018, 08:05
Morning and a brighter sky today. Yesterday was very gloomy and wet, and then grey and drizzly! The rain came back late afternoon too!

See you were just chilly Eva. Well done on getting the decorations sorted – that is a good idea to have a trolley that the owners of the apartments can use! Nice to feel well enough to look festive. I am assuming the tree was finished in time. Ah so a sort of truce with Mrs S – aww so home made cookies for you – how lovely! I can imagine it was bedlam with the boys all staying over!! So sorry to hear your mother wasn’t having a good day. Hope she is better when your Father and Mrs S visit. So you are with younger Sis today. Hope you have a lovely time. I am assuming Emialian might be there?? Then of course you will have a lovely time.

Ah so you were preventing Bella from reaching her bed, Jo – not a good idea! Not sure curling up on the floor is that good for you?? Oh I didn’t realise you had to work today – well if so, you have the comfort of knowing this is the last time EVER you will have to work on C’mas Eve! At least it sounds like there will be plenty of others in with you. My old firm decided they wouldn’t open today, so everyone has the day off in addition to the rest of the week. Hope they might release you early for good behaviour............

Ah, it will take a while to adjust Diana – took me ages to stop waking at 6 am when I stopped work! In fact sometimes I still wake at that time! Well done on checking what time you can pick the parcel up – can see it would have been frustrating to arrive and have to stand around for an hour! Hopefully you are right Diana and we won’t encounter too many people shopping today!! Not banking on it though. June rang me last night to say they were home from their anniversary meal and she said their local W’rose had a sign in the car park saying the normal two hours parking had been extended to four just for the day – this was because the queues for the tills were so long it was taking over the two hours for people to shop and get back to their cars!!

We had a lovely service yesterday morning in Church, and then came home and pottered around. Watched a dvd in the evening “Nxtivity” and had an early(ish) night. Today as you know we are off for the food and then Twin will be over about 3.30pm. We will all be off to church for Mxdnight Mxss at about 11pm. Wishing you all a lovely Christmas without any stresses and time to relax and enjoy yourselves. Morning BHB, yes it is a nice bright start. The conservatory decorations look lovely now we have the lights switched on. It does seem very festive. Let’s grab the mince pies and the Chrxstmx Cheer-re and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 24, 2018, 10:45
Morning all and it is a nice bright sunny one at the moment. Good day for travelling I hope! As Twin has said I am off to them for C/mas. Lovely. I just need to pack and sort myself out while poor Twin and MM are doing the shopping. I seem to have drawn the long straw I think!

Eva well done on getting your flat decorated and a very Happy C/mas Eve to you and your family. I see you are with youngest sister and family so I am sure you will have a lovely time. At least you and Mrs S were in the same room and didn't fall out which is nice. How lovely of the boys to have baked cookies for you. I can imagine what bedlam it must have been! My hand is slowly improving, (I hope). Now I am at the stage of just waiting for the next bit to start up! Latest is I have an itchy patch between my shoulder blades, just where I can't reach. I feel a job for Twin coming on!

Jo I am not sure curling up on the floor sounds very comfy to me but if you must do it, please, do keep the route to Bella's bed clear! Priorities please! Shame you have to work today as I think the country has more or less closed for two weeks now! Hope you get let out early and not long till Freedom Day!

Diana good thing you read the card about the parcel! Very annoying to have turned up and it was shut! As Twin will tell you I am very good at sleep training! I think you might find a certain enjoyment in waking and being able to stay put and listen to everyone else going off to work. I always loved that.

I hope everyone has a lovely, happy and restful C/mas doing just what they want.

Morning BHB, oh my the conservatory looks wonderful. The tree is gorgeous and I just love the white light deer family you have put outside. You are very clever. So what have we to drink? Christmas Cheer.> Perfect. Let's get some more (no, not the mince pies for me thanks) and we will go and find the CM.

evam wrote:
Monday, December 24, 2018, 10:51
Morning all. Not quite such a nice morning today. It's very grey with some black clouds drifting in from the sea. It had been snowing quite a lot during the night, but it has all rained away.

Hello sweetheart. Oooohhhhhh,- I like your Christmas jumper. (It reminds me of the one GO was wearing last year, but better not say anything.) Yes, I have done some food shopping this morning, so I'm ready for my herbal tea and a snuggle. 💋💋💋
As I told the BHB, I've been out and about early today. I did need some more food, and needed a quick visit to the chemist. I had made up my mind to be out early so I could be at the shopping centre as soon as they opened at 9am. I knew today will be mayhem in the shops until they close at 1pm. Then Norway will be closed until Thursday. As I was so early, I had no problem finding parking, and the shopping was easily done as well. When I left, the hoi-polloi started arriving in droves, and people were already starting to fight over a space to park.
The Christmas tree was decorated as planned yesterday afternoon, and the flat looks lovely. I am quite pleased with it.
I'll be picking up father this afternoon, and of course Emilian will be with us tonight. I had a snap from Iselin this morning, showing how he was busy opening the presents from his stockings, so his Christmas is well underway. 😀

Diana,- if you've been with the company for so many years, I would certainly hope they are going to make a HUGE fuss of you. 🎆🎊🍾🍨🎂 Here are some hints.

Jo,- sleeping on the floor? You're not in PI now!😂

Carol,- I hope the queues aren't too bad when you collect your Christmas food. I assume father and Mrs S are with mother now, so fingers crossed she is better than she was yesterday.

I wish you all a lovely day tomorrow, and if you have been good this year, maybe Santa will give you a present (or 2, or 3, or 4, or........)🎅🎄🎁
maeve 12 wrote:
Monday, December 24, 2018, 12:56
I'll shortly be off to dollop's for the night and then tomorrow we go to scollop's for a couple of days.

I won't be back on the blog for three days or so (no change there)

I'd like to wish all SLs a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year,

who knows quite what will be coming in 2019let's hope for the best.
TK wrote:
Monday, December 24, 2018, 18:36
Bella is barking you all a Happy Christmas.

Adjoining neighbour is away for a couple of days, so I'm just letting her bark.

Don't worry about me sleeping on the floor, I'm used to it. Just mustn't sleep in front of Bella's bed in future.

Back door open now, it is getting very chilly outside.

Diana beats me by 3 years for staying with one company, that's because she started at hers when she was a child.

Bella nearly didn't get a walk at lunch time as Mr ExPm assumed I'd be off today. Luckily his wife reminded him. I did get home at 2pm whilst Bella was out. It is the earliest I've ever got home on Christmas eve. We are given a half day off, IF you have no work to do. Of course I usually had some. Not today, so I left after 5hrs. One chap I've known for over 20years, said to me on my way out 'last Christmas eve at w*rk', he is a strange chap, but we get on well.

Carol, from what I was told in the village at the weekend, Friday was really busy, Saturday was quiet (apart from the green grocer), don't know what it was like today as I was at work. I could imagine it was busy as there were very few people on the roads going to w*rk at 7.30-8.00am.

I hope everyone has a lovely day (today for Eva) tomorrow.

Best Wishes for for all your celebrations.

Jane E wrote:
Monday, December 24, 2018, 18:44
Happy Christmas everyone!

Thank you so much for your cards and e-cards (Jo that spot the object game is addictive!).

I'm sitting here with a box of liqueur chocolates. My Christmas has officially started. Tomorrow my in laws are coming to collect me and we are all going to my ex's.

Pauline - I hope your hands are OK today and that they don't spoil your holiday for you.

Fi - I see the planning department are doing their best to spoil your peace of mind. I forget who suggested writing to your MP but I think that's another good way to go. Just thinking of what I said about the GDPR - I think I was getting my acts mixed up. A Freedom of Information request might be more useful.

Carol - enjoy midnight mass. I was thinking of going to my church tonight but I'm now tempted to stay int he warm.

Eva - sorry to hear mum was having a bad day when you went over. But it sounds like you are all organised now.

Diana - I'm sure you'll adjust quickly to being a lady of leisure!

Wishing Maeve and everyone else travelling for Christmas safe journeys.

I see our lovely GO is staying put in Aberdeen. I hope he has friends with him for Christmas - or better still some of his family are flying up.

Happy Christmas lovely Loppies!

Sue-1 wrote:
Monday, December 24, 2018, 22:57
Just popping in to say Merry Christmas to you all. Hope you have the best of days. I'll catch up with you all on Boxing day x
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, December 25, 2018, 09:13
Morning and HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Sort of a grey day but it is dry. Last night we had to scrape the car windows before we went off to Church as the frost had visited.

Well done on the early shopping trip Eva, and pleased that you felt well enough to go. When I used to work for PandG Scxndinxvxa our offices in Sw’den, F’land, and N’way (although that one shut not long after I worked there) always closed on the day before a bank hol at midday or just after, so I understand you need to get out quite early to get a car park space. Hope you had a lovely time with your sister and family (especially Emilian) and that your Father was full of festive cheer and still agreeing to the sheltered accommodation!

Lovely to see you Maeve, and have a lovely time with your family too (of course you will) – Tay will doubtless keep you all entertained with stories of her travels!

Jo please thank Bella for us – or maybe she was singing a C’mas carxl? It did indeed get chilly last night. Good job Mrs Ex=P was on the ball or Bella would have spent all afternoon with her legs and paw crossed! Well done on leaving early!! As your colleague said, last time you will be leaving wxrk for a C’mas break!

So you have hid the incoholic choccies early (the Chxrch Administrator gave me and MM a box of gin choccies which we will probably open today). Lovely that you will see your ex outlaws for C’mas – I know you really get on with them. I am sure some of the family will be visiting A’deen to see the GO = I presume it is just the one day off for him so can see why he didn’t come back home.

Have a lovely Christmas too Sue!

Indeed, hope everyone has a lovely time over the C’mas break, that Santa came and brought whatever you wanted and that all worries and stresses were forgotten for at least a day!

Pleased to report that both Sainsbugs and MandS were busy but not manic. Managed to get all the food, and the fridges and coolbox are now working overtime! Twin arrived safely and we put our feet up and watched TV (I was also tracking Sxnta courtesy of NXSX, as I do every year) until it was time to go to Church. Lovely service, although chilly (heating engineers coming in the N Year as there is a problem with the boiler) but we were forewarned to so dressed appropriately! We were home by about 12.45 and went to bed. Have just woken up! Today will be the three of us for C’mas lunch (turkey crown will suffice) and of course we have SCD and Cthe M’wife to look forward to later. The BHB has been given the day off so it is self service I am afraid. Champers is in the fridge, hot food in the hot cupboard, cold food in the chill cupboard and the C’mas cakes all ready and waiting – enjoy and have a lovely time doing whatever you are doing to celebrate the day!
evam wrote:
Tuesday, December 25, 2018, 09:42
Morning all, and a very Merry Christmas to you all. I hope Santa brought you all what you wished for. He certainly did for me! 🎅🎁🤗 4 books, none of which I've read, a beautiful, silky scarf in the Norwegian flag present, 3 calendars, (don't know where to hang them all!), a soft, knitted stole in alpaca silk from AG, a necklace from Emiian which he'd made himself, (of course I wore it all evening), a new photo of Emilian that had been on my wish list, some homemade chocolates from the PH (and Henrik, of course.), so you'll understand why my cup runneth over.❤️️
The food (salted and dried lamb's ribs, steamed for 3 hours served with mashed swede and boiled potatoes, with whipped cream with cloudberries for afters.) As usual we all wanted to rest afterwards, but Emilian would have none of it. He wanted to start dancing round the Christmas tree at once, because he'd been told that Father Christmas might make a call when that was finished. And would you believe,- after 5 songs, the doorbell went, and Emilian was out in the hall like a shot, but he waited for his mother to join him before he dared open the door. And blow me down! There was Father Christmas with his sack. He was invited in, and in a very strange dialect (😂) kept talking to Emilian. (Father Christmas had the same shoes as the PH, but Emilian never noticed.) Father Christmas was told that the PH was on the toilet with a funny tummy ( too much lambs' ribs!😜).. Father Christmas couldn't stay long because he had many children to visit. He had to catch the bus, and there wasn't many buses running on Christmas Eve! Emilian told him he mustn't forget his cousins in Canada, and Father Christmas promised that he wouldn't. Henrik slept blissfully through it all.
Henrik is a little dote. He settled on auntie Eva's arm for a long time, and we cooed and cuddled.❤️️
Father became quite exhausted, so we said good night at about 9.30 pm, and I took him home. He was very unsteady on his feet, so I went up to his flat with him. I waited until I saw him safely into bed. I haven't spoken to him yet, but will ring a bit later.
Father and Mrs S had been to see mother in the morning, and she had been fine. She even joked with father, so he was very relieved. There was never any chance we could take her with us to our Christmas dinner. Even last year she was to ill to be taken out.

Jane,- I hope you have a nice Christmas Day with your exes.

Sue,- thank you for popping in. A Merry Christmas to you and Ray.

Maeve,- enjoy your time with the family. You will have a busy time.

Twins,- I'm sure you and MM will have a splendid time together. Do eat too much ( I did!), drink in moderation (My intake of fluids came straigh out of the tap!), and don't cry when you watch whichever Christmassy film you choose to watch.😢

Jo,- as you received a written invite, I'm sure you're going over to the Ex-Postman and his wife soon. Bella is also invited? I am not surprised.

Enjoy your Christmas celebrations all of you. I'l watch Strictly later, as I'm sure you'll all will.
Pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, December 25, 2018, 09:58
Morning all and a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everyone. It is a grey day here, very normal for C/mas, but going to church last night it was all frosty so more seasonal! The church looked lovely and the service was good. Today I am sure we will probably eat too much and watch lots of tv so will be like most of the country! A good day in other words!

Jo that is so king of Bella! A woof woof woof back to her. I am sure you were not distraught at the idea of no more work at C/mas.

Eva I hope you had a lovely time last night. One of the men at church last night had come from celebrating a German C/mas which I think must be fairly similar. I hope your mother has a better day today.

Have a lovely time with the family Maeve . I’m sure having Tay there will make it extra special.

Have a good day with the out laws and ex Jane. Very nice that you can all get together at C/mas.

Going to see you albeit briefly Sue. Hope you and Ray have a good day.

No BHB, but the Bistro looks so lovely and there is champers . I feel a celebratory breakfast coming on!

TK wrote:
Tuesday, December 25, 2018, 10:47
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas
Bella has been up and about early, 2 laps of the park. We'd just got home and via text were asked if we wanted to go to the park. I declined and Bella is fast asleep still.
Ali wrote:
Tuesday, December 25, 2018, 22:41
Merry Christmas. Hope you’ve all had a lovely day.
Josh’s girlfriend is staying, we all opened our pressies in our bedroom as is our tradition. After breakfast Josh went to work and I went to church. Ploppy went for a pint with BinL and friends and was joined by eldest scollop. We all went to my sisters and managed to squeeze 11 of us round the table. Lovely meal, Jack occupied his cousins with a board game, all home now and in pj’s watching tv.
Off to Essex to MinL tomorrow.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, December 26, 2018, 08:24
Morning and a little overcast today – forecast to be dry though.

Hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday.

Goodness Eva – why would you be given four books? It is not as if you enjoy reading at all!!! Sounds a sthough you had a very impressive haul – I have a sneaking feeling that maybe the photo of Emilian might be your favourite! How lovely that Father Christmas came to visit (I remember years ago taking Victoria to her school Christmas Fete when she was five and she looked at Father C and said to me “he’s wearing Mr Bassett’s shoes!”). Loving the story to explain the PH’s absence!! Aww so you had lots of cuddles with Henrik – I am sure you were the one who cooed most! So pleased your Mother was having a good day when she had her visitors – especially if she was able to joke! SCD was lovely, of course, and we thought the opening was the best of the C’mas specials to date. Cry us? Watching Call the M? Never!!!

Hope you had a lovely time Jo, and weren’t too exhausted after your early rising – two laps of the park sounds quite strenuous! No wonder Bella went to sleep afterwards; although I am surprised you declined to do it all again!

Sounds like you had a lovely day too Ali. Your sister did well to squeeze in and cater for eleven people round one table! Hope you have a safe journey today and a lovely visit with your MinL.

We had a nice relaxed day too. We opened our stockings once we were all up, showered and dressed, then had our breakfast and I put the turkey in to cook. Then it was back into the conservatory to have the presents from under the tree – I had two very nice tops from MM (wonder why he thought I would like them) and lots of lovely things, including a beautiful necklace from Twin and a lovely bangle from MM. Christmas lunch was very tasty (thank you M&S). One near disaster – MM likes C’mas pudding, but Twin and I don’t. I bought him a small individual one and misread the microwave instructions. As a result whilst I was sorting out the caramel mousse from me and Twin I became aware that there was smoke filling the kitchen – I had put it on for three minutes (two of which had gone) instead of 35 seconds!! Switched off the microwave, threw open the window and the door, and MM ended up without his pudding but a share of the very delicious MandS dessert!! After lunch it was fill the dishwasher and then feet up for the tv marathon - Zog, Strictly, Call the Midwife, Upstart Crow and then the Torvill and Dean story (last one was very disappointed but we persevered just for the skating!). Today is a lazy day so will get as much prep done for tomorrow, when we have our annual family and friends get together, as I can!! Morning BHB, hope you had a lovely C’mas – I know you need to leave early today. Let’s grab the pastel de Nata and the Christmas Velvet and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, December 26, 2018, 09:08
Morning all and it is a grey one out there at the moment but at least it is dry. We had a lovely day yesterday, Santa was very good to me and I had lots of lovely things. A lovely necklace and some earrings which are so pretty, a lovely velvet scarf in my favourite colour among lots of other things. Twin worked wonders with the dinner which was all delicious, well maybe not MM”s pudding! We then watched the Queen of course and then lots of other things, my favourites being the SCD special and CtM which was just lovely. Tissues may have been needed occasionally! Today will be all about helping Twin if she will let me which is debatable!

Eva so glad you had a lovely happy time on C/mas Eve , it sounds perfect and just what you all needed. Also glad that your Mum had a better day. Your pressies sound lovely though can’t think why you got books! How good of Father Christmas to visit and what a coincidence he had the OH shoes on!

Jo your morning sounds a bit energetic! I can see why Bella slept afterwards.

Ali dinner for eleven sounds challenging but a lot of fun I am sure. Glad you had a good day.

Morning BHB and what are we drinking today? Christmas Velvet? Sounds good to me, ooh and my favourite tarts! Let’s get more of everything and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, December 26, 2018, 09:20
Morning all. It's a very grey day here, with intermittent showers. + 6 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. PHEW you say? You have to leave early to go to a show? Oh, enjoy yourself then. Is it a panto? (He's looking at me strangely, but I won't say anything more.) We have time for a coffee and a round of snuggles? Goody. Lead me to it.💋

Yesterday was a very quiet and lazy day. I started reading one of the books from youngest sister. One of my favourite authors. He writes crime novels ( surprise, surprise!), is from Bergen and his novels are set in Bergen as well. Here is a link:

He's translated into English as well:

Today I'm invited to the nerd and Helene for lunch. (Roast pork) Father was invited too, but when I spoke to him yesterday, he said he was quite exhausted after Christmas Eve, and didn't think he would be up to another party. Btw. He has not signed the necessary papers for the sheltered house application. He said to youngest sister that he wants to wait. Even when she pointed out to him that the handling by SS would take months, he wouldn't sign. Why am I not surprised?😡

Ali,- enjoy your day with the m-i-l today. Well done to your sister to manage to place so many people round the table.

Jo,- so you were more exhausted than Bella yesterday? You'll have to do another round or 2 today.😜

Carol,- I also wonder how MM knew you'd like a couple of tops. Is he phsycic? Or does he know you too well?😂 The other presents sound good as well. I didn't watch CtM last night as it will be on Norwegian telly tonight, and I will record it. But I enjoyed Strictly and Michael M was hilarious as always.
Diana wrote:
Wednesday, December 26, 2018, 13:00
Hello all. Sounds as though everyone's had a good Xmas day.

We had a very quiet day yesterday, lunch out was excellent. Leek & stilton soup to start, Ploppy had duck liver terrine and turkey with accompaniments, while I had lobster risotto and John Dory, we both had valrhona choc marquise with cherries in a liqueur which was gorgeous, followed by coffee & tiny mince pie. We felt nice and full but not stuffed afterwards. We were home in time for the Queen's speech, opened our presents, then watched TV for the rest of the day. Particularly enjoyed CTM. Had a small meal in the evening and a bottle of champers.

Ploppy's played golf this morning while I've been doing some sorting out. Printer is playing up so I'll try turning everything off in a mo. For dinner tonight we have the second portion of lobster & seafood shells, then partridge with a brussel sprout mix, followed by the last of the cheesecake. Tomorrow I am w*rking half the day and getting ready for SA the rest.

Enjoy the rest of your Xmas.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 26, 2018, 18:39
Well maybe Boxing Day is a busy day for some. The TK household were 'resting', to the park in the morning. An abortive trip to the bar at lunchtime. I did check it was open, but Bella decided that it was more important to have a short walk to the main road and then a trot home with her big rawhide chew in her mouth. I then took over the decision making and decided we would 'rest our eyes' in the afternoon. Bella was up for that.
I'm glad that others had a good Christmas day, apart from the testing of smoke alarms.
I must admit there is little to beat MrsExPostman's trifle. She makes it exactly how I like it. No tangerine segments or any other citrus fruits, whipped cream with no fancy flavouring and most importantly no alcohol. I have not dictated this recipe in any way, that is how they like it too.
Just seen Sister Wendy has died
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, December 26, 2018, 19:25
Belated Happy Christmas.had lovely day - Scollops and Ploppy cooked and Scollops did all clearing away!! ( I had done lot of prep day before). We all ( apart from g/f) went to church in am (9:15 service!) and had walk before lunch. I didn't feel well in Eve and have come back down with bad throat and cold and cough. Bed by 8pm! Not good today but had an eng.gement party to run! Luckily I had done all did in advance so only table needed setting and food put out. We had abt 20 people for bubbles and nibbles. Went well tho ploppy shattered -he stood up for 4 hrs. I was too ill to nag him to sit down! Scollop and g/f loved party and some of their friends there ( one couple who now lve in Th.iland) as well as our friends.this is end of us all being tog as eldest Scollop off tomorrow morning until fri eve, back and then away again. UB Scollop off on Fri eve and g/f off on Friday am. Sad that neither Ploppy or I have felt on best health but still lovely to have family tog. I hate it when Scollops leave.
Have had quick skim of blog. See everyone has had good food / family Chr.stmas.
TK wrote:
Wednesday, December 26, 2018, 19:44
After just watching The Policeman's trifle (Matt W) just remembered another trifle ingredient, or rather what not to put in, biscuits of any type or sponge. So, to be precise strawberry jelly, strawberries, custard (tinned or Birds powered made up) whipped cream (can have sprinkles if you must, but not necessary).

Bella is barking her agreement
Sue-1 wrote:
Wednesday, December 26, 2018, 23:41
Eveninng all,

Carol, I did indeed like wrapping the few small gifts.
Sadly the friends we should have had lunch with had an even worse time today. It’s the hubby’s birthday and they should have stayed in a nice hotel last night courtesy of the son, and had a family meal with the three children and ten grandchildren. They didn’t have the nice night at the hotel my friend wouldn’t go and although they went for the meal and that was okay, they went home early because she thought all his presents had come from his “other women”! B also thinks he has another family to support, purely her imagination.

Pauline, the tricky little polyps sound horrible, no wonder you need to be looked after. Hoping your hand thing goes away, talking to my goddaughter last night and she has a painful thing with her hands when they are cold, fingers swell and itch, oddly enough her ears do too. I said you had something similar.
Had a thought, are your itchy patches anything like psoriasis? I had an itchy patch on the inside of my elbow, never had it before and six months later diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Hope it’s not but as I say a thought.

Jane, nice to hear about the panto, and that you had a great time, I bet the GO was pleased to see his stalwart fans.

Great news about the notice Jo!

Oh Fi, I feel for you, what a horrid situation.
Also see that you were poorly again, not your year is it! Here’s hoping the next one will be better.

Diana, so that’s work done yay! At least the going out to work bit anyway, excellent.
Your Christmas lunch sounds yummy, but then your food usually does.

Eva, your Christmas sounds lovely, and fancy Father Christmas coming to call, how wonderful.
Pleased to see your mother was better, I’ve been out of touch for so long it doesn’t seem five minutes since she was home together with your father.
Your father takes the biscuit!! Hope he’ll agree to sign those papers.

Must admit I don’t like sponge in trifle Jo, but sherry, now that’s a different matter.

We had a lovely Christmas day, church in the morning, well graveyard to be more precise, our church has been closed for over a year now, the roof is falling in and no-one is allowed in the building. Our Sunday services have been held in the local school hall (I’ve not been to any of them) doesn’t seem like church. The Easter and Christmas services have been held outside the church and have been lovely, fortunately the rain has always held off. Ploppy doesn’t do church but he will come to the outdoor services which is lovely for me.
Christmas dinner was with our friend and our lovely godchildren, so that for me was really special. Goddaughter’s hubby is applying to start training to be a vicar, if he’s successful he’ll be a very modern vicar, as is our current one. (I prefer my vicars in a frock with a dog collar and my church services traditional) But wish him all the very best, they are a lovely couple and M will be an excellent vicar’s wife.

Need my bed now, we’re off to Mumbles tomorrow till the 2nd, we’ve done this the last three years since my friend died.

Pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, December 27, 2018, 08:48
Morning all and another grey and cloudy one, but not too cold and it is absolutely still, not a breath of wind. We had a quiet day yesterday, though Twin did start her cooking for today’s party. We then went for a walk to blow away the cobwebs which was nice. So as I say today is party day and Twin is busy in the kitchen even now! I am not allowed in there but will be able to help get the rooms ready to receive guests then can be a runner when they arrive. A busy day ahead!

Sue thanks for the suggestion, I do have a feeling this wretched thing is linked to arthritis in some way, but will have to wait for a diagnosis until I have seen the specialist at least I think. Meanwhile it is now in my feet as well! Deep joy! Have a lovely time at the Mumbles. Hope the weather is kind to you.

Eva I wish I could say I am surprised that your father wouldn’t sign, but sadly I’m not. As I said before I think you ought to get Mrs S to get him to sign if she is so good at persuading him! Hope you had a lovely lunch yesterday.

Fi your C/mas sounds lovely, I am sure you do miss your boys when they are gone. Not good you are coughing and doing again. Hopefully you can look after yourself a bit now and rest a bit. Silly question I feel!

Jo my trifle lives are a bit different, of course they were shaped by the way my Mum made it. She did use sponge and alcohol! My no no is jelly. Not trifle to me with jelly! Sorry!

Diana your meals sound delish. Not sure when you leave for SA, but have a good journey when you do.

Morning BHB. Yes I may be first, unless the CM has just snuck in. She is so busy today, but will be here I know. Meanwhile we could just have a little Mimosa while we wait for her?

Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, December 27, 2018, 09:08
Morning and a nice bright(ish) start to the day! Think it is due to last. Still very mild for the time of year!

Glad you managed to have a quiet day Eva – think that iwll have done you good. I will add your author to my reading list – in English of course! Hope you had a lovely lunch with the Nerd and Helene – I am sure you did! Shame your father didn’t feel up to it (unless of course he changed his mind yesterday). What am I also not surprised he hasn’t yet signed the papers...........did he say what he was waiting for? I also had a new top from Moving Aunt (but that was a bit of a cheat as she gave me money to buy what I wanted!). Hope you have managed to watch CtM now really enjoyed it. Michael M was indeed hilarious!

Your meal sounds delicious Diana. Ah, so Ploppy felt up to playing golf, so hopefully that means his shoulder is behaving. That’s my remedy for anything electrical – turn it off, wait for ten then turn it on again. So working from home this morning and then getting things ready for the suitcase. Is it this weekend you go?

I am assuming the members of the TK household going to the park did not include TK herself? I have fallen off my chair – Bella didn’t want to go to the bar???!!!! The trifle sounds lovely (although I am one that does like sponge in mine.......). See the key ingredient of what you like appears to be strawberries!! Ah MM was doing some eye resting yesterday and the day before.......!! Shame about Sister W, but she had a fulfilled life I think. I never realised that JRT’in was one of her tutors at Oxfxrd.

Fi sounds like you had a lovely time, despite the sore throat, cough and cold! That is very bad timing. I am sure the last thing you wanted to do was get up and have the engagement party but it all sounds as if it was a lovely occasion. Not so good Ploppy stood for so long! I am sure you feel bereft when the boys leave! Also suspect the house feels quite empty. Sending a get well hug.

There is something so lovely and festive about wrapping pressies Sue – I just love it (I always have a dvd of C’mas music playing whilst I do it). . Oh waht a shame about your friend’s hotel stay and that they left the meal early – so sad that your friend believes her imagination. Oh goodness that doesn’t sound good about your church roof! I don’t think I will mention that to MM as we need to get our church roof retiled within the next five years! Will be a major project I feel! Still the services outside sound lovely. Our church is quite relaxed and informal so probably we aren’t the sort of church you would like!! Have a lovely time in Mxmbles!

We had a lazy day yesterday, although we did go for a short walk (quite slowly due to MM) and found the Coop was open so bought some fresh bread. Rest of the day we did crosswords and watched tv, although in the evening we did Skxpe MM’s daughter and family in Oz, so that was lovely – odd seeing the blue skies and sun on Boxing Day!! Today we have the family get together so have been up doing as much of the cooking as I can. Now off to wash my hair to get rid of cooking smells. We will have our usual two elves – Imogen and Marcus – to help me with the presents under the tree!! Morning BHB, yes nice bright start, let’s grab the toasted paninis and the Pxter Pxn Mxrtixi and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives. Oh I see she is here already and has made up some Mimosa, so we have an option this morning!
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, December 27, 2018, 11:47
Hello all!

I've been enjoying reading about your Christmases, especially all the lovely things you have been eating. I'm definitely not sniggering at Carol's pudding disaster. Honest! But I will admit to chucking over the vision of Emilian opening the door to Father Christmas! Eva:-)

Sue - it's a shame about your church's roof but the idea of a service in the churchyard is quite appealing - as long as the weather is reasonable. Pity about your friends leaving early.

Fi Sorry to hear you had a sore throat over the festivities. (Sounds like you were extremely busy. As is Ali - how do you ladies do it!)

Pauline I hope your hands were OK. Fingers crossed for the diagnosis.

My Christmas was lovely. I opened my pressies in the morning - which included a lovely PURPLE hat, perfect for going to colder climes (thank you Jo!) and a bottle of sloe gin and posh choccies from O (thank you if you read this!).

MiL and ex did the lion's share of the cooking. I can only describe the main course as a giant pig in a blanket - pork stuffed with sausage meet wrapped in bacon. Yummy but unlike Diana, I ate WAY to much.

Here's the big news....

'My' niece (ex's niece really) stayed over at my house Xmas night so we could watch DVDs without disturbing MiL and SiL. In the morning we did a quick tidy up. I was in the kitchen washing up while niece sorted out the lounge.

"I'll look out for your tablet while I'm tidying." She said. Then "Ooo found it!"

I'm not joking it was a quick as that.

It had fallen behind the box I keep my hats and wraps in. I'd looked there at least twice!

What a great Christmas surprise!

Shame that
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, December 27, 2018, 11:49
Ignore the "shame that" at the end. Copy and pasting error!
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 27, 2018, 12:14
Morning (just) all. It's a miserable day here, with rain and mist down to our ankles! 🌧😒

Hello sweetheart. You were just about to leave? Sorry, but it's been a busy morning again. You have my herbal tea ready, and you have time for a snuggle? Goody!💋
I needed some food today, so I decided to go down to the shopping centre early this morning. I also had 2 books I needed to change, so at 9am I was ready with the trolley. Guess what I had forgotten? Right! The books, of course, so I have to go back again tomorrow.
I rang father and said that if he wanted to see mother, I could take him as soon as I'd put the frozen food i my freezer. He was very reluctant though, as he'd had a bad night. I told him to stay put, and that I'd go and see mother anyway. Which I did. I had the bright idea to take my ipad with me, so I could show her photos and a little video I'd taken when we sang for Father Christmas. She was having a good day, and was just on her way from the lounge where someone had been playing the violin. She was delighted to see me, and she loved the photos. When she'd seen the photos from Christmas Eve, she wanted to see more, and we went all the way back to last years Christmas. So that was a good visit.
I had a nice lunch with the nerd, Helene, Andreas, Johan and Mrs S (not so nice.) yesterday. Mrs S was holding Johan all the time, saying she saw him so rarely, she needed to hold him as much as possible. This is the same thing that happened at Mikkel's birthday, and like then, the nerd just took Johan from her and gave him to me. He told her: Don't stay away 8 months of the year, then! She didn't like that.
The food was very tasty, but I didn't have a big apetite, so my stomach was full before my eyes, and I had to leave some of the food on the plate. I was also very tired, so didn't stay too long. When I got home, I fell asleep in front of the telly!
I felt better after a good night's sleep.

Fi,- I get worried when I read that you're unwell again. You've barely managed to get well from the last infection! And with Ploppy not up to his old self,- WILL YOU PLEASE TAKE IT EASY! Glad to hear the engagement party went so well.

Jo,- have you taken bella to the vet? Not wanting to go to the pub? Well, I never.

Carol,- I see you and Pauline are having a busy, but lovely family day today. I'm sure the two little elves will behave (or misbehave) as the case might be.

Sue,- nice to see you. Feel sorry about your friend though. The way she berates her husband for having another family, reminds me of mother's tirades on the phone to father about him wanting a divorce and being with his fancy woman! It's dementia for you.😒

Luckily I remembered to record CtM before I fell into bed last night, so I'll watch it tonight.
evam wrote:
Thursday, December 27, 2018, 12:18
Jane,- you posted while I was typing, but what news! The tablet is found! best Christmas present ever, and huge well done to niece.👏👏
Ali wrote:
Thursday, December 27, 2018, 12:53
Afternoon. Don’t faint but I woke up at 9.35 and am having a very lazy day! Poor ploppy is at work and my cold has re-surfaced so apart from some laundry and cooking tonight I’m catching up on recordings and taking it easy before I go back to work tomorrow.
Well done for your niece finding the ipad Jane. So frustrating when it is found where you know you’ve searched.
Good for the nerd standing up to Mrs S. Glad you had a good visit to you mother Eva, just need to get your father to sign those dratted papers now!
Sue, my ex-boss used to joke that her husband must have a second family because he was away so much. She said it so often I think she almost convinced herself! Very sad for your friend’s family. Good luck to M and vicar-to-be
Have a lovely day Twins
Safe flight Diana
Hope you can rest and recuperate now Fi, likewise Ian.
Thought I might persuade youngest scollop to go for a walk with me to blow away the cobwebs but he’s glued to his xbox. Will def drag him out for our annual trip to the beach on NY day instead.
Fi9 wrote:
Thursday, December 27, 2018, 13:07
Still full of cough and cold. Don't feel I have a temp any longer but every bone in body aches. I, like you Eva, am concerned abt no of nfectioms I fall prey to these years. Partly due to stresses of these years but mainly due I feel to the lung damage as a result of the undiagnosed cough 6 yrs ago. I notice big decline in my health since then - tho that Also time we started gadding round country supporting " oldies". So both ( and getting older) factors in health decline.
Jane - see,s niece gave you the best Ch pressie. We may all need to borrow her from time to time.
Twins - hope your party goes well. You always organise such lovely family get togs Carol
Sue - so sad abt your friend. So hard for her hubby and family. Like Carol I don't think you would like our church - fairly " happy clappy". We have t even thought abt NY. Scollops not here so unless we organise string we will be on own. Don't mind that usually but at moment feel we may be rather " maudlin".
Jo - I never make trifle but ought to as Ploppy loves it. My mum ( and we all seem to follow our mums recipes) made hers sponge, jelly ( sorry Carol), tinned fruit, custard and cream. And sprinkles! And of course sh.rry.
Ex planner friend coming round tmrw to discuss strategy. He, like us, feels case worker at co.ncil either been " got at" or extra ordinarily incompetent. Or both! Just proving it is the issue. So frustrating to know that this shouldn't go thro but seems it will and then the legal battles as a result of it just seem overwhelming at moment. Gling to try and book up a few weekends/ days away to try and cheer us up. A couple of friends have offered to house sit when we go away - to fend off NN - and we are installing C.TV. You read about all these neighbour disputes in papers and think cld never happen here - but it can!
UB Scollop still home so has made turkey and Brie toasties so seemingly lunch is served!
Diana wrote:
Thursday, December 27, 2018, 15:09
Afternoon all.

Yay Jane's tablet has turned up. Well done to niece. I've done exactly the same, found something where I'd already looked. Good ending to the year for you.

Twins, hope the family party is going well and you're enjoying yourselves.

Sorry your cold is no better, Fi. Hope you can have a relaxing couple of weeks. Sending ohmmms and hugs. I started coughing yesterday evening and woke up early this morning with a funny throat. Been coughing all morning so added pile of tissues and cough sweets to the bag, and will get some cough mixture at G*twick.

Glad you had a lovely visit with your mother, Eva.

Almost ready, just a few last minute things to do. Go to get up at 4.30 am tomorrow but it's a 12 hour flight so hopefully I will have a good sleep on the plane. We are due to land at C*pe Town around 23.00, pick up hire car and then have a 6-7 hour drive which I'm not looking forward to. At least the traffic should be a lot quieter at that time. I have some biscuits and will get some water at the airport, plus we'll stop for coffee at a petrol station at least once. Ploppy will have a sleep when we arrive, depends how I feel whether I have a snooze. Saturday will be spent unpacking our stuff, sorting out the satellite TV (always a pain) and doing a quick food shop. We'll do the main food shop for New Year on Sunday morning. We have no plans for New Year, probably a nice dinner from Woolw*rths and watch TV or a DVD. Forecast for the next few days is most sunny and warm, though Tuesday & Wednesday overcast/wet.

Enjoy your NYE celebrations and happy & healthy New Year to you all.
TK wrote:
Thursday, December 27, 2018, 20:49
Not only has the tablet returned to Jane, but she has completed the panto review.

I had a busy day at w*rk, due to the lack of staff because of the holidays.

I got a text this morning 'Hi Bella, menu for your late Christmas dinner, to be served at your next visit. Starter bonios, broken into 3 to save your teeth. Main- bowl of ham and turkey , peeled, sliced and steamed carrots and cauliflower with gravy, if the chef remembers. Dessert- assorted small dog treats. That OK? Tell your human you won't need dinner afterwards.' She really enjoyed the meal.

Diana, hope you have a good trip to SA.

Bella was taken out by Mrs ExPostman today. A park in a little town nearby. Apparently she was going up to people to say Hi!!

I don't make trifles either, just eat them. Mrs ExPostman said it was more like assembly of a trifle.

I'm tired. Very early night?

Carol29 wrote:
Friday, December 28, 2018, 08:15
Morning and quite dark at the moment, although dry (I know as I have just put the refuse out! No sign of the forecast fog so hopefully that has cleared!

Sniggering at my C’mas pud disaster, Lady J? I’m hurt! Pleased to say the smell of burning pudding is no longer with us!! A purple hat? Goodness me what on earth made Jo think you would like that? I can see that the sloe gin and choccies would appeal of course!! Sounds like you had a lovely C’mas time (although sadly the main course not for me due to my allergy to pxrk). Hooray! The naughty tablet has decided to come out and play again (it was obviously missing MM’s once it decided to give itself up to the authorities). Well done niece!!! You will have to keep a close eye on it in the future to stop it wandering off again!

Ah that is the sort of weather that is one of my least favourites Eva, hopefully the mist listed at some point and the rain moved off elsewhere. Oh goodness so you have to visit a book shop then? So pleased you had a lovely visit with your mother – good idea to take your tablet so she could see the photos – I used to do that with my mother when she was in her Home. Ah didn’t realise Mrs S was going to be at the lunch, but of course she would be – good for the Nerd for reminding her she has chosen to be away for most of the year! Did you mention to Mrs S that Father is reluctant to sign? Might be good to get her on the case again. Hope you enjoyed CtM and had a restful day yesterday.

Goodness Ali – 9.35? Anyone would think you had been having a hectic time lately. Think you deserve the lazy day – shame Ploppy had to go to work (hopefully he is still enjoying it), not so good your cold has resurfaced – there are a lot around. Roger had a cold yesterday and both the children had little coughs. Hope you managed to achieve your lazy day, caught up with your recordings and did eventually manage to persuade Scollop to abandon the xbxx and take at least a short walk with you – clearing the cobwebs always works wonders!

See you are still not well Fi – not good that your bones are aching so much. Think, as you say, that stress is playing a role, but you could be right about the problems from the undiagnosed w’ing cough. Our church not “happy clappy” but very much not standard CofE! Yes we do tend to follow our mothers’ recipes for trifle don’t we – my mother made a mean sherry trifle – in fact sherry seemed to be the main ingredient!! Hope ex planner friend can give you some good advice and some hope – just seems totally unfair and biased judgement! Think a few days away would do you both good, especially if friends are willing to house sit for you– think the CXT is a good idea.

Oh goodness Diana you don’t need a cough when you are flying – Hope you are feeling better today, but good idea to get some cough mixture and throat sweets at the airport. You are probably on your plane or just about to board, so hope you have a good flight and manage to sleep on the plane. Poor Ploppy having to face a 6/7 hour drive after a 12 hour flight – hopefully he will not be feeling too tired. Happy New Year, if you don’t manage to get on line before then.

Oh thank you Jo – will read the review later (we are off to C’bury this morning so may wait until |I am home). Forgot you were back at wxrk yesterday – coming back after a break is always a busy time, especially when people are still off. Loving Bella’s text!! I am sure she really enjoyed her meal!! Of course she was going to see people and say “hi” – even to complete strangers – she loves socialising! Hope today is quieter one for you at work.

Sending lots of ooooohhhhms to all the poorlies! There seem to be a lot of you at the moment.

Get together went well yesterday – Imogen and Marcus were the stars of course. Twin bought Marcus a wonderful “arm puppet” – a bright blue bird (which he is calling “birdie”), which was a great hit. Not too much food left at the end, which is always good! Sent Victoria home with the remains of the veggie pasta dish. They had a bit of an upset coming – Victoria had stopped to check the children were ok, and was in a parking bay close to a small parade of shops when a disabled driver in the space in front of her reversed into the front of her car. Not too much damage but Imogen, who was awake, was quite shaken when she arrived – Marcus was fine as he slept through it all. They were of course excellent elves! First arrivals (Lindy and Lawrence) came at about 12.40, and the last to leave (Victoria and the children, and Roger) left at about 7.15 pm. Victoria sent me a text to say they had arrived home safely. We did the clearing up (fairies were working hard in the dishwasher) and we were able to sit down and watch HC. We then watched the AC from the previous evening – not sure about it, but will watch parts 2 and 3 at some point. Twin is off home this morning and we are off to C’bury. We are back Sunday afternoon in time for Mrs Chris to arrive! Morning BHB, yes it is a bit gloomy, so let’s grab the pastries and the Vanillita and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
Pauline2 wrote:
Friday, December 28, 2018, 08:52
Morning all and it is a grey one again.we did get some sun yesterday but we were a touch too busy to enjoy it! The party went very well, Twin had done delicious food and lots of it so everyone really enjoyed it. Such a shame about the bump Victoria had, not serious but poor Imogen was definitely upset by it. She is just at an age when she realises nasty things happen in cars. However she was soon her normal sunny self. Both children are so lovely though Marcus is now very noisy! That’s boys for you! We all collapsed in the evening and watched tv. I am not a fan of this Pxirot at all, so much darker than anything AC would ever have written. If someone want dark gritty drama fine, but why mess with AC. Write something original! I will be off home today. I will try and get food on the way so I can eat. Sadly after having nearly got rid of my itchy swellings my hands have flared up again today. I do hope they find out what’s going on soon.

Ice to hear the Nerd gave Mrs S a few home truths Eva, though I’m sure she wasn’t happy about it. Glad you had a good visit with your Mum, I think the pictures were an inspired idea. Poor you having to visit a book shop!

Fi not good you are poorly again. I think stress has a lot to do with it, just as I am sure stress started all my problems, you just need to try and coddle yourself a bit.

Thanks for the review Lady Jane. Something to look forward to reading when I get home. Glad your C/mas was good and woohoo! Way to go niece! What a naughty tablet to hide like that. She must have taken it by surprise so it didn’t have time to hide,

Sorry you have a cold Ali, not what you need at this time of year, well they are never good! Hope you managed your lazy day.

Not good your cough has resurfaced Diana. Let’s hope the better weather in SA will cure you. Feel a cold will be the next thing I will get after cavorting with the children yesterday!

Well Bellas second C/mas dinner sounds very doggie yummy Jo. No wonder she enjoyed it. Hope worked isn’t too bad, but at least you are now on serious countdown.

Morning BHB, Vanillita day today, so let’s get more and go and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Friday, December 28, 2018, 11:15
Morning all. It started out with the low-laying mist again, but at least that has cleared up. Still no blue skies to see though.

Hello sweetheart. You've been waiting for me? You are one of the good 'uns.💋 Herbal tea and snuggles? Pe❤️️rfick!
I have been out and about this morning, and today I did remember to take the books with me! I found 2 books I wanted, and was even given 70 pence back, so not bad at all, eh?😜 One by this author:

He is also translated into English. Well worth adding to your reading list:

The sales have started here, of course, so I had a ramble around. I ended up buying 2 tops and 1 pair of trousers! Tsk, tsk, I know I don't need them, but I liked them, so there! I don't plan to do much for the rest of the day. I watched CtM last night, and of course I cried. I even cried when I watched HC, which I don't do very often It must be the aftereffect of the pneumonia! 😜

Carol,- Mrs S leaves for Spain again tomorrow, so she really doesn't care whether father signs the papers or not. Glad the party yesterday was a success. Hope the colds from the little ones haven't jumped over to you, MM or Pauline. No wonder Imogen was shocked when the car was driven in to.

Pauline,- poor, poor you with the hands flaring up again. You really need to see a specialist asap.

Ali,- another one with a cold. Enjoy your lazy day before you go back to work. So Jack thought it should be his lazy day as well? Good for you to drag him outside.

Jane,- whatever made Jo buy you a purple hat? Your Christmas dinner was certainly different, but I'm sure you enjoyed it anyway. I have nothing to add to the debate about trifle. It's not a dessert that is used in Norway. Don't know why not. My Shirley used to make a lovely trifle, but I couldn't tell you what was in it.

Jo,- I see Bella was fed as well as the humans. I bet she loves Christmas.😂
Jane E wrote:
Friday, December 28, 2018, 12:34
Hi all,

And firstly a big thank you to Jo for posting the pantomime review. So many people can't get to see it this year. I hope it will give a flavour of what happened. I intend to write a very detailed report later.

Ooo Diana is on her way! Safe flight Diana! Enjoy SA!

Pauline - I'm with you all the way on the latest adaption of the AC. They did And then There were None brilliantly - and Witness for the P was very good...but what really made me annoyed is the ABC murders is a dark story to begin with. Why make P so miserable? Don't they understand that AC REALLY knows what she's doing??!!! (Thank you. Rant over).

Carol - I agree. Tablet had obviously run off with its friend and so decided to return. Sorry for laughing at your pudding disaster - it's the sort of thing I do. I am glad everything is not sorted and there's not even a small titter escaping my lips! Ooo dear. Poor Imogene getting shaken up by that accident. Still I am sure everyone enjoyed their day at Chez Carol and MM.

Fi - I still have my fingers crossed you can get somewhere with nasty neighbour. Good idea to book some time away.

Ali - good to hear that you have getting a chance to relax.

Eva - I'm not a trifle fan. If presented with one I mine underneath the cream and custard for jelly and sherry soaked sponge. Nerd certainly says it like it is doesn't he? He he! But Mrs S deserved it. Glad to hear your mum was on good form yesterday.

I am going to see my mum tomorrow. The first time in nearly a year. I know it's awful but unless ex takes me I'm reliant on trains that seem to be striking whenever I arrange to go :-(. So I am making a special effort and going after work today to stay with brother for the evening. He's said that his wife will drive me home tomorrow. Fingers crossed she's well enough to!

maeve 12 wrote:
Friday, December 28, 2018, 17:06
Hope you have a good flight and holiday in SA, Diana.

Sorry for your troubles with NN, Fi

Hooray, the tablet has been found Jane

Sorry to hear so many nasty bugs around, giving people colds.

Trifle was a staple pud. when I was young, it always went down very well,
It had sponge, sherry, tinned fruit, bananas, custard and cream,
I guess you can put whatever you like into a trifle and most families had their own speciality!

TK wrote:
Friday, December 28, 2018, 20:13
Another text today 'Bella joined me and little dog with a visit to the garden centre to buy little dog's food. Bella couldn't believe it ...... treats and dog food everywhere! The lady behind the counter distributed treats as well! Bella said she would be prepared to go back.'
The garden centre allows dogs in. The treats are at dog nose height, so they can select their own. It is one of the little dog's favourite outings.

Really busy at w*rk, mainly because there were so few staff in.

Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, December 29, 2018, 08:14
Morning from fairly gloomy, at the moment, village outside C’bury. Had a fairly good drive down despite the X25doing it’s best. Arrived to be handed drinks of hot pink gin....can recommend! Had a lovely afternoon catching up with Mary and Les and did watch the third episode of ABC after dinner. Still can’t work out why writers feel the need to put their own stamp on AC work.....she doesn’t need changing!

I see the flying clothing has sneaked into Bergen! That was a flying visit from Mrs S! Did the boyfriend come over or was he still in Spain? So no further help with the papers then. Of course you cried at CtheM. We all did!

You are perfectly at liberty to laugh about the pudding Lady J.....we all did! I suspect your mother won’t realise how long it is since she saw you. We know you have tried to go a few times but the railways have decided to prevent you. This way you get to see your brother and your mother, which will be a bonus I think. Hope you had a safe journey.

Think you are right Maeve, every family has their own tweak on a trifle. In fact you reminded me that we always had bananas in o
The one my mother made!

Jo the garden centr sounds like doggie heaven. No wonder it is One of Little Dogs favourite places to go. Feel it will now become one of Bella’s!

Going into C’bury today to do my part in reviving the retail trade. Has to be done or should might disappear. Morning BHB. Let’s take the toasted tea cakes and the Pink Lady into the conservatory and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, December 29, 2018, 10:15
Morning all and a very grey and dull one, but very mild for the end of Dec. I am obviously back home now. Had an ok journey home, the roads were busy but running well. I stopped and bought some food on the way home so I am set for the weekend and can tackle the mounting pile of laundry and try to tidy the house a bit. I had a bit of a restless night as the swelling and itching is at it again. No word from the specialist, but I have another appointment with my doctor in about 10days as I have some questions I need answers too. Well I really need to know what is doing this, but she won't know that! However we'll see what she has to say. I passed on the AC last night. I know who did it anyway and I really saw no reason to watch it and get all cross! I see Twxggy has been made a dame in the honours list. Dame Twxxggy! Sounds a bit odd to say the least!

Eva I always cry at CtM! It is part of the joy of it! So Mrs S is swanning off back to Spain I see. I am saying nothing...but thinking plenty! Well done on the shop, glad to see jumping merchandise is alive and well in Bxrgen!

Lady J you mustn't feel guilty about not visiting your Mum more often. I am sure she sadly doesn't realise and if the trains won't oblige by running when you need them it isn't your fault. I hope you have a good visit with her and the rest of your family anyway.

Actually as a final though on trifle, one of my favourite I have ever done was with caramelised oranges. Can't remember the exact recipe, but it was very yummy!

Hope Twin is having a lovely time in C/terbury. At least we know their high street shops will be safe now!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Pink Lady? Very yummy! Let's get some more and se if the CM is still around.

TK wrote:
Saturday, December 29, 2018, 10:44
Good morning, just watching the Yodel driver on the map wending his way through the village. I'm never usually at home to check out the delivery.

Bella has just been snoring really loud. I felt like barking, as she woke me at 05:45 this morning. No winter time setting, no weekend setting, no snooze function, these Bella alarm clocks won't sell very well.
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 29, 2018, 10:48
the driver has gone past one end of my road and up the hill, I suppose he will come down the hill and enter the other end of my road. Exciting!!
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 29, 2018, 10:49
driver now opposite the road where Mw3ds lives
evam wrote:
Saturday, December 29, 2018, 11:05
Morning all. It's not raining for a change, but it's overcast and grey. + 4 degrees.

Hello sweetheart. PHEW! I made it. I heard rumours about toasted teacakes? You'll do a batch for me? You are a darling!💋 Teacakes, herbal tea and snuggles.- it can't be better than that!❤️️
I have been up and about for a few hours. Did wake at 5 am. I can't seem to get rid of that habit. It'll hopefully be better when we change to summertime.
My i*****g mountain has been steadily growing. I didn't much feel like i****g when I had the pneumonia, so it had grown into almost unmaneable hights. This morning I decided to make a start,- doing half this morning and the other half when I'm watching P*intless tonight. Not much elese to watch tonight. I never bothered with the AC series, as I saw an interview with the protagonist. He said that the AC purists probably wouldn't like it, but they were trying to bring something new into it! I knew at once that I'd probably develop and ulcer watching it, so gave it a miss.😡
With the i****g done, I drove down to the shopping centre to spend some more money. I have been fed up with my microwave for a long time. It was originally my parents', but they found it too complicated, so I exchanged it for mine,- a very simple one. My parents loved it, and I hated theirs. I saw an advert for a new one in the sales, and decided to have a look. I liked what I saw, so bought it. I've also bought a new iron, as my old one was giving trouble. I was glad I had the communal trolley to whisk the old microwave down to the car, and whisk the new one up to the flat.
I am very pleased with the clothes I bought the other day, as both the tops are down one size, and the trousers which wouldn't fit a month ago, but is now just right!😀👍

Jo,- so Bella will be pestering you to take her to the garden centre now!😂

Carol,- I bet the C*nterbury tradesmen was breathing a breath of relief when they heard that you are due!😜 Have a lovely time with your friends. Mrs S's boyfriend has been staying put in Spain.

Pauline,- 10 days is a long time to wait for an appointment with your GP. Do you think she can give the specialists a push?
TK wrote:
Saturday, December 29, 2018, 11:12
The map was showing the driver in the middle of the park, but he was right outside my house. Naughty man gave the heavy box to me and not to my neighbour, as it was addressed to her. He had very little English, but I've got my stuff so don't mind.
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, December 29, 2018, 16:31
Just seen UB scollop on to train - sob! He was away yesterday but came back overnight and then stayed until now. eldest scollop also came back last night and then away first thing this morning. back late tonight and here until NYE. Confused? not as much as us! we had quite frank discussion with UB scollop re wedding - and costs! not easy - esp as wedding is H.ndu and therefore we are not involved in that bit. but think discussions went well - and we are all clearer about who doing (and paying for ) what! I feel more human today but still full of cold and cough and sore throat. but actually started some h/work - so know I must be on mend as yesterday didn't care if I lived in a p.gsty - so long as there was a comfy bed in it!
Niece (20 yrs old) admitted to hospital last night with pne.monia- on an iv drip for medication. She had temp of 103/4 for a week but drs kept saying (Ii think over ph only) give it a week to see if gets btr. she is on mend but still being kept in for monitoring. scary for everyone.
Eva - gosh Mrs S isn't giving her own family (incl parents) a lot of her time even at Chr! You are learning bad habits from Carol - with your jumping clothes (and housewares)! but glad everything so suitable. I know I have been ill as haven't even wanted to look at sales online far less go near the shops! So glad that you and Carol are making up for my lack of shopping :). I watched CtM yesterday Eva - and cried!
Jane - enjoy your time with family. Great that you can visit mum and bro in one trip. Looking forward to reading your review.
maeve - good to see you.
Hope Diana has had a good flight and the drive to their home went well.
Pauline - Like Eva I do hope your dr can speed up your referral to specialist as must be so frustrating (as well as painful) to have this condition .
Ali - hope your cold better soon.
been working most of day on new objection letter to planner -pointing out her total inaccuracy (ie lie) in her reason for going to grant permission. but without slaying that she is either stupid or a liar. difficult . Need a gin now.
evam wrote:
Sunday, December 30, 2018, 09:42
Morning all. It's a funny day, weatherwise. One minute black clouds in the sky, the next blue sky. I wish it (the weather ) would make up it's mind, because I want to go for a walk.

Hello sweetheart. I'm first? Dear me,I didn't mean to give you a shock. It's OK,- the coffee is waiting? Let me at it, and if we can do the snuggle as well, I'll be happy.💋

I managed to finsih all my i****g yesterday, in spite of the new iron being rubbish. I can understand why it was in the sales! It goes back tomorrow. I haven't tried the microwave yet.

Fi,- I can see why you feel anxious about the wedding, especially if you are expected to pay for most of it. You haven't met UB scollop's parents-in-law, have you? Dear me,- the Nasty Neighbour seems to have an ally in the planning office, and you aren't given the unpartial treatment you have the right to. I sincerely hope this can be solved in your favour when the treatment of you are being handled by someone else.

Jane,- thank you for the lovely review again. A*erdeen sounds like a beautiful city, and reading your description of it, made me want to visit. So The Prince was handsome and charming, was he? What a surprise,- NOT!
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, December 30, 2018, 09:54
Morning all, a grey and rather damp looking day out there, but still mild. Feel we may be in for another Beast from the East or something to pay for all this mild weather. Yesterday I did a nice big wash and so today will be an ixxnxxg day today.. In fact I still have another wash to do as well so will be in full laundry mode for the next two days. My nephew rang me yesterday for a chat and he tells me they are getting a dog. It is a little pug (thankfully, as they have a little house!) and is a rescue dog from the RSPCA. He was on a puppy farm and is now a year old it having taken all that time to prosecute the owners. They have had lots of visits and Tim says he is a lovely little dog and will be called Gizmo. This is Jake's idea, my great nephew. He adores dogs and is so excited about this so fingers crossed all is well.

Fi that is a nasty scare about your niece. I hope she will soon be fit again. Definitely don't like this diagnosis by phone thing. Glad you feel a bit better and good to have had the wedding conversation with Scollop!

Jo I love those maps with a little van on a map some delivery firms have. If only they would all do it I would hopefully be less of a receiving office for the neighbourhood!

Eva I am seeing my doctor to discuss what I can do while I am waiting for an appointment. Plus I am thinking if she becomes aware that I have now been nearly two months if having this itchy swellings somewhere on me everyday she may give them a shove! I live in hope! Well done on the new microwave. Your trolley system for getting things from the car to the flat seems a brilliant idea.

I have heard from Twin and it sounds like the shops in C/terbury have been rescued by her and Mary yesterday!

Morning BHB, yes it is just me today. The CM is on her way home today so I think will be busy packing and getting ready to leave. You have done some Woo Woo for me, lovely, let's get a jug and some toasted crumpets and we can sit by the fire and have a nice snuffle.

Diana wrote:
Sunday, December 30, 2018, 11:54
Afternoon everyone.

We had a good journey here, though the flight seemed very long and we’ve agreed we will aim for the night-time flights in future. We landed at Cape Town just before 23.00 local time and then drove to Knysna. The pair of us were coughing the entire journey. There was even less traffic than last year and we did the drive in record time – 5¾ hours, arriving at the house about 05.45. We dumped our bags, had a quick look round then went to bed.

The weather yesterday was glorious but it was rather wasted on me. Fortunately even though I have been coughing a lot, my cold didn’t come out properly until yesterday and I’ve felt shivery and achy though at least my nose hasn’t been blocked up (yet).

Yesterday was spent unpacking all our stuff, we sorted out the satellite TV account and did a quick food shop in the supermarket. I sat on the veranda snoozing, mostly in the shade, for about an hour in the afternoon. Today we did another shop in Woolworths and the fruit & veg place, and stocked up on some alcohol. Ploppy has just cleaned the balcony and veranda which were both very dirty from the braai and birds. It was partly sunny this morning but has clouded over. The second load of washing is now on and I’m spending the afternoon updating the laptop.
Ali wrote:
Sunday, December 30, 2018, 14:10
Afternoon. I’m in that limbo between xmas and new year where it’s hard to know what day it is! Not helped by my cold resurfacing after I thought I’d seen the back of it. 2 very busy days at work, people clearly wanted to get out of the house and eat breakfast. We de-christmassed and had a good clean and tidy yesterday which has prompted me to do the same at home. Decs all away apart from outdoor lights which I’ll leave a few more days.
Went to church this morning but head was like cotton wool. Having a sit down with oj and paracetamol before I cook, sloppy joining us. Then I aim to stay awake if poss for Les Mis tonight!
Glad you’ve arrived safely Diana, envy the warmth.
Shame about the new iron Eva, hope the microwave is ok
Fi, has ub scollop set a date? Not sure if I missed that. Pleased you were able to discuss things.
Ploppy and I were both supposed to have a day off tomorrow but both now working. Hopefully we’ll finish mid afternoon as we’re seeing in new year with sis and friends. Think we may both need a nap before going out!!
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 30, 2018, 17:09
Glad the dog from the puppy farm is being rehomed. Makes me so cross people 'must have a puppy' when there are so many lovely dogs of all ages needing a home.
I was out with Bella before it got dark. She did her normal sitting down and refusing to move thing. Now she is wanting the 'going home' large rawhide chew. It was fine when it was the apple to go home, as that was eaten once she got home. Now I have to risk my fingers getting the raw hide chew off her. Anyway she was sitting down. I smiled at the family walking past with a little dog. 5 mins later the little boy ran back and asked if Bella was OK. That is a relative question. No, she is a cantankerous old lady who only does what she wants to, was what I did NOT say. I said 'thank you for asking she is on sit down strike for her chew to go home, I'll show you.' I got out the chew, she grabbed it got up, spun to face the opposite direction and trotted off. I turned and thanked the boy again for asking. I do have my phone with me to call for a car if there really is a problem.

Fi I do hope you can sort out something with the planning problem, sounds almost criminal what is happening. And the wedding, so much stress to cope with.

Loving that Carol is invigorating the economy :)

I'm not looking forward to w*rk tomorrow Ali and I knew I was going to w*rk it. It would be too much of a shock for me if I was expecting to be at home.

Diana, you and Ploppy need a good rest, take care of your selves.
Fi9 wrote:
Sunday, December 30, 2018, 20:07
Have had nice relaxing ( ish) day with eldest Scollop and Ploppy. I was due to see live screening of " and I" but cancelled as still coughing. Cld prob have gone as do feel better today but had to let friend know yesterday so she could arrange to go with another friend. We all went for short contra walk, then lunch in an It.lian cafe and shopping in local age.rgian town. Scollop surprised us by buying a fleece top ( he never buys new clothes - think a g/f may be involved!) and he bought a gilet for Ploppy birthday next month. So v successful trip. Home early aft and I have watched catch up tv and read newspaper.
Eva - we are paying for some but by no means all ( or even most) of costs. In fairness Scollop does not expect us to pay anything but of course we will help. There is only a m-I-l. A troubled family background. M-I-l has " issues" and for variety of reasons wont eat/drink in any establishment where meat has ever ( and I mean ever!) been! You can see why g/f has eating issues! So she obv she can't ever visit our house! I sometimes feel bit overwhelmed by all the " issues" we are having to juggle at mo. None are Mountains but just a lot of them and a lot of juggling!
Re planner - afraid it is most likely we will have to stick with this one. I feel fate conspiring against us . Seem to have incompetent planner who is more interested n her Ch hols than doing a professional job. I agree Jo it is " almost criminal". If only it was criminal we cld do something about it. But it is the " almost" that is our undoing. Both Scollops have separately said to us that if we feel we need to move and have to buy before we cAn sell ours they will Lend us money . Brought tears to my eyes. If only neighbour had a fraction of decency of Scollops we wouldn't be in this mess. Tho I maybe slightly biased!
Jo - love that the young boy was concerned about Bella.
Ali - colds have a habit of resurfacing - when least want them! No date set but prob Spring 2020.
Diana - this cough is horrible. But sunshine should help. Now that all the essentials done hopefully you can relax and recuperate.
Pauline - niece is now home. Weak but on the mend. Bit of scare for all. Hoping that your GP can hurry the referral along. Why am I not surprised that retailers n C'bury put out the bunting for Carols arrival! I meanwhile have started decluttering. UB Scollop and g/f very minimalist so I have decided to sell/ give away some old crockery/cutlery sets I no longer use. Still have to decide best way to do that tho. Not keen on idea of eb.y selling and all the wrapping up required!
I have a lovely ir.n Eva - it's just the person who uses it who is not so good. You can use my iron any time - I may just request you include the odd item of mine in your ir.ning pile!
TK wrote:
Sunday, December 30, 2018, 20:19
It's all getting very real. A couple of weeks ago I handed in my notice. Today I've emailed the main pension provider when I'll be retiring. 64 days of working left, LESS the days holidays I have booked, which I guess is a bit more than 10. It is a bit scary.
Bella has just woken up and stared at me, barked in a friendly way. So she will keep me on the straight and narrow.... Up and 6am and bed by 10pm. Now she is telling me to do something.
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, December 31, 2018, 08:36
Good morning and a little dark and gloomy still, but it looks dry. Think it may brighten later – still very mild for the time of the year! A very Happy New Year to everyone- hope you all enjoy whatever way you plan to celebrate the new year.

I see Jo has been amusing herself with the Yodel driver (in the politest of all ways of course!). So Bella is a snorer is she? Loving the idea that you could bark at her! Obviously Bella feels winter requires chews rather than fresh fruit. I hope you haven’t told her she is cantankerous! She might be planning all sorts of revenge if you do! Lovely the psychology of it all! I bet the little boy was impressed. Ah it will seem unreal right up to the moment you go out of the door on your last day. So only 50 or so days to go – they will fly by! Bella probably has the spreadsheet for your days already mapped out!!!

Oh goodness Eva that’s not good if your body clock is waking you up at 5am. Hope the ixxning pile is now of a reasonable size. I have to do my laundry at some point over the next few days so I am happy to help with the i word if you send your’s over. I can confirm that the chances of you liking the AXC murders is nil! We missed the second episode but did see the last one – really didn’t enjoy it at all! So a new microwave (I am wondering if I should invest in one after the C’mas pudding episode!) and a new ixxn. Strangely Mrs Chris was saying yesterday that she had bought a new ixxn too and a new hair dryer! Well done on fitting into the new trousers! Ah I have just read on and see I missed out on helping you with the i word! Not so good that the new ixxn is not up to the job!

Fi, I think I undersood Scollops’ movements .....just! Very wise to sit down and sort out who will be paying for waht for the wedding(s) – presuming there are two services? Very frightening for your niece to be rushed into hospital – although I see she has now been sent home. That was some temperature! What do you mean bad habits? What bad habits??? I have none! Think you needed a gin after writing your letter- a very difficult line to tread. Glad yesterday was more relaxing, but shame you missed out on the K and I. Lunch sounds lovely though. Goodness – does future m-i-l eat out anywhere then? Must be REALLY difficult! Not surprised you feel overwhelmed at times. That was lovely of Scollops to make that offer. Don’t think you are biased at all!

Glad you had a good journey Diana. Not surprised the flight seemed long – it was! Not so good you were coughing throughout. I suspect the flight brought the cold germs to the fore – hope you feel better soon. No sighting of the b’s I take it? Think snoozing on the veranda in the sunshine will have done you the world of good. Please send any nice weather this way (they are talking about another “beast from the east scenario in a week or so!).

Ah MM is with you on not knowing what day we are at Ali! Hope your cold departs very quickly. Oooh not taking my decs down until Saturday!! Mind you I have plenty of time to do mine whereas you are always so busy. Have a lovely time with your sister – hopefully work wasn’t too busy!!

Sending ooohhhhmmmms for all the poorlies!!

Had a lovely couple of days away and yes I think the shopkeepers of C’bury were pleased to see me and Mary. As Twin reported we did quite well!! I managed to come home with a new tunic, five new tops, two necklaces, and a lovely merino wall long cardigan; Mary came back with a necklace, three new tops and a new dress. MM also had some new pjs for when he (finally) goes for his op, and a new top. We had a lovely light lunch in a very pretty (haunted) teashop and then when exhaustion took over we staggered with our bags to a pub, ordered a bottle of wine, rang for the boys (they were joining us for a drink and then driving us home), so a very good day! Yesterday we were up, packed and out for brunch before we said our goodbyes and left for home. Mrs Chris joined us once we had unpacked (she had come down early as it was foggy, and stopped off for lunch nearby). A quick catch up and then we were off to the pantomime – oh yes we were! Brendan was excellent – he actually has a very decent singing voice. There were lots of SCD references and the two C’mas tress in the auditorium sported 10 paddles in place of a star or fairy. We were very lucky and managed to get out of the car park quite swiftly (a very rare occurrence at the W’combe Swan!) so made it to the restaurant by 8.15 and had a lovely meal before coming home. Oh and did you know Brendan is returning to the Swan in the Spring Jo – just for one night, 13th Feb). Today need to do a quick food shop at Sainsbugs and then I am watching the G’est Showman dvd with Mrs Chris. Tonight we are round with Lindy and Lawrence and a couple of friends to see the New year in. Moring BHB, yes it is getting brighter. Let’s grab the Lavendula, check the champers is on ice, collect the hot buttered crumpets and have a nice snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, December 31, 2018, 10:32
Morning all and yet another grey, dull one. It is so mild for the time of year though. I feel we are going to pay for it big time. A B from the E would not surprise me at all! I better look to my store cupboard so I can pull up the drawbridge if necessary. I watched Les Mis last night. Beautifully done. but I found it heart breaking watching Fxntine knowing what happens to her. So sad. My guess is you won't be watching Jo! I saw one report saying people were cross because there were no songs in it. I can't believe that there really were people who didn't realise it was an adaptation of the book! Or sadly, maybe I can!

Glad you have arrived safely and settled in Diana. Not so good about the colds though. Let's hope they clear up quickly and the sun continues to shine!

Shame about the ixxn Eva. I thought most were pretty standad these days. Obviously not. Shame there isn't an automatic one that can do it all by itself!

Ali shame you have to work, so hoping both you and Ploppy are done in good time. Hope the cold is feeling better today. Sending ohhhmmms in case you need them.

Shame you had to cancel K and I Fi but sensible I think. Anyway you sound to have had a lovely day and possibly more precious with Scollop being there. Both your Scollops are lovely to have made that suggestion and I am not biased at all!

Jo I think that was really sweet of the young boy to ask if Bella was ok. I bet she was sniggering though! Loving the bribery technique to get her moving, maybe she will revert to apples again when they are around!

I hope you all have a very Happy New Year and here's to a healthy and happy one.

Morning BHB, Lavendula day, lovely. Let's grab some more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Monday, December 31, 2018, 11:35
Morning all. It's so dark and dreary here, and it's not going to get better, as a gale is predicted as well.

Hello sweetheart. You still here? You wanted to make sure you got to say Happy New Year to me? Arne't you lovely?💋💋💋 You've made toasted teacakes especially for me? I'm speechless! What's that? I thought you said HA! I must have imagined it then.
I had another 5 am wake up this morning. I'm fairly resigned to it by now. I get a lot of things done before other people are thinking of getting up!😜 This morning I went down to the shopping centre (not at 5 am) and returned the faulty iron. I said I didn't want another one, so the young lady returned my money. Did a quick food shop, then picked up father. I had promised to take him to see mother this morning instead of later in the day. We are invited to youngest sister for dinner tonight, and I thought that first going to see mother in the afternoon and then straight on to the dinner, would be too exhausting for him. So now he can have a good rest before I pick him up again late afternoon. Mother was fine today, and she even joked with father. It's so good to see her like that, and for father it's the best New Year's present. I don't think he'll want to stay late tonight so I'll take him home when I see he's getting tired. If I feel like it, I can return to the party. Tomorrow all my decorations are coming down.

Fi,- dear me,- UB scollop's future m.i.l doesn't sound like the easiest person to please. I don't envy you the conondrum (sp?) of getting the wedding (s) one(s) she can approve of. I am not surprised your scollops came to you with such a generous offer. They do it because they love you, and they have been brought up to appreciate a loving home.

Diana,- the flight was certainly a long one. Hope the cold and cough go away with the help of hot air and plenty of sun. No baboons yet?

Carol,- I must say I wonder how your frock account are feeling after your raid in C*nterbury? Quite battered, I would say.😜

Pauline,- I didn't watch Les M*s yesterday because it will be sent on Norwegian telly next Sunday. I will watch it then, and I know I will cry.😢 An i*****g robot? What a great idea! You should patent it.😀

Jo,- that Bella, that Bella. She keeps you on your toes.
Sue-1 wrote:
Monday, December 31, 2018, 17:03
Sorry this is short and sweet but I just wanted to wish all of you a very Happy New Year. We're on holiday in the Mumbles and I only have my phone which is rubbish for reading and posting so I'll pop in again when we're home
TK wrote:
Monday, December 31, 2018, 20:12
Ah another long day at w*rk. Bella kindly took me out to see a friend when we got home.
Washing is going round and round, soothing in a soporific way.
I might go to bed.
Ro wrote:
Tuesday, January 1, 2019, 00:17
Happy New Year to you all - here's to much Meady-goodness in 2019 xxx
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, January 1, 2019, 08:33
Morning and Happy New Year to all. Bit of a grey day at the moment but it is dry.

Su e- enjoy your time at Mxmbles. Hope the weather is being kind to you too.

Ro – and to you – and indeed, to lots of Mr Mead in the forthcoming year!

See you were watching the washing machine last night Jo, rather than tv! Hopefully you had a good rest. No work today I am assuming (although I realise you may be on call). Lovely to Bella to take you our visiting!

Eva, do hope you didn’t wake at your normal time, but had a little extra sleep, although I do appreciate you can get lots done before the rest of us are up and about. Glad the shop were fine with returning the ixxn and gave you a refund. So pleased to hear you had a good visit with your mother to round the year off. Did you manage to see the New Year in at your sister’s or did you end up taking your father home early? I can see it would be a very long day for him and would be surprised if he lasted until midnight. Yes Eva, the account did take a battering, but as everything I bought was in the Sales, it wasn’t too bad! I agree – Twin’s ixxning robot would make millions!

We did our food shop yesterday, MM went off for a coffee afterwards whilst Mrs Chris and I went and looked at clothes (ok a top and trousers rumped out at me), and she bought some leggings and a couple of outfits for her youngest grandson (it’s his birthday next month). We spent the afternoon watching The G’est Shxwmxn as she had never seen it and then in the evening off to Lindy’s to see in the New Year. Lindy had cooked a lovely meal for us and then we played charades until almost midnight. Sadly something happened to the tv so we weren’t able to watch the fireworks but will watch them on iplayer this morning. Mrs Chris is off home later. Think I might have an afternoon with feet up..............or I could do the laundry..............wonder what I will decide on! Morning BHB, ah I see the champers is ready on ice, so let’s grab the fizz and the pastel de nata and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Tuesday, January 1, 2019, 10:20
Happy New Year to all.

I don't think I stayed awake past 10pm, Gefn was purring me to sleep. Slept through the fireworks, I can't believe there were none around here.

Bella and I have been over the park. I was picking up poo and looked around, she had disappeared. One of the gardens on to the park had it's gate open. She has never been in that garden. She was providing her garden clearing service. I had to go into the garden and tempt her out with dog treats. I shut the gate securely when we were outside. I think I've worked out why the gate was open. There are 2 chaps in their 30s living there with the dad(?), outside the back door were 3 pairs of muddy trainers. They'd been out celebrating took a short cut back through park, were too jolly to navigate the tricky lock, so just pulled the gate to and it had swung open.

Carol, leave the laundry..............oh you've already decided to do that, OK

Have a good day all.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, January 1, 2019, 10:57
Morning all and a very Happy New Year! I had a nice time last night with friends. We had a leisurely meal and then watched the fireworks which were great. Sadly a few of the guests were coughing badly so I am hoping they haven't passed their germs on, especially as I was sat next to a lady who was definitely not well. Anyway I got home about 1.30 then at 4am I woke and had tummy cramps and about half an hour later I was very sick! Not sure what did it but not the best start to the year! I fell asleep again after that and feel sort of ok now though just a bit washed out, so will take it very easy today. Well I was going to do that anyway!

Eva I think patenting the idea of my ixxnxxg robot would be a great idea, if only I knew how to make one! Hope you had a good time yesterday and your father lasted the course, though maybe not till midnight!

Jo I see Bella has been in investigation mode this morning and in visiting mode last night. She does get about that lady!

Ro Happy New Year to you too and I am another hoping for lots of Meady goodness this year. Plus a more accessible panto next C/mas!

Morning BHB and I see we have champagne. I think I could manage a little, purely for medicinal purposes of course! Pastel de Nata could be good too. Worth a try so let's get more and find the CM.
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, January 1, 2019, 11:25
Afternoon all and Happy New Year.

Very low key New Year here, with both of us down with this virus. We didn’t have any alcohol yesterday and little appetite for food. Yesterday we walked to the security office about 10 mins away to sort out a problem and were exhausted when we got back, even though we’d walked slowly. We are both feeling better today but still have little energy.

It was lovely yesterday so we relaxed on the veranda for a few hours, though stayed partly in the shade. Today is mostly overcast with rain expected later. We’re just lazing today, watching TV (not much on!); even though it’s Ploppy’s birthday, neither of us feel like doing anything. We will hopefully fancy a drink and a nice meal tonight.

Tomorrow I have to w*rk but the forecast is rain so it’s not so bad as when it’s glorious outside.
evam wrote:
Tuesday, January 1, 2019, 11:27
Morning all. The sun is shining and a storm is blowing!🌬

Hello sweetheart. Oooohhhhhhh, a very nice hug. A Happy New Year to you too, and to all the SLs of course. As I have been busy this morning, packing Christmas away and taken all the boxes and the tree down to the storage room, ( PHEW!) a herbal tea and a snuggle will be just what I need. 💋
New years eve ended early for me. We had a lovel dinner at youngest sister's with Iselin and Emilian there as well. Sis served roast turkey breast with roasted potatoes, roasted vegetables and a yummy orenge sauce she had composed herself. For dessert was homemade creme brule. So no calories,- HA! Father wanted to go home around 9pm, and I decided not to go back to the others when he was safely delivered, as I was beginning to feel tired myself. When I came home, I watched telly for a while, was in bed by 11 pm and promply fell asleep. I did the same as Jo,- slept through all the fireworks, and didn't wake up until 5.50 am, so almost an hour bonus!😀
The sun is shining here, but the wind is fierce, so I don't think I'll go for a walk. All the roads across the mountains from west to east is closed because of the storm.

Sue and Ro,- good to see you and good wishes for you too. I'm sure we'll meet at a Meady event or two during 2019.

Jo,- so Bella wanted the new year to bring her new friends, so she went searching for some.

Carol,- your New Years Eve sounds very nice and friendly. GULP! I just read why your frock account is feeling slightly dizzy!😜

Pauline,- oh no! A stomach upset in addition to your hands and feet aching. Not a good start to the new year, but let's hope it'll only get better.❤️️
Diana wrote:
Tuesday, January 1, 2019, 12:21
I heard one, possibly two, baboons on our roof and saw one of the “baboon men” chasing them off on Sunday but haven’t actually seen any of the critters yet.

Fi, you & Ian have two lovely sons. I hope you & Ali are feeling a lot better today. Hope you haven’t caught any germs from your friends, Pauline, and not a good start to be ill on NYD.
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, January 1, 2019, 14:59
Happy New Year all!

I'll be back later for a catch up!
TK wrote:
Tuesday, January 1, 2019, 16:41
Took Bella to a different place by the river this morning, after I'd dropped the clean washing at the stables. She didn't know the place so the walking was done following treats. It was busy so lots of people stopped to talk to her. Unfortunately we were the wrong side of the gate when the train came around the corner, so the poor driver had to go very slowly. I hope he realised I was stuck, I couldn't move her. I just shut the gate, pinned my self to the fence and held Bella on a tight lead. Not that she was moving anywhere. When the train had gone she still wasn't moving, so under 'treat' power we went back to the car park.

This afternoon I wrote the invitations to my retirement 'do'. The one with Bella's friends invited, which is also The Boy Band's retirement do. I'd just finished writing when there was a knock at the door, my WWW friend. 'Good timing, here is the invite to my retirement do'. 'What? When?' I know Bella's friends. Lovely people, just a bit dippy. I'm very proud of the invitations and V*st*pr*nt have done very well too. I ordered them in July. I've dropped the one to Mr and Mrs ExPostman in their letter box. I'll text just in case Mr ExP gets it and 'puts it somewhere safe'. The actual tickets are with me!! I remember the disappearing Chitty tickets too well. (btw they did turn up the following Christmas, in the decorations box.)

Seems to be bugs around, I'm trying to keep away. I hope you feel 100% soon Pauline, really not nice to be ill. Diana and Ploppy away on hols and ill, at least you won't feel guilty about not being able to get to w*rk. Ali you are always so busy, hope you feel 100% very very soon. And Fi you must take care of yourself.
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, January 1, 2019, 22:10
Happy New Year to all. If I am honest not looking forward to certainly first bit of this yr. however plans pan out ( and fairly sure he will get permission) it won't be pleasant. Got myself bit down last few days ( writing more letters to planner, c.uncillors and MP) but trying to chivvy myself up. Had nice NYE in local pub with friends and today took down all Chr decs so Scollop can put them in loft tomorrow before he leaves. Scollop arrived home tonight from his uni friends. We had g.mmon in coke! Yum.
Jo - gosh it is all so close. Exciting seeing the invites. I got confused ( often happens) - is your ret.rement do a trip to a concert? Narrow "escape" with Bella and train - bet driver was slightly apprehensive.
Pauline - hope you are ok now. You are having a " perfect storm" of health issues at moment. Wonder if you had a reaction to one of the foods.pretty violent reaction! Hope you manage to avoid the lurghy.
Diana - sorry your hols have started with the lurghy - at least you have a great excuse to relax and do nothing -
Eva ( and Ali) - see you were ahead of me in the Chr decs tidying up.
Carol - see you are saving money again by catching jumping merchandise in the sales. I bought 2 cushions and a wool throw/blanket for liv room from LA. Really for when g/f comes to stay. She wrapped herself up in our huge bed blanket whenever she sat in our lounge! No we don't have our heating high but we were all v warm over Ch. She wears thin clothes, is a size 6 , and thinks any temp under 25 degrees is icy! Hence blanket/ throw for liv room!
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 09:00
Moring and a bright, although overcast, start to the day. It does feel slightly cooler than of late. I think it is tomorrow it will start to become colder at night.

Goodness that was a lucky escape in the parkJo – that Bella is adventurous isn’t she. Think you are probably correct in your sleuthing as to why the gate was open and not shut as normal! So Bella is likely to add the stables to her list of places to go to have a fuss made of her. I see you had an even luckier escape from the train! A little bit scary for all concerned I think! Oooh retirement preparations!! Wonderful – it makes is seem a little more real I feel. Loving that you feel the need to text Mr and Mrs ExP as well as post an invite through the door!! Loving where you found the lost Chxtty tickets.

I see you gave your germs to Ploppy for his birthday Diana! Not good that you didn’t have any incohol to toast in the New Year. Think you both need a couple of days with your feet up resting until you get yourself fit again. Just think soon you won’t have to worry about the wxxk when you are away but can just do what you want. At least if it is wet today when you do it you won’t feel you are missing out! See the b’s are keeping themselves fairly low key – long may it continue!

I am hanging on to my decs until Saturday Eva, but well done for getting your’s all sorted. Your meal with your sister sounds lovely.......and of course no calories! Not surprised to read your Father wanted to come home early, nor that you decided to home once you had dropped your father off. That wasn’t bad sleeping if you managed to not wake up until 5.50 am. Glad you had some sunshine to see in the new year, but not so good that it is so windy you couldn’t go out and enjoy it. I think today you are forecast to be sunny with a gentle breeze, so hopefully you will manage to get out into the fresh air.

Ah I see Fi is another one who has taken her decs down. I do hate it when they go as it looks so bare afterwards. My little stable always stays up until after Epiphany so that the Wxse Mxn (currently working their way around the lounge) can have a proper visit each year. Not surprised you are not looking forward to the next few months. Do hope it can sort itself out without too much aggravation – well no more than you have already experienced. Glad you managed to enjoy NY Eve with your friends at the pub. You see Fi, I view the jumping items bought in the sale as saving money (which I can then use to buy more jumping merchandise) but MM doesn’t seem to see it that way! Goodness me, I can see that g/f hasn’t a lot of flesh on her which may be why she feels the cold, but that does seem excessive if she thinks normal (in fact hotter than normal) chilly!! Feel the throw was an excellent idea!

Lady J thank you for the review – it seems there is a blueprint for each particular panto as lots of what you wrote matched the one we saw on Sunday! Same character names (although we had Prince Hxrry from Wxndsxr), we had Mxddles (but he was a ventriloquist) and was the one the Queen “hypnotised” to kill SW; our “dame” was his mother, Nurse Nancy. Now waiting to see if the London P also have the same script!!

Mrs Chris left us just after lunch yesterday and had a good journey home. I then did some laundry (still have some to do today) and most of the i word, so that took care of my afternoon. Watched Dr W in the evening (still not impressed) and then a programme on AC which had been shown over C’mas, on catch up. This morning MM has been off to the hospital for a ct scan of his head (think they may be looking for a brain) to see if there is any physical reason for his hearing problems. He has just returned – apparently he muddled the days and should have gone yesterday, but as it was early (8.30 am) they slotted him in today before the day started (more convinced than ever they were looking for a brain after that!). In addition to the i word I also need to do some admin and sort out dates for various things throughout the year so that will keep me busy!!! Morning BHB, yes it is quite bright and at least it is dry. Let’s grab the toasted crumpets and the Vxlvet Revxlver and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 11:01
Morning all and yet another grey day. Much cooler though I think. I am very late as I slept for 9 hours last night, obviously making up for lost time I think. It was lovely! I need to pop out for some fresh bread today, but think I will do the s/market tomorrow as I am hoping today will be the busier day, I can hope! Had a very quiet day yesterday, I felt ok but a bit drained so had a very light diet for the day and plenty to drink and now am back to normal, well my normal which isn't that great at the moment of course!

So sorry both you and Ploppy are poorly Diana, I hope the warm weather and some nice relaxing days will soon have you both fighting fight again. Not good about the baboons but impressed there is a baboon man!

Eva glad you had a lovely time NYE even if you didn't make midnight. I think your sleep is probably what you need most anyway!

Jo the train incident sounds rather alarming. Maybe best not to take Bella there too often! How lovely to be planning your retirement party! Makes it all very real.

Fi glad you managed to get out to the pub NYE. Think it important to try and have some fun time and not let NN win by making your life a total misery. Well I thought I was a chilly mortal but g/friend takes the biscuit! Maybe she will need too wraps! I think you are right about my perfect storm of health issues. I think my poor immune system is having a battle which it is struggling to win at the moment. Makes me realise how lucky I have been to have had a reasonably healthy life till now!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Vxlvet Rxvxlver? Sounds good to me. Let's get some more and find the CM.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 11:53
Morning all. It's overcast and grey here, and we had snow a couple of minutes ago. Not a lot, but it tells you what the temps are like at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. Not too bad today? I mean, I'm not very late, am I? You have the herbal tea ready to go with the toasted crumpets? Just the thing, thank you.💋
I haven't been out today, but have had a busy morning paying bills! The beginning of January is always full of them,- insurance, membership in different organisations etc. My cleaning lady has been here for a good hour, so by now the flat is beginning to shine again.😀
I had an altercation with father yesterday. Mrs S rang youngest sister and said she'd called him 3 times without him answering the phone. Could she ask me to drive down and check on him? Remember, she doesn't talk to me at the moment. Sis tried to call father, but it went straight to voicemal. I drove down and let myself in to his flat. He was sitting in his chair with the radio on full blast, so no wonder he didn't hear the phone! I told him why I was there, but he insisted that his phone hadn't rung. I showed him that it said 4 missed calls, but he insisted nobody had been ringing! I told him to turn the radio down, and was told that he'd have the radio on as loud as he wanted! I got really cross, and told him that I was fed up with coming down there to check on him when it was totally unnecessary. Never mind what he answered, but I just stormed out and slammed the door! 😡 This morning youngest sister called and asked if I could take father to see mother tomorrow. I said I would, and called father to tell him. He was all sweetness and light. I wasn't the rude, ungrateful (!) daughter of yesterday!

Fi,- at least you could enjoy your New Years Eve. Just as well UB scollop's fiance is unlikely to come and visit me. She would certainly feel like she was freezing to death here!

Diana,- sorry to hear you and Ploppy are unwell. I hope the nice weather will help.

Jo,- that Bella can be a right pain sometimes. Refusing to move away from railway tracks is not a good idea. Your retirement will feel more and more like a reality now. Embrace it!

Carol,- your idea of saving and spending is much like mine, but I think it's a women thing. Men can't see it, I think.😜

Pauline,-good to hear that your tummy has settled down again. I'm sure the long sleep helped. I'll not tell you when I woke up this morning. You would faint!
Jane E wrote:
Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 12:03
Hello all,

It's back to w*rk for me today after a lovely, fun (rather too drunken) new year.

I'm glad you enjoyed my report, Carol & Eva - Carol: I intend to do really detailed one after the last night. I'll be very interested to hear just how much overlap there is with all these productions of the same story! Hope they find MM's brain! :-)

Eva: Aberdeen really is quite lovely. I recommend a visit. Ah VERY wise to have an early night if you are tired -even if it is new year's even. I was wishing I had at 9am on the 1st when my head was pounding!

Jo - woo hoo! Party time! How long now till R day? Scary moment with the train!

Oh dear I see we have some sickies. Hoping Pauline, Diana and Ploppy are feeling better. Oh and lots of stresses for Fi :-( many oohmmsss all.

Happy New Year Ro and Sue - lovely to see you both on the blog!

Sue-1 wrote:
Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 20:56
Evening all, back from our post Christmas break in the Mumbles, we came back a day early because the old spaniel wasn’t well, and upset tummy in someone else’s house is not what you want! She seems okay now but still not eating properly, due at the vet’s on Friday for her pet passport booster so they can have a look at her then.
We had a nice time in spite of the weather, grey and rained a lot, not heavy but the stuff that wets you through. Good company and good food and a fair amount of incahol so all in all more than okay. Nice to be home and get the other two out of the kennels.

Oh Jane your tablet has been found! Excellent news.

Lovely to see you had a good visit with your mother, dementia is indeed a horrible thing, we often found at my Home that photos and songs were a good way to bring calm to disturbed people. Not sure if this works with B though.

Good grief Ali 9.35!!!! I’m sure you deserve it missus.

Jo, just love the sound of Bella’s late Christmas dinner.. and also the outing to the garden centre/

Carol, I really feel for Imogen, I’m an awful passenger and even a little bump like that would have upset me.

Caught up to Saturday but my eyes are closing, it’s not quite 9 o’clock but I need my bed………till tomorrow g’night all
Sue-1 wrote:
Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 20:58
Oh, bad Loppy! I didn't say Happy New Year, said it now. Hope 2019 is all you want it to be. xx
TK wrote:
Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 21:34
I gave Mr and Mrs Postman the tickets for Chitty in Wdon, the Christmas before. They found the tickets the following Christmas. Tickets now stay in the same place as they have for the last 10years.
Oh I wasn't scared with the train, worried that the train driver might be worried. Bella wasn't moving.

Loved the Dr Who episode yesterday. Not too scary, i could listen with the sound up.

Bella is out in the garden, there is a chill in the room. Must be getting cold out there
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, January 3, 2019, 08:36
Morning and quite overcast here. It was definitely cooler yesterday, but so far still not too wintery; it just feels strange after the mild spell!

See you have had the s word Eva. So our colder weather obviously nothing compared with your’s! Ah the January bills – I am sure they sit waiting until C’mas is just over and then leap into action demanding to be paid! I didn’t realise Mrs S wouldn’t even phone you but use your sister as an intermediary! So your Father’s New Year Resolution wasn’t to be reasonable and listen to his family then! I am sure he was sweetness and light because he realised he might have overstepped the mark – bet he didn’t apologise though!! Hope you have a good visit with your Mother today. I think you are right and it is a female thing (my friend Mary works along the same lines too) – MM certainly doesn’t seem to understand!!

Lady J I forgot to say we had the same thing for our “dwarves” – fully grown actors with costumes that disguised the fact they were kneeling, and “leg” on the front. They were billed in the programme as “The Mxgnxfxcent Sxven” – MM was very worried for their knees!!

Oh shame you had to cut short your break in Mxmbles, Sue, even if it was just b one day. Do hope your spaniel is feeling better, she looks so lovely in your photos. Good food, company and incahol are always a winning combination! I think Imogen picked up on her Mummy’s agitation trying to stop the man hitting the car and that upset her. Happily she was almost back to her bright bubbly self by the time they went home. She got back into the car for the drive home with no problems, so hopefully it will soon fade from her mind. Hope 2019 is a good one for you too!

Ah I misunderstood Jo, I thought the tickets were with your decorations, not that Mr and Mrs ExP had them all along! Now I wasn’t so keen on this Dr W (although it was slightly better than some of the rest of series and Nurse Barbara from CtM was very good). Hope your drive to work is still quite easy, as I think lots of people took the week off.

MM said there was hardly any traffic when he went to the hospital yesterday, and plenty of space in the car park. Then he went for the scan and was told he was a day early (not sure why he thought he was going yesterday and he had written very clearly on the calendar that it was today. I didn’t look as I just assumed he knew when he was going!). They were very good, as rather than insisting he came back today, they did the scan for him as there weren’t many people about. I did a lot of admin yesterday – still a little bit to do today – and finished the i word, which means I won’t have anything much other than the bedding to launder at the weekend. We watched HC of course, and then a Din P – awful scenery – which cheered up the evening! Always seems odd having nights in until all the activities start up again! Morning BHB, yes it is trying to brighten up. I’ll fetch the waffles if you will kindly bring the Lxst Strxw and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Thursday, January 3, 2019, 10:10
Morning all and not that great, grey and dull at the moment. However I am not complaining as having looked what terrible weather the east of Europe is getting I think we are very well off! I actually went and did a bit of tidying p in the garden yesterday as there were a lot of leaves still lying around. It was very enjoyable out there as there was no wind at all and the work kept me warm. Today I need to do a s/market run and am hoping there aren't too many thinking the same way!

Eva I feel Mrs S is being a bit childish if she won't ring you but goes through your other sister! Well done for telling your father off! Needs to be done sometimes I think! Definite role reversal there! Glad he was all sweetness and light when he rang though. Hope you have a good visit with your mother.

Lady Jane I am very remiss, I meant to say I loved your panto review. I left it to read when I got home and forgot to say thank you. I think there are so many Snxw Whxte's on this year they have run out of little people! Sad we won't get to see this panto but then we are lucky to have seen what we have.

Sue that is very sad about your doggie. I do hope she is ok and perhaps like me, just ate something that disagreed with her! Shame about cutting your holiday short but I can see why you had to!

Jo I would agree this last Dr W was more back on track than previous episode though I do find the scripts a bit poor in places. I am hoping he will ditch the history lessons next series and concentrate on what it should be!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Lxst Strxw? Oh I hope not! Ah it is the cocktail, phew, let's get some more and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Thursday, January 3, 2019, 12:58
Hello all,

Oops! Sorry Eva - your post hadn't appeared when I started writing my post so I'd not read it. Good grief how childish Mrs S is! And your dad - crickey I know we have to cut our elderly parents some slack, but that was really very naughty off him. You did right. I hope the visit with mum went well.

Glad you enjoyed the panto report Pauline! Such a shame so many of the stalwart fans can't make it, but the cost of, and difficulty of, the journey op very North has prevented so many of us getting there. I am very lucky. I understand that the Palladium have actors with Dwarfism playing the 7. But yes, I imagine that the provincial pantos would have to resort to normal size actors - or children. Glad you managed to make use of the decent weather yesterday. How are your hands doing?

Ah Carol - that's interesting. Muddles implied that the Dwarfs were on their knees, but I think ours were sat on something like space hoppers. Still not comfy but better than kneeling. It's nice to hear that the hospital were able to see MM even though he was a day early. Good on them!

Doctor Who with sound up Jo! Well that's a nice change! I've not caught up with it yet (actually I have several episodes to watch. I keep saving them for the weekend - then going out!)

Sorry to hear your spaniel was poorly over Christmas Sue. Yes, you can't possibly stay with friends with a dog having accidents. Ah 'That rain that gets you wet' as we always called it. Ex hubby calls it Plymouth rain. Interesting you said that about photos. We noticed some of mum's have been taken out of their frame. We understand mum was getting confused and upset by having photos of 'strangers' in her room :-(

Back to work!
evam wrote:
Thursday, January 3, 2019, 17:01
Afternoon all. Sorry I haven't been in ealier, but I've had a very busy day with........... yes, you guessed it, father, so I'm now just tired. I'm off to the hospital tomorrow for my infusion, but I'll try to get here in the afternoon.
TK wrote:
Thursday, January 3, 2019, 21:08
Eva I hope you have a good rest. You have to look after yourself.

Want to read the list of problems I had this early evening?
1) Got home to my drive, or was it, as there was a car already there? Was I going mad? No it was Mr Expostman's car. Was he dropping Bella off? No Bella and the cats were on their own. Was he in with Felf, has she been taken (more) ill?
Get her keys
2) Felf's keys missing, I phone her, she is fine. Look for keys? Nowhere. I'll deal with that later.
1) Mrs Expostman walks past as I'm standing in drive. They were expecting tree surgeon so needed their parking space. She went to get Mr Expostman. He came (he'd forgotten where he'd parked car), I drove off in my car as it was blocking him getting out of my drive. He drives off - Problem 1 completed. Did a U turn in busy nursery pick up traffic and got back to my drive.
2) Hunt for Felf's keys, no where.
3) walk Bella to the turn back point of the walk (ie the give Bella and hide chew point)
4) Felf phones have I found keys? No, could I come home and open the door from her kitchen into the house, from the house side as it was stuck shut. No as I haven't got her keys. I'll come in through the back of the house and see if I can push the door open.
3) take Bella home, point 1 and3 closed
4) go in through Felf's back door, no I can't open the door either. Can we unscrew the handle? Felf can't get in through her front door either as she keeps the front door keys in the front of the house. Suddenly she says she can't get her spare keys as she can't get to the torch or open my back gate..... as I have her spare keys safely hidden in my garden, news to me. I get the keys, got in through her front door. I can't open the stuck door either. Dismantle handle, no good. At least I now have her spare keys and she has her keys to her front door. She phones son in law as he fits doors, he is out, she is going to knitting class. Oh well. I go home put my house keys in the key place and find Felfs keys in the house key place too, so put them back where they should be - points 1, 2 and 3 closed.
I put her spare keys back into my garden.
I fed everyone and sat down
I'm still waiting for Point 4 to be resolved but her son in law has not come. ....... I do have an axe to open the door, but that might be too extreme.

I'd better pack, I'm off up very north on Saturday. I've checked the BBC weather looks like it will be warmer up there than down south, by only 1 deg C. (I've finally reset the temp to C, summer F). Exciting.

Even more exciting tomorrow 9am nails appt. shhh I've not told her. I have the day off :)

Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 4, 2019, 08:05
Morning all and clear sky (although still quite dark at the moment). It isn’t as cold as I expected (I know as I have been and put the refuse out) and we have none of the fog which the forecasters said we might get. Think we are due to reach the dizzy heights of 4C early afternoon!

Lady J, I suppose we have been very lucky so far with pantos – this is the first one we have had to miss. I know lots of people haven’t managed to get to see quite a few. I imagine next year, having moved him from D’ford to A’deen, they might let him have a choice of where he would like to be over C’mas. Must have been hard for him as I think Bxtsy was away with her mother. Our dwarves were definitely on their knees (in a number with S White a couple of them stood up with their “legs” on her shoulders – sounds odd but it worked! Yes I was very impressed that the hospital were so accommodating!! I thought it was really funny as he writes everything down on the calendar.....which indeed he had done, just got the day muddled!!

Sorry to hear you had a busy (hopefully not traumatic) day with your Father. Also hope it wasn’t due to the visit to your mother. Hope you get a nice restful time for your infusion, with no talkative men, and that you aren’t too tired afterwards.

Good grief Jo! That was a saga and a half you came back too (loving that Mr ExP didn’t remember where the car was!!! Well done for sorting everything out – AND managing to get Bella out on her walk! Got slightly confused with which keys were where, but think I have it right. Hopefully son in law came round is will be round at some point today! Keys now all safely put away – in your normal key place, in your garden (!!) and with Felf........I think! I am glad you reconsidered the axe – as you say it might have been too extreme! Oh are your up North for anything specific? Just felt like seeing S’land again I guess? If you don’t make it back on before you go have a safe journey and have fun (oh yes you will!). Hope the nail clipping today goes as well as it can!!

We ended up with a fairly busy morning – went to post great nephew’s card, pay the newsagent for the papers, MM checked in with the surgery about his blood test before C’mas (all fine) and then we drove out to see the pub we are planning to meet up with niece , husband and children on Tuesday when we go to the HP Experience. Got home and had a lazy afternoon watching catch up whilst MM went off to the church. Today is more or less back to normal – off to do the food shop and the bank this morning, then will be sorting our church choir music this afternoon, and choir practice this evening. So that will be the end of this year’s festivities! Morning BHB, yes it is quite bright at the moment. Let’s grab the Vanillita and the Dxnish pastries and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
TK wrote:
Friday, January 4, 2019, 09:45
Of course I was up at 6, even though the furry alarm clock was on silent. Been out for a walk. Then nails have been cut. In the vet's car park I met an ex neighbour, known him since 1991. No time to chat as he was late for his appt. btw no blood was drawn from canine or human, phew.

Carol, nice to be back to normal. Except for the traffic. Kids off to school today. Some returned yesterday, others due Monday.

I have to go and collect my repeat prescription. The rules have been changed and one cannot be sent in the post, due to the restrictions because of the very harmful nature of the medication. Except I only take a tiny amount, so safe for me.

Then I have to pack, didn't manage it last night. Not checked with Felf as she was out really early, must be shopping day.
pauline2 wrote:
Friday, January 4, 2019, 09:56
Morning all and it is a lovely day, hooray! Lovely sunshine and blue skies, though I suspect it is consequently much cooler! I managed to do my big shop yesterday so the fridge now looking healthier for a few days. I took all my cards down yesterday and updated my list and am now thinking about taking the rest down today. Always a sad day as it means it is all done and dusted for another year. Actually I don't have quite as much to do as some years as all the health things I had going on pre C/mas meant I did a fairly minimal amount, but it will still take some time to sort I suspect!

Jo what a day you had yesterday. Hilarious that Mr ExP couldn't remember where he put his car. That was some key and door saga as well. Probably best you resisted taking an axe to the door! Have a fab trip up to the far north, can't think what would take you there! I think a good time is practically guaranteed!

Eva I hope your infusion goes well and you can take the opportunity to relax and recharge. Hoping yesterday was just busy with your father and not a lot of problems. Well we can hope!

Jane we will let you know about the Lxndon P dwarves as all being well we will be going next week. My only panto this year! Looking forward to it even if they do have the wrong leading man!

Morning BHB and what have we today? oh of course it is Vanillita day! I am getting my days muddled this week, can't think why! Let's get some more and we can find the CM.
maeve 12 wrote:
Friday, January 4, 2019, 10:31
I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year, I had a noisy, rumbustious, fun Christmas and a quiet NY, watched the fireworks then went to bed.

Had a day in London with dollop and Tay, home from her travels ,who took us to a vegan restaurant, the food was delicious and very filling.
We then had a trawl along Oxfd.St. and had an amusing encounter in M&S where dollop bought a shocking pink faux fur coat, eventually for £25 reduced from £80! Exhausted, we found the nearest pub for a reviving drink, realising as we left that it was a Gay pub but we were made very welcome.
The pink coat is for festivals although Tay was cold and wore it home.

I hope the colds are getting better Diana and Ali, that Fi is keeping well and not doing too much and that Jo has a great time in Aberdeen.
evam wrote:
Friday, January 4, 2019, 12:32
Afternoon all. No wonder I was feeling very tired yesterday. I have started a new infection, sinusitis this time. Which infection next, I wonder? I rang the surgery first thing, but they didn't have any open emergency appointments, so I had to drive in to the main A&E in the city. I daren't take any painkillers as I was driving, so had a vicious headache. After waiting for 2 hours, it was my turn, but the doctor (female) kept disappearing, saying she'd be back in a minute. Her minute took about 30 minutes each time, so when I finally left, I'd been there for more that 3 hours! Then it was on to the chemist to pick up my antibis, strong ones because of my non-exiting immune system. (If anyone has some spare immune sytem to give me, I would be very grateful.😜)
Mother was OK yesterday, but rather vague, and that depressed father, so he asked me to stay with him when we returned to his flat. I cooked lunch and sat there for a couple of hours. When he fell asleep in his chair, I snuck out. Haven't heard anything since. He keeps forgetting taking his meds, and youngest sister told the district nurses responsible for him. They promised to give him a device which reminds him when the meds are due to be taken,- he will be alerted by a sound. He'll have to press a button to confirm tha he's taken his meds. If he doesn't, they will send someone to check on him. So far he has agreed to have this installed, but we all know that he's famous for changing his mind!

Jo,- your story about the keys and different doors and entries or non-entries had me laughing, but totally confused. I hope the right keys are now back in their right place. So the Ex-postman forgot where he'd parked his car? It's called having a senior moment! My day is full of them.😜 Have a great time up north, and blow himself a kiss from us Cinders.

Carol and Pauline,- because of the new infection I had to cancel the infusion, and I can't have it done until a week after I've finished the course of antibis. That will mean another 2 weeks at least, and quite a lot of pain. GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!😡

Maeve,- pink fake fur? I bet Carol is envious!😂
TK wrote:
Friday, January 4, 2019, 19:22
Mw3Ds calls Mr ExPostman a nutty professor. Not far wrong. MrExPostman will be 60 very soon, so senior moments will increase ;)

Felf's son in law, the door fitter, was there this evening, so I hope it is fixed. Going out the front door then in the back door to go to the loo is no fun.

This new 'security' for the controlled meds is a joke, picking up the script has to be signed for. No check is made of the signature, no ID is checked. It can be picked up by another person as long as they sign. I will sign M Mouse next time. The people at the surgery have never seen me before as they are on a rotation.

Have a good weekend all.

I have to go as Bella is telling me off.
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, January 5, 2019, 08:38
Moring and I think it is probably quite chilly out – there is certainly a strong breeze at the moment. Think we are due to reach the heady heights of 5C today!

Jo, of course you woke at your normal working time – even when you are no longer working you will find it will take some time for your body not to automatically wake at the normal time! Glad the nail cutting went well and no humans (or dogs) were injured in the operation! That seems a lot of faff for a repeat prescription, especially if you are not asked for ID when you collect it. Liking the fact that you are really M Mouse in disguise – wonder if they will notice!! I can see why Mr ExP has that nickname.....fingers crossed for when he hits the other side of 60! Oh excellent that Felf’s s in law has turned up to sort out the door. Hopefully it is now fine and the poor lady will be able to move around the house without going outside. Have a lovely time in A’deen and please, as Eva says, blow kisses from the Cinderloppies.

Hope everyone going to the panto has a safe and stress free journey – enjoying the panto is a given!

Yes poor Twin has been in panto limbo this year – mind you we will only have seen two (and both the same panto!) which is unusual! Oh yes it is!

Glad you had a lovely family Ch’mas Maeve. Lovely that you had a day in Town with Tay and her mother. Is she off somewhere exotic again soon? I won’t ask for the name of the restaurant as I don’t think Vxgan and MM quite go together! Loving the sound of the pink fur coat. Ah, we have made that mistake with Lxndxn pubs in the past – as you say they are always very welcoming. I remember years back going with two (male) colleagues to see Evxta in St Mxrtins Lxne when it was first on. We went to a nearby pub and it dawned on me after about twenty minutes that I was the only girl there (yes I was girl once) and that we were actually in a “gay” pub (although I don’t think that word was used at the time!).

Oh Eva, that is really bad luck getting another infection. I have had sinusitis and it can be really painful. Three hours! That is a very long wait – brought back memories of Twin’s first appointment at UC Hxspital (the time when the insultant was being sick in the consulting room)!! Hope the antibis are helping and you are starting to feel better. It is a bad time of year, health wise, to be without an immune system. If I had a spare I would send it over. Not good (but not surprising) that your father keeps forgetting to take his meds. I am not holding out a lot of hope that he will use the new device to remind him. Sending you lots of get well hugs – you have not be well since Spxin have you? That’s not good as it will have undone all the benefits of your time in the sun.

Went into Uxb’ge in the morning as planned and got MM to drop me off at D’hams whilst he went and parked the car – he obviously didn’t realise that the jumping merchandise sale was on – so came away with a new coat, two tops and a warm cardigan, oh and a necklace, so quite a good haul! Spent the afternoon sorting out new music for the church choir, and then went off to choir practice in the evening. It was noticeably colder (2C) and church wasn’t overly warm so am assuming the heating engineers haven’t been in yet to sort out the pre Ch’mas fault! We were glad to come home to the warm house! Today is the day we take our decorations down – sob! House always looks so bare afterwards. MM is going to tackle the outside lights whilst I start on the indoors. He will then come and help me with the ones I can’t reach and with the tree. Will put the bedding on to wash whilst we are doing that and depending on how things go I may do the i word later, or save it for tomorrow!! Morning BHB, yes I know you want to leave early as you are off to see friends. Let’s grab the toasted paninis and the Hxghlxnder and have a lovely snuffle in the conservatory until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Saturday, January 5, 2019, 10:31
Morning all. The weather here is so miserable that I avoid looking out. It's very foggy with that fine, fine rain which drenches you.

Hello sweetheart. HELLO SWEETHEART! I think I'm talking to myself. Ah, there is a note on the fridge: Gone to be with friends. Herbal teabag and paninis on kitchen bench next to the kettle and toaster. I suppose that means I'll have to fend for myself. Sigh.😒
I started with the antibis yesterday, and the pressure on my nose and scull is a bit lighter. Still have to take painkillers, as the headache is lurking.
Have been to do some food shopping that was necessary, but didn't go near clothes- or bookshops. That's what I call strength of caracter, eh?

Carol,- I'm with you being a sceptic to whether father will use the new medisin gizmo or not. He's supposed to get it on Monday, together with a new load of meds. They have promised to show him how to use it, so we'll see. I KNEW you'd be envious of that pink fur.😜

The English telly tonight looks quite good, so I think I'll enjoy it,- just hope I don't fall asleep.
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, January 5, 2019, 10:36
Morning all, not much to like about the weather today, except there is no sign of the s word yet! It is cold and grey though so not very cheerful. I dismantled all my decs yesterday and the tree is back in the shed so the room now looking very bare. Hopefully will soon get used to it again. I will be in laundry mode to day so more excitement. Don't know how I will contain myself!

Glad you had a lovely C/mas Maeve and got to spend some time with Tay. Her new coat sounds suspiciously like one I have, only mine is pale pink. Very cuddly and I love it! I too will skip the vegan restaurant. My idea of hell! Not the lack of meat, but the no dairy. I love eggs and cheese and veg cheese does nothing for me. I have always had a huge problem with vegetables, which isn't ideal either! As you can imagine I have been in a fair few gay places in my time and without exception they were always lovely and welcoming. Main problem could be going to the loo!

Eva you will be wishing you neve left Spxin. You have had one illness after another since you got back. I would volunteer some of my immune system but I feel it is also rubbish at the moment and would do more harm than good. Shame your mother wasn't too good. I can see how it would be upsetting for you all. Humm, so father will have a med reminder. Sounds a good idea but I too have my doubts about it! Let's hope we are wrong and it solves the problem.

Hope Felf's door is now ok Jo. Not the weather for trailing round outside. What a palaver to get your meds now. Love the M Mouse idea. Have a good trip up north and love to himself from those who couldn't get to see him this time. We need him further south next year please!

Morning BHB, thank goodness I have just caught you. Let's get more Hxghlander (clever) and find the CM and we can have a quick snuffle!
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, January 5, 2019, 10:41
Ah you snuck in just before me Eva.! I see you are also sceptical about the new meds system! Funny that! Glad you seem to be slightly better, onwards and upwards!
Ali wrote:
Saturday, January 5, 2019, 14:23
Afternoon. I have a rare Saturday off (working tomorrow instead) and was looking forward to a lie in. Sadly this stupid cough/cold had other ideas and I was awake at 5 after a restless night. Had this lurgy for 2 weeks now and thoroughly fed up!
Took the opportunity to catch up on some recordings while doing admin. Printer had a hissy fit so had to email various documents to people instead printer is at risk of serious harm 🤯
Rather chilly here, only ventured out to do the recycling. Although a short walk might do me some good.
Sending oohhmms for poorlies, there’s still a few of us about unfortunately
Diana wrote:
Saturday, January 5, 2019, 15:29
Afternoon all.

Ploppy & I have both got over our virus, though as Ploppy had it a while before Xmas and it returned, we are hoping it doesn't come back again.

The weather has been pretty good the past week, with just a couple of cloudy days. Yesterday was fairly hot and it rained during the night and was due to be overcast but has been sunny nearly all day though breezy. Tomorrow the forecast is also for it to be mostly cloudy, don't mind if it is as we need to go food shopping and I'm glowing slightly so could do with a day out of the sun.

Yesterday morning was provisionally my last w*rking day. Would you believe my line manager still hasn't confirmed my leave date! I've had enough, and there isn't much to do anyway, so yesterday afternoon I sent all the final emails and have put my out of office on saying I've left and who to contact in future. Waiting to see if she emails asking me to w*rk a few more days, I won't be very happy if she does. So I think I've retired but not certain!

This morning I defrosted the freezer which was badly frosted up. Hence the food shop tomorrow to stock up for the next few weeks.

We've only eaten out once so far, partly because the town is busy and you have to book tables 2/3 days in advance and partly because we didn't feel up to it. The one meal we did have out at our local pub was very good - I had chicken & mustard pot pie and Ploppy had beef & Guinness pie. We have had some nice meals in from Woolw*rths. Chicken kebabs, duck kebabs and last night duck legs confit in a spicy dressing which were yummy and we have the second portion of tonight. I'm going to do roast pots cooked in duck fat to go with them. Pud tonight is sticky toffee pud also from Wool.

No further sign of the baboons. This time of year is when they are seen the most given the number of people staying and hence more food and waste around so it's good news that there's only been the one visit since we arrived.
Diana wrote:
Saturday, January 5, 2019, 15:50
Forgot to say that I'm reading The Hunger G*ames at the mo and enjoying the book. I saw the film on a flight 3/4 years ago and we watched when it was on TV this week.

Ploppy is out playing his first game of golf since we got here but should be back in an hour or so.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend away, Jo. Loved your post Thursday evening.

Sorry you've got another infection, Eva. I'm sure the worry about your mother and the hassles with your father, don't help. Hope the antibs are working and you're feeling better and headache has gone.

That's not good to have a cold for two weeks, Ali. Hope your day off today has helped and you're feeling better.
Fi9 wrote:
Saturday, January 5, 2019, 16:15
Can't remember if I've visited since NY - if not Happy NY to all. Still grossed in fighting Pl.nners. Our final bjection went off yesterday so I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders but Ploppy very down. We have arrange for an est.te agent to value house and we are going to declutter each room ( gradually!) so that all be ready to move if/ when extension completed. Loads of friends have objected too ( as are aghast at what happening) and we have got Our MP and local co.ncillors involved - not going down without a fight. But our appointed pl.nner is intransigent and if p.rish council don't object then think we are sunk - and NN s on parish council and has been smoozing them for a yr. so not holding our breath. But don't think we could have done much more. People we know n village popped in on Thurs and were aghast at proposed ext and emailed us last night to say they were collecting us at 9.30 today and not to have b'fast first! They whizzed us out for b'fast at local garden centre and then we went and wandered round local market town. People (apart from our immed neighbour's - both sides - and in fact opposite!) are kind.
Niece out of hospital and temp gone but now sick and Drs dont know what going on. So a bit worrying. But I see she posted on FB today - so seems to be feeling better.
Maeve - do you know name of v.gan restaurant - if so can you email it to me please. As veg.n ( ish) son and g/f moving to L.ndon in 2 wks and we can take them out there. P.nk coat not my thing but am sure it suited dollop.
Carol - D'hams may have been lifted out of financial trouble by your visit! I do mss not having one locally. I ordered a dress in S.asalt today - half price. Don't faint - a size 8!!! staff and my friend said the bigger size looked like a boat on me . Feel sizes are getting bigger rather than me getting smaller - and it is a rather voluminous style. Haven't been in a size 8 for yrs.
Jo/Jane - enjoy Ab.rdeen. The people there were always known as some of the most taciturn and unfriendly in Sco - ( grey city, grey people was always the phrase!) so either they have changed - or you will be bowled over by friendliness of rest of Sco!!!
Ali - enjoy your day off and hope lurghy goes soon.
Diana - not sure whether to congratulate you on your retirement - or not!
Eva - if I had an system you could have some of it. Think once immune system is compromised /low then body does succumb to infections very easily. You really need to rest. The upside of new device for your father may be that nurses have to come out so often to check on him that they recommend he is moved to care?
Pauline - I have done my laundry but now have ir.ning mountain to climb and then all 3 spare beds to make. Tho did clean whole house yesterday. Thank you letters to write today.
Sue - good to see you. Sounds like you had good NY with friends until ill dog - hope all recovered now.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, January 6, 2019, 07:42
Morning and still dark here, but I think we are due a dry day with temperatures of around 7/8. Think you are much the same Eva, although with some wet stuff may be!

I see the weather yesterday wasn’t conducive to going out! Glad the antibis are starting to work, but not so good you still have the headache lurking. When I had sinusitis years ago I was signed off from work, I remember how wretched I felt with it so an extra hug for you. I am very impressed that you didn’t go anywhere near either clothes or bookshops on Friday, but am putting it down to your illness! Of course your Father could prove us all wrong, but somehow I think that is unlikely. Still it is worth a try! I take it the nurses didn’t come up with another plan should this one fail??

Oh dear Ali, so your germs and unwilling to leave you. Sending a get well hug to you too. Something that lasts two weeks is no ordinary cold – have you been to the doctor about it? I see you are joining Eva in the early waking! Ah you may or may not recall we had to replace our printer at the end of last year – I had lots of things that needed to be printed so we ended up ordering and going and collecting the new one so it could be put to instant use. Mind you the new one does automatic double siding so it has cut down on the paper we use! If you managed to get your walk, I hope you were able to enjoy it and felt better after the cobwebs had been blown away! See you are working today, so hope you aren’t too rushed off your feet.

Diana, that’s good news that the virus has decided to go off elsewhere on holiday. Not so good that it might return. Even if it is overcast and cloudy, I feel it is warmer and nicer than the current overcast and chilly here! What! You still haven’t had your official leaving date confirmed? That’s very naughty of your manager (doubtless it will be cited as due to Ch’mas hols) – not surprised you have had enough so well done on last working day! Welcome to the world of not having to get up and stagger into L’don. Clever idea to put the out of office notice on! On the subject of freezers, our friends in C’bury emailed me to say their (large) fridge freezer packed up on New Year’s Eve and they are waiting for a replacement to be delivered. They ended up having to throw food away, and awaiting for arrival of the new on some time this coming week before they do the restock. Excellent that the Bs seem to have (finally) got the hint – although I image the fires last year may have been the case. Good to hear Ploppy off playing gxlf – must mean his shoulder is feeling better.

Fi, you popped in on NY Day! I can understand that you have been busy trying to make your case about the extension. Excellent that friends have objected and that local councillors and MP are involved. Ah didn’t realise NN was on the P Council and is doubtless the sort who has been cosying up to everyone to get his plans through. Still have fingers crossed. Have lovely that you were whizzed off for breakfast and an outing. In fact your neighbours (apart from the actual ones either side) all sound wonderfully supportive. Good news that niece is out of hospital – seems there are lots of medical enigmas around at the moment – your niece and Twin being but two! The two wood long line cardis I have bought in the last week were Seas**t – sadly not size 8 though!

House now looks very bare without the decorations and lights. It took us ages to take everything down! They still have to be sorted and put back into the loft but we decided enough was enough yesterday so they are ready and waiting for us to do today after Church. As a special treat to myself I did the i work instead! At least it means I have none to do today! Watched MM last night – it was a hoot as usual. C’lty was as depressing as usual too!! Reserving judgement on the new dance show..........not convinced by it yet! So off to church today, then decorations back in the loft and then I think feet up! Morning BHB, yes it is very gloomy! Let’s grab the toasted muffins and the Cxlxbration and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, January 6, 2019, 08:56
Morning all. It's overcast and damp here. + 5 degrees, so no going for a walk today.

Hello sweetheart. It was good of me to come in early? Are you being sarky? (He's trying to hide a smile.) Oh, I like the hug, and you have coffee and toasted muffins to go with the snuggling? I'll forgive you then.💋💋

The nerd and Andreas popped in yesterday with the invitation to Johan's christening at the end of January. Andreas told me about all the "smoke" outside. He has never seen fog before!
The evening went with watching the telly. Like carol I think MM's show was a hoot, and agree about not being sure about the new dance show. I think the audience who can decide who goes on and who dowsn't made a couple of bad decision,- letting the fantastic ballet dancer go, and opening the mirror for that dunce who is in love with Cheryl. I'll reserve my judgement until I've watched a few more of the shows.
I've had a cull of the contents of my wardrobes, so there is a huuuuuge bag going to the charity shop.
I'm off to the eye specialist tomorrow for a check-up on the operated eye. I really do hope the swelling is gone.

Diana,- glad your colds are better and that Ploppy is back to normal, i.e. playing golf again. Also good that the baboons haven't made their present felt. Not quite so good that your manager hasn't recognised your retirement officially. That's what I'll call bad management.

Ali,- maybe the two of us should start a 5 am club? 😜

Fi,- keep up the good fight. Fantastic that you have so much support from people that counts, and that your friends are looking after you. It's worrying that your niece is still sick after being discharged from hospital. I hope the doctors solve the problem asap. SIZE 8 ?????????????? I'm speechless.🤐 Just as well I'm typing this.😜

Carol,- we have + 5 degrees here at the moment. The district nurses haven't come up with an alternative plan re father, so we'll just have to wait and see. I have a feeling that that's what we have been doing for a loooooooong time now.😒
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, January 6, 2019, 10:08
Morning all and another overcast one at the moment though it does seem to be brightening a little. Chilly out there as well I think. I did a couple of washes yesterday and then sorted through a couple of my drawers that were getting difficult to close. I will do my ixxnxxg this morning then maybe do the rest of the drawers later. Now that may be too much excitement in one day! Watched MM last night as well, love his show, then the dance show. I agree the audience made two very weird choices and I am hoping they have some way of getting rid of the idiot soon. Mind all these shows seem to have at least one nit wit in them! There were some excellent dancers as well and the young lad with Down's that danced at the end was excellent. So I will see how it goes. I think it will need tweaking a bit but could be good. C gets more depressing by the week! They have changed Ian completely and he is now a complete pain!

Ali not good that your cold is still going, though I think there are some very persistent bugs around at the moment. Hopefully it will go soon. I have been notified that my printer no longer will have spare parts available, in other words if it dies, tough! It's only a couple of years old!

Fi your neighbours, well not the immediate ones of course, are so lovely to be so supportive. NN is obviously very devious and I can see why you despair of getting justice. It seems so wrong that people can bulldoze their way through planning like this and make others lives a misery in the process. Still crossing everything that there will be some justice done somewhere. Glad niece is home again even if she is another medical enigma. Hope they can find what is wrong. Well done on the RT though a size 8?? That is a size I have never been, even when I was in my teens!

Diana glad you and Ploppy are feeling better and great he is able to play golf again. Welcome to the retirement club! Mind your line manager needs a rocket for not sorting it out properly. Well done on doing it yourself! Now relax and have a great holiday and pooh to them all!

Eva fingers and toes crossed your eye is ok now. I love the 'smoke' you had yesterday! I suppose that is what it must seem like the first time you see it! I agree, you seem to have been waiting and seeing about your father for a very long time!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Celebration? Lovely. Let's get more and find the CM.

Carol29 wrote:
Monday, January 7, 2019, 07:22
Morning and at the moment it is pitch black outside so no idea what the weather is doing. Think we reach the dizzy heights of double figures during the day, but it will remain overcast. According to the CFile weather I fear you have rain again Eva.

I see you had unexpected visitors yesterday Eva, bringing an invitation to a family event. Loving that Andreas thought the fog was “smoke” – of course he would, if it is the first time he has ever seen it. It’s like seeing snxw for the first time here and calling it “lumpy rain”. Ah so d nurses probably think this scheme will work..........I think you are right about the wait and see. I am assuming no further forward with the sheltered accommodation – I think that is also on a “wait and see”! I feel if you start a 5 am club you may well just have two members – you and Ali. Somehow don’t see Twin joining and that’s usually a good hour before I wake up! From the comments in the papers here everyone was outraged that the ballet dancer didn’t make it through whilst the “pub dancer” who was a massive Chxxl fan did. Comments were that the audience don’t understand technique and it is supposed to be a dancing competition, not an entertainment show. I hope the consultation with the eye specialist goes well and he is pleased with it. Has the sinustxs affected your eyes at all – I remember when I had it my eyes were the worst part which is why the doctor signed me off from work.

Sadly the heating problem still hadn’t been resolved in church – think the engineers are coming this week, so it was a tad chilly! As it was Epxphxny the children carried the 3 Mxgi from the High Altar down the church to the crib, which is located near the main entrance. I feared for their safety with one of the little ones carrying him. Came home and warmed up with a large mug of coffee and then we started boxing up all the decorations and lights. Took a very long time, so only some of the boxes made it up into the loft (didn’t want MM going up and down the loft ladder too many times) so we have some to put up there this afternoon. I did watch a little of D on Ice in the evening – mainly because on the Beeb C’file was about vets and we were eating our roast dinner at the time! Off for SLAPPAS this morning and then we have an evening in – on a Monday! I decided we wouldn’t start back with the small choir until next week to give everyone time to recover from C’mas. Morning BHB, you look tired – you are only just back from seeing friends? Well we will take it gently. I’ll fetch the toasted waffles if you will kindly bring the Lavendula. We can have a lovely snuffle in the conservatory until the DCM arrives
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, January 7, 2019, 10:27
Morning all and it is still dull and cloudy. However I think we do get a change in the weather at some point today and I will be probably long for this nice quiet weather back. Never happy! I did my ixxnxxg yesterday and then turned out the rest of my drawers so now have a pile of stuff to go to charity. Today I need to do a small food shop, I want to go to the town but may leave it another day as I think the schools will all be back then. Mind probably not! There are still a lot buzzing round outside here. I decided not to watch LM last night as I think it was the episode of Fxntine's downfall and I thought it just too sad for me! I am a wimp.

Fingers crossed for your eyes Eva. Hope all is well.

So all very dull I know but not a lot has happened to me since yesterday, thank goodness!

Morning BHB, You had a wonderful weekend and saw some friends? How lovely. Let's get more Lavendula and find the Cm, you can tell us all about it.
Diana wrote:
Monday, January 7, 2019, 15:05
Afternoon all.

Despite the forecast cloud and rain, it’s continued mostly sunny during the day, though there’s a high thin cloud this afternoon and we think it’s going to rain tonight/tomorrow morning.

We went to the gym this morning for the first time this trip. May go again tomorrow to make up for not getting much exercise our first week. We saw about five baboons on the seventh fairway opposite our place this morning. Fortunately, they didn’t come near us.

We bought plenty of fruit and veg on Sunday, and also several meals from Woolw*rths though unfortunately their freezer section was totally empty so we’re probably going back tomorrow to get some frozen fish and ice cream as well as peas and chips for when we run out of fresh veg. We had haddock mornay from Wool. for dinner last night which was very nice, with courgettes and mash, followed by more of the sticky toffee pud. Tonight we have the rest of the haddock and there’s a small portion of sticky toffee pud for Ploppy, while I’ll have fruit. For lunch today we had some very tasty strawberries. Must get some more when we next go to Food Lovers Market (the fruit & veg shop, though they do meat, bread and other food as well).

If the weather isn’t too good tomorrow, we’ll go into Kn*sna shopping, mainly non-food this time. I want a collapsible reclining chair for the veranda to replace one that broke a year or two back and we’ve not been able to find one so far. You’d think they’d be very common at this time of year. Ploppy also wants to get some stuff for the external work on the house that needs doing. And we need petrol. Tomorrow evening we have a reservation at a steak and fish restaurant. You have to take your own alcohol so mustn’t forget a bottle of wine.

Oh I nearly forgot to say – I checked my w*rk emails on Saturday and my line manager had emailed me thanking me for the stuff I’d sent her, saying she’d email me shortly re my notice pay and wishing me well for the future. So I am officially retired now!!
Diana wrote:
Monday, January 7, 2019, 15:29
Fi, keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you re the extension. Lovely of your friends to take you both out for breakfast.

That's not good re parts for your printer given it's relatively new, Pauline. Our printer does doublesided and I normally print doublesided and greyscale but I get mad with Ploppy as he usually prints single sided in colour. Don't know how many times I've reminded him, I think I'll make him pay for the toners and paper in future.

Eva, hope your specialist is happy with your eyes.
evam wrote:
Monday, January 7, 2019, 16:38
Afternoon all. Sorry I haven't been in earlier, but I've had a h*ll of a day. It started with my visit to the eye specialist. The swelling of the scar hasn't gone away, so he is referring me back to the hospital for further procedure. Exactly what that entails I'm not sure, but he was talking about the surgeon poking into my eyes with a needle! What fun,- NOT!
Then I called father to say I was ready to pick him up, but was told that the district nurse hadn't been there with the meds and the new gizmo, so he couldn't leave home.
Then coming home I found a letter from the authorities re the POA for mother, and they declined my application! Their reasoning was gibberish,- medically she answered all the creteria, but as she was in a care home, they assumed that her needs were taken care of, totally ignoring that things can and will happen in the future. Attatched was a list of alternatives, so I went down to my parents' bank to talk to them. I was told that they didn't accept the kind of solution the authorities suggested, which left one solution which requested mother's signature. SHE HAS DEMENTIA AND NOT ABLE TO SIGN ANYTHING! Finally I phoned the executive officer who'd handled my application, explained the situation and was told to send an email which said the same thing I'd said on the phone! (which of course I'd said in my original application!) GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR😡😡😡 So another email was sent. I've tried to rest, but I've been too wound up to be able to relax. It hasn't been my day, has it?
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, January 7, 2019, 18:31
Oh Eva - sending you a hug (well several) as you sound like you need them. xxxx
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, January 7, 2019, 18:32
Oh Eva - sending you a hug (well several) as you sound like you need them. xxxx
TK wrote:
Monday, January 7, 2019, 21:22
Eva, what a ridiculous outcome. I hope you can get it sorted before you take the needles from the hospital and stick them into the authorities.

Fi , well done to your neighbours for sticking by you.

Diana, an officially retired person. That was quick, well ish. Hope the final bit is sorted.

We had a lovely weekend in Aberdeen. The people are lovely, I did have to think hard at the panto when I asked a relative of a little girl in a ballgown 'how old is she?' The answer was '3 past August', she said it like a time 'half past 2). Took me a couple of seconds to translate it to : 3, last August. It is only one word and a pause different, but I was confused for a second or two. At least the auntie didn't use any dialect words, as that would have really confused me. I understood the panto jokes much better this time. Snow White was excellent. The duet with Lee was lovely. Their voices worked so well together.

Bella has been a little ill while I was away. She had had a small tea, so we'll see how she is in the morning.

I'd better get to bed.

Get well soon Ali
Sue-1 wrote:
Monday, January 7, 2019, 23:26
Evening, well didn’t get back as quickly as promised but am here now. Not much to tell you, I lead a fairly boring life.

Jo, love the sound of a Bella alarm clock, although I wouldn’t want one! That old lady is certainly a character.

Fi, I wonder about doctors sometimes! Very scary about your young niece.

Pauline, Gizmo, aww. Puppy farms such dreadful places, should all be closed down, worse in Ireland here I believe.

Loving your shopping expeditions Carol, where on earth do you keep it all??

Jo, I thought I was the only one who works in F summer C winter.
Was almost confused by your saga of the car, the keys and the door.

Eva, sorry to read you have another infection, your immune system is obviously even lower than mine. I’m touching wood here because so far haven’t had an infection since being on the drugs, although I was worried by a nasty cat bite last year and on anti bis.
Liking the sound of the device for your father’s meds, hope it works out for him.

Love reading your posts from SA Diana, lucky you to be in the sunshine, wise not to overdo it though. Hoping you really have retired, and if so congratulations 
Oh, I see you have……YAY!!

Fi, I seriously think you are wasting away! Size 8….what’s that?

Eva, don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I have injections into my eye every 6 to 8 weeks, the first time I was a terrified wreck but they really don’t hurt, to be fair I always think they might this time, but they never do, it’s the very thought that’s scary.
Sorry you’ve had such a crap day, add my hug to the one Carol sent.

Better go to bed before I turn into a pumpkin. Takes me a while to catch up and even longer to type replies, two fingers only is my typing!
Night night
Sue-1 wrote:
Monday, January 7, 2019, 23:30
Oh dear just seen that Bella is poorly, hope she's okay tomorrow.
Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 08:29
Morning and looks quite cold out – there certainly seems to be quite a strong breeze at the moment. May be you could send some of the sun you have had recently Diana.

Ah I see you have seen more of the Bs around, Diana, – may be they are regrouping? I guess the freezer section had been decimated by everyone over the C’mas/New Year break! Hope you manage to replenish your stocks today. Oh have you not managed to replace your recliner yet? I remember you saying when it broke. You would indeed think they would have plenty around at the moment, so fingers crossed. It certainly looks as if you are now officially retired – congratulations!! Now you just need the notice money sorted (I am assuming all the redundancy package was sorted out before you left the actual office). Ah MM does print in black and white, but doesn’t use the double sided option for some reason, and has a habit of printing out all his emails rather than just leaving them in an electronic file! Like you I am the one who pays for the toner! MM pays for the paper............think he has the better of the deal!

Eva, so not liking the idea of a needle in the eye, although I assume they freeze the area and you don’t feel it; however as someone who blinks and flinches if I see anything coming near my eye, I don’t think I would be able to cope with that particular treatment. So the new gizmo was reluctant to go and join your father. Hopefully the district nurse did eventually arrive with it. I am beginning to think authorities worldwide have completely lost the plot – what with Fi’s planning and now your PoA being turned down. How completely and utterly ridiculous! Fingers crossed that the phone call and the email will sort it out for you – I really don’t believe their reasoning – and it will go through this time!

Jo I am quite liking the idea of Eva jabbing the needles into the authorities. Soon be your turn to join the ranks of the retire Jo – Your weeks will soon be in single figures! Loving the description of how Aberdonians tell you ages. At least you were able to understand what she meant. Ah I see you are becoming fluent in the native tongue if you were understanding more of the jokes! Hope Bella is ok – may be she was just pining for you.

Sue I don’t understand why would wouldn’t want a Bella alarm clock waking you at 6 am every morning? Ah you may have missed me saying some while back that the wardrobes in our bedroom, which run down the length of one wall are all mine......mine!! MM has the wardrobes in the spare room, and when I do the clothes swap between spring/summer and autum/winter I have storage boxes under the beds! MM does try and tell me I have to operate a “one in, one out” system but I don’t always remember what he said! Oh goodness so you need injections in your eye – I would have been the terrified wreck! Think you are very brave to keep going that often! Ah MM is a two finger typist and can go fairly fast. Can’t remember if I ever said we had a PA to one of the Partners who only typed with two fingers – she was a very scatty person and I never understood how she got the job! I once had to stay behind on a Friday night to sort out a document report she had done, which had to go into the post to arrive with a client on the following Monday. I ended up retyping the whole thing!

All decorates are now safely stowed away in the loft for the next forty or so weeks. Managed to avoid any jumping tops yesterday although I was hit by a pair of warm jumping trousers. Spent the afternoon doing some Church admin and then had an evening of watching TV (I had recorded Fxthxr Brxwn which was on in the afternoon – always a nice 45 mins of escapism!). Today is somewhat busier as we are off to the Hxrry Pxtter Wxrld with Gemma, Jon and the two oldest boys. JJ is going to spend the day and an overnight with his grandparents. It was Logan’s birthday on Saturday and this is his birthday treat. We loaned them all our HP dvds last year and they loved them. We are meeting up with them for lunch beforehand and then going on to the studios for our tour. Gemma gets tired walking around (understandable at eight month pregnant) so she and MM are going to go at their own pace and I will go with Jon, Logan, and Flynn at a slightly faster pace I suspect – or may be not if they want to look at every single thing! Once we get home it will be a quick turnaround as MM and I have PCC meeting at church (will dress warmly!). We did offer to pay for them to stay in an hotel overnight but Jon couldn’t get another day off work, and Gemma now to big to drive. Morning BHB, yes it is a bright start to the day. Let’s grab the toasted tea cakes and the Pxnk Pxclxce and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 10:16
Morning all, and the sun is shining, yaay! I may go to St A later and make the most of it being outside. I did go to WGC yesterday and sad to say the clothing was all static, not a jump in any of it.

Glad to see your retirement has now been rubber stamped Diana, welcome to our world, it's wonderful! Not so good about more baboons, they really are persistent pesky things. Hope they keep their distance. Good luck finding a new recliner.

Oh dear Eva that is not good and must say the thought of injections into the eye sounds terrible. However I have a friend who has had them and she said as does Sue that the thought is worse than the event. Let's hope so. Why am I not surprised father's gadget thingy hasn't turned up. Par for the course and as for your POA application being refused... words almost fail me. How someone that has never seen your mother can pass judgement is beyond me. Sending lots of hugs.

Jo I am liking your idea of what Eva should do with the needles! Not good about Bella, Fingers crossed she is ok today. So you had a good weekend? Well I never! Liking the fact you are now able to understand the jokes. If the panto ran a bit longer you would have been fluent in Abxrdxnian!

Sue I agree about puppy farms, they are a blight and I believe Irxlxnd has the most of them in Europe, could have that wrong, but sure I read it somewhere. Gizmo is now part of the family as they have taken delivery of him and is settling in well though apparently there is still a bit of house training required! Not surprising as this is his first proper home. Hopefully he will soon sort himself out, then he can come and visit me! My typing is of the four finger variety, so not that quick either!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Pxnk Pxlxce? sounds very pretty. Let's get more and find the CM.

Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 10:54
Morning . i woudl say sun is shining but as we are expecting the (horrible, unsympathetic) pl.nner any minute - we are not feeling any warmth. our saga gets curioser and curioser. our pl.nning friend had got agreement from Pl.nnign dept at council that we would have a more senior planner on our case - hurrah. last night old (should be ex) pl.nner emailed to say she was coming today for site visit. no explanation. our pl.nnign friend cant get thro to c.uncil to speak to anyone. Hmmm. Our architect (we had a small sunroom ext agreed to build on to kitchen - cant do now as wont get the light we needed!) told us that neighbour has completed wrong form for his extension - this form says he wont be coming on to our land. BUT pl.nning dept give permission whether build either legal or deliverable - or not. this whole case has totally shaken us - our pl.nning rules are bonkers - and definitely weighted to bu.lders and obnoxious neighbours. even with wrong form (we are sure he did it deliberately) we would have to take him to court (and pay costs if lost) to enforce it. world (certainly pl.nning world) is mad! You say our neighbours/friends are lovely. even not counting NN - some are and some aren't. been surprised by some that haven't supported us! I am having to miss my Arts Soc talk today as ploppy wasnt up to meeting pl.nner on his own - and as talk was on art of I am p.ssed off as was the one talk i really wanted to go to. will be more p.ssed off if she doesn't turn up - already 40 mins late!
Eva - sadly I am not at all surprised by P.A debacle. that si what makes sense in world of officialdom. none of them ever use the very easy test "now what would I want to happen if this was my parent/relative etc". not rocket science - just humanity and that sadly so lacking .
Sloppy has m.cular (as well as gl.ucoma) and has eye inj monthly. not something i relish either but suspect with my genes it may be sthing i wll have to endure in future. sloppy , like Sue, says not at all painful - tho she does have v high pain threshold (she didn't pass those genes on to me!)
Jo - hope Bella perkier today. ploppy did his final degree in Ab.rdeen . we went once before we were married (35 yrs ago) - and not been back. Exciting to be on the final countdown !
Carol - enjoy your day. i have only ever seen 1st HP film - must watch other sometime. g/f loves HP - and she and scollop been to HP World couple fo times. If i watch films we could go with them - and i woudl knwo what it is all about!
Diana - enjoy your retirement!
Pauline - does ST A have some historic sites to visit. think it has some important history 0- and i keep meaning to read about it and visit .
Just booked to see J.seph at Mk with Jules and husband in April. will have seen GO weekend before in C.lch- so will imagine that he is J!!
well pl.nner now 55 mins late!
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 10:54
Morning . i woudl say sun is shining but as we are expecting the (horrible, unsympathetic) pl.nner any minute - we are not feeling any warmth. our saga gets curioser and curioser. our pl.nning friend had got agreement from Pl.nnign dept at council that we would have a more senior planner on our case - hurrah. last night old (should be ex) pl.nner emailed to say she was coming today for site visit. no explanation. our pl.nnign friend cant get thro to c.uncil to speak to anyone. Hmmm. Our architect (we had a small sunroom ext agreed to build on to kitchen - cant do now as wont get the light we needed!) told us that neighbour has completed wrong form for his extension - this form says he wont be coming on to our land. BUT pl.nning dept give permission whether build either legal or deliverable - or not. this whole case has totally shaken us - our pl.nning rules are bonkers - and definitely weighted to bu.lders and obnoxious neighbours. even with wrong form (we are sure he did it deliberately) we would have to take him to court (and pay costs if lost) to enforce it. world (certainly pl.nning world) is mad! You say our neighbours/friends are lovely. even not counting NN - some are and some aren't. been surprised by some that haven't supported us! I am having to miss my Arts Soc talk today as ploppy wasnt up to meeting pl.nner on his own - and as talk was on art of I am p.ssed off as was the one talk i really wanted to go to. will be more p.ssed off if she doesn't turn up - already 40 mins late!
Eva - sadly I am not at all surprised by P.A debacle. that si what makes sense in world of officialdom. none of them ever use the very easy test "now what would I want to happen if this was my parent/relative etc". not rocket science - just humanity and that sadly so lacking .
Sloppy has m.cular (as well as gl.ucoma) and has eye inj monthly. not something i relish either but suspect with my genes it may be sthing i wll have to endure in future. sloppy , like Sue, says not at all painful - tho she does have v high pain threshold (she didn't pass those genes on to me!)
Jo - hope Bella perkier today. ploppy did his final degree in Ab.rdeen . we went once before we were married (35 yrs ago) - and not been back. Exciting to be on the final countdown !
Carol - enjoy your day. i have only ever seen 1st HP film - must watch other sometime. g/f loves HP - and she and scollop been to HP World couple fo times. If i watch films we could go with them - and i woudl knwo what it is all about!
Diana - enjoy your retirement!
Pauline - does ST A have some historic sites to visit. think it has some important history 0- and i keep meaning to read about it and visit .
Just booked to see J.seph at Mk with Jules and husband in April. will have seen GO weekend before in C.lch- so will imagine that he is J!!
well pl.nner now 55 mins late!
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 10:54
Morning . i woudl say sun is shining but as we are expecting the (horrible, unsympathetic) pl.nner any minute - we are not feeling any warmth. our saga gets curioser and curioser. our pl.nning friend had got agreement from Pl.nnign dept at council that we would have a more senior planner on our case - hurrah. last night old (should be ex) pl.nner emailed to say she was coming today for site visit. no explanation. our pl.nnign friend cant get thro to c.uncil to speak to anyone. Hmmm. Our architect (we had a small sunroom ext agreed to build on to kitchen - cant do now as wont get the light we needed!) told us that neighbour has completed wrong form for his extension - this form says he wont be coming on to our land. BUT pl.nning dept give permission whether build either legal or deliverable - or not. this whole case has totally shaken us - our pl.nning rules are bonkers - and definitely weighted to bu.lders and obnoxious neighbours. even with wrong form (we are sure he did it deliberately) we would have to take him to court (and pay costs if lost) to enforce it. world (certainly pl.nning world) is mad! You say our neighbours/friends are lovely. even not counting NN - some are and some aren't. been surprised by some that haven't supported us! I am having to miss my Arts Soc talk today as ploppy wasnt up to meeting pl.nner on his own - and as talk was on art of I am p.ssed off as was the one talk i really wanted to go to. will be more p.ssed off if she doesn't turn up - already 40 mins late!
Eva - sadly I am not at all surprised by P.A debacle. that si what makes sense in world of officialdom. none of them ever use the very easy test "now what would I want to happen if this was my parent/relative etc". not rocket science - just humanity and that sadly so lacking .
Sloppy has m.cular (as well as gl.ucoma) and has eye inj monthly. not something i relish either but suspect with my genes it may be sthing i wll have to endure in future. sloppy , like Sue, says not at all painful - tho she does have v high pain threshold (she didn't pass those genes on to me!)
Jo - hope Bella perkier today. ploppy did his final degree in Ab.rdeen . we went once before we were married (35 yrs ago) - and not been back. Exciting to be on the final countdown !
Carol - enjoy your day. i have only ever seen 1st HP film - must watch other sometime. g/f loves HP - and she and scollop been to HP World couple fo times. If i watch films we could go with them - and i woudl knwo what it is all about!
Diana - enjoy your retirement!
Pauline - does ST A have some historic sites to visit. think it has some important history 0- and i keep meaning to read about it and visit .
Just booked to see J.seph at Mk with Jules and husband in April. will have seen GO weekend before in C.lch- so will imagine that he is J!!
well pl.nner now 55 mins late!
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 10:55
Morning . i woudl say sun is shining but as we are expecting the (horrible, unsympathetic) pl.nner any minute - we are not feeling any warmth. our saga gets curioser and curioser. our pl.nning friend had got agreement from Pl.nnign dept at council that we would have a more senior planner on our case - hurrah. last night old (should be ex) pl.nner emailed to say she was coming today for site visit. no explanation. our pl.nnign friend cant get thro to c.uncil to speak to anyone. Hmmm. Our architect (we had a small sunroom ext agreed to build on to kitchen - cant do now as wont get the light we needed!) told us that neighbour has completed wrong form for his extension - this form says he wont be coming on to our land. BUT pl.nning dept give permission whether build either legal or deliverable - or not. this whole case has totally shaken us - our pl.nning rules are bonkers - and definitely weighted to bu.lders and obnoxious neighbours. even with wrong form (we are sure he did it deliberately) we would have to take him to court (and pay costs if lost) to enforce it. world (certainly pl.nning world) is mad! You say our neighbours/friends are lovely. even not counting NN - some are and some aren't. been surprised by some that haven't supported us! I am having to miss my Arts Soc talk today as ploppy wasnt up to meeting pl.nner on his own - and as talk was on art of I am p.ssed off as was the one talk i really wanted to go to. will be more p.ssed off if she doesn't turn up - already 40 mins late!
Eva - sadly I am not at all surprised by P.A debacle. that si what makes sense in world of officialdom. none of them ever use the very easy test "now what would I want to happen if this was my parent/relative etc". not rocket science - just humanity and that sadly so lacking .
Sloppy has m.cular (as well as gl.ucoma) and has eye inj monthly. not something i relish either but suspect with my genes it may be sthing i wll have to endure in future. sloppy , like Sue, says not at all painful - tho she does have v high pain threshold (she didn't pass those genes on to me!)
Jo - hope Bella perkier today. ploppy did his final degree in Ab.rdeen . we went once before we were married (35 yrs ago) - and not been back. Exciting to be on the final countdown !
Carol - enjoy your day. i have only ever seen 1st HP film - must watch other sometime. g/f loves HP - and she and scollop been to HP World couple fo times. If i watch films we could go with them - and i woudl knwo what it is all about!
Diana - enjoy your retirement!
Pauline - does ST A have some historic sites to visit. think it has some important history 0- and i keep meaning to read about it and visit .
Just booked to see J.seph at Mk with Jules and husband in April. will have seen GO weekend before in C.lch- so will imagine that he is J!!
well pl.nner now 55 mins late!
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 10:55
Morning . i woudl say sun is shining but as we are expecting the (horrible, unsympathetic) pl.nner any minute - we are not feeling any warmth. our saga gets curioser and curioser. our pl.nning friend had got agreement from Pl.nnign dept at council that we would have a more senior planner on our case - hurrah. last night old (should be ex) pl.nner emailed to say she was coming today for site visit. no explanation. our pl.nnign friend cant get thro to c.uncil to speak to anyone. Hmmm. Our architect (we had a small sunroom ext agreed to build on to kitchen - cant do now as wont get the light we needed!) told us that neighbour has completed wrong form for his extension - this form says he wont be coming on to our land. BUT pl.nning dept give permission whether build either legal or deliverable - or not. this whole case has totally shaken us - our pl.nning rules are bonkers - and definitely weighted to bu.lders and obnoxious neighbours. even with wrong form (we are sure he did it deliberately) we would have to take him to court (and pay costs if lost) to enforce it. world (certainly pl.nning world) is mad! You say our neighbours/friends are lovely. even not counting NN - some are and some aren't. been surprised by some that haven't supported us! I am having to miss my Arts Soc talk today as ploppy wasnt up to meeting pl.nner on his own - and as talk was on art of I am p.ssed off as was the one talk i really wanted to go to. will be more p.ssed off if she doesn't turn up - already 40 mins late!
Eva - sadly I am not at all surprised by P.A debacle. that si what makes sense in world of officialdom. none of them ever use the very easy test "now what would I want to happen if this was my parent/relative etc". not rocket science - just humanity and that sadly so lacking .
Sloppy has m.cular (as well as gl.ucoma) and has eye inj monthly. not something i relish either but suspect with my genes it may be sthing i wll have to endure in future. sloppy , like Sue, says not at all painful - tho she does have v high pain threshold (she didn't pass those genes on to me!)
Jo - hope Bella perkier today. ploppy did his final degree in Ab.rdeen . we went once before we were married (35 yrs ago) - and not been back. Exciting to be on the final countdown !
Carol - enjoy your day. i have only ever seen 1st HP film - must watch other sometime. g/f loves HP - and she and scollop been to HP World couple fo times. If i watch films we could go with them - and i woudl knwo what it is all about!
Diana - enjoy your retirement!
Pauline - does ST A have some historic sites to visit. think it has some important history 0- and i keep meaning to read about it and visit .
Just booked to see J.seph at Mk with Jules and husband in April. will have seen GO weekend before in C.lch- so will imagine that he is J!!
well pl.nner now 55 mins late!
Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 10:55
Morning . i woudl say sun is shining but as we are expecting the (horrible, unsympathetic) pl.nner any minute - we are not feeling any warmth. our saga gets curioser and curioser. our pl.nning friend had got agreement from Pl.nnign dept at council that we would have a more senior planner on our case - hurrah. last night old (should be ex) pl.nner emailed to say she was coming today for site visit. no explanation. our pl.nnign friend cant get thro to c.uncil to speak to anyone. Hmmm. Our architect (we had a small sunroom ext agreed to build on to kitchen - cant do now as wont get the light we needed!) told us that neighbour has completed wrong form for his extension - this form says he wont be coming on to our land. BUT pl.nning dept give permission whether build either legal or deliverable - or not. this whole case has totally shaken us - our pl.nning rules are bonkers - and definitely weighted to bu.lders and obnoxious neighbours. even with wrong form (we are sure he did it deliberately) we would have to take him to court (and pay costs if lost) to enforce it. world (certainly pl.nning world) is mad! You say our neighbours/friends are lovely. even not counting NN - some are and some aren't. been surprised by some that haven't supported us! I am having to miss my Arts Soc talk today as ploppy wasnt up to meeting pl.nner on his own - and as talk was on art of I am p.ssed off as was the one talk i really wanted to go to. will be more p.ssed off if she doesn't turn up - already 40 mins late!
Eva - sadly I am not at all surprised by P.A debacle. that si what makes sense in world of officialdom. none of them ever use the very easy test "now what would I want to happen if this was my parent/relative etc". not rocket science - just humanity and that sadly so lacking .
Sloppy has m.cular (as well as gl.ucoma) and has eye inj monthly. not something i relish either but suspect with my genes it may be sthing i wll have to endure in future. sloppy , like Sue, says not at all painful - tho she does have v high pain threshold (she didn't pass those genes on to me!)
Jo - hope Bella perkier today. ploppy did his final degree in Ab.rdeen . we went once before we were married (35 yrs ago) - and not been back. Exciting to be on the final countdown !
Carol - enjoy your day. i have only ever seen 1st HP film - must watch other sometime. g/f loves HP - and she and scollop been to HP World couple fo times. If i watch films we could go with them - and i woudl knwo what it is all about!
Diana - enjoy your retirement!
Pauline - does ST A have some historic sites to visit. think it has some important history 0- and i keep meaning to read about it and visit .
Just booked to see J.seph at Mk with Jules and husband in April. will have seen GO weekend before in C.lch- so will imagine that he is J!!
well pl.nner now 55 mins late! and my talk will be in full flow. Grrrrrrr

Fi9 wrote:
Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 10:55
Morning . i woudl say sun is shining but as we are expecting the (horrible, unsympathetic) pl.nner any minute - we are not feeling any warmth. our saga gets curioser and curioser. our pl.nning friend had got agreement from Pl.nnign dept at council that we would have a more senior planner on our case - hurrah. last night old (should be ex) pl.nner emailed to say she was coming today for site visit. no explanation. our pl.nnign friend cant get thro to c.uncil to speak to anyone. Hmmm. Our architect (we had a small sunroom ext agreed to build on to kitchen - cant do now as wont get the light we needed!) told us that neighbour has completed wrong form for his extension - this form says he wont be coming on to our land. BUT pl.nning dept give permission whether build either legal or deliverable - or not. this whole case has totally shaken us - our pl.nning rules are bonkers - and definitely weighted to bu.lders and obnoxious neighbours. even with wrong form (we are sure he did it deliberately) we would have to take him to court (and pay costs if lost) to enforce it. world (certainly pl.nning world) is mad! You say our neighbours/friends are lovely. even not counting NN - some are and some aren't. been surprised by some that haven't supported us! I am having to miss my Arts Soc talk today as ploppy wasnt up to meeting pl.nner on his own - and as talk was on art of I am p.ssed off as was the one talk i really wanted to go to. will be more p.ssed off if she doesn't turn up - already 40 mins late!
Eva - sadly I am not at all surprised by P.A debacle. that si what makes sense in world of officialdom. none of them ever use the very easy test "now what would I want to happen if this was my parent/relative etc". not rocket science - just humanity and that sadly so lacking .
Sloppy has m.cular (as well as gl.ucoma) and has eye inj monthly. not something i relish either but suspect with my genes it may be sthing i wll have to endure in future. sloppy , like Sue, says not at all painful - tho she does have v high pain threshold (she didn't pass those genes on to me!)
Jo - hope Bella perkier today. ploppy did his final degree in Ab.rdeen . we went once before we were married (35 yrs ago) - and not been back. Exciting to be on the final countdown !
Carol - enjoy your day. i have only ever seen 1st HP film - must watch other sometime. g/f loves HP - and she and scollop been to HP World couple fo times. If i watch films we could go with them - and i woudl knwo what it is all about!
Diana - enjoy your retirement!
Pauline - does ST A have some historic sites to visit. think it has some important history 0- and i keep meaning to read about it and visit .
Just booked to see J.seph at Mk with Jules and husband in April. will have seen GO weekend before in C.lch- so will imagine that he is J!!
well pl.nner now 55 mins late!
Jane E wrote:
Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 12:19
Hi all,

I'm still grinning after a fabulous weekend in Aberdeen with Jo, Ro & O - and some of the Northern Ladies. I'm going to be writing an in detail report, which I thought would be especially important seeing as so few of us got a chance to see it. But for now:

I had reservations about the panto on my first visit. They vanished. I found it all much funnier as the cast really seemed to have bonded. Alan's speech on the last night was so warm and lovely - and contained a lot of praise for Lee.

We managed a chat with the man himself at the SD on Sat evening, there were about 8 of us there I think. He really appreciated us travelling up. We had to give up waiting for Lee after the last show (we had a dinner reservation) but did get a chance to congratulate all the other leads as they left.

Eva - I am also not surprised by the PoA debacle. What I am surprised by is the logic (I use the word loosely) behind it. You'd have struggled in the UK at this stage because you would need to find someone to confirm that she understands what she's doing. If not the only recourse is using the Court of Protection - which is very expensive. I hope that you don't have to do something similar.

The thought of injections in eyes is unnerving! Thanks Sue for saying they don't hurt.

Jo - sorry to hear you came back to a poorly Bella. I hope she's feeling better now.

Sorry - I've run out of time to comment on everything. Hugs to everyone. Laters!

Fi - I have fingers and toes crossed for your battle with the planners. Size 8? Crickey. I was size 8 in my early twenties but I was way underweight then
TK wrote:
Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 21:50
Bella seems to be a bit perked up a little. Mr ExPostman has offered to take her to the vets. Hopefully she won't be sick a, so I can cancel the appointment.

HHHHmmmmm I read there is talk about size 6, I do not understand that configuration of letters and numbers.

I need to go to bed and I'm tired. Nightlee night.
Carol29 wrote:
Wednesday, January 9, 2019, 08:14
Morning and a very chilly one at the moment – Beeb site says it is 6C but it feels a lot colder (I know as I have just been out to put the rubbish and recycling bags out)!

Oh Fi, do hope the unsympathetic plxnner finally made an appearance – do hope you are keeping a record of various contact with her and what she has told you, as might help in any appeal. Do hope that you have a different more senior person on the case as promised – current one may of course be trying to cover her tracks by offering to come and view the site. Why are we not surprised the NN had submitted the wrong form? So sorry all this awfulness caused you to miss the talk on Pxrx – feel that would have been a lovely way to take your mind off things – but realise the planning situation must take priority. Ah the test of “what would I want for my relative” never crosses the mind of bureaucrats. I think bureaucracy appeals to a certain type of person....and empathy is not one of the requirements! Ah as a reader of all the HP books when they first came out, and then having seen all the films (both in the cinema and on screen) I do love them! Also loving the prequels now being made (F’stic Beasts)! I will leave Twin to tell you about St A, but it was always on the list of places we visited when I was at school (both Junior and Grammar!). Do you know who you will actually see playing J’ph? The one you are going to blot out and think of as the GO??

Ah another one who seems to have enjoyed their weekend in bonnie Scxtlxnd! Can’t think why? I agree with you about the PoA situation here – and the fact that we have to have confirmation from a non family member that the person for whom the PoA is being raised actually understands. Keep forgetting that we must get our’s done – it is one of those things you think about, and then life overtakes and you forget about it until you memory is jogged again! Look forward to the review when you find the time!

Pleased to hear Bella has perked up Jo. Kind of Mr ExP to offer to take her to the vet though. Sounds as if you won’t need that to happen if she is on the mend. No I am another one who doesn’t understand the size and number!!!

Hope all is well with Eva.

We had a lovely day yesterday with the family. We both arrived at the pub for lunch at the same time! In fact they had followed us from the motorway. MM had said to me as we were about to turn off that they should be somewhere in the area – we just didn’t realise how close they were! After lunch we went straight to the venue, and as it wasn’t too crowded we were allowed in fifteen minutes before the time on our tickets. It took about four hours for us to go round (normally they tell you it takes about three hours) and the boys loved it. There were additional things which had been included since our last visit so we had new things to see. The boys had been given HP outfits for C’mas, so they wore those (they looked really cute). Trip ends in the shop and they took ages (having saved up their pocket money, and in Logan’s case birthday money) to decided what to buy – they both bought a wand of course and then spent a long time deciding what else. We eventually left at about 6.20pm. Jon was warming the car up for the boys so they could be put into their pjs for the drive home (I had a text to say they were safely home and the boys were out for the count, so had been popped straight into bed). We had a twenty minutes turn around before we had to get off to church for our meeting. I did put warmer clothes on before we went, but I was still cold and my feet were freezing – from which you can deduce the heating has n’t been fixed yet!!! Today is LACE day (not sure what we will watch yet) so Twin and Lindy coming over this afternoon. Morning BHB, yes it is chilly! Let’s grab the Vxlvet Elvxs and the toasted crumpets and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Wednesday, January 9, 2019, 08:50
Morning all.
Just popping in to say that I had a "sleeping" day yesterday, and I still feel very tired, so won't be doing much today. I was meant to take father to see mother yesterday, but had to cancel. I didn't explain to him that I had a "sleeping" day, because he wouldn't have a clue what I was talking about, so I just said I was unwell.
I watched E*stenders last night in the hope of seeing Stephen in his new role, but not a glimpse. The I watvhed HC, and again not a glimpse of the longed for face, so I went to bed.
I will try to catch up on the blog later, but just wanted you to know I was OK(ish).
Fi9 wrote:
Wednesday, January 9, 2019, 08:58
Morning. Planner was intransigent - and horrible. kept saying "I have already told you this and i don't know how many ways I can tell you"!!! She is going to grant permission - yes she knows he may have completed form wrongly, he will need to dig up our patio, chop down our trees, his gutter may overhang our land (illegally) - but that nothing to do with her. She wont even change balcony as she only considers view form straight out - not sideways - which is directly in to our garden and summer house! She doesn't consider whether gutter or foundations on someone else land "nothing to do with her" - we heard that a lot!! Carol - neighbour have no right to appeal - unless we take cvil case out - and obvs too expensive. so very depressed. cant believe this si allowed in Uk - but it is.
pauline2 wrote:
Wednesday, January 9, 2019, 10:16
Morning all and it is a nice bright day again. Lovely to see the sun though it does mean it is a lot colder. I went to St A yesterday and had a nice wander round the shops, A pair of boots did jump in my bag, they were in the sale and I have been looking at them for some time so am very pleased with them. I then went to my doctor in the afternoon and had a good chat about my problems. Not a lot she can do as I need to see a specialist, but she gave me a few ideas to help ease things. She is a lovely lady and was very sympathetic and very sorry there wasn't much else she can do till it is sorted what it is, so now I just wait to see the specialist. Today is a LACE day as Twin has said so I will be off there later.

Fi St Albans is a lovely city, in parts! Of course the newer bits are like a lot of towns, but the Abbey and it's precinct is lovely and Verulamium is very interesting. The conservation are is so quaint, and I would say all in all worth a visit.

I am so sorry about the planners but sadly not surprised, as I have said before you are going through exactly what one of my neighbours did. I agree it is just appalling what they allow people to do on their neighbours property. You must be devastated. Sending big hugs, sorry I can't do more.

Eva glad you are ok and just sleeping. Hope you feel better after another relaxing day. Take heart. Lofty is back next week!

So glad Bella appears to be on the mend Jo fingers crossed she really is. Maybe she is just trying to make you feel guilty about leaving her!

Morning BHB, and what have we today? Velvxt Elvxs? Lovely, let's get another jug and find the CM.

TK wrote:
Wednesday, January 9, 2019, 21:11
Eva, thanks for letting us know. I hope you can be up and about now.

Fi the results from the planner seem madness.

I don't think I'd want to go to see Jo, I really want to keep the memories untainted. Although I do have a little Ricky in my head, not much as I was careful not to watch during my fav bits.

Bella was not sick last night, so the vets was cancelled. She was at Mr and Mrs ExPostman's in the afternoon. He did check on her in the morning, but apparently she told him to go away as she was sleeping and there was no point in getting up as the pubs weren't open. So he went back at lunchtime. She has been telling me off tonight, so is almost back to normal.

I'm tired, been to physio always make me tired

Nightlee night
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, January 10, 2019, 07:44
Gelukkige verjaarsdagn Diana!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Diana, Happy Birthday to you!

Hope you have a lovely day Diana and the sun shines! The BHB has been busy and the Bistro looks lovely - the balloons and streamers are in lovely shades of blue, red and green with a hint of yellow here and there. I can see the birthday cakes have been made and iced and there are little S Afrxcxn flags around the edges. I have checked and the pink champers is cooling nicely in the fridge. The under tablecloths are in blues and reds and the white over cloths are pretty and lacy. I see we have sprinkles in different colours. The vases have beautiful Clivias in them. Enjoy!
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, January 10, 2019, 08:03
Morning and a grey start to the morning, but dry. It is very chilly out – I know because I have just been out to do the rubbish. I know you are thinking “but she did that yesterday” .....well yes, I did, but as it wasn’t collected during the day I checked on line and we are still a day out following C’mas/New Yxxr, so our date this week was today and not yesterday. MM collected it up yesterday and I have just put it back out! Think it is due to remain overcast and cold today.

Hope you are still feeling ok (without the ish) Eva. How are the pills working with the sinusitis? Think the sleeping day was a good idea, even if it meant you had to put off going to see your mother. Has the gizmo arrived for your father’s meds yet? I did manage to catch up with Tuesday’s HC yesterday before Twin and Lindy arrived, but at least I was forewarned there would be no Lxfty. Sadly even for Stephen I couldn’t bring myself to watch EEders! Having said that I did see him when he first arrived on our screens – that was my one exception!

Oh Fi, I can’t believe that anyone has the right to come into your garden and dig up your patio and chop down your trees – it just seems totally and utterly wrong. So why did the awful plxnxer turn up when you thought she was no longer dealing with your case? I feel like Twin you should contact someone like W’dog or the tabloids to get the story out there – as I suspect lots of people are completely unaware this can happen. After all if it can happen to you in a con’vation area it can happen anywhere! Sending lots and lots of hugs.

Jo you are right – Fi’s situation is just madness. I am with you re Jo! I will preserve my memories (although like you have a fond memory of Ricky and his amazing wig) of how the role should be played....and by whom!! Good to hear that Bella was ok so the vet’s visit could be cancelled. Love that Bella told Mr ExP to go away as she was still in sleeping mode!! I do understand her thinking about waiting for the pubs to open of course!

My breaking news is that we had a call yesterday afternoon – just before Twin arrived, in fact I was just returning the phone to its cradle when she drew up – from the hospital to ask MM if he was available for his op on 22nd January. I can’t tell you the relief we both felt. I haven’t said but he has been in such pain and so down since just before the NY as he couldn’t see an end to the pain. I think in his head he was thinking it wouldn’t be before end February or even March. We now have to wait for the official appointment letter, of course, but he at least can see a light at the end of the (very painful) tunnel. He will of course have to be very nice to me now as I will have to do all the driving for the six weeks after the op and doubtless we will be given more instructions when we go to the Joint School next week. We decided to go highbrown for our dvd ..............and watched Shxrlxck Gnxmes! The rest of the time we drank, chatted, ate and watched ordinary tv. Today we are off to the pxnto at the LP’dium (oh yes we are). We are going up late morning, parking MM in wine bar and visiting John L to see what is on offer then off to the pxntx (matinee). We are booked to eat in Pxntxs at Oxfxrd C after the show, to allow the commuters to all get home, and then it should be a short journey home on the C’tral Line. Death in P tonight on the tv, so would like to be home for that! Morning BHB, you have done a brilliant job with the decorations – the cakes look lovely too. Let’s grab some champers and a piece of cake and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM, or the customers arrive!
Carol29 wrote:
Thursday, January 10, 2019, 08:18
Message from the DCM aka Twin - she has left her tablet at home so can't post. She does however hope everyone is ok - sends birthday wishes to Diana and hugs to Fi (she is another who just can't believe this whole scenario) and ooooohhhhmmmmmmmmmssss for anyone who needs them.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, January 10, 2019, 12:06
Afternoon everyone.

The Bistro looks lovely and thanks for the birthday wishes.

The weather hasn't been so good the last three days. Tuesday it rained hard as we were driving to Knysn* but fortunately had eased by the time we got out the car. Did the shopping but no luck with a chair for the garden. We ate out at a steak restaurant that evening. It's sister restaurant next door serves fish and you can order off the steak or fish menus. It's very casual and open air but covered. You have to take your own alcohol. I had Dorado bites (strips of fish in batter) with a dip with wasabi in it to start which was yum. Ploppy had crab cake which was nice but didn't contain much crab. We both had sirloin for main and shared a salad and large chips.

Yesterday was mainly overcast. In the afternoon we decided to go out to sort out a few things and get some exercise. Ploppy was able to leave the hedge trimmer to be repaired - last visit he nicked the cord. We arranged for the blinds shop to come to repair the blinds in bed two. And we bought a collapsible reclining chair which really pleased me. We then strolled round the quays, looking at the boats, restaurants and shops. The sun came out and it got very hot so we drove home and I sat outside for an hour. We ate in last night - just had prawns followed by fresh pineapple.

It was pouring with rain when I woke up this morning and rained until mid morning so watched a bit of telly and checked emails. It brightened up about 11.30 so I sat on the veranda for a little while while Ploppy went to golf. It clouded over again so I went for a walk to the ocean side of the estate. Ate the rest of the pineapple for lunch. Still overcast but the sun may well breakthrough again this pm. Tonight we're eating at our fav restaurant.
Diana wrote:
Thursday, January 10, 2019, 12:34
As we were returning from the gym on Tuesday we counted 16 baboons half way down the first golf hole. So they are still around, just not visiting our area as much. Ploppy told me the estate has been given permission to euthanise a few of the big males. Apparently they been causing trouble on the private estate next to our estate.

Ugh hope the eye injections are painless, Eva. I'm like Carol, can't stand anything near my eyes, never be able to wear contacts. Fingers crossed the powers that be reconsider re your mother.

Hope Bella is OK.

That is appalling, Fi. Just hope something happens to stop your neighbour's plans. Sending hugs.

Trust you don't have to wait long to see specialist, Pauline. Oh that's vg news, Carol. Do hope for MM's sake the op is confirmed for 22.
evam wrote:
Thursday, January 10, 2019, 13:06
Afternoon all. This has been another wonderful day,- N.O.T.!

But first:

Then over to today's drama. I had a phone call at 7am this morning. It was father. he'd had a fall during the night, had used his alarm and 2 people from the district nurses' office had arried, lifted him back into bed,- and left! When he called me, he couldn't get out of bed, so he wanted my help. I dressed, grabbed a banana (blood sugar) and drove down. He wanted me to drive him to the A&E so they could do an x-ray. I refused and said I'd call an ambulance. He didn't want me to do that, but I ignored him. An ambulance was sent and they agreed they had to take him for an x-ray. I arrived at the A&E just as he was wheeled in to the x-ray room, and soon thereafter a doctor came to talk to us. She said that the old fracture (of 2 months ago) had split open again, and his right hip was a right mess. (That's the hip he's awaiting an operation on), so she had called the hospital and agreed with them that he'd be admitted there. So off to the hospital we went,- father still in an ambulance, and me in my car. It was a long wait in the hospital, but finally it was decided that they'll try to find a window on Monday or Tuesday for an operation. Father was pleased to hear that, but in the meantime he wanted to go home. I refused, and told him that neither I or youngest sister were willing to take the responsibility for him. He told me he didn't need help, as all we did for him was a little shopping now and then! I did manage not to explode, but luckily the surgeon broke in and said father would be admitted there and then and stay there until it was decided whether they can do the operation or not! I left then,- fuming. The surgeon followed me out, and she said she could see that he was being both difficult and unreasoable, but assured me that he would be properly assessed while he was there.
At least we can breathe easily a few days! Youngest sister is doing the same rehabilitation course at the hospital as I did a year ago, so she's busy and exhausted 3 days a week. She said she'd pop in and see him when she finished this afternoon. I've also called Mrs S to tell her what had happened, and she was full of good advice,- from a great distance.
The sinusitis? I haven't had time to feel if I'm better. I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow morning, so we'll see what he says.
Carol,- father has still not got his medicin gizmo, of course, but it doesn't matter at the moment. So pleased that MM has a date for his operation.👏❤️️

I need something to eat.
TK wrote:
Thursday, January 10, 2019, 21:35
Happy Birthday Diana. Hope you had a good dinner tonight to finish off the celebrations.

Eva, your father. I will be charitable and he forgets. Of course he can't be at home if he is back to where he was.

Carol, the flags are out ready for the confirmation of MM's op date, fingers crossed.

I've been entertaining a man this evening!!! Mr ExPostman came to wrap his wife's Birthday present. I helped with Sellotape, scissors and wrapping ability. TK was pleased to see him.

Bella got a text today 'Bella, dogs that won't talk to me when they are with Andrew will have to ask for Bonios VERY nicely later on.' Apparently Bella was on her way home, Roger stopped to say 'Hello' and was ignored. She does have difficulty recognising people when they pull up in a car to speak to her. But she was on her way home for her treat, so I suspect she had more important things on her mind. She got her Bonios tonight anyway.

Carol29 wrote:
Friday, January 11, 2019, 07:59
Morning and quite dark out still so not sure what the weather is doing. Yesterday as we were leaving home we had a very small snow flurry, then as we were driving to the station a small hail storm! In the evening whist we were having a meal we could see people with umbrellas up, but it had stopped by the time we left the restaurant. This it should be dry today and a little warmer than yesterday.

I see you have had some mixed weather too Diana, although I suspect that even when it is wet it is warm where you are. What a nice idea for two restaurants to allow customers to order off either menu. Food sounded lovely of course (I am assuming you remembered to take your bottle of wine!). I see you finally managed to buy a reclining chair! I love strolling around quays and marinas looking at the boats and the restaurants when we are on holiday – especially if the sun is shining. Hope you enjoyed your birthday meal. Ah so the Bs were still around then. Looks like the majority are favouring next door estate then at the moment.

Oh Eva that was a day of drama indeed. If the fall had caused the old fracture to split open he must have been in terrible pain – no wonder he couldn’t get out of bed Well done of getting the ambulance there, despite the protestations! I had to read twice what you Father said! So there we are when he comes out you can just do a little shopping now and then and just not be at his beck and call for anything else! Not sure how you didn’t manage to explode. Thank goodness the surgeon realised what the true situation was – I think difficult and unreasonable sums it up perfectly. Hmm, so you don’t think Mrs S will come and visit him then? Hope the visit with your GP goes well today and the sinusitis has beaten a retreat. Why am I not surprised that the medicine gizmo hasn’t arrived! Still, as you say, it won’t be required yet!.

Jo thank you for the flags - you could probably see the bunting flying from our rooftop! Aww how sweet that Mr ExP wanted to do the birthday wrapping where his wife could see what he was doing! So, that Bella has been receiving texts about ignoring her fans! Still I see she managed to warp Roger round her paws later and still got her treats!!! End of another week ...... you must be getting close to single figures!!

Really enjoyed the pxnto yesterday – oh yes we did! We went up in the morning as planned (discovering that the car park we use for the C Line had gone up to £10.50 a day!!!! ). Left MM to go to the wine bar and Twin and I had a look around John L – where I was assailed by a jumping top and a nice jumping jumper. After that we went and found MM, who had rung one of his ex work colleagues (the firm has moved very handily to just opposite the wine bar, which is one I used to frequent when I was working) and he had joined him for a chat and a drink (it was Graham, through who we have been to the RC Flower Show). After a glass of wine and a quick snack we went off to the pxnto. We really enjoyed it –The usual cast (Julian, Paul, Gary and Nigel) were all excellent as usual. Julian’s costumes were even more spectacular than the last two productions! Dawn F took to the genre with absolute relish and was obviously having a blast! Charlie S and Danielle H as the love interest were surprisingly bland – didn’t have a lot of charisma and chemistry together. His dancing was of course excellent but that was as far as it went! The Magnificent 7 were very good and not ones with false legs. Vincent and Flxvix danced beautifully – their AT in the second half was amazing! We were in the front row right behind the conductor so had excellent seats. MM was struggling a little with the station stairs yesterday but really enjoyed the show and was laughing out loud. Afterwards we had a lovely meal then caught the train home and were back by 8.30pm so rounded off the day watching Din P. Today Twin is off home for some pampering this afternoon, and I am off to my salon this morning for my hot shell massage and to have my hair done. Then MM will collect me and we will do the food shop. I have a “free” afternoon and MM has a meeting at church. We did come home to a letter from the hospital confirming his appointment. Now we just need to hope they don’t need to cancel for any reason! Morning BHB, yes it has brightened up. Let’s grab the Vanillita and what’s left of the champers, and some of the carrot cake, and have a lovely snuffle until either the DCM arrives or one of the customers comes in.
Jane E wrote:
Friday, January 11, 2019, 12:50
Hi all!

And a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANA! I hope you had a marvellous time. And those baboons stay away from your estate.

Thanks for your review of the Palladium panto Carol. We were chatting to Ro about it over the weekend. She agrees with you about Charlie S!
While I love JC, PZ, and Nigel, I must admit I wonder if it's about time they had a change of cast.
Why are there flags of all nations flying? Oh I see Jo has put them out for MM. Fingers crossed for him.

Waving at Pauline! Hi Pauline - or as they say in Aberdeen fit like!

Oh Fi - I cannot believe how nasty the planning officer is being. Have you tried the Ombudsman? They may be able to help if the council didn't "follow the proper procedures, relevant legislation and guidance". I still think writing to your MP could put some pressure on.

Oh Eva! How on earth do you manage not to explode! At least this doctor saw through your dad's..., shall we say, dissembling. At least you'll have a few peaceful days.

I'm back at work after a couple of days off with a nasty cold.

Ex-hubby rang me yesterday and offered to take me to see mum. I saw her just after Christmas and was sad to see how frail she was. Since then the care home told me she's gone down hill. Ex went to see her himself on Sunday (while I was in Aberdeen) and was shocked by her deterioration. I don't know if she's near the end but ex seems to think so and wants to make sure I have another opportunity to see her. It's so sweet of him. He really is being marvellous.

evam wrote:
Friday, January 11, 2019, 16:12
Afternoon all. It's been a wet and very windy day, as well as a busy one.
I went to see my GP this morning, and after a blood test he could confirm that my infection was gone, which he was very pleased with, but as he said: Until the next one......! I told him what had happened to father (he's my father's GP as well), and when he heard about how he had behaved and what he'd said, he thought father was showing signs of dementia. I'm not surprised, but we agreed to wait until we knew what would happen re operation, before we did anything.
Then I drove in to see mother, and when I told her that father was in hospital, she said: I know. Not upset at all, and when I asked who had told her, she couldn't remember. One of the nurses told me that father had called her yesterday afternoon, so that's how she knew. I'm surprised she remembered, because she was very vague, couldn't manage to finish her sentences, and when she was given lunch on a tray, refused to eat. I managed to "tease" a few bites of omelet into her, but that was all, and I left her soon after that. I had a long chat with matron, and she was flabbergasted to hear that my application for a PoA had been declined, and even more surpised when I told her their reasoning. She told me that if my appeal didn't work to contact her, and she would ask the doctor to do a new doctor's certificate to say that my mother was totally without the ability to determine anything on her own behalf. They are like gold dust, the staff in the care home.
I had some food shopping to do, so popped into the shopping centre on the way home.

Fi,- like the others have said, I also find that visit from the planning officer highly suspicious. It's as if she was trying to " head you off at the pass". That can't be normal behavour from a planning officer. Please do what you've been adviced and take i to your MP, the Ombudsman or others. Many hugs coming your way.🤗

Jo,- another music weekend on the cards, and with the boyband to boot! Enjoy! I hope Bella stays well.

Carol,- plesed to hear you enjoyed the panto. I'm not surprised with that cast. Would have loved to be there. Hope your shell massage was as lovely as it sounds.

Jane,- how kind of your ex to offer to take you to see your mother. It must be a worrying time for you, but maybe a tad easier when you are prepared.❤️️

Diana,-so your friends, the baboons, have been sighted, eh? Hope they keep a good distance from you. Your food sounds delicious as always.
maeve 12 wrote:
Friday, January 11, 2019, 17:25
So sorry Diana, many belated birthday wishes, I hope you had a great day.
maeve 12 wrote:
Friday, January 11, 2019, 17:25
So sorry Diana, many belated birthday wishes, I hope you had a great day.
maeve 12 wrote:
Friday, January 11, 2019, 17:35
Oh dear my comment decided to post itself.

Another one quite speechless Fi, about how NN's planning application is being handled, it's beyond belief, do contact your MP or local councillors
or Cab or someone, I can't believe that your patio could be dug up by neighbours,

Panto.s all over now for this year, didn't make it to one this time, hope GO will be a bit nearer next year.
TK wrote:
Friday, January 11, 2019, 21:22
Bella and I have been out with her best friend and Mr and MrsExP. We went to Bella's fav pub. It is Mrs ExP's Bday today. Bit chilly tonight.

Eva you are having a nightmare with the parents, good that doc has offered to help.

Twins, glad you enjoyed (most of) the panto. I feel I've been from the reviews. This is fine as I'm glad I went to Aberdeen. Lovely city.

I have to sort stuff for concerts this weekend. I'll have to get WWW friend to let Bella out as Mr and Mr ExP are out and about for her birthday. Seeing
Carol29 wrote:
Saturday, January 12, 2019, 08:50
Morning and quite bright but breezy here. Have only just woken up (we didn’t put the alarm on) so running slightly late!

I think it unlikely that the LP will drop Jxlian from their pantos –they have obviously decided on the format (having now done three successive ones) and he is the lynchpin. I think Paul is in for the children (and as a counter balance to Jxlxan). Interestingly as we were coming out from the theatre the lady in front of us was saying she preferred last year’s. We chorused that we preferred the very first one!! Hope your nasty cold has beaten a swift retreat – I seem to know quite a few people suffering with them at the moment. So sorry to hear your mother is becoming frailer. Very kind of your ex Ploppy to both visit her himself and to offer to take you to see her. Sending ooohmmmss.

Oh that’s good your infection has gone – although as your doctor said “until the next time”. You do have to look after yourself!! Ah he could be right about your doctor, and I guess he is considering testing your father when he comes out of the hospital. Glad you had a good(ish) visit with your mother, although not good she isn’t eating. Not surprised the matron was flabbergasted about the PofA!! Nor about the reasons why they declined! Brilliant that she is willing to help – as you say the staff all seem real diamonds.

Hi Maeve lovely to see you (twice! We’ve all done that!). Shame you didn’t make any pantos this year - Twin was feeling deprived only seeing the one on Thursday! We only managed two this year – both the same story as it happened!! We need the GO closer to home next year!!!

So Bella was fit and well enough for a visit to her favourite pub to celebrated Mrs ExP’s birthday (hope she appreciated the wrapping on Mr ExP’s present!). Hope you enjoy the concerts this weekend. See Bella is being left to her own devices (almost!).

Had a lovely hot shell massage, and then had hair done (toss toss). MM collected me and we did our shopping (I managed to catch a couple of sale shirts for him) and then we rushed home as whilst I was out the hospital had rung and said he needed to go and get his pre op tests done before we go to the hospital Joint School next week. So off he went and then off to the church for his meeting, so he was gone all afternoon. I used the time to defrost the fridge and the freezer (I know how to live)! In the evening we put our feet up and watched Mxnhxnt from Tuesday and then the new series of Grxntchester. Today, sadly, is laundry day!!! Morning BHB, yes it is quite bright this morning. Let’s grab the toasted teacakes and the Lxndxn Scrxmble and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives (yes she is back home!).
Ali wrote:
Saturday, January 12, 2019, 09:21
Morning. Very grey and windy here. But never mind as off to work shortly. Things have been rather fraught there unfortunately. Chef handed his notice in, I wasn’t surprised to be honest, but as he lives in flat upstairs it makes him homeless as he has no house or job lined up! Boss was upset and after several issues recently very nearly decided to close the business. I was seriously concerned for her well being but obviously worried for myself too as I need my job financially but also love it too. However, after some discussion she has found renewed vigour and we are ploughing on and have advertised for a new chef. The 2 of us had long chat yesterday after closing and agreed it is perhaps all for the best and we are a team with a good reputation not defined by one employee. The next few weeks while current chef works his notice are going to be a little uncomfortable as he has really upset the boss and she has lost a lot of trust in him. Not a happy place to be at the moment but we’ll get through it! Not helped by my continuing cold and cough. Did see gp who said just got to wait for it to take its course and they are taking weeks to go!
Apologies Diana, happy belated birthday x
Jane, glad ex is able go take you to see your mum, sad to see her declining
Eva, you really have the best staff caring for your mum and a good doctor too
Fi, lost for words 😠 agree with everyone else that you should take this further
Sorry for being grumpy. Hoping to be back in good health and more positive future
pauline2 wrote:
Saturday, January 12, 2019, 10:31
Morning all and yes I am home so I am connected again! I feel my head is all over the place at the moment as that is the second time I have left my tablet at home in a fairly short space of time! I will have to try to improve and concentrate more. Had a good two days with Twin of course. I loved the panto, it really is spectacular. Julian's costumes are so outrageous and he changes every few minutes it seems. However as Twin said the two central characters have zero chemistry I felt. They were more like brother and sister! The Prince is an excellent dancer and very athletic, but he is no GO. I know we are possibly just a wee bit prejudiced, but I just knew that the GO would have been so much better! I think they had CS for the dancing as he really did not sing too much at all. No big duet with the leading lady for a start. or if there was it was very forgettable as I have forgotten it! I am so sad about AM having to retire from txnnis (sorry Jo and Eva). It is obviously so upsetting for him that he can't leave on his own terms. However he has had a magnificent career so hopefully he will come to see that soon.

So happy MM has his op date. I so hope all goes according to plan and it goes ahead. You would all be glad too as it breaks your heart to see the pain the poor man is in. Fingers and toes crossed.

Glad Bella is seeming much better Jo, Love it that she didn't want disturbing when the pubs are shut! Have a lovely weekend with the boyband!

Eva I see you have had another few days of fun and games with your father. Well done on not exploding when he said you didn't do much! That is the hardest thing. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there is a touch of dementia going on. His behaviour is very typical Hopefully you can have a few days respite at least while he is in hospital. At least the staff at you Mum's home are wonderful. How lovely of the matron to support you like she is doing. Sending big hugs. Glad you are a bit better in yourself at least.

Diana sorry I wasn't on the blog for your b/day. Hope you had a lovely day with no baboon sightings.

We definitely need the GO's panto next year nearer home Maeve. I have missed my usual fix! Posting twice is nothing! Ask Fi!! Very easily done.

Morning BHB and what have we today? Londxn Scrxmble? A new one! Sounds interesting so let's get another jug and find the CM.

Just found this sitting as it didn't post earlier, doh!
TK wrote:
Saturday, January 12, 2019, 10:44
Ali that situation is sad for all involved. Unfortunately in a small team each person has a big influence on everyone work happiness. I hope the chef can find a more suitable job for his well-being too. Glad the boss has decided to carry on. A couple of people at work have been coughing for ages now. I've not counted the weeks.

(I must admit I was very happy when one of our team announced she was pregnant. I quickly worked out once she left I would not see her again. I think she is probably a nice person, I just can't work with her.)

Carol thanks for the panto feedback. I think I'd find it weird going to a panto without Lee.

I have to put the bins back for 3 houses today, just give the bin men a bit more time to clear. Mr+MrsExP are on their way to Cambridge.

I got a note from the postman yesterday about the delivery of a package. I've picked it up. It is a mix of beauty potions from GlossyBox. I've checked all my orders and it is nothing I've ordered. It is not the wrong thing sent as it has come via Royal Mail and all outstanding orders are courier. I will have to isolate it in quarantine as at least one of the items is coconut oil based. I now have headache and feel a bit sick. Bounty, dessicated coconut, fresh coconut fine, any other type of coconut YUK. Feeling bett now as I have moved the box.

Have a good day all ................... off to move bins
evam wrote:
Saturday, January 12, 2019, 11:17
Morning all. It's another very wet day, but the winds have calmed down

Hello sweetheart. Sorry I've been too busy to visit over the last few days, but I'm here now. You have my herbal ea and toasted tea cakes ready and waiting? You are priceless.💋💋💋 (He obviously agrees.

I have been out and about already. I spoke to father on the phone yesterday, and he gave me a list of things he wants from his flat, and I went to assemble everything this morning. Iselin and Emilian are visiting him today, so they'll bring all his stuff. I had a very nice visit with them. We played a "fishing" game. Iselin won with 14 fishes, Emilian and I were equal with 13 fishes each. A close game, eh?
Father said yesterday that the ortopaedic (sp?) surgeon had been to see him, and the operation is set for Tuesday. He also said that the hip was a mess, and that he'd probably damaged it further by the last fall. There are some practical problems that have to be settled before he goes under the knife. Youngest sister will be visiting tomorrow, and I will go on Monday.
Now that I'm back home again, the rest of the day is my own, (as Carol says.) I saw on the beeb schedule that tonight's Michael M's show will be the last in this series. Pity, as I have enjoyed it so much.

Ali,- sorry to hear about a difficult time at work, but I hope you'll get a new chef quickly, and that things will calm down. That cold of yours has been staying for a long time now.

Carol,- I had to sit down!😲 You only bought clothes for MM? Dear me,- what is the wold coming to? Not long for him now.

Pauline,- the second time you forgot your tablet? Relaz,- it's called having senior moments!😜

Jo,- enjoy the boyband.
TK wrote:
Saturday, January 12, 2019, 16:01
Been rushing about all day. Traffic is terrible. There are 4 roads out of the village, 1 is totally in the opposite direction to where I wanted to go. 2 are on the way and 1 is Ok-ish. I should have taken that one. I wasn't using SAT nav so got stuck for ages. Oh it will have cleared for my way back. Of course it hadn't. My fault, I'd forgotten the weekend main road closure.

Anyway all is OK, Bella has been out for a walk.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, January 13, 2019, 06:24
Morning all.

We had a really nice meal at Pembery’s on Thursday. They remembered it was my birthday and decorated our table. To start I had calamari in a peanut sauce and Ploppy had mussels. We both had ostrich with a samoosa with apricots for main followed by chocolate torte. Ploppy’s favourite baked chocolate moussecake, which he virtually always has, was not on the menu! And we had a very nice bottle of merlot.

Having not seen much of the baboons the first week or so, we have seen much more of them the past few days. Thursday I had just finished showering when I heard something on the roof so quickly closed the skylight in the ensuite. When I went downstairs I saw one sitting on the fence in the front. Then Friday morning I heard some on the roof, one out the back and one in the front but the baboon guards shooed them off. I think they were around yesterday since our dustbin was knocked over. And this morning they were running over the roofs, eating the fruits from our bushes and generally being a pain. The baboon man turned up after a while and moved them off. I saw about a dozen going into the bush on the far side of the seventh fairway, one of their favourite haunts.

We have had sun again the past two days and it’s lovely this morning. We sat on the veranda, watched the SA v Pakistan cricket on TV and Ploppy played golf yesterday afternoon. I was on the laptop yesterday pm and could hear something moving about above me, probably on the roof but it sounded like it was just above the ceiling. Not sure what it was, It sounded too quiet for a baboon, more like a cat but there are very few cats here. I didn’t want to go outside and check with no-one else around – most of the villas are not occupied now, including those on either side of us. Instead I put the laptop away and went downstairs and turned the TV on so there was some noise.

We will probably go to the gym when Ploppy gets up. He’ll watch the cricket most of the day and I’ll be on the veranda. Tomorrow we are popping into town to pick up the hedge trimmer and buy a few things.

We are off on Tuesday for the first of our two trips to Swellendam, one the oldest towns in SA, about half way between here and Cape Town. We’ve stopped in the town several times but never explored it properly. We have two nights there, then a night in Calitzdorp, in the Klein Karoo, which is famous for producing port,. On the way to Swellendam we’re stopping for lunch at a winery near Mossel Bay and hoping to stock up on some wine – we had a very good bottle of red from that winery which we bought in the supermarket last time we were here. We’re home again on Friday.
Diana wrote:
Sunday, January 13, 2019, 06:42
Good news that your infection has gone, Eva. Fingers crossed that your father has the hip op in the next 2/3 days. Hopefully you'll get some peace and a chance to relax a bit for the next few days while he's in hospital.

Glad you enjoyed the panto, Twins.

Sorry your mum's declining, Jane. That's good of your ex to visit her and offer to take you again.

Sorry to hear the chef has resigned and the atmosphere isn't great, Ali. Hope a suitable replacement can be found quickly.
Carol29 wrote:
Sunday, January 13, 2019, 07:19
Morning and it feels quite mild out, but not sure at the moment!

Oh dear Ali, can see that would make for a very difficult situation. Fingers crossed that you recruit someone quickly, but also that current Chef finds somewhere to live. Can see it must have been really upsetting if your boss was considering closing. Glad to hear she has had a rethink and fingers crossed all goes smoothly from here on in. Hope the notice period is ok too. So sorry to hear you still have your cold and cough – it obviously is very reluctant to leave you! Sending ooohhhmmmms and a hug – you weren’t being grumpy at all. So far the start of 2019 seems to have brought problems for lots of people!

Jo – I was sure you would have a large board up at work so you could mark the weeks off and remind everyone that you will be escaping! Ah well, you can’t get on with everyone you work with – it’s just some people aren’t on the same wavelength. Hope the weather is being kind to Mr and Mrs ExP. Last time we were there we went punting with my Mother and Twin. Oooh a mystery package. Mind you I haven’t heard of GlxssyBxx. Actually I looked them up and you get a box of five items every month! So you may have more coming. There do seem to be a lot of roadworks around at the moment – I see they were doing their best to keep you in the village! So did Bella get to the pub? That’s the key question!

You were an early bird Eva – see you were on the collection things for Father. It will be lovely for him to have Iselin and Emilian visit and take them. So it was a very close run thing with the fishing game! Only one point (fish) in it! Oh dear does indeed sound as if the hip has been badly damaged. Do hope all goes well with the op and they can sort him out on Tuesday. Yes sadly last MM of this series – I am sure it will be back on screen in the not too distant future as it is very popular. Still we have Call the M to look forward to tomorrow! Well I have to confess that I did buy myself a couple of think polo neck jumpers (for wearing in church) – but as they were a necessity I wasn’t counting them as “jumping” merchandise! Nine days to go until the operation!
Glad you had a lovely birthday meal Diana – how nice of the restaurant to decorate the table for you (they must have popped into the Bistro for inspiration!). Oh dear I see the Bs are back – has there always been a B guard or is this something fairly new? I imagine it is a job that requires constant vigilance! Bit spooky hearing a noise you couldn’t identify – think you were wise to go inside! So pleased that the sun has come out for you in time for you to enjoy it a little. Your trip next week sounds lovely.

I managed to get all the laundry (including the i word) finished yesterday so that’s a job out of the way. Was pleased to hear we do have one more MM next week Eva! We decided to watch Sxlxnt Wxtnxss first episode instead of the dance show, and will watch part 2 this evening after Call the M. Off to church this morning of course (wearing warm clothes!!) and then I will sort out my music for the small choir – MM did his yesterday – as we start back tomorrow evening. MM is banned for gardening or doing any m’nance jobs as we were told if he has a cut or a graze they will cancel his op! I need to keep him in cotton wool for the next two weeks. As Twin said it is heartbreaking to see him struggling and obviously in great pain. He is finding that sitting with his feet up in the evening and a hot pad on his leg helps quite a lot, so that’s good. Sending ooooohhhhmmmmmms to all the poorlies and the needies. Morning BHB, yes it is quite dark out so not sure what the weather is doing, but I think it isn’t too cold. Let’s grab the toasted crumpets and the Cxxntry Brxxze and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Sunday, January 13, 2019, 08:35
Morning all. It's still dark here, but the forecast is for more rain, so don't think a walk is on the cards.

Hello sweetheart. Yes, it's me,- nice and early!😜 I have to admit that I heard rumours about toasted crumpets, so that spurred me on. Coffee? Yes please. Snuggles? Of course. 💋💋

I almost felt like oversleeping this morning, as it was 5.30 am before I woke up!😜 But then it was past 11 pm before I went under the duvet last night, as the UK telly was late ending. I watched the dance show, but have to admit I'm not sure where it's going. Last night most of the dancers went through, so the next step in the competition will be with a lot of competitors. MM was of course his usual funny self, and I think he promised a show next Saturday with clips from all his shows, so it could be a good day next Saturday. Cas was it's usual jolly (!) self!
I won't be watching CtM tonight, as it will probably be on Norwegian telly soon. The same goes for SW which started last Friday here. I have recorded it.
I spoke to Viljar's dad yesterday, and he promised to call in on father on Monday after work. He works in the same hospital as father is, so will be easy for him.

Diana,- so the baboons are back? They must have heard the rumours that you are back, so have been thinking in their usual friendly (?) way: We should drop in so as make them realise they are not forgotten. You think it reads like a threat? So do I.😜 Well done to the restaurant to remember it was your birthday, and the food as always sounds delicious.

Carol,- so that is the explanation of the absence of jumping tops. I suppose you don't have anything pink in your wardrobes? (Ducks to avoid flying clothes hangers!)

Jo,- you suprise me! You never ordered anything sparkling made of coconut oil/milk? Throw it out. I hope you had a nice day with the boyband last night.

I'm off to the nerd's for lunch today, as it's his birthday. Nice not having to cook, and I can sneak a cuddle or three with Johan.
pauline2 wrote:
Sunday, January 13, 2019, 10:12
Morning all and it is another grey day here, though mild for the time of year. I see the weather people are saying we are in for proper winter later this week, so am bracing myself. I did a large wash yesterday so that sorts out what I am doing today! Also managed to defrost the freezer which really needed doing. So much excitement in one day! I watched MM last night then the dance show. I am getting more used to it and although there are one or two oddballs getting through there were a few brilliant ones as well. I see that the Captains (as they call them) get to choose three acts they want, I am hopeful common sense will prevail and only the best dancers will be chosen. We'll see! Then the fun fest which is Cxsualty. it was it's usual cheery self!

Ali what a shame you have had such a worrying time of it at work. Thank goodness it looks like all will be well. Fingers crossed that you find a new chef quickly, and the old one finds somewhere else to go. Sending ohhhmmms your horrid cough and cold goes too.

Oh flip Diana, not the horrid baboons back in force. It does sound a bonus if they now have a guard, as long as he is around when needed. Your birthday meal sounds lovely and how nice of them to decorate your table. Hope you have a lovely trip next week, it sounds great.

Hope you have a lovely lunch today Eva. So you slept through to 5.30? Wow! Your visit to Iselin and Emilian went well I see in spite of a very tense fishing game! Your father sounds to have done a proper job on his hip. let's hope the op goes well and they can help him. How fortunate he is in the hospital that Viljar's dad works in. Handy!

Morning BHB and I see you have had a busy morning toasting crumpets. Yes please for me too. What's to drink with it? Country Brxxze? Sounds lovely. Let's get more amd find the CM.
TK wrote:
Sunday, January 13, 2019, 10:53
I was allowed a lie in this morning, the black furry alarm clock did not activate.

Mr + Mrs ExP are having a lovely time, 10am having breakfast in front of a log fire.

Diana, the baboons had missed seeing you so are doing a quick (I hope) visit before you go home.

Carol thanks for the info, I'll contact them, can't be doing with mystery packages (which I have to collect from the PO) of things smelling of coconuts, unless it is bounty bars!!
Carol29 wrote:
Monday, January 14, 2019, 07:51
Morning and quite dark outside at the moment, although it is getting brighter. Looks as if it could be breezy out too. Forecast for the end of the week is for it to be much colder (think Arctic air is coming down from the North). Still it has been quite mild for winter so far, so can’t complain.

Ah so you had rain yesterday Eva – feel it was wise not to go for a walk in that case. Ah you stayed with the Saturday dance programme, like Twin. First episode really didn’t engage me and MM wasn’t keen at all, so decided we would pass on it. Oh that’s very handy having Viljar’s daddy working in the same hospital that your Father is in. I imagine your Father might be getting nervous about the op tomorrow, so a friendly face will be very welcome. Eva I actually have very little pink in my wardrobe!! Hope you had a lovely birthday lunch with the Nerd – as you say very nice not having to do any cooking, and also to have the chance of cuddles with Johan and Andreas!

Goodness –allowed a lie in Jo – the black furry alarm clock must have been in a generous mood! Pleased to hear that Mr and Mrs ExP were enjoying themselves – liking the sound of the log fire! Thought you might want to contact the company and find out what was going on – you wouldn’t like the shower gel I am currently using that is coconut milk and jasmine – which is fine for me as I don’t mind coconut (love bounty bars!). Did Bella make it to the pub yesterday or did she have to miss out??

The boiler company still haven’t managed to sort out the heating problem in church, but I was quite warm in my layers. Afterwards we went to the garden centre as MM wanted some stuff for the garden, and whilst there (it being like most garden centres and having various departments including clothes) he caught a jumping fleece lined jacket for me! Spent an afternoon sorting out music as intended, and filing away all the C’mas music until later in the year, so that took up most of the afternoon. In the evening we watched CFile, A Road Show, Call the M, and then the second part of SW, all as planned. Switched over for the News and it was wall to wall B’xit so switched off and went to bed early to read. Today we are off to SLAPPAS, then hunting for some new slippers for MM to take to hospital next week, and picking up a light I have ordered from Nxxt. MM wants to fit it before the op. Small choir this evening, so all back to normal!! Morning BHB, yes it does look a grey start but there is a little pale blue sky just visible. Let’s take the Lavendula and the toasted muffins into the conservatory and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
evam wrote:
Monday, January 14, 2019, 08:35
Morning all. I woke up to a white world. It was very cold last night, so not surprised the snow has come down. I think we're in for more, as I can see some very black clouds up there. The temperature is - 1 degree.

Hello sweetheart. Oh, an open fire lit and lots of lovely cushions on the sofa. You think I need to be warmed up? You are so right, so bring the coffee and toasted muffins (yum, yum) and start the snuggling session.💋💋

We had a very nice lunch yesterday, and were served a mini smørgåsbord, with home baked rolls, smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, smoked ham with cucumber salad and a cheese board. Dessert was of course a proper birthday cake, with lots of whipped cream, sliced strawberries and kiwis. Andreas helped his dad to blow out the candles. After all that eating, Andreas and I settled on the sofa with a book he wanted me to read for him. Johan was still asleep, but after another 30 minutes sleep, he woke up. He was handed over to me, and we had a lovely cuddling time.❤️️

Youngest sister rang while I was there. She'd been to see father, and they had talked about father signing a Furture PoA for me. We had been adviced to do this, but suddenly we were in a hurry because of the upcoming operation. It is one of the alternatives we couldn't use for mother, because the person who gives the PoA to someone else, has to be Compus Mentis when he/she signs. It is perfectly legal according to law, and won't turn into a factual PoA until the person becomes incapable of dealing with his/hers own affairs.
Father said he wanted it done, and wanted me to write it and bring it to the hospital today for him to sign. So after I returned home, I spent a couple of hours on the net, looking up Future PoA, what it was, how it had to be formed etc. I realised that we needed 2 independent witnesses, and it being more or less an emergency, I phoned father's cleaning lady and my cleaning lady, who both know father well, and the blessed ladies agreed to come to the hospital with me today and witness father's signature. PHEW! Then I had to sit down and write the thing, and I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope I've done it correctly. Relaxing when father is in hospital? Don't make me laugh!

Carol,- not many pink items in your wardrobes? What's happened to all those you've bought? 😜

Jo,- there will be arriving a couple of packages for me, unless they're already there. As they are not mysterious, and certainly won't smell of coconut, you should be OK. 😜 Good to hear Mr and Mrs Ex-Postman are enjoying themselves.

Pauline,- I see you enjoyed yourself yesterday with defrosting the freezer? One of my favourite jobs- NOT! That's why I have a frost free freezer.
pauline2 wrote:
Monday, January 14, 2019, 10:11
Morning all and it was a nice sunny one a few minutes ago but sadly is now clouding over. However not too cold at the moment, 7c, which is not bad for the time of year. Sadly I think next week sees the start of real winter and we will probably get some snxw. Grrr! I did most of my ixxnxxg yesterday and so today I have the s/market to do and then I can finish the little bit that is left. Watched CtM and it is as lovely as ever. Made me cry a few times of course, but it has to be one of my favourite things on tv.

Jo I am not the biggest fan of coconut. I don't mind it fresh but sadly not even fond of Bxxnty bars! I think I would make sure you return the make up thing as you never know, it may be a way of trying to draw you in to their monthly scheme and the bill will arrive some time later! Glad Mr and Mrs Ex P are having a nice time. Sounds very cosy.

Your lunch sounds lovely Eva. A nice bit of relaxing family time for a change! Of course reality hits immediately after. There really is no escape at the moment. Hope you get the POA sorted., fingers crossed it is all ok. My fridge freezer at my last house was all frost free. Sadly this one was wished on me as it came with the house. I may very well change it for a f/ free one some time as I hate it!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Oh of course it is Lavendula day. Let's get another jug and find the CM.
Jane E wrote:
Monday, January 14, 2019, 12:52
Hi all,

Well, good as his word my ex took me to see mum on Saturday. I really wasn't prepared to see he looking so frail and small in her bed. The deterioration since I saw her just after Christmas shocked me - it had me thinking the worst, though that said she might rally again, as she did after summer. She recognised me after a few minutes, but Steve she recognised straight away. She couldn't speak much but kept smiling between nodding off. The staff there are lovely with her.

Eva - all the best sorting out both those PoAs. I gather they must do things a bit differently in Norway, but we do have PoAs that don't start until dementia sets in I understand. Its a sensible idea.

Ali - shame about your chef. Hope you are able to find a replacement quickly.

Jo - so a mysterious person sent you coconut products? Sounds like the plot of a murder novel...though I know you're not actually allergic.

Carol - Stll no heating at church ? Brrrr! oh I know what you mean about wall to wall Brexit - but I did watch the Ben Cumber.... thing and rather enjoyed it. I have fingers and toes crossed for MM xxx

Pauline - nice to see you back after your tabletless absence. Yes, I think we must be due some actual winter soon, it's been mild so far. (we've been very lucky getting backwards and forwards to Aberdeen.)

Yes - I agree I'd like to have the GO in panto somewhere more convenient next year...the good news is that means almost anywhere! I was going to say 'not Belfast though' and it dawned on me there are a few Dublops who might be glad to have himself on the same landmass!

TK wrote:
Monday, January 14, 2019, 19:34
I spoke to a lovely lady at GlossyBox. She said she'd had lots of calls. There was promotion by SimplyBe, they ordered a box if you placed an order. I did place an order for Felf. I didn't remember the offer. Neither did lots of ladies. The is no account set up, there has been no money taken. I said next time a similar offer is suggested there should be a note in the box. Would have saved me 30mins going through my PPal account and ordered placed for the last 3 months. I'll investigate the contents of the box and give out the contents.

I'd got to Belfast, be interesting. Wouldn't go unless Lee was there, I'm not that interested.

Eva I have, in total, 3 packages for you. I have a carry on bag, so can bring them over.

Bella is telling me that she wants to go out and see her friends. We have been out already. I'll leave her to bark for a bit. Yes she has just been in the garden.
TK wrote:
Monday, January 14, 2019, 19:43

Migration Window 1:
23:00 UTC Thursday 17th January 2019 to 06:00 UTC Friday 18th January 2019

Migration Window 2:
23:00 UTC Friday 18th January 2019 to 06:00 UTC Saturday 19th January 2019

I have read the instructions not 100% clear if I will need to do anything

I think I may/will have to update settings AFTER the transfer has been made. If we are effected by the 1st migration I won't be able to do it Friday until I get home.

Sue-1 wrote:
Monday, January 14, 2019, 23:00
Carol, safe to say you can’t blink when having a needle in your eye, or any minor op, a clamp is placed (gently) to stop your eye closing. When the alternative is to lose the sight in the affected eye, you definitely go for the injections.
Hey, brilliant news for MM I see, thank goodness he doesn’t have to wait longer. The pain sounds horrendous. I hate to be in pain and I am a fair amount at the mo, my right wrist and hand especially, not much compared to some but huge difficulty washing and dressing first thing, not too bad when Ploppy is there to help at weekends.

Fi, I’m astounded at what I read about your planning problems, it’s unbelievable that what is proposed is legal!!

Love that Bella gets texts Jo, she must be very popular in the village.
Have to smile at your coconut aversion, the only coconut I can bear to eat/drink is fresh from the shell.

Eva, your father takes the biscuit at times (most of the time I think) Hope he’s okay though. I see he keeps you busy even from his hospital bed.

Jane, lovely that your ex is so thoughtful and kind, and sad your mum is deteriorating.

Ali, such a shame work is not a happy place at the mo, hopefully things will pick up, it does sound as though you have a good boss.

Sorry I totally missed your birthday Diana, not even just a little bit late! Your holidays in SA always sound blissful but I could do without the baboons.

Better get this posted if we’re having a service interruption.

Not much to tell you anyway. I have an appointment with my new insultant on Weds thanks to an intervention by my GP, my next appointment should have been July and then only with a nurse specialist to check my meds were still working but my hands and shoulder have been so painful my GP requested a sooner than later appointment. Hopefully I’ll get an injection which really helped last year.

My friend B is in hospital following a really bad spell of aggressive confusion, not sure yet what the outcome will be. Husband wants her home as he promised her he would look after her but family are concerned for his health (and safety). A very sad situation.

Time for bed I think, night night………

Carol29 wrote:
Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 08:02
Morning and pitch black outside, so not sure what the weather is up to. Think the forecast is for it to be much the same as yesterday – around 8/10C with a breeze. At least it is dry.

Oh goodness Eva saw from the C/File forecast on Sunday that you were due for the “s” word – hope it isn’t too bad. The Nerd’s birthday lunch sounds very nice, especially the cake! Of course Andreas helped blow the candles out (where there the right number?) and I see you managed a cuddle with John as hoped! I hope all the singing and witnessing for the PoA went smoothly. I can see why there was a sudden panic and degree of urgency. How kind of the two ladies to agree to witness at short notice. I do hope all goes well with your Father’s op today. Ah in the winter I go for darker colours – I do have some pink of course, but have a lot of blacks, navy and red. I have just sent for a mat to put in the bottom of the freezer which is suppose to stop frost forming – I’ll let you know if it works! Like Twin I had one once but when we moved to this house we had to have a fridge/freezer that fitted in the corner and as I wanted one with small freezer and larger fridge I didn’t have a great deal of choice on what I bought!

Lady Jane so glad ex Ploppy took you to see your mother, but sad how much she has deteriorated. Lovely that she recognised you and that she was smiling. The staff sounds lovely too, which means she is well looked after and as happy as she can be. Oh you are right – it does sound like a murder plot! If she had applied the creams it might have had a nasty outcome! I think we are waiting for a part for the boiler at Church, so until that can be obtained and fitted we have spasmodic heating! Fine as long as you go regularly and know what to expect, but a bit daunting for visitors I feel!! I am of course being selfish about the panto being closer, as it is always on in our very busy singing period so long journeys away are out!

Glad you have solved the mystery Jo, and no murder was intended! So after all it was a free gift (from what you say about the lady you were talking to I am sure they regret it, if they have had numerous calls!). When you say Bella wanted to go and see friends I take it that is to the pub or bar? She was obviously telling you to hurry up!! Hmmm so we might be out of touch whilst there is a possible service interruption, although it seems to imply it will be overnight. We wait with interest!

Oh goodness Sue, I would definitely need the clamp or they would never get the needle anywhere near. I do understand that the needle treatment is beter than the alternative. I imagine once it has been done once you are more at ease (I think it is the thought of a needle in the eye that is the problem!). Sorry to hear you are in pain, and MM would certainly empathise with you. I remember when MM broke his wrist (left one fortunately as he is right handed) and I had to help him dress as he couldn’t do things like button up his shirt). None of us can believe what is happening to poor Fi and Ian – it really does seem impossible that it could be legal, or allowed. That was good of your GP to intervene on your behalf so you can see the insultant this week. Fingers crossed he can suggest something to help with our pain. That is sad about your friend and I can see why her husband wants her home, but also that the family are worried about him. Is there any way she could be in respite for short spells, to give him a break?

Collected the light successfully yesterday but failed in the search for slippers. Not that we didn’t find any but that we found some with a strong sole and a back (he likes wearing mules) that he liked (he kept saying they all looked like granddad slippers) so we will extend the search to MandS later in the week – I am sure they will come up trumps! I spent the afternoon doing admin – we have our small choir AGM next Monday so I thought I would get ahead of the game. It was nice getting back to normal with singing last night. It was chilly out but not that cold for January. Today we are off to visit our friend Phil who moved down to the coast a couple of years ago. Sadly he is in a hospice and dying of cancer – they have given him two weeks maximum. I spoke with both his daughter and his wife yesterday as apparently he deteriorated really badly over the weekend, but they got the hospice staff to ask him if he would still like us to visit and he said yes, so we are going down, although have been told we can only have a hour with him as he gets too tired. This evening is of course HC so that will cheer me up. Morning BHB, yes it does look a grey sort of a day. Let’s grab the toasted waffles and the Gxlden Rxtrievxr and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.
pauline2 wrote:
Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 10:23
Morning all and it is quite bright out there and still not too cold. I am off for a pedicure later so pleased it is fairly mild! Don't like cold tootsies. Did a good food shop yesterday and it was lovely to see lots of spring flowers for sale. It doesn't mean it is spring of course, but makes you realise it really isn't that far away, it just seems it! Watched SW last night, a very dour story. Hoping HC will be a bit happier tonight, at least it will be good to look at. Lovely to see Rxmin K is joining the cast. The GO must be very pleased and that means they and SRH can have some good lunches!

Jane really nice of Ploppy to take you to see your Mum. I am glad see recognised you and was smiling. It must be hard for you so sending hugs. At least she is well looked after, which helps.

Sue so nice to see you again, Mind the eye thing is not so wonderful, but I can quite understand it is better than the alternative. Poor you with the pain. I hope the insultant can help you. So sad about your friend, such a dreadful disease and so terrible for her husband. Not surprised the family are worried about him.

Eva hope all goes well with getting the POA signed and also with your father's op.

Jo if the blog takes a break I am sure we can cope, but only just! Thanks for warning us. More important that Bella gets her visiting of friends and pubs in I feel!

Morning BHB and what have we today? Gxlden Rxtrxxver? I am hoping it's a drink! Let's get some more and find the CM.